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Instruments patents

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Pick for stringed musical instruments

Pick for stringed musical instruments

Financial instrument online communication system


Financial instrument online communication system

Financial instrument online communication system

Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

Plant phenometrics systems and methods and devices related thereto

Date/App# patent app List of recent Instruments-related patents
 Systems and methods for processing packets patent thumbnailSystems and methods for processing packets
A network switch apparatus, includes: a network port configured to receive a packet; instrument ports configured to communicate with respective network monitoring instruments; a packet duplication module configured to copy the packet to provide multiple packets that are identical to each other; a tagging module configured to tag the multiple packets with different respective identifiers to obtain tagged packets; and a processing unit coupled to the instrument ports; wherein the processing unit is configured to determine whether a first one of the tagged packets satisfies a first criterion, whether a second one of the tagged packets satisfies a second criterion, process the first one of the tagged packets in a first manner if the first one of the tagged packets satisfies the first criterion, and process the second one of the tagged packets in a second manner if the second one of the tagged packets satisfies the second criterion.. .
Gigamon Inc.

 Pick for stringed musical instruments patent thumbnailPick for stringed musical instruments
A pick for use with stringed musical instruments is disclosed. In some embodiments the pick is characterized by a roughened texture on the front and back substantially planar surfaces of the narrowed bottom portion of a substantially teardrop shaped body for the purpose of altering the tonal properties produced as it moves against strings that are strummed or picked.

 Financial instrument online communication system patent thumbnailFinancial instrument online communication system
A method and system for managing and facilitating communications among affiliants to financial instruments that otherwise are precluded from directly and optimally interacting via the street name system is provided. More particularly software-based tools are provided that allow immediate, identity-protected responses and dialogued messaging among parties that can be validated with respect to their affiliations when they interact.
Dealvector, Inc.

 Plant phenometrics systems and methods and devices related thereto patent thumbnailPlant phenometrics systems and methods and devices related thereto
Chlorophyll fluorescence may be studied in response to a variety of environmental cues or conditions by growing phototrophic organisms under actinic illumination. Such illumination may be punctuated or disrupted to gain information about the photosynthetic properties or performance of the phototrophic organism.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

 Standardizing fluorescence microscopy systems patent thumbnailStandardizing fluorescence microscopy systems
Systems and methods for standardizing one or more fluorescence scanning instruments to a reference system by separating the effects of drift and normalization. In an embodiment, a drift image comprising an image of a drift reference slide is captured by a system to be standardized.
Leica Biosystems Imaging, Inc.

 Apparatus for the calibration of optical measuring instruments patent thumbnailApparatus for the calibration of optical measuring instruments
An apparatus (1) for the calibration of optical measuring instruments (10) with a carrier (2). According to the invention the calibration body (4) has a glass body (4) which has at least one scattering element (42), wherein this scattering element (42) is completely surrounded by the glass body (4), wherein a degree of transmission of the scattering element (42) and of the glass body differ from each other..
Byk-gardner Gmbh

 Optical ground tracking apparatus, systems, and methods patent thumbnailOptical ground tracking apparatus, systems, and methods
Optical ground tracking apparatus for use with buried object locators or other instruments or devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for tracking movement of a buried utility locator over a surface includes generating an output light, providing the output light to the surface, receiving a portion of the output light that is reflected from the surface, and generating information associated with a user-applied movement of the locator over the surface based at least in part on the received reflected portion of the output light..
Seescan, Inc.

