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 Methods, systems, and media for controlling a presentation of media content patent thumbnailnew patent Methods, systems, and media for controlling a presentation of media content
Systems, methods, and media for controlling a presentation of media content are provided. In accordance with some embodiments, methods for controlling a presentation of media content, the methods comprising: causing the presentation of the media content to begin; measuring an elapsed time of the presentation of the media content; determining a first threshold based on at least one of: a characteristic of a person; a characteristic of a current point in time; and a characteristic of the media content; determining if the elapsed time of the presentation has met the first threshold; and ending the presentation in response to determining that the elapsed time of the presentation has met the first threshold..
Google Inc.

 Image display terminal, image display method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium storing program patent thumbnailnew patent Image display terminal, image display method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium storing program
An image display terminal includes a memory configured to store a plurality of sample images and display time of the sample images; a display interface configured to display live images continuously output from an imaging module and the sample images; and a display control unit, wherein the display control unit performs a control to cause the live images to be displayed on the display interface, and cause a first image of the plurality of sample images to be displayed on the display interface for the display time, and when the display time has elapsed, the display control unit performs a control to cause the first image to be non-displayed, and cause a second image of the plurality of sample images, different from the first image and non-displayed, to be displayed on the displayer interface for the display time.. .
Olympus Corporation

 Medium, information processing apparatus, and image processing system patent thumbnailnew patent Medium, information processing apparatus, and image processing system
A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium has a program stored therein for causing a processor of an information processing apparatus to execute a process. The information processing apparatus is configured to provide an image, and has an image processing apparatus display the image.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Drive control device patent thumbnailnew patent Drive control device
A drive control device for two semiconductor elements having a transistor structure and a diode structure with a common energization electrode includes: a current detection device outputting a current detection signal of the semiconductor elements; and a first control device outputting a gate drive signal from when a first time period has elapsed from a starting time to when a second time period has elapsed from the starting time, at which an off-command signal is input after it is determined that a current flows through the semiconductor elements in a forward direction of the diode structure during a time period for which an on-command signal is input to the semiconductor elements. The first and the second time periods are preliminary set not to generate an arm short-circuit between two semiconductor elements..
Denso Corporation

 Interface  designating link destination, interface  viewer, and computer program patent thumbnailnew patent Interface designating link destination, interface viewer, and computer program
An interface apparatus for designating a link destination, is provided with: a range designating device (110) for designating a desired range in a screen on which motion picture content is reproduced; a range mark setting device (107b) for superimposing and displaying a range mark indicating the designated range on the motion picture content; a movement operating device (110, 105, 107b) for moving the range mark in a desired direction, along with a lapse of reproduction time of the motion picture content in the screen; a link destination inputting device (110) for inputting link destination identification information as what corresponds to the range mark; and a holding device (106) for holding position information indicating a position of the range mark, in association with the link destination identification information and each time point in the reproduction time.. .
Godo Kaisha Ip Bridge 1

 Reorder point management in a smartphone patent thumbnailnew patent Reorder point management in a smartphone
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for reorder point management in a smartphone. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for purchase reminding includes monitoring payments performed by a payment application executing in memory of a smartphone and determining by a processor of the smartphone for each of the payments, an ordered product.
Sugarcrm Inc.

 System for arranging profiles of job seekers in response to a search query patent thumbnailnew patent System for arranging profiles of job seekers in response to a search query
A system for arranging or ranking profiles of job seekers in response to a search query is provided. The system includes one or more processors configured to determine likelihood of changing job at least by those job seekers whose profile match a search criteria.
Abhiman Technologies Private Limited

 Safety features for medical devices requiring assistance and supervision patent thumbnailnew patent Safety features for medical devices requiring assistance and supervision
An automatic locking system for a medical treatment device helps to ensure that an assistant is present during treatment of a patient. Among the features disclosed biometric authentication to verify that a trained assistant is present, a presence detector to ensure the assistant is continuously present during treatment, and warning and recovery processes that allow intermittent lapses in the continuous presence of the assistant..
Nxstage Medical, Inc.

 Projection of software and integrated circuit diagrams into actual 3d space patent thumbnailnew patent Projection of software and integrated circuit diagrams into actual 3d space
Embodiments of the present invention include apparatus, method, and program product for displaying in actual 3d space (i.e. Not merely a 3d representation on a 2d surface) any type of diagram relating to software or integrated circuits that requires depth perception in order to be fully comprehended.

