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This page is updated frequently with new Interrupted-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Lighting system and control device patent thumbnailLighting system and control device
A lighting system includes a lighting fixture, a demand controller and a control board. The demand controller obtains power usage of a plurality of devices including the lighting fixture and, outputs a demand signal depending on the power usage obtained.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Methods to preemptively search and select lte-direct expressions for uninterrupted device-to-device communication patent thumbnailMethods to preemptively search and select lte-direct expressions for uninterrupted device-to-device communication
The disclosure generally relates to preemptively searching and selecting lte-direct expressions to maintain continuity in availing services via lte-direct and thereby support uninterrupted device-to-device (d2d) communication when a current lte-direct session experiences loss or degradation. For example, in various embodiments, a wireless device may establish a first d2d connection with a peer device to access a service shared at the peer device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Simultaneous uninterrupted media play and call management patent thumbnailSimultaneous uninterrupted media play and call management
A method and an electronic device employing an uninterrupted media play and call management system (umpcms) are provided for managing an incoming call without interrupting playing of media on the electronic device. The umpcms receives an indication of the incoming call, generates a notification object with one or more call management options for the incoming call in a configurable format based on preconfigured criteria, and overlays the generated notification object with the call management options on a graphical user interface (gui) provided by the umpcms, while supporting continued playing of the media on the electronic device via the gui without interruption by the incoming call.
All Phase Consulting, Inc.

 System for operating and monitoring power cables patent thumbnailSystem for operating and monitoring power cables
The present invention refers to a system for remotely operating and monitoring the integrity of hv/mv/lv (high voltage/medium voltage/low voltage), mono phasic or three-phase, power cables, regardless of the cable being under tension, wherein the protection against theft of power cables is one of several advantageous uses. The present invention is based on the principle of two-way communication between two modules, installed one on each end of the cable being operated and/or monitored, using the cable itself to communicate and is characterized by a communication master module (4) installed upstream to the infrastructure, slave modules (12), installed at each end located downstream, and bypass modules (9) to pass through circuit breakers.

 Interruption of a page miss handler patent thumbnailInterruption of a page miss handler
A first operation associated with a request for a page miss handler may be identified. A second operation associated with a current execution of the page miss handler may also be identified.
Intel Corporation

 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes an image bearing member, a developing device, a supplying device, and a controller. The controller can execute a normal supply mode and a forced supply mode on the basis of a difference between a toner supply amount in the normal supply mode and a supply amount of the toner to be supplied to the developing device.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Solar light management patent thumbnailSolar light management
A translucent construction element comprising a layer of translucent substrate, which contains a surface structured with nanoplanes of inclined angle relative to the substrate plane, and coated with an interrupted metallic layer covering at least a part of said nanoplanes, is characterized by a high density of interruptions in the metallic layer of low thickness; the periodicity of interruptions in the metallic layer generally is from the range 50 to 1000 nm and the thickness of the metallic layer typically is from the range 1 to 50 nm. The construction element may be integrated, for example, into windows, plastic films or sheets or glazings, especially for the purpose of light management..
Basf Se

 Electronic apparatus patent thumbnailElectronic apparatus
An electronic apparatus includes a first voltage detection circuit which detects when a voltage, becomes higher than a first level after the voltage starts to be supplied to a peripheral circuit, and detects when the voltage becomes lower than a second level after a supply of the voltage to the peripheral circuit starts to be interrupted, and a second voltage detection circuit which detects when the voltage becomes lower than a reference level while the peripheral circuit operates. The second level is lower than the reference level..
Sk Hynix Inc.

 Refrigerated enclosure with health related functions patent thumbnailRefrigerated enclosure with health related functions
A refrigerated cooler for storing food and other applications having a controller and a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature inside the food compartment and compares the monitored temperature to a stored predetermined temperature and a controller controlled door lock that is placed in the lock position by the controller if the monitored temperature is compared to be greater than the stored predetermined temperature or if the supply of power to the cooler is interrupted to restrict a customer's access to the food inside that may be unsafe due to the monitored temperature being greater than the stored predetermined temperature.. .
Royal Vendors, Inc.

