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Lattice patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lattice-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lattice-related patents
 Multi-junction solar cell with dilute nitride sub-cell having graded doping patent thumbnailMulti-junction solar cell with dilute nitride sub-cell having graded doping
A lattice-matched solar cell having a dilute nitride-based sub-cell has exponential doping to thereby control current-carrying capacity of the solar cell. Specifically a solar cell with at least one dilute nitride sub-cell that has a variably doped base or emitter is disclosed.
Solar Junction Corporation

 Stacked integrated multi-junction solar cell patent thumbnailStacked integrated multi-junction solar cell
A stacked integrated multi-junction solar cell, having a first subcell, whereby the first subcell has a layer of an ingap compound with a first lattice constant and a first band gap energy, and the thickness of the layer is greater than 100 nm and the layer is formed as part of an emitter and/or as part of the base and/or as part of the space charge region lying between the emitter and base, and a second subcell with a second lattice constant and a second band gap energy, and a third subcell with a third lattice constant and a third band gap energy, and a fourth subcell with a fourth lattice constant and a fourth band gap energy, and a region with a wafer bond is formed between two subcells.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

 Grouped nanostructured units system forming a metamaterial patent thumbnailGrouped nanostructured units system forming a metamaterial
This invention concerns a grouped nanostructured unit system forming a metamaterial within the silicon and the manufacturing process to arrange them therein in an optimal manner. The nanostructured units are grouped and conditioned in an optimal arrangement inside the silicon material.
Segton Advanced Technology Sas

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A partition in lattice form forms a plurality of housing sections. A plurality of circuit blocks including a semiconductor block and a terminal base block are electrically connected one to another in a state of being housed in the housing sections to form a power semiconductor circuit.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Methods of forming strained epitaxial semiconductor material(s) above a strain-relaxed buffer layer patent thumbnailMethods of forming strained epitaxial semiconductor material(s) above a strain-relaxed buffer layer
One illustrative method disclosed herein includes, among other things, sequentially forming a first material layer, a first capping layer, a second material layer and a second capping layer above a substrate, wherein the first and second material layers are made of semiconductor material having a lattice constant that is different than the substrate, the first material layer is strained as deposited, and a thickness of the first material layer exceeds its critical thickness required to be stable and strained, performing an anneal process after which the strain in the first material layer is substantially relaxed through the formation of crystallographic defects that are substantially confined to the semiconducting substrate, the first material layer, the first capping layer and the second material layer, and forming additional epitaxial semiconductor material on an upper surface of the resulting structure.. .
Globalfoundries Inc.

 Crystal formation on non-lattice matched substrates patent thumbnailCrystal formation on non-lattice matched substrates
A semiconductor structure can be created by forming an insulator layer over a surface of a substrate. An intermediate layer can be formed on top of the insulator layer, wherein openings in the intermediate layer may expose regions of the insulator.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Method and system to discover dependencies in datasets patent thumbnailMethod and system to discover dependencies in datasets
A method of processing data stored in a database which comprises a plurality of rows and columns, the method comprising identifying a plurality of sets of column combinations, each set of column combinations comprising an identifier of at least one column allocating each set of column combinations to one of a plurality of nodes mapping the nodes to a lattice structure in which the nodes are connected in a superset or subset relationship according to the set of column combinations of each node selecting a current node processing the data in the set of columns of the current node to detect if the column combination is unique or non-unique traversing the lattice to a next node which is connected to the current node processing the data in the set of columns of the next node to detect if the column combination of the next node is unique or non-unique; and storing a record of whether each processed set of column combinations is unique or non-unique.. .

