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Induction patents


This page is updated frequently with new Induction-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 Induction cooktop patent thumbnailnew patent Induction cooktop
The present disclosure relates to an induction cooktop. The induction cooktop comprises a ceramic cooking surface in connection with a housing.
Whirlpool Corporation

 Induction cooker hob and worktop arrangement patent thumbnailnew patent Induction cooker hob and worktop arrangement
An induction cooker hob which includes a cooking plate configured for placing cookware to be heated on an upper side thereof. At least one induction heating element is attached to an averted lower side of the cooking plate.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

 Oil diffusion pump and vacuum film formation device patent thumbnailnew patent Oil diffusion pump and vacuum film formation device
Provided is an oil diffusion pump equipped with an oil vapor generator capable of eliminating the problems occurring when a heater wire is used as a heating source for an operating oil. The present invention is a vacuum pump for which an oil vapor generator (70) is arranged within a casing (51) and this oil vapor generator is operated to vaporize an operating oil (8), thereby producing oil vapor and this oil vapor is sprayed from a jet (53, 53a) to exhaust intake air.
Shincron Co., Ltd.

 Induction heating apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Induction heating apparatus
An induction heating apparatus includes a susceptor defining a reaction chamber. A housing is spaced from the susceptor opposite the reaction chamber and defines a port.
Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation

 A  assigning induction coils of an induction cooking hob and an induction cooking hob patent thumbnailnew patent A assigning induction coils of an induction cooking hob and an induction cooking hob
An induction cooking hob and method for assigning induction coils of the hob, so that each coil corresponds with a unique number or identity. The method includes; setting a load onto the hob, so that the load covers only one of the coils, which is provided for a first unique number or first identity; activating a pot detection device for all coils of hob; identifying the coil covered by the load; assigning the first number or identity to the covered coil; storing the unique number or identity in conjunction with the covered induction coil; setting the load onto a further one of the coils, which is provided for a second unique number or second identity; repeating the steps c) to f) for the further coil and second number or identity; and repeating the steps b) to f) for all other coils and corresponding unique numbers or corresponding identities..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

 Method of detecting cookware on an induction hob, induction hob and cooking appliance patent thumbnailnew patent Method of detecting cookware on an induction hob, induction hob and cooking appliance
A method of detecting cookware (3) on an induction hob (1) including a plurality of induction heating coils (2) each being adapted for heating, in the activated state, cookware (3) placed on the induction hob (1). With the method, detecting cookware (3) is based on signals generated by at least one active induction heating coil (4) through the action of parasitic electromagnetic coupling effects in at least one inactive induction heating coil (6)..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

 Hybrid radio frequency / inductive loop charger patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid radio frequency / inductive loop charger
Biometric monitoring devices, including various technologies that may be implemented in such devices, are discussed herein. Additionally, techniques, systems, and apparatuses are discussed herein for providing a hybrid antenna including an rf radiator and an electrically coupled inductive loop.
Fitbit, Inc.

 Method for injecting electrolyte patent thumbnailnew patent Method for injecting electrolyte
A method for injecting an electrolyte includes heating a case in which an electrode assembly is accommodated, and injecting an electrolyte into the case after the heating of the case. Here, the heating of the case may include heating the case through high-frequency induction heating using a coil.
Lg Chem, Ltd.

 The  producing self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable and self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable patent thumbnailnew patent The producing self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable and self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable
The subject of the invention is the method of producing self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable and self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable intended especially for power and signal transmission wires, ropes and cords. The essence of the method, according to the invention, consists in applying to the power transmission wires, the outer coating (1) of a polymer composite, consisting of a polymer and a material, which has magnetic properties in the amount of from 10% to 60% by weight and subsequently, the power transmission wire (2) with the applied outer layer (1) is being magnetized in the magnetic field, which lines are situated along the axis of element rolling, wherein the magnetic induction is equal to at least 2 tesla.

