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Shroud retention arrangement for sterilizable surgical instruments

Ethicon Endo-surgery

Shroud retention arrangement for sterilizable surgical instruments

Device for displaying flight characteristics of an aircraft, aircraft instruments, and related  method

Dassault Aviation

Device for displaying flight characteristics of an aircraft, aircraft instruments, and related method

Device for displaying flight characteristics of an aircraft, aircraft instruments, and related  method

Interchangeable mouthpieces for brass instruments

Date/App# patent app List of recent Instruments-related patents
 Porous spacers, instruments, and methods for foot and ankle fusion patent thumbnailnew patent Porous spacers, instruments, and methods for foot and ankle fusion
Porous spacers (100) are provided for foot and ankle fusion. The porous spacers disclosed herein may be implanted between separate bones of a joint or between two segments of a single bone following an osteotomy procedure.
Zimmer, Inc.
 Tissue treatment apparatus and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Tissue treatment apparatus and methods
Disclosed are apparatus, method, devices and instruments, including an apparatus that includes a flexible waveguide coupled to a supporting structure, and further coupled to a treatment tip. The apparatus also includes a beam controller to control application of a radiation beam emitted from the flexible waveguide to distribute the beam over an area different than an area covered by direct application of the beam to a single location on a target tissue.
Lumenis Ltd.
 Suction tip for surgical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Suction tip for surgical instruments
A suction tip for a surgical instrument includes a hollow housing having a top flat wall and a bottom flat wall and including a proximal end and a distal end. The distal end has a widened tip portion that is wider than the proximal end.
 Biopsy and sutureless device patent thumbnailnew patent Biopsy and sutureless device
A dermal punch device for automatically extracting a sample of tissue of a predetermined size and shape from a body comprising a retractable cutter and a sutureless biopsy closure mechanism that includes a wound closure fastener member adapted to be disposed over a biopsy region after the performance of the biopsy, wherein wound closure fastener member is automatically applied without the need of several instruments to seal the wound. The wound closure fastener member is dispensed by a sutureless biopsy closure dispenser located at the same distal end of the biopsy punch device surrounding the biopsy punch cutter assembly avoiding the need of separates instruments, reducing the wound closing steps and surgical procedure time..
 Solid forms for tissue repair patent thumbnailnew patent Solid forms for tissue repair
This invention provides coral-based scaffolds for cartilage repair, and instruments for insertion and utilization of same within a site of cartilage repair.. .
Cartiheal (2009) Ltd.
 Cleaning system for an image plate readout device patent thumbnailnew patent Cleaning system for an image plate readout device
The invention relates to a cleaning system for a set of instruments associated or in contact with an image plate readout device, as well as to a readout device comprising the cleaning system. The cleaning, system comprises a disinfecting element, which emits electromagnetic radiation and/or ultrasonic radiation capable of destroying disease carriers, and which is adapted to emit said radiation towards an image plate conveyor mechanism encompassed by the image plate readout device..
Palodex Group Oy
 Device for displaying flight characteristics of an aircraft, aircraft instruments, and related  method patent thumbnailnew patent Device for displaying flight characteristics of an aircraft, aircraft instruments, and related method
A device for displaying flight characteristics of an aircraft is provided. The device includes a display for the selective display of flight characteristics of an aircraft, as a function of a state of credibility assigned to measurements from static pressure, total pressure and incidence sensors, configured for selectively displaying a primary set of flight characteristics comprising at least one flight characteristic coming from a measurement from one of said sensors, when the measurements from said sensors are deemed reliable, and a secondary set of flight characteristics, distinct from said primary set, comprising at least one secondary flight characteristic designed to replace a counterpart flight characteristic from the primary set, when the measurements from at least one sensor are deemed unreliable, said secondary flight characteristic being independent of any measurement by the or each sensor deemed unreliable done when the measurements from that sensor are deemed unreliable..
Dassault Aviation
 Closure indicator systems for surgical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Closure indicator systems for surgical instruments
A surgical instrument system can comprise a surgical instrument and an end effector, wherein the end effector can comprise a distal end, a proximal connection portion configured to attach the end effector to the surgical instrument, a first jaw, and a second jaw movable relative to the first jaw, wherein the second jaw is movable between an open orientation, a partially-closed orientation, and a closed orientation. The end effector can further comprise at least one sensor configured to detect the orientation of the second jaw and an array of indicators configured to simulate the orientation of the second jaw..
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
 Secondary battery arrangements for powered surgical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Secondary battery arrangements for powered surgical instruments
A power system, for powering a surgical instrument including an end effector and a motor configured to generate at least one motion to effectuate the end effector, includes a primary power source configured to supply a first power to operate the surgical instrument, wherein the primary power source is detachable from the surgical instrument, a secondary power source configured to supply a second power to operate the surgical instrument when the primary power source is detached from the surgical instrument, wherein the secondary power source is rechargeable, and wherein the primary power source is configured to charge the secondary power system, and a power management circuit configured to selectively transmit the first power from the primary power source and the secondary power from the secondary power source to operate the surgical instrument.. .
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
 Torque optimization for surgical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Torque optimization for surgical instruments
A control system having speed management control. The control system can be in signal communication with a battery, and the battery can be coupled to a motor.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
new patent

