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Kinetic patents

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Kinetic energy conversion device with variable output

Date/App# patent app List of recent Kinetic-related patents
 Process and rotary machine type reactor patent thumbnailnew patent Process and rotary machine type reactor
A rotary machine type shock wave reactor suitable for thermal cracking of hydrocarbon-containing materials includes a casing, a rotor whose periphery contains an axial-flow blade cascade, and a directing rim, provided with at least two stationary vane cascades, adjoining an axial-flow rotor cascade, wherein the casing substantially encloses the periphery of the rotor and the directing rim. The cascades are configured to direct feedstock containing process stream to repeatedly pass the cascades in a helical trajectory while propagating within the duct between the inlet and exit and to generate stationary shock-waves to heat the feedstock.
 Acetaminophen conjugates, compositions and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Acetaminophen conjugates, compositions and methods of use thereof
Acetaminophen conjugates are provided, which have an acetaminophen moiety covalently linked to a second moiety. The conjugates provided may have one or more advantageous properties, including increased water solubility as compared to acetaminophen, reduced toxicity profile as compared to acetaminophen and an altered pharmacokinetic profile.
 Cytochrome p450 oxidase inhibitors and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Cytochrome p450 oxidase inhibitors and uses thereof
Or pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates or prodrugs thereof, and methods of using the same to inhibit the metabolizing activities of cyp enzymes. The present invention also features methods of using these compounds, salts, solvates or prodrugs to improve the pharmacokinetics of drugs that are metabolized by cyp enzymes..
 Inhibitors of inv(16) leukemia patent thumbnailnew patent Inhibitors of inv(16) leukemia
This invention describes the development of targeted small molecule inhibitors of the inv(16) fusion, the causative agent in ˜12% of acute myeloid leukemia (aml). The inv(16) fusion results in expression of the cbfβ-smmhc fusion protein in the blood cells of afflicted patients.
 Antibodies to modified human igf-1/e peptides patent thumbnailnew patent Antibodies to modified human igf-1/e peptides
High-specificity antibodies can distinguish between modified (e.g, higf-1/ea 3mut) and endogenous wild-type human igf-1 proteins. These antibodies have little or no cross-reactivity with higf-1 or higf-2.
 Method for preparing a granulate formulation of pirfenidone and pharmaceutically acceptable excipients patent thumbnailnew patent Method for preparing a granulate formulation of pirfenidone and pharmaceutically acceptable excipients
A capsule formulation of pirfenidone is provided that includes pharmaceutically acceptable excipients. In one embodiment, this capsule formulation is capable of sustaining desirable pharmacokinetic responses in a patient.
 Pharmaceutical compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Pharmaceutical compositions
The present invention provides for a pharmaceutical composition that includes tetrabenazine and a release-retarding agent; and a method of treating a hyperkinetic movement disorder (e.g., huntington's disease, chorea associated with huntington's disease, hemiballismus, senile chorea, tic disorders, tardive dyskinesia, myoclonus, dystonia and/or tourette's syndrome). The method includes administering an effective amount of the pharmaceutical composition, for a period of time effective to treat the hyperkinetic movement disorder..
 Method for extracting arterial input function and application thereof to dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging patent thumbnailnew patent Method for extracting arterial input function and application thereof to dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
The present invention discloses a method for extracting aif and an application thereof to dce-mri. The method comprises steps: contacting a target tissue with a contrast agent to obtain a plurality of images; using the plurality of images to work out the tissue concentration curve of the contrast agent in each voxel; calculating the purity of the tissue concentration curve of each voxel according to the tissue concentration curves; and extracting the voxel having the highest purity as the optimized arterial location; and extracting the tissue concentration curve of the voxel having the highest purity as the arterial input function.
 Kinetic energy conversion device with variable output patent thumbnailnew patent Kinetic energy conversion device with variable output
A rotational kinetic energy conversion system includes a magnetic piston with an associated winding and an actuating magnet. Relative motion between the actuating magnet and the magnetic piston causes the magnetic piston to induce a current and voltage in the winding creating electrical energy.
