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Method of depositing a film and film deposition apparatus

Sealing member, sealing method, and method for producing optical semiconductor device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lamina-related patents
 Microstructured absorbable implant patent thumbnailMicrostructured absorbable implant
The production of microstructured surfaces in magnesium alloys, containing zinc as the major alloying element, in particular in absorbable implants such as stents, wherein microstructures in sizes of up to 5 μm (micrometers) are generated on a magnesium alloy base body of the absorbable implant, for example of the absorbable stent, by way of optionally combined, pickling and electrochemical micropolishing processes, and allow better adhesion of a polymer coating (including higher break resistance) and higher corrosion resistance. The microstructured surface is produced out of the bulk material and exhibits no delamination from the base material during the mechanical deformation of the implant..
 Silicone-organic resin composite laminate and manufacturing method thereof, and light-emitting semiconductor apparatus using the same patent thumbnailSilicone-organic resin composite laminate and manufacturing method thereof, and light-emitting semiconductor apparatus using the same
The invention provides a silicone-organic resin composite laminate comprises a laminate in which an organic resin layer containing an inorganic fiber cloth into which a thermosetting organic resin has been impregnated, and a silicone resin layer containing an inorganic fiber cloth into which a curable silicone resin has been impregnated, being laminated with each one or more layers, and metal foils laminated at an uppermost surface and a lowermost surface of the laminate. There can be provided a silicone-organic resin composite laminate which has low linear expansion, good thermal dimensional stability, excellent mechanical characteristics, and excellent heat resistance and light resistance, and is suitable as a mounting substrate for an led which corresponds to increase in luminance of the led mounted substrate..
 Method of depositing a film and film deposition apparatus patent thumbnailMethod of depositing a film and film deposition apparatus
A method of depositing a film including carrying substrates in plural substrate mounting portions formed on a turntable in a peripheral direction by intermittently rotating the turntable, arranging the plural substrate mounting portions in a carry-in and carry-out area, and sequentially mounting the substrates on the substrate mounting portions, depositing a thin film on a surface of each substrate to laminate a reaction product of reaction gases, which mutually react, by repeating a cycle of rotating the turntable to revolve the substrates and alternately supplying the reaction gases onto surfaces of the substrates, reformulating the thin film by heating each substrate sequentially arranged in a heating area adjacent to the carry-in and carry-out area while intermittently rotating the turntable, and carrying each substrate out after sequentially arranging each substrate, the thin film on which is reformulated, in the carry-in and carry-out area by intermittently rotating the turntable.. .
 Sealing member, sealing method, and method for producing optical semiconductor device patent thumbnailSealing member, sealing method, and method for producing optical semiconductor device
A sealing member includes an elongated releasing film, and a plurality of sealing resin layers composed of a sealing resin, the plurality of sealing resin layers being laminated on the releasing film so that the plurality of sealing resin layers are arranged in a row along the longitudinal direction of the releasing film with a space provided therebetween.. .
 Electric storage device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailElectric storage device and manufacturing method thereof
Provided is an electric storage device including: a first electrode plate, a second electrode plate having a polarity opposite to that of the first electrode plate, and a separator interposed between the first electrode plate and the second electrode plate, wherein the first electrode plate includes a current collector, a conductive layer laminated onto the current collector, and a mixture layer laminated onto the conductive layer, the mixture layer contains a binder and primary particles of an active material as its constituents, and the primary particles as a constituent of the mixture layer are partially retained in the conductive layer.. .
 Electric storage device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailElectric storage device and manufacturing method thereof
Provided is an electric storage device including: a first electrode plate; a second electrode plate having a polarity opposite to that of the first electrode plate; and a separator interposed between the first electrode plate and the second electrode plate, wherein the first electrode plate includes a current collector and a mixture layer laminated onto the current collector, the mixture layer contains at least one of the binder and the conductive additive, primary particles of an active material, and secondary particles each having a hollow region formed therein by aggregation of a plurality of the primary particles, and the at least one of the binder and the conductive additive is partially distributed in the hollow region.. .