Conductor arrangements for electrically powered surgical instruments with rotatable end effectors

A surgical instrument that includes a housing that has an elongated shaft assembly attached thereto that is configured to be rotated relative to the housing. The surgical instrument further includes a conductor arrangement that facilitates transfer of electrical power or current from a power source which may be located in the housing or external to the housing to a distal portion of the elongated shaft assembly or to a surgical end effector coupled thereto.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
new patent

Motor-powered articulatable surgical instruments

A motor driven surgical instrument that includes a surgical end effector configured to perform at least one surgical procedure in response to firing motions applied thereto from a firing system. The surgical instrument further includes an articulation system that is configured to facilitate articulation of the end effector relative to an elongated tool axis.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
new patent

Firing trigger lockout arrangements for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument system can comprise, one, a surgical instrument including a handle, a shaft comprising a distal end, and a trigger and, two, an end effector attachable to the shaft. The instrument can further include a firing member and a motor configured to move the firing member toward the distal end, wherein the trigger is configured to operate the motor.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
new patent

Firing member retraction devices for powered surgical instruments

A surgical instrument that includes a motor-powered drive unit that drives a portion of a firing member assembly in an axial direction to actuate a surgical end effector coupled to the instrument. The instrument may further include a retraction system configured to interact with the firing member assembly to permit a clinician to manually retract the portion of the firing member assembly should it become jammed or inadvertently stopped during a firing process.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
new patent

Shroud retention arrangement for sterilizable surgical instruments

A surgical instrument comprises a shaft, an end effector extending distally from the shaft, and a housing extending proximally from the shaft. The housing comprises a first shroud portion, a second shroud portion, a working assembly nested in the first shroud portion, wherein the working assembly is detachable from the first shroud portion, wherein the second shroud portion is removably couplable to the first shroud portion to permit the working assembly to be detached from the first shroud portion, and at least one securing member movable to secure the working assembly to the first shroud portion..
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
new patent

End effector detection systems for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument system can comprise a surgical instrument, a first end effector, and a second end effector, wherein the end effectors are attachable to the surgical instrument. The first end effector can comprise a first set of stored data pertaining to the first end effector, wherein the surgical instrument is configured to ascertain the first set of data and enter a first operating state.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
new patent

Stringed instrument practice device and system

The present invention extends to practice devices and systems for practicing to play stringed instruments. An electronic stringed instrument practice device can be configured to perform one or more of the following: detect when finger positions and/or string to fret contact on a finger or fret board forms an appropriate musical note or musical chord, visually indicate appropriate positions on a finger or fret board for forming a musical note or musical chord, and detect when strings have been selected (e.g., strummed).
Pocket Strings, Llc
new patent

