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Date/App# patent app List of recent Interactive-related patents
 Dynamic interactive identity authentication method and system patent thumbnailDynamic interactive identity authentication method and system
An identity authentication system includes a storage unit, a display character set generation unit, a display unit and a password authentication unit. An identity authentication method includes the following steps: generating the dynamic display character sets; inputting a dynamic input code; and comparing the dynamic input code with the user password.
 Semantic challenge for audio human interactive proof patent thumbnailSemantic challenge for audio human interactive proof
In one embodiment, a human interactive proof portal 140 may control access to an online data service 122. A communication interface 260 establishing a human interactive proof session 600 with a user device 110 accessing an online data service 122.
 Interactive video system patent thumbnailInteractive video system
This application discloses a system and method for the delivery of television programming comprising of: a video source connected to a subscriber network to transport a primary video signal; a message source connected to said subscriber network to transport a supplemental video signal; wherein the primary and supplemental video signals are combined to display the primary and supplemental video signals concurrently. In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, the subscriber receives discounts relative to the amount of supplemental video signal that is viewed by the subscriber..
 Concurrently presenting interactive invitational content and media items within a media station through the use of bumper content patent thumbnailConcurrently presenting interactive invitational content and media items within a media station through the use of bumper content
A media channel can include a mix of media items and invitational content packages. At some point during the playback of the media channel, an invitational content package can be presented.
 Enhanced quick search features, low-barrier commenting/interactive features in a collaboration platform patent thumbnailEnhanced quick search features, low-barrier commenting/interactive features in a collaboration platform
Embodiments of the present disclosure include systems and methods for enhanced quick search features, low-barrier comenting/interactive features in a collaboration platform, which may be a cloud-based platform. The disclosed technology enhances the user experience (both web and mobile user experience) by providing the ease with which the manner in which content and users can be discovered and browsed.
 System and method for displaying a giving plan patent thumbnailSystem and method for displaying a giving plan
According to some embodiments, a system comprises an interface and one or more processors. The interface receives a request to display a giving plan associated with a donor.
 System and methods for personalization and enhancement of a marketplace patent thumbnailSystem and methods for personalization and enhancement of a marketplace
A system comprising a computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program, and a computer-implemented method for enhancing and personalizing an interactive marketplace. The systems and methods provided herein may allow a user to receive search results that are tailored to the user's personal preferences based on social and purchasing information known about the user.
 Systems and methods for implementing a traveler-specific store using mobile devices in a mobile retail environment patent thumbnailSystems and methods for implementing a traveler-specific store using mobile devices in a mobile retail environment
One aspect of the invention is directed to integrating mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc., into a mobile retail environment commercial system. A mobile device includes a mobile store module that provides an interactive user experience that allows a traveler to browse goods or services that are available in the mobile retail environment.
 Systems and methods for interactive advertisements with distributed engagement channels patent thumbnailSystems and methods for interactive advertisements with distributed engagement channels
The present invention relates to systems and methods for generating interactive advertisements which include an interactive bridge control. The interactive bridge control may include live statistics that are collected from other distribution channels.
 Geographic and keyword context in embedded applications patent thumbnailGeographic and keyword context in embedded applications
A computer-implemented method includes generating, using an embedded client application, a keyword context for a container document holding the embedded client application; generating, using the embedded client application, a geographic context associated with a device on which the container document is displayed; submitting the keyword context and the geographic context to a remote server; and displaying an interactive application using information obtained in response to the submission of the keyword context and geographic criteria.. .
Dynamic group purchases using barcodes
A movie theatre shows a barcode on an electronic screen separate from the projection screen, on a side wall of the movie room. The barcode lets a patron buy tickets to movies shown in trailers on the projection screen.
System for contextual marketing in healthcare
A system is provided to enable interactive in-context marketing during an encounter in healthcare at a touch-point or a plurality of patient touch-points. The system consists of a network of multiple channels for touch-points including one or more kiosks or one or more mobile devices or one or more computing devices or one or more display devices.
