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Lamina patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lamina-related patent applications.

new patent Carrier-attached copper foil, laminate, laminate producing method, printed wiring board producing method, and electronic device producing method
Provided herein is a carrier-attached copper foil having desirable laser drillability through an ultrathin copper layer, preferred for fabrication of a high-density integrated circuit substrate. The carrier-attached copper foil includes an interlayer and an ultrathin copper layer that are provided in this order on one or both surfaces of a carrier.
Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

new patent Suspension board assembly sheet having circuits, manufacturing the same and inspecting the same
A suspension board and an inspection substrate are integrally supported by a support frame. In the suspension board, first and second insulating layers are laminated on a support substrate in this order.
Nitto Denko Corporation

new patent Lithium ion battery and electronic device using same
A nonaqueous electrolytic solution lithium ion battery comprises a positive electrode terminal, a negative electrode terminal and a battery case, and an electrode body is contained within the battery case. The electrode body comprises a positive electrode collector, an electrode plate for positive electrodes, a negative electrode collector and an electrode plate for negative electrodes.
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

new patent Flexible lithium secondary battery and manufacturing the same
A flexible lithium secondary battery and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The flexible lithium secondary battery includes a cathode material, a solid electrolyte laminated on the cathode material, and an anode material laminated on the solid electrolyte.
Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park

new patent Lithium battery packaging material
A lithium battery packaging material is provided with a laminate formed by sequentially laminating an adhesive layer, an aluminum foil layer provided with a corrosion prevention treatment layer on at least one surface thereof, an adhesive resin layer and a sealant layer on one surface of a substrate layer. The adhesive resin layer contains an adhesive resin composition, and a polypropylene or propylene-α-olefin copolymer having an atactic structure..
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

new patent Magnetoresistive device with laminate insertion layer in the free layer
A magneto-resistive (mr) device and process for making the mr device are disclosed. The mr device has a pinned layer, a spacer layer proximate to the pinned layer, and a free layer proximate to the spacer layer.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

new patent Semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
A semiconductor device includes a plurality of semiconductor units each including a laminated substrate formed by laminating an insulating board and a circuit board and a semiconductor element joined to the circuit board using a joining material which irreversibly makes a phase transition into a solid-phase state. In addition, the semiconductor device may include a base plate to which each of the plurality of semiconductor units is joined using solder and a connection unit which electrically connects the plurality of semiconductor units in parallel..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

new patent Interposer and circuit substrate
An interposer includes an insulating plate including insulating layers and having first, second, third and fourth surfaces such that the second surface is on the opposite side of the first surface, the third surface is perpendicular to the first surface, the fourth surface is on the opposite side of the third surface, and the insulating layers are laminated on the third surface, and conductor layers formed in the insulating plate such that each conductor layer is interposed between adjacent insulating layers and includes straight conductors having first electrodes exposed from the first surface and second electrodes exposed from the second surface, respectively. The insulating layers include second insulating layers each sandwiched by adjacent conductor layers such that each second insulating layer integrally has an inter-conductor-layer insulating layer portion formed between the adjacent conductor layers and inter-conductor insulating layer portions formed between adjacent straight conductors in a respective conductor layer..
Ibiden Co., Ltd.

new patent Underfill material, laminated sheet and producing semiconductor device
An underfill material having sufficient curing reactivity, and capable of achieving a small change in viscosity and good electrical connection even when loaded with thermal history, a laminated sheet including the underfill material, and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device. The underfill material has a melt viscosity at 150° c.
Nitto Denko Corporation

new patent Capacitor
A capacitor that includes a conductive porous base material; a dielectric layer; and an electrode. The conductive porous base material, the dielectric layer, and the upper electrode are laminated together to constitute an effective part that accumulates charges in the dielectric layer when a voltage is applied between the conductive porous base material and the electrode.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

new patent

Multilayer ceramic capacitor

A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a laminated body and first and second external electrodes respectively on both end surfaces of the laminated body. When regions where first internal electrodes or second internal electrodes are not present are regarded as side margin portions in a cross section of the laminated body as viewed from the laminating direction, the side margin portions include multiple side margin layers, and the content of si in the side margin layer closest to the internal electrode is lower than that in the side margin layer other than the side margin layer closest to the internal electrode..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

