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Planetary gear device for vehicle power transmission device

Planetary pinion shaft

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inion-related patents
 Surgical instrument end effector articulation drive with pinion and opposing racks patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical instrument end effector articulation drive with pinion and opposing racks
An apparatus comprises a body and a shaft assembly. The shaft assembly is in communication with the body and comprises an end effector, first cam gear, second cam gear, and a lock bar.
 Planetary gear device for vehicle power transmission device patent thumbnailnew patent Planetary gear device for vehicle power transmission device
A planetary gear device of vehicular power transmitting system includes a carrier, pinion gears, a sun gear, a ring gear, and a cylindrical output member disposed coaxially with the carrier and having the ring gear on inner surface, and a radially outer output gear on outer surface. The carrier is supported by a stationary support wall non-rotatably.
 Planetary pinion shaft patent thumbnailnew patent Planetary pinion shaft
A planetary drive including a planet carrier with two axially spaced supports that include aligned bores is provided. A planetary gear is located on a through hardened pinion shaft extending axially through the aligned bores.
 Drive apparatus for an electric automobile patent thumbnailnew patent Drive apparatus for an electric automobile
A drive apparatus for an electric automobile in which a planetary gear transmission 12 is assembled for which it is possible to lengthen the traveling distance per one electric charge, and thus improve the convenience of the electric automobile. A planetary gear transmission 12 comprises a first single-pinion planetary gear mechanism 16 and a second double-pinion planetary gear mechanism 17, and after changing the power from first and second electric motors 10, 11 by a desired gear ratio, transmits the power to a driven-side rotating shaft 15.
 Apparatus for starting engine mounted on-vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for starting engine mounted on-vehicle
In a starter for starting an on-vehicle engine, a solenoid is provided to push a pinion gear. The solenoid has an electromagnetic coil composed of a single coil and electrically separated from a motor circuit, a fixed core, and a plunger.
 Oil pumping unit with pinion reciprocating on rack patent thumbnailnew patent Oil pumping unit with pinion reciprocating on rack
An oil pumping unit with pinion reciprocating on rack has a base, a housing, crown block, a steel wire rope, a motor, a reducer, a pinion, and a rack. Rack seats are fixed on the inner sides of the front portion of the housing, and the rack is secured on the rack seats.
 Method and device for monitoring an engagement process of an engaging pinion of a starter motor patent thumbnailMethod and device for monitoring an engagement process of an engaging pinion of a starter motor
A method for monitoring an engagement process of an engaging pinion of a starter motor for a vehicle drive, in which an armature of the starter motor is moved, includes detecting a magnetic coil signal while current is applied to the magnetic coil of the magnet, in order to obtain a signal profile, particularly a current profile; generating a frequency profile by transforming the signal profile using a time-frequency transform; comparing the frequency profile to at least one reference frequency profile; and monitoring the engagement process based on the comparison.. .
 Control system for a decanter centrifuge patent thumbnailControl system for a decanter centrifuge
A torque sensing device capable of measuring the force exerted by a torque arm on a lever is positioned between the torque arm and the lever. The torque arm is connected to the pinion of a planetary gearbox for rotating the bowl and screw conveyer of a decanter centrifuge at different speeds.
 Actuating assembly for a thrust reverser of an aircraft engine patent thumbnailActuating assembly for a thrust reverser of an aircraft engine
An actuating assembly for an aircraft engine thrust reverser includes a drive shaft bearing a master pinion; a ball screw bearing a slave pinion engaging with the master pinion; a nut capable of translating over the ball screw as a result of the rotation of the ball screw; an extension tube rigidly secured to the nut and a lock assembly to block the rotation of the drive shaft in a so-called direct jet position of the reverser. The extension tube includes, at its free end, a member for connecting to a portion of the reverser prior to being actuated.
