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Lamina patents

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Stringerless surfboard with  channels

Stringerless surfboard with channels

Stringerless surfboard with  channels

Hitachi High-technologies

Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lamina-related patents
 Stiffening assembly patent thumbnailStiffening assembly
A stiffenable structure is made of longitudinal beams that are positioned around a longitudinal axis. In one state, the longitudinal beams are bendable so that the structure is bendable.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.
 Foamable compositions, foams and articles thereof patent thumbnailFoamable compositions, foams and articles thereof
A foamable composition comprising at least an olefin block copolymer, an olefin copolymer, an oil, a blowing agent and a crosslinking agent is provided. The olefin block copolymer has a mw/mn from 1.7 to 3.5, and at least one melting point, tm, in degrees celsius, and a density, d, in gram/cubic centimeter, wherein the numerical values of tm and d correspond to the relationship: tm>−2002.9+4538.5(d)−2422.2(d)2.
Dow Global Technologies Llc
 Stringerless surfboard with  channels patent thumbnailStringerless surfboard with channels
A lightweight surfboard that is rigid yet provides uniform flex characteristic without the use of a traditional wooden stringer includes a stringerless blank foam and a set of channels shaped into a top portion of the body of the surfboard. The set of channels comprises a pair of adjacent, axially extending elongated concave grooves that run along the length of the set of channels, meet at their end points and form a convex center section.
 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method patent thumbnailPlasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
In a plasma processing apparatus comprising a processing chamber arranged in a vacuum chamber, a sample stage arranged under the processing chamber and having its top surface on which a wafer to be processed is mounted, a vacuum decompression unit for evacuating the interior of the processing chamber to reduce the pressure therein, and introduction holes arranged above said sample stage to admit process gas into the processing chamber, the wafer having its top surface mounted with a film structure and the film structure being etched by using plasma formed by using the process gas, the film structure is constituted by having a resist film or a mask film, a poly-silicon film and an insulation film laminated in this order from top to bottom on a substrate and before the wafer is mounted on the sample stage and the poly-silicon film underlying the mask film is etched, plasma is formed inside the processing chamber to cover the surface of members inside the processing chamber with a coating film containing a component of si.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation
 Dicing sheet with protective film-forming layer, and  producing chip patent thumbnailDicing sheet with protective film-forming layer, and producing chip
A dicing sheet with a protective film-forming layer includes a protective film-forming layer on an adhesive layer of an adhesive sheet with a peel strength adjusting layer being interposed therebetween. The adhesive sheet is composed of a base film and the adhesive layer.
Lintec Corporation
 Ultrasonic transducer, biological sensor, and  manufacturing an ultrasonic transducer patent thumbnailUltrasonic transducer, biological sensor, and manufacturing an ultrasonic transducer
A method for manufacturing an ultrasonic transducer includes: forming a piezoelectric element by laminating a lower electrode, a piezoelectric body, and an upper electrode on a first face of a support film; affixing a reinforcing substrate that covers the piezoelectric element to the first face of the support film; forming a photosensitive resin substrate to a second face of the support film that is on an opposite side from the first face; forming an opening in the resin substrate by irradiating the resin substrate with light; and removing the reinforcing substrate.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation
 Apparatus comprising magnetically actuated valves and uses thereof patent thumbnailApparatus comprising magnetically actuated valves and uses thereof
The present invention, in part, relates to an apparatus having a single-use, normally-closed fluidic valve that is initially maintained in the closed position by a valve element bonded to an adhesive coating. The valve is opened using a magnetic force.
Sandia Corporation
 Liquid lead-acid battery and idling stop vehicle using liquid lead-acid battery patent thumbnailLiquid lead-acid battery and idling stop vehicle using liquid lead-acid battery
A volume ve of an electrode group thereof is calculated by ve=(sp+sn)×d!2, where sp represents an electrode plate area of a positive electrode plate, sn represents an electrode plate area of a negative electrode plate, d represents the internal dimension of a container in the direction in which the electrode plates of the electrode group are laminated. A ratio (vp+vn)/ve is 0.27 to 0.32, where vp+vn is the sum volume of the total pore volume vp of a positive active material and the total pore volume vn of the negative active material contained in the electrode group, and ve is the volume of the electrode group.
Gs Yuasa International Ltd.
 Laminated body for polarizing plate, polarizing plate comprising the same and liquid crystal display device patent thumbnailLaminated body for polarizing plate, polarizing plate comprising the same and liquid crystal display device
An aspect of the present invention relates to a laminated body, which is a laminated body for a polarizing plate as well as comprises a polymer film and a layer comprising a sulfonyl group-containing compound, wherein either or both of the polymer film and the layer comprising a sulfonyl group-containing compound comprises an aromatic secondary amine.. .
Fujifilm Corporation
 Composite tungsten oxide particle dispersion polycarbonate resin composition and heat-ray shielding sintered compact and heat-ray shielding laminate using the composition patent thumbnailComposite tungsten oxide particle dispersion polycarbonate resin composition and heat-ray shielding sintered compact and heat-ray shielding laminate using the composition
There is provided a composite tungsten oxide particle dispersion polycarbonate resin composition containing composite tungsten oxide particles expressed by a general formula mxwyoz, metal salt, and polycarbonate resin, wherein the metal salt is a salt of one or more kinds of metal elements selected from mg, ni, zn, in, and sn.. .
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

