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Date/App# patent app List of recent Interrupted-related patents
 Method and system for file transfer, instant messaging terminal, and computer storage medium patent thumbnailMethod and system for file transfer, instant messaging terminal, and computer storage medium
A method and system for file transfer, an instant messaging terminal, and a computer storage medium are described, so as to solve the problem that in case of a poor network environment, too much manual intervention is required when file transfer through an existing instant messaging software encounters a network connection interruption, leading to a low transfer efficiency and poor user. With the present disclosure, an instant messaging terminal is provided with an option of automatic retransfer upon disconnection, an option of automatic reception upon disconnection, and an option of automatic offline-file forwarding upon disconnection, such that when transfer of a file is interrupted, an instant messaging system can automatically retransfer (or resume the interrupted transfer of) the file, thus enhancing efficiency in file transfer..
 Method for performing a boost operation of a hybrid vehicle patent thumbnailMethod for performing a boost operation of a hybrid vehicle
A method for carrying out a boosting mode of a drive unit (3), having at least one internal combustion engine (1) and at least one electric machine (2), of a vehicle (10), in which, in order to prepare the boosting mode, the internal combustion engine (1) is adjusted to an operating state with an increased acceleration potential, and in order to charge an energy accumulator (4) the electric machine (2) is adjusted to a generator mode. When a power demand which is increased compared to the current operating state of the drive unit (3) is present, the charging process is interrupted and at the same time the electric machine (2) is activated in order to increase the driving power of the drive unit (3), wherein the increased acceleration potential which is kept in reserve by the internal combustion engine (1) is utilized..
 Method of operating a marine vessel propulsion system, marine vessel propulsion system, and marine vessel including the same patent thumbnailMethod of operating a marine vessel propulsion system, marine vessel propulsion system, and marine vessel including the same
A marine vessel includes a plurality of turning mechanisms provided respectively in correspondence to a plurality of outboard motors. Each turning mechanism includes a hydraulic pump, an electric motor to drive the hydraulic pump, a hydraulic cylinder including two cylinder chambers partitioned by a piston, and a normally-closed bypass valve to put the two cylinder chambers of the hydraulic cylinder into communication with each other.
 Phase change memory with threshold switch select device patent thumbnailPhase change memory with threshold switch select device
An ovonic threshold switch may be formed of a continuous chalcogenide layer. That layer spans multiple cells, forming a phase change memory.
 Motor protector patent thumbnailMotor protector
A motor protector of the present invention includes: a serial current path that is formed between a first terminal and a second terminal and that sequentially connects a fixed contact, the first terminal, a movable contact, a movable plate holding a bimetallic element, an intermediate fixing plate, a first electrode section, a first resistor, a second electrode section, and the second terminal, the fixed contact being held by a base member stored in an insulating resin case that includes an opening sealed by the sealing member; and a parallel current path that is formed between the first terminal and the intermediate fixing plate and that sequentially connects the first terminal, a conductive bottom plate, a second resistor (ptc) 19, and the intermediate fixing plate, wherein, after the first resistor produces heat due to an excessive current and the bimetallic element is thus thermally activated, thereby opening a contact, a current-interrupted state is also maintained because the high resistance of the ptc 19 maintains heat production.. .
 Portable controller with integral power source for mechanical circulation support systems patent thumbnailPortable controller with integral power source for mechanical circulation support systems
A portable external device for a mechanical circulation support system includes first and second power sources, e.g. Batteries and control electronics for redundant uninterrupted operation of an implantable blood pump.
 System and methods to control a process patent thumbnailSystem and methods to control a process
A system comprising a system comprising a valve; a controller adapted to actuate the valve; a pressurized source connected to the valve; a hose and nozzle assembly connected to the pressurized source through the valve; and a switch connected to the nozzle assembly; wherein a flow from the pressurized source to the nozzle may be interrupted by the valve and by the nozzle.. .
