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Internet Access patents


This page is updated frequently with new Internet Access-related patent applications.

 Secure, anonymous networking patent thumbnailSecure, anonymous networking
Some embodiments provide internet access to a local client device, such as a host computer or mobile device, via a configurable misattribution network. A user of the local client device can quickly and easily declare, via a simple user interface, their desired ephemeral node topology and within a small time window, seamlessly access the internet via a bounce/egress tunnel.
Id Vector, Inc.

 Methods and systems for monitoring a service provided over a packet-switched network patent thumbnailMethods and systems for monitoring a service provided over a packet-switched network
Methods and systems for monitoring a service provided over a packet-switched network, such as an internet protocol television (iptv) service, an internet access service, or a voice-over-internet-protocol (voip) telephony service. Various parameters related to the service (e.g., parameters indicative of packet loss, packet corruption or other packet error) are determined and used to assess various aspects of the service and/or network over which the service is delivered, including a quality of experience (qoe) of subscribers..
Bce Inc.

 Application specific internet access patent thumbnailApplication specific internet access
Application specific internet access for synchronizing over a tethered network connection is disclosed. When a first device enters a tethering state the first device sends a wakeup message to a second device that is in sleep mode.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Armrest for dental chair with mouse touch device for patient use patent thumbnailArmrest for dental chair with mouse touch device for patient use
Armrest for dental chair with mouse touch device for patient use comprising an armrest (1) fixed to the dental chair, featuring a mouse touch-type input peripheral (2) on its edge connected via usb or radio frequency wireless connection to a cpu, central processing unit (3), which manages programs and sends information to an lcd, liquid crystal display (4), placed within sight of the patient, regardless of the height and tilting movements of the dental chair, enabling patient interaction with various interface programs, such as internet access, games, watching videos, choose music media or social media, among others, simply using the fingertips.. .

 System and  interactive television with messaging based payments patent thumbnailSystem and interactive television with messaging based payments
Disclosed is a system and method for integrating email, sms, and social media based transactions with interactive television or standard cable with internet access to make payments. Disclosed is a method to tie together a vendor and a cable provider with an e-commerce system leveraging each entity's customer information to streamline the payment process.
@pay Ip Holdings Llc

 Integrated internet access router patent thumbnailIntegrated internet access router
An integrated access router includes a modem for communicating with a wireless network. The integrated access router also includes a cellular gateway, comprising a switch for routing data via the modem.
Klas Technologies Limited

 Vehicle communications module patent thumbnailVehicle communications module
A self-contained antenna module for attachment to a vehicle exterior, includes a connector for attaching to an existing wired feed connector to an entertainment head unit, a cellular communications module, e.g. A 3g/4g module configured to provide a local wireless internet access point, and a renewable energy source for generating independently of the vehicle's own power source electrical energy for charging an on-board battery which provides power to the cellular communications module..
New Dawn Innovations Ltd

 Interactive entertainment using a mobile device with object tagging and/or hyperlinking patent thumbnailInteractive entertainment using a mobile device with object tagging and/or hyperlinking
Systems and methods for an interactive game using a multi-functional hand-held personal mobile device, such as a smart phone or entertainment device use the smart phone or other mobile device to find and/or activate various effects and items in the real world, then connect those items and effects together to provide a purpose to finding the effects/items consistent with the game theme. Embodiments include themes related to a treasure hunt with items that may or may not respond to the player detecting or finding them.
Whitewater West Industries Ltd.

 User account for system protection or recovery patent thumbnailUser account for system protection or recovery
In one embodiment, a data processing system includes a guest account that is configured to assist in the protection and recovery of the data processing system when it is lost or stolen. In one embodiment, the guest account can allow internet access and can include a web browser to allow the guest, who might be a thief, to use the system to browse the internet.
Apple Inc.

 Method and system for providing condition reports for vehicles patent thumbnailMethod and system for providing condition reports for vehicles
A method of providing a condition report for a vehicle using a mobile device including a display includes constructing a plurality of condition report sections using a condition report application database residing in a cloud based server service and infrastructure to process requests from the mobile device including: capturing data, on the mobile device, for constructing at least one condition report section of the plurality of condition report sections; and accessing, from the mobile device, a condition report document database and/or a condition report images database residing in the cloud based server service and infrastructure for constructing and storing the plurality of condition report sections. The method includes providing user input indicative that the plurality of condition report sections have been completed, and providing user input indicative of a decision to publish the completed condition report sections as the condition report for the vehicle.
Clear View Technology Solutions, Inc.

