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Lamina patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lamina-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lamina-related patents
 Electronic circuit production patent thumbnailElectronic circuit production
A system for continuous circuit fabrication comprising means for storing and dispensing (74) the substrate (2), means for laminating (1) the substrate (2), means for printing (76) the substrate (2), means for optical inspection (4) of the substrate (2), means for photolithography (6) of the substrate (2), means for drying (78) the substrate (2), means for developing (8, 16) the substrate (2), means for washing (10, 14) the substrate (2) and means for electroplating (82) the substrate (2).. .
Dst Innovations Limited

 Circuit substrate and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailCircuit substrate and manufacturing the same
A circuit substrate includes a core substrate having a cavity penetrating through the substrate, a metal block accommodated in the cavity of the substrate, a first build-up layer laminated on first side of the substrate and including insulating resin layers such that the first build-up layer is covering first surface of the block from the first side, and a second build-up layer laminated on second side of the substrate and including insulating resin layers such that the second build-up layer is covering second surface of the block from the second side. The first build-up layer includes an electronic component mounting structure formed on outermost portion of the first build-up layer, and the block is formed such that the first and second surfaces have roughened surfaces, respectively, and that the roughened surface of the first surface has surface roughness different from surface roughness of the roughened surface of the second surface..
Ibiden Co., Ltd.

 Multilayer substrate and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailMultilayer substrate and manufacturing the same
A multilayer substrate including a multilayer body formed by laminating a plurality of insulating layers including via holes in the insulating layer as an uppermost layer of the multilayer body so as to pass through the insulating layer, and via conductors formed by filling the via holes with a conductive paste. The via holes are formed through lower end positions, upper end positions, and intermediate positions between the lower end positions and the upper end positions such that a diameter enlargement degree toward the upper end positions from the intermediate positions is larger than a diameter enlargement degree toward the intermediate positions from the lower end positions.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Wiring board, and mounting structure and laminated sheet using the same patent thumbnailWiring board, and mounting structure and laminated sheet using the same
A wiring board excellent in electrical reliability is provided. A wiring board includes a first resin layer; an inorganic insulating layer disposed on the first resin layer; a second resin layer disposed on the inorganic insulating layer; and a conductive layer disposed on the second resin layer.
Kyocera Corporation

 Transparent laminates comprising inkjet printed conductive lines and methods of forming the same patent thumbnailTransparent laminates comprising inkjet printed conductive lines and methods of forming the same
A transparency including a conductive mesh is disclosed. The conductive mesh is formed by a plurality of inkjet printed electrically conductive lines on a polymer film or a glass, polyacrylate, polycarbonate, or polyurethane substrate, wherein at least one inkjet printed electrically conductive line intersects at least one other inkjet printed electrically conductive line.
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

 Copper foil with carrier patent thumbnailCopper foil with carrier
Provided is a copper foil for a printed wiring board including a roughened layer on at least one surface thereof. In the roughened layer, the average diameter d1 at the particle bottom being apart from the bottom of each particle by 10% of the particle length is 0.2 to 1.0 μm, and the ratio l1/d1 of the particle length l1 to the average diameter d1 at the particle bottom is 15 or less.
Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

 Adhesive film and flexible metal laminate patent thumbnailAdhesive film and flexible metal laminate
To provide an adhesive film comprising a polyimide film and a fluorinated resin layer directly laminated, in which blisters (foaming) in an atmosphere corresponding to reflow soldering at high temperature are suppressed, and a flexible metal laminate. An adhesive film having a fluorinated resin layer containing a fluorinated copolymer (a) directly laminated on one side or both sides of a polyimide film, wherein the fluorinated copolymer (a) has a melting point of at least 280° c.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

 Multi material rotor core patent thumbnailMulti material rotor core
The disclosure may generally relate to a motor which may include a rotor core which may include a first rotor lamination portion and a second rotor lamination portion. At least one magnet may be operably coupled to the first rotor lamination.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Porous membrane, battery separator obtained using same, and  producing same patent thumbnailPorous membrane, battery separator obtained using same, and producing same
Considering that the battery separator of embodiments of the present invention will have thinner materials and lower costs, provided are a polyolefin porous membrane with exceptionally high peel strength between the polyolefin porous membrane and a modified porous layer, suitable for high-speed processing during slit processing and the battery assembly process, and suitable for laminating on a modified porous layer, and a battery separator obtained by laminating a modified porous layer on the polyolefin porous membrane. A polyolefin porous membrane comprising protrusions of polyolefin having a size (w) within a range of 5≦μm≦w≦50 μm and a height (h) within a range of 0.5 μm≦h and irregularly disposed on both sides of the polyolefin porous membrane in a density not less than 3/cm2 and not more than 200/cm2 per side, and the polyolefin porous membrane having a thickness of not more than 25 μm..
Toray Battery Separator Film Co., Ltd.

  patent thumbnail
The laminate includes an organic semiconductor film, a protective film on the organic semiconductor film, and a resist film on the protective film, in which the resist film is formed of a photosensitive resin composition that contains a photoacid generator (a) which generates an organic acid of which a pka of the generated acid is −1 or less and a resin (b) which reacts with an acid generated by the photoacid generator so that the rate of dissolution in a developer containing an organic solvent is decreased.. .


