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Ion Channel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ion Channel-related patent applications.

new patent Method for transmitting uplink data in wireless communication system and device therefor
The present specification relates to a method by which a first terminal transmits uplink (ul) data in a wireless communication system supporting a low latency service, the method comprising the steps of: transmitting, to a base station, an urgent signal (us) for notifying of the occurrence of an event related to an emergency; receiving a response to the us from the base station through a physical harq indication channel (phich) resource; and transmitting, to the base station, urgent data including specific information related to the occurred event on the basis of the received response, wherein the phich resource is mapped with a transmission resource of the us.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

new patent Method and a system for identifying operating modes of communications in mobile-edge computing environment
A method for communication between one or more iot sensor nodes associated with one or more iot sensor devices, and one or more mobile edge computing (mec) devices associated with one or more edge users is disclosed. The method comprises defining, by a mobile edge computing (mec) server, one or more business verticals and one or more dimensions associated with each of the one or more business verticals.
Wipro Limited

new patent Techniques for enabling flexible guard-bands for a radio access technology in new radio
A method and apparatus for enabling flexible guard-bands for a radio access technology (rat) during wireless communications are described. The method and apparatus include determining, based on one or more guard-band factors, a guard-band configuration message to configure one or more guard-bands of a rat established with a user equipment (ue).
Qualcomm Incorporated

new patent Energy-efficient push/poll notification service
Techniques for energy efficient notification services are described. A telecommunications device may acquire multimedia/notification service data from various upstream units, e.g., one or more multimedia/notification service servers, at least one push notification service server and/or a storage system.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

new patent Avatar-based communications launching system
In one embodiment, a social networking system automatically establish a connection to a target user by selecting an avatar representing the target user, and establishing a connection by a communication channel based on current context and one or more rules configured by the target user.. .
Facebook, Inc.

new patent Physical layer frame format for wlan
A first communication device generates a physical layer (phy) preamble for a phy data unit to be transmitted via a communication channel, the phy data unit conforming to a first communication protocol. Generating the phy preamble includes generating a legacy portion of the phy preamble to include a legacy signal field, which is decodable by one or more second communication devices that conform to a second communication protocol to determine a duration of the phy data unit.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

new patent Internet of things (iot) storage device, system and method
An iot system and method for providing work files to a job site. For example, one embodiment of a system comprises: an internet of things (iot) service; and an iot storage device to provide work files for industrial equipment comprising: a physical storage device to store work files for a work site at which the industrial equipment is to be used; a secure wireless communication module to establish a secure wireless communication channel with the iot service, wherein a user having an account with the iot service is to generate the work files and/or an update to the work files from a data processing system communicatively coupled to the iot service, the iot service to responsively transmit the work files and/or the update to the work files to the physical storage via the secure wireless communication module; an input/output (i/o) interface to establish a communication channel with the industrial equipment when inserted in an i/o port of the industrial equipment, the industrial equipment to read and interpret the work files upon connection of the i/o interface to the i/o port..
Afero, Inc.

new patent Methods and apparatuses for authentication in quantum key distribution and/or quantum data communication
Systems and methods of authenticating and/or communicating key and/or data between communication parties using quantum channels are provided. In some embodiments, authentication may be provided during transmission (including at various stages), without transmission, before transmission, and/or without keys.
University Of Houston System

new patent Transmission method
The method allows the transmission of modulations with multilevel constellations based on m-qam (m-ary quadrature amplitude modulation) constellations, voronoi constellations or m-psk (m-ary phase shift keying), using a decomposition of multilevel modulation into a sum of m′ polar or bpsk (binary-psk) constellations that are amplified and transmitted by separate antennas. Therefore it uses up to m′ parallel modulators, each one followed by an amplifier connected to an antenna.

new patent Receiver and processing a signal coming from a transmission channel
A method is for processing a channel analog signal coming from a transmission channel. The method may include converting the channel analog signal into a channel digital signal, and detecting a state of the transmission channel based on the channel digital signal to detect whether the transmission channel is, over an interval of time, one or more of linear and time invariant and linear and cyclostationary..
Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

new patent

Low-voltage high-speed receiver

A line receiver is described. The line receiver may be configured to receive signals transmitted via a communication channel, such as a metal trace on a printed circuit board or a cable.
Mediatek Inc.

new patent

Input/output module with multi-channel switching capability

The present disclosure is directed to an input/output module. In some embodiments, the input/output module includes: a plurality of communication channels, each channel of the plurality of communication channels configured to connect to one or more field devices; switch fabric configured to selectively facilitate connectivity between an external control module and the one or more field devices via the plurality of communication channels; a serial communications port configured for connecting the input/output module to the control module in parallel with a second input/output module, the serial communications port configured for transmitting information between the input/output module and the control module; and a parallel communications port configured for separately connecting the input/output module to the control module, the parallel communications port configured for transmitting information between the input/output module and the control module, and transmitting information between the input/output module and the second input/output module..
Bedrock Automation Platforms Inc.

new patent

Nfc-enabled digital apparatus and nfc-based information transmission

An nfc-enabled digital apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a touch screen display and a near field communication (nfc) module comprising an nfc antenna and an nfc controller.
Aq Corporation

new patent

High frame-rate multichannel beam-scanning microscopy

A beam-scanning optical design is described for achieving up to khz frame-rate optical imaging on multiple simultaneous data acquisition channels. In one embodiment, two fast-scan resonant mirrors direct the optical beam on a circuitous trajectory through the field of view, with the trajectory repeat-time given by the least common multiplier of the mirror periods.
Purdue Research Foundation

new patent

Stationary blades for a steam turbine and assembling same

A set of stationary blades for a steam turbine is provided. At least one of the stationary blades includes a suction side and an opposite pressure side, and a plurality of ejection channels defined in the at least one stationary blade.
General Electric Technology Gmbh

new patent

Minimally-invasive and activity-dependent control of excitable cells

The present invention provides a method of bioluminescence-driven optogenetic control of excitable cells. The excitable cell expresses a light-gated ion channel, and a luminescent protein can be expressed either in the excitable cell or in another cell proximal to the excitable cell.
Central Michigan University

new patent

Cranial implant

A custom cranial implant for use in a cranial opening in a skull of a patient, the implant including a contoured shell configured to mate with the defect edges of the cranial opening; multiple fixation channels formed within the contoured shell, such that each channel extends from an exterior surface of the contoured shell into a peripheral edge; and one or more drain ports formed within the contoured shell, as well as a kit including the custom cranial implant, a method of manufacturing the implant, and a method of surgically implanting the implant.. .

Method and resource selection using sensing operation for vehicle-to-pedestrian communication

Method and apparatus for pedestrian user equipment (p-ue) to obtain radio resources for wireless transmission directly to other proximate ues, including sensing available communication channel resources from a pool of channel resources, selecting specific resources from the available channel resources to use for data transmission; and transmitting data using the selected channel resources.. .
Zte (usa) Inc.

Binaural hearing system configured to localize a sound source

A hearing aid system comprising a pair of hearing devices, e.g. Hearing aids, worn at the ears of a user receives a target signal generated by a target signal source and transmitted through an acoustic channel to microphones of the hearing aid system.
Oticon A/s

System and peer to peer utility sharing

A method, computer program product, and computer system for receiving, at a second computing device by a first computing device, an invitation to establish a peer to peer communication channel. The second computing device may accept the invitation.
International Business Machines Corporation

In-session communication

The invention relates to a method, by an initiating entity (100, 200, 210), to initiate the set up of one or more communication channels for exchange of information between the initiating entity and one or more responding entities (100, 200, 210). The method comprises the following steps: a first message is transmitted on an end-to-end control channel between a first entity (100) and a second entity.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Method and password management

Systems, methods, and a security management apparatus, for password management including the determination of the identity of a service requesting a security token for access to the service. The security management apparatus generates personal identification data based on a personal identification input such as a touch selection or gesture, in order to access a service on a secured device.
Huami Inc.

