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Mesh delivery system

Method and apparatus for performing interpolation based on transform and inverse transform

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inverse-related patents
 Method for providing internet services for socialization purposes patent thumbnailMethod for providing internet services for socialization purposes
A method for providing internet services for socialization purposes sends an identity data and a location data to a server. The method further converts the identity data and the location data into a profile status data.
 Mesh delivery system patent thumbnailMesh delivery system
A mesh delivery system for controlling electricity supplied to one or more electrical devices from a power source are disclosed. Signals relating to characteristics of the electrical devices are uniformly or non-uniformly sampled at discrete intervals are provided along with associated sampling time indications via the mesh network to a destination controller.
 Targeted therapeutic nanoparticles patent thumbnailTargeted therapeutic nanoparticles
Disclosure of methods and compositions related to chemical conjugations to nanoparticles of polysaccharides cross-linked to poloxamers as well as nano-sized colloids comprised of polysaccharides and poloxamers. The nanoparticles may be produced by various methods including inverse miniemulsion polymerization processes which create nanogels of desired size, shape, and stability for controlled therapeutic drug delivery, imaging, and theragnostic applications..
 Method and apparatus for performing interpolation based on transform and inverse transform patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for performing interpolation based on transform and inverse transform
Provided are a method and apparatus for interpolating an image. The method includes: selecting a first filter, from among a plurality of different filters, for interpolating between pixel values of integer pixel units, according to an interpolation location; and generating at least one pixel value of at least one fractional pixel unit by interpolating between the pixel values of the integer pixel units by using the selected first filter..
 Method and apparatus for computing image pyramids and related computer program product patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for computing image pyramids and related computer program product
An embodiment of a method for computing pyramids of input images (i) in a transformed domain, e.g., for search and retrieval purposes, includes:—arranging input images in blocks to produce input image blocks,—subjecting the input image blocks to block processing including: transform into a transformed domain, subjecting the image blocks transformed into a transformed domain to filtering, subjecting the image blocks transformed into a transformed domain and filtered to inverse transform implementing an inverse transform with respect to the previous transform into a transformed domain, thus producing a set of processed blocks. The set of processed blocks, which is recomposeable to an image pyramid, may be used, e.g., in detecting extrema points in images in the pyramid, extracting a patch of given size around the extrema points detected, and processing the patch to obtain local descriptors such as sift descriptors of a feature..
 In-vehicle audio device patent thumbnailIn-vehicle audio device
In a structure of an in-vehicle audio device, the audio system has an audio signal supplying section, an audio signal processing section, a balance adjustment section and an audio signal output section. A right audio signal processing section and a left audio signal processing section in the audio signal processing section perform a process of filtering audio signals supplied from the audio signal supplying section on the basis of a transfer function.
 Polynomial phases for multi-carrier modulation schemes with time domain windowing patent thumbnailPolynomial phases for multi-carrier modulation schemes with time domain windowing
In one aspect, a method includes performing a mapping on bits to form a complex data symbol, applying a frequency rotation mask to the complex data symbol based on a polynomial phase, performing an inverse discrete fourier transform (idft) after applying the frequency rotation mask, applying a time domain window after performing the idft, converting digital data to analog data after applying the time window and transmitting the analog data as an analog signal.. .
 Ghost compensation in beam migration patent thumbnailGhost compensation in beam migration
Methods and systems for ghost compensation which are embedded in beam migration are described. The ghost compensation is based on the fact that the beam migration is performed in the slant-stack domain.
 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method patent thumbnailMagnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
In the non-cartesian measurement, image quality is improved while the advantages of non-cartesian measurement are maintained. To realize the aforementioned, in the non-cartesian measurement, artifacts caused by non-uniform data density in k-space are reduced.
 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
The present invention discloses a semiconductor device, which comprises a substrate, a buffer layer on the substrate, an inversely doped isolation layer on the buffer layer, a barrier layer on the inversely doped isolation layer, a channel layer on the barrier layer, a gate stack structure on the channel layer, and source and drain regions at both sides of the gate stack structure, characterized in that the buffer layer and/or the barrier layer and/or the inversely doped isolation layer are formed of sige alloys or sigesn alloys, and the channel layer is formed of a gesn alloy. The semiconductor device according to the present invention uses a quantum well structure of sige/gesn/sige to restrict transportation of carriers, and it introduces a stress through lattice mis-match to greatly increase the carrier mobility, thus improving the device driving capability so as to be adapted to high-speed and high-frequency application..
