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Limited collapse surgical screws

Dynamic microvalve protection device with associated balloon element for therapeutic intravascular procedures

Vascular filter device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lapse-related patents
 Location based alerts for shopper patent thumbnailLocation based alerts for shopper
Systems and methods are disclosed herein for generating reminders to shoppers to purchase products. Using a customer's current location, products stocked at that location are identified and compared to the customer's purchase history.
 Limited collapse surgical screws patent thumbnailLimited collapse surgical screws
A telescopic surgical screw comprising: (a) a first screw section including a distal threaded section and a proximal section; (b) a second screw section including a proximal threaded section and a distal section; and, (c) a reconfigurable bushing configured to be received within at least one of the first screw section and the second screw section to limit travel of the first screw section with respect to the second screw section, where at least one of the first screw section and the second screw section includes an internal cavity sized to receive the reconfigurable bushing and where the first screw section is configured to be repositionable along a length of the second screw section to change an overall length of the surgical screw.. .
 Dynamic microvalve protection device with associated balloon element for therapeutic intravascular procedures patent thumbnailDynamic microvalve protection device with associated balloon element for therapeutic intravascular procedures
An apparatus includes a delivery catheter having a deployable dynamic valve that rapidly opens and closes in response to relative fluid pressure thereabout. The valve is maintained in a collapsed configuration during introduction to a treatment site.
 Vascular filter device patent thumbnailVascular filter device
A vascular filter device (1) comprises a plurality of filter elements (6) which are movable from a capturing position to an open position upon elapse of a predetermined period of time. In the capturing position the filter elements (6) are configured to capture thrombus passing through the inferior vena cava.
 Venous modulation of collateral perfusion of cerebral ischemia patent thumbnailVenous modulation of collateral perfusion of cerebral ischemia
A patient in whom blood diversion due to cerebral venous steal is present, and abolishment of the cerebral venous steal is indicated, is treated by increasing the cerebral venous pressure in the patient. This increase in cerebral venous pressure restores the collapsed cerebral vasculature, thereby increasing cerebral blood flow.
 Occlusive cinching devices and methods of use patent thumbnailOcclusive cinching devices and methods of use
Methods and devices for blocking orifices and occluding cavities within a patient are provided. The device in one variation comprises first and second tubular members attached to a collapsible sealing element.
 Multiple staggered electrodes connected via flexible joints patent thumbnailMultiple staggered electrodes connected via flexible joints
An ablation catheter includes an electrode assembly having a plurality of longitudinally spaced sets of spines, which include a distal set of spines each having a distal end connected to a spine distal junction and a proximal end connected to a first joint, and a proximal set of spines each having a proximal end connected to the distal end of the catheter body and a distal end connected to the first joint or a second joint. The spines include electrodes.
 Method and apparatus for controlling ultrasound system patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for controlling ultrasound system
Provided are an ultrasound system and methods that deliver medication through skin by using multiple frequencies. The method to deliver medication through skin include irradiating the skin with ultrasound having a first frequency to cavitate a skin tissue; irradiating the skin with ultrasound having a second frequency, which is lower than the first frequency, to collapse the cavitated tissue; and delivering the medication through the collapsed tissue, wherein a single transducer is configured to produce the ultrasound having the first frequency and the ultrasound having the second frequency..
 Method for providing information on antidepressant therapeutic effect using single nucleotide polymorphism patent thumbnailMethod for providing information on antidepressant therapeutic effect using single nucleotide polymorphism
Disclosed is a method for providing information on the therapeutic effect of an ssri antidepressant by identifying tph2 gene polymorphism rs4760815, slc6a4 gene polymorphism 5-httlpr, slc6a4 gene polymorphism rs2066713, gad1 gene polymorphism rs3828275, and grik2 gene polymorphism rs543196. Through the disclosed method, it is possible to select an antidepressant based on genetic information, to prevent the worsening or relapse of depression, and to establish customized depression treatment models which are effective in the development of customized new drugs, and appropriate for korean people.
 Blind spot determination patent thumbnailBlind spot determination
A method comprising maintaining (a, b), by a device (6), communication with a monitoring unit (7); determining, by the device, an absence of communication from the monitoring unit; based at least on a result of said determining, starting monitoring (f) of at least one variable related to distance moved by the device and/or time elapsed; if the at least one variable meets at least one criterion, determining that the absence of communication from the monitoring unit is not due to a blind spot. A device securely attachable to a person (5) may be configured to carry out this method, which may be user in offender monitoring..
