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Systems and methods for multi-broadcast differentiation

Date/App# patent app List of recent Isode-related patents
 Method and system of interactive advertisement patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system of interactive advertisement
A method and system of associating assets with motion pictures are disclosed. A plurality of asset identifiers may be caused to be displayed on a device.
 Systems and methods for multi-broadcast differentiation patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for multi-broadcast differentiation
A system and method is disclosed for resolving false positives in a centralized, real-time automatic content recognition system that is ingesting, fingerprinting, and attempting to match for recognition purposes, multiple streams of broadcast content that are simultaneously arriving from a plurality of sources. In particular, the problem of identifying which specific broadcast of certain programming has been matched, including the episode of a series, as well as the channel, time zone and time of broadcast and whether the programing is being watched “live” as broadcast or from a dvr time-shifted source, is addressed.
 Method for reducing the occurrence on infection in young children patent thumbnailnew patent Method for reducing the occurrence on infection in young children
The invention pertains to the use of a composition in reducing the number of infections episodes and the occurrence of infections in young children, said composition comprising: (a) long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, wherein the amount of arachidonic acid is less than 0.06 gram per 100 gram fatty acid; and comprising, per 100 g fatty acids: (i) 0.3-0.6 gram docosahexaenoic acid; (ii) 0.2-0.4 gram eicosapentaenoic acid; and (b) between 1.5 and 2.5 gram indigestible oligosaccharides per 100 kcal, comprising: (i) 1.4-2 gram short-chain galactooligosaccharides; and (ii) 0.1-0.5 gram long-chain fructopolysaccharides.. .
 Digital multimedia content integration system claim of benefit to prior application patent thumbnailDigital multimedia content integration system claim of benefit to prior application
Some embodiments include a process for providing free, consumer-controlled multimedia content to consumers and a digital multimedia content integration system that integrates subsystems for content distribution, advertising, marketing, and sales in each of a set of multimedia content platforms. Using the system, a content viewer can watch new content free of monetary charge.
 Assessing practitioner value in multi-practitioner settings patent thumbnailAssessing practitioner value in multi-practitioner settings
A plurality of actual outcome data points, including actual outcomes for a plurality of episodes of a process, are obtained for the process. A practitioner-independent baseline outcome is also obtained for the process.
 Method and system for heart failure status evaluation based on a disordered breathing index patent thumbnailMethod and system for heart failure status evaluation based on a disordered breathing index
An evaluation of heart failure status is provided based on a disordered breathing index. Patient respiration is sensed and a respiration signal is generated.
 Method of administering porcine b-domainless fviii patent thumbnailMethod of administering porcine b-domainless fviii
The present invention provides a method of administering porcine b-domainless factor viii (obi-1) to a patient having factor viii deficiency to provide more rapid and effective protection against bleeding episodes, compared to formerly available methods, or to provide more effective protection to such patients during non-bleeding periods. This invention is based on the discovery that the recombinant b-domainless porcine fviii, termed obi-1, has greater bioavailability compared to the natural porcine fviii partially purified from porcine plasma, termed hyate:c.
 Device and method for predicting and preventing obstructive sleep apnea (osa) episodes patent thumbnailDevice and method for predicting and preventing obstructive sleep apnea (osa) episodes
A wireless sleep apnea treatment system comprises a garment having at least one ecg monitor, a wireless signal acquisition board in communication with the ecg monitor and the computer and providing the electrical reading from the ecg monitor to the computer, and a patient stimulator controlled by the computer through the wireless signal acquisition board.. .
 Monitoring a condition of a subject patent thumbnailMonitoring a condition of a subject
Apparatus and methods are described, including a method for monitoring an onset of a respiratory episode in a subject. A plurality of respirations of the subject are sensed without contacting the subject, and a plurality of respiration signals corresponding to the plurality of respirations are generated.
 Series reminders and series recording from an interactive television program guide patent thumbnailSeries reminders and series recording from an interactive television program guide
An interactive television program guide system with program series reminder and recording capabilities is provided. The system allows a user to set a reminder or schedule a recording for a single episode or for each episode of a program series.
Series reminders and series recording from an interactive television program guide
An interactive television program guide system with program series reminder and recording capabilities is provided. The system allows a user to set a reminder or schedule a recording for a single episode or for each episode of a program series.
System and methods for simulating future medical episodes
Computer-based systems and methods for managing individuals with respect to medical episodes are provided. In the systems and methods, affinity groups for a population and the connections between such affinity groups are identified.
Implanted lead analysis system and method
The technology disclosed herein relates to a method for lead analysis for an implanted medical device. A summary data record is retrieved associated with one or more episodes from an implanted medical device through a communication module.
