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This page is updated frequently with new Instruments-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Instruments-related patents
 Instrument use in hazardous environments patent thumbnailnew patent Instrument use in hazardous environments
An apparatus for facilitating use of instruments in hazardous environments includes a fluid line and a fluid-driven generator. The fluid line includes: an inlet to receive a flow of fluid from a fluid source; a first outlet to convey a first portion of the fluid flow to an instrument as a purge gas; and a second outlet to convey a second portion of the fluid flow.
Sgs North America Inc.

 Ion trap mass analyzer apparatus, methods, and systems utilizing one or more multiple potential ion guide (mpig) electrodes patent thumbnailnew patent Ion trap mass analyzer apparatus, methods, and systems utilizing one or more multiple potential ion guide (mpig) electrodes
In one aspect of the invention, an ion trap mass analyzer includes a variable- or multi-potential type ion guide (mpig) assembly which has been pre-configured to produce a parabolic-type potential field. Each mpig electrode has a resistive coating of designed characteristics.
University Of Northern Iowa Research Foundation

 Audio  reduction and/or elimination of distortion patent thumbnailnew patent Audio reduction and/or elimination of distortion
An audio system for reduction and/or elimination of distortion provides a microphone or instrument sound pick up for the various musical instruments and singers within the performance venue. The sound provided by the microphone or audio pick up is coupled to an amplifier, the output of which is coupled to a speaker system.

 Optoelectronic pickup for musical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Optoelectronic pickup for musical instruments
An optoelectronic pickup for a musical instrument includes at least one light source which directs light to impinge a sound generating element of the musical instrument in at least one photoreceiver located to detect the reflected light, so as to generate an electrical signal that is responsive to sound generating element movement.. .

 Dementia therapy method and instrument patent thumbnailnew patent Dementia therapy method and instrument
A dementia therapy method that involves pwd in playing music, particularly as part of an ensemble “performing in concert”, which provides a rewarding and encouraging result of utilizing abilities that they may not even know they had to produce pleasing music. This method utilizes musical instruments adapted for playing by pwd who can utilize procedural rather than declarative memory in playing.

 Method for facilitating futures trading of synthetic benchmark corporate bonds patent thumbnailnew patent Method for facilitating futures trading of synthetic benchmark corporate bonds
A method of creating and trading on an exchange a futures contract linked to the yield of synthetic corporate debt instruments. The terms of the contract are such that it provides for a cash payment from one party to another based on the yield of a synthetically created corporate bond benchmark upon expiration of the futures contract.

 Smart card reader with public key index on host device patent thumbnailnew patent Smart card reader with public key index on host device
Aspects of the subject disclosure provide a reader device for managing transactions using financial instruments with encrypted data storage devices, such as integrated circuit cards (icc). In some implementations, a reader device of the subject technology can be configured to access the encrypted information in an icc via an index or table of keys stored on a host device.
Square, Inc.

 Non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser based rangefinding instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser based rangefinding instruments
A non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser rangefinders of especial utility with respect to pumped, monoblock lasers. The receiver comprises a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier having at least first and second stages.
Kama-tech (hk) Limited

 Detonation command and control patent thumbnailnew patent Detonation command and control
The detonation of one or more explosive charges and propellant charges by a detonator in response to a fire control signal from a command and control system comprised of a command center and instrumentation center with a communications link therebetween. The fire control signal is selectively provided to the detonator from the instrumentation center if plural detonation control switches at the command center are in a fire authorization status, and instruments, and one or more interlocks, if included, are in a ready for firing status.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

 Constructive music patent thumbnailnew patent Constructive music
Musical toy building elements to make a plurality of combination of sounds comprising of a plurality of walls, a top lid and a bottom cap to make an inner space between them, wherein at least two of said walls, said lid and said cap having releasable couplers, and wherein said releasable couplers selected from a group of male and female couplers, hook and loop couplers or magnetic connectors, and wherein said block having percussion musical instruments to produce sounds, said musical instrument being installed on the lid, or on the walls or in the inner space of the block and said musical instrument being detachably mounted on the block or being an integral element of the building block.. .

new patent

Apparatus for the disinfection of medical instruments

Devices, methods and systems of disinfecting medical instruments, more particularly blood glucose meters. A disinfection cradle including a flat base for positioning the cradle on a surface, the cradle having a receptacle configured to receive the diagnostic apparatus, and a uv source positioned in the receptacle that is configured to administer a disinfection cycle to the diagnostic apparatus by directing uv light outward at the diagnostic apparatus received in the receptacle, the uv light being able to act as a disinfecting agent to the disinfection cradle and diagnostic apparatus..
Nipro Diagnostics, Inc.

