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This page is updated frequently with new Interrupted-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Authentication device for user authentication and image forming apparatus including the authentication device patent thumbnailAuthentication device for user authentication and image forming apparatus including the authentication device
A user authentication device provided on an apparatus as an object of operation acquires feature data representing notable portion of the user, using a camera device, after user authentication. Based on the acquired feature data, the user authentication device tracks the user by the camera (step s1030).
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Uninterrupted power supply systems and methods patent thumbnailUninterrupted power supply systems and methods
Provided in some embodiments is an uninterruptable electrical power supply system. The system includes an electrical power distribution network (having a consumer side network coupled to one or more electrical loads that consume electrical power and a utility side network that supplies electrical power to the consumer side network), a primary power source (coupled to the utility side network, and that supplies electrical power to the utility side network for supply to the consumer side network), a secondary power source coupled to the utility side network, and a terminal between the consumer side network and the utility side network.
Active Power, Inc.

 Method for growing iii-v epitaxial layers patent thumbnailMethod for growing iii-v epitaxial layers
Disclosed are methods of growing iii-v epitaxial layers on a substrate, semiconductor structures thus obtained, and devices comprising such semiconductor structures. An example semiconductor substrate includes a substrate and a buffer layer on top of the substrate, where a conductive path is present between the substrate and buffer layer.
Epigan Nv

 Using interrupted through-silicon-vias in integrated circuits adapted for stacking patent thumbnailUsing interrupted through-silicon-vias in integrated circuits adapted for stacking
In an integrated circuit (ic) adapted for use in a stack of interconnected ics, interrupted through-silicon-vias (tsvs) are provided in addition to uninterrupted tsvs. The interrupted tsvs provide signal paths other than common parallel paths between the ics of the stack.
Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.

 Tamper detection  industrial & metering devices not requiring a battery patent thumbnailTamper detection industrial & metering devices not requiring a battery
Embodiments of the invention prevent unauthorized access to electronic systems by providing an enclosure with improved intrusion detection around sensitive areas of a secured electronic system. Certain embodiments eliminate the need for constant battery power and yet provide uninterrupted high-security supervision at the device perimeter such that even following a power down event it is possible to determine whether a device has been tampered with, so that appropriate action can be taken.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

 Method and system for an electronic auction patent thumbnailMethod and system for an electronic auction
The invention comprises a method and system which will simultaneously display a plurality of electronic bidding fee auctions. Users may simultaneously place at least one bid on each of the displayed electronic auctions using a single action, such as a single mouse click, keyboard stroke, or the pressing of a touch screen monitor.
Epic Tech, Llc

 System, method, and software for controlled interruption of batch job processing patent thumbnailSystem, method, and software for controlled interruption of batch job processing
This disclosure provides various embodiments of software, systems, and techniques for controlled interruption of batch job processing. In one instance, a tangible computer readable medium stores instructions for managing batch jobs, where the instructions are operable when executed by a processor to identify an interruption event associated with a batch job queue.
Sap Se

 Magnetic field sensors with self test patent thumbnailMagnetic field sensors with self test
A system includes a magnetic target and a magnetic field sensor. The magnetic field sensor comprises an output node; a circuit to detect a magnetic field produced by the magnetic target; and a processor.
Allegro Microsystems, Llc

 Collars with integrated leashes patent thumbnailCollars with integrated leashes
A collar assembly includes a main body configured in an uninterrupted loop, the main body having an outer surface, an elongated body extending away from the main body, the elongated body configured to at least partially wrap around and connect to the outer surface of the main body and the elongated body having a holding portion thereby allowing a user to use the elongated body as a leash.. .

 Rendering advertisements in client device for uninterrupted media content patent thumbnailRendering advertisements in client device for uninterrupted media content
Disclosed are various embodiments rendering advertisements in a client device in exchange for obtaining uninterrupted media content. A transmission of a first stream of media content for rendering via a media device is initiated, wherein the first stream of media content comprises media with at least one advertisement.
Airwatch Llc


System and automated camera guard tour operation

A system and method for automated operation of a camera system is disclosed. A positioning system moves the camera system to a field of view to search for objects or events of interest to track.
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc


Power feeding solar cell, and solar cell system

A power feeding apparatus for solar cells has: a voltage regulator, i.e., a voltage adjusting unit; a relay, i.e., a switch unit; and a control unit. The voltage regulator executes voltage adjustment with respect to an input voltage, and outputs, to a power output terminal, a voltage adjusted to a previously set voltage or lower.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Method for forming through substrate vias with tethers

A method for forming through silicon vias (tsvs) in a silicon substrate is disclosed. The method involves forming a silicon post as an substantially continuous annulus in a first side of a silicon substrate, removing material from an opposite side to the level of the substantially continuous annulus, removing the silicon post and replacing it with a metal material to form a metal via extending through the thickness of the substrate.
Innovative Micro Technology


Alarm system for passageways

An improved alarm system for monitoring movement through a passageway defined by opposing sidewalls. The alarm system has a lower passage indicator disposed toward the lower ends of the sidewalls, an upper passage indicator disposed toward the upper ends of the sidewalls and a control mechanism configured to sound an alarm if the lower passage indicator indicates passage through the passageway and the upper passage indicator does not.


