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Instruments patents


This page is updated frequently with new Instruments-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Instruments-related patents
 Vehicle-mounted equipment operating device patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle-mounted equipment operating device
With a vehicle-mounted equipment operating device, upon receipt of an input from an operator by an operation input unit, and when any one of a plurality of vehicle-mounted instruments, for example, an air conditioner, exists on a line of sight of the operator, a control unit sets the vehicle-mounted instrument that exists on the line of sight as an operation target device, and thereafter, the control unit controls the operation target device based on the input of the operator that has been received by the operation input unit.. .

 Automated sample handling instrumentation, systems, processes, and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Automated sample handling instrumentation, systems, processes, and methods
The present invention provides a processing station for automatically processing a biological sample, a system for automated real-time inventory control of consumables within a biological sample handling or assay instrument, a high throughput random access automated instrument for processing biological samples, an automated instrument for processing or analysis of a sample, and processes for automated mucoid detection and elimination. Methods of using the disclosed instruments, mucoid detection processes, and systems to process and/or analyze samples are also disclosed..

 Orthopedic implant sizing instruments, systems, and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Orthopedic implant sizing instruments, systems, and methods
Orthopedic implant sizing instruments, systems, and methods for use during arthroplasty procedures, for example, radial head arthroplasty procedures, are provided. The sizing instruments include at least one sizer head having at least one visualization window or slot provided therethrough for allowing a user to visualize associated surgical structures or surfaces to ensure proper joint reduction.

 Solid forms for tissue repair patent thumbnailnew patent Solid forms for tissue repair
This invention provides coral-based scaffolds for cartilage repair, and instruments for insertion and utilization of same within a site of cartilage repair.. .

 Rf tissue sealer, shear grip, trigger lock mechanism and energy activation patent thumbnailnew patent Rf tissue sealer, shear grip, trigger lock mechanism and energy activation
A variety of surgical instruments include one or more elements that transmit rf energy to tissue. Some such instruments comprise a pair of jaws that open and close on tissue, with conductive tissue contact surfaces that are operable to weld tissue clamped between the jaws.

 Rf tissue sealer, shear grip, trigger lock mechanism and energy activation patent thumbnailnew patent Rf tissue sealer, shear grip, trigger lock mechanism and energy activation
A variety of surgical instruments include one or more elements that transmit rf energy to tissue. Some such instruments comprise a pair of jaws that open and close on tissue, with conductive tissue contact surfaces that are operable to weld tissue clamped between the jaws.

 Surgical instruments with improved closure arrangements patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical instruments with improved closure arrangements
A surgical instrument that includes jaw members, at least one of which may be moved to closed positions relative to the other jaw member upon actuation of a closure actuator. Actuation of the closure actuator causes an axially moveable closure member to apply closure motions to at least one of the jaw members.

 Drive arrangements for articulatable surgical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Drive arrangements for articulatable surgical instruments
A shaft assembly for a surgical instrument that includes a movable drive member. In at least one form, the surgical instrument includes a spine assembly that is couplable to the surgical instrument and has a surgical end effector coupled thereto by an articulation joint.

 Surgical instruments with articulatable end effectors and movable firing beam support arrangements patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical instruments with articulatable end effectors and movable firing beam support arrangements
A surgical instrument that includes a surgical end effector that is coupled to a shaft assembly by an articulation joint. A flexible firing beam extends through the articulation joint to interface with a firing member in the surgical end effector to apply a firing motion thereto.

 Surgical instruments with articulatable end effectors and improved firing beam support arrangements patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical instruments with articulatable end effectors and improved firing beam support arrangements
A surgical instrument that includes a surgical end effector that is coupled to a shaft assembly by an articulation joint. A flexible firing beam extends through the articulation joint to interface with a firing member in the surgical end effector to apply a firing motion thereto.


Methods, apparatus, and system for mass spectrometry

A miniature, low cost mass spectrometer capable of unit resolution over a mass range of 10 to 50 amu. The mass spectrometer incorporates several features that enhance the performance of the design over comparable instruments.
The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Sample droplet generation from segmented fluid flow and related devices and methods

A sample droplet generator transforms a segmented array of sample material into a continuous stream of droplets containing analytes. The droplets may serve as a sample source for a wide range of detectors and analytical instruments.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Adjustable support for control devices for electronic musical instruments and similar

The support comprises a board provided with multiple grooves on the upper face thereof, along which attachment brackets can be fitted for the movable control devices, pedals and similar devices on the board, allowing the different control devices to be attached by previously fixing the brackets on the grooves of the board at the required places and the subsequent fixed positioning of the control devices and pedals on the brackets, by means of attachment elements thereof. The grooves of the board have flanges along the upper edges thereof for holding the attachment elements of the brackets..
Llevinac, S.l.