 Star wheel with adjustable directional biaser patent thumbnailStar wheel with adjustable directional biaser
A print media feed system in a inkjet printer, the system has a media feed roll, a star wheel mounted opposing the roll, an adjustable biaser coupled to the star wheel, and a controller coupled to the biaser. The controller varies a magnitude, a direction or a magnitude and direction of a biasing force applied to the star wheel by the biaser.
Pinion gear for dual-bearing reel and dual-bearing reel including same
A pinion gear for a dual-bearing reel, the pinion gear is configured to be meshed with a drive gear. The pinion gear includes a first support portion, a gear portion, a clutch control portion, and a plated coating.
Drive with transmission system
A transmission system includes a first gear which has an outer toothing; a plurality of pinions which mesh with the outer toothing of the first gear, each pinion being connected to an electric machine which is designed as a motor or a generator; a second gear which is coaxially connected to the first gear and which has an outer toothing; a plurality of third gears which mesh with the second gear and which have an outer toothing, each of the third gears being coaxially connected to a fourth gear which has an outer toothing; and a fifth gear which meshes with the fourth gears, which is connected to a drive or output shaft, and which has an outer toothing, with the first gear and the drive or output shaft being coaxially arranged.. .
Real-time viewing and opinion analytics for connected devices
The embodiments disclosed herein relate to a method and system for viewership analysis of a program with or without user intervention as disclosed in the embodiments herein. The system uses either a comment analysis method which requires user inputs or a time measurement method which does not require user inputs, based on user preference.
System and method for promoting social interaction and efficient information exchange
Personal experiences of users are cataloged into a library, all aspects of which are specifically tied to a location. Users are linked to other users and to groups of common interest.
Manufacture and use of parallel eccentric electro-mechanical actuator
A parallel eccentric electro-mechanical actuator provides motive power and includes an electric prime mover that drives the reducer's pinion gear. This pinion drives minimum three star gears with stationary shaft bearings.
Pre-tensioning mechanism
In a webbing take-up device, due to actuation of a pre-tensioning mechanism when a vehicle collision, a piston is moved, rack teeth of the piston mesh with pinion teeth of a pinion, causing the pinion rotate and a spool to be rotated in the take-up direction. In a state where a large rotational force in the pull-out direction is acting from an occupant on the pinion, through a webbing and the spool, a rack tooth is broken by a pinion tooth when the rack teeth initially mesh with the pinion teeth, especially by a tip end of the rack tooth meshing with the pinion tooth.
Webbing take-up device
In a webbing take-up device, a cylinder includes a housing portion that houses a piston and a guide portion that extends from one end portion in length direction of the housing portion. A pinion is rotatably supported at the guide portion.
A vehicle includes a pair of front wheels, a frame portion, a drive source, a pair of suspension assemblies, a pair of drive shafts, a steering wheel, and a transfer mechanism which transfers movement of the steering wheel to the pair of front wheels. Each of the pair of suspension assemblies includes an upper arm supported pivotably by the frame portion, a lower arm supported pivotably by the frame portion below the upper arm, and a knuckle arm connecting the upper arm and the lower arm to each other.
Rotary actuator with shortest force path configuration
A parallel eccentric electro-mechanical actuator provides motive power and includes an electric prime mover that drives the reducer's pinion gear. This pinion drives minimum three star gears with stationary shaft bearings.
Joint mechanism and robot
A joint mechanism includes a motor including a motor shaft and a hypoid pinion provided at a tip end of the motor shaft and a speed reducer configured to reduce a rotation speed of the motor at a speed reduction ratio. The speed reducer includes a screw-shaped input shaft and a ring-shaped gear meshing with the screw-shaped input shaft and three-dimensionally intersecting the screw-shaped input shaft at a right angle.
Enhancing public opinion gathering and dissemination
A system to conduct a public-initiated opinion poll on a media space or in a consumer space is discussed. Simple activation of software- or hardware-based buttons or otherwise by speaking into or tapping on a device are provided and enables the public to express its likes/dislikes about anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime and merely when he/she decides to do so.