new patent

Laminated ceramic electronic component and manufacturing same

A laminated ceramic electronic component that includes a laminate having a plurality of dielectric layers and a plurality of internal electrode layers laminated together. External electrodes having underlying electrode layers and plating layers are formed on both end surfaces of the laminate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

new patent

Multilayer ceramic capacitor

A multilayer ceramic capacitor that includes a laminate which has a plurality of dielectric layers and a plurality of internal electrode layers respectively laminated. The dielectric layers are a perovskite type structure containing ba, sr, zr, ti and hf, and optionally ca, and further include v, wherein (number of moles of sr)/(number of moles of ba+number of moles of ca+number of moles of sr) is 0.6 to 0.95, (number of moles of zr)/(number of moles of zr+number of moles of ti+number of moles of hf) is 0.9 to 0.98, thicknesses of the dielectric layers are 1 μm or less, and an average particle size of dielectric particles constituting the dielectric layers is 0.8 μm or less..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

new patent

Thermoset resin flow models for printed circuit board laminates

In an example, a method includes storing thermoset resin rheology data associated with a thermoset resin at a memory. The thermoset resin rheology data includes a plurality of sets of dynamic fluid flow properties that are measured for the thermoset resin.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Electrochromic device and process for making the same

An electrochromic device includes upper and lower substrate units, and an electrochromic laminate sandwiched between an upper electrode of the upper substrate unit and a lower electrode of the lower substrate unit. The electrochromic laminate includes an ion storage layer formed on the upper electrode, an active layer formed on the lower electrode, and a polymer electrolyte sandwiched between inner surfaces of the ion storage layer and the active layer.
Tintable Kibing Co., Ltd.

new patent

Goa circuit module, testing the same, display panel and display apparatus

The present disclosure provides a gate on array (goa) circuit module, comprising: a plurality of thin film transistors (tfts), each comprising a gate layer and a gate insulation layer laminated on a substrate, a plurality of vias each provided in the gate insulation layer to expose a portion of the gate layer, and a plurality of first transparent conductive portions each corresponding to one of the plurality of vias, each of the plurality of the first transparent conductive portions being provided at its corresponding via, electrically isolated from the gate layer, and constructed to be electrically connectable to the portion of the gate layer as exposed by its corresponding via by means of welding. The present disclosure also provides a method for testing the goa circuit module, a display panel comprising the goa circuit module and a display apparatus..
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display device, polarizing plate, and polarizing plate protective film

One embodiment of the present invention relates to a liquid crystal panel including a liquid crystal panel member including a visible side polarizer, a liquid crystal cell, and a backlight side polarizer; and an optical conversion member including an optical conversion layer containing a quantum dot emitting fluorescent light which is excited by incident excitation light, in which the optical conversion member is integrally laminated on a backlight side surface of the liquid crystal panel member, a liquid crystal display device, a polarizing plate, and a polarizing plate protective film.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

new patent

Reflective polarizing film for liquid crystal display polarizer, polarizer for liquid crystal display comprising same, optical member for liquid crystal display, and liquid crystal display

A reflective polarizing film for a liquid crystal display polarizer that has a high polarization performance and eliminates a hue shift at an oblique azimuth of 45°, a polarizer for a liquid crystal display composed of the same, an optical member for a liquid crystal display, and a liquid crystal display are provided. In a reflective polarizing film for a liquid crystal display polarizer composed of a uniaxially stretched multi-layer laminate film in which a first layer and a second layer are alternately laminated, the reflective polarizing film has a polarization degree of 99.5% or more and an amplitude of a transmittance waveform of 2.0% or less in a wavelength range of 450 to 650 nm measured with respect to the polarized light incident at an incident angle of 60° on an incident plane including an azimuth angle of 45°, among polarized light components parallel to the transmission axis..
Teijin Limited

new patent

Scanning infrared measurement system

An analyzer of a component in a sample fluid includes an optical source and an optical detector defining a beam path of a beam, wherein the optical source emits the beam and the optical detector measures the beam after partial absorption by the sample fluid, a fluid flow cell disposed on the beam path defining an interrogation region in the a fluid flow cell in which the optical beam interacts with the sample fluid and a reference fluid; and wherein the sample fluid and the reference fluid are in laminar flow, and a scanning system that scans the beam relative to the laminar flow within the fluid flow cell, wherein the scanning system scans the beam relative to both the sample fluid and the reference fluid.. .
Premium Genetics (uk) Ltd

