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Propagating link status across a network

Methods of forming arrays of fuel cells on a composite surface

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inuit-related patents
 Apparatus for exercise and balance training patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for exercise and balance training
The present application is directed to a balance board upon which a user may exercise, conduct balance training and do tricks. The balance board comprises a body member with at least two separate balancing surfaces extending from the lower surface with a discontinuity between each separate balancing surface.
 Device and method for impedance matching microwave coaxial line discontinuities patent thumbnailnew patent Device and method for impedance matching microwave coaxial line discontinuities
A coaxial connector has an inner connector. An outer connector is positioned in concentric and radially spaced in relation to the cylindrical inner connector.
 Permanent screw attachment patent thumbnailnew patent Permanent screw attachment
The invention relates to a method and system for permanently attaching a take-up screw (3) for taking-up the axial clearance of the armature shaft of a windscreen wiper motor. The take-up screw (3) is screwed axially into a bore (1) in the motor base (sm) until it reaches a stop position in relation to the armature shaft (6) locked on the screw, at least one surface discontinuity (2) is provided in the bore (1) and/or the thread of the screw (3), allowing the screw (3) to be screwed into the bore until it reaches the stop position.
 Propagating link status across a network patent thumbnailnew patent Propagating link status across a network
An access network comprises a first network interface device coupled to a customer network and configured to provide an interface between the access network and the customer network. The access network also comprises a second network interface device coupled to a core network and configured to provide an interface between the access network and the core network.
 Object detection apparatus, object detection method, storage medium, and integrated circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Object detection apparatus, object detection method, storage medium, and integrated circuit
An object detection apparatus, a program, and an integrated circuit enable the contour of an object to be detected in an appropriate manner in an image including an object and its background with almost no contrast between them in a predetermined direction of the image. A vertical direction edge extraction filter in a filtering unit extracts, from an input image, a contour component in a first direction (e.g., vertical direction) of the image.
 Bicycle wheel rim and respective bicycle wheel patent thumbnailnew patent Bicycle wheel rim and respective bicycle wheel
The invention relates to a bicycle wheel rim (10), comprising a radially outer portion (12) configured to be coupled with a bicycle tire and a radially inner portion (14) comprising a plurality of attachment holes (16) for respective spokes. The radially inner portion (14) of the rim (10) comprises opposite side walls (14a, 14b) and a bottom wall (14c) in which said plurality of holes (16) is formed.
 Methods of forming arrays of fuel cells on a composite surface patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of forming arrays of fuel cells on a composite surface
Methods of manufacturing a fuel cell array that include selectively removing portions of a coating layer from a composite layer. The composite layer includes a first surface and a second surface and a first coating is disposed over at least a portion of the first surface.
 Semiconductor device with conductive pillars having recesses or protrusions to detect interconnect continuity between semiconductor die and substrate patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device with conductive pillars having recesses or protrusions to detect interconnect continuity between semiconductor die and substrate
A semiconductor device has a semiconductor die and conductive pillar with a recess or protrusion formed over a surface of the semiconductor die. The conductive pillar is made by forming a patterning layer over the semiconductor die, forming an opening with a recess or protrusion in the patterning layer, depositing conductive material in the opening and recess or protrusion, and removing the patterning layer.
 Advanced armor laminate structure patent thumbnailnew patent Advanced armor laminate structure
A transparent armor laminate apparatus includes a hard disrupter layer having a substantially planar surface of transparent material configured to erode a ballistic projectile responsive to impact from the projectile, and an absorber configured proximate to the disrupter layer. The absorber includes a first absorber layer and a second absorber layer.
 System of redundant wires and connectors for picafina dbs and heart pacemaker electrical stimulating device implanted in animals including human animals patent thumbnailSystem of redundant wires and connectors for picafina dbs and heart pacemaker electrical stimulating device implanted in animals including human animals
A system to increase the reliability of the electrical connections between the electrodes and the battery/controlling electronics of an electrical stimulating device as dbs (deep brain stimulator), heart pacemakers and the like. We disclose a redundant male/female connector and/or a set of redundant wires to improve the reliability of the connections between the electrodes at a first location and the battery/controlling electronics at a second location.
