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Ion Channel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ion Channel-related patent applications.

 Methods and  scheduling a narrowband response to wideband data in a high-efficiency wireless local area network patent thumbnailMethods and scheduling a narrowband response to wideband data in a high-efficiency wireless local area network
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for scheduling a narrowband uplink transmission from a wireless station to a wireless access point in response to a station-specific wideband downlink transmission from the access point to the station. A station-specific downlink frame includes a station identifier associated with the station, and further includes resource allocation information associated with an uplink transmission channel over which the station is to transmit an uplink frame.
Intel Ip Corporation

 Method and  proximal authentication of wireless electronic device patent thumbnailMethod and proximal authentication of wireless electronic device
A method for communicating between devices is presented. The method includes dividing a first public key of a first device into at least two partial keys, transmitting the at least two partial keys through at least two communication channels having different physical characteristics, receiving a second public key of a second device through at least one of the at least two communication channels, authenticating the second device based on the received second public key, and performing secure communication with the second device using a public key generated based on the received second public key..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Audio signal processing apparatus patent thumbnailAudio signal processing apparatus
The disclosure is based on the finding that acoustic near-field transfer functions indicating acoustic near-field propagation channels between loudspeakers and ears of a listener can be employed to pre-process audio signals. Therefore, acoustic near-field distortions of the audio signals can be mitigated.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Systems and methods for state awareness across communication channels and statefully transitioning between communication channels patent thumbnailSystems and methods for state awareness across communication channels and statefully transitioning between communication channels
A system may provide state awareness across communication channels and statefully transition a user between a source channel and a destination channel. A method may include storing a unique identifier associated with the user and data associated with the user, retrieving the data associated with the user based upon the user identifier and in response to the user entering the destination channel that is different from the source channel, and populating the data associated with the user in the destination channel.
Iii Holdings 1, Llc

 On board vehicle presence reporting module patent thumbnailOn board vehicle presence reporting module
The present disclosure describes a microprocessor executable presence reporting module operable to determine, based on one or more of a vehicle occupant context and requirement of law applicable to a current geographic location of the vehicle, whether the vehicle occupant is present and available for receiving an inbound communication and/or by what communication channel and/or modality to contact the vehicle occupant.. .
Autoconnect Holdings Llc

 Method and  detecting security anomalies in a public cloud environment using network activity monitoring, application profiling and self-building host mapping patent thumbnailMethod and detecting security anomalies in a public cloud environment using network activity monitoring, application profiling and self-building host mapping
The disclosed computer-implemented method for detecting security anomalies in a public cloud environment using network activity monitoring, application profiling, and self-building host mapping may include (1) collecting host information that identifies (a) at least one communication channel that has previously facilitated communication between at least one host computing platform within a cloud computing environment and at least one additional computing platform and/or (b) at least one application that has previously run on the host computing platform, (2) monitoring network traffic involving the host computing platform, (3) detecting, while monitoring the network traffic, network activity that is inconsistent with the collected host information, and then (4) determining that the detected network activity represents a potential security threat within the cloud computing environment due at least in part to the detected network activity being inconsistent with the collected host information. Various other methods, systems, and computer-readable media are also disclosed..
Symantec Corporation

 Enhanced multi factor authentication patent thumbnailEnhanced multi factor authentication
In one embodiment, a network element comprises one or more processors, and a memory module communicatively coupled to the processor. The memory module comprises logic instructions which, when executed by the processor, configure the processor to receive, via a first communication channel, a primary authentication request transmitted from a user from a first device, process the primary authentication request to determine whether the user is authorized to access one or more resources, in response to a determination that the user is authorized to access one or more resources, initiate, a secondary authentication request, and transmit the secondary authentication request from the network element to the user via a second communication channel, different from the first communication channel..
Phonefactor, Inc.