Novel process of preparing nano metal and the products thereof

The present invention relates a process of preparing a nanopowder by using a natural source starting material wherein the nano powder is a nano metal or nano alloy or nano metal oxide or nano metal carbide or nano compound or nano composite or nanofluid. The nano product produced by the process has novel properties such as enhanced hardness, antibacterial properties, thermal properties, electrical properties, abrasive resistant, wear resistant, superior frictional properties, sliding wear resistance, enhanced tensile strength, compression strengths, enhanced load bearing capacity and corrosion properties.

Method of manufacturing unevenness shaped z-pin and z-pin manufactured using the same and composite structure including the z-pin

Provided are a method of manufacturing a z-pin having an unevenness shape formed on a surface thereof so as to economically and effectively increase coupling force in the z-pin for coupling of a composite material laminated structure in a laminated direction, and a z-pin manufactured using the same and a composite structure including the z-pin.. .
Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Removable water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and optical component

There is provided a removable water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition to form a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet capable of exhibiting good curl regulatability. There are also provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet capable of exhibiting good curl regulatability, and an optical component having the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet laminated thereon.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Intrusion resistant thermal laminating film

A thermal laminating film is provided that has superior intrusion resistance that is well suited to addressing security and anti-counterfeiting needs. The film includes a polymer substrate and an adhesive system with a polymer component having a vicat softening point temperature that is close to a glass transition temperature of the polymeric substrate, which typically is not greater than about 95° c..
Transilwrap Company, Inc.

Glass pane construction

The present invention relates to a glass pane construction, particularly bullet proof glass pane, to be used in a motor vehicle, having several transparent panes and layers made of glass, ceramic or synthetic material, which are connected in a layered manner connected to each other in a laminate, electrical controllable or switchable electrochromic layer means for electrical controlling or switching of the light transparency of the glass pane construction or of the bullet proof pane, wherein a laminar transparent uv filtering layer means for filtering of striking ultraviolet (uv) radiation is provided so that none or only a part of the uv radiation passes to the electrochromic layer means.. .
Isoclima S.p.a.

Vehicle photocatalytic air purification apparatus and method

Provided is a photocatalytic air purification vehicle wrap for at least partially covering an exterior surface of a vehicle. The vehicle wrap comprises a film or laminate material comprising a first surface area and a second surface area, the first surface area adapted to adhere to the exterior surface of the vehicle.
Virgin Breeze

Model of warm stone floor material

The present invention comprises an engineered architectural material suitable for flooring or cladding walls which is capable of withstanding heat and humidity and methods of manufacturing thereof the architectural material of the present invention is particularly suited for use with natural stone veneers and when constructed in accordance with the present invention such flooring is resistant to cracking and delamination. An embodiment of the invention further comprises an integrated electric resistance heater embedded in the material..
Skala Stone, Inc.

