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Antenna modification to reduce harmonic activation


Antenna modification to reduce harmonic activation

Health care system

Life Robo Corp.

Health care system

Health care system


Signal continuity assessment using embedded watermarks

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inuit-related patents
 Method and  protection switching based on memory control in packet transport system patent thumbnailMethod and protection switching based on memory control in packet transport system
A protection switching method and apparatus based on a memory control in a packet transport system are provided. The protection switching method may perform hardware-based protection switching based on a type of path failures that occur.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Antenna modification to reduce harmonic activation patent thumbnailAntenna modification to reduce harmonic activation
An arrangement for modifying a printed circuit antenna of the type used in mobile communication devices includes introducing one or more discontinuities into a printed circuit pattern of the antenna so that it is not activated at undesired frequencies. Examples of discontinuities include localized narrowing the printed circuit strip, localized widening of the printed circuit strip and localized changing of the shape of the printed circuit strip..
Broadcom Corporation

 Health care system patent thumbnailHealth care system
An object of the present invention is to increase awareness to health of the user and make the user actively work on improvement in his/her lifestyle habits. A server apparatus 30 extracts record data recorded in a most-recent period t1 from multiple kinds of data of the user in a database apparatus 50, and obtains a moving average deviation by kinds.
Life Robo Corp.

 Signal continuity assessment using embedded watermarks patent thumbnailSignal continuity assessment using embedded watermarks
Methods, apparatus, and systems for signal continuity assessment using embedded watermarks are provided. The embedded watermarks are recovered from the content and one or more attributes associated with the recovered watermarks are identified.
Verance Corporation

 Method for creating accurate, updateable vertical ramps that fall on ramp geometry in transition areas of laminated composite parts patent thumbnailMethod for creating accurate, updateable vertical ramps that fall on ramp geometry in transition areas of laminated composite parts
Methods for product data management and corresponding systems and computer-readable mediums. A method includes receiving one or more layer boundaries of one or more plies of a composite part.
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

 Generation and publication of shared tagsets patent thumbnailGeneration and publication of shared tagsets
Systems and methods are provided to facilitate receipt of tag requests from one or more interfaces, based upon which a single tagset is compiled at a controller comprising all the requested tags for a given update rate, whereupon the single compiled tagset is subsequently forwarded to the one or more interfaces. A controller generates a superset of tags associated with an industrial process.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

 Timer and watch patent thumbnailTimer and watch
A timer includes: a case body made of synthetic resin; an outer case made of synthetic resin, located above the case body and extending to a portion of an upper face of a watch glass; a reinforcement member made of metal embedded in the case body to prevent deformation of the case body when the watch glass is fit thereto and ensure airtightness; and an antenna arranged inside the case body and beneath the reinforcement member, wherein the reinforcement member is embedded in the case body in no electrical continuity with a ground potential.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

 Fiber optic cables with access features and methods of making fiber optic cables patent thumbnailFiber optic cables with access features and methods of making fiber optic cables
Cables are constructed with extruded discontinuities in the cable jacket that allow the jacket to be torn to provide access to the cable core. The discontinuities can be longitudinally extending strips of material in the cable jacket..
Corning Optical Communications Llc

 Method of manufacturing a fiber optic cable patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing a fiber optic cable
A method of manufacturing a fiber optic cable includes steps of extruding a first jacketing material around strength members, over armor, and to form a cavity between the strength members and beneath the armor. The cavity is configured to support an optical fiber.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

 Blisk with low stresses at blade root, preferably for an aircraft turbine engine fan patent thumbnailBlisk with low stresses at blade root, preferably for an aircraft turbine engine fan
Furthermore, the assembly comprises a flowpath reconstruction part formed in the aerodynamic continuity of said external surface (50), so as to cover said recess (72).. .


Hybrid operating room for combined surgical and fixed imaging services in an ambulatory surgical center

An ambulatory surgical center can include a hybrid operating room. The hybrid operating room can include radiation shielding.


Hybrid operating room for combined surgical and fixed imaging services in an ambulatory surgical center

An ambulatory surgical center can include a hybrid operating room. The hybrid operating room can include at least four lead-shielded walls, a floor, and a ceiling.