Network providing location targeted content to a mobile computing device

A network system for providing content to a mobile computing device of a user based upon the location of the mobile computing device. A wireless internet access point provides access to a single vendor web site such that upon connecting the wire-less internet access points to the user's mobile computing device, a processor determines whether the device is associated with a user and if so, said device is directed to the landing page of the vendor web site when the user mobile computing device's device location is within a predetermined proximity to the wireless internet access point of that vendor..
Kiltr Limited

Automated network connection sharing

Concepts and technologies are described herein for providing automated network connection sharing. Techniques disclosed herein can initiate internet connection sharing between a first computer and a second computer, wherein the internet connection sharing enables the first computer to function as a host to provide internet access to the second computer.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Internet infrastructure survey

A system for surveying internet access quality includes a nameserver, registered to be authoritative for a domain name and configured to receive a dns query to resolve a pseudo-hostname and to extract from the pseudo-hostname an access quality indicator, and a web portal configured to transmit a data survey code to a web browser, the data survey code being configured to access a resource, to determine the access quality indicator responsively to the resource access, to generate the pseudo-hostname including the access quality indicator and the domain name, and to initiate the dns query.. .
Cedexis, Inc.

Method, apparatus and system for use in a satellite broadband installation

A method of an installer installing a satellite transceiver at a location of an customer, to provide internet access via a connection between said satellite transceiver and a satellite, the method comprising taking to said location a mobile device comprising a positioning module, an orientation module and signal strength measurement module all incorporated into said mobile device; and running an application on the mobile device which sets up said connection by using the positioning module of the mobile device to determine a position of the satellite transceiver, using the orientation module to align the satellite transceiver, and using the signal strength measurement module to determine the strength of said connection.. .
Avanti Broadband Limited

Providing a www access to a web page

A method and a system for providing an internet access to a web page or a website are disclosed. The files defining the websites are accessed and indexed locally, which allows a publisher or a user of the web site to control the keywords by which the web page or a website can be found on the internet.

Electronic device and controlling the same

A digital television can include a display; an interface to receive a control signal from a remote controller; a communication unit for internet access; a broadcast receiver; and a controller to display broadcast content received through the broadcast receiver, display a screen corresponding to a voice recognition mode in response to entering the voice recognition mode, the screen includes a symbol and text indicating the voice recognition mode, receive a voice command signal corresponding to a voice command through the remote controller in the voice recognition mode while the broadcast content is displayed, in which the voice command is input via a microphone provided in the remote controller, and the input voice command includes a search source and a search keyword, and display a web page corresponding to the search source included in the voice command, which includes a search window including the search keyword and a search result.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Systems and methods for localization based on internet terminal location

Methods and systems for providing sourcing internet access requests from isp subscribers serviced by a gateway not physically located near the subscribers. As the localization needs of all subscribers are not necessarily the same, the gateway determines an appropriate source ip address to use to ensure that the ip protocol localization features work efficiently.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

Device holding clip for shopping cart

Smart phones and tablet computers not only provide phone service, email and internet access, but also serve as a device for organizing information, compiling shopping lists, comparing shopping prices, viewing nutritional information, and the like. As such, such devices are referred to by many while grocery shopping or other store locations where shopping carts are used.

Location services with multiple devices

A location services system used with a wireless lan network provides wireless lan internet access in a venue, and also provides location-based analytics and services. The system monitors the locations of individuals using devices that communicate with a network, and maintain statistics for analytical purposes, and can provide services, such as special promotions and discounts.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Secure auto-provisioning device network

A system comprising a gateway capable of connecting to an internet router, and at least one internet-connected device, said internet-connected device comprising a digital certificate limiting its internet access to a particular server or servers, said gateway capable of verifying the certificate and connecting the internet-connected device to its server or servers.. .

Prosthetic capsular devices, systems, and methods

Prosthetic capsular devices (e.g., bag, bowl, housing, structure, cage, frame) include technology devices such as a computer, virtual reality device, display device, wifi/internet access device, image receiving device, biometric sensor device, game device, image viewers or senders, gpss, e-mail devices, combinations thereof, and/or the like. The technology devices can be used in combination with an intraocular lens.
Omega Ophthalmics Llc

Firewall security for computers with internet access and method

A firewall security platform is provided for enhancing security of a network. The firewall security platform includes at least one interface to communicate the identity and current status of one or more traffic requesters and at least one device for receiving instructions from a user.