Liveness detection for user authentication

An initial authentication of a user, if successful, causes a token to be stored on, and presented from, a wearable device (wd). The wd continually monitors one or more of the wearer's vital signs to confirm that (1) the wd is being worn by a living person rather than an inanimate simulacrum, and (2) the wd is still worn by the same person who underwent the authentication.
Intel Corporation


Method to determine heat transfer efficiency of a heating device and system therefor

To determine the heat output efficacy of a heating device such as a convective warming blanket, a conduit structure is constructed to have coiled metal tubings that form the head, torso and other non-moving parts of a person analog. Flexible tubings interconnect the metal tubings to establish a continuous conduit between an inlet and an outlet of the structure, so that a fluid having a particular heat capacity may flow uninterrupted through the conduit structure.
Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.


Resuming interrupted communication through a wellbore

Resuming communication along a wellbore after a drilling stand or other occurrence that reduces the flow rate of the drilling fluid into a borehole being drilled in a drilling procedure or causes perturbations in the pressure of the drilling fluid in the borehole by measuring a first flow rate of drilling fluid being pumped into the drillstring during the drilling procedure before adding a section of drill pipe to the drillstring or before the pressure perturbation and increasing the flow rate of the drilling fluid being pumped into the drillstring above the first flow rate after the section of drill pipe has been added to the drillstring or the pressure perturbation has occurred.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Apparatus for blocking unwanted telephone calls and faxes

An apparatus for blocking unwanted calls is disclosed. The apparatus incorporates a whitelist which the user can program so that known friendly callers are not interrupted by the apparatus.


Mobile phone with enhanced functions

Auxiliary function are realized by auxiliary devices and peripheral solutions which are physically placed in original device or outside it, but connected electrically and mechanically with it, whereas preferably able to form one compact mechanical unit with it. These parts which are to be modified in order to achieve uninterrupted functions within operation, are replaceable from the point of view of operation, in maximum simple way for user..


Current controller and protection circuit

A current controller for generating a control signal which controls supply current flowing from a power source to a load includes an interface circuit which sets a threshold based on an instruction from an outside of the current controller, a threshold setting circuit which stores and outputs the threshold, a sensing circuit which determines a current or a temperature of a sensing element, and outputs a signal indicating that the supply current should be interrupted as the control signal if a determined current or a determined temperature exceeds the threshold, and a sensing control circuit which generates a clock signal including pulses with a predetermined period. The sensing circuit determines the current or the temperature of the sensing element during an active period of the clock signal..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Ignition unit for an internal combustion engine

An ignition device for a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine includes a first electrode and a second electrode, which is movable with the aid of an actuator. The ignition device is configured to generate a first ignition spark when a contact between the first and second electrode is interrupted.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Thermally printable adhesive label

A linerless label roll of repositionable labels adapted to be printed in varying lengths comprising a web of thermally printable paper wound along a running axis and having a continuous length of adhesive on one side of the web so that when a length of the web is caused to be thermally printed it will have an adhesive on the reverse side thereof that extends in a uninterrupted manner along the entire length of the thermally printed web.. .
Maxstick Products Ltd.


Construction machine

A regeneration device (22) executes regeneration treatment of a filter (21) in an exhaust gas purifying device (18) by burning particulate matter trapped in the filter (21). The regeneration device (22) interrupts the regeneration treatment of the filter (21) when an exhaust gas temperature t detected by an exhaust gas temperature sensor (26) becomes less than an exhaust gas temperature threshold tt during a period of performing the regeneration treatment of the filter (21).
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Method of constructing passive that reduce heat loss of a building, as well as the costs and consumption of materials

The method of the construction of passive foundation and, in particular, of connecting them with walls is characterised in that in order to improve the thermal insulation so as to limit the heat losses for a building or to simplify the structure or to reduce the building costs, the surface of the foundations or the contact surface of building materials/structural foundations (2) and building materials/structural walls (3) is purposefully reduced i.e. By being partly replaced with a column structure (made i.e.


Control channel transmission method and equipment

A control channel transmission method and a piece of equipment, where the method includes configuring, by a communications system, at least two control channels for a user equipment, where at least one of the control channels is a cell-specific control channel and at least one of the control channels is a user equipment-specific control channel; using, by the communications system, the cell-specific control channel and/or user equipment-specific control channel to send information about control over the user equipment. In the embodiments of the present disclosure, a communications system configures at least two control channels for a user equipment (ue).
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Multiband ducker

A multiband ducker is configured to duck a specific range of frequencies within a music signal in proportion to a corresponding range of frequencies within a speech signal, and then combine the ducked music signal with the speech signal for output to a user. In doing so, the multiband ducker separates the music signal into different frequency ranges, which may include low, middle, and high-range frequencies.
Harman International Industries, Inc.


