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Lapse patents

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Chair-convertible walking stick

Chair-convertible walking stick

Backpack collapsible coolers

M&c Innovations

Backpack collapsible coolers

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lapse-related patents
 Reducing elapsed time to access data from a storage medium during a recall operation patent thumbnailnew patent Reducing elapsed time to access data from a storage medium during a recall operation
In one embodiment, a tape drive includes a drive buffer, a processor, and logic integrated with and/or executable by the processor, the logic being configured to cause the processor to: receive a list including: user data segments recorded on tape media, wherein the user data segments are arranged in the list according to a predetermined order, and information associated with each user data segment, wherein the information includes a description of a physical location of each of the user data segments on the tape media. The logic is further configured to cause the processor to locate each of the user data segments on the tape media according to the order in the list, read each of the user data segments from the tape media according to the order in the list, and write each of the user data segments to a buffer according to the order in the list..
International Business Machines Corporation
 Fluid delivery device patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid delivery device
The present disclosure relates to fluid delivery devices for supplying a fluid, e.g., a flush medium, to a medical device, e.g., a vascular access device, inexpensively. The fluid delivery device includes a collapsible body defining a fluid reservoir and a connector for securing the fluid delivery device to the medical device.
Covidien Lp
 Football training sled and device patent thumbnailnew patent Football training sled and device
A training system and method for a football blocking sled having a plurality of vertically extending, laterally spaced apart pads supported on a base. At least one sensor is provided for each pad and a communications link is provided from each sensor to a control and display device.
 Passivation of group iii-nitride heterojunction devices patent thumbnailnew patent Passivation of group iii-nitride heterojunction devices
Passivation of group iii-nitride hetero junction devices is described herein. The passivation facilitates simultaneous realization of effective/high current collapse suppression and low leakage current without the use of a sophisticated multiple-field plate technique.
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology
 Immunogenic control of tumours and tumour cells patent thumbnailnew patent Immunogenic control of tumours and tumour cells
The present invention relates to the use of immunogenic peptides comprising a t-cell epitope derived from a tumour-associated antigen and a redox motif such as c-(x)2-[cst] or [cst]-(x)2-c in the treatment of a tumour or in the treatment or prevention of a tumour relapse, and in the manufacture of medicaments therefore.. .
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
 Blade sling apparatus and method patent thumbnailnew patent Blade sling apparatus and method
An apparatus is provided having a sling or sock configured for contacting a wind turbine blade. A reinforcement member attached to the sling or sock.
General Electric Company
 Water containment apparatus and method, and associated fastener patent thumbnailnew patent Water containment apparatus and method, and associated fastener
A unique water containment wall or barrier employs a flexible envelope that is extendable in a longitudinal direction from a collapsed condition for storage and transport into an expanded position for use. Support ribs disposed at spaced apart positions along the longitudinal direction provide support and shape retention to the envelope, the interior of which is fillable with water to weigh down the envelope down against oncoming or expanding waters.
 Modifying an audio panorama to indicate the presence of danger or other events of interest patent thumbnailnew patent Modifying an audio panorama to indicate the presence of danger or other events of interest
A personal safety system detects imminent danger or other event of interest and then modifies a sound panorama to focus a user's attention towards the direction of the danger or other event of interest. The personal safety system may isolate sounds originating from the direction of the danger or other event of interest, collapse the sound panorama towards the direction of the danger or other event of interest, or compress the sound panorama to align with the direction of the danger or other event of interest.
Harman International Industries, Inc.
 Radio communication system patent thumbnailnew patent Radio communication system
A radio communication system comprises a radio transmitter (2), and a radio receiver (12) configured to receive radio transmissions from the transmitter. The transmitter (2) uses a transmitter clock signal to transmit a succession of connection-event data packets (22a′, 22b′, 22c′) according to a predetermined schedule.
Nordic Semiconductor Asa
 Mixing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Mixing apparatus
A mixing apparatus is for selective mixing of contents. The mixing apparatus has a body that defines an interior space.
new patent

