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Induction patents

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Mitsubishi Electric

Power conversion device and method for diagnosing failure thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 Induction device and electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Induction device and electronic device
An induction device includes a frame, a first conductive assembly, and a sliding assembly. The frame is configured to be secured to a rack.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Induction heating apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Induction heating apparatus
An induction heating apparatus includes: a core that has a pair of magnetic poles and transfers magnetic flux; a coil generating magnetic flux; conductors adjacently provided on both left and right sides of the magnetic poles; and lateral magnetic members formed of a magnetic material and arranged on an outer side of end portions of the object so as to extend along the end portions. The conductors shut off the magnetic flux that flows from a center portion of the heating object, taking a detour to the end portions, permit the magnetic flux to concentrate on the center portion, and accelerate temperature rise.
Denso Corporation

 Method and a control unit for controlling a cooking process on an induction cooking hob patent thumbnailnew patent Method and a control unit for controlling a cooking process on an induction cooking hob
A method for controlling a cooking process on an induction cooking hob (10). The method includes setting a temperature value or parameter value corresponding with the temperature by a user.
Electrolux Home Products Corporaton N.v.

 Direct digital audio adapter for hearing aids patent thumbnailnew patent Direct digital audio adapter for hearing aids
An apparatus for sending a second digital audio signal to a hearing aid and has a power supply and an induction loop for sending an alternating magnetic field. The apparatus also has a controller which is galvanically, capacitively or inductively connected to the induction loop.
Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd

 Power conversion device and  diagnosing failure thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Power conversion device and diagnosing failure thereof
Provided is a power conversion device, including a fault determination unit (11) for determining, based on phase voltages of a polyphase dynamo-electric machine (4) detected by phase voltage detection units (10), a power, earth, or open fault of armature windings of the polyphase dynamo-electric machine (4). The fault determination unit (11) determines, in a state that all power semiconductor switching elements (2) are in an off state and no induction voltage is generated in the armature windings of the polyphase dynamo-electric machine (4), the power fault when all the phase voltages are substantially equal to an anode potential of a dc power supply (3), the earth fault when all the phase voltages are substantially equal to a cathode potential of the dc power supply (3), and the open fault when all the phase voltages are not substantially the same potential..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Induction current sampling device and  bridgeless pfc circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Induction current sampling device and bridgeless pfc circuit
Disclosed are an induction current sampling device and method for a bridgeless pfc circuit. The device includes a first sampling unit, a second sampling circuit and a third sampling circuit, wherein the first sampling unit, connected in serial with a first switch transistor of the bridgeless pfc circuit, is configured to sample a current flowing through the first switch transistor to acquire a first sampling signal v1; the the second sampling unit, connected in serial with a second switch transistor of the bridgeless pfc circuit, is configured to sample a current flowing through the second switch transistor to acquire a second sampling signal v2; and the third sampling unit, with one terminal connected with a ground of the bridgeless pfc circuit and the other terminal connected with a negative output of a pfc capacitor of the bridgeless pfc circuit, is configured to sample a current flowing through a boost diode of the bridgeless pfc circuit to acquire a third sampling signal v3..
Zte Corporation

 Induction motor with transverse liquid cooled rotor and stator patent thumbnailnew patent Induction motor with transverse liquid cooled rotor and stator
An electric machine with fluid cooling. The electric machine includes a stator, the stator having a stator winding and a stator core having a plurality of stacked magnetic laminations, each of the laminations of the stator core having a plurality of apertures overlapping to form a plurality of stator fluid channels, a stator fluid channel of the plurality of stator fluid channels being not entirely axial.
Prippel Technologies, Llc

 Temperature management for inductive charging systems patent thumbnailnew patent Temperature management for inductive charging systems
A thermal management system for an electromagnetic induction-power transfer system. The system may include a charging apparatus including a housing that defines an interface surface.
Apple Inc.

 Leakage detection protection circuit with function of regular self-examination of separate elements patent thumbnailnew patent Leakage detection protection circuit with function of regular self-examination of separate elements
A leakage detection protection circuit with function of regular self-examination of separate elements comprises a power input port, a power user port, a power output port, a reset button, main loop switches, dual induction coils, a tripping coil, a silicon controlled rectifier, a control chip, and a regular self-examination circuit. The regular self-examination circuit includes a self-examination chip and a second silicon controlled rectifier.
Wenzhou Van-sheen Electric Appliance Co. Ltd.

 Plasma generator (variants) patent thumbnailnew patent Plasma generator (variants)
The invention relates to devices intended for treatment of materials in gas discharge plasma of low temperature, namely the induction plasma generator, placed inside the process volume (working chamber). The technical problem to be solved by the proposed invention is to increase the efficiency of the device; to improve the reliability of the device, increase purity of plasma environment and increase density of plasma generated; increase the life of device; reduce the level of noise; reduce the size of the device..

new patent

Electromagnetic-type touch substrate and electromagnetic-type touch display apparatus

An electromagnetic-type touch substrate is disclosed. The electromagnetic-type touch substrate includes a substrate having a display region and a non-display region, and a first conductive layer formed on a first side of the substrate, where the first conductive layer includes a plurality of first electromagnetic induction coils forming loops extending in a first direction.
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Electromagnetic-type touch panel, driving and detecting electromagnetic-type touch panel, and coordinate input device

An touch panel detecting a touch position of an electromagnetic stylus is disclosed. The touch panel includes first and second coils, and drive and detection circuits.
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Induction furnace and system for locating a ground fault therein

A method and an apparatus for detecting a ground fault in an induction furnace as well as an induction furnace are described. When a ground fault is detected by means of the ground-fault detector the ground fault is localized.
Abp Induction Systems Gmbh

new patent

Method for evaluating effect of cytokine on metabolic activity of cytochrome p450, and drug screening method

