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Wire retaining ring for a welding system

Lincoln Global

Wire retaining ring for a welding system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Peer-to-peer communication to increase download throughput patent thumbnailnew patent Peer-to-peer communication to increase download throughput
Certain embodiments relate to use of aggressive peering requests, which enable a peer computing device to obtain desired digital content more quickly than typically possible in a p2p network. In certain embodiments, an aggressive peering request comprises a request that another peer computing device, to which the aggressive peering request is sent, dedicates substantially all of, or a disproportionately large amount of, its p2p resources to servicing a specific peer computing device.
Microsoft Corporation
 Real-time adaptive decision system and method using predictive modeling patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time adaptive decision system and method using predictive modeling
An apparatus, system and method for automatically evaluating a transaction request are provided. An adaptive modeling platform builds models and deploys them in a very systematic manner, without requiring much or any human intervention.
Global Analytics, Inc.
 Shift range switching apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Shift range switching apparatus
There is provided a shift range switching apparatus that can perform appropriate fail-safe control when a power source supplied to an electronically controlled shift range switching apparatus is instantaneously interrupted. When due to instantaneous interruption of a power source supplied to the shift range switching apparatus, the shift range switching apparatus is reactivated, a target shift range is determined based on a rotation position of a detent plate detected by a detent position sensor immediately after the reactivation, and the rotation position of the detent plate is controlled..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
 Curable compositions that include hydrazide functional materials patent thumbnailnew patent Curable compositions that include hydrazide functional materials
For formula (i): n is 2; independently for each n, x is 0 or 1, y is 0 or 1, provided that the sum of x and y is 1; l1, independently for each n, is selected from a divalent hydrocarbyl group optionally interrupted with at least one of —o— and —s—; l2, independently for each n, is selected from a divalent hydrocarbyl group; and r1, independently for each n, is selected from hydrogen and hydrocarbyl. The curable compositions further include a reactant (b) that has at least two reactive groups that are reactive with and form covalent bonds with the hydrazide groups of the hydrazide functional material (a).
 Uninterruptable group communication sessions within a wireless communications system patent thumbnailnew patent Uninterruptable group communication sessions within a wireless communications system
A call request message is sent from an access terminal to an application server in order to request initiation of a group communication session to a communication group and to request that an allocation of the floor to the given access terminal for the duration of the given group communication session remain uninterrupted by call targets of the session. The application server announces the session, and sends a floor-grant to the access terminal after the session is accepted by at least one target.
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Electrical test platform with organized electrical wiring patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical test platform with organized electrical wiring
A test platform for devices requiring electromagnetic interference testing includes a base, a supporting pole perpendicularly mounted on the base, a supporting member rotatably supported on the supporting pole, and a number of conductive apparatus mounted to the supporting pole. The supporting member includes a power socket.
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd
 Overvoltage limiter in an aircraft electrical power generation system patent thumbnailnew patent Overvoltage limiter in an aircraft electrical power generation system
A method of limiting a generator voltage in an overvoltage condition includes the steps of determining an amount of overvoltage of a generator output voltage exceeding a specified voltage and calculating a reference threshold voltage based upon the duration of overvoltage. A switch is modulated according to a voltage error between the output voltage and the reference threshold voltage.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation
 Wire retaining ring for a welding system patent thumbnailnew patent Wire retaining ring for a welding system
The subject embodiments are directed to a system to allow an uninterrupted flow of a coil welding wire from one container to another container, the coil of welding wire including a coil top and a coil bottom. Each container includes at least one vertically extending side wall, a closed bottom, a top opening for removing the welding wire and a wire coil receiving cavity within the outer packaging for receiving the wire coil, the feeding end and the trailing end being positionable near the top opening.
Lincoln Global, Inc.
 Food preparation tool patent thumbnailnew patent Food preparation tool
A food preparation tool includes a single loop of flexible material having a generally ovoid shape with a first end joined to a second end by two sides. The sides and ends form a continuous single loop having a continuous, uninterrupted outer surface and a continuous, uninterrupted inner surface.
Colombia Insurance Company
 Method and  prefetching content in a data stream patent thumbnailMethod and prefetching content in a data stream
A data-processing system facilitates processing a data stream to assist other devices to pre-fetch elements of the data stream, out-of-sequence, for uninterrupted playback. During operation, the system can receive a data file, and segments the data file into a sequence of content objects.