Transparent armor construction

A transparent armor construction having a laminate structure with at least two layers. The layers are constructed of two different materials selected from the group of glass, ceramic, resin, polymeric material, and plastic and in which the at least two layers include different coefficients of thermal expansion.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

Composite structures having composite-to-metal joints and making the same

A composite structure comprises stacked sets of laminated fiber reinforced resin plies and metal sheets. Edges of the resin plies and metal sheets are interleaved to form a composite-to-metal joint connecting the resin plies with the metal sheets..
The Boeing Company

In-mold label forming surfaces for molded articles

A method of making a molded article having a curved surface, such as plates or serving trays, and the resulting molded articles. The in-mold label (iml) is a laminated film that includes a backing layer, a printed surface incorporating one or more designs thereon, a protective film layer, and one or more notches each having adjacent edges separated by a gap of predetermined distance and configured to intersect to ensure conformance of the iml to the angled or curved peripheral portion of the article.
Modern Packaging

Polarizing plate, manufacturing polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device

The polarizing plate has a high contrast and little image inconsistency (corner inconsistency) as well as curl stability and durability under a high-temperature and high-humidity environment. The polarizing plate is a laminate of a substrate with a hard coat layer and a polarizer.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Nanolaminated coated cutting tool

A cutting tool insert for machining by chip removal includes a body of a hard alloy of cemented carbide, cermet, ceramics, cubic boron nitride based material or high speed steel, onto which a hard and wear resistant coating is deposited. The coating includes at least one polycrystalline nanolaminated structure having sequences of alternating a and b layers, wherein layer a is (alx1me11-x1)ny1 with 0.3<x1<0.95, 0.9<y1<1.1 and me1 is one or more of the elements ti, y, v, nb, mo, si and w, or me1 is ti and one or more of the following elements y, v, nb, mo, si, cr and w, and layer b is (zr1-x2-z2six2me2z2)ny2 with 0<x2<0.30, 0.90<y2 <1.20, 0<z2<0.25 and me2 is one or more of the elements y, ti, nb, ta, cr, mo, w and al..
Seco Tools Ab

Semiconductor laser device

A semiconductor laser device includes a first conductivity type semiconductor substrate, a first conductivity type cladding layer, a first light guide layer, an active layer, a second light guide layer, and a second conductivity type cladding layer laminated on the semiconductor substrate in that order. The semiconductor laser device supports at least one of a first-order and higher-order mode of oscillation in the semiconductor laser in crystal growth direction of the active layer.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing the same

There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including: a ceramic body including a plurality of dielectric layers laminated in a width direction, first and second external electrodes formed on the first main surface of the ceramic body to be spaced apart from each other, third and fourth external electrodes formed on the second main surface of the ceramic body to be spaced apart from each other, a capacitor unit including a plurality of first and second internal electrodes disposed to face each other with the dielectric layers interposed therebetween within the ceramic body and electrically connected to the first to fourth external electrodes, and at least one equivalent serial resistance (esr) control layer interposed within the ceramic body to be perpendicular to the mounting surface.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Retroreflective sheeting including cube corner elements

The present disclosure is directed to lamina(e) comprising cube corner elements, a tool comprising an assembly of laminae and replicas thereof. The disclosure further relates to retroreflective sheeting..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Liquid crystal display device

To achieve improved detection accuracy and position resolution in an in-cell type capacitive touch sensor embedded in a liquid crystal panel of a liquid crystal display device, a drive electrode of a touch sensor is formed of a transparent conductive film laminated on a surface of a tft substrate on a liquid crystal side below a pixel electrode, and disposed in a region between gate lines. A detection electrode is formed of a transparent conductive film laminated on an outward-directed surface of the tft substrate.
Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.

Advanced composite radome and manufacturing

A radome for housing a radar system comprises a plurality of interconnected curved radome thermoplastic composite material panels, each curved radome thermoplastic composite material panel having a plurality of interconnecting edges, a foam core, an inner skin, an outer skin, and a plurality of three-dimensional fiber bundles tying the inner skin and the outer skin to each other through the foam core, inhibiting delamination. The radome includes a hydrophobic exterior surface that is self-cleaning and requires zero maintenance for 25 years..
Ebert Composites Corporation

Antenna magnetic core, antenna using same, and detection system

An antenna magnetic core of an embodiment has a laminate of a co-based amorphous magnetic alloy thin strip and a resin layer part having an average thickness in a range of from 1 to 10 μm. Dispersion of thicknesses of the resin layer part is within ±40% in relation to the average thickness..
Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.