 Dynamic problem channel constructor patent thumbnailDynamic problem channel constructor
In an approach for dynamically linking a core problem and associated sub-problems during an information technology (it) critical situation, a processor detects a creation of a problem statement, wherein the problem statement includes a first tag. A processor creates a first collaboration channel based on the first tag associated with the problem statement, wherein the first collaboration channel is a communication medium.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Establishment of connection channels between complementary agents patent thumbnailEstablishment of connection channels between complementary agents
Embodiments relate to dynamically establishing and reconfiguring connection channels. More specifically, performance metrics for each agent may be quantitatively assessed, complementary agents may be identified based on the performance metrics, and connection channels may be established between the complementary agents.

 Real-time tagger patent thumbnailReal-time tagger
In an approach for providing tagging for problem resolution that works across multiple collaboration channels, a processor receives an indication of a problem statement. A processor monitors a collaboration channel for a new tag.
International Business Machines Corporation

Communication achieving low peak-to-average power ratio

The present disclosure relates to transmission of information across a communication channel efficiently and without error. The present disclosure also enables transmission of information across a communication channel such that the peak to average power ratio (papr) is one (zero in decibels).
Tejas Networks Ltd.

Signal detection in a communication system

There is provided a computer-implemented method of estimating transmitted signals in a communication system, the signals being transmitted by a transmitter to a receiver over a communication channel having a channel response, the method comprising estimating the transmitted signals based on generated trial sequences minimizing the channel response between adjacent received signals. There is also provided a receiver, a signal detector device and a communication system adapted to estimated transmitted signals in a communication system by generating trial sequences and determining the generated trial sequences minimizing the channel response between adjacent received signals.
Khalifa Univ. Of Sci., Tech. & Res. (kustar)

Soft-start for isolated power converter

Current flowing through an inductor on a primary side of a voltage converter is sensed and compared to a threshold peak current value to determine when to end an on portion of the voltage converter. The secondary side of the voltage converter supplies an indication of output voltage for use in determining the threshold peak current value.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Housing of vehicle lithium battery-modules

Housing of vehicle lithium battery-modules, each vehicle lithium battery-module having a parallelepipedal shape with a plurality of horizontal plates arranged inside the housing, parallel to each other, alternated with layers of lithium battery-modules, wherein each one of said plates is joined to said perimetral surfaces to convey the heat towards the external environment, wherein each battery-module is arranged so that said evacuation openings are vertically aligned and wherein each one of said horizontal plates comprises corresponding openings equipped with appropriate gaskets on both the opposite faces of the horizontal plates, in order to define continuous and gastight evacuation channels between the lithium battery-modules.. .
Nice Power S.r.l.

Floating wafer track with lateral stabilization mechanism

An apparatus (100) comprising:—a process tunnel (102) including a lower tunnel wall (120), an upper tunnel wall (130), and two lateral tunnel walls (108), wherein said tunnel walls together bound a process tunnel space (104) that extends in a transport direction (t);—a plurality of gas injection channels (122, 132), provided in both the lower and the upper tunnel wall, wherein the gas injection channels in the lower tunnel wall are configured to provide a lower gas bearing (124), while the gas injection channels in the upper tunnel wall are configured to provide an upper gas bearing (134), said gas bearings being configured to floatingly support and accommodate said substrate there between; and—a plurality of gas exhaust channels (110), provided in both said intend tunnel walls (108), wherein the gas exhaust channels in each lateral tunnel wall are spaced apart in the transport direction.. .
Asm International N.v.

Systems and methods for ion separation

A system for analyzing a sample includes a source configured to generate ions from constituent components of the sample; a mobility separation device, a plurality of ion channels, and a mass analyzer configured to determine the mass-to-charge ratio of the ions. The mobility device is configured to separate ions received from the source based on the mobility in a gas.
Thermo Finnigan Llc

System and driving assistance along a path

Various aspects of a system and method for driving assistance along a path are disclosed herein. In accordance with an embodiment, a unique identifier is received from a communication device at an electronic control unit (ecu) of a first vehicle.
Sony Corporation

Creating, verification, and integration of a digital identification on a mobile device

