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Lapse patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lapse-related patent applications.

new patent Dimming device
A determiner determines whether an illumination load is an led illumination device or an incandescent lamp, based on a voltage of a rectifier within a time period from start of supply of the ac voltage to the rectifier to a time a predetermined time elapses. A control circuit controls a driver under a condition where values of a conduction angle of a switch corresponding to magnitudes of the first dc voltages except a maximum and a minimum thereof in a case where the determiner determines that the illumination load is the led illumination device are smaller than values of the conduction angles of the switch of a case where the determiner determines that the illumination load is the incandescent lamp..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

new patent Apn access method and program, and telematics device and computer-readable recording medium for performing the same
Disclosed herein is an access point name (apn) access method including: (a) checking whether an apn server is accessible via a wireless network connected to a telematics device that is powered on when an amount of time during which an apn change alarm message can be received has elapsed; (b) checking whether an apn update is necessary using an administration apn pre-stored in the telematics device when the apn server is not accessed, and acquiring apn update data from the apn server when the apn server is accessed; and (c) transmitting and receiving data between the telematics device and a data server using the acquired apn update data.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent Methods, apparatuses, systems, and non-transitory computer readable media for sharing location information
A method of sharing, with one or more external devices, a location of a first device, includes transmitting a first location information signal to at least one external device; receiving a second location information signal from the at least one external device in response to the first location information signal; generating a location share window, the location share window including visual display of location information of the first device and the at least one external device, based on the first and second location information signals; measuring a desired time lapse period from a reference time point; and deleting the location share window when the measured time lapse period is greater than or equal to a first period, wherein the reference time point is a point in time when the location share window is created.. .
Line Corporation

new patent Image pickup circuit
An image pickup circuit including a plurality of circuit blocks. Each of the plurality of circuit blocks includes a plurality of comparing elements, a single counter, and a plurality of storage units.
Sony Corporation

new patent Quick mount connector for a coaxial cable
A coaxial cable connector includes a body, a shell, a compression ring, and a coupling portion. The shell may have a collapsible groove that, when the coaxial cable connector is axially compressed, collapses and engages the coaxial cable.
Corning Optical Communications Rf Llc

new patent Remote server
In a remote server that receives from a work machine or a vessel, machine identification information, identifying the work machine or the vessel, and predetermined operation data, at least one of a managing entity of the work machine or the vessel and a sales entity in charge of the managing entity is identified based on the machine identification information, a base buying price of the work machine or the vessel is calculated based on the predetermined operation data received from the work machine or the vessel, and any one of a regular maintenance history input as appropriate and a regular maintenance history received from the work machine or the vessel, and the base buying price calculated is set to be viewable in at least one of the managing entity and the sales entity when a predetermined period elapses after a predetermined counting start day.. .
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

new patent Motor control apparatus equipped with protection operation command unit
A motor control apparatus includes a rectifier which converts ac of a power source to dc, an inverter which converts dc to ac for a motor, a voltage amplitude calculation unit which calculates a power source voltage amplitude value, a power failure recovery detection unit which determines whether or not the ac input side has transitioned to a power failure state or a power recovery state on the basis of the power source voltage amplitude value, a protection operation command unit which outputs a protection operation command when a reference time has elapsed from a time point at which the ac input side transitioned to the power failure state, a time measurement unit which measures an elapsed time from when the ac input side transitioned to the power recovery state, and a condition change unit which changes the power failure reference voltage value and/or the reference time.. .
Fanuc Corporation

new patent Tar mat formation prediction in late-charge reservoirs
A downhole tool, surface equipment, and/or remote equipment are utilized to obtain data associated with a subterranean hydrocarbon reservoir, fluid contained therein, and/or fluid obtained therefrom. At least one condition indicating that a density inversion exists in the fluid contained in the reservoir is identified from the data.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

new patent Roll-up coverings for architectural openings and related methods, systems and devices
The disclosure provides roll-up coverings for an architectural opening, and various embodiments of ladder tapes. Embodiments of the roll-up covering include a roller, a first outer elongate tape, a first inner elongate tape and a plurality of slats disposed between the outer and inner elongate tapes.
Hunter Douglas, Inc.

