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Date/App# patent app List of recent Instruments-related patents
 Method and apparatus for facilitating online payment transactions in a network-based transaction facility using multiple payment instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for facilitating online payment transactions in a network-based transaction facility using multiple payment instruments
A method and system for transferring value to a user of a transaction system including receiving from the user a request for value, evaluating the risk involved in providing the value by evaluating information accessible to the transaction system, selectively approving the request for value based on evaluating the risk involved, and distributing the value to the user. The information that is accessible to the transaction system may be stored at the transaction system or separated from the transaction system.
 Standardization and management of over-the-counter financial instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Standardization and management of over-the-counter financial instruments
A method of managing financial products is disclosed. The method includes receiving transaction parameters associated with a financial transaction, determining a standardized financial product, wherein the standardized financial transaction reflects the transaction parameters associated with the financial position, calculating a net present value position between the financial position and the standardized financial product, and clearing the net present value position through a clearing party..
 Computer system for processing third party computer system data including geographic region data patent thumbnailnew patent Computer system for processing third party computer system data including geographic region data
A computer system for processing risk mitigation data includes calculating line-of-business payout factors for computing losses associated with one or more instruments such that the losses substantially replicate industry losses, and is configured to determine payout amounts based on a value of an event index based on a load factor and, for at least two lines of business, a loss index by individual geographic region, and payout factors for selected combinations of individual geographic region and line of business for at least one of one or more risk classes, each risk class representing one or more risks, and reported industry loss data.. .
 Web-based multi-sensor/instrument control system patent thumbnailnew patent Web-based multi-sensor/instrument control system
A system for monitoring and controlling electrical devices has a local central processor with memory for storing an operating and control systems for controlling analog or digital sensors, instruments, and devices. A web browser interfaces with a communications system to exchange data with the local central processor.
 Laboratory instrument control system patent thumbnailnew patent Laboratory instrument control system
Wherein said ui instances control respective virtual pods representing one or more of said biological reagent instruments.. .
 Atraumatic arthroscopic instrument sheath and method patent thumbnailnew patent Atraumatic arthroscopic instrument sheath and method
A removable, resilient atraumatic sheath for arthroscopic instruments. The sheath covers sharp edges on the arthroscopic instrument, particularly the distal tip of the rigid cannula, and thereby protects tissue and objects near a surgical site from accidental trauma.
 Method and applicator for the perioperative disinfection of medical instruments to be inserted through non-natural openings patent thumbnailnew patent Method and applicator for the perioperative disinfection of medical instruments to be inserted through non-natural openings
The invention relates to means and methods for the disinfection of an insertion channel to prevent in particular catheter sepsis, which significantly reduces the carry-over of germs even out of deeper skin layers by means of medical instruments, such as catheters, to be introduced into non-natural openings and also permits the decontamination of perioperatively contaminated medical instruments. The disinfection of the insertion channel is achieved by means of a method for the perioperative coating of a medical instrument to be inserted into an invasively produced bodily opening before use, comprising the application of a preferably viscous or foam-like composition containing at least one anti-infective compound, preferably a gel having octenidine, by means of an applicator, such that when said gel is used, the composition is also specifically effective in the first millimeters of the insertion channel.
 Method and apparatus for determining tumor shift during surgery using a stereo-optical three-dimensional surface-mapping system patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for determining tumor shift during surgery using a stereo-optical three-dimensional surface-mapping system
A system and method for determining intraoperative locations of a lesion in tissue from lesion locations determined in preoperative imaging includes determining three dimensional locations of surface features of the organ in the preoperative images. A preoperative surface map is extracted from stereo images annotated with surface features from preoperative images.
 Security access for a switch device patent thumbnailSecurity access for a switch device
A method for providing user access to a network switch appliance, includes: receiving from a user a request to access configuration item for the network switch appliance, the network switch appliance configured to pass packets received from a network to network monitoring instruments; and determining, using a processing unit, whether to allow the user to access the configuration item for the network switch appliance based on information regarding the user.. .
