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Power cell system with means for detecting a discontinuity

Vito Nv

Power cell system with means for detecting a discontinuity

Crown Packaging Technology

Container with twist-off closure

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inuit-related patents
 Microwave component package patent thumbnailnew patent Microwave component package
The present invention is related to a microwave component packaging technique which ensures that there is no space between component and pocket after inserting the component into pocket. The continuity of ground connections at the microwave gates of the components is provided just compressing the component without using electrically conductive epoxy material..
Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi
 Power cell system with means for detecting a discontinuity patent thumbnailnew patent Power cell system with means for detecting a discontinuity
A power cell system, e.g. A fuel cell system, having a plurality of power cells, e.g.
Vito Nv
 Container with twist-off closure patent thumbnailnew patent Container with twist-off closure
A container comprises a releasable metal closure 14 formed with an end wall 15 and a depending skirt 16 and having an annular layer 18 of sealing compound provided on the inside of the end wall adjacent the skirt and a container body 1 comprising a neck 2 with an annular sealing surface 4 surrounding a circular opening and adapted to seal against the annular layer of sealing compound over an annular sealing interface in the closed position of the closure on the container body. The container body 1 and the closure 14 are formed with no mechanical means for coupling them together to form or maintain a seal therebetween and the seal is provided by a partial vacuum formed in the container during processing.
Crown Packaging Technology, Inc.
 Apparatus and  locating a discontinuity in a solar array patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and locating a discontinuity in a solar array
A kit comprising one or more of the following one or more solar modules (10); one of more connectors (30); and one or more integrated flashing pieces (40), wherein the one or more solar modules, the one or more connectors, and the one or more integrated flashing pieces include a first buss (16) and a second buss (18); wherein the one or more solar modules, the one or more connectors, the one or more integrated flashing pieces, or a combination thereof include a capacitor between the first buss and the second buss so that the capacitor blocks direct current from passing through the first buss, the second buss, or both and allows an alternating: current signal, an alternating voltage signal or both to pass trough the first buss, the second buss, or both so that a discontinuity, partial discontinuity, or continuity of the one more solar modules, the one or more, connectors, the one or more integrated flashing pieces, or a combination of connections therebetween are detectable when the one or more solar modules, the one or more connectors, and the one or more integrated flashing pieces are electrically connected.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc
 Secure cloud management agent patent thumbnailSecure cloud management agent
A method for providing a secure management agent for high-availability continuity for cloud systems includes receiving operating parameters and threshold settings for a plurality of computing clouds. Secure relationships are established with the plurality of computing clouds based on the operating parameters.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Secure cloud management agent patent thumbnailSecure cloud management agent
A system for providing a secure management agent for high-availability continuity for cloud systems includes a computer processor and logic executable by the computer processor. The logic is configured to implement a method.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Intelligent continuity of care information system and method patent thumbnailIntelligent continuity of care information system and method
An intelligent continuity of care information system comprises a repository of patient data including clinical and social information associated with a plurality of patients updated and received from a plurality of clinical and social service organizations and data sources, at least one predictive model using clinical and social factors derived from the patient data to extract both explicitly encoded information and implicit information about the patient's clinical and social information, and a user interface operable to present a selected view of the patient data and analysis associated with the at least one particular patient to a user via a computing device, each view being composed of a selected collection of a plurality of widgets each presenting a focused subset of patient data and analysis.. .
Parkland Center For Clinical Innovation
 Depth map generation and post-capture focusing patent thumbnailDepth map generation and post-capture focusing
Aspects of depth map generation and post capture focusing and re-focusing are described. According to one embodiment, a depth map is generated.
Broadcom Corporation
 Radio frequency carrier generation architecture patent thumbnailRadio frequency carrier generation architecture
A method of compensating carrier tone generation between duty cycles includes receiving a carrier frequency signal and a reference frequency signal, where the carrier frequency signal is mixed with a communication signal in a signal path. The method includes determining a first and second time differences between the carrier frequency signal and the reference frequency signal at respective clock edges of the reference frequency signal.
Broadcom Corporation
 Method and  network handover patent thumbnailMethod and network handover
A method for network handover includes sending a first message that includes first information to a second network, where the first information is used to indicate that a user equipment needs to be handed over from a first network to the second network, so that a target gateway device allocates, to the user equipment according to at least the first information sent by the second network, a second internet protocol (ip) address that is the same as a first ip address and used when a second packet data network (pdn) connection is established by using the second network and the target gateway device, where the first ip address is an ip address used when the user equipment establishes a first pdn connection by using the first network and the target gateway device. Therefore, service continuity is ensured after a network handover..
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Electrically insulating thermal interface on the discontinuity of an encapsulation structure

