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Soft-tissue laser surgery

Sirona Dental Systems

Soft-tissue laser surgery

Sagnac loop mirror based laser cavity on silicon photonics platform

Coriant Advanced Technology

Sagnac loop mirror based laser cavity on silicon photonics platform

Sagnac loop mirror based laser cavity on silicon photonics platform


Reducing the spectral bandwidth of lasers

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lasers-related patents
 Optical engine for flow cytometer, flow cytometer system and methods of use patent thumbnailOptical engine for flow cytometer, flow cytometer system and methods of use
An optical engine for use in a bench top flow cytometer, the optical engine comprising a set of lasers; a different set of beam shaping optics for each laser, wherein each set comprises two lenses to adjustably focus light horizontally along an x-axis to a same horizontal position and vertically along a y-axis to a different vertical position along a same plane; collection optics for collecting fluorescence from the flow cell; filtration optics that filter the collected fluorescence from the flow cell into different detection channels according to wavelength ranges; and a detector for each detection channel that converts the filtered fluorescence to electrical signals, wherein electrical signals are processed so that the fluorescence from each laser at the different vertical positions is distinguished at the same detector.. .
Acea Biosciences, Inc.
 Soft-tissue laser surgery patent thumbnailSoft-tissue laser surgery
In dentistry very often soft tissue has to be cut. It has become customary to cut soft tissue, in particular gum or gingiva, or to disinfect pockets in the gingiva that exist at the neck of teeth with the help of laser light.
Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh
 Sagnac loop mirror based laser cavity on silicon photonics platform patent thumbnailSagnac loop mirror based laser cavity on silicon photonics platform
We have demonstrated a novel sagnac loop and micro-ring based laser cavity which is simple and reliable, with accurately controlled reflectivity and negligible excess loss. The resonant wavelength of a 2 μm radius micro-ring is shown to be lithographically controlled to a standard deviation of 3.6 nm.
Coriant Advanced Technology, Llc
 Reducing the spectral bandwidth of lasers patent thumbnailReducing the spectral bandwidth of lasers
A laser system for semiconductor inspection includes a fiber-based fundamental light source for generating fundamental light that is then converted/mixed by a frequency conversion module to generate uv-duv laser light. The fundamental light source includes a nonlinear chirp element (e.g., a bragg grating or an electro-optic modulator) that adds a nonlinear chirp to the seed light laser system prior to amplification by the fiber amplifier(s) (e.g., doped fiber or raman amplifiers).
Kla-tencor Corporation
 Phosphor ceramics and methods of making the same patent thumbnailPhosphor ceramics and methods of making the same
Electric sintering of precursor materials to prepare phosphor ceramics is described herein. The phosphor ceramics prepared by electric sintering may be incorporated into devices such as light-emitting devices, lasers, or for other purposes..
 Quantum cascade lasers with improved performance using interface roughness scattering patent thumbnailQuantum cascade lasers with improved performance using interface roughness scattering
A quantum cascade laser and method of making are disclosed. The quantum cascade laser includes a plurality stages configured in a cascade structure, each stage having a quantum well emission layer and an injection layer, each stage having an upper laser level and a lower laser level.
 Synthetic wave laser ranging sensors and methods patent thumbnailSynthetic wave laser ranging sensors and methods
Systems and methods for measuring a distance to an object. An exemplary method includes directing light beams from three or more continuous-wave lasers onto a target to generate an interference beam, and also frequency shifting the light beams split off from the lasers to generate local oscillator beams.
 Apparatus and  profiling a depth of a surface of a target object patent thumbnailApparatus and profiling a depth of a surface of a target object
An apparatus (1) for profiling the depth of a surface of a target object (30), having a two-dimensional array of lasers (5), an optical device (15) for projecting a two-dimensional illumination pattern (31) onto an area of the surface of the target object, an image capture device (10) arranged to capture an image of the two-dimensional illumination pattern projected onto the area of the surface of the target object and a processor (25) configured to process the captured image in order to reconstruct a depth profile of the two-dimensional area of the surface of the target object from the image captured by the image capture device.. .
 Optical magnetometers patent thumbnailOptical magnetometers
An optical magnetometer is disclosed. The device includes a cell filled with a substance that has a magnetic moment, such as an alkali metal.
 Disruptor device simulation system patent thumbnailDisruptor device simulation system
A disruptor device simulation system is described. Embodiments of the of the simulation system include a disruptor device, one or more training cartridges, and a simulator system.
Ti Training Corp.

