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Integer patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Integer-related patents
 Optical pickup and optical disk device patent thumbnailnew patent Optical pickup and optical disk device
The laser light source, the pbs, and the reference light mirror are arranged in such a manner as to simultaneously satisfy lsig+lbs≠s (lld/m) (s: positive integer, m: positive integer), lref+lbs≠t (lld/m) (t: positive integer), and u(lld/m)−(Δl/2)≦lsig−lref≦u(lld/m)+(Δl/2) (u: integer), where lld represents an in-vacuum internal resonator length of the laser light source, lbs represents an in-vacuum-converted optical path length of a laser beam between the emission end surface of the laser light source and the pbs, lsig represents an in-vacuum-converted optical path length of signal light between the pbs, lsig and the reflecting unit of the optical disk, lref represents an in-vacuum-converted optical path length of reference light between the pbs and the reference light mirror, and Δl represents an interference permissible optical path length of the laser beam.. .
 Storage device patent thumbnailnew patent Storage device
According to one embodiment, a storage device performs error correction processing of a code of which the maximum correction performance is t bits, the decoding device including an error correction processor for performing error correction processing using calculating devices capable of handling errors of j bits (j is an integer equal to or more than one and less than t), wherein an initial value of an error number expectation value is set to i (i is an integer equal to or more than one and less than t), and execution of increment of the error number expectation value and execution of the error correction processing is repeated until no error is detected or the error number expectation value becomes t bits.. .
 Boundary scan test interface circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Boundary scan test interface circuit
The invention provides a boundary scan test interface circuit. The boundary scan test interface circuit includes n test input pads, a test interfacing module and m test output pads, wherein n and m are positive integers, and m is smaller than n.
 Method for transmitting a process map via a gateway device patent thumbnailnew patent Method for transmitting a process map via a gateway device
Exemplary methods and systems are directed to transmitting a process map of a control or automation system via a gateway device. The gateway device includes at least one first functional unit connected to a higher-ranking control unit via a first communications link based on a primary field bus protocol, and at least one second functional unit connected to at least one field device via a second communications link based on a secondary field bus protocol.
 System and method for adjusting distributions of data using mixed integer programming patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for adjusting distributions of data using mixed integer programming
Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are related to systems, methods, and computer-readable medium to facilitate modifying a distribution of data elements to more closely resemble a reference distribution. In exemplary embodiments a modification constraint can be assigned to limit a modification of data elements in a subject distribution and a reference distribution can be identified.
 Ultrasonic irradiation apparatus and method for irradiating ultrasonic wave patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasonic irradiation apparatus and method for irradiating ultrasonic wave
An ultrasonic irradiation apparatus irradiates an ultrasonic wave to a target portion where micro bubbles or micro grains which reflect or scatter an ultrasonic wave exist. The apparatus includes an input unit, a drive signal setting unit, and an ultrasonic emission unit.
 Polyvalent vinyl aromatic compound and method for producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Polyvalent vinyl aromatic compound and method for producing same
A polyvalent vinyl aromatic compound represented by chemical formula (4) is produced by reacting (1) a specific vinyl aromatic compound and (2) a specific vinyl compound in the presence of (3-1) a metal complex and (3-2) a percarboxylic acid or a hypervalent iodine compound so that a vinyl group derived from the vinyl compound is introduced onto a carbon atom that is adjacent to the carbon atom to which a vinyl group is bonded in the vinyl aromatic compound. (in the formula, ar represents a monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon group or the like; r1a represents a —ch2oc(═o)r4 group or the like; r2 represents a hydrogen atom or the like; r3 represents a hydrogen atom or the like; a represents an alkyl group having 1-20 carbon atoms, or the like; and n represents an integer of 1-m.).
