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Developing unit having guide that stably supports toner cartridge

Shearing paddles in a drum mixer for low slump concrete

Motor control unit

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Method of controlling a power train of a vehicle and device for carrying out said method patent thumbnailMethod of controlling a power train of a vehicle and device for carrying out said method
The present invention relates to a method and device for controlling a vehicle, more particularly, the power train of a compacting machine for earth moving operations, comprising a hydraulic travel pump and a hydraulic travel motor. Control is effected according to a specified control profile when a specified driving operation is to be carried out in that an adjustment of the travel pump is carried out which is independent of the rotational speed of the internal combustion engine.
 Developing unit having guide that stably supports toner cartridge patent thumbnailDeveloping unit having guide that stably supports toner cartridge
A developing device includes a developer cartridge and a developing unit. The developing unit includes a first guide and a second guide.
 Shearing paddles in a drum mixer for low slump concrete patent thumbnailShearing paddles in a drum mixer for low slump concrete
A batch mixer for mixing concrete materials into a mixed concrete includes a mixing drum having a plurality of paddles fixed to the drum for rotation with the mixing drum about the longitudinal axis of the mixing drum. The paddles include mixing paddles oriented to urge the concrete materials away from the outlet opening at the second end of the drum when the mixing drum is rotated in the mixing direction, and at least one shearing paddle which is oriented at less than 25 degrees from the longitudinal direction of the mixing drum.
 Motor control unit patent thumbnailMotor control unit
A motor control unit includes: a microcomputer that outputs a motor control signal; a driving circuit that supplies driving electric power to the motor based on the motor control signal; and a capacitor provided at an intermediate portion of a power supply line that connects the driving circuit and a driving power supply to each other. The microcomputer carries out electric discharge from the capacitor by supplying electric power generated by electric charges stored in the capacitor to the motor such that torque is generated by the motor and an angular velocity of the motor becomes less than or equal to a prescribed angular velocity, with torque transmission between the motor and the wheel interrupted by the clutch after a driving relay is turned off..
 Luggage retention system patent thumbnailLuggage retention system
A motor vehicle luggage retention system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. A foldable seat back separates the occupant compartment from the trunk and has an upright position and a folded position that allows pass-through accessibility from the trunk into the occupant compartment.
 Column for carrying out gas/liquid mass-transfer processes patent thumbnailColumn for carrying out gas/liquid mass-transfer processes
The invention relates to a column for carrying out gas/liquid mass-transfer processes, wherein, in the column (27), at least one lock (15) bordered by an upper separating tray (17) and a lower separating tray (19) is received, which lock is designed in such a manner that, during the mass-transfer process, gas (23) flows through the lock (15) and a liquid (25) situated on the upper separating tray (17), when the gas supply is interrupted the liquid (25) flows into the lock (15) onto the lower separating tray (19) and when the gas supply is renewed, the liquid (25) drains downward out of the lock (15). The lower separating tray (19) has a tray (1) that can be mounted so as to be fixed and has at least one opening (3), and a rotatable tray (13) which is connected to a rotatable axle (21) that is conducted through the tray (1) that can be mounted so as to be fixed, in such a manner that the rotatable tray (13) can be turned in relation to the tray (1) that can be mounted so as to be fixed, wherein the rotatable tray (13) of the lower separating tray (19) is designed in such a manner that the at least one opening (3) in the tray (1) that can be mounted so as to be fixed is closed in a first position of the rotatable tray (13) and can be opened by turning the rotatable tray (13)..
