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Methods for manufacturing isolated deep trench and high-voltage led chip

Enraytek Optoelectronics Ltd

Methods for manufacturing isolated deep trench and high-voltage led chip

Transistor having back-barrier layer and method of making the same

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

Transistor having back-barrier layer and method of making the same

Transistor having back-barrier layer and method of making the same

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

Transistor having high breakdown voltage and method of making the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inuit-related patents
 Handover of emergency call anchored in ims to a circuit switched access network patent thumbnailHandover of emergency call anchored in ims to a circuit switched access network
A method performs a single radio voice call continuity (srvcc) packet switched (ps) to circuit switched (cs) handover of an emergency call that is routed over an ip multimedia subsystem (ims) network. The call is transferred from a first region served by a first mobility management entity (mme) to a second region served by a second mme.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)
 Methods for manufacturing isolated deep trench and high-voltage led chip patent thumbnailMethods for manufacturing isolated deep trench and high-voltage led chip
A method for manufacturing a deep isolation trench (221) and a method for manufacturing a high-voltage led chip. Steps of the method for manufacturing a deep isolation trench (221) are as follows: forming a mask layer (202) on a substrate (200), and forming, in the mask layer, through etching, multiple windows (204) isolated from each other, the bottom of each window exposing the substrate; with epitaxial lateral overgrowth, forming an epitaxial structure (212) inside each window and a part of the mask layer around the window, respectively, each epitaxial structure having a trapezoidal cross section with a long bottom and a short top, and a gap between adjacent epitaxial structures forming a first deep trench (214); etching each epitaxial structure, forming a first shoulder (218) and a second shoulder (221) at both sides of each epitaxial structure, respectively, and forming a deep isolation trench above the mask layer between the adjacent epitaxial structures.
Enraytek Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
 Transistor having back-barrier layer and  making the same patent thumbnailTransistor having back-barrier layer and making the same
A transistor includes a substrate, a channel layer over the substrate, a back-barrier layer over the channel layer, and an active layer over the back-barrier layer. The back-barrier layer has a band gap discontinuity with the channel layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
 Transistor having high breakdown voltage and  making the same patent thumbnailTransistor having high breakdown voltage and making the same
A transistor includes a substrate and a graded layer on the substrate, wherein the graded layer is doped with p-type dopants. The transistor further includes a superlattice layer (sls) on the graded layer, wherein the sls has a p-type dopant concentration equal to or greater than 1×1019 ions/cm3.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
 Transistor having a back-barrier layer and  making the same patent thumbnailTransistor having a back-barrier layer and making the same
A transistor includes a substrate and a buffer layer on the substrate, wherein the buffer layer comprises p-type dopants. The transistor further includes a channel layer on the buffer layer and a back-barrier layer between a first portion of the channel layer and a second portion of the channel layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
 Conveying device and process for operating the same patent thumbnailConveying device and process for operating the same
A direct engagement drive system [108] for a tripper conveyor system is disclosed. The drive system [108] comprises lead [140′] and follow [140″] cogwheels, each driven by a programmable logic controller [108q] and variable frequency drive-controlled electric motor [108a].
 Test system and device patent thumbnailTest system and device
An aspect of the present invention is to provide a test system for detecting whether a continuity fault condition, e.g., a short or open condition, exists in the path between a tester and chips on a wafer during a wafer level burn-in testing. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the test system comprises a probe card and n chips.
Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc.
 Interpolation filter based on time assignment algorithm patent thumbnailInterpolation filter based on time assignment algorithm
Disclosed is an interpolation filter based on time assignment algorithm. An interpolation filter comprises an enable signal generating part generating enable signals for operation of the interpolation filter, an input value generating part generating input values, a first calculating part generating a first output value based on a first enable signal and a first input value, a second calculating part generating a second output value based on a second enable signal and a second input value, and an output value selecting part selecting a final output value among the first output value and the second output value.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
 Model replacement in a local region by inversion patent thumbnailModel replacement in a local region by inversion
Method for reconstructing a local region (20) of a physical property model (10), such as a velocity model, by inversion (80) of geophysical data, such as seismic data, wherein the magnitude of the gradient of the model parameter is minimized (70) within the local region subject to enforcing the continuity of the model on the boundary (60) of the local region. The inversion is preferably implemented on 2d depth slices of the model, one depth slice at a time (50).
 Subsonic shock strut patent thumbnailSubsonic shock strut
A gas turbine engine strut is disclosed as having a will forebody positioned upstream of a point of maximum thickness and an aft body positioned downstream of the point of maximum thickness. The aft body includes a discontinuity in a curvature distribution which provides for a “subsonic shock.” the discontinuity in curvature distribution can include in inflection point that marks a transition from a curvature associated with an upstream portion of the aft body to a second curvature associated with a downstream portion of the aft body.
Rolls-royce Corporation