Method and system for 4d-tdma multi-user transmission

A method and a system for multi-user transmission in a network, comprising at least on network control center ncc and one or more terminals, wherein the method comprises at least the following steps: determining the number of 4d-tdma carriers as a function of the number and needs of the terminals, determining the type (scpc or tdma) and frequency band bi of each of the 4d-tdma carriers as a function of the terminals transmitting on the carriers, for each frame, dividing the band b into ptdma transmission channels and into pscpc service channels, each channel consisting of frames comprising a plurality of slots, stdma slots and sscpc slots, dynamically allocating a plurality of slots of a 4d-tdma carrier according to the services required by each terminal, configuring the coding and modulation scheme of each slot by taking account of the quality of the received signals.. .

Air-to-ground co-channel interference avoidance system

Techniques to reduce scheduling grants to minimize or eliminate the use of control channels, at the expense of flexibility, allow protection of the system from unnecessary retransmissions in case of interference from the primary system. Use of a single grant to allocate a set of resources across all carriers, or communication channels simplifies the system at the cost of retransmission of a grant for all carriers in the case if interference corrupts the transmission of a subset of the carriers.
Gogo Llc

Sub-band feedback for beamforming on downlink multiple user mimo configurations

A first communication device receives a sounding packet that was transmitted by a second communication device over a communication channel, and performs a channel estimation on a subchannel block of the communication channel to determine steering matrix feedback information for the subchannel block. The subchannel block spans a contiguous partial bandwidth of the communication channel and does not span an entire bandwidth of the communication channel.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Integrated electronic device with transceiving antenna and magnetic interconnection

An embodiment of an integrated electronic device having a body, made at least partially of semiconductor material and having a top surface, a bottom surface, and a side surface, and a first antenna, which is integrated in the body and enables magnetic or electromagnetic coupling of the integrated electronic device with a further antenna. The integrated electronic device moreover has a coupling region made of magnetic material, which provides, in use, a communication channel between the first antenna and the further antenna..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

Interconnect substrate having cavity for stackable semiconducotr assembly, manufacturing method thereof and vertically stacked semiconductor assembly using the same

An interconnect substrate includes vertical connection channels around a cavity. The vertical connection channels are made of a combination of metal posts and metallized vias.
Bridge Semiconductor Corporation

Tft structure and repair method thereof, goa circuit

The present invention provides a tft structure and a repair method thereof, a goa circuit. The tft structure and the repair method thereof includes a source (10) having a plurality of independent u shape source branches (101).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Distributed baseboard management controller for multiple devices on server boards

A server board includes first and second devices. A first service processor of the first device operates as a master baseboard management controller of the server board, and monitors a communication channel for alive messages from a plurality service processors.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Thermosiphon with multiport tube and flow arrangement

A thermosiphon device includes one or more flat multiport tube structures having at least one section that defines a plurality of flow channels and at least one web that extends from the section in a plane of the flat multiport tube structures. The flow channels may function as condensing channels, e.g., in a counterflow device, or as evaporation channels.
Aavid Thermalloy, Llc

Systems and methods for thermally actuated flow control

Various implementations provide an inherently safer design feature for microchannel reactors that provides temperature control at the individual channel level. This approach relies on bimetallic strips embedded within the combustion channel, forming a thermally-actuated “valve”.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Compressor system, and attachment structure for centrifugal separator

Provided is a compressor system including: a first impeller of a compressor for pressure-feeding a fluid radially outward after the fluid has flowed in from an axial direction; a centrifugal separator for feeding externally supplied fluid out toward the first impeller while causing the fluid to swirl; and a casing for sectioning off an inflow channel which guides the fluid from the exterior to the centrifugal separator, a first accommodation space which is disposed downstream from the inflow channel and which accommodates the centrifugal separator, a second accommodation space which is connected to the downstream side of the first accommodation space and which accommodates the first impeller, and a foreign substance expulsion channel which expels foreign substances guided to the outer peripheral side by the centrifugal separator.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Construction machine provided with preheating unit and preheating construction machine

To provide a construction machine including a novel preheating unit that can efficiently preheat entire circulation channel where fluid flows, and a preheating method of the construction machine. A bypass channel is arranged in a circulation channel through which the fluid is circulated, this bypass channel is provided with the preheating unit that is formed of a heater and a bypass pump.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Valve with a number of ducts for passing and increased sealing

The invention relates to a valve for a compartmentalized tube or tyre, including a number of ducts for passing and increased sealing. It therefore has one end for coupling to an inflation/deflation system; another end in contact with the rim; a flow channel between both, with opening by means of a cover solidly joined to a mobile rod.
Advantaria Sl

Microfluidic device for thermally spraying a liquid containing pigments and/or aroma prone to aggregation or deposition

A microfluidic device for thermally spraying a liquid, comprising a plurality of chambers, a plurality of nozzles arranged over the chambers, a plurality of channel heaters in proximity of each chamber, a liquid access connected to the chambers, and a circulation channel integrated in the body and connected to the liquid access. A heater along the circulation channel maintains the liquid in motion during inactivity of the device, preventing deposition or aggregation of particles in the liquid..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

Powder compartment for high dosage drug delivery

A dry powder inhaler for pulmonary or nasal use, comprising at least an inhaler body 801 and a cartridge 803 with at least one powder compartment 805 including one dose of a drug. The body has an opening 804 shaped for receiving the cartridge 803 and the means to allow a controlled sliding movement of the cartridge 803 relative to the body 801 after mounting.
Hovione Technology Limited

Drug delivery device with vacuum assisted securement and/or feedback

A drug delivery device includes a housing with at least one pressure communication channel or aperture, which distributes a negative fluid pressure across its base to draw tissue against the device. The device can also include a porous, adhesive layer over the channel(s) or aperture(s), for attaching to tissue.
Amgen Inc.

Electronic cigarette and atomizer device thereof

An electronic cigarette and an atomizer device thereof are provided. The atomizer device includes a housing, a liquid reservoir chamber (115) formed in the housing, and an adjusting valve (13) engaging with the housing; a liquid injection channel (1131) is defined in the housing for injecting liquid solution into the liquid reservoir chamber (115); a first opening (1311) corresponding to the liquid injection channel (1131) is defined in the adjusting valve (13); the adjusting valve (13) is movable between a first position and a second position across a surface of the housing; when the adjusting valve is in the first position, the first opening (1311) communicates with the liquid injection channel (1131) to open the liquid injection channel (1131), and when the adjusting valve (13) is in the second position, the first opening (1311) misaligns with the liquid injection channel (1131) to close the liquid injection channel (1131)..
Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited

Roaming to share a communication channel

A computing device is able to communicate wirelessly with other devices using different types of wireless networks, such as infrastructure networks and peer-to-peer networks. Situations can arise in which a computing device is connected to different types of networks at the same time.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Frame structure design for ofdma based power control in 802.11ax standards and system

A method is provided by the present invention, comprises determining communication channel quality from a first wireless communications device to one or more other wireless communications devices, and assigning a zone/subband and corresponding power level to the one or more other wireless communications devices based on the communication channel quality. The method is directed toward at least addressing the interference from neighboring access points (aps), and reducing interference between devices using different power zones/subbands when the wide-band of orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofdma) based technologies were adopted in wi-fi systems for unlicensed bands..
Intel Ip Corporation

Signal detection verification

Various aspects of the disclosure relate to determining whether a signal detection function is properly detecting for a signal. In an example implementation, the signal detection function detects radar signals.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and communication between an access point and a sensor station

The present disclosure relates to an access point (2) and to a sensor station (4) and methods performed therein. The access point (2) is adapted to communicate with the sensor station (4) and vice versa, over a communication channel using a contention based channel access.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Vehicle access point scanning for acquiring network access via an external access point

A method of operating a vehicle wireless access point (wap), including the steps of establishing short range wireless communication between a vehicle wap and one or more wireless devices over one or more corresponding communication channels operating over a first frequency band; suspending the communication between the vehicle wap and the wireless device(s); scanning for another non-vehicle wap using the first frequency band; connecting the vehicle wap as a client device to the non-vehicle wap; resuming the communication with at least some of the wireless device(s) over the wireless communication channel(s); and providing the wireless device(s) with data access to remote networks sequentially via both the vehicle wap and the non-vehicle wap.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Device redirection support at thin client

In an aspect of the disclosure, a method, a computer-readable medium, and an apparatus are provided. The apparatus may be a thin client.
American Megatrends, Inc.

