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Lapse patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lapse-related patent applications.

 Drive device patent thumbnailnew patent Drive device
A drive device includes: an on-side circuit turning on a power switching element; an off-side circuit turning off the power switching element; and a protection circuit controlling a gate current of the power switching element. The protection circuit includes: a constant-current circuit that defines a constant current for drawing a gate charge of the power switching element; a protection switch that controls electrical connection between the constant-current circuit and the gate of the power switching element; and a collector current detector.
Denso Corporation

 Motor controller and  controlling motor patent thumbnailnew patent Motor controller and controlling motor
A controller of a motor controller operates to perform a process including: controlling the h bridge circuit to switch to the charge mode; controlling the h bridge circuit to switch to the high-dissipation mode when the zero-cross detector detects that the back electromotive force voltage of the motor coil connected to a phase of the h bridge circuit shortly before the h bridge circuit is zero-crossed; controlling the h bridge circuit to switch to the low-dissipation mode after a predetermined time has elapsed; and controlling the h bridge circuit to switch to the free mode when the voltage detector detects that the differential voltage between the motor coils connected to the h bridge circuit is lower than a predetermined voltage.. .
Minebea Co., Ltd.

 P-channel power mosfet patent thumbnailnew patent P-channel power mosfet
In characteristic test measurements of double-gate-in-trench p-channel power mosfets each having a p+ polysilicon gate electrode and a p+ field plate electrode in a trench, which were fabricated according to common design techniques, it has been found that, under conditions where a negative gate bias is applied continuously at high temperature with respect to the substrate, an absolute value of threshold voltage tends to increase steeply after the lapse of a certain period of stress application time. To solve this problem, the present invention provides a p-channel power mosfet having an n-type polysilicon linear field plate electrode and an n-type polysilicon linear gate electrode in each trench part thereof..
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Multi-port memory cell patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-port memory cell
A circuit includes: a first word line; a second word line; and a memory cell. The memory cell includes: a first pass gate, between a transistor and a first data line (rbl), having a gate coupled to the first word line; the transistor having a drain coupled to the first pass gate, a source coupled to a reference node, and a gate coupled to a data node of the memory cell; and a second pass gate, between the data node and a second data line, having a gate coupled to the second word line.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Promotion selection for online customers using bayesian bandits patent thumbnailnew patent Promotion selection for online customers using bayesian bandits
Technology for selecting promotion(s) to display in a page of an application for display to a user is described. An example method includes determining a promotion for a product; calculating for the promotion a posterior distribution of a user-action probability reflecting estimates for a user response to a display of the promotion for the product on a computing device of the user; determining the posterior distribution as collapsing beyond a certain threshold; responsive thereto, calculating an uncollapsed posterior distribution of the user-action probability reflecting modified estimates for the user response to the display of the promotion for the product on a computing device of the user; storing the uncollapsed posterior distribution of the user-action probability in a response database; and determining whether to select the promotion from the promotion database for display on a computing device of the user based on the modified estimates..
Staples, Inc.

 System and methods for enabling arbitrary developer code consumption of web-based data patent thumbnailnew patent System and methods for enabling arbitrary developer code consumption of web-based data
A structured file includes information to bind a web data source to a web data query system. Code is embedded within the structured file and is in a code language understood by the web data query system.
Yahoo! Inc.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device in which, in principle, plural interrupt request signals can be inputted to a single interrupt terminal is provided. In the semiconductor device, peripheral devices output interrupt request signals of mutually different waveforms.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Job processing apparatus,  controlling job processing apparatus, and storage medium patent thumbnailnew patent Job processing apparatus, controlling job processing apparatus, and storage medium
A job processing apparatus receives from a user an instruction to log into the job processing apparatus. Further, when an auto logout time elapses, the job processing apparatus causes the user logged into the job processing apparatus to log out of the job processing apparatus.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Temperature control apparatus and method in microwave imaging system patent thumbnailnew patent Temperature control apparatus and method in microwave imaging system
Disclosed is an apparatus and a method for efficiently controlling a temperature, which are capable of minimizing a temperature deviation and decreasing a temperature control time by simultaneously controlling temperatures of matching material used in a microwave imaging system in a main water tank and an auxiliary water tank, and preventing an amplitude and phase information of the microwaves obtained by the microwave imaging system from deteriorating over a lapse of time.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Highly-sparse seabed acquisition designs adapted for imaging geological structure and/or monitoring reservoir production patent thumbnailnew patent Highly-sparse seabed acquisition designs adapted for imaging geological structure and/or monitoring reservoir production
Disclosed are advantageous designs for highly-sparse seabed acquisition for imaging geological structure and/or monitoring reservoir production using sea surface reflections. The highly-sparse geometry designs may be adapted for imaging techniques using the primary and higher orders of sea surface reflection and may advantageously allow for the use of significantly fewer sensors than conventional seabed acquisition.
Pgs Geophysical As

