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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ionic-related patents
 Process for the production of olefins and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Process for the production of olefins and use thereof
The present invention relates to the process of production of olefins by means of the dehydration of light alcohols using ionic liquids as an acidic medium. Furthermore, the present invention relates to the use of such olefins, for example, for the production of polymers and ethylene glycol..
Braskem S.a.
 New cationic polymers patent thumbnailnew patent New cationic polymers
New water soluble cationic copolymers derived from n-vinyl amide monomers and ethylenically unsaturated compounds bearing cationic groups.. .
Basf Se
 Polyurethane grout compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Polyurethane grout compositions
The present invention typically provides one-component polyurethane grout compositions and more specially to grout composition useful for seepage control and quick stoppage of water leakage under high water pressure environment, wherein the composition comprises a isocyanate prepolymer and auxiliary components selected from a plasticizer, a silane coupling agent, a catalyst, a cell stabilizer, an anionic surfactant, a filler, a blowing agent or a mixture thereof. The invention also provides the isocyanate prepolymer composition, obtained by reacting a polyfunctional isocyanate, with a polyfunctional polyol comprising at least one polyether polyol containing relatively low amount of ethylene oxide units, and optionally other polyfunctional polyols such as polyester polyols, biorenewable polyols or a mixture thereof, and at least a monofunctional hydroxyl containing compound, wherein the nco content of said prepolymer is 3%˜18%.
Huntsman International Llc
 Synergistic formulations of functionalized copolymers and ionic liquids for dehydrated and desalted of medium, heavy and extra heavy crude oils patent thumbnailnew patent Synergistic formulations of functionalized copolymers and ionic liquids for dehydrated and desalted of medium, heavy and extra heavy crude oils
The present invention is related to formulations including one or more block copolymers with low polydispersity and bifunctionalized with amines, and an ionic liquid. A method of demulsifying, dehydrating, and desalting crude oils having api gravity ranging between 8 to 30 admixes the formulation with the crude oil in an amount effective to demulsify, dehydrate and/or desalt the crude oils..
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo
 Unsaturated fatty alcohol alkoxylates from natural oil metathesis patent thumbnailnew patent Unsaturated fatty alcohol alkoxylates from natural oil metathesis
Unsaturated fatty alcohol alkoxylates, processes for making them, and methods of using them are disclosed. In one aspect, a monounsaturated fatty alcohol alkoxylate is made by reducing a metathesis-derived monounsaturated alkyl ester, followed by alkoxylation of the resulting monounsaturated alcohol.
Stepan Company
 Antimicrobial compositions containing cationic active ingredients and quaternary sugar derived surfactants patent thumbnailnew patent Antimicrobial compositions containing cationic active ingredients and quaternary sugar derived surfactants
The antimicrobial composition of the present invention comprises a cationic active ingredient, a quaternized sugar-derived surfactant, and an optional foam boosting surfactant. These formulations have a high cidal activity in a short amount of time and provide stable copious foam.
Ecolab Usa Inc.
 Oral dosage forms for oxygen containing active agents and oxyl-containing polymers patent thumbnailnew patent Oral dosage forms for oxygen containing active agents and oxyl-containing polymers
The disclosed invention is drawn to pharmaceutical tablets that provide delivery of active agents having at least three oxygen-containing groups, a tri-oxy active agent, as well as a second active ingredient. Non-limiting examples of three oxygen-containing group active agents include guaifenesin, codeine, hydrocodone, and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts.
 Phthalocyanine compounds useful as reca inhibitors and methods of using same patent thumbnailnew patent Phthalocyanine compounds useful as reca inhibitors and methods of using same
Compounds having the general structural formula (i) wherein x can be any element or compound that can form a coordination complex with phthalocyanine and wherein r1; r2, r3 and r4 are independently anionic moieties, or (ii) wherein r1; r2, r3 and r4 are independently anionic moieties, are useful in the potentiation of antibiotic activity, and/or in inhibiting or delaying the development of resistance to antibiotics. R1; r2, r3 and r4 may be —s03-.
University Of Saskatchewan
 Polymer micelle complex including nucleic acid patent thumbnailnew patent Polymer micelle complex including nucleic acid
The nucleic acid polyplex of the present invention comprises a cationic polymer represented by general formula (1) and a nucleic acid. The polyion complex of the present invention comprises the nucleic acid polyplex of the present invention and an anionic photosensitizing substance..
 Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment neuropathy patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment neuropathy
The disclosure relates to methods for treating a subject suffering from hyperalgesia caused by drug-induced neuropathy by administering to the subject an effective amount of an aromatic-cationic peptide. The disclosure also relates to methods for protecting a subject from hyperalgesia caused by drug-induced neuropathy by administering an effective amount of an aromatic-cationic peptide to a subject at risk for developing the condition..
Stealth Peptides International, Inc.
new patent