Forming white metal oxide films by oxide structure modification or subsurface cracking

The embodiments described herein relate to forming white appearing metal oxide films by forming cracks within the metal oxide films. In some embodiments, the methods involve directing a laser beam at a metal oxide film causing portions of the metal oxide film to melt, cool, contract, and crack.

Optical switch

An optical switch includes: a first birefringent element; a first faraday rotator; a first half-wave plate; a second birefringent element; a second half-wave plate; a second faraday rotator; and a third birefringent element, which are arranged in a forward direction from the front, wherein the first birefringent element splits light in the forward direction from a first optical port into ordinary and extraordinary lights emitted onto first and second optical paths, respectively, the first and second half-wave plates are arranged on the first and second optical paths, respectively, and in the first and second faraday rotators, a permanent magnetic field in a left-right direction and an external magnetic field in a front-back direction in an on state are applied to a faraday element, a bidirectional optical path is formed between the first and second optical ports in an off state, and the optical path is interrupted in the on state.. .

Time-domain multiplexing of power and data

Circuits, methods, and apparatus that may allow an electronic device to control a power adapter. One example may provide an electronic system where an electronic device may control a power adapter through a communication channel.

Charging control system and device

A charging control system for charging a secondary battery from a solar battery, including a first path for transmitting power from the solar battery to the secondary battery, a second path for sensing the voltage of the secondary battery, and a comparison unit for comparing the solar battery voltage with the sensed voltage of the secondary battery. The first path includes a first interrupter, controlled by the comparison unit, which interrupts the first path to prevent discharge of the secondary battery through the solar battery when the solar battery voltage falls below the secondary battery voltage.

Electronic circuit arrangement

An electronic circuit arrangement may include a first supply line and a second supply line which are connectable with an electric energy supply unit at a first supply line input connection and a second supply line input connection. The first supply line and the second supply line may be electrically connectable at a first supply line output connection and a second supply line output connection with an external electronic device for supply of electric energy.


A roll for use in processing crop materials in a crop processor apparatus is disclosed. The roll has a generally cylindrical cross-section and a plurality of alternating longitudinal ridges and longitudinal grooves on a surface of the roll.

Lightweight, vacuum-resistant containers having offset horizontal ribs

Containers having improved vacuum-resistance and aesthetic features are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a container having a body with at least first (40) and second (44) interrupted horizontal ribs.

Electrical box, integrated flange and cover mechanisms

A “no profile” electrical box, integrated flange/protective assembly and interchangeable cover that obscures standard electrical outlets such that a wall surface appears nearly continuous, uninterrupted by the outlet or cover when in use or not in use. The profile of the combined unit equals only the thickness of the material from which it is constructed; no hinges, screws or fasteners of any kind are visible and no part of the assembly requires detachment or storage when the outlet is in use, as the hinged cover is undetectably stored in the electrical box, or may be used to cover the electrical cords when engaged in the outlet.

Fluid-connecting element

A fluid-connecting element with a first receiving space with a first connecting element and a first displaceable valve element, and a second receiving space with a second connecting element and a second displaceable valve element. A fluid connection between the first receiving space and the first connecting element being interrupted by the first valve element in the first position, and a fluid connection between the first receiving space and the first connecting element being opened by the first valve element in the second position.

Frontier field development system for large riser count and high pressures for harsh environments

A system comprising a semisubmersible, at least two offloading terminals and shuttle tankers in optional combination with an fso may be deployed in deep water harsh environments where riser performance (either scr or lwscr) is a key performance parameter. The semisubmersible is used to support the risers because of its favorable motion characteristics under harsh conditions.