 Secure integrative vault of consumer payment instruments for use in payment processing system and method patent thumbnailSecure integrative vault of consumer payment instruments for use in payment processing system and method
A system and a method is provided for secure storage of consumers' credentials, financial accounts such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, proprietary gift cards, line of credit accounts, brokerage accounts, loyalty accounts, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, or the like, and storage of consumers' financial, legal or other important documents in an integrative vault providing payment processing access, protection, management, control and auditability over all of the consumers' payment instruments, other instruments, and important documents in a cloud based payment transaction processing environment.. .
Personal surgical center
A personal surgical center embodied as a general purpose computer (e.g. Laptop) with wireless technology for monitoring the operation of an independent surgical center and/or handheld instruments.
Apparatus and method for stabilizing adjacent bone portions
Instruments, kits, and methods are disclosed for installing an implant spacer through an incision and down a surgical corridor. The instruments also serve to align a drill guide and align and insert a spacer stabilizer for stabilization of adjacent bone portions.
Blades with functional balance asymmetries for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments
Disclosed is an ultrasonic surgical instrument that combines blade end-effector geometry to best affect the multiple functions of a shears-type configuration. The shape of the blade is characterized by a radiused cut offset by some distance to form a curved geometry.
Endoscopic snare device
Embodiments of this invention relate to endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical instruments. More specifically, embodiments of this invention relate to an open loop snare device including a means for securely closing the loop.
Systems and methods to identify interventional instruments
Systems and methods which operate to identify interventional instruments and/or other objects in images are shown. Embodiments operate to extract relevant information regarding interventional instruments from a multi-dimensional volume for presenting the information to a user in near real-time with little or no user interaction.
Reduced area imaging device incorporated within endoscopic devices
A reduced area imaging device is provided for use in medical or dental instruments such as an endoscope. The imaging device is provided in various configurations, and connections between the imaging device elements and a video display may be achieved by wired or wireless connections.
Apparatus for evacuation of root canal
In an endodontic procedure, after the working of a root canal by instruments to remove material and shape the walls of the canal, irrigant is supplied via a microcannula. A vacuum is applied via a tube which is inserted partway down the root canal.
Photo-curing of thermoplastic coatings
The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of a medical device element by means of extrusion or injection moulding and to medical devices comprising such extruded or injection moulded medical device elements. The medical device elements (e.g.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes two power cords (70, 80), a plurality of processing sections, a relay (91) and a control section (87). The relay (91) is switched between a conducting state where the two power cords (70, 80) can provide a bilateral supply of power between each other and a cut-off state where they cannot.
Antenna device for hearing instruments and a hearing instrument
An antenna system is provided for hearing instruments to be worn in the auditory canal. A hearing instrument has a data transmission system improved in respect of transmission bandwidth with no increase or only an insignificant increase in space and energy requirement.
Fluid ionization vaporization inlet for introduction of samples to spectroscopy instruments and methods of performing the same
A fluid ionization and vaporization inlet provides for the ionization and vaporization of samples to be delivered to analytical instrumentation of the scientist's choice. A sample may be injected through a septum onto a sample plate whereby heat, direct current, or both can be applied to ionize and/or vaporize the sample into a carrier gas, which is then provided to the analytical instrumentation.
Vocal processing with accompaniment music input
Systems, including methods and apparatus, for generating audio effects based on accompaniment audio produced by live or pre-recorded accompaniment instruments, in combination with melody audio produced by a singer. Audible broadcast of the accompaniment audio may be delayed by a predetermined time, such as the time required to determine chord information contained in the accompaniment signal.
System and methods for valuing and trading intangible properties and instruments
A system and methods providing an exchange network for valuing and trading of intangible instruments, such as one or more rights to an intangible property including a given intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets and/or the rights of publicity). The system and methods permits a party to access a database of the intangible instruments including data relating to identifying value of the instrument.
Methods and devices for cooling spinal tissue
Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for cooling tissue, and in particular for applying therapeutic hypothermia to the spinal canal, tissue disposed within the spinal canal, and nerve roots extending from the spinal canal. Bone screws, intervertebral implants, stabilization rods, spinous process spacers, and other devices are described which define a chamber through which a chilled fluid, expandable gas, or other coolant means can be circulated, delivered, or activated to cool adjacent tissue.
Dynamic sampling in sports equipment
Analysis of sporting equipment characteristics may be analyzed using dynamic sampling rates. For example, analyzing a golf swing may include the use of one or more sensors providing data at various sampling rates.
