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Fire resistant glazings

Johnson Ip Holding

Impregnated sintered solid state composite electrode, solid state battery, and methods of preparation

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ionic-related patents
 Flash evaporation for product purification and recovery patent thumbnailnew patent Flash evaporation for product purification and recovery
Methods and systems for producing high purity 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-hp) from an aqueous medium, such as a fermentation broth, are described. Aqueous 3-hp solution can be purified by flash evaporation wherein the 3-hp is vaporized at an elevated temperature without conversion to acrylic acid.
 Long-term zero-fouling polymer surfaces patent thumbnailnew patent Long-term zero-fouling polymer surfaces
The present invention relates to a method for producing non-fouling surfaces and products having such a surface. Especially, the present invention relates to a product comprising a bulk part and a surface region; wherein a first surface region coating is coated on at least a first part of said surface region; said first surface region coating comprising a polyionic co-polymer consisting of a polyionic backbone polymer and non-ionic hydrophilic side chain polymers; wherein the molecular spacing parameter, l/2rg, of said first surface region coating is less than 0.26..
Biorepeller Ivs
 Antistatic polyurethane patent thumbnailnew patent Antistatic polyurethane
The invention relates to an antistatic polyurethane which comprises an antistatic additive comprising an ionic liquid and a process for producing such an antistatic polymer. The invention further relates to an antistatic shoe sole comprising an antistatic polyurethane according to the invention and the use of an ionic liquid as antistatic additive for polyurethane..
Basf Se
 Diether based biodegradable cationic lipids for sirna delivery patent thumbnailnew patent Diether based biodegradable cationic lipids for sirna delivery
Disclosed herein are novel cationic lipids that can be used in combination with other lipid components such as cholesterol and peg-lipids to form lipid nanoparticles with oligonucleotides. The cationic lipids can demonstrate enhanced efficacy along with lower liver toxicity as a result of lower lipid levels in the liver.
Sirna Therapeutics, Inc
 Methods for chronic pain management and treatment using hcg patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for chronic pain management and treatment using hcg
A gonadotropin is administered within a surprisingly effective narrow range for the purpose of treating chronic pain or other central sensitization sequelae. In one aspect, a recipient is provided with at least one of human chorionic gonodotropin (uhcg and/or rhcg), a pharmaceutically active hcg analogue, and a pharmaceutically active metabolite of the hcg or analogue at a dosage selected to provide, or be equivalent to, a human subcutaneous dosage of between 120 iu/day and 170 iu/day of hcg, and more preferably between 140 iu/day and 160 iu/day of hcg.
Neuralight Hd, Llc
 Soluble unit dose articles comprising a cationic polymer patent thumbnailnew patent Soluble unit dose articles comprising a cationic polymer
The need for a stable, quick dissolving unit dose article delivering good fabric care benefit is met by combining a cationic polymer with a fatty acid or salt in a non-aqueous composition, that is comprised within a water-soluble or dispersible film. By combining the cationic polymer with the fatty acid, the cationic polymer is prevented from reducing the solubility of the encapsulating film..
The Procter & Gamble Company
 Resin composition for golf ball and golf ball patent thumbnailnew patent Resin composition for golf ball and golf ball
The present invention provides a resin composition for golf balls that is excellent in resilience, flexibility, and fluidity. The present invention also provides a golf ball excellent in resilience, shot feeling, and productivity.
Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.
 Methods, systems, and compositions for increased microorganism tolerance to and production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-hp) patent thumbnailnew patent Methods, systems, and compositions for increased microorganism tolerance to and production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-hp)
The present invention relates to methods, systems and compositions, including genetically modified microorganisms, adapted to exhibit increased tolerance to 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-hp), particularly through alterations to interrelated metabolic pathways identified herein as the 3-hp toleragenic pathway complex (“3hptgc”). In various embodiments these organisms are genetically modified so that an increased 3-hp tolerance is achieved.
Opx Biotechnologies, Inc.
 Method of enzyme inactivation patent thumbnailnew patent Method of enzyme inactivation
The present invention relates to a method for the inactivation of enzymes with a composition comprising a sulfonated peroxycarboxylic acid according to formula (i) wherein: r1 is hydrogen, or a substituted or unsubstituted cm alkyl group; r2 is a substituted or unsubstituted cn alkyl group; x is a hydrogen atom, a cationic group, or an ester forming moiety; y is a hydrogen atom, a cationic group, or an ester forming moiety; n is 1 to 10; m is 1 to 10; and n+m is less than or equal to 18, wherein the composition is contacted with the enzyme.. .
Ecolab Usa Inc.
 Microorganism production of high-value chemical products, and related compositions, methods and systems patent thumbnailnew patent Microorganism production of high-value chemical products, and related compositions, methods and systems
This invention relates to metabolically engineered microorganism strains, such as bacterial strains, in which there is an increased utilization of malonyl-coa for production of a chemical product, which includes polyketides and 3-hydroxypropionic acid.. .
Opx Biotechnologies, Inc.
new patent

