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Interrupted patents

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Fluted sprocket/cog bore for reduced machining cycle times and reduced tool wear

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Method and test station for radio production test patent thumbnailnew patent Method and test station for radio production test
The embodiments disclose a method and test station for radio production test with respect to one and more tdd radio units, which are tested by the respective test stations simultaneously. The method comprises assigning a test case in a test suite with a time fragment which is used to executed the test case by a test station, the execution of the test case will not be interrupted within the time fragment; obtaining the execution information of the test cases being executed by other test stations; determining whether there is an interference between the execution of the test case and the execution of the test cases being executed by the other test stations based on the executed by the other test stations based on the execution case when determining that the interference will not present..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Housing of a driving device patent thumbnailnew patent Housing of a driving device
A housing of a driving device, in particular an electric motor adjustment drive for a motor vehicle, has a housing opening, which is covered by a gas-permeable membrane, in particular a membrane that is impermeable to liquid. The housing opening is surrounded by a collar contour, which is interrupted locally at the circumference and within which the membrane lies..
Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Wuerzburg

 Substrate processing method patent thumbnailnew patent Substrate processing method
A substrate processing method which can increase the yield by reprocessing a substrate whose processing has been interrupted by a processing interruption command during a substrate processing is disclosed. A substrate processing method performs a predetermined processing of a substrate while sequentially transporting the substrate to a plurality of processing sections according to a preset recipe.
Ebara Corporation

 Method of growing nitride semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Method of growing nitride semiconductor device
A method to produce a nitride semiconductor device is disclosed, the method includes a step to grow sequentially, on a substrate, an aln layer, a algan layer with the al composition not less than 2.5% but not greater than 9%, a gan layer with a thickness not less than 250 nm but not greater than 1400 nm. A feature of the process is that, after the growth of the algan layer but before the growth of the gan layer, at least the source gases for the group iii elements are interrupted to be supplied for a period of not less than 80 seconds but not longer than 220 seconds..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

 Mechanism to handle interrupted playback experience for media items in playlists patent thumbnailnew patent Mechanism to handle interrupted playback experience for media items in playlists
A method may include in response to a user request for a playlist, identifying, by a processing device, a plurality of media items from the playlist, for each of the plurality of media items, determining whether a respective media item is available for a playback on a user device, in response to a determination that the respective media item is not available for the playback on the user device, causing the use device to advance to a next media item on the playlist without user interaction, and in response to a determination that the respective media item is available for the playback on the user device, causing the user device to play the respective media item.. .
Google, Inc.

 High speed serial link in-band lane fail over for ras and power management patent thumbnailnew patent High speed serial link in-band lane fail over for ras and power management
A system and method provide a communications link having a plurality of lanes, and an in-band, real-time physical layer protocol that keeps all lanes on-line, while failing lanes are removed, for continuous service during fail over operations. Lane status is monitored real-time at the physical layer receiver, where link error rate, per lane error performance, and other channel metrics are known.
Silicon Graphics International Corp.

 Bandwidth-conscious  providing information management system services patent thumbnailnew patent Bandwidth-conscious providing information management system services
Lightweight information management operations described herein enable information management operations to be performed while, e.g., network bandwidth is limited and/or while network bandwidth use is costly. In some implementations, an information management system assigns priority to files/folders/data objects on a client device based on a user's interactions with the device.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

 Printer control device, printing system, and control method patent thumbnailnew patent Printer control device, printing system, and control method
A control device of a printer can delete unnecessary data left in the printer when processing is interrupted without relying on user intervention. A control device of a printer that prints according to print data has a transmission monitor unit that sends the print data to the printer.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Image forming apparatus, terminal device, image forming system and computer program patent thumbnailnew patent Image forming apparatus, terminal device, image forming system and computer program
A multifunction peripheral (100) is connected to a terminal device (200) via a communication link, receives image data transmitted from the terminal device (200) and forms an image based on the image data. Further, the multifunction peripheral (100) detects the state of connection of the communication link and thereby detects whether or not communication with the terminal device (200) is interrupted.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Fluted sprocket/cog bore for reduced machining cycle times and reduced tool wear patent thumbnailnew patent Fluted sprocket/cog bore for reduced machining cycle times and reduced tool wear
A rotary member (10) of an endless loop power transmission system can have a hub (12) for a centered connection to a shaft. The hub (12) can have a central aperture (18) extending therethrough and a plurality of radially inwardly projecting and axially extending flutes (14) formed on an inner circumferential surface (16) of the central aperture (18) defining reduced circumferential surface areas (16a) for machining a central bore (18a) through the hub (12).
Borgwarner Inc.

new patent

Electric brake apparatus

An electric brake apparatus includes an electric actuator configured to actuate a brake mechanism according to an actuation request signal, and an actuator controller configured to control an operation of the electric actuator with use of a power source mounted at a vehicle to perform control of holding and a release of braking by the brake mechanism. When a system recovers and the actuator controller detects that the control of the holding or the release has been interrupted with an uncompleted control state since system down occurred in the middle of the control of the holding or the release of the braking by the brake mechanism, the actuator controller maintains the interrupted state until a new actuation request signal is issued, and controls the operation of the electric actuator according to the content of the new actuation request signal..
Mazda Motor Corporation

new patent

System and developing a program for providing therapeutic electrical stimulation for treating a patient

A stimulation system, such as a spinal cord stimulation (scs) system, having a programmer for establishing a program to treat a patient. The programmer uses a discretized, interrupted, and safe spatial electrode migration process for establishing the stimulation program..
Greatbatch Ltd.