new patent

Surgical implanting a stemless humeral component to the humerus of a patient

A stemless humeral component for replacing the humeral head of a patient's humerus includes a support flange having a number of cantilevered legs extending distally away from a bottom surface thereof. instruments and methods for surgically installing the stemless humeral component are also disclosed..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

new patent

System and load balancing in knee replacement procedures

The present disclosure relates to a system and method of knee ligament balancing for knee replacement procedures. The disclosure provides a system of components to implant to achieve ligament balancing.

new patent

Methods and devices for spinal screw insertion

Surgical instruments and methods for delivering bone anchor assemblies into bone are disclosed herein. Use of these anchors or instruments can eliminate one or more of the steps in a conventional bone anchor installation procedure, improving surgical efficiency and safety.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

new patent

Method for anchoring and sealing a cannula assembly to the body of a patient

A cannula assembly for use in laproscopic surgery includes a cannula having a proximal end for use in orientating the assembly into an abdominal cavity, a distal end for insertion into a patient, and a passage through which surgical instruments can be inserted. An expandable feature in the form of an anchor is located toward the distal end of the cannula and is selectively expandable and collapsible.
Apollo Camera, L.l.c.

new patent

Actuation mechanisms and load adjustment assemblies for surgical instruments

An ultrasonic surgical instrument includes an inner tube, an outer tube, an ultrasonic blade, and a clamp member pivotably moveable relative to the ultrasonic blade. The ultrasonic blade is acoustically coupled to an ultrasonic transducer.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

new patent

Instruments and methods in performing kinematically-aligned total knee arthroplasty

Methods and instruments for performing a kinematically-aligned total knee arthroplasty (tka) are disclosed. Goals of the kinematically-aligned tka can include restoration of (1) the femoral and tibial joint lines to the patient's natural joint line, (2) the patient's hip-knee-ankle alignment to their constitutional alignment prior to developing osteoarthritis and (3) restoration of the patient's natural soft tissue laxity and envelope.
Zimmer, Inc.

new patent

Surgical instruments including mems devices

Surgical instruments are disclosed that are couplable to or have an end effector or a disposable loading unit with an end effector, and at least one micro-electromechanical system (mems) device operatively connected to the surgical instrument for at least one of sensing a condition, measuring a parameter and controlling the condition and/or parameter.. .
Covidien Lp

new patent

Surgical instrument for implanting fixation device

A surgical spreader assembly for use in implanting staples and other implants in a patient is disclosed. The spreader assembly may be included a kit with a number of other surgical instruments and the staples for implantation in the patient..

new patent

Systems and methods for spinal surgery

Disclosed herein are methods and devices for distracting adjacent vertebrae during surgical procedures for implanting spinal prostheses. In an exemplary embodiment, a distractor is disclosed that maintains the empty space between adjacent vertebrae following a discectomy, and that can removably mate with other surgical instruments, such as, for example, a filler bar, an implanting tool, or a funnel.
Medos International Sarl


Representing legal instruments as a software framework

Systems and methods for representing legal obligations, conditions, and other contractual specifications as a software framework are described. Systems and methods may include receiving initiation input; accessing an initial node including one or more logical structures and links to one or more tables of states and values; requesting initial input; receiving initial input; accessing at least one of the one or more tables of states and values to determine if a calculation is required; and performing a calculation based on the initial input from the user to determine an initial value or receiving an initial value from the at least one of the one or more tables of states and values.


System and developing trading strategies through a graphical user interface

A system and method for providing a framework for developing trading strategies through a graphical user interface includes a client device functionally associated with a network which displays the graphical user interface; an interfacing server, functionally associated with the client device through the network; a transaction server which facilitates transfer of data/information/metadata associated with the user; a database/data store, functionally associated with the transaction server which stores data including the user data; a portfolio management and trading module functionally associated with the database/data store which facilitates position selection, trade of financial instruments and all associated portfolio and trade management functions and a financial instrument related data analyzer functionally associated with the interfacing server wherein said graphical user interface uses symbols and context to enable the user to build, test, review and implement a trading strategy for trade of financial instruments.. .
Ra Capital Corporation Limited


Generation and data management of a medical study using instruments in an integrated media and medical system

