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Induction patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 Cpr apparatus and method patent thumbnailCpr apparatus and method
A cpr apparatus comprises a chest compression unit and a means for mounting the chest compression unit on a patient. The chest compression unit comprises a plunger disposed in a housing.
 Compositions and methods for enhancing lipid production in microalgae via induction of cell cycle arrest patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for enhancing lipid production in microalgae via induction of cell cycle arrest
Methods for enhancing lipid production in marine algae and compositions comprising lipids obtained therefrom are provided.. .
 Methods of treating acute kidney injury with retinoic acid patent thumbnailMethods of treating acute kidney injury with retinoic acid
The present invention provides, in one embodiment, a method of inhibiting apoptosis in kidney epithelial cells after acute injury by modulating/inhibiting nur77 induction/expression or function/activity in the cells. The invention further provides a method of preventing or treating an acute kidney injury in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject an effective amount of a retinoic acid or retinoic acid derivative, and a method of preserving a kidney for transplant, comprising contacting the kidney with a solution that comprises a retinoic acid or a, retinoic acid derivative..
 Telomerase mediated telomere altering compounds patent thumbnailTelomerase mediated telomere altering compounds
The present disclosure is directed toward pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using 6-mercaptopurine ribosides and analogs thereof for the treatment of cancer and other hyperproliferative diseases. The described compounds can be converted into telomere substrates in vivo and can be recognized by telomerase for incorporation into telomeres of telomerase active cells, leading to induction of cell death of the telomerase active cells..
 Ingenol-3-acylates iii and ingenol-3-carbamates patent thumbnailIngenol-3-acylates iii and ingenol-3-carbamates
The invention relates to compounds of general formula i wherein r is heteroaryl optionally substituted by r7; or r is heterocycloalkyl or heterocycloalkenyl, optionally substituted by r8; or r is x wherein x is —nr11r12; and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, or solvates thereof, for use—alone or in combination with one or more other pharmaceutically active compounds—in therapy, for preventing, treating or ameliorating diseases or conditions responsive to stimulation of neutrophil oxidative burst, responsive to stimulation of keratinocyte il-8 release or responsive to induction of necrosis.. .
 Induction of thyroid iodide-handling gene expression in human cancers patent thumbnailInduction of thyroid iodide-handling gene expression in human cancers
Dual suppression of the map kinase and pi3k/akt pathways showed synergistic or greatly enhanced anti-melanoma cell effects, compared to suppression of a single pathway, including the inhibition of cell proliferation, transformation and invasion, induction of g0/g1 cell cycle arrest and, importantly, cell apoptosis. Remarkably, suppression of either pathway induces the expression of thyroid iodide-handling genes and dual suppression of the two pathways synergistically and robustly induces expression of these genes, accompanied by uptake of radioiodine in the cells.
 Projection type display device and method for controlling operation of projection type display device patent thumbnailProjection type display device and method for controlling operation of projection type display device
A projection-type display device, which projects and displays images in accordance with an image signal includes a light source for projecting the images, output means that is equipped with a coil and switch, that uses electromagnetic induction of the coil to supply a current, and that changes the magnitude of the current by means of the switch, a cooling fan that cools the projection-type display device and for which the rotational speed is variable; and control means that, upon receiving an instruction to set a first mode in which a first current is intermittently supplied to the light source, both controls the switch to set the output current of the output means to the first current and intermittently supply the first current to the light source and sets the rotational speed of the cooling fan to a first rotational speed; and upon receiving an instruction to set a second mode in which a second current that is smaller than the first current is continuously supplied the light source, both controls the switch to set the output current of the output means to the second current and continuously supply the second current to the light source and sets the rotational speed of the cooling fan to a second rotational speed that is lower than the first rotational speed.. .
 Contactless charging system and contactless charging method patent thumbnailContactless charging system and contactless charging method
A contactless charging method according to the present invention is applied to a contactless charging system 1 which comprises a transmitting unit 10 having a primary coil 11 and a receiving unit 20 having a secondary coil 21 and which charges a battery 30 electrically connected to the secondary coil 21 by the electromagnetic induction generated between the primary coil 11 and the secondary coil 21 and which supplements the charging efficiency of the battery 30 by varying a charging frequency used in the electromagnetic induction in proportion to the charging efficiency of the battery 30 that varies according to the position of the secondary coil 21 relative to the primary coil 11. The contactless charging method comprises: a step of detecting a charging frequency when a charging operation is performed by enabling the primary coil 11 to get close to the secondary coil 21; and a step of outputting the charging efficiency of the battery 30 acquired from the detected charging frequency such that a user may know the charging efficiency..
