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Knee patents


This page is updated frequently with new Knee-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Knee-related patents
 Gap referencing femoral sizer patent thumbnailGap referencing femoral sizer
A knee arthroplasty assembly for use in a patient's knee joint including a tibia and a femur is disclosed. The assembly can include a tool, a first accessory, and a second accessory.
Zimmer, Inc.

 Low profile exoskeleton patent thumbnailLow profile exoskeleton
A mobility enhancing device in the form of an exoskeleton provides mobility assistance or enhancement to a user within the exoskeleton. The exoskeleton may include a torso support and two leg supports coupled to the torso support.
Unlimited Tomorrow, Inc.

 Swimming assistance apparatus patent thumbnailSwimming assistance apparatus
Disclosed is a swimming assistance apparatus, which is worn on a user's both feet to provide the user with buoyancy, such that the user can float on water and swim in a good swimming style while repeatedly moving the waist from side to side like a fish, thereby reinforcing the user's waist muscles. Persons who have knee joint arthralgia or backache or persons who have disability in the lower body can use the swimming assistance apparatus for medical purposes, such as pain relief or treatment..

 Total knee arthroplasty system and method patent thumbnailTotal knee arthroplasty system and method
Disclosed herein are prosthesis, surgical tools, and methods to preserve one or more ligaments of the knee by cutting a least a portion of natural bone during joint surgery, with a portion of the natural bone retained along with the natural attachment of an associated soft tissue structure. The natural bone portion with the associated soft tissue may be re-secured to relevant anatomy during or after knee surgery, which may include retention by features of a tibial prosthesis..

 Ligament fixing and a  attaching a ligament patent thumbnailLigament fixing and a attaching a ligament
An artificial ligament is provided having an elongate body and two ends, with a loop being provided at least one of the ends and a loop liner being provided within the loop. A kit of artificial ligaments is also provided with each ligament in the kit having a different fixed length.

 Method and  controlling a walking assistance apparatus patent thumbnailMethod and controlling a walking assistance apparatus
A method and apparatus for controlling a walking assistance apparatus are provided. The apparatus may include a detector configured to detect a first step of a user, based on measured right and left hip joint angle information, a reconstructor unit configured to reconstruct knee joint information matched to the right and left hip joint angle information based on knee joint trajectory information in response to the user's steps, and a torque generator configured to generate a first torque applied to a first leg corresponding to the first step.

 Moment induced total arthroplasty prosthetic patent thumbnailMoment induced total arthroplasty prosthetic
A prosthetic total knee replacement system comprises a distal femoral implant component, a tibial tray implant component and a fixed bearing tibial tray insert. The fixed bearing tibial tray insert is fixed to the tibial tray and articulates with the distal femoral implant component.
Depuy (ireland)

 Injection mouldable polymeric composite based passive polycentric knee joint patent thumbnailInjection mouldable polymeric composite based passive polycentric knee joint
The present invention mainly relates to knee joint and more particularly to the polymeric composite or nanocomposites based polycentric knee joint. In one embodiment the knee joint comprising: a top part having a top face and a bottom face, wherein the top face having an adapter coupled firmly with the top part to transfer the load from the stump of amputee via socket, a bottom part having a top face and a bottom face, at least one middle linkage pivotably coupling a middle posterior region of the top part with a middle posterior region of the bottom part, at least two side identical linkage pivotably coupling a sides of the top part with a sides of the bottom part, a compression spring along with cylindrical rod positioned in the interior of the bottom part which provides the engaging and disengaging of the top and bottom part, at least two extension spring couples the top and bottom part through two tiny holes and through simple supported beam in the top and bottom part for the flexion and extension of the knee joint and a bumper positioned in the base of the bottom part which contacts with the pylon to absorb the vibration and the terminal impact during the hip hike..
Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati

 Prosthetic knee joint measurement system including energy harvesting and method therefor patent thumbnailProsthetic knee joint measurement system including energy harvesting and method therefor
An orthopedic implant having an energy-harvesting device is disclosed. In one embodiment the orthopedic implant is a prosthetic component of a joint of the muscular-skeletal system.
Orthosensor Inc.