Changing topology of wireless peer-to-peer group

A device in a peer-to-peer (p2p) group has the role of group owner. A different device in the p2p group may take on the role of group owner without ending the p2p group and create a new p2p group.
Blackberry Limited


Method of mobility management for mobile terminal in a heterogeneous network environment

A method for managing mobility of a terminal in a heterogeneous network environment is provided. According to an aspect, there is provided an operation method of a terminal receiving parameters for coordinated multi-point transmission/reception (comp) operation in a heterogeneous network environment, the operation method including, at the terminal, receiving at least one parameter among a comp operation mode parameter, a time information parameter regarding a time at which the comp operation starts, a point information parameter about points that participate in the comp operation, and a comp operation parameter, from a base station, through a layer-3 message.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Semiconductor device, driving semiconductor device, and electronic device

A novel semiconductor device that can write and read multilevel data is provided. A memory cell includes a bit line, a power supply line, first and second nodes, first to fourth transistors, and first and second capacitors.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Use of polygon loading areas for increasing efficiency of field dispatch in a telecommunications setting

A dispatch system and method for a dispatch coverage region including a set of dispatch assignment areas (daas), wherein the shape of the daas are based on at least a first aspect of the dispatch coverage region, e.g. The physical wiring distribution.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


System for acquiring chirp data and acquiring chirp data using the same

Provided are a system for acquiring chirp data for profiling the shallow sedimentary layers and a method for acquiring chirp data using the same, and more particularly, a system for acquiring chirp data which includes a new apparatus capable of recording chirp raw data and manufactures a high-resolution raw section preserving polarity and phase information using the recorded chirp raw data to enhance continuity and resolution of the sedimentary layers and a method for acquiring chirp data using the same.. .
Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources


Synchronization system for a thrust reverser

The present disclosure provides a thrust reverser device for a turbojet engine nacelle which includes at least two cowls each mounted with the ability to move translationally with respect to a fixed structure between an upstream closed position and a downstream open position. In the upstream position, the two cowls provide aerodynamic continuity of the nacelle, and in the downstream open position, they open a passage in the nacelle.


Modeling intersecting faults and complex wellbores in reservoir simulation

Orthogonal unstructured grids are automatically constructed for a field or reservoir model with two types of internal boundaries: complex wells and faults, or other discontinuities. The methodology is used to constructed simulation grids for reservoirs or fields which contains both complex fault planes and multi-lateral wells.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Sleep state management by selecting and presenting audio content

Techniques for managing sleep states by selecting and presenting audio content are described. Disclosed are techniques for receiving data representing a sleep state, selecting a portion of audio content from a plurality of portions of audio content as a function of the sleep state, and causing presentation of an audio signal comprising the portion of audio content at a speaker.


Merchandising system with pusher assembly

A merchandising system for a displaying a plurality of products is disclosed. The system comprises a base and a pusher member.
Display Technologies, Llc


Integrated lighting system and method

System and method include luminaires, control switches, occupancy detectors, and photocells connected to central control module for setting up, testing, commissioning and maintaining the system. Memory card interface and associated memory card provided for loading, saving and/or transferring configuration, update firmware, and log system operation data, which can be automatically recognized to perform appropriate actions.
Hubbell Incorporated


Preventing artifacts due to underfill in flip chip imager assembly

A cmos imager assembly may include an integrated circuit (ic) having an active-pixel image sensor that is mounted on a printed circuit board (pcb) substrate using flip chip packaging technology. The ic and the pcb may be physically and electrically connected to each other through multiple electrically conductive connectors.
Apple Inc.


Optical transmission system and optical receiving apparatus

An optical transmission system includes an optical transmission apparatus and an optical receiving apparatus. The optical transmission apparatus includes a transmitting unit that transmits signal light to the optical receiving apparatus through an optical transmission path, and a determining unit that determines continuity of the optical path using return light that returns from the optical receiving apparatus to the optical transmission apparatus through the optical transmission path, out of the signal light.
Fujitsu Limited


Etch chemistries for metallization in electronic devices

In various embodiments, etchants featuring (i) mixtures of hydrochloric acid, methanesulfonic acid, and nitric acid, or (ii) mixtures of phosphoric acid, methanesulfonic acid, and nitric acid, are utilized to etch metallic bilayers while minimizing resulting etch discontinuities between the layers of the bilayer.. .


