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Lapse patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lapse-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lapse-related patents
 Image-displaying device and  controlling image-displaying device patent thumbnailImage-displaying device and controlling image-displaying device
An image capturing device includes an image capturing unit, an image data generation unit, and a display unit. The image capturing unit captures an image at a timing based on a first frame rate of the image capturing unit and outputs output data after a first period.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Method for collapse-free drying of high aspect ratio structures patent thumbnailMethod for collapse-free drying of high aspect ratio structures
A method for drying a substrate including a plurality of high aspect ratio (har) structures includes, after at least one of (i) wet etching, and (ii) wet cleaning, and (iii) wet rinsing the substrate using at least one of (a) wet etching solution, and (b) wet cleaning solution, and (c) wet rinsing solution, respectively, and without drying the substrate: depositing, between the plurality of har structures, a solution that includes a polymer component, a nanoparticle component, and a solvent; wherein as the solvent evaporates, a sacrificial bracing material precipitates out of solution and at least partially fills the plurality of har structures, the sacrificial bracing material including (i) polymer material from the polymer component of the solution and (ii) nanoparticle material from the nanoparticle component of the solution; and exposing the substrate to plasma generated using a plasma gas chemistry to volatize the sacrificial bracing material.. .
Lam Research Corporation

 Ninja sign patent thumbnailNinja sign
The disclosed invention generally pertains to a collapsible sign having an open arm span that is substantially larger than that of the closed arm span, thus allowing the open frame to hold a much larger sign face than the closed frame. The face of the sign can be made to collapse as well thus further reducing the over-all size of the stored sign.

 Stylus keyboard patent thumbnailStylus keyboard
A combination of a stylus and a keyboard. A collapsible keyboard portion is coupled to a stylus tip.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Expandable and collapsible shape element for a programmable shape surface patent thumbnailExpandable and collapsible shape element for a programmable shape surface
An expandable and collapsible structure comprising at least two first members and a second member. Each first member includes two plates rotatably connected at an edge of each of the two plates.

 Distance-measuring/imaging apparatus, distance measuring  the same, and solid imaging element patent thumbnailDistance-measuring/imaging apparatus, distance measuring the same, and solid imaging element
A distance-measuring/imaging apparatus having a high s/n and a high distance measurement accuracy is provided. The distance-measuring/imaging apparatus includes: a signal generation unit for generating an emission signal and exposure signal; a light source unit for performing light irradiation by receiving the emission signal; an imaging unit for performing exposure by receiving the exposure signal and for acquiring the exposure amount of the reflected light; and a calculation unit for calculating and outputting the distance information on the basis of the exposure amount.
Panasonic Intellectual Proprty Management Co., Ltd.

 Battery control device patent thumbnailBattery control device
A battery monitoring device includes: a current detection unit that detects an electric current flowing through a battery; a voltage detection unit that detects a voltage between both ends of the battery; a temperature detection unit that detects the temperature of the battery; an internal resistance increase rate calculation unit that calculates the internal resistance increase rate of the battery based on the detected electric current, voltage between the both ends, and temperature; and a calculation invalid time setting unit that sets a predetermined calculation invalid time according to the characteristics of the internal resistance increase rate. The calculation results of the internal resistance increase rate is invalidated for an invalid period from the start of charging or discharging of the battery to the lapse of the calculation invalid time..
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

 Method for estimating land surface termperature lapse rate using infrared image patent thumbnailMethod for estimating land surface termperature lapse rate using infrared image
A method of estimating land surface temperature lapse rate using an infrared image is disclosed. In the method of estimating land surface temperature lapse rate using an infrared image, a target area for the estimation of land surface temperature lapse rate is selected.
University Of Seoul Industry Cooperation Foundation

 Systems and methods for drying high aspect ratio structures without collapse using sacrificial bracing material that is removed using hydrogen-rich plasma patent thumbnailSystems and methods for drying high aspect ratio structures without collapse using sacrificial bracing material that is removed using hydrogen-rich plasma
Systems and methods for drying a substrate including a plurality of high aspect ratio (har) structures are performed after at least one of wet etching and/or wet cleaning the substrate using at least one of wet etching solution and/or wet cleaning solution, respectively, and without drying the substrate. Fluid between the plurality of har structures is displaced using a solvent including a bracing material.
Lam Research Corporation

 Controller for diesel engine patent thumbnailController for diesel engine
A controller for a diesel engine has a fuel injector which injects a fuel into a cylinder. The controller has a middle-combustion time computing portion which computes a middle-combustion time period that has elapsed from the fuel is injected until a half of the fuel has combusted, based on a detection value of a cylinder pressure sensor.
Denso Corporation


Isolation barrier

Apparatus and method for creating a barrier across an annulus in a well bore. First and second morphable sleeves are arranged side by side on a tubular body and sealed thereto to.
Meta Downhole Limited


Apparatus for storing articles

An apparatus for storing articles comprises one or more vacuum-sealable storage bags and a container. The one or more vacuum-sealable storage bags are configured for storing the articles therein.


