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Surgical instruments with non-contact switch assemblies

Covidien Lp

Surgical instruments with non-contact switch assemblies

Method for selecting equity investments using quantitative multi-factor models of the relationship between common…

Method for selecting equity investments using quantitative multi-factor models of the relationship between common…

Method for selecting equity investments using quantitative multi-factor models of the relationship between common…


Facilities for financial instruments based on event happenings

Date/App# patent app List of recent Instruments-related patents
 Method and system for quantitative and qualitative analysis using mass spectrometry patent thumbnailMethod and system for quantitative and qualitative analysis using mass spectrometry
In some embodiments, a quantitative analysis of at least one ion signal associated with a sample, which is detected by a mass spectrometer having at least two tandem quadrupole instruments, is employed to select one of the following operational modes for further mass analysis of the sample: (a) utilizing both quadrupole instruments as mass resolving filters, and (b) utilizing one quadrupole instrument as a mass resolving filter and utilizing the other as a linear ion trap. In some embodiments, the quantitative analysis of the ion signal comprises comparing the ion signal intensity with a predefined threshold..
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

 Surgical instruments with non-contact switch assemblies patent thumbnailSurgical instruments with non-contact switch assemblies
A non-contact button assembly for a powered surgical instrument includes a light emitter, a rocker switch, and a button shaft. The rocker switch defines a through passage about a longitudinal axis of the button assembly.
Covidien Lp

 Method for selecting equity investments using quantitative multi-factor models of the relationship between common business characteristics and current stock prices patent thumbnailMethod for selecting equity investments using quantitative multi-factor models of the relationship between common business characteristics and current stock prices
The present invention provides a novel method for evaluating investment instruments using an objective actor based methodology for assessing such factors independent contribution to profits which includes the steps of: supplying, for the plurality of said businesses, datasets of historical reported corporate profits and datasets of said historical business characteristics (factors) correlated to said corporate profits; calculating, for each of said factors and for each historical period in the dataset, a weighting value for each of said businesses representing the relationship between the business and the factor; for each historical period in the dataset, applying a regression analysis to the plurality of weighting values for the plurality of factors and the reported profits for the plurality of businesses to determine the reported profits attributable to each of said factors; and calculating a profit forecast for each of said factors.. .

 Facilities for financial instruments based on event happenings patent thumbnailFacilities for financial instruments based on event happenings
Various embodiments of trading in financial instruments are given. In some embodiments, a trading venue may allow trading in futures contacts that relate to the outcome of competitions, such as sporting events, television competitions, and so on..
Cfph, Llc

 System and  providing healthcare services via telecommunication networks with enhanced interaction between healthcare providers and patients patent thumbnailSystem and providing healthcare services via telecommunication networks with enhanced interaction between healthcare providers and patients
A system for providing healthcare includes an examination room having a controller configured for communication with a remote healthcare provider, such as a primary care physician, via a telecommunications network, a medical examination chair or table for supporting a patient, and a digital display in communication with the controller and facing the medical examination chair or table. The digital display is configured to display the remote healthcare provider to the patient on the digital display in substantially life size and with direct eye-to-eye contact with the patient.
Optimized Care Network, Llc

 Optical instruments patent thumbnailOptical instruments
An optical instrument for producing an optical image to be viewed by an observer, the optical instrument comprising: an optical system for producing an optical image of an object which is viewable by an observer at an exit pupil; and a diffractive element located at an image plane of the optical system for producing an array of exit pupils, which are perceivable as a single, enlarged exit pupil by the observer; wherein the diffractive element comprises a surface which has an array of diffractive units, each of which generates one of the exit pupils of the array of exit pupils, the diffractive units each comprising replications of a pattern of a plurality of separated areas which are effective to produce diffractive interference of light and generate a plurality of exit pupils which are displaced relative to one another in the form of an array of exit pupils, such as to be viewable as a single, continuous enlarged exit pupil, and the areas comprise irregular features of different sizes, both in horizontal and vertical section, which have curved surfaces at lateral faces thereof; wherein the diffractive units are disposed progressively radially outwardly from the optical axis of the diffractive element and configured progressively to provide for an increasing angular offset, such that, independent of location on the aperture of the diffractive element and without any relay lens arrangement, light from the received image is relayed to a common region on a viewing plane across the aperture of the diffractive element.. .
Vision Engineering Limited