Semiconductor device and electronic control device

To suppress detection accuracy of a measurement resistance from decreasing by an on-resistance of a selector switch. The selector switch is provided between a first node coupled to a first voltage through a reference resistance and multiple second nodes coupled to the second voltage through measurement resistances, and selects the second node to be coupled to the first node with the selector switch.
Renesas Electronics Corporation
new patent

Power supply current monitoring device

A power supply current monitoring apparatus is used for a load drive apparatus with two systems to drive a load. Each system includes a drive circuit connected in parallel with a battery and a relay connected between the drive circuit and a point at which power of the battery is divided between the systems.
Denso Corporation
new patent

Collapsible laundry & accessory basket with wheeled & carryable configurations

A wheeled enclosure having an interior volume defining body including a rigid base and a plurality of upwardly extending and flexible sides. A plurality of wheeled supports are incorporated into the rigid base, a perimeter establishing inner frame extending upwardly from the rigid base and provides structural support to the flexible sides such that the frame is converted between upward expanded and inward collapsed positions.
new patent

Backpack collapsible coolers

A collapsible backpack cooler includes a base, a collapsible portion, a back portion, and one or more straps configured for use by a user in securing the collapsible backpack cooler to their back. The collapsible backpack cooler is configured to allow the collapsible backpack cooler to transition between an expanded configuration, and a collapsed configuration having a reduced volume as compared to the expanded configuration..
M&c Innovations, Llc
new patent

Glass roving package

A glass roving package 200 is provided which has a simple configuration which can prevent shifting and collapse of the glass roving package 200 during transportation of the package, and for which it is easier to package glass rovings 100 and unpack, and the cost of the glass roving package 200 can be reduced. The glass roving package 200 includes groups of glass rovings 100 stacked on top of each other on a base board 20, the glass rovings 100 in each group being arranged, and a wrapping material wrapped around an outer circumferential portion of the groups of glass rovings 100.
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.
new patent

Retractable snap domes

A retractable snap dome in a keyboard, serving as a force resistor for a key in a conventional manner, includes an additional collapsed state wherein the key can be retracted by an electromechanical polymer (emp) actuator to a persistent down position. In one embodiment, the emp actuator is a bimorph emp actuator that can be actuated to bring the key from down position to up position, ready for conventional keyboard operation, and vice versa.
Novasentis, Inc.
new patent

Coolant supply device

In a coolant supply device that supplies a coolant for washing chips into a machine tool, an opening/closing valve that is opened or closed by the pressure of the coolant is provided in the course of a pipe line supplying the coolant ejected from a coolant ejection pump into the machine tool. Meanwhile, an on/off control is performed so that the coolant ejection pump is turned off when a first time elapses after the coolant ejection pump is turned on and the coolant ejection pump is turned on when a second time elapses after the coolant ejection pump is turned off..
Fanuc Corporation
new patent

Kerf structure for snow tire

The present invention relates to a kerf structure for a snow tire, including a wave-shaped straight portion and an expansion portion formed expanding from the straight portion, wherein the expansion portion includes unit structures, on each of which central semi-sphere holes and polygonal forms around the semi-sphere holes form protrusions in opposite directions are formed continuously. According to the present invention, the kerf structure for a snow tire provides a symmetric shape, thereby securing uniform block rigidity regardless of the direction of the kerf, and the interlocking effect can be maximized through the combination of the protrusion shape of the polygonal shape and the embossing of the semi-sphere hole.
Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.
new patent

Chair-convertible walking stick

A chair-convertible walking stick includes a stick shank, a collar sleeve movable between distal and proximate positions on the stick shank, a carrier slidable between upper and lower positions on the stick shank, and a seat unit. The seat unit includes a middle portion pivotally connected to the collar sleeve, and left and right wing portions hinged to the middle portion.
new patent

Reservoir antechamber for reducing foaming during saliva collection

A saliva collector comprises a reservoir and a flow path from an inlet to an outlet on the reservoir. Air aspirated from the patient's oral cavity passes through an antechamber before reaching the reservoir.
Apnicure, Inc.
new patent