Digital image processing apparatus and controlling the same

A digital image processing apparatus and a method of controlling the same. When the composition of a subject displayed on a display of the apparatus is changed during application of a first shutter-release signal, a current auto-focus (af) region moves along with the subject and displayed on the display at the same time as the subject.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Information terminal apparatus used in conference and conference system

In accordance with one embodiment, an information terminal apparatus comprises a storage section, a network interface and a control section. The storage section stores data to be used in a conference.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha


Control circuit for multiphase switching converter to reduce overshoot and associated control method

A multiphase switching converter having a plurality of switching circuits and a control circuit, the plurality of switching circuits provide an output voltage, the control circuit provides a plurality of switching control signals to turn on the plurality of switching circuits successively based on the output voltage and a reference signal, when the output voltage is detected overshooting, the control circuit turns off a current switching circuit, and when the output voltage is detected recovering from overshooting, the control circuit turns on the current switching circuit again for a first time period until a sum of the first time period and a second time period achieves a predetermined value, wherein the second time period is a time period the current switching circuit maintains on uninterruptedly before the output voltage is detected overshooting.. .
Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and battery voltage monitoring device

In battery voltage monitoring ics for measuring voltages of unit cells of an assembled battery, communication with a system control unit is realized in consideration of fail-safe. The system control unit and the battery voltage monitoring ics are coupled to each other by a communication path using a daisy chain.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Wafer level packages and methods for producing wafer level packages having delamination-resistant redistribution layers

Wafer level packages and methods for producing wafer level packages having delamination-resistant redistribution layers are provided. In one embodiment, the method includes building inner redistribution layers over a semiconductor die.


Weighing system and weighing method having weighing uninterrupted functions

Where f is a non-linear mapping; and w1 . .


Method of continuously raising and lowering oilfield saft drillstring and twin travelling slips apparatus

Disclosed is a method of continuously raising and lowering an oilfield shaft drillstring using a double traveling slips device, wherein two sets of traveling slip mechanism form the two traveling slip mechanisms to form the two traveling slips device, the first set of traveling slip mechanisms and the second set of traveling mechanisms are respectively mounted on a pithead apparatus (10) to constitute a continuous raising and lowering system. In the process of raising and lowering an oilshaft drill-string, the slips (1, 4) of each set of traveling slip mechanisms alternately clamp or release the drillstring, ensuring a continuous raising and lowering motion for the drillstring (9) from beginning to end under the clamping of the slips, and achieving uninterrupted operation.
Songyuan City Forward Petroleum Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.


Purification process of nascent dna

A method for initiating the replication of a deoxyribonucleic acid molecule includes inserting into the dna at least one nucleic acid molecule representing a multicellular dna replication origin. The replication origin contains at least nine nucleotides and contains at least three uninterrupted origin repeating elements (ore), each ore having the sequence n3gn4, wherein n3 is t or g and n4 is g or c.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (cnrs)


Charged-particle beam therapy controlling charged-particle beam therapy apparatus

A charged-particle beam therapy apparatus includes: an accelerator configured to accelerate a charged particle and emit a charged-particle beam; an irradiation unit configured to irradiate an irradiated body with the charged-particle beam using a scanning method; and a control unit. The control unit stores a control pattern of the apparatus during one treatment.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Method and providing hibernation of multi-mode mobile terminal

A method and apparatus minimize current consumption related to accessing a local network in a multi-mode mobile terminal. Current location information of the multi-mode mobile terminal is checked through a first communication module.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Optimization of mobile phone service during power failure

Optimization of mobile telecommunications service during a power outage at one or more base stations, wherein optimization includes identifying one or more of a plurality of base stations to which non-emergency electrical power has been interrupted; determining an initial number of users in areas corresponding to the one or more of the plurality of base stations; generating a user location probability model and a user call probability model; scheduling initial battery power operation for the plurality of base stations; monitoring user calls and user movement after the battery power operation has started; updating the user location probability model and the user call probability model based on the monitoring; and updating battery power operation scheduling for the plurality of base stations.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Remote access manager for virtual computing services

A remote access manager in a virtual computing services environment negotiates a time limited nat routing rule to establish a connection between a remote device and virtual desktop resource providing user computing services. A series of nat connection rules are revised in a dynamic manner such that a pool of ports is available to connect a plurality of remote users to local virtual compute resources over one or more public ip addresses.
Desktone, Inc.


