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Lamina patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lamina-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lamina-related patents
 Method for fabricating wiring board patent thumbnailMethod for fabricating wiring board
A core material is prepared, wherein the core material has an insulating layer, and a conductor pattern provided on a surface of the insulating layer. One or more prepreg materials are prepared.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Printed circuit board, package and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailPrinted circuit board, package and manufacturing the same
A printed circuit board includes: a core board including, on a first surface thereof, an element mounting part and an element non-mounting part; an insulation layer disposed on the element non-mounting part; a copper-clad laminate plate disposed on the insulation layer; a first penetration via penetrating the insulation layer and the copper-clad laminate plate; and a second penetration via disposed in the core board and connected to the first penetration via.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Rotor for rotary electric machine patent thumbnailRotor for rotary electric machine
A rotor (1) for a rotary electric machine includes a rotor core (2) including a first core portion (20) having a plurality of core pieces (5, 6) joined together through caulking portions (2a) and a hollow first lightening portion (20a), and a second core portion (21) having a plurality of core pieces (7, 8) joined together through caulking portions (2a) and a press-fit portion (21b). A radial magnetic path width of a ring-shaped outer circumferential portion formed by laminating the first core portion (20) and the second core portion (21) changes along a circumferential direction of the rotor core (2).
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Rotor assembly for an electric machine patent thumbnailRotor assembly for an electric machine
A rotor assembly (40) for an electric machine including a core (42) having at least one post (44) about which a winding may be wound, and a cap (52) coupled to the post (44) and having a portion overlying a winding (46), wherein the cap (52) comprises a plurality of laminations and the core (42) does not comprise a plurality of laminations.. .
Ge Aviation Systems Llc

 Radio-frequency transparent window patent thumbnailRadio-frequency transparent window
A patch for a device in an electronic housing including an aluminum layer having a threshold thickness, a non-conductive layer on a first side of the aluminum layer, and a radio-frequency (rf) transparent layer on a second side of the aluminum layer is provided. A method for manufacturing an antenna window including a patch as above is also provided, the method including determining a thickness of the aluminum layer adjacent to an anodized aluminum layer.
Apple Inc.

 Laminated lithium-sulphur cell patent thumbnailLaminated lithium-sulphur cell
A lithium-sulphur electrochemical cell comprising a laminate comprising: a lithium anode comprising a layer of lithium metal foil or lithium metal alloy foil; a cathode comprising an active sulphur material; a porous separator disposed between the lithium anode and the cathode; and an electrolyte; wherein: the laminate is folded in a zigzag configuration; and the cathode is offset relative to the lithium anode in the laminate, such that the cathode is accessible from one side of the laminate and the lithium anode is accessible from an opposite side of the laminate.. .
Oxis Energy Limited

 Electrode material for fuel electrode, solid electrolyte-electrode laminate,  producing solid electrolyte-electrode laminate, and fuel cell patent thumbnailElectrode material for fuel electrode, solid electrolyte-electrode laminate, producing solid electrolyte-electrode laminate, and fuel cell
The present invention inexpensively provides an electrode material for a fuel electrode, the electrode material having co2 resistance and being capable of forming a fuel cell having high electricity generation performance. An electrode material for a fuel electrode, the electrode material constituting a fuel electrode of a fuel cell including a proton-conductive solid electrolyte layer, includes a perovskite-type solid electrolyte component and a nickel (ni) catalyst component, in which the solid electrolyte component includes a barium component, a zirconium component, a cerium component, and a yttrium component, and the mixture ratio of the zirconium component to the cerium component in the solid electrolyte component is set to be 1:7 to 7:1 in terms of molar ratio..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

 Packaging material for power storage device patent thumbnailPackaging material for power storage device
A packaging material for a power storage device of the present invention includes: a base layer having a first surface and a second surface, the first surface having at least a first adhesive layer, a metal foil layer, an anticorrosive treatment layer, a second adhesive layer, and a sealant layer laminated thereon in this order; and a base protective layer laminated on the second surface of the base layer, and formed containing at least one base resin selected from a group consisting of a polyester polyol and an acrylic polyol, each of which has a group having a hydroxyl group on a side chain, and a curing agent containing at least one of a biuret type and an isocyanurate type of isocyanate.. .
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

 Package for power storage device patent thumbnailPackage for power storage device
A package for a power storage device includes at least one laminated packaging material having first and second sections. The packaging material includes a metallic foil layer, a heat-resistant resin layer, and a heat-fusible resin layer.
Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd.

 Method and device for producing an elastomer stack actuator patent thumbnailMethod and device for producing an elastomer stack actuator
A method for producing an elastomer-based film stack actuator may include: a starting process of: providing an elastomer film having an elastomer layer and two cover layers, and removing one of the two cover layers to produce a delaminated film; a stacking process, of: applying a layer of electrodes to the elastomer layer of the delaminated film assembly, laminating an additional delaminated elastomer film on the film assembly having electrodes, and removing one of the two cover layers from the laminated film assembly to produce a delaminated film assembly; and a finalization process of: contacting the electrodes of the film assembly produced by the stacking process, separating the stacking actuators of the film assembly produced by the stacking process, and encapsulating the separated stacking actuators. The stacking process steps may be repeated by using the delaminated film assembly of the final step in the initial step..
Parker-hannifin Corporation


Semiconductor device and a manufacturing a semiconductor device

The characteristics of a semiconductor device are improved. A semiconductor device is formed so as to have a channel layer formed over a substrate, a barrier layer, a trench penetrating through the barrier layer in an opening region, and reaching some point of the channel layer, a gate electrode arranged in the trench via a gate insulation film, and an insulation film formed over the barrier layer outside the opening region.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Thin-film transistor substrate and fabricating the same

A tft substrate includes: a substrate; a gate electrode above the substrate; an oxide semiconductor layer above the substrate; a gate insulating film between the gate electrode and the oxide semiconductor layer; a source electrode and a drain electrode which are connected to the oxide semiconductor layer; oxide films on the surface of the source electrode and the surface of the drain electrode, respectively; a first protective film covering the oxide films; a first interconnect layer connected to the source electrode and the drain electrode via respective first contact holes extending through the first protective film and the oxide films; wherein the source electrode and the drain electrode are each a laminated film including a cu film and a cu—mn alloy film formed on the cu film.. .
Joled Inc.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