 Product patent thumbnailnew patent Product
A method for manufacturing a cellular geopolymer product, which method comprises the steps: (a) forming an activated geopolymer premix by addition to a geopolymer premix of an activator compound that initiates a condensation reaction in the geopolymer premix; (b) casting the activated geopolymer premix in a desired configuration; and (c) generating gas bubbles in the activated geopolymer premix as the condensation reaction proceeds and the activated geopolymer premix stiffens to produce a self-supporting cellular structure; and (d) curing the self-supporting cellular structure to produce the cellular geopolymer product, wherein in step (c) the characteristics of the activated geopolymer premix and the reaction kinetics of the condensation reaction are controlled to achieve formation of the self-supporting cellular structure.. .
Interface device for an energy harvesting system
Described embodiments relate generally to energy harvesting systems and interface devices for such systems. In particular, such energy harvesting systems may be configured to harvest kinetic energy from the environment, such as wind, hydro, wave or geothermal energy or to harvest electromagnetic energy like solar radiation.
Reduced shock breakaway set screw for use with a surgical construct
A reduced shock breakaway set screw for use with medical implants and constructs for the spine having improved geometry of the groove area between the upper head portion and lower threaded portion of the set screw. The groove area of the set screw has circular and noncircular portions which in at least one embodiment comprise upper and lower radii separated by a flattened groove bottom.
Pharmacokinetics of iontophoretic sumatriptan administration
Improved pharmacokinetic profiles for the iontophoretic delivery of sumatriptan are described.. .
Headphone system with retractable microphone
A retractable gaming headphone communication system without a retractable microphone boom retracted in a simple one touch fashion. The headphone communication system is automatically disengaged and put in an off or mute mode when boom is in a deployed position and an operational communication mode when in a deployed position.
Portable motion activated cell phone charger utilizing a shelled torus permanent magnet generator
A portable motion activated cell phone charger utilizing a shelled torus permanent magnet generator to generates electricity by kinetic energy imparted by the user if strapped to the arm or leg when jogging or may also be waved in the hand in an oscillating motion to generate electricity which is stored in a rechargeable battery within the charger assembly of which has a control circuit board with universal serial port attached and accessible from the exterior body casing allowing the user to connect a cell phone or small electronic devices with a universal serial bus cable to power the device or charge a battery within said device.. .
Funnel jet electric generator
A funnel jet electric generator includes at least one funnel jet each having a funnel body defining a channel, a funnel extension tube connected to a first end portion of the funnel body for capturing a wave crest, and a nozzle connected to a second end portion of the funnel body, wherein the wave crest is guided into the funnel body along the channel and projects out through the nozzle to produce a water jet. The kinetic energy of the water jet is transmitted to the electric generator for producing electricity through the power transmission system..
Kit for measuring the thrombin generation in a sample of a patient's blood or plasma
The invention provides a kit for measuring the thrombin generation in a sample of a patient's blood or plasma, or in a sample of clotting factors. The kit contains lyophilized tissue factor/phospholipid-complex and a lyophilized mixture containing a thrombin-substrate and cacl2.
Electrokinetic pump having capacitive electrodes
An electrokinetic pump achieves high and low flow rates without producing significant gaseous byproducts and without significant evolution of the pump fluid. A first feature of the pump is that the electrodes in the pump are capacitive with a capacitance of at least 10−4 farads/cm2.
Vehicle driving system
A vehicle driving system 1 includes a first motor/generator m/g1 which is mechanically connected to either of front wheels wf and rear wheels wr of a vehicle, a second motor/generator m/g2 which is electrically connected with the first motor/generator m/g1, and a flywheel fw which is mechanically connected with the second motor/generator m/g2 and which stores kinetic energy. The second motor/generator m/g2 is mechanically connected to the other of the front wheels wf and the rear wheels wr of the vehicle..
Portable fire extinguishing apparatus
A portable fire extinguishing apparatus, which comprises a casing (20) and a cartridge (3) arranged inside the casing (20). The top end of the cartridge (3) is fixedly connected with the casing (20) through a snap ring (24); the bottom of the cartridge (3) is fixedly connected with the casing (20) through some nuts and bolts; and an explosion venting unit (2) is arranged at the jet end of the cartridge (3).
Fuel nozzle for a gas turbomachine
A fuel nozzle for a gas turbomachine includes an outer nozzle body including an inner surface defining a mixing zone, and an inner nozzle body arranged within the outer nozzle body. The inner nozzle body includes a fluid passage.
