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Kinetics patents

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High performance knee prostheses

Trustees Of University Of Pennsylvania

High performance knee prostheses

Date/App# patent app List of recent Kinetics-related patents
 Long rigid spacers to enhance binding kinetics in immunoassays patent thumbnailnew patent Long rigid spacers to enhance binding kinetics in immunoassays
The present invention relates to a device for detecting a target molecule within a sample comprising a sample container for the measurement of the target molecule within a sample, a first particle, wherein said first particle is functionalized with a first binding molecule capable of specifically binding to said target molecule, and a surface structure comprising a second binding molecule, wherein said surface structure covers a flat sensor or is present on a second particle, wherein said first particle is capable of binding said second binding molecule of the surface structure directly or indirectly; wherein said first and/or second binding molecule is indirectly attached to the particle surface of said first and/or second particle and/or the flat sensor surface via a long and rigid linker molecule; wherein the length and the consistency of said linker molecule is selected such as to result in an average extension length of said linker of more than 60 nm; and wherein the number of particle clusters or of bound particles is directly or inversely related to the amount of target molecules present in the sample. In a further aspect the present invention relates to a method of detecting the presence or amount of a target molecule within a sample.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
 3'-oh unblocked, fast photocleavable terminating nucleotides and methods for nucleic acid sequencing patent thumbnailnew patent 3'-oh unblocked, fast photocleavable terminating nucleotides and methods for nucleic acid sequencing
The present invention relates generally to 3′-oh unblocked nucleotides and nucleosides labeled and unlabeled with 5-methoxy-substituted nitrobenzyl-based photocleavable terminating groups for use in methods and systems related to dna and rna sequencing and analysis. These compounds may be used as reversible terminators as they exhibit fast nucleotide incorporation kinetics, single-base termination, high nucleotide selectivity, and rapid terminating group cleavage that results in a naturally occurring nucleotide..
Lasergen, Inc.
 Catalytic cracking of undesirable components in a coking process patent thumbnailnew patent Catalytic cracking of undesirable components in a coking process
Undesirable gas oil components are selectively cracked or coked in the coking vessel by injecting an additive into the vapors of traditional coking processes in the coking vessel prior to fractionation. The additive contains catalyst(s), seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), quenching agent(s), carrier(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack or coke these undesirable components that typically have a high propensity to coke.
 Novel prodrugs of c-17-heteroaryl steroidal cyp17 inhibitors/antiandrogens: synthesis, in vitro biological activities, pharmacokinetics and antitumor activity patent thumbnailnew patent Novel prodrugs of c-17-heteroaryl steroidal cyp17 inhibitors/antiandrogens: synthesis, in vitro biological activities, pharmacokinetics and antitumor activity
Prodrugs of steroidal c-17 benzoazoles, pyrimidinoazoles (az-abenzoazoles) and diazines. Methods of synthesis are also described, whereby a prodrug group is substituted for a functional group at a ring portion of the abc ring structure of the steroid.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore
 High performance knee prostheses patent thumbnailnew patent High performance knee prostheses
Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the natural screw home mechanism, and controlled articulation of the tibia and femur respective to each other in a more natural way. In a preferred embodiment, such prostheses include an insert component disposed between a femoral component and a tibial component, the insert component preferably featuring among other things a reversely contoured posterolateral bearing surface that helps impart internal rotation to the tibia as the knee flexes.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania
 Immunoassay-based determination of in-solution binding kinetics patent thumbnailImmunoassay-based determination of in-solution binding kinetics
Herein is reported a method for the determination of the binding affinity of a binder and its ligand comprising the step of determining based on the result of an immunoassay the fraction of free binder in a sample comprising binder, ligand and binder-ligand-complexes for at least two different binder:ligand ratios in the sample, and if the determined fraction of free binder is not comparable for all used binder:ligand ratios then the binder:ligand ratio in the sample is lowered and the sample is re-analyzed by the same immunoassay, and calculating based on the fraction of free binder in the previous step the binding affinity for the binder to its ligand.. .
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.
 Identifying modified bases using hemi-natural nucleic acids patent thumbnailIdentifying modified bases using hemi-natural nucleic acids
Methods, compositions, and systems are provided for characterization of modified nucleic acids. Methods are provided for sequencing hemi-natural nucleic acids such as hemi-genomic dna, having two complementary strands, one a natural sequence and the other a synthetic sequence.
Pacific Bioscience Of California, Inc.
 Multi-functional composition of matter for removal of mercury from high temperature flue gas streams patent thumbnailMulti-functional composition of matter for removal of mercury from high temperature flue gas streams
A multi-functional composition of matter that is useful for injection into a flue gas stream to rapidly and efficiently remove mercury from the flue gas streams, particularly at above average flue stream temperatures of about 340° f. Or higher.
Ada Carbon Solutions, Llc
 Soluble glycosaminoglycanases and methods of preparing and using soluble glycosaminoglycanases patent thumbnailSoluble glycosaminoglycanases and methods of preparing and using soluble glycosaminoglycanases
The invention relates to the discovery of novel soluble neutral active hyaluronidase glycoproteins (shasegps), methods of manufacture, and their use to facilitate administration of other molecules or to alleviate glycosaminoglycan associated pathologies. Minimally active polypeptide domains of the soluble, neutral active shasegp domains are described that include asparagine-linked sugar moieties required for a functional neutral active hyaluronidase domain.
Halozyme, Inc.
 Compounds with reduced ring size for use in diagnosing and treating melanoma, including metastatic melanoma and methods related to same patent thumbnailCompounds with reduced ring size for use in diagnosing and treating melanoma, including metastatic melanoma and methods related to same
The present invention is directed to novel non-invasive diagnostic tools/compounds to image cancers, especially, melanoma, including metastatic melanoma in vivo. The present compounds exhibit enhanced uptake in cancerous cells and tissue and decreased renal uptake in kidney, evidencing favorable pharmacokinetics of compounds of the present invention.

