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This page is updated frequently with new Lasers-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lasers-related patents
 Laser alignment and calibration system for scanning lasers patent thumbnailLaser alignment and calibration system for scanning lasers
A two dimensional scanning laser system may automatically detect a laser, then align and calibrate itself to scan over the sensor area. The system may have a laser with a controller that may cause the laser to be directed over two dimensions, as well as a sensor apparatus.
Z-image, Llc

 Compact multi-zone infrared laser illuminator patent thumbnailCompact multi-zone infrared laser illuminator
Methods, devices and systems are described for selectively illuminating different zones of a field of view by a multi-zone illumination device. In one aspect, a multi-zone illuminator may include a plurality of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (vcsels), and a plurality of micro-optical devices aligned with apertures of individual or groups of vcsels, which are configured to be individually activated to provide adjustable illumination to different zones of a field of view of an image sensor.
Trilumina Corp.

 Optical semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailOptical semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
A semiconductor laser in a ridge waveguide structure includes: a semiconductor substrate; a lower cladding layer which is formed on the semiconductor substrate; an active layer and a semiconductor layer which are in parallel on the lower cladding layer and are connected with each other; a first upper cladding layer locally aligned above the active layer; a second upper cladding layer locally aligned above the semiconductor layer; and a third upper cladding layer locally aligned above the active layer to confine light which is guided in the active layer, wherein the semiconductor layer has a band gap which is larger than that of the active layer. According to this constitution, an optical semiconductor device with high reliability in which the ridge waveguide structure whose manufacturing is relatively easy is applied, and current diffusion and electrical crosstalk between lasers in the ridge waveguide structure are suppressed is enabled..
Fujitsu Limited

 Optical transmitter or transmission unit in optical transmitter/receiver provided on opto-electric hybrid board patent thumbnailOptical transmitter or transmission unit in optical transmitter/receiver provided on opto-electric hybrid board
This present invention is provided with: a semiconductor laser for emitting laser light in a plurality of channels; optical waveguides optically coupled in a corresponding manner to the semiconductor lasers, the optical waveguides propagating laser light as input light for each channel; optical modulators for modulating the input light and generating an optical signal; and an optical signal output unit coupled to the optical modulators, the optical signal output unit outputting the optical signal propagated from the optical modulators to the exterior. The present invention is characterized in that the semiconductor laser is arranged on the opposite side from an optical branching unit and the optical modulators, with the optical signal output unit interposed therebetween, in the plane of an opto-electric hybrid board..

 Multi-wavelength distributed raman amplification set-up patent thumbnailMulti-wavelength distributed raman amplification set-up
Techniques are presented herein to set power levels for multiple raman pump wavelengths in a distributed raman amplification configuration. A first receive power measurement is obtained at a second node with a controlled optical source at a first node turned on and with a plurality of raman pump lasers at different wavelengths at the second node turned off.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Multi-mode fiber amplifier patent thumbnailMulti-mode fiber amplifier
A laser utilizes a cavity design which allows the stable generation of high peak power pulses from mode-locked multi-mode fiber lasers, greatly extending the peak power limits of conventional mode-locked single-mode fiber lasers. Mode-locking may be induced by insertion of a saturable absorber into the cavity and by inserting one or more mode-filters to ensure the oscillation of the fundamental mode in the multi-mode fiber.
Imra America, Inc.

 Metal contacts to group iv semiconductors by inserting interfacial atomic monolayers patent thumbnailMetal contacts to group iv semiconductors by inserting interfacial atomic monolayers
Techniques for reducing the specific contact resistance of metal-semiconductor (group iv) junctions by interposing a monolayer of group v or group iii atoms at the interface between the metal and the semiconductor, or interposing a bi-layer made of one monolayer of each, or interposing multiple such bi-layers. The resulting low specific resistance metal—group iv semiconductor junctions find application as a low resistance electrode in semiconductor devices including electronic devices (e.g., transistors, diodes, etc.) and optoelectronic devices (e.g., lasers, solar cells, photodetectors, etc.) and/or as a metal source and/or drain region (or a portion thereof) in a field effect transistor (fet).
Acorn Technologies, Inc.

 Laser-based marking method and apparatus patent thumbnailLaser-based marking method and apparatus
A method for marking a thin workpiece is designed to prevent deformation of the workpiece. A plurality of lasers are opposed to respective opposite sides of the workpiece so as to both sides are heat treated.
Ipg Photonics Corporation

 Medical device for radiotherapy treatment patent thumbnailMedical device for radiotherapy treatment
The invention relies on a medical device for an intracorporeal location, wherein: it comprises a deformable armature, at least partially made of a shape memory material and having an ea end and an eb end, said ea end being larger than said eb end, it has an essentially triangular, trapezoidal, ovally or diamond-shaped, the sides of which extending between said eb end and the corners of said ea end, said deformable armature includes a middle rip extending from said ea end to said eb end and multiple cross elements extending between the middle rip and said sides, wherein said sides are formed by sides braces, it comprises at least one x-ray visible marker fixed at the deformable armature selected from the group consisting of gold, silver, platinum, tantalum, tungsten, niobium, palladium, iridium, it comprises a guide suited for the intracorporeal introduction of said medical device, and an extraction holder of the medical device. The invention also relies on a device for the introduction, by an endoscopic or percutaneous way, of the medical device, and on a method for accurately targeting a target area during radiation treatment through image guidance comprising determining the location of the medical device in real time using at least one method of targeting selected from the group consisting of lasers, visual, infrared, mrumrs, rf and radiation; and modifying the radiation treatment beam path to adaptively compensate for a change in position of the target area..