 System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites patent thumbnailSystem for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites
In the color imaging system, multiple rendering devices are provided at different nodes along a network. Each rendering device has a color measurement instrument for calibrating the color presented by the rendering device.
Rah Color Technologies Llc

 Dual spacecraft design and deployment system and  use thereof patent thumbnailDual spacecraft design and deployment system and use thereof
The dual spacecraft deployment system (dsds) is a concept developed for deploying dual satellites into independent orbits from a single launch vehicle. The deployment concept, deployment system and spacecraft design with representative instruments are presented herein.

 Methods and systems for sterilization of medical instruments patent thumbnailMethods and systems for sterilization of medical instruments
Techniques for stethoscope sanitation are disclosed. In one particular embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a system for stethoscope sanitation including a first dispensing nozzle positioned to dispense a sanitization fluid on a first surface of a stethoscope, a second dispensing nozzle positioned to dispense the sanitization fluid on a second surface of a stethoscope, a first sensor configured to detect the presence of the stethoscope within a close proximity of the first dispensing nozzle and to detect the presence of the stethoscope within a close proximity of the second dispensing nozzle, and a pump configured to receive the sanitization fluid from a sanitization fluid receptacle and to provide the sanitization fluid to the first dispensing nozzle and the second dispensing nozzle.
Stethoswipe Llc

 Delivery of therapeutic compounds with iron oxide nanoparticles patent thumbnailDelivery of therapeutic compounds with iron oxide nanoparticles
The present invention relates to the field of drug delivery, in particular the delivery of unmodified cargo molecules (such as doxorubicin and taxol®) using iron oxide nanoparticles as therapeutic delivery agents. Specifically described are methods to entrap cargo (i.e.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center


System and posterior cervical fusion

This application describes surgical instruments and implants for building a posterior fixation construct across one or more segments of the cervical spinal column. The construct includes a sled adapted for positioning in a facet joint and two receivers slideably mounted on the sled.
Nuvasive, Inc.


Navigation and positioning systems and guide instruments for joint repair

A system and associated instruments for locating, and accurately and controllably delivering, a device to an area sufficiently near a bone defect using anatomical landmarks is provided. The instruments allow the surgeon to navigate to the area around the one defect quickly and easily, while so facilitating proper insertion of the device.
Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc.


Heat pipe cooled burr including surgical instruments embodying same

Featured is a surgical instrument including a rotating cutting implement and a heat transfer mechanism configured to absorb heat energy during the use of such a rotating cutting implement. The heat transfer mechanism is configured so the absorbed heat energy is communicated to an external heat sink.
Gyrus Acmi, Inc. (d.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technolo


Pixel array medical devices and methods

Systems, instruments or devices, and methods or procedures are described in which a scalpet array is applied to a target site with the use of a pattern. The scalpet array comprises scalpets positioned on a device.


Pixel array medical devices and methods

Systems, instruments or devices, and methods or procedures are described in which a scalpet array is applied to a target site with the use of a pattern. The scalpet array comprises scalpets positioned on a device.
Srgi Holdings, Llc


Navigation and positioning instruments for joint repair

An instrument for controlled delivery of a device to a target area near a defect of a bone is provided. The instrument comprises a guide frame having a plurality of device portals, each portal defining a trajectory.
Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc.


