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Keypad patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Keypad-related patents
 Multifunction, portable communication device patent thumbnailnew patent Multifunction, portable communication device
A multifunction, portable communication device is provided with a solar cell disposed on a top surface, a usb port disposed on an edge, a pcb electrically connected to the usb port, a keypad disposed on the top surface and electrically connected to the pcb, a rechargeable battery electrically connected to both the solar cell and the pcb, and an ir heating member electrically connected to the pcb, the keypad, and the rechargeable battery respectively, the ir heating member including an electromagnetic radiation member.. .
 Method of performing keypad input in a portable terminal and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Method of performing keypad input in a portable terminal and apparatus
A method for performing keypad input in a portable terminal is provided. The method includes displaying, on a touch screen, a keypad and an operating zone; detecting a first user operation performed in the operating zone; identifying, by a processor, a key from the keypad, the key being identified based on the first user operation; and inputting the selected key..
 Systems and methods for secured entry of user authentication data patent thumbnailSystems and methods for secured entry of user authentication data
Techniques for improving security of transactions requesting user authentication data entry via mobile devices are described herein. The mobile device is configured to wirelessly communicate using a near field communications (nfc) standard used to communicate over very short distances.
 Validating a transaction with a secure input and a non-secure output patent thumbnailValidating a transaction with a secure input and a non-secure output
In accordance with the invention, in order to validate a transaction on a mobile handset, pc, tablet or similar device, a user closes the loop between a non-secure display controlled by a host processor and a secure keypad controlled by a secure processor such as a master secure element or trusted execution environment. The user validates the transaction by entering on the secure keypad the data shown on the non-secure display.
 Personal health management device, method and system patent thumbnailPersonal health management device, method and system
The present invention generally provides personal health management devices, and corresponding systems and methods. The personal health management device generally include an electronic controller and at least one memory device which cooperate to store at least temporarily weight management data for managing the weight of at least one user, such as a user's weight, a user's body fat percentage, exercise data, food consumption data, or a combination thereof, obtained from at least one component for obtaining such data, such as a keypad, a body fat percentage sensor for measuring a user's body fat percentage, a scale for measuring a user's weight, an exercise machine, a food scale, etc, and a communications unit for communicating the data obtained to a healthcare provider for monitoring progress with respect to a weight management program over a communications network..
 Two-step switch patent thumbnailTwo-step switch
A two-stage switch (10) is provided with a click dome plate (20) having a movable contact, a keypad (30) joined to the upper surface of the dome of the dome plate (20), and a fixed contact (41) formed on a substrate (40). The fixed contact (41) comprises a first stage fixed contact (42) and second stage fixed contact (43).
 Electronic device and automatically hiding keypad method and digital data storage media patent thumbnailElectronic device and automatically hiding keypad method and digital data storage media
An electronic device and a method for displaying content on a touch screen of the electronic device are provided. The electronic device includes a touch screen configured to selectively display a keypad and a search list area, wherein a search list present in the search list area is generated according to data entered via the keypad; and a processor coupled to the touch screen.
 Light guide module for keypad patent thumbnailLight guide module for keypad
A light guide module includes a touch plate, a light guide plate, an induction plate, a transparent double sided tape, a reflective double sided tape and a light source. The transparent double sided tape is adhered between the touch plate and the light guide plate.
 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent thumbnailMobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal including a touchscreen configured to display a keypad including a plurality of key buttons having assigned first alphabet characters, respectively; and a controller configured to receive a first key input of a first key button of the plurality of key buttons, to display a first alphabet character corresponding to the first key input on a display portion of the mobile terminal, to predict a word that starts with the first alphabet character, to receive a second key input of the first key button after the first key input, and to display a second alphabet character included in the predicted word on the display portion based on the second key input.. .
 Detection circuit for flexible printed circuit connection integrity patent thumbnailDetection circuit for flexible printed circuit connection integrity
Provided is a connection detector assembly for detecting a connected state between a keypad and a processor along a flexible circuit. The assembly comprises a keypad with a plurality of buttons, each button including button contacts.
Automated teller machine with an encrypting card reader and an encrypting pin pad
A banking system operates responsive to data read from data bearing records. The system includes an automated banking machine comprising a card reader.
