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This page is updated frequently with new Interrupted-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Finfet device and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailFinfet device and manufacturing same
A semiconductor device and method for fabricating a semiconductor device is disclosed. An exemplary semiconductor device includes a substrate including a fin structure disposed over the substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Dynamic 2d and 3d gestural interfaces for audio video players capable of uninterrupted continuity of fruition of audio video feeds patent thumbnailDynamic 2d and 3d gestural interfaces for audio video players capable of uninterrupted continuity of fruition of audio video feeds
A method of manipulating an audio video visualization in a multi-dimensional virtual environment implemented in a computer system having a display unit for displaying the virtual environment and a gesture driven interface, the method manipulating the visualization in response to predetermined user gestures and movements identified by the gesture driven interface.. .

 Image forming apparatus having developer cartridges and cartridge supporting member patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus having developer cartridges and cartridge supporting member
An image forming apparatus includes process units and developer cartridges; a process unit supporting member; a cartridge supporting member; and a moving mechanism. Each developer cartridge includes a transporting member configured to transport developer to a corresponding process unit.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Continuous casting nozzle assembly for casting of a metallic pipe patent thumbnailContinuous casting nozzle assembly for casting of a metallic pipe
The invention relates to a continuous casting nozzle assembly (10) for casting, in particular for upward vertical casting, of a metallic, in particular a non-ferrous, pipe, which is suitable for uninterrupted casting, which nozzle assembly comprises a nozzle (11), a mandrel (12) and a cooler (15). Surface roughness of at least part, in particular of the dwindling area (z), of inner surface of the nozzle (11) of the nozzle assembly (10) is 1-8.0 ra, advantageously 3-5 ra..
Upcast Oy

 Stented vascular graft patent thumbnailStented vascular graft
A vascular graft incorporating a stent into a portion of its length. While various materials may be used for the vascular graft, the graft is preferably an eptfe graft.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

 Personalized nutritional and wellness assistant patent thumbnailPersonalized nutritional and wellness assistant
The invention pertains to the establishment, implementation and management of a personalized information system pertinent to a user's general health, wellness and/or sport performance. A novel set of portable devices with calorimetric, metabolic sensing, computing and communication capabilities are used for non-stop real-time measurement and display as well as long-term logging of highly accurate information about a user's metabolic state.
Lifeq Global Limited

 Apparatus and  forming event picture in mobile communication terminal patent thumbnailApparatus and forming event picture in mobile communication terminal
Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for forming an event picture in a mobile communication terminal. If an event such as call reception, alarm or message reception occurs while a service picture is displayed on a screen of the terminal, the current service picture is backed up, a command input through the buttons provided to the terminal is interrupted and the event picture is overlapped over the current service picture, thereby allowing a user to perceive the corresponding event.
Pantech Co., Ltd.

 Apparatus and  transmitting and receiving streaming data using multiple paths patent thumbnailApparatus and transmitting and receiving streaming data using multiple paths
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving streaming data using multiple paths, in which the streaming data is smoothly reproduced without being interrupted, and more particularly, to an apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving streaming data using multiple paths, in which exchange of the streaming data is performed in real-time using the multiple paths regardless of obstacles. The method for transmitting streaming data using multiple paths includes managing and maintaining a path list including sequence information about a transmission path capable of transmitting data, framing the streaming data, and transmitting the framed streaming data via the transmission path according to the sequence information..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Backup power system to sump pump patent thumbnailBackup power system to sump pump
A backup power system provides uninterrupted ac power to single sump pump to protect basement from flooding during normal power supply period and power outage period.. .

 Charging control system and device patent thumbnailCharging control system and device
A charging control system for charging a secondary battery from a solar battery, including a first path for transmitting power from the solar battery to the secondary battery, a second path for sensing the voltage of the secondary battery, and a comparison unit for comparing the solar battery voltage with the sensed voltage of the secondary battery. The first path includes a first interrupter, controlled by the comparison unit, which interrupts the first path to prevent discharge of the secondary battery through the solar battery when the solar battery voltage falls below the secondary battery voltage.
Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Passage of a line through a wall

An arrangement for a moisture tight passing of a line (14) through a wall is indicated. The arrangement includes a line (14) surrounding the passage (1) in the mounted position.


Data processing system executing predetermined data processing by plurality of apparatuses linking

A data processing system (s) is configured so as mutually register transmission destinations between devices performing communication. In addition, the data processing system (s) performs a predetermined communication procedure for communicating predetermined information to transition to a communication connection state establishing a mutual communication connection, and in the communication connection state, performs intermittent periodic communication every predetermined interval, where the communication connection state is maintained while periodic communication is maintained, and the communication connection state is released in a case of the periodic communication being interrupted, and in the state in which the communication connection state is released, controls the allowance of transition to the communication connection state again, according to a change state of contents of the predetermined information sent upon transitioning to the communication connection state, and the presence of a transmission destination recorded..
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Scanning for a preferred network during an active connection to another network

When connected to an alternate network, a user device may search for a preferred network when the user device is actively transmitting traffic via the alternate network. As such, the user device may search for, and potentially locate, the preferred network faster than when the user device waits to search for the preferred network after becoming idle.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Data processing device that executes predetermined data processing by linking with other apparatus

A communication system (s) exchanges data between a plurality of devices to execute a predetermined function. In addition, the communication system (s) connects one device and one other device by a plurality of difference communication methods, and in a case of data transfer being interrupted during data transfer by a first communication method, controls so as to establish the first communication method by way of a second communication method, and then causes data transfer by the first communication method to restart..
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Method for setting up an uninterrupted communication connection and communication device

