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Date/App# patent app List of recent Inion-related patents
 Systems, methods, and computer program products for capturing natural responses to advertisements patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, methods, and computer program products for capturing natural responses to advertisements
Systems, methods, and computer program products described herein may allow for the capture of a user's reaction to an advertisement. The reaction may be verbal or may take the form of a gesture.
 Method and system of online collaboration between multiple users patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system of online collaboration between multiple users
In a method of online collaboration between multiple users, a subject for debate (e.g. A problem to be solved) is posted on a website.
 Managing social network relationships between a commercial entity and one or more users patent thumbnailnew patent Managing social network relationships between a commercial entity and one or more users
Systems and methods for managing relationships between a commercial entity and one or more of a plurality of users is described. One of the methods includes receiving data regarding a first opinion of one of the users.
 Hydraulic pump configuration for automatic transmission patent thumbnailnew patent Hydraulic pump configuration for automatic transmission
An automatic transmission pump assembly includes a torque converter housing and pinion that rotate about a first axis, an idler engaged with the pinion, a gear engaged with the idler, shaft secured to the gear, and a pump rotor secured to the shaft and that rotates about a second axis offset from the first axis.. .
 Drive pinion fastening assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Drive pinion fastening assembly
A drive pinion fastening assembly is provided. The drive pinion fastening assembly includes a drive pinion, a pinion sleeve, an external spline, and a pinion fastener.
 Electrical pop out device with electrical outlets and/or usb ports patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical pop out device with electrical outlets and/or usb ports
An electrical pop out device has a shroud and an outlet housing. The outlet housing is sized to be placed inside the shroud.
 Engine starter designed to minimize mechanical noise at start of engine patent thumbnailnew patent Engine starter designed to minimize mechanical noise at start of engine
An engine starting system for an engine is equipped with a pinion, an electromagnetic actuator, and a controller. When energized, the electromagnetic actuator produces a magnetic attraction to move the pinion straight toward a ring gear coupled to an engine for starting the engine.
 Gas exhaust device for retractor pretensioner for vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Gas exhaust device for retractor pretensioner for vehicle
Disclosed herein is a gas exhaust device of a retractor pretensioner for a vehicle, including a pinion connected to a belt weaving spool in a retractor body; a rack linearly transferred when engaged with the pinion; a rack transfer path formed between a pretensioner body and the retractor body, configured to guide the rack linearly toward the pinion; and a micro-gas generator (mgg) mounted on a side of a lower end of the pretensioner body to elevate the rack toward the pinion using gas generated by the mgg, wherein a gas moving aperture is formed to allow communication between an upper portion and a lower portion of the rack transfer path in a longitudinal direction in the rack, to elevate the rack using the gas generated from the mgg and simultaneously, move the rack toward the upper portion of the rack transfer path through the gas moving aperture.. .
 Sentiment classification using out of domain data patent thumbnailSentiment classification using out of domain data
Providing sentiment classification of out of domain data are disclosed herein. In some aspects, a source domain having a trained classifier is matched to a target domain having a target classifier.
 Integrated system and method for social opinion networking patent thumbnailIntegrated system and method for social opinion networking
A computer solution inclusive of web-enabled client-server hardware architecture and a unique software method for soliciting, sharing and influencing opinions on social issues. The software gathers metrics from collective opinions and facilitates social-networking using these metrics to guide members in forming informed opinions.
Yaw rate signal offset calculation
A method of calculating the offset of a yaw rate signal may be based at least in part on signals representing pinion angle, wheel speed, and yaw rate. These signals may be determined, and threshold comparisons may be performed, and determination of the yaw rate signal may be based at least in part on the results of the threshold comparisons..
Starter motor
Embodiments of the invention provide a starter comprising a motor comprising a drive shaft, a pinion, and a clutch. In some embodiments, the starter includes a planetary gear coupled with the clutch.
Consumer analytics system that determines, offers, and monitors use of rewards incentivizing consumers to perform tasks
A method and system are provided for providing incentives and rewards to consumers in return for their sharing of their electronically-derived consumer location data and sharing their opinions and feedback. The system may be programmed to determine parameters of a reward offered to an individual consumer or group of consumers based on or more criteria.
