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 Barriers, injectors, tunnel-junctions, and cascaded led junctions patent thumbnailBarriers, injectors, tunnel-junctions, and cascaded led junctions
Optoelectric devices that comprise a semiconductor superlattice heterostructure. One or more individual layers within the semiconductor superlattice heterostructure can further comprise layers of differing thicknesses.
Terahertz Device Corporation

 Solar cell and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailSolar cell and manufacturing method thereof
A solar cell includes a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity; a pillar-shaped structure constituted by a semiconductor of the first conductivity, the pillar-shaped structure being formed on the semiconductor substrate; a superlattice layer including a barrier layer and a quantum structure layer that are alternately deposited on a side wall of the pillar-shaped structure, the quantum structure layer being constituted by a material having a smaller energy bandgap than that of the barrier layer, the quantum structure layer including a wurtzite type crystal part and a zinc blende type crystal part that are alternately arranged along an axial direction of the pillar-shaped structure; and a semiconductor layer of a second conductivity that is formed so as to surround the superlattice layer, the second conductivity being an opposite conductivity to that of the first conductivity.. .
Fujitsu Limited

 Multi-layer fin field effect transistor devices and methods of forming the same patent thumbnailMulti-layer fin field effect transistor devices and methods of forming the same
Multi-layer fin field effect transistor devices and methods of forming the same are provided. The devices may include a fin shaped channel structure on a substrate.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A semiconductor device is disclosed, which includes: at least one a device layer being a crystallized layer for example including: a superlattice layer and/or a layer of group iii-v semiconductor materials; and a passivation structure comprising one or more layers wherein at least one layer of the passivation structure is a passivation layer grown in-situ in a crystallized form on top of the device layer, and at least one of the one or more layers of the passivation structure includes material having a high density of surface states which forces surface pinning of an equilibrium fermi level within a certain band gap of the device layer, away from its conduction and valence bands.. .
Semi Conductor Devices-an Elbit Systems-rafael Partnership

 Method to induce strain in finfet channels from an adjacent region patent thumbnailMethod to induce strain in finfet channels from an adjacent region
Methods and structures for forming strained-channel finfets are described. Fin structures for finfets may be formed using two epitaxial layers of different lattice constants that are grown over a bulk substrate.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

 Integrated electric field processor emitter matrix & electric field processor emitters & mobile emitters for use in a field matrix patent thumbnailIntegrated electric field processor emitter matrix & electric field processor emitters & mobile emitters for use in a field matrix
A plurality of field emitting conductors placed in various matrix, mesh, grid, lattice patterns, and on board pluralities of autonomous vehicular like on wire or unteathered free ranging micro-robots wherein the field emitters are charged and modulated with a plurality of timing algorithms and electric circuitry which produce a three dimensional electric field shape or a plurality of shapes or plurality of duplicate electric field shapes which are animated or moved through space in a sequence, in unison or in wave-like patterns or evolved to different shapes or quickly changed to a new shape. The field emitter voltage can be raised or lowered to depict, render or facilitate motion in a direction or its opposite charge direction.

 Touch tag recognizable through capacitive touch panel, information recognition method therefor and information providing method using same patent thumbnailTouch tag recognizable through capacitive touch panel, information recognition method therefor and information providing method using same
The present invention provides a touch tag having a conductivity pattern corresponding to a touch point of a capacitive touch panel. A capacitive touch tag according to the present invention includes: a substrate; a plurality of capacitive touch points which are formed on the substrate and are arranged at arbitrary positions on a virtual lattice corresponding to a touch input sector of a capacitive touch panel of a personal information device; a conductive wire for connecting the capacitive touch points; and an electric charge transfer unit for transferring electric charges to the capacitive touch points through the conductive wire.
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

 Preparation method and application of sodium barium fluoroborate birefringent crystal patent thumbnailPreparation method and application of sodium barium fluoroborate birefringent crystal
A preparation method and application of a na3ba2(b3o6)2f birefringent crystal, the crystal having a chemical formula of na3ba2(b3o6)2f, and belonging to a hexagonal crystal system, the space group being p63/m, and the lattice parameters comprising a=7.3490(6) Å, c=12.6340(2) Å, v=590.93(12) Å3, z=2; the crystal is used for an infrared/deep ultraviolet waveband, and is an uniaxial negative crystal, ne<no, the transmission range being 175-3,350 nm, the birefringence of 0.090 (3,350 nm)-0.240 (175 nm), and the crystal being grown by employing a melting method or a flux method; the crystal prepared via the method has a short growth cycle, high crystal quality and large crystal size, is easy to grow, cut, polish and store, is stable in the air, and difficult to deliquesce, and can be used for preparation of various polarization beam polarization beam splitter prism and infrared/deep ultraviolet waveband optical communication elements.. .
Xinjiang Technical Institute Of Physics And Chemistry, Chinese Academy Of Science