Provided is a technique that uses an established hepatocyte cell line in a method for evaluating an effect of a cytokine on a metabolic activity of a cytochrome p450 and in a method for evaluating a drug which interacts with a cytokine. The method for evaluating an effect of a cytokine on a metabolic activity of a cytochrome p450 includes: culturing an established hepatocyte cell line by using a culture chamber (10) including culture rooms (11), to thereby form spheroids (9); and evaluating the presence or absence of induction or attenuation of the cytochrome p450 after bringing a spheroid-shaped established hepatocyte cell line into contact with a test solution containing the cytokine in the culture chamber for one hour or more and less than 96 hours..
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

new patent

Method and system for in vitro developmental toxicity testing

A method and system of in vitro developmental toxicity testing comprising the steps of micropatterning an extracellular matrix; growing embryonic stem cells on the micropatterned extracellular matrix in the presence of mesoendermal induction and testing for change of the geometrical mesoendoderm structure in the presence or absence of a test compound wherein (1) a decrease in mesoendodermal differentiation and/or (2) a change in morphology of the geometrical mesoendoderm structure in the presence of the test compound compared to cells in the absence of the test compound indicates that the test compound is a developmental toxic agent.. .
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

new patent

Vertical flow meter equipped

A vertical flow meter comprises a vertical barrel, an adjustment mechanism and an induction mechanism. The vertical barrel has a flow passage inside to house a vertical rod and a magnetic element coupling on the vertical rod.

new patent

Glass plate for induction cooking device

The subject matter of the invention is a reinforced glass plate for an induction cooking device, the chemical composition of which comprises the following colorants, in a content which varies within the weight limits defined hereinafter: fe2o3 (total iron): 0.8% to 1.8%, coo: 0.02% to 0.06%, se: 0 to 0.005%, cr2o3: 0 to 0.1%. The invention is also directed towards an induction cooking device comprising at least one inductor placed under such a glass plate..
Eurokera S.n.c.

new patent

Method of and system for handling early baggage in an airport

In order, e.g., to prevent high fluctuations in capacity requirements at various positions in a baggage handling system in an airport there is disclosed an automated airport baggage handling system 222 comprising an induction for loading a piece of baggage onto a baggage tote 402 of the airport baggage handling system, and a discharge 306 for unloading baggage from the baggage tote. The system further includes one or more baggage storage units 308, each being provided as a lift configured for storing a plurality of loaded baggage totes above each other, and where the plurality of totes are stored in-line with a conveyor line 404 used for transporting the baggage totes to and from the one or more baggage storage units 308..
Crisplant A/s

new patent

Contactless charging system for charging a motor vehicle battery

A contactless charging system for charging a motor vehicle battery, including a primary induction circuit outside the motor vehicle powered by an electric power network, a secondary induction circuit installed on the motor vehicle and coupled to the battery via a rectifier bridge, a controlled switch mechanism configured to put the secondary induction circuit into short circuit without putting the battery into short circuit when there is an electrical malfunction on board the motor vehicle, and a controller configured to cut off power to the primary induction circuit when detecting a short circuit in the secondary induction circuit.. .
Renault S.a.s

new patent

Electric damper mechanism

An electric damper assembly includes a damper having a rotor and a stator which connect a first component and a second component movable relative thereto, excitation windings, and induction windings, wherein a rotation of the rotor in relation to the stator causes a rotation of the excitation windings relative to induction windings, thereby inducing an induction voltage in the induction windings. A sensor detects the movement of the first component relative to the second component.
Audi Ag

new patent

Clean cell environment roll-over electric induction casting furnace system

A clean cell environment for a continuous roll-over electric induction batch casting furnace system is provided where each combination of batch charge, for example an ingot, induction melting (ingot-melt) process and mold-pour process are performed in a clean cell environment and each combination ingot-melt and mold-pour process is traceable as to the identity of the specific ingot, or other charge form (composition) and the mold (fabrication identifier).. .
Inductotherm Corp.

new patent

Method for blow molding metal containers

A method is disclosed for pressure forming a metal preform including shock annealing of the preform and subsequently preheating the preform prior to pressure forming. Shock annealing may be carried out as differential shock annealing in which different regions of the preform are annealed to different degrees.

new patent

Emission control in rich burn natural gas engines

A passive mid bed air injection apparatus for an engine includes a three way catalyst positioned in an exhaust stream of the engine. The three way catalyst reduces nox, co and hc from the exhaust stream.
General Electric Company

new patent

Halogenated diarylacetylenes and methods of treating cancer

Halogenated diarylacetylenes, e.g., diarylacetylenes having at least one halo substituent in one aryl ring and an amine in the opposing aryl ring, can inhibit the proliferation of ls174t colon cancer cells through the inhibition of c-myc and induction of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor-1 (i.e., p21(wif1/cip1)). Such compounds are useful as antineoplastic agents..
University Of Kentucky Research Foundation

new patent

Three-dimensional body

A method is described comprising the steps of providing a first and a second medical technology representation of a jaw, recording an anatomically stable right-hand direction point a, a′ (1, 4), an anatomically stable left-hand direction point b, b′ (2, 5), and an anatomically stable induction point c, c′ (3, 6) in a palatinal position in the front tooth area or in a labial position of the upper and lower jaw in the first and second representation, and forming a geometric body with a first area (7) between the points a (1), b (2) and c′ (6) and a second area (8) between the points a′ (4), b′ (5) and c (3) in the first and second representation, and the setting in relation to each other of the first and second representation, whereby the first geometric body and the second geometric body act as a joint reference.. .
Tridenta Dentaltechnik Gmbh

new patent

Devices and methods for detection of slippage of magnetic coupling in implantable medical devices

