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This page is updated frequently with new Jitter-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Jitter-related patents
 Minimizing network bandwidth for voice services over tdm ces patent thumbnailMinimizing network bandwidth for voice services over tdm ces
A method and system are provided for reducing bandwidth usage in tdm ces systems conveying analog data, such as voice data. A transmitting router receiving tdm frames for packetization monitors the digitized analog data in the tdm frames.
Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

 Minimizing network bandwidth for tdm ces patent thumbnailMinimizing network bandwidth for tdm ces
A method and system are provided for reducing bandwidth usage in tdm ces systems. When a transmitting router receives a signal that the status of the access circuit is other than “normal”, and that therefore any tdm data arriving over the access circuit is not valid, the transmitting router signals a receiving router at the far end of a tdm pseudowire that no packets for the tdm pseudowire will be sent, and does not send any packets over the tdm pseudowire, not even packets with empty payloads.
Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

 Using clock drift, clock skew, and network latency to enhance machine identification patent thumbnailUsing clock drift, clock skew, and network latency to enhance machine identification
Methods and systems for authenticating a user device employ a database of global network latencies categorized and searchable by location and calendar date-time of day usage, providing network latency by geography and by time. The database is constructed using voluminous daily data collected from a world-wide clientele of users who sign in to a particular website.
Paypal, Inc.

 Integrated circuit having a multiplying injection-locked oscillator patent thumbnailIntegrated circuit having a multiplying injection-locked oscillator
Methods and apparatuses featuring a multiplying injection-locked oscillator are described. Some embodiments include a pulse-generator-and-injector and one or more injection-locked oscillators.
Rambus Inc.

 Speech transcoding in packet networks patent thumbnailSpeech transcoding in packet networks
Speech transcoding in packet networks may be useful when both incoming and outgoing speech streams of the transcoding entity are packet based. This can be any transcoding entity having packet interfaces.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

 Workload optimized server for intelligent algorithm trading platforms patent thumbnailWorkload optimized server for intelligent algorithm trading platforms
Systems and methods for a workload optimized server for intelligent algorithm trading platforms. In an illustrative, non-limiting embodiment, an information handling system (ihs) may include a plurality of central processing units (cpus) and a control circuit coupled to the plurality of cpus, the control circuit having a memory configured to store program instructions that, upon execution by the control logic, cause the ihs to: set a first number of enabled cores in a first cpu to operate with a first all-core turbo frequency, and set a second number of enabled cores in a second cpu to operate with a second all-core turbo frequency, where the first number of enabled cores is different from the second number of enabled cores, and where at least one of the first or second all core turbo frequencies is selected to cause the ihs to operate with reduced execution jitter..
Dell Products, L.p.

 Low jitter tunable voltage control oscillator with self calibration  circuits to reduce chip fabrication process variation patent thumbnailLow jitter tunable voltage control oscillator with self calibration circuits to reduce chip fabrication process variation
A voltage controlled oscillator (vco) which can be configured with a smaller tuning range than is ordinarily required is presented. Ordinarily, the tuning range is selected much broader than the application warrants so that sufficient range is still provided despite vco process variations.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Control mechanism for video output patent thumbnailControl mechanism for video output
This disclosure describes a computer-implemented method for a control mechanism for video output. Additionally provided is a video stream that is generated from the video source and encoded by the video encoder, where the video stream further comprises one or more video frames with each video frame including a time stamp that includes timing and clocking information.
Clearone Communications Hong Kong Ltd.

 Capacitive touch screen display system including circuitry to address display perturbations induced by panel sensing patent thumbnailCapacitive touch screen display system including circuitry to address display perturbations induced by panel sensing
A video display includes a video display panel and a video display drive circuit configured to control a display on condition. A touch screen includes a touch screen panel (mounted on top of the video display panel) and a touch panel control and sense circuit configured to operate the touch screen panel in a self-capacitance mode.
Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

 Selectable phase or cycle jitter detector patent thumbnailSelectable phase or cycle jitter detector
Embodiments of a jitter detection circuit are disclosed that may allow for detecting both cycle and phase jitter in a clock distribution network. The jitter detection circuit may include a phase selector, a data generator, a delay chain, a logic circuit, and clocked storage elements.
Apple Inc.


Multi-stage equalization

An example apparatus for interfacing between automatic test equipment (ate) and a device under test (dut) includes: multiple stages arranged in sequence between the ate and the dut, where each of the multiple stages includes a driver, at least two of the multiple stages each includes a filter, each filter is arranged between two drivers, and each filter is configured to reduce jitter produced by a preceding driver in a signal transmitted between the ate and the dut.. .
Teradyne, Inc.


