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This page is updated frequently with new Kinetic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Kinetic-related patents
 Method of quantifying hydrocarbon formation and retention in a mother rock patent thumbnailMethod of quantifying hydrocarbon formation and retention in a mother rock
The method according to the invention allows the formation of oil and the retention phenomenon in the source rock to be modelled. Organic matter characterization experiments are used to establish the molecular model (mm) of the initial sample (e).
Ifp Energies Nouvelles

 Kinetic user interface patent thumbnailKinetic user interface
A computerized kinetic control system comprising: a kinetic sensor; a display device; and a hardware processor configured to: (a) display, using said display device, a gui (graphic user interface) menu comprising at least two options being disposed away from a center of said display device and at different polar angles relative to the center of said display device, (b) detect, using said kinetic sensor, motion of a limb of a user, and (c) select a first option of the at least two options, wherein the selecting is based on a correspondence between a direction of the motion detected and a polar angle of the first option relative to the center of the display device.. .
Biogaming Ltd.

 Chlorotoxin conjugates and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailChlorotoxin conjugates and methods of use thereof
Compositions, formulations and kits comprising chlorotoxin conjugate compounds are provided, including native and modified variants of chlorotoxin peptide conjugated to reporter molecules including fluorescent dyes. Methods of detecting and treating cancers and tumors with chlorotoxin conjugate compounds are also provided, including methods of imaging tumor tissues and cells.
Blaze Bioscience, Inc.

 Inhibitors of inv(16) leukemia patent thumbnailInhibitors of inv(16) leukemia
This invention describes the development of targeted small molecule inhibitors of the inv(16) fusion, the causative agent in ˜12% of acute myeloid leukemia (aml). The inv(16) fusion results in expression of the cbfβ-smmhc fusion protein in the blood cells of afflicted patients.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

 Use of certain foods and dietary supplements as water and beverage activating enerceuticals patent thumbnailUse of certain foods and dietary supplements as water and beverage activating enerceuticals
The applicant has identified a biological energy pathway, which is distinct from photosynthesis and from the generation of cellular energy through normal metabolism. It is referred to as the third or the alternative cellular energy (ace) pathway.

 Application of enrofloxacin salt in preparation of oral preparation for pigs patent thumbnailApplication of enrofloxacin salt in preparation of oral preparation for pigs
The invention discloses application of an enrofloxacin salt in preparation of an oral preparation for pigs. The enrofloxacin salt is at least one of salts formed by enrofloxacin and metal ions, and the metal ions are zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, cobalt, manganese, chromium, silver or nickel.
Guangzhou Insighter Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

 Device and  controlling cold start of fuel cell system patent thumbnailDevice and controlling cold start of fuel cell system
A device and a method for controlling a cold start of a fuel cell system are provided and are capable of increasing a fuel cell load to reduce a cold start time using a kinetic energy storage method for a rotor of a motor for driving a fuel cell system. The method improves cold start performance by performing self-heating of a fuel cell stack based on an increase in an output current amount of a fuel cell and by restricting a motor torque simultaneously with generating the motor torque while applying a current to a motor when a vehicle stops to consume an output current of the fuel cell..
Hyundai Motor Company

 Electro control hazing device (echd) patent thumbnailElectro control hazing device (echd)
An electronic conditioning device delivers electric shocks correlated with sounds or driven by a signal associated with a sound sequence. The sound sequence can be a few seconds of a recorded human voice, a siren, a single tone, and so forth.
Conceived Innovations

 Wind turbine patent thumbnailWind turbine
A wind turbine includes a turbine housing, a turbine wheel system housed in the turbine housing, and a wind power converting system for converting kinetic energy generated by the turbine wheel system into electrical energy. The turbine wheel system includes a turbine rotor being driven to rotate circumferentially around an interior of the turbine housing, and a rail frame guiding a rotational movement of a turbine rotor.
Sp Power Farm Group Ltd.