 Golf club head patent thumbnailGolf club head
A golf club head includes a body defining an interior cavity. The body includes a sole positioned at a bottom portion of the golf club head, a crown positioned at a top portion, and a skirt positioned around a periphery between the sole and crown.
Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

 In-situ annealing to improve the tunneling magneto-resistance of magnetic tunnel junctions patent thumbnailIn-situ annealing to improve the tunneling magneto-resistance of magnetic tunnel junctions
Embodiments are directed to a magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) memory cell that includes a reference layer formed from a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (pma) reference layer and an interfacial reference layer. The mtj further includes a free layer and a tunnel barrier positioned between the interfacial reference layer and the free layer.
International Business Machines Corporation

Heterostructures for semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same

Various heterostructures and methods of forming heterostructures are disclosed. A method includes removing portions of a substrate to form a temporary fin protruding above the substrate, forming a dielectric material over the substrate and over the temporary fin, removing the temporary fin to form a trench in the dielectric material, the trench exposing a portion of a first crystalline material of the substrate, forming a template material at least partially in the trench, the template material being a second crystalline material that is lattice mismatched to the first crystalline material, forming a barrier material over the template material, the barrier material being a third crystalline material, forming a device material over the barrier material, the device material being a fourth crystalline material, forming a gate stack over the device material, and forming a first source/drain region and a second source/drain region in the device material..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

System and advanced turn-taking interactive spoken dialog systems

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for advanced turn-taking in an interactive spoken dialog system. A system configured according to this disclosure can incrementally process speech prior to completion of the speech utterance, and can communicate partial speech recognition results upon finding particular conditions.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Surface vehicle trajectory planning systems, devices, and methods

A planning module for a water surface vehicle can determine a vehicle trajectory that avoids one or more moving obstacles, such as civilian marine vessels, by performing a lattice-based heuristic search of a state space for the surface vehicle and selecting control action primitives from a predetermined set of control action primitives based on the search. The planning module can separate a travel space into a plurality of regions and can independently scale the control action primitives in each region based on the moving obstacles therein.
University Of Maryland, College Park

Cvd-coated article and cvd process of making the same

A cvd-coated article has a substrate with a substrate surface and a cvd coating scheme on the substrate surface. The coating scheme includes a coating layer of ti1-xmex nitride wherein me is selected from the group of zirconium or hafnium or a mixture of zirconium and hafnium, and x equals between about 0.1 and about 0.9.
Kennametal Inc.

Multi-functional sensor assembly

A sensor assembly has a flexible body, and a plurality of fiber bragg gratings (fbg) sensor inserted into the body, the fbg sensor includes an optical fiber extending in a length direction of the body and a plurality of lattices disposed in the optical fiber, a variation of a wavelength spectrum of light, caused by a variation of an interval of the plurality of lattices, is detected, and at least one of force information applied to the body and temperature information of the body is extracted together with refraction information of the body.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


A lattice (29) is provided on a rear surface of a connector main body (10) and defines a plurality of insertion openings (28). The lattice (29) includes first and second walls (31, 32) extending parallel to each other in the same direction and third walls (33) intersecting the first and second walls (31, 32,).
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

Mocvd growth of highly mismatched iii-v cmos channel materials on silicon substrates

Embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate to a semiconductor device including layers of group iii-v semiconductor materials. In one embodiment, the semiconductor device includes a phosphorous containing layer deposited on a silicon substrate, wherein a lattice mismatch between the phosphorous containing layer and the silicon substrate is less than 5%, a group iii-v compound nucleation layer deposited on the phosphorous containing layer at a first temperature, the group iii-v compound nucleation layer having a first thickness, a group iii-v compound transition layer deposited on the group iii-v compound nucleation layer at a second temperature higher than the first temperature, the group iii-v compound transition layer having a second thickness larger than the first thickness, and the group iii-v compound nucleation layer is different from the group iii-v compound transition layer, and an active layer deposited on the group iii-v compound transition layer..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Semiconductor device including field effect transistors

A semiconductor device includes a buffer layer on a substrate, the buffer layer having a lattice constant different from that of the substrate, a fin structure upwardly protruding from the buffer layer, a gate electrode crossing over the fin structure, a cladding layer at a side of the fin structure and covering a top surface and sidewalls of the fin structure, and an interfacial layer between the cladding layer and the fin structure, the interfacial layer including a same element as the buffer layer.. .

