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Play usage statistical system

Method, apparatus, and system for migrating user service

Field device for automation technology

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Technique for providing uninterrupted switched digital video service patent thumbnailTechnique for providing uninterrupted switched digital video service
A request is received from a subscriber of a video content network offering a switched digital video service, to establish a new switched digital video session within a service group of the video content network, which group includes both preferred and standard subscribers and has a plurality of existing sessions. It is determined whether adequate bandwidth is available to establish the new switched digital video session without tearing down any of the existing sessions.
 Play usage statistical system patent thumbnailPlay usage statistical system
Viewing history regarding one or more instances of media content is generated for subsequent analysis. The viewing history is developed based on recording timestamps associated with one or more instances that viewing of the media content is interrupted, paused, terminated, etc.
 Method, apparatus, and system for migrating user service patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and system for migrating user service
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for migrating a user service, and relate to the field of communications, so that a user service is uninterrupted and service data of a user is not lost in a process of migrating an application program. The method includes: saving a user request link message sent by a client; after freezing an application program, saving socket status information corresponding to each current user link, and saving data packets in a socket input buffer and a socket output buffer that correspond to each current user link; and sending the user request link message to a standby server, so that the standby server generates a server socket according to the user request link message; and sending socket status information corresponding to the user link, and the data packets to the standby server, so that the standby server updates the server socket and buffer data..
 Field device for automation technology patent thumbnailField device for automation technology
A field device for automation technology, which has a metal housing for accommodating a field device electronics. On the field device at least one opening is provided, which is closable via a lid composed at least partially of a non-metallic material, wherein an rfid chip and an rf antenna are arranged in the housing in such a manner that communication and energy exchange with an rfid reading device arranged outside of the field device can transpire, and wherein the reading device is so embodied that it provides sufficient energy to the rfid chip when the energy supply to the field device is interrupted, in order to read out via the rfid antenna the data stored on the rfid chip..
 Antenna and antenna arrangement for magnetic resonance applications patent thumbnailAntenna and antenna arrangement for magnetic resonance applications
An antenna (100), which is designed for exciting and/or detecting a magnetic resonance in an object (1) under investigation, comprises a conductor loop (10) with an inner conductor (11) and a primary shield conductor (12), which form at least one waveguide, wherein the primary shield conductor (12) is interrupted by a gap (13), and wherein a secondary shield conductor (14) is provided which surrounds the primary shield conductor (12), wherein a dielectric (15) is arranged between the primary shield conductor (12) and the secondary shield conductor (14) and at least the gap is covered by the secondary shield conductor (14). An antenna arrangement which comprises a plurality of such antennas, a magnetic resonance device, and a method for magnetic resonance imaging or magnetic resonance spectroscopy are also described..
 Reservoir tank of brake master cylinder patent thumbnailReservoir tank of brake master cylinder
Disclosed herein is a reservoir tank of a brake master cylinder. The reservoir tank includes a reservoir body to store oil therein, the reservoir body being provided with an oil introduction port, a filter interrupted by a fixing step arranged at a lower portion of the oil introduction port, and a reservoir cap arranged at an upper portion of the oil introduction port, wherein a vent member is provided between the fixing step and the filter, to allow inflow of air through during introduction of oil..
 Method for generating a menu for presenting audiovisual programs paid for by several users, device and computer program for implementing the method patent thumbnailMethod for generating a menu for presenting audiovisual programs paid for by several users, device and computer program for implementing the method
A method is provided for generating a presentation menu for presenting audio and audiovisual contents on the screen of a receiver, which are downloadable from a broadcasting network or from dedicated sites. A user selects accessible contents and makes payment to make these contents available at the receiver.
 Medical infusion pump with power source voltage logging and method for logging a power source voltage in a medical infusion pump patent thumbnailMedical infusion pump with power source voltage logging and method for logging a power source voltage in a medical infusion pump
A medical infusion pump and a method for logging a power source voltage of a medical infusion pump are disclosed. The medical pump may include a power source, a processor, and a voltage supervisor which responds if a voltage (vdd) drops to a response voltage level which is above a reset voltage level of the processor.