 Checkpoint triggering in a computer system patent thumbnailnew patent Checkpoint triggering in a computer system
According to an aspect, a method for triggering creation of a checkpoint in a computer system includes executing a task in a processing node and determining whether it is time to read a monitor associated with a metric of the task. The monitor is read to determine a value of the metric based on determining that it is time to read the monitor.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Photographing control device, microscope and program

Disclosed is a photographing control device, microscope and program that can simply confirm whether time lapse photography is being executed normally or not. A photographing control unit may control an operation of each apparatus of the microscope that performs processing related to the time lapse photography, in an execution mode for executing the time lapse photography, and a test mode for confirming an operation of the time lapse photography before the execution mode.
Nikon Corporation

new patent

Leukemic stem cell markers

The present invention relates to a method for identifying leukemic stem cells (lsc), based on measurement of the presence of a specific set of markers. The invention further relates to a container for use in performing the method.
Stichting Vu-vumc

new patent

Mounting system for use with audio/visual devices or the like

A mounting system for attaching an audio/visual device to a surface via a surface mounting member. The mounting system includes a support attachment bracket configured to operatively connect to the surface mounting member, a display mounting bracket configured to operatively connect to the audio/visual device, an adjustment mechanism configured to adjust a position of the display mounting bracket relative to the support attachment bracket between a collapsed position and a tilted position, and a locking feature configured to selectively engage a post for retaining the mounting system in the collapsed position.
Peerless Industries, Inc.

new patent

Combination therapy for treating adult patients with relapsed/refractory cd22+ b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

The present invention relates to use of combination therapy with an anti-cd22 antibody, such as epratuzumab or hrfb4, and another therapeutic agent for treatment of relapsed/refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all). Preferably the therapeutic agent is a chemotherapeutic agent, more preferably vincristine and/or dexamethasone.
Chu De Nantes

new patent

Expeditionary wastewater recycling system

The expeditionary wastewater recycling system is a portable, self-contained system adapted for deployment in the field for use by expeditionary military forces. The system includes a tank that is divided into three separate internal volumes.

new patent

Aerodynamic control system and method

An aerodynamic control system includes a skirt assembly configured to be disposed between plural vehicles in a vehicle system formed from the plural vehicles with the vehicles separated by a spatial gap in the vehicle system. The skirt assembly can include a bladder configured to be inflated with a fluid by a fluid source disposed onboard the vehicle system to cause the skirt assembly to expand between the vehicles from a collapsed state to an expanded state such that the skirt assembly at least partially fills the spatial gap between the vehicles.
General Electric Company

new patent

Carried away/princess carriage stroller attachment

A removable, collapsible, enclosure is shown that may be attached to a stroller at the wheels and handles. The removable enclosure may be detached from the stroller, cross-bracing collapsed, and folded into a small package.

new patent

Space-saving loading equipment

An apparatus for loading and unloading a cart into and from a chamber of a housing. The apparatus is movable between a first, collapsed configuration and a second, expanded configuration.
American Sterilizer Company

new patent

Universal automated shade for a vehicular windshield to block the entrance of sunlight

An automated shade apparatus for a vehicle's windshield includes a housing having a pair of openings, a drive assembly disposed within the housing and having a belt disposed around rollers, at least one of the rollers driven by a motor, a retractable shade roller coupled to the housing and having a sheet disposed around the shade roller, and a collapsible scissor arm assembly coupled to the housing and having a plurality of arms with a pair of top ends disposed through the housing openings and coupled to the belt and a pair of bottom ends coupled to the sheet. The motor drives the belt in a first direction to extend the arms, thereby deploying the sheet over the windshield.

new patent

Foamed sheet

Where the impact absorption rate a is an impact absorption rate (%) of a test piece a and the impact absorption rate b (%) after high-temperature compression is an impact absorption rate (%) acquired by storing the test piece a at 80° c. For 72 hours in the state of being compressed by 60% with respect to the initial thickness of the test piece a, thereafter releasing the compression state, and thereafter conducting measurement after a lapse of 24 hours at 23° c..

new patent

Intervertebral scaffolding with stabilized laterovertical expansion

An intervertebral scaffolding system is provided having a laterovertically-expanding frame operable for a reversible collapse from an expanded state into a collapsed state, the laterovertically-expanding frame having a stabilizer that slidably engages with the distal region of the laterovertically-expanding frame and is configured for retaining the laterovertically-expanding frame from a lateral movement that exceeds the expanded state. The expanded state, for example, can be configured to have an open graft distribution window that at least substantially closes upon the reversible collapse..
Integrity Implants Inc.

new patent

Devices and methods for delivering an endocardial device

Systems for partitioning a ventricle of a heart include a partitioning device or implant, and an applicator for inserting, repositioning and/or removing the partitioning device. The implant may support the ventricle wall and may reduce the volume of the ventricle.

new patent

Activity amount-related information display apparatus

An activity amount-related information display apparatus according to the present invention acquires value information indicating exercise intensity, activity amount, or expended calories of a measurement subject. On a display screen, a circle corresponding to one day is set, and time divisions each indicating elapse of a unit time in the one day are set clockwise around the circle.
Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

new patent

Systems, devices, methods, and computer-readable storage facilitating locating an implantable medical device within a body

