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This page is updated frequently with new Ionic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ionic-related patents
 Electrochemical devices for use in extreme conditions patent thumbnailElectrochemical devices for use in extreme conditions
An electrochemical device, such as a battery or power source, provides improved performance under stringent or extreme conditions. Such an electrochemical device for use in high temperature conditions may include at least a cathode, a lithium-based anode, a separator, and an ionic liquid electrolyte.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Composite separator with aligned particles patent thumbnailComposite separator with aligned particles
An ionically conductive composite separator for a rechargeable battery and methods for producing the same are provided. The separator may include a bulk material having an anode side and a cathode side and a thickness extending therebetween and a region of aligned particles extending across the bulk material thickness.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Device for managing the storage of data patent thumbnailDevice for managing the storage of data
A device manages the storage of data in at least one storage device of a first type and in a storage device of a second type, the at least one storage device of the first type being physically distinct from the storage device of the second type. The device partitions data to be stored into blocks of data, determines redundancies generated by an error detection code for each block of data, stores blocks of data in the at least one storage device of the first type, the storage device(s) of the first type being compliant with an avionic quality assurance level of a given quality level, and stores redundancies in the storage device of the second type, the storage device of the second type being compliant with an avionic quality assurance level that is higher than the avionic quality assurance level of the storage device(s) of first type..
Airbus Operations Sas

 Sensors including ionic liquids and methods of making and using the same patent thumbnailSensors including ionic liquids and methods of making and using the same
A system and method for using a sensor includes a first anode and cathode pair having a first non-zero voltage therebetween and an ionic liquid contacting the first anode and cathode pair. An output is provided that communicates a motion sense signal corresponding to a motion or pressure of the sensor in at least one direction that causes a change in a first ionic concentration gradient between the first anode and cathode pair..

 Water/oil repellent composition,  producing water/oil repellent composition and article patent thumbnailWater/oil repellent composition, producing water/oil repellent composition and article
A water/oil repellent composition which comprises a nonionic surfactant having a melting point of from 50° c. To 70° c., a fluorinated copolymer (for example, a copolymer of a (meth)acrylate having a c6 perfluoroalkyl group) and a medium containing water..

 Enzyme solubility in liquid detergent and use of detergent composition patent thumbnailEnzyme solubility in liquid detergent and use of detergent composition
The present invention concerns a method for increasing the solubility of an enzyme in a liquid detergent composition comprising one or more enzymes, an anionic surfactant and a solvent system, which liquid detergent composition has a hansen solubility parameter hydrogen bonding contribution (δh) in the range of 2-35. In addition, the invention concerns a liquid detergent composition and use of the detergent composition..
Novozymes A/s

 Composite materials containing structural polysaccharides and macrocyclic compounds formed from ionic liquid compositions patent thumbnailComposite materials containing structural polysaccharides and macrocyclic compounds formed from ionic liquid compositions
Disclosed herein are composite materials, ionic liquid compositions for preparing the composite materials, and methods for using the composite materials prepared from the ionic liquid compositions. The composite materials typically include structural polysaccharides and preferably include macrocyclic compounds.
Marquette University

 Cationic steroidal antimicrobial prodrug compositions and uses thereof patent thumbnailCationic steroidal antimicrobial prodrug compositions and uses thereof
Prodrugs or pharmaceutically acceptable salts, stereoisomers, solvates, or polymorphs thereof include a pharmaceutically and/or diagnostically active cationic steroidal antimicrobial (hereinafter “csa”) compound or pharmaceutically acceptable salt, stereoisomer, solvate, or polymorph thereof, and one or more cleavable groups (c.g.). Some embodiments include a csa compound prepared in an inactive or less active form and that is capable of conversion to a fully active form upon administration to a subject, upon preparation of a pharmaceutical formulation containing the csa composition, and/or upon exposure to physiological conditions.
Brigham Young University

 Separations with ionic liquid solvents patent thumbnailSeparations with ionic liquid solvents
Disclosed are systems and methods which provide a process stream comprising a gaseous component, capture the gaseous component from the process stream by an ionic liquid solvent of a separator, and recover a captured gaseous component from the ionic liquid solvent in a regenerator. A second gaseous component from the process stream may be captured by the ionic liquid solvent of the separator, and the second gaseous component may be recovered from the ionic liquid solvent in the regenerator.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

 Compositions and methods for selective anion removal patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for selective anion removal
Methods for removing a target anion entity, such as a phosphate ion, from fluids by treating the fluid with a substrate containing an immobilized rare earth, the substrate being either a first loaded substrate including a first immobilized cationic rare earth, the first loaded substrate being formed by precipitating a rare earth in a clay such that the rare earth is fixed inside a porous structure of the clay and/or fixed on the surface of the clay; or a second loaded substrate comprising a second immobilized cationic rare earth that is bonded to the second loaded substrate via a chelating ligand.. .
Chemtreat, Inc.