Apparatus for disseminating a series of episodes represented by media files as the episodes become available
An audio program and message distribution system in which a host system organizes and transmits program segments to client subscriber locations. The host organizes the program segments by subject matter and creates scheduled programming in accordance with preferences associated with each subscriber.
Adaptive event storage in implantable device
Monitoring physiological parameter using an implantable physiological monitor in order to detect a condition predictive of a possible future pathological episode and collecting additional physiological data associated with the condition predictive of a possible future pathological episode. Monitoring another physiological parameter in order to detect a condition indicative of the beginning of a present pathological episode and collecting additional pathological data in response to the condition.
Automated point-based entertainment betting
Various embodiments are generally directed to automated provision of online interactive activities to members of the audience of an audio/visual program (e.g., a program comprising audio and/or video). An apparatus comprises a processor circuit and a storage communicatively coupled to the processor circuit and arranged to store instructions operative on the processor circuit to receive a signal from a presentation server that indicates a selected possibility of multiple possibilities of an aspect of an episode of an audio/visual program; determine whether a bet placed on one possibility of the multiple possibilities was placed on the selected possibility; and update an individual account associated with the bet to add a quantity of points won to a quantity of accrued points of the individual account if the one possibility on which the bet was placed matches the selected possibility.
Accessing radio content from a non-radio source
Systems and methods are provided for accessing broadcast media items and segments from non-broadcast sources. In response to detecting that a user has not finished listening to a broadcast segment (e.g., a radio segment), an electronic device can automatically identify and access an alternate, non-broadcast source for the same broadcast segment (e.g., a corresponding podcast episode).
In the flux which is mixed with solder powder to produce the solder paste, an amount of phosphoric acid ester, which is adsorbed to a surface of a soldered portion during the soldering to form a film having hydrophobic quality is contained. It is preferable that an addition amount of phosphoric acid ester is not less than 1 mass % through less than 30 mass %.
Diagnostic selection, triage, monitoring, and patient care management of critical care patients using computer-driven assessment
High-risk patients may be enrolled in an intensive care program to reduce the likelihood of recurring symptoms. A method for identifying and enrolling these high-risk patients in the intensive care program may include receiving a plurality of patient health profiles corresponding to a plurality of patients from an electronic medical record database.
System for treating a lung
A method for treating the lung during an acute episode of reversible chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as an asthma attack. The method comprises transferring energy to an airway wall of an airway such that a diameter of the airway is increased.
Program guide user interface
A computer-implemented method includes receiving a search request related to media programming and generating a search. The result has a list of one or more collections of episodes responsive to the search request, and a schedule grid displaying a plurality of episodes on a plurality of different channels for a time period, including at least one program responsive to the search request..
Cardio mapping system and method for cardio mapping
A method and system for determining the mechanism of cardiac arrhythmia in a patient is disclosed. The method basically entails measuring the impedance of cardiac tissue in a portion of the patient's heart using a catheter during an episode of supraventricular tachycardia to produce an iso-impedance map of that cardiac tissue on a video display and analyzing the pattern of the iso-impedance map to differentiate focal arrhythmia caused by a circumscribed region of focal firing and reentrant arrhythmia caused by a macroreentrant circuit.
Portable programmer for providing patient status information
A method and apparatus concerning the retrieval and storage of status information obtained from patients having implantable medical devices (imds). When patients are having episodes during which symptoms are experienced relating to their medical condition, the collection of the patient's status information can be helpful to the patient's physician for diagnostic purposes.
Systems, methods, and media for inhibiting the presentation of spoiler content based on requested content
Systems, methods, and media for inhibiting the presentation of spoiler content based on requested content are provided. In some embodiments, a method or content management is provided, the method comprising: determining a channel that has been selected for presenting content to a user; identifying the content presented on the channel as requested content based on a comparison of first metadata associated with the content and second metadata associated with recorded content on a storage device; determining that the requested content contains spoiler content based on one or more criterion, wherein the one or more criterion include (i) determining that the first metadata associated with the content includes episode data or airing data; (ii) determining that the first metadata associated with the content indicates that the content belongs to a non-excluded content category; or (iii) determining, for the recorded content not viewed to completion, that the second metadata associated with the recorded content indicates an earlier occurrence than the first metadata associated with the requested program; and, in response to determining that a plurality of the one or more criterion have been met, selecting an alternate channel for presentation..