Adapter for attaching devices to endoscopes

An improved system for attaching devices to the distal end of endoscopic instruments is described. An attachment adapter comprises a distal stop, such as a complete or partial loop or cylinder, which limits the penetration of an endoscope into the adapter.
Aponos Medical Corporation


Devices, systems, and methods and associated display screens for assessment of vessels

Devices, systems, and methods for visually depicting a vessel and evaluating treatment options are disclosed. The methods can include obtaining pressure measurements from first and second instruments positioned within a vessel of a patient while the second instrument is moved longitudinally through the vessel from a first position to a second position and the first instrument remains stationary within the vessel; and outputting a visual representation of the pressure measurements obtained by the first and second instruments on a display, the output visual representation including a graphical display of a pressure ratio of the obtained pressure measurements and at least a portion of a pressure waveform of the obtained pressure measurements identifying a diagnostic period utilized in calculating the pressure ratio..
Volcano Corporation


Intraoperative imaging system and apparatus

Systems, methods and apparatuses for an intraocular imaging system are disclosed comprising an optical coherence tomography (oct) system. The oct system has an imaging range that may enable substantial portions of an eye or even a whole eye to be imaged.
Adventus Technologies Inc.


Ultrasound and detachable instrument for procedures

The present disclosure relates generally to equipment and procedures in the field of surgery and/or diagnostics and, more particularly, to instruments, assemblies and methods for undertaking surgical and/or diagnostic procedures that involve and/or are in proximity to the brain (e.g., cranial procedures and/or surgery). The disclosed assemblies generally include a handle member and an elongated probe that includes an ultrasound transducer.
Hitachi Aloka Medical, Inc.


Piezoelectric pickup and cell for stringed instruments

In a first aspect hereof the present invention provides an improved piezoelectric pickup which, generally, comprises a folded planar plastic piezoelectric sandwich electrically connected to a coaxial cable which, in turn, is in electrical communication with a jack or the like for connection to a pre-amp, an amplifier or the like. In a further aspect of the present invention there is provided a “cell” which is particularly adapted for use with an electric violin.


Option pricing model for event driven instruments

Systems and methods are provided for valuing event driven option contracts. A jump diffusion based model, such as a merton jump diffusion based model, is modified to assume arithmetic movement of an underlying price and a single jump.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.


Residue cleaning composition and method

A medical surface cleaning and/or pre-treatment composition and a method for cleaning waste treatment system components, medical instruments surfaces, and enzyme residue-containing surfaces. The composition includes a residue cleaning agent and a substantially non-water soluble nonionic surfactant having an initial ross-miles foam height in an aqueous solution at 25° c.
Innovation Services, Inc.


Sharpener for marking instruments

A sharpener for marking instruments such as pencils and crayons, including a blade holder with a throat having a blade mounted to engage and sharpen an inserted end of a pencil, and a squeezer having plural members extending toward the throat and resiliently biased for gripping a pencil inserted into the throat, to enable sharpening of pencils of differing cross-sectional dimensions, while inhibiting insertion of a child's finger into the throat. An external housing enclosing the holder and squeezer provides a trap to collect shavings cut by the blade and further protects fingers from the blade.
Melissa & Doug, Llc


Vision-guided electromagnetic robotic system

Embodiments of the disclosure comprise a vision-based robotic manipulation system that identifies, singulates, and removes an individual surgical instrument from a cluttered environment. A computer-vision algorithm incorporated with the system is robust against optical challenges such as changing light conditions, specularities, and inter-reflections among various surgical instruments.
General Electric Company


Mobile instrument assembly for use as part of a medical/surgical waste collection system, the assembly including a vacuum source to which a mobile waste collection cart can be releasably attached

A waste collection system for collecting waste during medical/surgical procedures including a mobile container cart with a waste container. A container cart is selectively coupled to a suction cart that includes a vacuum pump.
Stryker Corporation


Surgical instruments with removable components

A surgical instrument includes a handle coupled to a source of electrosurgical energy. A pair of opposed jaw members is operatively coupled to a distal end of the handle such that the jaw members selectively move between open and closed positions.
Covidien Lp


