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Induction patents

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Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same

Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same

Rna-interference-inducing nucleic acid molecule able to penetrate into cells, and use therefor


Superconducting magnet apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 Electric vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Electric vehicle
An electric vehicle includes: a synchronous motor; an induction motor; and a control unit configured to adjust a torque from the synchronous motor and a torque from the induction motor, wherein the control unit includes a torque varying device configured to reduce an output torque from the synchronous motor while maintaining a total drive force of the electric vehicle, and increasing an output torque from the induction motor in the case where the electric vehicle is stopped in a state in which a torque is output from the synchronous motor. Accordingly, there is provided an electric vehicle capable of restraining deterioration of drivability and performing thermal protection of a motor and a control unit..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
 Welded housing components of a drug delivery device patent thumbnailnew patent Welded housing components of a drug delivery device
The present invention relates to a drug delivery device for dispensing a dose of a medicament, comprising: a first housing component, and a second housing component welded with the first housing component by means of at least one induction heatable component.. .
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh
 Rna-interference-inducing nucleic acid molecule able to penetrate into cells, and use therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Rna-interference-inducing nucleic acid molecule able to penetrate into cells, and use therefor
The present invention relates to a novel, rnai-inducing nucleic acid molecule having cell penetrating ability and the use thereof, and more particularly, to a novel, rnai-inducing double-stranded nucleic acid molecule, which has a replacement of the phosphate backbone of at least one nucleotide with phosphorothioate or phosphorodithioate, and has a lipophilic compound conjugated thereto, and thus has high target gene-silencing efficiency while having the ability to penetrate cells without needing a separate intracellular delivery vehicle, and to a method of silencing a target gene using the nucleic acid molecule. The nucleic acid structure according to the present invention has both cholesterol modification and phosphorothioate modification introduced therein, and thus has high gene silencing efficiency while having the ability to penetrate cells without needing a separate intracellular delivery vehicle.
Bmt, Inc.
 Superconducting magnet apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Superconducting magnet apparatus
A superconducting magnet apparatus is provided, which comprises a superconducting coil, an induction coil to be in inductive coupling with the superconducting coil, a first refrigerant vessel charged with a first refrigerant in which the superconducting coil is installed; and a second refrigerant vessel charged with a second refrigerant having a melting temperature higher than or a boiling temperature higher than a boiling temperature of the first refrigerant, the second refrigerant vessel in which the induction coil is installed, wherein the second refrigerant vessel is thermally isolated from the first refrigerant vessel.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.
 Expansion of alloantigen-reactive regulatory t cells patent thumbnailnew patent Expansion of alloantigen-reactive regulatory t cells
The present disclosure relates generally to the manufacture of regulatory t cells (tregs) for use in immunotherapy. In particular, the present disclosure relates to robust approaches for the expansion of alloantigen-reactive tregs ex vivo.
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Reactor with induction heater patent thumbnailnew patent Reactor with induction heater
A method for producing usable product in a reactor including introducing a viscous mixture including usable product and unconverted reactant into a chamber of a housing through an inlet, wherein the mixture has a temperature greater than ambient temperature when introduced into the chamber; heating the viscous mixture in the chamber using at least one of an induction heater, an exothermic reaction, a microwave heater, a radio frequency heater, an electrical resistance heater, a laser heater, a plasma heater, and a heated fluid; converting at least a portion of the unconverted reactant to usable product, wherein at least a portion of the usable product is produced in the viscous mixture; and transferring the viscous mixture including usable product from the housing through an outlet.. .
Lp Amina Llc
 Fuser for uniforming temperature of heating device patent thumbnailnew patent Fuser for uniforming temperature of heating device
A fuser comprises an endless heating device having a heat transport device and a heat generation layer closely contacted with the heat transport device, an induction current generation device configured to heat the heating device through electromagnetic induction and a pressurization device forming a nip with the heating device.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Projection system with infrared monitoring function patent thumbnailnew patent Projection system with infrared monitoring function
A projection system includes a projection module, an infrared monitoring module, and a focusing device. Lights of a projection light source (100) pass through a light splitting element (500) and a first lens group (201), and then emit out; infrared lights from outside pass through the first lens group (201) and the light splitting element (500) to an infrared monitoring module (300).
Piqs Technology (shenzhen) Limited
 Touch input device and induction coil thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Touch input device and induction coil thereof
An induction coil of a touch input device provided in the present invention includes a ribbon cable and a coupling device. The ribbon cable is disposed on a plane, and the ribbon cable has a first terminal and a second terminal and has a plurality of wires.
Waltop International Corp.
 Valve actuators patent thumbnailnew patent Valve actuators
A valve actuator having a drive shaft, which, in use, is configured to adjust a valve between an open position and a closed position, an ac induction motor for driving the drive shaft a contactless position sensor configured to, in use, output a signal representing an angular position of the drive shaft or the valve, and a controller configured to control the ac motor in accordance with the signal output by position sensor.. .
Eaton Aerospace Limited
new patent

Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same

A microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch uses a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.
new patent

Wireless power communication

A remote device in accordance with the present invention includes an adaptive power receiver that receives wireless power from the wireless power supply by induction. The adaptive power receiver may be switched among two or more modes of operation, including, for example, a high-q mode and a low-q mode.
Access Business Group International Llc
new patent

Variable speed gas turbine generation system and method

A power generation system comprises a heat collector, a turbine generator system having a turbine and at least one doubly fed induction generator, a heat exchanger, a gas holding tank, an energy storage unit and a load. The heat collector is coupled to and in fluid communication with the heat exchanger, which is in turn coupled to the turbine of the turbine generator system.
Regen Technologies Pty Ltd
new patent

Induction heating method

[solving means] in an induction heating method using an induction heating device that heats an item to be heated and includes a plurality of self-resonant circuits to which a resonant high-frequency power supply feeding currents of equal frequency to a plurality of heating coils receiving the supply of the current to generate mutual induction is connected, the phases of impedances within a system are made to coincide with each other to minimize the phases. From the time of starting up, the phase is made to become an inverter phase that can bring the phase difference of the currents close to zero.
new patent

Illuminated keyboard

An illuminated keyboard includes at least one light-emitting element, a membrane switch circuit module, plural keys, a fixing plate, and a proximity sensor. The fixing plate includes plural openings, plural joining regions, and plural fixing regions.
Primax Electronics Ltd.
new patent

Chilled beam with multiple modes

A chilled beam has separate primary and secondary inlets and plenums each or which generates separate sets of induction jets to draw air through a chilled beam heat exchanger. Various system and method embodiments are described as well as features usable in conventional active chilled beams to facilitate the use variable thermal and ventilation load applications..
Oy Halton Group Ltd.
new patent

Process for producing multicrystalline silicon ingots by the induction method, and carrying out the same

An apparatus and continuous stable process for producing multicrystalline silicon ingots with large cross-sections by an induction method, by maintaining surface temperature of the ingot at the output of the crucible within the range of 900-1150° c., and by heating the ingot at the output of the upper zone of the controlled cooling compartment to a temperature of 1200-1250° c., followed by cooling of the ingot at a rate of no more than 10° c./cm.. .
Solin Development B.v.

Electromagnetic touch-control screen structure

An electromagnetic touch-control screen structure, comprising: a display panel; a touch-control plate over the display panel; an electromagnetic induction plate over the touch-control plate; and a cover lens attached on the electromagnetic induction plate. The electromagnetic touch-control screen of the disclosure, by deploying reasonable structure and manufacturing technique, stacks an electromagnetic induction plate with a touch-control plate, a cover lens and a display panel.
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

Wireless electronic device and use

A magnetic coupling system for electromagnetically connecting an electric device to a mounting system, including: a first interface comprising a first plurality of magnetic elements and a first induction coil defining a first central axis, the first interface connected to the electric device; and a second interface comprising a second plurality of magnetic elements and a second induction coil defining a second central axis, the second interface connected to the mounting system, wherein magnetic attraction between the first and second plurality of magnetic elements biases the first interface toward the second interface and transiently retains the first and second induction coils in a substantially coaxial relationship.. .
Olio Devices, Inc.