 Semiconductor interband cascade lasers with enhanced optical confinement patent thumbnailSemiconductor interband cascade lasers with enhanced optical confinement
A semiconductor interband cascade laser having an outer cladding layer formed from a material selected from the group consisting of a high-doped semiconductor material, a dielectric material and/or a metal, having an outer cladding layer refractive index and/or permittivity; an intermediate cladding layer formed from a semiconductor material having an intermediate cladding layer refractive index and/or permittivity which is greater than the outer cladding layer refractive index and/or permittivity; and a waveguide core having an active region having an active region refractive index and/or permittivity, the active region configured to generate light based on interband transitions, the light defining a lasing wavelength, wherein the intermediate cladding layer is positioned between the outer cladding layer and the waveguide core; and wherein the active region refractive index and/or permittivity is greater than the intermediate cladding layer refractive index and/or permittivity. The waveguide core may further include at least one separate confinement layer (scl) positioned between the active region and the intermediate cladding layer..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma


Generating terahertz frequency combs from quantum cascade lasers using nonlinear frequency mixing

Methods and systems include generating one or more mid-infrared frequencies based at least upon electron transitions in one or more quantum cascade heterostructures. The quantum cascade heterostructures are concurrently configured with a significant second-order nonlinear susceptibility, a significant third-order nonlinear susceptibility, and an insignificant group velocity dispersion.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Comb resolved fourier transform spectroscopy

Systems and methods for high resolution and high sensitivity spectroscopy are disclosed. High resolution can be obtained in conjunction with comb sources via comb resolved spectroscopy.
Imra America, Inc.


A for projecting an image with improved safety

A method of projecting an image with improved safety, using a projection device which comprises a mems mirror which oscillates about one or more oscillation axes to scan light from one or more lasers, across a display screen, to project pixels which define an image onto a display screen, the method comprising the steps of, (a) selecting a laser class for the projection device; (b) calculating relationship between maximum accessible emission limit and distance, for the selected laser class, for a predetermined number of black pixels in an image; (c) repeating step (b) a plurality of times, each for a different predetermined number of black pixels in the image, so as to provide a plurality of relationships between maximum accessible emission limit and distance, for the selected laser class, wherein each relationship is for different predetermined number of black pixels in the image; (d) determining the distance between a display screen and the projection device; (e) selecting a desired maximum accessible emission limit for an image which is to be projected by the projection device onto said display screen; (f) selecting a relationship, from the plurality of relationships between maximum accessible emission limit and distance, which contains a maximum accessible emission limit which is equal to the desired maximum accessible emission limit selected in step (e), at the distance determined in step (d) and; (g) identifying the predetermined number of black pixels in the image for that selected relationship; (h) modifying a pixel stream which defines said image which is to be projected by the projection device, so that the pixel stream is provided with said predetermined number of black pixels identified in step (g). There is further provided a corresponding projection device..
Intel Corporation


Method and polarization determination and/or control in optical fiber amplifying systems

Methods and apparatuses for determining the polarization state and for providing polarization control in optical fiber lasers and amplifiers. One embodiment of the invention is an optical fiber amplifying system including a circulator (260) having a first optical port (260a), a second optical port (260b) that is configured to output radiation received from the first optical port, and a third optical port (260c) that is configured to output radiation received from the second optical port; one or more amplifier stages (216) connected in series, together having an optical input (216a) optically coupled to the second port of the circulator, and an optical output (216b); and a polarization detector (240) having an optical input optically coupled to the third port of the circulator.


Multiple beam combiner for laser processing apparatus

Apparatus and methods for combining beams of amplified radiation are disclosed. A beam combiner has a collimating optic positioned to receive a plurality of coherent radiation beams at a constant angle of incidence with respect to an optical axis of the collimating optic.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Projectile weapon training apparatus using visual display to determine targeting, accuracy, and/or reaction timing

This apparatus offers multiple training scenarios which designates the targets to be hit and evaluates response. The apparatus assists in the evaluation and training of a shooter using multiple scenarios, detection of target strikes, timing, accuracy, and threat assessment.