 Image forming apparatus, fixing device and fixing belt temperature control method which do not require subjecting a fixing belt to a heating test patent thumbnailnew patent Image forming apparatus, fixing device and fixing belt temperature control method which do not require subjecting a fixing belt to a heating test
A fixing device comprises a fixing belt heated through electromagnetic induction; a pressing roller; a plurality of temperature detection devices arranged along a width direction of the belt; and a control device consisting of a storage section and a control section and connecting with the detection devices and the heating device. The control section supplies a given output for the heating device when the belt is rotated initially, measures an initial temperature distribution of the belt on basis of a signal from the plurality of detection devices, and controls the output to the heating device on the basis of the initial distribution to control the initial distribution of the belt in a given range.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Estimating petrophysical parameters and invasion profile using joint induction and pressure data inversion approach

Methods and related systems are described relating to an inversion approach for interpreting the geophysical electromagnetic data. The inversion can be constrained by using a multiphase fluid flow simulator (incorporating pressure data if available) which simulates the fluid flow process and calculates the spatial distribution of the water saturation and the salt concentration, which are in turn transformed into the formation conductivity using a resistivity-saturation formula.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

new patent

Induction key, calibration system for induction keys, and calibration induction keys

A calibration system for induction keys includes a signal source and a computing device. The signal source is configured to generate a low frequency (lf) signal and a magnetic field signal at intervals.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

new patent

Led induction combination lighting system

A lighting system includes a reflector housing with a led light source having multiple leds and an induction light source located within the reflector housing.. .
American Green Technology, Inc.

new patent

Method for manufacturing high purity manganese and high purity manganese

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a high purity mn, the method comprising: placing a mn raw material in a magnesia crucible to perform melting with the use of a vacuum induction melting furnace (vim furnace) at a melting temperature of 1240 to 1400° c. Under an inert atmosphere of 500 torr or less; then adding calcium in a range between 0.5 and 2.0% of the weight of mn to perform deoxidation and desulfurization; casting the resultant in an iron mold after the completion of the deoxidation and desulfurization to manufacture an ingot; then placing the mn ingot in a skull melting furnace; reducing pressure to 10−5 torr or less with a vacuum pump; starting heating and keeping the mn in a molten state for 10 to 60 minutes; and then ending the melting reaction for obtaining a high purity metal mn.
Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

new patent

Compositions and methods for reprogramming hematopoietic stem cell lineages

Provided herein are compositions, methods, and kits for hematopoietic stem cell induction or for reprogramming cells to the multipotent state of hematopoietic stem cells. In some embodiments, the compositions comprise at least one hsc inducing factor.
Children's Medical Center Corporation

new patent

Sae 15w-30 lubricating oil composition having improved oxidative stability

We provide a sae 15w-30 lubricating oil, comprising: a group ii base oil having a kv at 100° c. From 5.0 to 8.0 mm2/s; a second group ii base oil having a kv at 100° c.
Chevron Oronite Company Llc

new patent

Dielectric enryption and endothermoic heating of additive manufacturing process using magnetic excitation and heatless induction sources

A feedstock material can be doped with magnetic particles, and an inductive coil can be used to induce an endothermic reaction within the feedstock material, due to the presence of the magnetic particles within the feedstock material, during the creation (or printing) of an object. An inductive coil can also be used to create magnetic fields for manipulating the position and/or orientation of the magnetic particles within the feedstock material before, in situ, and after the am process.

new patent

Method of induction and purification of a cell population responsible for vascular mimicry and use of same

The disclosure provides cancer stem cells responsible for vascular mimicry, for use in stimulating immune response against a cancer. Methods for preparing and purifying the cancer stem cells are provided..
Neostem Oncology, Llc


Charged particle induction from ionosphere to ground

A charged particle induction apparatus and method comprising a high power light emitting means, such as a laser array, in operable communication with a high energy output means to accomplish initiation of at least two concentric plasma channels in atmosphere extending from the earth's surface to the charge-rich upper atmosphere, including the ionosphere, for the transmission of charged particles therethrough to ground using the surrounding atmosphere as an insulator. The transmitted energy is drawn down (due to an artificially created potential) through the conductive plasma channels to collection means..
Glenn Lane Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership


Roll with induction heater, and devices and methods for using

A roll with an inductively-heatable layer and with an induction heater disposed within an interior space of the roll so that the induction heater does not move with the rotation of the roll; and, devices and methods for using such a roll.. .
3 M Innovative Properties Company


Induction heater

An induction heater includes a plurality of heating coils, a plurality of inverters, a plurality of switching circuits, command unit, sensor group, and container detection unit. The number of inverters supplying a high-frequency current to the heating coils is less than the number of heating coils.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Wireless charging systems

A wireless charging system includes a steering wheel including a wireless power transmission device that is configured to wirelessly transmit a wireless power signal based on a magnetic resonance technique or based on a magnetic induction technique and at least one wearable device including a wireless power reception device that is configured to wirelessly receive the wireless power signal to charge a battery included in the wearable device based on the wireless power signal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Supplying-end module for induction-type power supply system and signal analysis circuit therein