Heterogeneous catalyst for production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid from allyl alcohol, and preparation of 3-hydroxypropionic acid from allyl alcohol using the same

Disclosed herein are a heterogeneous catalyst for the preparation of 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-hpa) from allyl alcohol, and a method for the preparation of 3-hpa from allyl alcohol using the catalyst. In the presence of the heterogeneous catalyst containing gold on a carrier, a liquid-phase reaction is conducted to produce 3-hpa from allyl alcohol at high yield..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University


Composite oxygen ion transport membrane

A composite oxygen ion transport membrane having a dense layer, a porous support layer, an optional intermediate porous layer located between the porous support layer and the dense layer and an optional surface exchange layer, overlying the dense layer. The dense layer has electronic and ionic phases.


Ion exchange absorbent systems, apparatuses, and methods

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for increasing liquid absorption are described. Some embodiments may include a dressing having an absorbent layer containing super-absorbent material as well as ionic-exchange media (iem).
Kci Licensing, Inc.


Derivatisation of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor

The present invention relates to a compound which is a polysaccharide derivative of gcsf, or of a gcsf like protein, wherein the polysaccharide is anionic and comprises between 2 and 200 saccharide units. The present invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising the novel compounds, and methods for making the novel compounds..
Lipoxen Technologies Limited


Method of achieving improved volume and combability using an anti-dandruff personal care composition comprising a pre-emulsified formulation

The present invention is directed to a method of achieving improved hair volume comprising applying to hair a composition comprising from about 0.25% to about 80% of a pre-emulsified emulsion comprising from about 0.005% to about 80% of one or more materials selected from the group comprising metathesized unsaturated polyol esters, sucrose polyesters, fatty esters with a molecular weight greater than or equal to 1500 and mixtures thereof or, by weight of said hair care composition; wherein an emulsifier is selected from the group consisting of anionic, non-ionic, cationic, amphoteric and mixtures thereof wherein the average particle size of the pre-emulsified emulsion is from about 20 nanometers to 20 microns; from about 5% to about 50% of one or more anionic surfactants, by weight of said hair care composition; from about 0.01% to about 5% of an anti-dandruff active; at least about 20% of an aqueous carrier, by weight of said hair care composition wherein the method provides to the hair a dry static friction index of about 1.05-3 and a dry combing index of about greater than or equal to about 1.05.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company


Allantoin-containing skin cream

An allantoin-containing skin cream composition can comprise allantoin and at least one anionic or nonionic emulsifier that is substantially hydrophilic and is soluble in water. The composition is in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion.
Scioderm, Inc.


Cation compatible metal oxides and oral care compositions containing the metal oxides

A cationic compatible metal oxide and oral care compositions containing the metal oxide are disclosed. Preferably, the oral care compositions contain a cationic compatible metal oxide and a cationic ingredient, such as for example, a cationic antibacterial agent such as cetyl pyridinium chloride (“cpc”).
W. R. Grace & Co.-conn.


Sulfate-free cleansing composition with thickener

Disclosed is an aqueous cleansing composition comprising (a) at least one anionic surfactant that is not an alkyl sulfate or alkyl ether sulfate, (b) at least one amphoteric surfactant, (c) at least one thickener selected from a hydrophobically-modified acrylic acid based copolymer having a molecular weight from about 80,000 to about 2,500,000 grams per mole, (d) at least one cationic conditioning agent, and (e) optionally at least one nonionic surfactant; wherein the ratio of the anionic surfactant (a) to amphoteric surfactant (b) is less than about 9.5, by weight. Also disclosed are methods of cleaning and conditioning hair using said compositions and methods of making said compositions..


Systems and methods for aircraft on-ground determination

Systems and methods for aircraft on-ground determination are provided. In one embodiment, an onboard motion controlled wireless avionics datalink gateway comprises: a wireless radio chipset module; and a velocity interlock coupled to an aircraft motion sensor and the wireless radio chipset module.
Honeywell International Inc.


Inherently safe thermo-responsive gel electrolytes for electrochemical devices

Techniques for providing phase change electrolytes that can be used to improve safety of electrochemical devices, such as lithium batteries, are disclosed herein. At normal operation temperature, the phase change electrolyte is capable of switching “on” with high ionic conductivities in a liquid state.


Functionalized short chain fluorinated polyether based electrolytes for safe lithium batteries and the cells having the same

Non-flammable electrolyte compositions for lithium metal primary batteries and the cells containing these electrolytes are described. The electrolyte compositions comprise one or more partially or fully fluorinated functionalized short chain polyethers with one or more lithium salts, and may include one or more cosolvents, and may have one or more fire retardants added.


