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Lasers patents


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 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes lasers to respectively emit lights having central wavelengths different from each other, an imager to output an image signal upon receiving light from a subject, a laser wavelength-specific image information acquirer to acquire, from the image signal output from the imager, pieces of laser wavelength-specific image information, and an image former to combine the pieces of laser wavelength-specific image information supplied from the laser wavelength-specific image information acquirer, so as to form an observation image in each mode included in the observation modes.. .
Olympus Corporation

 System and  controlling collocated multiple wavelength tuned lasers patent thumbnailSystem and controlling collocated multiple wavelength tuned lasers
Systems and methods are disclosed herein for controlling laser beams for a plurality of collocated laser assemblies. The laser beams are optimized by controlling outputs of a primary power source (current for generating a laser beam) and a secondary power source (heating device) for each of the respective laser assemblies.
Automotive Coalition For Traffic Safety, Inc.

 Compact holographic illumination device patent thumbnailCompact holographic illumination device
There is provided a colour sequential illumination device comprising in series: first and second light sources; a condenser lens; and a grating device. The grating device comprises at least one bragg grating.
Digilens, Inc.

 Nxn parallel optical transceiver patent thumbnailNxn parallel optical transceiver
An n×n parallel optical transceiver includes a printed circuit board, a laser driving control chip, one or more lasers, two grin lenses, an optical band-pass filter, a multimode fiber array and a photodiode array. In the transmitter, laser beams of the same wavelength simultaneously output from the laser chip are first focused by the first grin lens, then the beams pass through a wavelength band-pass filter and are refocused by the second grin lens, and enter the channels in the multimode fiber array.
Source Photonics (chengdu) Co., Ltd.

 Method for producing a bird protection device and bird protection device patent thumbnailMethod for producing a bird protection device and bird protection device
The invention relates to a method for producing a bird protection device arid to a bird protection device. According to the invention, a method for producing a bird protection device is proposed, wherein the bird protection device is made of an at least partially transparent material and contains an optical structure visible to a bird's eye.
HunsrÜecker Glasveredelung Wagener Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Phase control for dual atom interferometers patent thumbnailPhase control for dual atom interferometers
A system for controlling a phase measurement in an atom interferometer comprising one or more lasers, a processor, and a memory. The one or more lasers are for providing interrogating beams.
Aosense, Inc.

 Laser local dimming for projectors and other lighting devices including cinema, entertainment systems, and displays patent thumbnailLaser local dimming for projectors and other lighting devices including cinema, entertainment systems, and displays
Light from an array of laser light sources are spread to cover the modulating face of a dmd or other modulator. The spread may be performed, for example, by a varying curvature array of lenslets, each laser light directed at one of the lenslets.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Edge chamfering by mechanically processing laser cut glass patent thumbnailEdge chamfering by mechanically processing laser cut glass
Processes of chamfering and/or beveling an edge of a glass substrate of arbitrary shape using lasers are described herein. Two general methods to produce chamfers on glass substrates are the first method involves cutting the edge with the desired chamfer shape utilizing an ultra-short pulse laser that is followed by mechanical polishing with a compliant polishing wheel..
Corning Incorporated

 Adaptive boost control for gating picosecond pulsed fiber lasers patent thumbnailAdaptive boost control for gating picosecond pulsed fiber lasers
A method includes applying a boost pump signal to a pump laser of a laser system based on a preceding off duration associated with the laser system, and applying a forward pump signal to the pump laser. A laser system includes a seed laser situated to generate seed optical pulses, a pump laser situated to generate pump optical radiation, a fiber amplifier situated to receive the pump optical radiation and the seed optical pulses, and a controller situated to select a pump boost duration or pump boost magnitude based on an off duration associated with the laser system..
Nlight, Inc.

