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 Induction hob and flexible support for an induction hob patent thumbnailInduction hob and flexible support for an induction hob
An induction hob has a hob plate, a plurality of induction heating coils which are arranged below the hob plate, and a plurality of sensor coils which are arranged below the hob plate and above the induction heating coils, and also temperature sensors. The sensor coils and the temperature sensors are arranged on a flexible support and electrical conductors make electrical contact with the sensor coils on the flexible support.
E.g.o. Elektro-geraetebau Gmbh

 Induction-powered camera patent thumbnailInduction-powered camera
The disclosure may relate to an induction-powered camera capable of being installed external to a building without any building alterations. The induction-powered camera may include a continuous power source.
Vivint, Inc.

 Systems, methods and devices for vector control of induction machines using artificial neural networks patent thumbnailSystems, methods and devices for vector control of induction machines using artificial neural networks
Described herein is a neural network-based vector control method for the induction motor. The disclosure includes an approach to implement optimal vector control for an induction motor by using an nn; a nn controller to substitute two decoupled proportional-integral (pi) controllers in current loop; and, a mechanism to train the nn controller by using a levenberg-marquardt (lm)+forward accumulation through time (fatt) algorithm..
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama

 Electric generator patent thumbnailElectric generator
An electric generator includes a magnetic flux generating unit that generates a magnetic flux, a rotation unit that rotates about a rotation axis, and an induction coil unit including a winding. The magnetic flux generating unit, the rotation unit, and the induction coil unit are arranged along the rotation axis.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Metallic magnetic material with controlled curie temperature and processes for preparing the same patent thumbnailMetallic magnetic material with controlled curie temperature and processes for preparing the same
The invention relates to a metallic magnetic material with biocompatible elements (ti, ta or mn), with glassy quasi-amorphous structure and controlled curie temperature, and the processes for preparing the same. The hereby material has its composition expressed in atomic percent: fe=59 .
Institutul National De Cercetare -dezvoltare Pentru Fizica Tehnica Isai

 Apparatus and system for smart seeding within cloud formations patent thumbnailApparatus and system for smart seeding within cloud formations
This invention consists of a unique apparatus and system consisting of devices, materials and methods specially engineered to perform high precision and smart cloud seeding by the dispersion of micro and nanoparticles of sodium chloride and similar chemistry compounds at specific locations with the purpose of rain induction and related applications. A safe and precise unmanned aerial vehicle uav device instrumented with portable thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, anemometer and 3d visual register will scrutinize these internal cloud climate parameters.

 Method for formation fracture characterization in highly inclined wells using multiaxial induction well logging instruments patent thumbnailMethod for formation fracture characterization in highly inclined wells using multiaxial induction well logging instruments
A method for characterizing fractures traversing a wellbore includes input to a computer multiaxial electromagnetic induction measurements corresponding to measurements made along two mutually orthogonal magnetic dipole moment axes perpendicular to an axis of the wellbore. The measurements correspond to at least one receiver spacing from a transmitter.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Methods and  controlling movement of receptacles patent thumbnailMethods and controlling movement of receptacles
Methods and apparatus for controlling the movement of portable receptacles within a materials handling facility are described. The materials handling facility utilizes at least one linear induction motor (lim) to move the portable receptacles having conductive elements from a first location to a second location within the facility.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Tip-up/dive-down type reclining seat for vehicle patent thumbnailTip-up/dive-down type reclining seat for vehicle
A vehicle seat is disclosed. The vehicle seat includes reclining lock mechanisms for releasably locking a seat back, a first releasing mechanism for unlocking the reclining lock mechanisms and causing the seat back to be brought to a condition where the seat back is allowed to be pivoted forward and rearward, the first releasing mechanism including a collapsible link bar member 70, a braking link 71 having a laterally projecting induction pin 72, a first link plate 73, and a first operating lever 7, a tipping-up lock mechanism for releasably locking a seat cushion, the tipping-up lock mechanism including cutout teeth 52a to 52c provided at the seat cushion, and a latch 80 and a cam member 81 which are supported to the seat back, and a second releasing mechanism for unlocking the tipping-up lock mechanism and causing the seat cushion to be brought to a condition where the seat cushion is allowed to be pivoted, the second releasing mechanism including a recess portion 80d formed in the latch 80 for allowing the cam member 81 to be swung up, a second link plate 82, and a second operating lever 8..
Ts Tech Co., Ltd.

 Arrangement of an induction coil on an underbody of a motor vehicle patent thumbnailArrangement of an induction coil on an underbody of a motor vehicle
An arrangement is provided for at least one induction coil for inductively charging an energy accumulator on an underbody of a motor vehicle. The induction coil is covered in the vertical direction of the vehicle, towards the base, at least partially by at least one cover element..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Detection/measurement of malaria infection disease utilizing natural immunity by hemozoin induction, screening of preventative or therapeutic medicine for malaria infection disease, and regulation of natural immunity induction

The instant invention is to provide a method for detecting and measuring malaria infection utilizing the induction by hemozoin (hz); a method for screening a vaccine for malaria infection and a preventative or therapeutic agent for malaria infection using the method for detecting and measuring; and a means for regulating the induction of innate immunity using the hz, synthetic hz, or derivatives thereof as an adjuvant or immunostimulant. Malaria infection is detected and measured of by detecting and measuring hz-induced, tlr9-mediated, and myd88-dependent innate immune activity.
Osaka University