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit
A method of designing a semiconductor integrated circuit, includes inserting, between a power supply voltage and a ground voltage, at least two types of capacitor cells which have a different ratio, the ratio being between an inverse number of a capacitance value of a capacitative element and a resistance value of an equivalent series resistance, such that an impedance between the power supply voltage and the ground voltage in a resonance frequency according to capacitances of the at least two types of capacitor cells and an external inductance, and an impedance between the power supply voltage and the ground voltage in a target frequency, are near respective desired values or less than or equal to the respective desired values.. .
Chronic population based cost model to compare effectiveness of preventive care programs
Our invention is a cost model for healthcare, based not on “age”, as it is done currently, but on “chronic illness” as a risk factor. Using the model it is possible to derive two burden numbers, “primary” and “secondary” that is an inverse measure of the success of primary and secondary preventive care programs.
Data remapping for predictive video coding
Specifically, a method decodes a picture. The picture is encoded and represented by blocks in a bitstream.
Adaptive equalizer
An adaptive equalizer (100) has a signal converter (200) for performing a fast fourier transform and/or an inverse fast fourier transform. The signal converter (200) has: a first wide-bit memory (201) capable of reading/writing a plurality of sample signals; a first register group (202) comprising a plurality of registers capable of accessing the first wide-bit memory (201); a butterfly computation unit group (204) comprising a plurality of butterfly computation units; and a first connection switching unit (203) for switching the state of connection between the plurality of registers and the plurality of butterfly computation units..
Data visualization methods
A method for creating a graphical representation of data is performed at an electronic device having one or more processors and memory. The device receives a finite set of data points and calculates a respective conical distribution for each respective data point centered on the respective data point and based on a respective data value.
Omnidirectional antenna
Disclosure is related to an omnidirectional antenna. Structurally the antenna includes multiple antenna units which are oppositely disposed around the edges of a grounded substrate.
Control method for mobile parallel manipulators
In the control method for mobile parallel manipulators, kinematic singularity and redundancy are solved through joint limits avoidance and manipulability criteria. By taking the mpm self-motion into consideration due to its redundancy, the inverse kinematic is derived using a hybrid neuro-fuzzy system, such as nefik.
Producing nanostructure of polymeric core-shell to intelligent control solubility of hidrophilic polymer during polymer flooding process
Hydrophilic polymer particles have been obtained using polyacrylamide, xanthane, maleic anhydride polymers, allylamine, ethyleneimine, and oxazoline as core polymers. Then, hydrophobic polymers shells have been produced on the core-side using styrene, styrene copolymers, polyvinyl state, polysolfune, polymethyl methacrylate, and polycyclohxyl methacrylate by in-situ polymerization of monomer as method one and inverse emulsion process as method two.
Cryptography processing device and cryptography processing method
A device that uses homomorphic encryption is disclosed. The device includes a public key data generator configured to generate public key data, and a secret key data generator configured to generate secret key data that includes, as a secret key, an integer that is an element of a matrix obtained as a product of the first public key matrix element and an inverse matrix of the secret key matrix and that is not a multiple of the plain text space size..
Orthogonal freequency division multiplexing-code division multiple access system
An orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm)-code division multiple access (cdma) system is disclosed. The system includes a transmitter and a receiver.
Effective bandwidth path metric and path computation method for wireless mesh networks with wired links
Enhanced mesh network performance is provided by computation of a path metric with respect to multi-hop paths between nodes in a mesh network and determination of a path through the mesh network that is optimal according to the path metric. Information is communicated in the mesh network according to the determined path.
Method for driving liquid crystal panel, method for testing flicker and liquid crystal display apparatus
A method for driving a liquid crystal panel, a method for testing flicker and a liquid crystal display apparatus are disclosed. They relate to the technical field of liquid crystal display.
Low swing voltage mode driver
An output driver includes control logic configured to switch on a pull-up circuit and a pull-down circuit to provide an output impedance for a logic low on a transmission line. The output driver includes a variable pull-up resistor.
