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Lapse patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lapse-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lapse-related patents
 Information provision system and  providing information patent thumbnailInformation provision system and providing information
An information provision system provides a program-related information in parallel with broadcast of a television program. The system includes: a program-related information server; a television receiver; and a terminal apparatus.
Panasonic Intellectual Management Co., Ltd.

 Online gift delivery confirmation system and method patent thumbnailOnline gift delivery confirmation system and method
An online delivery servicing system includes a server that functions with a customer computing device to obtain delivery confirmation request information associated with an online gift purchased by a customer for a recipient in which the delivery confirmation request information is associated with a quantity of delivery confirmation messages to be transmitted to a recipient of the online gift and a period of elapsed time for each delivery confirmation message. At each period of elapsed time, the server transmits one of the delivery confirmation messages to a recipient computing device associated with the recipient such that, when a response to the one delivery confirmation message is received, the server transmits a customer confirmation message to the customer computing device, and when the quantity of delivery confirmation messages have been transmitted and no response has been received from the recipient computing device, the server transmits a customer delivery failure message to the customer computing device..
Gift Card Impressions, Llc

 Power conversion for solar / wind / water energy patent thumbnailPower conversion for solar / wind / water energy
Devices (10) convert source power from first sources (11) that receive solar/wind/water energy into load power destined for loads (13). The devices (10) comprise first converters (21) for converting first direct-current voltage signals from the first sources (11) to second direct-current voltage signals destined for the loads (13), first arrangements (31) for controlling the first converters(21) and regulating the second direct-current voltage signals in response to first control voltage signals, and first circuits (41) for providing the first control voltage signals.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 System and  controlling a power distribution network patent thumbnailSystem and controlling a power distribution network
An electrical power system includes an electrical power distribution network and a control device configured to regulate at least one attribute of said electrical power system. The electrical power system further includes a processor coupled to the control device configured to identify an out-of-bound condition on said electrical power distribution network at a first time.
General Electric Company

 Battery pack, electrical device, and control method therefor patent thumbnailBattery pack, electrical device, and control method therefor
Provided is a battery pack capable of more reliably preventing adverse effects from being externally exerted. Mcu (26) measures, as index values pertaining to the deterioration state of battery unit (1), at least two or more from among: a capacity reduction rate that is the reduction rate of the full-charge capacity of battery unit (1) from an initial value; a cycle count representing the number of times that a cycle, in which battery unit (1) is charged until the cumulative value of charge quantities charged to battery unit (1) reaches a prescribed charge quantity, has been performed; the number of times that battery unit (1) has been charged; time elapsed from the manufacturing of battery unit (1); cell voltages that are the voltages of secondary battery cells 11; and determines whether battery unit (1) has reached its end of life by using the measured index values.
Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.

 Ball grid array and land grid array assemblies fabricated using temporary resist patent thumbnailBall grid array and land grid array assemblies fabricated using temporary resist
Ball grid assembly (bga) bumping solder is formed on the back side of a laminate panel within a patterned temporary resist. Processes such as singulation and flip chip module assembly are conducted following bga bumping with the temporary resist in place.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Adaptive access control for areas with multiple doors patent thumbnailAdaptive access control for areas with multiple doors
An access control system detects movement at a door to which a user has been granted access. A travel time is determined that describes how long the user is expected to need to travel between that door and another door in the area.
Inventio Ag

 Access control for areas with multiple doors patent thumbnailAccess control for areas with multiple doors
An access control system detects movement at a door to which a user has been granted access. A travel time is determined that describes how long the user is expected to need to travel between that door and another door in the area.
Inventio Ag

 Storage device, operation  storage device and  accessing storage device patent thumbnailStorage device, operation storage device and accessing storage device
A method of operating a storage device includes a nonvolatile memory device, a controller configured to control the nonvolatile memory device and a temperature sensor configured to measure a temperature of the nonvolatile memory device. The method includes calculating an average sensing temperature of a sensing temperature measured by the temperature sensor for a period of time, and periodically calculating an elapsed time of data after the data is programmed in the nonvolatile memory device based upon the average sensing temperature..

 Control system patent thumbnailControl system
A plurality of pieces of candidate information capable of serving as device identification information are divided into a plurality of groups in advance. Each of the plurality of groups is provided with group identification information.
Pioneer Corporation


Photoresist composition to reduce photoresist pattern collapse

A photoresist composition and a method for forming a patterned photoresist, and a method for forming an integrated circuit pattern are provided. A photoresist composition is provided.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Method and a cooking oil quality sensor

A fryer includes a fryer pot, a filter pan connected to the fryer pot by a drain conduit and a return conduit forming a filtration loop, a cooking oil quality sensor being in the filtration loop, and a controller that controls operation of a filtration cycle of the fryer. The filtration cycle has a circulation sequence and a fill sequence.
Frymaster L.l.c.