Tensile source drain iii-v transistors for mobility improved n-mos

An n-mos transistor device and method for forming such a device are disclosed. The n-mos transistor device comprises a semiconductor substrate with one or more replacement active regions formed above the substrate.
Intel Corporation

Multichannel devices with gate structures to increase breakdown voltage

A transistor device is provided that includes a base structure and a superlattice structure that overlies the base structure. The superlattice structure comprises a multichannel ridge having sides that extend to the base structure.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Hybrid finfet/nanowire sram cell using selective germanium condensation

A semiconductor device including a pfet and an nfet where: (i) the gate and conductor channel of the pfet are electrically insulated from a buried oxide layer; and (ii) the conductor channel of the nfet is in the form of a fin extending upwards from, and in electrical contact with, the buried oxide layer. Also, a method of making the pfet by adding a fin structure extending from the top surface of the buried oxide layer, then condensing germanium locally into the lattice structure of the lower portion of the fin structure, and then etching away the lower portion of the fin structure so that it becomes a carrier channel suspended above, and electrically insulated from the buried oxide layer..
International Business Machines Corporation

Using nmr response dependence on gas pressure to evaluate shale gas storage

A disclosed method for characterizing gas adsorption on a rock sample includes: measuring a nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) response of the rock as a function of surrounding gas pressure along an isotherm; transforming the nmr response to obtain a langmuir pressure distribution of gas adsorption on the rock sample; and displaying the langmuir pressure distribution. The langmuir pressure distribution may be shown in one dimension (e.g., contribution to signal response versus langmuir pressure), or may be combined with additional pressure-dependencies such as spin-lattice relaxation time (t1), spin-spin relaxation time (t2), and chemical shift (δ) to form a multi-dimensional distribution.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Dual-band infrared detector and detecting multiple bands of infrared radiation

A dual-band infrared detector is provided. The dual-band infrared detector includes a first absorption layer sensitive to radiation in only a short wavelength infrared spectral band, a plurality of barrier layers coupled to the first absorption layer, and a second absorption layer coupled to the plurality of barrier layers opposite the first absorption layer.
The Boeing Company

Variable height telescoping lattice tower

A variable height telescoping tower includes a base section and a second lower most section nested within the base section and extendable from within the base section. The second lower most section includes a plurality of vertically spaced lock apertures disposed thereon.
Us Tower Corporation

Honeycomb structure and manufacturing honeycomb structure

A honeycomb structure includes latticed partition walls defining a plurality of polygonal cells which extends from one end face to the other end face and forms through channels for fluid, the partition walls are porously formed by using aggregates and a bonding material different from a material of the aggregates, and the partition walls have a relation indicating that a surface porosity of a surface region from a partition wall surface of each of the partition walls to a depth of 15% of a partition wall thickness t and an inner porosity of an inner region from the partition wall surface to a depth of 15% to 50% of the partition wall thickness are different from each other, and a difference obtained by subtracting the surface porosity from the inner porosity is in excess of 1.5%.. .
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

Agricultural system and method

Disclosed herein are devices, systems and methods incorporating mobile agricultural devices. These devices can incorporate various features including growth lattices and internal drainage features and are mobile allowing for agricultural systems with continuous plant production.

Nitride semiconductor light emitting device

A semiconductor light emitting device includes: a nitride semiconductor light emitting element including a nitride semiconductor substrate having a polar or semipolar surface and a nitride semiconductor multilayer film stacked on the polar or semipolar surface; and a mounting section to which the element is mounted. The nitride semiconductor multilayer film includes an electron block layer.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Iii-nitride light emitting device including porous semiconductor

A semiconductor structure comprising a iii-nitride light emitting layer disposed between an n-type region and a p-type region is grown over a porous iii-nitride region. A iii-nitride layer comprising inn is disposed between the light emitting layer and the porous iii-nitride region.
Lumileds Llc

Lattice-constant formatted epitaxial template for light emitting devices and a making the same

A lattice constant formatted epitaxial template for light emitting devices includes a starting epitaxial template having a base, a plurality of alternately arranged protrusions and depressions on the base; first material portions epitaxially formed on top of the protrusions and second material portions epitaxially formed in the depressions, wherein lattice constants of the first material portions on the protrusions are different from those of the second material portions in the depressions. A method for making a lattice constant formatted epitaxial template is provided.
Bolb Inc.