Process for the synchronization of ovulation for timed breeding without heat detection

A method for synchronizing ovulation in sows and gilts by a single injection of hormones is disclosed. A hormone, gonadotropin releasing hormone (gnrh), luteinizing hormone (lh), follicle stimulating hormone (fsh), human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg), analogues, derivatives, agonists or combinations thereof is administered to an open sow post weaning at a specific time to stimulate ovulation of mature responsive follicles.
Thorn Bioscience Llc
new patent

Antimicrobial cationic peptides and formulations thereof

Compositions and methods for making and using therapeutic formulations of antimicrobial cationic peptides are provided. The antimicrobial cationic peptide formulations may be used, for example, in the treatment of microorganism-caused infections, which infections may be systemic, such as a septicemia, or may be localized, such as in acne or an implanted or indwelling medical device..
Carrus Capital Corporation
new patent

Method of using microfluidic chip for nucleic acid hybridization

The present invention relates to method of using a microfluidic chip for rapid nucleic acid hybridization, comprising: activating a porous substrate with positive charges; injecting a mixed solution of a test nucleic acid and a nucleic acid probe into the microfluidic chip for maintaining the test nucleic acid hybridized to the nucleic acid probe being absorbed to the periphery of the substrate; continuously washing the microfluidic chip with an anionic surfactant; and detecting the hybridization signals on the substrate after washing for a predetermined time; wherein the activation of the substrate with positive charges allows the test nucleic acid hybridized to the nucleic acid probe to form a micelle during washing and the diffusion of such from the periphery toward the center of the substrate to accelerate. Thus, it is possible to accomplish detection in a very short time for application of specific dna complementary hybridization..
new patent

Power storage device

A power storage device with reduced initial irreversible capacity is provided. The power storage device includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte solution.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
new patent

Modified polymer compositions

A process for the continuous preparation of modified elastomeric polymers includes (i) providing and polymerizing at least one conjugated diene monomer and, optionally, one or more aromatic vinyl monomer in the presence of an anionic initiator and a compound according to formula i, e.g. 2,2-di-(2-oxolanyl)propane or a derivative thereof, to provide a living anionic polymer; and (ii) adding a “sulfanylsilane” compound to the living anionic polymer.
Styron Europe Gmbh
new patent

Processes for nanoparticle dispersions with ionic liquid-based stabilizers

The disclosure generally relates to a dispersion of nanoparticles in a liquid medium. The liquid medium is suitably water-based and further includes an ionic liquid-based stabilizer in the liquid medium to stabilize the dispersion of nanoparticles therein.
Eastern Michigan University
new patent

Highly concentrated pharmaceutical formulations

The present invention relates to a highly concentrated, stable pharmaceutical formulation of a pharmaceutically active anti-cd20 antibody, such as e.g. Rituximab, ocrelizumab, or humab<cd20>, or a mixture of such antibody molecules for subcutaneous injection.
Genentech, Inc.
new patent

Polymers functionalized with ion-specific recognition elements

Polymeric compounds containing polymer backbones functionalized with ion-specific recognition elements and methods for the use of these compounds are described herein. The polymeric compounds may contain multiple types of ion-specific recognition elements depending on a specific application.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System
new patent

Thickened antiperspirant roll-ons having an improved residue behavior

Antiperspirant compositions that are suitable for application using a roll applicator include water, at least one perspiration-inhibiting aluminum compound or aluminum-zirconium compound, furthermore dehydroxanthan gum, and in addition thereto at least one nonionic thickening polymer selected from cellulose and cellulose ethers as well as mixtures thereof. The compositions exhibit elevated shelf stability even at relatively high temperatures, as well as reduced visible residua on the skin..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa
new patent