Surgical instrument comprising electrode support

A branch of an instrument comprising a metal part, which is embodied in one piece seamlessly, which comprises the electrode support as well as the electrode plate and connection webs. Preferably, this metal part is produced in an additive production method, for example selective laser melting (slm).
Erbe Elektromedizin Gmbh


Instruments and methods for tensioning a spinal tether

Various methods and devices are provided for tensioning a tether. In one embodiment, a tether tensioning device is provided and includes an elongate shaft adapted to be positioned adjacent to a bone anchor implanted in bone, and a tensioning mechanism pivotally associated with the elongate shaft and adapted to couple to a tether seated across the bone anchor and to pivot relative to the elongate shaft to apply a tensioning force to the tether..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Laparoscopic instrument and trocar system and related surgical method

Laparoscopic instruments and cannulas are provided for performing laparoscopic procedures entirely through the umbilicus. Generally s-shaped laparoscopic instruments placed through the c-shaped trocar sleeves or through the cannula and instrument holder unit provide markedly improved degrees of instruments' freedom during trans-umbilical laparoscopic procedures..
Covidien Lp


Patient reported outcome instrument

Patient reported outcome (pro) instruments are useful for collecting information from celiac disease patients, patients with gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity, and patients on gluten free diets.. .
Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Self-adhesive cleaning wipe for dental instruments

A self-adhesive cleaning wipe for use in cleaning dental mirrors and instruments. The self-adhesive cleaning wipe is placed on the surface of protective gloves worn by dental professionals, thereby providing a conveniently accessible absorbent cleaning surface for mirrors and instruments when they become soiled, wet, or fogged.


System using a handheld device for programming lighting instruments and method thereof

A system using a handheld device for programming lighting instruments, which is operable on the dali system, includes a wireless control module electronically connected and integrated with the dali system; and a handheld device, having two-way communication with the wireless control module wirelessly. The handheld device has a graphical user interface wherein the graphical user interface has functional area blocks.


Theatrical effects controller with ultrasonic output

Provided is a system for controlling theatrical effects. The system comprises a console and one or more wireless controller devices.


Luthiery fixture

A luthiery fixture or tool provides for a guitar or other stringed instrument to be rotationally supported and securely held above a surface, such as a work bench. The fixture is especially configured to support instruments having differing body dimensions..


Unified octave/register key and vent for musical wind instruments

The present technology relates generally to musical wind instrument key mechanisms, and more particularly to the octave or register vents that are employed on musical wind instruments to cause the instrument to play pitches an octave or more higher in frequency relative to the frequency obtained prior to actuation of the vent. In some embodiments, an octave/register key for affixing to a musical wind instrument in which an air column is formed includes a core having a core aperture therein.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Flight data recorder with web access in real time

Flight data recorder with web access in real time to be used for recording and transmitting via internet in real time all events on-board and control parameters and aircrafts' command, and includes a computer with audio and video inputs respectively referred to microphones and cameras and arinc interface (aeronautical radio inc.) connected to the aircraft net to obtain information on the flight instruments, so that the information obtained, processed in the flight device formed by the data acquisition unit and cabin interface, is transmitted via internet through an isp satellite (internet service provider) to the on land data center that feeds a database and provides, through a web application service, a front-end of specific access for each client where it can view in real time the information of any of his aircrafts and check the historic information and the application programming interface (api) which enables personalized and direct access for private use.. .


Methods and system for financial instrument classification

The invention relates generally to financial instrument classification and more particularly to methods and system for recognizing similarities in behaviors among financial instruments. According to one embodiment, a method of classifying similar financial instruments is provided.
Stockato Llc


Image stabilizing device and system for telescopic optical instruments

An image stabilizing device and system for a binocular telescope having a pair of telescopic optical systems each comprising an objective lens, a gimbal mounted erecting prism and an eyepiece lens which is capable of compensating for deterioration in quality of an observed image due to user hand shake or other external vibrations.. .
Kamakura Koki Co., Ltd.