 Ejection controller and ejection control  injection molding machine patent thumbnailEjection controller and ejection control injection molding machine
In an ejection controller for an injection molding machine, an image of an ejection process for a molded article is captured, a point in time when the molded article starts to drop from a mold is obtained as a drop start time point, an ejection stop time point is set based on the obtained drop start time point, and an ejection operation of an ejection device is interrupted at the set time point. Thus, the ejection is interrupted in a predetermined position, so that an operator can manually remove the molded article..
Fanuc Corporation


Driving-in device and using a driving-in device

A device for driving a fastening element into a substratum comprises a mechanical energy store for storing mechanical energy, an energy transfer apparatus for transferring energy from an electrical energy source to the mechanical energy store, and an electronic control apparatus, which is supplied with electrical energy by the electrical energy source and is suitable for initiating an energy withdrawal process when the supply of energy to the control apparatus by the electrical energy source is interrupted. In the energy withdrawal process, energy possibly stored in the mechanical energy store is converted into electrical energy and fed to the control apparatus in order to supply the control apparatus..
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Device, system and positive pressure ventilation (ppv) resuscitation to continuous positive airway pressure (cpap)

The resuscitation method and device incorporates a t-piece and/or bag and mask resuscitation device that transforms into short term (and then long term) cpap device. This results in continuum of respiratory care in the delivery room, and potentially in the nursery.
General Electric Company


Network security and variable pulse wave form with continuous communication

A pulsed light communication device has a plurality of indicator light emitting diodes emitting diodes emitting at least one of a plurality of wavelengths of colored light to correspond to a designated color assigned to a security level for a network. A continuous uninterrupted modulated pulsed light emitting diode light signal may be generated having a sensitivity threshold detection level exceeding minimal parameters of a photodetector..
Federal Law Enforcement Development Services, Inc.


Smart junction box for photovoltaic solar power modules with safe mode and related operation

The invention comprises: a smart junction box with a safe mode for photovoltaic solar power modules; and the related method of operation. Power mosfets are used as active bypass diodes during the normal operation of the smart junction box, but in safe mode the power mosfets are turned on continuously, thereby reducing the output voltage to a safe level of approximately 200 mv.
Sunfield Semiconductor Inc.


Binary translator with precise exception synchronization mechanism

A source computer system with one instruction set architecture (isa) is configured to run on a target hardware system that has its own isa, which may be the same as the source isa. In cases where the source instructions cannot be executed directly on the target system, the invention provides binary translation system.
Vmware, Inc.


Solar thermal heat exchanger

The described embodiments provide thermal energy via solar powered heat exchangers. This energy can be implemented to heat hot water or heat residential/commercial structures.


Bonding composition and component thereof, and using the same

A two-part bonding composition includes parts a and b. Part a includes an organoborane-base complex and reactive diluent.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Hybrid vehicle, and control hybrid vehicle

At the time of changing from an ev mode, in which a hybrid vehicle travels with the use of a second motor provided on an output side of a differential mechanism while torque that acts on any one of rotating elements of the differential mechanism is interrupted by a clutch, to an hv mode, in which the hybrid vehicle travels while transmitting output torque of an engine to a drive wheel, when the engine is started in a state where the clutch is slipped and torque is transmitted from the engine so as to increase the rotation speed of the first rotating element while the clutch is slipped, torque starts being output from a first motor such that torque input from the first rotating element to the differential mechanism to increase the rotation speed of the drive wheel is output from the third rotating element.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Audio system with integrated power, audio signal and control distribution

A control and distribution system provides electrical power distribution, audio signal distribution, and control signal distribution to one or more audio components, such as a powered loudspeaker element or a signal conditioning device such as a rack-mounted amplifier. Embodiments allow for the monitoring and/or control of parameters and/or components at or near the endpoint of the system.
Adamson Systems Engineering Inc.


Systems and methods for interrupted program recording

Program recording systems and methods are operable to adjust recording times of a program of interest in response to an occurrence of an interrupting program that alters the scheduled recording times of the program of interest. An exemplary embodiment receives an unscheduled program flag (upf) corresponding to an occurrence of an unscheduled program; adjusts at least one of a scheduled recording start time associated with the program of interest to an updated record start time and a scheduled recording end time associated with the program of interest to an updated record end time in response to receiving the upf; and records the program of interest based upon at least one of the updated record start time and the updated record end time..
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Power management transfer system and method

A method and system for supplying electric power to a plurality of priority loads from either a utility power source or a secondary power source, such as a generator. A control unit monitors the power draw by each of a plurality of priority loads and base loads during the supply of electric power from the utility power source.
Briggs & Stratton Corporation


High-frequency signal transmission line and electronic device

A high-frequency signal transmission line includes an element, a linear signal line provided at the element and including a first end and a second end, and at least one ground conductor provided at the element and extending along the signal line. The element includes stacked insulating layers.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


High-performance sas target

A method for data storage includes, in a storage device that communicates with a host over a storage interface for executing a storage command in a memory of the storage device, estimating an expected data under-run between fetching data for the storage command from the memory and sending the data over the storage interface. A data size to be prefetched from the memory, in order to complete uninterrupted execution of the storage command, is calculated in the storage device based on the estimated data under-run.
Apple Inc.


