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 Multi-axis levitating vibration energy harvester patent thumbnailMulti-axis levitating vibration energy harvester
A kinetic energy to electrical energy converter. The converter includes a housing defining a cavity having a circumference and covers enclosing the cavity, at least one fixedly supported perimeter magnet disposed about the circumference, at least one magnetically levitating center magnet magnetically influenced by the at least one fixedly supported magnet, positioned in the cavity and limited to substantially a two dimensional movement by the covers, and at least one coil fixedly supported with respect to the fixedly supported perimeter magnet, movements of the a least one center magnet is configured to generate an electrical current in the at least one coil..
Purdue Research Foundation

 Electricity generation within a downhole drilling motor patent thumbnailElectricity generation within a downhole drilling motor
A progressing cavity-type drilling motor having an electrical generator disposed within the rotor of the drilling motor. In some embodiments, the electrical generator produces electrical energy from a flow of drilling fluid through a bore in the rotor.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Assays for measuring binding kinetics and binding capacity of acceptors for lipophilic or amphilphilic molecules patent thumbnailAssays for measuring binding kinetics and binding capacity of acceptors for lipophilic or amphilphilic molecules
Aspects of the invention relate to methods for measuring the binding constant of a lipophilic or amphiphilic molecule acceptor for a lipophilic or amphiphilic molecule. Methods involve rapid, cell-free competition assays including a labeled lipophilic or amphiphilic molecule and nanoparticle..
Northwestern University

 Calcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate resistant thermal barrier coatings patent thumbnailCalcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate resistant thermal barrier coatings
A method for forming a coating system on a component includes depositing a reactive layer with predetermined cmas reaction kinetics on at least a portion of a thermal baffler coating. The method also includes activating the reactive layer with a scanning laser.
United Technologies Corporation

 Method of determining an analyte concentration patent thumbnailMethod of determining an analyte concentration
A reagent composition for a biosensor sensor strip is disclosed that provides for rapid rehydration after drying. The composition includes porous particles and is preferably formed as a colloidal suspension.
Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings Ag

 Sorbic acid ester containing coatings composition patent thumbnailSorbic acid ester containing coatings composition
The present invention is a composition comprising a solution or a dispersion of polymer particles, a sorbate ester or sorbamide curing agent, and a cure modulating additive for the curing agent. The curing agent is a sorbic acid ester or a sorbamide and the cure modulating agent is a reagent capable of accelerating or attenuating the rate of cure of the curing agent.
Rohm And Haas Company

 Crystal form of (r)-praziquantel and preparation method and application thereof patent thumbnailCrystal form of (r)-praziquantel and preparation method and application thereof
The present invention relates to a crystal form of (r)-praziquantel and a preparation method and uses thereof. The x-ray diffraction pattern (cukα radiation) of the crystal form of (r)-praziquantel at 25° c.
Tongli Biomedical Co., Ltd

 Disubstituted maleic anhydrides with altered kinetics of ring closure patent thumbnailDisubstituted maleic anhydrides with altered kinetics of ring closure
We describe anhydride compounds suitable for physiologically labile modification of amine-containing molecules. The described anhydrides form reversible linkages having desirable kinetics for in vivo delivery of biologically active molecules.
Arrowhead Madison Inc.

 Pressure vessel for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailPressure vessel for a motor vehicle
A pressure vessel is provided for a motor vehicle, having a fastening apparatus. The fastening apparatus is designed to connect the pressure vessel to a body of the motor vehicle.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

 Kinetic energy hybrid system for transport refrigeration patent thumbnailKinetic energy hybrid system for transport refrigeration
A system (20) operable in a plurality of modes, the system comprising: a container (22) having an interior (24); an internal combustion engine (66); a refrigeration system (30) and a flywheel energy storage device (70). In at least one said mode, the refrigeration system coupled to the internal combustion engine to receive power and thermally coupled to the container to cool the container interior.
Carrier Corporation