 Athletic shoe with an attached moveable cleat patent thumbnailAthletic shoe with an attached moveable cleat
An athletic shoe including a moveably attached cleat is intended to displace relative to the sole on the shoe in certain situations. This allows the cleat to more easily disengage the turf than a convention fixed cleat.


Tibial augments for use with knee joint prostheses, implanting the tibial augment, and associated tools

A tibial augment for use with a knee joint prosthesis, composed of annular members of different stock sizes, each size being configured to fit within a cavity formed in a human tibia. The augment may include a stepped distal surface.


Knee prosthesis including rotatable spine

A knee joint prosthesis is disclosed. The knee joint prosthesis can include a tibial baseplate, a tibial insert, and a spine.
Zimmer, Inc.


Spacers for redistributing forces for the patella

Implant apparatus and methods directed toward treating conditions involving the knee joint and the patella specifically are disclosed. Full range of motion of the knee joint and tissue integrity are maintained in treatment approaches involving implanting a joint surface load reducing implant proximate the joint to change the direction of the tendons or muscles exerting forces on the joints..
Moximed, Inc.


Posterior-stabilized knee implant components and instruments

Patient-adapted articular repair systems, including implants, instruments, and surgical plans, and methods of making and using such systems, are disclosed herein. In particular, various embodiments include knee joint articular repair systems designed for posterior stabilization, including patient-adapted posterior-stabilizing features..
Conformis, Inc.


Control of a passive prosthetic knee joint with adjustable damping

The invention relates to the control of a passive prosthetic knee joint with adjustable damping in the direction of flexion such that a prosthetic unit attached to the knee joint can be adapted for climbing stairs.. .
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh


Femoral component trial for knee joint

A femoral component trial for a knee joint of the present invention includes a trial body. The trial body includes a medial condyle and a lateral condyle that are located away from each other on an external surface, a through hole that is located between the medial condyle and the lateral condyle and has an approximately rectangular shape whose long side is an outer edge of an inner wall located along a back-and-forth direction and whose short side is an outer edge of an inner wall located along a right-and-left direction in an external surface view, a first guide slit that is located ahead of and above the through hole and extends in the right-and-left direction, and four second guide slits respectively extending from four corner parts of the through hole and along the long side..
Kyocera Medical Corporation


Systems and methods for providing a bone milling device

Methods for resecting a portion of a knee joint are described herein. While the described methods can comprise any suitable step, in some implementations, the methods include cutting a cylindrically-shaped hole in a portion of the knee joint selected from at least one of a distal portion of a femur and a proximal portion of a tibia in the knee joint; and using a depth of the cylindrically-shaped hole as a reference point to resect bone around the cylindrically-shaped hole to a depth substantially matching the depth of the cylindrically-shaped hole.


Dynamic force hinge joint for knee brace and knee brace equipped therewith

A hinge joint for orthopedic knee braces that enable a wearer or medical professional to quickly and efficiently adjust the lateral corrective force placed on the knee joint so as to apply the force at heel strike (full extension) when it is most needed, but will relax the loading during flexion. The hinge joint, for use in a three point pressure system of a knee brace, has a first part that is connectable to a femoral arm of a knee brace and a second part that is mounted to be able to telescope out of the first part as the leg is extended and to telescope back into the first part as the leg flexes..
Townsend Industries, Inc. D/b/a Townsend Design


Structure of tumble-resistant knee joint

A tumble-resistant knee joint includes a knee carrier, a main base, and a coupler connected to each other. The knee carrier includes a connection piece and two connection bars to couple to an upper portion of the main base.


Kinematic alignment and novel femoral and tibial prosthetics

A tibial component placement guide for use in a knee arthroplasty procedure involving a knee joint comprising a tibia, a patella, and a femur, the guide comprising an overlay configured to be overlaid a resected tibia, the overlay including at least one of an indicia and an opening indicative of at least one of an orientation and a position of at least one of a first axis of the femur, a second axis of the femur, and a first axis of the patella.. .


Systems and methods for measuring performance parameters related to orthopedic arthroplasty

A knee balancing system for measuring performance parameters associated with an orthopedic articular joint comprises a force sensing module and one or more inertial measurement units. The force sensing module comprises a housing that includes an articular surface having a medial portion and a lateral portion, each of which is substantially mechanically isolated from the other.
Polaris Surgical Llc


Knee joint rehabilitation assist device

A knee joint rehabilitation assist device includes a rigid, generally rectangular frame, a heel rest attached across one end of the frame to accommodate a heel of a user, an adjustable knee sling attached at an adjustable distance spaced from the heel rest for accommodating the upper surface of a knee to be rehabilitated, and optionally, an auxiliary thigh strap for controlling pressure applied by the device.. .


