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Lapse patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lapse-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lapse-related patents
 Power supply device and  plasma generation patent thumbnailPower supply device and plasma generation
A power supply device includes: an oscillation unit for outputting a high frequency signal; a modulation unit for outputting a pulsed high frequency signal; a level adjustment unit for adjusting and outputting a level of the pulsed high frequency signal; a power amplifier for amplifying a power outputted from the level adjustment unit; an output power detection unit for detecting an output power value from the power amplifier; and a control unit. The control unit corrects and outputs a level control signal for controlling the level of the pulsed high frequency signal based on a corresponding correction factor at each of elapsed times in an on state of the pulsed high frequency signal, and compares comparison values in a current pulse and a previous pulse to update the correction factor such that comparison result between the set power value and the output power value becomes smaller at each reflection coefficient..
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

 Providing related episode content patent thumbnailProviding related episode content
Methods and systems are disclosed for tailoring related episode content within an episode, thereby improving a user's experience. In response to receiving a request for an episode, several factors may be considered when determining how much of the related episode content to provide.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

 Systems and methods for time-lapse selection subsequent to capturing media content patent thumbnailSystems and methods for time-lapse selection subsequent to capturing media content
Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media can capture media content including an original set of frames. A selection of a time-lapse amount can be received.
Facebook, Inc.

 Method and system for time-release e-book gifting and interface therefor patent thumbnailMethod and system for time-release e-book gifting and interface therefor
A method and system for time-release-based gifting of an e-book including an interface for presentation at a recipient display device. The method includes receiving, from a sender account, a request for a gift dispatch, the request specifying at least the e-book, a recipient account, and an appointment date; dispatching a first indicium of the e-book to the recipient account, the recipient account associated with a recipient e-library of e-books viewable within a recipient e-library view at a recipient display device; during a lapse of time prior to the future appointment date, enabling viewing of the first indicium of the e-book within the recipient e-library view at the recipient display device; upon reaching the appointment date, downloading the e-book to a memory of the recipient display device; and replacing the first indicium with a second indicium of the e-book at the recipient display device, the second indicium comprising a graphical icon of the downloaded e-book within the recipient e-library view, the graphical icon showing at least a book title..
Kobo Incorporated

 Folding photovoltaic (pv) panel assembly with collapsible stand patent thumbnailFolding photovoltaic (pv) panel assembly with collapsible stand
A photovoltaic panel assembly includes a center photovoltaic panel section having at least a first and second side photovoltaic panel sections located on each side of the center photovoltaic panel section. Each of the photovoltaic panels are encased in a flexible material.
Aspect Solar Pte Ltd.

 Switching power source device, semiconductor device, and ac/dc converter patent thumbnailSwitching power source device, semiconductor device, and ac/dc converter
The switching power source device obtains a desired dc voltage by controlling the current flowing through a coil by turning on and off a switching element by a pwm control. In the pwm on period to turn on the switching element by the pwm control, the switching power source device is enabled to switch the switching element by a first pulse signal whose cycle is shorter than the pwm cycle and whose pulse width is gradually increased, in a first period just after the start of the pwm on period.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Method and  controlling charging in electronic device patent thumbnailMethod and controlling charging in electronic device
A method for controlling charging in an electronic device for managing the electronic device, to stably charge a battery is provided. The method includes setting alarm such that a wake up signal is generated after a time elapses when entry into a suspend mode is requested during charging a battery or in a charging stop state, entering the suspend mode, waking-up and determining a state of the battery wake up, and turning-on or -off the battery charging according to the determined state of the battery..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Indoor device, home system, control method, and program patent thumbnailIndoor device, home system, control method, and program
A remote operation receiver (111) is configured to communicate with a communication terminal and receive a remote operation from outside a home. A remote operation monitor (112) is configured to monitor a state of communication with the communication terminal at the remote operation receiver (111) during an operation based on the remote operation.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Visual effects for scientific workflow editors patent thumbnailVisual effects for scientific workflow editors
Provided are methods and systems for the visualization of elements of a scientific workflow. A method for visualization of elements of a scientific workflow may include displaying the scientific workflow via a user interface.
Biodatomics, Llc

 Feed-forward time transfer mechanism for time synchronization patent thumbnailFeed-forward time transfer mechanism for time synchronization
In one embodiment, a device in a network receives a timestamp from a time synchronization master of the device that is associated with a clock message received from the master. The device determines an amount of transmission delay between the device and the master.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes: an image bearing member, a developing device, and a controller configured to execute an operation in a forced consumption mode. The controller includes a difference calculating portion, an integrating portion, and a flag.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an image bearing member, a developing device, a supplying device, and a controller. The controller can execute a normal supply mode and a forced supply mode on the basis of a difference between a toner supply amount in the normal supply mode and a supply amount of the toner to be supplied to the developing device.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Monitoring system, components, methods, and applications