Ice slurry producing apparatus and method therefor

The invention relates to an energy system, and more particularly to an air conditioning system for air conditioning rooms, comprising an energy source for heat pump systems, in which energy and/or heat is stored in a latent energy or heat storage system, comprising an ice slurry production device (100) for producing ice slurry from a liquid ice slurry brine (10), which operate according to a method for air conditioning rooms, in which energy or heat is stored or buffered in a latent energy or heat storage system and/or removed or extracted therefrom, wherein ice slurry is provided as the latent energy or heat storage system, or according to a method for producing ice slurry from an ice slurry brine (10), comprising the following steps: filling a housing (110) with the liquid ice slurry brine; cooling the liquid ice slurry brine by bringing it in contact with a heat exchanger device (220) disposed in the housing (110) while stirring the ice slurry brine (10) so as to generate the ice slurry, wherein, when an ice layer forms on the heat exchanger device (200), cooling is interrupted as soon as the ice layer reaches a predetermined thickness, and cooling is continued as soon as the ice layer drops below the predetermined thickness.. .

Historical software diagnostics using lightweight process snapshots

A debugging and diagnostics system allows users to take lightweight process snapshots of running debuggee processes so the users may analyze those snapshots at a later time. The snapshot mechanism allows debugging tools to compare an original process or one or more process snapshots or to compare any of a series of snapshots to each other.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Apparatus and booting in computer device with built-in communication module

An apparatus and method control booting in a mobile device with a built-in communication module to prevent a service user from using the mobile device for other purposes and to prevent the service user from subscribing to another service provider. A method includes determining, during a booting operation, whether the communication module is mounted with a usim.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Data backup method and system

The present disclosure provides a data backup method, comprising: a. Receiving a data type of data which is selected by a user to be backed up; b.
Beijing Netqin Technology Co., Ltd.

Mileage tracker

A mobile device for tracking mileage, including a software mobile application (“app”) that launches a service, which permits relatively uninterrupted tracking of mileage even during incoming telephone calls to the mobile device.. .

User plane location based service using message tunneling to support roaming

An improved user plane location based service (lbs) architecture and message flow, enabling seamless user plane location based services even when a mobile or wireless device has roamed among different carrier networks. The present invention overcomes constraints inherent in the current protocol for roaming support defined by the secure user plane location service specification.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Flexible containers and methods of forming the same

A method of forming a flexible container can include folding a web or sheet to define one or more gussets in one or more regions of the flexible container. The gusset can be a continuous gusset or can be an interrupted gusset, having a seal disposed in the gusset..
The Procter & Gamble Company

Network traffic preemption using intermittent encapsulation

An example method for intermittent encapsulation of preemptable network traffic at a network node can include receiving a frame at the network node and determining if the frame is a preemptable frame. A preemptable frame is a frame that can be preempted, suspended, interrupted, etc.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Semiconductor device

An object is to increase the retention characteristics of a memory device formed using a wide bandgap semiconductor. A bit line controlling transistor is inserted in a bit line in series.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Fastening assembly and container comprising the same

Provided is a fastening assembly and a container system containing the same. The fastening assembly includes a cylindrical neck member, including a series of convolutions axially extending around at least a portion of the external surface of the neck member and forming an interrupted helical thread of incomplete formation; a collar member configured for screw fastening with the neck member, including at least one rib configured for thread-engagement with the helical thread, the at least one rib forming a portion of an internal thread..
Plasel Plastic Ltd.

