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Service switching method, device and system for local communication network


Service switching method, device and system for local communication network

Location continuity service for locating mobile devices using multiple access networks including wireless…

T-mobile Usa

Location continuity service for locating mobile devices using multiple access networks including wireless…

Location continuity service for locating mobile devices using multiple access networks including wireless…


Estimating future inventory

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inuit-related patents
 Method and  maintaining service continuity of user equipment after tracking area is updated patent thumbnailMethod and maintaining service continuity of user equipment after tracking area is updated
Provided are a method and an apparatus for maintaining service continuity of a user ue after a tracking area is updated. In the method, after a ue initiates a tau request, an mme judges whether an updated target sgw is the same as a source sgw (s302); in a case where a judgment result is that the updated target sgw is not the same as the source sgw, the mme further judges whether an enodeb currently accessed by the ue is changed (s304); and in a case where the enodeb is not changed, the mme selects the target sgw to serve the ue and sends the enodeb a notification message indicating that the ue is switched over to a serving area of the target sgw, or the mme stops selecting an sgw for the ue but directly instructs the ue to continue to be served by the source sgw (s306)..
Zte Corporation

 Service switching method, device and system for local communication network patent thumbnailService switching method, device and system for local communication network
A service switching method, device and system for a local communication network are described. The method includes that: a current terminal receiving a service switching starting instruction sends running service information to a selected target terminal, and sends a service switching request message to a server; the server receiving the service switching request message sends service information to the target terminal; the target terminal extracts service progress time from the service information sent by the current terminal and the service information sent by the server respectively, calculates a time difference according to the extracted service progress time, and sends the time difference to the server; and the server regulates a progress of the service information sent to the target terminal according to the time difference to make the progress consistent with a progress of the service information sent to the selected target terminal by the current terminal.
Zte Corporation

 Location continuity service for locating mobile devices using multiple access networks including wireless telecommunication networks patent thumbnailLocation continuity service for locating mobile devices using multiple access networks including wireless telecommunication networks
A location continuity application server described herein is configured to access from an access network a set of location data associated with a position measurement for a mobile device. The location continuity application server may also access from another access network another set of location data associated with another position measurement for the mobile device and combine the sets of location data to determine a location of the mobile device.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

 Estimating future inventory patent thumbnailEstimating future inventory
Methods, systems, and apparatus include computer programs encoded on a computer-readable storage medium for estimating performance parameters. A method includes: identifying selection criteria including one or more words, phrases or categories for use in a campaign; identifying a time in the future; estimating one or more performance parameters associated with execution of the campaign at the time in the future including for each performance parameter: identifying a time series based on historical inventory for the performance parameter; identifying and correcting for discontinuities in the time series to produce a corrected time series; evaluating the corrected time series for periodic components; evaluating the corrected time series for trends; extrapolating the corrected time series into the future based on the evaluating for periodic components and trends; and determining, for the time, estimated values for the performance parameter; and providing the estimated values for the one or more performance parameters..
Google Inc.

 Service continuity during local breakout in a femtocell patent thumbnailService continuity during local breakout in a femtocell
Service continuity when a user equipment (ue) employing local breakout mechanisms at a femto access point (fap) for a communication session and moves out of the femto coverage area is disclosed. In particular, a network change detection component can be employed to detect when the ue, attached to the fap, changes its connection from the femto network to the macro network.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

 Sectioned continuity wire system in conduits patent thumbnailSectioned continuity wire system in conduits
A conduit having an interior surface and an exterior surface and having a length (x) and an interior circumference (y) is provided, comprising: an interior liner for lining the interior surface of the conduit; and at least two independent continuity wires embedded into the interior liner, each continuity wire extending substantially the length of the conduit and each continuity wire being capable of being monitored independently; whereby each continuity wire is configured to span a portion of the conduit's interior circumference without overlapping with another continuity wire.. .
Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Trust For The Owners Of The Syncrude Project, As Such Owners Exist Now And

 Different-pitch flat cable connection structure, pitch-conversion flat cable, and  producing pitch-conversion flat cable patent thumbnailDifferent-pitch flat cable connection structure, pitch-conversion flat cable, and producing pitch-conversion flat cable
Provided is a different-pitch flat cable connection structure for connecting a first flat-cable part that includes a plurality of first conductors arranged in a stripe pattern with a first pitch to a second flat-cable part that includes a plurality of second conductors arranged in a stripe pattern with a second pitch smaller than the first pitch, and establishing electrical continuity between the first conductors and the second conductors. The different-pitch flat cable connection structure includes a connection sheet laminated on one surface side of ends of the first conductors and ends of the second conductors in which at least the one surface side of the ends is exposed.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

