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Methods, systems, and media for executing trades in financial instruments

Method and system for creating and trading seller-paid margin derivative investment instruments

System and method for accounting of financial instruments

Date/App# patent app List of recent Instruments-related patents
 Zero coupon conversion factor calculation patent thumbnailZero coupon conversion factor calculation
The disclosed embodiments relate to a system which calculates a conversion factor (cf) based upon a zero percent (0%) futures contract standard. The zero percent futures contract standard may be used in the context of futures or forwards based upon coupon bearing debt securities including treasuries, treasury inflation protected securities (tips), agencies, corporates, municipals, or any fixed income security.
 Methods, systems, and media for executing trades in financial instruments patent thumbnailMethods, systems, and media for executing trades in financial instruments
A central counterparty receives a contract having transaction terms associated with an interest rate swap (irs) and a position of a security, the transaction terms including an expiration date. Upon the expiration date and in a case of a physical settlement of the contract the irs is generated based on the transaction terms.
 Method and system for creating and trading seller-paid margin derivative investment instruments patent thumbnailMethod and system for creating and trading seller-paid margin derivative investment instruments
Systems and methods for creating, disseminating and managing margin for a seller-advanced margin derivative investment instrument are disclosed. In one aspect, a seller-advanced margin derivative investment instrument is defined where a seller pre-pays a margin requirement that a buyer typically pays initially as required by an exchange.
 System and method for accounting of financial instruments patent thumbnailSystem and method for accounting of financial instruments
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems and methods for accounting of financial instruments. The accounting method for financial instrument may include receiving financial instrument data and classifying the financial instrument data into position components.
 System and method for alkylation process analysis patent thumbnailSystem and method for alkylation process analysis
A method and apparatus is provided for concentration determination of at least one component in an acid catalyst for hydrocarbon conversion containing an unknown concentration of an acid, an acid-soluble-oil (aso), and water. An instrument configured for measuring a property of the acid catalyst, has responsivities to concentrations of one of the acid, aso, and water, substantially independent of the concentrations of the others of the acid catalyst, aso, and water.
 Glenoid arthroplasty patent thumbnailGlenoid arthroplasty
Arthroplasty components include an articular surface and a bone-facing surface. The bone-facing surface bears at least one anchoring element adapted for an oblique implantation trajectory.
 Method and apparatus for minimally invasive insertion of intervertebral implants patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for minimally invasive insertion of intervertebral implants
A dilation introducer for orthopedic surgery is provided for minimally invasive access for insertion of an intervertebral implant. The dilation introducer may be used to provide an access position through kambin's triangle from a posterolateral approach.
 Methods and apparatus for revision of obesity procedures patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus for revision of obesity procedures
Methods and apparatus for the endoluminal revision of previously performed obesity procedures which have failed are described. One or more endoluminal instruments may be advanced per-orally into the previously formed failed pouch where a number of different procedures can be performed.
 Endoscopic surgical instruments patent thumbnailEndoscopic surgical instruments
An endoscopic surgical instrument may include: two surgical instrument modules, each of which is provided with a surgical instrument portion; and/or an endoscopic module configured to form a triangular shape with the two surgical instrument modules and configured to capture operations of the surgical instrument modules at different angles using a plurality of joints. Wires connecting respective members coupled by the plurality of joints may be configured to amplify drive forces of a drive portion applied to the plurality of joints.
 Hybrid manual and robotic interventional instruments and methods of use patent thumbnailHybrid manual and robotic interventional instruments and methods of use
A system comprises a handpiece body configured to couple to a proximal end of a medical instrument and a manual actuator mounted in the handpiece body. The system further includes a plurality of drive inputs mounted in the handpiece body.
Customized patient-specific revision surgical instruments and method
A surgical instrument including a customized patient-specific guide block is disclosed. The customized patient-specific guide block includes a first surface, a bone-facing surface, a second surface positioned opposite the first surface and the bone-facing surface, and a guide pin hole extending between the second surface and the bone-facing surface.
