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Mobile phone having a non-telephone function and timing reset unit


Mobile phone having a non-telephone function and timing reset unit

Power reduction device and method

Samsung Electro-mechanics

Power reduction device and method

Power reduction device and method

Renesas Electronics

Content output device and program

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lapse-related patents
 Radio communication method and radio communication apparatus patent thumbnailRadio communication method and radio communication apparatus
A radio communication method includes the steps of: storing a beam having a good characteristic and a beam having a bad characteristic on the basis of a result of beamforming setting; reserving a calibration period; changing a beam to the beam having the bad characteristic in the reserved calibration period; performing calibration in the reserved calibration period; and changing the beam having the bad characteristic to the beam having the good characteristic after the reserved calibration period has elapsed.. .
Panasonic Corporation

 Mobile phone having a non-telephone function and timing reset unit patent thumbnailMobile phone having a non-telephone function and timing reset unit
The present invention is a mobile phone having a non-telephone function (e.g. A camera function) that is different from a telephone function, and includes: a timer operable to count time; a non-telephone function unit operable to execute the non-telephone function, the non-telephone function comprising a function of illuminating a backlight provided to the mobile phone; a non-telephone function stop unit operable to cause the timer to operate during execution of the non-the telephone function, and automatically stop the execution of the non-telephone function when the timer indicates an elapse of a predetermined time period; a telephone unit operable to execute the telephone function; and a reset unit operable, if the timer is being operated in response to the execution of the non-telephone function, to reset the timer to an initial state when a certain operation relating to an application is executed, wherein when the timer is reset to the initial state, the timer starts to measure the predetermined time period, and the non-telephone function stop unit stops the execution of the non-telephone function at the elapse of the predetermined time period from when the certain operation relating to an application is executed..
Kyocera Corporation

 Power reduction device and method patent thumbnailPower reduction device and method
Embodiments of the invention provide a power reduction device and method. According to at least one embodiment, there is provided a power reduction device, which includes an internal reset generating unit outputting an internal reset signal when a power supplying voltage is lowered from a normal state to a lower threshold voltage or less, and a power controlling unit outputting a power down signal after a predetermined time elapses when the internal reset signal is output from the internal reset generating unit.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Content output device and program patent thumbnailContent output device and program
At the time of device starting or channel switching in a content output device, even when buffering of a sufficiently large size is performed in order to address multimedia processing at the time of start of a device and content switching, slow reproduction in which video and audio are synchronized with each other can be performed without keeping a user waiting for a long time, and at an arbitrary reproduction rate with the extent of not giving the user feeling of unnaturalness. The broadcasting reception unit initializes the delay amount to a predetermined start value, then gradually increases it with lapse of time, and stops the increase when the delay amount reaches a predetermined end value.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Image processing apparatus capable of ascertaining printing reduction effect, control method therefor, storage medium, and image processing system patent thumbnailImage processing apparatus capable of ascertaining printing reduction effect, control method therefor, storage medium, and image processing system
An image processing apparatus which makes it possible to ascertain the concrete number of recording sheets that have been saved. Data is stored in an hdd of the image processing apparatus.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Interactive search results patent thumbnailInteractive search results
A method includes receiving search results containing one or more result objects from a search engine, displaying displayed search results in a graphical user interface based on the one or more results objects, receiving a selection of the resize element by a user via a user interface of the user device and modifying the modifiable search result based on the selection of the resize element. Each result object contains data and instructions to render a respective displayed search result.
Quixey, Inc.

 Data processing method, drawing device, and storage medium patent thumbnailData processing method, drawing device, and storage medium
A data processing method for updating a picture to be displayed in a display, based on a synchronization signal issued in each predetermined time period, the data processing method including calculating a scheduled number of sub-pictures scheduled to be created by a processor in a first time period from issuing of a first synchronization signal until the predetermined time period elapses, the sub-pictures being pieces of pictures included in the picture to be displayed in the display, counting an actual number of sub-pictures created by the processor in the first time period, detecting that the actual number of sub-pictures reaches the scheduled number of sub-pictures; and reducing power consumption of the processor, based on the detecting that the actual number of sub-pictures reaches the scheduled number of sub-pictures.. .
Fujitsu Limited

 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image heating apparatus includes a heating member for heating a toner image on a sheet; a fan; a duct provided with an opening for discharging air supplied by the fan, toward the heating member; a shutter for the opening; a motor for moving the shutter; a detector for detecting that the shutter is in a predetermined position; and a controller for controlling the motor; wherein when the detector does not detect the shutter after a predetermined time elapses from production of first instructions for moving the shutter toward the predetermined position, the controller produces second instructions for moving the shutter in a direction away from the predetermined position.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Foldable refrigerator patent thumbnailFoldable refrigerator
A foldable refrigerator is provided. The foldable refrigerator moves from a functional first position a to a collapsed second position b.