In general, a computer-implemented method is described for receiving one or more requests to generate a medical study, retrieving from one or more data repositories one or more medical study instruments, receiving a selection of a particular medical study instrument to use in the medical study, generating by one or more computers a list of one or more research collaborators invited to review the medical study, and generating by one or more computers a list of one of more participants invited to join the medical study.. .
Universal Research Solutions, Llc


Method and system of consolidating multiple phased array instruments

A non-destructive testing and inspection (ndt/ndi) system and method operable to conduct an ultrasonic scanning test on a test object that synchronizes and merges the apertures of two or more ndt sub-instruments in frequency and phase. Disclosed are a method of using a phased lock loop (pll) as a synchronizing clock/trigger generator, and also a method of using a general positioning clock (gps) and a pulse per second (pps) output.
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas Inc.


Multichannel analytical instruments for use with specimen holders

An analytical instrument may have multiple distinct channels. Such may include one or more illumination sources and sensors.
Laxco, Inc.


Series battery start controller

A series battery start controller for starting an aircraft turbine engine and method thereof is provided, wherein the battery series start controller connects two batteries in series when an aircraft engine starter is engaged to provide a higher voltage to start the aircraft engine and to provide adequate operational voltage to aircraft engine instruments and other aircraft electrical systems, and wherein the battery series start controller reconnects the batteries in parallel when the electrical load drawn by the starting aircraft engine decreases and the supplied voltage to the aircraft rises to a predetermined threshold.. .
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.


Anticorrosive and anti-fatigue chemical composition for nickel-titanium dental instruments and a synthesizing the same

The embodiments herein disclose a dental anti-corrosive and anti-fatigue chemical composition. The chemical composition stabilizes the passivating oxide layer and reduces the corrosion specifically fretting corrosion.


Fluorescent compounds and uses thereof

The invention provides compounds, including fluorescent nucleic acid dyes, and methods for use including nucleic acid detection, nucleic acid amplification reactions, and high-resolution melt curve analysis. Further provided are kits, instruments and systems comprising compounds of the invention or adapted for use with compounds of the invention or other nucleic acid dyes..
Biotium, Inc.


Hypoallergenic orthopedic surgical instruments and methods

According to an exemplary embodiment, a hypoallergenic orthopedic surgical instrument to prepare bone for the implantation of orthopedic prosthesis may be provided. The instrument may include a hypoallergenic metal alloy such as, but not limited to, titanium nitride, oxidized zirconium, silver, copper, zinc and palladium.


Optical coherence tomography-augmented surgical instruments and correcting undesired movement of surgical instruments

An oct-augmented surgical instrument able to correct for undesired movement, as well as a system for use with such a surgical instrument and a method of correcting for undesired movement during surgery using oct.. .
Novartis Ag


Expandable fusion cage system

An expandable fusion cage system includes an expandable fusion cage having an upper portion, a lower portion, and a hinge portion coupling the lower portion and the upper portion at their distal ends. Positioned between the upper and lower portions is an expansion element that when moved in the proximal direction causes the cage to expand at its proximal end.
Lanx, Inc.


Surgical instruments

A set of surgical instruments for use in a surgical procedure to insert an implant, particularly a dental implant, in the bone of a patient comprises at least one drill hub configured for connection between a surgical drill handpiece and a drill. The drill is driveable by the drill handpiece via the drill hub.
Neoss Limited


Mirror, in particular medical mirror, and device, in particular for root canal treatment

The present invention relates to novel mirrors, in particular medical mirrors, preferably dental mirrors, also referred to as mouth mirrors, which have a hole through which dental instruments, in particular root canal instruments or gutta-percha points, can be placed, and to devices comprising a dental mirror according to the invention.. .


Modular surgical tool assembly

A modular surgical tool that is used to insert instruments into the intervertebral disc space of a patient to measure the height of the intervertebral disc space, to prepare the intervertebral disc space for an implant, and to insert the implant into the intervertebral disc space using a plurality of interchangeable tool ends. Advantageously, this modular surgical tool permits multiple insertion angles..
Renovis Surgical Technologies, Inc.


Low profile fastening assembly

A fastener assembly that can be used for the fixation or anchoring of orthopedic devices or instruments to bone tissue. In particular, a low profile variable angle or fixed angle fastener assembly is able to securely connect the orthopedic device to bone tissue.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Set of instruments for the percutaneous stabilization of the spine with the aid of pedicle screws and rods

The slide (24) is displaceable in the axial direction on the sleeve (20) and is connected to the first wall segments (27) such that it secures these against moving radially apart at least in a proximal end position (e) of displacement.. .