Internet access via satellite

At least one satellite provides access to an internet via one or more spatial beams of the satellite, each beam covering a respective area of a geographic region and thereby providing said internet access to a plurality of respective users in the respective area. A plurality of bandwidth pools are allocated, from which bandwidth is used by the respective users in using the internet access.
Avanti Broadband Limited

Image classification and information retrieval over wireless digital networks and the internet

A method and system for matching an unknown facial image of an individual with an image of a celebrity using facial recognition techniques and human perception is disclosed herein. The invention provides a internet hosted system to find, compare, contrast and identify similar characteristics among two or more individuals using a digital camera, cellular telephone camera, wireless device for the purpose of returning information regarding similar faces to the user the system features classification of unknown facial images from a variety of internet accessible sources, including mobile phones, wireless camera-enabled devices, images obtained from digital cameras or scanners that are uploaded from pcs, third-party applications and databases.
9051147 Canada Inc.

Internet security and management device

Systems and methods to secure and manage home or other networks. A security management device is connected to the home network that learns about the people and devices who use the network to keep them safe and secure.
Lantern Security, Llc

Learning game platform, an electronic device

A learning game platform, system and method, for an electronic device executing an app comprises a server for reading medium and storing user information and games, scores, and user progress within a play and learn app platform. The server communicates through the internet with electronic devices having internet access operated by at least one player.

Dynamic system to capture and assess calories and nutrients inputs to provide dietary recommendations

The present invention provides a method and apparatus to dynamically capture and assess calories and nutrients inputs from foods and beverages to perform calories and nutrients gap analysis based on personal goals and demographics, and to provide dietary recommendations to help people live a healthy life. The dynamic cloud-based system efficiently and interactively captures calories and nutrients inputs, and enables users access to the data anywhere they have internet access.
Aegle Health Llc

Public service and charging kiosk

An autonomous public service and utility providing kiosk apparatus, system and methods are disclosed herein. One particular example includes a structure for an outdoor transit stop for use in bus or rail lines and routes.

System and provisioning of internet access services in a guest facility

A system and method for provisioning internet access services to guests of a facility (e.g., one or more hotel chains). Equipment and devices for access service are installed throughout the facility.
Hilton International Holding Llc

Technique for data traffic analysis

A technique for providing information derived from data traffic between a telecommunications network and the internet is disclosed. The telecommunications network provides mobile internet access to a plurality of mobile subscribers using ip addresses allocated to the mobile subscribers.
Telefonktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method and internet access optimization

Embodiments of the present disclosure disclose an apparatus and a method for web access optimization. A hostname in a web page is replaced with an ip address corresponding to the hostname, and when a user equipment subsequently requests a url in the web page, the hostname of the url has been replaced with the ip address, and the user equipment can access network resources on a corresponding host according to the ip address.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Policy formulating method, policy server, and gateway

Embodiments provide a policy formulating method. The method includes: receiving, by a policy server, user-agent information sent by a gateway, where the user-agent information carries type information of a terminal or type information of a browser used by a terminal; determining, by the policy server, a type of the terminal according to the user-agent information; and formulating, by the policy server, a charging policy and/or a qos quality of service policy according to the type of the terminal.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices

A device for programming user-defined information into an electronic device is provided. The programmer allows a user to program customized information, such as user-selected audio, video, or internet access information into his or her programmable device.
Solocron Media, Llc

System and enabling terminal equipments to use adsl and lte infrastructures for internet access

Systems and methods of the present disclosure enable lte unaware devices to access internet by reusing adsl billing and oss infrastructure in a lte deployment by enabling the lte to provide a transparent internet pipe through which multiple terminal equipments (tes) can be connected to a single cpe, and at the same time enabling each user to be billed separately using the existing broadband remote access servers (bras).. .
Tejas Networks Ltd.

Instant data center recovery

Facility for providing backup and restore of all data center components including physical machines, virtual machines, routers, networks, sub-networks, switches, firewall, directory lookup, dns, dhcp and internet access. Virtual or physical machines are associated to data center components and a software defined network, storage, and compute infrastructure is provided..
Catalogic Software, Inc.

Providing internet access through a property monitoring system

Methods and systems, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for providing internet access through a control panel of an alarm system, the method including establishing, by a control panel of an alarm system in a property, a first connection to an alarm system monitoring server across a cellular network, determining that a known source of internet within the property is not available, in response to determining that the known source of internet within the property is not available, establishing, by the control panel, a second connection to the internet across the cellular network, providing internet access to one or more devices in the property through the second connection, determining that the known source of internet within the property is available, and in response to determining that the known source of internet within the property is available, terminating, by the control panel, the second connection.. . Incorporated

System for providing internet access using mobile phones

A system and method for providing internet access using mobile devices is disclosed. A gateway/router device of a local environment selects at least one mobile device located within the local environment, the selecting being based on the at least one mobile device having a wireless connection to the internet.
Nextivity, Inc.

Determining when to establish connection between mobile client and proxy devices

A client device and a host device may create a local connection for providing wide area network access, such as internet access, to the client device. In some embodiments, the client device may have limited network capabilities and may not be able to access the internet without the host device.
Apple Inc.