 Apparatus patent thumbnailApparatus
Provided is an apparatus for acquiring object information, the apparatus including: first and second laser output unit outputting first and second pulsed laser; a laser controlling unit configured to control each laser output unit; a first or second detecting unit configured to detect an emission timing of laser and output a first or second detection signal; a probe configured to receive an acoustic wave from an object being irradiated with the laser; and a signal processing unit configured to acquire specific information of the object, based on the acoustic wave. The laser controlling unit controls output of at least one of the laser output units so as to decrease a time difference between subsequent first and second pulsed lasers to be output..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Edge chamfering methods

Processes of chamfering and/or beveling an edge of a glass substrate of arbitrary shape using lasers are described herein. Two general methods to produce chamfers on glass substrates are the first method involves cutting the edge with the desired chamfer shape utilizing an ultra-short pulse laser to create perforations within the glass; followed by an ion exchange..
Corning Incorporated

System and forming an image on a substrate

A scanning laser having a wavelength compatible with a coating binder so as to cure it as the laser scans and irradiates the coating on a moving web. A system and method for curing flakes by providing a scanning laser which scans across a moving coated substrate in a magnetic field allows images to be formed as magnetically aligned flakes are cured into a fixed position.
Viavi Solutions Inc.

Preformed lens systems and methods

Systems, methods, computer program products, and kits involving deformation mechanisms are provided for the removal of corneal tissue in optical vision treatments. According to exemplary embodiments, deformation mechanisms may be used in combination with the administration of femtosecond photoalteration lasers to create or define volumetric tissue portions for such removal..
Amo Development, Llc

Asymmetric optical waveguide grating resonators & dbr lasers

Monolithic asymmetric optical waveguide grating resonators including an asymmetric resonant grating are disposed in a waveguide. A first grating strength is provided along a first grating length, and a second grating strength, higher than the first grating strength, is provided along a second grating length.

Method and applications of thin-film membrane transfer

The disclosure relates to method and apparatus for micro-contact printing of micro-electromechanical systems (“mems”) in a solvent-free environment. The disclosed embodiments enable forming a composite membrane over a parylene layer and transferring the composite structure to a receiving structure to form one or more microcavities covered by the composite membrane.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Monitoring and controlling temperature across a laser array in a transmitter optical subassembly (tosa) package

The temperature at different locations along a multiplexed laser array may be monitored by sensing temperature at two locations within a transmitter optical subassembly (tosa) package housing the laser array. The temperature at the two locations is used to determine a temperature tilt across the laser array.
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.

Optical fiber for multimode and single-mode transmission

A multimode coupling fiber for optical data links features low coupling loss to silicon photonics lasers, vcsels, single mode transmission fibers, multimode transmission fibers, and high speed receivers. The coupling fiber includes a core, an optional inner cladding region, a depressed index cladding region, and an outer cladding region.
Corning Incorporated

Testing of an industrial structure

A method and a device for analyzing a structure by tomography and diffuse acousto-elastic field correlation are provided. An optical fiber comprising a plurality of measurement points of fbg (fiber bragg grating) type, comprising sensors of bragg grating type, is deployed in or on the structure to be analyzed.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Semiconductor nano/microlaser tuning by strain engineering

A method for tuning the lasing wavelength of a semiconductor nano/microlaser uses mechanical strain to change the bandgap of the semiconductor material and the lasing wavelength. The method enables broad, dynamic, and reversible spectral tuning of single nano/microlasers with subnanometer resolution..
Sandia Corporation

Inspection system using 193nm laser

Improved inspection systems utilize laser systems and associated techniques to generate an ultra-violet (uv) wavelength of approximately 193.368 nm from a fundamental vacuum wavelength near 1063.5 nm. Preferred embodiments separate out an unconsumed portion of an input wavelength to at least one stage and redirect that unconsumed portion for use in another stage.
Kla-tencor Corporation

High efficiency visible and ultraviolet nanowire emitters

Gan-based nanowire heterostructures have been intensively studied for applications in light emitting diodes (leds), lasers, solar cells and solar fuel devices. Surface charge properties play a dominant role on the device performance and have been addressed within the prior art by use of a relatively thick large bandgap algan shell covering the surfaces of axial ingan nanowire led heterostructures has been explored and shown substantial promise in reducing surface recombination leading to improved carrier injection efficiency and output power.