A method in which a monitoring unit allocated to a communication device checks, based on a name resolution protocol, whether a second communication network address allocated to the first communication device becomes valid in order to set up an uninterrupted communication connection to the communication device that is allocated to an industrial automation system, where in cases of an allocation of a new valid communication network address and an existing communication connection, the monitoring unit initiates a set-up of an additional communication connection using the new communication network address.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Methods and a tdma mesh network

A concentrator is configured to reschedule a tdma mesh network in response to an interrupted transmission. The new schedule is calculated by selectively rescheduling transmissions that are scheduled in the same time slot as the interrupted transmission.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Redundancy power supply system and power-switching control thereof

For efficient redundancy power supplying, a voltage drop device, a power selection device, a voltage detection device and a switch are provided in a power control circuit of a redundancy power supply system. The voltage drop device performs a voltage drop operation to convert a redundancy operating voltage into a standby voltage.
Alpha Networks Inc.


Amine precursors for depositing graphene

The present invention relates to the use of an amine precursor of formula i (x1—r1)n—nh(3-n) (i) or its ammonium salts for depositing a graphene film having a nitrogen content of from 0 to 65% by weight on a substrate s1 by chemical vapor deposition (cvd), wherein r1 is selected from (a) c1 to c10 alkanediyl, which may all optionally be interrupted by at least one of o, nh and nr2, (b) alkenediyl, which may all optionally be interrupted by at least one of o, nh and nr2, (c) alkynediyl, which may all optionally be interrupted by at least one of o, nh and nr2, (d) c6 to c20 aromatic divalent moiety, and (e) co and ch2co, x1 is selected from h, oh, or2, nh2, nhr2, or nr22, wherein two groups x1 may together form a bivalent group x2 being selected from a chemical bond, o, nh, or nr2, r2 is selected from c1 to c10 alkyl and a c6 to c20 aromatic moiety which may optionally be substituted by one or more substituents x1, n is 1, 2, or 3.. .
Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur FÖrderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.


Image sensors with phase detection pixels

An image sensor may include an image pixel array with both image pixels to gather image data and phase detection pixels to gather phase information. The phase detection pixels may be arranged in pairs, with two adjacent pixels covered by a single microlens.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc


Control image forming apparatus that prevents non-intended paper of different quality being existed in advance

Providing is a control method of the image forming apparatus that can prevent, when interrupting a printing process and resuming a printing process by supplying a print sheet or switching to other apparatus, not intending to mix the paper having quality of paper is different in the bundle of the printed documents in advance. It is the control method of the image forming apparatus that interrupts a printing process for a first image forming apparatus and resumes a printing process with the second image forming apparatus.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Portable key device and device control method

Two portable key devices are prepared with a wireless communication function enabling communication between the two devices being installed in the devices, and when the biometric authentication is successful, an authentication success text is saved and an unlock signal is emitted, thus the unlocking and enabling operation of the device is controlled. When wireless communication between two portable key devices is interrupted, the biometric authentication success context is discarded, the unlock signal is no longer emitted, and biometric authentication is required to emit the unlock signal again.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Data replication from a cloud-based storage resource

A local computing device replicates data stored in a cloud-based storage resource in a way that is substantially transparent to end users. A counter generation module provides a source for sequentially increasing counter indices, each of which is associated with a creation timestamp.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Disturbance rejection for current-measurement systems

Apparatus and associated methods relate to an in-hole current-measurement system having three or more magnetic-field sensors and a transient-disturbance selection module configured to form an output signal from a selected subset of sensor signals while decoupling the output signals from a non-selected subset of sensor signals during a predetermined time window when a disturbance signal is expected at the non-selected set of sensor signals. In an illustrative example, a disturbance producing operation may be performed on alternating subsets of sensors while the undisturbed subset of sensors measures an electrical current in the electrical conductor.
Honeywell International Inc.


Scanning microscope with polarised sample illumination

The invention relates to a method for investigating a sample, the sample being impinged upon by illuminating light, and detected light emerging from the sample being directed to a detector, and the illuminating light being directed through an acousto-optic component with which the impingement upon the sample by illuminating light can be temporarily interrupted. The method is notable for the fact that the sample is illuminated with a first illuminating light bundle that has a first linear polarization direction, and with a second illuminating light bundle whose linear polarization direction is continuously switched over between the first linear polarization direction and a second linear polarization direction different from the first linear polarization direction, the illuminating light having the first linear polarization direction proceeding along a first light path and illuminating light having the second linear polarization direction proceeding along a second light path, and the acousto-optic component combining the light paths..
Leica Microsystems Cms Gmbh


Fir tree mount

The disclosed device provides an improved mounting assembly for supporting elongated items or bundles against a support surface having a bore. The assembly provides a mount including an integrally formed flexible tie for retaining the items.
Hellermann Tyton Corporation


Sleeve bearing with lubricant reservoirs

A sleeve bearing comprising a tubular body having an inner surface annularly about a longitudinal axis and an outer surface radially outward from the inner surface. The sleeve bearing includes a first side surface between the inner surface and the outer surface, and a second side surface between the inner surface and the outer surface.
Caterpillar Inc.