 Method of manufacturing a polarizer and a display panel having the same patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing a polarizer and a display panel having the same
A method of manufacturing a polarizer, the method including: forming a metal layer on a substrate; forming a hard mask on the metal layer; forming an adhesion layer on a portion of the hard mask; forming a polymer layer on the hard mask and the adhesion layer; pressing a mold on the polymer layer to form a lattice pattern in association with the polymer layer; removing the mold and a portion of the lattice pattern; and patterning the adhesion layer, the hard mask, and the metal layer using a remaining portion of the lattice pattern as a mask.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Optical waveguide device and  manufacturing an optical waveguide device patent thumbnailOptical waveguide device and manufacturing an optical waveguide device
An optical waveguide device includes first and second branching devices and first to fourth distribution optical waveguides that are formed on an optical waveguide substrate including a latticed dummy pattern of a predetermined pitch and that are arranged, in a region where the dummy pattern is removed, so as to be separated from the dummy pattern, and an interval between the first and second distribution optical waveguides at an output point of the first branching device is equal to an interval between the third and fourth distribution optical waveguides at an output point of the second branching device, and a distance between light propagation centers of the first and second branching devices is an integer multiple of the pitch, and at a point where a distance between neighboring distribution optical waveguides becomes maximum, the distance between the neighboring distribution optical waveguides is an integer multiple of the pitch.. .
Nec Corporation

 Combustion plate patent thumbnailCombustion plate
A combustion plate is for use in a totally aerated combustion burner in which a plate main body made of ceramic has formed therein a multiplicity of flame holes for ejecting a premixed gas. The plate main body is provided, in a lattice shape, with non-flame-hole sections free of flame holes.
Rinnai Corporation


Lattice type blade of an axial turbine engine compressor

The invention relates to a blade of a low-pressure compressor of an axial turbine engine. The blade comprises a vane in which a cavity is formed.
Techspace Aero S.a.


Method of making a zonal compression shoe

A method of making a shoe includes printing a midsole having a platform and a lattice structure. The platform and lattice structure are integrally formed by printing a first surface of the platform to conform to a sole of a foot of a user and, in association therewith, printing the lattice structure on a second surface of the platform opposite the first surface of the platform.
Under Armour, Inc.


Use of vanadium-containing particles as a biocide

The present invention relates to the use of vanadium-containing particles as a biocide, in particular to the use of vanadium-containing particles comprising at least one vanadium compound and a support material or of a support material in which some metal atoms from the crystal lattice have been replaced by vanadium. Furthermore, it relates to method for preventing biofouling of a substrate and to a method of imparting biocidal properties to the surface of a substrate..
Basf Se


Lattice matchable alloy for solar cells

An alloy composition for a subcell of a solar cell is provided that has a bandgap of at least 0.9 ev, namely, ga1-xinxnyas1-y-zsbz with a low antimony (sb) content and with enhanced indium (in) content and enhanced nitrogen (n) content, achieving substantial lattice matching to gaas and ge substrates and providing both high short circuit currents and high open circuit voltages in gainnassb subcells for multijunction solar cells. The composition ranges for ga1-xinxnyas1-y-zsbz are 0.07≦x≦0.18, 0.025≦y≦0.04 and 0.001≦z≦0.03..


Methods and forming horizontal gate all around device structures

A method of forming a semiconductor device includes: forming a superlattice structure atop the top surface of a substrate, wherein the superlattice structure comprises a plurality of first layers and a corresponding plurality of second layers alternatingly arranged in a plurality of stacked pairs; forming a lateral etch stop layer by epitaxial deposition of a material of the first layer or the second layer of the superlattice structure atop a sidewall of the superlattice structure, or by selectively oxidizing edges of the first layers and second layers of the superlattice structure; subsequently forming a source region adjacent a first end of the superlattice structure and a drain region adjacent a second opposing end of the superlattice structure; and selectively etching the superlattice structure to remove each of the first layers or each of the second layers to form a plurality of voids in the superlattice structure.. .


Strained stacked nanosheet fets and/or quantum well stacked nanosheet

Exemplary embodiments provide for fabricating a biaxially strained nanosheet. Aspects of the exemplary embodiments include: growing an epitaxial crystalline initial superlattice having one or more periods, each of the periods comprising at least three layers, an active material layer, a first sacrificial material layer and a second sacrificial material layer, the first and second sacrificial material layers having different material properties; in each of the one or more periods, placing each of the active material layers between the first and second sacrificial material layers, wherein lattice constants of the first and second sacrificial material layers are different than the active material layer and impose biaxial stress in the active material layer; selectively etching away all of the first sacrificial material layers thereby exposing one surface of the active material for additional processing, while the biaxial strain in the active material layers is maintained by the second sacrificial material layers; and selectively etching away all of the second sacrificial material layers thereby exposing a second surface of the active material layers for additional processing..