Method to produce plastic tube

A method to produce plastic tube. The material of the plastic tube is fed around a having a same diameter as the inside diameter of the tube.
Consult Seppo

Thermomechanical rolling of an aluminum plate

In a rolling process for reverse thermomechanically rolling an aluminum plate involving a plurality of rolling passes, identifying data are determined for thermally guiding the rolling process. Then a value of a state variable, from which a temperature of the aluminum plate can be deduced, is continuously measured and a pass schedule is determined for the rolling process on the basis of the value of the measured state variable and of the identifying data.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Independent data integrity and redundancy recovery in a storage system

A storage system includes a plurality of nodes connected to a network. Each node is capable of performing its own recovery of partially written data and maintaining consistency of the data stored on the storage system.
Hitachi Data Systems Engineering Uk Limited

Data storage device control with power hazard mode

In response to a warning that power may be interrupted, a non-volatile data storage sub-system of a host computer system re-orders machine readable instructions that the non-volatile data storage sub-system is going to perform. This re-ordering of instructions decreases the probability that important data will be lost.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and battery cell thermal management using carbon-based thermal films

The present disclosure relates to thermal management in battery cells and battery modules. A thermal assembly for a battery cell includes a battery cell having a battery cell packaging and a thermal pouch formed from a continuous carbon-based thermal film.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

Cosmetic composition comprising mattifying fillers and a silane

The present invention relates to a composition comprising an aqueous phase, at least one mattifying filler and at least one silane corresponding to formula (i) below and/or oligomers thereof: r1si(or2)z(r3)x(oh), (i) in which: ri is a linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated c1-c22 hydrocarbon-based chain, which may be substituted with an amine group nh2 or nhr (r=c1-c20 and especially c1-c6 alkyl, c3-c40 cycloalkyl or c6-c30 aromatic); or with a hydroxyl group, a thiol group, an aryl group (more particularly benzyl), which is substituted or unsubstituted; ri possibly being interrupted with a heteroatom (o, s or nh) or a carbonyl group (co), r2 and r3, which may be identical or different, represent a linear or branched alkyl group comprising from 1 to 6 carbon atoms, y denotes an integer ranging from 0 to 3, and z denotes an integer ranging from 0 to 3, and x denotes an integer ranging from 0 to 2, with z+x+y=3, the invention also relates to a cosmetic process for making up and/or caring for keratin materials comprising a step of applying a composition according to one of the preceding claims to the said materials.. .

Systems and methods for aligning objects

Methods herein relate to aligning objects and can include aligning a transmitter and a receiver to establish a reference line, advancing one or more objects in a direction of advance toward the reference line, interrupting the reference line with the one or more objects and withdrawing the one or more objects opposite the direction of advance until the reference line is uninterrupted. Alternative or complementary aspects relating to alignment can include detecting an interruption of the reference line based on an object entering the path between the transmitter and the receiver, transmitting an interruption signal based on the detected interruption of the reference line detecting a reestablishment of the reference, and transmitting a continuity signal based on the detected reestablishment of the reference line.
Invis-a-beam, Llc

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes: an image forming portion configured to form a toner image on a sheet; a first rotatable member and a second rotatable member which are configured to form a nip therebetween for heating the toner image formed on the sheet by the image forming portion; a separation member configured to separate the sheet in contact with the second rotatable member; a moving mechanism configured to move the separating member so that the separating member is movable to a contact position contacting the second rotatable member and a spaced position spaced from the second rotatable member; and a controller configured to control an operation of the moving mechanism. The controller moves the separating member from the spaced position to the contact position by the moving mechanism when an image forming process is interrupted in a state in which the separating member is in the spaced position..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Touch panel

The present disclosure provides a touch panel, including at least a plurality of first electrode axes, a plurality of second electrode blocks. Each first electrode axis and corresponding second electrode block are disposed at the same level, staggered and electrically isolated from each other.
Tpk Touch Solutions (xiamen) Inc.

Backlight driver chip incorporating a phase lock loop (pll) with programmable offset/delay and seamless operation

The embodiments discussed herein relate to systems, methods, and apparatus for synchronizing a pulse width modulation (pwm) dimming clock signal with a frame rate signal, line sync signal, and/or a horizontal sync signal of a display device. The pwm dimming clock signal can be generated by a synchronization block having a programmable offset/delay.
Apple Inc.