Stress management in livestock

A method for minimising or preventing the induction of stress-related or stress-induced inappetance or inanition in an animal selected for a marketing or management practice.. .
Charles Sturt University

Treatment of multiple sclerosis by alemtuzumab induction followed by laquinimod therapy

This invention provides a method of treating a subject afflicted with multiple sclerosis (ms) or presenting clinically isolated syndrome (cis) which comprises a) administering to the subject an amount of an anti-cd52 antibody, followed by b) periodically administering to the subject an amount of laquinimod. This invention also provides packages comprising pharmaceutical compositions of laquinimod or an anti-cd52 antibody for treating such a subject wherein laquinimod is to be administered as a maintenance therapy in such a subject who has received an anti-cd52 antibody induction therapy..
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Non-invasive systems, devices, and methods for selective brain cooling

Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for providing selective and non-selective cooling and warming of a patient. Multiple embodiments of devices are disclosed for performing rapid induction and maintenance of therapeutic hypothermia either in a hospital setting or in the field so that hypothermic treatment can be quickly instituted before significant tissue damage occurs.
Neurosave, Inc.

Induction cooking appliance and its assembly

An induction cooking appliance comprises a bottom metal tray containing a printed circuit board and electronic components mounted thereon, and also a pair of polymeric support elements configured to be fastened to the metal tray and interposed between the tray and the printed circuit board in order to define a predetermined distance between the tray and the printed circuit board. The polymeric support elements may have an integral intermediate polymeric frame which provides a predetermined relative position thereof..
Whirlpool Corporation

Replacement modules for cooktops

An apparatus relates generally to a cooktop. In such an apparatus, an induction heating module has an electrical connector.

Line start permanent magnet motor

A downhole electric submersible pump, comprises at least one pump unit having a pump inlet, and an electric motor system to power the pump, the electric motor system comprising an induction motor and permanent magnet motor. The induction motor and permanent magnet motor share a common power supply, connected in series..
Coreteq Systems Ltd.

Enhanced formation evaluation using high-frequency dielectric and array induction tools

In some aspects, systems and methods are provided for determining formation properties using data from both a high-frequency dielectric tool (hfdt) and an array induction tool (ait). The system includes a controller in communication with at least one hfdt, at least one art (which may be a multi-component ait), and a processing unit.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Packaging device for rolling element bearings

The present invention relates to a packaging device for transportation and handling of a rolling element bearing that provides a base member, a cover member, and side members connected to the base member and to the cover member. The base member, cover member and side members form an enclosing space for accommodating the rolling bearing.
Aktiebolaget Skf

Multi-stage fresh air inlet system

A fresh air inlet system includes an inlet panel defining first windows and second windows, offset from the first windows. An inlet baffle is below the inlet panel and an outlet baffle is opposite the inlet panel from the inlet baffle.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Induction pcr

Methods, devices, and kits are provided for performing pcr and other thermal cycling reactions in <20 seconds per cycle, using induction heating.. .
University Of Utah Research Foundation

Use of microrna 146-a in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of picornavirus infection and microrna 146-a antagonists

The present invention found that host mirnas might be involved in picornavirus pathogenesis through suppression of type i ifns induction and could act as candidates for developing antiviral therapy. Thus, the invention suggests enterovirus-induced mir-146a facilitates viral pathogenesis by suppressing ifn production and provide a clue to develop the preventive and therapeutic strategies for enterovirus infections..
National Taiwan University

Method and composition for inducing chondrogenesis or tenogenesis in mesenchymal stem cells

The current invention concerns a cell medium for in vitro inducing chondrogenesis or tenogenesis in mesenchymal stem cells (mscs). The medium includes a glucose medium supplemented with at least one growth factor.
Global Stem Cell Technology

Generation of patient-specific differentiated cell types by epigenetic induction

Disclosure of a mammalian cytoplasmic donor cell line. Disclosure of a patient specific cell line.

Driver-free transport vehicle for the safe transportation of heavy loads

The invention relates to a driver-free transport vehicle and to a method for the safe transportation of heavy loads which are in the form of loaded carriages which can be moved on castors, said vehicle having the following characteristics: a) vehicle housing having a central lifting mandrel for receiving and transporting a carriage by means of a docking traverse, with two drive wheels arranged on both sides of the vehicle housing, and in the centre thereof, and at least one laser scanner system which is installed in the outer area of the vehicle housing; b) a drive motor for driving a hub spindle which presses, by means of a compression spring, the central lifting mandrel in a central opening of the docking traverse, and a system for supplying energy of the transport vehicle via inductive lines laid in the ground, by means of an induction current collector, is provided; c) an emergency stop system which comprises an emergency switch on the transport vehicle, the activation on the emergency stop switches triggering on each castor of the carriage, the simultaneous locking of a pressurized brake shoe.. .
Grenzebach Maschinenbau Gmbh

Device for controlling the pressure in a vehicle tyre

A device (10) is disclosed for providing air to a tyre which is mounted on a wheel rim which itself is free to rotate about a fixed, that is, non-rotatable axle 22. The device includes a pump (50, 52, 54, 62) which in use rotates with the tyre and which is configured to provide, when activated, air under pressure to the tyre.
Pressurerite (pty) Ltd

Method and folding slide device for folding a border of a decorative layer, folding device and use of induction receiver