Movement compensation of firearms

In an example, the firearm includes a firearm sight and an inertial measurement unit (imu) mounted on the firearm sight. The imu configured to determine an azimuth jitter and an elevation jitter corresponding to a movement of the firearm, compute an average response of the azimuth jitter and an average response of the elevation jitter, and generate an output signal to compensate for the movement of the firearm based on the average response of the azimuth jitter and the average response of the elevation jitter.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Energy efficient highway addressable remote transducer soft modem

A method and a highway addressable remote transducer (hart) soft modem device for modulating and demodulating analog signals with hart messages are provided. A phase coherent frequency shift keying (fsk) modulator modulates and transmits analog signals with hart messages, and a phase coherent fsk demodulator receives and demodulates the analog signals with the hart messages.
Smart Embedded Systems Inc.


Automation device and reducing jitter

An automation device is provided, which comprises an operating system having a first system clock and a communication system having a second system clock. The first system clock is intended to control a system time cycle of the operating system, and the second system clock is intended to control a system time cycle of the communication system.
Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co.kg


Selection of message passing collectives in presence of system noise

Consideration of system jitter in selecting a “message passing collectives algorithm” used in a message passing interface. A set of multiple message passing collectives algorithms are ranked against each other with at least some consideration of relative jitter-related performance as between the algorithms.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for performing joint jitter and amplitude noise analysis on a real time oscilloscope

A method for determining jitter and noise of an input signal. The method includes acquiring one or more uncorrelated waveform records by an acquisition unit of a test and measurement instrument, determining a correlated waveform from the acquired waveform(s), dividing the correlated waveform into unit intervals, dividing an uncorrelated waveform into unit intervals, measuring a timing displacement (t1) between the correlated waveform and the uncorrelated waveform for each unit interval to form an apparent-jitter array ([t1]), measuring a voltage displacement (v1) between the correlated waveform and the uncorrelated waveform for reach unit interval to form an apparent-noise array ([v1]), calculating a horizontal shift (ts) between the correlated waveform and the uncorrelated waveform for each unit interval to form a compensated edge time array ([ts]), and calculating a vertical shift (vs) between the correlated waveform and the uncorrelated waveform for each unit interval to form a compensated amplitude voltage array ([vs])..
Tektronix, Inc.


Digital voltage droop monitor with clock jitter adjustment

Implementations of the present disclosure involve a system and/or method for measuring on-die voltage levels of an integrated circuit through a digital sampling circuit. In particular, the system and/or method utilize a delay line based analog-to-digital sampling circuit that produces a voltage reading over time, such as at every high frequency clock cycle.
Oracle International Corporation


High sensitivity digital voltage droop monitor for integrated circuits

Implementations of the present disclosure involve a system and/or method for measuring on-die voltage levels of an integrated circuit through a digital sampling circuit. In particular, the system and/or method utilize a delay line based analog-to-digital sampling circuit that produces a voltage reading over time, such as at every high frequency clock cycle.
Oracle International Corporation


Offset selection for error correction data

A method includes determining, at a decoder of a first device, an offset value corresponding to an offset between a first particular packet and a second particular packet. The first device includes a de-jitter buffer.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Mitigating electromigration, in-rush current effects, ir-voltage drop, and jitter through metal line and via matrix insertion

Integrated circuits and methods of manufacturing such circuits are disclosed herein that feature metal line-via matrix insertion after place and route processes are performed and/or completed for the integrated circuit's layout. The metal line-via matrix consists of one or more additional metal lines and one or more additional vias that are inserted into the integrated circuit's layout at a specific point to lower the current and current density through a first conductive path that has been determined to suffer from electromigration, ir-voltage drop, and/or jitter.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Protocol for an electronic device to receive a data packet from an external device

A protocol for transmitting data from an external device to an electronic device is provided in which the external device transmits a data stream which includes the same data packet repeated multiple times. The data packet has a predetermined length and has a header portion at a predetermined position.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Apparatuses and methods for reducing switching jitter

Described are apparatuses and methods for reducing channel physical layer (c-phy) switching jitter. An apparatus may include a pattern dependent delay circuit to detect a switching pattern of at least three data signals on respective wires and adaptively change delays of the at least three data signals based on the switching pattern.


High fidelity remote controller device for digital living room

Described herein is an intelligent remote controlling device (e.g. A mobile phone).
Invensense, Inc.


Apparatuses, methods, and systems for jitter equalization and phase error detection

Embodiments include apparatuses, methods, and systems for jitter equalization and phase error detection. In embodiments, a communication circuit may include a data path to pass a data signal and a clock path to pass a clock signal.
Intel Corporation


Method and low jitter clock recovery in wireless display extensions

An approach is provided for determining a program clock reference (pcr) value validity, for avoiding inaccurate variable delay reference (vdr) values, and for avoiding a mismatch in a data packet between a sequence number and a packet number for a wireless display extension. The approach involves determining to generate a data packet carrier having an optional pcr value, a vdr) value, and a validity indicator.


