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Lapse patents

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Base station apparatus, communication controlling method and communication system

Fujitsu Limited

Base station apparatus, communication controlling method and communication system

Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium


Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium

Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium

Tribune Digital Ventures

Use of a remainder duration as a basis to generate a playlist

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lapse-related patents
 Menu-based cooking appliance patent thumbnailMenu-based cooking appliance
A cooking apparatus including a heating element; a user-interface mechanism having a user-input for receiving at least one input from a user and a display for presenting at least one instruction to the user; and a controller configured to perform a recipe. The recipe includes an instruction phase, the instruction phase including operating the display to present an instruction to the user until at least one event occurs, the event selected from the group of events consisting of a first predetermined time elapsing and an input being received, and an execution phase, the execution phase including operating the heating element at a predetermined temperature or power level until a second predetermined time has elapsed..
Cooktek Induction Systems, Llc

 Base station apparatus, communication controlling method and communication system patent thumbnailBase station apparatus, communication controlling method and communication system
A base station apparatus, includes: a processor; and a memory that stores a communication controlling program to be executed by the processor, wherein the processor is operable, based on the communication controlling program, to: receive a first call connection request transmitted from a terminal apparatus; compare a pattern including values of a plurality of parameters extracted from the first call connection request with a characteristic pattern of a second call connection request based on application communication; and perform, when the pattern of the first call connection request and the characteristic pattern coincide with each other, a transmission process to a different apparatus in accordance with the first call connection request after a delay time elapses from a reception timing of the first call connection request.. .
Fujitsu Limited

 Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium patent thumbnailCommunication apparatus, control method, and storage medium
In the case of receiving a first signal from another communication apparatus after starting operation as an access point, a communication apparatus provides a communication parameter to the other communication apparatus, and in the case of receiving a communication parameter provision request from another communication apparatus from when starting the operation as the access point and until the elapse of a predetermined time, the communication apparatus provides a communication parameter to the other communication apparatus even in the case where the first signal is not received from the other communication apparatus.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Use of a remainder duration as a basis to generate a playlist patent thumbnailUse of a remainder duration as a basis to generate a playlist
An example method includes determining that a resume event occurred. The resume event causes a client device to resume playout of personalized news programming after the client device plays out at least a portion of a first personalized news program.
Tribune Digital Ventures, Llc

 Systems and methods for using social network analysis to schedule communications patent thumbnailSystems and methods for using social network analysis to schedule communications
Systems and methods for improving the effectiveness of communications over a social network. A method for controlling network communication, comprises analyzing a social network in response to a request made by a user to send a message to a node in the social network, delaying for a period of time sending of the message based on a result of the analyzing, and sending the message to the node in the social network after the period of time has elapsed..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Method and control device for recovering nbti/pbti related parameter degradation in mosfet devices patent thumbnailMethod and control device for recovering nbti/pbti related parameter degradation in mosfet devices
The invention provides a method for recovering nbti/pbti related parameter degradation in mosfet devices. The method includes operating the at least one mosfet device in a standby mode, exiting the at least one mosfet device from the standby mode, holding the at least one mosfet device in an active state for a predetermined time span after exiting the standby mode, and operating the at least one mosfet device in an operational mode after the predetermined time span has elapsed..
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

 An improved portable antenna patent thumbnailAn improved portable antenna
A portable antenna with a housing in which the antenna is held when not in use, and a mechanism to cause the antenna to pop-up from, and sit on top of, the housing when it is to be used. The mechanism can function to collapse the antenna into the housing when not in use..
Selex Es Ltd

 Storage device, memory cell, and data writing method patent thumbnailStorage device, memory cell, and data writing method
A memory cell (1) includes a first storage circuit (2) with a write time t1 and a data retention time τ1 and a second storage circuit (3) with a write time t2 and a data retention time τ2 (t1<t2 and τ1<τ2). A row decoder supplies write data to the memory cell (1) via a word line (wl) to write the data on the first storage circuit (2) over a write time tw that is longer than the write time t1 and that is shorter than the write time t2.
Tohoku University

 Article with removable three-dimensional object patent thumbnailArticle with removable three-dimensional object
In accordance with one aspect of the present disclosure, a greeting card is disclosed that includes a plurality of panels connected such that the greeting card is reconfigurable between a closed configuration and an open configuration, at least one object positioned between the plurality of panels that is reconfigurable between a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration, and an attachment member connecting the at least one object to the plurality of panels such that the at least one object can be detached from the plurality of panels. In various embodiments, the greeting card may further include a locking member that is configured and dimensioned to maintain the expanded configuration of the at least one object..