Impregnated sintered solid state composite electrode, solid state battery, and methods of preparation

An impregnated solid state composite cathode is provided. The cathode contains a sintered porous active material, in which pores of the porous material are impregnated with an inorganic ionically conductive amorphous solid electrolyte.
Johnson Ip Holding, Llc
new patent

Amorphous ionically conductive metal oxides and sol gel preparation

Amorphous lithium lanthanum zirconium oxide (llzo) is formed as an ionically-conductive electrolyte medium. The llzo comprises by percentage of total number of atoms from about 0.1% to about 50% lithium, from about 0.1% to about 25% lanthanum, from about 0.1% to about 25% zirconium, from about 30% to about 70% oxygen and from 0.0% to about 25% carbon.
Johnson Ip Holding, Llc
new patent

Flexible membranes and coated electrodes for lithium based batteries

An example of a flexible membrane includes a porous membrane and a solid electrolyte coating formed on at least a portion of a surface of the porous membrane, in pores of the porous membrane, or both on the surface and in the pores. The solid electrolyte coating includes i) a polymer chain or ii) an inorganic ionically conductive material.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
new patent

Alkoxide-based magnesium electrolyte compositions for magnesium batteries

Wherein r is a saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon group that is unsubstituted, or alternatively, substituted with one or more heteroatom linkers and/or one or more heteroatom-containing groups comprising at least one heteroatom selected from fluorine, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and silicon; and x is a halide atom. Also described are electrolyte compositions containing a compound of formula (1) in a suitable polar aprotic or ionic solvent, as well as magnesium batteries in which such electrolytes are incorporated..
new patent

Cathodic material, energy storage system, and method

An electrochemical cell is provided that includes a cathode chamber including a cathode material and an ion sequestering material, an anode chamber including a molten alkali metal material and a separator disposed in an ionic conductivity path between the cathode chamber and the anode chamber. The electrochemical cell demonstrates a reduced increase in discharge resistance..
General Electric Company
new patent

Fire resistant glazings

An aqueous mixture for the production of fire resistant glazings comprising: at least one alkali metal silicate, at least one glass, glass-ceramic and/or ceramic additive, and water, wherein the at least one glass, glass-ceramic and/or ceramic additive has at least one boron containing moiety directly or indirectly attached to a surface thereof by covalent or ionic bonding.. .
Pilkington Group Limited
new patent

Cationic polymerizable compositions and methods of use thereof

An inkjet printing method and inkjet compositions are disclosed. The method includes selectively depositing by inkjet printing, layer by layer, a first composition and a second composition onto a receiving media from different dispensers to form polymerizable deposited layers.
Stratasys Ltd.
new patent

Aqueous paint composition and manufacturing painted article

The first objective of the present invention is to provide an aqueous paint composition that can form a paint film with excellent smoothness, image clarity, adhesion and water resistance. This aqueous paint is characterized in comprising (a) an aqueous dispersion of an acrylic modified polyester resin, (b) a block polyisocyanate compound having a nonionic hydrophilic group, and (c) an aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymer fine particles..
Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.
new patent

Implantable meshes for controlling the movement of fluids

Meshes for use to control the movement of bodily fluids, such as blood, are described herein. The mesh can be partially or completely biodegradable or non-biodegradable.
Arch Biosurgery, Inc.
new patent