Method for manufacturing an electronic semiconductor package, in which method an electronic chip (100) is coupled to a carrier, the electronic chip is at least partially encapsulated by means of an encapsulation structure having a discontinuity, and the carrier is partially encapsulated, and at least one part of the discontinuity and a volume connected thereto adjoining an exposed surface section of the carrier are covered by an electrically insulating thermal interface structure, which electrically decouples at least one part of the carrier with respect to its surroundings.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

Spacer formation with straight sidewall

Disclosed herein is a semiconductor device comprising a first dielectric disposed over a channel region of a transistor formed in a substrate and a gate disposed over the first dielectric. The semiconductor device further includes a second dielectric disposed vertically, substantially perpendicular to the substrate, at an edge of the gate, and a spacer disposed proximate to the second dielectric.
Spansion Llc

The present invention relates to the production of biomethane intended for supplying a natural gas network from n biogas production plants ii, with i varying from 1 to n, in which each of the plants produces and stores the biogas which is collected at each of the plants via a mobile collection device and the collected biogas is purified so as to produce biomethane which is subsequently injected into a natural gas network. The invention also makes provision for storing the biogas, partially purified biogas, or biomethane in order to ensure the continuity of the supply of biomethane to the network during the collection round..
L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

Electronic cigarette with encoded cartridge

An electronic cigarette with an atomizer cartridge and a battery assembly. The atomizer cartridge has an atomizer coupled to a first and second terminal of a cartridge interface.

Exhaust centerbody for a turbine engine

Exhaust centerbody (12″) for a turbine engine, comprising a truncated downstream part (26), which is connected to an upstream part (24) by an annular ridge (22) marking a discontinuity between the outer surfaces of the upstream and downstream parts, the outer surface of the downstream part having a substantially conical general shape, of which the tip (29) is oriented downstream and is positioned in the region of the axis a, the axial half-section of this outer surface defining a line of which the upstream end part is substantially tangential to a straight line (28) passing through the above-mentioned ridge and forming a non-zero angle α with a tangent (30) to the outer surface of the upstream part, in the region of the ridge, and of which the downstream end part is substantially tangential to a straight line (32) passing through the above-mentioned tip and forming a non-zero angle β with the axis a.. .

Radiation vault module with adjustable base frame

A temporary radiotherapy facility for use during renovation, upgrading, and/or modernization of an existing facility. The radiotherapy facility is integrated with radiation producing equipment and radiation shielding vaults.
Rad Technology Medical Systems Llc

Tag having an optical fibre sensor

A tag for securing to a person or object, comprising at least one fibre optic sensor having a plastics optical fibre that changes optical transmission characteristics with a change in temperature, and a sensor unit coupled to the optical fibre. The sensor unit is configured to detect change in the characteristic of optical transmission.
Buddi Limited

Method and system for providing ims session continuity to a user equipment across a plurality of communication networks

A method and system for providing ip multimedia subsystem (ims) session continuity to a user equipment (ue) across a plurality of communication networks is provided. The ue traverses from a first communication network to a second communication network.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Computer implemented ensuring computer information technology infrastructure continuity

