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Lamina patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lamina-related patent applications.

new patent Copper clad laminate provided with protective layer and multilayered printed wiring board
An object of the present invention is to provide a multilayered printed wiring board provided with split through holes excellent in through-hole formability and co-planarity in inner layer wirings around through holes for providing of a conduction isolation portion. To achieve the object, “a copper clad laminate provided with a protective layer for manufacturing of a printed wiring board having a conduction isolation portion electrically isolating a through hole, the copper clad laminate is characterized in that the copper clad laminate is provided with a protective layer on the surface that can be released after forming of the through holes for providing of a conduction isolation portion and filling of the through holes for providing of a conduction isolation portion by a plating resist” is employed..
Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

new patent Methods of treating metal surfaces and devices formed thereby
The present invention relates to methods of treating metal surfaces to enhance adhesion or binding to substrates, and devices formed thereby. In some embodiments of the present invention, methods of achieving improved bonding strength without roughening the topography of a metal surface are provided.
Atotech Deutschland Gmbh

new patent Resin composite electrolytic copper foil, copper clad laminate and printed wiring board
The solution is to form a roughened surface having a plurality of minute projections, a surface roughness (rz) within a range of 1.0 μm to 3.0 μm and a lightness value of not more than 30 on one surface of an electrolytic copper foil (a), and form a layer of a resin composition (b) containing a block copolymerized polyimide resin (a) having a structure that imide oligomers of a first structural unit and a second structural unit are bonded alternately and repeatedly on the roughened surface.. .

new patent Ultra low loss dielectric thermosetting resin composition and high performance laminates manufactured therefrom
An ultra low loss dielectric thermosetting resin composition has at least one cyanate ester component (a) and at least one reactive intermediate component (b) that is capable of copolymerization with said component (a). The invention is a cyanate ester resin of the form: tn-[w-(z)f/(h)1-f-w]n−1-[w-(z)f/(h)1-f-(ocn)f/(r)1-f]n+2, wherein t is a 1, 3, 5-substituted-triazine moiety (c3n3); w is a linking atom between triazine and either component a or component b; z is component (a); h is component (b); ocn is a cyanate ester end group; r is a reactive end group of component b; n is an integer greater than or equal to 1; and f is a weight or mole fraction of component a.
Novoset, Llc

new patent Laminates, and laminating
A frangible laminate includes first, second and third webs, and the second web is positioned between the first and third webs. The forming of the frangible laminate includes adhesively bonding a first plurality of sections of the second web to the first web, applying release material in order to inhibit at least some of any bonding between the first plurality of sections of the second web and the third web, and adhesively bonding a second plurality of sections of the second web to the third web.
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

new patent Elastic wave device
An elastic wave device includes a piezoelectric substrate, a first dielectric film disposed on the piezoelectric substrate, and an idt electrode laminated on the first dielectric film. The resistivity of the piezoelectric substrate is equal to or lower than the resistivity of the first dielectric film.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

new patent Apparatus and solar panel on-board wiring
A photovoltaic module generates electrical power when installed on a roof. The module is constructed as a laminated sandwich having a transparent protective upper layer adhered to a photovoltaic layer.
Lumeta, Llc

new patent Photovoltaic module
Photovoltaic module including a module laminate with several electrically interconnected partially or completely bifacial photovoltaic cells, which are embedded in an encapsulation material, wherein photovoltaic cells are adjacently disposed such that there is a cell gap between two respective mutually adjoining photovoltaic cells, wherein module laminate includes a front and rear-side surfaces which are opposite front-side surface; module frame, which encircles module laminate; module rear-wall disposed at distance from rear-side surface of module laminate and fixed on module frame, which covers at least one portion of rear-side surface of module laminate; wherein at least one portion of module rear-wall which is facing rear-side surface of module laminate, forms a diffuse backside reflector; wherein diffuse backside reflector is disposed such that at least one portion of light which penetrates through at least one cell gap of several cell gaps, is reflected on rear-side surface of module laminate.. .
Solarworld Ag

new patent Signal bypass routed through a motor of an electrical submersible pump
An electrical submersible pumping system includes a well fluid pump driven by a three-phase motor. The motor has a stack of motor laminations mounted in a housing.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

