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Induction patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 Power switching device, three phase bridge inverter, and  operating a power switching device patent thumbnailnew patent Power switching device, three phase bridge inverter, and operating a power switching device
A power switching device connected or connectable between a power supply and a load is described. The device may have at least two different operating states, each operating state having a different level of said output voltage associated with it.
 Magnetic flywheel induction engine-motor-generator patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic flywheel induction engine-motor-generator
When the apparatus, and the first “north-pole” permanent magnet magnetic system, is motor powered into rotation, relative to a second unpowered “south-pole” permanent magnet system; “magnetic induction” occurs in the second adjacent unpowered south-pole permanent magnet system, which rotates in the opposite direction, to the initial rotation that caused or induced the rotation.. .
 Rotor, induction motor having the same, and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Rotor, induction motor having the same, and manufacturing the same
A rotor includes a stacked core having a plurality of slots formed on an inner side thereof, a plurality of rotor bars inserted in the plurality of slots, a pair of end rings assembled and fastened to opposite ends of the rotor bars, a pair of retainers fastened to opposite outer end surfaces of the rotor bars in an assembled and fastened manner, and a shaft inserted into the pair of end rings.. .
 Energy harvesting system with multiple cells patent thumbnailnew patent Energy harvesting system with multiple cells
An energy harvesting system made of array of miniaturized pseudo-linear oscillators, i.e., energy harvesting cells, each of which comprises a free moving hard magnet floating structure supported by sophistically designed magnetic levitation mechanism, is proposed to exact and store useful energy from the broad band natural kinetic energy based on faraday's law of induction. The array of miniaturized energy harvesting cell can be made using volume production wafer process.
 Induction of force performed by the piezoelectric materials patent thumbnailnew patent Induction of force performed by the piezoelectric materials
Until now, the direct effect or the converse effect is used in piezoelectric devices to provide respectively a disturbance force in external objects via electric field or acoustic waves. The collective displacement of the internal polarized molecules of the piezoelectric materials can be used in innovative ways when the direct or the converse effect takes place.
 Partial forced induction system patent thumbnailnew patent Partial forced induction system
A partial forced induction system is provided that has one or more combustion engine cylinders with each engine cylinder having a first and a second intake valve with individual ports. A source of forced induction in fluid communication with the one or more combustion engine cylinders and urging air into the one or more combustion engine cylinders.
 Cyaa-based chimeric proteins comprising a heterologous polypeptide and their uses in the induction of immune responses patent thumbnailnew patent Cyaa-based chimeric proteins comprising a heterologous polypeptide and their uses in the induction of immune responses
The invention relates to a chimeric protein comprising or consisting of from n-terminal to c-terminal, (a) a n-terminal part of a bordetella cyaa protein (b) a heterologous polypeptide, and (c) a c-terminal part of a bordetella cyaa protein. The invention also relates to a polynucleotide encoding a deleted version of a bordetella cyaa, as well as a polynucleotide encoding this chimeric protein.
 Rna preparations comprising purified modified rna for reprogramming cells patent thumbnailnew patent Rna preparations comprising purified modified rna for reprogramming cells
The present invention provides compositions and methods for reprogramming somatic cells using purified rna preparations comprising single-strand mrna encoding an ips cell induction factor. The purified rna preparations are preferably substantially free of rna contaminant molecules that: i) would activate an immune response in the somatic cells, ii) would decrease expression of the single-stranded mrna in the somatic cells, and/or iii) active rna sensors in the somatic cells.
 Anti-tgf-beta induction of bone cell function and bone growth patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-tgf-beta induction of bone cell function and bone growth
The invention regards the modulation of tgf-β activity by administering to a subject an antibody that binds to tgf-β, thereby increasing bone growth, bone formation, bone mass and bone strength. The antibody acts to increase osteoblast number and function while at the same time decreasing osteoclast number and function.
 Prefabricated vertical aquaponic system patent thumbnailnew patent Prefabricated vertical aquaponic system
A prefabricated vertical aquaponic system, including: a first plant pot part; a second plant pot part coupled to the lower portion of the first plant pot part so as to rotate with the first plant pot part; a rotatable rotation part positioned at the lower side of the second plant pot part; a tank part coupled to the lower portion of the rotation part and storing a nutrient solution; and an induction part which is extended from the tank part to the first plant pot part, connects the first plant pot part, the second plant pot part and the rotation part, rotates by the rotation part so as to rotate the first plant pot part and the second plant pot part, and induces the nutrient solution of the tank part to the first plant pot part.. .