Piezoelectric element and manufacturing piezoelectric element

Provided are a piezoelectric element having high stability, which operates with high efficiency, and a method for manufacturing the piezoelectric element. The piezoelectric element (10) has a laminate structure in which a first electrode (14), a first piezoelectric film (16), a second electrode (18), an adhesion layer (20), an interlayer (22), a third electrode (24), a second piezoelectric film (26), and a fourth electrode (28) are laminated in this order on a silicon substrate (12).
Fujifilm Corporation


Package substrate and package sturcture

The present invention provides a package method of a substrate and a package structure. The method comprises: step 1, providing the substrate (1) and a package plate (3), and the package plate (3) comprises a spreading surface (31); step 2, forming at least one groove (311); step 3, spreading seal glue (50) to form the continuous frame (5), and a recess (51) is formed in the frame (5) corresponding to the groove (311); step 4, positioning underfill (70) inside an area surrounded by the frame (5); step 5, oppositely fitting the substrate (1) and the package plate (3), and an air outlet (20) is formed at a position of the recess (51) of the frame (5) between the substrate (1) and the package plate (3); step 6, extracting air between the substrate (1) and the package plate (3) through the air outlet (20); step 7, laminating the substrate (1) and the package plate (3); step 8, irradiating and solidifying the seal glue (50) and the underfill (70) with uv light..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, sheet-shaped resin composition, and dicing tape-integrated sheet-shaped resin composition

Provided is a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, which can manufacture a semiconductor device at a high yield ratio by suppressing dissolution of a sheet-shaped resin composition when cleaning a wafer after peeling a supporting member from the wafer. The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, the method including: a step a of preparing a wafer; a step b of pasting together a second main surface of the wafer and a supporting member including a support and a temporary fixing layer formed on the support with the temporary fixing layer interposed between the second main surface and the supporting member; a step c of preparing a laminate including a dicing tape and an ultraviolet curable sheet-shaped resin composition laminated on the dicing tape; a step d of pasting together a first main surface of the wafer and the sheet-shaped resin composition; a step e of peeling the supporting member from the wafer after the step d; a step f of cleaning the second main surface of the wafer after the step e; and a step s of irradiating a peripheral part of the sheet-shaped resin composition with ultraviolet light to cure the peripheral part after the step d and before the step f, the peripheral part not overlapping with the wafer in a plan view..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Dual sided embedded die and fabrication of same background

Embodiments of the invention provide a method for forming a dual sided embedded die system. The method begins with starting material including a top surface and a bottom surface, a plurality of vias, a plurality of plated metal posts, die pads, and stiffeners.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Connection structure of high-temperature superconducting wire piece, high-temperature superconducting wire using connection structure, and high-temperature superconducting coil using connection structure

A connection structure of a multi-layer wire includes at least a substrate, a high-temperature superconducting layer, a tape-type laminated body, a conductor layer, and a passage forming body. The high-temperature superconducting layer is formed on one surface of the substrate.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Electroconductive laminate and touch panel using thereof

The present invention is an electroconductive laminate characterized in that the hard coat layer is formed from a hard coating composition which contains (a) a phenolic novolac acrylate having two or more acrylate groups, (b) a bisphenol structure-containing diacrylate having 2 to 4 moles of alkylene oxide structure with two or three carbon atoms in each molecule, (c) a polyfunctional acrylate having three or more acrylate groups, and (d) a polyfunctional urethane acrylate having three or more acrylate groups and an ester structure.. .
Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd


Photosensitive conductive film, conductive pattern formation method using same, and conductive pattern substrate

The conductive pattern formation method according to the present invention comprises a step of providing a photosensitive conductive film including a conductive layer containing conductive fibers, a photosensitive resin layer containing a photosensitive resin and an inorganic filler, and a support film in this order, and laminating the conductive layer and the photosensitive resin layer on a base material such that the conductive layer side is closely bonded to the base material, and a step of exposing and developing the photosensitive resin layer and the conductive layer on the base material to form a conductive pattern.. .
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Coating composition, and process for producing photoresist laminate

To provide a coating composition which exhibits excellent followability to a difference in level in its application, and which is capable of forming a coating layer having a low refractive index in a short-wavelength region and exhibiting excellent solubility to an alkaline aqueous solution. A coating composition comprising a solvent and a fluorinated polymer (a) which has a unit represented by —[cx1x2—cy(—rf—coom)]— and has a number average molecular weight of from 1,000 to 7,500.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Reflective mask blank, manufacturing same, reflective mask and manufacturing semiconductor device

A reflective mask blank capable of facilitating the discovery of contaminants, scratches and other critical defects by inhibiting the detection of pseudo defects attributable to surface roughness of a substrate or film in a defect inspection using a highly sensitive defect inspection apparatus. The reflective mask blank has a mask blank multilayer film comprising a multilayer reflective film, obtained by alternately laminating a high refractive index layer and a low refractive index layer, and an absorber film on a main surface of a mask blank substrate, wherein, in the relationship between bearing area (%) and bearing depth (nm) as measured with an atomic force microscope for a 1 μm×1 μm region of the surface of the reflective mask blank on which the mask blank multilayer film is formed, the surface of the reflective mask blank satisfies the relationship of (ba70−ba30)/(bd70−bd30)≧60(%/nm) and maximum height (rmax)≦4.5 nm..
Hoya Corporation


Display device

A display device includes: a display panel, a laminated member, a light blocking layer, and an alignment pattern. The display panel includes a display area.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Method and device for manufacturing optical display device

A method and an apparatus for manufacturing an optical display device by sequentially peeling a plurality of optical film sheets continuously supported on a long web of a carrier film and laminating the plurality of optical film sheets to a plurality of panel components are provided. After completing laminating operation of a preceding optical film sheet to a preceding panel component, a rear end of next optical film sheet, supported on a carrier film which in a state where one of opposite surfaces thereof is folded to inside at a tip-end of a peeling member, is read at a predetermined detecting position as positional information, then a leading end of an optical film sheet is positioned at a predetermined laminating position based on the positional information while peeling the optical film sheet from the carrier film..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Method of fabrication of laminates of elastic material suitable for dielectric elastomer sensing