Consumer analytics system that determines, offers, and monitors use of rewards incentivizing consumers to perform tasks
A method and system are provided for providing incentives and rewards to consumers in return for their sharing of their electronically-derived consumer location data and sharing their opinions and feedback. The system may be programmed to determine parameters of a reward offered to an individual consumer or group of consumers based on or more criteria.
Method and system for sharing web hyperlink
The disclosure provides a method and a system for sharing a web hyperlink. The method includes: a first mobile terminal adding extended information on a browsed webpage and transmitting the extended information and the web hyperlink of the webpage to a second mobile terminal; the second mobile terminal opening the webpage according to the web hyperlink and displaying the extended information on the webpage.
Methods and systems for transforming multiple data streams into social scoring and intelligence on individuals and groups
A system, method and computer program product for determining and identifying a highly accurate description of an entity, including discovering hidden attributes, features, characteristics, behaviors, and opinions of an entity; and identifying the entity through processing, summarizing, abstracting, generalizing, discovering, and inferring information from a plurality of databases including publicly available data, private purchased data, private data provided by others, and derived data from public or private data.. .
System and method for generating influencer scores
Methods and systems for generating influence scores are disclosed. A plurality of opinions of a selected topic are retrieved from a database.
Mode shift apparatus for umbilical stranding machine
A coupler for shifting bobbin cradle sets between planetary and rigid mode positions on an umbilical standing machine includes a lever, a pinion gear, and a line shaft positioned through a center of the pinion gear and a cage of the stranding machine. A coupler block is slidable over the line shaft and engageable with the pinion gear to rotate a set of bobbin cradles via the pinion gear and the line shaft.
Axle assembly having an electric motor module
An axle assembly having an electric motor module. The electric motor module may be coupled to a differential assembly.
Internal gear pump, especially for a vehicle hydraulic brake system
An internal gear pump includes a separator arranged in a pump chamber of the internal gear pump. The separator divides the pump chamber into a delivery chamber and a suction chamber and is arranged so as to be radially moveable and capable of pivoting.
Gas bearing supported turbomachine with reduction gear assembly
A turbine-driven generator (i.e., a turbomachine) is provided for extracting energy and generating electrical power from a process gas. A turbine impeller mounted on a rotating shaft is rotatably disposed within a turbine housing for processing process gas flowing between an inlet and an outlet of the turbine.
Seatbelt retractor
A retractor includes a windup drum that winds webbing and a pretensioner unit that causes the windup drum to rotate in a windup direction of the webbing. The pretensioner unit includes a pinion gear configured to rotate in association with the windup drum, a piston that includes a rack for meshing with the pinion gear and causes the windup drum to rotate in the windup direction through the pinion gear, a tubular cylinder that has a circular cross-section and movably holds the piston, and a drive mechanism that drives the piston.
Drive gear
A fishing reel drive gear is used for a fishing reel. The fishing reel drive gear is arranged to be meshed with a pinion gear.
Bi-directionally operable, toolessly changeable, strap for a wearable display
Watchmakers have maintained a tidy, fiddling, monopoly on changing watch straps for a century even as customers have increasingly sought and asked for more readily-replaceable options, to let their expensive centerpiece display (whether mechanical or electronic) to be attached by fashion-responsive, inexpensive straps. This invention is of a strap for a variety of displays or equipment worn on the user's wrist, limb, or body that is simpler to manufacture, sturdier, easy to use, and yet readily replaceable without any tool.
Motorized rotational drive system for a solar collector tracker support system
Motorized rotational drive system (8) for rotating a framework about an axis of rotation, preferably a horizontal axis of rotation, for a solar collector tracker support system, said motorized system comprising: two ring gear sectors (80) extending in two planes orthogonal to the axis of rotation and provided with means of attachment to said framework; a transmission shaft (82) supporting two pinions (81) in mesh with the corresponding ring gear sectors (80) for synchronized rotation of said ring gear sectors (80); and a motorized drive means for driving the rotation of said transmission shaft (82).. .
Rack bar and rack bar teeth forming die
A rack bar includes a shaft portion and a rack toothed portion provided on the shaft portion. The rack toothed portion includes a plurality of rack teeth provided side by side in an axial direction of the shaft portion to mesh with a pinion gear.
Motion control device
Motion control apparatus (a) includes a direct coupled torque motor (54) slideably receiving an output (50) without other types of torque transmission devices between the output (50) and the motor (54) and between the output (50) and a pinion (7) in direct gearing engagement with an annular gear (44) connected to a second race (32) of a bearing (26) intermediate an annular mounting plate (38) and a dial plate (40). The second race (32) is a single, non-separable piece having l-shaped, radial cross sections to define a mounting pilot for the annular gear (44).