Ferrite and inductor including the same

An inductor is provided including a multilayer body in which a plurality of magnetic layers containing a ferrite are laminated. A coil part including a plurality of conductive patterns is disposed in the multilayer body.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof

The solid-state imaging device according to the present invention includes a semiconductor substrate including an imaging region and a peripheral circuit region, a wiring layer formed on the semiconductor substrate, a plurality of pixel electrodes arranged in a matrix on the wiring layer above the imaging region, a photoelectric conversion film formed on the wiring layer and the plurality of pixel electrodes above the imaging region, and an upper electrode formed on the photoelectric conversion film. The photoelectric conversion film has a laminated structure in which a plurality of well layers and a plurality of barrier layers are alternately laminated, the well layers made of a first semiconductor having a fundamental absorption edge in a wavelength region longer than a near-infrared light wavelength, and the barrier layers made of an insulator or a second semiconductor having a band gap wider than that of the first semiconductor..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Solid state imaging apparatus and producing the same

There is provided a solid state imaging apparatus, including: an optical film layer on which a solid state image sensor is mounted; a multifunctional chip laminated at a periphery of the solid state image sensor in the optical film layer being electrically contacted with the optical film layer via a metal body; a sealing resin layer for sealing the periphery where the multifunctional chip is laminated on the optical film layer; and a concave structure for blocking a flow of the sealing resin in a liquid state when the sealing resin layer is formed at the periphery of the sealing resin layer. Also, a method of producing the solid state imaging apparatus is also provided..
Sony Corporation

Light emitting apparatus, manufacturing light emitting apparatus, light receiving and emitting apparatus, and electronic equipment

A light emitting apparatus includes a translucent substrate, and a light emitting section and an optical filter section arranged in a first region of the substrate when viewed in a normal direction of a first surface of the substrate. The light emitting section has a laminate structure that includes, on the first surface of the substrate, a dielectric multilayer film, a first electrode, a functional layer with a light emitting layer, and a second electrode having semi-transmissive reflectivity.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Array substrate and manufacturing method thereof

An array substrate of an lcd includes a substrate, a first wiring layer, a semiconductor film, an insulating layer, a second wiring layer, a passivation layer, a conductive film, and a spacer. The first wiring layer is patterned to a gate line, a gate electrode, and a first laminating layer.
Century Technology (shenzhen) Corporation Limited

Radiation image-pickup device and radiation image-pickup display system

A radiation image-pickup device includes: a plurality of pixels configured to generate signal charge based on radiation; and a field effect transistor used to read out the signal charge from the plurality of pixels. The transistor includes a first silicon oxide film, a semiconductor layer, and a second silicon oxide film laminated in order from a substrate side, the semiconductor layer including an active layer, and a first gate electrode disposed to face the semiconductor layer, with the first or the second silicon oxide film interposed therebetween, and the first or the second silicon oxide film or both include an impurity element..
Sony Corporation

Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes: a plurality of laminated photoelectric conversion sections; a reading section configured of a semiconductor region formed inside a semiconductor substrate and reading electric charge that has been subjected to photoelectric conversion in the photoelectric conversion sections; a charge accumulation section accumulating the electric charge read by the reading section; and a light shielding structure shielding, from light, a portion other than the reading section and the photoelectric conversion sections.. .
Sony Corporation

Light emitting diodes with quantum dot phosphors

A quantum well-based p-i-n light emitting diode is provided that includes nanopillars with an average linear dimension of between 50 nanometers and 1 micron. The nanopillars include a laminar layer of quantum wells capable of non-radiative energy transfer to quantum dot nanocrystals.
The Penn State Research Foundation

Packaging structure for biomedical films

A multilayer structure for the packaging of biomedical films, in particular oral films, is described, said multilayer structure comprising cold-adhesive laminates and at least partly non-adhesive supporting layers which are organized in a specific stratified structure. The film packaged therein is effectively isolated from the external environment and protected from accidental mechanical stresses; the packaging process is low-cost and particularly attentive to the delicate structural characteristics of biomedical films..
Altergon Sa