 Portable  amplifying nucleotides and detecting nucleotide sequences patent thumbnailPortable amplifying nucleotides and detecting nucleotide sequences
Portable systems and methods for amplifying nucleotides and for detecting nucleotide sequences in a sample are provided. The portable instruments and methods use rpa techniques for dna amplification and detect sample fluorescence in response to amplification and/or to the presence of specific dna sequences..
Monsanto Technology Llc

 Plant producing writing instrument and  growing a plant patent thumbnailPlant producing writing instrument and growing a plant
The present disclosure provides instruments, kits and methods for growing a plant. In some embodiments, a plant producing writing instrument is provided.
Sprout Denmark Aps

 Machine for making sheaths patent thumbnailMachine for making sheaths
A machine for making sheaths for use with medical and dental instruments includes a web attachment station for forming a multilayer material by arranging multiple webs of material with respect to one another. A configuration sealing station receives the multilayer material and seals at least two of the multiple webs of material to form a sealed multilayer material including a number of pockets corresponding to the shape of the medical or dental instrument.
Tidi Products, Llc


Shaft for medical instruments, comprising movable sections

A medical instrument includes a shaft that includes at least two adjacent shaft sections which are movable relative to one another. The at least two movable shaft sections are engaged with each other so as to roll off one another in a frictionally locking manner or so as mesh with each other via teeth..
Richard Wolf Gmbh


System and image-guided arthroscopy

Configurations are described for conducting minimally invasive medical diagnoses and interventions utilizing elongate instruments and assemblies comprising one or more imaging devices, and one or more remote retraction and distraction devices. Retraction and distraction devices, such as balloons, mechanical retraction members, and/or trocar screw geometries may be utilized to access, investigate, and intervene at the joint capsule, or inside of the joint capsule.
Reprise Technologies, Llc


Antenna device for a hearing instrument and hearing instrument

An antenna device for hearing instruments is particularly suited for ite hearing instruments to be worn in the auditory canal. The system enables improved data transmission with increased transmission bandwidth with insignificantly increased space and energy requirements.
Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.


Method and rendering audio in wireless hearing instruments

An audio system such as a hearing assistance system includes an audio source device wirelessly communicating with one or more audio sink (destination) devices. The audio source and sink devices each include a sample clock for processing audio signal that is digitized and wirelessly transmitted.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.


Articulating amplifier stand

Improvements in a tilting, lifting stand are presented. The tilt, lift stand is for a musical instrument stand or to elevate/tilt a speaker and or amplifier and rigidly supports a sousaphone brass type instruments, speaker or amplifier in an in a stored and in a playable or elevated position.
Randall May International Inc


Method and device for rechargeable, retrofittable battery pack

A power system on an electric guitar may include a cover plate covering a standard cavity in the electric guitar. A rechargeable power source may be contained within the standard cavity and may not extend beyond an external surface of the cover plate.
Fishman Transducers, Inc.


Electronic musical instruments using mouthpieces and fsr sensors

Electronic musical instruments as disclosed, include sensors to digitize and alter the sound using fsr sensors in the mouthpieces and other elements of the instrument to mimic the variations available in analog instruments.. .
Sensitronics, Llc


Method and system for buying and selling property tax liens and determining property tax lien price and fair value on a secondary market

Method and system for buying and selling property tax liens and determining a property tax lien fair secondary market price are disclosed. The system comprises a terminal used to input parameters related to tax lien, a central processing computer calculating tax lien value and applying method based on system parameters and parameters inputted by remote system users, and an interface used to present the determined tax lien value to the users, register a trade of tax lien or a fraction of tax lien, manage or liquidate a property backing the tax lien.
Tax Lien Ventures, Llc


Chair for use with ophthalmic instruments

A chair includes a base, a seat coupled to the base, and a back coupled to the seat and/or the base. The seat includes a front portion positioned on a first side of the base, and a rear portion positioned on a second side of the base.
Acuity Ophthalmics, Llc


Heat management configurations for controlling heat dissipation from electrosurgical instruments

In various embodiments, a surgical instrument is provided that may comprise an end effector for performing a surgical procedure on tissue, for example. The end effector may comprise at least one energy delivery surface and heat dissipation means for dissipating heat from at least a portion of the end effector.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Harmonica support with magnetic cradle

A supporting frame and magnetic cradle for playing a harmonica hands-free, the frame providing two positions: a “playing” position for rigidly supporting the harmonica in proximity to the mouth and an “at-rest” position for retaining the harmonica within reach but out of the way. The frame provides means for pivoting the harmonica between the two positions and a memory hinge feature so that, once adjusted, the preferred playing position is reliably recovered at each use.