A real-time, marine acoustic monitoring system and method for detecting, tracking, recording, analyzing, communicating and otherwise obtaining and manipulating data indicative of marine presence and/or activity, and using such data to avoid or mitigate detrimental impact on the marine environment. The system includes sub-sea instrumentation packages (sps) including sensors recording acoustic signals and other sensor data that allow elapsed and/or real-time, in-situ data communications and control of the individual instrumentation packages and system configuration.
Fairfield Industries Incorporated D/b/a Fairfieldnodal


Probabilistic reverse geocoding

The accuracy of a reverse geocode for a gps fix in a mobile phone navigation device is improved significantly by considering together the user's last known location on an original route, the elapsed time between the last known location on the original route and the latest gps fix, and the likelihood that the user could have traveled from the last known location on the original route to one of numerous candidate locations (generated from the reverse geocode) in the elapsed time. The navigation server relies only on a gps fix, timestamps, and a back-end routing database to provide improved or superior accuracy of reverse geocoding a gps fix (selection of a point on a road) when a relevant user has deviated from the intended route.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


Method and system for measuring volume of fluid drained from an air conditioning service unit

An air conditioning service system includes an accumulator defining an accumulator chamber, a pressure transducer operably connected to the accumulator chamber, a drain valve operably connected to the accumulator chamber, and a controller operably connected to the pressure transducer and the drain valve. The controller includes a processor configured to execute program instructions stored in a memory to determine a volume of liquid drained from the accumulator by: determining a volumetric flow rate of liquid through the drain valve by controlling the drain valve with the controller to an open position for a predetermined period of time; detecting an increased rate of pressure reduction while the drain valve is open; and determining an amount of liquid drained through the drain valve based upon the volumetric flow rate and a total time elapsed between opening the drain valve and the increased rate of pressure reduction..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Telescoping tripod for smartphones and portable media players

A tripod with telescoping legs specific for supporting smartphones and portable media players of similar size and shape that have photographic and/or video capabilities is in the form of three telescoping legs that extend to reasonable adult eye level height and are attached to a support trough for holding the respective device being used. The support trough is lined by fabric to prevent scratching of the device, and a rubber coated wire arises from the outer side of the support trough to be brought over the device and bent at its edges to secure it in the desired position by the user.


Method and control device for operating an automatic transmission

A method for operating an automatic transmission includes determining at least one of an elapsed time from adjusting a first one of at least one positive-locking shift element towards a closed configuration or a differential speed rotation of the first one of the at least one positive-locking shift element and shifting the automatic transmission to a substitute gear if the elapsed time from adjusting the first one of the at least one positive-locking shift element towards the closed configuration reaches or exceeds a time limit and/or the differential speed rotation of the first one of the at least one positive-locking shift element reaches or exceeds a rotational speed limit. A related transmission control device for an automatic transmission is also provided..
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag


Craft dome

The quickly erectable dome shelter includes an extendible perimeter truss assembly with link members connected between adjacent legs, a central truss assembly of link members, and a roof framework, including pairs of curved upper and lower peak truss members, that is movable between a lowered, collapsed configuration and a raised, upwardly arching position. The shelter also includes telescoping peak pole members coupled to the central truss assembly of link members and the roof framework, and may also include telescoping peak truss brace members connected between a peak truss member and a link member of the perimeter assembly of link members..


Vacuum control a riser line

Disclosed is a method for deep sea mining including: generating an upward flow of valuable matter in a riser line from the bottom of a body of water to a matter processing platform; processing the matter at the processing platform; generating a return flow in a return pipe of a mixture of seawater and a non-valuable part of the matter from the processing platform towards the bottom of the body of water; and controlling the pressure in the return pipe for avoiding collapse of the return pipe and/or cavitation of the return pipe, in particular for avoiding collapse of or cavitation in an upper part of the return pipe.. .
Ihc Holland Ie B.v.


Braided medical device and manufacturing method thereof

An medical implantable occlusion device (100) is disclosed having a collapsed state and an expanded state and comprising a braiding (101) of at least one thread, and a distal end (102) comprised of said braiding. The distal end comprises loops (103, 104, 204, 304) formed by loop strands (105, 106, 206, 306) of the at least one thread, wherein, at least in said expanded state, each loop strand has a curved shape and extends away from a centre point (117) of the distal end, whereby an apex point (107, 108, 208, 308) of each of the loop strands corresponds to the turning point of the curved shape and to the point of each of the loop strands being arranged closest to the centre point.
Occlutech Holding Ag


Gene expression predictors of cancer prognosis

Disclosed herein are methods of predicting the prognosis of a subject with prostate cancer. The methods include determining the expression level of a gene product of one or more of zwilch, depdc1, tpx2, cdca3, hmgb2, myc, cdc20, and/or kif11.
Oregon Health & Science University


Rubber composition for tire and pneumatic tire

The increase of rubber hardness by the lapse of time is suppressed, and excellent on-ice performance due to porous cellulose particles is suppressed from being decreased. A rubber composition for a tire including 100 parts by mass of a rubber component including a diene rubber, from 0.3 to 20 parts by mass of porous cellulose particles having a porosity of from 75 to 95%, and from 1 to 30 parts by mass of a polymer gel that is crosslinked diene polymer particles having a functional group containing a hetero atom is disclosed.
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.