Spinal marker system and methods of use

Temporary, radiographically opaque, bone markers having first and second penetration members that are concentric with one another and are configured to pierce bone are provided herein. Bone markers can non-exclusively be used to help verify the correct surgical site along the vertebrae, locate the vertical midline, and as a fixed point for aligning surgical instruments.


Surgical access tools, guide instruments and accessories for subchondral treatment of bone

One embodiment disclosed provides a guide instrument for controlling the depth and trajectory of a surgical access device into a bone.. .


Circular stapling instruments

A circular stapling instrument including a stapling forming assembly that is actuated independently from actuation of the cutting assembly is provided. The instrument includes a handle assembly, an elongate body extending from the handle assembly, a cartridge assembly mounted on a distal end of the elongate body.
Covidien Lp


Instruments for use in femoroacetabular impingement procedures

Improved instruments (tools) and surgical techniques are provided for use in surgical procedures that treat femoroacetabular impingement of both the cam and pincer types.. .
New York Society For The Ruptured And Crippled Maintaining The Hospital For Special Surgery


System for networking audio effects processors, enabling bidirectional communication and storage/recall of data

Systems and methods of networking and managing audio effects processors for musical instruments and vocal microphones, in which multiple sets of parameter settings involved in audio effects processing can be stored as well as modified within a central management hub. In response to one or more simple user inputs, the respective sets of parameter settings can be recalled or otherwise accessed from the central management hub and applied to selected ones of the audio effects processors, thereby allowing both musicians and vocalists to create a multitude of characteristic sounds with their musical instruments and vocal microphones, respectively, with increased convenience and ease-of-use..


Transformable stand with an improved foot operated pitch changing mechanism for stringed instruments

Disclosed are apparatus and related methods for changing the pitch of a stringed instrument, such as an standard, fixed-pitch, resonating or dobro-type guitar, by attaching the stringed instrument onto a transformable stand comprising a foot pedal assembly and string pitch changing mechanism. In one embodiment, the apparatus and related methods involve affixing the strings from an existing guitar to an improved pitch-changing mechanism, such as disclosed string pitch changer housing, that does not require the deconstruction of the guitar body.


Portfolio optimization and evaluation tool

A computer system configured to evaluate a portfolio comprising instruments, comprising a computer memory configured to store, for each instrument, an instrument value for each portfolio scenario in an n-dimensional matrix, a first constraint and a second constraint; and a computer processor configured to transpose the n-dimensional matrix, to determine a first solution by maximizing the product of transpose of the n-dimensional matrix and the first constraint, determine whether the first solution is within an accepted range of an acceptable risk, if the expected first solution is not within an accepted range of an acceptable risk, process the second constraint with the first solution to obtain a second solution, and determine whether the second solution is within the accepted range of the acceptable risk.. .
Validus Services (bermuda), Ltd.


Method of making secure electronic payments using communications devices and biometric data

Methods and systems for carrying out financial transactions include creating unique aliases for payment instrument having associated identification numbers, associating the created aliases to the payment instruments and enabling consumer use of the aliases to carry out financial transactions. Various special point-of-sale devices may be employed to carry out the financial transactions..


Multifunctional media players

According to embodiments of the invention, systems, methods and devices are directed to multifunctional media players that allow multiple musicians to play musical instruments at the same time in different locations. Various embodiments of the invention implement several novel features, including, in one embodiment, an orchestra system that includes a system configured to provide a plurality of multifunctional media players playing various songs.
Aerodyke Limited


Methods and systems relating to high resolution magnetic resonance imaging

The inventors have established design principles for phased-array mri coils from the considerations of the target region of the anatomy being evaluated and physical anatomy of the patients. Accordingly, the inventors have demonstrated shape-optimized phased array coils with dense packing of 32 channels for posterior-head imaging exhibiting the snr gains required to realize not only sub-millimeter fmri bold imaging but also allowing single-shot gradient echo-epi imaging to be performed upon general 3 t mri instruments.
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University


Floating dual anemometer - mast and doppler

A device of a dual floating anemometer comprised of a mast, support arms for instruments, purlins, a central buoy, connecting beams, the edge floaters, the buoy hoop, the buoy—anchorage connector, anchorage hoop, anchorage, wind measuring instruments a, the connector beam of the anemometer base b, the wind instrument base b wind measuring instruments b, the anchorages of the edge floaters, the connections of the anchorages of the edge floaters with the edge floaters and the connector hoops of the anchorages with the edge floaters, which can be placed in shallow or big water depths and can simultaneously measure the characteristic wind parameters using both common anemometers and doppler anemometers, so that the measurements of the wind potential (velocity, direction, turbulence) are extended to a higher altitude than the altitude of the mast which bears the cup anemometers, because of the combinatorial action.. .


