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Inflate patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Inflate-related patents
 Restorative post-lumpectomy implant device patent thumbnailnew patent Restorative post-lumpectomy implant device
Provided is a restorative breast implant device that can be used to replace lumpectomy tissue and prevent the late aesthetic deformities which may occur following lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. The disclosed implant is an inflatable device comprising an outer shell composed of a biological material and an inner chamber.
 Method and apparatus for reducing obesity patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for reducing obesity
Method and apparatus for treatment of morbid obesity by placement of a series of flow reduction elements in the small intestine to induce satiety are disclosed. The flow reduction elements restrict the movement of partially digested food and reduce the flow rate through the small intestine which causes the emptying of the stomach and the duodenum to occur slower.
 Bioreactors apparatus, system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Bioreactors apparatus, system and method
The present invention provides a bioreactor having a reactor chamber and one or more support chambers. The reactor chamber can have one or more flexible walls for enclosing microorganisms and culture medium.
 Exterior airbag cushion for vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Exterior airbag cushion for vehicle
An external airbag cushion including: an outer cover that inflates to cover the front of a bumper of a vehicle; a plurality of separation walls that are disposed inside outer cover to divide the inside into a plurality of chambers in the transverse direction of the vehicle; and low-pressure variable vents and high-pressure variable vents that are disposed for the chambers, respectively, and selectively open, depending on the internal pressure of the chambers.. .
 Spool airbag patent thumbnailnew patent Spool airbag
A driver airbag cushion includes a front panel and a rear panel that are joined together along a joined perimeter to form an airbag cushion. The airbag cushion is shrunken in diameter along the joined perimeter by a means of a short rope, a group of pleats, or a group of short tethers to form a spool shaped airbag cushion when fully inflated with a recess along the perimeter outside the airbag cushion.
 Method of uniform crimping and expansion of medical devices patent thumbnailnew patent Method of uniform crimping and expansion of medical devices
A medical device-includes a scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The scaffold is crimped to the balloon by a process that includes one or more balloon pressurization steps.
 Portable high-rise toilet seat patent thumbnailnew patent Portable high-rise toilet seat
A portable high-rise toilet seat apparatus includes an inflatable bladder having a configuration of a toilet seat. The bladder includes at least one inlet port configured to receive air or water whereby to inflate the bladder.
 Intravascular heat exchange catheter with multiple spaced apart discrete coolant loops patent thumbnailIntravascular heat exchange catheter with multiple spaced apart discrete coolant loops
A catheter has a series of hollow loops arranged along a tube for carrying working fluid from a heat exchange system to exchange heat with a patient in whom the catheter is advanced. The loops when inflated are transverse to the catheter axis and parallel to each other, and circumscribe a hollow passageway through which blood can flow.
 Vascular compression system patent thumbnailVascular compression system
A vascular compression system includes a compression garment and a controller for compressing a body part of a person. In some embodiments, the compression garment is a foot cuff or a leg sleeve.
 Urine bag for collecting body fluids patent thumbnailUrine bag for collecting body fluids
A bag for collecting body fluids, such as urine or vomit, wherein the bag in compact condition includes a front side, a back side, a bottom and at least two side edges, where a bag opening is formed opposite the bottom. The bag includes an expandable bead arranged in or close to the bag opening to keep the bag open.
Airbag and airbag device
Provided are an airbag and an airbag device that are capable of reducing impact on an occupant at an out of position while providing restraining ability with respect to the occupant in a normally seated state. An airbag device includes an airbag 2 that is normally folded and accommodated in a seat 11 of a vehicle and that is inflated and deployed in an emergency, and an inflator 3 that supplies gas to the airbag 2.
Airbag device for front passenger's seat
An airbag device for a front passenger's seat includes an airbag module and an instrument panel. The airbag module is provided in front of a front passenger's seat of a vehicle, and inflates and expands an airbag with gas jetted out by an inflator.
Ice adaptive tire system
An adaptive tire system can include retractable and extendable bolts for enhancing traction, for example, on ice-covered roadways. The system can include pneumatically operated bolt assemblies mounted inside a tire having custom reinforced belts.
Non-shortening wrapped balloon
A non-shortening catheter balloon having a longitudinal axis and an inflatable balloon able to be affixed to a catheter shaft is provided. The balloon has an uninflated length which remains relatively unchanged upon inflation and is formed of least two helically oriented wrapped passes of balloon materials at a balanced force angle.