Dynamic vcc assignment
A method for assigning a voice control continuity (vcc) server to a user equipment (ue) in a telecommunications network includes receiving an indication that the ue is registering with the network or attempting to make or receive an ims communication session. A telephony network routing identifier and a vcc point code are assigned to the ue.
Coaxial cable connector having electrical continuity member
A coaxial cable connector includes, in one embodiment, a body, a post, a coupler and a continuity member. The continuity member has a post contact portion and a coupler contact portion.
Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
An information processing apparatus which searches for a plurality of image files shot in succession from among a plurality of files, comprises a search unit which searches for the image files based on file attributes; an obtaining unit which obtains associated information added to each of the found image files; a determination unit which determines whether continuity exists between a plurality of image files having the same attribute based on the associated information; and a setting unit which sets the plurality of image files determined to have continuity as belonging to the same group, wherein the associated information added to each image file includes identification information indicating a file of an image shot after that file, and identification information indicating a file of an image shot before that file.. .
Image processor and image processing method
According to one embodiment, image processor includes generator and superimposing module. The generator generates enlarged image including display area larger than that of input image.
Semiconductor module, circuit board
[solution] a semiconductor module includes a wiring substrate where a via and a interconnecting pattern are formed, a semiconductor device disposed on a first surface side of the wiring substrate, and a bonding portion including a first bonding layer disposed on the wiring substrate side and a second bonding layer disposed on the semiconductor device side. The first bonding layer includes a first insulation layer having inorganic material as the main constituent, a through hole formed in an area of the first insulation layer corresponding to the via, and a conductive bonding portion, disposed in the through hole, for establishing electrical continuity between an electrode portion formed on the semiconductor device and the wiring substrate, and has a first bonding start temperature to start bonding to the wiring substrate, and the second bonding layer includes a second insulation layer having inorganic material as the main constituent, and an opening portion communicating with the through hole and configured to dispose the semiconductor device therein, and has a second bonding start temperature being a temperature to start bonding to the semiconductor device, the temperature being different from the first bonding start temperature..
Semiconductor devices having through silicon vias and methods of fabricating the same
A semiconductor device is provided having an insulating layer on a semiconductor substrate. The insulating layer and the semiconductor substrate define a through hole penetrating the semiconductor substrate and the insulating layer.
System and method for coarsening in reservoir simulation system
System and method for implementing a reservoir simulation system are described. One embodiment is a computer-implemented method of coarsening a fine grid including a plurality of fine gridblocks, the fine grid representing a geological model having at least one discontinuity therein.
System, method and composition for skin care treatment
A cyclical dosage topical administration skin care one week's treatment of continuity complex active components and active booster serum active components effects anti-aging characteristics without adverse effects, caused by increasing dosage as shown when active ingredients are increased.. .
Method for detecting alignment film and device for the same
The embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for detecting alignment film and device for the same. The method comprises: obtaining an image of an alignment film test region of a substrate; and analyzing continuity of the alignment film along an internal boundary of the alignment film test region in the image obtained.
X-ray ct apparatus and image correction method
There is provided an x-ray ct apparatus capable of correcting the unevenness of the contrast concentration due to discontinuities in time between slices in contrast imaging using a prospective triggering method. In an x-ray ct apparatus 1, projection data in a specific phase of the heart is obtained by performing a scan by emitting x-rays after a predetermined time from the detection of the r wave of electrocardiogram information at each position of the heart in the body axis direction.
System, method, and computer-readable medium for provisioning dual-homed voice call continuity
A system, method and computer-readable medium for concurrent support of voice call continuity (vcc) capabilities in both the enterprise space and the carrier space are provided. The enterprise vcc functionality is used when the user is located in the enterprise domain which does not impact the carrier's network while the carrier vcc capability is used when the user is located in the carrier domain to support seamless handover between the wireless networks that the carrier may offer.
