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Lattice patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lattice-related patent applications.

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 Graphene sheet and nanomechanical resonator patent thumbnailGraphene sheet and nanomechanical resonator
A graphene sheet is provided. The graphene sheet includes a carbon lattice and a spatial distribution of defects in the carbon lattice.
Elwha Llc

 Optical device and a  fabricating an optical device patent thumbnailOptical device and a fabricating an optical device
An optical device comprising: a photonic crystal structure, comprising: a layer of a first material, the layer comprising a quantum emitter; and a plurality of regions of a second material in the layer of the first material, the regions arranged in a regular lattice having at least one region missing from the lattice so that a defect is formed, wherein the quantum emitter is located in the defect part of the photonic crystal structure; wherein the second material has a different refractive index to the first material; and an electrode which is electrically contacted to only the defect part of the photonic crystal structure.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Photoconducting layered material arrangement,  fabricating the photoconducting layered material arrangement, and use of photoconducting layered material arrangement patent thumbnailPhotoconducting layered material arrangement, fabricating the photoconducting layered material arrangement, and use of photoconducting layered material arrangement
A photoconducting layered material arrangement for producing or detecting high frequency radiation includes a semiconductor material including an alloy comprised of ingaas, ingaassb, or gasb, with an admixture of al, which material is applied to a suitable support substrate in a manner such that the lattices are suitably adjusted, wherewith the semiconductor material comprised of ingaalas, ingaalassb, or gaalsb has a band gap of more than 1 ev, as a consequence of the admixed proportion of al. The proportion x of al in the semiconductor material inyga1−y−xalxas is between x=0.2 and x=0.35, wherewith the proportion y of in may be between 0.5 and 0.55.
Technische Universität Darmstadt

 Supperlattice buffer structure for gallium nitride transistors patent thumbnailSupperlattice buffer structure for gallium nitride transistors
A transistor with a multi-strained layer superlattice (sls) structure is provided. A first strained layer superlattice (sls) layer is arranged over a substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with recess, epitaxial growth and diffusion patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing semiconductor device with recess, epitaxial growth and diffusion
A semiconductor device including a gate electrode disposed on a semiconductor substrate and source/drain regions disposed at both sides of the gate electrode, the source/drain regions being formed by implanting impurities. The source/drain regions include an epitaxial layer formed by epitaxially growing a semiconductor material having a different lattice constant from that of the semiconductor substrate in a recessed position at a side of the gate electrode, and a diffusion layer disposed in a surface layer of the semiconductor substrate..
Sony Corporation

 Stress mitigating amorphous sio2 interlayer patent thumbnailStress mitigating amorphous sio2 interlayer
A method of forming a reo dielectric layer and a layer of a-si between a iii-n layer and a silicon substrate. The method includes depositing single crystal reo on the substrate.
Translucent, Inc.

 Training  sequence taggers patent thumbnailTraining sequence taggers
Systems and methods for or training as sequence tagger, such as conditional random field model. More specifically, the systems and methods train a sequence tagger utilizing partially labeled data from crowd-sourced data for a specific application and partially labeled data from search logs.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Magnetometric sensor and current sensor patent thumbnailMagnetometric sensor and current sensor
A magnetometric sensor comprises a magnetoresistance effect element having a sensitivity axis in a specific direction; including a fixed magnetic layer, a nonmagnetic material layer, and a free magnetic layer stacked in this order on a substrate; and including a first antiferromagnetic layer on the free magnetic layer on the opposite side to the side facing the nonmagnetic material layer to cause an exchange coupling bias between the first antiferromagnetic layer and the free magnetic layer and align the magnetization direction of the free magnetic layer in a prescribed direction in a state of permitting variation in magnetization. The free magnetic layer includes a first free magnetic sub-layer, a misfit-reducing sub-layer for decreasing the lattice mismatch of the free magnetic layer with the first antiferromagnetic layer, and a second free magnetic sub-layer ferromagnetically coupled to the first free magnetic sub-layer in this order from the first antiferromagnetic layer side..
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