Multi-wire signaling with matched propagation delay among wire pairs

In a multi-wire channel that includes at least three wires, each unique wire pair of the multi-wire channel has approximately the same signal propagation time. In this way, jitter can be mitigated in the multi-wire channel for signaling where, for a given data transfer, a differential signal is transmitting on a particular pair of the wires and every other wire is floating.
Qualcomm Incorporated


User defined protocol for zero-added-jitter and error free transmission of layer-2 datagrams across lossy packet-switched network links

A zero-added-jitter protocol for transmission of datagrams over packet-switched networks between two or more connected microprocessor devices with negligible packet delay variation and negative acknowledgment datagram recovery. A method for the analysis and preservation of the instantaneous bitrate and packet spacing provides for the output of the datagrams to a network facing provider edge device matching in timing and inter-packet spacing, that which was originally received, along with a pre-configured time-delay for error correction.


Skew control for three-phase communication

Aspects disclosed in the detailed description include skew control for three-phase communication. A three-phase communication involves three signal branches.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Stimulus signal for simultaneous measurement of auditory steady state responses and psychophysical pitch discrimination

Arrangements are described for fitting a cochlear implant system to an implanted patient. A test stimulation sequence is delivered to the implanted patient which is based on a concatenated sequence of time shifted envelopes of sinusoidal amplitude modulated (sam) signals that have a carrier frequency fc modulated by a jittered modulation frequency fm+ε, where ε is a frequency jitter component selected from a jitter range of [−ε1,+ε1].
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh


Prefitting evaluation of cochlear implant patients

Arrangements are described for assessing potential fitting processes for a cochlear implant patient. A test stimulation sequence at a given test frequency is delivered to the cochlear implant patient.
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh


Time slot allocation for burst switched network

Anode for burst switching of traffic flows in an optical network switches bursts of traffic flows in different time slots. Time slots are allocated (96) so that a time gap between successive allocated time slots is selected according to a jitter specification of the traffic flow.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Utility-friendly hybrid energy conversion system for apportioning concentrated solar radiation in real time upon selective demand between a plurality of solar energy conversion devices, including a photovoltaic receiver

Extremely fast dynamic control is allowed for hybrid pv/t (photovoltaic/thermal) distributed power production using concentrated solar power by manipulating the transmissive or reflective state of a capture element or mirror or lens that can pass highly concentrated solar light from one energy conversion device to another, such as a thermal collector and a photovoltaic receiver, such as a vertical multijunction cell array. This allows superior quality electrical backfeed into an electric utility, enhanced plant electrical production revenue, and responsiveness to a multitude of conditions to meet new stringent engineering requirements for distributed power plants.
Mh Solar Co. Ltd.


Sensor data damping

Sensor data damping is described, for example, to remove jitter from sensor data to enable control of a computing device. In various examples damped sensor data is compared with a threshold and clamped to the threshold in the case a difference between the sensor data and the damped sensor data is above the threshold.
Microsoft Corporation


Design support device, design support method, and program

A design support device having a permissible power supply fluctuation deriving unit and a target impedance deriving unit. The permissible power supply fluctuation deriving unit derives the fluctuation in the power supply voltage that is permissible on the basis of jitter-voltage correlation information, which indicates the correlation between the power supply voltage fluctuation generated in an i/o buffer and the jitter generated by the power supply voltage fluctuations, and jitter constraint information, which is for stably transmitting a signal, for the generated jitter.
Nec Corporation


Frequency-matched cryocooler scaling for low-cost, minimal disturbance space cooling

Components within a cryocooler are scaled and/or configured for operation at a cmg operating frequency (e.g., 100 hz) rather than at 30 to 70 hz, matching the exported disturbances of control moment gyroscopes on the same platform and reducing line-of-sight jitter for electro-optic infrared focal plane array sensors. The smaller piston working volume and other reduced component sizes allow the cryocooler to be smaller and lighter than designs operating at lower frequencies.
Raytheon Company


Managing perfomance of a wireless network using backhaul metrics

The present disclosure presents aspects for managing performance of a wireless network. For example, the aspects may include identifying a backhaul condition at a small cell in the wireless network wherein the backhaul condition is associated with one or more of a backhaul latency measurement, a backhaul error rate, or a backhaul jitter value at the small cell and triggering an action at the small cell in response to identifying the backhaul condition at the small cell, wherein triggering the action at the small cell includes modifying one or more resource management parameters at the small cell based on the backhaul condition.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and measuring performance of multi-service in tunnel