Spraying device for quickly forming gas hydrates

A spraying device for quickly forming gas hydrates, includes a stable gas supply system, a saturated solution preparation system, a gas-liquid mixed sprayer, a temperature control system and a data collecting and processing system. Pressure atomization is achieved at a high atomization speed and the atomized fog drops are uniformly distributed within a scale range of 5-10 microns to form a gas-in-water contact mode, so as to effectively increase a gas-water contact superficial area and significantly shorten the induction time of forming the gas hydrates.
Guangzhou Institute Of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Compositions and methods for enhancing physiological performance and recovery time

Provided are methods for enhancing exercise (e.g., intense, eccentric, elevated temperature, repetitive, aerobic, and high altitude) performance, comprising administering electrokinetically-altered aqueous fluids comprising an ionic aqueous solution of stably configured charge-stabilized oxygen-containing nanostructures predominantly having an average diameter of less than 100 nanometers. In certain aspects, enhancing exercise performance comprises at least one of: reducing plasma inflammatory cytokines (e.g., ifn-alpha, ena-78 and bdnf); ameliorating muscle/tendon damage or enhancing muscle/tendon recovery; reducing biomarkers of exercise-induced muscle injury (e.g., ck, plasma myoglobin); ameliorating exercise induced tendinosis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, avulsion, and tendon strain associated with chronic repetitive movement or enhancing recovering therefrom; increasing vo2 max; decreasing rpe; reducing blood lactate; preserving muscle contractile function (e.g., maximal force, joint rom); reducing muscle soreness; ameliorating onset of fatigue in an exercising subject.
Revalesio Corporation

Magnetic levitation brake motor

A magnetic levitation brake motor, which is very applicable to automatic screwdrivers. A motor providing power output is combined with a magnetic levitation clutch, the alternating effect of homopolar repulsion and heteropolar attraction in the operation of the magnetic levitation clutch can reduce the motor starting current, and the motor has less inertia moment and friction force, reducing the heating and damage of mosfet controlling drive motor current.

Avatar control system

Systems and methods herein are directed to avatar control systems. In one embodiment, interactive holographic avatar control is described.
Ventana 3d, Llc

Polymerase compositions and methods

Disclosed herein are modified polymerase compositions exhibiting altered polymerase activity, which can be useful in a variety of biological applications. Also disclosed herein are methods of making and using such compositions.
Life Technologies Corporation

Optimized hvac system control for electrified vehicles

A system for optimizing energy efficiency in an electrified vehicle includes an hvac system configured to provide climate control for at least one of (i) a cabin of the electrified vehicle and (ii) a battery system of the electrified vehicle; a regenerative braking system configured to convert the electrified vehicle's kinetic energy into electrical energy; and a controller configured to, based on a vehicle torque request, control a distribution of the electrical energy generated by the regenerative braking system between (i) recharging a battery system of the electrified vehicle and (ii) powering the hvac system. A method for controlling the hvac system includes determining, at the controller of the electrified vehicle, the vehicle torque request, and based on the vehicle torque request, controlling, by the controller, the distribution of electrical energy generated by a regenerative braking system between (i) recharging the battery system and (ii) powering the hvac system..

Extensible infusion devices and related methods

Infusion systems, infusion devices, and related operating methods are provided. An exemplary method of operating an infusion device to deliver fluid to a user in accordance with an operating mode involves identifying a fluid type associated with the fluid currently onboard the infusion device from among a plurality of possible fluid types that is different from a previous type of fluid previously onboard the infusion device.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Vortex-induced silk fibroin gelation for encapsulation and delivery

The present invention provided for a novel process of forming silk fibroin gels, and controlling the rate of β-sheet formation and resulting hydrogelation kinetics, by vortex treatment of silk fibroin solution. In addition, the vortex treatment of the present invention provides a silk fibroin gel that may be reversibly shear-thinned, enabling the use of these approach for precise control of silk self-assembly, both spatially and temporally.
Trustees Of Tufts College

High performance knee prosthesis

Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the natural screw home mechanism, and controlled articulation of the tibia and femur respective to each other in a more natural way. In a preferred embodiment, such prostheses include an insert component disposed between a femoral component and a tibial component, the insert component preferably featuring among other things a reversely contoured posterolateral bearing surface that helps impart internal rotation to the tibia as the knee flexes.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Motion analysis systemsand methods of use thereof

The invention generally relates to motion analysis systems and methods of use thereof. In certain aspects, the system includes an image capture device, at least one accelerometer, and a central processing unit (cpu) with storage coupled thereto for storing instructions that when executed by the cpu cause the cpu to receive a first set of motion data from the image capture device related to at least one joint of a subject while the subject is performing a task and receive a second set of motion data from the accelerometer related to the at least one joint of the subject while the subject is performing the task.
Highland Instruments, Inc.