 Position sensor production method, and position sensor produced by the method patent thumbnailPosition sensor production method, and position sensor produced by the method
In a position sensor production method, a photosensitive resin layer of a core formation photosensitive resin is light-exposed to form cores in a lattice pattern portion and in a peripheral pattern portion bent along an outer periphery of the lattice pattern portion and form non-light-path dummy cores in the peripheral pattern portion. Surfaces of the exposed portion of the photosensitive resin layer of the core formation photosensitive resin serving as the cores and the non-light-path dummy cores and an exposed portion are covered with a photosensitive resin layer of a second cladding formation photosensitive resin and, in this state, the core formation photosensitive resin of the unexposed portion and the second cladding formation photosensitive resin of the photosensitive resin layer are mixed together by heating to form a mixture layer.
Nitto Denko Corporation

 High-strength refractory fibrous materials patent thumbnailHigh-strength refractory fibrous materials
The disclosed materials, methods, and apparatus, provide novel ultra-high temperature materials (uhtm) in fibrous forms/structures; such “fibrous materials” can take various forms, such as individual filaments, short-shaped fiber, tows, ropes, wools, textiles, lattices, nano/microstructures, mesostructured materials, and sponge-like materials. At least four important classes of uhtm materials are disclosed in this invention: (1) carbon, doped-carbon and carbon alloy materials, (2) materials within the boron-carbon-nitride-x system, (3) materials within the silicon-carbon-nitride-x system, and (4) highly-refractory materials within the tantalum-hafnium-carbon-nitride-x and tantalum-hafnium-carbon-boron-nitride-x system.
Dynetics, Inc.

Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers and methods of manufacturing the same

A method of fabricating a hollow-core photonic-bandgap fiber, comprising the steps of: providing a stack of capillaries, wherein the stack has a hollow core and the capillaries at a boundary of the core comprise a plurality of first, corner core capillaries and a plurality of second, intermediate core capillaries; applying a pressure differential between the corner core capillaries and the intermediate core capillaries, whereby a size of the corner core capillaries can be controlled in relation to the intermediate core capillaries; and reducing the stack to a fiber, wherein the fiber has a hollow core and a cladding which surrounds the core at a core boundary and comprises a lattice or network of struts and interstitial nodes which together define an array of cavities.. .
University Of Southampton

Solid state image sensor, endoscope, and endoscope system

A solid state image sensor includes: a light receiving unit where a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements storing charges according to a received light amount are arrayed; a reading unit configured to read an imaging signal based on the charges stored by the light receiving unit; and a color filter. The color filter includes filter units where each the red, green, and blue filters arrayed in four rows and four columns.
Olympus Corporation

An improved lattice-reduction-aided k-best algorithm for low complexity and high performance communications

Systems and methods are disclosed for detecting a symbol in large-scale multiple-input multiple-output communication systems. The detection is based on an improved lattice-reduction-aided k-best algorithm.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Memory device

A memory device according to an embodiment includes an insulating layer containing silicon, an interface layer provided on the insulating layer and containing a chalcogenide compound of a transition metal, and a conductive layer provided on the interface layer, containing antimony or bismuth, and having a superlattice structure.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Epitaxial hexagonal materials on ibad-textured substrates

A multilayer structure including a hexagonal epitaxial layer, such as gan or other group iii-nitride (iii-n) semiconductors, a <111> oriented textured layer, and a non-single crystal substrate, and methods for making the same. The textured layer has a crystalline alignment preferably formed by the ion-beam assisted deposition (ibad) texturing process and can be biaxially aligned.
Ibeam Materials, Inc.

Light-emitting device

A light-emitting device is provided. The light-emitting device comprises: a substrate; and an active structure on the substrate, the active structure comprising a well layer and a barrier layer, wherein the well layer comprises multiple different elements of group va; wherein the substrate has a first intrinsic lattice constant, the well layer has a second intrinsic lattice constant, the barrier layer has a third intrinsic lattice constant, and the third intrinsic lattice constant is between the second intrinsic lattice constant and the first intrinsic lattice constant..
Epistar Corporation

Strained channel region transistors employing source and drain stressors and systems including the same

Embodiments of the present invention provide transistor structures having strained channel regions. Strain is created through lattice mismatches in the source and drain regions relative to the channel region of the transistor.
Intel Corporation

A semiconductor wafer and a producing the semiconductor wafer

A semiconductor wafer has a silicon single crystal substrate having a top surface and a stack of layers covering the top surface, the stack of layers containing an aln nucleation layer covering the top surface of the silicon single crystal substrate, wherein the top surface of the silicon single crystal substrate has a crystal lattice orientation which is off-oriented with respect to the {111}-plane, the normal to the top surface being inclined with respect to the <111>-direction toward the <11-2>-direction by an angle θ of not less than 0.3° and not more than 6°, the azimuthal tolerance of the inclination being ±0.1°; and an algan buffer layer which covers the aln nucleation layer and contains one or more alxga1-xn layers, wherein 0<x<1.. .
Imec Vzw