Linearity improvement over temperature using temperature dependent common-mode voltages in active mixer
A mixer comprising a gilbert cell configured to receive a baseband signal and a local oscillator signal, wherein the gilbert cell comprises a baseband transistor and a local oscillator transistor, and a biasing circuit configured to generate a bias voltage that is inversely related to temperature and coupled to the local oscillator transistor.. .
Reciprocating tool with inverse bushing
In one embodiment, a reciprocating tool includes a reciprocating plunger, the plunger including an inner wall defining a chamber portion within the plunger, a motor operably connected to the plunger, and a bushing located at least partially within the chamber and contacting the inner wall.. .
Systems and methods for applying a residual error image
Systems and methods described herein enable a residual error image to be added and rendered in an existing html canvas using native primitives. A current image and a residual error image containing pixel value differences between the current image and an updated image are received.
Systems and methods for adjusting electrical neuromodulation therapy in medication therapeutic window
A neuromodulation system and method for managing electrical neuromodulation therapy for a patient in conjunction with administering a pharmacological agent to the patient. Electrical energy is delivered to a target tissue region of the patient, thereby electrically modulating the target tissue region providing therapy to the patient.
Switch circuit and method of switching radio frequency signals
An rf switch circuit and method for switching rf signals that may be fabricated using common integrated circuit materials such as silicon, particularly using insulating substrate technologies. The rf switch includes switching and shunting transistor groupings to alternatively couple rf input signals to a common rf node, each controlled by a switching control voltage (sw) or its inverse (sw_), which are approximately symmetrical about ground.
Cell-friendly inverse opal hydrogels for cell encapsulation, drug and protein delivery, and functional nanoparticle encapsulation
The invention provides polymer scaffolds for cell-based tissue engineering.. .
Water flow power generation apparatus
Water flow power generation apparatus, comprises bracket, water wheels, transmission and generator driven by the water wheels, said bracket has at least one, and the bracket includes an upper bracket and a lower bracket, a sharp-angled shape rectifier object a is fixed at the water inlet end of the water wheels between the upper bracket and the lower bracket. The transmission and the generator are located above the upper bracket, there are at least two reverse direction rotating water wheels fixed between the upper bracket and the lower bracket, the vanes of the adjacent water wheels are interlaced arranged, and the same end of each water wheel is fixed with some synchromesh gears respectively, under the effect of the synchromesh gears, each water wheel can rotate inversely at the same time, and it will not lead to the situation that the vanes of the adjacent wheels crashing and disturbing each other, so as to keep each water wheel working independently at the same time; thus, and the torque force of each wheel can be passed on to the generator to produce power, which can not only improve the utilization ratio of water power, but also improve the generating efficiency; moreover, the whole generating apparatus is of simple structure, low cost for design and manufacture and easy installation, and applicable to various water flow..
Method of eliminating offset in spot centroid due to crosstalk
There is provided a method of eliminating an offset in a spot centroid due to crosstalk. A crosstalk matrix is used to characterize crosstalk characteristics of a multi-pixel spot-centroid detector.
Method and device for signal processing in spread spectrum system
A method and a device for signal processing in a communication system are provided. The method includes: performing sampling and time-frequency transform on a received first time domain signal to obtain a first frequency domain signal; performing modulus operation on the first frequency domain signal with respect to a preset threshold to obtain a second frequency domain signal; performing inverse time-frequency transform on the second frequency domain signal to obtain a second time domain signal, and performing despreading on the second time domain signal.
Method and apparatus for estimating fouling factor and/or inverse soluble scale thickness in heat transfer equipment
Scale deposition on a heat transfer surface in a liquid system such as a heat exchanger is estimated by directing of small portion of the liquid flow through a test cell, consisting of a sensor positioned on and projecting through a conduit wall. The sensor consists of a conductive block containing a heater and having a heated wetted test surface that is flush with the inside of the conduit wall and in contact with the flow through the conduit.