new patent

Vibration damping device

A laminar flow path (34) is opened into the vortex chambers (33a and 33b) from inner peripheral surfaces that face in radial directions of the vortex chambers (33a and 33b) being aimed in circumferential directions of the vortex chambers (33a and 33b) among wall surfaces defining the vortex chambers (33a and 33b). A communication hole (32b) is opened into the vortex chamber (33a and 33b) from an end surface that faces in a direction of center axis of the vortex chamber (33a and 33b) being aimed in a direction of a center axis among the wall surfaces defining the vortex chamber (33a and 33b).
Bridgestone Corporation

new patent

Asymmetric thickness laminate glass unit for reducing the transmission of sound energy through a window or door unit

Disclosed is an insulated glazed unit for use in a window or door of a building for reducing the transmission of sound energy there through. The insulated glazed unit comprises a plurality of glass panels each with a front face and a rear face and each of a distinct thickness.
Ply Gem Industries, Inc.

new patent

Sanitary component, namely jet regulator or jet former for flowing, fluid media, producing such a sanitary component and use of a sanitary component

The invention relates to a sanitary component, namely a stream regulator or stream former for flowing fluid media, consisting of property-defining components in a sandwich-like arrangement in the direction of flow which comprise at least one screen attachment, one diffuser plate assembly as well as a shell body having segments of stream-forming openings extending across its cross-sectional surface. The property-defining components are exchangeable and combinable so as to realize adaptability to different user and user requirements.
Neoperl Gmbh

new patent

Plasma atomic layer deposition system and method

A gas deposition chamber includes a volume expanding top portion and a substantially constant volume cylindrical middle portion and optionally a volume reducing lower portion. An aerodynamically shaped substrate support chuck is disposed inside the gas deposition chamber with a substrate support surface positioned in the cylindrical middle portion.
Ultratech, Inc.

new patent

Fluorinated resin composition and laminate

To provide a fluorinated resin composition which is capable of forming a resin film excellent in moist heat resistance and solar reflectance. The fluorinated resin composition comprises composite particles, a fluorinated polymer and a liquid medium, wherein the composite particles are a composite having a part or whole of the surface of aluminum particles coated with at least one member selected from the group consisting of an acrylic resin and silica; the total coating amount of the acrylic resin and silica is from 6 to 25 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the aluminum particles; and the water surface diffusion area is from 14,000 to 27,000 cm2/g..
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

new patent

Interlayer film for laminated glass, and laminated glass

The present invention aims to provide an interlayer film for laminated glass having all of high rigidity, handleability, adhesiveness to glass, and high transparency. The present invention also relates to a laminated glass including the interlayer film for laminated glass.
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

new patent

Open cavity package using chip-embedding technology

A method for fabricating packaged semiconductor devices (100) with an open cavity (110a) in panel format; placing (process 201) on an adhesive carrier tape a panel-sized grid of metallic pieces having a flat pad (230) and symmetrically placed vertical pillars (231); attaching (process 202) semiconductor chips (101) with sensor systems face-down onto the tape; laminating (process 203) and thinning (process 204) low cte insulating material (234) to fill gaps between chips and grid; turning over (process 205) assembly to remove tape; plasma-cleaning assembly front side, sputtering and patterning (process 206) uniform metal layer across assembly and optionally plating (process 209) metal layer to form rerouting traces and extended contact pads for assembly; laminating (process 212) insulating stiffener across panel; opening (process 213) cavities in stiffener to access the sensor system; and singulating (process 214) packaged devices by cutting metallic pieces.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

new patent

Overcap with means to facilitate the opening of a container and the subsequent direct consumption of its content

This invention discloses an innovative device to effectively open a recipient or container whose cap is formed by a laminated surface, also forming a mouthpiece that allows the direct and hygienic consumption of the content within. The disclosed device is an overcap comprising: i) a base with an inner hollow space, and ii) a tab located within the hollow space of the base, having piercing and cutting means on one of its ends and comprising an inner hollow space; which is connected to the base by means of two end pieces forming an axis for the tab to be turned.
Danone Alqueria S.a.s.

new patent

Glass chopped strand mat, glass chopped strand mat roll, manufacturing glass chopped strand mat and automotive molded ceiling material