Interchangeable mouthpieces for brass instruments

Musicians skilled in the specialization of brasswind instruments often desire to work out the facial muscles in preparation for a wide range of tonal registries. Most mouthpieces for particular brasswind instruments come in a very small variation of diameters and cup depths.
new patent

Analyte-testing instruments

An instrument adapted to determine an analyte concentration of a fluid sample using a test sensor is disclosed. The instrument comprises a display adapted to display information to a user, a user-interface mechanism adapted to allow the user to interact with the instrument, a first test-sensor cartridge, and a body portion including at least a first opening and a second opening formed therein.
Bayer Healthcare Llc

Digital recording and replay system for an aircraft and reproduction of onboard instrumentation of an aircraft

Digital recording and replay system for an aircraft, comprising a mission computer with an operational flight program for generating instrument data for onboard instruments of the aircraft; a mission data recorder connected to said mission computer for recording said instrument data; and a mission debriefing system; wherein the mission debriefing system is configured to reproduce the onboard instruments of the aircraft based on instrument data retrieved from the mission data recorder. Method for reproduction of onboard instrumentation of an aircraft, comprising the steps of connecting a mission data recorder to a mission computer of an aircraft having an operational flight program for generating instrument data for onboard instruments; recording instrument data; providing a mission debrief system and causing it to reproduce the onboard instruments of the aircraft based on instrument data retrieved from the mission data recorder..
Pilatus Flugeugwerke Ag

Method and system of signal representation for ndt/ndi devices

Disclosed is a method and system to provide an improved signal representation of non-destructive test/inspection instruments by proper color display, in order to emulate as closely as possible, the visual rendering effect of those seen in the traditional non-electronic testing, including penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing. The foregoing object of the invention is preferably realized by providing an eddy current or phased array instrument with a color palette module that allows the deployment of an array of color representation system typically used in traditional non-electronic testing methods..
Olympus Ndt Inc.

Chip assembly for reusable surgical instruments

A surgical instrument system is disclosed, the system including a first component and a second component, the first component being a reload assembly and the second component being selected from a group consisting of a handle assembly and an adapter assembly, the surgical instrument system including at least one chip assembly having a housing assembly on the first component, the housing assembly containing a chip, and a plug assembly on the second component, the chip having data for, and being configured to, prevent use of the reload assembly if the reload assembly is unauthorized.. .
Covidien Lp

Chip assembly for reusable surgical instruments

A chip assembly for use in a surgical stapler is provided. The chip assembly includes a housing assembly and a plug assembly.
Covidien Lp

Modified fluoropolymer tubing for robust fluid stream continuity and manufacture

The present invention discloses a section of tubing including a fluoropolmer tubular body which has an interior surface defining a fluid passage through the tubular body. At least a first portion of the interior surface has a first hydrophobicity which is less than that of the remainder of the tubular body.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Scanned 1-d gas plume profile and flux measurements using multiple analysis instruments

A gas concentration image (i.e., concentration vs. Position data) in a cross section through a gas plume is obtained.
Picarro, Inc.

Time protocol based timing system for time-of-flight instruments

Presented herein are systems, methods, and computer-readable media for recording event times in particle detection scenarios. The systems, methods, and computer-readable media involve the identification of one facility device as a grandmaster clock among at least two facility devices of a facility device set, where the respective facility devices are selected from a facility device type set including a beam monitor; a neutron instrument; a neutron chopper; a nuclear reactor; a particle accelerator; a network router; and a user workstation.
General Electric Company

System and issuing prepaid negotiable instruments

Pre-paid negotiable instruments are issued in response to a request at a host system from the holder of a stored-value account. The request is made through an ivr system or a web interface, and the host allocates funds from the account and provides a balance remaining after the negotiable instrument is issued.
First Data Corporation