 High-efficiency linear combustion engine patent thumbnailHigh-efficiency linear combustion engine
Various embodiments of the present invention are directed toward a linear combustion engine, comprising: a cylinder having a cylinder wall and a pair of ends, the cylinder including a combustion section disposed in a center portion of the cylinder; a pair of opposed piston assemblies adapted to move linearly within the cylinder, each piston assembly disposed on one side of the combustion section opposite the other piston assembly, each piston assembly including a spring rod and a piston comprising a solid front section adjacent the combustion section and a gas section; and a pair of linear electromagnetic machines adapted to directly convert kinetic energy of the piston assembly into electrical energy, and adapted to directly convert electrical energy into kinetic energy of the piston assembly for providing compression work during the compression stroke.. .
Etagen, Inc.


Kinetic energy storage and transfer (kest) space launch system

A kinetic energy storage and transfer (kest) vehicle and target vehicle kinetic energy transfer method are provided. The kest vehicle is configured to transfer kinetic energy to the target vehicle, propelling the target vehicle into a higher orbit or beyond the earth.
The Aerospace Corporation


Multi-layer based new conceptual battery type supercapacitor with high power density and high energy density and preparing the same

Supercapacitor is an energy storage device with high power density and low energy density, and is normally used with a battery to satisfy one's needs for high power density and high energy density. The present invention provides a method to fabricate a novel battery type supercapacitor, with a multi-layered structure composed of a plurality of thin layers which is formed by alternately stacking high specific energy battery material and/or supercapacitor material such as metal oxides, metal hydroxides, metal sulfides, conductive polymers, carbon materials with reduced graphene oxide (rgo), to obtain a supercapacitor with both high specific energy density and high specific power density.
Southwest University


Method to enhance exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons using multiply substituted isotopologue geochemistry, basin modeling and molecular kinetics

A method and system are described that may be used for exploration, production and development of hydrocarbons. The method and system may include analyzing a sample for a geochemical signature, wherein the geochemical signature includes a multiply substituted isotopologue signature and/or a position specific isotope signature.


Gravity field energy storage and recovery system

Invention defines a method and apparatus for storing energy where a power source is used to reposition a mass in a gravitational field to a position of higher potential energy where the stored potential energy may be recovered with extremely low loss regardless of the state of charge of the system, where the force of gravity may be allowed to accelerates the mass, where the resulting kinetic energy is converted to shaft horsepower. Said shaft horsepower may be converted to pneumatic, electrical, or hydraulic power.


Method to enhance exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons using multiply substituted isotopologue geochemistry, basin modeling and molecular kinetics

A method and system are described that may be used for exploration, production and development of hydrocarbons. The method and system may include analyzing a sample for a geochemical signature, wherein the geochemical signature includes a multiply substituted isotopologue signature and/or a position specific isotope signature.


Hybrid energy plant

The invention pertains to energy production by capturing simultaneously water potential (surface height differences due to waves) and kinetic (flow of water due to e.g. Waves, tide or streams) energy.
Subsea-energy Oy


Metabolic evolution of escherichia coli strains that produce organic acids

This invention relates to the metabolic evolution of a microbial organism previously optimized for producing an organic acid in commercially significant quantities under fermentative conditions using a hexose sugar as sole source of carbon in a minimal mineral medium. As a result of this metabolic evolution, the microbial organism acquires the ability to use pentose sugars derived from cellulosic materials for its growth while retaining the original growth kinetics, the rate of organic acid production and the ability to use hexose sugars as a source of carbon.
Myriant Corporation


Human protein scaffold with controlled serum pharmacokinetics

This invention provides constructs comprising a protein scaffold, wherein the scaffold comprises domain iii, domain iiia, or domain iiib of human serum albumin or a polypeptide having substantial sequence identity to the domain iii, the domain iiia, or the domain iiib; and a targeting moiety in covalent linkage to the protein scaffold; and a therapeutic moiety and/or an imaging moiety in covalent linkage to the protein scaffold. The scaffold can be modified to tune the serum pharmacokinetics of the construct.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Method, device and system for enrichment of nf3 gas

Disclosed is a method for enrichment of nf3 gas, comprising: (a) feeding a gas mixture containing a low concentration of nf3 gas and impurities; and (b) passing the feed gas mixture through a non-porous membrane module, wherein an enriched nf3 gas mixture passing through the non-porous membrane module and an unenriched nf3 gas mixture failing to pass through the non-porous membrane module are separated depending on the differences in the kinetic diameters of the individual gases.. .
Oci Company Ltd.


