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 Systems and methods for processing packets patent thumbnailSystems and methods for processing packets
A network switch apparatus, includes: a network port configured to receive a packet; instrument ports configured to communicate with respective network monitoring instruments; a packet duplication module configured to copy the packet to provide multiple packets that are identical to each other: a tagging module configured to tag the multiple packets with different respective identifiers to obtain tagged packets; and a processing unit coupled to the instrument ports; wherein the processing unit is configured to determine whether a first one of the tagged packets satisfies a first criterion, whether a second one of the tagged packets satisfies a second criterion, process the first one of the tagged packets in a first manner if the first one of the tagged packets satisfies the first criterion, and process the second one of the tagged packets in a second manner if the second one of the tagged packets satisfies the second criterion.. .
Gigamon Inc.

 Automated electronic trade matching systems and methods patent thumbnailAutomated electronic trade matching systems and methods
Embodiments of the present invention may provide users with an automated electronic trade matching system for orders to buy and sell fixed income instruments. Embodiments of the present invention may incentivize subscribers to enter unbiased, executable orders in their maximum desired size while discouraging and taming predatory behavior.
Electronifie Inc.

 Platform for handling multilateral over the counter transactions patent thumbnailPlatform for handling multilateral over the counter transactions
In an implementation, a method for handling otc transaction requests in real time is described. The method includes receiving one or more structured orders from a plurality of users, determining strategy trees corresponding to the structured orders, determining, by the otc transaction platform, in real time, all matching orders among said plurality of structured orders for maximizing a cumulative volume of otc transactions, wherein the matching orders comprise a first and a second set of instruments having compatible market prices and reverse trade directions, and wherein each logical rule defined by each of the nodes of the matching orders is satisfied..

 Tracking physical locations of transaction instruments patent thumbnailTracking physical locations of transaction instruments
A system and method for distributing a transaction instrument is disclosed. The method may include receiving rebate parameters from a merchant; associating the rebate parameters with a transaction instrument; distributing the transaction instrument to a merchant; and activating and/or loading the transaction instrument in response to a request from the merchant thus enabling the use of the transaction instrument.
Chemtron Research Llc

 Method for formation fracture characterization in highly inclined wells using multiaxial induction well logging instruments patent thumbnailMethod for formation fracture characterization in highly inclined wells using multiaxial induction well logging instruments
A method for characterizing fractures traversing a wellbore includes input to a computer multiaxial electromagnetic induction measurements corresponding to measurements made along two mutually orthogonal magnetic dipole moment axes perpendicular to an axis of the wellbore. The measurements correspond to at least one receiver spacing from a transmitter.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Rapid test for microbial resistances by mass spectrometry patent thumbnailRapid test for microbial resistances by mass spectrometry
The invention relates to methods and instruments for determining the resistances of microbes to antibiotics, in particular those microbes which produce beta-lactamases. The method determines the resistance of the microbes in less than an hour by incubating a tiny quantity of the microbes on a mass spectrometric sample support plate after they have been combined with a dosed quantity of a suitable antibiotic, for example the beta-lactam antibiotic imipenem, and by direct mass spectrometric measurement of the breakdown of the antibiotic by the microbial enzymes..
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh

 Expandable articulating intervertebral implant with limited articulation patent thumbnailExpandable articulating intervertebral implant with limited articulation
An artificial functional spinal unit including an expandable intervertebral implant that can be inserted via a posterior surgical approach and used with one or more facet replacement devices to provide an anatomically correct range of motion is described. Lordotic and non-lordotic expandable, articulating implants and cages are described, along with embodiments of facet replacement devices and instruments for insertion.
Flexuspine, Inc.

 Expandable devices, rail systems, and motorized devices patent thumbnailExpandable devices, rail systems, and motorized devices
Provided herein are expandable devices, rail systems, and motorized devices. In one embodiment, an expandable device comprises an expandable sac having a tool housed therein.

 Driver instruments and related methods patent thumbnailDriver instruments and related methods
Driver instruments are disclosed herein with various features for improving usability, easing the task of cleaning or sterilizing the instrument, reducing patient trauma associated with use of the instrument, and/or reducing the cost and assembly burden of the instrument. For example, a driver instrument can include a guide sleeve to protect patient tissue from damage caused by rotating components of the instrument or a bone anchor assembly coupled thereto, and to protect extension tabs of the bone anchor assembly from inadvertent separation.
Medos International Sarl

 Surgical instruments with articulating shafts patent thumbnailSurgical instruments with articulating shafts
Various embodiments described herein are directed to curved ultrasonic blades. For example, a curved ultrasonic blade may comprise a proximally positioned straight section and a distally positioned curved section.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Surgical instruments with articulating shafts