Establishing wireless communication via proximity detection

The present disclosure relates to computer-implemented systems and methods for wireless communication via proximity detection. The method may include determining, by a computer via a plurality of induction coils in a proximity transponder, a magnetic field emitted from a base station.

Induction motor flux and torque control

An induction motor controller is provided. The induction motor controller includes a first module that derives a commanded stator voltage vector, in a rotor flux reference frame, via a rotor flux regulator loop and a torque regulator loop, which process at least partially in the rotor flux reference frame.
Atieva, Inc.

Risk assessment rule set application for fraud prevention

Rules, applied to deny authorization of likely fraudulent transactions, are derived from a modified patient rule induction method algorithm that uses a target variable and a data set of past transactions each associated with a plurality of input variables and a hyper-rectangle enclosing a multi-dimensional space defined by a representation of the input variable values as points within the multi-dimensional space. While a count of the points within the hyper-rectangle is greater than a minimum support parameter, a first plurality of points proximal to edges of the hyper-rectangle are removed, where each such removing maximizes a mean value of the target variable, and then, while the mean value remains maximized, a second plurality of points proximal to the edges is added, where each adding maximizes or maintains the mean value.
Visa U.s.a. Inc.

Rfid tag temperature adaptation

An rfid system and tag, and a method for identifying objects using an rfid system are disclosed. In an embodiment, an rfid tag comprises a microchip for storing an identification sequence, a tag antenna coupled with the microchip for receiving and transmitting the rf signal; and a ferrous metal portion disposed near the ic and the tag antenna.
International Business Machines Corporation

Portable green power device

A portable green power device includes an energy storage module, a manpower generating module, a control unit and an ac charging module. The energy storage module has input terminals, output terminals and a dc charging port.
Taigulf Co., Ltd.

Calibration multi-component induction tools

Calibration tools and procedures that provide one or more calibration methods for multi-component induction tools can include use of a tilted elliptical loop and a circular loop. Measurement signals may be used for analytic calibration of a multicomponent induction tool.
Haliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Biomarkers of immune response in mucosal lesions and their use with therapeutic vaccination

The present invention provides evidence of post-vaccination immunologic changes in target hpv induced cervical intraepithelial neoplasias that suggest the induction of clinically relevant tissue-localized immune responses, despite modest detectable responses in circulating t lymphocytes. The inventive methods allow for identification of immunological responses to hpv immunotherapies, and means for monitoring responses during clinical trials and treatment regimens..
The Johns Hopkins University

Catalytic system for co2/epoxide copolymerization

The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a polycarbonate including the process of copolymerizing epoxide compound and co2 using cobalt(iii) or chromium(iii), where the ligands contains at least 3 ammonium cations, central metal has formal −1 charge, and conjugated anions of the two cationic ammonium groups are acid-base homoconjugation, as catalyst. According to the present invention, the initial induction time can be reduced when the polycarbonate is manufactured and it is possible to improve the activity of the catalyst and the molecular weight of the obtained polymer..
Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

Multiple-variable dose regimen for treating tnfalpha-related disorders

Multiple-variable dose methods for treating tnfα-related disorders, including crohn's disease and psoriasis, comprising administering tnfα inhibitors, including tnfα antibodies, are described. Multiple-variable dose methods include administration of a tnf-inhibitor in an induction or loading phase followed by administration of the agent in a maintenance or treatment phase, wherein the tnf-inhibitor is administered in a higher dosage during the induction phase..
Abbvie Biotechnology Ltd

