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Ip Address patents


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 Connection method, connection system, portable terminal, and program patent thumbnailConnection method, connection system, portable terminal, and program
A connection method is a connection method for a case where a terminal inside home is connected to a router inside home connected to a first network. This connection method includes: an acquisition step of acquiring, by a portable terminal, connection information used for connection for the portable terminal to make direct communication with the terminal inside home from a support server connected to the first network; and a storage step of storing the connection information acquired in the acquisition step in the portable terminal.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management, Ltd.

 Method and  automatic geoaware access point provisioning patent thumbnailMethod and automatic geoaware access point provisioning
Systems and methods of discovering and registering with a wifi controller by a wireless access point that can provide location awareness in the wifi controller discovery and registration process. The systems and methods employ a dns server that can receive a dns query containing the fqdn of a wifi controller from an access point, and compare the fqdn of the wifi controller and the source ip address of the dns query against a mapping table, which maps fqdns of wifi controllers and ranges of source ip addresses of dns queries to groups of wifi controllers.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

 Dynamic router functionality in cellular networks patent thumbnailDynamic router functionality in cellular networks
A wireless remote communication unit is described. The wireless remote communication unit comprises: at least one transceiver configured to communicate with a cellular network node using either a first technology employed with mesh connectivity via at least one other wireless remote communication unit or a second technology employed with a direct connection to the cellular network node; and a processor coupled to the at least one transceiver and configured to select internet connectivity using either: a first internet protocol, ip, address associated with mesh functionality to route low priority, high delay tolerant data via an edge router and the cellular network node; or a second ip address associated with direct connection to the cellular network node for high priority, low delay tolerant data..
Virtuosys Limited

 Method and system for protecting domain name system servers against distributed denial of service attacks patent thumbnailMethod and system for protecting domain name system servers against distributed denial of service attacks
A dns server ddos attack mitigation system is provided, comprising a dns cache module. A dns query or udp data packet from an originating source intended for a dns server is to be diverted to the dns cache module.
Nxlabs Limited

 Method and  secure data transmissions patent thumbnailMethod and secure data transmissions
An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for secure data transmissions. A method includes receiving a request for data that is encrypted according to a first encryption scheme, and determining a first public ip address associated with the request.
Ciphertooth, Inc

 Examining and controlling ipv6 extension headers patent thumbnailExamining and controlling ipv6 extension headers
Methods and systems for selectively blocking, allowing and/or reformatting ipv6 headers by traversing devices are provided. According to one embodiment, reputation information regarding observed senders of internet protocol (ip) version 6 (ipv6) packets and packet fragments is maintained by a traversing device based on conformity or nonconformity of extension headers contained within the ipv6 packets with respect to a set of security checks performed by the traversing device.
Fortinet, Inc.

 Using domain name server queries for managing access control lists patent thumbnailUsing domain name server queries for managing access control lists
In one embodiment, a caching resolver receives a name server query from an end device for an internet protocol (ip) address for a hostname, and determines whether the hostname requested is in an access control list (acl). In response to the hostname being in the acl, the caching resolver examines a received response to the name server query for the hostname, wherein the received response contains a particular ip address for the hostname, and adds the particular ip address for the hostname to the acl.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Restricting communication over an encrypted network connection to internet domains that share common ip addresses and shared ssl certificates patent thumbnailRestricting communication over an encrypted network connection to internet domains that share common ip addresses and shared ssl certificates
An apparatus prevents communication by a client device to a domain that cannot be uniquely identified by relocating the dns mapping of the domain to a destination ip address that is uniquely identifiable and that represents a location of an apparatus that provides a data path to the domain.. .
Iboss, Inc.

 Virtual computing services deployment network patent thumbnailVirtual computing services deployment network
A virtual computing services deployment network provides a consistent user experience from a variety of locations via a connection fabric for accessing a virtual desktop. The connection fabric identifies a user profile defining the virtualized desktop resources required for a particular user.
Vmware, Inc.

 Application server for dynamic edge router functionality in cellular networks patent thumbnailApplication server for dynamic edge router functionality in cellular networks
An application server coupleable to a wireless communication system that comprises multiple wireless remote communication units is described. The application server comprises: a memory operably configured to store internet protocol (ip) addresses for the multiple wireless remote communication units, wherein at least one wireless remote communication unit is assigned multiple ip addresses; a processor, operably coupled to the memory, and configured to select one ip address from the multiple ip addresses based on the different data types of communication that the at least one wireless remote communication unit wishes to support; and a transmitter configured to instruct the at least one wireless remote communication unit to use the selected one ip address..
Virtuosys Limited

Secure, anonymous networking

Some embodiments provide internet access to a local client device, such as a host computer or mobile device, via a configurable misattribution network. A user of the local client device can quickly and easily declare, via a simple user interface, their desired ephemeral node topology and within a small time window, seamlessly access the internet via a bounce/egress tunnel.
Id Vector, Inc.

