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Ionic patents

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Message exchange and generic communications controller structure for redundant avionics communication systems

Message exchange and generic communications controller structure for redundant avionics communication systems

Aircraft having an avionics system

Airbus Helicopters

Aircraft having an avionics system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ionic-related patents
 Anisotropic conductive film and  producing the same patent thumbnailAnisotropic conductive film and producing the same
An anisotropic conductive film includes a first connection layer and a second connection layer formed on one side of the first connection layer. The first connection layer is obtained by photo-radical polymerization of a photo-radical polymerizable resin layer containing an acrylate compound and a photo-radical polymerization initiator.
Dexerials Corporation

 Message exchange and generic communications controller structure for redundant avionics communication systems patent thumbnailMessage exchange and generic communications controller structure for redundant avionics communication systems
Which is characterized in that the means exchange controller-forming means (3) are able to recover redundant messages from external buses, store those messages in the storage/exchange buffer-forming member (4), recover those messages from the storage/exchange buffer-forming member (4), and process those messages so as to generate a resultant message (mf), to send it to at least one consumption unit.. .

 Aircraft having an avionics system patent thumbnailAircraft having an avionics system
An aircraft having an avionics system comprising a plurality of avionics equipment and a system of connections, the avionics equipment incorporating protection means for providing protection against indirect effects of lightning, the system of connections including wired connections and connectors between the wired connections. The avionics system has at least one avionics equipment with protection means that are insufficient for providing total protection against the indirect effects of lightning when the equipment is incorporated in the structure, which equipment is connected to at least one connector including a resistor connected in series relative to at least one wired connection secured to the resistive connector..
Airbus Helicopters

 Polyether copolymer, crosslinkable polyether copolymer composition and electrolyte patent thumbnailPolyether copolymer, crosslinkable polyether copolymer composition and electrolyte
Provided is a material which exhibits excellent ion conductivity and excellent processability and which can provide an electrolyte that exhibits excellent water-resistant shape retention properties after processing. A polyether copolymer having polyether segment blocks having cationic groups and hydrophobic polyether segment blocks.
Zeon Corporation

 Electrochemical cell including functionally graded and architectured components and methods patent thumbnailElectrochemical cell including functionally graded and architectured components and methods
Electrochemical cells or batteries featuring functional gradations, and having desirable, periodic configurations, and methods for making the same. One or more methods, in alone or in combination, are utilized to fabricate components of such electrochemical cells or batteries, which are designed to achieve certain thermal, mechanical, kinetic and spatial characteristics, and their effects, singly and in all possible combinations, on battery performance.
Sakti3, Inc.

 Composition, laminate,  manufacturing laminate, transistor, and  manufacturing transistor patent thumbnailComposition, laminate, manufacturing laminate, transistor, and manufacturing transistor
(c) a photocationic polymerization initiator. .

 Photosensitive composition for forming volume hologram recording layer patent thumbnailPhotosensitive composition for forming volume hologram recording layer
The photosensitive composition for volume hologram recording layer formation includes components (a), (b), (c), (d), and (e). Component (a) is at least one cationically polymerizable compound including a compound represented by formula (1).

 Luminescent compounds patent thumbnailLuminescent compounds
Linked reactive groups or conjugated substances may generally be located at ra, rb, or rc. Adjacent substituents ra and rb may form a substituted, 5- or 6-membered heterocyclic group with one ring nitrogen.

 Method to fabricate finfet sensors, in particular, finfet sensors for ionic, chemical and biological applications on si-bulk patent thumbnailMethod to fabricate finfet sensors, in particular, finfet sensors for ionic, chemical and biological applications on si-bulk
The present invention also relates to finfet sensor devices produced by the above method.. .

 Thermally insulating composition for organic monolithic gel, use thereof and process for preparing same patent thumbnailThermally insulating composition for organic monolithic gel, use thereof and process for preparing same
Provided is a gelled carbon-based composition forming an organic polymeric monolithic gel capable of forming a porous carbon monolith by pyrolysis, a use thereof and a process for preparing this composition. A composition according to the invention is based on a resin derived at least partly from polyhydroxybenzene(s) r and formaldehyde(s) f, has a thermal conductivity of less than or equal to 40 mw·m−1·k−1, and includes at least one water-soluble cationic polyelectrolyte p.


Method of increasing enzyme stability and activity for pulp and paper production

Wood pulp is treated with an esterase formulation in combination with a metal ion or cationic polymer to increase the stability or activity or both of esterase enzymes at high temperature, or at extreme ph ranges of acidic and alkaline conditions. The treatment by esterase together with metals ion or cationic polymer can be used to treat pitch containing pulp at high temperatures prior to, during or after refining of wood chip/pulp, in order to enhance the reduction of pitch problems and facilitate in the manufacture of paper..
Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, L.l.c.


