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Knee patents


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 Knee joint endoprosthesis patent thumbnailKnee joint endoprosthesis
The invention relates to a knee joint endoprosthesis has a tibia part, a femur part, a meniscus part arranged on the tibia part in mutually non-rotatable manner and a connecting device for connecting the tibia part to the femur part in articulated manner. Said femur part comprises at least one femur condyle having a femur condyle surface.
Aesculap Ag

 Method of generating a patient-specific bone shell patent thumbnailMethod of generating a patient-specific bone shell
The exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are described and illustrated below to encompass methods and devices for designing patient specific prosthetic cutting jigs and, more specifically, to devices and methods for segmenting bone of the knee and the resulting cutting guides themselves. Moreover, the present disclosure relates to systems and methods for manufacturing customized surgical devices, more specifically, the present disclosure relates to automated systems and methods of arthroplasty cutting guides, systems and methods for image segmentation in generating computer models of knee joint..
Zimmer, Inc.

 Combined measured resection methods and instruments for knee arthroplasty patent thumbnailCombined measured resection methods and instruments for knee arthroplasty
Described are methods, processes, tools, techniques and/or devices suitable for use in total or partial knee arthroplasty procedures, which can be used to balance the knee and/or allow confirmation of the various gaps in flexion and/or extension prior to resecting the distal and posterior cuts of the femur and/or the resection of the tibia. The various techniques and embodiments described herein may be particularly useful in optimizing and/or reducing the number of resection cuts and/or improper resection cuts made during knee surgery which could result from resecting the knee before balancing..

 Methods for augmenting femoral components of knee joint prostheses patent thumbnailMethods for augmenting femoral components of knee joint prostheses
A femoral augment, or set of augments, for use with a knee joint prosthesis, where the femoral augment includes a main body portion, an aperture formed within the main body portion and extending in a generally distal/proximal direction, and a pair of legs extending outwardly from said main body portion in a generally posterior direction. In the preferred embodiment, the aperture is configured to receive a stem extension implant, and to allow it to pass through.
Zimmer, Inc.

 Replica guided motion knee patent thumbnailReplica guided motion knee
A total knee replacement, comprising a femoral and a tibial component in articulating contact that can restore normal joint function. The articulation between the two components is controlled by four guide surfaces..
New York University

 Artificial knee joint patent thumbnailArtificial knee joint
An artificial knee joint includes a femoral component (11), provided with a medial condyle (13), a lateral condyle (14) and a front flange (50). The medial condyle (13) and the lateral condyle (14) are joined together in proximity with the rear end of the intercondyle groove (19) by a femoral cam (17), and separated by the intercondyle groove (19) in the remaining part of their extension.
Limacorporate S.p.a.

 Patient selectable knee arthroplasty devices patent thumbnailPatient selectable knee arthroplasty devices
Disclosed herein are methods and devices for repairing articular surfaces in a knee joint. The articular surface repairs are customizable or highly selectable for each patient and geared toward providing optimal fit and function.
Conformis, Inc.

 Surgical device patent thumbnailSurgical device
A surgical device is presented that combines multiple components and functions, such as, joint distraction, soft tissue distraction, a separation force that exerts a uniform tension on the knee ligaments, pre-aligned cut guides, and posterior cut guards that protect the posterior knee joint from unintentional damage by the surgical saw. A method of performing a partial knee replacement is also presented..
Aod Holdings, Llc

 Protective knee device patent thumbnailProtective knee device
A knee pad assembly for protecting a knee of a construction worker. The device includes a velcro or zipper belt that is fixedly connected with one side of the kneecap body.

 Positioning device for positioning poultry legs conveyed in single file in the conveying direction along a conveyor section and the method comprising said positioning for removing the thigh meat from poultry legs patent thumbnailPositioning device for positioning poultry legs conveyed in single file in the conveying direction along a conveyor section and the method comprising said positioning for removing the thigh meat from poultry legs
A positioning apparatus for positioning poultry legs which are conveyed suspended in a row has a bending device for bending and positioning the poultry legs, as well as a stationary holding and guiding device. The bending device forms a threading device for suspending the poultry leg in the region of the knee joint in a holding and guiding gap of the holding and guiding device.
Linco Food Systems A/s

Design and use of a leg support exoskeleton

A leg support exoskeleton is strapped on as wearable device to support its user during squatting. The exoskeleton includes a knee joint connected to a first line and a second link, which is configured to allow flexion and extension motion between the first link and the second link.
U.s. Bionics, Inc.