Treatment using dantrolene
Provided are low-volume, safe for injection formulations of dantrolene yielding significant advantages over the currently approved and marketed dantrolene for malignant hyperthermia (mh) threatening anesthetic crisis. Once dantrolene can be made immediately available to patients triggered of mh, the anesthesiologist will be able to focus exclusively on the management of the patient's physiologic status in this complex and evolving crisis, not on the laborious and time consuming reconstitution process of the rescue agent.
Vehicle dispatching method and system
Vehicle dispatch system includes upper stage unit, lower stage unit and interface communication unit. The upper stage unit, configured to generate vehicle schedules, is communicatively connected to the interface communication unit.
Safety swimming pool apparatus
Apparatus usable with a safety swimming pool incorporating a buoyant submersed rescue floor is described. In one instance, a winch coupling a gear motor to a cable drum via an electrically disengageable clutch is used as a device to re-deploy the buoyant floor to the bottom after a rescue.
Systems and methods for creating aggregations of episodes of series programming in order
A viewer of an episode of a series such as a television series may wish to access episodes of the series that the viewer missed when they were originally broadcast. Interactive applications may receive the viewer's indication of interest to record missed episodes of the incomplete series, which may include instructions regarding recording options for including the missed episodes in a series aggregation.
Control device, control method, recording device, recording method, and program
A control device of a first aspect of the present technique includes an acquisition unit that acquires information of a program recorded in a recording device and a control unit that controls recording in the recording device so that an unrecorded episode is recorded when there is the unrecorded episode in a series program recorded in the recording device. The present technique can be applied to recording equipment..
System and method for grouping claim records associated with a procedure
A system and computer-implemented method for grouping medical records implements a multi-level analysis of the records. The level of analysis for each record is determined based upon the time proximity of each record to the defining medical procedure or service (anchor procedure) to be analyzed.
Assessing cognitive disorders based on non-motor epileptiform bioelectrical brain activity
Various embodiments concern assessing a degenerative cognitive disorder of a patient based on a plurality of episodes of non-motor epileptiform bioelectrical activity. The non-motor epileptiform bioelectrical activity can be detected from one or more bioelectrical brain signals.
Method and system for st morphology discrimination utilizing reference morphology templates
Methods and systems are provided that utilize reference morphology templates as morphology based filters to reduce false or inappropriate st episode detections when an st shift episode is otherwise diagnosed. The methods and systems provide st morphology discrimination.
Method and apparatus for providing incentives to physicians under accountable care models and other healthcare delivery models
Embodiments are directed to a method of providing a monetary incentive to a health care provider, typically a physician, responsible for treatment decisions of a patient with a condition during an episode of care. Once the patient identity and condition are obtained, a baseline value related to treatment of the condition can be associated.
Device to detect and treat apneas and hypopnea
A method and apparatus for the treatment of sleep apnea events and hypopnea episodes wherein one embodiment comprises a wearable, belt like apparatus containing a microphone and a plethysmograph. The microphone and plethysmograph generate signals that are representative of physiological aspects of respiration, and the signals are transferred to an imbedded computer.
Responsive electrical stimulation for movement disorders
An implantable neurostimulator system for treating movement disorders includes a sensor, a detection subsystem capable of identifying episodes of a movement disorder by analyzing a signal received from the sensor, and a therapy subsystem capable of supplying therapeutic electrical stimulation to treat the movement disorder. The system treats movement disorders by detecting physiological conditions characteristic of an episode of symptoms of the movement disorder and selectively initiating therapy when such conditions are detected..
Methods of treating a lung
A method for treating the lung during an acute episode of reversible chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as an asthma attack. The method comprises transferring energy to an airway wall of an airway such that a diameter of the airway is increased.
Monitoring, predicting and treating clinical episodes
Apparatus and methods are provided for use with a subject who is undergoing respiration. A motion sensor senses motion of a subject.
Visualizing time-dense episodes
Attributes in data records are identified. Episodes corresponding to the respective attributes include respective data records.
Patient/member reconciled billing and explanation of benefit statements with provider prompt pay
A healthcare payment management system comprising a payment consolidation server configured to receive billing information from a provider for an episode of care for a member, receive benefit information from a payer for the episode of care, consolidate the billing information and the benefit information into a payment reconciliation statement, and send the payment reconciliation statement to a member.. .
Cross-facility cloud based physician patient data management and reporting platform
A web-browser accessible cloud based patient list manager for point of care capture, cloud based hosting, and subsequent viewing of structured data and reports about physician or other provider care episodes. Users capture the headlines of each care episode that will permit a focused set of value creation while the details reside in the electronic or paper based medical records systems.
Method of grouping and analyzing clinical risks
A method of creating a classification system for rating the nature and severity of health care requirements, including obtaining a set of medical disease codes, categorizing the medical disease codes into major disease categories, and categorizing the medical disease codes in each major disease category into episode disease categories based on severity.. .