Scaffolding pipe of a structural scaffolding system and scaffolding element

A scaffolding pipe of a structural scaffolding system extends from a first axial pipe end to an opposing second axial pipe end. A receiving portion is provided on the first axial pipe end and an insertion portion is provided on the second axial pipe end.
Peri Gmbh


Dental materials on the basis of urea group-containing monomers

In which r1 and r2 are in each case independently of each other an aliphatic c1-c15 radical which can be interrupted by —o—, —s—, —co—o—; x is a radically polymerizable group; y is a radically polymerizable group or an acid group; n, m are in each case independently of each other 1, 2, or 3.. .


Method for operating a floor-cleaning device and floor-cleaning device

A method for operating a self-propelling and self-steering floor-cleaning device is provided, wherein at least one map of at least one room to be cleaned is storable in a storage unit of the floor-cleaning device, as is a user-predeterminable cleaning plan having one or more cleaning tasks, wherein at least one cleaning task is associated with a particular room that is identifiable from a map, and the floor-cleaning device is placed in a room. In order to provide a method of this kind that enables efficient execution of the cleaning plan, when the cleaning plan is executed, the floor-cleaning device determines whether the room in which it is placed is the particular room, and, if the result of this determination is negative, performance of the cleaning task is not carried out, is interrupted, or is ended.
Robart Gmbh


Message management

One embodiment relates to a message management method comprising an interception process for intercepting a first message sent to a device of a user; an estimation process for estimating a level referred to as the “user interruptibility level” representing the extent to which the user can be interrupted in their current activity; an estimation process for estimating a level of importance of the first message; and a processing process for processing the first message as a function of the user interruptibility level and of the importance level of the first message.. .


Facet-free strained silicon transistor

The presence of a facet or a void in an epitaxially grown crystal indicates that crystal growth has been interrupted by defects or by certain material boundaries. Faceting can be suppressed during epitaxial growth of silicon compounds that form source and drain regions of strained silicon transistors.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.


Interactions with contextual and task-based computing environments

Concepts and technologies are described herein for interacting with contextual and task-focused computing environments. Tasks associated with applications are described by task data.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Vehicle wheel speed detection system and method

A sensor apparatus for detecting a wheel speed of a vehicle has a rod-shaped sensor carrier and a sensor, which is introduced into the sensor carrier and, in order to detect the wheel speed, senses the rotation of a rotor rotating together with the wheel. The sensor apparatus has a carrier structure for accommodating the sensor and a potting compound for filling the sensor carrier.
Wabco Gmbh


B-ketophosphonic acids and dental materials based thereon

In which a=an aliphatic c1-c18 radical which can be interrupted by —o—, —s—, —co—o— or —o—co—c—; n=1, 2, 3 or 4; m=1 or 2; x=absent or a c1-c10 radical which can be interrupted by —o—, —s—, —co—c—, —o—co—nh— or —co—nr1—, wherein r1 is h or c1-c7-alkyl; and pg=a group which can undergo free radical polymerization. The β-ketophosphonic acids are suitable in particular for the preparation of dental materials..


Process for preparing phthalic anhydride

The present invention relates to a process for preparing phthalic anhydride by gas phase oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons, in which a gas stream comprising at least one aromatic hydrocarbon and molecular oxygen is passed continuously over a thermostatted catalyst and the supply of the at least one aromatic hydrocarbon to the catalyst is temporarily interrupted after putting the catalyst on stream.. .
Basf Se


Cosmetic use as deodorant active agent of a siliceous material obtained by hydrolysis and condensation of a tetraalkoxysilane and of a c7-c20-alkyltrialkoxysilane

The invention thus relates to the cosmetic use of a siliceous material that may be obtained by hydrolysis and condensation, in the presence of water, of at least one tetraalkoxysilane of formula (i) below: si(or2)4 (i) and of an alkyltrialkoxysilane of formula (ii) below: r1si(or2)3 (h) in which: r1 denotes a c7 to c20 alkyl group, optionally interrupted in its chain with an o or s atom or with an nh group or a carbonyl group (co), r2 denotes a c1-c4 alkyl group. Preferentially, the siliceous material is present in a composition comprising a cosmetically acceptable medium.