Performance of a semiconductor device is improved without increasing an area size of a semiconductor chip. For example, a source electrode of a power transistor and an upper electrode of a capacitor element have an overlapping portion.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Method of manufacturing semiconductor device

In a semiconductor device formed by mounting a chip laminate including a semiconductor chip having a small diameter and a semiconductor chip having a large diameter over the top surface of a substrate, an excessive stress is prevented from being added to a joint of the two semiconductor chips. By mounting a first semiconductor chip having a large diameter over a support substrate and thereafter mounting a second semiconductor chip having a small diameter over the first semiconductor chip, it is possible to: suppress the inclination and unsteadiness of the second semiconductor chip mounted over the first semiconductor chip; and hence inhibit an excessive stress from being added to a joint of the first semiconductor chip and the second semiconductor chip..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Package carrier and manufacturing method thereof

A manufacturing method of a package carrier is provided. A carrier having a connecting surface is provided.
Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.


Packaged semiconductor device having leadframe features preventing delamination

A semiconductor device has a leadframe with a first (401a) and a parallel second surface, and an assembly pad (410) bordered by two opposing sides, which include a plurality of through-holes (420) from the first to the second pad surface. Another pad side includes one or more elongated windows (421) between the pad surfaces.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Laminate and core shell formation of silicide nanowire

Methods and apparatus for forming a metal silicide as nanowires for back-end interconnection structures for semiconductor applications are provided. In one embodiment, the method includes forming a metal silicide stack comprising as plurality of metal silicide layers on a substrate by a chemical vapor deposition process or a physical vapor deposition process, thermal treating the metal silicide stack in a processing chamber, applying a microwave power in the processing chamber while thermal treating the metal silicide layer; and maintaining a substrate temperature less than 400 degrees celsius while thermal treating the metal silicide layer..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for manufacturing bonded wafer

Method for manufacturing a bonded wafer, including implanting at least one gas ion into a bond wafer from a bond wafer surface forming an ion implantation layer, bonding the surface from the ion implantation into bond wafer and base wafer surface, and delaminating the bond wafer part along the ion implantation layer by heat treatment forming a bonded wafer having thin-film on the base wafer, wherein heat treatment is at most 400° c. To delaminate bond wafer part along the ion implantation layer, including measuring bond wafer thicknesses and base wafer, selecting a combination of bond and base wafers so difference between both wafers thicknesses is 5 μm or more before bonding the bond and base wafers.
Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.


Capacitor module and power conversion device

Provided is a capacitor module (10) for connection to a plurality of power conversion circuits, which includes: a dielectric part (11) that has a plurality of flat-film dielectric layers (18a, 18b) laminated; a capacitance formation part (12) that has conductors opposed to each other with the dielectric layers (18a, 18b) interposed therebetween within the dielectric part (11); and multiple pairs of output terminals (13a, 13b, 13c) that are connected respectively to the multiple power conversion circuits, where the multiple pairs of output terminals (13a, 13b, 13c) are connected to each other with the capacitance formation part (12) interposed therebetween.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Flexible touch panel and flexible display device

A flexible touch panel includes a flexible substrate, and a touch sensor unit disposed on the flexible substrate, the touch sensor including a transparent conductive oxide layer and a transparent metal layer laminated to contact each other.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Mask blank, transfer mask, and manufacturing transfer mask

A mask blank wherein damage to a light semitransmissive film due to dry etching for removing a light shielding film is inhibited. Mask blank 100 has a light semitransmissive film 2 and light shielding film 4 laminated on a main surface of a transparent substrate 1.
Hoya Corporation


Mask blank, transfer mask and methods of manufacturing the same

In a mask blank having a structure in which a light-semitransmissive film and a light-shielding film are laminated on a main surface of a transparent substrate, the light-semitransmissive film is made of a material that can be dry-etched with an etching gas containing a fluorine-based gas, the light-shielding film is made of a material that contains tantalum and one or more elements selected from hafnium and zirconium and contains no oxygen except in a surface layer thereof, an etching stopper film is provided between the light-semitransmissive film and the light-shielding film, and the etching stopper film is made of a material that contains chromium with an oxygen content of 20 at % or less.. .
Hoya Corporation


Substrate with a multilayer reflective film, reflective mask blank for euv lithography, reflective mask for euv lithography and manufacturing the same, and manufacturing a semiconductor device

A substrate with a multilayer reflective film that yields a reflective mask achieving high reflectance and exhibiting excellent cleaning resistance. The present invention is directed to a substrate with a multilayer reflective film, which has: a substrate; a multilayer reflective film, formed on a substrate, having a layer comprising si as a high refractive-index material and a layer comprising a low refractive-index material, wherein the layers are periodically laminate; and a ru protective film, formed on the multilayer reflective film, for protecting the multilayer reflective film, wherein the surface layer of the multilayer reflective film on the other side of the substrate is the layer comprising si, and wherein the ru protective film comprises a ru compound comprising ru and ti, wherein the ru compound contains ru in an amount greater than that in the stoichiometric composition of ruti..
Hoya Corporation


Lighting device and display apparatus

Provided are a lighting device having improved workability of a loading operation of an optical sheet in the lighting device whose error of members is large, and a display apparatus including the lighting device. A lighting device, which includes a light guide plate 11, an optical sheet 15 configured to diffuse or collect light emitted from the light guide plate 11, and a housing part 13 in which the light guide plate 11 and the optical sheet 15 are laminated and housed, includes a plurality of holding parts (optical sheet holding parts 134) which are provided in the housing part (a back housing part 13) to support the optical sheet 15 in the housing part, wherein the optical sheet 15 has a plurality of hole parts (through holes 151b) formed therein corresponding to the holding parts, in which the holding parts penetrate, and cross sections of the plurality of holding parts parallel to the optical sheet 15 have areas smaller than the cross-sectional areas of the hole parts, and a difference between the cross-sectional areas of the hole parts and the areas of the cross sections of the holding parts is not constant..
Sakai Display Products Corporation