System and regenerating an auxiliary power unit exhaust filter

This disclosure relates to a method for controlling a system for regenerating a diesel particulate filter. The method includes monitoring an engine run time that has lapsed since a previous regeneration event.
Donaldson Company, Inc.
new patent

Gun support for a tripod

A gun support includes a bracket pivotally supporting two stanchions detachably attachable to respective legs of a tripod. The gun support is foldable adjacent the tripod upon collapse of the tripod and extendable from the tripod upon pivotal extension of the legs of the tripod..

Terminal device, thin client system, display method, and recording medium

A terminal device includes: a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory. The processor executes a process including: receiving a screen image from a server device connected via a network; storing the screen image received; displaying the screen image stored in a storage; first computing a switching end time based on an amount of one screenful of screen image data that is determined from a screen size of a display and an available band for communications with the server device; second computing a switching start time based on a switching time of the screen image obtained from the screen size and a switching speed of the screen image, and the switching end time; and reading the screen image from the storage and displaying the screen image on the display at the switching speed after the switching start time has elapsed from reception of a user's switching operation..
Fujitsu Limited

Accelerated thermal mitigation for multi-core processors

A temperature sensor may sense the temperature of a multi-core processor. In response to the temperature of the multi-core processor exceeding a temperature threshold for the multi-core processor, one or more busy processor cores of the multi-core processor may be power collapsed without reducing clock speed of the multi-core processor..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Computerized discounting and promoting automobiles for sale

The present invention is a system and method for calculating a series of discounted sale prices for one or more vehicles offered for sale and making those calculated sale prices available to one or more potential vehicle purchasers such that the discounted sale prices each correspond to a series of elapsed time periods and are withheld from the potential vehicle purchasers until the period of time corresponding to a discounted sale price occurs.. .
Car Price Countdown, Llc

Devices useful for implantation at a heart valve

A device useful for implantation at a native heart valve can include an anchor element having a tubular configuration defining a longitudinal direction and a circumference, a heart valve prosthesis disposed within the anchor element, and a plurality of elongate members positioned at equidistant angular intervals about the circumference of the anchor element. The device can be configured to be transitioned from a radially collapsed delivery configuration to a radially expanded implantation configuration, and the plurality of elongate members can have a length extending in the longitudinal direction of the tubular member in the expanded implantation configuration..
Jenavalve Technology Gmbh

Methods and systems for loading and delivering a stent

Some embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to a stent loading and delivery device, and methods for making and using the device. The device includes a handle assembly and an outer tubular member extending distally from the handle assembly.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

High resolution cardiac mapping electrode array catheter

Devices, systems, and methods for performing a mapping procedure on body tissue are disclosed. An example mapping device for mapping a tissue surface includes an elongate shaft and an electrode assembly.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Systems, implants, tools, and methods for treatments of pelvic conditions

Described are various embodiments of surgical procedure systems, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions such as vaginal prolapse and other conditions caused by muscle and ligament weakness, the devices and tools being useful for accessing a posterior region of pelvic anatomy, and related methods. Such devices can include retractors, introducers, and other devices for accessing desired areas of a patient's anatomy..
Ams Research Corporation

Implantable support with dilator attached to arm

A pelvic organ prolapse treatment device includes an implantable support sized to support and treat a prolapsed organ of a patient, a suture, a knot separate from the suture, and a dilator. The implantable support includes an arm having a first portion connected to a body of the implantable support and an end portion extending away from the body of the implantable support.
Coloplast A/s

Line leaf inula flower lactone a and methods for preparing and using the same for treating multiple sclerosis

Line leaf inula flower lactone a has therapeutic effects on experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (eae) model, and is used to develop drug for treating multiple sclerosis (ms). Line leaf inula flower lactone a drug is a combination containing the active ingredient of line leaf inula flower lactone a and conventional pharmaceutically carrier, and may be in forms of tablets, dispersible tablets, mouth collapse tablets, retard tablets, capsule, soft capsule, dropping pill, granules, injection, powder injection, or aerosol.

