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Knee patents

This page is updated frequently with new Knee-related patent applications. Subscribe to the Knee RSS feed to automatically get the update: related Knee RSS feeds. RSS updates for this page: Knee RSS RSS

Date/App# patent app List of recent Knee-related patents
 Arthroscopic knot pusher and suture cutter patent thumbnailnew patent Arthroscopic knot pusher and suture cutter
Knot pushers and suture cutter apparatuses to be used arthroscopically, for example, in an arthroscopic knee surgery may be operated with a single control to both lock the suture within the distal end of the apparatus and cut the suture once the knot has been pushed to the appropriate location. The apparatus may include a safety lock preventing deployment of the cutter until the safety lock (e.g., cutter release) has been released..
 Spacer block patent thumbnailnew patent Spacer block
A knee arthroplasty system for use in a patient's knee joint comprises a spacer block instrument including a base portion, a tibial component extending from the base portion and configured for placement against a tibia, and a femoral component configured for placement against a femur. The femoral component is rotatably coupled to the tibial component.
Zimmer, Inc.
 Lower-body garment patent thumbnailLower-body garment
On the front side of the main part, the first start part separates the main part into a portion covering a knee joint of a wearer and a portion covering at least one of femoral and shin parts of the wearer. On the back side of the main part, the second start part separates the main part into a portion covering the knee joint of the wearer and a portion covering at least one of the femoral and shin parts of the wearer.
 Osteotomy below the tibial tuberosity by multiple drilling patent thumbnailOsteotomy below the tibial tuberosity by multiple drilling
Surgical devices, kits and methods of using thereof are described. Generally, the surgical kit includes an osteotomy guide device and/or a bone spacer guide device.
Klsmc Stem Cells Sdn Bhd
 Occupant protection device patent thumbnailOccupant protection device
An occupant protection device protects an occupant who sits in a seat of a vehicle. The occupant protection device includes a kneecap regulation unit that suppresses a forward movement of the kneecaps of the occupant at the time of a collision of the vehicle..
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
 Knee prosthesis assembly with ligament link patent thumbnailKnee prosthesis assembly with ligament link
A method of implanting a prosthetic knee joint assembly. The method includes: coupling a femoral component to a femur, and coupling a tibial component to a tibia; coupling a ligament link to one of the femur or the tibia; coupling the ligament link to a coupling component of one of the femoral component or the tibial component; arranging the ligament link in a first position relative to the tibial component when the prosthetic knee joint assembly is implanted in a left knee; and arranging the ligament link in a second position relative to the tibial component when the prosthetic knee joint assembly is implanted in a right knee, the second position is different from the first position..
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc
 Femoral trochlea prostheses patent thumbnailFemoral trochlea prostheses
Various embodiments of femoral trochlea prostheses useable in a knee joint. The knee joint includes a patella and a distal femur with a femoral trochlea, or patello-femoral groove.
Zimmer, Inc.
 Knee immobilizer support cuff patent thumbnailKnee immobilizer support cuff
The knee immobilizer support cuff has been created as a medical apparatus for bottom based support for a knee immobilizer (brace). Knee immobilizers are difficult to keep in the correct position and often slip down the patient's leg during upright orientation (standing/walking).
 Multi-articulated link knee joint patent thumbnailMulti-articulated link knee joint
A multi-articulated link knee joint capable of detecting a bending angle of a knee section without causing problems of an installation space and wiring of a sensor is provided. A four-link knee joint includes a knee section of a four-link mechanism, a fluid cylinder that restrains an action of the knee section, a position detecting device that detects a position of a piston rod with respect to a cylinder tube as an extension and contraction amount of the cylinder, and a computer that acquires a bending angle of the knee section by converting the position detected by the position detecting device..
 Knee prosthesis patent thumbnailKnee prosthesis
A knee joint prosthesis assembly including a femoral component and a unitary tibial component. The femoral component includes a first condyle and a second condyle.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Patient-adapted posterior stabilized knee implants, designs and related methods and tools

Articular repair implants, implant components, systems, methods, and tools are disclosed. Various embodiments provide improved features for knee joint articular repair systems designed for posterior stabilization, including deep-dish configurations, and box, cam, and/or post features.
Conformis, Inc.

