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Interactive greeting card

Date/App# patent app List of recent Interactive-related patents
 Systems and methods for continuous biometric authentication and presence detection of user of an information handling system patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for continuous biometric authentication and presence detection of user of an information handling system
In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, an information handling system may include a user interface and a processor communicatively coupled to the user interface. The user interface may comprise a touch sensor configured to detect biometric fingerprint data of a human interacting within a user-interactive area of the user interface.
 Method and system for embedding metadata in multiplexed analog videos broadcasted through digital broadcasting medium patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for embedding metadata in multiplexed analog videos broadcasted through digital broadcasting medium
A method and system for broadcast of additional content such as metadata required for client specific interactive application in an analog domain along with conventional audio, video and psi or si data is disclosed. The present invention enables transmission of encoded audio data or epg data, timestamp information required for audio video synchronization referred to as metadata by embedding such metadata in the pixels of video pixels and then encoding by the standard video encoder to generate an encoded stream.
 Method and apparatus for communications patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for communications
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a set-top-box (stb) having a controller to operate the stb coupled to an interactive television network as an audio visual answering machine using a digital video recorder forming a part of the stb, use at least one camera coupled to the stb to capture video, use at least one microphone coupled to the stb to capture audio, present video from at least a calling party on a television set coupled to the stb, and present audio from at least the calling party on speakers coupled to the stb. Other embodiments are disclosed..
 Systems and methods for interactive program guides with personal video recording features patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for interactive program guides with personal video recording features
Methods and systems that provide enhanced personal video recorder (“pvr”) and interactive television program guide (“ipg”) functionality are provided. An interactive television application may be used to display a list of pvr recordings, schedule recordings to a pvr, configure recordings, view a list of scheduled recordings, configure recording settings, or select delete priority settings for recordings.
 Interactive media guide with media guidance interface patent thumbnailnew patent Interactive media guide with media guidance interface
Systems and methods for providing guidance to users for finding media are described. Such systems and methods may be provided in interactive media guides such as program guides, web browsers, or other suitable interactive media guides..
 Intelligent interactive tv remote-control system patent thumbnailnew patent Intelligent interactive tv remote-control system
An intelligent interactive tv remote-control system includes: a server, a tv device, a set-top box device, and an intelligent interactive remote-control device. The server is used for storing multimedia data and providing usage authentication service.
 System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space
The present invention provides a highly scalable architecture for a three-dimensional graphical, multi-user, interactive virtual world system. In a preferred embodiment a plurality of users interact in the three-dimensional, computer-generated graphical space where each user executes a client process to view a virtual world from the perspective of that user.
 Dynamic access to external media content based on speaker content patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic access to external media content based on speaker content
An interactive conference based is supplemented based on terminology content. Terminology content from a plurality of interactive conference participants is monitored.
 User interface including content from a remote device patent thumbnailnew patent User interface including content from a remote device
A user interface displayed by an electronic device can include a first user-interface portion generated by the electronic device and a second user interface portion generated by a remote device. The electronic device can detect received input and determine whether the input corresponds to an interactive element in the first user-interface portion or an interactive element in the second user interface portion.
 Interactive electronic television program guide with database configurability patent thumbnailnew patent Interactive electronic television program guide with database configurability
An interactive television program guide system is provided in which an interactive television program guide is implemented on user television equipment containing a memory. The system allocates the memory among different categories of program guide data used by the program guide.
new patent Aggregation of user activity data into a user activity stream
There is provided a system and method for aggregation of user activity data into a user activity stream. The method comprises receiving virtual activity data from a device, receiving real activity data from at least one sensor of the device, aggregating the virtual activity data and the real activity data in the user activity stream, and storing the user activity stream for analysis of user trends.
new patent Methods and systems for online events
Provided are methods and systems for determining whether an online event has been completed by a user. A website or other interactive service maintains user activity data reflective of the activities of its users.
new patent Recipient interface for a gift transaction system
A gift transaction system with a recipient interface in the form of an interactive gift notification is disclosed. The interactive gift notification facilitates customization of a gift package sent from a buyer as well as providing an interface to exchange the originally intended gift item.
new patent System for management of retail and wholesale wine inventory and a consumer tracking system derived from consumer initiated data
There is a need in the marketplace to provide consumers of varying budgets, wine knowledge, and levels of interest with an interactive, on-the-go personalized wine experience to help them share information and provide them with recommendations based upon their tastes and/or location. Plus, an industry need to understand consumer preferences better..