Instrument changing assembly and methods

An instrument changing assembly includes a magazine having one or more probe assembly stations. The assembly further includes at least one probe change tool including a receptacle socket.
Hysitron, Inc.


Surgical technique and instrumentation for minimal incision hip arthroplasty surgery

Improved instruments for modifying a shape of a proximal femur of a patient for installation of a stem of a femoral component of a prosthetic hip during hip replacement surgery, comprising a handle including an elongated shaft extending downward approximately in a z-direction, a first offset extending from a bottom of the elongated shaft approximately in a y-direction, a second offset extending from the second offset approximately in an x-direction, and a shaping member elongated downward from the second offset approximately in the z-direction. Provided is an improved femoral broach and an improved osteotome.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Passive preload and capstan drive for surgical instruments

A robotic surgical system uses a passive preload system attached to a tendon that is wrapped around a capstan to control relaxed tension in the tendon. The passive preload system can employ a spring or other structure to apply tension to the tendon.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Optical targeting and visualization of trajectories

Enhanced targeting systems and methods may be used to visualize trajectories for surgical instruments. Such a targeting system may have a first light source and a second light source.
Imirge Medical Inc.


Ergonomic electronic musical instrument with pseudo-strings

An ergonomic, portable, electronic, string-like instrument that utilizes a string-like interface. The string-like interface is tactile for sightless playability and capable of advanced input such as force and pressure sensitivity.
Artiphon, Llc


Accessories for instruments with soundholes

A guitar accessory item may act to prevent items such as guitar picks from falling into the body of a guitar through its soundhole. The accessory may include a body portion that may be ring-shaped.


Digital image analysis and classification

A computing platform may receive data comprising digital images associated with a healthcare provider. Each digital image may comprise an image of at least a portion of one or more physical documents associated with the healthcare provider.
Bank Of America Corporation


P&id and control system synchronization

A computer-implemented method for automatically exchanging data between a piping and instrumentation diagram (p&id) and a control system comprises: parsing a p&id and identifying instruments and/or groups of instruments within the p&id, identifying one or more input tags and output tags associated with each identified instrument and/or with each identified group of instruments within the p&id, and establishing at least one relationship among the one or more input tags and output tags, wherein the input tags and output tags for an instrument and/or a group of instruments and the at least one relationship between the corresponding input tags and output tags are derivable from a template library, and identifying a control loop for each established relationship among the input tags and the output tags, wherein said control loop is for controlling one or more instruments by the control system.. .
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Microfluidic devices and methods of manufacture and use

Microfluidic devices are provided for conducting fluid assays, for example biological assays, that have the ability to move fluids through multiple channels and pathways in a compact, efficient, and low cost manner. Discrete flow detection elements, preferably extremely short hollow flow elements, with length preferably less than 700 micron, preferably less than 500 micron, and internal diameter preferably of between about 50+/−25 micron, are provided with capture agent, and are inserted into microfluidic channels by tweezer or vacuum pick-and-place motions at fixed positions in which they are efficiently exposed to fluids for conducting assays.
Cyvek, Inc.


Medical toy kit and storage device

A medical toy kit and storage device comprising a housing to contain a plurality of medical themed toys, where the housing is shaped as an ellipsoid; a lid atop the housing, where the lid is attached on a hinge; a pair of wheels at a bottom end of the housing; a handle attached to the housing opposite to the pair of wheels; and a set of lights positioned near the handle, where the set of lights flash to resemble an emergency vehicle. With the kit and storage device children are able to learn about medical instruments by being exposed to what they are and how they work..


Aerophone builder

Aerophone toy building blocks to make a plurality of combination of sounds comprising of a plurality of building blocks, each the block having four walls, a top lid and a bottom cap to make a body having an inner space; at least two of the walls, the lid and the cap having releasable couplers; each the block having aerophone musical instruments to produce sounds; each the block having a plurality of airway channels inside the inner space, the airway channels are connected to the adjacent airway channels; the blocks having the same or different sizes, whereby larger blocks create lower pitched sounds, while smaller blocks create higher pitched sounds; the blocks having the same or different materials to let the instrument produce different sounds; the musical instrument being mounted either onto or inside of the body of the building block, or being permanently encased within the material of a block; and an air source to be attached to the plurality of building blocks to provide an air flow to each aerophone instrument.. .