 Laminated product produced by placing one layer onto a semi set partially cured base layer patent thumbnailLaminated product produced by placing one layer onto a semi set partially cured base layer
A method for producing a laminated product including applying a slab product to at least one surface of a substrate, the method including placing the substrate onto the slab material when the slab product is in a semi set partially cured state, then allowing the laminated product to cure. Preferably the slab is cement based and the substrate is a masonry product, already manufactured and cured, e.g., tiles, mosaics, bench tops.
 Co-cured gel coats, elastomeric coatings, structural layers, and in-mold processes for their use patent thumbnailCo-cured gel coats, elastomeric coatings, structural layers, and in-mold processes for their use
Co-cured urethane and vinyl ester, epoxy, or unsaturated polyester gel coats having improved toughness and flexibility compared with conventional polyester gel coats are disclosed. The gel coats, which have 10-50 wt.
 Laminate, method for producing same, and gas barrier material patent thumbnailLaminate, method for producing same, and gas barrier material
A laminate having high adhesion between a fine cellulose layer and a base material, a method for producing the same, and a gas barrier material. The laminate is such that a fine cellulose layer containing fine cellulose having a carboxyl group is laminated on the base material, and a mixed layer in which the fine cellulose is mixed in the base material is further interposed between the base material and the fine cellulose layer.
 Composite plated film and laminated film patent thumbnailComposite plated film and laminated film
It is provided a steel with composite plating film providing rust prevention over a long time period and a method of manufacturing thereof. A composite plating film 24 is formed on a metal material 21.
Laminated glass intermediate film and laminated glass
The present invention provides an intermediate film for laminated glass which can improve sound insulation. The intermediate film has a layered structure including at least two layers, comprising: a first layer containing a polyvinyl acetal resin and a plasticizer; and a second layer positioned on a first surface of the first layer.
Method for producing a decorated wall, ceiling or floor panel
For simpler production of a waterproof, decorated wall, ceiling or floor panel with improved quality, the invention proposes a process involving the following steps: provision of a panel-shaped carrier and a non-woven fabric, application of an adhesive to one surface of the carrier or to a surface of the non-woven fabric, lamination of the non-woven fabric by means of the applied adhesive to the surface of the carrier, impregnation of the non-woven fabric with a liquid means, hardening of the impregnating agent, application of a sealing layer as a liquid composition and hardening of the sealing layer and/or application of a top layer as a liquid composition and hardening of the top layer.. .
Stretch laminates
A stretch laminate having a first substrate is adhesively attached to an elastic film. The adhesive is applied in a continuous manner to the substrate in a first tack down region which is disposed proximate to an end of the stretch laminate.
Structured-core laminate panels and methods of forming the same
A structured-core laminate panel can be made in an efficient, structurally sound manner, even without the use of adhesives (film or liquid forms) using materials with different melt or glass transition temperatures. In one implementation, a manufacturer positions one or more resin substrates about a structured core member, which comprises a relatively high melt or glass transition temperature compared with that of the one or more resin substrates.
Multilayer barrier film, a packaging laminate comprising the film, a packaging container formed from the packaging laminate and a method for the production of the film
The invention relates to a biaxially oriented multilayer, barrier polymer film, having gas barrier properties and consisting of polymer layers, comprising a polyolefin core layer and a barrier surface layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol (evoh) on a first side of the core layer. The invention further relates to such a vapour deposition coated film, especially a metallised such film.
Fixing member for electrophotographic fixing, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
A fixing member for electrophotographic fixing includes a base body; an elastic layer; and an outermost surface releasing layer. The elastic layer and the outermost surface releasing layer are laminated on the base body.
Power conversion device
A power conversion device includes a laminated unit, a reactor, a shield, and coolant passages. In the laminated unit, flat-plate semiconductor modules housing semiconductor elements and flat-plate cooling plates are laminated.
Retroreflective sheeting including cube corner elements
The present disclosure is directed to lamina(e) comprising cube corner elements, a tool comprising an assembly of laminae and replicas thereof. The disclosure further relates to retroreflective sheeting..