Sunscreen compositions containing an ultraviolet radiation-absorbing polyester

Compositions including a discontinuous oil phase substantially homogeneously dispersed in a continuous water phase, the oil phase including a sunscreen agent that includes a uv-absorbing polyester in an amount effective to provide the composition with an spf of about 10 or greater and which is the polymerization reaction product of monomers including a uv-absorbing triazole, a diester, a diol and a tetrol polyol; and an oil-in water emulsifier component including an anionic oil-in-water emulsifier in an amount such that the composition includes about 0.3 percent or more by weight to about 3 percent by weight of the anionic oil-in-water emulsifier, where the composition is substantially free of a non-polymeric uv-absorbing sunscreen agent and has an spf of less than 2 in the absence of the uv-absorbing polyester.. .
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.
new patent

Stannous salt and sodium tripolyphosphate oral care compositions and methods

Oral care compositions containing a stannous salt and sodium tripolyphosphate are provided where stannous tripolyphosphate ionic intermediates comprise less than about 1 of the compositions. Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, a methylvinyl ether-maleic anhydride copolymer and/or a silica oral polishing agent may be added for further efficacy.
Colgate-palmolive Company
new patent

Color changing compositions

Described herein are oral care compositions comprising an antibacterial agent and a dissolvable film comprising a pigment which provide a color change signal after a sufficient period of brushing, wherein the dentifrice base has water activity less than 0.78 and comprises anionic polymer in free or salt form 10-25% by weight of the dentifrice base, and anionic surfactant less than 3% by weight; together with methods of making and using the compositions.. .
Colgate-palmolive Company
new patent

Ionic cooling assembly for electronic device

In one embodiment an ionic airflow system comprises an anode, a cathode platform having an elongated surface, and a first ultrasonic transducer to direct ultrasonic waves into the cathode platform. Other embodiments may be described..
new patent

Eap transducers with improved performance

The present invention provides electroactive polymer (“eap”) transducers having improved properties. This improvement is achieved without decreasing film thickness, or by using high dielectric constant and high field, so that this approach does not adversely affect the reliability and physical properties of the resultant dielectric films.
Parker Hannifin Corporation
new patent

Compressed gas aerosol composition comprising a non-ionic surfactant in a steel can

An aqueous compressed gas aerosol formulation in combination with a lined steel can, which may also optionally be tin plated, to provide corrosion stability, fragrance stability and color stability. An aerosol formulation of particular advantage for use is an air and/or fabric treatment formulation.
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
new patent

Composition for recovering bitumen from oil sands

An improved composition for recovering bitumen from oil sands is used in the traditional “hot water” extraction process. An aliquot of a solvent mixture is mixed with bitumen ore and water.
Ecocompounds, Inc.
new patent

Electrolytic copper process using anion permeable barrier

Processes and systems for electrolytically processing a microfeature workpiece with a first processing fluid and a counter electrode are described. Microfeature workpieces are electrolytically processed using a first processing fluid, a counter electrode, a second processing fluid, and an anion permeable barrier layer.
Applied Materials, Inc.
new patent

Gas sensor using an ionic liquid electrolyte

A gas sensor having a housing with first and second chambers featuring a porous separator located there between. The first chamber of the sensor being connected to atmosphere via a gas diffusion aperture.
Honeywell International Inc.
new patent

Liquid tobacco composition

A liquid tobacco composition comprises tobacco dissolved in an ionic liquid. Removal of selected tobacco constituents is aided by dissolving the tobacco in the ionic liquid.
Philip Morris Products S.a.
new patent

Charge controlled phch

The present invention concerns a process for preparing self-binding pigment particles from an aqueous suspension of a calcium carbonate containing material, wherein an anionic binder and at least one cationic polymer are mixed with the suspension.. .
Omya International Ag
new patent

Capture of trifluoromethane using ionic liquids

A method for capturing trifluoromethane from a gaseous mixture in a vent stream from a chlorodifluoromethane manufacturing process using ionic liquids is described. The method is useful for reducing emissions of trifluoromethane, which has a high global warming potential..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company
new patent

Dyeing process using a mixture obtained from an aerosol device comprising a nonionic fatty amide, and device therefor

The present invention relates to a process for dyeing keratin fibres in which a mixture is applied to the fibres, this mixture being obtained from: —a dye composition comprising at least one oxidation dye precursor, and —anoxidizing composition comprising at least one chemical oxidizing agent, —at least one of the compositions being dispensed from a pressurized container, —the mixture of the two compositions comprising at least one nonionic oxyalkylenated saturated or unsaturated c8-c40 fatty acid amide, and also to a device suitable for performing this process.. .
new patent