Low latency visually lossless switching between different compression ratios

Systems and methods for low-delay video streaming featuring multiple video compression ratios. One embodiment of the system includes: a real-time video encoder (rt-ve) that receives an incoming high-definition uncompressed video (hd-uv), processes the incoming hd-uv according to first and second compression ratios, and sends the processed video over a resource reservation communication link to a real-time video decoder (rt-vd).
Valens Semiconductor Ltd.


Maintaining a fixed delay while switching between light video compression ratios

Systems and methods for fixed delay video switching. One embodiment of the system describes a fixed delay video communication link, which includes: a real-time video encoder (rt-ve) that receives an incoming high-definition uncompressed video (hd-uv), compresses the incoming hd-uv into first or second hd compressed video, and transmits the hd compressed video over a communication link to a real-time video decoder (rt-vd).
Valens Semiconductor Ltd.


Solving mlc nand paired page program using reduced spatial redundancy

Reduced spatial redundancy of lower bits data can provide data protection for a flash memory having mlc nand devices operated in page mode. An interrupted write operation of most significant bit pages can corrupt previously written data in lower bit pages.
Virtium Llc


Rotation force transmission mechanism and image forming apparatus

A rotation force transmission mechanism (30) includes a torque limiter (50), a breaking member (60) and a clutch member (55). The torque limiter (50) is configured to couple the first rotating member (35) and the driving source (40) to each other so as to able to transmit the rotation force until a torque of a predetermined value is applied, and to decouple from each other if a torque larger than the predetermined value is applied.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Liquid electrophotography ink developer

A liquid electrophotographic ink developer comprises a developer roller (112) rotatable about an axis, first and second electrodes (108, 110) proximate the developer roller (112) and an inlet chamber (100) extending along the axis from a first end adjacent an inlet opening (122) to a second end opposite the first end. A neck (104) forms an uninterrupted ink flow path from the inlet chamber (100) to the developer roller (112)..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Stable helical ionic polypeptides

Wherein monomer is a repeating unit comprising 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 carbon atoms and the monomers are linked together through amide or ester bonds; n is about 6 to about 1000; and linker is an optionally substituted carbon chain that is optionally interrupted by moieties such as oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, or silicon. Charge is a moiety having a positive or negative charge on a heteroatom, such as nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, or sulfur; where the linker separates the monomer and the charge by at least six linear atoms.


Beverage can with antenna for data transmission

A can includes an at least partially electrically conductive body having a seal region delimited by a predetermined breaking edge on a front wall. An opening element bears against the front wall and is connected to the front wall at least at one point in an initial position.
Seibersdorf Labor Gmbh


Roof panel for a motor vehicle

A roof panel for the passenger cabin of a motor vehicle includes a composite or plastic panel-like body and a metal frame that runs continuously along a periphery of the plastic body. The metal frame prevents the thermal expansion of the plastic body at high temperatures, so the expansion of the entire roof panel approximates that of an equivalent metal roof panel.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Bring call here selectively

A communication system includes logic to detect a second communication device in proximity to a first communication device engaged in a call, and to provide a substantially uninterrupted transfer of selected parties to the call to the second communication device. A proximate device may be identified as one capable of rendering a particular data type, and a substantially uninterrupted transfer may be performed to the proximate device of data of the communications having the data type.
Searete Llc


Method for controlling an energy storage system

A method for controlling an energy storage system. The same battery system shall support multiple services at the same time.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Trip light circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is referenced that has an indicator lamp that identifies a fault condition after power is interrupted to the circuit breaker. This solution uses light emitting diodes (leds) to indicate the trip condition.


Perimeter security surveillance system

An integrated system is disclosed that provides robust and uninterrupted security over a broad range of applications that features a security assembly having multiple sensory functionality for detection, identification, and analysis of a potential intruder seeking to gain unauthorized access to a secure facility. In one embodiment, the security system integrates multiple sensor systems for the detection and identification subterranean as well as terrestrial breach..
Technology Mining Company, Llc


Handling access attributes for data accesses

A data processing apparatus (2) has processing circuitry (4) for executing first software (12) at a first privilege level el1 and second software (10) at a second privilege level el2 higher than the first privilege level. Attributes may be set by the first and second software (10, 12) to indicate whether execution of the data access instruction can be interrupted.
Arm Limited


Scale treatment apparatus

Disclosed is a scale treatment apparatus for changing structures of water and various mineral materials in a pipe and supplying activation energy, thereby preventing the accumulation of, as well as removing, amorphous caco3 or sediment in the pipe. This scale treatment apparatus includes: an interrupted direct current supply unit for alternately outputting low-frequency interrupted direct current and high-frequency interrupted direct current at a predetermined time interval; and a magnetic field generation unit provided to the pipe while being connected to the interrupted direct current supply unit such that an intermittently vibrating electromagnetic field is generated by low-frequency interrupted direct current and high-frequency interrupted direct current, which are alternately output from the interrupted direct current supply unit, and is then applied to the pipe, wherein the interrupted direct current supply unit includes a power supply circuit to which direct current power is supplied, a basic frequency oscillation circuit connected to the power supply circuit, a low-frequency oscillation circuit and a high-frequency oscillation circuit, connected to the basic frequency oscillation circuit, an interrupted direct current circuit connected to the low-frequency oscillation circuit and the high-frequency oscillation circuit such that a low frequency emitted from the low-frequency oscillation circuit is converted into low-frequency interrupted direct current and a high frequency emitted from the high-frequency oscillation circuit is converted into high-frequency interrupted direct current, and an alternate output circuit connected to the interrupted direct current circuit such that low-frequency interrupted direct current and high-frequency interrupted direct current, which are applied, are alternately output at a predetermined time interval..
Hs Innotech Inc.