Humeral arthroplasty

Arthroplasty components include an articular surface and a bone-facing surface. The bone-facing surface includes a concave arrangement of planar surfaces which converge as they approach a middle portion of the articular surface.
Catalyst Orthopaedics Llc


Method and apparatus to account for transponder tagged objects used during medical procedures

Medical procedure related objects (e.g., instruments, supplies) tagged with transponders may be accounted for in a medical procedure environment via a medical object accounting system using a number of antennas, and optional readers. A first set of antennas may be configured to interrogate sterile fields and/or non-sterile fields which do not encompass a body of a patient to account for the objects proximate a start and an end of a medical procedure.
Rf Surgical Systems, Inc.


System and visual confirmation of pulmonary vein isolation during abalation procedures

The present disclosure relates to ablation instruments and methods of use thereof, in particular to ablation catheters and methods for providing visual confirmation of pulmonary isolation during an ablation procedure and preferably, in real-time.. .
Cardiofocus, Inc.


Curved cannula surgical system control

A robotic surgical system is configured with rigid, curved cannulas that extend through the same opening into a patient's body. Surgical instruments with passively flexible shafts extend through the curved cannulas.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity

An articulated surgical instrument for enhancing the performance of minimally invasive surgical procedures. The instrument has a high degree of dexterity, low friction, low inertia and good force reflection.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Electrode configurations for surgical instruments

An end effector includes a first electrically conductive layer and a second electrically conductive layer comprising an electrically conductive projection extending from the second electrically conductive layer, wherein at least one of the first electrically conductive layer and the electrically conductive projection is movable relative to the other one of the first electrically conductive layer and the electrically conductive projection to capture tissue therebetween.. .
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Surgical instrument and use thereof

A surgical instrument for use during arthroscopic surgery comprising an elongated member, a handle, a tool disposed at the opposite end from the handle of the elongated member, and a reflecting member disposed along the elongated member and configured to reflect a line of sight of an arthroscope during arthroscopic surgery. Methods of using the surgical instrument, and a sterilizable kit comprising one or more surgical instruments, are also disclosed..
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Beamforming method, measurement and imaging instruments, and communication instruments

Beamforming method that allows a high speed and high accuracy beamforming with no approximate interpolations. This beamforming method includes step (a) that generates reception signals by receiving waves arrival from a measurement object; and step (b) that performs a beamforming with respect to the reception signals generated by step (a); and step (b) including without performing wavenumber matching including approximate interpolation processings with respect to the reception signals, and the reception signals are fourier's transformed in the axial direction and the calculated fourier's transform is multiplied to a complex exponential function expressed using a wavenumber of the wave and a carrier frequency to perform wavenumber matching in the lateral direction and further, the product is fourier's transformed in the lateral direction and the calculated result is multiplied to a complex exponential function, from which an effect of the lateral wavenumber matching is removed, to perform wavenumber matching in the axial direction, by which an image signal is generated..


Clip-on mounting assembly for musical instruments

Devices that allow for the attachment of one or more accessory instruments to a host instrument are disclosed, including a mounting assembly which permits the removable attachment of one or more percussion accessory instruments to a drum hoop. In some embodiments, attachment can be accomplished at least partially via a magnetic force provided by a magnet within or attached to the mounting assembly..
Drum Workshop, Inc.


Keyboard for musical instruments having improved ergonomics

A keyboard for musical instruments includes black keys of a different size with respect to standard keyboards, in order to improve the ergonomics thereof. .


Global pollution control system employing hybrid incentive trade instruments and related establishing market values

A computerized trading exchange (“cte”) for trading hybrid incentive trade instruments (“hitis”) having underlying value associated with cads (captured agglomerated diesel soot) or other carbon containing feed materials (occfm) which have been processed using thermochemical conversion processes. The cte may use a computerized storage device configured to store details selected from at least one of certificates, futures, options, forwards, swaps, and spreads associated with the buying and selling of the hitis.
Dearborn Financial, Inc.