Oral pharmaceutical compositions of dabigatran etexilate

Compositions comprising a mixture of at least two types of particles wherein a) the first type of particles comprise dabigatran etexilate in the form of the free base or in the form of pharmaceutically acceptable salts, polymorphs, solvates or hydrates thereof; and b) the second type of particles comprise at least one pharmaceutically acceptable organic acid, use of said compositions in the reduction of the risk of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation and/or in the prevention of venous thromboembolic events in adult patients who have undergone elective total hip replacement surgery or total knee replacement surgery and processes for the preparation of said compositions.. .
Laboratorios Del Dr. Esteve S.a.

Femoral component with curved central box

A femoral component for a prosthetic knee joint has a medial and a lateral condylar portion each having a bearing surface and a bone contacting surface. The medial and lateral condylar portions defining an opening therebetween.
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

Artificial knee joint

This invention relates to an artificial knee joint component capable of adjusting alignment or balancing (extension gap and flexion gap) between the tibia and the femur.. .
Corentec Co., Ltd.

Device and installing femoral prosthetic knee joint

Devices and method for performing replacement prosthetic knee surgery are disclosed in which a spacing means is introduced between the femur (1) and tibia (2) while the patella (9) is in place. The spacing means separates the femur (1) from the tibia (2) by an amount essentially equal to or greater than the required flexion gap (4).

Method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic knee joint

The invention relates to a method for controlling an artificial orthotic or prosthetic knee joint, on which a lower leg component is arranged and which is assigned a resistance device having at least one actuator, by means of which the bending resistance is modified depending on sensor data that is determined during use of the orthotic or prosthetic knee joint by means of a sensor, wherein the absolute angle of the lower leg component is determined exclusively by means of at least one inertial sensor, the angle determined is compared with at least one threshold value, and the bending resistance is modified when the threshold value is reached.. .
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

Artificial knee joint

An artificial knee joint (1) is described and comprises a femoral component (10) and a tibial component (30), for attachment to the femur (2) and tibia (3) of a patient (4) respectively. The femoral component (10) comprises a lateral condyle (11) and a medial condyle (12) which extend from the posterior (13) to the anterior (14) of the femoral component (10).
Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Ag

Anti-septic transarticular intramedullary rod system for the human knee

A temporary knee implant to be placed at the position of the human knee joint for maintaining the tibia and femur at the knee joint aligned during healing of infection in the surrounding tissue. An elongated femur rod is formed with one end of a breadth sized and shaped to extend into the medullary cavity of the femur of a knee, and a connector at the other end, an elongated tibia rod of a breadth sized and shaped to extend into the medullary cavity of the tibia and a connector at the other end, the connectors including interfitting shapes for aligning said femur rod and said tibia rod, and medication adhered to the femur and tibia rods for engagement with the medullary surfaces..

Oxidation-resistant and wear-resistant polyethylenes for human joint replacements and methods for making them

The present invention presents methods for making oxidation-resistant and wear-resistant polyethylenes and medical implants made therefrom. Preferably, the implants are components of prosthetic joints, e.g., a bearing component of an artificial hip or knee joint.
Orthopaedic Hospital D/b/a Orthopaedic Institute For Children

Acl accommodating tibial design

Surgical methods and tibial implants for accommodating the anterior cruciate ligament during unicompartmental or bi-unicompartmental knee arthroplasty procedures.. .
Zimmer, Inc.

Structure of correction shoe pad for medical purposes

A structure of a correction shoe pad includes a shock-absorber mounted at an outside portion of a pad body of a shoe pad, so that the shock-absorber mounted at the outside portion of the pad body provides support to effectively prevent situations, such as eversion and ankle sprain causing by shift of the center of the body weight of the user toward the outer side of the sole and also to provide effects of bandy leg and wear of meniscus of knee joints resulting from the shift of the center of the body weight of the user toward the outer side of the sole.. .
Jet Crown International Co., Ltd.

Lower limb prosthesis

A lower limb prosthesis comprises an attachment section (10), a shin section (12), a foot section (14), a knee joint (16) pivotally connecting the attachment section (10) and the shin section (12), and an ankle joint (22) pivotally connecting the shin section (12) and the foot section (14). The knee joint includes a dynamically adjustable knee flexion control device (18) for damping knee flexion.
Blatchford Products Limited

Orthopedic shock damper system

A shock absorbent system for a joint prosthesis includes a shock absorbent material. The shock absorbent system may be used in both hip and knee joint prostheses.