In order to simplify a folding process and render it more precise the invention suggests a method for folding a border of a decorative layer about an edge of a carrier part, in which the border is at least partially folded about this edge via a folding slide, and in which a fixing means in the form of an adhesive that can be activated is used to fix the border of the decorative layer in the folded state at a carrier part, with the method being characterized in that an induction source is used for activating the adhesive, which generates electromagnetic alternating fields causing eddies in an induction receiver which are converted into thermal energy.. .
Kiefel Gmbh

Nickel plated zinc alloys for coinage

A lower melting point metal substrate such as zinc is covered with a higher melting point metal layer such as nickel. In order to render the nickel layer suitable for coining without cracking, it is quickly annealed with a burst of induction heat.
Jarden Zinc Products, Llc

Plasma installation with a separately transportable vessel

A plasma installation includes at least two separate components being a vessel for an object to be processed and a plasma unit having an electrical plasma source for igniting a plasma in the vessel. The plasma unit has no additional subassembly for other media so that the plasma unit can be constructed in a structurally particularly simple manner and readily operated.

Device and heating water in a machine for making and dispensing drinks

A device (1) for heating water in a machine for making and dispensing beverages, comprising at least one heating metallic duct (2) and a winding of electromagnetic induction (3). The device is part of a heating and feeding assembly wherein, by a logical unit, it is possible to carry out a method in which, for every beverage type the machine can dispense, the temperature of heated water is led to a specific temperature value that can be selected by the user..
Rheavendors Services S.p.a.

Induction heating head for melting and supplying metal material

An induction heating head for melting and supplying a metal material includes an induction heating coil electrically connected to a high-frequency power source, and a magnetic core configured to provide a path of a magnetic flux induced by the induction heating coil. The magnetic core is made of a magnetic material and is formed in a hollow cylinder shape.
Dawonsys Co., Ltd.

Induction cooker

The invention proposes an induction cooker (100), an induction cooking vessel (305) and an induction cooking arrangement (300) wherein in an advantageous manner an outside wall (210) of the induction cooking vessel (305) is prevented from being heated by induction cooking elements (230) by shielding it with a ring element (110) extending underneath the outside wall (210). In this manner, a sophisticated induction heater together with an induction cooking vessel is provided that save energy and have a long-term usability quality..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Terminal energy-saving method, terminal, and system

Embodiments of the present disclosure disclose a terminal energy-saving method, a terminal, and a system, and the terminal includes a wireless power module, a communications module, a data collection module, where the wireless power module includes an energy induction submodule and a power management submodule. The energy induction submodule is configured to generate electric energy by responding to excitation output by an external apparatus, the power management submodule is configured to input the electric energy generated by the energy induction submodule as excitation electric energy into the communications module, the communications module is configured to establish, driven by the excitation electric energy, a wireless connection with the external apparatus, and the communications module is further configured to read collected data from the data collection module and send the data to the external apparatus through the wireless connection..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Capacitive communication system and bluetooth pairing method

There is provided a capacitive communication system including an object and a capacitive touch panel. The object includes a plurality of induction conductors configured to have different potential distributions at different time intervals by modulating respective potentials thereof.
Pixart Imaging Inc.

Power system, power converter controlling apparatus, and electric vehicle having the power system

A controlling apparatus includes a storage unit for storing, for each sampling period, a combination of a primary frequency of connected induction motors and the amplitude of a voltage command value, and a gradient detection unit for calculating a value corresponding to an increase in the amplitude of the voltage command value divided by an increase in the primary frequency, and for outputting a failure signal upon determining, when a result of the division is less than a predetermined reference value, that the plurality of induction motors include at least one induction motor having a phase sequence that includes incorrect wiring with respect to the power converter.. .
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Electrostatic induction-type vibration power generation device and manufacturing the same

An electrostatic induction-type vibration power generation device for improving a power generation amount, and extracting an external electric field from a spontaneous polarization electret and method of manufacturing the same. A pair of conductive plates is disposed with a gap therebetween.
Tohoku University

Magnetic brake having reduced-notching hysteresis

A magnetic hysteresis brake includes a stator equipped with at least one control coil and a rotor mounted to be mobile facing poles of the stator, wherein the brake includes at least one magnet mounted on the stator facing the rotor and having a sufficient power to locally generate, in the rotor, a level of induction substantially equal to a maximum level of induction generated by the coil when the latter is powered.. .
Sagem Defense Securite

Display device and driving the same in two modes

A display device includes a display panel and a touch panel. The touch panel calculates coordinate information of an input position by an electrostatic capacitive method in a first mode and calculates the coordinate information of the input position by an electromagnetic induction method in a second mode.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Inductive touch screen, display panel and display apparatus

The present disclosure provides an inductive touch screen, a display panel and a display apparatus. The inductive touch screen includes a first electromagnetic induction layer including a plurality of first conductive lines arranged in a first direction; a second electromagnetic induction layer including a plurality of second conductive lines arranged in a second direction, and the second conductive lines being intersected with and isolated from the first conductive lines; a driver circuit connected to the first conductive lines and the second conductive lines and configured to alternately supply driving current to the first conductive lines and the second conductive lines to cause the first conductive lines or the second conductive lines to generate a magnetic fields; and a sensor circuit connected to the first conductive lines and the second conductive lines and configured to sense variation of currents in the first conductive lines or the second conductive lines..
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Optical image stabilizer with improved magnetic sensitivity

The present invention provides a lens driving device that is based on a voice coil actuator (vca) structure and provides the auto-focusing and optical image stabilization (ois) functions. According to the present invention, these two functions can be realized by a common magnet scheme, or a separate magnet scheme.
Tdk Taiwan Corp.