Locating light sources using aircraft

Provided are methods and systems for identifying location of light sources from airborne aircraft. Light sources are ground based and may be low power lasers and other like devices.
The Boeing Company

Interband cascade lasers with low-fill-factor top contact for reduced loss

A dfb laser having a reduced fill factor and reduced loss. A plurality of spaced-apart contact openings are etched into a dielectric layer situated on top of a laser ridge having a dfb grating layer so that electrical contact between the metal top contact layer and the dfb gratings is made only in the etched openings, since all other areas of the top surface of the dfb-grated laser ridge are insulated from the metal contact layer by the dielectric.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Multiple endpoint optical transmitter

A multi-endpoint optical transmitter includes a first laser to couple to a first optical fiber, a second laser to couple to a second optical fiber, and a current-steered driver connected to the first and second lasers. The current-steered driver is to provide a first current representative of a bitstream to drive the first laser and to provide a second current representative of a complement of the bitstream to drive the second laser..
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Laser measuring system and method

The measuring system may include an input unit configured to receive an indication of a desired measurement and a reference point. The measuring system may include a laser unit including one or more lasers, and may be configured to emit laser light and detect laser data.
Magenium Solutions Llc

Instrument and optical particle sensing

Devices for detecting particle sizes and distributions using focused light scattering techniques, by passing a sample through a focused beam of light, are disclosed. In one embodiment, the devices include one or more lasers, whose light is focused into a narrow beam and into a flow cell, and dispersions are passed through the flow cell using hydrodynamic sample injection.
Invitrox, Inc.

Fused filament fabrication extruder

3d fused filament fabrication (fff) is improved by heating the deposition nozzle with one or more non-contact heat sources. 3d fff is also improved by cooling the deposition nozzle with one or more active cooling elements.

Scanning laser-based three dimensional (3d) display systems for viewers wearing 3d glasses

A display system for creating three dimensional (3d) imagery for a viewer wearing 3d glasses such as wavelength multiplex visualization (wmv) technology glasses with a first lens passing colored light in a first range of wavelengths and with a second lens passing colored light in a second range of wavelengths. The system includes a first wmv light source outputting a first light stream onto a display surface, with the first light stream having a wavelength in the first wavelength range.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

High-bandwidth underwater data communication system

An apparatus is described which uses directly modulated ingan light-emitting diodes (leds) or ingan lasers as the transmitters for an underwater data-communication device. The receiver uses automatic gain control to facilitate performance of the apparatus over a wide-range of distances and water turbidities..
Fairfield Industries Incorporated

Monolithic tunable terahertz radiation source using nonlinear frequency mixing in quantum cascade lasers

A terahertz difference-frequency generation quantum cascade laser source that provides monolithic, electrically-controlled tunable terahertz emission. The quantum cascade laser includes a substrate, a lower cladding layer positioned above the substrate and an active region layer with optical nonlinearity positioned on the lower cladding layer.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Divided pulse layers

Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for divided-pulse lasers. In one aspect, a pulsed laser is provided to include a laser cavity including an optical amplifier and a plurality of optical dividing elements and configured to direct a laser pulse of linearly polarized light into the plurality of optical dividing elements to divide the light of the laser pulse into a sequence of divided pulses each having a pulse energy being a portion of the energy of the laser pulse before entry of the optical dividing elements, to subsequently direct the divided pulses into the optical amplifier to produce amplified divided pulses.
Cornell University

Mode-locked multi-mode fiber laser pulse source

A laser utilizes a cavity design which allows the stable generation of high peak power pulses from mode-locked multi-mode fiber lasers, greatly extending the peak power limits of conventional mode-locked single-mode fiber lasers. Mode-locking may be induced by insertion of a saturable absorber into the cavity and by inserting one or more mode-filters to ensure the oscillation of the fundamental mode in the multi-mode fiber.
Imra America, Inc.