 Object recognition apparatus patent thumbnailObject recognition apparatus
In an object recognition apparatus mounted on a vehicle, comprising: a plurality of recognizers each adapted to conduct object recognition ahead of the vehicle at intervals; and an object continuity determiner adapted to conduct object continuity determination based on a result of the object recognition conducted by the recognizers; the object continuity determiner determines that, when a first object recognized by any of the object recognizers at time (n) is present at a position within a predetermined area defined by a position of a second object recognized by other of the object recognizers at time (n−1) earlier than the time (n), the first object and the second object are identical to each other to be one object which is kept recognized continuously for a time period ranging from at least the time (n−1) to the time (n).. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Absorbant article with absorbant structure with cross-directionally oriented passageway patent thumbnailAbsorbant article with absorbant structure with cross-directionally oriented passageway
The present invention is an absorbent article comprising at least one predominantly cross-directionally extending discontinuity, such as a slit, by which the absorbent core of the structure is adapted to form a z- and y-directionally opened passageway.. .
Concepts For Success (c4s)

 Sterilizable platform with configurable frame and  constructing patent thumbnailSterilizable platform with configurable frame and constructing
An invention directed to a device comprising a configurable sterilizable platform with supporting frame and method of constructing said device from configurable means. The device having preconfigured components permanently and seamlessly connected together according to their inherent features.


Interactive viewing experiences by detecting on-screen text

Systems, methods, and devices for an interactive viewing experience by detecting on-screen data are disclosed. One or more frames of video data are analyzed to detect regions in the visual video content that contain text.
General Instrument Corporation


New road detection logic

An analyzer of the invention adequately analyzes a change in road network by using probe information generated with driving of a vehicle. This analyzer determines a traffic amount of vehicles passing through a specified section included in the road network from a plurality of the probe information accumulated over a predetermined period.
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.


Portable multi-function cable tester

The methods and apparatus described herein are designed and configured to allow one user to test cable continuity using a wire-configurable directional connector. The methods and apparatus may transmit a first and second voltage pulse through a first and second wire of a cable under test, respectively, having a wire-configurable directional connector attached.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy



A test-plug-plate is a plate designed to be inserted into a mounting plate or installation bracket used for protecting and testing of residential and commercial central vacuum cleaning systems during the “rough-in” stage of construction. The purpose of the invention is to provide central vacuum cleaning system installers a way to check for vacuum leakage, voltage, and circuit continuity throughout the entire installed system in both residential and commercial central vacuum cleaning systems prior to the insulation and drywall installed during construction.


Compositionally modulated composite materials and methods for making the same

A light-weight composite material with enhanced structural characteristics includes, in one embodiment, a compositionally modulated nanolaminate coating electrically deposited into an open, accessible void structure of a porous substrate. As a result of including a nanolaminate within the void structure, the composite can include a greater amount of nanolaminate material per unit volume than can be achieved by depositing a nanolaminate material solely on a two-dimensional surface.
Modumetal, Inc.


Method and device for providing a mobile device with service continuity over multiple access networks

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, registering with a first access network to generate a first registration, detecting a triggering event, and registering with a second access network to generate a second registration while maintaining the first registration with the first access network. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Method and device for selecting long term evolution lte network

A method and device for selecting an lte network, relating to the technical field of communications, are disclosed in the present application are, which makes that a ue can returns to an lte plmn registered when csfb is initiated after the csfb service, thereby ensuring the continuity of ps service, avoiding an unnecessary inter-plmn network switch and promoting the user experience. The method provided in the present application mainly comprises: performing, by a ue, a combined registration in the lte plmn; initiates, by the ue, a csfb service to fall back to a 2g/3g network, and receiving an equivalent plmn list in the 2g/3g network; adding, by the ue, identity information of the lte plmn to the equivalent plmn list; performing, by the ue, a plmn selection according to the equivalent plmn list when the csfb service ends..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Perceptual preprocessing filter for viewing-conditions-aware video coding

A perceptual filter may be implemented to filter one or more spatial frequencies from a video signal that are below a contrast sensitivity limit of a viewer of the video signal. The perceptual filter may be configured to adapt one or more perceptual filter parameters on a pixel-basis based on, for example, content, viewing distance, display density, contrast ratio, display luminance, background luminance, and/or age of the viewer.
Vid Scale, Inc.


Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device

A highly reliable semiconductor device. In a configuration where a precharged source line is discharged to a bit line by establishing electrical continuity between the source line and the bit line through a transistor to read a potential retained at a gate of the transistor, the potential of the bit line is switched in accordance with a change in potential of the source line due to the discharge.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Lane recognition device

A demarcation line candidate recognizing unit recognizes demarcation line candidates which are candidates for a pair of right and left demarcation lines demarcating a lane based on edge points having predetermined continuity in an image captured by a camera. A demarcation line candidate modifying unit excludes edge points whose corresponding positions in a real space are a predetermined distance or more away from the camera in the case where parallelism between the pair of right and left demarcation line candidates recognized by the demarcation line candidate recognizing unit is equal to or less than a predetermined level and re-recognizes the pair of right and left demarcation line candidates based on the edge points having predetermined continuity among the edge points which have not been excluded..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Mobile terminal, display control method, and program

