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Forming a characterization parameter of a resistive memory element

Flushing entries in a non-coherent cache

File transmission to communication-disabled terminal

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lapse-related patents
 Power state change in disk drive based on disk access history patent thumbnailPower state change in disk drive based on disk access history
A data storage device that includes a magnetic storage device selects one or more power states of the magnetic storage device based on a time interval since a most recent time data has been read from or written to the magnetic storage device. The power state of the magnetic storage device can be changed from a higher power consumption state to a lower power consumption state when the time interval exceeds a predetermined value.
 Forming a characterization parameter of a resistive memory element patent thumbnailForming a characterization parameter of a resistive memory element
An incremental signal is defined that includes at least one of a duration and a peak voltage that is less than a respective minimum programming time or minimum programming voltage step of a resistive memory element. A characterization procedure is repeatedly performed that at least involves: applying a signal to the memory element, the signal being incremented by the incremental signal during each subsequent application; measuring a first resistance of the memory element in response to the signal; and c) measuring a second resistance of the memory element after a time period has elapsed from the measurement of the first resistance with no programming signal applied.
 Flushing entries in a non-coherent cache patent thumbnailFlushing entries in a non-coherent cache
Techniques are provided for performing a flush operation in a non-coherent cache. In response to determining to perform a flush operation, a cache unit flushes certain data items.
 File transmission to communication-disabled terminal patent thumbnailFile transmission to communication-disabled terminal
An apparatus for transmitting a file to a terminal device in a communication-disabled state includes a transceiver unit includes: a transceiver unit to transmit and receive data; a storage unit to store therein file information on a file uploaded to a content server by a transmitting terminal device using a first protocol; and a control unit to receive the file information from the transmitting terminal device through the transceiver unit using a second protocol, deliver the received file information to a receiving terminal device using the second protocol, store the file information in the storage unit when a predetermined time elapses without a response from the receiving terminal device, and transmit the stored file information to the receiving terminal device through the transceiver unit when the receiving terminal device enters into a communication-enabled state.. .
 Systems and methods for browsing content stored in the viewer's video library patent thumbnailSystems and methods for browsing content stored in the viewer's video library
Systems and methods are described for presenting recorded media assets on user equipment. In some aspects, the systems and methods described determine that a reference event has occurred.
 Mobile device as point of transaction for in-store purchases patent thumbnailMobile device as point of transaction for in-store purchases
Systems, methods and computer programs provide for implementing a mobile communication device, such as a smart telephone or the like, as a point of transaction for in-store purchases, such that all a customer needs to do is capture the coded indicia of products they desire (i.e., scan the products) with their mobile communication device as they shop and the purchase transaction will subsequently occur based on either the customer (in possession of the mobile communication device) being physically located in a designated area of the store or the lapse of a predetermined period of time from when the coded indicia was captured.. .
 Geological model analysis incorporating cross-well electromagnetic measurements patent thumbnailGeological model analysis incorporating cross-well electromagnetic measurements
A method for geological formation analysis may include collecting time-lapsed well-based measurement data from a first borehole in a geological formation over a measurement time period, and collecting time-lapsed electromagnetic (em) cross-well measurement data via a plurality of spaced-apart second boreholes in the geological formation over the measurement time period. The method may further include determining simulated changes to a hydrocarbon resource in the geological formation over the measurement time period based upon a geological model using a processor, and using the processor to determine if the simulated changes are within an error threshold of the time-lapsed well-based measurement data and the time-lapsed cross-well em measurement data.
 Data recording apparatus for a vehicle patent thumbnailData recording apparatus for a vehicle
In order to carry out data recording efficiently, a data recording apparatus for a vehicle in the present invention determines whether a predetermined event occurs in a vehicle. When it is determined that a predetermined event occurs, generally at least data indicating a vehicle state is recorded in a recording part from an occurrence of the predetermined event until a predetermined period of time elapses.
