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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ionic-related patents
 Data management system of an aircraft patent thumbnailnew patent Data management system of an aircraft
A system to manage transmissions of data between a flight management system (e.g., of an avionics type) of an aircraft and a portable electronic (e.g., of an open world type) is proposed. The data management system may be implemented in flight management system architecture with core and supplementary modules that are distinct from each other.
Airbus Operations (sas)
 Bionic elastic fixing device patent thumbnailnew patent Bionic elastic fixing device
A bionic elastic fixing device relates to orthopedic medical devices, and is used to implement bionic elastic internal fixing for joint dislocation. The device consists of an elastic component (1) and a fixing assembly (2, 3, 4).
The Third Hospital Of Hebei Medical University
 Sugar chain-containing polymer, and sugar chain-containing polymer complex patent thumbnailnew patent Sugar chain-containing polymer, and sugar chain-containing polymer complex
A sugar chain-containing polymer that enables targeting to the lesion area of liver fibrosis and is useful for imaging, diagnosis and therapy of liver fibrosis; and a sugar chain-containing polymer complex comprising the polymer as a carrier for an anionic substance useful fix therapy and the like; are provided. The polymer is a sugar chain-containing polymer which is a cationic polymer comprising an amine, which polymer comprises n-acetylglucosamine bound thereto.
Korean Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology
 Methods for reducing levels of protein-contaminant complexes and aggregates in protein preparations by treatment with electropositive organic additives patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for reducing levels of protein-contaminant complexes and aggregates in protein preparations by treatment with electropositive organic additives
Methods for reduction of aggregate levels in antibody and other protein preparations through treatment with low concentrations of electropositive organic additives (e.g., ethacridine, chlorhexidine, or polyethylenimine) in combination with ureides (e.g., urea, uric acid, or allantoin) or organic modulators (e.g., nonionic organic polymers, surfactants, organic solvent or ureides). Some aspects of the invention relate to methods for reducing the level of aggregates in conjunction with clarification of cell culture harvest.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research
 Non-cyclopentadienyl-based chromium catalysts for olefin polymerization patent thumbnailnew patent Non-cyclopentadienyl-based chromium catalysts for olefin polymerization
Provided is a non-cyclopentadienyl-based chromium-ligand complex, preferably a chromium-ligand complex of formula (j): lcr(ra)m(d)k (j), wherein l is a non-cp monoanionic ligand; cr (chromium) is in a formal oxidation state of +3 or +2; when cr formally is cr+3, either m is 1 and ra is hydrocarbylene (a hydrocarbylene chromium-ligand complex of formula (j)) or m is 2 and each ra independently is hydrocarbyl (a dihydrocarbyl chromium-ligand complex of formula (j)), wherein each hydrocarbyl or hydrocarbylene of ra independently is unsubstituted or substituted by from 1 to 5 ras; each ras independently is a neutral aprotic heteroalkyl, neutral aprotic heterocycloalkyl, neutral aprotic heteroaryl, or neutral aprotic aryl; when cr formally is cr+2, m is 1 and ra is hydrocarbyl (a hydrocarbyl chromium-ligand complex of formula (j)); k is an integer of 0 or 1; d is absent when k is 0 or d is a neutral ligand when k is 1; wherein the chromium-ligand complex of formula (j) is overall neutral and lacks a cyclopentadienyl-based (cp-based) moiety. Also provided is a chromium catalyst comprising or prepared from the complex.
Dow Global Technologies Llc
 Polymers functionalized with nitrile compounds containing a protected amino group patent thumbnailnew patent Polymers functionalized with nitrile compounds containing a protected amino group
A method for preparing a functionalized polymer, the method comprising the steps of: (i) polymerizing monomer with an anionic initiator to form a reactive polymer; and (ii) reacting the reactive polymer with a nitrile compound containing a protected amino group, where the protected amino group is directly attached to a moiety selected from the group consisting of acyclic moieties, heterocyclic moieties, and non-aromatic cyclic moieties.. .
Bridgestone Corporation
 Production  purified polysaccharide fibers, purified polysaccharide fibers, fiber-rubber complex, and tire patent thumbnailnew patent Production purified polysaccharide fibers, purified polysaccharide fibers, fiber-rubber complex, and tire
The present invention provides a production method for purified polysaccharide fibers in which carbon disulfide emission is suppressed while efficiently producing purified polysaccharide fibers having excellent strength, purified polysaccharide fibers produced by using the production method, a fiber-rubber complex using the purified polysaccharide fibers, and a tire having excellent tire characteristics using the fiber-rubber complex. The production method for purified polysaccharide fibers of the present invention is a production method for purified polysaccharide fibers of wet-spinning or dry-wet-spinning polysaccharide by bringing a polysaccharide solution obtained by dissolving a polysaccharide raw material in a liquid including an ionic liquid into contact with a solidification liquid including an ionic liquid, in which a concentration of the ionic liquid in the solidification liquid is 0.4% by weight to 50% by weight and the anionic moieties of the ionic liquid in the polysaccharide solution and the ionic liquid in the solidification liquid have one or more types selected from the group consisting of a phosphinate ion, a phosphate ion, and a phosphonate ion..
Bridgestone Corporation
 Antimicrobial composition exhibiting increased efficacy patent thumbnailnew patent Antimicrobial composition exhibiting increased efficacy
Materials and apparatus are provided that exhibit increased efficacy. An antimicrobial composition includes a cationic active ingredient disposed within the antimicrobial composition.
The Dial Corporation
 Long-acting polypeptides and methods of producing and administering same patent thumbnailnew patent Long-acting polypeptides and methods of producing and administering same
A polypeptide and polynucleotides comprising at least two carboxy-terminal peptides (ctp) of chorionic gonadotrophin attached to a non-human peptide-of-interest are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the non-human polypeptides and polynucleotides of the invention and methods of using both human and non-human polypeptides and polynucleotides are also disclosed..
Opko Biologics Ltd.
 Composition for cleaning flat panel display and  manufacturing display device using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Composition for cleaning flat panel display and manufacturing display device using the same
The disclosure provides a cleaning agent composition for a flat panel display device, including: polyaminocarboxylic acid; alkali base; a nonionic surfactant; and a fluoride component. The cleaning agent composition for the flat panel display device can effectively remove metal oxides and organic contaminants on the substrate without impairing a transparent conductive layer..
Enf Technology Co., Ltd
new patent