Magnetic sensor element

Provided is a magnetic sensor device having a structure in which a plurality of mtj structures, each using a ferromagnetic layer having an in-plane axis of easy magnetization and a ferromagnetic layer having a perpendicular axis of easy magnetization, are laminated. By a single device, magnetic fields in two or more directions can be sensed, or a plurality of magnetic field ranges including a small magnetic field and a relatively large magnetic field can be sensed..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Apparatus and measuring impedance of laminated battery

An apparatus for measuring an impedance of a laminated battery includes a laminated battery in which a plurality of power generating elements is laminated; a load connected to both ends of the laminated battery; a resistance component provided between the superimposing unit and the load; and a potential difference suppressing circuit that suppresses a pulsating potential difference between both ends of the resistance component. A superimposing unit superimposes a pulsating current or a pulsating voltage on an output of the laminated battery.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Zipping actuator fluid motivation

A miniature blower is formed by cutting a plurality of patterns in a respective plurality of sheets of material, aligning the plurality of sheets of material so as to effect an operative alignment of the patterns and laminating the sheets of material to produce a zipping actuator assembly with a zipping membrane and integrated check valves. Cyclic activation of the zipping membrane within the assembly produces a flow of air through the check valves..


Reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for dynamic pile tests, metallic mold and reinforcement block

A reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for dynamic pile tests, metallic mold and reinforcement block, which refers to a reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for performing dynamic pile tests, implemented by the use of a laminar metallic structure appropriately constructed, in which are provided holes for inserting the anchor bolts, and later on the electronic sensors is provided.. .


Entangled substrate of short individualized bast fibers

Nonwoven textile fabrics in accordance with the present invention include a web of entangled polymeric fibers with substantially pectin-free, individualized bast fibers having a mean length less than 9 millimeters (mm). A method of making a nonwoven fabric includes forming a web of polymeric fibers, forming a randomly arrayed fiber web of the substantially individualized bast fibers having a mean length less than 9 mm, disposing the web of the substantially individualized bast fibers onto the web of polymeric fibers, and entangling the polymeric fibers with the substantially individualized bast fibers to form the nonwoven fabric.
Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp


Method and means for weaving, 3d fabric items thereof and their use

An add-on weaving method, a device based on this method, 3d fabric items producible by this method and device, and composite materials reinforced with such 3d fabric items. The 3d fabric items are produced directly by the add-on weaving process using complementary fabric, warp yarns and weft yarns.
Biteam Ab


Coated tool

Provided is a coated tool exhibiting enhanced wear resistance and adhesiveness of an aluminum oxide layer and superior wear resistance and defect resistance. A cutting tool (1) in which at least a titanium carbonitride layer (8) and an aluminum oxide layer (10) having an α-type crystalline structure are laminated in that order on a surface of a substrate (5).
Kyocera Corporation


Film comprising vinylidene fluoride resin, laminated film, and laminate

The present invention relates to a film which comprises a resin composition comprising an acrylic resin (a) and a vinylidene fluoride resin (b), wherein the acrylic resin (a) is composed of an acrylic monomer (a-1) unit and an ultraviolet ray absorbing monomer (a-2) unit, and the ratio of the amount of the ultraviolet ray absorbing monomer (a-2) unit in the acrylic resin (a) to the total mass of all of monomer units in the acrylic resin (a) is 4 to 25 mass %, according to the present invention, it becomes possible to provide a film which comprises a vinylidene fluoride resin, can maintain a high total light transmittance and a low haze value for a long period, and has excellent ultraviolet ray blocking performance.. .
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Silicone skeleton-containing polymer compound, chemically amplified negative resist composition, photo-curable dry film and producing same, patterning process, layered product, substrate, and semiconductor apparatus

The present invention provides a silicone skeleton-containing polymer compound containing a repeating unit shown by the general formula (1). There can be provided a silicone skeleton-containing polymer compound suitable used as a base resin of a chemically amplified negative resist composition that can remedy the problem of delamination generated on a metal wiring such as cu and al, an electrode, and a substrate, especially on a substrate such as sin, and can form a fine pattern without generating a scum and a footing profile in the pattern bottom and on the substrate..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Unitary housing for electronic device

An electronic device having a unitary housing is disclosed. The device can include a first housing component having an open cavity, an internal electronic part disposed within the cavity, a second housing component disposed across the cavity, and a support feature disposed within the cavity and arranged to support the second housing component.
Apple Inc.


Printing plate, laminated ceramic electronic component producing method, and printer

A print pattern of a printing plate used in intaglio printing includes plural partition walls and a groove-shaped cell unit. The plural partition walls are continuously extended in a printing direction, and arranged at predetermined intervals in an orthogonal direction.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Creation of a transparent polymer window with a field of lenses in a security paper substrate

There is described a method of creating a transparent polymer window (w) with a field of lenses (l) in a security paper substrate (1), the method comprising the steps of (i) providing a security paper substrate (1), (ii) forming an opening (10) into the security paper substrate (1), (iii) laminating a transparent film (5; 5*) onto a first side (i) of the security paper substrate (1) in such a way as to close the opening (10) at one end, and (iv) filling the opening (10) with transparent polymer material (2). In one embodiment, the transparent film (5) comprises a field of lenses (l) and is laminated onto the first side (i) of the security paper substrate (1) in such a way as to form lenses (l) on the first side (i) of the security paper substrate (1) in register with the opening (10).
Kba-notasys Sa


Method of manufacturing a frangible blade

A method of manufacturing a frangible laminate is provided. The method comprises constructing a reinforced polymer matrix, cutting the reinforced polymer matrix into a plurality of laminae, forming a laminate via stacking the plurality of laminae and at least one energy dissipating member, and consolidating the laminate..
General Electric Company


Devices and methods for applying surface coverings

Applicator devices for applying a surface covering to a part and methods for applying a surface covering to a part are disclosed. Disclosed applicator devices may include an inflatable bladder and a support structure configured to position the inflatable bladder with respect to the part and/or a support surface on which the part is positioned.
The Boeing Company


High rigidity interlayers and light weight laminated multiple layer panels

This disclosure is related to the field of polymer interlayers for multiple layer panels and multiple layer panels having at least one polymer interlayer sheet. Specifically, this disclosure is related to the field of high rigidity interlayers and light weight laminated multiple layer panels incorporating high rigidity interlayers..
Solutia Inc.


