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Laser-phosphor device with laser array

Laser-phosphor device with laser array

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lasers-related patents
 Composition patent thumbnailnew patent Composition
The invention provides light-emitting compositions, including lasing and fluorescent compositions. The invention particularly relates to programmable biological substrates, which fluoresce and/or lase, and which have a wide variety of different applications.
 Laser-phosphor device with laser array patent thumbnailnew patent Laser-phosphor device with laser array
A laser-phosphor device is disclosed wherein laser radiation from a laser array is transmitted via a collimating primary optical unit and via an imaging optical system onto a phosphor layer. The laser arrangement has a plurality of lasers, for example laser diodes.
 Visual datum reference tool patent thumbnailVisual datum reference tool
The visual datum reference tool calibration method includes a work object. The work object emits a pair of beam-projecting lasers acting as a crosshair, intersecting at a tool center point.
 Visual datum reference tool patent thumbnailVisual datum reference tool
The visual datum reference tool calibration method includes a work object. The work object emits a pair of beam-projecting lasers acting as a crosshair, intersecting at a tool center point.
 High-bandwith underwater data communication system patent thumbnailHigh-bandwith underwater data communication system
An apparatus is described which uses directly modulated ingan light-emitting diodes (leds) or ingan lasers as the transmitters for an underwater data-communication device. The receiver uses automatic gain control to facilitate performance of the apparatus over a wide-range of distances and water turbidities..
 Laser beam combining device patent thumbnailLaser beam combining device
A laser beam combining device includes three lasers, a polarizer, and a mode converter. The second laser device, the mode converter, and the third laser device are located on a first straight line in that order.
 Metamaterial structures for q-switching in lasers patent thumbnailMetamaterial structures for q-switching in lasers
Techniques described herein are generally related to metamaterial structures for q-switching in laser systems. The various described techniques may be applied to methods, systems, devices or combinations thereof.
 Two dimensional photonic crystal surface emitting lasers patent thumbnailTwo dimensional photonic crystal surface emitting lasers
The 2d-pc sel includes: a pc layer; and a lattice point for forming resonant-state arranged in the pc layer, and configured so that a light wave at a band edge in photonic band structure in the pc layer is diffracted in a plane of the pc layer, and is diffracted in a direction normal to the surface of the pc layer. The lattice point for forming resonant-state has two types of lattice points including a first lattice point and a second lattice point, and the shapes of the adjacent first lattice point and second lattice point are different from each other..
 Laser energy source device patent thumbnailLaser energy source device
A device and method for providing a laser system utilizing high efficiency lasers emitters and optionally the high quality beam characteristics of a crystal gain medium single mode laser for emitting beamlets and utilizing an optical and mechanical method of forming the beam and directing it to the desired target using both a concave and a partially reflective convex mirror to reflect the beamlets, with the convex mirror transmitting a portion of the beamlets to a transmission medium for emitting the beamlets as a laser beam.. .
 Measuring apparatus patent thumbnailMeasuring apparatus
A measuring apparatus includes a supporting column, a securing assembly, and a pair of measuring elements. The securing assembly is movably located on the supporting column at a predetermined height.
Surface-emitting laser element, method for manufacturing a surface-emitting laser element, and atomic oscillator
Disclosed is a surface-emitting laser element including a semiconductor substrate and plural surface-emitting lasers configured to emit light mutually different wavelengths, each surface-emitting laser including a lower bragg reflector provided on the semiconductor substrate, a resonator provided on the lower bragg reflector, an upper bragg reflector provided on the resonator, and a wavelength adjustment layer provided in the upper bragg reflector or lower bragg reflector, the wavelength adjustment layers included in the surface-emitting lasers having mutually different thicknesses, at least one of the wavelength adjustment layers including adjustment layers made of two kinds of materials, and numbers of the adjustment layers included in the wavelength adjustment layers being mutually different.. .
Surface emitting laser element and atomic oscillator
A surface emitting laser element includes plural surface emitting lasers provided on a substrate. Each of the plural surface emitting lasers includes a first reflection mirror provided on the substrate; an active layer provided on the first reflection mirror; a wavelength adjustment region provided on the active layer; and a second reflection mirror provided on the wavelength adjustment region.
Two dimensional photonic crystal vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
The 2d-pc vertical cavity surface emitting laser includes: a pc layer; and a lattice point for forming resonant-state arranged in the photonic crystal layer, and configured so that a light wave in a band edge in photonic band structure in the pc layer is diffracted in a plane of the pc layer, and is diffracted in a surface vertical direction of the pc layer. The perturbation for diffracting the light wave in the surface vertical direction of the pc layer is applied to the lattice point for forming resonant-state.