Arrangement in wave energy recovery system
This invention relates to an arrangement in a wave energy recovery system comprising at least a wing element hinged on its one edge to make a reciprocating motion in response to kinetic energy of waves or tidal currents, a wave energy recovery means having a space alterable by its volume with the help of a connection rod making a reciprocating movement caused by the wing element at least the sealings and/or through holes between the space and the connection rod are protected against seawater.. .
Method and device for agitating a grouping of cushioning articles
An apparatus and method for agitating and rearranging a grouping of individual cushioning articles in an enclosed container are disclosed. The method and device may protect and individual from an injury resulting from landing in the enclosed container when the individual cushioning articles are overly compressed and lack appropriate spacing in order to absorb the kinetic energy of an individual landing in the enclosed container.
Method for inducing hepatocellular variation, and production method for chimeric non-human animal having humanized liver
The present invention provides (1) a method for producing a non-human animal having a humanized liver, comprising transplanting human hepatic stem cells and/or hepatic progenitor cells and/or immature hepatocytes to a liver-damaged non-human animal to induce the differentiation of the cells into hepatocytes, (2) a non-human animal having a humanized liver, produced by the method, (3) a method for examining the pharmacokinetics and/or hepatotoxicity of a test substance, comprising using the animal, (4) a method for producing human hepatocytes, comprising transplanting human hepatic stem cells and/or hepatic progenitor cells and/or immature hepatocytes to a liver-damaged non-human animal to induce the differentiation of the cells into hepatocytes, and (5) a method for examining the pharmacokinetics and/or hepatotoxicity of a test substance, comprising using human hepatocytes produced by the method.. .
Method of recuperating energy from a motor vehicle
A system and method for recuperating energy from a motor vehicle is described in which during an engine overrun period kinetic energy from the slowing motor vehicle is used to drive a high pressure fuel pump at a high demand level so as to store fuel at high pressure in a fuel accumulator for later use by an engine of the motor vehicle.. .
Actuator control method and actuator control device
An actuator control method and an actuator control device that perform energy evaluation control that compares kinetic energy of a controlled object and work that can be done by braking and switches driving to braking at a point of time at which the kinetic energy of the controlled object and the work become equal, and also repeatedly makes a comparison between the kinetic energy of the controlled object and the work at each preset time, as a new control method that replaces pid control in mechanics for effectively utilizing vehicle energy to improve vehicle fuel consumption and control methods thereof, a control result is obtained by a simpler method.. .
Batting practice apparatus
A batting practice apparatus is arranged with a handle to be grasped by one person so a second person can practice hitting a ball, wherein the person grasping the apparatus positions the ball in a desired location and, when the second person strikes the ball with a bat, the kinetic energy associated with hitting the ball is dissipated, and the ball travels a reduced distance after being struck without having to pursue the ball a significant distance to retrieve it.. .
Thermal-powered device
The present invention discloses a device capable of converting thermal energy into kinetic energy, in particular a thermal-powered device, including a housing (1) and a transmission device (2) disposed in the housing (1). Alloy sheets (3) are disposed at the transmission device (2).
Methods for preparation of fucose-linked site specific conjugates of proteins with toxins, adjuvants, detection labels and pharmacokinetic half life extenders
The present invention relates to eukaryotic cells for producing molecules having an atypical fucose analogue on their glycomoieties and/or amino acids. It also relates to methods for producing molecules having an atypical fucose analogue on their glycomoieties and/or amino acids and to molecules obtainable by said methods.
Altering pharmacokinetics of pirfenidone therapy
The invention relates to methods for reducing adverse events in patients receiving pirfenidone (5-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(1h)-pyridone) therapy.. .
N-[5-(aminosulfonyl)-4-methyl-1,3-thiazol-2-yl]-n-methyl-2-[4-(2-pyridinyl)phenyl]acetamide mesylate monohydrate
The present invention relates to an improved and shortened synthesis of n-[5-(aminosulfonyl)-4-methyl-1,3-thiazol-2-yl]-n-methyl-2-[4-(2-pyridinyl)phenyl]acet-amide and the mesylate monohydrate salt thereof by using boronic acid derivatives or borolane reagents while avoiding toxic organic tin compounds and to the mesylate monohydrate salt of n-[5-(aminosulfonyl)-4-methyl-1,3-thiazol-2-yl]-n-methyl-2-[4-(2-pyridinyl)phenyl]acet-amide which has demonstrated increased long term stability and release kinetics from pharmaceutical compositions.. .