Easily peelable laminate film, easily peelable laminate label, high-concealment easily peelable laminate film, and high-concealment easily peelable laminate label

An easily peelable laminate film (50), which is formed by laminating a peelable surface layer (20) containing from 18.18 to 89.99% by mass of a thermoplastic resin, from 9.09 to 79.99% by mass of at least one of inorganic fine powder or organic fine powder, and from 0.01 to 4.00% by mass of dispersing agent, and having a peel strength of 5 to 150 g/cm width, and a base layer (10) containing a thermoplastic resin, can be peeled easily without being subjected to special processing for starting the peeling, and also, fine powder is less likely to be shed from the peelable surface layer, and the generation of paper powder at the time of printing is suppressed.. .
Yupo Corporation


Composite laminates with syntactic cores

Described are laminate materials with syntactic cores sandwiched between outer layers. These laminates, which may be very thin, are ideally suited to use in high-stress applications, such as the casings for consumer electronics.
Tencate Advanced Composites Usa, Inc.


Optimized cross-ply orientation in composite laminates

A composite laminate has a primary axis of loading and comprises a plurality resin plies each reinforced with unidirectional fibers. The laminate includes cross-plies with fiber orientations optimized to resist bending and torsional loads along the primary axis of loading..
The Boeing Company


High lap shear strength, low back face signature ud composite and the process of making

Fabrication of ballistic resistant fibrous composites having improved ballistic resistance properties. More particularly, ballistic resistant fibrous composites having high interlaminar lap shear strength between component fiber plies or fiber layers, which correlates to low composite backface signature.
Honeywell International Inc.


Process and device for producing resin laminate

There is provided a method for manufacturing a resin laminate in which a resin laminate having a foamed resin layer and a non-foamed resin layer can be efficiently manufactured, and a resin laminate having good surface properties can be obtained. A method for manufacturing a resin laminate 14a formed by laminating a foamed resin layer 6b and non-foamed resin layers 7a and 7a and having at least one foamed resin layer 6b, comprising steps of feeding a foamable resin composition 6 in an unfoamed state in a molten state and non-foaming resin compositions 7 and 7 for forming the non-foamed resin layers 7a and 7a into a mold 3 for sheet molding to form a resin laminate; and feeding the above resin laminate in which the foamable resin composition 6 is in an unfoamed state or a foamed state to a sizing die 4..
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.


Desmearing method and desmearing apparatus

Provided are a desmearing method which can reliably remove a smear caused either by an inorganic substance or by an organic substance, and a desmearing apparatus which carries out this desmearing method. The desmearing method is used for a wiring substrate material which is obtained by laminating a conductive layer and an insulating layer.
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha


Laminated nonwoven fabric and air purifier

A laminated nonwoven fabric includes a first nonwoven fabric that comprises first fibers, and a second nonwoven fabric that comprises second fibers. The second nonwoven fabric is laminated on the first nonwoven fabric.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Sacroiliac belt and composite structure

A sacroiliac belt with a non-elastic inner belt to wrap around the user's hips and an elastic outer belt to wrap from the back to opposite sides of the inner belt. Non-cinchable hook and loop fastener construction is used to secure the inner and outer belts in position.


Biological information measuring module, biological information measuring apparatus, light detecting apparatus, light detecting module, and electronic apparatus

A biological information measuring module includes a light emitting unit that emits light, a light receiving unit that receives the light via an object, and a multilayered film optical filter that is provided on the light receiving unit on a side where the light is incident. The multilayered film optical filter is constituted by a laminated body of five or more layers and 120 or less layers..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Adhesive composition for printed wiring boards, bonding film, coverlay, copper-clad laminate and printed wiring board

An object of the present invention is to provide an adhesive composition for a printed wiring board, the adhesive composition having a good heat resistance. Another object of the present invention is to provide a coverlay for a printed wiring board, a copper-clad laminate, and a printed wiring board, all of which use the adhesive composition for a printed wiring board.
Sumitomo Electroc Industries, Ltd.


Ribbon support system for electrodynamic microphone

A ribbon microphone having a housing made of wood, a wood laminate, or another suitable composite material having a characteristic impedance and density and a ribbon transducer assembly with metal support chassis having a higher characteristic impedance and density. By engineering a body housing and the ribbon support chassis having a similar or equal total weight but differing greatly in density, a rapid attenuation of internal harmonics is achieved, particularly reducing the undesirable metallic resonance of the metal bodies of conventional microphones.


Pcb for camera of vehicle vision system

A camera for a vision system of a vehicle includes a printed circuit board having a plurality of layers laminated together. The plurality of layers includes an outermost layer.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Brushless motor

A brushless motor (1) includes a stator (2) including a stator core (5) formed by laminating a plurality of stator core plates (17), and a rotor (3) including a rotor core (15) formed by laminating a plurality of rotor core plates (18). The rotor core (15) includes a core body (15a), a magnet mounting hole (31) in which a magnet (16) is housed, and a salient pole portion (32) formed on an outer peripheral side of the magnet (16).
Mitsuba Corporation


Lamination pack and forming same

A lamination pack for a motor and method of forming the lamination pack is provided. The method includes inserting a plurality of conductor bars into a plurality of rotor slots defined by a lamination stack such that opposing bar ends of the conductor bars extend from opposing end faces of the lamination stack, skewing the lamination stack and the conductor bars to a skew angle relative to a rotation axis of the lamination stack, and subsequently bending the bar ends of the conductor bars in opposing radial directions to a locking angle greater than the skew angle, to lock each of the conductor bars in its respective rotor slot.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Nfc antenna module and portable terminal comprising same

Disclosed are a nfc antenna module which maximizes antenna performance by mounting a radiation sheet in such a manner as to overlap a part of an antenna sheet and a portable terminal comprising the same. The disclosed nfc antenna module comprises: a first antenna sheet having a first radiation pattern formed along the outer periphery of a first central portion; a second antenna sheet having a second radiation pattern formed along the outer periphery of a second central portion in such a manner as to partially overlap with the first radiation pattern; and an electromagnetic wave shielding sheet laminated on the first antenna sheet and the second antenna sheet..
Amotech Co., Ltd.