Engineered particulate systems for controlled release of pesticides and repellants

Nanoengineered particulate coatings (npcs) comprise a multiplicity of particulate hosts that are infused with a nanophase comprising a surfactant and at least one guest. The particulate hosts can be clay particles, the surfactant can be a cationic surfactant, and the guest can be an insect repellant.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
new patent

Emulsifiable granule obtainable by mixing an pesticidal emulsion with solid dispersant and extruding the resulting paste

The present invention relates to a method for preparing an emulsifiable granule comprising the steps of a) emulsifying water with a solution of a pesticide in a water-insoluble solvent, b) contacting the emulsion resulting from step a) and a solid dispersant containing a water-soluble polycarboxylate and a water-soluble anionic surfactant, and c) extruding the paste resulting from step b). The invention further relates to emulsifiable granules containing a water-insoluble solvent, a pesticide, which is dissolved in the water-insoluble solvent, a water-soluble polycarboxylate, and a water-soluble anionic surfactant..
Basf Se
new patent

Branched polymers

The present invention relates to branched polymer comprising a support moiety and at least three block co-polymer chains covalently coupled to and extending from the moiety, wherein: (i) each of the at least three block co-polymer chains comprise (a) a cationic polymer block that is covalently coupled to a hydrophilic polymer block, or (b) a cationic polymer block that is covalently coupled to a hydrophobic polymer block, said hydrophobic polymer block being covalently coupled to a hydrophilic polymer block; and (ii) at least one of said covalent couplings associated with each of said block co-polymer chains is biodegradable.. .
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation
new patent

Emulsion and cosmetic composition

An emulsion is obtained from emulsion polymerization of a mixture of (a) 1-50 wt % of a triorganosiloxysilicic acid and (b) 50-99 wt % of an ethylenically unsaturated monomer in the presence of (c) an emulsion stabilizer which is an anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant or polyvinyl alcohol. The emulsion is used to formulate a cosmetic composition capable of forming, on drying, a film which has water resistance, oil resistance and toughness and is thus effective for preventing makeup deterioration.
Nissin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
new patent

Atomic layer deposition of selected molecular clusters

Energy bands of a thin film containing molecular clusters are tuned by controlling the size and the charge of the clusters during thin film deposition. Using atomic layer deposition, an ionic cluster film is formed in the gate region of a nanometer-scale transistor to adjust the threshold voltage, and a neutral cluster film is formed in the source and drain regions to adjust contact resistance.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.
new patent

High-power and high-energy-density lithium compound solid-state cathode

A solid-state (non-organic) high-power and high-energy-density cathode that is mechanically, thermally, and ionically robust.. .
new patent

Chemical mechanical polishing composition for polishing a sapphire surface and methods of using same

A method of polishing a sapphire substrate is provided, comprising: providing a substrate having an exposed sapphire surface; providing a chemical mechanical polishing slurry, wherein the chemical mechanical polishing slurry comprises, as initial components: colloidal silica abrasive, wherein the colloidal silica abrasive has a negative surface charge; and, wherein the colloidal silica abrasive exhibits a multimodal particle size distribution with a first particle size maximum between 2 and 25 nm; and, a second particle size maximum between 75 and 200 nm; optionally, a biocide; optionally, a nonionic defoaming agent; and, optionally, a ph adjuster. A chemical mechanical polishing composition for polishing an exposed sapphire surface is also provided..
Nitta Haas Incorporated
new patent

Method to treat flushing liquor systems in coke plants

Methods are disclosed for reducing oil in water emulsions in coking processes. One exemplary method comprises: providing an aqueous stream with an oil in water emulsion; providing a treatment composition, wherein the treatment composition comprises at least one cationic polyacrylamide; and contacting the aqueous stream with the treatment composition..
General Electric Company
new patent

Heterojunction elevated-temperature photoelectrochemical cell

A solid-state pec includes mixed ionic and electronic conducting oxides that allow it to operate at temperatures significantly above ambient utilizing both the light and thermal energy available from concentrated sunlight to dissociate water vapor. The solid-state pec has a semiconductor light absorber coated with a thin miec oxide for improved catalytic activity, electrochemical stability and ionic conduction, which is located between the gas phase and the semiconductor light absorber.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
new patent