Laminated coil component and method for manufacturing same
A laminated coil component that has dc superimposition characteristics improved without causing an increase in direct-current resistance, and reduces stress which can be generated in a magnetic body. A laminated coil component includes a magnetic section of magnetic layers stacked and a conductor section which has a plurality of conductor pattern layers arranged between the magnetic layers, and interconnected in a coiled shape to pass through the magnetic layers, and which is buried in the magnetic section.
Vehicle structural support member reinforced with ultra high strength laminate
A method of manufacturing a structural support member for a vehicle includes forming a first portion, forming a second portion, and connecting the first portion and the second portion together. The first portion and the second portion may be formed from one of an aluminum material, a magnesium material, a cold-formable steel material, a glass fiber composite material, or a plastic material.
Plate-integrated gasket
The invention provides a plate-integrated gasket which can reduce a width necessary for installing seal members provided in a plurality of plates which are laminated on each other, and can achieve an improvement of productivity. In order to achieve this purpose, in the plate-integrated gasket, one plate and the other plate are laminated on each other, an outer peripheral surface of the one plate is fitted or loosely fitted to a stepped surface which is formed in the other plate, and a seal member made of an elastic material having a rubber-like elasticity is integrally formed astride both of the one plate and the other plate, and has a fixed portion filled in a seal fixing groove which is formed between the one plate and the other plate..
Non-cylindrical conducting shapes in multilayer laminated substrate cores
Non-cylindrical conducting shapes are described in the context of multilayer laminated substrate cores. In one example a package substrate core includes a plurality of dielectric layers pressed together to form a multilayer core, a conductive bottom pattern on a bottom surface of the multilayer core, and a conductive top pattern on a top surface of the multilayer core.
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
A nonvolatile semiconductor storage device includes a substrate; an isolation film extending in a first direction and dividing the substrate into element regions; a cell string including memory cells in the element regions; a cell unit including the cell string and a select transistor on first directional ends of the cell string; diffusion layers formed in a portion of the element region first directionally beside the select gate electrode, the diffusion layers being adjacent to one another in a second direction intersecting with the first direction; and contacts extending through an interlayer insulating film and contacting the diffusion layers. An upper surface of the isolation film located between the diffusion layers is lower than an upper surface of the substrate.
Fixture to constrain laminate and method of assembly
A fixture assembly and method of forming a chip assembly is provided. The fixture assembly includes a first plate having an opening sized to accommodate a chip mounted on a laminate.
Composite film for production of moulded packaging, method for production of a composite film and a moulded packaging, and moulded packaging
A laminated film for production of molded packaging, in particular blister packs, with a layer structure comprising an inner first plastic layer, in particular of hdpe, an aluminum layer, which is connected with the first plastic layer by way of a connecting layer, and on the side opposite the first plastic layer is connected, preferably by way of a primer layer and a further connecting layer, to a second plastic layer, in particular comprising opa. The second plastic layer is connected to a pet layer by way of a connecting layer and that the pet layer has a thickness between 150 μm and 300 μm, preferably a thickness between 200 μm and 300 μm..
Sound attenuating laminate materials
Sound absorbing or attenuating laminate flooring materials are provided, which are directed to be used in the production of floor covering, floor panels, furniture panels, cabinets, counter-tops and wall panels. As well, the methods for producing such products are provided.
Wiring board
To obtain a wiring board that allows improving flowability of an underfill to be filled up a clearance between an electronic component and the wiring board. The present invention is a wiring board with a laminated body where one or more layer of each of an insulating layer and a conductor layer are laminated.
Battery pouch sheet edge insulation
A multi-layer laminate sheet suitable to form a battery pouch is described. The laminate sheet includes a core metal layer, a sealant laver, and an insulating layer.
Seamless protective apparel
A sleeve for a protective garment, such as a medical gown, includes a knit, woven, or non-woven layer and a seamless layer that are laminated together. The knit, woven, or non-woven layer can be a circularly knit seamless layer, or alternatively can have seams.
The tesla twin turbines combustion engine module
A new type of engine module is described based on the tesla turbine. Our tesla twin turbines combustion engine module comprises of two tesla turbines welded together, forming a combustion chamber in between.