Common reference signal phase discontinuity and sequence initialization
Methods, systems, and devices are described for supporting common reference signaling in wireless communications systems. Some configurations introduce a phase discontinuity between common reference signal (crs) transmissions on different subframes.
Apparatus and method for editing three dimensional objects
A computer graphic editing or modeling system that automatically alters a computer graphic object based on a user sketch. The computer graphic object may be presented as an image space view of the object (proxy).
Tunneling magnetoresistance (tmr) read sensor with an integrated auxilliary ferromagnetic shield
The invention provides a tunneling magnetoresistance (tmr) read sensor with an integrated auxiliary shield comprising buffer, parallel-coupling, shielding and decoupling layers for high-resolution magnetic recording. The buffer layer, preferably formed of an amorphous ferromagnetic co—x (where x is hf, y, zr, etc.) film, creates microstructural discontinuity between a lower ferromagnetic shield and the tmr read sensor.
Portable, adjustable protective case for electronic devices and methods of use thereof
The present disclosure is directed to a case for an electronic device, for example a tablet computer. The case includes a housing for holding the electronic device, a connecting member foldably attached to a back of the housing and a support member attached to an edge of the housing.
Device for filling a cigarrette tube with a metered amount of tobacco
A device for filling cigarette tubes that can be designed and used manually, partially automatically, or, fully automatically for packing cigarette tubes with a metered, precise amount of tobacco that leads to a consistent filling of the tube to an even and complete density such that the burning rate and continuity are consistently the same, regardless of the cut of tobacco being used, or of moisture content of the tobacco, and, independent of operator control variables.. .
System and method for dynamically displaying characters over a screen of a computerized mobile device
A method of changing a display of an original image on a screen of a computerized mobile device is provided herein. The method comprises the following steps: (i) dynamically identifying conditions related to display changes.
Systems and methods for communicating and switching between components in a hybrid computing environment
An embodiment includes a system having: a display device having a first operating platform; a base device having a second operating platform and being configured to connect with the display device through a hardware connection; the hardware connection including a communication link between the first and second operating platforms; and a server module and a client module; the server module configured to, responsive to selecting an active operating platform, communicate settings of a previously active operating platform via the hardware connection to the client module to maintain continuity of settings after switching active operating platforms. Other embodiments are described and claimed..
Health management system
A decentralized system with at least a server (130, 140) and a plurality of remote devices including at least a member device (150), a caregiver device (120) and a support device (110) configured for use by a at least one person in a support team network for a user of the member device. The system is configured to allow the server and the remote devices to communicate over a network to define a continuity of care network (ccn 100) for managing the flow of member related information between the member device (150), the caregiver device (120) and the support device (110); receive behavioral change communications in response to health events related to the member; and transmit communications regarding the received behavioral change communications to at least one user of the member device (150), the caregiver device (120) and the support device (110)..
Methods of and nodes for selecting a target core network for handing over a voice session of a terminal
A method of selecting a target core network of a communication network for handing over a voice session of a terminal from a packet switched source radio access network (ran) to a target ran. The voice session is anchored in an internet protocol multimedia subsystem, and the selected target core network includes a circuit switched domain which is associated with the target ran and supports voice session continuity to hand over the voice session from the source ran to the target ran.
Method and device for indicating volte capability
A method (100) for use in a mobility management entity, an mme, in an lte system, comprising (110) obtaining and determining the capability of a mobile terminal in the lte system regarding the mobile terminal's capability for handover over from the lte system to a 2g and/or a 3g system, comparing (115) the mobile terminal's capability and the lte system's capability for single radio voice channel continuity, srvcc, handover over from the lte system to a 2g and/or a 3g system, and, depending on the outcome of the comparison, instructing (120, 125) the mobile terminal to use voice over lte, volte, or circuit switched, cs, fallback when initiating voice sessions.. .
Pixel test in a liquid crystal on silicon chip
An example embodiment includes a continuity testing method of a pixel in a liquid crystal on silicon integrated circuit. The method includes writing a first voltage to a pixel.
