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This page is updated frequently with new Kinetic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Kinetic-related patents
 Apparatus for correcting trajectories of projectiles launched from firearms patent thumbnailApparatus for correcting trajectories of projectiles launched from firearms
An apparatus for correcting trajectories variations of projectiles launched from a firearm is disclosed. The apparatus includes a control circuit for determining an appropriate impulse to be imparted into a projectile based on the measured velocity of the projectile, at least one steering coil, and a pulsed-power supply for discharging an amount of energy commensurate with the determined impulse to the steering coil such that a set of magnetic fields is produced to impart an amount of corrective kinetic energy into the projectile as the projectile passes the steering coil..
Magnetospeed Llc

 Method and system for extracting kinetic energy from surface waves of a water patent thumbnailMethod and system for extracting kinetic energy from surface waves of a water
The invention relates to extracting kinetic energy from surface waves. Therein, at least one float (8) is kept floating in the area of the surface waves, while a working fluid is held in a reservoir structure (2, 3).
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

 Recombinant polymerases with increased phototolerance patent thumbnailRecombinant polymerases with increased phototolerance
Provided are compositions comprising recombinant dna polymerases that include amino acid substitutions, insertions, deletions, and/or exogenous features that confer modified properties upon the polymerase for enhanced single molecule sequencing. Such properties include increased resistance to photodamage, and can also include enhanced metal ion coordination, reduced exonuclease activity, reduced reaction rates at one or more steps of the polymerase kinetic cycle, decreased branching fraction, altered cofactor selectivity, increased yield, increased thermostability, increased accuracy, increased speed, increased readlength, and the like.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

 Apelin fusion proteins and uses thereof patent thumbnailApelin fusion proteins and uses thereof
The invention provides a fusion protein or polypeptide comprising an apelin peptide fused to a multimerizing component. The invention also provides a fusion protein or polypeptide comprising an apelin peptide fused to an fc domain, a fragment of an fc domain, or a variant of an fc domain.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

 Compositions and methods for the treatment of viral infections patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for the treatment of viral infections
The invention provides compositions, kits and methods utilizing polypeptides having a viral alpha-helix heptad repeat domain in a stabilized α-helical structure (herein also referred to as sah). The compositions are useful for treating and/or preventing viral infections.
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

 Cover glass for pen input device and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailCover glass for pen input device and manufacturing same
A cover glass for a pen input device has a haze value of less than 1%, and a martens hardness within a range from 2000 n/mm2 to 4000 n/mm2. When a moving member receiving a load of 150 gf (1.47 n) is moved in one direction, at 10 mm/sec, at room temperature, on the surface of the cover glass, a coefficient of kinetic friction μk of a kinetic frictional force fk (n) exerted by the cover glass surface within a region where an approximately linear relationship is established between the kinetic frictional force fk (n) and the time is 0.14˜0.50, and a standard deviation σ (n) of the kinetic frictional force fk (n) is no more than 0.03.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

 Water filtering device patent thumbnailWater filtering device
A filtering system intended to be attached to the water tap in a shower. The system preferably uses two distinct filtering media in order to filter water—charcoal and kinetic degradation fluxion (“kdf”) media.

 Formulations and pharmacokinetics of deuterated benzoquinoline inhibitors of vesicular monoamine transporter 2 patent thumbnailFormulations and pharmacokinetics of deuterated benzoquinoline inhibitors of vesicular monoamine transporter 2
The present invention relates to new pharmaceutical compositions comprising benzoquinoline compounds, and methods to inhibit vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (vmat2) activity in a subject for the treatment of chronic hyperkinetic movement disorders.. .
Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

 Apparatus converting a single rotational centrifugal kinetic energy to multiple electrical generators patent thumbnailApparatus converting a single rotational centrifugal kinetic energy to multiple electrical generators
This centrifugal force is a sufficient correction to newton's second law only if the body is stationary in the rotating frame. For bodies, the move with respect to the rotating frame it must be supplemented with a fictitious coriolis force.