Method of manufacturing laminated rotor core
There is provided a method of manufacturing a laminated rotor core, including: a mounting step of placing a core body on a carrier tray, the core body having a plurality of magnet insertion holes provided around the shaft hole, the carrier tray having a mount plate and a columnar guide member standing on a front surface of the mount plate 41, the placement of the core body being carried out by fitting the guide member into the shaft hole; an inserting step of inserting permanent magnets respectively in the magnet insertion holes; an injecting step of injecting a liquefied resin material in each of the magnet insertion holes; and a first preheating step of heating the core body before the mounting step, wherein the inserting step and the injecting step are carried out in a state in which the core body is placed on the carrier tray.. .
Method and device for manufacturing a laminated stator core
The method for manufacturing a stator of an electric machine includes providing a lamination element extending over an annular sector, horizontally moving the lamination element towards a fitting zone, then angularly regulating the lamination element position, and connecting the lamination element to other lamination elements to define the stator.. .
Nasal dilator and methods of fabricating medical devices
Methods are disclosed for converting on a mass scale elongated material webs into finished parts or devices. Slits form strands in a web, the strands comprising interconnected objects which correspond to parts of finished devices.
Laminates with micro-texture
A laminate with micro-texture having attachment lines oriented in a primary direction and mechanically activated in the primary direction.. .
Laminates with fluoropolymer cloth
A laminate includes a first layer of a first fluoropolymer. The laminate can further include a second layer of at least one ply of a fluoropolymer fabric overlying the first layer.
Silicone composition, silicone adhesive, coated and laminated substrates
A silicone composition and more particularly to a silicone composition comprising at least one organosilicon compound having an average of at least two silicon-bonded hydrogen atoms per molecule, at least one silicone resin having the formula (r1r4r5sio1/2)w(r12sio2/2)x(r4sio3/2)y(sio4/2)z (ii), wherein r1 is c1 to c10 hydrocarbyl or c1 to c10 halogen-substituted hydrocarbyl, both free of aliphatic unsaturation, r4 is c2 to c4 alkenyl, r5 is r1 or r4, w is from 0.01 to 0.6, x is from 0 to 0.5, y is from 0.1 to 0.95, z is from 0 to 0.4, and w+x+y+z)=1, and a hydrosilylation catalyst; a silicone adhesive comprising a cured product of the silicone composition, and a coated substrate and a laminated substrate, each comprising the silicone adhesive.. .
Enzymatic antimicrobial and antifouling coatings and polymeric materials
Disclosed herein are a coating, a textile finish, a wax, elastomer, a filler, an adhesive, or a sealant, as well as polymeric materials such as a plastic, a laminate, a composite, that includes an enzyme that degrades cell wall or cell membrane components (e.g., a lysozyme, lytic transglycosylase) alone or in combination with other enzymes such as a lipolytic enzyme, a sulfuric ester hydrolase, an organophosphorus compound degradation enzyme, or an antimicrobial peptide. Also disclosed herein are methods of retarding or preventing microbial growth on or in a coating, paint, textile finish, wax, elastomer, adhesive, sealant, filler, or a polymeric material, where such a surface material includes an enzyme that degrades cell wall or cell membrane components (e.g., a lysozyme, lytic transglycosylase)..
Intermediate film for laminated glasses, and laminated glass
The present invention provides an interlayer film for laminated glass which enables production of laminated glass having a high visible transmittance and excellent heat-shielding properties, and enables the laminated glass to retain the high visible transmittance for a long period of time; and provides laminated glass including the interlayer film. An interlayer film for laminated glass according to the present invention includes a first heat-shielding layer and at least one second heat-shielding layer.
Pet-c based security laminates and documents
A security laminate (1) including in order a transparent oriented polyester support (2), a subbing layer (3) and an adhesive layer (4) which is coated on top of the subbing layer, wherein the binder of the adhesive layer is based on a mixture of a first and a second polymer in a weight ratio from 50/50 to 90/10, wherein the first polymer is a copolymer comprising vinyl acetate and at least 85 wt % of vinyl chloride based on the total weight of the first polymer; wherein the second polymer is a copolymer of styrene, butadiene and methylmethacrylate or a copolymer of vinyl butyral, vinyl acetate and vinyl alcohol; and wherein the binder of the subbing layer is based on a polyester-urethane copolymer.. .