Method and an interchangeable wireless media streaming device

It is possible to capture video information using one or more body mounted cameras, to transmit that information over a wireless communication channel, and to process that information, such as by using angular momentum information captured by gyroscopes, to obtain an image which is suitable for viewing in real time. This technology can be applied in a variety of contexts, such as sporting events, and can also be applied to information which is captured and stored for later use, either in addition to, or as an alternative to, streaming that information for real time viewing.
Action Streamer, Llc

Enabling distributed access points on high bandwidth cables for band and antenna splitting

A wireless access point device wirelessly communicates with a plurality of wireless client devices. The wireless access point includes a central processor subsystem and a plurality of transceiver devices each including a plurality of antennas, and a plurality of radio transceivers, each of the plurality of transceiver devices configured for deployment throughout a coverage area, each transceiver device being connected to the central processor subsystem via a respective cable.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Radial ventilation cooling structure for motor

A radial ventilation cooling structure for a motor includes at least three core sections, a ventilation channel steel is provided between every two adjacent core sections, and a ventilation channel is formed between the ventilation channel steel and the every two adjacent core sections, and impedances of the multiple ventilation channels are gradually increased in a direction from two ends of the motor to a center of the motor.. .
Beijing Goldwind Science & Creation Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dram cell for reducing layout area and fabricating method thereof

The fabricating method of a dram cell includes forming a facing bar that extends in a direction of the word line; forming a gate of the cell transistor on one side surface of the facing bar; forming a bit line plug that is electrically connected to one side of the transmission channel, which is formed on the one side surface of the facing bar; and forming the storage that is electrically connected to the other side of the transmission channel, which is formed on the horizontal surface of the semiconductor substrate. A pair of dram cells shares a facing bar and a bit line plug.
Dosilicon Co., Ltd.

Method for managing parking spaces on public streets

The invention relates to a method for managing on-street parking spaces. The method includes querying, by a unit of a vehicle, vehicle sensors about the occupancy status of a parking space around the vehicle, the setting up of a communication channel between the unit and a remote server, the authentication of the unit with the server, the sending of a message with a public encryption key by the server to the unit, the encryption of the geolocation data and the occupancy status, the sending of the encrypted data to server, the decryption by the server of the received encrypted data, the comparison of the geolocation data received with a database containing referenced parking spaces and the update in the database of the occupancy status of referenced parking spaces..
Gemalto Sa

Context oriented assessment for travel companionship

Embodiments relate to a system, computer product, and method for identifying a potential travel companion. A travel companion application is provided for installation on a remote subscriber computer.
International Business Machines Corporation

Redistribution based on real time presence data

A method, computer program product, and system for managing the transportation of an individual. The method includes a processor identifying, based on communicating with location services on a client, a user entering a venue, where the client is a wireless device associated with the user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and systems using privacy-preserving analytics for aggregate data

Methods and systems for transmitting user aggregate data to a third party, such that a privacy of the aggregated data is protected, while analytical usefulness of the aggregated data is preserved. The method including receiving, using a transceiver, aggregated data including time-series data collected over a period of time.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Inter-process communication automated testing framework

Application developers may develop applications or portions of application that do not have a corresponding user interface. Testing non-user interface elements of an application may require application developers to develop corresponding user interface elements for all or a portion of the executable code included in the application.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Uninterrupted data availability during failure in redundant micro-controller system

Technical solutions are described for providing a redundant processor. An example processing unit includes a source processor coupled with a system communication bus via a first communication line; a backup processor coupled with the system communication bus via a second communication line; and an inter-microprocessor communication channel for communication between the source processor and the backup processor.
Steering Solutions Ip Holding Corporation

Novel voltage-dependent ion channel fusions and use thereof

The present invention relates to novel voltage-dependent ion channel fusion subunits, and to a functional bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (bret) assay for screening in real time and characterizing candidate molecules or physical parameters for their ability to activate or inhibit voltage-dependent ion channels.. .
Institut Polytechnique De Bordeaux

Quinazolines as potassium ion channel inhibitors

Wherein a, x, y, z, r1 and r24 are described herein. The compounds are useful as inhibitors of potassium channel function and in the treatment and prevention of arrhythmia, ikur-associated disorders, and other disorders mediated by ion channel function..

Method and multimodal electrical modulation of pain using composite electromagnetic fields

Apparatus and methods for managing pain uses a single composite modulation/stimulation signal with variable characteristics to achieve the same results as separate varying electromagnetic signals. The composite signal is utilized for modulating the expression of genes involved in diverse pathways including inflammatory/immune system mediators, ion channels and neurotransmitters, in both the spinal cord (sc) and dorsal root ganglion (drg) where such expression modulation is caused by spinal cord stimulation or peripheral nerve stimulation using the disclosed apparatus and techniques..
Stimgenics, Llc

Protective lining that can be coupled to the inner surface of a helmet, helmet comprising said lining and use thereof in order to reduce rotational acceleration transmitted to a user

A protective liner, attachable to the inner surface of a helmet, comprising an inner face and an outer face oriented towards the inner surface of the helmet, wherein the joining of faces gives rise to a plurality of inflatable chambers permeable to water vapour and connected by means of pressurised air distribution channels. The chambers and channels form a single body extending at least along the inner surface of the helmet above the frankfurt plane.
Mat Global Solutions, S.l.

Method for managing wireless resources, and access point using same

The present invention relates to a method for managing wireless resources, and an access point (ap) using the same. The method for managing wireless resources, according to one embodiment of the present invention, can comprise: a monitoring step of monitoring the use state of an operation channel being used, so as to determine the use state of the wireless resources for the operation channel; and a control step of changing, by the ap, the frequency of the operation channel or handing a terminal connected to the ap over to a neighboring ap according to the determined use state of the wireless resources..
Kt Corporation

Secondary synchronization codebook for e-utran

Providing for secondary synchronization encoding utilizing a primary synchronization channel (p-sch)-related scrambling code is described herein. Scrambled secondary synchronization codes (sscs) can be assigned to multiple base stations of a radio access network (ran).
Qualcomm Incorporated

Transmission trigger frame by a 802.11ax access-point

A wireless communication method in a wireless network comprising an access point and a plurality of stations. The method includes selecting a transmission mode among a first and a second transmission modes, wherein access to a communication channel in the first transmission mode uses a contention mechanism with stations of the network, while access to the communication channel in the second transmission mode uses a preemption mechanism; sending a trigger frame to the stations using the selected transmission mode, the trigger frame reserving a transmission opportunity on at least one communication channel of the wireless network and defining resource units forming the communication channel and including a plurality of resource units that the stations can access for sending data; and receiving data from stations over the defined resource units..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Image communication system, image transmission apparatus, image transmission method, and recording medium

An image communication system includes an image transmission apparatus and an image reception apparatus. The image transmission apparatus includes a transmission-side wireless communication unit configured to transmit image data by radio waves.
Olympus Corporation

Provider-defined live multichannel viewing events

Various arrangements for providing a multichannel viewing event are presented. A definition of the multichannel viewing event may be broadcast to multiple television receivers.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Image-capturing apparatus, accessory apparatus and control method therefor

The image-capturing apparatus communicates with an accessory apparatus using a clock/communication request channel and first and second data communication channels. The camera controller switches its communication method between a first communication method in which data communication is performed while a clock signal is alternately switched between first and second levels and a second communication method in which data communication is performed in response to a communication request from the camera controller to the accessory apparatus, which is output by switching a signal level of the clock/communication request channel from the first level to the second level.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Image-capturing apparatus, accessory apparatus and control method therefor

The image-capturing apparatus includes a camera communicator configured to provide, with the accessory apparatus, a first data communication channel used for transmitting accessory data from the accessory apparatus to the image-capturing apparatus, and a second data communication channel used for transmitting camera data from the image-capturing apparatus to the accessory apparatus; and a camera controller configured to perform communication with the accessory apparatus through the camera communicator. The camera controller and the accessory apparatus are configured to be capable of switching their communication modes between a first communication mode and a second communication mode.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

System and data transfer, including protocols for use in data transfers

Embodiments of systems and methods for data transfer are presented herein. Specifically, embodiments of such a data transfer methodology may utilize one or more transmission channels for the transmission of the data to be transferred.
Open Text Sa Ulc

Multi-channel customer engagement platform

Disclosed are examples of systems, apparatus, methods and computer program products for customer engagement and communication across multiple channels using a database system. A first communication between an agent and a customer can be identified on a first communication channel., Inc.

