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This page is updated frequently with new Interrupted-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Method and device for protecting service reliability and network virtualization system patent thumbnailMethod and device for protecting service reliability and network virtualization system
Disclosed is a method and a device for protecting service reliability, and the service reliability in the network virtualization system provided by the present disclosure may be ensured. In an embodiment of the present disclosure, a master node having a control function obtains the current service type information and notifies a slave node of the current service type information, for enabling the slave node to determine a main virtual link and a backup virtual link according to the service type information and to perform the failure detection, and when detecting that the main virtual link has failure and the backup virtual link has no failure, a service data message is switched to be transmitted on the backup virtual link, to ensure non-interrupted transmission of a service data message in a brand-new system architecture provided by the present disclosure, so as to ensure the service reliability..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Light fixture emergency power system patent thumbnailLight fixture emergency power system
Techniques are presented herein to operate a light fixture as in an emergency mode in order to verify that the light emitted by the light fixture when operated in the emergency mode complies with emergency operating policies, as well as to detect failures. The light emitted by the light fixture in emergency mode may be measured and adjusted to optimize the runtime of the light fixture in the emergency mode.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 A power generating water turbine assembly patent thumbnailA power generating water turbine assembly
An accelerator and water turbine assembly is provided for mounting in a tidal stream having a water turbine (12) and a water flow accelerator for providing a turbine driver current having a speed greater than that of the uninterrupted ambient tidal stream in which the accelerator has an accelerator body member (11) having a water flow facing front face (13) and side faces (14) depending therefrom around which the water flows adjacent each of the side faces as a turbine driver current and in which the water turbine (12) is mounted to be at least partially shrouded by the accelerator body member from the accelerated turbine driver current flowing adjacent and relatively close to a side face of the accelerator where the water flow achieves substantially maximum velocity and in which the accelerator is laterally spaced apart from the turbine driver current modifying effect of any other flow obstruction.. .

 Packaging patent thumbnailPackaging
A container formed of a blank (2) consisting of first, second, third, fourth and fifth panels (4, 6, 8, 10, 12), respectively. The first, second, third, fourth and fifth panels (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) include respective top sealing sub-panels (14, 16, 18, 20, 22), of an outwardly bowed form bounded inwardly by respective score lines (15, 17, 19, 21, 23).
Elopak Systems Ag

 Laminar flow winglet patent thumbnailLaminar flow winglet
An aircraft wing tip device may include a unitized, monolithic leading edge torque box that may be formed of polymer matrix fiber-reinforced material. The leading edge torque box may include a skin that may define a continuous, uninterrupted outer mold line surface extending aftwardly from a winglet leading edge by a distance of at least approximately 60 percent of a local chord length.
The Boeing Company

 Lift-reducing  aircraft wings patent thumbnailLift-reducing aircraft wings
Modern aircraft wings generally have a lower surface the rear part of which is concave over at least some of its length, for additional lift. Sometimes it is desirable to reduce the wing lift, for instance during turbulence.
Airbusgroup Limited

 Systems and methods for detecting vascular access disconnection patent thumbnailSystems and methods for detecting vascular access disconnection
A system for detecting whether a vascular access has been interrupted in an arrangement in which two catheters or needles are present in a blood vessel, fistula or graft. A fluid line leading to a pump is connected via a first connector to a first indwelling catheter, and a fluid line leading from a pump is connected via a second connector to a second indwelling catheter.
Deka Products Limited Partnership

 Method and device for operating a mobile operating table patent thumbnailMethod and device for operating a mobile operating table
A device for controlling an operating table is disclosed. The device has a controller that controls a traction drive device that moves the operating table.
Maquet Gmbh

 System and  uninterrupted transfer of calls between cellular and wifi networks patent thumbnailSystem and uninterrupted transfer of calls between cellular and wifi networks
A system and method for transferring calls without interruption between a cellular network and a wifi network. The system includes smartphones and other mobile devices (e.g.

 System and process for removing hardened lubricant from an enclosed gearbox patent thumbnailSystem and process for removing hardened lubricant from an enclosed gearbox
The invention relates to a system and process for removing hardened lubricant, contaminants and other debris from an enclosed gearbox of an actuator in the gas, oil, and power industries that allows the oil or gas pipeline to continue to operate uninterrupted during servicing. The system operates at a low pressure and includes two pumps: an upstream pump that pumps a non-corrosive mineral oil-based cleaning agent into the gearbox; and a downstream pump that pulls off the pressure from within the gearbox as part of the circulation of the flush system.
Horizon Valve Services Inc.


Method and the operation of a parking brake of a motor vehicle

A method for the operation a parking brake of a motor vehicle that comprises at least one wheel brake device, wherein the wheel brake device comprises an electric motor that can be activated for its actuation and that drives a spindle for the displacement of a brake piston between a clamping position and a release position, wherein for the calibration of the parking brake the electric motor is activated in order to move the brake piston into the release position in a first step and from the release position into the clamping position in a subsequent second step. It is provided that in the second step a power supply of the electric motor is interrupted during the displacement of the brake piston in a no-load phase (ii) and at least one motor parameter of the electric motor is determined depending on a coasting behavior of the electric motor..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Sealing assembly on the exterior of an aircraft

A sealing assembly on an aircraft exterior having several sealing elements, lying one behind the other in the flight direction. The contact surfaces of the sealing elements sit on a bearing surface.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Method of operating a handheld pressing unit