Capsule for guiding light and associated contactless payment device

A capsule is provided that aligns with at least one light source. The capsule includes a rim having its opaqueness interrupted to as to form at least four transparent portions.
Ingenico Group


System and facilitation cross orders

A number of techniques for improving electronic trading are disclosed. According to some embodiments, an electronic trading system may establish a new facilitation cross order type which automatically performs a number of trading steps in a single uninterrupted sequence so as to help a risk trader fulfill a client investor's trading request efficiently and with lower market risk..
Iex Group, Inc.


Developing unit having guide that stably supports toner cartridge

A developing device includes a developer cartridge and a developing unit. The developing unit includes a first guide and a second guide.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Filter element and filter system having a filter element

The invention relates to a filter element (10) having a first fluid path (12) for filtering a first fluid and a second fluid path (14) having a fluid line (16) for carrying a second fluid, wherein a non-return valve (18) is arranged in the second fluid path (14), said non-return valve (18) closing the second fluid path (14) if a flow of the first liquid through the filter element (10) is interrupted. The invention further relates to a filter system (100) including such a filter element (10)..
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Method for operating a drive device of a motor vehicle and corresponding drive device

A method for operating a drive device is disclosed. The drive device has manual transmission has an intermediate shaft operatively connected with an output shaft, and a countershaft.
Audi Ag


Method of branch circuit capacity utilization for electric vehicle charging

Dynamic adjustment of a charge rate of an evse on a shared branch circuit, ensuring maximum power delivery to the evse without overloading the branch circuit. The level 1 evse and at least one other load are connected to the branch circuit via different electrical outlets.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.


Dispenser and dispensing

A dispenser for dispensing sheets of web material from a stack of sheets of web material is provided. The dispenser includes a biasing arrangement arranged to bias the stack towards a dispensing opening of the dispenser, and a stopper element associated with the dispensing opening, the stopper element being adapted to prevent the stack from being ejected through the dispensing opening by the biasing arrangement.
Sca Hygiene Products Ab


Energy store and device for an uninterrupted supply of energy

A device for an uninterrupted supply of energy and an energy store for kinetic energy include a housing, a shaft which has a non-rotatably connected inner rotor, and an outer rotor, in particular a drum-shaped outer rotor, which surrounds the inner rotor at least in some areas and which is rotatably mounted relative to the shaft, the inner and/or outer rotor having at least one electric coil. The outer rotor, which is rotatably supported on the housing in a mechanical manner on both sides, is held without mechanical support towards the shaft..
Hitzinger Gmbh


Image forming apparatus having developer cartridges and cartridge supporting member

An image forming apparatus includes process units and developer cartridges; a process unit supporting member; a cartridge supporting member; and a moving mechanism. Each developer cartridge includes a transporting member configured to transport developer to a corresponding process unit.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Locking device for pipes

A locking device for pipes, comprising an inner and an outer pipe provided with adjoining and corresponding circumferential grooves for releasable locking engagement via a locking ring fitted in the grooves and thus releasable locking between the inner and the outer pipe by alteration of the radius of the locking ring, wherein the locking ring has an open section or circle sector along the periphery thereof and is provided, at least at the two radial ends thereof, interrupted by the open section, with two respective guide members comprising respective guide surfaces that are slanted relative to the periphery, and wherein a first one of the guide members is provided with an end stop and a second one of the guide members is provided with a control mechanism protruding through an oblong opening provided through the outer pipe along a portion of its radial groove, wherein the radial displacement of the control mechanism along the oblong opening increases the open section or circle sector of the locking ring while simultaneously forcing the radius of the locking ring to increase for release of the locking engagement owing to the slanted guide surfaces.. .
Kongsberg Esco As


Vehicles having side support reinforcement gussets

A vehicle including a side support extending in a vehicle longitudinal direction, a cross member extending transverse to the side support, and a reinforcement gusset coupled to the side support and the cross member, where the cross member and the reinforcement gusset define an interrupted interface in which one of the cross member or the reinforcement gusset includes a recessed portion and the opposite of the cross member or the reinforcement gusset includes an extended portion, and the recessed portion and the extended portion have complementary shapes and are detached from one another.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Automated account crediting after interruption or failure of paid content delivery

One or more devices may receive activity logs from multiple set-top-boxes (stbs); determine that an outage has occurred based on the activity logs; identify one or more stbs, of the plurality of stbs, that failed to play back paid content during the outage, or where playback of paid content, by the one or more stbs, was interrupted during the outage; and credit corresponding accounts associated with the one or more stbs.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Video encoder with context switching

A context switching method for video encoders that enables higher priority video streams to interrupt lower priority video streams. A high priority frame may be received for processing while another frame is being processed.
Apple Inc.