 Valve for carrying out a mass-transfer process patent thumbnailValve for carrying out a mass-transfer process
The invention relates to a valve for carrying out a mass-transfer process in which a gas (13) flows through a liquid (31) standing on an upper tray (21), when the gas supply is interrupted the liquid (31) flows into a lock (17) beneath the tray (21) and, when the gas supply is restarted, the liquid (31) flows out of the lock (17) through a lower tray (19) bordering the lock (17) downward, wherein the valve (1) comprises a closing element (5) which comprises a piston rod (5), an upper valve disk (9) and a lower valve disk (7), and which is conducted in a sleeve (3), wherein the lower valve disk (7), in a first valve position, closes an opening (43) at the lower end of the sleeve (3). The upper valve disk (9) and the lower valve disk (7) are each movably connected to the piston rod (11)..
 Device and method for storage of collectible cards patent thumbnailDevice and method for storage of collectible cards
The invention is directed toward a unique self-locking storage device for collectable cards. The container has an upper member and a lower member which are hingedly connected by a back panel.
 Paintover tape patterns and shapes patent thumbnailPaintover tape patterns and shapes
The present invention is a system for applying continual curvilinear, circular, or geometric painted patterns to a wall or target surface with a correctly aligned number of adjacent adhesive sheets or tiles of contact paper to create an uninterrupted pattern. If these individual adhesive sheets are placed in a row or column, similar to ceramic tiles application, the final reveal is a continual pattern or design.
 Cutting method patent thumbnailCutting method
A cutting tool component which has an ultra-thin layer of ultra-hard material bonded to a cemented carbide substrate. The ultra-thin layer of ultra-hard material has a thickness of no greater than 0.2 mm.
Method and system for load balancing a distributed database providing object-level management and recovery
A method and system for managing operational states of database tables within a multiple-database system. If a particular user session issues a query against a target table that causes a data inconsistency, the target table transitions into an errant state and the session will become interrupted.
Method and apparatus to boost mass memory performance given power supply availability
Reliability of a power supply is assessed, such as for example considering one or more of the following: whether a host device is experiencing fast acceleration; whether a portable power supply has sufficient energy to meet current needs; whether a battery or removable memory cover is in place; and whether a software failure within the host device is imminent. In dependence on the assessed reliability, there is a selection made between a first mode and a second mode for operating a mass memory.
Touch screen saver
A stack of laminated transparent lenses consists of two alternating optically clear materials in intimate contact. The materials are a plastic lens and clear adhesive.
Systems and methods for testing and packaging a superconducting chip
Superconductive interconnection structures providing continuous, uninterrupted superconducting signal paths between a superconducting chip and a superconducting chip carrier are described. The superconductive interconnection structures employ superconducting solder bumps and pillars of under bump metal (“ubm”).
Endless wire container and method of using same
A container for packaging and unwinding a coil of welding wire to allow an uninterrupted flow of the welding wire from one the container to another the container. The coil of welding wire including a coiled portion having a top and a bottom, a first extension of the wire extending from the coil near the coil top to a feeding end and a second extension of the wire extending from the coil near the bottom to a transfer end.
Synchronizer hub
The invention relates to a synchronizer hub (3) for a gearbox synchronization device (1) in a manual gearbox, comprising a base body (29) having a radial outer peripheral surface (30) and two axial end faces (31, 32) adjoining the circumferential surface (30), wherein an external tooth system (19) with radially outward pointing teeth (33) is arranged on the circumferential surface (30), interrupted by at least one recess (21), and with a annular groove (25), arranged in one of the end faces (32) and underneath the external tooth system (19), wherein the annular groove (25) is also interrupted by the at least one recess (21). Several segments (34) that extend in the radial direction into the area of the annular groove (25) and partially cover it are arranged on the axial end face (32)..
Method of protecting power receiver and related wireless charging device
A method for a power receiver for protecting a power receiver from being taken without permission while charged wirelessly includes receiving wireless power from a power transmitter and performing wireless charging in a security mode by the power receiver; detecting whether the wireless charging is interrupted without receiving a security code for authorization; and starting a protection function if the power receiver detects that the wireless charging is interrupted without receiving the security code for authorization.. .
Patching boot code of read-only memory
The present disclosure describes apparatuses and techniques for patching boot code of read-only memory (rom). In some aspects, execution of boot code from a rom is initiated to start a boot process of a device.