Method and apparatus for minimally invasive insertion of intervertebral implants
A dilation introducer for orthopedic surgery is provided for minimally invasive access for insertion of an intervertebral implant. The dilation introducer may be used to provide an access position through kambin's triangle from a posterolateral approach.
Instrument assembly for implanting a stem component of a knee prosthesis and orthopaedic surgical procedure for using the same
Surgical instruments for use in implanting a stem component into a knee of a patient include a canal reamer and an associated implant reference guide.. .
Medical apparatus facilitating vascular analysis and treatment
A medical apparatus generally includes a housing that translatably supports a grasping member and a motion control mechanism that is disengagable to permit motion of the grasping member relative to the housing. The housing is configured to support a flow inhibiting instrument when the grasping member is disposed in a retracted position.
Multi-function surgical instrument tool actuator assembly
A tool actuating assembly for a multi-function surgical instrument is disclosed. The tool actuating assembly of the present invention can be utilized in a variety of differently configured multi-function surgical instruments and can be embodied in various physical configurations.
A retractor for use in surgical operations comprises a pair of blade assemblies which are adapted to open about a set of axes that are not parallel to a third spatial axis. The retractor further comprises a pair of arms, which are adapted to move the pair of blade assemblies apart from one another in the third spatial axis.
Single port access system
Embodiments of a surgical access system useful for single or limited port procedures comprise a trocar comprising a fixation cannula, a retractor, and a gel cap removably coupled to the retractor. The gel cap comprises a gel pad that acts as an artificial body wall, through which instruments may be inserted into a body cavity, either directly or through one or more trocars.
Kazoo devices producing a pleasing musical sound
Several embodiments are illustrated as examples of kazoo devices and kazoo musical instruments, according to this concept and method.. .
Series battery start controller
A series battery start controller for starting an aircraft turbine engine and method thereof is provided, wherein the battery series start controller connects two batteries in series when an aircraft engine starter is engaged to provide a higher voltage to start the aircraft engine and to provide adequate operational voltage to aircraft engine instruments and other aircraft electrical systems, and wherein the battery series start controller reconnects the batteries in parallel when the electrical load drawn by the starting aircraft engine decreases and the supplied voltage to the aircraft rises to a predetermined threshold.. .
Thumbwheel switch arrangements for surgical instruments
A thumbwheel control assembly operably supported on the handle assembly of a motor powered surgical instrument. The thumbwheel control assembly communicates with a motor in the handle such that when an actuator portion of the thumbwheel control assembly is pivoted in a first direction, the motor applies a rotary motion to one of an elongate shaft assembly and an end effector coupled thereto in the first direction and when the actuator portion is pivoted in a second direction, the motor applies the rotary motion to one of the elongate shaft assembly and end effector in the second direction..
Medical robotic system havng entry guide controller with instrument tip velocity limiting
A medical robotic system includes an entry guide with articulatable instruments extending out of its distal end, an entry guide manipulator providing controllable four degrees-of-freedom movement of the entry guide, and a controller configured to limit joint velocities in the entry guide manipulator so as to prevent movement of tips of the articulatable instruments from exceeding a maximum allowable linear velocity when the entry guide manipulator is being used to move the entry guide.. .
Customizable surgical template
Disclosed herein are embodiments of a customizable surgical template and methods for preparing and providing the same. More specifically, the disclosed surgical template coordinates the arrangement of surgical instruments used for a particular surgical procedure in the order preferred by a particular surgeon or other entity..
Systems and methods for performing surgical procedures and assessments
The present invention involves systems and related methods for performing surgical procedures and assessments, including the use of neurophysiology-based monitoring to: (a) determine nerve proximity and nerve direction to surgical instruments employed in accessing a surgical target site; (b) assess the pathology (health or status) of a nerve or nerve root before, during, or after a surgical procedure; and/or (c) assess pedicle integrity before, during or after pedicle screw placement, all in an automated, easy to use, and easy to interpret fashion so as to provide a surgeon-driven system.. .
