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Kinetic patents

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Human powered generator

Human powered generator

Variable inertia flywheel

Variable inertia flywheel

Date/App# patent app List of recent Kinetic-related patents
 Kinetic heat-sink with non-parallel stationary fins patent thumbnailKinetic heat-sink with non-parallel stationary fins
A base and a rotating structure together form a kinetic heat sink. The rotating structure has a movable heat extraction surface and plurality of rotating fins in thermal contact with the movable heat extraction surface.
Coolchip Technologies, Inc.

 Human powered generator patent thumbnailHuman powered generator
A human powered electric energy generator equipped with a mechanism for converting a back and forth motion of a user's legs or arms to a unidirectional circular motion. The device includes an engaging mechanism that, according to the back and forth movement of a belt, enables a pilot gear to alternate engagement between a left and a right gear, and a transmission mechanism which transfers the linear kinetic energy from the belt to a unidirectional rotational kinetic energy of the gears.

 Variable inertia flywheel patent thumbnailVariable inertia flywheel
Some implementations can include a liquid chamber disposed around the periphery of a flywheel. The liquid chamber can be equipped with one or more symmetrically spaced filling holes for introducing a liquid into the liquid chamber and expelling air there from, with corresponding counter balance weights as appropriate to maintain rotational balance.

 Novel tetragalnac containing conjugates and methods for delivery of oligonucleotides patent thumbnailNovel tetragalnac containing conjugates and methods for delivery of oligonucleotides
Disclosed herein is a modular composition comprising 1) an oligonucleotide; 2) one or more tetragalnac ligands of formula (i), which may be the same or different; optionally, 3) one or more linkers, which may be the same or different; and optionally, 4) one or more targeting ligands, solubilizing agents, pharmacokinetics enhancing agents, lipids, and/or masking agents.. .
Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.

 Compounds and methods for modulating pharmacokinetics patent thumbnailCompounds and methods for modulating pharmacokinetics
Methods and compositions are described for management of the pharmacokinetic properties of active agents, e.g., therapeutic moieties, by conjugating, fusing, or non-direct linkage of the active agent to one or more wild-type or modified heparin-binding peptides (hb). Compounds may be administered to tissues including skin.
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

 Power module and construction toy having a power module patent thumbnailPower module and construction toy having a power module
A construction toy with a power module is disclosed. The construction toy has one power module and one or more slave members linked together to form a loop.

 Personal digital trainer for physiotheraputic and rehabilitative video games patent thumbnailPersonal digital trainer for physiotheraputic and rehabilitative video games
A kinetic rehabilitation system comprising: a kinetic sensor comprising a motion-sensing camera; and a computing device comprising: (a) a non-transient memory comprising a stored set of values of rehabilitative gestures each defined by a time series of spatial relations between a plurality of theoretical body joints, and wherein each time series comprises: initial spatial relations, mid-gesture spatial relations and final spatial relations, and (b) a hardware processor configured to: (i) continuously receive a recorded time series of frames from said motion-sensing camera, wherein each frame comprises a three-dimensional position of each of a plurality of body joints of a patient, (ii) compare, in real time, at least a portion of the recorded time series of frames with the time series of spatial relations, to detect a rehabilitative gesture performed by said patient, (iii) detect a discrepancy between the rehabilitative gesture performed by said patient and a corresponding one of said stored set of values of rehabilitative gestures, and provide an indication to said patient.. .
Biogaming Ltd.

 Progesterone formulations having a desirable pk profile patent thumbnailProgesterone formulations having a desirable pk profile
This disclosure provides progesterone formulations, methods of using these formulations, and their related pharmacokinetic parameters. In particular embodiments, the formulations disclosed herein allow for a reduction in the amount of progesterone administered to a patient in need thereof, while still providing the benefits of a larger dosage amount..
Therapeuticsmd, Inc.