Switch for protection of electric circuit against overloading

The disclosure refers to a switch which is suitable to protect an electric circuit against overloading. The switch generally consists of a triggering assembly as well as of an interrupting assembly, wherein said triggering assembly comprises and induction unit, a thermic interrupter and an actuating needle.
Razvojni Center Enem Novi Materiali D.o.o.

Electronic induction type sensor panel and reducing indication error

To reduce an indication error at a peripheral part of an electromagnetic induction type coordinate detection device, sensor coils having a coil width of 21 pitches are arranged at a central part at intervals of 4 pitches. At a peripheral part, the coil width is shortened from sensor coil #5 to coil #1 sequentially so that the coil width of a sensor coil is shorter than a coil width of an inwardly adjacent sensor coil by 2 pitches.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

Charging battery unit and electronic device with the same

A charging battery unit includes a receiving unit and a battery. The receiving unit includes a fixing member and a coil fixed on the fixing member.
Champ Tech Optical (foshan) Corporation

End-ring for induction motor, rotor having the same

A rotor comprises a rotor core comprising a rotational axis and a plurality of slots, a plurality of rotor bars inserted in the plurality of slots, and a plurality of holders arranged around a rotational axis of the rotor. Each holder comprises an insertion groove configured to receive and engage with an end of one of the plurality of rotor bars.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Rotor with 2-step shaped slot and induction motor having the same

A rotor with a two-step shaped slot may include a rotor core configured to include a plurality of shoe structures which have a two-step shaped slot, a plurality of rotor bars configured to be inserted into and coupled to the two-step shaped slot, and end rings configured to be coupled to both ends of the rotor core and to fix the rotor bars.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Soft power wireless transmission induction plate

A soft power wireless transmission induction plate includes a gap adjustment sheet, a shielding sheet and a separation sheet. The gap adjustment sheet includes a power induction module, an led indication light and an led indication light bar thereon.
Coremate Technical Co., Ltd.

Method, computer program and analyzing symbols in a computer system

The present invention provides a computer-implemented method of analyzing messages in a computer system to allow workflows constituted by the messages to be identified, the method comprising: analyzing a sequence of messages in a computer system in order to classify the messages, thereby producing a corresponding sequence of classifications of the messages; and, applying sequence induction to the sequence of classifications of the messages to produce (i) a set or sub-sequences of the classifications of the messages and (ii) a sequence grammar for the sub-sequences, from which a workflow constituted by the sequence of messages can be identified.. .
Oracle International Corporation

Potent anticancer activity via dual compound activation

The invention provides compositions and methods for the induction of cell death, for example, cancer cell death. Combinations of compounds and related methods the use are disclosed, including the use of compounds in therapy for the treatment of cancer and selective induction of apoptosis in cells.
Vanquish Oncology, Inc.

Induction of highly specific antibodies to a hapten but not to a carrier peptide by immunization

In this application is described a composition and method for inducing in a subject anti-hapten antibodies without inducing antibodies to the carrier protein. Kits for designing and making compositions with desired haptens are also described.
Walter Reed Army Institute Of Research

Methods for treatment and diagnosis of cancer

The present invention relates to methods for the treatment of cancer based on the induction of the choline kinase beta (hereinafter chokβ) activity as well as to methods for the design of personalized therapies and for determining the response of an agent capable of inducing choline kinase beta (hereinafter chokβ) for the treatment of cancer as well as to methods for determining the prognosis of a patient based on the determination of the chokβ expression levels as well as based on the determination of the relationship between the chokβ and chokα expression levels. Finally, the invention relates to methods for determining the response of a patient who suffers from cancer to chokα-inhibiting agents based on the determination of the pemt and/or chokβ expression levels..
Traslational Cancer Drugs Pharma, S.l.