A mobile terminal provided with a plurality of display devices arranged such that frame parts surrounding display screens come in contact with each other and an image control section which switchably executes (i) a normal display mode where one display image is divided into display images according to the respective sizes of the display screens of the plurality of display devices and displayed on the plurality of display devices, and (ii) a complementary display mode where one display image is divided into display images according to the respective sizes of the display screens of the plurality of display devices with an image corresponding to a non-display portion formed by skipping the frame parts and displayed on the plurality of display devices. Accordingly, a sense of incongruity due to discontinuity of a displayed image by frame parts can be reduced and a lack of display information can be prevented..
Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.


Radar apparatus

A radar apparatus includes a signal processor configured to: derive the target data set of the target, in a predetermined time cycle, based on a reception signal acquired by receiving a reflection wave from the target; detect, based on the target data set, a side wall along a current lane in which the host vehicle is traveling; determine whether or not there is a continuity between a previous target data set and a latest target data set, and in a case where there is no continuity between the previous target data set and the latest target data set, perform “extrapolation;” determine based on a frequency of the “extrapolation” whether or not the target associated with the target data set is an upper object overhead of the vehicle and with which the vehicle cannot collide.. .
Fujitsu Ten Limited


Optical-sensor-equipped cut sleeve for connector adapter

A cut sleeve includes integrated sensors to detect insertion of a fiber optic connector into an adaptor for an optical patch-panel port and to detect whether optical signals are being transmitted through optical fibers in the port. The cut sleeve includes a cylinder with a discontinuity along an axial length of cylinder.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Endpoint determination for capillary-assisted flow control

Apparatus and method for determining endpoint of a fluid supply vessel in which fluid flow is controlled through a flow passage disposed in an interior volume of the fluid supply vessel with a static flow restricting device and a selectively actuatable valve element upon establishing fluid flow. The endpoint determination can be employed to terminate fluid supply from the fluid supply vessel and/or to switch from a fluid-depleted supply vessel to a fresh vessel for continuity or renewal of fluid supply operation.
Entegris, Inc.


Floating structure for supporting a wind turbine

The floating structure for supporting a wind turbine comprises a spar-type hollow precast monolithic body made of concrete prestressed by active reinforcement members having a cylindrical lower section (13) closed at its lower end by a hemispheric cap (18) which contains ballast (14) and acts as a flotation element and an upper section (12) located above sea level, which acts as a support for the wind turbine or other element. One or more of the active reinforcement members have opposite ends anchored to a steel ring-shaped plate (17) attached to an upper end of the upper section (12) and an intermediate section which has continuity within the hemispheric cap (18).
Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya


Compression plate kit and methods for repairing bone discontinuities

A compression plate kit that allows for manual compression of a bone discontinuity includes a bone plate, two or more reduction screws, and a compression clamp. The compression clamp can include engagement members configured to engage the reduction screws, thereby allowing a practitioner to compress a bone discontinuity by manually closing the compression clamp.
Orthopro Llc


Mobility management unit and wireless side network element, and for releasing local ip access connection

A method for releasing a lipa connection is provided, which includes that a mme executes a lipa connection releasing check according to received lipa connection releasing auxiliary information, and judges whether to release a lipa connection of ue; or, a wireless-side network element executes a lipa connection releasing check according to received lipa connection releasing auxiliary information, and judges whether to release the lipa connection of the ue. A device for releasing a lipa connection, an mme and a wireless-side network element are also provided.
Zte Corporation


Method and apparatuses for maintaining service continuity to a centralization and continuity application server

A method and apparatus for maintaining service continuity for user equipment accessing an ip multimedia subsystem communication network. A routing identifier is established that identifies a service centralization and continuity application server allocated to the user equipment.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


System and reducing latency time with cloud services

A system and method for reducing service latency includes dividing an information technology service for a customer into an infrastructure management service and a data management service. Data associated with the information technology service is stored in a backup memory.
International Business Machines Corporation


Tape light electrical connector

The present invention is directed to a tape light electrical connector that is configured to electrically and physically connect a tape light, such as a light emitting diode (led) tape light and a lead wire together in order to provide electrical continuity between the tape light and the lead wire, and to prevent physical separation of the tape light from the lead wire, once the tape light and the lead wire have been coupled to the tape light electrical connector. The electrical connector may further be configured to allow for removal of the lead wire and the tape light from the electrical connector, and accordingly the electrical connector may be reusable for installation of other lead wires and tape lights to be connected thereto..
Qtran, Inc.