Claim and dispute resolution system and method
Dispute or claim resolution is facilitated within an online community of users. An initial claim is used to form reference user opinions that may resolve later received claims or disputes.
Hybrid powertrain unit for motor vehicles
A hybrid powertrain unit includes an internal-combustion engine, and a gearbox device with a primary shaft that can be connected to the shaft of the internal-combustion engine via a clutch device. The gearbox device includes a secondary shaft with an output pinion meshing with a first crown wheel of a differential, the casing of which is rigidly connected to the casing of the gearbox device.
Motorcycle engine
A motorcycle engine comprises an oil pump and a cam chest cover. The cam chest cover comprises a crankshaft pinion bearing and a camshaft bearing.
Pinion vibration damping using viscoelastic patch
A gearwheel extending in an axial direction and in a radial direction, the gearwheel including a radial web carrying an axial annular rim, the rim carrying gear teeth. The web includes a vibration damper device including a layer of viscoelastic material and a backing layer.
Toothed-rack steering gear
The invention relates to a rack and pinion steering gear for a motor vehicle, having a steering pinion (1), which is connected to a steering shaft and is engaged with a gear rack (2) which is movably mounted in a housing (3), and having a pressure piece (8), which is arranged in the housing (3) in a pressure piece bore (7) and keeps the gear rack (2) engaged free from play with the steering pinion (1), and a pressure piece (8) for a rack and pinion steering gear, wherein the pressure piece (8) has an outer metallic casing (15) which is inserted with a press fit into the pressure piece bore (7), at least one elastomer damping element, in particular an elastomer casing (14), is arranged in the metallic casing (15) and a metallic pressure piece core is arranged which is enclosed by the at least one elastomer damping element.. .
Steering system
A steering system includes: pinion teeth coupled to a steering shaft to transmit steering torque; pinion teeth that transmit assist torque based on the steering torque; a rack shaft that meshes with the pinion teeth at a first meshing portion and meshes with the pinion teeth at the second meshing portion; a tubular rack housing that accommodates the rack shaft; and a rack bushing that supports the rack shaft in the rack housing. The rack busing supports the rack shaft, at a position between the first meshing portion and the second meshing portion..
Television receiver, portable information terminal and information exchange system including same
An information exchange system is provided in which users passing each other can realistically exchange opinions on a television program. Hence, the information exchange system includes a television receiver and a portable information terminal which performs short-range communication with the television receiver and another portable information tenuinal, where the television receiver acquires, from a broadcast wave, program information including an identifier and a program name of a specified program, and transmits the program information to the portable information terminal within a range of the short-range communication, and the portable information terminal acquires the program information from the television receiver, associates a comment with the acquired program information to receive an input of the comment and exchanges the comment with another portable information terminal which comes into the range of the short-range communication..
Method and system for content submission continuation
Techniques for collection of user-generated content, such as reviews and/or ratings relating to products, are described. User-generated content relating to an opinion of a product may be received at a first location, such as a point of sale of the product (e.g., content may be collected by a device at a store).
Medical advisory system
A method and computer program product is provided for a medical advisory system. The method may include receiving an anonymous request for a medical opinion by a user.
Automatic transmission with integrated engine starter, remote mounted pump and drive system
An automatic transmission includes a plurality of planetary gear assemblies, an integrated starter, a remote mounted hydraulic pump and a common drive system. An input shaft of the automatic transmission is coupled to and drives a ring (spur) gear.
Electrical power-steering system for a motor-vehicle
An electrical power-steering system for motor-vehicles includes a first pinion and a second pinion meshing with two portions of a rack member which controls the steering angle of the wheels. The two pinions are driven by respective electric motors which are in turn controlled by an electronic control unit.