System and issuing prepaid negotiable instruments

Pre-paid negotiable instruments are issued in response to a request at a host system from the holder of a stored-value account. The request is made through an ivr system or a web interface, and the host allocates funds from the account and provides a balance remaining after the negotiable instrument is issued.
First Data Corporation


Dual-slot, quick service terminal for identifying customers using legacy customer identification instruments

Apparatus for providing a qst are disclosed herein. The qst may identify a customer in response to a swipe of a customer identifying instrument.
Bank Of America Corporation


Tendon-actuated articulating instruments, and related systems

A steerable device may comprise an elongate, flexible body comprising a plurality of articulatable segments along at least part of a length of the body, a plurality of coil pipes extending in a spiral configuration along the articulatable segments, a plurality of tendons respectively received within the plurality of coil pipes, and an actuator coupled to the plurality of tendons, the actuator being configured to apply an actuation force to the tendons to selectively actuate articulation of the articulatable segments.. .
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Path planning and collision avoidance for movement of instruments in a radiation therapy environment

Apparatus and methods for therapy delivery are disclosed. In one embodiment, a therapy delivery system includes a plurality of movable components including a radiation therapy nozzle and a patient pod for holding a patient, a patient registration module for determining a desired position of at least one of the plurality of movable components, and a motion control module for coordinating the movement of the least one of the plurality of movable components from a current position to the desired position.
Vision Rt Limited


Sterilization tray for instruments

A system for storing instruments is provided. The system includes a tray including at least one tray end.
Estes Design And Manufacturing, Inc.


Flexible and steerable elongate instruments with shape control and support elements

An instrument having a flexible and elongated body includes at least a lumen and a flex member disposed within the lumen. The flex member may be capable of providing steering control to a first portion of the elongate body while providing load bearing support to a second portion of the elongate body.
Hansen Medical, Inc.


System and image-guided arthroscopy

Configurations are described for conducting minimally invasive medical diagnoses and interventions utilizing elongate instruments and assemblies comprising one or more imaging devices, and one or more remote retraction and distraction devices. Retraction and distraction devices, such as balloons, mechanical retraction members, and/or trocar screw geometries may be utilized to access, investigate, and intervene at the joint capsule, or inside of the joint capsule.
Reprise Technologies, Llc


Adjustable venting for hearing instruments

An ear tip apparatus for use with a hearing device is provided and comprises a malleable structure. The malleable structure is sized and configured for placement in an ear canal of a user.
Earlens Corporation


Locking string-end for musical instruments

The disclosed locking string-end for musical instruments is an elongated string-end which is attached to the string in half of its length. After passing the elongated string-end through holes in the bridge and the tuning post, the string is bent at the point it is attached to the string-end to about 90 degrees, forming a “t” shaped end with the top part of the “t” being longer than the diameter of the hole in the tuning peg, preventing the string from coming out of the tuning peg hole, thus locking the string in place for tuning..


Systems and methods for onsite or remote dispensing of credit instruments

Systems and methods for instantly granting, issuing and dispensing a credit instrument to an applicant, by a credit instrument issuer, responsive to a credit instrument application, comprising creating a credit instrument application, on behalf of an applicant, using an application creation computing device, sending the credit instrument application to a data collection server, verifying the applicant vs identity and obtaining a credit instrument application decision, and if the credit instrument application decision is a decline notifying the applicant, otherwise notifying the applicant and dispensing a credit instrument including the credit instrument parameters.. .
Think Cards Intellectual Property Corp.


Selecting a preferred payment instrument

Selecting payment instruments for proxy card transactions comprises associating a plurality of financial accounts with a user proxy account; establishing a model for the user account based on configuration data received from a user, the model comprising identification of a particular financial account to use as a backing instrument for a transaction; receiving data associated with a pending transaction regarding the pending transaction; identifying a financial account to use as a backing instrument for the pending transaction based on a comparison of the model with the pending transaction data; receiving a selection of an alternate financial account to use instead of the identified financial account as the backing instrument; modifying the model account based on the selection of the alternate financial account and the data associated with the pending transaction; and utilizing the modified model in a subsequent selection of a financial account for a subsequent transaction.. .
Google Inc.


New uses of smartphones and comparable mobile digital terminal devices

New uses of smartphones (1, 1′) and comparable mobile digital terminal devices are proposed. This includes uses of a digital terminal device, preferably in the form of a mobile device such as a smartphone or the like, wherein special application software (app) is stored and run on the terminal device and wherein the terminal device (1) is advantageously used together with a holding device (2) arranged or to be arranged on the head of a user (5), particularly in accordance with ep 2 103 862 or ep 2 562 462 or us 2012/0175394 or de 20 2009 009 326 or de 24 20 2013 000 740, so that the hands (6) of the user (5) are free and thus additional application possibilities arise during the use of the terminal device (1), for example by using an external controller.
Readio Gmbh


Environmental lighting system and method

A photography lighting system operative to impart patterns of complimentary colors that mimic the ambient light of natural surroundings creating a faithful rendering of the subject. The patterns include sinusoidal (sine waves) and other shapes that act to blend the colors and also help to accentuate a three-dimensional rendering of the subject.