Method of providing sustained analgesia with buprenorphine

A method of effectively treating pain in humans is achieved by administering buprenorphine in accordance with first order kinetics over an initial three-day dosing interval, such that a maximum plasma concentration from about 20 pg/ml to about 1052 pg/ml is attained, and thereafter maintaining the administration of buprenorphine for at least an additional two-day dosing interval in accordance with substantially zero order kinetics, such that the patients experience analgesia throughout the at least two-day additional dosing interval.. .
Purdue Pharma L.p.

Lozenges with multiple release kinetics for active ingredients

The present invention relates to a film-coated lozenge intended to dissolve in the oral cavity, comprising a core comprising at least one active ingredient and at least one cooked sugar, and a shell comprising at least one layer comprising at least one active ingredient.. .
Pierre Fabre Medicament

Compositions of toehold primer duplexes and methods of use

Provided herein are primers and primer systems having improved specificity and kinetics over existing primers, and methods of use thereof.. .
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Novel indocyanine compound, synthesis method and purification method thereof, diagnostic composition using the indocyanine compound, and device for measuring biokinetics and device for visualizing circulation using the diagnostic composition

The present invention aims at providing a novel indocyanine compound solving problems of conventionally used indocyanine green, such as solubility in water or physiological saline, a synthesis method and a purification method thereof, and a diagnostic composition including the novel indocyanine compound. Further, provided are a method for evaluating biokinetics of the novel indocyanine compound and a device for measuring biokinetics, and a method and a device for visualizing circulation of fluid such as blood in a living body, which utilize the diagnostic composition.
National University Corporation Nagoya University

Implantable polymeric device for sustained release of dopamine agonist

The present invention provides compositions, methods, and kits for treatment of parkinson's disease and other conditions for which treatment with a dopamine agonist is therapeutically beneficial. The invention provides a biocompatible nonerodible polymeric device which releases dopamine agonist continuously with generally linear release kinetics for extended periods of time.
Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Wearable action-assist device and control program

A wearable action-assist device includes a biosignal detection unit detecting a biosignal from a wearer, an action-assist wearing tool having a drive source supplying a torque acting on the wearer around each joint of the wearer as an axis of rotation, a control unit controlling the drive source to generate the torque according to the detected biosignal, a drive torque estimation unit estimating a drive torque generated by the drive source, a joint-angle detecting unit detecting an angular displacement of the joint, and a parameter identification unit identifying kinetics parameters concerned by substituting the estimated drive torque and the detected angular displacement into an equation of motion of an entire system including kinetics parameters intrinsic to the wearer. The control unit is configured to control the drive source according to a predetermined control method based on the equation of motion into which the identified parameters are substituted..
University Of Tsukuba