Steam sterilizer
Provided is a steam sterilizer for medical instruments comprising a feeding system configured to move a sterilization fluid; a discharge system configured to move a waste fluid and including a discharge tank configured to collect the waste fluid; a cooling apparatus for cooling said waste fluid and including a cooling means configured to cool the waste fluid when it is inside said discharge tank.. .
Electrical device
An electrical device includes a circuit board (101), a light source (104), and a light guide (105). The light guide receives light from the light source and conducts the received light to an end of the light guide so that the light crosses, in a direction parallel with the circuit board, an edge of the circuit board.
Testing structure and method for interface trap density of gate oxide
The present invention discloses a testing structure and method for interface trap density of gate oxide, relating to the field of quality and reliability researches of mos devices. The present invention makes the interface traps density tests for gate oxide layers of n-type and p-type mos devices completed on a same testing structure, this does not only shorten the measurement period by half but also decrease the costs for testing instruments, because the present testing method is based on a simple current-voltage scanning test without using equipments such as pulse generator required in conventional method.
Multiple processor motor control for modular surgical instruments
In various forms, the modular motor control system may comprise one or more motor controllers each having an associated motor. The one or more motor controllers may be in communication with a master controller.
Joystick switch assemblies for surgical instruments
A joy stick control assembly for operating a motor driven surgical instrument. In at least one form, the joystick control assembly comprises a first switch assembly that is movably supported by a housing.
Control methods for surgical instruments with removable implement portions
A surgical instrument for acting on tissue. The surgical instrument comprises at least one processor, at least one motor in communication with the processor and at least one actuation device.
Rotary powered surgical instruments with multiple degrees of freedom
A surgical instrument may comprise a drive system that is configured to electrically generate a plurality of discrete rotary control motions. In at least one form, the surgical instrument may include an elongate shaft assembly that is operably couplable to the drive system for receiving a first rotary control motion therefrom for rotating the elongate shaft assembly about a shaft axis.
Rotary powered articulation joints for surgical instruments
An articulation joint for a surgical instrument. In at least one form, the articulation joint includes a proximal joint portion that is coupled to an elongate shaft assembly of the surgical instrument.
Articulatable surgical instruments with conductive pathways for signal communication
A cover for an articulation joint that is supported in an elongate shaft assembly of a surgical instrument that is operably coupled to a surgical end effector that includes at least one end effector conductor therein. The cover includes at least one electrically conductive pathway that extends from the distal end of the cover to form an electrically conductive pathway from the end effector conductor to a shaft conductor on the elongate shaft assembly while facilitating operation of the articulation joint.
Apparatus and method for cleaning microsurgical instruments
A cleaning apparatus for microsurgical instruments has a flush chamber closed off at one end by a first plug adapted to liquid-tightly grip one end of the instrument, allowing a portion of the instrument to extend past the first plug and out of the flush chamber. The other end of the flush chamber is closed off by a second plug having an inlet port.
Perforated musical bow
A light and stiff bow for stringed musical instruments may comprise a tubular stick having a plurality of spaced perforations, provided with a frog, a head, and a tensioning arrangement.. .
Method and apparatus for providing after tax bond valuation
Methods and systems are disclosed for determining valuation and risk analysis of municipal debt instruments on an after-tax basis. In one embodiment, bond terms, yield curve and interest rate volatility data are received for a set of bonds.