 Amide derivative, pest control agent containing the amide derivative, and pest controlling method patent thumbnailnew patent Amide derivative, pest control agent containing the amide derivative, and pest controlling method
A pest control agent containing a compound represented by the following formula (1), wherein a represents a carbon atom, a nitrogen atom, or the like, k represents a non-metal atom group necessary for forming a cyclic linking group derived from a 5- or 6-membered aromatic ring, in combination with a and two carbon atoms to which a bonds, x represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, or the like, n represents an integer of from 0 to 4, t represents —c(=g1)-q1 (wherein g1 and g2 represent an oxygen atom or the like, q1 represents a phenyl group which may have a substituent, a heterocyclic group which may have a substituent, or the like), or the like, q2 represents a phenyl group or the like, g3 represents an oxygen atom or the like, and r1 and r2 each independently represent a hydrogen atom, a c1-c6 alkyl group, or a group represented by -l-d, or the like (provided that at least either r1 or r2 represents a group represented by -l-d); as an active ingredient exhibits an excellent effect.. .
 Multi-thiol mercaptoalkoxysilane compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-thiol mercaptoalkoxysilane compositions
Wherein the r3 group, and the r4 group are independently an alkoxy, a halogen, an alkyl, an aryl, a heteroaryl, a heterocycle or derivatives thereof and n is an integer between 1 and 30.. .
 Pharmaceutical formulation containing thienotriazolodiazepine compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Pharmaceutical formulation containing thienotriazolodiazepine compounds
Wherein x is a halogen, r1 is c1-c4 alkyl, r2 is c1-c4 alkyl, a is an integer of 1-4, r3 is c1-c4 alkyl, c1-c4 hydroxyalkyl, c1-c4 alkoxy, phenyl optionally having substituent(s), or heteroaryl optionally having substituent(s), a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof or a hydrate thereof; and a pharmaceutically acceptable polymer. In one embodiment, the pharmaceutically acceptable polymer is hpmcas.
new patent Substrate processing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
A substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate processing chamber including a plasma generation space where a plasma is generated and a substrate processing space where a substrate is placed during a substrate process; an inductive coupling structure outside the plasma generation space wherein a sum of electrical lengths of a coil of the inductive coupling structure and a waveform adjustment circuit connected to the coil is an integer multiple of a wavelength of an applied power; a substrate mounting table in the substrate processing space and supporting the substrate including grooves having high aspect ratios with a silicon-containing layer disposed thereon; a substrate transfer port at a wall of the substrate processing chamber; a substrate mounting table elevator moving the substrate mounting table upward/downward; an oxygen gas supply system to supply an oxygen-containing gas into the plasma generation space; and an exhaust unit exhausting gas from the substrate processing chamber.. .
new patent Taste modifying product
The present invention relates to the use of a compound according to formula (i) in the form of any one of its stereoisomers or a mixture thereof, and wherein n is an integer from 0 to 2; the dotted line represents a carbon-carbon single or double bond; and each of r1 to r4, when taken independently from each other, represents a hydrogen atom or represents a r5 or or5 group, r5 representing a c1 to c5, or even a c1 to c3, alkyl group; and optionally one of the groups r1 to r4 represents —oh; and/or when r1 and r2 are taken together, and/or r3 and r4 are taken together, represent a och2o group, provided said groups taken together are adjacent substituents of the phenyl group; as an ingredient to confer, enhance, improve or modify the kokumi or umami taste of a flavored article.. .
new patent Bioactive aniline copolymers
Aniline copolymers and the synthesis thereof for use as antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal or antiviral material) material for the manufacture of antimicrobial objects, suitable for use in the health, food, packaging, water, paint, wood, textile, poultry, glass, paper, rubber, ceramic, seafood, sports, plastic and agricultural industries. The copolymer may be for example (a): where for example r3=h5—co2h, —co2me, or co2et, r is typically h or a c1-c6 alkyl, x is an integer between 1 and 0 and m indicates the degree of polymerization.
new patent Driver for multi-stage wave guide modulator and method
A modular hub driver architecture may include a multi-delay block configured to provide an enhanced delay match among n distinct stages of a distributed modulating electro-optical interface core. The electro-optical multi-core modulator driver may include an input impedance matching stage and a pre-conditioning circuit configured to generate a number m, an integer divisor of n, of delayed replicas of an electrical modulating signal.