Systems and methods using virtual reality or augmented reality environments for the measurement and/or improvement of human vestibulo-ocular performance

A system and method for using a virtual reality or an augmented reality environment for the measurement and/or improvement of human vestibulo-ocular performance can be implemented by combining a video camera based eye orientation sensor, a head orientation sensor, a display, and an electronic circuit that connects the eye sensor, head sensor, and display. The system and method can be operated in the range of frequencies between 0.01 hertz and 15 hertz.

Computational approach for identifying a combination of two drugs

The present invention relates to a method for identifying a therapeutic drug combination against a cancer, wherein the cancer comprises at least two alterations in at least two different, but crosstalking signaling pathways, the method comprising the steps of: a) providing a kinetic model of a biological network for said cancer comprising the at least two different, but crosstalking signaling pathways, wherein the kinetic model is generated by choosing a network topology, wherein the nodes of said topology represent biological entities selected from the group comprising genes, transcripts, peptides, proteins, protein modification states, small molecules, complexes, metabolites and modifications thereof, and the edges of said topology represent interactions between said entities, assigning kinetic laws and kinetic constants to the interactions and assigning concentrations to the biological entities, such that the kinetic model reflects the genome, epi-genome, proteome and/or transcriptome of said cancer, b)selecting test combinations from a plurality of known drugs, each test combination comprising at least two drugs, c) simulating the effect of each test combination on the biological network, thereby d) identifying from said test combinations a drug combination that acts against said cancer.. .
Alacris Theranostics Gmbh

Method for converting energy with fuel regeneration in a cyclic process of a heat engine

The invention can be used in energy technology. In the method for conversion with recovery of energy carriers in a cyclical process of a thermal engine, a first recirculation cycle is formed: gas generator (1)—device (4) for converting kinetic and thermal energy into mechanical energy—hydrogenation reactor (5)—gas generator (1).

Energy harvesting from a downhole jar

A system for harvesting energy from the operation of a downhole jar is disclosed. The system converts the kinetic energy associated with the operation of the jar to electrical energy by associating the relative movement between a magnet and a coil to the relative movement between a movable member and a stationary member in the jar.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Systems and methods for adjusting kinetic energy in a hybrid vehicle before and during a change in road grade

A method of controlling a hybrid vehicle includes automatically varying a current vehicle speed away from a target vehicle speed. The automatic variation of vehicle speed is response to an adaptive cruise control system being active with a target vehicle speed being selected, and in response to an anticipated change in power demand for maintaining the target vehicle speed.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Implantable devices and methods for evaluation of active agents

Devices for the local delivery of microdose amounts of one or more active agents, alone or in combination, in one or more dosages, to selected tissue of a patient are described. The devices generally include multiple microwells arranged on or within a support structure and contain one or more active agents, alone or in combination, in one or more dosages and/or release pharmacokinetics.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Tunable covalently crosslinked hydrogels and methods of making the same

The present invention provides, among other things, a elastomeric biomaterial having enzymatically cross-linked amino acid phenolic side chains to generate highly elastic hydrogels. Materials are characterized by tunable mechanical properties, gelation kinetics and swelling properties of these new protein polymers.
Trustees Of Tufts College

Environmentally sensitive compositions

An environmentally sensitive membrane binding polypeptide, ph (low)-sensitive membrane peptide (phlip) has improved insertion kinetics balanced with solubility to selectively target acidic tissues.. .
Yale University

Polymer-conjugated metap2 inhibitors, and therapeutic methods of use thereof

One aspect of the invention provides polymer conjugated metap2 inhibitors. While not being bound by any particular theory, it is believed that coupling the metap2 inhibitory core via the linkers described herein provides compounds with superior efficacy to the parent small molecules and superior pharmacokinetic profiles.
Syndevrx, Inc.