Methods to introduce sub-micrometer, symmetry-breaking surface corrugation to silicon substrates to increase light trapping

Provided is a method for fabricating a nanopatterned surface. The method includes forming a mask on a substrate, patterning the substrate to include a plurality of symmetry-breaking surface corrugations, and removing the mask.

Secure chip with physically unclonable function

A first trench having a first aspect ratio and a second trench having a second aspect ratio that is greater than the first trench are provided into a material stack of a semiconductor substrate and a dielectric material. An epitaxial semiconductor material having a different lattice constant than the substrate is then grown within each of the first and second trenches.
International Business Machines Corporation

System for grasping keyword extraction based speech content on recorded voice data, indexing method using the system, and grasping speech content

Disclosed are a system for grasping keyword extraction based speech content on recorded voice data, an indexing method using the system, and a method for grasping speech content. An indexing unit receives voice data, performs per-frame voice recognition with reference to a phoneme to form a phoneme lattice, generates divided indexing information for a frame of a limited time configured with a plurality of frames, and stores the same in an indexing database, the divided indexing information including a phoneme lattice formed for each frame of the limited time.
Systran International Co., Ltd.

Financial derivatives pricing method and pricing system

A pricing method for financial derivatives is disclosed herein. The pricing method includes receiving a lattice basis corresponding to a multi-dimension space from a database; selecting initial unit vectors on an unit sphere of the multi-dimension space according to the corresponding lattice basis; rotating the initial unit vectors to generate random unit vectors corresponding to the initial unit vectors respectively; selecting corresponding sample points according to the random unit vector; calculating the sampled pay-off values of the sample points according to a pay-off function of a financial derivative; and estimating a price of the financial derivative according to the sampled pay-off values..
National Central University

Phantom for evaluating performance of magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using ultra high field

The present invention relates to a phantom for evaluating performance of an ultra high field magnetic resonance imaging (mri) apparatus. Specifically, the present invention relates to a multi-purpose phantom which can grasp a degree of diagnostic capability of an mri apparatus using a comprehensive result of imaging conditions and variables and simultaneously analyze and evaluate performance of magnetic resonance imaging (mri), performance of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (mrs) and metabolic components of a human body within a predetermined range of error and limit.
The Catholic University Of Korea Industry - Academic Cooperation Foundation

Multi-rotor wind turbine

Multiple horizontal axis type rotors are coaxially attached along the upper section of an elongate torque transmitting tower/driveshaft. The tower/driveshaft projects upward from a cantilevered bearing means, and is bent downwind, until the rotors become sufficiently aligned with the wind to rotate the entire tower/driveshaft.

Increasing zinc sulfide hardness

The hardness of zinc sulfide is increased by adding selective elements within a specified range to the crystal lattice of the zinc sulfide. The increased hardness over conventional zinc sulfide does not substantially compromise the optical properties of the zinc sulfide.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Phosphor, light-emitting element and lighting device

Provided is a li-solid-solubilized α-sialon phosphor containing li+ solid-solubilized for stabilization of the structure which is higher in luminous efficiency than any phosphor currently available and a light-emitting element and a lighting device comprising the same. An eu-activated li-solid-solubilized α-sialon, having a lattice constant a of 0.7820 to 0.7835 nm, a lattice constant c of 0.5645 to 0.5670 nm, an oxygen content of 0.4 to 1.2 mass %, and an europium (eu) content of 0.3 to 1.2 mass %, and emitting a light having a peak wavelength of 580 to 595 nm in the fluorescence spectrum obtained when it is excited by a monochromatic light having a peak wavelength in the range of 450 to 460 nm..
Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Lightweight composite lattice structures

A composite lattice structure formed of one or more face sheets connected with lattice members, where the lattice members are formed of single or multiple contiguous fiber tows, and the lattice members and face sheets are interfused in a matrix.. .
Khalifa University Of Science, Technology & Research