A signal analysis circuit for a supplying-end module includes a first voltage divider circuit, for attenuating a coil signal of a supplying-end coil; a first amplifier circuit, for obtaining parts of the attenuated coil signal higher than a reference voltage to output a half-wave signal; a first envelope detector, for performing envelope extraction on the half-wave signal to obtain a dc signal; a second voltage divider circuit, for attenuating the half-wave signal; a second amplifier circuit, for obtaining parts of the attenuated half-wave signal higher than the dc signal to output an amplified half-wave signal; a second envelope detector, for performing envelope extraction on the amplified half-wave signal to generate an envelope signal; a coupling capacitor, for filtering out the dc component of the envelope signal; a third voltage divider circuit, for combining the ac component of the envelope signal with a dc voltage to retrieve a trigger signal.. .
Fu Da Tong Technology Co., Ltd.


Directional coupler

A directional coupler includes a main line, a sub line, and a first parasitic element. The main line includes a first main line portion.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Magnetically permeable structures

An apparatus, a system and a method for wireless power transfer are disclosed. A method of forming a physical core of a wireless power transfer device includes positioning two or more electromagnetically permeable members adjacent to one another and applying longitudinal pressure to an end of the electromagnetically permeable members, the electromagnetically permeable members at least partially encapsulated in retaining compound.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Electromagnetic touch display device and manufacturing the same

The present disclosure provides an electromagnetic touch display device and a method for manufacturing the same. The electromagnetic touch display device includes a display device and an electromagnetic stylus.
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Heat-fixing device

A fixing device includes: a rotatable member including an electroconductive layer; a helical coil having a helical axis direction along a generatrix direction of said rotatable member; a magnetic member not forming a loop outside the electroconductive layer; a frequency setting portion for setting a frequency of an ac current caused to flow through said coil; and a temperature detecting portion for detecting a temperature of said rotatable member, including a first temperature detecting member and a second temperature detecting member. The electroconductive layer generates heat through electromagnetic induction heating by magnetic flux resulting from the ac current, and an image is fixed on a recording material by heat of said rotatable member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Fixing apparatus

A fixing apparatus includes a tubular rotation member including a conductive layer, a helical coil, a resonance circuit, including a resonance capacitor, formed with the rotation member and the coil, a resonance inverter configured to control the resonance circuit, and a control unit configured to control electric power supplied to the resonance inverter, wherein the conductive layer generates heat with electromagnetic induction caused by magnetic flux generated through the coil, wherein the control unit sets a driving frequency of the resonance inverter according to at least one of a size of the recording medium and a temperature of a non-sheet-passing portion of the rotation member, and wherein the control unit changes a resonance frequency of the resonance circuit according to the set driving frequency.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Fixing apparatus

A fixing apparatus configured to include a rotational member having a conductive layer, a coil having a helical shape, a resonance circuit including a resonance capacitor and configured to be formed together with the rotational member and the coil, a first converter driving the resonance circuit, a second converter used to control power to be supplied to the first converter, a frequency setting unit configured to set a driving frequency of the first converter according to at least one of a size of the recording material and a temperature at a sheet non-passing portion of the rotational member, and a power control unit controlling the second converter according to a temperature at a sheet passing portion of the rotational member to control the power to be supplied to the first converter from the second converter, wherein the conductive layer is caused to generate heat by electromagnetic induction.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Fixing device and image forming apparatus

A fixing device for fixing an image on a sheet, the fixing device includes a rotatable member having an electroconductive layer; a helical coil provided inside rotatable member and having a helix axis extending in a generatrix direction of the rotatable member; a magnetic member provided in inside a helical configuration portion formed by the coil, the magnetic member does not form a loop outside the rotatable member; and a controller for controlling electric power supplied to the coil, wherein the electroconductive layer generates heat by electromagnetic induction caused by magnetic flux produced by an alternating current through the coil to fix the image on the sheet by the heat from the rotatable member, and wherein the controller limits maximum electric power supplied to the coil, in accordance with a temperature of the magnetic member.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Fan supplemented induction unit

The present invention provides an induction unit having a primary air inlet area, a return air inlet area, and an outlet area. A baffle separates the housing of the induction unit into first and second air flow paths.
Nuclimate Air Quality Systems, Inc.