 Field goal indicator for video presentation patent thumbnailField goal indicator for video presentation
A method is described for indicating an outcome of a sports action by determining a trajectory of a game-object. In football, the trajectory of the football determines the outcome of a field goal attempt.
Presencia En Medios Sa De Cv


Operation limiting device, operation limiting method, and storage medium

Provided is an operation limiting device which makes it possible to achieve more robust security and safety in processing of a workpiece by a processing apparatus. The operation limiting device limits operations relating to processing of a workpiece by a processing apparatus, and is provided with: an authentication unit for authenticating each of a plurality of users; a receiving unit for receiving an operation request or permission for said operation, from a plurality of authenticated users; an operation enabling unit for enabling an operation if an operation request or permission has been received from the plurality of authenticated users; and a releasing unit for releasing the operation enabled state set by the operation enabling unit if processing relating to the operation has terminated or if a predetermined period of time corresponding to the operation has elapsed..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Systems and methods of managing treatment of a chronic condition by symptom tracking

Devices, systems, and methods for use in managing treatment of a chronic disorder with pharmaceutical or therapeutic compounds by tracking symptoms associated with the disorder. Methods include inputting patient attributes, factors and various and other data relating to the patient in conjunction with one or more symptoms into a symptom tracking system and outputting a report of the data tracked over time to any of the patient, a medical professional and a drug developer to improve identification of a relapse of the chronic condition and improve management of the treatment regimen for any and all patients..
Corcept Therapeutics, Inc.


Techniques for generating a clustered representation of a network based on node data

An apparatus includes a communications component to receive a specified variable and one or more specified criteria to select a final clustered representation of a network, the specified criteria including a maximum degree of loss of information for the specified variable for the final clustered representation; and an iterative collapse component to perform iteration(s) of deriving the final clustered representation. Each iteration includes calculating the degree of loss from each possible combination of two linked nodes of a current clustered representation to generate a next clustered representation; selecting the possible combination associated with a smallest degree of loss; determining whether to cease iterations based on whether the smallest degree associated with the selected combination exceeds the maximum degree; effecting the selected combination if the smallest degree doesn't exceed the maximum degree; and selecting the current clustered representation as the final clustered representation if the smallest degree exceeds the maximum degree..
Sas Institute Inc.


Selector to coordinate experiences between related applications

Systems and methods are provided to coordinate experiences between related applications in a graphical user interface. The method may include receiving handwriting input in a primary application, and extracting structured data from the received handwriting input.
Microsoft Corporation


Method and system for the continuous remote tracking of a pig device and detection of anomalies inside a pressurized pipeline

A method and system are described for the continuous remote monitoring of the position and advance speed of a pig device inside a pipeline suitable for transporting a pressurized fluid, wherein the pipeline consists of a plurality of pipe sections joined to each other by welding. The method comprising the following steps: continuous acquisition and registration, by a plurality of measurement stations equipped with vibroacoustic sensors discretely located along the pipeline, of vibroacoustic signals due to hydraulic pressure transients, and/or to the vibrations generated by the pig device in movement in the contact/friction phases on the welding seams, and/or to other physical variations of the pipeline; analysis and processing, by a centralized control unit, of the vibroacoustic signals registered by the measurement stations to reveal, identify and reference the hydraulic/acoustic transients produced by the pig device during contact/friction with the weldings and/or with other variations in the internal section of the pipeline; continuous calculation of the linear position and advance speed of the pig device in relation to the time lapse between the vibroacoustic signals registered by at least two measurement stations installed along the pipeline..
Eni S.p.a


Device for determining a salt concentration of crude oil

A device for determining a salt concentration of crude oil includes a mixture container for holding a mixture of crude oil and solvent while the salt concentration is determined. The device also may include a sample conduit possessing a first end selectively fluidly connected to one of a crude oil storage container and a solvent pump and a second end selectively fluidly connected to one of a crude oil pump and the mixture container.
Bartec Orb


Engine starting control strategy

An elapsed time from a time at which the engine last ceased running until a time of occurrence of an engine start command which causes the cranking motor and the lubrication pump to operate is measured. The onset of fueling of the engine cylinders is a function of the elapsed time measured..
International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc


Conjugates and associated methods of producing them for the prevention or treatment of nicotine addiction

The present invention relates in part to chemical compounds, and methods for producing these compounds. The compounds may also be incorporated into compositions to enhance quit rates or reduce relapse in smoking cessation and further in treating nicotine-related dependence..
Pfizer Inc.