 Pnictide containing catalysts for electrochemical conversion reactions and methods of use patent thumbnailPnictide containing catalysts for electrochemical conversion reactions and methods of use
This patent application describes graphitic carbon nitride materials that are useful in electrochemical cells such as lithium-sulfur batteries. Also disclosed are lithium-sulfur batteries designed to incorporate these materials and methods of manufacturing the same.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Thin film metal silicides and methods for formation

The disclosed subject matter provides thin films including a metal silicide and methods for forming such films. The disclosed subject matter can provide techniques for tailoring the electronic structure of metal thin films to produce desirable properties.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Mass spectrometers comprising accelerator devices

A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising providing a flight region for ions to travel through and a detector or fragmentation device. A potential profile is maintained along the flight region such that ions travel towards the detector or fragmentation device.
Micromass Uk Limited


Energizing energy converters by stimulating three-body association radiation reactions

In some embodiments, energy is released by converting the bonding potential energy between two electropositive masses capable of forming a stable bond between them into the kinetic energy of an electron quasiparticle initially captured between them by the coulomb potential. The electron quasiparticles form transient bonds with delocalized ions and other reactants in or on a reaction particle where reaction rates and branches are controlled by the choice of electron quasiparticle effective mass.
Tionesta Applied Research Corporation


Manifold diffusion of solutions for kinetic analysis of pharmacokinetic data

A method and system enables efficient and robust analysis of pharmacokinetic data. The method includes providing data of a plurality of pharmacokinetic time activity curves (tacs), wherein each pharmacokinetic tac corresponds to a portion of the pharmacokinetic data; generating a first set of parameters of a pharmacokinetic mode!, the first set of parameters providing a first estimate of kinetic parameters of a first pharmacokinetic tag of the plurality of pharmacokinetic tacs; and associating the first set of parameters with a second pharmacokinetic tag of the plurality of pharmacokinetic tacs, wherein the first set of parameters additionally provides a first estimate of kinetic parameters of the second pharmacokinetic tag..
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation


Corrosion inhibitors and kinetic hydrate inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitor and kinetic hydrate inhibitor formulations, and methods of using each are provided. Each formulation optionally includes a fluorophore, which can be used to fluorometrically control dosage of each formulation into an aqueous liquid utilized in a downhole application, thereby providing improved precision of dosage into aqueous liquids having relatively high turbidity, and consequently relatively high light absorbance..
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Fragmentation munition with limited explosive force

A fragmentation munition has a fragmentation canister containing preformed fragments, and an explosive cartridge that fits into a central hole in the fragmentation canister. The explosive cartridge includes an outer shell, and an explosive within the outer shell.
Raytheon Company


Method and device for the formation of borehole casing by application of material layers by means of kinetic sputtering

A formation of a borehole casing by application of material layers is achieved by means of kinetic sputtering. Specifically, the formation is achieved by additive kinetic sputtering of metallic, non-metallic and composite materials using acceleration and heating of material powder particles and subsequent plastic deformation of deformable powder fraction upon the impact onto the surface.
Ga Drilling, A.s.


Structure, production method thereof, and article provided with said structure

A structure with a substrate, and a fine-unevenness-structure layer provided to at least one surface of the substrate, wherein the fine-unevenness-structure layer is disposed at a surface of the structure, the indentation elastic modulus of the structure is 1-1300 mpa, and the ratio (Δμ) of the rate of change of the coefficient of kinetic friction of the surface of the structure is 0.15-1.05, wherein Δμ=Δμf/Δμs: Δμs represents the rate of change of the coefficient of kinetic friction of the surface of the structure at an initial-abrasion stage of a reciprocating abrasion test; and Δμf represents the rate of change of the coefficient of kinetic friction of the surface of the structure immediately prior to the end of the reciprocating abrasion test. This structure exhibits excellent scratch resistance without compromising on the optical performance thereof, such as the antireflection performance..
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Pharmaceutical compositions comprising meloxicam

Disclosed herein are compositions comprising an nsaid such as meloxicam in combination with a cyclodextrin and/or a carbonate or a bicarbonate. These compositions may be orally administered, for example, to improve the bioavailability or pharmacokinetics of the nsaid for the treatment of conditions such as pain..
Antecip Bioventures Ii Llc


Testosterone gel and use

The present invention relates to an improved transdermal hydroalcoholic testosterone gen formulation that provides, among other things, a desirable pharmacokinetic hormone profile, and methods of use.. .
Besins Healthcare Luxembourg Sarl