Organometallic complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device

An organometallic complex emitting light with high color purity. The organometallic complex is represented by general formula (g1).
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Flat emitter coated with low work function material

Embodiments include an x-ray cathode filament, filament system, process to manufacture the filament and process to use the filament, where the filament includes a planar substrate, such as of tungsten, having a top surface coated with a coating of carburized tungsten (e.g., w2c) and thoria (tho2). A first electron beam is emitted from the coating through a thermionic effect at a first temperature, such as when the filament is heated to between 1700 and 1900 degrees celsius by running an electrical current through the filament.
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.


Optical film, polarizing plate equipped with the optical film, liquid crystal display device, and producing an optical film

An optical film (polarizing plate protecting film) is equipped with a substrate and a hard coat layer provided on the substrate. The hard coat layer is a layer obtained by curing a photocurable composition on the substrate.
Fujifilm Corporation


Test strips for determining coagulation factor activities

Test strips for determining the activity of a coagulation factor in a blood sample are provided. The strip comprises a support, a sample inlet port for deposition of a blood sample, and a reaction area comprising a blood coagulation reagent.
Struszym, S.l.


Composition for external application comprising transcription factor decoy as active ingredient

The present invention provides an external preparation composition of transcription factor decoy of good skin permeability, the composition comprising a transcription factor decoy dissolved in a fatty acid-based ionic liquid obtained from a fatty acid having 2 to 20 carbon atoms and an organic amine compound having 4 to 12 carbon atoms.. .
Medrx Co., Ltd.


Detergent compositions containing a polyetheramine and an anionic soil release polymer

The present invention relates generally to detergent compositions and, more specifically, to detergent compositions containing a polyetheramine and an anionic soil release polymer.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company


Cleaner composition

A cleaner composition includes: a saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon (a); an anionic surfactant (b); a nonionic surfactant (c); and water (d). The cleaner composition contains the saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon (a) in a proportion of 60.0% by mass to 85.0% by mass, the anionic surfactant (b) in a proportion of 8.0% by mass to 15.0% by mass, the nonionic surfactant (c) in a proportion of 2.0% by mass to 5.0% by mass, and the water (d) in a proportion of 1.0% by mass to 20.0% by mass, forms a w/o microemulsion or a solubilized w/o emulsion, and has a volume resistivity of 1×109 Ω·cm or less..
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation


Cleaning composition having high self-adhesion and providing residual benefits

A composition for treating a hard surface. The composition has: (a) at least one adhesion promoter; (b) at least one surfactant selected from the group consisting of: anionic, non-ionic, cationic, amphoteric, zwitterionic, and combinations thereof; (c) mineral oil; (d) water; (e) optionally, at least one solvent; and wherein the composition is self-adhering upon application to a surface to be treated, and wherein the composition provides a wet film to said surface when water passes over said composition and surface..
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.


Compositions and coatings with non-chrome corrosion inhibitor particles

Compositions are described for protecting a metal surface against corrosion. The composition includes a corrosion-inhibiting particle.
The Boeing Company


Conjugated gold nanoparticles

The present invention relates to methods, compositions, and kits for generating conjugated gold nanoparticles. In certain embodiments, the present invention provides methods of generating unsaturated conjugated gold nanoparticles by mixing naked gold nanoparticles with a first type of attachment molecules at a molar ratio such that the attachment molecules attach to the naked gold particles at a density level below the saturation level of the naked gold particles (e.g., at a saturation level of 1-99%).
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Engineered microorganisms having resistance to ionic liquids

The present invention provides for a method of genetically modifying microorganisms to enhance resistance to ionic liquids using a yeast major facilitator superfamily (mfs), or a salmonella mfs smva pump or smvr regulator, a small multidrug resistance family (smr), or saccharomyces cerevisiae ydr090c, polypeptide, host cells genetically modified in accordance with the methods, and methods of using the host cells in a reaction comprising biomass that has been pretreated with ionic liquids.. .
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Composition and dust suppression wetting agents

This disclosure teaches a composition and process which makes it possible to remove floating particulates or prevent the dissemination or particulates, by the misting of a solution that readily captures any particulate material in the air. More specifically, the present disclosure teaches the composition and use of aromatic compounds that are semi-volatile organic compounds (svocs) or slow evaporators in water-based carriers with surfactants as the misting/fogging agent for dust suppression.



A composition for chemoembolotherapy of solid tumours comprises particles of a water-insoluble water-swellable synthetic anionic polymer and, absorbed therein an anthracycline. Suitably the polymer is a poly(vinyl alcohol) based polymer and the drug is doxorubicin..
Biocompatibles Uk Limited


Formulations containing poly (0-2 hydroxyethyl) starch for increasing the oxygen-content, stability and shelf life of an organ and tissue preservation solution

Organ and tissue preservation solutions having improved formulations. The improved solutions are comprised of two separate solutions.
Somahlution, Llc


Diode/superionic conductor/polymer memory structure

A conjugated polymer layer with a built-in diode is formed by providing a first metal-chalcogenide layer over a bottom electrode. Subsequently, a second metal-chalcogenide layer is provided over and in contact with the first metal-chalcogenide layer.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Plasma generator with at least one non-metallic component

A plasma generator for an ion implanter is provided. The plasma generator includes an ionization chamber for forming a plasma that is adapted to generate a plurality of ions and a plurality of electrons.
Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.


