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Lamina patents

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Elastic member clamps

Elastic member clamps

Absorbent articles with multilayer dual laminates

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lamina-related patents
 Tissue scaffolds derived from forestomach extracellular matrix patent thumbnailTissue scaffolds derived from forestomach extracellular matrix
The present invention pertains to the development of extracellular matrix (ecm) scaffolds derived from the forestomach of a ruminant. Such scaffolds are useful in many clinical and therapeutic applications, including wound repair, tissue regeneration, and breast reconstruction.
 Elastic member clamps patent thumbnailElastic member clamps
The present application generally relates to orthopedic stabilization systems, and in particular, to systems including clamps. The clamps can be used in addition to or to replace hooks that grasp onto bone members, such as the lamina.
 Elastic member clamps patent thumbnailElastic member clamps
The present application generally relates to orthopedic stabilization systems, and in particular, to systems including clamps. The clamps can be used in addition to or to replace hooks that grasp onto bone members, such as the lamina.
 Absorbent articles with multilayer dual laminates patent thumbnailAbsorbent articles with multilayer dual laminates
An absorbent article comprising a topsheet, an outer cover, at least one chassis component, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the outer cover, wherein at least one of the outer cover or chassis component comprises a dual bilaminate comprising two bilaminates combined, wherein each bilaminate comprises at least one nonwoven layer and at least one multilayer film, and wherein the dual bilaminate has at most about 90 grams per square meter basis weight.. .
 Absorbent articles with multilayer laminates patent thumbnailAbsorbent articles with multilayer laminates
An absorbent article comprising a topsheet, an outer cover, at least one chassis component, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and outer cover, wherein at least one of the outer cover or chassis component comprises a laminate comprising at least one nonwoven layer and at least one multilayer film, wherein the multilayer film has at least four layers and comprises at least one inner layer comprising one or more elastomeric components, at least one outer layer comprising a plastoelastic component, and at least one additional polymeric layer that is disposed next to an inner layer. .
 Polymerizable composition, resin moldings and manufacturing process therefor, and laminates patent thumbnailPolymerizable composition, resin moldings and manufacturing process therefor, and laminates
Wherein m is a silicon atom, a titanium atom, an aluminum atom, or a zirconium atom, x is a hydrolyzable group, y is a hydrocarbon group having 1 to 50 carbon atoms that is unsubstituted or substituted with a substituent that includes an oxygen atom, a nitrogen atom, a sulfur atom, a halogen atom, or a silicon atom, provided that at least one y is a group having a solubility parameter value (sp value) of 7.5 to 10, m is an integer from 1 to 3, and n is a valence of m. A resin formed article that exhibits excellent heat resistance and impact resistance can be obtained by utilizing the polymerizable composition..
 Composition and film comprising same patent thumbnailComposition and film comprising same
The present invention provides: a composition including a polymer (i) which has a —so3m group and an epoxy group, wherein m represents a hydrogen atom, an alkali metal, an alkaline earth metal or an ammonium ion, and a silane compound (ii) which has at least two hydroxy group(s), alkoxy group(s) or halogen atom(s) that are each bound to a silane atom; and a hydrophilic film obtained by curing the composition. The hydrophilic film of the present invention is excellent in its hydrophilicity, durability, abrasion resistance and weather resistance and has high antifogging, antifouling, antistatic and quick-drying (water evaporation) properties.
 Flexible laminated construction toy set and method of manufacture thereof patent thumbnailFlexible laminated construction toy set and method of manufacture thereof
The present disclosure relates generally to flexible laminated construction toy set and method of manufacture thereof, and more particularly to a construction set made of pieces with a bendable metal layer enclosed by two layers of a plastic mat. Two flexible think plastic mats with potentially a surface printed design are sealed around an internally deformable metal insert.
 Radiant barrier patent thumbnailRadiant barrier
A radiant barrier has a layer of a flexible polymer, such as tpo, and a layer of metallic aluminum bonded thereto. A reinforcement layer, such as a fiberglass scrim, and a layer of adhesive, such as eva, may be used to strengthen the barrier and prevent de-lamination.