The present disclosure is directed to end effectors. An end effector includes an outer shaft extending along a longitudinal axis and an inner shaft partially located within the outer shaft.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Surgical instruments with articulating shafts

Various embodiments described herein are directed to ultrasonic blades. For example, an ultrasonic blade may comprise a proximally positioned straight section extending along a longitudinal axis and a distally positioned curved section coupled to the straight section and curved away from the longitudinal axis.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Instruments and methods of soft tissue fixation

An inserter assembly for inserting anchors into bone includes a handle having a handle body. A first inserter is disposed within the handle body and is fixedly connected thereto.
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

Minimally obstructive compact speculum

Medical instruments, particularly structurally-adjustable speculums and retractors for obstetrical and gynecological operations, procedures, and examinations, including a minimally obstructive compact speculum or retractor. The compact speculum may comprise a first wing and a second wing; and a hinge comprising at least one hinge component.
Alfred E. Mann Institute For Biomedical Engineering At The University Of Southern California

System for enabling remote annotation of media data captured using endoscopic instruments and the creation of targeted digital advertising in a documentation environment using diagnosis and procedure code entries

A system comprising a network of computers programmed to receive and process visual data transmitted from an endoscopic instrument, display the processed visual data as a live stream and as a set of discrete media objects to be annotated by users of multiple computers accessing the media objects remotely. The endoscopic instrument may feature several buttons arranged for capturing, freezing, and annotating the live stream.

Pedal board connection system for musical instruments

A musical instrument connection and extension system that easily and quickly connects musical amplification, effects pedals, rack mounted effects systems and components, wireless connectivity and power distribution for use with musical instruments. Audio stage equipment multiplexing/demultiplexing system comprising: front station (30), multi wire cable (101), back station (20).
Maytech Music Systems Pty Ltd

Systems and methods for gifting of products, stored value instruments, or both

The gifting systems and corresponding methods of the present disclosure electronically provide a stored value instrument as a gift in place of a suggested product. The methods include taking a selected product offered for sale on a merchant's ecommerce website, converting that product into a gift suggestion, and delivering a personalized message including the gift suggestion and the stored value instrument to a gift recipient, based on various calculations, rules, and user inputs., Inc.

System and continuous, asynchronous autofocus of optical instruments

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to autofocus subsystems within optical instruments that continuously monitor the focus of the optical instruments and adjust distances within the optical instrument along the optical axis in order to maintain a precise and stable optical-instrument focus at a particular point or surface on, within, or near a sample. Certain embodiments of the present invention operate asynchronously with respect to operation of other components and subsystems of the optical instrument in which they are embedded.
General Electric Company

Flow cytometry optics

High numerical aperture collection optics for particle analyzers may include an ellipsoidal reflector or an ellipsoidal reflector in combination with a spherical reflector, and may efficiently collect light scattered or emitted by particles in a sample stream and then couple that collected light into a lower numerical aperture portion of the instrument's optical detection system, such as into an optical fiber for example. The reflectors may be integrated with a flow cell through which the sample stream passes, or may be separate components arranged around a flow cell or, in instruments not employing a flow cell, arranged around a sample stream in air.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Calibration of instruments

Disclosed is a method of calibrating apparatus for optically characterising samples of particles of small size. Also disclosed is a method of estimating the concentration of particles in a population of small size particles..
Malvern Instruments Limited

Washing device for medical instruments

A washer machine for medical instruments comprises a washing chamber, at least a sliding loader trolley at least to load the medical instruments into the washing chamber and a washing device to wash the medical instruments, comprising a multiple connection unit and a plurality of flexible washing pipes connectable to the aperture of the medical instrument to be washed. The multiple connection unit comprises a free multiple connector, autonomous and unconstrained from the sliding loader trolley and connectable to said flexible washing pipes, and a static and fixed multiple counter-connector disposed in the washing chamber.
Steelco Spa

Cryotherapy, thermal therapy, temperature modulation therapy, and probe apparatus therefor

In one aspect, recording instruments, probes, probe sheaths, and probe sleeves may include one or more recording elements, such as one or more ecg wires, eeg wires, and/or seeg wires. A recording element may be used for lesion localization and assessment at the time of cryotherapy, thermal therapy, or temperature modulation therapy.
Monteris Medical Corporation

Automated surgical instruments and processes

An automated surgical instrument is disclosed that is computer controlled and provided with a high degree of autonomy for performing automated procedures within humans and other animals. It may be mobile under its own control and may include a plurality of means to disrupt tissue including lasers and water jets.