new patent

Point-of-interest latency prediction using mobile device location history

A latency analysis system determines a latency period, such as a wait time, at a user destination. To determine the latency period, the latency analysis system receives location history from multiple user devices.
Google Inc.

new patent

Vehicle with an egr-cooler and its diagnotic

In a vehicle provided with an engine, an egr cooler for cooling egr gas recirculated from an exhaust channel of the engine to an intake channel thereof by using a coolant, an electric pump for supplying the coolant to the egr cooler, and a gas temperature sensor for detecting the temperature of the egr gas temperature at the downstream of the egr cooler, an ecu acquires a first gas temperature in a normally stable state where the electric pump is rotating, thereafter performs a coolant amount suppressing process to suppress the rotational speed of the electric pump, acquires a second gas temperature in a suppressed stable state after a predefined time has elapsed from the start of the coolant amount suppressing process, and determines that the egr cooler is abnormal if a difference between the first gas temperature and the second gas temperature is less than a threshold value.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Combustion stability logic during off-load transients

A method for operating a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The method includes detecting an off-load transient of the gas turbine engine.
Solar Turbines Incorporated

new patent

Portable, collapsible clothes dryer

A portable, collapsible clothes dryer, for use in drying small articles of clothing while traveling and/or for use in households with limited space, is composed of a cylindrical collapsible central housing with an inlet opening at the bottom, an airflow adapter at the inlet to attach a portable hair dryer, a spin-able clothes hanger, and a removable top member with air exhaust vents. When collapsed, the assembly assumes a compact, flat disk shape.

new patent

Collapsible packaging sleeve for attaching to a base and container formed therefrom

The present invention provides a packaging sleeve that can be attached to a base, such as a pallet, to form a container. The container can be used for the shipping and/or storage of goods.
Fca, Llc

new patent

Aircraft recovery control

Despite pilot training and current safety systems, aircraft accidents continue to occur. It is recognized herein that existing approaches to preventing aircraft accidents lack capabilities.
Aviation Safety Advancements, Inc.

new patent

Mobile cart

Disclosed is a mobile cart that may include, in some instances, a framework assembly comprising an extended configuration and a collapsed configuration, at least two wheels attached to the framework assembly, and a removable liner secured to the framework assembly in a removable fashion. The removable liner may include a collapsible floor, at least three collapsible sides extending vertically from the collapsible floor, and at least one retaining member.
Academy, Ltd.

new patent

Energy-absorbing device, in particular for a rail-car

An energy-absorbing device, in particular for a rail-car, extends along an axis and has an attachment member, which can be connected to a fixed structure, an impact member, designed to withstand an impact, and an energy-absorbing member, constituted by a first tube and a second tube, which are coaxial and are made of composite material in order to collapse and hence absorb energy in the event of impact; the first tube is fixed to the attachment member, whereas the second tube is fixed to the impact member and is axially slidable, during impact, guided by the first tube; the radial thickness of the two tubes decreases along the axis, towards their free ends; in a non-collapsed resting condition, the axial gaps present between the two free ends and the attachment and impact members are substantially the same so that the two tubes start to collapse simultaneously in the event of impact.. .
Ansaldobreda S.p.a.

new patent

Control system for vehicle

A control system for a vehicle includes an imaging device; a co-ecu to limit the travel speed of the vehicle; and an ecu to set the speed limit, that recognizes the speed limit value on a road while traveling, and sets the recognized speed limit value in the co-ecu. If the elapsed time since the speed limit value has been set reaches a predetermined time, the ecu estimates the speed limit value on the road while traveling, and if receiving a switch command, switches the speed limit value set in the co-ecu to the estimated speed limit value so as to avoid limiting the vehicle speed by a speed limit value that is different from the actual speed limit value on the road..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Laterally collapsible child vehicle seat device

A laterally collapsible child vehicle seat device collapses laterally while unused to occupy less room within an interior of a vehicle. The device includes lateral frames having respective back portions.