Minimizing intestinal dysfunction
Techniques are discloded for treating or reducing sumptoms associated with abdominal dysfunction or ileus following surgery or other abdominal episode by treating the area with a combination of one or more protease, antibacterial compound, and inflammatory lipid mediator.. .
Data processing
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for processing correlated metadata (e.g. Programmatic metadata relating to one or more episodes of a television show).
Data processing
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for processing correlated metadata (e.g., programmatic metadata relating to one or more episodes of a television show). Mappings, or correlations, between chunks of the metadata that originated from a particular data source and the metadata clusters may be determined and displayed, e.g., on a graphical user interface.
Prediction and monitoring of clinical episodes
Apparatus and methods are provided including sensing at least one parameter of a subject while the subject sleeps. The parameter is analyzed, and a condition of the subject is determined at least in part responsively to the analysis.
Monitoring, predicting and treating clinical episodes
Apparatus is described, including a motion sensor configured to sense motion of a patient and to generate a motion signal in response thereto. The apparatus includes an output unit and a control unit.
Pharmaceutical combination
The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical combination for the treatment of schizophrenia and acute manic episodes associated with bipolar disorders, which comprises a compound which is active on a trace amine-associated receptor 1 (taar1 agonist) and an antipsychotic drug. This combination can reduce metabolic side effects which appear if using an antipsychotic drug alone..
Systems and methods for providing conditional group purchase offers for media content
Systems and methods for providing conditional group purchase offers are provided. A conditional offer for an on-demand media asset, such as a movie, television episode, or streaming video is transmitted to a plurality of users.
Implantable cardiac device with dyspnea measurement
Cardiac monitoring and/or stimulation methods and systems employing dyspnea measurement. An implantable cardiac device may sense transthoracic impedance and determine a patient activity level.
Respiration monitoring method and system
A method of determining a respiration rate from a signal representative of a recorded respiration episode comprises identifying two or more uncorrupted segments within the signal, the uncorrupted segments being separated by corrupted segments, identifying the longest of the uncorrupted segments or the segment with a lowest average absolute deviation (aad) between respiration peaks or troughs, and determining a respiration rate from the longest uncorrupted segment or the segment with the lowest aad.. .
Computerized system for monitoring and controlling physical data-producing apparatus
A computerized system for monitoring physical data for anomalies, which physical data are predictable given predetermined information, the system comprising a predetermined information data point generator operative to compute a sequence of model data points which the physical data, given predetermined information, can be expected to duplicate at each of a corresponding sequence of temporal sampling points; a wayward point monitor including a processor operative for monitoring the physical data including identifying wayward points within said physical data that are incongruous with the predetermined information; and an anomalous episode-prompted alarm generator operative for identifying anomalous episodes, each including a cluster of wayward points satisfying predefined anomalous episode-defining criteria and generating an alarm for each anomalous episode identified.. .
Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal transition pattern
A method for detecting an abnormal transition pattern from a transition pattern includes: first extracting an episode pattern with an appearance frequency greater than or equal to a first frequency from an episode pattern represented with a description form so as to include a first transition pattern and a second transition pattern differing in an order of a part of items from the first transition pattern to have a complementary relation thereto; second extracting a third transition pattern with an appearance frequency greater than or equal to a second frequency from the transition pattern; and specifying a transition pattern other than the third transition pattern from transition patterns included in the extracted episode pattern, and determining an abnormal transition pattern based on the transition pattern specified in the specifying when the third transition pattern includes a fourth transition pattern corresponding to the extracted episode pattern in the first extracting.. .
Systems and methods for self-adaptive episode mining under the threshold using delay estimation and temporal division
Embodiments relate to systems and methods for self-adaptive episode mining under time threshold using delay estimation and temporal division. An episode mining engine can analyze a set of episodes captured from a set of network resources to detect all sequences of user-specified frequency within a supplied runtime budget or time threshold.
Method for internet bidding
A method of internet bidding wherein a plurality of bidders bid on the item in a first episode of bidding until a deadline occurs. Within a time frame at the deadline, actual bidders from the plurality of bidders are identified and are displayed in a second continued episode of bidding.
Vibration damper
Vibration damping is important with regard to such components as hollow turbine blades in gas turbine engines. Traditionally damping has occurred through damping elements secured at the root or tip of such blades.
Method and apparatus for display of cardiac signal episodes with over- or under-sensing
A medical device system senses cardiac signals and generates and stores sensing data including sensed cardiac events. A processor receiving the sensing data is configured to detect undersensed and oversensed events.
