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Date/App# patent app List of recent Lasers-related patents
 Laser guidance system for interventions patent thumbnailnew patent Laser guidance system for interventions
An instrument guide apparatus for use with a surgical or other guided intervention of a patient utilizing a guided instrument is disclosed. The instrument guide apparatus includes at least two line lasers mounted above the patient and generating intersecting planar laser lines along an instrument axis of entry in three-dimensional space above the patient.
 Highly compact multi-optical-junction optical flowcell and flexibly deployable optical sensing assemblies and systems for in-situ real-time spectroscopic measurements patent thumbnailnew patent Highly compact multi-optical-junction optical flowcell and flexibly deployable optical sensing assemblies and systems for in-situ real-time spectroscopic measurements
A highly compact multi-optical-junction optical flowcell includes a housing having an internal channel, to which a plurality of source optical signal modules can be coupled, e.g., in a peripheral manner. The source optical signal modules can include a set of leds and/or semiconductor lasers, and can be coupled to the flowcell by way of a standard optical coupling such as an sma-type optical connector.
 System and method for forming an image on a substrate patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for forming an image on a substrate
A scanning laser having a wavelength compatible with a coating binder so as to cure it as the laser scans and irradiates the coating on a moving web. A system and method for curing flakes by providing a scanning laser which scans across a moving coated substrate in a magnetic field allows images to be formed as magnetically aligned flakes are cured into a fixed position.
 Compact optical package made with planar structures patent thumbnailCompact optical package made with planar structures
A device structure and system for connecting optical waveguides to optical transmit and receive components is described. The structure is made of two parts.
 Phase locked loop patent thumbnailPhase locked loop
An optical phase-locked loop (opll) comprising a phase-frequency detector; first and second lasers; a local oscillator; a detector and a low pass filter connected in a circuit comprising a feedback path. The opll can also include a pre-scaler, a second local oscillator and a mixer..
 Molecular gas laser patent thumbnailMolecular gas laser
The closed cycle solid state optically pumped gas hybrid (chemical recovery) system utilizes a laser diode excited solid state, fiber or bulk, laser as a pump for a molecular gas, or gas mix, medium. The existence of efficient high power laser diode excited solid state fiber or bulk lasers, output spectrally matched to suitable principle and excited level 1st and 2nd overtones of relevant gases, is the enabling system technology.
 Illumination devices using array of reflectors patent thumbnailIllumination devices using array of reflectors
Embodiments of the present invention provide apparatuses and systems for providing illumination for projectors. Two or more sets of reflectors are used to combine light beams emitted by two or more two-dimensional arrays of light sources to provide a combined light beam with high brightness toward a pupil of a projection system.
 Laser swept source with controlled mode locking for oct medical imaging patent thumbnailLaser swept source with controlled mode locking for oct medical imaging
An optical coherence analysis system uses a laser swept source that is constrained to operate in a mode locked condition. This is accomplished by synchronously changing the laser cavity's gain and/or phase based on the round trip travel time of light in the cavity.
 Laser cutting machine and machine-readable medium patent thumbnailLaser cutting machine and machine-readable medium
A device for laser cutting materials, including metals. The device provides for independent simultaneous operation of two or more laser heads at one machine.
 Dipyrin based materials for photovoltaics, compounds capable of undergoing symmetry breaking intramolecular charge transfer in a polarizing medium and organic photovoltaic devices comprising the same patent thumbnailDipyrin based materials for photovoltaics, compounds capable of undergoing symmetry breaking intramolecular charge transfer in a polarizing medium and organic photovoltaic devices comprising the same
The present disclosure generally relates to organic photosensitive optoelectronic devices comprising at least one boron dipyrrin compound. In addition, the present disclosure relates to methods of making organic photosensitive optoelectronic devices comprising at least one boron dipyrrin compound.
