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Lamina patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lamina-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lamina-related patents
 Electronic device patent thumbnailElectronic device
An electronic device including a body case which has an accommodating section at least partially in a curved shape, a frame which has a first frame section and a second frame section having a width shorter than a width of the first frame section, and is accommodated in the accommodating section, and a circuit board which is accommodated in the accommodating section so as to be laminated on the frame, and provided so as not to overlap with the second frame section when viewed from a laminated direction of the frame.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

 Embedded printed circuit board and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailEmbedded printed circuit board and manufacturing the same
A printed circuit board in which an electronic component is embedded and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The printed circuit board includes a first insulation layer with a first via and a cavity formed therein, the first insulation layer comprising a photosensitive material, an electronic component having at least a portion thereof positioned into the cavity, and a second insulation layer having a second via that is connected with the first via, the second insulation layer being laminated on the first insulation layer so as to embed the electronic component..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Heatable laminated side pane patent thumbnailHeatable laminated side pane
A heatable laminated side pane is described. The heatable laminated side pane comprises at least an outer pane and an inner pane, which are connected to each other via a thermoplastic intermediate layer.
Saint-gobain Glass France

 Methods and systems of air bubble flushing in liquid cooled generators patent thumbnailMethods and systems of air bubble flushing in liquid cooled generators
A liquid cooled generator is provided having a rotor having a central core and a main stator winding wrapped around the central core. A first laminate at a first end of the central core is provided having a first orifice defining a first diameter and a second laminate at a second end of the central core is provided having a second orifice defining a second diameter that is the same as the first diameter.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Dynamo-electric machine with a brake patent thumbnailDynamo-electric machine with a brake
A dynamo-electric machine includes a stator and a rotor interacting with the stator and including a laminated core. A shaft configured for rotation about an axis is connected to the rotor in a torsion-resistant manner.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Rotor with permanent magnets patent thumbnailRotor with permanent magnets
A rotor with permanent magnets comprising: a stack of laminations forming the core of the rotor having an axis, housings spaced evenly apart on the circumference of the rotor and located in the core of the rotor, some of which receive at least one element in the form of a permanent magnet held radially and axially inside the housing between an inner axial part of the housing and an outer axial part, the inner axial part of the housing comprising two concave portions and a protruding portion extending axially according to the axis, the protruding portion being radially closer to the inner axial face of the magnet than the two concave portions. Moreover, recesses are provided in the core and positioned between the housings on a trajectory successively linking the protruding portions of consecutive housings..
Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur

 Electronic device including non-contact charging module patent thumbnailElectronic device including non-contact charging module
This communication apparatus makes it possible to have a non-contact charging module and a sheet antenna coexist, even in the case where there the non-contact charging module and the sheet antenna in the communication apparatus. The apparatus is provided with: a housing; a secondary-side non-contact charging module, which is housed in the housing, receives power by means of electromagnetic induction, and has a first coil having a conducting wire wound thereon, and a first magnetic sheet facing the first coil; and an nfc antenna, which is housed in the housing, and has a second coil having a conducting wire wound thereon, and a second magnetic sheet facing the second coil.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Composite substrate and rigid substrate patent thumbnailComposite substrate and rigid substrate
A composite substrate has a rigid substrate that includes: a core layer, a first laminated layer on a first surface of the core layer, and a second laminated layer on a second surface of the core layer, the rigid substrate having a cutout in the core layer and the second laminated layer on one side face of the rigid substrate; and a flexible substrate inserted into the cutout in the rigid substrate on the one side face and laterally and externally protruding from the one side face of the rigid substrate, wherein the rigid substrate has opposing walls each constituted of the second laminated layer and the core layer erected on the first laminated layer to define inner side faces, respectively, of the cutout so as to accommodate the flexible substrate in a direction perpendicular to a direction in which the side face of the rigid substrate extends.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

 Antenna assembly with a multi-band radome and associated methods patent thumbnailAntenna assembly with a multi-band radome and associated methods
An antenna assembly is for a fuselage of an aircraft and includes a first satellite antenna operable in a first frequency range, a second satellite antenna operable in a second frequency range, and a radome covering the first and second satellite antennas. The radome includes, in stacked relation, an inner skin having a quartz fabric and epoxy resin, an inner core having epoxy syntactic foam, a center laminate having quartz fabric and epoxy resin, an outer core having epoxy syntactic foam, and an outer skin having quartz fabric and epoxy resin.
Thales, Inc.

 Method for producing cell patent thumbnailMethod for producing cell
A method for producing cell 1, which includes cell element 4 wherein positive electrode plate 41 and negative electrode plate 42 are laminated with an interposal of separator 43 therebetween; and outer case 5 which houses cell element 4 together with an electrolyte solution. An electrolyte solution injection step for forming cell 1 by having outer case 5 contain cell element 4 and electrolyte solution (step s1), a charging step for charging cell 1 (step s2), and an impregnation condition inspection step for inspecting an impregnation condition of the electrolyte solution into cell element 4 after charging cell 1 are conducted in the order of the electrolyte solution injection step, the charging step and the impregnation condition inspection step..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


A preparing a composite membrane

A method for making a composite membrane includes the steps of coating a first layer of ionomer on an intermediate support, laminating a dry porous support into the wet first layer of ionomer, impregnating the porous support with ionomer from the coated ionomer layer, optionally drying the impregnated porous support and the first layer of ionomer, coating a second layer of ionomer on the impregnated porous support, drying the second layer of ionomer until most of the solvent is evaporated, and delaminating the composite membrane from the intermediate support. The composite membrane thus obtained includes a porous support impregnated with the ionomer and on each side of the impregnated support a dense ionomer layer..
Agfa Gevaert