 Sensorless vector control apparatus for induction motor patent thumbnailSensorless vector control apparatus for induction motor
A sensor-less vector control apparatus for induction motor enhanced in performance of sensor-less vector control by estimating changes in parameters in real time is provided, the apparatus including a current controller, a first phase converting unit, a second phase converting unit, a rotor speed and position estimator configured to measure a rotor speed of a rotor and a rotor flux using an output value of the first phase converting unit and to estimate a rotor position using the output value, and a stator resistance and angle error estimator configured to calculate a stator resistance and an angle error of the induction motor by receiving d, q axis current commands on the synchronous reference frame inputted from the current controller and d, q voltages on the synchronous reference frame outputted from the current controller, and to provide the stator resistance to the rotor speed and position estimator.. .
 Non-contact communication coil, non-contact power feeding device, and non-contact power receiving device patent thumbnailNon-contact communication coil, non-contact power feeding device, and non-contact power receiving device
A non-contact communication coil for a non-contact power feeding device comprises a power transmission coil, a power receiving coil, and a resonance coil, and the non-contact communication coil includes a first receiver and a second receiver connected in series with the first receiver. The non-contact communication coil generates induction voltages in mutually opposing directions in the first receiver and the second receiver when current passes through at least one of the power transmission coil and the power receiving coil..
System and method for holding a temperature probe in an induction heating system
A system includes an induction heating assembly having an induction heating element. The system also includes a power supply configured to provide a current to the induction heating element for heating a workpiece.
Electromagnetic oil tank heating unit
An electromagnetic oil tank heating unit and an electromagnetic oil tank heating system comprising multiple units of electromagnetic oil tank heating units is provided. Each electromagnetic oil tank heating unit comprises a generator capable of generating high frequency electrical current connected to a transformer and a cooling unit, an induction plate with induction coil embedded therein, connected to the transformer and at least one cooling unit, providing cooling to the transformer and the induction plate.
Induction sealing of inorganic substrates
A method of sealing at least two inorganic substrates together using an induction energy source comprising applying to at least one of the substrates a paste composition including a glass frit, and an induction coupling additive, bringing at least a second substrate into contact with the paste composition, and subjecting the substrates and paste to induction heating, thereby forming a hermetic seal between the two inorganic substrates.. .
Boiler with flat horizontal tubes
The present invention relates to a boiler having horizontally arranged flat rectangular water tubes comprising: a water chamber; an inner water chamber to be connected with horizontal water tubes, said horizontally arranged water tubes forming multi-step water tube groups; induction plates provided in the inner water chamber blocking the water path of the horizontal water tubes alternatingly in such a manner as to bend the water path in a zigzag manner; an exhaust gas discharge conduit in straight lattice lines formed by narrow gaps between the horizontal water tubes; and an exhaust gas discharge chamber formed in an upper water chamber. The flat horizontally arranged rectangular water tubes are narrow in their width, making it possible to arrange them densely in the limited space of the combustion chamber, and with their increased heat receiving areas, the water tubes can heat the water in the boiler fast..
Applicator machine
A pipeline field joint coating applicator machine. The machine having a first frame arranged to be mounted on a pipeline, the frame carrying an induction heating coil which encircles the field joint for heating.
Molecular markers associated with haploid induction in zea mays
The present invention is the field of plant breeding. More specifically, the invention focuses on the use of molecular markers to select for a genetic locus contributing to haploid induction..
Compositions, formulations and methods of bio-balancing the ph of sterile hypotonic, isotonic saline and hypertonic saline solutions
Compositions, formulations and methods bio-balance the ph of sterile, sodium chloride inhalation and pulmonary irrigation solutions, such that the solutions are bio-similar to the homeostatic ph state of the human airway surface liquid (asl) at about 7.4. These solutions are sterile, non-pyrogenic, additive and preservative free, and provided in sterile unit-of-use, blow-fill-seal vials.
Methods and compositions for inducing apoptosis by stimulating er stress
The present invention provides a method for inducing apoptosis in selected cells by aggravating er-stress. The aggravation of er-stress is achieved in a specific manner by inhibiting serca (sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase), leading to elevated level of cytoplasmic calcium concentration, yet without inhibiting the activity of cox-2 (cyclooxygenase-2) or triggering the release of histamine.