High-bandwidth underwater data communication system
An apparatus is described which uses directly modulated ingan light-emitting diodes (leds) or ingan lasers as the transmitters for an underwater data-communication device. The receiver uses automatic gain control to facilitate performance of the apparatus over a wide-range of distances and water turbidities..
Amortization of expensive optical components
A laser system includes an array of lasers that emit light at a number of different, fixed wavelengths. A group of optical transport systems connect to the laser system.
Method and system for common-mode-rejection-ratio (cmrr) characterization of an integrated coherent receiver
There are provided a method and a system for characterizing the cmrr of an icr under test, which employ highly coherent light from two continuous-wave (cw) single-frequency lasers whose respective optical frequencies mutually differ by an offset defining an “intermediate frequency” (fif) in the rf electrical baseband. The method involves the coherent mixing of light from these two lasers in the icr under test.
Solid state lasers
Solid state lasers are disclosed herein. An example laser disclosed herein includes a monolithic body having a first end and a second end.
Process for laser puncturing holes into water-soluble films
A process of using lasers having a power of from about 0.5 watts to about 20 watts to puncture holes having maximum widths of about 300 μm in films, more specifically, films used to prepare pouches containing detergent compositions.. .
Automated microdissection instrument
Systems and methods for automated laser microdissection are disclosed including automatic slide detection, position detection of cutting and capture lasers, focus optimization for cutting and capture lasers, energy and duration optimization for cutting and capture lasers, inspection and second phase capture and/or ablation in a quality control station and tracking information for linking substrate carrier or output microdissected regions with input sample or slide.. .
Vcsel pumped fiber optic gain systems
Optical pump modules comprising vcsel and vcsel array devices provide high optical power for configuring fiber optic gain systems such as fiber laser and fiber amplifier particularly suited for high power operation. Pump modules may be constructed using two reflector or three reflector vcsel devices optionally integrated with microlens arrays and other optical components, to couple high power pump beams to an optical fiber output port, particularly suited to couple light to an inner cladding of a double-clad fiber suitable for a high power gain element.
Optical beam steering for tunable laser applications
Methods for tuning a transmitter to a selected wavelength are disclosed. A transmitter including a laser array comprising a plurality of lasers spatially offset from one another and each having a laser output having a unique wavelength.
Digital point spread function (dpsf) and dual modulation projection (including lasers) using dpsf
A digital psf for use in a dual modulation display. The invention allows the use of less than optimal point spread (psf) functions in the optics between the pre-modulator and primary modulator of a dual modulation projection system.
Highly integrable semiconductor device
Described herein is a novel technique used to make novel thin iii-v semiconductor cleaved facet edge emitting active optical devices, such as lasers and optical amplifiers. These fully processed laser platelets with both top side and bottom side electrical contacts can be thought of as freestanding optoelectronic building blocks that can be integrated as desired on diverse substrates for a number of applications, many of which are in the field of communications.
Laser based frequency standards and their applications
Frequency standards based on mode-locked fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and fiber-based ultra-broad bandwidth light sources, and applications of the same.. .
Metal contacts to group iv semiconductors by inserting interfacial atomic monolayers
Techniques for reducing the specific contact resistance of metal-semiconductor (group iv) junctions by interposing a monolayer of group v or group iii atoms at the interface between the metal and the semiconductor, or interposing a bi-layer made of one monolayer of each, or interposing multiple such bi-layers. The resulting low specific resistance metal-group iv semiconductor junctions find application as a low resistance electrode in semiconductor devices including electronic devices (e.g., transistors, diodes, etc.) and optoelectronic devices (e.g., lasers, solar cells, photodetectors, etc.) and/or as a metal source and/or drain region (or a portion thereof) in a field effect transistor (fet).
Drill pipe identification method and apparatus
A drill pipe identification method and apparatus utilizes a unique drill pipe identification code which is applied to each drill pipe by the manufacturer or in the field. The encoded pipe identification data is applied to the drill pipe utilizing a selected one of a variety of processes.
Continuous high resolution surface profiling apparatus and method
A surface profiler comprises at least one front support wheel and at least one rear support wheel for travelling along the surface of a profile to be measured, the rotational axes of said wheels being longitudinally spaced, and the wheels contacting the surface being profiled in a collinear manner. A frame carried on the wheels carries at least one inclinometer and at least two vertical distance measuring apparatus such as lasers, and may also carry an optical encoder.