Expandable fluid preservation use

A fluid preservation device, for preserving a liquid within a container, which includes an elongated member with a proximal end and a distal end and an inner shaft and an outer shaft. The outer shaft and inner shaft are attached to an expandable sealing member.
Smart Assets, Inc.


Method and system for diagnosing fuel cell stack

A system and method for diagnosing a fuel cell stack are provided. The method includes determining, by a controller, a time at which diagnosing the fuel cell stack is required based on a plurality of factors and driving a motor adjusted to a first efficiency value for a predetermined first reference time period based on the diagnosis determination.
Hyundai Motor Company


Vehicle charger and control pilot signal detection method thereof

A control pilot (cp) signal detection method for a vehicle charger includes: counting cp signals based on signal levels of the cp signals during a set period of time, when an input of the cp signals is detected while an ignition of a vehicle is turned off; determining whether a count of high-level cp signals among the cp signals is within a reference range, when the set period of time elapses; and outputting state information of the cp signals based on the determination of whether the count of high-level cp signals is within the reference range.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Thermal printer and program

A thermal printer includes a control unit that performs control to perform: an option operation, whereby upon completion of printing on a label provided on a continuous label body, the printed label is conveyed to a particular position and then conveyance of the continuous label body is stopped; and a retraction operation, whereby when a preset permitted stop time period has elapsed since the stop of conveyance of the continuous label body without performing next printing during the permitted stop time period, an unprinted label retracts to a retraction position where at least a printing region of the unprinted label is not sandwiched between a platen roller and a thermal head. The control unit can change the permitted stop time period for each type and/or each width of a label to be printed..
Sato Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha


Adjustable hurdle

Two or more hurdle loops of varying heights connect to a horizontal crossbar by a rotatable interface. The horizontal crossbar is supported by legs that each end in base.


Bicycle trainer with a position changeable damper unit

A bicycle trainer includes a base frame, a damper unit pivotally connected to the base frame and including a rotating wheel set, a swivel frame pivoted to the base frame and biasable between an inclined position where the swivel frame and the damper unit are capable of supporting a bicycle wheel and a collapsed position where the swivel frame is received in the base frame and the rotating wheel set of the damper unit is disposed adjacent to the swivel frame, and a locking device for locking the damper unit to the base frame or allowing the damper unit to be biased relative to the base frame. Thus, the composition of the invention allows the bicycle trainer to be folded up and received in a compact condition to minimize the dimension convenient for carrying with less effort..
Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for dispensing medicinal fluids and making same

A dispensing device and the method of making same for dispensing medicaments to a patient that includes a housing, a first assembly connected to the first end of the housing that includes a body portion, and a penetrating sub-assembly. The first assembly also includes a rate control chip of novel construction that is connected to the penetrating sub-assembly and functions to control the rate of flow of medicinal fluid to the patient.


Collapsible and expandable corrugated hose with directional hand-pump for colon hydrotherapy

A corrugated collapsible and expandable hose specifically for use in colon hydrotherapy which is collapsed for shipping and storage purposes and can be expanded to its full length or part of its full length for use during a colon hydrotherapy treatment and in order to accommodate specific treatment room set-ups. The invention includes a non-corrugated directional hand-pump section which allows the practitioner to apply pumping action to the hose to increase treatment efficacy.


Intestinal barrier sleeve with expandable anchor section

An intestinal barrier sleeve and corresponding treatments using the sleeve are provided herein. The sleeve generally includes an expanding section coupled to a tubular section at an interface there between.


Expandable balloon

An expandable balloon, for insertion in a vessel of the human or animal body, is movable between a collapsed condition and an expanded condition. The balloon includes a plaque disrupting formation arranged to be on an outer surface of the balloon when in the expanded condition.
Veryan Medical Limited


Bronchoscopic sheath for measuring or spacing

A bronchoscopic sheath adapted to be fit over the outside surface of the proximal portion of a bronchoscope to assist with measuring or spacing of treatment. The measurement or spacing sheath is preferably made of braided polymer filament and is configured to collapse under tension and open/expand when the ends of the sheath are pushed towards one-another.
Csa Medical, Inc.


Method of generating exercise related community and electronic device for providing same

A host device includes: a data management module for receiving exercise data from an electronic device; a group management module for generating a group requiring preset conditions and determining whether to include the electronic device in the group based on whether the exercise data of the electronic device received from the data management module meets the conditions; and a league management module for, when the number of generated groups is two or more, controlling a configuration of the two or more groups based on a result of the determination on whether one or more electronic devices included in each of the two or more groups meet conditions required by the group whenever a preset period elapses.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Time-lapse video capture with optimal image stabilization

Traditionally, time-lapse videos are constructed from images captured at time intervals called “temporal points of interests” or “temporal pois.” disclosed herein are systems and methods of constructing improved, motion-stabilized time-lapse videos using temporal points of interest and image similarity comparisons. According to some embodiments, a “burst” of images may be captured, centered around the aforementioned temporal points of interest.
Apple Inc.


