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Ion Channel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ion Channel-related patent applications.

 Television channel switching method and television patent thumbnailnew patent Television channel switching method and television
This disclosure discloses a television channel switching method and a television. The method includes: determining that a first channel being played enters into a no-signal state; displaying a commonly-used channel list, wherein the commonly-used channel list is determined according to a preset rule; and switching from the first channel to a second channel in the commonly-used channel list, wherein the second channel and the first channel are different channels..
Hisense Electric Co., Ltd.

 Method and system for diversity combining for high-performance signal reception patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for diversity combining for high-performance signal reception
A terrestrial receiver at a premises includes a plurality of antennas and a corresponding plurality of tuners. The terrestrial receiver receives terrestrial television signals via the plurality of antennas and the plurality of tuners and diversity combines a corresponding plurality of terrestrial television channels within the received terrestrial television signals, for example, based on control signals received from one or more customer premises equipment (cpe).
Maxlinear, Inc.

 Server device and terminal device patent thumbnailnew patent Server device and terminal device
A server device or a terminal device can perform switching of a path or a communication channel between an infrastructure communication through a network such as an epc, and a relay communication through a direct communication with a relay ue, and can continuously provide a service. A routing information request message includes at least identification information indicating that switching of a communication is required.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Body coupled communication device with synchronization patent thumbnailnew patent Body coupled communication device with synchronization
A body-coupled communication device (201) adapted to receive signals via a body transmission channel (160), the first device comprising couplers (102) arranged to receive a body-coupled signal, a synchronization-indicator (272) to storing a level of synchronization between the first device and a second device, and a band-pass filter (250) arranged to filter the received body-coupled signal depending on the synchronization level, the band-pass filter being arranged to allow passage of frequencies in a frequency-interval around a tunable filter frequency, wherein the frequency-interval is narrow if the synchronization-level is high and wherein the frequency-interval is broad if the synchronization-level is low.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Solid phase extraction with capillary electrophoresis patent thumbnailnew patent Solid phase extraction with capillary electrophoresis
Methods, systems and devices that provide fluid devices with at least one spe bed adjacent (upstream of) a separation channel which may be in communication with an inlet of a mass spectrometer. The fluid device can be configured to operate using independently applied pressures to a bge reservoir and a sample reservoir for pressure-driven injection that can inject a discrete sample plug into a separation channel that does not require voltage applied to the sample reservoir and can allow for in-channel focusing methods to be used.
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

 Accountability and satisfaction metrics, ethical standards, and their methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Accountability and satisfaction metrics, ethical standards, and their methods of use
Computer-implemented methods for providing real-time customer, patient or accountability, security, consumer and employee metrics include: providing at least one strategic goal; providing at least one metric associated with the at least one strategic goal; providing at least one communication channel between a customer and a company; providing at least one communication code; utilizing the at least one communication code to access the at least one communication channel; providing a survey tool to the customer using the at least one communication channel; capturing data from the survey tool in a database; converting the captured data to the at least one metric; and providing the at least one metric on a dashboard application. An executable software application that implements the computer-implemented method disclosed is also contemplated..
Strategic Communications Group Inc.

 Methods and devices for conducting payment transactions patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and devices for conducting payment transactions
Methods and devices for of conducting a payment transaction between a mobile terminal and a payment terminal in communication with a payment backend system involve: (a) sending a unique mobile terminal identifier from the mobile terminal to the payment backend system; (b) returning a cryptogram from the payment backend system to the mobile terminal, wherein the cryptogram comprises a unique transaction identifier in encrypted form; (c) transforming the cryptogram into a proximity payment token such that the proximity payment token contains the unique transaction identifier in encrypted form and transmitting the proximity payment token to the payment terminal via a proximity communication channel; (d) forwarding a transaction record including the unique transaction identifier in encrypted form and the amount of the payment transaction from the payment terminal to the payment backend system; and (e) decrypting the unique transaction data identifier in encrypted form and processing the payment transaction.. .
Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