Identification apparatus and method

An electronic baggage tag (1) includes one or more of: •• a sensor (17) for sensing an external trigger and an electronic display screen (2a, 2b) arranged selectively to display baggage tag codes and/or information in response to the external trigger; •• a power source comprising one or more of piezoelectric, kinetic, acoustic or radiation-based power sources; •• an electronic variable colour indicator configurable according to the area of origin or transit of the baggage item (40); •• means for capturing information relating to the local environment of the baggage item, and means for reporting the information to a remote service; •• means for sensing the contents of the baggage item, and means for providing an output responsive to said sensing; and •• a remote communications interface for communication over a remote communications network, and a local communications interface for communication over a local communications link, the tag arranged to relay, to the remote communications network, data received over the local communications link.. .
British Airways Plc


Livestock building design and control

kinetic energy devices, such as fans or blowers, are selected or controlled to attain a determined optimal overall average airflow for a volume within a livestock building to satisfy one or more predetermined livestock production objectives.. .
Ddi, Inc.


Akinetic swept laser fast sweeping of the same

The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for producing a narrow line laser emission that can be tuned at frequency rates exceeding 100 khz. The laser apparatus is capable of fast scanning speeds close to multiples of the cavity resonance frequency.
University Of Kent


Method and system for determination of molecular interaction parameters

A method of determining kinetic parameters for a reversible molecular interaction between a ligand immobilized to a solid support surface and a binding partner to the ligand in solution, comprises sequentially, without intermediate regeneration or renewal of the immobilized ligand, flowing a plurality of fluid volumes containing different known concentrations of the binding partner over the solid support surface, monitoring the momentary amount of binding partner bound to the solid support surface related to time and solution concentration of binding partner and collecting the binding data, and determining the kinetic parameters by globally fitting a predetermined kinetic model for the interaction between the binding partner and the immobilized ligand to the collected binding data, which model allows for mass transport limitation at the solid support surface. An analytical system for carrying out the method, a computer program, a computer program product and a computer system for performing the method are also disclosed..
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab


Rifle grenade using bullet trap

Disclosed is a rifle grenade using a bullet trap. A propellent assembly is formed with a first housing configured to house a trapping unit that traps a bullet shot from a gun to travel from rear to front and absorbs kinetic energy of the bullet, and a second housing configured to house a propelling unit that is disposed in front of the first housing, and is activated by the kinetic energy of the bullet which is absorbed into the trapping unit to provide a propelling force in a trajectory direction of the rifle grenade..
Hanwha Corporation


Formulations pharmacokinetics of deuterated benzoquinoline inhibitors of vesicular monoamine transporter 2

The present invention relates to new pharmaceutical compositions comprising benzoquinoline compounds, and methods to inhibit vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (vmat2) activity in a subject for the treatment of chronic hyperkinetic movement disorders.. .
Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Cutter blade moving mechanism, cutter, and printer

A cutter blade moving mechanism moves a cutter blade to a forward position by a low output drive motor without an urging member urging the cutter blade to the forward position where media is cut. The first cutter blade moving mechanism has a drive gear that moves the first cutter blade forward and back; a drive motor; and a compound gear to which rotation of the drive motor is transferred.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Liquid ejection control device, liquid ejection system, and control method

In a liquid ejection control device, an ejection tube section type acquisition unit discriminates an ejection tube section type of an ejection tube section mounted in a main body section, and acquires a fitted correspondence relationship fitting the discriminated ejection tube section type. A voltage amplitude setting unit sets a voltage amplitude of a drive voltage waveform so as to cause kinetic energy to meet an energy instruction value input by using an energy dial based on a rising index value related to rising of the drive voltage waveform and a repetitive frequency instruction value input by using a repetitive frequency dial with reference to the fitted correspondence relationship..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Self defence training tool

A training tool comprising a target head region. The target head region comprises a pair of eye sockets and a pair of realistic eyes.
Blue Training Systems


Macromolecules of dendrimer-platinum conjugates

A macromolecule comprising a dendrimer having surface amino groups to which at least one platinum-containing moiety is attached is provided. The macromolecule may have a plurality of platinum-containing moieties attached to the surface amino groups.
Starpharma Pty Ltd.