Image pickup circuit

An image pickup circuit including a plurality of circuit blocks. Each of the plurality of circuit blocks includes a plurality of comparing elements, a single counter, and a plurality of storage units.
Sony Corporation


Motor control apparatus having function for protecting lcl filter

A motor control apparatus includes: a pwm rectifier which converts an ac power to a dc power; an lcl filter provided between the ac power supply and the pwm rectifier; a cooling fan for cooling the lcl filter; a temperature detection unit for the lcl filter; an alarm detection unit for detecting an alarm state when a temperature detection value is a predetermined value or more; a time measurement unit for measuring elapsed time from a start of a normal operation of the pwm rectifier; and a protection unit which determines, in accordance with the elapsed time, an alarm generation cause whether the alarm state is generated due to a reverse connection of a power line of the lcl filter or due to a stop of the cooling fan when the alarm state is notified, and performs a protection operation in accordance with the alarm generation cause.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Etching apparatus and etching method

According to one embodiment, an etching apparatus includes a stage in an etching chamber, the stage which holds one of a first substrate and a second substrate, a plasma generator in the etching chamber, the plasma generator which is opposite to the stage and irradiates an ion beam toward the stage, a grid which is provided between the plasma generator and the stage, a supporter supporting the stage, the supporter having a rotational axis in a direction in which the ion beam is irradiated, a controller which is configured to mount the first substrate on the stage and irradiate the ion beam with the beam angle larger than 0° to the first substrate, when an elapsed time from an end of an etching of a predetermined layer in the second substrate is equal to or larger than a predetermined time.. .


Time-lapse video capture with temporal points of interest

Traditionally, time-lapse videos are constructed from images captured at given time intervals called “temporal points of interests” or “temporal pois.” disclosed herein are intelligent systems and methods of capturing and selecting better images around temporal points of interest for the construction of improved time-lapse videos. According to some embodiments, a small “burst” of images may be captured, centered around the aforementioned temporal points of interest.
Apple Inc.


Elapsed-time determination apparatus, deciding apparatus, deciding method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing control program

An elapsed-time determination apparatus includes: a storage unit that stores correlation information indicating a correlation between a state of a melanophore of a fish and an amount of time elapsed since the death of the fish; an acquisition unit that acquires an image of a fish; an analysis unit that detects a state of a melanophore of a fish by analyzing an image acquired by the acquisition unit; and a determination unit that determines the amount of time elapsed since the death of the fish in accordance with the state of the melanophore of the fish detected by the analysis unit, based on the correlation information, and outputs determination results.. .
Panasonic Corporation


Instrument and speaker lift stand

Improvements in an expandable stand with an adjustable travel stop within a musical instrument stand or elevating speaker is presented. The stand supports some weight of the instrument or speaker to relieve the weight.
Randall May International Inc.



A bolt including a head portion, a shaft portion, and an external thread formed in the shaft portion, the bolt having: a plurality of thread collapsed rib portions each of which is composed of projecting portions that are arranged in a longitudinal direction of the shaft portion, each projecting portion being formed by collapsing a top portion of a screw thread of the external thread and by raising both sides of the collapsed top portion of the screw thread, wherein one projecting portion of the thread collapsed rib portion has a shape different from that of another projecting portion that is adjacent in a circumference direction of the screw thread of the adjacent thread collapsed rib portion in the shaft portion, such that an interference position with a counterpart internal thread varies in accordance with screw-engagement with the counterpart internal thread.. .
Iwata Bolt Kabushiki Kaisha


Fuel pressure sensor abnormality diagnosis internal combustion engine

The fuel pressure sensor abnormality diagnosis apparatus diagnoses that a fuel pressure sensor is abnormal in the case where, because a state where a detected value of the fuel pressure sensor is less than a target value occurs, a fuel discharge amount of a fuel pump is increased, and as a result, the fuel discharge amount reaches its maximum amount, and even if a predetermined period has elapsed since the fuel discharge amount reaches its maximum amount, the detected value is less than the target value.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Portable containment system

A portable containment system has a flexible liner sheet and a plurality of leg assemblies attached to the edge portions of the liner sheet. Each leg assembly consists of two legs connected by a fabric hinge and movable from a collapsed transport position to an upright operating position where the legs slope upward toward each other to form a triangle.
Abc Canada Technology Group Ltd.