Method and apparatus for aligning a clock signal and a data strobe signal in a memory system
A method of aligning a clock signal and a data strobe signal in a system comprising a memory controller and a memory, and a corresponding memory system are provided. The method comprising the steps of: putting the memory into a write levelling mode; incrementing an alignment delay applied to the data strobe signal until a transition point occurs at which a response of the memory to issuance of the data strobe signal transitions to an inverse state; performing an oversampling of the response of the memory over a selected interval following said transition point; repeating the steps of incrementing and performing an oversampling until, for a selected alignment delay, a majority of results of the oversampling is in the inverse state; performing a cycle alignment detection procedure to determine an identified clock cycle of a plurality of adjacent cycles of the clock signal, the identified clock cycle responsible for the transition point; and applying the selected alignment delay to the data strobe signal and applying a clock cycle selection to a data path in the system to match the identified clock cycle..
Data visualization methods
A method for creating a graphical representation of data in the form of a heatmap is performed at an electronic computing device. The device positions data points on a heatmap for graphical representation and calculates conical distribution values around a first data point based on a first data value associated with the first data point.
Back electromotive force detection circuit, and motor driving control apparatus and motor using the same
There are provided a back electromotive force detection circuit, and a motor driving control apparatus and a motor using the same. The back electromotive force detection circuit includes: a voltage generating unit generating a voltage in inverse proportion to a duty ratio of a pulse width modulation (pwm) signal; a variable amplifier controlling a gain according to the voltage generated by the voltage generating unit, and amplifying back electromotive force according to the controlled gain; and a comparator comparing an output from the variable amplifier with a pre-set reference signal, and outputting a zero-crossing signal of the back electromotive force..
Method for ultrasonic fatigue testing at high temperature, and testing device
Disclosed are a method for ultrasonic fatigue testing at high temperature and a testing device without needing preliminary young's modulus measurement, and a method for ultrasonic fatigue testing at high temperature and a testing device capable of securing heat insulation for protecting a vibrator without water cooling of a horn, measuring end surface displacement of a test specimen in a noncontact manner, and solving problems of a noncontact temperature measurement of a test specimen and temperature control. Young's modulus is calculated by inverse calculation, a rod and a horn having heat resistance, heat insulation, and temperature symmetry of a test specimen are used, laser light is irradiated and received from an oblique direction to measure end surface displacement, and a noncontact temperature measurement of a test specimen by a black-body coating and a two-color radiation thermometer and temperature control by a high-frequency coil having a special shape are performed..
Leveraging to minimize the expected inverse assets
In a previous disclosure it was shown that a long-term leveraging formula can be derived from a root objective function that attempts to minimize the expected inverse assets of a return distribution. In this disclosure, the inverse asset objective is more generally applied, in two additional distinct cases, to optimally leverage portfolios of investments where long term conditions do not apply.
(thieno[2,3-b][1,5]benzoxazepin-4-yl)piperazin-1-yl compounds as dual activity h1 inverse agonists/5-ht2a antagonists
A dual h1 inverse agonist/5-ht2a receptor antagonist of the formula (i), its uses, and methods for its preparation are described.. .
Method of patterning a lapping plate, and patterned lapping plates
A method of forming a patterned lapping plate by providing a working tool having a pattern comprising a plurality of raised teeth, each of the raised teeth having a base, at least one side wall, and a terminal end, and patterning the lapping plate with the tool to provide a working surface having an inverse pattern of the tool surface in the working surface of the lapping plate, the patterning process plastically deforming the working surface of the lapping plate.. .
Fiber-reinforced composite material
A fiber-reinforced composite material (11) is constructed by laminating a plurality of fiber bundle layers formed of a reinforced fiber to form a laminated fiber bundle layer and further impregnating the laminated fiber bundle layer with a matrix. At either side of a neutral surface (16), the number of +θ layers which are fiber bundle layers having a fiber orientation angle of +θ and the number of −θ layers which are fiber bundle layers having a fiber orientation angle of −θ are the same, the order of laminating the fiber bundle layers is inversely symmetrical with respect to the standard surface, and the number of other fiber bundle layers disposed between the +θ and −θ layers at either side of the standard surface is the same..
Method for generating codebook, method and apparatus for data transmission
A method for generating a codebook and a method and an apparatus for data transmission are provided. The method includes: receiving a label of a codeword sent by a user equipment (ue); selecting the codeword identified by the label from the codebook for eight-antenna; and coding data to be sent by using the codeword.