Wireless power transfer systems with shield openings

In a first aspect, the disclosure features apparatuses for wireless power transfer, the apparatuses including a plurality of magnetic elements joined together to form a magnetic component extending in a plane, where discontinuities in the magnetic component between adjacent magnetic elements define gaps in the magnetic component, a coil including one or more loops of conductive material positioned, at least in part, on a first side of the plane. The apparatuses include a conductive shield positioned on a second side of the plane and which includes one or more openings positioned relative to the gaps..
Witricity Corporation


Maintenance schedule optimization electric power system including large-scale wind power

The present invention discloses a maintenance schedule optimization method for an electric power system including large-scale wind power to build objective function to make it get optimal results, then constrain the objective function, constraint conditions include: constrain according to maintenance natural environment; constrain according to maintenance time of wind power plant; constrain according to maintenance site of wind power plant; constrain according to system reliability at wind power plant; constrain according to maintenance continuity of generator unit. Under the above constraint conditions, the electric power system is modeled with heuristic algorithm according to the above objective function.
Gansu Electric Power Corporation Wind Power Technology Center


Computer-implemented real-time testing of a control unit

A method for real-time testing of a control unit with a simulator is provided. The simulator calculates a load current and a load voltage as electrical load state variables via converter control data and via an electrical load model that does not take into account current discontinuities caused by the converter, and transmits at least a portion of the load state variables to the control unit.
Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh


Apparatus and method to determine the blood sedimentation rate and other parameters connected thereto

An apparatus to determine the blood sedimentation rate and other parameters connected thereto, carried out by emitting, by means of emitter means, a beam of radiations which passes through a sample being examined, and by detecting, by means of receiver means, the beam of radiations after they have passed through said sample, comprising a reading chamber associated to at least a tube connected to a feed of the sample to be analyzed. Said reading chamber is at least partly transparent to radiations in a certain range of wavelengths, and has at least a substantially rectilinear segment of reduced size into which the sample to be analyzed is introduced.
Alifax Holding Spa


Method and wavefront sensing

A method of measuring characteristics of a wavefront of an incident beam includes obtaining an interferogram associated with the incident beam passing through a transmission mask and fourier transforming the interferogram to provide a frequency domain interferogram. The method also includes selecting a subset of harmonics from the frequency domain interferogram, individually inverse fourier transforming each of the subset of harmonics to provide a set of spatial domain harmonics, and extracting a phase profile from each of the set of spatial domain harmonics.
Ram Photonics, Llc


Low friction, direct drive conveyor belt

A thermoplastic endless belt has a smooth outer surface substantially free of discontinuities and an inner surface with a plurality of teeth at a given belt pitch. The teeth are adapted to engage a pulley with circumferentially spaced sheaves at a pulley pitch greater than the belt pitch.
Thermodrive Llc


Brake sysytem master-cylinder seal

A master-cylinder seal housed in a groove around a piston has a core connected to three annular and concentric lips. The core rests against a side of the groove and has: a surface provided with an interior edge followed by a peripheral platter cut by at least one channel, and an exterior crown provided with a connection zone formed by an interruption in the crown and deformable due to pressure within the seal to recreate the crown's continuity and impermeability while facilitating purging the brake system when there is no pressure in the channel and the connection zone..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Method, apparatus, and computer program product for perform handover in a heterogenous network

A method, a corresponding apparatus, and a computer program product for performing a handover in a heterogeneous network. The method comprises sending, by a source local area base station, one or more handover requests with respect to an ongoing local area an ongoing local area service to one or more neighbor local area base stations and one or more handover requests with respect to an ongoing wide area service to a wide area base station.


Method to improve emergency call continuity by allowing inbound mobility towards non-member csg cells

A method and system to improve emergency call continuity by allowing inbound mobility towards non-member csg cells is disclosed. The method enables the ue to detect an emergency call.


Integrity check optimization systems and methods in live connectivity frames

A method, a network element, and a network include determining an authentication mechanism between two nodes in a network path; operating the network path; performing connectivity check between the two nodes in the network path; and authenticating specific frames in the connectivity check between the two nodes with the authentication mechanism responsive to the specific frames affecting a state of the network path. The frames can be bidirectional forwarding detection (bfd), continuity check messages (ccms), etc.


Coaxial cable continuity device

A jumper sleeve configured to be installed on an outer side of a male f-connector to facilitate easy connection of and maintain ground continuity across the male f-connector and a female f-connector. In one embodiment, a conductive element is installed on an inner surface of the jumper sleeve and conductively engages an outer surface of the male f-connector to maintain ground continuity across the male and female f-connectors..


Electrical connection system with annular contact

An electrical connector system includes a socket component and a plug component. The socket component includes a contact region, a first socket contact centrally located within the circular contact region, and a second socket contact radially offset from the first socket contact by a first distance.


Leaktight box for alkaline batteries

Leaktight box for alkaline electrolyte battery, comprising an assembly of metal plates, where: a first and a second plate overlap in a zone of overlap and are assembled with rivets each comprising a head, a stem and a bulb; the stem of the rivets is deformed in such a way as to occupy in a leaktight manner substantially all of the volume of said holes of the first and second plates; preferably an elastomer seal comprising a material chosen from among a butyl rubber, an ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer and a nitrile rubber, where said seal is disposed in continuity with the overlap zone in continuous contact with the first and the second plate in such a way as to complete the leaktightness of the box.. .