In a glass chopped strand mat, a short chopped strand layer having first glass chopped strands with an average length of 25.4 to 76.2 mm and a long chopped strand layer having second glass chopped strands with an average length of 76.2 to 203.2 mm are laminated, a difference between the average length of the first glass chopped strands and that of the second glass chopped strands is 25.4 mm or greater, the short chopped strand layer occupies 50 to 70 parts by mass, and the long chopped strand layer occupies 30 to 50 parts by mass with respect to 100 parts by mass of the glass chopped strand mat, a mass per unit area of the glass chopped strand mat is 180 g/m2 or lower, and a loss on ignition of the glass chopped strand mat measured on the basis of jis r 3420 is lower than 10%.. .
Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd.

new patent

Laminate and producing same

A laminate for application onto a support material having a resin-impregnated decorative layer and at least one resin-impregnated core layer. The decorative layer and the at least one core layer are adapted for being pressed together under high pressure and heat.
Fritz Egger Gmbh & Co. Og

new patent

Laminate material bonding

Systems and techniques are provided for laminate material bonding. A bonding agent may be applied to a first layer.
Ubeam Inc.

new patent

Laminating producing a laminate

A laminating device and a method for producing a laminate. The laminating device has at least one membrane element.
Solibro Hi-tech Gmbh

new patent


(wherein r3 and r4 are independently represent a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group).. .

new patent

Polymeric interlayers having enhanced surface roughness

Embossed polymer sheets and interlayers having at least one tapered zone are provided. The roughness of the embossed portion of the sheets and interlayers may be substantially uniform.
Solutia Inc.

new patent

Testing arrangement for controlling the manufacturing of a component

A testing arrangement serves for controlling the manufacturing of a fiber reinforced component. The testing arrangement includes an inspection device with a sensor system, with the inspection device being configured to move on and/or above one or more material layer(s) and/or a surface of the component and to examine the material layer(s) or the surface with the sensor system.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

new patent

Methods of cutting fiber reinforced polymer composite workpieces with a pure waterjet

Methods of trimming fiber reinforced polymer composite workpieces are provided which use a pure waterjet discharged from a cutting head in liquid phase unladened with solid particles at an operating pressure of at least 60,000 psi and in combination with other cutting parameters to provide a final component profile without delamination, splintering, fraying or unacceptable fiber pullout or fiber fracture.. .
Flow International Corporation

new patent

Method for producing metal laminate material

An object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a metal laminate material that maintains sufficient bonding strength and has superior production efficiency. A method for producing a metal laminate material by bonding two sheets, one sheet composed of a material m1 and the other sheet composed of a material m2, wherein each of m1 and m2 is a metal or alloy comprising any one or more selected from the group consisting of mg, al, ti, cr, mn, fe, co, ni, cu, zn, nb, mo, pd, ag, in, sn, hf, ta, w, pb, and bi, comprises the steps of subjecting the faces of the two sheets to be bonded to sputtering treatment with inert gas ions under vacuum such that oxide layers on surface layers remain; temporarily bonding the two sheets by roll pressure bonding; and conducting a thermal treatment to thereby bond the two sheets, and, when tm1>tm2 where tm1 (k) is the melting point of m1 and tm2(k) is the melting point of m2, the temperature of the thermal treatment is 0.45tm2 or more and less than 0.45tm1, provided that the temperature is not more than tm2..
Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

new patent

Method for producing metal laminate material

An object of the present invention is to provide a production method for efficiently producing a metal laminate having high bonding strength. A method for producing a metal laminate material comprising the steps of: sputter etching faces to be bonded of a stainless steel and an aluminum such that an oxide layer remains on each face; temporarily bonding the faces to be bonded of the stainless steel and the aluminum by roll pressure bonding; and thermally treating the temporarily bonded laminate material at a temperature lower than the recrystallization temperature of the stainless steel to thermally diffuse at least a metal element comprised in the stainless steel into the aluminum..
Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

new patent

Three-dimensional fabricating system, manufacturing three-dimensional fabricated object, information processing apparatus, generating shrinkage suppression structure of three-dimensional fabricated object, and program for generating shrinkage suppression structure of three-dimensional fabricated object