Described herein are apparatuses, methods, and computer readable media for verifying access of an instance of a digital identification on a mobile device. An exemplary method comprises establishing a first communication channel from a mobile device to a data transformation system; receiving an authentication credential on the first communication channel; verifying the authentication credential; and providing access to the instance of the digital identification.
Linq3 Technologies Llc

Automatic profile generator and scorer

In an approach for dynamically determining a suitable sme for a particular critical situation, a processor receives an initial problem statement. A processor constructs a collaboration channel associated with the initial problem statement.
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamic problem statement with conflict resolution

In an approach for providing a dynamic definition of a problem statement during an it critical situation with an associated conflict resolution, a processor receives an initial problem definition. A processor identifies related social collaboration channels associated with the initial problem definition.
International Business Machines Corporation

Critical situation contribution and effectiveness tracker

In an approach for dynamically ranking smes, based on the smes' activities during a critical situation, a processor identifies smes to work in a collaboration channel. A processor monitors an activity of the sme within the collaboration channel.
International Business Machines Corporation

Binocular with integrated laser rangefinder

A binocular with an integrated rangefinder consisting of two tubes with observation channels, the optical systems of which include a schmidt-pechan prism reversion system with at least half-pentagonal prism and a schmidt roof prism is provided. The laser transmitter of the transmitted infrared beam path is arranged in the first tube in parallel with the first observation channel towards the observed object and, furthermore, the display with an illuminated reticle and light beam is accommodated in the first tube, which, after passing through the integration display prism and the second separation layer on the reflective wall of the half-pentagonal prism and through the reversion system, is integrated into the first observation channel of the first tube..
Meopta - Optika, S.r.o.

A scroll compressor

The scroll compressor (1) includes an orbiting scroll arrangement (7), and a drive shaft (18) configured to drive the orbiting scroll arrangement (7) in an orbital movement, the drive shaft (18) including a lubrication channel (32) and a first lubrication hole (35) fluidly connected to the lubrication channel (32) and emerging in an outer wall of the drive shaft (18). The scroll compressor (1) further includes a first and a second bearings (38, 39) axially offset along a rotation axis of the drive shaft (18) and each configured to engage the drive shaft (18).
Danfoss Commercial Compressors

Device for cleaning roller surfaces of a drafting arrangement

The invention relates to an apparatus on a spinning preparation machine having a drafting system (1) for processing a fiber material (g) which is moved by the drafting system in the direction of conveyance (f), including a plurality of roller pairs arranged one after the other with upper rollers and lower rollers (2, 3; 4, 5; 6, 7), having at least two elongated stripping devices (9) which are each in contact with one of the upper rolls (3, 5, 7) along their stripping edges (k) for removing dirt and other contaminants, and having a suction hood (ah) which is mounted above the stripping devices (9) and is connected to a vacuum source (u). To avoid accumulations of components that have been stripped off the rollers in the area of the stripping devices and to improve the suction effect, it is proposed that each stripping device (9) be mounted in its own suction channel (11, 12, 13), wherein the stripping edge (k) of the respective stripping device (9) protrudes beyond its suction channel in the area of a first opening (o1), and the individual suction channels are each mounted on a bottom wall (8) provided with openings (b1, b2, b3), wherein the respective suction channel (11, 12, 13) is provided with a second opening (o2) opposite the first opening (o1), this second opening being opposite one of the openings (b1, b2, b3) of the bottom wall (8), wherein the suction hood (ah) protrudes beyond the openings (b1, b2, b3) of the bottom wall and is mounted on the side of the bottom wall (8) which is opposite the suction channels (11, 12, 13)..
Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag

Web-based game controller

A video game system includes a video server system (vss) having a first network address. The vss pairs a game controller having a second network address with a display system having a third network address.
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

Practitioner device for facilitating testing and treatment of auditory disorders

A practitioner device for facilitating at least one of testing and treatment of at least one auditory disorder is disclosed. The practitioner device includes a user interface configured for receiving an input from a practitioner.