A device for the detection of slippage of magnetic coupling between an implanted medical device having a magnet and an externally applied magnetic field includes at least one external magnet configured to apply the externally applied magnetic field, an induction coil disposed external to the subject and between the at least one external magnet and the implanted medical device, and a detection circuit operatively coupled to the induction coil and configured to detect slippage between the rotational orientation of the magnet of the implanted device and the externally applied magnetic field based at least in part on the varying frequency components of the voltage waveform across the induction coil.. .
Ellipse Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Three dimensional induction rethermalizing stations and control systems

A rethermalizing station includes a well defined by a side wall, a food pan configured to be inserted into the well and to hold a food item, a first induction coil surrounding the side wall of the well, the first induction coil configured to warm the food item via inductive heating of the food pan, a first temperature sensor configured to detect a temperature of the food pan, and a control unit coupled to the first induction coil and the first temperature sensor, the control unit configured to control the first induction coil in response to the temperature of the food pan detected by the first temperature sensor such that temperature of the food pan is maintained at a targeted temperature.. .
The Vollrath Company, L.l.c.


Noise suppression device

A noise suppression device includes a housing having a chamber, a tube mounted in the chamber of the housing, a mineral layer mounted in the chamber of the housing, an absorbing layer mounted in the tube, a cylinder mounted in the absorbing layer, and a cover mounted on an opened end of the housing to close the housing. Thus, the noise suppression device has an excellent grounding effect by provision of the cylinder which is made of copper, so that when the noise suppression device is connected with the sound, the sound is grounded and can release the induced charges produced by various radiation and electromagnetic induction.


Double-sided flat inductor assembly

A double-sided flat inductor assembly is provided for simultaneous induction heating of two separate workpieces positioned on opposing sides of the double-sided flat inductor assembly. A double-sided flat inductor extraction assembly is provided for rapid removal of the inductor assembly after completion of the simultaneous induction heating of the two separate workpieces eliminating a necessity of using flexible electrical cables and allowing improved performance of an induction system including increased reliability..
Inductoheat, Inc.


Multi-driver transducer having symmetrical magnetic circuit and symmetrical coil circuit

A multi-driver transducer having symmetrical magnetic circuits and symmetrical coil circuits, wherein one or more pieces of circular or annular partitions made of a non-magnetic material are used to bond two or more sets of dual magnetic gap and dual coil driver units (01 or 02) into one integrated magnetic core. Four or more coaxial isodiametric annular magnetic gaps are formed between the inner circumferential face or outer circumferential face of one or two tubular magnetic yokes embedded in an open-end tubular thin wall of the bracket and the vertical circumferential face of an upper pole plate and a lower pole plate of the magnetic core, four or more coaxial and isodiametric coils are inserted in the four or more coaxial and isodiametric annular magnetic gaps, and the winding direction, connection manner, and necessary technical features of the coils are governed; thus, the multi-driver transducer having one or more pairs of mutually-repelling magnets, symmetrical magnetic circuits, and symmetrical coil circuits is constituted.


System and frequency protection in wireless charging

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatuses for controlling wireless charging between a first entity and a second entity. For example, the apparatus may include a receiver communication circuit of the first entity configured to receive a current from a second entity via electromagnetic induction during the charging or alignment with the second entity.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Signal modulation method and signal rectification and modulation device

A signal modulation method for a receiving-end module of an induction type power supply system includes configuring a plurality of modulation periods corresponding to a modulation signal; performing modulation on a first terminal of an induction coil of the receiving-end module during the ith modulation period among the plurality of modulation periods, wherein i is an odd number; and performing modulation on a second terminal of the induction coil of the receiving-end module during the jth modulation period among the plurality of modulation periods, wherein j is an even number; wherein the second terminal does not undergo modulation when the first terminal is being modulated, and the first terminal does not undergo modulation when the second terminal is being modulated.. .
Fu Da Tong Technology Co., Ltd.


Electronic device and operation method thereof

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a first antenna part configured to exchange a first wireless signal with a coordinate sensing sensor of a second electronic device by electromagnetic induction, and a second antenna part configured to exchange a second wireless signal with a data communication antenna of the second electronic device by electromagnetic induction..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Fixing device

A fixing device includes: first and second rotatable members configured to heat-fix, at a nip therebetween, a toner image formed on a sheet by using a toner containing a parting agent; a heating portion, provided opposed to an outer surface of the first rotatable member, configured to heat the first rotatable member through electromagnetic induction heating; a holding portion configured to hold the heating portion; and a suppressing portion configured to suppress air flow in a space between the first rotatable member and the holding portion, wherein the suppressing portion is extended from the holding portion toward the first rotatable member and is provided so that a free end portion thereof is in a position of 0.5 mm or more and 3.5 mm or less from the outer surface of the first rotatable member.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Fixing device

A fixing device includes: first and second rotatable members configured to heat-fix, at a nip therebetween, a toner image formed on a sheet by using a toner containing a parting agent; a heating portion, provided opposed to an outer surface of the first rotatable member, configured to heat the first rotatable member through electromagnetic induction heating; a holding portion configured to hold the heating portion; and an extended portion configured to be extended from the holding portion so as to close a gap between itself and the first rotatable member.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Lens driving device

The present invention aims to provide a lens driving device which can prevent a lens support from being suspended in an inclined state and can correspond to energizing amount and carry out appropriate linear movement action. A front side primary coil and a rear side primary coil are respectively wound around an axis parallel to an optical axis in a manner of being coaxial to a secondary coil and are combined with each other through electromagnetic induction.
Huizhou Daya Bay Jss Optical Technology.co., Ltd.