Collapsible worklight assembly

A collapsible worklight assembly comprises a head assembly and a multi-legged support assembly. The head assembly includes first and second worklights hingedly attached to each other, allowing the head assembly to be open in a deployed configuration and closed in a collapsed configuration.
International Development Llc


Electric parking brake device and release method therefor

An electric parking brake device holds a parking brake in a braking state by a rotation-linear motion conversion mechanism that converts rotation of an electric motor into a motion in a linear direction, and releases the parking brake by the rotation-linear motion conversion mechanism. In a case of releasing the parking brake, the electric motor is controlled by combining pwm control and on/off control with each other.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Dynamic desk accessory delivering on-demand privacy on an open work table

A privacy accessory includes a base having a body portion; a retention portion defining a retention edge for releasably securing the base to a work surface; a plurality of frame members secured to the base, each frame member having a first side portion pivotably secured to the base and a second side portion pivotably secured to the base, each of the plurality of frame members telescopically received with an adjacent one of the plurality of frame members in a series that graduate from a smallest one to a largest one, the frame members being sequentially deployable to a first, expanded state by pulling on the largest one and sequentially folded to a second, collapsed state by pushing on the largest one of the plurality of frame members.. .
Allsteel Inc.


Board/tile spacer and associated package assembly

A spacer member for spacing boards or tiles includes a plurality of spacing wings extending from a core, where at least two of the spacing wings are movably connected to the core such that the spacer member has both a working configuration and a collapsed configuration.. .


Trapezoidal irrigation excavator and cleaner

An assembly for use in the digging or cleaning of irrigation laterals (spurs). The resulting lateral (spur) will be in a trapezoidal shape, allowing better lateral (spur) erosion control, better control of lateral (spur) edge collapse, and greater water flow when compared to the more standard rectangular shaped laterals (spurs)..


Method for nanowire cluster formation

A cluster of non-collapsed nanowires, a template to produce the same, methods to obtain the template and to obtain the cluster by using the template, and devices comprising the cluster are described. The cluster and the template both have an interconnected region and an interconnection-free region..
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology


Water dispenser

A water dispenser is provided in which a when turned on, timer control of a sterilization operation is automatically started. If an initial input of a predetermined signal by a user is confirmed, after the sterilization operation, an energy saving operation in which the heater is maintained off for a limited time; and a reservation control in which reserved times determined by the timer control are updated based on the time when the input is made; are carried out.
Kabushiki Kaisha Cosmo Life


Debris chute

Devices, systems and methods for debris removal are provided comprising a flexible chute having a mouth, a body, and an exit. The flexible material can be collapsible.


Coordinated vehicle response driver behavior

Methods of assessing driver behavior include monitoring vehicle systems and driver monitoring systems to accommodate for a slow reaction time, attention lapse and/or alertness of a driver. When it is determined that a driver is drowsy, for example, the response system may modify the operation of one or more vehicle systems.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Device and identifying stacking and splitting of stenographic keystrokes

A method, device, and computer program product for analyzing multiple keystrokes in an electronic stenographic recording machine having keys forming stenographic keystrokes when actuated includes sensing a depressed state of at least first and second keys and recording first and second depression times, sensing released states of the first and second keys and recording first and second release times, determining an elapsed depression-release time for each of the first and second stenographic keys, determining a percentage of chronological overlap of each of the elapsed depression-release times, and separating the first and second key depressions into separate stenographic keystrokes when the percentage of chronological overlap indicates a lack of correlation between the first and second key depressions.. .


Method for making a vehicle tire

The invention is directed to a method for making a vehicle tire having a tire carcass defining an axial center, a first and a second tire bead, a tire belt and a tread. The carcass is completed on a carcass drum wherein the carcass drum is free of sidewalls.
Continental Reifen Deutschland Gmbh


Method for remanufacturing ultra-large copper nut

A method for remanufacturing an ultra-large copper nut includes steps of: step (1) coarsening treatment; step (2) purifying treatment; step (3) detecting a material of the ultra-large copper nut; step (4) sleeving a thermal insulation device; step (5) preheating the ultra-large copper nut; step (6) melting-deposition shaping; step (7) post-processing; and step (8) detecting. The method of the present invention simultaneously utilizes water, electricity, gas, fire and machine and performs melting-deposition on materials by simultaneously supplying water, electricity, gas, fire and machine according to the designed requirements.
Wuhan Kaiming High Tech Co., Ltd.