Cdk4/6 inhibitor dosage formulations for the protection of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells during chemotherapy

This invention is in the area of dosage formulations and methods of administering a cdk4/6 inhibitor for the transient protection of healthy cells, and in particular hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (hspc), from damage associated with dna damaging chemotherapeutic agents in subjects undergoing dna damaging chemotherapeutic therapies for the treatment of proliferative disorders. In one aspect, improved protection of healthy cells is disclosed using a dosage that provides desirable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics, including auc, tmax, cmax, dosage-corrected auc, and dosage-corrected cmax.
G1 Therapeutics, Inc.


Method of providing sustained analgesia with buprenorphine

A method of effectively treating pain in humans is achieved by administering buprenorphine in accordance with first order kinetics over an initial three-day dosing interval, such that a maximum plasma concentration from about 20 pg/ml to about 1052 pg/ml is attained, and thereafter maintaining the administration of buprenorphine for at least an additional two-day dosing interval in accordance with substantially zero order kinetics, such that the patients experience analgesia throughout the at least two-day additional dosing interval.. .
Purdue Pharma L.p.


Compositions of small molecule therapeutics

Compositions containing a small molecule therapeutic and an alkyl n,n-disubstituted amino acetate are disclosed. Inclusion of the alkyl n,n-disubstituted amino acetate enhances the pharmacokinetic properties of the small molecule therapeutic..
Nexmed Holdings, Inc.


Triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting energy from water

A generator for harvesting energy from flowing water is disclosed. The generator harvests electrostatic energy as well as mechanical kinetic energy from the flowing water.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Reduced parameter space kinetic modeling systems and methods

Systems, methods and devices are provided for fitting kinetic models to measurements of dynamic curves where the kinetic models give rise to nonlinear fitting equations in two or more unknowns that can be formulated so that they are linear in one or more of the unknown parameters and nonlinear in one or more of the unknown parameters. Such systems, methods and devices may be utilized to monitor and characterize the attributes of a given tracer such as a radioactive substance within a body, a drug within the body, a concentration of a substance within a particular medium, and the like..
The University Of Utah Research Foundation


Modulation of reverse voltage limited waveforms in sputtering deposition chambers

Modulation of a waveform applied to a cathode of a sputtering deposition chamber regulates the sputtering rate and density and kinetic energy of ions in a sputtering deposition chamber. A waveform may include a pulsed dc waveform with a modulated ac signal superimposed on the pulsed dc waveform.
Itn Energy Systems, Inc.


Adsorption of immunopotentiators to insoluble metal salts

Immunopotentiators can be adsorbed to insoluble metal salts, such as aluminium salts, to modify their pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, intramuscular retention time, and/or immunostimulatory effect. Immunopotentiators are modified to introduce a moiety, such as a phosphonate group, which can mediate adsorption.
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals Sa


Formulations and methods for treatment of metabolic syndrome

Formulations and methods of providing an orally-active anti-metabolic disease fixed dose combinations (fdc) for use as personalized medicine to treat different components of the metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome such as type ii diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obesity are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions of anti-inflammatory and pancreatic beta-cell centric drug formulations and methods comprising of nsaids in general and selective cox-2 inhibitors in particular and one or more anti-t2dm or anti-hypertensive or anti-hyperlipidemic or anti-obesity drugs formulated to exhibit pre-determined modified release kinetics to achieve therapeutic as well as kinetic synergies are disclosed..
Arkay Therapeutics, Llc


System and multicast over highly mobile mesh networks

Systems, devices, and methodology for removing echo and reducing congestion in multicast (broadcast) over a dynamic self-healing mobile mesh network, by use of discrete embedded computers synchronously tracking mesh connections and link quality across multiple rf connections, keeping multicast both efficient and effective in a highly kinetic, ever changing, mesh topology.. .
Rajant Corporation


Method for making mram with small dimension and high qulity

This invention is about a method to make an mram element with small dimension, by making an mtj as close as possible to the via, ideally aligning the mtj and the via in a direction perpendicular to the wafer surface, for making the mram element dimension as small as possible. The invention provides a process scheme to flatten the interface of bottom electrode during film deposition, which ensures a good deposition of atomically smooth mtj multilayer as close as possible to an associated via which otherwise might be atomically rough.
T3memory, Inc.


