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Audio speaker arrangement
A speaker arrangement comprises a first sound transducer () for reproducing sound in a lower frequency range and having a first on-axis direction and a first centre point. The arrangement further comprises a second sound transducer () for reproducing sound in a higher frequency range, the second sound transducer () being...

Method and system for audio codec voice adc processing
Methods and systems for audio CODEC voice ADC processing are disclosed. Aspects of one method may include using a decimating filter that may be enabled to generate 13 MHz, 9-level digital output signal from a 26 MHz, 3-level digital input signal. The 13 MHz, 9-level digital output signal may be processed...

Oil and gas riser spider with low frequency antenna apparatus and method
An apparatus and methods for tracking a plurality of marine riser assets is provided. Part of a riser lifecycle monitoring system, the apparatus can include an oil and gas riser spider to connect a plurality of riser pipe sections during assembly of a riser pipe string. The riser spider forms an...

Reflection-minimized photonic crystal and device utilizing same
A photonic crystal structure that is composed of a host media having periodic dielectric holes disposed in the media at a period of ah. Each dielectric hole has a radius rh. The host media has an absolute refractive index expressed as |nh| that is less than 0.2. The photonic crystal structure...

Earphone microphone
An earphone microphone is constituted of a main unit and an insert portion which are united in an L-shape. Two receivers are attached to the external surface of the main unit and exposed externally of a user's ear, whilst one receiver is attached to a distal end of the insert portion...

Ultrasonic wave generator
An ultrasonic wave generator includes an ultrasound generating assembly, a power supply and a controller. The ultrasound generating assembly includes a thermoacoustic film comprising a carbon nanotube film, a first electrode and a second electrode. The first and second electrodes are connected to opposite ends of the thermoacoustic film. The power...

Device for applying high-frequency vibrations to hair for removing same
A device for applying vibrations to hair rooted in a body, includes: a pair of tongs having hair-gripping ends capable of being driven into high-frequency vibrations with respect to each other; and a transducer coupled to at least one of the tongs for converting an AC voltage to mechanical vibrations for...

Microelectromechanical system testing device
The invention provides a microelectromechanical system testing device, comprising an acoustic chamber having two opposing walls; a sound source for generating sound within the acoustic chamber at a first frequency in the range of 20 Hz to 10 kHz, the sound source being arranged at one of the opposing walls; and...

System and method for producing nanomaterials
This system and method for producing nanomaterials allows for the production of relatively high concentrations of nanoparticles with a minimum of expense, time and energy. Ultrasonic waves, produced at a power of approximately 50 W with a frequency of 26.23 kHz, are projected on a material sample while, simultaneously, a fluid...

Fire and emergency warning and locator system
Devices, systems, and methods for locating remote objects and notifying animals that alarms are active comprising detecting an alarm signal with an alarm sensor and a processor in communication with the alarm sensor and transmitting a locator signal and/or an audio signal having a frequency greater than 20 kHz in response...

Microphone unit
A microphone unit includes a case; a diaphragm arranged inside the case; and an electric circuit unit that processes an electric signal generated in accordance with vibration of the diaphragm. The case has a first sound introducing space that introduces a sound from outside of the case to a first surface...

Method for preventing deterioration of edible oil or industrial oil and apparatus therefor
A fluororesin-coated electric wire cable is wound around a ring-shaped groove defined by an outer periphery of a cylinder and two flange edges immersed in an edible oil in a tank, forming each oscillating unit having a coil part; and the oscillating units are connected to an electromagnetic wave generator through...

Composition for forming high dielectric film for film capacitor
The present invention provides a high dielectric film for a film capacitor obtained by molding a film forming composition for a film capacitor comprising a thermoplastic resin (A) and surface-treated high dielectric inorganic particles (B) obtained by treating the surfaces of high dielectric inorganic particles (b1) having a dielectric constant (20°...

Scanning charged particle microscope
When a scanning image of a scanning charged particle microscope is impaired by an external disturbance, a disturbance frequency can be simply and precisely analyzed from the image in order to specify the external disturbance. The maximum frequency analyzable by the scanning charged particle microscope can also be increased up to...

Wireless environment method and apparatus
A method and apparatus are provided for a first controlled device, such as a wireless local transmitter that accepts a plurality of digital audio signals and corresponding program information signals converted from a controlled source, such as the encoded digital data provided by a digital data signal source, typically a community...

Methods for high-rate sputtering of a compound semiconductor on large area substrates
Methods are generally provided for sputtering thin films on individual substrates. Individual substrates can be conveyed into a vacuum chamber to draw a sputtering pressure that is less than about 50 mTorr. Then, the individual substrates can be conveyed into a sputtering chamber and past a planar magnetron continuously sputtering a...

Methods of protein processing and product
This disclosure relates to the use of power ultrasound to provide for whey protein solutions with low turbidity. In one embodiment, power ultrasound is applied using a 20 kHz generator at between about 3 W and about 15 W. Power ultrasound may be applied for different application times, including, but not...

Ultrasound and acoustophoresis technology for separation of oil and water, with application to produce water
Several prototype systems are described for separating oil and water from emulsions. The systems operate at ultrasonic resonance and are thus low power. Each system contains one or more acoustic transducers operating in the 100 kHz to 5 MHz range. Each system contains flow input for the emulsion and two or...

Optimized bonding wire
Any two segments of a wire bonded on two bond pads at different elevations can be distinguished by a stationary node (or zero-displacement) during its second-mode vibration. In order to boost the natural frequency of such a bond wire to avoid a second-mode resonance occurring at the lowest frequency in the...

Method of patterning thin metal films
A Cu interconnect is formed with improved directionality and smoothness. Embodiments include wet etching Cu while applying a pulsing electric current. An embodiment includes forming a Cu layer, and patterning the Cu layer by exposing it to a wet etching solution which includes a passivating surface active agent while simultaneously applying...

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