Dental implant socket arrangement

Dental implant having a socket arrangement having the shape of a regular octagon which is partly interrupted by outwardly extending notches being parallel or parallel and partly inclined with respect to the longitudinal center axis of the implant, the inclination being such as to taper inwardly from their coronal end, wherein interrupting and outwardly extending ridges extending from the notches in an apical direction of the dental implant, first contact surfaces being adapted to engage and rotationally secure an abutment, and wherein second contact surfaces extend from the notches within the ridges in the direction of the longitudinal center axis, the second contact surfaces being adapted to engage with an insertion tool; and wherein the notches are positioned at sides or at corners of the regular octagon.. .
Straumann Holding Ag


Method, system, player and mobile terminal for online video playback

A method for online video playback includes: loading the first video segment corresponding to the lowest class of bit rates from the version of the lowest class of bit rates at an initial playback; and choosing to load and play a video segment corresponding to an appropriate class of bit rates according to the bit rate corresponding to the current network traffic and the resolution supported by a playing terminal after the video has been playing steadily. The method for online video playback can automatically choose to play videos encoded at an appropriate bit rate according to the current internet speed so that the playback is smooth and uninterrupted..
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co, Ltd


Power supply system and voltage control fuel cell

A voltage control method for a fuel cell may include: interrupting electrical connection between the fuel cell and a load in a low load state; supplying oxygen to the fuel cell in accordance with a preset condition during the electrical connection is interrupted; detecting an ocv of the fuel cell after oxygen is supplied to the fuel cell in accordance with the preset condition; reducing an amount of oxygen supplied to the fuel cell when the ocv is higher than a target voltage by a first value or larger; increasing the amount of oxygen when the ocv is lower than the target voltage by a second value or larger; and keeping the amount of oxygen when the ocv is lower than a sum of the target voltage and the first value and higher than a value obtained by subtracting the second value from the target voltage.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Fuel cell system and control the same

A fuel cell system 10 includes a fuel cell 20, gas supply systems 30, 40, which supply gases to the fuel cell 20, and a controller 60, which controls the gas supply systems 30, 40. During a non-operation period of the fuel cell 20, the controller 60 controls the gas supply systems 30, 40 to carry out the scavenging treatment.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Device and supplying a fuel cell battery

A device in which an environmental air flow is monitored by a monitoring element and in which a natural gas flow is interrupted by a shut-off element on recognition of an insufficient environmental air flow. To allow a continuous operation of the fuel cell battery the monitoring element is short-circuited by a bridging device and that its operability can thus be checked without the environmental air flow having to be interrupted.
Hexis Ag


Semiconductor field plate for compound semiconductor devices

A transistor includes a source, a drain spaced apart from the source, and a heterostructure body having a two-dimensional charge carrier gas channel for connecting the source and the drain. The transistor further includes a semiconductor field plate disposed between the source and the drain.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Digital filter device, digital filtering method, and storage medium having digital filter program stored thereon

In order to reduce the power consumed when using fft processing and filtering in the frequency domain together, a digital filter device according to the present invention is provided with: a first filtering means for performing a first fast fourier transformation using a first data sorting process, first filtering in the frequency domain, a first inverse fast fourier transformation using a second data sorting process, and overlap removal on a first input block including overlapped data; a second filtering means for performing a second fast fourier transformation, which simultaneously processes all data in a second input block including overlapped data, second filtering in the frequency domain, a second inverse fast fourier transformation, which simultaneously processes all received filtered data, and overlap removal; and a data selection means for selecting either the first filtering means or the second filtering means, wherein the operation of the filtering means that is not selected by the data selection means is interrupted.. .
Nec Corporation


Induction type power supply system and intruding metal detection method thereof

A method used for an induction type power supply system, for detecting whether an intruding metal exists in a power transmission region of the induction type power supply system, includes interrupting at least one driving signal of the induction type power supply system to stop driving a supplying-end coil of the induction type power supply system; detecting an attenuation status of a coil signal on the supplying-end coil when driving of the supplying-end coil is interrupted; and determining whether the intruding metal exists in the power transmission region of the induction type power supply system according to the attenuation status of the coil signal.. .
Fu Da Tong Technology Co., Ltd.