Container and storage and transport of supported contents

A container for transporting an item is provided having an outer case member and a pair of partition members. The container is erectable from a collapsed configuration, in which the container is substantially flat, to an erected configuration in which the partition members form a support structure within an interior cavity of the outer case member to support a portion of the item to be transported.
Alliance Packaging, Llc


Storage container having collapsible bottom

A food storage container that includes an upper portion and a lower portion wherein the upper portion is manufactured from a collapsible material and is operable to collapse inwards towards the upper portion. The upper portion further includes an annular support wall having an inner surface with an upper section and a lower section, the upper section having threads disposed thereon.


Driving system for vehicle

A driving system for a vehicle includes a drive source, a driven portion, a wet multiple disc connection/disconnection unit provided on a power transmission path between the drive source and the driven portion, and a connection/disconnection unit controller configured to control a release and an application of the connection/disconnection unit, wherein the driving system further includes a time counter configured to obtain a continuous applied time that is an elapsed time from a start of a latest application of the connection/disconnection unit.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Control method and apparatus of electronic parking brake

A control method and apparatus of an electronic parking brake is disclosed. In an embodiment, a control method of an electronic parking brake comprises, determining by a control part whether a braking power transfer generation condition is satisfied, the braking power transfer generation condition being a condition that a braking power by a main brake is transferred to a braking power by a parking brake; determining whether a braking power transfer to the braking power by the parking brake is generated if the braking power transfer generation condition is satisfied; counting a lapsed time after the braking power transfer is generated if it is determined that the braking power transfer is generated; and generating an additional braking power to the parking brake according to the counted lapsed time..
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Expandable refrigeration system for vehicles

An expandable refrigeration system for vehicles includes a generally rigid frame member having a plurality of walls that define a first hollow interior space. An expandable cooler body that includes a plurality of expandable wall sections is connected to the rigid frame member.


Liquid ejection apparatus

A liquid ejection apparatus includes: a liquid ejection head; a conveying mechanism; a holding mechanism for holding at least one recording medium between its first and second surfaces; a moving mechanism for moving the first surface; a reception tray disposed under the holding mechanism; and a controller. The controller is configured to: separate recording media to be recorded throughout one recording job, into recording-medium groups; control the conveying mechanism to convey the recording medium to a space between the first and second surfaces in each recording-medium group; acquire a waiting time in which each recording-medium group is to wait in the holding mechanism; and control the moving mechanism to move the first surface from a support position to a non-support position when a time elapsed from a timing when each recording-medium group has been conveyed to the holding mechanism reaches the waiting time..
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Ink tank and printing apparatus

A light emitting portion of an ink tank emits light after a delay time in accordance with a mounting speed of the ink tank has elapsed after connecting second electrode pads on an ink tank side and a second contact on a holder side.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus

A maximum height, that corresponds to a width of a pattern formed on a front surface of a substrate to be processed, is searched among a plurality of maximum heights each being a maximum value of a height of a pattern having a particular width when pattern collapse does not occur. Thereafter, it is determined that whether or not a height of the pattern is greater than the maximum height.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Removable vascular occlusion device

Disclosed herein are embodiments of an occlusion device that can be delivered into the vascular system of a patient for inducing weight loss. The device can be formed from a body that can expand from a collapsed to an expanded position, where the body can be configured to at least partially occlude a blood vessel.
Anaxiom Corporation


Vacuum pressure regulators for use during blood collection

A regulator for in-line modulation of the flow rate of fluid during blood collection includes a fluid transfer device for transferring fluid from a patient to a collection device. The fluid transfer device comprises a fluid passageway defined by a tubular sidewall and a flexible member associated with a portion of the tubular sidewall.
Becton, Dickinson And Company



A hanger comprising a hanger body and a hook assembly. An attachment assembly is configured to allow for the coupling of the hanger body and the hook assembly in selectively rotatable engagement.
Hangers Plus, Llc


Multi-position tray support

A tray support device includes a base and a front face extending upward from a front edge of the base. At least one support member is movable from a collapsed position on the base to a deployed position spaced above the base.
Rehrig Pacific Company


Stress control brush

A stress control brush includes a brush head, an elastic plate and a handle. The brush head includes a bristle seat and a first limit part.


Compact protective cover for eyewear

A collapsible eyewear protector movable between an opened eyewear-receiving position and a closed collapsed storage position, the collapsible eyewear protector including first and second lens covers each including a first cover portion and a second cover portion, the collapsible eyewear protector further including a sliding mechanism having a first portion on the first lens cover and a second portion on the second lens cover where the first and second portions engage to permit the first lens cover to slide relative to the second lens cover between the open and collapsed positions, where in one embodiment the sliding mechanism includes a channel and a rail configured to slide within the channel.. .