Switchless combiner for addressing of radiofrequency signals and system for transmission of radiofrequency signals comprising said combiner

A switchless combiner includes a circuit having a delay line consisting of a constant-impedance transmission line and a device adapted to vary the electric length of said transmission line, the device including a metallic body with walls defining a cavity, the walls being interrupted to define a slot, the cavity and the slot extending along at least a portion of the length of the device, the cavity including a first portion having a first cross-section and a second portion having a second cross-section which is greater than the first cross-section, the second portion having a dielectric element with a cutout corresponding to the slot, the first and second portions extending in the longitudinal direction of the device and the transmission line being positioned, inside the first and second portion, in the cutout, the dielectric element occupying the cavity of the second portion, and having an element to translate the dielectric element on the circuit in the longitudinal direction of the device.. .
Onetastic S.r.l.


Battery with a safety device which can be reset, and also suitable pole stud for the battery

A battery includes a housing, at least one individual cell arranged in the housing and including at least one positive electrode and at least one negative electrode, a positive pole stud passed through the housing and electrically connected to the at least one positive electrode and/or a negative pole stud passed through the housing and electrically connected to the at least one negative electrode, at least one electrical switch which can be pneumatically operated and changes its switching state in the event of an increase in pressure within the housing beyond a threshold value and thereby interrupts the electrical connection between at least one of the pole studs and an associated at least one electrode, and a resetting device with which an electrical connection which is interrupted as a result of a change in the switching state can be re-established without the housing having to be opened.. .
Volkswagen Varta Microbattery Forschungsgesellschaft Mbh & Co.kg


Mobile electronic device capable of uninterrupted power supply during battery replacement

A mobile electronic device comprising an internal circuit and a battery compartment having an entrance and an exit. The battery compartment comprises a first conductor and a second conduct at the inner side of the battery compartment.
International Business Machines Corporation


Plasma processing apparatus

A sample stage includes plural pushup pins that move a sample up/down above the stage, a recessed and protruding dielectric film on which the sample is loaded, a feeding port disposed on the film and through which gas is fed to a gap between the sample and the film, and openings of through-holes in which the pushup pins are housed, and the stage is connected to a feeding/evacuation conduit including a feeding-path that communicates with the port and through which gas fed to the gap flows, an evacuation-path that communicates with the opening and through which gas fed to the gap is discharged, and a connection-path through which the feeding-path and the evacuation-path communicate. With communication between the feeding-path and the evacuation-path via the connection-path interrupted, gas from the feeding-path is fed to the gap and into the through-hole via the gap..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Multicore processor system having an error analysis function

A method for operating a multi-core processor system, wherein different of a program are each executed simultaneously by a different respective processor core of the multi-core processor system includes inserting a breakpoint in a first of the threads for interrupting the first processor core and instead executing an exception handling routine. At least one processor core to be additionally interrupted is determined with the exception handling routine on the basis of an association matrix, and an inter-processor interrupt (ipi) is sent to the at least one processor core by the exception handling routine in order to interrupt the at least one processor core..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Method of diagnosing a blocked heat exchanger

A method is provided for testing the performance of a vehicle-mounted heat exchanger and determining whether debris is preventing air from efficiently passing through the heat exchanger. To test performance, after the vehicle is traveling faster than a preset minimum speed, the power to the dc fan motor that is adjacent to the heat exchanger is interrupted and the back emf of the motor is used to determine fan motor speed.
Atieva, Inc.


Robotic unwind stand

A web unwind stand for obtaining, loading, splicing, and unwinding convolutely wound rolls of web material and forwarding the web material unwound from each of the convolutely wound rolls uninterruptedly to a downstream apparatus is disclosed. The unwind stand comprises splicing means, a first positionable roll grasping apparatus for obtaining and disposing a first of the convolutely wound rolls proximate to, and relative to, the splicing means, and, second positionable roll grasping apparatus for obtaining and disposing a second of the convolutely wound rolls proximate to, and relative to, the splicing means..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Web material unwind apparatus

An unwind apparatus for obtaining, loading, splicing, and unwinding convolutely wound rolls of web material and forwarding the web material unwound from each of the convolutely wound rolls uninterruptedly to a downstream apparatus is disclosed. The unwind apparatus provides for a multi-axis robot and an end effector operatively connected to the multi-axis robot.
The Procter & Gamble Company


A web material unwind stand

A web unwind stand for obtaining, loading, splicing, and unwinding a web material from a plurality of convolutely wound rolls and forwarding the web material unwound from each of the convolutely wound rolls uninterruptedly to a downstream apparatus is disclosed. The unwind stand has a frame, a positionable roll grasping apparatus having a mandrel connectively engaged thereto and, splicing means.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Voltage disconnection of a high-voltage vehicle

In a method for securing a high voltage on-board electric grid of a motor vehicle for repair and/or maintenance of the motor vehicle, the energy inflow of an energy supply unit into the onboard electric grid is blocked during or after a voltage disconnection of the high-voltage on-board electric grid, in which an energy inflow of the energy supply unit to the high-voltage on-board electric grid is interrupted. Additionally or alternatively, the energy inflow of at least one other energy supply device is blocked, wherein the at least one other energy inflow is designed in order to supply energy from a further energy source to the high-voltage on-board electric grid..
Audi Ag


Defibrillator with protocol for selectively interrupting cpr

A method for delivering electrotherapy from a defibrillator includes the steps of providing a source of patient ecg signals received during a cpr period, estimating from the patient ecg signals the likelihood of a shockable rhythm existent during the cpr period, and determining whether cpr should be interrupted prior to the end of the cpr period to deliver electrotherapy based on the estimating step. Based on the determining step, the defibrillator may then provide an output instruction to stop cpr.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Method and system for programmed in situ tissue expansion

A tissue expansion system includes driver assembly having a syringe pump and a controller held in a common enclosure. The driver assembly is connected to both an inflatable bladder and an inflation medium source.
Marz Medical, Inc.