new patent Buyer interface for a gift transaction system
A gift transaction system with a buyer interface is disclosed. The buyer interface facilitates personalization by a buyer of a gift package to send to a recipient.
new patent Method and apparatus for surveying brand preference
The present concept is a method for surveying brand preference which includes the steps of providing a participant with a unique identification data card and code. The participants input personal information into a database through an interactive electronic surface device for administering a product taste challenge, wherein the surface device in communication with the identification card and the database.
new patent Medical information query system
A query system is provided for retrieving information from a medical information system, or its databases. A user interactive query wizard facilitates creation of query scripts for retrieval of information from the medical information system.
new patent Method and apparatus for exercise monitoring combining exercise monitoring and visual data with wireless wearable devices
Embodiments of the invention provide a method and apparatus for a wireless exercise monitoring system for interactively monitoring an aspect of exercise, sports, or fitness utilizing a wearable device, such as a watch, eyewear, or smart apparel. The device is equipped with, or connected to, a digital camera.
new patent Interactive advisory system
A method for providing information to a plurality of vendors located remotely from a broadcast network. A plurality of user-defined parameters are received by a user input database with at least one of the user-defined parameters including a user profile.
new patent Interactive advisory system
A method for providing information to a plurality of vendors located remotely from a broadcast network. A plurality of user-defined parameters are received by a user input database with at least one of the user-defined parameters including a user profile.
new patent Interactive device with sound-based action synchronization
An interactive amusement device and a method therefor are disclosed. The device plays a musical soundtrack in a first game iteration corresponding to a learning mode.
new patent Method and apparatus for interactive play
An interactive toy object apparatus having a toy body that includes a plurality of object body portions, an object control circuit secured to the body that includes an object processor, an object memory device, and one or more object transceivers, a plurality of object inputs and object outputs secured to one or more of the object body portions and in communication with the object control circuit; and a first control program stored in the object memory device and operable by the object processor, wherein the interactive object is capable of communicating with a controller, via the one or more object transceivers, to receive or transmit at least one of commands, inputs, and outputs, therebetween.. .
new patent Apparatus and method for enhancing academic planning and tracking via an interactive repository database
An apparatus and method to collect, integrate, and marshal the academic course offerings and requirements of secondary educational institutions, the admission requirements and preferences of postsecondary educational institutions, and the academic and career goals of current and prospective secondary students to assist and facilitate the creation of academic plans in a collaborative informed manner. The apparatus collects relevant information from various informed parties and makes such information available in an integrated and marshaled form enabling efficient and effective planning.
new patent Interactive education system for teaching patient care
An interactive education system for teaching patient care to a user is described. The system comprises a patient simulator; a virtual instrument for use with the patient simulator in performing patient care activities; means for sensing an interaction between the virtual instrument and the simulator, and means for providing feedback to the user regarding the interaction between the virtual instrument and the simulator.
new patent Interactive genealogical charts
Presenting genealogical information. A method includes displaying a representation of a first individual.
new patent Interactive audio/video system and method
There is provided an interactive audio/video system for making an interactive audio/video clip of one or more participant each provided with a green neck and torso bib and a microphone. One or more audio/video camera is aimed at the at least one participant in front of a green screen.
new patent Method for interactive manual matching and real-time projection calculation in imaging
Methods and systems are proposed herein for performing manual matching of generated digitally reconstructed radiographs with acquired verification images efficiently without intensive processing and/or memory consumption or hardware requirements. According to one aspect of the claimed subject matter, a system is provided that includes a computing workstation, communicatively coupled to both a data storage device and an image acquisition device.
new patent Method and system for managing interactive communications campaigns with call pacing
A web-based hosted system through which business entities create and manage communications campaigns. The system carries out a communications campaign on behalf of a client.
new patent Managing interactive communications campaigns with customer recovery
A campaign strategy manager (csm) component for a hosted communications campaign system allows users to define more granular and specific campaign strategies, including pass escalation for alternative channels (e.g., text and email) and/or based upon attempt results, contact attributes and response group data. The campaign strategy manager allows users to define pass strategies statically and dynamically, to manage lists across multiple campaigns, and to view results in real-time.
new patent Interactive content control device based on l-shaped display and control method thereof
Provided are an interactive content control device and an interactive content control method capable of increasing immersion in content, which include a front display unit that displays content images, a lower side display unit which is configured to form an l shape with the front display unit, displays content images, and interworks with the front display unit, a sensor unit that senses user movements and provides detected sensing information, and a controller that controls interworking of content displayed on the front display unit and the lower side display unit based on the sensing information. Accordingly, a sense of physical distance from the user may be reduced and the user experiences more immersive content and a variety of interfaces may be utilized in content..
new patent Interactive greeting card
An integral greeting card/game is disclosed wherein a multi-panel greeting card also serves as a game board and is combined with a game piece and launch mechanism to create a novel, interactive greeting card. The multi-panel greeting card contains a sound module therein and a magnetic trigger is contained and concealed below one or more of the multiple greeting card panels.