 Method for starting an internal combustion engine patent thumbnailMethod for starting an internal combustion engine
The invention relates to a method for starting an internal combustion engine (1), particularly a stationary gas engine, which is driven by at least one starter motor (2). The starting process is interrupted once the starter motor (2) has been started if the angular acceleration (a) of the internal combustion engine (1) remains below a predefinable acceleration value and/or if, within a predefinable first time period (ta), the actual rotational speed (n) remains below a predefinable first rotational speed threshold value (na) and/or if, within a predefinable second time period, the average rotational speed of the internal combustion engine (1) remains below a predefinable second rotational speed threshold value.
 Sicherheitssystem patent thumbnailSicherheitssystem
A safety system includes a safety unit and at least one safety related participant which comprises a protective device and a first and a second interruptible signal transmission path which can be interrupted together on the occurrence of a non-secure state of the protective device. The safety system includes at least one test signal path which runs through the safety related participant to a safety input of the safety unit starting from an output of the safety unit and comprises at least one of the first and the second interruptible signal transmission paths.
 Valve gate cylinder and housing with microgap seal patent thumbnailValve gate cylinder and housing with microgap seal
An injection molding arrangement including a mold top clamp plate having a means for receiving a plasticizer unit, a manifold retainer plate supporting a melt distribution manifold having a melt distribution channel into which melt from the plasticizer unit is received, a mold cavity plate provided such that the manifold retainer plate is positioned between the mold top clamp plate and the mold cavity plate; the mold cavity plate receiving an injection nozzle in fluid communication with the melt distribution channel for receiving melt to be injected into a mold, a valve gate stem extending into the injection nozzle and axially movable between an open position permitting melt flow and a closed position blocking melt flow, and an actuator for moving the valve gate stem between the open position and the closed position. The actuator includes a cylinder chamber receiving a piston therein, with the valve gate stem coupled to the piston.
Motor vehicle having a storage for electric energy
The invention relates to a motor vehicle having a storage for electrical energy, which store is coupled to a coil into which electrical energy can be induced from outside the motor vehicle during a charging process. The vehicle includes a housing in which the coil is arranged, the housing being made of plastic toward the underside of the motor vehicle, and an optical waveguide is arranged in particular between two walls of the housing.
Method for operating a power source and a device for disconnecting a power source from a consumer
The invention relates to a method for operating a power source, wherein in a first operating state a current supplied by the power source via a power supply line is fed to a consumer and wherein in a second operating state a feed of a current supplied by the power source via a power supply line to the consumer is interrupted by a separator. A separator associated with the power source sends an identifier via the power supply line to a control unit associated with the consumer, when the power source supplies current.
Bulk wire delivery system
The invention described relates generally to a method and apparatus for improving existing bulk wire transfer methodologies and more particularly, to welding wire packages for use as an endless wire container such that the welding wire of multiple containers can be linked together to produce an uninterrupted flow of welding wire to a welding operation by employing a welding wire transfer guide, the guide having an outwardly-facing curvilinear groove, one end of said groove of said welding wire transfer guide positioned along a tangent line running between an outer diameter of the in-process coil of wire and an opposed end of said groove along a tangent line running between an inner diameter of the staged coil of welding wire. The apparatus further includes a magnetically positionable wire guide arm above at least two, preferably each bulk welding wire container..
Firearm choke tube
A firearm choke tube includes a cylindrical body, a choke interrupted thread section, and a locking tab. The choke interrupted thread section is positioned on an outer surface of the cylindrical body and configured to threadably engage an interrupted thread section of a barrel of a firearm to limit longitudinal movement of the cylindrical body relative to the barrel.
Device for cleaning and remotely inspecting a chimney
A device for cleaning a chimney preferably includes a rod assembly, cleaning arms, fan blades, a camera, and a stabilizing/positioning assembly. The cleaning arms are provided on an assembly that includes a rotatable hub with the cleaning arms extending from the hub.
Predictive vector-based transitioning of mobile wireless devices
Predictive vector-based addressing to provide uninterrupted packet-based content to a wireless device as the wireless device roams within a network. A static channel is established between the network and a content provider based on credentials of the wireless device.
Electric machine including a shaft having a pump vane
An electric machine includes an electric machine housing having a first end, a second end, and an interior. A stator is fixedly mounted relative to the electric machine housing.