Method for operating a regenerative braking device of a motor vehicle and regenerative braking device for a motor vehicle

A method for operating a regenerative braking device of a motor vehicle includes the steps of detecting a prespecified braking power value, and converting kinetic energy from the motor vehicle into electrical regenerative power in line with a setpoint braking power value which corresponds to the prespecified braking power value. The regenerative power is routed to an electrical storage device in order to charge the electrical storage device.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Fluid hammers, hydrodynamic sirens, stream reactors, implementation of same, and methods for treatment of fluids

A fluid hammer/siren can operate in fast valve mode with no leakage flow. A stream reactor and process for chemical reaction acceleration provides a flow of liquid or gas forming jets, streams, vortices, or walls of cavities/bubbles that collide with each other or with other liquid, solid, or gaseous interfaces with energies (defined as the sum of molecular kinetic plus thermal energy) in excess of a chemical reaction activation energy.
Quantum Vortex, Inc.


Force-sensing net

In exemplary implementations of this invention, a basketball net or flat net measures the translational kinetic energy of a ball that passes through an aperture in the net or impacts the net. The net includes one or more electrically conductive cords, which have a resistance that varies depending on the degree to which the cord is stretched.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Metal complexes and fluorination thereof

A method of labelling biological molecules with 18f, via attachment of fluorine to a metal complex, where the metal complex is conjugated to the biological molecule. The invention highlights the incorporation of hydrogen bonding (h-bonding) into the metal complex scaffold, and how this can be utilised to improve the kinetics of fluoride incorporation.
University Of Southampton


Exercise analysis device, exercise analysis method, and storage medium having exercise analysis program

An exercise analysis device includes an acceleration acquiring unit, a first-data acquiring unit, a second-data acquiring unit and a third-data acquiring unit. The acceleration acquiring unit acquires acceleration of a user as the user performs an exercise.
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Motor-driven electric generator

A motor-driven electric generator is revealed. The motor-driven electric generator includes a motor and a power generating device.


Method, system, software and medium for advanced intelligent image analysis and display of medical images and information

Computerized interpretation of medical images for quantitative analysis of multi-modality breast images including analysis of ffdm, 2d/3d ultrasound, mri, or other breast imaging methods. Real-time characterization of tumors and background tissue, and calculation of image-based biomarkers is provided for breast cancer detection, diagnosis, prognosis, risk assessment, and therapy response.


State determination device and storage medium

There is provided a state determination device including: an acquisition unit configured to acquire information indicating a kinetic state of a moving object existing in a target space; a setting unit configured to set a plurality of subspaces in the space; a storage unit configured to store statistical information of kinetic states of the moving object acquired by the acquisition unit from the respective subspaces set by the setting unit; a model estimation unit configured to estimate a kinetic model of the moving object on the basis of the statistical information stored in the storage unit; and a determination unit configured to determine a state of the moving object by comparing the kinetic states of the moving object acquired by the acquisition unit with the kinetic model estimated by the model estimation unit.. .
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.


Method to manufacture pla using a new polymerization catalyst

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing polylactide, comprising the steps of mixing lactide and a metal-coordination compound as polymerization catalyst to obtain a reaction mixture, polymerizing the lactide in liquid phase at a temperature of at least 150° c. To form polylactide in liquid phase and allowing the polylactide to solidify, characterized in that the polymerization catalyst comprises a metal-ligand coordination compound whereby the parent ligand answers the formula (i), whereby r represents an h atom, an aliphatic group, a halide atom or a nitro group and the metal is at least one of zr and hf.
Purac Biochem Bv


Synthesis and molecular weight control of aliphatic polyester diols

The synthesis of certain polyester diols (peds) is disclosed. This application also discloses the purification and polymerization kinetics of lipid based peds.
Trent University


Scrap separation system and device

Methods, systems, and devices to remove slag, sands, and other contaminants from a scrap metal feed. The scrap separation device uses indirect heat provided by one or more heaters directed at an external surface of an outer cylinder to release the contaminants; a unique arrangement of paddles on an inner cylinder to provide kinetic energy to discharge the released contaminants, and apertures through the inner cylinder to allow discharged contaminates to pass to the outer cylinder.