Configurable medical video safety system

A medical image routing system that allows for a user to override the current routing of medical image data such that a user need only activate an interface to automatically interrupt the the first medical image data routing to a display(s) with the second medical image data automatically routed to the display(s). Upon activation of the interface a second time, the first medical image data routing is automatically reestablished and the second medical image data is automatically interrupted..
Karl Storz Imaging, Inc.


Method and preventing concealed, unauthorized wireless data access

In a method and an apparatus for preventing concealed, unauthorized wireless data access, a communication and identification element (1) which belongs to a transaction or identification system and wirelessly interchanges data has an electrical or mechanical interruption element (2) which prevents the wireless data connection (4) and is permanently in the interrupted position. The sensor elements (7) integrated in the communication and identification element can convert the acting force into an electrical, capacitive, resistive, inductive or piezoelectric signal, with the result that the interruption of the wireless data connection is cancelled during the time of the action of force..
Wewewe Gmbh


Smart watch

A smart watch comprises a telephone function module and dial keys; each dial key is corresponding to dialing of an unchanged telephone number. After a bluetooth connection between the smart watch and a primary mobile phone bound thereto is established, both the smart watch and the primary mobile phone give a buzzing warning when the smart watch and the primary mobile phone detect that the bluetooth connection is interrupted or a bluetooth signal value is smaller than a set value.


Update of programmable for computing nodes

For computing nodes having a first programmable and comprising a first node and a second node, an update of the first node from the first programmable to a second programmable across an external network is initiated. In response to the update being interrupted, the first programmable is automatically reinstated on the first node by retrieving the first programmable from the second node across an internal network.
Helwlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Memory allocating method and electronic device supporting the same

An electronic device, including an application configured to request a page allocation of a process, a cache management module configured to allocate a page in a page group including uninterrupted (or consecutive, or contiguous) pages to the process, and a page buffer configured to manage the at least one page group, is disclosed.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Progress recording method and recovering encoding operation on storage device

A recovering method is adapted to an encoding operation performed on a storage area of a storage device. The recovering method includes: reading a variable set, wherein the encoding operation comprises a plurality of sub-operations, and each of the sub-operations is corresponding to at least one flag variable in the variable set; determining whether any one of the sub-operations is interrupted according to the variable set; when one of the sub-operations is interrupted, recovering the sub-operation according to the at least one flag variable corresponding to the sub-operation; and carrying on the encoding operation according to a process recorded by the flag variables in the variable set..
Via Technologies, Inc.


Electronic apparatus

An electronic apparatus includes a first voltage detection circuit which detects when a voltage, becomes higher than a first level after the voltage starts to be supplied to a peripheral circuit, and detects when the voltage becomes lower than a second level after a supply of the voltage to the peripheral circuit starts to be interrupted, and a second voltage detection circuit which detects when the voltage becomes lower than a reference level while the peripheral circuit operates. The second level is lower than the reference level..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Printing apparatus and control method

Sheet discharge preparation is performed in a finisher that is different to the stacking apparatus, before the discharge of sheets to the stacking apparatus is interrupted by the operation of the stacking apparatus for sliding stacked sheets to a position for user retrieval. When sheet discharge preparation is performed in the finisher, a second job in which sheets are discharged to the finisher is executed..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Electrical connector

A connector including: an electrically conductive shell covering a signal wire of a communication cable; a clip formed by punching a plate; and a frame body covering both the electrically conductive shell grounded to the ground wire of a printed circuit board, and the frame body is grounded to a frame. A tab that can be cut off is formed on the clip.
Souriau Japan K.k.


Sram well-tie with an uninterrupted grated first poly and first contact patterns in a bit cell array

An integrated circuit containing an sram may be formed using one or more periodic photolithographic patterns for elements of the integrated circuit such as gates and contacts, which have alternating line and space configurations in sram cells. Strap rows of the sram containing well ties and/or substrate taps which have sram cells on two opposite sides are configured so that the alternating line and space configurations are continuous across the regions containing the well ties and substrate taps..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Integrated circuit chip with corrected temperature drift

An integrated circuit chip includes trenches at least partially surrounding a critical portion of a circuit that is sensitive to temperature variations. The trenches are locally interrupted in order to permit circuit connections to pass between the critical portion and an outer portion containing a remainder of the circuit.
Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas


System and method to display and track machine interrupted loading cycles

A payload monitoring system is disclosed. The payload monitoring system may include a machine, an operator interface configured to receive input from and output data to an operator of the machine, and a controller in communication with the machine and the operator interface.
Caterpillar Inc.