Content streaming between devices
Methods and systems for streaming content from a first device to a second device may include streaming content from the first device to the second device over a first connection. Next, it may be determined that the first device is connected to the second device by a second connection.
Adhesive wound dressing
A wound dressing comprising an adhesive layer having a skin-facing surface and a non-skin-facing surface, the non-skin-facing surface being provided with a backing layer, the dressing comprises a central portion comprising an absorbent adhesive, and an border portion surrounding the central portion, wherein the skin facing surface of edge portion of the adhesive layer is continuous and the skin facing surface of central portion is interrupted by interconnected cavities. The cavities provide a storage room and distribution centre for wound exudates enabling the dressing to be applied to fast exuding wounds..
A method for promoting entry of an agent (introduced agent) into a cell, the method comprising the step of complexing the introduced agent in the presence of an entry-promoting agent and then exposing to cells, wherein the entry-promoting agent comprises a linear and/or branched or cyclic polymonoguanide/polyguanidine, polybiguanide, analogue or derivative thereof according to the following formula 1a & b. The method also provides a means for formation of nanoparticles formed between the entry promoting agent and the introduced agent.
System and method for emergency communication in a tcp/ip based redundant fire panel network
A system and method for providing emergency alarm communications in an fire panel network having a ring topology. The fire panels of the network each include an emergency interface between a panel processor and a panel transceiver.
Vehicle battery charging system and method
A vehicle includes a battery and a charge plate electrically connected with the battery. The vehicle also includes a control system that causes an association signal to be repeatedly transmitted during a battery charge procedure to maintain charging of the battery via the charge plate, and in response to an object being detected in the vicinity or predicted to enter the vicinity of the charge plate, causes the transmission of the association signal to be interrupted to stop charging of the battery..
Metal gate and gate contact structure for finfet
An embodiment includes a substrate, wherein a portion of the substrate extends upwards, forming a fin, a gate dielectric over a top surface and sidewalls of the fin, a liner overlaying the gate dielectric, and an uninterrupted metallic feature over the liner a portion of the liner overlaying the gate dielectric, wherein the liner extends from a top surface of the uninterrupted metallic feature and covers sidewalls of the metallic feature, and wherein the gate dielectric, liner, and uninterrupted metallic feature collectively form a gate, a gate contact barrier, and a gate contact.. .
Method for uninterrupted production of a polyatomic boron molecular ion beam with self-cleaning
The uninterrupted production of an ion beam with self-cleaning of a discharge chamber and extractor system, including extraction aperture(s), of an ion implantation device. The method increases the time of continuous operation of the ion implantation device, and therefore, increases total implantation time without reducing intensity.
Clutched driven device and associated clutch mechanism
A driven accessory (10) is provided that includes a first rotary clutch portion (50), a second rotary clutch portion (52), a wrap spring (56) and an actuator (60). The wrap spring (56) is configured to transmit rotary power between the first and second rotary clutch portions (50, 52).
Procedure for operating a transmission device, particularly a 9-speed-transmission
A method for operating a 9-speed transmission which changes operating states by actuating shift elements. At least one of the shift elements is a form-locking shift element, which disengages to implement a defined transmission operating state during which the power flow, between transmission input and output shafts, is present or interrupted.
Method and apparatus for over-the-air activation of neighborhood cordless services
A method for providing local cordless service comprises the steps of receiving subscriber neighborhood zone selection input so that a mobile telephone equipped subscriber may place or receive calls for a fixed rate, for example, per month without having to pay radio frequency air time charges any time they are located within their selected subscribed-to zones. If the subscribed-to zones are adjacent to one another and the mobile subscriber roans from one zone to another, the subscriber may continue their fee call uninterrupted and without paying air time charges.