Phase discontinuity tester for multi antenna transmitters sending phase perturbed signals

A tester for determining phase discontinuity is described for a transmitter having multiple antennas sending signals to a receiver. Typically the transmitter is provided in a mobile telephone and the receiver is in a base station.
Google Inc.

Communication node device, communication system, communication control method and computer-readable program product

A communication node device according to embodiments is capable of transmitting and receiving a multicast message with an adjacent node connected to the same multicast link. The device may comprise a first transmitting and receiving unit, a storage unit, a detection unit, and a second transmitting and receiving unit.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Handover of user-equipment (ue) undetected emergency calls

A solution is presented that includes a method of performing a single radio voice call continuity, srvcc, handover of a telecommunications call established by a user equipment, ue accessing a serving network using a packet switched, ps, access. The serving network includes a serving ims network and the call is a ue-undetected emergency call anchored in the serving ims network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method and service control

In the embodiments of the invention, a user equipment sends an i1 invite message to a service centralization and continuity application server. The i1 invite message includes a service control switching request indication and a session initiation protocol (sip) dialog identifier of an internet protocol multimedia subsystem (ims) session.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd

Multiple location retrieval function (lrf) network having location continuity

An ims emergency call is reliably handed off within the ps domain or from the ps domain to the cs domain, by providing continuous support of location of a user device on behalf of a psap. The invention provides for handover of an ims emergency call with eps/gprs access in a multi-lrf environment.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Method and device for processing srvcc switching, and terminal

A method and device for processing single radio voice call continuity (srvcc) switching, and a related terminal are disclosed. In a technical solution of the disclosure, two sets of authentication parameters can be stored during the process of srvcc switching, one set of which is stored into a card and the other set is stored into a temporary data area, and specific access to the authentication parameters is controlled by a switch variable so that a user does not need to consider using which data area.
Zte Corporation

Configuration of carrier-related reference signal transmission

There are provided measures for configuration of carrier-related reference signal transmission. Such measures exemplarily include setting of a transmission mode for reference signal transmission on a carrier out of at least a long-cycle discontinuous transmission mode and a short-cycle discontinuous transmission mode, said long-cycle discontinuous transmission mode having a longer transmission discontinuity period than the short-cycle discontinuous transmission mode, and configuration of a transmission of at least one reference signal on the carrier according to the set transmission mode.

Display device

A display device includes a backlight module, a backlight control module and a flicker removing module. The backlight module electrically connected between an input pin and an output pin which belong to the backlight control module, provides a backlight source to a display panel.
Micro-star Int'l Co., Ltd.

Encoding system and encoder reallocation method

An encoding system includes a plurality of encoders each of which encodes a signal having continuity supplied from a corresponding one of a plurality of information sources and generates a packet containing a portion of the encoded signal. Each encoder is classified as a first encoder which encodes the signal, or a second encoder which transfers the packet from at least one of the first encoders, to a communication network and which, when the first encoder has failed, replaces the failed first encoder.
Fujitsu Limited

Brush seal

Described is a brush seal for sealing between a first component and a second component which relatively rotate during normal use, comprising: an annular housing which is attached to a first component in use; a plurality of bristles each having a fixed end attached to the housing and a free end, wherein the free ends of at least some of the plurality of bristles contact the second component during normal use to provide a sealing surface, wherein the sealing surface includes a plurality of discontinuities around the circumference of the brush seal for providing hydrodynamic lifting force in use.. .
Rolls-royce Plc

Silicon space transformer for ic packaging

An apparatus includes at least a first integrated circuit (ic) and a wafer-fabricated space transformer (st). The ic includes bonding pads of a first inter-pad pitch on a bottom surface.