 Method for detecting an electrically conductive foreign body and device for inductively transmitting electrical energy patent thumbnailMethod for detecting an electrically conductive foreign body and device for inductively transmitting electrical energy
In a method for detecting an electrically conductive foreign body at a device for inductively transmitting electrical energy from a stationary unit having an electrical power supply unit and a primary inductor to a mobile unit having a secondary inductor and an electric load, electrical power is initially fed from the electrical power supply unit into the primary inductor and the feed-in is interrupted. The curve over time of the resulting decay of an electrical operating variable of the primary inductor is measured and at least one parameter of the measured curve is compared with a corresponding parameter of a reference curve in the event of an interruption of the power feed-in into the primary inductor without the presence of an electrically conductive foreign body.
 Combinatorial power distribution systems and methods for configuring same patent thumbnailCombinatorial power distribution systems and methods for configuring same
A system and methods for providing substantially uninterrupted electric power to one or more critical loads that significantly allows superior utilization of equipment and physical space, as well as reduction in the environmental footprint of systems for providing substantially uninterrupted electric power to one or more critical loads. The system and methods comprise an arrangement of power modules configured for providing substantially uninterrupted electric power to one or more critical loads using a combination of loads.
Coolant activated rechargeable energy storage system drain plug
A battery pack with a drain plug. The drain plug includes a carrier defining a cavity internal to the carrier, an inlet disposed on a first surface of the carrier and an outlet disposed on a second surface of the carrier where the first surface and the second surface fluidly displaced from one another and coupled to the cavity.
Gas carrying threading device of sewing machine
When performing the threading to the looper by one-touch operation, the abnormal changeover to the stitch forming state of the looper threading/stitch forming changeover mechanism during the gas supply operation of the gas supply pump is prohibited. The device comprises: a clutch (60) for transmitting the power from the sewing machine motor (m) to the drive shaft (5) that drives the stitch forming device (30) including the looper (7, 8, 9) at the time of the stitch formation or to the gas supply pump (41) at the time of the looper threading respectively; a looper threading/stitch forming changeover mechanism (90) for changing over the clutch so that the transmission of the power to the stitch forming device is interrupted and the power is transmitted to the gas supply pump at the time of the looper threading and the power is transmitted to the stitch forming device and the transmission of the power to the gas supply pump is interrupted at the time of the stitch formation; and a changeover prohibition mechanism (160) for prohibiting the abnormal changeover to the stitch forming state of the looper threading/stitch forming changeover mechanism during the gas supply operation of the gas supply pump..
Non-intrusive background synchronization when authentication is required
A non-modal notification user interface element is displayed persistently but unobtrusively such that a user may easily determine that authentication credentials are required by a background synchronization process. The non-modal notification is configured such that it may be ignored by the user such that their workflow is not interrupted.
Systems and methods for interrupted program recording
Program recording systems and methods are operable to adjust recording times of a program of interest in response to an occurrence of an interrupting program that alters the scheduled recording times of the program of interest. An exemplary embodiment receives an unscheduled program flag (upf) corresponding to an occurrence of an unscheduled program; adjusts at least one of a scheduled recording start time associated with the program of interest to an updated record start time and a scheduled recording end time associated with the program of interest to an updated record end time in response to receiving the upf; and records the program of interest based upon at least one of the updated record start time and the updated record end time..
Apparatus and method for parity resynchronization in disk arrays
A method for parity resynchronization in disk arrays, in which an intent log comprising a list of addresses of pieces of data stored in a data write cache is generated. The pieces of data of the data write cache are written to a disk while the pieces of data are withdrawn from the data write cache.
Fuel cell connector and method of using the same
The present invention involves an electrically-conductive fuel cell electrode connector, the connector including an opening and a slot, the slot connecting an interrupted external edge of the connector to the opening to delimit a first flap and a second flap of the connector. A method of using the connector comprising a step of deforming the connector to be able to insert a module of unit cells into the connector opening..