new patent

Controlled valve pin movement based on cavity sensor feedback

The controller comparing a standard amount of elapsed time with a calculated amount of elapsed time and adjusting the velocity or position of each of the actuators such that the amount of time elapsed approaches or matches the standard amount of elapsed time.. .

new patent

Arc welding method

An arc welding method preforms reciprocating wire feed so as to alternately perform forward feed and reverse feed. The arc welding method includes a normal arc welding step, a normal short circuit welding step, and an abnormal arc welding step.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

new patent

Exercise machine

An exercise machine is described. The exercise machine includes a frame formed by a pair of front legs pivotally connected with a pair of rear legs.

new patent

Orally disintegrating tablet coated with film

Provided is an orally disintegrating tablet coated with film that allows the time elapsed before a film thereof dissolves to be shorter, has a good feel when the tablet is taken, and is capable of being easily mass-produced. The orally disintegrating tablet coated with film is coated with a film coating composition, the film coating composition comprises a water-soluble and ethanol-insoluble film coating base; and at least one plasticizer selected from the group consisting of propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol in a liquid or semisolid state at room temperature.
Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

new patent

Fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati

A fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati having a base structure and a patient support structure, to prevent collapse of the patient support during disconnection of the patient support structure from the base structure.. .

new patent

Fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati

A fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati having a base structure and a patient support structure, to prevent collapse of the patient support during disconnection of the patient support structure from the base structure.. .

new patent

Prosthetic device for a heart valve

A prosthetic device for a heart valve, comprising a valve portion with prosthetic leaflets capable of reproducing the function of the valve leaflets of a native heart valve, selectively expandable from a collapsed configuration for implantation to a working expanded configuration. The prosthetic device also comprises a containment portion which surrounds the valve portion to contain its expansion in the working expanded configuration.
Innovheart S.r.i.

new patent

Percutaneuous temporary aortic valve

Methods and apparatuses for regulating aortic regurgitation are provided. A catheter shaft is advanced through vasculature so that a flexible occluding membrane coupled to the catheter shaft is positioned within the aorta, typically the ascending aorta above the sinus of valsalva and coronary ostia.
Hocor Cardiovascular Technologies Llc

new patent

Braided vascular devices having no end clamps

In some embodiments, a medical device may include one or more of the following features: (a) a metal fabric formed of braided metal strands, (b) the medical device having a collapsed configuration for delivery through a channel in a patient's body and having a generally dumbbell-shaped expanded configuration with two expanded diameter portions, separated by a reduced diameter portion formed between opposed ends of the device and unsecured metal strand ends at the opposed ends, and (d) a thrombogenic agent located on the metal fabric.. .
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

new patent

Intra-operative heart size measuring tool

A heart size measuring tool includes a tubular body, a flexible measuring cord having length indicia, a measuring cord support mechanism movable between retracted and extended states with respect to the body, and an actuating mechanism to move the measuring cord support mechanism. When in the retracted state the measuring cord support mechanism is positioned within the tubular body with the measuring cord in a collapsed position.
Mardil, Inc.

new patent

Imaging apparatus and processing device

An imaging apparatus includes: an illumination unit that emits illumination light; a light receiving unit having pixels arranged on horizontal lines to receive light from an object irradiated with the illumination light, and to perform photoelectric conversion on the received light to generate pixel signals; an imaging controller that controls the pixels to sequentially start exposure for each horizontal line, and to sequentially read the pixel signals from the pixels belonging to the horizontal lines after a lapse of an exposure period from start of exposure; an illumination controller that switches between illumination states in a reading period for sequentially reading the pixel signals for each horizontal line, and controls an amount of the illumination light such that an integrated value of the amount of the illumination light during one frame period immediately after switching of the illumination states is the same as that during next one frame period.. .
Olympus Corporation

new patent

Dispensing apparatus

Individual portions of ice cream are dispensed from a bulk container. A motor drives a lead screw, to expand a scissor linkage and drive a dispensing head against the bulk container.
Mcgill Technology Limited

Time lapse user interface enhancements

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for providing visual indication that the image capture device is actively recording frames for a time lapse output sequence by providing indicia that communicates to a user that the image capture device is actively recording frames for the time lapse output sequence. Allowing user to perform time lapse sequence captures with a simple set up and with auto-adjustments when events occur that might otherwise detract from output quality..
Apple Inc.

