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Instruments patents

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Protection of proprietary embedded instruments

Asset Intertech

Protection of proprietary embedded instruments

System and method for programming and controlling instruments

System and method for programming and controlling instruments

System and method for programming and controlling instruments

Texas Instruments

Interposer instrumentation method and apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Instruments-related patents
 Variable density scanning patent thumbnailVariable density scanning
Systems and techniques for varying a scan rate in a measurement instrument. The techniques may be used in scanning probe instruments, including atomic force microscopes (afms) and other scanning probe microscopes, as well as profilometers and confocal optical microscopes.
Oxford Instruments Plc
 Protection of proprietary embedded instruments patent thumbnailProtection of proprietary embedded instruments
A network of storage units has a data path which is at least a portion of the network. The network also has a key storage unit and a gateway storage unit.
Asset Intertech, Inc.
 System and  programming and controlling instruments patent thumbnailSystem and programming and controlling instruments
A system comprising one or more program control processors, and a non-volatile computer readable medium storing a computer program instructions operable to cause the one or more program control processors to perform operations is disclosed. The operations include receiving an instruction code, executing the instruction code, and synchronizing one or more pre-defined real-time variables (prvs) with one or more of an industrial hardware peripheral..
 Interposer instrumentation method and apparatus patent thumbnailInterposer instrumentation method and apparatus
The disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for improving interposers to include embedded monitoring instruments for real time monitoring digital signals, analog signals, voltage signals and temperature sensors located in the interposer. An embedded monitor trigger unit controls the starting and stopping of the real time monitoring operations.
Texas Instruments Incorporated
 System and  trading financial instruments based on undisclosed values patent thumbnailSystem and trading financial instruments based on undisclosed values
In electronic trading venues, there may be orders for which the full information is not publicly displayed. For example, the full quantity of an order available for trading or the most aggressive price at which an order can be traded may not be made public.
Bloomberg L.p.
 Multi-functional surgical cautery device, system and  use patent thumbnailMulti-functional surgical cautery device, system and use
A surgical cautery device, system, and method of use may apply bipolar and/or sesquipolar electrocautery to target tissue via a pair of instruments with other primary surgical functions. The surgical cautery device and system may include first and second elements capable of forming an electrical circuit.
 System and  inhibiting injury to a patient during laparoscopic surgery patent thumbnailSystem and inhibiting injury to a patient during laparoscopic surgery
This group of inventions provides means and methods for preventing the damaging portions of surgical tools, such as laparoscopic devices, from adversely contacting tissues and organs that are not in the desired field of surgery. As such, the present disclosure pertains to any form of a warning or positioning device or methods, including those that are facilitated via software that are adapted and arranged for use in tracking portions of surgical instruments during laparoscopic surgery or other medical procedures.
 Introductory assembly and  inserting intracardiac instruments patent thumbnailIntroductory assembly and inserting intracardiac instruments
An introduction assembly and method for the insertion of medical instruments through a thoracic passage into a selected one of either the left or right atrium of the heart. Catheters or other instruments dedicated to performing required cardiac maneuvers are passed through an introductory sheath having a distal end disposed within the targeted atrium.
 Endodontic instrument with narrow radial lands patent thumbnailEndodontic instrument with narrow radial lands
An improved endodontic instrument has a uniform tapered working length with at least two helical shaped flutes and spiraled lands having a land width no greater than 0.101 mm as measured in a plane perpendicular the central axis of rotation of instrument. The land width is preferably constant along the working length but may vary provided it does not exceed 0.101 mm.
 Hearing aid fitting systems and methods using sound segments representing relevant soundscape patent thumbnailHearing aid fitting systems and methods using sound segments representing relevant soundscape
Disclosed herein are systems and methods enabling hearing aid fitting by a non-expert consumer. The method in one embodiment involves delivering a sequence of test audio signals corresponding to natural sound segments to a non-acoustic input of a programmable hearing device in-situ, while allowing the consumer to adjust fitting parameters based perceptual assessment of hearing device output.
Ihear Medical, Inc.