Team-based health management
An application offers personalized content, such as health care plans, health actions, and interactive games, to a user. Based on such health data provided by a user, the health management application may provide content, such as health information or health care plans, that is tailored to the current health status or condition of the user.
Interactive voice response system
An interactive voice response system, comprising: a processor configured to control the output of voice prompts for transmission to a user; an alphanumeric string generator controllable by the processor to generate a random or pseudo-random alphanumeric string for outputting by the processor to a user in natural language form; an input module for receiving a user response and configured to recognize alphanumeric characters in the user response and to output a recognized string of one or more alphanumeric characters recognized in the user response; and a validation module. The validation module is configured to receive the generated alphanumeric string from the alphanumeric string generator and the recognized string corresponding to the generated alphanumeric string from the input module, to compare the generated alphanumeric string with the recognized string, to determine whether the recognized string matches the generated alphanumeric string, and to output validation data in response to determining that the recognized string matches the generated alphanumeric string..
Computational methods for analysis and molecular design of antibodies, antibody humanization, and epitope mapping coupled to a user-interactive web browser with embedded three- dimensional rendering
This disclosure relates in general to the field of antibody modeling and analysis. The disclosed subject matter describes a single online workspace to model and analyze antibody sequences or structures.
System and method for guided laboratory data collection, analysis, and reporting
A system and method for guided laboratory data collection, analysis, and reporting is provided. The system provides a software module with an interactive user interface for icon-based entry of test results by an operator.
System and method for reviewing travel trips
A mobile communication device includes a global positioning system (gps) capability, a digital processor, digital memory, a display screen, and a software (sw) application executing by the processor, the sw providing determining and recording a start of a trip, tracking location of the vehicle after trip start, interpreting data and recording an acceleration event, a deceleration event or a speeding event, recording fuel volume during the trip, determining and recording an end of the trip; and an interactive display including an address at the start and the end of the trip, separated by a timeline for the trip, a vehicle icon moveable along the timeline, icons specific to event type at locations along the timeline representing the acceleration, deceleration and speeding events determined during the trip, and a summary box providing a distance and duration of the trip and fuel efficiency and fuel cost for the trip.. .
Systems and methods for generating video hints for segments within an interactive video gaming environment
Systems and methods for generating hints for a player with an interactive video gaming environment are provided. A plurality of videos from users is received at a remote server.
Systems and methods for transmitting media associated with a measure of quality based on level of game play in an interactive video gaming environment
Systems and methods for incorporating online user generated media content (e.g., videos) into an interactive video gaming environment are provided. Media assets that are associated with different measures of quality generated by users are stored on a remote server.
Interactive video game with different sized toys having different abilities within the video game
A video game includes a peripheral device that senses the presence and identity of toys near or on the peripheral. Each of the toys includes an identification device such as an rfid tag.
Arena baseball game system
An arena baseball game system and method for playing an electronic interactive spectator participation game incorporating many aspects of rounders, knickerbocker rules and negro league baseball innovation “night baseball.” the method of play is disclosed, involving some of the same rules as american baseball with virtual interplay. Time is regulated by a game clock and balls may be deflected back as playable by a rebounding assembly that surrounds the arena field.
Interactive advisory system for prioritizing content
A method for passing content to at least one communicator device. The user of a communicator device registers with at least one service provider for delivering a plurality of different types of content to be passed to the at least one communicator device.
System and method for client interaction application integration
A system for integration of client interaction technologies, comprising a plurality of resource managers, each comprising at least a software component operating and stored on a computing device; a plurality of resources, each comprising at least an interactive element; a monitoring service, comprising at least a software service operating and stored on a computing device; and a callback cloud, comprising at least a plurality of contact agents; wherein the monitoring service tracks resource status; further wherein upon receiving an interaction request the resource managers handle the request according to known resource information; and further wherein the callback cloud responds to at least a plurality of received interaction requests.. .