Copper clad laminate, printed circuit board, and manufacturing the same

Disclosed herein are a copper clad laminate, a printed circuit board, and a method of manufacturing the same. The copper clad laminate includes: an insulating layer having one surface and the other surface; and first and second copper foil layers having one surface, which is a smooth surface, and the other surface, which is a rough surface having a roughness larger than that of the smooth surface, respectively, wherein one surface of the insulating layer contacts the rough surface of the first copper foil layer and the other surface of the insulating layer contacts the smooth surface of the second copper foil layer..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Turbulence enhancer for keel cooler

A keel cooler assembly comprising a coolant tube including a plurality of turbulence enhancers for improving the heat transfer of the coolant without substantially increasing pressure drop of the coolant. In one embodiment, the turbulence enhancers provide a means for generating turbulent wakes in the coolant for disrupting laminar boundary layers for improving heat transfer.
Duramax Marine, Llc

Label production method

Provided is a label production method capable of significantly reducing production costs by producing many single labels using one member. A label substrate that an adhesive and a release agent are applied to is passed through a laminating device twice, first label substrate passed for the first time and second label substrate passed for the second time are pseudo-adhered by joining the release agent of the first label substrate passed for the first time to the adhesive of the second label substrate passed for the second time, and single labels are punched out from the second label substrate by a cutting tooth of a punching device at a position on the downstream side after the label substrate is passed through the laminating device for the second time.
We'll Corporation

Transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive product for optical use, transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive laminate for optical use and manufacturing method thereof

A transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive product for optical use and its manufacturing method. The adhesive product has, upon affixing, stable peeling site selectivity between release sheets and both faces of a transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive product.
Taica Corporation

Melamine resin decorative sheet and refurbishing finished surface

A melamine resin decorative sheet of the present invention includes a laminate structure of a surface layer and a core layer, in which the surface layer is configured of a surface layer material composed of a surface layer base material which carries a resin containing a melamine resin on a first surface side that serves as a design surface and which carries a solid content of a thermoplastic emulsion resin on a second surface side that contacts with the core layer, and in which the core layer is configured of a heat dissipative material layer.. .
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

Method and in-line solventless lamination

A method of adhering first and second elongate webs includes depositing a first component of a two-component adhesive on a first face of the first elongate web and depositing a second component of the two-component adhesive on a first face of the second elongate web. The first face of the first elongate web and the first face of second elongate web are brought into contact, and the two components are mixed ultrasonically.
Mark Andy, Inc.

Laminate and organic el element, window, and solar battery module using same

To improve the gas barrier property of a laminate containing a substrate containing resin or rubber and oxide glass. A laminate 8 comprising a substrate 9 containing resin or rubber and oxide glass 10 formed at least on one surface of the substrate, in which the oxide glass softens and fluidizes at a temperature equal to or lower than the softening temperature of the substrate and adheres to the substrate..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Photovoltaic module with cooling device

A photovoltaic module with cooling device is described. The photovoltaic module has a laminated composite composed of a rear sheet, photovoltaic layer system, and front sheet arranged one above another, and a structural plate arranged on the rear side of the rear sheet.
Saint-gobain Glass France

Frame for sewing upper pillows on covering shells for mattresses

A frame for sewing upper pillows on covering shells for mattresses, which comprises four perimetric walls. Each wall is perpendicular to the two contiguous walls and comprises at least one laminar portion that constitutes a resting surface: at least one of the walls comprises at least one locking element for at least one component, selected from between an upper pillow and a covering shell, arranged on a respective laminar portion; at least one of the walls comprises at least two bands that are mutually aligned and can slide with respect to each other in order to vary the overall length of the wall; a linear actuator is interposed between the at least two bands of the wall, for the controlled mutual sliding of the bands; the actuator being adapted to be controlled by a respective control and management unit of a sewing machine that is functionally associatable with the frame..
Resta S.r.l.