Embodiments of the present application provide a method for measuring performance of multi-service in a tunnel, including: receiving a measurement message corresponding to a service packet, where a priority of the measurement message is the same as that of the service packet, and the measurement message includes at least one of the three: a packet loss measurement parameter, a delay measurement parameter, and a jitter measurement parameter; and measuring performance of a service in a tunnel according to a measurement parameter in the measurement message. According to the embodiments of the present application, a problem that performance measurement cannot be performed for different services transmitted in a tunnel in the prior art may be solved..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Transactional traffic specification for network-on-chip design

Example implementations described herein are directed to a consolidated specification with information to generate and optimize the noc. The consolidated specification can also facilitate the generation of traffic trace files.
Netspeed Systems


Design apparatus and design method

A correlation between noise injection time at which a power supply noise signal is applied to a clock path and a path delay of the clock path at the time of the power supply noise signal being applied is acquired. Furthermore, noise injection time width based on a clock signal inputted from a circuit arranged before the clock path to the clock path is set.
Socionext Inc.


System and controlling superconducting quantum circuits using single flux quantum logic circuits

A system and methods for controlling superconducting quantum circuits are provided. The system includes at least one superconducting quantum circuit described by multiple quantum states, and at least one single flux quantum (“sfq”) control circuit configured to generate a voltage pulse sequence that includes a plurality of voltage pulses temporally separated by a pulse-to-pulse spacing timed to a resonance period.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Enhancing jitter buffer performance through radio level feedback

A jitter buffer in a voice over lte receiver may be influenced by radio level feedback (rlf) from both local and remote endpoints to preemptively adjust the jitter buffer delay in anticipation of predicted future losses that have a high probability of occurring. The radio events of the rlf and the scenarios that trigger the preemptive adjustments may be identified, and their use may be expressed in terms of mathematical formulas.
Apple Inc.


Controlling a jitter buffer

Apparatus and methods for controlling a jitter buffer are described. In one embodiment, the apparatus for controlling a jitter buffer includes an inter-talkspurt delay jitter estimator for estimating an offset value of the delay of a first frame in the current talkspurt with respect to the delay of a latest anchor frame in a previous talkspurt, and a jitter buffer controller for adjusting a length of the jitter buffer based on a long term length of the jitter buffer for each frame and the offset value..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Methods and systems for analyzing decomposed uncorrelated signal impairments

Method and systems are described for estimating signal impairments, in particular jitter that includes uncorrelated, non-periodic signal impairments. One system may take the form of an oscilloscope.
Tektronix, Inc.


Clock recovery techniques

Clock recovery techniques (crt) useful in a wide variety of communication systems based on wireless, optical and wireline links, include: a hybrid pll (hpll) enabling 1-50,000 frequency multiplication with very low output jitter independent of reference clock quality, a software controlled clock synthesizer (sccs) for high accuracy phase & frequency synthesis producing synchronized low jitter clock from external time referencing clocks, waveforms or messages, receiver synchronization techniques (rst) contributing more accurate synchronization of receiver clock to ofdm composite frame combined with much faster acquisition time and better stability of the receiver clock.. .


Structure for isolating high speed digital signals in a high density grid array

Due to size and cost, it becomes advantageous for integrated circuit (ic) manufacturers to use “single-ended” (one signal path per unique information path) high speed signals electrical contact pins (pins transmitting digital information that connect the integrated circuit to a printed circuit board) with a minimum number of surrounding powers and grounds. This lower cost method, however, creates electrical interference and coupling issues known as crosstalk between two adjacent signal paths in the via structure required to electrically connect the integrated circuit to the signal paths in the printed circuit board.
R&d Circuits, Inc


Incremental principal component pursuit for video background modeling

An incremental principal component pursuit (pcp) algorithm for video background modeling that is able to process one frame at a time while adapting to changes in background, with a computational complexity that allows for real-time processing, having a low memory footprint and is robust to translational and rotational jitter.. .
Stc. Unm


Method and device for evaluating quality of video in time domain on terminal side

Disclosed are a method and device for valuating quality of a video in a time domain on a terminal side. The method comprises that: a significant movement area proportion of each video frame is calculated, video frames are divided into absolute regular frames and suspected distorted frames according to the significant movement area proportion of each video frame; a frozen frame detection, a scenario-conversion frame detection, a jitter frame detection, and a ghosting frame detection are performed on the suspected distorted frames; the video is split into scenarios according to the result of the scenario-conversion frame detection, scenario information weight of each scenario is calculated, and the quality of the video in time domain on the terminal side is determined.
Zte Corporation


Video quality monitoring

A method for monitoring video quality transmitted over a mobile network, comprising tapping into a mobile network traffic stream organizing the tapped network traffic into at least one individual video session associated with a single user; determining a video quality parameter for the at least one individual video session wherein the video quality parameter is at least one of packet jitter growth, packet loss, instantaneous flow rate balance (ifrb), delay between packets; a jitter statistic; a total time required to receive all packets needed to fully assemble a segment; a statistic of errors in key frames; aggregating context information for the at least one individual video session wherein context information includes at least one of cell tower, smart node, serving gateway node, user, subscriber level, device type, application, and content provider; and transmitting aggregated context information and at least one video quality parameter to a video quality server.. .
Ineoquest Technologies, Inc.