Cutting insert and pocket with uninterrupted and continuous seating surface perimeter

A round cutting insert has a seating surface with a plurality of projections formed on the seating surface proximate a central opening. The projections do not extend to an outer perimeter of the seating surface such that the outer perimeter is continuous and uninterrupted a full 360 degrees.
Kennametal Inc.


Method and circuit arrangement for protecting against scanning of an address space

A circuit arrangement and method for securing an integrated electronic circuit against scans of an address space, wherein the circuit arrangement has at least one master unit and at least one slave unit interconnected via a bus system for access of the master unit to the slave unit, and addresses are used from an address space that is allocated and used in accordance with functionalities of the integrated electronic circuit, where a defense slave unit is connected to the bus system, access to unused address regions of the address space are forwarded to the defense slave unit, the access is analyzed and evaluated by the defense slave unit and depending on an analysis result and the respective access type, defensive measures are triggered, such that address space scans are interrupted or a potential scan result is rendered useless in a simple manner.. .
Siemens Ag Österreich


Polarization filter having metallic webs

The present invention relates to a polarization filter which is formed by at least one periodic line grid made from parallel extending metallic webs on a dielectric layer. The metallic webs are interrupted in their longitudinal extension by slots.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Gearing having a pinion and a wheel

A gearing is described as having a pinion and a wheel, the wheel having two toothing regions which are set apart from each other, in particular on one of its end faces, the toothing of the pinion meshing with the toothing regions, the toothing in particular being continuous, i.e., uninterrupted throughout, the pinion axis being perpendicular to and set apart from the wheel axis. .
Sew-eurodrive Gmbh & Co. Kg


Valve assembly for an is machine

A valve assembly (1) which is intended for differentiated track-by-track control of the movement mechanisms of an is machine and can therefore be used in a modular manner consists of a valve support (2′) and a head part (22) which supports two pilot control valves (3, 5), two safety valves (4, 6) and two switching valves as one assembly. By way of actuation of the safety valves (4, 6), the feed of control air to the switching valves can be interrupted, which switching valves are assigned, for example, to the opening movement and the closing movement, respectively, of a closing cylinder which is assigned to a preform.
Heye International Gmbh


Medical infusion pump with power source voltage logging and logging a power source voltage in a medical infusion pump

A medical infusion pump and a method for logging a power source voltage of a medical infusion pump are disclosed. The medical pump may include a power source, a processor, and a voltage supervisor which responds if a voltage (vdd) drops to a response voltage level which is above a reset voltage level of the processor.
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Endoprosthesis having a nanostructured and coated surface

An endoprosthesis has a surface area which comprises a metal, a metal alloy, a ceramic, a platic material or a fiber-reinforced plastic material, and is uninterruptedly covered with a tissue-inductive or anticoagulant coating, at least partially. The surface area to which the coating is applied has been provided prior to that application with nanostructures having a height and a width in the range of 5 to 999 nm.
Airbus Defense And Space Gmbh


Secure, uninterrupted operation of mobile devices

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system and method for secure, uninterrupted operation of a mobile device. The method includes identifying, at repeated intervals, a voice of a device operator.
Thomson Licensing


Terrestrial based high speed data communications mesh network

A network for providing high speed data communications may include multiple terrestrial transmission stations that are located within overlapping communications range and a mobile receiver station. The terrestrial transmission stations provide a continuous and uninterrupted high speed data communications link with the mobile receiver station employing a wireless radio access network protocol..
Smartsky Networks Llc


Display device

By a simple circuit configuration, luminance unevenness is suppressed, and charge remaining after a power source supply is interrupted is suppressed. A slope control unit (52) generates a switch control signal (von) having a waveform with a falling slope, by switching between a grounded state of being connected to a ground and an ungrounded state, and modulating the waveform of a high voltage (vgh), and in a case where a power supply from the outside is interrupted, the slope control unit (52) is in the ungrounded state..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Thermostat switching circuitry robust against anomalous hvac control line conditions

A thermostat may include hvac wire connectors that receive a call relay wire and a power return wire, switching elements having a first operating state in which they create a connection between the call relay wire and the power return wire and a second operating state in which the connection between the call relay wire and the power return wire is interrupted. The thermostat may also include control circuitry configured to cause the switching elements to operate in the first operating state to actuate an hvac function; detect an anomaly associated with measurements from power monitoring circuitry; cause the switching elements to operate in the second operating state for at least a first time interval; and after the expiration of the first time interval, cause the one or more switching elements to operate in the first operating state and determine whether the anomaly is still present..
Google Inc.


Novel composite material, and polymer coating material precursor produced using same

A novel material is provided herein which is suitable for use in a precursor of a polymer coating material that coats a polymer on a surface of a base material to provide the base material with surface modification and/or functionality assignment. A composite material characterized in that a compound having a polymerization initiation site containing a halogen group is incorporated in a crosslinked structure comprising a catechol derivative or a phenol derivative represented by the following formula (i).
Japan Science And Technology Agency


Safety intravenous catheter with friction-based retention and disabling feature

A catheter and introducer needle assembly, including a flexible catheter and a catheter hub having an uninterrupted outer surface portion, a luer-connecting feature, and a disabling feature. The assembly includes an introducer needle disposed in the catheter, a needle shield having a resilient clip adapted to flex between first and second positions in a plane perpendicular to the introducer needle.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Methods and computer systems with provisions for high availability of cryptographic keys

Shared file systems and methods ensuring high availability of cryptographic keys. The keys are encrypted with at least one shareable master key to generate corresponding encrypted cryptographic keys, which are stored in a key database in the shared file system.