Bipolar electrochemical printing

A bipolar electrochemistry printer and method are disclosed wherein electrolytic deposition onto a conductive substrate is accomplished by inducing ionic current in an electrolytic cell disposed above the substrate to undergo charge transfer at the conductive substrate, such that a portion of the substrate becomes a bipolar electrode. The ohmic current in the substrate undergoes a second charge transfer back to ionic current and returning to the cathode of the electrolytic cell.
University Of Washington


Tin or tin alloy electroplating bath and process for producing bumps using same

A tin or tin alloy electroplating bath and a process for producing a bump using the same are disclosed. The electroplating bath includes an inorganic acid and an organic acid, as well as a water-soluble salt thereof; a non-ionic surfactant selected from the group consisting of polyoxyalkylene phenyl ethers, polyoxyalkylene polycyclic phenyl ethers, and salts thereof; and leveling agents containing at least one selected from the group consisting of aliphatic aldehydes, aromatic aldehydes, aliphatic ketones, and aromatic ketones; and at least one selected from the group consisting of α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acids, α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acid amides, and salts thereof.
C. Uyemura & Co., Ltd.


Conformally coated wire array photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical fuel generation

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to photoelectrodes having a wire array core and a conformal coating on the core. The wire array core and the conformal coating can be independently selected from inorganic semiconductor materials.


Preservation of biological materials in non-aqueous fluid media

The invention provides compositions and methods for preserving a biological material—such as a protein, a nucleic acid or a biological sample, or any combination thereof—in a substantially water-free, nonionic or ionic organic solvent. Improved preservation, including for example the stability and/or the solubility of the biological material in the substantially water-free fluid medium, is achieved with compositions comprising one or more substances (e.g., an antioxidant) described in the disclosure, and/or a metal salt.
Gentegra, Llc


Solvent composition and process for removal of asphalt and other contaminant materials

A method and composition for removing contaminant material from industrial equipment are disclosed herein. The method includes providing a solvent composition having methyl soyate, n-methylpyrrolidinone, an additional solvent, and a cationic surfactant.
United Laboratories International, Llc


Liquid detergent composition

B) a cationic unit derived from a dimethyldiallylammonium salt.. .


Anionic polysaccharide polymers for viscosified fluids

Anionic polysaccharide polymers, derived from kelp may be used in additive compositions, and fluid compositions for viscosifying a base fluid, such as an aqueous-based fluid, a non-aqueous based fluid, and combinations thereof. In a non-limiting embodiment, a breaker additive may be used to break the viscosity of the viscosified fluid composition, which may have or include a breaker agent to break the viscosified fluid composition..
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Ultra-low-tension compositions and their use in enhanced oil recovery

In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to compositions for enhanced oil recovery. In some embodiments, such compositions include: (1) a first agent, wherein the first agent acts as a foam booster; (2) a second agent, wherein the second agent includes a sulfonated or sulfated anionic surfactant; a (3) a third agent, wherein the third agent includes an alkoxylated and anionic surfactant; and (4) a base liquid.
William Marsh Rice University


Graft polymers for enhanced intracellular delivery of antisense molecules

Innovative graft polymers designed for the efficient delivery of antisense molecules into biological cells and for maintaining the biological activity of these molecules while in serum and other aqueous environments are provided. Such polymers may comprise an anionic graft polymer comprising an anionic polymer backbone with pendant carboxylic acid groups and pendant chains comprising amphipathic or hydrophilic polymers covalently bonded to a portion of said pendant carboxylic acid groups.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey


Copolymer of ethylene and alpha-olefin, and preparing same

A liquid random copolymer of ethylene and alpha-olefin prepared by using specific metallocene catalyst and ionic compound and a method for preparing the same are disclosed. The liquid random copolymer has high viscosity index and shear stability so that it is useful as synthetic lubricants.
Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.


Method of protein extraction from cells

Methods for producing a protein extract from cells, such as cells containing viral proteins, are provided. In general terms, the methods involve: increasing the ph of the cells to a ph of at least about ph 10.0 to produce an intermediate composition, and then, in the presence of a non-ionic detergent, neutralizing the ph of the intermediate composition to produce the protein extract.
Becton Dickinson And Company


Ionic liquid

(in the formula, r1 indicates a c1-3 alkyl group, r2 indicates a methyl group or an ethyl group, n indicates 1 or 2, and m indicates 2 or 3.). .