Intermodal money transport system and method for real-time cash or cash equivalent transfers on electronic devices with an intermodal money application interface that functions as an automated teller machine over one or more open loop financial networks by utilizing a virtual account management system and an intermodal money transport protocol
Disclosed is an intermodal money transportation system and method to send and receive money in real-time on a computer programmable electronic device with an atm application interface over open loop financial networks during a single financial transaction acquiring session, utilizing an intermodal money transportation protocol data set that is compatible with financial network message protocols, and a virtual account management system that enables financial instrument holders to convert a plurality of financial instruments into virtual cash tokens in a manner that is independent of the modality of payment method used to process said financial instruments, where said financial instruments are readily convertible into cash or a cash equivalent on a transaction terminal and the transaction is irreversible by the originator of said transaction.. .
Systems and methods for electronic payment instrument repository
Systems and methods that receive one or more images and based at least in part on the received images, identify information associated with a payment instrument. The information associated with the payment instrument may be stored in a payment instrument repository, such as an electronic wallet (ewallet), associated with a user.
Generation and data management of a medical study using instruments in an integrated media and medical system
In general, a computer-implemented method is described for receiving one or more requests to generate a medical study, retrieving from one or more data repositories one or more medical study instruments, receiving a selection of a particular medical study instrument to use in the medical study, generating by one or more computers a list of one or more research collaborators invited to review the medical study, and generating by one or more computers a list of one of more participants invited to join the medical study. Additionally, the computer-implemented method receives from a patient one or more responses to one or more medical assessment questions; and causes one or more computer systems to associate one or more medical study instruments with the patient, with the association based on the one or more responses of the patient to the one or more medical assessment questions..
Surgical access port and method of using same
A surgical access port for insertion into a body cavity can have an elongate tubular body extending along an axis between a proximal end and a distal end, and a tip at the distal end of the tubular body for penetrating through a body wall and into the body cavity. The distal tip moves from a first, penetrating position to a second, retaining position when the body wall has been traversed.
Interchangeable tools for surgical instruments
A surgical tool system. Various embodiments of the surgical tool system may comprise surgical instrument that has a handle assembly that operably supports a drive system therein for generating drive motions upon actuation of a movable handle portion operably coupled to the handle assembly.
Ultrasonic surgical instruments
In one general aspect, various embodiments are directed to an ultrasonic surgical instrument that comprises a transducer configured to produce vibrations along a longitudinal axis at a predetermined frequency. In various embodiments, an ultrasonic blade extends along the longitudinal axis and is coupled to the transducer.
Sizing and positioning adapter for medical instruments
In accordance with the present invention there is provided apparatuses and methods for using a medical instrument including a sizing and positioning adapter. The apparatus comprises an adapter for a medical instrument, the adapt having a body having a shim portion and an instrument holding portion adjacent the shim portion, wherein the shim portion provides an enlarged peripheral surface adjacent the medical instrument such that when the medical instrument is held in the instrument holding portion and the medical instrument and body are inserted through an opening in a patient tissue, at least a portion of the enlarged peripheral surface is in contact with at least a portion of the periphery of the opening in the patient tissue..
Modular manipulator support for robotic surgery
A robotic surgery system comprises a mounting base, a plurality of surgical instruments, and an articulate support assembly. Each instrument is insertable into a patient through an associated minimally invasive aperture to a desired internal surgical site.
Method and apparatus for optical detection of bio-contaminants
A method and apparatus for optical detection of residual soil on articles (such as medical instruments and equipment), after completion of a washing or a rinsing operation by a washer. A soil detection system provides an indication of soil on the articles by detecting luminescent radiation emanating from the soil in the presence of ambient light..
Portable laparoscopic trainer
A portable surgical training device is provided. The trainer includes a top cover spaced apart from a base to form a simulated body cavity for locating model organs that are substantially obscured from the field of view of the user.
Enhanced washability inks and methods of making the same
An enhanced washability ink composition has enhanced rinsability and/or washability from fabric, walls, or skin. The composition may comprise about 70 wt % to about 95 wt % water; about 5 wt % to about 35 wt % one or more sugars (e.g., dextrins); about 1 wt % to about 40 wt % one or more optional dye blockers; about 0.1 wt % to about 15 wt % one or more dyes; and one or more optional additives.