Pixel array medical systems, devices and methods

Systems, instruments, and methods are described in which a scalpet device comprises a housing configured to include a scalpet assembly. The scalpet assembly includes a scalpet array and one or more guide plates.
Srgi Holdings, Llc

Patient-matched instruments

Patient-matched surgical instruments and associated methods having an anatomy facing side including several discrete, physically separate anatomy contacting portions configured to match the anatomy of a particular patient and including one or more of non-uniform in distribution, non-uniform in shape and non-uniform in surface area.. .
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Suture passer and method

instruments and techniques to pass a suture, particularly in instances where access to confined spaces and the ability to pass a suture through difficult to penetrate materials are needed. The instruments and techniques are particularly useful in surgery of the hands and feet..
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Electronic musical instruments

Electronic musical instruments as disclosed, include sensors to digitize and alter the sound using fsr sensors in the mouthpieces and other elements of the instrument to mimic the variations available in analog instruments.. .
Sensitronics, Llc

Protection system for individual mobile objects

The invention integrates hardware and software for sensing, communications, data storage and control into a protection module that is sufficiently small and inexpensive to be attached directly to individual objects, such as musical instruments, and the inventory of stores and museums. Sensors monitor environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, and accelerometers alert owners to unwanted motion, such as theft or misuse.

Multi-variable yield monitor and methods for the same

A dynamic yield monitor system includes a plurality of instruments to measure harvested crop characteristics while a crop is in-flow within a harvester elevator. The system includes a volume instrument that measures a harvested crop volume from the in-flow harvested crop within the harvester elevator, and a weight instrument that measures a harvested crop weight from the in-flow harvested crop within the harvester elevator.
Raven Industries, Inc.

Set of instruments for the implantation of an acetabular prosthesis

A set of instruments for the implantation of an acetabular prosthesis (100), comprises at least one tool (1; 2) designed to operate in the acetabular cavity (101) of a patient and at least one emitter (3) jointly associable with said tool and designed to emit a control signal (31) to be aligned with a reference signal (30) which identifies a correct orientation of said tool (1; 2) relative to the acetabular cavity (101).. .
Medacta International Sa

Knee instruments and methods

Knee arthroplasty instrument systems directly reference and align with the anterior distal with the anterior distal femoral cortex, the mechanical axis of the leg, and whiteside's line. The anterior femoral resection is aligned in the same plane as the anterior distal femoral cortex.

Knee implants and instruments

A tibial tray component includes a tibial tray portion with a post portion protruding from a bone-contacting side of the tibial tray portion. The tibial tray portion may include ribs extending along the bone-facing side in areas of high stress during the gait cycle.
Modal Manufacturing, Llc

Methods of ordering and manufacturing orthopedic components

Methods of ordering and manufacturing orthopedic components eliminate the need to stockpile and inventory large volumes of implants and instruments. In one exemplary embodiment, the surgeon begins by acquiring anatomical data from a patient.
Zimmer, Inc.

Swaggering endodontic instruments

Endodontic instruments are described which have at least a section with a center of mass offset from an axis of rotation so that when the instrument is rotated, the section bends away from the axis of rotation.. .

Surgical tool systems and methods

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a surgical robot system may include an end-effector element configured for controlled movement and positioning and tracking of surgical instruments and objects relative to an image of a patient's anatomical structure. In some embodiments the end-effector and instruments may be tracked by surgical robot system and displayed to a user.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Hand-held electrosurgical instrument

Electrosurgical instruments and associated methods are provided. An electrosurgical instrument may include one or more light emitters that comprise a light source in operative communication with a power supply supportably interconnected to a handle portion.

Medical instruments with multiple temperature sensors

According to some embodiments, a medical instrument (for example, an ablation device) comprises an elongate body having a proximal end and a distal end, an energy delivery member positioned at the distal end of the elongate body, a first plurality of temperature-measurement devices carried by or positioned within the energy delivery member, the first plurality of temperature-measurement devices being thermally insulated from the energy delivery member, and a second plurality of temperature-measurement devices positioned proximal to a proximal end of the energy delivery member, the second plurality of temperature-measurement devices being thermally insulated from the energy delivery member.. .
Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, Inc.

Surgical instruments with firing system overload protection mechanisms

A surgical instrument that includes an end effector and a trigger that is actuatable between a first position and a second position. An actuation drive is movable between an unactuated position and an actuated position in response to actuation of the trigger.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Instrument guide

For variable use and simple construction of an instrument guide, particularly for inserting a puncture needle into patients, wherein the instrument guide (1) has a main body (2), which is mounted pivotably in a plurality of axes preferably on two adjusting arms (3, 4), according to the invention the instrument guide (1) has two or more guide cheeks (5), which are centrally adjustable and coupled to one another. This ensures that, when changing between instruments or needles of different thicknesses, the centre of the needle channel remains precisely on the target or central axis (6a)..
Isys Medizintechnik Gmbh

Patient-specific femoroacetabular impingement instruments and methods

A device for a patient-specific acetabular and/or femoral guide. The guides can be used in a selected resection of at least one of a femur and an acetabulum to increase a range of motion of the femur relative to the acetabulum.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Multiple purpose surgical instruments

A multiple-purpose surgical instrument having a reflecting, rendering, and sizing tool to increase visibility and provide three-dimensional depth perception of a surgical site so that realization of a condition of the surgical site and safety are enhanced during an arthroscopic or laparoscopic procedure.. .