Drill with remotely controlled operating modes and providing the same

The present invention relates to a drilling system with a multi-function drill head used in, among other applications, oil and gas drilling. The system is used to enhance the effective permeability of an oil and/or gas reservoir by drilling or cutting new structures into the reservoir.
Ramax, Llc


There is provided a laser system that may include a raman cell, a pumping light generator, and a raman cell laser unit. The pumping light generator may include one or more optical parametric amplifiers (opas), and may be configured to output first raman-cell pumping light and second raman-cell pumping light to the raman cell.
Gigaphoton Inc.

Multi-pump-pass fiber based lasers and amplifiers

The invention is optical configurations for constructing laser oscillators or laser amplifiers that comprise an extremely short fiber (typically tens of cm long or below, e.g. 5 cm to 30 cm).
B.g. Negev Technologies And Applications Ltd., At Ben Gurion University

Multispectral light source

Medical illumination systems and devices for illuminating a target surgical area with a pre-selected type of multispectral light to aid tissue differentiation as viewed by the human eye, especially in open-surgery settings, and methods for practicing the same. A light source may have multiple settings selectable to provide various types of multispectral light configured to reduce reflection from corresponding tissue types relative to full-spectrum light.
Invuity, Inc.

Microelectromechanical system for tuning lasers

The deflectors being configured for rotational deflection of the plate and for translational deflection of the plate.. .

Laser systems and optical devices for manipulating laser beams

Various embodiments of a multi-laser system are disclosed. In some embodiments, the multi-laser system includes a plurality of lasers, a plurality of laser beams, a beam positioning system, a thermally stable enclosure, and a temperature controller.
Cvi Laser, Llc

Two-color signature simulation using mid-infrared test source semiconductor lasers

In some embodiments, the present invention provides an apparatus and process that includes control electronics that generate an electronic control signal; and a plurality of optically or electrically pumped semiconductor lasers, quantum-cascade lasers, optical parametric generators, or optical parametric oscillators, operatively coupled to the control electronics, that output an optical signal having a plurality of wavelengths, each wavelength having an output intensity that each of which is varied over time to simulate a combustion signature of a weapon. In some embodiments, the optical signal includes at least two different infrared wavelengths that are varied differently with time..
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) apparatus with dual ccd spectrometer

This invention discloses a compact laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) apparatus suitable for field operations. The libs apparatus comprises a q-switched laser with laser pulse energy between several tens and several thousands of micro joules (μj), which is significantly lower than that of traditional libs lasers.
Bwt Property, Inc.

Device for determining a concentration of a chemical substance

The invention relates to a device tier determining a concentration of a chemical substance dissolved in a liquid, which chemical substance absorbs light (10) of an absorption wavelength, wherein the device comprises: at least one flow-through chamber (2) having at least one inlet opening (4), at least one outlet opening (6), and at least one peripheral wall (24); at least one laser (8) for emitting light (10) of the absorption wavelength; and at least one detector (18) for detecting the emitted light (10); wherein the laser (8) and the detector (18) are arranged in such a way that the light (10) emitted by the laser (8) is conducted through the flow-through chamber (2) along at least two different paths before said light hits the detector (18), and wherein the device has two lasers (8) which emit light of different wavelengths. The invention further relates to a method for producing a flow-through chamber for such a device..
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz UniversitÄt Hannover

X-ray laser microscopy system and method

Improved system and method of x-ray laser microscopy that combines information obtained from both x-ray diffraction and x-ray imaging methods. The sample is placed in an ultra-cold, ultra-low pressure vacuum chamber, and exposed to brief bursts of coherent x-ray illumination further concentrated using x-ray mirrors and pinhole collimation methods.
Rising Star Pathway, A California Corporation

Machine to detect phonon gain to control desired reactions in an electrically driven hydrogen loaded material

A machine to detect phonon gain to control desired reactions using a container with at least two optical ports, a power supply and wiring connections to enable driving a material sample to be examined, a power supply to drive at least two lasers, a controller to regulate the output of the lasers, a beam path to enable illumination of the sample, a controller to regulate the electric power delivered to the sample enabling driving in more than one state, a detector system to examine the backscatter radiation from the sample by frequency, a second beam path to enable the backscatter to reach the detector system, a computation system to separate and determine the ratios of the examined backscattered frequencies to determine the intensities and distribution, and a second computation system to compare the examined intensities and distribution and ratios to the desired intensities and distribution and ratios to determine what states were detected and to derive changes for the power supply driving the sample.. .