A method of operating a motor-actuated handheld pressing unit includes actuating a switch to initiate a pressing operation whereby one or more pressing jaws are moved from a starting position to a closed pressing position; automatically releasing the one or more pressing jaws by using a pressing piston when a prescribed pressing force has been reached, the pressing piston being actuated hydraulically by a hydraulic medium; and checking the reaching of the prescribed pressing force by using a pressure sensor to detect the pressure of the hydraulic medium. In an embodiment, the release of the pressing jaws may be interrupted.
Gustav Klauke Gmbh


Device for bending profile sections such as tubes

The invention relates to a device for bending profile sections, comprising at least one bending form (36) centred on a bending axis, provided with a peripheral groove that is interrupted by a cutout, a stack of clamping jaw counterparts (42-45) each comprising a cavity for clamping the profile section and having a shape designed to fit into the cutout of each bending form (36) with the cavity extending in the continuity of the peripheral groove of said bending form, means (51-53) for the so-called vertical movement of the stack of clamping jaw counterparts (42-45) which means are designed to move said stack along an axis parallel to the bending axis, a stack of clamping jaws (55-58), comprising cavities that complement the cavities of the clamping jaw counterparts (42-45), and means (70, 72-74, 76, 80, 81) for the relative movement of the assembly made up of the bending form(s) (36), the stack of clamping jaw counterparts (42-45) and the stack of clamping jaws (55-58).. .
Eaton Leonard Europe


Medical dressing

A medical dressing comprising an absorbent adhesive layer having a pharmaceutically active agent incorporated, the non-skin-facing surface being provided with a backing layer and the skin facing surface being interrupted by a pattern of cavities. The cavities provide a storage room and distribution centre for wound exudates enabling the dressing to be applied to fast exuding wounds and at the same time allows for an increased initial release of the pharmaceutically active agent..
Coloplast A/s


Image forming apparatus, controlling the same, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium

An image forming apparatus capable of executing update processing for updating firmware, comprises: a setting unit which sets either a first setting indicating that the update processing is executed periodically or a second setting indicating that the update processing is executed at a particular date/time rather than periodically; an obtaining unit which obtains update firmware for updating; an extraction unit which executes extraction processing for extracting the update firmware; a determination unit which determines, in a case where the extraction processing is interrupted due to a power-off and the image forming apparatus re-boots, whether the first setting or the second setting is set by the setting unit; and a deciding unit which, based on a result of the determination by the determination unit, decide whether or not to re-execute the extraction processing.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Systems and methods for performing uninterrupted network upgrades with controllers

First and second controllers implemented on computing equipment may be used to control switches in a network. The switches may forward network packets between end hosts.
Big Switch Networks, Inc.


Laser processsing system for processing workpiece with laser

A laser processing system that processes a workpiece with a laser includes a processing interruption unit that interrupts laser processing of the workpiece in accordance with an interruption signal, a processing resumption unit that resumes the laser processing of the workpiece after the interruption signal is cancelled, and an interruption point visualizer providing unit that provides the workpiece with an interruption point visualizer that allows an interruption point on the workpiece where the laser processing is interrupted by the processing interruption unit to be visually recognized.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Display panel, array substrate and manufacturing the same

A display panel, an array substrate, and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The array substrate comprises a plurality of pixel units each having a gate line and a common line.


Heat pipe

A heat pipe includes a metal tube and a sintered powder layer. An inner sidewall of the metal tube thereon defines a clearance area.
Wistron Corporation


Electrical power supply system for an electrical unit of a motor vehicle

Wherein the interrupt module is capable of maintaining its state when the operation of the command module is interrupted.. .


Robust multicast broadcasting

A method and system for multicasting iptv channels includes using both a designated and a redundant network routing device. When the designated routing device detects that an mcdn network connection to an iptv multicast source is unavailable, the designated routing device reduces its designation priority to a lower value.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Using index partitioning and reconciliation for data deduplication

The subject disclosure is directed towards a data deduplication technology in which a hash index service's index is partitioned into subspace indexes, with less than the entire hash index service's index cached to save memory. The subspace index is accessed to determine whether a data chunk already exists or needs to be indexed and stored.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Multi-optical axis photoelectric sensor system

A detection processing unit determines, in a detection area including optical axes formed between emitter elements and receiver elements, whether each optical axis is in an interrupted state after optical axis selection corresponding to one scan, and outputs a detection signal based on the determination result. When at least one of the optical axes is constantly interrupted by an object movable within the detection area, the detection processing unit outputs the detection signal upon determining that the number of optical axes in an interrupted state is greater than a preset maximum optical axis number, and also outputs the detection signal upon determining that the number of optical axes in an interrupted state is smaller than a preset minimum optical axis number..
Omron Corporation


Led module including an led

An led module includes a carrier plate having an arrangement face and a wall on the upper side of the plate, the wall running peripherally around the arrangement face and being raised upwards with respect to said arrangement face; an led arranged on the face; a contact element, to which the led is connected; and an at least partially transparent potted body covering the arrangement face and the led towards the top and laterally adjoins an inner face of the wall. The wall is formed monolithically with the remaining carrier plate and is interrupted over its periphery, and the potted body does not adjoin the inner wall face of the wall.
Osram Gmbh


Axial bearing or combined axial/radial bearing

A bearing for a turbocharger may include an annular body and a centrally arranged passage opening for bearing a shaft at least one of axially and radially with respect to a rotation axis. The body may include at least one segment extending at least partially about the passage opening in a circumferential direction.
Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg


Oil loss protection for a fan drive gear system

A fan drive gear system includes at least one intermediate gear that includes an axial gear passage for receiving and conveying a fluid suitable for cooling and/or lubricating. At least a first axial end of the intermediate gear includes a first fluid storage trap for capturing fluid entering and/or exiting the gear passage and storing the fluid therein during powered operation of the fan drive gear system.
United Technologies Corporation


Method for opening doors

A method and device for opening a door in a hygienic manner, is done by positioning a foot or hand in a specific defined area so that a light beam that is directed towards the area is interrupted within a set range of distances such that an automatic opening mechanism for the door is activated.. .
Stoplight As


Elevator door stopping device

An elevator door stopping device which can prevent that elevator door is closed by itself when power supplied to a motor for opening and closing the elevator door is interrupted, an improvement of the elevator door stopping device characterized in that a first magnetic body is fixed on a shaft rotating in interlock with opening and closing of the elevator door so as to generate a magnetic force in a radial direction perpendicular to the shaft, and a second magnetic body is fixed on a fixed face spaced apart from the first magnetic body at a predetermined interval in the radial direction in such a manner that the second magnetic body has the opposite pole to the first magnetic body, so that a magnetic force is generated between the first magnetic body and the second magnetic body in the radial direction perpendicular to the shaft.. .
Otis Elevator Company


Method for checking a robot path

A method checks a robot having a robot controller having a predeterminable safety range, wherein the robot can interrupt the travelling of the robot tool center point (tcp) into the safety range if the robot tool center point (tcp) travels into the safety range during execution of a movement program. The method involves: fixing a safety range which is surrounded by boundary surfaces spanned between respective boundary points, predetermining the safety range on the robot controller, if the safety range is not yet predetermined, fixing a test movement path which in principle lies outside the safety range having a plurality of path points, wherein at least one path point is located in the immediate vicinity of one of the boundary surfaces, executing a test movement program by moving the tcp along the test movement path, checking whether the execution of the test movement program is interrupted..
Abb Technology Ag


Method of making a mechanical fastening strip and reticulated mechanical fastening strip therefrom

A method of making a mechanical fastening strip and a reticulated mechanical fastening strip are disclosed. The method includes providing a backing having upstanding posts; providing interrupted slits through the backing, the interrupted slits being interrupted by at least one intact bridging region; spreading the slit backing to provide multiple strands separated from each other between at least some of the bridging regions to provide at least one opening; and fixing the multiple strands of the backing in a spread configuration.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Extraoral dental scanner

An extraoral dental scanner for three-dimensional capture of the surface of a dental shaped part (300) with a 3d measuring camera (102) having an optical axis (106), wherein the means for the machine-controlled relative positioning of the 3d measuring camera (102) and the dental shaped part (300) are embodied in such a way that the means for taking up and positioning the dental shaped part (300) can be moved into a parking position outside a region that can be captured optically by the 3d measuring camera (102), with a work plate (708) for manually positioning the dental shaped part (300) in the measurement volume (144) of the 3d measuring camera (102), wherein the work plate (708) is aligned perpendicularly to the optical axis (106) and wherein the work plate (708), as viewed from the 3d measuring camera (102), is arranged behind the means for taking up and positioning the dental shaped part (300), makes it possible to record uninterrupted 3d image data with very short recording times both by automatic and by manual positioning of dental shaped parts of different sizes and embodiment variants.. .
Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh


Method, system and keeping session table alive in net address translation apparatus

Embodiments of the disclosure provide a method for keeping a session table alive in a network address translation, nat, apparatus, including: creating a hello session table by an access border gateway function, a_bgf, apparatus; creating a hello message by the a_bgf apparatus according to the hello session table; sending the hello message by the a_bgf apparatus to the nat apparatus; receiving the hello message by the nat apparatus; and updating a session table corresponding to the hello message by the nat apparatus. Embodiments of the disclosure also provide a system and apparatuse for keeping a session table alive in an nat apparatus.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Techniques for synchronizing operations between regions when a network connection fails

A technique for synchronizing operations in a transaction processing system includes identifying, by a first recovery management connector (frmc) in a first region, a failure of a first network connection having a first network type during synchronization operations with a partner region. The frmc queries connections defined to the transaction processing system to identify a replacement network connection that is connected to the partner region using a second network type that is different than the first network type.
International Business Machines Corporation


Extended contact area for leadframe strip testing

A leadframe strip includes a plurality of unit leadframes connected to a periphery of the leadframe strip, each unit leadframe having a die paddle, a plurality of leads and a semiconductor die attached to the die paddle. The leadframe strip is tested by electrically isolating at least the leads from the periphery of the leadframe strip such that at least some of the leads extend uninterrupted beyond a final lead outline of the unit leadframes after electrical isolation from the periphery of the leadframe strip.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Multi-mode passive infrared occupancy sensor system for energy saving application

A passive infrared (pir) motion sensor system includes a non-contact thermopile detector for capturing infrared energy from a focused upon area in a room or zone deemed most likely to be occupied and generating a thermopile temperature signal therefrom, a pyroelectric detector for viewing through multiple passive lens elements (lenslets) that form pir beams from a large portion of the room or zone and generating a pyroelectric signal therefrom, an ambient temperature sensor for sensing an ambient temperature in the room or zone and generating an ambient temperature signal detection threshold that is utilized in pir detection therefrom and a microcomputer configured to process the thermopile temperature signal, the pyroelectric signal and the ambient temperature signal and determine whether the room or zone is occupied or unoccupied. An electrical current supply or occupied signal is transmitted to the room or zone is maintained when the microcomputer determines that the room or zone is still occupied and is interrupted when the microcomputer determines that the room or zone is unoccupied..