Wireless charging system for hearing instruments
A facility is provided for the wireless resonant charging of rechargeable hearing instruments. The hearing instrument is freely positionable in a charging device for charging purposes.
Techniques for automated performance maintenance testing and reporting for analytical instruments
Techniques are described for performing performance maintenance on a mass spectrometer. Pre-maintenance testing is performed that automating execution of a test sequence in response to a first user interface selection.
Self-powered optical detector for mechanical gauge instruments
An embodiment of the present invention includes a display device including a mechanical indicator, a reference photodetector, a measurement photodetector, and an opaque shroud. The opaque shroud is connected to the mechanical indicator to variably cover the measurement photodetector based on a position of the mechanical indicator.
Sterile surgical tray
A surgical apparatus for use by a surgeon can include a tray and a plurality of surgical instruments. The tray can have a plurality of structures located on an upper side of the tray for receiving the plurality of surgical instruments.
Neonatal thermal device and related method thereof
The neonatal drape device provides protection for a neonatal subject by providing a barrier to the environment that protects the subject from the loss of heat, water and moisture. The neonatal drape device functions as protection primarily by providing a barrier to the environment from the neonatal subject.
Object oriented system for managing complex financial instruments
Object oriented design strategies and patterns are applied to financial data processing systems for processing and modeling of financial products (also referred to as financial instruments) with an emphasis being on derivative products. The system employs valuation independent, well-defined financial components (also referred to as financial events) that can be combined to build new financial structures.
Environmental, social and corporate governance linked debt instruments
Systems and techniques for structuring and analyzing a fixed-income security are disclosed. The fixed-income security includes a coupon that provides at least a variable rate of interest payment over a time interval.
Methods and systems for validating negotiable instruments
Methods and systems for validating a negotiable instrument. One method can include obtaining an electronic image of the negotiable instrument, electronically determining a first value and a second value of the negotiable instrument based on the electronic image, and automatically validating the negotiable instrument if the first value is substantially equal to the second value..
Trading related to fund compositions
An electronic marketplace uses a fund composition to guide trading opportunities. Mutual funds typically have a target composition of financial instruments.
Methods and systems for experimental set-up and data analysis in targeted proteomics applications
The invention relates to the analysis of compounds with mass spectrometry and more particularly to instruments, substances, and methods for polypeptide analysis, in particular in targeted proteomics applications and based on indexed retention time as peptide specific property. The method of chemical analysis comprises the steps of: a) providing a first complex sample comprising a set of at least two reference peptides associated to an indexed retention time scale (irt), as well as at least one further peptide; b) performing lc-ms on said complex sample and determining the empirical retention time values (rte) of the reference peptides and of the at least one further peptide; c) translating the empirical retention time values (rte) of the reference peptides and of the at least one further peptide into the indexed retention time scale and associating to each reference peptide a reference indexed retention time value (irtr) and to the at least one further peptide an associated indexed retention time value (irta); d) providing a second complex sample comprising at least one polypeptide as well as said set of the at least two reference peptides; e) performing lc-ms on said second complex sample and determining the empirical retention time values (rte) of the reference peptides; f) translating the empirical retention time values (rte) of the reference peptides into the indexed retention time scale by numerically adapting the transformation function for the conversion of the retention time values (rte) into indexed retention time values such that the calculated indexed retention time values (irte) calculated based on the measured retention time values (rte) of the reference peptides match the assigned indexed retention time values (irtr) of the reference peptides; g) determining the predicted empirical retention time value (rtp) of the at least one further peptide by using the numerically adapted transformation function determined in step f)..