A compound with the formula i: wherein: r2 is of formula ii: where a is a c5-7 aryl group, x is selected from the group comprising: nhnh2, conhnh2, formula iii, formula iv, and either: (i) q1 is a single bond, and q2 is selected from a single bond and —z—(ch2)n—, where z is selected from a single bond, o, s and nh and n is from 1 to 3; or (ii) q1 is —ch═ch—, and q2 is a single bond; r12 is a c5-10 aryl group, optionally substituted by one or more substituents selected from the group comprising: halo, nitro, cyano, ether, c1-7 alkyl, c3-7 heterocyclyl and bis-oxy-c1-3 alkylene; r6 and r9 are independently selected from h, r, oh, or, sh, sr, nh2, nhr, nrr′, nitro, me3sn and halo; where r and r′ are independently selected from optionally substituted c1-12 alkyl, c3-20 heterocyclyl and c5-20 aryl groups; r7 is selected from h, r, oh, or, sh, sr, nh2, nhr, nhrr′, nitro, me3sn and halo; either: (a) r10 is h, and r11 is oh, ora, where ra is c1-4 alkyl; (b) r10 and r11 form a nitrogen-carbon double bond between the nitrogen and carbon atoms to which they are bound; or (c) r10 is h and r11 is sozm, where z is 2 or 3 and m is a monovalent pharmaceutically acceptable cation; r″ is a c3-12 alkylene group, which chain may be interrupted by one or more heteroatoms, and/or aromatic rings; y and y′ are selected from o, s, or nh; r6′, r7′, r9′ are selected from the same groups as r6, r7 and r9 respectively and r10′ and r11′ are the same as r10 and r11, wherein if r11 and r11′ are sozm, m may represent a divalent pharmaceutically acceptable cation.. .
Integrated circuit device for power supply
An integrated circuit device, for a power supply that is connected to an ac power source via an input circuit having a capacitor, is able to reliably discharge the capacitor when the ac power source is interrupted. The integrated circuit device includes a first discharge circuit that operates in response to an internal supply voltage and discharges the capacitor via a first switch element that is turned on when the input voltage provided via the input circuit falls below a set voltage, and a second discharge circuit having a second switch element that is turned off when receiving the internal supply voltage but is turned on in response to the input voltage when the supply of internal supply voltage is interrupted..
Projection display device and method for controlling the same
In at least one embodiment, a projection display device comprises a device main body, a shutter that opens and closes an opening for ventilation, and an electricity storage section that stores power from an external power source. If an interruption detecting section detects a power supply from the external power source is stopped and a time in which the power supply is stopped is longer than a predetermined time, the interruption detecting section detects that the external power source is interrupted.
Charging control system and device
A charging control system for charging a secondary battery from a solar battery, including a first path for transmitting power from the solar battery to the secondary battery, a second path for sensing the voltage of the secondary battery, and a comparison unit for comparing the solar battery voltage with the sensed voltage of the secondary battery. The first path includes a first interrupter, controlled by the comparison unit, which interrupts the first path to prevent discharge of the secondary battery through the solar battery when the solar battery voltage falls below the secondary battery voltage.
Semiconductor device
Provided is a semiconductor device in which on-resistance is largely reduced. In a region (2a) of an n type epitaxial layer (2) of the semiconductor device 20, each region between neighboring trenches (3) is blocked with a depletion layer (14) formed around a trench (3) so that a current passage (12) is interrupted, while a part of the depletion layer (14) formed around the trench (3) is deleted so that the current passage (12) is opened.
The invention relates to a shredder/document shredder for sheet-shaped material, such as paper and material of the like or similar data storage media, having a thickness sensor which protrudes at least partially into a receiving slot. According to the invention, the thickness sensor does not change its position if too much material to be shredded (for example, paper) passes into the receiving slot, but rather pivots about its rotational axis as a result of the friction with the material.