Method for asynchronous calculation of network traffic rates based on randomly sampled packets
A method for calculating rates based on random sampling includes updating at least one state variable when sampled information is received. The method further includes calculating a rate value based on the state variable and the elapsed time since the state variable was previously updated..
Flash memory module for realizing high reliability
A flash memory module may include a plurality of flash memory chips. The memory chips may include one or more blocks.
Endoscope apparatus and deterioration detection method of polarization element of endoscope
An endoscope apparatus includes a flash memory that stores a reference value of a color balance adjustment value of an endoscopic image of an endoscope that picks up an object through a polarizer. The endoscope calculates, from the reference value and the color balance adjustment value of the endoscope after elapse of a predetermined time period, an amount of change in the color balance adjustment value; judges whether or not the calculated amount of change is equal to or larger than a predetermined threshold; and, when the amount of change is equal to or larger than the predetermined threshold, outputs a predetermined output..
Power supply apparatus, control method thereof, and power supply system
A power supply apparatus comprises a power supply unit which wirelessly supplies power; a communication unit which transmits a predetermined instruction to request transmission of identification information; and a control unit which, when the predetermined instruction is transmitted to a predetermined device, controls to transmit the identification information of the predetermined device to the power supply apparatus after a first time elapses, wherein when the predetermined instruction is transmitted to a power receiving apparatus different from the predetermined device, the control unit controls to transmit the identification information of the power receiving apparatus to the power supply apparatus after a second time longer than the first time elapses.. .
Mitigating pattern collapse
One or more techniques or systems for mitigating pattern collapse are provided herein. For example, a semiconductor structure for mitigating pattern collapse is formed.
Enhanced stability crane and methods of use
An enhanced stability crane (100) is described. Embodiments include a telescoping main support mast (114) upon which a crane base (106) resides.
Channel depth filtration media
A fluid filtration media is disclosed that incorporates a channel depth layer to prevent collapse between media layers for increased filtration efficiency while maintaining increased filter life.. .
Hot water supply apparatus and control method thereof
By a feedback arithmetic operation based on a temperature deviation, an input number is set which corresponds to a requested heat quantity generation, which is a controlled object, to a hot water supply apparatus. The temperature deviation is calculated by correcting a deviation of a tapping temperature with respect to a set hot water temperature with use of a smith compensation temperature calculated by a smith compensator for predicting a variation in a tapping temperature prior to an elapse of a dead time corresponding to a detection lag of the tapping temperature.
Manual and automatic heat welding gun
A portable, handheld, light-weight device for sealing seams between adjacent sheets of flooring in which a seam following guide is incorporated as an inseparable part of the body of the handheld device. The guide has a pair of laterally separated rollers carried by a roller mounting that has a narrow, seam following element located midway between the rollers.
Collapsible musical drum
A collapsible musical drum with collapsible drum shell is disclosed in the present invention. Said musical drum is comprised of a base drum member with a drum head and a drum shell, and a plurality of shell extension member which can be attached to the drum shell.
Collapsible paint roller frame
A collapsible paint roller frame includes: an axle and means configured to receive a roller cover; a first link; a second link; a coupler configured to fixedly receive the axle and to receive a first end of the first and second links in a pivotal relation; and a handle configured to receive a second end of the first and second links in a pivotal relation. The handle is movable with respect to the axle, using the first and second links, between collapsed and extended positions.
Method of changing over computer from power-on state to power-saving state and computer
A power state controlling method is provided that balances quick resumption with reduction of power consumption. An upper limit value pih and a lower limit value pil of a power idle state are set for the magnitude of power consumption of a system.
Travel process prediction system, travel process prediction apparatus and non-transitory recording medium
An information acquiring apparatus acquires, when a travel object such as a traveler travels with transportation, passage time at which the travel object passes through each passage point at a departure/arrival facility, transportation specifying information indicating transportation, situation information indicating a situation and so forth. The travel process prediction apparatus stores the acquired information in an associated manner, and obtains a regression equation representing the relationship between items included in the transportation specifying information or situation information and passage time at a specific passage point, elapsed time while the travel object passes through two specific passage points or a result of comparison between the passage time and boarding completion time.
Anchoring elements for intracardiac devices
An intracardiac device comprising a ring-shaped body and one or more anchoring or stabilizing elements attached to said body, said elements being selected from the group consisting of levered anchoring arms, elongate anchoring arms, and lateral extension elements, wherein said device is able to move between two conformations, a collapsed conformation suitable for insertion into a delivery catheter, and an open conformation, suitable for implantation at a cardiac valve annulus.. .