Passive power-conservative artificial knee

A passive artificial knee comprises first and second links rotatably coupled at a knee joint, a passive compressive force generator rotatably coupled to the second link, and a release mechanism coupled to the first link. When a relative angle of the first and second links is less than a toggle angle, the release mechanism locks in a first operational mode, and the force generator compresses, resisting the flexing of the second link relative to the first link.
The Regents Of The University Of California

System for use in knee surgery

A femoral component (2) of a knee joint prosthesis has a bearing surface (4) for articulation with a tibial bearing surface and an opposite bone facing surface (6). The bone facing surface has anterior (18), posterior (20), distal (22), anterior chamfer (24) and posterior chamfer (26) portions.
Depuy (ireland)

X-ray talbot imaging device

An x-ray talbot imaging device includes: a plurality of gratings; a subject platform configured to hold a subject; a radiation generator configured to emit radiation; a radiation flat panel detector configured to capture a moire image; and a holding unit configured to hold a knee joint section on the subject platform, wherein the holding unit includes: a first holding section configured to hold a proximal side of the joint section; a second holding section configured to hold a distal side of the joint section; a pivot fixing mechanism capable of pivoting the first and second holding sections relative to each other and capable of fixing a relative pivot angle between the first and second holding sections; and an angle adjustment mechanism configured to change an angle of the knee joint section with respect to an emission direction of radiation emitted from the radiation generator.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Method and knee joint flexibility rehabilitation

A knee joint flexibility rehabilitation apparatus may comprising a tubular strut having a first support foot and a bracket attached thereto, the tubular strut forming a first aperture; a height-adjustment bar translatably and rotatably disposed in the tubular strut, the height-adjustment bar forming a plurality of second apertures extending through the cross-section of the height-adjustment bar; a support bar fixed substantially perpendicularly to the height-adjustment bar, the padded support bar being configured to receive a knee joint posterior; a support strut pivotably connected to the bracket, the support strut having a second support foot attached thereto, the support strut pivotable away from parallel the tubular strut to form an acute angle thereto; and a pin removably disposed in one of the plurality of second apertures to fix the height-adjustment bar against translation in one direction.. .
Xeras Medical Technologies, Llc

Adjustable brace assembly and methods of use

Example embodiments of the brace assembly utilize an elastic cross strap attached to mounting facilities about a joint to provide progressive resistance to the extension, flexion or other movement of body parts about the joint. In some embodiments for a knee joint, the brace assembly provides a progressive resisting force to resist hyperextension of the knee.
The Lonnie And Shannon Paulos Trust (as Amended And Restated) F/k/a The James Dizikis Trust, Dated

Prosthetic knee joint and control method thereof

A prosthetic knee joint includes a knee portion coupled to the socket, a cylinder that is coupled to the knee portion and limits or aids operation of the knee portion, a knee angle sensor that directly or indirectly detects a knee angle value, and a control unit that controls driving of the cylinder. The control unit may calculate a knee angular velocity value based on the knee angle value detected by the knee angle sensor.
Nabtesco Corporation

Measuring instrument for use in artificial knee joint replacement surgery

Provided is a measuring instrument for use in artificial knee joint replacement surgery that can perform knee joint alignment measurement more accurately. A measuring instrument for use in artificial knee joint replacement surgery includes a guide section.
Kyocera Medical Corporation

Cartilage prosthetic implant

This disclosure relates to a cartilage prosthetic implant that can be used in orthopedics for a replacement of a damaged cartilage in a joint between opposing bones, for example in the case of osteoarthritis or trauma. The cartilage prosthetic implant described herein can replace the damaged cartilage at the joint without cutting bones of the joint.
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center

Range of motion device

A device for moving a knee joint in a body of a patient is provided. The device includes a first arm member coupled to a first leg support configured to support an upper portion of a leg of the patient, a second arm member coupled to a second leg support configured to support at least one of a lower portion of a leg and a foot of the patient, and a control assembly operatively connected to the first and second arm members and configured to selectively move the second arm member relative to the first arm member.
Bonutti Research, Inc.

Low profile patient specific cutting blocks for a knee joint

A low profile patient specific cutting block for a knee includes a plurality of bone interfacing portions and a cutting slot. The plurality of bone interfacing portions are configured to overlie portions of an end of a bone.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Injector head lifting bale

A lifting bale is mounted on top of an injector head for handling the injector head. The lifting bale includes a lifting arm attached to the injector head, an articulated member attached between the injector head and the lifting arm, the articulated member having a knee joint, and a cylinder, having an extendable and retractable arm, attached between the injector head and the knee joint.
Premier Coil Solutions, Inc.


An electrostimulator is provided with: a control unit for determining initial stance, midstance, terminal stance, initial swing, or terminal swing on the basis of detection signals of detection units; and first through third electrodes for outputting electrical stimulation to muscles spanning a knee joint. The control unit outputs electrical stimulation to the first through third electrodes during midstance, and stops the outputting of electrical stimulation from the first through third electrodes during initial swing..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Interactive exoskeleton robotic knee system

An interactive exoskeleton robotic knee system for assist walking and gait training. The system comprises of an exoskeleton framework to be attached to the thigh and shank of the user's leg; electric motor; mechanical lock; motion sensor assembled on the lower limb unit, and a control box.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Methods and instruments for forming a posterior knee portal and for inserting a cannula

A specialized obturator that has a curved configuration designed specifically for entry through the anterior joint and out the back of the knee in the ideal position for a posterior portal. The curved obturator is shaped to avoid intact knee ligaments and femoral condyles.
Arthrex, Inc.