In one aspect the invention provides a method of fabricating a laminate of flexible and compliant layers of material, such as used to provide a dielectric elastomer sensor. According to the method a flexible and compliant layer of material which is affixed to a substrate to avoid strain during processing is bonded to another layer of flexible and compliant material and released from the substrate to form a laminate.
Stretchsense Limited


Piston ring and its production method

To provide a hard-amorphous-carbon-coated piston ring having low friction and excellent wear resistance and peeling resistance to reduce the fuel consumption of automobiles, an outer peripheral surface of a steel-made piston ring base material is provided with a primary layer constituted by a crn/cr laminate coating or a crn/tin laminate coating as thick as 10-60 μm, which is obtained by alternately laminating crn-type chromium nitride and chromium metal or tin-type titanium nitride, an intermediate layer of chromium metal and/or titanium metal as thick as 0.05-1.0 μm, and then a hard amorphous carbon coating as thick as 0.4-20 μm.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Riken


Piston ring

To provide a piston ring having a hard laminate coating having excellent scuffing resistance, wear resistance and peeling resistance, which can be used in an environment of high mechanical and thermal load in engines, the piston ring is provided on its outer peripheral sliding surface with a crn-type hard coating as thick as 10-60 μm and comprising a crn/crcn laminate coating having hardness hv of 1000 or more and residual compression stress of 1500 mpa or less, a laminate unit composed of a crn layer and a crcn layer being as thick as 30 nm or more; the crn/crcn laminate coating being formed by alternately laminating crn layers and crcn layers containing c dissolved in crn by ion plating.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Riken


Combination spherical and laminated bearing assembly

A bearing assembly for coupling first and second members includes a housing coupled with, or integrally formed with the first member, a laminated bearing section and a spherical bearing section, each section disposed within a housing bore. The laminated bearing section is configured such that at least a portion of the laminated bearing section flexes when torque on the first and second members is less than a predetermined value.
Aktiebolaget Skf


Combination spherical and laminated bearing

A bearing includes a laminated bearing portion and a spherical bearing portion, and the spherical bearing portion is disposed within the laminated bearing portion or the laminated bearing portion is disposed within the spherical bearing portion. The spherical bearing portion includes a ball disposed on a spherical race, and the ball and the outer race are configured such that a given break-out force is required to move the ball relative to the outer race..
Aktiebolaget Skf


Bush for filling the space in a sleeve for use in flexo-printing, sleeve and manufacturing such a bush and sleeve

The invention relates to a bush for filling the space between a base jacket and an outer jacket of a cylinder for use in flexo-printing, the cylinder being a sleeve or anilox roller, wherein the bush is manufactured by means of 3-d printing. A bush manufactured by means of 3-d printing can be manufactured in lighter form and with a greater bending stiffness than prior art foam bushes.
Color Control B.v.


Gas-barrier laminate film

(where r1 represents an alkyl group with 1-4 carbon atoms, and the four r1s may be identical or different).. .


Optical film with pressure sensitive adhesive and image display device

The optical film with pressure sensitive adhesive comprises an optical film and a front-side pressure sensitive adhesive sheet. The front-side pressure sensitive adhesive sheet is a laminated pressure sensitive adhesive sheet and includes a first pressure sensitive adhesive layer disposed in contact with the optical film, and a second pressure sensitive adhesive layer disposed at the furthest from the optical film.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Halogen-free resin composition and uses thereof

Disclosed are a halogen-free resin composition, and a prepreg and a laminate prepared by using the same. The halogen-free resin composition comprises the following components according to organic solid matters by weight parts: (a) 40-80 parts by weight of allyl modified benzoxazine resin; (b) 10-20 parts by weight of hydrocarbon resin; (c) 10-40 parts by weight of allyl modified polyphenylene oxide resin; (d) 0.01-3 parts by weight of initiating agent; (e) 10-100 parts by weight of filler; and (f) 0-80 parts by weight of phosphoric flame retardant.
Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.


Polyethylene resin composition, laminate comprising same, and medical container using laminate

Provided are: a polyethylene laminate that exhibits excellent flexibility, barrier properties, and cleanliness (a low occurrence of fine particles), that does not deform even after sterilization treatment at 121° c., and that maintains high transparency; and a medical container using same. The medical container is configured by layering: an outer layer and an inner layer that comprise from 20 to 80 wt % of a high-density polyethylene (a) having specific properties, from 0 to 50 wt % of a linear low-density polyethylene (b1), and from 5 to 40 wt % of an ethylene-based polymer (c); and an intermediate layer that comprises from 10 to 40 wt % of the high-density polyethylene (a) and from 60 to 90 wt % of the linear low-density polyethylene (b1)..
Tosoh Corporation


Resin composition, prepreg, laminated sheet, and metal-foil-clad laminated board

Wherein r1, r2, r3, and r4 represent a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms, and may be the same or different from each other; and n represents an integer of 1 to 50.. .


Intermediate to high cte glasses and glass articles comprising the same

Intermediate to high cte glass compositions and laminates formed from the same are described. The glasses described herein have properties, such as liquidus viscosity or liquidus temperature, which make them particularly well suited for use in fusion forming processes, such as the fusion down draw process and/or the fusion lamination process.
Corning Incorporated


Package integrity feature for recloseable package

A package integrity feature for a recloseable package is provided. The recloseable package may be made from a laminate film and may comprise a scored inner layer having a machine direction and a scored outer layer laminated together with both permanent adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive to form a recloseable flap that covers an opening in a package body.
Sonoco Development, Inc.



