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Inverter patents


This page is updated frequently with new Inverter-related patent applications.

 Brushless motor drive device patent thumbnailBrushless motor drive device
A brushless motor drive device includes the following: an inverter circuit configured to energize and drive the winding of a brushless motor; a current detection circuit configured to detect the current value of the winding; a control unit configured to control the rotation of the motor; and an rc filter including a resistor and a capacitor. The control unit includes the following: a drive control unit configured to generate a signal to drive the inverter; a clock generation circuit configured to generate a clock pulse to be used as a reference for an operation period; a pulse output circuit configured to generate a pulse signal with a changing frequency based on the clock pulse and to apply the pulse signal to the rc filter; an ad converter circuit connected to the capacitor of the rc filter and the current detection circuit; and an ad-conversion-error calculation unit configured to calculate the conversion error of the ad converter circuit.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Inverter device, energy storage system and  controlling an inverter device patent thumbnailInverter device, energy storage system and controlling an inverter device
An inverter device, an energy storage system comprising such an inverter device, and a method of controlling such an inverter device are provided. The inverter device has a split-phase, transformer-less configuration and is connectable between a battery and a power grid for transferring power in a bidirectional manner between said battery and said power grid.
Sonnenbatterie Gmbh

 Semiconductor device, inverter circuit, and drive device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device, inverter circuit, and drive device
A semiconductor device of an embodiment includes a first electrode, a second electrode facing the first electrode, an alternating-current electrode, a first switching element provided between the first electrode and the alternating-current electrode, and a second switching element provided between the second electrode and the alternating-current electrode. The first switching element and the second switching element are electrically connected in series between the first electrode and the second electrode, and the alternating-current electrode is electrically connected between the first switching element and the second switching element..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Determination circuit patent thumbnailDetermination circuit
A determination circuit of one embodiment includes first and second inverter circuits, a first transistor which turns on when receiving an asserted first signal, and a first capacity component including a first end which receives an inversion signal of the first signal. The second inverter circuit includes an input coupled to an output of the first inverter circuit, and includes an output coupled to an input of the first inverter circuit.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Motor drive having function of detecting dc link current patent thumbnailMotor drive having function of detecting dc link current
A motor drive according to the present invention includes an inverter circuit for converting a direct current into an alternating current by the switching of power elements and supplying the alternating current to a motor; a drive circuit for controlling the switching of the power elements; a fuse connected in series between a terminal of a dc link unit and a terminal of the inverter circuit through a conductor; a dc link current detection circuit for detecting a dc link current based on at least one of a voltage across the fuse, a voltage across a circuit including the fuse and part of the conductor, and a voltage across part of the conductor; and a dc link overcurrent detection circuit for detecting an overcurrent when the dc link current exceeds a predetermined value, and outputting a power element off command to turn off at least one of the power elements.. .
Fanuc Corporation

 Laser apparatus, euv light generation system, and  controlling laser apparatus patent thumbnailLaser apparatus, euv light generation system, and controlling laser apparatus
A laser apparatus may include: an optical amplifier configured to amplify a laser beam outputted from a master oscillator; an optical-amplifier power supply configured to supply an alternating current for optical amplification to the optical amplifier; and a laser controller. The optical-amplifier power supply may include: an alternating current generation circuit including an inverter circuit configured to change output amplitude in accordance with a duty cycle, the alternating current generation circuit being configured to generate the alternating current from an output of the inverter circuit; and a power supply control circuit configured to hold control information defining correspondence relations between command values from the laser controller and duty cycles of the inverter circuit, determine a duty cycle corresponding to a command value received from the laser controller based on the control information, and provide the determined duty cycle to the inverter circuit..
Gigaphoton Inc.

 Power converter patent thumbnailPower converter
The power converter includes an inverter circuit 140, a capacitor 514 for smoothing dc power, a capacitor 515 for removing noise, and conductors 564p and 564n. The conductors 564p and 564n are connected to the capacitors 514 and 515 when power side terminals 562p and 562n are connected to an inverter circuit 140, and power source side terminals 561p and 561n are connected to a battery 136.