Methods of sequencing nucleic acids in mixtures and compositions related thereto

This disclosure relates to analyzing the end-to-end sequence and the relative distributions in heterogeneous mixtures of polynucleotides and methods and enabling reagents related thereto. In certain embodiments this method relates to the complete full length sequencing and quantitative profiling of mrnas present in the transcriptomes of cells or tissues of but not limited to, higher multicellular organisms that possess interrupted genes subject to complex post-transcriptional rna processing.
Emory University


Laser processor and hole-opening processing method

A laser processing machine employs a step of forming a pierced hole at a sheet material portion on an inner or outer side of a closed route when a processing to form a hole in the sheet material by cutting along a closed route is carried out. Following this pierced hole a step to perform a cutting process to cut to a predetermined position with a center of the laser beam traversing the closed route and a step of returning, in a condition in which laser irradiation is interrupted, a position of the laser processing head relative to the sheet material to assume a start position lying on the route during a step of cutting to the predetermined position and on the closed route are employed.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.


Connector and alerting device

The present invention connects to tubing through which gas flows to a patient. An alert notifies monitoring personnel that oxygen flow to the patient has been interrupted, because the tubing has been disconnected.


Method and providing resiliency in multicast networks

Techniques for minimizing packet loss of multicast traffic stream when a failure occurs are described herein. In one embodiment of the invention, a network element separately joins a multicast group through a first and second path respectively.
Ericsson Ab


Power distributor for defined sequential power distribution

A power distributor that is capable of distributing the high power from a dc generator to more than two targets sequentially and without the power output of the dc generator being interrupted. Furthermore, the invention relates to a sputter source that includes the power generator described above..
Oerlikon Surface Solutions Ag, TrÜbbach


Data storage upon database failure

Data values stored in a primary database are synchronized to a reading database in m seconds. In the event of a failure of the primary database, a transaction processing server determines a transaction request in m seconds and performing a transaction processing of the transaction request to acquire a corresponding transaction identification and a data variation value, determines whether a data value corresponding to the transaction identification is stored in a standby database or not; if not, determines an accurate data value corresponding to the transaction identification by using the data value stored in the reading database and the data variation value; and stores the transaction identification and the accurate data value in the standby database to provide a service based on the data value stored in the standby database.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Multi-optical axis photoelectric sensor

For a manufacturing machine that moves in and out of a detection area of a multi-optical axis photoelectric sensor, floating blanking and blanking monitoring are activated without outputting a stop signal to stop the manufacturing machine every when the manufacturing machine moves out of the detection area. A detection processing unit performs, when at least one of the plurality of optical axes is constantly interrupted by the object, floating blanking of outputting the detection signal upon determining that the number of optical axes in an interrupted state is greater than a preset maximum optical axis number, and blanking monitoring of outputting the detection signal upon determining that the number of optical axes in an interrupted state is smaller than a preset minimum optical axis number, and activates or deactivates the floating blanking and the blanking monitoring based on the signals received by the signal reception unit..
Omron Corporation


Benzothiazol-2-ylazo-phenyl compound as dye, compositions including the dye, and determining degree of cure of such compositions

A compound represented by formula: is disclosed. R is hydrogen or alkyl; x is alkylene; y is a bond, ether, thioether, amine, amide, ester, thioester, carbonate, thiocarbonate, carbamate, thiocarbamate, urea, thiourea, alkylene, arylalkylene, alkylarylene, or arylene, wherein alkylene, arylalkylene, alkylarylene, and arylene are optionally at least one of interrupted or terminated by at least one of an ether, thioether, amine, amide, ester, thioester, carbonate, thiocarbonate, carbamate, thiocarbamate, urea, or thiourea; and z is an acrylate, a methacrylate, an acrylamide, a methacrylamide, a styrenyl, or a terminal alkenylene having at least three carbon atoms.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Beverage can

A can includes a body, a sealing area on a wall delimited by a breaking edge, an opening element which in an initial position abuts the wall and is connected to the wall by a connecting element of the opening element. Pivoting the opening element into an open position tears the sealing area along the breaking edge and forms an emptying opening in a region delimited by the breaking edge.
Seibersdorf Labor Gmbh


Wheel well cover

A method of utilizing an extension panel to minimize a radial safety clearance between a tire and a rim of a wheel well. The extension panel includes a convex edge and a concave edge.