Method and apparatus for wireless link recovery between bss in a wireless communication system
An operating method of a base station (bs) in a wireless communication system supporting a wireless link based communication between bss is provided. The method includes, if a wireless link with a counterpart bs is interrupted, transmitting a report on the wireless link interruption to a management server, receiving information about at least one candidate bs for a detour path from the management server, determining a detour path with the counterpart bs on the basis of the information about the at least one candidate bs, and performing communication with the counterpart bs through the detour path..
Apparatus and method for interlocking display
A display interlocking system and method that control a screen output to a display via interlocking between an interlocking apparatus and a display control apparatus. The interlocking apparatus forms an output screen and transmits the output screen to the display control apparatus.
Ac to ac converter and method of operation thereof for soft starting motors and other applications
A load control device includes an input and an output connectable to an ac source and an ac load, respectively, with one or more supply lines each corresponding to a phase in the load connecting the input and output. Line-side switches are connected between a line terminal and load terminal, and floating-neutral side switches are connected to the load terminal at one end and at a common neutral connection at another end.
Accessories for fastener driving apparatus
Accessories for a fastener driving apparatus are disclosed, which accessories may be removably attached to a fastener driving apparatus. An extension accessory increases the length of reach of a fastener driving apparatus by including an extension rod and further improves accuracy with regard to driving a fastener into a substrate via a fastener retention mechanism.
Aerodynamic fairing and flap for generating lift and methods of using the same
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to devices and methods for powering a craft by aerodynamic forces. The device features a fairing member and flap element in which the flap element has a first flap position which creates a aerofoil contour on one face of the fairing member, and a second position in which the flap element presents an interrupted surface on both sides of the aerofoil to direct the fairing member in a non-power position without oscillation..
Non-volatile hybrid memory
Memory units and computer systems are provided. The computer systems include a memory unit.
Driving route generation device
A selection track setting section in a driving route generation device determines as a selected track a track of a preceding vehicle when a detection section and a track generation section detects a track of the preceding vehicle which is running on the same driving lane of a host vehicle. A candidate track selection section outputs as a candidate track one of tracks of front vehicles, detected by the detection section and the track generation section, other than the track of the preceding vehicle.
Docked/undocked vehicle communication interface module
A diagnostic system that includes a vehicle communication interface (vci) and a diagnostic tool is provided. When the vci and the diagnostic tool are coupled together through a wired connection, the vci and the diagnostic tool can communicate with each other and provide power, as needed, to each other.
Signal blocking detection in offender monitoring systems
An electronic monitoring device for monitoring an individual and detecting signal blocking. The electronic monitoring device may be equipped with gps and/or rf communication technology that may be interrupted intentionally or unintentionally.
Embedded element electronically steerable antenna for improved operating bandwidth
A system and method for processing antenna signals are provided. For example, the method includes, in a receive mode, weighting and combining signals from at least one low-band antenna radiator element operable over a first bandwidth, at least one high-band antenna radiator element operable over a second bandwidth at least partially overlapping the first bandwidth, and, in some examples, at least one antenna radiator element operable over one or more intermediate bandwidths.
Override of multi-tti scheduling messages
The embodiments herein relate to a method in a network node (301) for handling scheduling of a wireless device (305) in a communications network (300). The network node (301) is adapted to communicate wirelessly with the wireless device (305) over a radio channel (310).
Method for data transmission, offload point device, user equipment and system
The embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for data transmission, an offload point device, a user equipment and a system. The method includes: updating, when a first air interface is unavailable, connection context information corresponding to service(s) of a user equipment on the first air interface, wherein the user equipment is connected to a core network through a first access network via the first air interface; sending a first message to the user equipment, wherein the first message carries updating information related to the updated connection context information; and performing data transmission with the user equipment according to the updated connection context information.
Photovoltaic cell with wrap through connections
Known photovoltaic cells with wrap through connections have output terminals of both polarities on its back surface, one of which is coupled to the front surface via the wrap through connections. The invented solar cell is manufactured by creating an emitter layer on the back surface.
Electrically operated propellants
An electrically operated propellant is configured to ignite and extinguish over a range of pressures. In examples, the electrically operated propellant is included in a gas generation system having a combustion chamber and at least two electrodes coupled with the propellant.