Scalable hybrid backup energy storage system with integrated control for extended operational life

A low-cost hybrid backup energy system that consists of (1) a battery bank that includes one or more power converters, (2) dc-link capacitors, (3) a compressed air energy storage system, that is composed of an air compressor(s), one or more gas storage tanks, one or more efficient pneumatic motors, pressure regulators, one or more electrical generators, and one or more power converters, and (4) one integrated master controller. This hybrid system is used to provide uninterrupted, immediate, and sustained dc energy supply when outages occur to feed power converters (ac) such as a ups or similar for long or intermediate durations of time to allow uninterrupted operations in data centers, hospitals, telecommunication stations, and other critical loads.


Controller an electro-hydraulic drive unit

A drive control device for operating an electro-hydraulic drive which has an electric motor with a variable rotational speed, a hydraulic pump which is driven by the electric motor, a hydraulic consumer with a movable element and hydromechanical safety device which is configured to be able to interrupt a flow of hydraulic fluid between the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic consumer, comprises a controller configured to actuate the electric motor for operation, and to interrupt the operation of the electric motor. The drive control device is configured to actuate the hydromechanical safety device in such a way that the flow of hydraulic fluid between the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic consumer is interrupted..


Hazard highlighting method and apparatus

A method of hazard highlighting for drawing visual attention to the alignment of first and second members, the first member having a first plane working surface and a first working edge; the second member having a second plane working surface and a second working edge; the first and second working edges being separated by a working clearance; the first and second members being displaceable relative to one another wherein, in a first operating configuration, the first and second plane working surfaces lie in a common plane with the first and second working edges juxtaposed with the working clearances separated by a minimum distance; and, in a second configuration, the first and second plane working surfaces do not lie in the common plane and the first and second working edges are displaced from one another to a greater or lesser degree with the working edges being separated by a distance greater than minimum; the method including the step of projecting a light ray or pattern from a location associated with the first working surface towards the second working surface and across the working clearance so that to an observer situated above the first and second working surfaces and in the first configuration the projected light ray or pattern appears as a continuous image extending across both working surfaces; and in the second configuration the projected light ray or pattern becomes an image visually interrupted in the vicinity of the working clearance by comparison with the continuous image of the first configuration.. .


Method and system for producing sand moulds

The method for the stepwise production and advancing of sand mold parts in a mold-string foundry plant comprising a station (1) for making mold parts, a pouring station (3) and a conveyor (2) for stepwise advancing of mold parts (101-109) from said station (1) for making mold parts towards said pouring station (3), includes the step of double indexing the mold parts using a first, moveable, part (21) of the conveyor. By double indexing the mold string, the time during which pouring into the molds has to be interrupted can be reduced..


Cue with solid core construction

A pool cue includes a butt having: an elongate central butt core, extending uninterrupted from a rearmost end of the butt to a foremost end of the butt; one or more oversleeves arranged about the central butt core and abutting one another; and a forward threaded butt connector positioned on the foremost end of the butt, the forward threaded butt connector operable to mate with a corresponding threaded shaft connector of a cue shaft. A shaft has: an elongate shaft sleeve, extending from a rearmost end of the shaft to a foremost end of the shaft; an elongate central shaft core, extending uninterrupted from the rearmost end of the shaft to the foremost end of the shaft; and a rearward threaded shaft connector positioned on the rearmost end of the shaft, the rearward threaded shaft connector operable to mate with the threaded butt connector..


Systems and methods for digital radio broadcast with cross platform reception

Systems and methods are described for rendering content at a digital radio broadcast receiver system. A digital radio broadcast signal comprises data for rendering content at the digital radio broadcast receiver.


Method of hot forming hybrid parts

A method of hot forming hybrid parts wherein side-by-side with a thin-walled piece of steel stock, which has been heated to austenite temperature, another piece of stock of another formable metal is placed, the processing temperature of this formable metal corresponds to the temperature at which quenching of the steel stock is interrupted within an interval between the ms and mf temperatures. The steel stock and formable metal are then formed together, while the temperature decreases to a temperature which is close to the forming tool temperature.


Vehicle floor system

A vehicle floor system and method of manufacturing is provided having a lower layer, an upper layer, and a series of core sections interrupted by transverse structural members. The layers are impregnated with a heat-curable adhesive.


Controller for wire electric discharge machine having consumable exchange function

A controller for a wire electric discharge machine recognizes that a consumable, such as a filter, an electrode pin, and an ion exchange resin, has reached the end of its life and the timing at which discharge machining is interrupted and temporarily stops programmed operation in accordance with the timing. When receiving an evaluation result representing that time for exchange of the consumable has been reached, the controller instructs a consumable exchanging unit, such as a robot, to cause it to exchange the consumable for automatic exchange of the consumable.


Body fluid flow non-interrupting type balloon catheter

A balloon catheter provides pressure-contact to a wall of a lumen or a stent or a stent graft in the lumen without interrupting body fluid flow such as blood when the balloon is expanded in the lumen. The balloon catheter includes a single balloon arranged at a distal side of a catheter shaft, and three line-shaped portions extending outside the balloon over the entire length of the balloon along an axial direction of the catheter shaft at even intervals in a circumferential direction.