Header beam of a vehicle frame and forming the same

A header beam couples between a-pillars of a vehicle frame. The header beam is formed from a generally straight beam segment that is extruded to have a hollow body portion with supportive legs extending within the hollow interior along the length of the beam segment, defining uninterrupted forward and rearward box sections for supporting continuous load paths on the header beam.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Method and operating a vehicle, in particular a railroad vehicle

A method for operating a vehicle, in particular a railroad vehicle, having a safety circuit to be actuated by a vehicle driver, the safety circuit initiating at least one emergency action if the vehicle driver actuates the safety circuit uninterruptedly, or not at all, in a predefinable time interval. Provision is made here that a condition of the vehicle driver is sensed by a camera device; and that the at least one emergency action is initiated depending on the condition of the vehicle driver..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Ignition lock mechanism

A lock mechanism for a motor vehicle ignition switch comprises a housing defining a barrel and a locking cylinder fitted for rotation in the barrel. A cap is fitted over one end of the housing capturing a frangible lock insert between the housing and cap.
International Truck Intellectual Property Company, Llc


Redundantable robot assembly for workpiece transfer

A redundantable robotic mechanism is disclosed for improving reliability of tranport equipment. The redundantable robot assembly typically comprises independent robots with separate controls, motors, linkage arms, or power, thus providing the capability of operation even if parts of the assembly are not operational or when parts of the assembly are removed for repair.
Brooks Ccs Gmbh


Water flow management systems and methods

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems and methods for controlling water flow in a water distribution system (e.g., irrigation system). In an irrigation system, an interrupt controller may receive control signals from an irrigation controller and data from sensors disposed in the irrigation system, and modify operations of components in the irrigation system based on the sensor data.
H2o Flow Pro, Llc


Method and device for protecting service reliability and network virtualization system

Disclosed is a method and a device for protecting service reliability, and the service reliability in the network virtualization system provided by the present disclosure may be ensured. In an embodiment of the present disclosure, a master node having a control function obtains the current service type information and notifies a slave node of the current service type information, for enabling the slave node to determine a main virtual link and a backup virtual link according to the service type information and to perform the failure detection, and when detecting that the main virtual link has failure and the backup virtual link has no failure, a service data message is switched to be transmitted on the backup virtual link, to ensure non-interrupted transmission of a service data message in a brand-new system architecture provided by the present disclosure, so as to ensure the service reliability..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Light fixture emergency power system

Techniques are presented herein to operate a light fixture as in an emergency mode in order to verify that the light emitted by the light fixture when operated in the emergency mode complies with emergency operating policies, as well as to detect failures. The light emitted by the light fixture in emergency mode may be measured and adjusted to optimize the runtime of the light fixture in the emergency mode.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


A power generating water turbine assembly

An accelerator and water turbine assembly is provided for mounting in a tidal stream having a water turbine (12) and a water flow accelerator for providing a turbine driver current having a speed greater than that of the uninterrupted ambient tidal stream in which the accelerator has an accelerator body member (11) having a water flow facing front face (13) and side faces (14) depending therefrom around which the water flows adjacent each of the side faces as a turbine driver current and in which the water turbine (12) is mounted to be at least partially shrouded by the accelerator body member from the accelerated turbine driver current flowing adjacent and relatively close to a side face of the accelerator where the water flow achieves substantially maximum velocity and in which the accelerator is laterally spaced apart from the turbine driver current modifying effect of any other flow obstruction.. .



A container formed of a blank (2) consisting of first, second, third, fourth and fifth panels (4, 6, 8, 10, 12), respectively. The first, second, third, fourth and fifth panels (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) include respective top sealing sub-panels (14, 16, 18, 20, 22), of an outwardly bowed form bounded inwardly by respective score lines (15, 17, 19, 21, 23).
Elopak Systems Ag


Laminar flow winglet

An aircraft wing tip device may include a unitized, monolithic leading edge torque box that may be formed of polymer matrix fiber-reinforced material. The leading edge torque box may include a skin that may define a continuous, uninterrupted outer mold line surface extending aftwardly from a winglet leading edge by a distance of at least approximately 60 percent of a local chord length.
The Boeing Company


Lift-reducing aircraft wings

Modern aircraft wings generally have a lower surface the rear part of which is concave over at least some of its length, for additional lift. Sometimes it is desirable to reduce the wing lift, for instance during turbulence.
Airbusgroup Limited


Systems and methods for detecting vascular access disconnection

A system for detecting whether a vascular access has been interrupted in an arrangement in which two catheters or needles are present in a blood vessel, fistula or graft. A fluid line leading to a pump is connected via a first connector to a first indwelling catheter, and a fluid line leading from a pump is connected via a second connector to a second indwelling catheter.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Method and device for operating a mobile operating table

A device for controlling an operating table is disclosed. The device has a controller that controls a traction drive device that moves the operating table.
Maquet Gmbh


System and uninterrupted transfer of calls between cellular and wifi networks

A system and method for transferring calls without interruption between a cellular network and a wifi network. The system includes smartphones and other mobile devices (e.g.


System and process for removing hardened lubricant from an enclosed gearbox

The invention relates to a system and process for removing hardened lubricant, contaminants and other debris from an enclosed gearbox of an actuator in the gas, oil, and power industries that allows the oil or gas pipeline to continue to operate uninterrupted during servicing. The system operates at a low pressure and includes two pumps: an upstream pump that pumps a non-corrosive mineral oil-based cleaning agent into the gearbox; and a downstream pump that pulls off the pressure from within the gearbox as part of the circulation of the flush system.
Horizon Valve Services Inc.