Adjustable prosthetic device

A prosthetic device is configurable between a predetermined shape configuration and a contracted configuration. The prosthetic device includes a resilient body having the predetermined shape configuration and defining a first surface and a second surface opposed to the first surface and separated by a wall thickness.
Ossur Hf


Replacement mitral valve with annular flap

A prosthesis can be configured to grasp intralumenal tissue when deployed within a body cavity and prevent axial flow of fluid around an exterior of the prosthesis. The prosthesis can include an expandable frame configured to radially expand and contract for deployment within the body cavity, and an annular flap positioned around an exterior of the expandable frame.
Cardiaq Valve Technologies, Inc.


Embolic protection devices having radiopaque elements

A device for filtering emboli from blood flowing through a lumen defined by the walls of a vessel in a patient's body, comprising: a filter element being expandable from a collapsed configuration when the filter element is restrained to an expanded configuration when the filter element is unrestrained, and an elongate support member, the filter being carried on a portion of the elongate support member, wherein the filter element has proximal and distal portions and a central portion, the filter element having a shape in the expanded configuration which defines a cavity having a proximal facing opening, and wherein the proximal portion of the filter element comprises a radiopaque element in the form of a discontinuous loop extending around a portion of a perimeter of the proximal facing opening, the discontinuous loop having a gap and the gap being proximate to the elongate support member.. .
Covidien Lp


Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions

Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele, cystocele, rectocele, apical or vault prolapse, uterine descent, etc.), and other conditions caused by muscle and ligament weakness, the devices and tools including devices and tools for anchoring an implant to supportive tissue and adjusting the implant.. .
Ams Research Corporation


Anti-buckling mechanisms for catheters

A device is provided for preventing buckling of a flexible elongate member during insertion of the flexible elongate member. The device includes a support frame comprising a first end, a second end, and multiple pairs of support members.
Hansen Medical, Inc.


Foldable chair

A foldable chair includes a stick shank, a collar sleeve movable between distal and proximate positions on the stick shank, a carrier sleeved on the stick shank, and a seat unit. The seat unit includes a middle portion pivotally connected to the collar sleeve, and left and right wing portions hinged to the middle portion.


Method and managing contact information

A method and apparatus for managing contact information includes an electronic device detecting 302 a pair of communications by the electronic device related to a contact and parsing 304 at least one of the communications in the pair of communications to determine a time duration for a record for the contact. The method further includes the electronic device setting 306 a time duration element for the record based on the time duration to cause deletion of the record when the time duration has elapsed..
Motorola Mobility Llc


Mobile device, program, and control method

When a pre-determined time period has elapsed after a user access is last detected, a mobile device performs protection processing on account-related information. The mobile device includes an access detection unit that detects that a user accesses the mobile device, and a time period determination unit that determines whether or not a pre-determined time period has elapsed from a last user access time point at which the user last accessed the mobile device.
Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.


Power management apparatus and power management method

A power management apparatus (ems 200) sets a second determination threshold value so that a difference between a first determination threshold value and the second determination threshold value increases along with an elapse of time.. .
Kyocera Corporation


Multi-dimensional optimization of read channel

Variations of the nelder-mead direct search method are employed to find read channel parameter settings in a discrete field having three or more dimensions. The three or more dimensions correspond to read channel parameters, at least some of which are highly correlated.
Lsi Corporation


Speech enhancement device and speech enhancement method

A speech enhancement device which includes: a speech production section detection unit configured to detect a speech production section in which a speaker produces speech, from an input signal generated by a speech input unit; a timer unit configured to measure an elapsed time from a starting point of the speech production section; a gain determination unit configured to determine a gain, which represents a level of enhancement of the input signal, according to the elapsed time; and an enhancement unit configured to enhance the input signal or a spectrum signal of the input signal in the speech production section according to the gain, whereby the input signal is enhanced only at necessary portions thereof.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Identification acquisition device for reducing the likelihood of incidence of a lapse in proper discharge of a security procedure

Apparatus and methods reduce a likelihood of incidence of a lapse in proper discharge of a routine, repetitive security procedure performed by a security guard (14) monitoring an access-controlled location (28). A hand-mounted identification acquisition device (12) worn by the security guard obtains identification information (34) from a person seeking access (32).
Security Solutions & Management Llc


Preparing a bank application using a user device

In some embodiments, a system receives an image file from a user device. The image file depicts a financial document that a customer selects to submit to a bank for inclusion in an application for a bank product.
Bank Of America Corporation


Dynamic activation of user profiles based on biometric identification

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for biometric identification are provided. The apparatus may be a user device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Methods and systems for multicomponent time-lapse seismic measurement to calculate time strains and a system for verifying and calibrating a geomechanical reservoir simulator response

A system, method, and computer program configured to provide an electronic method for seismic time-lapse characterization of an underground formation are provided. The method includes decomposing, with microprocessor executing a predefined set of instructions stored in a memory, baseline and monitor seismic survey data of a formation into a four dimensional clifford algebraic form; extracting, via the microprocessor, time delays from a matrix of decomposed sensor measurement vectors generated based on the four dimensional clifford algebra form; and determining, via the processor, time strains for the underground formation from differences in the extracted time delays from the matrix before displaying the determined time strains for the underground formation to a user via a monitor or a hard copy printed document.
Geoscale, Inc.