Positive and negative obstacle avoidance system and method for a mobile robot
Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and systems for ensuring that mobile robots are able to detect and avoid positive obstacles in a physical environment that are typically hard to detect because the obstacles do not exist in the same plane or planes as the mobile robot's horizontally-oriented obstacle detecting lasers. Embodiments of the present invention also help to ensure that mobile robots are able to detect and avoid driving into negative obstacles, such as gaps or holes in the floor, or a flight of stairs.
Wavelength-stabilized diode laser
A hybrid external cavity laser (hecl) system comprises a diode laser, collection and collimation optics, and a volume bragg grating, emits radiation at a single wavelength with a short-term wavelength stability in the order of at least one part in a billion the wavelength stability is achieved by use of a thermal management system, comprising inner and outer housings, each containing a temperature sensor, and electronic circuitry that monitors the temperatures and controls both the laser diode current and a thermoelectric cooler based on temperatures determined from said temperature sensors. The laser system is packaged in a compact enclosure that minimizes waste heat, facilitating use in applications that have heretofore employed stable, single-frequency lasers, including he—ne lasers..
Fiber geometrical management for tem00 mode pulse energy scaling of fiber lasers and amplifiers
Methods and systems for managing pulse energy scaling are disclosed, including generating electromagnetic radiation; coupling the electromagnetic radiation to a fiber geometrical management system comprising: a tapered fiber comprising: an elliptical or rectangular core centrally positioned within a single or double cladding shell, wherein the core comprises a fiber material and a doped gain medium; an input face wherein the doped core comprises a major axis and a minor axis, wherein the ratio of the major to minor axis at the input face ranges from about 1 to about 100; an output face wherein the doped core comprises a major axis and a minor axis, wherein the ratio of the major to minor axis at the output face ranges from about 1 to about 100; and wherein the major (minor) axis is adiabatically or linearly tapered from the input face to the output face. Other embodiments are described and claimed..
White coherent laser light launched into nano fibers for surgical illumination
Disclosed is an exemplary surgical illumination system that includes a first laser configured to emit a first light beam having a first spectral range, and an illumination probe optically connectable to the first laser. The first laser may be configured as a supercontinuum laser.
Method and apparatus for suppressing optical beat interference noise in raman amplifiers
A method and apparatus for suppressing pump-mode optical beat interference noise in a raman amplified fiber link of an optical network, wherein a wavelength of a laser beam generated by a first pump laser and a wavelength of a laser beam generated by a second pump laser of a pair of polarization multiplexed pump lasers are detuned with respect to each other to suppress the optical beat interference, obi, noise in the raman amplified fiber link of said optical network.. .
Method and apparatus including movable-mirror mems-tuned surface-emitting lasers
Vcsel apparatus having a substrate, a solid-state gain medium, a reflective mirror on one side of the medium, a movable reflective mirror on an opposite side of the medium, and a mechanism configured to move the movable mirror to tune a characteristic wavelength. Also described is a vcsel apparatus having a silicon substrate having a slot therethrough and electrical connections formed on a first face, a substrate having vcsels thereon and mounted across the slot and electrically connected to the electrical connections on the silicon substrate, and a glass substrate affixed to a second face of the silicon substrate.
Photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers enabled by an accidental dirac point
A photonic-crystal surface-emitting laser (pcsel) includes a gain medium electromagnetically coupled to a photonic crystal whose energy band structure exhibits a dirac cone of linear dispersion at the center of the photonic crystal's brillouin zone. This dirac cone's vertex is called a dirac point; because it is at the brillouin zone center, it is called an accidental dirac point.
Optical semiconductor device
An optical semiconductor device includes: semiconductor lasers separated into two groups; an optical coupler combining light output from the semiconductor lasers; an optical amplifier amplifying light output from the optical coupler; and waveguides respectively connecting the semiconductor lasers to the optical coupler. Each of the waveguides includes a respective bent waveguide.
System and method for correlating camera views
A method for correlating views of two or more video camera systems includes obtaining a plurality of data point coordinate sets to represent relative positioning between the camera systems and data point objects in the environment. The views may be correlated through interpolation or extrapolation using the obtained data point coordinate sets.