Metal complexes and their fluorination

A method of labelling biological molecules with 18f, via attachment of fluorine to a metal complex, where the metal complex is conjugated to the biological molecule. The invention highlights the incorporation of hydrogen bonding (h-bonding) into the metal complex scaffold, and how this can be utilised to improve the kinetics of fluoride incorporation.
University Of Southampton


Salts of an epidermal growth factor receptor kinase inhibitor

The present invention provides a salt form and compositions thereof, which are useful as an inhibitor of egfr kinases and which exhibits desirable characteristics for the same. Examples include hydrobromide and bis-besylate salts of n-(3-(2-(4-(4-acerylpiperazin-1-yl)-2-methoxyphenylamino)-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidin-4-ylamino)phenyl)acrylamide).
Clovis Oncology, Inc.


Substituted naphthyridine and quinoline compounds as mao inhibitors

Wherein r1, r2, r3, y, and n have any of the values described herein and compositions comprising such chemical entities; methods of making them; and their use in a wide range of methods, including metabolic and reaction kinetic studies, detection and imaging techniques, and radioactive treatments; and therapies, including inhibiting mao, and mao-b selectively, enhancing neuronal plasticity, treating neurological disorders, providing neuroprotection, treating a cognitive impairment associated with a cns disorder, enhancing the efficiency of cognitive and motor training, providing neurorecovery and neurorehabilitation, enhancing the efficiency of non-human animal training protocols, and treating treating peripheral disorders (including obesity, diabetes, and cardiometabolic disorders) and their associated co-morbidities.. .


Pharmaceutical compositions of tamsulosin or salts thereof

The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions of tamsulosin or salts thereof. In particular, the invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising a core of tamsulosin or salts, hydrates thereof and at least one specialized coating over the core.
Wockhardt Limited


Retrospective retrofitting method to generate a continuous glucose concentration profile by exploiting continuous glucose monitoring sensor data and blood glucose measurements

Continuous glucose monitoring (cgm) devices provide glucose concentration measurements in the subcutaneous tissue with limited accuracy and precision. Therefore, cgm readings cannot be incorporated in a straightforward manner in outcome metrics of clinical trials e.g.
UniversitÀ Degli Studi Di Padova Area Trasfermiento Di Tecnologia


Energy store and device for an uninterrupted supply of energy

A device for an uninterrupted supply of energy and an energy store for kinetic energy include a housing, a shaft which has a non-rotatably connected inner rotor, and an outer rotor, in particular a drum-shaped outer rotor, which surrounds the inner rotor at least in some areas and which is rotatably mounted relative to the shaft, the inner and/or outer rotor having at least one electric coil. The outer rotor, which is rotatably supported on the housing in a mechanical manner on both sides, is held without mechanical support towards the shaft..
Hitzinger Gmbh


Precipitation sensor, especially a hail sensor, and detecting a precipitation particle

A method for detecting a precipitation particle, and a precipitation sensor, especially a hail sensor, which includes an impact body, a transducer for registering vibrations caused by impact of at least one precipitation particle on the impact body, and a device for evaluating the electrical signals generated by the transducer. The evaluation device is provided for the purpose of separately evaluating the signals generated by the transducer in successive measurement time intervals after impact to determine the kinetic energy of the precipitation particle..
Hochschule Für Technik Und Wirtschaft Des Saarlandes


Modulators of pharmacokinetic properties of therapeutics

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate, and/or ester thereof, compositions containing such compounds, therapeutic methods that include the administration of such compounds, and therapeutic methods and include the administration of such compounds with at least one additional therapeutic agent.. .


