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Kinetic patents

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Linear actuator

Timotion Technology

Linear actuator

Date/App# patent app List of recent Kinetic-related patents
 Methods and systems for reporting realistic kinetic energy of a multi-part finite element analysis model patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for reporting realistic kinetic energy of a multi-part finite element analysis model
Techniques for reporting realistic kinetic energy of a multi-part fea model are disclosed. Fea model representing a product is received.
Livermore Software Technology Corporation
 Embryo quality assessment based on blastocyst development patent thumbnailnew patent Embryo quality assessment based on blastocyst development
The present invention relates to a method and to a system for selecting embryos for in vitro fertilization based on observed cell kinetics and cell morphology. One embodiment of the invention relates to a method for determining embryo quality comprising monitoring the embryo for a time period, said time period comprising the transformation of the embryo from initial compaction or morula to blastocyst and determining one or more blastocyst quality criteria for said embryo, and based on said one or more blastocyst quality criteria determining the embryo quality..
Unisense Fertilitech A/s
 Fast ion exchangeable glasses with high indentation threshold patent thumbnailnew patent Fast ion exchangeable glasses with high indentation threshold
Alkali aluminosilicate glasses that are ion exchangeable to high compressive stresses, have fast ion exchange kinetics, and high intrinsic damage resistance. The glasses achieve all of the above desired properties either with only small amounts of p2o5 (<1 mol %) or without addition of any p2o5..
Corning Incorporated
 Wet granulation process and granulate material comprising arabic gum patent thumbnailnew patent Wet granulation process and granulate material comprising arabic gum
The invention relates to a wet granulation process comprising contacting a material to be granulated with a granulating liquid, wherein the granulating liquid comprises arabic gum. The process may be used for improving dissolution kinetics of the material to the granulated, for example, of arabic gum and/or metal salts, such as organic metal salts.
Alpina Laudanum Institute Of Phytopharmaceutical Science Ag
 Paliperidone implant formulation patent thumbnailnew patent Paliperidone implant formulation
An injectable intramuscular depot composition suitable for forming an in situ solid implant in a body, comprising a drug which is paliperidone and/or its pharmaceutical acceptable salts in any combination thereof, a biocompatible copolymer based on lactic and glycolic acid having a monomer ratio of lactic to glycolic acid of about 50:50 and dmso as solvent, wherein the composition releases the drug with an immediate onset of action and continuously for at least 8 weeks and wherein the composition has a pharmacokinetic profile in vivo suitable for the formulation to be administered each 8 weeks or even longer periods.. .
Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi, S.a.
 N-terminal derivatisation of proteins with polysaccharides patent thumbnailnew patent N-terminal derivatisation of proteins with polysaccharides
The present invention relates to methods for producing n-terminal derivatives of proteins in which a polysaccharide, preferably having at least terminal sialic units, and preferably consisting essentially only of sialic acid units, is reacted at the n-terminus of a protein or peptide under controlled conditions to produce an n-terminal derivative. The controlled conditions include use of acidic ph for the derivatisation step and a higher ph for purification.
Lipoxen Technologies Limited
 Animating sketches via kinetic textures patent thumbnailnew patent Animating sketches via kinetic textures
A sketch-based interface within an animation engine provides an end-user with tools for creating emitter textures and oscillator textures. The end-user may create an emitter texture by sketching one or more patch elements and then sketching an emitter.
Autodesk, Inc.
 Kinetic mapping patent thumbnailnew patent Kinetic mapping
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for kinetic mapping. A spatial interface, such as a map, may represent information according to an overview scale.
Microsoft Corporation
 Linear faraday induction generator for the generation of electrical power from ocean wave kinetic energy and arrangements thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Linear faraday induction generator for the generation of electrical power from ocean wave kinetic energy and arrangements thereof
A spring suspension system includes a top spring assembly connected to a top end of a stator and a top end of a cable and a bottom spring assembly connected to a bottom end of the stator and a bottom end of the cable. The top spring assembly includes a central spring connected to the top end of the cable at a bottom end of the central spring and a set of symmetrically arranged springs, each connected to the top end of the stator and to a top end of the central spring, configured to accommodate torsional and rotational components of an input force..
 Energy generating  gas or liquid flowing conditions patent thumbnailnew patent Energy generating gas or liquid flowing conditions
An in-line energy generating system for a fluid passing there through where the system has a tubular turbine having an internal bore that includes at least one helical groove defined by an indented portion and a raised portion, whereby the kinetic energy of the fluid flowing through the helical groove drives the generally tubular turbine in a rotational manner at least in part by the frictional force exerted by the fluid as it flows through the helical groove, and a magnetic portion for inducing electrical current in an induction coil positioned around the turbine within the housing.. .
new patent

