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Kinetic patents


This page is updated frequently with new Kinetic-related patent applications.

 Angular velocity stepping and methods of use in turbomachinery patent thumbnailnew patent Angular velocity stepping and methods of use in turbomachinery
Provided is an improved architecture for rotary kinetic fluid motors and pumps, in which working fluid gains or loses pressure by flowing through an alternating sequence of radial-flow impellers and radial-flow fluid vortices, the impellers and fluid vortices all rotating around a single axis and in a common direction at staggered speeds, each vortex being the product of rotating fluid that is flowing radially through a bladeless annular volume.. .

 Kinetic energy storage for wellbore completions patent thumbnailnew patent Kinetic energy storage for wellbore completions
A downhole kinetic energy storage system for wellbore completions is configured for installation downhole for extended periods of time, such as 10 year or more. The kinetic energy storage system receives power from a low power source, which can be due to a “power bottleneck” to the downhole location such as inductive coupling, optical fiber, downhole energy harvesting, and/or subsea wellhead configurations.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Recombinant polymerases for incorporation of protein shield nucleotide analogs patent thumbnailnew patent Recombinant polymerases for incorporation of protein shield nucleotide analogs
Provided are compositions comprising recombinant dna polymerases that include amino acid substitutions, insertions, deletions, and/or exogenous features that confer modified properties upon the polymerase for enhanced single molecule sequencing or nucleic acid amplification. Such properties include enhanced performance with large nucleotide analogs, increased stability, increased readlength, and improved detection of modified bases, and can also include resistance to photodamage, enhanced metal ion coordination, reduced exonuclease activity, reduced reaction rates at one or more steps of the polymerase kinetic cycle, decreased branching fraction, altered cofactor selectivity, increased yield, increased accuracy, altered speed, increased cosolvent resistance, and the like.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

 In vitro pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics bellows perfusion system for enhancing effectiveness of cancer chemotherapy patent thumbnailnew patent In vitro pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics bellows perfusion system for enhancing effectiveness of cancer chemotherapy
Provided herein is a continuous cell perfusion model system that provides useful pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information on the application of new drugs or combinations of various agents in vitro to human cancer cell lines. Also provided are methods of using this system to individualize cancer treatment..

 Mining machine and energy storage system for same patent thumbnailnew patent Mining machine and energy storage system for same
A mobile mining machine includes a plurality of traction elements, a plurality of motors, a power source in electrical communication with the plurality of motors, and an energy storage system in electrical communication with the plurality of motors and the power source. Each of the motors is coupled to an associated one of the plurality of traction elements.
Joy Global Longview Operations Llc

 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for storing energy in a mining machine patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, methods, and apparatuses for storing energy in a mining machine
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for storing energy in a mining machine. One embodiment provides a haulage vehicle including a bi-directional electrical bus, a power source coupled to the bi-directional electrical bus, a motor coupled to the bi-directional electrical bus and operating a drive mechanism included in the haulage vehicle, a kinetic energy storage system coupled to the bi-directional electrical bus, and a controller configured to communicate with the kinetic energy storage system and the power source.
Joy Global Longview Operations Llc

 Ultra-selective carbon molecular sieve membranes and methods of making patent thumbnailnew patent Ultra-selective carbon molecular sieve membranes and methods of making
Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to a process for making a carbon molecular sieve membrane having a desired permselectivity between a first gas species and a second gas species, in which the second gas species has a larger kinetic diameter than the first gas species. The process comprises providing a polymer precursor and pyrolyzing the polymer precursor at a pyrolysis temperature that is effective to selectively reduce the sorption coefficient of the second gas species, thereby increasing the permselectivity of the resulting carbon molecular sieve membrane..
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

 Cross-linked hyaluronic acid for drug delivery and pharmaceutical preparation using same patent thumbnailnew patent Cross-linked hyaluronic acid for drug delivery and pharmaceutical preparation using same
A water-soluble gel polymer matrix comprising hyaluronic acid and an antitumor agent is described herein. The antitumor agent is crosslinked with the hyaluronic acid by at least one of covalent and/or non-covalent bonding resulting in improved water solubility of the antitumor agent.
Aluron Biopharma Inc.

