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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ionic-related patents
 Preparation method of cationic dextrin patent thumbnailPreparation method of cationic dextrin
Disclosed herein is a method of preparing a cationic dextrin, including: performing cationization reaction by adding a cationization agent to dextrin.. .
 Regioselectively substituted cellulose esters produced in a tetraalkylammonium  alkylphosphate ionic liquid process and products produced therefrom patent thumbnailRegioselectively substituted cellulose esters produced in a tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate ionic liquid process and products produced therefrom
This invention relates a cellulose solution comprising cellulose and at least one tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate and processes to produce the cellulose solution. Another aspect of this invention relates to shaped articles prepared from a cellulose solution comprising cellulose and at least one tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate.
 Sorbent comprising on its surface an aliphatic unit having an anionic or deprotonizable group for the purification of organic molecules patent thumbnailSorbent comprising on its surface an aliphatic unit having an anionic or deprotonizable group for the purification of organic molecules
The present invention relates to a sorbent comprising a solid support material, the surface of which comprises a residue of a general formula (i), wherein the residue is attached via a covalent single bond to a functional group on the surface of either the bulk solid support material itself or of a polymer film on the surface of the solid support material. Furthermore, the present invention relates to the use of the sorbent according to the invention for the purification of organic molecules, in particular pharmaceutically active compounds, preferably in chromatographic application..
 Red photosensitive resin composition for color filter and application of the same patent thumbnailRed photosensitive resin composition for color filter and application of the same
The present invention relates to a red photosensitive resin composition for a color filter and an application of the same. The red photosensitive resin composition includes a pigment (a), an alkali-soluble resin (b), a cationic polymerized compound (c), a cationic photo-initiator (d) and an organic solvent (e).
 Block copolymers, their manufacture and their use patent thumbnailBlock copolymers, their manufacture and their use
A functionalized block copolymer polymerized using vinylbenzylamino derivative monomers for use in such applications as anionic exchange membranes.. .
 Compositions for topical treatment patent thumbnailCompositions for topical treatment
A stable, self-preserving, antimicrobial, composition suitable for the treatment of a variety of dermal as well as subcutaneous conditions. The compositions include as an active ingredient a quaternary ammonium compound, preferably benzethonium chloride, potentiated and synergized with menthyl lactate cooling agent in a cationic carrier.
 Quat cleaner with glycerin ether ethoxylates patent thumbnailQuat cleaner with glycerin ether ethoxylates
The present invention relates to sanitizing compositions containing glycerin ether ethoxylate solfactant compounds and cationic active antimicrobial agents containing quaternary ammonium groups. Beneficially the compositions provide sanitizing efficacy without diminished performance requiring either increased concentrations of sanitizing agent and/or increased contact time for surfaces treated with the compositions.
 Topical composition comprising an ingenol derivative and a surfactant-cosolvent mixture patent thumbnailTopical composition comprising an ingenol derivative and a surfactant-cosolvent mixture
A topical composition for cutaneous application which is a water-in-oil emulsion comprises an oily phase comprising (a) an ingenol derivative in dissolved form; (b) at least one non-ionic surfactant selected from the group consisting of polyoxyl glycerides, polyoxyethylene castor oil derivatives, polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers, polysorbates, or a mixture of acrylamide acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, isohexadecane and polysorbate 80, sterols, fatty alcohols, fatty acid phosphonates, mono- or diglycol esters, mono- di- or polyglyceryl esters, mono-, di- or plyglucose esters, sucrose esters or sorbitan esters, the non-ionic surfactant being present in an amount of from about 0.5% by weight to about 10% by weight of the composition; (c) a solvent for the ingenol derivative; and an aqueous phase buffered to a ph of 2.6-3.7.. .
 Sodium salt of (r)-3-[6-amino-pyridin-3-yl]-2-(1-cyclohexyl-1h-imidazol-4-yl)-propionic acid patent thumbnailSodium salt of (r)-3-[6-amino-pyridin-3-yl]-2-(1-cyclohexyl-1h-imidazol-4-yl)-propionic acid
The invention relates to a sodium salt of (r)-3-[6-amino-pyridin-3-yl]-2-(1-cyclohexyl-1h-imidazol-4-yl)-propionic acid, and to a sodium salt of (r)-3-[6-amino-pyridin-3-yl]-2-(1-cyclohexyl-1h-imidazol-4-yl)-propionic acid which is in a crystalline form or in at least partially crystalline form, as well as a process for the preparation of the same, methods of using such salt to treat subjects suffering from conditions which can be ameliorated by the administration of an inhibitor of the enzyme tafia (activated thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor).. .