Line leaf inula flower lactone a and methods for preparing and using the same for treating myocarditis

The compound shows positive therapeutic activity against coxsackie virus and significant dose dependent correlation. The line leaf inula flower lactone a prevents disease in mouse models of experimental autoimmune myocarditis and onset of the process by intraperitoneal injection of a dose of 20 mg/kg/d.

Biomarkers for lower urinary tract symptoms (luts)

Provided herein are compositions and methods for the characterization of a subject's predisposition to developing lower urinary tract symptoms (luts). In particular, biomarkers are provided that identify the likelihood that a subject with develop luts concomitant with pelvic organ prolapse (pop), and/or the likelihood that luts will persist after surgical repair of pops..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Method of manufacturing a foam showing a gradient poisson's ratio behaviour

A method of manufacturing a foam having poisson's ratio which varies across a region of the foam in a gradient distribution from a negative value to a positive value includes the steps of: a) providing an open-cell foam; b) applying a compressive force to a localised region of the foam to collapse the foam in the localised region, whilst leaving other regions of the foam un-collapsed; c) heating the foam to a predetermined temperature whilst continuing to apply the compressive force; and d) subsequently cooling the foam whilst continuing to apply the compressive force. A foam having a first region which exhibits a negative poisson's ratio, a second region which exhibits a positive poisson's ratio, and an intermediate region located between the first and second regions and across which the poisson's ratio of the foam varies in a gradient distribution from a negative value to a positive value..
Rolls-royce Plc

Prevention of fibroblast collapse

The present technology is directed to extracts of plants of genus osmanthus, skin care compositions comprising extracts of plants of the genus osmanthus; as well as to methods of formulating skin care compositions, and methods of reducing or preventing fibroblast collapse, reducing or preventing glycation, maintaining or increasing skin elasticity and firmness and reducing the appearance of aging comprising applying the skin care compositions of the present technology to the skin of a patient.. .
Biocogent, Llc

Image forming apparatus

A controller determines a mode at a current time point, and corrects, on the basis of the determined mode and an elapsed time from a start time of the mode clocked by a timer to a current time point, an in-apparatus temperature detected by an in-apparatus temperature sensor on the basis of correction data so that the corrected temperature is calculated as an outside-air temperature.. .
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Video summary apparatus and method

A video summary apparatus and method. The video summary apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment includes: an object extractor to extract an object by separating a background from each of original frames included in a video for a predetermined time; an object analyzer to analyze, according to an original frame sequence, the object extracted by the object extractor and identify noticeable characteristics of time-lapse variation of the object; and a summary image generator to generate a summary image including an indication symbol that visualizes the noticeable characteristics of the object identified by the object analyzer..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Acoustic device, augmented reality acoustic device, acoustic system, acoustic processing method, and recording medium

An acoustic device includes: a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory. The processor executes a process including: first determining, based on a state of a user, an arbitrary object from among objects around the user as an object that is watched by the user; second determining the watched object as a target when a predetermined determination time elapses from a timing at which the arbitrary object is determined as the watched object; generating, when the watched object is determined as the target, acoustic signals for outputting audio of a sound generator corresponding to the target in association with a position of the target; and making, based on a difference between a moving direction of the user and a direction of a body of the user, an adjustment to reduce remaining time until when the predetermined determination time elapses..
Fujitsu Limited

Channel access very high throughput (vht) wireless local access network system

A channel access method for a very high throughput (vht) system using a bonding channel having a plurality of subchannels is provided. The method includes receiving training information comprising a training offset value through a subchannel, performing channel estimation on a full channel bandwidth comprising all subchannels when a time corresponding to the training offset value is elapsed after the training information is received, transmitting a request to send (rts) frame to a destination station through some subchannels selected from the plurality of subchannels by one or a plurality of source stations according to a result of the channel estimation, and transmitting a clear to send (cts) frame to one source station selected from the plurality of source stations by the destination station in response to the received rts frame.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Semiconductor device and information processing system including the same

A device including input and output nodes, first and second input circuits coupled in parallel to each other between the input and output nodes. The first input circuit includes a first circuit unit coupled between the input and output nodes, the first circuit unit is configured to be activated when a first selection signal supplied thereto takes an active level and deactivated when the first selection signal takes an inactive level.
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l.