Method for determining mutateable ligand-gpcr binding at single amino acid resolution and pairs of mutated ligand and gpcr

Method of determining gpcr and mutatable ligand binding ability, includes providing a well microtiter plate with well array having rows and columns, gpcr or rhodopsin in wells, and parent ligand mutant binding to gpcr when gpcr resides in conformation, contacting parent ligand mutants in wells with gpcr, coupling parent ligand to gpcr, and determining mutant ligand binding strength compared to standard parent ligand and gpcr by determining coupled mutant-gpcr complex in wells. Rhodopsin binding 403 mutants covering arrestin sequence provides functional 4th dimension arrestin crystal structures.
Paul Scherrer Institut


Method at fuel injection

A method is disclosed to determine the opening degree of injectors in cylinders in a combustion engine with at least three cylinders, wherein the injectors are connected to a fuel accumulator in a common rail fuel injection system, the fuel supply to the fuel accumulator is interrupted, and subsequently a test injection of fuel is carried out into at least two and at most all except one cylinder at a time, in different combinations, at such a time that the injection does not cause any combustion in the cylinders. The pressure decreases caused in connection with the different test injections are measured, and the pressure decrease which is attributable to at least one specific injector is calculated based thereupon, which is used in the determination of the injector's opening degree..
Scania Cv Ab


High-pressure pump and fuel injection system having a high-pressure pump

A high-pressure pump (2), which is used in particular as a radial or in-line piston pump for fuel injection systems of air-compressing, auto-ignition internal combustion engines (3), comprises a first pump assembly (8), a second pump assembly (9), and a drive shaft (6), which is used to drive the first pump assembly (8) and the second pump assembly (9). Furthermore, a first inlet valve (10) for a pump working chamber (11) of the first pump assembly (8) and at least one second inlet valve (14) for a pump working chamber (15) of the second pump assembly (9) are provided.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Decorated beverage can tabs

A decorated tab for a beverage container has a lift end, a nose end, and central webbing. An enclosed portion of the central webbing has a coating.
Rexam Beverage Can Company


Method for detecting a function actuation on vehicles

A method for detecting a function actuation on a motor vehicle with a sensor device includes monitoring the signals of a proximity sensor as to a first signal reply s1. The signals of the proximity sensor are monitored for a time period ts wherein the method is interrupted when the signal reply changes by more than a value st within the period of time ts.
Huf Huelsbeck & Fuerst Gmbh & Co. Kg


Object recognition device

An object recognition device includes: a radar that detects objects in the vicinity of a vehicle a camera that detects objects by capturing an image of the vicinity of the vehicle an identical object recognition unit configured to recognize that an object detected by the radar and an object detected by the camera are the same object when the objects are present within a predetermined position range. The identical object recognition unit determines whether the objects are the same object by reducing the predetermined position range when detection using the radar device or the camera is interrupted and then detection is started again..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Arrangement for milking animals

A arrangement for milking animals includes a milking station, a transport conduit, a main milk tank storing milk from the milking station, a connection conduit extending from the transport conduit to the main milk tank, a cleaning liquid arrangement, and a valve arrangement. From the milking station a connection pipe leads to the transport conduit at a connection point.
Delaval Holding Ab


System and uninterrupted communication across black spots for multi interface mobile nodes

A system and method for protection against loss of communication of a mobile node crossing a black spot region is disclosed. The system to prevent loss of communication with the mobile node consists of a mobile node, rf coverage map generator, black spot predictor, and a vertical handover process.
Comsats Institute Of Information Technology


Handling a pre-empted communication

To provide a possibility to have a near-real-time replay of a detect call a starts pre-empted communication while ensuring that the pre-empting communication is not interrupted, when it is detected that a pre-empting communication is pre-empting a pre-empted communication, the pre-empted communication is buffered to a buffer for a replay, and a safety interval for the pre-empting communication is determined. The pre-empting communication is determined to be ended in response to an expiry of the safety interval after end of the pre-empting communication..
Airbus Defence And Space Oy


User plane location based service using message tunneling to support roaming

An improved user plane location based service (lbs) architecture and message flow, enabling seamless user plane location based services even when a mobile or wireless device has roamed among different carrier networks. The present invention overcomes constraints inherent in the current protocol for roaming support defined by the secure user plane location service specification.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


Communication device

A communication device includes an antenna unit, a switch unit, a matching unit which is connected between the antenna and switch units, a communication unit which is connected to the switch unit, and a switch control unit. When the switch unit is in a conductive state, the matching unit matches a first impedance occurring if the antenna unit is seen from the matching unit and a second impedance occurring if the switch unit is seen from the matching unit.
Nec Tokin Corporation


Test device and controlling the same

A test device and a method for controlling the test device are disclosed. After a test is interrupted due to a malfunction of the test device, the test device continuously performs the interrupted testing.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Air conditioner