Extra-corporeal blood treatment device and switching off or reducing the speed of a non-occluding pump in a fluid system of an extra-corporeal blood device

An extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus having a fluid system and a pump for conveying fluid in the fluid system, wherein the pump is a non-occluding pump, and a method for shutting off or reducing the speed of rotation of a non-occluding pump in a fluid system of an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus. The apparatus and the method are characterized in that before the speed of rotation is reduced or the pump is shut off, the fluid flow into the feed line and out of the discharge line is first interrupted, and after a predetermined time interval after interruption of the fluid flow has elapsed, the speed of rotation of the pump is reduced or the pump is shut off.


Lighting system and control device

A lighting system includes a lighting fixture, a demand controller and a control board. The demand controller obtains power usage of a plurality of devices including the lighting fixture and, outputs a demand signal depending on the power usage obtained.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Methods to preemptively search and select lte-direct expressions for uninterrupted device-to-device communication

The disclosure generally relates to preemptively searching and selecting lte-direct expressions to maintain continuity in availing services via lte-direct and thereby support uninterrupted device-to-device (d2d) communication when a current lte-direct session experiences loss or degradation. For example, in various embodiments, a wireless device may establish a first d2d connection with a peer device to access a service shared at the peer device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Simultaneous uninterrupted media play and call management

A method and an electronic device employing an uninterrupted media play and call management system (umpcms) are provided for managing an incoming call without interrupting playing of media on the electronic device. The umpcms receives an indication of the incoming call, generates a notification object with one or more call management options for the incoming call in a configurable format based on preconfigured criteria, and overlays the generated notification object with the call management options on a graphical user interface (gui) provided by the umpcms, while supporting continued playing of the media on the electronic device via the gui without interruption by the incoming call.
All Phase Consulting, Inc.


System for operating and monitoring power cables

The present invention refers to a system for remotely operating and monitoring the integrity of hv/mv/lv (high voltage/medium voltage/low voltage), mono phasic or three-phase, power cables, regardless of the cable being under tension, wherein the protection against theft of power cables is one of several advantageous uses. The present invention is based on the principle of two-way communication between two modules, installed one on each end of the cable being operated and/or monitored, using the cable itself to communicate and is characterized by a communication master module (4) installed upstream to the infrastructure, slave modules (12), installed at each end located downstream, and bypass modules (9) to pass through circuit breakers.


Interruption of a page miss handler

A first operation associated with a request for a page miss handler may be identified. A second operation associated with a current execution of the page miss handler may also be identified.
Intel Corporation


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an image bearing member, a developing device, a supplying device, and a controller. The controller can execute a normal supply mode and a forced supply mode on the basis of a difference between a toner supply amount in the normal supply mode and a supply amount of the toner to be supplied to the developing device.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Solar light management

A translucent construction element comprising a layer of translucent substrate, which contains a surface structured with nanoplanes of inclined angle relative to the substrate plane, and coated with an interrupted metallic layer covering at least a part of said nanoplanes, is characterized by a high density of interruptions in the metallic layer of low thickness; the periodicity of interruptions in the metallic layer generally is from the range 50 to 1000 nm and the thickness of the metallic layer typically is from the range 1 to 50 nm. The construction element may be integrated, for example, into windows, plastic films or sheets or glazings, especially for the purpose of light management..
Basf Se


Electronic apparatus

An electronic apparatus includes a first voltage detection circuit which detects when a voltage, becomes higher than a first level after the voltage starts to be supplied to a peripheral circuit, and detects when the voltage becomes lower than a second level after a supply of the voltage to the peripheral circuit starts to be interrupted, and a second voltage detection circuit which detects when the voltage becomes lower than a reference level while the peripheral circuit operates. The second level is lower than the reference level..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Refrigerated enclosure with health related functions

A refrigerated cooler for storing food and other applications having a controller and a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature inside the food compartment and compares the monitored temperature to a stored predetermined temperature and a controller controlled door lock that is placed in the lock position by the controller if the monitored temperature is compared to be greater than the stored predetermined temperature or if the supply of power to the cooler is interrupted to restrict a customer's access to the food inside that may be unsafe due to the monitored temperature being greater than the stored predetermined temperature.. .
Royal Vendors, Inc.


Ejection controller and ejection control injection molding machine

In an ejection controller for an injection molding machine, an image of an ejection process for a molded article is captured, a point in time when the molded article starts to drop from a mold is obtained as a drop start time point, an ejection stop time point is set based on the obtained drop start time point, and an ejection operation of an ejection device is interrupted at the set time point. Thus, the ejection is interrupted in a predetermined position, so that an operator can manually remove the molded article..
Fanuc Corporation


Driving-in device and using a driving-in device

A device for driving a fastening element into a substratum comprises a mechanical energy store for storing mechanical energy, an energy transfer apparatus for transferring energy from an electrical energy source to the mechanical energy store, and an electronic control apparatus, which is supplied with electrical energy by the electrical energy source and is suitable for initiating an energy withdrawal process when the supply of energy to the control apparatus by the electrical energy source is interrupted. In the energy withdrawal process, energy possibly stored in the mechanical energy store is converted into electrical energy and fed to the control apparatus in order to supply the control apparatus..
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Device, system and positive pressure ventilation (ppv) resuscitation to continuous positive airway pressure (cpap)

The resuscitation method and device incorporates a t-piece and/or bag and mask resuscitation device that transforms into short term (and then long term) cpap device. This results in continuum of respiratory care in the delivery room, and potentially in the nursery.
General Electric Company


Network security and variable pulse wave form with continuous communication

A pulsed light communication device has a plurality of indicator light emitting diodes emitting diodes emitting at least one of a plurality of wavelengths of colored light to correspond to a designated color assigned to a security level for a network. A continuous uninterrupted modulated pulsed light emitting diode light signal may be generated having a sensitivity threshold detection level exceeding minimal parameters of a photodetector..
Federal Law Enforcement Development Services, Inc.