Encoded calibration device and systems and methods thereof

Implementations described herein comprise systems, apparatus and methods for calibration of imaging, radio frequency or spectroscopic instruments that can be used to validate, calibrate or confirm the calibration thereof. In one aspect, a calibration target is provided.


Reversible thermochromic and photochromic ink pens and markers

Reversible thermochromic and photochromic ink compositions and markers, pens or writing instruments that use them are herein disclosed.. .
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.


Reversible thermochromic and photochromic ink pens and markers

Reversible thermochromic and photochromic ink compositions and markers, pens or writing instruments that use them are herein disclosed.. .
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.


A supervised autonomous robotic system for complex surface inspection and processing

The invention disclosed herein describes a supervised autonomy system designed to precisely model, inspect and process the surfaces of complex three-dimensional objects. The current application context for this system is laser coating removal of aircraft, but this invention is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications that require close, precise positioning and maneuvering of an inspection or processing tool over the entire surface of a physical object.
Carnegie Mellon University


Intervertebral spacers and related methods and instruments

Biomedical implants comprising portions made of disparate materials, such as intervertebral implants and related methods and instruments. In some embodiments, the implant may comprise a base portion comprising a first material and a secondary fastener portion comprising a second material having distinct physical properties relative to the first material.
Amedica Corporation


Context aware surgical systems

Systems and methods are provided in which devices that are employed during a medical procedure are adaptively configured during the medical procedure, based on input or feedback that is associated with the current state, phase or context of the medical procedure. In some example embodiments, the input is obtained via the identification of one or more medical instruments present within a region of interest, and this input may be employed to determine configuration parameters for configuring the device.
Synaptive Medical (barbados) Inc.


Autoclave-tolerant surgical instrument containers and container systems

Containers and container systems for temporarily storing and/or securing one or more surgical instruments in a neutral position during a surgical procedure. The containers are configured to withstand autoclave sterilization such that the containers are reusable following autoclave sterilization.
Op-marks Medical, Llc


Robotically-controlled shaft based rotary drive systems for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument including an end effector that has a selectively reciprocatable implement movably supported therein. The implement is selectively advanceable in a distal direction upon application of a rotary actuation motion thereto and retractable in a proximal direction upon application of a rotary retraction motion thereto.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Method and system of processing a transaction for a group

A method and system are provided for processing a transaction for a group of individuals. The method being performed at a network node and comprising operating a processor to provide an electronic point of sale group payment node having a plurality of virtual payment instruments associated thereto.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Methods for optimizing the performance, cost and constellation design of satellites for full and partial earth coverage

A system and method for highly efficient constellations of satellites which give single, double, . .


Input/output connector visualization panel

Embodiments of the invention provide information regarding device identity and connectivity among a system of music instruments or other electronic devices. Icons are displayed on a display screen.


Analyte-testing instruments

An instrument adapted to determine an analyte concentration of a fluid sample using a test sensor is disclosed. The instrument comprises a display adapted to display information to a user, a user-interface mechanism adapted to allow the user to interact with the instrument, a first test-sensor cartridge, and a body portion including at least a first opening and a second opening formed therein.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Devices and methods for testing the cleanliness of medical instruments

A device for testing the cleanliness of a cannula of a medical instrument can include a flexible guiding member having a first end, a second end, and an outer diameter, and a length extending from the first end to the second end, wherein the first end can be rounded and the length of the guiding member can be free of any cleaning element. The device can further include a sponge element containing a dried extractant configured to extract intracellular atp and having an outer diameter larger than the outer diameter of the guiding member.
Ruhof Corporation


Medical instrument with modified memory and flexibility properties and method

Medical instruments, particularly, endodontic instruments with unique limited memory characteristics, and methods for making such instruments. One embodiment includes heat treating an endodontic blank prior to forming a working portion of the endodontic instrument..
D & S Dental, Llc


System and minimizing twist for optical shape sensing enabled instruments

A shape sensing system includes a guide tube (304) and an optical shape sensing device (104) including one or more optical fibers and being proximally fixed at a fixation point and being disposed within the guide tube. An interventional instrument (102) is rigidly attached to a handle (212) to prevent rotation of the instrument relative to the handle.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Drop in surgical illuminator