An air conditioner includes an outdoor device and an indoor device. The outdoor device includes an outdoor control unit that is operated at the voltage of a smoothing capacitor; a power-supply switching relay to which a signal line is connected; an inrush-current preventing-relay drive unit that is operated when single-phase ac power is supplied between a power-signal common line and the signal line via an outdoor activation relay in the indoor device and the power-supply switching relay; a first inrush-current preventing relay that is connected in parallel with a power supply relay and is controlled by the inrush-current preventing-relay drive unit; and a second inrush-current preventing relay that is connected in parallel with the first inrush-current preventing relay and is controlled by the outdoor control unit.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Gas turbine engine flow control device

A flow control device for a gas turbine engine according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a seal body having a radially inner surface and a radially outer surface and at least one stand-up protruding from the radially outer surface and configured to seal an interrupted surface.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Drill head insert or drill head attachment and drill

A drill head insert or drill head attachment, in particular a drill plate made of hard metal, for a rock drill, includes cutting edges (20, 20a) configured on the feed side which extend from a tip of the drill (18) rearward in a receding manner to an outer face (12, 14) of the drill plate (10). A drill plate (10) is substantially configured in the form of a roof when viewed from the side.
Drebo Werkzeugfabrik Gmbh


Mark and papermaking belt made therefrom

A textured mask comprising a film. The film can have a first substantially continuously flat surface lying in a first plane and a second surface opposite the first surface lying in a second plane substantially parallel to the first plane.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Liquid reservoir system and method

Liquid reservoir systems are disclosed. In one embodiment, a liquid reservoir system may capture and retain a fuel reservoir to provide an un-interrupted fuel supply to a fuel pump or pickup line during low fuel conditions such as those that may be experienced during vehicle acceleration, braking or side to side maneuvers.
Holley Performance Products, Inc.


Connector and alerting device

The present invention connects to tubing through which gas flows to a patient. An alert notifies monitoring personnel that oxygen flow to the patient has been interrupted, because the tubing has been disconnected.


Dynamic lte signal detection

Systems and methods allow laa lte equipment to coexist with other services in the unlicensed band such as wifi or wlan services. Systems and methods use lte reference signals in the unlicensed spectrum that are not continuous and can be interrupted by a wifi signal or other services in the unlicensed band or use a dynamic laa on burst or window to provide the lte reference signals in some embodiments.
Broadcom Corporation


Autonomous power supply

Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to providing power from two or more power sources. As may be implemented in accordance with one or more embodiments, a switching circuit includes a switching transistor connected between a backup power supply and both a primary power supply and an internal power rail.
Nxp B.v.


Combined fan case ice liner and rear liner

A jet engine fan case is disclosed. The fan case may comprise an ice liner section and a rear liner section, wherein the ice liner section and the rear liner section are constructed from a constructed from a single, integral material.
United Technologies Corporation


Dry goods bulk trailer with uninterrupted slope sheet

A dry goods bulk trailer for transporting fluidic dry goods includes a frame supported on rear wheels and arranged for connection at a front end to a towing vehicle. A containment structure on the frame assembly for supporting the fluidic dry goods therein includes front and rear slope wall assemblies which slope downwardly and inwardly towards centrally located bottom discharge hoppers.
Doepker Industries Ltd.


Method for producing expanded granulate

Wherein the blowing agent comprises co2 or n2 or a combination of co2 and n2 and the amount of blowing agent in the polymer melt comprising a blowing agent lies in the range from 0.5 to 2.5 wt % and wherein the pelletizing chamber (26) is traversed by a stream of liquid which is controlled to a temperature between 5° c. And 90° c.


Method and system for extracting ventricular fibrillation signals in electrocardiogram

This invention discloses a system and a method for extracting vf signal in ecg recorded during uninterrupted cpr. The present invention provides a method for extracting a ventricular fibrillation (vf) signal in electrocardiography (ecg), comprising: receiving an ecg signal; adding a plurality of shadowing functions to the ecg signal, to obtain a plurality of modification signals; decomposing the plurality of modification signals by using an empirical mode decomposition (emd) method, to generate a plurality of intrinsic mode functions (imfs); calculating the sum of imfs in different frequency regions based on time sequence, dividing by a number of the shadowing signal, to obtain a plurality of modification intrinsic mode functions; combining the plurality of modification imfs with the same property, to obtain a shape function; modeling the shape functions to obtain a compression signal; and subtracting the compression signal from the ecg signal based on time sequence, to obtain the vf signal..
National Central University


Transfer device, client apparatus, server apparatus, reproduction apparatus and transfer method