Package box

A package box includes a four-sided outer panel having a plurality of parallel panel fold lines and a connection region that is disposed between two adjacent ones of the panel fold lines, and a retainer made from a foldable panel and connected to the connection region. The retainer has two spaced-apart retainer walls, each of which has a bottom panel part connected to the connection region, a top panel part above the bottom panel part, and first and second side panel parts that interconnect the bottom and top panel parts.
Gloryinnovations, Inc.


Collapsible laundry hamper

A collapsible container is provided having an outer liner defining a top, a bottom and vertical sides and an inner liner defining a plurality of sides corresponding to the vertical sides of the outer liner. The inner liner is attached to the outer liner at least at one of the top and the bottom of the outer liner, and each side of the inner liner defines a top edge, a bottom edge, and two side edges which extend vertically.
Butler Home Products, Llc


Collapsible and portable rack for storing boardsport equipment

The present invention is a collapsible rack and methods of using the collapsible rack for storing boardsport equipment. The collapsible rack has an upper portion and a lower portion connected by at least one lockable hinge.


Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus

An aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus is provided for use with vehicles having surfaces that are not streamlined. The apparatus including an exterior cover supported by moveable frames which in turn are supported by sets of supporting linkages.


Collapsible stackable storage cart

A stackable cart for storing items when in a collapsed configuration, including a wheeled base, an elevation means such as a scissor extension apparatus attached to the wheeled base, a basket frame attached to the scissor extension apparatus, and an actuation mechanism governing the height of the basket in a raised configuration of the cart.. .
Acu-pac, Inc.


Warning device

A warning device includes: a host vehicle information acquisition unit; a moving object information acquisition unit that acquires moving object information around the host vehicle; an intersection determination unit that determines whether a course of the host vehicle and a course of the moving object intersect; a distance calculation unit that calculates a distance from the host vehicle to an intersection position; an estimated crossing-time calculation unit that calculates a time that elapses before the moving object arrives at the intersection position; a threshold setting unit; and a warning unit that alerts a driver when the time is smaller than a threshold, wherein the threshold is set larger as the distance becomes larger, and is set larger when the host vehicle speed vehicle is equal to or lower than the predetermined speed than when the host vehicle speed is higher.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Seat cover and vehicle seat

A seat cover, to be mounted on a seat while covering the frame of the seat, includes: a contact portion contactable with the frame; and a deforming section configured to be collapsed by contacting with the frame, the deforming section being provided at a first surface of the contact portion, the first surface being opposed to the frame.. .
Tachi-s Co., Ltd.


Printing apparatus, printing method, and manufacturing printed matter

Provided is a printing apparatus including a positioning unit that positions a print object, a printing unit that prints a predetermined print image on the print object after elapse of a predetermined standby time since the print object is positioned by the positioning unit, and a controller that adjusts the standby time depending on quality of the print image printed on the print object by the printing unit, and controls the printing unit so as to print the print image on a subsequent print object after the elapse of the adjusted standby time.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Methods for making flexible containers and associated products

Disclosed is a method for making a flexible container. The method implements an injection mold having a collapsible core that expands/moves to define the apertures and, in some embodiments, holds a flexible film in place during the injection mold process and collapses/moves back post-injection molding to allow for the flexible container to be readily removed from the die.
Technimark Llc


Soccer training apparatus and method

A method for improving the skills of a sports player includes arranging targets around a player-occupied central location, associating at least one visual display with each target, generating a first detectable signal and simultaneously illuminating all but one of the visual displays with a common color or pattern of lights. The visual display that is not illuminated with the common color or pattern is uniquely illuminated so that the player may identify it.


Combination methods for treating cancers

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; in combination with a vinca-alkaloid, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The subject may be very high risk or high risk for the cancer and may not respond to either agent administered as a sole therapy.


Detection and display of irregular periodic waveforms

A method for display, consisting of acquiring an electrical signal from a heart of a subject over multiple heart cycles. The electrical signal is partitioned into a succession of synchronized segments having respective start times at a selected annotation point in the heart cycles.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Electronic apparatus, operation mode controlling method and operation mode controlling system

There is provided a further saving in power consumption which is achieved by establishing an optimal transition from an ordinary operation mode to a power consumption saving mode. A mode switching management part (11c) as a mode switching part, while a communication of a managing part (11a) as a communication part to a mobile terminal (20) is being established, maintains an ordinary operation mode and when the communication of the management part (11a) to the mobile terminal (20) terminates, switches from the ordinary operation mode to a power consumption saving mode before an elapse of a specified power consumption saving time period..
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Deferring alert of notifications for a particular time

A computing system is described that receives, at a particular time, notification data, the notification data indicating a threshold amount of time for which the computing system is to delay outputting an alert based on the notification data. The computing system initiates, based on the threshold amount of time, a deferred output of the alert based on the notification data.
Google Inc.