An illumination system for adjustably positioning an illuminator in a surgical field in a patient includes an anchor element and an illumination element. The anchor element is configured to be releasably coupled with the patient, and the illumination element is coupled to the anchor element.
Invuity, Inc


Devices, systems, and methods for treatment of vessels

Devices, systems, and methods configured to assess the severity of a blockage in a vessel and, in particular, a stenosis in a blood vessel, provide visual depictions of vessel that allow assessment of the vessel and, in particular, any stenosis or lesion of the vessel, simulate one or more treatment options for the vessel, and perform treatment on any stenosis or lesion of the vessel, including guiding placement of one or more treatment devices are provided. The method can include obtaining pressure measurements from first and second instruments positioned within a vessel of a patient during a diagnostic procedure where the second instrument is moved longitudinally through the vessel; identifying a treatment option based on the obtained pressure measurements; and performing the identified treatment option, wherein a user display guides placement of one or more treatment devices associated with the identified treatment option..
Imperial College Of Science, Technology And Medicine


Systems, methods, and devices for assisting or performing guided interventional procedures using custom templates

Systems, methods, and devices are provided for assisting or performing guided interventional procedures using custom templates. The system uses pre-procedure scans of a patient's anatomy to identify targets and critical structures.


Customized patient-specific orthopaedic pin guides

Customized patient-specific orthopaedic surgical instruments are disclosed. Methods for fabricating and using such instruments are also disclosed..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Patient-specific-bone-cutting guidance instruments and methods

An orthopedic device for cutting or resurfacing an outer bone surface of a bone of a patient includes first and second guides. Each guide has a patient-specific surface preoperatively configured as a negative surface of a portion of the outer bone surface of the bone and a plurality of elongated slots.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc


Apparatus and methods for fiber integration and registration

Systems and methods for integrating and/or registering a shape sensing fiber in or to various instruments are described herein. Registration fixtures and registration techniques for matching the coordinate system of a fiber to the coordinate system of an elongate instrument or other device are provided.
Hansen Medical, Inc.


Devices, systems, and methods for assessment of vessels

Devices, systems, and methods for visually depicting a vessel and evaluating treatment options are disclosed. The methods can include introducing instruments into the vessel of a patient and obtaining proximal and distal pressure measurements of a stenosis of the vessel, calculating a pressure ratio based on the obtained proximal and distal pressure measurements, applying a correlation factor to the calculated pressure ratio to produce a predicted diagnostic pressure ratio, and displaying the predicted diagnostic pressure ratio to a user..
Volcano Corporation


System and detecting tissue and fiber tract deformation

Disclosed herein is a method for producing an evolvable tissue model of a patient and, using this model, modelling physical transformations of the tissue (e.g. Deformation) of the tissue model by interacting the tissue model with influence models which model interactions with the tissue such as surgical instruments, pressure, swelling, temperature changes etc.
Synaptive Medical (barbados) Inc.


Systems and methods of applying high performance computational techniques to analysis and execution of financial strategies

Systems and method of the present disclosure are directed to a strategy assessment tool that facilitates developing a financial strategy, testing the financial strategy on historical data, and applying the strategy in real time to activate trades. The strategy assessment tool can retrieve, obtain, or otherwise identify financial data related financial instruments.
Elsen, Inc.


Large liquidity seeking trading platform

An electronic trading system implements a display price that guarantees a minimum available quantity for trade. The electronic trading system determines a quantity of financial instruments available at various prices for incoming orders.
Nyse Group, Inc.


Large liquidity seeking trading platform

An electronic trading system implements a display price that guarantees a minimum available quantity for trade. The electronic trading system determines a quantity of financial instruments available at various prices for incoming orders.
Nyse Group, Inc.


System and performing processing in a testing system

System and methods can execute processes in a test system. A flexible platform may be provided for developing test programs for performing automated testing.
Bin1 Ate, Llc


Module for electronic musical instrument, and electronic musical instrument

The invention provides a module for electronic musical instruments and an electronic musical instrument that is easy to use during drinking and allow a user to know the alcohol concentration in their exhaled breath in a timely manner. The electronic musical instrument of the present invention can easily be used by a user while drinking.