Method for printing three-dimensional parts wtih crystallization kinetics control

A method for printing a three-dimensional part with an additive manufacturing system, which includes providing a part material that compositionally has one or more semi-crystalline polymers and one or more secondary materials that are configured to retard crystallization of the one or more semi-crystalline polymers, where the one or more secondary materials are substantially miscible with the one or more semi-crystalline polymers. The method also includes melting the part material in the additive manufacturing system, forming at least a portion of a layer of the three-dimensional part from the melted part material in a build environment, and maintaining the build environment at an annealing temperature that is between a glass transition temperature of the part material and a cold crystallization temperature of the part material..
Stratasys, Inc.
new patent

Treatment of synthesis gases from a gasification facility

A technology for producing synthesis gas from crude gas from various gasification processes for solid or liquid fuels. To limit the temperatures in a subsequent strongly exothermic co shift reaction to adjust the h2/co ratio, the crude gas which has been freed of dust flows through two shift reactors arranged in series.
Clariant International Ltd.
new patent

Structurally enhanced plastics with filler reinforcements

A composition comprising a fluid, and a material dispersed in the fluid, the material made up of particles having a complex three dimensional surface area such as a sharp blade-like surface, the particles having an aspect ratio larger than 0.7 for promoting kinetic boundary layer mixing in a non-linear-viscosity zone. The composition may further include an additive dispersed in the fluid.
Ecopuro, Llc
new patent

Riser assembly and method

A riser assembly and method of providing a riser assembly for transporting production fluids from a location deep under water are disclosed. The riser assembly includes a riser comprising a flexible pipe, the riser having a hang off point which is an end of the riser that in use connects with a floating facility, and a touchdown zone which in use is a section of the riser in the region of where the riser meets the seabed or other fixed structure; and at least one buoyancy element arranged at the touchdown zone or within about 50 m of the touchdown zone of the riser to support the riser in a configuration for accommodating kinetic energy propagating along the riser from the hang off point..
Ge Oil & Gas Uk Limited
new patent

Lpg fuel system

Disclosed is a liquefied petroleum fuel system for internal combustion engines that improves fuel economy by mixing vaporized liquid petroleum gas (lpg) and ambient air at substantially equal random kinetic energies. The system maintains a certain vapor pressure in the lpg tank and delivers the lpg in a gaseous phase to an lpg burning device at a set pressure and temperature.
new patent

Linear actuator

A linear actuator includes a housing (100), a base plate (200) disposed in the housing (100), and two actuating mechanisms (310, 320) disposed on the base plate (200) and received in the housing (100). Each actuating mechanism (310/320) comprises a motor (311/321), a transmission assembly (312/322), a screw rod (313/323), and a supporting block (314/324).
Timotion Technology Co., Ltd.
new patent

Gyroscopic systems to stabilize vehicles and recycle kinetic energy

Gyroscopic systems to stabilize vehicles and provide kinetic energy recovery are disclosed. The gyroscopic system uses gyroscopic forces to maintain a vertical orientation at zero and low speeds, as well as maintain stability at all speeds.
Thrustcycle Enterprises Llc
new patent

