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 Techniques for optimizing the fidelity of a remote recording patent thumbnailTechniques for optimizing the fidelity of a remote recording
In one embodiment, a recording optimizer included in a recorder optimizes the fidelity of output signals. In operation, the recorder receives and records two sets of input signals—one set of input signals received via microphones included in the recorder and another set of input signals received as line-inputs from a front of house console mixer.
Harman International Industries, Inc.

 Pre-processing of a channelized music signal patent thumbnailPre-processing of a channelized music signal
A method for pre-processing a channelized music signal to improve perception and appreciation for a hearing prosthesis recipient. In one example, the channelized music signal is a stereo input signal.

 Wraparound bridges or tailpieces for stringed instruments patent thumbnailWraparound bridges or tailpieces for stringed instruments
A wraparound bridge or tailpiece for a stringed musical instrument such as guitar, banjo, and the like, comprising an elongate body having top and bottom surfaces, and front and back edges, and a mounting means for mounting to the instrument such that the bottom surface faces the instrument and the front edge faces the neck of the instrument, and a plurality of string channels defined in the bottom surface, each string channel extending from the front edge toward the back edge and including a narrow portion open to the bottom surface to receive a string and a wider front cavity open on the front edge to receive and capture the ball end of the string. Hence the end of a string with the ball end may be slid underneath the body in a fore direction and once the ball end clears the front the string may be moved upwards until it is received within the string channel, and then drawn rearwards until the ball end abuts the narrow portion of the string channel..

 Targeted dividend reinvestment plans and methods of establishing same patent thumbnailTargeted dividend reinvestment plans and methods of establishing same
A method of establishing a targeted dividend reinvestment plan associated with environmental management projects, and financial securities generated therein. In one embodiment, the method comprises steps of providing a dividend reinvestment plan, identifying at least one environmental management project, generating financial securities (e.g.

 Systems, methods and devices for extraction, aggregation, analysis and reporting of financial data patent thumbnailSystems, methods and devices for extraction, aggregation, analysis and reporting of financial data
Systems, methods and devices for storing and updating financial data, receiving and processing report requests and generating reports using a cloud based parallel platform with multiple sets of processor engines. The platform arranges atomic elements in a cube or data lake based on a common data model for instruments.
Stressco Inc.

 Intelligent service assistant inference engine patent thumbnailIntelligent service assistant inference engine
A method of providing dynamic analysis for troubleshooting in vitro diagnostics instrument issues includes receiving, at a second computing device in communication with a plurality of instruments, identification of an issue associated with a portion of an instrument of the plurality of instruments, the identification received from a first computing device in communication with the instrument. A central computing device accesses data from one or more databases and determines an ordering of one or more corrective actions for resolving the issue by applying the data to a probabilistic model based on at least one of: patterns from the plurality of instruments; and operator input.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

 Supervising and recovering software components associated with medical diagnostics instruments patent thumbnailSupervising and recovering software components associated with medical diagnostics instruments
A system for applying a recovery mechanism to a network of medical diagnostics instruments is provided herein. The system includes the following: a plurality of medical diagnostics instruments, each associated with a network connected component; a plurality of communication modules, each associated with a corresponding one of the plurality of network connected components, wherein each one of the plurality of communication modules is arranged to report on malfunctioning components that are network connected with the corresponding component, and a recovery module, configured to: (i) obtain reports from the communication modules; (ii) re-establish the malfunctioning components; and (iii) notify all communication modules of the re-establishment of the malfunctioning components, wherein the communication modules are further configured to re-establish connection between the corresponding components and the re-established components..
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

 Imaging assemblies with rapid sample auto-focusing patent thumbnailImaging assemblies with rapid sample auto-focusing
Advantageous instruments, assemblies and methods are provided for undertaking imaging techniques (e.g., microscopic imaging techniques). The present disclosure provides improved imaging techniques, equipment and systems.
University Of Connecticut

 Optical element alignment and retention for optical instruments patent thumbnailOptical element alignment and retention for optical instruments
An optical element holder includes receptacles for retaining optical elements, and is configured to move a selected optical element into an optical path whereby a light beam passes through the selected optical element. The optical element holder is configured to retain the optical elements in a manner that mitigates or avoids misalignment of the optical elements, thereby mitigating or avoiding unwanted deviations in the path of the light beam.
Molecular Devices, Llc

 Testing assembly including a multiple degree of freedom stage patent thumbnailTesting assembly including a multiple degree of freedom stage
A multiple degree of freedom sample stage or testing assembly including a multiple degree of freedom sample stage. The multiple degree of freedom sample stage includes a plurality of stages including linear, and one or more of rotation or tilt stages configured to position a sample in a plurality of orientations for access or observation by multiple instruments in a clustered volume that confines movement of the multiple degree of freedom sample stage.
Hysitron, Inc.