Wireless power supply apparatus, filter unit and power supply apparatus for robot using the filter unit
A wireless power supply apparatus includes a power reception coil, an actual load and an auxiliary load. The power reception coil functions as a repeater for receiving electric power in a non-contact manner by magnetic resonance with a power transmission coil to which electric power is supplied from a power supply unit and relaying transfer of the electric power from the power transmission coil.
Device and system for filtering blood
Device (5) for filtering blood including a filter unit (7) having a blood filter, an inlet (8) for blood to be filtered and being connectable to an artery of a patient and a blood outlet (9) for filtered blood and being connectable to a vein of the patient, and having a filtrate container (6,14), that encloses the filter unit (7), for receiving filtrate (12) passing through the blood filter during a filtering process and that the filtrate container (6,14) is a closed container, which in a filled state is arranged to establish a counter-pressure over the blood filter, whereby the filtering process is interrupted. The invention also concerns a system including the above device..
Processor with interruptable instruction execution
A processor includes a plurality of execution units. Each of the execution units includes a status register configured to store a value indicative of state of the execution unit.
Processor with variable instruction atomicity
A processor includes a plurality of execution units. At least one of the execution units is configured to execute a complex instruction that requires multiple instruction cycles to execute, and to enforce atomic execution of the complex instruction during a first-portion of the multiple instruction cycles required to execute the complex instruction.
Device, method and program for searching for the shortest path in a tubular structure
A path extraction unit extracts a path of a tubular structure from a three-dimensional image containing the tubular structure, and an interrupted path detection unit detects an interrupted path in the extracted path. A search path generation unit generates a search path that connects the interrupted path, and a search unit searches for the shortest path between a start point and an end point on the extracted path based on the extracted path and the search path..
Compounds containing (meth)acrylate groups and sulfonate or sulfate groups, polymers and condensates made therefrom and use of the polymers and condensates
The invention relates to a compound, comprising at least three functionalities, that is (a) a sulfonate or sulfate group of the formula —(o)d—so3m with d=0 or 1 and m=hydrogen or a monovalent metal cation or the corresponding fraction of a polyvalent metal cation, (b) a (meth)acryl group, and (c) either (c1) at least one further (meth)acryl group or an inorganically condensable group, and/or (c2) a further carboxylic acid function, and/or (c3) a function which increases the refractive index of a material produced from the compounds, that is a thioether group, with the proviso that a sulfonate or sulfate group and a (meth)acrylate group are separated from one another in a silicon-free compound via a hydrocarbon-containing group, the carbon chain of which is either interrupted by o, s or nh or contains a linking group.. .
Foldable parallel bar apparatus
A foldable parallel bar apparatus includes generally u-shaped first and second end frames and a set of handrails connected to and extending between the first and second end frames, wherein the handrails are foldable so as to move the first and second end frames closer to one another thereby compacting the apparatus. When multiple modules of the end frames are connected, they provide an uninterrupted path between the handrails.
Cell modeling of heme deficiency using ferrochelatase mutations
Provided herein, is a means for development of ferrochelatase variants with improved tolerance towards n-methyl protoporphyrin. Also disclosed are cell assay systems utilizing the variants, as the variants would confer resistance to n-methyl protoporphyrin inhibition and thereby keep heme synthesis uninterrupted.
Wicking layer for managing moisture distribution in a fuel cell
An exemplary device for managing moisture content within a fuel cell includes a reactant distribution plate having a plurality of members that establish reactant flow channels that are open on at least one side of the plate. A wicking layer is against the one side of the plate.
Hot swapping type uninterruptible power supply module
A system comprises a plurality of the hot swapping type uninterruptible power supply module and a plurality of conventional power supply. A hsups comprises a battery module and a controller module.
Payment application download to mobile phone and phone personalization
A method and system of personalizing a mobile phone over a wireless network is provided. The method is fast, reliable, and eliminates the need for an uninterrupted online connection to a host server in order to achieve successful download of user information.
Renewable uninterrupted power supply for critical node infrastructure support
A platform to supply renewable backup power to critical node infrastructure is disclosed. The platform conceals solar photovoltaic modules and storage batteries in plain sight by hiding such components in commonly encountered urban furniture, such as bus shelters.