The present invention relates to a system computer implemented information technology (“it”) management solution that bridges the gap between deployed computer information technology infrastructure and business services to determine what information technology a business entity or other organization currently has, what is at risk and what is needed to assure it infrastructure continuity.. .
Neverfail Group Limited

System, process and article of manufacture for human health and longevity data analysis

A system, process and article of manufacture includes the generation of a “big data” set of searchable submissions of biographical and/or physical identity inputs by interested persons with knowledge of deceased third parties; or by self-disclosing individuals to be released either during the lifetime of the submitter (inter-vivos) or post mortem (pm), each knowing that the consequent anonymous big data set comprised of all released submissions will be made accessible to researchers. Submissions are solicited via proprietary questionnaires, developed and rigorously validated using established techniques in behavioral science, statistics and informatics.

Speech/audio signal processing method and coding apparatus

The present disclosure provides a speech/audio signal processing method based on wideband switching and a coding apparatus. The method includes: if a first wideband speech/audio signal is a harmonic signal, adjusting a determining condition for determining that a second wideband speech/audio signal is a harmonic signal, to obtain a first determining condition, where the first wideband speech/audio signal is a signal before wideband switching, and the second wideband speech/audio signal is a signal after the wideband switching; and determining, according to the first determining condition, whether the second wideband speech/audio signal is a harmonic signal.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Interface point method modeling of the steam-assisted gravity drainage production of oil

A computer system and method of simulating the behavior of an oil and gas reservoir including movement of the steam-bitumen interface during oil production using the steam assisted gravity drainage (sagd) technique. A system of equations including state equations involving momentum and heat transport for each phase, mass conservation equations, and heat balance equations, in combination with a continuity constraint, is defined and discretized for the modeled volume.
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Conservative morphological anti-aliasing

Conservative morphological anti-aliasing may include four basic logical steps, (1) image analysis for color discontinuities (afterwards stored in a local compressed ‘edge’ buffer), (2) extracting locally dominant edges with a small kernel, (3) handling of simple shapes, and (4) handling of symmetrical long edge shape.. .

Releasing connections with local gw when ue moves out of residential/enterprise network coverage

A method, system and device are provided for managing lipa and/or sipto connection releases when ue moves out of residential/enterprise network coverage in case service continuity is not supported for the lipa/sipto pdn connection(s). To address problems caused by not providing service continuity for lipa/sipto pdn connections, the pdn connection/pdp context created in the henb/hnb by the mme/sgsn includes context information related to the ue indicating whether such connection is a lipa pdn connection pdn connection or not.
Blackberry Limited

Processing order in block processing pipelines

A knight's order processing method for block processing pipelines in which the next block input to the pipeline is taken from the row below and one or more columns to the left in the frame. The knight's order method may provide spacing between adjacent blocks in the pipeline to facilitate feedback of data from a downstream stage to an upstream stage.
Apple Inc.

Method for detecting an electrical continuity fault in a network of metallization strips and device for implementing same

A method and device for detecting an electrical continuity fault between a first and a second points of a network of metallization strips, including determining, from mapping, a length or a duration of a shortest path between the first and the second points, sending, at the first point, a signal in the network, detecting, at the second point, the signal sent, measuring a duration between the sending and the detection of the signal, knowing the speed of propagation of the signal in the metallization strips, determining the presence of at least one electrical continuity fault if the distance travelled calculated from the measured duration is different from the length of the shortest path determined from the mapping or if the measured duration is different from the duration to travel the shortest path determined from the mapping.. .
Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

Transducer features for ultrasonic surgical instrument

An apparatus for operating on tissue includes a body, a shaft, an ultrasonic blade, and an acoustic assembly. The shaft extends distally from the body.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

Amphibian hull

An amphibian operable in land and marine modes includes a hull, having a discontinuity, and a retractable wheel or track drive assembly at least partially located in the discontinuity. A wheel or track drive of the at least one retractable wheel or track drive assembly is retracted above a lowest point of the hull when operating in marine mode, and the wheel or track drive is protracted below the lowest point when operating in land mode.