Lattice-mismatched semiconductor structures with reduced dislocation defect densities and related methods for device fabrication

Fabrication of monolithic lattice-mismatched semiconductor heterostructures with limited area regions having upper portions substantially exhausted of threading dislocations, as well as fabrication of semiconductor devices based on such lattice-mismatched heterostructures.. .


Advanced first core fuel assembly configuration

An advanced initial core fuel configuration is for improving the fuel management efficiency and thus economics for a nuclear reactor. The advanced initial core fuel configuration includes a plurality of fuel assemblies having different average enrichments of uranium 235 and arranging the fuel assemblies in an initial core configuration structured to emulate a known equilibrium reload cycle core at least in terms of spatial reactivity distribution.


Fiber tractography using entropy spectrum pathways

A method for fiber tractography processes multi-shell diffusion weighted mri data to identify fiber tracts by calculating intravoxel diffusion characteristics from the mri data. A transition probability is calculated for each possible path on the lattice, with the transition probability weighted according the intravoxel characteristics.


Hot surface igniters and methods of making same

A method of making a hot surface igniter is described. A silicon carbide composition that includes both fines fraction and a coarse fraction is sintered in a nitrogen and argon reducing atmosphere in a manner that controls the incorporation of nitrogen with in the lattice of recrystallized silicon carbide.


Clip for securing rebar

The present invention is a clip for securing more than two rebar rods. The rods may be secured in a planar or three-dimensional lattice configuration.


Morphologically and size uniform monodisperse particles and their shape-directed self-assembly

Monodisperse particles having: a single pure crystalline phase of a rare earth-containing lattice, a uniform three-dimensional size, and a uniform polyhedral morphology are disclosed. Due to their uniform size and shape, the monodisperse particles self assemble into superlattices.


Amusement ball

Disclosed is the amusement ball for recreational purposes. The amusement ball includes a hollow spherical lattice shell of polyurethane having plurality of open spaces and an inflatable balloon inserted in the hollow spherical lattice shell through the open spaces and is further having a closeable opening.


Absorbent article with three-dimensional film for liquid distribution

An absorbent article with a three-dimensional film transfer layer having an open lattice structure formed from a single film for improved user properties.. .


Organic light emitting display device

An organic light emitting display device includes a substrate, a display unit on the substrate, the display unit including a plurality of light-emitting areas in a lattice pattern, and an antireflective film on the display unit, the antireflective film including at least two metal layers and at least two dielectric layers that are alternately stacked, and each of the at least two metal layers including a plurality of islands in a lattice pattern overlapping the light-emitting areas of the display unit.. .


Body-tied, strained-channel multi-gate device and methods of manufacturing same

A fin-fet or other multi-gate transistor is disclosed. The transistor comprises a semiconductor substrate having a first lattice constant, and a semiconductor fin extending from the semiconductor substrate.


Techniques for controlling spatial structure of nucleic acid structures based on lattice-free, three dimensional junction coordinates

Techniques for controlling nucleic acid structures include determining, for each junction type, values for parameters indicating ground-state geometry and both translational and rotational stiffness coefficients. Topological design data indicates a number of bases in each helix connected to corresponding junctions.


Triaxial lattice array of interferometric modulator pixels

Some implementations disclosed herein include an array of reflective pixels, each of the reflective pixels including an interferometric light modulator (imod), the array being configured as a honeycomb-like triaxial lattice. Each imod includes at least two conductive layers that define at least one cavity, at least one of the conductive layers being movable relative to the other through a range of positions and being hingedly supported by less than four support posts..


Increased accuracy corner cube arrays for high resolution retro-reflective imaging applications

Tooling and optic elements for a retro-imaging system may be formed on order near atomic level of accuracy by making use of either etching or growth techniques of a cubic crystal lattice, such as silicon. The elements may be formed directly using selective etching or epitaxial growth by coating and clear resin lamination, or replicated to avoid shrinkage and curvature by use of low shrinkage resins or double-fill molding techniques.


Grafted polymer nanocomposite materials, systems, and methods

Provided are methods of separating one or more components from a fluid by using membranes and other materials comprising polymer graft nanoparticles arranged in a lattice structure. The disclosed compositions exhibit an increase in selectivity between two penetrants that is greater than the neat polymer selectivity for those penetrants.