Electromagnetic damper

An electromagnetic damper is attached to a vehicle and causes oscillation damping force using a motor driven with energy from a power source. The electromagnetic damper includes an electrical circuit that causes a coil of the motor to be short-circuited in a state where the energy from the power source to the motor is interrupted..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Inkjet recording device

An inkjet recording device includes: a head; an ink tank which is connected with the head through a supply channel and a collection channel; a deaeration module which is provided on a side of the supply channel; a main tank; and a supply control unit which controls supply and collection of the ink, where: a supplement flow rate from the main tank to the ink tank is assumed as l1 (ml/sec), a consumption flow rate of ejection from the head is assumed as l2 (ml/sec), and, in the case of l1<l2, print time limit n is calculated by equation: n≦(Δt/l2)+[t0/(l2−l1)]; and, when printing does not end within the print time limit n, the printing is interrupted and the ink is deaerated by circulating the ink.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Method and system for extracting ventricular fibrillation signals in electrocardiogram

This invention discloses a system and method for extracting vf signal in ecg recorded during uninterrupted cpr. The method and system applies an adaptive algorithm incorporating the emd and least mean square (lms) filtering to effectively model the cpr artifacts such as chest compression signals.
National Central University


System and providing and interacting with coordinated presentations

A system and method for providing uninterrupted video content in a portion of a display while simultaneously providing other content. A coordinated presentation is provided that comprises a content unit and a plurality of controllable display units.
Touchcast Llc


Semiconductor apparatus and reduced current and power consumption

A semiconductor apparatus may include a mode control circuit configured to output differential output signals which swing in a current mode logic (cml) area and a first control signal, in response to a power-down mode signal; a first circuit unit configured to be provided with the differential output signals, and operate in a power-down mode; and a second circuit unit configured to be provided with the differential output signals, and be interrupted in its operation in the power-down mode.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Dc-dc converter

A dc-dc converter wherein a series reactor and primary-side terminals of a transformer are connected between output terminals of a full-bridge inverter in which each of an upper arm and a lower arm includes a switching element and a freewheel diode, and a rectifier circuit and a filter circuit are connected to secondary-side terminals of the transformer. The dc-dc converter includes a circulation current generation mode in which a circulation current flowing between the transformer and the switching element is generated in a power non-transmission period, and a circulation current interruption mode in which the circulation current is interrupted..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus has a trial printing mode in which, when printing of a plurality of sheets of an image of a read document is requested, one sheet is printed first, the printing is interrupted once, and then the remaining sheets are printed after the interruption of the printing is released. The image forming apparatus has an image reading device, a printing unit, a judgment unit, and a control unit.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Instructions and logic to interrupt and resume paging in a secure enclave page cache

Instructions and logic interrupt and resume paging in secure enclaves. Embodiments include instructions, specify page addresses allocated to a secure enclave, the instructions are decoded for execution by a processor.


Storage device and storage device control method

The degree of deterioration of each physical storage area in a non-volatile memory is evaluated without interrupted operation of a storage device. The storage device includes a non-volatile memory configured to include a plurality of physical storage areas and a controller.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Method for interrupting the execution of an overall program of an electronic control unit

A method for interrupting an execution of an overall program of an electronic control unit, wherein the overall program has a first program and a second program. A graphical modeling environment is provided that has graphical model elements, wherein the first program is represented by a first model element, and the second program is represented by a second model element, and the link between the first program and the second program is represented by a third model element.
Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh


Field device for a safety-critical application with redundant measuring channels in an fpga

The invention concerns a field device to determine or monitor a process variable in automation technology, with the field device meeting a safety standard that is required in a given safety-critical application, with a sensor (s) working according to a defined measuring principle, and a control/evaluation unit (9) that processes and evaluates the measuring data delivered by the sensor (s) in uninterrupted sensor (s) measuring mode along at least three redundantly and/or diversely designed measuring channels (mk), with the control/evaluation unit (9) having at least two redundant reconfiguration controls (rs) assigned to it, and with one of the two redundant reconfiguration controls (rs) dynamically or partially dynamically reconfiguring the faulty measuring channel (mk) in case of a malfunction in one of the measuring channels (mk).. .
Endress+hauser Gmbh+co. Kg


Cyclodextrin derivatives and preparing the same, photoresist composition and display device

The present invention relates to a cyclodextrin derivative, a method for preparing the same, a photoresist composition, a color photoresist and a display device. The cyclodextrin derivative particularly is a α-cyclodextrin modified polymerizable monomer represented by the following formula i or i′, wherein k is any integer selected from 2-6, n is any integer selected from 1-3, r is an aromatic ring having 5 to 30 carbon atoms, r′ is a multivalent straight or branched carbon chain having 5 to 30 carbon atoms which may optionally be interrupted by o.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Extreme environment optical fiber cable with crack-resistant layer

A high-temperature and crack resistant optical communication cable is provided. The cable includes an extruded cable body formed from a polymer material defining a channel within the cable body.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


One-way closed pipeline internal circulation apparatus

The present invention provides a one-way closed pipeline internal circulation apparatus, including a first water pump and a manifold conversion three-way joint, where an external interface of a secondary pipe of the manifold conversion three-way joint is connected to a water outlet port of the first water pump. When the apparatus is used with a conventional gas water heater, hot water will instantly flow out when a water tap is turned on, and through mixing and transition of a hot water mixing container, other gas water heaters installed have a characteristic of steady and uninterrupted flow of hot water, which not only improves comfort of a user, but also achieves the purpose of saving water resources..