System and buy-side order matching

Techniques for buy-side order matching in the trading of financial instruments using a centralized matching engine having one or more storage devices including rules and order parameters for a plurality of buy-side parties. The centralized matching engine includes one or more transmitters and receivers communicatively coupled to a network and one or more processors operatively coupled to the one or more storage devices and the one or more transmitters and receivers.
Fidessa Corporation

Facet joint replacement instruments and methods

A facet joint replacement system includes an inferior implant with an inferior articular surface, a superior implant with a superior articular surface, and an optional crossbar. The inferior implant and the superior implant are each polyaxially adjustably connected to fixation elements which anchor the implants to adjacent vertebrae.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc

Instruments and methods for stabilization of bony structures

The present invention relates to a brace installation instrument placement that is mounted to anchors secured in an animal subject. The installation instrument includes anchor extensions coupled to the anchors.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Surgical instruments

A surgical instrument that may include a housing, a transducer engaged with the housing which can produce vibrations, and an end-effector engaged with the transducer. The surgical instrument can further include an adjustable sheath extending from the housing where the sheath is movable relative to the distal tip of the end-effector and where the distance between the distal tip of the sheath and the distal tip of the end-effector can be set such that the sheath can act as a depth stop.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

Curved cannula surgical system control

A robotic surgical system is configured with rigid, curved cannulas that extend through the same opening into a patient's body. Surgical instruments with passively flexible shafts extend through the curved cannulas.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Natural alignment knee instruments

A method for aligning an orthopedic implant in a joint replacement includes determining the bone and cartilage deficiency from an undegenerated state caused by wear of a joint. Then a resection of a bone in the joint is made based on the deficiency of bone and cartilage from the undegenerated state and the size of a joint implant so as to locate the joint surface of the implant in the undegenerated cartilage location.
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

Meniscal probe cutter

instruments and methods that allow for a minimally invasive way to probe, locate, and cut a meniscus during a meniscectomy procedure. The instrument is a single hybrid probe/cutter instrument provided with both probing and cutting means that allow probing and cutting of the meniscus with the same hybrid instrument.
Arthrex, Inc.

Retractor with integrated light source

A surgical retractor that comprises an integrated light source for creating a working space for the access of dissecting instruments employed during an open surgical procedure is described. The retractor is of the type that comprises two elongated arms mechanically connected by a pivot that allows the retractor to move between a closed and an open configuration.
Clear Surgical Limited

Single port device including selectively closeable openings

A surgical port includes a port body having a lumen extending therethrough and a plate having an opening. The port body may be made from foam.
Covidien Lp

Hot-melt adhesive for electric instruments

A hot-melt adhesive for electric instruments, comprising an olefin based modified polymer (a), the olefin based modified polymer (a) being a modified polymer having a functional group containing silicon, is excellent in resistance to an electrolytic solution of a battery (that is, electrolytic solution resistance or solvent resistance), and also exhibits improved adhesion of the hot-melt adhesive to an adherend (plastic film such as a polyimide film) containing the electrolytic solution therein.. .

Medical devices and instruments with non-coated superhydrophobic or superoleophobic surfaces

Device surfaces are rendered superhydrophobic and/or superoleophobic through microstructures and/or nanostructures that utilize the same base material(s) as the device itself without the need for coatings made from different materials or substances. A medical device includes a portion made from a base material having a surface adapted for contact with biological material, and wherein the surface is modified to become superhydrophobic, superoleophobic, or both, using only the base material, excluding non-material coatings.

Articulating surgical stapling instrument incorporating a two-piece e-beam firing mechanism

A surgical severing and stapling instrument, suitable for laparoscopic and endoscopic clinical procedures, clamps tissue within an end effector of an elongate channel pivotally opposed by an anvil. An e-beam firing bar moves distally through the clamped end effector to sever tissue and to drive staples on each side of the cut.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

Detachable controller device for musical instruments

A device that can be temporarily attached to a musical instrument and easily detached without permanent modification to the instrument. The device is comprised of a set of controls attached to circuitry that is used to send digital data to a computer or other hardware to be used for music synthesis, manipulation, or production..
Viditar, Inc.