Social purchase system
Systems and methods for providing social purchases include hardware and software configured to receive a purchase instruction from a purchaser that includes an item and a merchant associated with the item. The purchase instruction is determined to be associated with a social purchase request that may be predefined or provided along with the purchase instruction.
Electric power steering system
A target pinion angle computation unit computes a target pinion angle on the basis of a basic assist component and a steering torque, and computes the target pinion angle so as to rapidly increase a steering reaction force when it is determined based on the target pinion angle that a rack shaft of a rack-and-pinion mechanism reaches a position near a limit of a movable range of the rack shaft. In an.
Multi-stage transmission for a power tool
A multi-stage planetary transmission includes a transmission housing and a first planetary stage at least partially positioned in a transmission housing. The first planetary stage includes a first stage ring gear, a first stage carrier, and a plurality of first stage planet gears supported by the first stage carrier.
Drive device comprising an electric machine
A drive device (1, 20) including an electric machine (3), a first planetary gear (4), a differential (5) and an operative connection between a drive shaft (3a) of the electric machine (3) and a first planetary pinion (4a) of the first planetary gear (4), said first planetary pinion (4) engaging with the first planet wheels (4b) which engage with a stationary first ring gear (4) and which are rotationally mounted on a first planet carrier (4c) which is connected in a rotationally fixed manner to a differential cage (5a) of the differential.. .
Propulsion system for a self-propelled vehicle with multiple electric drive units
A propulsion system for a self-propelled vehicle comprises a motor body which is associated with a mechanical transmission conveying motion to the driving wheels of the vehicle, and which integrates and contains in a single body electric propulsion means, comprising at least several components of a brushless rotary motor; a clutch coupling located downstream of and mechanically connected to the electric propulsion means; and a gearbox with discontinuous gear ratios, having an input shaft connected to the clutch coupling and an output shaft coming out to the outside of the motor body and connecting to the mechanical transmission. The electric propulsion means comprise the components of at least two brushless motors, each equipped with a respective driving shaft provided with a pinion which is coupled by meshing with a predetermined ratio to a clutch coupling..
Transmission turbo machine
A transmission turbo machine integrates drive units and/or driven units into a machine train via a transmission. The integrated transmission substantially comprises a central large wheel with a shaft and a plurality of pinions with pinion shafts.
Push-to-charge mechanism for lancing device
A lancing device has a charging mechanism that operates to convert an external push action by a user to an internal pull action that retracts and charges a lancet for use in a lancing stroke. In some embodiments, the charging mechanism includes a user-actuated charging push-button, a reverse charging member coupled to a lancet carrier, and a reverse-motion conversion member coupled therebetween.
Fixture, maintenance assembly, and method for maintaining wind turbine gearbox
Fixtures, maintenance assemblies, and methods for maintaining a wind turbine gearbox are disclosed. The gearbox includes a sun pinion and a bull gear surrounding the sun pinion.
Wind turbine
Wind turbine having a yaw system that comprises an annular gear, a plurality of motors, and a gear system having a gearbox and a pinion for each of the motors. Each of the gear systems is arranged to transmit a torque from the related motor to the annular gear.
Spindle bearing arrangement for a power tool
A power tool that includes a housing, a motor, a pair of motor bearings, a transmission, an output spindle and front and rear spindle bearings. The motor is received in the housing and includes a stator and an output shaft that extends through the stator.
Motor vehicle exhaust-gas recirculation valve arrangement
A motor vehicle exhaust gas recirculation valve arrangement for an exhaust gas recirculation system of an internal combustion engine includes an electric drive motor, an intermediate shaft, an eccentric shaft, and a valve drive. The electric drive motor comprises a motor shaft and a motor pinion.
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for fulfilling requests for price opinions
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for requesting and receiving price opinions for an asset such as a piece of real estate are provided. In response to a request for a price opinion for an asset, some or all of the data fields for a price opinion may be automatically populated.
Systems and methods for measuring and scoring the effectiveness of a message
Methods of evaluating the effectiveness of a message in changing the opinion of a person are provided. A person's opinion on a position statement is obtained and given a numerical value, after which the person assesses several messages related to the position statement based on how convincing each message is to that person, assigning a numerical value to each message.