Applicator machine

An applicator machine and a process for heating and coating a section of pipeline. The applicator machine includes a frame configured to rotate about a section of pipeline to be heated and coated, rotating means operable to rotate the frame, and coating material applicators induction coils and radiant heaters mounted on the frame and rotatable therewith.
Pipeline Induction Heat Limited


Vacuum pump

An object is to reduce an adhesion amount of a product in a vacuum pump as a whole and effectively prevent occurrence of a trouble in a vacuum pump electric system due to a magnetic flux leak. A vacuum pump includes a rotor enclosed in a pump case, a rotating shaft fixed to the rotor, a supporting means that rotatably supports the rotating shaft, a driving means that rotates the rotating shaft, and thread-groove-exhaust-portion stators that form thread grove exhaust passages between the thread-groove-exhaust-portion stator and an outer circumferential side of or an inner circumferential side of the rotor.
Edwards Japan Limited


High performance turbo-hydraulic compressor

Use of the hydraulically driven device in a series configuration with a minimally restrictive turbocharger is defined which will allow a very responsive and powerful boosting system to reach boost levels of 4-5 pressure ratio (pr) to support and enable oem engine downsizing trends. An electric supercharger is also considered.


Methods and compositions related to t-cell activity

Embodiments concern methods and composition related to anergic t-cells in patients, such as cancer patients. T cell anergy is a hyporesponsive state induced by tcr engagement in the absence of costimulation (schwartz, 2003).
The University Of Chigaco


Ferrofluids absorbed on graphene/graphene oxide for eor

Magnetic materials, such as ferrofluids, are known to produce large amounts of heat per unit volume. Other magnetic materials include iron, iron oxide, iron carbide, iron nitride, cobalt-nickel alloy, iron-platinum alloy, cobalt-platinum alloy, iron-molybdenum alloy, iron-palladium alloy, cobalt ferrite, and combinations thereof.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Induction heating device for shaving and cosmetic applications

A dispenser for dispensing warmed shaving and cosmetic products having an induction heating system mounted within housing for heating only a conductive floating target screen disposed on an upper surface region of a shaving or cosmetic product stored within a product receptacle surrounded by an induction heating coil of the induction heating system thereby heating only the upper surface region of the product.. .
Alps Intellectual Property Management, Llc


Billet transfer line clean-out device and method

A processing line material clear out devices and methods are disclosed. The device is particularly useful for clearing metal billets from induction heating units, but may be used for many other processes having sequentially ordered materials traveling down a conveyor or other processing line.
Inter-power Corporation


Chemical method catalysed by ferromagnetic nanoparticles

A method for the heterogeneous catalysis of a chemical reaction using, in a reactor, at least one reagent and a catalytic composition that can catalyze the reaction within a given range of temperatures t. At least one reagent is brought into contact with the catalytic composition which includes a ferromagnetic nanoparticulate component whose surface is formed at least partially by a compound that is a catalyst for the reaction; the nanoparticulate component is heated by magnetic induction in order to reach a temperature within the range of temperatures t; and the reaction product(s) formed on the surface of the nanoparticulate component are recovered.
UniversitÉ Paul Sabatier Toulouse Iii


Rituximab induction therapy followed by glatiramer acetate therapy

The present invention provides a method of treating a subject afflicted with a form of multiple sclerosis or presenting a clinically isolated syndrome comprising periodic administration of an amount of an anti-cd20 antibody at least twice to the subject followed by periodic administration of an amount of glatiramer acetate to the subject, wherein the amounts are effective to treat the subject.. .
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.


Method for cancer immunotherapy and pharmaceutical compositions based on oncolytic non-pathogenic sendai virus

The invention relates to the field of immunology and medicine, more specifically, oncology, and can be useful for the treatment of patients with carcinomas and sarcomas. A pharmaceutical composition is provided which contains biologically active oncolytic sendai virus strain moscow pta-13024, and a method of treating patients with said malignancies is developed including administration of the said composition to a patient's body.