Smart junction box for photovoltaic solar power modules with safe mode and related operation

The invention comprises: a smart junction box with a safe mode for photovoltaic solar power modules; and the related method of operation. Power mosfets are used as active bypass diodes during the normal operation of the smart junction box, but in safe mode the power mosfets are turned on continuously, thereby reducing the output voltage to a safe level of approximately 200 mv.
Sunfield Semiconductor Inc.


Binary translator with precise exception synchronization mechanism

A source computer system with one instruction set architecture (isa) is configured to run on a target hardware system that has its own isa, which may be the same as the source isa. In cases where the source instructions cannot be executed directly on the target system, the invention provides binary translation system.
Vmware, Inc.


Solar thermal heat exchanger

The described embodiments provide thermal energy via solar powered heat exchangers. This energy can be implemented to heat hot water or heat residential/commercial structures.


Bonding composition and component thereof, and using the same

A two-part bonding composition includes parts a and b. Part a includes an organoborane-base complex and reactive diluent.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Hybrid vehicle, and control hybrid vehicle

At the time of changing from an ev mode, in which a hybrid vehicle travels with the use of a second motor provided on an output side of a differential mechanism while torque that acts on any one of rotating elements of the differential mechanism is interrupted by a clutch, to an hv mode, in which the hybrid vehicle travels while transmitting output torque of an engine to a drive wheel, when the engine is started in a state where the clutch is slipped and torque is transmitted from the engine so as to increase the rotation speed of the first rotating element while the clutch is slipped, torque starts being output from a first motor such that torque input from the first rotating element to the differential mechanism to increase the rotation speed of the drive wheel is output from the third rotating element.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Audio system with integrated power, audio signal and control distribution

A control and distribution system provides electrical power distribution, audio signal distribution, and control signal distribution to one or more audio components, such as a powered loudspeaker element or a signal conditioning device such as a rack-mounted amplifier. Embodiments allow for the monitoring and/or control of parameters and/or components at or near the endpoint of the system.
Adamson Systems Engineering Inc.


Systems and methods for interrupted program recording

Program recording systems and methods are operable to adjust recording times of a program of interest in response to an occurrence of an interrupting program that alters the scheduled recording times of the program of interest. An exemplary embodiment receives an unscheduled program flag (upf) corresponding to an occurrence of an unscheduled program; adjusts at least one of a scheduled recording start time associated with the program of interest to an updated record start time and a scheduled recording end time associated with the program of interest to an updated record end time in response to receiving the upf; and records the program of interest based upon at least one of the updated record start time and the updated record end time..
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Power management transfer system and method

A method and system for supplying electric power to a plurality of priority loads from either a utility power source or a secondary power source, such as a generator. A control unit monitors the power draw by each of a plurality of priority loads and base loads during the supply of electric power from the utility power source.
Briggs & Stratton Corporation


High-frequency signal transmission line and electronic device

A high-frequency signal transmission line includes an element, a linear signal line provided at the element and including a first end and a second end, and at least one ground conductor provided at the element and extending along the signal line. The element includes stacked insulating layers.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


High-performance sas target

A method for data storage includes, in a storage device that communicates with a host over a storage interface for executing a storage command in a memory of the storage device, estimating an expected data under-run between fetching data for the storage command from the memory and sending the data over the storage interface. A data size to be prefetched from the memory, in order to complete uninterrupted execution of the storage command, is calculated in the storage device based on the estimated data under-run.
Apple Inc.


Scaffolding pipe of a structural scaffolding system and scaffolding element

A scaffolding pipe of a structural scaffolding system extends from a first axial pipe end to an opposing second axial pipe end. A receiving portion is provided on the first axial pipe end and an insertion portion is provided on the second axial pipe end.
Peri Gmbh


Dental materials on the basis of urea group-containing monomers

In which r1 and r2 are in each case independently of each other an aliphatic c1-c15 radical which can be interrupted by —o—, —s—, —co—o—; x is a radically polymerizable group; y is a radically polymerizable group or an acid group; n, m are in each case independently of each other 1, 2, or 3.. .


Method for operating a floor-cleaning device and floor-cleaning device

A method for operating a self-propelling and self-steering floor-cleaning device is provided, wherein at least one map of at least one room to be cleaned is storable in a storage unit of the floor-cleaning device, as is a user-predeterminable cleaning plan having one or more cleaning tasks, wherein at least one cleaning task is associated with a particular room that is identifiable from a map, and the floor-cleaning device is placed in a room. In order to provide a method of this kind that enables efficient execution of the cleaning plan, when the cleaning plan is executed, the floor-cleaning device determines whether the room in which it is placed is the particular room, and, if the result of this determination is negative, performance of the cleaning task is not carried out, is interrupted, or is ended.
Robart Gmbh


Message management

One embodiment relates to a message management method comprising an interception process for intercepting a first message sent to a device of a user; an estimation process for estimating a level referred to as the “user interruptibility level” representing the extent to which the user can be interrupted in their current activity; an estimation process for estimating a level of importance of the first message; and a processing process for processing the first message as a function of the user interruptibility level and of the importance level of the first message.. .