Process for using and producing paper based on natural cellulose fibers, synthetic fibers or mixed fibers as physical support and storing medium for electrical charges in self-sustaining field-effect transistors with memory using active semiconductor oxides

The present invention refers to the use and creation of materials based on natural cellulose fibbers, synthetic fibbers, or mixed fibbers as physical support and storing medium or storage inducer of electrical and ionic charges in self-sustaining discrete or complementary field-effect transistors with non-volatile memory by using organic or inorganic active semiconductors for the manufacture of the channel regions that are deposited on the fibbers of the paper material as well as metals or passive semiconductors for manufacturing drain and source allowing the interconnection of fibbers, in addition to the gate electrode contact existing on the other side-face of the paper, p or n type respectively, in monolithic or hybrid forms.. .
new patent

Method of developing a lithographic printing plate including post treatment

A method for producing a lithographic plate from a negative working, radiation imageable plate having an oleophilic resin coating that reacts to radiation by cross linking and is non-ionically adhered to a hydrophilic substrate. The steps include imagewise radiation exposing the coating to produce an imaged plate having partially reacted image areas at an initial double bond conversion rate including unreacted coating material, and completely unreacted nonimage areas; developing the plate by removing only the unreacted, nonimage areas from the substrate while retaining unreacted material in the image areas; and subjecting the upper surface of the plate to blanket post treatment energy, which further reacts the retained unreacted material in the image areas to increase the initial double bond conversion rate, producing a lithographic printing plate with enhanced durability..
Anocoil Corporation
new patent

Lapping slurry having a cationic surfactant

A lapping slurry and method of making the lapping slurry are provided. The lapping slurry comprises abrasive grains dispersed in a carrier.
Diamond Innovations, Inc.
new patent

Adhesive remover compositions and methods of use

The invention is directed to adhesive remover compositions and methods of their use. The adhesive remover compositions generally comprise a glycol ether solvent system comprising an aliphatic glycol ether, an aromatic glycol ether, a hydrophobic glycol ether, and a hydrophilic glycol ether, and a surfactant system.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Process for the preparation of methionine

The invention relates to a process for the preparation of d,l-methionine, in which carbon dioxide is fed to an aqueous potassium methioninate solution obtained by hydrolysis of 5-(2-methylmercaptoethyl)hydantoin, in order to precipitate out crude methionine, which is separated off and purified, where, for the purposes of purification, an aqueous solution of the separated-off crude methionine is prepared and subjected to a recrystallization, characterized in that the solution from which the recrystallization takes place contains potassium ions and also a crystallization additive, where the crystallization additive is a nonionic or anionic surfactant, or a mixture of different nonionic or anionic surfactants, and that the recrystallization takes place by introducing a 60 to 110° c.-hot methionine solution into a 35 to 80° c.-warm methionine suspension, the temperature of which is lower than that of the introduced solution, the temperature of the methionine suspension being maintained between 35 and 80° c. During the addition..
Evonik Industries Ag

Multi-functional grafted polymers

Provided are multifunctional polymers comprising at least one anhydride repeating unit with at least one pseudo-cationic moiety graft and at least one hydrophobic graft. The grafting functionalizations can occur before, during, or after polymerizing the monomer(s).
Isp Investments Inc.

Block copolymer having phenylboronic acid group introduced therein, and use thereof

A block copolymer includes a polyamino acid chain segment and a hydrophilic polymer chain segment. The polyamino acid chain segment includes at least one amino acid residue having a side chain that contains a cationic group and at least one amino acid residue having a side chain that contains a substituted phenylboronic acid group.
Nanocarrier Co., Ltd.