Apparatus for securing electronic transactions using secure electronic signatures
Chip card for an electronic transaction including a display, a keypad, a network interface, a processing unit, a microcontroller and a memory area for signature information and/or key information, characterised by a means which enables the chip card to connect to a host system via the network interface so as to appear to the host system as an integrated card reader with inserted chip card, whereby the transaction data relating to the chip card are received by the host system via the network interface for presentation on the display so that the transaction data can be confirmed by key input on the keypad, provided with the signature, and then sent to the pc.. .
Keypad apparatus for use with electronic devices and related methods
A keypad apparatus and related methods are disclosed herein. An example keypad apparatus includes an electrical switch and a carrier composed of a plastic resin.
Inquiry-oriented user input apparatus and method
User input from a reduced keypad is disambiguated and compared with a first dynamic lexicon, and predicted matches (e.g. Either a single word or phrase) are offered.
Apparatus and method to attract potential customers to a dual screen coupon kiosk
The dual screen coupon kiosk is an apparatus that attracts potential customers with a prominent display and provides the potential customers with an easy-to-use interface. The dual screen coupon kiosk comprises a touch screen, a card reader, a gift certificate scanner, a printer, a keypad, and a user login receiver.
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent service using inputted character in a user device
A method of providing a service using a keypad is provided. The method includes displaying a text box and a keypad on an executed screen, inputting a start identifier according to a selection of a smart conversion button of the keypad, inputting a command after the identifier, inputting a termination identifier after the command, performing an intelligent service according to the command when the termination identifier is inputted, and outputting a result according to the intelligent service in the text box..
Medical device with membrane keypad sealing element, and related manufacturing method
A device for delivering fluid to a user includes a housing, a drive motor assembly in the housing, other internal components in the housing, and a keypad external to the housing. The device includes a number of features and elements that enhance its operation, manufacturability, reliability, and user-friendliness.
Method of processing touch input for mobile device
Reducing a touch input error rate for a touchscreen-enabled mobile device by displaying a keypad on the touchscreen; detecting a touch applied to the touchscreen; extracting, when the touch is released, a first set of coordinates; executing a function corresponding to a first key value mapped to the first set of coordinates from a key value table corresponding to the keypad; selecting a second set of coordinates within a predetermined threshold distance from the first set of coordinates, wherein a second key value is mapped to the second set of coordinates; and updating the key value table by changing the second key value for the second set of coordinates to the first key value.. .
Interchangeable input modules associated with varying languages
Interchangeable input modules, such as keypads, having user input devices configured to mate with base devices are described herein. The user input devices may include pluralities of inputs, such as input keys, associated with languages.
Method and apparatus by using touch screen to implement functions of touch screen and keypad
The present invention discloses a method and apparatus by using touch screen to implement functions of touch screen and keypad, to increase one extra function, keypad, in a touch display. The purpose can be achieved by adding one data processor and modifying firmware of video processor.
Medical symbol keypad
The present invention is a medical symbol keypad that includes a plurality of keys that each have a top surfacing that are disposed on the medical symbol keypad and a plurality of medical symbols that are disposed on the top surfacing of the keys. The medical symbol keyboard includes a software module that is included with the medical symbol keypad, the software module performs a plurality of operations associated with the medical symbol keypad and a downloadable app that is similar to the software module provided on the medical symbol keypad..
Automatic touchpad turn-off in a computing device
A method includes sensing data related to a presence of at least a portion of a hand of a user of a computing device when the user is typing using a keyboard or a keypad of the computing device located proximate a touchpad thereof through one or more sensor(s) communicatively coupled to a processor of the computing device and located proximate both the keyboard or the keypad and the touchpad, and transmitting the sensed data to the processor. The method also includes automatically turning off the touchpad through a driver component thereof when the processor determines the presence of at least the portion of the hand of the user when the user is typing using the keyboard or the keypad based on the received sensed data..
Image recognition system for a vehicle
An image recognition system for a vehicle that may include: at least one camera mounted within an interior of the vehicle, where camera monitors a driver of the vehicle; an operating system controlling the at least one camera, where the operating system includes image recognition software, a database of authorized users based upon user images, an interconnection to a vehicle control system and a processor; and a keypad, where the keypad enables the entry of authorized users into the database of authorized users. A first camera of the recognition system may be positioned along a perimeter of a windshield of the vehicle and/or a second camera may be positioned adjacent to a rearview mirror of the vehicle.
User-controlled keypad advertising system
A computing device is described that is configured to incorporate a user-controlled keypad user interface that facilitates user-controlled focused advertising within a portion of the keypad. The device includes a keypad user interface comprising at least four sets of keys.