 Stabalized glycosaminoglycan preparations and related methods patent thumbnailStabalized glycosaminoglycan preparations and related methods
Compositions comprising a glycosaminoglycan (e.g., a hyaluronan, hyaluronic acid, hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate, dermatan sulfate, karatan sulfate, chondroitin 6-sulfate, heparin, etc.) in combination with at least one component selected from; i) polyglycols (e.g., polyethylene glycol), ii) long chain hydroxy polyanionic polysaccharides (e.g., dextran, sodium alginate, alginic acid, propylene glycol alginate, carboxymethyl cellulose and carboxyethyl cellulose, hydroxyl ethyl starch, hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose, hydroxy propyl ethyl cellulose, hydroxy propyl cellulose, methyl cellulose, polylysine, polyhistidine, polyhydroxy proline, poly ornithine, polyvinyl pyrolidone, polyvinyl alcohol, chitosan, etc.) and iii) long chain nitrogen containing polymers (e.g., polylysine, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and polyvinyl alcohol). The invention also includes methods for using such compositions (e.g., as substance delivery materials, tissue fillers or bulking agents, as moistening or hydrating agents, etc.).
Novel n-benzylamide substituted derivatives of 2-(acylamido)acetic acid and 2-(acylamido)propionic acids: potent neurological agents
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or prodrug thereof. Compositions thereof and methods of using the same (e.g.
Bioavailable minerals for plant health
A method employing a composition of bioavailable minerals directed at supplementing nutritional intake of a living plant. The composition includes the ionic mineral(s) copper and zinc in a ligand complex and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier including water, h2so4 and (nh4)2so4.
Photonic nanoantenna mediated gene circuit reconfiguration
A selectively addressable optical biomolecular carrier and its method of use for reconfiguring gene circuits are described. One carrier is a plasmon resonant nanoantenna formed from a gold metal nanorod coated with a cationic phospholipid bilayer with an aspect ratio between 2.0 and 8.0 and plasmon resonance wavelength in the near infrared range.
Direct biocatalytic production of acrylic acid and other carboxylic acid compounds
The present disclosure relates to biocatalytic methods or processes for the synthesis of acrylic acid and its derivatives, or other carboxylic acid compounds of the formula r—co2h, wherein r is a carbon chain of 5 carbons or fewer, such as methacrylic acid or 3-hydroxypropionic acid. More specifically, the disclosure relates to methods of using an acyl-coa hydrolase (such as a thioesterase) as a biocatalyst for the hydrolysis (and removal of the coa moiety) of a substrate acyl-coa compound to produce the corresponding carboxylic acid compound, such as acrylic acid.
Temperature-sensitive fluorescent probe for introduction into cell
There is provided a method for introducing a temperature-sensitive probe comprising a copolymer, which comprises a thermoresponsive unit and a fluorescent unit, into a cell, and the method using the copolymer further comprising a cationic unit as the temperature-sensitive probe, and the method comprising the step of mixing the copolymer with the cell in a solvent. The copolymer can be preferably used as a fluorescence temperature sensor which measures intracellular temperature since the copolymer has a cationic group and thus enters into a cell without using a special method..
Lithium secondary batteries containing lithium salt-ionic liquid solvent electrolyte
A rechargeable lithium metal or lithium-ion cell comprising a cathode having a cathode active material and/or a conductive supporting structure, an anode having an anode active material and/or a conductive supporting nano-structure, a porous separator electronically separating the anode and the cathode, a highly concentrated electrolyte in contact with the cathode active material and the anode active material, wherein the electrolyte contains a lithium salt dissolved in an ionic liquid solvent with a concentration greater than 3 m. The cell exhibits an exceptionally high specific energy, a relatively high power density, a long cycle life, and high safety with no flammability..
Fuel cell
In a fuel cell (1) including an anode electrode (10), a cathode electrode (12), a membrane (14) which has ionic conductivity and is disposed between the anode electrode (10) and the cathode electrode (12), an ion-conductive gel-like substance (15) is held between the cathode electrode (12) and the membrane (14) having ionic conductivity.. .