Customizable flip and browse overlays in an interactive television system
Systems and methods are provided for customizing the display of interactive television overlays. A condition related to the display of an overlay on top of video for a television channel may be defined for each of a plurality of television channels.
On-screen program guide with interactive programming recommendations
A subscriber to a video service generally has available to them an on-screen program guide. The program guide lists programming (e.g., tv shows) that are available to the subscriber for a certain upcoming time period.
Systems and methods for generating a user profile based customized media guide that includes an internet source
Systems and methods for presenting user-generated content in as easily accessible manner using an interactive media guide are provided. In particular, a user may be able to peruse user-generated content through an interactive media guide which is also used to access non-user-generated media content such as linear programming (e.g., over-the-air broadcast, cable, and satellite scheduled programming) and on-demand media.
Apparatus and method for processing an interactive service
A method of processing an interactive service and an apparatus thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes generating an application parameter table which includes information about at least one of applications, wherein the application parameter table includes a first identifier and a second identifier, wherein the first identifier identifies a interactive programming segment which application parameter table pertains to, and wherein the second identifier identifies an application within the scope of application parameter table; generating an activation message file that indicates at least one of activation times of the applications, wherein the activation message file includes a third identifier and activation messages, wherein the third identifier matches the first identifier of application parameter table which contains the applications, wherein the activation message includes a fourth identifier and a start time information, wherein the fourth identifier matches the second identifier of the application in the application parameter table, and wherein the start time information indicates the start time for an event targeted to the application relative to segment time; generating a multi-part message with the application parameter table as the first part and the activation message file as the second part; and transmitting the multi-part message to receiver via http..
Method and system of interactive advertisement
A method and system of associating assets with motion pictures are disclosed. A plurality of asset identifiers may be caused to be displayed on a device.
Authoring, deploying and using interactive, data-driven two or more dimensional content
A method whereby dynamic, interactive, two or more dimensional media can be assembled and delivered where the need for pre-packaged binary content files and pre-compiled content is eliminated by using a markup language, a standard uri to identify local and/or remote media resources within a markup text, a standard protocol to retrieve the resource, a parser to load resources from the native format and a markup language to define behavior and where dynamic, interactive, n-dimensional media is achieved by using a markup language, connecting or embedding content into a local or remote data source, dragging-and-dropping markup text into a content provider application, updating content using a form, establishing a two-way connection between content and one or more data sources such that changing to the data source(s) and seeing the results propagate to the scene changing the content and seeing the results propagate to the data source(s) and using a markup language to issue commands, configure interaction, and create behavior.. .
Interactive rendering of physical entities
A method for generating a model of a physical entity, in particular the earth, using one or more hierarchically organized multi-resolutional data trees t, each data tree comprising a plurality of nodes nk, each node having a grid with a fixed number of points, wherein each node can store an arbitrary number of data items, each holding scalar field values for each point in the grid, the method comprising the steps of creating a geometry using one or more data trees; and creating an associated overlay using one or more data trees, wherein at least one of the geometry and overlay comprises a formula to be applied to data within one or more data trees. This enables manipulation of the data within the data trees during rendering and increases the adaptability of the model without an increase in the required memory space.
Methods, systems, and products for searching interactive menu prompting systems
Methods, systems, and products generate searchable listings of interactive voice response menus. A central database maps each searchable listing to its corresponding server address.
Method and system for interactive geometric representations, configuration and control of data
In one exemplary embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes obtaining a data set from a data source. The data set is prepared for an analysis operation according to a problem type.
Adjustable kiosk system
A kiosk system includes: a flexible bendable user interactive display screen capable of operation when contorted, twisted or bent into different physical configurations; an operational interface in communications with the display screen; a network for access to and from the display screen via the operational interface; and a computer system for providing and receiving data to and from the display screen via the network.. .