Apparatus for preoperative planning of artificial knee joint replacement operation and jig for supporting operation

Steps s101 and s102 of displaying images which input two-dimensional tomographic images of the lower limb including the knee joint and displays three-dimensional images of the femur and the tibia including the knee joint from the image input, steps s103 to s105 and s106 to s108 of determining artificial joint which determine the artificial joint to be replaced from the three-dimensional images of each knee joint of the femur and tibia, and steps s113 and s114 of parameter determination which determine various parameters used in an artificial knee joint replacement operation using an alignment rod in the marrow to be inserted into the femur based on the artificial joint and reference points of the knee joint determined in steps s103 to s105 of determining femur side artificial joint are performed by a computer.. .

Power assisted orthosis with hip-knee synergy

A power-assisted orthosis is shown and described. The power assisted orthosis may include a knee orthosis adapted to be secured to at least one of a user's knee joint, a hip orthosis adapted to be secured to a user's hip joints, and a first actuator attached with the knee orthosis, the first actuator moveable in conjunction with movement of the at least one of the user's knee joint.

Ligament system for knee joint

A system for an anatomical joint includes a first fastener, a second fastener, a prosthetic ligament member, and a biasing member associated with at least one of the first and second fasteners. The first fastener is operable to be connected to a first bone portion.

Method of preparing a femur and tibia in knee arthroplasty

A method of preparing a femur and tibia in surgery on a knee joint using a navigation system and a robotic system. The navigation system tracks movement of the femur and tibia during the surgery.

Femoral sizing instrument

A femoral sizing instrument for use in a knee joint replacement procedure has a housing which includes formations by which it can be located relative to the femoral posterior condyles. A cortex arm has a tip for engaging the anterior cortex of the femur and a sulcus arm has a tip for engaging the sulcus.

Elastic brace assembly and methods of use

Example embodiments of the brace assembly utilize an elastic cross strap attached to mounting facilities about a joint to provide progressive resistance to the extension, flexion or other movement of body parts about the joint. In some embodiments for a knee joint, the brace assembly provides a progressive resisting force to resist hyperextension of the knee.

Patient selectable knee arthroplasty devices

Disclosed herein are methods and devices for repairing articular surfaces in a knee joint. The articular surface repairs are customizable or highly selectable for each patient and geared toward providing optimal fit and function.

Method and system for knee joint repair

A method and system for repairing a defect area in a surface of a joint include providing a mold having a first surface and a second surface, positioning the mold within the joint such that at least part of the mold first surface overlies the defect area, and depositing a repair material under the mold first surface within the defect area to create a repaired site within the joint.. .

Device for implanting a system for loading a cruciate ligament in a knee joint

A device for implantation in a bone is disclosed, wherein this device is a component part of a system, for controlled loading of the reconstructure anterior crucual ligament (acl) of a knee joint. The device may comprise an outer body, which is provided with a damping mechanism between a distal end and a proximal end.

Femoral sizing jig, femur resecting system, and method

A femoral sizing jig for use in total arthroplasty of left and right knees, comprises a femoral body, an external-rotation-angle arm which is, preferably pivotable, relative to the femoral body for setting an external angular rotation of a left or right femur, at least one of a cutting-jig guide and a cutting jig which is, preferably slidable, relative to the femoral body and in unison with movement of the external rotation-angle arm, and a medial posterior-condylar locator which is movable in unison with the movement of the external-rotation-angle arm, so as to maintain a fixed or substantially fixed relative distance with a medial side of the at least one of a cutting-jig guide and a cutting jig. A posterior-referencing femur resecting system using said femoral sizing jig and a method of resecting a femur at a knee joint relative to the medial posterior condyle are also provided..


A stairlift and/or a method of supporting a user on a stairlift in which the seat is configured to positively retain the user and in which the seat-to-footrest height is set so as to reduce flexure of the knee joints as well as to reduce the intrusion of the passenger into the stairway.. .

Article of footwear for proprioceptive training

A method of proprioceptive training using an article of athletic equipment having an article of footwear, a knee coupling member, and a biasing member is disclosed. The method includes securing the article of footwear to a foot and securing the knee coupling member to a leg superiorly and inferiorly about a knee joint thereof.

Artificial knee joint implant

An artificial knee joint includes a femoral component and a tibial plate. The femoral component includes a first joint face disposed adjacent to a medial collateral ligament of a patient, and a second joint face disposed adjacent to a lateral collateral ligament of the patient.


A garment including a trunk portion and a pair of leg portions extending from the trunk portion. An opening extends along the trunk portion between a distal trunk opening and along the leg portions to distal ends of the leg portions for facilitating donning and doffing the garment by receiving a user within the trunk opening and leg openings.