Datacenter utilizing modular infrastructure systems and redundancy protection from failure
A datacenter housing servers, computers, data storage devices, telecommunications and related equipment for storing and accessing large amounts of data on a continuous, uninterrupted and reliable basis, which is provided with a supporting system or infrastructure for supplying power and cooling to the datacenter, which involves equipment primarily contained in modules situated outside the building that houses the primary computer and server equipment, whereby said supporting system or infrastructure is designed with redundant equipment, connections, and controls to avoid any single point of potential failure.. .
Substituted amino alcohols as chiral dopants
The invention relates to the use of a substituted, chiral amino alcohol, comprising one or more structural units of the following formula (1), wherein the abbreviations a, y, r1 and r3 to r5 have the following meanings: is a covalent bond or a hydrocarbon group, y is a covalent bond or a hydrocarbon group that can have an oxygen atom at one of its ends through which it is bonded to r1, r1 is an aliphatic or heterocyclic or aromatic radical, the carbon chain of which may be interrupted by one or more b groups, r5 is selected from the group consisting of (a) aliphatic radicals, wherein individual carbon atoms may be replaced by oxygen atoms or carbonyl groups, and wherein the carbon chains of same radicals may be optionally interrupted by a b group, and (b) araliphatic, cycloaliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic radicals, wherein the carbon chain can be interrupted by one or more b structural elements and/or by one or more d coupling groups, r3, r4 are hydrogen or aliphatic or araliphatic substituents, which are independent of one another, wherein the carbon chain can be interrupted by one or more b groups, b is selected from polymerizable or crosslinkable structural elements from the group comprising c1-c16-alkenyl, c1-c16-alkenyloxy, —c═c—, —ch═ch—coo—, —ch═ch—, —cx═ch—coo— with x═c1-c16-alkyl, and the trans-form of —ooc—ch═ch—coo—, and d is selected from —o—, —nh—, —n(ch3)—, —n(c2h5)—, —so2—, —co—, —coo—, —ch═ch—, —ocoo—, —och2—, ch═n, —cf2cf2—, as a chiral dopant in liquid crystal (mixtures), e.g., in electro-optical systems.. .
Using interrupted through-silicon-vias in integrated circuits adapted for stacking
In an integrated circuit (ic) adapted for use in a stack of interconnected ics, interrupted through-silicon-vias (tsvs) are provided in addition to uninterrupted tsvs. The interrupted tsvs provide signal paths other than common parallel paths between the ics of the stack.
Photoluminescent sleeve
An elongate tube formed from a composite material comprising a polymer and a photoluminescent material has a cylindrical wall that defines an arc of between about 180 degrees and 360 degrees or greater. An elongate opening is defined in the wall along the length of the tube.
Heterobifunctional linkers with polyethylene glycol segments and immune response modifier conjugates made therefrom
Conjugates of an immune response modifier, a linker, and an antigen are disclosed. The linker is represented by formula (i): wherein a is ch or n, p is in a range from 1 to 50, r″ is a bond or -alkylene-o—, r′ is alkylene that is optionally interrupted or terminated with one or more amide or ether groups, and e is an amine- or thiol-reactive group.
Interruptible work reassignment
A contact center is described along with various methods and mechanisms for administering the same. The contact center proposed herein provides the ability to, among other things, mark a work item as interruptible.
Circuit breaker
A circuit breaker includes: a first arc-extinguishing chamber and a second arc-extinguishing chamber that interrupt a current by opening contact points and extinguish an arc during the current is being interrupted; and a connection unit that connects the first arc-extinguishing chamber and the second arc-extinguishing chamber to each other. The first arc-extinguishing chamber and the second arc-extinguishing chamber are connected to the connection unit in such a manner that shaft lines of the arc-extinguishing chambers form an angle of substantially 90 degrees.
