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Ionic patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ionic-related patent applications.

 Avionics calculator with integrated routing module, related communication network and communication installation, and aircraft comprising such a communication installation patent thumbnailAvionics calculator with integrated routing module, related communication network and communication installation, and aircraft comprising such a communication installation
This avionic calculator, intended to be loaded on board an aircraft, the avionic calculator includes a protective casing and at least one module from among an information processing module able to execute at least one software application, an input/output management module and an electric power supply management module, each module being positioned inside the casing. The avionic calculator further includes a routing module positioned inside the casing, the routing module including several communication ports and being configured for transmitting at least one message from an input communication port to an output communication port..

 The preparation  ionic liquid and the secondary battery patent thumbnailThe preparation ionic liquid and the secondary battery
The present invention relates to a preparation method of ionic liquids, particularly to a one-step reaction method used for synthesizing quaternary ammonium compounds or quaternary phosphonium compounds. In the method, a nitrogenous or phosphorous compound, a proton compound, and a carbonate ester are added into a reactor simultaneously to synthesize corresponding the quaternary ammonium ionic liquid or the quaternary phosphonium ionic liquid through said one-step reaction, i.e., ‘one-pot method’ reaction, during which three reactants are involved.
Microvast Power Systems Co., Ltd.

 Multivalent metal salts for lithium ion cells having oxygen containing electrode active materials patent thumbnailMultivalent metal salts for lithium ion cells having oxygen containing electrode active materials
A material and method for a surface-treated electrode active material for use in a lithium ion battery is provided. The surface-treated electrode active material includes an ionically conductive layer comprising a multivalent metal present as a direct conformal layer on at least a portion of the outer surface of the electrode active material.
A123 Systems, Llc

 Organic electrolyte battery patent thumbnailOrganic electrolyte battery
The present invention provides a rechargeable organic electrolyte battery that can be safely used continuously even if abnormality in battery voltage control occurs during use. The rechargeable organic electrolyte battery comprises cathodes, anodes, insulating sheets comprising a resin having no oxygen-containing group electrically insulating the cathodes and anodes from each other, and an organic electrolyte containing reactive ionic species, all contained in a sealed structure, the terminals of the cathodes and anodes being externally pulled out, wherein the insulating sheets are each an assembly of nanoscale filaments and microscale filaments, or a laminate of an assembly of nanoscale filaments and an assembly of microscale filaments..
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

 Anisotropic conductive film and production  the same patent thumbnailAnisotropic conductive film and production the same
An anisotropic conductive film has a first connection layer and a second connection layer formed on a surface of the first connection layer. The first connection layer is a photopolymerized resin layer, and the second connection layer is a thermo- or photo-cationically, anionically, or radically polymerizable resin layer.
Dexerials Corporation

 Anisotropic conductive film and production  the same patent thumbnailAnisotropic conductive film and production the same
An anisotropic conductive film has a first connection layer and a second connection layer formed on surface of the first connection layer. The first connection layer is a photopolymerized resin layer, and the second connection layer is a thermo- or photo-cationically, anionically, or radically polymerizable resin layer.
Dexerials Corporation

 Large display format touch gesture interface patent thumbnailLarge display format touch gesture interface
A system and method for an interactive avionics display system integrates a large-format primary avionics display, a secondary avionics display capable of mirroring the display of electronic flight bag mobile devices, a format selector panel, and a keyboard panel. Background displays and foreground multifunction windows generated by the display system house applications and display relevant avionics data.
Rockwell Collins, Inc.

 Conductive foam roll patent thumbnailConductive foam roll
Provided is a conductive foam roll having a high surface opening ratio that achieves both cleaning performance and low resistance. A conductive foam roll 10 includes a shaft body 12 and a conductive foam layer 14 around the shaft body 12, wherein the conductive foam layer 14 has a surface opening ratio of 50% to 90%, and wherein the conductive foam layer 14 contains an ionic conductive agent that contains salt of diallyl-type ammonium cations, and at least one selected from the group consisting of n,n-bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide anions, and n,n-bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide anions..
Sumitomo Riko Company Limited

 Electro-diffusion enhanced bio-molecule charge detection using electrostatic interaction patent thumbnailElectro-diffusion enhanced bio-molecule charge detection using electrostatic interaction
According to one aspect, the disclosure is directed to an example embodiment in which a circuit-based arrangement includes a circuit-based substrate securing a channel, with an effective width that is not limited by the debye screening length, along a surface of the substrate. A pair of reservoirs are included in or on the substrate and configured for containing and presenting a sample having bio-molecules for delivery in the channel.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