Learning opinion-related patterns for contextual and domain-dependent opinion detection
A method for extracting opinion-related patterns includes receiving a corpus of reviews, the reviews each including an explicit rating of a topic. The reviews are partitioned among a predefined plurality of classes, based on the ranking.
Bicycle, in particular mountain bike, with an electrical drive
A bicycle has a main frame, a rear suspension having a spring and guiding a wheel along a prescribed path and an electric drive mounted on the main frame. A driving pinion thereof being is disposed coaxial to the shaft of a bottom bracket, and at least one driven pinion is disposed coaxial to the rear wheel and operationally connected to the driving pinion of the electric drive by a chain.
Starting device for an internal combustion engine
A starting device for an internal combustion engine has a starter pinion which can be adjusted axially between an out-of-function position and an advanced drive position and is seated on a shaft, on which a securing ring is arranged in order to limit the axial movement of the starter pinion. A securing recess is made in the end side of the starter pinion, into which securing recess the securing ring protrudes and which fixes the securing ring radially in its position on the shaft.
Engine starting device
The engine starting device includes a pinion unit which is spline-coupled to an output shaft side of a starter motor to slide in an axial direction, the pinion unit including a one-way clutch which spins for rotation in the same direction as that of rotation of the engine, and a pushing mechanism for moving the pinion unit to a position in which the pinion unit comes into meshing engagement with a ring gear. A pinion gear of the pinion unit is movable in the axial direction as a single body, and includes a chamfered portion having a curved surface along a tooth surface on a non-torque transmitting surface side and a large length in the axial direction, the chamfered portion being provided to a ring-gear side distal end portion of the tooth surface on the non-torque transmitting surface side..
Security sensor having adjustable retaining arms
A merchandise display security device for displaying and protecting articles of merchandise includes a security sensor having adjustable retaining arms for securely retaining articles of merchandise having various dimensions. Each of the opposed retaining arms includes a grip portion at a first end and a rack portion at a second end opposite the grip portion that operatively engages a rotatable pinion gear.
Antirotated piston rack
A valve skirt is connected to a shaft. The shaft extends in a rearward direction away from the skirt and has rack teeth at a location spaced away from the skirt.
Method for trade and exchange of expert information, including prognosis or prediction opinions
System and method for providing a forum or platform for its users to share their own market analysis and predictions, and to receive the same sort of information from others. This exchange of information to be done electronically, via internet, other information networks.
Correction device for functions displayed by a timepeice
The present invention relates to a correction device for changing the data of a plurality n of time-related functions displayed by a timepiece. It is characterized in that the device includes a pusher (1) for changing function, whose actuation moves a control wheel (2) and meshes said wheel with a corrector pinion (3, 4, 5) for the selected function, and a stem (7) whose rotation in one direction or the other pivots said control wheel (2), which in turn drives one of said corrector pinions (3, 4, 5) to correct the data of said selected function by adding or subtracting..
Vehicle engine starting apparatus
Vehicle engine starting apparatus of automatically restarting an engine by quickly responding to a subsequent engine restart request even if engagement of a pinion gear with a ring gear is failed in the process of a stop of the engine. Pinion gear is displaced such that the pinion gear is engaged with the ring gear at a timing (when rotation speed of the pinion gear and rotation speed of the engine are nearly synchronized with each other with a signal from a control device when a predetermined condition is met.
Method, device and system for processing public opinion topics
The application relates to communication technology field, in particular to a method, an apparatus and a system for processing a public sentiment topic. The method comprises steps of searching a public sentiment topic containing public sentiment information through a network; acquiring characteristic information of the searched public sentiment topic; determining whether the acquired characteristic information of the public sentiment topic meets an alarming condition; and if yes, storing the public sentiment topic and its characteristic information.
Syringe with syringe barrel, syringe head and ejector unit
The invention relates to a syringe (20) comprising a syringe barrel (15), an ejector unit (25) arranged at the distal end of the syringe barrel (15) with a plunger rod (17), a coupling part (37) and a plunger (16) and a syringe head (21) arranged at the proximal end of the syringe barrel (15) with a needle unit (12) which is arranged in a guide sleeve (5) and is slidable therein with a cannula (3) and a cannula holder (4) and a pinion (2), by means of which the needle unit (12) is axially movable, relative to a syringe barrel (15) from a rest position to an actuation position. At the distal end of the guide sleeve (5) a sealing element (7) is arranged.