Techniques facilitating locating an implantable medical device (imd) within a body of a patient are provided. An estimate of the location is determined based on strength information representative of strengths of communicative couplings between a communications head device and the imd at various positions of the communications head device.
Medtronic, Inc.

new patent

Nosemount seating system

A bleacher seating system provides a seatback locking and release mechanism to allow for rapid simultaneous repositioning of the seat backs in each row of seating. The system includes a plurality of seats arranged in a row and coupled to a forward edge portion of a deck via seat mounting brackets in the form of parallel plates each defining a gap therebetween.
Irwin Seating Company

Information processing device, image forming apparatus and information processing method

To provide an information processing device that can perform scroll operations without preparing model-specific tables. An image forming apparatus (1) causes a moving interval calculating part (110) calculate moving interval values (250) of indication coordinates (320) of an object based on a ratio of an elapsed time (220) to the moving time (200) and a difference between end coordinates (240) and start coordinates (230).
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Configurable offline messaging management using user presence information

Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses may provide management of messaging for one or more devices of a user according to the user's configurable presence schedule. A messaging management server may receive notifications of messages and the messages themselves from a messaging service provider.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Hotword detection on multiple devices

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for hotword detection on multiple devices are disclosed. In one aspect, a method includes the actions of receiving, by a computing device, audio data that corresponds to an utterance.
Google Inc.

Mobile terminal and control method thereof

The present invention relates to a mobile terminal wearable on a wrist and a control method thereof. The mobile terminal includes a main body, a band coupled to the main body and configured to be secured to a wrist of a user, a touch screen disposed on a front side of the main body and configured to sense a touch and a controller configured to cause the touch screen to display: a plurality of time markers; an hour hand and a minute hand moving according to a lapse of time; and a first graphic object associated with an application at a location of at least one time marker of the plurality of time markers in response to an event at the mobile terminal..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Screw top grate for portable stove

A portable, collapsible holder for a cooking container has a threaded collar that screws onto the neck of a chafing dish fuel container. Three panels are each rotatably connected to the collar with an offset hinge.
Sterno Products, Llc.

Floatable bellows container assembly

A floatable bellows container assembly is provided. The floatable bellows container assembly comprises a small access opening and is composed of a large diameter bellows container and a small diameter bellows container.

Engine control device

There is provided an engine control device including (1) a regulator that regulates a flow rate per unit of time of exhaust gas discharged from an engine, and (2) a controller that, in cases in which an external temperature detection section detects an external temperature below freezing point, and a previous engine operation duration is shorter than a predetermined first duration, controls the regulator such that the flow rate rises to exceed a predetermined normal state, until a predetermined second duration has elapsed since the engine was started up.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Plunger for plumbing fixtures

An improved plunger having a true arch configuration and defining an interior cavity provides a body having a convexly dome shaped upper portion and a rectilinear truncated conic shaped bottom portion that defines a bottom orifice. Axial downward pressure exerted or a handle communicating with a handle attachment carried by the dome shaped upper portion causes the body to collapse to forcefully expel contents of the interior cavity outwardly through the bottom orifice and into a pipe or plumbing fixture.

Cleaning composition with rapid foam collapse

An aqueous cleaning composition including: a surfactant; a first compound that is immiscible with water and has hansen solubility parameters of 10 mpa0.5≦δd≦22 mpa0.5, 0≦δp≦14 mpa0.5, and 0≦δr≦14 mpa0.5; and a second compound that is miscible with water and has hansen solubility parameters of 10 mpa0.5≦δd≦22 mpa0.5, 0≦δp≦10 mpa0.5, and 0≦δr≦14 mpa0.5, wherein the surfactant, the first compound, and the second compound are each independently included in an amount of 0.01 to 30 weight percent, based on a total weight of the cleaning composition.. .
Rohm And Haas Company

Temporary plugging agent for well drilling

A temporary plugging agent for well drilling having a plugging function for a period of not greater than 40 days in a high-temperature environment having a temperature range between 93 and 204° c., and preferably, the above temporary plugging agent for well drilling (optionally formed from two or more types of plugging agents for well drilling) wherein a contained synthetic resin has a ratio of mass loss rate in 80° c. Deionized water relative to the mass loss rate of polyglycolic acid of not less than 0.001 and less than 1, and/or has a compressive strength after a period of not greater than 40 days has elapsed at a temperature range between 93° c.
Kureha Corporation

Article transport facility and maintenance operation article transport facility

A supporting portion of an article transport device supports a position detection device for detecting the position of a detection target object. A control device executes an update control to update target position information in accordance with an update instruction issued through a manual operation performed by an operator during a maintenance operation performed at an interval longer than a set period, and executes the update control on condition that an elapsed time since issuance of the update instruction has reached an automatic updating time that is a time shorter than the set period..
Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Vehicular steering system