 Method for transmitting information to a driver of a motor vehicle, and adaptive driver assistance system patent thumbnailnew patent Method for transmitting information to a driver of a motor vehicle, and adaptive driver assistance system
A method for transmitting information to a driver of a motor vehicle, with at least two information channels being provided to transmit information, includes presenting the information via at least a first information channel for the driver, determining a perception quantity representing perception by the driver with regard to the information presented, and defining a transmission of the information via a further information channel on the basis of the perception quantity determined.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Total isolation diverter valve patent thumbnailnew patent Total isolation diverter valve
The invention describes a total isolation diverter valve comprising a valve body whereon a main inlet conduit for inletting a fluid, a first outlet conduit for outletting the fluid and at least one second outlet conduit for outletting the fluid are obtained. The first outlet conduit for outletting the fluid is provided with a first fluid adhesion inner surface and the second fluid outlet conduit is provided with a second fluid adhesion inner surface.
Dolphin Fluidics S.r.l.

 Centrifugal radial turbine patent thumbnailnew patent Centrifugal radial turbine
A centrifugal radial turbine includes at least one support disc having a first face bearing at least one radial rotor stage formed by an array of blades arranged in succession along a respective circular path. The disc has through induction channels situated in a position radially external with respect to a respective shaft and radially internal with respect to the radial rotor stage.
Exergy S.p.a.

new patent

Sperm-specific cation channel, and uses therefor

Nucleic acid and protein sequences relating to a cation channel which is sperm-specific (catsper1) are disclosed. The catsper1 protein is shown to be specifically expressed in sperm and to be necessary for sperm motility.
Children's Medical Center Corporation

new patent

Heterocyclic inhibitors of the sodium channel

The invention relates to compounds useful in treating conditions associated with voltage-gated ion channel function, particularly conditions associated with sodium channel activity. More specifically, the invention concerns heterocyclic compounds (e.g., compounds according to any of formulas (1)-(x) or compounds (1)-(92) of table 1) that are that are useful in treatment of conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, pain, migraine, parkinson's disease, mood disorders, schizophrenia, psychosis, tinnitus, amyotropic lateral sclerosis, glaucoma, ischaemia, spasticity disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, restless leg syndrome and tourette syndrome..
Epirus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

new patent

Apparatus for extracting radioactive solid particles and method thereof

An apparatus is provided to extract radioactive solid particles. An extracting nozzle is used to extract radioactive solid particles.
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, R.o.c.

new patent

Small molecules that induce intrinsic pathways apoptosis

Apoptosis is generally believed to be a process that requires several hours, in contrast to non-programmed forms of cell death that can occur in minutes. Our findings challenge the time-consuming nature of apoptosis.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Initial access channel for scalable wireless mobile communication networks

Physical layer structures and access schemes for use in such networks are described and in particular initial access channel (iach) structures are proposed. A spectrum efficient downlink (dl) iach design supports different types of user equipment (ue) capabilities and different system bandwidths.
Apple Inc.

Bandwidth signaling

Bandwidth signaling in a wireless local area network is provided. The bandwidth signaling is performed by exchanging a request-to-send (rts) frame and a clear-to-send (cts) frame via plurality of transmission channels..
Techflux, Ltd.

Uplink access with compressed mode in a communication network system

An access device of a communication network system calculates power estimation values for successive time slots of a communication channel based on measurement values for the successive time slots from a user equipment accessing the communication network system via the access device. The access device performs transmit power control based on the power estimation values.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Hybrid low power network device

A hybrid low power network device comprising: a wave 1 radio configured to provide client devices wireless access to a network using su-mimo, a wave 2 radio configured to provide the client devices wireless access to the network using mu-mimo, a radio management system configured to assign client devices to either the wave 1 radio or the wave 2 radio for communicating over wireless communication channels in accessing the network, first and second ethernet ports, wherein at least one of the first and second ethernet ports are configured to provide power to the hybrid low power network device and allow at least one of the wave 1 radio and the wave 2 radio to communicate with the network, in operation the hybrid low power network device is configured to operate at a power consumption level between 15 and 17 w in providing the client devices wireless access to the network.. .
Aerohive Networks, Inc.