Sensor and foreign object detection in induction electric charger

The invention detects foreign objects fo near a primary coil 100 of an induction charger. A sensors 111 of a sensor array 110 output sensing signals in response to magnetically coupling the alternating magnetic field 103 produced by the primary coil.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

Inverter vector driving estimating capacitance using the same

The present invention relates to an inverter vector driving system and a method for estimating capacitance using the same. The present invention provides a method for estimating capacitance in an inverter vector driving system including a capacitor to which a rectified dc voltage of a three-phase power supply is charged, and a pwm inverter configured to transform the dc voltage into a three-phase ac voltage to be applied to a motor of an induction motor, including: operating the motor of the im in a regeneration mode; generating a d-axis voltage command and a q-axis voltage command for the motor; adjusting a pulse of the pwm inverter by using the d-axis voltage command and the q-axis voltage command; and estimating capacitance of the capacitor by using a dc-link voltage and a dc-link current that are generated at the capacitor due to the inclusion of the ac component..
Research Cooperation Foundation Of Yeungnam University

Intake device of engine

An intake device of an engine having cylinders is provided. The intake device includes a cylinder head formed with two intake ports per cylinder, and a forced induction system.
Mazda Motor Corporation

Process, method, and system for removing mercury from pipelines

Hydroprocessing facilities may operate for extended periods of time before detection of mercury in the inlet facilities, as mercury adsorbs onto the metallic pipelines used to transport the hydrocarbon fluids, e.g., gas, produced waters, from the wells to processing facilities (“flowlines”). Once the pipelines become “saturated” with mercury, mercury will breakthrough and be detected at the inlet facilities.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Tightening tool

A tightening tool such as a torque wrench is provided in which electric power can be fed to an electronic circuit with eliminating the need for a battery and achieving daily maintenance-free. In the tightening tool, when a tightening torque has reached a set torque value and a torque limiter is actuated, an electronic circuit unit that has obtained a detection signal outputted from a torque limiter actuation detection unit outputs a tightening completion signal.
Tohnichi Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Induction heating coil, and an manufacturing a worked member

An induction heating coil for stably heating a steel tube which is being fed in its axial direction without rotating, the heating being uniform in the circumferential direction and in a narrow range in the axial direction has at least two 1-turn coils in the form of a first turn coil body and a second turn coil body. The inner peripheral length ln (the non-effective coil length) where the effective number of coil turns is less than the total number of coil turns when the coil is projected in the axial direction and the inner peripheral length lo of the projected coil bodies (the inner coil length) satisfy ln/lo <0.05.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Soil remediation system

A system for bioremediating soil and groundwater contaminated with high substituted chlorinated hydrocarbons, such a trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene, by a strain of ralstonia eutropha with a non-cometabolic pathway for metabolizing chlorinated hydrocarbons, and does not require induction.. .

Pediatric induction of anesthesia

Disclosed is a mask-free system and method for inducing anesthesia in a pediatric patient. In a preferred embodiment, calming and then anesthetic gases are administered through a mouthpiece with a distraction device, such as an inflatable bag or balloon or an audible siren whistle.

Senescence and senescence associated secretory phenotype

The present invention relates to a method of treating or preventing dna damage in a cell or cellular senescence of a cell or induction of the senescence associated secretory phenotype (sasp) in a cell, or for treating or preventing the effects of aging, or for preventing or treating cellular senescence and/or induction of sasp associated with high caloric intake or obesity, or for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, corticoid treatment, anti-retroviral treatment, or pparγ agonist treatment, comprising administering an effective amount of an nad+ agonist.. .
Newsouth Innovation Pty Limited

Induction heating system

The present invention intends to run one induction heating apparatus using a three-phase ac power supply without use of a scott connection transformer while preventing an occurrence of a phase where no current flows. An induction heating system uses the three-phase ac power supply to run the induction heating apparatus including an induction heating coil, and has an intermediate apparatus including a coil that is wound on an iron core with an even number of turns, forming a closed magnetic circuit.
Tokuden Co., Ltd.

Portable terminal

A portable terminal includes an antenna, a communication unit, an n-bit counter, and a gain change unit. The communication unit has two modes of an active mode in which the communication unit itself outputs carrier waves and a passive mode in which carrier waves output from another device are used, and is configured to attempt communication through electromagnetic induction by using the antenna with switching between the two modes being alternately made and to communicate without switching between the modes while communication is established.
Kyocera Corporation

Methods of auto tuning machine parameters and systems thereof

In one example embodiment, a method includes determining a first adjustment value for a slip frequency of a rotor in an induction motor, determining a second adjustment value for an inductance of the induction motor and tuning the slip frequency of the rotor and the inductance of the induction motor based on the first adjustment value and the second adjustment value, respectively.. .

Power generating device and an object for utilizing the power generating device

The present invention provides a power generating device, comprising a first shell, a sensor module, a second shell, a magnetic module and a cover. The sensor module is disposed in the first hollow portion.