Circuit and providing a stable display for eddy current instruments

A rotary bolt hole eddy current inspection scanner using a differential eddy current probe, the circuitry of the scanner is embodied with a filtering circuit with three filters: fir (finite impulse response), a low pass filter, and a phase control filter (by means of a hilbert transform). The result from a scan of a bolt hole is an output signal on an impedance plane exhibiting a “backwards 6” shape of stable size when the scanner changes its rotating rate significantly..
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas Inc.


Method for the realization of a survival module and survival module

The invention relates to a method for the realization of a survival module which comprises the following steps: a) forming a prototype of the module provided with a structure theoretically resistant to the stresses determined by the collapse of a building by means of the calculation of the force exerted; b) dispose, within said prototype, measuring instruments capable of recording data relating to acceleration and pressure; c) set a threshold value for the data detected by said measuring instruments; d) placing the prototype so equipped inside or in the vicinity of a building, in an area affected by the collapse or its consequences; e) determine the building to collapse, and: f1) in case of exceeding said threshold value, repeating the design of the prototype; f2) in case of not exceeding said threshold value, using the design data of the prototype for the subsequent production of survival module. .


New family of discriminating molecules for neutron and gamma rays and ionic liquids

The invention concerns a new family of discriminating molecules for neutron rays and gamma rays, and method for preparing the same. These molecules are also useful to detect radiation (x, gamma, electrons, protons, ions), and hence for the manufacture of instruments for radiation detection, industrial or medical dosimetry..
UniversitÉ De Strasbourg


Adjustable surgical instrument stringer, tray system, and sterilization

An adjustable surgical instrument stringer, tray system, and method of sterilization comprising, in general, a one or more axis adjustable stringer to be inserted into the finger rings or ring handles of the surgical instruments to sequentially group the surgical instruments, a surgical instrument tray and lid configured with a pattern of sterilization apertures, the lid having two or more recessed valleys configured to receive the stringer of ringed surgical instruments and releasably hold the surgical instrument therein.. .
Restore Medical Solutions, Inc.


Cleaning surgical instruments

An apparatus for cleaning a surgical instrument includes an elongate member having a first end and a second end configured for disposal within a cavity of a surgical instrument. The elongate member defines a longitudinal channel and a plurality of apertures extending transversely through the elongate member.
Covidien Lp


System for determining nerve direction to a surgical instrument

System for performing surgical procedures and assessments, including the use of neurophysiology-based monitoring to determine nerve proximity and nerve direction to surgical instruments employed in accessing a surgical target site.. .
Nuvasive, Inc.


Tug a tune

The present invention is a leash, collar, harness, and jacket for pet animals that embodies air-activated sound making devices, such as air sacks with reeds, whistles, horns, bells and shakers to allow for one way or two way communications between an animal and a human. Said sound making device is made of a reed embedded in an air pocket or air pouch or idiophone instruments attached to a leash, harness, collar or jacket.


Patch bay elysium

The present invention provides a patch bay with an input selector switch beneath each input of the front panel. The device provides convenience and routing flexibility when using a patch bay by including a multi-position input-select switch, knob or push button on front panel to choose the desired input.


Method and system for real-time synthesis of an acoustic environment

A method or system is provided for real-time synthesis in a rehearsal space of an acoustic environment of a target space. Microphones, pick-ups or other devices are used to separately record the singing or instruments.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University



The recordernizer is a storage/organizing device for soprano recorder woodwind instruments. It holds 20 recorders.


Percussion, wind and rattling instrument and musical-instrument arrangement

A percussion, wind and rattling instrument with a hollow resonating body is provided. The resonating body has a striking surface.


Collapsible surgical training laparoscopic procedures

A laparoscopic surgery training kit and method is disclosed. The laparoscopic surgery training kit has improved portability and storability because it is collapsible and foldable.