System and ranking options for medical treatments

A computer system, computer program product and method for determining a probability of attaining a pk-pd target associated with efficacy for a patient that includes a processor obtaining information identifying an infection and based on the information, generating and displaying, by the processor, a list comprising one or more pathogens consistent with the information, the processor then obtaining a first indication designating at least one pathogen from the list comprising one or more pathogens and based on at the obtaining of the least one pathogen, generating a list comprising one or more drug therapies utilized to treat the at least one pathogen. The method also includes the processor obtaining, descriptive information relating to a patient and based on the one or more drug therapies, selecting a pharmacokinetic model and the processor applying the pharmacokinetic model and utilizing the information relating to the patient to determine, for each of the one or more drug therapies, a probability of attaining a pk-pd target associated with efficacy for the patient with the infection..
Institute For Clinical Pharmacodynamics


Method and system for selecting drug on basis of individual protein damage information for preventing side effects of drug

The present invention relates to a method and a system for selecting a drug customized on the basis of individual protein information by using individual genome sequences. The method and the system of the present invention can predict the individual side effects or danger of a certain drug by analyzing the sequence of the exon region of a gene encoding various proteins involved in the pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics of a predetermined drug or drug group, and have high reliability and are widely applicable and universal..
Cipherome, Inc.


Componential analyzer, drug efficacy analyzer, and analysis method

Application of the present invention enables quantification of fractions of candidate pharmaceutical compounds (a parent compound and its metabolites), one excreted to the basolateral (basal/basolateral)-side via transporters and by diffusion, one excreted to the lumen (apical)-side, and one remained in the cells. This enables determination of the total amount of the administered candidate pharmaceutical compounds and the distribution ratio of the fractions.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Energy storage and conversion in free-piston combustion engines

Various embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards free-piston combustion engines. As described herein, a driver section may be provided in a free-piston combustion engine for storing energy during an expansion stroke.
Etagen, Inc.


Evolved sortases and use thereof

Evolved sortases exhibiting enhanced reaction kinetics and/or altered substrate preferences are provided herein, for example evolved sortases that bind recognitions motifs comprising a laxt or lpxs sequence. Also provided are methods (e.g., orthogonal transpeptidation and diagnostics methods) for using such sortases.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Tocopherol and tocopheryl quinone derivatives as correctors of lysosomal storage disorders

The subject invention relates to improved tocopheryl quinone derivatives and tocopherol derivatives having improved pharmacokinetics in vivo that can, in some embodiments, be useful in the treatment of lysosomal storage disorders, restoration of normal mitochondrial atp production, modulation of intracellular calcium ion concentration and other treatments or therapies. The tocopheryl quinone derivatives and tocopherol derivatives have side chains that have terminally halogenated carbon atoms..
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv


Novel aromatic compound and use thereof

[wherein each substituent is as defined in the description], has low toxicity, shows good pharmacokinetics, has an action to promote bone formation, and is useful for the prophylaxis or to treatment of metabolic bone diseases (osteoporosis, fibrous osteitis (hyperparathyroidism), osteomalacia, paget's disease that influences the systemic bone metabolism parameter etc.) associated with a decrease in the bone formation ability as compared to the bone resorption capacity.. .


Hydro-compressed gas powered marine engine, marine vessels using such engine and method

A marine vessel is propelled through water using a hydro-compress gas powered engine including a chamber having a hydropower motor in an upper section and a compressed gas motor in a lower section. In a first cycle of the engine water is introduced into the hydropower motor that driving a drives a crankshaft using the kinetic energy of falling water.


Kinetic resistance apparatus

A portable and kinetic motion resistance upper body invention that can be used for a variety of exercises. This invention combines dial tension adjustment clutch sheaves, a variable linear tract bearing and a one piece resistance shock-cord, together these core components achieve a unique minimal impact work-out.


Self-powered wearable luminous device

A self-powered wearable luminous device belongs to a technical field of the self-powered wearable device which is capable of achieving self-powering by collecting kinetic energy of the human body. A power generation module, an electronic component and a luminous component are connected with each other via wires and are installed within a wearable unit.