Small diameter double cutter crossbow bolt
The small diameter double cutter crossbow bolt of the present invention incorporates a midsection spacer having a plurality of blades, positioned mid-shaft of a small diameter shaft having a nock and a tip. The nock and midsection spacer has an outer diameter equal to the outer diameter of a standard bolt to ensure the centerline axis of the bolt is the same as a traditional crossbow bolt, allowing the use of the small diameter double cutter crossbow bolt in standard crossbow stocks and rails.
Enzymatic conversion of blood group a, b, and ab red blood cells using alpha-n-acetylgalactosaminidases and alpha-galactosidases with unique substrate specificities and kinetic properties
This invention relates to enzymatic removal of type a and b antigens from blood group a, b, and ab reactive cells in blood products, and thereby converting these to non-a and non-b reactive cells. The invention further relates to using unique α-n-acetylgalactosaminidases and α-galactosidases with superior kinetic properties for removing the immunodominant monosaccharides of the blood group a and b antigens and improved performance in enzymatic conversion of red blood cells.
Branched nanowires and method of fabrication
A new set of branched nanowire or nanotree structures and their fabrication process. Some structures have one or more of the following distinctions from other branched nanowires: (1) the trunk and branch diameter and branching number density can be changed along the trunk's length; (2) the branch's azimuthal direction can be controlled along the trunk's length; (3) the branch's diameter can be modulated along its length; (4) the crystal orientation and branches of the ensemble of nanowires can be aligned on a non-epitaxially matched substrate.
Porous material and devices for performing separations, filtrations, and catalysis and ek pumps, and mthods of making and using the same
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a porous monolith polymeric composition having utility in catalysis, chromatography, filtration, and electro-kinetic pumps, devices incorporating such composition and methods or making and using such monoliths. The monoliths are characterized by a substantially homogeneous skeletal core with little shrinkage, few voids and few channels..
Vertical axis wind\tidal turbine with dynamically positioned blades
This invention is a vertical axis turbine with blades [0012] which are continuously, accurately, and positively re-positioned during the rotation of the turbine shaft [0017] allowing the turbine to be more effective at transferring the kinetic energy in the moving air\water “flow” to the turbine shaft, it also allows for the turbine to have ancillary benefits that include: dynamic braking during emergency situations, high torque pitch setting for starting at low wind speeds, over speed control, and a zero torque setting. The blade positioning system is comprised of common industrial control system components, used to accurately, positively, and independently position turbine blades to be continuously at the optimum angle with respect to the flow direction..
Kinetic flame device
An apparatus creating a flickering flame effect. The apparatus includes a housing with an interior space with first and second stages.
Water turbine
A hydroelectric machine and system is disclosed comprising an electric generator and water turbine configured for direct immersion into a naturally flowing body of water such as the ocean, stream, or a tidal basin. In one embodiment, the water turbine includes a rotor having plurality of pivotably moveable blades which sequentially open and close to capture fluid or kinetic energy when exposed to the water current from any direction.
Ocean wave generator and ocean wave generator system
An ocean wave generator device, comprising: a first buoy, a first flared opening, a second flared opening, and a generator component, wherein said first flared opening and second flared opening are respectively disposed on two sides of said generator component and are, along with said generator component, fixed to said first buoy; ocean wave water passes via one flared opening to said generator component, and then flows via said generator component to the other flared opening. The present invention also provides an ocean wave generator system comprising the ocean wave generator device and a position fixing device.
Saturation limited feeder for chemical additions
A chemical feed method and apparatus that uses the solubility limit of a specific chemical to provide a measured dose. The invention includes a container of a specific volume into which a solid chemical is placed and held.
Pest-smashing devices
A note pad is attached to a device having a weapon-shaped handle and a base. Kinetic force is applied through the device to stun or crush a target pest between a top sheet of the note pad and a wall or floor.
Locking and unlocking kinetic motion of a mop base
Improved mop base capable of using both surfaces of a normal mop arranged parallel to one another.. .
Production of optically pure propane-1,2-diol
A method for producing optically pure propane-1,2-diol, including the method steps: a. Hydrogenation of lactides, metal-catalysed heterogenous catalysis being carried out in the presence of hydrogen, a crude product containing propane-1,2-diol being produced, and b.