Noise reduction in an electrophysiological signal

Physiological measuring instruments can detect and produce an electrophysiological signal from the physiological response of a biological subject (e.g., a human, an animal, or the like) to stimulus. For example, an electrode in electrical contact with an eye of a human or an animal can detect and produce an electrophysiological signal from the biological response of the eye to light stimulus.
Phoenix Research Labs

Method and manipulating the side wall of a body lumen or body cavity so as to provide increased visualization of the same and/or increased access to the same, and/or for stabilizing instruments relative to the same

Apparatus comprising: a sleeve adapted to be slid over the exterior of an endoscope; an aft balloon secured to the sleeve; an inflation/deflation tube carried by the sleeve and in fluid communication with the interior of the aft balloon; a pair of hollow push tubes slidably mounted to the sleeve, the pair of hollow push tubes being connected to one another at their distal ends with a raised push tube bridge, the raised push tube bridge being configured to nest an endoscope therein; and a fore balloon secured to the distal ends of the pair of hollow push tubes, the interior of the fore balloon being in fluid communication with the interiors of the pair of hollow push tubes, wherein the fore balloon is capable of assuming a deflated condition and an inflated condition, and further wherein (i) when the fore balloon is in its deflated condition, an axial opening extends therethrough, the axial opening being sized to receive the endoscope therein, and (ii) when the fore balloon is in its inflated condition, the axial opening is closed down.. .
Lumendi Ltd.

Articulating amplifier stand

Improvements in a tilting, lifting stand are presented. The tilt, lift stand is for a musical instrument stand or to elevate/tilt a speaker and or amplifier and rigidly supports a sousaphone brass type instruments, speaker or amplifier in an in a stored and in a playable or elevated position.
Randall May International Inc

Modular surgical training system

A modular surgical training system for training in surgical interventions with real surgical instruments includes a reusable, energy supplying base module, and a regenerable training module which reproduces or has anatomical structures and can hold at least one consumable medium (for example, bodily fluids). The training module and the base module are detachably connected to one another via a combination interface, and pneumatic and/or mechanical and/or electric energy can be transmitted from the base module to the training module and/or electric signals can be transmitted between base module and training module via the combination interface.
Forschungs-und Transferzentrum Leipzig E.v. An Der Hochschule FÜr Technik, Wirtschaft Und Kultur

System and auction-based transfer of financial instruments

System and methods for trading and managing special purpose contracts of privately held assets via crowdfunding portals. The invention includes creating financial instruments for use by approved parties involving equity ownership, debt obligations or revenue sharing agreements of an underlying hard asset/business.
Cf Innovations Group Inc.

Systems and methods for credit-based usage of surgical instruments and components thereof

Systems and methods for credit-based usage of surgical instruments include one or more surgical instruments having associated therewith a usage amount, a pre-determined maximum usage amount, and an available usage credit amount that is less than the pre-determined maximum usage amount. The systems implement and the methods include comparing the usage amount to the pre-determined maximum usage amount and inhibiting further use of the at least one reusable component when the usage amount is equal to the pre-determined maximum usage amount, and identifying the available usage credit amount and inhibiting further use of the at least one reusable component when there is no available usage credit remaining..
Covidien Lp

Methods for measuring and modeling the process of prestressing concrete during tensioning/detensioning based on electronic distance measurements

Methods are disclosed for nondestructive testing and measuring the structural health of prestressed concrete structures, such as slabs, columns, girders, bridges, towers, elevated storage tanks, silos, cooling towers, wind power generation towers, liquefied gas storage tanks, nuclear power containment buildings, and the like. Measurements are made as the structure undergoes tensioning and detensioning operations.
Sophie Lin, Trustee Of The John Michael Payne Family Trust

Surgical instruments, systems, and methods for coupling of electrical energy to surgical instruments

A systems and method for coupling electrical energy to the medical instruments includes a tubular socket having a conductive region and a lumen for receiving a segment of a medical instrument. An energy source is electrically coupled to a conductor in contact with an outer surface of the tubular socket, such that the conductor and the conductive portion of the tubular socket conduct energy to the instrument.
Transenterix Surgical, Inc.