Decoration process of a visible lamina of an adhesive unit consisting of: preparing a transparent sheet (2) having an outer face (2a) suitable to constitute a visible face of the adhesive unit and an inner face (2b) opposite the outer face (2a); and decorating by means of a first decorated layer (3) applied to a portion of the inner face (2b) defining at least one area free of the first layer (3), and a second decorated layer (4) structurally different from the first layer (3) and applied to at least part of the at least one area free of the inner face (2b).. .


Droplet discharge head and image forming apparatus incorporating same

A droplet discharge head includes a nozzle, a substrate, a diaphragm, and an electromechanical transducer element. The nozzle discharges droplets.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Method of adhering ethyl vinyl acetate copolymer or derivative thereof layer to thermoplastic elastomer layer and laminate

A method of adhering an ethyl vinyl acetate copolymer or a derivative thereof layer to a thermoplastic elastomer layer includes providing the ethyl vinyl acetate copolymer or the derivative thereof layer; performing a first atmospheric environmental plasma treatment on a surface of the ethyl vinyl acetate copolymer or the derivative thereof layer to form a first modified surface; providing the thermoplastic elastomer layer; performing a second atmospheric environmental plasma treatment on a surface of the thermoplastic elastomer layer to form a second modified surface; forming an adhesive layer over the first modified surface, the second modified surface, or the first modified surface and the second modified surface; and adhering the first modified surface to the second modified surface through the adhesive layer.. .
Aeplasma 41 Co., Ltd.


Composite ballistic resistant laminate

(b) the modulus of elasticity through the thickness of the laminate, as measured by test method a, is at least 3 gpa.. .


Interlayer film for laminated glass, and laminated glass

In the foregoing formula (11), r1 to r4 each represent a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, and r5 represents a hydrogen atom or an organic group having 1 to 30 carbon atoms and containing no nitrogen atom.. .


Chub packaging webs with enhanced puncture resistance

The present disclosure is concerned with chub packaging webs with improved puncture resistance suitable for use in chub packaging. The webs have a double waii partially laminated structure.
Bemis Company, Inc.


Adhesive unit for decoration and protection from wear and production method thereof

An adhesive unit (1) is provided for decoration and protection from wear, of the type having a lower layer (6) comprising at least one adhesive film (8) and an upper layer (2) connected to the lower layer (6) and comprising at least one visible leaf (3), between the upper layer (2) and the lower layer (6) an intermediate layer (10) being positioned comprising soft laminas (11) in synthetic foam without the interposition of adhesive material between them and a high frequency ultrasonic welding being performed to engage the upper layer (2) and the lower layer (6) to each other, leaving the intermediate layer (10) substantially free.. .


Method of manufacturing rim of wheel

A plurality of continuous fiber reinforced plastics is placed substantially in parallel on the outer circumferential surface of a mold for rim formation so as to be aligned with the direction of an axis of the mold to cover the surface. In addition, the continuous fiber reinforced plastics is applied and laminated on a continuous fiber reinforced plastic layer including the continuous fiber reinforced plastics placed on the outer circumferential surface of the mold, the continuous fiber reinforced plastics being substantially in parallel and aligned with the direction of the axis of the mold.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Glass-resin laminate and producing same

A glass/resin laminate (a) including glass plates laminated on both sides of a polycarbonate layer through bonding layers made of a thermoplastic resin, each of the glass plates having a thickness of from 0.3 to 1 mm and having compressive stresses of at least 3 mpa on an entire surface thereof is provided. The glass/resin laminate (a) is obtainable by a process including a step (1) for disposing a bonding layer on one side of a polycarbonate film having a certain thickness, the bonding layer being made of a thermoplastic resin; a step (2) for stacking a glass plate on the bonding layer to prepare a laminate (b) with the polycarbonate film and the glass plate being laminated through the bonding layer; and a step (3) for preparing another similar laminate (b), placing both laminates (b) in a mold such that both polycarbonate films are confronted each other, and forming a polycarbonate layer between the confronted polycarbonate films..
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Methods and materials for fabricating laminate nanomolds and nanoparticles therefrom

A laminate nanomold includes a layer of perfluoropolyether defining a cavity that has a predetermined shape and a support layer coupled with the layer of perfluoropolyether. The laminate can also include a tie-layer coupling the layer of perfluoropolyether with the support layer.
Liquidia Technologies, Inc.


Post-consumer scrap film recycling system and process

A system and method for processing a supply of post-consumer scrap linear low density or low density polyethylene film into near-virgin quality blown film product. The method includes tearing the supply of film in a shredder, wherein the surface area of the film is exposed, including delaminating the film.
Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc.


Process for producing a shiny laminate structure at low temperatures

E3. Heating of the precursor (12) to a temperature in the range from 25 to 200° c.


Embossed air filter filtration medium, filter pack, air filter unit, and manufacturing filtration medium for embossed air filter

An embossed air filter filtration medium has at least one porous film and a plurality of air-permeable support materials supporting the at least one porous film. The least one porous film includes a fibril-formable polytetrafluoroethylene, a non-fibril-forming and non-hot-melt-processable component, and a non-fibril-forming and hot-melt-processable component having a melting point below 320° c.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Prefilled syringe, gasket for use in prefilled syringe, and gasket production method

When a laminated gasket product is demolded from a mold in production thereof by a conventional production process, the gasket product is rubbed against the mold and, therefore, minute scratches are formed on a surface of the gasket product. The minute scratches may impair the reliable sealability of a liquid drug.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.


Laminated mat with endcap

An improved laminated mat is disclosed and includes a plurality of layers and end caps. The plurality of layers may be formed of wood, synthetic materials, wood, metal, or a combination of such materials.
The Modern Group, Ltd.