This invention provides an information processing apparatus for fabricating a desired three-dimensional fabricated object by suppressing shrinkage of a fabricated object caused by a temperature drop in a laminated portion at a fabricating time of the three-dimensional fabricated object. This information processing apparatus includes an acquirer that acquires laminating and fabricating data of a three-dimensional fabricating model, and a data generator that generates laminating and fabricating data of a three-dimensional fabricating model added, when a width in a predetermined direction on a laminating surface of a fabricated object is equal to or larger than a threshold, with a shrinkage suppression structure model for suppressing shrinkage after laminating and fabricating, in the predetermined direction.
Technology Research Association For Future Additive Manufacturing

new patent

Methods of reducing sinuous flow during machining and products formed thereby

Methods of machining a body to produce a chip are provided wherein the body is formed of a material and in a state such that the material exhibits sinuous flow during a machining operation. The methods include providing a layer located on a surface of the body, and machining the body by causing engagement between a cutting tool and the body in a contact region below an area of the surface having the coating layer thereon and moving the cutting tool relative to the body to produce the chip having the layer thereon.
Purdue Research Foundation

new patent

Laminated nozzle with thick plate

A laminated nozzle assembly includes a first end plate having first and second fluid inlets, a second end plate, and a plurality of nozzle plates positioned between the first and second end plates. A first fluid conduit is fluidically connected to the first fluid inlet.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

new patent

Graphene oxide nanocomposite membrane for gas separation, reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite membrane, and manufacturing the same

The present invention relates to a technology for manufacturing a nanocomposite membrane comprising a graphene oxide coating layer with a thickness of 1 nm to 50 nm, which is formed on various supports and has nanopores, and a reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite membrane, and applying the membranes to gas separation. The graphene oxide nanocomposite membrane for gas separation of the present invention has excellent gas permeability and selectivity at the same time, and especially, excellent hydrogen gas permeability and hydrogen gas selectivity compared with carbon dioxide, and the reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite membrane has remarkably enhanced hydrogen gas permeability and hydrogen gas selectivity compared with carbon dioxide, and thus the membranes are applicable as a gas separation membrane in an industrial field involving a hydrogen separation process.
Iucf-hyu (industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University)

new patent

Gas separation composite and producing same

The present invention provides a gas separation composite which has high heat resistance and mechanical strength, prevents a support layer from being deformed or damaged by heat during formation of a gas separation membrane and heat during a gas separation operation, and properly supports a gas separation layer to obtain high gas permeability and gas separation properties; and a method of producing the gas separation composite. The gas separation composite includes a metal support having a plurality of through holes in the thickness direction and a gas separation layer laminated on the surface of the metal support.
Fujifilm Corporation

new patent

Protective helmet

A protective helmet includes a shell provided with an outer surface and an inner surface, at least one pad adapted, in use, to abut against the head of a user who wears the protective helmet, including at least one first surface and a second surface that are opposite each other, elements for the connection of at least one pad to the shell associated with the at least one first surface, wherein the at least one pad is shaped as a substantially laminar body and includes at least one layer deformable and configured in a manner such to allow the sliding and/or the relative rotation between the at least one first surface and the second surface following a shear stress.. .
Anomaly Action Sports S.r.l.

Signal path in radio-frequency module having laminate substrate

In some embodiments, a laminate substrate for mounting rf components can include a plurality of layers vertically stacked on top of each other. The laminate substrate includes a plurality of conductor pads, such that a respective conductor pad is positioned within a respective layer of the laminate substrate.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Lamination stacks for electric motors/generators

A process for producing metal bodies, in particular for the production of stators for use in electric motors, has a plurality of steps. Firstly, a stack of a plurality of sheet metal parts is introduced into a cavity of a tool, with thermally curing adhesive layers being provided between the sheet metal parts.
Swd Ag

Method and manufacturing laminated iron core

There is provided a method for manufacturing a laminated iron core. The method includes receiving a plurality of block iron cores which are temporarily laminated and ejected from a die, each block iron core being formed by laminating a plurality of iron core pieces that are blanked from a thin plate workpiece using the die, individually separating the temporarily laminated block iron cores by a block iron core separating unit, and rotating and laminating each of the separated block iron cores by a rotating and laminating unit in order different from order of lamination of the temporarily laminated block iron cores before separation in a place different from a location of the die..
Mitsui High-tec, Inc.