Electricity generating device

An electricity generating device including a base having a track, an electricity generating mechanism and a kinetic mechanism. The electricity generating mechanism includes a contact pressure assembly disposed on the track, and an electricity generating module connected to the contact pressure assembly.
Jun Fu Clean Energy Co., Ltd.

System and asymmetric missile defense

A method for accurately determining whether a response tool will be effective for responding to a given enemy threat object. Embodiments described herein provide a method and system for responding to a threat object, for example, negating missile threats.
Raytheon Company

Linear faraday induction generator for the generation of electrical power from ocean wave kinetic energy and arrangements thereof

A buoy includes a flotation device configured to float at surface of a body of water. A vibrational linear electric generator (vleg) is configured to generate power from vibrational oscillations caused by waves using compressed repulsive magnetic fields focused by end magnetic field deflecting magnets.

Therapeutic nuclease-albumin fusions and methods

The invention provides for hybrid nuclease-albumin molecules with increased pharmacokinetic properties. The hybrid nuclease-albumin molecules of the invention have one or more nuclease domains (e.g., an rnase and/or dnase domain) operably coupled to an albumin, or a variant or fragment thereof.
Resolve Therapeutics, Llc

Anti-c5 antibodies having improved pharmacokinetics

The disclosure provides antibodies that are useful for, among other things, inhibiting terminal complement (e.g., the assembly and/or activity of the c5b-9 tcc) and c5a anaphylatoxin-mediated inflammation and, thus, treating complement-associated disorders. The antibodies have a number of improved properties relative to eculizumab, including, e.g., increased serum half-life in a human..
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Glucose-responsive insulin conjugates

Insulin conjugates comprising an insulin molecule covalently attached to at least one bi-dentate linker having two arms, each arm independently attached to a ligand comprising a saccharide and wherein at least one ligand of the linker is fucose are disclosed. The insulin conjugates display a pharmacokinetic (pk) and/or pharmacodynamic (pd) profile that is responsive to the systemic concentrations of a saccharide such as glucose or alpha-methylmannose even when administered to a subject in need thereof in the absence of an exogenous multivalent saccharide-binding molecule such as con a..
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Designed repeat proteins binding to serum albumin

New designed repeat proteins with binding specificity for serum albumin are described, as well as nucleic acids encoding such serum albumin binding proteins, pharmaceutical compositions comprising such proteins, the use of such proteins to modify the pharmacokinetics of therapeutic relevant polypeptides and the use of such proteins in the treatment of diseases. The repeat proteins of the invention have a substantially increased half-life in plasma compared to proteins not binding serum albumin..
Molecular Partners Ag

Thermo-kinetic mixing for pharmaceutical applications

Compositions and methods for making a pharmaceutical dosage form include making a pharmaceutical composition that includes one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (api) with one or more pharmaceutically acceptable excipients by thermokinetic compounding into a composite. Compositions and methods of preprocessing a composite comprising one or more apis with one or more excipients include thermokinetic compounding, comprising thermokinetic processing the apis with the excipients into a composite, wherein the composite can be further processed by conventional methods known in the art, such as hot melt extrusion, melt granulation, compression molding, tablet compression, capsule filling, film-coating, or injection molding..
Dispersol Technologies, Llc

Selective serotonin 2a/2c receptor inverse agonists as therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases

Behavioral pharmacological data with the compound of formula (i), a novel and selective 5ht2a/2c receptor inverse agonist, demonstrate in vivo efficacy in models of psychosis and dyskinesias. This includes activity in reversing mk-801 induced locomotor behaviors, suggesting that this compound may be an efficacious anti-psychotic, and activity in an mptp primate model of dyskinesias, suggesting efficacy as an anti-dyskinesia agent.
Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Improved transcutaneous organ function measurement

The present invention relates to a method for determining an organ function in a subject, comprising the steps of: providing a first concentration-time curve obtained by transcutaneously measuring in a body fluid at a first position background fluorescence in at least one first time point and fluorescence of an indicator compound in at least a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth time point; providing a second concentration curve obtained by transcutaneously measuring in a body fluid at a second position background fluorescence in at least one seventh time point and fluorescence of an indicator compound in at least a eighth, a ninth, a tenth, an eleventh, and a twelfth time point; fitting the first and the second concentration curve into a kinetic model representing at least four diffusion compartments; and thereby determining an organ function in a subject. The invention further relates to a device for determining an organ function according to the method of the present invention, said device comprising a first sensor for transcutaneously measuring fluorescence of an indicator at a first position, a second sensor for transcutaneously measuring fluorescence of an indicator at a second position; and a data processing unit for fitting the values obtained by the sensors into a kinetic model of one of the preceding claims.