A technology is disclosed by which, when plural content data are successively transmitted from a server apparatus to a reproduction apparatus through a client apparatus, if the transmission is interrupted, the transmission of the content data can be resumed from the point at which the transmission is interrupted. The transfer device includes a storage section for storing a transmission object list including content identification information corresponding to plural content data to be transmitted from a server apparatus to a reproduction apparatus connected to a client apparatus through the client apparatus.
Sony Corporation


System and managing interruptions by indicating an availability status on a communication device

A computer system and computer implemented method for managing interruptions by indicating an availability status on a first communication device. The method is performed by said first communication device and a computer server, the method comprising: (a) receiving an input from a user, the input comprising a request to interrupt or resume communications or notifications processed by other communication devices or communication platforms; (b) sending commands to the other communication devices or communication platforms based on the request to interrupt or resume; and (c) starting or terminating in real time or near real time, based on the request to interrupt or resume communications or notifications, respectively, a do-not-disturb (dnd) state, wherein the dnd state comprises that the user for a period of time is not interrupted by communications or notifications from the other communication devices or communication platforms.
Canfocus Technologies Inc.


Electrical box, integrated flange and cover mechanisms

A “no profile” electrical box, integrated flange/protective assembly and interchangeable cover that obscures standard electrical outlets such that a wall surface appears nearly continuous, uninterrupted by the outlet or cover when in use or not in use. The profile of the combined unit equals only the thickness of the material from which it is constructed; no hinges, screws or fasteners of any kind are visible and no part of the assembly requires detachment or storage when the outlet is in use, as the hinged cover is undetectably stored in the electrical box, or may be used to cover the electrical cords when engaged in the outlet.


Vehicle cab assembly

A vehicle cab assembly (60) comprises an internal frame (10) including a plurality of rigid members (11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 23) that are secured rigidly one to another; and a plurality of cladding panels that obscure the frame and enclose it uninterruptedly in at least one plane. The cladding panels are supported on the exterior of the frame (10) and define a plurality of mutually abutting panel edges along which the cladding panels are sealed one to another to define a plurality of weather-proof joints of the cab..
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Connection recovery method, apparatus, and system

A connection recovery method includes searching, by a first terminal, for a recovery candidate corresponding to an interrupted connection; selecting, by the first terminal, one found recovery candidate as a first recovery candidate; sending, by the first terminal, a negotiation request to a second terminal; receiving, by the first terminal, a matching success message returned by the second terminal; and transmitting, by the first terminal, data to the second terminal according to the first connection information.. .


Self-cleaning recording heads based on actuator seek profile

Cleaning a recording head slider in-drive during operation is accomplished by periodically performing a series of full stroke seek operations, whereby liquid contaminants that may have migrated to the head slider are flung from the slider and liquid from the disk surface may be adsorbed onto the slider for removal by way of flinging. Consequently, head-disk spacing may be stabilized and data write operations improved.


Emergency response management system and method

An automated disaster management system and method for power generators is disclosed. The system/method includes emergency computing devices (ecds) communicating with an emergency web server (ews) over a network.


Handling server and client operations uninterruptedly during pack and audit processes

A solution for maintaining the operation of a server and allowing the transfer of data from client devices to a database without locking the database during an audit and pack process is realized that reduces the amount of time lost due to backup file storage transfer. When a file is backed up to a first storage trail through the audit process, the trail may eventually become filled to capacity.


Method, circuit and flexural resonator for measuring the density of fluids

A method for determining a density of a fluid medium with a flexural oscillator whose oscillator tube is filled with the measurement fluid. Accordingly, reference is made to a period of oscillation of a free and damped oscillating flexural resonator for density determination.


Apparatus and handling articles

The invention includes an apparatus (01) and a method for handling articles (02). The apparatus (01) includes a first conveyor (03) for supplying articles (02),a second conveyor (04) for supplying outer packagings (05), a third conveyor (06) for discharging filled outer packagings (07), and a placing surface (08) arranged between the second conveyor (04) and the third conveyor (06).


Post (power-on-self-test) debugging method and apparatuses using the same

The invention introduces a post (power-on-self-test) debugging method, executed by a processing unit, which contains at least the following steps. A phase number indicative of a current post phase is set.


Liquid crystal display device

A drain layer lead line connecting an image signal line and a terminal of an ic driver is interrupted in the middle, and the gap is bridged by bridging ito that is formed at the same time as pixel ito. Thus, the difference in the length of the lead lines is adjusted such that the length of the bridging ito in the lead line connected to the terminal in the center of the ic driver is longer than the length of the bridging ito in the lead line connected to the terminal in the end of the ic driver to reduce the difference in the wiring resistance of the lead lines due to the difference in the length of the lead lines depending on the location..