Commercialization of carbon dioxide from coal fired furnace emissions

A procedure for producing unstable aldehydes from coal combustion emission by inserting protons (h+) within the double bond interstice structure of heated co2 carrier gas to form a univalent aldehyde (co2h+). The univalent aldehydes are actinically radiated by a massless negative charge that is ejected from a filament rail magnetic induction circuit at 1 sec.

Tapping device and method using induction heat for melt

A tapping device and method using induction heat for melt comprises melting furnace made of steel; heating unit disposed in the upper part in the melting furnace and made of graphite material; induction coil wound around the heating unit; insulator disposed adjacent to the bottom surface of the lower part of the melting furnace; supporter disposed outside the insulator; and firebricks disposed on the bottom surface of melting furnace and outside the supporter.. .
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

Energy conversion system, recharging assembly by induction and methods for transmitting and receiving associated data

The secondary module comprises a secondary switch electrically connected to the secondary capacitor and the secondary winding, and means for controlling the secondary switch, between a first configuration wherein the current induced in the secondary winding flows up to the output terminals, and a second configuration wherein said induced current flows in a closed loop through the secondary winding and the secondary capacitor.. .

Smart susceptor for a shape memory alloy (sma) actuator inductive heating system

A system for heating a shape memory alloy (sma) actuator may include an sma actuator, a smart susceptor, a plurality of induction coils, and a control module. The sma actuator may have at least one layup.
The Boeing Company

Hybrid temperature regulation circuit

A temperature regulation apparatus for a hybrid vehicle having a forced induction combustion engine and an electric drive motor, the apparatus comprising: a temperature regulating circuit carrying a fluid coolant; a heat exchanger for cooling the coolant; and a first coolant pump for circulating the coolant around the temperature regulating circuit; the temperature regulating circuit having: a first branch serving a charge air cooler of a forced induction combustion engine; and a second branch serving one or more electric drive components and including a second coolant pump for regulating the flow of the coolant through the one or more electric drive components; wherein the first and second branches of the temperature regulating circuit are arranged in parallel and the first coolant pump is arranged between the heat exchanger and the first and second branches of the temperature regulating circuit so as to be operable to circulate coolant from each of the first and second branches of the temperature regulating circuit through the heat exchanger.. .
Mclaren Automotive Limited

Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties

A method and apparatus of determining the condition of a bulk tissue sample, by: positioning a bulk tissue sample between a pair of induction coils (or antennae); passing a spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) through a first of the induction coils (or antennae); measuring spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) produced in the second of the induction coils (or antennae); and comparing the phase shift between the spectrum of alternating currents (or voltages) in the first and second induction coils (or antennae), thereby determining the condition of the bulk tissue sample.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Natural orientation induction tool apparatus and method

An apparatus for training learning disabled subjects, such as autistic children, induces sound waves into a body of a user through two paths, one heard by the ears through air and the other through a liquid or solid in contact with tissues, such as skin and skeleton on the back of a user, below the collar and centered across the vertical axis of the spine. Two transducers produce waves in the audible sound spectrum, repeat persistently, and provide a tone about a location on which the subject may focus attention.

Heat treatment apparatus and heat treatment method

The present disclosure provides an apparatus of performing a heat treatment with respect to a substrate mounted within a processing vessel, including: a substrate mounting stand including an inner portion configured to transfer heat to a central portion of the substrate and a heat generation regulating portion configured to generate heat through an induction heating; a magnetic field forming mechanism configured to form magnetic fields with alternating current power and to inductively heat the heat generation regulating portion; a power supply unit configured to supply the alternating current power to the magnetic field forming mechanism; a temperature measuring unit configured to measure a temperature of the heat generation regulating portion; a control unit configured to control the alternating current power; and a gas supply unit configured to supply a treatment gas to the substrate mounted on the mounting stand.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited

Single-layer capacitive touch sensor and touch control terminal

The present invention relates to the touch control technology filed. Provided are a single-layer capacitive touch sensor and a touch control terminal, wherein a substrate of the single-layer capacitive touch sensor is distributed with several rows of induction electrode and drive electrode pairs with electrode extension parts mutually interlocked, and several ground electrodes located between saturated surfaces of adjacent induction electrodes.
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.