Unit current transformer device and magnetic induction power supplying device for linearly controlling output power by using the same

The present invention relates to a unit current transformer device and a magnetic induction power supplying device, and particularly to a magnetic induction power supply unit capable of linearly adjusting output power according to the number of unit current transformer devices configured to have a specific resonance frequency. To this end, the unit current transformer device includes a current transformer inducing secondary current from primary current flowing through a line in a magnetic induction manner and having a resonant frequency double or greater than that of the primary current, and a converting unit converting an output of the current transformer to dc power..
Tera Energy System Solution Co. Ltd

Linear induction generator using magnetic repulsion

An electrical generator, comprising: a stator having a coil and a lift magnet coupled by a lever to an induction magnet, the induction magnet moveable longitudinally within the coil, the lever configured to move the induction magnet a multiple of a distance that the lift magnet is moved; and, a rotor moveable with respect to the stator, the rotor having a rotor magnet, the rotor magnet and the lift magnet positioned with respective magnetic moments opposing; whereby movement of the rotor magnet toward the lift magnet causes the lift magnet to move away from the rotor magnet which in turn causes, by operation of the lever, the induction magnet to move within the coil to generate a first electromotive force therein.. .

Multiphase induction motor with flux weakening

An electrical induction motor may include a stator with a plurality of circumferentially spaced slots, and n windings installed in the slots and each configured to be connected between two current inputs from an inverter, with a phase angle difference between the two current inputs equal to h×180°/n, wherein h=a harmonic of a current drive waveform supplied by the inverter to the windings. Each of the n windings may be installed in the plurality of slots to form a top layer of winding and a bottom layer of winding, with a phase angle of the current flowing through the top layer of winding in each slot being aligned with a phase angle of current flowing through the bottom layer of winding at a first, higher harmonic, and out of alignment at a second, lower harmonic..
Caterpillar Inc.

Right angle coaxial cable and connector assembly and forming same

A method of induction soldering an inner conductor of a coaxial cable to an inner contact of a right angle coaxial connector includes: (a) providing a coaxial connector, the coaxial connector including an outer conductor body and an inner contact, the inner contact defining a mating axis, the inner contact further comprising a blind hole with an open end; (b) providing a coaxial cable, the coaxial cable including an inner conductor, a dielectric circumferentially surrounding the inner conductor, and an outer conductor circumferentially surrounding the dielectric; (c) inserting the coaxial cable into the coaxial connector such that an end of the inner conductor is positioned in the blind hole of the inner contact and perpendicular to the mating axis; and (d) heating the blind hole of the inner conductor to melt solder present in the blind hole to form a solder joint between the inner conductor and the inner contact.. .
Commscope Technologies Llc

Optical head-mounted display for controlling an implantable medical device and communication accessory attachable thereto

An optical head-mounted display (ohmd) for use as external controller for an implantable medical device (imd) is disclosed which includes an imd communication accessory with a usb connector coupleable to a usb port on the ohmd. The accessory includes a housing with a communication antenna and telemetry transceiver circuitry to allow for direct communications with the imd.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Multi-step borehole correction scheme for multi-component induction tools

Various resistivity logging tools, systems, and methods are disclosed. At least some system embodiments include a logging tool and at least one processor.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Rotating optical range finder

A rotating optical range finder includes a stationary base, a rotating base, an optical sensor, a transmitting circuit, a receiving circuit, a first induction coil, and a second induction coil. The rotating base s disposed on the stationary base.
Arima Lasers Corp.

Superheated steam generator

The present invention intends to highly accurately control a temperature of superheated steam at a high response speed, and provides a superheated steam generator that inductively heats a heating metal body in contact with steam using an induction coil, and thereby heats the steam in contact with the heating metal body to generate superheated steam. In addition, a frequency of an ac power supply connected to the induction coil is 50 hz or 60 hz, and a thickness between an induction coil side surface of the heating metal body facing toward the induction coil and a steam contact surface of the heating metal body in contact with the steam is 10 mm or less..
Tokuden Co., Ltd.

Superheated steam treatment apparatus

To provide a superheated steam treatment apparatus capable of efficiently treating an object by superheated steam containing a high concentration of hydroxyl radicals. The superheated steam treatment apparatus includes an induction heating unit 4 configured to generate superheated steam by induction heating saturated stream, a treatment chamber 5 configured to allow the superheated steam generated by the induction heating unit 4 to be introduced thereinto, and a discharge treatment unit 6 located in the treatment chamber 5 and configured to treat the introduced superheated steam by discharge.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Process for producing a multilayer pipe having a metallurgical bond by drawing, and multilayer pipe produced by this process

The invention relates to a process for producing a multilayer pipe (1) from a tubular element having a metallurgical bond comprising at least one outer pipe (10) of metallic material and one inner pipe (20) of metallic material arranged within the outer pipe, the inner surface of the outer pipe (10) being mechanically bonded to the outer surface of the inner pipe (20) at least in parts of their interface, in which, in a production line, the tubular element is simultaneously heated and drawn, wherein each portion of the tubular element is submitted to heating by induction and then to hot-drawing, wherein the tubular element is drawn with a mandrel located therein. Through this process, the existing mechanical connection between the pipes is trans- formed in a metallurgical connection.
Vallourec Tubos Do Brasil S.a.

Use of inductive sensing to control decoupler position and switchable mount performance

A mount assembly for vibration isolation or an engine includes a housing having first and second fluid chambers that are selectively connected through an elongated, first path, and a shorter, second path. A decoupler is received in the housing, and an inductive sensor assembly senses a position of the decoupler.
Cooper-standard Automotive Inc.