Multilayer carbon nanotube capacitor

Multilayer carbon nanotube capacitors, and methods and printable compositions for manufacturing multilayer carbon nanotubes (cnts) are disclosed. A first capacitor embodiment includes: a first conductor; a plurality of fixed cnts in an ionic liquid, each fixed cnt comprising a magnetic catalyst nanoparticle coupled to a carbon nanotube and further coupled to the first conductor; and a first plurality of free cnts dispersed and moveable in the ionic liquid.
Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.


Conductive material and connected structure

There is provided a conductive material which has a rapid reaction rate and is high in fluxing effect. The conductive material according to the present invention includes a conductive particle having solder at at least an external surface, an anionically hardenable compound, an anionic hardener, and an organic acid having a carboxyl group and having a functional group that is an esterified carboxyl group..
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.


Liquid display panel and detecting electric potential generated by ions between liquid crystal layer and alignment film

Wherein 0.1≦n≦30, vion—lc(1/2n) refers to an ionic electric potential of the liquid crystal layer at a time of 1/2n, and vion—pi(1/2n) refers to an ionic electric potential of the first alignment film at a time of 1/2n.. .


Method for quantifying glycated hemoglobin

A method for quantifying glycated hemoglobin (hba1c) contained in a sample, the method including: (a) a process for mixing the sample with a protease in the presence of a composition of a cationic surfactant and a tetrazolium salt to obtain an aqueous glycated peptide solution containing a glycated peptide; (b) a process for mixing the aqueous glycated peptide solution obtained in process (a) with a fructosyl peptide oxidase to obtain hydrogen peroxide, the aqueous glycated peptide solution here containing the composition; and (c) a process for calculating the concentration of the glycated hemoglobin (hba1c) on the basis of the amount of hydrogen peroxide solution obtained in process (b).. .
Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.


Simultaneous determination of multiple analytes in industrial water system

A multi-purpose reagent composition is used for simultaneously determining concentrations of at least two analytes in a water sample. The two analytes are selected from the group consisting of free chlorine, ph, anionic polymer, and phosphates.
General Electric Company


System and preconcentrating analytes in a microfluidic device

A method and system for preconcentrating analytes at a microvalve in a microfluidic device is disclosed. The system includes a sample channel loaded with a sample solution.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Electrochemical compressor based heating element and hybrid hot water heater employing same

An electrochemical compressor type heat pump system is described. An electrochemical compressor compresses a mixed gas refrigerant whereby heat from the compression can be used to heat an object.
Xergy Ltd


Nanoparticle treated fabrics, fibers, filaments, and yarns and related methods

Nanoparticle treated fibrous articles, such as fabrics, fibers, filaments, or yarns, include a plurality of exposed, nonionic metal nanoparticles non-covalently affixed thereto. Metal nanoparticles, particularly spherical-shaped metal nanoparticles which have solid cores, can be strongly affixed to fibrous articles without covalently bonds and/or without being encapsulated within a polymer or adhesive.
Attostat, Inc.


Compositions and methods to prevent aav vector aggregation

Compositions and methods are provided for preparation of concentrated stock solutions of aav virions without aggregation. Formulations for aav preparation and storage are high ionic strength solutions (e.g.
Genzyme Corporation


Preparation near-infrared silver sulfide quantum dots

Provided is a preparation method of near-infrared silver sulfide quantum dots. The silver sulfide quantum dots have hydrophilic groups derived from a mercapto-containing hydrophilic reagent attached on the surface thereof, and the hydrophilic reagent is any one of mercaptoacetic acid, mercaptopropionic acid, cysteine, cysteamine, thioctic acid and ammonium mercaptoacetate or any combination thereof.
Suzhou Institute Of Nano-tech And Nano-bionics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Enhanced oil recovery method employing a biodegradable brine tolerant foam-forming composition

This invention relates to a foam-forming composition and method of use thereof for enhanced oil recovery. Said foam-forming composition comprises an anionic sulfonate surfactant wherein the anionic sulfonate surfactant is biodegradable and has low aquatic toxicity.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


A low temperature stabilized foam-forming composition for enhanced oil recovery

This invention relates to a foam-forming composition having good low temperature stability and method of use thereof for enhanced oil recovery. Said foam-forming composition comprises an anionic sulfonate surfactant, preferably an alpha-olefin sulfonate, a alkyl ether solvent, and water and is preferably stable to at least −5c.
Dow Global Technolgies Llc