Long-stroke pumping unit

A long-stroke pumping unit includes: a tower; a counterweight assembly movable along the tower; a drum connected to an upper end of the tower and rotatable relative thereto; a belt having a first end connected to the counterweight assembly, extending over the drum, and having a second end connectable to a rod string; a prime mover for reciprocating the counterweight assembly along the tower; a sensor for detecting sudden acceleration of the counterweight assembly due to failure of the rod string; at least one of: a braking system for halting free-fall of the counterweight assembly; and an arrestor system for absorbing kinetic energy of the falling counterweight assembly; and a controller in communication with the sensor and operable to activate the braking or arrestor system in response to detection of the sudden acceleration.. .
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Translating foil system for harvesting kinetic energy from wind and flowing water

Consistent kinetic energy is harvested from wind and from flowing water in streams, rivers and tidal flows using a translating large sail, foil or wing which is permitted to translate in one direction, followed by translating in the opposite direction while pushing or pulling a cable, rod, or tether which in turn turns a pulley, wheel or other device from which traditional sources of power can be generated. The pulley wheel can be used to generate electricity, create hydrogen from water by electrolysis, compress air for transmission or storage, charge batteries, or perform work such as pumping water, heating water, moving objects, etc..


Onshore hydroelectric power generation device

An onshore hydroelectric power generation device is disposed above a flow to obtain and convert the energy of flow into electricity, comprising a body unit, a water wheel unit, a mobile energy transmitting unit, and an electricity power generating unit. The kinetic energy of the flow is obtained by the water wheel unit, and is transmitted to the power generation unit adapted to the height of water level by the mobile energy transmitting unit..
Tzoo Ying Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Blowout preventer stack and supply system

The invention relates to a blowout preventer stack comprising blowout preventer stack components. A part of the blowout preventer stack components has a blowout preventer with an electric blowout preventer drive means for operating the blowout preventer.


Method for putting together of a drilling device and drilling device

A method for assembling a drilling device. A first drilling member is power transittingly, coupled with a second drilling member during drilling for rotational, feeding and/or hammering motion, and removably coupled to remove the first drilling member from a hole.
Oy Atlas Copco Rotex Ab


Water treatment

The present invention relates to a method of treating aqueous fluid and apparatus therefor. The method comprises adding an organic compound to a mass of aqueous fluid comprising at least one kinetic hydrate inhibitor (khi).
Hydrafact Limited


Polyfluorinated compounds acting as bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Described herein is a novel series of multi-fluoro-substituted pyrazolopyrimidine compounds or salts thereof. These compounds are bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk) inhibitors.
Zhejiang Dtrm Biopharma Co. Ltd.


Converging/diverging magnetic nozzle

A magnetic nozzle having a converging/diverging contour shape that converts the thermal energy of a propellant into directed kinetic energy, but uses magnetic fields instead of a physical boundary to direct the flow of particles.. .
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Method of operating a temperature-controlled thermokinetic mixer for regenerating vulcanized rubber

A method of operating a temperature-controlled k-mixer for thermally and kinetically regenerating vulcanized crumb rubber is provided. The k-mixer includes a chamber and a shaft provided with a plurality of blades.
Phoenix Innovation Technology Inc.


Method for individualized drug therapy

Methods for individualized therapy of arthritic pain using a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (nsaid). Said methods comprise basing nsaid dose on each patient's pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic response to said nsaid..
Autotelic Llc


Methods for olmesartan dosing by auc

Methods for antihypertensive drug dosing by pharmacokinetic parameter determination. In one embodiment, the antihypertensive drug is olmesartan and the pharmacokinetic parameter is auc.
Autotelic Llc


Implantable devices and methods for the evaluation of active agents

Devices for the local delivery of microdose amounts of one or more active agents, alone or in combination, in one or more dosages, to selected tissue of a patient are described. The devices generally include multiple microwells arranged on or within a support structure.
Kibur Medical, Inc.