Communication method and communication apparatus

A communication apparatus is a base station involved in communication between a network and a terminal. The terminal is communicable with the network also via another base station.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Information processing apparatus, communication apparatus, terminal, communication processing method and non-transitory computer readable medium

According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes an execution controller. The execution controller acquires a communication request for requesting data communication with another communication apparatus and controls execution of the communication request by comparing an evaluation value with a threshold, the evaluation value being based on a parameter value obtained through measurement of a wireless communication environment.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation

A device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation with a configuration tool that is designed to physically detect a field device in the automation installation, to logically incorporate it into the automation installation and to configure it in the automation installation, the configuration tool communicating with the field devices and ascertaining the device status thereof on a regular cycle. In order to visualize the validity of a device status ascertained in the past, each field device may have, in the configuration tool, an associated device status symbol whose appearance changes dynamically on the basis of the time elapsed (t1, t2, t3) since the time (t0) of the last update of the device status..
Abb Technology Ag


A network receiver for a network using distributed clock synchronization and a sampling a signal received from the network

A network receiver receives from a network an input signal which is sampled by a data sampler of the network receiver at sampling moments. Sampling moments have a relative position in time within a period of time of a single bit.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Control of a half-bridge

A half-bridge includes a first switching device for connecting a terminal to a first potential, and a second switching device for connecting the terminal to a second potential. A method according to the present invention for controlling the half-bridge includes the steps of outputting a closing signal for the first switching device while the second switching device is open, and of ascertaining a latency period between the start of the closing signal and a collapse of a voltage applied across the first switching device.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Electronic apparatus configured to wirelessly receive power from external apparatus

An electronic apparatus includes a power reception unit configured to wirelessly receive power from a power supply apparatus, a communication unit configured to receive a detection period, during which the power supply apparatus detects a foreign object, from the power supply apparatus and to notify a control unit of the detection period, the detection period, and the control unit configured to perform a process for keeping power consumed by the electronic apparatus in predetermined range constant until the detection period has elapsed.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Semiconductor device and manufacturing same

A semiconductor device including a terminal region that can suppress a resist collapse in manufacturing and effectively relieve a concentration of electric fields and a method for manufacturing the semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a semiconductor element formed in a semiconductor substrate made of a silicon carbide semiconductor of a first conductivity type and a plurality of ring-shaped regions of a second conductivity type formed in the semiconductor substrate while surrounding the semiconductor element in plan view.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Systems and methods for drying high aspect ratio structures without collapse using stimuli-responsive sacrificial bracing material

Systems and methods for drying a substrate including a plurality of high aspect ratio (har) structures is performed after at least one of wet etching and/or wet cleaning the substrate using at least one of wet etching fluid and/or wet cleaning fluid, respectively, and without drying the substrate. Fluid between the plurality of har structures is displaced using a solvent including a bracing material.
Lam Research Corporation


Substrate processing apparatus and a manufacturing a semiconductor device

The temperature of a substrate is elevated rapidly while improving the temperature uniformity of the substrate. The substrate is loaded into a process chamber, the loaded substrate is supported on a first substrate support unit, a gas is supplied to the process chamber, the temperature of the substrate supported on the first substrate support unit is elevated in a state of increasing the pressure in the process chamber to higher than the pressure during loading of the substrate or in a state of increasing the pressure in the process chamber to higher than the pressure during processing for the surface of the substrate, the substrate supported on the first substrate support unit is transferred to the second substrate support unit and supported thereon after lapse of a predetermined time, and the surface of substrate is processed while heating the substrate supported on the second substrate support unit..
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Timing violation handling in a synchronous interface memory

A memory device includes an operation having a phase to provide an upper row address from a row address buffer, a phase to combine the upper row address with a lower row address to select data for a row data buffer, and a phase to output the data from the row data buffer, wherein an activate command starts and following activate commands are ignored until a preset time has elapsed.. .
Micron Technology, Inc.


Portable collapsible fabric-tensioned sign assembly

A portable collapsible sign assembly including a fabric covering and support frame which is adjustable between a collapsed and expanded position. When the sign assembly is expanded, or in its deployed state, the fabric covering and support frame possess a connective tension relationship with respect to one another which creates and supports both the sign assembly display sign and base in a stable manner.


Method for providing shopping mall and server system therefore

A method for providing a shopping mall is provided. The method includes receiving a request for a multi-party goods sale contest, proceeding with the multi-party goods sale contest when the contest is established in response to the request, analyzing a contest result in consideration of a sale record after a predetermined time lapses, determining a goods sale rank of the plurality of sellers based on the analyzed sale result, and giving different benefits to buyers purchasing goods of the plurality of sellers according to the determined sale rank..