Semiconductor laser assembly and packaging system
A system for self-aligning assembly and packaging of semiconductor lasers allows reduction of time, cost and testing expenses for high power density systems. A laser package mounting system, such as a modified to-can (transistor outline can), has modifications that increase heat transfer from the active laser to a heat exchanger or other heat sink.
Flip-chip assembly comprising an array of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (vcselss), and an optical transmitter assembly that incorporates the flip-chip assembly
A plurality of flip-chips, each having a plurality of optoelectronic elements formed therein, are flip-chip mounted on a top surface of a substrate that is comprised of a material that is transparent to the operating wavelength of the light produced by optoelectronic elements of the flip-chips. The combination of flip-chips comprises an array of precisely-aligned optoelectronic elements.
Method and apparatus for remote sensing of objects utilizing radiation speckle
Disclosed are systems and methods to extract information about the size and shape of an object by observing variations of the radiation pattern caused by illuminating the object with coherent radiation sources and changing the wavelengths of the source. Sensing and image-reconstruction systems and methods are described for recovering the image of an object utilizing projected and transparent reference points and radiation sources such as tunable lasers.
Optical pulse compressing based on chirped fiber bragg gratings for pulse amplification and fiber lasers
Techniques and devices for using a chirped fiber bragg grating to compress amplified laser pulses.. .
Light guide plate and backlight module having same
A backlight module includes a light guide plate and a light source module. The light guide plate includes a light incident surface.
Assembly and method for measuring optical power in fiber lasers
A fiber laser system is configured with a power measuring assembly surrounding a splice between two fibers. The power measuring assembly is operative to maintain the splice at a substantially constant splice temperature and shield the spliced fibers from external bending stresses so as to provide for power readings of the laser system at the splice independently from the influence of multiple variable external factors..
Directly-modulated multi-polarization optical transmitters
The present invention relates to optical transmitters, transceivers, and transponders used for transmission of information or data in any form through a physical medium dependent (pmd) network. The speed of such networks depends, in part, on the density of information that can be transmitted through the physical medium.
Non-contact visual measurement device
A positional measuring device has a reference laser pointer and at least one measurement laser pointer. These laser pointers are positioned at a first end and a second end of a variable-length defining mechanism, a common example being a tape measure.
Determining depth data for a captured image
A method, system, and one or more computer-readable storage media for depth acquisition from density modulated binary patterns are provided herein. The method includes capturing a number of images for a scene using an ir camera and a number of ir lasers including diffraction grates.
Laser system processing unit connection
A laser system includes one or more lasers and one or more laser processing units each connected to a respective one of the one or more lasers by a laser light cable and a data line associated uniquely with the laser light cable. Each laser processing unit includes a safety device for monitoring the laser processing unit and an interface for the data line.
Method of improving surface morphology of (ga,al,in,b)n thin films and devices grown on nonpolar or semipolar (ga,al,in,b)n substrates
A method for improving the growth morphology of (ga,al,in,b)n thin films on nonpolar or semipolar (ga,al,in,b)n substrates, wherein a (ga,al,in,b)n thin film is grown directly on a nonpolar or semipolar (ga,al,in,b)n substrate or template and a portion of the carrier gas used during growth is comprised of an inert gas. Nonpolar or semipolar nitride leds and diode lasers may be grown on the smooth (ga,al,in,b)n thin films grown by the present invention..
Method and apparatus for printing periodic patterns using multiple lasers
A method for printing a periodic pattern of features into a photosensitive layer includes providing a mask bearing a mask pattern, providing a substrate bearing the layer, arranging the substrate parallel to the mask, providing a number of lasers having a plurality of peak wavelengths, forming from the light a beam for illuminating the mask with a spectral distribution of exposure dose and a degree of collimation, illuminating the mask with the beam such that the light of each wavelength transmitted by the mask pattern forms a range of transversal intensity distributions between talbot planes and exposes the photosensitive layer to an image component. The separation and the spectral distribution are arranged so that the superposition of the components is equivalent to an average of the range of transversal intensity distributions formed by light of one wavelength and the collimation is arranged so that the features are resolved..
Light source assembly supporting direct coupling to an integrated circuit
Methods and systems for a photonically enabled complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (cmos) chip are disclosed. The cmos chip may comprise a plurality of lasers, a microlens, a turning mirror, and an optical bench, and may generate optical signals utilizing the lasers, focus the optical signals utilizing the microlens, and reflect the optical signals at an angle defined by the turning mirror.
System and method utilizing fiber lasers for titanium welding using an argon cover gas
The present invention is a method and system for reducing contamination in the resulting plasma of a weld produced by a fiber laser. The invention establishes the fiber laser in an optimal configuration for applying a high density beam to a weld material that eliminates spectral interference.