Knee orthosis for support of a knee joint

A knee orthosis (1) for support of a knee joint in the case of instability comprises a thigh portion (4), which is attachable on the thigh, and a lower leg portion (5), which is attachable on the lower leg, which lower leg portion (5) is provided with splint elements (12), which are connected in an articulated way, via articulation means (13), to hinge plates (14) attached on the thigh portion (4). The lower leg portion (5) has a lower half shell (9), which in the region remote from the knee is borne in the splint elements (12) in a way pivotable about a pivot axis (15).
Ortho-team Ag


Leg pad for a hockey player

The invention relates to a leg pad for a hockey player. The leg pad extends along a longitudinal axis and comprises an upper portion, a lower portion and a band.
Bauer Hockey, Inc.


Tibial prosthesis systems, kits, and methods

Tibial prosthesis systems for implantation or use in a knee joint are disclosed. A tibial prosthesis system can include a bearing component, a base component, a shim component, and optionally a spacer component.
Zimmer, Inc.


Method for manufacturing implant having porous layer on surface thereof

Disclosed herein is a method for manufacturing an implant that is to be surgically inserted in vivo, such as in an artificial knee or artificial hip. According to the method, the porous layer contains pores that have a vertically curved shape with a radius of 100 to 300 μm, thus allowing a bond to grow into the pores to enhance bond adhesion, and an interconnection space is formed between turning points in adjacent unit base layers to increase the ratio of interconnection between pores, whereby bones are allowed to grow into the pores to increase bone adhesion..
Corentec Co., Ltd.


Knee joint prosthesis

The present invention relates to a knee joint for use in a lower limb prosthesis. The knee joint comprise an upper portion for connecting a custom socket and a proximal attachment, and a support comprising connecting means in its lower part for connecting a prosthetic limb.
Centri Ab


Adjustable leg brace systems and methods

Leg braces configured to assist in straightening of a user's leg are shown and described. Each of the leg braces includes an anterior brace configured to be braced against an anterior portion of the leg proximal to the knee joint, having a selectively expandable and contractible bladder and an anterior brace attachment mechanism for attaching the anterior brace to a posterior brace.


Walking assistance device

A walking assistance device includes a waist wearing belt, a thigh link portion, a lower leg link portion, a lower leg wearing portion mounted on the lower leg link portion, a waist joint portion configured to hold an upper end portion of the thigh link portion so that the thigh link portion swings and the waist joint portion being mounted on the waist wearing belt, and a knee joint portion configured to connect the thigh link portion and the lower leg link portion so that the thigh link portion and the lower leg link portion swing. The thigh link portion and the lower leg link portion have rigidity that is greater in the front-rear direction and an up-down direction than in a right-left direction so as to be elastically twisted around an axis along an elongated direction..
National University Corporation Nagoya Institute Of Technology


Sensing force during partial or total knee replacement surgery

Systems, devices, and methods are provided for measuring forces in the space of a knee during surgery. Such forces can be caused by tension in the ligaments of the knee.
Synvasive Technology, Inc.


Orthopedic device

The invention relates to an orthopaedic device for the orthotic or prosthetic provision of a patient with •a knee joint (10), which has a proximal upper part (11) and a distal lower part (13) arranged pivotably thereon, •an ankle joint (20), •a pivoted foot part (23) which can be fastened distally to the ankle joint (20), and •a shin part (14) arranged between the ankle joint (20) and the knee joint (10), wherein the upper part (11) of the knee joint (10) or a thigh part fastened thereto that can be attached to the patient's body is coupled with the foot part (23) by means of a force transfer device (3; 30, 31, 32, 35; 40, 41, 42), which causes a plantar flexion of the foot part (23) when a knee is flexed.. .
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh


Methods and devices for patellar resurfacing treatment

Certain disclosed examples provide methods for strengthening, reinforcing, and/or stimulating repair of residual patella bone to be resurfaced. Also provided in some examples are devices associated with the methods.
Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc


Midsole for reducing load applied on knee

The present invention relates to a midsole which reduces a load applied to a knee, and more particularly, to a midsole which reduces a load applied to a knee, in which a first soft portion and a second soft portion are disposed at a front inner side and a rear inner side so as to allow an inner knee to relatively and smoothly move, thereby reducing impact and load concentrated on an inner knee joint, and expecting improved exercise capacity.. .
Dongjin Leisure Co., Ltd.