Treatment chamber for treating surgical or dental instruments with electrical energy using chamber wall made of thin film or thick film

A treatment chamber or treatment carrier for use in a device for treating a medical or dental instrument. The device comprises a housing, which at least partially surrounds the instrument.
W&h Dentalwerk Bürmoos Gmbh

Tagged surgical instruments and methods therefor

Provided herein is a tag comprising an imaging sphere suspended within a matrix. In some embodiments, the matrix comprises a polymer.
Covidien Lp

Combined measured resection methods and instruments for knee arthroplasty

Described are methods, processes, tools, techniques and/or devices suitable for use in total or partial knee arthroplasty procedures, which can be used to balance the knee and/or allow confirmation of the various gaps in flexion and/or extension prior to resecting the distal and posterior cuts of the femur and/or the resection of the tibia. The various techniques and embodiments described herein may be particularly useful in optimizing and/or reducing the number of resection cuts and/or improper resection cuts made during knee surgery which could result from resecting the knee before balancing..

Spring-fit surgical guides

Various embodiments of devices, systems, and methods for surgical procedures, including spring-fit guides for improved guidance of surgical instruments, are disclosed.. .
Conformis, Inc.

Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staples sizes

A surgical stapling apparatus includes a staple cartridge and an anvil member. The staple cartridge includes a plurality of surgical fasteners disposed in rows of retention slots.
Covidien Lp

Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staples sizes

A surgical stapling apparatus includes a staple cartridge and an anvil member. The staple cartridge includes a plurality of surgical fasteners disposed in rows of retention slots.
Covidien Lp

Electrosurgical biopsy instrument

Embodiments are directed to various monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical scissor instruments. A monopolar electrosurgical scissor instrument includes one scissor blade that has an electrically conductive tapered edge, where the tapered edge is insufficiently sharp to shear or otherwise mechanically cut tissue.
Megadyne Medical Products, Inc.

Intraoperative imaging system and apparatus

Systems, methods and apparatuses for an intraocular imaging system are disclosed comprising an optical coherence tomography (oct) system. The oct system has an imaging range that may enable substantial portions of an eye or even a whole eye to be imaged.
Adventus Technologies, Inc.

Musical instrument digital interface with voice note identifications

A method for generating voice identifications for midi (musical instrument digital interface) note signals. The method provides voice identification for every note in midi signals, which makes music learning intuitive and easier.

Wrist band piano

An electronic device capable of synthesizing one or more musical instruments. A plurality of sensors, which may be mounted on the hand of the user, provide signals to a control module indicating that a sensor has made contact with a surface.

Hand actuated tremolo system for guitars

A tremolo device with a movable bridge, an adjustment device, and a support frame is implemented on an acoustic guitar, with features that can also be employed on an electric guitar or other stringed instruments. The movable bridge holds strings of the musical instrument in tension.

Environmental, social and corporate governance linked debt instruments

Systems and techniques for structuring and analyzing a fixed-income security are disclosed. The fixed-income security includes a coupon that provides at least a variable rate of interest payment over a time interval.

Methods and controlling assets

The present invention provides methods and apparatus relating to the creation and redemption of compound redeemable instruments. Apparatus may a serve executing executable software to transmit information relating to compound redeemable instruments and receive instructions to trade or redeem compound redeemable instruments..
Convergent Securities, L.l.c.

Optical ground tracking apparatus, systems, and methods

Optical ground tracking apparatus for use with buried object locators or other instruments or devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, a buried object locator includes a locator module disposed in our coupled to the housing to sense a buried object based on emitted magnetic fields, and a surface tracking module for determining motion information of the buried object locator based on light reflected from a tracking surface..
Seescan, Inc.

Failure estimation apparatus and failure estimation method

There is a need to improve estimation accuracy of a failure estimation method or its failure estimation apparatus that performs failure estimation on a targeted instrument based on history information about several instruments mounted with the same type of semiconductor device as an instrument targeted at failure estimation. A failure estimation apparatus that includes a history information database storing history information about a plurality of instruments mounted with the same type of semiconductor device and performs failure estimation on a targeted instrument mounted with a semiconductor device whose type equals the type, wherein the history information contains operation information and failure information; wherein the operation information indicates a chronological operating state of the semiconductor device mounted on the instruments; wherein the failure information indicates a failure cause of a failed instrument; and wherein the operating state is categorized into a plurality of classifications..
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Thermosetting resin composition and prepreg and laminate both made with the same