Poly-perfluoroalkyl substituted polyethyleneimine foam stabilizers and film formers

Poly-perfluoroalkyl substituted polyethyleneimine compositions are provided that act as foam stabilizers and film formers when used in fire-fighting foam concentrates. The polyethylene compositions are soluble in water, but have only low solubility in polar solvents.
Tyco Fire Products Lp


Compressible wound fillers and systems and methods of use in treating wounds with negative pressure

Apparatuses and methods disclosed herein relate to various embodiments of wound fillers that, in some cases, preferentially collapse in one direction as compared to another direction. Such apparatuses and methods may aid in the closure of wounds and may further be used in combination with pressure sensors and controllers to provide for controlled collapse of the wound fillers..
Smith & Nephew Plc


Personal mobility device

A personal mobility device includes a frame including first, second, third, and fourth frame members. The first and second frame members are connected, such as by a pivot joint.


Valve assembly for crimp profile

A method of assembling a prosthetic heart valve includes providing a collapsible and expandable stent having an annulus section and an aortic section. The annulus section has a first diameter in a relaxed condition and a second diameter less than the first diameter in a collapsed condition.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.


Expandable member for deploying a prosthetic device

An apparatus and method for delivering a prosthetic device through the vasculature of a patient includes a radially expandable member coupled to the distal end of an elongate shaft. The expandable member has an open frame configuration and an outer mounting surface for mounting the prosthetic device in a collapsed state thereon.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Method and articles for treatment of stress urinary incontinence

Improved methods and apparatuses for treatment of incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse are provided. A neo ligament for increasing the supportive function of the tissues supporting the urethra, bladder neck, or rectum is disclosed.
Ams Research Corporation


Lens cleaning instrument for surgical procedures performed in an enclosed cavity

A device for cleaning a lens is disclosed. The device includes a shaft, a head having multiple prongs, a cleaning material disposed between the prongs, and a handle extending from the shaft.
Health Research, Inc.,


Protective gas glove

The present embodiment provides a glove and a support for a glove. The support is configured to releasably retain a glove in a position which enables the glove to be donned by a user.


Wireless terminal station and base station

Demodulation is effectivley performed that uses an mmse adaptive array which uses a guard section of a signal that uses a cyclic prefix. According the present invention, there is provided a wireless terminal station that is applied to a wireless communication system which is made up of multiple wireless terminal stations and a base station, the wireless terminal station including: a delay time setting module 123 that sets a delay time based on a transmission timing identification number; and a transmission module 108 that, in a case where any other wireless terminal station starts transmission within a predetermined time after all communication within the wireless communication system is ended, starts transmission after the delay time has elapsed from a point in time at which the transmission has started..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Electronic device and managing bs list thereof

A method and device for managing a base station (bs) list by a first electronic device. The method includes transmitting the bs list to a second electronic device connected to the first electronic device via short-range communication; determining whether a preset time lapses from the transmission of the bs list; updating the bs list when the preset time lapses; and transmitting the updated bs list to the second electronic device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Mobile communication system, mme, incoming call control mobile communication system, and incoming call control mme

A mobility management device makes an isr feature operate in collaboration with an sgsn. It is assumed that a location registration area managed by the mobility management device exists within a location registration area managed by the sgsn, and an incoming voice call is made to a mobile communication device during when the mobile communication device is moving out of the location registration area.
Nec Corporation


Video display device and operating method thereof

An operating method of a video display device is provided. The method includes: obtaining at least one of user's bio information and pattern input; upon the receipt of a user input for a function key input of the video display device within a predetermined time, performing an operation personalized to the user on the basis of at least one of the obtained user's bio information and pattern input and the function key input; and upon the receipt of the user input for the function key input after the predetermined time elapses, performing an operation corresponding to the function key..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Switching power supply device

A power control ic has a switching control circuit of a fixed on-period type which generates an output voltage from an input voltage by driving a coil by turning on and off an output transistor according to a result of comparison between a feedback voltage and a reference voltage, and a quieting circuit which forcibly turns on the output transistor by ignoring the result of comparison when, after an on-timing of the output transistor, a predetermined threshold time elapses without the next on-timing coming.. .
Rohm Co., Ltd.


Method and system for simultaneously charging an energy storage device from multiple energy input devices

A system for simultaneously charging an energy storage device from multiple energy input devices includes energy input devices in the form of solar and non-solar modules and an energy storage device in the form of a rechargeable battery, which is part of an energy storage module. A first solar module is able to generate solar power and delivers this power to the energy storage module, while the non-solar module delivers, for example, electrochemically generated electricity to the energy storage module via the first solar module, which acts as a backplane.
Neah Power Systems, Inc.