Efficient optical communication device

In one embodiment, an apparatus for optical communication is disclosed. An optical sub-assembly and optical platform may form the apparatus.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Lasers with beam shape and beam direction modification

A reflective surface is disclosed in conjunction with a semiconductor laser to shape a laser beam and modify a direction of the laser beam. The reflective surface may be formed on a structure disposed adjacent to a laser structure to allow high coupling of laser light to, for example, a silicon photonics chip or an optical fiber..
Binoptics Corporation

Multiple beam combiner for laser processing apparatus

Apparatus and methods for combining beams of amplified radiation are disclosed. A beam combiner has a collimating optic positioned to receive a plurality of coherent radiation beams at a constant angle of incidence with respect to an optical axis of the collimating optic.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Dual resonance pumped two-photon absorption optical filter

An apparatus is disclosed for filtering of probe light. The apparatus includes an optical filter comprised of a medium circular birefringence between crossed polarizers.

Edge-emitting etched-facet lasers

A laser chip having a substrate, an epitaxial structure on the substrate, the epitaxial structure including an active region and the active region generating light, a waveguide formed in the epitaxial structure extending in a first direction, the waveguide having a front etched facet and a back etched facet that define an edge-emitting laser, and a first recessed region formed in the epitaxial structure, the first recessed region being arranged at a distance from the waveguide and having an opening adjacent to the back etched facet, the first recessed region facilitating testing of an adjacent laser chip prior to singulation of the laser chip.. .
Binoptics Corporation

Laser processing system using broad band pulsed lasers

A laser material processing system which includes a pulsed fiber laser source having a continuous wavelength bandwidth of larger than 100 nm and pulse width of from 100 femtosecond to 1 microsecond, a broad band laser emitted from one core of an optical fiber, where the broad band laser is applied to a subject material to produce removal of the subject material and/or color change of the subject material.. .

High power femtosecond laser with variable repetition rate

Designs and techniques for constructing and operating femtosecond pulse lasers are provided. One example of a laser engine includes an oscillator that generates and outputs a beam of femtosecond seed pulses, a stretcher-compressor that stretches a duration of the seed pulses, and an amplifier that receives the stretched seed pulses, amplifies an amplitude of selected stretched seed pulses to create amplified stretched pulses, and outputs a laser beam of amplified stretched pulses back to the stretcher-compressor that compresses their duration and outputs a laser beam of femtosecond pulses.
Alcon Lensx, Inc.

Operating vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Methods, systems, and computer-readable mediah are provided for operating a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser. Operating a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser can include sending a signal to a driver to decrease an optical power of a vertical cavity surface emitting laser transmitter, and sending a signal to the driver associated with increasing the optical power by a particular amount in response to determining that the optical power is insufficient for reception by a receiver..

Single-mode quantum cascade lasers with enhanced tuning range

In one aspect, semiconductor lasers are provided. A semiconductor laser described herein comprises substrate and a cavity formed on the substrate, the cavity comprising an asymmetric mach-zehnder (amz) interferometer structure positioned between two straight waveguide segments, the straight waveguide segments and first and second arms of the amz interferometer structure comprising epitaxial semiconductor layers, wherein the second arm of the amz interferometer structure has a temperature control architecture independent of the first arm..
Princeton University

Video projector

The invention relates to the field of optoelectronics, and may be used in devices and of visualization, displaying, storage and processing of information, in particular in projection displays, etc. Video projector consists of a liquid crystal micro display based on structure flcos, and an optical unit of reading the information formed in the structure flcos, containing a light source and projection optics, optically coupled to the structure flcos, and a screen, onto which the information is projected.

