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Bone resector
A bone resector tool () comprises an ultrasonic transducer (), typically generating longitudinal mode vibrations at around 40 kHz, and having an elongate blade portion () mounted thereto. The transducer () and blade portion () are mounted to a rotatably-drivable converter element (). Rotation of the converter element () produces reciprocal...

Radio data system monophonic demodulation
A method of switching between Coherent and Non-Coherent demodulation based on computed metrics, in cases where stereo FM broadcasting stations do not adhere to RDS broadcast specifications. Re-utilizes existing hardware to demodulate RDS data in mono. The residual frequency offset is resolved using a Non Coherent demodulator and a time tracking...

Lighting device
A remote control light receiver receives the infrared rays from an infrared LED incorporated in a remote control unit operated by the user, extracts the signal transmitted from the remote control unit, and outputs the extracted signal to a control microcomputer. The carrier frequency of the signal transmitted from the remote...

Audio signal processing
A method and apparatus for determining if there is a stream of video signals corresponding with a stream of audio signals. If the sample rate of a digital bitstream including is determined. if the sample rate is 48m kHz (where m is an integer), it is determined that there are video...

Wide band field response measurement for glucose determination
A method and device for determining the glucose level in living tissue are based on measuring the response of the tissue an electric field as well as temperature measurements. In order to improve accuracy, it has been found that measurements in at least three frequency ranges between 1 kHz and 200...

Arc fault detection method and apparatus
Load current from an electrical AC supply circuit is monitored so that both high frequency (10-100 kHz), and low frequency (60 Hz) signal current components are measured over certain time periods. A high frequency energy component is measured in an integral fashion, e.g., summing a plurality of samples taken. A certain...

Continuous process assisted by ultrasound of variable frequency and amplitude for the preparation of nanocomposites based on polymers and nanoparticles
The invention relates to a continuous mixing/extrusion method, assisted by ultrasound waves with a variable amplitude and frequency, for the preparation of nanocompounds based on polymers, preferably thermoplastics and nanoparticles, at a concentration of up to 60 wt.-% of the total weight of the polymer/nanoparticle mixture. According to the invention, the...

Abnormality detection system, abnormality detection method, and recording medium
Disclosed is an abnormality detection system that accurately detects abnormalities that arise in a device. The abnormality detection system which detects abnormalities that arise in a plasma processing device is provided with: a plurality of ultrasonic sensors which detects acoustic emissions (AE), which cause abnormalities to arise; a...

Sound localizing robot
There is provided a biomimetic robot modelling the highly directional lizard ear. Since the directionality is very robust, the neural processing is very simple. This mobile sound localizing robot can therefore easily be miniaturized. The invention is based on a simple electric circuit emulating the lizard ear acoustics with sound input...

Fast response temperature measurement within a gas turbine
A fast response temperature probe which may be used for a method for measuring an instantaneous temperature of a periodically changing fluid flow within a gas turbine is proposed. The temperature probe includes a substrate and a resistive element arranged at a surface of the substrate. Therein, at least at a...

Inter-diver signaling device and process
Taps on a beam-interrupt button of an underwater signaling transceiver are encoded as binary frequency shift-key modulated Golay codes, which are transmitted via 56-58 kHz compression waves generated by a ring-shaped electromechanical transducer. Light emitting diodes flash to signal the content of received signals and provide monitoring of the distance between...

6 khz and above gas discharge laser system
A system and method of operating a high repetition rate gas discharge laser system. The system includes a gas discharge chamber having a hot chamber output window heated by the operation of the gas discharge laser chamber, an output laser light pulse beam path enclosure downstream of the hot chamber window...

System and method for investigating sub-surface features of a rock formation with acoustic sources generating conical broadcast signals
A method of interrogating a formation includes generating a conical acoustic signal, at a first frequency—a second conical acoustic signal at a second frequency each in the between approximately 500 Hz and 500 kHz such that the signals intersect in a desired intersection volume outside the borehole. The method further includes...

High density wireless system
A method and apparatus for communicating within a wireless microphone system having a plurality of audio channels. The method includes the steps of dividing a small block of radio frequency spectrum associated with a single television broadcast channel into a plurality of at least 20 contiguous subchannels that are also contiguous...

Sonic wave pinch detection system and method for a movable panel
A pinch detector for a movable panel is provided having a deformable and resilient channel; a sonic wave transmitter at one end of the channel having a predetermined output; a sonic wave receiver at a second end of the channel; and a controller connected to the transmitter and receiver; wherein the...

Mobile phone and echo reduction method therefore
A foldable mobile phone relating to the present invention includes: a first housing that includes a speaker, a receiver and a receiver hole; and a second housing that includes a microphone and a microphone hole, the receiver hole and the microphone hole each being covered with a waterproof film, and the...

spherical encoded beads
The present application discloses spherical polymer bead comprising embedded therein an ultrasonic identification chip, said chip comprising one or more resonator cavities, the dimensions of each of the one or more resonator cavities giving rise to an ultrasonic resonance frequency of 20 kHz or more. The application also discloses a bead...

Synchronous fader processing in audio systems
An audio processing system includes user-operable analog controls for real time control of audio, whose outputs are digitized synchronously with the audio to be controlled. Audio and control information sampling rates are 44.1 kHz or higher, resolution of the audio samples is 24-bit, and that of the control samples between 8-bit...

Measurement and use of in-socket residual limb volume change data for prosthetic fitting
Changes in the volume of residual limbs on which prosthetic sockets are worn can be measured based on bioimpedance measurements along one or more segments of the limb. A current at an appropriate frequency (e.g., in the range from 1 kHz to 1 MHz) is injected at two current electrodes that...

Method and apparatus for the generation of short-wavelength radiation by means of a gas discharge-based high-frequency, high-current discharge
The invention is related to a gas discharge-based radiation source which emits short-wavelength radiation, wherein an emitter is ionized and compressed by pulse-shaped currents between two electrodes arranged in a vacuum chamber and is excited to form an emitting plasma. According to the invention, the plasma is preserved by means of...

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