Calibrated electromagnetic survey system

An airborne electromagnetic survey system that determines a calibration factor for its receiver system by combining low frequency sensitivity for its magnetic induction sensors, with measurements of high frequency response obtained using calibration loops. .
Geotech Airborne Limited


Combustion tube

A combustion tube comprises a generally cylindrical body with an outwardly extending tube stop spaced from one end of the combustion tube for engaging a combustion tube mounting assembly and fixing the tube in a precise position. Near the opposite end of the tube is an enlarged opening for receiving an upper seal assembly of a combustion furnace with the outer annular shoulder of the upper end of the tube having a rolled edge to facilitate the insertion of the tube through the seal in the upper seal assembly of the furnace.
Leco Corporation


Device and controlling a module for heating a plurality of injectors

A method, and associated device, for controlling a module for heating a plurality of fuel injectors of an engine of a vehicle, the heating module including a plurality of electromagnetic induction elements each connected to an injector of the plurality of fuel injectors and being configured, when an electric excitation current passes through the electromagnetic induction elements, to heat the injector by induction, the method including a step of generating an electric supply current and a step of generating, from the electric supply current, a plurality of electric excitation currents phase shifted relative to one another and materialized by electric excitation current signals, each of the electric excitation currents intended to supply one of the electromagnetic induction elements. The method being notable in that the electric excitation current signals are phase shifted such that the sum of the absolute values of the amplitudes of the signals is constant..
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Reprogramming peptide and use thereof

The present invention provides a production method of a pluripotent spheroid cell, comprising introducing a reprogramming peptide containing a nuclear localization signal into a differentiated cell; a preparation for induction of a pluripotent spheroid cell from a differentiated cell, which contains the reprogramming peptide, and the like. According to the present invention, a somatic cell can be reprogrammed without using reprogramming factors including transcription factors such as oct3/4, sox2 and the like, and low-molecular-weight compounds that promote reprogramming such as hdac inhibitors and the like, and an induced pluripotent stem cell-like cell, a reprogrammed cell or a transdifferentiated cell can be obtained from a somatic cell..


Method for activating oct4 for induction of pluripotent stem cells

The invention relates to a method for inducing pluripotent stem cells, wherein a mammalian cell is contacted with a compound characterized by a general formula 1 wherein r1 is (ch2)me, with e being cch or cn and m being 0, 1, or 2, and r2 is selected from f, ci, br, or3 and r3, with r3 being selected from h, (chyf2-y)n chxf3-x, with n=0 or 1. The invention further relates to stem cells obtained by the method of the invention, and culture media comprising the compound of the invention..
Universitatsklinikum Jena


Method for generating primate trophoblasts

The first method to cause a culture of human and other primate stem cells to directly and uniformly differentiate into a committed cell lineage is disclosed. Treatment of primate stem cells with a single protein trophoblast induction factor causes the cells to transform into human trophoblast cells, the precursor cells of the placenta.


Adhesin as immunogen against enterotoxigenic escherichia coli

The inventive subject matter relates to the methods for the induction of immunity and prevention of diarrhea resulting from escherichia coli. The inventive subject matter also relates to the use escherichia coli adhesins as immunogens and to the construction of conformationally stability and protease resistant escherichia coli adhesin constructs useful for inducing immunity to escherichia coli pathogenic bacteria.
Naval Medical Research Center


Method for forming a high-gradient magnetic field and a substance separation device based thereon

A method of creating a zone of high-gradient magnetic field in a kittel open domain structure is disclosed. The method is based on a magnetic system of an open domain structure type and is embodied in the form of two substantially rectangular constant magnets which are mated by the side faces thereof, whose magnetic field polarities are oppositely directed and the magnetic anisotropy is greater than the magnetic induction of the materials thereof.
Giamag Technologies As


Vaccines and methods for creating a vaccine for inducing immunity to all dengue virus serotypes

Described here is a method to produce a chimeric protein having portions of yellow fever virus and dengue virus. A small portion of the yellow fever virus 17d vaccine strain envelope protein (or other related flavivirus) can be replaced by the corresponding portion from the dengue virus envelope protein.
Florida Gulf Coast University Board Of Trustees


Small molecule trail gene induction by normal and tumor cells as an anticancer therapy

Methods and compositions relating to tic10 are described according to aspects of the present invention. The compositions and methods have utility in treating disease, particularly cancer in a subject in need thereof, including a human subject as well as subjects of other species.
The Penn State Research Foundation


Wireless kitchen appliance operated on an induction heating cooker

The present invention relates to a kitchen appliance (1) that is operated wirelessly on an induction heating cooker (k), comprising a programmable microcontroller (2), one or more than one electronic circuit (3) that provides the microcontroller (2) to control the communication means, user interface and sensors, providing communication with the induction heating cooker (k) whereon the kitchen appliance (1) is operated, a power control circuitry (4) that supplies the microcontroller (2) and the electronic circuits (3) with low level dc voltage, a receiver coil (5) that partially collects and provides transfer of the power generated by the induction coil (b) in the induction heating cooker (k) to the power control circuitry (4), a rectifier (6) that converts the ac voltage delivered from the receiver coil (5) to dc voltage and a buffer capacitor (7) which filters the dc voltage at the rectifier (6) outlet.. .
Arcelik Aninim Sirketi


Wireless magnetic mutual induction communication system for the cone penetrometer industry

The cone penetrometer technology (cpt) has evolved over the last several decades as a low cost technique for performing subsurface evaluation for environmental and structural interest. The basic cpt system consist of the push system, cone module, pushrods, tether cable and the data acquisition system.


Rail barrel direct energy transferor piezoelectricity (rbdetp)

Disclosed is a compact portable compressed air energy storage (caes) system that works with renewable energy sources and utilizes batteries to store energies instead of using turbine generators to store energies like traditional caes systems. The compressed air source can be utilized to apply kinetic pressure to a series of linear or magnetic induction generators to produce energy and store the electricity for end users, enabling the device to function as a portable generator and power station.