 Mineral oil barrier patent thumbnailMineral oil barrier
The present invention is directed to a liquid coating composition comprising at least one terephthalate ionomer comprising anionic substituents selected from sulfonate, carboxylate and/or phosphate groups, wherein the at least one terephthalate ionomer has an acid value of at least 1 mg koh/g ionomer, at least one calcium carbonate containing filler, and a buffer.. .
Omya International Ag

Mrna therapy for phenylketonuria

The present invention provides, among other things, methods of treating phenylketonuria (pku), including administering to a subject in need of treatment a composition comprising an mrna encoding phenylalanine hydroxylase (pah) at an effective dose and an administration interval such that at least one symptom or feature of pku is reduced in intensity, severity, or frequency or has delayed in onset. In some embodiments, the mrna is encapsulated in a liposome comprising one or more cationic lipids, one or more non-cationic lipids, one or more cholesterol-based lipids and one or more peg-modified lipids.
Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.

Method for producing organopolysiloxane emulsion composition, and emulsion composition

Provided is a method for producing an organopolysiloxane emulsion composition which contains an organopolysiloxane having a trialkyl group at a terminal thereof and having a viscosity of 50,000 mm2/s or more at 25° c., within a shorter time compared with the conventional methods. A method for producing an emulsion composition which contains an organopolysiloxane having a viscosity of 50,000 mm2/s or more at 25° c.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Latex comprising colorant and methods of making the same

A process includes forming an emulsion comprising a monomer and a colorant, the colorant further including an anionic functional group and a lipophilic counter ion, and polymerizing the monomer to form a latex, the latex includes polymer nanoparticles having the colorant dispersed therein.. .
Xerox Corporation

Condensation polymers for antimicrobial applications

A number of cationic antimicrobial polymers have been synthesized by a condensation polymerization in bulk. The initial polymer formed has backbone tertiary nitrogens, which are subsequently quaternized using a suitable quaternizing agent (e.g., alkyl halide).
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Catalytic carbonylation catalysts and methods

In one aspect, the present invention provides catalysts for the carbonylation of heterocycles. The inventive catalysts feature metal-ligand complexes having cationic functional groups tethered to the ligand, wherein the tethered cationic groups are associated with anionic metal carbonyl species.
Novomer, Inc.

Light induced free radical and/or cationic photopolymerization method

The present invention relates to a new method of light induced photopolymerization under mild irradiation conditions, copper initiator complexes to be used in such method and a polymers obtained by such method.. .
Université D'aix-marseille

Anti-lymphoma peptides

The present invention provides a peptide which: (i) consists of 10 to 16 amino acids; (ii) has at least 8 cationic amino acids with either (a) a side chain comprising a guanidinium group, or (b) a side chain comprising an amino group, of which no more than 7 are consecutive; and (iii) has 2 or 3 tryptophan residues which are not both, or not all, consecutive, said peptide optionally in the form of a salt, ester or amide, or a peptidomimetic of said peptide. The invention further relates to pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds, the use of these compounds in therapy, particularly as anti-tumour (e.g.
Universitelet I Tromso - Norges Arkliske Universitet

Group 11 mono-metallic precursor compounds and use thereof in metal deposition

The present application provides precursor compounds useful for deposition of a group 11 metal on a substrate, for example, a microelectronic device substrate, as well as methods of synthesizing such precursor compounds. The precursor compounds provided are mono-metallic compounds comprising a diaminocarbene (dac) having the general formula: “dac-m-x”, where the diaminocarbene is an optionally substituted, saturated n-heterocyclic diaminocarbene (snhc) or an optionally substituted acyclic diaminocarbene, m is a group 11 metal, such as copper, silver or gold; and x is an anionic ligand.
Greencentre Canada

Aqueous cationic polyurethane dispersions

An aqueous cationic polyurethane dispersion for waterborne digital print and other applications comprising an aqueous dispersion of polyurethane having properly positioned tertiary amino groups, e.g., tethered tertiary amino group separated from backbone by at least two intervening atoms or terminal tertiary amino groups with multiple tertiary amino groups per terminus, where said amino groups are optionally partially quaternized and/or neutralized.. .
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

Carbon dioxide collecting apparatus and method using independent power generation means

A carbon dioxide capturing apparatus and process uses a self-generating power means that uses carbon dioxide in combustion exhaust gas through the convergence of a carbon dioxide absorption tower. The capturing apparatus and process also relies on ionic generator associated technology using a concentration difference between seawater and freshwater.
Korea Institute Of Energy Research

Composition and delivery of hydrophobic active agents

Disclosed herein is a delivery composition for administering a hydrophobic active agent. In one embodiment, a delivery composition for local administration of a hydrophobic active agent to a tissue or organ of a patient is disclosed.
Surmodics, Inc.