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
An image processing apparatus capable of reducing a capacity of a storage element includes: a first variable-length decoding unit that sequentially outputs, for each first unit of processing, one or more components included in the first unit of processing, by performing a first process on a coded stream; a reordering unit that sequentially outputs, for each second unit of processing different from the first unit of processing, one or more components included in the second unit of processing, by reordering the components outputted from the first variable-length decoding unit; and a second inverse quantization unit that performs a second process on the components outputted from the reordering unit, for each second unit of processing.. .
Hardware-based, redundant overvoltage protection
A generator system includes a generator and a generator control unit (gcu). The gcu is connected to monitor and regulate the generator output voltage.
Systems and methods for creating aberration-corrected gradient index lenses
Embodiments include methods, systems, and/or devices that may be used to create aberration-corrected gradient index lenses. In some embodiments, data related to aberration measurements is received.
Bi-phasic applications of real & imaginary separation, and reintegration in the time domain
A signal is decomposed into different components using a transform, with the components then being separately presented to a person in a manner that produces a different cognitive experience than would have resulted from either (a) presentation of the original signal, or (b) presentation of a fully synthesized (inverse transformed) signal.. .
Speech coding by quantizing with random-noise signal
A method, system and program for encoding and/or decoding a speech signal. The method comprises: generating a first signal representing a property of an input speech signal; transforming the first signal using a simulated random-noise signal, thus producing a second signal; quantizing the second signal based on a plurality of discrete representation levels, thus generating quantization values for transmission in an encoded speech signal, and also generating a third signal being a quantized version of the second signal; and performing an inverse of the transformation on the third signal, thus generating a quantized output signal, wherein the generation of the first signal is based on feedback of the quantized output signal.
Method, apparatus and computer program for calculating current distribution inside brain
Apparatus for calculating current distribution inside brain includes: initial grid setting unit configured to set grid points constituting grid with predetermined pitch; current calculating unit configured to calculate current value at each grid point based on the electromagnetic information, by solving forward problem to obtain lead field matrix and by solving inverse problem to obtain current source vector; sub-grid setting unit configured to set grid points constituting sub-grid with smaller pitch, only for subset of the previously set grid, based on the current value at each grid point calculated in the preceding current calculating step; and calculation executing unit configured to repeat setting the sub-grid and calculating the current source vector by the sub-grid setting unit and the current calculating unit one or more times, after calculation of current source vector corresponding to the initial grid is executed by the initial grid setting unit and the current calculating unit.. .
Nickel ferrite nanoparticle composite and method for preparing same
The present invention relates to a method for preparing a nickel ferrite nanoparticle composite having an inverse spinel structure obtained using a polyol process, a nickel ferrite nanoparticle composite prepared by the method, and a method for selectively binding, separating or purifying a specific protein using the nickel ferrite nanoparticle composite. The method for preparing a magnetic nanoparticle composite according to the present invention includes a one-step hydrothermal synthesis process, and thereby the magnetic nanoparticle composite can be prepared in a simple and economic manner.
Method for packaging low-k chip
Provided is a method for packaging a low-k chip, comprising: attaching onto a carrier wafer a layer of temporary strippable film; arranging inversely a chip (2-1) onto the carrier wafer via the temporary strippable film; attaching thin film layer i (2-4) onto the carrier wafer for packaging; bonding a support wafer (2-5) onto the thin film layer i (2-4) and solidifying; forming a reconstructed wafer consisting of the chip (2-1), thin film layer i (2-4), and the support wafer; detaching the reconstructed wafer from the carrier wafer; completing a rewired metal wiring (2-6) on thin film layer i (2-4); forming a metal column (2-7) at an end of the rewired metal wiring (2-6); attaching thin film layer ii (2-8) onto a surface of the metal column (2-7), packaging, and solidifying; coating a metal layer (2-9) on the top of the metal column (2-7), forming bga solder balls (2-10) on the metal layer (2-9) by means of printing or ball planting; and finally slicing into individual bga packages the reconstructed wafer having formed the bga solder balls (2-10).. .
Pattern improvement in multiprocess patterning
Improved fidelity to an integrated circuit pattern design in a semiconductor structure ultimately produced is achieved by modeling material removal and deposition processes in regard to materials, reactant, feature size, feature density, process parameters and the like as well as the effects of such parameters on etch and material deposition bias due to microloading and rie lag (including inverse rie lag) and using the models to work backward through the intended manufacturing method steps, including hard mask pattern decomposition, to morphologically develop feature patterns for use in most or all process steps which will result in the desired feature sizes and shapes at the completion of the overall process. Modeling of processes may be simplified through use of process assist features to locally adjust rates of material deposition and removal..