Mode control in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a first distributed bragg reflector, a second distributed bragg reflector, an active region with an oxide aperture between the first and second distributed bragg reflectors, and a dielectric layer, where a positioning of the dielectric layer with respect to the first and second distributed bragg reflectors and the oxide aperture causes suppression of higher modes of the vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser device. Other embodiments are disclosed..
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Tunable semiconductor laser based on reconstruction-equivalent chirp and series mode or series and parallel hybrid integration, and preparation thereof

A tunable distributed feedback (dfb) semiconductor laser based on a series mode or a series and parallel hybrid mode. A grating structure of the laser is a sampling bragg grating based on the reconstruction-equivalent chirp technology.
Nanjing University Science Park Development Co., Ltd.


Method and applications of thin-film membrane transfer

The disclosure relates to method and apparatus for micro-contact printing of micro-electromechanical systems (“mems”) in a solvent-free environment. The disclosed embodiments enable forming a composite membrane over a parylene layer and transferring the composite structure to a receiving structure to form one or more microcavities covered by the composite membrane.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Quantum reflex integration apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention provide an apparatus for performing quantum reflex integration. A signal generator (106) is configured and disposed to generate an output pattern (220).


Grid pattern laser treatment and methods

Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for treating the retina and/or other areas of a patient's eye. The procedures may involve using one or more treatment beams (e.g., lasers) to cause photocoagulation or laser coagulation to finely cauterize ocular blood vessels and/or prevent blood vessel growth to induce one or more therapeutic benefits.
Iridex Corporation


Production of a component by selective laser melting

A method for producing a component by selective laser melting, wherein a number of lasers arranged next to one another generate a laser field, as a result of which powdery material can be melted in a selective manner for the purposes of generating contours. In the process, individual lasers of the laser arrangement can be switched on or off in a selective matter in order to irradiate or not irradiate certain regions.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Laser fiber array for singulating semiconductor wafers

An apparatus for cutting a substrate comprises first and second lasers, and first and second optical fibers each having an input end and an output end opposite to the input end, wherein the input ends of the first and second optical fibers are connected to the first and second lasers respectively. The output ends of the first and second optical fibers are movable relative to the substrate and are configured to image first and second laser beams onto the substrate simultaneously for cutting the substrate..


Wavelength locking and multiplexing of high-power semiconductor lasers

The disclosure relates to wavelength stabilization and wavelength multiplexing of multiple high-power multi-mode semiconductor lasers. The lasers are wavelength-stabilized in free space using multi-peak output reflectors to wavelength-lock their output at different reflection wavelength in dependence on operating conditions, to reduce output reflectivity required for locking and increase output power.
Lumentum Operations Llc


Burst-mode laser control circuit and the method thereof

A burst-mode laser control circuit and related methods thereof are disclosed. Using an apc loop with an additional burst-mode control circuit, and a switch in series with a diode and in parallel with the laser, a continuous-mode laser driver is enabled to operate in burst-mode by turning the switch on or off via external logic.
Source Photonics (chengdu) Co., Ltd.


Cooling disk lasers

A laser disk module includes a lasing element including an active gain medium, the lasing element including opposite top and bottom end surfaces, and a heat transfer element adjacent the bottom end surface, the heat transfer element including a ceramic material that defines a plurality of cooling structures. The heat transfer element is configured to transfer heat generated in the lasing element to a coolant in contact with the heat transfer element in the plurality of cooling structures during operation of the laser disk module..
Trumpf Laser Gmbh


Spectroscopy systems and methods using quantum cascade laser arrays with lenses

A spectroscopy system includes an array of quantum cascade lasers (qcls) that emits an array of non-coincident laser beams. A lens array coupled to the qcl array substantially collimates the laser beams, which propagate along parallel optical axes towards a sample.
Pendar Technologies, Llc


Use of lasers for treating and reversing fibrosis

A method for treating a subject having a diseased or atrophic state of fibrotic tissue, kidney disease and associated nerve endings, or for promoting tissue regeneration in muscle tissue is accomplished through exposing the tissue with a laser light having a wavelength of about 400 nm to about 700 nm, or more preferably having a wavelength of about 405 nm, about 532 nm, about 635 nm, or a combination thereof. Subsequent to exposure, mesenchymal stem cells can be administered to the subject.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Optical link protection using common modulation of multiple combined wavelengths

An optical transmitter may include one or more lasers configured to provide a primary optical signal having a primary wavelength and a secondary optical signal having a secondary wavelength to a modulator via corresponding first and second modulator inputs. The modulator may combine the primary and secondary optical signals into a combined optical signal and modulate, with an electrical signal, the combined optical signal to provide a modulated optical signal to an optical filter.


Solderless mounting for semiconductor lasers

A first contact surface of a semiconductor laser chip can be formed to a first target surface roughness and a second contact surface of a carrier mounting can be formed to a second target surface roughness. A first bond preparation layer comprising a first metal can optionally be applied to the formed first contact surface, and a second bond preparation layer comprising a second metal can optionally be applied to the formed second contact surface.