Compounds and their synthesis

The present invention relates to sulfonium salts of formula (i): (i), their preparation, and utility as precursors for preparing functionalised organic compounds, wherein r1 and r2 are the same or different and each is independently selected from an optionally substituted aryl group, an optionally substituted alkynyl group, an optionally substituted alkenyl group, an optionally substituted alkyl group, an optionally substituted cycloalkyl group, an optionally substituted cycloalkenyl group, an optionally substituted aralkyl group, an optionally substituted arylalkenyl group, an optionally substituted heteroaryl group, an optionally substituted heterocyclyl group, an optionally substituted amine, an optionally substituted alkoxy group, an optionally substituted thioether group, an optionally substituted phosphine group, an optionally substituted boron species, an optionally substituted carbene, an organometallic moiety, and a halide, or r1 and r2 are joined together to form an optionally substituted sulfur-containing ring; w is a bond, an optionally substituted alkynylene group, an optionally substituted alkenylene group, and optionally substituted alkylene group, an optionally substituted heterocyclyl group, an optionally substituted aryl group or an optionally substituted heteroaryl group; r3 is a moiety comprising at least one basic group, provided that when r3 does not contain any carbon atoms, w is not a bond; x is an anionic species; and n is an integer selected from 1 to 5.. .
Ucl Business Plc


Liquid electrically initiated and controlled gas generator composition

A liquid electrically initiated and controlled composition comprising an oxidizer, soluble fuel additive(s), and other optional additives to enhance the chemical or ballistic properties, or a combination thereof is disclosed. The liquid composition further comprises stabilizers to enhance thermal stability, sequestrants to minimize deleterious effects of transition metal contaminants, and combustion enhancers maximizing efficiency.
Digital Solid State Propulsion Llc


Foliar fertilizer

Nanocrystalline compounds containing essential nutrients have been synthesized to have effective physical and chemical characteristics, including a high contact surface area/total surface area ratio that provides maximal leaf surface contact, limited mobility and improved solubility, a net positive charge, soluble salt-forming groups, and reactive surface edges for cation exchange to release nutrient cationic ions into the water film on leaf surfaces.. .


Printing medium and composition for printing medium

Provided is a composition for a printing medium and a printing medium that can be suitably used for a plurality of printing methods, including a plurality of plateless printing methods such as thermal transfer printing, electrophotographic printing, and inkjet printing methods. A coating layer is provided on at least one surface of a support body, and includes (a) a cationic urethane-based resin, (b) an olefin copolymer emulsion, and (c) an ethyleneimine-based resin.
Yupo Corporation


Wetting enhancement coating on intermediate transfer member (itm) for aqueous inkjet intermediate transfer architecture

Described herein is a method and apparatus for ink jet printing. The method includes providing a wetting enhancement coating on a transfer member.
Xerox Corporation


Silver nanowires with thin diameter and high aspect ratio and hydrothermal synthesis making the same

A method for producing silver nanowires comprising the steps of: dissolving a silver reducing agent, an organic polymer template protective compound and a halogen ion solution in highly pure water resulting in solution a; dissolving a silver ionic species in highly pure water resulting in solution b; mixing solution a and solution b together resulting in solution c; incubating solution c for a period of time; heating solution c for a period of time; cooling solution c to room temperature; collecting the silver nanowires.. .
Blue Nano Inc.


Combined ionic air filter and humidifier apparatus

A combined ionic air filter and humidifier apparatus filters air using ionic air filtering, humidifies at least a portion of the filtered ionized air, and directs the humidified filtered ionized air back into the environment. The apparatus generally includes an ionic air filter for ionizing and filtering air to produce filtered ionized air and a humidifier for humidifying the filtered ionized air to produce humidified filtered ionized air.
Brookstone Purchasing, Inc.


Ion exchange compositions, methods for making and materials prepared therefrom

An ion exchange polymer composition is provided, which includes a primary crosslinker and a secondary crosslinker. The primary crosslinker includes a crosslinked ionic monomer including a quaternary ammonium group.
General Electric Company


Sustained-release lipid pre-concentrate of cationic pharmacologically active substance and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same

Disclosed is a sustained-release lipid pre-concentrate, comprising: a) at least one liquid crystal former; b) at least one neutral phospholipid; c) at least one liquid crystal hardener; and d) at least one anionic anchoring agent, wherein the sustained-release pre-concentrate exists as a lipid liquid phase in the absence of aqueous fluid and forms into a liquid crystal upon exposure to aqueous fluid. The sustained-release lipid pre-concentrate is configured to enhance the sustained release of cationic pharmacologically active substance through ionic interaction between the anionic anchoring agent and the cationic pharmacologically active substance..
Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp.


Mascara formulation

Disclosed is an oil-in-water anionic emulsion for eyelashes, and methods for its use, comprising a continuous phase comprising 35 to 55% by weight of water based on the total weight of the emulsion, a discontinuous phase comprising 15 to 25% by weight of a combination of waxes, wherein the combination of waxes comprises paraffin wax, carnauba wax, beeswax, and candelilla wax based on the total weight of the emulsion, and 5 to 15% by weight of the emulsion of an anionic surfactant system comprising stearic acid, palmitic acid, myristic acid, polyethylene glycol-40 (peg-40) stearate, and stearyl stearate, wherein the oil-in-water anionic emulsion is capable of thickening the appearance of eyelashes.. .
Mary Kay Inc.