Reclosable flexible film packaging products and methods of manufacture
The present disclosure relates to a reclosable flexible film package with a flexible film having a folded edge, at least two opposing free edges, and at least a front panel and a back panel. The front and back panels define an interior space.
Autostereoscopic display device
A lenticular lens based autostereoscopic display arrangement uses a display arrangement such as an emissive display arrangement or a reflective display arrangement. The interface between adjacent lenticular lenses (49) is interrupted by a light shielding arrangement (50), which extends at least from the lens surface at the interface into the lens structure, thereby providing a shield extending beneath the lens surface.
Method for operating fuel supply system for marine structure having reliquefaction apparatus and high-pressure natural gas injection engine
Provided is a method for operating a fuel supply system for a marine structure. The fuel supply system includes a bog compression unit configured to receive and compress bog generated in a storage tank, a reliquefaction apparatus configured to receive and liquefy the bog compressed by the bog compression unit, a high-pressure pump configured to compress the liquefied bog generated by the reliquefaction apparatus, and a high-pressure gasifier configured to gasify the liquefied bog compressed by the high-pressure pump.
Management of external memory functioning as virtual cache
A method and apparatus for managing the caching of data on an auxiliary memory of a computer. Pages of data may be cached on an auxiliary memory, such as a flash memory, at a virtual level using an identifier that does not involve a physical address of the pages on a memory.
Four-wheel drive vehicle
A power transmitting shaft transmits power of a driving force source to driven wheels. A differential gear is connected to an axle of the driven wheels.
Mobile computer configured to select wireless communication network
A mobile computer can comprise a processor, a memory, and a wireless communication interface. The mobile computer can be configured to periodically monitor one or more network metrics of the currently connected wireless network.
Power interconnect integrity detection
Embodiments include systems and methods for detecting and/or responding to deficiencies in power interconnect integrity. For example, a first module distributes power to a second module via a high-current mechanical power interconnect.
Fabrics and other substrates with enhanced cooling
An article made up of a substrate which has a polymer coating applied to at least one of its surfaces, wherein the polymer coating forms an interrupted pattern such that at least 10% to 80% of the substrate surface remains uncoated, and wherein the polymer coating comprises a moisture permeable polymer.. .
Time-shifting distribution of high definition audio data
A system may time-shift the distribution high-definition (hd) audio. The system can obtain an audio stream from a specified audio source, transcode the audio stream into an hd audio stream, and store the hd audio stream in a memory.
Method and system for learning and controlling torque transmission kiss point of engine clutch for hybrid electric vehicle
Disclosed a system and method of learning and controlling a torque transmission kiss point of an engine clutch. In particular, a determination is made as to whether power transference to a transmission transmitting an output from the engine and the motor has been interrupted, and whether the engine is being driven.
User plane location based service using message tunneling to support roaming
An improved user plane location based service (lbs) architecture and message flow, enabling seamless user plane location based services even when a mobile or wireless device has roamed among different carrier networks. The present invention overcomes constraints inherent in the current protocol for roaming support defined by the secure user plane location service specification.
Nozzle panel
A nozzle panel for holding bakery accessories comprising a flat panel base, a plurality of panel protrusions integral with the panel base and at least one bakery accessory attachable to the panel protrusions on the panel base. The panel protrusion includes a lip engagable with a bakery nozzle.
Hydrogen generation assemblies
Hydrogen generation assemblies and their components are disclosed. In some embodiments, the assemblies may include a pump controller configured to select a flowrate from a plurality of flowrates based on detected pressure, and to operate the pump at the selected flowrate.
Image forming apparatus capable of reducing recovery printing time
An image forming apparatus capable of properly reducing recovery printing time, while reducing abrasion and deterioration of image bearing members. As an image formation mode determining method, a first method is selected before a print job is interrupted e.g.
Method and apparatus for synchronizing navigation data
Method, apparatus, and programs for synchronizing navigation data. Data synchronization is established between a receiver and a navigation device based on matching of a header of navigation data.
Battery recharging base station
The present invention is related to a rechargeable base station system having a base station connected to a din rail assembly. The base station has a base featuring side walls, and a receiving unit rotatably connected to the side walls.