Industrial manipulating system with multiple computers and industrial manipulating method
An industrial manipulating system includes a plurality of computers and an input assembly shared by the computers. A response capability of the computer is interrupted to operation commands.
Performance aware idle power management
Methods, systems, and media are provided for power management. The power management includes, but is not limited to storing at a computer system a history of canceled entries into a low power state that interrupted a transition of the unit from an active mode to the low power state and disallowing transition of the unit into the low power state when a number of canceled entries indicated by the history of canceled entries exceeds a canceled entry threshold..
Logical object deletion
The presently disclosed subject matter includes a method and system for enabling the deletion of logical objects characterized by an object identifier (oid). Upon restart following a system interruption, one or more logical objects are identified, each object being addressed by an interrupted delete request.
Peer-to-peer download throughput
Certain embodiments relate to use of aggressive peering requests, which enable a peer computing device to obtain desired digital content more quickly than typically possible in a p2p network. In certain embodiments, an aggressive peering request comprises a request that another peer computing device, to which the aggressive peering request is sent, dedicates substantially all of, or a disproportionately large amount of, its p2p resources to servicing a specific peer computing device.
Engine stop control device for hybrid vehicle
An engine stop control device of a hybrid vehicle has a direct injection engine directly injecting fuel into a cylinder, a clutch connecting/disconnecting the direct injection engine to/from a power transmission path, and a rotating machine at least acting as an electric motor. The hybrid vehicle uses the direct injection engine and the rotating machine as a drive power source for running, and the once interrupted clutch is temporarily connected at the time of the engine stop or immediately after the engine stop when the clutch is interrupted to stop the direct injection engine during running..
Oximetry sensor adjunct for routine diagnostic screening and monitoring
Provided herein is an invention of a disposable adjunct developed to address limitations associated with oximetry sensor use: patient skin irritation and breakdown; compromised or interrupted display of data resulting from ambient light interference; costs incurred from replacing sensors with failed adhesion; and use of extra sensors for acute monitoring of multiple patient sites. This adjunct may be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of traditional oximetry sensors and can be retrofit to any existing sensor.
Multi-dimensional touch input vector system for sensing objects on a touch panel
A touch panel system allows multiple simultaneous touch objects on a touch panel to be distinguished. The touch panel includes on its periphery a first plurality of light transmitters and a second plurality of light sensors, each positioned around at least a portion of a perimeter of the touch panel.
Semiconductor device
A programmable analog device and an analog device that can retain data even when supply of a power supply potential is interrupted and consumes less power. In a semiconductor device, first to fourth transistors are used as switches in a unit cell including an analog element, and the output of the unit cell switches between a conducting state, a non-conducting state, and a conducting state through the analog element by controlling the potential of a first node where the first transistor and the second transistor are connected and the potential of a second node where the third transistor and the fourth transistor are connected..
Method for growing iii-v epitaxial layers
Disclosed are methods of growing iii-v epitaxial layers on a substrate, semiconductor structures thus obtained, and devices comprising such semiconductor structures. An example semiconductor substrate includes a substrate and a buffer layer on top of the substrate, where a conductive path is present between the substrate and buffer layer.
Method for producing a housing structure at least partially enclosing at least one component and housing structure produced by said method
A method for producing a housing structure at least partially enclosing at least one component, wherein the housing structure is produced with a construction process utilizing at least one of repeated layered deposition and solidification of material, which is interrupted at least once before completion of the housing structure, and during at least one interruption at least one component, which is not produced by the construction process, is joined to or disposed in a partially finished housing structure, and the construction process is then continued after the interruption until the housing is completed, wherein at least one of an actuator and sensor comprising at least partially a transformer material selected as the at least one component to be joined to or disposed in the housing structure.. .
Fluid management and patient monitoring system
A lactate sensor arrangement includes a catheter for withdrawing a test fluid sample, a sensor module for measuring an analyte such as lactate in the sample, and a pumping mechanism. A single uninterrupted flow path extends between the pumping mechanism and the catheter and within the flow path resides a sensor module containing a test chamber.