Bionic fixing apparatus

A bionic fixing apparatus is provided. The bionic fixing apparatus includes a flexible portion having at least one trench.
Industrial Technology Research Institute
new patent

Method for producing a metal coating

Methods for electrochemical deposition of a metal coating on a metal substrate are described. The method may use an ionic liquid as an electrolyte, and the substrate may comprise a first metallic element.
Onderzoekscentrum Voor Aanwending Van Staal. N.v.
new patent

Dermatological composition comprising oleosomes and retinoids, process for preparing the same and use thereof

Compositions including at least 3″-tert-butyl-4′-(2-hydroxy-ethoxy)-4″-pyrrolidin-1-yl-[1,1′;3,1″]-terphenyl-4-carboxylic acid are described. The compositions can be oil-in-water emulsions made up of oily liquid globules each provided with a lamellar liquid crystal coating dispersed in an aqueous phase; a retinoid is either in the oily liquid globules or in the aqueous phase; each oily liquid globule is individually coated with a unilamellar or oligolamellar layer, obtained from at least one lipophilic surfactant, at least one hydrophilic surfactant and at least one separate anionic surfactant, and the coated oily liquid globules have a mean diameter lower than 800 nm..
Galderma Research & Development
new patent

Method and composition for treatment of dyslipidemia and other diseases

Anionic liposomes and apolipoprotein b-100 targeted immunoliposomes as therapeutic agents for dyslipidemia and related diseases, and compositions and methods for preparing same.. .
new patent

Hair styling composition

An object of the present invention is to provide a hair styling composition formulated to make hair styling easy and to add wet-look shine to hair. The hair styling composition which achieves the above object contains (a) a thickener, (b) a hair fixative polymer and/or a liquid oil, (c) a wax particle dispersion, and (d) water.
Milbon Co., Ltd.
new patent

Method of preparing catalyst having pt-pd dispersed polymer electrolyte multilayers treated with sulfuric acid

