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Induction patents


This page is updated frequently with new Induction-related patent applications.

 Electrostatic induction power generator patent thumbnailElectrostatic induction power generator
A board arrangement structure includes a housing, a first board fastened to the housing, a second board arranged in parallel enabling, relative movement with respect to the first board, an electrically charged film, a counter electrode, and an output part outputting electric power generated between the electrically charged film and the counter electrode, at least one of the electrically charged film and the counter electrode being arranged at a first facing surface of the first board and the other being arranged at a second facing surface of the second board facing the first facing surface, and the first facing surface of the first board being, fastened to a reference mounting surface provided at the housing.. .
Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.

 Induction motor and  manufacture patent thumbnailInduction motor and manufacture
An electric motor includes a main winding coupled to a first line terminal, and first and second boost windings coupled in series to the main winding. A high-speed lead wire is coupled to a first tap between the main winding and the first boost winding, a medium-speed lead wire is coupled to a second tap between the first boost winding and the second boost winding, and a low-speed lead wire is coupled to a third tap after the second boost winding.
Regal Beloit America, Inc.

 Mtj structures and magnetoresistive random access memory devices including the same patent thumbnailMtj structures and magnetoresistive random access memory devices including the same
A magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) structure includes a fixed layer pattern structure having a perpendicular magnetization direction, a tunnel barrier pattern on the fixed layer pattern structure, a free layer pattern on the tunnel barrier pattern, the free layer pattern having a perpendicular magnetization direction, a first surface magnetism induction pattern on the free layer pattern, the first surface magnetism induction pattern inducing a perpendicular magnetism in a surface of the free layer pattern, a conductive pattern on the first surface magnetism induction pattern, and a ferromagnetic pattern on the conductive pattern.. .

 Oxidation resistant induction devices patent thumbnailOxidation resistant induction devices
Certain embodiments described herein are directed to induction devices comprising an oxidation resistant material. In certain examples, the induction device comprises a coil of wire that is produced from the oxidation resistant material.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

 Plasma processing equipment and plasma generation equipment patent thumbnailPlasma processing equipment and plasma generation equipment
A plasma processing equipment includes a vacuum processing chamber, an insulating material, a gas inlet, a high frequency induction antenna provided at an upper outside of the vacuum processing chamber, a magnetic field coil, a yoke for controlling distribution of a magnetic field in the vacuum processing chamber, a high frequency power supply for generating plasma and supplying a high frequency current to the antenna, and a power supply for supplying power to the magnetic field coil. The antenna is divided into n high frequency induction antenna elements are arranged in tandem on one circle so that a high frequency current delayed sequentially by λ (wavelength of high frequency power supply)/n flows clockwise through the antenna elements arranged in tandem via a delay unit, and a magnetic field is applied from the magnetic field coil to generate electron cyclotron resonance (ecr) phenomenon..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Electromagnetic induction panel, electromagnetic induction device including the same, and display device including the same patent thumbnailElectromagnetic induction panel, electromagnetic induction device including the same, and display device including the same
An electromagnetic induction panel includes a substrate including a first region, a second region, and a third region, a first induction coil arranged along an edge of the first region of the substrate and wound in a first winding direction, a second induction coil arranged along an edge of the second region and wound in a second winding direction opposite to the first winding direction, the second region surrounding the first region, and a third induction coil arranged along an edge of the third region and wound in the second winding direction, the third region surrounding the second region.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Flow direction restriction valve mechanism and valve device patent thumbnailFlow direction restriction valve mechanism and valve device
A flow direction restriction valve mechanism unit includes a pressure decreasing valve assembly that is located to be freely advance or retract in a combination valve cassette attached to an in-outlet secondary side flow path formed on the side of an outlet with respect to an intermediate transmission member in a flow path, and retracts by a pressure of gas; a first coil spring urging the pressure decreasing valve assembly in a retracting direction; a check valve that is located to be freely advance or retract with respect to the pressure decreasing valve assembly, and retracts by a pressure of the gas; and a second coil spring urging the check valve in an advancing direction. A gas induction passage h is formed in which the gas flows and acts on the pressure decreasing valve assembly such that the pressure decreasing valve assembly moves in the advancing direction..
Neriki Valve Co., Ltd.

 Centrifugal radial turbine patent thumbnailCentrifugal radial turbine
A centrifugal radial turbine includes at least one support disc having a first face bearing at least one radial rotor stage formed by an array of blades arranged in succession along a respective circular path. The disc has through induction channels situated in a position radially external with respect to a respective shaft and radially internal with respect to the radial rotor stage.
Exergy S.p.a.