Method of preventing pattern collapse

A device includes a substrate and at least three conducting features embedded into the substrate. Each conducting feature includes a top width x and a bottom width y, such that a top and bottom width (x1, y1) of a first conducting feature has a dimension of (x1<y1), a top and bottom width (x2, y2) of a second conducting feature has a dimension of (x2<y2; x2=y2; or x2>y2), and a top and bottom width (x3, y3) of a third conducting feature has a dimension of (x3>y3).
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Collapsible sign post

Disclosed is a support post for supporting roadway signs. In one embodiment, a polymer support post is formed of a composition of high density polyethylene—hdpe—, ground rubber and ‘xlpe’/polycure.


Motor control apparatus, image forming apparatus, and motor control method

A motor control apparatus controls a start/stop operation of a motor and includes a counting unit that performs a count-up or count-down operation from a predetermined initial value with a lapse of time in response to receiving an operation start instruction for the motor; a signal output unit that outputs a first state signal in response to receiving the operation start instruction, and outputs a second state signal only when a result of the counting by the counting unit falls outside a predetermined range; and a drive unit that outputs an on signal to the motor in response to receiving the first state signal from the signal output unit, and outputs an off signal to the motor in response to receiving the second state signal from the signal output unit.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Pattern forming method and manufacturing electronic device

The present invention has an object to provide a pattern forming method, in which even when a pattern which is fine and has a high aspect ratio is formed, the collapse or peeling of the pattern is inhibited; a method for manufacturing an electronic device, including the pattern forming method; and an electronic device manufactured by the manufacturing method. The pattern forming method of the present invention includes an adhesion aiding layer forming step of forming an adhesion aiding layer containing a polymerizable group and having a light transmittance of 80% or more at a wavelength of 193 nm on a substrate; a resist film forming step of applying a radiation-sensitive resin composition onto the adhesion aiding layer to form a resist film; an exposing step of exposing the resist film; and a developing step of developing the exposed resist film to form a pattern..
Fujifilm Corporation


Stock assembly and recoil system for a firearm

A stock and recoil system for a firearm includes a lower receiver, a bolt carrier, and a stock assembly. The bolt carrier is reciprocally movable along an axis within an upper receiver carried by the lower receiver and includes a tubular rearward end defining a cavity with a rearwardly directed opening.
Troy Industries, Inc.


Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method

According to one embodiment, a substrate processing apparatus (1) includes a table (4) configured to support a substrate w, a solvent supply unit (8) configured to supply a volatile solvent to a surface of the substrate w on the table (4), and an irradiator (10) configured to emit light to the substrate w, which has been supplied with the volatile solvent, and function as a heater that heats the substrate w such that a gas layer is formed on the surface of the substrate w to make the volatile solvent into a liquid ball. Thus, it is possible to dry the substrate successfully as well as to suppress pattern collapse..
Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation


Vehicle control device and vehicle control method

A vehicle control device for controlling a vehicle with a drive source automatic stop unit for automatically stopping a drive source when a predetermined automatic stop condition is satisfied and an electrical oil pump to be driven during an automatic stop of the drive source includes a drive prohibition time calculation unit configured to calculate a drive prohibition time of the electrical oil pump on the basis of a heat generation amount of the electrical oil pump, and a drive prohibition unit configured to prohibit the drive of the electrical oil pump until the drive prohibition time elapses from the end of the drive of the electrical oil pump.. .
Jatco Ltd


Egr control internal combustion engine

The invention has an object to control an egr amount accurately in transient time. An ecu switches egr control to the one-valve egr control and the both-valve egr control based on a request egr amount.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Roadside crash cushion

A roadside crash cushion (1), comprising: a guide rail (2) fixed to a road surface; a plurality of sliding supports (3), which slidably engage along the guide rail (2); a plurality of collapsible tubular elements (4) arranged horizontally one after another, which are supported by the plurality of sliding supports (3) and which each have a straight development axis and are fixed to the plurality of sliding supports (3). Each collapsible tubular element (4) of the plurality of collapsible tubular elements (4) exhibits a length and a transversal section that are in a reciprocal relation to one another such as to determine an irreversible deformation to compression of the collapsible tubular element (4) which determines the collapse thereof along the development axis thereof when the collapsible tubular element (4) is subjected to an axial force at least equal to a critical force..


Plastic spring seat having integrated crash member

The present disclosure relates to a strut assembly for use with a vehicle. The strut assembly has a shock absorber having a shock absorber tube, a lower spring seat, a tubular member and a coil spring.
Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.