new patent Rotating electric machine
An electric motor includes a housing, a rotary shaft supported rotatably by the housing, a rotor fixed to the rotary shaft, and a stator fixed to the housing and provided opposite the rotor on a radial direction outer side of the rotor, wherein the stator includes a stator core formed by laminating a plurality of steel plates, the stator core is fixed to a stator attachment surface provided on an inner peripheral surface of the housing, and an inner diameter expansion region is provided adjacent to the stator attachment surface on the inner peripheral surface of the housing in a position corresponding to an end part of the stator core, the inner diameter expansion region having a larger diameter than the stator attachment surface so as not to contact the stator core. As a result, deformation of the laminated steel plates forming the stator core can be prevented by means of a simple structure..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

new patent

Electrode for secondary battery, secondary battery, and manufacturing the electrode and the secondary battery

Electrode 6 for a secondary battery to be laminated with another type of electrode 1, with separator 20 interposed therebetween, to constitute a battery electrode assembly, is comprised of collector 8 and active material layer 7 formed on collector 8, and electrode 6 includes a coated part in which active material layer 7 is formed on collector 8 and an uncoated part in which active material layer 7 is not formed on collector 8. Active material layer 7 includes, in at least a part of the outer peripheral portion of the coated part, high density part 7a having a smaller thickness and a higher density than those of a portion other than the outer peripheral portion..
Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.

new patent

Organic light emitting device and display unit

An organic light emitting device capable of improving the light extraction characteristics while suppressing the driving voltage and improving the luminescent performance, and a display unit using it are provided. The organic light emitting device includes: a lamination structure that includes a cathode, a plurality of layers including a light emitting layer made of an organic material, and an anode including a metal thin film in this order, in which the cathode is reflective and the anode is semi-transparent to light generated in the light emitting layer; and a resonator structure that resonates the light generated in the light emitting layer between the cathode and the anode..
Sony Corporation

new patent

Oxide superconducting wire and manufacturing oxide superconducting wire

An oxide superconducting wire of the invention includes a substrate, an intermediate layer which is laminated on a main surface of the substrate, has one or more layers having an orientation, and has one or more non-orientation regions extending in a longitudinal direction of the wire, and an oxide superconducting layer which is laminated on the intermediate layer, has a crystal orientation controlled by the intermediate layer, and has non-orientation regions located on the non-orientation regions in the intermediate layer and is formed into multiple filaments.. .
Fujikura Ltd.

new patent

Method for producing semiconductor light-emitting device

A method for producing a semiconductor light-emitting device containing a substrate, an element and an encapsulating material as constituent members is provided. The method involves providing the substrate with the element; potting at least one encapsulating material (i) before curing selected from addition polymerization-type encapsulating materials and polycondensation-type encapsulating materials onto the substrate to cover the element; curing the potted encapsulating material (i); potting a polycondensation-type encapsulating material (ii) before curing onto the encapsulating material (i) after curing which covers the element, and then curing the potted polycondensation-type encapsulating material (ii), thereby laminating the encapsulating material.
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

new patent

Electronic part embedded substrate and producing an electronic part embedded substrate

An electronic part embedded substrate is disclosed. The electronic part embedded substrate includes a first substrate, a second substrate, an electronic part, an electrically connecting member, and a sealing member.
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

new patent

Laminated ceramic electronic component and manufacturing the same

In a laminated ceramic electronic component, a side-surface outer electrode includes a first electrode portion including side-surface electrode portions located on first and second side surfaces and wrap-around electrode portions arranged to extend around from the side-surface electrode portions of the first electrode portion to portions of third and fourth side surfaces; and a second electrode portion including side-surface electrode portions located on the third and fourth side surfaces and wrap-around electrode portions arranged to extend around from the side-surface electrode portions of the second electrode portion to portions of the first and second side surfaces. The wrap-around electrode portions of the second electrode portion reach regions covering portions of outermost inner electrodes located at an outermost side portion among inner electrodes, which portions are exposed in the first and second side surfaces..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

new patent

Transfer film, producing transfer film, transparent laminate, producing transparent laminate, capacitance-type input device, and image display device