Provided is a sterilizer for medical instruments including a sterilization chamber defining an inner space configured for containing medical instruments and pressurised sterilization fluid; a hatch configured to hermetically seal the inner space; a closure system configured to firmly constrain the hatch to the sterilization chamber; at least one discharge valve configured for placing the inner space in connection for fluid passage with an outside space; and a control unit configured to control the discharge valve.. .
Transportation integrity device for medical instruments
Packaging for a medical device includes a housing having an exterior surface and an interior surface including a compartment defined therein configured to contain a medical device. A carrier strip is secured to the exterior surface and/or the interior surface of the housing and includes one or more reactive portions disposed thereon.
Apparatus and method for cleaning microsurgical instruments
A cleaning apparatus for microsurgical instruments of the type having screw-type mechanisms used to advance or retract a plunger has a hollow sleeve into which the injector is liquid-tightly inserted, the sleeve being configured to hold the plunger in a fixed position when the plunger is disengaged from the injector body. A cap having an inlet port is liquid-tightly attached to the sleeve and cleaning liquid is forced from a syringe into and through the inlet port, flushing detritus from the injector.
System and method of margining fixed payoff products
A system and method is disclosed for determining performance bonds for fixed payoff products, i.e. Contracts which payoff a fixed amount based on the outcome of an underlying event regardless of the value thereof.
Systems and methods for health care credit transactions
Systems, methods, and computer program media for creating, managing, backing, and transferring health care credits are described. Health care credits may be implemented as freely transferable financial instruments whose initial value can be based on costs or savings generated by an individual, or by a health care provider, that are associated with a health-related metric or a health benefiting behavior(s)..
Method for treating joint pain and associated instruments
The embodiments provide provides devices, instruments, and associated methods for treating joint pain. A joint is evaluated using magnetic resonance imaging to detect any defects in the subchondral bone.
Implantable medical device and tool sensors
Implantable medical devices and instruments (tools) including one or more implantable sensors. In certain embodiments, a hearing prosthesis comprises an implantable stimulating assembly configured to be implanted in a recipient's cochlea.
Surgical instrument
Provided are surgical instruments, and more particularly, surgical instruments that may be manually operated to perform laparoscopic operations or various surgical operations.. .
Methods and systems for use in controlling tissue ablation volume by temperature monitoring
This invention relates to medical methods, instruments and systems for creating a controlled lesion using temperature to control the growth of the lesion. The treatment can be used in any tissue area and is particularly useful in or around a vertebral body.
Device to accommodate multiple ports through a single incision for laparoscopic surgery
A device to accommodate multiple ports through a single incision for laparoscopic surgery for replacing the three to four incisions required by standard laparoscopic surgeries with a single incision. The device to accommodate multiple ports through a single incision for laparoscopic surgery includes an incision access member having a cylindrical body with bores for accommodating various surgical instruments inside a person's body through an incision in a body cavity wall of a person..
Score-directed string retuning and gesture cueing in synthetic in synthetic multi-string musical instrument
Despite practical limitations imposed by mobile device platforms and applications, truly captivating musical instruments may be synthesized in ways that allow musically expressive performances to be captured and rendered in real-time. Visual cues presented on a multi-touch sensitive display provide the user with temporally sequenced string excitation cues.
Surgical instruments employing sensors
According to an aspect of the present disclosure, a surgical instrument for operating on tissue is provided. The surgical instrument includes an end effector including a first tissue engaging member and a second tissue engaging member in juxtaposed relation to the first tissue engaging member; a gap determination element operatively associated with each of the first tissue engaging member and the second tissue engaging member for measuring a gap distance between the first tissue engaging member and the second tissue engaging member; and a tissue contact determining element operatively associated with a respective tissue contacting surface of at least one of the first tissue engaging member and the second tissue engaging member.
Wireless tuning device for musical instruments
A musical electronic device to receive a wireless signal modulated with an audio signal originating from a musical instrument, to display useful information for tuning the instrument, and to provide the received audio signal as an output for other musical electronics.. .
Dripless, permanent sealing assembly for container
An embodiment provides a permanent sealing assembly for a container, such as a reagent bottle. The permanent sealing assembly allows for drip-less reagent container exchange for liquid analysis instruments.