Herbal gel from chestnut seed coat for pelvic floor muscle relaxation in women and a synthesizing the same

The embodiments herein disclose a method for extracting the herbal extract from acorn or oak nut of quercus brantii for synthesizing a herbal gel for targeting a vaginal relaxation syndrome (vrs) and a pelvic organ prolapsed (pop). The acorn or oak nut from quercus brantii trees is collected.


Etoposide and prodrugs thereof for use in targeting cancer stem cells

The present invention pertains to the use of podophyllotox in derivatives, such as cap7.1, in methods for inhibition of and/or prevention of the growth and/or survival of cancer stem cells. The invention discloses the surprisingly specific activity of the compounds in accordance with the invention against a cancer stem cell population.
Cellact Pharma Gmbh


Lifting device and associated methods

A lifting device may include a main body member and a top member that is detachably connectable to portions of the main body member. The top member may include a top and a hoist assembly that is connected to and extends outwardly from the top.
Plad, Inc.


Intravaginal support device, fluid injection device, and treating pelvic organ prolpase by use of intravaginal support device

An intravaginal support device is disclosed, which is capable of being expanded and contracted in a state of being inserted in a vagina for treating pelvic organ prolapse. The intravaginal support device can include an opening/closing portion capable of switching operations between an open state for allowing passage of fluid therethrough and a cut-off state for cutting off passage of the fluid, a bag portion being expandable by flowing-in of fluid through the opening/closing portion and being contractible by flowing-out of the fluid through the opening/closing portion, and an insertion guide portion adapted to guide the bag portion into the vagina, the insertion guide portion extending along at least part of an outer surface of the bag portion from a vaginal orifice side end portion of the bag portion to a vaginal depth side end portion of the bag portion..
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


Vascular device for aneurysm treatment and providing blood flow into a perforator vessel

A vascular device includes a body having a first, collapsed configuration and a second, expanded configuration. The body includes a plurality of heat-set strands that are braided such that when the body is in the second configuration, the strands form a plurality of pores and one or more apertures between the strands.
Covidien Lp


Implants, tools, and methods for treating pelvic conditions

Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele, cystocele, rectocele, apical or vault prolapse, uterine descent, etc.), and other conditions caused by muscle and ligament weakness, the devices and tools including devices and tools for anchoring an implant to tissue.. .
Ams Research Corporation


Vaginal dilator/manipulator

A dilator/manipulator for use in treating pelvic organ prolapse, including a support member having a proximal end, a distal end, and an adjustable width, and a handle extending upwardly at an angle from the support member. Also included are methods for surgically correcting pelvic organ prolapse with the use of such a dilator/manipulator..
Ams Research Corporation


A clot removal device

A clot retrieval system comprises a clot retrieval device, a catheter 51, and a tubular shield element 61. The clot retrieval device comprises an elongate member 53 having a proximal end and a distal end, and a clot engaging element 54 at the distal end of the elongate member 53 the clot engaging element 54 having a collapsed delivery configuration and an expanded deployed configuration.
Neuravi Limited


Shape memory filament for suture management

A member of a rigid flexible elastic material, the member including a body portion and an aperture portion with the member adapted for delivery through an axial longitudinal channel of a percutaneous delivery subsystem, the aperture portion including an expanded mode having a lateral dimension greater than an inner diameter of the channel when the aperture portion extends outside the channel and a collapsed mode wherein the lateral dimension is not greater than the inner diameter of the channel when the aperture portion is within the channel, the channel including a first axial opening and a second axial opening with the aperture portion transitioning from the expanded mode to the collapsed mode when inserted into the openings and the aperture transitioning from the collapsed mode to the expanded mode when exiting from the openings.. .
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Apparatus and multi-course infusion for brewing tea and other beverages

Various embodiments of an apparatus and method of multi-course infusion for brewing tea and other beverages are provided. In one aspect, a method of multi-course infusion for brewing tea and other beverages may receive, in an infusion chamber of an apparatus, an amount of beverage medium in dried state.
Teforia Company


Collapsible tree system

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a collapsible tree system having limbs which automatically pivot from a low-profile position while the tree is in a collapsed state to an in-use position when the tree is in an extended state. In an illustrative example, the system may include limb supports movably disposed along a central support.
Seasons 4, Inc.


A mattress for ready changing of bed linen

A mattress includes a number of elongate members, webs or straps that span an underside of the mattress and terminate with graspable handle portions. The straps are attached to the underside of the mattress by a hook and loop fastening system.