 Prosthetic valve with anti-pivoting mechanism patent thumbnailProsthetic valve with anti-pivoting mechanism
A prosthetic valve for implanting in a patient's native valve has a self-expanding frame that comprises a first end, a second end opposite the first end, an anterior portion, and a posterior portion. The self-expanding frame has an expanded configuration adapted to engage tissue at a treatment site, and a collapsed configuration adapted to be delivered to the treatment site.
 Balloon release mechanism for tavi implant patent thumbnailBalloon release mechanism for tavi implant
A delivery system for an implantable medical device having at least one retention member at an end thereof includes a shaft extending in a longitudinal direction. An elongated sheath surrounds the shaft.
Collapsible locking suture
A device including a self-locking suture including both a braided section and a monofilament section is provided. The monofilament includes a single strand.
Percutaneous catheter directed collapsible medical closure device
The present disclosure provides an improved collapsible medical closure device fabricated from a tubular wire mesh material. The collapsible medical closure device has an expanded preset configuration and an elongated collapsed reduced diameter configuration for delivery through a delivery catheter or other delivery means to a desired treatment site.
Filtering and removing particulates from bloodstream
A system and method to protect blood vessels from blockage by various debris. A vessel protector of the system may include a body formed from a filtering material, the body having a collapsed configuration and a tubular expanded configuration with an open proximal end and an open distal end, a first snare attached to one end of the body, and a first pull-wire connected to the first snare, whereby the exertion of a pulling force on the first pull-wire contracts the first snare and thereby closes the one end of the body..
Occlusion device and associated deployment method
An occlusion device for occluding a cavity defined by a body is provided, and includes first and second laterally-expandable portions each formed of a woven tubular fabric and having opposed proximal and distal ends. The first portion is insertable into the cavity so as to be substantially disposed therein upon lateral expansion thereof.
Pmvr clip configurations for mitral leaflet
A clip for leaflet tissue includes a substantially cylindrical hollow body having a proximal end and a distal end. In an initial configuration of the clip, the distal end has a diameter that is smaller than the diameter of the hollow body.
Devices and methods for the treatment of heart failure
A device for treating a heart condition in a patient. The device has a body adapted and configured to self-expand from a radially collapsed configuration to an expanded configuration.
Implants and procedures for supporting anatomical structures for treating conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse
Implants for the treatment of pelvic support conditions and methods of implementing the same. The implants comprise relatively soft, flexible bodies and relatively strong arms extending in predetermined orientations therefrom.
Expansion/collapse control mechanism for police baton
The present invention is to provide a police baton including an outer tube and an inner tube connected in a telescoping manner, and clutch locking and releasing mechanisms provided at first ends of the inner and outer tubes respectively. When the inner tube is moved outward of the outer tube until the first end of the inner tube presses against a second end of the outer tube, a clutch locking block of the clutch locking mechanism moves laterally outward due to an elastic force and is embedded into a retaining groove on the outer tube, thereby forming a long stick.
Method and device for reporting cell status
Determining a distribution delay of a bearer by using a preset delay distribution algorithm according to a preset time period for reporting a cell status; starting a periodic timer of the bearer after the distribution delay elapses, where the periodic timer uses the time period as a period; determining, according to the periodic timer, whether the cell status needs to be reported; and carrying information of the cell status in an uplink data packet of the bearer if the cell status needs to be reported. Thereby avoiding greatly centralized reporting of the cell status and centralized policy adjustment that is performed for the bearers, so that great jitter of service traffic borne on a cell is controlled effectively..
Device discovery with privacy support
Systems, methods, and devices are directed to wireless proximate-based communications with privacy support. A first wireless communication device is configured to discover and wirelessly communicate with one or more proximately-located wireless devices.
Cleaning solution for preventing pattern collapse
A chemical solution for use in cleaning a patterned substrate includes water, from approximate 0.01 to 99.98 percent by weight; hydrogen peroxide, from 0 to 30 percent by weight; a ph buffering agent, from approximate 0.01 to 50 percent by weight; a metal chelating agent, from approximate 0 to 10 percent by weight; and a compound for lowering a surface tension of the combination of water, hydrogen peroxide, ph buffering agent, and metal chelating agent. Examples of the compound include an organic solvent, from approximate 0 to 95 percent by weight, or a non-ionic surfactant agent, from approximate 0 to 2 percent by weight..