Cooling appliance and dispenser system used for cooling appliance

A cooling appliance (100) is provided, including a heat insulation cabinet (10), in which a storage chamber is formed; and a door (11), which cooperates with the heat insulation cabinet (10) to selectively open or close the storage chamber. The cooling appliance (100) further includes an dispenser system (20) capable of allocating ice and liquid, where the dispenser system (20) is used for allocating ice in an ice storage container of the cooling appliance (100) into an dispenser cavity (21).
Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

High-resolution metabolic neuroimaging

Provided herein are methods and apparatuses for determining a level of cellular metabolic activity for a region of interest in order to detect and map on-going gliovascular unit metabolic activity using high-resolution 1h2o mri. In one example approach, a computer-implemented method includes receiving a first set of dce-mri time-course data for a region, wherein a contrast agent is administered prior to imaging, identifying a region of interest from the first set of dce-mri time-course data for further analysis, performing shutter-speed pharmacokinetic analysis of the time-course data associated with the region of interest using computer-implemented software to obtain a finite and non-zero mean water molecule capillary lifetime in the region of interest, and indicating a level of cellular metabolic activity in the brain based on the mean water molecule capillary lifetime..
Oregon Health & Science University

Polynucleotides encoding mutant hydrolase proteins with enhanced kinetics and functional expression

The invention provides a mutant hydrolase protein with enhanced kinetics and functional expression, as well as polynucleotides encoding the mutant proteins and methods of using the polynucleotides and mutant proteins.. .
Promega Corporation

Modulators of pharmacokinetic properties of therapeutics

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate, and/or ester thereof, compositions containing such compounds, therapeutic methods that include the administration of such compounds, and therapeutic methods and include the administration of such compounds with at least one additional therapeutic agent.. .

Device for thermokinetic property measurement

A device which can be used as a flow reactor for synthesis and for discerning the reaction kinetics as well as a flow calorimeter is a need in the art. To fulfill this need, the invention discloses a simple calorimeter that functions as a device to measure reaction kinetics, preferably heat of reaction in a continuous manner, in adiabatic as well as in isothermal conditions.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Hydrostatic and spotlighting water flow generator

A hydrostatic and spotlighting water flow generator comprising an outer cashing, a luminous module and a base depends on water flow introduced into a stepped jet stream trough and drives a vane wheel to spin and transfer kinetic energy to electricity and activate an illuminating part for radiation; moreover, water flow through the underneath structure of the hydrostatic and spotlighting water flow generator and fine meshes on the first filter mesh is compulsively decelerated to permeate into coarse meshes on the base and run out as a straight water column for soft tranquil effect. As such, a light source of the illuminating part projects light rays along a straight water column and induces a reflective light source at the water column's end for soft, tranquil and aesthetic spotlighting effect..
Agreat Shower & Sanitary (xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Laser scanner apparatus

The present invention relates to a reactionless, constant scanning velocity laser scanner having a scanning mirror and a counter-rotating mass trading kinetic energy as the mirror collides with the counter rotating mass rotating in opposite direction to reverse the direction of rotation of the mirror. The scanning mirror is rotatably mounted in a frame and spaced from a rotatably mounted counterweight such that in each direction of rotation the mirror will collide with the counterweight moving in the opposite direction of rotation.
H.n. Burns Engineering Corporation

Electronic apparatus and charging the same

An electronic apparatus includes a user interface configured to display preset information, a battery configured to supply a power to the user interface, and a charger provided with a vibrator that is movable in the electronic apparatus and configured to convert kinetic energy caused by movement of the vibrator into electric energy to charge the battery.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Energy harvesting mechanism

Embodiments of the invention provide an energy harvesting mechanism comprising a central conductive element and a plurality of transductive elements. Each transductive element is positioned to be in contact with a corresponding peripheral length segment of the central conductive element.
Incube Labs, Llc

Power generating windbags and waterbags

A method of using a bagged power generation system comprising windbags and water-bags for harnessing wind and water power to produce electricity to meet the escalating energy needs of mankind. Windbags integrated with aerodynamically shaped inflatable bodies filled with lighter-than-air gas: hav, uav, airplanes; enabling the apparatus to attain high altitude to capture and entrap high velocity wind.