Method of securely delivering an electronic reproduction from a scanner

A method of operating a server computer serving a group of scanners; wherein the scanners are registered in a database with a respective indication of reservation status. The method includes receiving, at the server computer, a request for a scanning operation from a user's electronic device; wherein the request includes a user identifier and a scanner identifier; granting a reservation of the selected scanner upon reception of the request for a scanning operation, wherein the reservation lapses unless the request is confirmed within a predefined time period; and receiving, from the selected scanner, a predefined user generated event.
Contex A/s


User interface structure (uis) for geographic information system applications

Disclosed herein is a geographic information system (gis) application comprising of a plurality of collapsible drawers, wherein the drawers comprise of the tools, options and information related to the map being currently displayed. The drawers may be collapsed/expanded by the user by clicking on a handle associated with each of the drawers.
Rolta India Ltd


Systems and methods for selectably suppressing computing input events triggered by variable pressure and variable displacement sensors

Systems and methods are disclosed herein that may be implemented to selectably suppress computing input events that are generated for an information handling system based on output signals received from a variable pressure or displacement (vpd) sensor that correspond to one or more pressure or displacement zones defined for the vpd sensor. Using the disclosed systems and methods, computing input events based on sensor output signals from one or more given vpd sensing zones may be selectably suppressed and/or withheld during sensor pressure or displacement changes from further host system processing according to a time delay, e.g., as a function of the elapsed time taken for a user to depress or release a given vpd sensor..


Method for asynchronous gating of signals between clock domains

An apparatus for synchronizing a signal from a first clock domain into a second clock domain is disclosed. The apparatus may include circuitry, a synchronization circuit, and a clock gate circuit.
Apple Inc.


Use of compositions comprising a surfactant and a hydrophobizer for avoiding anti pattern collapse when treating patterned materials with line-space dimensions of 50 nm or below

In a method of treating a substrate including patterns having line-space dimensions of 50 nm or below, the substrate is rinsed by an aqueous composition including at least one non-ionic surfactant a and at least one hydrophobizer b. The at least one surfactant a has an equilibrium surface tension of 10 mn/m to 35 mn/m, determined from a solution of the at least one surfactant a in water at the critical micelle concentration.
Basf Se


Methods, systems and apparatuses for rapid segmented, accelerated, and simultaneous multi-slice echo planar imaging

A method for accelerated segmented magnetic resonance (mr) image data acquisition includes using a plurality of rf pulses to excite one or more slices of an anatomical area of interest according to a predetermined slice acceleration factor. Next, a collapsed image comprising the slices is acquired using a consecutive segment acquisition process.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.


Motor drive having function of detecting welding of electromagnetic connector

A motor drive includes an electromagnetic connector for connecting an alternating current (ac) power source to an ac/dc conversion unit or disconnecting therefrom, a dc link unit, a dc/ac conversion unit for converting smoothed direct current voltage to ac voltage, a dc link voltage detection unit for measuring voltage of the dc link unit, and a control unit. The control unit includes a time measurement unit for measuring elapsed time since switching by the electromagnetic connector, and a welding judgment unit for judging that the electromagnetic connector is welded, provided that the difference between voltage between terminals of the dc link unit after charging the dc link unit and voltage between the terminals of the dc link unit after predetermined time has elapsed since disconnecting the ac power source from the ac/dc conversion unit, after the charge of the dc link unit, is less than a predetermined voltage level..
Fanuc Corporation


Toilet leak detection kit and method

The present invention provides an easily mounted, self-contained, compact fluid leak detection kit and/or method. The kit housing can be mounted by a homeowner or contractor between the wall outlet and the toilet input.
Ar Valve Group, Llc.