Substrate treatment method, non-transitory computer storage medium and substrate treatment system
In the present invention, photolithography processing is performed on a substrate to form a resist pattern over the substrate, and a treatment agent is caused to enter a side surface of the resist pattern and metal is caused to infiltrate the side surface of the resist pattern via the treatment agent, the formed resist pattern has a high etching selection ratio with respect to a film to be treated on the substrate so as to suppress a so-called pattern collapse, therefore.. .
Telescoping writing implement
Disclosed is a telescoping writing implement that retracts the writing point when in the collapsed position. Importantly, it is simple in design, uses a minimized number of parts, and, uses no metal coil spring.
Radiographic imaging control apparatus, radiographic imaging apparatus, radiographic imaging system, method for controlling the same, and computer program relating to the control method
A radiographic imaging control apparatus includes a control unit, a setting unit, and an obtaining unit. The control unit performs a first control to cause a radiation sensor to transit into a state where electric charges can be stored if it is determined that a predetermined standby time elapses and performs a second control to cause the radiation sensor to transit into the state where electric charges can be stored in response to a signal received from a detection unit configured to detect start of a generation of radioactive rays.
Flexible transmission and back-off intervals in network devices
A network device can implement functionality for dynamically varying the total back-off duration. The network device can determine a total transmit duration for transmitting data from on a communication medium.
Power save with data fetch time, with end of data indication, and with more data acknowledgement
A particular method includes transmitting a fetch trigger frame from a station to an access point. The method includes entering a power save mode at the station until a determination at the station that a fetch time associated with the station has elapsed.
Method and apparatus for program and erase of select gate transistors
Techniques are provided for programming and erasing of select gate transistors in connection with the programming or erasing of a set of memory cells. In response to a program command to program memory cells, the select gate transistors are read to determine whether their vth is below an acceptable range, in which case the select gate transistors are programmed before the memory cells.
Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus, and program
An image forming apparatus includes a first processing unit configured to execute a first type function, a second processing unit configured to execute a second type function different from the first type function, and a power supply unit configured to supply power to the first processing unit and the second processing unit, wherein a storage unit stores a first guaranteed time during which a power supply to the first processing unit is maintained and a second guaranteed time during which a power supply to the second processing unit is maintained, and a control unit configured to stop the power supply to the first processing unit when the stored first guaranteed time elapses and to stop the power supply to the second processing unit when the stored second guaranteed time elapses.. .
Technique for filling holes in a three-dimensional model
A mesh repair engine is configured to repair a hole in a three-dimensional (3d) model by (i) filling the hole with a rough mesh, (ii) refining the rough mesh, (iii) collapsing the refined mesh, (iv) refining the collapsed mesh, (v) flattening the refined, collapsed mesh, and then (vi) deforming the flattened mesh into a 3d surface that smoothly fills the hole in the 3d model. One advantage of the disclosed repair engine and associated hole repair technique is that the mesh repair engine is capable of generating polygons that fill regions of a 3d model that are not defined.
Automatic life alarm
The life alarm sensor device a very compact life alarm with a geodesic-like convex body frame structure mechanical sensor. The geodesic-like frame sensor is comprises a plurality of polygonal frames with beveled edges which are contiguously coupled at their respective edges with conducting probes, an unconstrained conducting ball dynamic wrist movement following inside the geodesic frame structure that closes a frame electric circuit upon a cessation of wrist movement.
Communications device and communications system
According to one embodiment, communications device includes receiver, transmitter, and display. The receiver receives, when first information indicating a setting on a target control device is displayed in a first color in a first display area of a display device, an operation for changing information displayed in the first display area from the first information to second information.
Capacitive load drive circuit, fluid ejection device and medical device
Operation of a digital power amplifier for power amplification of a modulated signal is stopped in a period in which a voltage value of a drive signal applied to a capacitive load is constant, to thereby suppress power loss. The power amplification is stopped either when half a period of time when the modulated signal in a first voltage state maintains the first voltage state elapses or when half a period of time when the modulated signal in a second voltage state which is lower in voltage than the first voltage state maintains the second voltage state elapses.