Compatible channel bonding service management

A method is described for defining service metadata for multiple rf channel services with no impact to the currently defined service metadata for single tuner receiving devices. One example may include receiving first service layer metadata from a first communication channel and second service layer metadata from a second communication channel; and determining a plurality of services available from the first and second communication channels based on the first and second service layer metadata, wherein at least one of the plurality of services is a multiple channel service that comprises data in a pooled set of the first and second communication channels, wherein the multiple channel service is identified by matching a first service from the first service layer metadata and a second service from the second service layer metadata to identify the at least one of the plurality of service in the pooled set..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Software security protection method and apparatus

A software security protection method and apparatus are disclosed, which are applied to a server. The method includes: receiving a software obtaining request of a small cell, where the software obtaining request includes information about a software package requested by the small cell; decrypting, according to a first key, the software package requested by the small cell; establishing an encrypted transmission channel between the server and the small cell; and sending the decrypted software package to the small cell through the encrypted transmission channel for the small cell to encrypt the software package according to a second key.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method, system and device for providing uplink control information

A method, system and device for providing information elements regarding aggregated carriers in an lte or lte advanced telecommunication system. The method enables application of a defined information channel, such as the physical uplink control channel, pucch, previously defined as limited in the number of information elements pucch may comprise, into an alternative wherein the limitation is lifted.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Broadcasting of digital video to mobile terminals

A method includes processing error correction encoded data by a first processing chain of a transmitter. The processing includes interleaving a first portion of the error correction encoded data with respect to a first interleaving period to generate a first output signal.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Electronic commerce searching assistant

The present invention relates generally to the field of e-commerce, and more particularly to distributing commercial data associated with a plurality of commercial entities over a wireless communication channel to a remote vendee computer. A commercial data viewer application is provided to a vendee for installation on the remote vendee computer.
Mobifalcon, Inc.

Systems and methods for mapping non-validated data with validated data

A data mapping (dm) computing device including a processor and a memory in communication with the processor is provided. The processor receives a plurality of validated data messages associated with a plurality of transactions through a first communication channel and receives a non-validated data message associated with a first transaction through a second communication channel.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Method and system for gesture-based confirmation of electronic transactions

A method for electronically transmitting data based on a physical gesture includes: storing at least one gesture pair, wherein each gesture pair includes at least a physical gesture and an associated data conveyance, the physical gesture being stored as one or more data points telegraphing three-dimensional movement; capturing a plurality of movement data points based on movement of one or more motion capturing devices; identifying a specific gesture pair where at least one of the captured plurality of movement data points corresponds to the included physical gesture; establishing a communication channel with an external computing device; and transmitting the associated data conveyance included in the identified specific gesture pair to the external computing device using the established communication channel.. .
Mastercard International Incorporated

Technique for controlling the reading of a digital object

A technique for controlling the reading of a digital object by a user device. The digital object is stored locally in the memory of the user device.

Method for secure synchronization and pairing between devices and apparatus using the method

An electronic device includes a biomedical sensor configured to generate a first signal by detecting a biomedical signal, a motion sensor configured to generate a second signal by detecting a motion, and a communication interface configured to provide a secure communication channel with another electronic device, and receive a third signal through the secure communication channel. The electronic device further includes a controller configured to generate a secret key for the secure communication channel, based on the first signal, and determine whether to perform a predetermined function, based on the second signal and the received third signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Software distribution method and apparatus

The present invention provides for a method and apparatus for distributing digital information, such as software applications, to application users. By providing the digital information on unused memory space of a computer system, and providing a process for authorizing access to the information, the information can be efficiently and cost effectively transferred to users.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Method for executing a request to exchange data between first and second disjoint physical addressing spaces of chip or card circuit

This method for executing a request to exchange data, between first and second disjoint physical addressing spaces controlled by first and second distinct circuits for first and second respective software processes, comprises the creation of a communication channel between these two circuits. It further comprises sending, by the first process, of said request to exchange data, this request designates a virtual address in a virtual addressing space of the second process, and execution of the request to exchange data between the disjoint physical addressing spaces of the two processes, without invoking a processor executing the second process.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Stylus communication channels

Stylus communication channels are described. In implementations, a stylus includes multiple separate and distinct communication channels used to detect the stylus, resolve positions of the stylus and a user relative to a computing device, and exchange data with the computing device (e.g., transmit and receive communications).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Heat exchanger comprising a liquid-refrigerant distribution device

This heat exchanger can include parallel plates which define liquid-refrigerant passages following a longitudinal direction, and—fins extending in each passage in a lateral direction orthogonal to the longitudinal direction, each fin having orifices for the flow of the liquid refrigerant. At least one lower portion of at least one fin defines, with the plate secured to this lower portion, a distribution channel for channeling the liquid refrigerant in the lateral direction.
L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude El I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

Ring segment system for gas turbine engines

A ring segment system (100) for a gas turbine engine (10) is disclosed. The ring segment system (100) may be formed from ring segments (50) that circumferentially surround a rotor assembly (40).
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Novel sodium channel blocking peptides and the use thereof

The present invention relates to c-terminal modified protoxin ii peptides that selectively inhibit the nav1.7 sodium channel; the present invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions useful for prophylactic or therapeutic treatment of a disorder responsive to the blockade of sodium ion channels, especially nav1.7 sodium ion channels; the present invention further provides methods of treating a disorder responsive to the blockade of sodium channels, and particularly nav1.7 sodium channels, in a mammal sulfuring from excess activity of said channels.. .
Purdue Pharma L.p.

Activation of trpv4 ion channel by physical stimuli and critical role for trpv4 in organ-specific inflammation and itch

Provided are methods of treating and/or preventing dermatological disorders. Provided are methods of reducing skin inflammation, reducing pain, and/or reducing itch in a subject in need thereof.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Grinding apparatus

A grinding apparatus includes a holding unit including a holding table having a holder for holding a workpiece and a grinding water suction part for drawing in grinding water outside of the holder, a rotational shaft having an end fixed centrally to a bottom surface of the holding table, a tubular rotary joint surrounding the rotational shaft, and a motor rotating the rotational shaft about its own axis. The rotational shaft has a first suction channel held in fluid communication with the holder of the holding table and a second suction channel held in fluid communication with the grinding water suction part.
Disco Corporation

Sample test cards

The present invention is directed to sample test cards having an increased sample well capacity for analyzing biological or other test samples. In one embodiment, the sample test cards of the present invention comprise one or more fluid over-flow reservoirs, wherein the over-flow reservoirs are operatively connected to a distribution channel by a fluid over-flow channel.
Biomerieux, Inc.

Drug delivery implants

An orthopaedic implant includes an internal fixation device. The internal fixation device includes: an exterior surface; a threaded section including a reservoir and at least one threaded section channel fluidly communicating the reservoir with the exterior surface, each threaded section channel having an interior diameter and a length which is greater than the interior diameter; a head including a head channel fluidly communicating the reservoir with an exterior surface of the head, a channel diameter of the head channel being respectively larger than a largest interior diameter of each threaded section channel, the channel diameter of the head channel being the same as a large interior diameter of the reservoir; and a continuously tapering inner surface between the head channel and the reservoir..
Smed-ta/td, Llc

Ultrasound imaging device and ultrasound signal processing method

A received signal processor 12 comprises delayers 13, 14-1, and 14-2 disposed for every reception channel, and a synthesiser 60. The first delayer 13 delays received signals produced from a transmission beam 31 by a first delay time for phasing the received signals for a predetermined reception focus.