Log rest with rack and pinion system
A new log support and clamp system (log rest) for a portable sawmill, having a log rest and a log dog. The log rest features a rack and pinion for adjusting a vertical position of the log rest using an actuation mechanism located on the operator's side of the portable sawmill, which improves the ability of the user to affix the log in place for sawing.
Torque sharing drive and torque sharing process
A torque sharing drive and process for sharing torque accommodates tooth inaccuracies on the rack and outer pinions. A driving pinion mates with first and second gears.
Medicament dispensing device
A portable medicament dispensing device having a mechanism which is not susceptible in jamming for dispensing the medication to a user. The device employs employs a coupling for coupling the relative motion between reciprocating body members housing the ancillary components and a barrel plunger associated with the syringe.
Planetary carrier
A planetary carrier having: a first carrier member that has a first shaft support portion that supports respective first ends of a plurality of pinion shafts inserted through the pinion gears, and a plurality of first leg portions extended from the first shaft support portion; a second carrier member that has a second shaft support portion that supports respective second ends of the plurality of pinion shafts, and a plurality of second leg portions extended from the second shaft support portion; and an annular member that has one end surface with which the plurality of first leg portions of the first carrier member and the plurality of second leg portions of the second carrier member are brought into abutment, and a welded portion to which the plurality of first leg portions and the plurality of second leg portions are welded at different positions in a circumferential direction.. .
Wind turbine auxiliary drive system
Wind turbine auxiliary drive system comprising a motor, a drive pinion, a bearing and a lubrication system, the bearing comprising an outer bearing ring, an inner bearing ring and, between these two bearing rings, one or more rows of rolling elements which allow both bearing rings to rotate relative to each other, the inner bearing ring having an inner side comprising a gear which meshes with the drive pinion, wherein a height of the gear in an axial direction is smaller than the height of the inner bearing ring such that a gearless portion is defined, and wherein at least one lubricant inlet and/or at least one lubricant outlet is arranged on said gearless portion.. .
Floating time bar
A rack-and-pinion mechanism includes a first rack and a second rack, a first pinion and a second pinion, and a timing bar. Each of the racks includes a first set of teeth provided longitudinally therealong.
Method and system for managing user's reputation information for a given service
A method and a system for managing user's reputation information for a given service. The method includes managing said user's reputation information by means of a global and centralized reputation management unit for a plurality of given services, said managing including generating and storing said reputation information for a user based on context variables and the historic of the activity or experience of said user in specific service fields in which the user generates content or provides an opinion or a recommendation.
Conversation management systems
Systems and method for conversation management and opinion tracking systems, whereby a conversation management engine can generate on-line conversations based on rules sets such that the generated conversation and the content submitted by participants conforms to a conversation or debate style. The conversation management engine can further implement curation policies that can curate content presented to a conversation such that the presented conversation fits curation rules of the policies.
Method for manufacturing screw-shaped tool
A method for manufacturing a screw-shaped tool for grinding a face gear with high precision. The tool is formed in such a manner that the diameter thereof gradually increases from an axial end to an intermediate section in the axial direction, and is used for cutting a face gear.
Engine control apparatus
Upon gear disengagement, a pinion gear drive means actuates a pinion gear to disengage from a ring gear while the starter motor of a starting device is rotated or while injectors of an engine are caused to inject fuel into cylinders of the engine to ignite an air-fuel mixture therein, thereby releasing the gear disengagement. Applied to an idling stop-capable vehicle that engages the starter pinion gear with the engine ring gear beforehand to shorten the time to restart, the inventive control apparatus with the above feature releases unfailingly the engagement against metal-to-metal frictional force that causes the gears to be stuck with each other upon engine stop..
Methods and apparatuses for deploying minimally-invasive heart valves
Methods and systems for delivering and deploying a prosthetic heart valve include a deployment mechanism coupled to the prosthetic heart valve, the deployment mechanism comprising a longitudinal shaft that when rotated in a first direction, expands the prosthetic heart valve from a contracted state to an expanded state, and optionally, when rotated in a second direction opposite the first direction, re-contracts the prosthetic valve from the expanded state. Embodiments of the deployment mechanism comprise a pinion gear that engages a gear track on the prosthetic heart valve..