new patent Cryptographic method using a non-supersingular elliptic curve e in characteristic 3
A cryptographic method is provided of a type with public key over a non-supersingular elliptic curve e, determined by the simplified weirstrass equation y2=x3+a.x2+b over a finite field gf(3n), with n being an integer greater than or equal to 1. The method includes associating an element t of said finite field with a point p′ of the elliptic field.
new patent Method for generic-point parallel elliptic curve scalar multiplication
The method for generic-point parallel elliptic curve scalar multiplication replaces the pre-computation overhead of conventional elliptic curve scalar multiplication by post-computations that can be parallelized. This greatly increases the speed and efficiency of scalar multiplication performed in elliptic curve cryptography.
new patent Timing synchronization for reception of highly-spectrally-efficient communications
Methods and systems are provided for timing synchronization for reception of highly-spectrally efficient communications. An example method may include, filtering, in a receiver, a received inter-symbol correlated (isc) signal to generate a filtered isc signal.
new patent Code design and implementation improvements for low density parity check codes for wireless routers using 802.11n protocol
Method and apparatus for implementing ldpc codes in an ieee 802.11 standard system configured to operate in a multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) schema. A method in accordance with the present invention comprises defining a base ldpc code, having a length equal to an integer number of data carriers in an odfm symbol, transmitting the base ldpc code over a plurality of sub-carriers, wherein the base code is transmitted at an expected phase on sub-carriers specified by the ieee 802.11 standard system, and transmitting the base ldpc code on other sub-carriers than those specified by the ieee 802.11 standard system, wherein the base ldpc code on the other sub-carriers is transmit offset in phase from the base ldpc code on the specified sub-carriers..
new patent Correlation calculating method, satellite signal capturing method, and correlation calculating circuit
A correlation calculating method of correlating a received code signal obtained by demodulating a received signal, which is a signal obtained by receiving a positioning satellite signal, with a replica code signal is provided which includes: correlating values of the replica code signal in a chip period with values of the received code signal at first to n-th arrival times obtained by varying an arrival time of the chip period by 1/n chip (where n is an integer equal to or greater than 2); and acquiring a correlation calculation result at a 1/n chip interval by synthesizing the correlation calculation results.. .
new patent Network element independent voip call persistency
A method includes receiving a signaling protocol message associated with a voice over internet protocol (voip) call. The method includes identifying a from value of the signaling protocol message.
new patent Non-volatile memory array and method of using same for fractional word programming
A non-volatile memory device that includes n planes of non-volatile memory cells (where n is an integer greater than 1). Each plane of non-volatile memory cells includes a plurality of memory cells configured in rows and columns.
new patent Cellulose acylate film, polarizing plate using the same and liquid crystal display device
Wherein r1 represents a hydrogen atom or an aliphatic group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms; r2 represents a substituent; (a) represents an atomic group necessary to form a 5- or 6-membered ring; and n represents an integer of 0 to 4. .
new patent Ink composition and image forming method
[in general formula (i), n represents an integer of 45 or higher to 230 or lower, each r1 independently represents an unmodified, an ether-modified, a polyester-modified, an epoxy-modified, an amine-modified, a carboxyl-modified, a fluorine-modified, an alkyloxy-modified, a mercapto-modified, a (meth)acryl-modified, a phenol-modified, a phenyl-modified, a carbinol-modified or an aralkyl-modified hydrocarbon group.]. .
new patent Electronic apparatus, electronic apparatus control device, method of driving electronic apparatus, and method of driving electro-optic device
An electronic apparatus includes first and second panels. A scanning line driving circuit is formed in each of the first and second panels.
new patent Image display device
There is provided an image display device, in which a pixel includes sub-pixels of four or more colors that include a color in addition to the three primary colors, and which can display a high-quality image in which false colors or artifacts are suppressed. The image display device includes a pixel area in which a plurality of pixels p are arranged in a matrix shape, and each of the pixels p includes m (m is an integer which is equal to or greater than 4) sub-pixels sp.
new patent Phase difference quantization circuit, delay value control circuit thereof, and delay circuit
A delay value control circuit of a phase difference quantization circuit, wherein the phase difference quantization circuit has first to nth (n is an integer equal to or greater than 2) delay units with binary weights. The delay value control circuit includes a replica delay unit replicating an ath (2≦a≦n) delay unit; and a delay control unit configured to compare a phase of a first output signal generated from delaying an input signal with an a−1th delay unit and a phase of a second output signal generated from delaying the input signal with the ath delay unit and the replica delay unit and configured to control a delay value of the ath delay unit using a comparison result..