Stub shaft

A controlled collapse stub shaft is provided for allowing controlled axial movement of a mainline shaft which joins a fan or compressor to a turbine of a gas turbine engine. A first end of the stub shaft is adapted to be joined to the mainline shaft.
Rolls-royce Plc


Roller shutter

A roller shutter comprising a shutter moveable between a retracted position and an extended position is described. The shutter comprises one or more laths wherein the one or more laths comprise first and second surfaces mechanically connected by first and second sides and one or more internal supports.
System 2000 Group Limited


Aircraft having a self-erecting partition element in a compartment inside the fuselage

An aircraft comprising a fuselage defining a longitudinal axis and an interior compartment. Along the axis, in cross-section perpendicular to the axis, the compartment is enclosed by a floor, sidewall and ceiling structure.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Powered stowable vehicle seat and associated seat frame assembly

A vehicle seat has a seat frame assembly including a seat base frame that may be shifted between a raised position and a lowered position, and a seatback frame pivotally attached to the seat base frame and foldable from a vertical position to a position atop the collapsed base frame. The seat base frame is pivotally connected to the vehicle floor by at least one front pivot leg which is pivotally connected for rotation with respect to both the vehicle floor and the base frame.
Lear Corporation


Collapsible ski caddy

A collapsible ski caddy which both transports skis and poles in a caddy configuration and is easily transportable itself in a collapsed configuration. The collapsible ski caddy generally includes a frame having a first telescopic member and a second telescopic member in parallel relationship.
Skis Caddy Llc


Compact portable leg exercise machine

A compact portable leg exercise apparatus includes a top platform, a base member, a resilient member and a frame assembly interposed between the top platform and base member. The apparatus is sized to receive a foot onto the top platform to move the top platform relative to the base member and against a force provided by the resilient member as the apparatus is moved to the collapsed position.


Use of post-transplant cyclophosphamide treated allogeneic marrow infiltrating lymphocytes to augment anti-tumor immunity

The present invention relates to the field of cancer therapy. More specifically, the present invention provides methods and compositions useful for augmenting anti-tumor immunity.
The Johns Hopkins University


Use of small molecule unfolder protein response modulators to treat tumors with active sonic hedgehog (ssh) signaling due to smoothened (smo) mutation

The present invention relates to methods for treating tumors having smo mutations as well as diagnosing tumors with smo mutations. The invention relates to methods for the treatment of cancer with er stress-inducing compounds or upr inducing compounds.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Debriding dressing for use with negative pressure and fluid instillation

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for debriding a tissue site are described. The system includes a manifold and a cover adapted to form a sealed space over the tissue site for providing negative pressure.
Kci Licensing, Inc.


Dressing with contracting layer for linear tissue sites

Systems, apparatuses, and methods for closing an opening through a surface of a tissue site are described. The system includes a sealing member adapted to cover the opening to form a sealed space and a negative-pressure source adapted to be fluidly coupled to the sealed space to provide negative pressure to the sealed space.
Kci Licensing, Inc.


Satiation devices and methods

A device for inducing weight loss in a patient includes a tubular prosthesis self-expandable from a collapsed position in which the prosthesis has a first diameter to an expanded position in which the prosthesis has a second, larger, diameter. In a method for inducing weight loss, the prosthesis is placed in the collapsed position and inserted into a stomach of a patient.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Reduced profile valve with locking elements

An apparatus for endovascularly replacing a patient's heart valve comprises an anchor having an outer surface and an inner surface. The anchor is expandable from a collapsed delivery configuration to a fully deployed configuration.
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.


Prosthetic heart valve

Embodiments of a radially collapsible and expandable prosthetic heart valve are disclosed. The prosthetic valve can comprise an annular frame, leaflets, an inner skirt, and an outer skirt.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


User equipment with timer controller

As a result of isr being enabled between a portable terminal device and a network which are capable of communicating by using the communication protocols of a plurality of wireless access technologies, the portable terminal device performs position registration processing between the plurality of wireless access technologies and the portable terminal device each time a fixed period of time elapses, and the portable terminal device is able to move between the plurality of wireless access technologies that have already been registered, without conducting new position registration processing. At this time, if there is a possibility of there being a difference in isr states (activated or not activated) between the portable terminal device and the network, the portable terminal device ignores any instructions issued by the network for isr to be enabled in the portable terminal device..
Nec Corporation


Network elements, wireless communication system and methods therefor

A method and apparatus for periodically assigning new, unique location area codes to each cell comprising a femto-cell network (100-111) permits a user equipment to perform a re-registration attempt with the same cell after a short period of time has elapsed in cases where an initial attempt to register was rejected. The invention is particularly useful for location presence services as a location presence signal may be generated every time a user equipment (113) attempts to register on a cell (100) whether or not the attempt was successful..
Ip.access Limited