Experimental methods for conducting competitive binding assays

The present disclosure is directed toward improved methods of conducting a competitive binding assay or experiment. The methodology includes utilizing either a positive control, a negative control, or both in order to scale experimentation results to results that can be utilized to obtain a precise measurement of the kinetic rate constant (the off rate denoted as koff) describing the dissociation of a non-covalent complex such as an antibody antigen complex, receptor ligand complex, etc..
Sapidyne Instruments Inc.


Automatic retractable downspout system

An automatic retractable gutter assembly (10) dispenses rainwater collected in a gutter (14). A short down-tube (26) is attached to the gutter (14).


Device, system, and depositing processed immiscible-fluid-discrete-volumes

Various embodiments relate to systems and/or methods for sample preparation that can be used for biochemical and/or molecular biology procedures involving small volumes, for example, micro volumes or smaller. Methods and systems that can reduce sample size requirements and increase the number of samples on a substrate are provided.
Applied Biosystems, Llc


Segmented copolymer compositions and coatings incorporating these compositions

Some variations provide a segmented copolymer composition comprising: fluoropolymer first soft segments that are (α,ω)-hydroxyl-terminated and/or (α,ω)-amine-terminated; polyester or polyether second soft segments that are (α,ω)-hydroxyl-terminated and/or (α,ω)-amine-terminated; isocyanate species possessing an isocyanate functionality of 2 or greater; and polyol or polyamine chain extenders or crosslinkers, wherein the molar ratio of the second soft segments to the first soft segments is less than 2.0. Exemplary segmented copolymers are disclosed.
Hrl Laboratories, Llc


New formulation methodology for distortional thermosets

And a diamine curing agent. The resultant distortional thermoset compositions possess superior out-life requirements and advantageous reaction kinetics for preparing prepreg compositions and materials..


Fusion protein of therapeutic polypeptide with improved pharmacokinetic profile and use therof

The present invention provides a fusion protein comprising a therapeutic polypeptide fused to one or more flexible unstructured polypeptides and a trimeric scaffold protein. The flexible unstructured polypeptide sequence within the fusion protein is exhibited as one or more pcloud sequences derived from human fibrinogen alpha chain, and may be flanked by a proteinous connecting moiety of human origin.
Beijing Anxinhuaide Biotech. Co., Ltd.


Kinetic and dimensional optimization for a tendon-driven gripper

A tendon-driven robotic gripper is disclosed for performing fingertip and enveloping grasps. One embodiment comprises two fingers, each with two links, and is actuated using a single active tendon.
Willow Garage, Inc.


Systems for operating electrokinetic devices

A system for operating an electrokinetic device includes a support configured to hold and operatively couple with the electrokinetic device, an integrated electrical signal generation subsystem configured to apply a biasing voltage across a pair of electrodes in the electrokinetic device, and a light modulating subsystem configured to emit structured light onto the electrokinetic device. The system can further include a thermally controlled flow controller, and/or be configured to measure impedance across the electrokinetic device.
Berkeley Lights, Inc.


Methods of identifying surrogate imaging agents for alpha emitter radiopharmaceuticals and their use in treatment of disease

In accordance with one or more embodiments, the present invention provides a series of identified radiopharmaceuticals herein termed “imaging surrogates” whose pharmacokinetic behavior matches that of the alpharpt for several alpharpts currently under investigation as cancer therapeutics. Methods for identifying imaging surrogates are also provided.
The Johns Hopkins University


Antisense oligonucleotides with improved pharmacokinetic properties

In addition, the pharmaceutical composition or pharmaceutical kit or conjugate can be used for the treatment of a disease or disorder that can be at least in part alleviated by therapy, wherein the disease or disorder is selected from the group consisting of bacterial infections, viral infections, cancer, metabolic diseases and immunological disorders and preferably cancer.. .


Conjugate based systems for controlled drug delivery

Conjugates which comprise a drug and a ligand which includes a first saccharide; wherein the conjugate is characterized in that, when the conjugate is administered to a mammal, at least one pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic property of the conjugate is sensitive to serum concentration of a second saccharide. Exemplary conjugates and sustained release formulations are provided in addition to methods of use and preparation..
Smartcells, Inc.