Induction heating cooker

An induction heating cooker is provided that has a plurality of heating coils arranged under a top plate, that has power consumption, heat generation, and unnecessary radiation suppressed at the time of detection of a load, and that requires a short time for detection of a load. In the induction heating cooker of this disclosure, two or more heating coils are at the same time selected depending on a position of an area operated on the operation section.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Induction heat generation roller device

The present disclosure, for the prevention of a possible degradation of an induction coil in insulating performance by preventing condensate formation on an induction coil, provides a device that is configured to include a roller main body, an induction heat generator provided in the roller main body and having the induction coil for heating the roller main body inductively, a cooling mechanism configured to introduce a coolant mist into a clearance portion between the roller main body and the induction heat generator for cooling the roller main body, an ac voltage application part configured to apply ac voltage to the induction coil, and a dc voltage application part configured to apply dc voltage to the induction coil.. .
Tokuden Co., Ltd.


Device federation

The present application is directed to device federation. Interaction between devices in a federation may be conducted using reduced security, while interactions with devices outside the federation may be conducted with a variable security up to a standard level of security that may be associated with a communication protocol.


Method and system for a battery charging station utilizing multiple types of power transmitters for wireless battery charging

A battery charging station is equipped with radio frequency power transmitters, induction power transmitters, and ultrasound power transmitters so as to concurrently charge electronic devices. The battery charging station is operable to network the electronic devices through wireless communication.
Golba Llc


Methods and systems for an integrated acoustic and induction logging tool

An integrated acoustic and induction logging tool enables efficient logging operations and reduces logging string length. In some of the disclosed embodiments, an integrated acoustic and induction logging tool includes a mandrel compatible with acoustic logging operations and induction logging operations.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Fluid manifold assembly

A fluid manifold includes: a main body defining a fluid pathway; and a plurality of ports coupled to the main body and in fluid communication with the fluid pathway, wherein each of the ports includes a first termination. Each first termination is configured to be coupled to a respective fluid coupler in a fluid tight manner using one or more of the following techniques: overmolding; sonic welding; spin welding; snap joints; heat welding; plastic welding; solvent bonding; vibration welding; and induction welding..
Colder Products Company


Novel peptide having 5 linked ctl epitopes

This invention provides a cancer antigen peptide that can be administered to a wide range of cancer patients in the form of a peptide vaccine for cancer without the need for hla typing and regardless of the hla types of patients. Such peptide having 5 linked ctl epitopes is obtained by linking 5 ctl epitope peptides selected from among ctl epitope peptides derived from tumor antigen molecules that are reported to have the capacity for ctl induction via linkers..
Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Induction heat sealed container closures

Container closures for bottles, cans, tubs, etc. Having a sloping or slanted flange on the container which matches a complementary flange on a closure cap.


Inline chemical induction system

An air dryer system to keep brakes free from ice and water. The air dryer system includes a canister having a side wall and a bottom defining an upwardly opening chamber.


Adaptive composite structure using shape memory alloys

Systems and processes that integrate thermoplastic and shape memory alloy materials to form an adaptive composite structure capable of changing its shape. For example, the adaptive composite structure may be designed to serve as a multifunctional adaptive wing flight control surface.
The Boeing Company


Measurement device for machining center

A computer numerical control (cnc) machining center is provided. The cnc machining center includes a spindle configured to receive a cutting tool having a tool mount.
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Induction heater coil accessory

An accessory work coil having flattened conductive material, such as flattened wire, for attachment to portable, handheld induction heaters.. .
Sarge Holding Co., Llc


Multi cooker

A cooking appliance and method for heating an item positioned on the appliance and used in food preparation or food serving or cooking. The appliance including: a chassis having an upper platform for supporting the item in use; an induction element located below the platform for heating the item when positioned on the appliance; a temperature sensing assembly having a temperature sensing element; the temperature sensing element providing a temperature signal indicative of a current temperature of the item; a user interface for enabling a user to select a desired temperature of the item in use; and a processor module that receives the temperature signal and controls power to the induction element for providing the desired temperature; wherein the temperature sensing assembly is exposed to a fan cooling path such that the temperature sensing element is selectively cooled from below..
Breville Pty Limited


Proximity based social networking

A system and method for proximity based social networking is disclosed between mobile computing devices each having a short range communication (src) device using near field magnetic induction. The src devices can include at least two antennas to provide magnetic induction diversity.
Radeum, Inc.


Speaker and diaphragm thereof

The instant disclosure provides a speaker which includes a support structure, a diaphragm, and a coil. The upper frame of the support structure has an opening formed thereon.
Cheng-yu Hsieh


Protection system and an electrical variable speed doubly fed induction machine

A protection relay which is configured to receive measurement values from the instrument transformers and to sample said measurements values at a constant sampling rate.. .