Aspirator motive flow control for vacuum generation and compressor bypass

Systems and methods are provided for engine systems including a first multiple tap aspirator with a motive inlet coupled to an intake upstream of an air induction system throttle and a mixed flow outlet coupled to an intake manifold, and a second multiple tap aspirator with a motive inlet coupled to the intake upstream of a main throttle and a mixed flow outlet coupled to the intake downstream of the air induction system throttle. During non-boost conditions, intake air may be selectably diverted around a compressor and through the first and/or second aspirator based on desired vacuum generation.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Inhibition of pulmonary fibrosis with nutlin-3a and peptides

In fibrotic lung fibroblasts, basal levels of p53 protein (and mir-34a) are markedly suppressed, leading to reduced p53-mediated inhibition of upa and upar, or concurrent induction of pai-1. These changes contribute to excessive fl-fibroblast proliferation and production of extracellular matrix (ecm), and, therefore, pulmonary fibrosis.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Induction-coupled plasma synthesis of boron nitrade nanotubes

Described herein are processes and apparatus for the large-scale synthesis of boron nitride nanotubes (bnnts) by induction-coupled plasma (icp). A boron-containing feedstock may be heated by icp in the presence of nitrogen gas at an elevated pressure, to form vaporized boron.
Bnnt, Llc

Casting and molding equipment and manufacturing amorphous alloy structural unit

A casting and molding equipment for producing an amorphous alloy structural unit, including an injection system, an alloy melting system, a material feeding system, a mold system, a vacuum system, and a protective gas supply system. The injection system includes an injection tube, an injection mechanism, and a plunger rod; the plunger rod is adapted to move along an inner wall of the injection tube, and the injection mechanism is configured to control a moving direction and moving speed of the plunger rod.
Dongguan Eontec Co., Ltd.

Spraying device for quickly forming gas hydrates

A spraying device for quickly forming gas hydrates, includes a stable gas supply system, a saturated solution preparation system, a gas-liquid mixed sprayer, a temperature control system and a data collecting and processing system. Pressure atomization is achieved at a high atomization speed and the atomized fog drops are uniformly distributed within a scale range of 5-10 microns to form a gas-in-water contact mode, so as to effectively increase a gas-water contact superficial area and significantly shorten the induction time of forming the gas hydrates.
Guangzhou Institute Of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Functionalized microgels with fibrin binding elements

Ultra-low crosslinked microgels made of an ultra-low crosslinked polymer are provided. The microgels, also referred to as platelet-like particles (plps), preferably have <0.5% crosslinking densities.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Adjuvant composition, vaccine composition containing the same, and producing both of them

An adjuvant composition includes a ph-sensitive carrier and a substance with stimulus to activate innate immune system. The adjuvant composition serves as a carrier which is highly safe and capable of efficient induction of ctl..
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Methods of preventing platelet alloimmunization and alloimmune platelet refractoriness and induction of tolerance in transfused recipients

Methods and compositions for the prevention or reduction of platelet transfusion associated complications are provided. Methods are provided to modify donor whole blood or platelets prior to transfusion to prevent or reduce alloimmune platelet refractoriness..

Inhibition of a lncrna for treatment of melanoma

This disclosure relates to the field of cancer, particularly the field of melanoma. It was found that a particular long non-coding rna (lncrna) is specifically up-regulated in melanoma (but not other tumor) cells as compared to melanocytes.
Universiteit Gent

Composition for preventing or treating bacterial infectious disease comprising phospholipase d2 inhibitor

Since the pld2 inhibitor according to the present invention exhibits characteristics such as blocking of lung inflammation and liver inflammation, bactericidal activity through induction of net production, effective maintenance of neutrophil mobility through the blocking of intracellular cxcr2 migration, and blocking of the production of inflammatory cytokines in bacterial infectious disease models, particularly, sepsis models, it is expected to be used as a therapeutic agent for sepsis or septic shock.. .

Use of stabilized granules containing glyceryl trinitrate for arteriogenesis

The present invention inter alia relates to a method of treating or preventing an arterial insufficiency, where an no donor is administered in an intermitting manner to a subject in an amount of effective for the induction of arteriogenesis, and wherein the no donor is a solid pharmaceutical preparation with the active substance glyceryl trinitrate for oromucosal or oral administration characterized in that it contains between 0.05 and 2 weight % glyceryl trinitrate (gtn), at least one diluent, one carrier material, and at least one substance that reduces the volatility of gtn, whereby this substance is a non-volatile ester stabilizer whose melting point is not higher than 60° c.. .
G. Pohl-boskamp Gmbh & Co. Kg

Self-centering phakic refractive lenses with parachute design

An improved self-centering phakic refractive lens is disclosed. The lens floats freely in the posterior chamber of the eye and corrects vision of the patient but also prevents buildup of intraocular pressure, cataract induction and iris pigment dispersion.
Medennium, Inc.

Self-centering phakic refractive lenses with parachute design

An improved self-centering phakic refractive lens is disclosed. The lens floats freely in the posterior chamber of the eye and corrects vision of the patient but also prevents buildup of intraocular pressure, cataract induction and iris pigment dispersion.
Medennium, Inc.