Facet-free strained silicon transistor

The presence of a facet or a void in an epitaxially grown crystal indicates that crystal growth has been interrupted by defects or by certain material boundaries. Faceting can be suppressed during epitaxial growth of silicon compounds that form source and drain regions of strained silicon transistors.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.


Interactions with contextual and task-based computing environments

Concepts and technologies are described herein for interacting with contextual and task-focused computing environments. Tasks associated with applications are described by task data.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Vehicle wheel speed detection system and method

A sensor apparatus for detecting a wheel speed of a vehicle has a rod-shaped sensor carrier and a sensor, which is introduced into the sensor carrier and, in order to detect the wheel speed, senses the rotation of a rotor rotating together with the wheel. The sensor apparatus has a carrier structure for accommodating the sensor and a potting compound for filling the sensor carrier.
Wabco Gmbh


B-ketophosphonic acids and dental materials based thereon

In which a=an aliphatic c1-c18 radical which can be interrupted by —o—, —s—, —co—o— or —o—co—c—; n=1, 2, 3 or 4; m=1 or 2; x=absent or a c1-c10 radical which can be interrupted by —o—, —s—, —co—c—, —o—co—nh— or —co—nr1—, wherein r1 is h or c1-c7-alkyl; and pg=a group which can undergo free radical polymerization. The β-ketophosphonic acids are suitable in particular for the preparation of dental materials..


Process for preparing phthalic anhydride

The present invention relates to a process for preparing phthalic anhydride by gas phase oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons, in which a gas stream comprising at least one aromatic hydrocarbon and molecular oxygen is passed continuously over a thermostatted catalyst and the supply of the at least one aromatic hydrocarbon to the catalyst is temporarily interrupted after putting the catalyst on stream.. .
Basf Se


Cosmetic use as deodorant active agent of a siliceous material obtained by hydrolysis and condensation of a tetraalkoxysilane and of a c7-c20-alkyltrialkoxysilane

The invention thus relates to the cosmetic use of a siliceous material that may be obtained by hydrolysis and condensation, in the presence of water, of at least one tetraalkoxysilane of formula (i) below: si(or2)4 (i) and of an alkyltrialkoxysilane of formula (ii) below: r1si(or2)3 (h) in which: r1 denotes a c7 to c20 alkyl group, optionally interrupted in its chain with an o or s atom or with an nh group or a carbonyl group (co), r2 denotes a c1-c4 alkyl group. Preferentially, the siliceous material is present in a composition comprising a cosmetically acceptable medium.


Dental implant socket arrangement

Dental implant having a socket arrangement having the shape of a regular octagon which is partly interrupted by outwardly extending notches being parallel or parallel and partly inclined with respect to the longitudinal center axis of the implant, the inclination being such as to taper inwardly from their coronal end, wherein interrupting and outwardly extending ridges extending from the notches in an apical direction of the dental implant, first contact surfaces being adapted to engage and rotationally secure an abutment, and wherein second contact surfaces extend from the notches within the ridges in the direction of the longitudinal center axis, the second contact surfaces being adapted to engage with an insertion tool; and wherein the notches are positioned at sides or at corners of the regular octagon.. .
Straumann Holding Ag


Method, system, player and mobile terminal for online video playback

A method for online video playback includes: loading the first video segment corresponding to the lowest class of bit rates from the version of the lowest class of bit rates at an initial playback; and choosing to load and play a video segment corresponding to an appropriate class of bit rates according to the bit rate corresponding to the current network traffic and the resolution supported by a playing terminal after the video has been playing steadily. The method for online video playback can automatically choose to play videos encoded at an appropriate bit rate according to the current internet speed so that the playback is smooth and uninterrupted..
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co, Ltd


Power supply system and voltage control fuel cell

A voltage control method for a fuel cell may include: interrupting electrical connection between the fuel cell and a load in a low load state; supplying oxygen to the fuel cell in accordance with a preset condition during the electrical connection is interrupted; detecting an ocv of the fuel cell after oxygen is supplied to the fuel cell in accordance with the preset condition; reducing an amount of oxygen supplied to the fuel cell when the ocv is higher than a target voltage by a first value or larger; increasing the amount of oxygen when the ocv is lower than the target voltage by a second value or larger; and keeping the amount of oxygen when the ocv is lower than a sum of the target voltage and the first value and higher than a value obtained by subtracting the second value from the target voltage.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Fuel cell system and control the same

A fuel cell system 10 includes a fuel cell 20, gas supply systems 30, 40, which supply gases to the fuel cell 20, and a controller 60, which controls the gas supply systems 30, 40. During a non-operation period of the fuel cell 20, the controller 60 controls the gas supply systems 30, 40 to carry out the scavenging treatment.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Device and supplying a fuel cell battery

A device in which an environmental air flow is monitored by a monitoring element and in which a natural gas flow is interrupted by a shut-off element on recognition of an insufficient environmental air flow. To allow a continuous operation of the fuel cell battery the monitoring element is short-circuited by a bridging device and that its operability can thus be checked without the environmental air flow having to be interrupted.
Hexis Ag


Semiconductor field plate for compound semiconductor devices

A transistor includes a source, a drain spaced apart from the source, and a heterostructure body having a two-dimensional charge carrier gas channel for connecting the source and the drain. The transistor further includes a semiconductor field plate disposed between the source and the drain.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

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