Battery packaging material, battery, and producing same

A method for producing a battery packaging material, the method including the steps of: providing a battery packaging material including a laminate in which at least a base material layer, a metal layer, and a sealant layer containing a polyolefin resin are laminated in this order; and confirming that the intensity ratio x=p/q is in the range of 0.05 to 0.80 where p is a peak intensity p at 1650 cm−1 originating from c═o stretching vibration of the amide group of an amide-based lubricant, and q is a peak intensity q at 1460 cm−1 originating from bending vibration of the group —ch2— of the polyolefin resin, each of which is measured from an absorption spectrum obtained by splitting reflected light in irradiation of the surface of the sealant layer with an infrared ray, and p/q is a ratio of the peak intensity p to the peak intensity q.. .
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Light extraction film, producing same, and surface light-emitting body

A light extraction film of the present invention relates to a light extraction film for el elements, which enables a surface light emitting body to have a sufficiently improved luminance in the normal direction, while being sufficiently suppressed in emission angle dependence of the wavelength of light emitted therefrom. More specifically, the present invention relates to a light extraction film (10) which is laminated on a substrate of an el element, and which has a recessed and projected structure (13) on the surface.
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Barrier laminate, gas barrier film, and device

Provided are a barrier laminate, a gas barrier film including the barrier laminate, and a device including the gas barrier film. The barrier laminate includes an inorganic layer and a first organic layer, in which the inorganic layer and the first organic layer are in direct contact with each other, the first organic layer is formed by curing a polymerizable composition containing a polymerizable compound, a polymerization initiator, and a silane coupling agent represented by the following formula (1) (in formula (1), r2 represents a halogen element or an alkyl group, r3 represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group, l represents a divalent linking group, and n represents an integer of 0 to 2), the first organic layer contains titanium oxide fine particles, and the inorganic layer is formed on a surface of the first organic layer using a chemical vapor deposition method.
Fujifilm Corporation


Electrode laminate and organic light emitting device element

The present specification provides an electrode laminate including a substrate, an electrode provided on the substrate, and an auxiliary electrode electrically connecting to the electrode and has a laminated structure of a first layer having reflectivity of 80% or greater at a wavelength of 550 nm and a second layer having a higher etching rate compared to the first layer, wherein the auxiliary electrode is either provided between the electrode and the substrate, or provided so that the first layer of the auxiliary electrode adjoins at least part of the side surface of the electrode, and an organic light emitting device including the electrode laminate.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Iii nitride semiconductor epitaxial substrate and iii nitride semiconductor light emitting device, and methods of producing the same

A iii nitride semiconductor epitaxial substrate having more excellent surface flatness is provided, in which the problems of crack formation and the double peaks in the shape of the el spectrum are mitigated by employing appropriate conditions for si doping on an aln layer on a substrate; a iii nitride semiconductor light emitting device; and methods of producing the same. A iii nitride semiconductor epitaxial substrate has a substrate of which at least a surface portion is made of aln, an undoped aln layer formed on the substrate, an si-doped aln buffer layer formed on the undoped aln layer, and a superlattice laminate formed on the si-doped aln buffer layer.
Dowa Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.


Electrode soldering a back contact solar module

An electrode soldering method for a back contact solar module is to place a curved solder part on two electrode solder pads of two solar cells on a substrate respectively, and to solder the curved solder part on the electrode solder pads. The curved solder part includes a curved portion between the two electrode solder pads.
Au Optronics Corp.


Laminated backplane for solar cells

A back contact solar cell structure having a light receiving frontside and a metallized backside of on-cell patterned base and emitter metallization electrically connected to base and emitter regions on a back contact solar cell semiconductor substrate. A backplane laminate layer made of resin and fibers and having a coefficient of thermal expansion relatively matched to the back contact solar cell semiconductor substrate is attached to the on-cell base and emitter metallization and to portions of the back contact solar cell semiconductor substrate not covered by the on-cell base and emitter metallization..
Solexel, Inc.


Semiconductor device for radiation detection

An insulator layer which is disposed to be opposed to a channel region 41 of a mos transistor and is formed to have a laminated structure of a silicon nitride film 83 and a silicon oxide film 83 and an inverted signal input unit which inputs a signal obtained by inverting an input signal inputted into a source region 43 of a mos transistor into a channel region 41 are provided and the inverted signal input unit includes another gate electrode 82 which is formed on an extended portion of the channel region 41 of the gate electrode 81 in a manner to be adjacent to the gate electrode 81 of the mos transistor and a cmos circuit 80 which inverts an input signal inputted into the source region 43 of the mos transistor in accordance with an input value of the input signal and inputs a signal obtained through inversion in the cmos circuit 80 into another gate electrode 82.. .


Interconnect structures for wafer level package and methods of forming same

A method for forming a device package includes forming a molding compound around a plurality of dies and laminating a polymer layer over the dies. A top surface of the dies is covered by a film layer while the molding compound is formed, and the polymer layer extends laterally past edge portions of the dies.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Methods and devices of laminated integrations of semiconductor chips, magnetics, and capacitance

Semiconductor chip laminates and inductive, capacitive, and electromagnetic shielding laminate structures that can be integrated together to form electronic circuits for use in systems and devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, notebook computers, wearable electronic devices, portable medical devices, servers, networking equipment, industrial equipment, etc. Fabrications of such integrated laminate structures can be modularized into four (4) types of laminates, namely, inductive laminates, capacitive laminates, electromagnetic shielding laminates, and semiconductor chip laminates, which can be vertically laminated together and/or integrated side-by-side with high density to produce the desired electronic circuits, systems, and devices..
Grenotek Integrated, Inc.


Ultra fine pitch pop coreless package

A bottom package for a pop (package-on-package) may be formed with a reinforcement layer supporting a thin or coreless substrate. The reinforcement layer may provide stiffness and rigidity to the substrate to increase the stiffness and rigidity of the bottom package and provide better handling of the substrate.
Apple Inc.