Bondable blood-friendly polymer and preparing method thereof

A bondable blood-friendly polymer is a terpolymer or a quadripolymer at least formed by polyethylene glycol alkyl ether acrylate or polyethylene glycol alkyl ether methacrylate (i), and zwitterionic acrylic ester or zwitterionic methacrylic ester (ii), and acrylic acid or a methacrylate derivative with an epoxypropyl group, an isocyanate group, a trialkoxy silane, a hydroxyalkyl group, a propargyl group or a quaternary ammonium group (iii). In the present invention, the blood-friendly polymer with a potentially-bondable group has the following advantages: although the water insolubility thereof is implemented by using the hydrophobicity physical effect of an existing higher alkyl acrylate linkage, the blood friendliness of a coating is reduced due to the existence of a great number of hydrophobic chain links in the polymer; and a physical coating is slowly desolventized from the surface to be ablated in the application process of the physical coating.
G Y Bio-materials Co., Ltd.


Novel polysiloxane-based fouling-release coats

The present application discloses a silicone-based fouling-release coat comprising a polysiloxane-based binder matrix constituting at least 40% by dry weight of said coat, wherein more than 65% by weight of said the binder matrix is represented by polysiloxane parts, said binder matrix of said coat having included as a part thereof zwitterionic moieties and/or said coat comprising one or more zwitterionic compounds. In some embodiments, the coat further comprises one or more active ingredients selected from biocides and enzymes, in particular biocides.
Hempel A/s


Surface treatment composition for coated steel sheet, surface treated plated steel sheet and production of same, and coated plated steel sheet and production of same

An aqueous surface treatment composition for coated steel sheet securing sufficient working adhesion while causing the formation of a surface treatment layer imparting excellent overhang corrosion resistance even without containing chrome, that is, a surface treatment composition containing a specific organic silicon compound, hexafluorometallic acid, a urethane resin having specific cationic groups, a vanadium compound, and an aqueous medium and sufficiently securing working adhesion while imparting excellent overhang corrosion resistance by the urethane resin having cationic groups and a total amine value of specific values is provided.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Coated Sheet Corporation


Composition for fiber-reinforced composite material, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced composite material

The present invention relates to the composition for a fiber-reinforced composite material, the composition containing a radically polymerizable compound (a), a cationically polymerizable compound (b), a compound (c) having a radically polymerizable group and a cationically polymerizable group in one molecule thereof, a radical polymerization initiator (d), an acid generator (e), and a release agent (f), wherein the radically polymerizable compound (a) is a compound having not less than two radically polymerizable groups in one molecule thereof, and having a functional group equivalent weight of the radically polymerizable group of 50 to 300.. .


Functional polyisobutylene-containing oligomers and polymers

A method of making functional polyisobutylene (pib)-containing oligomers and polymers. By the disclosed method, the synthesis of functional pib-containing polymers can be achieved directly under cationic polymerization conditions and does not include any post-polymerization reactions.
Henkel (china) Company Limited


Cyclic cationic peptides with antibmicrobial activity

A series of cationic cyclic peptides, useful for the treatment of infectious diseases in both human and veterinary clinical/surgical environment are described herein. The peptides of the invention have a length of 15 to 21 amino acids, and show a sequence a-b-c-d-c′-b′-a′, wherein units a and a′ correspond to —nh2 terminal and —cooh terminal regions; units b and b′ correspond to cyclizable amino acids containing sulfur; units c and c are sequences of 5 amino acids selected among hydrophobic amino acids, basic amino acids and amino acids forming hydrogen bonds; unit d is a dipeptide consisting of glycine and one basic amino acid.
Azienda Osped Aliero-universitaria Di Parma


A composition for preparing terephthalic acid

The present disclosure provides a composition for preparing terephthalic acid; said composition comprises p-toluic acid in an amount of 0.05% to 4% with respect to the total mass of the composition; at least one catalyst in an amount of 0.02% to 2.5% with respect to the total mass of the composition; at least one ionic liquid in an amount of 0.04% to 50% with respect to the total mass of the composition; at least one carboxylic acid solvent; and p-xylene. The present disclosure also provides a process for preparing terephthalic acid..
Reliance Industries Limited


Composition and water conditioning

A water conditioning composition includes water; at least one gluconate compound; at least one carbonate compound; a non-ionic preservative; and a phosphate buffer. For example, the composition can include 87-95 wt.
Silk Water Solutions Inc.


Nanometallic transportable graphic system

The present invention is a nanometallic transportable graphic system with a metallically infused target surface adhesion layer (tsal) thermally bonded to a metallically infused protection layer. The metal nanoparticles create a nano-ionic bond force field that enables the transportable graphic apparatus to adhere to any substantially uniform surface capable of forming a uniform surface bond..