Speed regulator
The invention relates to a speed regulator of a bicycle, which speed regulator is in the rear hub or the pedal centre of the bicycle, which includes one or more hydraulic pumps which is rotated by a rear pinion or by the pedals, which hydraulic pump rotates one or more hydraulic motors, which hydraulic motor/hydraulic motors rotates/rotate the rear wheel of the bicycle. According to the invention, the rotation speed of the hydraulic pump can be steplessly changed when the rear pinion or the pedals rotate at constant speed..
Content management system
Systems and methods for content management are provided herein. In some instances, a method may include receiving content comprising end user opinions regarding third parties, calculating a score for each of the third parties from the end user opinions, the score representing whether the end user opinions are positive or negative, publishing a profile for a user to a first website if the score of the one or more third parties is determined to be positive, and publishing a profile for a user to a second website if the score of the one or more third parties is determined to be negative..
Method and system for representing collective and individual responses to a shared experience event
A web-based application for use on a mobile device allows a user to provide response input indicating the user's current positive/negative response, opinion, reaction, to an event or other shared experience and “publish” the response input data by broadcasting it to one or more other users or by providing the response input data to a centralized or distributed database or other repository of response input data from other individuals experiencing the same event. The application may acquire response input data from the repository or directly from one or more other users and display acquired response input data graphically or in some other concise and meaningful format that visually conveys the acquired response input data collectively and/or by individuals or groups or subgroups of individuals, thereby providing a means to acquire and characterize the time varying responses, opinions, and reactions of a population sharing the experience of an event or other stimulus..
Second opinion network
Systems and methods are provided to facilitate consultations between a referral source (e.g., labs, pathologists and patients) and a consultant (e.g., pathologist, radiologist, or other digital image analyst). Links between the various referral sources and consultants are established through a scanning center via a data communication network such as the internet.
Long travel steerable catheter actuator
The present invention is an electrophysiology, rf ablation, or similar catheter (i.e., catheter or sheath) that includes an actuator that significantly increases the length of travel (i.e., steering travel) of the actuation wires, as compared to the length of travel provided by prior art actuators. The catheter includes a hollow flexible tubular body, a pair of actuation wires disposed in a side-by-side relationship in the body, a handle attached to a proximal end of the body, an actuator pivotally mounted to the handle, an arcuate internal gear rack disposed on the actuator, one or more pulleys pivotally mounted on the handle and coaxially coupled to a pinion gear engaged with the gear rack, and a guide block mounted within the handle.
Compressible barbell adapter
A compressible barbell adapter is disclosed, which consists of a compression-retraction member fastened to a hollow shaft for use on a bar. The compression and retraction movement of the compression-retraction member is generally achieved by means of a pinion and a rack system, and can be utilized in conjunction with dampening means.
Integrated pinion carrier and overrunning element race
A pinion carrier includes a first disc including ring segments, each ring segment extending angularly about an axis and spaced angularly from the other ring segments, a second disc, spacers secured to the discs and separating the discs axially, and retention elements, each retention element secured to one of the ring segments.. .
Readjustement device for a friction clutch
A readjustment device for travel-controlled wear readjustment for a friction clutch includes a spindle with a spindle nut for rotating a pressure plate relative to a counter plate via a ramp system having a ramp ring for axial displacement of the pressure plate relative to the counter plate as a function of a relative rotation. The ramp ring has a first engagement device that is connected in a positively locking manner to the spindle nut.
Electric parking brake driving device and electric parking brake device
A parking brake actuator generates and applies a braking force to a vehicle wheel by converting a rotation movement of a screw member which is rotated by an electric parking brake driving device into a translatory movement and transmitting the converted translatory movement to a piston to push a brake pad to a disc by the piston. The electric parking brake driving device includes an electric motor and a reduction gear mechanism which transmits the driving force of the electric motor to the electric parking brake driving device.
Engine start system minimizing mechanical impact or noise
An engine start system which may be employed in automotive idle stop systems. To start an engine, the system brings a pinion gear into engagement with a ring gear coupled to the engine and turns on an electric motor to rotate the ring gear through the pinion gear to crank the engine.
