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Fail-safe drug infusion therapy system

Fail-safe drug infusion therapy system

Dental compound gun


Dental compound gun

Dental compound gun


On-board charger housekeeping power supply with automatic source transition

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Stented vascular graft patent thumbnailnew patent Stented vascular graft
A vascular graft incorporating a stent into a portion of its length. While various materials may be used for the vascular graft, the graft is preferably an eptfe graft.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
 Fail-safe drug infusion therapy system patent thumbnailnew patent Fail-safe drug infusion therapy system
A fail-safe drug infusion system, including a user interface controller (uic) and at least one pump motor controller (pmc), with protocols that enable the pmc to operate therapy delivery for a limited amount of time if the uic fails or the communication link between the uic and the pmc is interrupted. Includes synchronization methods to synchronize the delivery information back to the uic after the uic reboots or after the communication link is restored.
 Isoindolo[2, 1-a]quinazoline derivatives for stabilization of organic materials patent thumbnailnew patent Isoindolo[2, 1-a]quinazoline derivatives for stabilization of organic materials
The present invention relates to a composition, which comprises a) an organic material susceptible to oxidative, thermal or light-induced degradation, which is a polymer, an oligohydroxy compound, a wax, a fat or a mineral oil, with the proviso that the polymer is not a polypeptide, agar-agar or a component of agar-agar and the oligohydroxy compound is not glucose or a component of agar-agar; and b) a compound of formula (i) n is 1, 2, 3 or 4; when n is 1, r5 is h, c1-c30-alkyl, c3-c10-cycloalkyl, c6-c10-aryl, which is unsubstituted or substituted by c1-c8-alkyl, c1-c8-alkoxy, halogen or one phenyl, c7-c13-aralkyl, c2-c22-alkenyl, c3-c12-alkinyl, oh, c1-c30-alkyloxy, c3-c10-cycloalkyloxy, c6-c12-aryloxy, c7-c13-aralkyloxy, hydroxy-c1-c8-alkyl, carboxy-c1-c12-alkyl, c1-c12-alkoxycarbonyl-c1-c12-alkyl, c2-c30-alkyl, which is interrupted by one or more oxygen atoms, c2-c16-alkyl, which is interrupted by one sulfur atom, or nr′1r′2; when n is 2, r5 is c1-c12-alkane-diyl, c6-c14-arylene, c4-c8-cycloalkane-bis-(c1-c4-alkylene), c6-c14-arene-bis-(c1-c4-alkylene), c4-c24-alkane-diyl, which is interrupted by one or more oxygen atoms, c4-c20-alkane-diyl, which is interrupted by one or more —nh—, —n(c1-c8-alkyl)- or —n(hydroxy-c1-c8-alkyl)-, piperazine-n,n′-bis-(c1-c4-alkylene) or c2-c10-alkane-diyl, which is interrupted by one sulfur atom; r1 to r4 and r6 to r9 are each independently from each other h, c1-c12-alkyl, c3-c10-cycloalkyl, c3-c22-alkenyl, c1-c12-alkoxy, c1-c12-alkylsulfanyl, hydroxy-c1-c8-alkyl, halogen, nr″1r″2, no2, cn, phenyl, phenyloxy or r1 and r2 or r2 and r3 or r3 and r4 or r6 and r7 or r7 and r8 or r8 and r9 are linked together to form a five- or 6-membered alicylic, aromatic or heterocyclic ring together with their 2 corresponding carbons atoms, to which they are attached.. .
Basf Se
 Hearing instrument with battery compartment switch patent thumbnailnew patent Hearing instrument with battery compartment switch
A hearing instrument has a battery compartment switch which causes the hearing instrument to switch on/off. An electrical contact to the battery is established and interrupted by the battery compartment switch when the battery compartment is closed and opened.
Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.
 On-board charger housekeeping power supply with automatic source transition patent thumbnailnew patent On-board charger housekeeping power supply with automatic source transition
A power supply system and method for providing uninterrupted low voltage electrical power to control circuitry in an electric or hybrid-electric vehicle. A transformer includes a first primary side configured to receive a low voltage input from a vehicle battery and a second primary side configured to receive a rectified ac high voltage input.
Lear Corporation
 Scr component with temperature-stable characteristics patent thumbnailnew patent Scr component with temperature-stable characteristics
An scr-type component of vertical structure has a main upper electrode formed on a silicon region of a first conductivity type which is formed in a silicon layer of a second conductivity type. The silicon region is interrupted in first areas where the material of the silicon layer comes into contact with the upper electrode, and is further interrupted in second areas filled with resistive porous silicon extending between the silicon layer and the main upper electrode..
Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas
 Structural element for an aircraft fuselage that prevents lateral-torsional buckling patent thumbnailnew patent Structural element for an aircraft fuselage that prevents lateral-torsional buckling
The invention relates to a structural element for an aircraft fuselage, generally shaped in the form of a longitudinally elongate section. The element comprises two wings, each wing including: a portion that extends uninterrupted along the entire length of the section, and legs spaced apart from one another and extending from said uninterrupted portion such as to define an opening between two consecutive legs.
Airbus Operations Gmbh
 Dental compound gun patent thumbnailnew patent Dental compound gun
Disclosed herein is a dental compound gun. A body unit has a gun shape.
Hummer Co., Ltd.
 Stented vascular graft patent thumbnailnew patent Stented vascular graft
A vascular graft incorporating a stent into a portion of its length. While various materials may be used for the vascular graft, the graft is preferably an eptfe graft.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
 Gestures for selecting text patent thumbnailGestures for selecting text
In general, the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods, systems, and program products for selecting text using a touchscreen display of a computing device. A computing device identifies physical contact between multiple fingers and the touchscreen display at a starting location, wherein the identifying is in distinction to identifying physical contact between a single finger and the touchscreen display.
Google Inc.