(in the formula, y is —o—, —nr— or —s—, r is hydrogen atom, alkyl group, dialkylaminoalkyl group or the like and w is a substituent such as dialkylaminoalkyl group). The analgesic of the present invention containing the compound as an active ingredient is highly useful as a prophylactic or therapeutic agent for various pain diseases such as the pain caused by osteoarthritis (e.g., knee osteoarthritis and hip osteoarthritis)..


Medical implant and knee joint endoprosthesis

The invention relates to a medical implant consisting of a first implant part and a second implant part for the connection of which there is provided a connecting device, wherein at least the first implant part comprises a connecting element receptacle, in which at least one connecting element of the connecting device can be disposed. In order to provide an implant of this type which is easier to handle, it is proposed, in accordance with the invention, that a securing device be provided for the purposes of securing the at least one connecting element in the connecting element receptacle.
Aesculap Ag


Orthopaedic polymer-on-polymer bearings

The invention is a prosthetic joint, for example knee joint, including a first joint component which is preferably polyetheretherketone containing barium sulphate and a second joint component which is preferably a polyolefin.. .


Low profile knee implant

A femoral implant for use as a component of an artificial knee having a thin, lightweight body with an articulating surface and an interior surface, the interior surface having one or more reinforcing members extending therefrom and extending across a substantial portion of said surface.. .


Knee brace fixation application thereof

An orthopaedic implant knee brace and surgical method for minimally invasive insertion of the orthopaedic implant knee hinge. The apparatus and method stabilizes the knee in patients after conventional fixation of distal femur and/or proximal tibia fractures.


Portable rehabilitation exercise device for knee joint

Provided is a portable rehabilitation exercise device for a knee joint, the portable rehabilitation exercise device being configured such that a lower leg-worn part is rotatably connected to a thigh-worn part and a driving device for rotating the lower leg-worn part is provided in connection portions, the driving device being controlled by a control device for an isokinetic exercise so that a rehabilitation effect can be improved and the portable rehabilitation exercise device can be conveniently used without a space restriction.. .
Hexar Systems Co., Ltd.


Joint assembly and walking assistance robot

In a joint assembly of a walking assistance robot that is capable of performing an operation with 3 degrees of freedom, similarly to a user's joint, a rolling motion and a sliding motion are simultaneously made, and a rotation center changes so that the joint assembly can make a similar motion to that of an actual knee joint of the user. Thus, when the user wears the walking assistance robot and walks, misalignment can be prevented from occurring in the knee joint..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Walking assist device

A walking assist device including a waist assembly and at least one leg assembly connected to the waist assembly is provided. The leg assembly includes a thigh stand, a shank stand, a sole, a hip joint, a knee joint and an ankle joint.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Knee traction apparatus

A knee traction apparatus may include an upper frame provided to be worn on a thigh region and including an upper fraction member disposed in an end of the upper frame, and a lower frame provided to be worn on a lower leg region and including a lower traction member that is disposed in an end of the lower frame and is to rotate in mesh with the upper traction member. The upper traction member and the lower traction member may be in contact with each other in front of a knee joint..
Changeui Medical Co., Ltd.


Lockable knee implants and related methods

Total knee replacements for hinged knee implants include a tibial member, a femoral member, a hinge assembly having a laterally extending axle configured to hingedly attach the femoral member to the tibial member, and a lock mechanism in communication with the hinge assembly. The lock mechanism is configured to (i) lock the femoral member in alignment with the tibial member for a full extension or other defined stabile walking configuration to thereby allow an arthrodesis or stiff knee gait and (ii) unlock to allow the femoral and tibial members to pivot relative to each other for flexion or bending when not ambulating..
Kim John Chillag


System and ligament insertion in knee joint surgeries using adaptive migration of ligament insertion geometry

A system for providing feedback during ligament insertion in knee joint orthopedic surgeries includes an imaging device providing knee joint articular surface geometry data, a position measuring device providing distal ligament insertion sites, a strain measuring device providing ligament reference strain, a drive system providing a prescribed kinematic path for the knee joint and an adaptive migration application. The adaptive migration application receives inputs including the knee joint articular surface geometry data, the distal ligament insertion sites, the ligament reference strain and the prescribed kinematic path for the knee joint and generates outputs including sets of isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic points representing proximal insertion sites of ligament fiber associated with prescribed distal ligament insertion sites..