System and shared multimedia experiences across multiple subscriptions

Control of a collaborative session between a service centralization and continuity (scc) application server (as) and user equipments (ues) can be transferred between ues having internet protocol (ip) multimedia services (ims) subscriptions under the same operator. The collaborative session provides media from a remote party to the ues, and a controlling ue maintains collaborative session control privileges.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Electric storage device, electronic device, power system, and electric vehicle

An electric storage device includes an electric storage unit that includes one or a plurality of electric storage elements, a measurement unit that measures voltage, a current, and a temperature of the electric storage element, and a calculation unit that calculates internal resistance of the electric storage element based on the voltage, the current, and the temperature measured by the measurement unit. When a determination unit detects discontinuity of temporal variation of the calculated internal resistance, it is determined that the electric storage element has been exchanged.
Sony Corporation

Event triggered prognostics

The present disclosure describes an implantable medical device utilizing an event-triggered prognostic indicator. The disclosure describes techniques for prognostics and management of implantable medical systems to facilitate continuity of performance of sensing and therapy delivery functions by providing adequate response time to handle emerging issues prior to adverse clinical impacts.
Medtronic, Inc.

Medicament applicator

Apparatus and methods for inserting a medicament into a body cavity are described. The apparatus comprises an elongate tube with a plunger rod therein.
Kashiv Pharma, Llc

Method and facilitating communication session continuity

A method and apparatus are provided for facilitating communication session continuity. A method may include receiving, at a terminal, an identifier associated with an eatf (emergency access transfer function).

Method and providing multimedia broadcast and multicast service (mbms) in wireless communication system

A method for receiving a multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) by a user equipment (ue) in a wireless communication system, the method comprising acquiring, by the ue, a predetermined system information block (sib) from a base station (bs); and upon acquiring the predetermined sib, transmitting an mbms interest indication message by the ue to the bs. The predetermined sib includes information related to mbms service continuity.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Electric compressor

An electric compressor which compresses a coolant by driving a compression mechanism with a motor which is drive controlled by a drive circuit, said compressor being characterized by having a lead pin connected to a current output section of the drive circuit, and a connector which, by being mounted on the lead pin, can provide electrical continuity between the current output section of the drive circuit and a current input section of the motor, said connector being provided with a connector terminal which contacts the lead pin at the time of mounting on the lead pin, a connector housing which houses the connector terminal, a vacuum flow path that communicates the inside of the connector housing with the outside thereof, and a sealing member which provides a seal between the connector housing and the vacuum flow path. Thus, provided is a compressor which is easy to produce and for which it is possible to secure the electrical insulation properties of the interior of the compressor while homogenizing the internal pressure thereof..
Sanden Corporation

Semiconductor device

A high frequency signal can be transmitted and received in a semiconductor device. In a qfp, an antenna (frame body) is supported by three suspension leads.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Gaming machine having plural gaming modes

A gaming machine which can control the tempo of the game to refresh the player while maintaining continuity of the game, enhancing entertainingness and amusement of the game, and encouraging the player's sense of achievements. The input unit receives an instruction related to a game.
Aruze Gaming America, Inc.

Providing mobility control for local area networks

Provided are methods, corresponding apparatuses, and computer program products for providing mobility control for local area networks. A method includes connecting a user equipment to a first base station, wherein the first base station and the use equipment are connected with a second base station; and disconnecting the first base station from the second base station and connecting the first base station to a third base station during a handover of the user equipment from the second base station to the third base station.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Call continuity when moving from one communication session to another communication session

In some embodiments, there are disclosed systems and methods in which, when a mobile device receives a message indicating that the mobile device is to release resources pertaining to a communication session for a voice call over an access network, the mobile device refrains from performing this action to allow for the possible arrival and processing of a delayed handover command. The arrival of the handover command causes the mobile device to handover to a second access network to continue the voice call using a second communication session.
Blackberry Limited