Inflation devices and methods of use thereof
Inflation devices and methods to inflate medical devices are disclosed. Certain embodiments enable the selective coupling of a plunger to a syringe body through manipulation of a handle.
Techniques for evaluating urinary stress incontinence and use of involuntary reflex cough as a medical diagnostic tool
A system permits diagnosis of a patient for a physiological abnormality while protecting their airway. An esophageal airway protection device comprises an elongate device body having a distal end for insertion into the stomach through the esophagus and a proximal end.
Balloon-equipped endoscopic devices and methods thereof
An endoscopy system including a balloon-equipped endoscope including a balloon which is configured for slidable frictional engagement with an interior wall of a body passageway and axial stretching of the interior wall when inflated to a slidable frictional engagement pressure and displaced axially along the body passageway and a balloon inflation subsystem operative to selectably inflate the balloon to the slidable frictional engagement pressure.. .
Stable aortic blood pump implant
An aortic blood pump is described that is secured to a patient aorta that can be inflated and deflated in response to selective communication with a source of pressurized fluid or air. An expanded stent creates an area in with the pump and inflate and deflate.
Valve assemblies for a dunnage or cargo air bags, and related methods of use
Generally disclosed is an exemplary dunnage bag valve assembly that may be used to inflate a dunnage bag to capacity or deflate a dunage bag while minimizing the impact of fighting back pressure during deflation. In one embodiment the valve assembly comprises: a tubiform body having a flange disposed therearound; an internal support bar; a flapper coupled to the support bar along the midsection of the flapper, wherein the flapper closes the tubiform of the tubiform body; a lever with a fulcrum on the support bar, wherein operating of the lever on the fulcrum bends or folds the flapper along its midsection for opening the tubiform of the tubiform body during deflation of an air bag..
Child seat for a motor vehicle
A child seat for a motor vehicle is provided. The child seat comprises an inside for accommodating a child, an outside, at least one inflatable structure which is arranged on the outside of the child seat, and at least one gas source, wherein in the case of a collision of a motor vehicle in which the child seat is arranged the gas source provides gas for the at least one inflatable structure.
Airbag apparatus
Inside of an airbag is partitioned by a partitioning member into an upstream inflation portion, which is inflated by a supply of gas, and a downstream inflation portion, which is inflated by inflow of the gas from the upstream inflation portion. The partitioning member includes a wide portion where an external force to be applied accompanying an occupant restraint by the airbag becomes largest.
Balloon fastener
A balloon retainer for securing an inflated balloon having an inflation neck to a kite is provided. The balloon retainer includes a fabric element having three attachment points for securing the inflated balloon to the kite.
Roller and conveying device with the same
The present disclosure provides a roller and a conveying device. The roller includes an inner circle, an outer circle, and an inflatable cushion arranged between the inner circle and the outer circle with the volume thereof changing as air charge inflated thereinto changes.
Balloon catheter apparatus for high pressure leak detection
An inflatable, balloon-type catheter apparatus which is conformable to fit most all intake and exhaust systems to delivery pressure (with or without smoke) to test the fluid integrity of the fluid system. The device is configured to be inserted into the canal of the intake or exhaust system and inflated to seal off the fluid system.
Body transport apparatus with integrated handles
A body transport apparatus may include top and bottom portions that have a perimeter seal and an interior seal offset from the perimeter seal to define a non-inflatable frame portion and an inflatable air mattress portion. The bottom portion includes a plurality of air exit holes configured to provide an air cushion under the mattress portion when the mattress portion is inflated.
Method and apparatus for performing transesophageal cardiovascular procedures
An apparatus for performing a transesophageal cardiovascular procedure includes an elongated tubular main access device having a first lumen with an open proximal end and a distal side opening, and a second lumen with a rigid outer wall and a collapsible inner wall. The second lumen is adapted to receive an elongated probe or surgical device.
Dialysis catheter assembly
A catheter assembly includes an elongated main body defining two or more longitudinal lumens including distally positioned openings. One or more side-ports are defined in the main body communicating with at least one of the two or more longitudinal lumens.
System and method of tetherless insufflation in colon capsule endoscopy
A system and method of wireless controlled co2 insufflation for use in colon capsule endoscopy. The system includes a device to inflate the colon through the use of a swallowable capsule including a first compound and a second compound for generating a biocompatible chemical reaction that provides a level of insufflation to enhance visualization and to allow for magnetic locomotion within the colon.