Learn to play a stringed musical instrument one string at a time

“learn to play a stringed musical instrument one string at a time” is a method of instruction for the playing of stringed musical instruments comprising the removal of the strings, from the instrument at the beginning of the instruction and followed by the addition of the strings to the instrument, one at a time, progressively during the term of instruction utilizing tablature and sheet music written specifically for the number of strings being used on the instrument at any one time during the progression of the instructional lessons.. .


System and methods for tracking robotically controlled medical instruments

Systems and methods are described herein for tracking an elongate instrument or other medical instrument in an image.. .
Hansen Medical, Inc.


Creation processor for divisible instruments

The present invention provides a creation processor for divisible instrument system, includes apparatus and methods for the creation of divisible financial instruments on an ongoing basis over time. According to the present invention, financial instruments can be divided after issuance and offered on a continual basis by the issuer upon initial creation and also thereafter over time and are referred to herein as divisible instruments..
Convergent Securities Llc


Device and simultaneously identifying a plurality of surgical instruments

A device for simultaneously identifying a plurality of surgical instruments or instrument groups includes a first detecting device having a first detection technology for detecting instruments and, if applicable, related instrument-specific information. The device also includes a second detecting device having a second different detection technology for detecting instruments and instrument information.
Aesculap Ag


Self-orienting desiccant holder for use in a suction device

A receptacle for consistently orienting a sterilized surgical instrument for natural grasping by a physician without removing his or her vision from the operational field, wherein the receptacle may also comprise a reservoir and desiccant for maintaining sanitized or sterilized instruments.. .
Synaptic Wireless, Llc


Device for guiding a surgical instrument into position on a bone-anchor element including a means for realigning a link rod with the anchor element, and related system of surgical instruments

A device for guiding a surgical instrument having one end for coupling to the head of a bone anchor element and a longitudinal channel, the head of the bone anchor element having a tapped longitudinal recess intended for receiving a screw cap, said longitudinal recess leading into a transverse channel capable of receiving a link rod, characterised in that said guiding device includes a rod for guiding the surgical instrument, with a longitudinal axis a, having one end comprising two semi-tubular tabs in which the outer section matches the inner section of said longitudinal recess and in which the inner section is at least equal to the diameter of the link rod, the cross-section of the guiding device being always smaller than the section of the longitudinal channel of the surgical instrument in order to allow the insertion and the removal of said device in the distal direction.. .
Safe Orthopaedics


Laparoscopic instrument and trocar systems and related surgical method

Laparoscopic instruments and trocars are provided for performing laparoscopic procedures entirely through the umbilicus. A generally c-shaped trocar provides increased work space between the hands of the surgeon as well as s-shaped laparoscopic instruments placed through the trocar when laparoscopic instrument-trocar units are placed through the umbilicus.
Covidien Lp


Single port device including selectively closeable openings

A surgical port includes a port body having a lumen extending therethrough and a plate having an opening. The port body may be made from foam.
Covidien Lp


Methods and systems for submucosal implantation of a device for diagnosis and treatment of a body

instruments, systems and methods are provided for performing submucosal medical procedures in a desired area of the digestive tract using endoscopy. Instruments include a safe access needle injection instrument and a submucosal tunneling instrument, a submucosal dissection instrument, and a mucosal resection device.
Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.