Quantum chemical analysis

A new trend in chemical analysis is introduced including design of new instruments used for counting of molecules and enantiomers in a given solution. The method is mainly based on quantum optics and quantum chemistry which are the reasons for the expression “quantum chemical analysis”.

System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites

In the color imaging system, multiple rendering devices are provided at different nodes along a network. Each rendering device has a color measurement instrument for calibrating the color presented by the rendering device.
Rah Color Technologies Llc

Instrument and bone fixation

Described herein are guiding instruments for use in surgical procedures involving the positioning of a bone plate. Furthermore methods for the manufacture of such instruments and methods for positioning a bone plate are also provided..
Materialise N.v.

Electrode assembly for use with surgical instruments

A system for treating tissue is provided. The system includes a source of electrosurgical energy and one or more microcontrollers.
Covidien Lp

Disposable calibration end-cap for use in a dermoscope and other optical instruments

A disposable tubular end cap for a dermoscope for examining the skin of an animal. The end cap has one end for receiving light from and transmitting light to the dermoscope, a removable calibration target disposed at the other end having optical characteristics similar to a standard skin type, and an identifier disposed on the end cap.

Apparatus for testing, assessment, and maintenance of harvested hearts for transplanting

An apparatus, a system, and methods for receiving, perfusing and maintaining and assessing excised donor heart physiological functionality, the system generally comprises an apparatus for receiving and holding an excised heart that is interconnected with: (i) a perfusate-processing system, (ii) a bidirectional perfusate pumping system, (in) flow sensors for monitoring the flow of perfusate to and from an installed heart's aorta, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, and vena cava, (iv) an ecg apparatus interconnectable with the installed heart, and (v) probes interconnecting the installed heart with instruments for monitoring the heart's physiogical functionality using load independent indices and load dependent indices.. .
University Of Manitoba

Pre-processing of a channelized music signal

A method for pre-processing a channelized music signal to improve perception and appreciation for a hearing prosthesis recipient. In one example, the channelized music signal is a stereo input signal.

Portable recording, looping, and playback system for acoustic instruments

Embodiments of the present invention provide an electronic looping, recording, and playback apparatus. The apparatus may comprise a clamp, enabling the apparatus to be positioned in or on an acoustic instrument, such as an acoustic guitar.
Intelliterran Inc.

Mouthpiece ligature for woodwind instruments

Disclosed herein is a ligature providing secure contact between the reed and mouthpiece while at the same time allowing for faster adjustment of the reed location and contact point with respect to the mouthpiece cavity such that longer or shorter reed vibrations can be easily obtained if desired. The improved ligature is adaptable to fit a wide range of woodwind instrument mouthpieces.
Final Frontier Technology, Llc

Pick for string instruments

The invention is generally a pick apparatus for playing a stringed musical instrument having an elastic and generally cylindrically shaped cot having an opening and a tip, and has a substantially uniform thickness, as well as a pick capable of plucking a string of a musical instrument attached thereto proximate to the cot's hemisphere and extending beyond the hemisphere away from the cot such that the pick is capable of plucking a string of a musical instrument when the cot is being worn on a digit of a user.. .

Trading of illiquid goods, services, instruments or commodities

Traders are notified of a computed tradeable price for an object of commerce. The computed tradeable price is calculated by a computer in conformance to a standard published to traders in a market for the object of commerce.
Cfph, Llc

Instruments and methods for obtaining informed consent to genetic tests

This invention provides an instrument for obtaining consent for a genetic test that comprises three or more integrated elements including an information element for conveying information to an individual concerning a genetic test, and instruction element for use by a practitioner in instructing individuals on the genetic test and use of the instrument, a collection element for collecting an individual's medical and family history, a assessment element for assessing the individual's retention and understanding of information concerning a genetic test, a certification element for certifying the individual's consent to said tests, as well as housekeeping elements useful for recording a medical record, labeling a sample, and billing. Also provided is a method for obtaining informed consent for a genetic test using an integrated instrument.
National Biomedical Research Foundation