Surgical patient side cart with suspension system
A patient side cart for a teleoperated surgical system comprises a base, a manipulator portion extending from the base and configured to hold one or more surgical instruments, four wheels mounted to the base to permit movement of the cart, and a suspension system. The suspension system may be configured to transition the cart between a first state in which the cart behaves as a three-wheeled cart and a second state in which the cart behaves as a four-wheeled cart..
Electrosurgical cutting and sealing instruments with cam-actuated jaws
Various embodiments are directed to a surgical instrument comprising, a shaft, and an end effector. The shaft may be coupled to the handle and may extend distally along a longitudinal axis.
Methods and devices for diagnosing, monitoring, or treating medical conditions through an opening through an airway wall
Methods and devices for diagnosing, monitoring, and/or treating tissue through an opening or port through an airway wall. A passageway is created extending from the airway to the target tissue.
Self guided subjective refraction instruments and methods
A refraction device determines a refraction end point to provide corrective optics for a test subject. The device includes an adjustable optical system providing corrective optics to the test subject and an adjustable viewing target disposed along an optical path such as to be viewable through the adjustable optical system by a test subject.
Flexible containers for use in sterilizing, storing, transporting, and presenting medical instruments
Instrument containers for use in sterilizing, storing, transporting, and/or presenting medical instruments, such as dental and surgical instruments, are disclosed. The instrument containers may include, an instrument tray; a cover; and a plurality of openings formed in the instrument tray and cover.
Detonation command and control
The detonation of one or more explosive charges and propellant charges by a detonator in response to a fire control signal from a command and control system comprised of a command center and instrumentation center with a communications link therebetween. The fire control signal is selectively provided to the detonator from the instrumentation center if plural detonation control switches at the command center are in a fire authorization status, and instruments, and one or more interlocks, if included, are in a ready for firing status.
Ankle replacement system
A total ankle replacement system, novel surgical method for total ankle replacement, and novel surgical tools for performing the surgical method are described. The total ankle replacement system includes the calcaneus in fixation of a lower prosthesis body, thereby significantly increasing the amount of bone available for fixation of the lower prosthesis body and allowing the lower prosthesis body to be anchored with screws.
Surgical instruments
A surgical device. The surgical device may comprise a transducer configured to provide vibrations along a longitudinal axis and an end effector coupled to the transducer and extending from the transducer along the longitudinal axis.
Instruments for osteolysis repair
A plug for plugging a hole of a bone or implant body during injection of an osteoregenerative material comprising, generally, a plug body, the plug body configured to plug a hole of the body to prevent osteoregenerative material from leaking through the hole, and a tail, the tail attached to the plug body for use in removing the plug body from the hole. In one embodiment, the plug body has an insertion cavity on a trailing end thereof for use in inserting the plug into a hole of the body.
Surgical instruments and methods of use
One embodiment of the present invention includes a surgical instrument including an instrument body including a shaft having a distal end, a proximal end and a length therebetween; and a bushing having a length, wherein at least a portion of the length of the bushing includes a spring portion including a resilient member, wherein the bushing is cannulated such that the shaft of the instrument is positioned therethrough.. .
Surgical instruments including mems devices
Surgical instruments are disclosed that are couplable to or have an end effector or a disposable loading unit with an end effector, and at least one micro-electromechanical system (mems) device operatively connected to the surgical instrument for at least one of sensing a condition, measuring a parameter and controlling the condition and/or parameter.. .
Data communication with interventional instruments
The invention relates to a data communication system (100) and a method that can particularly be applied for communicating data from a medical instrument like a catheter or a guide-wire via a high-speedlink (101). The system (100) comprises (in-vivo) a slave component (150) with a controllable slave clock (153) and a transmitter (151) for transmitting a data signal (ds) that is clocked by the slave clock signal (clk).
Caged floating seal assembly
A seal assembly establishes sealing engagement with a plurality of differently dimensioned instruments passing through a trocar. The seal assembly is a caged seal assembly movably disposed within the trocar and includes at least two seal segments disposable into and out of a sealing orientation relative to the instrument.
Compositions for endodontic instruments
The present invention is directed to a dental composition, and specifically to an improved composition for endodontic instruments useful for filling root canals or sealing.. .