Cap, button group and forming button group

There is provided a cap, which is one part of a button fastener. The cap comprises a bottom and a circumferential side rising from an edge of the bottom.
Ykk Corporation


Method of manufacturing transparent electrode film for display and transparent electrode film for display

Provided herein is a method for forming a transparent electrode film for display and the transparent electrode film for display, the method comprising forming an electrode pattern by printing a fine electrode pattern on a release film using a conductive ink composition; forming an insulating layer by applying an insulating resin on the release film on which the electrode pattern has been formed; forming a substrate layer by laminating a substrate on the insulating layer; and removing the release film.. .
Inktec Co., Ltd.


Thermosetting resin composition, producing resin composition varnish, prepreg and laminate

Discloses are a thermosetting resin composition containing a maleimide compound including an unsaturated maleimide compound having a specified chemical structure, a thermosetting resin, an inorganic filler, and a molybdenum compound; a laminate plate for wiring boards obtained by coating a base material with a thermosetting resin composition containing a thermosetting resin, silica, and a specified molybdenum compound and then performing semi-curing to form a prepreg, and laminating and molding the prepreg; and a method for manufacturing a resin composition varnish including specified steps. According to the present invention, electronic components having low thermal expansion properties and excellent drilling proccessability and heat resistance, for example, a prepreg, a laminate plate, an interposer, etc., can be provided..
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Copper foil provided with carrier, laminate, printed wiring board, electronic device and fabricating printed wiring board

Provided is a copper foil provided with a carrier in which the laser hole-opening properties of the ultrathin copper layer are good and which is suitable for producing a high-density integrated circuit substrate. A copper foil provided with a carrier having, in order, a carrier, an intermediate layer, and an ultrathin copper layer, wherein the specular gloss at 60° in an md direction of the intermediate layer side surface of the ultrathin copper layer is 140 or less..
Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation


Resin composition, prepreg, metal foil with resin, metal-clad laminated plate, and printed wiring board

Resin composition of the present disclosure includes: an epoxy resin; and a hardener, in which the hardener contains a styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer (sma) and an anhydride having only one anhydride group in a molecule. An acid value of the sma is in a range from 300 to 550, inclusive.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Led luminaire

According to one aspect, an led operating network comprises a first circuit board made of a fiberglass reinforced epoxy laminate having power connection terminals that receive ac power, a rectification element, and at least one of a surge protection element and a fuse element. A second circuit board is made of a heat-dissipative material that receives rectified ac electrical power comprising a plurality of cycles from the first circuit board and having a plurality of led dies and at least one led driver circuit.
Cree, Inc.


Unidirectional induction type near field communication device

A unidirectional induction type near field communication device includes an induction layer having an ic chip embedded therein and an induction coil located on a front surface thereof, a wave-absorbing layer of laminated structure made of a mixture of polyester and a high-permeability metal material and bonded to a back surface of the induction layer opposite to the induction coil, and a metal barrier layer bonded to one side of the wave-absorbing layer opposite to the induction layer for enabling the induction layer to achieve a unidirectional nfc based wireless communication with an external mobile electronic device.. .
Winso Technology Company Limited


Solar-module frame profile, solar module and adhesively bonding a solar-module frame profile to the solar-module laminate

A solar-module frame profile for framing a solar-module laminate. The solar-module frame profile has a frame groove formed from a front-side leg and a rear-side leg and a frame-groove crosspiece which spaces apart the front-side leg and the rear-side leg and from which the legs extend away laterally, forming the frame groove along an opening direction.
Hanwha Q Cells Gmbh


Laminate and manufacturing the same and manufacturing rotor

The disclosure relates to a method for manufacturing a laminate used for manufacturing a rotor, the method includes: (a) stamping out a plurality of workpieces from a metal sheet wherein each of the workpieces has a temporarily-interlocking portion; and (b) obtaining a laminate including the workpieces integrated together by the temporarily-interlocking portion, wherein each of the workpieces further has a shaft hole, a magnet insertion hole, and a weight-reducing hole formed between the shaft hole and the magnet insertion hole, and the temporarily-interlocking portion is provided to the weight-reducing hole.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Over-current protection device

An over-current protection device includes two metal foils and a ptc material layer laminated therebetween. The ptc material layer has a volumetric resistivity between about 0.07 Ω-cm and 0.45 Ω-cm.
Polytronics Technology Corp.


Organic electroluminescence device and manufacturing the same

Provided are an organic electroluminescence device capable of enhancing reflectance of an anode, thereby resulting in improved light-emitting efficiency and a method of manufacturing the same. An anode (12), a thin film layer for hole injection (13), an insulating layer (14), an organic layer (15) including a luminescent layer (15c) and a cathode (16) including a semi-transparent electrode (16a) are laminated in order on a substrate (11).
Sony Corporation


Solar cell module manufacturing method and solar cell module manufacturing apparatus

Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a solar cell module (10), said method being provided with: a first step for a first step for manufacturing a laminated body by sequentially stacking and thermocompression-bonding a solar cell (11), sealing material (14), first protection member (12) and second protection member (13); and a second step, which is a step of heating the solar cell (11) of the laminated body, and in which the sealing material (14) is indirectly heated due to a temperature increase of the solar cell (11).. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Co-extruded multi-layer polyester films having hydrolytic stability and improved delamination resistance

A co-extruded multi-layer biaxially oriented polyester film comprising a primary polyester layer and a dissimilar secondary polyester layer adjacent to the primary polyester layer, wherein the primary polyester layer and the secondary polyester layer each comprise a glycidyl ester of a branched monocarboxylic acid, wherein the monocarboxylic acid has from 5 to 50 carbon atoms, and wherein said glycidyl ester is in the form of its reaction product with at least some of the end groups of the polyester; and use thereof as a component of a photovoltaic cell.. .
Dupont Teijin Films U.s. Limited Partnership