Kinetic energy harvesting methods and apparatus

A system, method, and apparatus for kinetic energy harvesting are disclosed. An example kinetic energy harvesting apparatus includes a tubular-shaped magnet housing and an end-cap magnet configured to connect to an end of the magnet housing.
Stryde Technologies Inc. D/b/a Ampy

Method and rapid quantification of an analyte in breath

A method of determining the concentration of an analyte of interest in breath. The method includes obtaining a disposable cartridge comprising a reaction chamber, a liquid chamber, and a window to permit determination of a color intensity in the reaction chamber, directing a volume of breath into the cartridge, and initiating a sequence whereby liquid is released from the liquid container into the reaction chamber to cause a reaction which produces a change in the intensity of a color viewable through the window.
Invoy Technologies, Llc

Evolution of bond-forming enzymes

Strategies, systems, methods, reagents, and kits for the directed evolution of bond-forming enzymes are provided herein. Evolution products, for example, evolved sortases exhibiting enhanced reaction kinetics and/or altered substrate preferences are also provided herein, as are methods for using such evolved bond-forming enzymes.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Recombinant vitamin k dependent proteins with high sialic acid content and methods of preparing same

Methods of isolating highly sialylated recombinant vitamin k dependent proteins, particularly factor ix, by chromatographic methods are described. The highly sialylated recombinant proteins are characterized.
Cnj Holdings, Inc.

Antibodies with modified affinity to fcrn that promote antigen clearance

The present inventors discovered that antigen uptake into cells is facilitated by an antibody having human fcrn-binding activity at the plasma ph and a lower antigen-binding activity at the early endosomal ph than at the plasma ph; such antibodies can increase the number of antigens to which a single antibody molecule can bind; the reduction of antigen in plasma can be facilitated by administering such an antibody; and antibody pharmacokinetics can be improved by using such antibodies.. .

6-nitro-2,3-dihydroimidazo[2,1-b]oxazoles and a process for the preparation thereof

The present invention relates to newer generation of triazoles, tetrazoles, isoxazoles, urea and sulphonamide functionalities containing 6-nitro-2, 3-dihydronitroimidazooxazoles agents of formula 1, their method of preparation, and their use as drugs for treating mycobacterium tuberculosis, mdr-tb and xdr-tb either alone or in combination with other anti-tubercular agents. In the present invention, new generation 6-nitro-2, 3-dihydronitroimidazooxazoles agents also show acceptable pharmacokinetic properties and synergistic or additive effects with known anti-tubercular drugs..
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Bicycle driving device

A bicycle driving device including a shaft rotatably mounted on a part of a body frame; two crank arms perpendicularly disposed at both ends of the shaft so as to be symmetrical with each other at 180° with respect to a center of the shaft as a base point; a pedal attached to a tip of the crank arm; a gear mounted at one end of the shaft, which is provided with a chain; and balance weights disposed in a predetermined plane parallel to a surface formed by a rotary motion of the crank arm for generating kinetic energy equivalent to the kinetic energy generated by rotary motion of the crank arm and the pedal, wherein each mount position of those balance weights is set to be adjustable in an arc with a predetermined radius with respect to an axial center of the shaft.. .
Gokiso Giken Co., Ltd.


A vehicle, such as an automobile, is provided with friction 1 and regenerative 3,4,5 braking systems. A sensor 15 detects an obstacle in the vehicle's path and a brake controller 5, when operated by a user, automatically deploys either or both braking systems to decelerate the vehicle so that its speed corresponds to that of the obstacle when the vehicle is a predetermined distance from the obstacle.