Drive control apparatus
A drive control apparatus for a semiconductor device having a diode and a transistor includes: a current detection device of a current flowing through the diode; and a control device, which applies a gate drive voltage to the semiconductor device when an on-instruction signal is input. The control device compares the current detection signal with a current threshold value during a first period, in which the on-instruction signal is input, after a second period has elapsed from gate drive voltage application time, or gate drive voltage shut-off time.
System and method for automatically charging a battery during motion
A system and method for controlling the operation of an electrically operated vehicle. The system comprises a digital commutation system for charging electric vehicle batteries.
Actuator control method and actuator control device
An actuator control method and an actuator control device that incorporate an element of feedback control in time optimal control, including: a calculation step of calculating a switching time at which an acceleration output is switched to a deceleration output and an end time of the deceleration output expressed by time elapsed from a calculation time at which calculation for control is performed using a maximum acceleration and a maximum deceleration, which are measured in advance, at the time of the maximum output of control force of an actuator; a control output step of setting the control force of the actuator to a maximum acceleration output from the calculation time to the switching time, setting the control force of the actuator to a maximum deceleration output from the switching time to the end time, and ending the output of the control force at the end time, and an update step of calculating and updating the switching time and the end time by repeating the calculation step at each preset time.. .
Cooperatively coupled holding system and method
A holder comprising a connecting portion, an extension portion, and a receptacle; the connecting portion comprising a generally rectangular piece of material generally conforming to the shape of a channel; the connecting portion comprising an upper portion comprising a spring element biased in an expanded position such that connecting portion vertical dimensions may be reduced to fit within the channel, and upon insertion within the channel expanded to fill the space; a lower portion of the connecting portion being angled to permit easier insertion with the channel; the extension portion is pivotally attached to the connecting portion; and the receptacle comprising a base portion may be cooperatively coupled to a lower surface of the extension portion such that the holder may be collapsed when not in use.. .
Truck bed cover
A truck bed cover may be deployed as a tonneau cover or as a canopy cover. The truck bed cover includes a top shell and right and left side shells.
Method of preventing a pattern collapse
A device includes a substrate and at least three conducting features embedded into the substrate. Each conducting feature includes a top width x and a bottom width y, such that a top and bottom width (x1, y1) of a first conducting feature has a dimension of (x1<y1), a top and bottom width (x2, y2) of a second conducting feature has a dimension of (x2<y2; x2=y2; or x2>y2), and a top and bottom width (x3, y3) of a third conducting feature has a dimension of (x3>y3).
Control apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, control method of radiation imaging apparatus, and storage medium
A control apparatus for a radiation sensor, including pixels each for obtaining electric charges, includes: a control unit configured to start driving for imaging in response to radiation irradiation, and stop the driving when a first time elapses after the start of the driving; and a receiving unit configured to externally receive a predetermined instruction signal. The control unit is configured to, in response to reception of the predetermined instruction signal, control a state of the radiation sensor based on a difference between the first time and a second time from the start of the driving to the reception of the predetermined instruction signal..
Radiation imaging system, control apparatus, control method, and storage medium
A radiation imaging system includes a radiation imaging apparatus including a radiation detection unit in which conversion elements configured to convert radiation into electric charges are arranged and a driving unit configured to drive the radiation detection unit, and a control apparatus configured to control the radiation imaging apparatus. The control apparatus includes: a determination unit configured to determine whether a remaining image sensing enable time acquired by subtracting an elapsed time from initialization of the radiation detection unit from an image sensing enable time for a radiation image in use of the radiation detection unit is not less than a threshold time; a control unit configured to change operating states of the radiation detection unit and the driving unit in accordance with the determination result; and an operation detection unit configured to detect an operation instruction for the control unit..
Crate with retractable wall
A crate includes a base and a plurality of walls defining a crate interior. The plurality of walls are movable between an upright position and a collapsed position on the base.