Crucible for solidifying a silicon ingot

The present invention concerns a crucible for solidifying a silicon ingot from molten silicon, characterised in that it is coated at least partially on the inner surface thereof with an outer layer provided in the form of a stack of laminations, each lamination having a thickness varying from 5 to 150 μm, and being formed from a material obtained by thermal decomposition of polysilazane(s) and/or polysiloxane(s) and wherein inorganic particles are embedded having a size varying from 50 μm to 200 μm. The present invention further concerns a method for preparing such crucibles..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Wall plaque with decorative graphic and methods of making the same

Implementations of the present invention provide systems, apparatus, and methods for precisely placing a graphic in a desired position between a face panel and a rear panel. In particular, implementations of the present invention comprise wall plaques having graphics that are printed directly to the back surface of face panels.
Quorum Group, Llc

Method for manufacturing laminated coil devices

A method of manufacturing a laminated coil device includes conductors for forming coils and insulation stacking for forming laminated bodies, and further includes the steps of: (a) manufacturing ceramic insulating thin sheets; (b) forming ceramic insulating thin sheets with conductive through-holes; (c) manufacturing coil thin sheets with coil conductors so as to embed the coil conductors inside the ceramic insulating thin sheets; (d) orderly stacking and cutting ceramic insulating thin sheets and coil thin sheets with coil conductors into unit sizes in order to obtain laminated bodies; (e) heating the laminated bodies in order to remove the binder, and then sintering the laminated bodies; (f) coating the conductive paste on the two ends of the laminated bodies so as to fen external electrodes. Thus, the present invention is to provide a manufacturing method of producing a laminated coil power device with low direct current resistance, no delamination, no air space, and no lamination cracking..
Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co.,ltd.

Apparatus and winding an electric-motor laminated core with a magnet coil

An apparatus is provided for winding a laminated core with a magnet coil for an electric motor in which a conductive, insulated coil wire is wound into one or multiple pole tip grooves of a winding surface of the laminated core. The apparatus comprises a holding device, a counter holding device, and one or multiple clamping elements.
Robert Bowch Gmbh

Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment

This equipment comprises at least one rigid connecting bar (2), first and second bone anchoring members (3, 4) and first and second connecting parts (5, 6), capable of connecting the connecting bar (2) to said bone anchoring members (3, 4). According to the invention, each second bone anchoring member is in the form of a flexible ligament (4) capable of being engaged around the lamina (101) or an apophysis of a vertebra (100); each second connecting part (6) comprises a conduit (11) receiving said ligament (4) and means (12) for blocking said ligament (4) in the conduit, with tensing of the ligament (4), and each contact member includes at least one rotating part (16; 17) mounted in said second connecting part (6), capable of coming into contact with said connecting bar (2) by a point..
Medicrea International

Flexible and static interspinous/inter-laminar spinal spacers

Interspinous/inter-laminar spinal spacers are configured to be placed between bony structures of adjacent vertebrae. In one form, spinal spacers are defined by a unitary body comprising a first contoured plate and a second contoured plate.
Life Spine, Inc.

Laminated sprocket assembly

A laminated sprocket assembly is provided formed of a plurality of layers that are connected together. Each of the layers is a stamped sheet metal layer having a plurality of spaced apart teeth located around a periphery thereof.
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Inherently secured aerogel composites

Embodiments of the present invention describe secured fiber-reinforced aerogels and laminate structures formed therefrom. In one embodiment a laminate comprises at least one fiber-reinforced aerogel layer adjacent to at least one layer of fiber containing material wherein fibers from said at least one fiber-reinforced aerogel layer are interlaced with fibers of said at least one fiber-containing material.
Aspen Aerogels,inc.


A process for the preparation of a prepreg comprising superimposing layer of unidirectional fibrous reinforcement comprising a plurality of tows each comprising a plurality of parallel filaments onto a resin impregnated layer of unidirectional fibrous reinforcement comprising a plurality of tows each comprising a plurality of parallel filaments wherein the superimposed laminate of layers is compressed to the extent that the resin penetrates the interstices between the tows but penetrates the voids within the tows to less than 22 to 60% by volume of the tows.. .
Hexcel Holding Gmbh

Method for treating group iii nitride substrate and manufacturing epitaxial substrate