Microfluidic chip-based, universal coagulation assay

A microfluidic, chip-based assay device has been developed for measuring physical properties of an analyte (particularly, whole blood or whole blood derivatives). The technologies can be applied to measure clotting times of whole blood or blood derivatives, determine the effects of anticoagulant drugs on the kinetics of clotting/coagulation, as well as evaluate the effect of anticoagulant reversal agents.
Perosphere Inc.


Rapid allergy testing method

The present invention provides a method for testing an allergy capable of rapidly and highly accurately testing an allergic reaction. The method can determine whether or not a patient has an allergy or whether or not an agent that may be allergenic to a patient has an allergenicity (an allergic reactivity) in the patient.


Batteryless activity monitor

An apparatus includes at least one base layer arranged as a substrate for printed electronics; an energy harvester printed on the at least one base layer and arranged to transform kinetic energy into electric energy; an energy storage printed on the at least one base layer, coupled to the energy harvester, and arranged to store the electric energy; a display element printed on the at least one base layer, coupled to the energy storage, and arranged to provide a display view to a user of the apparatus; and a control circuitry configured to determine the amount of the electric energy stored in the energy storage and to control the display element to update the display view according to the amount of the electric energy. A method and a computer program product for controlling manufacturing of the apparatus are also disclosed..
Polar Electro Oy


Antibodies with modified isoelectric points and immunofiltering

The invention relates generally to compositions and methods for altering the isoelectric point of an antibody, and in some cases, resulting in improved plasma pharmacokinetics, e.g. Increased serum half-life in vivo..
Xencor, Inc.


Device for absorbing kinetic energy, in particular for installing in a motor vehicle

A device for absorbing kinetic energy includes a first stationary component and a second component that can be moved in relation to the first component, wherein at least one of the components converts energy by plastic deformation when a certain force level is exceeded, and comprising a coupling apparatus, which operatively connects the first component and the second component in such a way that the two components can be moved in relation to each other only with low energy conversion when the coupling apparatus is not activated and forces can be transmitted from one component to the other component when the coupling apparatus is activated. Movable component has a deformation element, which initially deforms in the event of a crash, so that a movement of the movable component occurs only thereafter, wherein the coupling apparatus is continuously in engagement with the two components and thus continuously produces a first low coupling force level and, when the coupling apparatus is activated, the coupling forces are increased from the first low coupling force level to a high coupling force level and plastic deformation of at least one component occurs..
Audi Ag


Modulators of pharmacokinetic properties of therapeutics

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate, and/or ester thereof, compositions containing such compounds, therapeutic methods that include the administration of such compounds, and therapeutic methods and include the administration of such compounds with at least one additional therapeutic agent.. .


Metabolic syndrome treatment

Formulations and methods of providing an orally-active anti-metabolic disease fixed dose combinations (fdc) for use as personalized medicine to treat different components of the metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome such as type ii diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obesity are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions of anti-inflammatory centric drug formulations and methods comprising of nsaids in general and selective cox-2 inhibitors in particular and one or more anti-t2dm or anti-hypertensive or anti-hyperlipidemic or anti-obesity drugs formulated to exhibit pre-determined modified release kinetics to achieve therapeutic as well as kinetic synergies are disclosed..
Arkay Therapeutics, Llc


Method of evaluating operational feel of substrate and substrate

A method of evaluating an operational feel of a substrate includes a step of preparing a substrate having a first surface; a step of measuring a plurality of kinetic friction coefficients μ (μ1, . .
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Valve device and shower device using the same

Each of the valve device and the shower device includes: a valve/shower device main body; a link lever pivotally held in the valve/shower device main body; a weight provided on the link lever; and a ball valve provided between the weight and a pivot axis of the link lever. When the valve/shower device main body is manually caused to move by shaking, swinging, turning, tilting, tapping, or like operation, a kinetic energy imposed on the weight causes the link lever to make a rotational movement relative to the valve/shower device main body, and then the rotational movement of the link lever displaces the ball valve to open or close a valve hole.