Zipline braking system

A zipline braking system comprising a zipline cable and a destination supporting member; a rider carrier coupled to the zipline cable for movement towards the destination supporting member, such movement generating kinetic energy; a damper having a posterior end and an anterior end and connected to the destination supporting member at the posterior end; a tension line; a connection member coupled to the zipline cable and configured to engage the rider carrier; a stopping member coupled to the zipline cable and the tension line; and the tension line for transferring the kinetic energy to the damper upon the connection member engaging the stopping member in movement to the destination supporting member.. .
Tag Adventure Tours Ltd.

Pressure power unit

The invention relates to energy conversion and generation systems, and more specifically, to a unit for generating and converting energy by way of a pressure differential in a working fluid. A pressure power unit is described which comprises a condenser and a vaporizer arranged in a closed loop, the condenser and vaporizer being respectively maintained at lower and higher temperatures relative to one another.

Method for determining functional volumes for determining biokinetics

A method for determining functional volumes for the search for kinetics representing the trend of concentration of a radioactive tracer in an area of biological tissue, being applied to spatial components comprises the following steps applied iteratively according to a markov chain monte-carlo scheme: generation of a set k0λ made up of a set of candidate kinetics associated with values of probability of appearance, depending on the concentration λ of radioactive tracer; a labeling step during which, for each spatial component of index k, the probabilities of selection of the kinetics of the set k0λ are weighted by introducing a function λk representative of the concentration of radioactive tracer in this component to obtain a set of indicative values, an indicative value dk designating the kinetic with which the spatial component k is associated; construction of functional volumes, a functional volume vfj made up of the set of spatial components which share the same indicative value dk.. .

Use of metal ions for modulation of protein glycosylation profiles of recombinant proteins

Protein glycosylation greatly influences the structure, function, and pharmacokinetics of recombinant proteins. Here, growth media supplemented with metal ions is shown to modulate the protein glycosylation profile of recombinant proteins expressed in a variety of eukaryotic cell lines.

Pharmacokinetic modulation with alisporivir

A method of using alisporivir to therapeutically alter the pharmacokinetics of a medication whereby alisporivir has an effect that achieves and preserves similar safety and efficacy of said drugs with lower doses, less frequent administration, or both.. .

Multiplexed chromatography-immunoassay the characterization of circulating immune complexes

Thus, herein is reported a method for analyzing/characterizing circulating immune complexes (cics) formed in vivo comprising a size-exclusion chromatography of a sample obtained from a mammal to which the drug had been administered at least once for determining the weight/size of the immune complexes, optionally a second non-sec chromatography, and at least one immunoassay, whereby the immune complex is characterized by the correlation of the immune complex size and the immunoassay result/read-out. Also reported herein is the use of a method as reported herein for determining a correlation to altered pharmacokinetics, for determining loss or reduction of efficacy, for determining neutralization of natural counterparts of the drug, for determining immune and hypersensitivity reactions, including serum sickness/type iii hypersensitivity reaction/immune complex-mediated disease..


The invention relates to nanoemulsions useful for analytical techniques and delivery of cargoes such as pharmaceutically active agents. In particular, the invention relates to nanoemulsions comprising an oil phase dispersed in an aqueous phase and at least two peptide surfactants adsorbed at the liquid-liquid interface, one peptide surfactant comprising a short peptide sequence having α-helical propensity and at least one second polypeptide surfactant comprising at least two peptide sequences having α-helical propensity linked by a linking sequence of 3 to 11 amino acid residues.


