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Lattice patents

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Honeycomb structural body

Fish farming plant, module, method and use

Light-emitting device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lattice-related patents
 Ingot, silicon carbide substrate, and method for producing ingot patent thumbnailnew patent Ingot, silicon carbide substrate, and method for producing ingot
There is obtained an ingot in which generation of crack is suppressed. The ingot includes: a seed substrate formed of silicon carbide; and a silicon carbide layer grown on the seed substrate.
 Honeycomb structural body patent thumbnailnew patent Honeycomb structural body
A honeycomb structural body has cells surrounded by cell walls arranged in a lattice-like shape. A cross section is divided into a central section and an outer peripheral section.
 Methods for epitaxial devices patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for epitaxial devices
Epitaxial growth methods and devices are described that include a textured surface on a substrate. Geometry of the textured surface provides a reduced lattice mismatch between an epitaxial material and the substrate.
 Light-emitting device patent thumbnailnew patent Light-emitting device
A light-emitting device including a gan-based semiconductor has a structure in which sequentially deposited are an n-type semiconductor layer, a superlattice structure layer including at least one ingan superlattice layer, an active layer, an algan-based semiconductor layer, and a p-type semiconductor layer. A concavo-convex structure is formed on the interface of the algan-based semiconductor layer with the p-type semiconductor layer.
 Fish farming plant, module, method and use patent thumbnailnew patent Fish farming plant, module, method and use
The present invention relates to a fish fanning plant adapted for floating in free water. The plant comprises a substantially vertical inlet pipe and a corresponding outlet pipe for taking in and discharging water, respectively, at a water depth having the desired water quality at a depth (h).
 Cryopump and method for vacuum pumping non-condensable gas patent thumbnailnew patent Cryopump and method for vacuum pumping non-condensable gas
A cryopump includes: a radiation shield that includes a shield front end that defines a shield opening, a shield bottom portion, and a shield side portion that extends between the shield front end and the shield bottom portion; and a cryopanel assembly that is cooled to a lower temperature than that of the radiation shield. The cryopanel assembly includes a first panel arrangement including a plurality of first adsorption panels and a plurality of second panel arrangements each including a plurality of second adsorption panels.
 Classifier-based system combination for spoken term detection patent thumbnailClassifier-based system combination for spoken term detection
Systems and methods for processing a query include determining a plurality of sets of match candidates for a query using a processor, each of the plurality of sets of match candidates being independently determined from a plurality of diverse word lattice generation components of different type. The plurality of sets of match candidates is merged by generating a first score for each match candidate to provide a merged set of match candidates.
 Spinal implants with bioactive glass markers patent thumbnailSpinal implants with bioactive glass markers
The present invention relates to orthopedic implants. More specifically, the present invention is a series of orthopedic implants constructed from biocompatible material, each including a plurality of markers constructed from bioactive glass material, some of which are radio-opaque.
 Method and system of manufacturing a golf club, and a manufactured golf club head patent thumbnailMethod and system of manufacturing a golf club, and a manufactured golf club head
A golf club head for playing golf made by a method including providing a powdered metal, and applying a controlled source of energy to the powdered metal layer by layer to form a golf club head, wherein the golf club head is a hollow golf club head having a supporting lattice formed within the hollow golf club head.. .
 Memory array with self-aligned epitaxially grown memory elements and annular fet patent thumbnailMemory array with self-aligned epitaxially grown memory elements and annular fet
A system and method for fabricating a memory array device. An example memory array device includes a plurality of memory cells, each including a fet over a substrate and a memory element over the fet.
Methods for monitoring changes in the core of lipoprotein particles in metabolism and disease
A method is disclosed for measuring the properties of protein and lipoprotein elements in a sample. The method includes the of placing a small volume of a sample into a nmr instrument tuned to measure a particular nucleus, applying a series of radiofrequency pulses with intermittent delays in order to measure spin-spin and/or spin-lattice relaxation time constants from the time-domain decay of the signal, without the use of chemical shifts and without converting data into the frequency domain by fourier transform or other means, at least partially suppressing the water signal prior to the beginning of a sequence used to record relaxation time constants in the time domain, optionally utilizing relaxation contrast agents or other chemical additives to perturb the solvent water or other elements of the sample, analyzing the exponentially decaying nmr signal in the time domain using multi-exponential analysis, and comparing differences in the relaxation time constants for lipoprotein- or protein-specific elements within a single human subject, or between subjects, to assess normal and abnormal metabolism reflective of increased disease risk or active disease..