Method of implantation for fragilization of substrates

The disclosure relates to a method for implantation of atomic or ionic species into a batch of substrates made of semiconductor material, in which: each substrate made of semiconductor material is positioned on a respective support of a batch implanter, each substrate comprising a thin layer of electrical insulator on its surface; and a dose of at least one ionic or atomic species is implanted over the whole surface of the substrates, through their layer of insulator, so as to form a fragilization region within each substrate and to bound there a thin layer of semiconductor material between the thin layer of insulator and the fragilization region of the substrate, the implantation method being characterized in that, during the method, each support on which a substrate is positioned has at least two separate inclinations with respect to the plane orthogonal to the direction of implantation of the species in order to improve the implantation depth of the species in the substrate. The disclosure also relates to structures of the semiconductor-on-insulator type obtained by the implementation of the implantation method..

Aqueous solution for use as medium for the specific binding reaction of a binding pair

The present invention refers to an aqueous solution for use as medium for the specific binding reaction of a binding pair, wherein a first binding member recognizes its complementary second binding member. The solution contains a) a buffer to control ph; b) a compound a selected from a compound defined by the general formula i r1-[[cr2r3]p-o]q-r4, wherein r1 is hydrogen or hydroxy group, r2 for each unit independently is hydrogen or hydroxy group, r3 is hydrogen, methyl group, or ethyl group, r4 is hydrogen or alkyl group, p is an integer of from 2 to 10 and q is an integer of from 1 to 100, with the proviso that the compound at least carries two hydroxy groups; a polyol; or saccharide; and c) a non-ionic detergent..
Candor Bioscience Gmbh

Elevated temperature li/metal battery system

In accordance with one embodiment an electrochemical cell system includes a housing, at least one electrochemical cell within the housing and including an anode including a form of lithium, and an ionic liquid electrolyte within a cathode, the cathode separated from the anode by a solid separator impervious to the ionic liquid electrolyte, a temperature sensor within the housing, and an environmental controller at least partially positioned within the housing and configured to maintain a temperature within the housing at least 50° c. Above ambient based upon input from the temperature sensor..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Compositions and methods for treating insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus

Provided are electrokinetically-altered fluids (gas-enriched electrokinetic fluids) comprising an ionic aqueous solution of charge-stabilized oxygen-containing nanostructures in an amount sufficient to provide modulation of at least one of cellular membrane potential and cellular membrane conductivity, and therapeutic compositions and methods for use in treating diabetes and diabetes-associated conditions or disorders (e.g., insulin resistance), or symptoms thereof. Provided are electrokinetically-altered ioinic aqueous fluids optionally in combination with other therapeutic agents.
Revalesio Corporation

Compositions and methods for upregulating hippocampal plasticity and hippocampus-dependent learning and memory

Provided are methods for enhancing hippocampal plasticity and hippocampal-mediated learning and memory, and/or enhancing the synaptic maturation of neurons, and/or optimizing or enhancing neuronal synaptic transmission, and/or enhancing intracellular oxygen delivery or utilization, and/or enhancing atp synthesis, comprising administration, to a subject in need thereof of a sufficient amount over a sufficient time, of an ionic aqueous solution of charge-stabilized oxygen-containing nanostructures (e.g., nanobubbles) having an average diameter of less than 100 nm (e.g., in at least one subject group selected from but not limited to normal subjects, subjects recovering from neurological trauma (e.g., accidents or injury to the brain, stroke, oxygen deprivation, drowning, and asphyxia), and subjects with learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia (sensory integration disorder), dysphasia/aphasia, auditory processing disorder, non-verbal learning disorder, visual processing disorder, and attention deficit disorder (add)).. .
Revalesio Corporation

Methods of wound care and treatment

Provided are electrokinetically-altered fluids (e.g., gas-enriched electrokinetic fluids) comprising an ionic aqueous solution of charge-stabilized oxygen-containing nanostructures in an amount sufficient to provide modulation of at least one of cellular membrane potential and cellular membrane conductivity, and therapeutic compositions and methods for use in treating a wound to a surface tissue or a symptom thereof. The electrokinetically-altered fluids or therapeutic compositions and methods include electrokinetically-altered ionic aqueous fluids optionally in combination with other therapeutic agents.
Revalesio Corporation