 Selective area heating for 3d chip stack patent thumbnailSelective area heating for 3d chip stack
A method of forming a 3d package. The method may include joining an interposer to a laminate chip carrier with the solid state diffusion of a first plurality of solder bumps by applying a first selective non-uniform heat and first uniform pressure; joining a top chip to the interposer with the solid state diffusion of a second plurality of solder bumps by applying a second selective non-uniform heat and second uniform pressure; heating the 3d package, the first and second pluralities of solder bumps to a temperature greater than the reflow temperature of the first and second pluralities of solder bumps, where the second plurality of solder bumps achieves the reflow temperature before the first plurality of solder bumps, where the first and second selective non-uniform heats being less that the reflow temperature of the first and second pluralities of solder bumps, respectively..
Chemical sensor, biomolecule detection apparatus, and biomolecule detection method
[solving means] a chemical sensor according to the present invention includes a substrate, an optical layer, and an intermediate layer. On the substrate, a plurality of photodiodes is arranged in a planar form.
Packaging material for electrochemical cell
Provided is a packaging material for an electrochemical cell which prevents the occurrence of short circuits. A packaging material for an electrochemical cell configured by laminating a base material layer including: at least a resin film; a heat-adhesive layer including a heat-adhesive resin, the heat-adhesive layer being disposed on the innermost layer; and a barrier layer including a metal foil, the barrier layer being disposed between the base material layer and the heat-adhesive layer, wherein a chemical-conversion-treated layer including alumina particles and modified epoxy resin is formed on the surface of at least the heat adhesive layer side of the barrier layer..
Laminated oxidation protected separator
A battery separator for a lead acid battery addresses the issues of acid stratification and separator oxidation arising from contaminants. The separator includes a microporous membrane and a diffusive mat affixed thereto.
Active-energy-ray-curable resin composition, adhesive, and laminate film
To provide an active-energy-ray-curable resin composition that exhibits high bonding strength even to plastic films that are difficult to bond such as untreated pet films, fluorine-based films, and polycarbonate films, which are referred to as difficult-to-bond films, and that can maintain the bonding strength even under wet heat conditions; an adhesive including the resin composition; and a laminate film obtained by using the adhesive. The essential components contained are a (meth)acrylate compound (a), a polyester resin (b), and a polymerization initiator (d), the (meth)acrylate compound (a) having a weight-average molecular weight (mw) in a range of 5,000 to 30,000 and including, in a molecular structure, a (meth)acryloyl group and a polyester moiety, and the polyester resin (b) having an acid value in a range of 40 to 90 mgkoh/g..
Laminate, method for producing the same, and method for forming conductive pattern
A laminate that includes a metal layer that is not easily separated from a substrate, a method for producing the laminate, and a method for forming a fine conductive pattern that exhibits high conductivity, are disclosed. The peel strength of a metal layer included in a laminate that includes a polymer layer provided between a substrate and the metal layer is improved by implementing a structure in which the metal that forms the metal layer is chemically bonded to coo that extends from the polymer main chain that forms the polymer layer at the interface between the metal layer and the polymer layer.
Adhesion of fluoropolymer to metal
A laminate is provided comprising a metal substrate and a fluoropolymer layer adhered directly to said metal substrate, said fluoropolymer layer having a recrystallized region at the interface with said metal substrate, the preferred laminate being an electrical cable wherein the metal substrate is an electrical conductor and the fluoropolymer layer is the electrical insulation of the conductor and wherein the opposite surface of the electrical insulation is not recrystallized.. .
Crystal and laminate
The present invention relates to a laminate that includes: a foundation layer (12) that is a crystal having a wurtzite structure; and a mgxm1-xo film (14) having a hexagonal film formed on the foundation layer, where m is a 3d transition metal element, and 0<x<1. The present invention also relates to a crystal that is mgxm1-xo having a hexagonal structure, where m is a 3d transition metal element, and 0<x<1..
Multi-layer nonwoven in situ laminates and method of producing the same
Described herein is a meltspun laminate comprising two or more layers of meltspun fabrics, wherein layers that are adjacent to one another are in situ entangled with one another to define an interfacial region of mixed fibers between the layers. Also described herein is a method of making a meltspun in situ laminate comprising simultaneously meltspinning two or more polymer melts adjacent to one another to form adjacent fabrics, wherein layers that are adjacent to one another are in situ entangled with one another to form an interfacial region of mixed fibers between the layers.
Robust elastomeric materials
A thin elastomeric laminate can be made by bonding two bilaminate precursors. The bilaminate precursors are made from a thin elastomeric film laminated to a thin nonwoven fabric.