Implant with high vapor pressure medium
An implant delivery system can be configured to deliver an inflatable implant into a bladder via a urethra. The delivery system can comprise an elongate tubular body, an inflation tube and an implant decoupler.
Plasma light source
E) simultaneously with the advance being stopped, inflation gas is admitted into the tube, to inflate it albeit it marginally, and bring its outer surface 5 into intimate contact with the surface 6 of the bore 4.. .
Airbag module for a vehicle seat assembly
An bag assembly is provided with a flat lateral profile for increased compactness in the lateral direction. A folded airbag is inflated by an inflator to unfold and project in a longitudinal direction.
Self-assembling inflatable modules
A system includes a plurality of inflation balls configured to be launched and a connection mechanism. The plurality of inflation balls are configured to modularly inflate with respect to one another to create a combined modular volume.
Plastic container with a cut neck produced in a stretch blow-molding method
A plastic container with a cut neck is disclosed, which is produced by stretch blow-molding from a preform manufactured by plastic injection or plastic flow molding, and which immediately following production, or separated in space and/or time, is inserted into a mold cavity of a blow-mold tool of a stretch blow-molding device and with the aid of a blow-molding medium inflated and stretched according to the mold cavity. The preform is then shaped to form the desired plastic container by cutting off an excess section that includes an injection-molded neck part of the preform..
Inflator for dilation of anatomical passageway
A dilation catheter system is provided to dilate the ostium of a paranasal sinus or some other anatomical passageway (e.g., within the ear, nose, or throat, etc.). The system may include a dilation catheter, a dilator, a guide catheter, and an inflator.
Inflator for dilation of anatomical passageway
A dilation catheter system is provided to dilate the ostium of a paranasal sinus; or to dilate some other anatomical passageway (e.g., within the ear, nose, or throat, etc.). The dilation catheter system may include a dilation catheter, a dilator, a guide catheter, and an inflator.
Method of sizing internal body structure, and mechanism and system for same
Sizing an internal body structure in a patient includes guiding a sizing mechanism via a wire guide to a target location within the internal body structure, inflating a balloon of the sizing mechanism at the target location, and injecting a contrast fluid into the internal body structure. The inflated balloon blocks a flow of the injected contrast fluid to indicate that a size of the inflated balloon is accordant with a size of the body structure.
Incontinence treatment device
An incontinence treatment device includes a support, a pump, and anchors each attached to a connection line. The support includes an inflatable bladder and the pump is body-implantable and attachable to the inflatable bladder.
Workout raft
Disclosed is a flotation platform engineered to permit aquatic based exercise routines in a pool or shallow calm waters for fitness or rehabilitation. An exercise method directed for a total body workout.
Ergonomic stylus with an inflatable finger grip
An ergonomic stylus for operating a mobile device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the ergonomic stylus includes a stylus point, an inflatable finger grip and a fluid injection system.
Disposition structure for curtain airbag system
A disposition structure for a curtain airbag system in which the airbag, when deployed, deforms an end of a roof trim toward the inside of a passenger compartment. An airbag guide support retains an airbag guide in a normal position in which an end of the airbag guide is kept away from an upper end of a pillar trim and a top surface of the airbag guide faces the under surface of the folded airbag.
Method for calibration of a pour opening of a plastic container produced in an extrusion-blow-molding method
A method is disclosed for providing dimensional accuracy of a pour opening in or on a plastic container produced by extrusion-blow-molding. The method can include inserting a section of a plastic hose, extruded in one or more layers through an extrusion nozzle, into a mold cavity of a blow mold tool; and inflating the plastic hose by a calibrating blow pin according to a shape of the mold cavity, whereby at least one pour opening of the plastic container is determined with respect to its inside diameter and its inside contour to form a completed inflated plastic container, and wherein the calibrating blow pin is axially inserted into the plastic hose section after a head plate of the blow mold tool has been closed..
Bag intended for being applied in an external container for forming a pressure vessel with two separate compartments, pressure vessel and series of pressure vessels having diverse dimensions fabricated with such a bag, as well as method for fabricating such a series of pressure vessels
Bag (1) for application in an external container (2) for forming a pressure vessel (2) with two separate compartments (3,4), that is manufactured from an elastic and stretchable material that is such that the bag (1) can stretch from an unstretched state to a stretched state when the bag (1) is filled with a product (9) or when the bag (1) is inflated with air, whereby the stretching of the bag (1) is reversible and whereby the stretch is so substantial that the bag (1) can be used for constructing pressure vessels (2) of diverse dimensions.. .