Synchronous rectification control method and control circuit and switching voltage regulator

In one embodiment, a synchronous rectification control method can include: (i) setting or updating a count value when a rectification switch is turned on; (ii) generating an off enable signal after a delay time corresponding to the count value has elapsed; (iii) turning off the rectification switch based on the off enable signal, and comparing a drain-source voltage of the rectification switch against a reference voltage; and (iv) generating a comparison signal for updating the count value based on the drain-source voltage and the reference voltage.. .
Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd

Centralizer preconditioning and testing apparatus and method

Apparatus, methods, and systems for preconditioning and/or testing a centralizer, and a preconditioned centralizer, are provided. The apparatus includes a restrictor positionable around a tubular and having an inner diameter that is greater than an outer diameter of the tubular.

Tire inflation system and control

A tire inflation system and a method of control. An inflation pressure of a tire may be checked when a tire pressure sampling interval has elapsed.
Arvinmeritor Technology, Llc

Silicon wafer cleaning agent

A silicon wafer cleaning agent includes at least a water-based cleaning liquid, and a water-repellent cleaning liquid for providing water-repellent to an uneven pattern at least at recessed portions during a cleaning process. The water-repellent cleaning liquid is a liquid composed of a water-repellent compound containing a reactive moiety which is chemically bondable to si in the silicon wafer, and a hydrophobic group, or is a liquid wherein 0.1 mass % or more of the water-repellent compound relative to the total quantity of 100 mass % of the water-repellent cleaning liquid and an organic solvent are mixed and contained therein.
Central Glass Company, Limited

Frame for a folding table

A foldable table may include a table top and legs movable between an extended position and a collapsed position. A first portion of a side rail may be connected to a first table top section and a second portion of the first side rail may be connected to a second table top section.
Lifetime Products, Inc.

Method for resuming process and information processing system

One of first and second computers computes a first time taken to transfer first data, which is stored by an application process that is executed and suspended by the second computer and to be executed by the first computer, from the second computer to the first computer. The one computes a second time on basis of a transfer time and an elapsed execution time.
Fujitsu Limited

Valve leaflet attachment in collapsible prosthetic valves

A prosthetic heart valve includes a stent having a collapsed condition and an expanded condition. The stent includes a plurality of cells, each cell being formed by a plurality of struts, and a plurality of commissure features.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Treatment of cavities in a human body

Apparatus and methods are described, including apparatus for treating a cavity in a human body, the apparatus including a delivery tube. A bather device has a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration, the barrier device moving from the collapsed configuration to the expanded configuration upon being deployed from the delivery tube.
Regentis Biomaterials Ltd.

Glaucoma drainage shunts and methods use

A method of treating glaucoma in an eye utilizing an implanted shunt having an elastomeric plate and a non-valved elastomeric drainage tube. The plate is positioned over a sclera of the eye with an outflow end of the elastomeric drainage tube open to an outer surface of the plate.
Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

Methods for using polymer foam absorbent materials in wound dressings

Disclosed are methods for using open-celled polymeric foam wound dressings made from high internal phase emulsions (hipes). The wound dressings have a high capillary pressure and may reduce or obviate the need for treatments like negative pressure wound treatment (npwt).
Dristi, Llc