Relay device, relay method, and relay program

A fixed delay time storage unit 270 stores a fixed delay time 271 which is predetermined as a time equal to or greater than a time required for transmission of a regular frame. A frame receiving unit 210 receives a synchronization frame.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Switching element drive circuit, power module, and automobile

A switching element drive circuit of the present invention outputs a voltage to the switching element by use of a voltage output unit configured as an amplifier circuit having a voltage amplification factor of 1 to drive the switching element. When the switching element is turned on, a turn-on voltage having a value higher than a threshold voltage of the switching element and lower than a value of a voltage of a power supply of the switching element drive circuit is provided to the voltage output unit.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Game machine, game control method, and computer program

A game machine is provided with a center unit which holds a lottery to select at least one option from a plurality of options by a relative movement between a roulette ring having a plurality of pockets corresponding respectively to the plurality of options and a ball and a center monitor which makes predetermined effects to a lottery in the center unit. The game machine controls the center monitor so as to make the effects when a temporal condition which is a lapse of a predetermined time after the lottery is started and a positional condition under which a jp pocket corresponding to a specific option among the plurality of options and the ball are in a predetermined positional relationship are satisfied..


Failsafe operation for unmanned gatelines

Systems and techniques are presented for enabling fail-safe operation of an automatic pedestrian access control gate during a health and safety event. Gateline sensor data is received from at least one gateline sensor.
Cubic Corporation


Sealant composition and display apparatus

The invention discloses a sealant composition used for improving residual image, which comprises a heat-curable and/or uv-curable primary sealant and a both uv-curable and moisture-curable secondary sealant. In the sealant composition of the present invention, a “multi-curable” sealant system is built by introducing a novel dual-curable resin as the secondary sealant into the conventional sealant, wherein the primary sealant can impart sufficient strength to the sealant composition through heat-curing and/or uv-curing, and the secondary sealant can adsorb the water vapor between the glass substrates through uv-curing and moisture-curing.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd


Collapsible food container

The present specification discloses a collapsible food container. The container includes a wall portion with an outer surface having a substantially smooth shape.
Wilshire Industries, Llc


Foreign object debris barrier for runways

A collapsible runway side bather for preventing foreign object debris (fod) from entering a runway and taxiway is disclosed. The bather may have an aerodynamic profile, one side of the barrier profile may be convex and the other side of the barrier profile may be concave.


Integrated lateral load-transmittal system

According to one aspect of the present invention, a load-transmittal system for a vehicle includes a cross member of a vehicle frame extending substantially perpendicular to a vehicle door. A pusher is disposed within a cavity defined between inner and outer sheet metal panels of the vehicle door, wherein the pusher is disposed distal from the cross member to define an idle state.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Vehicle travel assist device

A collision avoidance ecu sets a model deceleration change amount to smaller value in a state in which it is difficult to reduce the speed of a host vehicle than in a state in which it is easy to reduce the speed of the host vehicle. The collision avoidance ecu calculates a first target value by multiplying the model deceleration change amount by the elapsed time.
Advics Co., Ltd.


Gastrointestinal capsule

An ingestible gastrointestinal capsule (gic) for mechanically stimulating a segment of the gastrointestinal (gi) wall by alternately and repeatedly pressurizing, and/or vibrating it is provided. The gic is programmed to being activated following a predefined time delay.
Vibrant Ltd.


Method of transferring a stent device from a crimping head to an outer sheath of a stent device delivery system

A method of moving a stent device into an outer sheath of a stent device delivery system is disclosed. The stent device (4) is crimped into a collapsed configuration onto the loading mandrel (6).
C. R. Bard, Inc.


Method and device for treating a target site in a vascular body channel

A novel temporary vascular scaffold is described. The temporary vascular scaffold is placed over an existing balloon catheter assembly, such as a commercially available balloon catheter assembly, and attached thereto.
Quadra Endovascular, Inc.


Method of inserting a vein filter

A method of implanting a vessel filter by a femoral approach comprising the steps of providing a sheath with a pusher and the vessel filter positioned therein and providing a sheath centering structure movable within the sheath. The centering structure has a distal portion expandable from a collapsed position within the sheath to an expanded position outside the sheath.
Rex Medical. L.p.


Fixation device for proximal humerus fractures

A fixation device is disclosed for the fixation of proximal humerus fractures includes an implantable humerus plate having a proximal portion adapted to be positioned at a head and medial calcar of the humerus, a distal portion adapted to be positioned along a shaft of the humerus, and a plurality of calcar openings provided through the proximal portion adapted to receive calcar fasteners that extend into the medial calcar. The calcar fasteners are grouped into a rafted configuration and the tips of each fastener are positioned into the calcar region so that torsional forces bearing upon the calcar regions are distributed into the rafted fastener support, thereby avoiding varus collapse of the humerus head after fixation of the fracture..