Methods and systems of playing multi-license media content

Methods and systems described herein play multi-license media contents. A multi-license media content includes digital assets, at least one of which is encrypted and requires one or more licenses to be decrypted when being played.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Job plan creation system

Provided is a job plan creation system capable of creating an efficient job plan when the job plan is reconfigured on the basis of the progress of the jobs after the completion of the jobs that day and by the job starting time of the following day, for example. A job plan creation system extracts an interrupted job that has been started but has not been completed, a delayed job that should have been started based on the job plan but has not been started, and a not-started job that is scheduled to be started on the job plan and so has not been started from the job plan, and creates the job plan while setting priorities in the order of the interrupted job, the delayed job and the not-started job..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Polyether carbonate polyol production method

The invention relates to a method for producing polyether carbonate polyols by attaching alkylene oxides and carbon dioxide to one or more h-functional starters in the presence of a double-metal cyanide catalyst, characterized in that (alpha) a suspending agent which contains no h-functional groups is provided in a reactor, (ss) optionally, a moiety of alkylene oxide is added to the mixture from step (alpha) at temperatures of 90 to 150 deg c., and the addition of the alkylene oxide compound is then interrupted; and (gamma) one or more h-functional starters are continuously metered into the reactor during the reaction.. .
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Dispensing apparatus

An apparatus and a method for distributing printed slips or tickets are disclosed that are obtained from a continuous strip of material, in which the strip is cut by a stationary blade when the user tensions the strip by pulling an end thereof; a driven dragging roller that makes the strip advance in an intermittent manner, is interrupted if a sensor detects that the strip is tensioned to be cut.. .
Custom S.p.a.


Plastic container

A plastic container for storing liquid under a low overpressure having a container body, to whose one longitudinal end a container neck is connected, which neck has a pour opening. A bottom section has a container bottom and an edge area pulled up on the sides and that turns into the container body, is connected to the other longitudinal end of the container body.
Alpla Werke Alwin Lehner Gmbh & Co. Kg


Control device for hybrid vehicle

In a control device for a hybrid vehicle (1) including a dual-clutch transmission (10), a first mg (3) connected to a first input shaft (13) of the transmission (10) in a power transmittable manner and a second mg (4) connected to a second input shaft (14) of the transmission (10) in a power transmittable manner, while the vehicle (1) is travelling with the use of an internal combustion engine (2), the transmission (10) is controlled such that power transmission between the input shaft, which is interrupted in power transmission from the internal combustion engine (2), and an output system (12) is interrupted when an accelerator pedal is depressed, and the transmission (10) is controlled such that power transmission between the input shaft, which is interrupted in power transmission from the internal combustion engine (2), and the output system (12) is established by a gear train of a speed position lower than a current speed position when depression of the accelerator pedal is released.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Multi-layered electronic system

A multi-layered electronic system has a support substrate including at least a primary conductive track; a security layer including at least a conductive security track; an electrically-conductive engagement element in electrical communication with the primary conductive tack, and to which the security layer is mounted so that the conductive security track is in permanent electrical communication with the primary conductive track; and a flexible cover layer which overlies the security layer and which is directly or indirectly secured to the support substrate. The electrical connection between the security layer, conductive engagement element and primary conductive track is interrupted when the conductive security track is broken..
Johnson Electric S.a.


Method and device for handover of mobile terminal between base stations

The present invention discloses a method and a device for handover of a mobile terminal between base stations, which relates to the field of communications technologies and can realize handover of user equipment between base stations in a condition of ensuring that business services of a neighbouring base station and a target base station are not interrupted. An embodiment of the present invention includes: a source base station obtains a designated channel resource, and, by negotiating with a target base station and a neighbouring base station, determines to send a handover command to user equipment.
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd


Method and system for seamless sctp failover between sctp servers running on different machines

A stream control transmission protocol (sctp) cluster of multiple sctp-servers is defined in such manner that some of the servers are assigned active role where others are assigned standby role with the purpose of ensuring uninterrupted sctp-connections between the sctp-cluster and any number of sctp-clients. The standby servers use the same internet protocol (ip)-address(es) on the sctp bound interfaces as their assigned active server.
Connectem Inc.


Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium

The present invention provides a technique for enabling a printing apparatus to quickly restart execution of a job that has been interrupted by a specific interruption instruction. If an instruction to accept a setting change of the job that is being executed is received during execution of the job as a specific interruption instruction indicating that the execution of the job needs to be interrupted, the printing apparatus interrupts execution of the job.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Heat exchanger

Disclosed is a heat exchanger having a plurality of sheet element arrangements, wherein the arrangements contain a plurality of openings, wherein adjacent openings are separated from one another, wherein in operation the openings are flowed through by a first. The openings extend at least sectionally separately from one another within the sheet element arrangement, wherein adjacent sheet element arrangements are each arranged at a spacing from one another so that a second fluid can flow in the intermediate space between two adjacent sheet element arrangements.
A-heat Allied Heat Exchange Technology Ag


Flange connection

A flange for separably connecting a pipe to a connection block is designed as an interrupted ring with an inner and an outer edge and has a bottom side designed for mating against the connecting block and against the pipe and an upper side opposite the bottom side, designed to mate with fasteners for fastening the flange on the connection block. The flange is wherein an outer contact web projecting from the bottom side in the region of the outer edge is provided for the connection block and an inner contact web projecting from the bottom side in the region of the inner edge is provided for the pipe..
Inficon Gmbh


Diesel exhaust fluid systems

A diesel exhaust fluid system for use on a diesel-powered machine, including a storage tank adapted to store diesel exhaust fluid, a receiver, and a shut-off valve. The receiver is disposed in selective fluid communication with the storage tank and is adapted to receive diesel exhaust fluid.
Benecor, Inc.