Rail vehicle comprising an induction smoke alarm

A rail vehicle includes an aspirating or induction smoke alarm or detector which is connected by a line to at least one aspiration or induction end piece having a defined opening cross-section for collecting air samples. At least one line piece made of flexible material extends outward from the aspiration or induction end piece in the direction of the aspirating or induction smoke alarm or detector..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Electronic device, electronic system and wireless charging method

An electronic device, an electronic system, and a wireless charging method are provided. The electronic device may comprise a housing, including an operating surface on which a display unit or an input device is provided and a first end surface adjoining the operating surface at a first edge, wherein the operating surface has an area greater than that of the first end surface; and a coil for electromagnetic induction, provided in a first side portion of the housing close to the first end surface, and formed in a columnar shape with an axis substantially parallel to the first edge..
Lenovo (beijing) Limited

Using pulse width modulation in a single phase drive system

Embodiments herein disclose a method for enabling operation of a single phase induction motor, the method comprising applying space vector pulse width modulation (pwm) to the single phase induction motor; determining pulse width using location of the space vector associated with space vector pwm; and enhancing voltage levels of the single phase induction motor for a particular dc bus voltage using the determined pulse width and the location of the space vector.. .
Tribi Systems Private Limited, Company

Sticker-shape light-emitting device using near field communication

The sticker-shape light-emitting device using a near field communication system includes: a main body having a panel shape; an induction coil that is disposed on a front surface of the main body as a coil shape and converts an electromagnetic wave to electricity by an electromagnetic induction phenomenon, wherein the electromagnetic wave is emitted from a terminal that can have non-contact communication; a light-emitting diode that emits light by electrical energy generated from the induction coil; and an adhesion unit that is disposed on a rear surface of the main body and on which an adhesive is coated so that the main body is attached to a specific surface of an object.. .

Spintronic generator

A spintronic generator that provides electrical power with the motive force of natural electron spin. The utilization of natural electron spin can be enhanced with carefully matched materials, weights, and magnetic waveforms which provide precise pulsed frequencies in resonance with the materials.
Searl Magnetronix, Llc

Cookware with metal mesh embedded in the base

Hard anodized aluminum cookware has either a copper or stainless steel mesh embedded in the base. Copper mesh can be embedded in the bottom or base of the cookware prior to the anodizing process to enhance thermal conductivity and improved cookware's capacity to vertically spread heat.
Meyer Intellectual Properties Ltd.

Induction heating apparatus and induction heating method

A semiconductor substrate thermal treatment apparatus enables excellent heating control in suppressing influence of mutual induction between induction heating coils even when the induction heating coils are arranged in the vertical direction while providing horizontal magnetic flux to susceptors. The apparatus indirectly heats wafers mounted on horizontally-arranged susceptors including induction heating coils to form alternate-current magnetic flux in a direction parallel to a mount face of the susceptor.
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Upflow continuous backwash filter

An upflow continuous backwash deep bed sand filter (ucbf) having a recycle line for returning carbonaceous denitrifying bacteria attached to biomass to the influent of the ucbf. The recycle line returns the biomass to the treatment process at a location upstream of the upflow continuous backwash filter.

Inductive pick-up arrangement for an electric vehicle and operating an electric vehicle

The invention relates to an inductive pick-up to be mounted on an electric vehicle, operated with electric energy produced by the inductive pick-up by magnetic induction. The inductive pick-up includes a pick-up portion, a mounting portion, and an actuator.
Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

Chip joining by induction heating

Methods and apparatus for joining a chip with a substrate. The chip is moved by with a pick-and-place machine from a first location to a second location proximate to the substrate over a first time.
International Business Machines Corporation

Monitoring synchronization of a motor using stator current measurements

Monitoring synchronization of an electric motor using current signals from power supplied to the motor is disclosed herein. The current signals may be used to calculate representative current values which may be used to calculate a rotational frequency of the rotor of the motor.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Method and system for displaying the electric field generated on the brain by transcranial magnetic stimulation