Disclosed herein is a method of preparing a catalyst having pt—pd dispersed in polymer electrolyte multilayers, suitable for use in production of hydrogen peroxide, wherein the use of the catalyst prepared by forming polymer electrolyte multilayers on an anionic resin support and performing sulfuric acid treatment and loading (insertion or attachment) of pt—pd particles can result in high hydrogen conversion, hydrogen selectivity and hydrogen peroxide yield for a long period of time.. .
Sk Global Chemical Co., Ltd.
new patent

Bistable electrochemical mirror

The present invention relates to a switchable infrared ray-visible ray reflection electrochemical mirror having high electrochemical stability and bistability, in which a stripping phenomenon of a metal thin film can be prevented and bistability can be improved through a process of increasing electrochemical stability of a reflective film from an electrode composition and an ionic liquid electrolyte composition having various compositions. In the proposed electrochemical mirror apparatus, since the metal thin film formed by electric reduction is not stripped from a transparent electrode through a surface treatment process, a more stable apparatus can be provided, and even though a voltage is not applied to the metal thin film, the thin film is prevented from being oxidized by using an optimized ionic liquid electrolyte, thus providing the effective electrochemical mirror apparatus where the metal thin film is continuously maintained..
University-industry Foundation, Yonsei University
new patent

Antiscalant compound and methods of making and using the same

The antiscalant compound is a dianionic polyelectrolyte (dape), namely, poly[disodium 3-(n,n-diallylamino)propanephosphonate]. The cationic polyelectrolyte (cpe) polydiallyl(diethylphosphonato)propylammonium chloride is synthesized by cyclopolymerization of the monomer.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Menerals
new patent

Buffered cobalt oxide catalysts

Disclosed are electrolysis catalysts formed from cobalt, oxygen and buffering electrolytes (e.g. Fluoride).
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
new patent

Methods and materials for electroplating aluminum in ionic liquids

A method of depositing aluminum onto a substrate is disclosed. In this method, the substrate is disposed as cathode in an electrochemical cell with an anode and a liquid electrodeposition composition comprising an ionic liquid and a source of aluminum, and aluminum is electroplated onto the substrate.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
new patent

Method for increasing paper strength

The present invention provides a method for increasing paper strength in papermaking process comprising adding to a pulp a composition comprising an anionic polyacrylamide (apam) and a high charge cationic glyoxylated polyacrylamide (gpam). The present invention also provides paper obtained with said method..
Kemira Oyj
new patent

Method for producing furnish, furnish and paper

A method for preparing aqueous furnish to be used in paper or paper board manufacturing. Filler and/or fibers are treated with cationic polyelectrolyte and nanofibrillated cellulose.
Upm-kymmene Corporation
new patent

Synthesis and antiscalant behavior of a novel polyzwitterionic acid

A zwitterionic monomer and corresponding cyclopolymerized polyzwitterion (±) (pz) containing, on each repeating unit, both phosphonate and sulfonate functionalities. Phosphonate ester hydrolysis in pz gave a ph-responsive polyzwitterionic acid (±) (pza).
King Fahd University Petroleum And Minerals
new patent

Dye composition comprising a cationic meta-phenylenediamine

One subject of the invention is a meia-phenylenediamine compound having formula (i) below, the addition salts thereof with an acid and the solvates thereof: in which: r represents a hydrogen or halogen atom; a c1-c4 alkyl group; a carboxyl group or a (c1-c4)alkoxycarbonyl group, r1 represents a c1-c10(hydroxy)alkyl group, optionally interrupted with one or more non-adjacent oxygen atoms or non-adjacent nr′ substituents, substituted by a cationic cat group, r2 represents a hydrogen atom or a c1-c4(hydroxy)alkyl group, r1 and r2 may form, together with the atom that bears them, a cationic heterocycle with 5 to 8 members, r′ represents a hydrogen atom or a c1-c4(hydroxy)alkyl group; an″ represents an anion or a mixture of anions which are organic or inorganic and cosmetically acceptable.. .
new patent

Dyeing process using a mixture obtained from an aerosol device comprising a liquid fatty, alcohol and surfactants

The present invention relates to a process for dyeing keratin fibres in which a mixture is applied to the fibres, this mixture being obtained from: •a dye composition comprising at least one oxidation dye precursor, and •an oxidizing composition comprising at least one chemical oxidizing agent, •at least one of the compositions being dispensed from a pressurized container, •the mixture of the two compositions comprising: (i) at least one c8-c30 fatty alcohol that is liquid at room temperature and at atmospheric pressure, (ii) at least one amphoteric or zwitterionic surfactant, (iii) at least a compound chosen from non ionic surfactant comprising a lipophilic part comprising a saturated or unsaturated, linear or branched c16 or c18 hydrocarbon-based chain and a hydrophilic part comprising at least 20 mol of ethylene oxide, unsaturated c8-c40 fatty acid, in acid or salified form, and mixture thereof, and also to a device suitable for performing this process.. .