 Collapsible wall patent thumbnailCollapsible wall
A collapsible wall including a support frame and a first series of panels configured to suspend from the support frame with at least one pair of adjacent panels pivotally connected to each other. A second series of panels are configured to suspend from the support frame opposite the first series of panels and include at least one pair of adjacent panels pivotally connected to each other.
Advanced Equipment Corporation


Vehicle door latch controller

A vehicle door latch controller is provided in which the operation of a latch release electric motor for driving a ratchet is controlled so as to pivot the ratchet from the ratchet engagement position to the ratchet release position in response to detecting a latch release intention of the vehicle driver in a fully-latched state, wherein a control unit actuates the latch release electric motor so as to pivot the ratchet to the ratchet engagement position after a predetermined time has elapsed since it has detected that the ratchet is at the ratchet release position and actuation of the latch release electric motor has been stopped after the latch release electric motor has started actuating so as to pivot the ratchet from the ratchet engagement position to the ratchet release position. Such controller prevents opening a door undesirably, even if releasing of a latched state is erroneously carried out..
Kabushiki Kaisha Honda Lock,


Method for growing silicon single crystal

A method for growing a silicon single crystal by a czochralski method, includes: conducting preliminary examination of growth conditions under which crystal collapse does not occur, the preliminary examination being based on a correlation between presence or absence of the crystal collapse in the silicon single crystal and a position at which an internal stress in the crystal when the silicon single crystal is grown will exceed a prescribed threshold, the position being away from a crystal growth interface; and growing the silicon single crystal in accordance with the growth conditions under which the crystal collapse does not occur, the growth conditions being determined from the preliminary examination. The method can grow a silicon single crystal while crystal collapse is effectively prevented..
Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.


Copy number aberration driven endocrine response gene signature

Disclosed are methods of predicting the likelihood of long-term survival without recurrence of breast cancer for a subject having estrogen receptor-positive (er+) breast cancer treated with adjuvant endocrine monotherapy. In various embodiments, these methods comprise performing a gene expression profile of a breast tissue sample of substantially all of the genes of the “cader set” described herein; calculating a risk score using a regression model; and applying a double median cutoff classification to assign the subject to a sensitive, indeterminate or resistant group, wherein assignment to a sensitive group predicts longer relapse-free survival compared to the median relapse-free survival of er+ breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant endocrine monotherapy..
Washington University


Tumor therapy with an anti-vegf antibody

The present invention provides a method of treating a patient suffering from relapsed her2 positive cancer with an anti-vegf antibody during or after treatment with an anti-her2 antibody. The invention also provides a kit comprising an anti-vegf antibody..
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.


Production of graphene materials in a cavitating fluid

The invention provides a method of producing a graphene material from a starting graphitic material. In an embodiment, the method comprises: (a) dispersing the starting graphitic material in a liquid medium to form a graphite suspension; and (b) introducing the graphite suspension into a hydrodynamic cavitation reactor that generates and collapses cavitation or bubbles in the liquid medium to exfoliate and separate graphene planes from the starting graphitic material for producing the graphene material.


Method for the partial emptying of buoyant objects and device for carrying out the method

A method for the partial emptying of buoyant objects, which are stored in a loading aid having at least one opening is provided. A processing weight to be partially emptied is established.
Ltw Intralogistics Gmbh


Collapsible metal box

The invention relates to a collapsible metal box (1), in particular for transporting a material sensitive to creep, said box comprising: a. A base (2); and b.
Groupe Arnaud


Semi-rigid collapsible container

A semi-rigid collapsible container has a side-wall with an upper portion, a central portion, a lower portion and a base. The central portion includes a vacuum panel portion having a control portion and an initiator portion.
Co2 Pac Limited


Tonneau cover system for vehicles

A tonneau cover system for a cargo area of a vehicle. The system may comprise a flexible cover mounted to a main support frame.


Lead positioning and finned fixation system

A therapy assembly configured for at least partial insertion in a living body. At least one fixation structure is attached to the therapy delivery element proximate the electrodes.
Greatbatch Ltd.


Low dose noribogaine for treating nicotine addiction and preventing relapse of nicotine use

This invention provides methods and compositions for treating nicotine addiction or treating or preventing nicotine cravings in a subject. The method comprises administering to the patient in need thereof a therapeutically effective amount of noribogaine, noribogaine derivative, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof..
Demerx, Inc.