Method and apparatus for personal/digital video recorder (pvr/dvr) permanent erase
The present application provides the user with an option to permanently erase an episode in a series recording, or a non-series recording of media content from their pvr/dvr storage. After watching recorded content on a pvr/dvr, the user is provided with an option to “permanently delete” the particular media content.
Multi-stage fracture injection process for enhanced resource production from shales
The invention relates to a method of generating a network of fractures in a rock formation for extraction of hydrocarbon or other resource from the formation. The method includes the steps of i) enhancing a network of natural fractures and incipient fractures within the formation by injecting a non-slurry aqueous solution into the well under conditions suitable for promoting dilation, shearing and/or hydraulic communication of the natural fractures, and subsequently ii) inducing a large-fracture network that is in hydraulic communication with the enhanced natural fracture network by injecting a plurality of slurries comprising a carrying fluid and sequentially larger-grained granular proppants into said well in a series of injection episodes..
Previously aired episode retrieval based on series dvr scheduling
A device receives an identification of a series to schedule automatic recording of episodes that are currently airing or that will be airing in the future, receives an instruction to automatically retrieve previously aired episodes of the scheduled series based on the scheduling of the automatic recording of the episodes that are currently airing or that will be airing in the future. The device searches content, based on receipt of the instruction, to retrieve previously aired episodes of the scheduled series.
Method and apparatus for automatic arrhythmia classification with confidence estimation
An arrhythmia classification system receives cardiac data from an implantable medical device, performs automatic adjudication of each cardiac arrhythmia episode indicated by the cardiac data, and generates episode data representative of information associated with the episode. The episode data include at least an episode classification resulting from the automatic adjudication of the episode and a confidence level in the episode classification.
Heuristic management of physiological data
Systems and methods for management of physiological data, for example data obtained from monitoring an electrocardiogram signal of a patient. In one example use, digital data is obtained and episodes of arrhythmias are detected.
Monitoring, predicting and treating clinical episodes
Apparatus and methods are described including a location sensing system that comprises a plurality of location sensors, and which is configured to identify respective locations of a plurality of clinicians, and to generate a location-sensing-system signal in response thereto. A patient-monitoring system includes a sensor, configured to measure a clinical parameter of a patient, and to generate a sensor signal in response thereto.
Coordinated his-bundle pacing and high energy therapy
A cardiac arrhythmia can be identified, such as a tachycardia or fibrillation episode (atrial or ventricular). In responses to the detected arrhythmia, a coordinated electrostimulation therapy can be provided using at least one of a defibrillation shock therapy, a pre-shock conditioning therapy, or a post-shock conditioning therapy.
System and method for detecting pulmonary edema based on impedance measured using an implantable medical device during a lead maturation interval
Techniques are provided for use by implantable medical devices such as cardiac resynchronization therapy (crt) devices for detecting pulmonary edema based on transthoracic impedance sensed using cardiac pacing/sensing leads, wherein detection can be performed while lead maturation occurs. Briefly, the implantable device determines whether the leads are within an initial post-implant interval following implant during which lead maturation generally occurs.
Apnea episode determination device and apnea episode determination method
An apnea episode determination device includes, a processor; and a memory which stores a plurality of instructions, which when executed by the processor, cause the processor to execute, detecting a breathing segment and a midway segment from a sound signal during sleep, the breathing segment being considered to include a breathing sound, the midway segment existing in between the breathing segments; calculating an acoustic feature based on a background noise component and a signal component excluding the background noise component, which are included in the midway segment; and determining that the midway segment is an apnea episode when the acoustic feature meets a preset condition.. .
Systems and methods for st segment stability discrimination during cardiac ischemia detection for use with implantable medical devices
Techniques are provided for discriminating episodes of cardiac ischemia indicated based on shifts in st segment elevation from false detections due to atrial fibrillation (af) or other confounding factors such as premature ventricular contractions (pvcs.) in an example for use with a single-chamber device, in response to a possible ischemic event, the single-chamber device assesses ventricular stability based an examination of ventricular intracardiac electrogram (iegm) signals. If the ventricular iegm is unstable due to paroxysmal af or frequent pvcs, the ischemic event is rejected as a false detection.
Monitoring or predicting system and method of monitoring or predicting
A monitoring or predicting system to detect the onset of a neurological episode, the system comprising: a neurological electrical input, the input being a digital representation of a neurologically derived signal; a converter to convert the digital signal into a digital data string; a pattern analyser to identify recurring patterns in the digital data string; and a monitor to measure a pattern-derived parameter, wherein an output from the monitor gives an indication of the onset or occasion of a neuronal activity in dependence on the pattern-derived parameter.. .

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