Methods to improve the performance of compound semiconductor devices and field effect transistors

Three methods will be described which may be used to improve the performance of compound semiconductor devices and field effect transistors. In the first method, implementation of more than one sheet of 2deg or high-density electrons in compound semiconductor devices will be described which may be used to improve the performance of compound semiconductor diodes, resistors and transistors.


Alarm system testing device

An alarm system testing device facilitates simulation of a trouble condition and testing circuit continuity of an alarm system within a structure. The device includes an alarm system comprising an electrical circuit, an alarm, a resistor, and at least one trigger.


Systems and methods for reducing attenuation in current transducers

A device includes a first axial ring, a first radial ring disposed below the first axial ring and a second radial ring disposed below the first axial ring. The first radial ring and the second radial ring are spaced apart in a radial direction.


Coating inspection method

A reflectometry method and other methods for detecting discontinuities in a chemical vapor deposition (cvd) coating are disclosed. The method includes several steps.


Method of retreading a tire

A tread for bonding to a tire carcass to form a retreaded tire having a length, a width, a top side and a bottom side. The tread also includes a central portion and a pair of wing portions extending laterally from the central portions.


Treatment of short bowel syndrome patients with colon-in-continuity

Intestinal absorption is enhanced in short bowel syndrome patients presenting with colon-in-continuity by treatment with a glp-2 receptor agonist, such as teduglutide.. .


Fabrication and use of epidermal electrodes

An epidermal electrode operable independently of the ambient environment, such as the presence of water, sweat, or dry conditions, and achieve a suitable impedance with the epidermal surface for transmitting electrical signals indicative of bodily physiological process such as ecg signals for heart monitoring. The hydrophobic surface mountable electrode including a flexible, conductive substrate of pdms (polydimethylsiloxane) with dispersed carbon black and having a substantially planar sensing area adapted for communication with an electrically sensitive surface such as a patient's skin, and an embedded conductor encapsulated in the substrate for connection to a monitor circuit, the terminal having electrical continuity with the planar sensing area..


Transfer method and donor enodeb for subframe configuration information of serving cell

A transfer method for subframe configuration information of a serving cell and a donor enodeb are applied in a mobile relay scene. The method comprises: a current donor enodeb sending a cell activation message to a target donor enodeb, wherein the cell activation message comprises long term evolution time division duplex (lte-tdd) subframe configuration information of a serving cell of a mobile relay (mr) under the current donor enodeb.


Agent service call switch system and method in call centre

An agent service call switch system and method in a call centre are provided, which includes that a vcm modifies a data base and adds a service number for switch in an agent service number list; an agent selects a pstn number or a plmn number as a service number after switch, and sends an update message to a cti module to update the service number of the agent; the cti module sends a logout message about a service number before switch, namely a voip number, to an acd module; the agent sends an unregister message to the acd module to unregister the voip number; the acd module sends an acknowledgement message to the agent and the cti module respectively, so as to complete the switch of the service number. The system and method achieve seamless and smooth switch when an agent is temporarily off the seat, implement switch of an agent service call, meet the disaster recovery requirement of an audio channel of the agent service and realize agent service continuity, and meet the construction and maintenance requirement of a customer for low system investment and easy operation..


Apparatus and methods for maintaining service continuity when transitioning between mobile network operators

A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method storing, at an integrated circuit card including at least one processor, parametric information descriptive of operational features of a plurality of software applications, where the plurality of software applications when executed makes use of services provided by equipment of a first network operator. The method can further include detecting, at the integrated circuit card, an event indicating that the plurality of software applications are to utilize services provided by equipment of a second network operator, and causing, from the integrated circuit card, a transmission of the parametric information descriptive of the operational features of the plurality of software applications to the equipment of the second network operator.


Smartphone-based methods and systems

Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement enables a content creator to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery.


Apparatus and methods for gracefully managing audio discontinuity

Apparatus and methods for audio discontinuity management are disclosed. In certain implementations, an electronically-implemented method includes decoding one or more frames comprising digital audio data.


Multi-layer structure for ballistic protection

A ballistic protection is described. The ballistic protection includes a rigid structure and a flexible structure, co-operating to dissipate energy associated to an incident bullet impact, the rigid structure and the flexible structure being separated by at least a first discontinuity layer.


Electrically conductive power transmission belt

A belt made up of an elastomeric belt body, an electrically conductive tensile cord such as carbon fiber cord in a cord layer reinforcing the belt body, an outer layer of electrically conductive thermoplastic material such as polypropylene film, and an electrically conductive fabric layer residing between the tensile cord layer and the outer layer and providing electrical continuity between the outer layer and the tensile cord. An electrically conductive thread may be woven in the fabric and may present at both surfaces of the fabric and contact both the outer layer and the tensile cord to provide the electrical continuity there between..