Battery module

Provided is a battery module of which temperature can be homogenized regardless of the material. This battery module includes: a first heat dissipation plate and a second heat dissipation plate; a laminated type battery group disposed between the first heat dissipation plate and the second heat dissipation plate and formed by stacking two or more laminated type batteries; and a case housing the laminated type battery group, and the first heat dissipation plate and the second heat dissipation plate, wherein: a third heat dissipation plate is disposed between the two laminated type batteries among the laminated type battery group; each of the first heat dissipation plate, the second heat dissipation plate, and the third heat dissipation plate includes a contact portion in contact with the case, and a flat portion in contact with and opposite to the laminated type battery; and the flat portion of the first heat dissipation plate and the flat portion of the second heat dissipation plate are provided with a plurality of holes..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Battery pack

A battery pack (1) includes: a battery stack (20) in which a plurality of laminar battery cells (10) are connected in series; a voltage monitoring unit (3) that monitors the voltage of each battery cell; a power unit (4) that has power lines (41p, 41n) for connecting the battery stack (20) and external connection terminals (42p, 42n), a current monitoring unit (44) for monitoring the current of the power lines, and a switch (43) for disconnecting the power lines; and a control unit (5) that receives signals from the voltage monitoring unit and the current monitoring unit, and outputs to the switch a signal for shutting off the power line. The power unit (4) is provided on a power board (74) separately from boards (73, 75) on which the voltage monitoring unit (3) and the control unit (5) are provided.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Welding apparatus and a welding separator of electrical device

An electric device is capable of preventing a heat-resistant material of a separator from scattering even when the electric device vibrates or receives shocks. The electric device has a power generating element formed by alternately laminating a first electrode, a second electrode of a polarity different from the first electrode with a separator interposed therebetween.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Substrate for organic electronic device and manufacturing same

Provided are a substrate for an organic electronic device (oed) and a use thereof. Provided is a substrate for a device having excellent durability by preventing interlayer delamination occurring due to internal stress in a structure in which an organic material and an inorganic material are mixed.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Laminate having organic mask and manufacturing organic electroluminescent device using same

Provided are a laminate including an organic material mask and a method for preparing an organic light emitting device using the same. The laminate includes a substrate; and a mask provided on the substrate and including an organic material..
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Magnetoresistive effect element, manufacturing magnetoresistive effect element, and magnetic memory

According to one embodiment, a magnetoresistive effect element includes a first magnetic layer including a first magnetic element; second magnetic layer; an intermediate layer between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer; and a sidewall layer having a laminated structure on a side face of the first magnetic layer. The sidewall layer includes a first layer disposed on the side face of the first magnetic layer and including a first element having an atomic number larger than an atomic number of the first magnetic element, and a second layer including a second element having an atomic number smaller than the atomic number of the first atomic element.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Fabrication method and structure of semiconductor non-volatile memory device

A non-volatile semiconductor memory device with good write/erase characteristics is provided. A selection gate is formed on a p-type well of a semiconductor substrate via a gate insulator, and a memory gate is formed on the p-type well via a laminated film composed of a silicon oxide film, a silicon nitride film, and a silicon oxide film.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Method for manufacturing bonded wafer

A method for manufacturing bonded wafer including: producing bonded wafer having thin-film on its base wafer by an ion implantation delamination method, and reducing film thickness of the thin-film, wherein the step of reducing the film thickness includes a stage of reducing the film thickness by sacrificial oxidation treatment or vapor phase etching, wherein the method for manufacturing bonded wafer further includes a cleaning step of cleaning the bonded wafer exposing the delamination surface just before the step of reducing the film thickness, wherein the cleaning step includes a stage of performing a wet cleaning by successively dipping the bonded wafer to plural of cleaning baths, and wherein the wet cleaning is performed without applying ultrasonic in each of the cleaning baths in the wet cleaning. The method enables to clean bonded wafer exposing delamination surface remaining damage of ion implantation using a cleaning line in a strict control level..
Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.


Wound transformer core

A wound transformer core (10) is disclosed for reducing core loss and improving core efficiency. The core (10) includes a plurality of magnetic steel strip laminations (5) nested together to form a series of concentric layers which together define: a first core leg (12) for receiving a conductive coif and having a first leg thickness, a second core kg (14) opposed to the first core leg (12) and having a second leg thickness, a first core end (16) extending perpendicularly between the first and second core legs (12,14) and having a first end thickness and a second core end 18 extending perpendicularly between the first and second core legs (12,14), the second core end (18) opposed to the first core end (16) and having a second end thickness.
Aem Cores Pty Ltd


Coil component and manufacturing the same

Disclosed is a coil component and method of manufacturing the coil component. The coil component includes a core magnetic layer, coil conductors formed on two opposing surfaces of the core magnetic layer, and outer magnetic layers laminated on the core magnetic layer and covering the coil conductors..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Laminate and transparent conductive film using the laminate

A laminate according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a plurality of resin films with hard coat layers, which are laminated together, the plurality of resin films with hard coat layers each including a base layer containing a thermoplastic resin and a hard coat layer containing a curable resin, the hard coat layer being formed on the base layer.. .