Substrate for epitaxial growth, and crystal laminate structure

A crystal laminate structure includes an epitaxial growth substrate including a β-ga2o3-based single crystal and a (010) plane or a plane inclined at an angle not more than 37.5° with respect to the (010) plane as a main surface thereof and a high electrical resistance, and an epitaxial crystal formed on the main surface of the epitaxial growth substrate. The epitaxial crystal includes a ga-containing oxide..
Tamura Corporation


Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof

An organic light emitting diode (oled) display device including: a substrate; first, second and third thin film transistors sequentially laminated over the substrate; a pixel definition layer formed over the substrate and defining a pixel area; and first, second and third organic light emitting diode elements formed over the substrate, sequentially laminated in the pixel area, and respectively connected to the first, second and third thin film transistors.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and solid-state imaging device

The present technology relates to a semiconductor device and a solid-state imaging device of which crack resistance can be improved in a simpler way. The semiconductor device has an upper substrate that is constituted by a si substrate and wiring layers laminated on the si substrate and a second substrate that is constituted by a si substrate and wiring layers laminated on the si substrate and is joined to the upper substrate.
Sony Corporation


Flash memory semiconductor device

The present disclosure provides a method of fabricating a flash memory semiconductor device. In one embodiment, a method of fabricating a resistive memory array includes providing a semiconductor substrate having at least one memory cell array region and at least one shunt region, forming a control gate electrode on the memory cell array region and the shunt region, depositing a dielectric film lamination and a conductive film to cover the control gate electrode and the semiconductor substrate, forming two recesses respectively corresponding to two sides of the control gate electrode on the shunt region, patterning the conductive film to form two sidewall memory gate electrodes and one top memory gate electrode, removing one of the sidewall memory gate electrodes on the memory cell array region, and removing the dielectric film lamination which is exposed from the memory gate electrodes..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

In a semiconductor device (sp1) according to an embodiment, a solder resist film (first insulating layer, sr1) which is in contact with the base material layer, and a resin body (second insulating layer, 4) which is in contact with the solder resist film and the semiconductor chip, are laminated in between the base material layer (2cr) of a wiring substrate 2 and a semiconductor chip (3). In addition, a linear expansion coefficient of the solder resist film is equal to or larger than a linear expansion coefficient of the base material layer, and the linear expansion coefficient of the solder resist film is equal to or smaller than a linear expansion coefficient of the resin body.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Microelectronic die having chamfered corners

A microelectronic die may be formed with chamfer corners for reducing stresses which can lead to delamination and/or cracking failures when such a microelectronic die is incorporated into a microelectronic package. In one embodiment, a microelectronic die may include at least one substantially planar chamfering side extending between at least two adjacent sides of a microelectronic die.
Intel Corporation


Active chip on carrier or laminated chip having microelectronic element embedded therein

A structure including a first semiconductor chip with front and rear surfaces and a cavity in the rear surface. A second semiconductor chip is mounted within the cavity.
Tessera, Inc.


Laminated ceramic electronic component

A laminated ceramic capacitor has a capacitor body of roughly a rectangular solid shape defined by the length, width, and height, as well as a concaved part formed at and along the edges of one side and the other side in the height direction. An external electrode has a base conductor layer whose height-direction wrap-around part is formed inside the concaved part, and a main conductor layer whose height-direction wrap-around part is formed continuously over the height-direction wrap-around part of the base conductor layer through the planar part, except for the concaved part, of one side and the other side of the component body in the height direction.
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.


Photosensitive light-shielding paste and process for producing laminated pattern for touch sensor

An object of the present invention is to provide a photosensitive light-shielding paste for producing a fine laminated pattern comprising a light-shielding layer and an electroconductive layer which functions as a substitute for ito, and this photosensitive light-shielding paste is free from the problems of visible sensing electrode and reflection of the light. Provided is a photosensitive light-shielding paste comprising a pigment, a photosensitive organic compound, and a thermosetting compound wherein proportion of the pigment in the entire solid content is 5 to 50% by mass..
Toray Industries, Inc.


Method of manufacturing linear grid for substrate, and mold and display apparatus manufactured by the same

A method of manufacturing a linear grid on a substrate to form a linear grid pattern of a display panel, the method including: laminating a negative photoresist layer having a linear grid pattern on a first area of a substrate, said substrate including a pattern forming layer disposed thereon; laminating a positive photoresist layer having a linear grid pattern on a second area of the substrate and overlapping at least a portion of the negative photoresist layer of the first area; covering the second area with a mask and exposing the first area; and forming a linear grid pattern by removing the mask and etching the pattern forming layer.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


X-ray analyzer

An x-ray analyzer includes: an excitation source for exciting a sample to radiate a characteristic x-ray; an x-ray detector that detects the characteristic x-ray; a collimator; at least one window that is provided between the sample and the x-ray detector and allows the characteristic x-ray to pass through; and a cooling unit that cools the window, wherein the window is laminated with one or more layer of an aluminum film and one or more layer of an insulating film, wherein a total thickness of the aluminum film of the at least one window is equal to or greater than 150 nm and is less than 300 nm, and wherein a size of the collimator is set such that a quantity of radiant heat to the x-ray detector of the atmospheric temperature when the window is not present is equal to or less than 10 μw.. .
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation


Capacitive sensor sheet and capacitive sensor

The present invention aims to provide a capacitive sensor sheet excellent in detection sensitivity and detection accuracy in measuring changes in capacitance, and the capacitive sensor sheet of the present invention includes: a dielectric layer including an elastomer composition (a); a top electrode layer laminated on the obverse surface of the dielectric layer; and a bottom electrode layer laminated on the reverse surface of the dielectric layer, wherein portions at which the top electrode layer and the bottom electrode layer intersect as viewed in a thickness direction serve as a plurality of detection portions, and the capacitive sensor sheet further includes at least one of: a top covering electrode layer formed over the top electrode layer so as to cover the detection portions with a top flexible layer including an elastomer composition (b1) interposed therebetween; and a bottom covering electrode layer formed over the bottom electrode layer so as to cover the detection portions with a bottom flexible layer including an elastomer composition (b2) interposed therebetween, whereby the capacitive sensor sheet is used for measuring changes in capacitance in the detection portions.. .
Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.