An ecu acquires a steering torque detected by a torque sensor (step s1). The ecu drives an electromagnet of a solenoid actuator (step s2).
Jtekt Corporation

Hybrid vehicle

An ecu executes control processing including the step of extracting amplitudes f1, f2 of a resonant zone when a traveling mode is in a hybrid traveling mode, the step of executing count processing, the step of starting a first resonance avoidance control when a first count value nf1 is greater than a threshold value n(1), the step of starting a second resonance avoidance control when a second count value nf2 is greater than a threshold value n(2), the step of releasing a clutch k2 when resonance continues even after elapse of a predetermined time period tb from starting of the second resonance avoidance control, and the step of terminating the resonance avoidance control when predetermined time period ta has elapsed from determination of occurrence of resonance.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Self-contained evcs display

A self-contained evcs accessory is electrically engaged to an electric vehicle charging stations to derive one or more operational parameters during the electric vehicle charging process. The self-contained evcs accessory includes a display unit that can display detailed information to the users regarding the charging process.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

Restricted contamination environment apparatus

A restricted contamination environment device allows the production (compounding) of sterile drugs products or other products that may need processing in a sterile (restricted contamination—either viable or non-viable) environment. The device can be used to prepare a “single dose” (making one dose, or single application only), prepare multiple single doses, and prepare multiple dose dispensers or to prepare multiples of multiple dose dispensers.

Stowable lower body fitness apparatus providing enhanced muscle engagement, body stability and range of motion

A collapsible lower body fitness apparatus is disclosed, providing enhanced gluteal muscle engagement, body stability, and range of motion. The apparatus includes a base, a frame, a line-swiveling assembly, and a gripping device that is horizontally displaced from the line-swiveling assembly's swivel axis, allowing a user to stabilize themselves in tripod posture during exercise.

Expandable sheath

A delivery sheath includes an elastic outer tubular layer and an inner tubular layer having a thick wall portion integrally connected to a thin wall portion. The inner tubular layer can have a compressed or folded condition wherein the thin wall portion folds onto an outer surface of the thick wall portion under urging of the elastic outer tubular layer.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Y-90-labeled anti-cd22 antibody (epratuzumab tetraxetan) in refractory/relapsed adult cd22+ b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

The present invention relates to use of 90y-conjugated anti-cd22 antibody for treatment of relapsed/refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all). Preferably the anti-cd22 antibody is epratuzumab tetraxetan.
University Of Nantes

Collapsible rolling walker

A collapsible rolling walker that readily collapses for storage and/or transportation and that readily deploys for use.. .
Medline Industries Inc.

Training apparatus

A training apparatus includes a fixed frame, an training rod, a motor, a rotation information detection sensor, a tilt angle calculation unit, a feedback current detection unit, a position difference calculation unit, and a determination unit. The training rod tilts with at least one degree of freedom.
Teijin Pharma Limited

Fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati

A fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati having a base structure and a patient support structure, to prevent collapse of the patient support during disconnection of the patient support structure from the base structure.. .

Fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati

A fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati having a base structure and a patient support structure, to prevent collapse of the patient support during disconnection of the patient support structure from the base structure.. .

Medical device for treating a heart valve insufficency

A medical device for treating a heart valve insufficiency, with an endoprosthesis which can be introduced into a patient's body and expanded to secure a heart valve prosthesis in the patient's aorta. In an embodiment, the endoprosthesis has a plurality of positioning arches configured to be positioned with respect to a patient's aorta and a plurality of retaining arches to support a heart valve prosthesis.
Jenavalve Technology, Inc.

Filtration and entrapment apparatus and use

A filter system comprises an expandable filter, with a first end of the filter attached to an end of a first tube, and a second end of the filter attached to an end of a second tube. The tubes are arranged telescopically with respect to each other such that telescopic movement of the first and second tubes with respect to each other causes the filter to move between a first collapsed, position and a second expanded position, where the filter extends outwardly.
Innoventions Ltd.