Computerized providing sponsored internet access

Disclosed is a system and method for providing sponsored internet access. Certain embodiments of the system comprise a network connected to the internet, one or more servers coupled to the network, a central repository coupled to the one or more servers, a wireless router coupled to the network and a computer readable media encoding instructions for a method of providing sponsored internet access.
Applied Research Works Inc.

Smart meter media access control (mac) for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications

Smart meter media access control (mac) for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications. Different types of wireless communication devices may be implemented within various wireless communication systems.
Broadcom Corporation

Method and refrigeration system energy signature capture

Systems and methods for monitoring and diagnosing refrigeration equipment including one or more monitoring devices, a data collection and communication hub in communication with the monitoring devices, and in communication with an analysis means. In some examples, the systems and methods include an internet accessible cloud-based analysis means.

Ensuring quality of bandwidth in a wi-fi connection to an internet access point

A method ensures quality of bandwidth (qob) in a wi-fi connection between one or more wireless devices and an access point to an internet. A hardware access point controller receives a plurality of requests for data transmission bandwidth between multiple wireless devices and an access point.
International Business Machines Corporation

Internet provider subscriber communications system

A method for communicating in real-time to users of a provider of internet access service, without requiring any installation or set-up by the user, that utilizes the unique identification information automatically provided by the user during communications for identifying the user to provide a fixed identifier which is then communicated to a redirecting device. Messages may then be selectively transmitted to the user.
Perftech, Inc.

Mobile thermal regulation facility

A mobile thermal regulation facility is a trailer mounted container defining a thermally regulated interior space in which people may walk, stand and sit. One or more doors are provided for ingress and egress.

Digital broadcasting system and processing data in digital broadcasting system

A digital broadcast receiver and a control method thereof are provided. The digital broadcast receiver includes a reception unit for receiving a broadcast signal in which mobile service data and main service data are multiplexed, an extractor for extracting transmission parameter channel signaling information and fast information channel signaling information from a data group in the received mobile service data, an acquirer for acquiring a program table describing virtual channel information and a service of an ensemble by using the extracted fast information channel signaling information, the ensemble being a virtual channel group of the received mobile service data, a detector for detecting a descriptor defining internet access information corresponding to the mobile service data by using the acquired program table, and a controller for controlling the internet access information of the detected descriptor and the mobile service data to be displayed..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Smart led lighting device and system thereof

The present disclosure provides a smart led lighting device, including an led light-emitting unit, an led power supply unit, a wireless unit configured to send and receive video data, a video processing and controller unit configured to transmit analyzed and processed video data to a projection unit, a projection unit configured to receive and transmit the video data to a lens unit, and a lens unit configured to project produced video data onto a screen. The present disclosure also provides a smart led lighting system using the smart led lighting device.
Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd

Building network hub with occupancy awareness

A device for enabling internet access over a wireless short-range communications network that comprises the means to detect and identify the occupants of the room the device resides in, includes a safety mode to prevent unauthorized device reprogramming and works in conjunction with a smart device application to improve accuracy of its occupancy detection capabilities.. .

Advertisement-based internet service method and controller for implementing the same

A method and controller for internet access involves connecting a user device to the internet as a result of an advertisement displayed on the user device and displaying it on the user device, displaying a digital indicator on the user device to indicate the status of the user's connection to the internet based on the at least one advertisement displayed; and changing the digital indicator displayed on the user device during the period of the user's connection to the internet to reflect the user's connection thereto.. .

Larger preloaded ipod or mp3 player

A larger capacity preloaded ipod or other mp3 player—up to 16 gb currently—can be made to sell large collections of a particular musical artist, genre, or era and to get around internet accessibility problems.. .

Method and system for facilitating wireless network access

Methods and systems for facilitating access to a network (e.g., the internet) are disclosed herein. A server with processor(s) and memory receives a request from a client device to download a network access configuration file, where the network access configuration file is configured to enable access to the internet via a respective internet access point.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

User management device, bng, and bng user internet access method and system

The application discloses an internet access method. The method includes receiving a first internet access packet reported by a first bng, the first internet access packet carrying user information and information of the first bng, and receiving the user's second internet access packet reported by a second bng, wherein the second internet access packet carries user information and information of the second bng.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Authentication process

A process for authentication of a set-top box connected via a local area network to an internet access device includes: performing, by a platform client boot manager, authentication of the set-top box on the basis of an account, wherein performing the authentication further comprises: storing of unique information with the account from which the identity of the set-top box can be derived; and checking the set-top box during the operation based on the identity as to whether multiple set-top boxes are using the same account, and, if so, preventing functioning of the set-top box.. .
Deutsche Telekom Ag

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