Hearing device and a hearing system configured to localize a sound source

The problem of estimating the direction to one or more sound sources of interest relative to a user wearing a pair of hearing devices, e.g. Hearing aids, is dealt with.
Oticon A/s

Wireless transmission of real-time media

A method, for wireless transmission of real-time media from a source to a sink over a wireless transmission channel is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises encoding media as a plurality of sets of frames, wherein each set of frames includes a key-frame, wherein the media is encoded for the wireless transmission such that a time-required for transmission of the key-frame of each set of frames is less than or equal to a time-allocation for the wireless transmission; and wirelessly transmitting the media from the source device to the sink device..
Blackberry Limited

Offloading a distribution server task to a media gateway

A server offloads one or more tasks to a first media gateway. The server receives, from the first media gateway that is receiving a video stream of a television channel, a first message that indicates that the first media gateway is eligible to process a request for media content of the television channel that otherwise would be processed by the server.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Systems and methods for mutual authentication of electronic devices

Embodiments are provided for mutually authenticating a pair of electronic devices. According to certain aspects, the electronic devices may connect to each other via an out-of-band communication channel.
Google Inc.

Systems and methods for text to social networking site to buy

Methods and systems for publishing content received via a cellular message to a social networking server to convert visitors of the published content into customers are provided. An agent executing on a device including one or more processors receives, via a cellular communication channel, a cellular message to publish content included in the cellular message to a server of a social networking web site.
Qwasi, Inc

Method and database access controls to provide privileged access to private messages to protect data from unauthorized disclosure

Some embodiments described herein relate to a method that can include receiving a portion of a message from a sender device. A request to access the portion of the message can then be received from a recipient device.
Criptext, Inc.

Media connection channel quality testing system

A computing device for media connection channel quality testing is described, including communications hardware; non-volatile memory storing a test initiation program; and a processor configured to execute the test initiation program to: transmit, via the communications hardware, a plurality of comparative testing media streams to a test server, each of the comparative testing media streams sent over one of a plurality of media connection channels; receive, via the communications hardware, a plurality of objective quality scores from the test server, each objective quality score corresponding to one of the plurality of media connection channels and are determined by the test server using an objective scoring test comparing the comparative testing media stream to reference testing data associated with the one of the comparative testing media streams; and select a recommended operational media connection channel from the plurality of media connection channels based on the objective quality scores.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Electronic device and operating the same

An electronic device includes a display device including a display panel, a clock generator configured to generate a first control clock having a first frequency, and a controller configured to drive the display panel, a communicator configured to perform communication through a wireless communication channel, and a change signal generator configured to generate a frequency change signal on a basis of a noise generated by the first control clock in the wireless communication channel, wherein the controller includes a receiver configured to receive the frequency change signal through a signal transfer line, and a clock convertor configured to convert, on a basis of the frequency change signal, the first control clock into a second control clock having a second frequency different from the first frequency to reduce the noise.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Electronic device with equalization, integrated circuit and methods therefor

An electronic device for a wireless communication system is described. The electronic device comprises: a receiver configured to receive a modulated signal on a communication channel; and a processor, coupled to the receiver and configured to: process the received modulated signal; identify a communication channel characteristic based on the processed received modulated signal; select an equalizer having a first set of equalization coefficients based on the identified communication channel characteristic, wherein the first set of equalization coefficients is selected from a plurality of equalization coefficients, each of the plurality of equalization coefficients being associated with different communication channel characteristics; equalize the processed received modulated signal on the communication channel using the selected equalizer; and detect the equalized received modulated signal..
Mediatek, Inc.