Radiation treatment collimator having multilayered linkage structure

The present invention relates to a radiation treatment collimator having a multilayered linkage structure, the collimator providing various shapes of spaces and configuring a radiation area, which transmits radioactive rays, the collimator including: a fixed frame disposed on a plate; multiple pixel board layers fixedly stacked at predetermined intervals on top of each other inside the fixed frame, each pixel board layer being configured in a lattice form and having pixel covers disposed correspondingly to the respective lattices in such a manner as to be open and closed individually; control units disposed on both sides of the fixed frame to individually control the operations of the pixel covers of the pixel board layers; and power source units disposed on the front and rear sides of the fixed frame to supply the pixel board layers with operating power. The collimator is inexpensive and exhibits good treatment results; each pixel can be open/closed separately to form a radioactive ray radiation area; and the collimator is capable of, in real time, converting the shape of the radiation area and adjusting the intensity of the radioactive rays..


Natural-superlattice-structured thermoelectric material

Provided is a thermoelectric material satisfying (mx)1+a(tx2)n and having a superlattice structure, wherein m is at least one element selected from the group consisting of group 13, group 14, and group 15, t is at least one element selected from group 5, x is a chalcogenide element, a is a real number satisfying 0<a<1, and n is a natural number of 1 to 3.. .
University-industry Cooperation Group Of Kyung Hee University


Vertical semiconductor devices including superlattice punch through stop layer and related methods

A semiconductor device may include a substrate, and a plurality of fins spaced apart on the substrate. Each of the fins may include a lower semiconductor fin portion extending vertically upward from the substrate, and at least one superlattice punch-through layer on the lower fin portion.
Mears Technologies, Inc.


Fin structure formation by selective etching

Methods and apparatus for forming finfet structures are provided. Selective etching and deposition processes described herein may provide for finfet manufacturing without the utilization of multiple patterning processes.
Applied Materials, Inc.


System and automatic speech recognition using on-the-fly word lattice generation with word histories

A systems, article, and method of automatic speech recognition using on-the-fly word lattice generation with word histories.. .
Intel Corporation


Surface modified unit cell lattice structures for optimized secure freeform fabrication

Aspects of the present disclosure relate generally to preparing models of three-dimensional structures. In particular, a model of a three-dimensional structure constructed of porous geometries is prepared.
The University Of Liverpool


Systems and methods for gas treatment

A system and process for the recovery of at least one halogenated hydrocarbon from a gas stream. The recovery includes adsorption by exposing the gas stream to an adsorbent with a lattice structure having pore diameters with an average pore opening of between about 5 and about 50 angstroms.
Blue-zone Technologies Ltd.


Organic light emitting diode, manufacturing same, image display device, and illuminating device

An organic light emitting diode and a method for manufacturing the same. The organic light emitting diode includes an anodic conductive layer, an organic el layer, and a cathodic conductive layer formed from ag or an alloy of ag, or the like, sequentially laminated on a substrate, such that a two-dimensional lattice structure is provided on a surface of the cathodic conductive layer on an organic el layer side, an extraction wavelength and a distance between centers of concave portions or convex portions in the two-dimensional lattice structure are within a region surrounded by specific coordinates in a graph illustrating a relationship between the light extraction wavelength and the distance, and the depth of the concave portions or a height of the convex portions is 12 nm to 180 nm..
Oji Holdings Corporation


Method for producing a nitride compound semiconductor device

A method is provided for producing a nitride compound semiconductor device. A growth substrate has a silicon surface.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Epitaxial growth of czt(s,se) on silicon

Techniques for epitaxial growth of czt(s,se) materials on si are provided. In one aspect, a method of forming an epitaxial kesterite material is provided which includes the steps of: selecting a si substrate based on a crystallographic orientation of the si substrate; forming an epitaxial oxide interlayer on the si substrate to enhance wettability of the epitaxial kesterite material on the si substrate, wherein the epitaxial oxide interlayer is formed from a material that is lattice-matched to si; and forming the epitaxial kesterite material on a side of the epitaxial oxide interlayer opposite the si substrate, wherein the epitaxial kesterite material includes cu, zn, sn, and at least one of s and se, and wherein a crystallographic orientation of the epitaxial kesterite material is based on the crystallographic orientation of the si substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation


Double aspect ratio trapping

A semiconductor structure is provided by a process in which two aspect ratio trapping processes are employed. The structure includes a semiconductor substrate portion of a first semiconductor material having a first lattice constant.
International Business Machines Corporation


Flowable low-k dielectric gapfill treatment

Methods are described for forming a flowable low-k dielectric film on a patterned substrate. The film may be a silicon-carbon-oxygen (si—c—o) layer in which the silicon and carbon constituents come from a silicon and carbon containing precursor while the oxygen may come from an oxygen-containing precursor activated in a remote plasma region.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method and integrated device for analyzing liquid flow and liquid-solid interface interaction

An integrated circuit (ic) chip with a lab-on-a-chip, a method of manufacturing the lab-on-a-chip and a method of using the lab-on-a-chip for fluid flow analysis in physical systems through combination with computer modeling. The lab-on-a-chip includes cavities in a channel layer and a capping layer, preferably transparent, covering the cavities.
International Business Machines Corporation


Multilayer structured coatings for cutting tools

Cutting tools are described having coatings which can demonstrate desirable wear resistance and increased cutting lifetimes. A coated cutting tool described herein has a substrate and a coating with a plurality of alternating layers of a first layer of al2o3 and a second layer of at least one of meal2o3 and meal2o3/meo2 composite, wherein me is zr, hf, ti or a combination thereof.
Kennametal Inc.


Device, mixing

A device or system includes a mixer comprising a three-dimensional lattice defining a plurality of tortuous, interconnecting passages therethrough. The mixer is in communication with sources or streams of at least two separate components which, when mixed, form a combined fluid stream.
Baxter Healthcare Sa


Portable bird perch assembly

A swinging bird perch assembly is provided for birds of various types. The perch assembly includes an arch-shaped frame supporting an elongated rod there between.
Pop's Birding Co, Llc


Protected transition metal hexacyanoferrate battery electrode synthesis method

A protected transition metal hexacyanoferrate (tmhcf) battery cathode is presented, made from axmyfez(cn)n·mh2o particles, where the a cations are either alkali or alkaline-earth cations, and m is a transition metal. In one aspect the cathode pas tion layer may be materials such as oxides, simple salts, carbonaceous materials, or polymers that form a film overlying the axmyfez(cn)n·mh2o particles.
Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.


Methods for engineering polar discontinuities in non-centrosymmetric honeycomb lattices and devices including a two-dimensional insulating material and a polar discontinuity of electric polarization

The present invention relates to a device comprising a two-dimensional component, the two-dimensional component including at least one two-dimensional insulating material and including a polar discontinuity of the electric polarization. The present invention also relates to methods for producing such a device..
Ecole Polytechnique FÉdÉrale De Lausanne (epfl)


Semiconductor device having a strain feature in a gate spacer and methods of manufacture thereof

A device may include a substrate having a channel region therein, the channel region having a first lattice constant; a gate stack formed over the channel region; a spacer lining a sidewall of the gate stack, the spacer having a recess therein, the recess extending over a lateral portion of the channel region; and a source region having a second lattice constant different from the first lattice constant, the source region extending continuously from a first portion laterally adjacent to the channel region to a second portion extending into the recess and over the channel region.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Method for forming pattern of semiconductor device and semiconductor device formed using the same

A method for forming a pattern of a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device formed using the same are provided. The method includes forming a buffer layer on a substrate, forming a channel layer on the buffer layer, forming support patterns penetrating the channel layer, and forming channel fin patterns and a buffer pattern by patterning the channel layer and the buffer layer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Isolation structure of semiconductor device

The invention relates to an isolation structure of a semiconductor device and a method of forming. An exemplary isolation structure for a semiconductor device comprises a substrate comprising a trench; a strained material in the trench, wherein a lattice constant of the strained material is different from a lattice constant of the substrate; an oxide layer of the strained material over the strained material; a high-k dielectric layer over the oxide layer; and a dielectric layer over the high-k dielectric layer filling the trench..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Magnetic material, producing magnetic material, and inductor element

Provided is a magnetic material which includes a plurality of magnetic metal particles having a rate of change in the lattice constant of ±1% or less with respect to the lattice constant obtained after a heat treatment at 1000° c., a plurality of insulating coating layers insulating and covering at least a portion of the magnetic metal particles, and an insulating resin disposed around the magnetic metal particles and the insulating coating layers. The insulating coating layers are in contact with one another..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation

A device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation with a configuration tool that is designed to physically detect a field device in the automation installation, to logically incorporate it into the automation installation and to configure it in the automation installation, the configuration tool resorting for this purpose to a prescribed first field-device-specific information packet that describes the functions and data of the field device at least in part. In order to alter the size of windows in the relationship context, the windows in a relationship context being arranged in matrix form, directly adjacently, with the window boundaries forming a lattice structure of intersecting window boundary lines, each node of the intersecting window boundary lines has an associated operator control element, the operator control element has a control area, and activation of an operator control element renders the window boundary lines intersecting at this node relocatable..
Abb Technology Ag


Conductive laminate, touch panel and electronic device using the conductive laminate, and making the conductive laminate

A conductive laminate includes a base layer, an insulative layer on the base layer, an ink layer having a latticed structure on the insulative layer, and a conductive metal layer having a latticed structure on the ink layer. The insulative layer contains a transparent and insulative adhesive..
General Interface Solution Limited


Information display device

An information display device includes an information display element having a display, and an optical waveguide in a sheet form affixed to a surface of the display and constituting a position sensor. The optical waveguide is configured such that linear cores in a lattice form are held between an under cladding layer and an over cladding layer both in a sheet form.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Analysis method

An analysis method includes the steps of performing two-dimensional electrophoresis of analysis objects in an isoelectric direction and in a molecular weight direction that is substantially perpendicular to the isoelectric direction, cutting a medium containing the analysis objects, which have been subjected to the two-dimensional electrophoresis, in a lattice pattern along cut planes in the isoelectric direction and along cut planes in the molecular weight direction, and comparing the analysis objects between the cut mediums.. .
National Cancer Center


Durable airship hull and in situ airship hull repair

A system for airship hull reinforcement and in-situ repair includes a sensor for detecting a leak in the airship hull of a lighter-than-air airship and a repair mechanism inside lighter-than-air airship for dispensing repair material to seal the leak. A durable airship hull includes an inner gas barrier, an outer gas barrier, and a microlattice layer sandwiched between the inner gas barrier and the outer gas barrier..
Stratospheric Airships, Llc


Cleaning brush

The invention relates to a cleaning element (1) to be fastened on a cylindrical basic body (2) having a longitudinal axis (4). The cleaning element (1) is designed as a cylindrical hollow element and comprises a skeleton (3) and a spiked lattice (5) stretched on the skeleton (3).
Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag


Positive electrode active material for lithium ion battery, producing the same, electrode for lithium ion battery, and lithium ion battery

Provided is a positive electrode active material for lithium ion batteries, which is capable of realizing stability and safety at a high voltage, a high energy density, high load characteristics, and long-term cycle characteristics by controlling a crystal shape of limnpo4 particles having a crystal structure very suitable for li diffusion or controlling an average primary particle size, a production method thereof, an electrode for lithium ion batteries, and a lithium ion battery. The positive electrode active material for lithium ion batteries of the invention is a positive electrode active material for lithium ion batteries, which is formed from limnpo4.
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.


Memory device

According to one embodiment, a memory device includes a plug, a variable resistance film provided on the plug, and an electrode provided on the variable resistance film. The variable resistance film includes, a first portion having a superlattice structure, and a second portion having an amorphous structure..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Optoelectronic gan-based component having increased esd resistance via a superlattice and the production thereof

An optoelectronic component includes a semiconductor layer structure having a quantum film structure, and a p-doped layer arranged above the quantum film structure, wherein the p-doped layer includes at least one first partial layer and a second partial layer, and the second partial layer has a higher degree of doping than the first partial layer.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Non-planar gate all-around device and fabrication thereof

A non-planar gate all-around device and method of fabrication thereby are described. In one embodiment, the device includes a substrate having a top surface with a first lattice constant.
Intel Corporation