System and financial matching

A trading platform for trading financial instruments, and in particular for clearing odd lots, that provides the ability to receive, manage, match, and supervise orders. In an exemplary embodiment, the trading platform includes computer software modules and provides graphical user interfaces to handle the process of entering orders for desired positions, monitor the status of open positions, and obtain data in connection order requests.
Tradeweb Markets Llc


Method for creating a secondary market for non-publically traded privately placed securities

The present invention is directed to in one embodiment a method for creating a secondary market for the auction based sale and transfer of any and all non-publically traded, private placed and/or restricted, securities, debt instruments and other financial derivatives (commonly referred to herein generally as “privately placed securities”).. .


Algorithmic model to allow for order completion at settlement or at close using exchange mandated rules for settlement determination

A system and method for managing and processing market-on-close orders for financial instruments by dynamically employing trading strategies according to settlement rules for financial instruments is provided. Techniques disclosed can include the use of an execution model that allows a trader to submit a moc order using a trading system.
Fidessa Plc


Autonomous instrument concurrency management

An autonomous concurrency management (acm) subsystem enables test instruments (operating as servers) to reliably and efficiently handle a variety of seamless multi-device-under-test (multi-dut) scenarios and with minimal cooperation from the original equipment manufacturer (oem) client software (e.g. Test plans, hardware abstraction layer, etc.).
National Instruments Coporation


Thermo-controllable high-density chips for multiplex analyses

The present invention provides miniaturized instruments for conducting chemical reactions where control of the reaction temperature is desired or required. Specifically, this invention provides chips and optical systems for performing and monitoring temperature-dependent chemical reactions.
Wafergen, Inc.


Method for removing sulfur compounds from sour gas streams and hydrogen rich streams

The present invention relates to a process for purifying a gas stream comprising hydrogen sulfide or mercaptans, or mixtures thereof. The gas stream can be a sour natural gas stream, a landfill gas or an industrial gas stream.
Terravire Corporation


Instruments for setting acetabular cup

A cup and a temporary insert are respectively configured to be tightly press fitted into each other along their periphery. The temporary insert includes a through hole communicating outside with a free space between the outer surface of the temporary insert and the inner surface of the cup.


Surgical instrument organizer

This is a surgical instrument organizational device for use during medical procedures where instruments are being used. This invention is designed to hold numerous instruments upright and easily accessible.


Deployment mechanisms for multi-function surgical instruments

A surgical instrument includes an end effector assembly having first and second jaw members movable between a spaced-apart position and an approximated position. A trigger assembly is movable between an un-actuated position and an actuated position.
Covidien Lp


Deployment mechanism for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument includes an end effector assembly and a deployment mechanism for deploying a proximal hub associated with an energizable member between proximal and distal positions. The deployment mechanism includes a rotatable shaft, a cord including a proximal end engaged to the rotatable shaft and a distal end engaged to the proximal hub, a biasing member positioned to bias the proximal hub towards the distal position, and a gear assembly operably coupled to the rotatable shaft.
Covidien Lp


Deployment mechanisms for surgical instruments

A deployment mechanism for selectively deploying and retracting an energizable member and/an insulative member relative to an end effector assembly of a surgical instrument includes one or more actuators, a clutch assembly, and a drive assembly. The clutch assembly is configured to couple to the actuator(s) to provide rotational motion in the first direction in response to such rotation of the actuator(s) and to decouple from the actuator(s) in response to rotation thereof in the second direction.
Covidien Lp


Multi-function surgical instruments

A surgical instrument includes a housing, an energizable member, a powered deployment assembly, and a cable assembly. The energizable member is configured to supply electrosurgical energy to tissue, and is movable between a storage position and a deployed position.
Covidien Lp


Deployment mechanisms for multi-function surgical instruments

A surgical instrument includes a housing, a shaft, an end effector assembly disposed at the distal end of the shaft, a deployable assembly movable relative to the end effector assembly between a storage position and a deployed position, and a selector assembly. The selector assembly includes a selector member extending from the housing.
Covidiep Lp


Deployment mechanism for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument includes a housing, an energizable member, a proximal hub, and a deployment mechanism. The energizable member is movable between a storage position and a deployed position.
Covidien Lp


Bone anchors and surgical instruments with integrated guide tips

Bone anchors and surgical instruments (e.g., bone taps, drivers, etc.) are disclosed herein that include integrated guide tips. Use of these anchors or instruments can eliminate one or more of the steps in a conventional bone anchor installation procedure, improving surgical efficiency and safety.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Soft tissue reconstruction

Methods and instruments for reconstructing soft tissues of a skeletal joint such as for example of the foot or hand are presented.. .
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Surgical stapling instruments with rotatable staple deployment arrangements