Polymerizable compositions with high polymerization depth

In which r1, r2 independently of each other are a linear c1-4-alkyl, or c2-4-alkenyl radical, which can be substituted by one or more polymerizable groups; r3, r4 independently of each other are in each case h, halogen, a branched or linear c1-4-alkyl or —o—c1-4-alkyl radical; r5, r6, r7 independently of each other are in each case h, halogen, a linear c1-20-alkyl, -alkenyl, -alkoxy or -alkenoxy radical, which can be interrupted by one or more —o—, —s— or —nr8— radicals and substituted by one or more polymerizable groups; and r8 independently is in each case h, a c1-20-alkyl, -alkenyl, -alkoxy or -alkenoxy radical, (b) at least one α-diketone and (c) at least one accelerator, as well as the use of the composition for example for producing a filling composite.. .

Cosmetic composition comprising a silane and a lipophilic thickener

The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least one lipophilic thickener and at least one silane corresponding to formula (i) below and/or oligomers thereof: r1si(or2)z(r3)x(oh)y (i) in which: *r1 is a linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated c1-c22 hydrocarbon-based chain, which may be substituted with a hydroxyl group, a thiol group, an aryl group (more particularly benzyl), which is substituted or unsubstituted; r1 possibly being interrupted with a heteroatom (o or s) or a carbonyl group (co), *r2 and r3, which may be identical or different, represent a linear or branched alkyl group comprising from 1 to 6 carbon atoms, *y denotes an integer ranging from 0 to 3, and *z denotes an integer ranging from 0 to 3, and *x denotes an integer ranging from 0 to 2, * with z+x+y=3, the silane(s) of formula (i) and/or oligomers thereof being present in an active material content ranging from 2% to 20% by weight relative to the total weight of the composition. The invention also relates to a cosmetic process for making up and/or caring for keratin materials comprising a step of applying a composition according to one of the preceding claims to the said materials..

Method for in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro repair and regeneration of cartilage and collagen and bone remodeling

A method for in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro regeneration of cartilage and collagen. In vivo, ex vivo and in vitro regeneration and de novo formation of articular cartilage and collagen by intermittently applied hydrostatic pressure.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Flow boulevard; continuous flowing traffic on interrupted urban streets

The flow boulevard concepts provide a system of transportation improvement for urban and suburban existing development and or new development. The system provides the optimization of vehicular capacity and level of service for at grade interrupted flow facilities without the widening of streets.