Self-expanding neurostimulation leads having broad multi-electrode arrays
Self-expanding lead including a lead body having a distal body end, a proximal body end, and a central axis extending therebetween. The lead body includes first and second outer arms and an inner arm disposed between the first and second outer arms.
Clot retrieval device for removing occlusive clot from a blood vessel
A clot retrieval device (9501) for removing occlusive clot from a blood vessel comprises an inner elongate body (9503) and an outer elongate body (9504) at least partially overlying the inner elongate body (9503). The device also comprises an elongate member or shaft (9502) having a proximal end which extends exterior of a patient so that a user can retrieve the stent-basket device and captured clot by retracting the shaft (9502).
Renal nerve ablation catheter
Medical devices for ablating nerves perivascularly and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include an expandable frame slidably disposed within a catheter shaft.
In-dwelling port for access into a body
An in-dwelling port for providing repeated entry to a body during and/or after an operation is described. The port may include an external portion secured to a body outside an incision and a collapsible insertion portion that is inserted through the incision.
Antagonists of cb1 receptor
The invention relates to an antagonist of cb1 receptor for use in the treatment of a pathologic condition or disorder selected from the group consisting of bladder and gastrointestinal disorders; inflammatory diseases; cardiovascular diseases; nephropathies; glaucoma; spasticity; cancer; osteoporosis; metabolic disorders; obesity; addiction, dependence, abuse and relapse related disorders; psychiatric and neurological disorders; neurodegenerative disorders; autoimmune hepatitis and encephalitis; pain; reproductive disorders and skin inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.. .
Toy figure having reconfigurable portions and methods of using the same
A toy figure and associated method of use is disclosed, and comprises a body portion and at least one appendage extending from the body portion. The body portion comprises a resilient portion so that a user can apply a force to cause the toy figure to transition from an unstressed condition to an actuated condition.
Kit and method for the capture of tumor cells
The invention relates to a kit and method for the capture of tumor cells in a body fluid sample. The kit and method of the invention can capture living tumor cells but not non-living tumor cells or cell fragments so that the tumor species can be further identified by further culture of the captured tumor cells.
Combination therapies and methods using anti-cd3 modulating agents and anti-il-6 antagonists
This invention relates generally to compositions that contain multiple modulating agents, e.g., multiple modulating agents that target cd3 on t cells and neutralize one or more biological activities of interleukin-6 (il-6), such as cd3 modulators including anti-cd3 antibodies and anti-il-6 antagonists including anti-il-6 antibodies, anti-il-6r antagonists including anti-il-6r antibodies, and/or anti-il-6/il-6r complex antagonists including anti-il-6/il-6r binding antibodies, and methods of using these compositions in the treatment, amelioration and/or prevention of relapse of an autoimmune disease.. .
Pneumatic transport with multi vessel discharge
An ash transport system and method is provided that includes a transport line, four hoppers, and an airlock or hopper valve attached to each hopper. The ash transport system transports an ash mass from the airlock or hopper valve to the transport line if pressure in the transport line falls below a predefined pressure threshold assigned to the respective airlock or hopper valve.
Apparatus and method for controlling resources in a core network
A base station apparatus determines, in accordance with at least one of a communication frequency of a mobile station apparatus, a congestion state of a core network that connects a radio access network and a public network, a number of users being located in a cell of the base station apparatus, and a radio state, a hold period for which a core network resource is to be held, where the core network resource is used for setting a bearer in the core network for the mobile station apparatus. The base station apparatus transmits information indicating the determined hold period to a gateway apparatus in the core network, thereby causing the gateway apparatus to release the core network resource after a period corresponding to the hold period has elapsed..
Method and apparatus for program and erase of select gate transistors
Techniques are provided for programming and erasing of select gate transistors in connection with the programming or erasing of a set of memory cells. In response to a program command to program memory cells, the select gate transistors are read to determine whether their vth is below an acceptable range, in which case the select gate transistors are programmed before the memory cells.
Charging apparatus
A charging apparatus includes: a charging unit charging a rechargeable battery; a fan to send air to the rechargeable battery; a control unit adapted to activate the fan when a predetermined cooling-execution condition is satisfied after initiation of charging the rechargeable battery by the charging unit and to deactivate the fan when a predetermined maximum cooling period of time is elapsed from completion of charging the rechargeable battery by the charging unit even when the predetermined cooling-execution condition has been satisfied after completion of charging the rechargeable battery by the charging unit; an information obtaining unit configured to obtain cooling-performance information that represents coolability of the rechargeable battery; and a setting unit configured to set the maximum cooling period of time based upon the cooling-performance information obtained by the information obtaining unit.. .