new patent Formulations of copolymers based on alkyl acrylates used as defoamers of heavy and super-heavy crude oils
This invention is directed to a method for defoaming crude oil by the addition of copolymers based on silicone free alkyl acrylics defoamers for crude oils with densities between 10 and 40° api. The alkyl acrylic copolymers at conditions similar to those of gas-liquid separators are efficient foam formation inhibitors in heavy and super-heavy crude oils to reduce foam levels between 15 and 50% faster than non-dosed crude oil.
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo

new patent

Method for the fabrication of optical waveguide devices in photonic crystal fibers and in waveguides with hollow structures

There is provided a method to fabricate optical taps and waveguide devices in photonic crystal fibers and other fibers with hollow structures. The method involves a preparation step, where the hollow holes inside the fiber are collapsed or partially modified locally; and a waveguide fabrication step, where a femtosecond laser is focused inside the fiber and used to produce optical waveguides that interact in the region that was previously modified in the preparation step..
Oz Optics, Ltd.

new patent

Method for preparing a primary preform by etching and collapsing a deposited tube

An exemplary method for preparing a primary preform by etching and collapsing a deposited tube includes mounting a deposited tube on a lathe and introducing the deposited tube into a central aperture of a furnace mounted on the lathe, wherein the furnace and the deposited tube are movable in axial direction with respect to each other, and creating within the furnace a hot zone that moves in translation back and forth over the length of the deposited tube during one or more cycles, wherein (i) during at least one cycle at least part of the outside of the deposited tube is etched by supplying a fluorine-containing etching gas to an annular region between the outer surface of the deposited tube and the central aperture of the furnace, and (ii) during at least one cycle the deposited tube is collapsed.. .
Draka Comteq B.v.

new patent

Refillable container with a zero waste dispensing system

The refillable container includes a semi-rigid outer shell that defines an interior void and includes a detachable pour spout. The container may be refilled with a plurality of collapsible inserts.
Pack Flow Concepts Llc

new patent

Autoinjector having needle shield triggering

An autoinjector (100) for expelling a single dose of drug from a held cartridge (600) comprising a piston (630), the autoinjector comprising: a) a base (200, 220), b) a needle (500) that is fixedly mounted relative to the base (200, 220), c) a plunger (310, 320, 400) adapted for cooperation with the piston (630), d) an actuating spring (330) arranged to act on the plunger (310, 320, 400) to drive the piston (630) distally, and e) a needle shield (350, 380) axially movable relative to the base (200, 220) between an extended position and a collapsed position. In an initial state, a thread (325) of the plunger (310, 320, 400) engages a base thread (205) to maintain the plunger in an initial axial position.
Novo Nordisk A/s

new patent

Antibody-drug conjugates and uses thereof

The present invention relates to therapeutic immunoconjugates comprising sn-38 attached to an antibody or antigen-binding antibody fragment. The antibody may bind to trop-2 or ceacam5 and the immunoconjugate may be administered at a dosage of between 4 mg/kg and 16 mg/kg, preferably 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, or 16 mg/kg.
Immunomedics, Inc.

new patent

System for deploying a device to a distal location across a diseased vessel

A system for deploying a device to a distal location across a diseased vessel, comprising a sheath comprising an expandable distal portion comprising a porous wall defining a lumen there-through, the distal portion having a collapsed configuration, wherein the sheath has a first cross-sectional outer diameter and a first lumen inner diameter, and an expanded configuration, wherein the sheath has a second cross-sectional outer diameter and a second lumen inner diameter; wherein in the collapsed configuration, the sheath is configured to be advanced across at least a portion of the diseased vessel to a position adjacent the distal location and wherein said system comprises a removable expansion retention member configured to retain the expandable sheath in the collapsed configuration.. .
Transaortic Medical, Inc.

