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Editing apparatus and control method therefor

Editing apparatus and control method therefor

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inuit-related patents
 Trocar site closure assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Trocar site closure assembly
Disclosed herein are trocar site closures, comprising a head with a plurality of arm receiving passages therethrough, an arm received by each of the passages, each passage having a discontinuity which allows each arm to be pulled inward but deters outward movement, and each arm having a grappling portion. The head and arms are inserted into a patient wound, such as a trocar site.
 Coaxial cable connector with integral rfi protection patent thumbnailnew patent Coaxial cable connector with integral rfi protection
A coaxial cable connector for coupling an end of a coaxial cable to a terminal is disclosed. The connector has a coupler, a body assembled with the coupler, and a post assembled with the coupler and the body.
 Editing apparatus and control method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Editing apparatus and control method therefor
An editing apparatus comprises a selection unit configured to select one file included from a group of a plurality of files of predetermined continuity; a first instruction detection unit configured to detect a first instruction for deleting an anterior portion of time-series data in the file selected by the selection unit, the anterior portion preceding a designated position in time-series; and a processing unit configured to, if the first instruction is detected by the first instruction detection unit, perform processing for deleting a file preceding the selected file from the group of the plurality of files.. .
 System and method for ip session continuity in device-to-device communication system patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for ip session continuity in device-to-device communication system
A method for performing, by a user equipment (ue), device-to-device (d2d) communication using a wireless communication network is provided. The method includes performing d2d communication via a direct communication path using an allocated internet protocol (ip) address, establishing a first evolved packet system (eps) bearer supporting d2d communication via the wireless communication network, to a packet data network (pdn) gateway (p-gw), determining to switch from the direct communication path to d2d communication via the wireless communication network, and communicating an ip packet through the first eps bearer based on the determination.
 Diagnostic system patent thumbnailnew patent Diagnostic system
A transmission source node transmits diagnostic frames where a ttl value is set to the number of hops that is counted until an intermediate node. A relay node decrements the ttl value of the received diagnostic frames, counts the number of diagnostic frames where the decremented ttl value is 0, and recognizes continuity between the transmission source node and the relay node based on the number of transmitted diagnostic frames transmitted from the transmission source node and the number of diagnostic frames where the decremented ttl value is 0..
 Rerouting technique patent thumbnailnew patent Rerouting technique
A technique for routing data frames in a telecommunications backhaul network (100) is provided. The telecommunication backhaul network (100) includes a plurality of points and links between the points so that at least two different routes for communicating data frames between a pair of end points is provided.
 Hydrant patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrant
This hydrant (2) comprises an electrically conductive body (3) having a generally tubular shape and intended for being fixed in the floor flush with a valve mounted on a pipe, for example a water distribution pipe. The hydrant comprises connection means suitable for connecting at least one electrically conductive wire (10) extending along the pipe, said connection means being connected to the body (3) such that electric continuity is maintained between the body (3) and each electrically conductive wire (10) during use..
 Seep resistant masking material patent thumbnailnew patent Seep resistant masking material
A masking material and method of forming a masking tape that includes a substrate and an adhesive layer disposed on the substrate. The adhesive layer is preferably thicker than the substrate and formed of a material that has a modulus of elasticity combined with a viscoelastic component that allows the adhesive to conform to discontinuities associated with a surface to which the masking material is applied.
 Coaxial cable connector with continuity bus patent thumbnailCoaxial cable connector with continuity bus
A coaxial cable connector including a continuity bus extending a ground circuit between a coaxial cable outer conductor and a coaxial cable connector part such as a coaxial cable connector fastener.. .
 Thermocouple and thermocouple connector patent thumbnailThermocouple and thermocouple connector
A connector that has a phase terminal, an earth terminal and an insulating body inside which the phase terminal is housed and on the outside of which the earth terminal is coupled. According to some embodiments the insulating body has at least one opening extending axially from an end of the insulating body.
3d fiber composite
A composite having a core containing a cellular structure, reinforcing fibers, an upper face sheet, and a lower face sheet is provided. The cellular structure is a honeycomb structure containing strips of carrier material arranged in an x direction in an x-y plane, adhered together, and expanded in the x direction after adhesion.
Fibrous reinforcement structure for composite material part having a reduced thickness portion
A fiber structure reinforcing a composite material part woven as a single piece by multilayer weaving between plural first and second layers of yarns. The fiber structure includes a portion of decreasing thickness that presents: plural yarn withdrawal parts in surface continuity, with yarns interrupted from the first plural layers of yarns underlying the layer of yarns of the first plural layers of yarns situated in the surface of the structure; and plural yarn withdrawal parts in surface discontinuity, with yarns interrupted from the first plural layers of yams situated at the surface of the structure, each interrupted yarn replaced in the surface of the structure by a yarn of a layer of yarns underlying the first plural layers of yarns.