System, transmitting continuous audio data

A system, apparatus and a method for transmitting continuous audio data configured to mitigate data discontinuities in a receiving device. The method may mitigate data discontinuities by transmitting a continuous stream of audio data that has reduced changes to the audio data characteristics.
2236008 Ontario Inc.


Tamper/damage detection

Various aspects are directed to the detection of tampering, as may be applicable to retail goods and a variety of implementations. As may be consistent with one or more embodiments, an apparatus includes a loop conductor having first and second ends and contiguous conductive material extending in a loop between the ends.
Nxp B.v.


System and accessing an online auction of a vehicle through an auction website and a dealer website

A system for auctioning a vehicle through the internet and through the collaboration of a vehicle dealer and an auction house. The system includes a vehicle dealer having their own website, and an auction house having their own website.
On The Block, L.l.c.


Serial peripheral interface and data transmission

A serial peripheral interface of an integrated circuit includes: a first transfer pin for receiving an instruction and an address; and a clock pin for inputting a plurality of timing pulses each having a rising edge and a falling edge. After the first transfer pin receives the instruction, the integrated circuit receives the address through the first transfer pin in continuity with the receipt of the instruction.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Methods and systems for detecting flaws in an object

The present application is directed towards systems and methods for evaluating the integrity of objects through non-destructive means. The objects are evaluated for flaws and defects through the use of applied acoustic energy.
Resodyn Corporation


Wind power turbine for generating electric energy

A wind power turbine configured to produce and feed electric energy to an electric power grid; the wind power turbine having: a blade assembly; at least one electric machine connected to the blade assembly to generate electric energy, and having a rotor, and a stator divided into a quantity or number of stator subsystems; and an electric transmission system configured to connect the quantity or number of stator subsystems to the electric power grid, and having an electric transmission assembly for, and connected to, each stator subsystem. The wind power turbine being characterized by having a control device connected to, and configured to receive malfunction signals from, the electric transmission assemblies, and configured to define an individual target torque reference value on the basis of the malfunction signals from the electric transmission assemblies, so as to reduce discontinuity in the torque of the rotor..
Windfin B.v.


Monitoring of redundant conductors

This document relates to continuity monitoring of electrical conductors. For example, materials and methods for continuity monitoring of conductors for use providing power to a blood pump (e.g., an assist device) are provided..
Thoratec Corporation


Nasal dilator with means to direct resilient properties

A nasal dilator comprises a laminate of vertical layers that form a unitary, or single body, truss having horizontal regions adapted to engage outer wall tissues of first and second nasal passages and to traverse the bridge of a nose therebetween. When in use the dilator acts to stabilize and/or expand the nasal outer wall tissues and prevent said tissues from drawing inward during breathing.
Corbett Lair, Inc.


Sinusoidal interpolation across missing data

Provided are methods and systems for concealing missing segments and/or discontinuities in an audio signal, thereby restoring the continuity of the signal. The methods and systems are designed for and targeted at audio signals, are based on interpolation and extrapolation operations for sinusoids, and do not rely on the assumption that the sinusoids are harmonic.
Google Inc.


Bathymetric techniques using satellite imagery

Techniques for improving overhead image bathymetry include obtaining depth information from image data based on one or more of the spectral domain, the angular domain (e.g., stereo or photogrammetry), the temporal domain (e.g., monitoring the movement of waves in a body of water), or any other suitable domain, together with a priori information about the area of interest. These different pieces of depth information from the various different domains are combined together using any combination of optimal estimation and continuity constraints to improve the accuracy of the results..
Digitalglobe, Inc.


Sash window

A sash window includes a fixed frame in which at least one inner sliding frame can slide between an open position and a closed position of the window, and at least one sliding or fixed outer frame, seals being interposed between the fixed frame and the inner sliding frame, a sealing system including, for the inner sliding frame, two lateral seals, a top cross-member seal, for the outer frame, and a bottom cross-member seal. Additionally, the invention the sealing system includes intermediate seals that join on each side of the sliding frame the cross-member seals and the lateral seals, so as to form a continuity of sealing between these seals in the closed position of said inner sliding frame.
Ateliers Perrault Freres


Vehicle side door structure

In a state where a glass run channel that sandwiches an end portion of a door glass sandwiches a flange portion formed at an outer side of a door frame in a vehicle width direction, the glass run channel is attached to the door frame. A bracket is connected to a portion (outer wall upper portion) of the door frame, which is different from the flange portion.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Device for the deployment of a system of guide wires within a cardiac chamber for implanting a prosthetic heart valve

A prosthetic system for heart valve replacement comprises an annular support structure within which a valved prosthetic body can be expanded until it meet opposition. The annular support is provided in two or more ring segments having terminal connection means for forming, in the condition of use of the prosthetic system, a stable and durable annular structural continuity capable of withstanding the opposition exerted by the valved prosthetic body.