Zoom control apparatus, zoom control method, and storage medium

An apparatus includes a control unit configured to perform zoom control based on a size of an object indicated by acquired information and a set reference size, and a first detection unit configured to detect a first operation for instructing to change the reference size. In a case where the first operation has been detected during the zoom control in a first mode, the control unit performs the zoom control in a second mode until a first time elapses after the first operation has been detected, and, when the first time has elapsed, the control unit switches the second mode to the first mode.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for power saving in optical access network by using synchronized sleep cycle

Provided is a power saving method of an optical network terminal and an optical line terminal. The optical network terminal may receive a sleep synchronization message about a first sleep group from the optical line terminal, and when the optical network terminal is included in the first sleep group, may turn off an optical transmitter and turn on the optical transmitter after a first sleep cycle of the first sleep group is elapsed, thereby saving power..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Using thresholds to gate timing packet generation in a tracing system

In accordance with embodiments disclosed herein, there is provided systems and methods for using thresholds to gate timing packet generation in a tracing system (ts). For example, the method may include generating and outputting a trace data (td) packet into a packet log.
Intel Corporation


Control circuit implementing a related controlling a switching power factor corrector, a pfc and an ac/dc converter

A control circuit controls a switching power factor corrector based on switch off-time modulation by controlling the input electric charge during on-time. The circuit includes a charge current generator that generates charge current as a replica of a current sense signal amplified with a gain corresponding to the square of peak value of a rectified input voltage, a loop capacitor charged with the charge current during on-time intervals and discharged with a discharge current during off-time intervals, a discharge current generator that generates the discharge current proportional to a product of a comparison voltage and a difference between a regulated output voltage and the rectified input voltage, and a pwm modulator that senses a charge voltage of the loop capacitor, turns on the switch for an on-time duration in response to detecting that the charge voltage nullifies, and turns off the switch when the on-time duration has elapsed..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Cathode material for non-aqueous lithium secondary battery using spherical cobalt hydroxide

The present invention relates to a cathode material for a nonaqueous lithium secondary battery using spherical cobalt hydroxide to inhibit the structural collapse of a final cathode material at a high voltage by preparing spherical cobalt hydroxide in which a dissimilar metal is uniformly substituted by using a precipitation reaction in a liquid phase, thereby improving lifetime characteristics even under high voltage charge/discharge conditions of 4.5 v. According to the present invention, it is possible to prepare spherical cobalt hydroxide having a particle size of 15-30 μm by precipitating a cobalt material, a hydroxyl group material, a dissimilar metal material for substitution and an amine-based material so as to have a composition represented by co1-xmx(oh)2 (0.00≦x≦0.10, m=al, mg, ti, and the like).
Korea Electronics Technology Inststute


Composite hard mask etching profile for preventing pattern collapse in high-aspect-ratio trenches

High-aspect ratio trenches in integrated circuits are fabricated of composite materials and with trench boundaries having pencil-like etching profiles. The fabrication methods reduce surface tension between trench boundaries and fluids applied during manufacture, thereby avoiding pattern bending, bowing, and collapse.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Light source testing apparatus, testing lighting source and manufacturing light-emitting device package, light emitting module, and illumination apparatus using the same

A method of fabricating a light source includes providing a semiconductor light source emitting light when power is applied thereto, supplying power to the semiconductor light source, receiving light emitted by the semiconductor light source and performing a first measurement of optical properties of the received light, receiving light emitted by the semiconductor light source after a period of time has elapsed from the first measurement and performing a second measurement of optical properties of the received light, determining whether the semiconductor light source is defective or not by comparing the results of the first measurements of optical properties and the second measurements of optical properties, and constructing the light source including the semiconductor light source by providing peripheral parts thereof, wherein the semiconductor light source is determined as being normal as a result of determining whether the semiconductor light source is defective or not.. .


Light emitting element display device and driving the same

A display device includes a data driver and a demultiplexer. The data driver supplies an image data signal to the demultiplexer.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Fleet operation management system

A fleet operation management system for a vehicle traveling on a predetermined travel route comprises: a storage unit (128, 142) which stores travel route information including the position, height and surface resistance of the vehicle's travel route; a speed prediction unit (102) which predicts future change in the speed of the vehicle coasting on the travel route based on the current position, the current speed, and the travel route information; and an operation timing calculation unit (104) which judges which of acceleration, deceleration and coasting should be performed at the current position based on the change in the coasting speed so that the vehicle speed after the lapse of a predetermined time will be within a predetermined range. This configuration makes it possible to properly judge which of the acceleration, the deceleration and the coasting should be performed on the vehicle's travel route from the viewpoint of fuel-efficient operation..
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Zeit tracker response and time management tool

The present invention includes a software-based tool for tracking associate response time in regards to responding to customer inquiries via a chat conversation. The response time tracking tool is configured to alert the associate of how much time has elapsed since receiving a customer response (e.g., an inquiry, a question, a chat message, or the like).
Bank Of America Corporation