Suture-less tissue fixation for implantable device

A suture-less pelvic implant system and method is provided for treating pelvic conditions, such as incontinence or vaginal prolapse. The implant can include a fixation portion, rectangular or suture line, having a plurality of fixation elements, e.g., barbs, extending therefrom to fixate within target pelvic tissue, such as the vaginal apex.
Astora Women's Health, Llc

Radio communication system

A radio communication system comprises a radio transmitter (2), and a radio receiver (12) configured to receive radio transmissions from the transmitter. The transmitter (2) uses a transmitter clock signal to transmit a succession of connection-event data packets (22a′, 22b′, 22c′) according to a predetermined schedule.
Nordic Semiconductor Asa

Method for changing aid in wireless lan system

Disclosed is a method for changing an aid in a wireless lan system. The method for changing an aid of a terminal by an access point comprises: a step of receiving an aid reassignment frame from the access point; a step of extracting an aid reassignment counter value from the aid reassignment frame; and a step of changing the aid of the terminal to the new aid included in the aid reassignment frame after the beacon periods of the access point indicated by the aid reassignment counter value extracted from the aid reassignment frame reception time have elapsed.
Kt Corporation

System and creating time-lapse videos

Various disclosed embodiments include methods and systems for capturing images and creating time-lapse videos. A method includes receiving image data representative of an image that is to be used as part of an image sequence, and processing the image data using edge detection to assist a user to capture a subsequent image for the image sequence at substantially a same geographical location and substantially a same device orientation as that for other images in the image sequence..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Printing apparatus

A printing apparatus, including an image reader unit, a printer unit, and a controller, is provided. The controller executes an image reading process; a printing process; a standby process to hold the printer unit in a second condition, wherein the printer unit is enabled to print through a preparatory action, on standby during a time period between completion of the printing process and elapse of a standby period; a shifting process to shift the printer unit from the second condition to a first condition, wherein the preparatory action is required to enable the printer unit to print; and a changing process, wherein, if a document cover in the image reading unit is open during the time period between the completion of the printing process and elapse of the standby period, the standby period is changed from a first period to a second period that is longer than the first period..
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Transport monitoring

A system can determine that a service has been initiated for a user by a service provider. During performance or progress of the service, the system can receive location data points from a computing device operated by the user or the service provider and detect an occurrence of an event in connection with the service based on one or more of a set of received location data points, or an elapsed amount of time since the initiation of the service.
Uber Technologies, Inc.

Rating system, process and predictive algorithmic based medium for treatment of medical conditions and including workman compensation and general rehabilitation modules for optimizing care provider efficiencies and expedited treatment for achieving higher patient functional outcomes and lower cost

The present invention discloses a system, method and non-transitory software based computer writeable medium usable with a processor driven device for optimizing the diagnosis, treatment and resolution of worker injury events, such as associated with a workman compensation claim, and which improves upon the existing paper based module by synthesizing, in a digital environment, symptom, treatment and progress variables in a multi-party available format. A further related rehabilitation module, such as not limited to a worker injury event but also including any injury event associated with a typical accountable care organization (insurer/other payor/etc.) in a general health application is provided for establishing and tracking a patient's functional independent (fem) measurement score.

Communication device and link establishment method

A slave device is realized that establishes a link with a master device or another slave device such that a large link delay hardly occurs. The slave device includes a phy unit, a com unit, and a mpu unit.
Omron Corporation

Method and system for providing zoom-controlled transportation route map or road map

A zoom control method includes identifying or receiving position information including a current position or a departure position associated with a user, displaying a transportation route map or a road map including the position information on a display of a terminal, determining that a preset period of time has elapsed from a display point in time, and displaying the transportation route map or the road map on the display of the terminal through an auto zoom-out or an auto zoom-in, wherein the displaying of the transportation route map or the road map on the display of the terminal through the auto zoom-out or the auto zoom-in includes marking the position information on the auto zoomed-out or zoomed-in transportation route map or road map.. .
Naver Corporation

Devices and methods for processing touch inputs based on their intensities

An electronic device displays, on a display, a user interface. While displaying the user interface, the device detects an input on the touch-sensitive surface; and, in response to detecting the input while displaying the first user interface, and while detecting the input, in accordance with a determination that the input satisfies first timing criteria and first intensity input criteria, performs a first operation.
Apple Inc.

Device and controlling machine tool, to control synchronized operation of spindle axis and feed axis

A controller for controlling a synchronized operation of spindle and feed axes. A spindle-axis control section includes a section for making a spindle axis perform an accelerated rotation at maximum capacity from a process start position; sections for respectively detecting a maximum acceleration, a residual rotation amount and a current speed of the spindle axis; a section for making the spindle axis perform a decelerated rotation at maximum capacity to reach a target thread depth after the accelerated rotation; and a section for executing a torque-limiting during the accelerated rotation of the spindle axis, in such a manner that a torque command lower than a maximum torque command is given to the spindle axis at a start of acceleration, and thereafter the torque command is gradually increased so that the maximum torque command is given to the spindle axis when a predetermined time has elapsed..
Fanuc Corporation

Surface treatment process and surface treatment liquid

A surface treatment liquid that can effectively prevent pattern collapse of, in particular, a silicon pattern and a surface treatment process using the surface treatment liquid. The surface treatment liquid contains a water repellent agent and an acid imide.
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Sequential icp optical emission spectrometer and correcting measurement wavelength

