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Sound reproduction apparatus, a non-transitory computer readable medium, and a sound reproduction-correction method
According to one embodiment, a loudspeaker is provided in a case of an earphone. The case closes an external auditory canal extended from a tympanum of a listener. The earphone has an opening toward the external auditory canal. In an apparatus for generating a sound reproduction to the loudspeaker, a storage...

Method of forming electronic components with reactive filters
An electronic component comprising a half bridge adapted for operation with an electrical load having an operating frequency is described. The half bridge comprises a first switch and a second switch each having a switching frequency, the first switch and the second switch each including a first terminal, a second terminal,...

Clock generation device, electronic apparatus, moving object, and clock generation method
A clock generation device generates a clock signal which has a predetermined number of clocks for each predetermined time in such a way that a clock signal (32.768 kHz+α (α is zero or a positive number)) is input and some clocks of the clock signal are masked....

Method and system for a feedback transimpedance amplifier with sub-40khz low-frequency cutoff
A system for a feedback amplifier with sub-40khz low-frequency cutoff is disclosed and may include amplifying electrical signals received via coupling capacitors utilizing an amplifier having feedback paths comprising source followers and feedback resistors. Gate terminals of the source followers may be coupled to output terminals of the amplifier circuit. The...

Method and device for producing commercial milk and milk having reduced biological activity of exosomal ribonucleic acids
Microribonucleic acids (abbreviated: miRs) which are present in milk, in particular cow's milk, are a serious health risk which was previously unrecognized by science as contributing to the development of the diseases of civilization, such as overweight, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Those diseases may be counteracted by inactivating undesirable biological...

White-colored copper alloy with reduced nickel content
Disclosed is a white-colored copper alloy comprising by weight up to 30% zinc, up to 20% manganese, up to 5% nickel with the balance copper. This alloy may have from 6% to 25% zinc, from 4% to 17% manganese, from 0.1% to 3.5% nickel and the balance copper. The balance copper...

Led lighting device using ballast
An LED lighting device includes: an LED unit which includes at least one LED device; and a rectifier which rectifies a current power signal output from the ballast and transfers the rectified current power signal to the LED unit. When the ballast is a low-frequency ballast having an output frequency less...

Impedance monitors, electrode arrays and methods of use
A portable bioelectric impedance monitor for monitoring extracellular fluid levels includes a tetrapolar electrode array lead with four electrodes arranged sequentially and axially along the lead, and circuitry coupled with the at least four electrodes configured to measure bioelectric impedance extracellular fluid in a human subject at a frequency of less...

Iridium oxide coating with cauliflower morphology for functional electrical stimulation applications
An iridium oxide coating for application on an external surface of an electrode of a medical lead is described. The iridium coating is applied using pulse DC sputtering. The coating provides the electrode with an increased double layer capacitance and a reduced electrical impedance. The iridium oxide coating is characterized as...

Medical assembly using short pulse fiber laser
A method of ablating a solid substance within a mammalian body is presented. The method includes generating a superheated zone within the body using a fiber lasing assembly that emits pulses at a pulse repetition rate of 1 kHz to 500 kHz, where each pulse has a wavelength from 1.7 micron...

Selective high frequency spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side effects, and associated systems and methods
Selective high-frequency spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side effects and associated systems and methods are disclosed. In particular embodiments, high-frequency modulation in the range of from about 1.5 KHz to about 50 KHz may be applied to the patient's spinal cord region to address low back pain without...

Bluetooth data/control message transmission module, interaction system and method thereof
A Bluetooth data/control message transmission module, an interaction device and a method thereof are provided in the present invention. The Bluetooth data/control message transmission module connects to a mobile device with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth data/control message transmission module includes a process unit, a modulation module and a Bluetooth module. The process...

Magnetic field shield for electromagnetic fields and vehicle having an integrated magnetic field shield
The invention relates to a magnetic field shield for electromagnetic fields, preferably in the frequency range of 50 Hz to 200 kHz, essentially comprising a composite sheet formed from at least three layers arranged one above the other, wherein at least one of the layers is made of electrical steel sheet...

Latent electrostatic image developing toner
A toner including: a core particle containing at least a binder resin, a colorant and a releasing agent; and a shell on a surface of the core particle, wherein the toner gives a supernatant having a transmittance of 50% to 95% with respect to light having a wavelength of 800 nm,...

Device having a delta-sigma modulator and a switching amplifier connected thereto
A delta-sigma modulator for a switching amplifier, which achieves a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in the multi-MHz range and keeps the noise-transfer function over the useful frequency range as low and as flat as possible. A series connection of a parallel-serial converter and a downstream swap element for the serial output...

Apparatus and method for detecting partial discharge at turn-to-turn insulation in motor
Apparatus and method for partial discharge detection of turn-to-turn insulation in motor has a surge generator for generating a surge voltage to the windings of the motor by applying a pulse voltage, and a partial discharge current detector for detecting partial discharge currents between the winding turns of the motor. The...

Ultrasonically enhanced seed germination system
The invention consists of a sonication and imbedding process for the uptake of water and/or other beneficial substances into a seed for the purposes of reducing the time needed for germination of a plant and the time needed for full maturity growth of the resultant plant. This invention teaches that ultrasound...

Membrane electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell, method for producing the same and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
A membrane electrode assembly for a polymer electrolyte fuel cell having higher power-generating characteristics in a high-temperature, low-humidity environment, and a polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the same. In this membrane electrode assembly for a polymer electrolyte fuel cell provided with electrode catalyst layers, which include at least a proton-exchange polymer...

Controlling stability in anr devices
Stability is provided in an active noise reduction (ANR) headphone by measuring a sound field to generate an input signal, filtering and applying a variable gain to the input signal to produce a first filtered signal using a first filter and a variable gain amplifier in an ANR signal pathway, outputting...

Dual-mode crystal oscillator
A dual-mode crystal oscillator includes a single AT-cut quartz crystal piece, a package, and an integrated circuit. The integrated circuit includes an oscillation circuit configured to cause the AT-cut quartz crystal piece to oscillate at a frequency in the MHz band, a dividing circuit configured to divide the frequency in the...

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