Appliance monitoring system and method with connectivity and communication protocols
A method and system for monitoring the proximity of a user to an appliance is provided. A motion detector is activated.
Novel food and beverage container transport device
In preferred embodiments, a novel container transport device comprising two collapsible elongate walls with the bottom of each collapsible wall joined to two opposite and parallel sides of a base and two side support walls joined to two opposite and parallel sides of the base perpendicular to the two collapsible elongate walls. In preferred embodiments, the top of each collapsible wall is joined to a parallel and opposite side of the retainer.
Aseptic tubing connection for a container
An assembly for aseptic connecting of a beverage ingredient container to a beverage dispensing apparatus, having a collapsible sheath of pliable material connecting the container to the dispenser at a distance away from the container. The sheath passes through a conduit of the apparatus to provide an aseptic passageway for fluid from the container to the beverage apparatus.
Collapsible grill
Disclosed is a collapsible grill comprising a pair of vertical supports comprising a plurality of apertures with a plurality of grill bars. The vertical supports have three types of apertures; the apertures extending along one edge of the vertical supports are tapped, the complementary series of apertures extending along the opposing edge are smooth, pass-through apertures, and the apertures disposed therebetween are adapted to allow heat to disperse through the sides of the device.
Beverage brewing platform
The present disclosure recites a beverage brewing system having beverage brewing machine and a collapsible brew basket. The beverage brewing machine has a housing with a water reservoir and an electrical heating element for heating water.
Steering column roll strap
In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, an energy absorbing device for a steering column assembly is provided. The device includes a first end configured to couple to a first component of the steering column assembly, a second end configured to couple to a second component of the steering column, and an intermediate portion extending between the first and second ends.
Pre-collapsed capacitive micro-machined transducer cell with stress layer
The present invention relates to a pre-collapsed capacitive micro-machined transducer cell (10) comprising a substrate (12), and a membrane (14) disposed above a total membrane area (atotal), wherein a cavity (20) is formed between the membrane (14) and the substrate (12), the membrane comprising a hole (15) and an edge portion (14a) surrounding the hole (15). The cell (10) further comprises a stress layer (17) on the membrane (14), the stress layer (17) having a predetermined stress value with respect to the membrane (14), the stress layer (17) being adapted to provide a bending moment on the membrane (14) in a direction towards the substrate (12) such that the edge portion (14a) of the membrane (14) is collapsed to the substrate (12).
Predictive failure algorithm for refrigeration systems
An apparatus and method for predicting failure of a ultralow temperature freezer is disclosed. The freezer includes a variety of temperature sensors, which monitor the temperature of the freezer at various components, such as at the heat exchanger, the condenser, and the evaporator.
Content collapse outside of selection
A method, system, and computer program product for collapsing visual content on a screen including receiving input initiating a collapse function, and collapsing a section of visual content, the section of visual content outside of a selected portion of the visual content, the collapsing in response to said input.. .
Automatic content expansion indicators
A method, system, and computer program product for providing automatic expanding and collapsing of a portion of visual content on a screen including expanding the portion of visual content, and providing a visual cue alerting a user that the portion is automatically expanded from a collapsed state.. .
Asynchronous namespace maintenance
Asynchronous namespace maintenance in a distributed replicated data storage system is disclosed. An access device/program serving as a front end to the distributed replicated data storage system updates a batch of updated meta data about stored data items when data items are stored in the distributed replicated data storage system.
Critical condition module
Technologies for medical information and scheduling communication determining a patient condition of a person presently experiencing the condition, determining a timeline, indicating the timeline, receiving real-time information regarding the condition, and updating the timeline. The timeline illustrates time lapsed since an initialization of treatment tracking, a recommended treatment of the patient condition, a treatment time necessary for effective application of the treatment for the patent condition, and an average time of treatment..
Embolic protection shield
A vessel protector for capturing or filtering material in the aortic arch includes at least one shield formed in a planar or three-dimensional shape. The shield includes a body formed from a filtering material and may be formed of a shape memory material.