 Apparatus for transferring energy using power electronics and machine inductance and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailApparatus for transferring energy using power electronics and machine inductance and manufacturing same
A traction inverter circuit includes a first energy storage device configured to output a dc voltage, a first bi-directional dc-to-ac voltage inverter coupled to the first energy storage device, and a first electromechanical device. The first electromechanical device includes a first plurality of conductors coupled to the first bi-directional dc-to-ac voltage inverter, a second plurality of conductors coupled together, and a plurality of windings coupled between the first plurality of conductors and the second plurality of conductors.
General Electric Company

 Gain compensation for a full bridge inverter patent thumbnailGain compensation for a full bridge inverter
An electrosurgical generator includes a gain-compensated full bridge topology. Gain nonlinearity is corrected by applying impedance and phase correction factors to a control loop to achieve a linear gain structure.
Covidien Lp

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
Provided is a semiconductor device exemplified by an inverter circuit and a shift register circuit, which is characterized by a reduced number of transistors. The semiconductor device includes a first transistor, a second transistor, and a capacitor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Signal delay cells

In some examples, a circuit is described. The circuit may be included in a digital phase-locked loop (pll) and may include a first delay cell, a second delay cell, and a delay controller.
Washington State University

Wireless power transmitter and wireless power transmission method

A wireless power transmitter is disclosed. The wireless power transmitter, which is capable of charging a plurality of wireless power receivers, includes: a plurality of coil cells; a main half-bridge inverter to which a main pulse signal is applied; a plurality of sub half-bridge inverters to which a first sub pulse signal or second sub pulse signal is applied; a current sensor that monitors the current through the coil cells; and a communications and control unit that controls the pulse signals applied to the main half-bridge inverter and sub half-bridge inverters and that communicates with the wireless power receivers, wherein the sub half-bridge inverters may be respectively connected to the coil cells..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Transistor, clocked inverter circuit, sequential circuit, and semiconductor device including sequential circuit

A transistor with excellent electrical characteristics (e.g., on-state current, field-effect mobility, or frequency characteristics) is provided. The transistor includes an oxide semiconductor layer including a channel formation region, a first gate electrode, a second gate electrode, a source electrode, and a drain electrode.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Circuit arrangement for generating a test voltage, in particular for testing the insulation of installed cable

The invention relates to a circuit arrangement for generating a test voltage, in particular for testing electrical equipment, comprising an alternating voltage source or a voltage source having constant or essentially constant voltage and a circuit means connected to the voltage source for generating a preferably low-frequency alternating voltage u0. A power converter, preferably configured as a resonant converter, is connected to the alternating voltage source.
Baur Prüf- Und Messtechnik Gmbh

Power transmitting device and wireless power transmission system

A power transmitting device determines transmitting power p(t1) at a beginning of a first unit time, and transmitting power p(t2) at an end of the first unit time, stores a control parameter q(t3) that determines a voltage of the transmitting power at a beginning of a second unit time, and a control parameter q(t4) that determines a voltage of the transmitting power at an end of the second unit time, determines a power difference Δp=p(t2)−p(t1) and a difference Δq=q(t4)−q(t3) in the control parameter q, and, if the Δp is equal to or larger than a first threshold and an absolute value of the Δq is equal to or larger than a second threshold, determines that there is a foreign object between a receiver resonator and a transmitter resonator and decreases the transmitting power output from an inverter circuit.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Gate drive circuit and display device using the same

A display device having a plurality of gate lines and a gate drive circuit is disclosed. The gate drive circuit includes a pull-up transistor configured to receive a first clock signal and to charge an output node to a voltage of the first clock signal based on a voltage of a q node.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Driver circuit, display device including the driver circuit, and electronic appliance including the display device

An object of the present invention is to provide a driver circuit including a normally-on thin film transistor, which driver circuit ensures a small malfunction and highly reliable operation. The driver circuit includes a static shift register including an inverter circuit having a first transistor and a second transistor, and a switch including a third transistor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

It is an object to form a buffer circuit, an inverter circuit, or the like using only n-channel tfts including an oxide semiconductor layer. A buffer circuit, an inverter circuit, or the like is formed by combination of a first transistor in which a source electrode and a drain electrode each overlap with a gate electrode and a second transistor in which a source electrode overlaps with a gate electrode and a drain electrode does not overlap with the gate electrode.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Level shift circuit

An input part is supplied with a low voltage from a low voltage power supply line. A level shift part and an output part are supplied with a high voltage from a high voltage power supply line.
Denso Corporation

Control inverter circuit

A control method of an inverter circuit includes the following steps. Firstly, a half cycle of the ac output voltage is divided into a first stage and a second stage.
Delta Electronics, Inc.

Line interactive ups and controlling method thereof

The present invention provides a line interactive ups, which comprises an ac input, an ac output, a chargeable and dischargeable device, a dc/ac inverter, a rectifying circuit, a full-bridge inverter, a capacitor, a switch, a charger, a boost circuit and a rectifying and buck circuit. An output of the boost circuit is connected to an input of the full-bridge inverter.
Eaton Manufacturing Lp, Glasgow, Succursale De Morges

Logic elements comprising carbon nanotube field effect transistor (cntfet) devices and methods of making same

inverter circuits and nand circuits comprising nanotube based fets and methods of making the same are described. Such circuits can be fabricating using field effect transistors comprising a source, a drain, a channel region, and a gate, wherein the first channel region includes a fabric of semiconducting nanotubes of a given conductivity type.
Nantero, Inc.