Header beam of a vehicle frame and forming the same

A header beam couples between a-pillars of a vehicle frame. The header beam is formed from a generally straight beam segment that is extruded to have a hollow body portion with supportive legs extending within the hollow interior along the length of the beam segment, defining uninterrupted forward and rearward box sections for supporting continuous load paths on the header beam.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Header beam of a vehicle frame and forming the same

A header beam couples between a-pillars of a vehicle frame. The header beam is formed from a generally straight beam segment that is extruded to have a hollow body portion with supportive legs extending within the hollow interior along the length of the beam segment, defining uninterrupted forward and rearward box sections for supporting continuous load paths on the header beam.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Pump apparatus with switching valve and driving power transmission device

A pump apparatus with a switching valve includes an actuator that is rotationally driven, a pump, a switching valve and a driving power interrupting device. The pump discharges a fluid sucked by rotational driving of the actuator.
Jtekt Corporation

Blog processing

The invention proposes a method for producing a printed product, in which a printed product, preferably produced in a forme-bound high-capacity printing process, in the form of a main product (2) or a subproduct is provided with an identification means which comprises a piece of individualizable product-specific information. At least two downstream individualization steps are performed, wherein the identification means allow the piece of information which is to be added in the at least two further downstream individualization steps to be associated with the respective product.
Ferag Ag

Commanded jtag test access port operations

The disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for improving the operation of a tap architecture in a device through the use of command signal inputs to the tap architecture. In response to a command signal input, the tap architecture can perform streamlined and uninterrupted update, capture and shift operation cycles to a target circuit in the device or streamlined and uninterrupted capture and shift operation cycles to a target circuit in the device.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Session processing method and apparatus

The present invention discloses a session processing method and an apparatus, and relates to the field of communications technologies. The method includes: acquiring an interruption detection instruction; performing traffic interruption detection on a target mbms session according to the interruption detection instruction; and releasing, when it is detected that traffic of the target mbms session is interrupted, resources occupied by the target mbms session..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Apparatus, method, and system for event and backup lighting

An apparatus, system, and method for solid state lighting is envisioned which, according to aspects of the invention, provides primary event and/or utility lighting during normal power conditions, and which, during periods of interrupted power, provides uninterrupted event lighting for a desired duration, provides a gradual transition from event lighting levels to utility lighting levels, and provides a gradual transition from utility lighting levels to emergency lighting levels.. .
Musco Corporation

Dual input rtc supply generation with replica power path and autonomous mode of operation from the system supply

Circuits and methods providing a electronic power supply applicable to any dual supply rail systems, which require a smooth and uninterrupted output supply and a replica power path and autonomous mode of operation from the system power supply are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment of the invention the power supply is applied to a real time clock.
Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

Structural arrangement for clothing waistband

Structural arrangement for clothing waistband developed to allow a usual masculine or feminine clothing (1), either pants, bermuda shorts, skirt, dress or the like, to include an elastic arrangement in an interrupted portion (2) dividing the waistband in two segments, a front segment (3a) and a back segment (3b), in such a way that this elastic arrangement on both sides of the clothing, left and right, is sufficient to allow the waistband to be automatically adjusted increasing or decreasing the clothing by two or more sizes and rendering the clothing more comfortable for the use, in particular when sitting down and standing up performing other movements requiring bending at the waist.. .

4-(4-pyridinyl)-benzamides and their use as rock activity modulators

The present invention relates to novel 4-(4-pyridyl)-benzamides of the formula (i). The compounds i possess valuable therapeutic properties and are suitable, in particular, for treating diseases that respond to modulation of rho kinases (rocks).
Abbvie Inc.