Microsurgical instruments

A surgical instrument may include a housing, a first actuation member configured; a coupler operatively connected to the first actuation member for imparting a reciprocating action to a portion of the instrument, a second actuation member configured for imparting a rotational action to a portion of the instrument, a first cannula operatively connected to the second actuation member, such that the first cannula is configured for rotational movement with respect to the housing, and a wire member at least partially disposed within the first cannula and fixed to the coupler, the wire member configured to rotate and reciprocate with the coupler.. .
Nico Corporation


Surgical guide with intraoperative depth feedback

Disclosed herein are systems, devices, and methods for guiding surgical instruments to prepare a bone surface for joint reconstruction or repair. Examples include a surgical guide having a base and at least one linearly repositionable leg that provides depth tactile feed-back for an orthopedic preparation device, such as a reamer or impactor.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Instruments and methods for shaping a bone cavity

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for shaping bone voids during revision procedures of total knee replacements. The systems disclosed herein generally include a cannulated reamer assembly, a reaming guide assembly, a guide tube assembly, a trial stem assembly, and an optional insertion/removal tool.
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.


Customized patient-specific bone cutting blocks

A number of orthopaedic surgical instruments are disclosed. A method, apparatus, and system for fabricating such instruments are also disclosed..


Wire and cable management device

A wire and cable management device is disclosed which facilitates the organization of multiple electrical instruments. The device comprises two connected shell-like halves that clamp onto the wire and cables which are oriented and separated within the device.


Musical instrument accessory

A musical instrument accessory is configured to provide cushioning to a chest of a musician and to repel moisture from a musical instrument. The musical instrument accessory has a comfort layer configured to repel moisture.


Percussion box

A percussion box musical instrument includes a single, unitary, continuous shell formed of a plastic material and having integral and continuous exterior walls which collectively enclose a hollow interior cavity. The various walls, having a support surface to play on, and to support and or attach peripheral percussion instruments.


Deposit information reporting

Tools for increasing financial data tracking efficiency are provided. The tools may include a funds processing system.
Bank Of America Corporation


Reconciliation of information reporting

Tools for forecasting financial instrument transfers are provided. The tools may include a funds processing system.
Bank Of America Corporation


Facility controlling system and history recording method

A facility controlling system includes a plurality of controllers that controls remotely various types of equipment instruments that are installed in building facility, and a device monitoring node that monitors these controllers through a communication circuit. A monitoring controlling portion of the device monitoring node pauses monitoring, in a device monitoring portion, for an applicable controller in response to a report from the controller that a specific operating mode has been started, and restarts, in the device monitoring portion, monitoring for the applicable controller in response to a report from the controller that the specific operating mode has been terminated..
Azbil Corporation


Nucleic acid binding dyes with improved safety

The invention provides compounds, including fluorescent nucleic acid dyes, and methods for use including nucleic acid detection. Further provided are kits, instruments and systems comprising compounds of the invention or adapted for use with compounds of the invention or other nucleic acid dyes..
Biotium, Inc.


System and providing information to operator of pile driver

A system and method for precisely controlling an amount of tilt of a plumb pile or a batter pile without using two surveying instruments or a clinometer. The system for providing operational information to an operator of a pile driver 10 for driving a pile 101 into the ground has first means 14 for obtaining first data of tilt of the pile in a first coordinate system, a second means 16 for converting the first data into a second data in a second coordinate system defined by at least two points pl, pr, and display means 17 for displaying the amount of tile in the second coordinate system..
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corpation,


Hand-held apparatus having at least one active element secured with at least one multi-step self-contained child safety feature

In various novel embodiments thereof, the inventive hand held active element instrument (such as a writing instrument (e.g., a pen, pencil, or marker) is readily operable by a qualified user, to be secured in such a manner as to minimize any risk of harm therefrom to a child who gains possession thereof and subjects the instrument to undesirable and/or dangerous physical manipulation, by preferably providing at least one self-contained securing component requiring two or more steps to secure and unsecure, that must be operated through the applicable number of provided steps, by the qualified user, in order to secure (and unsecure) the instrument's at least one active element. Advantageously the at least one multi-step self-contained securing component of the present invention, obviates any need to conceal the inventive hand held active element instrument, or to otherwise physically secure the location thereof when not in use, thereby eliminating the inconvenience of having to take such measures (that are necessary with currently available hand held active element instruments)..