Lightweight composite single-skin sandwich lattice structures

A single-skinned composite lattice sandwich structure includes a face sheet, fiber stringers, and at least one fiber tow arranged in a lattice structure separating the face sheet and fiber stringers. The face sheet and at least the fiber tow(s) forming the lattice may be interfused with a matrix to form a contiguous composite structure.
Khalifa University Of Science, Technology & Research

Method of manufacturing lightweight composite lattice structures

Embodiments herein described relate to a method of making composite lattice structures by threading one or more fiber tows through a removable pattern in a lattice configuration, covering the pattern and lattice members in one or more face sheets, and interfusing the assembly of pattern, lattice members and face sheets with a matrix.. .
Khalifa University Of Science, Technology & Research

Systems and methods for operating secure elliptic curve cryptosystems

Various embodiments of the invention implement countermeasures designed to withstand attacks by potential intruders who seek partial or full retrieval of elliptic curve secrets by using known methods that exploit system vulnerabilities, including elliptic operation differentiation, dummy operation detection, lattice attacks, and first real operation detection. Various embodiments of the invention provide resistance against side-channel attacks, such as sample power analysis, caused by the detectability of scalar values from information leaked during regular operation flow that would otherwise compromise system security.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

Spinel-type lithium metal composite oxide

Provided is a spinel-type lithium metal composite oxide that makes it possible to achieve excellent high-temperature storage characteristics when used as a positive electrode active material of a lithium battery. The spinel-type (fd-3m) lithium metal composite oxide is characterized by the oxygen occupancy (occ) thereof as determined by the rietveld method being 0.965-1.000, the lattice strain thereof as determined by the williamson-hall method being 0.015-0.090, and the ratio (na/mn) of the molar content of na to the molar content of mn satisfying 0.00<na/mn<1.00×10−2..
Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

Organic semiconductor compound and manufacturing the same

An organic semiconductor compound and a method for manufacturing the same is provided. The method for manufacturing the organic semiconductor compound may include stirring a solated organic semiconductor and a solated organometallic precursor.
Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park

Gan-based led epitaxial structure and preparation method thereof

A gan-based led epitaxial structure comprises a non-doped gan buffer layer, an undoped gan layer, an n-type gan layer, an ingan/gan superlattice quantum well structure, a multiple quantum well luminous layer structure, an algan layer, a low-temperature p-type layer, a p-type electron blocking layer and a p-type gan layer which are sequentially stacked, wherein the non-doped gan buffer layer comprises a sandwich structure consisting of a gan layer, an algan layer and a gan layer which are sequentially stacked. For the gan-based led epitaxial structure and the preparation method thereof, the non-doped gan buffer layer with the sandwich structure consisting of the gan layer, the algan layer and the gan layer is used as a buffer layer, the buffer layer changes light scattering directions by using materials with different refractive indexes and thus the luminous efficiency can be improved..
Enraytek Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Method for manufacturing heterostructures for middle infrared band, a heterostructure, and a light-emitting diode and a photodiode based thereon

The present invention relates to producing spontaneous radiation sources based on aiiibv semiconductor compounds in 2.6-4.7 μm spectral range, and to manufacturing photosensitive structures for 2.0-4.7 μm spectral range. In the first embodiment, the heterostructure comprises a substrate containing inas, a barrier layer containing insbp and arranged on the substrate, and an active layer containing inassbp and arranged on the barrier layer.
Limited Liability Company "led Microsensor Nt"

Honeycomb cell structure three-dimensional non-volatile memory device

A monolithic three-dimensional memory device includes a plurality of memory stack structures arranged in a hexagonal lattice and located over a substrate. The hexagonal lattice structure is defined by hexagons each having a pair of sides that are parallel to a first horizontal direction and perpendicular to a second horizontal direction, the memory stack structures are located at vertices of the hexagonal lattice, and each memory stack structure includes vertically spaced memory elements and a vertical semiconductor channel.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Non-destructive, wafer scale method to evaluate defect density in heterogeneous epitaxial layers

A semiconductor material stack of, from bottom to top, a first semiconductor material having a first lattice constant and a second semiconductor material having a second lattice constant that may or may not differ from the first lattice constant and is selected from an iii-v compound semiconductor and germanium is provided. The second semiconductor material of the semiconductor material stack is then scanned using an atomic force microscope (afm) operating in a tapping mode to provide an afm image of the second semiconductor material of the semiconductor material stack.
International Business Machines Corporation

Lattice panel structure and method

A three dimensional lattice panel structure having a multitude of mutually offset holes formed in a respective top and bottom of the panel and intersecting to form voids with interspersed support posts interconnecting the top and bottom of the panel in areas not encompassed by the mutually offset holes.. .