Communication method and communication apparatus

The present disclosure provides an orthogonal codes based code division multiplexing method of performing the code division multiplexing of demodulation reference signals in multiple layers of resource blocks by using orthogonal matrices, the method comprising: changing the order of chips in particular rows of a first orthogonal matrix to obtain a second orthogonal matrix with the changed order of chips; and multiplying the chips in respective rows of the second orthogonal matrix by the demodulation reference signals in corresponding layers of resource blocks correspondingly in the time direction to obtain code division multiplexing signals. The technical scheme of the present disclosure can improve the power jitter situation of downlink signals on the time, thereby the usage efficiency of the power amplifier at the base station side can be improved..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Tracking nonlinear cross-phase modulation noise and linewidth induced jitter in coherent optical fiber communication links

An optical receiver may include a digital signal processor to receive an input sample that includes transmitted data, transmitted by an optical transmitter, and nonlinear distortion. The digital signal processor may process the input sample to generate an estimated data value.
Infinera Corporation


Dynamic control of signaling power based on an error rate

Writing to and reading from dynamic random access memory (dram) by a system on chip (soc) over a multiphase multilane memory bus has power consumption optimized based on bit error rate (ber) and one or more thresholds. The bit error rate (ber) may be measured and used to control parameters to achieve optimal balance between power consumption and accuracy.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method for controlling acoustic echo cancellation and audio processing apparatus

A method for controlling acoustic echo cancellation and an audio processing apparatus are described. In one embodiment, the audio processing apparatus includes an acoustic echo canceller for suppressing acoustic echo in a microphone signal, a jitter buffer for reducing delay jitter of a received signal, and a joint controller for controlling the acoustic echo canceller by referring to at least one future frame in the jitter buffer..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Delay and jitter limited wireless mesh network scheduling

Schedule and channel assignment (sca) in a wireless mesh network (wmn) is disclosed. A method includes: forming a representation of a sequence of permutation matrices from an n×n rate matrix.


Bundling data transfers and employing tail optimization protocol to manage cellular radio resource utilization

To facilitate increasing power and resource efficiency of a mobile device, in the mobile device, with regard to periodic or one-time data transfers, a communication management component can analyze information comprising data transfer parameter information, including jitter information, associated with each application of a subset of applications used by the device and can desirably schedule and/or bundle data transfers associated with the applications to reduce the number of separate data bursts to transfer that data to thereby reduce use of wireless resources and power consumption by the device. A push notification system can receive respective jitter information associated with each application from the mobile device, and the push notification system can desirably schedule and/or bundle push notifications to reduce the number of separate data bursts sent to the device to reduce use of wireless resources and power consumption by the device..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Time stamp replication within a wireless network

Time stamp replication within wireless networks is described. In an embodiment, a wireless station receives an input time stamp and uses this input time stamp to generate an output time stamp.
Imagination Technologies Limited


Frequency jittering control circuit and method

A frequency jittering control circuit includes a frequency jittering circuit, a feedback compensation circuit, a comparator and a control circuit. The frequency jittering circuit generates a frequency jittering signal.
Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Media controller

A data processing device comprising: a jitter buffer for receiving data packets; a media decoder configured to decode the data packets so as to form a stream of media frames, each frame comprising a plurality of samples; a media consumer having an input buffer for receiving the stream of media frames and being configured to play media frames from the input buffer according to a first frame rate; a buffer interface configured to monitor the input buffer so as to detect when the number of samples at the input buffer of the media consumer falls below a predetermined level and, in response, generate a play-out request; and a media controller configured to, responsive to each of the generated play-out requests, play-out one or more data packets to the media decoder so as to cause media frames of the stream to be delivered into the input buffer at a rate commensurate with the first frame rate.. .
Imagination Technologies Limited


Clock and data recovery with high jitter tolerance and fast phase locking

Systems and methods for recovering clock and data from a data input signal are disclosed that sample a plurality of clock phase signals with the data input signal to determine a timing relationship between the data input signal and the clock phase signals and use the determined to timing relationship to select one of the clock phase signals to use for sampling the data input signal to produce recovered data. The cdr can include a glitch suppression module to suppress glitches on the clock output signal that could be caused by large instantaneous jitter on the data input signal.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Frequency-stabilized random distributed feedback fiber ring laser with low intensity noise

A method and apparatus for producing single mode random fiber ring laser by inducing random distributed feedback in a short section of the fiber ring to thereby enable single mode lasing while reducing frequency jitter and relative intensity noise. The random distributed feedback maybe achieved through deep refractive index modulation at a series of randomly distributed laser-irradiated points inscribed along the length of the induced random distributed feedback fiber.
University Of Ottawa


Crossbar switch and recursive scheduling

A crossbar switch has n input ports, m output ports, and a switching matrix with n×m crosspoints. In an embodiment, each crosspoint contains an internal queue (xq), which can store one or more packets to be routed.