Treatment of incompetent vessels

An implant device can include a frame and a cover member for delivery to and occlusion of a target body vessel. The frame can include proximal and distal members, coupled by a link member structure, and can expand from a collapsed configuration to an expanded configuration.
Artventive Medical Group, Inc.


Collapsible bottle apparatus

A collapsible bottle apparatus includes a body member having a flexible liquid reservoir, a base, and a primary thread adapter. The primary thread adapter defines an open interior space in communication with the reservoir.


Disposable flower vase liner kit

A disposable flower vase liner kit that is secured within flower vase that uses disposable liners to hold the water needed to hydrate a flower when it is placed within the flower vase. The disposable flower vase liner kit uses adhesive support structures that define hooks that extend outward from the structures when they are secured to the flower vase.


Soft heel running shoe

An improved running shoe is disclosed that dissipates the impact forces of the heel step by utilizing a pressurized inner bladder designed for bi-directional collapse. The shoe comprises a rear portion for accommodating a heel, a forward portion for accommodating toes, a shoe sole; and a compressible bladder.


Portable lighting a livestock grooming stand or chute

A portable lighting apparatus including a lamp assembly that is adjustably adapted to be suspended from and secured to the side rails of a livestock grooming stand or chute, or alternately to an articulated lamp stand, to shed diffused light downward on an animal occupying the grooming stand or chute. The lamp assembly includes a rigid housing in which is received a weatherproof lighting fixture and an adjustable bracket mechanism for suspending the assembly from the side rails or lamp stand.


Checkpoints for media buffering

Embodiments of techniques, apparatuses and systems associated with media playback are disclosed. In some embodiments, a computing device may receive information about a media file, the information representative of one or more of a plurality of elapsed time points corresponding to buffer checkpoints in playback of the media file.
Intel Corporation


Information processing system and control information processing system

An effect range identifying unit identifies servers that were in communication. Then, the effect range identifying unit identifies virtual machines that were in communication in the identified servers.
Fujitsu Limited


Power converter

A power inverter device includes an inverter that converts a direct-current (dc) power to an alternating-current (ac) power having an output ac voltage, and a capacitor circuit electrically connected to the inverter. The capacitor circuit is operable to start supplying a capacitor voltage to the inverter at a time point when a predetermined waiting time lapses from a zero cross point of the output ac voltage at a starting up of the inverter circuit, wherein the capacitor voltage has a phase shifted by π/4 radian from the output ac voltage.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Control circuit, control method and primary-controlled flyback converter using the same

In one embodiment, a control circuit configured to control a power stage circuit of a primary-controlled flyback converter, can include: (i) a current sense circuit that generates a current sense signal by sampling a primary current; (ii) a voltage sense circuit that generates a voltage sense signal by sampling an auxiliary voltage after a blanking time has elapsed; (iii) a control signal generator that generates a switch control signal according to the voltage sense signal and the current sense signal; and (iv) the switch control signal being configured to control a power switch of the power stage circuit, where the switch control signal is active during a constant on time.. .
Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd


Label, belt-shaped label body, and label roll

One exemplary goal of the disclosed inventions is to reduce the amount of waste matter in a label to be attached to an adherend with part of the label protruding. A label is to be attached to an adherend with part of the label protruding and includes a label base section and an overcoat layer provided on the front surface of the label base section, and the back surface of the label base section is provided with a first adhesive section formed from a coating of a first paste (self-adhesive paste) which remains self-adhesive after coating, and a second adhesive section formed from a coating of a second paste (adhesive paste), which cures when a predetermined time duration elapses..
We'll Corporation


Ambulatory medication on demand dipsenser

A medication dispenser. The dispenser comprises a sensor for receiving biometric information from a user, a memory for storing a minimum dosing interval, a controller for determining whether the user is an authorized user, a belt having medication-carrying slots, a dose opening defined in an exterior surface of the dispenser, and a signaling device.
Advancen Mod Corporation


Storage device, protection method, and electronic apparatus

According to one embodiment, a storage device includes, when power is supplied to a storage unit, counting of an elapsed time is started. If a command is input from a host device, and the elapsed time from input of a previous command to input of a current command is calculated based on time information clocked by the host device and on a counter value counted until the corresponding command is input.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Method and waking device from power save mode