A visualization surface representative of a portion of the brain at a depth below the head surface of the subject is generated by combining an actual representation of the head surface with an idealized representation of the head surface. The combining is a function of the depth and is performed to minimize in the visualization surface any irregularities existing in the actual head surface of the subject.
Nexstim Oy

Reactor and gasifying and/or cleaning a starting material

The invention relates to a reactor for gasifying and/or cleaning a starting material (12), especially for depolymerizing plastic material (12), wherein the reactor comprises: a reactor vessel (14) for receiving the starting material (12), especially the plastic material (12); a metal bath (26) which is arranged in the reactor vessel (14) and includes a liquid metallic material having a metal bath melting temperature (tschmelz); a plurality of filling elements (25) which are at least partially arranged in the metal bath (26); and a heater, especially an induction heater (18) for heating the starting material in the reactor vessel (14). According to the invention, a metal bath intermediate storage device (52) is provided and is connected to the reactor vessel (14) and is designed to remove at least part of the metal bath (26) from the reactor vessel (14) and to return the metal bath (26) to the reactor vessel (14), and comprises a delivery device (64) for delivering the metal bath (26), the delivery device (64) having a pressure increasing unit (60) by means of which the metal bath (26) can be delivered by applying the gas pressure (p)..

Induction device

A device for sustaining a plasma in a torch is provided. In certain examples, the device comprises a first electrode configured to couple to a power source and constructed and arranged to provide a loop current along a radial plane of the torch.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

Keypad assembly and method to access a car

A system is provided for vehicle access. Advantageously, the present system includes an optical keypad and an rfid antenna working through a windscreen which can be athermal including a thin metal layer.

Induction motor and manufacturing method thereof

An induction motor includes multiple conductor bars buried and disposed in a rotor core in a circumferential direction, and end rings joined with the multiple conductor bars so as to cause respective both ends thereof to be electrically conducted. Each conductor bar includes a first bar-shape metal portion, and two second metal portions joined with both ends thereof.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Electrical power motor-generator excited by magnetic transference

The invention relates to an electrical power motor-generator excited by magnetic transference, and which further comprises a stator (1) and a rotor (2) with an external core (3) stationary relative to the stator and rotor, said external core (3) comprising: an outer axial part, or axial armature (6) joined to the stator (1), an inner part that communicates through an air gap (4) with the rotor (2), a third part, disk (8), that joins the other two parts, where the rotor does not have any excitation coils, and hence no rings or collector brushes. The outer core (3) has an axial permanent magnet (12) and permanent magnets (10) on the outer axial part (6) thereof, and electromagnets (11) in the other two parts or on the disk (8).

Double-sided bidirectional wireless power device

A double-sided bidirectional wireless power device includes a base and a support board. The base includes a power member.

Arrangement and providing a vehicle with electric energy by magnetic induction

An arrangement for providing a vehicle with electric energy includes a receiving device adapted to receive the magnetic component of an alternating electromagnetic field and to produce an alternating electric current by magnetic induction. The receiving device includes at least one phase line, each phase line being adapted to carry a phase of the alternating electric current.
Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

Electricity supply device, electricity reception device, and electricity supply system

In the present invention, an electricity supply unit (103) contactlessly supplies electricity using electromagnetic induction to an electricity reception unit (153) provided to a vehicle. An electricity supply coil (103a) has a ring shape, and supplies electricity to the electricity reception unit (153) while facing the electricity reception unit (153).
Panasonic Corporation

Multifunctional dental workstation

A multifunctional dental workstation for manipulating and shaping dental wax comprises a plurality of electric hotplates; an electrically controlled knife power socket, control panels; and an induction coil heater. The workstation comprises at least two electric hotplates..