Axial bearing of pinion gears of a planetary gear set
An axial mounting of the planetary gearwheels of a planetary gearset having a sun gear that meshes with at least one planetary gearwheel mounted on a planetary bolt that is supported on the planetary carrier. The at least one planetary gearwheel meshes with a ring gear.
Hybrid vehicle driving device
A hybrid vehicle driving device includes a first planetary gear mechanism, a second planetary gear mechanism, a clutch configured to connect and disconnect a carrier of the first planetary gear mechanism to and from a ring gear of the second planetary gear mechanism, and a brake configured to regulate a rotation of the ring gear of the second planetary gear mechanism by being engaged. The second planetary gear mechanism is of a double pinion type, a sun gear of the first planetary gear mechanism is connected to a first electric rotating machine, a carrier thereof is connected to an engine, and a ring gear thereof is connected to a driving wheel, respectively, and a sun gear of the second planetary gear mechanism is connected to a second electric rotating machine, and a carrier thereof is connected to the driving wheel, respectively..
Methods and systems for generating an aggregated data visualization
Generating a data visualization by receiving one or more user-defined data sets corresponding to a data graphic, where each of the user-defined data sets may be based on an opinion value assigned to a selected portion of the data graphic. The methods may also include generating a data visualization, where the data visualization may indicate an aggregate opinion value for a particular portion of the data graphic.
Pipe machining apparatuses and methods of operating the same
Pipe machining apparatuses and methods of operating are provided. In one aspect, a pipe machining apparatus includes an advancement mechanism coupled to a frame and adapted to move relative to the frame between a first position, in which the advancement mechanism is in a travel path of an advancement member and is adapted to be engaged by the advancement member to advance a tool, and a second position, in which the advancement mechanism is positioned out of the travel path of the advancement member and is not adapted to be engaged by the advancement member.
Gear head socket tool
A non-ratcheting socket tool for loosening or tightening nuts or bolts, especially when the nut or bolt head is located in a crowded area where there is inadequate space to pivot or rotate a handle of a wrench or ratchet. The gear head socket tool includes a slim streamlined housing including a straight beveled gear coaxially arranged around a sleeve or ring having a plurality of internal nut/bolt gripping wrench teeth, wherein the straight beveled gear teeth mate with beveled pinion gear teeth perpendicular thereto.
Gate with variable gate control for handling agricultural granular materials
A variable gate with control for grain elevator applications utilizes a sliding gate panel. Two proximity sensors are arranged to provide full sensing and control functions of the gate remotely located.
Keychain poll type device
The i2c mini tool is personal, pocketable, non-class oriented, and will be part of a simplified, secure system designed to provide unbiased input by all vote eligible citizens on selected topics, assisting government to make better decisions. Input will occur responding to centrally posed statements and questions.
Liquid-lubricated bearing and vehicle pinion shaft support device
An outer lubricating liquid inflow passage that provides communication between an outside of a liquid-lubricated bearing and a rolling element arrangement chamber is formed between an outer ring and a cage, on the lubricating liquid inflow side. The outer lubricating liquid inflow passage has an annular axially extending outer passage portion that extends in the axial direction, and an annular radially extending outer passage portion.
Fitting for an adjustment device of a motor vehicle seat
A fitting (1) for an adjustment device, in particular inclination adjustment of a motor vehicle seat, includes a fitting upper part (2) having a first internal toothing (4), a fitting lower part (3) which is adjustable relative to the fitting upper part about a fitting axis and has a second internal toothing (5) arranged coaxially with respect to the first internal toothing, at least two, preferably, three, rotatably arranged planet gears (7) which are in engagement with the first and second internal toothings, and a drive shaft (6) which is in operative connection with the at least two planet gears by means of a pinion (23). Noise loads and buckling effects are avoided even after a relatively long period of operation, with a spring element (11) prestressing the planet gears (7) in the direction of the axis of rotation onto the fitting lower part (3) or fitting upper part (2)..