Power storage device, lithium-ion secondary battery, electric double layer capacitor and lithium-ion capacitor
One object is to provide a power storage device including an electrolyte using a room-temperature ionic liquid which includes a univalent anion and a cyclic quaternary ammonium cation having excellent reduction resistance. Another object is to provide a high-performance power storage device.
Removable water-dispersible acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
An object of the invention to provide a water-dispersible acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition capable of forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that can prevent static build-up on adherends when peeled off (antistatic properties) and is superior not only in removability and the ability to prevent an increase in peel strength (adhesive strength) over time but also in less-staining properties on adherends and, especially, the ability to prevent white staining on adherends in a high-humidity environment (the ability to prevent white staining). The invention is directed to a removable water-dispersible acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, including: an acrylic emulsion polymer including units derived from raw material monomers including (i) 70 to 99.5% by weight of an alkyl(meth)acrylate and (ii) 0.5 to 10% by weight of a carboxyl group-containing unsaturated monomer; a non-water-soluble crosslinking agent; and an ionic compound..
Graphene transparent conductive film
A graphene transparent conductive film, which includes a plurality of graphene sheets and a transparent conductive binder binding the graphene sheets to form the graphene transparent conductive film. The weight ratio of the graphene sheets to the transparent conductive binder is within a range of 0.01 to 1 wt %, and the volume percentage of the transparent conductive binder in the graphene transparent conductive film is within a range of 0.5 to 10%.
Curable coating composition
Uv curable coating composition includes a non hydrolyzed epoxy- alkoxy-silane, polyfunctional acrylate and/or epoxy compounds and a cationic and/or free-radical photo-initiator; with polyfunctional acrylate and/or epoxy compounds representing more than 40 weight % of the total dry matter and the composition being without any hydrolyzed epoxy-alkoxy-silane. This composition is coated and cured on an optical substrate..
Compositions for topical treatment
A stable, self-preserving, antimicrobial, composition suitable for the treatment of a variety of dermal as well as subcutaneous conditions. The compositions include as an active ingredient a quaternary ammonium compound, preferably benzethonium chloride, potentiated and synergized with menthyl lactate cooling agent in a cationic carrier.
Surfactant responsive dispersion polymerized micro-gels
A stable, aqueous composition containing a crosslinked, nonionic, amphiphilic polymer capable of forming a yield stress fluid in the presence of a surfactant is disclosed. The crosslinked, nonionic amphiphilic polymer is prepared by dispersion polymerization in the presence of a stabilizing polymer.
Process for extracting materials from biological material
The invention is directed to a process for extracting materials from biological material, which process is characterized in that the naturally occurring biological material is treated with an extractant consisting of a deep eutectic solvent of natural origin or a an ionic liquid of natural origin to produce a biological extract of natural origin dissolved in the said solvent or ionic liquid.. .
Stabilized formulations containing anti-pcsk9 antibodies
The present invention provides pharmaceutical formulations comprising a human antibody that specifically binds to human proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (pcsk9). The formulations may contain, in addition to an anti-pcsk9 antibody, at least one amino acid, at least one sugar, or at least one non-ionic surfactant.
Methods for the prevention or treatment of vessel occlusion injury
This invention provides methods of preventing or treating cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury in a mammalian subject. The methods comprise administering to the subject an effective amount of an aromatic-cationic peptide to a subject in need thereof wherein the peptide is d-arg-26-dmt-lys-phe-nh2 (ss-31)..
Nanoparticles and uses thereof
A nanoparticle conjugate for intracellular delivery of a therapeutic agent, wherein the conjugate comprises a nanoparticle, a cationic agent and the therapeutic agent. Pharmaceutical compositions, medicaments and therapeutic uses thereof are also provided..
Methods and apparatus for refractive flow measurement with three dimensions and uncertainty
An imaging method and corresponding apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention enables measurement and visualization of fluid flow. An embodiment method includes obtaining video captured by a video camera with an imaging plane.
Phosphorescent organic light emitting devices combined with hole transport material having high operating stability
An improved oled includes an emitter layer disposed between a cathode and an anode where the emitter layer includes a host material and a phosphorescent emitter material. A first hole transport layer is disposed between the emitter layer and the anode and a second hole transport layer is disposed between the first hole transport layer and the anode.