Method and integrating radio agent data in network organization of dynamic channel selection in wireless networks

The present invention relates to wireless networks and more specifically to a method and apparatus for integrating spectrum data from a plurality of autonomous radio agents with a cloud-based data fusion and computing element that enables network self-organization and adaptive control of dynamic frequency selection in 802.11 ac/n and lte-u networks. In one embodiment, the present invention provides a cloud intelligence engine communicatively coupled to a plurality of multi-channel dfs masters that is configured to receive spectral information from the plurality of multi-channel dfs masters, integrate the spectral information with other spectral information to generate integrated spectral information, and determine communication channels for the plurality of multi-channel dfs masters based at least on the integrated spectral information..
Network Performance Research Group Llc

Adaptive mid-packet detection in wireless communications

Adaptive sensing times for mid-packet detection in wireless transmissions are provided. In some embodiments, the adaptive sensing times are selected according to criteria based, at least in part, on a defined condition associated with strength of wireless signals and/or a satisfactory performance in the determination of presence or absence of wireless signal in a communication channel..
Intel Ip Corporation

Current location-based communication with mobile devices

For current location-based telecommunication, an instruction is sent from a caller communication device to initiate a telecommunication with a set of destination communication devices. The instruction includes identifying information for a reference device but does not include any identifying information for the set of destination communication devices.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and customizing audio signal processing for a user

A method and an apparatus for customizing audio data processing are provided. The method includes receiving audio data through a wireless communication channel from an external device; decoding the received audio data; reducing noise of the decoded audio data; identifying hearing characteristics of a user by testing hearing abilities of the user at a plurality of frequency bands; adjusting a dynamic range of each of the plurality of frequency bands based on the hearing characteristics; processing the noise-reduced audio data based on the adjusted dynamic range of each of the plurality of frequency bands; and outputting the processed audio data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and system for voice transmission control

A method and a system for voice transmission control. The method comprises: receiving, by a voice answering device, a voice command and transmitting the voice command to a sound control server through a network data transmission channel; recognizing, by the sound control server, the voice command, generating corresponding vxml control information based on a recognition result, and transmitting the vxml control information to the voice answering device through the network data transmission channel; and performing, by the voice answering device, an operation according to the received vxml control information.
Shanghai Xiaoi Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Communicating multimedia data

A method of communicating multimedia data includes establishing a first connection between a transmitter unit and an administration server, establishing a second connection between a receiver unit and the administration server, assigning a same unique communication channel to the transmitter unit and the receiver unit by the administration server, establishing a third connection between the transmitter unit and the receiver unit using the same unique communication channel upon the first and second connections being established, and transmitting the multimedia data from the transmitter unit to the receiver unit via the third connection. The transmitter and receiver units respectively have unique identification codes that uniquely identify the units from other units connected to the administration server.
Senza Tech, Llc

Systems and methods for implementing security

Systems and method are provided in accordance with one or more processes that run within an operating system, in which a first process of the one or more processes is an agent that encodes instructions for obtaining an authentication token uniquely associated with the agent. The agent collects security information about a first computer system running the one or more processes according to one or more commands received from a remote security system.
Cloudpassage, Inc.

Communication channel security against packet sniffing

Data security can be optimized by applying secret obfuscation keys which are known, changed and updated among transmitting and receiving devices. One example of operation may include identifying data to be transmitted to a recipient device, receiving a current security pre-condition to use when creating a message to send the data, obfuscating the data based on the current security pre-condition and creating the message to include the obfuscated data, and transmitting the message to the recipient device..
Pilixo Limited

Early harq packet retransmission

A method is disclosed of a first device for wireless communication adapted to communicate with a second device for wireless communication over a communication channel in accordance with a hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) protocol. The method comprises receiving a first signal from the second device over the communication channel, estimating a first quality of the communication channel based on the received first signal, and transmitting a harq packet to the second device over the communication channel, wherein a transmission format of the harq packet is based on the estimation of the first quality.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

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  • Magnetic Field
  • Combustion
  • Molten Glass
  • Optical Component
  • Transmitter
  • Executable
  • Conference
  • Data Transmission Rate
  • Data Packet
  • Distributed
  • Communication System
  • Notification
  • Computer System

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