Suture anchoring system and delivery method

Systems and methods for anchoring sutures in various limited access surgical procedures utilize suture anchors having a displaceable section for selectively locking a portion of suture to the suture anchor. A series of anchors and optional suture locks may be used in running or interrupted stitch patterns, depending on the application..
Coaxis Medical, Inc.


Mobile communication system, mobile communication method, mobile station, program, and recording medium

A mobile communication system includes a mobile station provided in a moving object moving along a predetermined route, and a plurality of base stations provided along the route. The mobile station includes an interruption time determining unit that determines whether an interruption time, in which the base station communicating with the mobile station which is currently connected is interrupted communication with the mobile station, is within a predetermined permissible time range for a travel direction side of the route more forward than a current position of the moving object, and a handover processing unit that performs handover processing when the interruption time determining unit determines that the interruption time is not within the permissible time range..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Inductive power transmission concurrently transmitting digital messages

A wireless power transmitter and method for providing power to a remote secondary coil of a power receiver include a primary coil, a driver, and a signal receiving circuit wherein the power transmitter is configured to switch between a standby mode and a transmission mode. In the standby mode, the power transmitter is configured to wait for an activation signal from the power receiver.
Powermat Technologies, Ltd.


Vehicle safety device

A vehicle safety device installed in a hybrid electric vehicle or an electric vehicle is provided to be capable of interrupting a current supplied from a power supply to a load via a supply line. The vehicle safety device includes first interrupting mechanism adapted to set the supply line in an interrupted condition when a temperature of the load reaches a first set temperature and second interrupting mechanism adapted to set the supply line in the interrupted condition such that the supply line cannot be returned to an energized condition when the temperature of the load reaches a second set temperature that is higher than the first set temperature..
Calsonic Kansei Corporation


Method and preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns

A method for providing magnetic fluid treatment in which at least one electrical conductor comprising at least one length of an electrical conducting material having a first conductor lead and a second conductor lead is energized. The electrical conductor is coiled with at least one turn to form at least one uninterrupted coil of electrical conductor encircling at least a section of an outer surface of a conduit.
Wilsa Holdings, Llc


Welded portion inspection method

A welded portion inspection method accurately identifies emitted light from a molten portion during inspection laser light irradiation, enabling reliable inspection. When transitioning from welding laser light irradiation to inspection laser light irradiation, the welding laser light irradiation is interrupted and then the welding laser light is switched to the inspection laser light.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for maintaining base station, device, and system

The present invention discloses a method for maintaining a base station, a device, and a system. The method includes: if a first operation and maintenance om channel between a network management system nms device and a first base station is in an interrupted state, determining, by the nms device, whether a second channel between the nms device and the first base station, sending, by the nms device, an operation and maintenance command to the first base station through the second channel to perform operation and maintenance on the first base station.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Secondary battery comprising current interrupt device

In a secondary battery (10) suggested herein, when a gas pressure in a battery case (12) is increased to or above a specified level and a current interrupt valve (26) is consequently raised to a connecting terminal (21) side, a thinned section (71) is broken around a portion that is joined to the current interrupt valve 26, the connecting terminal (21) and an electrode body are electrically interrupted from each other. An insulant (27) is disposed in a portion where the thinned section (71) is broken, and is interposed between both edges of the broken thinned section (71) after the thinned section (71) is broken..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Framing members to enhance thermal characteristics of walls

Various metal framing members enhance thermally insulative characteristics of a wall. Framing members include a metal stud with a web portion having through-holes that include at least one piece of retained material.
Sacks Industrial Corporation


Wire drawing method

The process for drawing a steel wire applies to a wire having a carbon content by weight c such that 0.4%≦c≦0.74%. The process comprises an uninterrupted series of drawing steps (7001-700m) of the wire from a diameter d′ to a diameter d, d′ and d being expressed in mm, in which the true strain ε′=2.ln(d′/d) is such that ε′>4..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Automatic startup and continued operation of calendering drives for elastomeric mixes

The present invention relates to a method that allows the automatic and hands-free threading of a calender set of rolls comprising one or more pairs of rolls that have a nip between them by preventing the skim from sticking to a roll undesirably as it exits the nip. This is particularly useful during startup or when the continuous running of skim through the calender is interrupted or broken.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Active rfid tag, application system and method thereof

The present invention provides an active radio frequency identification (rfid) tag and a system and method thereof. The system includes: a coordinator, configured to uninterruptedly and repeatedly transmit a wakeup instruction on a first channel, and a reader/writer, connected to a control processor, and configured to establish communication with the active rfid tag on a second channel after the active rfid tag receives the wakeup instruction, and transmit an action instruction index to the active rfid tag; wherein the active rfid tag comprises: a receiver, configured to receive the wakeup instruction during a time period of an interception state and receive the action instruction index; a processor, configured to store a preset index-action mapping relationship, be waked up according to the wakeup instruction and search out an action instruction corresponding to the action instruction index from the index-action mapping relationship, and execute an operation in response to the action instruction..
Westvalley Digital Technologies, Inc.