Underlayment roofing material with a high coefficient of friction and methods thereof
A sheet material (e.g., underlayment roofing material) is disclosed having a high coefficient of friction and being fabricated from at least one structural layer and at least one laminated layer. The structural layer can be constructed of a woven product that can include loom fibers that may be twisted, can include a heavier strain material, and/or can include any material and/or method that creates a raised structure (e.g., raised area, raised line, etc.) in the structural layer's weave.
Forming composite features using steered discontinuous fiber pre-preg
Interlaminar features of a composite structure are laid up by placing and steering individual chopped fiber pre-preg segments onto a substrate.. .
Adhesive composition for bonding a wafer and supporting body for said wafer, adhesive film, and laminate
An adhesive composition for bonding a wafer and a support for the wafer. The adhesive composition contains an elastomer in which a styrene unit is contained as a constituent unit of a main chain, a content of the styrene unit is 14% by weight to 50% by weight, and a weight average molecular weight of the styrene unit is 10,000 to 200,000..
Gas transmitting polyurethane adhesive
A two-part, solvent-free laminating adhesive including a part a that is a liquid mixture of a first polyol and a hydroxyl functional acrylic polymer having a molecular weight of no greater than 15,000 g/mole, and a part b that is an isocyanate-terminated polyurethane prepolyiner. The adhesive is especially suited for making flexible laminates for use in food packaging.
Gas barrier laminate and production method of the same
A gas barrier laminate comprising a substrate having thereon at least a gas barrier layer and a polymer layer, wherein at least one polymer layer is provided adjacent to at least one gas barrier layer; and an average carbon content of the polymer layer at a contact interface between the gas barrier layer is lower than an average carbon content in the polymer layer.. .
Reduced drag system for windmills, fans, propellers, airfoils and hydrofoils
Airfoil and hydrofoils systems with structures having a surface texture defined by fractal geometries are described. Raised portions or fractal bumps can be included on the surfaces, forming a surface texture.
Semiconductor memory device and data writing method of the same
A semiconductor memory device includes memory cells which are laminated on a semiconductor substrate and include charge storage layers and control gates, a plurality of word lines each of which is commonly connected to the control gates of a plurality of the memory cells, and a control unit which performs programming and verification of data in units of a page of memory cells. The control unit consecutively performs programming of data in two or more pages of memory cells connected to the same word line, and then consecutively performs verification of the data programmed in the two or more pages of memory cells connected to the same word line..
Memory element and memory device
There is disclosed a memory element including a memory layer that has a magnetization and a magnetization direction thereof varies corresponding to information; a magnetization-fixed layer that has a magnetization; and an insulating layer that is provided between the memory layer and the magnetization-fixed layer, wherein an electron that is spin-polarized is injected in a lamination direction of a layered structure, and thereby the magnetization direction of the memory layer varies and a recording of information is performed with respect to the memory layer, and a ta film in contact with a face of the magnetization-fixed layer, the face of the magnetization-fixed layer is opposite to the insulating layer side.. .
Smart phone on a chip and method making same
Method and apparatuses for making a smart phone on a chip (spoc) are described. Active components may be embedded into a copper core.
Optical imaging apparatus
An optical imaging apparatus 10 disposing the first and the second reflective components 12, 14 abutting to or in proximity to each other when reflective surfaces 11, 13 of the first and the second reflective components 12, 14 are crossed when viewed from thereabove, the first and the second reflective components 12, 14 composed of the transparent material with a plurality of belt-shaped reflective surfaces 11, 13 vertically disposed in parallel, wherein the first and the second reflective components 12, 14 are formed with a plurality of reflectors 15-18 laminated respectively and the places of the reflective surfaces 11, 13 of each reflector 15-18 of the first and the second reflective components 12, 14 are shifted in parallel. Thus, high definition three-dimensional real image is formed inexpensively in a space a plurality of observers gaze simultaneously..
Phase difference layer laminated body for three dimensional liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
A phase difference layer laminated body used in a three-dimensional liquid crystal display device, wherein unit cells are divided into groups for left and right eyes, which are given different degrees of polarization, thereby creating a three-dimensional image, further wherein the phase difference layer laminated body has a base material having orientability, and a phase difference layer made of a liquid crystal material that can form a nematic phase and formed in a pattern with two different portions, and the liquid crystal material in each of two different portions is oriented to have different refractive index anisotropy each other that conforms to the two different degrees of polarization and fixed as it is.. .