Swimming assistance apparatus

Disclosed is a swimming assistance apparatus, which is worn on a user's both feet to provide the user with buoyancy, such that the user can float on water and swim in a good swimming style while repeatedly moving the waist from side to side like a fish, thereby reinforcing the user's waist muscles. Persons who have knee joint arthralgia or backache or persons who have disability in the lower body can use the swimming assistance apparatus for medical purposes, such as pain relief or treatment..


Compact athletic brace

The present invention provides an athletic brace which is composed of a flexible sleeve and a rigid framed brace. An elastic tubular shaped fabric sleeve is first placed over the elbow or knee joint and has upper front and lower rear raised lips that are used to prevent the rigid and compact framed brace from slipping downwards during usage.


Femoral augments for use with knee joint prosthesis

A femoral augment, or set of augments, for use with a knee joint prosthesis, where the femoral augment includes a main body portion, an aperture formed within the main body portion and extending in a generally distal/proximal direction, and a pair of legs extending outwardly from said main body portion in a generally posterior direction. In the preferred embodiment, the aperture is configured to receive a stem extension implant, and to allow it to pass through.
Zimmer, Inc.


Advanced methods of modeling knee joint kinematics and designing surgical repair systems

Various embodiments of selecting and/or designing one or more aspects of patient-adapted surgical repair systems based, at least in part, on implementation of patient-adapted biomotion simulation models are disclosed herein.. .
Conformis, Inc.


Device and deboning bone-in leg

In a deboning process, a knee joint length is measured in a work loading section of a first process station, and incision making of a thigh meat portion is performed in a second process station based on the measured knee joint length. At the same time, the entire length of a work is measured, and the knee joint length is calculated from previously collected data based on the measured entire length of the work.
Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Stack-up assembly for tibial insert trial

A stack-up assembly for tibial insert trial is provided. The stack-up assembly for tibial insert trial is inserted between a femoral component and a tibial component of an artificial knee joint.
United Orthopedic Corp.


Leg alignment apparatus and method

Leg alignment apparatus for use in total arthroplasty of left and right knees, comprises an intramedullary rod, a femoral body for location on or adjacent to an anterior surface of a femur, and a support element which extends or is extendable from the femoral body to the intramedullary rod for holding the femoral body stationary or substantially stationary relative to the intramedullary rod. A condylar locator which is pivotable relative to the femoral body and which is seatable on a distal end of the femur is also provided, along with a soft-tissue tensioning element to apply a separation between the femur and the tibia, and a varus/valgus indicator to indicate an angular alignment of the knee based on the intramedullary rod and the soft-tissue tensioning element.
Corin Limited


Shoe outsole for decreasing knee adduction moment

The present invention relates to an outsole for decreasing a knee adduction moment that has a front foot portion and a rear foot portion having different inclined angles corresponding to the knee adduction moments generated differently during walking operations in which a user's outsole contacts the ground, that is, standing, grounding and jumping operations, so that the knee adduction moments are decreased in accordance with the characteristics of the walking operations, thus adjusting bow legs or knock-knees, releasing and further preventing the pain of the knee joints, efficiently releasing the impact applied to the knee upon climbing mountains, and maintaining stable posture upon golf swing operation.. .


Posterior stabilized knee prosthesis

A knee joint prosthesis includes a femoral component having an anterior side, a posterior side, a pair of laterally spaced condylar portions, and an intercondylar portion joining the condylar portions and including a recess. A cam surface is located adjacent the intercondylar recess on the anterior side of the femoral component and has a saddle shape that is defined by an at least substantially concave first radius of curvature and a convex third radius of curvature that is perpendicular to the concave first radius of curvature.
New York Society For The Ruptured And Crippled Maintaining The Hospital For Special Surgery


Force sensing distal femoral alignment system and use

Devices, systems, and methods are provided for facilitating the aligning and balancing of the knee dicing total knee replacement surgery. A femoral assembly is engaged with a distal femur.
Synvasive Technology, Inc.