Particle capture device

In example embodiments, particle collection efficiency in aerosol analyzers and other particle measuring instruments is improved by a particle capture device that employs multiple collisions to decrease momentum of particles until the particles are collected (e.g., vaporized or come to rest). The particle collection device includes an aperture through which a focused particle beam enters.
Aerodyne Research, Inc.

Electronic trading platform and method thereof

A computerized trading system having a plurality of independent trading environments for trading quotes relating to financial instruments received from quoting firms. A multicast data bus provides communication between a matching engine, a plurality of edge applications operating in each independent trading environment, and an order gateway which is common to the plurality of independent trading environments.
Miami International Securities Exchange, Llc

Generating a description of, and an offer to transfer or a solicitation of an offer to acquire, an asset that includes at least one retreatment contract

An embodiment of a method includes generating a description of an asset that includes at least one retreatment contract, and generating an offer to transfer, or a solicitation of an offer to acquire, the asset. The asset may also include one or more instruments other than the at least one retreatment contract.
Elwha Llc

Consolidated retailer-operated electronic payment system

A consolidated electronic payment system operated by a retailer exclusively for its customers is disclosed. Otherwise independent and limited authentication and payment resources are consolidated within the unified system, facilitating broader access at retail checkout to several payment instruments.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Method of providing reference pressures

A method of generating reference pressures by a pressure generator, which generates a reference pressure according to a mass applied to an end face of a piston using a mobile data processor including the steps of: selecting the standard instrument out of a plurality of standard instruments which are measured as regards characteristic properties and the characteristic properties of which are stored in the form of reference data at a central storage location; connecting the mobile data processor to the central storage location and automatically downloading the reference data of the selected standard instrument and storing the same in the mobile data processor; and for processing the reference data, each applied mass and the local environmental data in the measuring environment into the pressure values assigned to the masses applied in each case as the reference pressures of the standard instrument.. .
Wika Alexander Wiegand Se &

Robot for holding and for handling medical instruments and equipment

A robot for holding and for handling medical instruments/equipment (1), in particular retractors, preferably for use in orthopedic operations, comprises a manipulator (2) and an end effector (3) supported on the manipulator (2) for gripping/coupling of the particular instrument (1), wherein means for detecting external parameters relating to the holding situation are provided and wherein the holding/handling function of the robot can be defined on the basis of the identified parameters and optionally with the use of further predeterminable parameters.. .
Ruprecht-karls-universitaet Heidelberg

Method of utilization of high dielectric constant (hdc) materials for reducing sar and enhancing snr in mri

Provided are a spectroscopic method and spectroscopic device for analyzing a region. Layers or coats of materials with high dielectric constant or permittivity with very low conductivity are inserted in between radiofrequency (rf) coil or coil's conductive elements and the sample to enhance the signal to noise ratio (snr), improve image contrast, and reduce the specific absorption rate (sar) of magnetic resonance imaging or magnetic resonance spectroscopy instruments.

Transabdominal gastric surgery system and method

The present disclosure generally relates to a system and method for providing transabdominal gastric surgical access system for medical, endoscopic, and surgical instruments through a percutaneous surgically constructed opening. More particularly, it concerns a delivery system and a surgery system having structures that includes a cannula working channel, an internal and external anchor system, a cap and insertion tool for creating an opening, to provide gastric access through at least one port for the insertion of instruments for medical/surgical procedures..