Ct optic distortion filter
The present invention creates distorted images for use in video, film, photos, mobile devices, video games, morphing targets, interactive screens, or any device with a display screen. The main components are a frame with provision for mechanical manipulation, with a reflective surface affixed to it, video or film source, projector, receiving surface, camera and computer.
Interactive user selected video/audio views by real time stitching and selective delivery of multiple video/audio sources
This invention describes how a panoramic view can be created in real-time using multiple ordinary video cameras by splicing the video frames in real-time. It also describes how a subset of that panoramic view can be viewed on customer screen and how a customer can smoothly shift and scroll or zoom the customer view in real-time to view the other parts of the panoramic view using a remote control device.
Apparatus and method pertaining to the use of multiple location modalities with a stylus
A stylus is configured for interactive use with a scribing surface. The stylus comprises a stylus housing and a first control circuit support by the stylus housing.
Systems, methods, and devices for highly interactive large image display and manipulation on tiled displays
Display units which can be arranged to form a single arrayed display system, thereby allowing the display of much larger images than can be shown on a single display. Each display unit can include an image display, a communication mechanism, such as a network interface card or wireless interface card, and an image display module, such as a video card and an image processor.
Continuous anomaly detection based on behavior modeling and heterogeneous information analysis
The present disclosure describes a continuous anomaly detection method and system based on multi-dimensional behavior modeling and heterogeneous information analysis. A method includes collecting data, processing and categorizing a plurality of events, continuously clustering the plurality of events, continuously model building for behavior and information analysis, analyzing behavior and information based on a holistic model, detecting anomalies in the data, displaying an animated and interactive visualization of a behavioral model, and displaying an animated and interactive visualization of the detected anomalies..
System and method for policy generation
One example provides a collaborative policy refinement service to aggregate policy inputs from organizational layers and to generate security policies that are consistent across the organizational layers. This includes an interactive policy component to facilitate collaborative interaction between the organizational layers and to facilitate determination of the security policies..
Systems and methods for communicating with patients
Methods and systems for communicating with a patient through a television in the patient's hospital room are disclosed. In some embodiments, the methods and systems include the following: a television signal gateway module for receiving televisions signals and encoding the signals as ethernet-based internet protocol signals; an application and media server including a first sub-system for storing and processing the signals and data according to instructions and generating, sending, and receiving application and media signals; and an interactive set-top-box including a second sub-system for storing and processing instructions and processing the ethernet-based internet protocol television signals and the application and media signals to produce television display signals, the set-top-box communicating the television display signals for display on the patient's television.
Automated social media and event driven multimedia channels
Novel tools and techniques are described for generating or extracting keywords based on trend data related to contemporary news events, social media topics, and/or internet searches, etc. Local and/or remote content catalogs, which are respectively associated with local and remote content libraries, are searched for relevant multimedia content (e.g., video, audio, and/or written content) using the generated or extracted keywords.
Editing a graphical data flow program in a web browser on a client computer
System and method for performing program-related operations over a network via a web browser. A network connection is established between a server computer and a client computer over a network.
Dynamic menus for multi-prefix interactive mobile searches
The present invention includes systems and methods for retrieving information via a flexible and consistent targeted search model that employs interactive multi-prefix, multi-tier and dynamic menu information retrieval techniques that provide context-specific functionality tailored to particular information channels, as well as to records within or across such channels, and other known state information. Users are presented with a consistent search interface among multiple tiers across and within a large domain of information sources, and need not learn different or special search syntax.
Interactive topological views of combined hardware and software systems
A method and system for visualizing a system. The method includes obtaining a context managed entity from a client system, wherein the context managed entity corresponds to software executing on a computer system, querying a managed entity repository to obtain a plurality of managed entities linked to the context managed entity, wherein the plurality of managed entities comprises a software managed entity and a hardware managed entity, and generating a node in a topology model object for each of the plurality of managed entities.
Method and system for generating and storing a collection of interactive browsers within a navigation plane
Embodiments of the invention can be accomplished in a number of locations and manners, including but not limited to documents, software applications, operating systems or any other technological function or method.. .