Polishing method

A polishing method includes: rotating a polishing table that supports a polishing pad; polishing a conductive film by pressing a substrate having the conductive film against the polishing pad; obtaining a film thickness signal with use of an eddy current film-thickness sensor disposed in the polishing table; determining a thickness of the polishing pad based on the film thickness signal; determining a polishing rate of the conductive film corresponding to the determined thickness of the polishing pad; calculating an expected amount of polishing of the conductive film to be polished at the determined polishing rate for a predetermined polishing time; calculating a temporary end-point film thickness by adding the expected amount of polishing to a target thickness; and terminating polishing of the conductive film when the predetermined polishing time has elapsed from a point of time when the thickness of the conductive film has reached the temporary end-point film thickness.. .
Ebara Corporation

Electronic equipment provided with battery check device

Immediately after a main switch is turned on, a battery check is performed based on a second inhibit voltage lvl2 higher than a first reference voltage lvl1 which is an inhibit voltage level a predetermined time period after the main switch is turned on, and therefore, even when the voltage is in a low state immediately after the main switch is turned on, it is possible to activate a camera without an erroneous detection. Further, when the elapsed time from a time when the main switch is turned off to a time when tuned on next time is relatively long, a solid high polymer film inside the fuel cell is assumed to be further dried, then the second reference voltage lvl2 is changed, and therefore, even when the voltage fluctuates depending on the humidifying state immediately after the main switch is turned on, an appropriate battery check can be performed..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Motor driving device and control motor driving device

A motor driving device includes a control unit which outputs a pre-driving signal to control a motor based on command information of an input target number of rotations and detection information of a number of rotations of the motor, and a motor driving unit which drives the motor based on the pre-driving signal. The control unit includes a speed control circuit which outputs speed command information based on the command information of the target number of rotations and the detection information, a stop control circuit which when an input of the command information of the target number of rotations is stopped, outputs stop command information after a predetermined time elapses from detection of stop of the motor, and a driving signal generation circuit which generates a control signal based on the stop command information and the speed command information..
Minebea Co., Ltd.

Expandable food package with lid

An expandable food package with a removable lid, is provided. The food package has a bottom, an inner sidewall and an outer sidewall.
The Quaker Oats Company

Member for hydrocarbon resource collection downhole tool

A downhole tool member for hydrocarbon resource recovery, comprising a shaped body of a polyglycolic acid resin having a weight average molecular weight of at least 70,000, having an effective thickness which is ½ or more of a critical thickness of surface decomposition, and exhibiting a thickness reduction rate in water which is constant with respect to time. As a result, it has become possible to more accurately design the strength and time up to the collapse of the downhole tool member which forms the whole or a part of a downhole tool for developing or repairing downholes for recovery of hydrocarbon resources, such as oil and gas..
Kureha Corporation

Frack plug with temporary wall support feature

In a fracturing application a packer for a given zone to be fractured is reinforced during fracturing with an insert that is preferably a sleeve. During times of high collapse pressure loading, the sleeve provides the needed support.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Method for regenerating solution for nitric acid activation treatment of zinc-plated metal member surface, and regeneration treatment apparatus using the same

Provided is a method for regenerating a nitric acid active treatment solution comprising: adding a zinc ion-aggregating agent to a nitric acid active treatment solution for a surface of a zinc-based material plated metal member, the nitric acid active treatment solution containing zinc ions, to thereby aggregate the zinc ions in the solution as an insoluble salt; and separating and removing the insoluble salt. This regeneration method is employed instead of methods conventionally and widely conducted in zinc-based plating on a steel material such as the exchange of the entire amount of the nitric acid active treatment solution after a lapse of a certain time, and is a method for regenerating a nitric acid active treatment solution, comprising: depositing and removing zinc ions which come to be mixed in the nitric acid active treatment solution during a zinc-based plating process on a steel material, so that the quality of a trivalent chromium chemical conversion treatment can be controlled at a constant level through simplification and cost reduction of a plating control step, and the waste nitric acid can be reduced as much as possible..
Dipsol Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Mobile application interactive user interface for a remote computing device monitoring a test device

Remotely monitoring a test on a test specimen includes receiving information pertaining to the test, rendering on a remote computing device display an information message having portions indicative of a testing device, of information related to the testing device or a test being conducted on the testing device, and of time that has elapsed since the second portion has occurred, and updating the third portion indicative of the time that has elapsed. A test operation monitoring system includes an image capture device, and a computing device operatively connected to the image capture device to receive information on the testing operation from the image capture device, the computing device having a controller configured to receive information pertaining to the testing operation and to render on a display an information message indicative of parameters of the testing device at a selectable amount of progress through the testing operation..