Synchronizer hub
The invention relates to a synchronizer hub (1) comprising a hub body (4) that, on the outer circumference (5) thereof, has a sleeve toothing (6) for engagement of a sliding sleeve (6a), said sleeve toothing being interrupted by at least one first axial recess (7) and by at least one second axial recess (8), wherein the first axial recess (7) has first lateral faces (14, 15) and the second axial recess (8) has second lateral faces (17, 18), and wherein the first lateral faces (14, 15) are inclined to the axial direction at a first angle (20). The second lateral faces (17, 18) of the second axial recess (8) run at a second angle (21) to the axial direction, wherein the second angle (21) is not equal to the first angle (20) of the first lateral faces (14, 15)..
Burner tube heat exchanger for a storage tank
A heating assembly for heating a liquid storage tank includes a heat exchanger tank supported in one wall of the storage tank to extend into the storage tank in contact with liquid stored therein. The heat exchanger tank contains a heat exchanger fluid therein which is heated by a burner tube extending through the heat exchanger tank whereby heat is only transferred to the liquid in the storage tank through the heat exchanger fluid.
Booting method and electronic device
A booting method is provided. In the booting method, a basic input/output system (bios) is activated to check a first set value.
Screen saver
A stack of laminated transparent lenses consists of two alternating optically clear materials in intimate contact. The materials are a plastic lens and clear adhesive.
Security packaging
A package comprises a security device where a security loop is formed integrally with the package for detecting a breach of the package. Additionally, the security loop may be formed with a portion to be interrupted if the contents are removed from the package..
Electric machine and a method of constructing a commutator for an electric machine
An electric machine and a method of forming a commutator for an electric machine includes forming a commutator assembly including a plurality of commutator bar members linked through a corresponding plurality of bridge elements, rolling the commutator assembly into a commutator form having a substantially continuous, uninterrupted, outer surface, introducing an internal support member that receives an end portion of each of the plurality of commutator bar members into an inner diameter of the commutator form, and separating the plurality of commutator bar members by removing each of the plurality of bridge elements creating a discontinuous outer surface.. .
Device for unwinding and winding up one or more lines
The invention relates to a device for unwinding and winding one or more lines for uninterrupted connection of each of the one or more lines between two connection points, it being possible to produce the uninterrupted connection between a fixed first connection point and a second connection point which is at a variable distance or in each case one of a plurality of second connection points which are at different distances. The device comprises a rotatable winding body for unwinding and winding the one or more lines, in that the line(s) is/are guided from the first fixed connection point in a first sub-portion from a stationary first position coaxial with the winding body to a second position opposite the first position and from said second position to a third position which is substantially in one plane with the first position but is rotatable with the winding body, the line(s) in the first sub-portion being guided helically at least in portions.
Elevator information display device
An elevator information display device including: an information display control section that selects, based on an elevator state, information to be displayed from elevator information and general information, interrupts, when a predetermined display interruption factor occurs during display of general information, display of the general information concerned, and displays the elevator information; a display state administration section that determines whether or not the general information has finished being displayed to the end of the information display unit; and a redisplay determination section that determines, when the display of general information has been interrupted, based on the display interruption factor relating to the interruption and the result of the determination, whether or not the redisplay of the interrupted general information is necessary, wherein the information display control section redisplays the general information, which has been determined to be necessary to be redisplayed, from the beginning of the information display unit.. .
System for emulsion aspiration
System, including apparatus and methods, for aspirating at least a portion of an emulsion from a well using a tip. In some embodiments, the tip may have a flat end and an inlet surrounded by the flat end.
Powder coating system having powder recovery cyclone with hinged lower section
A cyclone comprises a second or lower portion that is pivotable with respect to a first or upper portion about an articulation between a first position and a second position; the second portion being aligned with the first portion along a first or vertical axis when the second portion is in the first position, and the second portion being aligned on a second axis that is different from the first axis when the second portion is moved from the first position to the second position. In various additional embodiments, the second axis may be normal to the first axis, for example, in the first position the lower portion is horizontal and in the first position the lower portion is vertical and aligned with the upper portion.