Steam steriliser
Provided is a steam sterilizer for medical instruments including a feeding system configured to feed a sterilization chamber and including at least one main tank for containing a sterilization fluid; an evacuation system configured to evacuate a discharge fluid from the sterilization chamber; and a purification system configured to draw one of the fluids out of one of the systems and to introduce it into the main tank, and including cleaning means configured to filter the fluid.. .
Method and system for pre-programmed self-power microfluidic circuits
A major challenge for the general use of “lab-on-a-chip” (loac) systems and point-of-care (poc) devices has been the generally complex and need for sophisticated peripheral equipment, such that it is more difficult than anticipated to implement low cost, robust and portable loac/poc solutions. It would be beneficial for chemical, medical, healthcare, and environmental applications to provide designs for inexpensive loac/poc solutions compatible with miniaturization and mass production, and are potentially portable, using compact possibly hand-held instruments, using reusable or disposable detectors.
Calibration method for the scale factor of an axisymmetric vibratory gyroscope or gyrometer
The invention relates to gyroscopic instruments. The method for calibrating the scale factor of an angular velocity sensor or an axisymmetric vibratory gyroscope, which method uses a control amplitude signal, a control precessional signal cp and a control quadrature signal cq for exciting the vibration of a resonator on a resonant frequency, involves a first step of pre-calibration which consists of measuring and recording an initial scale factor and the value of an initial control signal, and a second step of measuring the value of the current control signal and establishing a scale factor sf that is corrected on the basis of a proportional relationship involving the initial scale factor sf°, the initial value of the control signal y° and the current value of the control signal y° according to the formula sf=sf°y/y°..
Adjustable surgical instruments
Surgical instruments for ophthalmic surgery are modified to include a manually bendable portion to allow the position of the operative segment of the instrument to be adjusted during surgery without the use of adjusting tools. In one embodiment the bendable portion is formed by selectively annealing a site on the operative segment of the instrument.
Interchangeable tools for surgical instruments
A surgical tool system. Various embodiments of the surgical tool system may comprise surgical instrument that has a handle assembly that operably supports a drive system therein for generating drive motions upon actuation of a movable handle portion operably coupled to the handle assembly.
Methods and instruments for treating gerd and haital hernia
The invention relates to an intraluminar method of treating a reflux disease in a patient by implanting a device comprising an movement restriction device that, when implanted in a patient, fills a volume in the patient's abdomen that is close to and at least partially above the patient's cardia when the patient is in a standing position. The invention further relates to a method of restoring the location of the cardia in a patient suffering from a reflux disease and to an instrument suitable to use with intraluminar method and/or restoration method.
Multimedia emergency services
A mechanism is provided for remotely controlling one or more monitoring devices in a user's household in the event of emergency so as to more productively monitor the emergency situation on a real-time basis. The monitoring devices may include a number of multimedia instruments such as a telephone with an answering machine, a computer with a built-in digital camera, a video recording device, a cellular phone with an integrated digital camera, etc.
Interface, hardware remote controller and remote control system
Disclosed is a display apparatus which is used so as to produce a hardware remote controller capable of operating a plurality of instruments. The display apparatus includes a first display part which displays remote control information including external shape information of a remote control of a target instrument to be operated, and a second display part which displays a custom remote control object to be generated on the basis of the external shape information.
Vector network power meter
System and method for implementing a vector network power meter (vnpm) as a new class of electronic test instrument that uses a novel topology based upon a reflectometer to combine the functionality of a power meter with that of a vector network analyzer (vna). The vnpm overcomes application limitations of the two existing classes of test instruments, including parallel and simultaneous measurement capability, in-circuit operation, and improved accuracy and repeatability by eliminating the calibration of interconnecting cabling.
Methods, apparatus, and system for mass spectrometry
A miniature, low cost mass spectrometer capable of unit resolution over a mass range of 10 to 50 amu. The mass spectrometer incorporates several features that enhance the performance of the design over comparable instruments.