Railroad kinetic energy harnessing apparatus

An apparatus for harnessing energy from a wheel travelling on a railroad track includes an elongate body with a plurality of pockets spaced apart along a top surface thereof. Energy collection devices are installed in the pockets, and each includes an actuator extending proud of the top surface.
Kinergypower International Corp.


Methods for treating psoriasis using an anti-il-23 antibody

The invention relates to products and methods for treating psoriasis. The products relate to antibodies that inhibit native human il-23 while sparing il-12.
Amgen Inc.


Deuterated amlexanox

Provided herein is technology relating to deuterated amiexanox and particularly, but not exclusively, to compositions comprising deuterated amiexanox, methods of producing deuterated amiexanox, and uses of deuterated amiexanox. Provided herein are deuteratecl amiexanox compounds for the treatment of obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and steatosis.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Catalytic reforming

Methods and systems for improved catalytic reforming are disclosed. A method of catalytic reforming includes feeding a feedstream comprising c6-convertibles to one or more reactors; contacting the feedstream with a reforming catalyst; selecting values for a lhsv, a h2/hc ratio, and a conversion of c6-convertibles from a deactivation kinetic model so as to maximize a net present amount of benzene produced over a run-length of the reforming catalyst; operating the one or more reactors at the selected lhsv, the selected h2/hc ratio, and the selected conversion of c6-convertibles; andrecovering an effluent from the reactor, wherein the effluent comprises at least about 40 wt % benzene..
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp


Formulations containing clopidogrel and sulfoalkyl ether cyclodextrin and methods of use

The present invention provides compositions containing clopidogrel, present as a free base or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and sulfoalkyl ether cyclodextrin (sae-cd). The compositions can be liquid, suspension or solid compositions.
Cydex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Dynamic turbulence engine controller apparatuses, methods and systems

The dynamic turbulence engine controller apparatuses, methods and systems (“dtec”) transform weather, terrain, and flight parameter data via dtec components into turbulence avoidance optimized flight plans. In one implementation, the dtec comprises a processor and a memory disposed in communication with the processor and storing processor-issuable instructions to receive anticipated flight plan parameter data, obtain terrain data based on the flight plan parameter data, obtain atmospheric data based on the flight plan parameter data, and determine a plurality of four-dimensional grid points based on the flight plan parameter data.
Telvent Dtn Llc


Mass spectrometer detector using optically active membrane

A detector suitable for mass spectroscopy uses a thin membrane that converts the kinetic energy of impinging molecules into corresponding photons, the latter detected with a suitable photosensor. The arrival of molecules at the membrane is detected by detection of the corresponding photons..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Kinetic fireball incendiary munition

A kinetic fireball incendiary munition is provided having an outer shell or bomb casing, one or more incendiary sub munitions therein, and an igniter therefore. Each of the submunitions includes an incendiary portion, at least one rocket motor that propels the submunition inside of a target volume, and an oxidizer for the incendiary portion and rocket motor.
Exquadrum, Inc.


Hiydrodynamic and hydrosonic cavitation generator

The present invention describes a method and apparatus to use the kinetic energy available in a liquid flow to produce hydrodynamic cavitation, which, in turn, drives the hydrosonic cavitation simultaneously with sufficient efficiency and capacity to transfer the entire energy of the flow to the liquid as heat and/or another cavitation effect, thus producing physical and chemicals reactions at the molecular and atomic level.. .


System and artificial gravity fueled fluid dynamic energy generator or motor

An artificial gravity fueled fluid dynamic day energy generator/motor that initially uses external power to spin a partially submerged low drag fluid distributor rotor that uses centrifugal force to cause fluid to flow from the center of rotation, through a plurality of euler contoured penstocks, in a true radial direction through a high “g” artificial gravity field, which dramatically increases the fluid's kinetic energy and releases available power, before it is guided out tangentially from the distributor via a plurality of nozzles symmetrically located at a small height just above the reservoir surface (near zero lift). As the frequency of the rotor is increased linearly the fuel artificial gravity increases exponentially, as does the fluid dynamic available power pa.