Method and fitting a shoulder prosthesis

Method and set of surgical instruments for fitting a shoulder prosthesis, and the shoulder prosthesis. The proposed method seeks to interpose a bone graft between the previously prepared glenoid surface (g) of a scapula (s) of a patient's shoulder and the face of a glenoid prosthetic component opposite the articular surface.
Tornier Sas

Gas conditioning trocars

A gas conditioning trocar having a chamber for heating and hydrating an unconditioned insufflation gas prior to injecting a conditioned insufflation gas into a body cavity during a medical procedure and a port through which surgical instruments can pass into a body cavity without inhibiting the flow of insufflation gas during the medical procedure.. .

Compositions and methods for dental applications involving zinc-oxide cements

Described are compositions and methods for the removal of zinc-oxide eugenol-based temporary cements or root canal filling materials from a variety of surfaces including surfaces inside the oral cavity, such as teeth, as well as surfaces of objects located outside of the oral cavity, such as instruments and prostheses. In certain compositions, the resin-dentin bond between permanent cements and collagen-containing surfaces can be increased.
Essential Dental Systems, Inc.

Sterilization tray for instruments

The disclosure of the present application includes a sterilization tray for instruments. In an exemplary embodiment of a sterilization tray of the present disclosure, the sterilization tray comprises a sheet having a first end, an opposing second end, and a center portion between the first end and second end, in which the center portion having an undulating profile with a plurality of peaks and troughs and having a plurality of openings formed through the sheet.
Estes Design And Manufacturing, Inc.

Inspection device for mechanical instruments and uses thereof

Devices and methods for inspection of various mechanical instruments to determine their level of wear and re-usability, particularly surgical and dental instruments, are provided.. .

Three dimensional user interface effects on a display

The techniques disclosed herein may use various sensors to infer a frame of reference for a hand-held device. In fact, with various inertial clues from accelerometer, gyrometer, and other instruments that report their states in real time, it is possible to track a frenet frame of the device in real time to provide an instantaneous (or continuous) 3d frame-of-reference.
Apple Inc.

Methods and systems for accuracy improvement in current comparators

Precision ac and dc voltage, current, phase, power and energy measurements and calibrations with current ranges from 1 ua to 20 ka and voltage ranges from 1v to 1000 kv are now performed with accuracies of better than one part per million. Continued demand for improved accuracy has led the inventors to address remnant magetization within the current comparators that form the basis of the measuring process within many of the measurement instruments providing the precision ac and dc measurements and calibrations.
Guildline Instruments Limited

Non-electrical devices and methods for producing wah-wah and other effects with stringed instruments

A non-electrical stringed instrument sound effects device includes a crosspiece, having a string interface, and a strapping system that is configured to removably fasten the crosspiece, including the string interface, around a plucking or strumming hand of a player of the stringed musical instrument. A method of creating a sound effect using the device includes attaching the device to a plucking or strumming hand of a player of a stringed musical instrument such that the strapping system extends around the hand and the crosspiece is disposed adjacent the outside of the hand, positioning the hand in a conventional plucking or strumming position such that the string interface of the crosspiece extends across at least one of the strings, and manipulating the string interface of the crosspiece against the strings while plucking or strumming to achieve a desired sound effect without use of electrical power..

Shoulder strap operated pitch changing means for stringed instruments

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for changing the pitch of a string or strings of a string instrument.. .