Enhanced routing and wavelength assignment techniques for reducing wavelength continuity blocking

Embodiments of the disclosure are directed to optimizing routing and wavelength assignment in a network. An embodiment determines a routing assignment for a network, wherein the routing assignment is determined using a decongestion cost-based function; and determines a wavelength assignment for the network based on vector difference.
Ciena Corporation

Apparatus for tuning multi-band frame antenna

A multi-band frame antenna is used for lte, mimo, and other frequency bands. The frame antenna includes a conductive block and a metallic frame with no gaps or discontinuities.
Sony Corporation

Method and detecting discontinuitues in a solar array

A method of detecting a discontinuity in: a solar array (10) comprising: locating a detecting device (200) in one or more working positions (56) along the solar array: inducing a signal (80) by applying a plurality of flashes of light to a solar module in the solar array: measuring (64) the signal at two different locations along the solar array; comparing the signals measured at two different locations to each other, and outputting (62) a result of the comparing step.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Hydrofoil watercraft

A hydrofoil section comprises first and second faces that create, in operation at speeds above a ventilation speed, a ventilated cavity defined by a first cavity face which departs from the first hydrofoil face and a second cavity face which departs from the second hydrofoil face. Each cavity face represents a free surface and each face separating from the said free surface at a discontinuity on that surface, the separated faces forming a continuation of the faces of arbitrary shape and enclosed by the free surfaces without contacting the said free surfaces.

Device for sampling and detecting volatile organic compounds in water

The present invention discloses a sampling and detection device for detecting volatile organic content in water, comprising a hollow sampler (3) and a gas detector (2) connected to the sampler (3). A side wall of a lower half of the sampler (3) is provided with more than one water inlet channel (1), and a lower end is provided with a gas bubbler (10).
Rae Systems (shanghai) Inc.

Shielded implantable medical lead with reduced torsional stiffness

Shields within implantable leads increase the torsional stiffness of the leads. The torsional stiffness may be reduced by cutting the shield axially to break the circumferential mechanical continuity of the shield.
Medtronic, Inc.

Managing quality of experience for media transmissions

A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computing system is provided for quality of experience for media transmissions. In an implementation, a method may include defining a lower media stream discontinuity threshold.
International Business Machines Corporation

Power line parameter adjustment and fault location using traveling waves

Fault location using traveling waves in an electric power delivery system according to the embodiments herein uses line parameters that are adjusted using traveling wave reflections from known discontinuities in the electric power delivery system. The arrival times of a traveling wave and a reflection of the traveling wave from a known discontinuity may be used to adjust parameters of the electric power delivery system such as, for example, line length.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Network migration queuing service in a wireless network

In embodiments of the present disclosure improved capabilities are described for increasing the bandwidth in a wireless communication network, where centralized optimization servers with publish-subscribe broker services are utilized in conjunction with a queuing service application that provides packet service continuity when a mobile device moves between different access control nodes of the wireless communication network, and wherein the queuing service application is connected to a publish/subscribe broker network to receive service packets matching the service packets directed to the mobile device, wherein the service application makes the matching service packets available to the mobile device to replace service packets that the mobile device did not receive during a time in which the mobile device is in transition between being connected to any of the access control nodes.. .
All Purpose Networks Llc

Electric contact and socket for electrical part

An electric contact for preventing a terminal of an electrical part and the electric contact from sticking to each other after a continuity test to improve the durability of the electric contact; and a socket for electrical part using the electric contact. In the electric contact according to the preferred embodiment of the present invention, a foundation layer composed primarily of ni, a surface layer composed primarily of pd and ag, and an outermost layer composed primarily of sn or au are formed on a surface of an electrically-conductive base material..
Enplas Corporation

Decorative tree and quick assembly connector therefor

A decorative tree is disclosed, and includes a base, a vertical column supported by the base and including a plurality of interconnected hollow tubes, and a power connector assembly. The power connector assembly includes a first connector terminal and a second connector terminal.