Device & deterring back-lying snoring posture

Domed articles are disclosed with reinforcements and adaptations for adhesively-applying them to a person's back while sleeping, to deter against the person sleeping supinely on their back, a posture that is commonly associated with louder and more dangerous snoring. The dome-like articles (1) are typically shaped like a campaign hat in that they have a central dome (or crown region) surrounded by a concentric, relatively-flat annular perimeter (or brim region), (2) have a hypoallergenic adhesive on a flat side of the brim—the side facing the person's back—for removably securing the domed article to the person's back, (3) are typically formed from a unitary plastic sheet with complex shapes and surface features that reinforce the strength of the dome to resist collapse when the person rolls onto it, such shapes and features including stress distributors and structural reinforcements such as intersecting arcuate ridges and/or troughs, and (4) have holes or other surface features to allow for ventilation of the space enclosed between the dome and the person's back..


Variable thickness vascular treatment device systems and methods

A distal embolic protection device for dedicated use in cerebral arterial blood vessels is described. The distal embolic protection device comprises a variable-thickness micro-guidewire and a collapsible filtering device mounted on the microguidewire over two mobile attachment points so that in its collapsed configuration, the thickness of the microguidewire and the filtering device at this region is less than or equal to 0.017 inch (0.432 mm) in thickness to be able to pass through existing conventional microcatheters.
Insera Therapeutics, Inc.


Systems and methods for treating tissue with radiofrequency energy

A system for controlling operation of a radiofrequency treatment device to apply radiofrequency energy to tissue to treat tissue to create lesions without ablating the tissue. The system includes a first treatment device having a plurality of electrodes.
Mederi Therapeutics, Inc.


Systems and methods for treating tissue with radiofrequency energy

A system for controlling operation of a radiofrequency treatment device to apply radiofrequency energy to tissue to treat tissue to create lesions without ablating the tissue. The system includes a device having flexible outer tube, an expandable basket having a plurality of arms movable from a collapsed position to an expanded position, a plurality of electrodes movable from a retracted position to an extended position to extend through the openings in the arms, and an advancer slidably disposed within the outer tube to move the electrodes.
Mederi Therapeutics, Inc.


Systems, devices, and methods for securing tissue using a suture having one or more protrusions

Systems, devices, and methods are provided for securing soft tissue to bone. One exemplary embodiment of a surgical repair construct includes an anchor, a filament having a snare formed on one end and a collapsible loop on another end, and a suture having a plurality of stationary protrusions formed therein.
Medos International Sarl


Dispensing apparatus

Individual portions of ice cream are dispensed from a bulk container. A motor drives a lead screw, to expand a scissor linkage and drive a dispensing head against the bulk container.
Mcgill Technology Limited


Charge control device and charge time calculation method

A charge control device that charges a battery using a power output from a charger has detecting means for detecting a voltage and current of the battery, charge state (soc) calculation means for calculating the soc of the battery using the detected values of the detecting means, and charge time calculation means for calculating, on the basis of the soc calculated by the soc calculation means, the remaining charge time of the battery till the soc of the battery reaches a prescribed soc. When the charge current falls below a predetermined current threshold, the charge time calculation means calculates the remaining charge time by subtracting from the charge time calculated when the charge current has fallen below the current threshold a value reflecting an elapsed time from when the charge current falls below the current threshold value..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Photoresist collapse forming a physical unclonable function

An organic material layer is lithographically patterned to include a linear array portion of lines and spaces. In one embodiment, the organic material layer can be an organic planarization layer that is patterned employing a photoresist layer, which is consumed during patterning of the organic planarization layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Apparatus and centering substrates on a chuck

An apparatus and method for centering substrates determining on a chuck. The apparatus includes a chuck in a process chamber, the chuck configured to removeably hold a substrate for processing; an array of two or more ultrasonic sensors arranged in the process chamber, each ultrasonic sensor arranged relative to the chuck so as to send a respective ultrasonic sound wave to a respective preselected region of the substrate and receive a respective return ultrasonic sound wave from the preselected region of the substrate; and a controller connected to each ultrasonic sensor and configured to compare a measured position of the substrate on the chuck to a specified placement of the substrate on the chuck based on a measured elapsed time between sending the ultrasonic sound wave and receiving the return ultrasonic sound wave from each ultrasonic sensor..
International Business Machines Corporation


Antifuse control circuit and antifuse reading method

A method of reading an antifuse in a semiconductor memory device during a power-up routine includes; generating a read voltage used during an antifuse read operation performed during the power-up routine to read data stored in an antifuse cell array of the antifuse, and beginning execution of the antifuse read operation only after an activation delay has elapsed following a sensing of the level of the read voltage.. .