The present invention provides, with reference to fig. 2, an amphibian operable in land and marine modes, the amphibian comprising a hull, at least one discontinuity (wheel bay) provided in the hull, and at least one retractable wheel or track assembly at least partially located in the at least one discontinuity (wheel bay).
Gibbs Technologies Limited

Smartphone-based methods and systems

Methods and arrangements involving portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, are disclosed. One arrangement enables a creator of content to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery.
Digimarc Corporation

Method for transmitting measurement report and user equipment

Embodiments of the present application provide a method for transmitting a measurement report and user equipment. The method for transmitting a measurement report including: delaying or not transmitting, by user equipment, a measurement report of a first frequency when performing handover; wherein the first frequency does not provide a multimedia broadcast multicast service that the user equipment is interested in.
Fujitsu Limited

Insulation inspection instrument

A continuity tester that has particular application for inspecting the insulation on the stator windings in an electric machine. The continuity tester includes a power supply, a brush having conductive bristles, and an analog-to-digital (a/d) converter.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Electromagnetic protection device able to protect a microwave connection between a connector and a microwave element

In the field of wideband microwave circuits placed in a housing, an electromagnetic protection device able to protect a microwave connection between a coaxial microwave connector placed on a housing and at least one element of a microwave circuit contained in said housing is provided. The device is formed by a separate pipe made of a resilient electrically conductive material, and it ensures ground continuity between the electric ground of the microwave circuit and the mechanical ground of the housing..

Method to protect storage systems from discontinuity due to device misconfiguration

The invention provides for a method and corresponding information handling system (ihs) to protect storage systems from device discontinuity caused by misconfigurations. An embodiment of the ihs comprises a network switch coupled for communication to a storage group where a member of the storage group is a group leader.

Mechanism for 3rd generation partnership project multiple inter-network quality of service continuity

A system to promote connectivity for inter-radio access technology (rat) handover from a first radio access network (ran) to a second radio access network (ran) is provided. The system comprises a component configured such that for each access point name (apn) in communication with the first radio access network (ran), the maximum bit rate (mbr) for each active non-guaranteed bit rate (non-gbr) bearer in the second radio access network (ran) is determined based on each respective access point name's (apn's) used aggregate maximum bit rate (ambr) and the number of active non-guaranteed bit rate(s) (non-gbr) bearers for the respective access point name (apn)..

System architecture and service continuity in heterogeneous wireless network

The present invention provides a system architecture and a method for service continuity in heterogeneous wireless networks, which comprises a handover decision module and a session continuity module. The handover decision module is responsible for maintaining link layer association and network layer reachability in according to the underlying network conditions to fulfill the service requirement of applications.

Multiple polarization loop antenna and associated methods

The multiple polarization loop antenna includes a circularly polarized loop antenna, which may utilize a loop electrical conductor and two signal feedpoints along the loop electrical conductor separated by one quarter of the length of the loop circumference for a signal feedpoint phase angle input difference of 90 degrees. Each of the signal feedpoints may include a loop discontinuity, so that at least one signal source coupled thereto provides circular polarization from the loop electrical conductor.

Lithography process monitoring of local interconnect continuity

Disclosed is a novel system and method to form local interconnects in a continuity test structure. The method begins with a first set of transistor gate lines and a second set of transistor gate lines are formed.

Merchandising system with pusher assembly

A merchandising system for a displaying a plurality of products is disclosed. The system comprises a base and a pusher member.

Maintaining application session continuity across devices

The present disclosure describes methods, systems, and computer program products for maintaining application session continuity across different devices. One computer-implemented method includes identifying a first application session of an application executing within a portal environment.

Maintaining video conference session continuity during transfer of session to alternative device

Implementations of the present disclosure provide systems and methods for seamlessly transferring a communication session from a first client to a second client via a close-range communication connection. Implementations contemplate serializing a set of unique identifiers pertaining to a communication session and transmitting the set of serialized identifiers from the first client to the second client via a close-range communication connection.