Stream shaping in avb networks

Embodiments are disclosed for a device for determining a number of sample blocks to include in a packet. In some embodiments, a device comprises a communication interface communicatively connectable to another device and configured to transmit data, a processor, and a storage device that stores instructions executable by the processor to determine a total sample size of samples stored in a transmission buffer.
Harman International Industries, Incorporated


Data sense amplifier and memory device including the same

A data sense amplifier may include: first and second external nodes, wherein a potential difference occurs between the first and second external nodes when a memory cell is selected; an amplification unit suitable for generating and amplifying a potential difference between first and second nodes in response to the potential difference between the first and second external nodes; and a switching unit suitable for electrically coupling the first and second external nodes to the first and second nodes, respectively, after a predetermined time elapses from when the memory cell is selected.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Train interior monitoring method and train interior monitoring system

In a train interior monitoring method, in order to improve the efficiency in memory-usage, when an event occurs, data containing image information, which has been recorded in a temporary image memory, is recorded in an image memory without any processing in order to reduce the file size of the data. Further, data containing image information is recorded in the image memory represents for only a period of time before and after detection of the occurrence of the event, the period of time being set according to what the event is.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Device cloud monitoring and stability

An example system may include a first device connected over respective communications interfaces to a plurality of second devices. The first device may establish respective remote terminals between the first device and one or more second devices.
Google Inc.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus having; an image supporting member; a developing device configured to supply a developer to the image supporting member to develop a latent image; a transfer member configured to transfer the developed image from the image supporting member to a transfer medium; a blade configured to remove the developer left on the image supporting member after transfer therefrom; a storing member located downstream from the transfer member and upstream from the blade, the storing member configured to temporarily store a part of the developer left after transfer therein; and a control unit. The storing member is controlled by the control unit to release the temporarily stored developer therefrom toward the image supporting member after a lapse of a predetermined time from when an image density of an image to be formed becomes lower than a predetermined value..
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Heterocyclic compounds as biogenic amine transport modulators

The present disclosure relates to certain amine derivatives of fused bicyclic heterocycles that inhibit the amine reuptake function of the biogenic amine transporters, dopamine transporter (dat), serotonin transporter (sert) and norepinephrine transporter (net). Compounds of the present disclosure are potent inhibitors of the reuptake of dopamine (da), serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-ht) and norepinephrine (ne) with full or partial maximal efficacy.


Novel quinazolines as biogenic amine transport modulators

The present disclosure relates to certain amine derivatives of fused bicyclic heterocycles that inhibit the amine reuptake function of the biogenic amine transporters, dopamine transporter (dat), serotonin transporter (sert) and norepinephrine transporter (net). Compounds of the present disclosure are potent inhibitors of the reuptake of dopamine (da), serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-ht) and norepinephrine (ne) with full or partial maximal efficacy.


Collapsible receptacle

A collapsible receptacle, such as a beverage cup, that is reconfigurable between expanded and collapsed configurations with an inner sleeve with first and second opposed major walls divided by opposed fold lines, an outer sleeve with first and second opposed major walls divided by opposed fold lines, and a liner retained by the inner and outer sleeves. The receptacle is retained in an expanded configuration when the opposed fold lines of the inner and outer sleeves are not aligned, and the receptacle can be collapsed when the opposed fold lines are aligned.


Deployable solar panel array for spacecraft

A solar panel assembly for a spacecraft includes a bracket and first and second booms each having a first end secured to the bracket and a second end extending away from the bracket. Each boom is formed from a plurality of tubes that telescope between a stowed condition nested within one another and a deployed condition aligned end-to-end with one another.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


Retainer ring for chemical-mechanical polishing device

A retainer ring for a chemical-mechanical polishing device. The ring prevents damage that occur during polishing work and being usable in stable fashion up until a predetermined lifespan has elapsed, by ensuring that a first ring body mounted on the chemical-mechanical polishing device and a second ring body making contact with a polishing pad are firmly coupled together by means of securing bodies which pass through coupling holes in the first ring body and are coupled to recessed coupling parts in the second ring body, and also by means of adhesive parts which are provided in the coupling holes or the recessed coupling parts and adhere and secure the securing bodies..
Will Be S & T Co., Ltd.