Moveably-coupled screen actuators

A speckle damping system for dampening speckle on a projection screen for a projection display system employing coherent or partially coherent light sources (e.g., lasers, leds) are disclosed. In one embodiment, a rotatably coupled system is disclosed, comprising: a set of actuators; a set of rotatably coupled mounts, each of said set of rotatably coupled mount capable of mounting at least one said actuator; and wherein said at least one actuator mounted on said rotatably coupled mount is in moveable mechanical communication with said projection screen.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Near-infrared lasers for non-invasive monitoring of glucose, ketones, hba1c, and other blood constituents

A wearable device for use with a smart phone or tablet includes a measurement device having a light source with a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) for measuring physiological parameters and configured to generate an optical beam with wavelengths including a near-infrared wavelength between 700 and 2500 nanometers. The measurement device includes lenses configured to deliver the optical beam to a sample of skin or tissue, which reflects the optical beam to a receiver located a first distance from one of the leds and a different distance from another of the leds, and is also configured to generate an output signal representing a non-invasive measurement on blood contained within the sample.
Omni Medsci, Inc.

Method for forming heterogeneous single garnet based crystals for passive q-switched lasers and microlasers

Disclosed are heterogeneous crystals for use in a laser cavity and methods of forming the crystals. A crystal can be a monolithic crystal containing a garnet-based activator region and a garnet-based q-switch.
Clemson University

Test system having laser treatment function

Provided is an inspection system having a laser treatment function, including: a first oscillator configured to generate a laser for image acquisition; a second oscillator configured to generate a laser for treatment; an irradiation device configured to irradiate the lasers generated from the first oscillator and the second oscillator to an inspection target, collect lasers reflected from the inspection target, and adjust a direction of a laser to be irradiated to the inspection target; a photo-sensor configured to receive the collected lasers and output an electrical signal; and a controller configured to visualize the output of the photo-sensor on a visualization device and control the first oscillator, the second oscillator, and the irradiation device in response to an input signal.. .
Optimede Inc.

Long wavelength quantum cascade lasers based on high strain composition

An improved longwave infrared quantum cascade laser. The improvement includes a strained composition, with x and y each between 0.53 and 1, an active region emitting at a wavelength equal to or greater than 8 μm, an energy spacing e54 equal to or greater than 50 mev, an energy spacing ec4 equal to or greater than 250 mev, and an optical waveguide with a cladding layer on each side of the active region.
Pranalytica, Inc.

Inexpensive variable rep-rate source for high-energy, ultrafast lasers

System for converting relatively long pulses from rep-rate variable ultrafast optical sources to shorter, high-energy pulses suitable for sources in high-energy ultrafast lasers. Fibers with positive group velocity dispersion (gvd) and self phase modulation are advantageously employed with the optical sources.
Imra America, Inc.

Vehicle back-up assist system

A vehicle back-up assist system that can be set up by the vehicle driver or a spotter and provides a unique visual aid to assist with safely and efficient unloading, loading, or parking a vehicle without requiring assistance from another person. The back-up assist system includes a pair of differently colored portable markers.
Conesafe, Llc

System and multi-laser additive manufacturing

A system and method for additive manufacturing an object using multiple lasers is disclosed herein. The system includes a first laser generating a first focused laser beam having a first surface area where the first focused laser beam is directed onto a first quantity of a powder material on a substrate so as to fuse particles of the powder material in a first layer of the substrate.
General Electric Company

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