Image data output control device, display device, and recording medium

In a case where next image data, corresponding to a next screen, is not supplied from a host even when first predetermined time has elapsed since the first supply of image data was completed, the period control section (32) starts the second supply of the image data, of which the first supply has been carried out, to a liquid crystal display device. In a case where next image data, corresponding to a next frame, is not supplied from the host even when second predetermined time has elapsed since the second supply of the image data was completed, the period control section (32) starts the third supply of the image data to the liquid crystal display device, and sets the first predetermined time to be longer than the second predetermined time.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Information input display device and information input display method

An information input/display device including: a sensor detecting contact and outputting contact positions; a display unit displaying video signals each corresponding to one screen; a first drawing unit generating first video signals each corresponding to one screen, when displayed, that includes an image of a drawing of a continuous line formed by the contact positions; a second drawing unit generating second video signals each corresponding to an image of the drawing of the continuous line, the second drawing unit generating images of the drawing of the continuous line at a higher speed than the first drawing unit; and an adding unit adding each of the second video signals to a corresponding one of the first video signals. Images of the drawing of the continuous line generated by at least one of the first drawing unit and the second drawing unit change as time elapses in drawing processing..
Panasonic Corporation


Summarizing social interactions between users

The disclosure includes a system and method for summarizing social interactions between users. The system includes a processor and a memory storing instructions that when executed cause the system to: receive a signal stream from at least one of a hardware sensor and a virtual detector, filter the signal stream and outputting filtered signal stream including data defining human-understandable actions, identify activities associated with a first user from the filtered signal stream, generate a summary of the first user's activities, determine that the first user is within proximity to a second user, determine a degree of separation between the first user and the second user in a social network, determine a time elapsed since a last interaction between the first user and the second user, classify the first user's relationship with the second user as being a first type of relationship, a second type of relationship or a third time of relationship, responsive to having the first type of relationship, generate a first summary for the first user that includes a notification that the second user is nearby, a last interaction with the second user and recent interactions with the second user, responsive to having the second type of relationship, generate a second summary for the first user that includes the notification that the second user is nearby, the last interaction with the second user and events that the first user and the second user share in common, and responsive to having the third type of relationship, generate a third summary for the first user that includes the notification that the second user is nearby and events that the first user and the second user share in common..
Google Inc.


Ezrin assay the in vitro diagnosis of colorectal cancer

A method for the in vitro diagnosis of colorectal cancer by determining the presence of the ezrin tumor marker in a biological sample taken from a patient suspected of having colorectal cancer using at least one anti-ezrin monoclonal antibody directed against an ezrin epitope chosen from the epitopes of sequence seq id no.1, seq id no.2, seq id no.3, seq id no.4+seq id no.5, seq id no.6+seq id no.7 and seq id no.8. Said method can be used for early diagnosis, screening, therapeutic follow-up and prognosis, and also for relapse diagnosis in relation to colorectal cancer..
Institut Curie


Resisting collapse of downhole tools

A downhole tool includes a housing including a connection for coupling with a conveyance that extends from a terranean surface into a wellbore; a first tubular member coupled with the housing, the first tubular member including a first compound cylinder; and a second tubular member coupled with the housing and concentrically positioned radially adjacent the first tubular member, the second tubular member including a second compound cylinder, the first and second tubular members defining a pressure chamber between an inner surface of the first tubular member and an outer surface of the second tubular member.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Anc.


Controller for energizing vehicle door lock indicator

A controller for energizing a vehicle door lock indicator is provided wherein in a power source off state, energization of in-vehicle equipment activated by energization is cut off, energization control means cuts off energization of electric display means, energization of which has started at the time of switching when lock state detection means has detected switching from the locked state to the unlocked state, when a predetermined time has elapsed from the time of the switching, and in a power source on state, energization of the in-vehicle equipment is enabled, as long as the lock state detection means detects the unlocked state, the energization control means continues the energized state of the electric display means even after the predetermined time has elapsed. Thus, when a power source is in an on state, an unlocked state is clearly displayed, and a door can be prevented from opening undesirably..
Kabushiki Kaisha Honda Lock


Retractable enclosure

A retractable enclosure is comprised of at least two displaceable structural bow frames which each define a roof section and opposed upwardly extending side sections. These sections are interconnected by joint connectors.
Chameleon Transportation Systems Inc.


Method for prognosis of global survival and survival without relapse in hepatocellular carcinoma

The present invention relates to the technical field of hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc) management, and more precisely to the prognosis of hcc aggressiveness and associated therapeutic decisions. The invention provides a new prognosis method of hcc aggressiveness, based on determination in vitro and analysis of an expression profile comprising genes taf9, ramp3, hn1, krt19, and ran.