Knee joint supporter

A knee joint supporter which can improve the stability of the knee joint, reduce the wearer's fatigue and reduce the load on the patellar tendon includes a first anchor section formed by wrapping one end of a tubular knitted fabric around the wearer's thigh to tighten it with the fabric, a second anchor section formed by wrapping the other end of the fabric around the wearer's lower thigh to tighten it with the fabric, and a substantially u-shaped knitted supporting section joined to the first anchor section, covering the wearer's patella region and thus supporting the wearer's patella. In the circumferential direction of the fabric, the stretch resistance of the two anchor parts are larger than the stretch resistance of a base fabric section.
Kowa Company, Ltd.


Tibial component

A tibial knee joint prosthesis for attachment to a suitably prepared tibial bone, providing bearing portions in the lateral and medial compartments. The lateral and medial bearing surfaces of the component are inclined at different angles in the anterior to posterior direction of the knee, so that when mounted to the tibia, the lateral bearing surface of the prosthesis is higher than the medial bearing surface to the posterior side of the knee.
Btg International Limited


Compositions and methods for treating osteoarthritis

The present invention relates to the treatment of osteoarthritis in a human subject using anti-il-1α and anti-il-1β dvd-ig proteins. In various embodiments, the osteoarthritis includes knee osteoarthritis or hand osteoarthritis..
Abbvie Inc.


Insole for relief of over-pronation and knee joint stress

An insole for placement inside a shoe for use in reducing over-pronation, associated misalignment of the patella (knee cap), and knee joint stress of a user. The insole has a top sheet and a support base cushion.
Spenco Medical Corportion


Device for positioning joint line for revision total knee arthroplasty

A device for positioning a knee joint line for revision total knee arthroplasty. In revision total knee arthroplasty, the position of the joint line of an existing femoral element is measured before the existing femoral element is removed from the femur in revision total knee arthroplasty.
Corentec Co., Ltd.


Patient-matched total knee arthroscopy

A gauge assembly includes a distal femur gauge including medial and lateral condyle paddles each having a shape and size corresponding to a pre-operative planned distal resection of a patient's femur, and a tibial cutting block connected to the distal femur gauge. The condyle paddles include features, for example, pin-receiving holes, that permit intra-operative anterior-posterior and/or internal-external adjustment of the position of the distal femur gauge.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Integrated medical shoe device

This invention generally relates to a shoe in which an orthopedic adjustment has been integrated into the construction of the shoe itself. The invention entails adjusting one or more of the soles or other construction features of the shoe itself in order to accommodate a medical condition or treatment regimen.


Provisional tibial prosthesis system

The present disclosure provides a provisional tibial prosthesis system for a set of prosthetic knee joints for implantation in a natural knee, the provisional tibial prosthesis system including a bearing component and a bearing support, the spacing of the bearing component from the bearing support is adjustable to allow for representation of a variety of different sized final tibial prostheses. In this system, only one provisional bearing component corresponding to each level of constraint is needed and shims are used to adjust the spacing of the bearing component from the bearing support.
Zimmer, Inc.


Midlay compartmental tibial component

A midlay component includes a plastic bearing part and a metal tray part. The upper surface of the bearing part is dished in frontal and sagittal planes, to provide a bearing surface, such that in function, the femoral contact point will remain in the central region of the bearing surface.


Instruments and methods for shaping a bone cavity

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for shaping bone voids during revision procedures of total knee replacements. The systems disclosed herein generally include a cannulated reamer assembly, a reaming guide assembly, a guide tube assembly, a trial stem assembly, and an optional insertion/removal tool.
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.