Dosage form incorporating an amorphous drug solid solution

The dissolution of active pharmaceutical ingredients in polymeric melts plays an important role in the manufacturing of drugs that use polymers as excipients. The dissolution kinetics is essential for designing the processing equipment, describing the operating conditions, and defining material properties, for example, the appropriate api-polymer(s) pair.


Using kinetic cyclic voltammetry to evaluate analyte kinetics and concentrations

Materials and methods for using kinetic cyclic voltammetry to measure analyte levels and assess analyte kinetics.. .
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research


Power control device

A power control device for controlling electrical power transferred between an ac power grid and a load or between the ac power grid and an auxiliary power source. For example, the power control device may be configured to monitor an electrical characteristic of electrical energy supplied by the ac power grid to the load and to adjust a consumption of the electrical energy by the load when the electrical characteristic indicates that the ac power grid is no longer in a state of balance.



In an ejector, a substantially conical passage formation member is disposed in the interior of a body forming a space therein to define a nozzle passage functioning as a nozzle, a mixing passage in which an ejection refrigerant ejected from the nozzle passage and a suction refrigerant drawn from a suction passage are mixed together, and a diffuser passage that converts a kinetic energy of the refrigerant that has flowed out of the mixing passage into a pressure energy, between an inner peripheral surface of the body and the passage formation member. The passage formation member is configured so that a spread angle of a portion forming an outlet side of the nozzle passage is smaller than a spread angle of a portion forming an inlet side of the nozzle passage in a cross-section parallel to an axial direction of the passage formation member..


Psp wind-powered generator comprising blades at dihedral angles

The invention relates to a wind-powered generator comprising blades at dihedral angles (psp), characterised by an aerodynamic, semi-flat blade having, on one if its sides, a bent section measuring approximately a quarter of the total width of the blade and forming a dihedral angle of less than 30°, the interior space of which captures the kinetic power of the wind impacting on the blade, thereby generating a powerful rotary movement in that direction. The blades form a diametrical set of two blades generating a strong and effective rotary movement at a 90° angle to the linear movement of the wind.


Serum albumin binding peptides for tumor targeting

Peptide ligands having affinity for serum albumin are useful for tumor targeting. Conjugate molecules comprising a serum albumin binding peptide fused to a biologically active molecule demonstrate modified pharmacokinetic properties as compared with the biologically active molecule alone, including tissue (e.g., tumor) uptake, infiltration, and diffusion..


Piperidine and azepine derivatives as prokineticin receptor modulators

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof (formula (i)) in which m, x, r1, r2, r3 and r5 are as defined in the specification, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in therapy.. .


Liquid ejection control device, liquid ejection system, and control method

In a liquid ejection control device, an operation unit includes an energy dial for inputting an energy instructing value related to kinetic energy of a pulsed liquid jet ejected from a liquid ejection device, and a repetitive frequency dial for inputting a repetitive frequency instructing value related to the number of times ejection of the pulsed liquid occurs per unit time. In addition, a controller includes a rising frequency setting section that sets rising frequency as a rising index value related to rising of a drive voltage waveform such that the kinetic energy becomes the energy instructing value, based on voltage magnitude of the drive voltage waveform and the repetitive frequency instructing value..


Liquid ejection control device, liquid ejection system, and control method

In a liquid ejection control device, an operation unit includes an energy dial for inputting an energy instructing value related to kinetic energy of a pulsed liquid jet ejected from a liquid ejection device, and a repetitive frequency dial for inputting a repetitive frequency instructing value related to the number of times ejection of the pulsed liquid occurs per unit time. In addition, a controller includes a voltage magnitude setting section that sets voltage magnitude of the drive voltage waveform such that the kinetic energy becomes the energy instructing value, based on a rising index value related to rising of the drive voltage waveform and the repetitive frequency instructing value..


Kinetically limited nano-scale diffusion bond structures and methods

Bulk materials having a kinetically limited nano-scale diffusion bond is provided. The bulk materials having a kinetically limited nano-scale diffusion bond includes transparent material, absorbent opaque material and a diffusion bond.

Kinetic topics: Spectrometer, Mass Spectrometer, Physiologic, Ion Channel, Communication Channel, Rectilinear, Storage Device, Generators, Downstream, Coordinates, Transverse, Energy Absorber, Connecting Rod, Biomolecule, Magnetic Field

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