 Kinetic heat sink with stationary fins patent thumbnailKinetic heat sink with stationary fins
A heat-dissipating apparatus has a base structure, a rotating structure, and stationary fins. The base structure has a first heat-conducting surface and a second heat-conducting surface to conduct heat therebetween.
Coolchip Technologies, Inc.

 Dynamically-adaptive-resilient measured cyber performance and effects through command and control integration of full spectrum capabilities patent thumbnailDynamically-adaptive-resilient measured cyber performance and effects through command and control integration of full spectrum capabilities
System-of-systems architectures and methods for dynamically and adaptively managing and executing a command and control system across a global cyber enterprise are provided. The system-of-systems architecture integrates, synchronizes and executes with kinetic operations employing an adaptive and dynamic mixing and matching of capabilities for optimal effects in near real time so as to measure and maximize effects across the global cyber enterprise.

Triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting broadband kinetic impact energy

A triboelectric generator includes a first triboelectric member, which includes a first conductive layer and an insulating triboelectric material layer disposed on the first conductive layer. The triboelectric material layer includes a first material having a first position on a triboelectric series.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Metal hydride alloys with improved rate performance

Methods of preparing improved metal hydride alloy materials are provided. The alloys include a mixture of at least four of vanadium, titanium, nickel, chromium, and iron.
California Institute Of Technology

Thermonuclear dynamo inside ultracentrifuge with supersonic plasma flow stabilization

The proposed novel nuclear fusion concept is unique because it makes use of the self-exciting magnetohydrodynamic dynamo principle for its steady state operation, with the dynamo driven by the heat released from thermonuclear reactions in the fusion plasma. But it also has the potential to reach much larger magnetic fields for confinement and particle number densities than are otherwise possible.

Long-exposure, time-integrated sampler for groundwater or the like

A system, device, and method quantitatively measure average concentrations of target constituents (e.g., volatile organic compounds (vocs)) in an ambient fluid (e.g., groundwater, surface water, air, etc.) over an extended period of time. The system uses a passive device having an outer equilibration chamber and an inner kinetic sampler.
Gsi Environmental, Inc.

Hybrid propellant electromagnetic gun system

A hybrid gun device composed of two barrels (1,10) that accept energy from combustion of standard propellant (6), one barrel (10) being operative to produce a high intensity electric current to add accelerating energy to a projectile (7) in the second barrel (1) and at least one coil (8) stage to convert energy between electrical and kinetic to cause the projectile (7) to be launched at hypervelocity.. .
Enig Associates Inc.

Selectable kinetic energy of projectiles

Projectiles with sealed propellant are described herein. In one embodiment of the invention, a projectile includes a body having a nose portion and a tail portion, a plurality of propellant charges contained within the body, a plurality of selectable initiators contained within the body for ignition of respective propellant charges, one or more ports for exit of ignition gases produced by the charges for propulsion of the projectile from the weapon, and one or more inductors for inducing a firing current, where at least one initiator only initiates on receiving a firing current which is different from the firing signal required to initiate the other initiators..
Defendtex Pty. Ltd.

Reduced length belt-fed firearm

A short-length, belt fed machine gun for convenient use includes: (a) a receiver having a length in the range of about 17.75 inches to about 20.3 inches, (b) a barrel assembly, and (c) a gas cycling assembly. A gas port of the barrel assembly has a width of between about 0.063 inches and 0.200 inches.
Machinegunarmory, Llc

Multimeric complexes with improved in vivo stability, pharmacokinetics and efficacy

The present invention concerns multimeric complexes based on antibody fusion proteins comprising an ad moiety attached to the c-terminal end of each antibody light chain. The complexes further comprise effector moities attached to ddd moieties.
Ibc Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Method for determining moving mass of a door system

A method for determining moving mass of a door system, actuated by a motor, wherein a) the motor electrical output, which is converted into mechanical output, is measured, b) the electrical output is summed during opening and/or closure, starting from the beginning of the actuation of the mass by the motor from initial rest until an end rest position is reached following completion of the actuation to determine energy losses, c) measurement of the maximum speed of the mass of the door system is measured during opening and/or closure, d) the electrical output provided by the motor from the initial rest position of the mass of the door system until achieving the maximum speed v thereof is summed, and the obtained energy value is reduced by the energy losses occurring up to this time point to determine the mass of the door system from the obtained kinetic energy.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Apparatus for rebounding soccer balls