Device having hinge for treatment of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injuries and using the same

A device and method for using the device arranged to maintain anatomical alignment between a joint by creating a dynamic load around the joint to restore and maintain the anatomical alignment. The orthotic device uses a hinge to create a directed force on a tibia by maintaining misalignment of an instant center of rotation (icor) of the hinge at a position relative to an anatomical knee joint..
Ossur Hf


Low profile patient specific cutting blocks for a knee joint

A low profile patient specific cutting block for a knee comprises a plurality of bone interfacing portions and a cutting slot. The plurality of bone interfacing portions are configured to overlie portions of an end of a bone.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Controllable passive artificial knee

An exoskeleton (100) adapted to be coupled to a lower extremity of a person includes a thigh link (102), a shank link (104) and a knee joint (106) allowing flexion and extension between the thigh and shank links (102, 104). A torque generator (156) connected to the knee joint (106) includes a wrap spring (110) having a first end (112) coupled to the thigh link (102), and a second end (118) coupled to an electric actuator (116) capable of selectively positioning the second end (118) of the wrap spring (110).
The Regents Of The University Of California


High performance knee prostheses

knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the natural screw home mechanism, and controlled articulation of the tibia and femur respective to each other in a more natural way. In a preferred embodiment, such prostheses include an insert component disposed between a femoral component and a tibial component, the insert component preferably featuring among other things a reversely contoured posterolateral bearing surface that helps impart internal rotation to the tibia as the knee flexes.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Method and fixation of an acl graft

A system for use in graft fixation in a knee reconstruction procedure can include a first femoral fixation member adapted to be retained relative to a first end of a femoral tunnel and a first self-locking adjustable flexible member construct having a passage portion with a pair of free ends and a pair of self-locking adjustable loops. The first flexible member construct can be interconnected to the first femoral fixation member.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Methods and devices for knee joint replacement with anterior cruciate ligament substitution

Methods and devices are provided for knee joint replacement with anterior cruciate ligament (acl) substitution. Generally, the methods and devices can allow a knee joint to be partially or totally replaced in conjunction with substitution of the knee joint's acl.
The General Hospital Corporation


Method for automatically adjusting a damping level provided by an artificial knee joint, and the artificial knee joint

An artificial knee joint is to be connected between a prosthetic thigh and a prosthetic lower leg. The artificial knee joint includes a knee joint body, a processor mounted in the knee joint body, a damping unit that is coupled to the processor and configurable to provide various damping levels, and an accelerometer coupled to the processor.
Teh Lin Prosthetic & Orthopaedic Inc.


Patient selectable knee joint arthroplasty devices

Disclosed herein are methods and devices for repairing articular surfaces in a knee joint. The articular surface repairs are customizable or highly selectable for each patient and geared toward providing optimal fit and function.
Conformis, Inc.


Femoral cut guide

The present disclosure provides a femoral cut guide for preparing a distal femur to receive a prosthetic femoral component of a knee implant. The prosthetic femoral component includes a central box.
Zimmer, Inc.


Arthroplasty optimally aligning and tensioning a knee prosthesis

A combination of a first assembly for guiding resection of a femur and tibia of a knee joint and a second assembly including femoral and tibial knee components. The combination of the first assembly and the second assembly provides optimal placement and positioning of the femoral and tibial knee components to achieve near-normal knee kinematics and tension.


Range of motion device

A device for moving a knee joint in a body of a patient is provided. The device includes a first arm member coupled to a first leg support configured to support an upper portion of a leg of the patient, a second arm member coupled to a second leg support configured to support at least one of a lower portion of a leg and a foot of the patient, and a control assembly operatively connected to the first and second arm members and configured to selectively move the second arm member relative to the first arm member.
Bonutti Research, Inc.


Determining a range of motion of an artificial knee joint

A data processing method for determining a range of motion of an artificial knee joint which connects a femur and a tibia via a medial ligament and a lateral ligament, wherein at least the femur comprises an implant which forms a medial condyle and a lateral condyle, the method comprising the steps of: acquiring the maximum lengths of the lateral ligament and the medial ligament for a particular flexion angle of the knee joint; calculating a first virtual position between the femur and the tibia in which the lateral condyle of the femoral implant touches the tibia and the medial ligament is stretched to its maximum length; calculating a maximum valgus angle of the range of motion from the first virtual position; calculating a second virtual position between the femur and the tibia in which the medial condyle of the femoral implant touches the tibia and the lateral ligament is stretched to its maximum length; and calculating a maximum varus angle of the range of motion from the second virtual position.. .
Brainlab Ag


Arthroscopic knot pusher and suture cutter

Knot pushers and suture cutter apparatuses to be used arthroscopically, for example, in an arthroscopic knee surgery may be operated with a single control to both lock the suture within the distal end of the apparatus and cut the suture once the knot has been pushed to the appropriate location. The apparatus may include a safety lock preventing deployment of the cutter until the safety lock (e.g., cutter release) has been released..