Systems, methods and apparatuses for brokering data between wireless devices, servers and data rendering devices
A system ensures security over remote controlled entries utilizing a remote control transmitter when a unique number pattern or code is entered into the user interface. The remote control transmitter can include three or more buttons (either physical or represented on a touchscreen display) whereon a unique pattern is entered in order to cause the transmitter to send its rf signal to a receiver associated with the secured entry.
Portable electronic apparatus
A portable electronic apparatus includes a main body having a top surface on which a keypad is exposed and a bottom surface disposed opposite to the top surface, a display unit disposed to be hinge-connected to the main body to rotate 360 degrees, and having a front surface to display images and a rear surface disposed opposite to the top surface, and a position fixing unit to fix the main body and the display unit at a first position where the top surface of the main body and the front surface of the display unit are in contact with each other and at a second position where the bottom surface of the main body and the rear surface of the display unit are in contact with each other by using a magnetic force.. .
Input apparatus
An input device featuring a representation means with a transparent keypad situated above a representation means, wherein the keypad consists of a multitude of transparent keys and functions are mapped to the keys of the keypad, the functions being represented by means of symbols which are displayed within an area on the representation means assigned to the respective keys.. .
Lockable container with time-controlled remote control
Apparatus for limiting access to items only during pre-determined times, a lockable container system includes a lockable container assembly and a remote control unit. The remote control unit includes an input keypad, a display, a processor, and a transmitter.
Greeting card incorporating electronics device pocket
Greeting card with an electronic screen incorporated in any way into or onto the material, are described herein having a durable body composed of heavy gauge vinyl, leather, rubber, wood, foam, cloth, or any material capable of withstanding frequent use. The incorporated screen in the durable body may be located in the front, back, or inside of the card, depending upon the size and style of the electronic device and/or the style or type of greeting message.
Keypad device
An example tamper detection mechanism may include an electrical pathway having a closed conductive configuration and being openable to prevent electrical conduction along the electrical pathway, and may further include detection circuitry connected to the electrical pathway and configured to detect a change in the resistance of the electrical pathway. The electrical pathway includes a pair of conductive pads electrically isolated from one another, and also includes a connector which in the closed conductive configuration contacts both conductive pads to form an electrical connection therebetween.
Portable device with capability for note taking while outputting content
A portable device includes a touch-screen display configured to allow a user to interface with the portable device, and a user input mechanism configured to enable a note-taking mode. Upon entering the note-taking mode, an electronic keypad is displayed in a first area of the touch-screen display, a note-taking window is provided in a second area of the touch-screen display, and a multimedia window for outputting multimedia information is provided in a third area of the touch-screen display..
Mobile communication terminal having a direct dial function using call history and method for performing the function
A mobile communication terminal call history displays call distinguishing icons representing the types of calls performed with counterparts. The call types include sent and received voice calls, video calls, and messages.
Configurable modular multi-function communication device
A configurable modular communication device (200) is composed of an information delivery module (204) and an information input module (202) that are matable to each other. The information delivery module is a single base unit that can work with a touchscreen keypad (216) or a number of modular keypad or other information input attachments.
Wi-fi router with integrated touch-screen and enhanced security features
A wi-fi router with an integrated configuration touch-screen, and method to use this integrated touch screen to provide enhanced security features. The wi-fi router, which has a wired or optical network interface, may be factory pre-configured with hard to anticipate passwords and encryption codes, thus making even its default wi-fi settings difficult to attack.
Systems and methods for generating a dynamic and localized atm keypad
The invention relates to a system and method for generating a dynamic and localized keypad in an automated teller machine (atm). This invention involves receiving the language of preference information of the atm users and retrieve the number values, texts and all other characters which are required to be displayed in the dynamic keypad.
Hybrid keypad apparatus
Hybrid keypad apparatus are disclosed herein. An example hybrid keypad apparatus includes a dome-switch assembly having a first plurality of domes composed of a first material and a second plurality of domes composed of a second material different from the first material.
Handheld electronic device that has a keypad which can be rendered ineffective, and associated method
An improved handheld electronic device is movable among a retracted configuration and a deployed configuration. Several different exemplary embodiments are described, some having two members, others having more.
System and method for displaying keypad via various types of gestures
A system and method of receiving various types of gestures and displays corresponding keypads on the mobile device are provided. The method includes receiving a keypad calling command, and arranging and displaying one or more keypad blocks on the screen of the mobile device, according to a track of the keypad calling command.