Starter pinion engagement tester
A method and apparatus for testing a starter assembly for an engine is provided. A test apparatus may include a controller operative to route power from a power supply to a tested starter assembly.
Rack-pinion type steering apparatus
Disclosed is a rack-pinion type steering apparatus. According to the present invention, since air can flow into the interior of a gearbox from the exterior of the gearbox, unlike in the conventional structure in which an internal air flow into the gearbox is blocked at a portion of a rack-pinion type steering apparatus connected with the gearbox through a rack housing and a bellows, a problem of increasing internal pressure of the bellows in a predetermined case can be solved, and accordingly, generation of noise due to the collision between an inner peripheral surface of the bellows and an inner ball joint can be prevented..
Wave activated power generation system with the rack and pinion mechanism
The present invention is directed to a wave activated power generation system that converts the vertical movement of one or more power generation buoys resulting from interaction with waves into energy producing gyrations via a rack and pinion mechanism. The square-shaped power generation buoys are manufactured from fiber-reinforced plastic material..
Supporting consumer products
A device for supporting consumer products includes a transmission, a first end plate, a second end plate, and a shelf. The transmission includes a worm wheel coupled to a socket; a worm gear engaged to the worm wheel and coupled to a back axle shaft; a first pinion gear coupled to a first end of the back axle shaft; and a second pinion gear coupled to a second end of the back axle shaft.
Electrically supported power steering having an immobilizer
The invention relates to a steering system with an uninterruptible mechanical positive coupling between a steering wheel and a pinion in the form of a steering shaft and with an electrical auxiliary power assistance, in which an electric motor introduces its assistance power into the steering system via a reduction gear mechanism. A switchable magnetic brake is provided, which in a closed switching state blocks the motor shaft of the electric motor frictionally in relation to a motor housing fixed to the vehicle body, and which in an open switching state releases the motor shaft so that this can rotate in a fixed transmission ratio with the steering shaft..
Four-joint link type continuously variable transmission
To suppress flexure of an input shaft of a four-joint link type continuously variable transmission. The four-joint link type variable transmission is equipped with a hollow input shaft, an output shaft, an eccentric mechanism, a swing link, a one-way rotation preventing mechanism, a connecting rod, and a pinion shaft inserted into the input shaft.
Worm drive adjustment for headgear suspension
A headgear adjustment mechanism is provided that includes a worm having a central axis of rotation, a first headband element, a second headband element, a spur gear, and a housing. The first headband element includes (i) a worm rack disposed in operative engagement with the worm, and (ii) a first pinion rack.
Method for facilitating decision-making related to goal attainment
The invention relates to a method for facilitating decision-making related to goal attainment, the steps of the method including providing a pool of prospective category-specific advisors, each of which have joined a membership community; selecting from the pool of category specific advisors, a subset thereof sufficient to define an online forum qualified for consideration of a given goal-related question; and then syntactically refining the goal-oriented question expressed by a system user by resolving the question into components, the refining step including (i) reviewing for and providing accuracy of forum of the components by a language processing agent of the system; and (ii) reviewing for accuracy of substantive meaning by the system user of the goal oriented question components. The method further comprises the step of providing the refined question components to the forum for consideration; and then providing from the forum to the system user respective answers or opinions of the forum in response to the goal oriented question and components of it..
Vessel propulsion apparatus
A vessel propulsion apparatus includes a prime mover, a drive shaft, a pinion, a rear gear, a propeller shaft, a front bearing, a cylindrical front housing, and a cylindrical rear housing. The front housing surrounds the front bearing about a propeller axis and supports the rear gear via the front bearing in a manner rotatable about the propeller axis.
Two-speed transmission for electric vehicle
A transmission to transfer power from an electric motor to first and second axles of a vehicle includes an input shaft adapted to be driven by the electric motor and a first planetary gear set. A second planetary gear set has a first member driven by the first planetary gear set, a second member restricted from rotation and a third member.
Drive unit for an electric hybrid vehicle
A drive unit for a hybrid electric motor vehicle includes a bevel pinion driveably connected to a power source, a bevel gear meshing with the bevel pinion and aligned with an axis, first and second drive shafts, a differential mechanism including an input secured to the bevel gear for transmitting power between the input and the first and the second drive shafts, an electric motor/generator including a rotor, and a planetary gear set driveably connected to the input and the rotor for transmitting power between the rotor and the input such that a speed of the rotor is greater than a speed of the input.. .

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