 Pharmacophore for trail induction patent thumbnailPharmacophore for trail induction
There are disclosed imidazolinopyrimidinone compounds that have activity to induce trail gene expression in macrophages. There is further disclosed a method for treating various cancers comprising administering effective amounts of an imidazolinopyrimidinone having the structure of formula i herein.
The Scripps Research Institute

 Method of carrying out a chemical reaction with the use of a catalyst patent thumbnailMethod of carrying out a chemical reaction with the use of a catalyst
An exemplary embodiment provides for a method of conducting a chemical reaction involving the powder catalyst, in particular ferromagnetic catalyst. The method is characterized in that while conducting a chemical reaction, particles of the catalyst comprising a ferromagnetic material are put into oscillation by the oscillating magnetic field with a frequency greater than 0.1 hz and a magnetic field induction greater than 0.01 mt.
Instytut Elektrotechniki

Frequency stimulator

In some cases, a frequency stimulator that can control a dosage of impulses of various low frequencies of electromagnetic waves, uses a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop, and/or any other suitable devices that produce frequencies and can supply an inductive coil that is installed in a headband of the frequency stimulator in a way to produce a low frequency electromagnetic field with the basic purpose of achieving a positive response to the frequency of the human brain that responds to a programed frequency and adjusts to it, thus creating various states of consciousness in the human head. In some cases, the power source is connected to the headband in which there is the induction coil.

Compounds and methods for the treatment of cancer

Compositions and methods are disclosed in embodiments relating to induction of cell death such as in cancer cells. Compounds and related methods for synthesis and use thereof, including the use of compounds in therapy for the treatment of cancer and selective induction of apoptosis in cells are disclosed.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Small molecules that induce intrinsic pathways apoptosis

Apoptosis is generally believed to be a process that requires several hours, in contrast to non-programmed forms of cell death that can occur in minutes. Our findings challenge the time-consuming nature of apoptosis.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Magentic resonance spectroscopy pulse sequence, acquistion, and processing system and method

Systems and methods are provided for processing a set of multiple serially acquired magnetic resonance spectroscopy (mrs) free induction decay (fid) frames from a multi-frame mrs acquisition series from a region of interest (roi) in a subject, and for providing a post-processed mrs spectrum. Processing parameters are dynamically varied while measuring results to determine the optimal post-processed results.
Nocimed, Inc.

Induction coil assembly and induction hob comprising an induction coil assembly

The invention relates to an induction coil assembly for an induction hob comprising: a coil baseplate (2) adapted to receive an induction coil (3); an adapter assembly (4) being mechanically coupled with the coil baseplate (2) via a connecting portion (5); wherein the adapter assembly (4) being adapted to be mounted at an electronic power board (6) of the induction hob and wherein the adapter assembly (4) comprises electrical connecting means for realizing a first electrical connection between the induction coil (3) and the electronic power board (6) and further electrical connecting means for realizing a second electrical connection between an induction coil sensor and the electronic power board (6).. .
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Systems and methods for an electrical power connector

Embodiments disclosed herein describe systems and methods for electrical power connectors where power is transferred through electromagnetic induction. Embodiments may lead to a safer form of power transmission that may save lives and dollars every year..

Winged coil structure and manufacturing the same

A winged coil structure and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The winged coil structure includes an upper flexible plate, at least one upper magnetic induction coil, at least one upper connection pad, a lower flexible plate, at least one lower magnetic induction coil, at least one lower connection pad, at least one gold finger, a dielectric layer and at least one connection plug.
Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp.

Methods of ganglioside production

The invention provides methods for production of gangliosides, e.g., gm1, from cells in culture using, for example, bone marrow cells and neuroblastoma cells. Methods include the treatment of cells with neural induction media and chloroquine or chloroquine alone in the case of, e.g., human bone marrow cells, neuraminidase or glucosamine, to induce the production of gangliosides, e.g., gm1, in the cells.
Garnet Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Olefin resin and producing same

The present invention provides an olefin resin with an improved heat resistance, reduced stickiness, excellent optical and low temperature properties, as well as the balance between these physical properties. The olefin resin according to the present invention satisfies the following requirements: (i) a melting peak (tm) is observed within the range of from 60° c.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Induction of mucosal tolerance to antigens