Junction meshing for lattice structures

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including medium-encoded computer program products, for designing three dimensional lattice structures include, in one aspect, a method including: calculating a radius of incidence for respective pairings of beams of different sizes that converge at a junction in a lattice; determining a maximized radius of incidence for each of the beams based on the radii of incidence for the pairings with that beam; comparing the maximized radii of incidence to find a global radius for the junction; calculating local intersection points and global intersection points, respectively, for each of the beams with a local sphere defined by the maximized radius of incidence for that beam and with a global sphere defined by the global radius for the junction; and generating meshing with sockets for the beams at the junction using the local intersection points and the global intersection points.. .
Within Technologies Ltd.

Portable information handling system keyboard support assembly

A portable information handling system keyboard rests on a support surface of a housing with securing actions taken from above the housing, such as by screws that insert through the keyboard and then into the housing. A lattice cover having key openings fits over the keyboard to align adapters of its bottom surface with posts extending from the support surface through openings formed in the keyboard.
Dell Products L.p.

Waveguide superlattices for high density photonics integrations

An apparatus and method for transmitting a plurality of light signals is disclosed. The apparatus includes a splitter configured to split an incoming light signal into a plurality of light signals.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Gas turbine engine component with vascular cooling scheme

A component according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a body portion and a cooling scheme disposed inside the body portion, the cooling scheme including a vascular engineered lattice structure and a heat transfer device adjacent to the vascular engineered lattice structure.. .
United Technologies Corporation

System of forming with exterior applied finish panels

A system used to form poured walls or structures with a finished surface which may be smooth, various pattern surfaces such as brick or stone or applying thin material, such as thin brick and thin stone, using exterior applied finish panels which are attached by attaching means, grapple catches, to the exterior face of a concrete/cementous material flow through lattice grid form as one or both forming surfaces in a concrete/cementous pour. When the forms are poured concrete/cementous material flows through the lattice grid panel and flows up to the interior forming face of the exterior applied finish panel.

Tower crane and mounting a wind turbine rotor blade

The invention relates to a tower crane comprising a tower of at least one tower element, in particular a lattice piece, and a structural guying device having at least one guying rod for the horizontal anchorage of the tower at a structure. In accordance with the invention, the tower has a vertically adjustable guide frame, wherein at least one positioning rope is adjustably fastened to the guide frame.
Liebherr-werk Biberach Gmbh

Roller covered with covering comprising woven fabric, and apparatus employing same

A roller which has woven fabric at a surface thereof and which is employed in an apparatus permitting achievement of conservation of resources, conservation of energy. Roller 1 provided with covering 3 includes woven fabric at its surface is idler means or drive means for conveying, supply, of an object, means for air cooling or drying a moving object, rotating means making use of suction of an object, or is for cleaning a contact surface to which roller 1 is opposed, and has at the surface woven fabric 2 with variation or combination of weave pattern(s).
Sanwa Techno Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing method

An additive manufacturing method comprises the steps of using an additive manufacturing technique to manufacture a product (10), at least part of which is supported by a support (12) formed integrally with the product (10) as part of the additive manufacturing technique, wherein the support (12) comprises a plurality of support beams (16) which, when finished, extend continuously to substantially interconnect the part with a support table (18), the beams (16) intersecting one another to form a lattice, and separating the support from the product, wherein the lattice is of irregular form.. .
3t Rpd Limited

Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation mimo-ofdm systems

A method and apparatus are provided for reducing the number of pilot symbols within a mimo-ofdm communication system, and for improving channel estimation within such a system. For each transmitting antenna in an ofdm transmitter, pilot symbols are encoded so as to be unique to the transmitting antenna.
Blackberry Limited

Map decoding method using augmented lattices

The invention relates to a map decoding method of a signal received through a noisy channel, the signal being composed of symbols in an alphabet having a non-uniform probability distribution, the symbols being represented by points in a lattice (Λ). The probability distribution of symbols is modeled using a gaussian distribution.
Institut Mines-telecom

Solid state lighting devices with reduced crystal lattice dislocations and associated methods of manufacturing