A surgical stapling instrument. Various embodiments include an actuation system for selectively generating a plurality of control motions.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc


Percutaneous coronary intervention (pci) planning interface and associated devices, systems, and methods

A method of evaluating a vessel of a patient is provided. The method includes outputting, to a display device, a screen display including: a visualization based on pressure measurements obtained from a first instrument and a second instrument positioned within the vessel of the patient while the second instrument is moved longitudinally through the vessel and the first instrument remains stationary within the vessel; and a visual representation of a vessel; receiving a user input to modify the visualization to simulate a therapeutic procedure; and updating the screen display, in response to the user input, including modifying the visualization based on the user input.
Volcano Corporation


Acoustic highlighting of interventional instruments

A system for highlighting an instrument in an image includes a probe (122) for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic energy and a marker device (120) configured to respond to a received ultrasonic signal and emit an ultrasonic signal after a delay. A medical instrument (102) includes the marker device.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Percutaneous coronary intervention (pci) planning interface with pressure data and vessel data and associated devices, systems, and methods

Devices, systems, and methods directed to evaluating a vessel of a patient are provided. The method includes outputting, to a display, a screen display including: a visual representation of a pressure ratio of pressure measurements obtained by first and second instruments positioned within a vessel while the second instrument is moved longitudinally through the vessel and the first instrument remains stationary within the vessel; and a visual representation of the vessel; receiving a user input to modify one of the visual representations of the pressure ratio and the vessel to simulate a therapeutic procedure; and updating the screen display, in response to the user input, including: modifying the selected one of the visual representation of the pressure ratio and the vessel based on the received user input; and correspondingly modifying the unselected one of the visual representation of the pressure ratio and the vessel..
Volcano Corporation


Handle remote control for use with bronchoscopy navigation system

A surgical system includes an extended working channel, a magnetic field generator, a sensor, a workstation, a computer readable recording medium, and a remote control handle. The extended working channel is sized for insertion into the working channel of a bronchoscope and to receive one or more instruments therethrough.
Covidien Lp


Systems and methods for creating customized music arrangements

Systems and methods for creating customized music arrangements based on multiple criteria are provided herein. A user selects a musical composition and provides ensemble information about an ensemble, such as the number of instruments, instrument types, and playing ability of each member of an ensemble to the system.
Nicechart Llc


Fully-adjustable capo for stringed musical instruments

A tuning apparatus for a musical instrument is provided. The apparatus includes a clamp, a plurality of string-contacting members, and a string-contacting member spacing adjustment mechanism.


Device, method and system of automatically defining a financial instrument

Devices, systems and methods of automatically defining financial derivative instruments. For example, a computer-based method may include receiving, by a computing device, an input sequence including a sequence of a plurality of input tokens; and based on the input sequence, defining, by the computing device, a financial derivative instrument by determining, based on the plurality of input tokens, values of a plurality of parameters configuring the financial derivative instrument..
Super Derivatives, Inc.


Automatic closed loop payment redemption

Redeeming closed loop payment instruments in wallet account transactions comprises a payment system server configured to associate financial accounts with a payment account of a user, comprising at least one closed loop account. The server receives, from a card network, a first payment authorization request originating from a merchant, comprising the payment account identifier and a request to fund a transaction.
Google Inc.


Visualized biochip and simultaneously detecting a variety of antibiotics, illegal additives and biotoxins

The present invention provides a biochip for simultaneously detecting a variety of antibiotics, illegal additives and biotoxins in a visualized manner, wherein the biochip comprises a chip carrier fixed with a group of detection target antigens, the detection targets are the antibiotics, the illegal additives and the biotoxins, and the biochip is prepared by the following method: enabling the bovine serum albumin and the detection target antigens to perform sample application operation on the chip carrier through a biochip preparation system by taking bovine serum albumin as blank control, and then fixing in a water bath at 20-37° c. For 0.5-4 h for preparation.
Nanjing Xiangzhong Biotechnology Co., Ltd


Method and kit for assessing viable cells

The present invention provides simple, rapid methods and procedures for analyzing cells, hereunder quantitative and qualitative assessment of cells, such as viability. The present invention relates to the use of various optionally substituted reporter compounds particularly detectable upon their reaction with thiol-containing species present in higher concentrations in intact (e.g., living) cells than in non-intact (e.g., dead, stressed and apoptotic) cells.
Chemometec A/s


Liquid crystal display device

Because liquid crystal display devices according to the present invention characteristically prevent a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of a liquid crystal layer and reduces the occurrence of display defects, such as burn-in, the liquid crystal display devices are particularly useful as liquid crystal display devices in ips mode and ffs mode for active-matrix driving and can be applied to household electrical appliances, automobiles, production facilities, measuring and analytical instruments, and communication devices.. .