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for performing single radio voice call continuity (srvcc) handovers
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for performing single radio voice call continuity (srvcc) handover are disclosed. According to one method, the method occurs at a testing platform.
Apparatus and method for moving a receive window in a radio access network
A method of moving a receiving window in a wireless mobile communication system, wherein the am rlc of the transmitting side sends information of the last discarded sdu regardless of continuity of the discarded sdus. The am rlc of the receiving side checks whether all sdus from the start point of the receiving window up to the last discarded sdu are successfully received, delivers the sdus that are successfully received to an upper layer, and discard only those sdus that are not successfully received..
Lighting system for monitoring light emitting devices
A lighting system is provided with a plurality of devices that are disposed within a lamp assembly and configured to emit light in response to receiving electrical power from a power source. The detector is coupled to the plurality of devices and is configured to monitor an electrical characteristic associated with the plurality of devices.
Magnetic drive system and method
A magnetic coupling device for communicating continuous rotational or linear motion through a magnetic coupling of magnetic forces communicated from magnets operatively positioned on an oscillation assembly and a rotation assembly in positions sufficiently proximate to form the magnetic coupling. Employed to communicate an output force in a rotational direction from an input linear force communicated from a powered oscillation assembly, the magnetic force of the magnet communicating the force compresses the volume of ellipsoidal-like magnetic fields of the coupling alternately in unlike polar domains, to induce a smooth, blended polar continuity and communicate a continuous 360 degree rotational force to a rotation assembly operatively engaged with the magnetic coupling.
Merchant continuity correction using cardholder loyalty information
A computer-implemented method of maintaining continuity of transaction data associated with a merchant within a payment card network includes identifying new merchant ids and associated new merchant information from a database, the new merchant ids and associated new transactions generated after a predetermined timestamp; and identifying discontinued merchant ids and associated discontinued merchant information from the database, the discontinued merchant ids associated only with older transactions generated before the predetermined timestamp and thus appearing to have been discontinued after the predetermined timestamp. The method further includes linking a new merchant id to a discontinued merchant id based on continued loyalty of payment card holders, the linked pair of new merchant and discontinued merchant id having common payment card accounts associated therewith, thereby maintaining continuity of transaction data associated with the merchant corresponding to the linked pair of new and discontinued merchant ids..
Service continuity during local breakout in a femtocell
Service continuity is provided when a user equipment (ue), employing local breakout mechanisms at a femto access point (fap) for a communication session, moves out of the femto coverage area. In particular, a network change detection component can be employed to detect when the ue, attached to the fap, changes its connection from the femto network to the macro network.
Method and system for single radio voice continuity handover
A method and a system for single radio voice continuity handover. The method includes: performing communication based on a media codec type negotiated by calling and called parties in a process of handing over a voice service from a first network to a second network, wherein the negotiated media codec type is a media codec type supported by a media gateway.
High performance printed circuit board
A printed circuit board for carrying high frequency signals. Conducting structures of the printed circuit board are shaped within breakout regions to limit impedance discontinuities in the signal paths between vias and conductive traces within the printed circuit board.
Data transfer and recovery process
A backup image generator can create a primary image and periodic delta images of all or part of a primary server. The images can be sent to a network attached storage device and a remote storage server.
Smartphone arrangements responsive to musical artists and other content proprietors
Methods and arrangements involving portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, are disclosed. One particular arrangement concerns a software program that is launched following detection of audio content performed by a first musical artist.
Smartphone-based methods and systems
Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement enables a content creator to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery.
Electrical cable connector shield with positive retention locking feature
A shielded, or coaxial, electrical cable assembly including a female shield connected to the outer conductor, or shield, of the cable. The female shield is configured to mate with a male shield to maintain the continuity of the shield in a connection.
Coaxial cable connector with integral rfi protection and biasing ring
A coaxial cable connector having an inner conductor, a dielectric surrounding the inner conductor, an outer conductor surrounding the dielectric, and a jacket surrounding the outer conductor and used for coupling an end of a coaxial cable to an equipment connection port. The coaxial cable includes a coupler, a body, a post, and a biasing ring.
Coaxial cable connector having electrical continuity member
A coaxial cable connector includes, in one embodiment, a body, post, coupler and continuity member. The continuity member has an anchored post contact portion and a plurality of arcuate coupler contact portions.