Holographic wristband

Disclosed is, among other things, a holographic wristband. It may comprise a wristband configured to emit two-dimensional (2d) or three-dimensional (3d) images.


Method and apparatus pertaining to a flexible wrapping material having laser-formed crease lines

One or more lasers (80, 100) form one or more crease lines (140, 150, 151) in a flexible wrapping material (60). The flexible wrapping material is then folded about the one or more crease lines when encapsulating an item to be wrapped within the flexible wrapping material.


Pharmaceutical composition for treating scars on the skin, and treating scars on the skin using same

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for treating scars on the skin, comprising a mixture of botulinum toxin and air. The mixture of botulinum toxin and air according to the present invention, when injected in the dermis, may temporarily removed the elasticity of the dermis and flatten out the depressed part of the scar, and thus enables elaborate intradermic resection and increases the therapeutic effects of lasers for treating pulsed dye laser or of fractional lasers.


Laser apparatus and information acquisition apparatus using the same

A laser apparatus includes an active medium, a first reflection portion, a second reflection portion, a first laser array including a plurality of semiconductor lasers, a third reflection portion configured to reflect at least part of light emitted from the first laser array and transmitted through the active medium, and a fourth reflection portion configured to transmit at least part of light emitted from the first laser array, and to reflect at least part of light reflected by the third reflection portion and transmitted through the active medium. The fourth reflection portion is disposed across the plurality of semiconductor lasers including respective light-emitting regions of the plurality of semiconductor lasers of the first laser array..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Densely arrayed waveguides with low cross-coupling

Described herein are lasers comprising an output port to output an optical signal, a plurality of waveguide segments forming an optical cavity length, and a resonant optical cavity comprising the optical cavity length, a gain medium included in the resonant optical cavity to amplify the optical signal, and a heating element disposed near at least two of the plurality of waveguide segments, the heating element controllable to adjust the phase of the optical signal by heating the waveguide segments. Described herein are optical devices comprising a first plurality of ports to output a plurality of optical signals, a second plurality of ports to receive the plurality of optical signals, and a plurality of coupling waveguides.


Compact, coherent, high brightness light sources for the mid and far ir

Compact high brightness light sources for the mid and far ir spectral region, and exemplary applications are disclosed based on passively mode locked tm fiber comb lasers. In at least one embodiment the coherence of the comb sources is increased in a system utilizing an amplified single-frequency laser to pump the tm fiber comb laser.
Imra America, Inc.


Discrimination of low power rf signals using phase modulation with injection locked lasers

An apparatus is provided for rf signal discrimination. A master laser of the apparatus is connected to an optical input of an optical phase modulator.
Government Of The United States, As Represented The Secretary Of The Air Force


Laser guided and laser powered energy discharge device

The present invention relates to a laser guided and powered directed energy weapon that combines two different lasers to accurately and efficiently deliver a high energy electromagnetic pulse (emp) to a target at long range. The method uses a high energy laser pulse with relatively long pulse duration focused in air to create a plasma ball which emits an intense emp.


Hybrid silicon lasers on bulk silicon substrates

Hybrid silicon lasers are provided including a bulk silicon substrate, a localized insulating layer that extends on at least a portion of the bulk silicon substrate, an optical waveguide structure on an upper surface of the localized insulating layer. The optical waveguide structure includes an optical waveguide including a silicon layer.


Laser based frequency standards and their applications

Frequency standards based on mode-locked fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and fiber-based ultra-broad bandwidth light sources, and applications of the same.. .
Imra America, Inc.


High-gain operation of fiber lasers at long wavelengths

A method of operating a tm:doped fiber amplifier including selecting a length of tm:doped optical fiber to be less than one hundred meters, doping the optical fiber with active ions at a doping level of greater than one percent, optically pumping the doped optical fiber with a first laser beam having a wavelength longer than the wavelength where a maximum absorption cross section is provided by the active ions, and creating a population inversion between two active ion energy levels with the first laser beam, the active ions providing a gain to a second laser beam.. .
Physical Sciences, Inc.


Heterogeneous spectroscopic transceiving photonic integrated circuit sensor

Described herein are optical sensing devices for photonic integrated circuits (pics). A pic may comprise a plurality of waveguides formed in a silicon on insulator (soi) substrate, and a plurality of heterogeneous lasers, each laser formed from a silicon material of the soi substrate and to emit an output wavelength comprising an infrared wavelength.
Aurrion, Inc.


Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device

A backlight unit has a light-guide plate and a light source optically coupled with the light-guide plate, with which light is input from a plane of the light-guide plate and white-light is output from the first principal plane of the light-guide plate. The light source has a plurality of blue light emitting diodes, red phosphor material excited by light from the blue light emitting diodes and emits red light, and a plurality of green semiconductor lasers having emission peaks at green light wavelengths..
Nichia Corporation


Tactical mobile surveillance system

A system for inspection of the undercarriage of a vehicle. The system may comprise a mobile unit or a stationary unit configured to fit in a space below the vehicle for gathering and transmitting data, images and or recordings, of the undercarriage of the vehicle.
Black Diamond Xtreme Engineering, Inc.