Mineral separation using functionalized polymer or polymer-coated filters and membranes
An apparatus for collecting mineral particles in a slurry or the tailings is disclosed. The apparatus may take the form of a filter, a conveyor belt or an impeller to be used in a processor to collect mineral particles in the slurry, or in a tailings pond to collect mineral particles in the tailings.
Cleaning composition for the food and beverage industry
An aqueous cleaning composition and methods for use in the agricultural, food and beverage industry which comprises at least 3% of hydrogen peroxide and a plurality of non-ionic surfactants, wherein said cleaning composition is substantially free of any alkalinity source.. .
Dyeing composition
The present invention relates to a dyeing composition. More particularly, the present invention provides a dyeing composition comprising an ether-based nonionic surfactant, an ether-based oil and alcohol.
Avionics navigation power range indicator
An electronic device is described that includes a range indicator for conveying a range of travel until the electronic device ceases operation due to loss of power. In implementations, the electronic device includes a display device, a memory operable to store one or more modules, and at least one processor coupled to the display device and the memory.
System and method for displaying rate-of-climb on an avionics vertical speed indicator
A system and method are providing for providing an aircraft with adequate clearance over an obstacle in the aircraft's takeoff departure path. The correct rate-of-climb to clear the obstacle is determined in a processor; for example a told system.
Compositions and methods for delivery of hydrophobic active agents
Disclosed herein is a delivery composition for administering a hydrophobic active agent. In one embodiment, a delivery composition for local administration of a hydrophobic active agent to a tissue or organ of a patient is disclosed.
Recycle gas scrubbing using ionic liquids
A method of removing co2 from a gaseous mixture using ionic liquids is described. The ionic liquids can be regenerated by pressure reductions.
Salen complexes with dianionic counterions
The present invention describes metal salen complexes having dianionic counterions. Such complexes can be readily precipitated and provide an economical method for the purification and isolation of the complexes, and are useful to prepare novel polymer compositions..
Polymeric thickeners
The present invention is concerned with an emulsion copolymer latex comprising an acrylic/methacrylic copolymer obtainable by the emulsion copolymerisation of the following monomer components: a: from 75% weight to 97.5% by weight, based on the total weight of monomer components a+b+c+d, of methyl acrylate; b: from 0.1% to 15% by weight, based on the total weight of monomer components a+b+c+d, of at least one ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid monomer containing one c≡c double bond capable of free radical copolymerisation with component a and at least one carboxylic acid (co2h) group; c: from 1% to 20% by weight based on the total weight of monomer components a+b+c+d of at least one associative monomer being a (meth)acrylate ester of an alkoxylated alcohol; and d: from 0% to 15% by weight of one or more non-ionic ethylenically unsaturated monomers other than those defined above as a, b or c; wherein the total monomer components a+b+c+d together add up to 100%. The present invention also provides a composition suitable for use as a ph responsive thickener comprising the hydrolysis product of the emulsion copolymer latex..
Low energy, cold process formulation aid
Provided are cold process formulation aids (cpfas), methods for their manufacture, and personal care products made using them. Cpfas include (i) a polymer having an aliphatic backbone and a plurality of pendant groups thereon that are pendant ionic or ionizable groups, or pendant groups having at least one permanent dipole that includes an acid, alcohol, thiol, ester, amine, amide, imide, imine, or nitrile moiety, and (ii) a wax selected from natural waxes and synthetic waxes, wherein if the wax is not micronized and is not self-emulsifying, the ratio, by weight, of the non-micronized wax to the polymer having an aliphatic backbone is from about 60:40 to 80:20, and if the wax is a micronized wax or a self-emulsifying wax, the ratio, by weight, of wax to polymer backbone is 70:30 to 98:2..
Methods for treating inflammation, autoimmune disorders and pain
Disclosed herein are methods of treating, reducing, or preventing a disease such as oral mucositis, gastric mucositis, or inflammatory fibrosis, comprising identifying a patient in need of treatment and administering a therapeutically effective amount of at least one cationic steroid antimicrobial (csa), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Kits comprising such compositions and instructions on such methods are also contemplated herein..