Multi-cycle delay for communication buses

A system is disclosed that may compensate for bus timing that may vary over operating conditions of a bus. The system may include a communication bus, a first functional unit configured to transmit data via the communication bus, and a second functional unit configured to receive data via the bus.
Apple Inc.

System and automatically calibrating the clutches within a transmission of a work vehicle

In one aspect, a computer-implemented method for automatically calibrating clutches within a transmission of a work vehicle may include determining, with a computing device, whether a plurality of predetermined conditions are satisfied for performing a clutch calibration on a clutch of the transmission. The predetermined conditions may require that the work vehicle be in park and that a predetermined time period has elapsed since a previous clutch calibration was performed on the clutch.
Cnh America Llc

Laser radar apparatus

A laser radar apparatus includes a beam projecting unit and a beam receiving unit that receives via a glass surface a reflective wave occurring when a beam projected from the beam projecting unit is reflected from an object. The laser radar apparatus further includes control unit that commands a prompt operation mode of a wiper when an amount of the objects is determined to be greater than or equal to a threshold level based on a beam reception level detected by the beam receiving unit, and a wiper operation control unit that controls the wiper to operate in the prompt operation mode after a waiting time period elapses.
Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Devices useful for implantation at a heart valve

A device useful for implantation at a native heart valve can include an anchor element having a tubular configuration defining a longitudinal direction and a circumference, a heart valve prosthesis disposed within the anchor element, and a plurality of elongate members positioned at equidistant angular intervals about the circumference of the anchor element. The device can be configured to be transitioned from a radially collapsed delivery configuration to a radially expanded implantation configuration, and the plurality of elongate members can have a length extending in the longitudinal direction of the tubular member in the expanded implantation configuration..
Jenavalve Technology Gmbh

Single-ring cardiac valve support

The present invention is primarily directed a prosthetic cardiac valve support device adapted for endovascular delivery to a cardiac valve, comprising a single ring-shaped support element having an inner diameter and an outer diameter, wherein said support element has an outer perimeter that is entirely rigid, wherein said support element is fitted with one or more intra-ventricular and/or intra-atrial stabilizing elements, and wherein said support element has a collapsed delivery configuration and a deployed configuration.. .
Mvalve Technologies Ltd.

Expandable introducer sheath

One embodiment is directed to a system for deploying a device to a distal location across a vessel, comprising an elongate introducer sheath tubing member comprising open-cell fibrous wall material defining a lumen therethrough, wherein in a collapsed configuration the sheath has a first cross-sectional outer diameter and a first lumen inner diameter, and in an expanded configuration, the sheath has a second cross-sectional outer diameter and a second lumen inner diameter; and a substantially non-porous expandable layer coupled to a proximal portion of sheath and configured to prevent fluids present in the lumen from crossing the fibrous wall material.. .
Transaortic Medical, Inc.

Apparatus for dispensing medicinal fluids and making same

A dispensing device and the method of making same for dispensing medicaments to a patient that includes a housing, a first assembly connected to the first end of the housing that includes a body portion, and a penetrating sub-assembly. The first assembly also includes a rate control chip of novel construction that is connected to the penetrating sub-assembly and functions to control the rate of flow of medicinal fluid to the patient.

Compression garment ventilation

A compression garment includes fluid-impermeable bladder layers defining an inflatable bladder. A ventilator is at least partially disposed on an inward side of the inflatable bladder.
Covidien Lp

Vaginal vault suspension system and method

Repair implant systems for treating pelvic prolapse including vaginal vault suspension devices and methods are provided. Embodiments of the system can include one or more eyelet and/or locking eyelet devices and one or more spanning members, e.g., suture members, attached thereto.

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