Apparatus, utilizing thermal energy

A transonic two-phase reaction turbine for use with low and high temperature fluid flow mediums includes at least two wheels that are configured to rotate in opposite directions, at least one of the at least two wheels being equipped with one or multiple kinetic energy harvesters.. .


Kinetic exclusion amplification of nucleic acid libraries

A method including (a) providing an amplification reagent including an array of sites, and a solution having different target nucleic acids; and (b) reacting the amplification reagent to produce amplification sites each having a clonal population of amplicons from a target nucleic acid from the solution. The reacting can include simultaneously transporting the nucleic acids to the sites at an average transport rate, and amplifying the nucleic acids that transport to the sites at an average amplification rate, wherein the average amplification rate exceeds the average transport rate.
Illumina, Inc.


Albumin variants binding to fcrn

The invention relates to methods of identifying albumin variants having improved pharmacokinetics, albumin variants having improved pharmacokinetics, and therapeutic uses of albumin variants having improved pharmacokinetics.. .
Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.


Fusion polypeptides comprising an active protein linked to a mucin-domain polypeptide

The present invention provides fusion proteins comprising a mucin-domain polypeptide covalently linked to an active protein that has improved properties (e.g. Pharmacokinetic and/or physicochemical properties) compared to the same active protein not linked to mucin-domain polypeptide, as well as methods for making and using the fusion proteins of the invention..
Alkermes, Inc.


Electrokinetic soil desalinization system and method

A system for electrokinetic desalinization of soil may include at least one cathode including a hollow cathode tube perforated along its length to allow liquid water to pass through the cathode tube from an exterior thereof to an interior thereof, and a cathode conductor extending along an exterior surface of the cathode tube; at least one anode including a hollow anode tube perforated along its length to allow liquid water to pass through the anode tube from an exterior thereof to an interior thereof, and an anode conductor extending along an exterior surface of the anode tube; a make-up water line communicating with the interior of the anode tube; an anode discharge line communicating with the interior of the anode tube; and a cathode discharge line communicating with the interior of the cathode tube.. .
Terran Corporation


Sonic reactor

A sonic reactor for transferring kinetic energy to a process fluid medium has a resonant element horizontally oriented and mounted to the two resonance units using two or more nodal support rings located at the nodal positions of the resonant element. The nodal support rings are adjustable in position relative to the resonant element and the resonance units to permit positioning of the rings directly at the nodal positions during operation, where, for example, adjustment may be required due to changes in the total mass attached to one or both free ends of the resonant unit.
Provectus Engineered Materiels Ltd.


Intra cardiac device, system and methods

An intra cardiac device is disclosed. The device comprises means for transforming kinetic energy from heart tissue movement into electrical energy in use, from which electrical energy information in respect of heart function is obtainable.


Method and device for controlling drug pharmacokinetics

Methods and devices for administration of substances into at least two compartments of skin for systemic absorption and improved pharmacokinetics, based on biphasic or bimodel kinetic profiling.. .
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Soluble glycosaminoglycanases and methods of preparing and using soluble glycosaminoglycanases

The invention relates to the discovery of novel soluble neutral active hyaluronidase glycoproteins (shasegps), methods of manufacture, and their use to facilitate administration of other molecules or to alleviate glycosaminoglycan associated pathologies. Minimally active polypeptide domains of the soluble, neutral active shasegp domains are described that include asparagine-linked sugar moieties required for a functional neutral active hyaluronidase domain.
Halozyme, Inc.


Methods of treating hemophilia in patients having developed inhibitory antibodies

This invention relates to factor viii muteins that are covalently bound, at a predefined site that is not an n-terminal amine, to one or more biocompatible polymers such as polyethylene glycol. The mutein conjugates retain fviii procoagulant activity and have improved pharmacokinetic properties..
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Postprandial gastrokinetic agent

To provide a therapeutic agent for gastrointestinal disorder such as diabetic gastroparesis. A postprandial gastrokinetic agent containing (a) ghrelin or a ghrelin agonist and (b) motilin or a motilin agonist as active ingredients, in which both the ingredients (a) and (b) are administered so as to act on the stomach after food intake..
Saitama University