Monomer vaporizing device and method of controlling the same
A monomer vaporizing device and a method of controlling the same are disclosed. The monomer vaporizing device includes: a first vaporizer and a second vaporizer that receive a purge gas and vaporize a first monomer and a second monomer, respectively; a first flow pipe and a second flow pipe that are connected to the respective vaporizers and allow the first monomer and the second monomer, vaporized by the respective vaporizers, to flow therethrough; a transition tube that is connected to the first flow pipe and the second flow pipe and supplies at least one of the first monomer and the second monomer to a deposition chamber; and a control valve apparatus that regulates monomer flow into the deposition chamber.
Substrate processing apparatus
A substrate processing apparatus is presented having a transport chamber defining substantially linear substrate transport paths, a linear array of substrate holding modules, each communicably connected to the chamber. The substrate transport has at least one transporter capable of holding and moving the substrate on more than one substantially linear substrate transport paths.
Auto centering fitting system for the assembly of rotating electrical machines and rotating electrical machines using the same
The present invention discloses an auto centering fitting system for the assembly of rotating electrical machines, comprising a couple of caps (1a) and (1b), wherein said cap (1b) shows a cylindrical geometry, optionally interrupted, comprising a strengthened peripheral region (3b) from which a male-type structure (6) complementary to the channel (4) of the cap (1a) extends longitudinally; and said cap (1a) shows a strengthened region (3a), from which a pair of symmetrical tabs (3c) project distally, which will define a fitting channel (4), forming a junction (5) through the application of axial pressure on both caps in opposite directions to each other, allowing for the fitting of (6) to (4).. .
Glazed roof having a sliding and tilting mobile panel
A glass roof of a motor vehicle includes a fixed part and a panel that is mobile with respect to the fixed part. The panel is able to close an opening formed in or next to the fixed part in a closed position.
Wire retention clip
A wire retention clip includes a first compartment for allowing at least a first wire to pass through the compartment uninterrupted and for retaining the at least one wire to the wire retention clip. The wire retention clip also includes a second compartment that is distinct from the first compartment and contains and electronic device..
Automatic transmission content selection
A processor-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product automatically selects broadcast content at a broadcast receiver. A first broadcast content on a first channel of a broadcast receiver is received and presented aurally and/or visually.
Transactions and failure
Disclosed herein are techniques for system recovery. It is determined whether a transaction depends on a change committed before a failure.
After-treatment of refraction correction by ophthalmic surgery
A planning system for generating control data, a treatment device for ophthalmic surgery to correct refraction, and a method for generating control data for such a treatment device, by which method it is easily possible to continue an interrupted treatment or correct a previous treatment. To this end, the planning system has calculating means for defining a corneal incision surface, wherein the calculating means determine the new corneal incision surface such that the existing corneal incision surface is incised by at least a part of the new corneal incision surface at an angle of between 60° and 120°..
Apical ring for ventricular assist device
An apical ring for coupling a conduit of a ventricular assist device to a heart has an annular disk with a central aperture for receiving the conduit. A collar is axially aligned with the central aperture and has a cylindrical shape interrupted by a gap between first and second ends of the collar.
Flexible data frame delivery
A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for enhancing data exchange between an access point (ap) and station (sta) in a wireless network when the exchange must be interrupted for the ap to perform other services while data remains buffered for later exchange. Ap downlinks an indicator that more data remains for exchange together with a request for the sta to enter sleep mode for a duration scheduled by the ap.
Uninterrupted transmission of internet protocol transmissions during endpoint changes
A method and apparatus providing uninterrupted transmission of ip transmissions, during endpoint changes is disclosed. If a destination identifier in a received ip transmission matches a caller identifier of a record and a source address identifier or source identifier in the transmission do not match a caller address identifier or the caller identifier of the record, and a session identifier in the transmission matches a caller session identifier in the record, the source address identifier and the source identifier in the transmission are set as the caller address identifier and caller identifier respectively of the record.