Method for producing a wafer equipped with transparent plates

A production method for a wafer equipped with transparent plates includes: formation of a row of through-holes in a wafer; formation of at least one strip-shaped recess in a wafer surface, each of the through-holes of the same row intersecting partly with the respectively associated strip-shaped recess; an uninterrupted groove being formed in each intermediate region between two adjacent through-holes of the same row, the floor surface of the groove being oriented so as to be inclined relative to the wafer surface by an angle of inclination greater than 0° and less than 90°; and covering at least one through-hole with at least one transparent plate made of at least one material transparent to at least a sub-spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Method for maintaining a supply of available aircraft equipped with non-engine drive means for use by airlines

A method for maintaining a supply of available aircraft equipped with non-engine drive means for autonomous ground movement is provided that enables an air carrier, particularly a low cost carrier, to operate reliably, efficiently, and economically to provide substantially uninterrupted air transport service. The present method is designed to enable airlines with fleets of older aircraft retrofitted with non-engine drive means for autonomous ground movement to operate economically and efficiently through a cooperative arrangement with a maintenance, repair, and overhaul provider that maintains and ensures an available supply network of spare and backup aircraft.


Airfoil assembly and method

Airfoil assemblies and methods of using them are provided to accelerate air flow relative to the airfoil assemblies and to improve laminar air flow over airfoils. The airfoil may include a cathode disposed near a leading portion of the airfoil to ionize on rushing air and for initiating an electric field.


Method for producing a seamless pressure vessel for storing hydrogen

The invention relates to a method for producing a seamless pressure vessel for storing hydrogen and also to such a pressure vessel produced by the method. In order that such a pressure vessel withstands both very high internal pressures and pressure fluctuations as well as (low) temperatures and temperature fluctuations and also high mechanical loading from the outside, is resistant to embrittlement and is comparatively lightweight and can be produced cost-effectively, the invention proposes forming a round or tubular workpiece consisting of a multi-layer composite sheet metal material comprising a carrier layer made of steel material, preferably carbon steel, and a shielding layer resistant to hydrogen embrittlement by a flow forming process into a seamless hollow body, which serves as a semifinished product to be further processed into the seamless pressure vessel, wherein the workpiece is formed in such a manner that the shielding layer represents an inner layer of the pressure vessel, and in which the multi-layer composite sheet metal material or the workpiece is selected or produced with respect to the thickness of the shielding layer in such a way that, during the flow forming of the workpiece, the shielding layer is retained as a whole-area, uninterrupted layer..
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag


Trigger unit for extinguishing devices

A trigger unit (1) for triggering an extinguishing-agent flow in the direction of a fire zone, connected to an energy supply, having a first actuating device (3) that can be switched between a release position in which the energy supply is released, and an interruption position in which the energy supply is interrupted, a second actuating device (5) that can be switched between a release position in which the extinguishing-agent flow is released, and a rest position, a coupling unit (7) that can be moved between an operating position and an extinguishing position and permanently couples together the switching of the first actuating device (3) and the second actuating device (5). A tensioning element is connected in a force-transmitting manner to the coupling unit (7) in such a manner that a change in the tensioning state of the tensioning element always results in a movement of the coupling unit (7)..
Minimax Gmbh & Co. Kg


Scanning system

An example particle therapy system includes: a particle accelerator to output a beam of charged particles; and a scanning system to scan the beam across at least part of an irradiation target. An example scanning system includes: a scanning magnet to move the beam during scanning; and a control system (i) to control the scanning magnet to produce uninterrupted movement of the beam over at least part of a depth-wise layer of the irradiation target so as to deliver doses of charged particles to the irradiation target; and (ii) to determine, in synchronism with delivery of a dose, information identifying the dose actually delivered at different positions along the depth-wise layer..
Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.


Low opening pressure anti-siphon check valve

A one-way valve device, in particular a low-pressure check valve, for use in infusion equipment, with a housing having an inlet line and an outlet line, the inlet and outlet lines being connected to a pressure space in the housing, the inlet line being arranged on a first side of the housing, and the outlet line being arranged on a second side of the housing opposite the first side, the pressure space being constructed from two interconnected pressure chambers, and the one-way valve device being designed such that the through-flow is interrupted by a static underpressure prevailing on the inlet line and/or the outlet line or by an overpressure on the outlet line, wherein the two pressure chambers are arranged lying one above the other in the housing with respect to the flow direction between the first and the second side.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Multiple cosmetics press-to-dispense cosmeticizing device

A cosmeticizing device that allows for loading of various cosmetic liquids for enabling non-interrupted supply of the cosmetic liquids through hand pressing. A cosmetic container body has an end forming a tubular opening receiving a valve seat for fixing a cosmeticizing component and an inner tubular bottom to which a valve disk is movably mounted for closing the bottom of the container.