Metal-air cell with performance enhancing additive

Systems and methods drawn to an electrochemical cell comprising a low temperature ionic liquid comprising positive ions and negative ions and a performance enhancing additive added to the low temperature ionic liquid. The additive dissolves in the ionic liquid to form cations, which are coordinated with one or more negative ions forming ion complexes.
Arizona Board Of Regents Acting For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University


Toner for developing electrostatic images

The present invention is to provide a toner which is able to inhibit the occurrence of fog, which is excellent in intermittent endurance, and which is excellent in followability during toner transfer and is thus excellent in top edge part uniformity in solid pattern printing. Disclosed is a toner for developing electrostatic images, comprising colored resin particles containing a binder resin, a colorant and a release agent, and an external additive, wherein static and kinetic friction coefficients obtained by measuring, using a 3-mm-diameter stainless-steel ball as a contactor, a 55-mm-diameter disk-shaped pellet obtained by pressing 4 g of the toner at 9 mpa for one minute, are 0.220 to 0.320 and 0.190 to 0.270, respectively, and a difference calculated by subtracting the kinetic friction coefficient from the static friction coefficient is 0.010 to 0.090..
Zeon Corporation


Hydraulic hybrid systems, components, and configurations

An example embodiment includes a hydraulic hybrid system. The hydraulic hybrid system includes a hydraulic system, an energy source configured to produce primary kinetic energy, an output configured to receive at least a first portion of the primary kinetic energy, and a transmission coupled between the energy source and the output and selectively coupled to the hydraulic system.
Stored Energy Solutions Inc.


Methods for processing titanium alloys

Methods of refining the grain size of a titanium alloy workpiece include beta annealing the workpiece, cooling the beta annealed workpiece to a temperature below the beta transus temperature of the titanium alloy, and high strain rate multi-axis forging the workpiece. High strain rate multi-axis forging is employed until a total strain of at least 1 is achieved in the titanium alloy workpiece, or until a total strain of at least 1 and up to 3.5 is achieved in the titanium alloy workpiece.
Ati Properties, Inc.


Computer implemented model of biological networks

The present invention relates to a computer-implemented method of producing a kinetic model of a biological network. An example method can comprise choosing a network topology.
Max-planck-gesselschaft Zur Forderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.


Submersible wave energy conversion unit

This invention relates to a submersible wave energy con- version unit comprising at least a stationary stand, a panel hinged at its lower edge onto the stationary stand to make a reciprocating motion in response to kinetic energy of waves or tidal currents, and a power-take-off machinery. According to the invention the power-take-off machinery is placed inside the panel..
Aw-energy Oy


System and controlling electric fields in electro-hydrodynamic applications

An electro-hydrodynamic system that extracts energy from a gas stream, which includes an injector that injects a first species of particles having the same polarity into the gas stream, wherein particle movement with the gas stream is opposed by a first electric field; an electric field generator that generates a second electric field opposing the first, such that the net electric field at a predetermined distance downstream from the injector is approximately zero; an upstream collector that collects a second species of particles having a polarity opposite the first particle species; a downstream collector that collects the charged particle; and a load coupled between the downstream collector and the upstream collector, wherein the load converts the kinetic energy of the gas stream into electric power.. .
Accio Energy, Inc.


Optimized soil penetrating machine

The optimized soil penetrating machine is characterized by parameters that are optimized with respect to maximum kinetic energy that the machine cyclically obtains for soil deformation during the forward mode of operation. The optimization of the parameters is based on the author's analytical investigation that revealed the existence of the optimal values of the lengths of the striker and its forward stroke at which the machine's kinetic energy reaches its maximum value, resulting in the maximum performance efficiency.


Biocatalytic transamination process

Employing dynamic kinetic resolution (dkr). The dkr process involves an enzymatic enantioselective amination reaction catalyzed by transaminases.

Kinetic topics: Spectrometer, Mass Spectrometer, Physiologic, Ion Channel, Communication Channel, Rectilinear, Storage Device, Generators, Downstream, Coordinates, Transverse, Energy Absorber, Connecting Rod, Biomolecule, Magnetic Field

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