Method and providing test cases

A method and apparatus for providing a test case for a modified program. The method includes the steps of: obtaining a modification item that makes modification on a previous version of the program; locating the modification item after a first instrument and before a second instrument of a plurality of instruments inserted into the program; obtaining an execution path of the modified program that is between the first instrument and the second instrument and associated with the modification as well as a constraint set corresponding to the execution path; obtaining an execution result, outputted by the first instrument, of executing the previous version of the program using an original test case; and determining a test case applicable for the execution path based on the execution result and the constraint set.
International Business Machines Corporation

Instrument system for use with an interspinous implant

A surgical instrument system comprises surgical instruments for use with an implantable interspinous device having at least one pair of wings for securing the implantable device to a spinous process. The instrument system may include a surgical instrument for expanding or spreading the pair of wings to accommodate the spinous process.
Paradigm Spine, Llc

Methods of locating and tracking robotic instruments in robotic surgical systems

In one embodiment of the invention, a method is disclosed to locate a robotic instrument in the field of view of a camera. The method includes capturing sequential images in a field of view of a camera.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Surgical sterilizing container tub and surgical sterilizing container with a sterilizing container tub

A surgical sterilizing container tub is provided on which a sterilizing container lid is adapted to be detachably fitted for formation of a surgical sterilizing container for holding surgical instruments for sterilization. The sterilizing container tub has a bottom and a container wall projecting from the bottom.
Aesculap Ag

Methods and polarization diversity with portable devices via wavefront muxing techniques

A novel terrestrial wireless communications technique for terrestrial portable terminals including hand-held mobile devices and fixed wireless instruments, utilizing a spoke-and-hub communications system, having a plurality of individual hubs and/or base-stations all in communications with the portable terminals. The portable terminals and the hubs are assigned to use incompatible polarity formats in terms of circularly polarity (cp) and linearly polarity (lp).
Spatial Digital Systems, Inc.

Pet scanner with emission and transmission structures in a checkerboard configuration

Apparatuses, computer-readable mediums, and methods are provided. In one embodiment, a positron emission tomography (“pet”) detector array is provided which includes a plurality of crystal elements arranged in a two-dimensional checkerboard configuration.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staples sizes

A surgical stapling apparatus includes a staple cartridge and an anvil member. The staple cartridge includes a plurality of surgical fasteners disposed in rows of retention slots.
Covidien Lp

Closed-loop stored value payment instrument brokerage

Closed-loop stored value payment instruments may be issued, sold and managed on behalf of a merchant through a third party electronic commerce system. Upon purchase of a closed-loop stored value payment instrument through the third party electronic commerce system, a payment aggregator may be notified of the purchase and the closed-loop stored-value payment instrument may be activated.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Apparatus and methods of spectral searching using wavelet transform coefficients

Apparatus and methods of spectral searching that employ wavelet coefficients as the basis for the searching. The disclosed apparatus and methods employ a wavelet lifting scheme to transform spectroscopic data corresponding to an unknown pure material/mixture to a vector of wavelet coefficients, compare the wavelet coefficient vector for the unknown pure material/mixture with a library of wavelet coefficient vectors for known pure materials/mixtures, and identify the closest match to the unknown pure material/mixture based on the comparison of wavelet coefficient vectors.

Suturing construct with spliced tails

A surgical construct having a flexible strand with a middle region and at least two opposing tail regions that are spliced to form a single tail. The middle region has a first diameter and the opposing tail regions have a second diameter, which is smaller than the first diameter.
Arthrex, Inc.

Methods of using applicator instruments for securing prosthetic devices to tissue

A method of securing a prosthetic device to tissue includes providing an applicator instrument including a housing, a shaft, surgical fasteners, a firing rod for dispensing the surgical fasteners from the shaft, a trigger, and an energy storing element. The method includes positioning a prosthetic device over tissue, juxtaposing a distal end of the shaft with the prosthetic device, and compressing the trigger for piloting the firing rod toward the distal end of the elongated shaft at a first rate of speed.
Ethicon, Inc.

Unitary endoscopic vessel harvesting devices

Unitary endoscopic vessel harvesting devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, such devices may comprise an elongated body having a proximal end and a distal end.
Saphena Medical, Inc.