Method and device for the reliable detection of material defects in transparent material
The invention relates to a method and device for the reliable detection of material defects in a continuously produced band of transparent material by means of examining a strip of a band of this material extending transversely with respect to the conveying direction and observed in transmitted light and reflected light, characterised in that it has the following features: a) uninterrupted illumination of the band of transparent material in transmitted light and reflected light by a linear lamp (6) disposed transversely with respect to the band and having a constant light flux and an adjacent lamp (5) likewise disposed transversely with respect to the strip and having an oscillating light flux, and an additional bright field illumination (8) and an additional dark field illumination (2), wherein the linear lamp (6) has a ruled grating (7) on the surface, b) uninterrupted detection of a detection zone extending over the width of the band of transparent material by means of line scan cameras (9, 1) which are disposed on a fastening portal, c) monitoring the functions of the lamps (5, 6, 2, 8) and the cameras (9, 1), d) an operating program or a learning program for the detection and typing of defects which occur, and a learning program which offers the possibility that points or zones in the transparent material having a certain consistency which are detected as defects are not to be interpreted as inherent defects, but these points or zones are to be classified to a certain extent as insignificant in a learning process.. .
Vehicle safeguard device
A vehicle safeguard device includes a setting unit, which is operative to set a vehicle that is in a parked state in a safeguard state; a detection unit, which is electrically connected to the setting unit to detect a horizon state and a signal interrupted state of the vehicle when the vehicle is in the safeguard state; a sensing unit, which receives the horizon state and the signal interrupted state of the vehicle detected by the detection unit; and a signal processing and control unit, which is electrically connected to the sensing unit to receive an abnormality signal of the horizon state and the signal interrupted state of vehicle sensed by the sensing unit and convert the abnormality signal into an alarm signal and transmit the alarm signal to an external management center.. .
Insulation monitoring device with measuring circuit interruption
Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for performing an initial and/or repeated test of an insulation resistance in an unearthed it power supply system and for monitoring the insulation resistance by means of an insulation monitoring device. For performing the initial and/or repeated test, the measuring circuit is interrupted by way of a manual switching act that activates a breaker device arranged in the insulation monitoring device..
Motor power interrupting device of injection molding machine
A controller of an injection molding machine stores used/unused information in relation to each of the maximum number of controllable servo amplifiers, outputs an interruption request signal requesting power interruption in a lump to apart of or all of these plurality of servo amplifiers, and receives a power interruption confirmation signal confirming that the motor power of the servo amplifiers is interrupted. Further, the controller determines, on the basis of the interruption request signal, the power interruption confirmation signal and the used/unused information, whether or not interruption driving the servo motor is normally operated..
Facet-free strained silicon transistor
The presence of a facet or a void in an epitaxially grown crystal indicates that crystal growth has been interrupted by defects or by certain material boundaries. Faceting can be suppressed during epitaxial growth of silicon compounds that form source and drain regions of strained silicon transistors.
Method and apparatus for preforming cementing operations on top drive rigs
A remotely operated lifting top drive cement head is provided having a high tensile strength, as well as the ability to swivel or rotate about a central vertical axis. The cement head permits selective launching of darts, setting plugs, balls or other objects which can be held in place within the cement head without being damaged or washed away by slurry flow, but which can be beneficially launched into said slurry flow at desired point(s) during the cementing process.
Building block with insulating core
An insulated core for a building block for a building wall, the block has spaced apart parallel face shells with the insulating core filling the space between the parallel face shells. The insulating core defines spaced apart parallel surfaces for engaging the respective face shells.
Method and apparatus for an online advertising predictive model with censored data
A censored observation for an online advertising campaign may be received for a first given time period. It may be determined that an amount spent on the online advertising campaign met a budget constraint such that the online advertising campaign was interrupted during the first given time period.
Smart sprinkler system and method
A sprinkler system is controlled to ensure that a given geographic area receives sufficient watering without being over-watered. The sprinkler system, capable of being programmed to deliver a desired amount of water in accordance with a desired daily watering schedule, is programmed to deliver the desired amount of water every day unless interrupted.
Systems, devices, methods for delivering hydrogel compositions with self-purging to prevent clogging
A hydrogel composition is formed by conveying separate first and second liquid components subject to a selectively applied application pressure p(a) into an outlet path for mixing and discharge. A liquid flushing agent is automatically conveyed into the outlet path subject to a substantially constantly applied purge pressure p(p) when the application of p(a) is interrupted, to continuously flush residual hydrogel composition from the outlet path..