Provided are a transfer film having a temporary support, a first curable transparent resin layer disposed adjacently to the temporary support to be in direct contact therewith, and a second curable transparent resin layer disposed adjacently to the first curable transparent resin layer to be in direct contact therewith, in this order, in which the refractive index of the second curable transparent resin layer is higher than the refractive index of the first curable transparent resin layer, and the second curable transparent resin layer contains metal oxide particles at a proportion of 28.1% by mass to 95% by mass relative to the total solid content of the second curable transparent resin layer, the transfer film being capable of forming a transparent laminate that is free of the problem that a transparent electrode pattern is visually recognized; a method for producing a transfer film; a method for producing a transparent laminate; a transparent laminate; a capacitance-type input device; and an image display device.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

new patent

Carbon fiber laminate piezoelectric cooler and method therefor

An opening at a first carbon fiber sheet is provided, the opening extending through the sheet from a first major surface to a second major surface, the opening defining two sides and a first end of a rectangular flap, a second end of the flap remaining rooted in the first carbon fiber sheet. A piezoelectric transducer is bonded to the first carbon fiber sheet, the transducer proximate to the second end of the flap.
Dell Products, Lp

new patent

Array substrate and manufacturing the same, and totally reflective type liquid crystal display

The present disclosure discloses an array substrate, comprising a substrate, a plurality of pixel regions on the substrate, and a thin-film transistor formed in each of the pixel regions, each of the pixel regions comprising a pixel electrode region, wherein, the thin-film transistor comprises a gate layer and a source/drain layer formed laminatedly on the substrate; the array substrate further comprises a flat layer and a reflective metal layer formed in sequence on the substrate and covering at least the pixel electrode region and the thin-film transistor; the reflective metal layer is electrically connected to a drain of the thin-film transistor; and at least one of the gate layer and the source/drain layer is formed of a single metal layer. The present disclosure further provides a method for manufacturing the array substrate and a totally reflective type liquid crystal display comprising the array substrate..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

new patent

Phase difference element

A phase difference element has a transparent substrate and a birefringent film with tantalum oxide and titanium oxide obliquely deposited on one surface of the transparent substrate. The birefringent film has a first photorefractive film and a second photorefractive film laminated to each other and having different oblique deposition directions.
Dexerials Corporation

new patent


A display includes: a laminated wiring with a conductive film arranged on a foundation layer, and a transparent film and a translucent film arranged on the conductive film; a wiring terminal part arranged at an edge portion of the laminated wiring and having the same laminated structure as that of the laminated wiring; and an insulating film that covers the laminated wiring and the wiring terminal part.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

new patent

Magnetic sensor, manufacturing magnetic sensor, and current sensor

A magnetic sensor includes: a magnetoresistive effect element having a sensitivity axis in a specific direction in which a fixed magnetic layer, a nonmagnetic material layer, and a free magnetic layer are laminated in this order; an antiferromagnetic layer which generates an exchange coupling bias with the free magnetic layer and which aligns the magnetization direction thereof in a predetermined direction provided on the free magnetic layer; and a ferromagnetic layer which generates an exchange coupling bias with the antiferromagnetic layer and which aligns the magnetization direction thereof in a predetermined direction provided on the antiferromagnetic layer. The magnetization direction on the exchange coupling bias in the free magnetic layer is the same direction as that on the exchange coupling bias in the ferromagnetic layer, and the ferromagnetic layer is able to impart a reflux magnetic field having a component along a sensitivity axis to the free magnetic layer..
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

new patent

Impedance measuring device and control impedance measuring device

An impedance measuring device outputs an alternating current of a prescribed frequency to a positive electrode terminal and a negative electrode terminal of the laminated type battery. The impedance measuring device detects an alternating-current potential difference between the positive electrode terminal and an intermediate-point terminal, and an alternating-current potential difference between the negative electrode terminal and the intermediate-point terminal.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

new patent

Apparatus for inspecting laminated iron core and inspecting laminated iron core

There is provided an apparatus for inspecting a laminated iron core in which a plurality of iron core pieces are laminated. The apparatus includes an insertion jig being movable in a lamination direction of the laminated iron core along an inspection side surface of the laminated iron core while having a gap between the insertion jig and the inspection side surface of the laminated iron core, and a detecting sensor provided on the insertion jig and detecting a contact of the moving insertion jig with a projection which occurs on the inspection side surface of the laminated iron core..
Mitsui High-tec, Inc.