 Selective serotonin 2a/2c receptor inverse agonists as therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases patent thumbnailSelective serotonin 2a/2c receptor inverse agonists as therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases
Behavioral pharmacological data with the compound of formula (i), a novel and selective 5ht2a/2c receptor inverse agonist, demonstrate in vivo efficacy in models of psychosis and dyskinesias. This includes activity in reversing mk-801 induced locomotor behaviors, suggesting that this compound may be an efficacious anti-psychotic, and activity in an mptp primate model of dyskinesias, suggesting efficacy as an anti-dyskinesia agent.
Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

 Automotive assembly line body chip and scratch reducing bumper patent thumbnailAutomotive assembly line body chip and scratch reducing bumper
An automotive assembly line tool system and method utilizing a heat-shrinkable bumper disposed around a portion of an assembly line tool for absorbing kinetic energy between the portion of the tool and a work-piece on an assembly line. The bumper may be a chemically cross-linked polyolefin heat-shrinkable material having a shore d hardness of 42 or less after being heat-shrunk.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Adaptive hydrokinetic energy harvesting system

An adaptive system for harvesting hydrokinetic energy from flowing fluid uses a hydrofoil-type vane in a flow-way and an electrical power generator to convert torque generated by the oscillating vane to electrical current. The generator may be electromagnetic or piezoelectric.
Sigma Design Company



The electrolytic production of high purity hydrogen and oxygen may include regulating gas pressure in the cathode and anode compartments of the electrolysis apparatus. The supply of water to the apparatus may be through at least one opening on the surface of the apparatus.
Gta, Inc.


Sulfonamide derivatives and methods of use thereof for improving the pharmacokinetics of a drug

And pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein a, w, x, r1, r2, r3, r4 and r5 are as defined herein. The present invention also relates to compositions comprising at least one sulfonamide derivative, and methods of using the sulfonamide derivatives for improving the pharmacokinetics of a drug..


Progesterone formulations having a desirable pk profile

This disclosure provides progesterone formulations, methods of using these formulations, and their related pharmacokinetic parameters. In particular embodiments, the formulations disclosed herein allow for a reduction in the amount of progesterone administered to a patient in need thereof, while still providing the benefits of a larger dosage amount..
Therapeuticsmd, Inc.


Formulations for alteration of biophysical properties of mucosal lining

Conductive formulations containing conductive agents, such as salts, ionic surfactants, or other substances that are in an ionized state or easily ionized in an aqueous or organic solvent environment, and methods of use, have been developed. One or more active agents, such as antivirals, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories, proteins or peptides, may optionally be included with the formulation.
Pulmatrix, Inc.


Systems for monitoring infant oral motor kinetics during nutritive and non-nutritive feeding

The present invention relates to a system device and method for monitoring infant oral motor kinetics (omk), which can be used to assess the functional significance of the different sucking components, i.e., the plasticity of infant sucking skills in relation to their oral feeding performance, at a particular time, during the developmental period and/or during preventive or therapeutic intervention programs. It is a unique system and apparatus that provides a means to study the nonnutritive and/or nutritive sucking skills, i.e., the suction and/or expression components of sucking, of infants in the natural setting, i.e., during a normal feeding session.


Body protection

A body protection assembly is disclosed for protecting a human body from injury due to an impact. An internal planar structure (102) defines the shape of the apparatus and an outer layer of a flexible sheet material (105) has a shape defined by the internal planar structure.


Kinetic-based tool for biometric identification, verification, validation and profiling

A method for identifying an animal or human, including the steps of collecting and retaining an archive data set of measurements of two or more kinetic stylometrics of a first individual animal or human; collecting and retaining a test data set of measurements of the same two or more kinetic stylometrics of a test individual; and comparing archive and test data sets to determine similarity therefore, wherein similarity within any appropriate confidence interval confirms that the test individual and the first individual are the same. Using similar methods, social or other groups maybe kinetically stylometrically profiled for subsequent individual testing..
Duquesne University Of The Holy Spirit


Rotors for extracting energy from wind and hydrokinetic sources

Rotors for devices such as wind turbines have one or more blades that each include a first airfoil, and a second airfoil positioned proximate the first airfoil so that the first and second airfoils interact aerodynamically during rotation of the rotor. The first airfoil can be configured to pivot so that its angle of attack remains approximately zero..