An apparatus is provided for rebounding a soccer ball to a user, in response to the soccer ball engaging the apparatus. The apparatus includes first and second legs for supporting the apparatus on a surface, and a rebounding member coupled to the first and second legs for use in rebounding the soccer ball to the user.
Soccer Advantage, Llc

Infusion pump drug delivery profiles, systems, and methods

Embodiments relate generally to drug delivery infusion profiles that can be transferred and executed on infusion pumps without the need for loading new firmware. Particularly, embodiments relate to integrating and/or editing delivery profiles for execution infusion systems.
Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

Novel animal models for evaluating pharmaceutical compounds

The application relates to methods for determining a parameter such as toxicity and pharmacokinetic behavior for a pharmaceutical compound against a disease or disorder. The test animals being used are non-human animals not suffering from or is not showing symptoms or signs of the disorder and which do not provoke an immune response against said pharmaceutical compound.
Imcyse Sa

Poly(vinyl benzoate) nanoparticles for molecular delivery

The present invention comprises poly(vinyl benzoate) nanoparticle suspensions as molecular carriers. These nanoparticles can be formed by nanoprecipitation of poly(vinyl benzoate) in water using pluronic f68 as surfactant, to create spherical nanostructures measuring about 200-250 nm in diameter which are stable in phosphate buffer and blood serum, and only slowly degrade in the presence of esterases.
University Of South Florida

Stator disc and axial flux permanent magnet apparatus

The present disclosure describes a stator disc and an axial-flux permanent magnet kinetic energy device. The stator disc comprises: a substrate (110), a plurality of windings (120); at least one connecting conductor (130); and at least one current-terminal connection conductor (140); wherein: the substrate is provided with an axle hole (111); the at least one connecting conductor is formed in the substrate; all or some of the plurality of the windings are independent of one another, disposed on the substrate, and all or partially connected via the at least one connecting conductor; and the at least one current-terminal connection conductor is formed in the substrate to connect one of the plurality of the windings and a phase current..
Hubei Haishan Technology Co., Ltd.

Microorganism sorting system and method

A microorganism evaluation system comprising a first viewing section, wherein a first fluid flow supplies and passes through the first viewing section, the first fluid flow defining a first fluid flow rate, a relatively smaller second viewing section, wherein a second fluid flow supplies and passes through the second viewing section, the second fluid flow defining a second fluid flow rate, and an isokinetic probe positioned so as to sample from the first fluid flow so as to provide the second fluid flow.. .
Sobru Solutions, Inc.

Enhancing the physical properties of semi-crystalline polymers via solid-state shear pulverization

Solid-state shear pulverization of semi-crystalline polymers and copolymers thereof and related methods for enhanced crystallization kinetics and physical/mechanical properties.. .

Kinetically controlled sol-gel doping method

A new kinetically-controlled sol-gel doping method in which a dopant is applied to a sol-gel material during the transition (gelation) phase, rather than before or after the transition phase to an alcogel.. .
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma

Paired laser and electrokinetic separation, manipulation, and analysis device

The combined value of integrating optical forces and electrokinetics allows for the pooled separation vectors of each to be applied, providing for separation based on combinations of features such as size, shape, refractive index, charge, charge distribution, charge mobility, permittivity, and deformability. The interplay of these separation vectors allow for the selective manipulation of analytes with a finer degree of variation.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Catalytic effects of oxygen carrier based chemicl-looping reforming of ch4 with co2

The invention relates to ceo2 and la2o3 for catalyzing fe2o3—al2o3 based chemical-looping reforming of ch4 with co2 (cl-drm). The reaction performance of all the composite oxygen carriers was evaluated in a fixed-bed reactor at atmospheric pressure condition.
University Of Wyoming

Gadolinium complex comprising do3a-tranexamic acid conjugate

The present disclosure relates to a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) contrast agent containing a gadolinium complex, and more specifically, to a do3a-tranexamic acid compound having a structure of a chemical formula 1, or an ester compound thereof, and gadolinium complexes thereof. The do3a-tranexamic acid compound or the ester compound thereof may be used to prepare gadolinium complexes.
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

All natural, non-toxic sublingual drug delievery systems

All natural non-toxic sublingual delivery systems improve absorption and onset profiles for numerous actives, along with bioavailability and pharmacokinetics results that are better than expected for families of moieties compounds and legacy-patented formulations.. .
Scilabs Pharmaceuticals