Sensor device for direct magnetic field imaging

The present invention discloses a sensor device comprising a probe carrying a three-dimensional magnetic field sensor. The probe has a conical tip portion with an edge being configured as the three-dimensional magnetic field sensor.


Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus

A sheet feeding apparatus includes a stacking member, an optical sensor, a detected member, and a control unit. As an amount of sheets stacked on the stacking member decreases, the detected member moves from a first position in which optical sensor light is not interrupted, then once interrupts the light, and then moves to a second position in which the light is not interrupted.


Authentication device for user authentication and image forming apparatus including the authentication device

A user authentication device provided on an apparatus as an object of operation acquires feature data representing notable portion of the user, using a camera device, after user authentication. Based on the acquired feature data, the user authentication device tracks the user by the camera (step s1030).
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Uninterrupted power supply systems and methods

Provided in some embodiments is an uninterruptable electrical power supply system. The system includes an electrical power distribution network (having a consumer side network coupled to one or more electrical loads that consume electrical power and a utility side network that supplies electrical power to the consumer side network), a primary power source (coupled to the utility side network, and that supplies electrical power to the utility side network for supply to the consumer side network), a secondary power source coupled to the utility side network, and a terminal between the consumer side network and the utility side network.
Active Power, Inc.


Method for growing iii-v epitaxial layers

Disclosed are methods of growing iii-v epitaxial layers on a substrate, semiconductor structures thus obtained, and devices comprising such semiconductor structures. An example semiconductor substrate includes a substrate and a buffer layer on top of the substrate, where a conductive path is present between the substrate and buffer layer.
Epigan Nv


Using interrupted through-silicon-vias in integrated circuits adapted for stacking

In an integrated circuit (ic) adapted for use in a stack of interconnected ics, interrupted through-silicon-vias (tsvs) are provided in addition to uninterrupted tsvs. The interrupted tsvs provide signal paths other than common parallel paths between the ics of the stack.
Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.


Tamper detection industrial & metering devices not requiring a battery

Embodiments of the invention prevent unauthorized access to electronic systems by providing an enclosure with improved intrusion detection around sensitive areas of a secured electronic system. Certain embodiments eliminate the need for constant battery power and yet provide uninterrupted high-security supervision at the device perimeter such that even following a power down event it is possible to determine whether a device has been tampered with, so that appropriate action can be taken.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Method and system for an electronic auction

The invention comprises a method and system which will simultaneously display a plurality of electronic bidding fee auctions. Users may simultaneously place at least one bid on each of the displayed electronic auctions using a single action, such as a single mouse click, keyboard stroke, or the pressing of a touch screen monitor.
Epic Tech, Llc


System, method, and software for controlled interruption of batch job processing

This disclosure provides various embodiments of software, systems, and techniques for controlled interruption of batch job processing. In one instance, a tangible computer readable medium stores instructions for managing batch jobs, where the instructions are operable when executed by a processor to identify an interruption event associated with a batch job queue.
Sap Se


Magnetic field sensors with self test

A system includes a magnetic target and a magnetic field sensor. The magnetic field sensor comprises an output node; a circuit to detect a magnetic field produced by the magnetic target; and a processor.
Allegro Microsystems, Llc


Collars with integrated leashes

A collar assembly includes a main body configured in an uninterrupted loop, the main body having an outer surface, an elongated body extending away from the main body, the elongated body configured to at least partially wrap around and connect to the outer surface of the main body and the elongated body having a holding portion thereby allowing a user to use the elongated body as a leash.. .


Rendering advertisements in client device for uninterrupted media content

Disclosed are various embodiments rendering advertisements in a client device in exchange for obtaining uninterrupted media content. A transmission of a first stream of media content for rendering via a media device is initiated, wherein the first stream of media content comprises media with at least one advertisement.
Airwatch Llc


System and automated camera guard tour operation

A system and method for automated operation of a camera system is disclosed. A positioning system moves the camera system to a field of view to search for objects or events of interest to track.
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc


Power feeding solar cell, and solar cell system

A power feeding apparatus for solar cells has: a voltage regulator, i.e., a voltage adjusting unit; a relay, i.e., a switch unit; and a control unit. The voltage regulator executes voltage adjustment with respect to an input voltage, and outputs, to a power output terminal, a voltage adjusted to a previously set voltage or lower.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

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