Interrupted particle source
A synchrocyclotron includes magnetic structures to provide a magnetic field to a cavity, a particle source to provide a plasma column to the cavity, where the particle source has a housing to hold the plasma column, and where the housing is interrupted at an acceleration region to expose the plasma column, and a voltage source to provide a radio frequency (rf) voltage to the cavity to accelerate particles from the plasma column at the acceleration region.. .
Surface element for an aircraft, aircraft and method for improving high-lift generation on a surface element
A surface element, e.g. A wing, of an aircraft includes a leading edge, a high lift device arrangement positioned along the leading edge and at least one add-on body positioned in a leading edge region, wherein the high lift device arrangement is interrupted in the region of at least one add-on body for preventing collision with the add-on body and wherein the surface element includes an arrangement of openings in a region covering the add-on body, which openings are connected to an air conveying device for conveying air through the openings.
Method for separating c2+-hydrocarbons or c3+-hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon-rich fraction
Described herein is a method for separating c2+-hydrocarbons or c3+-hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon-rich fraction is described, whereby the separation is carried out in a rectification fractionation. The rectification fractionation is provided with at least three heating circuits via which intermediate fractions are drawn off from rectification fractionation, partially evaporated and fed back again to rectification fractionation.
Method and system for operating a vehicle by monitoring the movement of the vehicle by means of a camera device of a mobile control device
In a method for operating a vehicle which performs an autonomously controlled movement, images of the vehicle are recorded in temporal succession with a mobile control which is held by an operator located outside the vehicle, a position of the vehicle in the images, a change of the position of the vehicle in the images, a proportion of the depiction of the vehicle of the total image content and/or a change of the proportion is analyzed by an analysis device, and in case the vehicle was not or only incompletely detected in the images, the proportion of the depiction of the vehicle of the total image content, the change and or degree of change of the proportion is above or below a predeterminable threshold value, the autonomously controlled movement of the vehicle ins interrupted or terminated.. .
Compact device for rapidly mixing and delivering substances to a patient
Injection devices are disclosed for injections of substances. The disclosed devices separately may hold two separate substances, e.g., solid, liquid or gas substances, in separate compartments which are interrupted so that the separate substances come into contact during the activation of the device.
Wireless communication terminal and operating system
A wireless communication terminal has input devices for inputting an operation content for operating an application, a communicator for transmitting the operation content input from the input devices to a server, and receiving a server processing result as a result of predetermined processing executed by the server, and a controller determining in accordance with the application as an operation target based on the operation content whether the operation based on the operation content input before interruption of the communication is continued after the communication with the server is recovered, when the communication with the server is interrupted after the operation content is input from the input means and before a server processing result corresponding to the operation content is received from the server.. .
Wireless sound transmission system and method
Method for providing sound to at least one user, involves supplying audio signals from an audio signal source to a transmission unit; compressing the audio signals to generate compressed audio data; transmitting compressed audio data from the transmission unit to at least one receiver unit; decompressing the compressed audio data to generate decompressed audio signals; and stimulating the hearing of the user(s) according to decompressed audio signals supplied from the receiver unit. During certain time periods, transmission of compressed audio data is interrupted, and instead, at least one control data block is generated by the transmission unit in such a manner that audio data transmission is replaced by control data block transmission, thereby temporarily interrupting flow of received compressed audio data, each control data block includes a marker recognized by the at least one receiver unit as a control data block and a command for control of the receiver unit..
Server, method for transmitting data, and image forming system
A server includes a storage unit configured to store first data and second data, an interface through which the first and second data stored in the storage unit are to be transmitted to an image forming device, and a control unit. The control unit is configured to start transmission of the first data from the storage unit to the image forming device through the interface, to interrupt the transmission of the first data in response to a request of transmission of the second data to the image forming device, and to start transmission of the second data from the storage unit to the image forming device through the interface after the transmission of the first data is interrupted..
System and method for using dual telemetry
A system and a method use dual telemetry for tools located in a wellbore. A first telemetry system and a second telemetry system coordinate communication with the tools.