Water monitoring system

An anti-terrorism water quality monitoring system for continuously monitoring a potable water treatment system and related potable water distribution network that provides potable water to a municipality, city, housing development or other potable water consumer. The system includes the collection of data from the water distribution system and from the water treatment facility and from advanced separation processes which are integrated into analytical instruments.
Hach Company


Supercritical fluid cleaning of banknotes and secure documents

A method and apparatus for cleaning a stack of secure instruments such as banknotes is disclosed. Each secure instrument or banknote includes a substrate, visual data and a security feature.
Spectra Systems Corporation


High velocity hot air sterilization system employing the instrument container as sterilization chamber

A device and system is disclosed for sterilizing objects, commonly dental, medical, or veterinary instruments, by directing high velocity hot air into a container having pre-constructed plenums to direct, diffuse, and re-circulate the sterilizing agent uniformly throughout the chamber to effect sterilization of contained medical objects. More specifically, the invention employs high velocity hot dry air as the sterilizing agent, generating the heat and rapid airflow by means of a base unit.


Endodontic instruments

A rotatable endodontic file for cleaning/shaping a tooth root canal, comprising: an elongated shaft having a proximal end portion, a distal end and a tapered working portion having a rotational axis, the working portion extending from said proximal portion to said distal end; the external surface of said shaft working portion having a plurality of at least two spirals, a parallelogram-shaped cross section that has an axis of rotation that is centered such that the cross section center of mass (centroid) is located at the axis of rotation where the acute angle of the parallelogram is different along the length of the file.. .
Dentsply International Inc.


Adapter identification of a reprocessing device for surgical instruments

An adapter device for use in a reprocessing device for reprocessing surgical instruments. The adapter device including: at least one first fluid attachment, on an inlet side for connection to a coupling device of the reprocessing device; at least one second fluid attachment, on an outlet side for connection to the surgical instrument, the at least one second fluid attachment being adapted geometrically to an attachment of the surgical instrument; and an adapter identification feature that is detectable by the reprocessing device.
Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh


Nasal guide and use thereof

One embodiment provides a nasal guide. The nasal guide includes a pair of supports adapted to be positioned adjacent nostrils of a nose of a patient.
Treble Innovations, Llc


Authentication system for reusable surgical instruments

An authentication system for use in a surgical stapling device includes an authentication board assembly disposed at a proximal end of a loading unit and having a contact assembly, and an adapter board assembly disposed at a distal end of an adapter assembly. When the loading unit is engaged with the adapter assembly, the authentication board engages the adapter board assembly..
Covidien Lp


Trans-endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery port

Surgical access ports useful in minimally invasive surgical procedures are provided. The access ports comprise a cannula that defines a passageway for one or more surgical instruments through a tissue tract and a dome extending from the cannula to provide an expanded diameter for receiving one or more surgical instruments..
Tanam Medical Inc.


Midline pars retractor

A midline retractor provides access for the placement of pars screws and other surgical sites. A lower profile allows for better visualization of the patients anatomy and provides better access for surgical instruments.
Spineology Inc.


Audio speaker system with virtual music performance

In a multi-speaker audio system for, e.g., a home entertainment system or other entertainment system, each networked-speaker (wired or wireless) can be assigned a particular voice, instrument, group of voices and/or instruments, or a particular stage location of a performance to reproduce a more realistic and life-like audio experience.. .
Sony Corporation


Self-fitting of a hearing device

Disclosed herein are systems and methods enabling hearing aid fitting by a non-expert consumer at home. The method in one embodiment involves delivering a sequence of test audio signals corresponding to natural sound segments to a non-acoustic input of a programmable hearing device in-situ, while allowing the consumer to adjust fitting parameters based perceptual assessment of hearing device output.
Ihear Medical, Inc.