Treatment of headache

Headache treatment methods are described and include providing an energy delivery device; locating a secondary or higher-order branch of a postganglionic nerve that provides innervation for a patient's head, by identifying a target region of the patient's head that includes the nerve branch; positioning, within the target region, a portion of the energy delivery device; and applying, from the positioned portion of the energy delivery device to the target region, an amount of energy effective to result in a stimulation activity of the nerve branch; and, after observing the stimulated nerve branch activity, delivering, from the energy delivery device to the nerve branch, energy in an amount effective to reduce a headache severity in the patient.. .
Serene Medical, Inc.

Ester formation of fatty acid and hydroxycarboxylic acid

The present invention relates to a process for the transesterification of a fatty acid ester of a lower alcohol and a salt hydroxycarboxylic acid without making use of organic solvents. The process can also be carried out without added anionic surface active agents..
Purac Biochem Bv

Ionizable cationic lipid for rna delivery

R3 is a lower alkyl; and r4 and r5 are the same or different, each a lower alkyl; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .

Cationic organopolysiloxanes

Inventive organopolysiloxanes and consumer product compositions comprising such organopolysiloxanes. Such compositions can deposit effectively onto target substrates to deliver consumer-desired benefits such as conditioning, anti-wrinkle, softness, and anti-static..
The Procter & Gamble Company

Charge conversional ternary polyplex

Disclosed is a polymer composite (polyplex) that contains nucleic acid, a cationic polymer, and an anionic polymer. The anionic polymer covers the surface of the composite comprising the cationic polymer and nucleic acid, has a negative charge at neutral ph, and can change so as to have a positive charge at mildly acidic ph..
The University Of Tokyo

Synthesis of sequestration resins for water treatment in light water reactors

A sequestration resin for nuclear reactor coolant cleanup and for aqueous liquid radioactive waste cleanup that can irreversibly remove cobalt ion during reactor operation or during radioactive waste processing so as to deplete the coolant or liquid of a significant fraction of dose-causing radiocobalt is disclosed. The sequestration resin is configured to remove cobalt derived radioactivity in aqueous solutions and includes a sulfonic acid based polymer resin covalently coupled to an amine based ligand by a sulfonamide linkage.
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

N-methyl-n-acylglucamine-containing composition

The invention relates to a clear composition which contains at least one anionic surfactant, a betaine surfactant, an n-methyl-n-acylglucamine, a triglyceride oil, a solvent and optionally an additive. The invention also relates to a method for producing the composition.
Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

Kit for producing foams containing bispyridinium alkane

A kit for the production of an antimicrobial foam includes: a) a liquid composition which includes a1)one or more bispyridinium alkane and a2)one or more surfactants selected from non-ionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants and cation-active surfactants, wherein the composition is formulated so that a foam can be produced therefrom, and b) a device for producing the foam from the composition. By using the bispyridinium alkanes the foam stability of liquid and surfactant-containing compositions is increased..
L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georg

Non-ionic vesicle formulations of calcium channel blockers

Disclosed are non-ionic surfactant vesicle formulations of calcium channel blockers, such as diltiazem, and methods of using the formulations for treating anal disorders.. .
Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited

Preserved compositions containing hyaluronic acid or a pharmaceutically-acceptable salt thereof and related methods

The invention provides a composition containing hyaluronic acid (ha) or a pharmaceutically-acceptable salt thereof preserved with a cationic preservative and related methods. In one embodiment, the pharmaceutically-acceptable salt is sodium hyaluronate.
Mcneil-ppc, Inc.

Sustained release sirna for ocular drug delivery

The present invention provides an ocular implant comprising sirna complexed with a transfection agent selected from the group consisting of cationic lipids and short cell penetration peptides, wherein said complex is associated with a biocompatible polymer. Said biocompatible polymer comprises a polymeric matrix configured to release said complex into the eye of a patient at therapeutic levels for a time sufficient to treat an ocular condition or disease..
Allergan, Inc.