Conductive resin composition and transparent conductive laminated body

Provided is a conductive resin composition suitable for forming a transparent conductive film with good appearance and excellent transparency. The conductive resin composition includes: (a) a conductive polymer; (b) a conductivity enhancer; (c) a binder; and (d) a thickener, the composition having a viscosity at 25° c.
Nagase Chemtex Corporation


Magnetic element with reduced shield-to-shield spacing

A magnetic stack is disclosed. The magnetic stack includes a magnetically responsive lamination that includes a ferromagnetic free layer, a synthetic antiferromagnetic (saf) structure, and a spacer layer positioned between the ferromagnetic free layer and the saf structure.
Seagate Technology Llc


Touch input device

A touch input device includes a touch sensor including a plurality of touch electrodes; a display panel; and a reference potential layer. The touch sensor is completely laminated with the display panel.
Hideep Inc.


Touch input device

A touch input device includes a touch panel, a press detection signal generating unit and a touch detection signal generating unit. The touch panel is formed by laminating a piezoelectric sensor and a capacitive sensor.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Polarizing element, and manufacturing polarizing element

The present invention has an object to provide a production method that can prevent side etching and delamination of an anisotropic dye coating formed by an application process, thereby providing a polarizing element that exhibits durable performance and rugged reliability and that is less affected by a solvent or the like used in a production process after formation of the anisotropic dye coating, which leads to improved flexibility of the production process. The present invention also provides a polarizing element that includes a substrate, an anisotropic dye coating, and a resin composition layer, wherein the anisotropic dye coating and the resin composition layer are sequentially layered on the substrate, wherein the top surface and all side surfaces of the anisotropic dye coating are covered with the resin composition layer, and wherein the anisotropic dye coating and the resin composition layer are not formed on portions of the substrate..
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


Substrate film

There are provided a substrate film, a laminate, and method of manufacturing a polarizing film. The present application provides a substrate film capable of effectively manufacturing a polarizing film having a thickness of about 10 μm or less, about 8 μm or less, about 7 μm or less, about 6 μm or less, or about 5 μm or less and having an excellent function such as polarization performance, a laminate, and a method of manufacturing the same.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Combining multiple energy x-ray imaging and well data to obtain high-resolution rock, mechanical, and elastic property profiles

A method is provided for evaluating a geological formation which integrates well data and high resolution computed tomography of rock samples thereof. Relationships are determined for a formation between a formation property, such as an elastic property, and at least one of photoelectric effect index (pef), effective atomic number (zeff), and bulk density (rhob), using well data, and tomographic imaging is used to determine at least one of the latter mentioned properties (pef, zeff, rhob) at higher resolution, which can be used in the relationship to determine a corresponding formation property.
Ingrain, Inc.


Self-repairing armor

The present technology provides armor articles for use in body armor, vehicle armor, and aircraft armor, including helicopters. The armor articles include a ceramic plate having a front surface and a rear surface; a polymer backer affixed to the rear surface of the ceramic plate, wherein the polymer backer comprises a laminate of at least two layers of material, each layer comprising a ballistic fabric; and self-repair conduits on the front surface of the ceramic plate and covered by a layer of material, wherein the self-repair conduits contain a self-repair composition.


Laminated header, heat exchanger, air-conditioning apparatus, and joining a plate-like unit of a laminated header and a pipe to each other

A laminated header includes a plate-like unit including: bare members having first flow passages formed therein with no brazing material being applied to each of the bare members; and cladding members having second flow passages formed therein with a brazing material being applied to at least a front surface and a back surface of each of the cladding members. The bare members and the cladding members are alternately laminated so that the first flow passages and the second flow passages communicate with each other.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Geothermal probe with mixing elements

A geothermal probe for exchanging heat between ground surrounding the geothermal probe, in which the geothermal probe is arranged in the operating state, and a heat transfer fluid includes inflow and outflow pipes. The inflow pipe has an inflow pipe inner surface and the outflow pipe, arranged therein, has an outflow pipe outer surface.
Dynamic Blue Holding Gmbh


Wavelength conversion sheet and backlight unit

The present invention is a wavelength conversion sheet, including a lamination of a phosphor layer using quantum dots, and a barrier film, with the barrier film being obtained by laminating a barrier layer on one surface of a polyethylene terephthalate film having an acid number smaller than about 25 inclusive.. .
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.


Nitrile rubber-metal laminated gasket material

A nitrile rubber-metal laminated gasket material comprising a surface-treating agent layer, an adhesive layer, and a rubber layer, which are sequentially laminated on a metal plate, wherein the surface-treating agent layer is formed using a surface-treating agent that is free from chromium and comprises of (a) a urethane resin or phenolic resin, (b) a silicon-containing compound, and (c) a fluorine-free zirconium compound or fluorine-free titanium compound as essential components. The nitrile rubber-metal laminated gasket material has excellent llc resistance and oil resistance under high temperature, although it uses a surface-treating agent for metal, which is free from chromium and fluorine..
Nok Corporation


A rubber part for incorporation into a brick or masonry wall in a reinforced concrete frame to protect against damage caused by seismic activity

A rubber part for use as a structural component for incorporation into a brick or masonry wall structure in a reinforced concrete frame, to be located within the plane of the wall, has a length x and a stiffness along its length of sx, a width y and a stiffness across its width of sy, and a thickness z and a stiffness across its thickness of sz, the stiffness of the part being anisotropic with sy>sx. The part is adapted such that, when in use, it is capable of controlling vibrations of the wall caused by seismic activity and also of having a damping effect thereby increasing the energy dissipation capacity of the structure.
Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre


Melt electrospun fibers containing micro and nanolayers and manufacturing

Fibers having two or more alternating polymer layers are formed by co-extrusion followed by electroprocessing. The fibers can be used as a non-woven mat or other substrate for a variety of applications.
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.


Spandex fibers for enhanced bonding

An elastic fiber is provided that includes polyurethane and/or polyurethaneurea and an additive such as polystyrene, an acrylic polymer, polyvinylpyrrolidone, copolymers thereof, derivatives thereof, and combinations thereof. The elastic fiber is useful in laminate structures, such as disposable hygiene articles as wells as in knit, woven and nonwoven fabric constructions..
Invista North America S.a.r.l.