Wiper motor drive system having breakaway clutch
The present invention relates to a wiper motor drive system that includes a motor, an output shaft operatively connected to a wiper blade, and a breakaway clutch operatively connected between the motor and output shaft. The breakaway clutch includes a torque-sensitive releasable locking mechanism having a first position wherein torque is translated from the motor to the output shaft through the breakaway clutch to drive the wiper blade across a surface to be wiped, and a second position wherein torque is interrupted between the motor and the output shaft in response to a predetermined rotational torque differential acting on the output shaft, with the locking mechanism being movable back to the first position when the differential torque is reduced on the output shaft..
Transparent reconnection
In the event of an unintentional interruption, a token issued by a host system to a client system is used to reestablish communications without disrupting applications on the client system. If the host system provided an internet protocol address to the client system to be used during the interrupted communications session, the host system reserves the communications address during an interruption in communications for a period sufficient to permit reestablishment of communications using the reserved address..
Power saving operating method for and electronic device
A power-saving operating method for an electronic device is provided. A control chip of the electronic device has an interrupt pin, and the electronic device couples to a touch device through a connection port and the interrupt pin.
Incentivizing media station users
Disclosed are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for incentivizing users to create custom media stations. To incentivize users to create custom media stations, user can be granted rewards for meeting specified rewards conditions.
Composite capsule and method for dispensing a dental compound
A composite capsule for receiving and dispensing a dental compound. The composite capsule has a receiving space, which is surrounded by a capsule wall and which extends between a discharge opening and a receiving opening, wherein the discharge opening is arranged at a front end of the receiving space, and the receiving opening is arranged at a rear end of the receiving space.
Annular casing for a turbine engine compressor
A metal annular casing (16) for a turbine engine compressor, the casing having at least one annular row of radial chimneys for receiving outer cylindrical pivots of variable-pitch vanes, together with an outer cylindrical centering track (28) that is continuous or interrupted and against which runners carried by an annular ring for controlling the pitch of the vanes are to come to bear, the casing being characterized in that the track is formed by blocks (30) of plastics material fitted onto the casing and that are fastened or held on the casing.. .
Plastic closure device for tubular bags
A plastic closure device (1) must be welded by means of ultrasound onto a tubular bag (2) consisting of a multilayer plastic film (20). For this purpose, an energy introduction arrangement (182) on the underside (180) of a flange (18) is proposed, in which at least one energy conduction rib (183) concentric with the outer edge (181) of the flange is present, as well as a plurality of outwardly-directed energy conduction ribs (184).
Method and apparatus for detecting a multitouch event in an optical touch-sensitive device
A touch sensitive optical control device comprising a set of light emitters 14, 22 and light detectors 18, 24 arranged relative to a touchable surface 30 such that light transmitted by the emitters is received by the detectors along multiple intersecting beams which pass transversely of the surface and touching the surface at a beam interrupts the light transmitted along the beam. Candidate touch points t1, t2, f1, f2 are defined at the intersections of interrupted beams and are confirmed or not as actual touch points by examining test beams 40, 42, 54, 56 near to or coincident with the candidate touch point..
Power supply system having an emergency power supply cutoff function
A power supply system having a power supply cut-off function in an emergency is provided. The present system includes a power supply device for receiving and supplying external input power to a device for power supply, a remote controller for controlling an operation of the power supply device according to a remote control signal from a remote place, an uninterruptible power supply device for supplying operation power to the remote controller, a first line switch for, when a power switch is turned on, supplying the external input power to the power supply device and the uninterruptible power supply device, and a second line switch disposed between the power supply device and the first line switch and cutting off the external input power supplied to the power supply device via the first line switch when the uninterruptible power supply device does not output the power.