Methods for establishing simulated force dynamics between two or more digital assets displayed in an electronic interface
A system includes a server connected to a network, the server having access to a processor and a data repository and software running from a non-transitory physical medium, the software providing for establishing a client-server connection between the server and at least one user-operated computing appliance connected to the network, maintaining an active data session between one or more users involved in working with the image and/or text-based projects through a graphics user interface (gui), detecting interactive boundaries between items in a collection of items placed on an editable canvas, detecting, upon movement of at least one of the items, the intersection of one or more of the interactive boundaries, and implementing physics assigned to the items upon confirmation of intersection of the interactive boundaries.. .
Distributed application of enterprise policies to web real-time communications (webrtc) interactive sessions, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
Distributed application of enterprise policies to webrtc interactive sessions, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media are disclosed. In this regard, in one embodiment, a method for applying an enterprise policy to a webrtc interactive session comprises receiving, by a distributed policy enforcement agent of a recipient device, a webrtc session description object directed to the recipient device originating from a sender device via a secure network connection.
Interactive event cast to multiple mobile devices
Systems and devices for, and methods of, interactive event casting, by: (a) scheduling a plurality of transactions, where the scheduling may be based on passing a system time and a channel usage schedule; (b) aggregating the plurality of transactions, where the aggregating results in minimizing data transfer traffic; (c) executing a data compression scheme, where the data compression scheme may be based on dynamically changing bitrate of a video data stream accordingly to local access point data traffic; and (d) initiating an application, where the initiated application decompresses the received video data stream, and where the decompressed video data stream may be spooled.. .
Interactive visual data mining for increasing classification accuracy
Visual data mining techniques for increasing data classification accuracy are disclosed. For example, a method comprises the following steps.
Interactive data mining
A data mining system receives a data set that includes a plurality of columns of data. The system determines correlations between columns of data of the data set and displays an interactive listing of a plurality of pairs of columns based on the correlations.
System and method for facilitating social e-commerce
A software application providing a social, interactive panoramic shopping experience from pictures. The experience should be based upon navigable panoramic spaces from photographs that include the capability for users to interact socially and individually with particular elements within that space.
Interactive product placement system and method therefor
A method for facilitating the order of commercial products in connection with the display of media content, whereby a player comprises a media production component and an interactive e-commerce component embedded therein. The player with the e-commerce component can be virally copied and propagated from one web page to any number of other web pages..
Interactive reveal ad unit
An interactive reveal advertising unit is presented in a webpage. The motion and animation of the advertising unit's creative is tied to the user interaction with the device displaying the webpage, the web page or the advertising unit itself, so that the creative responds directly to the user interaction.
Apparatus and method for personalizing maps
Provided is a process for personalizing an interactive map that includes the following: receiving a user request to view an interactive map; determining a map extent responsive to the request; obtaining a profile of the user; personalizing, with a computer, an interactive map based on the profile; and presenting the personalized map to the user. Personalizing includes determining whether to depict geographic features within the map extent in the personalized map based on the profile, and formatting a depiction of the features to have, for each respective feature, a prominence determined based on the profile..
Three-dimensional interactive seat map
Computing systems and methods for facilitating the review and purchase of tickets for ticketed events include memory devices or storage components that store event information regarding upcoming ticketed events and venue information for seating arrangements and views from seats, as well as one or more processors for conducting activities regarding the review and purchase of tickets using a three-dimensional interactive seat map. Activities include providing a display on a computing device including information regarding a venue that is used for ticketed events, accepting on the computing device an input from the user regarding seating arrangements for the venue, determining an attendance location for a ticketed event at the venue based upon the first input, generating a virtual three-dimensional or augmented reality view of a region of interest at the venue from the determined attendance location, and displaying to the user the virtual three-dimensional or augmented reality view..
Systems and methods for response calibration
The disclosure provides methods, systems, and computer readable media for calibrating user responses to questions. The method may comprise presenting, with the aid of a computer system and an interactive display operatively coupled to the computer system, a query to a user.