Heat-treatable low-emissivity glass and a production method therefor
A low-emissivity glass which is outstandingly durable and is heat treatable without any changes in its characteristics before and after the heat treatment; and a production method therefor. The heat-treatable low-emissivity glass according to the present invention is characterized in that it comprises: a sunlight-adjusting metal layer which is formed above a glass substrate; a first dielectric layer which is formed below the sunlight-adjusting metal layer; a second dielectric layer which is formed above the sunlight-adjusting metal layer; and an uppermost protective layer which is formed above the second dielectric layer, and in that the first dielectric layer has a structure obtained by the lamination of a lowermost dielectric layer comprising a metal oxide and a lower metal protective dielectric layer comprising a metal (oxy)nitride, and an advantage of the present invention is that there is no change in the characteristics of the low-emissivity glass even after heat treatment..
Non-transparent art paper which prevents ink seepage
A non-transparent paper is described for non-transparent art or graphic design sketches, which prevents seepage of the inks, it accepts any type of gel, water-based, solvent-based, oil-based or mixed inks and solid materials for sketching and drawing, as well as fixatives for the solid materials. This paper consists of a lamination of at least two sheets of uncoated bond paper, inserting at least one intermediate layer of pigmented opacifying emulsion between both sheets, applied between the layers of paper to prevent transparency and the seepage of inks from one face of the lamination to the other.
Method and apparatus for accurate registration of composite laminates
Methods, systems and apparatuses for dimensionally registering composite laminates are disclosed, wherein readable elements acting as alignment and identification features are incorporated integrally in laminates.. .
Decorated thermoplastic film and methods for making the same
The present invention is directed to variably decorative thermoplastic films having a graphic design saturated into a laminate or coated substrate, which can be pre-formed using heat and pressure and then placed in injection molds for product molding without impacting the quality of the graphics.. .
Lamination apparatus and method for sheet materials having temperature-sensitive elements, and documents produced thereby
The invention specifies an apparatus for applying a film (7) to a substrate (2) by lamination. This apparatus has a heating device (12, 19), which makes it possible for different regions of the film (7) and/or the substrate (2) to be exposed specifically to different temperatures.
Method for manufacturing multilayer structure sheet, and optical information recording medium
A method for manufacturing a multilayer structure sheet for manufacturing an optical information recording medium having a multilayer structure with a plurality of recording layers comprises: an adhesive layer forming step of forming an adhesive layer on a first release sheet to obtain a first sheet; a recording layer forming step of forming a recording layer containing a polymer on a second release sheet or a release assisting layer formed on the second release sheet to obtain a second sheet; a laminating step of laminating the recording layer of the second sheet on the adhesive layer of the first sheet to obtain a third sheet in which the second sheet is laid on the first sheet; and a heating step of heating the second sheet.. .
Blind slat menders
A new device that repairs a broken, cracked or bent wood or faux wood horizontal/venetian window blind slat or shutter slat. The device is a thin transparent square piece of enhanced extrusion lamination film with a clear adhesive on one side.
Transparent laminated film and method for producing the same
A transparent laminated film is provided with which it is possible to inhibit peeling of thin film layers, even with long-term exposure to sunlight during use and exposure to uv rays during quality evaluation. The film has a thin film layer obtained by lamination of multiple thin films on at least one side of a transparent polymer film.
Triaxial fiber-reinforced composite laminate
Provided is a rotor blade that may include a first layer having first plurality of fibers oriented at first angle of about 10 to 30 degrees relative to a long axis of the rotor blade, a second plurality of fibers oriented at a second angle of about 60 to 75 degrees relative to the first plurality of fibers, and a third plurality of fibers oriented at a third angle of about −60 to about −75 degrees relative to the second plurality of fibers.. .