Apparatus for regulating fluid flow from a reservoir
A fluid flow regulator adapted to be inserted into a conduit and inflated to form a leak tight sealing contact with the interior wall of the conduit. The fluid flow regulator includes a toroidal inflatable member mounted on a cylindrical annular mount which attaches to a flow-through pipe.
Door and system providing radio frequency shielding against high-altitude electromagnetic pulse
Pneumatic door system of fluid lines, valves, switches, and sensors integrated into hinge mechanisms, door frame, and door connected to a fluid pressurization system to inflate and deflate one or more fluid seals attached to outer perimeter of door adjacent to inner perimeter of door frame to close gap between outer perimeter of door and inner perimeter of door frame to provide radio frequency shielding against, for example, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse. Air seal creates a substantially impermeable barrier against radio frequency transmission, as well as air infiltration, when fully inflated.
Contoured display device
A novel display device is disclosed that comprises an inflatable bladder and a cover attachable to the bladder designed to create and maintain a three-dimensional effect. The bladder may be continuously inflatable or air tight.
System and method for treating biological vessels
A system for performing angioplasty and a method of utilizing same are provided. The system includes a balloon mounted on a catheter shaft and an expandable constraining structure mounted over the balloon.
Apparatuses and methods for medication administration
A rectal medication administration device includes a tube, a balloon, a first valved port, and a second valved port. The tube includes a first lumen, a second lumen, and a plurality of holes extending from the first lumen therethrough.
Transmitter with peak-tracking papr reduction and method therefor
A transmitter (20) includes a peak reduction section (30), a predistorter (98), and an amplifying section (102) biased by a variable bias signal generator (118). The peak reduction section (30) is controlled by a signal magnitude threshold (36) that defines maximum magnitudes for local peaks (32) of a reduced-peak communication signal (38).
Vehicle safety device
A vehicle safety device includes a vehicle seat, an inflator, a far-side airbag and a tension tether. The far-side airbag is configured to inflate and deploy forward and upward with respect to the vehicle seat from a seatback inner side portion by a gas being supplied into the far-side airbag.
Inflatable mattress and control methods
A patient support, such as a mattress, includes a plurality of inflatable bladders. Depth sensors are included in the support that measure the degree of penetration of a patient into the mattress.
Patient position detection for patient support surface
A patient support apparatus includes a patient support surface to support a patient. The patient support surface has at least one air bladder that is inflated and/or deflated to achieve a turn assist function and/or a therapy function of the patient support surface.
Balloon bailout and bioadhesive delivery device for suture based closure and methods
A vascular closure assembly is configured to seal a vascular puncture in a vessel. The vascular closure assembly includes a balloon location device and a sealant delivery device.
Introducer sheath for perfusion regulation system
A reperfusion system and method of perfusing a blood vessel using the reperfusion system are provided. A sheath has a sheath wall and a lumen that each extend to a distal end to define a distal opening.
Brace having an inflation control
Systems, methods, and devices are described for providing a brace having an inflation control. The control directs fluid flow from an inflation component to one or more inflatable cells of the brace.
Compression device for the foot
A compression device for the foot comprising: a wrap adapted to surround the foot, the wrap comprising at least two bladders which when inflated conform to the shape of the foot to provide compression, the bladders being positioned on the wrap so that a first bladder focuses compression on the heel of the foot and a second bladder focuses compression on the arch of the foot; a channel attached to each bladder for independently delivering fluid to each bladder; and a controller attached to the channels that generates and independently controls the flow of fluid to the bladders.. .
Splash-resistant automatically inflatable flotation device
A flotation device that automatically inflates when contacted by water, but minimizes the risk of inadvertent inflation, includes an inflatable bladder that is coupled to a water-activated inflator device equipped with a water sensor. The water sensor is covered by a housing that prevents the flotation device from inflating inadvertently.
Adjustable grip steering wheel safety system to protect hands and upper extremities in low impact collisions
A safety system for protecting the fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, arms and shoulders of a driver includes a bladder disposed on or in a handgrip of a steering wheel of a vehicle, at least one inflation device in fluid communication with the bladder, and a controller adapted to detect a collision involving the vehicle and cause the inflation device to inflate the bladder with a fluid when the collision is detected. .