Composition comprising (2,5-diaminophenyl)ethanol, an alkylpolyglucoside nonionic surfactant, an oxyethylenated sorbitan ester or a polyalkoxylated or polyglycerolated fatty alcohol in a medium rich in fatty substances, dyeing process and device therefor

The present invention relates to a composition for dyeing keratin fibres, in particular human keratin fibres such as the hair, comprising one or more fatty substances, one or more alkylpolyglucoside nonionic surfactants and/or one or more oxyethylenated c8-c30 fatty acid esters of sorbitan, one or more (poly)alkoxylated fatty alcohol(s), and/or one or more (poly)glycerolated fatty alcohol(s); one or more oxidation bases chosen from (2,5-diaminophenyl)ethanol and also acid salts thereof or solvates thereof such as hydrates, optionally one or more couplers, optionally one or more basifying agent(s), one or more chemical oxidizing agent(s), and whose fatty substance content represents in total at least 10% by weight relative to the total weight of the composition and more particularly at least 25% by weight relative to the total weight of the said composition.. .

Messaging and data entry validation aircraft

A system and method for validating data entry in response to an instruction received in an aircraft cockpit includes receiving, in an aircraft cockpit, an instruction that requires an aircraft pilot to manually enter a target value into an avionics system using an avionics system user interface. The received instruction is processed to determine the target value that should be set by the aircraft pilot using the avionics system user interface.
Honeywell International Inc.

Zwitterion surface modifications for continuous sensors

Devices are provided for measurement of an analyte concentration, e.g., glucose in a host. The device can include a sensor configured to generate a signal associated with a concentration of an analyte; and a sensing membrane located over the sensor.
Dexcom, Inc.

Aqueous ink-jet inks containing random polyurethanes as binders

The present disclosure provides novel aqueous ink-jet inks containing an aqueous vehicle, a pigment and a random polyurethane copolymer as a binder. The random polyurethane copolymer contains short hard segments without any ionic group.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Aqueous emulsion composition

Provided is an aqueous emulsion composition which has excellent chemical stability (stability with respect to impurities) and excellent mechanical stability. Disclosed is an aqueous emulsion composition which contains: (a) a polymer that contains a fluoroalkyl group; and (b) a surfactant that contains (b1) an amidoamine surfactant having an amide group and an amino group, and (b2) a nonionic surfactant.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Fluororesin composition

Provided are a fluororesin composition having a low electrostatic propensity, and a fluororesin molded article having a low electrostatic propensity that is configured from a fluororesin composition. A thermoplastic fluororesin composition that comprises a fluororesin, two or more kinds of vinylidene fluoride-tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene terpolymers and an ionic liquid, wherein said terpolymers include a terpolymer selected from among terpolymers containing 30-45 mol % of vinylidene fluoride and a terpolymer selected from among terpolymers containing 5-25 mol % of vinylidene fluoride; and a fluororesin molded article..
Junkosha, Inc.

Unit structure-type pharmaceutical composition for nucleic acid delivery

A unit structure-type pharmaceutical composition includes at least one nucleic acid, such as sirna, electrostatically bound to at least one block copolymer having a cationic polyamino acid segment and a hydrophilic polymer chain segment. The negative charge(s) of the nucleic acid are counterbalanced, at least substantially, by the positive charge(s) of the cationic polyamino acid segment such that the pharmaceutical composition is electrically neutral or nearly electrically neutral.
The University Of Tokyo

Transmucosal drug delivery system

Disclosed are preparations and formulations of high thermodynamic activity lipophilic associations (la), in which there is pairing between an ionizable pharmaceutical agent and a lipophilic species having ionic characteristics opposite to that of the pharmaceutical agent. Such lipophilic associations manifest high thermodynamic activity, as evidenced by their being predominantly in a liquid phase at room temperature or solvated in a lower-than-water dielectric solvent.
Pharmaceutical Productions Inc.

Compositions and uses of antimicrobial materials with tissue-compatible properties

Compositions comprising a mixture of an antimicrobial cationic polypeptide and a second pharmaceutically-acceptable polymer are disclosed, as well as methods and uses thereof for the treatment and prevention of infections that occur when our natural barriers of defense are broken.. .
Amicrobe, Inc.

Human cellular models with biosensors

This invention provides biosensors, cell models, and methods of their use for monitoring ionic or voltage responses to contact with bioactive agents. Biosensors can include targeting domains, sensing domains and reporting domains.
Tempo Bioscience Inc.