Means for eliciting an immune response and a method therefor

A means to elicit a cytotoxic immune response as a result of injecting antigen encoding expression constructs. Minimalistic expression constructs are used that comprise a promoter, a coding sequence and a terminator, and hairpin-shaped oligonucleotides on their ends, to the loop of which cationic peptides are covalently attached.
Mologen Ag

Use of a glycosylated-modified tetrafunctional non-ionic amphiphilic block copolymer as immune adjuvant

The present invention relates to a use of at least one glycosylated tetrafunctional amphiphilic block copolymer, as immune adjuvant.. .
Universite De Nantes

Compositions and methods for treating damaged hair

Compositions and methods are disclosed for repairing damaged keratin fibers or otherwise strengthening keratin fibers, including hair of the human scalp, and particularly hair that has been damaged chemically, physically, thermally or by other means. The compositions comprise 3,3′-thiodipropionic acid (tdpa) or a derivative thereof in a cosmetically acceptable vehicle..
Avon Products, Inc.

System and process for capture of acid gasses at elevated pressure from gaseous process streams

A system, method, and material that enables the pressure-activated reversible chemical capture of acid gasses such as co2 from gas volumes such as streams, flows or any other volume. Once the acid gas is chemically captured, the resulting product typically a zwitterionic salt, can be subjected to a reduced pressure whereupon the resulting product will release the captures acid gas and the capture material will be regenerated.
Battelle Memorial Institute

Electroactive polymer structures printed with varying compositions of ions

An electroactive polymer structure includes a first flexible electrode, a second flexible electrode, and a polymer dielectric layer with ionic liquid on top of the first electrode including at least two regions. Each region of the polymer dielectric layer includes a different ionic liquid concentration.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Use of an ionic liquid for storing hydrogen

Method of storing hydrogen by forming a first ionic liquid by inducing a borohydride in a second ionic liquid comprising a cation and an anion comprising borate, and forming the second ionic liquid by releasing the hydrogen out of the first ionic liquid by using water and/or a catalyst, which method is characterized in that the first and the second ionic liquid are both water miscible and the second ionic liquid is separated, particularly is salted out, from solution in water by adding a separation inducer; certain ionic liquids for storing and releasing hydrogen comprising a borohydride or for preparing a ionic liquid for storing and releasing hydrogen comprising a borate; and a process for preparing ionic liquids for storing and releasing hydrogen comprising a borohydride.. .
Vtu Holding Gmbh

Method of reducing dust with particulates coated with a polycationic polymer

A well treatment composite is characterized by particulates wherein at least a portion of the substrate of the particulates is coated with a polycationic polymer. The presence of the polycationic polymer on the surface of the well treatment particulates reduces the generation of dust and fines during a well treatment operation.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Hair care compositions with enhanced color retention and methods of preparation therefor

Hair care compositions, such as shampoo and conditioner compositions, for use with color-treated hair. The compositions when used, for example, to shampoo or condition color-treated hair, being effective to protect color-treated hair such that, for example, there is minimal adverse effect on the color of the color-treated hair, such as fading.
Framkat Lp

Cosmetic process for caring for and/or making up keratin materials

Cosmetic process for caring for and/or making up keratin materials the present invention relates to a cosmetic process for caring for and/or making up keratin materials, comprising at least the steps consisting in: (i) placing all or part of the surface of the said keratin material in contact with an effective amount of at least one emollient active agent chosen from ionic liquids based on guanidinium or dialkylimidazolium, non-volatile or sparingly volatile oils, waxes, thiol derivatives, phosphines, alkaline bases chosen from potassium hydroxide, ammonia, monoethanolamine, triethanolamine, calcium hydroxide, alkaline salts of amino acids, urea and urea derivatives, and guanidine derivatives, and mixtures thereof, (ii) placing the said surface in contact with at least one cosmetic active agent, different from the said emollient active agent, to be incorporated into the keratin at the surface of the said keratin material, and (iii) where appropriate, heating the said surface of the keratin material, steps (ii) and (iii) possibly being performed, independently of each other, prior to, simultaneously with or consecutive to step (i).. .