Display instruments

A display instrument 1 for a coxed rowing boat has a main-body 2 with a display head 3 displaying rowing-related measurements digitally at its front end, and a resilient partially-spherical extension 7 from its rear end. In the assembled instrument 1, the extension 7 is entered into an open-mouth 13 of a cup-receptacle 11 to be gripped resiliently surface-to-surface within a peripheral rim 14 of the mouth 13 so as to resists relative movement but allows manual adjustment of orientation of the main-body 2 relative to the receptacle 11 to facilitate the cox's view of the display.


Instrument localization in guided high dose rate brachytherapy

A system for localizing one or more medical instruments includes a guidance grid (162) disposed in an operative relationship with a workstation subject for receiving the one or more medical instruments (102) when deployed. An ultrasound imaging system (110) is configured to image a volume where the one or more medical instruments are deployed.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Rotary drive arrangements for surgical instruments

A rotary drive arrangement for a surgical instrument that includes a surgical end effector. In one form, the rotary drive arrangement includes a drive shaft assembly that is selectively axially movable between a first position and a second position.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Interbody device and plate for spinal stabilization and instruments for positioning same

Systems, methods and devices for providing stabilization between first and second vertebrae are provided. More particularly, in one form a system includes an implant configured to be positioned in a disc space between the first and second vertebrae and a freestanding plate for engagement with extradiscal surfaces of the first and second vertebrae.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Instrument port for minimally invasive cardiac surgery

An instrument port for introducing instruments into a surgical site, including a port body having a channel running therethrough from a proximal end to a distal end, an instrument sleeve in slidable contact with the channel, creating a gap therebetween, and fluid flow for removing emboli efficiently from the instrument port, wherein the fluid flow includes the gap is provided. A fluid flow system for use in an instrument port is provided.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Articulating surgical stapling instrument incorporating a two-piece e-beam firing mechanism

A surgical severing and stapling instrument, suitable for laparoscopic and endoscopic clinical procedures, clamps tissue within an end effector of an elongate channel pivotally opposed by an anvil. An e-beam firing bar moves distally through the clamped end effector to sever tissue and to drive staples on each side of the cut.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Time synchronizing method, time connecting system, time master instrument, and time slave instrument

A time master instrument includes: a time information transmitting portion that transmits local time information to time slave instruments; a time information response requesting portion that requests that, through unicasting to the time slave instruments, time information be sent back; a time information comparing portion that compares the time information from the time slave instrument and the local time information; and a notifying portion that notifies a user when the time information comparing portion evaluates that there is a discrepancy in time information. A slave instrument includes: a time information setting portion that sets time information transmitted by the time information transmitting portion; a time information acquiring portion that acquires local time information in response to a response request by the time information response requesting portion; and a time information responding portion that sends back, to the time master instrument, time information acquired by the time information acquiring portion..
Azbil Corporation


System and direct passive monitoring of packet delay variation and time error in network packet communications

Systems and methods are disclosed for direct passive monitoring of packet delay variation and time error in network packet communications. Packets traversing between slave and master clocks are monitored to provide direct results of the actual conditions without the need to rely upon inference determinations.
Anue Systems, Inc.


M/z targeted attenuation on time of flight instruments

A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising separating ions according to one or more physico-chemical properties. Ions which are onwardly transmitted to a time of flight mass analyser are controlled by attenuating ions which would otherwise be transmitted to the time of flight mass analyser and cause saturation of an ion detector and which have been determined or which are predicted to have a relatively high intensity..
Micromass Uk Limited


Electromagnetic pickup for stringed instruments

An electromagnetic pickup for electric guitars has one or two dual-coil assemblies wherein an inner coil is wound around a bobbin and then an outer coil around the inner coil. In the dual-coil assembly the inner coil replaces the entire or part of wall space of pole piece holes in a plastic molded bobbin.


Electronic bass drum

An electronic bass drum includes one or more loudspeakers, an internal amplifier system, a removable electronic drum module and control panel, at least one impact sensitive electronic kick pad, an attachment for mounting a bass drum pedal, mounting hardware for tom toms or other acoustic or electronic instruments, legs for stabilization, one or more headphone jacks for silent play, input jacks for other instruments and/or microphones, and an mp3 player cradle for playing along with or recording music.. .


Optoelectronic pickup for musical instruments

An optoelectronic pickup for a musical instrument includes at least one light source which directs light to impinge a sound generating element of the musical instrument in at least one photoreceiver located to detect the reflected light, so as to generate an electrical signal that is responsive to sound generating element movement.. .