Directly modulated multi-level optical signal generator and method thereof
A directly modulated multi-level optical signal generator and a method thereof are provided. The multi-level optical signal generator includes n number of direct modulation lasers (dmls) configured to directly modulate source light into a 2-level optical signal, and an optical power combiner configured to combine n number of 2-level optical signals directly modulated by the respective dmls to generate a 2n-level optical signal..
Photonic crystal cavities and related devices and methods
Photonic crystal cavities and related devices and methods are described. The described cavities can be used as lasers, photovoltaic sources, and single photon sources.
Mid-infrared photodetectors
Nanoparticles, methods of manufacture, devices comprising the nanoparticles, methods of their manufacture, and methods of their use are provided herein. The nanoparticles and devices having photoabsorptions in the range of 1.7 μm to 12 μm and can be used as photoconductors, photodiodes, phototransistors, charge-coupled devices (ccd), luminescent probes, lasers, thermal imagers, night-vision systems, and/or photodetectors..
Intertial confinement fusion power plant which decouples life-limited component from plant availability
An architecture for a fusion power plant is disclosed. The plant includes a fusion chamber for producing neutrons from a fusion reaction, and a laser system in which lasers are arranged about a vacuum chamber to provide energy to the fusion chamber to initiate the fusion reaction.
Nanopillar photonic crystal lasers
A nanopillar photonic crystal laser includes a plurality of nanopillars and a support structure in contact with at least a portion of each of the nanopillars. Each nanopillar has an axial dimension and two mutually orthogonal cross dimensions.
High power neodymium fiber lasers and amplifiers
A fiber block is configured with a fiber block including a nd-doped active fiber and a pump-light delivery fiber which has a stretch extending along the active fiber in a side-to-side configuration so as to lunch pump light into the nd-doped core of the active fiber. The core of the active fiber is surrounded by at least one or more claddings which, like the core, have a double bottleneck cross-section with a relatively large-area central region and relatively small input and output regions.
Integration of absorption based heating bake methods into a photolithography track system
A method of patterning a layered substrate is provided that includes forming a layer of a block copolymer on a substrate; and annealing the layer of the block copolymer to affect microphase segregation such that self-assembled domains are formed by application of an absorption based heating method. Exemplary absorption based heating methods include electromagnetic radiation sources such as broadband flash lamps, light emitting diodes, lasers, or duv flash lamps.
Method of manufacture of advanced heterojunction transistor and transistor laser
Methods of manufacture of advanced heterojunction transistors and transistor lasers, and their related structures, are described herein. Other embodiments are also disclosed herein..
Radio-frequency signal repetition and amplification using phase-modulation injection-locked lasers
A method and apparatus for regenerating a received radio frequency (rf) signal may mix the received rf signal with a first laser signal, and the result, or a filtered version thereof, may be used to injection-seed a second laser. The result may be mixed with the first laser signal, and the result may be detected to provide a regenerated version of the received rf signal..
Lasers with gapsb barrier layers
A laser active region can include a quantum well barrier having gapsb. The active region can include one or more quantum wells, and a quantum well barrier having gapsb bounding each side of each of the one or more quantum wells.
Photonic devices and methods of using and making photonic devices
Examples of the present invention include integrated erbium-doped waveguide lasers designed for silicon photonic systems. In some examples, these lasers include laser cavities defined by distributed bragg reflectors (dbrs) formed in silicon nitride-based waveguides.
Multi-wavelength vcsel array to reduce speckle
Embodiments of the invention describe an illuminator having a light source to originate an illumination beam, wherein the light source further comprises a set of vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers (vcsels), including a first vcsel having a first laser emission wavelength, and a second vcsel having a second laser emission wavelength different than the first laser emission wavelength. Thus, by varying laser emission wavelengths of vcsels in a vcsel array, embodiments of the invention produce low-contrast speckle, and do not limit the imaging capabilities of the host illumination system.
Laser optic protection
The specification and drawings present an apparatus and a method for protecting lasers or other sources of high optical power from damage due to external sources of contamination using a concept of a sacrificial optical component and automatic laser shutdown based on a pressure indication of a substantial damage to the sacrificial optical component such as puncturing through that component.. .
Distributed feedback (dfb) brillouin fiber lasers
A brillouin fiber laser uses a distributed feedback (dfb) fiber bragg grating with a discrete π-phase shift, which is offset from the physical center of the grating as a resonator. Lasing is achieved by using the sbs gain in the dfb from narrow-linewidth laser pump radiation with an optical frequency that is higher than the central pass band of the grating by an amount nominally equal to the stokes's frequency shift, νb.