Critical rendering path optimization

The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for optimizing a critical resource path for a web application. One example process includes operations for identifying a visual completeness criteria for the web application.
Sap Portals Israel Ltd

Semiconductor device having cal latency function

One semiconductor device includes a command receiver receiving the command signal to generate a first internal command signal, and a latency control circuit activating a second internal chip select signal after elapse of first cycles of a clock signal since a first internal chip select signal is activated. The latency control circuit activates a second control signal when the chip select signal is maintained in an inactive state during second cycles of the clock signal that is larger than the first cycles.
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l.

Moving image generating apparatus, moving image generating method and storage medium

A cpu extracts still images from image files recorded at predetermined time intervals among still images and moving images arbitrarily recorded in a predetermined period such as one day, and generates a time-lapse moving image by taking these extracted images as frames. That is, in addition to still images, even when a moving image file is recorded at timing corresponding to a predetermined time interval, a frame at the timing corresponding to the predetermined time interval in the moving image file is extracted, and adopted as a frame of a time-lapse moving image to be generated..
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Automatic generation of time-lapse videos

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer storage media directed to operations to facilitate generation of time-lapse videos. In accordance with embodiments described herein, frames of a photographic input are analyzed to detect activity occurring across frame pairs.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Display panel inspecting method and display panel fabricating method

A method for inspecting a display panel in which pixels each including a drive transistor that passes a drive current when signal voltage is applied to the gate of the drive transistor, and a light-emitting element that emits light according to the flow of the drive current are arranged in rows and columns, includes: applying, across the gate and the source of the drive transistor, an initialization voltage less than or equal to the threshold voltage of the drive transistor; applying a power supply voltage to the drain of the drive transistor to which the initialization voltage is applied across the gate and the source; and determining, as a defective pixel with a current leak, a pixel having a light-emitting element that does not emit light when the power supply voltage is applied to the drain of the drive transistor and emits light after the elapse of a predetermined period.. .
Joled Inc.

Aircraft health feedback system

According to one example embodiment, an aircraft health feedback system includes an assessment engine and at least one receiver unit. The assessment engine is configured to identify, if the health data and the feedback data both indicate potential changes in health status of an aircraft part within the category of aircraft parts, a time lapse between when the health data indicates the potential change in health status of the aircraft part occurred and when the feedback information indicates that the potential change in health status was identified by at least one of the plurality of aircraft maintainers and to determine, if the health data and the feedback data both indicate potential changes in health status of an aircraft part within the category of aircraft parts, an error in at least one of the health data and the feedback information based on the time lapse..
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

System and consistent performance in a storage device

A system and method for providing consistent performance in a storage device, such as a solid state drive. A threshold value for command execution time for a command in a category of command (e.g., a read command or a write command) and a command size, is stored in the storage device.
Nxgn Data, Inc.

Collapse initiated explosive pellet

A technique facilitates analysis of hydraulic fractures. A plurality of explosive pellets is constructed for delivery into fracture or fractures of a subterranean formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Reverse emulsions for cavity control

Injection fluids formed of reverse emulsions and related methods of forming and using reverse emulsions for cavity control in solution mining. The reverse emulsion can reduce the volume of oil required to create an oil pad at the roof of a solution mining cavern in order to prevent vertical leaching and cavern collapse.
The Mosaic Company

Carbon nanotube fiber and producing same

A carbon nanotube fiber is provided that that has excellent properties such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and mechanical characteristics. The carbon nanotube fiber includes an assembly of a plurality of carbon nanotubes.
Zeon Corporation

Telescoping writing implement

Disclosed is a telescoping writing implement that retracts the writing point when in the collapsed position. Importantly, it is simple in design, uses a minimized number of parts, and, uses no metal coil spring.

Apparatus, devices, and methods for manipulating deformable fluid vessels

An apparatus configured for displacing fluid from a fluid container comprises first and second actuators configured to be movable together until the first actuator compresses a first part of the fluid container and then moveable independently until the second actuator compresses a second part of the fluid container. Fluid containers comprise a first vessel, a second vessel, and a sealing partition preventing fluid flow from the second vessel and further include piercing means for piercing the sealing partition to permit fluid flow from the second vessel.
Genmark Diagnostics, Inc.