Liquid electrophotography ink developer

A liquid electrophotographic ink developer comprises a developer roller (112) rotatable about an axis, first and second electrodes (108, 110) proximate the developer roller (112) and an inlet chamber (100) extending along the axis from a first end adjacent an inlet opening (122) to a second end opposite the first end. A neck (104) forms an uninterrupted ink flow path from the inlet chamber (100) to the developer roller (112)..
Hewlett-packard Development Company L.p.

Voice call continuity in hybrid networks

Voice call continuity is provided for calls that are carried over a hybrid network infrastructure in which access connections are distributed over loosely coupled network portions including a backend network such as a core voip (voice over internet protocol) service network, one or more cellular mobile networks, and a public switched telephone network (“pstn”). The calls are routed through the core voip network regardless of their points of origination or termination in other network portions so that signaling and call context are anchored in the core voip network.
Microsoft Corporation

Signal-activated circuit interrupter

The current invention is an automatic ac power interruption system built into a portable apparatus or integrated into electrical systems and appliance control circuitry. Power is interrupted in potentially hazardous conditions, for example, when a t3 smoke detector alarm signal is detected.

Battery management control method

A battery management method and apparatus. In one embodiment of the method, a source current is divided into ic and icr.
Renesas Electronics America Inc.

Method for producing optoelectronic semiconductor components, arrangement and optoelectronic semiconductor component

In at least one embodiment of the method, the method is used to produce optoelectronic semiconductor components. A lead frame assemblage includes a plurality of lead frames.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Packaging container with a bayonet twist closure and free running

A packaging container for elongated objects that includes an outer sleeve (1) with at least one threaded section (4) and an inner sleeve (2) with at least one toothed or threaded strip (3) that can be brought into threaded engagement with the threaded section (4) such that the inner sleeve can be screwed into the interior of the outer sleeve (1). The at least one threaded section (4) is interrupted by at least one sliding strip (5) that is aligned in the longitudinal direction of said packaging container and that interrupts the threaded section (4), the width of the sliding strip (5) being greater than the width of the toothed or threaded strip (3)..
Rose Plastic Ag

Engine driven heat pump

An engine driven heat pump is such that when a self-sustaining switch is turned on during power failure, and a self-sustaining signal is received, it switches to a self-sustaining mode and start an engine and a generator, and when output power from an inverter is received, it supplies the output power to a power supply circuit and a battery charging circuit by means of an independent power supply relay, and it supplies the output power to the outside via an independent output unit, and during the supply of the output power, it maintains cutoff with respect to connection between a system, and the power supply circuit and the battery charging circuit by means of a system cutoff relay and maintain the output of the output power until the self-sustaining signal is interrupted, and it recovers the connection when power is restored and the output power is interrupted.. .
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Carabiner with wire level for climbing

More particularly, the present invention relates to a carabiner (1) comprising a ring (2) having a side (3), which is interrupted by an opening defined by a first and a second end (10, 12), wherein said opening is closed by a spring closing member (4) that may take an open position and a closed position, wherein the first end (10) of the ring (2) comprises a bulb-shaped coupling portion (13), with the part projecting in the transversal direction with respect to the plane of the carabiner (1), and wherein the closing member (4) is of the so-called “wire lever” type and comprises a lever member (8) consisting in a metal wire, characterized in that said lever member (8) is associated to a coupling member (15) with the coupling portion (13) of the ring (2), said coupling member (15) comprising a seat (11), having such shape and dimensions as to couple with said coupling portion (13), and a constraint portion (18) to the lever member (8).. .

Carabiners with key-lock system

Carabiners having locking systems of the type called “key-lock” for mountaineering and climbing are provided. Such carabiners include those having a ring with a side, interrupted by an opening delimited by a first and a second end, wherein said opening is closed by a spring closing element which can take an open position and a closed position, wherein the first end of the ring comprises a bulb-shaped hooking portion, with the projecting part in a direction transverse to the plane of the carabiner, wherein the coupling portion on both sides of the bulb includes a shoulder having an uneven surface..
Camp S.p.a.