Processes for protecting privacy through mobile device signature-hopping

This disclosure allows greater privacy for mobile device users while maintaining functionality through a process of signature-hopping. Mobile devices have persistent identifiers or signatures which are used in providing device functionality (routing calls to the correct number, returning web queries to the originating device, and connection continuity in local area networks such as wifi®.
Donotgeotrack, Inc.


Method for improving perceptual continuity in a spatial teleconferencing system

The present document relates to audio conference systems. In particular, the present document relates to improving the perceptual continuity within an audio conference system.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Method for exchanging information for establishing a path between two nodes of a communication network

An exemplary method and apparatus are provided for exchanging information for establishing a path between a first node and a second node of a communication network. The first node and the second node are adapted to send continuity check messages to monitor the established path.
Alcatel Lucent


Direct ac power conversion device

A dc link has first and second power supply lines. A first rectifying circuit has a plurality of input terminals that input an ac voltage and a pair of output terminals connected to the dc link.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Antenna device

A first housing includes a first conductor plate, and a second housing includes a second conductor plate. A rotation mechanism openably and closably attaches the second housing to the first housing.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Multi-step forming a metal film

The present disclosure relates to an integrated chip having a titanium nitride film that provides for a reduced leakage path, and an associated method of formation. In some embodiments, the integrated chip comprises a semiconductor substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Light emitting diode and fabricating the same

An exemplary light emitting diode includes a substrate; a first light emitting cell and a second light emitting cell disposed over the substrate and separated from each other; and an interconnection electrically connecting the first light emitting cell to the second light emitting cell. Each of the first and second light emitting cells includes a first conductive-type semiconductor layer, a second conductive-type semiconductor layer disposed over the first conductive-type semiconductor layer, and an active layer disposed between the first conductive-type semiconductor layer and the second conductive-type semiconductor layer.
Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.


Receiving structure for electrically connecting a nano-object on a surface thereof and re-establish electrical contact with the nano-object on the opposite surface, and methods for manufacturing the structure

The invention, that can be used for molecular characterisation, makes use of a support (44) to connect a nano-object (50) onto its top face and continue the electrical contact on its bottom face. At least two interconnects (52, 54) pass through the support.


High-speed address fault detection using split address rom

High-speed address fault detection is described that uses a split address rom (read only memory) for address fault detection in split array memory systems. In one aspect, a disclosed embodiment includes separate arrays of memory cells having a plurality of wordlines and being configured to be accessed based upon a wordline address.


Telescope, comprising a spherical primary mirror, with wide field of view and high optical resolution

Telescope with wide field of view, high optical resolution and continuity of the field of view comprising a spherical primary mirror, wherein a) said telescope is equipped with a system of repartitioning of the field of view, b) that said system of repartitioning of the field of view is placed in proximity of the focus of the primary mirror, and is constituted by a secondary mirror composed by n planar reflective surfaces, c) said n planar reflective surfaces are contiguous one to the other and form a continuous multifaceted prismatic reflector, in such a way as to obtain the continuity of the field of view over the whole field, d) said n planar reflective surfaces are followed by a corresponding number of optical cameras that form n portions of immage in n distinct focal planes, e) a collecting and recording element is positioned on each n-th focal plane. .
Cgs Spa Compagnia Generale Per Lo Spazio


Method for improving performance of a sodar system

A method is disclosed for improving performance of a sodar system adapted to locate discontinuities in the atmosphere by transmitting pulse compression signals such as plural acoustic chirps. The method comprises transmitting the acoustic chirps, receiving acoustic echoes of the chirps, and processing the acoustic echoes to provide an indication of the discontinuities, wherein the processing includes correcting range or resolution error associated with the acoustic echoes..