Methods and instruments for forming non-circular cartilage grafts
Techniques and instruments for knee replacement surgery that allow for the removal of an oval oblong-shaped allograft bone and cartilage plug from a donor distal femur. The instruments include (i) sizing guides to match the recipient's femoral size and curvature to that of a donor femur (the sizing guides also acting as a wide pin placement template for the donor distal femur); (ii) osteotomes that cut the curved and straight portions of the implant shape (these may be disposable or reusable); and (iii) templates that fit over the guide pins and have openings to allow the osteotomes to cut the donor femur plug to the correct size, shape and depth.
Fixation devices, systems and methods for engaging tissue
The invention provides devices, systems and methods for tissue approximation and repair at treatment sites. The devices, systems and methods of the invention will find use in a variety of therapeutic procedures, including endovascular, minimally-invasive, and open surgical procedures, and can be used in various anatomical regions, including the abdomen, thorax, cardiovascular system, heart, intestinal tract, stomach, urinary tract, bladder, lung, and other organs, vessels, and tissues.
Spinal dural repair instruments and methods for using same
Minimally invasive surgery for repairing a disruption in the spinal dura uses a pistol-grip forceps to permit the forceps to be used as a needle driver down a tubular cannula 14-20 mm in diameter and 40-120 mm long. The pistol grip permits one-handed use and provides an unobstructed view of the surgical site down the cannula.
Laparoscopic instrument and trocar system and related surgical method
Laparoscopic instruments and cannulas are provided for performing laparoscopic procedures entirely through the umbilicus. Generally s-shaped laparoscopic instruments placed through the c-shaped trocar sleeves or through the cannula and instrument holder unit provide markedly improved degrees of instruments' freedom during trans-umbilical laparoscopic procedures..
Gastric sizing systems including instruments for use in bariatric surgery
Systems and methods for effecting bariatric procedures are disclosed. Each system includes an instrument, a control valve and, optionally, a suction controller.
Testing assembly including a multiple degree of freedom stage
A multiple degree of freedom sample stage or testing assembly including a multiple degree of freedom sample stage. The multiple degree of freedom sample stage includes a plurality of stages including linear, and one or more of rotation or tilt stages configured to position a sample in a plurality of orientations for access or observation by multiple instruments in a clustered volume that confines movement of the multiple degree of freedom sample stage.
An aerial vehicle includes independently controlled horizontal thrusters and vertical lifters to provide design and operational simplicity while allowing precision flying with six degrees of freedom and use of mounted devices such as tools, sensors, and instruments. Each horizontal thruster and vertical lifter can be mounted as constant-pitch, fixed-axis rotors while still allowing for precise control of yaw, pitch, roll, horizontal movement, and vertical elevation.
Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staples sizes
A surgical stapling apparatus includes a staple cartridge and an anvil member. The staple cartridge includes a plurality of surgical fasteners disposed in rows of retention slots.
Process for cleaning and sanitizing surgical instruments in general and device suited to implement said process
The invention concerns a process for cleaning and sanitizing surgical tools or surgical instruments in general, and a device suited to implement the process. In particular, the invention includes the use of an abrasive cleaning material, emitted under pressure and at high speed against the instruments for abrading and removing the substances that adhere to the surfaces of the same instruments, wherein the abrasive cleaning material includes sodium bicarbonate salts, mixtures of the same or similar substances..
Quality control reagents and methods
The present invention provides reagents for instrumentation quality control and methods of use thereof. In particular, sets of peptides or other molecules are provided for evaluating the performance of instruments with mass spectrometry (ms) and/or liquid chromatography (lc) functionalities..
Cranial support cushion
A cranial support cushion configured with a pillow and one or more devices for retaining cables, wires or connectors to instruments. The cranial support cushion is further directed to preventing tilting movement of a patient's head while isolating instrumentation cabling away from the patient resting supine or prone on a surgical table or gurney in a hospital operating room or a patient-monitoring arena.
Smart card having multiple payment instruments
The disclosure is related to a primary payment instrument of a smart card may be changed to one of other payment instruments stored in the smart card through single operation of user equipment without requiring further user input or user interaction.. .