Embolic protection device
Embolic protection devices useful for filtering emboli during interventional cardiac, vascular, or other procedures are described. The device can include first and second expandable mesh filters having open and closed ends.
Neutral pressure split septum luer access device
A neutral pressure split-septum luer access device is described for receiving a luer lock connector with a surrounding shroud. The housing has a distal portion with a transversely enlarged chamber defining an internal chamber wall.
Rubber composition fabrication method and rubber composition
A method for producing a rubber composition containing a rubber wet master batch has a masticating process. The masticating process comprises step 1 of charging the rubber wet master batch into an enclosed kneading chamber that has a stirring rotor showing a rotation speed controllable automatically through a control unit and that is capable of detecting and outputting an internal temperature, step 2 of setting a first control time and a first target temperature in the control unit, and step 3 of stirring the inside of the kneading chamber while making a pid control for adjusting an actually measured temperature in the kneading chamber to the first target temperature through the control unit on the basis of information on the actually measured temperature and the first target temperature, thereby automatically controlling the rotation speed, until the first control time elapses after the completion of the two steps..
Adding geo-fences based on time
A user can create geo-fences by providing a first identifier, e.g., a name of a store or a category of merchandise, and a location-based function that is triggered when the user's mobile device crosses a boundary of a geo-fence. An elapsed time that the geo-fences are not triggered can be monitored.
Anti-tumoral compound and relative production process
An anti-tumoral compound for the localized treatment of neoplastic pathologies of malignant kind that cannot be surgically removed or with a high risk of local recurrence, includes: a bicomponent injectable biologic glue; an antineoplastic substance; and an epinephrine-based solution. The compound may be used as an independent therapeutic treatment, as it allows to treat tumoral masses that are not surgically removable, or as a therapeutic treatment complementary to surgical removal or to known ablative techniques (laser, radiofrequency, microwaves, etc.) for a maximization of the efficiency of therapies reducing the risk of neoplastic relapses in the original surgical site.
Image forming apparatus that detects phase of photosensitive drum
An image forming apparatus which reduces a time period required to detect a phase of a photosensitive drum without an increase in costs. The apparatus performs exposure control according to a phase of rotation of the drum.
Soft-sided insulated container with inflatable wall structure
A soft-sided insulated container assembly is made of a flexible wall structure that is movable between a collapsed position and a deployed position. In one variation of the deployed position it resembles a tote-bag; in another variation of folding the deployed position corresponds to a generally box-like shape.
Reducing tcp timeouts due to incast collapse at a network switch
A network switch for reducing tcp timeouts due to incast collapse is disclosed. The network switch has a plurality of buffers for storing network packets for at least one sender server.
Pre-collapsed capacitive micro-machined transducer cell with plug
The present invention relates to a pre-collapsed capacitive micro-machined transducer cell (10) comprising a substrate (12), and a membrane (14) disposed above a total membrane area ((atotal), wherein a cavity (20) is formed between the membrane (14) and the substrate (12), the membrane (14) comprising a hole (15) and an edge portion (14a) surrounding the hole (15), the edge portion (14a) of the membrane (14) being collapsed to the substrate (12). The cell further comprises a plug (30) arranged in the hole (15) of the membrane (14), the plug (30) being located only in a subarea (asub) of the total membrane area (atotal).
Pixel circuit, display device, and method of driving pixel circuit
A pixel circuit, display device, and method of driving a pixel circuit enabling source-follower output with no deterioration of luminance even with a change of the current-voltage characteristic of the light emitting element along with elapse, enabling a source-follower circuit of n-channel transistors, and able to use an n-channel transistor as an el drive transistor while using current anode-cathode electrodes, wherein a source of a tft 111 as a drive transistor is connected to an anode of a light emitting element 114, a drain is connected to a power source potential vcc, a capacitor c111 is connected between a gate and source of the tft 111, and a source potential of the tft 111 is connected to a fixed potential through a tft 113 as a switching transistor.. .