Communication device utilizing an interrupting alignment pattern

A communication device utilizing an interrupting alignment pattern is disclosed. The communication device may comprise a plurality of inputs, a pattern generator, a multiplexer, a control circuit, an interrupt circuit, and an output.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Method and controlling discontinuous reception in mobile communication system

A method and apparatus is configured to control a discontinuous reception (drx) in a mobile communication system. The method includes: interrupting the drx operation when a radio resource control (rrc) connection reestablishment procedure is initiated; transmitting an rrc connection reestablishment request message from the user equipment to an evolved node b (enb); receiving an rrc connection reestablishment message from the enb to the user equipment; and resuming, if the received rrc connection reestablishment message contains new drx setting information, the interrupted drx operation according to the new drx setting information.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

System and a detecting liquid water

The present subject matter provides a system and a method for detecting liquid water. The method includes establishing signal communication between an rfid tag and an rfid reader, monitoring the signal communication between the rfid tag and the rfid reader and determining that liquid water is disposed between the rfid tag and the rfid reader or on the rfid tag if the signal communication between the rfid tag and the rfid reader is disrupted, interrupted or terminated..
General Electric Company

Aircraft fuselage structure

An aircraft fuselage structure is disclosed herein and includes an outer skin, with circumferential ribs, such that a recess is provided for receiving a wing torsion box in the outer skin, and the ribs are interrupted in the region of the recess. An object of the disclosure includes providing an aircraft fuselage structure designed such that the wing torsion box is able to extend at least partially through the upper region of the fuselage, without the stability of the fuselage being significantly reduced.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Systems and methods for an enhanced watchdog in solar module installations

Systems and methods for automatically or remotely rendering a solar array safe during an emergency or maintenance. A watchdog unit is disclosed for monitoring a signal from a central controller.
Tigo Energy, Inc.

Method and device for verifying the integrity of gas valve operators in a gas appliance

A method and device for verifying the integrity of each operator of a gas valve including two operators disposed in succession on a passage path for the gas directed to a burner; the operator being subjected to command action by a corresponding actuator controlled by a command and control unit adapted to sense the presence of the flame in the burner, which is correlated with the gas flow rate reaching this burner. Each operator is made to close alternately, with corresponding cessation of gas feed to the burner and successive sensing of the extinguishing of the flame at the burner within a predefined time period, power to these operators being completely interrupted if it is sensed after said time period that the flame is extinguished..
Bertelli & Partners S.r.l.

Low nox burner with low pressure drop

A burner includes a cylindrical tube that terminates in a burner discharge end. An annular disk, affixed to the discharge end, defines a hole.
Plum Combustion, Inc.

Lens assemblies and optical systems incorporating lens assemblies

An optical system includes a lens assembly and a light source. The lens assembly includes an optical lens positioned to transmit and refract light provided by the light source, and a lens holder coupled to the optical lens and maintaining a position of the optical lens relative to the light source.
Corning Incorporated

Conductive brush for use with a computing device

A conductive brush, or stylus, for use with touch screen computing devices. The bristles or filaments are attached to an electrically conductive ferrule, so that even when the brush is pressed against the tablet to make the bristles splay apart, the conductive ferrule itself maintains electrical communication with the tablet.
Nomadbrush Llc

Modular accessory attachment system for a utility cart

Three different families of mobile utility cart accessories may be quickly and easily attached to a mobile utility cart of the present invention using the inexpensive, but flexible modular accessory attachment system of the present invention. This is accomplished by releasably slidably attaching the accessories to vertical rails mounted adjacent corner edges of the utility cart.
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Interlock pipe connection

An interlock pipe joint includes a first and second tubular member. In some embodiments, an interrupted thread box and pin make up the interlock pipe joint.
Nabors Industries, Inc.