Communications connectors including transmission lines having impedance discontinuities that improve return loss and/or insertion loss performance and related methods
Communications plugs are provided that include a housing that receives the conductors of the communication cable. A printed circuit board is mounted at least partially within the housing.
Smoking system
In an electronic cigarette of the sort having a housing, a power section, and an atomizer, at least a portion of a first flow stream passes through the atomizer. A mixing valve within the housing has a first input that receives the first flow stream, and a second input receiving a second flow stream (20) that avoids the atomizing element, and an output (34) connected in fluid continuity to the opening in the proximal end, wherein the output conducts a mixture of the first flow stream (25) and the second flow stream (20).
Continuity of instruction during a socially distancing event
A method wherein live, in-person academic coursework that is cancelled for extended periods due to an exigency, for example a natural disaster, pandemic, or other socially distancing event, can be quickly, efficiently, gracefully, and cost-effectively transitioned into an online environment in order to ensure academic continuity by identifying a triggering event whereby in-person academic coursework is cancelled, initiating an academic continuity process, querying a student information system for data, interfacing this student information system data with a learning management system to populate the learning management system, simultaneously scaling the learning management system utilizing a cloud computing infrastructure, and transitioning the cancelled in-person academic coursework to an online environment.. .
Methods for reducing static charge of a catalyst and methods for using the catalyst to produce polyolefins
Catalysts and methods for making and using the same are provided. The method for fabricating a catalyst may includes contacting a supported catalyst with a monomer under conditions that reduce an overall charge of the catalyst to less than about 75% of an initial charge of the catalyst.
An adaptor for adapting a mains plug according to a first national standard to a mains socket according to a second, different second national standard. The adaptor comprises a housing with a socket for receiving the first mains plug, and at least two plug assemblies according to different national standards, one of the at least two plug assemblies being according to the second national standard.
Methods and system for resource management in tti (transmission time interval) bundling for improved phase continuity
Certain aspects of the present disclosure propose methods for improving phase continuity in an uplink transmit time interval (tti) bundle. A first method may include identifying a segment of ul subframes in the tti bundle and maintaining substantially the same transmit power/timing/frequency when transmitting data to a node over the segment of ul subframes in the tti bundle.
Method for providing multicast broadcast services continuity in a wireless network, corresponding network node and user equipment
The present invention relates to a method for providing multicast broadcast services continuity towards a user equipment part of a wireless network, said multicast broadcast services being supported by at least one multicast broadcast services bearer, said wireless network further providing unicast services to said user equipment, said unicast services being supported by at least one unicast service bearer, said multicast broadcast services bearers being multiplexed with unicast services bearers on at least one carrier. According to the present invention, the method comprises the steps of prioritising said multicast broadcast services over said unicast services..
Conversion of asphaltenic pitch within an ebullated bed residuum hydrocracking process
A process for upgrading residuum hydrocarbons including: feeding pitch, hydrogen, and a partially spent catalyst recovered from a hydrocracking reactor to an ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor; contacting the pitch, hydrogen, and the catalyst in the ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor at reaction conditions of temperature and pressure sufficient to convert at least a portion of the pitch to distillate hydrocarbons; and separating the distillate hydrocarbons from the catalyst. In some embodiments, the process may include selecting the ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor reaction conditions to be at or below the level where sediment formation would otherwise become excessive and prevent continuity of operations..
Operation management device, operation management method
An operation management to grasp a metric in which a continuous abnormality has occurred in a system, easily, is provided. An operation management apparatus 100 includes a metric collection unit (101) and an abnormality score calculation unit (104).
Seamless transition of data services in a single-sim multi-active cellular device
Systems, apparatuses and methods are described for seamless transition of data services in a single-sim multi-active (ssma) cellular device operating in a mixed technology cellular network. An ssma device provides multiple virtual terminals capable of simultaneously maintaining multiple active services on different technology networks.