Vibration sensor device for musical instruments
The present invention relates to a sensor device (2) for measuring a movement and/or a vibration of at least one object of interest, in particular for musical instruments, said device comprising (i) at least two excitation inductance coils (11, 12) electrically connected to at least one electric excitation source, and capable of generating excitation magnetic fluxes, and (ii) at least one measuring inductance coil (13), electrically connected to electrical measuring means capable of measuring induced electrical signals, (iii) a magnetic circuit (10) magnetically connecting the excitation coils (11, 12) and measuring (13) coils, and comprising a measuring area (17) wherein the presence of objects of interest affects magnetic fluxes coming from excitation coils (11, 12) and passing through said measuring coil or coils (13), and (iv) excitation coils (11, 12) arranged in such a way as to generate, in the absence of an object of interest in the measuring area (17), magnetic fluxes which substantially cancel each other out in the at least one measuring coil (13). The invention also relates to a sound system implementing said device..
Method for sealing a reusable electrical surgical instrument
A method for sealing surgical instruments, particularly reusable electric surgical instruments sterilized using an autoclave process, is disclosed. The method having the steps of providing at least two body shells having a runner system on the mating surfaces, aligning the body shells, securing the body shells in position relative to each other, inserting an injection device into the runner system, injecting an elastomer material from the injection device into the runner system, removing the injection device from the runner system, and curing the elastomer material.
System, server and method for processing data records representing financial instruments
The present specification provides a high availability system. In one aspect a replicator is situated between a plurality of servers and a network.
Publish and subscribe system including buffer
Systems and methods for delivering a plurality of trading data messages to a server in connection with the monitoring the trading of financial instruments are provided. A listener subscribes to a subset of the plurality of trading data messages generated by market participants or components within the trading platform.
Method of creating standardized baskets of medical and recreational grade cannabis to be used in financial and commercial trading products
A process to create a fungible global investment grade standard for cannabis. The process involves grouping various strains in an investment grade standard according to their specific characteristics and minimum expectations.
Visualization for account balance view
Systems and methods are presented for providing a visualization that is capable for displaying trade activity for one or more client accounts for a broker. The visualization includes one or more trade objects representing trades for one or more financial instruments and connectivity between one or more trade objects to show an event history for a particular trade.
Order life-cycle visualization
Systems and methods are presented that provide a visualization for displaying an order life-cycle for one or more orders. The visualization includes one or more order objects representing orders for financial instruments (e.g., stocks, bonds, securities) and connectivity between the one or more order objects to help show an order history for the order objects.
Computer-implemented method for automatic training of a dialogue system, and dialogue system for generating semantic annotations
An adaptive dialogue system and also a computer-implemented method for semantic training of a dialogue system are disclosed. In this connection, semantic annotations are generated automatically on the basis of received speech inputs, the semantic annotations being intended for controlling instruments or for communication with a user.
Apparatus for evaluating safety of building using earthquake acceleration measurement
Disclosed herein is an apparatus for evaluating the safety of a building. The apparatus includes first and second measurement instruments which measure earthquake accelerations of the top and bottom stories, a fast fourier transform unit which performs fast fourier transform on the earthquake accelerations, an integration unit which double-integrates the measured earthquake accelerations and creates drift data of the top story and the bottom story, a maximum inter-story drift ratio calculation unit which calculates a maximum inter-story drift ratio, a natural frequency change rate calculation unit which determines a natural frequency of the building, and compares the natural frequency with an ambient natural frequency of the building so as to calculate a natural frequency change rate, and a building safety evaluation unit which compares the maximum inter-story drift ratio and the frequency change rate with preset evaluation criteria and outputs a result of evaluation in the safety of the building..
Devices, systems and methods useable for treating sinusitis
Sinusitis and other disorders of the ear, nose and throat are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches with flexible or rigid instruments. Various methods and devices are used for remodeling or changing the shape, size or configuration of a sinus ostium or duct or other anatomical structure in the ear, nose or throat; implanting a device, cells or tissues; removing matter from the ear, nose or throat; delivering diagnostic or therapeutic substances or performing other diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Endoscopic cutting instruments having improved efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs
Minimally invasive endoscopic cutting instruments having improved efficiency, access and reduced manufacturing costs are described herein. In particular, the present invention describes means for eliminating or modifying the distal end axial bearing surfaces so as to reduce manufacturing costs as well as the opportunity for galling and metal shedding.

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