Providing service continuity for local area networks
Provided are methods, corresponding apparatuses, and computer program products for providing service continuity for local area networks. A method comprises receiving, during a handover procedure between local area networks, service information that relates to one or more services supported by one or more neighbor base stations; determining, based upon the service information, which one of the one or more neighbor base stations supports an ongoing service provided by a source base station to a user equipment; and handing over the user equipment from the source base station to the determined neighbor base station.
Packet transport network system
A packet transport network system includes a first node to transmit a control packet through a secondary port, when the first node does not periodically receive, through a primary port, a continuity check packet transmitted on the first mlsp set in the first direction; and a second node, when the second node receives the control packet through a secondary port, to relay or terminate packets on the first and second active mlsps, to receive, through the primary port, the multicast packet transmitted on the second mlsp set in the second direction, and to bridge the received multicast packet to a recovery path set in an interested link, the second node periodically receiving, through a primary port, the continuity check packet transmitted on the second mlsp set in the second direction, wherein the first node receives, through the second port, the multicast packet bridged to the recovery path.. .
Smartphone-based methods and systems
Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement enables a content creator to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery.
Composite laminae having thermal management features and thermal management apparatuses comprising the same
Heat transfer management apparatuses according to the present disclosure includes a composite lamina having an insulator substrate and a thermal conductor at least partially embedded in the insulator substrate, a temperature-sensitive component coupled to the composite lamina, and a temperature-insensitive component coupled to the composite lamina and positioned distally from the temperature-sensitive component. The temperature-insensitive component produces heat during operation.
Electrically conductive adhesive agent, and method for connecting electronic component
There are provided an electrically conductive adhesive agent capable of providing good electrical continuity to a substrate to which a preflux treatment has been applied, and a method for connecting electronic components. The electrically conductive adhesive agent to be used includes a polymerizable acrylic compound, an organic peroxide, and the solder particles, the organic peroxide having a one minute half-life temperature lower than the solidus temperature of the solder particles.
Railroad car bearing adapter pad
A railroad car bearing adapter pad including a wear resistant body formed with one or more compressible resilient conductive plugs which provide electrical conductivity or continuity between a side frame and a bearing adapter and thus between the railroad car body and the railroad tracks when the bearing adapter pad is mounted on a bearing adapter in a pedestal jaw opening of a side frame.. .
Support structure for a wind turbine and procedure to erect the support structure
A series of spans of column shaft (1) with a frustoconical shape, each span integrating two or more parts (2) and (3) with a polygonal or circular section formed with pieces prestressed in a bed in the factory, with centered or slightly deviated prestressing (4) and non-prestressed reinforcement (5) in the perimeter of the section or fibers, attached by means of wet or dry longitudinal joints (6), rotated in plan view or not, and transverse joints (7) which can be at different levels and provide continuity or not to the general prestressing, for a joining by means of steel bars (12), and in the case of the attachment to the foundation with direct positioning of the starter bars at the time said foundation is built, or by means of jacket tubes which will subsequently receive the mentioned bars (16).. .
Interior rearview mirror assembly
A rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a mirror casing and an electro-optic reflective element assembly disposed at the mirror casing. A second surface of a front substrate of the reflective element assembly has a transparent conductive coating established thereat and a third surface of a rear substrate has a conductive coating established thereat.
A battery includes a roll-up unit provided by winding a sheet unit around an axis, the sheet unit including an electrode sheet having an active material and a separator, the roll-up unit having an exposed portion on which the active material is not placed at an end of the electrode sheet in a direction of the axis; an outer case housing the roll-up unit and having an electrode terminal; an intermediate terminal inside the roll-up unit and having a pair of arm portions resistance-welded to the exposed portion, a first connecting portion connecting the arm portions, and a hole portion formed in the first connecting portion and located between welding points formed in the arm portions; and a collector terminal outside the roll-up unit and resistance-welded to a position opposite to the arm portion in the exposed portion to provide electrical continuity between the roll-up unit and the electrode terminal.. .
Grille for covering a panel-mounted speaker
A grille 10 for covering an aperture in a panel 16 that supports audio equipment behind a back face of the panel 16, the grille 10 being installed upon a front face of the panel. The grille comprises a formed sheet of pierced and expanded sheet material that has a major axis (a-a) running parallel to a direction in which the sheet is introduced to a forming machine and a minor axis (b-b) that extends orthogonally to the major axis (a-a).
Shared state among multiple devices
Devices of an individual's device-sphere cooperate with a device-sphere manager to improve continuity of the user's experience using any of the devices. When a device's state changes, the device reports the change to the device-sphere manager.