A sequential inductively coupled plasma (icp) optical emission spectrometer includes a controller that operates to perform a series of process based on a shift amount (time dependency) of a wavelength peak position according to time elapse of a reference wavelength obtained as a result of continuously measuring a plurality of emission lines of argon having different wavelengths as the reference wavelength and a per-wavelength shift amount (wavelength dependency) of the reference wavelength, the process including: calculating a shift amount of a wavelength peak position of each measurement wavelength from a standard sample measurement time to an unknown sample measurement time; and performing measurement wavelength correction for correcting the movement position of the diffracting grating corresponding to the wavelength peak position of the measurement wavelength relative to the initial position.. .
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

Seal for a joint assembly

A spring seal for a joint assembly pivotally joining a lever arm to a machine frame includes an annular body having a w-shaped cross section. The w-shaped cross section includes a first cantilevered arm, a parallel and spaced apart second cantilevered arm, and a spring leg joining the first and second cantilevered arms.
Caterpillar Inc.

Engine starting device

An engine starting device includes a high-voltage power storage unit, a dc/dc converter electrically connected to the high-voltage power storage unit, a first switch electrically connected to the dc/dc converter, a second switch electrically connected to the first switch at a node, a low-voltage power storage unit electrically connected to the second switch, a starter configured to start up the engine, and a controller. The controller is configured to, for starting up the starter, control the dc/dc converter to allow the dc/dc converter to output electric power of the high-voltage power storage unit to the starter and to start rotating the starter at a certain time point by turning on the first switch while turning off the second switch.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Rapid deployment flood barrier

A reusable flood barrier that may be easily collapsed and deployed is disclosed. The barrier may comprise a flexible sheet, a plurality of parallel wall support members, a plurality of parallel base support members, a limiter configured to hold the wall up relative to the base in an erected configuration, and a hinge.
Diluvium Flood Barriers Llc

Extendable handle assembly

A handle assembly for grippably engaging a container, and methods for making and using such a handle assembly, whereby the handle assembly is adjustable between a collapsed condition and an extended condition in which the handle assembly provides a grippable element for grippably engaging the container.. .

Collapsible storage device

The collapsible storage device contains a foldable and expandable support member inside the storage device. The support member contains a first moving plate, a second moving plate, a third moving plate, and a fourth moving plate, cascaded in series.

Liquid ejection apparatus

A controller executes a regular maintenance process each time when a time elapsed from completion of a previous regular maintenance process reaches a first time. The regular maintenance process included a purge operation for discharging liquid from an ejection port to the inner space of a cap member and a first discharge operation for discharging liquid in a recess portion of the cap member to a waste liquid tank without discharging liquid after the purge operation.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Wire electric discharge machine

In a wire electric discharge machine, a discharge delay time is used to classify the inter-electrode state into three categories; a short-circuit state, small-gap state, and large-gap state. Based on this classification, the magnitude of a machining current supplied from a main discharge circuit is determined.
Fanuc Corporation

Hemodynamic assist device

A hemodynamic flow assist device includes a miniature pump, a basket-like cage enclosing and supporting the pump, and a motor to drive the pump. The device is implanted and retrieved in a minimally invasive manner via percutaneous access to a patient's artery.
Hridaya, Inc.

Therapies, vaccines, and predictive methods for bee colony collapse syndrome

The present invention provides therapies, vaccines, and predictive methods for colony collapse disorder in bees and provides compounds for diagnosing, preventing, and treating colony collapse disorder, a first non-limiting aspect of the present invention provides an isolated or synthesized peptide of up to 100 amino acid residues comprising at least one peptide sequence that is at least 70%, 80%, 90%, or 95% homologous with at least one replikin peptide sequence identified in a ccd factor in honeybees or in any honeybee including but not limited to at least one replikin sequence identified in at least one isolate of varroa destructor, nosema species, deformed wing virus, israeli acute paralysis virus, kashmir bee virus. Sac brood virus, or in honeybees, including, but not limited to apis mellifera and apis cerana, or any replikin sequence in the atpase or complementary sex-determination (csd) gene of a honeybee..

Training apparatus

A training apparatus includes a fixed frame, a training rod, a motor, rotation information detection sensor, tilt angle and position difference calculation units, determination, a motor drive and position difference eliminating units. The training rod is supported by the fixed frame in a manner capable of being tilted by a motor about at least an x-axis or a y-axis so as to hold the limb.
Teijin Pharma Limited

Adjustable implant and insertion tool

An adjustable spinal implant includes a lower body, an upper body, a locking pawl, and a locking key. The upper body and the lower body are pivotable relative to one another between a collapsed position and an expanded position.
K2m, Inc.