Liquid treatment apparatus with ring vortex processor and using same

The present invention provides a liquid treatment apparatus with ring vortex processor for treating a liquid medium and, more particularly, to an apparatus and method for enhancing chemical reactions occurring in processes utilizing hydrodynamic cavitation. The liquid treatment apparatus with ring vortex processor efficiently utilizes fluid energy for cavitation bubble formation, maximizes the temperatures and pressures generated during bubble collapse, and minimizes damage caused by erosion..
Fluid-quip, Inc.


Interface and mud control refinery desalters

A method and system for controlling an interface emulsion layer within an oil treatment vessel includes injecting a water flow through a plurality of radial eductors arranged about a radial eductor manifold located in the brine water layer. Each radial eductor is oriented vertically to the radial eductor manifold and the horizontal axis of the oil treatment vessel.
Cameron International Corporation


Systems and methods for fixating transvenously implanted medical devices

A transvenously implantable medical device (timd) includes an electrical lead and a control module. The electrical lead includes one or more electrodes and is adapted for transvenous implantation.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.


Encased tamper resistant controlled release dosage forms

In certain embodiments, the present invention is directed to a solid controlled release dosage form comprising: a core comprising a first portion of an opioid analgesic dispersed in a first matrix material; and a shell encasing the core and comprising a second portion of the opioid analgesic dispersed in a second matrix material; wherein the amount of opioid analgesic released from the dosage form is proportional within 20% to elapsed time from 8 to 24 hours, as measured by an in-vitro dissolution in a usp apparatus 1 (basket) at 100 rpm in 900 ml simulated gastric fluid without enzymes (sgf) at 37 c.. .
Purdue Pharma L.p.


Biodegradable double stent

A biodegradable double stent is used for various organs such as a biliary tract, an esophagus, an airway and a ureter. A biodegradable stent having a hollow cylindrical body woven out of a separate wire made of biodegradable polymer so as to have a plurality of rhombic spaces is fixed to an intermediate portion of a primary stent having a cylindrical body.
Kyong-min Shin


Valve cuff support

A prosthetic heart valve includes a stent having a collapsed condition and an expanded condition. The stent has a proximal end, a distal end and a plurality of cells, each cell being formed by a plurality of struts.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.


Intracardiac device to correct mitral regurgitation

A device structured to suppress mitral regurgitation by restricting prolapse of a mitral valve leaflet and including a base correspondingly dimensioned to the mitral valve and including a central portion, structured to allow blood flow there through and a peripheral portion or ring connected to the central portion in substantially surrounding relation thereto. An operative position of the base includes the central portion disposed in overlying, movement restricting relation to at least one of the valve leaflets and the ring concurrently anchored adjacent or directly to the native annulus of the mitral valve.


Everting transcatheter valve and methods

Described embodiments are directed toward centrally-opening, leaflet valve devices and systems for transcatheter delivery having a two-piece valve body as well as methods of making and delivering the two-piece valve devices. A transcatheter valve comprises a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.


Implant having adjustable filament coils

Devices and methods for soft tissue reconstruction are provided. One exemplary embodiment of a device includes a body a suture filament extending through through-holes formed in the body.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Headset for bio-signals acquisition

A headset for acquiring a bio-signal from a subject, includes a hub; at least 3 flexible branches, each branch having a first end extending from the hub and a second free end, the 3 flexible branches defining an opening formed by the relative position of the free ends; and at least 3 electrodes, wherein at least one electrode is located on each of the 3 flexible branches, the electrodes being configured for acquiring a bio-signal; the 3 flexible branches having a collapsed state; and an expanded state wherein the 3 electrodes are in contact with the scalp of the subject; and the headset is expanded from its collapsed state to its expanded state by placing the free ends on the top of the subject's head, and progressively lowering and sliding the same while contacting the scalp until the hub is contacted with the top of the head of the subject.. .
Mybrain Technologies


Collapsible or stackable garment hanger

A garment hanger that is configured to stack with other hangers and/or move between collapsed and extended configurations. The hanger may include an edge defining a recessed area upon one side of the hanger and a corresponding raised area upon the opposite side of the hanger.


Collapsible safety helmet

A safety helmet includes an outer collapsible shell that collapses toward an inner shell when an impact force is received, and does not return toward its initial (pre-collapsed) state when the impact force is removed. The safety helmet provides improved protection against injuries..


Systems, methods and computer program products for fax delivery and maintenance

This disclosure is directed to systems and methods for the delivery and maintenance of faxes where the faxes may remain at a faxing system for a minimal amount of time. The faxing system may send a queued fax to a connector responsive to a request from the connector to pull or retrieve a fax.
Open Text S.a.