The present invention relates to the induction of tolerance to antigens, by mucosal, preferably oral delivery of the antigen in combination with an immunomodulating compound producing micro-organism. More specifically, the invention relates to the induction of foxp3+ and/or il-10 and/or tgf-β producing regulatory t-cells, capable of suppressing undesired immune responses toward an antigen, by oral delivery of said antigen in combination with an immunosuppressing cytokine secreting micro-organism..
Intrexon Actobiotics Nv

Chemical induction of lactation in prepubescent non-human mammals

The present invention describes a method of inducing lactation in non-human mammals by using a single administrations of an estrogen compound, a dopaminergic antagonist, and oxytocin. For example, the estrogen compound may be a long acting composition and is administered at least one week before the dopaminergic antagonist.

Ice protection device and method

An ice protection device for an aircraft surface having a composite layer. The device comprises a layer of electrically conductive material configured to be located at an outer face of the composite layer and adapted to be heated by electromagnetic induction.
Airbus Defence And Space S.a.

Data update and transmission of updated data by an information processing apparatus with a storage apparatus having a wireless communication function

An information processing apparatus includes a wireless communication unit that causes an induction current for wireless communication with a storage apparatus that has a wireless communication function, and a processor. The processor executes a user-interactive application in association with an accessory id of an accessory and status information thereof, when the accessory id and the status information are received from the storage apparatus within a wireless communication range, the status information of the accessory id being updated during execution of the user-interactive application.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Display device with radio frequency identification functions and data processing method therefor

A display device with radio frequency identification (rfid) functions includes a first antenna, a display unit and a radio frequency (rf) processing module. The rf processing module is rfid-based, is connected to the first antenna and the display unit, and processes user data and an induction current transmitted from the first antenna, transmits a display signal to the display unit to instruct the display unit to display, and can also transmit signals through the first antenna.

System and communicating between near field communication devices within a target region using near field communication

Systems and methods for communication between near field communication devices within a target communication region using near field magnetic induction is disclosed. One method comprises generating a near field detectable signal at an active node having a power level sufficient to enable communication with a plurality of near field communication nodes located within the target communication region.
Freelinc Technologies Inc.

Energy supply for monitoring wireless sensor node of roller

An energy supply method and device for a monitoring wireless sensor node of a roller. A node energy supply device (2) is arranged on a roller web (1).
China University Of Mining And Technology

Pen input device having malfunction prevention function and preventing malfunction thereof

A pen input device having malfunction prevention function and method of preventing malfunction thereof are disclosed. The pen input device includes: a housing having a bar form and having one end relatively narrowly opened to form a housing space; a resonant circuit housed within the housing; a tip that protrudes from an open end of the housing to the outside, the tip comprising a dielectric material and being configured to be movable within a predetermined range in a direction of a longitudinal axis of the housing, the tip being further configured to be self-centering; and a ground shielding portion formed in a portion of the housing in which electromagnetic induction occurs, the ground shielding portion not including the tip..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

High frequency electromagnetic induction

A high-frequency electromagnetic induction system includes a frequency generator coupled to a transmitter coil, a receiver coil coupled to a processor and a high frequency and polarizability data profile for an object of interest. The high frequency and polarizability data profile includes a data object having an array of frequency values and magnetic polarizability values, which are obtained from the object of interest and processed by the processor.
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

Microrna induction of cardiac regeneration

The invention relates to compostions and methods for promoting cellular proliferation and de-differentiation of cells into stem cells to foster tissue regeneration. Specifically, the invention relates to transiently administering a microrna (mir) or its mimic for promoting cardiomyocyte proliferation and cardiac regeneration..
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Test apparatus

Provided is a test apparatus in which a test for bacterial identification or antimicrobial susceptibility can be promptly determined. A division state of bacteria is monitored by performing microscopic observation of shapes and the number of the bacteria in each of wells in a culture plate for bacterial identification culture or an antimicrobial susceptibility test, and it is determined whether or not the bacteria grow in a stage shifted from an induction phase to a logarithmic phase, with reference to an image obtained through microscopic observation.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Cyaa-based chimeric proteins comprising a heterologous polypeptide and their uses in the induction of immune responses

The invention relates to a chimeric protein comprising or consisting of, from n-terminal to c-terminal, (a) a n-terminal part of a bordetella cyaa protein (b) a heterologous polypeptide, and (c) a c-terminal part of a bordetella cyaa protein. The invention also relates to a polynucleotide encoding a deleted version of a bordetella cyaa, as well as a polynucleotide encoding this chimeric protein.