Distribution networks for safety sensors and devices
In distribution networks for safety sensors and devices, aspects of the invention provide routing individualized status signals in parallel to potential safety sensor locations in addition to serially routing safety signals to provide substantially increased protection. A shorting plug that electrically shorts together an individualized status signal to a voltage reference level at a safety sensor location, in addition to electrically shorting together the safety signals for electrical continuity, provides individualized status information for each potential safety sensor location in addition to the serial safety information provided by the safety signals.
Proximity offloading and service continuity support for mobile communication devices
Systems and methods are provided to facilitate direct wireless communication between mobile communication devices while avoiding the need for mobile communication devices to periodically scan for in-range devices and avoiding unwanted breaks in traffic caused by changes in the source and/or destination ip address of packets. Mobile communication devices periodically update their positions to a server, which can send a notification when a mobile communication device comes within range.
Stereo-image processing apparatus, stereo-image processing method, and recording medium
A stereo-image processing apparatus capable of adaptively converting, regarding stereo vision, a parallax distribution of a stereo image in accordance with human visual performance is provided. The stereo-image processing apparatus includes a continuity detection unit (31) that detects a parallax continuous region on the basis of the discontinuity of parallax values in a stereo image and a conversion processing unit (32) that performs processing for enhancing the parallax gradient of the parallax continuous region..
Integrated circuit package and method of making
An integrated circuit (“ic”) device and method of making it. The ic device may include a conductive lead frame that has a die pad with a relatively larger central body portion and at least one relatively smaller peripheral portion in electrical continuity with the central body portion.
Method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory
The disclosure relates to a method of manufacturing vertical gate transistors in a semiconductor substrate, comprising implanting, in the depth of the substrate, a doped isolation layer, to form a source region of the transistors; forming, in the substrate, parallel trench isolations and second trenches perpendicular to the trench isolations, reaching the isolation layer, and isolated from the substrate by a first dielectric layer; depositing a first conductive layer on the surface of the substrate and in the second trenches; etching the first conductive layer to form the vertical gates of the transistors, and vertical gate connection pads between the extremity of the vertical gates and an edge of the substrate, while keeping a continuity zone in the first conductive layer between each connection pad and a vertical gate; and implanting doped regions on each side of the second trenches, to form drain regions of the transistors.. .
Coolant activated rechargeable energy storage system drain plug
A battery pack with a drain plug. The drain plug includes a carrier defining a cavity internal to the carrier, an inlet disposed on a first surface of the carrier and an outlet disposed on a second surface of the carrier where the first surface and the second surface fluidly displaced from one another and coupled to the cavity.
Valve seat insert
Embodiments may provide a valve seat insert including a valve seat face. A circumferential contact surface for contacting a cylinder head may be located radially outside and at least partially axially offset from the valve seat face.
Methods and automated systems for testing, optimization, and analysis that preserve continuity in identities and status of users who access remote information from different contexts
The current document is directed to automated electronic testing, optimization, and/or analysis systems that collect sufficient data from instrumentation, maintain sufficient user status, and provide sufficient communications between instrumentation and testing, optimization, and/or analysis systems in order to follow, reconstruct, and record temporal threads of user activity that span multiple user contexts. In one implementation, json-encoded information is collected through instrumentation and supplemented by testing, optimization, and/or analysis systems in order to provide many different types of information about remote-information-accessing users and the device and program contexts from which they access remote information.
Devices, methods and systems for counterpulsation and blood flow conduit connection
A blood flow conduit includes a first conduit portion defining a first portion of a lumen and blood flow path, and a second conduit portion defining a second portion of a lumen and blood flow path. The first portion of the lumen has a smoother surface for contacting the blood flow than the second portion of the lumen.
Apparatus and method for supporting handover
An embodiment of the invention provides a method for supporting handover. That is, inform a target base station which bear in bearers to be handed over is a local internet protocol (ip) access (lipa) bearer, by a source base station.