Bioadhesive for tissue repair

The invention provides a bioadhesive composition comprising a polysaccharide and an energy converter, wherein the energy converter is activated by non-uv light. The composition may be prepared by dissolving the polysaccharide and the energy converter in an aqueous acidic solution.


Methods and apparatus to handle bearers during circuit switched fallback operation

Methods and apparatus to provide packet switched service continuity during circuit switched fallback operation are described. One example method includes determining that a target system does not support packet switched handover; determining if non-3gpp access for packet switched service is available; and triggering handover to the non-3gpp access..
Blackberry Limited


Network migration queuing service in a wireless network

In embodiments of the present disclosure improved capabilities are described for increasing the bandwidth in a wireless communication network, where centralized optimization servers with publish-subscribe broker services are utilized in conjunction with a queuing service application that provides packet service continuity when a mobile device moves between different access control nodes of the wireless communication network, and wherein the queuing service application is connected to a publish/subscribe broker network to receive service packets matching the service packets directed to the mobile device, wherein the service application makes the matching service packets available to the mobile device to replace service packets that the mobile device did not receive during a time in which the mobile device is in transition between being connected to any of the access nodes.. .
All Purpose Networks Llc


Maintaining audio video conference continuity

A computing device receives session description protocol (sdp) information including network parameters, from a plurality of client devices participating in an audio-video conference hosted by a primary conference host. The computing device selects a secondary conference host from the plurality of client devices.
International Business Machines Corporation


Filtering circuit with slot line resonators

The present invention relates to a filtering circuit comprising at least two slot line resonators arranged side by side and realised on a dielectric substrate having a first face equipped with a conductive layer and a second parallel face, each of said at least two resonators comprising a slot line etched in the conductive layer and folded according to a spiral pattern counting a plurality of turns, with a shape factor such that the slot line has parts noticeably parallel or concentric. According to embodiments of the invention, at least one turn of the spiral pattern of each of the resonators comprises at least one discontinuity, the discontinuities of said at least two slot line resonators being arranged in such a manner as to increase the electromagnetic coupling between said at least two slot line resonators..
Thomson Licensing


Nickel-hydrogen storage battery and battery pack

There is provided a nickel-metal hydride storage battery with suppression of rise in internal pressure, allowing suppression of alkaline electrolyte leakage even when two or more of the batteries are used. The battery includes: positive and negative electrodes; a separator interposed therebetween; and an alkaline electrolyte.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Novel method and materials for warpage thermal and interconnect solutions

Embodiments describe a semiconductor package that includes a substrate, a die bonded to the substrate, and a solder paste overmold layer formed over a top surface of the die. In an embodiment, the solder paste comprises a high-melting point metal, a solder matrix, intermetallic compounds and a polymer.


Streaming playback and dynamic ad insertion

There is provided a system and method for dynamically generated client side streaming playlists. There is provided a method comprising receiving a request to stream a video asset for playback, retrieving, from a network, a video asset playlist corresponding to the video asset and an ad campaign playlist, generating a consolidated video playlist including the video asset playlist and the ad campaign playlist, and processing the consolidated video playlist using a media playback framework to stream a plurality of video files from the network for decoding and output to a display.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Storage medium storing circuit board design assistance program, circuit board design assistance method, and circuit board design assistance device

A non-transitory recording medium storing a program that causes a computer to execute a circuit board design assistance process. The circuit board design assistance process includes: extracting, from design information of a multilayer circuit board in which a plurality of layers are layered, a plurality of ground patterns in the multilayer circuit board that are within a predetermined distance from a path of a signal that flows in the multilayer circuit board; resolving a region at which the plurality of ground patterns are electronically separated as being a discontinuity region; and displaying the resolved discontinuity region..
Fujitsu Limited


Data search processing

First ranking scores of different search objects in a search result are obtained based on a first ranking model. The first ranking scores are divided into multiple intervals.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Terminal for detecting an optically invisible network, installation comprising such a detection terminal, and detecting an optically invisible network

This detection terminal (2) includes a fixing portion (4) intended to be fixed in a structure, an electrically conductive protective portion (5) secured to the fixing portion (4) and arranged to protect the fixing portion (4), the protective portion (5) being arranged to be accessible from the outside of the structure so as to allow the injection of an electric signal, and connection means intended to connect propagation means capable of propagating an electric signal along the optically invisible network, the connection means being connected to the protective portion (5) so as to hold, when in use, an electrical continuity between the protective portion (5) and the propagation means.. .
Societe Plymouth Francaise


Controlling gaming machine power-up

A gaming system includes circuitry and associated methodology for detection of continuity along, one or more sensing paths for determination of the presence and proper seating of one or more component boards to each other and a backplane, having an arbitrary number of couplings. The invention controls voltage to one or more components of the gaming system, enabling selective activation of various components, on one or more of the connected boards, based on the proper seating of component boards to each other and a backplane.
Wms Gaming Inc.