Laser assisted machining system for ceramics and hard materials

An improved apparatus and method for laser assisted machining are provided, by utilizing a computer to develop interrelated heating and machining plans, from a variety of input data describing the material to be machined, the properties of lasers and pyrometers used for heating the material, and computer models of the machining arrangement, workpiece and final part to be produced. An iterative process continues until the machining and heating plans result in the cutting zone of the workpiece being maintained at a desired temperature with no obstruction in the line-of-sight of at least one laser and pyrometer throughout the machining process, while also maintaining the cutting tool at or below a desired maximum temperature..
Board Of Trustees Of Northern Illinois University

Tapered-waveguide high-power quantum cascade lasers

An improved quantum cascade laser, the improvement comprising a longitudinally non-uniform dielectric waveguide. The waveguide includes a longitudinally straight section and a longitudinally tapered section.
Pranalytica, Inc.

System and controlling collocated multiple wavelength tuned lasers

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for controlling laser beams for a plurality of collocated laser assemblies. The laser beams are optimized by controlling outputs of a primary power source (current for generating a laser beam) and a secondary power source (heating device) for each of the respective laser assemblies.
Automotive Coalition For Traffic Safety, Inc.

Dynamically-distributable multiple-output pump for fiber optic amplifier

A multiple-output laser component is described with a plurality of diode lasers in a common package, each of the diode lasers having distinct electrical control and optically coupled to a distinct output fiber, the component configured such that up to a maximum total output power can be selectively and dynamically partitioned among said diode lasers. The dynamic allocation can be based on demand for laser power in a fiber optic coupled to each diode laser.
Neophotonics Corporation

Systems and methods for cooling disk lasers

A cooling device for cooling heat-generating devices such as disk laser according to a desired thermal profile to generate desired edge effects and optical properties. An example cooling device includes a back plate for supporting the heat-generating device.
Logos Technologies, Llc

Upstream scheduling in a passive optical network

In general, the 1g-epon standard specifies its upstream waveband broadly to allow for low cost lasers to be used to transmit upstream. Often, however, the lasers actually used by many 1g-onus to transmit upstream only occupy a narrow waveband that does not overlap with the upstream waveband specified by the 10g-epon standard.
Broadcom Corporation

Optically pumped vertical external-cavity surface-emitting laser device

The present invention relates to an optically pumped vertical external-cavity surface-emitting laser device comprising at least one vecsel (200) and several pump laser diodes (300). The pump laser diodes (300) are arranged to optically pump the active region (108) of the vecsel (200) by reflection of pump radiation (310) at a mirror element (400).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Interactive play center

An entertainment venue, amusement attraction, or interactive play center configured to provide a variety of activities for users. The attraction may include blaster cannons, sorting stations, fountain components, registration stations, video monitors, targets, and other interactive elements.

Medical system for treating deep surface targets

Disclosed herein are medical systems involving the novel use of lasers in a way to transfer a desired amount of energy to deeper tissues, such as deep dermis, fat, deep vessels, fascia, tumors and others, without burning the skin, in particular the skin surface. A medical system (10) comprises a laser beam delivery system (21) producing a plurality of laser beams (1a-1d) for simultaneously or alternately irradiating the deep tissue target structure (5) from multiple directions via the skin surface (2), wherein the laser beams (1a-1d) individually are individually adjusted to have an energy level insufficient to ablate and/or burn the skin (2).