Motor drive control device, compressor, air-sending device, and air-conditioning apparatus

A motor drive control device includes a three-phase rectifier; a boosting circuit including a reactor, a switching element, and a backflow preventing element and boosts a direct-current bus voltage supplied from the three-phase rectifier; a smoothing capacitor; an inverter circuit; a boosting control unit; an inverter control unit; and a circuit protecting unit suppresses a ripple current flowing through the smoothing capacitor. In the circuit protecting unit, a correlation of an on-duty ratio of the switching element included in the boosting circuit, the output power of the inverter circuit, and an estimated ripple current are set.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Ac-ac power source conversion device and conversion method thereof

An ac-ac power source conversion device, comprising a rectifier circuit (10), an active power factor correction circuit (20), an automatic charge pumping circuit (30) and an inverter circuit (40), wherein the rectifier circuit is connected to an ac power source (100), receives the electric energy therefrom, and then converts the same into the dc electric energy for output; the active power factor correction circuit is connected to the rectifier circuit, receives the electric energy therefrom, and outputs the same after promoting a power factor; the automatic charging pumping circuit is connected to the active power factor correction circuit, receives the electric energy therefrom, and then adjusts and outputs same; and the inverter circuit is connected to the automatic charge pumping circuit and a load (200), receives the electric energy therefrom, converts same into the ac electric energy, and then outputs same to the load.. .
Hep Tech Co., Ltd.

Power-transmitting device and wireless power-supplying system

When a voltage across an element of a voltage converter or an inverter circuit has reached an upper limit of a withstanding voltage of the element and it is determined that received power of a power-receiving device has not reached a target value, an instruction for changing at least one of inductance and capacitance of an element which is disposed from a receiving-side pad to a filter circuit in the power-receiving device is transmitted from a power-transmitting device to the power-receiving device so as to satisfy a condition that the received power approaches a target value.. .
Ihi Corporation

Wireless power supplying apparatus

A wireless power supplying apparatus that supplies power to a power receiving apparatus spatially separated from the wireless power supplying apparatus by using a magnetic field, includes a loop conductor for supplying power that is formed on a substrate made of an insulator and that includes inductance; an inverter circuit that receives a dc voltage, converts the dc voltage into an ac voltage, and applies the ac voltage to the loop conductor; and a capacitor connected between one end of the loop conductor and at least one end of the inverter circuit. The loop conductor surrounds a periphery of a power supplying area within a surface of the substrate, at least part of the loop conductor includes an indented portion that is indented from the periphery, and the loop conductor has a total length longer than a peripheral length of the power supplying area..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Inter coupling of microinverters

A number of dc-ac microinverters driven by separate photovoltaic sub-arrays are physically combined to use common components such as a common, common-mode choke. Each microinverter is controlled by a common switching controller to produce a portion of the desired output such that ripple on the combined output is minimized, and each microinverter produces a common mode signal on its associated sub-array equal in frequency to the desired ac output frequency..

Switching power supply unit

Provided is a switching power supply unit that includes a pair of input terminals, a pair of output terminals, two transformers, two inverter circuits, a rectifying smoothing circuit, and a driver. The rectifying smoothing circuit includes eight rectifying devices, a first choke coil, a second choke coil, and a capacitance.
Tdk Corporation

Method for detecting failure of soft start and variable frequency device

A method for detecting failure of soft start includes: connecting a variable frequency device to a load; detecting an energy storage unit at a first voltage level; generating an output current to the load; detecting the energy storage unit changed from the first voltage level into a second voltage level; generating a reference voltage value according to the output current and determining whether a voltage difference value between the first voltage level and the second voltage level is larger than the reference voltage value; determining whether a voltage peak-to-peak value of the energy storage unit is smaller than a set value by the controller if the voltage difference value is larger than the reference voltage value; and controlling the inverter circuit to stop outputting the output current to the load if the voltage peak-to-peak value is smaller than the set value.. .
Delta Electronics, Inc.