1,3,6-dioxazocan-2-ones and antimicrobial cationic polycarbonates therefrom

Eight-membered ring cyclic carbonates comprising a ring nitrogen at position 6 (1,3,6-dioxazocan-2-ones) were prepared by reaction of precursor diols with active carbonates. The ring nitrogen is linked to a pendant group y′ via a methylene linking group.
International Business Machines Corporation


Cationic micelles with anionic polymeric counterions methods thereof

The invention relates to polymer-micelle complex. The polymer-micelle complexes include a positively charged micelle selected from the group consisting of a monomeric quaternary ammonium compound, a monomeric biguanide compound, and mixtures thereof.
The Clorox Company


Methods of enhancing electrochemical double layer capacitor (edlc) performance and edlc devices formed therefrom

The invention broadly encompasses energy storage devices or systems and more specifically relates to methods of enhancing the performance of electrochemical double layer capacitors (edlcs), or supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, and devices formed therefrom. In some embodiments, the invention relates generally to energy storage devices, such as edlcs that use phosphonium-based electrolytes and methods for treating such devices to enhance their performance and operation.
Esionic Corp.


Uv pipe

A pipe source of uv flux has an inner pipe made of uv transmissive material and coated on its outer surface with a uv emitting phosphor. An outer pipe has a cathode array disposed on or near its inner surface, such as an array of thermionic filament cathodes mounted longitudinally or transverse to the length of the pipe, cold cathode arrays formed on the inner surface of the pipe or cold cathode arrays formed on separate substrates which are then attached to the inner surface of the outer pipe.
Stellarray, Inc.


Cathodoluminescent uv panel

A flat panel uv source emits uv flux from one or more phosphor materials disposed on an anode plate and excited by electron beam current accelerated in vacuum toward the anode from one or more arrays of thermionic filament cathodes. The filament cathode arrays may be constructed and held in one or more cathode frames attached to or near a cathode plate.
Stellarray, Inc.


Systems and methods for controlling cationic water treatment additives

Systems and methods are provided for measuring the amount of cationic organic water treatment additives in water systems. Disclosed systems and methods monitor, analyze and control the amounts of cationic organic water treatment additive supplied to the water.
Chemtreat, Inc.


System and providing enhanced flight-plan management

A system and method for positioning a new waypoint in a flight plan displayed on an avionics display in the form of an interactive graphical image comprises generating symbology on the display graphically representative of the new waypoint on the flight plan, and dragging the new waypoint on the display to alter its position.. .
Honeywell International Inc.


System and thermally treating a subsurface formation by a heated molten salt mixture

Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and system for pyrolyzing kerogen or mobilizing bitumen using thermal energy of a carbonate molten salt mixture having a melting point of at most 395 degrees celsius or at most 390 degrees celsius or at most 385 degrees celsius. The carbonate molten salt may include lithium cations (e.g.
Genie Ip B.v.


Nanopore stochastic sensing of biomarkers

A method and system for sensing or characterizing a biomarker, such as a proteolytic enzyme or nucleic acid. The system comprises a nanopore sensor to determine a current modulation of a sample including a biomarker, and a predetermined substrate or nucleic acid probe current modulation signature for comparison to a current signature from the nanopore sensor.


Enzymatic hydrolysis of old corrugated cardboard (occ) fines from recycled linerboard mill waste rejects

A significant fraction of short fibers (fines) is produced while recycling old corrugated containerboards (occ), which are usually rejected as solid waste stream, requiring landfilling and posing environmental problems. The major component of these fines rejects are primarily cellulose that can be hydrolyzed into sugars for possible fermentation into biofuels, bioplastics or other sugar based products.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York


Detergent composition

A composition comprising an amine oxide, a nonionic surfactant, and a perfume formulation.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company


Detergent composition

A composition comprising an amine oxide, a nonionic surfactant, an aminoalcohol solvent, and an alkali metal salt.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company


Composition for tungsten cmp

A chemical mechanical polishing composition for polishing a substrate having a tungsten layer includes a water based liquid carrier, a colloidal silica abrasive dispersed in the liquid carrier and having a permanent positive charge of at least 6 mv, and a polycationic amine compound in solution in the liquid carrier. A method for chemical mechanical polishing a substrate including a tungsten layer includes contacting the substrate with the above described polishing composition, moving the polishing composition relative to the substrate, and abrading the substrate to remove a portion of the tungsten from the substrate and thereby polish the substrate..
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation


Methods for providing a low gloss polyurethane coating on a substrate

Disclosed are methods for coating a substrate. These methods include: (a) preparing a two-component coating composition by mixing a first component and a second component to make a mixture thereof, and (b) depositing the mixture over the substrate to form a film having a 60° gloss of no more than 35 gloss units (measured according to astm d523-89).
Bayer Materialscience Llc


Protective coatings for security documents

The present invention relates to the field of the protection of security documents, in particular banknotes, against premature detrimental influence of soil and/or moisture upon use and time. In particular, it relates radiation curable protective varnishes comprising one or more cationically curable compounds and one or more di-hydroxyl-terminated perfluoropolyether compounds of the general formula ho—(ch2ch2o)c—ch2—cf2o—(cf2—cf2o)a—(cf2o)b—cf2—ch2—(och2ch2)d—oh, wherein a and b independently are integers in a range between 0 and 50, wherein a+b≧1, and wherein c and d may be the same or different and are in the range of 1-20, and their uses for providing a protective coating or layer on a security document..
Sicpa Holding Sa


Water-based polypropylene coating having water resistance

Water-based coating compositions, coated substrates, and methods for adhering a polypropylene layer to a substrate. The coating compositions include a c2-c3 maleated polyolefin, a non-ionic surfactant, an anionic surfactant, and an amine.


Controlled crosslinking of latex polymers with polyfunctional amines

The latex polymer compositions of the present invention exhibit latent crosslinking properties. Latent crosslinking in the polymers takes advantage of the fast interaction between the anionic latex charge and the cationic charge associated with polyfunctional amine crosslinkers.
Ennis Paint, Inc


Compositions containing derivatized polyamines

Disclosed herein are aqueous coating compositions containing an anionically stabilized polymer, one or more derivatized polyamines, and a volatile base. Coating compositions can further include one or more additional copolymers, which may or may not be anionically stabilized, and/or additional additives, including pigments, defoamers, pigment dispersing agents, thickeners, surfactants, and combinations thereof.
Basf Se


Binding agent free-pigment preparations containing phosphoric acid ester

Phosphoric acid ester as dispersing agents in binding agent free-pigment preparations. The invention relates to aqueous, binding agent free-pigment preparations, containing (a) 1.0-75.0 wt.-% of at least one organic or inorganic white or coloured pigment or a mixture of different organic and inorganic white or coloured pigments, (b) 0.01 to 8.0 wt.
Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited


Method of use of an ionic liquid for storing hydrogen

A method releases hydrogen by forming a second ionic liquid from a first ionic liquid by releasing hydrogen from the first ionic liquid by exposing the second ionic liquid to water and a catalyst. The first ionic liquid includes a cation and an anion including a borohydride.
Vtu Holding Gmbh


Treatment liquid, ink set, and inkjet recording method

And the cationic resins have mutually different weight average molecular weights in the range of 5,000 to 25,000.. .


Enhanced bionic resistance suit

An enhanced resistance suit for use while training has a pair of compression shorts that have a plurality of attachment bands arranged in two columns down each leg. The attachment bands have at least one attachment ring secured on each in order to form a matched horizontal connectable pair.


Electrostatic-bonding-type vesicle including metal microparticles

(d) an amino acid polymer (ii) having an anionic segment.. .


Complexation of nucleic acids with disulfide-crosslinked cationic components for transfection and immunostimulation

The present invention is directed to a polymeric carrier cargo complex, comprising as a cargo at least one nucleic acid (molecule) and disulfide-crosslinked cationic components as a (preferably non-toxic and non-immunogenic) polymeric carrier. The inventive polymeric carrier cargo complex allows for both efficient transfection of nucleic acids into cells in vivo and in vitro and/or for induction of an (innate and/or adaptive) immune response, preferably dependent on the nucleic acid to be transported as a cargo.
Curevac Gmbh


Layered double hydroxides

The invention relates to layered double hydroxide (ldh) materials and in particular to new methods of preparing improved ldh materials which have intercalated active anionic compounds (improved ldh-active anion materials). The improved ldh-active anion materials are characterised by their high degree of robustness, demonstrated by their high particle robustness factor values, and by their ability to retain substantially all of the intercalated active anionic compound, in the absence of ion exchange conditions and/or at ph>4..
Oxford Pharmascience Limited


Anti-infective and osteogenic compositions and methods of use

Cationic steroidal antimicrobials (“csas” or “ceragenins”) and methods of making and using the same. Particularly advantageous uses include treating infections in patient and sub-patient populations, especially those having a bone disease, a broken bone, a bone infection, or a bone implant..
Brigham Young University


Lavage and/or infusion using csa compounds for increasing fertility in a mammal

Increasing fertility in a mammal utilizes cationic steroidal antimicrobial (csa) compounds and csa-containing compositions. Such treatment in a mammal includes administering a formulation (e.g., lavage and/or infusion) including at least one csa compound, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, to the reproductive structure(s) of the mammal (e.g., horse, dairy cow, human, etc.).
Brigham Young University


Patches and methods for the transdermal delivery of a therapeutically effective amount of iron

Embodiments of the invention provide patches for the transdermal delivery of iron-containing compositions to an individual suffering from an iron deficiency. Many embodiments provide an iontophoretic patch for the transdermal delivery of a therapeutically effective amount of iron.
Fe3 Medical, Inc.