The present invention provides a thermosetting resin composition comprising (a) a metal salt of disubstituted phosphinic acid, (b) a maleimide compound having a n-substituted maleimide group in a molecule, (c) a 6-substituted guanamine compound or dicyandiamide and (d) an epoxy resin having at least two epoxy groups in a molecule and a prepreg and a laminated plate which are prepared by using the same. The prepregs obtained by impregnating or coating a base material with the thermosetting resin compositions of the present invention and the laminated plates produced by laminating and molding the above prepregs are balanced in all of a copper foil adhesive property, a glass transition temperature, a solder heat resistance, a moisture absorption, a flame resistance, a relative dielectric constant and a dielectric loss tangent, and they are useful as a printed wiring board for electronic instruments..
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

System and monitoring performance characteristics associated with user activities involving swinging instruments

Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to various components of a system for monitoring and/or tracking a user's performance during an activity involving an instrument that is swung. Exemplary embodiments can include a sensor module configured to be secured to and/or embedded within the instrument.
Arccos Golf Llc

Lactobacillus crispatus and application thereof

The present invention discloses lactobacillus crispatus 262-1 and an inoculum comprising such strain and application thereof. The lactobacillus crispatus 262-1 is a new strain of lactobacillus genus and is preserved in the china general microbiological culture collection center with a preservation number of cgmcc no.
Suzhou Osel Bio-pharm Co., Ltd.

Systems, methods, and devices for assisting or performing guided interventional procedures using custom templates

Systems, methods, and devices are provided for assisting or performing guided interventional procedures using custom templates. The system uses pre-procedure scans of a patient's anatomy to identify targets and critical structures.

Microwave-irradiating instrument

Microwave-irradiating surgical instruments for endoscopic forceps or scope-assisted surgery forceps that have long lead wires often generate heat even during microwave transmission and a water supply device for cooling is necessary. Accordingly, conventional surgical instruments that irradiated energy such as microwaves had a separate passage for passing water (a water supply device) inside the forceps or endoscope.
Micron Shiga Inc.

Electrosurgical instruments

An electrosurgical instrument (1) is disclosed including a housing (2) comprising an elongate main body (3), extending in an axial direction and a grippable member (12). An implement (4) is fixed relative to and projecting from a forward region of the main body (3).

Bone plates, screws and instruments

Systems for trauma and/or joint fusion implants and instruments include transarticular screw and intra-articular washer, polyaxial screw and plate, single- and multi-level polyaxial bone clamps, and minimally invasive adaptations.. .
Osteomed Llc

Facet joint replacement instruments and methods

A facet joint replacement system includes an inferior implant with an inferior articular surface, a superior implant with a superior articular surface, and an optional crossbar. The inferior implant and the superior implant are each polyaxially adjustably connected to fixation elements which anchor the implants to adjacent vertebrae.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Handling of fasteners within a surgical instrument

Surgical instruments and their methods of use are disclosed. In some embodiments, the surgical instrument may include a handle and an elongated shaft assembly extending distally from the handle.
C.r. Bard, Inc.

Systems and methods for increased operating room efficiency

Systems, devices and methods to improve safety and efficiency in an operating room comprise providing a suture package that holds new suture needles and needle receptacles for storing used needles. The devices can be safely worn for the surgeon to self-dispense new suture needles in the near surgical field and to secure the used needles into a needle trap or a needle retainer located on his extremity, on his operative instruments or on the surgical drapes.
Sharp Fluidics Llc

Laparoscopic suturing guide

A device for accurately guiding and positioning a surgical instrument bearing suture material to a predetermined area within the body for closing an open wound includes an elongated conically shaped guide that is wider at the top and which has two openings in the side wall thereof. The top has two openings that communicate with the openings in the side wall through generally linear passageways that pass through the guide and which allow surgical instruments carrying suture material to pass therethrough.
Artisan Medical Supply Corporation

Method and apparatus to diagnose the metastatic or progressive potential of cancer, fibrosis and other diseases

A method and apparatus for determining the progressive potential of a disease is disclosed. The forward to backward propagating second harmonic generation signal derived from a second harmonic generation instrument is used to assess the collagen microstructure of imaged body tissue by way of numerical values that are in turn used to determine the progressive or metastatic potential of the disease.
University Of Rochester

Methods for controlling mobile phones and instruments and systems using the same

Embodiments of the invention propose a method for mobile phone and instrument control a system using the method. The method for mobile phone and instrument control is performed by a processing unit and comprises the following steps: reading one script; determining what a destination is according to the script; if the destination is a mobile phone, transmitting a first control command to the mobile phone according to the script; and if the destination is one of a plurality of instruments, transmitting a second control command to the instrument according to the script..
Intel Corporation