Cancer analysis system
The invention provides for detecting target subpopulations of cells that have high proliferative and renewal properties in animals, including circulating tumor cells, cancer stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells. The invention utilizes a defined substrate and media of known property to enrich target cell subpopulations which can be used for future genetic, proteomic and morphological analyses.
Enhanced probe binding
Methods for enhancing the binding of oligonucleotide probes to dna and rna are disclosed. The methods make use of thermodynamic and kinetic effects to reduce probe mismatches and failure of complementary probes to bind to dna and rna templates.
Regenerative control system of a vehicle
A regenerative control system of a vehicle is constructed such that in a system which generates electrical energy of a low voltage suitable for a low voltage system circuit and electrical energy of a high voltage suitable for the high voltage system circuit in an alternate manner by making use of kinetic energy of a vehicle when the vehicle is in a deceleration running state, a ratio between a period of time to generate the low voltage electrical energy and a period of time to generate the high voltage electrical energy is decided in accordance with a deceleration required of the vehicle, and a power generation voltage is duty controlled according to the ratio thus decided.. .
Inexpensive floating horizontal and vertical axis water turbines mounted on bridge and other structures to convert hydrokinetic energy to electric energy
Water turbines on the surface of moving water can capture hydrokinetic energy (hke) from waves, currents and other flows. This invention uses a novel system to keep the horizontal-axis water turbines (wawt) and vertical-axis water turbines (vawt) operating on the surface of water by mounting them on bridge columns, seawalls, oil rigs, piers and similar structures to capture energy from the moving water next to said structures..
Natural gas liquefaction process
A gas processing facility for the liquefaction of a natural gas feed stream is provided. The facility comprises a gas separation unit having at least one fractionation vessel.
Isoselective polymerization of epoxides
The present invention provides novel bimetallic complexes and methods of using the same in the isoselective polymerization of epoxides. The invention also provides methods of kinetic resolution of epoxides.
Mechanical energy storage system
A mechanical energy storage system and an electric or hybrid vehicle with an energy storage system of this type are provided. The energy storage system has a planetary gear.
Electrokinetic device for capturing assayable agents in a dielectric fluid
Electrokinetic devices and methods are described with the purpose of collecting assayable agents from a dielectric fluid medium. Electrokinetic flow may be induced by the use of plasma generation at high voltage electrodes and consequent transport of charged particles in an electric voltage gradient.
Storage element and method for the production thereof
A storage element for a solid electrolyte battery is provided. The storage element has a main member having a porous matrix of sintered ceramic particles in which particles that are made of a metal and/or a metal oxide and jointly form a redox couple are embedded.
Amine promotion for co2 capture
Promoter amines are used to enhance co2 uptake by sterically hindered or tertiary amines. The promoter amines can be cyclic amines, including aromatic cyclic amines or bridged cyclic amines.
Energy diffusing wear ring and methods thereof
An energy diffusion sealing ring [872] for use with a hydrocyclone or pump is provided. The energy diffusion sealing ring [872] comprises a sacrificial suspension matrix [872a] comprised of a polymer, elastomer, or combination thereof, and a number of packed inserts [872b] suspended in the matrix [872].
Bouncing case for portable electronic devices and bouncing portable electronic device
A bouncing case to convert impact kinetic energy into elastic potential energy is provided. The bouncing case has a housing and multiple bouncing elements.
Nanochip based sensing devices and techniques
Systems, devices and techniques are disclosed for optically detecting single molecules using nanoscale chip configurations. In one aspect, a sensing device includes a composite membrane having an array of nanochannels that form openings at opposing sides of the membrane, a first and second substrate each including channels to carry a fluid containing particles, a fluidic module that is fluidically coupled to the channels to supply the fluid, a plurality of electrodes located along the channels, and an electrical module to generate an electric field via the electrodes to effectuate an electrokinetic force within the channels to steer the particles toward the openings of the nanochannels to immobilize the particles, in which the nanochannels operate as resonant structures to amplify localized fields produced in an optical interrogation of the immobilized particles..
Kinetic energy harvesting using cyber-physical systems
The present invention provides a system for engaging a fluid flow. The system comprising one or more foil members operationally connected to a feedback control loop system.

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