Image forming controlling image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a detection portion that detects an earthquake, a plurality of job execution portions that each execute a job, an output portion that outputs information, and a control portion that, upon the detection portion detecting the occurrence of an earthquake, switches a mode of the image forming apparatus to an emergency mode, after a lapse of a prescribed wait time since the switching to the emergency mode, executes a self-diagnosis process for checking whether or not the job execution portions operate properly, and based on a result thereof, makes an output portion output information indicating an executable job and a non-executable job.. .
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Memory persistence management control

A memory retention controller may include a data structure configured to store a memory refresh interval corresponding to a memory region in a memory subsystem and control logic coupled with the data structure. The control logic is configured to perform a first refresh of the memory region prior to a power off transition of a host processor coupled with the memory subsystem, and to perform a second refresh of the memory region after the power off transition of the host processor, based on the memory refresh interval corresponding to the memory region, and in response to an elapsed time since the first refresh of the memory region..
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


Time synchronization system

A control device 2 includes a preset time determinator 22 for determining a preset time to be set to a first real-time clock of a terminal device 3 based on a second real-time clock. The terminal device 3 includes a latency time timer 34 for clocking a lapse of a latency time which is a period of time from the terminal device 3 acquiring the preset time until the preset time being set to the first real-time clock and is calculated in a clocking accuracy having the number of effective figures greater than that of the first real-time clock, and a time setter 32 for setting the preset time to the first real-time clock when the latency time is lapsed..
Tlv Co., Ltd.


Rinse solution for pattern formation and pattern forming process

In a resist pattern forming process, a rinse solution comprising (a) a heat/acid-decomposable polymer and (b) water is effective. The pattern forming process using the rinse solution is successful in forming fine feature size patterns while minimizing the occurrence of pattern collapse.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Rinse solution for pattern formation and pattern forming process

In a resist pattern forming process, a rinse solution comprising (a) a heat/acid-decomposable polymer and (b) an organic solvent is effective. The pattern forming process using the rinse solution is successful in forming fine feature size patterns while minimizing the occurrence of pattern collapse..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods of providing compensated geological measurements

Disclosed are systems and method for providing compensated measurements for more accurate downhole measurement data. One measurement system includes at least two transmitters and at least two receivers disposed within at least one borehole formed in a subterranean formation, and a data acquisition system communicably coupled to the at least two transmitters and the at least two receivers and configured to activate the at least two transmitters and process time-lapsed signals received from the at least two receivers in order to generate compensated signals that minimize or eliminate multiplicative effects..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Method for estimating the state of health of an electrochemical cell for storing electrical energy

A method for estimating a state of health of an electrochemical cell for storing electrical energy includes applying at least one current strength peak to the cell, the current peak passing through the cell, measuring a variation, as a function of a time t elapsed after the application of the current peak, of voltage u at the terminals of the cell, and calculating at least one coefficient αi1 and at least one coefficient u0,i1 such that the function √{square root over (t)}→αi1×√{square root over (t)}+u0,i1 is a linear approximation of the variation of the voltage u as a function of √{square root over (t)} for √{square root over (t)}≧c, where c>0. The method is used in electrical or hybrid vehicles..
Renault S.a.s.


System and timing firearm practice drills

A firearm training system includes a practice round and a practice barrel. The practice barrel is configured and dimensioned to replace the factory barrel of the firearm.


Engine controller

An engine controller is proposed which facilitates an operation at start of a vehicle without forcing mental strain to a rider to cancel start control. An engine controller includes a start determinator for determining start of a vehicle, an elapsed time after start timer for counting elapsed time tp since start of the vehicle is determined by the start determinator, and a start controller for adjusting an output of an engine until the elapsed time tp counted by the elapsed time after start timer reaches a predetermined control time tr determined in advance if the start of the vehicle is determined by the start determinator..
Suzuki Motor Corporation


Telescoping ladder with stabilizers

A telescoping ladder includes a stabilizer connected to a stabilizer housing proximal to the floor surface on which the ladder is positioned. The first stabilizer can move between an extended position and a collapsed position.
Core Distribution, Inc.


Method for controlling a process

A method for controlling a process, comprising treatment of a process medium, and which includes a system input, in particular, an inlet, and a system output, in particular, an outlet for the process includes such a dead time profile that a change in at least one parameter of the first type of the process medium at the system input causes a change in at least one parameter of the second type of the process medium at the system output only after an elapse of a dead time, comprises: determining, in particular, digital values for the parameter of the first type and using these values as input values of a control system; determining the set values for an output variable influencing the parameter of the second type of the process medium at the system output, using the determined values of the parameter of a first type and a first proportionality factor recorded in the control system; applying the determined set values for adjusting the output variable using the control system; determining, in particular, digital values for the parameters of the second type; determining the deviation values, which are representative of a deviation of the parameter of the second type from the parameter of the first type, from the determined values of the parameter of the first type and the determined values of the parameter of the second type; and use of at least one of the deviation values and at least one of the set values to determine a second proportionality factor.. .
Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Für Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg


Packets with integral connector

A packet includes a cavity containing flowable material and a sealed perimeter portion that defines the cavity. The sealed perimeter portion includes a header portion and a connector tab.
American Grease Stick Company