Driving method and driving device of touch control display

The present invention discloses a driving method and device of a touch control display configured to resolve the problems such as image smearing and jittering caused by the touch control displaying during the image displaying by the display with the touch functions. The driving method of the touch control display includes: detecting whether or not a touch currently occurs on the touch control panel after the touch control display panel displaying the present image frame and before displaying the next image frame; when a occurred touch event is detected, controlling the display panel to display the inserted image with equal grayscale for each pixel of the display during a prescribed period; and controlling the touch control panel to execute the touch control command based on the touch signal corresponding to the occurred touch event..
Beijing Boe Opetoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Distributed network delay and jitter monitoring using fixed and mobile network devices

Inclusion of a simple time-transfer module in client devices and judicious deployment of time-servers in the network enable a network management system to observe, record, and predict network issues. In a wireless network every mobile device can be a probe and monitoring of all parts of the network on a continuous basis can be achieved..


Image forming unit and image forming apparatus

An image forming unit suppressing occurrences of jitters, includes an image carrier rotating by drive force transmitted via a first route to form an electrostatic latent image, and a developer carrier having an elastic layer carrying a developer on a surface thereof and rotating by drive force transmitted via a second route to develop the electrostatic latent image. The electrostatic latent image is developed with the developer under a development condition that, with the elastic layer of a thickness from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm, the developer carrier is rotated with a circumferential speed ratio to the image carrier in a range from 1.10 to 1.45, or that, with the elastic layer of a thickness more than 2.5 mm but not more than 5.0 mm, the developer carrier is rotated with a circumferential speed ratio to the image carrier in a range from 1.10 to 1.24..


Decision feedback equalizer and receiver

Embodiments of the present invention provide a decision feedback equalizer, which includes: a receive end, configured to receive a first differential signal, and input the first differential signal to the superimposer; a superimposer, configured to superimpose the first differential signal on a square-wave signal output by a adjusting unit to obtain a second differential signal; the adjusting unit, configured to perform phase and/or amplitude adjustment for a second square-wave signal; the first decision device is configured to compare a voltage amplitude of the second differential signal with a set value, and output a first square-wave signal; the second decision device is configured to compare the voltage amplitude of the second differential signal with a voltage amplitude of a signal adjusted by the adjusting unit, and input an obtained second square-wave signal to the adjusting unit. The embodiments of the present invention can reduce data edge jitter..


Digital phase locked loop for low jitter applications

A phase locked loop circuit is disclosed. The phase locked loop circuit includes a ring oscillator.


System and object tracking anti-jitter filtering

Object tracking anti-jitter filtering systems and methods. A plurality of raw location points for a tracking tag attached to a tracked object is received.


Synchronous transfer of streaming data in a distributed antenna system

Method and apparatus for generating a jitter reduced clock signal from signal transmitted over a communication medium includes receiving, with high speed data interface circuitry, a modulated signal that includes a binary encoded data stream. A recovered clock signal is generated from the modulated signal and tracks the long-term drift in the modulated signal.
Commscope Technologies Llc


Oversampling cdr which compensates frequency difference without elasticity buffer

A method, algorithm, architecture, circuit and/or system that compensates for frequency difference in oversampled cdrs. The oversampled cdr uses a programmable divider whose division ratio is changed, for one or more cycles, from its usual division ratio, when accumulated phase movement in either direction exceeds a threshold.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.


Hybrid interleaving structure with adaptive phase locked loop for variable frequency controlled switching converter

In a multi-phase power converter using a phase-locked loop (pll) arrangement for interleaving of pulse frequency modulated (pfm) pulses of the respective phases, improved transient response, improved stability of high bandwidth output voltage feedback loop, guaranteed stability of the pll loop and avoidance of jittering and phase cancellation issues are achieved by anchoring the bandwidth at the frequency of peak phase margin. This methodology is applicable to multi-phase power conveners of any number of phases and any known or foreseeable topology for individual phases and is not only applicable to power converters operating under constant on-time control, but is extendable to ramp pulse modulation (rpm) control and hysteresis control.
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.