A method for waking a device from a power save mode to an active mode includes: transmitting, by a first device, a magic packet through a predetermined channel to a second device, which operates in the power save mode by repeating a doze state and an awake state according to a predetermined period of time, for notifying the second device to switch to the active mode; and retransmitting the magic packet to the second device through the predetermined channel if a response to the magic packet has not been received from the second device and a predetermined time has not elapsed after transmitting the magic packet through the predetermined channel.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Ultra-compact mobile touch-type keyboard

An ultra compact mobile keyboard. The keyboard has a plurality of mechanical keys suitable for touch typing.
Synerdyne Corporation


Motion recognizing method through motion prediction

A motion recognition method is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: detecting a user's motion in real time by using a motion recognition sensor; predicting a motion pattern to be drawn by the detected motion by comparing the detected motion with pre-set pattern information, wherein the motion pattern includes information on a type of a figure to be drawn by the detected motion and an anticipated time of the detected motion to be completed; and executing a control function corresponding to the predicted type of figure at the time when the anticipated time lapses..
Media Interactive Inc.


Developer replenishing cartridge and developer replenishing method

Provided is a developer replenishing cartridge excellent in accuracy with which an image forming apparatus is replenished with a developer irrespective of a use environment even when the developer is in a consolidated state. The developer replenishing cartridge includes: a developer replenishing container and a developer, being removably mountable to a developer replenishing apparatus; in which: the developer replenishing container includes a pump portion that operates so that a state where the internal pressure of a developer containing portion is lower than the atmospheric pressure and a state where the pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure alternately repeatedly switch with each other; and the developer contains toner having a uniaxial collapse stress at a maximum consolidation stress of 10.0 kpa, of 2.5 kpa or more and 3.5 kpa or less..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Oil pressure control device for automatic transmission

When a user performs an operation to switch from a forward range to a reverse range, an ecu switches an oil passage (referred to hereafter as a “b2 pressure supply source oil passage”), through which oil pressure is supplied to a brake, from a first oil passage to a second oil passage while engaging the same brake. At this time, in consideration of a response delay in the oil pressure in the second oil passage, the ecu switches the b2 pressure supply source oil passage from the first oil passage to the second oil passage after a predetermined time α elapses from the point at which the user performs the forward-reverse switch operation (in other words, after waiting for the oil pressure in the second oil passage to reach a threshold pressure) rather than at the point at which the user performs the forward-reverse switch operation..
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.


Bungalow capable of being easily installed and disassembled

The present invention relates to a bungalow, particularly, a large-sized bungalow which is capable of being easily installed and disassembled, has no gaps between each component of the bungalow when assembled, is firmly fixed so as to prevent movement after installation, and is not damaged or does not collapse due to external impact or heavy rain or snow.. .


Foldable protection enclosure

A foldable protection enclosure with four frame elements, each comprising a resilient frame, covered in a flexible material, and are hinged together to encircle an enclosed space. It offers a higher degree of freedom in its design and shape, than comparable cases.


Eb matrix production from fetal tissues and its use for tissue repair

A method of performing and preserving a bioremodelable, biopolymer scaffold material by subjecting animal tissue to chemical and mechanical processing. In addition to skin tissue, another source of ebm is a blood vessel.
Tei Biosciences, Inc.


Debris chute

Devices, systems and methods for debris removal are provided comprising a flexible chute having a mouth, a body, and an exit. The flexible material can be collapsible.


Methods of dimensionally stabilizing a lumen of a multi-lumen device during manufacture

A method of dimensionally stabilizing a lumen of a multi-lumen device during manufacture wherein one or more minor lumens may contain a fluid that maintains patency of the one or more minor lumens without the need for a solid core within. The at least one second lumen tube may be in fluid communication with a fluid source during the manufacturing process, such as during extrusion and/or mesh overlay steps.
Medtronic Ablation Frontiers Llc


Anchoring nerve block catheter

The invention relates to medical devices and, particularly, catheter medical devices. In an aspect is a nerve block catheter system comprising a dual-sheath catheter comprising an inner sheath and an outer sheath, wherein distal ends of the sheaths are connected, the inner sheath defines a fluid delivery lumen, and the outer sheath comprises a tissue lock movable between a collapsed position and an extended position, wherein the tissue lock forms a reversible tissue anchor when in the extended position, and an actuator connected to the proximate end of the catheter and configured to activate the tissue lock by sliding the outer sheath length-wise relative to the inner sheath..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Smart tip lvad inlet cannula

Embodiments of the invention provide a left ventricular assist device (lvad) cannula that includes multiple independent sensors may help decrease the incidence of ventricular collapse and provide automatic speed control. A cannula may include two or more independent sensors.
The Penn State Research Foundation

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