new patent

Dual waveband temperature detector

There are many industrial applications in which non-contact temperature sensing is useful for increasing production speed and quality, such as printing, laminating, extrusion, and metal forming. Disclosed is a non-contact temperature determining apparatus which uses two wide wavelength bands integrating sensors to determine the radiance ratio of a target and thereby determine a corresponding temperature of the target.
Exergen Corporation

new patent

Large-aperture spiral welded steel pipe with metal linings and manufacturing method thereof

A large-aperture spiral welded steel pipe with metal linings and a manufacturing method thereof, wherein the pipe includes a pipe body spirally winded by a main steel belt; a first lining and a second lining are arranged on a body inner wall, the first lining is spirally laminated on the main steel belt surface, the first lining width is smaller than the main steel belt width, the second lining is spirally laminated on a spiral seam formed between adjacent pipe bodies, the second lining left and right sides are respectively welded with the adjacent first lining, and the first lining and the second lining cover the inner wall of the entire body; and a reinforcement ring with a semi-closed section is spirally arranged along a body outer wall, and a spiral passage is formed between the inner wall of the reinforcement ring and the body outer wall.. .
Nanjing Lianzhong Construction Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Vortex resonance wind turbine

Wind turbine consisting of an anchoring to the ground or to a base and a mast, the natural oscillation frequency of which is purposely adjusted to the frequency of appearance of the air vortices or eddies produced after the collision of a laminar and stationary airflow against the surface thereof. The aeroelastic energy thus absorbed is converted into electrical energy due to the use of materials with high electromechanical coupling..
Deutecno, S.l.

new patent

Nacelle inlet having an angle or curved aft bulkhead

A construction of a nacelle inlet aft bulkhead has a curved or angled cross-section configuration between a connection of an outer edge of the aft bulkhead to an outer barrel of the nacelle inlet and a connection of an inner edge of the aft bulkhead to an inner barrel of the nacelle inlet. The curved or angled cross-section configuration of the aft bulkhead gives the bulkhead flexibility to avoid serious damage to the bulkhead in high load cases such as an fan blade off event.
The Boeing Company

new patent

Method for producing a fiber having a pattern on the surface thereof

A method for producing a fiber having a pattern on a surface thereof. The fiber is produced by a method including forming a photosensitive composition layer on a template layer having a pattern, bonding a film including an adhesive layer on a principal plane onto the photosensitive composition layer, linearly exposing the photosensitive composition layer to light, separating an exposed laminate comprising the photosensitive composition layer, the adhesive layer, and the film from the template layer, and developing the photosensitive composition layer in the separated laminate..
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

new patent

Laminate for touch panel and adhesive sheet

A laminate for a touch panel includes a resin substrate which has a thermal expansion factor of 2 ppm/° c. To 200 ppm/° c.; a conductive portion which is arranged on the resin substrate, and has a mesh pattern formed of a plurality of metal thin wires; and an adhesive layer which is arranged to cover a surface of the resin substrate on the conductive portion side and the conductive portion, in which thermal stress obtained by a predetermined expression is less than or equal to 1,800 pa, and peeling strength of the adhesive layer with respect to the resin substrate under an environment of a temperature of 85° c.
Fujifilm Corporation

new patent

Ruggedized switchable glazing, and/or making the same

Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to ruggedized switchable glazings, and/or methods of making the same. The pdlc stack of certain example embodiments includes an outer substrate, a low-e uv blocking coating deposited on an inner surface of the outer substrate, a first pvb or eva laminate, a first pet layer, a first tco layer, the pdlc layer, a second tco layer, a second pet layer, a second pvb or eva laminate, and an inner substrate.
Guardian Industries Corp.