Reluctance rotor lamination having an opening for stress reduction

The invention relates to a reluctance rotor lamination that permits easy assembly of a rotor, in particular by means of press fitting, wherein there must be sufficient stability. For this purpose, a reluctance rotor lamination (18) is provided, wherein an opening (6, 42) for stress reduction is arranged on each d axis half (32) in each flux-conducting section (24), such that a partial flux-conducting section (36, 37) is formed on each of the two sides of each d axis half (32) in each flux-conducting section (24).
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Quantum cascade laser

A quantum cascade laser includes a substrate having a principal surface; a laser body region disposed on the principal surface, the laser body region including a semiconductor laminate structure having an end facet, the laser body region having a waveguide structure extending along a waveguide axis; and a distributed bragg reflection region disposed on the principal surface, the distributed bragg reflection region including low and high refractive index portions that are alternately arranged in a direction of the waveguide axis. The end facet of the semiconductor laminate structure is optically coupled to the distributed bragg reflection region.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Electricity storage module

An electricity storage module (m1) includes an electricity storage element group (10) formed by laminating a plurality of electricity storage elements (11) each including a positive-electrode and a negative-electrode lead terminals (12a, 12b) projecting in an outward direction from one side edge and a container (13) made of a laminate film and configured to accommodate an electricity storage part connected to the lead terminals (12a, 12b), connecting members (36a, 36b) for connecting the lead terminals (12a, 12b) of the electricity storage elements (11) adjacent in a lamination direction, and holding members (20) each including a connecting member holding portion (21) for holding the connecting member (36a, 36b) and mounted on one side edge of the electricity storage element (11).. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Battery cell having outer edge sealed portion with sealed lines and battery cell sealing manufacture thereof

Disclosed herein is a battery cell configured to have a structure in which an electrode assembly is mounted in a battery case made of a laminate sheet including a resin layer and a metal layer, and the battery case is provided with a sealed portion (an outer edge sealed portion), which is formed at the outer edge of a receiving part, in which the electrode assembly is mounted, by thermal welding in order to seal the battery case, wherein electrode terminals are located at an upper sealed portion, a lower sealed portion, or the upper sealed portion and the lower sealed portion, two or more sealed lines are formed in at least one of side sealed portions, which are adjacent to the upper sealed portion or the lower sealed portion, such that the sealed lines are spaced apart from each other and parallel to each other, the sealed lines are continuously formed from the outer edge end of the upper sealed portion to the outer edge end of the lower sealed portion in the longitudinal direction of the battery case, and the outer edge sealed portion, in which the sealed lines are formed, is bent between the sealed lines at an angle of 30 to 180 degrees.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Molding packaging material and battery case

Provided is a molding packaging material that can have an increased use life, can suppress a decrease over time in inter-layer lamination strength, and can have superior molding properties in extrusion molding, draw forming, and the like. The laminate molding packaging material contains: an outside substrate layer (2) comprising a heat resistant resin; an inside sealant layer (3) comprising a thermoplastic resin; and a metal foil provided between the two layers as a barrier layer (4).
Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd.


A battery includes an outer package including a laminated film including one or more resin layers, a terminal, and a melt-bonding assisting member including a thermoplastic resin and extending along the terminal. The outer package includes a melt-bonded region at which the terminal is sandwiched between the one or more resin layers.
Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

Lamination transfer films including oriented dimensionally anisotropic inorganic nanomaterials

A transfer film is provided which includes a sacrificial template layer having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface, wherein the second surface comprises a non-planar structured surface and a thermally stable backfill layer applied to the second surface of the sacrificial template layer, wherein the backfill layer has a structured surface corresponding with and applied to the non-planar structured surface of the sacrificial template layer. The sacrificial template layer comprises oriented dimensionally anisotropic inorganic nanomaterials and is capable of being removed from the backfill layer while leaving the structured surface of the backfill layer and the oriented dimensionally anisotropic inorganic nanomaterials substantially intact..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Organic-electroluminescent-element material and organic electroluminescent element using same

Disclosed is an organic electroluminescent device (organic el device) that is improved in luminous efficiency, sufficiently secures driving stability, and has a simple construction. The device is an organic electroluminescent device having organic layers including a light-emitting layer between an anode and a cathode laminated on a substrate, in which a carborane compound is incorporated into at least one layer of the organic layers, or is incorporated as a host material into a light-emitting layer containing a phosphorescent light-emitting dopant and the host material.
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd.

Laminate, peeling laminate, and manufacturing flexible device

). .