Initial access channel for scalable wireless mobile communication networks

Physical layer structures and access schemes for use in such networks are described and in particular initial access channel (iach) structures are proposed. A spectrum efficient downlink (dl) iach design supports different types of user equipment (ue) capabilities and different system bandwidths.
Apple Inc.

Image communication system, image reception apparatus, image transmission apparatus, image reception method, image transmission method, and recording medium

An image communication system includes an image transmission apparatus and an image reception apparatus. The image transmission apparatus includes a transmission-side wireless communication unit.
Olympus Corporation

Systems and methods for automatic transmission rate control in a vehicle-based wireless network

Techniques for distributing content to mobile computing devices, such as in the context of a vehicle-based wireless network, are described. In some examples, a collection of vehicle-mounted devices forms a cooperative wireless network to distribute content items throughout the network.
Coco Communications Corp.

Image communication system, image reception apparatus, image transmission apparatus, image reception method, image transmission method, and recording medium

An image communication system includes an image transmission apparatus and an image reception apparatus. The image transmission apparatus includes a transmission-side wireless communication unit.
Olympus Corporation

System for authenticating a user and enabling real-time approval notifications

Embodiments authenticate a user and an associate of an entity and enable real-time approval notifications by requesting one or more authentication credentials from the associate; authenticating the associate based on successful validation of the one or more authentication credentials received from the associate; populating an application for the user at least in part by receiving input from the associate; establishing a secure wireless communication channel with a user device; and wirelessly transmitting, from the system to the user device and over the secure wireless communication channel the populated application; instructions to cause the user device to authenticate the user based on successful validation of one or more user authentication credentials; and instructions to cause the user device, in response to authenticating the user, present the populated application to the user for verification of its accuracy.. .
Bank Of America Corporation

Protective sound-absorbing particles in sounding apparatus

A protective apparatus for sound-absorbing particles (4) in a sounding apparatus, comprising a housing (1) and a rear acoustic cavity formed inside the housing (1). The rear acoustic cavity is filled with sound-absorbing particles (4).

Configurable secure mobile tool for ami and amr metering systems

Disclosed herein are apparatuses, methods and systems for a configurable and secure mobile tool for advanced metering infrastructure (ami) and automatic meter reading (amr) metering systems, wherein the tool comprises a suite of mobile apps that run on a mobile device (e.g., tablet, smartphone) and have functionality to support the installation, maintenance, service, diagnostics and configuration of meters in ami and amr systems. The mobile app may remotely synchronize through a secure communication channel with a server in communication with a database that contains configuration settings and related data created by an administrator utilizing an administrator station.
Honeywell International Inc.

Managing a parameter of an unmanned autonomous vehicle based on manned aviation data

Embodiments include devices and methods for an unmanned autonomous vehicle (uav) to receive manned aviation data from communication equipment available on the uav without requiring the use of manned aviation radios and transponder equipment. A processor of the uav may receive manned aviation data over a communication link with a communication network (e.g., the internet) coupled to a server or network element that has access to manned aviation data.
Qualcomm Incorporated

File information system management system and method

A method and system is provided for editing a file information system of a host device by using a client device connected to the host device via a near field communication (nfc) channel while maintaining the foreground-running application execution screen of the host device. A method for managing a file information system of a host device by using a client device according to the present invention includes establishing a near field communication channel between the client device and the host device; copying the file information system from the host device to the client device; editing, at the client device, the file information system by means of an application selected in the file information system; and updating the file information system stored in the host device with the edited file information system which is transmitted from the client device to the host device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Identifying modifications to technical characteristics of a communication channel to alter user perception of communication channel performance

Probes are coupled to a network via one or more communication channels. The probes capture a set of technical characteristics of the communication channel (e.g., signal intensity, signal quality, signal to noise ratio, etc.), which may include characteristics of data exchanges between third party systems and the probes.
Case On It, S.l.

Method and device for the configuration of a transmission link

A method and apparatus for data transmission between a transmitter-side data transmission unit and a receiver-side data transmission unit is provided. The method includes transmitting a first portion of a data packet from a real-time application to the receiver-side data transmission unit, receiving a communication channel availability indicator from the receiver-side data transmission unit, and, if the availability indicator shows that the communication channel is available, adjusting the configuration of the remaining data of the data packet to be transmitted within the maximum permissible data transmission time which is still available for the data packet and transmitting the remaining data to the receiver-side data transmission unit.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Device and transmitting data

A method for transmitting data, wherein along a transmission path: (i) a modulated carrier signal is generated based on the data to be transmitted, the carrier signal having a carrier frequency within a given transmission channel, which is comprised of a number of frequencies, and (ii) the modulated carrier signal is amplified to a transmission signal, wherein along a compensation path: (i) the modulated carrier signal is filtered, whereby the frequency components within the transmission channel are removed, and at least one of a phase, an amplitude, and/or a delay of the filtered signal is modified thereby generating a compensation signal, and wherein the compensation signal is subtracted from the transmission signal thereby generating a compensated transmission signal, and wherein the compensated transmission signal is transmitted. Also a respective data transmission device is disclosed..
Universitaet Der Bundeswehr Muenchen

Dynamic screen logo that transmits shopping basket connection information to mobile device

A design element is displayed on a display screen. The design element is modulated over time to encode data in the design element.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Url-based electronic ticket transfer

In one implementation, a method includes receiving, at a computing device, a digital photo of a paper ticket; generating an electronic ticket as a digital version of the paper ticket; outputting, in a user interface on the computing device, selectable options related to the electronic ticket; receiving, through the user interface, user input comprising selection of the option to sell the ticket; transmitting, by the computing device, a request to the computer system to host the electronic ticket for sale; receiving, at the computing device, a unique url that is associated with an internet-accessible resource for purchasing the electronic ticket over the internet; outputting, in the user interface, selectable features to distribute the url to other computing devices; receiving selection of one or more of the selectable features that correspond to one or more particular distribution channels; transmitting at least the url along the one or more particular distribution channels.. .

Data verification using enclave attestation

Particular embodiments described herein provide for an electronic device that can be configured to receive untrusted input data at an enclave in an electronic device, isolate the untrusted input data from at least a portion of the enclave, communicate at least a portion of the untrusted data to an integrity verification module using an attestation channel, and receive data integrity verification of the untrusted input data from the integrity verification module. The integrity verification module can perform data integrity attestation functions to verify the untrusted data and the data integrity attestation functions include a data attestation policy and a whitelist..
Mcafee, Inc.

Turbomachine component having impingement heat transfer feature, related turbomachine and storage medium

Various aspects include a turbomachine component, along with a turbomachine and related storage medium. In some cases, the turbomachine component includes: a body defining an inner cavity, the body having an outer surface and an inner surface opposing the outer surface, the inner surface facing the inner cavity; and a mount coupled with the inner surface of the body, the mount including: an impingement baffle coupled with and separated from the inner surface of the body, the impingement baffle including a set of apertures configured to permit flow of a heat transfer fluid therethrough to contact the inner surface of the body; and a reclamation channel connected with the impingement baffle for reclaiming the heat transfer fluid..
General Electric Company

Securement system for a storage area of a vehicle

A securement system is provided for use with a storage area of a vehicle having a cover panel adjustably positionable relative to the storage area. The securement system includes a locking portion cooperating with the cover panel including a body having a first end and an opposing second end terminating at a securement member.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Systems and methods for multiple analyte detection

Systems and methods for multiple analyte detection include a system for distribution of a biological sample that includes a substrate, wherein the substrate includes a plurality of sample chambers, a sample introduction channel for each sample chamber, and a venting channel for each sample chamber. The system may further include a preloaded reagent contained in each sample chamber and configured for nucleic acid analysis of a biological sample that enters the substrate and a sealing instrument configured to be placed in contact with the substrate to seal each sample chamber so as to substantially prevent sample contained in each sample chamber from flowing out of each sample chamber.
Applied Biosystems, Llc

Fuel deoxygenation systems

A fuel deoxygenation system for an aircraft includes a hydrocarbon recycler configured to recycle hydrocarbon gas into fuel. The hydrocarbon recycler includes a housing that partially defines an ullage channel configured to fluidly communicate with both an ullage of an aircraft fuel tank and a vent, wherein the housing partially defines a hydrocarbon recirculation channel configured to fluidly communicate with a liquid portion of a fuel tank.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Fluid ejection device

A fluid ejection device includes a fluid slot, a fluid ejection chamber communicated with the fluid slot, a drop ejecting element within the fluid ejection chamber, a fluid circulation channel communicated at a first end with the fluid slot and communicated at a second end with the fluid ejection chamber, a fluid circulating element within the fluid circulation channel, and a particle tolerant architecture within the fluid circulation channel at the second end.. .
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Cutting knife assembly

A cutting knife assembly includes a motor, a knife, a fixing base and a position adjustment stand. The motor has a converter, the knife has a blade portion and a body portion connected with the blade portion and the converter.
Teco Image Systems Co., Ltd.