Method for forming oxide layer, laminated substrate for epitaxial growth, and producing the same

This invention provides a method for forming an oxide layer on a metal substrate, which enables manufacture of an oxide layer with improved crystal orientation in comparison with that of the outermost layer of a metal substrate. The method for forming an oxide layer on a metal substrate 20 via rf magnetron sputtering comprises a step of subjecting the crystal-oriented metal substrate 20 exhibiting a c-axis orientation of 99% on its outermost layer to rf magnetron sputtering while adjusting the angle α formed by a perpendicular at a film formation position 20a on the metal substrate 20 and a line from the film formation position 20a to a point 10a at which the perpendicular magnetic flux density is zero on the target 10 located at the position nearest to the film formation position 20a to 15 degrees or less..
Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.


Polyimide resin composition, and heat-conductive adhesive film produced using same

A polyimide resin composition which produces a heat-conductive adhesive film having specifically satisfactory electrical insulation properties and thermal conductivity, exhibiting adhesiveness at a low temperature of about 170° c. To 200° c., and exhibiting a glass transition temperature of higher than 200° c.
Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kaisha


Pressure sensitive adhesive composition

Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a protection film, an optical laminate, a polarizing plate, and a display device. Provided is the pressure-sensitive adhesive composition which is excellent in various physical properties, such as endurance reliability, has excellent antistatic characteristics that change little over time.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Thermally conductive sheet

A thermally conductive sheet having an adhesive layer and a non-adhesive layer laminated together. The adhesive layer contains an acrylic resin formed from an acrylic compound and a thermally conductive filler, and has a tack property higher than a tack property of the non-adhesive layer.
Dexerials Corporation


Cold-set biobased laminating adhesive for paper or paperboard products, and packaging materials

This specification relates to cold-set biobased adhesive compositions, comprising aqueous formulations of biopolymers, optionally with alkaline additives, optionally fortified with high-aspect-ratio inorganic and organic fillers, fibers and nanofibers, optionally with barrier-inducing additives. The adhesive may be used, for example, as a cold-set, preferably biobased, laminating adhesive.
Ecosynthetix Inc.


Thermoplastic prepreg and laminate

A prepreg formed from a resin and unidirectionally aligned reinforcement fibers, characterized in that: the prepreg is sheet-shaped; the prepreg has cutouts of a depth for cutting the reinforcement fibers, and includes reinforcement fibers (a) cut by the cutouts to a length of 10 to 50 mm and reinforcement fibers (b) having a length of equal to or more than 50% of the sheet length of the prepreg in the alignment direction of the reinforcement fibers; the surface area of a band section including the reinforcement fibers (b) in a plan view is 1.4% to 35.0% of the entire surface area of the prepreg in a plan view; and at least one end of the reinforcement fibers (b) is positioned at an end portion of the prepreg in the alignment direction of the reinforcement fibers.. .
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Flame-retardant biaxially oriented polyester film, and flame-retardant polyester film laminate comprising the same and flexible circuit board

A flame-retardant biaxially oriented polyester film is obtained by imparting flame retardancy to a polyester film itself using a phosphorus flame retardant, a flame-retardant polyester film laminate is formed from the same, and a flexible circuit board is provided. The present invention is obtained from a flame-retardant biaxially oriented polyester film which contains, based on the weight of the polyester film, 70 to 99.5% by weight of polyethylene terephthalate or polyethylene naphthalate, and 0.5 to 30% by weight of flame retardant particles having an average particle diameter of 0.5 to 3.0 μm and being represented by a specific phosphinate or diphosphinate, wherein the number of coarse particles having a maximum length of 10 μm or more contained in the polyester film is 10/m2 or less..
Teijin Dupont Films Japan Limited


Curable compositions

Embodiments include curable compositions including an epoxy resin and a hardener component including a polymer having first constitutional unit, a second constitutional unit, and a third constitutional unit, where the epoxy group to the second constitutional unit has a molar ratio in a range of 0.5:1 to 5:1. Embodiments include prepregs that include a reinforcement component and the curable composition and an electrical laminate formed with the curable composition..
Blue Cube Ip Llc


Processing constraining lower melting point metals within ceramic laminates during sintering

A method is described. The method is a method for making a constraining ceramic assembly.
Emisense Technologies, Llc


Strengthened glass articles, edge-strengthened laminated glass articles, and methods for making the same

A method of manufacturing a laminated glass article is disclosed that includes forming a laminated glass article with at least one glass cladding layer and a glass core layer adhered to the glass cladding layer. The glass core layer is amenable to crystallization and optionally has a viscosity amenable to forming by a fusion lamination method.
Corning Incorporated


Rearview mirror assemblies with anisotropic polymer laminates

Anisotropic film laminates for use in image-preserving reflectors such as rearview automotive mirror assemblies, and related methods of fabrication. A film may comprise an anisotropic layer such as a light-polarizing layer and other functional layers.
Gentex Corporation


Radial tire having a lightweight belt structure

A radial tire, notably for a passenger vehicle or van, with a lightened belt structure (10) comprises a multilayer composite laminate (10a, 10b, 10c) of specific construction, with a first layer (10a) of rubber (c1) reinforced with preferably weakly heat-shrinkable circumferential textile monofilaments (110), for example, made of nylon or of polyester, this first layer radially (in the direction z) surmounting two other layers (10b, 10c) of rubber (c2, c3, respectively) reinforced with monofilaments (120, 130) of high tensile steel. This multilayer composite laminate allows the weight and rolling resistance of the tires to be reduced without impairing the cornering stiffness and, therefore, road holding and handling, while at the same time offering equivalent running endurance..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Image processing device, image processing system, and forming image

An image processing device causing an image forming apparatus to form a laminate image including a recording unit to discharge a liquid to a recording medium, a curing unit to cure the liquid discharged by the recording unit, and a drive unit, includes a scanning control unit to control the drive unit to move the recording unit and the curing unit of the image forming apparatus in a sub-scanning direction and scan the recording unit and the curing unit in a main scanning direction multiple times; and a matte lamination control unit to cause the recording unit of the image forming apparatus to form the laminate image on an image forming area being a part of an entire image forming area by scanning the recording unit in the main scanning direction in an amount of lamination and move the recording unit in the sub-scanning direction.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Electrostatic adsorbable sheet and display object using the same