Exposure device and image forming apparatus
An exposure device, which emits light according to a gray level of image data, includes plural light emitting element lines arranged at different positions in a sub scanning direction, a number of the light emitting element lines being a number of bits representing a number of gray levels. Each of the light emitting element lines includes plural light emitting elements arranged in a line in a direction parallel to a main scanning direction, the light emitting elements numbers of layers of organic electro-luminescence light emitting elements being the same.
Lamination processes
A process where there is deposited on a supporting substrate at least one first polymer layer and optionally at least one second polymer layer followed by treating the resulting formed layers or laminate with a laser.. .
Touch screen panel
There is provided a touch screen panel in which sensing cells as touch sensors are formed on one surface of a substrate. The sensing cells are realized by laminating transparent conductive layers and mesh-shaped opaque metal layers.
Electronic component
A laminate formed by laminating a plurality of insulator layers. First coil conductors are provided in the laminate winding in a predetermined direction when viewed in a plan view in a direction of lamination.
Laminated inductor
A laminated inductor having a laminate formed by laminating a plurality of insulator layers. A plurality of inductive conductor layers are provided in the laminate and connected in parallel.
Laminated piezoelectric element and multi-feed detection sensor
A laminated piezoelectric element that includes a piezoelectric element layer and a matching layer. The piezoelectric element layer is configured to have a plurality of piezoelectric layers and a plurality of electrode layers laminated together.
Rotor arrangement for an electrical prime mover and electric prime mover and electric drive system
A rotor arrangement for an electric prime mover (6) of a motor vehicle has a rotor shaft (34), on which at least two laminate stacks (36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46) are arranged. At least one laminate stack (36) is configured to enable a changed moment of inertia of this laminate stack (36) with respect to another laminate stack (38)..
Armature winding of rotating electrical machine
According to one embodiment, there is provided a 3-phase 2-pole 2-layer armature winding, housed in 72 slots provided in a laminated iron core, a winding of each phase including six parallel circuits separated into two phase belts. Upper coil pieces of first and fourth parallel circuits are placed at 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th positions, and lower coil pieces of the first and fourth parallel circuits are placed at 1st, 6th, 9th, and 10th positions, upper and lower coil pieces of second and fifth parallel circuits are placed at 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th positions, and upper coil pieces of third and six parallel circuits are placed at 1st, 6th, 9th, and 10th positions, and lower coil pieces of the third and six parallel circuits are placed at 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th positions, from the center of a pole..
Electrical machine
An electrical machine includes a coolable stator having an annular laminated stator core formed of a number of stator laminations having stator teeth which point radially inwards and form stator slots therebetween for accommodating a field winding wound onto the stator teeth. The laminated stator core has peripheral passage openings aligned with one another and forming cooling ducts..
Rotor for an electrical machine and relative assembly method
A rotor for an electrical machine includes a laminated core having a main axis and a plurality of poles delimiting a plurality of radial seats extending along the main axis, each seat being delimited by a first and a second pole. The rotor includes a plurality of magnets inserted in the seats and a plurality of springs locking the magnets in the seats; the springs acting between each magnet and the first pole delimiting the relative seat for pushing each magnet towards the second pole delimiting the same seat..
Seat pad
A seat pad (10) that is mounted in a vehicle and used as a seating portion is provided with: a first layer (11) that is formed by a first foam body (a), and a second layer (12) that is formed by a second foam body (b) and that is laminated to the first layer, wherein the first foam body has at least one of an asker f hardness and a hysteresis loss that is greater than in the second foam body, and the second foam body has a greater modulus of repulsion elasticity than the first foam body.. .
Semiconductor device and method of forming ultra high density embedded semiconductor die package
A semiconductor device has a plurality of semiconductor die. A first prefabricated insulating film is disposed over the semiconductor die.
Integrated circuit, multicore processor apparatus, and method for manufacturing integrated circuit
The preferred embodiment of the invention provides a three-dimensional integrated circuit at a suppressed fabrication cost as a whole while a common mask is used for fabricating chips, each of which constitutes the three-dimensional integrated circuit, and especially common area of buffers for bumps is used. The integrated circuit of the invention is an integrated circuit constituted by a plurality of chips laminated, including a first chip and a second chip both having the same layout for through silicon vias.
Substrate for forming elements, and method of manufacturing the same
According to one embodiment, a substrate for forming elements includes a substrate; an insulating film provided on the substrate; and a ge layer or an sige layer bonded to the substrate via the insulating film. The insulating film is a laminated structure comprising a plurality of films including an oxide film, a high-dielectric constant insulating film, and a compound insulating film including a metal element and ge..