Single-wire keypad modular structure
A single-wire keypad modular structure provided with keys used in electronics device and comprising: a keypad module and a data signal transformation module; and said keypad module further comprising a number of resistances electrically connected to each other in series and a number of keys electrically connected to each other in parallel wherein (1) each of the keys links a live end and a ground end and is situated between two resistances for forming a voltage change between distinct keys and (2) the live ends are electrically connected to each other; a data signal transformation module which is based on single-wire input circuits for electrically connecting the keypad module's ground end and transform the changed input voltages to digital data signals and output to a control module for execution of corresponding functions when any of the keys is pressed down.. .
Portable electronic device having weighing function and electronic weighing system using same
A portable electronic device includes a housing, a pressure sensor, a signal processing module, an analog-to-digital converting module, a processor, and a setting keypad. The housing supports an object to be weighed.
Keypad displaying method and apparatus and recording medium storing program source for the method
A keypad displaying method is provided. The keypad displaying method includes displaying a plurality of keys in a predetermined first display area, and upon receiving a signal corresponding to a request to cyclically shift the plurality of keys, cyclically shifting the plurality of keys in response to the request.
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal including a touchscreen configured to display a keypad including keys for inputting and sending a chat content to at least one chat counterpart; a wireless communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate the chat content with the at least one chat counterpart; and a controller configured to receive a touch action on a specific key of the keypad, determine if the touch action corresponds to a preset touch manner that is different than a single short touch action on the specific key, send or input the chat content if the touch action is the single short touch action on the specific key, and provide an editing function of the chat content rather than sending or inputting the chat content if the touch action corresponds to the preset touch manner that is different than the single short touch action.. .
Battery shock absorber for a portable medical device
A device for delivering fluid to a user includes a housing, a drive motor assembly in the housing, other internal components in the housing, and a keypad external to the housing. The device includes a number of features and elements that enhance its operation, manufacturability, reliability, and user-friendliness.
Method for simplifying a swype based touch-screen keypad for fast text entry
A method, apparatus and computer program product for entering text on a touch-screen device is presented. Entry of at least one letter of a word on a virtual keypad of a touch-screen device is detected.
Virtual vehicle entry keypad and method of use thereof
Keypad indicia are integral with a window of a vehicle. The keypad indicia are formed using a ultra-violet (uv) fluorescent dye that is nearly invisible to a human eye until exposed to uv light.
Phoneword dialing in a mobile communication device having a full keyboard
A method of dialing a phoneword using a mobile communication device that has full keyboard, which maps numbers to letters differently than on standard telephone keypads. The method detects the prefix of the phoneword and proceeds to display a message on the mobile communication device to indicate that a pre-determined key needs to be pressed before entering letters of the phoneword.
Voice-operated interface for dtmf-controlled systems
An arrangement for allowing “hands-free” access to dtmf-controlled systems, such as one's voice mail messaging systems, utilizes a speech-to-dtmf tone application that monitors the communication between the user and the dtmf-controlled system. A speech recognition unit is utilized to retrieve certain voice commands (e.g., “next”, “skip”, “repeat”, “forward”, etc.) when uttered by the user.
Character input method and apparatus in portable terminal having touch screen
A character input method and apparatus in an electronic terminal are provided. The character input method includes displaying a virtual keypad having at least one key area to which a plurality of characters are associated, displaying a plurality of areas when a touch is detected on the at least one key area, detecting whether the touch includes a drag and inputting, after the drag is detected, a character mapped to an area corresponding to a point where the drag is released..
Automotive diagnostic system
A system and method is presented for diagnosing problems in a sensor, a vehicle computer and a vehicle sensor wiring harness. The diagnostic system comprises a sensor simulator configured to be selectively coupled to the vehicle computer via a wiring harness during a diagnostic mode, and to eliminate and simulate a known good sensor to the vehicle computer by way of the vehicle sensor wiring harness directly connected therebetween.
Device for controlling a coffee maker
A control module suitable for controlling a manual switch type automatic drip coffeemaker (adc) enabling the addition of fully automatic brewing start, programmable brewing strengths, programmable heater levels for keeping the coffee warm after the brewing cycle is complete, programmable shut-off time periods, automatic cleaning detector, automatic self cleaning cycle with automatic shut-off, and programmable twelve hour am/pm or twenty-four hour time format. The control module contains a micro-controller, application specific firmware, a keypad, a liquid crystal display, a control relay, a current or a voltage sensor, indicator led's, a piezo audible alarm, and power supply components..