Semiconductor device and a manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device includes a silicon substrate, a multi-layered film formed on the silicon substrate, the multi-layered film including a first aluminum nitride containing layer, a second aluminum nitride containing layer, and a film stack having a super lattice structure in which, between the first aluminum nitride containing layer and the second aluminum nitride containing layer, at least two layers selected from a group of layers including an aluminum nitride containing layer, a gallium nitride containing layer and an aluminum gallium nitride containing layer are alternately disposed between the first aluminum nitride containing layer and the second aluminum nitride containing layer, and a first gallium nitride containing layer formed on the multi-layered film.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Semiconductor device having fin gate, resistive memory device including the same, and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device having a fin gate that improves an operation current, and a method of manufacturing the same. The semiconductor device includes an active pillar formed on a semiconductor substrate, the active pillar including an inner region and an outer region surrounding the inner region, and a fin gate overlapping an upper surface and a lateral surface of the active pillar.
Sk Hynix Inc.


Self aligned replacement fin formation

Methods and apparatus for forming finfet structures are provided. Selective etching and deposition processes described herein may provide for finfet manufacturing without the utilization of multiple patterning processes.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for manufacturing a collimator module and manufacturing a collimator bridge as well as collimator module, collimator bridge, collimator and tomography device

A method for manufacturing a collimator module and/or a collimator bridge is disclosed, as well as a collimator module, a collimator bridge, a collimator and a tomography device. A collimator module for a radiation detector includes a plurality of collimator layers.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Method and system for thermal nuclear fusion

A method for nuclide bombardment includes providing a nuclide bombardment target, which includes a metallic single-crystalline layer having a hydrogen-absorbing metallic element. The single-crystalline layer includes lattice channels disposed therein.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation


Variable resistance memory with lattice array using enclosing transistors

A variable resistance memory array, programming a variable resistance memory element and methods of forming the array. A variable resistance memory array is formed with a plurality of word line transistors surrounding each phase change memory element.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Gas turbine engine component having engineered vascular structure

A component according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a wall and a hollow vascular engineered lattice structure formed inside of the wall. The hollow vascular engineered lattice structure has an inlet hole and an outlet hole that communicate fluid into and out of the hollow vascular structure.
United Technologies Corporation


Modular, easy-install window shading system

A modular sun-shading system comprised of a number latticed panels and supporting rails and brackets, used with a purpose of reducing heat load and cooling expenses of a building by shading building's windows, having latticed panels that allow for snow and rain to pass through them and also reducing wind dynamic drag.. .


Construction components having embedded internal support structures to provide enhanced structural reinforcement for, and improved ease in construction of, walls comprising same

A construction component provides structural reinforcement of structures built therewith, by embedding an internal support structure within a substrate component such as a cast concrete block during fabrication of the construction component. The embedded internal support structure can include interface plates that are structurally coupled to the internal support structure and are made accessible outside of the substrate to permit the internal support structures of the individual construction components to be mechanically tied together in constructing a structure therewith.


Electrical connector having a grounding lattice

Electrical connector including a connector housing having a front side that faces along a mating axis and contact passages that open to the front side. The contact passages are configured to receive corresponding ground shields of a system connector during a mating operation.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Semiconductor structure

A semiconductor structure includes a substrate, an aluminum nitride layer, plural of grading stress buffer layers and a superlattice structure layer. The aluminum nitride layer is disposed on the substrate.
Genesis Photonics Inc.


Trench-gate type semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor

There is provided a trench-gate type semiconductor device that can prevent breakdown of a gate insulating film caused by a displacement current flowing into a protective diffusion layer at a portion of a trench underlying a gate electrode at a turn-off time and simultaneously improves a current density by narrowing a cell pitch. The semiconductor device has a gate electrode 7 embedded into a trench 5 penetrating a base region 3.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes a semiconductor layer including ge; and a metal ge compound region provided in a surface portion of the semiconductor layer. Sn is included in an interface portion between the semiconductor layer and the metal ge compound region.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Imaging device and imaging system

An imaging device includes pixel regions including first pixel regions arranged at every other pixel in each row so that the first pixel regions alternate with each other in adjacent rows and configured to convert light in first color into first signal charge and accumulate it, second pixel regions arranged in square lattice form and at positions different from the first pixel regions and configured to convert light in color different from the first color into second signal charge and accumulate it, and third pixel regions arranged in square lattice form and at positions different from the first and second pixel regions and having reading-out circuit unit configured to add the signal charges accumulated in at least two first or second pixel regions adjacent to the third pixel region corresponding to a same color and to output signal based on amount of the added signal charges.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Manufacture of coils for electrotechnical components using strips of unsealed anodised aluminium