System and responding to driver behavior

Methods of assessing driver behavior include monitoring vehicle systems and driver monitoring systems to accommodate for a driver's slow reaction time, attention lapse and/or alertness. When it is determined that a driver is drowsy, for example, the response system may modify the operation of one or more vehicle systems.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Method for conveying a metered hydraulic volume in a vehicle braking system by means of an electrically driven motor pump assembly and vehicle braking system

A method for conveying a metered hydraulic volume in a vehicle braking system by an electrically driven motor pump assembly, wherein a mechanical pump of the motor pump assembly is driven by an electric motor of the motor pump assembly. A rising motor voltage ramp is applied to the electric motor, a motor current being detected, and a conveying mode of the motor pump assembly starting as soon as a motor torque generated by the motor current exceeds a total of drag torque, breakaway torque and friction torque of the motor pump assembly.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg


Composite carbon molecular sieve membranes having anti-substructure collapse particles loaded in a core thereof

A carbon molecular sieve (cms) membrane is made by pyrolyzing, to a peak pyrolysis temperature tp, a hollow fiber membrane having a polymeric sheath surrounding a polymeric core, anti-substructure collapse particles present in pores formed in the polymeric core help prevent collapse of pores formed in the hollow fiber membrane before pyrolysis. The anti-substructure collapse particles are made of a material or materials that either: i) have a glass transition temperature tg higher than tp, ii) have a melting point higher than tp, or ii) are completely thermally decomposed during said pyrolysis step at a temperature less than tp.
L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude


Traction splints and methods of using traction splints

Portable traction splints and methods of use in applying traction to an injured patient's limb, or limbs, are disclosed. The disclosed traction splints may be extendable from a collapsed configuration adapted for transportation and storage towards an extended configuration adapted for applying traction to an injured patient, using telescoping members.
Carey & Company, Ltd.


Muscle wall defect prosthesis and deployment system

A delivery device and implantable prosthesis for repairing a soft tissue defect such as an abdominal wall hernia. The delivery device includes a support body that is nested between a first and second layer of the prosthesis.
Bard Shannon Limited


Spinous process fixation system and methods thereof

An implantable device may include a barrel, the barrel having an upper portion and a lower portion. The implantable device may further include an actuator assembly disposed in the barrel, and a central screw that extends from a rear ramped actuator through a front ramped actuator.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Photoacoustic apparatus

A photoacoustic apparatus sets a light irradiation timing such that a subject is irradiated with pulsed light at least once within a period extending from a start timing determined on the basis of a generation timing of an r-wave in an electrocardiogram signal to a point at which a first time extending from the generation timing of the r-wave in the electrocardiogram signal to a generation timing of a t-wave in the electrocardiogram signal elapses, and sets the light irradiation timing such that the subject is not irradiated with the pulsed light in a period outside the period extending from the start timing to a point at which the first time elapses.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image forming apparatus, data transmission method, and data transmission system

An image forming apparatus transmits a database to an external server. The image forming apparatus includes a storage section, a replication section, an encipherment section, a transmission section, a generation section, and an acquisition section.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Internal voltage generation circuits

An internal voltage generation circuit may include a pump controller and an internal voltage generator. The pump controller suitable for generating a first control signal enabled if a level of an internal voltage signal is lower than a target voltage level and a second control signal enabled if a level of the internal voltage signal is lower than the target voltage level after a predetermined period elapses from a point of time that the internal voltage signal is pumped.
Sk Hynix Inc.


Systems and methods for improving stabilization in time-lapse media content

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media can capture media content including an original set of frames. Motion data associated with the original set of frames can be acquired.
Facebook, Inc.


Method and device for detecting a velocity of an actuation of a deflectable transmitter component or key of an electronic musical instrument

The invention relates to a method for detecting actuation of a deflectable transmitter component, comprising the steps of: recording (20) a measured value (u) corresponding to a deflection of the deflectable transmitter component; comparing (30) the measured value (u) with a predefined threshold value (us); if a result of the comparison (30) is that a predefined condition has been satisfied (34): storing the measured value (u) as a first measured value (u1); allowing (40) a predefined time difference (Δt) to elapse; recording (50) a second measured value (um) corresponding to a deflection of the transmitter component; and calculating (60) a value representing the actuation.. .