Worst case jitter prediction method using step response

A method operational within a simulation environment is provided for estimating or predicting jitter. At least two step functions are defined to approximate a worst-case jitter condition for a simulated electrical interconnect or a simulated electrical path.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and methods for a magnetic target with magnetic bias field

Systems and techniques for a detecting a magnetic target that reduce output signal jitter are disclosed. A system includes a magnetic target.
Allegro Microsystems, Llc


Referenceless clock and data recovery circuit

A circuit and method for referenceless cdr with improved efficiency and jitter tolerance by using an additional loop for frequency detection. Such an improved circuit includes a frequency detector for identifying whether an initial recovered clock signal is faster or slower than the actual bit rate of the received data stream.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.


Fiber optic rotary joints, methods practiced thereby, and fiber optic devices

This invention provides a fiber optic rotary joint (20) for enabling the transmission of digital optical signals across the interface between facing surfaces (26, 29) of a rotor and a stator (21, 22), comprising: a plurality of light sources (42a, 42b, 42c, . .
Moog Inc.


Electronic device and generating clock signals with and without frequency jitter for one source clock signal generated by a single narrow-band source clock signal

The present application suggests an electronic device and method for generating clock signals with and without frequency jitter for one source clock signal generated by a single narrow-band source clock signal. The device comprises a random number generator to generate a random number signal varying in time which represents a divisor fraction signal; a signal mixer to mix the timely varying random number signal and a clock divisor signal and to output a mixed divisor signal; and a fractional clock divider to generate an output clock signal from a source clock signal, wherein the output clock signal has a frequency fout(t), which is substantially equal to the frequency fsource of the source clock signal being a narrow-band clock signal divided by a divisor d(t) represented by the mixed divisor signal..
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method for reducing execution jitter in multi-core processors within an information handling system

A method of reducing execution jitter includes a processor having several cores and control logic that receives core configuration parameters. Control logic determines if a first set of cores are selected to be disabled.
Dell Products, L.p.


Packet rate control and related systems for interactive music systems

Packet rate control methods and related systems are disclosed for interactive music systems. In certain embodiments, an interactive music client system combines captured audio data from audio inputs with audio input data from one or more peer interactive music client systems within an interactive music session and outputs the combined audio data to an audio output subsystem.
Jamkazam, Inc.


Method and transmitting voip frame

A method for transmitting a voice over internet protocol (voip) by a wireless lan access point (ap) in a communication system includes when a voip frame is input from a terminal, determining whether a buffer for eliminating a jitter generated in a wireless network is used, and storing the voip frame in a queue, determining whether the buffer is used, and when the buffer is used, determining a time interval for transmitting the voip frame stored in the queue and a service start time, and transmitting the voip frame stored in the queue in a wired fashion based on the determined time interval and service start time.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Relay device, communication system and relay method

A jitter occurring due to a difference in operation timing between a receiving part and a processing part is reduced. The receiving part receives reception data.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Frequency-stabilized random distributed feedback fiber ring laser with low intensity noise

A method and apparatus for producing single mode random fiber ring laser by inducing random distributed feedback in a short section of the fiber ring to thereby enable single mode lasing while reducing frequency jitter and relative intensity noise. The random distributed feedback maybe achieved through deep refractive index modulation at a series of randomly distributed laser-irradiated points inscribed along the length of the induced random distributed feedback fiber.
University Of Ottawa


Vco with low power, high speed and low jitter

A vco circuit having low jitter and low pss (power supply sensitivity). The vco circuit includes a first ring oscillator stage, a second ring oscillator stage coupled to the first ring oscillator stage, and a vco input coupled to both the first ring oscillator stage and the second ring oscillator stage for receiving a control voltage.
Pico Semiconductor, Inc.


System and compensating for delay and jitter

Methods and systems for compensating for delay or jitter are provided. The methods, for example, may include, but are not limited to receiving, by a processor, one or more data streams from one or more electronic devices, transmitting, by the processor, the one or more data streams to one or more displays, determining, by the processor, delay and jitter in the one or more data streams transmitted by the processor, and requesting, by the processor, at least one of the one or more electronic devices to adjust a respective data stream via a communication system..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Media stream rate reconstruction system and method

In a media delivery system over an internet protocol (ip) network, a device for network jitter reduction and rate reconstruction using a means for receiving streams with jitter, buffering the streams, and playing out/streaming each stream at an original rate of respective streams.. .
Video Flow Ltd.


Despeckling a computer generated hologram

A method for despeckling a computer generated hologram (cgh) including producing a cgh, and jittering a location of an exit pupil of an optical system through which the cgh is imaged, relative to an observer's input pupil, so as to shift at least some speckles out of the exit pupil. A method for despeckling a computer generated holographic movie including computing a first modulation of a first holographic image in a holographic movie, and computing a second modulation of a second holographic image using an initial phase distribution used for calculating the first holographic image as an initial phase distribution used for calculating the second modulation.
Real View Imaging Ltd.