Nanoscale coaxial lasers
Methods, structures, devices and systems are disclosed for implementing compact (e.g., nanoscale) coaxial lasers with coaxial cavity geometries which can be used to construct various coaxial cavity lasers that can operate in single mode, at room-temperature, and produce continuous-wave lasing. The described laser systems can also operate at low-temperatures, and provide thresholdless lasing using a spectrally broadband semiconductor gain medium.
Dbf fiber laser bend sensor and optical heterodyne microphone
Methods and systems using one or more distributed feedback (dfb) lasers for capturing changes in the lasing environment are disclosed. Specifically, a sensor for measuring a measurand, such as pressure or temperature, or changes in a measurand, includes a fiber with at least one core, at least one fiber laser cavity formed by a single fiber grating in the core, wherein the laser operates on at least two modes along at least part of its length.
Drill with remotely controlled operating modes and system and method for providing the same
The present invention relates to a drilling system with a multi-function drill head used in, among other applications, oil and gas drilling. The system is used to enhance the effective permeability of an oil and/or gas reservoir by drilling or cutting new structures into the reservoir.
Illumination light projection for a depth camera
Various embodiments of tof depth cameras and methods for illuminating image environments with illumination light are provided herein. In one example, a tof depth camera configured to collect image data from an image environment illuminated by illumination light includes a light source including a plurality of surface-emitting lasers configured to generate coherent light.
Ising model quantum computation device and ising model quantum computation method
This computation device and method exponentially shortens a computation time of an np-complete problem or the like mapped into an ising model by exponentially shortening a computation time of the ising mode. For each pair of a plurality of slave lasers, by controlling the intensity, the polarization, and the phase of light exchanged between two slave lasers using an attenuator and a wave plate, the magnitude and the sign of pseudo ising interaction between two slave lasers are implemented.
Optical instrument including excitation source
An optical instrument is provided for simultaneously illuminating two or more spaced-apart reaction regions with excitation beams generated by a light source. The light source can include an area light array of light emitting diodes, one or more solid state lasers, one or more micro-wire lasers, or a combination thereof.
Disruptor device simulation system
A disruptor device simulation system is described. Embodiments of the of the simulation system include a disruptor device, one or more training cartridges, and a simulator system.
Flexible driver laser for inertial fusion energy
Embodiments of a laser system having an extremely large number of small pulsed lasers for irradiating small targets in inertial confinement fusion experiments, high energy density physics experiments, and inertial fusion power plants is more flexible than existing laser systems. Embodiments facilitate finer control of critical features of laser pulses for inertial fusion, as well as significant reduction in development costs and expansion of the community involved in the research relative to existing laser systems.
Method of control and of positioning with the aid of laser systems, and device for implementing said method
A method for adjusting laser beams (4) for scanners arranged on a support for radiotherapy, by a device consisting of a one-piece assembly (1) comprising (3) a suitable electronic control board (8), and position sensors (3) for visualizing the position of the beams (4), and adjusting them automatically by motor-driven systems, which is remarkable in that it comprises the steps of installing the apparatus (1); presetting of the position via 3 support feet (6) and embedded spirit levels (7); movement of the table of the scanner to position the front face (11) of the apparatus in the plane of the isocenter of the scanner and positioning via internal lasers of the scanner; acquisition of position control images of the apparatus (1) and finalization and validation thereof, movement of the table of the scanner by the nominal distance between the machine isocenter and the laser isocenter, which is determined and validated at the time of installation of the lasers; connection of the apparatus (1) and powering up thereof and of the laser beams (4) with 0 resetting of the positions; startup of the multiplexing-based laser beam (4) search sequence, the position of each laser beam (4) then being determined by virtue of the embedded cells (3) in the apparatus (1); acquisition of the values and transfer to the tablet pc of the adjustment phase of each laser beam (4). Device for implementing same..