Pneumatic tire manufacturing method

This manufacturing method of a pneumatic tire having a tread reinforcing layer reduces tire mass while maintaining the durability performance of the tire. A tread reinforcing layer formation step includes a winding step for winding belt-shape plies around an approximately cylindrical winding surface.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Dishwasher rack assembly having positionable support members

A dishwasher rack assembly including a bottom wall formed of a first set of wire rods in parallel, uniform spaced relation to each other perpendicular a second set of wire rods in parallel, uniform spaced relation to each other, the first and second sets of wire members defining open, square lattice areas. One or more support members are coupled intermediate opposing wire rods of the first or second set within a selected lattice area.

Anisotropic conductive film and connected structure

Anisotropic conductive films, each including an insulating adhesive layer and conductive particles insulating adhesive layer in a lattice-like manner. Among center distances between an arbitrary conductive particle and conductive particles adjacent to the conductive particle, the shortest distance to the conductive particle is a first center distance; the next shortest distance is a second center distance.
Dexerials Corporation

Charge-transporting metal oxide-polymer blend thin films

The present teachings relate to charge-transporting metal oxide-polymer blend thin films which can be incorporated as the semiconductor component or one of the conductor components of a thin film transistor. Generally, the present charge-transporting metal oxide-polymer blend thin film includes a semiconducting or conducting metal oxide lattice and an electrically insulating polymer dispersed within the lattice.
Polyera Corporation

Double aspect ratio trapping

A semiconductor structure is provided by a process in which two aspect ratio trapping processes are employed. The structure includes a semiconductor substrate portion of a first semiconductor material having a first lattice constant.
International Business Machines Corporation

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

Provided is a corrosion resistant semiconductor device including a fuse element that can be cut by laser light. A silicon nitride film is formed above the fuse element via a metal lattice and an interlayer film left therein so that, when laser light radiated from a rear surface of a semiconductor substrate is collected at the fuse element, the fuse element may generate heat, expand, and rupture.
Sii Semiconductor Corporation

Double aspect ratio trapping

A semiconductor structure is provided by a process in which two aspect ratio trapping processes are employed. The structure includes a semiconductor substrate portion of a first semiconductor material having a first lattice constant.
International Business Machines Corporation

Crane boom segment for assembly of a crane boom, assembling a crane boom

A crane boom segment is provided for assembly of a crane boom by interconnection of multiple crane boom segments from a transport configuration to an operational configuration. The crane boom segment includes a first and second planar latticed truss, each with two chords between which permanent lacing elements extend.
Itrec B.v.

Golf club head

A golf club head includes a body defining an interior cavity. The body includes a sole positioned at a bottom portion of the golf club head, a crown positioned at a top portion, and a skirt positioned around a periphery between the sole and crown.
Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

Golf club face plates with internal cell lattices and related methods

Embodiments of golf club face plates with internal cell lattices are presented herein. Other examples and related methods are also disclosed herein..
Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

Semiconductor devices with trench gate structures in a semiconductor body with hexagonal crystal lattice

A semiconductor device includes trench gate structures in a semiconductor body with hexagonal crystal lattice. A mean surface plane of a first surface is tilted to a <1-100> crystal direction by an off-axis angle, wherein an absolute value of the off-axis angle is in a range from 2 degree to 12 degree.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices by bonding a semiconductor disk on a base substrate, composite wafer and semiconductor device

A semiconductor disk of a first crystalline material, which has a first lattice system, is bonded on a process surface of a base substrate, wherein a bonding layer is formed between the semiconductor disk and the base substrate. A second semiconductor layer of a second crystalline material with a second, different lattice system is formed by epitaxy on a first semiconductor layer formed from the semiconductor disk..
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

Electrically conductive and filtrating substrates for mass spectrometry

A mass spectrometry substrate includes an electrically conductive material providing an electrical conductivity that allows at least one of a first and a second surface of the substrate to be maintained at a desirable potential for ion extraction while ions are desorbed during ionization. A solid lattice material comprises a plurality of pores positioned in a plurality of layers that form a network of at least one continuous channel extending from a first surface of the substrate to a second surface of the substrate.
Virgin Instruments Corporation