Systems and methods for managing pdp contexts in a wireless data communications network

Systems and method are for managing packet data protocol (pdp) contexts in a wireless data communications network. A plurality of real-time applications are prioritized within a single, shared pdp context or allocated a second pdp context based upon priority levels logically assigned to the plurality of applications such that high priority applications are delivered before lower priority applications.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Electrical storage system

An electrical storage system includes a relay switching between an on state where an electrical storage device (10) is connected to a load and an off state where connection of the electrical storage device with the load is interrupted; a controller controlling an on-off state of the relay; and a current interruption circuit (60) interrupting energization of the electrical storage device. The current interruption circuit includes an alarm circuit (63) outputting an alarm signal indicating that any one electrical storage block is in an overcharged state by comparing a voltage value of each electrical storage block with a threshold; a latch circuit (64) retaining the alarm signal; a transistor (66) causing the relay to switch from the on state to the off state upon reception of an output signal of the latch circuit; and a power supply circuit (63d) generating electric power for operating the latch circuit using electric power of the electrical storage device..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Plasma etching process

A method and system are provided for etching a layer to be etched in a plasma etching reactor, including: forming a reactive layer by injection of at least one reactive gas to form a reactive gas plasma, which forms, together with the layer to be etched, a reactive layer which goes into the layer to be etched during etching of said layer to be etched, wherein the reactive layer reaches a steady state thickness upon completion of a determined duration of said injection; said injection being interrupted before said determined duration has elapsed so that, upon completion of the forming of the reactive layer, the thickness of the reactive layer is smaller than said steady state thickness; and removing the reactive layer by injection of at least one inert gas to form an inert gas plasma, which makes it possible to remove only the reactive layer.. .
Cnrs Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique


Rubidium elution system control

Embodiments of the present invention provide for assessing the state of an 82rb elution system. In certain embodiments, a system begins an assessment that comprises an elution, and a metric may be measured.
Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation


Proxy layer for game input abstraction

An abstraction layer in a gaming environment intercepts calls to standard random number and user selection functions and returns data based on game operating mode and data availability. When operating as a class 2 game, random number data may be received from a server while in a class 3 game, random numbers may be received from a local random number generator.
Wms Gaming, Inc.


Messaging routine interruption and synchronization

A requesting program makes a first call to a messaging routine. The first call provides at least one request for at least one requested messaging operation to be performed by the messaging routine.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Fuse-like sensor, detection and measurement systems

A system includes a substrate having a surface and a circuit with a plurality of conductive paths disposed adjacent (e.g., directly on or separated by a thin layer). The circuit is configured to detect an interruption or alteration of conduction of one or more of the plurality of conductive paths due to a flaw in the substrate.
Quest Integrated, Inc.


Inks and a process for ink-jet printing textile fibre materials

The present invention relates to aqueous inks comprising (a) at least one dye of the formula (1) wherein r1 is c1-c12alkyl, or c2-c12alkyl interrupted by one or more oxygen atoms and/or —coo— groups, and r2, r3, r4 and r5 each independently of the others is hydrogen, c1-c12alkyl, chlorine, bromine, hydroxy or amino; (b) at least one dye of the formula (2) wherein r6 is hydrogen, bromine, chlorine or cyano, r7 is trifluoromethyl, bromine or chlorine, r8 is hydrogen, methyl or acetylamino, r9 and r10 each independently of the other is c1-c4alkyl unsubstituted or substituted by cyano or by acyloxy, one of the c1-c4alkyl radicals r9 and r10 is substituted by cyano or by acyloxy; and (c) at least one dye of the formula (3) wherein r11 is fluoro, trifluoromethyl, trifluoromethoxy, trifluoromethylsulfonyl or cyano, r12 and r13 each independently of the other represent hydrogen, c1-c12alkyl, c1-c12alkoxy, halogen, cyano, nitro, trifluoromethyl or —co—or16, wherein r16 is c1-c12alkyl unsubstituted or substituted by one or more c1-c12alkoxy, hydroxy, amino or halogen, and one of the radicals r14 and r15 denotes hydrogen or crc6alkyl unsubstituted or substituted by hydroxy, c1-c4acyloxy, c1-c6alkoxy, c1-c4acyloxy-c1-c6alkoxy or hydroxy-c1-c6alkoxy, and the other one of the radicals r14 and r15 denotes c1-c6alkyl unsubstituted or substituted by phenoxy-c1-c6alkoxy, or phenyl that is unsubstituted or substituted by one or more substituents from the group c1-c12alkyl, c1-c12alkoxy and trifluoromethyl; and to an ink-jet printing process for printing semi-synthetic or synthetic hydrophobic textile fibre materials with the said aqueous inks, wherein the prints obtained have high temperature light fastness and at the same time a high colour strength.. .
Huntsman International Llc