Urea and amide derivatives of aminoalkylpiperazines and use thereof

Provided are compounds represented by the formula: with y, ri, and r2 being defined in the present disclosure; pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, deuterated forms thereof, isomers thereof, solvates thereof, and mixtures thereof. The compounds can be used for treating a patient suffering from a condition capable of treatment with a partial agonist or antagonist of the dopamine d2/d3 receptors and are especially useful for patients suffering from schizophrenia, depressions, neurodegenerative diseases such as parkinson's, dyskinesias, substance abuse and relapse to substance abuse and addiction to substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, nicotine and alcohol, glaucoma, cognitive disorders, restless leg syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, hyperprolactinemia, autism, motor disturbances such as akathisia, rigor, dystonias as well as various disorders of the urinary tract and other neurologic disorders.
Southern Research Institute


Ballast water treatment device

A ballast water treatment device includes a ballast water treatment line, a pump for drawing and pressure feeding treatment target water, a filter, an ultraviolet reactor for irradiating filtrated treatment target water with ultraviolet, a ballast tank for storing treated water having been treated with ultraviolet, and an outboard discharger, and the pump, the filter, the ultraviolet reactor, the ballast tank, and the outboard discharger are provided on the ballast water treatment line. Treatment target water drawn for a predetermined period from start of drawing treatment target water is not caused to pass through the filter and the ultraviolet reactor but is discharged outboard by the outboard discharger, and discharging outboard by the outboard discharger is stopped at elapse of the predetermined period and treated water having been filtrated by the filter and having been treated with ultraviolet by the ultraviolet reactor is poured into the ballast tank..
Miura Co., Ltd.


Steering apparatus

A steering apparatus includes: a column pipe; an outer column having an embracing main body portion that allows the column pipe to freely move in a front-rear direction and fixes the column pipe; and clamping portions that extend and contract the embracing main body portion in a diametric direction; a fixing bracket having a fixing side portion that holds widthwise opposite sides of the outer column in a sandwiching manner; a stopper bracket having an telescopic slot secured to the column pipe and an impact absorbing slot and having a collapse portion, the telescopic slot and the impact absorbing slot being contiguously formed along an axial direction; and a clamper having a bolt shaft inserted through the clamping portions, the fixing side portion, and the stopper bracket and collapsing the collapse portion.. .
Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Control apparatus of the idle rotation speed of the internal combustion engine of a vehicle with an automatic transmission and a torque converter

A vehicle control apparatus which includes an engine, an automatic transmission, and drive wheels transmitted with the power of the engine through the automatic transmission, the automatic transmission including a torque converter connected with the engine, a transmission mechanism connected with the torque converter, the torque converter having a pump impeller connected with the engine, and a turbine runner connected with the transmission mechanism, the vehicle control apparatus for a vehicle further including: an input shaft rotational speed sensor that detects the rotational speed nt of the turbine runner, and a control unit to control the engine to have the rotational speed ne of the engine raised when a determination condition in which the rotational speed nt of the turbine runner is not raised even within a standard time t1 lapsed after the engine is started is established.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Methods and devices for passive residual lung volume reduction and functional lung volume expansion

The volume of a hyperinflated lung compartment is reduced by sealing a distal end of the catheter in an airway feeding the lung compartment. Air passes out of the lung compartment through a passage in the catheter while the patient exhales.
Pulmonx Corporation


Medical infusion device

A medical infusion device including a chamber characterized by an upper body joined to a lower body by a reversibly collapsible sidewall, affixed to the upper body is a downward extending needle, wherein the upper body has two channels, the first channel fluidly coupled to the needle and the second channel fluidly coupled to the interior of the chamber. The chamber has a collapsed state and an expanded state where chamber is configured to transition from the collapsed state to the expanded state by introducing fluid into the interior of the chamber.


Application of stem cells in the orthodontic maxillary expansion

This invention relates to the contributions of the bone marrow—and adipose tissue—derived mesenchymal stem cells applied following the maxillary expansion—a frequently used method for the orthodontic treatment—to the healing of the expanded bone tissues. In the invention, adipose tissue and bone marrow-derived stem cell applications increased the healing and quality of the bones following the maxillary expansion and the applied stem cells were involved in the bone structure.
Yeditepe Universitesi


Nanoceria for the treatment of oxidative stress

A process for making nanoparticles of biocompatible materials is described, wherein an aqueous reaction mixture comprising cerous ion, citric acid and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid in a predetermined ratio, an oxidant, and water is provided along with temperature conditions to directly form, without isolation, a stable dispersion of cerium oxide nanoparticles. These biocompatible cerium oxide nanoparticles may be used to prevent and/or treat oxidative stress related diseases, such as stroke, relapse/remitting multiple sclerosis, chronic-progressive multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and ischemic reperfusion injury..
Cerion, Llc


Machine for making absorbent sanitary articles

A machine for making absorbent sanitary articles such as nappies for babies or incontinence pads for adults, sanitary towels and the like, comprises a programmable electronic controller device comprising a shift register and at least one optical inspection system connected to the programmable electronic controller device; the programmable electronic controller device generates a synchronism signal having a train of consecutive pulses defining a machine step, a trigger signal for activating the optical inspection system in a synchronised fashion with the synchronism signal and a shift register shift command within a machine step, the programmable electronic controller device also generates an identifier which is uniquely associated with the article inspected by the optical inspection system and sends that identifier with the trigger signal to the optical inspection system; the optical inspection system receives the identifier and, when a response time has elapsed, associates reject information with the respective identifier.. .
Gdm S.p.a.