new patent Use of frequency addition in a pll control loop
A method and system is disclosed in which the phase detector in a phase-locked loop is able to run at the fastest speed appropriate for a reference signal. A frequency offset is added, to the output frequency of the phase-locked loop, to alter the frequency fed to the frequency divider which would receive the output frequency in a conventional pll to an intermediate frequency.
new patent Redundant winding connections for multiphase electric machines
Redundant winding connections for multiphase electric machines are disclosed. According to one aspect, a multiphase machine having redundant winding connections includes: a first set of n coils operating as a first winding group, wherein each coil in the first winding group operates at a different phase from the other coils in the first winding group and wherein n is an integer greater than three; a second set of n coils separate from the first set and operating as a second winding group, wherein each coil in the second winding group operates at a different phase from the other coils in the second winding group and wherein the failure of one of the coils in the first winding group does not affect the function of the second winding group..
new patent Maximum power point controller transistor driving circuitry and associated methods
An electric power system includes a string of n maximum power point tracking (mppt) controllers having output ports electrically coupled in series, where n is an integer greater than one. At least one of the n mppt controllers includes respective transistor driver circuitry powered from a power supply rail of an adjacent one of the n mppt controllers of the string.
new patent Dye, photoelectric conversion element using the same, photoelectrochemical cell, and method of producing dye
Wherein a represents a group of atoms necessary for forming a ring together with the carbon-nitrogen bond; at least one of y1a and y2a represents an acidic group, in which when they each represent an acidic group, they may be the same as or different from each other, or when only one of them represents an acidic group, the other represents an electron-withdrawing group; d represents a group to give a dye; n represents an integer of 1 or greater; l represents a single bond or a divalent linking group; and y3a represents an acidic group.. .
new patent Axially symmetrical coriolis force gyroscope (variants)
The invention relates to gyroscope equipment. The axially symmetrical coriolis vibratory gyroscope comprises a thin-walled resonator with a hemispherical or cylindrical or toroidal form, said resonator being fixed at the center to a support and being formed with openings in that wall of the resonator which is located around said support, the number of openings being determined on the basis of the formula 4nk, where k is an integer, n is the order of oscillation modes, and the angle between two neighboring openings is equal (i), wherein said support has a symmetrical form along the longitudinal axis thereof and is fixed to a base, solenoids and electrodes are positioned on the wall of the resonator or next to the resonator for exciting and measuring two oscillation modes, the constant amplitude of one of the modes thereof being intended for monitoring a secondary oscillation mode which is sensitive to coriolis forces, and the base is provided with a seat for the support of the resonator and with electrically insulated hermetically sealed leads which pass outwards via the base and are passed through the openings in the wall of the resonator for connection to elements of an electronics board..
Method of merging color sets of layout
A method includes determining one or more potential merges corresponding to a color set ai and a color set aj of n color sets, represented by a1 to an, used in coloring polygons of a layout of an integrated circuit. N is a positive integer, i and j are integers from 1 to n, and i≠j.
Memory system and read reclaim method thereof
A memory system includes a nonvolatile memory device including a first memory area formed of memory blocks which store n-bit data per cell and a second memory area formed of memory blocks which store m-bit data per cell, where n and m are different integers, and a memory controller configured to control the nonvolatile memory device. The memory controller is configured to execute a read operation, and to execute a read reclaim operation in which valid data of a target memory block of the second memory area is transferred to one or more memory blocks of the first memory area, the target memory block selected during the read operation.
Memory access control module and associated methods
First and second data interfaces provide data transfer to and from a plurality of memory banks. The first data interface uses a first bus size and a first clock frequency.