Single mode propagation in fibers and rods with large leakage channels
Various embodiments include large cores fibers that can propagate few modes or a single mode while introducing loss to higher order modes. Some of these fibers are holey fibers that comprising cladding features such as air-holes.
Method and apparatus for analyzing, identifying or imaging a target
An apparatus for analyzing, identifying or imaging an target including first and second laser beams coupled to a pair of photoconductive switches to produce cw signals in one or more bands in a range of frequencies greater than 100 ghz focused on and transmitted through or reflected from the target; and a detector for acquiring spectral information from signals received from the target and using a multi-spectral heterodyne process to generate an electrical signal representative of some characteristics of the target. The lasers are tuned to different frequencies and a frequency shifter in the path of one laser beam allows the terahertz beam to be finely adjusted in one or more selected frequency bands..
Preparation of stable metal oxide sols, notably for making thin abrasion-resistant films with optical properties
Applications: making optical components for power lasers, making optical fibers, cathodic tubes, etc.. .
Solid-state laser device
In a conventional solid-state laser device, uniformity of an excitation distribution around the axis of a solid-state laser medium is only considered, and symmetry of the excitation distribution in the optical axis direction of the solid-state laser device as a whole is not considered. Therefore, there has been a problem that it is difficult to generate a high-power and high-quality laser beam with high efficiency.
Semiconductor microtube lasers
Disclosed are semiconductor microtube lasers including a semiconductor multilayer heterostructure. The multilayer heterostructure includes a substantially cylindrical optically active structure capable of light emission when under the influence of an applied electromagnetic field and a substantially cylindrical distributed feedback grating structure configured to provide optical feedback for a selected wavelength of light from the optically active region and to produce lasing action from the microtube when under the influence of an applied electromagnetic field..
Projection-type display and control thereof
A projection display device that includes a set of light source units (e.g., lasers or leds) and a control mechanism that monitors performance of each of the units, as well as external factors, e.g., time, ambient temperature, etc. Is provided.
Photonic integrated circuits based on quantum cascade structures
Photonic integrated circuits (pics) are based on quantum cascade (qc) structures. In embodiment methods and corresponding devices, a qc layer in a wave confinement region of an integrated multi-layer semiconductor structure capable of producing optical gain is depleted of free charge carriers to create a low-loss optical wave confinement region in a portion of the structure.
Systems and methods extending the laserspray ionization mass spectrometry concept from atmospheric pressure to vacuum
Disclosed herein are systems and methods that allow analysis of macromolecular structures using laserspray ionization at intermediate pressure or high vacuum using commercially available mass spectrometers with or without modification and with the application of heat. The systems and methods produce multiply-charged ions for improved analysis in mass spectrometry..
Dual lasers for removing glass-side debris during the manufacture of thin film photovoltaic devices
Methods and systems for forming a scribe line in a thin film stack on an inner surface of a thin film photovoltaic superstrate are provided via the use of a cleaning laser beam and a scribing laser beam. The cleaning laser beam is focused directly onto the exposed surface of the superstrate such that the cleaning laser beam removes debris from the exposed surface of the superstrate, and the scribing laser beam is focused through the exposed surface of the superstrate and onto the thin film stack such that the scribing laser beam passes through the superstrate to form a scribe within the thin film stack on the inner surface of the superstrate.
Surface emitting laser device and atomic oscillator
A surface emitting laser device includes a substrate, a lower reflector, an active layer, an upper reflector, and surface emitting lasers configured to emit light. A second phase adjustment layer, a contact layer, a first phase adjustment layer, and a wavelength adjustment layer are successively layered from the active layer side.
Optical fiber lasers
A fiber gain medium provided by a rare-earth doped fiber (10) is contained in a first resonant cavity by end reflectors (12, 18). The reflector (12) is wavelength selective to limit the frequency band of the first resonant cavity.
Optical system for direct imaging of light markable material
An imaging system. An array of light sources and an array of lenses corresponding to the light sources and having optical axes substantially parallel to one another are provided.