Automated product profiling apparatus and product slicing system using the same

An apparatus for acquiring a profile of a food product for use in subsequent processing of the food product includes a scanning area and one or more product drives for driving a product through the scanning area in a longitudinal direction. First line lasers project one first transverse laser line transversely to the longitudinal direction on the first surface and two first cameras arranged to capture different, overlapping first transverse image portions of the first transverse laser line.
Formax, Inc.


White light illuminant comprising quantum dot lasers and phosphors

A laser-based white light illuminant comprises a iii-nitride quantum dot laser diode and phosphors that convert the emitted laser light into white light. The laser light is emitted from an active region comprised of small quantum dots having a narrow size distribution, thereby providing narrower linewidths, decreased operating current density and increased peak efficiency.
Sandia Corporation


Operating vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are provided for operating a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser. Operating a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser can include sending a signal to a driver to decrease an optical power of a vertical cavity surface emitting laser transmitter, and sending a signal to the driver associated with increasing the optical power by a particular amount in response to determining that the optical power is insufficient for reception by a receiver..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Process for fabrication of ytterbium doped optical fiber

The present invention provides a process for fabrication of ytterbium (yb) doped optical fiber through vapor phase doping technique. The method comprises deposition of al2o3 and yb2o3 in vapor phase simultaneously in combination with silica during formation of sintered core layer.
Department Of Electronics And Information Technology


Device and a 3d printing and manufacturing of materials using quantum cascade lasers

A 3d printer device utilizing at least one quantum cascade laser (qcl) image head having at least one beam focused in a focal plane of the device for building on a surface of the device a 3d model of a target object from a digital image. The inventive 3d printer is more compact in size due to the use of qcl image heads, which provides focused wavelengths of qcls matching the absorption properties in plastics for more efficient absorption of the radiant energy.


Device for preheating during welding and method

By the use of two lasers which are not mechanically connected to each other but the beams of which are then coupled to each other, it is possible to carry out preheating and remelting or melting in a very simple manner is provided.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Wave based light beam delivery system

A device for projecting images from a video generating device such as a computer, television receiver, or similar device onto a screen or other surface is described in this invention. The device uses a rotating disk containing numerous lenses to direct a light beam from a laser or other light source towards the screen.


Semiconductor lasers

A semiconductor laser comprises a semiconductor laser chip, a conductive mount, an insulation block, and an electrode. The semiconductor laser chip and the insulation block are bonded to a surface of the conductive mount, and an upper surface of the electrode and the semiconductor laser chip are electrically connected.
Canare Electric Co., Ltd.


Three dimensional (3d) printing by volumetric addition through selective curing of a fluid matrix

An apparatus for building a three dimensional (3d) object using volumetric addition. The apparatus includes a print chamber containing a volume of a curable resin.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Maldi-tof mass spectrometers with delay time variations and related methods

Maldi-tof ms systems have solid state lasers and successive and varied delay times between ionization and acceleration (e.g. Extraction) to change focus masses during a single sample signal acquisition without requiring tuning of the ms by a user.
Biomérieux, Inc.


Nano-composite thermo-electric energy converter and fabrication method thereof

Briefly, the present disclosure relates to a nanocomposite thermoelectric energy converter comprising a composite thin film inorganic semiconductor having carbonized polymer nano-clusters and the net of polymer nano-fibers included within. The carbonized polymer nano-clusters and nano-fibers improve the thermoelectric figure of merit zt by increasing electrical conductivity and decreasing thermal conductivity.
Dillard University


Single-mode, distributed feedback interband cascade lasers

Single-mode, distributed feedback interband cascade lasers (icls) using distributed-feedback gratings (e.g., lateral bragg gratings) and methods of fabricating such icls are provided. The icls incorporate distributed-feedback gratings that are formed above the laser active region and adjacent the ridge waveguide (rwg) of the icl.
California Institute Of Technology


Low noise, high power, multiple-microresonator based laser

This invention provides ultra-low noise lasers with exceptional performance through the use of ultra-low loss microresonator based filters/reflectors including multiple (≧3) microresonator rings with different ring radii. The ultra-low loss microresonators provide a long effective laser cavity length enabling very narrow linewidth laser operation, with multiple (≧3) microresonators providing extremely high selectivity of the lasing mode over a very wide wavelength range; supporting single wavelength and widely tunable wavelength laser operation.