Heat-generating sheet for ih cooking heaters and heat-cooking set for ih cooking heaters

A heat-generating sheet (1) for ih cooking heaters composed of a laminate sheet including a conductive layer (3) and a dielectric layer (5). The laminate sheet has a bottom section (10) and a peripheral side wall section (13) and can be folded into the shape of a container a having the conductive layer on the inner side; a plurality of first cutlines (7) are formed at intervals in the peripheral direction in the conductive layer corresponding to the peripheral side wall section of the container a formed by folding and reduce or cut off the induction of an eddy current produced by the induction heating of an ih cooking heater, and a reinforcing ring (20) made of a dielectric material is fixed to the dielectric layer corresponding to the periphery of the bottom section of the container a and keeps the shape of the container a..
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Inductively coupled plasma generating device and inductively coupled plasma analysis device

An inductively coupled plasma generating device is configured to include a plasma torch, a high frequency induction coil and a high frequency power source. In addition, a heat transfer member, in which a first terminal is connected to the high frequency induction coil and a second terminal is connected to a cooling block, is disposed in the inductively coupled plasma generating device.
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch

A microcontroller based multifunctional electronic switch using a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.

Inverter for supplying load-adaptive boost voltage

An inverter which supplies a load-adaptive boost voltage and drives an induction motor includes a reference voltage determining unit configured to determine a reference voltage according to a reference frequency on the basis of a predetermined a relationship between a voltage and a frequency, an inverter unit configured to drive the induction motor according to the reference voltage, and an automatic torque boost voltage calculation unit configured to determine an automatic torque boost voltage value according to a magnitude of an output current from the inverter to the induction motor, wherein the reference voltage determining unit adds a preset manual boost voltage value and an automatic torque boost voltage value to the reference voltage and outputs the resultant voltage value as a final reference voltage.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method

A substrate processing apparatus includes a processing liquid nozzle that includes a nozzle pipe within which a processing liquid flow path is defined and a discharge port to which the processing liquid flow path is opened, a processing liquid holding unit that holds the processing liquid while maintaining the processing liquid at a predetermined high temperature higher than a room temperature, a processing liquid pipe that is connected to the processing liquid holding unit and the processing liquid nozzle and that guides the processing liquid held by the processing liquid holding unit to the processing liquid nozzle and an induction heating unit that heats, by induction heating, a heating target part which is provided in at least a part of a processing liquid distribution pipe including the processing liquid pipe and the nozzle pipe and which includes a magnetic inductive member material and/or a carbon material.. .
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Device for protecting against overcurrents in electric circuits and uses of said device in a fuse link and in a related limiting fuse as well as in fuses for protecting semiconductors

An overcurrent protection device comprises a current input terminal; a central terminal for output of current overshoots; and a terminal for output of non-impulse currents connected to a voltage of the central terminal. An electrical conductor element is connected between the input and output terminals at a reduced self-induction when operating without current overshoots.
Indelcon 2007 S.l.

Stationary induction electric making the same

There is provided a stationary induction electric apparatus including a core; a disk winding wound around the core; and a tank having the core and the disk winding inside. The disk winding is configured by stacking a plurality of pancake windings wound to pile in the radius direction of the core and connecting ends of the plurality of pancake windings to each other..
Hitachi, Ltd.

High directionality galvanic and induction well logging tools with metamaterial focusing

Metamaterials are used in well logging measurement tools to provide high directionality galvanic and induction tools having metamaterial focusing. Using metamaterial lenses, currents injected by galvanic tools can be focused in both axial and azimuthal directions.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Magnetic sensor

The present invention relates to a magnetic sensor which can detect a weak magenetic field and improve the detection precision with an easy and convenient configuration. A magnetic sensor is provided with a magnetic body changing the direction of a magnetic field input to a magnetoresistance effect element in the vicinity of the magnetoresistance effect element in which the resistance value changes according to the direction of the input magnetic field, the magnetic body has at leas one projection portion in the direction almost parallel to direction in which the magnetic induction occurs in the magnetoresistance effect element.
Tdk Corporation

Fault detection and diagnosis in an induction motor

A method of detecting rotor and/or stator side faults in an induction motor. Signals indicative of three-phase stator currents of the induction motor are acquired (10) and converted (16) into three-phase current phasors.
Rolls-royce Plc

Fault detection in induction motors based on current signature analysis

A method detects faults during a steady state of an operation of an induction motor. The method measures, in a time domain, a signal of a current powering the induction motor with a fundamental frequency and determines, in a frequency domain, a set of frequencies with non-zero amplitudes, such that a reconstructed signal formed by the set of frequencies with non-zero amplitudes approximates the signal measured in the time domain.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

Downhole induction heater for oil and gas wells

Described herein are methods and system that use electromagnetic heating to heat wellbores and the fluids therein. The heating is achieved by placing one or more permanent magnets in the wellbore and moving a metallic component and/or the one or more permanent magnets relative to each other.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas Sy

Screw conveyor made of alloyed steel and tempered by electromagnetic induction or exposure to a flame

A helicoid conveyor screw manufactured from alloy steel and tempered by electromagnetic induction or flame used to convey abrasive granular products in the process of screw rotation under high friction and wear. Its inventive principle is related to the method for obtaining it by alloying steel with the chemical element boron (b) and heat treating it, which results in greater hardness and durability of the flight..