Solid state lighting devices and associated methods of manufacturing are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a solid state lighting device includes a substrate material having a substrate surface and a plurality of hemispherical grained silicon (“hsg”) structures on the substrate surface of the substrate material.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Semiconductor device structure and manufacturing method thereof

Some embodiments of the present disclosure provide a semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a semiconductive substrate; a gate structure over a fin structure of the semiconductive substrate; a channel portion of the fin structure under the gate structure; and at least one epitaxy region disposed over the semiconductive substrate and in contact with the channel portion.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Aspect ratio trapping and lattice engineering for iii/v semiconductors

A semiconductor structure including a iii/v layer on a sige layer, edges of the sige layer are relaxed, the iii/v layer is a semiconductor in a iii/v semiconductor group, the sige layer is directly on an insulator layer, barrier layers on two adjacent sides of the sige layer and the iii/v layer, and the barrier layer is directly on the insulator layer.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Semiconductor devices and finfet devices

A fin field effect transistor (finfet) device includes a substrate and a template material over the substrate. The template material absorbs lattice mismatches with the substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Display and electronic apparatus

A display includes: row interconnects configured to be disposed along rows; column interconnects configured to be disposed along columns; and pixels configured to be disposed corresponding to intersections of the row and column interconnects arranged in a lattice manner. Each of the pixels includes at least a sampling transistor, a drive transistor, a holding capacitor, and a light-emitting element.
Sony Corporation

Defect reduction in iii-v semiconductor epitaxy through capped high temperature annealing

A structure and method for reducing defects within a iii-v compound semiconductor layer grown epitaxially on a mismatched crystalline substrate is provided. The iii-v compound semiconductor layer may be surrounded by a thermally stable layer on its sides and a thermally stable capping layer on its upper surface.
International Business Machines Corporation

Oxide and manufacturing method thereof

Provided is an oxide with a novel crystal structure, an oxide with high crystallinity, or an oxide with low impurity concentration. An oxide has a hexagonal atomic arrangement in the case of a single crystal.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Reducing substrate bowing caused by high percentage sige layers

The present invention relates generally to semiconductor devices and more particularly, to a structure and method for reducing substrate bowing resulting from the formation of strained sige layers having a high percentage of germanium (“high concentration sige”) on silicon substrates. During the epitaxial growth of the high concentration sige layer, carbon dopant atoms may be introduced to the crystalline lattice structure of the sige, forming a sige:c layer.
International Business Machines Corporation

Energy generating apparatus and energy generating method and control as-sembly and reaction vessel therefore

An environmentally friendly heat energy source suitable for the transportation sector, includes an energy generating apparatus for generating heat energy in an exothermic reaction in the form of a metal lattice supported hydrogen process, advantageously an lenr, comprising: a reaction vessel with a reaction chamber containing a reaction material for performing the exothermic reaction, a field generating device for generating a field in the reaction chamber for activating and/or maintaining the exothermic reaction, a heat transfer device for transferring heat into and/or out of the reaction chamber, and a control which controls the field generating device depending on the reaction chamber temperature, for stabilizing or controlling the exothermic reaction. The control connects to a thermoelectric generator for converting heat from the reaction chamber into electrical energy such that enough energy for generating the field is only available when the temperature is above a critical range, for instance above 500 k..
Airbus Ds Gmbh

Optical device having a stepwise or tapered light input/output part and manufacturing method therefor

An optical device includes an optical waveguide provided on a principal surface of a substrate. The optical waveguide includes a core and a cladding provided around the core.
Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association

Shoe with lattice structure

An article of footwear includes an upper, a midsole connected to the upper, and an outsole connected to the midsole. The midsole includes a platform extending along a perimeter portion of the midsole and a lattice structure integrally formed with the platform, the lattice structure including a network of laths..
Under Armour, Inc.

Conductive film and manufacturing same

The present invention provides a conductive film including a plurality of groove units of which horizontal sections are formed in a lattice form, and a plurality of cells that are regions surrounded by the groove units, wherein at least a part of the groove unit include a conductive pattern formed through separation by a separation unit, and a method for preparing the same.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Nanowire transistor device and manufacturing nanowire transistor device

A nanowire transistor device includes a substrate, a plurality of nanowires formed on the substrate, and a gate surrounding at least a portion of each nanowire. The nanowires respectively include a first semiconductor core and a second semiconductor core surrounding the first semiconductor core.
United Microelectronics Corp.