Systems and methods for power conservation in wireless networks
Systems and methods are disclosed that are directed to an access point for supporting multiple basic service sets (bsss), such that the access point is configured to transmit an uninterrupted sequence of beacons for each of the bsss followed by one or more groups of multicast frames. In one aspect, the access point may send multicast frames for each of the bsss after the sequence of beacons.
Outdoor lighting device
An outdoor lighting device and method for achieving the same, the device including: (a) a light source; (b) a concentrator including only a first solid optical medium (som), the concentrator having an input surface optically coupled to the light source, a side surface and an output surface; and (c) a transparent cover optically coupled to the output surface, and covering substantially all of the output surface, wherein the side surface is shaped so as to provide a desired luminous intensity profile emerging from the transparent cover, and wherein a continuity from the light source to the transparent cover is uninterrupted by an air gap.. .
Semiconductor integrated circuit
A semiconductor integrated circuit includes an output mos transistor and a back gate control circuit. The output mos transistor includes a first electrode connected to a power supply terminal and a second electrode connected to an output terminal.
Method for resuming a wire sawing process of a workpiece after an unplanned interruption
A method resumes an interrupted process for sawing a workpiece into wafers using a wire saw that includes advancing a wire web into existing sawing kerfs of the workpiece with a forward movement of the sawing wire with a first speed in the presence of a liquid sawing medium until the wire web or workpiece has reached a position corresponding to the interruption of the wire sawing process. The sawing wire is moved in defined time intervals by a forward movement of a particular length with a second speed and a backward movement of another length with a third speed, where the backward length is less than the forward length and the forward and backward movement correspond to a cycle.
Shift switching device
A shift device is provided with a shift lever, a parking switch, and a neutral switch. A transmission is switched to a range, in which the transmission of driving force to driving wheels of a vehicle is started, by the shift lever being operated in two or more directions from a home position and arriving at a specific position.
Transdermal drug delivery bracelet
The invention relates to a bracelet that is suitable for the transdermal delivery of various substances. The invention relates to, for example, a refillable, hollow bracelet that contains the substance and that is also provided with a filter that enables the product to be absorbed when in contact with the skin of the user.
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal including a microphone configured to receive a voice input; a touchscreen configured to display information; and a controller configured to activate a voice recognition mode on the mobile terminal for receiving the voice input from the microphone, receive the voice input indicating a particular function on the mobile terminal is to be executed, execute the particular function indicated by the received voice input, if the voice recognition mode is interrupted while the particular function is being executed, determine whether the particular function is in a complete state or an incomplete state, if the particular function is in the incomplete state, display a display object corresponding to the particular function in the incomplete state, and resume the particular function and activate the microphone for receiving additional voice input to complete the particular function.. .
Power supply unit control device for internal combustion engine driven vehicle and internal combustion engine driven vehicle equipped with power supply unit control device
There are provided a power supply unit control device for an internal combustion engine driven vehicle provided with a lamp driving switch for turning lamp-driving current supplied to a vehicle headlamp from a battery charged by the output of an ac generator driven by an internal combustion engine and with a conducting control unit for controlling the lamp driving switch. The conducting control unit normally performs on/off control of the lamp driving switch at a normal duty ratio, the normal duty ratio being an on/off duty ratio for the lamp driving switch at which lamp-driving current can be kept at a value not impeding the charging of the battery, and, when the internal combustion engine decelerates, performs engine deceleration lamp conducting control, in which on/off control of the lamp driving switch at the normal duty ratio is interrupted and the lamp driving switch is controlled so that lamp-driving current necessary to suppress reductions in the brightness of the headlamp is sent to the headlamp, only for a limited length of time..
Fluid delivery device, transcutaneous access tool and insertion mechanism for use therewith
A fluid delivery device comprising a fluid reservoir; a transcutaneous access tool fluidly coupled to the fluid reservoir, the transcutaneous access tool including a needle or a trocar; and a transcutaneous access tool insertion mechanism for deploying the transcutaneous access tool, wherein the insertion mechanism is configured to insert and retract the needle/trocar in a single, uninterrupted motion.. .

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