Continuity inspection device

In this continuity inspection device, a reference electrode plate held at ground potential is disposed along an intermediate portion of electric wires to be inspected for continuity, and a discharge path (positive charge leaking path) for static electricity charged on the electric wires after the continuity inspection is secured by the reference electrode plate. Thus, accumulation of static electricity after the continuity inspection on electric wires is avoided.
Yazaki Corporation


Electron gun abnormality detecting device and electron gun abnormality detecting method

An electron gun abnormality detecting device for detecting an abnormality in first and second electron guns of a magnetic domain refining device for an electrical steel sheet includes: a magnetooptic element configured to contact with and separate from an inspection region set to include a boundary between a magnetic domain discontinuity generated by irradiation of a surface of the electrical steel sheet with an electron beam by the first electron gun and a magnetic domain discontinuity generated by irradiation thereof with an electron beam by the second electron gun, and configured to detect a steel sheet magnetic domain structure in the inspection region as an optical property; a light source configured to irradiate the magnetooptic element with linearly polarized light; and a detector configured to detect polarized light rotated by the steel sheet magnetic domain structure transferred to the magnetooptic element.. .
Jfe Steel Corporation


Electrodynamic combustion control with current limiting electrical element

An charge element disposed proximate to a combustion reaction is caused to carry a voltage while also being prevented from arc-discharging or arc-charging to or from the combustion reaction, by a current limiting element in electrical continuity with the charge element.. .
Clearsign Combustion Corporation


Repair or remanufacture of liner panels for a gas turbine engine

A method of remanufacturing a liner panel for a gas turbine engine includes removing a bushing from a damaged component; and molding the bushing with a material charge. A liner panel for a gas turbine engine includes a forward fan exit case liner panel with a donor bushing from a damaged forward fan exit case liner panel.
United Technologies Corporation


Relocatable radiation vault and methods of assembly and use

A temporary radiotherapy facility for use during renovation, upgrading, and/or modernization of an existing facility. The radiotherapy facility is integrated with radiation producing equipment and radiation shielding vaults.
Rad Technology Medical Systems Llc


High-performance structured packing for a fluid contacting column

The packing consists of a pile of plates comprising corrugations forming a succession of channels comprising fins, each fin being made up of at least one band cut out in one of the plates and remaining secured to the plate on at least one side, the band being deformed so as to create an orifice forming a discontinuity on the surface of the plate, wherein the direction of the channels of a plate forms a non-zero angle with respect to the direction of the edges of an adjacent plate. Finally, the lengths of the fins of a channel are different from those of the fins of a neighbouring channel..
Ifp Energies Nouvelles


Method, device, and system for returning to long term evolution lte network

The present invention discloses a method, a device, and a system for returning to an lte network. The method of the present invention includes: after a csfb service of a ue ends, receiving, by a base station, a plmn id of an lte network with which the ue registers, where the plmn id is sent by a serving msc/vlr of the ue; determining lte frequency band information according to the plmn id; and sending, to the ue, a connection release message that includes the lte frequency band information, so that the ue returns to an lte plmn corresponding to a plmn id with which the ue previously registers, thereby ensuring continuity of a ps service, avoiding an unnecessary inter-plmn handover..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Imager readout architecture utilizing a/d converters (adc)

The invention provides an imager readout architecture utilizing analog-to-digital converters (adc), the architecture comprising a band-limited sigma delta modulator (sdm) adc; and a serpentine readout which can be configured to allow the band-limited sdm to multiplex between multiple columns by avoiding discontinuities at the edges of a row. Sdm adc image reconstruction artifacts are minimized using a modified serpentine read out methodology, the methodology comprising using primary and redundant slices with the serpentine read out in opposite directions and averaging the slices.
Intrinsix Corporation


High electron mobility transistor (hemt) having an indium-containing layer and manufacturing the same

A high electron mobility transistor (hemt) includes a substrate, and a channel layer over the substrate, wherein and at least one of the channel layer or the active layer comprises indium. The hemt further includes an active layer over the channel layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Semiconductor device and forming the same

A semiconductor device comprising a substrate, a channel layer over the substrate, an active layer over the channel layer and a laminate layer in contact with the active layer. The active layer has a band gap discontinuity with the channel layer..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Systems and methods for identifying bone marrow in medical images

Systems and method for identifying bone marrow in medical images are provided. A method includes obtaining a three-dimensional (3d) computed tomography (ct) volume data set corresponding to an imaged volume and identifying voxels in the 3d ct volume data set having a hounsfield unit (hu) value below a bone threshold.
General Electric Company


Indicators of text continuity

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media for graphically indicating text continuity. One method includes receiving text including a first line of text followed by a second line of text followed by a third line of text and selecting a distinct line beginning and line end of each of the first, second, and third lines of text.