Apparatus and methods for dilating and modifying ostia of paranasal sinuses and other intranasal or paranasal structures

Sinusitis and other disorders of the ear, nose and throat are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches with flexible or rigid instruments. Various methods and devices are used for remodeling or changing the shape, size or configuration of a sinus ostium or duct or other anatomical structure in the ear, nose or throat; implanting a device, cells or tissues; removing matter from the ear, nose or throat; delivering diagnostic or therapeutic substances or performing other diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Acclarent, Inc.


Self-pressurizing supraglottic airway

A supraglottic airway of the type used to facilitate lung ventilation and the insertion of endo-tracheal tubes or related medical instruments through a patient's laryngeal opening where the shield is designed to have an internal increase in pressure during assisted inhalation such as positive-pressure ventilation.. .
Cookgas, Llc


Medical instrument housing container

A medical instrument housing container includes a container body including a substantially rectangular base, a peripheral wall having a lower end that is contiguous to a perimeter of the base and that extends upward, and a peripheral edge member that comprises a plurality of peripheral edges, that is contiguous to an upper end of the peripheral wall, and that extends outwardly, wherein the substantially rectangular base, the peripheral wall, and the peripheral edge member are molded from resin, and the container body has an opening surrounded by the peripheral edge member; a plurality of medical instruments held in the container body; and a protection film that is adhered or heat-sealed to the peripheral edge member for covering and sealing the opening. At least a portion of the peripheral edge member is curved inwardly.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


Patient specific instruments and related methods for joint replacement

Devices, tools and techniques for the design, selection and/or modification of patient-specific implants, instruments and related methods are disclosed. Various embodiments include the use of double joint lines, particularly for treating severe deformities during joint repair and/or replacement surgeries..
Confortmis, Inc.


Low profile fastening assembly

A fastener assembly that can be used for the fixation or anchoring of orthopedic devices or instruments to bone tissue. In particular, a low profile variable angle or fixed angle fastener assembly is able to securely connect the orthopedic device to bone tissue.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Surgical instrument and use for releasing soft tissue

A surgical instrument for use in releasing soft tissue within the human body. The surgical instrument has a handle with proximal and distal ends with a tube connected to the distal end.
Del Palma Orthopedics, Llc


Independent gripper

The invention provides devices, systems and methods for tissue approximation and repair at treatment sites. The devices, systems and methods of the invention will find use in a variety of therapeutic procedures, including endovascular, minimally-invasive, and open surgical procedures, and can be used in various anatomical regions, including the abdomen, thorax, cardiovascular system, heart, intestinal tract, stomach, urinary tract, bladder, lung, and other organs, vessels, and tissues.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Tactile indicator for endoscopic instruments

A flexible endoscopic instrument for insertion through the lumen of an endoscope, comprises: a flexible cable; an actuating handle connected to a proximal end of the flexible cable; a tool assembly connected to a distal end of the flexible cable; a sheath that covers substantially an entire length of the flexible cable; and a tactile indicator portion formed along an outer surface of the sheath so as to be tactilely detectable by a user. The tactile indicator portion is formed at a predetermined distance from the distal end of the flexible cable so as to be tactilely detectable by the user at a position before the tactile indicator portion is inserted into a proximal end of the lumen of the endoscope and before the tool assembly exits a distal end of the lumen.


Accelerometer and gyroscope controlled tone effects for use with electric instruments

A movement actuated tone effects system is provided for manipulating the electrical signal of an electric instrument by moving the electrical instrument in relation to a set of reference axes. A movement actuated tone effects unit is positioned within the electric instrument or within an effects cartridge attached to the electric instrument via a cartridge receiver.


Bohemian instruments

A bohemian instrument may be a musical instrument, acoustic or electric, with a metallic semi-hollow or hollow body. The bohemian instrument may comprise a neck extending from the body.
Bohemian Guitars Inc.