Prosthetic heart valve, system, and method

Disclosed prosthetic valves can comprise a sewing ring configured to secure the valve to an implantation site. Some disclosed valves comprise a resiliently collapsible frame having a neutral configuration and a collapsed deployment configuration.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Method and delivering an implant without bias to a left atrial appendage

An implant delivery system, comprising: an implantable device comprising a plurality of supports extending between a proximal end and a distal end, the supports being moveable between a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration, a proximal guide tube at the proximal end of the supports extending toward the distal end, and a distal guide tube at the distal end of the supports extending toward the proximal end, wherein the proximal and distal guide tubes are telescoping and become further engaged as the supports move from the collapsed to the expanded configuration.. .
Atritech, Inc.


Self-expanding bone stabilization devices

Described herein are bone implant having bifurcated struts for distracting and supporting bone, as well as systems and methods for treating bone using them. These self-expanding implants for repairing bone may include two or more bifurcated struts that extend from a central body or shaft in the deployed configuration.
Spinealign Medical, Inc.


Collapsible clothes and article hanger

Described is a clothing hanger capable of collapsing into an enclosed unit that is easily stored and is convenient for travel. The hanger comprises a hook and a pair of arms rotatable about the hook and adapted to support the shoulders of a garment.


Deployable table for a spare tire assembly

A deployable table for an external spare tire assembly is an apparatus that provides a user with a fold-out shelf while the apparatus is attached to the spare tire assembly or provides the user with a table while the apparatus is detached from the spare tire assembly. The apparatus includes an adapter mount, a dual compression clamp, a central hub, a table frame, a table top, and foldable legs.


Kayak backpack

A kayak that collapses to form a backpack structure is provided. The kayak includes a plurality of removably connectable hull members.


Deployment system for portable canopy

A canopy deployment system provides a user with hands free use of a canopy while obtaining protection from elements. The deployment system integrates with a backpack that fastens to the user.


Communications apparatus, communications method, computer product, and communications system

A communications apparatus includes a receiving circuit that, when sending a startup instruction to start up another communications apparatus within a communication area, receives from the other communications apparatus, information indicating a period required for startup of the other communications apparatus; a processor that stores to a storage device, a standby period based on the period indicated by the information received by the receiving circuit; a communications circuit that sends the startup instruction within the communication area; and a timer that detects that the standby period stored in the storage device by the processor has elapsed after sending of the startup instruction from the communications circuit. The communications circuit sends data within the communication area when the timer detects that the standby period has elapsed..
Fujitsu Limited


Method and device to regulate the electric motor of a handheld power tool

A method to regulate the electric motor of a handheld power tool, the method encompassing the following steps: prescribing a target speed for the electric motor, varying the prescribed target speed—each time after a certain period of time has lapsed—by a value within a certain variation range in order to supply a varied target speed, and regulating an actual speed of the electric motor to the supplied varied target speed.. .
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Plasma etching process

A method and system are provided for etching a layer to be etched in a plasma etching reactor, including: forming a reactive layer by injection of at least one reactive gas to form a reactive gas plasma, which forms, together with the layer to be etched, a reactive layer which goes into the layer to be etched during etching of said layer to be etched, wherein the reactive layer reaches a steady state thickness upon completion of a determined duration of said injection; said injection being interrupted before said determined duration has elapsed so that, upon completion of the forming of the reactive layer, the thickness of the reactive layer is smaller than said steady state thickness; and removing the reactive layer by injection of at least one inert gas to form an inert gas plasma, which makes it possible to remove only the reactive layer.. .
Cnrs Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique


Control device for swtiches

A switch control device includes at least one silicone dome (7) and at least one actuator (5) acting upon the at least one silicone dome (7), which is adapted to close and selectively open electric contacts of at least one switch (6). The actuator (5) is moved by a force exerted via a thrusting element (3).
Bitron Spa


Non-disruptive monitor system

A monitoring unit system is provided having a parent unit whose speaker is muted when a wrist unit is activated, where the wrist unit vibrates, the parent unit or wrist unit lights up, the wrist unit continues to alert until a mute button is pressed, or if a predetermined time elapses, alerts the parent unit, and having a low battery trigger, a fail-safe wrist unit and parent unit out of range trigger, a page button for the wrist unit and parent unit, a mute feature on the baby unit, and a cry duration or volume threshold trigger.. .
Sonr Llc


Asynchronous namespace maintenance

Asynchronous namespace maintenance in a distributed replicated data storage system is disclosed. An access device/program serving as a front end to the distributed replicated data storage system updates a batch of updated meta data about stored data items when data items are stored in the distributed replicated data storage system.
Datadirect Networks, Inc.