Method and device for supporting group handover
A method supporting group handover, which is applied to a user equipment (ue) in communication with a network via a relay node (rn), is provided. The method includes a base station (e.g., an s-denb) hands over an rn to a base station (e.g., a t-denb) and the s-denb hands over the ue served by the rn to the t-denb, wherein the handovers are performed simultaneously or separately.
System and method of dynamic and adaptive creation of a wavelength continuous and prescribed wavelength versus time sweep from a laser
A system (10, 20) and method including a wavelength tuning mechanism and a laser path length tuning mechanism for reducing discontinuities in a sweep range. A processor (14) is coupled to a wavelength monitoring device (18) and the tuning mechanisms.
Display device, electronic apparatus and lighting device
In a lighting device of a display device, a plurality of light emitting elements are mounted on a surface of a light source substrate, and the light source substrate is supported by a light source support member by means of a positioning (fixing) structure such as a metal screw. The plurality of light emitting elements are divided into a plurality of blocks, and the emission light amount can be controlled with respect to each of the blocks.
Method for nondestructive testing of optical discontinuities in monolithic transparent polycrystalline ceramic articles
A method of non-destructive detection of solid inclusions with varying sensitivities but highly congruent positional identification by both short-wavelength and long-wavelength methods. The short-wavelength method consists of lateral scatter (ls) and the long-wavelength method consists of thz imaging.
Broken rotor bar detection based on current signature analysis of an electric machine
A method for detection of rotor bar faults in an electric machine is provided. The method includes acquiring electrical signals from the electric machine that are representative of the operative condition of the machine.
Door for a thrust reverser with doors
A door for a door-type thrust reverser is pivotally mounted on a stationary structure of a thrust reverser. The door includes an inner surface integrated to a flow path of an air flow generated by a turbojet engine, an outer surface providing an outer aerodynamic continuity of a nacelle equipped with the thrust reverser, a spoiler to deflect the air flow disposed at an upstream end of the door, and an actuator actuating the spoiler.
Method for switchover between mbms transmission modes, apparatus, and user equipment
The present document provides a switchover method and apparatus for multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) transmission modes; the method includes the following steps: a network side notifying a user equipment (ue) that one or more mbmss will be transmitted by means of a point to multipoint (ptm) mode, then transmitting relevant information of the one or more mbmss to the ue. The present document ensures the continuity of the mbmss which are being received by the ue during the switching process from a ptp mode to the ptm mode, and is easy to implement and operate..
Phase-change memory device having phase-change region divided into multi layers and operating method thereof
A phase-change memory device including a multi-level cell and an operation method thereof are provided. The device includes a first phase-change material layer to which a current is provided from a heating electrode, and a second phase-change material layer formed with continuity to the first phase-change material layer and having a different width from the first phase-change material layer, and to which a current is provided from the heating electrode.
System and method for performing stimulation operations
A system and method is provided for performing stimulation operations at a wellsite having a subterranean formation with a reservoir therein. The method involves acquiring integrated wellsite data (e.g., geomechanical, geological, and/or geophysical properties of the formation, and/or geometrical properties of the mechanical discontinuities in the formation).
Coaxial connector grounding inserts
Axially compressible, f-connectors for conventional installation tools for interconnection with coaxial cable include grounding inserts for establishing electrical continuity despite inadequate nut tightening. The connector has a rigid nut, a post penetrating the nut, a tubular body, and an end cap.
Electronic book production apparatus, electronic book system, electronic book production method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
An electronic book production apparatus includes; an image obtaining unit; a character area detecting unit; a character recognizing unit; a character position information obtaining unit; a reading-order determining unit which determines a reading order among the character areas in the page image based on positions of the character areas in the page image and continuity from a character to another character between the character areas in the page image; an electronic book data generating unit which generates electronic book data including character information indicating the recognized characters, the character position information indicating the position of each of the recognized characters in the page image, and order information about the characters or the character areas corresponding to the reading order among the character areas in the page image; and an electronic book data output unit which outputs the electronic book data generated by the electronic book data generating unit.. .
System and method for increasing transmission bandwidth efficiency ("ebt2")
Systems and methods for increasing transmission bandwidth efficiency by the analysis and synthesis of the ultimate components of transmitted content are presented. To implement such a system, a dictionary or database of elemental codewords can be generated from a set of audio clips.