Wireless communication device
The invention includes a first circuit board on which a plurality of first terminal sections is arranged, a high-frequency circuit arranged on the first circuit board and connected to at least one of the plurality of first terminal sections, a second circuit board on which is arranged a plurality of second terminal sections facing the plurality of first terminal sections, a first internal circuit arranged on the second circuit board and connected to at least one of the plurality of second terminal sections, and electrical continuity unit providing electrical continuity among the plurality of first terminal sections and the plurality of second terminal sections. At least two contiguous terminals of the plurality of first terminal sections and/or the plurality of second terminal sections including a terminal connected to the high-frequency circuit are connected via a capacitor and function as an antenna for wireless communication..
Multi-gate high voltage device
A high voltage semiconductor device, particularly a device including a number of high breakdown voltage transistors having a common drain, first well, and insulating structure between the gate and the drain as well as method for using the same is provided in this disclosure. The high breakdown voltage transistors in the device together are in an elliptical shape.
Display device and method of fabricating the display device
In an el element having an anode, an insulating film (bump) formed on the anode, and an el film and a cathode formed on the insulating film, each of a bottom end portion and a top end portion of the insulating film is formed so as to have a curved surface. The taper angle of a central portion of the insulating film is set within the range from 35° to 70°, thereby preventing the gradient of the film forming surface on which the el film and the cathode are to be formed from being abruptly changed.
Welding methods
A visually seamless method of joining a first piece of metal and a second piece of metal is described. The first piece of metal is placed in contact with an edge of the second piece of metal.
Method and system for supporting fast recovery of user equipment
A method for supporting fast recovery of a user equipment (ue) includes performing, by a serving base station, ue context synchronization for one or more other base stations in a related small cell cluster when a ue accesses the serving base station, performing, by a base station that the ue performs a radio resource control (rrc) connection re-establishment, the rrc connection re-establishment for the ue according to ue context saved in a synchronization process. The present also discloses another method and system for supporting ue fast recovery.
Driving apparatus, and lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus including the same
Provided is a driving apparatus for driving a movable optical member, the driving apparatus being removably attached to a lens barrel, the driving apparatus including: a rotary absolute position detector detecting a position of which the movable optical member, the rotary absolute position detector outputting an output value having a unique value with respect to a rotation angle within a range of a single rotation, and the output value having a point of discontinuity at which the output value is discontinuous every single rotation; and a controller performing boundary processing that handles the output value, corresponding to a driving range of the movable optical member, of the rotary absolute position detector having the point of discontinuity as a continuous value.. .
Method for data transmission, offload point device, user equipment and system
The embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for data transmission, an offload point device, a user equipment and a system. The method includes: updating, when a first air interface is unavailable, connection context information corresponding to service(s) of a user equipment on the first air interface, wherein the user equipment is connected to a core network through a first access network via the first air interface; sending a first message to the user equipment, wherein the first message carries updating information related to the updated connection context information; and performing data transmission with the user equipment according to the updated connection context information.
Protection switching method and system provision by a distributed protection group
The present invention relates to a protection switching for use in a communication network, and more particularly, to a method and a system for protection switching provision by a distributed or extended protection group in a communication network. In one embodiment, this can be accomplished by defining a traffic bit (t-bit) on all the communication devices in the network, assigning at least one communication device as master node and other devices as slave node, determining a fault if continuity check message is not received in a predetermined time period between the master node and the traffic source, carrying of status information, reliably, between communication devices using existing protection or restoration methods, broadcasting by setting the bit ‘t’=1 (or ‘t’=0) by the master node to all other slave nodes thereby notifying about the fault (or clearance of fault) towards traffic source and receiving the traffic from the traffic source by the other available slave nodes when master node's link towards traffic source fails..
Color balance in digital photography
A technique for generating a digital photograph comprises blending two related images, each sampled according to a different illumination environment. The two related images are blended according to a blend surface function that includes a height discontinuity separating two different blend weight regions.
Systems and methods for image depth map generation
Systems and methods which provide generation of image depth maps which more accurately represent the local depth discontinuity within images through use of image global depth maps adapted based upon image global motion and/or localized depth analysis utilizing relative relationships of attributes across depth discontinuities in the image are disclosed. Embodiments utilize a full global depth map which is larger than or equal to the image being converted in order to accommodate image global motion, in generating an image global depth map.