Naming methodologies for a hierarchical system
Methods and systems are disclosed for naming methodologies for a hierarchical system. In one embodiment, a computer implemented method of organizing instance names in a hierarchical system includes receiving a description of a hierarchical system that includes plurality of instances arranged in different branches in a plurality of hierarchical levels in a physical data structure, creating an instance name data structure configured to describe the corresponding instances in the hierarchical system, where the instance name data structure comprises a map of indexes and a corresponding array of offsets configured to access naming information in a subsequent level, and associating names of instances in the hierarchical system to a corresponding set of unique integers which are arranged in a sequential manner..
Method of producing phthaloyl dichloride compound, catalyst for use in the method, and method of forming the catalyst
Wherein, in formulae, x represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, a nitro group, a methyl group, or a methoxy group; when the x is plural, xs may be the same or different from each other; n represents an integer of from 0 to 2; r represents a halogen atom, a chlorocarbonyl group, a low carbon number alkyl group, or a halogen-substituted low carbon number alkyl group; when the r is plural, rs may be the same or different from each other; and m represents an integer of from 0 to 2.. .
Fluorine-containing polymerizable monomer and polymer compound using same
Where a represents a single bond, an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, so2, ch2, co, c(ch3)2, c(ch3)(ch2ch3), c(cf3)2, c(ch3)(c6h5), ch2—c6h4—ch2 or a divalent organic group obtained by elimination of two hydrogen atoms from benzene, biphenyl, naphthalene, cyclohexene or fluorene; and a and b each independently represent an integer of 0 to 2 and satisfy a relationship of 1≦a+b≦4. The thus-obtained polymer compound combines adequate hydrophilicity and high transparency with low water adsorption of fluorine-containing compound..
Fluorine-containing polymerizable monomer and polymer compound using same
Where a and b each independently represent an integer of 0 to 2 and satisfy a relationship of a+b=2; c represents an integer of 0 to 3; d and e each independently represents an integer of 0 to 2 and satisfy a relationship of 1≦d+e≦4; and the moiety of the following formula may have a carbon atom replaced by a heteroatom (a nitrogen atom, an oxygen atom or a sulfur atom) and may have a hydrogen atom substituted with a substituent that may contain a nitrogen atom, an oxygen atom or a sulfur atom. .
Low melt flow branched ionomers
Wherein r is a hydrocarbon chain having from 2 to 40 carbons and at least one polymerizable unsaturation; a is an anionic group; m is a cationic group; z is −1 or −2; x is +1, +2, +3, +4, or +5; and y is an integer having a value of from 1 to 4. The branched aromatic ionomer has a melt flow index ranging from 1.0 g/10 min.
Defoaming agent
The present invention provides a defoaming agent containing, as essential components, hydrophobic dry silica (s) prepared by hydrophobizing silica prepared using a dry process and having a primary particle diameter of 5 to 100 nm, water, and a hydrophobic liquid (q) containing 1 to 25% by weight of an ester compound (e) represented by the following formula, (r1—coo)p-d, wherein r1 denotes an alkyl group or an alkenyl group; d denotes a residue resulting from the removal of a hydroxyl group contributing to an ester linkage from a compound (d′) containing 2 to 6 carbon atoms and 1 to 6 hydroxyl groups or a residue resulting from the removal of a hydroxyl group contributing to an ester linkage from an adduct prepared by adding an alkylene oxide to the compound (d′); and p denotes an integer from 1 to 3.. .
Integrated circuit device and method of performing cut-through forwarding of packet data
An integrated circuit device comprises a cut-through forwarding module. The cut-through forwarding module comprises at least one receiver component arranged to receive data to be forwarded, and at least one transmitter component arranged to transmit data stored within at least one transmitter buffer thereof.
Base station and method for receiving control information
Where ┌x┐ is an integer not greater than x, and max(x,y) is the greater one among x and y.. .
Method and apparatus for ranging transmission by mobile station in wireless communication system
Disclosed is a ranging transmission method comprising: a mobile station receiving a message including backoff window information from a base station; and the mobile station performing ranging transmission on the basis of the backoff window information, wherein the backoff window information comprises information indicating a size k0 of a 0-th backoff window, wherein a size kx of a nx-th (x being a non-negative integer) backoff window is determined according to kx=k0/(2x) wherein x denotes a ranging retry count.. .