Pegylated opioids with low potential for abuse

The invention provides opioid agonists covalently bound to a water-soluble oligomer having reduced potential for substance abuse and uses thereof. The compounds of the invention possess altered pharmacokinetic profiles relative to the opioid agonists alone, but are not subject to the risk of physical tampering that allows for the recovery and abuse of the opioid agonist associated with certain alternative delivery formulations..
Nektar Therapeutics

Tacrolimus for improved treatment of transplant patients

An extended release oral dosage form comprising as active substance tacrolimus or a pharmaceutically active analogue thereof for a once daily immunosuppressive treatment of a patient in need thereof, preferable a kidney or liver transplant patient. The dosage form releases the active substance over an extended period of time.
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/s

Gastric retentive extended release pharmaceutical compositions

The present disclosure provides extended release pharmaceutical compositions comprising an opioid and an additional active pharmaceutical ingredient, wherein the composition exhibits gastric retentive properties which are achieved by a combination of a physical property of the composition and release of the opioid, wherein upon administration to a subject, the composition has at least one pharmacokinetic parameter that differs by less than about 30% when the subject is in a fasted state as compared to a fed state.. .
Mallinckrodt Llc

Voxel-resolution myocardial blood flow analysis

A myocardial blood flow analysis scan includes incorporating a pharmacological kinetic model with the standard factor analysis model where each time activity curve is assumed to be a linear combination of factor curves. Pharmacological kinetics based factor analysis of dynamic structures (k-fads-ii) model can be applied, whereby estimating factor curves in the myocardium can be physiologically meaningful is provided.
Howard University

Apparatus for correcting trajectories of projectiles launched from firearms

An apparatus for correcting trajectories variations of projectiles launched from a firearm is disclosed. The apparatus includes a control circuit for determining an appropriate impulse to be imparted into a projectile based on the measured velocity of the projectile, at least one steering coil, and a pulsed-power supply for discharging an amount of energy commensurate with the determined impulse to the steering coil such that a set of magnetic fields is produced to impart an amount of corrective kinetic energy into the projectile as the projectile passes the steering coil..
Magnetospeed Llc

Method and system for extracting kinetic energy from surface waves of a water

The invention relates to extracting kinetic energy from surface waves. Therein, at least one float (8) is kept floating in the area of the surface waves, while a working fluid is held in a reservoir structure (2, 3).
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Recombinant polymerases with increased phototolerance

Provided are compositions comprising recombinant dna polymerases that include amino acid substitutions, insertions, deletions, and/or exogenous features that confer modified properties upon the polymerase for enhanced single molecule sequencing. Such properties include increased resistance to photodamage, and can also include enhanced metal ion coordination, reduced exonuclease activity, reduced reaction rates at one or more steps of the polymerase kinetic cycle, decreased branching fraction, altered cofactor selectivity, increased yield, increased thermostability, increased accuracy, increased speed, increased readlength, and the like.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

Apelin fusion proteins and uses thereof

The invention provides a fusion protein or polypeptide comprising an apelin peptide fused to a multimerizing component. The invention also provides a fusion protein or polypeptide comprising an apelin peptide fused to an fc domain, a fragment of an fc domain, or a variant of an fc domain.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Compositions and methods for the treatment of viral infections

The invention provides compositions, kits and methods utilizing polypeptides having a viral alpha-helix heptad repeat domain in a stabilized α-helical structure (herein also referred to as sah). The compositions are useful for treating and/or preventing viral infections.
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

Cover glass for pen input device and manufacturing same

A cover glass for a pen input device has a haze value of less than 1%, and a martens hardness within a range from 2000 n/mm2 to 4000 n/mm2. When a moving member receiving a load of 150 gf (1.47 n) is moved in one direction, at 10 mm/sec, at room temperature, on the surface of the cover glass, a coefficient of kinetic friction μk of a kinetic frictional force fk (n) exerted by the cover glass surface within a region where an approximately linear relationship is established between the kinetic frictional force fk (n) and the time is 0.14˜0.50, and a standard deviation σ (n) of the kinetic frictional force fk (n) is no more than 0.03.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

Water filtering device

A filtering system intended to be attached to the water tap in a shower. The system preferably uses two distinct filtering media in order to filter water—charcoal and kinetic degradation fluxion (“kdf”) media.