Water-in-oil type emulsion for treating a disease of the eye

A composition is described herein for administering with a sustained release kinetic a therapeutically effective amount of a therapeutic agent to a subject in need thereof for treating diseases or conditions of the eye, wherein the composition is an water-in-oil type emulsion comprising an oil phase, a lipophilic surfactant dissolved in the oil phase, an aqueous phase dispersed in the oil phase, a hydrophilic therapeutic agent dissolved in the aqueous dispersed phase, and wherein the composition is intraocularly injectable, wherein the composition has a density lower than 1. Some embodiments also relate to a pharmaceutical composition or to a medicament comprising a composition described herein, and to a method for treating a condition or disease of the eye comprising administering a therapeutic amount of a composition described herein..
Santen Sas

Reduced reel motor disturbances in a tape drive system

An apparatus according to one embodiment includes a motor having: a rotor, a magnet, and a damping layer positioned between the rotor and the magnet. The damping layer is constructed of a material characterized by converting kinetic energy into heat..
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and analyzing protein-protein interaction on single-molecule level within the cellular environment

A method of analyzing protein-protein interactions includes binding the first proteins to the substrate where the first proteins are tagged with the first markers which bind specifically to the biomolecules immobilized on the substrate or the first proteins bind specifically to the biomolecules immobilized on the substrate; incubating the substrate bound first proteins with cell lysate containing the second proteins which are tagged with second markers; analyzing the interactions between the first proteins and the second proteins in the cell lysate, and obtaining the first analytic value representing the kinetic picture of the interactions; incubating the substrate bound first proteins with cell lysate mixture of a cell lysate consisting of the second markers-tagged second proteins and another cell lysate comprising other proteins including unlabelled second proteins and obtaining the second analytic value; comparing and analyzing the first and the second analytic values.. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Particle based immunoassay with alternating current electrokinetics

Disclosed are methods, devices and systems of an immunoassay using an alternate current electrokinetic platform. Also disclosed are methods of separating and detecting analytes from a sample using the disclosed methods..
Biological Dynamics, Inc.

Stator assembly of hydrokinetic torque converter, and making the same

A stator of a hydrokinetic torque converter comprises a stator hub having an axis, a stator belt coaxial to the axis and a plurality of stator blades extending radially outwardly between the stator hub and the stator belt. Each of the stator blades has radially inner and outer mounting pins.
Valeo Embrayages

Linear or rotary actuator using electromagnetic driven hammer as prime mover

We claim a hammer driven actuator that uses the fast-motion, low-force characteristics of an electro-magnetic or similar prime mover to develop kinetic energy that can be transformed via a friction interface to produce a higher-force, lower-speed linear or rotary actuator by using a hammering process to produce a series of individual steps. Such a system can be implemented using a voice-coil, electro-mechanical solenoid or similar prime mover.
Dynamic Structures And Materials

Removal of ozone from electrokinetic devices

Electrokinetic devices and methods are described with the purpose of propelling a dielectric fluid medium, usually air, and optionally collecting assayable agents from the medium. Electrokinetic flow may be induced by the use of plasma generation at high voltage electrodes and consequent transport of charged particles in an electric voltage gradient.
Inspirotec, Inc.

Hydrokinetic system

A hydrokinetic system for generating electricity from hydropower, the system comprising a floatable or floating structure for mooring, the structure comprising: a generally horizontal rotor (12); a deflector (13, 15) for deflecting impinging water to an undershoot flow-path and to an overtopping flow-path to rotate the rotor; and a generator for generating electricity from rotation of the rotor. Networking of the system is also described, as is an anchor for mooring and a method of mooring..
Pliosaur Energy Ltd.

Surface level follow-up arrangement for a wave energy re-covery system

This invention relates to a surface level follow-up arrangement for a wave energy recovery unit where the wave energy recovery unit comprises at least a panel element hinged at its lower edge onto the base at the bottom of the sea with the help of one or more support structures and one or more support shafts to make a reciprocating motion in response to kinetic energy of waves or tidal currents. The arrangement comprises at least a surface level follow-up means capable to change the vertical position of the upper edge of the reciprocating panel element along with the change of the vertical position of the surface level caused by a tidal fluctuation.
Aw-energy Oy

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  • Rectilinear
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