Virtual three-dimensional instrument cluster with three-dimensional navigation system

System, method, and computer program product to perform an operation, the operation comprising generating a three-dimensional graphical output comprising: a three-dimensional representation of a vehicle instrument cluster comprising a plurality of instruments at a first depth level, and a three-dimensional representation of a navigation system map at a second depth level, and outputting the three-dimensional graphical output for display on a three-dimensional display in a vehicle.. .
Harman International Industries, Incorporated


Payment system and method

A smartphone (106) with a processor (150) can execute program instructions to cause currency transfers transactions to be made to accounts associated with other smartphones and to interact with an application server (102) or merchant terminal (108). The smartphone can scan a quick response (qr) code and decode the qr code to recover encoded data.
Gelliner Limited


Method for creating a payment system

Provided are methods of search, retrieval and processing of digital data, identification and location of network resources, electronic commerce, and distribution of physical and virtual goods and services, in particular the distribution of internet domain name system (dns) names, as well as to creation of payment instruments, payment systems, addressing and execution of payments. Specifically, a method of creating of a payment system by leasing cloud services of an oem payment system via the internet, where the hardware and software of the oem payment system (the payment system cloud) is also on the internet, using network identifiers as financial account identifiers.


Fiber-optic connector mating assembly for optical test instruments

There is provided a mating assembly for mating a fiber-optic termination comprising a fiber-optic ferrule to an optical test instrument. The mating assembly comprises: a holding body having internal tubular dimensions substantially complementary to corresponding external dimensions of the fiber-optic ferrule of said fiber-optic termination, to hold the fiber-optic ferrule in a given alignment relative to the optical test instrument; and at least one deformable elastomeric feature extending inwardly in the holding body to frictionally engage on a smooth external surface of said fiber-optic ferrule and to provide friction thereon to retain said fiber-optic ferrule..
Exfo Inc.


Boron-containing 5-arylidene-3,5-dihydro-4h-imidazol-4-ones

Are introduced, containing 5-arylidene-3,5-dihydro-4h-imidazol-4-one core. These compounds can be used for fluorescent staining of cell membranes, biomolecules' labeling in vivo and in vitro, a number of compounds also have photoacidic properties.


Analytical instruments, assemblies, and methods

Person-portable mass analysis instrumentation configured to perform multidimensional mass analysis is provided. Mass analysis instrumentation can include a housing encompassing components of the instrumentation with the housing of the instrumentation defining a space having a volume of equal to or less than about 100,000 cm3.
Flir Detection, Inc.


System for measuring particulate emissions of aircraft engines on test benches

So as to verify compliance with limit values for harmful substances, large engines today must be tested in accordance with the regulations of the international civil aviation organization (icao). Presently neither a standardized measuring method nor a standard exists with respect to particulate emissions (ultrafine particles).
Avl List Gmbh


Using a combination of a perforating gun with an inflatable to complete multiple zones in a single trip

A one trip system for perforating and fracking multiple intervals uses a releasable barrier. The barrier can be an inflatable.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Providing a pressure boost while perforating to initiate fracking

A one trip system for perforating and fracking multiple intervals uses a releasable barrier. The barrier can be an inflatable.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


One trip multi-interval plugging, perforating and fracking method

A one trip system for perforating and fracking multiple intervals uses a releasable barrier. The barrier can be an inflatable.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Reader device and signal amplification

Fluid collection devices, analysis instruments and methods for making and using same are disclosed. The fluid collection device is provided with a device and an electrochemical cell.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc.


Minimal contact modular laser cutting table system

A laser workpiece cutting system for performing a laser cutting operation on a workpiece. The laser workpiece cutting system includes a modular support unit configured to be easily assembled and disassembled.
Hoosier Laser, Inc.


Drive control mechanisms and automatic injectors for injectable cartridges

An automatic injector includes a housing having a guide, a drive control mechanism, a transmission assembly, a motor, and an energy source. The housing may further include a cartridge cover.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Swaggering endodontic instruments

Endodontic instruments are described which have at least a section with a center of mass offset from an axis of rotation so that when the instrument is rotated, the section bends away from the axis of rotation.. .