A modified release composition comprising cyclosporin a for oral administration. The composition may comprise a core and a modified release coating, wherein the core comprises a hydrogel-forming polymer matrix and cyclosporin a.

Lane separator

A block (100) for a lane separator having a first end with recess (132) and protrusions (131, 133) and a second end (140) with a complementary protrusion (142) and recesses (141, 143) such that the projections and recesses (131-133; 141-143) fit into the recesses and protrusions of the neighboring blocks of the same shape as the block (100), wherein the recesses and protrusions are provided with bores (160) adapted to receive a cylindrical locking pin (150). The base portion (110) having vertical side walls (111, 112) that prevents a vehicle from climbing onto the block.

Magnetically enhanced, inductively coupled plasma source for a focused ion beam system

The present invention provides an inductively coupled, magnetically enhanced ion beam source, suitable to be used in conjunction with probe-forming optics to produce an ion beam without kinetic energy oscillations induced by the source.. .

Fluid control valve for high pressure surges

A fluid control valve for high pressure surges, that has a controlled pressure drop box inside, arranged on a block seat and through whose core a cylindrical plug can be moved. The box is formed by a number of disks grooved on both sides, fluid flows through the grooves.

Thermal control insert and thermal resistant hollow block

A thermal control insert and a thermal resistant hollow block. The thermal resistant hollow block includes a hollow block having a cavity and an elongate member positioned within the cavity that has a generally spiral shaped pathway which forms a generally closed pathway to receive a heated fluid when the elongate member is positioned within the cavity of the hollow block.

Active ankle foot orthosis

An active ankle foot orthosis (aafo) is provided where the impedance of an orthotic joint is modulated throughout the walking cycle to treat ankle foot gait pathology, such as drop foot gait. During controlled plantar flexion, a biomimetic torsional spring control is applied where orthotic joint stiffness is actively adjusted to minimize forefoot collisions with the ground.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Compositions and methods comprising erythrohydroxybupropion and related compounds for improving the efficacy of dextromethorphan

This disclosure relates to methods of improving the efficacy of dextromethorphan, or providing beneficial pharmacokinetic effects to dextromethorphan, comprising co-administering erythrohydroxybupropion, or a prodrug thereof, and dextromethorphan to a human being. Dosage forms, drug delivery systems, and methods related to dextromethorphan and erythrohydroxybupropion or a prodrug of erythrohydroxybupropion are also disclosed..
Antecip Bioventures Ii Llc

Helmet designs utilizing foam structures having graded properties

Disclosed herein is a composite structure for deflecting and spreading kinetic energy transmission after various types of impacts utilizing foam structures having graded properties. The structure has a first composite layer, composed of a discrete reinforcement and a continuous binder.
Kineticshield, Inc.

Multilayer light-emitting electrochemical cell device structures

Novel structures and compositions for multilayer light-emitting electrochemical cell devices are described, particularly those that are adapted to work with stable and printable electrode metals, that optimize recombination efficiency, lifetime and turn-on kinetics. In particular, embodiments of the present invention provide improved performance and extended lifetime for doped electronic devices, where ionic doping levels, ionic support materials content, and electronic transport content are advantageously structured within the device.
Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited

Systems and methods for decreasing abrasive wear in a pipeline that is configured to transfer a slurry

Systems and methods for decreasing abrasive wear in a pipeline that is configured to transfer a slurry that includes a liquid and solid particles. The pipeline includes a pipe that defines a pipeline conduit and an energy dissipation layer that is within the pipeline conduit and through which a portion of the slurry flows.
Exxonmobil Upstream Research Company

Methods and single molecule sequencing using energy transfer detection

Provided herein are systems and methods for nucleotide incorporation reactions. The systems comprise polymerases having altered nucleotide incorporation kinetics and are linked to an energy transfer donor moiety, and nucleotide molecules linked with at least one energy transfer acceptor moiety.
Life Technologies Corporation