Method and laser marking objects

Embodiments of the present invention comprise an apparatus for laser marking individual objects with indicia at a marking station wherein a predetermined window exists during which each object can be marked as the objects are conveyed along at least one path at a predetermined speed, the apparatus comprising, at least first and second lasers positioned adjacent one or more paths configured to direct a laser beam onto the objects to mark the same with indicia as the objects pass through the marking station, with each of the first and second lasers marking alternate following objects as they pass through the marking station.. .
Ten Media, Llc

Multi-wavelength distributed raman amplification set-up

Techniques are presented herein to set power levels for multiple raman pump wavelengths in a distributed raman amplification configuration. A first receive power measurement is obtained at a second node with a controlled optical source at a first node turned on and with a plurality of raman pump lasers at different wavelengths at the second node turned off.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Laser projection system

A device for projecting images from a video generating device such as a computer, television receiver, or similar device onto a screen or other surface is described in this invention. The device uses a rotating disk containing numerous lenses to direct a light beam from a laser or other light source towards the screen.

Gastric reflux treatment with lasers

Method/devices for endoscopic laser treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as, gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (gerd) are disclosed. Treatment involves irradiating tissue of the digestive tract to strengthen muscle tone and shrink anatomical areas reducing occurrence of reflux of food/liquids from the stomach to the esophagus.

Tunable laser, a making, and a operating such a laser

Semiconductor lasers, in particular quantum cascade lasers (qcls) are tuable especially in the mid-ir spectral range, e.g. In wavelengths of about 3-14 μm, by precisely controlling the laser's temperature in the vicinity of the active region.
Alpes Lasers Sa

Red, green, and blue lasing enabled by single-exciton gain in colloidal quantum dot films

The methods and materials described herein contemplate the use films of colloidal quantum dots as a gain medium in a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser. The present disclosure demonstrates a laser with single-exciton gain in the red, green, and blue wavelengths.
Brown University

Wavelength division multiplexing with multi-core fiber

Optical systems for wavelength division multiplexing and wavelength division demultiplexing with a multi-core fiber, and methods of their fabrication, are disclosed. The systems include a coupling mirror with a plurality of angled surfaces that are configured to direct light to or from different cores of a multi-core fiber.
International Business Machines Corporation

Obtaining narrow line-width, full c-band tunability mirror for monolithic or hybrid integrated lasers

An apparatus comprising an optical medium, a power splitter coupled to the optical medium, a first delay line coupled to the power splitter such that the power splitter is positioned between the first delay line and the optical medium, a first comb reflector coupled to the first delay line such that the first delay line is positioned between the first comb reflector and the power splitter, and a second comb reflector coupled to the power splitter but not the first comb reflector and not the first delay line. A method comprising receiving an optical signal, splitting the optical signal into a first split optical signal and a second split optical signal, delaying the first split optical signal, tuning the delayed first split optical signal, tuning the second split optical signal, and delaying the tuned second split optical signal..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Phosphor ceramics and methods of making the same

Preparation of a porous ceramic composite with a fluoride phosphor is described herein. The phosphor ceramics prepared may be incorporated into devices such as light-emitting devices, lasers, or for other purposes..
Nitto Denko Corporation

Vertical cavity surface emitting laser

A vertical cavity surface emitting laser includes a base substrate formed by a semi-insulating semiconductor, a light-emitting region multilayer portion including an n-type semiconductor contact layer, an n-type semiconductor multilayer-film reflecting layer, an n-type semiconductor clad layer, an active layer provided with a quantum well, a p-type semiconductor clad layer, a p-type semiconductor multilayer-film reflecting layer, and a p-type semiconductor contact layer, which are formed on the surface of the base substrate sequentially, an anode electrode formed on the surface of the p-type semiconductor contact layer, and a cathode electrode that is connected to the n-type semiconductor clad layer. The cathode electrode is formed on the base substrate at the side of the light-emitting region multilayer portion.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Generation of vuv, euv, and x-ray light using vuv-uv-vis lasers

A method for extending and enhancing bright coherent high-order harmonic generation into the vuv-euv-x-ray regions of the spectrum involves a way of accomplishing phase matching or effective phase matching of extreme upconversion of laser light at high conversion efficiency, approaching 10−3 in some spectral regions, and at significantly higher photon energies in a waveguide geometry, in a self-guiding geometry, a gas cell, or a loosely focusing geometry, containing nonlinear medium. The extension and enhancement of the coherent vuv, euv, x-ray emission to high photon energies relies on using vuv-uv-vis lasers of shorter wavelength.