Electronic device, method for controlling the electronic device and control program for the electronic device
According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a charging controller, a first information detector, an elapsed time information detector, and a charging instruction module. The controller performs control for charging a battery with a first charging value.
Collapsible truck rack and method of use thereof
A collapsible truck rack that can be assembled and disassembled easily without the use of tools. The rack can be stored in the interior periphery of the truck bed so as not to appreciable diminish the capacity of the truck bed for the placement therein of items to be transported.
Collapsible four wheel golf cart
A collapsible golf cart comprises a frame member, a handle, and a carriage. The handle is pivotably coupled to the frame and the frame is pivotably coupled to the carriage.
Paper discharge device
A paper discharge device includes: an end fence to restrict leading end positions of paper sheets discharged to a paper receiving tray; a lift mechanism to lower the paper receiving tray by a prescribed distance upon reach of a top surface position of the paper sheets stacked on the paper receiving tray to a reference position; an ultrasonic sensor to emit an ultrasonic wave in a horizontal direction toward the paper receiving tray from upstream of the paper receiving tray in a discharge direction in a prescribed height range including the reference position and portions above and below the reference position, and receive a reflected wave from a detection target; and a detector to detect the top surface position on a basis of changes in a reception level of the reflected wave over an elapsed time from an emission of the ultrasonic wave.. .
Twist-fold containers
Twist-fold containers include wires that are pivotally connected to channels formed in the containers. Using a twisting motion, the containers including the wires are collapsed.
Collapsible nestable container
A collapsible nestable container is provided. The collapsible nestable container may comprise a plurality of panels, each having one or more locking features that interlock with the locking features of the other panels to form an assembled container.
Snap-fold containers
The invention disclosed includes various durable containers constructed from sheet materials including a plurality of living hinges. The containers are configured to snap into an assembled position from a relatively flat position by the application of pressure to one or more sidewalls wherein that pressure deforms the one or more sidewalls into a concave position, thereby holding the container into place until the contain is collapsed once again for storage or cleaning..
Method for operating a refrigerator appliance ice maker
A refrigerator appliance and a method for operating the same are provided. The refrigerator appliance includes an ice maker for producing ice.
Processor and program execution method capable of efficient program execution
A processor executes a plurality of tasks by switching a timeslot and iterating a plurality of timeslots. The processor includes a table in which tasks are defined in correspondence with timeslots.
Adaptive workload based optimizations coupled with a heterogeneous current-aware baseline design to mitigate current delivery limitations in integrated circuits
A dynamic system coupled with “pre-silicon” design methodologies and “post-silicon” current optimizing programming methodologies to improve and optimize current delivery into a chip, which is limited by the physical properties of the connections (e.g., controlled collapse chip connection or c4s). The mechanism consists of measuring or estimating power consumption at a certain granularity within a chip, converting the power information into c4 current information using a method, and triggering throttling mechanisms (including token based throttling) where applicable to limit the current delivery per c4 beyond pre-established limits or periods.
Optimizing snapshot lookups
A system and method for performing search optimization operations. In order to optimize lookups for received data requests, a storage controller attempts to collapse the medium graph, thus reducing the number of mediums in which the storage controller must look to find a given block.
Biological signal averaging processing device
The biological signal averaging processing device includes a waveform input unit for continuously obtaining a biological signal in which analogous waves appear repeatedly, a summing-averaging processing unit which sums the biological signal obtained from the waveform input unit each time a predetermined time period lapses after a desired start time point to obtain an average wave, a noise level detection part which detects a noise level of random noise contained in the biological signal obtained from the waveform input unit each time the predetermined time period lapses after the desired start time point, a display part for displaying information, and a display control part for displaying the information on the screen of the display part. The display control part displays the noise levels detected by the noise level detection part on the screen of the display part in a chronological manner in association with the respective predetermined time periods..
Valve prosthesis and method for delivery
Heart valve prostheses are provided for replacing a cardiac valve. The heart valve prosthesis includes a self-expanding frame including a first portion and a second portion.
Transcatheter heart valves
A prosthetic heart valve comprises a collapsible and expandable support frame comprising a longitudinal axis. The frame comprises a first circumferential undulating structure defining an outflow end of the frame, and a second circumferential undulating structure spaced apart from the first circumferential undulating structure.
Transcatheter heart valves
A prosthetic heart valve comprises a biological tissue valve and a collapsible and expandable support frame comprising longitudinal axis. The frame comprises an outflow circumferential structure defining an outflow end of the frame and defining a single row of expandable cells, and a circumferential undulating strut structure spaced apart from the outflow circumferential structure.