Electroabsorption modulator for depth imaging and other applications

A tof depth imaging system for providing a depth image of an object is provided comprising a light source configured to illuminate an object with amplitude modulated light characterized by a wavelength λ and a modulation frequency f, a surface-normal electroabsorption modulator configured to receive and to modulate reflected light from the object with the modulation frequency f, and an image sensor configured to receive and to detect modulated reflected light from the electroabsorption modulator. The electroabsorption modulator comprises a top doped layer of semiconductor, a bottom doped layer of semiconductor having opposite polarity to the top doped layer, and an active layer between the top and bottom doped layers, the active layer configured as a superlattice structure comprising multiple sublayers of semiconductor configured to provide alternating quantum wells and barriers, the active layer comprising quantum wells configured to exhibit delocalized electron-hole behavior..
Northwestern University

Highstrength low friction engineered material for bearings and other applications

A high strength, low friction engineered material includes a low friction material filling interstices of a metal microlattice. The metal typically comprises 5 volume % to 25 volume % and the interstices typically comprise 75 volume % to 95 volume %, based on the total volume of the metal microlattice and the interstices.
Federal-mogul Corporation

Nanostructured-lattices produced by surface mechanical attrition treatment method

The present invention is about the design and manufacturing method of constructing nano-structured lattices. The design of the four periodic two-dimensional lattices (hexagonal, triangulated, square and kagome) is described; and the process of making nano-structured lattices is outlined in the present invention..
City University Of Hong Kong

Demodulator apparatus and demodulation method

A demodulator apparatus includes a memory and a processor coupled to the memory. The processor executes a process including: applying lattice reduction to a channel response matrix; applying linear detection to a reception signal in lattice-reduced basis using a lattice-reduced channel response matrix; calculating an expectation of a symbol in the lattice-reduced basis; inversely transforming the expectation of the symbol from the lattice-reduced basis into an original basis; and calculating soft-decision data by performing interference cancellation method in inversely transformed expectation of the symbol in the original basis..
Fujitsu Limited

Magnetoresistive memory device

According to one embodiment, a magnetoresistive memory device includes a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer, a nonmagnetic layer provided between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer, and a third magnetic layer provided on a side of the first or second magnetic layer opposite to the nonmagnetic layer. The third magnetic layer has a multilayer film having an artificial lattice structure, and the third magnetic layer is partly microcrystalline or amorphous..

Fets and methods for forming the same

Fets and methods for forming fets are disclosed. A structure comprises a substrate, a gate dielectric and a gate electrode.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Contact structure of semiconductor device

The disclosure relates to a semiconductor device. An exemplary structure for a contact structure for a semiconductor device comprises a substrate comprising a major surface and a cavity below the major surface; a strained material in the cavity, wherein a lattice constant of the strained material is different from a lattice constant of the substrate; a ge-containing dielectric layer over the strained material; and a metal layer over the ge-containing dielectric layer..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes preparing a light ion source, a first mask and a second mask. A side of a first region on a top surface of a semiconductor substrate is shielded by using the first mask.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Compound semiconductor structure

A method for fabricating semiconductor structure comprises the steps of providing a substrate including a first crystalline semiconductor material, patterning an opening in a dielectric layer above the substrate, the opening having a bottom, forming a crystalline interlayer on the substrate at least partially covering the bottom, and growing a second crystalline semiconductor material on the crystalline interlayer thereby at least partially filling the opening. The crystalline semiconductor materials are lattice mismatched, and the crystalline interlayer comprises an oxygen compound..
Globalfoundries Inc.

Truss structure optimization techniques

Design of a 3-d truss structure, including a plurality of coupling nodes and a plurality of struts, is optimized by performing a quantitative optimization of an objective function corresponding to a figure of merit of the design. The quantitative optimization includes: generating a finite element analysis model, the analysis model a 3-d lattice mesh of strut-like finite elements; computing, with the finite element analysis model, a value for the objective function; and optimizing the objective function by executing at least two cycles of an optimization loop.
Space Systems/loral, Llc

In-cell touch panel and display device

An in-cell touch panel and a display device implements touch function and display function by dividing a common electrode layer (110) connected with entire surface in the array substrate (100) to form a plurality of touch driving electrodes (111) and common electrodes (112); providing touch sensing electrodes (210) with a hollowed-out lattice structure over the common electrodes (112); and driving touch driving electrodes (111) in a time division manner. The in-cell touch panel can increase touch sensitivity and guarantee that touch sensing electrodes have small signal delays..
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Pet-mri device and manufacturing method thereof