Induction motor for a work machine

A work machine may include a drive mechanically associated with a plurality of ground engaging elements. A 4-phase/4-sub-phase motor may be operatively associated with the drive and may include a stator, a rotor, and a 3-to-4 phase inverter.
Caterpillar Inc.

Device for heating a mold

A heating device to heat a molding face, particularly a large molding face. The heating device includes a metal sheet having a ferromagnetic layer, and a part formed into a shape that defines the molding face and a forming plane.

Induction heated mold apparatus with multimaterial core and using the same

A mold apparatus comprising: a core portion comprising a core surface, a first induction coil, and an inner core, and wherein the core portion has a core portion mass; a cavity portion comprising a second induction coil and a cavity surface, and wherein the cavity portion has a cavity portion mass; wherein the inner core comprises a non-magnetic material, the core surface comprises a magnetic material, and a density of the non-magnetic material is less than a density of the magnetic material; and wherein the core portion mass and the cavity portion mass differ by less than or equal to than 5%.. .
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis by checkpoint inhibitors and active vaccination

Disclosed are compositions of matter, methods, and protocols useful for treatment of cancer through induction of anti-angiogenic immune responses by vaccination together with immune modulation triggered by checkpoint inhibitors. The invention provides placenta, placental endothelial, placental fibroblasts, and mixtures thereof as immunogens, whose anti-angiogenic activity is augmented by utilization of checkpoint inhibitors.
Batu Biologics, Inc.

Methods and compositions for managing reproduction

The present invention relates to methods, compositions and kits for controlling, managing or manipulating the non-human mammalian female reproductive cycle. The methods include oestrus induction and/or synchronisation, induction of ovulation and/or superovulation and optionally further includes a method of providing an immunopermissive uterine environment prior to insemination or implantation of embryos..
Ostara Biomedical Ltd

Health applications using induction

A cooking apparatus includes a non-ferrous cooking vessel configured to receive food. The cooking apparatus also includes a ferrous cooking vessel cover that is configured for placement over a top of the non-ferrous cooking vessel.

Electrodeless fluorescent ballast driving circuit and resonance circuit with added filtration and protection

A ballast circuit for a lighting system using an induction fluorescent lamp utilizes an ac-dc rectification circuit, a dc-dc boost power conversion circuit, a dc-ac half bridge inverter circuit, and a resonating circuit to ignite the lamp and maintain substantially constant power output of the lamp, while the dc-ac half bridge inverter circuit is further comprised of a gate isolation transformer connected in a half bridge inverter schematic which uses a ballast integrated circuit (ic) to drive a high side mosfet and a low side mosfet and the gate isolation transformer electrically isolates a gate signal to the high side mosfet.. .
Environmental Potentials

Large billet electric induction pre-heating for a hot working process

A process for electric induction heating of large billets to a tapered cross sectional heating profile by inductively scan heating the axial circumference of the large billet with a single induction coil prior to hot working the large billet in an extrusion or forging process is provided.. .

Transverse flux electric induction heat treatment of a discrete workpiece in a gap of a magnetic circuit

Discrete workpieces move through a longitudinally-oriented through-gap in an open-box rectangular ferromagnetic material. A transverse magnetic flux established in the through-gap inductively heats the discrete workpieces moving through the longitudinally-oriented through-gap.
Radyne Corporation

Inductive nozzle heating assembly

An inductive nozzle heating assembly for an additive manufacturing system, comprises a rod shaped nozzle body of electrically conductive material provided with a passageway extending from an inlet end to an outlet end of the rod shaped nozzle body for dispensing an extrudable material. An induction coil unit is provided for magnetic engagement with the rod shaped nozzle body to allow heating thereof, wherein the induction coil unit encloses at least in part the rod shaped nozzle body.
Ultimaker B.v.

Protecting wireless communication components in a highly resonant field

A system for harnessing and conditioning wirelessly transmitted electrical energy by near field magnetic induction configured with various magnetic field shielding embodiments is disclosed. The shielding embodiments are designed to minimize electromagnetic interference and induced electrical current.
Electrochem Solutions, Inc.