Pricing user-defined financial instruments

Systems and methods for the purpose of pricing, valuing and managing arbitrarily defined financial instrument or a contingent claim. Computer interface to allow a user to provide definitions of an instrument and the input of computer code expressed in a syntax that is compatible with a high-level object-oriented programming language.
Volmaster B.v.


Displacement sensor for subsea structures

Systems and methods are described for monitoring displacement on structural elements of subsea systems such as on components of a subsea pipeline network used to transport production fluid from a subsurface wellhead to surface facilities. The described techniques sense changes in displacement using a sensing blade, for example made of crystalline material such as sapphire, that is anchored to the structural element such that it is approximately perpendicular to the direction of sensed displacement.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Quick service cart

A quick service cart is provided with multiple functionality including a conventional cabinet structure that allow the technician to store tools and instruments for use in servicing or repairing a vehicle. The drawers of the cabinet are configured to prevent the drawers from tipping the cart over when fully extended.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Device and disinfecting, sterilizing and/or conditioning medical, in particular, dental instruments

A device and method for disinfecting, sterilizing, and/or looking after medical, in particular dental, instruments, comprising a rinsing chamber in which there are holders for receiving the instruments, wherein at least parts of the walls of the rinsing chamber or elements located in the rinsing chamber can be cooled.. .
Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh


Compositions for endodonti instruments

A carrier composition for filling a tooth root canal, comprising a cross-linkable material.. .
Dentsply International Inc.


Method and system for performing spinal surgical procedures using natural orifices

This disclosure describes devices and methods for performing spinal surgical procedures. In some embodiments, a method may include positioning at least a portion of at least one surgical instrument in at least one naturally occurring orifice of a human by a user.
Novapproach Spine Llc


Method for sealing a reusable electrical surgical instrument

A method for sealing surgical instruments, particularly reusable electric surgical instruments sterilized using an autoclave process, is disclosed. The method having the steps of providing at least two body shells having a runner system on the mating surfaces, aligning the body shells, securing the body shells in position relative to each other, inserting an injection device into the runner system, injecting an elastomer material from the injection device into the runner system, removing the injection device from the runner system, and curing the elastomer material.
Covidien Lp


Anchoring device for a spinal implant, spinal implant and implantation instrumentation

Anchoring devices for rachidian implants, implants, surgical instruments, and surgical systems and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, an anchor comprises a stiff plate with a longitudinal axis, configured for penetration of its anterior end into a vertebral surface while its posterior end remains engaged with the implant.
Ldr Medical


Devices, systems and methods useable for treating sinusitis

Sinusitis and other disorders of the ear, nose and throat are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches with flexible or rigid instruments. Various methods and devices are used for remodeling or changing the shape, size or configuration of a sinus ostium or duct or other anatomical structure in the ear, nose or throat; implanting a device, cells or tissues; removing matter from the ear, nose or throat; delivering diagnostic or therapeutic substances or performing other diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Acclarent, Inc.


Surgical instruments

Articulation joints for use in connection with a surgical instrument that has a portion that must be passed through a trocar or similar structure and then articulated relative to another portion of the instrument received within the trocar. Various embodiments of the articulation joint include at least one flexible driven member to articulate the surgical implement relative to the handle assembly of the instrument..
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Access device

Various devices and methods are provided with respect to inserting multiple surgical instruments through a single surgical access device. A medical device including a flexible tissue retractor a releasable insert having multiple instrument openings, and a member such as a sleeve is disclosed.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Systems and methods for processing packets

A network switch apparatus, includes: a network port configured to receive a packet; instrument ports configured to communicate with respective network monitoring instruments; a packet duplication module configured to copy the packet to provide multiple packets that are identical to each other; a tagging module configured to tag the multiple packets with different respective identifiers to obtain tagged packets; and a processing unit coupled to the instrument ports; wherein the processing unit is configured to determine whether a first one of the tagged packets satisfies a first criterion, whether a second one of the tagged packets satisfies a second criterion, process the first one of the tagged packets in a first manner if the first one of the tagged packets satisfies the first criterion, and process the second one of the tagged packets in a second manner if the second one of the tagged packets satisfies the second criterion.. .
Gigamon Inc.