Pelvic floor treatments and related tools and implants

Described are implants, tools, and methods useful for treating pelvic conditions such as prolapse, by placing an implant to support pelvic tissue, the implants, tools, and methods involving one or more of an insertion tool that works in coordination with a sheath, adjusting engagements, specific implants and pieces of implants, placement of implants at locations within the pelvic region, and insertion, adjusting, and grommet management tools.. .
Astora Women's Health, Llc

Instructional toothbrush

An instructional, electronic toothbrush having an audio unit with a speaker for playing audio stored on a storage medium. The audio unit is operably coupled to a song playing system positioned in an interior compartment within the toothbrush.

Autonomously traveling floor washer, cleaning schedule data structure, storage medium, creating cleaning schedule, and program

In an autonomously traveling floor washer, a position estimating unit estimates position data. When a manual operation teaching mode is being executed, a taught data obtaining unit obtains taught position data and a taught cleaning condition at a taught data obtaining time.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.

Tubular toothpaste tube stand with brushing timer

A rigid material, preferably recycled plastic, tubular toothpaste tube stand with brushing timer is a countertop dental hygiene appliance. It is comprised of a vertically arranged, open top and open bottom, tubular toothpaste tube stand with an attached, stationary, sand/oil liquid timer hourglass to provide the user a visual gauge to determine elapsed brushing time.

Collapsible serving cart with wheels

A collapsible service cart that has four legs that are configured into two scissor arrangements. The scissor arrangements are joined together by a handle, a cross bar and two axles.
Rio Brands, Llc

Reusable bag

The present invention is generally directed to a reusable bag that may include a flexible container with an open top; at least one pocket disposed on an outside surface of the container configured to receive an additional reusable bag. Other aspects of the invention may include a plurality of pockets disposed such that when the bag is folded or compacted, the pockets intermesh thereby reducing the thickness when the reusable bag is folded or compacted.

Plant cultivation system, and plant cultivation unit

A plant cultivation system 100 includes a plurality of plant cultivation units 20, and a management apparatus 30 that manages each plant cultivation unit 20. Each plant cultivation unit 20 includes a greenhouse 1 that serves as a space for plant cultivation, an environment control unit 12 that controls an environment in the greenhouse 1, a storage unit 9 that stores setting values that are control targets for the environment control unit 12 for every number of elapsed days since the cultivation initiating day, and an environment setting instructing unit 10 that sets the setting values stored in the storage unit 9 in the environment control unit 12 in accordance with the number of elapsed days since a cultivation initiating day.
Nec Solution Innovators, Ltd.

Laminate and circuit board

Provided are a laminate including a silver layer on a substrate, in which the silver layer includes a surface in which kurtosis of a roughness curve satisfies at least one of condition (i) the change rate of kurtosis is greater than or equal to 50% under conditions of a temperature of 85° c. And a relative humidity of 85% after 240 hours have elapsed and condition (ii) the change rate of kurtosis is greater than or equal to 200% under conditions of a temperature of 85° c.
Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

Apparatus, discontinuous signaling in a mobile communication network

The invention is directed to systems, methods and computer program products for discontinuous signaling in a mobile communication network. User equipment (ue)/mobile terminal requests slotted transmissions and, in response to the network authorizing slotted transmissions, communication of subsequent ue transmissions are slotted, such that a minimum time period is required to elapse between each ue transmission.
Sony Corporation

Wi-fi contention reduction

Systems, methods, and instrumentalities are disclosed for reducing contention in a wireless network. An ieee 802.11 station (sta) may send a request frame to an ieee 802.11 access point (ap).
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Image processing system, image processing apparatus, instruction server, and storage medium

An image processing system includes: an image processing apparatus; an instruction server configured to transmit instruction information to the image processing apparatus via a router having a firewall function; and a session server configured to set up a session between the image processing apparatus and the instruction server. The image processing apparatus is configured to switch, in a case where the state of the image processing apparatus is a power saving state when a time specified by a transmission interval elapses from transmission of a connection confirmation packet for the session with the instruction server, to a state in which at least the connection confirmation packet can be transmitted..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Providing continuous context for operational information of a storage system

A system management tool provides a comprehensive summary of operational information of a storage system. For example, the system management tool presents a digital dashboard (“dashboard”) in a graphical user interface.
Netapp, Inc.