Manufacturing thermoelectric conversion device

An insulating substrate is prepared. In this substrate, plural via holes penetrating in a thickness direction are filled with a conductive paste.
Denso Corporation

Semiconductor light-emitting element

Provided is a semiconductor light emitting element formed by growing an active layer in the c-axis direction and having a peak emission wavelength of at least 530 nm, wherein the light emission efficiency is greater than the conventional art. A semiconductor light-emitting element has a peak emission wavelength of greater than or equal to 530 nm, and comprise: an n-type semiconductor layer; an active layer formed above n-type semiconductor layer; and a p-type semiconductor layer formed above the active layer.
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

Multilayer transparent polyester film, manufacturing said film and use of said film in particular in the backsheets of photovoltaic panels

A biaxially oriented multilayer transparent film including at least two layers of polyester, respectively a core layer and at least one outer layer, which can be identical or different, wherein: i) at least the core layer includes at least one biaxially oriented transparent polyester pe1, ii) at least one of the outer layers includes, on the one hand, at least one biaxially oriented polyester pe2, and, on the other hand, particles coming from the reaction between at least one metal compound and at least one monomeric or oligomeric unit of pe2, the particles having more preferably a d50—as μm and following an order of preference—between 0.5 and 5; between 1.0 and 4, and between 1.5 and 3.0. Also relates to the manufacture of this film and its applications as a laminate in particular in the backsheets of photovoltaic cells..
Toray Films Europe

Method for manufacturing transparent electrode

The present disclosure relates to a transparent electrode, and provides a method for manufacturing a transparent electrode, the method comprising forming a multi-layered transparent conductive film by sequentially laminating a first oxide layer, a metal layer, and a second oxide layer on a transparent substrate, forming a mask pattern on the second oxide layer, performing an etching process using the mask pattern as an etching mask to form, in the second oxide layer, a trench exposing the upper surface of the metal layer, and forming a metal pattern in the trench.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method for preparing substrate using germanium condensation process and manufacturing semiconductor device using same

The present invention suggests a substrate manufacturing method and a manufacturing method of a semiconductor device comprising: providing a soi structure having an insulation layer and a silicon layer laminated on a substrate; laminating to form a silicon germanium layer and a capping silicon layer on the soi structure; implementing oxidation process at two or more temperatures and heat treatment process at least once during the oxidation process to form a germanium cohesion layer and a silicon dioxide layer; and removing the silicon dioxide layer.. .

Solid state imaging apparatus and producing the same

There is provided a solid state imaging apparatus, including: an optical film layer on which a solid state image sensor is mounted; a multifunctional chip laminated at a periphery of the solid state image sensor in the optical film layer being electrically contacted with the optical film layer via a metal body; a sealing resin layer for sealing the periphery where the multifunctional chip is laminated on the optical film layer; and a concave structure for blocking a flow of the sealing resin in a liquid state when the sealing resin layer is formed at the periphery of the sealing resin layer. Also, a method of producing the solid state imaging apparatus is also provided..
Sony Corporation

Array substrate and manufacturing method thereof, display device

An array substrate and manufacturing method thereof, a display device are provided. The array substrate includes a display region and a non-display region; the non-display region includes a first laminated structure and a second laminated structure that are separately disposed on a base substrate, a gap between the first laminated structure and the second laminated structure constitutes a connecting hole; the first laminated structure includes a first via hole provided for exposing a first metal layer, the second laminated structure includes a second via hole provided for exposing a second metal layer, the first via hole and the second via hole are connected to a connecting hole via breaches on corresponding walls, and the first metal layer and the second metal are electrically connected with a conductive film..
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Array substrate, manufacturing the same and display device

An array substrate according to an embodiment of the present disclosure may include a base substrate, a gate electrode, a gate insulating layer and an active layer arranged on the base substrate in a laminated way. The array substrate may further include a passivation layer arranged on the active layer, a source electrode, a drain electrode, a first electrode and a second electrode arranged on the passivation layer and on a same layer.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Photosensitive resin composition, laminate, manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device

The photosensitive resin composition includes a polymer including a repeating unit derived from an acid group-containing maleimide, a crosslinking agent, a photopolymerization initiator, and a thermal polymerization initiator. The polymer preferably further includes a repeating unit derived from a vinyl compound..

Lamina topics:
  • Inflatable Bladder
  • Transverse
  • Surfactant
  • Electric Conversion
  • Semiconductor Material
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronic Device
  • Liquid Crystal
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Scattering
  • Planarization
  • Phosphorus
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Copper Clad Laminate
  • Benzoxazine

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