Ondansetron extended release solid dosage forms for treating either nausea, vomiting or diarrhea symptoms

A method of treating a patient comprises orally administering a solid oral dosage form comprising a core comprising a non-ionic polymer matrix, a first amount of ondansetron dispersed within the matrix, and a salt dispersed within the matrix, wherein the first amount of ondansetron ranges from about 9 mg to about 28 mg; a first seal coat surrounding the core, wherein the first seal coat is comprised of a non-ionic polymer matrix; and an immediate release drug layer surrounding the first seal coat and comprising a non-ionic polymer and a second amount of ondansetron dispersed therein, wherein the second amount of ondansetron ranges from about 3 mg to about 8 mg, wherein release of ondansetron from the solid oral dosage form provides exposure to ondansetron for a minimum period of 16 hours so as to result in a reduction in frequency of vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, or a combination thereof.. .
Redhill Biopharma Ltd.


Dye gloss agent with special cationic pigments, tensides and polymers

The invention relates to an agent for dyeing keratinic fibers, particularly human hair, containing in a cosmetic base (a) at least one cationic anthraquinone derivative of formula (i) wherein r1, r2, r3 stand independently of one another for a c1-c6 alkyl group, n stands for an integer from 2 to 8 and a− for a physiologically compatible anion, (b) at least one further cationic direct dyeing pigment, different from formula (i), (c) at least one amphoteric and/or zwitterionic surfactant and (d) at least one cationic polymer.. .
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Dye composition in cream form comprising at least one oil and little or no solid fatty alcohol, dyeing process and suitable device

The present invention relates to a composition for dyeing human keratin fibres, such as the hair, which is free of oxidizing agent other than atmospheric oxygen and which is in cream form, comprising: (a) at least one oxidation dye precursor; (b) at least one ionic surfactant; (c) at least one oil; (d) optionally at least one solid fatty alcohol in a content of not more than 0.5% by weight relative to the weight of the composition; (e) at least one thickening polymer. The invention also relates to a process for dyeing human keratin fibres, in which this composition is applied to the said fibres, in the presence of at least one oxidizing agent other than atmospheric oxygen, and also to a multi-compartment device that is suitable for performing this process..


Dyeing composition comprising a fatty substance, a non-ionic guar gum, an amphoteric surfactant and a non-ionic or anionic surfactant, and an oxidizing agent, dyeing process and suitable device

The subject of the present invention is a composition for dyeing human keratin fibres such as the hair, comprising: (a) at least one oxidation dye precursor; (b) at least one first amphoteric or zwitterionic surfactant; (c) at least one second non-ionic or anionic surfactant; (d) one or more fatty substances; (e) at least one cationic polymer; (f) at least one non-ionic guar gum; (g) at least one oxidizing agent other than atmospheric oxygen. The present invention also relates to a process for dying human keratin fibres, in which this composition is applied to said fibres, and also to a suitable multicompartment device..


Protein gel formation

The invention is directed to a method of forming a gel, to a gel obtainable by said method, to a heat treated native potato protease inhibitor, to the use of said protease inhibitor, and to a foodstuff comprising said gel or said protease inhibitor. The method comprises the subsequent steps of: providing a solution of native potato protease inhibitor isolate having an isoelectric point of more than 6.0 and a molecular weight of less than 35 kda; subjecting the native potato protease inhibitor solution to a heat treatment to a temperature of 65-121° c.
Cooperatie Avebe U.a.


Electrochemical energy storing device

An electrochemical energy storing device disclosed herein includes a positive electrode containing a positive-electrode active material, a negative electrode, and a nonaqueous electrolyte solution which is in contact with the positive electrode and the negative electrode. The positive-electrode active material in a discharged state contains at least one selected from the group consisting of an alkali metal chloride, an alkaline-earth metal chloride, and a quaternary alkylammonium chloride.
Kyoto University


Synthesis of electroactive ionic liquids for flow battery applications

The present disclosure is directed to synthesizing metal ionic liquids with transition metal coordination cations, where such metal ionic liquids can be used in a flow battery. A cation of a metal ionic liquid includes a transition metal and a ligand coordinated to the transition metal..
Sandia Corporation


Highly ionic conductive zirconia electrolyte for high-efficiency solid oxide fuel cell

Disclosed are a highly ionic conductive zirconia electrolyte and a high-efficiency solid oxide fuel cell using the same. The highly ionic conductive zirconia electrolyte is configured such that a scandia (sc2o3) stabilized zirconia (zro2) electrolyte is simultaneously doped with cerium oxide (ceo2) and at least one oxide of gadolinium oxide (gd2o3), samarium oxide (sm2o3), and ytterbium oxide (sm2o3) so that an ionic conductivity drop rate is mitigated..
Kceracell Co., Ltd.