Provided is a method for treating a group iii nitride substrate capable of obtaining, in the case where a group iii nitride layer is laminated thereon, a group iii nitride substrate that can form an electronic device having excellent characteristics. The method for treating a group iii nitride substrate includes the steps of cmping a surface of a substrate, elevating a temperature of the group iii nitride substrate after the cmp process to a predetermined annealing temperature under a nitrogen gas atmosphere, and holding the group iii nitride substrate whose temperature has been elevated to the annealing temperature for four minutes or more and eight minutes or less in a first mixed atmosphere of a hydrogen gas and a nitrogen gas or a second mixed atmosphere of a hydrogen gas and an ammonia gas..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

Method for manufacturing bonded soi wafer

The present invention is directed to a method for manufacturing an soi wafer in which the bonded soi wafer after the delamination by the ion implantation delamination method is subjected to a rapid thermal oxidation process such that an oxide film is formed on a surface of the soi layer, the oxide film is removed, the bonded soi wafer is then subjected to a flattening heat treatment to flatten the surface of the soi layer, the flattening heat treatment causing migration of silicon atoms of the surface of the soi layer, and the bonded soi wafer is then subjected to a sacrificial oxidation process to adjust a film thickness of the soi layer. The method enables efficient manufacture of a high quality soi wafer having an soi layer with sufficiently reduced surface roughness of the soi layer surface and fewer deep pits in the soi layer surface..
Shine-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

Laminated-structure battery

A laminated-structure battery includes a cathode, an anode, and an electrolyte layer and a laminated structure prepared by laminating at least three layers of single battery layers each of the single battery layers prepared by opposing the cathode and the anode to each other with an interposal of the electrolyte layer. The cathode includes a cathode active material having at least a lithium-transition metal complex, a lithium-transition metal phosphorus compound or a lithium-transition metal sulfuric acid compound..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Packaging material for lithium-ion battery

A packaging material for lithium-ion battery comprises a substrate layer made of a plastic film, and a first adhesive layer, a metal foil layer, an anti-corrosion layer, a second adhesive layer and a sealant layer successively laminated on one surface of the substrate layer. The plastic film has a water absorption rate of not less than about 01% to not larger than about 3% when determined by a method described in jis k 72092000 and when the plastic film is subjected to a tensile test (wherein the sample of the plastic film is stored for 24 hours in an environment of 23° c.
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Rubber laminated resin composite

Provided is a rubber laminated resin composite comprising a polyamide-based resin molded product and rubber that is vulcanization bonded to the polyamide-based resin molded product; the polyamide-based resin molded product being molded from a polyamide-based resin that is blended with 0 to 70 wt. % of a filler based on the total amount of the filler and the polyamide-based resin, and that comprises an aliphatic amine compound having an amine equivalent of 950 or less in an amount of 0.045 mmol or more, preferably 0.050 to 2.0 mmol, more preferably 0.065 to 1.5 mmol, per g of the polyamide-based resin.
Nok Corporation

Resin composition, prepreg, resin sheet, and metal foil-clad laminate

Wherein m represents an integer of 1 to 3.. .

Apparatus, hybrid laminated body, method, and materials for temporary substrate support

A hybrid laminated body is provided that includes a light-transmitting support, a latent release layer disposed upon the light-transmitting support, a joining layer disposed upon the latent release layer, and a thermoplastic priming layer disposed upon the joining layer. The hybrid laminated body can further include a substrate to be processed such as, for example, a silicon wafer to be ground.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Heat ray shielding material and laminate structure

A heat ray shielding material having a metal particle-containing layer and a fine-particle containing overcoat layer disposed thereon wherein hexagonal to circular tabular metal particles are contained in 60% by number or more relative to total number of the metal particles contained in the metal particle-containing layer, a main plane of the hexagonal to circular, tabular metal particles is plane-oriented in a range of from 0° to ±30° on average relative to one surface of the metal particle-containing layer, exhibits favorable adhesion-failure resistance, scratch resistance and low haze.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Method for producing laminate film containing liquid crystalline compound having high crystallinity