Sterile surgical tray

A sterile surgical tray includes structure for receiving a plurality of surgical instruments. The sterile surgical tray also may include electrical input and output connectors attached to tray..
Doheny Eye Institute

Devices for introducing multiple instruments and methods of use

Disclosed herein are devices and methods for introducing a plurality of instruments to a target site through a working channel. The working channel can include a surface adapted to guide one or more instruments into select positions.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Reagent reservoir system for analytical instruments

The invention provides a reagent reservoir system and disposable reaction cassettes using the same. In one aspect, such system comprises a chamber in which dried reagent, particularly lyophilized reagent, is constrained to remain in a defined region of the chamber by a retaining member that obstructs passage of such reagents to other regions of the chamber where they may escape hydration or activation..

System and high resolution, instantaneous wide dynamic range, multi-colour luminescence detection of biological samples in a microfluidic system

The invention provides a high resolution, wide dynamic range, multi-colour detection platform for microfluidic analysers/instruments and methods. The detection platform uses multiple high gain semiconductor optical sensors for the detection of luminescence from cellular or biological samples.
Radisens Diagnostics Ltd.

System for storing objects in predetermined storage containers

The invention relates to a system for storing objects, such as surgical instruments, in predetermined storage containers (4). The system includes a conveyor (1) for transporting objects (3) placed on the conveyor to a camera (12) for recognizing the objects by reading an identification code provided on each object, and a device (6) for transporting each object (3) from the conveyor to the storage container for which it is intended.

Method and facilitating online payment transactions in a network-based transaction facility using multiple payment instruments

A method and system for transferring value to a user of a transaction system including receiving from the user a request for value, evaluating the risk involved in providing the value by evaluating information accessible to the transaction system, selectively approving the request for value based on evaluating the risk involved, and distributing the value to the user. The information that is accessible to the transaction system may be stored at the transaction system or separated from the transaction system.
Ebay Inc.

Standardization and management of over-the-counter financial instruments

A method of managing financial products is disclosed. The method includes receiving transaction parameters associated with a financial transaction, determining a standardized financial product, wherein the standardized financial transaction reflects the transaction parameters associated with the financial position, calculating a net present value position between the financial position and the standardized financial product, and clearing the net present value position through a clearing party..
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc.

Computer system for processing third party computer system data including geographic region data

A computer system for processing risk mitigation data includes calculating line-of-business payout factors for computing losses associated with one or more instruments such that the losses substantially replicate industry losses, and is configured to determine payout amounts based on a value of an event index based on a load factor and, for at least two lines of business, a loss index by individual geographic region, and payout factors for selected combinations of individual geographic region and line of business for at least one of one or more risk classes, each risk class representing one or more risks, and reported industry loss data.. .
Hartford Fire Insurance Company

Web-based multi-sensor/instrument control system

A system for monitoring and controlling electrical devices has a local central processor with memory for storing an operating and control systems for controlling analog or digital sensors, instruments, and devices. A web browser interfaces with a communications system to exchange data with the local central processor.
Analytical Instruments Systems, Inc.

Laboratory instrument control system

Wherein said ui instances control respective virtual pods representing one or more of said biological reagent instruments.. .

Atraumatic arthroscopic instrument sheath and method

A removable, resilient atraumatic sheath for arthroscopic instruments. The sheath covers sharp edges on the arthroscopic instrument, particularly the distal tip of the rigid cannula, and thereby protects tissue and objects near a surgical site from accidental trauma.
Cannuflow, Inc.

Method and applicator for the perioperative disinfection of medical instruments to be inserted through non-natural openings

The invention relates to means and methods for the disinfection of an insertion channel to prevent in particular catheter sepsis, which significantly reduces the carry-over of germs even out of deeper skin layers by means of medical instruments, such as catheters, to be introduced into non-natural openings and also permits the decontamination of perioperatively contaminated medical instruments. The disinfection of the insertion channel is achieved by means of a method for the perioperative coating of a medical instrument to be inserted into an invasively produced bodily opening before use, comprising the application of a preferably viscous or foam-like composition containing at least one anti-infective compound, preferably a gel having octenidine, by means of an applicator, such that when said gel is used, the composition is also specifically effective in the first millimeters of the insertion channel.