Improved removal device for micro-bubbles and dirt particles

An hydraulic separator for balancing varying flows in a primary liquid circuit and a secondary liquid circuit includes a housing which defines an inner space, an upper entry and an upper exit located in an upper region of the housing, and a lower entry and a lower exit located in a lower region of the housing. The upper entry and lower exit are constructed to be connected to a primary liquid circuit and the upper exit and lower entry being constructed to be connected to a secondary liquid circuit a fluid communication channel is provided between the upper region and the lower region, such that when in use the flow in the primary or secondary circuit suddenly varies, a leak flow is allowed to occur between the upper entry and lower exit or between the lower entry and upper exit, for balancing the flows..
Flamco B.v.

Restoring physiology with small molecule mimics of missing proteins

Disclosed are methods for treating a disease or condition characterized by decreased expression or reduced function of an ion channel, comprising administering to a subject in need thereof a therapeutically effective amount of a pore-forming polyene macrolide or pore-forming derivative thereof. For example, the pore-forming polyene macrolide may be amphotericin b (amb), nystatin, or natamycin.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Plasmodial surface anion channel inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of malaria

Wherein q, y, r1, and r2 are as described herein. Methods of inhibiting a plasmodial surface anion channel of a parasite in an animal are also provided.

Channel rank updates in multiple-input multiple-output communication systems

Embodiments of the disclosure provide a system and method for providing channel feedback information (cfi) from a user equipment device to a base station. Cfi is transmitted from the user equipment device on first and second communication channels.
Apple Inc.

System and resource block-specific control signaling

A system and method is disclosed for resource block-specific control signaling in a communication system. Communication data is transmitted using a transmission channel comprising a plurality of resource blocks defined by allocating time-frequency slots in a transmission resource.
Apple Inc.

Traffic flow splitting method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention provide a traffic flow splitting method and apparatus. In a process of accessing a 3gpp network by ue, an enb in the 3gpp network sends a first multiflow aggregation instruction to the ue, to instruct the ue to establish a first multiflow aggregation channel between the ue and the enb via a non-3gpp network.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and accessing a terminal device camera to a target device

The present disclosure discloses a method and apparatus for accessing a terminal device camera to a target device. The method includes: establishing a connection channel between the terminal device camera and the target device; starting the terminal device camera and obtaining image data captured by the terminal device camera; and transmitting the obtained image data to the target device through the connection channel established..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Technique for obtaining caller-originated alert signals in ip-based communication sessions

A technique for obtaining caller-originated alert signals in ip-based communication sessions is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the technique may be realized as a method comprising the steps of: receiving, from a first user equipment and via a first communication channel, a request to initiate a communication session, the request being received at a second user equipment; in response to the request, causing a phonepage server to transmit, via a second communication channel, a caller-originated alert to the second user equipment; and rendering the caller-originated alert to alert a user associated with the second user equipment..
Sony Mobile Communications Ab

Method and system for establishing a communication channel between computing devices in a customer care environment

The disclosed embodiments illustrate method and system for establishing a communication channel between computing devices in a customer care environment. The method includes receiving a first input from a customer-computing device associated with the customer.
Conduent Business Services, Llc

Automatic secure data transfer with a motor vehicle

In an example, an in-vehicle electronic device to operate in a motor vehicle in an unattended power state may include a wireless interface to communicate with a remote secure network resource; a memory to store one or more values to specify a predefined trigger event for coupling the motor vehicle in the unattended power state to the remote secure network resource; and a processor configured to: recognize an occurrence of a predefined trigger event by checking first data obtained responsive to monitoring the a resource against the one or more values; in responsive to a recognition of the occurrence of a predefined trigger event, identify second data suitable for coupling the in-vehicle electronic device to the remote secure network resource; and establish a communication channel to the remote secure network resource via the wireless interface using the second data, the second communication channel for transmission of third data.. .
Airbiquity Inc.

Methods and systems for providing configuration management for computing environments

In embodiments, methods and systems for implementing configuration management are provided. A configuration management system facilitates processing and preserving configurations associated with a software infrastructure.
Stripe Inc.

Framework for joint learning of network traffic representations and traffic classifiers

In one embodiment, a device in a network receives traffic data associated with a particular communication channel between two or more nodes in the network. The device generates a mean map by employing kernel embedding of distributions to the traffic data.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and central network device for establishing an embedded optical communication channel in an optical wdm transmission system

A method for establishing an embedded optical communication channel in an optical wdm transmission system including: creating, at the central network device, a broad-band optical signal, supplying the broadband optical signal, transmitting the broadband optical signal and the plurality of second optical channel signals to an optical demultiplexer device, transmitting an optical signal consisting of a dedicated second optical channel signal and a filtered broadband optical signal; receiving the optical signal and creating a corresponding electrical receive signal and extracting the electrical signal corresponding to the filtered broadband optical signal from the electrical receive signal and detecting whether the electrical signal contains information intended for the respective first channel transceiver.. .
Adva Optical Networking Se

Method and unit for mapping information bits to polarization angles of a wave

The present disclosure discloses a method and a unit for mapping information bits to polarization angles of a wave for communication. The method comprises transmitting, by a polarization unit of a first communication device, a training signal to a second communication device, for each polarization angle, receiving a feedback signal from the second communication device in response to the training signal, indicating one or more parameters of one or more polarization channels, where each of the one or more polarization channels corresponds to respective polarization angles, categorizing information bits into one or more categories and mapping the information bits to the one or more polarization channels where the mapped information bits are communicated to the second communication device..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Time-domain multiplexing of power and data

Circuits, methods, and apparatus that may allow an electronic device to control a power adapter. One example may provide an electronic system where an electronic device may control a power adapter through a communication channel.
Apple Inc.

Channel reconfigurable millimeter-wave radio frequency system by frequency-agile transceivers and dual antenna apertures

A mobile platform includes an antenna adapted to simultaneously transmit on a first channel and receive on a second channel, and to dynamically switch communication channels as needed. For example, as the mobile platform changes position, orientation, etc., the configuration of the antenna may be updated to transmit on the second channel and receive on the first channel.
Google Inc.

Dual stress device and method

A semiconductor device including semiconductor material having a bend and a trench feature formed at the bend, and a gate structure at least partially disposed in the trench feature. A method of fabricating a semiconductor structure including forming a semiconductor material with a trench feature over a layer, forming a gate structure at least partially in the trench feature, and bending the semiconductor material such that stress is induced in the semiconductor material in an inversion channel region of the gate structure..
Globalfoundries Inc.