Wavelength division multiplexing of uncooled lasers with wavelength-common dispersive element

An example demultiplexer may include at least one dispersive element that is common to multiple wavelength channels. The demultiplexer may additionally include multiple field lenses positioned optically downstream from the at least one dispersive element, where a number of the field lenses is equal to a number of the wavelength channels.
Finisar Corporation


Short-wave infrared super-continuum lasers for detecting counterfeit or illicit drugs and pharmaceutical process control

A measurement system includes a light source generating an output optical beam using semiconductor sources generating an input beam, optical amplifiers outputting an intermediate beam, and optical fibers receiving the intermediate beam and forming a first optical beam. A nonlinear element broadens the output beam spectrum to at least 10 nm, the spectrum comprising a near-infrared wavelength of 700-2500 nm.
Omni Medsci, Inc.


Skin treatment with solid state laser

A method of treating mammalian tissue generates a first output beam of laser radiation of about 755 nm using an alexandrite laser. The first output beam is directed to a delivery device for directing a system output beam of laser radiation to a target region of mammalian tissue for non-therapeutic hair removal or tattoo removal.
Candela Corporation


Monitoring a multiplexed laser array in an optical communication system

Individual channels of a multiplexed laser array in a multi-channel optical transmitter are monitored at an output of an optical multiplexer. The monitoring may be used to confirm proper operation of each of the channels in the multiplexed laser array and/or to perform wavelength locking on each of the channels.
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.


Device for generating laser radiation having a linear intensity distribution

The invention relates to a device for generating laser radiation (3) having a linear intensity distribution (11), comprising a plurality of laser light sources for generating laser radiation (3) and optical means for transforming laser radiation (3) exiting from the laser light sources into laser radiation (14) that has a linear intensity distribution (11) in a working plane (9), wherein the laser light sources are constructed as fundamental mode lasers and the device is designed such that each of the laser beams (3) exiting from the laser light sources does not overlap with itself.. .
Limo Patentverwaltung Gmbh & Co. Kg


Optical bench apparatus having integrated monitor photodetectors and monitoring optical power using same

Optical bench structure provides a platform for integrating optical transmitters, particularly vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (vcsels), with monitor photodetectors. A substrate with photodetectors on the front side is aligned with flip-chip bonding bumps so the emission of the transmitters is aligned with the monitor photodetectors and passes through the monitor photodetectors with a portion of the transmitted light absorbed by the monitor photodetectors.
Zephyr Photonics Inc.


Hybrid polarization-multiplexed coherent pic transmitters and receivers

Consistent with the present disclosure, active devices, such as lasers, optical amplifiers, and photodiodes, are integrated on a first substrate, and other optical devices, such as passive devices including polarization rotators and polarization beam combiners, are provided on a second substrate. An array of lenses is provided between the two substrates to provide a low loss optical connection from the first substrate to the second substrate.
Infinera Corporation


Non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser based rangefinding instruments

A non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser rangefinders of especial utility with respect to pumped, monoblock lasers. The receiver comprises a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier having at least first and second stages.
Kama-tech (hk) Limited


Compact, thermally stable multi-laser engine

Various embodiments of a multi-laser system are disclosed. In some embodiments, the multi-laser system includes a plurality of lasers, a plurality of laser beams, a beam positioning system, a thermally stable enclosure, and a temperature controller.
Cvi Laser, Llc.


Optical mask plate and laser lift-off device

The present invention provides an optical mask plate and a laser lift-off device. The optical mask plate comprises at least one totally-transmissive region and a blocking region surrounding the totally-transmissive region.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Reusable nitride wafer, making, and use thereof

Techniques for processing materials for manufacture of gallium-containing nitride substrates are disclosed. More specifically, techniques for fabricating and reusing large area substrates using a combination of processing techniques are disclosed.
Soraa, Inc.


Robotic work object cell calibration method

The robotic work object cell calibration method includes a work object or emitter. Initially, placing the work object is placed in a selected position on a fixture or work piece on the shop floor.


Semiconductor interband lasers and forming

A semiconductor interband laser that includes a first cladding layer formed using a first high-doped semiconductor material having a first refractive index/permittivity and a second cladding layer formed using a second high-doped semiconductor material having a second refractive index/permittivity. The laser also includes a waveguide core having a waveguide core refractive index/permittivity, the waveguide core is positioned between the first and the second cladding layers.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma


Ultraviolet triply-optically-pumped atomic lasers (topal)

A continuous-wave (cw), ultraviolet triply-optically-pumped atomic laser (topal) is disclosed. The inventive laser device includes a laser active media comprising a mixture of a neutral atomic vapor and one or more buffer gases.


Reconfigurable electromagnetic surface of pixelated metal patches

A reconfigurable electro-magnetic tile includes a laser layer including a plurality of lasers, and a pixelated surface comprising a plurality of metal patches and a plurality of switches, wherein each respective switch of the plurality of switches is in a gap between a first respective metal patch and a second respective metal patch, wherein each respective switch is optically coupled to at least one respective laser of the plurality of lasers, and wherein each switch of the plurality of switches comprises a phase change material.. .
Hrl Laboratories Llc


Optical communication systems and methods

Systems and methods presented herein provide for optical communications with a remotely located laser. In one embodiment, a communication system includes an optical link and a communication hub comprising at least two lasers optically coupled to a first end of the optical link, the communication hub further comprising an optical multiplexer operable to multiplex light from the lasers and to propagate the multiplexed light along the optical link.