Defect reduction using aspect ratio trapping

lattice-mismatched epitaxial films formed proximate non-crystalline sidewalls. Embodiments of the invention include formation of facets that direct dislocations in the films to the sidewalls..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

12cao-7al2o3 electride hollow cathode

The use of the electride form of 12cao-7al2o3, or c12a7, as a low work function electron emitter in a hollow cathode discharge apparatus is described. No heater is required to initiate operation of the present cathode, as is necessary for traditional hollow cathode devices.
Colorado State University Research Foundation

Methods and devices for programming a state machine engine

A state machine engine having a program buffer. The program buffer is configured to receive configuration data via a bus interface for configuring a state machine lattice.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Computer product, screen control apparatus, and screen control method

A non-transitory, computer-readable recording medium stores therein a screen control program that causes a computer to execute a process that includes performing when a predetermined operation is detected during display of a first calendar screen or a second calendar screen, screen control of changing a date of a calendar screen to be displayed, by a changing scheme that differs according to whether a displayed calendar screen is the first calendar screen or the second calendar screen. The computer is configured to switch display of the first calendar screen by which dates are aligned chronologically in a vertical direction enabling scrolling and the second calendar screen in which the dates are arranged according to days of a week in a horizontal direction and chronologically in a vertical direction in a lattice..
Fujitsu Limited

Wavelength-shift composite light-storing powder and manufacturing and applying the same

A wavelength-shift composite light-storing powder and method of manufacturing and applying the same. Wherein, inorganic metal oxide and light-storing material containing rare earth elements are made to collide at high speed in an environment of extremely low temperature.
Taiwan Textile Research Institute

Improved garnet luminophore and process for production thereof and light source

The present invention relates to an improved garnet luminophore which can be excited in a first wavelength range by electromagnetic radiation, as a result of which electromagnetic radiation can be emitted by the garnet luminophore in a second wavelength range. The invention additionally relates to a process for production of an improved garnet luminophore and to a light source comprising the garnet luminophore of the invention.
Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen Gmbh

Wavelength-shift composite light-storing powder and manufacturing and applying the same

A wavelength-shift composite light-storing powder and method of manufacturing and applying the same. Wherein, inorganic metal oxide and light-storing material containing rare earth elements are made to collide at high speed in an environment of extremely low temperature.
Taiwan Textile Research Institute

Radially collapsible frame for a prosthetic valve and manufacturing such a frame

The present invention relates to a radially collapsible frame (1) for a prosthetic valve, the frame (1) comprising an outflow end region (3) at a proximal end of the frame (1) and an inflow end region (2) at a distal end of the frame (1), opposite to the outflow end region (3). The frame (1) further includes at least two radially spaced commissure attachment regions (10, 10′, 10″) and a cell structure (30), composed of a plurality of lattice cells being arranged radially around a flow axis of the frame (1) and connecting the at least two commissure attachment regions (10, 10′, 10″).
Jenavalve Technology, Inc.

Method of trimming fin structure

A method of trimming a fin structure includes the following operations: (i) forming a fin structure on a substrate; (ii) epitaxially growing an epitaxy structure cladding the fin structure, in which the epitaxy structure has a first lattice plane with miller index (111), a second lattice plane with miller index (100) and a third lattice plane with miller index (110); and (iii) removing the epitaxy structure and a portion of the fin structure to obtain a trimmed fin structure.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

High electron mobility transistor

A high electron mobility transistor is provided, which includes a substrate, a superlattice structure formed on the substrate, and a transistor epitaxial structure formed on the superlattice structure such that the superlattice structure is interposed between the substrate and the transistor epitaxial layer. As the high electron mobility transistor has the carbon-doped aln/gan superlattice structure between the substrate and the transistor epitaxial layer.
National Chiao Tung University

Non-silicon device heterolayers on patterned silicon substrate for cmos by combination of selective and conformal epitaxy

A single fin or a pair of co-integrated n- and p-type single crystal electronic device fins are epitaxially grown from a substrate surface at a bottom of one or a pair of trenches formed between shallow trench isolation (sti) regions. The fin or fins are patterned and the sti regions are etched to form a height of the fin or fins extending above etched top surfaces of the sti regions.
Intel Corporation

Raster processing method and apparatus of transparent form

Provided are a raster processing method and apparatus of a transparent form. The method comprising: determining a reusable transparent form in a page description file; performing syntax interpretation on the transparent form to obtain a reuse type and position information of the transparent form; generating a color block lattice, an alpha block lattice, a shape block lattice and their corresponding block attribute tables and block memory tables for the transparent form, according to the reuse type and the position information, and establishing association relationships between different transparent forms in the page description file; computing on the generated data information to obtain and buffer assembling information of the transparent form, according to the reuse type of the transparent form; determining an assembling manner of the transparent form according to the reuse type of the transparent form and assembling the transparent form into the page to be outputted..
Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd.