Embryo quality assessment based on blastocyst development

The present invention relates to a method and to a system for selecting embryos for in vitro fertilization based on observed cell kinetics and cell morphology. One embodiment of the invention relates to a method for determining embryo quality comprising monitoring the embryo for a time period, said time period comprising the transformation of the embryo from initial compaction or morula to blastocyst and determining one or more blastocyst quality criteria for said embryo, and based on said one or more blastocyst quality criteria determining the embryo quality..
Unisense Fertilitech A/s

Fast ion exchangeable glasses with high indentation threshold

Alkali aluminosilicate glasses that are ion exchangeable to high compressive stresses, have fast ion exchange kinetics, and high intrinsic damage resistance. The glasses achieve all of the above desired properties either with only small amounts of p2o5 (<1 mol %) or without addition of any p2o5..
Corning Incorporated

Wet granulation process and granulate material comprising arabic gum

The invention relates to a wet granulation process comprising contacting a material to be granulated with a granulating liquid, wherein the granulating liquid comprises arabic gum. The process may be used for improving dissolution kinetics of the material to the granulated, for example, of arabic gum and/or metal salts, such as organic metal salts.
Alpina Laudanum Institute Of Phytopharmaceutical Science Ag

N-terminal derivatisation of proteins with polysaccharides

The present invention relates to methods for producing n-terminal derivatives of proteins in which a polysaccharide, preferably having at least terminal sialic units, and preferably consisting essentially only of sialic acid units, is reacted at the n-terminus of a protein or peptide under controlled conditions to produce an n-terminal derivative. The controlled conditions include use of acidic ph for the derivatisation step and a higher ph for purification.
Lipoxen Technologies Limited

Method for printing three-dimensional parts wtih crystallization kinetics control

A method for printing a three-dimensional part with an additive manufacturing system, which includes providing a part material that compositionally has one or more semi-crystalline polymers and one or more secondary materials that are configured to retard crystallization of the one or more semi-crystalline polymers, where the one or more secondary materials are substantially miscible with the one or more semi-crystalline polymers. The method also includes melting the part material in the additive manufacturing system, forming at least a portion of a layer of the three-dimensional part from the melted part material in a build environment, and maintaining the build environment at an annealing temperature that is between a glass transition temperature of the part material and a cold crystallization temperature of the part material..
Stratasys, Inc.

Polynucleotides encoding mutant hydrolase proteins with enhanced kinetics and functional expression

The invention provides a mutant hydrolase protein with enhanced kinetics and functional expression, as well as polynucleotides encoding the mutant proteins and methods of using the polynucleotides and mutant proteins.. .
Promega Corporation

Device for thermokinetic property measurement

A device which can be used as a flow reactor for synthesis and for discerning the reaction kinetics as well as a flow calorimeter is a need in the art. To fulfill this need, the invention discloses a simple calorimeter that functions as a device to measure reaction kinetics, preferably heat of reaction in a continuous manner, in adiabatic as well as in isothermal conditions.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Method for determining functional volumes for determining biokinetics

A method for determining functional volumes for the search for kinetics representing the trend of concentration of a radioactive tracer in an area of biological tissue, being applied to spatial components comprises the following steps applied iteratively according to a markov chain monte-carlo scheme: generation of a set k0λ made up of a set of candidate kinetics associated with values of probability of appearance, depending on the concentration λ of radioactive tracer; a labeling step during which, for each spatial component of index k, the probabilities of selection of the kinetics of the set k0λ are weighted by introducing a function λk representative of the concentration of radioactive tracer in this component to obtain a set of indicative values, an indicative value dk designating the kinetic with which the spatial component k is associated; construction of functional volumes, a functional volume vfj made up of the set of spatial components which share the same indicative value dk.. .

Use of metal ions for modulation of protein glycosylation profiles of recombinant proteins

Protein glycosylation greatly influences the structure, function, and pharmacokinetics of recombinant proteins. Here, growth media supplemented with metal ions is shown to modulate the protein glycosylation profile of recombinant proteins expressed in a variety of eukaryotic cell lines.

Pharmacokinetic modulation with alisporivir

A method of using alisporivir to therapeutically alter the pharmacokinetics of a medication whereby alisporivir has an effect that achieves and preserves similar safety and efficacy of said drugs with lower doses, less frequent administration, or both.. .