Pick for stringed musical instruments

A pick for use with stringed musical instruments is disclosed. In some embodiments the pick is characterized by a roughened texture on the front and back substantially planar surfaces of the narrowed bottom portion of a substantially teardrop shaped body for the purpose of altering the tonal properties produced as it moves against strings that are strummed or picked.


Financial instrument online communication system

A method and system for managing and facilitating communications among affiliants to financial instruments that otherwise are precluded from directly and optimally interacting via the street name system is provided. More particularly software-based tools are provided that allow immediate, identity-protected responses and dialogued messaging among parties that can be validated with respect to their affiliations when they interact.
Dealvector, Inc.


Plant phenometrics systems and methods and devices related thereto

Chlorophyll fluorescence may be studied in response to a variety of environmental cues or conditions by growing phototrophic organisms under actinic illumination. Such illumination may be punctuated or disrupted to gain information about the photosynthetic properties or performance of the phototrophic organism.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University


Standardizing fluorescence microscopy systems

Systems and methods for standardizing one or more fluorescence scanning instruments to a reference system by separating the effects of drift and normalization. In an embodiment, a drift image comprising an image of a drift reference slide is captured by a system to be standardized.
Leica Biosystems Imaging, Inc.


Apparatus for the calibration of optical measuring instruments

An apparatus (1) for the calibration of optical measuring instruments (10) with a carrier (2). According to the invention the calibration body (4) has a glass body (4) which has at least one scattering element (42), wherein this scattering element (42) is completely surrounded by the glass body (4), wherein a degree of transmission of the scattering element (42) and of the glass body differ from each other..
Byk-gardner Gmbh


Optical ground tracking apparatus, systems, and methods

Optical ground tracking apparatus for use with buried object locators or other instruments or devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for tracking movement of a buried utility locator over a surface includes generating an output light, providing the output light to the surface, receiving a portion of the output light that is reflected from the surface, and generating information associated with a user-applied movement of the locator over the surface based at least in part on the received reflected portion of the output light..
Seescan, Inc.


Portable amplifying nucleotides and detecting nucleotide sequences

Portable systems and methods for amplifying nucleotides and for detecting nucleotide sequences in a sample are provided. The portable instruments and methods use rpa techniques for dna amplification and detect sample fluorescence in response to amplification and/or to the presence of specific dna sequences..
Monsanto Technology Llc


Plant producing writing instrument and growing a plant

The present disclosure provides instruments, kits and methods for growing a plant. In some embodiments, a plant producing writing instrument is provided.
Sprout Denmark Aps


Machine for making sheaths

A machine for making sheaths for use with medical and dental instruments includes a web attachment station for forming a multilayer material by arranging multiple webs of material with respect to one another. A configuration sealing station receives the multilayer material and seals at least two of the multiple webs of material to form a sealed multilayer material including a number of pockets corresponding to the shape of the medical or dental instrument.
Tidi Products, Llc


Shaft for medical instruments, comprising movable sections

A medical instrument includes a shaft that includes at least two adjacent shaft sections which are movable relative to one another. The at least two movable shaft sections are engaged with each other so as to roll off one another in a frictionally locking manner or so as mesh with each other via teeth..
Richard Wolf Gmbh


System and image-guided arthroscopy

Configurations are described for conducting minimally invasive medical diagnoses and interventions utilizing elongate instruments and assemblies comprising one or more imaging devices, and one or more remote retraction and distraction devices. Retraction and distraction devices, such as balloons, mechanical retraction members, and/or trocar screw geometries may be utilized to access, investigate, and intervene at the joint capsule, or inside of the joint capsule.
Reprise Technologies, Llc


Antenna device for a hearing instrument and hearing instrument

An antenna device for hearing instruments is particularly suited for ite hearing instruments to be worn in the auditory canal. The system enables improved data transmission with increased transmission bandwidth with insignificantly increased space and energy requirements.
Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.