Dicing tape-integrated film for semiconductor back surface and producing the film, and producing semiconductor device

The present invention relates to a dicing tape-integrated film for semiconductor back surface, which includes: a dicing tape including a base material having an asperities-formed surface, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer laminated on the base material, and a film for semiconductor back surface laminated on the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of the dicing tape, in which the dicing tape has a haze of at most 45%.. .
Nitto Denko Corporation


Thermal processing in silicon

A method is provided for the processing of a device having a crystalline silicon region containing an internal hydrogen source. The method comprises: i) applying encapsulating material to each of the front and rear surfaces of the device to form a lamination; ii) applying pressure to the lamination and heating the lamination to bond the encapsulating material to the device; and iii) cooling the device, where the heating step or cooling step or both are completed under illumination..
Newsouth Innovations Pty Limited


Multilayer ceramic capacitor

In an embodiment, a capacitor body 11 of the multilayer ceramic capacitor 10 has protective parts 11a made of ceramics, capacitance-forming parts 11b comprising multiple internal electrode layers 11b1 stacked together with ceramic layers 11b2 placed in between, and a non-capacitance-forming part 11c made of ceramics, in the order of “protective part 11a—capacitance-forming part 11b—non-capacitance-forming part 11c—capacitance-forming part 11b—protective part 11a” from one side to the other side along the laminating direction, and t2 representing the thickness of each protective part 11a in the laminating direction, t3 representing the thickness of each capacitance-forming part 11b in the laminating direction, and t4 representing the thickness of the non-capacitance-forming part 11c in the laminating direction, satisfy the relationship of “t2<t3≦t4.”. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd


Wound core for stationary induction apparatus

A wound core for stationary induction apparatus is provided that includes a wound core body, the core body being configured with laminated metal ribbons and provided in an upright manner, and a uniting binder provided on the outer circumference of the wound core body more sparsely toward the upper portion of the core body.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Soft magnetic resin composition, soft magnetic adhesive film, soft magnetic film laminate circuit board, and position detection device

A soft magnetic resin composition contains soft magnetic particles shaped flat, a resin component, and polyether phosphate ester. The soft magnetic particles content is 60% by volume or more and the polyether phosphate ester content relative to 100 parts by mass of the soft magnetic particles is 0.1 to 5 parts by mass..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Base for fixing belt, fixing belt, fixing device, and image forming apparatus

A base for a fixing belt comprising at least: a nickel layer; and a copper layer, both laminated each other, wherein an orientation ratio i(200)/i(111) calculated based on a ratio between a peak strength of (200) crystal face and a peak strength of (111) crystal face by x-ray diffraction analysis of the copper layer is 0.1 or less. The base for the fixing belt further includes a protective layer, disposed on a surface of the copper layer opposite a surface on which the nickel layer is laminated, and the protective layer is formed of nickel..


Method for producing a medical device or a device with structure elements, modifying the surface of a medical device or of a device with structure elements, medical device and laminated composite with a substrate

A medical device with structure elements is made by providing a substrate; optionally depositing a layer of a sacrificial material on the substrate; and applying of a photoresist layer to the substrate. The layer of sacrificial material and structuring of the photoresist layer according to the shape of the structure elements are produced such that first free spaces are formed which are open on the side facing away from the substrate and are delimited by side faces of the photoresist layer.
Acquandas Gmbh


Laminate body

A laminate body includes at least a water-soluble resin film and a resist film formed of a chemically amplified photosensitive resin composition on a surface of an organic semiconductor film in this order, in which the chemically amplified photosensitive resin composition contains a photoacid generator which is decomposed in an amount of 80% by mole or greater when exposed to light under the condition of 100 mj/cm2 or greater at a wavelength of 365 nm, a mask pattern is formed by an exposed portion being hardly soluble in a developer containing an organic solvent, and the formed mask pattern is used as an etching mask.. .


Electrochromic device

In an electrochromic device, upper and lower electrodes are formed respectively on upper and lower substrates, and an electrochromic laminate is sandwiched between upper and lower central regions of the upper and lower electrodes. A looped spacer is disposed between the upper and lower electrodes to surround the electrochromic laminate.
Tintable Smart Material Co., Ltd.


Lens member manufacturing method, lens member, curved surface shape pattern manufacturing method, and resin film for forming curved surface shape pattern

To provide a method for producing a lens member with which an intended lens shape can be formed on an arbitral substrate, and a lens member and a curved surface shape pattern which are produced by the said method. Also to provide a resin film for forming a curved surface shape pattern with which a lens can be formed.
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Low field magnetic resonance imaging methods and apparatus

According to some aspects, a laminate panel is provided. The laminate panel comprises at least one laminate layer including at least one non-conductive layer and at least one conductive layer patterned to form at least a portion of a b0 coil configured to contribute to a b0 field suitable for use in low-field magnetic resonance imaging (mri)..
Hyperfine Research, Inc.


Laminate design-based radio frequency coil unit for mri

A radio frequency coil unit (10) for use in a magnetic resonance imaging system, the radio frequency coil unit (10) comprising: at least one electrically insulating substrate (18); at least one radio frequency coil member (12) disposed at a first side (22) of the electrically insulating substrate (18); a first capacitor member (26) disposed at the first side (22) of the electrically insulating substrate (18) and galvanically connected to the at least one radio frequency coil member (12); a second capacitor member (28) disposed at a second side (24) of the electrically insulating substrate (18) which is opposite of the first side (22); wherein the first capacitor member (26) and the second capacitor member (28) at least partially overlap in a direction (20) perpendicular to a sur face of the electrically insulating substrate (18); and wherein the at least one radio frequency coil member (12), the first capacitor member (26) and the second capacitor member (28) are part of a radio frequency resonance circuit having a resonance frequency that coincides with the larmor frequency, which is determined by a magnetic field strength of the magnetic resonance imaging system and the species of nuclei under investigation. The capacitor structure at the second side of the substrate has an integrated resonant loop structure of which the resoance properties are indicative of the capacitor values formed by the overlapping capacitor members..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Systems and methods for insulating a pipe

A pipe insulation product including a core of insulating material and a laminate. The core includes a cylindrical outer surface; a cylindrical inner surface; and a wall extending between the cylindrical outer surface and the cylindrical inner surface.
Johns Manville


Connecting device of pellet chamber and gearbox

A connecting device for connecting a pellet chamber to a gearbox, includes an adapting disc and an annular adapter. The adapting disc has a front side fixedly connected with the pellet chamber, a rear side fixedly connected with a front side wall of the gearbox, and a through hole disposed at a middle part.
Jiangsu Muyang Holdings Co., Ltd.