Lamp retrofitting assembly

A lamp retrofitting assembly decorates a ceiling lamp having a bulb socket and a socket thread design to receive a threaded electrical contact surface of a light bulb therein. The lamp retrofitting assembly includes a socket extender having a male threaded electrical contact surface to threadingly engage the socket thread and a female threaded electrical contact surface that receives the threaded electrical contact surface of the light bulb.
Garden Peninsulas, Llc


Modular monopole tower foundation

A portable and modular foundation that can be utilized to support a monopole includes a central hub and a plurality of legs. A proximal end of each leg is removably attached to the central hub.
Are Telecom Incorporated


Method and device for determining an energy consumption when driving a vehicle

A method for determining a measure of energy utilisation during operation of a vehicle (100) which has a first power source (101) for generating a first motive force for propulsion of the vehicle (100) in a first direction of travel, and has at least one first brake system which acts against movement of the vehicle (100) in the first direction of travel. For a first period of time when demand for motive force from the first power source is interrupted, estimating energy consumption during operation of the vehicle (100) without demanding brake force from the first brake system, and using the estimated energy consumption during operation of the vehicle (100), without demanding brake force from the first brake system, as a basis for determining a measure of energy utilisation during operation of the vehicle (100)..
Scania Cv Ab


Driving support vehicle

When a vehicle equipped with a driving support apparatus moves from an original traveling lane into a lane for passing in order to pass a preceding vehicle and an oncoming vehicle appears in the lane for passing, the safe passing of the preceding vehicle is determined to be impossible and the passing is interrupted even when the oncoming vehicle decelerates, in the case where a deceleration change amount the oncoming vehicle is smaller than a threshold. On the other hand, when the deceleration change amount of the oncoming vehicle is equal to or greater than the threshold, whereby safety with respect to surrounding vehicles can be confirmed, and it is determined the vehicle can be safely returned in front of the preceding vehicle, the passing of the preceding vehicle is performed..
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Iso-grid composite component

A method of defining a rib structure within an iso-grid composite component according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, defining a first rib at least partially with a uni-tape ply bundle at a first level, the uni-tape ply bundle including uni-tape plies and a first spacer ply, and defining a second rib transverse to the first rib at least partially with a spacer at the first level, the spacer including a second, different spacer ply, the spacer transverse to the uni-tape ply bundle such that the spacer is interrupted by the uni-tape ply bundle.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Semiconductor memory having both volatile and non-volatile functionality and operating

Semiconductor memory having both volatile and non-volatile modes and methods of operation. A semiconductor storage device includes a plurality of memory cells each having a floating body for storing, reading and writing data as volatile memory.
Zeno Semiconductor, Inc.


Memory module controller supporting extended writes

Example methods and apparatus disclose supporting extended writes to a memory. An example method disclosed herein includes storing recovery information associated with a write request in a memory without processor intervention, the recovery information to facilitate redoing or undoing a write requested by the write request in the event that the write is interrupted, the write request received from a processor and comprising a destination address and new data; and if the write is not interrupted, writing the new data to the destination address in the memory without processor intervention.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Tamper evident cargo container seal bolt lock

Systems and methods for a tamper-evident cargo container seal bolt lock are disclosed herein. The device can include a receiving member, a conductive bolt member adapted to be snap-locked into the receiving member, and a plastic encapsulant which tethers the bolt member to the receiving member.
Neology, Inc.


Driving support vehicle

When an oncoming vehicle in an oncoming lane is detected in the case where a vehicle equipped with a driving support apparatus moves to a position across a portion of a boundary between an original traveling lane of the vehicle and the oncoming lane in order to pass a preceding vehicle, passing control is interrupted. When the departure of the oncoming vehicle from the oncoming lane is confirmed, the interruption of the passing control is canceled and the passing is performed.
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Control system for vehicle

A control system for a vehicle includes: a battery; a first control unit configured to receive a power supplied from the battery, and configured to control a first control object which is mounted on the vehicle; and an interrupting unit configured to interrupt a supply of the power to the first control unit from the battery, wherein a first switch part is provided between the battery and the first control unit which receives a resumption request signal when the supply of the power to the first control unit is interrupted by the interrupting unit to permit the power to be supplied to the first control unit from the battery.. .
Mazda Motor Corporation


Railcar wheel, apparatus and manufacture

A cast metal railroad car wheel includes a hub section, a tread section, and an uninterrupted annular web extending between and supporting the tread section on the hub section. The web includes a disk-shaped surface that is continuously concave and that does not include a reversely curved portion.
Rail 1520 Ip Ltd.


Homogenization tubes with flow disrupters for beadless interrupted flow

A flow disrupter in a tube chamber of a tube assembly for homogenizing sample materials includes a flow-disrupting body that extends generally transversely into the tube chamber and divides the tube chamber into two sub-chambers. The flow-disrupting body includes at least one narrowed flow passageway through which the sample flows back and forth in both axially reciprocating directions as the tube assembly is vigorously shaken at high speeds faster and more reliably than what can be accomplished by hand shaking.
Omni International, Inc.


Golf club head and manufacturing the same

A golf club head including a face surface for hitting a ball is provided. The face surface has a plurality of score lines, a first groove pattern, and a second groove pattern.
Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.