Mode-locked multi-mode fiber laser pulse source

A laser utilizes a cavity design which allows the stable generation of high peak power pulses from mode-locked multi-mode fiber lasers, greatly extending the peak power limits of conventional mode-locked single-mode fiber lasers. Mode-locking may be induced by insertion of a saturable absorber into the cavity and by inserting one or more mode-filters to ensure the oscillation of the fundamental mode in the multi-mode fiber.
Imra America, Inc.


Method and apparatus including improved vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Vcsels and methods having improved characteristics. In some embodiments, these include a semiconductor substrate; a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (vcsel) on the substrate; a first electrical contact formed on the vcsel; a second electrical contact formed on the substrate, wherein the vcsel includes: a first resonating cavity having first and second mirrors, at least one of which partially transmits light incident on that mirror, wherein the first second mirrors are electrically conductive.
Vixar Inc.


Optical signal processing with modelocked lasers

The invention relates to scanning pulsed laser systems for optical imaging. Coherent dual scanning laser systems (cdsl) are disclosed and some applications thereof.
Imra America, Inc.


Monolithic silicon lasers

An apparatus comprising a substrate having a silicon waveguide thereon. The apparatus also comprises a semiconductor layer with a direct band gap.
Alcatel-lucent Usa, Inc.


Integrated optoelectronic modules

A beam generating device includes a semiconductor substrate, having an optical passband. A first array of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (vcsels) is formed on a first face of the semiconductor substrate and are configured to emit respective laser beams through the substrate at a wavelength within the passband.
Apple Inc.


Quantum-dot laser diode

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to the field of laser technology, specifically semiconductor lasers, and to novel biomedical applications of such lasers, including novel methods of photodynamic therapy. Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure include a semiconductor laser diode having an active region having a gain medium with one or more ingaas/inas quantum dot layers; and wherein the laser diode can be arranged in operation to emit laser light having a central wavelength within spectral range of wave lengths.
University Of Dundee


Symmetric three-laser resonator fiber optic gyroscope

A resonator fiber optic gyroscope comprises a master laser that emits a reference optical signal, a first slave laser that emits a clockwise optical signal, and a second slave laser that emits a counter-clockwise optical signal. A resonator ring cavity in optical communication with the first slave laser and second slave laser is configured to receive the optical signals from the slave lasers without receiving the reference optical signal.
Honeywell International Inc.


High power laser iris cutters

There are provided using deuterium oxide as a media for transmitting high power lasers to perform laser operations, such as cutting, boring and drilling, a target material. High power laser beams are transmitted through a deuterium oxide beam path to a target material, including material in a pressure containment vessel..
Foro Energy Inc.


Optical communication circuits

Various apparatuses, circuits, systems, and methods for optical communication are disclosed. In some implementations an optical transmitter includes an optical data port configured to engage an optical fiber.
Xilinx, Inc.


Managing thermal budget in annealing of substrates

A method and apparatus are provided for treating a substrate. The substrate is positioned on a support in a thermal treatment chamber.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Delayed optical logic gates for boolean algebra

A system, method, and apparatus for delayed optical logic gates based on slow light and enhanced nondegenerate four-wave mixing processes, where a single or multiple delayed optical routers are utilized for dark resonance interactions in which two-color lasers interact with a three-level nonlinear optical medium comprised of two ground states and one excited state through the nondegenerate four-wave mixing processes. The delayed optical logic mechanism is based on combination of single or multiple dark resonance-induced two-photon coherence conversion via slow light phenomenon.
Inha Industry Partnership Institute


Optical communication module and producing the same

An optical communication module includes a plurality of semiconductor lasers that emit optical signals with different wavelengths, a plurality of first mounts each including a first mounting surface on which a corresponding one of the semiconductor lasers is mounted and a first side surface that intersects with the first mounting surface, a second mount including a second mounting surface on which a lens array that collimates an optical signal emitted from a corresponding one of the plurality of semiconductor lasers and a multiplexing optical system that multiplexes the plurality of optical signals that have been collimated by the lens array and a second side surface that intersects with the second mounting surface. Each of the first mounts is fixed to the second mount in a state where a corresponding one of the semiconductor lasers is aligned with the lens array and the first side surface abuts the second side surface..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Optical communication module

An optical communication module includes a plurality of semiconductor lasers that emit optical signals with different wavelengths, a multiplexing optical system including a plurality of optical filters used for multiplexing the optical signals, each of which has been emitted from a corresponding one of the plurality of semiconductor lasers, and a substrate on which the optical filters are provided, and a plurality of lenses, each of the lenses being joined to a corresponding one of the plurality of optical filters to condense or collimate an optical signal emitted from a corresponding one of the semiconductor lasers and thereby enable the light signal to enter the optical filter. The plurality of lenses are independent from one another and have a different linear expansion ratio from that of the substrate.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Light-based position control of a manual picking process

A position control system for a manual picking workstation having a plurality of component bins includes a light device and a process controller. The light device projects a light beam along a plane.
Fives Inc.