A process for regenerating ionic compound

The present disclosure provides a process for regenerating the deactivated ionic compound. The process involves mixing a deactivated ionic compound with at least one solvent such as ethyl acetate and neutralizing with at least one base such as triethylamine and tert-butyl amine to obtain a precipitate.
Reliance Industries Limited


Multimetallic anionic clays and derived products for sox removal in the fluid catalytic cracking process

The present invention relates to the preparation of multimetallic anionic clays (macs) through a simple method, which are then shaped by spray-drying into microspheres with adequate mechanical properties, suitable to be fluidized. The microspheres are appropriate for application as additives in the fluid catalytic cracking (fcc) process, i.e.
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo


A draw solute and an improved forward osmosis method

A draw solute for forward osmosis comprising a semi-interpenetrating (semi-ipn) hydrogel which comprises a thermally responsive polymer and a hydrophilic polymer, such that the semi-ipn hydrogel is capable of switching between a hydrophilic and hydrophobic state in response to changes in temperature is provided. Also provided is a draw solute comprising a hydrogel of a polyionic thermally responsive polymer, wherein the hydrogel switches between a hydrophilic state to allow absorption of water osmosed from a feed solution and a hydrophobic state to allow release of the absorbed water in response to changes in temperature.
Nanyang Technological University


Chitin and alginate composite fibers

Disclosed herein are composite fibers that comprises chitin and alginate. The formation of the chitinous-alginate composite fiber involves the use of ionic liquids and high molecular weight pure chitin obtained directly from chitin biomass.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama


Fast-acting insulin composition comprising a substituted anionic compound and a polyanionic compound

A composition, in the form of an aqueous solution, including insulin in hexameric form, at least one substituted anionic compound of non-saccharide structure and at least one polyanionic compound other than the substituted anionic compound.. .


Dosage forms for oral administration of active substances

In one aspect, the present invention relates to a system for the modified release of one or more active ingredients, comprising a polymeric matrix based on hyaluronic acid with molecular weight ranging from 100 to 100,000 daltons and a non-ionic polymer which jellifies in contact with water, in which one or more active ingredients are dispersed, optionally in form of microgranules or microcapsules.. .
Giuliani S.p.a.


Method of administering a cationic liposomal preparation

The present invention relates to the use of pharmaceutical preparations comprising paclitaxel for administration to a human patient in need thereof.. .
Medigene Ag


Transdermal formulations of fluticasone

The present invention generally relates to the transdermal delivery of fluticasone and other glucocorticoids. In some aspects, transdermal delivery may be facilitated by the use of a hostile biophysical environment, for example, a high ionic strength environment.
Strategic Science & Technologies, Llc


Invisible antimicrobial glove and hand antiseptic

An alcohol based hand surgical scrub, which includes cationic anti-microbial agent preservatives, cationic polymer film-forming agents and a skin emollient, and provides a long term residual, anti-microbial “invisible glove” on the skin. The composition provides an immediate reduction in bacterial microbes.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


1,3,6-dioxazocan-2-ones and antimicrobial cationic polycarbonates therefrom

Eight-membered ring cyclic carbonates comprising a ring nitrogen at position 6 (1,3,6-dioxazocan-2-ones) were prepared by reaction of precursor diols with active carbonates. The ring nitrogen is linked to a pendant group y′ via a methylene linking group.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research


High alcohol content sanitizer

An embodiment relates to an antimicrobial sanitizing composition in the form of a gel or cream that contains an alcohol in an amount of at least 55% by weight. The sanitizer is capable of disinfecting and providing prolonged antimicrobial property to a variety of surfaces, including the skin, without causing, drying, cracking, redness or irritation.


Organ and tissue preservation solutions having increased oxygen-content, stability and shelf life

Organ and tissue preservation solutions having improved formulations are comprised of two separate solutions. The first solution includes one or more salts, water, dissolved oxygen, lactobionic acid, mannitol, glutamic acid and histidine at a ph of at least 7, preferably from about 7.3 to about 8.3.
Somahlution, Llc


Molten-salt electrolyte and sodium molten-salt battery

Provided are a molten-salt electrolyte having good charge-discharge cycle characteristics and a sodium molten-salt battery using the same. The molten-salt electrolyte contains an ionic liquid whose ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrum does not have an absorption peak attributable to impurities in a wavelength range of 200 to 500 nm, and a sodium salt.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Cable-type secondary battery and preparation thereof

According to the present disclosure, the electrodes and the separation layer are compressed and integrated to minimize ununiform spaces between the separation layer and the outer electrode and reduce the thickness of a battery to be prepared, thereby decreasing resistance and improving ionic conductivity within the battery. Also, the separation layer coming into contact with the electrodes absorbs an electrolyte solution to induce the uniform supply of the electrolyte solution into the outer electrode active material layer, thereby enhancing the stability and performances of the cable-type secondary battery..