Modified siloxane compound having aromatic azomethine, thermosetting resin composition including thereof, prepreg, film having resin, laminate, multi-layer printed wiring board, and semiconductor package
Wherein r3 and r4 independently represent an alkyl group, a phenyl group, or a substituted phenyl group; and n represents an integer of from 1 to 100.. .
Optical reflective film
The object is to obtain an optical reflective film having both productivity and optical characteristic which achieves a lower production cost and a larger area, and reduces unevenness in the reflectivity of visible light regions. An optical reflective film including at least one unit in which a high refractive index layer and a low refractive index layer are alternately laminated on a film support, at least one of the high refractive index layer and the low refractive index layer including a water-soluble polymer and a metal oxide particle, wherein a mixed region of the nigh refractive index layer and the low refractive index layer is formed between the high refractive index layer and the low refractive index layer by a simultaneous multilayer coating of the high refractive index layer and the low refractive index layer, and the optical reflective film has at least one region in visible light wavelength regions and 30% or more and 100% or less of a mean reflectivity thereof..
Cholesteric liquid crystal mixture, film, selective reflective plate, laminate, laminated glass
Z3—y5-a3-y7-m2-p  general formula (ib). .
Liquid jet head and liquid jet recording apparatus
The liquid jet head includes an ejecting portion which has a first head chip and a second chip which are laminated with each other, a circuit board which outputs a drive signal for driving the ejecting portion, a first connection board which electrically connects the first head chip and the circuit board to each other, and a second connection board which electrically connects the second head chip and the circuit board to each other. A bend portion is provided in the circuit board.
Multilayer common mode filter
A first coil is configured in such a structure that first and second coil conductors are connected by a first through-hole conductor. A second coil is configured in such a structure that third and fourth coil conductors are connected by a second through-hole conductor.
Rotor core
The invention relates to a magnetic rotor core for an electric rotary machine, including a stack of magnetic laminations having some poles provided with pole tips, said core including a stack that comprises laminations of which at least one of the poles has at least one at least partially truncated pole tip, preferably a single pole tip.. .
Vehicle wheel with a rim made of fiber-reinforced synthetic material
A vehicle wheel having a rim, or a rim of a vehicle wheel, is provided wherein the rim consists of a fiber-reinforced plastic material in the form of several layers of a fiber-reinforced semi-finished plastic product. The layers are shaped to form a finished component in a press while heat is supplied.
Multi-axis diffraction grating
An enhanced optical interference pattern, such as a diffraction grating, is incorporated into a photodefineable surface by shining three or more beams of coherent light from a single source at a photodefinable surface, such as a photosensitive emulsion/photoresist covered glass or an ablatable substrate and mapping the diffraction grating pattern to the photodefinable surface. Mapping of the optical interference pattern is created by interference of three or more light beams, such as laser light or other light sources producing a suitable spectrum of light.
Glass for scattering layer of organic led element, laminated substrate for organic led element and method of manufacturing the same, and organic led element and method of manufacturing the same
Glass for a scattering layer of an organic led includes, as represented by mol percentage based on the following oxides, 26% to 43% of b2o3, 30% to 37% of zno, 17% to 23% of bi2o3, 2% to 21% of sio2, and 0 to 2% of p2o5, and a total amount of b2o3-content and zno-content is 78% or less.. .
Dispensing container
An object of the present invention is to facilitate discharge of the content in a dispensing container having a delamination structure so as to minimize the amount of remaining content. In order to achieve this object, a gas is housed in the internal container 11 to thereby form a gas space s therein and the volume of the gas is 4% or more of the volume of the internal container 11.
Devices for maintaining food products at low temperature
Disclosed is a thermal insulating device comprising: (a) a container or compartment for holding food and/or beverage in a cooled condition, said container comprising thermoformed liner having an average thickness of not greater than about 10 mm, said liner being formed at least in part from material selected from the group consisting of glass-clear polystyrene (gpps), impact-modified polystyrene (hips), styrene-butadiene block copolymers, asa, san, abs, polyolefins, acrylates and methacrylates, polycarbonates (pcs), polyvinyl chloride (pvc), polyethylene terephthalate (pet) and mixtures, combinations, laminates and layers of these; and (b) thermal insulation adjacent said liner and comprising a polymeric material having closed cells therein wherein said cells are formed from and/or contain a blowing agent comprising at least about 50% by weight of transhfco-1233zd.. .