Power conversion device and diagnosing failure thereof

Provided is a power conversion device, including a fault determination unit (11) for determining, based on phase voltages of a polyphase dynamo-electric machine (4) detected by phase voltage detection units (10), a power, earth, or open fault of armature windings of the polyphase dynamo-electric machine (4). The fault determination unit (11) determines, in a state that all power semiconductor switching elements (2) are in an off state and no induction voltage is generated in the armature windings of the polyphase dynamo-electric machine (4), the power fault when all the phase voltages are substantially equal to an anode potential of a dc power supply (3), the earth fault when all the phase voltages are substantially equal to a cathode potential of the dc power supply (3), and the open fault when all the phase voltages are not substantially the same potential..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Device for generating electrical power from low frequency oscillations

An energy harvesting device for generating electrical power from low-frequency oscillations includes a high-frequency cantilever, a plurality of low-frequency cantilevers each configured to contact the high-frequency cantilever in response to environmental vibrations having a frequency within a near-resonance frequency range associated with said low-frequency cantilever, an a generator that produces electrical power in response to contact between at least one of the plurality of low-frequency cantilevers and the high-frequency cantilever. The energy harvesting device may also include an impact mass coupled to a free end of each of the plurality of low-frequency cantilevers.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

Rechargeable battery induction system and methods of making and using the same

The present invention relates to a rechargeable battery induction system. Specifically, an induction receiver, otherwise known as an induction coil, is connected to contact points of a rechargeable battery and utilized in an electric device requiring battery power.
Angel 7 Industries, Llc

Chip packaging module

The present disclosure discloses a chip packaging module, including: a first chip, where a first pad is disposed on a side neighboring to a front surface of the first chip; at least a second chip, where at least one second chip is disposed on a rear side of the first chip, each second chip has a second pad, and wherein the first pad of the first chip is connected to the second pad of the second chip via a redistribution layer. According to the chip packaging module in the present disclosure, a second chip is disposed on a rear side of a first chip, and a first pad is connected to a second pad via a redistribution layer.
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.

Ic tag issuing apparatus

An ic tag issuing apparatus for writing identification data to ic tags, the ic tags arranged in multiple rows aligned as an ic tag continuous body, and issuing the result, the ic tags issuing apparatus including second antenna units arranged to face each row of the ic tags arranged in multiple rows, respectively, and functioning as a plurality of writing row antenna units for writing the identification data to the ic tags by the electromagnetic induction method and a third antenna unit arranged at a downstream side in the conveyance direction of the ic tag continuous body from the second antenna unit and functioning as an electric-wave type antenna unit for writing the identification data to the ic tags by the electric wave method and constituted to write the identification data by using the third antenna unit to the ic tag in which the identification data could not be written by using the second antenna unit.. .
Sato Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha

Storage device having a wireless communication function

A storage device includes an antenna, a first nonvolatile memory that is operable using power generated at the antenna by an electromagnetic induction caused by an external device, and stores lock state information, a first controller configured to change the lock state information in response to a command that is wirelessly transmitted from the external device through the antenna, a second nonvolatile memory, and a second controller configured to allow access to a memory region of the second nonvolatile memory depending on the lock state information stored in the first nonvolatile memory.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

High-throughput sorting of small objects via oil and/or moisture content using low-field nuclear magnetic resonance

The current disclosure describes an automated high-throughput seed sorting system for separating seed via oil and/or moisture content using novel nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) systems and methods. The disclosed systems and methods for measuring the oil and/or moisture content of a single seed in a low-field time domain nmr instrument are superior in sample throughput and signal-to-noise ratio to conventional nmr systems and methods (free induction decay or spin echo) for single seed oil/moisture measurement..
Monsanto Technology Llc

Wireless temperature sensor for sous vide cooking

Wireless temperature sensor for sous vide cooking. Wireless sensor penetrates food and is sealed with the food in a bag for sous vide cooking.

Vehicle key apparatus

A vehicle key apparatus, mounted on an outer wall of a vehicle and a driver dashboard of the vehicle and the surroundings, including an electronic cipher keyboard, an rfid reader/writer (20), a biological features recognizer, wherein a portable electronic key comprises multi-functional appliances such as a mobile phone, a watch and the like, and an anti-theft system lock extension switch (5) is set beside an engine switch (3) of the vehicle; the door lock of the vehicle, the anti-theft system lock, the engine, the air-conditioner and the cargo hold are opened and closed and recorder data is read and so forth by means of the cipher, rfid, biological features, remote control, radio induction and the like. Due to the convenient use of the apparatus, there is no need or less need to carry keys, which enhances the performance of key management..

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