Orthopedic fixation devices and instruments for installation thereof

Minimally invasive vertebral stabilization systems may include at least one fastener, at least one coupling element connected to the fastener, and an elongate rod member. The fastener is deliverable to a vertebral body of a patient through an opening.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Orthopedic fixation devices and instruments for installation thereof

Embodiments herein are generally directed to rod reduction clips that can efficiently attach to orthopedic fixation devices and reduce rods therein. Other embodiments herein are generally directed to coupling elements having removable extended tabs for use in orthopedic fixation devices..
Globus Medical, Inc.


Surgical instruments with articulatable shaft arrangements

A surgical instrument that can comprise a surgical end effector that is configured to perform at least one surgical procedure upon application of at least one control motion thereto. The surgical instrument may further include an elongated shaft assembly that defines a longitudinal tool axis and is operably coupled to the surgical end effector.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Instruments for minimally invasive surgery total knee arthroplasty

An anti-backout stylus comprising a stylus and a locking stylus holder. The locking stylus holder engages the stylus at a series of discrete positions during insertion of the stylus into the holder.
Microport Orthopedics Holdings Inc.


Surgical cutting and stapling instruments with articulatable end effectors

Surgical instruments and end effectors therefor are disclosed. In various implementations, the surgical instrument includes an elongated shaft assembly that defines a longitudinal tool axis.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Modular surgical instruments

A surgical instrument equipped with a coupler arrangement for coupling end effectors to an elongated shaft assembly of the surgical instrument. The end effectors may include a pair of jaws in the form of a carrier supporting a surgical staple cartridge and an anvil.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Surgical cutting and stapling instruments with independent jaw control features

Surgical instruments and end effectors therefor are disclosed. In various implementations, the surgical instrument includes a surgical end effector that comprises a lower jaw and an upper jaw that are supported for movable travel toward and away from each other.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Articulatable surgical instruments with separate and distinct closing and firing systems

A surgical instrument that has an articulatable end effector that includes a second jaw that is selectively moveable in a first direction relative to a first jaw upon application of a closing motion to the second jaw from a closure system and is further movable in a second direction relative to the first jaw upon application of an opening motion to the second jaw from the closure system. An elongated shaft assembly is coupled to the end effector and defines a longitudinal tool axis.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Surgical access devices and methods providing seal movement in predefined movement regions

Various methods and devices are provided for allowing multiple surgical instruments to be inserted into sealing elements of a single surgical access device. The sealing elements can be movable along predefined pathways within the device to allow surgical instruments inserted through the sealing elements to be moved laterally, rotationally, angularly, and vertically relative to a central longitudinal axis of the device for ease of manipulation within a patient's body while maintaining insufflation..
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Vacuum tube amplification unit

A vacuum tube amplification unit for use with electric instruments that allows for reduced or eliminated signal loss before the electrical signal of the instrument is amplified. The vacuum tube amplification unit includes an amplifier cartridge having an amplification circuit.


Tone effects system

A tone effects system for use with electric instruments that allows for reduced or eliminated signal loss before sound effects are applied. A cartridge receiver and a changeover switch are integrated into the body of a desired electric instrument, while an effects cartridge is attached to the electric instrument via the cartridge receiver.


Unexpected holiday management for debt instruments

Post creation of debt products, if holidays are announced and calendars are accordingly modified, a manual update is done across all the products if any of current dates falls on the new holiday dates. Thus, while it might be relatively easy during a creation of debt instrument to verify that the proposed or the actual dates scheduled on the calendar is not concurrent with the holiday data set, it can be both, difficult and time-consuming to ensure that an unexpected holiday is accounted for and adapted in the associated calendar.
Infosys Limited