Under layer film-forming composition for imprints and forming pattern

An under layer film having excellent surface planarity is provided. In one aspect, the under layer film-forming composition for imprints includes a (meth)acrylic resin (a) containing an ethylenic unsaturated group (p) and a nonionic hydrophilic group (q), and having a weight average molecular weight of 1,000 or larger; and a solvent (b), the resin (a) having an acid value of smaller than 1.0 mmol/g.
Fujifilm Corporation

Serum-free mammalian cell culture medium, and uses thereof

The present invention provides a cell culture medium formulation that supports the in vitro cultivation, particularly in suspension, of mammalian cells, particularly epithelial cells and fibroblast cells, and methods for cultivating mammalian cells in suspension in vitro using these media. The media comprise a basal medium and a polyanionic or polyanionic compound, preferably a polysulfonated or polysulfated compound, and more preferably dextran sulfate.
Life Technologies Corporation

Cationically hardenable dental composition, process of production andn use thereof

The invention relates to a hardenable dental composition comprising component (a) comprising a cationically hardenable compound, component (b) comprising an initiator being able to initiate the hardening reaction of the cationically hardenable compound, and component (c) comprising a filler, wherein the filler comprises a filler body and a filler surface, the filler surface comprising side groups with polar moieties. The invention also relates to a process of producing the dental composition, to the use of the dental composition as dental impression material and to a method of taking an impression of dental tissue..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Polymer, composition and use

There is described a process for preparing a schiff base crosslinkable aqueous dispersion of a polyurethane a (pud) the process comprising (a) reacting components (1) to (4) as present to form an acidic isocyanate terminated prepolymer that comprises anionic or potentially anionic functional groups thereon; where: (1) component one comprises 10 to 80% by weight of at least one polyisocyanate optionally containing at least one anionic or potentially anionic dispersing group; (2) optional component two comprises up to 15% by weight of at least one isocyanate-reactive polyol containing at least one anionic or potentially anionic dispersing group; (3) component three comprises 15 to 85% by weight of at least one isocyanate reactive polyol other than component two if present, and having a weight average molecular weight greater than or equal to 500 daltons optionally containing at least one anionic or potentially anionic dispersing group; and (4) optional component four comprises up to 20% by weight of at least one isocyanate reactive polyol other than component three and two if present and having a weight average molecular weight less than 500 daltons; where if component two is not present component one or three contains at least one anionic or potentially anionic dispersing group; where the amounts of components one to four are expressed as a weight percentage calculated from the total amount of the above components (i.e. One and three and optional two and/or four where present) being 100%; and where the mixture used in step (a) is substantially free of volatile amines and n-alkyl pyrrolidinones; (b) adding to the reaction mixture from step (a) an alkali metal neutralising agent in an amount from 0.05 to 6 parts by weight substantially to neutralise the isocyanate terminated prepolymer obtained from step (a); where the amount (in weight parts) of the alkali metal neutralising agent is calculated based on the weight of alkali metal in the neutralising agent relative to the total amount of components one to four in step (a) being equal to 100 parts; and (c) reacting the neutralised prepolymer from step (b) with an active hydrogen compound to extend the chain of the prepolymer to form an aqueous dispersion of polyurethane a.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Method for coating metallic surfaces of substrates, and objects coated according to said method

A method and composition for coating surfaces, a corresponding coating and the use of objects coated according to said method. A cleaned, metallic surface is contacted with an aqueous composition that is a dispersion or suspension, and drying and/or baking the organic coating or optionally, drying the organic coating and coating with an equivalent or additional coating composition prior to a drying and/or baking.
Chemetall Gmbh

Antimicrobial complexes

The invention relates to an antimicrobial surfactant complexed with a nanomaterial. The surfactant can be a quaternary ammonium cationic surfactant which is coated on the surface of a nanomaterial such as a silica nanoparticle or a carbon nanotube..
Matera, Lda

Cationic liposomal drug delivery system for specific targeting of human cd14+ monocytes in whole blood

This invention concerns a liposome comprising lipids and at least one active ingredient, wherein at least one of the lipids is a cationic lipid; said liposome exhibiting a net positive charge at physiological conditions at which said liposome preferentially adheres to monocytes in freshly drawn blood when compared to adherence to granulocytes, t-lymphocytes, b-lymphocytes and/or nk cells in freshly drawn blood, to a lipid-based pharmaceutical composition comprising said liposomes and their use in monocytic associated prophylaxis, treatment or amelioration of a condition such as cancer, an infectious disease, an inflammatory disease, an autoimmune disease or allergy.. .
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Low-voc cleaning substrates and compositions