Systems and methods for bubble based ion sources

The present disclosure describes embodiments directed to a bubble based ion source system comprising an ion source configured to generate a plurality of ions, an ion channel, an electrode, and/or any other components. The ion source can include a container at least partially comprising a solvent or solution, a bubble generator coupled to the container configured to generate a plurality of bubbles within the solvent, and/or any other component.
University Of South Florida

Methods for transferring ions in a mass spectrometer

A method for transporting ions includes: providing an ion transfer tube having an axis and an internal bore having a width and a height less than the width; and providing an apparatus comprising a plurality of electrodes, each having a respective ion aperture having an aperture center, the apertures defining an ion channel configured to receive the ions from the ion transfer tube and to transport the ions to an outlet end of the apparatus, wherein at least a subset of the apertures progressively decrease in size in a direction towards the apparatus outlet end, wherein the ion transfer tube is configured such that the ion transfer tube axis is non-coincident with an axis of the ion channel or such that the width dimension of the ion transfer tube bore is parallel to a plane defined by the ion transfer tube axis and the ion channel axis.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc

Audio time synchronization using prioritized schedule

A method is provided for synchronizing playback of audio an/or video by a plurality of separate devices in a computer network, e.g. In a wi-fi network.
Dynastrom Aps

Application unlock using a connected physical device and transfer of data therebetween

According to one embodiment, a system includes a medical device configured to provide a function to a user, communicate via a wireless communication channel with one or more other devices, and send a signal to shift a medical device application from a locked state to an unlocked state. The system also includes a computing device having wireless communication channels and a processor and logic integrated with and/or executable by the processor.
Novartis Ag

Magnetic resonance imaging setting rf shimming parameters

In order to improve b1 non-homogeneity while reducing a local sar in an object, particularly, in a human tissue during mr imaging, the present invention is characterized in that each of a plurality of irradiation channels is controlled on the basis of rf shimming parameters corresponding to the plurality of irradiation channels, and, in a case of performing imaging sequence of irradiating an object with an rf magnetic field, there is the use of the rf shimming parameters obtained by imposing a constraint condition on at least one of a plurality of principal components obtained through principal component analysis on the rf shimming parameters.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

Voltage measuring apparatus

A voltage measuring apparatus is configured to measure voltages of respective battery cells of a battery cell array including a plurality of battery cell groups each including a predetermined number of battery cells connected in series. The voltage measuring apparatus includes a plurality of measuring units each provided for each of the battery cell groups.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Variable displacement vane pump with thermo-compensation

A variable displacement vane pump has a control slide displaceable within its housing and a first control chamber and a second control chamber for receiving pressurized lubricant. A thermally adjustable control valve is provided in the housing for adjusting pump displacement based on a temperature of the lubricant.
Stackpole International Engineered Products, Ltd.

Modified ligand-gated ion channels and methods of use

This document relates to materials and methods for controlling ligand gated ion channel (lgic) activity. For example, modified lgics including at least one lgic subunit having a modified ligand binding domain (lbd) and/or a modified ion pore domain (ipd) are provided.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Multi-nozzle print head

A print head (1) for depositing a liquid on a substrate comprises a layer structure including a stop layer (5) made of a dielectric material, an electrically conducting device layer (6), and an insulator layer (7) made of a dielectric material. A nozzle (3) is formed in the layer structure.
Eth Zurich

Novel peptides and peptidomimetics

Compounds and compositions comprising a gap junction channel or hemichannel blocker or inhibitor, and methods of use thereof, are provided for the treatment or prevention of vascular and other diseases, disorders, and conditions.. .
Ocunexus Therapeutics, Inc.

Method and configuring bi-directional channel in wireless communication system

A method and apparatus for configuring a bi-directional channel in a wireless communication system is provided. A user equipment (ue) configures the bi-directional channel which is used for either an uplink (ul) channel or a sidelink (sl) channel, and transmits data via at least one of the ul channel or the sl channel.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Adaptive triggering of rtt ranging for enhanced position accuracy

A range between a first wireless device and a second wireless device is estimated using a first mechanism based on messages transmitted over a first communication channel. The first communication channel is associated with a first radio access technology capability of the wireless devices.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method, device and system for recording television program

The present disclosure relates to a method, device and system for recording a television program, pertained to field of intelligent device. The method is applied in a router and includes: receiving an instruction for recording the television program, in which the instruction at least includes an appointment period and an identifier of a television channel; and downloading video data of being played by the television channel within the appointment period.
Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.

Data transmission method and system, and related devices

A data transmission method is performed at a data transmission system, including: receiving, by a transit device, audio/video data sent by a target client terminal that is in a target communication channel and has an audio/video upstream authority; forwarding, by the transit device, the audio/video data to a broadcast proxy device in the target communication channel, the broadcast proxy device being connected to at least one second client terminal that is in the target communication channel and does not have an audio/video upstream authority; and forwarding, by the broadcast proxy device, the audio/video data to each second client terminal in a corresponding downstream transmission mode according to network quality information of the second client terminal, the network quality information of each second client terminal being collected by the broadcast proxy device in advance.. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Persistent real-time communication channels with cloud computing systems

Mechanisms for establishing persistent bi-directional communication channels with cloud computing systems are disclosed. A processor device initiates a plurality of persistent bi-directional communication channels with a corresponding plurality of cloud computing systems.
Red Hat, Inc.

Sharing user context and preferences

Technology for interoperability is disclosed by enabling the sharing of user context or preferences for a computing experience across computing devices, operating systems, applications, or locations. A platform and application programming interface (api) are provided for computer applications and services to store and retrieve context data associated with a computing experience.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Channel based communication and transaction system

System and methods are provided for receiving identification information from remote user devices associated with users. The identification information serves to obtain corresponding stored user profiles.
Pypestream Inc.

Technologies for managing application configurations and associated credentials

Technologies for managing application configurations and associated credentials of a unified collaboration application include a centralized hub computing device configured to install an integration of a cloud-based application and establish a link the integration to a unified collaboration application. To do so, the centralized hub computing device is configured to receive configuration input for the integration from a user, store the configuration in an input application configuration database of the centralized hub computing device, and enable the application integration such that a communication channel can be established between the integration and the unified collaboration application via the centralized hub computing device.
Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc.

Serving channelized interactive data collection requests from cache

Expressions to calculate values from data collection can often involve additional data collection queries causing duplicate requests for snmp data collection. The duplicate requests can lead to increased latency or even data loss as snmp data collection requests are throttled in a network.
Ca, Inc.

Device, efficient coset decoder by transform

A device, system and method for decoding. A noisy version of an error correction codeword may be received, for example, over a noisy communication channel or retrieved from a memory device (e.g.
Tsofun Algorithm Ltd.

Testing device and testing method with a fading simulator

A testing device (3), especially a fading simulator incorporating antenna and circuit parameters, for testing a device under test (6), comprises a signal generating unit (4) and a fading simulation unit (5). The signal generating unit (4) generates a first number of signals according to a number of transmitting means (1) for a simulated transmission to the device under test (6).
Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

Communication channel calibration using feedback

A method for calibrating a communication channel coupling first and second components includes transmitting a data signal from the first component to the second component on the communication channel, and sensing a characteristic, such as phase, of the data signal on the second component. Information about the sensed characteristic is fed back to the first component using an auxiliary channel.
Rambus Inc.

Channel state feedback for a wireless link having phase relaxed channels

According to one of the aspects, there is provided a method for providing channel state feedback related to a wireless link between a transmitter having multiple transmit antennas and a receiver having at least one receive antenna. The method comprises determining (s1) channel estimates for at least a subset of the effective channels between the transmitter and the receiver, each effective channel including a propagation channel, and signal paths in the transmitter and the receiver.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Doppler midamble signaling for wireless communications

A wireless communication device (alternatively, device, wdev, etc.) includes at least one processing circuitry configured to support communications with other wdev(s) and to generate and process signals for such communications. In some examples, the device includes a communication interface and a processing circuitry, among other possible circuitries, components, elements, etc.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd .

Hybrid node

Apparatuses, methods, and systems of a hybrid node are disclosed. One embodiment of the hybrid node includes a first sector and a second sector.
Facebook, Inc.

Metadata for ducking control

An audio encoding device and an audio decoding device are described herein. The audio encoding device may examine a set of audio channels/channel groups representing a piece of sound program content and produce a set of ducking values to associate with one of the channels/channel groups.
Apple Inc.