Touch panel

A touch panel includes a substrate, a first electrode disposed on the substrate, the first electrode including first unit electrodes disposed in a first direction and electrically connected to each other, and a second electrode disposed on the substrate, the second electrode including second unit electrodes disposed in a second direction intersecting the first direction and electrically connected to each other, in which the first unit electrodes and the second unit electrodes include a mesh pattern including irregular polygonal electrodes disposed without a gap therebetween, and the irregular polygonal electrodes include randomly selected candidate points disposed around each lattice point in a virtual regular lattice structure connected by a metal wiring.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Input device

There is provided an input device including an optical waveguide that prevents cores from being cracked due to pressing with and movement of a tip input part of an input element. This input device includes an optical waveguide in a rectangular sheet form configured such that linear cores arranged in a lattice form are held between an under cladding layer and an over cladding layer both in a rectangular sheet form.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Input device

An input device includes a rectangular sheet-form optical waveguide in which linear cores arranged in a lattice pattern are held between a rectangular sheet-form under-cladding layer and a rectangular sheet-form over-cladding layer. Dummy patterns are provided in portions surrounded by the lattice-pattern linear cores, and held together with the cores between the sheet-form under-cladding layer and the sheet-form over-cladding layer.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Radial lattice structures for additive manufacturing

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including medium-encoded computer program products, for designing three dimensional lattice structures include, in one aspect, a method including: creating nodes in a plane normal to an axis in accordance with a spiral, wherein proper subsets of the nodes occur at successive radii positions away from the axis in the plane normal to the axis; repositioning every other one of the proper subsets, from at least a portion of the nodes, in a direction in 3d space along the axis; creating a three dimensional (3d) structure in the 3d space, the 3d structure comprising beams placed between the repositioned and non-repositioned proper subsets; duplicating the 3d structure one or more times to form a lattice in the 3d space; and selecting at least a portion of the lattice for inclusion in a 3d model.. .
Within Technologies Ltd.

Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers and methods of manufacturing the same

A hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber having a hollow core and a cladding which surrounds the core at a core boundary and comprises a lattice or network of struts and interstitial nodes which together define an array of cavities, wherein a ratio between a difference in a length of a longest and shortest pitch spacing of the nodes at the core boundary to an average pitch spacing at the core boundary is less than about 0.3.. .
University Of Southampton

Methods and apparatuses for compacting soil and granular materials

Methods and apparatuses for compacting soil and granular materials are disclosed. In some embodiments, the soil compaction apparatuses include an arrangement of diametric expansion elements that, in their expanded state, form a larger compaction surface.
Geopier Foundation Company, Inc.

Epitaxial diamond layer and the production thereof

An epitaxial diamond layer and a method for the production thereof can be provided that comprises the following steps: providing a substrate; depositing a metal layer on at least a subarea of the substrate, wherein the metal layer contains, or consists of, at least one period 4, 5 or 6 metal having a melting point of greater than or equal to 1200 k; and depositing a diamond layer on at least a subarea of the metal layer; wherein at least one intermediate layer is deposited between the metal layer and the diamond layer and has a higher lattice constant than undoped crystalline diamond and a lower hardness than undoped crystalline diamond.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Lattice materials and structures and related methods thereof

A method for treating substrates or components; and substrates or components that have been treated by the associated method. The treatment may be applied to any iron or steel based alloy to create a treated layer that increases the strength of the substrate or component.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

Two-level coset coding scheme for gigabit ethernet over plastic optical fiber

An efficient coding and modulation system for transmission of digital data over plastic optical fibers with low latency. In particular, the digital signal is coded by means of a two-level coset coding.
Knowledge Development For Pof, S.l.