Phosphor-based lamps for projection display
A phosphor-based lamp includes a phosphor material and an excitation source, which may be a laser or an led, or both. Preferably, the lamp includes a recycling collar to reflect and recycle high angle light to increase brightness.
Systems and methods for eliciting cutaneous sensations by electromagnetic radiation
The present disclosure provides various systems and methods for inducing cutaneous sensations by delivering electromagnetic radiation to directly or indirectly excite neural tissue. An electromagnetic radiation source, such as one or more infrared lasers, may be used to transcutaneously excite neural tissue.
Terahertz frequency domain spectrometer with heterodyne downconversion
An apparatus for analyzing, identifying or imaging an target including first and second laser beams coupled to a pair of photoconductive switches to produce cw signals in one or more bands in a range of frequencies greater than 100 ghz focused on and transmitted through or reflected from the target; and a detector for acquiring spectral information from signals received from the target and using a multi-spectral heterodyne process to generate an electrical signal representative of some characteristics of the target. The lasers are tuned to different frequencies and a frequency shifter in the path of one laser beam allows the terahertz beam to be finely adjusted in one or more selected frequency bands..
System and method for lasers in surgical applications
Disclosed is a surgical laser system. The system includes a laser generator to generate laser radiation to cause water absorption levels that approximate water absorption levels achieved with a c02 laser, and one or more fibers coupled to the laser generator to deliver the generated laser radiation.
Agile light source provisioning for information and communications technology systems
A chassis includes a plurality of continuous wave lasers each operable to emit a continuous wave optical beam at the same power as the other lasers, and a plurality of optical couplers operable to input the continuous wave optical beams of the same power and output a plurality of continuous wave optical beams at different powers. The chassis further includes a plurality of optical assemblies operable to modulate the continuous wave optical beams of different powers into a plurality of modulated optical signals at different powers and couple the modulated optical signals onto different length optical mediums so that lower power ones of the modulated optical signals are coupled to shorter ones of the optical mediums and higher power ones of the modulated optical signals are coupled to longer ones of the optical mediums..
Reducing the spectral bandwidth of lasers
A laser system for semiconductor inspection includes a fiber-based fundamental light source for generating fundamental light that is then converted/mixed by a frequency conversion module to generate uv-duv laser light. The fundamental light source includes a nonlinear chirp element (e.g., a bragg grating or an electro-optic modulator) that adds a nonlinear chirp to the seed light laser system prior to amplification by the fiber amplifier(s) (e.g., doped fiber or raman amplifiers).
Semiconductor disk laser for nonlinear microscopy applications in living organisms
A mode locked semiconductor disk laser with an output beam having an ultra-short pulse length which provides the incident beam to a non linear microscope. The wavelength of the beam is at or near the action cross section maximum absorption wavelength for creating two photon excited fluorescence of a fluorescent biological marker in a sample.
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
In the present invention, each laser light emitted from a plurality of lasers is divided, and laser light including at least one laser light that is emitted from a different laser and that has different energy distribution is synthesized with another such laser light, or laser light including at least one laser light that has different energy distribution is synthesized with another such laser light through a convex lens that is set at an angle to the direction each laser light travels, to form laser light having excellent uniformity in energy distribution.. .
High fill-factor efficient vertical-cavity surface emitting laser arrays
An array of vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers (vcsels) may be fabricated with very high fill-factors, thereby enabling very high output power densities during pulse, quasi-continuous wave (qcw), and continuous wave (cw) operation. This high fill-factor is achieved using asymmetrical pillars in a rectangular packing scheme as opposed prior art pillar shapes and packing schemes.
Hybrid silicon laser-quantum well intermixing wafer bonded integration platform for advanced photonic circuits with electroabsorption modulators
Photonic integrated circuits on silicon are disclosed. By bonding a wafer of compound semiconductor material as an active region to silicon and removing the substrate, the lasers, amplifiers, modulators, and other devices can be processed using standard photolithographic techniques on the silicon substrate.