Power semiconductor device having fully depleted channel regions

A power semiconductor device includes a semiconductor body coupled to first and second load terminal structures, and first and second cells each configured for controlling a load current and electrically connected to the first load terminal structure and to a drift region. A first mesa in the first cell includes a port region electrically connected to the first load terminal structure, and a first channel region coupled to the drift region.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Intelligent authentication

Systems and methods for intelligently authenticating payment transactions are disclosed. A user initiates a payment transaction to purchases goods or services from a merchant.

Logical validation of devices against fraud and tampering

Disclosed herein is a method and system to establish a secure communication channel between a payment object reader and a payment terminal for this, the server determines whether a payment terminal has associated with an attestation ticket. The method further includes determining, whether to approve or deny the request for establishing the secure communication channel between the payment object reader and the payment terminal based on the attestation ticket.
Square, Inc.

Determining a collection of data visualizations

A set of transition characteristics can be identified. The set of transition characteristics can include continuities and discontinuities between data fields and data visualization channels among a plurality of data visualizations.
International Business Machines Corporation

Collimated radiation source and scintillating fibre plate for medical imaging

An apparatus including a scintillator arrangement including a plurality of optically isolated scintillators that extend lengthwise along a plurality of respective parallel axes and define respective scintillation channels, wherein each of the optically isolated scintillators extends lengthwise between an input interface and an output interface and is arranged to receive higher energy photons at the input interface, to convert high energy photons to lower energy photons, and to output lower energy photons from the output interface in a respective scintillation channel, wherein the optical isolation reduces transmission of lower energy photons between scintillation channels.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Method of construction of a wall heating panel and a wall heating panel

The method of construction of a wall heating panel and a wall heating panel consists in constructing an aluminium multi-channel collector, preferably with one phase transition channel, connecting it inseparably with vertical aluminium heating elements, arranging the heating elements in the grooves of a dry wall construction board, preferably magnesium, and filling the space between the grooves and the heating elements with elastic compound, and then applying paper—aluminium foil laminate onto the whole surface of the board. A wall heating panel consists of an aluminium collector (1) with stub pipes (2), inside the collector there are horizontal parallel phase transition channels (3) and a water channel (4), the phase transition channel (3) is inseparably connected with the vertical aluminium heating elements (5) which are inserted into the grooves of the dry wall construction board (6), spaces between the grooves and the heating elements are filled with elastic compound (7) and sealed with paper—aluminium foil laminate (8), whereas the top part of the collector (1) adjoins the bottom surface of the board (6)..

Tapered roller bearing

A tapered roller bearing includes an inner ring, an outer ring, a plurality of tapered rollers, and an annular cage that holds the tapered rollers. The cage has a small annular portion positioned toward the axially first side with respect to the tapered rollers, a large annular portion positioned toward the axially second side with respect to the tapered rollers, and a plurality of cage bars that couples the small annular portion and the large annular portion together, and the cage is enabled to come into contact with an inner peripheral surface of the outer ring so that the contact allows the cage to be positioned in a radial direction.
Jtekt Corporation

Vacuum exhaust system and channel-switching valve used in this vacuum exhaust system

A vacuum exhaust system which exhausts gas from chambers and which comprises a plurality of branch channels for the exhaustion of the gas from the chambers, a main pipeline in the form of a confluence of the plurality of branch channels, channel open-close valves fitted to correspond with each of the said plurality of branch channels, a channel-switching valve connecting the main channel and a plurality of selection channels and allowing flow between the main channel and any one of the plurality of selection channels, a first pump which functions as a gas exhaust means in the molecular flow region of the gas and is fitted to one of the plurality of branch channels, and second pumps which function as gas exhaust means in the viscous flow region of the gas and are fitted to the plurality of selection channels.. .
Edwards Limited

Interior cooling configurations for turbine rotor blades

A turbine rotor blade that includes an interior cooling configuration having a section configuration that includes: a main channel divided into three non-overlapping segments in which an upstream segment connects to a downstream segment via a transition segment positioned therebetween; and one or more branching channels extending from the main channel via connections each makes to the transition segment. The transition segment includes a variable cross-sectional flow area that accommodates a main channel flow area reduction occurring between the upstream segment and the downstream segment.
General Electric Company

Fuel container system

The disclosure relates to a portable fuel container system which can facilitate extracting substantially all of the contents contained therein, without having to physically manipulate the container to do so, thereby minimizing spillage and waste. Embodiments of the fuel container system can include a fuel container enclosing a fluid cavity and a fluid dispenser.
Hoffman Family Ventures, Llc

Tip overlay for continuous flow spotting apparatus

The present disclosure provides apparatuses, systems, and methods involving a spotter apparatus for depositing a substance from a carrier fluid onto a deposition surface in an ordered array, the spotter apparatus comprising a loading surface including a first well and a second well; and a different outlet surface, including a first opening and a second opening, where a first microconduit fluidly couples the first well with the first opening and a second microconduit fluidly couples the second well with the second opening. An overlay is sealed to the outlet surface and penetrated by a deposition channel that is situated to communicate carrier fluid among the first opening, the second opening, and the deposition surface when the overlay is pressed against the deposition surface..
Carterra, Inc.

Apparatus for mass producing a monodisperse microbubble agent

An apparatus for mass producing monodisperse microbubbles includes a microfluidic flow focusing device, which includes a dispersed phase fluid supply channel having an outlet that discharges into a flow focusing junction, a continuous phase fluid supply channel having an outlet that discharges into the flow focusing junction, and a bubble formation channel having an inlet disposed at the flow focusing junction. The configuration of the flow focusing junction is such that, in operation, a flow of dispersed phase fluid discharging from the outlet of the dispersed phase fluid supply channel is engageable in co-flow by a focusing flow of continuous phase fluid discharging from the outlet of the at least one continuous phase fluid supply channel under formation of a gradually thinning jet of dispersed phase fluid that extends into the inlet of the bubble formation channel..
Universidad De Sevilla

Filters for non-plumbed appliances

A filter for a non-plumbed appliance is provided. The filter includes a filter housing having a sidewall extending along a longitudinal direction between a first end wall and a second end wall.
Haier Us Appliance Solutions, Inc.

Bilateral matching of frequencies and delays for hearing implant stimulation

A bilateral hearing implant system has a left side and a right side. There is an interaural time delay (itd) processing module on each side that adjusts itd characteristics of the stimulation signals based on defined groups of stimulation channels that include: i.
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

Device for non-invasive neuro-stimulation by means of multichannel bursts

A device is provided for the stimulation of neurons that includes a non-invasive stimulation unit to generate stimuli in multiple stimulation channels, where the stimulation unit stimulates a neuron population in the brain and/or spinal cord of a patient in different locations for each of the stimulation channels. Moreover, the device includes a control unit that controls the stimulation unit to generate repetitive bursts in each of the stimulation channels, where each of the bursts includes multiple stimuli and is designed so that they do not reset the phase of the neuronal activity of the respective stimulated neurons..
Forschungszentrum Juelich Gmbh

Methodology and signaling with capacity optimized constellations

Communication systems are described that use geometrically shaped constellations that have increased capacity compared to conventional constellations operating within a similar snr band. In several embodiments, the geometrically shaped is optimized based upon a capacity measure such as parallel decoding capacity or joint capacity.
Constellation Designs, Inc.

Mechanism for distinguishing between content to be served through first or second delivery channels

Described herein are methods, apparatus and systems for selectively delivering content through one of two communication channels, one being origin to client and the other being from or through a cdn to client. Thus a client may choose to request content from a cdn and/or from an origin server.
Akamai Technologies Inc.

System and secure online authentication

Disclosed are systems and methods for secure online authentication. An exemplary method comprises: determining, via a processor of a computing device, a connection being established between a browser application installed on a computer system and a protected website; obtaining information relating to the protected website in response to obtaining a request for authentication from the protected website; establishing a protected data transmission channel with the protected website to receive at least one certificate of the protected website; performing authentication and transmitting authentication data to the protected website; and in response to an indication of a successful authentication from the protected website, transmitting identification information to the browser application for enabling access to the protected website..
Ao Kaspersky Lab

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  • Molten Glass
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