Systems and methods to deliver a personalized mediacast with an uninterrupted lead-in portion

Content delivery is provided responsive to mediacast content consumer requests by providing personalized mediacasts to each of a plurality of mediacast content consumers. Each of the personalized mediacasts includes a variety of replaceable programming and non-programming content segments and a variety of non-replaceable programming and non-programming content segments.
Abacast, Inc.

System and managing power feeds through waveform monitoring

Managing power feeds includes monitoring a waveform of a high-voltage power feed supplied to an electrical load to detect potential interruption of the high-voltage power feed and switching to another power feed to supply power to the electrical load in response to identifying the waveform pattern. Monitoring a waveform includes processing the waveform to determine if one or more waveform patterns are present in the waveform.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Memory system, controller and controlling memory system

According to one embodiment, a log information generating unit generates log information that write logs are collected for each of data of a predetermined size, wherein the write log includes a change in a physical address relative to a logical address before and after writing to a write target by an atomic write process, and a process identifier that identifies the atomic write process. In a case where an interruption occurs in the atomic write process, and a memory system recovers from the interruption, a restoration processing unit extracts a first process identifier of the interrupted atomic write process, and restores address conversion information to a state before the atomic write process by using the write logs having the first process identifier..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Semiconductor device, portable communication terminal, ic card, and microcomputer

The present invention provides a noncontact interface technique capable of performing communication operation without stopping an internal operation even when a clock signal cannot be extracted from a carrier wave. In a semiconductor device that receives a modulated carrier wave from an antenna, generates an internal clock signal on the basis of a clock signal extracted from the received carrier wave, and performs operation synchronously with the internal clock signal, a pll circuit that receives the extracted clock signal and generates the internal clock signal is provided with a voltage control oscillation function.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Resumption of data connectivity between mobile devices via switching application

The disclosure is directed to systems and methods for switching a data downloading session from a first mobile device to a second mobile device. The data downloading session first commences on the first mobile device.
Nvidia Corporation

Communication device and power saving method thereof in data transmission system

A communication device and a power saving method in a data transmission system are provided that can achieve the prevention of element deterioration occurring when a check signal is transmitted during sleep, as well as reductions of transmission noise and power consumption. The communication device, which is connected to another communication device through transmission/reception links corresponding to multiple channels, respectively, includes communication sections (13-1 to 13-n, 141 to 14-n) corresponding to the multiple channels, respectively, and a control section (10) that interrupts transmission outputs of the communication element when there is no data for transmission, and sequentially changes, among the multiple channels, a channel that transmits a check signal for checking a link state during a period in which the transmission outputs are kept interrupted..
Nec Corporation

Method and system for on-hold messaging for off network calls

An off net scenario may occur during primary communications between a first and second caller, in which the second caller is connected to a network over a data channel and receives a second call over a voice channel resulting in an interruption of the primary communications between the original callers. In the off net scenario, a message indicating the original communication has been interrupted is received by a carrier.
Vonage Network, Llc

Electromagnetic actuator for a solenoid valve, valve terminal with at least one solenoid valve, and module arrangement

In an electromagnetic actuator for a solenoid valve, the electromagnetic actuator has a magnetic coil and a first electrical connector adapted to receive a control signal which determines a switching position of the electromagnetic actuator. The electromagnetic actuator further has a second electrical connector which is provided directly on the electromagnetic actuator and is separate with respect to the first electrical connector.
Buerkert Werke Gmbh

Rotor for a hydraulic camshaft phaser

A rotor (2) for a hydraulic camshaft phaser (1), including a hub (5) that holds a camshaft and including an outer shell (6) with a plurality of vane elements (7), whereby hydraulic-medium channels (24, 26) run from the interior of the hub (5) to the outer shell (6). At least one hydraulic-medium channel (24, 26) is interrupted by an axial recess (16) in the material, whereby a bushing (47) that connects the interrupted hydraulic-medium channel (24, 26) is inserted into the recess (16) in the material.
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Apparatus for packing products into containers

A method and apparatus for packing products into containers is described herein. More particularly, the method and apparatus are directed to packaging sheets of packages such as pouches or sachets that are joined together end-to-end.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Activity interruption management

In response to determining that an activity has been postponed (e.g., interrupted or deferred), a computer system stores a record indicating that the activity is postponed. In response to determining that another activity has become active, the computer system stores a record indicating that the other activity is active.