Managing interactive in-vehicle advertisements
The disclosure includes technology for managing interactive advertisements for users. The technology includes an example system including a processor and a memory storing instructions that when executed cause the system to: determine user data associated with a user; determine contextual data associated with the user; determine an interactive advertisement for presentation to the user in a vehicle based on the user data and the contextual data; and present the interactive advertisement to the user in the vehicle..
Electronic platform based on computer network
This invention relates to a computer network system, as well as to the instruments and apparatuses allowing the execution of the related methods of operation, comprising a main server computer (10) connected to a communication network (20) to which a cdn (content delivery network) sub-system (70) of server computers is also connected for delivering multimedia contents, and a plurality of user client devices (40, 50, 60) capable to connect to the communication network (20), each user client device (40, 50, 60) being adapted to execute a browser software module (400) comprising temporary storage or caching mechanisms, the browser software module (400) being adapted to connect with a first interface software module (100) executed by the main server computer (10) for visiting a web site of a promotional campaign comprising one or more interactive graphic interfaces (3100; 3200), each interactive graphic interface comprising static data including said multimedia contents, one or more graphic elements (3210; 3230) each one of which is capable to stimulate users by delivering said multimedia contents, and one or more graphic components (4200) capable to receive interactions from the users, at least one product being offered by said at least one web site of said at least one promotional campaign at a price that is reduced starting from a starting price after the interactions from the users on the basis of the processing of a price function processing software module (120) executed by the main server computer (10), the first interface software module (100) causing said static data to be delivered to the browser software module (400) by the cdn sub-system (70) and a rendering of said one or more interactive graphic interfaces (3100; 3200) to be carried out by the browser software module (400) through said caching mechanisms.. .
Methods and apparatus for automated web portal and voice system data aggregation
Methods and apparatus for automating the process for researching medical claims and/or eligibility, as well as standardizing and analyzing the resulting data are. These methods include automated processes for researching an insurance claim, comprising steps of interactively and recursively querying search fields in a web portal(s) and/or phone system(s), aggregating the information from multiple sources into a standardized format in a database table(s).
Data collection
Computer implemented methods of collecting data relating to an adverse event relating to use of a substance is provided. One method comprises detecting a user input relating to an identity of the substance or to an identity of the adverse event; determining the identity of the substance or of the adverse event based on the user input; and selectively displaying to the user at least one further request for information, wherein the content of the request displayed to the user is dependent on the identity of the substance or of the adverse event.
Interactive dental restorative network
The invention relates to a method for assisting a dental practitioner in the dental restoration of a patient treatment area. The method includes forming a three-dimensional (3d) model represented in digital form of the treatment area to be restored, the model being formed during a first visit by the patient to a dentist's office; developing a preliminary treatment plan including a prostheses specification that is based, at least in part, on the 3d digital model of the treatment area; storing the 3d digital model and the preliminary treatment plan in a database along with the patient's record; and conferencing with other practitioners in order to determine whether the preliminary treatment plan is appropriate for the patient based on the dental data..
Game controller hand grip for coupling with associated support apparatus
A hand grip provides a means to attach at least one hand-held game controller so that a user can with a single hand grasp of the hand grip and its attached game controller carry the hand grip while the fingers of that same hand can manipulate one or more actuators of said attached game controller while further carrying or operating appropriate supported equipment. The hand grip enables a user to assemble his or her own custom-built interactive, portable device by subsequently attaching various hand-held game controllers to appropriate support apparatus such as a camera support apparatus.
Controller for interfacing with a computing program using position, orientation, or motion
A method for determining the position of a controller device, comprises: receiving dimensions of the display input by a user of the computer-based system; capturing successive images of the display at the controller device; determining a position of the controller device relative to the display based on the dimensions of the display and a perspective distortion of the display in the captured successive images of the display; providing the determined position of the controller to the computer-based system to interface with the interactive program to cause an action by the interactive program.. .
Systems and methods for simulating a particular user in an interactive computer system
Systems and methods for simulating a user's behavior in an interactive computer system are provided. For example, a computer program product includes a simulator configured to simulate a user interacting with a computer program.
Evaluation of overall performance of interactive application service
A performance monitoring system in which a test apparatus sends a test message of a non-realtime messaging service. The test message is formatted for a defined interactive application service.
Toy laser gun and laser target system
The present invention relates to a toy gun capable of transmitting a laser beam and/or an infrared (“ir”) beam of light for use in a game. The toy gun also has a detector for detecting a laser and ir signal.