Multiple mode wireless data link design for robust energy efficient operation
The invention provides power smart in-door optical wireless link that provides lossless beam propagation between transmitter (t) and receiver (r) for changing link distances including in conditions of transmit and receive beam spoiling due to environmental effects. Each t/r unit uses a combination of fixed and variable focal length optics (called inverse adaptive optics) to smartly adjust the transmit beam laser beam propagation parameters of minimum beam waist size and its location to produce the optimal zero propagation loss coupling condition at the receiver for the specific link distance..
Table grid detection and separation
A technique is described for table grid detection and separation during the analysis and recognition of documents containing table contents. The technique includes the steps of table detection, grid separation, and table cell extraction.
Non-broadcast multiple access inverse next hop resolution protocol (inhrp)
The present invention is a method and apparatus for obtaining information transmitted between a source station and a destination station in a non broadcast multiple access network. A connection between the source station and a server for the destination station is established.
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
In a semiconductor device, a first interlayer insulating layer made of an inorganic material and formed on inverse stagger type tfts, a second interlayer insulating layer made of an organic material and formed on the first interlayer insulating layer, and a pixel electrode formed in contact with the second interlayer insulating layer are disposed on a substrate, and an input terminal portion that is electrically connected to a wiring of another substrate is provided on an end portion of the substrate. The input terminal portion includes a first layer made of the same material as that of the gate electrode and a second layer made of the same material as that of the pixel electrode.
Detection system and method
A detection system and method for detecting if of a plurality of electrical elements on a printed circuit board (pcb) is loaded inversely are provided. The system includes a setting module to receive a standard image of a standard pcb and select one or more of the electrical elements from the standard image by a user.
Energy conversion apparatus
Disclosed is an energy conversion apparatus. An energy conversion apparatus may comprise a control part controlling a length of a first time duration in which input current is inputted and accumulated, a length of a second time duration in which the accumulated current is provided to a load, and a length of a third time duration in which inverse current flows; and a dc-to-dc converter including an inductor, a output capacitor, and at least one switching element, wherein the input current is accumulated during the first time duration by switching the at least one switching element according to a control of the control part so as to perform input impedance matching, and the dc-to-dc convert provides a current corresponding to a difference between the accumulated current provided during the second time duration and the inverse current flowing from the output capacitor during the third time duration to the load..
Novel magnetic refrigerant materials
A novel magneto caloric material (mcm) is provided that can be used in, for example, a regenerator of a heat pump, appliance, air conditioning system, and other heating and/or cooling devices. The mcm is a type of heusler alloy, has an l21 crystal structural prototype, and can undergo a reversible phase transformation between a low temperature, low magnetization martensite phase and a high temperature, high magnetization austenite phase to exhibit an inverse magneto caloric effect upon application of a sufficient magnetic field.
Method and apparatus for performance optimization through physical perturbation of task elements
The invention is an apparatus and method of biofeedback training for attaining a physiological state optimally consistent with the successful performance of a task, wherein the probability of successfully completing the task is made is inversely proportional to a physiological difference value, computed as the absolute value of the difference between at least one physiological signal optimally consistent with the successful performance of the task and at least one corresponding measured physiological signal of a trainee performing the task. The probability of successfully completing the task is made inversely proportional to the physiological difference value by making one or more measurable physical attributes of the environment in which the task is performed, and upon which completion of the task depends, vary in inverse proportion to the physiological difference value..
Electromagnetic tomography solutions for scanning head
An electromagnetic tomography system for gathering measurement data pertaining to a human head includes an image chamber unit, a control system, and a housing. The image chamber unit includes an antenna assembly defining a horizontally-oriented imaging chamber and including an array of antennas arranged around the imaging chamber.