Negative electrode material, negative electrode active material, negative electrode and alkali metal ion battery

There is provided a carbonaceous negative electrode material used for an alkali metal ion battery. The average layer plane spacing d002 of a (002) plane obtained using an x-ray diffraction method in which a cukα ray is used as a radiation source is 0.340 nm or greater, and either or both the following condition a and condition b are satisfied.
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

Hybrid heterostructure light emitting devices

Light-emitting devices having a multiple quantum well (mqw) pin diode structure and methods of making and using the devices are provided. The devices are composed of multilayered semiconductor heterostructures.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Metal oxide semiconductor having epitaxial source drain regions and a manufacturing same using dummy gate process

A semiconductor device in which sufficient stress can be applied to a channel region due to lattice constant differences.. .
Sony Corporation

Integrating vlsi-compatible fin structures with selective epitaxial growth and fabricating devices thereon

Different n- and p-types of device fins are formed by epitaxially growing first epitaxial regions of a first type material from a substrate surface at a bottom of first trenches formed between shallow trench isolation (sti) regions. The sti regions and first trench heights are at least 1.5 times their width.
Intel Corporation

Making a defect free fin based device in lateral epitaxy overgrowth region

Electronic device fins may be formed by epitaxially growing a first layer of material on a substrate surface at a bottom of a trench formed between sidewalls of shallow trench isolation (sti) regions. The trench height may be at least 1.5 times its width, and the first layer may fill less than the trench height.
Intel Corporation

Organic light-emitting diode display

An organic light-emitting diode display is disclosed. In one aspect, the organic light-emitting diode display includes a plurality of pixels formed in a display area of a substrate, wherein each of the pixels includes a pixel electrode, an emission layer, and a common electrode.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Input device

An input device includes a rectangular sheet-form optical waveguide including a rectangular sheet-form under-cladding layer, a rectangular sheet-form over-cladding layer and linear cores arranged in a lattice pattern and held between the under-cladding layer and the over-cladding layer. A surface portion of the over-cladding layer corresponding to the plurality of linear cores arranged in the lattice pattern is defined as an input region.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Systems and methods for suspended polymer photonic crystal cavities and waveguides

Systems and methods for suspended polymer photonic crystal (sppc) cavities and waveguides are disclosed. In one aspect, photonic crystal cavities are provided.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Sheet of colloidal crystals immobilized in resin, displaying structural color using same, detecting unevenness distribution or hardness distribution of subject using same, and structural color sheet

Provided are: a sheet of colloidal crystals immobilized in resin exhibiting intense structural color, enabled to be observed easily from a squarely facing direction against a surface; and use thereof. The sheet of the present invention, assuming a direction perpendicular to part of a surface of a target area including partially the sheet surface is set as a specified axis, satisfies: (1) the target area includes plural inclined back-reflecting crystal-domains crystal domains having colloid particles immobilized in resin and including crystal lattice planes capable of bragg-back reflecting at least some of components in a visible wavelength range of incident light having greater than 0 incident angle with the specified axis; and (2) by defining an azimuth angle around the specified axis, the inclined back-reflecting crystal-domains are so oriented that intensity of reflected light caused by bragg back reflection varies depending on the azimuth angle of the incident light..
National Institute For Materials Science

Activated semiconductor compounds having increased electrochemical reactivity and associated methods thereof

Disclosed are novel compounds which display enhanced reactive properties due, in part, to induced lattice strain. The new compounds demonstrate accelerated leaching of copper under oxidizing conditions.
Flsmidth A/s

Method of modifying a sample surface layer from a microscopic sample

This enables the wet processing of a sample in-situ, thereby enhancing speed and/or avoiding subsequent alteration/contamination of the sample, such as oxidation, etc. The method is particularly useful for etching a lamella after machining the lamella with a (gallium) fib to remove the surface layer where gallium implantation occurred, or where the crystal lattice is disturbed..

Image processing scanning endoscope

An image processing apparatus for scanning endoscope includes: a number-of-interpolations determination section that receives detection signals from a detector for sequentially sampling return light from a subject and determines a number of detection signals used in an interpolation process by an interpolation section based on distances between a coordinate position of a predetermined lattice point in pixel data of a raster scan system and sampling coordinate positions of the detection signals around the coordinate position of the predetermined lattice point; and the interpolation section that generates pixel data of the predetermined lattice point by using signals of the sampling coordinate positions, wherein a number of the signals is equal to the number of detection signals determined by the number-of-interpolations determination section near the sampling coordinate position corresponding to the coordinate position of the predetermined lattice point.. .
Olympus Corporation

Enhancing light extraction of organic light-emitting diodes via nanoscale texturing of electrode surfaces

An organic light emitting device is described, having an oled including an anode, a cathode, and at least one organic layer between the anode and cathode. At least a portion of an electrode surface includes a plurality of scattering structures positioned in a partially disordered pattern resembling nodes of a two dimensional lattice.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Deep ultraviolet light emitting diode

A carbon doped short period superlattice is provided. A heterostructure includes a short period superlattice comprising a plurality of quantum wells alternating with a plurality of barriers.
Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.