Carton and carton blank
A carton for packaging one or more articles (b), includes a series of main panels (2, 6, 8, 10, 14) hinged one to the next to form a tubular structure. The tubular structure includes a top panel (8), first and second side panels (6, 10) and a base panel (2, 14) and at least one display window (59) struck from at least one of the side panels (6, 10).
Method for manufacturing inflatable footwear or bladders for use in inflatable articles
The present invention is a method for manufacturing inflatable articles, or bladders for inflatable articles, that is time-efficient, simple, inexpensive and permits the uninterrupted manufacture of numerous and even customized article or bladder configurations and sizes, without expensive configuration-specific, metal tooling. The method includes the steps of applying a barrier material to a side of a first film, providing a second film with the first film so that the barrier material is disposed between the first and second films, adhering the first film to the second film so that the films are sealed together in areas except where the barrier material has been applied to form at least one inflatable compartment and sealed peripheral edge, and cutting along the sealed peripheral edge to form an inflatable article or bladder for use in an article of manufacture.
Phase coherent playback in and arbitrary waveform generator
An improved arbitrary waveform generator has a waveform memory for storing digitized waveforms, a waveform playout for playing out desired ones of the digitized waveforms as analog waveforms and a sequencer for controlling the waveform playout, the sequencer providing indications of the desired waveform for playout and a desired starting sample position for the desired waveform. The sequencer includes a tracking mechanism for the desired waveform so that the desired waveform is phase coherent when playout is interrupted and restarted later according to programming of the sequencer..
Foam wall structure
A foam wall structure includes a frame, at least one primary support member, and a foam layer. The frame can include: a first member; a second member spaced apart from the first member; and two side members extending between the first and second members.
Fluid management device with fluid transport element for use within a body
A fluid management device for use in a mammalian body has at least one fluid transport element capable of interfacing with a mammalian body element to provide a substantially uninterrupted fluid conduit. The fluid conduit provides a fluid path between at least one fluid transport element and the storage element.
Novel ferrocene labels for electrochemical assay and their use in analytical methods
Compounds of general formula i are used as labels in an electrochemical assay: (i) in which: fc and fc′ are substituted or unsubstituted ferrocenyl moieties, x is a c1 to c6 alkylene chain which is optionally interrupted by —o— or —nh—; y is a c1 to c6 alkylene chain which is optionally interrupted by —o— or —nh—; z is a c1 to c12 alkylene chain which may optionally be substituted and/or may optionally be interrupted by —o—, —s—, cycloalkyl, —co—, —con r1—, —nr1co— or —nr1— in which r1 represents hydrogen or c1 to c4 alkyl; and r is a linker group. Compounds i are used to make labelled substrates, as well as functionalised compounds for making the labelled substrates..
T-piece for creating turbulence
Extracorporeal blood treatment methods are usually performed with anticoagulation of the blood. In regional anticoagulation with citrate, sometimes a blood clot is observed in the extracorporeal circulation at the point of addition of the calcium substitution solution.
Method for transferring batteries to a discharged state, battery management system, inverter, system for generating an ac voltage, charging current source and motor vehicle
The disclosure relates to a method for transferring batteries to a discharged state, a battery system, an inverter, a system for generating an ac voltage, a charging current source and a motor vehicle. The battery system includes a controllable inverter having parallel current branches and having series-connected power switches that are switchable by external control of the controllable inverter.
Device for winding ribbon-like material onto spools
Described is a device for winding ribbon-like material onto spools. Said device comprises at least a first rotating body (10a, 10b) that can rotate around a spool axis (s) and at least a second rotating body (20) that can rotate around the spool axis (s) and can furthermore be moved relative to the spool axis (s) in axial direction from a first end position to a second end position.
Continuous sealing device and storing and feeding table thereof
A continuous sealing device includes: a first roller, having a first circumference, where the first circumference includes a first heat sealing segment; a first heating member, located at the first heat sealing segment, where when the first roller rotates, the first heating member bonds film sheets in a heat sealing manner to form a first bonding segment; a second roller, having a second circumference, the second circumference includes a second heat sealing segment; and a second heating member, located at the second heat sealing segment, where when the second roller rotates, the second heating member bonds the film sheets in a heat sealing manner to form a second bonding segment, and the first bonding segment and the second bonding segment are connected to form an uninterrupted heat sealing wire on the film sheets.. .