Formulations and pharmacokinetics of deuterated benzoquinoline inhibitors of vesicular monoamine transporter 2

The present invention relates to new pharmaceutical compositions comprising benzoquinoline compounds, and methods to inhibit vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (vmat2) activity in a subject for the treatment of chronic hyperkinetic movement disorders.. .
Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Apparatus converting a single rotational centrifugal kinetic energy to multiple electrical generators

This centrifugal force is a sufficient correction to newton's second law only if the body is stationary in the rotating frame. For bodies, the move with respect to the rotating frame it must be supplemented with a fictitious coriolis force.

Pnictide containing catalysts for electrochemical conversion reactions and methods of use

This patent application describes graphitic carbon nitride materials that are useful in electrochemical cells such as lithium-sulfur batteries. Also disclosed are lithium-sulfur batteries designed to incorporate these materials and methods of manufacturing the same.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Thin film metal silicides and methods for formation

The disclosed subject matter provides thin films including a metal silicide and methods for forming such films. The disclosed subject matter can provide techniques for tailoring the electronic structure of metal thin films to produce desirable properties.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Mass spectrometers comprising accelerator devices

A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising providing a flight region for ions to travel through and a detector or fragmentation device. A potential profile is maintained along the flight region such that ions travel towards the detector or fragmentation device.
Micromass Uk Limited

Energizing energy converters by stimulating three-body association radiation reactions

In some embodiments, energy is released by converting the bonding potential energy between two electropositive masses capable of forming a stable bond between them into the kinetic energy of an electron quasiparticle initially captured between them by the coulomb potential. The electron quasiparticles form transient bonds with delocalized ions and other reactants in or on a reaction particle where reaction rates and branches are controlled by the choice of electron quasiparticle effective mass.
Tionesta Applied Research Corporation

Manifold diffusion of solutions for kinetic analysis of pharmacokinetic data

A method and system enables efficient and robust analysis of pharmacokinetic data. The method includes providing data of a plurality of pharmacokinetic time activity curves (tacs), wherein each pharmacokinetic tac corresponds to a portion of the pharmacokinetic data; generating a first set of parameters of a pharmacokinetic mode!, the first set of parameters providing a first estimate of kinetic parameters of a first pharmacokinetic tag of the plurality of pharmacokinetic tacs; and associating the first set of parameters with a second pharmacokinetic tag of the plurality of pharmacokinetic tacs, wherein the first set of parameters additionally provides a first estimate of kinetic parameters of the second pharmacokinetic tag..
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation

Corrosion inhibitors and kinetic hydrate inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitor and kinetic hydrate inhibitor formulations, and methods of using each are provided. Each formulation optionally includes a fluorophore, which can be used to fluorometrically control dosage of each formulation into an aqueous liquid utilized in a downhole application, thereby providing improved precision of dosage into aqueous liquids having relatively high turbidity, and consequently relatively high light absorbance..
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Fragmentation munition with limited explosive force

A fragmentation munition has a fragmentation canister containing preformed fragments, and an explosive cartridge that fits into a central hole in the fragmentation canister. The explosive cartridge includes an outer shell, and an explosive within the outer shell.
Raytheon Company

Method and device for the formation of borehole casing by application of material layers by means of kinetic sputtering

A formation of a borehole casing by application of material layers is achieved by means of kinetic sputtering. Specifically, the formation is achieved by additive kinetic sputtering of metallic, non-metallic and composite materials using acceleration and heating of material powder particles and subsequent plastic deformation of deformable powder fraction upon the impact onto the surface.
Ga Drilling, A.s.