Side-step device
A side-step device that includes a driving unit, a pinion gear, a driving gear unit, and a step. The driving unit is mounted on a vehicle body, and the pinion gear is connected to the driving unit and is configured to rotate.
Roller frame
A roller frame including at least two rollers mounted in a housing between which a nip can be formed. The ends of the rollers are supported in rotary fashion in bearings and at least one of the rollers is embodied as an advancing roller and has an adjusting system by which it is possible to move die bearings of the advancing roller, thus changing the nip.
Surgical bag device and remote operating mechanism
A surgical bag device is provided. The device includes a surgical bag with a pocket at the open top and elongate biasing member disposed in conjunction with the pocket and translatable between a first open position where the biasing member extends through a substantial portion of a circumference of the pocket, to a second closed position.
Timepiece comprising a winding mechanism and at least one mechanism for correcting at least one indicator member
The invention relates to a horological device, in particular a horological movement or timepiece, comprising a winding mechanism and at least one mechanism for correcting at least one indicator member. According to the invention, the aforementioned mechanisms can be actuated by a control stem that can occupy at least two axial positions, each corresponding to the actuation of one of the mechanisms, said control stem (t) comprising: a winder pinion (5) that can engage with the winding mechanism; and a sliding pinion (6) that can be moved axially, both with respect to the control stem (t) and with respect to the frame of the horological device, and can engage with the correcting mechanism..
Glove box for vehicle
Disclosed is a glove box for a vehicle including: an opening formed in an instrument panel; a box-shaped body which is ejectable and retractable through the opening and which is provided with a guide rail and a rack gear, the guide rail including a linear portion linearly extending in a direction in which the box-shaped body moves and a curved portion extending in a curve from an end of the linear portion, the rack gear being formed along one side of the guide rail; and an actuator provided with a pinion gear which meshes with the rack gear, and a drive unit which transfers driving force to the pinion gear.. .
Closure mechanism for vehicle door
A vehicle door includes a base member, a hook rotatable between a striker holding position and a striker releasing position, a ratchet provided on the base member and rotatable between a latching position at which the ratchet is engaged with the hook to hold the hook in the striker holding position and an unlatching position, a sector gear rotatably supported by the base member to rotates the hook toward the striker holding position, a pressing member projecting from the sector gear, a motor which rotates a pinion that is engaged with the sector gear, and a position detection sensor which issues a detection signal by being pressed by the pressing member upon the sector gear being positioned at a predetermined position, the position detection sensor being provided on a surface of the base member which faces the sector gear.. .
Steering system and cross joint
In a steering system that includes: an intermediate shaft on a steering wheel side; a pinion shaft on a steered wheel side; and a cross joint by which the intermediate shaft and the pinion shaft are rotatably connected to each other on a plane intersecting with each of the shafts, and that steers steered wheels by transmitting steering torque of a steering wheel from the intermediate shaft to the pinion shaft, a weakened portion is formed in a joint spider of the cross joint. The weakened portion can be identified in advance as a portion that breaks first.
End-knurling device
An improved knurling device (20) includes a body (21) having an axis of elongation (x-x), and has a first part (22) and a second part (23). The body first part has axially-spaced front and center plates (24, 25, respectively).
Emergency vehicle window opener
An emergency vehicle window opener that includes a power window switch that controls an electrical motor to open and to close a window of a vehicle, a retractable handle that is extended to manually open and close the window of the vehicle, a first pinion gear connected to the retractable handle, a second pinion gear that is engaged with the first pinion gear, an electrical magnet, an electrical switch, an actuator having a controller that receives an emergency signal and controls the electrical switch based on the emergency signal, a coupling part, a coupling button, and a coupling spring.. .