Battery control system, battery control device, battery control method and recording medium

A battery control system, which controls operation of a plurality of batteries connected to an electric power system, comprises: detecting means that detects a delay period of each of the batteries which represents a period that has elapsed after the battery control system supplies the battery with an execution command for charging or discharging the battery until the battery operates according to the execution command; measuring means that measures a frequency rate-of-change of electric power of the electric power system; selecting means that selects adjustment batteries for adjusting the electric power of the electric power system from the batteries based on the frequency rate-of-change and the delay period of each of the batteries; and command means for supplying the execution command to the adjustment batteries.. .
Nec Corporation

Print controller and printing apparatus

A controller of a printing apparatus includes a print setter configured to change a printing condition, a ui that receives a change of a printing condition made by the print setter, and a display controller that outputs the printing condition to the ui. The display controller changes a display form of at least one of a setting item and a setting value of the changed printing condition in accordance with elapsed time from the time when the printing condition was changed by the print setter..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Collapsing terms in statistical static timing analysis

Statistically modeling timing in a digital circuit through the use of canonical form models, where some terms of the form represent sources of variation sensitive to only a subset of timing regions of the circuit. When propagating the form through regions through which some set of terms in the model is not sensitive, those terms are collapsed by placing them in a cache and replacing them in the form with a single combined term that references the cached terms..
International Business Machines Corporation

Direct selection of audio source

When an indication is received from a user input, a name of an audio source from an ordered list of audio sources to which a headset is currently connected is output. Whenever a successive indication is received within a predefined amount of time, the name of the next wireless audio source in the list is output.
Bose Corporation

Power state change in disk drive based on disk access history

A data storage device that includes a magnetic storage device selects one or more power states of the magnetic storage device based on a time interval since a most recent time data has been read from or written to the magnetic storage device. The power state of the magnetic storage device can be changed from a higher power consumption state to a lower power consumption state when the time interval exceeds a predetermined value.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Multi-touch auto scanning

A system and method for autonomously scanning a sensor panel device is disclosed. A sensor panel processor can be disabled after a first predetermined amount of time has elapsed without the sensor panel device sensing any events.
Apple Inc.

Optical writing device and image forming device

An optical writing device performing optical writing with a light-emitting element, performing light amount switching, and including: a unit estimating a first value corresponding to a current amount for causing the element to emit a first light amount immediately after the switching; a unit supplying to the element, from immediately after the switching, a current amount corresponding to a first digital value acquired by quantizing the first value; a unit estimating a time amount through which a current amount for keeping the element emitting the first light amount increases from the current amount for causing the element to emit the first light amount immediately after the switching to a current amount corresponding to a second digital value greater than the first digital value by one step; and a unit supplying to the element, when the time amount elapses after the switching, the current amount corresponding to the second digital value.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Image forming apparatus and controlling beam scanning device

An image forming apparatus, including: a polygon mirror; a first optical sensor; a second optical sensor; and a controller configured to (a) determine a second-beam exposure standby time which is a time period from a timing when the first beam deflected by a first surface of the polygon mirror has been detected by the first sensor to a timing when scanning exposure of the second beam deflected by a second surface of the polygon mirror is started, based on a measured time which is a time period from the timing of detection by the first sensor to a timing of detection of the second beam by the second sensor and (b) start the scanning exposure of the second beam deflected by the second surface when the second-beam exposure standby time elapses after the first beam deflected by the first surface has been detected by the first optical sensor.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Collapsible light box

Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed for a collapsible light box. An apparatus includes a substantially cube-shaped structure comprising a top side, a bottom side, a rear side, a left side, and a right side.

Fluid containment apparatuses and wall supports for fluid containment apparatuses

A fluid containment apparatus with a floor and a side wall is provided. A wall support is included that supports the side wall and can be moved between a supporting position and a collapsed position.
Basic Concepts, Inc.

Pipe connector systems, devices and methods

Systems, devices and methods for pipe connectors and associated components are disclosed. Features for no hub clamps, for locking mechanisms on no hub clamps, for tools for no hub clamps, and for gaskets are described.

Motor-driven compressor

A motor-driven compressor is provided with a motor including a rotor, a housing including an inlet through which low-pressure refrigerant serving as a low-pressure fluid is drawn in, a compression unit that compresses the low-pressure refrigerant and discharges compressed high-pressure fluid, an inverter that drives the motor, and a controller that controls the inverter. If the rotor is activating in a reverse direction that is opposite to a forward direction when activating the motor, the controller obtains a position of a d-axis of the rotor and controls the inverter so that current flows to the obtained d-axis and so that frequency of current flowing to the motor decreases as time elapses..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

Mobile shade systems

The invention provides equipment for protection from the sun and other weather elements. The equipment comprises container structures that collapse into a closed, compact, highly portable configuration, and unfold into an open position to provide a variety of convenient structures that provide protection from weather elements, and in particular, provide a shaded environment.
Off The Grid

High-throughput yeast-aging analysis (hyaa) chip for performing yeast aging assays

An improved technique for studying the molecular mechanisms of aging in eukaryotic cells utilizes an efficient, high-throughput microfluidic single-cell analysis chip in combination with high-resolution time-lapse microscopy. A high-throughput yeast aging and analysis (hyaa) chip has a plurality of discrete microfluidic channels grouped into a number of modules.
Baylor College Of Medicine

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