Shaving apparatus
A shaving apparatus has at least one cutting unit (3) having an outer shaving surface (7) for contacting the skin, interrupted by hair entry apertures (8), an internal cutter (5) which is drivable for movement along the hair entry apertures (8) for cutting off hairs projecting through the hair entry apertures (8). A suspension member (6) via which the external cutter is suspended relative to the holder (2) is tiltable relative to the holder (2) about a tilting axis (17) located more closely to a first peripheral portion (18) of the shaving surface (7) than to a second peripheral portion (19) of the shaving surface (7) opposite to said first peripheral portion (18) of said shaving surface (7)..
Information processing apparatus, memory control apparatus, and control method thereof
A memory control circuit is configured to take a priority for each transfer instruction into account but not the priority in a memory access unit, and thus processing of a high-priority transfer instruction received during a memory access needs to wait for a long time. The memory control apparatus divides the received transfer instruction into a memory access unit and, when the transfer instruction having a higher priority is received during the memory access, the memory access based on a low-priority transfer instruction is interrupted and starts the memory access based on the high-priority transfer instruction..
Fuel cell, the overall size of which is reduced
A fuel cell including two stacks of electrochemical cells, a thermal management system including a coolant circulation circuit in the stacks, each stack of electrochemical cells being squeezed by a first end plate common to the two stacks and a second end plate, each stack including at least one coolant circulation channel, two pumps being provided for circulating the coolant in the channels, and a chamber formed in the common end plate, the two pumps and the channels passing through the stacks being connected to this chamber. There are valves between each pump and the chamber, communication with a pump being interrupted if there is no coolant flow from this pump..
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes an image bearing member on which a developer image is formed, a developer bearing member configured to develop a surface of the image bearing member, and a cleaning member configured to clean a residual developer remaining on the surface of the image bearing member, wherein, when an image forming operation is interrupted, the image forming apparatus is capable of performing a recovery operation before resuming the image forming operation, and wherein the image forming apparatus is capable of, during the recovery operation, a potential difference between a potential applied to the developer bearing member and a surface potential of a non-image area within the surface of the image bearing member greater than that during the image forming operation according to a predetermined value such that the developer on the image bearing member is moved to the developer bearing member.. .
Method, apparatus, and multimode terminal for implementing network switching
A method, an apparatus, and a multimode terminal for implementing network switching. The method includes: sending a network access request to a second modem module and receiving a network parameter including at least an ip (internet protocol) address fed back by the second modem module, where the ip address fed back by the second modem module is the same as an ip address acquired by a first modem module that has accessed a network; disconnecting a communication connection between a nat (network address translation) module performing address translation and the first modem module; and updating network configuration of the second modem module and establishing a communication connection between the nat module and the second modem module.
Efficient loop antenna system and method
An antenna including a conductive loop having a first top surface portion, the conductive loop having a first edge portion interrupted by a gap defining a feed point, a conductive strip having a second top surface, the conductive loop lying in a plane defined by the second top surface, the conductive strip having a second edge portion extending between first and second opposing distal ends, the second edge portion being spaced from the first edge portion, and the second edge portion extending along the first edge portion at a substantially constant distance from the first edge portion, and wherein the conductive strip is electrically isolated from the conductive loop and is structurally configured and positioned relative to the conductive loop to adjust an input impedance of the conductive loop.. .
Method for the sensorless communication detection of electronically commutated electric motors
The invention relates to a method for the sensorless commutation detection of electronically commutated electric motors, in which the phase current is interrupted for a blanking time in order to detect the zero passage. On the basis of the profile of the mutual induction voltage, a decay time, which is characteristic for a decay of the phase current, is determined within the blanking time and the start of the blanking time is determined as a function of the time difference between the decay time and the end of the blanking time..
Method and apparatus for bypassing cascaded h-bridge (chb) power cells and power sub cell for multilevel inverter
Bypassing methods and apparatus are presented along with power cells and sub cells for multilevel inverters in which dc current flow into a dc link capacitance is interrupted and a bypass switch is closed across a power cell or sub cell output to selectively bypass a power stage of a multilevel inverter.. .

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