Induction of tumor immunity by variants of folate binding protein

The present invention is directed to variants of antigens comprising folate binding protein epitopes as a composition associated with providing immunity against a tumor in an individual. The variant is effective in inducing cytotoxic t-lymphocytes but preferably not to the extent that they become sensitive to silencing by elimination, such as by apoptosis, or by anergy, as in unresponsiveness..
The Henry M. Jackson Foundation For The Advancement Of Military Medicine, Inc.

Aircraft lift transducer

An aircraft lift transducer may include a vane, actuator, an lc circuit, and a processor. The vane may be positioned on the leading edge of a wing of the aircraft, where the angle defined by the chord of the wing and the vane changes when the aircraft angle of attack changes.
Safe Flight Instrument Corporation

Positioning with a radio-based locking system

A system includes a vehicle having an automatic radio-based vehicle safety unit and an access control device. An access element is assigned to the vehicle safety unit, where the vehicle safety unit has several low-frequency transmitting antennas, and the access element has a low-frequency receiver.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Microvesicles derived from cell protoplast and use thereof

The present application relates to microvesicles derived from a protoplast which is a bacterial, arhaea, fungal or plant cell or the like from which a cell wall is removed. The microvesicles derived from a protoplast enables free loading of a material necessary for diagnosis, treatment, vaccine, target induction, cell membrane fusion with a target cell, reduction of in vivo and in vitro side effects, stability improvement, and the like, and allows the therapeutic material, the diagnostic material and/or the vaccine material to be delivered specifically to a specific tissue or cell..
Aeon Medix Inc.

Poxviral vectors for low antibody response after a first priming immunization

The invention is drawn to compositions and methods for the induction of an immune response, in particular a strong cd8 t cell response, to a specific antigenic determinant without raising a significant antibody response to the antigenic determinant after a first, priming immunization. The method comprises administering to the host a recombinant poxviral vector comprising a transcriptional control element comprising an early and/or late element linked to a nucleotide sequence encoding the antigenic determinant.
Bavarian Nordic A/s

Misoprostol composition

The present invention relates to the use of misoprostol for the induction of labour in a pregnant female, and in particular to the use of a sustained delivery device or insert containing substantially 200 μg misoprostol for intravaginal use. The use encompasses methods of therapy as well as compositions for use in such methods..
Ferring B.v.

Unity power factor induction machine

A multi-phase voltage from a utility grid is applied to a first side of a plurality of open windings of a stator. A phase of the multi-phase voltage is determined.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Electric vehicle

An electric vehicle including: an induction motor generator; a synchronous motor generator; an inverter that converts a supplied high voltage vh to an ac voltage to be supplied to the induction motor generator and the synchronous motor generator; and a control unit that adjusts the rotational speed and torque output of the induction motor generator and the synchronous motor generator, wherein the control unit includes a voltage oscillation reduction program for causing the induction motor generator to generate voltage oscillation in a phase opposite to voltage oscillation of the high voltage vh to reduce the voltage oscillation of the high voltage vh when the high voltage vh supplied to the inverter oscillates at an amplitude equal to or greater than a predetermined voltage value due to rotation of the synchronous motor generator. As a result, the voltage oscillation in a pcu of the electric vehicle is reduced..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Touch unit, array substrate, liquid crystal cell substrate and touch display device

The embodiment of the present invention discloses a touch unit, an array substrate, a liquid crystal cell substrate and a touch display device. The touch unit comprise a plurality of touch sub-units, each of which comprising a sensor thin film transistor (tft), an sensing capacitor, a reading induction line and a memory capacitor, the capacitance of the memory capacitor being less than that of the sensing capacitor.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Radioactive isotope liquid targeting apparatus having functional thermosiphon internal flow channel