Patient-specific knee alignment guide and associated method

A method of preparing a knee joint for a prosthesis in a patient includes mating a patient-specific three-dimensional curved inner surface of a femoral alignment guide onto a corresponding three-dimensional femoral joint surface of the patient. The patient-specific three-dimensional curved inner surface is preoperatively configured from medical scans of the knee joint of the patient.

Orthotic device for treating knee flexion contracture

A double upright knee brace for treating knee flexion contracture includes upper and lower sections, each section having a pair of leg members and an anteriorly disposed integral thigh and shin cuff. A pair of hinges is intermediately positioned to the upper and lower sections.

Apparatus and measuring forces in a knee joint

An apparatus for measuring forces in a knee joint. The apparatus includes a first transducer configured to be position in a medial compartment of the knee joint.

Method and restraining a patient's leg during leg surgical and interventional procedures

An improved method and apparatus for restraining a patient's leg during knee surgery or similar procedure features and improved restraining member that is attachable to an operating room table. The restraining member has a lower concave portion that engages the upper portion and sides of the patient's leg.

Hip & knee joint assemblies incorporating debris collection architecture between the ball and seat interface

A joint implant assembly including a spherical shaped component adapted to securing to an end of a first joint defining bone and a recess shaped component adapted to securing to an end of a second joint defining bone. Each of the components establishes an opposing wear surface, at which microscopic sized particles build up over time resulting from prolonged use of the joint.

Tensioned meniscus prosthetic devices and associated methods

A prosthetic device for use as an artificial meniscus is disclosed. The prosthetic device restores shock absorption, stability, and function to the knee joint after removal of the damaged natural meniscus.

Cut guide attachment for use in tibial prosthesis systems

Tibial prosthesis systems for implantation or use in a knee joint are disclosed. A tibial prosthesis system for implantation on a resected tibia can include a bearing component, a base component, and a shim component.

Hammock with intermediate support

A hammock is supported by vertical supports connected to hammock spreader bars at the head end and the foot end of the hammock at two vertically displaced points. An intermediate support comprising a transverse flexible strap suspended between the vertical support members at a user's knee region of the hammock raises the hammock in the knee region so as to remove the concavity at the location and reduce backward knee joint stress on the person reclining in the hammock..

Disposable modular patella protector/clamp

A disposable modular patella protector and clamp is disclosed, providing the ability for a surgeon to shift the procedure sequence of the implantation of the patella from the end of a total knee replacement procedure to anytime during the procedure by providing a modular clamp that holds and protects the patella prosthesis and prepared patella. The clamp may be positioned in a manner in which it does not obstruct the patella or the prosthesis, allowing the surgeon to attend to other elements of the procedure while the bone cement is allowed to cure..

Femoral cut guide

The present disclosure provides a femoral cut guide for preparing a distal femur to receive a prosthetic femoral component of a knee implant. The prosthetic femoral component includes a central box.

Prosthetic knee joint measurement system including energy harvesting and method therefor

An orthopedic implant having an energy-harvesting device is disclosed. In one embodiment the orthopedic implant is a prosthetic component of a joint of the muscular-skeletal system.

Low profile knee implant

A femoral implant for use as a component of an artificial knee having a thin, lightweight body with an articulating surface and an interior surface, the interior surface having one or more reinforcing members extending therefrom and extending across a substantial portion of said surface.. .

Prosthetic knee implant

knee implant systems and methods for implantation or use in a knee joint, are disclosed. A knee implant system can include at femoral component having a femur-contacting surface and an opposing articulation surface, and proximal, distal, anterior and posterior portion.

Knee prosthesis including rotatable spine

A knee joint prosthesis is disclosed. The knee joint prosthesis can include a tibial baseplate, a tibial insert, and a spine.

Meniscus prosthetic devices with anti-migration or radiopaque features

A prosthetic device for use as an artificial meniscus is disclosed. The prosthetic device restores stress distribution, stability, and function to the knee joint after removal of the damaged natural meniscus.

Structure and treating patello-femoral osteoarthritis

Implant apparatus and methods directed toward treating conditions involving the knee joint and the patella specifically are disclosed. Implants that maintain alignment or address misalignment of a patella through a full range of motion of the knee joint are disclosed..

Device and methods for preventing knee sprain injuries

Devices and methods for preventing knee sprain injuries. To protect the knee joint from knee sprain injuries, the device comprises a sensing part configured to sense data associated with knee motion; an analyzing part configured to analyze the knee motion data to determine a knee articulation; and a stimulating part configured to stimulate one or more lower limb muscles to initiate an earlier muscle reaction than would naturally occur in response to the determined knee joint articulation.

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