Capacity calculator

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods and computer readable media for calculating the capacity of a provider by calculating, using biographical data representing the provider, a first total units of service that are available to be offered to consumers during a first time period; calculating a second total units of service potentially available from the provider for a proposed second time period using a projection based in part on a model of consumer demand for the units of service; determining a third total units of service that are unavailable during the second time period based on at least one known or projected unavailability; and calculating a capacity based on the third total units of service and the second total units of service, the capacity being a capacity for a proposed promotion representing a maximum total of instruments to be offered in the proposed promotion by the provider.. .
Groupon, Inc.


Technologies for determining binary loop trip count using dynamic binary instrumentation

Technologies for binary loop trip count computation include a computing device that dynamically instruments binary code, executes the instrumented code, and records execution statistics during execution of the instrumented code. The computing device may instrument only instructions affecting local control flow within functions of the binary code.


Method and complementing an instrument panel by utilizing augmented reality

An approach is provided for complementing various devices and/or instruments by utilizing augmented reality and providing an adaptive user interface to a user at a user device. A user device determines one or more information items associated with at least one instrument panel of at least one vehicle.
Here Global B.v.


Variable density scanning

Systems and techniques for varying a scan rate in a measurement instrument. The techniques may be used in scanning probe instruments, including atomic force microscopes (afms) and other scanning probe microscopes, as well as profilometers and confocal optical microscopes.
Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Corporation


Measurement of total reactive nitrogen, noy, together with no2, no, and o3 via cavity ring-down spectroscopy

A sensitive, compact detector measures total reactive nitrogen (noy), as well as no2, no, and o3. In all channels, no2 is directly detected by laser diode based cavity ring-down spectroscopy (crds) at 405 nm.
The United States Of America, Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce


Compact folded signal transmission and image viewing pathway design and visual display technique for laser rangefinding instruments

A compact folded signal transmission and image viewing pathway design and visual display technique for laser rangefinding instruments incorporates a beam splitting cube in the eyepiece optical space and advantageously provides an objective image focal length substantially twice that of the physical length of the instrument optical components. Through the use of some of the same optical elements in both the image viewing pathway as well as the laser transmission pathway, a relatively long transmission focal length is provided which saves in both physical instrument space and component cost while also allowing for the use of reasonably sized photodiodes with improved power output over that of previous designs..
Kama-tech (hk) Limited


Sterilization container capable of providing an indication regarding whether or not surgical instruments sterilized in the container were properly sterilized

A sterilization container for sterilizing at least one surgical instrument. The container includes at least one sensor for measuring an environmental characteristic of the container during the sterilization of the instrument.
Stryker Corporation


Atmospheric microwave sterilizers and methods

An apparatus for sterilizing instruments at atmospheric pressure is provided. The apparatus includes a receiver, a sterilant reservoir, a rinsant reservoir, a waste reservoir, a microwave source, and a controller.
Xanatize Llc


Double bundle acl repair

A system for single tunnel, double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction includes implant constructs and instruments. The implant constructs provide a combination of cortical fixation and bone tunnel aperture fixation.
Imds Llc


Adjustable surgical instrument stringer with pegs, tray system, and sterilization

An adjustable stringer configured to string the ring handles of one or more surgical instruments, the stringer including two or more rod sections, wherein each rod section is configured to be inserted in one ring handle of the one or more surgical instruments, two or more angle sections, each angle section configured having one or more slidable connector sections, each slidable connector section configured to extend and retract along at least one of the two or more rod sections, and two or more releasable connectors, each releasable connector positioned between two of the two or more angle sections.. .
Restore Medical Solutions, Inc.


Surgical instrument with variable tissue compression

Surgical instruments and methods for applying variable compression to tissue are described herein and can have particular utility when cutting and sealing tissue. In one embodiment, a surgical instrument end effector is described that includes first and second jaw members movable relative to one another between an open position and a closed position to clamp tissue therebetween.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Customized patient-specific revision surgical instruments and method

A surgical instrument including a customized patient-specific guide block is disclosed. The customized patient-specific guide block includes a first surface, a bone-facing surface, a second surface positioned opposite the first surface and the bone-facing surface, and a guide pin hole extending between the second surface and the bone-facing surface.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Self guided subjective refraction instruments and methods

A refraction device determines a refraction end point to provide corrective optics for a test subject. The device includes an adjustable optical system providing corrective optics to the test subject and an adjustable viewing target disposed along an optical path such as to be viewable through the adjustable optical system by a test subject.

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