Long-acting polypeptides and methods of producing and administering same

A polypeptide and polynucleotides comprising at least two carboxy-terminal peptides (ctp) of chorionic gonadotrophin attached to a non-human peptide-of-interest are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the non-human polypeptides and polynucleotides of the invention and methods of using both human and non-human polypeptides and polynucleotides are also disclosed..
Opko Biologics Ltd.

Stimulation of human meibomian gland function

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for stimulating meibomian gland epithelial cell function by administering to the ocular surface or immediate vicinity of an eye of a subject an effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition containing a pld-inducing compound, such as the cationic amphiphilic drugs (e.g. Azithromycin), androgen or an androgen analogue with androgen effectiveness, corticosteroid, progesterone, igf-1 or an igf-1 analogue (e.g.
The Schepens Eye Research Institute

Spontaneous self-forming mixed surfactant nano-emulsions from water insoluble pesticides in mixed water miscible solvents

The present disclosure relates to a pesticidal formulation including i) at least one pesticide, typically an organophosphate compound in an amount between 5.0% w/w and 40.0% w/w, preferably between 15.0% w/w and 30.0% w/w, ii) solvent system comprising at least one glycol ether and at least one lactone in an amount between 10.0% to 80.0% w/w, preferably between 30.0% w/w and 55% w/w, with ratio of the glycol ether and the lactone is the in the range of 1:9 and 9:1, preferably in the range of 2:8 and 4:6, iii) surfactant system containing at least two nonionic surfactants where the primary surfactant has an hlb range of 10 to 20 and the co-surfactant has a hlb range 1 to 5, in an amount ranging between 0.1% w/w to 60.0% w/w preferably in the range of 20.0% w/w to 40.0% w/w, and iv) at least one excipient in the range of 0.1% w/w to 10% w/w and preferably 0.5% w/w to 5.0% w/w.. .
Gowan Comercio Internacional E Servicos Limiada

Cleaning agent for alloy material, and producing alloy material

A cleaning agent for an alloy material is provided. The cleaning agent has a ph in a range between 1.5 and 4, inclusive, and contains an anionic surfactant having an so3m group (where m represents a counter ion).
Fujimi Incorporated

Methods for increasing enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic material

The present invention relates to methods for increasing hydrolysis of a pretreated cellulosic material, comprising subjecting the pretreated cellulosic material to a cellulolytic enzyme composition; a polypeptide having cellulolytic enhancing activity; a peroxidase; and a nonionic surfactant and/or cationic surfactant, at conditions suitable for hydrolyzing the pretreated lignocellulosic material. The invention also relates to processes for producing a fermentation product comprising a hydrolysis step of the invention and a composition suitable for use in a method of the invention..
Novozymes A/s

Fluoropolymer film

The invention pertains to a process for manufacturing a fluoropolynner film comprising a fluoropolymer hybrid organic/inorganic composite, said process comprising the following steps: (i) providing a mixture of:—at least one fluoropolymer [polymer (f)];—at least one metal compound [compound (m)] having formula: x4-maym wherein m is an integer from 1 to 4, a is a metal selected from the group consisting of si, ti and zr, y is a hydrolysable group and x is a hydrocarbon group, optionally comprising one or more functional groups;—a liquid medium consisting essentially of at least one ionic liquid (il) and, optionally, at least one additive (a);—optionally, at least one electrolytic salt (es); and—optionally, at least one organic solvent (s); (ii) hydrolysing and/or polycondensing said compound (m) to yield a liquid mixture comprising fluoropolymer hybrid organic/inorganic composite comprising inorganic domains and incorporating said liquid medium; (iii) processing a film from the liquid mixture obtained in step (ii); and (iv) drying and then, optionally, curing the film obtained in step (iii) for obtaining the fluoropolymer film. The invention also pertains to the fluoropolymer film obtained from said process and to use of said fluoropolymer film in electrochemical and photo-electrochemical devices..
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Compound, nonaqueous electrolyte, and power storage device

Provided are a nonaqueous solvent containing a compound with high conductivity and low viscosity and a high-performance power storage device using the nonaqueous solvent. The power storage device includes an ionic liquid.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Method for producing positive electrode active material for nonaqueous secondary batteries, positive electrode for nonaqueous secondary batteries, and nonaqueous secondary battery