Providing a vehicle with electric energy using induction and a rectifier

An arrangement for providing a vehicle, in particular a track bound and/or road vehicle, with electric energy, comprising a receiving device 1 adapted to receive an alternating electromagnetic field and produce an alternating electric current by electromagnetic induction. The receiving device comprises three phase lines, 2a, 2b, 2c, connected on one side to a common star point 5, and on the other side to a bridge rectifier 10.
Bombardier Transportation Gmbh


Energy intake a motor vehicle that can be operated electrically and operating an energy intake a motor vehicle that can be operated electrically

An energy intake apparatus for a motor vehicle can be operated electrically, with an induction coil, which is configured to charge an energy storage unit of the motor vehicle. The energy intake apparatus contains a shield apparatus, by which the induction coil can be shielded from the motor vehicle.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Induction based transactions at a remote server with authentication

A method and system for conducting an online payment transaction through a point of sale device. The method includes receiving input from a user selecting an item for purchase through the point of sale device; calculating a total purchase amount for the item in response to a request from the user to purchase the item; and sending payment authorization for the total purchase amount from the point of sale device to a payment entity, in which the payment authorization is sent to the payment entity via a mobile communication device of the user.


Touch control capacitive and electromagnetic dual-mode touch screen and handheld electronic device

A touch control method of a capacitive and electromagnetic dual-mode touch screen and handheld electronic device are disclosed. The method includes receiving a touch instruction generated on the touch screen; judging whether the touch instruction is a capacitive induction instruction or an electromagnetic induction instruction; processing the touch instruction according to a handwriting input mode if the touch instruction is a capacitive induction instruction, or processing the touch instruction according to a touch control mode if the touch instruction is an electromagnetic induction instruction.
Beijing Ereneben Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Fault detection in induction machines

A method of detecting a fault in an induction machine having one or more windings arranged to draw current at a supply frequency, the method including: performing a process of judging whether a respective sideband of one or more selected harmonics of the supply frequency exists at a predetermined fault frequency in a signal in the one or more windings; and determining that a fault has occurred if the judgement is positive; wherein in the judging process each of the selected harmonics of the supply frequency is a harmonic frequency of the supply frequency other than the supply frequency itself.. .
Rolls-royce Plc


Pressure sensor unit

A pressure sensor unit to be attached to an air inlet port of an air tool, comprising a valve portion configured to shut off an air supply from an air passage through an induction pipe insertion portion when an air induction pipe of the air tool is not inserted in the induction pipe inserting portion, and configured to open the air supply from the air passage into the air induction pipe by the valve portion being pushed by the air induction pipe when the air induction pipe is inserted into the induction pipe inserting portion.. .
Anest Iwata Corporation


System and generating electricity from motion of fluid

A module for generating electricity from waves in a body of water is disclosed. The module comprises: a housing operable to float in the body of water; a tube formed into a circle integrated within the housing; a magnet element operable to move within the tube; and an electrically conductive coil surrounding substantially all of the tube.


Rolling bearing

In the rolling bearing of the present invention, at least one of the bearing rings is obtained by applying a induction heat treatment to a spheroidizing annealed steel material having a di value of 1.0 or more to form a hardened layer having a hardness of 550 hv or more on at least a raceway surface and a fitting surface, and in the induction heat-treated bearing ring, (a) an average retained austenite amount is 12 vol % or less, (b) the raceway surface has a retained austenite amount of 12 vol % or more and a residual compressive stress of −100 mpa or less, and (c) a difference between a hardness of the raceway surface and a minimum hardness of a region having a hardness of less than 550 hv is 150 hv or more.. .
Nsk Ltd.


Method for preparing specific cells of human-derived cells

A method for preparing neoplastically transformed cells from human-derived cells, including the step of introducing human telomerase catalytic subunit (htert) gene, sv40 small t antigen (sv40st) gene, and an oligonucleotide derived from alu7 sequence into the human-derived cells. A method for introducing a gene for neoplastically transforming human-derived cells, including incorporating human telomerase catalytic subunit (htert) gene, sv40 small t antigen (sv40st) gene, and an oligonucleotide derived from alu7 sequence into the same or different vectors, and introducing the genes into human-derived cells therewith.
Trdigm & Co., Ltd.


Chromosomal modification involving the induction of double-stranded dna cleavage and homologous recombination at the cleavage site

Methods of modifying, repairing, attenuating and inactivating a gene or other chromosomal dna in a cell are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of treating or prophylaxis of genetic disease in an individual in need thereof.
Institut Pasteur


Method and processing edge of glass by using high frequency induction heater

Method and apparatus for heat treating and processing an edge of a large thin glass sheet used for a liquid crystal tv or the like. The method for processing an edge of a glass substrate according to the present invention is characterized by cutting an edge of a glass substrate by bringing a heated member into contact with the edge of the glass substrate that is cooled, and then moving the heated member.
Laminex Co., Ltd


Complexation of nucleic acids with disulfide-crosslinked cationic components for transfection and immunostimulation

The present invention is directed to a polymeric carrier cargo complex, comprising as a cargo at least one nucleic acid (molecule) and disulfide-crosslinked cationic components as a (preferably non-toxic and non-immunogenic) polymeric carrier. The inventive polymeric carrier cargo complex allows for both efficient transfection of nucleic acids into cells in vivo and in vitro and/or for induction of an (innate and/or adaptive) immune response, preferably dependent on the nucleic acid to be transported as a cargo.
Curevac Gmbh


Allograft tolerance induction

A method inducing chimerism and allograft tolerance by co-infusion of stein/progenitor-like cells and donor cells, wherein the donor cells can be bone marrow cells. The method also comprises the conditioning comprising depletion of cd4+ and cd8+ t-cells and administration of low doses of anti-neoplastic drugs.