Graphical user interface for medical instruments

The invention provides for medical instrument (200, 300) comprising a medical imaging system (202, 302) for acquiring medical image data (236) from an imaging zone (204) and a treatment system (206, 322) for depositing energy into a treatment zone (208). A processor executing instructions receives (100) a selection of a reference location and one or more anatomical references.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Monitoring system for turbulence of atmospheric boundary layer under wind drift sand flow or sand dust storm environment

A monitoring system for turbulence of the atmospheric boundary layer under a wind drift sand flow or sand dust storm environment comprises: a meteorological tower (6), a hot-wire bracket (9) and a plurality of observation frames (10), which are vertically and cooperatively arranged in parallel. The hot-wire bracket (9) is arranged close to the meteorological tower (6), and the plurality of observation frames (10) are symmetrically distributed on the two sides of a region formed by the meteorological tower (6) and the hot-wire bracket (9).
Lanzhou University


Endodontic instruments and methods of manufacturing thereof

A method for manufacturing a nonlinear superelastic file comprising the steps of: providing a superelastic file having a shaft and a file axis; providing a fixture including a file groove being defined by one or more displacement members, the file groove configured for receiving the shaft; inserting at least a portion of the shaft into the fixture along the file groove, the portion of the shaft including a first portion of the shaft; contacting the first portion of the shaft with a first displacement member of the one or more displacement members such that the first portion of the shaft is displaced from the file axis thereby forming a first offset portion of the shaft; heating the portion of the shaft while inserted in the fixture to a temperature of at least about 300° c. For a time period of at least about 1 minute to shape-set the portion of the shaft thereby forming a shape-set nonlinear file..
Dentsply International Inc.


Medical instrument with modified memory and flexibility properties and method

Medical instruments, particularly, endodontic instruments with unique limited memory characteristics, and methods for making such instruments. One embodiment includes heat treating a finished endodontic instrument.
D & S Dental, Llc


Force and torque sensing for surgical instruments

An apparatus, system, and method for improving force and torque sensing and feedback to the surgeon performing a telerobotic surgery are provided. Groups of axially oriented strain gauges are positioned on a distal end of an instrument shaft proximate a moveable wrist of a robotic surgical instrument to sense forces and torques at the distal tip of the instrument.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Portable surgical instruments

A portable surgical instrument (psi) includes a shaft extending therefrom. An end effector operably supported at the distal end of the shaft includes a pair of jaw members.
Covidien Lp


Methods of manufacturing end effectors for energy-based surgical instruments

A method of manufacturing an end effector for a surgical instrument includes providing a substrate wherein at least an outer periphery of the substrate is formed from an electrically-insulative material. The method further includes forming at least one ridge on the outer periphery of the substrate and depositing an electrically-conductive material onto the at least one ridge to form at least one electrode..
Covidien Lp


Surgical instruments

A kit of parts for inserting a deformable implant into a cavity in a bone of a patient is described. An inserter instrument (1) comprises a body (100) having a cavity extending along a longitudinal axis from a distal end to a proximal end.
Depuy (ireland)


Facet joint replacement instruments and methods

A facet joint replacement system includes an inferior implant with an inferior articular surface, a superior implant with a superior articular surface, and an optional crossbar. The inferior implant and the superior implant are each polyaxially adjustably connected to fixation elements which anchor the implants to adjacent vertebrae.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Medical insertion aid comprising drawn insertion duct

A medical insertion aid for surgical instruments and/or optical systems includes a shank forming an insertion duct, at the inner wall of which at least one groove extending in the longitudinal duct direction or being longitudinally orientated is formed. In addition or as an alternative, a medical insertion aid includes a distal end portion (axial central portion preferably in the distal end area) and a radially outwardly extending, preferably closed peripheral fluid flow inhibiting edge in the distal end portion.
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Method and hysteroscopy and combined hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy

instruments and methods are described for performing hysteroscopy and/or combined hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy. According to some embodiments, the handle, electronics and integrated display screen form a re-usable portion of the instrument while the fluid hub and cannula which includes a cmos imaging module and led lighting, form a single use portion of the instrument.
Endosee Corporation

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