A valve includes a valve disc and annular-plate shaped leaf valves. The leaf valves are laminated on each of the one chamber side and the other chamber side of the valve disc.
Kyb Corporation


Material with self-locking barbs

A textured sheet of ductile material with self-locking barbs extending from a face of the sheet of ductile material. Each self-locking barb is curved so that one side is convex and an opposite side is concave, and a thrust line perpendicular to the face of the sheet lies entirely within each self-locking barb.


Fan blade root

A dovetail root of a fan blade configured for operation within the fan assembly of a gas turbine engine. The dovetail root is imparted with a compressive residual stress layer along the outer faces of the dovetail root preventing crack formation within the dovetail root when the gas turbine engine is in operation.
United Technologies Corporation


Package substrate and manufacturing method thereof

A manufacturing method of a package substrate is provided. A first base is formed.
Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.


Method of making laminates having reduced oxygen permeability

Laminates of polymeric films and solvent-based polyurethane adhesive formulations for preparing them are provided. The adhesive formulations include a hydroxyl-terminated polyester that forms crystalline polyester domains after reaction with an appropriate polyisocyanate, but prior to completion of cure.
Rohm And Haas Company


Thermosetting resin composition, producing resin composition varnish, prepreg and laminate

Discloses are a thermosetting resin composition containing a maleimide compound including an unsaturated maleimide compound having a specified chemical structure, a thermosetting resin, an inorganic filler, and a molybdenum compound; a laminate plate for wiring boards obtained by coating a base material with a thermosetting resin composition containing a thermosetting resin, silica, and a specified molybdenum compound and then performing semi-curing to form a prepreg, and laminating and molding the prepreg; and a method for manufacturing a resin composition varnish including specified steps. According to the present invention, electronic components having low thermal expansion properties and excellent drilling processability and heat resistance, for example, a prepreg, a laminate plate, an interposer, etc., can be provided..
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Thermosetting resin composition and uses thereof

A thermosetting resin composition comprising a thermosetting resin, an inorganic filler, and an organomolybdenum compound is disclosed. The thermosetting resin composition may be used for preparing a resin vanish and a prepreg, wherein the prepreg is used for laminates and printed circuit boards..
Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.


Translucent white polymer composition and its use in glass laminates and other articles

Provided herein is a translucent white polymer composition suitable for use as a safety glass interlayer. The translucent white polymer composition comprises a pigment and a polymeric resin that comprises an ionomer of an ethylene acid copolymer.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Method for manufacturing glass film laminate, glass film laminate, and manufacturing electronic device

Provided are a glass film layered body and a method for manufacturing a glass film layered body whereby glass film yield and nondefective product rate are enhanced while handling properties of the glass film are enhanced. A method for manufacturing a glass film layered body fabricated by layering a glass film on a support glass, the method provided with an ultrasonic wave application step for applying ultrasonic waves to at least peripheral parts of the glass film and the support glass, a cleaning step for cleaning the glass film and support glass which have undergone the ultrasonic wave application step, and a layering step for layering the glass film on the support glass which has undergone the cleaning step and fabricating a glass film layered body..
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and forming the outer layers of a glass laminate sheet

An apparatus (10) for forming the outer layers of a glass laminate sheet comprises a reservoir (12), individual first (14a) and second (14b) distributors extending below and in fluid communication with the reservoir, and first (30a) and second (30b) slots positioned respectively at the bottom of the first and second distributors. The slots have a length, the distributors have sides and a middle, and the length of the slots on the sides of the distributors is desirably decreased relative to the length of the slots in the middle of the distributors.
Corning Incorporated


Manufacturing design and fabrication for microfluidic busses, valve arrays, pumps, and other microfluidic systems employing interlaminate-spanning structures

The present application addresses manufacturing design and fabrication techniques for active conduit-based microfluidic and micro-scale gas-flow systems comprising valves and/or pumps of arbitrary complexity, and in particular comprising complex structures such as valve arrays, bus structures, and intricate or high-replication microfluidic and micro-scale gas-flow arrangements and configurations. Of special value in implementing such complex flow-network topologies in compact volumes is the use of stack of specifically-configured laminate layers linked by electrically-operated, pneumatically operated or fluidicly-operated interlaminate-spanning flow-valve structures and pumps comprising interlaminate-spanning structure..


Multi-stage debulk and compaction of thick composite repair laminates

A method for fabricating a repair laminate for a composite part having an exposed surface includes applying a release film to the exposed surface and forming an uncured ply stack assembly on the release film. The uncured ply stack assembly is formed by forming and compacting a series of uncured ply stacks.
Textron Innovations Inc.