Power conversion device including inverter circuit and control circuit

A power conversion device includes a first detection circuit that acquires input information about an ac voltage and/or an alternating current which are inputted to the power conversion device from an ac power supply, a rectifier circuit, an inverter circuit including a switch, and a control circuit that generates a pulse signal for the switch while the control circuit (a) determines, based on the input information, whether the rectifier circuit is in a state in which the rectifier circuit allows switching noise to propagate from the switch to the ac power supply and (b) changes a frequency of the pulse signal with time at least in a period in which the rectifier circuit is in the state.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Power-transmitting device and wireless power transmission system

A power-transmitting device transmits ac power generated in an inverter circuit to a power receiving device in a wireless manner by magnetically coupling a power-transmitting coil to a power-receiving coil of the power receiving device. The power-transmitting device is provided with a power transmission controller which controls the aforementioned inverter circuit to change the ac power in accordance with information relating to the state of power transmission to a load connected to the power-receiving device..
Ihi Corporation

Method and bypassing cascaded h-bridge (chb) power cells and power sub cell for multilevel inverter

Multilevel power converters, power cells and methods are presented for selectively bypassing a power stage of a multilevel inverter circuit, in which a single relay or contactor includes first and second normally closed output control contacts coupled between a given power cell switching circuit and the given power cell output, along with a normally open bypass contact coupled across the power stage output, with a local or central controller energizing the coil of the relay or contactor of a given cell to bypass that cell.. .
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Pulsed level shift and inverter circuits for gan devices

Gan-based half bridge power conversion circuits employ control, support and logic functions that are monolithically integrated on the same devices as the power transistors. In some embodiments a low side gan device communicates through one or more level shift circuits with a high side gan device.
Navitas Semiconductor Inc.

Power conversion device and three-phase alternating current power supply device

Provided is a power conversion device including: a conversion device for each phase which converts dc voltage inputted from a dc power supply, to voltage having an ac waveform to be outputted to each phase with respect to a neutral point of three-phase ac; and a control unit which controls these conversion devices. Each conversion device includes: a first converter which has a dc/dc converter including an isolation transformer, and a capacitor, and which converts the inputted dc voltage to voltage containing a pulsating dc voltage waveform corresponding to the absolute value of the ac waveform to be outputted; and a second converter which is provided at a stage subsequent to the first converter and has a full-bridge inverter, and which inverts the polarity of the voltage containing the pulsating dc voltage waveform, per one cycle, thereby converting the voltage to voltage having the ac waveform..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Resonant inverter and isolated resonant power supply device

A resonant inverter includes an input terminal, a first switch, a second switch, a transformer, a first resonant circuit, and a second resonant circuit. To the input terminal, an input voltage is applied.
Tdk Corporation

Method and controlling an electrified powertrain system of a vehicle

A method for controlling a powertrain system includes deactivating a motor disconnect clutch during vehicle operation. Motor speed is decreased to a first inactive speed threshold and an inverter circuit is controlled to an inactive state while monitoring the motor speed.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Refrigeration device

A refrigeration device includes a high-voltage electrical parts group having reactors and cooled elements, a low-voltage electrical parts group, a printed wiring board with the electrical parts groups mounted, and a refrigerant jacket that uses refrigerant flowing through the refrigerant circuit to cool the cooled elements. The high-voltage electrical parts group form an interleaved power supply circuit.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Method and spectrum spreading of a pulse-density modulated waveform

Methods and systems are provided for spreading spectral density of pulse streams during digital to analog conversion. An example spreading circuit may comprise an accumulator circuit, a bit generator circuit, a comparator circuit, and an inverter circuit.
Entropic Communications, Llc

A double auxiliary resonant commutated pole three-phase soft-switching inverter circuit and modulation method

Provided are a double auxiliary resonant commutated pole three-phase soft-switching inverter circuit and a modulation method. The circuit includes a three-phase main inverter circuit and a three-phase double auxiliary resonant commutator circuit.
Shenyang University Of Technology

Wireless power transfer device and wireless power transfer system

A wireless power transfer system according to an embodiment of the present invention is a wireless power transfer system having a receiving part for receiving power from a transmitting part, wherein the transmitting part comprises: a power conversion part comprising a full bridge inverter; and a control part for controlling the power conversion part using a pulse width modulation (pwm) control signal, the duty ratio of the pwm control signal being determined by a duty ratio in which the ratio of the magnitude of harmonics to the magnitude of a fundamental frequency among frequency components of the output signal of the power conversion part is a minimum.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Inverter-integrated electric compressor

An inverter-integrated electric compressor includes an inverter housing portion, an inverter device including a substrate (17) having an inverter circuit mounted thereon, the inverter device being integrally incorporated in the inverter housing portion, and a busbar assembly (29) formed by a uvw busbar covered by a resin case (33), the uvw busbar being configured to conduct ac power converted by the inverter circuit from the substrate (17) side to a motor terminal. In such an inverter-integrated electric compressor, the busbar assembly (29) includes an adhering partition (42) to be adhered to an end surface of the substrate (17) using an adhesive (43), the adhering partition (42) being provided in an upright manner on a lower surface of the resin case (33) of the busbar assembly (29); a height (h) and a gap (s) of the adhering partition (42) relative to the end surface of the substrate (17) are set as appropriate; and the adhering partition (42) and the end surface of the substrate (17) are adhered to each other using the adhesive (43)..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Automotive Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.