Structure, production method thereof, and article provided with said structure

A structure with a substrate, and a fine-unevenness-structure layer provided to at least one surface of the substrate, wherein the fine-unevenness-structure layer is disposed at a surface of the structure, the indentation elastic modulus of the structure is 1-1300 mpa, and the ratio (Δμ) of the rate of change of the coefficient of kinetic friction of the surface of the structure is 0.15-1.05, wherein Δμ=Δμf/Δμs: Δμs represents the rate of change of the coefficient of kinetic friction of the surface of the structure at an initial-abrasion stage of a reciprocating abrasion test; and Δμf represents the rate of change of the coefficient of kinetic friction of the surface of the structure immediately prior to the end of the reciprocating abrasion test. This structure exhibits excellent scratch resistance without compromising on the optical performance thereof, such as the antireflection performance..
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Pharmaceutical compositions comprising meloxicam

Disclosed herein are compositions comprising an nsaid such as meloxicam in combination with a cyclodextrin and/or a carbonate or a bicarbonate. These compositions may be orally administered, for example, to improve the bioavailability or pharmacokinetics of the nsaid for the treatment of conditions such as pain..
Antecip Bioventures Ii Llc

Testosterone gel and use

The present invention relates to an improved transdermal hydroalcoholic testosterone gen formulation that provides, among other things, a desirable pharmacokinetic hormone profile, and methods of use.. .
Besins Healthcare Luxembourg Sarl

Identification apparatus and method

An electronic baggage tag (1) includes one or more of: •• a sensor (17) for sensing an external trigger and an electronic display screen (2a, 2b) arranged selectively to display baggage tag codes and/or information in response to the external trigger; •• a power source comprising one or more of piezoelectric, kinetic, acoustic or radiation-based power sources; •• an electronic variable colour indicator configurable according to the area of origin or transit of the baggage item (40); •• means for capturing information relating to the local environment of the baggage item, and means for reporting the information to a remote service; •• means for sensing the contents of the baggage item, and means for providing an output responsive to said sensing; and •• a remote communications interface for communication over a remote communications network, and a local communications interface for communication over a local communications link, the tag arranged to relay, to the remote communications network, data received over the local communications link.. .
British Airways Plc

Livestock building design and control

kinetic energy devices, such as fans or blowers, are selected or controlled to attain a determined optimal overall average airflow for a volume within a livestock building to satisfy one or more predetermined livestock production objectives.. .
Ddi, Inc.

Akinetic swept laser fast sweeping of the same

The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for producing a narrow line laser emission that can be tuned at frequency rates exceeding 100 khz. The laser apparatus is capable of fast scanning speeds close to multiples of the cavity resonance frequency.
University Of Kent

Method and system for determination of molecular interaction parameters

A method of determining kinetic parameters for a reversible molecular interaction between a ligand immobilized to a solid support surface and a binding partner to the ligand in solution, comprises sequentially, without intermediate regeneration or renewal of the immobilized ligand, flowing a plurality of fluid volumes containing different known concentrations of the binding partner over the solid support surface, monitoring the momentary amount of binding partner bound to the solid support surface related to time and solution concentration of binding partner and collecting the binding data, and determining the kinetic parameters by globally fitting a predetermined kinetic model for the interaction between the binding partner and the immobilized ligand to the collected binding data, which model allows for mass transport limitation at the solid support surface. An analytical system for carrying out the method, a computer program, a computer program product and a computer system for performing the method are also disclosed..
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Rifle grenade using bullet trap

Disclosed is a rifle grenade using a bullet trap. A propellent assembly is formed with a first housing configured to house a trapping unit that traps a bullet shot from a gun to travel from rear to front and absorbs kinetic energy of the bullet, and a second housing configured to house a propelling unit that is disposed in front of the first housing, and is activated by the kinetic energy of the bullet which is absorbed into the trapping unit to provide a propelling force in a trajectory direction of the rifle grenade..
Hanwha Corporation

Formulations pharmacokinetics of deuterated benzoquinoline inhibitors of vesicular monoamine transporter 2

The present invention relates to new pharmaceutical compositions comprising benzoquinoline compounds, and methods to inhibit vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (vmat2) activity in a subject for the treatment of chronic hyperkinetic movement disorders.. .
Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kinetic topics:
  • Spectrometer
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Physiologic
  • Ion Channel
  • Communication Channel
  • Rectilinear
  • Storage Device
  • Generators
  • Downstream
  • Coordinates
  • Transverse
  • Energy Absorber
  • Connecting Rod
  • Biomolecule
  • Magnetic Field

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