Optical element
An optical element has at least one surface divided into a plurality of regions and includes: a first region configured to converge light with a wavelength λ1 onto a storage surface of a first optical disc and converge light with a wavelength λ2 onto a storage surface of a second optical disc; and a second region formed around the outer circumference of the first region and configured to converge light with the wavelength λ1 onto the storage surface of the first optical disc. The second region has a concave-convex structure concentrically formed on an aspheric surface and having a cross section being a saw teeth shape.
Liquid crystal display panel
A liquid crystal display panel includes a pixel array, a first shift register, m first output cells, a second shift register, and n second output cells. The first register is disposed on a first side of the pixel array.
Enhanced multi-processor waveform data exchange using compression and decompression
Configurable compression and decompression of waveform data in a multi-core processing environment improves the efficiency of data transfer between cores and conserves data storage resources. In waveform data processing systems, input, intermediate, and output waveform data are often exchanged between cores and between cores and off-chip memory.
Room temperature and humidity thickening thermo-conductive silicon grease composition
(r1 is independently a substituted or non-substituted monovalent hydrocarbon group, r2 is independently an alkyl group, alkoxy alkyl group, alkenyl group, or acyl group, n is an integer between 2 and 100, and a is an integer between 1 and 3); (c) a silane compound which contains at least three hydrolysable groups bonded to a silicon atom in one molecule and/or a (partial) hydrolyzate or a (partial) hydrolysis condensate thereof; (d) a thickening catalyst; (e) a thermally conductive filler with a thermal conductivity of at least 10 w/m·° c.; and (f) silica fine powder.. .
Anti-neurodegenerative disease agent
Wherein in general formula 1, r1 through r3 independently represent a hydrogen atom or an appropriate substituent; z1 represents a heterocyclic ring and z2 represents the same or different heterocyclic or aromatic ring as in z1, wherein the heterocyclic and aromatic rings optionally have a substituent; o represents an integer of 0, 1 or 2; p represents an integer of 0 or 1, with the proviso that p is 1 when o is 0 or 2, and p is 0 when o is 1; r1 and r2 do not exist when o is 0, while, when p is 0, r3 does not exist and the binding between the carbon atom to which r2 binds and z2 is a single bond; x1− represents an appropriate counter anion and q represents an integer of 1 or 2.. .
Resist pattern formation method and resist composition
A resist pattern formation method including formation of a resist film, exposure, development, and subsequent rinsing using a resist composition containing a high-molecular compound having a constituent unit represented by the formula (a0-1), a constituent unit containing an acid decomposable group whose polarity increases by the action of an acid, and a constituent unit containing a group represented by the formula (a2-r-1). R represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, or a halogenated alkyl group; ra01 represents a lactone-containing polycyclic group, an —so2-containing polycyclic group, or a cyano group-containing polycyclic group; ra′21 represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, an alkoxy group, a halogen atom, a halogenated alkyl group, a hydroxyl group, —coor″, —oc(═o)r″, a hydroxyalkyl group, or a cyano group; r″ represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group; and n′ represents an integer of from 0 to 2..
Luminescent lanthanide complex, and articles and inks containing the luminescent complex
Wherein x is an integer of 0 or 1.. .
Audio encoding method and apparatus, audio decoding method and apparatus, and encoding/decoding system
Embodiments of the present invention disclose an audio encoding method. The method includes: obtaining audio data of n channels; and performing channel interleaving and packetization on the obtained audio data of the n channels to obtain data packets, where each data packet includes x*n segments of audio data, where x is a ratio of an amount of audio data included in one data packet to an amount of audio data included in one audio frame, x is an integer greater than or equal to 1, and in the x*n segments of audio data, at least x+1 segments of audio data belong to different audio frames..
System and method for motion estimation for large-size block
A method and apparatus are disclosed for providing motion estimation (me) for large-size blocks of image data during image processing using small-size block processing logic. An embodiment method includes obtaining a large-size block for me processing and dividing the large-size block into a plurality of small-size blocks.
Fully-digital bist for rf receivers
A built-in receiver self-test system provides on-chip testing with minimal change to the receiver footprint. The system digitally generates a two-tone test signal, and tests the nonlinearities of the receiver using the generated two-tone test signal.