new patent

Soundproof material for vehicle and wire-harness assembly

A soundproof material for a vehicle having partially different sound absorption characteristic is provided. In the soundproof material for the vehicle, a sheet-like body is partially laminated on at least one surface of a flexible porous body formed in a plate-shape or an approximately plate-shape..
Yazaki Corporation

new patent

Assembly for attaching a windshield wiper motor to a laminated windshield

A windshield assembly includes a laminated windshield provided with a cutout and a motor mounting plate secured to the laminated windshield over the cutout. The motor mounting plate includes a mounting hole, and a wiper motor is secured to the motor mounting plate via the mounting hole.
Taylor Made Group, Llc

new patent

Portable, foldable dry-erase board

A portable, foldable dry-erase board comprised of multiple sheets of relatively thin and relatively rigid material arranged in a regular manner constituting the body of said dry-erase board, where the sheets are covered with a thin, flexible plastic laminate suitable for use with standard dry-erase markers, with said plastic serving as both a writing surface and as a matrix securing said sheets, and where the board can be folded into a compact form along the laminated seams between said sheets.. .

new patent

Liquid discharge head and producing liquid discharge head

A liquid discharge head has a chamber wall member forming a liquid chamber and a discharge head substrate containing a laminate of a base substrate having a surface for an element generating energy for discharging liquid. A first and second layer is formed contacting the wall.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Method of bonding cover plate and touch sensing film and touch screen

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method of bonding a cover plate and a touch sensing film, and a touch screen manufactured by using the method. The method comprises steps of: bonding a cover plate and at least one touch sensing film together by an adhesive so as to form a touch module; deaerating the touch module; and laminating the deaerated touch module.
Hefei Xinsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Bent, veneer-encapsulated heat-treated safety glass panels and methods of manufacture

A laminated, bent, safety glass panel (30) for architectural or interior uses and a method of manufacturing such panels. The panel comprises a single heat-treated bent glass sheet, fully-tempered or heat-strengthened, forming a substrate (32) encapsulated by at least one thin, chemically-strengthened, glass veneer sheet (38).
Precision Glass Bending Corporation

new patent

Method and forming contoured composite laminates

A composite laminate such as a hat-type stringer is formed on a contoured mandrel using a combination of mechanical sweeping and vacuum forming.. .
The Boeing Company

new patent

Filter, filter element, and filter housing

Disclosed is a filter (10) for liquid fluid, in particular lubricant, particularly motor oil, or fuel, in particular of an internal combustion engine, a filter element (16) and a filter housing (12). The filter housing (12) has at least one inlet (24) for fluid to be cleaned and at least one outlet (22) for cleaned fluid.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

new patent

Breathable backsheet, absorbent articles, and methods

The present disclosure includes cellulosic fiber barrier layer having a hydrophobic sizing to cause the barrier layer to exhibit hydrophobic properties. For example, the present cellulosic fiber barrier layers can be configured to have a high hydrostatic head (e.g., more than 200 mm h2o) while retaining a high air permeability (e.g., 0.5 ft3/min-ft2).
Attends Healthcare Products, Inc.

new patent

Emedastine-containing tape preparation

Provided is an emedastine-containing tape preparation comprising a support film, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer laminated on the support film, wherein the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer comprises emedastine, a fumarate salt of an organic amine, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive.. .
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

new patent

Flexible and static interspinous/inter-laminar spinal spacers

Interspinous/inter-laminar spinal spacers are configured to be placed between bony structures of adjacent vertebrae. In one form, a spinal spacer includes a body including a first plate having a first wing configured to engage a first vertebra and a second wing configured to engage a second vertebra, and a post extending from the first plate to define a longitudinal axis, the post having a bullet nose; a second plate slidably coupled to the post of the body, the second plate including a first wing configured to engage the first vertebra; and a second wing configured to engage the second vertebra; wherein the second plate defines a first bore configured to receive the post, and wherein the bullet nose is designed to pierce through an interspinous ligament between the first vertebra and the second the vertebra so that the interspinous ligament can hold the implant in place..
Life Spine, Inc.