Method of subsurface reservoir fracturing using electromagnetic pulse energy

A method for initiating and/or propagating fractures in a hydrocarbon reservoir, to improve fluid-flow permeability and hydrocarbon production. The method comprises the use of at least one electromagnetic energy pulse to both heat the reservoir rock and water within, causing thermal pressurization, and initiate electrokinetic pressurization..
Husky Oil Operations Limited


Therapeutics dispensing device and methods of making same

A therapeutics delivery system, and methods of making and using same, are disclosed for environments that rapidly clear any injected therapeutics, such as a patient's eye. The therapeutics delivery system releases the drug in a therapeutically effective concentration for a desired duration of time with a predefined drug kinetics.
Baylor College Of Medicine


Electricity generating device

An electricity generating device including a base having a track, an electricity generating mechanism and a kinetic mechanism. The electricity generating mechanism includes a contact pressure assembly disposed on the track, and an electricity generating module connected to the contact pressure assembly.
Jun Fu Clean Energy Co., Ltd.


Energy harvesting system with multiple cells

An energy harvesting system made of array of miniaturized pseudo-linear oscillators, i.e., energy harvesting cells, each of which comprises a free moving hard magnet floating structure supported by sophistically designed magnetic levitation mechanism, is proposed to exact and store useful energy from the broad band natural kinetic energy based on faraday's law of induction. The array of miniaturized energy harvesting cell can be made using volume production wafer process.


Facility for transforming heat energy

The facility for transforming heat energy includes an energy-storage device including an ht vat containing a heat-transfer fluid ht in pressurized gaseous phase, a pcm vat containing a phase-change material, as pcm material, the pcm vat and the ht vat being positioned relative to one another such as to enable a transfer of heat energy between the pcm material and the ht fluid, a first electric generator connected to the ht vat by a fluid forward channel and a fluid backward channel, the generator generating power from a kinetic energy of the pressurized gaseous fluid, and a heat pump, transferring heat energy from a cold source to the energy-storage device in order to heat the ht fluid contained in the ht vat and/or to provide energy to the pcm material. The invention can be used for the general supply of energy, heat, domestic hot water or electricity of a building..
Li-mithra Engineering


Process for transferring a layer

This transfer process comprises the following steps: (a) providing a donor substrate and a support substrate; (b) forming an embrittlement region in the donor substrate; (c) forming what is called a bonding layer between the first part of the donor substrate and the support substrate; and assembling the donor substrate to the support substrate, and is noteworthy in that it comprises the following step: (e) exposing, in succession, portions of the embrittlement region to electromagnetic irradiations for an exposure time at a given power density, the exposure time being chosen depending on the thickness of the bonding layer so that the support substrate is thermally decoupled from the first part of the donor substrate, the exposure time being chosen depending on the power density in order to activate kinetics that weaken the embrittlement region.. .


Blood factor monitoring assay and uses thereof

The present disclosure provides methods and compositions for diagnosing and treating subject having a bleeding disorder. The disclosed methods comprise contacting a sample, e.g., a blood or plasma sample obtained from the patient, with an activation mixture comprising an activated coagulation factor and a phospholipid mixture, wherein the activation mixture is dried onto a solid substrate.
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.


Systemic discovery, maturation and extension of peptide binders to proteins

The invention comprises systems, methods and arrays for identification and optimization of novel peptide binders to protein targets. Embodiments include steps of peptide binder discovery, core peptide maturation, n-terminal and c-terminal extension and kinetics analysis of the final peptide binder..
Roche Nimblegen Inc.


Polymerases for nucleotide analogue incorporation

Compositions that include polymerases with features for improving entry of nucleotide analogues into active site regions and for coordinating with the nucleotide analogues in the active site region are provided. Methods of making the polymerases and of using the polymerases in sequencing and dna replication and amplification as well as kinetic models of polymerase activity and computer-implemented methods of using the models are also provided..
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.