Dispensing device for dispensing a fluid

A dispensing device (1) for dispensing a fluid comprising a base (2) having a longitudinal axis (a), a receiving chamber (14) formed in the base for the fluid, and a dispensing opening (18) formed in the base for dispensing the fluid from the receiving chamber. The dispensing opening (18) is formed in a dispensing area (4) of the dispensing device (1).
Weibel Cds Ag


Teat treatment method and apparatus

An automatic teat treatment method and apparatus uses a control system and an associated robot apparatus with an arm that carries a treatment apparatus, to establish a treatment operation start time and establish the presence of an animal at a treatment location, and then (i) initiate detection of a spatial teat position of a first teat, (ii) register the spatial position, (iii) derive a dedicated teat-treating action, (iv) carry out the teat-treating action, and (v) successively repeat the initiating, registering, deriving, and treating steps once in respect of each teat until all teats are treated, where, when after the start time, a predefined point in time is passed before any of the preceding steps is completed, the method is interrupted and a default treating action for treating all remaining untreated teats is derived and carried out by the treatment apparatus and thereafter the robot arm is retracted.. .
Delaval Holding Ab


System and managing wireless frequency usage

Systems and methods for managing spectrum handoff with multimedia transmissions over cognitive radio networks are disclosed. The methods may include, for example, determining when a primary user is inactive on the one or more frequencies.
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama


Aluminum clutch components with ferrous surface

A component for a friction clutch assembly utilized in automatic transmissions, such as an outer housing, hub or carrier, exhibits reduced weight and speed sensing capability. An outer clutch housing, a clutch hub or a carrier including integral tone wheel openings are fabricated of aluminum and the tone wheel includes a coating of a thin layer of thermally sprayed steel material.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Fluid waste collection and disposal system and method

A system and method of collecting and disposing of fluid during a medical procedure. Fluid is drawn from a fluid source into a first reservoir in communication with a vacuum source.
Skyline Medical Inc.


Air spinning machine and operating the same

The invention relates to a method for operating an air spinning machine, whereas the air spinning machine features at least one spinning unit with one spinning nozzle (2) for producing a yarn (6), whereas, during the operation of the spinning unit, the spinning nozzle (2) feeds a fiber composite (3) through an inlet (4) and in a predefined transport direction (t), whereas the fiber composite (3) within a vortex chamber (5) of the spinning nozzle (2) receives a twist with the assistance of a vortex air flow, such that a yarn (6) is formed from the fiber composite (3), which ultimately leaves the spinning unit (2) through an outlet (7), whereas, with the assistance of at least one sensor system (11), the yarn (6) leaving the outlet (7) is monitored with regard to defined yarn flaws (26), and whereas the production of yarn (6) is interrupted upon the detection of a corresponding yarn flaw (26). In accordance with the invention, it is proposed that, between the detection of the specified yarn flaw (26) and the interruption of yarn production, at least one cleaning process is carried out from time to time, during which an additive (9) is fed to the spinning unit and is applied to the fiber composite (3) and/or the yarn (6) produced from the fiber composite (3) and/or on parts of the spinning nozzle (2).
Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag


Printing apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium

Provided is a printing apparatus that, if information on sheets held by sheet holding unit for holding sheets is set, prints images based on the set information on sheets, and a method for controlling the printing apparatus. In a case that a job that uses the sheet holding unit has been interrupted when sheets are placed on the sheet holding unit, printing is performed based on information on sheets that was designated by the job..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method of making a mechanical fastener and apparatus including a roller with protrusions

A method of making a mechanical fastener. The method includes providing a slit web having mechanical fastening elements and spreading the slit web in the cross-machine direction by directing the slit web over at least a first roller having first multiple protrusions around its peripheral surface.


Adjustable postural alignment meditative floor mat

An adjustable, portable floor mat that varies in height, shape, firmness, length and thickness according to the users specific needs. The first end of the mat will be the unadjustable, uninterrupted, rollable portion of the mat, with the second end including a number of embossed or sewn linear indentations to make the proper seating adjustments.


Surgical bone screw and implant system

The invention relates to a surgical bone screw comprising a shaft which has a bone thread and comprising a blocking means for interacting with a bone plate or for directly anchoring in the bone, in particular in the cortical bone. The surgical bone screw also comprises a screw head which has a rotationally symmetrical enveloping contour.
Zimmer Gmbh


Additive equipment to multimedial, health and sport equipment

An addition of auxiliary functions to the multimedia equipment not included inside. These functions can be function of physiological data processing, extended and/or uninterrupted operations with regard to monitored and processed data.


Inductively decoupled dual smes in a single cryostat

Various smes systems that include two magnets in a single cryostat are disclosed. These dual smes systems can be used, for example, to provide uninterrupted power to a data center.
Novum Industria Llc


Balloon catheter inflation apparatus and methods

An inflation device includes a syringe body containing a bore. The bore holds a fluid that is used to inflate a separate device such as a dilation balloon.
Entellus Medical, Inc.