Planar heating element for underfloor heating
A heating element includes two flexible plastics layers connected in overlying relationship with first and second conductors each running along the element between the layers the side edges with a row of printed conductive strips at right angles to the conductors. A grounding layer comprising a sheet of foil laminated to a carrier is laminated to the heating element.
Air intake duct
There is provided an air intake duct capable of fully achieving intake-air noise attenuation effect. The air intake duct has a duct wall section formed of resin in form of tube and configured to introduce external air into an internal combustion engine or alternate power supply system.
Printed circuit board and fabricating method thereof
Embodiments of the present application relate to the technical field of a printed circuit plate, in particular, to a printed circuit plate and a method manufacturing same so as to resolve a problem of an incomplete elimination of a short-line effect. The method for manufacturing a printed circuit board in the embodiments of the present application comprises a step of drilling target prepregs at positions corresponding to at least one preset hole therein so as to form through holes perforating through the target prepregs, wherein the formed through holes have an aperture greater than that of the preset hole, and the preset hole does not need to transmit electrical signal between layers of the pcb.
Method and apparatus for fabricating contoured laminate structures
A plurality of identical fabrication modules are linked together and configurable to fabricate any of a plurality of differing laminate structures in a family of structures having common features. Each of the fabrication modules is locally adapted to fabricate a section of the laminate structure on a corresponding tool.
Method of making open-ended thermoplastic belting
A system and method of making an open-ended, reinforced, layered belt having a profile layer, a top layer material, and tensile cords fully encapsulated there between. The method includes engaging portion of the profile layer on a rotatable cylindrical mandrel with an engaging roller, disengaging with a take-off roller, and applying and fusing the cords to the profile layer at a desired cord spacing there between.
Cutting method for stone laminate panels
A method of preparing a plurality of workpieces for concurrent cutting using a stone cutting machine is disclosed. Each workpiece can include a stone slab that has two parallel faces and one or more edges, a substrate that is bonded to a first face, and a substrate that is bonded to a second face of the stone slab.
High strength ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tape articles
Processes for the production of high strength polyethylene tape articles from high strength ultra-high molecular weight multi-filament yarns, and to the tape articles, fabrics, laminates and impact resistant materials made therefrom.. .
Media and filter for coastal and high humidity areas
A filter media for use in coastal and other high humidity areas is provided. The media includes a first composite material layer having a melt-blown material layer, and a second composite material layer having a polyester layer and an electrospun nano fiber layer laminated to the polyester layer..
Confinement structures
A confinement structure comprises one or more open cells (70) for confinement, in use, of particulate fill materials such as soil, sand or aggregate. The cells (70) comprise walls (72) formed of a composite material comprising a polymeric grid layer laminated to a fabric layer.
Inductor with laminated yoke
A method for forming a thin film inductor having yokes, one or more of which is laminated, and one or more conductors passing between the yokes. The laminated yoke or yokes help reduce eddy currents and/or hysteresis losses..
Reinforcement implant for lamina with a cantilever bridge part
A reinforcement implant comprises a cantilever part for spanning a resected area of a lamina and an anchoring part at opposite ends of the cantilever part. The first anchoring part has a pressure surface for bearing on the spinous process of the vertebra, and the second anchoring part has a transverse thrust surface for bearing on an outer face of the lamina.
Flexible, adherent, and non-polyurethane film wound drape cover
A system for treating a tissue site includes a reduced-pressure source to apply reduced pressure, a manifold in fluid communication with the pressure source to provide reduced pressure to the tissue site, and a drape for adhering to the tissue site to cover the tissue site and the manifold. The drape includes an adhesive layer for sealing the drape to the tissue site to create a sealed space having the manifold therein, and a non-adhesive layer formed from a portion of the adhesive layer.

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