Electric induction heating and coating of the exterior surface of a pipe
A modular electric induction heating and coating apparatus and method for coating, heating and/or coating and heating (and vice versa) the exterior surface of a pipe section within a pipe treatment region is provided. The apparatus comprises an interchangeable central main frame assembly removably attached to an outer drive frame assembly on each side of the central main frame assembly.
Method of embedding an induction heating element into an injection molding tool
An injection molding tool includes a first mold die having a first tool face and a second mold die having a second tool face. The second mold die is configured to abut the first mold die, wherein the first tool face and second tool face are configured to partially define a part cavity between the first mold die and the second mold die.
Compositions and methods for induction and modulation of angiogenesis and methods and assays for identifying angiogenesis modulators
The present disclosure provides methods and compositions, including a placental extract, for inducing and/or modulating angiogenesis; methods of identifying modulators of angiogenesis, and assays for identifying modulators of angiogenesis. The present disclosure also provides methods of making a composition, including a placental extract that can induce and/or modulate angiogenesis..
Air-flow activated germicidal uv-c lights in hvac system with electromagnetic induction and other proximity sensor technologies
Uv-c light assembly is designed to kill germs (bacteria, molds, protozoa, virus, and yeast) in the forced airstreams of hvac systems. Thus the uv-c light kills and prevents the spreading of germs into other rooms or spaces.
Method, device, and system of cross-device data transfer
The disclosure provides a method and device for data transfer between electronic devices. The method comprises detecting a first induction signal generated based on a contact with a first touch screen of a first electronic device, determining a selection of data desired to be transferred to a second electronic device, determining a gesture associated with the first induction signal, generating a data transfer request in response to the determination of the gesture and the selection, communicating the data transfer request from the first electronic device to the second electronic device and transferring the selected data to the second electronic device..
Rotating electric machine, in particular double-fed asynchronous machine with a power range of between 20 mva and 500 mva
The invention proceeds from a rotating electric machine, in particular a double-fed induction machine in the power range between 20 mva and 500 mva, which comprises a rotor that rotates about a machine axis, is concentrically surrounded by a stator, and has a rotor plate body and a shaft, which rotor plate body bears a rotor winding that is arranged further outwards and is connected by means of connectors to slip rings that are arranged further inwards at the end of the shaft. A flexible and secure connection is achieved in that the connectors have mechanical connectors that run at right angles to the shaft to absorb forces arising owing to centrifugal acceleration, which mechanical connectors are connected on one side to a rotor winding head of the rotor winding and are supported on the other side on an auxiliary rim on the rotor plate body..
Wireless power apparatus and operation method thereof
Disclosed is a wireless power apparatus to repeat power between a wireless power transmitter and a wireless power receiver. The wireless power apparatus includes a resonant coil resonance-coupled with the wireless power transmitter to wirelessly repeat the power, an induction coil for transferring, to a load, a power generated through coupling the induction coil with the resonant coil and a detecting unit for detecting an existence of the wireless power receiver, wherein the wireless power apparatus operates in one mode of a power reception and a power repeat mode according to a result of a detection of the wireless power receiver, wherein the power reception mode is supplying the power to the load and the power repeat mode is transferring the power the wire-less power receiver..
Apparatus for inducing flow in a molten material
The apparatus includes a furnace having a furnace chamber (14), a port (16) in fluid communication with the furnace chamber having an inclined lower wall (18), and a bi-directional induction unit (24) mounted to the inclined lower wall for inducing flow in molten material in the port. A retractable channel plate assembly (26) is selectively positionable in the port to define an extraction flow channel (28) for the molten material between the channel plate assembly and the inclined lower wall.
Semiconductor magnetoresistive random-access memory (mram) device and manufacturing method thereof
The present disclosure describes a semiconductor mram device and a manufacturing method. The device reduces magnetic field induction “interference” (disturbance) phenomenon between adjacent magnetic tunnel junctions when data is written and read.
Induction cookware
An induction cooking utensil is constructed such that it cooks food within its chamber while maintaining a relatively cool outer surface (e.g., preferably an outer surface that is cool enough to pick up with one's bare hands). The cooking utensil includes an inner wall that is made at least in part of an electrically conductive material and an outer wall that is made at least in part of the electrically non-conductive material.