Modular cart

A modular cart for transporting and securing femtosecond lasers and other highly sensitive equipment to medical facilities by truck transit and within medical facilities by rolling the modular cart is disclosed. The modular cart includes a cart base member with rollers, a sub plate attached to the top portion of the cart base member, a control box attached to a top end portion of the cart base member, and an adaptable interface plate attached thereto the top portion of the sub plate for selectively receiving and securing highly sensitive equipment.
Sightpath Medical, Llc


Medical equipment cart having a rotary attachment

A cart for transporting and securing ophthalmological lasers and other highly sensitive equipment to medical facilities by a vehicle such as a truck, and within medical facilities by rolling the cart is disclosed. The cart includes a cart base member with a mounting plate attached to the top portion of the cart base member, a locking mechanism attached to the mounting plate, and a circular plate, rotary swivel bearing and roller plate contained between the cart base member and the mounting plate.
Sightpath Medical, Llc


Diffractive optical elements for transformation of modes in lasers

Spatial mode conversion modules are described, with the capability of efficiently transforming a given optical beam profile, at one plane in space into another well-defined optical beam profile at a different plane in space, whose detailed spatial features and symmetry properties can, in general, differ significantly. The modules are comprised of passive, high-efficiency, low-loss diffractive optical elements, combined with fourier transform optics.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Laser centering tool for surface areas

A laser centering tool for surface areas used to find the center point of a surface. The laser centering tool uses single or multiple laser sources to project a plurality of lines on a horizontal or vertical surface.


High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays

High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays as disclosed herein utilize a system of optical elements that may be external to the laser oscillator array. Such an external optical system may achieve mutually coherent operation of all the emitters in a laser array, and coherent combination of the output of all the lasers in the array into a single beam.
Pd-ld, Inc.


Index-coupled distributed-feedback semiconductor quantum cascade lasers fabricated without epitaxial regrowth

Quantum cascade (qc) lasers and methods of fabricating such qc lasers are provided. The qc lasers incorporate a dfb grating without requiring the use of relying on epitaxial regrowth processes.
California Institute Of Technology


Hybrid waveguide lasers and methods for fabricating hybrid waveguide lasers

The present disclosure relates to a method for integrating a sub-micron iii-v waveguide laser on a semiconductor photonics platform as well as to a corresponding device/system. The method comprises providing on a semiconductor substrate an electrically insulating layer, etching a trench having a width in the range between 50 nm and 800 nm through the electrically insulating layer, thereby locally exposing the silicon substrate, providing a iii-v layer stack in the trench by local epitaxial growth to form a channel waveguide, and providing a light confinement element for confining radiation in the local-epitaxial-grown channel waveguide..
Imec Vzw


Unidirectional ring lasers

A laser includes an active ring, a passive waveguide, and a reflector. The active ring is to generate light.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Method, system and hybrid optical and electrical pumping of semiconductor lasers and leds for improved reliability at high temperatures

A method, system and an apparatus for hybrid optical and electrical pumping of semiconductor lasers and light-emitting diodes (leds) improves reliability at high operating temperatures. The semiconductor laser or led is biased via optical pumping and a relatively small electrical modulation current modulates the laser.
Zephyr Photonics Inc.


Bidirectional long cavity semiconductor laser for improved power and efficiency

The invention relates to bi-directional long-cavity semiconductor lasers for high power applications having two ar coated facets (2ar) to provide an un-folded cavity with enhanced output power. The lasers exhibit more uniform photon and carrier density distributions along the cavity than conventional uni-directional high-power lasers, enabling longer lasers with greater output power and lasing efficiency due to reduced longitudinal hole burning.
Jds Uniphase Corporation


Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method

Provided is a laser annealing apparatus 1 for heat-treating a surface of a substrate 30 comprising: a pulse oscillation laser source 10 which generates a pulse laser with gentle rise time and long pulse width; a continuous wave laser source 20 which generates a near-infrared laser for assisting annealing; optical systems 12, 22 which shape and guide beams 15, 25 of the two types of lasers respectively so as to irradiate the surface of the substrate 30 therewith; and a moving device 3 which moves the substrate 30 relatively to the laser beams 15, 25 to allow scanning of the combined irradiation of the two types of laser beams. According to this apparatus, deep activation of impurities can be performed in a thick semiconductor substrate with large heat capacity while securing sufficient light penetration depth and thermal diffusion length therefor..

Lasers topics: Semiconductor, Photosensitive Drum, Device Control, Incident Light, Lens Array, Electrical Signal, Laser Array, Raman Amplifier, Amplification, Internal Combustion Engine, Enhancement, Processing Device, Processing Devices, Fiber Optic Cable, Fiber Optic

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