Method and apparatus to control sample carryover in analytical instruments

A method and apparatus are disclosed which enable the reduction of sample carryover in the measurement cell of an analytical instrument. A sample cell is defined as a region sealed within a first o-ring.
Wyatt Technology Corporation


Spinal implants and instruments

An intervertebral spacer inserter includes a sleeve having a longitudinal axis, a hollow sleeve bore extending through the sleeve along the longitudinal axis, a sleeve tip end and an opening of a passage disposed in the sleeve tip end. The passage extends into the sleeve to the sleeve shaft along a passage axis that intersects the longitudinal axis at an angle less than about 90°.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Supporting base for medical instruments

Described is a supporting base (1) for medical instruments (2), comprising a supporting layer (3) having a relative visible front surface (4) and a relative rear surface (5) opposite the visible surface (4); the supporting layer (3) also has a plurality of holes (6) extending from the front surface (4) towards the rear surface (5); more specifically, the supporting layer has a gripping portion (9) positioned on the rear surface (5) and irreversibly joined to the supporting layer (3) to form a single body with said supporting layer (3). The supporting base (1) has at least one opening (17) for inserting, in use, a medical instrument (2), positioned at each hole (6) and extending from the front surface (4) towards the rear surface (5) and through the gripping portion (9)..
Egmedical S.r.l.


Pouch for medical instruments and devices

A pouch is formed from one or more webs of material that provide at least one absorbent surface. The pouch further includes an integral flap, which may be folded over the opening, or entrance, of the pouch so as to maintain the contents of the pouch in place and to help retain moisture within the pouch.
Westfield Medical Limited


Surgical instruments for tensioning tissue

A surgical instrument can comprise an end effector including a plurality of jaws which can be configured to compress tissue therebetween. The end effector can further comprise one or more electrodes which can be configured to direct a flow of electrical current through the tissue in order to heat the tissue and denature collagen and/or other proteins within the tissue.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc


Low friction rod persuader

instruments are provided for shifting elongate members, such as spinal rods, with respect to coupling members of spinal fixation systems. The instruments include a low friction drive mechanism having one or more rolling elements that ride along a helical groove or track in order to transform rotational movement of a drive member into linear shifting of a reducer member that shifts the elongate member.
Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.


Novel techniques for reduction of basilar invagination and atlanto axial dislocation and surgical instruments thereof

The present invention pertains to the field of neurosurgery and describes new methods to reduce basilar invagination (bi) and atlanto-axial dislocation (aad). The invention further discloses novel surgical instruments useful in reducing basilar invagination (bi) and atlanto-axial dislocation (aad).
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences


Porous spacers, instruments, and methods for foot and ankle fusion

Porous spacers (100) are provided for foot and ankle fusion. The porous spacers disclosed herein may be implanted between separate bones of a joint or between two segments of a single bone following an osteotomy procedure.
Zimmer, Inc.


Wireless foot controller

The invention includes systems and methods for controlling devices including surgical instruments using a wireless footswitch. The systems of the invention include a wireless footswitch, a footswitch adapter, and an electric console for powering and controlling surgical instruments.
Linvatec Corporation


Illuminated surgical utility table

Accordingly, on one aspect, an illuminated utility table is provided that includes: a planar table top having a horizontal surface for a package of wrapped instruments to be placed thereon, wherein the table top is at least one of transparent and translucent; a table frame, wherein the table top is removably coupled to the table frame; and a light source, wherein the light source is coupled to the table and configured to shine light vertically upward through the table top for inspection of the package wrapped placed on the table top.. .


Wallet for rolling smokable instruments

The present invention relates to smoking devices. More particularly, the present device is a wallet constructed from foldable material that includes rolling papers, filters, a rolling tray and storage for cleaned smoking material as well as rolled smoking material.
Volo Trade, Inc.


Modular solid state lighting apparatus platform with local and remote microprocessor control

A solid state lighting platform comprised of one or more modular lighting instruments each of which are comprised of an enclosure, driver/logic module(s) governed by a microprocessor and a unique array of emitter boards consisting of a multitude of lighting elements. The lighting instruments may joined together using magnets embedded in the enclosure(s) and receive control instructions from a smart device or any other light on the wired or wireless network.

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