Low-e glazing performance by seed structure optimization
A bi-layer seed layer can exhibit good seed property for an infrared reflective layer, together with improved thermal stability. The bi-layer seed layer can include a thin zinc oxide layer having a desired crystallographic orientation for a silver infrared reflective layer disposed on a bottom layer having a desired thermal stability.
Rare earth oxyorthosilicate scintillation crystals
The use of the effect of crystallographic axis orientation on the effectiveness in annealing in multiple atmospheres and chemical compositions of lutetium oxyorthosilicate crystals and other scintillator crystals is disclosed. By controlling axis orientation an favorable annealing condition can be selected to repair both internal interstitial and vacancy defects through the crystal lattice.
Formation and stability of cu-mn spinel phase for zpgm catalyst systems
Optimized cu—mn spinel compositions, with optimal spinel phase formation and phase stability properties, for a plurality of zpgm catalysts in underfloor and closed-loop coupled catalyst applications are disclosed. Plurality of cu—mn spinel compositions are prepared with variations of molar ratios.
Hollow core fiber with polarization dependent loss
A hollow core fiber having polarization dependent loss is provided. The hollow core fiber embedded in a cellular cladding having a plurality of cells arranged in a nominally regular cellular lattice.
Stylo-epitaxial piezoelectric and ferroelectric devices and method of manufacturing
A textured layer; a first electrode comprising a thin layer of metallic material having a crystal lattice structure divided into granular regions; a seed layer; the seed layer being epitaxially deposited so as to form a column-like structure on top of the granular regions of the first electrode; at least one ferroelectric material layer exhibiting spontaneous polarization epitaxially deposited on the seed layer; the ferroelectric material layer, the seed layer, and first electrode each having granular regions in which column-like structures produce a high degree of polarization normal to the growth plane and a method of making.. .
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a plurality of electrodes disposed on a surface in a first column and a second column parallel to the first and separated by a first distance. The adjacent electrodes in the first column are spaced from each other by at least a second distance.
Engineered substrates for semiconductor epitaxy and methods of fabricating the same
In a method for fabricating an engineered substrate for semiconductor epitaxy, an array of seed structures is assembled on a surface of the substrate. The seed structures in the array have substantially similar directional orientations of their crystal lattices, and are spatially separated from each other.
Deposition of anisotropic dielectric layers orientationally matched to the physically separated substrate
A dielectric layer can achieve a crystallography orientation similar to a base dielectric layer with a conductive layer disposed between the two dielectric layers. By providing a conductive layer having similar crystal structure and lattice parameters with the base dielectric layer, the crystallography orientation can be carried from the base dielectric layer, across the conductive layer to affect the dielectric layer.
Memory array with self-aligned epitaxially grown memory elements and annular fet
A system and method for fabricating a memory array device. An example memory array device includes a plurality of memory cells, each including a fet over a substrate and a memory element over the fet.
Source/drain structure of semiconductor device
The disclosure relates to a semiconductor device. An exemplary structure for a field effect transistor comprises a substrate comprising a major surface and a cavity below the major surface; a gate stack on the major surface of the substrate; a spacer adjoining one side of the gate stack; a shallow trench isolations (sti) region disposed on the side of the gate stack, wherein the sti region is within the substrate; and a source/drain (s/d) structure distributed between the gate stack and sti region, wherein the s/d structure comprises a strained material in the cavity, wherein a lattice constant of the strained material is different from a lattice constant of the substrate; and a s/d extension disposed between the substrate and strained material, wherein the s/d extension comprises a portion extending below the spacer and substantially vertical to the major surface..
Heterostructures for semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same
Various heterostructures and methods of forming heterostructures are disclosed. A structure includes a substrate, a template layer, a barrier layer, and a device layer.
Lattice mismatched heterojunction structures and devices made therefrom
Semiconductor heterojunction structures comprising lattice mismatched, single-crystalline semiconductor materials and methods of fabricating the heterojunction structures are provided. The heterojunction structures comprise at least one three-layer junction comprising two layers of single-crystalline semiconductor and a current tunneling layer sandwiched between and separating the two layers of single-crystalline semiconductor material.
Frequency arrangement for surface code on a superconducting lattice
A device lattice arrangement including a plurality of devices, a plurality of physical connections for the plurality of devices, wherein each of the plurality of devices are coupled to at least two of the plurality of physical connections, a plurality of identity labels associated with individual devices of the plurality of devices and an arrangement of identity labels such that pairs of devices of the plurality of devices connected by some number of the plurality of connections have different identity labels.. .