Copper film with large grains, copper clad laminate having the same and manufacturing copper clad laminate

The present invention provides a copper film with large grains, where, at least one surface, more than 50% area of the copper film is [100]-oriented grains, and the average size of [100]-oriented grains is more than 150 μm. The grains on the copper film have large grain sizes and high preferred orientation, so that the copper film is provided with excellent properties such as flexibility, stability and electro-migration resistance.
National Chaio Tung University


Electro-synthetic or electro-energy cell with gas diffusion electrode(s)

There is provided a new type of electro-synthetic (electrochemical) or electro-energy cell, such as a fuel cell. The cell includes a liquid electrolyte and at least one gas diffusion electrode (gde).
Aquahydrex Pty Ltd.


Highly abrasion-resistant technical adhesive tape with double-layer liner

An abrasion-resistant adhesive tape (1), that can be formed into a roll, preferably a cable winding tape (1), with a strip-shaped double-layer substrate (2) with a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating (3) on one side. The substrate (2) having a first textile fabric layer (4) and a second textile fabric layer (5), being permanently connected by an adhesive connection layer (6).
Coroplast Fritz Muller Gmbh & Co. Kg


Laminate and application therefor

The laminate has, on a support (a), an adhesive layer having a softening point of 250° c. Or higher (b), a protective layer (c), and a device wafer (d) in this order, in which the adhesive layer (b) is a cured product of an adhesive layer precursor and the adhesive layer precursor has a polymerizable compound (b-1)..


Poly(phenylene ether) resin composition, prepreg, metal-clad laminate, and printed-wiring board

A poly(phenylene ether) resin composition includes a modified poly(phenylene ether) copolymer, a polymer substance having a weight-average molecular weight larger than that of the modified poly(phenylene ether) copolymer, and a compound compatible with the modified poly(phenylene ether) copolymer. The modified poly(phenylene ether) copolymer is produced by modifying the phenolic hydroxyl group in a molecular terminal of a poly(phenylene ether) copolymer with a compound having a carbon-carbon unsaturated double bond.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Fluorine-containing modified bismaleimide resin

A modified bismaleimide resin is made by modify bismaleimide with aromatic diamine that contains fluoro substituents through chain-growth polymerization; and modified bismaleimide resin is excellent in physical properties including a low dielectric constant dk (3 ghz) less than 3.0, a dissipation factors (3 ghz) less than 0.02, a low resin water absorptivity ranging from 0.21% to 0.33% and an excellent processability, and is particularly suited for producing a copper clad laminate that is required to have dielectric constant dk (3 ghz) less than 3.. .
Nan Ya Plastics Corporation


Composition, adhesive agent, adhesive sheet, and laminate

The present invention provides a composition obtained by blending a polythiol compound (a), an isocyanate group-containing compound (b) and a radical generator (c), wherein the polythiol compound (a) is at least one compound selected from an aliphatic polythiol and an aromatic polythiol each of which has a thiol group binding to a primary carbon atom and may contain a hetero atom. The present invention thus provides a composition capable of bonding a rubber member, particularly a vulcanized rubber member, strongly, readily and within a short time, an adhesive and an adhesive sheet using the composition, and a laminate produced by bonding a rubber layer using at least one of these adhesive composition and adhesive sheet..
Bridgestone Corporation


Novel compositions and methods to produce triazine-arylhydroxy-aldehyde condensates with improved solubility

Compositions and methods for forming condensates and resin compositions are provided. In one embodiment, a condensate is formed from a reaction mixture including a triazine monomer, an arylhydroxy monomer, an aldehyde monomer and an acid catalyst having a pka value of greater than 3.8.
Hexion Inc.


Improved industrial container for packaging and transporting multiple glass panels or the like

A container to be used as an evelope to protect the perimeter of the block formed by multiple panels packaged into the container, for example flat glass panels or panels of other materials to be transported in the vertical position; the container comprises a framework formed by a set of modular troughs, including an upper trough, a lower trough and a pair of identical side troughs, which are essentially composed of longitudinal profiles with a u-shaped cross-section and a narrow width for receiving a multiple panels; these profiles are made of laminated paper or another suitable material, the profiles of the upper trough and lower trough comprising reinforcement zones for binding by means of strips, the reinforcement zones being formed by the juxtaposition of pairs of steel plates on the flat surface of the longitudinal profiles, while the longitudinal profiles of each side trough also receive a protection cover that has a u-shaped cross-section and is made of steel; the flat inside surface of the profiles of the modular troughs receives internal supports for accommodating and protecting the peripheral edges of the multiple panels packaged inside the framework.. .


Metallized laminated structures for food packaging

The present invention relates to improved metallized laminated structures for making rigid food containers and more particularly to metallized laminated structures for making rigid food containers having a lustrous metallic appearance formed from a laminate comprising a first substrate of thermoformable thermoplastic material; a first metallized layer of vapor deposited tin bonded to the substrate of transparent thermoplastic material; a second metallized layer of vapor deposited aluminum bonded to the first metallized layer of tin; a second substrate of thermoformable thermoplastic material; and a recessed cavity having a food contact surface.. .
Bemis Company, Inc.