Robotic platform for mini-invasive surgery

Robotic platform for mini-invasive surgery comprising robotic arms (4a, 4b) suitable to be placed in the body of a patient, introduced through a single access port, which are an extension of external robotic manipulators (19). The continuity between external (1) and internal (4a, 4b) robotic arms is guaranteed by means of a trans-abdominal magnetic connection (6) between the internal robotic arm integral with the external one.

Next generation smart card

The embodiments herein relate to mobile technology and, more particularly, to use of smart cards in mobile technology. The embodiments herein disclose a smart card (201) that can be used in mobile devices (101) by which the mobile device will be able to utilize the resources of multiple mobile service providers (o1, o2, o3) simultaneously, hereby improving the user experience by better data throughput, service continuity, reliability and more..

Smartphone-based methods and systems

Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement enables a content creator to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery.

Coaxial connector with grommet biasing for enhanced continuity

A compressible, f-connector and method for interconnection with coaxial cable that includes a biasing grommet for promoting electrical continuity despite inadequate nut tightening. Each connector has a rigid nut, a post penetrating the nut, a tubular body, and an end cap.

Coaxial connector with grommet biasing for enhanced continuity

A compressible f-connector and method for interconnection with coaxial cable that includes a biasing grommet for promoting electrical continuity despite inadequate nut tightening. Each connector has a rigid nut, a post penetrating the nut, a tubular body, and an end cap.

Hollow-blade turbine vane made from composite material, turbine or compressor including a nozzle or guide vane assembly formed by such blades, and turbomachine comprising same

A turbine engine vane is made of composite material comprises a hollow airfoil with an internal passage extending along its entire length, an inner platform, and an outer platform. The airfoil is extended on the outside of the outer platform by an upstream attachment portion and a downstream attachment portion for mounting the vane in a casing.

Method, device and system for accessing core network by means of non-3gpp access

A method, device and system for accessing a core network by means of non-3rd generation partnership project (3gpp) access are disclosed, so as to acquire capability information of a user equipment (ue) and/or capability information of a non-3gpp access system, and decide, according to the acquired capability information, whether the ue transfers information required for establishing an evolved packet core (epc) session. The disclosure can enhance the capability of the ue to support establishment of an extra packet data network (pdn) connection and service continuity during switching between access systems.

Reram materials stack for low-operating-power and high-density applications

A switching element for resistive-switching memory (reram) provides a controllable, consistent filament break-point at an abrupt structural discontinuity between a layer of high-k high-ionicity variable-resistance (vr) material and a layer of low-k low-ionicity vr material. The high-ionicity layer may be crystalline and the low-ionicity layer may be amorphous.

Methods of fabricating cutting elements for earth-boring tools and methods of selectively removing a portion of a cutting element of an earth-boring tool

Cutting elements for use with earth-boring tools include a cutting table having at least two sections where a boundary between the at least two sections is at least partially defined by a discontinuity formed in the cutting table. Earth-boring tools including a tool body and a plurality of cutting elements carried by the tool body.

Adhesive agent, and connecting electronic component

Provided are an adhesive agent capable of providing sufficient electrical continuity to a substrate to which a preflux treatment has been applied and a method for connecting electronic components. There is used an adhesive agent including a (meth)acrylate having an epoxy group in one molecule and a radical polymerization initiator having a one minute half-life temperature of 110 degrees c.

Seismic separation clip for suspended ceiling grid systems

A clip is provided for connecting either main runners end-to-end, or for connecting cross tees to a main runner. The clip comprises a first vertical portion configured to lie along the vertical web of a t-shaped runner or cross tee that has a central discontinuity to define first and second segments, the discontinuity permitting the clip to fit over a two-way intersection of cross tees with a main runner.

Continuity additive for polyolefin polymerization processes

A polymerization process is disclosed, including: polymerizing an olefin to form an olefin-based polymer in a polymerization reactor; and introducing a hindered amine light stabilizer to the polymerization reactor. The process may further comprise monitoring static in the polymerization reactor; maintaining the static at a desired level by use of a hindered amine light stabilizer, the hindered amine light stabilizer present in the reactor in the range from about 0.1 to about 500 ppmw, based on the weight of polymer produced by the process..