The present invention provides a method for producing a laminate film comprising forming a layer by curing a liquid crystalline composition containing a liquid crystalline compound that has a polymerizable group and is solid at 25° c. And forming, on the layer, a polymer layer from a composition containing a polymer, the liquid crystalline compound migrating into the polymer layer after forming the polymer layer until the compound becomes 0.1% by mass to 30% by mass relative to the solid content mass of the polymer layer, wherein the method includes selecting the liquid crystalline compound and the polymer from combinations having a heat of crystallization of a mixture obtained by mixing the two at a mass ratio of 9:10, of 0.75 j/g or less.
Fujifilm Corporation

Composite member

The gas barrier property of a laminate constituted by a base material containing a resin or a rubber and an oxide glass is improved. A composite member containing an oxide glass 2 formed as a layer densely on a base material 1 containing a resin or a rubber, in which the oxide glass is bonded to the base material by irradiating the oxide glass with an electromagnetic wave and softening and fluidizing the oxide glass..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Synthetic resin laminate

The present invention has an object of providing a synthetic resin laminate that is excellent in shape stability against a high temperature and high humidity environment, surface hardness and the like. The above object is achieved by a synthetic resin laminate, comprising a substrate layer (b) containing polycarbonate; and a resin layer (a) laminated on one or both of two surfaces of the resin layer (b), the resin layer (a) containing 5 to 55% by mass of (meth)acrylate copolymer (c) and 95 to 45% by mass of polycarbonate (d), wherein the (meth)acrylate copolymer (c) contains an aromatic (meth)acrylate unit (c1) and a methyl methacrylate unit (c2) at a mass ratio (c1/c2) of 5-80/20-95, and the (meth)acrylate copolymer (c) has a mass-average molecular weight of 5,000 to 30,000; and the polycarbonate (d) has a mass-average molecular weight of 21,000 to 40,000..
Mgc Filsheet Co., Ltd.

Cut-out laminated sheet and preparation method thereof

A cut-out laminated sheet can be prepared by laminating a protection sheet on a base sheet, followed by a simple two-step shearing process. The cut-out laminated sheet thus prepared features a protruding section that helps improving productivity by making the removal of the protection sheet easy; and thus, can be effectively used in a wide range of industrial applications such as a brittle sheet and a flexible sheet..
Skc Co., Ltd.

Ceiling tile

The ceiling tile, in one embodiment of the invention, is a laminate of a rigid core layer, such as gypsum, having one surface covered by a display layer of plastic sheet material. An opposite surface of the core layer is covered by a layer of light reflective material.
Tower Ipco Co., Ltd.

Polyimide resin, resin composition and laminated film that use same

Wherein n is a natural number and the average calculated from the average molecular weight of the polysiloxane di-amine is within the range of from 5 to 30; r1 and r2 may be the same or different and each represent an alkylene group having 1 to 30 carbon atoms or a phenylene group; r3 to r6 may be the same or different and each represent an alkylene group having 1 to 30 carbon atoms, a phenyl group, or a phenoxy group.. .

Method for manufacturing a pre-cut plastic card via laser cutting, having a plastic card, plastic card prelaminate and sticker separable from the plastic card structure

Described herein are methods and apparatuses for manufacturing a pre-cut plastic card structure via laser cutting, having a plastic card, plastic card prelaminate and sticker separable from the plastic card structure. The plastic card prelaminate includes a first plastic sheet, a first adhesive layer arranged below the first plastic sheet, a release layer arranged below the first adhesive layer, a laser barrier layer arranged below the release layer, and a second plastic sheet arranged below of the laser barrier layer..
Identive Group, Inc.

Tolterodine-containing adhesive patch

The present invention provides a tolterodine-containing patch in which an adhesive layer is laminated on a backing, characterized in that the adhesive layer is obtainable by adding tolterodine to an adhesive base comprising a rubber adhesive, a tackifier resin, and a softener, wherein the tolterodine is present in the form of a free base in the adhesive base.. .
Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

Apparatuses and methods for modulating fluids using acoustically oscillating solid structures

An acoustofluidic apparatus is provided that functions by the generation of microstreaming in fluid produced by the oscillation of oscillatory elements excited by an energy input such as acoustic energy. An acoustofluidic apparatus includes an oscillatory energy field generator in energetic contact with one or more oscillatory elements contained in a fluid passage.
The Penn State Research Foundation

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