Strained ingaas quantum wells for complementary transistors
An ingaas n-channel quantum well heterostructure for use in a complementary transistor having a sb-based p-channel. The heterostructure includes a buffer layer having a lattice constant intermediate that of the n- and p-channel materials and which is configured to accommodate the strain produced by a lattice-constant mismatch between the n-channel and p-channel materials..
Semiconductor device
To improve performance of a semiconductor device. For example, on the assumption that a superlattice layer is inserted between a buffer layer and a channel layer, a concentration of acceptors introduced into nitride semiconductor layers forming a part of the superlattice layer is higher than a concentration of acceptors introduced into nitride semiconductor layers forming the other part of the superlattice layer.
Superlattice crenelated gate field effect transistor
The present invention is directed to a device comprising an epitaxial structure comprising a superlattice structure having an uppermost 2dxg channel, a lowermost 2dxg channel and at least one intermediate 2dxg channel located between the uppermost and lowermost 2dxg channels, source and drain electrodes operatively connected to each of the 2dxg channels, and a plurality of trenches located between the source and drain electrodes. Each trench has length, width and depth dimensions defining a first sidewall, a second sidewall and a bottom located therebetween, the bottom of each trench being at or below the lowermost 2dxg channel.
Semiconductor diodes fabricated by aspect ratio trapping with coalesced films
A photonic device comprises a substrate and a dielectric material including two or more openings that expose a portion of the substrate, the two or more openings each having an aspect ratio of at least 1. A bottom diode material comprising a compound semiconductor material that is lattice mismatched to the substrate occupies the two or more openings and is coalesced above the two or more openings to form the bottom diode region.
Nanoferrite flakes
A ferrite layer having a columnar structure is formed, and ferrite flakes are separated from the ferrite layer. The ferrite flakes include a metal oxide having a spinel cubic crystal structure with a stoichiometry represented by ab2o4, where a and b represent different lattice sites occupied by cationic species, and o represents oxygen in its own sublattice..
Methods for chemical reaction perforation of atomically thin materials
A method for forming a lattice with precisely sized holes includes disposing cutter molecules with species attached about the periphery of each molecule on to the lattice. The method continues with the species cutting molecular bonds of the lattice so as to form precisely sized holes in the lattice.
High-strength aluminum-magnesium silicon alloy and manufacturing process thereof
A high-strength aluminum-magnesium silicon alloy and its manufacturing process which includes a composition adjusting step to add vanadium (v) and zirconium (zr) in an aluminum-magnesium silicon alloy to refine grains of the alloy; a material casting step, a material preheating step, a hot forging step and a heat treatment step to melt magnesium and silicon atoms into an aluminum base to cause a lattice distortion and achieve a strengthening effect and precipitate mg2si from the grains of the alloy, and the precipitated particles act as obstacles to dislocation movement. Therefore, the alloy product has a yield strength improved by 31%, the ultimate strength by 39%, the hardness by 34%, and the fatigue strength by 55%.
Manufacture method of tubular member and tubular member manufactured by the same
An expandable tube portion including slots arranged in a staggered fashion is expanded. When the expandable tube portion is expanded, the individual slots open to a cut end portion of the expandable tube portion are transformed to open in v-shape while the whole body of the expandable tube portion is transformed to a lattice configuration.
Multi junctions in a semiconductor device formed by different deposition techniques
A semiconductor device, in particular a solar cell is formed on the basis of a hybrid deposition strategy using mocvd and mbe in order to provide lattice matched semiconductor compounds. To this end, the mbe may be applied for providing a nitrogen-containing semiconductor compound that allows a desired low band gap energy and a lattice matched configuration with respect to gallium arsenide substrates..
Giant cross-plane seebeck effect in oxide metal semiconductor superlattices for spin-magnetic thermoelectric devices
Lanthanum strontium manganate (la0.67sr0.33mno3, i.e., lsmo)/lanthanum manganate (lamno3, i.e., lmo) perovskite oxide metal/semiconductor superlattices were investigated for potential p-type thermoelectric applications. Growth optimizations were performed using pulsed laser deposition to achieve epitaxial superlattices of lsmo (metal)/lmo (p-type semiconductor) on strontium titanate (sto) substrates.