Flexible package with reclose region

A reclosable flexible package is described that includes an inner film layer, an outer film layer laminated to the inner film layer, and reclose region defined in a portion of package film layers. The reclose region includes pressure sensitive adhesive disposed between the inner and outer film layers.
Sonoco Development, Inc.


Laminated ball joint connection device between a rotorcraft rotor blade and a lead/lag damper of said blade

A rotorcraft rotor having each of its blades fitted with a lead/lag damper. A connection device between the blade root of a blade under consideration and a lead/lag damper comprises a rod passing through a laminated ball joint secured to a distal endpiece of the lead/lag damper.
Airbus Helicopters


Structures using composite modules and structures made thereby

A large scale composite structure is fabricated by forming a plurality of composite laminate modules and joining the modules together along their edges using scarf joints.. .
The Boeing Company


Electromechanical transducer element, liquid droplet discharge head, and image forming apparatus

An electromechanical transducer element includes a lower electrode, an electromechanical transducer film of a piezoelectric material, and an upper electrode which are laminated. A diffraction intensity peak profile of the film obtained by measurement in which a tilt angle is changed in a position where diffraction intensity of a peak profile corresponding to a {200} plane among peak profiles of the film obtained by measurement according to an x-ray diffraction θ-2θ method is the maximum can be separated into three peak profiles.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Ink printing apparatus

In a printing apparatus a print bar assembly is provided with multiple print bars, a designed space being present between the print bars and a recording medium. A climate control has a feed channel running parallel to a length of the recording medium.
Oce Printing Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method for producing a laminated panel

The invention pertains to a method for manufacturing a sandwich sheet (15) with the steps of: making available an unprocessed sandwich sheet (9) with a first metal sheet (10), a second metal sheet (11) and a plastic layer (12), in which the plastic layer (12) is arranged between the two metal sheets (10, 11), locally heating the metal sheet (10, 11) and locally heating the plastic layer (12) in a local connecting region (14), deforming the metal sheet (10, 11) in the local connecting region (14) such that the heated plastic layer (12) is displaced between the two metal sheets (10, 11) in the local connecting region (14) and the two metal sheets (10, 11) are contacted in the local connecting region (14), and welding together the first and the second metal sheet (10, 11) in the local connecting region (14), in which the two metal sheets (10, 11) were contacted, such that the two metal sheets (10, 11) are connected to one another by means of a welded joint (16) in the local connecting region (14), wherein a tool (17) is placed onto the outer side of the metal sheet (10, 11) in the local connecting region (14) and the tool (17) is moved relative to the metal sheet (10, 11) on the outer side of the metal sheet (10, 11) in the local connecting region (14) such that the metal sheet (10, 11) is heated in the local connecting region (14) due to the friction between the tool (17) and the metal sheet (10, 11) and the plastic layer (12) is heated in the local connecting region (14) by the heated metal sheet (10, 11).. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc



The laminate comprises a layer a including a polyvinyl acetal (a), a plasticizer (ap), and a dispersant (ad), and a layer b including a polyvinyl acetal (b) and a plasticizer (bp) and optionally including a dispersant (bd). A mass ratio of the dispersant (ad) with respect to the plasticizer (ap) is larger than a mass ratio of the dispersant (bd) with respect to the plasticizer (bp).


Multilayer polymeric sheets and light weight laminates produced therefrom

A multilayer polymeric sheet comprising three layers is provided. The two outer layers of the multilayer polymeric sheet comprise an ionomeric composition and are positioned on either side of the inner layer of the multilayer polymeric sheet, which comprises an ethylene vinyl acetate (eva) composition.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Protective film forming film, sheet for forming protective film, and inspection method

Provided is a sheet 2 for forming a protective film including a protective film-forming film 1 of which the light transmittance at a wavelength of 1600 nm is 25% or greater, and light transmittance at a wavelength of 550 nm is 20% or less, and a release sheet 21 which is laminated on one or both surfaces of the protective film-forming film 1. According to such a sheet 2 for forming a protective film, cracks existing in a workpiece or a manufactured product obtained by processing the workpiece can be inspected and a protective film in which grinding marks existing in the workpiece or the manufactured product are not visually recognized can be formed..
Lintec Corporation


Damage-resistant glass articles and method

A strengthened glass article has opposing first and second compressively stressed surface portions bound to a tensilely stressed core portion, with the first surface portion having a higher level of compressive surface stress than the second surface portion for improved resistance to surface damage, the compressively stressed surface portions being provided by lamination, ion-exchange, thermal tempering, or combinations thereof to control the stress profiles and limit the fracture energies of the articles.. .
Corning Incorporated


Composite material manufacturing method and copper clad laminate manufactured by the same

Provided is a method for manufacturing a composite material having a thin thickness, a low thermal expansion coefficient and a high thermal dissipation characteristic, the composite material manufactured by the manufacturing method, and a copper clad laminate using the composite material. The composite material using a unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg fabric manufactured through the steps of: manufacturing a unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg; cutting the manufactured unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg to a given width; weaving the unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg cut to the given width to form a fabric; and curing the woven unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg fabric..


Metal and graphite laminate

The present invention is a laminate sheet having two laminae. The first lamina is a relatively hard material having first and second surfaces.
R.a. Investment Management S.a.r.l.


Methods and producing scored mediums, and articles and compositions resulting therefrom

Methods and apparatus for making scored mediums, particularly but not exclusively for use in the corrugated board arts, and articles of manufacture and compositions made there with and made there by. When at least one scored medium is used in a layered or laminated article, and particularly when selectively used as a liner member and/or fluted member in a corrugated board, whether as part of a corrugated board article of manufacture or a laminate with at least one other member, the article will possess mechanical qualities superior to those that would otherwise exist if a non-scored medium was/were used.
Scorrboard, Llc


Laminate and application thereof

The laminate has a device wafer, a protective layer, a release layer, and a support substrate in this order, in which the protective layer is in contact only with the device wafer and the release layer, the release layer is in contact only with the protective layer and the support substrate, and the release layer contains a fluorine atom and/or a silicon atom.. .