Cathode, lithium air battery including the same, and preparing the cathode

A cathode for a lithium air battery, the cathode including: an organic-inorganic composite material including a coating layer on at least one portion of a surface thereof, wherein the coating layer includes a positively charged silane compound and an ionic bond forming anion. Also a lithium air battery including the same, and a method of manufacturing the cathode..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Polishing compositions and methods for selectively polishing silicon nitride over silicon oxide films

Stable aqueous polishing compositions that can selectively polish silicon nitride (sin) films and nearly stop (or polish at very low rates) on silicon oxide films are provided herein. The compositions comprise an anionic abrasive, a nitride removal rate enhancer containing a carboxyl or carboxylate group, water, and optionally, an anionic polymer.
Fujifilm Planar Solutions, Llc


Electrode for power storage device, power storage device, and manufacturing electrode for power storage device

The electrode for the power storage device includes carbon nanotubes, an ionic liquid, and a three-dimensional network metal porous body having a plurality of pore portions filled with the carbon nanotubes and the ionic liquid, wherein, in pore portions exposed at a surface of the three-dimensional network metal porous body, of the plurality of pore portions, a ratio (d/d) between a pore portion diameter (d) in a first direction within the surface of the three-dimensional network metal porous body and a pore portion diameter (d) in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction within the surface of the three-dimensional network metal porous body is in a range of 0<d/d<1, and pore portions in said range account for more than or equal to 95% and less than or equal to 100% of the pore portions exposed at the surface.. .
Meidensha Corporation


Systems and methods for aviation communication monitoring using speech recognition

Systems and methods for aviation communication monitoring using speech recognition are provided. In one embodiment, a method for multichannel avionics communication is provided.
Honeywell International Inc.


Method for making lithographic printing plates

Lithographic printing plates are provided by imagewise exposing negative-working lithographic printing plate precursors having a negative-working radiation-sensitive imageable layer, followed by contacting with a processing solution that has a ph of at least 7 and up to and including 11. This processing solution also includes component (1) that is a nitrogen-containing base having an atmospheric pressure melting point of at least 40° c.; component (2) that is a non-ionic surfactant that independently has an atmospheric pressure melting point, glass transition temperature, or pour point of at least 40° c.; component (3) that is a hydroxy-containing solution promoter; and component (4) that is a hydrophilic surface protective compound.


Analytical detecting fuel markers

A gas chromatographic method for detecting a marker compound in a fuel by (a) introducing a sample of fuel into a first capillary column coated with a stationary phase based on polydimethylsiloxane and allowing the sample to flow through the first column to produce a first effluent; (b) allowing the first effluent to pass through a detector and identifying a retention time range in it which includes a retention time of the marker compound; (c) introducing only a portion of the first effluent stream which is within the retention time range into a second capillary column coated with either (i) an ionic sorbent or (ii) a polyethylene glycol, and allowing said portion to flow through the second capillary column to produce a second effluent stream; and (d) allowing the second effluent to pass through a detector; wherein the marker compound has formula ar(r2)m(or1)n and is present in the fuel at a level from 0.01 ppm to 100 ppm.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Long-acting coagulation factors and methods of producing same

Polypeptides comprising at least one carboxy-terminal peptide (ctp) of chorionic gonadotrophin attached to the carboxy terminus but not to the amino terminus of a coagulation factor and polynucleotides encoding the same are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the polypeptides and polynucleotides of the invention and methods of using and producing same are also disclosed..
Opko Biologics Ltd.


Low=voc cleaning substrates and compositions

A cleaning composition for sanitizing and/or disinfecting hard surfaces, comprising: a cationic biocide, surfactant and low levels of voc solvents. The cleaning composition is adapted to clean a variety of hard surfaces without leaving behind a visible residue and creates low levels of streaking and filming on the treated surface.
The Clorox Company


Cleansing composition for pump foamer

The present invention provides a cleansing composition for a pump foamer that not only has excellent foam quality and low-temperature stability, but can also be easily rinsed away with a small amount of water. A cleansing composition to be dispensed by a pump foamer of the present invention is characterized by comprising: (a) 2 to 5 mass % of an ionic surfactant; and (b) 20 to 60 mass % of a polyhydric alcohol comprising propylene glycol; wherein at least 90 mass % of the (a) ionic surfactant is accounted for by a higher fatty acid soap having 5 to 25 carbon atoms, and an amount of propylene glycol contained in the (b) polyhydric alcohol is less than 20 mass % with respect to the entire composition..
Shiseido Company, Ltd.