Rosin esters and compositions thereof

Rosin esters are provided. The rosin esters can exhibit improved color (e.g., the rosin ester can have a neat gardner color of 4 or less), improved oxidative stability (e.g., when 1000 ppm or less of an antioxidant is present in combination with the rosin ester, the rosin ester can exhibit an oxidative-induction time at 130° c.
Arizona Chemical Company, Llc

Substrate coated with a noise-optimized glass-based coating and producing such a coating

Substrates of glass or glass ceramic are disclosed which are coated with decorations, also methods for preparing such coatings are disclosed, wherein the decorations are optimized with respect to their acoustic characteristics in such a way that in particular when displacing cookware on induction cooking surfaces the subjective noise feeling is minimized, as possible.. .
Schott Ag

Induction molded components and induction forming components for mold parting line minimization

There is a molding assembly that comprises a jaw holding assembly having a base member that is joined to a workpiece locating member. The workpiece locating member is joined to a riser member, and a rail is mounted on the riser member and a carriage is supported on the rail.
Harmac Medical Products, Inc.

Apparatus and separating materials of various type

A method for separating materials of various type having different softening temperature values, includes pouring a mixture of flakes and fragments of materials on a movable receiving and conveying device in a uniformly distributed manner and advancing it along a first portion of path; actuating an electromagnetic inductor to heat an outer metal surface by electromagnetic induction, which surface is included in the movable receiving and conveying device to achieve a first lower softening temperature corresponding to a first material of the mixture; subjecting the mixture to a separating action during which a first fraction, remains stuck to the outer metal surface, whereas a remaining second fraction of materials having higher softening temperatures than the first softening temperature freely slips by gravity towards a lower receiving zone.. .
Previero N. S.r.l.

Device for aggregate processing

The present invention relates to a device for processing an aggregate material, the device comprising a hopper to receive an aggregate material and a conveyor tube with a proximal end adapted to receive the aggregate material from a hopper. The conveyor tube is further connected to multiple induction jets supplying pressurized water received from a water pump to form a slurry mix of aggregate material.

Device for processing fracturing sand from aggregate

The present invention relates to a device for processing an aggregate material into fracturing sand, the device comprising: a screen box comprising an upper compartment adapted to receive an aggregate material from a hydro tube device; a plurality of induction jets connected to the steel box for supplying pressurized water, via spray nozzle heads, to wash the aggregate material through a series of grading screens. The device further comprises a lower compartment to receive a washed aggregate from the upper compartment, and comprises a plurality of screen panels with a predefined size for screening out particles of predetermined size to a sand screw via a 12 inch pipe for receiving a finished cut fracturing sand and washing down the rest of the particles larger than the predetermined size to a conveyor and disposed as waste via a hopper connected to the conveyor..

Stable subcutaneous protein formulations and uses thereof

The present invention relates generally to stable formulations comprising ctla4ig molecules, including lyophilized, and liquid formulations for administration via various routes including, for example, routes such as intravenous (iv) and subcutaneous (sc) for treating immune system diseases and tolerance induction.. .
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

High-frequency induction melting furnace

Provided is a high-frequency induction melting furnace which decreases a loss along a total length of a coil, so that a heating efficiency can further be improved. An energization coil 3 is wound around an outer periphery of a melting chamber 2 so that tube body spaces a, b of both end portion regions h, l having predetermined numbers of turns from feeding terminals 33, 34, respectively, are larger than a tube body space c of an central portion region s positioned between the both end portion regions h and l.
Kitashiba Electric Co., Ltd.

Cooling assembly for an induction hob

A cooling system for an induction-based cooking hob includes a first heat-generating device having a first heat sink coupled therewith and having a plurality of free ends extending away from the first heat generating device along a plane and a first induction coil positioned adjacent the heat sink. The cooling system further includes a blower module defining a cooling air path extending in a first direction substantially perpendicular to the plane.
Whirlpool Corporation

Joining device and joining method

A joining device for connecting a metal member and a resign member with a metal fastener including a penetrating tip comprises: a cylindrical nosepiece; a high frequency electromagnetic induction coil around the nosepiece; an electrode punch for pressing the fastener into the resign member; a electronic chopper for producing a high frequency current; a high frequency power supply for supplying an induction current to the induction coil; a welding power supply for supplying a welding current between the electrode punch and the metal member; a contact detector for sensing when the fastener tip touches the metal member; and a switching unit for automatically switching from the induction current to the welding current when the contact detector senses that the tip has contacted the metal member.. .
Newfrey Llc

Induction hob device

An induction hob device includes at least one induction heating element adapted to heat a cooking utensil, and at least one detection circuit which cooperates with the at least one induction heating element to detect a presence of the cooking utensil. The at least one detection circuit is hereby directly connected to the at least one induction heating element irrespective of an operating state..
Bsh HausgerÄte Gmbh

Induction heating system

The present invention intends to reduce unbalance among phase currents without use of a scott connection transformer. The present invention is an induction heating system adapted to use a three-phase ac power source to operate a first induction heating apparatus including a first induction coil and a second induction heating apparatus including a second induction coil.
Tokuden Co., Ltd.

Bluetooth headset system having automatic induction and control functions and control method thereof

A bluetooth headset system having automatic induction and control functions and a control method thereof are disclosed in present invention. The bluetooth headset system includes a bluetooth module, a power amplifier module, a body induction module, a control module, a battery module and an automatic playing module.
Ntl Manufacturing (shenzhen) Limited

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