Information processing apparatus, information processing method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium

A series of processing that includes a first control step for controlling an apparatus that executes predetermined processing and a second control step for controlling the apparatus based on a control result of the first control step is executed. An execution history of the first control step or the second control step is stored in a memory.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Fare payment method and apparatus thereof

Provided are a fare payment method and apparatus thereof, for paying fares by authorizing card transaction by allowing a plurality of terminals to share card transaction history information. The fare payment method includes receiving information on a connection to one selected as a main terminal among a plurality of terminals connected to one another through a network, and outputting a signal in response to a transaction request from a card user to the card user based on information on a card transaction history received from the main terminal when a communication between the main terminal and a center computer in charge of a card transaction authorization process is interrupted..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

Wear plate assembly

A wear plate assembly for mounting on a substrate to be protected includes a support plate having a first surface and an opposing second surface and a wear plate having a wear surface and an opposing attachment surface affixed to the first surface of the support plate, wherein the wear surface is a continuous, uninterrupted surface. The assembly also includes a shaft having a base portion attached to the second surface of the support plate, a head portion distal from the base portion and a groove formed between the base portion and the head portion.
Kennametal Inc.

Image forming apparatus capable of properly reproducing desired settings, controlling the same, and storage medium

An image forming apparatus capable of properly reproducing, even when a setting operation is interrupted by a cause unintended by a user, settings desired by the user, and thereby improving the user-friendliness. In a case where a cause of interruption of a job setting operation is generated at a timing other than a predetermined timing, information on the displayed screen and information on the job settings are stored.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Information processing apparatus and power-supply control information processing apparatus

An information processing apparatus includes a first unit and a second unit supplied with power that can be interrupted individually, a power supply switch configured to be operated by a user, to turn off a power supply of the information processing apparatus, a controller configured to perform shutdown processing of the information processing apparatus thereby interrupting supply of power to the first unit and the second unit, upon turning off of the power supply switch, a first timer unit configured to interrupt the supply of the power to the first unit, after a lapse of a first predetermined time after turning off the power supply switch, and a second timer unit configured to interrupt the supply of power to the second unit, after a lapse of a second predetermined time after turning off the power supply switch. The second predetermined time is longer than the first predetermined time..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Authentication device for user authentication and image forming apparatus including the authentication device

A user authentication device provided on an apparatus as an object of operation acquires feature data representing notable portion of the user, using a camera device, after user authentication. Based on the acquired feature data, the user authentication device tracks the user by the camera (step s1030).
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Ophthalmic lens including ultra-thin optical parts

The present invention provides for an optical assembly using two ultra-thin optical pieces/parts defining the outer bound of the assembly with a solid or liquid core and methods of forming said assembly. In particular, the present in invention discloses the handling and arrangements of said ultra-thin optical pieces to prevent deformation and loss of optical quality of said ultra-thin optical pieces.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc

Capacitive sensor

A capacitive sensor applies to a capacitive touch panel and includes a plurality of first electrodes, a plurality of second electrodes, and a plurality of virtual electrodes. The first electrodes each have a first wire portion.
J Touch Corporation

Light adjusting device with switching element

A light adjusting device for adjusting the luminance of a light source is provided. The light adjusting device comprises a rectifier module, a first switch element, a second switch element and a control module.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

Continuously operating filtering apparatus

A deep fat fryer with continuous oil filtering and purging of sediments therefrom during uninterrupted fryer operation is provided. The filter includes a cylindrical hollow housing with a first end and a second end and a hollow cylindrical screen with a longitudinal axis and first and second ends.
Pitco Frialator, Inc.