Wireless cooking appliance operated on an induction heating cooktop

The present invention relates to a cooking appliance (1) suitable to be operated wirelessly on an induction heating cooktop (13) that has one or more than one induction coil (14), comprising a base (2) of ferromagnetic properties, enabling the appliance (1) to be heated from the bottom with the magnetic energy transferred by the induction coil (14), a control unit (3) having a microcontroller providing the controlling of the operating parameters like temperature, motor speed and communication with the cooktop (13) and the monitoring and communication means like the user interface, display, rfid, and a receiver coil (4) that partially receives the power generated by the induction coil (14), providing the required energy for operating the control unit (3) and the additional components like the sensor, mixer motor mounted thereon depending on the intended use of the appliance (1). A printed circuit board (pcb) (6) is disposed between the base (2) and the cooktop (13), comprising at least one substrate layer (5), the receiver coil (4) being printed on the substrate layer (5)..
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


Transverse flux strip heating with dc edge saturation

induction heating apparatus and methods are disclosed for selective workpiece heating such as strip heating, in which dc windings around one or more laminations proximate to a workpiece edge are selectively energized using dc electrical power for controlled partial or full saturation of the one laminations to control edge overheating in a transverse flux induction heating system, in which certain implementations further employ a copper shield between the induction heating coil and the strip workpiece proximate the edge of the workpiece to control the edge heating effect.. .
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corporation


Electric induction heating of a rail head with non-uniform longitudinal temperature distribution

A method is provided for making the longitudinal temperature distribution of the bulbous end of a longitudinally oriented workpiece, such as a rail's head, generally uniform when the head has a non-uniform longitudinal temperature distribution. A combination of crown and skirt electric inductors is used to achieve the generally uniform temperature distribution by modulating the magnetic field intensity produced by current flow through one or more of the combination of crown and skirt inductors as required for the non-uniformly heated regions of the rail's head..
Inductotherm Corp.


Communication system, information recording medium, and relay communication device

The disclosed communication system, information recording medium, and relay communication device allow communication via electromagnetic induction, allow the use of low-cost information recording media, improve communication stability when information recording media is misaligned or rotated, and provide high ic-chip tolerance to flexion in information recording media. An information recording medium (3-1) has: an ic chip (32-1) that is capable of communication via electromagnetic induction; and a pair of thin conductive sheets (21-1) connected to the ic chip (32-1).
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Inductive-coupling system and method with compensation to prevent interference

In a related transmitting circuit employing electromagnetic induction that is used in a communication system, there is a problem in that, because only one inductor is used in the transmitting circuit, it is impossible to perform communication at a data rate higher than the self-resonant frequency of the inductor. A transmitting circuit according to an embodiment of the present invention is a transmitting circuit that drives an inductor to transmit data to a semiconductor chip insulated from a semiconductor chip on which the transmitting circuit is mounted, and includes a driving circuit that receives outgoing data transmitted at a data rate higher than the self-resonant frequency of the inductor and outputs an outgoing signal that drives the inductor at the data rate of the outgoing data..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Stator for electric rotating machine

A stator for an electric rotating machine includes an annular stator core, an outer cylinder fitted on a radially outer surface of the stator core, and a stator coil mounted on the stator core. The stator core is comprised of a plurality of stator core segments that are arranged in a circumferential direction of the stator core so as to adjoin one another in the circumferential direction.
Denso Corporation


Stator for electric rotating machine

A stator for an electric rotating machine includes an annular stator core, an outer cylinder fitted on a radially outer surface of the stator core, and a stator coil mounted on the stator core. The stator core is comprised of a plurality of stator core segments that are arranged in a circumferential direction of the stator core so as to adjoin one another in the circumferential direction.
Denso Corporation


Device for coupling rf power into a waveguide

A device for coupling rf power into a waveguide includes a push-pull output stage that includes an input and an output, a filter arrangement that is connected to the output of the push-pull output stage, and an induction loop that is connected to the filter arrangement is provided.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Manufacturing common grain-oriented silicon steel with high magnetic induction

A manufacturing method of oriented silicon steel with magnetic induction b8 of not less than 1.88 t, comprising the following steps: 1) smelting and continuous casting to obtain a slab, wherein the content of n is controlled at 0.002-0.014 wt % in the smelting stage; 2) hot-rolling; 3) cold-rolling; 4) decarbonizing and annealing; 5) nitriding treatment, wherein infiltrated nitrogen content [n]d is controlled to satisfy the formula: 328−0.14a−0.85b−2.33c≦[n]d≦362−0.16a−0.94b−2.57c, wherein a is the content of als in the smelting step, with the unit of ppm; b is the content of n element, with the unit of ppm; and c is primary grains size, with the unit of μm; 6) coating a steel's surfaces with a magnesium oxide layer and annealing; and 7) applying an insulating coating.. .
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.


Electric vehicle induction coil housing with interengagement structure for ferrite tile assemblies

Systems and methods for implementing interengagement structures for a ferrite tile assembly of an induction coil housing are described herein. One aspect of the subject matter described in the disclosure is a housing.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Electromagnetic radiation detecting system and method

An electromagnetic radiation detecting system within an electric system, the electromagnetic radiation detecting system comprising: a plurality of induction rings, each for surrounding one of a plurality of electric lines of the electric system; and a controller connected to the plurality of induction rings, for measuring voltages produced by the plurality of induction rings, and for indicating, from the measuring, electric lines corresponding to induction rings having non-zero sum total electric current flows, thereby indicating the electric lines as being electromagnetic radiation pollution sources.. .