A radioactive isotope liquid targeting apparatus having a functional thermosiphon internal flow channel according to the present invention includes a cavity member having a cavity for accommodating a concentrate for a nuclear reaction. The cavity member includes: a front thin film having a front opening and a rear opening; a front cooling member which is coupled to the cavity member; a thermosiphon induction member which is connected to the rear opening and which has a thermosiphon flow channel connected to the cavity so as to enable the concentrate accommodated in the cavity to flow by means of a thermosiphon phenomenon; and a rear cooling member which is coupled to the rear surface of the thermosiphon induction member and which has a cooling water supply space..
Korea Institute Of Radiological & Medical Sciences

Image heating apparatus

An image heating apparatus configured to heat an image formed on a recording material includes a cylindrical rotatable member including a conductive layer, a magnetic core inserted through the rotatable member, a coil helically wound around an outer side of the magnetic core within the rotatable member, and an inverter configured to supply an alternating current to the coil. A frequency of the alternating current supplied from the inverter is within a range of 20.5 to 100 khz.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Image heating apparatus

An image heating apparatus, which is configured to heat an image formed on a recording material, includes a cylindrical rotatable member including a conductive layer, and a coil including a helically shaped portion helically wound along a generatrix direction of the rotatable member inside the rotatable member. The coil is configured to produce an alternating magnetic field for causing the conductive layer to generate heat by electromagnetic induction.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Fixing device

Disclosed is a cylindrical rotary member including a conductive layer; a coil disposed inside the rotary member, the coil including a helical portion having a helical axis that is substantially parallel to a generatrix direction of the rotary member, the coil forming an alternating magnetic field to generate heat in the conductive layer by electromagnetic induction; a core disposed inside the helical portion, the core inducing a line of magnetic force of the alternating magnetic field; a roller coming in contact with an outer surface of the rotary member to form a fixing nip portion; and a metal stay disposed inside the rotary member, in which an image on a recording material is fixed to the recording material by being heated at the fixing nip portion and the stay is disposed outside the coil and has a shape that does not form an electrical loop around the coil.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus

A fixing apparatus includes a fixing belt to fix an unfixed image on a sheet, an induction current generator configured to generate in the fixing belt an induction current that causes heating thereof, a shutdown unit disposed near a surface of the fixing belt and configured to cause shutdown of the fixing apparatus when a temperature of the shutdown unit reaches a first predetermined temperature, a temperature detecting unit disposed near the surface of the fixing belt and configured to detect a temperature at a location of the temperature detecting unit, and a control unit configured to turn off the induction current generator when the detected temperature reaches a second predetermined temperature that is smaller than the first predetermined temperature.. .
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Image heating apparatus and rotatable member for use with the image heating apparatus

An image heating apparatus for heating an image formed on a recording material includes: a cylindrical rotatable member including a base layer and an electroconductive layer; a core inserted into the rotatable member; and a coil wound helically around the core inside the rotatable member, wherein an ac magnetic field is formed by passing an ac current through the coil to generate heat in the electroconductive layer through electromagnetic induction heating. The base layer has a volume resistivity higher than a volume resistivity of the base layer.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Monitoring induction motor

A method of automatically identifying an anomalous condition of an induction motor by normalizing the voltage measured across its terminals relative to the power flow to the motor or the motor's impedance. The starting and/or run current and associated voltage of the motor is measured, and a voltage variation between the measured voltage and the motor's rated voltage is determined.
Schneider Electric Usa Inc.