Real time semiconductor process excursion monitor

Semiconductor process excursions may be monitored by fabricating functional circuitry on a plurality of semiconductor devices and then testing the functional circuitry of the plurality of semiconductor devices using a sequence of test patterns. A cumulative failure curve may be determined that has points of discontinuity based on results of testing with the sequence of test patterns.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


High-performance structured packing for a fluid contacting column

The packing consists of a pile of plates comprising corrugations forming a succession of positive and negative edges, each edge comprising fins, each fin being made up of at least one band cut out in one of the plates and remaining secured to the plate on at least one side, the band being deformed so as to create an orifice forming a discontinuity on the surface of the plate, wherein the direction of the edges of a plate forms a non-zero angle with respect to the direction of the edges of an adjacent plate. Each plate comprises at least one longitudinal zone parallel to one lip of the plate where the edges comprise no orifice, the zones being positioned in such a way that two adjacent plates have their zone one above the other so as to form at least one point of contact between a positive edge and a negative edge of the two adjacent plates..
Ifp Energies Nouvelles


Apparatus for testing the integrity of mammary tissues

The disclosure describes an apparatus for testing the integrity of mammary tissues comprising one or more transmission antennas configured to strike a mammary tissue with a main electromagnetic field in the microwave frequency band, one or more reception antennas configured to pick up a corresponding reflected electromagnetic field, a processing unit comprising a first operating module configured to determine a main parameter representing an electrical discontinuity of the mammary tissue, and a second operating module configured to generate a signal representing a non-integrity of the mammary tissue.. .


Method and system for processing service continuity

A method and system for processing service continuity are provided in the disclosure. The method comprises: a slave atcf determines that a master atcf is unavailable; the slave atcf sends an allocated stn-sr to an scc as; the scc as sends an atu-sti and a c-msisdn to the slave atcf according to the stn-sr; and the slave atcf continues a service according to the stn-sr, the atu-sti, and the c-msisdn.
Zte Corporation


Method and synchronizing mobile station media flows during a collaborative session

A method and apparatus are described for synchronizing mobile station (i.e., wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru)) media flows during a collaboration session. Inter-wtru transfer request messages, flow addition request messages and session update request messages may be exchanged between a plurality of wtrus and a session continuity control application server (scc-as).
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Angular frequency extractor for controlling a brushed dc motor

An apparatus includes a motor driver configured to drive a motor across a pair of input terminals to the motor and a current sense unit configured to sense the motor's electrical current amplitude. Further, an angular frequency extractor is operatively coupled to the motor driver and the current sense unit and configured to detect discontinuities in the motor's electrical current amplitude.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Terminal-equipped wire and manufacturing the same

There is provided a terminal-equipped wire able to reduce a production cost and satisfy water proof and corrosion proof performances at a terminal section of the electric wire. The terminal-equipped wire includes: an electric wire having a conductor in an insulating coating; and a terminal fitting crimped to a terminal section of the electric wire.
Yazaki Corporation


Touch device, processor and touch signal accessing method thereof

A touch device, a processor and a touch signal accessing method thereof are provided. The touch signal accessing method of the touch device includes the following steps.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Twist-off crown cap opening with splintering protection

Embodiments of the present invention relate to a mouth piece for a bottle with a twist-off crown cap closure, wherein the mouth piece comprises a mouth piece body with a dispensing opening at the end; a closure thread for interaction with a twist-off crown cap in order to close off the dispensing opening so that it is liquid-tight, which closure thread comprises a plurality of thread protrusions arranged over regions of the circumference of the mouth piece body at a predeterminable thread pitch, protruding from the exterior side of the mouth piece body; a discontinuity running circumferentially around the mouth piece body, arranged between the dispensing opening and the closure thread and formed as a result of a tool during manufacture of the mouth piece in a transition region between two orifice jaws on the one hand, and a guide disc on the other hand; wherein an exterior end of the discontinuity is offset inwards relative to an exterior surface of the mouth piece body situated between axially adjacent thread protrusions. Likewise, embodiments of the present invention relate to a corresponding bottle, to a tool for producing a mouth piece for a bottle with a twist-off crown cap closure, and to a method for producing a mouth piece for a bottle with a twist-off crown cap closure..
Vetropack Austria Gmbh