Insulation structure of lead wire, transformer having the same, and method for insulating lead wire
A lead wire for a stationary induction apparatus includes a conductor, a covering insulating layer provided on an outer periphery of the conductor, and an insulating sheet provided on the covering insulating layer. The insulating sheet includes base paper having a prescribed width, and insulating spacers disposed to protrude from the base paper at prescribed spacings in a longitudinal direction of the base paper.
Tire vulcanizing press comprising induction heating means
Inductors capable of heating the press by electromagnetic induction, each inductor comprising a core (36) comprising two feet (40) having respective undersides (60) which are flat and inclined in relation to one another.. .
Electronic apparatus and shock detection method
In an electronic apparatus equipped with a mechanism for generating a sound and an oscillation, it is possible to detect an imparted shock with high sensitivity. The electronic apparatus includes: an oscillation unit; a piezoelectric element configured to impart an oscillation due to deformation in correspondence with an applied voltage to the oscillation unit, generating a voltage corresponding to deformation due to a shock imparted to the oscillation unit; an induction element for applying an increased voltage to the piezoelectric element; a first switch performing control as to whether or not to supply an electric current from a power source to the induction element; a second switch for effecting connection or disconnection between the induction element and the piezoelectric element; and a shock detection unit configured to detect a shock imparted to the oscillation unit based on the voltage generated in the piezoelectric element..
System and method for a motion sensing device
The device includes a signaling means and a motion sensor, and logic for activating or controlling the signaling means in response to a sensed motion according to an embedded logic. The device may be used as a toy, and may be shaped like a play ball or as a handheld unit.
Compositions and methods for modulating rsv infection and immunity
Compositions and methods are provided for the treatment or prevention of rsv disease by modulating rsv infection and immunity. In particular, amino acid sequences in the rsv g glycoprotein, containing the chemokine motif defined as c-x-x-x-c (or cx3c), are identified that are essential in causing rsv infection and disease.
Negative dielectric constant material based on ion conducting materials
Metamaterials or artificial negative index materials (nims) have generated great attention due to their unique and exotic electromagnetic properties. One exemplary negative dielectric constant material, which is an essential key for creating the nims, was developed by doping ions into a polymer, a protonated poly (benzimidazole) (fbi).
Production of recombinant protein in insect cells using a baculovirus expression system
The present invention describes a novel method for recombinant protein production using a baculovirus protein expression system in insect cells, wherein baculovirus virion production is suppressed during recombinant protein production. The novel expression system produces reduced levels of baculovirus virions during recombinant protein production phase, thereby reducing the need for purification of the recombinant protein from the contaminating virus.
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (snp) and association with resistance to immune tolerance induction
This application discloses methods, systems and kits for correlating the presence or absence of certain nucleic acid sequences within a population with the ability to create immune tolerance in that same population. Tolerance can be induced by solo or repeated administration of antigen, including soluble antigens administered either intravenously or sublingually.
Variable-volume induction nozzle
A variable volume induction nozzle is designed for use with a variable speed fan, where fan speed is adjusted in response to variable exhaust gas flow volume in order to conserve energy. In order to maintain a minimum exhaust discharge velocity to ensure adequate plume height, an axially-extendable, upwardly tapered flow-impinging pod within the nozzle creates a variable annular nozzle outlet opening.
Image heating apparatus
An image heating apparatus includes a rotatable heating member of magnetism-adjusted alloy configured to heat a toner image on a sheet; an excitation coil configured to generate a magnetic flux for electromagnetic induction heating of the rotatable heating member; a voltage source configured to supply an ac current to the excitation coil; a rotating mechanism configured to rotate the rotatable heating member at a first peripheral speed in an operation in a first image heating mode and configured to rotate the rotatable heating member at a second peripheral speed lower than the first peripheral speed in an operation in a second image heating mode; and a controller configured to control the voltage source in which a maximum current supplied to the excitation coil in the second image heating mode is smaller than a maximum current supplied to the excitation coil in the first image heating mode.. .
Touch panel with electrode bridging structure
The invention relates to a touch panel with an electrode bridging structure. The touch panel includes an electroconductive substrate and an electroconductive film disposed on the electroconductive substrate.
Induction ink melter
A melting device melts solid ink into liquid ink by passing alternating current through an electrical conductor arranged in coils around a housing. The liquid ink passes from a reservoir, through a spool valve arrangement, and into first and second chambers.
Induction component
The invention proposes an induction component produced using thin film technology which can be used for a variety of functions. It contains, on a magnet core with a ring shape, two coil devices which, for their part, are in turn constructed from at least two coils.