Battery state estimation device, battery state management system, battery, battery state estimation method, and non-transitory storage medium

The state of a battery parameter at the time of state estimation is estimated by using a plurality of pieces of parameter transition information (k, k+1), each piece of information representing an aspect of a temporal change in the battery parameter and representing the aspect of the temporal change until a predetermined state is achieved after a predetermined time that has elapsed from an initial state for each of use environments of a battery, and use environment information representing the use environment of the battery from the time of the start of use to the time of state estimation. In a case where the use environment of the battery is transited from a k-th use environment to a (k+1)-th use environment, a battery parameter pk after being used in the k-th use environment is calculated by using the parameter transition information k corresponding to the k-th use environment, and thereafter a battery parameter pk+1 after the battery in the state of the battery parameter pk is used in the (k+1)-th use environment is calculated by using the parameter transition information k+1 corresponding to the (k+1)-th use environment..
Nec Corporation


Methods and compositions for determining relapse in inflammatory bowel disease

Described are methods and compositions for evaluating the relapse risk n subjects having an inflammatory bowel disease (ibd). Some embodiments include selecting a treatment for an evaluated ibd relapse risk in a subject..
Westfaelische Wilhelms-universitaet Muenster


Work vehicle and controlling work vehicle

A power transmission includes first and second clutches for switching a transmission path for a driving force therein. A clutch controlling unit provided for a work vehicle is configured to switch the transmission path from one to the other of first and second modes when a speed ratio parameter reaches a mode switching threshold.
Komatsu Ltd.


System for and performing laser shock peening on a target with a fluid flow path sandwiched between a transparent to laser light solid medium and the target

The invention is concerned with a system for performing laser shock peeing on a target (100). The system includes a device (10) for generating and transmitting a laser pulse to the target (100) and a fluid source for supplying a fluid into a fluid flow path arranged between an inlet (20) and an outlet (22.1, 22.2).
University Of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg


Folding wagon

A folding wagon having a basket within which to carry articles and/or small children and a collapsible frame to enable the wagon to be folded between an expanded open configuration at which the basket is outstretched and a compact closed configuration at which the basket is collapsed. The wagon also has pairs of front and rear wheels that are spaced outwardly from the front and rear of the wagon so as to lie ahead of and behind the basket.


Screen printing machine and printing method thereof

A screen printing machine is disclosed, which includes a mesh frame, a mesh, and a scraping blade. The mesh frame includes four sides.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Hybrid game board bag toss play & competition

A bag toss game set comprising a flat game board with collapsible support structure affixed thereto. Angular support wings, secured longitudinally to the flat game board with an extended piano hinge, collapsed by rotating about the piano hinge to lay flat under the flat game board.


Basketball game system

The indoor basketball game system includes a multi-paneled folding backboard with a basketball hoop disposed on it. A winged ball deflector is disposed on the ground adjacent the bottom of the backboard and inclined upwards on the board from the bottom edge to form a ball return feature.


Treatment of multiple sclerosis with laquinimod

The subject invention also provides for pharmaceutical oral unit dosage forms of 0.6 mg laquinimod for use in reducing the relapse rate and/or for use in reducing the accumulation of physical disability in a relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis human patient.. .


Method and coupling soft tissue to a bone

A method and apparatus for coupling a soft tissue implant into a locking cavity formed within a bone is disclosed. The apparatus includes a member to pull the soft tissue implant into a femoral tunnel.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Ivc filter with translating hooks

A filter with translating hooks is described. The filter can include strut members having first and second struts connected by a connecting portion.
C. R. Bard, Inc.


Dental retainer

An orthodontic device for retaining teeth in position, or for making minor adjustments to tooth position. The dental retainer includes a rigid lingual portion or arch, and a more flexible and comfortable labial portion or arch, arranged so as to allow the cutting surfaces of the upper and lower molar teeth to meet.
Clearretain, Llc


Hammertoe implant and instrument

A bone implant comprising an elongate body having a first end and a second end coupled by a shaft is disclosed. The first portion is configured to couple to a first bone.
Wright Medical Technology, Inc.


Multi-positional drink coaster

A multi-positional drink coaster includes a generally planar outer rim defining a periphery of the drink coaster. A base wall skirts downwardly from the outer rim to a base of the drink coaster.


Travel sleeper

A travel sleeping device includes a lower platform, a support post, and a plush face pillow having a rigid support frame. The support post is configured to be adjustably extendable, and the travel sleeping device may be collapsed or disassembled for compact storage and transport.


Waterproof writing board with modular stand

A new reusable sign and support device is described. The device is equipped with a whiteboard and a stand, enabling the present invention to be self-supporting.