Fixing device and image forming apparatus with fixing device that ensure effective cooling of induction heating unit

A fixing device includes a housing, an induction heating unit, a first rotator, a second rotator, a shield member, an airflow generation unit, a cooling air path, and inlets. The shield member opposes the induction heating unit on a side thereof opposite from the first rotator.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Estimation of three-dimensional formation using multi-component induction tools

Various embodiments include apparatus and methods to utilize signals acquired from a multi-component induction tool operating in a wellbore. The acquired signals can be correlated to an apparent conductivity of a formation and mapped to components of the apparent conductivity tensor conductivity.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Magnetic sensing apparatus, magnetic induction method and preparation process thereof

A magnetic sensing apparatus includes a third direction magnetic sensing component. The third direction magnetic sensing component includes: a substrate having groove in its surface; a magnetic conductive unit, and an inducing unit.
Qst Corporation [cn/cn]


Method of screening a drug such as insulin secretagogue

The screening method of the present invention is useful for screening drugs such as insulin secretagogues having an insulin secretagogue activity with minimized side effects (hypoglycemia induction, etc.). The transformant in which a polynucleotide encoding the fusion protein used for the screening method is introduced, the screening kit comprising the transformant, etc.
Jnc Corporation


Cutoff mechanism comprising a bar carrying a permanent magnet

Cutoff mechanism for a motor vehicle headlight, that has a bar formed by an obturation plate carried by a movable appliance configured so as to move the plate in a plane and thus obscure a light beam to a greater or lesser extent so as to change the optical operating mode, further having a mechanism for actuating the movable appliance using an electromagnet having an induction coil associated with a ferromagnetic core, wherein the electromagnet has at least one ferromagnetic core fixed with respect to its induction coil and in that the movable appliance has at least one permanent magnet configured so as to cooperate magnetically with the ferromagnetic core.. .
Aml Systems


Linear faraday induction generator for the generation of electrical power from ocean wave kinetic energy and arrangements thereof

A linear generator includes a permanent magnet array having at least two magnets arranged end-to-end. A set of conductive coils is arranged around the permanent magnet array.


Intake manifold overpressure compensation for internal combustion engines

Systems and methods for intake manifold overpressure compensation for internal combustion engines with gaseous induction fuel systems are disclosed. The systems and methods include a connecting element that extends between and fluidly connects the downstream ends of first and second intake manifold banks of the internal combustion engine..
Cummins Inc.


System and cleaning air induction path of internal combustion engine

A system and method for cleaning deposits, such as carbon build-up, from an air induction path of a motor vehicle engine. A reservoir mounted onboard the vehicle is in fluid communication with the induction path and contains a cleaning solution.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Forced induction device for a combustion engine, combustion engine and operating a combustion engine

Exhaust gas from a first outlet port (5) of a cylinder (3) of a combustion engine (2) can flow through the first turbocharger (7), and exhaust gas from a second outlet port (6) of the cylinder (3) can flow through the second turbocharger (17). A first connecting duct (28) can supply the second turbine (19) with exhaust gas from the first turbine (9).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Method for producing a fixation belt

An electromagnetic induction heating element includes a first heating layer 11 formed of electrocast nickel and having an endless-belt-like form; a second heating layer 12 formed of a non-magnetic material; and a coating layer 13 having a thickness of 3 μm or less, wherein the first heating layer 11, the second heating layer 12, and the coating layer 13 are sequentially stacked.. .
Synztec Co., Ltd.


Wire heating system and wire heating method

A wire heating system includes an induction heating apparatus having a power supply and an induction coil arranged to heat a wire rod by an induction heating using current supplied from the power supply, and a controller configured to control the current to be supplied to the induction coil based on a feeding speed of the wire rod. The induction heating apparatus has a heating section in which the wire rod is heated by the induction heating using the induction coil, and a soaking section located downstream of the heating section to homogenize the temperature distribution of the induction-heated wire rod.
Neturen Co., Ltd.


Roughly shaped material for induction hardened components and producing same

A roughly shaped material for induction hardened components including: a. Steel as a base metal including, as a chemical composition, by mass %, c: 0.35% to 0.6%, si: 0.02% to 2.0%, mn: 0.30% to 1.5%, al: 0.001% to 0.5%, cr: 0.05% to 2.0%.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Antigen-specific helper t-cell receptor genes

The present invention pertains to polynucleotides that encode cdr3 in tcr-[alpha] and tcr-[beta] chain genes of cd4+ helper t-cells that are specific to wt1 helper peptides having an amino acid sequence represented by seq id no: 123. The present invention further pertains to the peptides encoded by said polynucleotides.
International Institute Of Cancer Immunology, Inc.