Carrier-attached copper foil, laminate, printed-wiring board and manufacturing the printed wiring board

A carrier-attached copper foil having satisfactory circuit formability on the ultra-thin copper layer surface is provided. The carrier-attached copper foil has a carrier, an intermediate layer and an ultra-thin copper layer in this order.
Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

Wiring substrate and making wiring substrate

A wiring substrate includes a core layer having a penetrating hole, a first insulating layer disposed on a first surface of the core layer and having a first opening at a position of the penetrating hole, the first insulating layer containing no filler, a penetrating electrode disposed in the penetrating hole and in the first opening, and a first wiring layer laminated both on the first insulating layer at a first surface thereof facing away from the core layer and on an end face of the penetrating electrode, wherein the first surface of the first insulating layer and the end face of the penetrating electrode are planarized.. .
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

Ear pad and headphone

An ear pad to be mounted to a base body to which a speaker unit is fixed includes an elastic body in which a plurality of elastic members having different coefficients of restitution are laminated together in a sound emitting direction of the speaker unit. A skin material covers an exterior of the elastic body.
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

Aligning lamination optical grating and display panel and device

The present invention discloses an aligning lamination method of an optical grating and a display panel and a device. The method comprises: drawing a white line on a black picture and showing on the display panel, and a tilt angle of the white line is in accordance with a tilt angle designed for the optical grating; coating glue on the display panel, and the optical grating is located on the display panel; locating an image collecting apparatus in front of the display panel to collect images; adjusting a location angle of the optical grating and solidifying the glue to laminate the optical grating and the display panel as that the entire line is brightest is observed with the image collecting apparatus.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co.

Imaging apparatus and camera system

An imaging apparatus that forms an image of a light beam transmitted through an imaging lens on an imaging element includes a laminated material that is provided on the imaging element, the light beam being transmitted through the laminated material, the laminated material being provided at a position at which an end portion of an upper surface of the laminated material allows an outermost light beam out of light beams to be transmitted therethrough, the light beams entering a pixel in an outer end portion of the imaging element in an effective pixel area, the position having a width hopt.. .
Sony Corporation

Partial cqi feedback in wireless networks

A lead frame (410) including a die pad (100) for mounting at least one integrated circuit (405) thereon and a plurality of lead fingers (413). The die pad (100) includes a metal including substrate (105) having a periphery that includes a plurality of sides (111-114), an intersection of the sides forming corners (115).
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Manufacturing rotor core, manufacturing rotor, rotor and motor

A manufacturing method comprising: a process s1 of forming a plate member which has a substantially annular scrap portion having a center hole through an axial direction and a core plate portion defining a portion of the core pieces arranged continuously with the scrap portion on a radially inner side of the scrap portion; a process s2 of forming a laminated body, which has the core pieces, by laminating the plate member; a process s3 of providing the laminated body and the shaft in a mold; a process s4 of forming a molding body by inserting a molten resin or a nonmagnetic material in the mold and forming the filling portion of which at least a portion is located between the core pieces; and a process s5 of separating the scrap portion and the core plate portion.. .
Nidec Corporation

Method of manufacturing laminated core

A method of manufacturing a laminated core includes inserting permanent magnets 14 into magnet insertion holes 12, 12a of a core body 13; injecting a resin 18 into the holes 12, 12a from resin reservoir pots 17 in the die 15 (16) to fix the magnets 14; placing a dummy plate 19 between the die 15 having the pots 17 and the body 13, the plate 19 having gate holes 35, 35a guiding the resin 18 from the pots 17 into the holes 12, 12a, the hole 35 (35a) overlapping with both of a part of the hole 12 (12a) and a surface of the body 13; poring the resin 18 via the holes 35, 35a and curing the resin 18 in the holes 12, 12a; and separating the plate 19 from the body 13 to remove the resin 18 overflowed from the holes 12, 12a.. .
Mitsui High-tec, Inc.

Star disk for an electric machine

A rotor element or a star disk which is designed to be arranged on an electrically excited rotor of an electric machine, includes a base which is designed to be arranged in an insert between the axial end of a laminate stack of the rot(and at least one end winding of the rotor. At least one fin is fastened on the base and is designed to protrude in the insert through the at least one end winding axially out of the at least one end winding..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Laminated core for rotary electric machine

A laminated core for a rotary electric machine includes a disc-shaped first laminated block, a disc-shaped second laminated block and an end steel sheet. The first and second laminated block are formed by a plurality of main steel sheets that have a protruding dowel crimping portion and that are laminated together.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Magnetic core for an electric motor

A magnetic core for an electric motor has a ring-shaped yoke, teeth extending outwardly from the yoke, and a tooth tip extending from a distal end of each tooth. The core is formed from curved or coils strip laminations having teeth arranged in tooth groups.
Johnson Electric S.a.

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