Method and reserving zero-wait time agent interactions

A computer-implemented method and an apparatus reserve agents for enabling zero-waiting time agent interactions for customers requiring agent assistance. The method includes determining if a customer requires agent assistance.
24/7 Customer, Inc.

Online networking platform for personal and professional relationship management

A networking application provides a platform for users to connect and share information on a personal and professional level. Users connect and are able to define their relationship in a granular and intuitive manner using relationship terms that mimic real-world relationships.
Webtalk, Inc.

System and method to proactively screen component wear through time domain response profiling

A receiver of a serial communication channel including a memory to store an initial channel characteristic of the serial communication channel, a detector to measure a current channel characteristic of the serial communication channel, and a processor to compare the initial channel characteristic to the current channel characteristic, and to provide an indication when the difference between the initial channel characteristic to the current channel characteristic is greater than a threshold.. .
Dell Products, Lp

Radar device for vehicle and estimating angle of target using same

The present invention relates to a radar device for a vehicle which may determine a target as a single target or multiple targets according to a dispersion level of a slope for each reception channel, calculated through a phase difference for each reception channel of a reflection signal and an arrangement interval for each reception channel, and estimate the angle of the target so as to acquire the angle of the target using a small amount of calculations, and a method for estimating the angle of a target using the same. An embodiment of the present invention provides a radar device for a vehicle, which detects a target located in the front side of a vehicle, comprising an electronic control unit configured to: calculate the slope of a reflection signal received for each reception channel, using a phase difference for each reception channel of the reflection signal and an arrangement interval for each reception channel, wherein the reflection signal is obtained by transmitting a predetermined transmission signal and receiving the transmitted transmission signal which is reflected back from the target; and determine the target as a single target or multiple targets according to a dispersion level of the calculated slope so as to estimate the angle to the determined target..
Mando Corporation

Cryogenic storage vessel

Draining a cryogenic storage vessel to remove a pump is timing consuming, expensive and can result in increased greenhouse gas emissions. A cryogenic storage vessel comprises an inner vessel defining a cryogen space and an outer vessel spaced apart from and surrounding the inner vessel, defining a thermally insulating space between the inner and outer vessels.
Westport Power Inc.

Vehicle and personal barrier for construction site

A modular combined pedestrian and vehicle barrier for a construction site and having upright post members with retention channels, spaced apart from each other, vehicle barrier members of predetermined length and height and having supports at each end, engagable with the channels on the posts, an intermediate fence rail extending between the posts adjacent to the upper extremity of the vehicle barrier members, and, personal fence panels located between the posts, and extending above the intermediate fence rails.. .

Sensor connecting unit, safety system and elevator

A sensor connecting unit includes a safety input for connecting with a sensor; a power supply that is controllable through a controllable power switch; and a first i/o processing unit and a second i/o processing unit being connected to each other through a reciprocal comparison communication channel. The first i/o processing unit and the second i/o processing unit are both connected through a measurement circuit to measure voltage, current or power between a reference input and the safety input, and connected to a safety bus.
Kone Corporation

Methods and associated neural prosthetic devices for bridging brain areas to improve function

Methods for bridging brain sites between which there is substantially no effective communication, and associated neural prosthetic devices, are provided. A neural spike in a first neural site in a subject is detected, and a stimulus to a second neural site in the subject is delivered within a defined period of time after the detection of the neural spike, wherein there is substantially no effective communication between the first and second neural sites.
Case Western Reserve University

Flush enhancing male luer tip design for syringes and any luer connection

A luer connection device is disclosed having a housing including a side wall having an inside surface defining a lumen with a central axis, an proximal end, and a distal end including a male luer tip within the lumen having a central flow diverter extending outwardly from the central axis to direct a fluid to a circumferential dead space distal to the male luer tip. A luer connection device is also disclosed having a flow expansion channel disposed in the lumen tapering outward from the wall of tubular housing and partially extending along a longitudinal axis from the tip opening toward the base opening for increasing mixing and flow through a circumferential dead space in the fluid path distal to the male luer tip..
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Method for dynamically adapting the capacity of a contention transmission channel