Solid-state imaging element, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging element, and electronic device
A solid-state imaging element including: a sensor substrate in which a photoelectric conversion section is arranged and formed; a circuit substrate in which a circuit for driving the photoelectric conversion section is formed, the circuit substrate being laminated to the sensor substrate; a sensor side electrode drawn out to a surface of the sensor substrate on a side of the circuit substrate and formed as one of a projection electrode and a depression electrode; and a circuit side electrode drawn out to a surface of the circuit substrate on a side of the sensor substrate, formed as one of the depression electrode and the projection electrode, and joined to the sensor side electrode in a state of the circuit side electrode and the sensor side electrode being fitted together.. .
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes a first epitaxial layer of a first material, a second epitaxial layer of a second material, a conductive material, a third epitaxial layer of the first material and a fourth epitaxial layer of the second material. The first epitaxial layer is formed in the source region and the drain region of a p-mos transistor.
Delamination and crack prevention in iii-nitride wafers
In an exemplary implementation, a method includes growing a iii-nitride body over a group iv substrate in a semiconductor wafer. The method includes forming at least one device layer over the iii-nitride body.
Supporting assembly
A supporting assembly for a solar cell lamination includes a frame member, a column member, and an adapter member. The frame member includes a first flange, a second flange, and a first wall.
High altitude aircraft, aircraft unit and method for operating an aircraft unit
A high-altitude unmanned stratosphere aerial vehicle includes a fuselage, wings, control surfaces, and a propulsion system including an engine and a propeller. Each wing has a plurality of hoses and wing spars extending in a direction perpendicularly to the longitudinal fuselage axis and are surrounded by a skin forming a wing covering that determines the cross-sectional contour of the wing, the cross-sectional contour forming a laminar flow airfoil that generates high lift when there is low flow resistance.
Hot plate and method of manufacturing the same
Disclosed are a hot plate and a method of manufacturing the same. The method includes the steps of preparing a first barrier layer, laminating a first heat transfer layer on the first barrier layer, and laminating a second barrier layer on the first heat transfer layer.
Electrical connector for a laminated window
A laminated window is disclosed having a window heater unit which is connected to an external source of electrical power by means of an electrically conductive strip. At least a part of each of the electrically conductive strips is bonded on all sides to one or more laminating interlayer interposed between and bonding together two panes of glass.
Laminar flow intake channeling device
A filtering unit is provided which may include a filter cap, a filter basin, a filter or membrane within the filter basin and an enclosed fluid intake channel, which may dispense fluid into the filter basin. The enclosed fluid intake channel may be coupled to the inlet port of the filtering unit and may slope in a downward manner to the bottom of the filter basin.
Laminated body and manufacturing process therefor
Disclosed is a laminated body including a substrate having an unevenness with an aspect ratio of 1.5 to 100 in the surface thereof, and a conductive film that is laminated in an approximately uniform thickness on a bottom, side wall surfaces, and an apex of the unevenness, the conductive film being any one film selected from the group consisting of an ito film, an fto film, a sno2 film, an ato film, an azo film, a gzo film, an izo film, and an igzo film.. .
Circuit board, and manufacturing method for circuit board
A circuit board, onto which an electronic component is to be mounted, is provided with insulating core substrates and patterned metal plates. The metal plates are bonded to at least one side of the insulating core substrates.
Direct current (dc) transmission system comprising a thickness controlled laminated insulation layer and method of manufacturing
A direct current transmission system and a method for preparation including an electrical conductor layer, an inner semiconductive layer covering the conductor layer, an insulation layer provided on the semi-conductive layer including laminated polymer material and impregnated with a high viscosity fluid, and including an inner part, a middle part, an outer part, and an outer semi-conductive layer covering the insulation layer. The inner part has a first thickness, the middle part has a second thickness and the outer part has a third thickness, whereby the second thickness is greater than the first thickness and greater than the third thickness.
Recyclable surface covering and method and system for manufacturing a recyclable surface covering
A process and system for making a laminated surface covering and the surface covering itself are described. The covering includes several layers bonded to each other.
Methods of treating metal surfaces and devices formed thereby
Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to methods of treating metal surfaces to enhance adhesion or binding to substrates, and devices formed thereby. In some embodiments of the present invention, methods of achieving improved bonding strength without roughening the topography of a metal surface are provided.