Alkynyl multi-arm polyethylene glycol derivative

The present invention provides an alkynyl multi-arm polyethylene glycol derivative having a structure of a general formula i or general formula x viii. In the derivative, x1, x2, x3 and x4 are linking groups, f1, f2, f3 and f4 are end groups, the end groups may be the same or may also be different, and are selected from: hydroxy, carboxyl, ester group, amino, alkynyl or the like, at least one of the end groups is alkynyl, and peg is the same or different —(ch2ch2o)m—, wherein m is an integer ranging from 3 to 250, and 1 is an integer greater than or equal to 1.
Jenkem Technology Co., Ltd. (beijing)

Spinal implant system and method

A spinal implant system includes at least one interbody implant having a first member including a tissue engaging surface and at least one mating element. A second member includes a tissue engaging surface and at least one mating element.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Flexible neck for surgical instruments

Methods and devices for allowing articulation of an end effector on a surgical instrument are provided. In one embodiment, a surgical device can include a flexible neck portion having an end effector coupled to a distal end thereof.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Method for treating joint pain and associated instruments

The embodiments provide provides devices, instruments, and associated methods for treating joint pain. A joint is evaluated using magnetic resonance imaging to detect any defects in the subchondral bone.
Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc.

Methods and devices for actuating surgical instruments

Various exemplary methods and devices for actuating surgical instruments are provided. In general, a surgical device can include one or more actuation shafts configured to facilitate actuation of the device.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Toenail grooming instruments for individuals with impaired range of motion

The invention features in one embodiment a toenail grooming instrument that includes an elongated handle that extends along a longitudinal axis and has medial and distal ends, including a gripping area on the medial end of the handle, and a board gripping area on the distal end of the handle. A fastening mechanism attaches one or more abrasive boards to the board gripping area of the handle..

Wireless charging system for hearing instruments

A facility is provided for the wireless resonant charging of rechargeable hearing instruments. The hearing instrument is freely positionable in a charging device for charging purposes.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Selective pitch emulator for electrical stringed instruments

Presented is a method for controlling an electronic stringed instrument. Embodiments of electrical stringed instruments according to the present invention can be actual stringed instruments or virtual representations of stringed instruments.
Berggram Development Oy

Apparatus, monitoring plants

The present invention relates to an apparatus, system and method for monitoring plant. A sensor means can be adapted for receiving plant growth information of the plant being received inside a container.
Sang Eco System Limited

Surgical stapling instruments with linear position assembly

A surgical stapling instrument includes an elongate body, a cartridge assembly, an anvil assembly, and a linear position assembly including a pair of opposing magnets, and a plurality of sensors. The elongate body has a central shaft longitudinally translatable therethrough.
Covidien Lp

Aqueous ink composition for writing instruments

Provided is an aqueous ink composition for a writing instrument which is inhibited in time-dependent heterogeneity (difference in viscosity between up- and down-sides) in viscosity distribution in an aqueous ink composition containing an oxidized cellulose and which is excellent in time-dependent viscosity distribution stability. The above aqueous ink composition for a writing instrument includes, for example, an aqueous ink composition containing at least 0.05 to 1.5% by mass of an oxidized cellulose and 0.001 to 30% by mass of sugars having a weight average molecular weight of 5000 or less..
Mitsubishi Pencil Company, Limited

Aqueous ink composition for writing instruments

Provided is an aqueous ink composition for a writing instrument which is excellent in storage stability of particles such as pigments, a writing property with the passage of time, and quality of the drawn lines, though having a low viscosity, as compared with conventional thickener and gelling agents such as a xanthane gum. The above ink composition for a writing instrument is characterized by containing 0.05 to 1.5% by mass of an oxidized cellulose and having a limiting viscosity of 10 mpa·s or less derived from a casson's equation..
Mitsubishi Pencil Company, Limited

Systems and methods for packaging instruments

Systems and methods for handling and packaging instruments are fully automated thereby eliminating human handling and increasing accuracy of packaging and labeling of the instruments. One system includes an instrument identification element, an element that determines packaging requirements, an element that creates the packaging such as a labeled peel pouch.
Rst Automation Llc

Autonomous vehicle seating system

An autonomous vehicle utilizing seating system to assist the vehicle driver when operating a vehicle in either autonomous drive mode or in manual drive mode, the system for this process is an autonomous driving computer system comprising input and output protocol data to assess the status of the vehicle's environment. Accordingly the seating control system manages the user seating unit the seat unit comprises at least one adjustable arm to reattach and reposition a frame containing an air bag and method for a power control system to charge control console devices such as a smart cellphone utilizing telecommunication network systems and operating instruments comprising methodologies to monitor and to navigate the vehicle during the manual and autonomous driving process..