Carrier-aggregation-based handover method

Provided are a method for performing handover in a cellular mobile communication system that supports a carrier aggregation, and a user equipment and a node base (nodeb) using the method. A connection between the user equipment and the nodeb may be maintained and information may be exchanged using a plurality of serving carriers.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Support for continuity of tunnel communications for mobile nodes having multiple care of addressing

The present invention solves communication disruption problems during the hand-off transition period by using a pre-handoff registration of a new foreign agent on behalf of the mobile node the pre-handoff registration message should: (1) identify itself as a pre-hand off registration message, (2) indicate direction of traffic for the pre-handoff registration time period, and (3) specify a lifetime or time period when the pre-handoff registration request will continue to be considered valid the local mobility anchor will accept traffic using the pre-handoff registration care-of address depending on the directionality indicator, but the communication traffic to or from the mobile node will not be disrupted during the transition period. Because the care-of address for the mobile node on the new foreign network can be used to direct communication traffic to or from the mobile node during this transition time period, no disruption of service will be encountered..
Apple Inc.


Call context conveyance

A communication system, method, and components are described. Specifically, a communication system having the ability to carry a transitive context and communicate the transitive context to new participant user agents for continuity through all related call dialogs is disclosed.
Avaya Inc.


Method to estimate cement acoustic wave speeds from data acquired by a cased hole ultrasonic cement evaluation tool

Embodiments of the disclosure may include systems and methods for estimating an acoustic property of an annulus in a cement evaluation system. In one embodiment, a casing arrival signal is acquired at acoustic receivers a cement evaluation tool.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Conversion of asphaltenic pitch within an ebullated bed residuum hydrocracking process

A process for upgrading residuum hydrocarbons including: feeding pitch, hydrogen, and a partially spent catalyst recovered from a hydrocracking reactor to an ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor; contacting the pitch, hydrogen, and the catalyst in the ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor at reaction conditions of temperature and pressure sufficient to convert at least a portion of the pitch to distillate hydrocarbons; and separating the distillate hydrocarbons from the catalyst. In some embodiments, the process may include selecting the ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor reaction conditions to be at or below the level where sediment formation would otherwise become excessive and prevent continuity of operations..
Lummus Technology Inc.


Orthodontic appliances with elastics

Improved orthodontic appliances, along with related systems and methods, are provided. In one aspect, an appliance includes a shell having a plurality of cavities shaped to receive teeth, and a discontinuity formed in the shell.
Align Technology, Inc.


Method and mobility control in heterogenous network

Methods, corresponding apparatuses, and computer program products for mobility control in a heterogeneous network are provided. The method comprises sending, by a source local area base station (e.g., a source access point), a handover request for handing over a user equipment to a target local area base station (e.g., a target access point), wherein the source and target local area base stations are connected with a same wide area base station and the user equipment is connected with the same wide area base station via the source local area base station.
Nokia Corporation


Enhancement on voice call continuity during handover

A handover of a user equipment (ue) between different radio access networks (rans). For enhancing voice call continuity (vcc).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Mobile phone/docking station call continuity

A mobile device identifies multiple, different networks available to a client resident on the mobile device, and sends multiple registration messages to an outbound proxy over the multiple, different networks via first, second and third communication interfaces. The mobile device determines whether access has been lost to a first network of the multiple different networks, and sends an invite message via the second communication interface, based on the determination, for an outbound call via a second network of the multiple, different networks for routing the outbound call via the second network..
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Kill die subroutine at probe for reducing parametric failing devices at package test

A method of testing semiconductor devices includes contacting bond pads coupled to integrated circuitry on a first die of a plurality of interconnected die on a substrate using a probe system having probes and probe tests including parametric tests, continuity tests, and a kill die subroutine. Probe tests using the probe program are performed.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Extended stroke position sensor

A position sensing system including a waveguide positioned adjacent to a quantity of soft or semi-soft magnetic material is described. A magnet, movable relative to the waveguide and magnetic material, closely positioned to the magnetic material and configured to generate a local magnetic field sufficient to locally saturate the magnetic material.
Littelfuse, Inc.