Method of forming interconnection lines
The invention concerns a method comprising: forming a plurality of parallel lines (502, 504, 506) of a sacrificial material over a layer of conductive material (510) of an integrated circuit, said parallel lines being separated by trenches, at least one of said lines being interrupted along its length by an opening (516) dividing it into first and second line portions (504a, 504b) separated by a space (s); forming spacers (522, 524, 526, 528, 530) in said trenches on lateral sides of said line portions and filling at least a bottom part of said opening between the line portions; removing the sacrificial material by etching; and forming interconnection lines (302, 304a, 304b, 306a, 306b, 308, 310) of said conductive material based on a pattern defined by said spacers.. .
Plant and method for producing a semiconductor film
The plant is suitable to produce a semiconductor film (8) having a desired thickness and consisting substantially of a compound including at least one element for each of the groups 11, 13, and 16 of the periodic classification of elements. The plant comprises an outer case (1) embedding a chamber (2) divided into one deposition zone (2a) and one evaporation zone (2b), which are separated by a screen (3) interrupted by at least one cylindrical transfer member provided with actuation means rotating about its axis (5).
Electrically conductive material, emitter containing electrically conductive material, and method for its manufacture
A method is provided for manufacture of an electrically conductive material, including the steps of: (a) providing a structure made of electrically conductive fibers, and (b) producing a carbon-based, electrically conductive matrix at least partially enveloping the electrically conductive fibers. Before or after producing the matrix, at least part of the electrically conductive fibers are interrupted in the direction of possible current flow.
Leak detector for use with flanged waste water drain pipe
Provided herein is a leak detector comprising: a flat base sheet bound by an outer perimeter and an interior aperture; a wick material barrier coupled to the base between the aperture and the outer perimeter in a continuous or substantially continuous strip around the aperture, the wick material barrier interrupted by one or more gap regions, each gap region defined by a pair of wick material projections starting at either end of the gap region and extending radially outward; a liquid sensor in fluid communication with the pair of wick material projections; and a liquid-impermeable material coupled to the base sheet and surrounding the pair of wick material projections to form a liquid-impermeable enclosure defining an interior cavity comprising the pair of wick material projections and the liquid sensor.. .
Apparatus and methods for detecting data access
The following abstract is not intended as a limiting description of the invention. Apparatus and methods are provided for detecting in real-time, data access in an information or file system and generating an alert to indicate a type of access.
Method and system for uninterrupted broadcast content provisioning
A method and system for uninterrupted broadcast content provisioning is disclosed. The method and system includes receiving one or more transport streams corresponding to one or more broadcast programs.
Device session identification system
Methods and systems for the identification of electronic devices between web browser and native application sessions is disclosed. The identification process can function even with interrupted internet connectivity.
Air convective warmer with noise reduction filter
To reduce the noise level of an air convective warmer, the air filter of the warmer is fitted with an air intercept mechanism to disrupt the flow of air that traverses inside the interior cavity of the air filter. By thus disrupting the air flow, the noise that otherwise would have been generated due to a non-interrupted air stream flow is lowered.
Micro-adjustable telescoping arms for orthopedic braces
The adjustable orthopedic strut system comprises a locking system with an incremental or “micro” adjustment method that is size adaptable and easy to use. The adjustable orthopedic strut system comprises a locking system, adjustable support members, struts, and an indented molded track.
Communication system having automated filtering based on mental state decisions
A communication device having automated filtering based on mental state decisions of the present invention includes a brainwave sensing device that has sensors positioned on a user which can wirelessly communicate the mental state(s) of the user through a signal conditioner to portable electronic device. Subsequently, when the portable electronic device receives signals from a communication system, such as a call or a message, the calls or messages can be either be allowed or interrupted and stored depending on the mental state of the user.
Finfet device and method of manufacturing same
A semiconductor device and method for fabricating a semiconductor device is disclosed. An exemplary semiconductor device includes a substrate including a fin structure disposed over the substrate.

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Interrupted topics: Interrupted, Transverse, Combustion, Transceiver, Control Unit, Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Ventricular Assist Device, Ventricular, Base Station, Discomfort, Streaming Content, Semiconductor, Synchronization, Downstream

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