Floss type cleaning device

A device and method for its use for cleaning teeth. An uninterrupted floss-type loop, is supported by an implement.

Remote access manager for virtual computing services

A series of nat connection rules are revised in a dynamic manner such that a pool of ports is available to connect a plurality of remote users to local virtual compute resources over one or more public ip addresses. Once a connection is established, an entry is made in a firewall state table, associating ip addresses, ports and protocol types, such that the firewall state table allows uninterrupted use of the established connection.
Desktone, Inc.

System and providing access to content of an interrupted digital broadcast signal

A method includes receiving a first message at a receiver from a digital broadcast provider, where the first message is received in response to a digital broadcast connection being reestablished between the receiver and the digital broadcast provider after interruption of the digital broadcast connection during receipt by the receiver of content corresponding to a digital broadcast signal. The method also includes sending a notification from the receiver to a display device, where the notification includes information corresponding to the interruption, and where the notification enables access to an interface for responding to the first message.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Workpiece machining method, machine tool, tool path-generating device and tool path-generating program

A workpiece machining method that machines a workpiece surface by moving a rotating tool, which has a cutting blade for interrupted cutting of the workpiece surface, relative to the workpiece comprises: a first process of determining the pattern of arrangement of multiple cavities on the surface of the workpiece formed after cutting by the cutting blade; and a second process of determining the tool path of the rotating tool so that the multiple cavities are disposed on the surface of the workpiece according to the pattern of arrangement determined in the first process.. .
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.

Magnetizing inrush current suppression device

According to one embodiment, a magnetizing inrush current suppressing device is configured to measure a three-phase alternating current flowing from the power supply bus to the load, detect a first interruption phase as a phase of an electric current which is interrupted first among the three phases, detect a phase of a phase voltage zero point through which a phase voltage of the first interruption phase of the three-phase ac voltage passes when changing from the same polarity as that of an electric current immediately before interruption of the first interruption phase to an opposite polarity, and close the circuit-breaker at a phase within 60° from the detected phase.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System for controlling remote operation of ground working devices

A system for controlling operation of a ground treatment machine includes a hand-held device that wirelessly communicates with the ground treatment machine. The system includes a radio frequency and an infrared frequency wireless communications that are established between the hand-held device and the ground treatment machine.
Wacker Neuson Production Americas Llc

Method for operating a charging connection device for electric vehicles

A method operates a charging connection device for electric vehicles, the charging connection device including a housing inside which at least one temperature sensor constantly senses at least one temperature value. As an essential feature, the maximum permissible charging current is reduced to a specific value greater than zero if a first threshold temperature of a first temperature value is exceeded and the charging process is interrupted if the first threshold temperature has been continuously exceeded by the end of a first interval or when the at least one temperature value exceeds a second threshold temperature of the at least one temperature value.
Keba Ag

Line with arched structure

A line is provided for hot gas, for the use particularly in a motor vehicle with an internal combustion engine, with the line including at least one guiding pipe (2), having deformations (4) over at least a portion of its length at least over parts of its circumference, which seen from an exterior of the guiding pipe (2) are embodied convexly or concavely and are interrupted at least once in the circumferential direction.. .
Witzenmann Gmbh

System and virtual machine live migration

A system for virtual machine live migration includes a management node, a source server, a destination server, a peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) switch, and an single root input/output virtualization (sr-iov) network adapter, where the source server includes a virtual machine (vm) before live migration; the destination server includes a vm after live migration; the management node is adapted to configure, using the pcie switch, a connection relationship between a virtual function (vf) module used by the vm before live migration and the source server as a connection relationship between the vf module and the destination server; and the destination server, using the pcie switch and according to the connection relationship with the vf module configured by the management node, uses the vf module to complete virtual machine live migration. By switching the connection relationships, the system ensures that a data packet receiving and sending service is not uninterrupted..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Controlling operation of a reduced pressure therapy system based on dynamic duty cycle threshold determination