Retractable steps for low floor vehicles for transporting passengers

In one embodiment, a vehicle for transporting passengers can include a passenger section, an elevated passenger section, a subfloor discontinuity, and a retractable step. The subfloor discontinuity can be located between the passenger section and the elevated passenger section.

System and lowering a pantograph

A system and method for lowering a pantograph includes a frame that may be extended or retracted. The system and method may include various structure for retracting the frame and for increasing a rate at which the frame is retracted.

Trocar site closure assembly

Disclosed herein are trocar site closures, comprising a head with a plurality of arm receiving passages therethrough, an arm received by each of the passages, each passage having a discontinuity which allows each arm to be pulled inward but deters outward movement, and each arm having a grappling portion. The head and arms are inserted into a patient wound, such as a trocar site.

Coaxial cable connector with integral rfi protection

A coaxial cable connector for coupling an end of a coaxial cable to a terminal is disclosed. The connector has a coupler, a body assembled with the coupler, and a post assembled with the coupler and the body.

Editing apparatus and control method therefor

An editing apparatus comprises a selection unit configured to select one file included from a group of a plurality of files of predetermined continuity; a first instruction detection unit configured to detect a first instruction for deleting an anterior portion of time-series data in the file selected by the selection unit, the anterior portion preceding a designated position in time-series; and a processing unit configured to, if the first instruction is detected by the first instruction detection unit, perform processing for deleting a file preceding the selected file from the group of the plurality of files.. .

System and ip session continuity in device-to-device communication system

A method for performing, by a user equipment (ue), device-to-device (d2d) communication using a wireless communication network is provided. The method includes performing d2d communication via a direct communication path using an allocated internet protocol (ip) address, establishing a first evolved packet system (eps) bearer supporting d2d communication via the wireless communication network, to a packet data network (pdn) gateway (p-gw), determining to switch from the direct communication path to d2d communication via the wireless communication network, and communicating an ip packet through the first eps bearer based on the determination.

Diagnostic system

A transmission source node transmits diagnostic frames where a ttl value is set to the number of hops that is counted until an intermediate node. A relay node decrements the ttl value of the received diagnostic frames, counts the number of diagnostic frames where the decremented ttl value is 0, and recognizes continuity between the transmission source node and the relay node based on the number of transmitted diagnostic frames transmitted from the transmission source node and the number of diagnostic frames where the decremented ttl value is 0..

Rerouting technique

A technique for routing data frames in a telecommunications backhaul network (100) is provided. The telecommunication backhaul network (100) includes a plurality of points and links between the points so that at least two different routes for communicating data frames between a pair of end points is provided.


This hydrant (2) comprises an electrically conductive body (3) having a generally tubular shape and intended for being fixed in the floor flush with a valve mounted on a pipe, for example a water distribution pipe. The hydrant comprises connection means suitable for connecting at least one electrically conductive wire (10) extending along the pipe, said connection means being connected to the body (3) such that electric continuity is maintained between the body (3) and each electrically conductive wire (10) during use..

Seep resistant masking material

A masking material and method of forming a masking tape that includes a substrate and an adhesive layer disposed on the substrate. The adhesive layer is preferably thicker than the substrate and formed of a material that has a modulus of elasticity combined with a viscoelastic component that allows the adhesive to conform to discontinuities associated with a surface to which the masking material is applied.

Coaxial cable connector with continuity bus

A coaxial cable connector including a continuity bus extending a ground circuit between a coaxial cable outer conductor and a coaxial cable connector part such as a coaxial cable connector fastener.. .

Thermocouple and thermocouple connector

A connector that has a phase terminal, an earth terminal and an insulating body inside which the phase terminal is housed and on the outside of which the earth terminal is coupled. According to some embodiments the insulating body has at least one opening extending axially from an end of the insulating body.

3d fiber composite

A composite having a core containing a cellular structure, reinforcing fibers, an upper face sheet, and a lower face sheet is provided. The cellular structure is a honeycomb structure containing strips of carrier material arranged in an x direction in an x-y plane, adhered together, and expanded in the x direction after adhesion.

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