Nanobionic engineering of organelles and photosynthetic organisms

In one aspect, a composition can include an organelle, and a nanoparticle having a zeta potential of less than −10 mv or greater than 10 mv contained within the organelle. In a preferred embodiment, the organelle can be a chloroplast and the nanoparticle can be a single-walled carbon nanotube associated with a strongly anionic or strongly cationic polymer..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Carbon-based palladium catalyst obtained by using ionic liquid, preparing the same and hydrogenation of hydrofluorocarbon using the same

Provided is a palladium on carbon (pd/c) catalyst obtained by using an ionic liquid, a method for preparing the same, and a method for hydrogenation of hydrofluorocarbon using the same. More particularly, palladium particles are supported on carbon particles by using an ionic liquid, and the resultant pd/c catalyst is used for hydrogenation of hydrofluorocarbon.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Sorbent comprising on its surface an aromatic ring system having an anionic or deprotonizable group for the purification of organic molecules

The present invention relates to a sorbent comprising a solid support material, the surface of which comprises a residue of a general formula (i), wherein the residue is attached via a covalent single bond to a functional group on the surface of either the bulk solid support material itself or of a polymer film on the surface of the solid support material. Furthermore, the present invention relates to the use of the sorbent according to the invention for the purification of organic molecules, in particular pharmaceutically active compounds, preferably in chromatographic applications..
Instraction Gmbh

Composition for anionic lactam polymerization

A composition comprising a) at least one aliphatic or cycloaliphatic isocyanate compound having at least two isocyanate groups and b) at least one lactone, containing 4 to 7 carbon atoms and use of the composition as an activator for anionic lactam polymerization to obtain polyamides.. .
BrÜggemannchemical L. BrÜggemann Kg

Resin modifier, polycarbonate resin composition and molded article thereof

A polycarbonate resin composition and a molded article thereof are described, which have good flame retardance and high thermal stability when molded under high temperature. The resin composition contains a resin modifier (b) containing a tetrafluoroethylene-based polymer (p1) and a vinyl polymer (p2) other than the polymer (p1).
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Non-film forming compositions and methods of protecting cured concrete and cementitious materials

Contemplated compositions and methods for protection of concrete and various other cementitious materials comprise a step of formation of a mesoporous polymeric network within the concrete or other cementitious material, wherein the network further includes a cationic component that forms a substantially insoluble precipitate upon reaction with sulfuric acid to so form a composite barrier against further attack by sulfuric acid.. .
Protocol Environmental Solutions Inc.

Microemulsion-based cleaning agent

The present invention relates to an aqueous microemulsion, comprising a) one or more liquid carboxylic acid esters, b) one or more water-soluble salts having one or more cations, preferably selected from the group comprising sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and ammonium, c) one or more salts of sulphosuccinic acid ester, d) one or more nonionic surfactants selected from alkoxylated sorbitan ester and alkoxylated vegetable oil, and e) one or more boosters.. .
Forschungszentrum Julich Gmbh

Ionic liquid as lubricating oil base stocks, cobase stocks and multifunctional functional fluids

A composition including an ionic liquid alkyl ammonium salt (e.g., tetraalkylammonium cation and bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide anion) or an ionic liquid imidazolium salt (e.g., 1,3-dialkylimidazolium cation and bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide anion), that have a structure sufficient to exhibit at least partial solubility in one or more group i-v base stocks. The disclosure also relates to a lubricating oil base stock and lubricating oil containing the composition, a multifunctional functional fluid containing the composition, and a method for improving solubility of an ionic liquid in a lubricating oil by using as the lubricating oil a formulated oil including a lubricating oil base stock as a major component, and an ionic liquid alkylammonium salt cobase stock, or an ionic liquid imidazolium salt cobase stock, as a minor component..
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

Plant growth media wetting compositions

Growing media wetting composition are provided which comprise at least one non-ionic alkylene oxide copolymer and at least one terpenic alkoxylate.. .
Syngenta Limited

Total weed control of non-agricultural areas

A herbicide composition for controlling weeds in non-agricultural areas. The composition comprises an aqueous infusion of the natural henna plant at a concentration of 14 to 18%, expressed in weight percent relative to the total weight of the composition, at least one non-ionic surfactant.

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