Negative pressure wound therapy apparatuses and dressings, and systems and methods for operating such apparatuses for use with dressings are disclosed. In some embodiments, controlling the delivery of therapy can be based on monitoring and detecting various operating conditions.
Smith & Nephew Plc

Apparatus and measuring internal ohmic resistance of fuel cell system

An apparatus and a method for measuring the internal ohmic resistance of a fuel cell system, in which the resistance can be easily measured through a current interruption method even while the fuel cell system is operated. An interrupter and an external energy consumption device are connected in parallel to each other between a fuel cell and a main energy consumption device such that current to the external energy consumption device is applied and interrupted by switching the interrupter on/off even while the fuel cell system is maintained in operation as is, thereby making it possible to easily measure the internal ohmic resistance of the fuel cell..
Hyundai Motor Company

Multi-dimensional fiber composites and articles using the same

A composite down-hole tool for use in oil and gas wells includes plurality of fibers which extend along at least a first fiber plane and a second fiber plane. The first fiber plane and the second fiber plane are arranged perpendicular.
Fiber Materials Inc.

Annealing process for integrated gas sensors

A method of manufacturing an integrated metal oxide gas sensor is described including the steps of depositing a composition with metal oxide particles or precursors thereof at the desired location on a substrate including electronic components followed by a step of heating the substrate whereby the heating step is designed such that it creates a local temperature difference between the location of the deposited composition and the location of more temperature sensitive parts of the sensor such as the electronic components and is interrupted before the temperature of the substrate at the location of the electronic components reaches a threshold above which the more sensitive parts can be damaged.. .
Sensirion Ag

Handling high throughput and low latency network data packets in a traffic management device

Handling network data packets classified as being high throughput and low latency with a network traffic management device is disclosed. Packets are received from a network and classified as high throughput or low latency based on packet characteristics or other factors.
F5 Networks, Inc.

Antenna receiving magnetic resonance signals

An antenna apparatus is described, for receiving magnetic resonance signals from an examination object during magnetic resonance imaging using a magnetic resonance device. The antenna apparatus includes a resonator with a plurality of electrically conductive conductor loops, which are each interrupted by a number of electrically insulating slits.

Charging device for charging the energy store of a portable electric device

A charging device for charging the energy storage device of a portable electric device. The charging device has a load cell or load cells with a controllable resonant circuit for inductively transmitting energy, a parallel resonant circuit with two coils and a controllable supply voltage, two controllable switching elements for a self-oscillation of the parallel resonant circuit, which have control connections that can be connected to one another via a respective controllable switch-off element, and a demodulator connected to an output of the load cell being formed by a coil end that is not connected to the other coil end.
Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh

Envelope for overwrapping filter bags for infusion products and sealing device for obtaining the overwrapping envelope

An overwrap envelope (7) containing a filter bag (1) for infusion products comprises a sheet (2) of overwrapping material folded into a u shape along its transversal axis (x) around the filter bag (1). The overwrap envelope (7) has two longitudinal sides (3, 4) and one transversal side (5) sealed by at least two sealing lines (6) which are uninterrupted along the longitudinal sides (3, 4) and along the transversal side (5).
Ima Industries S.r.l.

Drill bit and cutters for a drill bit

In a fixed cutter drill bit, a hybrid cutter with a cutting edge including a substantially continuous curve interrupted by at least one arc discontinuity. In a fixed cutter drill bit, a contoured cutter with a contoured cutting face including a raised shape, wherein the raised shape has a raised shape axis which is oblique to a drill bit body axis.
Drilformance Technologies, Llc

System for selectively displaying information in a secured manner and method thereof

A communication system comprising a controlling server coupled to a controlled server via a socket communication channel to stream sensitive information to a desktop computer for viewing in a secured manner. The streamed information is not stored at the desktop.

Multi-layer component and producing same

The multi-layer component has a main body (1) made of ceramic layers (2) and two-dimensional inner electrodes (3, 3a, 3b, 3c) in an alternating sequence. Outer electrodes (4, 4a) which are separate from each other are located on the outer surfaces (5, 5a) of the main body.
Epcos Ag

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