Power generation device
A power generation device includes a first magnet member, a second magnet member which is disposed such that the n pole side thereof is in the opposite direction to the n pole side of the first magnet member, a yoke which is disposed between the first magnet member and the second magnet member, an induction coil which is disposed at an outer periphery of the yoke. When the first magnet member and the second magnet member slidingly move in synchronization or when the yoke slidingly moves, the direction of a magnetic flux flowing in the yoke changes to generate an electromotive force in the induction coil..
Parameter estimation system and method for an induction motor
A method of estimating stator resistance of an induction motor is provided. The method includes applying voltage pulses through two phase paths of the motor for a plurality of electrical cycles to inject current in the motor, wherein the voltage pulses are applied until rotor flux of the motor is substantially stabilized and measuring stator voltage and stator current in response to the applied voltage pulses for each of the plurality of electrical cycles.
Battery charger cradle
In a battery charger cradle, a battery incorporated in a battery built-in device is charged by electric power induced to an induction coil. The cradle includes a primary coil for inducing electromotive force to the induction coil, a casing having a top plate atop of which the battery built-in device is placed, a movement mechanism for moving the primary coil along an inner surface of the top plate, and a position detection controller for detecting a position of the battery built-in device placed on the top plate and controlling the movement mechanism to bring the primary coil closer to the induction coil in the battery built-in device.
Cable assembly for providing power through inductive coupling
A cable assembly for supplying power includes wiring for carrying alternating electrical current, a plurality of source inductive elements spaced at intervals along the wiring to provide power by induction; and an encapsulation layering that provides electrical insulation.. .
Induction dryer
In an induction heater, preheated, pressurized air is further heated in the heating cabinet and also drawn into the coil tube via a suction fan. The simultaneous pulling and pushing of the twice-heated air through the tube provides superior air flow to pick up more moisture from the can ends being dried.
Method and apparatus for superposed application of shipping labels over packing slips
A process for automating placement of a shipping label onto a carton on a conveyor system includes moving a carton on the conveyor system to the induction scanner, electronically scanning the carton to obtain identification information from a bar code associated with the carton, accessing electronic shipping information corresponding to the identification information, and transmitting the shipping information to a controller coupled to the conveyor system. The process also includes printing indicia, corresponding the identification information, onto the shipping label and a packing slip at the print-and-apply station, mechanically coupling the packing slip to a non-aggressive adhesive on the shipping label, and mechanically applying the shipping label and attached packing slip to the carton, such that the shipping label covers the packing slip and the packing slip is exposed when a portion of the shipping label is removed along a line of weakness in the shipping label..
Air-hardenable bainitic steel with enhanced material characteristics
A method of producing a forged steel part is disclosed to include providing a steel billet having a composition including 0.25-0.40 wt. % c, 1.50-3.00 wt.
Method of creating winding for variable frequency inductive lighting system
The invention is an induction-based lighting system designed to provide power to model displays and other similar application, including a method of manufacturing a primary winding that interacts with secondary windings placed inside display components to provide lighting effects, such as one finds in model christmas villages. The electrical characteristics of the primary winding can be controlled by a microcontroller to make lights in the models blink or change as a user desires..
Ssc induction in vitis muscadinia
This invention relates to a method for introgressing a form of seedlessness, viz. Stenospermocarpy (ssc) from subgenus euvitis planch.
Rodents with conditional acvr1 mutant alleles
A genetically modified mouse is provided that comprises a conditional acvr1 allele that comprises a mutated exon that, upon induction, converts to a mutant exon phenotype, wherein the mutant exon phenotype includes ectopic bone formation. Mice comprising a mutant acvr1 exon 5 in antisense orientation, flanked by site-specific recombinase recognition sites, are provided, wherein the mice further comprise a site-specific recombinase that recognizes the site-specific recombinase recognitions sites, wherein the recombinase is induced upon exposure of the mouse to tamoxifen.
Sliding mode controller for engine thermal management
A sliding mode controller for one or more valves in an engine induction or exhaust system provides improved thermal control over an engine. Double discrete variable rate filters generate position and velocity profiles for various intake and exhaust valves.
Apparatus, system, and method for providing an implantable ring for altering a shape of the cornea
An apparatus, system and method for constricting a cornea of a human eye are disclosed. A control device external to the subject eye, such as an induction generator, may be configured to create a stimulus, such as a magnetic field, for an implanted ring that, when stimulated, may change the curvature, and thus the dioptric power, of the eye, thereby approximating natural accommodation..

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