Independently adjusting multi-legged modular walker/cane assembly

A walker/cane assembly, multi-legged cane, and single-pointed cane may share common parts that may be easily connected and detached to allow a user to convert a walker/cane assembly to a multi-legged cane and/or a single-pointed cane. Accordingly, a user may use a single assembly that may be quickly and easily modified to meet the user's needs, such as his/her current balance or energy level.
Ranjam Llc D/b/a The Flexstick Company


Channel access very high throughput (vht) wireless local access network system

A channel access method for a very high throughput (vht) system using a bonding channel having a plurality of subchannels is provided. The method includes receiving training information comprising a training offset value through a subchannel, performing channel estimation on a full channel bandwidth comprising all subchannels when a time corresponding to the training offset value is elapsed after the training information is received, transmitting a request to send (rts) frame to a destination station through some subchannels selected from the plurality of subchannels by one or a plurality of source stations according to a result of the channel estimation, and transmitting a clear to send (cts) frame to one source station selected from the plurality of source stations by the destination station in response to the received rts frame.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method for determining availability time period for a media episode

The invention relates to a method for determining the availability time period (at) of a media episode, comprising the steps of broadcasting a media episode for a playing time period (l), making available the media episode for playback for an availability time period (at) after the playing time period (l) has elapsed, and determining the availability time period (at) based on at least one extension time period (e1, e2, e3, e4) corresponding to at least one extension request taken in relation to the media episode during the playing time period (l) or during the availability time period (at) by at least one user.. .
Angl Technologies Hungary Kft.


Image capturing control apparatus, display control apparatus, and controlling the same

A control apparatus includes a measuring unit configured to measure an elapsed time after start of recording movie, a set movie creation unit configured to create a set of movies from a plurality of movies, a display control unit configured to perform control so as to display a plurality of sections respectively corresponding to the set of movies, and to display a section corresponding to a recorded movie in a first display appearance, and to display a section corresponding to a not-recorded movie in a second display appearance, wherein the display control unit is further configured to perform control to display, a portion indicating a rate of an elapsed time in the first display appearance, and a remaining portion in the second display appearance.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Key telephone system, control method, terminal, and program

A key telephone system includes a terminal and a primary device. The primary device transmits a command for transition into a power-saving state to the terminal, together with a power-saving duration time datum and/or a power-saving deactivating time datum, when the time reaches a power-saving state transition time.
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone East Corporation


A network receiver for a network using distributed clock synchronization and a adjusting a frequency of an internal clock of the network receiver

A network receiver for a network using distributed clock synchronization and a method of adjusting a frequency of an internal clock of the network receiver are provided. The network receiver receives from the network an input signal and has an internal clock for generating a clock signal.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Relay device, communication system, and relaying method

According to one embodiment, a relay device that relays communication between an information request device which requests information and an information providing device which provides requested information. The relay device includes an interface to receive a signal transmitted by the information request device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Trailing edge detector using current collapse

A controller for a power converter includes an edge detection circuit including a first circuit coupled to coupled to compare a voltage sense signal representative of an input voltage to a first reference, and a second circuit coupled to compare a current sense signal representative of an input current to a second reference. A slope sense circuit is coupled to measure a slope of the voltage sense signal over time.
Power Integrations, Inc.


Methods for covering an elongate substrate

A cover assembly for covering an elongate substrate includes a holdout device and a resilient, elastically radially expanded sleeve member. The holdout device includes a core having an axially extending slit defined therein and defining a core passage to receive the substrate, and a designated target region.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Method for determining a refresh frequency for a matrix of oled active pixels and corresponding device

A device includes an oled pixel and a control circuit controlled at a refresh rate thereof. The device includes first and second dummy control circuits having similar operating characteristics to the control circuit.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.


Image management system

The present invention relates to systems and processes for the management of image data captured by a network covering a plurality of imaging nodes. The systems and processes may include a surveillance network arranged to receive surveillance streams from a plurality of checkpoints that are spatially separated along a route, extracting image data containing facial image content from the surveillance streams, and identifying individual people and determining an elapsed time between distinct checkpoints along the route, to track progress of people along the route..
Iomniscient Pty Ltd.


File comparing multiple instances

A system provides via a software application, a file sub-system that organizes images of an event for evaluation of an object or event as the object or event changes over time. A base image may be established and other images of the object or event may be co-related to the base image so that a user may select the base image for display along with the other images showing time lapsed changes to the object or event..


Main-memory database checkpointing

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for main-memory database checkpointing. Embodiments of the invention use a transaction log as an interface between online threads and a checkpoint subsystem.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Lens barrel

A lens barrel of this technique includes a movable lens barrel unit section, and a master flange unit having a lens unit, and is switched between a collapsed state where the movable lens barrel unit section is stored in the master flange unit and an extended state where the movable lens barrel unit section is extended from the master flange unit. The master flange unit has a moving frame supported to be movable in an optical axis direction via a first elastic member extendable in the optical axis direction, and a lens frame supported to be movable in the optical axis direction via a second elastic member extendable in the optical axis direction relative to the moving frame.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Exhaust heat recovery device