User interface for a sensor-based interface device for interrupting an irrigation controller

Some embodiments provide an interface unit interfacing with an irrigation controller, comprising: a housing; a controller configured to instruct an interruption of a watering schedule executed by the irrigation controller, the interruption based on one or both of sensed temperature and sensed rainfall amount, and based on one or both of user entered temperature and rainfall threshold parameters; a switching device coupled with the controller, and configured to cause the interruption in response to signaling from the controller; and a user interface comprising: a plurality of user input devices configured to provide signaling to the controller based upon user's engagement, and configured to allow the user to define the temperature and rainfall threshold parameters; and a user display comprising a display screen; wherein the controller is configured to cause the display screen to display a plurality of pictorial representations that in combination convey whether irrigation is being interrupted.. .
Rain Bird Corporation


Interrupted handoff reconnection for licensed shared access

A proposed 3gpp lte protocol enhancement disclosed herein realizes the full benefit of proposed dynamic frequency sharing systems by enhancing current handoff signaling in a 3gpp lte standard for optimized ue reconnection during interrupted handoff from licensed shared access (lsa) frequency bands to primary long term evolution (lte) frequency bands during loss of lsa spectrum resources. A user equipment (ue) comprises a transceiver configured to determine a connection state during a loss of lsa frequency spectrum, transmit a reconnection request message when the ue is in a state of established connection or a connection request message when the ue is in an idle state, the request message carrying a loss of lsa frequency band cause, optimally connect according to the loss of lsa frequency band cause, to a primary lte frequency band, and transmit a connection or reconnection complete message..


System and safe switching in an ac-to-ac converter

A system and method for controlling switching in an ac-ac converter is disclosed. A controller for the ac-ac converter determines a direction of current flow on supply lines that provide ac power to the ac-ac converter and determines a switching pattern for each of a plurality of line-side switches and each of a plurality of floating-neutral side switches in the ac-ac converter based on the determined direction of current flow on each of the supply lines.
Eaton Corporation


Power network system, power control method, power router, control apparatus, and storage medium

Disclosed is a power network system etc. Which can safely detach a power router whose communication with a control apparatus becomes interrupted, from other power routers and power cells, the power network system including a second control apparatus controlling one of or plural of the power cells, when the second control apparatus detects abnormality in communication between the apparatus itself and the power router, the second control apparatus performs control so as to stop transmission/reception between the power router in which the abnormality is detected and another power router which is connected to the power router, and when the first control apparatus included in the power router detects abnormality in communication between the power router and the second control apparatus, the first control apparatus performs control so as to stop transmission/reception of the power conversion leg connected to the another power router..
Nec Corporation


Spring clip for shielding of electrical connectors

Grounding finger for shielding at an electrical connection between a plug connector and a mating plug connector of an electrical line, having a sleeve-like support element which has a first outer edge and a second outer edge, axial connecting webs being provided between the outer edges, and having a plurality of spring limbs which act radially outward and, at least at one end, are connected to one of the edges in order to generate a spring-loaded contact force to the outer plug connector, with some of the connecting webs being interrupted and being formed in each case with at least one contact lug which faces radially inward.. .
Itt Manufacturing Enterprises Llc


Dynamic speech recognition and transcription among users having heterogeneous protocols

A system is disclosed for facilitating free form dictation, including directed dictation and constrained recognition and/or structured transcription among users having heterogeneous native (legacy) protocols for generating, transcribing, and exchanging recognized and transcribed speech. The system includes at least one system transaction manager having a “system protocol,” to receive a verified, streamed speech information request from at least one authorized user employing a first legacy user protocol.
Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc.


Failover handling in a content node of a content delivery network

Described herein are methods, systems, and software for accommodating failover of a content node in a content delivery network. In one example, a method of operating a content node includes receiving a communication for an end user device from a control node, wherein an interrupted content node previously handled the communication.
Fastly, Inc.


Light-based position control of a manual picking process

A position control system for a manual picking workstation having a plurality of component bins includes a light device and a process controller. The light device projects a light beam along a plane.
Fives Inc.


Gas turbine engine fluid supply system having at least one airbag, and maintaining non-interrupted circulating turbomachine fluid flow during a non-positive g-force event

A fluid supply system for providing a turbomachine fluid to a component of a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The fluid supply system includes a fluid container, a moveable barrier, and an airbag.
United Technologies Corporation


Method for the operation of an internal combustion engine

In order to control the total power of an internal combustion engine in as simple and efficient way as possible it is provided that in the case of load increase the second partial exhaust gas flow (7) is at first throttled or interrupted until the increased load level is attained and is then slowly increased again until the output power of the second exhaust gas turbine (12) at the present load level is reached, with preferably the first partial exhaust gas flow (6) being controlled with regard to optimum efficiency of the first exhaust gas turbocharger (9).. .


Food comminution device

The invention relates to a food comminution device having a base part, which has a receptacle for a cutting insert with at least one cutting blade, and having an actuation part, which is articulatedly connected to the base part and which, for pushing through food items for comminution, can be pivoted towards the cutting insert. The food comminution device is characterized in that a cutting insert with mutually spatially separate cutting regions, said cutting regions being separated from one another by an intermediate web, or a cutting insert with an uninterrupted cutting blade arrangement, in particular a cutting blade arrangement which is not interrupted by an intermediate web, or multiple separate cutting inserts simultaneously, in particular cutting inserts each with a separate frame, can be selectively fitted into the receptacle and used..
Genius Gmbh


Safety switching device with a safe power supply unit

A safety switching device for an automated installation includes a power supply unit for providing at least one operating voltage for the device. The power supply unit receives an input voltage via a feed line and provides a defined output voltage on an output side.
Pilz Gmbh & Co. Kg


Seebeck/peltier thermoelectric conversion element with parallel nanowires of conductor or semiconductor material organized in rows and columns through an insulating body and process

A novel and effective structure of a stackable element (a1, a2) or more generally adapted to be associated modularly to other similar elements to form a septum of relatively large dimensions for a seebeck/peltier thermoelectric conversion device, may be fabricated with common planar processing techniques. The structure basically consists of a stack (a1, a2) of alternated layers of a first dielectric material (2), adapted to be deposited in films of thickness lesser than or equal to about 50 nm, of low heat conductivity and which is etchable by a solution of a specific chemical compound, and of a second dielectric material (3) of low heat conductivity that is not etched by the solution.
Consorzio Delta Ti Research