Handling device and method for operating a handling device
A handling device, which is in particular a robot, has a receiving device for receiving different instruments. To this end, the receiving device and the different instruments have mutually compatible connecting elements.
Instruments and methods for locating a femoral mechanical axis
An instrument for locating a femoral mechanical axis and identifying the locations of at least three points in space in relation to the center of a femoral head, the instrument including a base member, an extension arm clamp translationally and pivotally attached to the base member, an extension arm translationally and pivotally attached to the extension arm clamp, a swiveling arm pivotally attached to a distal end of the extension arm, the swiveling arm including a lateral locator member at a proximal end and a medial locator member at a distal end, a bracket pivotally attached to the swiveling arm, and a locating arm removably attached to the bracket, the locating arm including a middle locator member.. .
Total knee arthroplasty methods, systems, and instruments
A method of performing a total knee arthroplasty including the steps of inserting a first pin into the distal femur and through the knee center, locating the femoral mechanical axis, inserting at least one additional pin into the distal femur, locating the tibial mechanical axis, sizing the femur and applying a femoral cutting block having at least one cutting guide to an end of the femur, positioning a tibial cutting block having a least one cutting guide in a cutting position relative to the tibia, aligning the femoral cutting block relative to the tibial cutting block, aligning the femur relative to the tibia, cutting the femur using the at least one femoral cutting guide, cutting the tibia using the at least one tibial cutting guide, removing the femoral and tibial cutting blocks, and positioning permanent femoral and tibial components on the cut portions of the femur and tibia, respectively.. .
Surgical technique and instrumentation for minimal incision hip arthroplasty surgery
Improved instruments for modifying a shape of a proximal femur of a patient for installation of a stem of a femoral component of a prosthetic hip during hip replacement surgery, comprising a handle including an elongated shaft extending downward approximately in a z-direction, a first offset extending from a bottom of the elongated shaft approximately in a y-direction, a second offset extending from the second offset approximately in an x-direction, and a shaping member elongated downward from the second offset approximately in the z-direction. Provided is an improved femoral broach and an improved osteotome.
Surgical location monitoring system and method
A surgical hardware and software monitoring system and method allows for surgical planning while the patient is available for surgery, for example while the patient is being prepared for surgery so that the system may model the surgical site. Tracker obtains image information, with controller configured to spatially relate image information with previously obtained scan data.
Automated actuator for spring based multiple purpose medical instruments
An automated switch and driver for an open biased spring-based multiple purpose end effector of a medical instrument to be used by a single operator without assistance for biopsy, clipping, clamping, grasping, snaring, cutting, dissecting or other operative functions with electrical connections for cautery or hot biopsy used independently or combined with a rigid or flexible endoscope of any size. The driver mechanism may be a spring(s), gear(s), electrical solenoid or motor, air or hydraulic pressure activated piston or a combination thereof.
Rotation of outrigger during medical procedure
A medical device such as an endoscope, a laparoscope, or other device including an entry guide uses outriggers or arms that are mounted on the distal end of the entry guide and rotationally deployed to provide separation of instruments when the entry guide reaches a work site. Deployment can be implemented with as few as one cable or actuator to operate the arms.
Method and kit for constructing plasma dna sequencing library
The disclosure relates a method and a kit for constructing a plasma deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) sequencing library. The method provided by the disclosure includes: extracting a plasma dna; making the plasma dna ligate to a sequencing linker, and purifying a ligation product; performing polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification for the purified ligation product, purifying the pcr amplification product, and obtaining the plasma dna sequencing library, wherein, the method does not include the step of performing 5′-terminus phosphorylation for the plasma dna.
Adjudication for contractual terms in a video game
According to various embodiments, a video game allows one or more players to enter contracts, where credit cards or other financial instruments are used to secure the contracts. A player defaulting on such a contract can be subjected to penalties in the video game and/or in the real world..

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