Multiplexed chromatography-immunoassay the characterization of circulating immune complexes

Thus, herein is reported a method for analyzing/characterizing circulating immune complexes (cics) formed in vivo comprising a size-exclusion chromatography of a sample obtained from a mammal to which the drug had been administered at least once for determining the weight/size of the immune complexes, optionally a second non-sec chromatography, and at least one immunoassay, whereby the immune complex is characterized by the correlation of the immune complex size and the immunoassay result/read-out. Also reported herein is the use of a method as reported herein for determining a correlation to altered pharmacokinetics, for determining loss or reduction of efficacy, for determining neutralization of natural counterparts of the drug, for determining immune and hypersensitivity reactions, including serum sickness/type iii hypersensitivity reaction/immune complex-mediated disease..

Multilayer light-emitting electrochemical cell device structures

Novel structures and compositions for multilayer light-emitting electrochemical cell devices are described, particularly those that are adapted to work with stable and printable electrode metals, that optimize recombination efficiency, lifetime and turn-on kinetics. In particular, embodiments of the present invention provide improved performance and extended lifetime for doped electronic devices, where ionic doping levels, ionic support materials content, and electronic transport content are advantageously structured within the device.
Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited

Methods and single molecule sequencing using energy transfer detection

Provided herein are systems and methods for nucleotide incorporation reactions. The systems comprise polymerases having altered nucleotide incorporation kinetics and are linked to an energy transfer donor moiety, and nucleotide molecules linked with at least one energy transfer acceptor moiety.
Life Technologies Corporation

Pharmaceutical carrier device suitable for delivery of pharmaceutical compounds to mucosal surfaces

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical delivery device for application of a pharmaceutical to mucosal surfaces. The device comprises an adhesive layer and a non-adhesive backing layer, and the pharmaceutical may be provided in either or both layers.
Biodelivery Sciences International, Inc.

Nanocell drug delivery system

Nanocells allow the sequential delivery of two different therapeutic agents with different modes of action or different pharmacokinetics. A nanocell is formed by encapsulating a nanocore with a first agent inside a lipid vesicle containing a second agent.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Water temperature as a means of controlling kinetics of onsite generated peracids

Methods and systems for temperature-controlled, on-site generation of peracids, namely peroxycarboxylic acids and peroxycarboxylic acid forming compositions are disclosed. In particular, methods for using an adjustable biocide formulator or generator system overcome the limitations of temperature on the kinetics of the peracid generation and/or peracid decomposition inside an adjustable biocide formulator or generator system.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Diamide inhibitors of cytochrome p450

Methods of inhibiting cytochrome p450 enzymes are provided that can be used for improving the treatment of diseases by preventing degradation of drugs or other molecules by cytochrome p450. Pharmaceutical compositions are provided that can act as boosters to improve the pharmacokinetics, enhance the bioavailability, and enhance the therapeutic effect of drugs that undergo in vivo degradation by cytochrome p450 enzymes..
Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Therapy for kidney disease and/or heart failure by intradermal infusion

Intradermal delivery devices, systems and methods thereof for the administration of a natriuretic or chimeric peptide are described. The described delivery devices, systems and methods provide for the treatment of pathological conditions such as kidney disease alone, heart failure alone, concomitant kidney disease and heart failure, or cardiorenal syndrome by delivery of a natriuretic or chimeric peptide through a microneedle array using a delivery pump.
Medtronic, Inc.

Thiourea derivatives as a-chymotrypsin inhibitors

α-chymotrypsin inhibitors of thiourea class are reported that could be potent inhibitors of proteases, elastases, proteasomes, ns3 and ns4 serine protease of hepatitis c virus, dengue virus, etc. Compounds 1-22, which are belong to thiourea class, showed good inhibition.

Aqueous methacetin solutions labelled with 13c having propylene glycol as a solubilizer

An analysis method determines a functional parameter of an organ by measuring 13co2 content in exhaled air of an individual to which a substrate has been administered. The reaction of the substrate in the body of the individual enriches the exhaled air with 13co2.
CharitÉ UniversitÄtsmedizin Berlin

Coking process and system for enhanced catalytic reactions to improve process operation and economics

Heavy gas oil components, coking process recycle, and heavier hydrocarbons in the delayed coking process are cracked in the coking vessel by injecting a catalytic additive into the vapors above the gas/liquid-solid interface in the coke drum during the coking cycle. The additive may comprise cracking catalyst(s) and quenching agent(s), alone or in combination with seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), carrier fluid(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack these components.