Injection locking of gain switched diodes for spectral narrowing and jitter stabilization
Pulse power can be stabilized by applying spectrally narrow pulses to a laser diode during gain switching. An injection locking laser with a narrow emission bandwidth is tuned to a gain bandwidth of a laser diode to be gain switched.
Non-mechanical digital/holographic wide angle control of one or more lasers beams.
An apparatus including a laser generating a plane wave beam, a first beam splitter splitting the plane wave beam into a first reference laser beam and at least one ideal input beam, at least one second beam splitter, and an angle-magnifying optical element. The at least one second beam splitter reflects the at least one ideal input beam through the angle-magnifying optical element to generate at least one distorted input beam.
Tunable laser array system
A system for swept source optical coherence tomography, the system including a light source emitting multiplexed wavelength-swept radiation over a total wavelength range, the light source including n wavelength-swept vertical cavity lasers (vcl) emitting n tunable vcl outputs having n wavelength trajectories, a combiner for combining the n tunable vcl optical outputs into a common optical path to create the multiplexed wavelength-swept radiation, a splitter for splitting the multiplexed wavelength-swept radiation to a sample and a reference path, an optical detector for detecting an interference signal created by an optical interference between a reflection from the sample and light traversing the reference path, and a signal processing system which uses the interference signal to construct an image of the sample, wherein at least one of the n wavelength trajectories differs from another of the n wavelength trajectories with respect to at least one parameter.. .
Inkless printer
An inkless printing device that comprises a plurality of lasers, a rotating polygonal mirror, and an energy recycling unit. The mirror rotates and reflects a laser beam in a manner that allows the beams to reach any point on the paper.
Methods for trimming display polarizers using lasers
A display such as a liquid crystal display has a display substrate that includes a layer of liquid crystal material sandwiched between a color filter layer and a thin-film-transistor layer. An oversized polarizer is laminated to the surface of the display substrate.
Thermal processing with line beams
Multi-beam, multi-wavelength processing systems include two or more lasers configured to provide respective beams to a substrate. The beams have wavelengths, pulse durations, beam areas, beam intensities, pulse energies, polarizations, repetition rates, and other beam properties that are independently selectable.
Method for wideband spectrally equalized frequency comb generation
The present invention relates to method for spectrally equalized frequency comb generation. In order to carry this method, the following steps are followed: seed laser or lasers are modulated to acquire frequency chirp necessary to enable temporal compression and an increase in peak optical intensity necessary for an efficient nonlinear optical mixing process to occur; the compressed waveform is reshaped by nonlinear-transfer optical element and subsequently used to generate frequency comb in nonlinear waveguide.
Fiber designs for wavelength tunable ultra-short pulse lasers
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to fiber designs for wavelength tunable ultra-short pulse lasers. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to systems incorporating fiber designs for higher order mode fibers capable of soliton self frequency shifting where a system comprises a first fiber for shifting the wavelength from a pump wavelength to a transfer wavelength and a second fiber for shifting the pulse from the transfer wavelength to an output wavelength.
High-power, phase-locked, laser arrays
High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays as disclosed herein utilize a system of optical elements that may be external to the laser oscillator array. Such an external optical system may achieve mutually coherent operation of all the emitters in a laser array, and coherent combination of the output of all the lasers in the array into a single beam.
Multiquantum well structures for suppression of electron leakage and reduction of threshold-current density in quantum cascade lasers
Semiconductor structures for laser devices are provided. The semiconductor structures have a quantum cascade laser structure comprising an electron injector, an active region, and an electron extractor.
Vcsel pumped fiber optic gain systems
Optical pump modules comprising vcsel and vcsel array devices provide high optical power for configuring fiber optic gain systems such as fiber laser and fiber amplifier particularly suited for high power operation. Pump modules may be constructed using two reflector or three reflector vcsel devices optionally integrated with microlens arrays and other optical components, to couple high power pump beams to a fiber output port.
Marking apparatus
The invention relates to a marking apparatus (100) for marking an object with laser light, comprising a plurality of lasers (10) and a control unit for individually activating each of the lasers to emit a laser beam according to a sign to be marked. A set of deflection means (30) for rearranging the laser beams into a two-dimensional array of laser beams is provided, the set of deflection means (30) comprises at least one deflection means (33) per laser beam, in particular at least one mapping mirror (33) or one optical waveguide per laser beam..
Heating configuration for use in thermal processing chambers
An apparatus for heat treating semiconductor wafers is disclosed. The apparatus includes a heating device which contains an assembly linear lamps for emitting light energy onto a wafer.

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