Forming filtration media for maintaining flow passage through a sock style filter

A sock style filter is disclosed that incorporates the embossing of filtration media to create rigid raised geometry embodiments that prevent collapse between the upper and lower filtration media sides of the filter to maintain and ensure a flow passage of fluid inside the filter for flow to the pump or downstream system. The embossed rigid embodiments keep the filtration media from collapsing under suction and eliminates the use of secondary inserted structures; such as a plastic comb or folded net, or injection mold plastic ribs or bones onto or around the filtration media..
Kuss Filtration Inc.

A goal and shelter device

A collapsible goal and shelter system is provided with a collapsible frame, a net, and a cover. The collapsible frame includes an erect configuration and a collapsed configuration.
Quick Play Sport Ltd

Liquid treatment method and liquid treatment treating a liquid with plasma

A liquid treatment method according to an aspect of the present disclosure comprises: starting application of a power between a pair of electrodes to generate plasma, which causes active species to be produced in a liquid; measuring the hydrogen ion concentration in the liquid while the plasma is generated; measuring a time elapsed after the starting the application of the power; and stopping the application of the power when a value calculated by (a) multiplying the hydrogen ion concentration by the elapsed time or (b) integrating the hydrogen ion concentration with respect to the elapsed time is larger than a first threshold.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Stent delivery system

A stent delivery system is provided that includes an inner elongate shaft with a lumen and an outer elongate shaft with a lumen, where the inner elongate shaft coaxially extends at least partially within the lumen of the outer elongate shaft. The stent delivery system also a pull member movably disposed along the the inner elongate shaft and first and second restraining members removably secured to the pull member.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Locked segments pushable stent-graft

An implantable prosthesis includes a scaffold with a plurality of expandable segments axially spaced apart along a substrate, adjacent segments connected by one or more support members when the prosthesis is in a collapsed configuration and disconnected when the prosthesis is in an expanded configuration.. .
C. R. Bard, Inc.

Fixed anchor and pull mitral valve device and method

Devices for treating mitral valve regurgitation, including a distal expandable anchor, a proximal expandable anchor, and a fixed length connecting member extending from the proximal expandable anchor to the distal expandable anchor, where at least one of the proximal and distal anchors includes first and second arm segments that extend from one end of the device toward the connecting member and the other anchor when in a collapsed delivery configuration, and where the at least one of the proximal and distal anchors that comprises the first and second arm segments has an expanded configuration in which the first and second arm segments extend radially outwardly such that the first and second arm segments extend away from one another toward the connector, and meet one another at a location axially spaced from the end of the device.. .

Device tissue displacement or separation

A tissue displacement/separation device includes a seamless bladder constructed of a biodegradable polymer. The bladder is expandable from a collapsed or rolled state for insertion into a body between a first and second tissue to an expanded state for separating the first and second tissue..

Fracture fragment mobility testing for vertebral body procedures

A fracture mobility testing system is provided for use in surgical procedures for augmenting vertebral bodies having collapsed due to compression fractures. The testing system is utilized to determine if the cortical shell of the vertebral body has begun to heal over the fracture lines to the point at which height restoration is not possible.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

System and a determining risk associated with lumbar intervertebral disc prolapse

The present disclosure discloses device system 102 and a method for determining risk associated with lumbar intervertebral disc prolapse. The creating module 116 may create a risk-profile corresponding to each lumbar intervertebral disc of a user.
Hcl Technologies Limited

Collapsible barbeque

The invention provides a collapsible barbeque (10) comprising a frame (12) which carries a trough (14) and a number of leg assemblies (16) hingedly attached to the frame (12) which support the frame (12) above a surface, such as the ground. The trough (14) includes a rigid floor (20) to provide a heat support surface and collapsible sidewalls (22) which connect the floor (20) to the frame (12).

Collapsible hair brush

A hair brush has a head, a handle extending from the head and a plurality of bristles. The head has a front portion, a rear portion and an edge portion.
J & D Brush Co., Llc

Collapsible shoe

An article of footwear including an upper formed of a flexible upper material and a sole formed of a flexible sole material, wherein the sole is rolled, folded, or collapsed onto itself to reduce the volume of the article of footwear. The article of footwear in a collapsed state can then be packaged in a container.
Reebok International Limited

Filtering face-piece respirator having darted mask body

A cup-shaped filtering face-piece respirator 10 that includes a harness 14 and a mask body 12 that has a multi-layer filtering structure 16. The mask body 12 includes at least one dart 60 permanently bonded in the filtering structure 16, the dart 60 tapering from a center plane 32 of the mask body 12 to a side edge of the mask body.
3m Innovative Properties Company

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