A cleaning composition for sanitizing and/or disinfecting hard surfaces, comprising: a cationic biocide, surfactant and low levels of voc solvents. The cleaning composition is adapted to clean a variety of hard surfaces without leaving behind a visible residue and creates low levels of streaking and filming on the treated surface.
The Clorox Company

Formulations of recombinant furin

The present application provides stabilized formulations of furin (e.g., rfurin) containing a sugar, sugar alcohol, and/or non-ionic surfactant. As compared to non-stabilized compositions, the furin formulations disclosed herein retain greater amounts of furin activity and monomeric furin content, while reducing furin aggregation when stored and/or subjected to mechanical stress.
Baxter Healthcare Sa

Long-acting coagulation factors and methods of producing same

Polypeptides comprising at least one carboxy-terminal peptide (ctp) of chorionic gonadotropin attached to the carboxy terminus but not to the amino terminus of a coagulation factor and polynucleotides encoding the same are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the polypeptides and polynucleotides of the invention and methods of using and producing same are also disclosed..
Opko Biologics Ltd.

Tunable multimodal nanoparticles and methods of use thereof

Tunable nanoparticles and methods of use thereof are provided. In accordance with the instant invention, tunable nanoparticles comprising a metal nanoparticle core (e.g., a paramagnetic particle (e.g., uspio) or a quantum dot) and a polymer linked to a metal binding moiety are provided.
Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska

Method for preparing cha-type molecular sieves using colloidal aluminosilicate and novel structure directing agents

The present invention is directed to a process for preparing cha-type molecular sieves using a colloidal aluminosilicate in the presence of a cationic structure directing agent selected from the group consisting of n-cyclohexyl-n-methylpyrrolidinium, n-methyl-n-(3-methylcyclohexyl)pyrrolidinium, n-ethyl-n-(3-methylcyclohexyl)pyrrolidinium, and mixtures thereof.. .
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

X-ray apparatus and a ct device having the same

The present application provides an external thermionic cathode distributed x-ray apparatus, comprises: a vacuum box which is sealed at its periphery, and the interior thereof is high vacuum; a plurality of electron transmitting units arranged in a linear array and installed on the side wall of the vacuum box, each electron transmitting unit is independent to each other; an anode installed in the center inside the vacuum box, and in the direction of length, the anode is parallel to the orientation of the electron transmitting unit, and in the direction of width, the anode has a predetermined angle with respect to the plane of the electron transmitting unit; and a power supply and control system having a high voltage power supply, a focusing power supply; a transmitting control means and a control system; the electron transmitting unit having: a heating filament; a cathode connected to the heating filament; an insulated support enclosing the heating filament and the cathode; a focusing electrode, arranged at the upper end of the insulated support by way of locating above the cathode; and a connecting fastener arranged above the focusing electrode and connected to the wall of the vacuum box; wherein, the filament lead is connected to the transmitting control means through the insulated support.. .
Nuctech Company Limited

Mobile device and antenna structure using ionic polymer metal composite therein

A mobile device includes an antenna structure, a signal source, and an ipmc (ionic polymer metal composite). The signal source is configured to excite the antenna structure.
Htc Corporation

Chemical process to remove suspended solids

This disclosure describes providing techniques to remove suspended solids from a process stream. This disclosure describes a method for adding a chemical, a cationic flocculant to the process stream, in which the chemical induces flocs of suspended solids.
Icm, Inc.

Apparatus for purifying a fluid and purifying a fluid, in particular by means of the aforesaid apparatus

Apparatus for purifying a fluid, which comprises an ion absorption cell (2) traversed by a fluid to be treated (f1) containing cationic particles and/or anionic particles, provided with a containment structure (3) defining at its interior two operating chambers (4, 5) traversed by the fluid to be treated (f1), and each delimited by a respective electrode (10, 11) that can be power supplied to opposite polarities. Between the two operating chambers (4, 5), a third evacuation chamber (13) is interposed, containing a porous electrical conductor (18) traversed by a washing fluid (f2) and delimited by two opposite walls (16, 17) which together with the electrodes (10, 11) define the aforesaid operating chambers (4, 5).
Idropan Del'orto Depuratori S.r.l.

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