Mobility across satellite beams using l2 connectivity

Systems and methods for providing mobility across satellite beams, are described. The system includes a first core node, a second core node in communication with the first core node at layer-2 of the osi model (l2), and a first gateway in communication, at l2, with the first core, the first gateway configured to provide access to a first spot beam at a first location.
Viasat, Inc.

Packet processing method and apparatus

This application provides a packet processing method, which helps resolve a problem that a network node between a user terminal and a dhcp server is relatively complex. In the method, a network node of an access network receives a first packet sent by a user terminal, where the first packet is used to request an internet protocol ip address from a dynamic host configuration protocol dhcp server and the network node obtains a second packet, where the second packet includes the first packet, information about a port, and a media access control mac address of the user terminal, the port is a port through which the network node receives the first packet, and the second packet is a packet except a dhcp packet.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Data center networks

Measures for controlling communication access in a data center network are provided. A packet forwarding function in a server in a data center network is configured to access an access control data store when making forwarding decisions for received data packets which are being routed to/from virtual systems hosted on that server.
Tigera, Inc.

Quarantining an internet protocol address

Method(s) and a domain name server (dns) for quarantining an ip address of a computing device are described. The dns may implement method(s) that include receiving a request at the dns and analyzing the request based on a pre-defined set of rules.
Efficient Ip Sas

Network anomaly detection

A security system detects anomalous activity in a network. The system logs user activity, which can include ports used, compares users to find similar users, sorts similar users into cohorts, and compares new user activity to logged behavior of the cohort.
Palantir Technologies Inc.

Packetized content delivery apparatus and methods

Apparatus and methods for delivery of content in a packetized network. In one embodiment, content and/or services can be associated with an ip address.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

Access apparatus and access apparatus-performed connecting user device to network

The present application discloses a method for connecting a user device to a network. The access apparatus may obtain a first ip address from a fixed broadband network and a second ip address from a mobile broadband network, where the first ip address corresponds to a fixed broadband network link, and the second ip address corresponds to a radio link.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Communication terminal

A communication terminal in an ad hoc network has a wireless communication part, a lower layer protocol part operating on a lower layer of the network, and an upper layer protocol part operating on an upper layer of the network. The lower layer protocol part has a routing table holding route information including a destination ip address and a next hop ip address associated with each other.
Nec Corporation

Ip address acquisition controlling standby mode of set-top box, and set-top box and power management server performing the method

A method of acquiring an internet protocol (ip) address to control a standby mode of a set-top box, and the set-top box and a power management server performing the method are disclosed. The method may include determining whether a state of the set-top box changes from a broadcasting state in which a broadcasting service is provided to a passive standby state in which a network connection between the set-top box and a headend providing the broadcasting service is blocked, receiving state information associated with an ip address allocated to the set-top box for the network connection in response to the state of the set-top box changing to the passive standby state, and transmitting, to the set-top box, a state change command to maintain the network connection for the ip address allocated to the set-top box based on the received state information..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Device information registration system, control management apparatus, and storage medium

There is provided a device information registration system in which an ip address of a login device is detected from a first management apparatus, and the detected ip address and position information of the device in an image captured by a network camera are associated and registered in a device information table.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Systems and methods for fingerprinting operating systems and software applications based on network resource access pattern

A system for fingerprinting operating system and/or other client software incorporates a server executing multiple logical servers, a data storage unit and dns server. Upon receiving a client dns query for resolving a domain name of a logical server, the dns server provides multiple ip addresses for the server domain name.
Limited Liability Company

Layer-2 security for industrial automation by snooping discovery and configuration messages

In one embodiment, a switch in a computer network listens to a device naming exchange on trusted interfaces to learn device names of devices reachable on interfaces of the switch. The switch then listens to the device naming exchange to learn a corresponding interface of the switch on which each particular (named) device is reachable, and associates each learned device name to the learned corresponding interface for that particular device.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Faster ip address allocation in a hybrid cloud environment using subnet selective randomization

Multiple tenants within a hybrid cloud computing system may need ip addresses to communicate over a computer network external to the hybrid cloud system (such as the internet). Ip addresses are a scarce resource, and each address can only be assigned to a single tenant.
Vmware, Inc.

Ip aliases in logical networks with hardware switches

Some embodiments provide a novel method of configuring a managed hardware forwarding element (mhfe) that implements a logical forwarding element (lfe) of a logical network to handle address resolution requests (e.g., address resolution protocol (arp) requests) for multiple addresses (e.g., ip addresses) associated with a single network interface of the logical network. The method identifies a physical port of the mhfe with which the multiple addresses are to be associated.
Nicira, Inc.

Fast path content delivery over metro access networks

Techniques are described that allow fast path delivery of content from content data networks directly to metro transport networks so as to bypass internet service provider (isp) networks. The metro transport network is positioned between subscriber devices and an internet service provider network that authenticates the subscriber devices and allocates respective layer three (l3) addresses from an internet protocol (ip) network address prefix assigned to the internet service provider network.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Logical l3 processing for l2 hardware switches

A method for learning a mac address of an end machine that is logically connected to a logical network is described. The method receives configuration data for implementing a distributed logical router having different logical ports each of which is associated with a logical port of a logical switch.
Nicira, Inc.

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