Social network based education infrastructure and methods of implementing and using social network based education infrastructures
A method for enabling users to offer educational support in response to a designation of instructor identifier (id) tags associated with network accessible learning documents. The method comprises selecting by a first user using a first client terminal a network accessible learning document, associating an instructor id tag indicative of the first user with the network accessible learning document, instructing a presentation of the instructor id tag in association with the presentation of the network accessible learning document to a second user accessing the network accessible learning document via a second client terminal, identifying a user selection designating the instructor id tag and made by the second user, and establishing a tutorial session which is based on an interactive communication connection between the first user and the second user..
Methods and systems for interactive 3d image segmentation
Methods and systems for interactively segmenting 3d image data are provided. An initial segmentation of the 3d image data is obtained, and for each of a plurality of image regions, a segmentation uncertainty indicator for the initial image segmentation is associated with the image region and a strength is assigned to the segmentation uncertainty indicator.
Interactive image system and image display device
An interactive image system includes an image display device and a control device. The image display device includes a housing, a display unit, a light emitting component and at least one light guide element.
Multi-linear dynamic hair or clothing model with efficient collision handling
Systems and method for modeling hair in real-time with user interactive controls are presented. One embodiment may take the form of a method of hair motion modeling including representing hair with hair guides, each hair guide comprising a plurality of hair points and reducing a dimensionality of the hair guides to achieve a reduced sub-space.
Interactive projector system and method
An interactive image projecting device that projects an image onto a display surface and controls the projected image based upon movement of the image projecting device or the detection of another image. The image projecting device includes a projector that generates an image from a control unit.
Enhanced display of interactive elements in a browser
A method, system and electronic device are provided for processing touch inputs on a touchscreen display. A starting touch input is detected on a document displayed at an initial scale on the touchscreen.
Interactive package for display and sale of a gun sight
The present invention is a package for the display and sale of a gun sight where the components of the gun sight are arranged such that they are positioned in the same manner and orientation as they would be installed on the a firearm after purchase. The package includes a portion that is formed and illustrated to resemble that portion of a firearm to which a gun sight would be installed.
Privacy protected internet networks, subnetworks and sub-subnetworks
A computerized methods and systems to create, control and manage restricted scope and closed internet interactive networks, subnetworks and sub-subnetworks. The invention permits the protected network, subnetworks and sub-subnetworks to be connected to an open or previously established network, yet still remaining protected, secure and anonymous.
System, method and apparatus for enhanced internet broadcasting
An internet broadcast system, method and apparatus provides a presentation tool that offers program content to viewers in a rich, interactive and exciting way while still offering the benefits of cost effectiveness, convenience, and which meets or exceeds the experience of live, in-person programming. At least two synchronized images are presented in multiple windows and an editable image selected from one of the at least two synchronized images, wherein the other of the at least two synchronized image(s) adjust to remain in sync with the edited image.
Server and method for controlling server
A display apparatus and a server which implements an interactive system are disclosed. The server includes a communicator which receives text information corresponding to a user voice collected at the display apparatus from the display apparatus, and a controller which extracts an utterance component from the text information and controls so that a query to search contents is generated using the extracted utterance component and transmitted to an external server which categorizes metadata of the content under each item and stores the same, in which the controller generates the query by adding a preset item to a criteria to search a content, when a number of criteria to categorize the content under an item corresponding to the extracted utterance component is less than a preset number..
Bounding box gesture recognition on a touch detecting interactive display
The invention provides a method and apparatus for identifying gestures performed by a user to control an interactive display. The gestures are identified based on a bounding box enclosing the points at which a user contacts a touch sensor corresponding with the display surface.
Interactive user interface
A system and method for providing a selection interface on a touch screen device is disclosed. The selection interface depicts a claw for grasping.
Validated product recommendation system and methods
Methods and systems for generating, in real-time, validated product recommendations by a community of like-minded users. In one embodiment, the community of like-minded users is generated based on browsing history, scoring of interactions, and social graph.
System and method for automatically detecting and interactively displaying information about entities, activities, and events from multiple-modality natural language sources
A method for automatically extracting and organizing information by a processing device from a plurality of data sources is provided. A natural language processing information extraction pipeline that includes an automatic detection of entities is applied to the data sources.
Simultaneous content data streaming and interaction system
A computer implemented method and system simultaneously distributes content data streams (cdss) of multiple content formats, for example, live cable television content, gaming content, social media content, user generated content, etc., to one or more computing devices. An interactive content distribution platform (icdp) receives user selections of the cdss and the content formats via a graphical user interface (gui) and receives one or more cdss in one or more content formats from multiple content sources based on the user selections.