Joint-support device

Disclosed herein is an adjustable joint-support apparatus and device for use in treating pain, inflammation, and or other injury to a joint and joint area of a body, and configured for physical and functional flexibility, in that the joint support is flexible and can be worn over clothing. The device is generally suited for support of an ankle joint, a knee joint, a wrist joint, although could also support an elbow, shoulder or hip joint with minimal modifications.
Hotcold Motion Compress Llc

Prosthetic knee joint

A prosthetic knee joint includes an upper part, a lower part which is arranged pivotably to the upper part, a fastening device arranged on the upper part for a proximal prosthetic element, a fastening device arranged on the lower part for a distal prosthetic element, a four-limbed joint system with four linkages articulatedly fastened to each other, which are each pivotable to each other around a pivot axis, wherein the upper part (10) is arranged on the joint system. The joint system is may be mounted pivotably on the lower part from a starting position counter to a spring force during a stance phase flexion, and the action line of the spring force is may be aligned such that a moment acting against an inflexion of the joint system is present..
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

Provisional tibial prosthesis system

The present disclosure provides a provisional tibial prosthesis system for a set of prosthetic knee joints for implantation in a natural knee, the provisional tibial prosthesis system including a bearing component and a bearing support, the spacing of the bearing component from the bearing support is adjustable to allow for representation of a variety of different sized final tibial prostheses. In this system, only one provisional bearing component corresponding to each level of constraint is needed and shims are used to adjust the spacing of the bearing component from the bearing support.
Zimmer, Inc.

Animal protection device

An animal protection device, comprising: a main body and a plurality of elastic fixing belts. In the animal protection device, the plurality of support rods are inserted into the corresponding insertion bags of the main body.

High performance knee prostheses

knee prostheses that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or accommodating internal tibial rotation, replication of the natural screw home mechanism, and controlled articulation of the tibia and femur respective to each other in a natural way. Such prostheses may include an insert component disposed between a femoral component and a tibial component, the insert component featuring, among other things, a reversely contoured posterolateral bearing surface that helps impart internal rotation to the tibia as the knee flexes.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Orthopaedic surgical instrument for knee surgery

An orthopedic surgical instrument for use in knee surgeries includes an elongated body, a pair of output shafts, and a user control. A first output shaft extends out from a first side of the body along a first output axis substantially perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the elongated body.
Depuy (ireland)

Substantial energy return shoe with optimal low-impact springs and tuned gear change

The optimized shoe invention comprises five embodiments and two methods to optimize both the performance and comfort of footwear for walking and running and for robotics, prosthetics and orthotics. First, there are three versions of enhanced heel-lift shoes for energy return much higher than that of just “springs in shoes.” second, to minimize foot impact shoe there are ten enhanced optimal springs with 1% hysteresis loss.

Prosthetic joints

The present invention relates to a prosthetic leg for those having a femoral amputee, namely those having an above the knee stump, where certain movements can be difficult to perform. Known prosthetic knee joints that are weight-activated cannot substantially assist short-stumped individuals.

Artificial knee joint

There is shown an artificial joint (1), which joint has a first part (11) adapted to be attached at a wearer's first body part or substitute body part, and a second part (12) adapted to be attached to a second body part or substitute body part, wherein the first part (11) and the second part (12) can be rotated relatively each other and are connected to each other by means of at least four shafts (21, 22, 23, 24) and corresponding links (13, 14, 15). The joint (1) is characterised in that it is freely moveable when the joint is unloaded by the wearer, and in loaded position the same joint is geometrically locked..
Fillauer Europe Ab

Leg socks for horses

The present invention comprises a sock for use on the leg of a horse or ungulate, such as a cow, donkey or other hoofed animal. In the preferred embodiment the sock is tubular in shape having an upper opening and a lower opening.

Passive knee joint and knee extension device

Disclosed is a passive gravity assist flexion and/or extension device, principally for regaining knee joint range of motion flexibility; having such arrangement to provide appropriate content vertically stable elevated under knee support of the posterior intersection, concerning the femur and tibia of an impaired knee joint and/or concerning the subtalar joint (ankle); whereby promoting gravity assist passive flexion and/or extension towards gradual content knee joint muscle stretching. The disclosed device arrangement, being comprised of a padded solitary horizontal support bar, capable of desired lateral rotational movement, while firmly affixed mid-span atop a vertical linear traveling wholly enclosed height adjustable threaded rod.

Passive knee joint flexion device

Disclosed is a passive gravity assist flexion device, principally for knee joint flexibility; having such arrangement to provide appropriate content stable elevated support of the posterior intersection, concerning the femur and tibia of an impaired knee joint; whereby promoting gravity assist passive flexion towards gradual comfortable knee joint muscle stretching. The disclosed device arrangement comprised of a padded single knee posterior horizontal support bar, capable of desired lateral rotational movement, while firmly affixed mid-span atop a vertical linear traveling height adjustment threaded rod.

Surgical support for providing knee torsion

The present invention provides a fixture that may be releasably attached to the operating table to apply two countervailing forces to the leg on opposite sides of the knee. These forces permit the application of a precise and stable torque to the knee joint.
Fused Innovation, Llc

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