Method and determining tumor shift during surgery using a stereo-optical three-dimensional surface-mapping system

A system and method for determining intraoperative locations of a lesion in tissue from lesion locations determined in preoperative imaging includes determining three dimensional locations of surface features of the organ in the preoperative images. A preoperative surface map is extracted from stereo images annotated with surface features from preoperative images.
The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

Security access for a switch device

A method for providing user access to a network switch appliance, includes: receiving from a user a request to access configuration item for the network switch appliance, the network switch appliance configured to pass packets received from a network to network monitoring instruments; and determining, using a processing unit, whether to allow the user to access the configuration item for the network switch appliance based on information regarding the user.. .

Secure integrative vault of consumer payment instruments for use in payment processing system and method

A system and a method is provided for secure storage of consumers' credentials, financial accounts such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, proprietary gift cards, line of credit accounts, brokerage accounts, loyalty accounts, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, or the like, and storage of consumers' financial, legal or other important documents in an integrative vault providing payment processing access, protection, management, control and auditability over all of the consumers' payment instruments, other instruments, and important documents in a cloud based payment transaction processing environment.. .

Personal surgical center

A personal surgical center embodied as a general purpose computer (e.g. Laptop) with wireless technology for monitoring the operation of an independent surgical center and/or handheld instruments.

Apparatus and stabilizing adjacent bone portions

Instruments, kits, and methods are disclosed for installing an implant spacer through an incision and down a surgical corridor. The instruments also serve to align a drill guide and align and insert a spacer stabilizer for stabilization of adjacent bone portions.

Blades with functional balance asymmetries for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments

Disclosed is an ultrasonic surgical instrument that combines blade end-effector geometry to best affect the multiple functions of a shears-type configuration. The shape of the blade is characterized by a radiused cut offset by some distance to form a curved geometry.

Endoscopic snare device

Embodiments of this invention relate to endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical instruments. More specifically, embodiments of this invention relate to an open loop snare device including a means for securely closing the loop.

Systems and methods to identify interventional instruments

Systems and methods which operate to identify interventional instruments and/or other objects in images are shown. Embodiments operate to extract relevant information regarding interventional instruments from a multi-dimensional volume for presenting the information to a user in near real-time with little or no user interaction.

Reduced area imaging device incorporated within endoscopic devices

A reduced area imaging device is provided for use in medical or dental instruments such as an endoscope. The imaging device is provided in various configurations, and connections between the imaging device elements and a video display may be achieved by wired or wireless connections.

Apparatus for evacuation of root canal

In an endodontic procedure, after the working of a root canal by instruments to remove material and shape the walls of the canal, irrigant is supplied via a microcannula. A vacuum is applied via a tube which is inserted partway down the root canal.

Photo-curing of thermoplastic coatings

The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of a medical device element by means of extrusion or injection moulding and to medical devices comprising such extruded or injection moulded medical device elements. The medical device elements (e.g.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes two power cords (70, 80), a plurality of processing sections, a relay (91) and a control section (87). The relay (91) is switched between a conducting state where the two power cords (70, 80) can provide a bilateral supply of power between each other and a cut-off state where they cannot.

Antenna device for hearing instruments and a hearing instrument

An antenna system is provided for hearing instruments to be worn in the auditory canal. A hearing instrument has a data transmission system improved in respect of transmission bandwidth with no increase or only an insignificant increase in space and energy requirement.

Fluid ionization vaporization inlet for introduction of samples to spectroscopy instruments and methods of performing the same

A fluid ionization and vaporization inlet provides for the ionization and vaporization of samples to be delivered to analytical instrumentation of the scientist's choice. A sample may be injected through a septum onto a sample plate whereby heat, direct current, or both can be applied to ionize and/or vaporize the sample into a carrier gas, which is then provided to the analytical instrumentation.

Vocal processing with accompaniment music input

Systems, including methods and apparatus, for generating audio effects based on accompaniment audio produced by live or pre-recorded accompaniment instruments, in combination with melody audio produced by a singer. Audible broadcast of the accompaniment audio may be delayed by a predetermined time, such as the time required to determine chord information contained in the accompaniment signal.

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