Method of treating paravalvular leakage after prosthetic valve implantation
A method for treating paravalvular leakage at a location of a stented prosthetic valve includes the steps of delivering a clip to a location adjacent chordae tendinae of a native valve, and deploying the clip such that the clip captures at least some of the chordae tendinae of the native valve, thereby increasing tension in the captured chordae tendinae. The clip is delivered to the location in a collapsed stated and is released from a sheath convert to an undeflected or relaxed state.
Medical implantable occlusion device, and method for implantation thereof
A medical implantable occlusion device (100, 200) is disclosed comprising a fabric of at least one thread (101) and a structural formation (102) thereof having a collapsed and an expanded shape, the formation comprises a proximal and a distal portion (103, 104), a longitudinal axis (105) extending between the proximal and distal portion, wherein at least one of the proximal and distal portions comprises a peripheral edge (107, 108) having a first (109, 109′) and a second (110, 110′) radius of curvature in a direction substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, wherein the first radius of curvature is different from the second radius of curvature.. .
Portable automated body fluid drain control apparatus
A portable body fluid collection device that includes an apparatus for controlling the collection of body fluids and at least one strap associated with the apparatus for controlling the collection of body fluids. The strap can be worn by a patient to support the weight of the automated body fluid drain control apparatus.
Pump cartridge unit having one or more medicament reservoirs
In one embodiment, a medicament pump cartridge may include a reservoir configured to store a medicament, wherein the reservoir may be configured to transition between an expanded configuration when filled with medicament and a collapsed configuration when empty. The medicament pump cartridge may include an electromagnetic pumping mechanism, wherein the electromagnetic pumping mechanism includes at least one magnet secured to a membrane.
Method for supporting vaginal cuff
Described are methods and devices useful for supporting posterior vaginal tissue for various purposes such as treating or preventing vaginal prolapse or enterocele, especially in a patient not having a uterus, the devices including implants designed to contact the vaginal cuff and connect to sacral anatomy such as the sacrum or the uterosacral ligaments.. .
Heart sheath system and method of use
A method of sheathing a heart including inserting an expandable heart sheath into a living body with the sheath held in a collapsed state. The sheath is released to allow the sheath to expand inside the body.
Supporting a heart
A heart support featuring a sheath sized to fit about at least a portion of an adult human heart in a living body and an expandable chamber disposed within the sheath so as to apply pressure against the heart when expanded. The expandable chamber is at least partially defined by a foldable chamber wall that folds with the chamber in a collapsed state, and unfolds as the chamber expands..
Game providing device
After a game has been started, game content drawing processing, game content placing processing, and point granting and character removing processing are repeatedly executed. Thus, the obtaining of a character by each player, the placement of the obtained character in an area, and the obtaining of points and the removal of the character from the area according to an elapsed time from the placement of the character in the area are repeatedly executed.
Apparatus and method for reducing battery consumption of mobile terminal
An apparatus and a method for reducing battery consumption of a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes calculating a current location of the mobile terminal, route information to a destination, and an alarm period for determining whether the mobile terminal has arrived at the destination or at a nearby region of the destination, if the destination is input, and deactivating a locating module before the alarm period has elapsed, determining whether the mobile terminal has arrived at the destination or the nearby region of the destination if the alarm period has elapsed, and notifying the user that the mobile terminal has arrived at the destination or the nearby region of the destination if the mobile terminal has arrived at the destination or the nearby region of the destination..
Roping dummy apparatus
The present invention is a team roping dummy that encourages more correct roping via new innovations. The dummy has a relatively compact main body with collapsible legs, removable head, and internal body storage for head.
Sheet processing apparatus
According to an embodiment, a sheet processing apparatus having a function to erase an image formed on a sheet is provided. The sheet processing apparatus has a tray, an erasing unit and a control unit.
Collapsible light
A collapsible lighting device has a main body surrounded by a collar whose position is adjustable along the longitudinal axis of the main body. Pivotally connected or hinged legs are attached to the collar and to the main body with struts.
Modular substantion feeder assembly
A modular substation feeder assembly comprising a substantially rigid and collapsible support frame is presented. In particular, the support frame of the present invention comprises a plurality of at least two members disposed in a movable or removable relation to one another and structured to dispose the support frame between the collapsed position and into the operative expanded position.
Method and system for tracking motion of microscopic objects within a three-dimensional volume
Phase contrast microscopy images are collected of a liquid sample containing one or more microscopic objects. The images are analyzed to track the motion of the microscopic objects within the liquid sample.

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