Sorption exothermicity measurement device and sorption exothermicity measurement method

A sorption exothermicity measurement device (1) mainly includes: an air pump (2) that supplies dry air; a bubbling instrument (3) that humidifies dry air and supplies humidified air; a reaction measuring instrument (4) into which air flows so that the dry air or the humidified air comes in contact with a sample (10) to be measured; and a flow rate measuring instrument (5) that measures the flow rate of at least the humidified air flowing into the reaction measuring instrument (4). The reaction instruments are connected by flow paths through which the dry air or the humidified air flows.
Kaken Test Center

Device for surgical training

A device for surgical training comprising: an external first layer (11, 45) which simulates the subcutaneous fat; a second layer (12, 44) internal to said first layer (11, 45), which simulates the muscle; a fourth layer (16, 17, 42), internal to said second layer (12, 44), which simulates the perirenal fat; a kidney (14, 15, 41), internal to said fourth layer (16, 17, 42); said first, second and fourth layer having a sound propagation velocity between 1500 and 1550 m/s, an acoustic impedance between 1.5 and 1.7 106 kg/sm2, an elastic modulus between 0.4 and 4.2 kpa, and being able to be perforated manually by surgical instruments.. .
Politecnico Di Milano

Tissue-simulation device for learning and training in basic techniques of laparoscopic, endoscopic or minimally-invasive surgery

The simulator device of the present invention has been created ex profeso for being applied in the learning, training and evaluation, mainly of basic techniques of surgery, particularly laparoscopic, endoscopic or minimal invasion techniques, and the use of specialized instruments. It includes a variety of modules or components capable of being assembled into different shapes so as to erect or mount different working stations, specific for different practice exercises, such an incision, manipulation of object, forming suture stitches and surgical knots, as well as other exercises..

System and matchless post-trade processing

Techniques for managing the trading of financial instruments using a central utility including one or more storage devices for storing a set of rules for confirmation in the trading of financial instruments. One or more processors are operatively coupled to the storage devices and one or more transmitters and receivers and configured to receive trade messages sent over a network between a buy-side party and a sell-side party, validate the trade messages between the parties, and generate an electronic file including an enriched trade report based on at least the trade messages, the set of rules, and allocation information including one or more trades.
Fidessa Corporation

Path planning and collision avoidance for movement of instruments in a radiation therapy environment

Apparatus and methods for therapy delivery are disclosed. In one embodiment, a therapy delivery system includes a plurality of movable components including a radiation therapy nozzle and a patient pod for holding a patient, a patient registration module for determining a desired position of at least one of the plurality of movable components, and a motion control module for coordinating the movement of the least one of the plurality of movable components from a current position to the desired position.
Loma Linda University Medical Center

Instruments and methods for the implantation of cell-seeded substrates

Disclosed herein are instruments and methods for delivery of substrates, including cell-seeded substrates, to target tissues requiring treatment for various diseases that induce cell death, damage or loss of function. The substrates are configured to provide cells, including stem cells, with a structural support that allows interconnection with and transmission of biological signals between the cells and the target tissue..

Hybrid suture with monofilament and braided construction

A hybrid monofilament/braided surgical suture that combines a monofilament with a braided construction. The hybrid surgical suture may be formed by braiding yarns of high tenacity fibers tightly over a core in the form of a monofilament yarn.
Arthrex, Inc.

Transapical mitral valve repair method

Methods and devices for repairing a cardiac valve. A minimally invasive procedure includes creating an access in the apex region of the heart through which one or more instruments may be inserted.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore

Backlit surgical instrument support assembly

The subject invention provides a surgical instrument support assembly which includes an enclosure defining an opening; a light transmissive pane located at least partially across the opening and defining a support surface; and, a light source located inside the enclosure for generating light to be transmitted through the light transmissive pane. A sterilizable light transmissive surgical instrument support may be also provided to be disposed over at least a portion of the light transmissive pane.