Direct-current power supply device
The present invention includes: a converter configured to convert the direct-current voltage of the rectifier to another direct-current voltage and supply to a load; a peak hold unit configured to hold a peak value of a current detected by a current detecting unit configured to detect a current flowing in the switching element; an averaging unit configured to convert, to a current, an output of an n/2 output unit, and then integrate and output the converted current, the n/2 output unit configured to output n/2 (n is an integer of 1 or more) of the held peak value only in a regeneration current period of the reactor; a control unit configured to turn the switching element on and off based on an output signal of the averaging unit in such a way that an average current value of a current flowing in the reactor is equal to a predetermined value.. .
Image display apparatus and method of controlling image display apparatus
An image display apparatus includes: an hdbaset receiver circuit that receives signals based on n (n is an integer number satisfying n≧2) standards that can be transmitted as hdbaset signals; a dedicated receiver circuit that is compliant with only a first standard of the n standards and receives signals of the first standard; a signal processing unit that processes the signals received by the hdbaset receiver circuit or the dedicated receiver circuit; and a circuit switching unit that switches an output target circuit that outputs the signals of the first standard to the signal processing unit to one of the hdbaset receiver circuit and the dedicated receiver circuit.. .
Data structure, image transmitting apparatus, image receiving apparatus, display apparatus, image transmitting method, and recording medium
The present data structure includes content data indicating content of an original image and identification data indicating whether a transmission format is a first or second format, the first format being a format that divides the original image into n areas (n is an integer greater than or equal to 2) and transmits the n area images on first to n-th channels, and the second format being a format that divides the original image into n images (n is an integer greater than or equal to 2) with definition lower than the original image and transmits the n images on first to n-th channels. Accordingly, realization of an image receiving apparatus that can handle the single scan format and the block scan format is facilitated..
Radome for a radar sensor assembly
A radome for a radar sensor that includes a first and second section. Each section is formed of layers that have an electrical thickness substantially equal to an integer multiple of a guided half-wavelengths of the radar beam.
Apparatus for synthetic imaging of an object
An apparatus for synthetic imaging of an object is disclosed. The apparatus includes a plurality of transmitter elements spaced apart by a first distance in a first column and a plurality of receiver elements spaced apart by a second distance in a second column.
Dc insulation semiconductor relay device
A semiconductor relay device (1) includes a signal input unit (2) for inputting an alternating current signal for relay driving purpose, a direct current insulation member (3) for blocking a direct current electricity of the alternating current signal, a voltage multiplying circuit (5) for multiplying the signal voltage, after the direct current electricity has been blocked, by an integer number, and a relay circuit (4) including two metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (6, 7) having respective sources connected with each other and connected in a reverse series with each other and also having respective gates connected with each other. Those metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (6, 7) are caused to undergo a bidirectional on-off operation when the respective gates of those metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (6, 7) are brought into a conducting state by a signal of which voltage has been multiplied by the voltage multiplying circuit (5)..
System and method for allocating identifier to multi-bms
Disclosed is a multi-bms identifier allocation system. The multi-bms identifier allocation system according to the present invention comprises a master bms and n slave bmss (n is an integer greater than or equal to 2) which are connected to a series communication network and a parallel communication network, wherein the master bms comprises at least two first and second master communication channels which form a communication interface with the series communication network and selectively output a forward or backward enabling signal and allocates unique communication identifiers to the slave bmss through the parallel communication network, and the first to nth slave bmss start enabling in response to the forward or backward enabling signal received through the series communication network, are allocated the identifiers from the master bms through the parallel communication network, and output an enabling signal to an adjacent slave bms along a transmission direction of the enabling signal..
Method and system for allocating identifiers to multi-slave in battery pack
Disclosed is a method and system for allocating identifiers to multi-slaves in a battery pack. The method for allocating identifiers, in which a master battery management system (bms) allocates identifiers to n (n is an integer of 2 or above) number of slave bmss through a communication network, includes (a) by each slave bms, generating an initial identifier by combining digital voltage measurement values of battery cells included in a battery module managed by the slave bms and transmitting the initial identifier to a master bms; and (b) by the master bms, allocating identifiers again according to the initial identifier received from each slave bms and then transmitting the identifiers to slave bmss.