The present invention provides a double-sided adhesive sheet with which non-adhesive printed matter such as an advertisement can be attached to an adherend as a display object without using a pressure-sensitive adhesive, or the like, wherein air remaining is unlikely to occur when the sheet is attached to the adherend. The present invention is an electrostatic adsorbable sheet which is laminated by means of electrostatic adsorption, a protective layer (b) comprising a dielectric film on at least one surface of a support layer (a) comprising a thermoplastic resin film having undergone charging treatment; and an electrostatic adsorbable sheet which is laminated by means of electrostatic adsorption, a protective layer (b) comprising a dielectric film having undergone charging treatment on at least one surface of a support layer (a) comprising a thermoplastic resin film..
Yupo Corporation


Method for reducing bow in laminate structure

Disclosed herein are methods for making asymmetric laminate structures and methods for reducing bow in asymmetric laminate structures, the methods comprising subjecting the laminate structures to at least one thermal cycle comprising cooling the laminate structures to a first temperature near or below room temperature and heating the laminate structures to a second temperature near or below the lamination temperature. Also disclosed herein are laminate structures made according to such methods..
Corning Incorporated


Self-fixturing metallic composite laminate

A number of variations may include a method that may include providing a composite material that may include nano-tubes that may include pressure activated resin, forming the composite material such that the resin within the nano-tubes may begin to cure, holding the composite material in a formed state, removing the composite material from the formed state, and curing the composite material.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Electric field activated shape memory polymer composite

Provided is an electrically activated shape memory polymer composite capable of thermal shape reformation using electric power to heat the composite through its matrix glass transition temperature. The composite includes an adaptable polymer matrix component using a diglycidyl ether resin, at least one substantially well-dispersed conductive or magnetic nano-filler component, and at least one elastic, laminated layer.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Transparent laminate and protective tool including the same

The purpose of the present invention is to prevent an increase in reflectance and a decrease in transmittance, retain the intact instantaneousness and ease of stripping, improve the releasability of the adhesive, avoid the generation of distortion due to the thickness of the adhesive, and ensure the visibility, by laminating filmy members (10) each equipped with a moth-eye structure (12). This transparent laminate (1) comprises a plurality of filmy members (10) which each comprise a base (11) and, disposed on at least one surface thereof, a structure (12) made up of recesses and protrusions which have been regularly arranged at a pitch not longer than the wavelengths of visible light.
Dexerials Corporation


Glass fiber fabric-resin composition laminate

Provided is a glass fiber fabric-resin composition laminate which is thinner than the conventional glass fiber fabric-resin composition laminates and has a strength equal to or higher than that of the conventional laminates. In the glass fiber fabric-resin composition laminate 1, one or more layers of first glass fiber fabrics 2 to 5 have a total thickness of 50 to 100% with respect to the overall thickness.
Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd.


Skin-stringer design for composite wings

Composite skin-stringer structures which reduce or eliminate the risk of delamination at the skin-stringer interface. This can be accomplished by arranging ply directions (i.e., the angles of the fiber paths of the ply) in a layup in a way such that for the dominant loading, the skin and stringer will each deform in a way that reduces relative opening (fracture mode i) and/or sliding (fracture mode ii) and/or scissoring (fracture mode iii) at the skin-stringer interface.
The Boeing Company


Device for processing cardboard blanks

A device for processing cardboard blanks, in particular of plastic laminated beverage cardboards, comprises a scarfing station including a scarfing device for scarfing blanks by means of a bell knife, wherein the scarfing device comprises a housing, whereon a knife shaft is received rotatably, at which a bell knife is received exchangeably, and further comprising a drive motor for the knife shaft, wherein the housing at one side is held by means of a hinge in a preadjusted working position within which the bell knife allows the scarfing of blanks, and wherein a locking device is coupled with the at least one hinge to allow either a locking of the scarfing device in the working position, or a pivoting into a maintenance position or a lifting of the scarfing device upwardly for exchanging the bell knife.. .
Fortuna Spezialmaschinen Gmbh


Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus

Provided is a laser processing method in which a laser processing head for irradiating, with at least a short-pulse laser, a processed article having a protection layer laminated to a metal layer is used to process the processed article, whereby high-quality, highly accurate processing is possible by means of a short-pulse laser processing step for irradiating the protection layer with the short-pulse laser and ablating the protection layer, and a metal layer processing step for ablating the metal layer in the area that was ablated during the short-pulse laser processing step.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Hard coating film for cutting tools

Disclosed is a hard coating film formed on a hard base material such as cemented carbide. The hard coating film has a nanoscale multilayered structure to have improved oxidation resistance and wear resistance.
Korloy Inc.


Multi-layered nanofiber medium using electro-blowing, melt-blowing or electrospinning, and manufacturing same

The present invention, aimed to enhance low heat-resistant ability of the current filters, relates to multi-layered nanofiber filter media and its manufacturing method, laminating nanofiber using electro-blown and electro-spinning subsequently on a cellulose substrate. In addition, the present invention relates to multi-layered nanofiber filter media and its manufacturing method, laminating nanofiber using melt-blown and electro-spinning subsequently on a cellulose substrate..
Finetex Ene, Inc.


Automatic fire extinguishing equipment

The fire extinguishing equipment consists of a fire extinguishing agent 14 and a sealed container 12 filled with the fire extinguishing agent 14. And the fire extinguishing agent 14 is comprised with a compound that is liquid at 25 degrees celsius (room temperature) at least and that has a boiling point of at least 75 degrees celsius or less, having fire extinguishing effect.


Conformable patch pump

A flexible patch pump for controllable accurate subcutaneous delivery of one or more medicaments to a patient includes a laminated layered structure. The pump may have a rigid reservoir layer including a number of rigid reservoirs disposed in a flexible material; a flexible microfluidic layer including a compliant membrane for sealing the rigid reservoirs, a network of microfluidic channels connecting the rigid reservoirs, and a number of inlet and/or outlet valves corresponding to the rigid reservoirs; and a flexible-rigid electronic circuit layer including a number of individually-addressable actuators.
Cam Med Llc

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