Polyether carbonate polyol production method

The invention relates to a method for producing polyether carbonate polyols by attaching alkylene oxides and carbon dioxide to one or more h-functional starters in the presence of a double-metal cyanide catalyst, characterized in that (alpha) a suspending agent which contains no h-functional groups and is selected from among one or more compounds from the group consisting of aliphatic lactones, aromatic lactones, lactides, cyclic carbonates comprising at least three optionally substituted methylene groups between the oxygen atoms of the carbonate group, aliphatic cyclic anhydrides, and aromatic cyclic anhydrides, is provided in a reactor; (ss) optionally, a moiety of alkylene oxide is added to the mixture from step (alpha) at temperatures of 90 to 150 deg c, and the addition of the alkylene oxide compound is then interrupted; and (gamma) one or more h-functional starters are continuously metered into the reactor during the reaction.. .
Bayer Materialscience Ag


In-vehicle power supply apparatus

An in-vehicle power supply apparatus for supplying operating power to a microcomputer is configured such that the microcomputer can securely enter into a standby state in a case where a voltage supplied from an in-vehicle power source is interrupted. The in-vehicle power supply apparatus according to the invention generates a second voltage to be supplied to a control ic and the like other than the microcomputer and a third voltage to be supplied to the microcomputer, and, in a case where the second voltage is reduced, the in-vehicle power supply apparatus transmits a reset signal and bypasses the second voltage to an input of the third voltage..
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Motor vehicle glazing

One subject of the invention is a meia-phenylenediamine compound having formula (i) below, the addition salts thereof with an acid and the solvates thereof: in which:•r represents a hydrogen or halogen atom; a c1-c4 alkyl group; a carboxyl group or a (c1-c4)alkoxycarbonyl group,•r1 represents a c1-c10(hydroxy)alkyl group, optionally interrupted with one or more non-adjacent oxygen atoms or non-adjacent nr′ substituents, substituted by a cationic cat group,•r2 represents a hydrogen atom or a c1-c4(hydroxy)alkyl group,•r1 and r2 may form, together with the atom that bears them, a cationic heterocycle with 5 to 8 members,˜r′ represents a hydrogen atom or a c1-c4(hydroxy)alkyl group;•an″ represents an anion or a mixture of anions which are organic or inorganic and cosmetically acceptable.. .
Agc Glass Europe


Dense phase powder coating system for containers

A dense phase powder coating system includes a powder supply, dense phase pump, a spray gun and a diverter valve that can be used to select between conveying powder to the spray gun or circulating the powder back to the powder supply. The diverter valve may include two pneumatically actuate valve members.
Nordson Corporation


Homogenization tubes with flow disrupters for beadless interrupted flow

A flow disrupter in a tube chamber of a tube assembly for homogenizing sample materials includes a flow-disrupting body that extends generally transversely into the tube chamber and divides the tube chamber into two sub-chambers. The flow-disrupting body includes at least one narrowed flow passageway through which the sample flows back and forth in both axially reciprocating directions as the tube assembly is vigorously shaken at high speeds faster and more reliably than what can be accomplished by hand shaking.
Omni International, Inc.


Carrier plate, device having the carrier plate and producing a carrier plate

A carrier plate includes a substrate and at least one conductor track. The conductor track includes a first layer, which is applied directly on the substrate, and a second layer, which is arranged on the first layer.
Epcos Ag


On-vehicle device, communication method, and storage medium

An on-vehicle device is configured to be able to communicate with a mobile device, and includes a reception unit, an interruption detection unit, a determination unit, and a display control unit. The reception unit receives image information transmitted from a particular mobile device which is a mobile device with which communication is established.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Image recording method having adaptive marking light emission and such an image recording device

An image recording method is disclosed. The image recording device has a camera having an image sensor and an objective lens, wherein the camera defines an image recording region, and the image sensor has a capture area having a plurality of image pixels which can be activated and read out in pixel groups, and a marking unit having a light source.
Wolfvision Innovation Gmbh


Panel system for use as digital showroom displaying life-size 3d digital objects representing real products

Electronic panel system, an arrangement and methods for providing enriched visualization possibilities and user-controlled interaction experience with life-size and real-looking 3d models of real objects are provided. The arrangement comprising a virtual product assistant sub-system and the electronic panel system facilitates receiving real-time product information related to current state of 3d model representing real object displayed on the electronic panel system.


Thermal breaks within a structure with integrated insulation

A structure with integrated insulation. The structure with integrated insulation includes a foundation.


Roll coating process and apparatus

The invention relates to a roll coating process for applying a coating layer on a non-continuous sheet, comprising the steps of 1) applying a liquid coating composition to the top surface of the sheet by passing the sheet horizontally between an applicator roll and a backing roll; 2) forwarding the coated sheet with a coated sheet forwarder; wherein forwarding is interrupted after passing the applicator roll while maintaining a meniscus of liquid coating composition between stopped sheet and rotating applicator roll, and forwarding is restarted when the meniscus has disappeared. With this process it is possible to make sheets coated with an optical coating like an anti-reflective coating, which sheets show markedly smaller and less visible edge defects, especially at the trailing edge.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.