Method and rendering audio in wireless hearing instruments

An audio system such as a hearing assistance system includes an audio source device wirelessly communicating with one or more audio sink (destination) devices. The audio source and sink devices each include a sample clock for processing audio signal that is digitized and wirelessly transmitted.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.


Articulating amplifier stand

Improvements in a tilting, lifting stand are presented. The tilt, lift stand is for a musical instrument stand or to elevate/tilt a speaker and or amplifier and rigidly supports a sousaphone brass type instruments, speaker or amplifier in an in a stored and in a playable or elevated position.
Randall May International Inc


Method and device for rechargeable, retrofittable battery pack

A power system on an electric guitar may include a cover plate covering a standard cavity in the electric guitar. A rechargeable power source may be contained within the standard cavity and may not extend beyond an external surface of the cover plate.
Fishman Transducers, Inc.


Electronic musical instruments using mouthpieces and fsr sensors

Electronic musical instruments as disclosed, include sensors to digitize and alter the sound using fsr sensors in the mouthpieces and other elements of the instrument to mimic the variations available in analog instruments.. .
Sensitronics, Llc


Method and system for buying and selling property tax liens and determining property tax lien price and fair value on a secondary market

Method and system for buying and selling property tax liens and determining a property tax lien fair secondary market price are disclosed. The system comprises a terminal used to input parameters related to tax lien, a central processing computer calculating tax lien value and applying method based on system parameters and parameters inputted by remote system users, and an interface used to present the determined tax lien value to the users, register a trade of tax lien or a fraction of tax lien, manage or liquidate a property backing the tax lien.
Tax Lien Ventures, Llc


Chair for use with ophthalmic instruments

A chair includes a base, a seat coupled to the base, and a back coupled to the seat and/or the base. The seat includes a front portion positioned on a first side of the base, and a rear portion positioned on a second side of the base.
Acuity Ophthalmics, Llc


Heat management configurations for controlling heat dissipation from electrosurgical instruments

In various embodiments, a surgical instrument is provided that may comprise an end effector for performing a surgical procedure on tissue, for example. The end effector may comprise at least one energy delivery surface and heat dissipation means for dissipating heat from at least a portion of the end effector.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Harmonica support with magnetic cradle

A supporting frame and magnetic cradle for playing a harmonica hands-free, the frame providing two positions: a “playing” position for rigidly supporting the harmonica in proximity to the mouth and an “at-rest” position for retaining the harmonica within reach but out of the way. The frame provides means for pivoting the harmonica between the two positions and a memory hinge feature so that, once adjusted, the preferred playing position is reliably recovered at each use.


Learn to play a stringed musical instrument one string at a time

“learn to play a stringed musical instrument one string at a time” is a method of instruction for the playing of stringed musical instruments comprising the removal of the strings, from the instrument at the beginning of the instruction and followed by the addition of the strings to the instrument, one at a time, progressively during the term of instruction utilizing tablature and sheet music written specifically for the number of strings being used on the instrument at any one time during the progression of the instructional lessons.. .


System and methods for tracking robotically controlled medical instruments

Systems and methods are described herein for tracking an elongate instrument or other medical instrument in an image.. .
Hansen Medical, Inc.


Creation processor for divisible instruments

The present invention provides a creation processor for divisible instrument system, includes apparatus and methods for the creation of divisible financial instruments on an ongoing basis over time. According to the present invention, financial instruments can be divided after issuance and offered on a continual basis by the issuer upon initial creation and also thereafter over time and are referred to herein as divisible instruments..
Convergent Securities Llc

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