Block copolymers having a polydimethylsiloxane block

The present invention relates to novel block copolymers of general formula (i). The invention further relates to a method for producing such block copolymers and to the use of such block copolymers, particularly as additives in liquid coating-agent compositions.
Basf Se


Methods of making fused ring compounds

Referring to the unsaturated compound of formula ii: ring-a can be selected from optionally substituted aryl (e.g., phenyl); m can be, for example, from 0 to 4; r1 for each m can be selected from optionally substituted hydrocarbyl (e.g., c1-c6 alkyl) optionally interrupted with at least one linking group (e.g., —o—); and r3 and r16 can each be independently selected from, for example, hydrogen or optionally substituted hydrocarbyl, such as c1-c8 alkyl. When ring-a is a phenyl group, the unsaturated compound represented by formula ii can be referred to as an unsaturated indanone acid/ester compound, or an indenone acid/ester compound (depending on whether r16 is hydrogen, or an optionally substituted hydrocarbyl group)..


Method for operating a printing press

In a method for operating a printing press, when an interruption of a printing process occurs during a print job, an ink profile in an inking unit is at least partly reduced or evened out in a first step by interrupting a supply of ink and printing a defined number of sheets while the ink supply is interrupted and by having a cylinder carry out a defined number of revolutions in the process. In a second step the ink profile is completely built up again by resuming the supply of ink and carrying out a reintroduction of ink without printing on the same defined number of sheets while the cylinder carries out the same defined number of revolutions in the process..
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag


Treatment for obesity by selectively clipping the gastric fundus to modify blood flow

Weight loss can be promoted by folding a portion of the gastric fundus of a human subject's stomach in proximity to the distal portion of the subject's left gastric artery (including its smaller branches), and clipping the tissue so that it stays in the folded state. The clips cause endovascular flow reduction or interruption to the fundus.
Endobar Solutions Llc


Spark gap arrangment and securing a spark gap arrangment

A spark gap arrangement includes a discharge chamber, an electrode head and a contact connection arranged outside the discharge chamber. The electrode head is electrically conductively connected and mechanically coupled to the contact connection in such a way that, when the contact connection is removed from its position or when the contact connection reaches a preset position, the electrically conductive connection is interrupted, and the electrode head is mechanically decoupled from the contact connection so that the electrode head is movable in the direction of the discharge chamber interior and/or within the discharge chamber..
Epcos Ag


Enhancement mode iii-nitride transistor

According to one embodiment, a iii-nitride transistor includes a conduction channel formed between first and second iii-nitride bodies, the conduction channel including a two-dimensional electron gas. The transistor also includes at least one gate dielectric layer having a charge confined within to cause an interrupted region of the conduction channel and a gate electrode operable to restore the interrupted region of the conduction channel.
International Rectifier Corporation


Semiconductor module bonding wire connection method

A method includes providing a subassembly having a circuit carrier with a first metallic surface portion, a first joining partner, which is integrally connected to the first metallic surface portion by means of a first connecting layer, and a second metallic surface portion. In a heat treatment, the second metallic surface portion is held uninterruptedly at temperatures which are higher than a minimum heat-treatment temperature of at least 300° c.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Soft switching control after power interruption

In some implementations, power provided to a computing system, such as a rack system, may be interrupted. This interruption is detected, and in response, power from a battery backup system is directed to the computing system to replace the interrupted power source, which in some implementations may be a main ac power grid source.
Quanta Computer Inc.


Pre-loaded fiber raceway system

A pre-loaded fiber raceway system for deploying optical fiber networks comprising an elongated substantially rigid base member having a back wall that is attachable to an interior wall structure of a building and a pre-loaded fiber flexible raceway tubing that is selectively routed and spliced into the base member. The length of the base member is interrupted at selected fiber drop points along the interior wall structure where the raceway tubing is unsupported by the base member.
Multilink, Inc.


Commanded jtag test access port operations

The disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for improving the operation of a tap architecture in a device through the use of command signal inputs to the tap architecture. In response to a command signal input, the tap architecture can perform streamlined and uninterrupted update, capture and shift operation cycles to a target circuit in the device or streamlined and uninterrupted capture and shift operation cycles to a target circuit in the device.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Apparatus for long-term uninterrupted safe culturing of embryos, biological specimens in a controlled environment having improved imaging capabilities

The invention relates to culturing dishes, which will be used for long-term, uninterrupted culturing of embryos in a controlled environment. The dishes will provide the embryos with ample amounts of culture media, with an oil overlay, to protect them from environmental impact, from contaminants, and will hold the embryos in a safe environment which will protect them from the effects of disruptions such as handling.


Light-blocking film

(wherein, r1 to r3 may be the same or different and each represent a linear or branched alkyl group having 1 to 12 carbon atoms or the like, with a proviso that the alkyl group and the like are optionally substituted with a hydroxy group or the like and optionally interrupted by an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, a carbonyl group, an ester group, an amide group or an imino group, the substitution and interruption optionally existing in combination; and r4 to r6 may be the same or different and each represent an alkyl group having 1 to 8 carbon atoms or an alkenyl group having 2 to 8 carbon atoms).. .


Container end closure with optional secondary vent opening

The present invention relates to an opening device for a beverage container. More specifically, the invention relates to a metal end closure having a primary opening area and at least one optional secondary vent opening which can be opened with the same pull tab.
Ball Corporation

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