An electrostatic ion trap mass spectrometer utilizing autoresonant ion excitation and methods of using the same

Methods of operation of electrostatic ion trap mass spectrometers in which ions are autoresonantly driven at selected higher integer (>2) multiples of ion oscillation frequencies are provided. Excitation at multiples higher than the fundamental or double the fundamental ion oscillation frequency significantly improves both signal intensity and mass resolution.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Modular acoustic sound processor

An acoustic sound processor is disclosed, which can be used to modify, enhance, pinpoint, and/or amplify the sound of acoustic instruments, the sound received by a microphone/transducer, or the soundwaves passing through any resonance chamber. The acoustic sound processor includes a plurality of tubes, filters, diaphragms, and collectors with ends that open externally and internally of the sound processor, and other ends that either open to an internal sound collector chamber or bypass the chamber on the opposite side of the device..

System and sound augmentation of acoustic musical instruments

A sound capture device is affixed to an acoustic instrument to capture the natural sound output of the instrument. The captured sound signal is routed to an electronic sound augmentation system that is configured to augment the captured sound with spatial sound effects such as reverb, echo, delay, etc.

Interactive instruments and other striking objects

Systems, methods, and devices for providing interactive striking objects (e.g., drumsticks) and performing actions in response to striking motions of the striking objects are disclosed. In some embodiments, the systems and methods provide an interactive drumstick, which includes a lighting display located at a tip portion of the interactive drumstick, a motion detector contained at least partially within the drumstick, a processor and memory contained at least partially within the drumstick, and an interactive system stored within the memory of the drumstick.
Muzik Llc

Musical instrument case having an adjustable supporting means

The present invention relates to a musical instrument case (10) for storing a musical instrument, comprising a case body (12) having an inner wall (16), a cover (18) is attached to the case body (12), an adjustable justable supporting means (24) is affixed on the inner wall (16) wherein the adjustable supporting means (24) comprising at least one of cushioning unit (26) and each cushioning unit (26) is connectable by a rope (28), wherein the cushioning unit (26) is expanded to securely grip the musical instrument when the rope (28) is pulled and can be adjusted to fit with various sizes of the musical instruments.. .

Systems and methods for implementing financial transactions

A payment processing system to provide merchant-specific accounts to consumers that are accessed by payment instruments. In one embodiment, the payment processing system can create and provide a variety of payment methodologies for purchases, such as pay-as-you-go, virtual prepaid, virtual subscription, and post-paid purchases.
Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

Method and apparatus of back lobe correction to antenna temperature for earth-observing microwave instruments

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus which corrects antenna noise temperature in antenna back lobes, for earth-observing microwave instruments on satellites in orbit, to counter signal contamination from celestial bodies. The antenna back lobe signal correction is computer-program-modeled with only a few static and only a few dynamic inputs, and for a given set of parameters (i.e., orbital altitude, pointing characteristics (e.g., nadir or cross-scanning or conical-scanning), frequency selectivity of the receiver/detector) produces a few output files which are then combined by the program to predict the back lobe signal correction which is to be applied..
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Simple pre-control of a wedge-type roll-gap adjustment of a roughing stand

A plurality of flat metal items to be rolled (3) are fed to a plurality of rolling stands (1, 2) of a rolling installation, one after the other over a feed path (4). The items (3) are rolled by the rolling stands (1, 2) past which they are fed.
Primetals Technologies Germany Gmbh

Transosseous method

instruments and methods for surgical transosseous attachment to a bone include a guide able to guide the formation of intersecting bone tunnels and a passer able to pass a member through the bone tunnels.. .
Kator, Llc

System and tracking non-visible structure of a body with multi-element fiducial

A monitoring system tracks the non-visible structure of a body in three dimensions. A tracker obtains image information of the object and instruments in its vicinity, all bearing 3d tracking markers with at least one pattern segment.
Navigate Surgical Technologies, Inc.

Transosseous guide

instruments and methods for surgical transosseous attachment to a bone include a guide able to guide the formation of intersecting bone tunnels and a passer able to pass a member through the bone tunnels.. .
Kator, Llc

Surgical cutting instruments

Surgical cutting instruments and methods of use are described. The surgical cutting instrument (100) comprises an instrument body (102) with a first attachment mechanism (106) at a distal end.
Depuy (ireland)

Surgical adaptor and method

A surgical adaptor comprises a first member is attachable to a first surgical instrument having a projection that defines an axis. A second member is attachable to a second surgical instrument such that the second surgical instrument is movable in at least two degrees of freedom relative to the axis.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

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