Method for separating aromatic compounds contained in naphtha

The present invention relates to a method for separating aromatic compounds contained in naphtha which includes an extraction step of contacting specific ionic liquids and naphtha and a step of separating the aromatic compounds from naphtha contacted with the ionic liquids.. .
Lotte Chemical Corporation


Foamed fluid compositions having high salinity using anionic surfactants and methods therefor

An effective amount of at least one anionic surfactant may be present within a high salinity foamed fluid composition in an effective amount to generate an ift as low as 10−3 mn/m. The anionic surfactant may be a sulfonate surfactant and/or a sulfate surfactant.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Image recording method and ink set

Provided is an image recording method including a step (a) of applying an ink to a recording medium, a step (b) of applying to the recording medium a liquid composition that causes viscosity increase when mixed with the ink, and a step (c) of applying a clear ink. The clear ink contains an anionic water-soluble resin and at least one surfactant selected from fluorine-based surfactants and silicone-based surfactants; the content of the surfactant in the clear ink is 1% by mass or more and 8% by mass or less based on the total mass of the ink; and the mass ratio of the content of the water-soluble resin to the content of the surfactant in the clear ink is 0.3 times or more and 10.0 times or less..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image recording method and ink set

Provided is an image recording method including a step (a) of applying an ink containing a coloring material to a recording medium and a step (b) of applying to the recording medium a liquid composition that causes viscosity increase when mixed with the ink so as to at least partially overlap with an area where the ink is applied. The ink contains resin particles, an anionic water-soluble resin, and an anionic surfactant having a carboxy group, the content of the surfactant in the ink is 1% by mass or more and 8% by mass or less based on the total mass of the ink, and the mass ratio of the content of the water-soluble resin to the content of the surfactant in the ink is 0.3 or more and 5.0 or less..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Copolymer, aqueous ink, and ink cartridge

Wherein r represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group; x represents a hydrogen atom or a cationic ion; and each of l1 and l2 independently represents an alkylene group having 2 to 18 carbon atoms.. .


Reactive ionic liquid, and ion-immobilized metal oxide particle, ion-immobilized elastomer, and transducer using same

An ion-immobilized metal oxide particle includes a metal oxide particle and an anion that itself includes a) a reactive group that consists of an alkoxysilyl group and b) an anionic group consisting of a carboxylate (—coo−) group or a sulfonate (—so3−) group, the anion being immobilized to the metal oxide particle via a silanol group derived from the reactive group. An elastomer includes the ion-immobilized metal oxide particle, and a transducer includes the elastomer..
Kyushu University, National University Corporation


Anti-il-4/anti-il-13 bispecific antibody formulations

The present invention provides stable pharmaceutical antibody formulations, including lyophilized formulations, comprising an anti-il-4/anti-il-13 bispecific antibody and a buffering system, wherein the ph of the formulation is about ph 7, and wherein the formulation has a low salt concentration in order to reduce the ionic strength of the formulation. The formulations may, optionally, further comprise a non-ionic surfactant, a sugar, and/or a non-ionic stabilizing agent.


Nonionic surfactant and producing nonionic surfactant

Wherein each of r1 and r4 is a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group; each of r2, r3, r5, and r6 is a hydrocarbon group that may contain an ether bond; r2 and r3 may be bonded together to form a cyclic structure, and r5 and r6 may be bonded together to form a cyclic structure; ao represents an oxyalkylene group or oxyalkylene groups that may be the same or different; and n is a number of 1 to 1000 and represents an average addition molar number of the oxyalkylene group or oxyalkylene groups.. .


Synthesis of lactam based ionic liquid

And a brøsted acid hx; or a brøsted acid hx, where x is a halide, and a metal halide.. .


1,2-bis(2,2-difluoroethoxy)ethane and manufacturing method thereof

Wherein lg represents an anionic leaving group.. .


Process for producing high-swellability polymer composites

The present invention relates to a process for producing polymer composites suitable for absorbing and storing aqueous liquids and to the polymer composites obtainable by this process. The invention further relates to the use of these polymer composites.
Basf Se


Method and installation for treating water coming from the petroleum and gas industries, especially production water from petroleum and/or gas fields

Method for treating water from the oil and gas industries, especially production water from oil and/or gas fields, with a view to its re-utilization, comprising a step for filtering said water on reverse osmosis membranes comprising a step of adsorption of the organic matter contained in said water, said step of adsorption being planned upstream to said step of filtration and being implemented on at least one adsorbent resin chosen from the group constituted by the non-ionic cross-linked resins and the microporous carbon resins, and corresponding installation.. .
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support


Multi-role aircraft with interchangeable mission modules

A flight-operable, truly modular aircraft has an aircraft core to which one or more of outer wings members, fuselage, cockpit, leading and trailing edge couplings, and empennage and tail sections can be removably coupled and/or replaced during the operating life span of the aircraft. In preferred embodiments the aircraft core houses the propulsive engines, avionics, at least 80% of the fuel, and all of the landing gear.

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