Novel thickening polymer
Polymer obtainable by radical emulsion polymerization of (a) at least one acidic vinyl monomer or salt thereof; (b) at least one nonionic vinyl monomer, particularly preferably a hydrophobic nonionic vinyl monomer; (c) at least one monomer containing an unsaturated end group and a polyoxyalkylene part; (d) at least one crosslinking monomer; and (e) optionally, a protective colloid, characterized in that the polymerization is controlled such that (f) the gel effect occurs, at least at times, achieved by adding monomers of type (a), (b), and (c) (dosing time) during 120 minutes; and such that (g) the crosslinking monomer (d) is added, at the very earliest, 10 minutes after the first addition of the monomers (a), (b), and (c).. .
Cleaning composition and method of forming the same
A cleaning composition, useful for dishwashing, comprises about 1 to about 35 weight percent (wt. %) of an anionic surfactant, about 1 to about 35 wt.
Coated substrates for high energy capture phase binding and methods of production and use thereof
A substrate, which is useful for performing biological, chemical and diagnostic assays, and a method for preparing the substrate are provided. The substrate has an upper surface with a coating disposed thereon.
Method for rapidly and efficiently harvesting green algae using cationic organoclay
The present invention relates to aminoclay, for harvesting algae, which is prepared by fixing aminosilane around cationic metal ions through a sol-gel reaction. Also, the present invention relates to a method for harvesting algae using the aminoclay according to any one selected from the above methods..
Fuel cell components and systems having carbon-containing electrically-conductive hollow fibers
A method, according to one embodiment, includes acquiring a structure having an ionically-conductive, electrically-resistive electrolyte/separator layer covering an inner or outer surface of a carbon-containing electrically-conductive hollow fiber and a catalyst along one side thereof, adding an anode that extends along at least part of a length of the structure, and adding a cathode that extends along at least part of the length of the structure, the cathode being on an opposite side of the hollow fiber as the anode.. .
Molded article of polymer electrolyte composition and solid polymer type fuel cell using same
To provide a formed article of polymer electrolyte composition which exhibits excellent proton conductivity even under low-humidification conditions and under low-temperature conditions, which is excellent in chemical stability, mechanical strength, fuel shutoff properties, and which can achieve high output, high energy density, and excellent long-term durability when used in a polymer electrolyte fuel cell; and also to provide a polymer electrolyte fuel cell using thereof. The formed article of polymer electrolyte composition includes: a block copolymer having one or more of each of a hydrophilic segment (a1) containing an ionic group and a hydrophobic segment (a2) not containing an ionic group; and an additive, wherein the formed article forms co-continuous or lamellar phase separation structure, and the additive is hydrophilic..
Electric energy storage device
An electric energy storage device comprises first and second conductor layers, and positive and negative electrodes. The first conductor layer has both surfaces coated with ionic or dipole material across entire surface thereof.
Ionically permeable structures for energy storage devices
An electrochemical stack comprising carrier ions, an anode comprising an anode active material layer, a cathode comprising a cathode active material layer, a separator between the anode and the cathode comprising a porous dielectric material and a non-aqueous electrolyte, and an ionically permeable conductor layer located between the separator and an electrode active material layer.. .
Organic electronic material, ink composition, and organic electronic element
Provided is an organic electronic material which is excellent in curability at low temperatures in the case as an ink composition, and able to prepare an organic electronic element capable of reducing the driving voltage and of being driven stably for a long time. The organic electronic material is characterized by containing at least an ionic compound represented by the following general formula (1), and a compound including a charge transporting unit.
Luminescent resin composition, film-shaped molding product of the same, and polymer self-standing film
The present invention is a resin composition characterized in that an intercalated compound made of a layered silicate and a metal cationic iridium complex which emits light by having a ligand for light emission and a hydrophobic ligand is dispersed in a polymer matrix. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a molding material which has stable light emission characteristics and which is flexible..
Process for preparing a sol-gel from at least three metal salts and use of the process for preparing a ceramic membrane
A) preparing an aqueous solution of water-soluble salts of said elements a, a′, optionally a″, b, and b′, in stoichiometric proportions needed to obtain the material as defined above; b) preparing a hydro-alcoholic solution of at least one non-ionic surfactant in an alcohol, mixed with an aqueous solution of ammonia in a proportion sufficient to ensure the complete dissolution of said non-ionic surfactant in said hydroalcoholic solution, the concentration of said non-ionic surfactant in said hydro-alcoholic solution being less than the critical micelle concentration; c) mixing said aqueous solution prepared in step a), with said alcoholic dispersion prepared in step b) to form a sol; d) drying said sol obtained in step c), by evaporating the solvent, to obtain a sol-gel.. .