Drug delivery device and electrically detecting contact between piston rod and cartridge bung

The present invention is directed to a drug delivery device comprising a cartridge with a movable bung, a drive mechanism including a bearing for driving the bung in a distal direction for delivering a medicament and a piston rod for actuating the bearing. An electric conductor for transmitting an electrical signal is provided, wherein the electric conductor is configured such that a conductive connection is established or interrupted when the piston rod contacts the bearing or when the bearing contacts the bung.
Sanofi-aventis Deutschald Gmbh


Slatted bed frame with integrable shoulder zone lowering device

A slatted bed frame (1) having a plurality of upper and lower slats (3, 10) arranged transversely to a longitudinal axis of the bed frame (1), each slat being held at both ends by an elastic slat support (4) and being spaced from the other slats, and said slats each forming a horizontal plane, with the upper slat plane forming a lying surface (2) for a mattress pad, which lying surface is interrupted by a partial removal of at least one upper slat (3) thereby forming at least one recess (6, 7, 8) in the lying surface (2), into which at least one elastic insertion element (9), which forms a part of the lying surface (2), is arranged, wherein in the region of the recess (6, 7, 8) a hanging insert (12) is inserted, which is held at a distance from the lower slats (10).. .
Samina Produktions- & Handels Gmbh


Client side stream switching

Client side stream switching enables substantially uninterrupted transmission of a highest compatible bit rate of a stream of media to a client via a network connection. The client may include one or more buffers for receiving the stream of media.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Light emitting device, and fabricating the same

Disclosed are a light emitting device, a method of fabricating the light emitting device, a light emitting device package, and a lighting system. The light emitting device includes a first conductive semiconductor layer, an active layer on the first conductive semiconductor layer, an electron blocking layer on the active layer, and a second conductive semiconductor layer on the electron blocking layer.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Ion implantation apparatus and controlling ion implantation apparatus

In an ion implantation apparatus, an interruption member interrupts an ion beam b in the middle of a beam line. A plasma shower device is provided at the downstream side of the interruption member in the beam line.
Sen Corporation


Environmental interrupt in a head-mounted display and utilization of non field of view real estate

A wearable computing device includes a head-mounted display (hmd) that generates a virtual reality environment. Through the generation and tracking of positional data, a the virtual environment may be interrupted or paused.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


System and reducing flow perturbations and improving the accuracy of a rate of decay measurement in a mass flow controller

A mass flow controller includes a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet, and a conduit defining a flow path along which the fluid flows through the mass flow controller. The mass flow controller includes an inlet block having an inlet aperture, an inlet channel fluidly coupled to the conduit, and one or more restrictors positioned along the flow path between the inlet aperture and inlet channel to minimize flow perturbations when a rate of decay measurement is taken or when flow the amount of pressure supplied to the valve inlet is otherwise interrupted..
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Speed control

A pumping system for moving water of a swimming pool includes a water pump, an infinitely variable speed motor, and an arrangement for operating the motor. In one example, the pumping system includes a memory configured to store a plurality of retained speed values, an arrangement for providing a plurality of retained speed values to the memory, and an arrangement for reading a selected one of the plurality of retained speed values from the memory.
Pentair Water Pool And Spa, Inc.


Water removal storage system and method

The invention provides water removal and storage system adapted for use in a building structure, said system comprising a water storage vessel for the removal and storage of water from one or more supply lines and resupply of water stored on demand. The system of the invention provides either a solution to the problems of flooding due to pipe rupture, interrupted water supply due to freezing, pipe rupture due to freezing, and water damage due to uncontrolled thaw.
Waterford Institute Of Technology


Sterically hindered amines

Wherein the radicals r1 are independently of one another methyl, ethyl or n-propyl, and x is c2-c8alkylene or c2-c8alkylene interrupted by sulfur, is useful for stabilizing an organic material against degradation induced by light, heat or oxidation.. .


In-line manufacture of carbon nanotubes

Mass production of carbon nanotubes (cnt) are facilitated by methods and apparatus disclosed herein. Advantageously, the methods and apparatus make use of a single production unit, and therefore provide for uninterrupted progress in a fabrication process.
Fastcap Systems Corporation


Transceiver system and operation method thereof

A transceiver system which can communicate a plurality of linked partners, and the increase in power consumption by the transceiver system can be minimized. The transceiver system includes a transceiver, and a communication controller.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Optical path fault recovery

The embodiments disclosed herein provide fast recovery of a network signal path by, in the event of a failure or unacceptable degradation in a signal in the original network path, diverting the optical signal passing through the network to a preselected bypass optical path which is maintained in a warm or operational state. The optical elements on the bypass optical path are available network resources which may, during part or all of the time the bypass path is designated for a node in the primary optical path, be in use to transmit other optical signals in the network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

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