Polyarene mediators for mediated redox flow battery

The fundamental charge storage mechanisms in a number of currently studied high energy redox couples are based on intercalation, conversion, or displacement reactions. With exception to certain metal-air chemistries, most often the active redox materials are stored physically in the electrochemical cell stack thereby lowering the practical gravimetric and volumetric energy density as a tradeoff to achieve reasonable power density.
Oak Ridge National Laboratories


Methods for fabricating quantum dot polymer films

The addition of a chain transfer agent (cta) or a reversible-addition fragmentation chain transfer agent (raft cta) such as (2-(dodecyl-thiocarbonothioylthio)-2-methylpropionic acid) during the formation of quantum dot polymer films yields films characterized by high and stable quantum yields.. .
Nanoco Technologies Ltd.


Electrically conductive adhesive composition, connection structure, solar battery module, and producing same

An electrically conductive adhesive composition comprising electrically conductive particles containing a metal of which melting point is 220° c. Or less, a thermosetting resin, and a thermal cationic polymerization initiator..
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Polymerization liquid, conductive polymer film obtained from polymerization liquid, and solid electrolytic capacitor

Provided is a polymerization liquid for electropolymerization, which uses a solvent that is mainly composed of water, which is greatly increased in the amount of a monomer contained therein, and which is capable of quickly forming a conductive polymer layer having high conductivity and heat resistance, a polymerization liquid for electropolymerization of the present invention contains: a solvent that is composed of 100-80% by mass of water and 0-20% by mass of an organic solvent; at least one monomer having a pi-conjugated double bond; at least one supporting electrolyte; and at least two nonionic surfactants. The at least two nonionic surfactants are composed of at least one acetylenol surfactant and at least one water-soluble nonionic surfactant other than the acetylenol surfactant.
Nippon Chemi-con Corporation


System and cleaning euv optical elements

A system for cleaning or suppressing contamination or oxidation in a euv optical setting includes an illumination source, a detector, a first set of optical elements to direct light from the illumination source to a specimen and a second set of optical elements to receive illumination from the specimen and direct the illumination to the detector. The system also includes one or more vacuum chambers for containing the first and second set of optical elements and containing a selected purge gas ionizable by the light emitted by the illumination source.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Intrathecal delivery of recombinant adeno-associated virus 9

The present invention relates to adeno-associated virus type 9 methods and materials useful for intrathecal delivery of polynucleotides. Use of the methods and materials is indicated, for example, for treatment of lower motor neuron diseases such as sma and als as well as pompe disease and lysosomal storage disorders.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation


Preparation of antibody or an antibody fragment targeted immunoliposomes for systemic administration of therapeutic or diagnostic agents and uses thereof

The present invention provides methods of preparing an antibody- or antibody fragment-targeted cationic immunoliposome or polymer complex comprising (a) preparing an antibody or antibody fragment; (b) mixing said antibody or antibody fragment with a cationic liposome to form a cationic immunoliposome or with a cationic polymer to form a polyplex; and (c) mixing said cationic immunoliposome or said polyplex with a therapeutic or diagnostic agent to form said antibody- or antibody fragment-targeted cationic immunoliposome or polymer complex. The present invention also provides cationic immunoliposome or polymer complexes produced by such methods and compositions comprising such complexes.
Georgetown University


Methods and compositions for amplification of nucleic acids

The present invention provides methods, compositions, and kits for storing and enhancing the activity of polymerases and particularly thermostable polymerases. The methods comprise mixing a thermostable polymerase with at least one zwitterionic or ylide surfactant that has at least one peo group.
Affymetrix, Inc.


Alkyl amides for enhanced food soil removal and asphalt dissolution

The present invention comprises a hard surface cleaning composition including an environmentally friendly alkyl amide solvent, derived from renewable bio-based resources that works at least as well as d-limonene. In one embodiment, the present invention is a cleaning composition including an anionic surfactant salt, a saturated c8 to c10 alkyl amide solvent, a cosolvent and water.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Composition and method

A low-foaming composition for cleaning a ware-washing machine comprises water, an alkoxylate, an acid (preferably citric acid), and preferably a phase separation promoter (for example a polyethylene glycol or an ionic salt). The composition is in two separate layers under ambient conditions..
Reckitt Benckiser N.v.