Electrokinetic device for capturing assayable agents in a dielectric fluid utilizing removable electrodes

Electrokinetic devices and methods are described with the purpose of collecting assayable agents from a dielectric fluid medium. Electrokinetic flow may be induced by the use of plasma generation at high voltage electrodes and consequent transport of charged particles in an electric voltage gradient.
Inspirotec Llc

Pharmaceutical carrier device suitable for delivery of pharmaceutical compounds to mucosal surfaces

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical delivery device for application of a pharmaceutical to mucosal surfaces. The device comprises an adhesive layer and a non-adhesive backing layer, and the pharmaceutical may be provided in either or both layers.
Biodelivery Sciences International, Inc.

Sulfonyl piperidine derivatives and their use for treating prokineticin mediated diseases

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof: (i) in which m, n, w, x, y, z, r1, r2, r3 and r4 are as defined in the specification, for use in the treatment or prevention of a diseases o conition mediated by a prokineticin, such as psychiatric and neurological conditions.. .
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Turbine system and method constructed for efficient low fluid flow rate operation

Briefly, an efficient turbine is disclosed for converting kinetic fluid energy into a usable form, such as electricity. The turbine generation system has a turbine within a casing, with box-like catchers positioned in the turbine to efficiently capture the fluid, such as wind, and extract its energy, and direct the fluid to an exhaust.

Electromagnetic valve apparatus with nonlinear spring

An electromagnetic valve apparatus with nonlinear springs for variable valve timing in an internal combustion engine. The apparatus includes a valve, floating spring assembly, translational cam, and motor.
Launchpoint Technologies, Inc.

Fuel injector with kinetic energy transfer armature

Injectors and solenoid valves incorporating actuators with kinetic energy transfer armatures. A fuel injector includes a longitudinally extending injector body and a valve supported in the injector body.
Mcalister Technologies, Llc

System for producing energy through the action of waves

A system and method for generating energy from tuning the natural frequency of masses relative to a ground plane and an external force. In some embodiments the external force is the action of the waves.
Gwave Llc

Apparatuses, systems, and methods for extraction and/or storage of energy from moving fluids

This disclosure includes various embodiments of apparatuses for encapsulating and stopping a flowing mass of fluid (e.g., liquid such as water, or gas such as air) to extract the kinetic energy from the mass, and for exhausting the mass once stopped (spent mass, from which kinetic energy has been extracted). This disclosure also includes various embodiments of systems comprising a plurality of the present apparatuses coupled together and/or one or more of the present apparatuses in combination with one or more flow resistance modifiers (frms).

Chemical-electromagnetic hybrid propeller with variable specific impulse

A chemical-electromagnetic hybrid propeller with variable specific impulse. Fuel gas ejected out from a spraying tube of the chemical propeller through chemical propulsion enters an ionization chamber through a first magnetic mirror tube for ionization.
Beijing Institute Of Spacecraft Environment Engineering

Systems and methods for providing base isolation against seismic activity

A seismic isolation system including a base plate having a textured top surface and a top plate positioned above the base plate having a non-textured bottom surface, wherein desired coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the top plate and the base plate prevent relative movement of the two plates with normal operation and yet allow the top plate to move relative to the base plate during a seismic event. In one example, the sliding surface has a coating such as a polyester (e.g., polyester triglycidyl isocyanurate) or a low surface energy coating (e.g., silicone-epoxy coating).
Eqx Global Llc

Method and system for improved fuel mileage measurement

The subject invention is directed to a method and system for generating an improved fuel mileage value for a powered vehicle. Said method and system take into account real-time operational parameters of a vehicle, such as the rate of fuel consumption, vehicle velocity, vehicle acceleration and deceleration, the kinetic and potential energy of the vehicle, and the energy recovered by regenerative braking.
United Fleet Financing, Llc

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