Pump absorption and efficiency for fiber lasers/amplifiers

Techniques are disclosed for improving pump absorption and efficiency for fiber lasers and amplifiers, for instance. In some embodiments, the techniques are implemented by applying a partially reflective coating on a fiber end-face to double-pass any unabsorbed or otherwise excess pump light in the cladding of a fiber.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Lidar sensor system

A lidar sensor system includes: a transmitting unit including one or more emitting units so as to transmit polarization lasers to an object; a receiving unit configured to receive reflection light reflected on the object; and a processing unit configured to sense the object from the reflection light, and the transmitting unit may include a first emitting unit emitting a first laser and a second emitting unit emitting a second laser having polarization light orthogonal to the first laser.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Backlight module and liquid crystal display device using same

A backlight module includes a number of laser units, a number of diffraction units, and a number of diverging units. Each laser unit includes three colored lasers arranged in a first straight line.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Iii-v photonic integration on silicon

Photonic integrated circuits on silicon are disclosed. By bonding a wafer of hi-v material as an active region to silicon and removing the substrate, the lasers, amplifiers, modulators, and other devices can be processed using standard photolithographic techniques on the silicon substrate.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Method and high speed surface blackening and coloring with ultrafast fiber lasers

Methods and systems for high speed surface blackening and/or coloring are disclosed, including generating electromagnetic radiation from an ultrashort pulse laser (upl); coupling the electromagnetic radiation from the upl to a scanner comprising a scanning and focus range, wherein the scanner is configured to receive the electromagnetic radiation from the upl and to scan and focus the electromagnetic radiation onto a sample; using a computer to adjust the pulse repetition rate and the energy of the upl; using a five degree of freedom motorized stage to position the sample; using a dichroic filter positioned between the scanner and the sample; focusing an imager through the dichroic filter and onto the surface of the sample; using a processor to acquire and process images to monitor the surface blackening and/or coloring of the sample within the scanning and focus range of the electromagnetic radiation. Other embodiments are described and claimed..

Systems and methods extending the laserspray ionization mass spectrometry concept from atmospheric pressure to vacuum

Disclosed herein are systems and methods that allow analysis of macromolecular structures using laserspray ionization at intermediate pressure or high vacuum using commercially available mass spectrometers with or without modification and with the application of heat. The systems and methods produce multiply-charged ions for improved analysis in mass spectrometry..
Wayne State University

Cross line laser

A cross line laser (100) comprises a shell and a hanging system (101). The hanging system has two laser modules (110) arranged oppositely on a same plane.
Changzhou Huada Kejie Opto-electro Instrument Co., Ltd.

Operating vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are provided for operating a vertical cavity surface-emitting laser. Operating a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser can include receiving an optical signal from a transmitter, converting the optical signal to a waveform, generating a read capture window based on the waveform, sampling data at a first position in the read capture window, sampling data at a second position in the read capture window, and sending a signal to the transmitter to increase a power level of the optical signal in response to a difference between the sampled data at the first position and the sampled data at the second position exceeding a threshold..