Method for monitoring communications for an on-chip system

The invention concerns a method for monitoring transactions in an on-chip system comprising at least one main master module, at least one secondary master module, at least one slave module and a bus connected to each module, the bus comprising interconnection means to make at least one common slave module communicate with at least one main master module and with at least one secondary master module, the method comprising the following steps implemented during each transaction between a secondary master module and a common slave module: starting a counter upon initial detection of a transaction start signal, waiting for a final detection of a transaction end signal within a predefined time t, closing the transaction if the time tc that has elapsed since starting the counter is greater than predefined time tmax, and reinitialising the counter.. .
Sagem Defense Securite


Method and mapping a logical address between memories of a storage drive based on write frequency rankings

A storage drive including a first and second memories and a controller. The second memory has a write cycle lifetime that is less than a write cycle lifetime of the first memory.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.


Geomechanical fluid-solid coupling testing device for water inrush from coal mine collapse column

A geomechanical fluid-solid coupling testing device for water inrush from coal mine collapse column is disclosed, which comprises a testing bed and a collapse column simulating device, wherein the testing bed has a box type structure with an opening at its top and is provided therein with multiple layers of similar materials in which a tunnel or a mining face can be dug out; and the collapse column simulating device comprises a plexiglass barrel with openings at both its top and bottom, the plexiglass barrel is provided at its top opening with a plexiglass lifting device and a hard plastic baffle, and the plexiglass lifting device is provided with a lifting level which is connected with a lifting rope. It can be used for simulating a construction process in a situation of tunnel digging or coal seam mining, for example, for collecting water inrush omen information, and for studying on surrounding rock mechanics, deformation and collapse column seepage rules during construction, thus facilitating safe construction and early warning in practical engineering..
China University Of Mining And Technology, Beijing


Methods and systems for maintaining a functional line for conveying fluid and pig assemblies for use therein

Disclosed is a pig assembly for maintaining a multi-diameter functional line with a large range of diameter variation for conveying fluid. The pig assembly includes a central shaft having a first shaft end and a second shaft end and at least one cylindrical pig body coaxially mounted on the central shaft.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Water safety shut-off valve

The present invention is a water conservation safety shut-off valve assembly for use on locations which normally have intermittent water usage but need to indicate when there is constant water usage, such as a leak. The valve assembly has a valve body with a fluid pathway and a valve plug held in an open position allowing water to flow through the pathway.


Segmented collapsible ladder

A ladder assembly includes a plurality of interconnected ladder segments. Each ladder segment comprises two opposing rails and rungs that are pivotably mounted to the rails to allow each ladder segment to be collapsed by pivoting the rungs in a folding direction relative to the rails and moving opposing rails closer to each other.
Aluma Systems Inc.


Fast transportable drilling rig system

The present invention discloses a high-capacity drilling rig system that includes novel design features that alone and more particularly in combination facilitate a fast rig-up and rig-down with a single set of raising cylinders and maintains transportability features. In particular, a transport trailer is disclosed having a first support member and a drive member which align the lower mast portion with inclined rig floor ramps and translate the lower mast legs up the ramps and into alignment for connection.
T&t Engineering Services, Inc.


Fast transportable drilling rig system

The present invention discloses a high-capacity drilling rig system that includes novel design features that alone and more particularly in combination facilitate a fast rig-up and rig-down with a single set of raising cylinders and maintains transportability features. In particular, a transport trailer is disclosed having a first support member and a drive member which align the lower mast portion with inclined rig floor ramps and translate the lower mast legs up the ramps and into alignment for connection.
T&t Engineering Services, Inc.


Fast transportable drilling rig system

The present invention discloses a high-capacity drilling rig system that includes novel design features that alone and more particularly in combination facilitate a fast rig-up and rig-down with a single set of raising cylinders and maintains transportability features. In particular, a transport trailer is disclosed having a first support member and a drive member which align the lower mast portion with inclined rig floor ramps and translate the lower mast legs up the ramps and into alignment for connection.
T&t Engineering Services, Inc.


Treating female pelvic organ prolapse

Provided are methods for diagnosing an increased risk of failure in a female pelvic organ prolapse surgery. Also provided are devices and kits for detection of a snp associated with increased risk of failure in a female pelvic organ prolapse surgery..