Method and system for using routine driving information in mobile interactive satellite services
A method and an apparatus according to an embodiment of the invention includes a controller to process a criterion for selecting a point-of-interest (poi). The criterion can be based on historical trip data.
Earphone jack triggered interactive synchronized novelty devices and toys
A novelty device includes an electronic module for operatively connecting to an audio jack of a base unit. The novelty device also includes a mechanism configured to react in response to an analog signal received by the electronic module from the base unit.
Interactive toy figurine
A plurality of toy and accessory figurines are provided which may be arranged in any number of configurations to provide a response upon the formation of a closed electrical circuit. The toy figurines comprise two electrical contacts which, when closed with an external connection source, provide a response stimuli, such as one or a combination of light, sound and/or motion.
Systems and methods for recording and playing back programs having desirable recording attributes
Systems and methods for recording multiple copies of a program are provided. The method may include receiving a user instruction to record a program.
Wafer identification fault recovery
Described are computer-based methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, for wafer identification fault recovery. A digital image is received that includes a data symbol comprising a message encoded in a set of data cells.
Method and system for bone segmentation and landmark detection for joint replacement surgery
A method and system for automatic bone segmentation and landmark detection for joint replacement surgery is disclosed. A 3d medical image of at least a target joint region of a patient is received.
Methods and devices for locating object in ct imaging
The present disclosure provides methods and devices for locating a plurality of interested objects in ct imaging. Location of the interested objects in the three-dimensional space can be determined by using three projection images that are substantially perpendicular to each other.
Interjurisdictional recording mechanism
The present invention provides a system for recording an interaction including, a telephone call between a caller and a digital processing system placed over an interjurisdictional boundary, and may include a telephone call placed to at least one called recipient. For example, a caller may place a telephone call over an interjurisdictional boundary to a remote computer server.
Remote control terminal and information processing apparatus
Provided is a remote control terminal, including: a first terminal-side wireless-communication unit configured to interactively communicate with a control-target information processing apparatus by using a first wireless communication system, to control the information processing apparatus; a second terminal-side wireless-communication unit configured to interactively communicate with the information processing apparatus by using a second wireless communication system, the second wireless communication system being higher in speed than the first wireless communication system; a camera unit configured to obtain video data; and a first controller configured to control the second terminal-side wireless-communication unit to transmit the video data obtained by the camera unit to the information processing apparatus by using the second wireless communication system.. .
Interactive target video display system
An interactive target video display system is disclosed. The system includes a camera located in conjunction with a shooting lane at a shooting range.
Integrating a video with an interactive activity
A method for sending a video ringtone. The method includes: integrating a received first video of a first location with an interactive activity, wherein the interactive activity includes an activity in which a first entity at the first location and a second entity at a second location are engaged over a telecommunications network, wherein the integrating the received first video of the first location with the interactive activity achieves an integrated interactive activity..
Interactive simulated-globe display system
The invention discloses an interactive simulated-globe display system including an imaging body, n image-projecting units, a data processing unit, an optical pointer, and m image-capturing units where n and m are respectively a natural number. The n image-projecting units project n images onto an external hemispheric surface of the imaging body.
Adaptive tone map to a region of interest to yield a low dynamic range image
Technologies may provide for yielding a low dynamic range image. A logic architecture may be implemented to perform a global tone map operation on a high dynamic range image to yield a preview image.
Notification system for providing awareness of an interactive surface
A system for providing awareness of an interactive surface is disclosed. The system may include a processor that is communicatively linked to an interactive surface.
Interactive attentiveness enhancement
A method for interactive attentiveness enhancement of a vehicle driver includes steps of determining that a driver assistance function for semiautomatic control of the motor vehicle is active, detecting a stimulus which may be experienced by the vehicle driver upon an observation of the surroundings of the motor vehicle, detecting an input of the vehicle driver in response to the stimulus, determining a game result based on the input and the stimulus, and outputting a notice concerning the game result.. .