High smsr unidirectional etched lasers and low back-reflection photonic device

Unidirectionality of lasers is enhanced by forming one or more etched gaps in the laser cavity. The gaps may be provided in any segment of a laser, such as any leg of a ring laser, or in one leg of a v-shaped laser.
Binoptics Corporation

Methods of producing optoelectronic semiconductor components, and optoelectronic semiconductor lasers

An optoelectronic semiconductor laser includes a growth substrate; a semiconductor layer sequence that generates laser radiation; a front facet at the growth substrate and at the semiconductor layer sequence, wherein the front facet constitutes a main light exit side for the laser radiation generated in the semiconductor laser and has a light exit region at the semiconductor layer sequence; a light blocking layer for the laser radiation, which partly covers at least the growth substrate at the front facet such that the light exit region is not covered by the light blocking layer; and a bonding pad at a side of the semiconductor layer sequence facing away from the growth substrate, wherein a distance between the bonding pad and the light blocking layer at least at the light exit region is 0.1 μm to 100 μm.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Alkali resistant optical coatings for alkali lasers and methods of production thereof

In one embodiment, a method for forming an alkali resistant coating includes forming a first oxide material above a substrate and forming a second oxide material above the first oxide material to form a multilayer dielectric coating, wherein the second oxide material is on a side of the multilayer dielectric coating for contacting an alkali. In another embodiment, a method for forming an alkali resistant coating includes forming two or more alternating layers of high and low refractive index oxide materials above a substrate, wherein an innermost layer of the two or more alternating layers is on an alkali-contacting side of the alkali resistant coating, and wherein the innermost layer of the two or more alternating layers comprises at least one of: alumina, zirconia, and hafnia..
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc

Submarine reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer with passive branching unit

Systems and methods for data transport, including submarine reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers, branching units configured to receive signals from trunk terminals (tts), and dummy light filters configured to pass useful signals through the filters, and to reflect dummy light. Optical interleavers are configured to separate useful signals into two or more groups of optical channels, and the optical channels are set to a frequency of either a left or a right portion of a total channel bandwidth.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers

A photonic-crystal surface-emitting laser (pcsel) includes a gain medium electromagnetically coupled to a photonic crystal whose energy band structure exhibits a dirac cone of linear dispersion at the center of the photonic crystal's brillouin zone. This dirac cone's vertex is called a dirac point; because it is at the brillouin zone center, it is called an accidental dirac point.

Dielectric-enhanced metal coatings for mems tunable filters

The present invention concerns the use of hybrid metal-dielectric optical coatings as the end reflectors of laser cavities and/or in the mirror structures used in other optical resonators, such as fabry-perot tunable filters, along with the use of such fabry-perot tunable filters in wavelength swept sources such as lasers. Hybrid metal-dielectric optical coatings have reflectivity spectra that can be broader than pure dielectric coatings, offer optical reflectivities higher than metal, as high as pure dielectric coatings, eliminate mirror transmission that can cause parasitic light reflections, and use fewer layers and thus have lower mass and higher mechanical resonant frequency for movable mirror applications an important characteristic of these coatings concerns the non-reflected light.
Axsun Technologies, Inc.

Bow sight apparatus having multiple lasers

A multiple laser sight system for an archery bow or the like configured so that the multiple laser systems can be calibrated together and having features such that the user can use one laser system during the day and one laser system during the light. The laser sight is further configured to not interfere with the optional use of conventional sighting pins and the use of evening infrared systems, like the prior art use of night vision goggles..

Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method

A laser annealing apparatus includes: a laser beam generator for providing a stable single-pulse laser; a cyclic delay unit (300) for splitting the single-pulse laser into several pulsed lasers; an optical module for converging one or more of the pulsed lasers on a substrate (204); and a movable stage (500) for providing the substrate (204) with movement in at least one degree of freedom. A laser annealing method includes: providing a stable single-pulse laser; splitting the single-pulse laser into several pulsed lasers according to a delay requirement and an energy ratio; and irradiating a substrate (204) successively with one or more of the pulsed lasers to keep a surface temperature of the wafer around the melting point or around a needed annealing temperature for a sufficiently long time during the annealing process, thus resulting in an improvement in both the laser energy utilization efficiency and effect of the annealing process..
Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd.