Apparatus for induction hardening

An apparatus for magnetic induction hardening of a workpiece includes a magnetic tool having a body portion formed of a generally non-magnetic material. The body portion has a surface configured to be positioned in close proximity to the workpiece being hardened.
The Timken Company

Electric power supply system, vehicle and operating a vehicle

Disclosed is an electric power supply system, vehicle and method of operating a vehicle, wherein an electrical power supply system, in particular a traction system, of a vehicle, includes an energy storage module, an inverter, an electric machine, a receiving device adapted to receive an alternating electromagnetic field and to produce an alternating electric current by electromagnetic induction, and a passive electric circuit arrangement adapted to connect the inverter, the electric machine, and the receiving device, wherein the passive electric circuit arrangement includes a first transmission circuit for transferring electric energy between the receiving device and the electric machine, a second transmission circuit for transferring electric energy between the receiving device and the inverter, and a third transmission circuit for transferring electric energy between the inverter and the electric machine, wherein the passive electric circuit arrangement is designed such that at a given charging frequency, an impedance provided by the first transmission circuit is higher than a predetermined first blocking impedance and an impedance provided by the second transmission circuit is lower than a predetermined second passing impedance.. .
Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

Compensation mechanism for cast rotor lamination stack height and compression pressure control

Integrated devices and methods for compensating electric grade steel lamination stack height for use in a conventional two-plate high pressure die cast tool used for casting aluminum induction rotors. These devices and methods allow for significant variation in the lamination stack height without associated failures related to stack height variation, and also ensure constant and accurate clamping pressure on both the od and id of the steel lamination stack which prevents electric insulation damage, metal flow between laminations, large casting metal flash, and tool damage for excessive height laminations stacks.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Manufacture of wheels

A method of making at least a component for a rim base of a multi-piece wheel for a vehicle, comprising providing a workpiece of tubular configuration and hot upset forging the workpiece in press tooling to form a part thereof to a required configuration, wherein the part of the workpiece is heated to a forging temperature in situ in the press tooling, preferably by induction heating.. .
Gkn Land Systems Limited

Intranasal delivery of cell permeant therapeutics for the treatment of edema

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for the inhibition of edema, including, but not limited to, edema associated with ischemic injury in the cns. For example, in certain embodiments, the instant invention relates to methods and compositions for the inhibition of caspase-9 activity associated with the induction and/or exacerbation of edema..
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Wnt signaling inhibitor comprising insulin-like growth factor-binding protein

Provided is a novel soluble factor that modulates morphogenesis and cell proliferation, such as cardiac development and/or cardiomyocyte differentiation. Specifically provided are: an inhibitor of wnt signalling, comprising an insulin-like growth-factor-binding protein (igfbp), the protein being binding to a wnt receptor, and/or a polynucleotide encoding the protein; a medicament for prevention and/or treatment of a disease due to enhanced wnt signalling, comprising the inhibitor of wnt signalling, and a medicament for induction of cardiomyocyte differentiation; and a method for prevention and/or treatment of a disease due to enhanced wnt signalling and a method of inducing cardiomyocyte differentiation, the methods each comprising using the inhibitor of wnt signalling, and a cardiomyocyte, which is obtained by the method of inducing cardiomyocyte differentiation, and a use thereof..
National University Corporation Chiba University

Induction of arteriogenesis with an no (nitric oxide) donor

The present invention inter alia relates to a method of promoting collateral circulation comprising the step of exposing a subject to a therapeutically effective amount of an no donor wherein the therapeutically effective amount of the no donor promotes arteriogenesis sufficient to augment collateral circulation in a physiological or pathological condition.. .
G. Pohl-boskamp Gmbh & Co. Kg

Permanent magnet rotor

A permanent magnet rotor including a rotor core and permanent magnets. The rotor core includes a plurality of magnetic induction blocks.
Zhongshan Broad-ocean Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Apparatus with repulsive force between stationary and rotatable components

Provided herein, is an apparatus that includes a fluid dynamic bearing, a hub, and an induction housing. The fluid dynamic bearing is defined by a stationary component and a rotatable component.
Seagate Technology Llc

Life cycle based portfolio construction platform apparatuses, methods and systems

The life cycle based portfolio construction platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“lpc”) transforms lpc server data request (e.g., see 201 in fig. 2, etc.) inputs via lpc components into sector-based portfolio investment transaction records outputs.
Fmr Llc

Circuit structure for measuring input voltage

A circuit structure for measuring an input voltage includes an inductance element, an extra wire winding and a processing element. The extra wire winding additionally wraps around the inductance element.
Asian Power Devices Inc.