Crimped fiber spunbond nonwoven webs/laminates

Nonwoven webs/nonwoven laminates for use in absorbent articles are disclosed. The nonwoven laminate includes a first nonwoven web with continuous spunbond crimped fibers and a second web joined to the first nonwoven web.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Method and system for manufacturing of a moulded cfrp part

A method for manufacturing of a cfrp part includes laying out one or more pre-preg or composite plies, on a mould comprising a marking tool, forming an uncured laminate with a guiding mark on the uncured laminate using curing the laminate giving the part the final shape with the guiding mark and trimming and/or drilling the cfrp part taking as reference the guiding mark. There are also provided a mould for moulding and curing a cfrp part comprising a marking tool adapted to perform a guiding mark on a fresh cfrp part, and a system for manufacturing of a moulded cfrp part..
Airbus Operations S.l.


Welding device for producing tubular bodies

The invention relates to a welding device (1) for producing tubular bodies by the edge-side welding of two substrate edges (2, 3), in particular two laminate edges, said welding device having a continuous, circulating first contact belt (5) for coming into contact with the substrate (4), and an energy source (12, 13) for providing welding energy. According to the invention, the first contact belt (5) has a seamless polyimide contact surface (35) for coming into contact with the substrate (4)..
Packsys Global (switzerland) Ltd.


Method for producing nanoimprint mold

In the method, a sidewall pattern is formed in a side wall of a first resist pattern that is formed on a second hard mask layer of a base material in which first and second hard mask layers are laminated in the order of description, a second hard mask pattern is formed by etching the second hard mask layer by using the sidewall pattern as a mask, a first hard mask pattern is formed by etching the first hard mask layer by using, as a mask, the second hard mask pattern and a second resist pattern that is formed on the first hard mask layer of the base material, and the first and second fine patterns are formed by etching the base material by using the first hard mask pattern as a mask.. .
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Article for magnetic heat exchange and manufacturing the same

Method of manufacturing a reactive sintered magnetic article, a composite article comprising a mantle and at least one core and a laminate article comprising two or more composite articles are provided which each comprise (la1-ama) (fe1-b-c-tb-y-c)13-dxe, wherein 0≦a≦0.9, 0≦b≦0.2, 0.05≦c≦0.2, −1≦d≦+1, 0≦e≦3.. .
Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Co. Kg


Gradient nanofiber filter media

Composite filter media is formed from multiple layers of media material including a nanofiber media layer, where the layers are laminated, bound, or otherwise composited to each other. The composite filter media can comprise at least one nanofiber layer comprising polymeric media material having a geometric mean fiber diameter of about 100 nm to 1 μm, and fibers configured in a gradient such that ratio of the geometric mean diameter of fibers at the upstream face of the nanofiber layer to the geometric mean diameter of fibers at the downstream face of the nanofiber layer is about 1.1 to 2.8, preferably about 1.2 to 2.4..
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.


Fire protection device for electrical equipments

A fire protection device for electrical equipments, which is positioned or mounted near the electrical equipment or wrapped around said electrical equipment, comprising a laminar sheet or structure made of a fire-retardant and foaming material, which has a plurality of openings or holes, capable to allow ventilation of the electrical equipments to which the device is applied, said openings or holes being able to close as the temperature increases.. .
Everet Duklair S.r.l


Crimped fiber spunbond nonwoven webs/laminate

A disposable absorbent article having a crimped fiber spunbond nonwoven web is described herein. The disposable absorbent article has a topsheet, a backsheet attached to the topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Interlaminar fixation device

An interlaminar fixation device (“ilfd”) and related tools for implanting and extracting the ilfd in surgical procedures to provide support for patients having degenerative spinal conditions. The ilfd comprises an implant body, a pair of fixation pin assemblies, and a locking plug.


Collapsing clothing display fixture

The subject invention comprises a collapsible display fixture that includes a base, two vertical support posts that can accept vertical display panels, a horizontal crossbar and hinge that connects each vertical support post to the base. The hinge may be one of two forms, either a hinge with an axis of rotation at an angle of 2-6 degrees, or preferably 3 degrees, or a hinge with a rotatable base that allows the hinge to be rotated 2-6 degrees, or preferably 3 degrees.
Opto International, Inc.


Circuit board, package substrate and electronic device

A circuit board, and a package substrate and an electronic device that includes a circuit board are disclosed. The circuit board includes a core layer, a base pattern layer disposed on the core layer and a through-hole conductor that goes through the core layer, the base pattern layer including a circuit pattern that includes a conductive pad on the through-hole conductor, an insulator layer including at least one insulating layer stacked on the core layer and the base pattern layer, and a laminated pattern layer including a plurality of vias and a laminated circuit pattern, the plurality of vias penetrating the insulating layer, and the laminated circuit pattern being disposed on the insulating layer and including a plurality of via pads formed on the vias respectively..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Multilayer substrate manufacturing method and multilayer substrate

In a method for manufacturing a multilayer substrate, conductive patterns to define mounting electrodes are formed on a principal surface of a first base layer, and conductive patterns are formed on principal surfaces of other base layers. The base layers are stacked such that the principal surface of the first base layer is the outermost surface.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Imaging apparatus and camera system

An imaging apparatus that forms an image of a light beam transmitted through an imaging lens on an imaging element includes a laminated material that is provided on the imaging element, the light beam being transmitted through the laminated material, the laminated material being provided at a position at which an end portion of an upper surface of the laminated material allows an outermost light beam out of light beams to be transmitted therethrough, the light beams entering a pixel in an outer end portion of the imaging element in an effective pixel area, the position having a width hopt.. .
Sony Corporation


Apparatus and methods for tunable filters

Apparatus and methods for tunable filters are provided. In certain configurations, a tunable filter includes a semiconductor die attached to a laminated substrate, such as a substrate of a multi-chip module (mcm).
Newlans, Inc.