Stereoscopic image processing apparatus, stereoscopic image processing method, and recording medium
There is provided a stereoscopic image processing apparatus with which a disparity can be correctly estimated even for an image in which a disparity has a vertical component. A stereoscopic image processing apparatus (10) includes an input unit (11) that receives a plurality of viewpoint images, an evaluation value calculation unit (12) that calculates, for a plurality of viewpoint images that have been received, an evaluation value relating to pixel similarity between viewpoint images and disparity continuity between viewpoint images, and a disparity map creation unit (13) that selects a combination of disparities of each pixel, for which the evaluation value that has been calculated is a minimum evaluation value, as a disparity of the pixel and creates a disparity map having a horizontal component and a vertical component.
Resistance-based catalytic converter protection systems and configurations
A catalytic converter protection system that includes a controller, a catalytic converter having a housing, and a shorting element that has two terminals and is coupled to the housing. The system also includes a connector having an internal resistor.
Methods and apparatuses for filtering water fluid by screening ionic minerals
Various aspects of the present disclosure are directed toward apparatus and methods method for filtering water fluid by screening ionic minerals including sodium chloride from the water fluid. In one embodiment, the water fluid is passed into a work zone defined at least in part by oppositely-arranged first and second porous structures, each of which have a plurality of gated channels.
Apparatus and method for selecting lasting feeling of machine
Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for selecting lasting feeling of a machine. The apparatus for selecting lasting feeling of a machine includes an behavior combination extraction unit configured to extract behavior combinations expressing feelings of a machine; and a continuity determination unit configured to determine whether a behavior expressed at a just previous time is the same as a currently expressed behavior for each feeling expression element of a machine configuring the extracted behavior combinations and when a difference between the behavior of the feeling expression elements expressed at the just previous time and the behavior of the currently expressed feeling expression elements is larger than a setting value, allows the behavior combination extraction unit to extract a new behavior combination..
Tufted fibrous web
Disclosed is a fibrous web having a first region and at least one discrete integral second region, the second region having at least one portion being a discontinuity exhibiting a linear orientation and defining a longitudinal axis, and at least another portion being a deformation having a plurality of tufted fibers integral with but extending from the first region.. .
User interface for retiming in a media authoring tool
A novel method for creating multimedia presentations in a media editing application is provided. The method selects a portion of a media clip and retimes the selected portion of the media clip from a first playback speed to a second playback speed.
Boundary-based high resolution depth mapping
Systems and methods which provide generation of high resolution depth maps from low resolution depth information using boundary-based processing techniques are disclosed. Boundary-based depth processing provided by embodiments implements boundary detection and boundary-based interpolation algorithms for providing high resolution depth information from low resolution depth information and high resolution image information.
Optimization of embms service continuity with mbsfn measurements
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus configures a set of mbsfn subframes to include one or more mbsfn subframes for mbsfn signal quality measurements.
Method and apparatus for providing multimedia broadcast and multicast service (mbms) in wireless communication system
A method and apparatus for providing a multimedia broadcast and multicast service (mbms) in a wireless communication system are disclosed. A method for receiving a multimedia broadcast and multicast service (mbms) by a user equipment (ue) in a wireless communication system includes obtaining a predetermined system information block (sib) from a base station (bs), and transmitting an mbms interest indication message to the base station (bs) only when the predetermined system information block (sib) is obtained.
Ethernet equipment utilizing catalogs and continuity checks to enhance upnp and avb applications
A method and an ethernet local area network are described herein in which the ethernet local area network is configured to enable a talking device (e.g., microphone) to send a media stream to one or more listening devices (e.g., speakers). In one embodiment, the method for configuring the ethernet local area network includes the following steps: (1) providing a user of a talking device with a “relevant” catalog which contains information including positional information about one or more listening devices; (2) allowing the user to interface with the “relevant” catalog so they can select at least one of the listening device(s); (3) enabling the talking device to send a subscribe-request message to the selected listening device(s) requesting that the selected listening device(s) subscribe to the talking device; (4) and sending a media stream from the talking device to the selected listening device(s)..

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