Load control device for a light-emitting diode light source

A load control device for controlling the amount of power delivered to an electrical load is able to operate in a normal mode and a burst mode. The load control device may comprise a control circuit that activates an inverter circuit during active state periods and deactivates the inverter circuit during inactive state periods.
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Semiconductor device and power converter using the same

To suppress a temperature rise of a chip accompanying a production of large output by a power converter, and to reduce a size of the power converter. A power semiconductor device includes: a first power semiconductor element to configure an upper arm of an inverter circuit; a second power semiconductor element to configure a lower arm of the inverter circuit; a first lead frame to transmit power to the first power semiconductor element; a second lead frame to transmit power to the second power semiconductor element; a first gate lead frame to transmit a control signal to the first power semiconductor element; and a sealing member to seal the first power semiconductor element, the second power semiconductor element, the first lead frame, the second lead frame, and the first gate lead frame.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Alternating current (ac)-direct current (dc) conversion circuit and control method thereof

An ac-dc conversion circuit includes an input rectifier circuit, a primary side input filtering capacitor, a primary side inverter circuit, a drive circuit, an isolation transformer, a secondary side rectifier circuit, a secondary side capacitors, and a control circuit connected between the secondary side output filtering capacitor and the drive circuit, where the drive circuit is connected to the primary side inverter circuit. The primary side inverter circuit and the primary side input filtering capacitor form a loop, so as to form a clamping resonant circuit.
Shenzhen Boyn Electric Co., Ltd.

Single-phase inverter

In an inverter circuit, more particularly in a single-phase inverter, soft switching is performed with a simple configuration to prevent switching loss of a switching element. A resonance circuit is configured by a resonant capacitor provided on the power supply side of a bridge circuit constituting a single phase inverter, a resonant inductor provided on the output side of the bridge circuit, and the bridge circuit.
Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Gate driving circuit, inverter circuit, and motor control device

This disclosure discloses a gate driving circuit configured to control conduction or shutdown of a semiconductor switching element. The gate driving circuit includes a gate control part, a gate resistor, and a short circuit part.
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

Motor drive control apparatus, compressor, fan, and air-conditioning apparatus

A motor drive control apparatus according to the present invention includes: a three-phase rectifier to rectify an ac voltage supplied from a three-phase ac source; a booster circuit including a reactor, a switching element, and a backflow preventing element, to boost a dc bus voltage supplied from the three-phase rectifier; a smoothing capacitor to smooth an output of the booster circuit; and an inverter circuit to convert the dc bus voltage smoothed by the smoothing capacitor into an ac voltage and supplying the ac voltage to a motor. During a starting operation of a boosting operation of the booster circuit or a stopping operation of the boosting operation thereof, a rotation speed of the motor is fixed..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Motor drive device

A motor drive device includes: an inverter circuit having a smoothing capacitor; a drive circuit portion which outputs an operation signal to the inverter circuit; a control portion which controls the drive circuit portion; and an operating voltage generation portion which supplies power to the drive circuit portion and the control portion by generating an operating voltage for the drive circuit portion and the control portion. The inverter circuit converts a dc voltage from a first power supply to an ac voltage and outputs the ac voltage to a multi-phase motor coil.
Denso Corporation

System for starting large-scale power load in micro-grid

A system for staring a large-scale power load in a micro grid comprises a pcc grid connection switch, a micro grid alternating-current bus, an active power filter (apf), an energy storage inverter, an energy storage battery, a current-limiting resistor r, contactors k1-k3, a time relay kt, a power supply relay board, a micro grid maser control system, a frequency converter rectifying circuit, a frequency converter filter circuit, and a frequency converter inverter circuit. There are the advantages: an output torque of a power load can be effectively improved by using a variable frequency starting apparatus, and a starting current is also small; the provided method can effectively reduce a harmonic current when a variable frequency starting apparatus starts a power load, the phenomenon that two power sources supply power on a direct-current side of the variable frequency starting apparatus at the same time is avoided, thereby improving the stability and the economy of a micro grid..
Hebei Electric Power Commissioning Institute

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