Light receiving device and image sensor

A light receiving device includes a substrate having a principal surface and a back surface, the substrate containing gasb semiconductor co-doped with a p-type dopant and an n-type dopant; a stacked semiconductor layer disposed on the principal surface of the substrate, the stacked semiconductor layer including an optical absorption layer; and an incident surface provided on the back surface of the substrate that receives an incident light. The optical absorption layer includes a super-lattice structure including a first semiconductor layer and a second semiconductor layer that are alternately stacked.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Bare quantum dots superlattice photonic devices

Manipulation of the passivation ligands of colloidal quantum dots and use in qd electronics. A multi-step electrostatic process is described which creates bare qds, followed by the formation of qd superlattice via electric and thermal stimulus.
University Of South Florida

Method of producing a semiconductor arrangement

A semiconductor arrangement is produced by providing a semiconductor carrier of a second conduction type and epitaxially growing a first semiconductor zone of a first conduction type on the carrier. The first semiconductor zone includes a semiconductor base material doped with first and second dopants which are made of different substances which are both different from the semiconductor base material.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Superlattice materials and applications

A superlattice cell that includes group iv elements is repeated multiple times so as to form the superlattice. Each superlattice cell has multiple ordered atomic planes that are parallel to one another.
Quantum Semiconductor Llc

Manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device

A manufacturing method of a bga, includes the steps of: providing a semiconductor chip having electrode pads; and removing a natural oxide film formed on the surface of each of the electrode pads. Further, a first film comprised of a conductive member is formed on the surface of the electrode pad exposed by removing the natural oxide film, a wire is connected with the first film, and part of the wire is brought into contact with the electrode pad to form an alloy layer at the interface between the wire and the electrode pad.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Electrically insulated fin structure(s) with alternative channel materials and fabrication methods

Semiconductor structures and fabrication methods are provided which includes, for instance, fabricating a semiconductor fin structure by: providing a fin structure extending above a substrate, the fin structure including a first fin portion, a second fin portion disposed over the first fin portion, and an interface between the first and the second fin portions, where the first fin portion and the second fin portion are lattice mismatched within the fin structure; and modifying, in part, the fin structure to obtain a modified fin structure, the modifying including selectively oxidizing the interface to form an isolation region within the modified fin structure, where the isolation region electrically insulates the first fin portion from the second fin portion, while maintaining structural stability of the modified fin structure.. .
Globalfoundries Inc.

Magnetic resonance imaging white matter hyperintensities region recognizing method and system

A magnetic resonance imaging white matter hyperintensities region recognizing method and system are disclosed herein. The white matter hyperintensities region recognizing method includes receiving and storing a flair mri image, a spin-lattice relaxation time weighted mri image, and a diffusion weighted mri image.
National Central University

Cooling having tailored flow resistance

The present disclosure includes gas turbine engine components which are cooled internally through the inclusion of lattice structures. Such structures may comprise a network of branches and nodes.
United Technologies Corporation

Protein crystals

A method for producing an ordered protein lattice, the method comprising: (a) providing a first component comprising a subunit of a homooligomeric protein assembly fused to a first subunit of a heterooligomeric protein assembly, and a second component comprising a second subunit of the heterooligomeric protein assembly, wherein the homooligomeric protein assembly and the heterooligomeric protein assembly are each symmetrical in two or three dimensions and share a rotational symmetry axis of the same order; (b) mixing said first monomer and said second monomer to produce a mixture; and (c1) (i) heating the mixture to a temperature about 2° c. To about 10° c.
Crysalin Ltd.

Ventilated aero-structures, aircraft, and associated methods

Ventilated aero-structures include a micro-lattice structure operatively coupled to a honeycomb core. The interface between the honeycomb core and the micro-lattice structure is configured to permit air flow to and from the honeycomb core via the micro-lattice structure.
The Boeing Company

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