Cleansing agents containing biosurfactants and having prebiotic activity

Cosmetic cleansing agents include biosurfactants and have prebiotic activity. The prebiotic effect is produced by combining biosurfactants with anionic surfactants.
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Peg-free cosmetic cleansing agents comprising biosurfactants

A cosmetic cleansing agent includes biosurfactants, serving as the surfactants, in combination with an anionic surfactant and a thickener. The cosmetic cleansing agent in total includes less than 0.1 wt.
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Compositions comprising flavonoid-containing extracts from plants of the genus citrus and/or isolated citrus flavonoids and specific cationic surface active agents, and said composition for use as an agent for treating infestations with head lice

A method for treating an infestation of head lice in a patient in need thereof by killing the head lice and preventing a final development and a hatching of larvae from lice eggs. The method includes applying an effective amount of a composition on the hair of the patient.
Meda Ab

Organic light-emitting device

An organic light-emitting device including: a first electrode, a hole transport region including a first hole transport layer (htl), an emission layer, an electron transport region; and a second electrode; wherein the first htl includes a first compound and a second compound, the emission layer includes a third compound and a fourth compound, the electron affinity of the second compound is greater than the electron affinity of the first compound, a lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (lumo) energy level of the fourth compound is greater than a lumo energy level of the third compound, the second compound and the third compound are different from each other, and the minimum anionic dissociation energy of the second compound is greater than the triplet energy of the third compound.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Hybrid supercapacitor

A hybrid supercapacitor includes an anode and a cathode. The cathode is applied to a first collector, and the anode is applied to a second collector.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Method for producing lithium phosphorus oxynitride layer

A method for producing a lithium phosphorus oxynitride layer having high ionic conductivity is provided. The method for producing a lithium phosphorus oxynitride layer on a substrate by atomic layer deposition comprises an atmosphere interchanging step, wherein the atmosphere surrounding the substrate is alternately switched between a first atmosphere, containing a first precursor such as a dialkyl phosphoramidate and/or alkyl phosphorodiamidate, and a second atmosphere, containing a second precursor such as a lithium hexaalkyl disilazide..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Cationic polymer systems for selective bacterial capture

A device and methods of use thereof for isolating one or more microorganisms from a biological sample, the device comprising a polymeric surface having one or more cationic polymers covalently grafted thereto, wherein the one or more cationic polymers have a selective affinity for the one or more microorganisms.. .
The Johns Hopkins University

Cleaning compositions containing cationic polymers in an aes-enriched surfactant system, and methods of making and using same

The present invention relates to cleaning composition, preferably a laundry detergent composition, comprising a cationic polymer in an aes-enriched surfactant system for enhanced suds reduction or removal during the rinse cycle with little or no impact on suds volume during the wash cycle.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company

Ionic liquid, lubricant, and magnetic recording medium

A lubricant including an ionic liquid, which contains a conjugate acid (b+) and a conjugate base (x−) and is aprotic, wherein the conjugate acid contains a straight-chain hydrocarbon group having 10 or more carbon atoms, and wherein an acid that is a source of the conjugate base has a pka in water of 0 or less.. .
Dexerials Corporation

Ink composition, ink set, and black ink set

Disclosed herein is an ink composition, including: a pigment; acetylenediol having an hlb of less than 4; and an anionic surfactant, in which the mass ratio of the acetylene diol to the anionic surfactant is 0.30 to 4.0.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Grafted crosslinked cellulose

Grafted, crosslinked cellulosic materials include cellulose fibers and polymer chains composed of at least one monoethylenically unsaturated acid group-containing monomer (such as acrylic acid) grafted thereto, in which one or more of said cellulose fibers and said polymer chains are crosslinked (such as by intra-fiber chain-to-chain crosslinks). Some of such materials are characterized by a wet bulk of about 10.0-17.0 cm3/g, an iprp value of about 1000 to 7700 cm2/mpa·sec, and/or a map value of about 7.0 to 38 cm h2o.
Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