Method for screening for substance

The object of the present invention is to provide a method for screening a substance capable of promoting induction of induced pluripotent stem cells from cells derived from an individual affected by a disease for which it is impossible to produce induced pluripotent stem cells simply by introducing reprogramming genes. The present invention provides a method for screening a substance, which comprises culturing cells derived from an individual affected by a disease for which it is impossible to produce induced pluripotent stem cells simply by introducing reprogramming genes, the cells being transfected with reprogramming genes, in the presence of test substances, and selecting a test substance capable of promoting induction of induced pluripotent stem cells from the cells..
National University Corporation Kumamoto University

Multi-channel conduit and heating a fluid for use in hydraulic fracturing

System and method directed to the art of heating a fluid for use in a hydraulic fracturing system. A heat tube having a plurality of pipes disposed axially along and substantially near the periphery of a medial portion of the heat tube.
Freedom Oilfield Services, Inc.

Downhole apparatus using induction motors with magnetic fluid in rotor-stator gap

In one aspect, an apparatus for use in a wellbore is disclosed that in one non-limiting embodiment includes an ac motor having a rotor and a stator with a gap between the rotor and the stator and a magnetic fluid in the gap that contains an electrically nonconductive fluid and magnetic nanoparticles.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Novel low-molecular-compound for improving production, maintenance and proliferation of pluripotent stem cells, composition comprising the same, and culture method

According to the present invention, when the novel low-molecular-weight compound rsc-133 is added in a culture process for producing reprogrammed pluripotent stem cells from human differentiated cells, it can increase the efficiency of reprogramming and can significantly reduce the time required for the induction of reprogramming. Particularly, the novel compound rsc-133 can substitute for c-myc acting as both a reprogramming factor and an oncogenic factor, and it can effectively increase the efficiency of reprogramming in both normal oxygen culture conditions and hypoxic culture conditions.
Korea Reasearch Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

Method for treating liver diseases of various origins

The invention relates to medicine, in particular to gastroenterology, and lies in the field of treatment of liver diseases of various origins. For this purpose, the hepatoprotective agent that is introduced to the patient is embodied as derivatives of bis(2-thio-4,6-dioxo-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydropyrimidine-5-yl) arylmethanes.

Using ac induction motor as a generator in a utility vehicle

A power generation device for a utility vehicle having a battery source capable of storing electrical energy and selectively outputting electrical energy and selectively receiving electrical energy, a logic/driver module operably coupled to the battery source and capable of outputting power to a drive system of the utility vehicle, an internal combustion engine capable of outputting a mechanical driving force in response to a control input from the logic/driver module, and an ac induction motor operably coupled to the internal combustion engine via a coupler and electrically coupled to the logic/driver module. The ac induction motor is capable of operating as a generator in response to the mechanical driving force of the internal combustion engine, thereby outputting electrical energy to the logic/driver module, and further is capable of operating as an electric motor in response to input of electrical energy from the logic/driver module..
Textron Inc.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation induction coil device with attachment portion for receiving tracking device

A transcranial magnetic stimulation induction coil device having a tracking device with a mating portion and at least one set of two or more reflective elements, a casing separate from a tracking device and containing at least one coil winding having a known orientation within the casing, and an attachment portion corresponding to the mating portion for removably attaching the tracking device to the casing such that, when attached, the reflective elements have a known orientation with respect to the known orientation of the coil winding.. .
Nexstim Oy

Device for repetitive nerve stimulation in order to break down fat tissue means of inductive magnetic fields

The invention relates to a device and a method for repetitive nerve stimulation in order to break down fat tissue by means of inductive magnetic fields, which device and method permit easy patient-related adjustability and control in order to reduce fat tissue in defined body regions, such as the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs, in a targeted manner and without body contact. The invention uses the effect of the stimulation of muscle contractions by contactless induction of electric fields by means of pulsed magnetic fields in the tissue.