To effectively reduce a situation in which an over-rotation of an expander occurs or the expander becomes a load on an engine at the time of a stop of a rankine cycle in an exhaust heat recovery device provided with the rankine cycle that recovers exhaust heat of an engine. A pressure difference Δp between a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side of the rankine cycle is obtained when the rankine cycle is stopped (s1), a waiting time ta is set (calculated) based on the obtained pressure difference Δp (s2).
Sanden Holdings Corporation


Intelligent electronic system for previously sensing the dryness condition of a textile clothes load in an automatic electronic clothes dryer machine

An intelligent electronic system for previously sensing the dryness condition of a textile clothes load applicable to an automatic electronic clothes dryer machine is disclosed, which comprises: an electronic integrated circuit of the microcontroller type located in a dryer machine, wherein said microcontroller receives and processes signals coming from a plurality of temperature sensing means and from humidity sensing means in order to make decisions and to inform the dryer machine what action it must execute; as well as a method for previously sensing the dryness condition of a textile clothes load applicable to any automatic electronic clothes dryer machine for home use, wherein said method comprises the steps of: (a) collecting information about air temperature at the drum's outlet and inlet, as well as information on the humidity conditions of the textile clothes load; (b) with the information collected in step a) above determining whether the dryer machine is cold or warm; (c) letting a first period of time to elapse during which measuring of air temperature conditions of the drum's outlet and inlet as well as humidity conditions of said textile clothes load continues; (d) checking whether or not said conduit is obstructed; (e) letting a second period of time to elapse during which measuring of air temperature conditions of the drum's outlet and inlet as well as humidity conditions of said textile clothes load continues; (f) determining whether the textile clothes load is small or large; (g) determining whether the textile clothes load is small or large; and, (h) checking whether or not the large or small textile clothes load is dry, by comparing the humidity conditions of said small or large load against a preset parameter.. .
Mabe, S.a. De C.v.


Nonwoven material having discrete three-dimensional deformations that are configured to collapse in a controlled manner

Nonwoven materials having discrete three-dimensional deformations therein forming protrusions that extend outward from the first surface of the nonwoven material and wide base openings adjacent to the second surface of the nonwoven material are disclosed. At least some of the three-dimensional deformations are configured to collapse in a controlled manner when compressive forces are applied on the nonwoven material..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Novel 3d scaffold microstructure

A three-dimensional scaffold microstructure comprising a plurality of collapsed polymer columns for use in cell culture or nematode studies.. .
King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology


Heat transfer unit and prefabricated vessel

Vessel assemblies, heat transfer units for prefabricated vessels, and methods for heat transfer prefabricated vessel are provided. A heat transfer unit includes a central rod, and a plurality of peripheral rods surrounding the central rod and connected to the central rod.
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Llc


Collapsible bottle with flow channels

A collapsible bottle with a channelway provided in a side wall which, in collapsed conditions of the bottle, the channelway becomes engaged with opposed portions of the side wall and define a flow passageway therethrough toward a discharge opening at one end of the bottle and a closed other end of the bottle.. .
Op-hygiene Ip Gmbh


Container with collapsible applicator

A container is provided that includes a base having a plurality of sides defining abase perimeter and a well configured to hold a product. The container also includes a lid assembly configured to be pivotably coupled to the base and a recess disposed on two or more of the plurality of sides.
Hct Group Holdings Limited


Pallet container

A pallet container having eight side walls, a bottom piece, two leg flaps that are used to automatically deploy the container from a flat, collapsed position, and a series of inside folds and outside folds. The pallet container is constructed from one or more blanks made of cardboard.


Electric power steering system

Restriction values (upper limit and lower limit) for an assist control amount are set individually for each of state amounts including steering torque τ used to compute the assist control amount. A value obtained by summing such restriction values is set as a final restriction value for the assist control amount.
Jtekt Corporation


Apparatus for warning of exceeding speed limit in railway vehicles

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for warning of exceeding speed limit in railway vehicles, wherein a train speed is estimated after a predetermined time, a remaining time is calculated until a train reaches a speed limit based on the estimated speed, and when the calculated time is smaller than a preset reference value, a warning signal is generated. Thus, an adequate warning can be given to cater to a train operation situation because a ttslc indicator is used that notifies when an emergency braking will be activated by exceeding a set speed limit value after a certain time lapses, resultantly increasing the train operation frequency and the availability of trains..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


System and controlling fail safe of transmission for vehicle

A method and system for controlling a fail safe of a transmission for a vehicle are provided. The method includes detecting an oil temperature of the transmission for the vehicle and determining whether an oil pump has been driven for a set time or more based on the detected oil temperature.
Hyundai Motor Company


Integrated lateral load-transmittal system

According to one aspect of the present invention, a load-transmittal system for a vehicle includes a cross member of a vehicle frame extending substantially perpendicular to a vehicle door. A pusher is disposed within a cavity defined between inner and outer sheet metal panels of the vehicle door, wherein the pusher is disposed distal from the cross member to define an idle state.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

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