Material erosion monitoring system and method

Disclosed is an improved system and method to evaluate the status of a material. The system and method are operative to identify flaws and measure the erosion profile and thickness of different materials, including refractory materials, using electromagnetic waves.
Paneratech, Inc.


Enhanced control of road construction equipment

Novel tools and techniques for controlling road-forming machines, such as paving machines, graders, and the like. Some techniques allow a control system of a road-forming machine to transition from receiving position data from one positioning device to receiving data from another without ceasing operation and/or while limiting any resulting discontinuity in the formed road surface to within acceptable tolerances..
Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies Llc


Blended position solutions

Novel tools and techniques for determining a blended position solution for a vehicle, using data from multiple positioning devices, some of which can be external to the vehicle. Some techniques allow a control system of a vehicle to transition from receiving position data from one positioning device to receiving data from another device without ceasing operation and/or while limiting any resulting discontinuity the position solution (and any resulting work performed by the vehicle) to within acceptable tolerances..
Trimble Navigation Limited


Reduced wear extruder screw

An extruder screw comprises a core extending longitudinally from a feed end to a discharge end thereof. The core has a helical primary thread formed thereon.
Barr, Inc


Smoking article wrapper and making a smoking article

Smoking article wrapper and method of making a smoking article a smoking article component comprises a curved sheet wrapper of weight 40 gsm or more that includes a plurality of lines of strength discontinuity at which the wrapper presents a visually discernable non-uniformity in its curvature. The wrapper can be used for example to wrap the filter of a cigarette as a plug wrap for the filter so as to comprise a wrapper of weight 80 gsm or more..
British American Tobacco (investments) Limited


Method and protection switching based on memory control in packet transport system

A protection switching method and apparatus based on a memory control in a packet transport system are provided. The protection switching method may perform hardware-based protection switching based on a type of path failures that occur.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Antenna modification to reduce harmonic activation

An arrangement for modifying a printed circuit antenna of the type used in mobile communication devices includes introducing one or more discontinuities into a printed circuit pattern of the antenna so that it is not activated at undesired frequencies. Examples of discontinuities include localized narrowing the printed circuit strip, localized widening of the printed circuit strip and localized changing of the shape of the printed circuit strip..
Broadcom Corporation


Health care system

An object of the present invention is to increase awareness to health of the user and make the user actively work on improvement in his/her lifestyle habits. A server apparatus 30 extracts record data recorded in a most-recent period t1 from multiple kinds of data of the user in a database apparatus 50, and obtains a moving average deviation by kinds.
Life Robo Corp.


Signal continuity assessment using embedded watermarks

Methods, apparatus, and systems for signal continuity assessment using embedded watermarks are provided. The embedded watermarks are recovered from the content and one or more attributes associated with the recovered watermarks are identified.
Verance Corporation


Method for creating accurate, updateable vertical ramps that fall on ramp geometry in transition areas of laminated composite parts

Methods for product data management and corresponding systems and computer-readable mediums. A method includes receiving one or more layer boundaries of one or more plies of a composite part.
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.


Generation and publication of shared tagsets

Systems and methods are provided to facilitate receipt of tag requests from one or more interfaces, based upon which a single tagset is compiled at a controller comprising all the requested tags for a given update rate, whereupon the single compiled tagset is subsequently forwarded to the one or more interfaces. A controller generates a superset of tags associated with an industrial process.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Timer and watch

A timer includes: a case body made of synthetic resin; an outer case made of synthetic resin, located above the case body and extending to a portion of an upper face of a watch glass; a reinforcement member made of metal embedded in the case body to prevent deformation of the case body when the watch glass is fit thereto and ensure airtightness; and an antenna arranged inside the case body and beneath the reinforcement member, wherein the reinforcement member is embedded in the case body in no electrical continuity with a ground potential.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Fiber optic cables with access features and methods of making fiber optic cables

Cables are constructed with extruded discontinuities in the cable jacket that allow the jacket to be torn to provide access to the cable core. The discontinuities can be longitudinally extending strips of material in the cable jacket..
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Method of manufacturing a fiber optic cable

A method of manufacturing a fiber optic cable includes steps of extruding a first jacketing material around strength members, over armor, and to form a cavity between the strength members and beneath the armor. The cavity is configured to support an optical fiber.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Blisk with low stresses at blade root, preferably for an aircraft turbine engine fan

Furthermore, the assembly comprises a flowpath reconstruction part formed in the aerodynamic continuity of said external surface (50), so as to cover said recess (72).. .


Hybrid operating room for combined surgical and fixed imaging services in an ambulatory surgical center

An ambulatory surgical center can include a hybrid operating room. The hybrid operating room can include radiation shielding.