Ion generating apparatus

A discharge electrode 5 for generating ions and a high-voltage generating circuit unit 2 that supplies the discharge electrode 5 with a high voltage are housed in a housing 3. A discharge opening 12 for discharging the generated ions is formed in the housing 3.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Deicing of a surface of structures in general such as wind turbine blades, aircraft wings using induction or radiation

A method is provided which allows the facile deicing of a surface of a structure in general. Electromagnetic induction or ir/microwave radiation is used to heat up a layer or a coating on said surface of the structure in general whereby said layer preferably contains conductive particles such as carbon nano particles, such as graphite, carbon nano tubes, carbon nano cones, metal in powder form, metalized glass beads, carbon fibers, chopped or as woven structure, etc all collectively named carbon nano tubes (cnts) or cones or metallic particles at concentrations above 0.01% by weight.
Jka Kemi Ab

Container sealing member with protected security component and removal tab

A sealing member or closure for a container is provided having a protected security component and a removal tab. The sealing member is provided in the form of a one-piece or a two-piece construction and has a tab and an optical security component configured to be protected such that the optical clarity of the security component is maintained after induction sealing..
Selig Sealing Products, Inc.

Device for induction heating of a billet

A device for the induction heating of a billet of metal of high electrical conductivity has: a tubular body supporting a plurality of permanent magnets arranged inside the tubular body, angularly spaced apart from each other and arranged so as to be alternated with opposite polarities. The device also has a support for the billet that is arranged inside the tubular body and faces the magnets, the device also has a motor adapted to rotate the tubular body with respect to the billet in order to induce currents in the billet that circulate within the metal material, obtaining the heating of the billet by the joule effect.
Inova Lab S.r.l.

Induction cooking hob with a plurality of induction coils

The present invention relates to an induction cooking hob (10) with a plurality of induction coils (16). The induction cooking hob (10) comprises a cooking surface (12) and a control unit.
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

Pan and making

In an exemplary embodiment, an induction cooking pan can include: a pan; a handle coupled to the pan; wherein the pan can include: a ceramic inner coated portion; a first metallic outer portion; and a second metallic outer portion; wherein the second metallic outer portion is at least one of extruded or impact bonded to the first metallic outer portion; wherein the second metallic outer portion can include: a generally circular shape and can include a plurality of punched openings therethrough; and wherein the plurality of punched openings have been at least one of: impact bonded into a lower surface of the first metallic portion; or extruded into a lower surface of the first metallic portion; and wherein the first and second metallic outer portions have been machined substantially smooth.. .
Nuwave, Llc

Metal heating and working system and method

A workpiece may be heated with one or more induction heating coils coupled to an induction heating and control system. The heating is done in conjunction with a metal working operation, such as welding.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Cleanable conveyor-belt drive system

A hygienic drive system for a belt conveyor. The drive system has a stator rigidly mounted in a housing having an outer bearing surface that is continuous with the outer surface of mounting supports and avoids hard-to-clean nooks.
Laitram, L.l.c.

Method and controlling the starting of a forced induction internal combustion engine

Starting an internal combustion engine may be difficult as a consequence of the operating conditions of the engine. Even after the engine has started, it may take a long period of time for the engine to reach operating temperatures.
Perkins Engines Company Limited

Polycrystalline silicon and casting the same

Casting polycrystalline silicon includes placing a bottomless cooling crucible divided at least partially in the axis direction into a plurality of parts in the peripheral direction and having an inner surface coated with a release agent containing nitrogen, in an induction coil of a chamber charged with an inert gas; melting a raw material of polycrystalline silicon in the bottomless cooling crucible by electromagnetic induction heating using the induction coil; and pulling out the molten silicon downward while cooling and solidifying it. Pullout of the solidified molten silicon is performed through adjusting the carbon concentration of the molten silicon to 4.0×1017 atoms/cm3 or more to 6.0×1017 atoms/cm3 or less, the oxygen concentration thereof to 0.3×1017 atoms/cm3 or more to 5.0×1017 atoms/cm3 or less, and the nitrogen concentration to 8.0×1013 atoms/cm3 or more to 1.0×1018 atoms/cm3 or less..
Sumco Corporation

Compounds for the treatment of proliferative disorders

Disclosed are compounds and pharmaceutical compositions that are useful for treating a subject with a proliferative disorder, such as cancer. The disclosed compounds and pharmaceutical compositions are also useful for treating disorders responsive to hsp70 induction and/or natural killer induction..
Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.

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