Method for manufacturing one-sided thin polarizing plate

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a single-faced thin polarizing plate, including: supplying a process film to one surface of a polarizer having a thickness of 50 μm or less; supplying a protection film to the other surface of the polarizer; forming an adhesive layer by supplying an adhesive composition between the polarizer and the protection film; pressing a laminate of the process film/the polarizer/the protection film by disposing a pair of pressing units on a surface of each of the process film and the protection film; and stripping the process film, in which stripping force between the polarizer and the process film is 1.0 n or less.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Method for imparting elasticity to a non-woven material / elastomer laminate

A tension is imparted to the web in the longitudinal direction or machine direction during its unrolling between the toothing, particularly by providing a tensioner roll, particularly downstream of the sets of toothing.. .


Vacuum ring for producing laminated assembly and producing laminated assembly using the same

The present disclosure provides a vacuum ring for removing bubbles of a laminated assembly and a method for bonding the laminated assembly using the same. The vacuum ring includes an indented portion receiving a laminated assembly to be sealed, and an inner space of the indented portion is in communication with a vacuum source to remove the bubbles.
Hyundai Motor Company


Wood-plastic pvc floorboard

A wood-plastic pvc floorboard comprises a pvc main body layer and an underlying substrate wood-plastic layer. The pvc main body layer and the wood-plastic layer are stuck together through glue.


Transparent multilayer film containing poly(meth)acrylimide-based resin layer, and producing said transparent multilayer film

Embodiments of the invention provide a transparent poly(meth)acrylimide-based resin multilayer film exhibiting excellent surface smoothness, transparency, outer appearance, and resistance to puchability. According to at least one embodiment, there is provided a method for producing said transparent multilayer film, in which the transparent multilayer film in which a first poly(meth)acrylimide-based resin layer (α1), an aromatic polycarbonate-based resin layer (β), and a second poly(meth)acrylimide-based resin layer (α2) are directly laminated in said order, and in that the total light transmittance exceeds 90% and the haze is 2.0% or lower.
Riken Technos Corporation


Stand up pouch

A recyclable stand up pouch (sup) is prepared using a polyethylene structure having a first web and a second web. Each of the first web and second web contains at least one layer of high density polyethylene (hdpe) to provide stiffness.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Matte thermal laminating film and preparing method thereof

A scratch resistant matte thermal laminating film and a method for preparing the same are provided. The scratch resistant matte thermal laminating film includes scratch resistant matte substrate, an intermediate layer and a hot melt adhesive layer.
Jiangsu Kangdexin Composite Material Co., Ltd.


Composite laminate with reinforcement of metal mesh

A composite laminate includes two composite layers, at least one metal mesh of high strength and high capability of absorbing impact energy, and multiple unidirectional fibrous layers, wherein the metal mesh and the unidirectional fibrous layers are disposed between the two composite layers. By adding the metal mesh to a composite laminate for making parts, such as front forks, frames, and seat posts of bicycles, an interlocking structure can be formed in the composite laminate.
Advanced Materials Technology Innovation Company


Nonwoven fabric and reinforcing laminate

In a nonwoven fabric, uniaxially oriented bodies each including a thermoplastic resin layer and first and second adhesive layers respectively stacked on both surfaces of the thermoplastic resin layer and having melting points lower than that of a thermoplastic resin constituting the thermoplastic resin layer are warp-weft laminated with the first or second adhesive layer interposed between the uniaxially oriented bodies in such a manner that orientation axes thereof intersect each other. The nonwoven fabric has a mass per unit area of 5 to 13 g/m2, a layer composition ratio of the first adhesive layer, the thermoplastic resin layer, and the second adhesive layer in each of the uniaxially oriented bodies is 20/60/20 to 30/40/30, and an average value of bending resistances by a cantilever method is less than or equal to 50 mm..
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation


Method for improving laminate quality during resin transfer molding

A process for manufacturing a ceramic matrix composite component, said process comprising inserting at least one fibrous sheet into a resin transfer molding system. The process includes wetting the at least one fibrous sheet with a pre-ceramic polymer resin.
United Technologies Corporation


Solid state drawing laminated polymer billets

Solid state draw a laminated polymer billet containing two or more polymer compositions laminated to one another to prepare an oriented polymer composition.. .
Eovations, Llc


Staggered bevel for continuous compression molding tooling dies

Continuous compression molding process and apparatus for fabricating thermoplastic composite parts from pre-formed thermoplastic composite laminates with tooling dies have a staggered bevel feature at an entry side of the tooling dies. Staggering the length of the bevel feature in each section between bends in a surface contour along the width of the incoming edge of the tooling dies prevents excess material from being trapped and forming wrinkles in the finished thermoplastic part.
The Boeing Company


Machine and process for providing a pressurized liquid stream with dissolved gas

A machine and process for providing a gas liquid mixture are described. The process can include providing a pressurized fluid stream that includes a mixture of a gas and a liquid; and subjecting the fluid stream to a series of alternating flow regions that include a plurality of laminar flow regions and turbulent flow regions.
Nanogas Technologies Inc


Highly durable dual use catheter for analyte sensing and drug delivery

This invention pertains to the concept of creating a strip that contains one or more amperometric biosensing electrodes and integrating this strip into the outer wall of a hollow catheter (cannula). The electrodes can be used for continuous sensing of an analyte such as glucose and the hollow lumen can be used concurrently for delivery of a drug such as insulin.
Pacific Diabetes Technologies


Polymer-grafted nanobins

Provided herein are small unilaminar vesicles with surface-displayed polymer moieties, and methods of use and manufacture thereof. In particular, provided herein are polymer-grafted nanobins, and methods of drug delivery therewith..
Northwestern University


Ostomy pouch laminate

A laminate (200) for a pouch (100) for collecting excreted waste, such as an ostomy pouch, comprises one or more porous layers (5). An adsorbent material is impregnated within the one or more porous layers (5) and a first polymer sheet (8) is attached to a first side of the one or more porous layers (5).
Wilton Trustees (iom) Limited

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