Method and user equipment for user equipment to report a measurement result
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for a ue to report a measurement result and the ue, which may timely and accurately report the measurement result to a base station and improve the communication continuity of the ue. The method for ue to report a measurement result includes: determining a moving speed state of the ue, and determining a measurement parameter according to the moving speed state; acquiring a measurement period of the ue according to the determined measurement parameter; and in the measurement period, measuring a cell to obtain a measurement result, and reporting the measurement result to a serving base station of the ue.
Cell reselection method and device
Disclosed are a cell reselection method and device, relating to the technical field of wireless communications, used for improving the continuity of receiving mbms data by ue. In the present application, a terminal in an idle state acquires the information about a multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) currently being transmitted; the terminal sets the priority of the frequency point where the mbms transmission is located as the highest priority; and the terminal reselects a cell according to the set priority of the frequency point.
Network relay device
In a chassis-type network relay device, fault tolerance for the continuity monitoring function of ethernet (registered trademark) oam is improved. A first management card and a second management card serving as a main management card and a backup management card have continuity monitoring units which generate monitoring frames for checking continuity between devices and transmit the monitoring frames to a given line card, respectively.
Light-emitting device and electronic apparatus
A light-emitting device includes a drive transistor that controls a current to be supplied to a light-emitting element from a power supply line, an element continuity portion that electrically connects the drive transistor with the light-emitting element, an initializing transistor that is turned on to diode-connect the drive transistor, and a connecting portion that electrically connects the drive transistor with the initializing transistor. The power supply line includes a first portion extending in a predetermined direction.
Rotary electric machine and method of manufacturing rotary electric machine
In a rotary electric machine, wound wires are connected to a first terminal and a second terminal. Circuit terminals that are configured from a conductive metal other than aluminum, and the first terminal and the second terminal that are configured from a metal with a principal component of aluminum are joined together inside a circuit chamber that has high water resistant properties.
Method for producing solid oxide fuel cells having a cathode-electrolyte-anode unit borne by a metal substrate, and use of said solid oxide fuel cells
The invention relates to a method of producing solid oxide fuel cells (sofc) having a cathode-electrolyte-anode unit supported by a metal substrate. It is the object of the invention in this respect to provide solid oxide fuel cells which achieve an increased strength, improved temperature change resistance, a secure bonding of films forming the cathode-electrolyte-anode unit and can be produced free of distortion and reproducibly.
Multi-layer structure for ballistic protection
A ballistic protection is described. The ballistic protection includes a rigid structure and a flexible structure, co-operating to dissipate energy associated to an incident bullet impact, the rigid structure and the flexible structure being separated by at least a first discontinuity layer.
Horizontal blocking member for use in a wall stud system
The invention pertains to a blocking member that cooperates with adjacent blocking members to provide securement throughout the entire width of the blocking member. The blocking member comprises a male portion at one end thereof and a cooperating female portion at the opposing end.
System and method of generating complex waveforms
Systems and methods for generating complex waveforms, including step functions, impulse functions, and gate pulses are provided, as well as methods for generating modulated waveforms employing a number of known and newly developed modulation formats. The systems and methods of the present invention employ a continuous linear function, wherein all output points are defined.
Interferometer and object information acquisition system
An interferometer includes a diffraction grating that forms a first pattern by diffracting x-rays; a shield grating that forms a second pattern by blocking one or more of the x-rays forming the first pattern; a detector that detects information on the second pattern by detecting x-rays from the shield grating; and a scanning unit that shifts relative positions of an object and a measurable range. In the interferometer, the detector acquires a first detection result by performing a detection while the measurable range and the object take first relative positions and acquires a second detection result by performing a detection while the measurable range and the object take second relative positions.
Circuit-switched and multimedia subsystem voice continuity
The present invention moves service control, including call control, for a user element from a cellular network to a multimedia subsystem (ms), such as the internet protocol (ip) multimedia subsystem (ims). Call control is provided by the ms irrespective of whether the user element is using cellular or wlan access for the call.
Method and device for supporting group handover
The method and the device for supporting group handover are disclosed. The method supporting group handover is provided, which is applied to ue in communication with network via a rn, including: a base station s-denb switching rn to a base station t-denb; and said s-denb switching ue served by said rn to said t-denb; wherein the mme serving said rn and the mme serving ue served by said rn are the same.
Service continuity for group communication over lte embms
A method of supporting group communication over lte mbms is provided. A ue first establishes a unicast evolved packet service (eps) bearer in an lte network for group communication.
Testing integrated circuit packaging for shorts
An electronic package that has an array of pins may be tested for shorts and continuity in a parallel manner. The array of pins are allocated to four or more groups of pins such that each pin in each group is not adjacent to a pin from its own group of pins.

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