Bolt rifle assembly

An expandable linear explosive shape charge positioner for severing tubular members whereby a plurality of arc-shaped charge chambers are positioned along the same plane and adjacent to the interior walls of the tubular members and detonated to sever the tubular members. The invention is placed within a tubular member and includes a remotely extendible framework having remotely detonable linear explosive shape charges enclosed therein.


Modular vehicle light device

A vehicle light device comprising an element made up of a plurality of portions each having a functional surface, at least two consecutive portions being linked together by an articulation. The main feature of a light device according to the invention is that each articulation allows the displacement of the two consecutive portions until their functional surfaces come into continuity with one another..
Valeo Vision Belgique


Stirred tank bioreactor

The present invention is a disposable, presterilized bioreactor formed of molded plastic, having a top and body attached to each other. One or more ports are formed in the top, side and bottom of the housing.
Emd Millipore Corporation


Establishing continuity between a shield within an implantable medical lead and a shield within an implantable lead extension

Implantable medical leads and implantable lead extensions include a shield. The implantable medical lead is coupled to the implantable lead extension.
Medtronic, Inc.


Test structure and testing electrical characteristics of through vias

A method and apparatus for testing the electrical characteristics, such as electrical continuity, is provided. A substrate, such as a wafer or an interposer, having a plurality of through vias (tvs) is provided.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Method and system for requesting physical multicast channel

A method and system for requesting a physical pmch are provided. The method includes: user equipment determines a target cell to be immigrated which is adjacent to a cell where the user equipment is located; and if the user equipment judges that a preconfigured multicast broadcast single frequency network (mbsfn) area in the adjacent target cell does not comprise the mbsfn area used by the multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) service/group call currently received by the user equipment, the user equipment requests a network side equipment to allocate a pmch for the currently received mbms service/group call.
Zte Corportion


Simplified call continuity

A server device may identify an ongoing call associated with a received handover call. The handover call may have been placed via a first network, and the ongoing call may be associated with a second network.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Method for concatenating frames in communication system

A method for concatenating a first frame of samples and a subsequent second frame of samples, the method comprising applying a phase filter adapted to minimizing a discontinuity at a boundary between the first and second frames of samples.. .


Method and service control

A method and apparatus for service control in which a service centralization and continuity application server (scc as): receives a first sip message for establishing an ims centralized service session; receives early session media information; and sends a second sip message carrying the early session media information to a media gateway control device. The early session media information is carried in the second sip message in a form of regular session media information, thus the media gateway control device uses an existing circuit switched bearer to transmit early session media to a first user equipment.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Method to support service continuity for multiple sessions

A method to manage call continuity in a network environment including a circuit-switched network and an ip multimedia subsystem (ims) network is provided. A ue monitors one or more ongoing sessions in an ims network, and the ongoing sessions contain at least one conference call.
Mediatek Inc.


Control system for electrical cord reel

In an electrical cord reel, a rotatable member can rotate about a winding axis to spool and unspool a linear material. An input power connector can couple to an electrical power source.
Great Stuff, Inc.


Secondary battery

A secondary battery includes an electrode body. The electrode body includes a positive electrode active material layer.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Semiconductor device, transistor having doped seed layer and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device includes a substrate, and a seed layer over the substrate, wherein the seed layer comprises carbon dopants. The semiconductor device further includes a channel layer over the seed layer, and an active layer over the channel layer, wherein the active layer has a band gap discontinuity with the channel layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Method and allocating bits of audio signal

A method and an apparatus for allocating bits of an audio signal. The method includes dividing a frequency band of an audio signal into multiple sub-bands, and quantizing a sub-band normalization factor of each sub-band; classifying the multiple sub-bands into multiple groups, and acquiring a sum of intra-group sub-band normalization factors of each group; performing initial inter-group bit allocation to determine the initial number of bits of each group; performing secondary inter-group bit allocation to allocate coding bits of the audio signal to at least one group; and allocating the bits of the audio signal to sub-bands in the group.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

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