Invisible seam laminated article and process of manufacture
The present disclosure relates to a laminated article with an invisible seam. The laminated article, in accordance with the present disclosure, is a laminate tube or lamitube.
Polymer solar cell and method for preparing same
The present invention relates to a polymer solar cell and a method for preparing the same. The cell comprises a conductive anode substrate, a hole buffer layer, an active polymer layer, an electron buffer layer and a cathode laminated in succession, wherein the hole buffer layer comprises a metal compound host and a guest doped in the metal compound host, the metal compound host being one selected from zno, zns and cds and the doped gust being one selected from li2co3, li2o, lif, licl and libr.
Frame for sewing upper pillows on covering shells for mattresses, machine for sewing upper pillows on covering shells for mattresses, and method of sewing upper pillows on covering shells for mattresses
A frame for sewing upper pillows on covering shells for mattresses, which comprises four perimetric walls; each wall is perpendicular to the two contiguous walls and comprises at least one laminar portion that constitutes a resting surface, the laminar portion being co-planar with a lower edge of the respective wall, at least one of such walls comprising at least one locking element for at least one component, selected from between an upper pillow and a covering shell, arranged on a respective laminar portion.. .
Air data probes
An air data probe includes a probe head and a raised portion. The probe head defines a longitudinal axis and includes a forward tip and a probe head surface.
Air data probes
An air data probe includes a probe head defining a longitudinal axis with a forward tip, and a turbulence inducing surface defined in the probe head aft of the forward tip. The turbulence inducing surface is configured and adapted to trip a fluid boundary layer passing over the probe head to transition from laminar to turbulent to control or reduce boundary layer separation resulting in consistent readings at high altitudes..
Reshaping device and positioning assembly thereof
A reshaping device for reshaping a workpiece, includes a worktable, a reshaping assembly, a measuring unit, a positioning assembly, and a controller electrically connected to the reshaping assembly, the measuring unit, and the positioning assembly. The positioning assembly includes a pair of positioning subassemblies and a movable supporting subassembly.
Methods for manufacturing and packaging floor panels, devices used thereby, as well as floor panel and packed set of floor panels
A method for manufacturing floor panels, wherein boards of laminate material are formed by means of a press treatment and wherein these boards are divided into several panels, from which the actual floor panels are formed. In a press treatment of the method, at least one impression is provided in the board, which at least is employed as a guiding groove for guiding the aforementioned board or the subsequently obtained panels in further treatments..
Combined midsole/insole
Described herein are devices and techniques for solving the problems, such as high costs and intensive labor, associated with individual cutting and lamination of each component of a multilayered article of manufacture, particularly a footwear article. The combined midsole/insole described herein is cut from a layered composition having a strobel (or insole board) layer, a cushioning layer, and a textile layer.
Reversible, moisture absorbent shoe insert
A reversible, moisture absorbent shoe insert comprising a firm, breathable middle layer bonded to a moisture absorbent top layer and a moisture absorbent bottom layer to form a multilayer laminate. As excessive precipitation from the user's foot is drawn to the absorbent top layer, the absorbent bottom layer naturally begins to wick the moisture through the breathable middle layer, which allows the moisture from the top layer to evaporate, keeping the user's feet drier and less odorous.
Process for annealing of helical wound cores used for automotive alternator applications
In a method for manufacturing a helically wound alternator core, stamping an electrical steel strip to create a lamination strip having a back-iron and projecting teeth. The lamination strip is helically wound by bending to form the helically wound alternator core.
Z-pin patch and method for manufacturing or coupling a composite laminated structure using same
Provided are a z-pinning patch capable of improving process efficiency, productivity, and the like, by allowing z-pinning of a composite laminated structure to be realized using a structure as simple as possible, and a method for manufacturing or jointing composite laminated structures using the same. The z-pinning patch used for z-pinning for reinforcing delamination performance of composite laminated structures or connecting between a plurality of laminated members, includes: a base plate formed in a plate form; and a plurality of pins fixed to one side of the base plate..
Waterproof taped glove and mitten with laminated leather
A leather laminating method and an apparatus manufactured by applying the leather laminating method. A waterproof membrane may be sandwiched between two layers of breathable materials, and a waterproof breathable (wpb) material may be formed.
Multi-spectral camoflage assemblies and methods for making the same
A multi-spectral concealment assembly includes a garnish panel having a panel perimeter and a web spanning the panel perimeter. The web includes garnish bands extending across the panel perimeter.

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