A method for producing a positive electrode active material for nonaqueous secondary batteries, the positive electrode active material using a polyanionic active material. The method includes the steps of mixing raw materials of the positive electrode active material with each other, pre-calcining the mixed raw materials in an oxidizing atmosphere at a temperature ranging from 400 to 600° c.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Method for producing a non-aqueous secondary battery

A non-aqueous secondary battery production method is provided. The method comprises constructing a preconditioning cell that comprises a positive electrode comprising a positive electrode active material, a preconditioning electrolyte solution comprising a supporting salt and a fluorine-containing non-ionic compound, and a preconditioning negative electrode (step s110); of carrying out a preconditioning process by charging the preconditioning cell and allowing the fluorine-containing non-ionic compound to be decomposed at the positive electrode to form coatings on surfaces of the positive electrode active material (step s120); and of constructing a non-aqueous secondary battery, using the coated positive electrode active material, a non-aqueous electrolyte solution different from the preconditioning electrolyte solution, and a negative electrode comprising a negative electrode active material (step s130)..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Compositions, layerings, electrodes and methods for making

There is a cell comprising an article comprising a hydrocarbon ionomer. The article may be any element in the cell, such as an interior wall, or a modification to an element, such as a film, a membrane, and a coating.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Anti-powdering and anti-static polymer film for digital printing

A coated polymer film, such as a coated polyester film, is disclosed. In one embodiment, the coated film may be used as a substrate for digital printing.
Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Inc.

Clostridium botulinum control in midly processed refrigerated food products

The protection of low-acid, high moisture and/or high water activity processed food products against outgrowth of clostridium botulinum. It was surprisingly found that combinations of propionic acid and/or a salt thereof with nisin are very effective in preventing clostridium botulinum outgrowth.
Purac Biochem B.v.

Delivery of hydrophobic active agent particles

Embodiments of the invention include drug delivery coatings and devices including the same. In an embodiment, the invention includes a drug delivery coating including a polymeric layer.
Surmodics, Inc.

Ocular nanoformulation and use in angiogenesis-mediated disorders

An ophthalmic formulation that includes nanoparticles. Each nanoparticle includes a shell which encapsulates sulfated non-anticoagulant heparin (snach), with or without hydrophobic anti-angiogenesis tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

Pharmaceutical compositions of metabotropic glutamate 5 receptor (mglu5) antagonists

Pharmaceutical compositions of metabotropic glutamate 5 receptor (mglu5) antagonists or a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof are disclosed. The compositions contain the therapeutic active compound with non-ionic polymer and ionic polymer, binder and fillers in either matrix pellet, matrix tablet or coated pellets.
F. Hoffmann-la Roche Ag

Hydrophobic ceragenin compounds and devices incorporating same

A hydrophobic cationic steroidal anti-microbial (ceragenin) compound forms an amphiphilic compound having a hydrophobic sterol face and a hydrophilic cationic face. The hydrophobic csa also includes a hydrophobic substituent that gives the ceragenin compound a c log p value of at least 6.0, 6.25, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, or 10..
Brigham Young University

Oil-based adjuvants

The instant invention provides various formulations comprising combinations of immunostimulating oligonucleotides, polycationic carriers, sterols, saponins, quaternary amines, tlr-3 agonists, glycolipids, and mpl-a or analogs thereof in oil emulsions, use thereof in preparations of immunogenic compositions and vaccines, and use thereof in the treatment of animals.. .
Zoetis Llc

Cosmetic composition for keratin fibers

The present invention mainly relates to a cosmetic composition for keratin fibers, comprising: (a) at least one fatty material; (b) at least one nonionic surfactant with an hlb of 10 or less; (c) at least one nonionic surfactant with an hlb of more than 10; and (d) water wherein the weight ratio of the total amount of the (b) nonionic surfactant with an hlb of 10 or less and the (c) nonionic surfactant with an hlb of more than 10 to the amount of the (a) fatty substance is from 0.6 to 6.0, preferably from 0.6 to 5.0, and more preferably from 0.6 to 4.0; and the weight ratio of the total amount of the (a) fatty substance, (b) nonionic surfactant with an hlb of 10 or less and (c) at least one nonionic surfactant with an hlb more than 10 to the amount of the (d) water is from 0.5 to 1.30, preferably from 0.5 to 1.25, and more preferably from 0.5 to 1.20.. .