Glove manufacturing methods and assemblies

Glove manufacturing methods can include a hand mandrel and a tube mandrel. The method can include dipping the hand mandrel and the tube mandrel while the mandrels are positioned apart from each other.
Bridge Medical Products, Inc.

Instruments for knee placement

There are provided various embodiments of medical instruments to perform knee surgery. In one embodiment a finned platform for mounting a cutting block is provided.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Instruments and methods for tensioning a spinal tether

Various methods and devices are provided for tensioning a tether. In one embodiment, a tether tensioning device is provided and includes an elongate shaft adapted to be positioned adjacent to a bone anchor implanted in bone, and a tensioning mechanism pivotally associated with the elongate shaft and adapted to couple to a tether seated across the bone anchor and to pivot relative to the elongate shaft to apply a tensioning force to the tether..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Transverse link having spherical ball joint

A transverse link with a pair of opposing engagement members having a spherical ball. Bearing configured to fix a respective screw extender with respect to each other is provided.
Alphatec Spine, Inc.

Spinal implant system and methods of use

A spinal implant system comprises a plurality of alternate first members including at least one first member. The first member comprises an inner surface defining an implant cavity, and a first part being non-rotatable relative to the inner surface and a second part movable relative to the first part.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Transducer/waveguide engagement mechanisms for ultrasonic surgical instruments

An ultrasonic surgical instrument includes a transducer assembly having a distal engagement member and configured to supply ultrasonic energy. A waveguide defines a longitudinal axis and has a proximal engagement member configured to threadingly engage the distal engagement member.
Covidien Lp

Surgical blades with fatigue resistant properties

A method is disclosed for treating an ultrasonic end effector or surgical blade. The method includes providing an ultrasonic end effector or surgical blade and inducing a residual compressive stress along at least one surface of the ultrasonic end effector or surgical blade.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Surgical technique and instrumentation for minimal incision hip arthroplasty surgery

Improved instruments for modifying a shape of a proximal femur of a patient for installation of a stem of a femoral component of a prosthetic hip during hip replacement surgery, comprising a handle including an elongated shaft extending downward approximately in a z-direction, a first offset extending from a bottom of the elongated shaft approximately in a y-direction, a second offset extending from the second offset approximately in an x-direction., and a shaping member elongated downward from the second offset approximately in the z-direction. Provided is an improved femoral broach and an improved osteotome.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staples sizes

A surgical stapling apparatus includes a staple cartridge and an anvil member. The staple cartridge includes a plurality of surgical fasteners disposed in rows of retention slots.
Covidien Lp

Tissue removal and closure device

Methods and devices described herein facilitate improved treatment of body organs and relates to surgical instruments, useful in endoscopic, laparoscopic and/or open surgical procedures to effectively remove a suspect region of tissue such as a polyp, abnormal growth, cyst, tumor, lesion, or other abnormality from a base tissue structure.. .

Stethoscope and electronic device structure

The present invention concerns novel extensions to the electronic stethoscope for physical construction, hardware design, software and signal processing, user interface design, and communications capabilities. In addition, a method for subscription services and methods is disclosed, which can be used for stethoscopes, medical instruments or any general electrical or electronic device or software application..

System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites

In the color imaging system, multiple rendering devices are provided at different nodes along a network. Each rendering device has a color measurement instrument for calibrating the color presented by the rendering device.
Rah Color Technologies Llc

Pedalboard support for electric instruments

A pedalboard support for electric instruments includes at least two end pieces, and at least two parallel longitudinal sections, each of which has a top surface to support pedals and at least two lower grooves forming open channels to receive attachment means. The at least two parallel longitudinal sections include at least a longitudinal groove on the top surface forming a channel which is open to the exterior.
Llevinac, S.l.

O-ring tuning system for wind instruments

A method and apparatus of tuning a wind instrument which stabilizes the mating sections of a jointed instrument when the mating sections are pulled out or pushed in during tuning. At least one o-ring is inserted between the mating sections which seals the interface between the sections to create an air tight seal and firm support between sections.

Pitch adjustment device for stringed musical instruments

A pitch adjustment device for selectively adjusting the pitch of at least one of a plurality of strings on a stringed musical instrument. The device comprises a support frame configured to be mounted onto the stringed musical instrument.