Pigments of simultaneously substituted pyrochlore and related structures
A compound or a pigment comprising a compound where there is simultaneous substitution of more or more elements onto both the a and b sites of a pyrochlore lattice or a lattice related to a pyrochlore. The pigment comprises a compound with the formula of aya′y′bxb′x′zp.
Paint booth filter
The invention is a filter for paint booth filtration systems. The filter has a housing made up of a peripheral wall, which extends around the entire periphery of the filter, and opposing filter-retaining screens.
Protection system for mechanized covering of plant crops
Protection system for the mechanized covering of plant crops which are usually planted in rows, of the type in which vertical poles (1) are arranged along the rows and have heights greater than those of the crowns of the plants to be protected, the poles being interconnected by longitudinal (3) and transverse (2) cables to form an overhead supporting lattice roof structure, the system comprising means for mechanizing the steps of extending flexible protective sheets (4) over the roof structure and removing them therefrom, characterized in that: the poles (1) are in a staggered or grid arrangement such that they are transversely aligned in even-numbered rows (f2, f4, etc.) only and in odd-numbered rows (f1, f3, etc.) only, the whole arrangement being such that the transverse connecting cables (2) intersect the longitudinal cables (3) alternately at points at which neither the transverse nor the longitudinal cables are supported by poles (1); in that the transverse cables (2) run above the longitudinal cables at the intersection points; and in that each protective sheet (4) is arranged so that its median longitudinal part slides on the longitudinal cable (3), passing alternately over a support pole (1), where it is supported from below by the longitudinal cable and by the portion of transverse cable (2) which interacts with the pole, and subsequently passing under a transverse cable (2) at the point of intersection with the longitudinal cable where the sheet is supported solely by the longitudinal cable, the whole arrangement being designed to form a protective covering which is supported from below and above by the support cables (2, 3), and which is therefore able to effectively withstand even considerable atmospheric turbulence.. .
3d zonal compression shoe
A shoe is configured to be worn on a user's foot and includes an upper and a sole coupled to the upper. The sole includes an insole, a midsole, and an outsole.
Low diffuse scatter, anechoic chamber absorber
An electromagnetic chamber absorber provided improved absorption across a wideband and both lower diffuse and specular scatter and a method for constructing the same. An exemplary device can compromise a periodic arrangement of disconnected electromagnetically lossy elements where the periodicity of the lattice is adjusted to suppress all or most grating lobe scattering.
Removable customizable casket panel
Caskets, cap panel assemblies for a casket, and methods for manufacturing cap panel assemblies are described. A casket may include a casket shell, at least one casket cap pivotally mounted on the casket shell, and a cap panel assembly mounted in the at least one casket cap.
Pad incorporating shear-thickening material
A pad is disclosed that includes first and second outer layers. The outer layers include a plurality of channels at least partially filled with shear-thickening fluid.
Protective apparatus with a varied thickness lattice support structure
Aspects of the present invention relate to a protective apparatus that is comprised of an impact shell and an impact attenuating component. In particular, the impact shell is comprised of a lattice structure on the posterior side of the shell that protrudes from the shell and allows the impact attenuating structure to be offset or spaced from the posterior surface of the shell in at least a middle portion of the shell.
Semiconductor device pn junction fabrication using optical processing of amorphous semiconductor material
Systems and methods for semiconductor device pn junction fabrication are provided. In one embodiment, a method for fabricating an electrical device having a p-n junction comprises: depositing a layer of amorphous semiconductor material onto a crystalline semiconductor base, wherein the crystalline semiconductor base comprises a crystalline phase of a same semiconductor as the amorphous layer; and growing the layer of amorphous semiconductor material into a layer of crystalline semiconductor material that is epitaxially matched to the lattice structure of the crystalline semiconductor base by applying an optical energy that penetrates at least the amorphous semiconductor material..
Erosion prevention plank with interior lattice
An erosion control plank is provided. The plank is a lattice of intersecting vertical walls and horizontal walls and includes an opening to permit a stake to secure the plank over an eroded region.
Photonic-crystal slab absorber and high-frequency circuit and electronic components, and transmitter, receiver and proximity wireless communication system
The photonic-crystal (pc) slab absorber includes: a two-dimensional (2d)-pc slab composed of semiconducting materials; and a lattice point periodically arranged in the 2d-pc slab, the lattice point for forming resonant-state which can capture an electromagnetic waves incident from an outside by resonating an electromagnetic wave in a band edge of a photonic band structure of the 2d-pc slab in the plane of the 2d-pc slab. The 2d-pc slab is doped with impurities and can absorb the captured electromagnetic wave in the band edge resonant frequency of the 2d-pc slab..