Shredder thickness with anti-jitter feature

A shredder includes a housing having a throat for receiving at least one article to be shredded, and a shredder mechanism received in the housing and including an electrically powered motor and cutter elements. The shredder also includes a detector that is configured to detect a thickness of the at least one article being received by the throat, and a controller that is configured to operate the motor to drive the cutter elements to shred the at least one article and to set a flutter threshold higher than the predetermined maximum thickness threshold, if the detected thickness is less than a predetermined maximum thickness threshold.
Fellowes, Inc.


Electronic device and protecting an electronic device against unauthorized use

An electronic device comprising a clock unit and a processing unit connected to the clock unit is described. The clock unit may deliver an output clock signal for operating the processing unit in accordance with the output clock signal.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method and device for transmitting media stream

Method and device for transmitting media stream are provided to solve the problem of quality reduction in audio and video caused by packet loss, jitter, link breakage in a media stream transmission process in the conventional art. The method includes: a media capability negotiation between a calling terminal and a called terminal is conducted according to a link establishment request message transmitted by the calling terminal and a response message transmitted by the called terminal in response to the link establishment request message, and at least two media channels are established; a media stream is transmitted through a first media channel according to negotiated media capabilities; and when an abnormity is detected to appear in the media stream transmission of the first media channel, another one of the at least two media channels is selected as a second media channel, and the media stream is switched from the first media channel to the second media channel for transmission.
Zte Corporation


Low jitter device and system

A communication apparatus includes a serializer transmission circuit (tx) configured to receive a plurality of data channels in parallel, and the serializer transmission circuit (tx) transmits data serially as a data stream signal. A film bulk acoustic resonator (fbar) is coupled with the serializer transmission circuit (tx).
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Content aware video resizing

In accordance with some embodiments, jitter accompanying video resizing, can be reduced or even eliminated by analyzing the content that is to be depicted and resizing based on the nature of the content being depicted. As a result, dominant objects in one frame can be handled in a way that reduces or eliminates video jitter or sliding..
Intel Corporation


Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same

There is provided a light scanning apparatus that is free from main scanning jitter and allows size reduction of a deflector. The light scanning apparatus has a plurality of light sources, a deflector that deflects a plurality of light fluxes emitted from a plurality of light sources to scan a plurality of scanned surfaces along a main scanning direction, and a first stop arranged between the plurality of light sources and the deflector and provided with an aperture that regulates the width of the plurality of light fluxes with respect to the main scanning direction.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


System and detecting an aircraft jitter

The present invention relates to a system and method for detecting an aircraft jitter. The aircraft jitter detection system comprises: a jitter detection apparatus, which detects accelerations of pitch and yaw of the aircraft; a data acquisition apparatus, which obtains accelerations in two directions detected by the jitter detection apparatus; and a jitter determination apparatus, which extracts frequency spectrum and energy information of the jitter according to the accelerations in two directions obtained by the data acquisition apparatus, and determines whether the aircraft jitters..
Air China Limited


Method and rendering audio in wireless hearing instruments

An audio system such as a hearing assistance system includes an audio source device wirelessly communicating with one or more audio sink (destination) devices. The audio source and sink devices each include a sample clock for processing audio signal that is digitized and wirelessly transmitted.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.


Method for error diagnosis of can communication

In a method for error diagnosis of can communication, the rolling counter values stored in the main electronic and sub-electronic control devices are compared with each other. When a rolling counter difference value lies within the predetermined error diagnosis reservation range, the determination on the error diagnosis for the corresponding can communication is reserved.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Method and a device for low intrusive fast estimation of the bandwidth available between two ip nodes

A method and a device are provided for estimating the bandwidth available at the level of the ip layer for a stream between a source node and a destination node connected by a path made up of one or more links. The stream is transported by a heterogeneous telecommunications network that may include at least one radio segment over a portion of the path.


Method and reducing jitters of video frames

A method for reducing the jitters of video frames is provided, which includes the steps of dividing a frame into multiple blocks, selecting at least one block according to a variance of each block, determining a global motion vector of the frame in a direction according to the selected block(s), and performing motion compensation on the frame in the direction according to the global motion vector.. .
Faraday Technology Corp.


Equalization for high speed input/output (i/o) link

Described are systems and apparatuses to mitigate the timing margin loss caused by inter-symbol interference (isi) in high speed input/output (i/o) interfaces. Data dependent jitter (ddj) compensation techniques that may be utilized in the transmission or receiving circuitry of the i/o interface, including capturing bit data values of a data signal prior to an identified data transition, and delaying/advancing the transmission/reception the data signal or a corresponding clock signal based on these bit data values..


Clock recovery using quantized phase error samples using jitter frequency-dependent quantization thresholds and loop gains

A clock and data recovery device includes a phase detector, a quantizer, and a loop filter. The phase detector produces a phase error samples at an output representing a phase difference between a phase-adjusted clock and an input data signal.
Lsi Corporation

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