A pet-mri device and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The pet device includes a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) machine comprising a solenoid coil and a magnetic-field correction coil, wherein the mri machine has a cylindrical structure or a dipole structure; and a positron emission tomography (pet) machine comprising a pet image sensor, wherein pet image sensor electrodes are formed on one and the other ends of the pet image sensor that have a doughnut shape, and the pet machine has a cylindrical structure or a lattice structure, wherein the pet machine is formed in the mri machine to allow a direction of an electric field of the pet machine to be parallel to a direction of a magnetic field of the mri machine..
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

On-line coating adhesion determination apparatus of galvannealed steel sheet, and galvannealed steel sheet manufacturing line

An on-line coating adhesion determination apparatus of a galvannealed steel sheet, includes: an x-ray tube which irradiates a galvannealed steel sheet that travels on a transportation line, with x-rays; an optical system which allows the x-rays emitted from the x-ray tube to irradiate the galvannealed steel sheet as a parallel beam and be diffracted; and a detector which measures the intensity of the diffracted x-rays and is installed at a position at which the x-ray diffraction peak corresponding to a crystal lattice spacing d of 1.5 Å or higher is detected, in which an emitted beam luminance of the x-rays is 20 w/mm2 or higher, and the width-direction gain of the x-rays in the optical system is 0.15 or higher. The crystal lattice spacing d may be 1.914 Å.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

X-ray ct microscopy system and method utilizing lattice sampling

X-ray microscopy tomography scanning systems are not constrained by continuous scanning trajectories like in medical scanners. In fact, the source and detector can be held stationary during subsequent image capture producing a discrete sampling pattern.
Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc.

Architected materials for enhanced energy absorption

A three-dimensional lattice architecture with a thickness hierarchy includes a first surface and a second surface separated from each other with a distance therebetween defining a thickness of the three-dimensional lattice architecture; a plurality of angled struts extending along a plurality of directions between the first surface and the second surface; a plurality of nodes connecting the plurality of angled struts with one another forming a plurality of unit cells. At least a portion of the plurality of angled struts are internally terminated along the thickness direction of the lattice structure and providing a plurality of internal degrees of freedom towards the first or second surface of the lattice architecture..
Hrl Laboratories, Llc

Method for producing group iii nitride semiconductor light-emitting device

There is provided a method for producing a group iii nitride semiconductor light-emitting device having a low driving voltage, which is realized by steeply increasing the concentration of mg within a p-type semiconductor layer. This production method includes the steps of forming an n-type contact layer, forming an n-side high electrostatic breakdown voltage layer, forming an n-side superlattice layer, forming a light-emitting layer, forming a p-type cladding layer, forming a p-type intermediate layer, and forming a p-type contact layer.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

Finfets and methods for forming the same

A finfet and methods for forming a finfet are disclosed. A method includes forming trenches in a semiconductor substrate to form a fin, depositing an insulating material within the trenches, and removing a portion of the insulating material to expose sidewalls of the fin.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Planar heterogeneous device

In an embodiment a second semiconductor layer is transferred (e.g., using layer transfer techniques) on top of a first semiconductor layer. The second layer is patterned into desired wells.
Intel Corporation

Lattice cutting machine system

A cutting machine for cutting a vegetable product includes a multi-knife cutting plate mounted in-line along a product flow path and a drive motor, whereby the cutting plate moves in an orbital motion in a plane substantially perpendicular to the flow path, thereby moving the cutting knives sequentially and repeatedly across the product flow path. A system for cutting vegetable products includes a transport system configured for transporting vegetable products in single file toward an outlet, a plurality of cutting machines, a collection system disposed downstream of the cutting machines and configured to collect the vegetables after cutting, and a selection device configured to selectively couple the outlet of the transport system to one or more of the cutting machines.
J.r. Simplot Company

Removable customizable casket panel

Caskets, cap panel assemblies for a casket, and methods for manufacturing cap panel assemblies are described. A casket may include a casket shell, at least one casket cap pivotally mounted on the casket shell, and a cap panel assembly mounted in the at least one casket cap.
Matthews Resources, Inc.

Article of footwear with a lattice sole structure

An article of footwear includes an upper and a sole structure. The sole structure can be manufactured using a customized cushioning sole system.
Nike, Lnc.

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