new patent

Prosthetic heart valve

An implantable prosthetic valve can comprise an annular frame comprising an inflow end and an outflow end and being radially collapsible and expandable between a radially collapsed configuration and a radially expanded configuration, the frame defining an axial direction extending from the inflow end to the outflow end, a leaflet structure positioned within the frame and secured thereto, and an annular outer skirt positioned around an outer surface of the frame, wherein the outer skirt comprises an inflow edge secured to the frame at a first location, an outflow edge comprising a plurality of alternating projections and notches, wherein the projections are secured to the frame at a second location, and the notches are not directly secured to the frame, an intermediate portion between the inflow edge and the outflow edge that comprises a plurality of openings.. .
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

new patent

Method and coupling soft tissue to a bone

A method and apparatus for coupling a soft tissue implant into a locking cavity formed within a bone is disclosed. The apparatus includes a member to pull the soft tissue implant into a femoral tunnel.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc

new patent

Expandable introducer sheath

An expandable introducer sheath for use in interventional procedures. The expandable introducer sheath can be inserted into a treatment vessel in a first unexpanded configuration.
Creganna Medical

new patent

Foldable composite bed frame

A bed frame which can be assembled without the use of additional tools and may be collapsed for shipping. The bed frame comprises a pair of side rails, three cross rail assemblies and mounting brackets.
L&p Property Management Company

new patent

Furniture hinge and folding mechanism

A foldable table or bench has first and second support surface halves. A furniture leg is mounted to each half and collapses independently of the other and is movable between an extended position and a stowed position.
Zhuhai Shichang Metals Ltd.

new patent

Compact-stand, folding table

A folding table is disclosed which has a table top and a leg assembly. The leg assembly includes a pair of unitary legs and a pair of collapsible legs.

new patent

Hanging chair

A hanging chair that includes an upper frame member, a lower frame member, and a plurality of upright supports. The upper frame member is connectable to an external support structure and having a top plate and a bottom plate.
Worldwide Creations, Llc

new patent

Piglet drying apparatus

An apparatus for drying piglets immediately after birth includes a container shaped and arranged for receiving up to three or four of the piglets having an opening arrangement for manual insertion by the worker of the piglets to be confined within the container during a drying period. The container has a system for applying air movement and optionally heat to the piglets while confined with the container for drying and a release arrangement having a door controlled by a settable timer or a system for detecting when the piglets are dry for allowing release from the container of the piglets after a sufficient drying time period has elapsed.
Conception Ro-main Inc.

Information processing apparatus, transmission control method, program, and information processing system

There is provided an information processing apparatus including a transmission control unit configured to, when first carrier information indicating that no carrier is detected is acquired from a communication control apparatus capable of performing contactless communication using a carrier with an external apparatus, control a timing at which the acquired first carrier information is transmitted to a transmission object configured to execute a predetermined process according to the first carrier information. The transmission control unit transmits the first carrier information to the transmission object when a set waiting time has elapsed after the first carrier information was acquired.
Sony Corporation

A image acquisition using supervised high quality imaging

An image capture system and method for imaging biological samples disposed in culture media supported by a plate. The system has a calibration module, an image acquisition module and an image presentation module.
Bd Kiestra B.v.

Network communication apparatus provided with auto-shutdown function, controlling the same, and storage medium

A network communication apparatus equipped with an auto-shutdown function, which is improved in the convenience of a user concerning auto-shutdown control performed in a case where the apparatus is connected to a telephone line. The network communication apparatus includes a network port for connecting to the telephone line, and communicates with an external apparatus via the telephone line.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Systems, apparatus, and methods of event monitoring for an event candidate within a wireless node network based upon sighting events, sporadic events, and benchmark checkpoint events

Enhanced monitoring for an event candidate, as performed by a master node in a wireless node network with a server and at least one id node, generally has the master node detecting a first signal broadcast by the id node; identifying the event candidate as a first sighting event when detecting the first signal; generating and reporting event data representing the first sighting event (e.g., an id node identifier, timing, and signal strength information); identifying the event candidate as a sporadic event related to the id node when (1) there is no identified first benchmark checkpoint event related to the id node and (2) there is no detected subsequent signal broadcast by the id node within a gap time period from when the latest signal from the id node was detected; generating and reporting event data representing the sporadic event (e.g., timing and signal strength information) if the master node identifies the sporadic event; determining a signal strength average value for certain subsequent successive id node signals including the first signal as long as an elapsed time between each of the subsequent successive signals is less than the gap time; identifying the event candidate as a first benchmark checkpoint event representing the state of the id node based upon the signal strength average value; and generating and reporting event data representing the benchmark checkpoint event (e.g., timing and signal strength information).. .
Fedex Corporate Services, Inc.