Information processing power saving

According to one embodiment, a processor executes a process of setting an information processing apparatus to be in a power saving state in which the internal, display is dimmed or turned off and supply of the display signal to an external display is stopped, when a time elapsed after input data is last received from an input device reaches a setting time. The elapsed time is measured by using a timer.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Information processing apparatus, controlling the same and non-transitory computer readable medium

An information processing apparatus capable of executing processing in a background, comprises a control unit configured to, when processing is executed in accordance with a request from an application, control execution of other processing in the background, wherein the control unit suppresses, in accordance with the request from the application, so that the other processing is not executed in the background, and releases the suppression when, in a case where a request for release of suppression is not instructed from the application, a predetermined interval elapses from when the suppression started.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Printing apparatus enabling two-sided printing, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor

A printing apparatus that is capable of performing a printing process efficiently. The printing apparatus is capable of two-sided printing.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Systems and methods for distributed seismic recording and analysis

The present disclosure includes a data acquisition method for seismic exploration and monitoring including generating a time reference for an acquisition unit. The time reference defines a time window in the future.
Cgg Services Sa


Tumor energy metabolism profiling

A diagnostic method for the prediction of tumor prognosis including the likelihood of formation of metastases or of relapse or local recurrence in tumor related diseases in a mammal and the provision of a therapy recommendation for a patient the enzyme activity of key enzymes of the energy metabolism is determined in fresh tumor tissue or fresh tumor cell mass after 24 hours incubation in a cell culture medium. Incubation reduces nutrition, drug and biopsy/surgery effects on the energy metabolism of the tissue slices or the cell mass.
UniversitÄt Heidelberg


Control apparatus and control automatic transmission

A control unit comprises determining unit for determining whether or not a predetermined elapsed time condition is established after a shift has been performed to a specific gear position reached by engaging a specific frictional engagement element of a stepped transmission mechanism, and restricting unit for prohibiting the stepped transmission mechanism from performing a shift back to the specific gear position while allowing a continuously variable transmission mechanism to perform shifts so that an automatic transmission is controlled to a target speed ratio until the determining unit determines that the predetermined elapsed time condition is established.. .
Jatco Ltd


Condensed water treatment device for internal combustion engine

The condensed water treatment device increases the egr quantity (s16, s17) so as to be larger than the egr quantity (qe) calculated based on the operating state, when within a specific time period (s13) from a moment when execution of filter regeneration control is started to a moment after predetermined time has elapsed following the end of the execution, and also in a case where (s15) the storage water quantity (qw) of a condensed water tank storing condensed water generated in an egr cooler is smaller than a normative water quantity (qwt).. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for controlling electricity generation mode of vehicle

A method for controlling an electricity generation mode of a vehicle includes detecting an idle condition of an engine. An electricity generation mode is performed in which a generator generates an electricity.
Kia Motors Corporation


Exhaust system using ash-compensating regeneration management

An exhaust system for an engine having a throttle is disclosed. The exhaust system may include an exhaust passage connectable to the engine, a particulate filter disposed in the exhaust passage, a sensor configured to generate a signal indicative of a total pressure differential across the particulate filter caused by soot and ash accumulation, a load actuator configured to selectively adjust a load on the engine, and a control module electronically connected to the load actuator and the sensor.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.


Method for the realization of a survival module and survival module

The invention relates to a method for the realization of a survival module which comprises the following steps: a) forming a prototype of the module provided with a structure theoretically resistant to the stresses determined by the collapse of a building by means of the calculation of the force exerted; b) dispose, within said prototype, measuring instruments capable of recording data relating to acceleration and pressure; c) set a threshold value for the data detected by said measuring instruments; d) placing the prototype so equipped inside or in the vicinity of a building, in an area affected by the collapse or its consequences; e) determine the building to collapse, and: f1) in case of exceeding said threshold value, repeating the design of the prototype; f2) in case of not exceeding said threshold value, using the design data of the prototype for the subsequent production of survival module. .


Vertically raising safety rail

A vertical raising safety rail having a moveable top rail, a base, a movable center rail assembly positioned above the base and below the top rail, a drive shaft, and a motor that provides rotational power to the drive shaft. The safety rail further includes a pair of spaced apart lower linkage arm assemblies that is operatively connected to the base and to the center rail assembly and configured to raise or lower the center rail assembly relative to the base when a rotational force is applied to the drive shaft.
Control Dynamics, Inc.


Roadway barrier

A stand-alone, roadway barrier includes: an internal structural framework (5), (7), (9) which provides the barrier with rigidity for resisting collapse of the barrier in response to impact of a vehicle, panels (13) mounted to opposite sides of the structural framework for deflecting vehicles on impact with the barrier; and ballast (33) in a lower section of the barrier for contributing to the weight of the barrier.. .
Saferoads Pty Ltd


Antagonists of cb1 receptor

The invention relates to an antagonist of cb1 receptor for use in the treatment of a pathologic condition or disorder selected from the group consisting of bladder and gastrointestinal disorders; inflammatory diseases; cardiovascular diseases; nephropathies; glaucoma; spasticity; cancer; osteoporosis; metabolic disorders; obesity; addiction, dependence, abuse and relapse related disorders; psychiatric and neurological disorders; neurodegenerative disorders; autoimmune hepatitis and encephalitis; pain; reproductive disorders and skin inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.. .
Universite De Bordeaux


Telescoping spout for dispensing fluid

Examples of a telescoping spout for dispensing fluid from a container are disclosed. The telescoping spout comprises a base that is configured to be connected to a pouring opening of the container.

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