Fixing device and image forming apparatus

A fixing device capable of shifting to a sleep state includes a heat source; a rotatable fixing member that is partly heated by the heat source to heat an unfixed image carrying surface of a recording medium; a rotatable pressing member that is in pressure contact with the fixing member to form a nip portion between the pressing member and the fixing member; a rotation drive unit that directly or indirectly rotates the fixing member; a temperature detecting unit that detects a temperature of the fixing member; and a controller configured to prohibit the fixing device from shifting to the sleep state when the temperature of the fixing member in a region facing the heat source is equal to or more than a predetermined temperature t1 at a point when a predetermined time period t1 has elapsed from the stop of rotation drive of the rotation drive unit.. .


Decomposition of error components between angular, forward, and sideways errors in estimated positions of a computing device

Examples include systems and methods for decomposition of error components between angular, forward, and sideways errors in estimated positions of a computing device. One method includes determining an estimation of a current position of the computing device based on a previous position of the computing device, an estimated speed over an elapsed time, and a direction of travel of the computing device, determining a forward, sideways, and orientation change error component of the estimation of the current position of the computing device, determining a weight to apply to the forward, sideways, and orientation change error components based on average observed movement of the computing device, and using the weighted forward, sideways, and orientation change error components as constraints for determination of an updated estimation of the current position of the computing device..
Google Inc.


Energy absorber for high-performance blast barrier system

The present invention provides an energy absorber for a blast barrier system comprising a substantially tubular member extending longitudinally along an axis from a first end portion to a second end portion, each of the first end portion and the second end portion having a substantially similar geometric profile, wherein the energy absorber collapses under a predetermined load when compressed by a residual blast force. The energy absorber of the present invention may help minimize damage to people and structures by further dissipating force from a blast in a blast barrier system..
Bayer Materialscience Llc


Downhole separation apparatus and method

A downhole separation apparatus for releasing a pipe string from a bottom hole assembly is disclosed. The apparatus has a tubular collet body, a tubular bottom sub, and a piston collet positioned within the collet body.


Plumbing supply boxes

Plumbing supply boxes may be made of a thermoset plastic material that will not melt or permit the boxes to collapse inside a wall if subjected to flames or high temperatures resulting from a fire. If the thermoset plastic boxes have a drain opening, a thermoplastic tubular drain adaptor may be connected thereto that can be solvent welded.
Oatey Co.


Pallet lift

A pallet lift includes a base and a plurality of wheels supporting the base. A pair of contact surfaces are proximate a distal end of the base.
Rehrig Pacific Company


Transportation box for technical equipment

The present invention relates to a transportation box 100 for technical equipment 200, said transportation box in the orientation intended for use comprising: —a first, upper end frame 8, said first end frame having a hexagonal circumference and comprising six vertices 1,2,3,4,5,6 and six edges 11,12,13,14,15,16; —a second, lower end frame 18, said second end frame having a hexagonal circumference and comprising six vertices 21,22,23,24,25,26 and six edges 31,32,33,34,35,36; —said first and said second end frames being connected by six longitudinal corner elements 41,42,43,44,45,46; —each said corner element extending from one vertex of said first end frame 8 to one vertex of said second end frame 18; —said transportation box thereby comprising six longitudinal side sections 51,52,53,54,55,56; —wherein three of said six longitudinal side sections are leg sections 51,53,55, each leg section comprising a leg assembly 60; —wherein each leg assembly 60 comprises an extendable leg 70 being adapted to be able to switch between a collapsed state, in which the leg is accommodated in said corresponding leg section 51,53,55; and an extended state, in which said leg is extending outward from said leg section 51,53,55 to provide support for said transportation box when arranged in an upright position; —wherein each said leg assembly 60 comprises locking means 110 for releasable locking its corresponding leg in its extended state; —wherein any two of said three leg sections 51,53,55 are arranged on either side of a side section which is not a leg section 52,54,56.. .
Tactiqa Technology Ab


Foldable trolley

A foldable trolley comprises a supporting frame having two lateral rods with a roller disposed at each of two ends of the lateral rods, opposite inner sides of the two horizontal lateral rods being coupled interlockingly with a cross connecting rod for compressing and expanding; a supporting plate placed on the expanded supporting frame comprising a plurality of plates connected with ligaments for forming a multi-section foldable structure; and a handle set comprising two vertical supporting rods with lower ends pivotally connected to the two lateral rods of the supporting frame, and upper ends sleevely connected to a dismountable horizontal rod. Thereby, after the horizontal rod and the supporting plate of the combinational structure are dismounted, the cross connecting rod between the two lateral rods of the supporting frame can be collapsed for forming a compact structure with a decreased volume..