The conducting measurements and analog-digital system for its implementation

A method of conducting measurements of a physical quantity comprising registration by two measurement instruments the value of one and the same physical quantity in the form of analog signals, converting these signals into digital form, mathematical processing of the results and subsequent conversion of digital signals into analog. Analog-digital system for conducting measurements of a physical quantity (quantum transducer or quantum converter) comprising two measurement instruments, at least one analog-digital signal transducer, a computing instrument and at least one digital-analog transducer, at that the device for performing computations is executed in the form of four functional blocks..
'althaven Technology'

Electrochemical determination of heavy metals

Methods and sensing instruments are provided which perform automated electrochemical sensing and determination of metals in a liquid sample, such as drinking water or waste water. With use of microelectrode arrays, concentrations of metal are determined through a double potential step variation on anodic stripping coulometry, and the ability to generate these results provides for compact sensor networks that can be remotely deployed for determination of metals in samples, for real-time, decentralized sample monitoring..
University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

Dynamic sampling in sports equipment

Analysis of sporting equipment characteristics may be analyzed using dynamic sampling rates. For example, analyzing a golf swing may include the use of one or more sensors providing data at various sampling rates.
Nike, Inc.

Interbody device and plate for spinal stabilization and instruments for positioning same

Systems, methods and devices for providing stabilization between first and second vertebrae are provided. More particularly, in one form a system includes an implant configured to be positioned in a disc space between the first and second vertebrae and a freestanding plate for engagement with extradiscal surfaces of the first and second vertebrae.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Surgical robotic automation with tracking markers

Devices, systems, and methods for detecting a 3-dimensional position of an object, and surgical automation involving the same. The surgical robot system may include a robot having a robot base, a robot arm coupled to the robot base, and an end-effector coupled to the robot arm.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Method of and positioning and maintaining the position of endoscopic instruments

The present invention provides an apparatus for, and a method of, accurate positioning of endoscopic instruments. Accurate positioning of the instruments is accomplished through the inclusion of a steering ability within the device.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Interactive feedback system for powered surgical instruments

A surgical instrument includes an end effector having first and second jaws that cooperate to capture tissue therebetween, a movable firing member to cut the tissue, an actuator actuatable between various settings that define various output values of a characteristic of motion of the firing member, and a real-time feedback system. The real-time feedback system includes a sensor to assess a parameter of the end effector, a zone indicator adjustable between various positions inside and outside a desired zone, and a circuit to receive the sensor input from the sensor, the sensor input defining a measurement of a parameter of the end effector, and select one of various positions based upon the measurement of the parameter of the end effector, the selected position representing a status of a current output value of the characteristic of motion of the firing member, and adjust the zone indicator to the selected position..
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Multiple level thresholds to modify operation of powered surgical instruments

Thresholds can be assigned for one or more parameters in connection with the operation of a surgical device. An ultimate threshold can trigger a desired action, including cessation of operations or modification of operations, if the ultimate threshold is reached, or predicted to be reached.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Instruments for minimally invasive surgery total knee arthroplasty

A surgical instrument for making femoral resections for seating a femoral implant on a distal femur, the instrument configured for orientation relative to an intramedullary rod. The instrument includes a medial distal cut guide having a cut guide portion, the cut guide portion having a cut slot therein for use in resecting a medial distal condyle of the femur.
Microport Orthopedics Holdings Inc.

Surgical technique and instrumentation for minimal incision hip arthroplasty surgery

Improved instruments for modifying a shape of a proximal femur of a patient for installation of a stem of a femoral component of a prosthetic hip during hip replacement surgery, comprising a handle including an elongated shaft extending downward approximately in a z-direction, a first offset extending from a bottom of the elongated shaft approximately in a y-direction, a second offset extending from the second offset approximately in an x-direction, and a shaping member elongated downward from the second offset approximately in the z-direction. Provided is an improved femoral broach and an improved osteotome.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Surgical instruments including mems devices

Surgical instruments are disclosed that are couplable to or have an end effector or a disposable loading unit with an end effector, and at least one micro-electromechanical system (mems) device operatively connected to the surgical instrument for at least one of sensing a condition, measuring a parameter and controlling the condition and/or parameter.. .
Covidien Lp

Monitoring speed control and precision incrementing of motor for powered surgical instruments

Motor speed control systems are disclosed that include a motor having an output shaft, a motor speed control system, a sensor to detect the speed of the motor, and a controller to receive a signal from the sensor and to control the speed of the output shaft. A gear reduction assembly is operably coupled to the output shaft and a detectable element located in the gear reduction assembly.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Non-invasive blood sugar measuring method and fingertip measuring probe

The present invention discloses a non-invasive blood glucose measurement method, applied to noninvasive blood glucose measuring instruments including measuring hosts and fingertip measuring probes, comprising pre-storing a random forest algorithm and a neural network prediction algorithm in the measuring host; measuring energy metabolism parameters of a fingertip of an individual to be measured and transmitting the parameters to the measuring host by the fingertip measuring probe; calling the random forest algorithm to predict the blood glucose type of the energy metabolism parameters of the fingertip of the individual to be measured and calling the corresponding neural network prediction algorithm to calculate the blood glucose value of the fingertip of the individual to be measured by the measuring host. The present invention also provides a fingertip-measuring probe.
Guilin University Of Electronic Technology