Method and apparatus for lattice reduction with reduced computational complexity
Provided is a method and apparatus for lattice reduction with reduced computational complexity. The apparatus and method include calculating an r matrix using sorted qr decomposition, and conducting an r-value test using an r-value based on diagonal elements of the r matrix and a threshold value.
Systems and methods for mapping color data
Described herein is a system and method that relates to mapping from one color space on a 3d cube to another, and an addressing method used to represent the data. The system organizes the data to reduce memory storage requirements, by re-using redundant information from different cube corners in a lattice structure without re-storing the same data.
Architected materials for enhanced energy absorption
A three-dimensional lattice architecture with a thickness hierarchy includes a first surface and a second surface separated from each other with a distance therebetween defining a thickness of the three-dimensional lattice architecture; a plurality of angled struts extending along a plurality of directions between the first surface and the second surface; a plurality of nodes connecting the plurality of angled struts with one another forming a plurality of unit cells. At least a portion of the plurality of angled struts are internally terminated along the thickness direction of the lattice structure and providing a plurality of internal degrees of freedom towards the first or second surface of the lattice architecture..
Engineered source/drain region for n-type mosfet
Integrated circuit devices with field effect transistors have source and drain regions that include a first and a second layer. The first layer is formed below the plane of the channel region.
Semiconductor structure including buffer with strain compensation layers
A semiconductor structure includes a substrate and a semiconductor buffer structure overlying the substrate. The semiconductor buffer structure includes a semiconductor body of a gallium nitride material, and a stack of strain compensation layers.
Phase-change memory and semiconductor recording/reproducing device
A phase-change memory and a semiconductor recording/reproducing device capable of reducing consumed power are provided. A snxte100-x/sb2te3 sl film obtained by depositing a snxte100-x film and a sb2te3 film layer by layer contains a snte/sb2te3 superlattice phase formed of snte and sb2te3, a snsbte alloy phase, and a te phase.
Micro-lattice cross-flow heat exchangers for aircraft
An aircraft micro-lattice cross-flow heat exchanger and methods are presented. A first aircraft fluid source inlet provides a first fluid from a first aircraft system, and a second aircraft fluid source inlet provides a second fluid from a second aircraft system.
Audio encoding apparatus, audio decoding apparatus, audio encoding method, and audio decoding method
An audio encoding apparatus capable of reducing the bit rate even if a codebook having a larger codebook number is selected in a split multi-rate lattice vector quantization is provided. Sub-vector determining unit (121) determines, in the spectrum of an input signal having been divided into a predetermined number of sub-vectors, a sub-vector using the largest number of bits.
Teraherz-wave connector and teraherz-wave integrated circuits, and wave guide and antenna structure
The terahertz-wave connector includes: a 2d-pc slab; lattice points periodically arranged in the 2d-pc slab, the lattice points for diffracting the thz waves in pbg frequencies of photonic band structure of the 2d-pc slab in order to prohibit existence in a plane of the 2d-pc slab; a 2d-pc waveguide disposed in the 2d-pc slab and formed with a line defect of the lattice points; and an adiabatic mode converter disposed at the edge face of the 2d-pc slab to which the 2d-pc waveguide extended, the 2d-pc waveguide extended to the adiabatic mode converter. There is provided also the thz-wave ic to which such a terahertz-wave connector is applied..
Isolation structure of semiconductor device
The invention relates to an isolation structure of a semiconductor device. An exemplary isolation structure for a semiconductor device comprises a substrate comprising a trench; a strained material in the trench, wherein a lattice constant of the strained material is different from a lattice constant of the substrate; an oxide layer of the strained material over the strained material; a high-k dielectric layer over the oxide layer; and a dielectric layer over the high-k dielectric layer filling the trench..
Solid state lighting devices with reduced crystal lattice dislocations and associated methods of manufacturing
Solid state lighting devices and associated methods of manufacturing are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a solid state lighting device includes a substrate material having a substrate surface and a plurality of hemispherical grained silicon (“hsg”) structures on the substrate surface of the substrate material.
Iii-n material grown on eraln buffer on si substrate
Iii-n material grown on a buffer on a silicon substrate includes a single crystal electrically insulating buffer positioned on a silicon substrate. The single crystal buffer includes rare earth aluminum nitride substantially crystal lattice matched to the surface of the silicon substrate, i.e.

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