Method for reducing noise in a sequence of fluoroscopic images by temporal and spatial filtering
In the field of medical imaging using fluoroscopy, a method for reducing noise in a sequence of fluoroscopic images acquired by an x-ray detector comprises for each image (xn) of the sequence: applying temporal filtering to the image (xn) at instant n, the temporal filtering comprising fluoroscopic noise reduction processing; applying spatial filtering to the image (yn) at instant n, the spatial filtering comprising: transforming the image (yn) acquired at the instant n from the spatial domain into the curvelet domain using a curvelet transform, each transformed image being represented by a set of coefficients, thresholding the coefficients of the image (yn) using a thresholding function, the thresholding function cancelling the coefficients below a third predetermined threshold, and preserving or adjusting the coefficients above the third predetermined threshold, transforming the image (zn) whose coefficients have been thresholded from the curvelet domain into the spatial domain using an inverse curvelet transform.. .
Combining differential images by inverse riesz transformation
A method forms a representative image from a crossed grating fringe pattern interferogram of an object from an interferometer. The method determines a plurality of spectral lobes from the interferogram and selects from the plurality of determined lobes, two substantially orthogonal sidelobes.
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving signal of ofdm system
A method and apparatus for transmitting an ofdm signal including converting a distribution of a signal in which inverse fourier transform is performed in an ofdm system and a method of receiving an ofdm signal including expanding a received signal are provided, and by changing a magnitude distribution of a signal that is output from an ofdm modulator to a bimodal gaussian distribution, an influence of noise in a receiving terminal can be reduced, and by limiting a signal that is output from an ofdm modulator to an appropriate magnitude, a phase in the receiving terminal can be prevented being wrongly demodulated.. .
Method and apparatus for processing video data
A method of compressing video signal data via three-dimensional (3d) transformation, and decoding the compressed video signal data. The method includes: receiving transformation coefficients included in video signal data compressed via 3d transformation; selecting at least one transformation coefficient from among the received transformation coefficients based on a reproducing capability of a device for reproducing the video signal data; and decoding the compressed video signal data to video signal data in a spatial domain by 3d inverse transforming the compressed video signal data using the selected at least one transformation coefficient..
Switching power supply device and a semiconductor integrated circuit
In a switching power source which controls a current which flows in an inductor through a switching element which performs a switching operation in response to a pwm signal, and forms an output voltage by a capacitor which is provided in series in the inductor, a booster circuit which is constituted of a bootstrap capacity and a mosfet is provided between an output node of the switching element and a predetermined voltage terminal. The boosted voltage is used as an operational voltage of a driving circuit of the switching element, another source/drain region and a substrate gate are connected with each other, and a junction diode between one source/drain region and the substrate gate is inversely directed with respect to the boosted voltage which is formed by the bootstrap capacity..
Pixel unit driving circuit, pixel unit and display device
A pixel unit driving circuit, a pixel unit and a display device, wherein said pixel unit driving circuit of the pixel unit comprises a switching unit (201) having a first terminal connected to a high-voltage signal terminal (vdd), a second terminal connected to a light-emitting device (oled), a third terminal connected to a first control line (cn1), and a fourth terminal connected to a second control line (cn2); a driving transistor (t1) having a drain connected to the switching unit (201), and a source connected to a low-voltage signal terminal (vss); and a capacitance storage unit (202) having a first terminal connected to the gate of the driving transistor (t1), a second terminal connected to the source of the driving transistor (t1), and a third terminal connected to the second control line (cn2). Amount and on-off of the driving current ioled and data current idata can be controlled via the switching unit (201) to make the current scaling ratio idata/ioled change inversely as ioled changes, thus guaranteeing the data current idata can quickly charge the first capacitor regardless of amount of the driving current ioled..
Read-only memory and its manufacturing method
A read-only memory includes a plurality of storage units arranged in an array. The read-only memory includes two kinds of storage units with different structures, the two kinds of storage units with different structures are a first mos transistor and a second mos transistor.
Identifying unexpected relationships in a social networking system
A social networking system identifies relationships between friends of a target user that are likely to be unexpected to the target user. To identify an unexpected relationship among a user's friends, the social networking system determines a measure of unexpectedness for pairs of connections of the target user and selects pairs of connections for presentation to the user based on the measure of unexpectedness.
Speech transcription including written text
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for transcribing utterances into written text are disclosed. The methods, systems, and apparatus include actions of obtaining a lexicon model that maps phones to spoken text and obtaining a language model that assigns probabilities to written text.

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