Compact capacitive track pad
A sensing system with four projected capacitance sensing electrode pairs which allows navigation of a two dimensional space associated with a mobile terminal. Buttons within the space can be selected by mechanical switches that provide haptic feedback.
Method & system for temporary storage of firearms
Provided is a temporary secure storage system for firearms. The system is designed to provide convenient, secure storage of handguns.
Hand-held data collector with detachable scanner
Disclosed is data collection apparatus for hand use. The apparatus comprises a body and a bar code scanner.
Portable electronic reminder device
The invention is a portable electronic device that enables anyone to quickly schedule multiple voice reminders to play back at a specified time, date and frequency. Reminders can be either entered via voice command or manually via device keypad.
Turntable-mounted keypad
A keypad for controlling software, such as disk jockey (dj) software, includes a plurality of keys, each key being programmable for issuing any desired, predefined sequence of keystrokes and/or mouse commands in response to the key being pressed. At least some of the keys are laid out in a piano-style format, with those keys being programmed to direct the software to produce musical notes.
Precision measurement dispenser
A precision measurement dispenser provides for storage of a granular bulk material in a storage container that is preferably airtight. The granular material is held in a storage container which feeds a dispensing section that is preferably positioned within the storage container.
Method for providing gui for selecting broadcast channel with keypad operated by pointer and broadcast receiving apparatus thereof
A method for providing graphical user interface (gui) for selecting a broadcast channel, and a broadcast receiving apparatus having the same are provided. The gui for selecting a broadcast channel includes a keypad having a pointer to be moved by manipulation of a user on a remote control apparatus and keys selectable by the pointer, and then the user is able to input a preferred broadcast channel by using the keypad and the pointer.
In-store mobile payment
An in-store mobile payment system and method can facilitate the use of a user's mobile device to facilitate payment for products purchased at a store. The user can take a picture of a product being purchased or can take a picture of a bar code for the product.
External infusion device with remote programming, bolus estimator and/or vibration alarm capabilities
An infusion system for infusing a liquid into a body includes an external infusion device and a remote commander. The external infusion device includes a housing, a receiver, a processor and an indication device.
External infusion device with remote programming, bolus estimator and/or vibration alarm capabilities
An infusion system for infusing a liquid into a body includes an external infusion device and a remote commander. The external infusion device includes a housing, a receiver, a processor and an indication device.
Method and apparatus for inputting a character in a touch keypad
A method and apparatus for inputting characters using a touch keypad with a plurality of keys are provided, in which upon detection of a user's touch on one of the plurality of keys, a character corresponding to the touched key is acquired, a pop-up character set is generated using the acquired character and a character which has been completely input before the user's touch and displayed in an input character display area, and a touch pop-up including the pop-up character set is displayed in the vicinity of the touched key.. .
The invention provides a keypad comprising at least consonant keys and vowel keys such that the vowel keys are arranged in a column between two edge columns of consonant keys, or in a row between two edge rows of consonant keys, wherein the consonant keys other than z follow an alphabetic progression.. .
Haptic interface for portable electronic device
The application includes an apparatus connectable with a portable electronic and/or consumer electronics device that provides haptic information and/or feedback to a user of the portable electronic device. The apparatus may include one or more acousto-haptic transducers that provide at least one of audio and haptic output to a user of the portable electronic device.
Keyboard device
A keyboard device including a bottom plate, a keyboard film and button structures is provided. The keyboard film is disposed on the bottom plate and has a first electrode film, an insulating layer, and a second electrode film.
Handheld electronic device with text disambiguation
A handheld electronic device includes a reduced qwerty keyboard and is enabled with disambiguation software. The device provides output in the form of a default output and a number of variants.
Electronic device
An electronic device includes a housing, a number of keys and a keypad fixed on an inner surface of the housing under the keys. The pcb includes a plurality of edges, a plurality of cutouts having one is defined in a first edge of the edges, and a plurality of bolt holes having one is arranged adjacent to a second edge of the edges.
Rugged keypad
A tamper-resistant or tamper-evident keypad device for use in secure transactions. The keypad comprises multiple security mechanisms to prevent tampering to the device, and thus access to users' private information.
Mechanical combination lock
The present application includes a combination lock system having gears, cams, and an interference system. In one embodiment, the angular position of the cams is adjusted by a user interface through operation of the gears.
Interchangeable electronic lock
An electronic lock is interchangeable with mechanical locks in retrofit applications or as an oem lock. The lock includes interchangeable modular components.

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