Single mode propagation in fibers and rods with large leakage channels

Various embodiments include large cores fibers that can propagate few modes or a single mode while introducing loss to higher order modes. Some of these fibers are holey fibers that comprise cladding features such as air-holes.
Imra America, Inc.

Mode-locked multi-mode fiber laser pulse source

A laser utilizes a cavity design which allows the stable generation of high peak power pulses from mode-locked multi-mode fiber lasers, greatly extending the peak power limits of conventional mode-locked single-mode fiber lasers. Mode-locking may be induced by insertion of a saturable absorber into the cavity and by inserting one or more mode-filters to ensure the oscillation of the fundamental mode in the multi-mode fiber.
Imra America, Inc.

Iii-v lasers with integrated silicon photonic circuits

Iii-v lasers integrated with silicon photonic circuits and methods for making the same include a three-layer semiconductor stack formed from iii-v semiconductors on a substrate, where a middle layer has a lower bandgap than a top layer and a bottom layer; a mirror region monolithically formed at a first end of the stack, configured to reflect emitted light in the direction of the stack; and a waveguide region monolithically formed at a second end of the stack, configured to transmit emitted light.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Noise detection, diagnostics, and control of modelocked lasers

The present invention features a laser based system configured with a noise detection unit. The system includes a mode-locked oscillator.
Imra America, Inc.

Conduction cooled high power semiconductor laser and fabricating the same

A conduction cooled high power semiconductor laser and a method for fabricating the same are provided. The conduction cooled high power semiconductor laser comprises a heat sink (2) and one or more semiconductor laser units (1).

Broadband short pulse fiber lasers capable of generating output spectra broader than gain bandwidth

Implementations and examples of fiber lasers based on fiber laser cavity designs that produce self-similar pulses (“similaritons”) to achieve a pulse spectral bandwidth greater than a gain spectral bandwidth based on a spectral broadening fiber segment and a spectral filter to ensure the proper similariton conditions.. .
Cornell University

Method and system for interactive communications

A method for interaction among individuals using mobile communication devices equipped with lasers and optical receivers without requiring use of mobile numbers. An initial message is either communicated in full directly from sending to receiving device or alternatively message contents are first uploaded to a common application server and a unique identification code is transmitted to the receiving device and used to retrieve the full message from the server.

Side pump fiber, making same, and optical devices using same

A side pump fiber and a method of making a side pump fiber are provided. A plurality of pump fibers can be joined to a side of a signal fiber, at different locations.
3sae Technologies, Inc.

Compact coherent high brightness light source for the mid-ir and far ir

Compact laser systems are disclosed which include ultrafast laser sources in combination with nonlinear crystals or waveguides. In some implementations fiber based mid-ir sources producing very short pulses and/or mid-ir sources based on a mode locked fiber lasers are utilized.
Imra America, Inc.

Lighting infrared camera system comprising array of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

The invention relates to a lighting apparatus (1) comprising an array (2) of light sources (3) emitting emission cones (4) with edges (5) which intersect in an intersection plane and a lens unit (7) for homogenizing the intensity distribution in the far field. The array of the light sources and the lens unit are arranged such that i) the emission cones traverse the lens unit and ii) the distance (s) between the array of the light sources and the lens unit deviates from the sum of or the difference between a) the focal length f of the lens unit and b) the distance t between the intersection plane and the array (2) of the light sources (3) by 20 percent or less.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Facial hair shaver with built-in facial hair pattern guides

An apparatus for shaving facial hair comprising cutting mechanism(s) that may be guided by image capturing devices, lasers, or imaging sensors to provide a user with one of a number of pre-programmed facial bearded shapes. The apparatus may include a pre-programmed application built into the apparatus, allowing the user to select from a number of predetermined facial hair styles and designs such as of goatees, beards, and mustaches.

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