A method of adapting the capacity of a contention transmission channel between terminals and a connection station comprises a step of continuous estimation, using measurements in reception of expected bursts, a probability of receiving an empty expected burst pe, or the probability pe and a measured probability of receiving a burst ps, or a probability of receiving a burst having undergone a collision pc. The method determines a current quantity gr, monotonically sensitive to the external loading of the contention channel, using an estimated probability, pe or pc, or of the two estimated probabilities pe and ps, and detects whether a crossing of a threshold from among two predetermined thresholds while deviating from a fixed nominal value of gr has occurred to decide to increase or decrease the current capacity of the transmission channel.

Method, device and system for controlling air interface resource

Embodiments of the present application provide a method, device and system for controlling an air interface resource and relates to the field of communications, which improves air interface resource utilization. The method includes: when a core network device or user equipment detects that service data is not transmitted over a communication channel between the two devices by using an air interface resource, switching a first frequency of sending a hello packet to a peer device to a second frequency, and sending a frequency switching message to instruct the peer device also to switch the first frequency of sending a hello packet to the second frequency, so that when the hello packet is not detected within a packet detection period, an access network device releases an air interface resource occupied by a first communication channel..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Seamless video pipeline transition between wifi and cellular connections for real-time applications on mobile devices

Performing a real-time application on a mobile device, involving communication of audio/video packets with a remote device. The mobile device may initially communicate the audio/video packets on a first communication channel with the remote device.
Apple Inc.

Connection-oriented proxy push-pull server

A connection-oriented proxy push-pull network server, including: obtaining a history of the live content in response to a request from a client via a connection-oriented communication channel; obtaining a set of updates to the live content in response to the request from the client; and combining the history and the updates into a merged content stream back to the client via the connection-oriented communication channel.. .
Fanout, Inc.

Social network graph inference and aggregation with portability, protected shared content, and application programs spanning multiple social networks

An application program spans a plurality of digital social networks. The application program includes an inferred digital social network.
Cognueva, Inc.

Control device, system, and transmission channel adjustment method in software-defined networking

A control device, a system, and a transmission channel adjustment method in software-defined networking (sdn) where, a connection status of a control channel is acquired, it is determined, according to a preset threshold, whether a standby channel is suitable to continue serving as a standby channel. The standby channel is adjusted when the standby channel is congested to a specific extent and another uncongested channel is set as the standby channel, and the standby channel is switched to an active channel when the active channel is congested such that real-time channel adjustment is ensured, effective transmission of control information is ensured, and control reliability of a control device in sdn is improved..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Person support apparatuses with communication channel monitoring

A monitoring system includes one or more units that are adapted monitor the radio frequency conditions of a facility or portion of the facility. The units include a packet sniffer and/or an rf spectrum analyzer.
Stryker Corporation

Device management system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method

A device management system includes an information processing apparatus residing on a first network, a function providing apparatus residing on a second network and configured to provide a function to the information processing apparatus through a third network, and a log transfer apparatus residing on the first network and configured to communicate data with a providing-side device residing on the second network through a communication channel between the log transfer apparatus and the providing-side device. The information processing apparatus includes first circuitry to, in response to detecting a status in which the information processing apparatus is not able to communicate data with the function providing apparatus through the third network, generate an error log, and transmit the error log to the log transfer apparatus.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

System and two-dimensional equalization in an orthogonal time frequency space communication system

A system and method for receiving communication signals that have been spread in two dimensions. The method includes receiving signals representative of data that has been two-dimensionally spread and transmitted over a communication channel.
Cohere Technologies, Inc.

Adaptive signaling based mfsk modulation scheme for ultrasonic communications

An ultrasonic communication circuit is disclosed. The circuit includes an ultrasonic transmitter arranged to transmit a training signal having a frequency to a remote transceiver over an ultrasonic communication channel.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

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