Wireless power supply system, power transmission device, and power receiving device
A wireless power supply system includes a power transmission device capable of transmitting power to a plurality of power receiving devices by a magnetic field resonance method. The power transmission device includes a detection unit configured to detect an amount of charge of each of the plurality of power receiving devices, a determination unit configured to determine, if the amount of charge of a certain power receiving device is not increased even when a predetermined time has elapsed since start of power transmission to the certain power receiving device, whether a cause of failure to increase the amount of charge is the power transmission device or the certain power receiving device, based on the amount of charge of any other power receiving device detected by the detection unit, and a notification unit configured to transmit a notification about the determination result by the determination unit..
Motor drive circuit and illumination apparatus and method
A motor-drive circuit includes: an output transistor configured to supply a drive current to a motor for a cooling fan; a switching-control circuit configured to control switching of the output transistor so that the motor rotates in a first direction, or rotates in a second direction opposite to the first direction; and a switching circuit configured to, when a first time has elapsed since start of rotation of the motor in the first direction, cause the switching-control circuit to start switching control so that the motor stops rotating in the first direction and thereafter rotates in the second direction, and configured to, when a second time has elapsed since start of rotation of the motor in the second direction, cause the switching-control circuit to start switching control so that the motor stops rotating in the second direction and thereafter rotates in the first direction.. .
Portable folding closet
A collapsible closet assembly has a pair of generally vertical rigid walls, and a plurality of generally flexible panels extending between the pair of rigid walls. A plurality of supports pivotally connect between the pair of vertical rigid walls and attach to the plurality of generally flexible panels, for movement of the plurality of supports, the pair of vertical walls, and the plurality of generally flexible panels between a collapsed position for storage and an expanded position for operation..
Inclined bottle holding device
A flexible support for the necks of bottles stored within a refrigerator has a sling suspended from a refrigerator shelf compatible with the shelf surface. The sling attains a generally u shape to retain objects at the bottom of the sling when placed inside of it.
Handheld grater with catch bin
A handheld having a grater panel with a bottom surface from which grated particulates emerge and a catch bin removably attached to the grater panel, the catch bin having a substantially flexible body with one or more living hinges capable of adapting the catch bin from a collapsed configuration for storage to an expanded configuration for use. The catch bin has an open top for receiving the grated particulates and may also include an open front corresponding to the handle end of the grater panel from which the grated particulates can be poured..
Article and method for sealing a collapsible container
Articles and related methods are provided, the articles including a collapsible container having a flexible wall and enclosing material to be dispensed, a cap secured to one end of the container, the cap including an outlet, an inner collar at least partially surrounding the end of the container, and an outer collar at least partially surrounding the inner collar, and a gap provided between the inner collar and the outer collar, the gap having a size sufficient to receive a folded section of the flexible wall as the container collapses and the material is dispensed through the outlet.. .
Angled collapsible container
A container having a body convertible from a fully collapsed configuration to a fully expanded configuration, the body comprising a substantially rigid rim extending about at least a most of the upper edges of front, back and side walls, a substantially rigid bottom member and a flexible middle section extending around of the front, back and side walls between the substantially rigid rim and the substantially rigid bottom member, said flexible middle section including two or more living hinges, wherein when the body is in its fully open configuration the side walls at the front wall have a height less than the side walls at the back wall and the living hinges diverge as they extend from the front wall to the back wall.. .
Collapsible fluid containment berms with rotating support brackets
Collapsible fluid containment berms with collapsible sidewalls are disclosed. Support brackets including sidewall support arms may be rotated from lowered positions in which the sidewall is collapsed to raised positions in which the sidewall is generally vertical.
Collapsible sifter
A collapsible sifter having a substantially rigid annular top rim, a substantially rigid annular bottom ring, a flexible annular middle portion having two or more living hinges to collapse the sifter from an open configuration to a collapsed configuration and a removably attachable bottom implement. First and second cooperating elements, associated with the annular bottom ring and the bottom implement, are used to removably attach the bottom implement to the bottom annular ring..
Collapsible packaging sleeve for attaching to a base and container formed therefrom
The present invention provides a packaging sleeve that can be attached to a base, such as a pallet, to form a container. The container can be used for the shipping and/or storage of goods.

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