Electrokinetic polymerase chain reaction (pcr) devices and methods

Described herein are microfluidic diagnostic methods and devices using electrokinetic modules for the isolation of targets (e.g., cells, bacteria, biomolecules) from biological samples, pcr amplification of dna isolated from the targets, and real-time quantification of the amplified dna using impedance sensing. Sample preparation, pcr amplification, and impedance sensing are thus performed using a single integrated platform..
Genefluidics, Inc.


Strain-promoted crosslinking of peg-based hydrogels via copper-free cycloaddition

The present invention is directed to a covalently crosslinked hydrogel comprising the strain-promoted reaction product of an 8-member cycloalkyne functionalized polyalkylene glycol and a multi-arm glycerol exytholate triazide and methods for making them. Because the precursor materials can be manipulated without causing crosslinking, provided the strain threshold is not reached, these hydrogels permit mechanical control over when (and where) cross linking occurs and are easier to use than prior strain-activated or temperature-activated systems.
The University Of Akron


Systems and methods for a winch drum and drum door

Wind energy systems, such as an airborne wind turbine (“awt”), may be used to facilitate conversion of kinetic energy to electrical energy. An awt may include an aerial vehicle that flies in a path, such as a substantially circular path, to convert kinetic wind energy to electrical energy.
Google Inc.


Movable mask for a thermal and/or kinetic coating system

The invention relates to a mask for a coating system having a covering device for an area not to be coated of a substrate to be coated, having a working side exposed to the material flow of the coating material, wherein the covering device for the area not to be coated is comprised of at least one disk that can be rotated, the disk upper side of which is positioned vertically to the material flow of the coating material. A further aspect of the invention includes a thermal and/or kinetic coating system having at least one spray device, and a corresponding method for producing a coated substrate..
Wieland-werke Ag


Intradermal delivery of substances

The present invention provides improved methods for id delivery of drugs and other substances to humans or animals. The methods employ small gauge needles, especially microneedles, placed in the intradermal space to deliver the substance to the intradermal space as a bolus or by infusion.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Pharmaceutical composition containing phosphate binding polymer

The present invention relates to a fast dissolving tablet comprising a therapeutically effective amount of a phosphate binding polymer, such as sevelamer or pharmaceutically acceptable salt or derivative thereof, that exhibit limited swelling in the oral cavity, has pleasant taste and mouth feel, high phosphate binding capacity with fast binding kinetics and require limited amount of water intake. A process for the preparation thereof is disclosed..
Pharmathen S.a.


Resonant energy harvester, aircraft component comprising the resonant energy harvester and an aircraft comprising the resonant energy harvester or the aircraft component

An energy harvester for an aircraft comprises a first portion, a movable element and a kinetic-to-electric-energy-converter. The first portion includes a charge collecting device having an electrical permittivity different to that of air.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh


Systems and cable management

Wind energy systems, such as an airborne wind turbine (“awt”), may be used to facilitate conversion of kinetic energy to electrical energy. An awt may include an aerial vehicle that flies in a path to convert kinetic wind energy to electrical energy.
Google Inc.


Regulating device

The invention concerns a magnetic device for regulating the relative angular velocity of a wheel and of at least one magnetic dipole integral with an oscillating device, said wheel or said dipole being driven by a driving torque, said wheel including a periodic, ferromagnetic pole path which alternates according to a center angle and said at least one dipole being arranged to permit magnetic coupling with said ferromagnetic path and oscillation of said dipole at the natural frequency of the oscillating element during the relative motion of the wheel and of the magnetic dipole to regulate said relative angular velocity, said device being characterized in that said wheel further includes means for dissipating the kinetic energy of said at least one dipole when it moves away from said ferromagnetic path.. .
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd


Long rigid spacers to enhance binding kinetics in immunoassays

The present invention relates to a device for detecting a target molecule within a sample comprising a sample container for the measurement of the target molecule within a sample, a first particle, wherein said first particle is functionalized with a first binding molecule capable of specifically binding to said target molecule, and a surface structure comprising a second binding molecule, wherein said surface structure covers a flat sensor or is present on a second particle, wherein said first particle is capable of binding said second binding molecule of the surface structure directly or indirectly; wherein said first and/or second binding molecule is indirectly attached to the particle surface of said first and/or second particle and/or the flat sensor surface via a long and rigid linker molecule; wherein the length and the consistency of said linker molecule is selected such as to result in an average extension length of said linker of more than 60 nm; and wherein the number of particle clusters or of bound particles is directly or inversely related to the amount of target molecules present in the sample. In a further aspect the present invention relates to a method of detecting the presence or amount of a target molecule within a sample.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Dampener lubricator for plunger lift system

A lubricator for use in a plunger lift system includes a tubular body having an outlet formed through a wall thereof and a bore therethrough. The bore is closed at an end thereof.
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.


Downhole power generation using hydraulic flow regulation

Systems and methods of downhole power generation are disclosed, which provide for the generation of electrical power in a downhole environment by the use of an electrical generator coupled to a hydraulic circuit that receives energy from a source in the downhole environment. The hydraulic circuit can receive energy from flowing drilling fluid and/or from kinetic energy of one or more portions of the drill string.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


3'-oh unblocked, fast photocleavable terminating nucleotides and methods for nucleic acid sequencing

The present invention relates generally to 3′-oh unblocked nucleotides and nucleosides labeled and unlabeled with 5-methoxy-substituted nitrobenzyl-based photocleavable terminating groups for use in methods and systems related to dna and rna sequencing and analysis. These compounds may be used as reversible terminators as they exhibit fast nucleotide incorporation kinetics, single-base termination, high nucleotide selectivity, and rapid terminating group cleavage that results in a naturally occurring nucleotide..
Lasergen, Inc.


Catalytic cracking of undesirable components in a coking process

Undesirable gas oil components are selectively cracked or coked in the coking vessel by injecting an additive into the vapors of traditional coking processes in the coking vessel prior to fractionation. The additive contains catalyst(s), seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), quenching agent(s), carrier(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack or coke these undesirable components that typically have a high propensity to coke.


Systems and winch drum mechanism

Wind energy systems, such as an airborne wind turbine (“awt”), may be used to facilitate conversion of kinetic energy to electrical energy. An awt may include an aerial vehicle that flies in a path to convert kinetic wind energy to electrical energy.
Google Inc.


Nano aggregates of molecular ultra small clusters of noble metals and a process for the preparation thereof

The present invention discloses size controlled and stabilized nano-aggregates of molecular ultra small clusters of noble metals and a process for the preparation thereof. The present invention discloses single source multicolor noble metal spherical and uniform nano aggregates of 10-22 nm made up of discrete molecular ultra small noble metal (nb) nanoclusters (musnbnc's) of 1-6 atoms.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research


Novel prodrugs of c-17-heteroaryl steroidal cyp17 inhibitors/antiandrogens: synthesis, in vitro biological activities, pharmacokinetics and antitumor activity

Prodrugs of steroidal c-17 benzoazoles, pyrimidinoazoles (az-abenzoazoles) and diazines. Methods of synthesis are also described, whereby a prodrug group is substituted for a functional group at a ring portion of the abc ring structure of the steroid.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore


High performance knee prostheses

Knee prostheses featuring components that more faithfully replicate the structure and function of the human knee joint in order to provide, among other benefits: greater flexion of the knee in a more natural way by promoting or at least accommodating internal tibial rotation in a controlled way, replication of the natural screw home mechanism, and controlled articulation of the tibia and femur respective to each other in a more natural way. In a preferred embodiment, such prostheses include an insert component disposed between a femoral component and a tibial component, the insert component preferably featuring among other things a reversely contoured posterolateral bearing surface that helps impart internal rotation to the tibia as the knee flexes.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Method and apparatus

Methods for determining a development potential for an embryo, for example an in vitro incubating human embryo, and apparatus for implementing such methods are described. In some examples a method comprises obtaining values for a plurality of morphokinetic characteristics relating to the development of an embryo during an observation period, for example characteristics relating to the temporal or morphological development of the embryo.
Unisense Fertilitech A/s