Device and control system for producing electrical power

Briefly, the invention involves a system and method for generating electrical power. The system includes an electromagnet positioned with one pole directed toward a like pole of a permanent magnet.
Magnetic Miles, Llc

Electronic device, controlling electronic device, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium

A charging coil generates induced electromotive force by interlinkage of a magnetic field from an external charger coil with the charging coil. A battery is to be charged with the induced electromotive force.
Kyocera Corporation

Laser device and photoacoustic measurement device comprising the same

In a laser device and a photoacoustic measurement device including the laser device, the intensity of light at each wavelength made independently controllable. The laser device includes a laser medium which has oscillation wavelengths at a first wavelength and a second wavelength with higher light emission efficiency than at the first wavelength, an excitation section, a first resonator, a second resonator, a q-value change unit, and a control section.
Fujifilm Corporation

Simulation device, simulation program and simulation liquid metal

A simulation method, a simulation program and a simulation device are disclosed. The simulation method is for causing a computer to execute a process, the process includes: causing the computer to acquire a relationship between a viscosity and a young's modulus of a material and internal energy; causing the computer to acquire an initial value of each of a position, a density, a velocity, and an internal energy of each particle obtained by modeling a calculation target that uses the material; and calculating the position, the density, the velocity, and the internal energy of the each particle after a predetermined time has elapsed, based on a corrected viscosity obtained by correcting the viscosity using the acquired internal energy and the viscosity and young's modulus acquired using the acquired relationship..
Fujitsu Limited

Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating fixing device

A fixing device includes a fixing rotator, a heat source, a controller, a pressure rotator, and a nip formation pad. The controller controls the heat source such that a temperature of the fixing rotator is equal to a preset fixing temperature.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Compensated distance measurement methods and apparatus

A transmit light signal is emitted toward a target at an emission time. An optical subsystem of a receiving system receives a return light signal which is converted to a return electrical signal.
Trimble Ab

Decomposition of error components between angular, forward, and sideways errors in estimated positions of a computing device

Examples include systems and methods for decomposition of error components between angular, forward, and sideways errors in estimated positions of a computing device. One method includes determining an estimation of a current position of the computing device based on a previous position of the computing device, an estimated speed over an elapsed time, and a direction of travel of the computing device, determining a forward, sideways, and orientation change error component of the estimation of the current position of the computing device, determining a weight to apply to the forward, sideways, and orientation change error components based on average observed movement of the computing device, and using the weighted forward, sideways, and orientation change error components as constraints for determination of an updated estimation of the current position of the computing device..
Google Inc.

Heater control device for exhaust gas sensor

A heater control device for an exhaust gas sensor disposed in an exhaust gas passage of an internal combustion engine and including a sensor element having a plurality of cells, and a heater heating the sensor element includes: a heater power control unit configured to execute a temp rising control, in which an impedance of one cell to be measured, of the plurality of cells, is detected and a temperature of the sensor element is raised until the impedance of the one cell reaches a target impedance by setting a power control value of the heater as a heating power control value. The heater power control unit continues the temp rising control until an extension period elapses that is needed for the other cell other than the one cell to reach an activation temperature after the impedance of the one cell reaches the target impedance..
Denso Corporation

Novel methods of cancer therapy targeted against a cancer stem line

Improved methods for treatment of cancer which involve the targeting of slow-growing, relatively mutationally-spared cancer stem line are provided. These methods are an improvement over previous cancer therapeutic methods because they provide for very early cancer treatment and reduce the likelihood of clinical relapse after treatment..

Soft-sided insulated container with work surface

A soft-sided insulated container assembly has a generally box-shaped form, having a main body and a lid. The lid is joined to the main body of the box by a hinge.

Bin for transporting waste or recyclable material

Systems, methods and devices are provided for transporting, tracking and managing waste or recyclable materials, which may include one or more devices for transporting waste or recyclable material. The device may comprise a base; and a collapsible sleeve movable between an open state and a collapsed state, wherein the collapsible sleeve in the open state interfaces in a nesting manner with the base to form a bin for receiving and transporting waste material..
Divert, Inc.

Roll off trailer, movable bumper for use therewith and related methods

A roll off trailer is provided with a bumper assembly which may move between a deployed position and a collapsed position. The roll off trailer may include a trailer frame with a table top pivotally connected to the trailer such that the deployed position may be associated with a home position of the table top and the collapsed position may be associated with a tilted roll off position of the table top..
Mac Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.