Purification of tungsten carbide compositions

In one aspect, methods of purifying wc compositions are described herein. A method of purifying a wc composition comprises contacting the wc composition with an electrolyte solution comprising a cationic metal oxidant and oxidizing one or more metal impurities of the wc composition with the cationic metal oxidant to solubilize the one or more metal impurities in the electrolyte solution..
Kennametal Inc.

Reactive ionic liquid, and ion-immobilized metal oxide particle, ion-immobilized elastomer, and transducer using same

A reactive ionic liquid to be used as an ionic component that is contained in an ion-containing layer in a transducer arranged in contact with a high-resistance layer as a dielectric layer of the transducer, and is restrained from migrating from the ion-containing layer to the high-resistance layer on application of a voltage is provided. The reactive ionic liquid comprises an ion pair that consists of an anion and a cation.
Kyushu University

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

A tetradentate ligand coordinated to an iridium core by coordinating atoms xi, x2, x3 and x4; a first monodentate ligand coordinated to the iridium core by coordinating atom y1; and a second monodentate ligand coordinated to the iridium core by coordinating atom y2, wherein x1, x2, x3 and x4 are independently selected from the group consisting of an anionic coordinating atom and a neutral coordinating atom, wherein y1 and y2 are independently selected from the group consisting of an anionic coordinating atom and a neutral coordinating atom, and a is a linker.. .

Method for sludge control in wet acid etching

The disclosure is directed to a method for controlling the sludge that is generated during the wet acid etching of glass articles. The four factors that need to be controlled are (i) the dissolved glass level a; (ii) the hf concentration b; (iii) the second acid concentration c, the second acid being a strong acid, and (iv) the solubility constant d of the precipitate, ksp, which is controlled by changing temperature or ionic strength.
Corning Incorporated

Hydrophilic-oleophobic copolymer composition and uses thereof

Provided herein are copolymers and copolymer compositions that are both hydrophilic and oleophobic. The copolymers include structural units derived from a fluoroalkyl monomer and a zwitterionic monomer.
General Electric Company

Reverse osmosis membrane for wastewater treatment

Wherein x is h or a univalent cationic species and n is an integer of 10 to 50.. .

Process for removing ash and heavy hydrocarbons from coal tar

A process for removing ash and heavy hydrocarbon compounds from coal is described. The coal feed, the coal tar stream, or a coal tar fraction is contacted with a solvent to dissolve a soluble portion of the coal tar stream, the ash and heavy hydrocarbons being insoluble in the solvent, the solvent selected from the group consisting of dimethyl sulfoxide, sulfolane, dimethyl formamide, glyme, diglyme, ionic liquids, and combinations thereof, with the proviso that an anion of the ionic liquid is not a dialkylphosphate..
Uop Llc

Process for treatment of pitch from coal tar

A process for treating a pitch fraction from coal tar is described. The pitch fraction is contacted with a solvent, an extraction agent, or an adsorbent to remove at least one contaminant, such as oxygenate compounds, nitrogen containing compounds, and sulfur containing compounds.
Uop Llc

Catalysts for low temperature electrolytic co reduction

A method for electrochemically reducing co is provided. A cathode is provided, wherein the cathode comprises a conductive substrate with a catalyst of a metal and a metal oxide based coating on a side of the cathode.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Method and composition for enhanced oil recovery based on supercritical carbon dioxide and a nonionic surfactant

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards oil recovery compositions. As an example, an oil recovery composition can include a dimeric non-ionic surfactant and carbon dioxide..
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Novel process for manufacturing paper using a base copolymer that has reacted with an aldehyde as a dry strength, retention, drainage and runnability aid

Process for manufacturing a sheet of paper and/or of paperboard and the like, according to which, the cellulosic material is brought into contact with at least one dry strength aid, characterized in that said dry strength aid is a cationic or amphoteric (co)polymer derived from the reaction between at least one aldehyde and at least one base (co)polymer comprising at least one nonionic monomer, said base copolymer being modified with at least one polyfunctional compound comprising at least three heteroatoms chosen from n, s, o and p, in which at least three of these heteroatoms each have at least one mobile hydrogen.. .
S.p.c.m. Sa

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