Surgical articles and methods

Surgical instruments, implantable articles and surgical procedures disclosed for treating medical disorders, particularly incontinence. Improved surgical sling procedures are disclosed.
Ams Research Corporation

High throughput partial wave spectroscopic microscopy and associated systems and methods

The present technology provides methods, systems, and apparatuses to achieve high throughput and high speed acquisition of partial wave spectroscopic (pws) microscopic images. In particular, provided herein are high-throughput, automated partial wave spectroscopy (ht/a-pws) instruments and systems capable of rapid acquisition of pws microscopic images and clinical, diagnostic, and research applications thereof..
Northwestern University

Controlling interdetector band broadening

Methods and apparatus for controlling interdetector band broadening during the analysis of a sample injected into a chromatography system. A column flow is diluted with a dilution flow after the sample exits the chromatography system, and the diluted sample is analyzed by one or a combination of analysis instruments such as a light scattering detector, refractive index detector, an ultraviolet absorption detector..
Wyatt Technology Corporation

Variable density scanning

Systems and techniques for varying a scan rate in a measurement instrument. The techniques may be used in scanning probe instruments, including atomic force microscopes (afms) and other scanning probe microscopes, as well as profilometers and confocal optical microscopes.
Oxford Instruments Plc

Protection of proprietary embedded instruments

A network of storage units has a data path which is at least a portion of the network. The network also has a key storage unit and a gateway storage unit.
Asset Intertech, Inc.

System and programming and controlling instruments

A system comprising one or more program control processors, and a non-volatile computer readable medium storing a computer program instructions operable to cause the one or more program control processors to perform operations is disclosed. The operations include receiving an instruction code, executing the instruction code, and synchronizing one or more pre-defined real-time variables (prvs) with one or more of an industrial hardware peripheral..

Interposer instrumentation method and apparatus

The disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for improving interposers to include embedded monitoring instruments for real time monitoring digital signals, analog signals, voltage signals and temperature sensors located in the interposer. An embedded monitor trigger unit controls the starting and stopping of the real time monitoring operations.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

System and trading financial instruments based on undisclosed values

In electronic trading venues, there may be orders for which the full information is not publicly displayed. For example, the full quantity of an order available for trading or the most aggressive price at which an order can be traded may not be made public.
Bloomberg L.p.

Multi-functional surgical cautery device, system and use

A surgical cautery device, system, and method of use may apply bipolar and/or sesquipolar electrocautery to target tissue via a pair of instruments with other primary surgical functions. The surgical cautery device and system may include first and second elements capable of forming an electrical circuit.

System and inhibiting injury to a patient during laparoscopic surgery

This group of inventions provides means and methods for preventing the damaging portions of surgical tools, such as laparoscopic devices, from adversely contacting tissues and organs that are not in the desired field of surgery. As such, the present disclosure pertains to any form of a warning or positioning device or methods, including those that are facilitated via software that are adapted and arranged for use in tracking portions of surgical instruments during laparoscopic surgery or other medical procedures.

Introductory assembly and inserting intracardiac instruments

An introduction assembly and method for the insertion of medical instruments through a thoracic passage into a selected one of either the left or right atrium of the heart. Catheters or other instruments dedicated to performing required cardiac maneuvers are passed through an introductory sheath having a distal end disposed within the targeted atrium.

Endodontic instrument with narrow radial lands

An improved endodontic instrument has a uniform tapered working length with at least two helical shaped flutes and spiraled lands having a land width no greater than 0.101 mm as measured in a plane perpendicular the central axis of rotation of instrument. The land width is preferably constant along the working length but may vary provided it does not exceed 0.101 mm.

Hearing aid fitting systems and methods using sound segments representing relevant soundscape

Disclosed herein are systems and methods enabling hearing aid fitting by a non-expert consumer. The method in one embodiment involves delivering a sequence of test audio signals corresponding to natural sound segments to a non-acoustic input of a programmable hearing device in-situ, while allowing the consumer to adjust fitting parameters based perceptual assessment of hearing device output.
Ihear Medical, Inc.

Quantum chemical analysis

A new trend in chemical analysis is introduced including design of new instruments used for counting of molecules and enantiomers in a given solution. The method is mainly based on quantum optics and quantum chemistry which are the reasons for the expression “quantum chemical analysis”.

System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites

In the color imaging system, multiple rendering devices are provided at different nodes along a network. Each rendering device has a color measurement instrument for calibrating the color presented by the rendering device.
Rah Color Technologies Llc

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