Method for preparing novel anionic polymerization initiator and conjugate diene system copolymer using same

Disclosed are an anionic polymerization initiator, which is a reaction product of an organometallic compound and a compound including an etheric oxygen atom-containing alkyl group represented by specific chemical formula, and a method of preparing a conjugated diene-based copolymer using the same.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Co-agglomerated latex polymer dispersions and methods of preparing and using same

Co-agglomerated dispersions and methods for their preparation are described herein. The co-agglomerated dispersions are prepared by co-agglomerating an anionic polymer dispersion and inert particles.
Basf Se

Process for forming chromium propionate as an agricultural feed additive

Chromium propionate, as an animal feed supplement, is created employing chromium carbonate and propionic acid as starting materials. A quantity of chromium carbonate is dissolved into water and propionic acid is stirred in to this, followed by calcium oxide.
Nutech Biosciences, Inc.

Ion concentration polarization-electrocoagulation hybrid water treatment system

Between two juxtaposed similar ion exchange membranes (aems or cems), an ion depletion zone and ion enrichment zone are generated under an electric field. As cations are selectively transferred through the cems, for example, anions are relocated in order to achieve electro-neutrality, resulting in the concentration drop (increase) in ion depletion (enrichment) zone.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Multi-role aircraft with interchangeable mission modules

A flight-operable, truly modular aircraft has an aircraft core to which one or more of outer wings members, fuselage, cockpit, leading and trailing edge couplings, and empennage and tail sections can be removably coupled and/or replaced during the operating life span of the aircraft. In preferred embodiments the aircraft core houses the propulsive engines, avionics, at least 80% of the fuel, and all of the landing gear.

Selective nitride slurries with improved stability and improved polishing characteristics

The invention provides a chemical-mechanical polishing composition comprising, consisting essentially of, or consisting of (a) about 0.01 wt. % to about 1 wt.
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation

Process for making silver nanostructures and copolymer useful in such process

A process for making silver nanostructures, which includes the step of reacting at least one polyol and at least one silver compound that is capable of producing silver metal when reduced, in the presence of: (a) a source of chloride or bromide ions, and (b) at least one copolymer that comprises: (i) one or more first constitutional repeating units that each independently comprise at least one pendant saturated or unsaturated, five-, six-, or seven-membered, acylamino- or diacylamino-containing heterocylic ring moiety per constitutional repeating unit, and (ii) one or more second constitutional repeating units, each of which independently differs from the one or more first nonionic constitutional repeating units, and has a molecular weight of greater than or equal to about 500 grams per mole, is described herein.. .
Rhodia Operations

Implantable device, especially for the reconstruction of the abdominal wall

The present invention relates to an implantable device, in particular for wall repair comprising a reinforcing textile implant having first and second surfaces, a bioadhesive coating to coat said first surface at least in part, said coating comprising at least one ionic, cross-linked bioadhesive polymer selected from among the following polymers: an acrylic acid polymer, methacrylic acid polymer, itaconic acid polymer, maleic acid polymer or maleic anhydride polymer having an adhesive function that can be activated in an aqueous medium.. .
Cousin Biotech

Complexes of rna and cationic peptides for transfection and for immunostimulation

The present invention relates to a complexed rna, comprising at least one rna complexed with one or more oligopeptides, wherein the oligopeptide, which has the function of cell-penetrating peptide (cpp), has a length of 8 to 15 amino acids and has the empirical formula (arg)l;(lys)m;(his)n;(om)o;(xaa)x with the majority of residues being selected from arg, lys, his, om. The invention further relates to a method for transfecting a cell or an organism, thereby applying the inventive complexed rna.
Curevac Ag

Stable factor viii formulations with low sugar-glycine

The present invention provides a novel albumin-free preparation of factor viii has a high amount of salt and a low concentration of sugar and of glycine. The high salt provides stability and an elegant cake structure as the major crystalline component.
Advantech Bioscience Farmacêutica Ltda

Mascara composition

A polymer composition providing improved curl benefits is disclosed. The composition includes a first weakly charged anionic polymer and a second weakly charged cationic polymer.
The Procter & Gamble Company

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