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a strip of impregnated anodised aluminium, for use in a coil of an electrotechnical component, said coil including an interstitial material providing dielectric cohesion and insulation functions, said interstitial material being suitable for cross-linking, in other words for forming, by chemical reactions between the components thereof when subjected to certain physical conditions, molecular structures being organised in a lattice, the method comprising: a step of applying the precursor mixture of said interstitial material to the anodised aluminium; at least one step of cross-linking the precursor mixture in order to form said interstitial material on the strip of aluminium; characterised in that the anodised aluminium has not been subjected to the sealing of the pores of the alumina formed by anodisation prior to the application of the precursor mixture of said interstitial material.. .
Labinal Power Systems


Electronic underlay

Provided is an electronic underlay in which, even when a hand is laid on a writing trace or an uneven portion on a paper, the writing trace is not detected. The electronic underlay is placed beneath a paper, which is written upon using a writing tool, and includes: an optical waveguide in a sheet form configured such that linear cores arranged in a lattice form are held between an under cladding layer and an over cladding layer; a light-emitting element connected to one end surface of the linear cores; and a light-receiving element connected to the other end surface of the linear cores.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Heat sink having a cooling structure with decreasing structure density

A heat sink for cooling a heat generating device comprises a body part with a first surface for contacting the heat generating device, and a second surface contacting a cooling part, and the cooling part including a cooling structure. The structure density of the cooling structure decreases with increasing distance to body part.
Alexiou & Tryde Holding Aps


Multi-channel plumbing products

Novel plumbing products, including faucets, are fabricated, e.g., using metallic 3-dimensional or other 3-d printing techniques, to have complex geometries, such as multiple channels that may diverge and re-converge near the spout. The geometries of the various channels can resemble interwoven net-like patterns that define various shapes between the channels, such as a lattice-type faucet defining parallelograms, circles or ovals, or multiple channels defining ellipses or half ellipses as channels diverge and then re-converge.
As Ip Holdco, Llc


Emulsion-derived particles

An emulsion-derived particle comprises a lattice of polymeric strands cross-linked by means of a cross-linking agent, and interstitial openings adjacent and around the strands. Functional groups are provided on the lattice and proteins and/or modified proteins can react with these, thereby to be bonded to the lattice and hence immobilised..


Crane boom and crane

The invention relates to a crane boom for a crane comprising an upper web and two lower webs which are connected to one another by means of a lattice and form a triangular boom cross-section, wherein the boom cross-section comprises a triangular cross-sectional shape at least sectionally with an upper web extending off center. The invention furthermore relates to a crane having such a crane boom..
Liebherr-werk Biberach Gmbh


Highly active, selective, accessible, and robust zeolitic ti-epoxidation catalyst

Provided is a process of conducting olefin epoxidation which comprises contacting an olefin and an oxidant in the presence of ti-ucb-4 to thereby prepare an epoxide. The ti-ucb-4 catalyst is prepared by delaminating a b-ssz-70 precursor and substituting ti atoms for the boron atoms on the surface of the zeolite material lattice framework..
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Highly active, selective, accessible, and robust zeolitic sn-baeyer-villiger oxidation catalyst

Provided is a process of conducting a baeyer-villiger oxidation which comprises contacting a ketone and an oxidant in the presence of an sn-dz-1 catalyst to thereby oxidize the ketone to an ester. The sn-dz-1 catalyst comprises sn heteroatoms on the external surface of the zeolitic material lattice framework, and b heteroatoms, or silanols created from boron hydrolysis, throughout the remainder of the lattice framework..
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Methods for forming an electrode device with reduced impedance

Improved low-cost, highly reliable methods for increasing the electrochemical surface area of neural electrodes are described. A mono-layer of polymeric nanospheres is first deposited on a metallization supported on a dielectric substrate.
Greatbatch Ltd.

Lattice topics: Semiconductor, Semiconductor Device, Semiconductor Material, Crystallin, Disconnect, Transistors, Replacement Gate, Semiconductor Devices, Dislocations, Dislocation, Image Processing, Coordinates, Surface Plasmon Polariton, Antenna Array

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