Method and the operation of a parking brake of a motor vehicle

A method for the operation a parking brake of a motor vehicle that comprises at least one wheel brake device, wherein the wheel brake device comprises an electric motor that can be activated for its actuation and that drives a spindle for the displacement of a brake piston between a clamping position and a release position, wherein for the calibration of the parking brake the electric motor is activated in order to move the brake piston into the release position in a first step and from the release position into the clamping position in a subsequent second step. It is provided that in the second step a power supply of the electric motor is interrupted during the displacement of the brake piston in a no-load phase (ii) and at least one motor parameter of the electric motor is determined depending on a coasting behavior of the electric motor..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Sealing assembly on the exterior of an aircraft

A sealing assembly on an aircraft exterior having several sealing elements, lying one behind the other in the flight direction. The contact surfaces of the sealing elements sit on a bearing surface.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Method of operating a handheld pressing unit

A method of operating a motor-actuated handheld pressing unit includes actuating a switch to initiate a pressing operation whereby one or more pressing jaws are moved from a starting position to a closed pressing position; automatically releasing the one or more pressing jaws by using a pressing piston when a prescribed pressing force has been reached, the pressing piston being actuated hydraulically by a hydraulic medium; and checking the reaching of the prescribed pressing force by using a pressure sensor to detect the pressure of the hydraulic medium. In an embodiment, the release of the pressing jaws may be interrupted.
Gustav Klauke Gmbh


Device for bending profile sections such as tubes

The invention relates to a device for bending profile sections, comprising at least one bending form (36) centred on a bending axis, provided with a peripheral groove that is interrupted by a cutout, a stack of clamping jaw counterparts (42-45) each comprising a cavity for clamping the profile section and having a shape designed to fit into the cutout of each bending form (36) with the cavity extending in the continuity of the peripheral groove of said bending form, means (51-53) for the so-called vertical movement of the stack of clamping jaw counterparts (42-45) which means are designed to move said stack along an axis parallel to the bending axis, a stack of clamping jaws (55-58), comprising cavities that complement the cavities of the clamping jaw counterparts (42-45), and means (70, 72-74, 76, 80, 81) for the relative movement of the assembly made up of the bending form(s) (36), the stack of clamping jaw counterparts (42-45) and the stack of clamping jaws (55-58).. .
Eaton Leonard Europe


Medical dressing

A medical dressing comprising an absorbent adhesive layer having a pharmaceutically active agent incorporated, the non-skin-facing surface being provided with a backing layer and the skin facing surface being interrupted by a pattern of cavities. The cavities provide a storage room and distribution centre for wound exudates enabling the dressing to be applied to fast exuding wounds and at the same time allows for an increased initial release of the pharmaceutically active agent..
Coloplast A/s


Image forming apparatus, controlling the same, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium

An image forming apparatus capable of executing update processing for updating firmware, comprises: a setting unit which sets either a first setting indicating that the update processing is executed periodically or a second setting indicating that the update processing is executed at a particular date/time rather than periodically; an obtaining unit which obtains update firmware for updating; an extraction unit which executes extraction processing for extracting the update firmware; a determination unit which determines, in a case where the extraction processing is interrupted due to a power-off and the image forming apparatus re-boots, whether the first setting or the second setting is set by the setting unit; and a deciding unit which, based on a result of the determination by the determination unit, decide whether or not to re-execute the extraction processing.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Systems and methods for performing uninterrupted network upgrades with controllers

First and second controllers implemented on computing equipment may be used to control switches in a network. The switches may forward network packets between end hosts.
Big Switch Networks, Inc.


Laser processsing system for processing workpiece with laser

A laser processing system that processes a workpiece with a laser includes a processing interruption unit that interrupts laser processing of the workpiece in accordance with an interruption signal, a processing resumption unit that resumes the laser processing of the workpiece after the interruption signal is cancelled, and an interruption point visualizer providing unit that provides the workpiece with an interruption point visualizer that allows an interruption point on the workpiece where the laser processing is interrupted by the processing interruption unit to be visually recognized.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Display panel, array substrate and manufacturing the same

A display panel, an array substrate, and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The array substrate comprises a plurality of pixel units each having a gate line and a common line.


Heat pipe

A heat pipe includes a metal tube and a sintered powder layer. An inner sidewall of the metal tube thereon defines a clearance area.
Wistron Corporation


Electrical power supply system for an electrical unit of a motor vehicle

Wherein the interrupt module is capable of maintaining its state when the operation of the command module is interrupted.. .


Robust multicast broadcasting

A method and system for multicasting iptv channels includes using both a designated and a redundant network routing device. When the designated routing device detects that an mcdn network connection to an iptv multicast source is unavailable, the designated routing device reduces its designation priority to a lower value.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Using index partitioning and reconciliation for data deduplication

The subject disclosure is directed towards a data deduplication technology in which a hash index service's index is partitioned into subspace indexes, with less than the entire hash index service's index cached to save memory. The subspace index is accessed to determine whether a data chunk already exists or needs to be indexed and stored.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

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