Method and apparatus for multiplexing pins of an integrated circuit
An integrated circuit within an integrated circuit package, including a configuration module and a timing module. The configuration module configures the integrated circuit using a configure operation performed via n pins of the integrated circuit package, where n is an integer greater than 1.
Method of manufacturing stator core and the stator core
A method of manufacturing a stator core includes die-cutting iron core materials from a band-shaped magnetic steel sheet, each iron core material being formed into an annular shape and having m number of interconnecting lugs protruding radially outward from an annular outer circumference of the magnetic steel sheet when m is equal to or larger than 2, and stacking a number of the iron core materials. In the die-cutting, parts of the magnetic steel sheet to be die-cut as the iron core material are arranged in n number of rows in a widthwise direction of the magnetic steel sheet when n is an integer equal to or larger than 2.
Non-contact power reception device and vehicle including the same, non-contact power transmission device, and non-contact power transfer system
Ac power having a power transmission frequency is transmitted from a resonant coil in a power transmission device to a resonant coil in a power reception device. Moreover, communication is conducted between a communication device in the power transmission device and a communication device in the power reception device through wireless radio wave having a communication frequency.
Semiconductor device
To provide a semiconductor device having a high efficiency of arranging a tsv, there is provided a semiconductor device which is stacked with a semiconductor chip, and in which the semiconductor chips contiguous each other are electrically connected by plural tsvs, the semiconductor chip includes a core circuit and plural io circuits arranged at a surrounding thereof, the tsv is arranged in the core circuit, and a pitch of arranging the tsvs is an integer-told of a ceil pitch of a library configuring the core circuit.. .
Elastic conductive material
[in formulae (1) to (4), x is a substituent crosslinkable with the second polymer; y is a functional group having an affinity for the conductor; constitutional units a, b, and c each are one kind selected from acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, salts of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid, esters, polybutadiene, polyisoprene, urethane prepolymer, polyether, polyetheramine, polyamine, polyol, and polythiol; and l, m, and n each are an integer equal to or greater than one.]. .
Difluoro benzotriazolyl solar cell material, preparation method and use thereof
Wherein both r1 and r2, are c1 to c20 alkyl, and n is an integer from 10 to 50. In the difluoro benzotriazolyl solar cell material, since the 1,2,3-benzotriazole solar cell material contains two fluorine atoms, the homo energy level is reduced by 0.11 ev, while the fluorine-substituted 1,2,3-benzotriazole has two imido groups with electron-withdrawing ability; the fluorine-substituted 1,2,3-benzotriazole is a heterocyclic compound with strong electron-withdrawing ability, and an alkyl chain can be easily introduced to the n-position of the n—h bond of the benzotriazole.
System and method for controlling a firing sequence of an engine to reduce vibration when cylinders of the engine are deactivated
A system according to the present disclosure includes a spectral density module and a firing sequence module. The spectral density module determines a spectral density of engine speed.
Cylinder activation/deactivation sequence control systems and methods
A target cylinder count module determines a target number of cylinders of an engine to be activated during a future period. The future period includes n sub-periods, and n is an integer greater than one.
Divider logic circuit and implement method therefor
A divider logic circuit for obtaining a quotient s of a dividend m divided by a divisor n, includes a first constant value input terminal, a first adder, a second constant value input terminal, a base number input terminal, at least one integer power device, at least one right shift register, a second adder, and a multiplier; wherein the integer power device determines a first constant value that the base number is n1−n, and the exponent is i−1; wherein the right shift registers shift the first constant value to the right for h*i-digit for outputting a second constant value; wherein the multiplier multiplies a third constant value by the constant value m−n*s1 for outputting a fourth constant value, wherein the first adder adds up the estimate s1 and the fourth constant value for outputting the quotient s. The present invention also provides an implement method therefor..
Searching in an on-line trading system
A method of identifying potential trades within a database holding details of individuals and items that these individuals are willing to give away, “haves”, and/or to receive, “wants”. The database is searched to identify matching haves and wants and to define a directed edge linking the each match.

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