Method and coding of spatial data

The invention describes a method for representing geometry information to utilise for scalable coding of piecewise smooth spatial data sets. The method may also be applicable to vector data such as motion, where this data tends to exhibit piecewise smooth characteristics.
Newsouth Innovations Pty Limited

Voice call continuity in hybrid networks

Voice call continuity is provided for calls that are carried over a hybrid network infrastructure in which access connections are distributed over loosely coupled network portions including a backend network such as a core voip (voice over internet protocol) service network, one or more cellular mobile networks, and a public switched telephone network (“pstn”). The calls are routed through the core voip network regardless of their points of origination or termination in other network portions so that signaling and call context are anchored in the core voip network.
Microsoft Corporation

Ts packet grooming

Received data packets are groomed to improve performance of mpeg-2 transport stream packet in a digital video broadcasting system. Multitude of crosschecking techniques are applied to ensure that crucial pieces of information such as the packet identifier (pid) field, the continuity counter (cc) field, table id, section length, ip header checksum, table and frame boundaries, application data table size are corrected if necessary..
Maxlinear, Inc.

Touch sensitive display with graded index layer

An electronic device may have a touch screen display or other input-output device that includes transparent conductive electrodes. The transparent conductive electrodes may be formed from a material that has a relatively high index of refraction such as indium tin oxide.
Apple Inc.

Disposable anti-tamper conductive plastic band for re-usable rfid tag

A disposable electrically conductive band for a re-usable rfid tag having an rfid tag holder, an electrical continuity contact within a loop on an end of the band, an electrically conductive landing area on a tongue of the band, the tongue being insertable through the loop to secure the band around a body to be monitored by an rfid system, the tongue thereby engaging a portion of the landing area with the electrical continuity contact. The conductive landing area has a series of electrical continuity dimples in each of which there is an electrical contact to an electrical pathway around the electrically conductive band.
Guard Rfid Solutions Inc.

Method and system for diagnosing a cable by distributed reflectometry with self-selective average

A method of testing a cable by distributed reflectometry, comprises: injecting into the cable a first periodic signal and a second periodic signal having the same number n of periods and the same number m of samples per period as the first signal; acquiring a measurement of the reflection, from impedance discontinuities of the cable, of each of said first and second signals; taking the average of said measurements of the reflection of at least one of said first or second signals over all of its periods to produce at least one reflectogram; determining the positions of faults in the cable on the basis of at least the reflectogram; the method being wherein each period of the second signal is injected into the cable with a delay or an advance which has an increasing predetermined absolute value for each successively injected period.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Aux Energies Alternatives

Electrode structure for plasma cutting torches

The invention relates to an electrode structure for plasma cutting torches, wherein a recess or borehole open at one side in the direction of a workpiece to be processed is formed in an electrode holder or in a holding element for receiving an emission insert, in which recess or borehole the inserted emission insert can be fastened in a force transmitting manner, in a shape-matching manner and/or with material continuity. At least one pressure equalization passage and/or an at least temporarily active pressure equalization passage is present between a hollow space formed in a recess or borehole and the emission insert and the environment through the emission insert and/or between an outer jacket surface region of the emission insert and the inner wall of the recess or borehole, which is formed in the holding element or in the electrode holder (7.1)..

Jewelry item, manufacturing a closure for jewelry item, finding for an earring, kit of parts forming the finding, and earring constructed from the kit

A jewelry item has a ring part pivotally attached to a closure at one end. The closure spans the continuity of the ring from an end of the ring part and comprises a ring continuation arm extending in continuity of the ring and pivotally attached to and of the ring part at a pivoted connection.
Grand Rainbow International Limited

Stepped spring contact

In an embodiment, a stepped spring contact may have a first portion, a transition portion, and a second portion. The first portion may include a plurality of windings whose pitch may vary.
Sensata Technologies, Inc.

Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor light emitting device includes a first semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type, a second semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type and a light emitting layer provided between the first semiconductor layer and the second semiconductor layer. The device also includes a first electrode layer having electrical continuity with the first semiconductor layer and a second electrode layer provided on the second semiconductor layer, the second electrode layer including a metal portion having a thickness not less than 10 nanometers and not more than 100 nanometers along a direction from the first semiconductor layer to the second semiconductor layer.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Back-out resistant fastener

A fastener is provided having a cylindrical shaft with a generally constant diameter located between a head and a tapered point. The fastener has a thread integrally extending from the shaft and extending along a portion of a length thereof that terminates at an end of the shaft proximate the head with a back-out discontinuity.
Sfs Intec Holding Ag

Threaded insert

Exemplary embodiments are generally directed to a radially compressible and/or expandable threaded insert. Exemplary embodiments of the threaded insert can include a tubular body having a length extending along a central axis between a first end and a second end.
Hayward Industries, Inc.

Data forwarding method, device, and communications system

Embodiments of the present invention provide a data forwarding method, device, and communications system, which relate to the field of communications and can achieve accuracy and continuity of data transmission during carrier aggregation for cells between base stations. The method includes: sending, by a primary base station, a first message to a secondary base station, where the first message is used to instruct the secondary base station to perform handover, and the first message includes an identifier of a target base station; confirming, by the primary base station, that the secondary base station forwards data to the target base station; and sending, by the primary base station, a second message to a user equipment, where the second message is used to instruct the user equipment to acquire the data from the target base station.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and providing multimedia broadcast and multicast service (mbms) in wireless communication system

A method for receiving a multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) by a user equipment (ue) in a wireless communication system, the method comprising acquiring, by the ue, a predetermined system information block (sib) from a base station (bs); and upon acquiring the predetermined sib, transmitting an mbms interest indication message by the ue to the bs. The predetermined sib includes information related to mbms service continuity.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Structural modeling using depth sensors

Techniques are presented for constructing a digital representation of a physical environment. In some embodiments, a method includes obtaining image data indicative of the physical environment; receiving gesture input data from a user corresponding to at least one location in the physical environment, based on the obtained image data; detecting at least one discontinuity in the physical environment near the at least one location corresponding to the received gesture input data; and generating a digital surface corresponding to a surface in the physical environment, based on the received gesture input data and the at least one discontinuity..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Radio frequency characteristics measurement jig device

A radio frequency characteristics measurement jig device includes: a ground conductor part; a first coplanar line; a connection substrate; and a holding part. The first coplanar line includes a first dielectric layer, a first center conductive layer and first ground conductive layers.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Rail road freight car

A drop-center rail road freight car may have a gondola body for carrying lading, which may have end sections and a deep central section therebetween. The body may include a decking or floor structure, and longitudinally extending side beams bordering the floor structure.
National Steel Car Limited

Mobile communication system

A mobile communication system and method that includes a radio access system employing a first communication scheme supporting packet-switched communication and a radio access system employing a second communication scheme supporting both circuit-switched communication and the packet-switched communication. The mobile communication system is configured to switch between a first communication state and a second communication state realizing single radio voice call continuity (srvcc).
Nec Corporation

Srvcc handover of calls between access networks with efficient media gateway selection

A mechanism is presented for performing a session transfer with single radio voice call continuity, srvcc, from a packet switched, ps, access to a circuit switched, cs, access of a telecommunications session that has been established over the ps access via an ip multimedia subsystem, ims, network. The method includes receiving a request for the transfer of the session to the cs access.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Jumper module mounting circuit board and circuit board assembly

A jumper module mounting circuit board includes: a circuit board; and a jumper module having an insulator main body provided with conductive electrical connection parts for connecting between connection patterns so as to provide electrical continuity therebetween by connecting each of contact parts on both ends of the conductive electrical connection parts to the connection patterns which are formed to be spaced apart from each other on the circuit board. The jumper module is mounted onto the circuit board so as to connect between the contact parts and the connection patterns that are formed to be spaced apart from each other.
Yazaki Corporation