Hydraulic fracturing system

A pumping system for use in hydraulic fracturing or fracing of wells. The pumping system is generally self-contained on a transportable system, such as a trailer.
Lime Instruments Llc


Method for producing molten steel having high wear resistance and steel having said characteristics

The invention refers to a method for producing a molten steel having high wear resistance having a mainly bainitic microstructure and a suitable balance of tensile strength and hardness for pieces of large size in mining operations such as milling and grinding, the chemical composition of which, expressed in weight percentage, comprises: 0.30-0.40% of c, 0.50-1.30% of si, 0.60-1.40% of mn, 2.30-3.20% of cr, 0.0-1.00% of ni, 0.25-0.70% of mo, 0.0-0.50% of cu, 0.0-0.10% of a, 0.0-0.10% of ti, 0.0-0.10% of zr, less than 0.050% of p, less than 0.050% of s, less than 0.030% of n, optionally less than 0.050% of nb, optionally 0.0005-0.005% of b, optionally 0.015-0.080% of rare earth metals, and residual contents of w, v, sn, sb, pb and zn of less than 0.020%, and the balance in iron. The method for producing the molten steel includes smelting and heat treatment.
Compañía Electro Metalúrgica S.a.


Method using microalgae for high-efficiency production of astaxanthin

The present invention relates to a novel method for producing astaxanthin by using microalgae. The method comprises: heterotrophic cultivation of microalgae, dilution, photo-induction, collection of microalgal cells, and extraction of astaxanthin.
Shanghai Zeyuan Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Induction power transfer for auxiliary vehicle lights

An induction power transfer system for auxiliary vehicle lights is provided. A transmitting power module coupled to an interior surface of a windshield includes a transmitting induction coil.
Feniex Industries


Device and a controlling an induction coil

An exemplary method and apparatus are provided for improved control for induction coils in charging systems for movable vehicles. The technique includes determining a set point for a second induction coil from information about a power transfer of a first induction coil.
Alcatel Lucent


Device and the generative production of a component

The present invention relates to a device for the generative production of a component (7a, 7b), particularly a component of a gas turbine engine, having a working chamber, a hardening means, in particular a laser (6), for the layerwise local hardening of an initial material (4) disposed in the working chamber, in order to produce the component layerwise in a direction of layer construction; and a movable induction heating arrangement with a first inductor (10) and a second inductor (20) for induction tempering in pre-determinable regions of the working chamber, wherein the first inductor engages in the second inductor at least in one operating position and/or the first and/or second inductor is disposed on a distribution means, in particular a slider (1), for the layerwise disposal of initial material (4) in the working chamber.. .
Mtu Aero Engines Ag


Method and device for continuous thin strip casting

A method for continuous thin strip casting comprises: introducing molten steel through a long nozzle (11) into a tundish (1) from a ladle (10), and heating the molten steel in a manner of externally heating the tundish, so as to maintain the molten steel at a basically constant temperature in an entire pouring process. The tundish is one strand tundish, and the molten steel flows below a weir (2) which is located at one side in the tundish, then passes a first dam (3) and enters a channel (4) with an induction heating device, and a temperature of the molten steel after induction heating is 30˜50 c higher than that of the molten steel introduced into the tundish, and the heated molten steel then flows out from a outlet at the other side of the tundish to a nozzle (5) for casting.
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd


System, method and capsules for producing sparkling drinks

A system and a method for the production and provision of c02 gas are disclosed. A sealable chamber is equipped with heating means and when a co2 carrier material, such as sodium bicarbonate is placed in it and heated to its decomposition temperature co2 gas is released.
So Spark Ltd


Hpv/cyaa-based chimeric proteins and their uses in the induction of immune responses against hpv infection and hpv-induced disorders

The invention relates to a chimeric protein comprising or consisting of, from n-terminal to c-terminal, (a) a n-terminal part of a bordetella cyaa protein (b) a heterologous polypeptide comprising antigens originating from different hpvs, and (c) a c-terminal part of a bordetella cyaa protein. The invention also relates to a polynucleotide encoding this chimeric protein.


Induction of chronic elevation of intraocular pressure with intracameral cross-linking hydrogel

The present invention provides a method for inducing chronic elevation of intraocular pressure in the eyes of an animal by introducing into the eyes a cross-linking hydrogel, an animal produced by this method, as well as a screening method useful for identifying compounds capable of modulating intraocular pressure as well as for identifying compounds capable of modulating retinal ganglion cell survival and/or regeneration.. .


Radio-frequency power unit

Solution: an impedance conversion circuit 16 including an inductor 17 and a capacitor 18 is arranged between a full-bridge drive circuit 13 for switching dc voltage and an lc resonance circuit 19 including an induction coil 21 for plasma generation. The capacitance of the capacitor 18 can be varied between two levels, with a switching driver 23 serving as a switcher.


Device for evaporating a volatile fluid

An assembly for evaporating a volatile fluid is described, the assembly comprising a device and a refill which are detachable from one another: wherein the device comprises a magnetic induction coil configured to operate with an alternating current passed therethrough at a frequency of between substantially 20 khz to substantially 500 khz; and wherein the refill comprises a reservoir for the volatile fluid, a volatile fluid transport means to draw the fluid from the reservoir, and at least one magnetic susceptor arranged to heat the wick predominately by magnetic hysteresis when said alternating current is passed through the induction coil, wherein the magnetic susceptor has a coercivity of substantially 50 ampere/metre (hc) to substantially 1500 ampere/metre (hc). Refills, devices and methods of operation are also described..
Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited


Induction heating cooker

When an inverter circuit is driven with a predetermined driving frequency, an amount of current change of an input current or a coil current in a set period is detected, and high frequency power to be supplied from the inverter circuit to a heating coil is adjusted in accordance with the amount of current change.. .


Radio-frequency oscillation circuit

Solution: a secondary winding 38 of a starting transformer is arranged in an lc resonance circuit 30 including an induction coil 9, capacitor 36 and other elements. A starter 6, e.g.