Brake cooling estimation methods and systems

Systems and methods for estimating the cooling time of a brake assembly are disclosed. Various systems and methods may include receiving a temperature of a brake assembly, determining a peak brake assembly temperature, determining a temperature decay coefficient (“α”) of the brake assembly, calculating an estimated total time to cool the brake assembly to a predetermined temperature based on the peak brake assembly temperature and an ambient temperature data, and adjusting the estimated total time to cool the brake assembly to the predetermined temperature based on an amount of time elapsed after the receiving the temperature of the brake assembly..
Goodrich Corporation


Foldable greeting card and tissue box cover

A greeting card tissue box cover is provided. In one embodiment, the greeting card body is arranged in a single plane, having first, second, third, and fourth panels that are foldable along multiple fold lines to arrange the greeting card body into a plurality of folded positions.
Dayspring Cards, Inc.


Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and program

A printing control apparatus controls ejection of a pigment ink, supplied from a cartridge, from a nozzle row having a plurality of nozzles. Time information regarding an elapsed time of the cartridge is obtained, and used nozzles, in the nozzle row, that eject the pigment ink are reduced based on the time information of the cartridge..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Game program and game system

Provided is a game program capable of chronologically automatically analyzing the degree of excitement in a game played by a user in order to present where during game-play that the excitement is occurring. The invention causes a computer to function as: operation data acquisition means (300) for acquiring operation data (200); computation means (120) which, on the basis of data including time elapse in a game and the operation data (200), performs computation related to progress of the game at regular time intervals in order to generate game status data (210) describing the state of the game-space and objects within the game-space at each point in time; and heat-up point analysis means (310) which, on the basis of the game status data (210), calculates heat-up points (230) which are degrees of excitement during the game..
Capcom Co., Ltd.


Percutaneous transvalvular intraannular band for mitral valve repair

Mitral valve prolapse and mitral regurgitation can be treating by implanting in the mitral annulus a transvalvular intraannular band. The band has a first end, a first anchoring portion located proximate the first end, a second end, a second anchoring portion located proximate the second end, and a central portion.
Heart Repair Technologies, Inc.


Rotational thrombectomy wire with blocking device

A thrombectomy apparatus for breaking up thrombus or other obstructive material in a lumen of a vascular graft or vessel. The apparatus includes a wire having a first configuration and a second deployed configuration, the wire having a straighter configuration in the first configuration.
Rex Medical, L.p.


Collapsible tissue anchor device and method

Collapsible tissue anchor device and method for inserting into a tissue structure in a first non-collapsed configuration and collapsing into a second collapsed configuration. A sleeve is provided having a bolt or shank extending through an interior.
Ams Research Corporation


Endoluminal ostium sensor array device

A sensor device for sensing endoluminal geometry may include an expandable element disposed on the distal region of a shaft. The expandable element may be configured to move a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Imaging and diagnostic methods, systems, and computer-readable media

One aspect of the present subject matter provides an imaging method including: receiving a trigger signal; after a period substantially equal to a trigger delay minus an inversion delay, applying a non-selective inversion radiofrequency pulse to a region of interest followed by a slice-selective reinversion radiofrequency pulse to a slice of the region of interest of a subject; and after lapse of the trigger delay commenced at the cardiac cycle signal, acquiring a plurality of time-resolved images of the slice of the region of interest from an imaging device.. .
The United States Of America As Reprensented By Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Services


Computer controlled coffeemaker

A kitchen appliance includes a hot liquid generator, at least one heater, at least one temperature sensor, a discharge port in fluid communication with the hot liquid generator, a first pump, and a controller that actuates the at least one heater to heat liquid in the hot liquid generator, receives signals from the at least one temperature sensor and records an elapsed time in which liquid in the hot liquid generator is heated from a first temperature to a second temperature, calculates the volume of the liquid in the hot liquid generator based on the elapsed time and the first and second temperatures, and compares the calculated volume to a range of expected volumes. Depending on the comparison, the controller actuates the first pump to pump liquid out of the hot liquid generator to the discharge port or outputs an error signal..
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.


Combined confectionery

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a combined confectionery that comprises a combination of a chocolate with a baked confectionery, wherein whitening on a baked confectionery part and blooming on a chocolate part, said whitening and blooming occurring with the lapse of time, are prevented. A combined confectionery that comprises a combination of a baked confectionery using oil-and-fat which satisfy the following requirements (a), (b) and (c) with a chocolate, the oil-and-fat components of which satisfy the following requirements (a) and (b): (a) the cn40-46 content being 2-30 mass %; (b) the sum of the s2u and su2 contents (s2u+su2) being 45-85 mass %; (c) the ratio by mass of su2 to s2u+su2 [su2/(s2u+su2)] being 0.50 or greater; (a) the sos content being 40-90 mass %; and (b) the sum of the su2 and u3 contents (su2+u3) being 10-40 mass %..
The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd.

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