Cationic lipid having improved intracellular kinetics
And use thereof.. .
Probiotic prevention and treatment of colon cancer
Methods are provided herein for preventing, delaying the onset of or reducing the progression of colorectal tumorigenesis in a subject identified as at risk of colorectal tumorigenesis, comprising adjusting the composition of gut microbiota in the subject via administering to the subject a composition comprising bacteroides bacteria or administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition comprising zwitterionic polysaccharide (zps). In another aspect, methods are provided for treating or ameliorating a colorectal cancer in a subject, comprising adjusting the composition of gut microbiota in the subject having the colorectal cancer.
Silicone elastomer particle and an aqueous dispersion comprising the same
One of the purposes of the present invention is to provide a silicone elastomer particle and an aqueous dispersion of the silicone elastomer particles, which prevent generation of odor from oxygenation of nonionic surfactants. The present invention provides a silicone elastomer particle having a crosslinking structure formed by an addition reaction of a monovalent aliphatic unsaturated group bonded to a silicon atom and a hydrogen atom bonded to another silicon atom, wherein the silicone elastomer particle contains an antioxidant.
Hair care composition comprising silicone grafted starch
A hair care composition having from about 0.05% to about 15% of silicone grafted tapioca starch. The hair care composition further includes a gel matrix phase.
Shampoo compositions and methods of making same
The present invention relates to a shampoo composition and methods of using the same. The shampoo composition includes a silicone grafted tapioca starch, a detersive surfactant, a cationic conditioning polymer, and a carrier.
Method of providing cleanness to hair and/or scalp
Disclosed is a method of providing cleanness to hair and/or scalp, for example, providing hair volume and/or providing less oiliness on hair and/or scalp, by applying a hair care composition comprising cationic surfactants, high melting point fatty compounds, metal pyrithione, and metal salts other than metal pyrithiones.. .
Novel oil-in-water emulsions enriched with salt which are highly viscous and stable over time
Disclosed is a composition in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion, including: 5-55 wt % of an oil phase; 0.025-3.75 wt % of at least one cross-linked anionic polyelectrolyte resulting from the polymerization of partially or completely salified 2-methyl 2-[(1-oxo 2-propenyl)amino]1-propanesulfonic acid, with at least one neutral monomer selected from acrylamide, (2-hydroxy ethyl)acrylate, and n,n-dialkyl arylamides. Each alkyl group includes 1-4 carbon atoms, and at least one monomer, where r is an alkyl radical including 8-20 carbon atoms and n is a number no smaller than one and no larger than twenty, in the presence of a cross-linking agent; 0.025-3.75 wt % of a galactomannan having a degree of substitution of approximately 1/3; 37.5-94.95 wt % of a cosmetically acceptable aqueous phase, the aqueous phase including 1-25 wt % of a salt, the weight ratio between the galactomannan and the cross-linked anionic polyelectrolyte being 1:3 to 3:1..
Hair care conditioning composition comprising histidine
A hair care composition having from about from about 0.025% to about 0.25% by weight of the composition of histidine. The hair care composition further includes a gel matrix phase.
Customized electronic displays and methods of customizing the physical size and/or shape thereof
Electronic displays are physically reshaped and/or resized to meet custom specifications for special applications such as avionics, where commercial off-the-shelf (cots) liquid crystal displays (lcds) are not typically used. Customization includes cutting the physical display to specified dimensions to fit into a target opening, and resealing the display to preserve proper cell spacing and assure basic functionality.
Ionization monitoring device and method
An air ionization monitoring device 200 and method is disclosed herein. In a described embodiment, the air ionization monitoring device 200 comprises an ion source 202 adapted to emit ions 204 and a capacitor 208 including a first conductor 210 arranged to be exposed to the ions 204 emitted by the ion source 202, and a second conductor 212 arranged to be shielded from the ions 204 emitted by the ion source 202.
Memory cells, methods of programming memory cells, and methods of forming memory cells
Some embodiments include methods of programming a memory cell. A plurality of charge carriers may be moved within the memory cell, with an average charge across the moving charge carriers having an absolute value greater than 2.

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