Testing performance of optical fibers in the field

Checking continuity along an optical fiber includes mounting an inspection attachment member to a smart phone; inserting a first end of the optical fiber into a receiving arrangement of the inspection attachment member to align the first end with a light source of the smart phone; activating the light source of the smart phone to shine a light along the optical fiber; and determining whether the light is visible at an opposite end of the optical fiber. Certain types of inspection attachment members also are configured to align an end of an optical fiber with a camera lens of the smart phone..
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

Magnetic sensing device using magnetism to detect position

A position signal generating part 11 has a series of a plurality of continuous projections and indentations provided with a pitch λ in the direction of the circumference of a rotating body 10. An origin signal generating part 12 has a discontinuous portion 12b that partly interrupts the continuity of the series of the plurality of projections and indentations provided with the pitch λ in the direction of the circumference of the rotating body 10.
Fanuc Corporation

Light-emitting device and electronic apparatus

A light-emitting device includes a drive transistor for controlling the quantity of current supplied to a light-emitting element, a capacitor element electrically connected to a gate electrode of the drive transistor, and an electrical continuity portion for electrically connecting the drive transistor and the light-emitting element, these elements being disposed on a substrate. The electrical continuity portion is disposed on the side opposite to the capacitor element with the drive transistor disposed therebetween..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Bottle closure having a wood top

A closure for a bottle includes a stopper portion and a head portion. The stopper portion has an axial length and a first width.

Apparatus for measuring temperature distribution across the sole of the foot

An apparatus for measuring the temperature distribution over the sole of the foot has a flexible substrate. The substrate defines a plurality of discontinuities forming a plurality of substrate segments.
Podimetrics, Inc.

Fiber optic cables with extruded access features and methods of making fiber optic cables

Cables are constructed with embedded discontinuities in the cable jacket that allow the jacket to be torn to provide access to the cable core. The discontinuities can be longitudinally extending strips of polymer material coextruded in the cable jacket..
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Site estimation device, site estimation method, and site estimation program

With this device, an edge pair likelihood map generation unit (120) computes an edge pair likelihood which denotes the plausibility that a pixel of a pair is an edge of an estimation subject site, and generates an edge pair likelihood map which denotes the edge pair likelihood for each pixel. A continuity likelihood map generation unit (130) evaluates, upon the edge pair likelihood map, the continuity for the edge pair likelihood of a pixel which is included in a region wherein the estimate subject site is presumed, and generates a continuity likelihood map which denotes an edge pair likelihood which has continuity as a candidate region of the estimate subject site.
Panasonic Corporation

Method and system for selective access control with ensured service continuity guarantees

A method and system for providing a continued service to user equipment (ue) under overload conditions is disclosed. A primary network undertakes a protective measure under unable to serve conditions by commanding a change in the ue network access behavior so that the ue can move to the secondary plmn.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Multi panel display device

The present invention provides a display device including: a plurality of display panels including display areas, and non-display areas positioned alongside the display areas; an optical member having one side connected to a part of one of the display areas and an opposing side extending over an adjacent non-display area, the optical member configured to magnify an image from the part of one of the display areas and to project the magnified image over the adjacent non-display area. A multi panel display device according to the exemplary embodiment of the present invention may prevent the phenomena of image discontinuity and image distortion at edges between the display panels, and adjust a polarization characteristic to provide a high-quality large screen capable of implementing a 3d image and the like..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Handling video transition errors in video on demand streams

A system, method, and apparatus for handling transition errors is presented herein. The transition errors include handling unreported time base discontinuities during trick mode transition, miscalculated time stamps during trick mode transition, erroneous sequence end codes, and unreported broken group of picture transmission.
Broadcom Corporation

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