Packaging for arcuate orthopedic implants such as a size varying series of femoral components for artificial knee joints

The present disclosure concerns packaging adapted to accommodate a series of implant components, e.g. Femoral components for artificial knee joints, which vary in size but have a common thickness dimension.
Perfecseal, Inc.


Device and decreasing energy consumption of a person by use of a lower extremity exoskeleton

A lower extremity exoskeleton, configurable to be coupled to a person, includes: leg supports configurable to be coupled to the person's lower limbs and designed to rest on the ground during stance phases, with each leg support having a thigh link and a shank link; two knee joints, each configured to allow flexion and extension between respective shank and thigh links; an exoskeleton trunk configurable to be coupled to the person's upper body, rotatably connectable to the thigh links of the leg supports, allowing for the flexion and extension between the leg supports and the exoskeleton trunk; two hip actuators configured to create torques between the exoskeleton trunk and the leg supports; and at least one power unit capable of providing power to the hip actuators. In use, power is supplied to the hip actuators in an amount to reduce the energy consumed by a user during a walking cycle..


Artificial knee joint

An artificial knee joint includes a femoral component (1) and a tibial component (2). The femoral component (1) includes an intercondylar box (11).


Flexible acl instrumentation, kit and method

In a first embodiment, the present invention includes an instrumentation system for preparing a bone for soft tissue repair, the instrumentation system including a flexible drill pin capable of bending along a curved path; an aimer capable of engaging the flexible pin to bend the flexible pin; and a flexible reamer having a flexible portion along at least a portion of its length, the flexible portion comprising a plurality of laser cuts. In an alternate embodiment, the present invention may also include a method for preparing a bone tunnel in a femur adjacent a knee joint, the method including introducing a flexible drill pin into the knee joint; guiding the flexible drill pin towards a surface of the femur with an instrument introduced into the knee joint; drilling the flexible drill pin into the femur; removing the instrument from the knee joint; introducing a cannulated flexible reamer into the knee joint by placing the flexible pin within the cannulation of the flexible reamer; and reaming the bone tunnel in the femur along the path of the flexible pin..
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.


Devices and methods for knee arthroplasty

The present invention provides, in certain embodiments, a device for positioning and orienting the femoral cutting block. The present invention also provides a device for setting rotation of sagittal resection for unicompartmental knee arthroplasty.
Orthalign, Inc.


Lower limb structure for legged robot, and legged robot

Provided is a lower limb structure for a legged robot with which a load on an actuator for driving a knee joint can be reduced. The lower limb structure for the legged robot comprises: a hip joint main body; a thigh portion; a hip joint coupling for connecting the thigh portion to the hip joint main body; and a knee joint main body joined to the thigh portion.
Thk Co., Ltd.


Knee support

A knee support comprising a supportive pad enclosed in a fabric cover, configured to the user through the use of fasteners. The knee support is compressible and flexible so that it conforms to the shape of the anatomical area just below the knee and to the shin, can be easily worn over or under clothing, and does not interfere with the poses and exercise routines of floor or hard surface exercises.


Method of generating a patient-specific bone shell

The exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are described and illustrated below to encompass methods and devices for designing patient specific prosthetic cutting jigs and, more specifically, to devices and methods for segmenting bone of the knee and the resulting cutting guides themselves. Moreover, the present disclosure relates to systems and methods for manufacturing customized surgical devices, more specifically, the present disclosure relates to automated systems and methods of arthroplasty cutting guides, systems and methods for image segmentation in generating computer models of knee joint..
Zimmer, Inc.


Wearable robot and controlling the same

Provided is a method of controlling a wearable robot, the method including: measuring a ground reaction force (grf) exerted on a wearer's soles; calculating a time variation rate of the measured grf; measuring the wearer's knee joint angle; and detecting a time point at which the calculated time variation rate of the grf and the measured knee joint angle cross each other.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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