Rare earth doped and large effective area optical fibers for fiber lasers and amplifiers
Various embodiments described herein include rare earth doped glass compositions that may be used in optical fiber and rods having large core sizes. Such optical fibers and rods may be employed in fiber lasers and amplifiers.
Parallel multisensor optical particle sensors for flowing fluid systems
An optical fluid monitoring system for imaging debris and other particles in a flowing fluid. The system can have multiple sensors (camera and viewing port) connected to a single, remotely located, laser and computer.
Method for determination of head position relative to rectangular axes for observer equipped with head-mounted module
Method is proposed of angular coordinates determination for observer's head relative to three mutually perpendicular axes of fixed (or tied to an object) coordinate system oxyz (angle of roll, azimuth, elevation angle) by use of measuring system based on light-sensitive sensor with collimating lens fixed relative to coordinate system and led lasers installed on head-mounted module hmm. Measuring device registers angular coordinates of narrow pencils of rays formed by led lasers and provides determination of observer's head angular coordinates in real-time.
Frequency tunable wire lasers
The present invention provides frequency tunable solid-state radiation-generating devices, such as lasers and amplifiers, whose active medium has a size in at least one transverse dimension (e.g., its width) that is much smaller than the wavelength of radiation generated and/or amplified within the active medium. In such devices, a fraction of radiation travels as an evanescent propagating mode outside the active medium.
Wireless remote aiming systems
Wireless remote aiming systems mounted on a weapon: comprising of an rf transmitter at least three switches mounted the handgrip pcb. The transmitter signal to the receiver activates one or more of at least two lasers and/or the led light source depending on the signal that was sent to the receiver.
Lateral electrochemical etching of iii-nitride materials for microfabrication
Conductivity-selective lateral etching of iii-nitride materials is described. Methods and structures for making vertical cavity surface emitting lasers with distributed bragg reflectors via electrochemical etching are described.
Local dimming of a laser light source for projectors and other lighting devices including cinema, entertainment systems and displays
Light from an array of laser light sources are spread to cover the modulating face of a dmd or other modulator. The spread may be performed, for example, by a varying curvature array of lenslets, each laser light directed at one of the lenslets.
Low profile apparatus and method for phototherapy
Disclosed herein are optical assemblies having thin, low profile shapes. These optical assemblies may be used with fiber coupled lasers and other light sources, including high power sources, to irradiate tissue at a wavelength suitable for inducing ablation or coagulation to a target depth, denaturation, thermal modification of a tissue, and/or preferential injury to a target tissue structure.
Hair removal devices and methods
We describe devices, methods, and systems used for hair removal. In particular, we describe hair removal devices, particularly epilation devices, methods of using those devices, and systems including those hair removal devices.
Single crystals with internal doping with laser ions prepared by a hydrothermal method
Single heterogeneous crystals are described that contain multiple regimes, adjacent regimes varying from one another with regard to function. Also disclosed is a hydrothermal epitaxial growth process that can be utilized to form the single heterogeneous crystals.
Non-invasive laser vasectomy
The present invention presents novel methods for performing noninvasive vasectomies in animals, including humans, and vasectomy clamps for use in such procedures. The invention further presents an apparatus for use in noninvasive male sterilization procedures.
Fluorescent cytotoxic compounds specific for the cellular polyamine transport system
Cyano-substituted anthracene containing polyamines were synthesized and shown to be efficient polyamine transporter ligands. Moreover, these compounds (3 and 4) had improved fluorescence properties over previously known anthryl-polyamine conjugates, which facilitated their intracellular trafficking by confocal microscopy and fluorescence methods.
Image projection apparatus and method of controlling light source
To control a laser used as a light source according to an input image, while satisfying a safety standard, a projector includes lasers provided for each of a plurality of colors, a dichroic mirror that synthesizes laser beams emitted by the lasers, an lcos panel that modulates synthesized light by the dichroic mirror, and a projection lens that projects the light modulated by the lcos panel. A processor determines rate of power of the laser beams according to the image signal, determines, according to the rate of the power, an upper limit value of the power of the projected laser beam in each color to the extent that the upper limit value satisfies a safety standard, and adjusts the laser beam in each color emitted by the corresponding laser so as to prevent the projected light beam in each color from exceeding the upper limit value..