Device for treating cancer by hyperthermia and the method thereof

The present invention provides a device for treating tumor and cancer in humans and animals by using hyperthermia. The device is customizable according to size of the tumor as well as the location i.e.
Efd Induction Private Limited

Device for evaporating a volatile fluid

An assembly for evaporating a volatile fluid is described, the assembly comprising a device and a refill which are detachable from one another: wherein the device comprises a magnetic induction coil configured to operate with an alternating current passed therethrough; and wherein the refill comprises a reservoir for the volatile fluid, a volatile fluid transport means to draw the fluid from the reservoir, and at least one susceptor arranged to heat the volatile fluid transport means when said alternating current is passed through the induction coil. Refills, devices and methods of operation are also described..
Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited

Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch

A microcontroller based multifunctional electronic switch using a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.

Method for controlling an induction cooking hob with a pot detection system and a control unit for controlling an induction cooking hob with a pot detection system

The present invention relates to a method for controlling an induction cooking hob (10) with a pot detection system and a user interface (14; 16). The method comprises the steps of activating the induction cooking hob (10) by touching a main switch (20) by a user; starting automatically the pot detection system by a control unit of the induction cooking hob (10); and detecting at least one pot (18) and/or pan (18) on a cooking surface (12) of the cooking hob (10) or detecting, if no pot (18) or pan (18) is placed on said cooking surface (12), by the pot detection system.
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

Apparatus for controlling induction motor

An apparatus for controlling an induction machine is disclosed, wherein a magnitude of a current outputted to the induction machine to an inverter is determined by the apparatus to determine a voltage amount that compensates the command voltage in response to the magnitude of the current, and a voltage compensation amount is added to a command voltage determined from a voltage-frequency relationship according to a relevant voltage compensation amount to output a final command voltage.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Multiple induction electric motor and vehicle

A novel multiple induction electric motor system that separately produces synchronized variable frequency alternating current control signals and using multiple induction electric motors, produces synchronized rotating magnetic fields responsive to the control signals, induces magnetic fields around a conductor in inductive rotors responsive to the rotating magnetic fields, and applies rotational forces between the rotating magnetic fields and the induced magnetic fields to a common shaft of the multiple motors. The common shaft sums the rotational forces and transmits the rotational forces to a drive wheel.

High slip variable frequency induction motors

A high slip variable frequency induction motor has a rotor including an elongate stacked lamination core having a length and diameter, a plurality of electrically conducting rotor bars extending through said core, each having a first end and a second end, and electrically conducting first and second end rings electrically connected to the first and second ends respectively of said rotor bars. An insulating material is disposed between said rotor bars and said core thereby to at least prevent parasitic current flow between the rotor bars and said core..
Eaton Limited

Method of production of grain-oriented silicon steel sheet grain oriented electrical steel sheet and use thereof

The present invention is directed at a method of production gain oriented fe—si steel sheet presenting an induction value at 800 a/m above 1.870 tesla and a core power loss lower than 1.3 w/kg at a specific magnetic induction of 1.7 tesla (t). The steel chemical composition comprises, in weight percentage: 2.8≦si≦4, 0.20≦cu≦0.6, 0.05≦mn≦0.4, 0.001≦al≦0.04, 0.025≦c≦0.05, 0.005≦n≦0.02, 0.005≦sn≦0.03, s≦0.015 and optionally ti, nb, v or b in a cumulated amount below 0.02, the following relationships being respected: mn/sn≦40, 2.0≦c/n≦5.0, al/n≦1.20, and the balance being fe and other inevitable impurities..
Arcelormittal Investigacion Y Desarrollo, S.l.