Laminate and manufacturing the same and manufacturing laminated core

This disclosure relates to a method for manufacturing a laminate used for manufacturing a laminated core including a circumferential yoke part and a plurality of magnetic pole parts radially extending from the yoke part. This method includes: feeding a metal sheet drawn from a roll thereof to a progressive die; stamping out a plurality of workpieces from the metal sheet in the progressive die, wherein each of the workpiece comprises a temporarily-interlocking portion between adjacent magnetic pole portions; and stacking the workpieces to integrate these workpieces together by the temporarily-interlocking portion to obtain the laminate..
Mitsui High-tec, Inc.


Lithium batteries utilizing nanoporous separator layers

Provided are methods of preparing lithium batteries comprising a separator/electrode assembly having one or more current collector layers interposed between first and second electrode layers of the same polarity, wherein the first electrode layer is coated or laminated overlying a separator layer and the separator/electrode assembly is interleaved with an electrode comprising a current collector layer interposed between two electrode layers of opposite polarity to said first and second electrodes.. .
Optodot Corporation


Oled device packaging method and oled device packaged with same

The present invention provides an oled device packaging method and an oled device packaged with the method. The method includes: (1) providing an oled substrate (20), wherein the oled substrate (20) includes an oled unit (22) formed thereon; (2) using insulation material to form a first frame (24) on the oled substrate (20), wherein the first frame (24) is arranged around and outside the oled unit (22); (3) providing a packaging cover (40); (4) using a low-temperature metal conductive adhesive tape to form a second frame (42) on the packaging cover (40) to correspond in position to the first frame (24), wherein the second frame (42) has a frame member width that is smaller than a frame member width of the first frame (24); (5) aligning and laminating the packaging cover (40) that includes the second frame (42) formed thereon and the oled substrate (20) that comprises the first frame (24) formed thereon in a vacuum environment; and (6) melting the second frame (42) to have the packaging cover (40) and the oled substrate (20) bonded together..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co.


Curable composition and its use for electronic device

The present invention relates to a curable composition for the sealing, encapsulation, or laminating of electronic devices. The curable compositions according to the invention include those having an aliphatic epoxy resin, an aliphatic oxetane resin and a thermal cure initiator, wherein the compositions provide excellent transparency and good moisture barrier property after cure..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Spin transfer torque tunneling magnetoresistive device having a laminated free layer with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy

A spin transfer torque magnetic junction includes a magnetic reference layer structure with magnetic anisotropy perpendicular to a substrate plane. A laminated magnetic free layer comprises at least three sublayers (e.g.
Western Digital (fremont), Llc


Package structure for light emitting device

A package structure for a light emitting device is provided, wherein an anisotropic conductive film (acf) and flip-chip bonding technique can be applied for bonding the light emitting device to a carrier. In addition, plural package units are stacked by performing a build-up process or a lamination process to form a full color micro-display.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Laminate substrates having radial cut metallic planes

A laminate substrate for receiving a semiconductor chip. Included are laminate layers stacked to form the laminate substrate, each laminate layer includes a core that includes particle-filled epoxy and a metallic layer on the core.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for manufacturing laminate, manufacturing sealed substrate laminate, sealed substrate laminate, and sealed substrate

A laminate manufactured by forming a step difference in a substrate by grinding a periphery edge portion to have such a size that a surface on the inner side of the step difference can be housed in a cavity of a die, and then laminating the substrate, an adhesive layer, a release layer, and a support plate in this order such that the surface on the inner side of the step difference of the substrate faces the support plate.. .
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Thin film capacitor

A thin film capacitor comprises: a laminated body that has a base electrode, a dielectric layer and an upper electrode layer; a protective layer covering the base electrode, the dielectric layer and the upper electrode layer, and includes a first through-hole that reaches the base electrode, and a second through-hole that reaches the upper electrode layer; a first extraction electrode in the first through-hole and electrically connected with the base electrode; a second extraction electrode in the second through-hole and electrically connected with the upper electrode layer; a first terminal electrode on the protective layer, and connected with the base electrode through the first extraction electrode; and a second terminal electrode on the protective layer, and connected with the upper electrode layer through the second extraction electrode. Young's modulus of the protective layer is equal to or higher than 0.1 gpa and equal to or lower than 2.0 gpa..
Tdk Corporation


Multilayer ceramic capacitor and mounting board for multilayer ceramic capacitor

There is provided multilayer ceramic capacitor including, a ceramic body including a plurality of dielectric layers laminated therein, an active layer including a plurality of first and second internal electrodes alternately exposed through both end surfaces of the ceramic body, with the dielectric layers interposed therebetween, and having capacitance formed therein, an upper cover layer formed on an upper portion of the active layer, a lower cover layer formed on a lower portion of the active layer and having a thickness greater than that of the upper cover layer, first and second dummy electrode terminals provided in the lower cover layer to be alternately exposed through both end surfaces of the lower cover layer, and first and second external electrodes covering the both end surfaces of the ceramic body.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Over-current protection device and protective circuit module containing the same

An over-current protection device comprises a ptc device and a first external lead. The ptc device comprises first and second conductive layers and a ptc material layer laminated therebetween.
Polytronics Technology Corp.