Immunoassay-based determination of in-solution binding kinetics

Herein is reported a method for the determination of the binding affinity of a binder and its ligand comprising the step of determining based on the result of an immunoassay the fraction of free binder in a sample comprising binder, ligand and binder-ligand-complexes for at least two different binder:ligand ratios in the sample, and if the determined fraction of free binder is not comparable for all used binder:ligand ratios then the binder:ligand ratio in the sample is lowered and the sample is re-analyzed by the same immunoassay, and calculating based on the fraction of free binder in the previous step the binding affinity for the binder to its ligand.. .
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.


Surface analysis instrument

A surface analysis instrument is offered which can intelligibly display the results of a measurement. The surface analysis instrument (100) obtains a spectrum indicating a relationship between electron kinetic energy and detection intensity by irradiating a sample with an electron beam or x-rays and detecting electrons emanating from the sample.
Jeol Ltd.


Identifying modified bases using hemi-natural nucleic acids

Methods, compositions, and systems are provided for characterization of modified nucleic acids. Methods are provided for sequencing hemi-natural nucleic acids such as hemi-genomic dna, having two complementary strands, one a natural sequence and the other a synthetic sequence.
Pacific Bioscience Of California, Inc.


Multi-functional composition of matter for removal of mercury from high temperature flue gas streams

A multi-functional composition of matter that is useful for injection into a flue gas stream to rapidly and efficiently remove mercury from the flue gas streams, particularly at above average flue stream temperatures of about 340° f. Or higher.
Ada Carbon Solutions, Llc


Methods and reactors for producing acetylene

Methods and reactors are provided for producing acetylene. The method includes combusting a fuel with oxygen in a combustor to produce a carrier gas, and accelerating the carrier gas to a supersonic speed in a converging/diverging nozzle prior to the carrier gas entering a reaction zone.
Uop Llc


Soluble glycosaminoglycanases and methods of preparing and using soluble glycosaminoglycanases

The invention relates to the discovery of novel soluble neutral active hyaluronidase glycoproteins (shasegps), methods of manufacture, and their use to facilitate administration of other molecules or to alleviate glycosaminoglycan associated pathologies. Minimally active polypeptide domains of the soluble, neutral active shasegp domains are described that include asparagine-linked sugar moieties required for a functional neutral active hyaluronidase domain.
Halozyme, Inc.


Merchandiser with power generation using air diffuser

A refrigerated merchandiser including a case that defines a product display area. The case has an air inlet located adjacent the product display area, an air outlet to discharge an airflow into the product display area, and a passageway fluidly connecting the air inlet to the air outlet to direct a conditioned airflow from the air outlet across the product display area and generally toward the air inlet.
Hussmann Corporation


Systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for harvesting human energy in the workplace

Provided are embodiments of systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for harvesting human energy from an employee. The techniques including determining an amount of energy harvested, and selectively enabling/disabling one or more electronic user devices based at least in part on the amount of energy harvested.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Debottis energy cell

The invention is an energy cell similar to the fuel cell technology it surpasses in lifecycle usage and in generating energy on the need. The energy cell is used to power utility lines, transportation, and heating.


Tumor cell isolation/purification process and methods for use thereof

Methods of isolating and purifying hematologic or non-hematologic tumor cells useful in a variety of assays and procedures, including tumor drug efficacy screening such as microculture kinetic assays, are disclosed herein. Further, microculture kinetic assays and methods suitable for comparing the relative efficacy of generic versus proprietary anti-cancer drugs are also disclosed..
Diatech Oncology


Method for diagnosing a system for storing a gas stored by sorption on a compound

A method for diagnosing a system for storing a gas, the gas being stored by sorption on a compound, the system being mounted onboard a vehicle and including a tank configured to contain the compound and a control device configured to control a heating device to increase a temperature of the compound to release the gas. The control device obtains a set of information including at least one measurement of the temperature of the system, then carries out an estimation of the gas pressure in the system by using a predetermined kinetic model of desorption of the gas..
Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

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