System and introducing an additive into a coking process to improve quality and yields of coker products

Heavy gas oil components, coking process recycle, and heavier hydrocarbons in the delayed coking process are cracked in the coking vessel by injecting a catalytic additive into the vapors above the gas/liquid-solid interface in the coke drum during the coking cycle. The additive comprises cracking catalyst(s) and quenching agent(s), alone or in combination with seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), carrier fluid(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack these components.

Method for predicting occurrence of microquartz in a basin

A method, including: obtaining a grain size for amorphous silica associated with a basin and a grain size for quartz associated with the basin; obtaining kinetics of silica dissolution corresponding to the basin and quartz precipitation corresponding to the basin; determining, with a processor, a concentration of amorphous silica in water based on the grain size for amorphous silica, the grain size for quartz, and the kinetics of silica dissolution and quartz precipitation; comparing, with the processor, the concentration of amorphous silica in water to an amorphous silica saturation condition; and determining, with the processor, a presence of microquartz based on a result of the comparing.. .

Genetically modified rat models for pharmacokinetics

The present invention provides a desired rat or a rat cell which contains a predefined, specific and desired alteration rendering the rat or rat cell predisposed to drug transport sensitivity or resistance drug transport resistance or sensitivity. Specifically, the invention pertains to a genetically altered rat, or a rat cell in culture, that is defective in at least one of two alleles of a drug transporter gene such as the slc7a11 (nc_005101.2) gene, the abcb1 (nc_005103.2) gene, etc.
Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Environmentally sensitive compositions

An environmentally sensitive membrane binding polypeptide, ph (low)-sensitive membrane peptide (phlip) has improved insertion kinetics balanced with solubility to selectively target acidic tissues.. .

New formulation methodology for distortional thermosets

And a diamine curing agent. The resultant distortional thermoset compositions possess superior out-life requirements and advantageous reaction kinetics for preparing prepreg compositions and materials..

Modified albumin-binding domains and uses thereof to improve pharmacokinetics

The present invention relates to compositions and methods comprising a modified albumin-binding domain to improve the pharmacokinetic properties of therapeutic molecules. The modified peptides show reduced immunogenicity and/or proved solubility.
Technophage, InvestigaÇÄo E Desenvolvimento Em Biotecnologia, Sa

Methods for liquid-phase reactions

Methods and assemblies for improving the reaction kinetics of, conserving reactants utilized in, and/or producing a more pure reaction product of, liquid-phase reactions that involve volatile reactants and products are provided. The methods and assemblies herein provide for a feed of reaction liquid to two or more absorption zones, wherein the temperature and/or feed rate of the liquid is independently adjusted prior to introduction into at least one of the two or more absorption zones.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Pharmaceutical composition containing mirabegron

Provided is a mirabegron-containing pharmaceutical composition in which the leakage of mirabegron can be inhibited when the pharmaceutical composition is dispersed in a liquid, and in which the change in pharmacokinetics caused by the presence or absence of food intake is decreased. The pharmaceutical composition comprises an acid addition salt of alkyl sulfuric acid and mirabegron, and a base for modified release..
Astellas Pharma Inc.

Integrated triad system for providing advanced assessment methods, corrective and performance exercise training, and integrating specialized manual therapies

The ortho-kinetics system is a biomechanically based system that, through systematic assessment, analysis, and evaluations, one can identify a person's anomalies such as postural deviations, joint limitations, neuromuscular imbalances, and movement compensations. This system makes use of a database which stores expert-derived information to guide the practitioner in the administration and performance of advanced assessment methods and programming process, corrective and performance exercise training, along with integration of specialized manual therapies..

Quantum chemical analysis

A new trend in chemical analysis is introduced including design of new instruments used for counting of molecules and enantiomers in a given solution. The method is mainly based on quantum optics and quantum chemistry which are the reasons for the expression “quantum chemical analysis”.

Therapeutic uses of curcumin analogs for treatment of prostate cancer

This invention relates generally to methods of treating aggressive cancers, such as hormone-refractory metastatic prostate cancer, by exposing the aggressive cancer cells to curcumin analogs having the claimed structural scaffolds and side groups. The anticancer effects of curcumin are associated with its influence on numerous growth factors within the cells.
California State University Fresno

Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using metal-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles

The removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using metal-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles is a method that comprises contacting the aqueous solution with metal-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles. The three transition metals tungsten, vanadium and iron were selected for doping of titanium dioxide.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Silicone hydrogels having a structure formed via controlled reaction kinetics