Cleaning composition having high self-adhesion and providing residual benefits

A composition for treating a hard surface. The composition has: (a) at least one adhesion promoter; (b) at least one surfactant selected from the group consisting of: anionic, non-ionic, cationic, amphoteric, zwitterionic, and combinations thereof; (c) mineral oil; (d) a blend of linear primary alcohols, wherein each alcohol of said blend includes a carbon chain containing 9 to 17 carbons or an ethoxylated blend thereof; (e) water; (f) optionally, at least one solvent; and wherein the composition is self-adhering upon application to a surface to be treated, and wherein the composition provides a wet film to said surface when water passes over said composition and surface..
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.


Cleaning composition having high self-adhesion and providing residual benefits

A composition for treating a hard surface. The composition has: (a) at least one adhesion promoter; (b) at least one surfactant selected from the group consisting of: anionic, non-ionic, cationic, amphoteric, zwitterionic, and combinations thereof; (c) mineral oil; (d) water; (e) optionally, at least one solvent; and wherein the composition is self-adhering upon application to a surface to be treated, and wherein the composition provides a wet film to said surface when water passes over said composition and surface..
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.


Cleaning composition having high self-adhesion and providing residual benefits

A composition for treating a hard surface. The composition has: (a) at least one adhesion promoter; (b) at least one surfactant selected from the group consisting of: anionic, non-ionic, cationic, amphoteric, zwitterionic, and combinations thereof; (c) mineral oil; (d) water; (e) optionally, at least one solvent; and wherein the composition is self-adhering upon application to a surface to be treated, and wherein the composition provides a wet film to said surface when water passes over said composition and surface..
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.


Disinfectant solution for nonionic soft contact lenses

A disinfecting solution for a nonionic soft contact lens, which solution contains polylysine as a disinfectant, and further contains: 0.1-1.0% by weight of a component (a) which is an acidic tonicity agent having at least one carboxyl group; 0.10-1.25% by weight of a component (b) which is a basic tonicity agent having an amino group; and 0.1-2.0% by weight of a component (c) which is at least one of a nonionic tonicity agent and an amphoteric tonicity agent, wherein each of the components (a) to (c) has a molecular weight of not larger than 200, and a ratio of a molar concentration of the component (a) to a molar concentration of the component (b) is not larger than 1.2. The disinfecting solution has a ph of 6.5-8.0, an osmotic pressure of 250-330 mosm/kg and an electric conductivity of 130-750 ms/m..
Menicon Co., Ltd.


Calcium ion tolerant self-suspending proppants

A self-suspending proppant comprises a proppant particle substrate carrying a coating of an anionic hydrogel-forming polymer. The detrimental effect of calcium and other divalent ions on the ability of the proppant to swell when contacted with water is reduced by including a calcium binding agent in the proppant..
Self-suspending Proppant Llc


Synthetic hydratable polymers for use in fracturing fluids and methods for making and using same

Downhole fluid compositions including a base fluid and an effective amount of a synthetic hydratable polymer system including a hydrophobically modified, cross-linked polyacrylate polymer, a hydrophilic, anionic, high molecular weight, cross-linked polyacrylic acid polymer, or mixtures and combinations thereof, where the effective amount is sufficient to achieve a desired viscosity profile and a desired breaking profile in the present of a breaking system in the absence of natural hydratable polymers.. .
Clearwater International Llc


Heat curable silicone rubber composition

The present invention provides a heat curable silicone rubber composition capable of obtaining a cured product having a good transparency and antistatic property. A heat curable silicone rubber composition includes: (a) 100 parts by mass of an organopolysiloxane, (b) 10 to 400 parts by mass of a silicone resin, (c) an organohydrogenpolysiloxane in an amount such that the number of the hydrogen atoms bonded to a silicon atom per one alkenyl group bonded to a.
Momentive Performance Materials Japan Llc A Corporation


Pigment formulations

Formulations of easily dispersible (ed) pigments comprising a combination of a carboxylic acid polymer and a non-ionic alkoxylated surfactant are disclosed. The combination is used in the formulation of a plurality of pigments.


Foam, composition, and method

A method of producing a foam is disclosed. The method includes providing an epoxy-containing compound, a cationic catalyst, an optional blowing agent, and at least one additive.
Certainteed Corporation


Derivatisation of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor

The present invention relates to a compound which is a polysaccharide derivative of gcsf, or of a gcsf like protein, wherein the polysaccharide is anionic and comprises between 2 and 200 saccharide units. The present invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising the novel compounds, and methods for making the novel compounds..
Lipoxen Technologies Limited


Method of synthesizing organic molecules

A method of synthesizing organic molecules is provided, wherein the method comprises providing an electrophilic educt, providing an ionic liquid comprising a carbanion, and synthesizing the organic molecules by mixing the electrophilic educt and the ionic liquid.. .
Vtu Holding Gmbh

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