Balloon-borne platform stabilization
An aerial balloon system comprising a payload platform suspended from an inflated balloon by means of a balloon cable, and an anchoring cable attaching the platform to an anchor point beneath it. The balloon cable and anchoring cable are attached to the payload platform by means of a connecting element pivotally attached to the platform.
Vibration and pressure damping device for gripping handles and steering mechanisms
A damping device for a handgrip of an object includes a bladder disposed in said handgrip, an inflation device in fluid communication with the bladder, and a controller adapted to detect at least one of vibrations and impact pressure, and automatically adjust a cushion pressure of said bladder by causing the inflation device to inflate or deflate the bladder with a fluid as appropriate in order to attenuate the at least one of vibrations and impact pressure transmitted through said handgrip.. .
Stent retained on a balloon catheter
A balloon is inflated from a collapsed configuration, then deflated. A polymeric stem is then disposed over the deflated balloon and the stent crimped to the balloon..
Open surgery anastomosis device, system, and method
A medical device, system and method tor an open surgical procedure configured to couple, for example, open ends of anatomical structures. The system includes an expandable tubular structure and inflatable balloon positioned within the tubular structure.
Shock wave catheter system with arc preconditioning
A shock wave catheter system and method produces a shock wave with reduced energy. The system includes a catheter and a power source.
Double balloon catheter and methods for homogeneous drug delivery using the same
The present disclosure is directed to a catheter for site-specific delivery of a therapeutic agent to a blood vessel of a patient. The catheter further includes an elongated shaft having at least one inner lumen, a distal end and a proximal end and proximal and distal vessel-conforming balloons where each is separately positionable and inflatable, and when inflated, substantially restricts blood flow in the vessel and creates a treatment window of a defined but variable length for delivery of the therapeutic agent.
Method and apparatus for constructing membrane lined structures for holding large fluid volumes
A membrane lined structure for storing large fluid volumes comprising a base surrounding by supporting wall structures, and lined with a double membrane sealed at the edges and formed into a plurality of cellular components which can be inflated and deflated to assist in positioning for purposes of constructing the structure and securing the liner to the upper edges of the structural walls. The cellular membranes can further be monitored to ensure the integrity of the membrane liner prior to filling of the structure or during regular operations..
Knee airbag having increased package width
A knee airbag assembly is operable to restrain at least one leg of an occupant of a vehicle. The assembly includes an inflator, a housing, and an airbag that moves between a stowed state and a deployed state.
Automated air pillow dispenser
A packaging material handling device is disclosed. The device includes a first pair of traction members configured for cooperatively engaging a chain of pre-inflated pillows from opposite sides thereof and being operable for driving the chain in the flow direction.
Method for filling a container with a liquid
The invention relates to a method for filling a container (1) filled with liquid (7), comprising a balloon-like body (6) that is introduced into the container (1). An expansion medium (8) is introduced into said balloon-like body (6), such that the balloon-like body (6) is inflated.
Variable width hospital bed
A system for changing width of a person support apparatus is disclosed. A person support apparatus comprises at least one deck extension which is configured to be retracted or extended by at least one motor controlled by a bed controller.
Inflatable protection safety apparatus and method of use
A personal protection apparatus for preventing or substantially reducing injury to a wearer of the apparatus from a hazard, the personal protection apparatus comprises a wearable support structure associated with an inflatable apparatus, the inflatable apparatus comprises a bladder comprising a low-elasticity flexible material expanding to the substantially fixed volume, the bladder configured to receive a volume of pressurized gas, an inflator connected to the bladder configured to inflate the bladder with a volume of pressurized gas, and an activation mechanism system sensing ambient conditions, and in response to an ambient condition exceeding a predetermined threshold for a predetermined period of time, the activation mechanism system activates the inflator to generate a volume of pressurized gas into the bladder, the bladder expanding to the substantially fixed volume of the bladder.. .
Inflatable fall arrest and fall protection safety apparatus and method of use
An inflatable fall arrest and fall protection safety system generally having one or more inflatable apparatus attached to a belt or other suitable wearable support structure that can be worn by a user. When the user falls, one or more directional inertia activated inflation devices trigger one or more inflators to inflate the one or more inflatable apparatus such that they protect the falling user in the given situation.
Shockwave valvuloplasty with multiple balloons
Described herein are shock wave devices and methods for the treatment of calcified heart valves. One variation of a shock wave device includes three balloons that are each sized and shaped to fit within a concave portion of a valve cusp when inflated with a liquid and a shock wave source within each of the three balloons.

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