Apparatus, method, and system for cultured sample development monitoring

The present invention relates to the field of testing and evaluation of biological samples and provides apparatus for cultured samples comprising at least one independently accessible module adapted for incubating at least one of a plurality of samples wherein the at least one module is operatively associated with a light source and a movable optical inspection means adapted for motion about a viewing axis through the module to enable a sweeping of viewing area. The invention also provides a method of assessing cultured samples for viability comprising the steps of: disposing biological samples in a substantially elliptical arrangement within a culturing chamber of an independently accessible module; imaging individual samples of the substantially elliptical arrangement with optical inspection means driven within an x-y plane that is normal to a viewing axis through the module to obtain time lapse measurement of development of individual samples..
Genea Ltd


Powder for thermal spraying, thermal sprayed coating, and forming thermal sprayed coating

A thermal spray powder of the present invention contains ceramic particles having an average particle size of 1 μm or more and 20 μm or less. The ceramic particles have a flowability index value ft of 3 or more measured by using a powder rheometer.
Fujimi Incorporated


Foldable workbench

A foldable workbench may include a support structure, a work surface, a connecting frame and a backboard. The support structure includes two front legs, two rear legs, a front cross supporting unit, a rear cross supporting unit and a foot pedal.
Ip Power Holdings Limited


Medical exercise device

An intra-vaginal device of a new and innovative design that can be used in combination with kegel exercises or performing ones daily routine to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. The device employs a combination of unique shape, materials as well as carefully engineered deflection, frictional, testing and cleanability characteristics with particular attention to a sexually neutral appearance, comfort during insertion and exercise as well as positive physical feedback to encourage prolonged and frequent use.


Implantable medical devices and methods including post-procedural system diagnostics

Aspects herein include an implantable medical device, such as an implantable cardiac rhythm management device. The implantable medical device can include a housing, control circuitry disposed within the housing, and telemetry circuitry in electrical communication with the control circuitry.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.


Variable stiffness flexure

An intrauterine device includes a central support member, first and second internal flexures and first and second external flexures. The first and second internal flexures each include a first section having a first stiffness, a second section having a second stiffness, and third section having a third stiffness, wherein the second stiffness is more flexible than the first and third stiffness and wherein the first section of each internal flexure is coupled to the central support member.
Hologic, Inc.


Expandable trial with telescopic stabilizers

Systems and methods for distracting an intervertebral disc space are provided. The systems use an expandable trial with telescopic stabilizers.
Ouroboros Medical, Inc.


Dynamic microvalve protection device

An apparatus includes a delivery catheter having a deployable dynamic valve that dynamically opens and closes in response to relative fluid pressure thereabout, particularly while in an anatomical lumen. The valve is maintained in a collapsed configuration during introduction to a treatment site.
Surefire Medical, Inc.


Apparatus and repairing vaginal reconstruction

A system for treating vaginal prolapse including two implants, each implant including a mesh support portion and two mesh extension portions, wherein for each implant the support portion is capable of contacting vaginal sulcus tissue while the two extension portions extend to tissue of an obturator foramen. The implant may include a mesh strip, with the support portion having a length between 4 and 6 centimeters, with the total length of the mesh strip being between 15 and 20 centimeters, and with the mesh strip being of substantially uniform width in the range from 0.5 to 1.3 centimeters.
Ams Research Corporation


Vascular remodeling device

A vascular remodeling device is provided. The device has an anchor portion, sized for deployment in a blood vessel, that is radially expandable from a collapsed state to an expanded state.
Covidien Lp


Systems, tools, and methods for connecting to tissue

Described are various embodiments of surgical procedure systems, devices, tools, and methods, useful for connecting tissue (e.g., soft tissue, organ tissue) to another tissue or to a surgical device such as an implant; specific methods can be useful for plastic surgery, treating pelvic conditions such as vaginal prolapse, incontinence, and other conditions caused by muscle and ligament weakness, and for general surgical procedures.. .
Ams Research Corporation


Statistical, noninvasive measurement of a patient's physiological state

Tools and techniques for the rapid, continuous, invasive and/or noninvasive measurement, estimation, and/or prediction of a patient's physiological state. In an aspect, some tools and techniques can estimate predict the onset of conditions intracranial pressure, an amount of blood volume loss, cardiovascular collapse, and/or dehydration.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate


Garment rack

Garment rack and garment transport system. A collapsible and mobile garment rack is disclosed that can be easily and efficiently erected and collapsed by a single user.


Collapsible shelves

A collapsible shelving unit includes a front frame and a rear frame. A pair of opposed side walls are each hingeably connected to the front frame and to the rear frame.
Rehrig Pacific Company


Hair increasing tool and attaching the same

A hair increasing tool including two large-diameter portions on a line-member having a predetermined length with a certain distance, and tube-members which can be plastically deformed fixed to each of the near locations of the large-diameter portions. A line-member portion between the two large-diameter portions is defined as a plant-area and first false hairs are fixed to plural positions of the plant-area with predetermined interval(s).
Aderans Company Limited

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