Insulated wire and dynamo-electric machine using the same

An insulated wire producible at low cost and excellent in heat resistance and voltage resistance and a dynamo-electric machine using the insulated wire are provided. The insulated wire includes a conductor and a resin laminated body covering the conductor and formed by a plurality of resin layers being stacked, wherein the resin layer of an outermost layer in the resin laminated body is formed from a resin having maximum heat resistance among resins forming the plurality of resin layers..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Systems and methods for applying metallic laminates to cables

A laminated cable includes a metal laminate surrounding a cable core having first and second ends. Solder is applied adjacent the ends of the laminate, and is heated and subsequently cooled to form a metal seal.
Abb Technology Ag


Magnetic stack including cooling element

Various embodiments of a magnetic stack are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the magnetic stack includes first and second shield layers, and a magnetically responsive lamination disposed between the first and second shield layers.
Seagate Technology Llc


Hybrid touch-based electronic device and controlling the same

An electronic device capable of detecting a touch and a pressure is provided. The electronic device includes a display interposed between a transparent protective window and a pressure sensing panel, a touch panel on the transparent protective window and electrically connected to a first control circuit to sense a touch input and identify a location of the touch input, a black sheet directly adhered onto a back surface of the display, an insulating layer laminated to a conductive pattern included in the pressure sensing panel under the black sheet, uniformly disposed across an area of the pressure sensing panel substantially aligned with the view area of the display and electrically connected to a second control circuit, wherein the second control circuit identifies a pressure of the touch input and wherein the location and the pressure of the touch input are provided to a main control circuit as a user input..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Array pressure-sensing imaging device

An array pressure sensing imaging device is provided. The array pressure-sensing imaging device includes a flexible surface sensing layer, a pressure sensing layer, a three-dimensional pressure sensing layer, a pressure adjustment layer laminated in a sequence and communicatively connected to a control unit..
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Adhesive sheet for touch panels, laminate for touch panels and capacitive touch panel

An adhesive sheet for touch panels at least includes: a (meth)acrylic adhesive; and a hydrophobic additive, in which a ratio of the number of moles of oxygen atoms with respect to the number of moles of carbon atoms in the (meth)acrylic adhesive is 0.08 to 0.20, a ratio of the number of moles of oxygen atoms with respect to the number of moles of carbon atoms in the hydrophobic additive is 0 to 0.10, the content of the hydrophobic additive is 20 mass % to 80 mass % with respect to the total mass of the adhesive sheet, a ratio of the number of moles of oxygen atoms with respect to the number of moles of carbon atoms contained in the adhesive sheet is 0.03 to 0.15, and a maximum value of loss tangent is shown within a range of −5° c. To 60° c..
Fujifilm Corporation


Reflective mask blank, manufacturing reflective mask blank, reflective mask and manufacturing semiconductor device

Provided is a reflective mask blank capable of facilitating the discovery of contaminants, scratches and other critical defects by inhibiting the detection of pseudo defects attributable to surface roughness of a substrate or film in a defect inspection using a highly sensitive defect inspection apparatus. The reflective mask blank has a mask blank multilayer film comprising a multilayer reflective film, obtained by alternately laminating a high refractive index layer and a low refractive index layer, and an absorber film on a main surface of a mask blank substrate, wherein the root mean square roughness (rms), obtained by measuring a 3 μm×3 μm region on the surface of the reflective mask blank on which the mask blank multilayer film is formed with an atomic force microscope, is not more than 0.5 nm and the power spectrum density at a spatial frequency of 1 μm−1 to 10 μm−1 is not more than 50 nm4..
Hoya Corporation


Rear projected screen materials and processes

Disclosed herein are materials and methods used to form a three dimensional (3d) article having a printed layer thereon. The 3d articles are capable of displaying rear projected images, effectively as a 3d “screen” for displaying an image or a movie.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Contacting of electrochromic devices

An electrochromic device (1) comprises an electrochromic layered structure (10) having a first substrate sheet (21), a second substrate sheet (22), a first (23) and a second (24) electron conducting layer at least partially covering a respective substrate sheet, an electrochromic layer (25) and a counter electrode layer (26) at least partially covering a respective electron conducting layer and an electrolyte layer (30) laminated between and at least partially covering the first electrochromic layer and the counter electrode layer. The electrochromic layered structure also has an area (51, 52) in which the electrochromic layer or the counter electrode layer is not covered by the electrolyte layer.
Chromogenics Ab


Optical film, barrier film, light conversion member, backlight unit, and liquid crystal display device

A liquid crystal display device having high transmittance and a high color reproduction region, which includes a backlight unit including a light conversion member; and a liquid crystal cell and in which the light conversion member includes a light conversion layer containing a fluorescent material and an optical film arranged on both surfaces of the light conversion layer, the optical film includes an optical thin film forming an air interface, and a layer directly adjacent to the optical thin film, the liquid crystal display device satisfies n(535)<nu(535), n(535)×d is in a specific range, transmittance of a laminated body of the optical thin film and the layer directly adjacent to the optical thin film is in a specific range, and the backlight unit emits blue light, green light, and red light.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Method for producing mold for minute pattern transfer, producing diffraction grating using the same, and producing organic el element including the diffraction grating

A method for producing a mold includes: applying a block copolymer solution made of first and second polymers on a base member; performing a first annealing process at a temperature higher than tg of the block copolymer after drying the coating film; forming a concavity and convexity structure on the base member by removing the second polymer by an etching process; performing a second annealing process of the concavity and convexity structure at a temperature higher than tg of the first polymer; forming a seed layer on the structure; laminating or stacking a metal layer on the seed layer by an electroforming; and peeling off the metal layer from the base member. The second annealing process enables satisfactory transfer of a concavity and convexity structure on the base member onto the metal layer..
Tokyo Institute Of Technology


Method and device for detecting defects in coils of brittle or fracture-prone material which is at least partially transparent, and use of said

A method and a device are provided for detecting defects in coils, such as rollable ultra-thin glass, rollable glass films, rollable laminated ultra-thin glasses or films, rollable solar cells, and rollable organic light emitting diodes (oleds).. .
Schott Ag

Lamina topics: Inflatable Bladder, Transverse, Surfactant, Electric Conversion, Semiconductor Material, Semiconductor, Electronic Device, Liquid Crystal, Liquid Crystal Display, Scattering, Planarization, Phosphorus, Epoxy Resin, Copper Clad Laminate, Benzoxazine

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