Power frequency converter and associated method

A power frequency converter and an associated method are provided to convert an ac input signal at a first frequency, such as a first frequency that is permitted to vary within a range, to an ac output signal at a second frequency that is different than the first frequency and that may be fixed. The power frequency converter includes a plurality of power rectification modules.
The Boeing Company


Dc-dc converter and dc-dc converter system thereof

The present disclosure discloses a dc-dc converter and a dc-dc converter system thereof. The dc-dc converter includes: a power conversion circuit; and a current detection circuit for detecting current flowing into or flowing out of the power conversion circuit, which includes: an inductor coupled to the power conversion circuit; a detection module including an induction winding and an impedance component electrically connected in series, the detection module and the inductor being connected in parallel; and an output module coupled to two ends of the impedance component for generating a current detection signal reflecting the current flowing into or flowing out of the power conversion circuit..
Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Wireless power and communication systems using magnetic vector potential

Apparatuses and methods are provided for driving an input conductor with a signal comprising a series of voltage pulses. The pulses can beneficially invoke the skin effect to generate a time-varying magnetic vector potential that projects radially from a surface of the input conductor.
Divergent, Inc.


Complex protection device of blocking the abnormal state of current and voltage

Disclosed is a complex protection device in which a circuit and circuit elements installed on the circuit may be protected from overcurrent and overvoltage and cohesion of a fusible element is induced by a circular or oval fusing induction part and thus fusing efficiency may be improved.. .
Smart Electronics Inc.


Battery pack of novel structure

Disclosed herein is a battery pack including a battery cell having a first electrode terminal and a second electrode terminal, a protection circuit module (pcm) including a protection circuit board (pcb), at which a safety element is mounted, the pcb having a protection circuit, and connection members (a and b) connected respectively to the first and second electrode terminals of the battery cell, an electrically insulative pack frame configured to have a structure in which the battery cell is mounted in the pack frame, the pack frame having an insulative mounting part, at a top of which the pcb is mounted, an electrically insulative top cap mounted at a top of the battery cell while surrounding the pcm, an electromagnetic induction type charging coil mounted at at least one main surface of the battery cell, the charging coil being connected to the pcm, and a shielding member interposed between the battery cell and the charging coil.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Signal transmitting circuit

A transmitter circuit feeds to a transmitter coil, every time transmission data changes in logical value, a current signal in pulse form having a positive or negative polarity that is alternately inverted in response to each change in logical value; and a receiver circuit inputs induction voltage signals each being double pulses having both positive and negative polarities, which have been induced in a receiver coil by the current signal fed to the transmitter coil, to demodulate the transmission data. The receiver circuit includes: an amplifier that amplifies the induction voltage signals of double pulses induced in the receiver coil; and a signal generating unit that, when detecting first single pulses in the induction voltage signals of double pulses amplified by the amplifier, sets up an insensitive period for second single pulses therein, to generate an output signal corresponding to the transmission data, based solely on the first single pulses..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


System for maintaining interior volume integrity in an induction vacuum furnace and making same

An induction furnace for heating a workpiece includes a chamber and an insulation cylinder positioned therein, with the insulation cylinder including a base cover movable between first and second positions, and the first position positioning the workpiece within a heating zone and the second position positioning the workpiece within a cooling zone. A translation system in the furnace includes a first member coupled to the base cover of the insulation cylinder and extending through a wall of the chamber, an actuator coupled to the first member, the actuator configured to translate the first member to move the base cover of the insulation cylinder between the first and second positions, and an expansion member encircling a portion of the first member and configured to hermetically seal an interior volume of the chamber from an environment volume external to the chamber..
Gh Induction Atmospheres Llc


Air-cooled combustion furnace system

Provided is an air cooled combustion furnace system to effectively operate a combustion furnace for generation of heat energy via combustion of a solid fuel so as to optimize thermal efficiency. The combustion furnace system includes a combustion body structure provided with a hopper and having a combustion space for production of heat energy via combustion of a solid fuel, a cooling device integrally formed in multiple layers with the combustion body structure to cool the combustion body structure via distribution of air, a negative pressure induction device to create a negative pressure within the combustion body structure by suctioning air, a fuel supply device, a grate device constructed by coupling a plurality of grate segments to one another and serving to support the solid fuel being combusted, and a clinker removal device to remove clinkers generated during combustion of the solid fuel from the grate device..
Ys Co., Ltd.


Reservoir pressurization

A vehicle comprises a forced induction engine, fluid reservoir, engine controller, and sensor. The fluid reservoir is pneumatically connected to intake air of the forced induction engine.
Deere & Company


Genetically modified plants with resistance to xanthomonas and other bacterial plant pathogens

Applicants have successfully generated heritable phenotypes in plants making them resistant to bacterial blight. Tal effector binding elements, (ebes) of bacterial pathogen disease susceptibility genes are modified to prevent induction of expression associated with disease states caused by the bacterial pathogens.
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.


Wire screen manufacturing system and method

An exemplary embodiment of a method for controlling slot openings between wire segments in a wire wrap welding process generally includes controlling movement of a bed mounted tailstock in relation to the rate of rotation of a headstock mounted spindle, utilizing a linear induction drive system, a linear encoder system, and a control system.. .


Composition comprising cytokine macro-aggregates

The present invention provides methods and compositions for the stimulation of immune responses. In particular, the present invention provides compositions (e.g., vaccines) and methods of using the same for the induction of immune responses (e.g., innate and adaptive immune responses (e.g., for generation of host immunity against cancer (e.g., a tumor) or against any type of antigen (e.g.


Non-digestible oligosaccharides for oral induction of tolerance against dietary proteins

Compositions and methods for providing infant nutrition with partially hydrolysed proteins and non-digestible oligosaccharides for use in induction of oral tolerance against native dietary proteins.. .
N.v. Nutricia

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