Systems for combining inputs from electronic musical instruments and devices

An apparatus for combining input signals produced by a plurality of electric musical devices includes a plurality of audio buses and a plurality of segments. Each segment includes input circuitry configured to receive at least one input signal from at least one electric musical device and to deliver the at least one input signal to one of the plurality of audio buses; a plurality of variable adjustment devices each associated with a corresponding one of the audio buses and each configured to change at least one property of an input signal received by another of the plurality of segments and carried on the corresponding one of the audio buses independent from input signals carried on other of the plurality of audio buses; and a mixer configured to combine the input signals carried on each of the plurality of audio buses into an output signal..
Jamhub Corporation

Method and system for internal analysis of loan instruments

A system and method for processing loan applications is provided. An embodiment of the system provides complete control over an automated loan review process.
Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union

System for discovering the capabilities of instruments connected to a data processing system

A method for operating a data processing system to discover the attributes of instruments in a set of instruments connected thereto is disclosed. The method causes the data processing system to determine all instruments in the set of instruments connected thereto by sending a first query on each communication link connected to the data processing system.
Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Surgical data control system

One example a surgical data control system. A wireless data receiver receives surgical device data that is wirelessly transmitted from surgical instruments, medicine administering equipment, and energy delivery equipment during a surgical procedure.
Blackbox Surgical

Swivel camera mount

A swivel camera mount is configured to attach a camera to a mount base which, in turn, may be secured to sport equipment, musical instruments, vehicles, and the like. The swivel camera mount includes an inner rotating component that couples to a camera or camera housing and allows a user to rotate a camera within a horizontal plane.
Gopro, Inc.

Method of semi-permeable terrain geophysical data acquisition

A method, a system and an apparatus of semi-permeable terrain geophysical data acquisition is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of geophysical data acquisition over a semi-permeable terrain includes placing an apparatus housing geophysical data measuring instruments over a semi-permeable terrain.

Mass spectrometric diagnosis of sepsis without blood culture

The invention relates to methods and instruments for the rapid detection and rapid mass spectrometric identification of microbial infective agents in blood or other body fluids. The invention recognizes that blood is not a good environment for the cultivation of microbes and provides a method which (a) largely destroys or dissolves the human particles in body fluids, such as erythrocytes and leukocytes in blood, without impairing the ability of the microbes to reproduce, (b) separates the microbial pathogens from the fluid, (c) cultivates them in a nutrient broth which contains none of the antimicrobial components of the body fluids, (d) separates them from the nutrient broth, and (e) identifies the microbes by a mass spectrum of the microbial proteins.

Electrical stimulator for peripheral stimulation

Neurostimulation assemblies, systems, and methods make possible the providing of short-term therapy or diagnostic testing by providing electrical connections between muscles and/or nerves inside the body and stimulus generators and/or recording instruments mounted on the surface of the skin or carried outside the body. The assembly affords maximum patient mobility and comfort through differentiated components having minimal profiles and connected by way of detachable and adjustable connections..
Ndi Medical, Llc

Substrate having an electron donating surface with metal particles comprising palladium on said surface

There is disclosed a substrate with an electron donating surface, characterized in having metal particles on said surface, said metal particles comprising palladium and at least one metal selected from the group consisting of gold, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, wherein the amount of said metal particles is from about 0.001 to about 8 μg/cm2. Examples of coated objects include contact lenses, pacemakers, pacemaker electrodes, stents, dental implants, rupture nets, rupture mesh, blood centrifuge equipment, surgical instruments, gloves, blood bags, artificial heart valves, central venous catheters, peripheral venous catheters, vascular ports, haemodialysis equipment, peritoneal dialysis equipment, plasmapheresis devices, inhalation drug delivery devices, vascular grafts, arterial grafts, cardiac assist devices, wound dressings, intermittent catheters, ecg electrodes, peripheral stents, bone replacing implants, orthopaedic implants, orthopaedic devices, tissue replacing implants, intraocular lenses, sutures, needles, drug delivery devices, endotracheal tubes, shunts, drains, suction devices, hearing aid devices, urethral medical devices, and artificial blood vessels..
Bactiguard Ab

Engineered sterile cartilage allograft implant plug with sterile, specific instrument kit(s)

An apparatus and a method are provided for performing cartilage allograft implant surgeries. The apparatus comprises an allograft plug kit comprising one or more grafts configured to treat osteochondral defects in various bone joint locations in a patient's body.
In2bones Usa, Llc

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