Presenting documents to a user based on topics and collective opinions expressed in the documents
A content platform for presenting documents to a user based on topics and collective opinions expressed in the documents is disclosed. The content platform mines a corpus of documents to identify a set of topics and analyzes each document in the corpus of documents to determine a set of opinions associated with the set of topics.
Systems and methods for online social matchmaking
A computer-based system for presenting interpersonal relationship recommendation that utilizes peer based opinions about a potential match to influence the recommendation, and that presents the peer based opinions along with the recommendation.. .
Drive system for a biopsy member
A drive system is provided for rotating and translating a biopsy member. The drive system includes housing having an opening having housing threads.
Epicyclic gear system having two arrays of pinions mounted on flexpins with compensation for carrier distortion
An epicyclic gear system includes sun and ring gears (2, 4), planet pinions (6, 8) arrayed (a, b) between these gears, and a carrier (10) to which planet pinions are coupled through flexpins (30). The pinions are located between carrier walls (20, 22) with flexpins for the respective arrays cantilevered from opposite walls.
Gear-change device for a motor vehicle
A gear-change device includes a primary shaft, a secondary shaft, and a third shaft, which bears both a gear of the reverse and an output pinion meshing with a gear of a differential. The third shaft is connected via a gear reducer to the shaft of an electrical machine, the casing of which is rigidly connected to the easing of the gear-change device..
Determining quality of an image or video using a distortion classifier
Techniques and structures are disclosed in which one or more distortion categories are identified for an image or video, and a quality of the image or video is determined based on the one or more distortion categories. The image or video may be of a natural scene, and may be of unknown provenance.
Lubricating device of automatic transmission
A lubricating device of an automatic transmission includes a partitioning member that partitions an oil chamber, to which a lubricating oil of a first oil chamber is introduced; a second oil chamber partitioned by the partitioning member and to which lubricating oil to supply to a forward clutch is introduced; and a third oil chamber partitioned by the partitioning member and to which lubricating oil to supply to a pinion unit such as a pinion gear coupled with one engagement unit of the forward clutch is introduced; wherein a clutch oil path that introduces the lubricating oil of the first oil chamber to the second oil chamber and a pinion oil path that introduces the lubricating oil of the first oil chamber to the third oil chamber are formed in a clutch drum interposed between the first oil chamber and the oil chamber.. .
Rotation jig device of processing machine
A rotation jig device may include both side housings that are disposed at both sides, a reverse gear that is disposed inside both side housings, a groove portion, front and rear side connection gears that are engaged with the reverse gear in both side housings, front and rear side pinion gears that are disposed at the front/rear side connection gear to be rotated, a rack gear that penetrates both side housings to be engaged with the front and rear side pinion gears, an advanced/retreat cylinder that is connected to each rack gear of both side housings to move each rack gear backward or forward, and a clamping portion that is disposed at the reverse gear and rotates with the reverse gear to clamp the workpiece.. .
Methods for analyzing user opinions and devices thereof
A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and opinion manager device that analyzes user opinions in data includes identifying one or more items of text in data that match one or more of the terms in a database for one or more domain specific concepts. At least the identified one or more items of text in the data for each of the one or more domain specific concepts with the identified one or more terms that match are analyzed based on stored concept analysis rules.
Hybrid review synthesis
A method of generating a summary review of an entity from a set of reviews includes generating a distribution and determining a polarity of the distribution associated with a plurality of aspect ratings based on the set of reviews. The set of reviews are associated with the entity, and the plurality of aspect ratings are associated with an aspect, or feature, of the entity.
Sports voting system
The present disclosure relates to an internet based system for individuals that want to be able to voice their opinion about all aspects of a judged event in the form of a vote and/or score for who should have won and other aspects of the event. The votes have no bearing on the outcome of the judged event.

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