Surface-emitting laser element, atomic oscillator, and surface-emitting laser element testing method
A disclosed surface-emitting laser element includes a lower dbr formed on a substrate, an active layer formed on the lower dbr, an upper dbr formed on the active layer, a wavelength-adjusting layer formed above the active layer, and a plurality of surface-emitting lasers configured to emit respective laser beams having different wavelengths by changing a thickness of the wavelength-adjusting layer. In the surface-emitting laser element, the wavelength-adjusting layer includes one of a first film having alternately layered gainp and gaasp and a second film having alternately layered gainp and gaas, the thickness of the wavelength-adjusting layer being changed by partially removing each of the alternating layers of a corresponding one of the first and second films..
Endoscopic device incorporating diode laser for pdd, pdt, and af applications
Endoscopic device incorporating diode lasers for use in pdd, pdt and af applications. Devices according to the invention do not require an external light source, bulb lamp, or light delivery cables.
Semiconductor lasers with indium containing cladding layers
An embodiment of semiconductor laser comprising: (a) a gan, algan, ingan, or aln substrate; (b) an n-doped cladding layer situated over the substrate; (c) a p-doped cladding layer situated over the n-doped; (d) at least one active layer situated between the n-doped and the p-doped cladding layer, and at least one of said cladding layers comprises a superstructure structure of alingan/gan, alingan/algan, alingan//ingan or alingan/aln with the composition such that the total of lattice mismatch strain of the whole structure does not exceed 40 nm %.. .
Passive optical fiber plant analysis
In a first aspect, the method and apparatus of the present disclosure can be used to periodically and/or intermittently place one or more onus attached to a pon in a power savings mode so that an otdr test can be performed. While in the power savings mode, the onus temporarily suspend their transmitter function and power down their upstream lasers.
Integrated semiconductor laser element
Integrated are: semiconductor lasers of distributed feedback type that oscillate in single mode at emission wavelengths different from one another; a coupler that has as many input ports as the semiconductor lasers, the input ports to which output light from the semiconductor lasers are input, the coupler guiding and outputting the output light; and an amplifier that amplifies the output light from the coupler, and a predetermined relation holds true, where “n” is the number of the semiconductor lasers, “ldfb” is a cavity length of each of the semiconductor lasers, “Δν0” is a spectral linewidth of laser light output therefrom, “lsoa” is an amplifier length of the amplifier, “a” is an amplification factor of the amplifier, “Δν” is a spectral linewidth of amplified laser light output therefrom, and “r” is Δν/Δν0.. .
Solid-state laser and inspection system using 193nm laser
Improved laser systems and associated techniques generate an ultra-violet (uv) wavelength of approximately 193.368 nm from a fundamental vacuum wavelength near 1064 nm. Preferred embodiments separate out an unconsumed portion of an input wavelength to at least one stage and redirect that unconsumed portion for use in another stage.
Arrangement and method for detecting and indicating laser radiation
The invention relates to an arrangement and a method for detecting and indicating laser radiation comprising a laser device (36) producing the laser radiation, such as rotation lasers or line lasers, and an indicating device (22) with at least one laser beam detector and at least one indicating element (26, 28, 30) which indicates the detected laser radiation. In order to precisely indicate the position of the laser radiation to be detected using uncomplicated circuitry, it is proposed that the at least one laser beam detector and the at least one indicating element are the same component in form of an led (26, 28, 30)..
Laser plasma modulator system for endoscopy and endocavitary surgery
An improved system for safe and efficient generation of plasmas and vapors bubbles with continuous wave radiations and low levels of power densities, sufficient to treat medical pathologies and to avoid the creation damage to healthy tissue is provided. Transmission means in different configurations are used to achieve a high absorption in water, which is able to initiate plasma with low levels of power density.

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