Antenna system for contactless microcircuit

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a microcircuit card, including steps of: forming a first antenna coil in a card, the first antenna coil having a part following the edge of the card, forming a module having a microcircuit and a second antenna coil around and connected to the microcircuit, and implanting the module into the card at a precise position in relation to the edge of the card, the first antenna coil being coupled by induction to the second antenna coil, the first antenna coil being pre-formed in such a way that only one part of the second antenna coil is at a distance from the first antenna coil of less than 5% of the width of the second antenna coil.. .
Inside Secure

Multi -axial induction borehole imager

Various systems and methods are disclosed for implementing and using a multi-axial induction borehole imaging tool that includes emitters that induce, at azimuthally-spaced positions on a borehole wall, a plurality of fields having components in three non-coplanar directions within a formation. The tool also includes directionally sensitive inductive sensors that sense the components caused by each of the one or more inductive emitters, and a downhole controller that processes signals received from the directionally sensitive inductive sensors to provide a set of measurements representative of an impedance tensor at each position..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Carbohydrate esters as inducers for gene expression

The invention provides novel carbohydrate esters, in particular disaccharide esters, and the methods of their preparation. These compounds find use as microbial media components for the induction of gene expression in microbial fermentation processes..
Sophoro Biotechnologies, Llc

Method for the induction and expansion of natural killer cells derived from peripheral blood mononuclear cells

The present invention relates to a method for inducing and expanding natural killer cells derived from peripheral blood mononuclear cells, which comprises co-culturing, as feeder cells, irradiated jurkat cells and irradiated epstein-barr virus transformed lymphocyte continuous line (ebv-lcl) cells in the presence of cytokines, along with peripheral blood mononuclear cells. According to the present invention, a large quantity of natural killer cells can be induced and proliferated from a small quantity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells even without the use of high-cost equipment or various kinds of expensive cytokines, thereby making it possible to significantly improve the efficiency and efficacy of the prevention and treatment of cancer using the natural killer cells..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

Melt gasifier system

A method to perform gasification in a gasification reactor is having a molten metal material disposed within a refractory lined vessel of the gasification reactor for converting a feed into product syngas by contacting feed into melt. A melt is formed by inductive melting by one or more induction coil apparatuses.

Formulations, methods, and remote triggering of frontally cured polymers

In some variations, the invention provides a curable adhesive formulation comprising a curable liquid precursor capable of frontal polymerization, wherein the liquid precursor comprises a monomer and a polymerization catalyst, and frontal-polymerization-triggering susceptors in contact with, or contained within, the liquid precursor. The susceptors may include conducting and/or magnetic solid particles capable of induction heating in the presence of a remotely applied electromagnetic field.
Hrl Laboratories, Llc

Planar electric generator

A planar electric generator using a magnetic levitation system includes an annular ferromagnetic guide rail and a rotary disk located above the annular ferromagnetic guide rail. The annular ferromagnetic guide rail includes an annular base and two annular wheel rails that protrude upward from the annular base and separated from each other.
Plane Flat Generator Development Co. Limited

Device and positioning by means of triangulation

A system includes a vehicle and an induction charging unit, where the induction charging unit includes a primary coil and the vehicle includes a secondary coil. During a charging operation in a charging position, electric power is inductively transmissible from the primary coil to the secondary coil, in the charging position, the secondary coil being situated in a preferred spatial position area with respect to the primary coil, such that, for setting the charging position, by means of electromagnetic distance and angle measuring, by triangulation, the system detects a location position which describes a time-dependent spatial position of the secondary coil with respect to the primary coil.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Writing instrument

A writing instrument 2 includes a pen tip mechanism 20, an ink tank 40, an ink induction mechanism 50, and a regulator mechanism 60. The ink tank 40 includes first and second ink tanks 40a and 40b.
V Spark Co., Ltd.

Electromagnetic stirring device

An electromagnetic stirring device of melted metallic materials inside a cooling chamber of a casting machine having a retaining body of induction coils that is a body composed of at least two reciprocally different portions.. .
Ergolines Lab S.r.l.

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