The present invention relates to a process comprising the steps of reacting a reactive mixture comprising at least one silicone-containing component, at least one hydrophilic component, and at least one diluent to form an ophthalmic device having an advancing contact angle of less than about 80°; and contacting the ophthalmic device with an aqueous extraction solution at an elevated extraction temperature, wherein said at least one diluent has a boiling point at least about 10° higher than said extraction temperature.. .
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Controlled release and taste masking oral pharmaceutical composition

Controlled release and taste masking compositions containing one or more active principles inglobated in a three-component matrix structure, i.e. A structure formed by successive amphiphilic, lipophilic or inert matrices and finally inglobated or dispersed in hydrophilic matrices.
Cosmo Technologies Limited

Implantable devices and methods for evaluation of active agents

Devices for the local delivery of microdose amounts of one or more active agents, alone or in combination, in one or more dosages, to selected tissue of a patient are described. The devices generally include multiple microwells arranged on or within a support structure and contain one or more active agents, alone or in combination, in one or more dosages and/or release pharmacokinetics.
Kibur Medical, Inc.

Method and detection of a biomarker by alternating current electrokinetics

Systems, methods and a lab-on-a-chip product are described for the detection of pathogens, infectious diseases and physiological conditions by quantifying change over time of one of capacitance or impedance when a biological sample is loaded onto the chip. The lab-on-a-chip utilizes ac electrokinetic phenomena such that molecules move or are carried in an electric field generated by the application of a signal of predetermined voltage and frequency to an electrode array.
University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

Formulations and pharmacokinetics of deuterated benzoquinoline inhibitors of vesicular monoamine transporter 2

The present invention relates to new pharmaceutical compositions comprising benzoquinoline compounds, and methods to inhibit vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (vmat2) activity in a subject for the treatment of chronic hyperkinetic movement disorders.. .
Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Novel polyene compound, preparing the same, and antifungal drug comprising novel polyene compound asactive ingredient

The present invention relates to a novel polyene compound similar to nystatin, a method for preparing the same, and an antifungal drug comprising the novel polyene compound as an active ingredient. Compared to nystatin comprising one sugar, nnp, which is the polyene compound similar to nystatin, displays 300 times higher solubility and ten times lower cytotoxicity while maintaining antifungal activity, and thus can be useful in developing a novel polyene antifungal agent having improved solubility and less toxicity in terms of pharmacokinetics..
Inha-industry Partnership Institute

Novel prodrugs of steroidal cyp17 inhibitors/antiandrogens

Prodrugs of c-17-heterocyclic-steroidal drugs providing improved oral bioavailability and phamacokinetics are described. The drugs are inhibitors of human cyp 17 enzyme, as well as potent antagonists of both wild type and mutant androgen receptors (ar), and are useful for the treatment of urogenital and/or androgen-related cancers, diseases and/or conditions, such as human prostate cancer, breast cancer, and prostate hyperplasia.
Tokai Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pharmacokinetics of s-adenosylmethionine formulations

Compositions and methods to improve the pharmacokinetic profile of s-adenosylmethionine (same) are provided, as are methods of treating various disorders using same formulations with improved pharmacokinetic profiles. More specifically, the invention is directed to methods of treating a disease or disorder in a subject and/or improving the nutritional status of a subject by administering formulations exhibiting improved pharmacokinetic profiles of exogenous same.
Methylation Sciences International Srl

Ige antibodies for the inhibition of tumor metastasis

The present invention provides novel ige antibodies useful for inhibiting or preventing metastatic cancer. Also provided are methods to inhibit tumor metastasis by modulating the activity of at least one non-tumor cell, treating a patient to inhibit or prevent tumor metastases of a primary solid tumor, treating metastatic carcinoma, reducing metastasis of carcinoma cells, and reducing the growth kinetics of a primary solid tumor or a metastasized cell or tumor..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Method, apparatus, and computer program product for performance analytics determining location based on real-time data for proximity and movement of objects

Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media are disclosed for providing analytics using real time data on movement and proximity of tagged objects for determining location based on participant dynamics/kinetics models. In one embodiment, a method is provided for monitoring a participant that at least includes correlating at least one tag to the participant; receiving blink data transmitted by the at least one tag; and determining tag location data based on the blink data.

Method, apparatus, and computer program product for dynamics/kinetics model selection

Provided herein are systems, methods and computer readable media for assessing the health, fitness, operation, or performance of an individual. An example method comprises selecting an individual dynamics/kinetics model from a database and comparing it to tag location data.

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