Mobile interactive kiosk method
An information exchange system includes a mobile electronic device and a stationary electronic device. The mobile electronic device generates a transient or mobile information cloud around the user and includes a range selector module associated that receives input from the user regarding a physical range to extend the mobile information cloud around the user.
Methods and systems for querying and displaying data using interactive three-dimensional representations
Methods and systems for querying data, and displaying the query results using an interactive representation in three spatial dimensions are disclosed. Query or search results are analyzed and displayed in an interactive three-dimensional representation using a plurality of nodes, representing aspects of the search results, and links connecting the nodes, representing strength of relation between the connected nodes.
Systems and methods for flexible merchant pricing
One example embodiment relates to a computer-implemented method including receiving from a user, via a network, data relating to an item to be listed for sale at an item price in an electronic marketplace. An interactive pricing page is presented to the user, the pricing page including one or more interface elements to receive a pricing structure relating to the item to be listed for sale, the one or more interface elements allowing the user to define, as part of the pricing structure, at least a first item price and one or more future price changes in the item price during an item listing period.
Kiosk network system
A platform is provided having a network of interactive kiosks with multiple local services running on each individual kiosk. The kiosk network provides users or interested viewers with relevant information, as well as the ability to react to such information in a relevant manner..
Method and system for distributing targeted advertising and intuitive wayfinding
The present invention is a method for displaying messaging, wayfinding and advertising on interactive kiosks and digital wireless communication devices including handheld portable devices within a wireless local area network (wlan) or through the internet. The information is stored in databases connected to the internet that include maps of shopping centers or malls, data regarding user profiles, product categories and product brands which provide users the ability to search the database and interact with the maps and point-of-purchase advertising.
Gesture based electronic signature
A business process management application provides a gesture based signature, and approval mechanism that associates a reply or assent from a remote device with the business process that sent it, thus providing assurances that the resulting approval or disapproval was properly obtained and records the reply for future accountability. A context identifier indicative of the business process that initiated the interactive request for action (action typically being approval, disapproval or acknowledgment) is generated, encoded to discourage tampering, and appended to the interactive request sent to the remote device.
Systems and methods for generating dynamic seating charts
This invention relates to systems and methods for creating seating charts in digital form, and more particularly to systems and methods for user-driven creation and visualization of interactive digital seating charts, particularly for ticketing and reservations systems.. .
Interactive server, control method thereof, and interactive system
An interactive server, a control method thereof, and an interactive system are provided. The interactive server includes: a communicator which communicates with a display apparatus to receive an uttered voice signal; a storage device which stores utterance history information of a second uttered voice signal received from the display apparatus before the first uttered voice signal is received; an extractor which extracts uttered elements from the received first uttered voice signal; and a controller which generates response information based on the utterance history information stored in the storage device and the extracted uttered elements and transmits the response information to the display apparatus.
Interactive server, display apparatus, and control method thereof
An interactive server, a display apparatus, and a control method thereof are disclosed. An interactive server includes a communication unit configured to perform communication with a display apparatus and receive a voice command signal including a first command element representing a target and a second command element representing an execution command; a storage unit configured to store indicators and command words; an extraction unit configured to extract an indicator corresponding to the first command element and a command word corresponding to the second command element from the storage unit; and a controller configured to generate response information corresponding to the voice command signal by combining the extracted indicator and command word, and send the response information to the display apparatus, wherein the first command element is an command element that is determined based on a displaying status of objects displayed on a screen of the display apparatus..
Speech modification for distributed story reading
Various embodiments provide an interactive, shared, story-reading experience in which stories can be experienced from remote locations. Various embodiments enable augmentation or modification of audio and/or video associated with the story-reading experience.
Autonomous driving merge management system
An autonomous driving merge management system includes an autonomous driving control device and an intention decision management system. The management system includes a candidate strategy subsystem generating a plurality of candidate driving strategies, a merging vehicle behavior recognition subsystem predicting a merging intention of a merging vehicle; an intention-based interactive prediction subsystem predicting future merging scenarios between the host vehicle and merging vehicle as a function of inputs by the merging vehicle behavior recognition subsystem and inputs by the candidate strategy subsystem, and a cost function-based evaluation subsystem determining a cost for each future merging scenario generated by the intention-based interactive prediction subsystem.
Method, system and apparatus for controlling patient access to medicaments
A method, system and apparatus for controlling and tracking patient access to medicaments. A patient is provided with medication in locked pill containers that must be unlocked with an access code before the patient can access a limited quantity of medication in each container.

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