Vehicular seat slide device

A vehicular seat slide device is provided with a lower rail, an upper rail, a lock member, a memory piece, a memory link, a slide member, and a stopper member. The memory piece is engaged with the upper rail and the lower rail.
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

Systems and methods for forming apertures in microfeature workpieces

Systems and methods for forming apertures in microfeature workpieces are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method includes directing a laser beam toward a microfeature workpiece to form an aperture and sensing the laser beam pass through the microfeature workpiece in real time.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Diving fin apparatus, systems and methods of use

A diving fin system is provided. The fin system includes without limitation a collapsible, leg mounted diving fin.

Collapsible manual wheelchair system for improved propulsion and transfers

A manual wheelchair including a collapsible frame having a first lateral member that is connected to first and second braces at their respective first ends. A drive wheel axel extends along a first axis of rotation and engages a drive wheel, the first brace, and a portion of a transmission.
United States Government As Represented By The Department Of Veterans Affairs

Manual wheelchair system for improved propulsion and transfers

A manual wheelchair including a collapsible frame having a first lateral member that is connected to first and second braces at their respective first ends. A drive wheel axel extends along a first axis of rotation and engages a drive wheel, the first brace, and a portion of a transmission.
United States Government As Represented By The Department Of Veterans Affairs

Method and practice of tavr employing an expandable mesh-like catheter

The present invention is a method of practicing transcatheter valve replacement (tavr) employing an expandable hollow mesh-like catheter which may be inserted through an aorta to the proximity of a diseased or degenerated aortic valve in a retracted form and then expanded to compress the valve to open it up. Subsequently a new valve will be placed on the collapsed mesh, will be fed through the aorta, and the mesh will be expanded to push the leaflets of the old valve aside.

Methods for taking an impression or scanning without requiring removal of a temporary healing abutment

Methods of taking an impression or scan of a patient's oral cavity without requiring removal of a healing cap coupled within the implant in the subgingival void. The method may include providing an anatomical healing cap received within the subgingival void of a given tooth position, where the anatomical healing cap is coupled into an implant in the void.

Surgical bowel retractor devices

Bowel retractor devices. In various forms, the bowel retractor devices are configurable from a collapsed position wherein the retractor may be inserted through a trocar cannula or other opening in a patient's body to a second expanded position wherein at least a portion of the patient's bowel may be advantageously supported in a desired position..
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and medical image processing apparatus

An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to a present embodiment includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry is configured to extract a cardiac valve from three-dimensional images of frames generated by controlling an ultrasonic probe to perform transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Electric utility vehicle

A utility vehicle can comprise a wheeled platform, a motor coupled to the platform and configured to propel the platform, at least one cleaning element coupled to the platform, wherein the at least one cleaning element is movable between a collapsed position and an expanded position, and one or more controls configured to move the at least one cleaning element between the collapsed position and the expanded position. The at least one cleaning element can also be movable between a raised position and a lowered position relative to the wheeled platform, and the one or more controls can further be configured to move the at least one cleaning element between the raised position and the lowered position..
Dane Technologies, Inc.

Collapsible rolling stool

The present invention is a collapsible stool with a plurality of legs that can be stored either freestanding or hung, and that has a single handle that is used to carry, initiate expansion or collapse of, or used to guide the stool when sitting. Further, the stool has a novel mechanism that allows a smooth transition from collapse to expansion and expansion to collapse using a single handle.
Avery Aerospace Corporation

Electric height adjustable platform for computer keyboard and monitor

A portable electric height adjustable platform assembly, and method of use, the assembly residing on a fixed height desktop to move a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse between a user's sitting and standing position. The platform assembly comprises: a horizontally positioned platform unit configured for supporting a computer keyboard and mouse; a height adjustable lifting column unit comprising three telescopic sections, affixed vertically to the platform, with the outer section positioned above the platform unit to affix the monitor to, and the middle and inner section extensible below the platform to raise-lower the assembly; a base unit affixed to the bottom end of the lifting column unit, and configured to stabilize the assembly in a vertical position; an electric actuator housed within and able to activate the lifting column unit to vertically extend and collapse the telescopic sections, thus simultaneously raising and lowering the computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse..
Next Technologies, Inc.

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