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Selective high frequency spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side effects, and associated systems and methods
Selective high-frequency spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side effects and associated systems and methods are disclosed. In particular embodiments, high-frequency modulation in the range of from about 1.5 KHz to about 50 KHz may be applied to the patient's spinal cord region to address low back pain without...

Method for shrink and tune trench/via cd
A method for etching with CD reduction, an etch layer disposed below a silicon containing mask layer under a patterned organic mask with features with a first CD. Features are opened in the silicon containing mask layer using the patterned organic mask, comprising providing an opening gas with an etchant component...

Spherical sound source for acoustic measurements
Spherical sound source comprising two coaxial loudspeakers and two mid-high frequency compression drivers. Low frequencies are radiated by the two low-frequency sections of the coaxial loudspeakers. Mid-frequencies 500 Hz-2000 Hz are radiated by the two mid-high frequency compression drivers. High-frequencies 2 kHz-10 kHz are radiated in the horizontal plane by the...

Method for manufacturing quartz crystal resonator, quartz crystal unit and quartz crystal oscillator
In a method for manufacturing a quartz crystal resonator, the method comprising the steps of: forming a quartz crystal tuning fork resonator having a quartz crystal tuning fork base, and first and second quartz crystal tuning fork tines; forming at least one groove in at least one of opposite main surfaces...

Acoustic therapy device
The present disclosure provides a device for transmitting focused acoustic energy from a tissue surface of a face of a user to at least one sinus. The device includes a power supply; a signal source configured to provide a waveform of at least 20 kHz that is configured to increase a...

Inductively coupled plasma ion source with multiple antennas for wide ion beam
A wide ion beam source includes a plurality of RF windows arranged in a predetermined relationship, a single plasma chamber disposed on a first side of the plurality of RF windows, a plurality of RF antennas, each RF antenna of the plurality of RF antennas disposed on a second side of...

Electric arc welder system with waveform profile control for cored electrodes
An electric arc welder for creating a welding process in the form of a succession of AC waveforms between a particular type of cored electrode, with a sheath and core, and a workpiece by a power source comprising a high frequency switching device for creating the individual waveforms in the succession...

Etch with mixed mode pulsing
A method for etching a dielectric layer disposed below a patterned organic mask with features, with hardmasks at bottoms of some of the organic mask features is provided. An etch gas is provided. The etch gas is formed into a plasma. A bias RF with a frequency between 2 and 60...

Sexual function enhancement composition made from urechis unicinctus extract contained as effective component manufactured by way of high temperature and high pressure process and ultrasonic wave process
Disclosed are a pharmaceutical composition for a sexual function improvement, an erection dysfunction therapy agent containing the urechis unicinctus as an effective component, a health function food for a sexual function improvement and a method for preparing an urechis unicinctus extract with a sexual function improvement activation each of which contains...

Driving device and driving method for discharge lamp, light source device, and projector
A light source device includes a discharge lamp including a pair of electrodes arranged to be opposed to each other in a hollow section in which a discharge medium is encapsulated and a driving device. The driving device includes a supplying unit configured to supply an alternating current having a frequency...

Oil and gas riser spider with low frequency antenna apparatus and method
Apparatus and methods for tracking a plurality of marine riser assets are provided. Part of a riser lifecycle monitoring system, the apparatus can include an oil and gas riser spider to connect a plurality of riser pipe sections during assembly of a riser pipe string. The riser spider forms an annulus...

Separator for electrochemical device and process for preparing the same
The present invention relates to a process for preparing a separator for an electrochemical device, including the steps of: applying a slurry including at least cellulose fibers and a hydrophilic pore former with a boiling point of 180° C. or more onto a substrate; drying the slurry to form a sheet...

Azo compound and ink containing the compound
An object of the present invention is to provide an ink containing an azo compound which is excellent in solubility in a solvent and has a high extinction coefficient. The present invention relates to an ink comprising a solvent having a relative permittivity of 3 or less, as measured at a...

Dry etching method and device manufacturing method
A dry etching method of etching a conductive material layered on a dielectric material, comprising: using a mixed gas including a halogen gas and an oxygen gas as an etching gas, a mixing ratio of the oxygen gas in the mixed gas being equal to or greater than 30% and equal...

High resolution millimeter wave digitally controlled oscillator with reconfigurable distributed metal capacitor passive resonators
A novel and useful millimeter-wave digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) that achieve a tuning range greater than 10% and fine frequency resolution less than 1 MHz. Switched metal capacitors are distributed across a passive resonator for tuning the oscillation frequency. To obtain sub-MHz frequency resolution, tuning step attenuation techniques are used that...

Single channel suppression of impulsive interferences in noisy speech signals
Methods and apparatus for reducing impulsive interferences in a signal, without necessarily ascertaining a pitch frequency in the signal, detect onsets of the impulsive interferences by searching a spectrum of high-energy components for large temporal derivatives that are correlated along frequency and extend from a very low frequency up, possibly to...

Ultrashort laser pulse wafer scribing
Systems and methods are provided for scribing wafers with short laser pulses so as to reduce the ablation threshold of target material. In a stack of material layers, a minimum laser ablation threshold based on laser pulse width is determined for each of the layers. The highest of the minimum laser...

Flexible piezocapacitive and piezoresistive force and pressure sensors
Flexible force/pressure sensors for producing electrical output signals proportional to forces or pressures exerted on the sensor include a thin, elastically deformable foam pad laminated between a pair of electrically conducive fabric sheets. A piezocapacitive embodiment of the sensor utilizes an elastically deformable perforated open-cell polyurethane foam pad preferably saturated with...

Vermin repelling device and method
A device and a method are provided for repelling animals, namely vermin. The device is electrically powered and includes a sound emitter; and a circuit operatively connected to the sound emitter to cause the sound emitter to produce an ultrasonic sound to discourage the vermin from at least one of entering...

Device and method for secondary dental caries diagnosis
A device for secondary caries detection characterized in that it contains a current generating block in its casing (), advantageously equipped with the high linearity amplifiers, the current having the form of sinusoidally varying signal, advantageously with one frequency chosen from the range of frequencies from 200 Hz to 100 kHz...

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