Hybrid operating room for combined surgical and fixed imaging services in an ambulatory surgical center

An ambulatory surgical center can include a hybrid operating room. The hybrid operating room can include at least four lead-shielded walls, a floor, and a ceiling.


Changing topology of wireless peer-to-peer group

A device in a peer-to-peer (p2p) group has the role of group owner. A different device in the p2p group may take on the role of group owner without ending the p2p group and create a new p2p group.
Blackberry Limited


Method of mobility management for mobile terminal in a heterogeneous network environment

A method for managing mobility of a terminal in a heterogeneous network environment is provided. According to an aspect, there is provided an operation method of a terminal receiving parameters for coordinated multi-point transmission/reception (comp) operation in a heterogeneous network environment, the operation method including, at the terminal, receiving at least one parameter among a comp operation mode parameter, a time information parameter regarding a time at which the comp operation starts, a point information parameter about points that participate in the comp operation, and a comp operation parameter, from a base station, through a layer-3 message.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Semiconductor device, driving semiconductor device, and electronic device

A novel semiconductor device that can write and read multilevel data is provided. A memory cell includes a bit line, a power supply line, first and second nodes, first to fourth transistors, and first and second capacitors.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Use of polygon loading areas for increasing efficiency of field dispatch in a telecommunications setting

A dispatch system and method for a dispatch coverage region including a set of dispatch assignment areas (daas), wherein the shape of the daas are based on at least a first aspect of the dispatch coverage region, e.g. The physical wiring distribution.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


System for acquiring chirp data and acquiring chirp data using the same

Provided are a system for acquiring chirp data for profiling the shallow sedimentary layers and a method for acquiring chirp data using the same, and more particularly, a system for acquiring chirp data which includes a new apparatus capable of recording chirp raw data and manufactures a high-resolution raw section preserving polarity and phase information using the recorded chirp raw data to enhance continuity and resolution of the sedimentary layers and a method for acquiring chirp data using the same.. .
Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources


Synchronization system for a thrust reverser

The present disclosure provides a thrust reverser device for a turbojet engine nacelle which includes at least two cowls each mounted with the ability to move translationally with respect to a fixed structure between an upstream closed position and a downstream open position. In the upstream position, the two cowls provide aerodynamic continuity of the nacelle, and in the downstream open position, they open a passage in the nacelle.


Modeling intersecting faults and complex wellbores in reservoir simulation

Orthogonal unstructured grids are automatically constructed for a field or reservoir model with two types of internal boundaries: complex wells and faults, or other discontinuities. The methodology is used to constructed simulation grids for reservoirs or fields which contains both complex fault planes and multi-lateral wells.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Sleep state management by selecting and presenting audio content

Techniques for managing sleep states by selecting and presenting audio content are described. Disclosed are techniques for receiving data representing a sleep state, selecting a portion of audio content from a plurality of portions of audio content as a function of the sleep state, and causing presentation of an audio signal comprising the portion of audio content at a speaker.


Merchandising system with pusher assembly

A merchandising system for a displaying a plurality of products is disclosed. The system comprises a base and a pusher member.
Display Technologies, Llc


Integrated lighting system and method

System and method include luminaires, control switches, occupancy detectors, and photocells connected to central control module for setting up, testing, commissioning and maintaining the system. Memory card interface and associated memory card provided for loading, saving and/or transferring configuration, update firmware, and log system operation data, which can be automatically recognized to perform appropriate actions.
Hubbell Incorporated


Preventing artifacts due to underfill in flip chip imager assembly

A cmos imager assembly may include an integrated circuit (ic) having an active-pixel image sensor that is mounted on a printed circuit board (pcb) substrate using flip chip packaging technology. The ic and the pcb may be physically and electrically connected to each other through multiple electrically conductive connectors.
Apple Inc.


Optical transmission system and optical receiving apparatus

An optical transmission system includes an optical transmission apparatus and an optical receiving apparatus. The optical transmission apparatus includes a transmitting unit that transmits signal light to the optical receiving apparatus through an optical transmission path, and a determining unit that determines continuity of the optical path using return light that returns from the optical receiving apparatus to the optical transmission apparatus through the optical transmission path, out of the signal light.
Fujitsu Limited


Etch chemistries for metallization in electronic devices

In various embodiments, etchants featuring (i) mixtures of hydrochloric acid, methanesulfonic acid, and nitric acid, or (ii) mixtures of phosphoric acid, methanesulfonic acid, and nitric acid, are utilized to etch metallic bilayers while minimizing resulting etch discontinuities between the layers of the bilayer.. .


System, transmitting continuous audio data

A system, apparatus and a method for transmitting continuous audio data configured to mitigate data discontinuities in a receiving device. The method may mitigate data discontinuities by transmitting a continuous stream of audio data that has reduced changes to the audio data characteristics.
2236008 Ontario Inc.

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