Protective enclosure for electronic device
A protective cover for an electronic device that has an interactive control panel includes a protective shell having a first member and a second member. The second member is configured to join with the first case.
Method and system for implementation of an interactive television application
The present invention provides a method and system for implementation of an interactive television application. Particularly, the invention provides method and system for designing and implementation of synchronized interactive television applications using quick response (qr) code, wherein the quick response (qr) code is used to tag the broadcasted television content.
Systems and methods for creating aggregations of episodes of series programming in order
A viewer of an episode of a series such as a television series may wish to access episodes of the series that the viewer missed when they were originally broadcast. Interactive applications may receive the viewer's indication of interest to record missed episodes of the incomplete series, which may include instructions regarding recording options for including the missed episodes in a series aggregation.
Interactive product placement system and method therefor
A method for presenting advertisements for commercial products in video productions, whereby the commercial product is placed in the video production as an element of the video production. A viewer is enabled to interact with the video production to select the product.
Interactive system
Disclosed herein are a method and system for facilitating audience feedback during an event. The method includes receiving at least one input request from a set of registered audience members of the event, wherein each request relates to a predefined set of actions.
Systems and methods for defining a simulated interactive web page
The system includes a novel software application interactive representation modeling language, a software application (82) operative to use the modeling language to create, read and modify interactive representation models of the proposed applications, a memory (86) to store requirement data and interactive representation model data, a software application (92) operative to read and update the interactive representation model data across a computer network, a software application (76) operative to maintain a record of the requirements and to administer operation of the system, a software application (78) operative to render interactive representations of the proposed applications in browser readable format, a software application (82) operative to allow multiple instances of other applications to access interactive representation data and requirement data residing in the memory and a software application (84) operative to allow an individual user's interactions with the system to be broadcast across a networked system to other users.. .
Interactive graphical user interfaces for implementing personalized health and wellness programs
User-specific medical, genetic, fitness, environmental and nutritional data is collected to develop personalized health and wellness programs for improving a user's health and wellness. The user-specific data may be collected from medical or genetic tests, mobile health devices worn by the user and applications through which the user manually inputs information.
Interactive creation of a movie
A system for creating an animated and/or non-animated movie includes a database and a movie editor. The database stores at least one script and at least one modifiable, animated and/or non-animated clip.
Electronic apparatus, method for authoring multimedia content and computer readable recording medium storing a program for performing the method
An electronic apparatus, a method for authorizing multimedia content thereof, and a non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing therein a program to execute the method are provided. The method for generating multimedia content of the electronic apparatus includes displaying a page screen of electronic book content comprising text and video, receiving a user command to generate a multimedia object in synchronization with the video, and displaying a multimedia object generating window which is movable and size-adjustable within the page screen, and generating the multimedia object in synchronization with the video in response to the user command through the multimedia object generating window and storing the multimedia object in synchronization with the video.
Interactive visualization of multi-objective optimization
A method for interactive visualization of multi-objective optimization is described. The method includes displaying a visualization of an approximation to a pareto frontier for a multi-objective problem in a user interface.
Interactive social media ticker
Systems, programs, non-transitory computer readable media, and methods of providing gift recommendations to a user of a social media website hosted by a social media server are described. For example, the user may grant an administrator server authorization to interface with the social media server such that the administrator server can identify important life events of the user's social media contacts, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other events.
Method for performing interactive services on mobile device, such as time or location initiated interactive services
A system for performing interactive services at a mobile device is disclosed. In some cases, the system receives an indication of an event, and provides interactive services to a user of the mobile device based on the event.
Method and apparatus for selecting a supplemental product to offer for sale during a transaction
According to some embodiments, a supplemental product or service may be offered to a user during a transaction, either in addition to products and/or services the user is purchasing, or as a replacement to one or more of the products and/or services that the user is purchasing. The functionality may be implemented, for example, in a retail embodiment where a user is purchasing products and/or services at a cash register or other point-of-sale terminal.

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