Method of making a mechanical fastener using a crowned surface

A method of making a mechanical fastener. The method includes providing a slit web having mechanical fastening elements, applying tension to the slit web in the machine direction, and spreading the slit web in the cross-machine direction by moving the slit web over a crowned surface to provide a spread mechanical fastening web.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Method of making a mechanical fastener using diverging disks

A method of making a mechanical fastener. The method includes providing a slit web having mechanical fastening elements, applying tension to the slit web in the machine direction, and spreading the slit web in the cross-machine direction by directing its side edges over two rotating diverging disks to provide a spread mechanical fastening web.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Systems and methods for providing transaction completion alerts

Systems and methods are provided for identifying interrupted transactions and automatically completing interrupted transactions based on responses to transaction completion alerts. The disclosed embodiments may include a server that may obtain one or more first terms of a transaction from a customer.
The Toronto-dominion Bank

Atherectomy device with eccentric crown

An atherectomy device may include an elongated, flexible drive shaft having a distal end for insertion into a vasculature of a patient and having a proximal end opposite the distal end remaining outside the vasculature of the patient, a handle coupled to the proximal end of the drive shaft for controlling the drive shaft, and a head arranged proximate the distal end of the drive shaft wherein the head may include a middle portion having a substantially uninterrupted outer surface and substantially conically-shaped first and second end portions, wherein the middle portion and substantially conically-shaped end portions all have a bore extending therethrough adapted to frictionally engage a drive shaft.. .
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Apparatus and forming event picture in mobile communication terminal

Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for forming an event picture in a mobile communication terminal. If an event such as call reception, alarm or message reception occurs while a service picture is displayed on a screen of the terminal, the current service picture is backed up, a command input through the buttons provided to the terminal is interrupted and the event picture is overlapped over the current service picture, thereby allowing a user to perceive the corresponding event.
Pantech Co., Ltd.

Dropped call warning and prevention methods

The disclosure provides methods and systems for warning users of mobile terminals during active phone calls or active data transfer that they approach certain geographical areas known as areas where active phone calls or active data transfer may be interrupted. In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining, by a processor, location information associated with a mobile terminal, determining, by the processor, that the mobile terminal approaches a particular geographical area, the particular geographical area being associated with previous dropped calls based at least in part on historical data, and, based on the determination, sending, by the processor, a warning signal to the mobile terminal for informing a user of the mobile terminal that the mobile terminal is about to enter the particular geographical area..
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc

Ventilated battery storage rack

The invention includes a ventilated storage rack unit and complete storage rack system for storing an array of battery cells in an uninterrupted power source that meets the seismic testing requirements of nebs gr-63-core (issue 2 apr. 2002).

Cobalt metal precursors

A metal precursor and a method comprising decomposing a metal precursor on an integrated circuit device; and forming a metal from the metal precursor, wherein the metal precursor is selected from the group consisting of (i) a co2(co)6(r1c≡cr2), wherein r1 and r2 are individually selected from a straight or branched monovalent hydrocarbon group have one to six carbon atoms that may be interrupted and substituted; (ii) a mononuclear cobalt carbonyl nitrosyl; (iii) a cobalt carbonyl bonded to one of a boron, indium, germanium and tin moiety; (iv) a cobalt carbonyl bonded to a mononuclear or binuclear allyl; and (v) a cobalt (ii) complex comprising nitrogen-based supporting ligands.. .

Low-emissivity coated glass for improving radio frequency signal transmission

Modified low emissivity (low-e) coated glass, so that windows using the processed glass allow uninterrupted use of rf devices within commercial or residential buildings. Glass processed in the manner described herein will not significantly diminish the energy conserving properties of the low-e coated glass.
Eritek, Inc.

Apparatus for improving radio frequency signal transmission through low-emissivity coated glass

A method and apparatus for modifying low emissivity (low-e) coated glass, so that windows using the processed glass allow uninterrupted use of rf devices within commercial or residential buildings. Glass processed in the manner described herein will not significantly diminish the energy conserving properties of the low-e coated glass.
Eritek, Inc.

Method and device for playing multimedia content

It is provided a method for resuming an interrupted session of multimedia content with a rendering device. It comprises the steps of reading a status information of the interrupted session, said information being stored in a portable device; and resuming the session of the multimedia content based on the status information read..
Thomson Licensing

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