Lim-assisted air bearing in a transportation system

A transportation system is disclosed that includes a monorail (or other vehicle) along a column-supported rail wherein a linear induction motor's (‘lim’) connection to an assembly, to which the monorail/vehicle is attached, enables the lim to essentially assist an air bearing, positioned between the rail and assembly, such that less air pressure is required. In some embodiments, a control system assists in adjusting the air pressure supplied—e.g., based on lim data and/or weight (of vehicle and/or cargo).


In-situ induction cured radius filler

A method for manufacturing a radius filler. The radius filler having a desired cross-sectional shape is formed.
The Boeing Company


Methods and compositions for inducing apoptosis by stimulating er stress

The present invention provides a method for inducing apoptosis in selected cells by aggravating er-stress. The aggravation of er-stress is achieved in a specific manner by inhibiting serca (sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase), leading to elevated level of cytoplasmic calcium concentration, yet without inhibiting the activity of cox-2 (cyclooxygenase-2) or triggering the release of histamine.
University Of Southern California


Induction hob

An induction hob including in a stacked arrangement a coil carrier plate (2), an induction coil (3) and a cooktop plate (4). The induction coil (3) is supported on the coil carrier plate (2) by at least one elastic, in particular resilient, support element (5) which is made from an electrically insulating material.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Radio frequency tranceiver front-end device

In an rf transceiver front-end device that operates in a receiving mode, a first transformer circuit generates, based on an external rf signal received by an antenna, a first induction signal that passes through a switch unit, and that is amplified by a low noise amplifier circuit and then demodulated by a demodulation circuit to thereby generate a reception signal. When the rf transceiver front-end device is in a transmitting mode, a power amplifier circuit generates, based on a modulated signal generated by a modulation circuit through modulation of an external transmission signal, an amplified output.
National Taiwan University


Method and device for torque generation based on electromagnetic effect

A method and device of torque generation based on electromagnetic effect is provided. An electromagnetic torque whose direction is opposite to the motor driving direction is generated in a magnetic field when a motor-drive armature winding is adopted based on the electro-magnetic induction principle.
Beijing University Of Technology


Current transformer system with sensor ct and generator ct separately arranged in parallel in electric power line, and integrated system for controlling same in wireless communications network

A current transformer system according to the present invention includes: a sensor ct detachably attached to an electric power transmission/distribution line for detecting the current flowing through the power line by means of electromagnetic induction; a generator ct detachably attached to an electric power transmission/distribution line for generating power by means of electromagnetic induction; and a microprocessor for controlling the sensor ct and the generator ct. According to the present invention, the generator ct is used as the main power source so as to perform independently power supply and facilitate the construction of an additional source in need of additional power..
Tera Energy System Solution Co. Ltd


Image heating apparatus

An image heating apparatus to heat an image formed on a recording material includes a cylindrical rotatable member having a conductive layer, a coil having a helically shaped portion which is helically wound in a generatrix direction of the rotatable member inside the rotatable member, and a magnetic core disposed inside the helically shaped portion. The coil, which includes a number of turns, produces an alternating magnetic field to cause the conductive layer to generate heat by electromagnetic induction.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Dip correction for array induction tool data

A system and method of correcting induction logging data for relative dip, wherein an induction logging tool is utilized to collect initial induction logging data at a plurality of frequencies. The initial induction logging data is then corrected for skin effect and borehole effect, after which, inversion is performed on the processed induction logging data to determine a dip effect correction.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Air induction systems for internal combustion engines

Air induction systems are for an internal combustion engine. The air induction systems comprise an air intake plenum that conducts intake airflow to an air cleaner for cleaning prior to combustion in the internal combustion engine.
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.


Method for manufacturing high purity manganese and high purity manganese

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a high purity mn, the method comprising: placing a flake-like electrolytic mn raw material in a magnesia crucible to perform melting with the use of a vacuum induction melting furnace (vim furnace) at a melting temperature of 1240 to 1400° c. Under an inert atmosphere of 500 torr or less; then adding calcium in a range between 0.5 and 2.0% of the weight of mn to perform deoxidation and desulfurization; casting the resultant in an iron mold after the completion of the deoxidation and desulfurization to manufacture an ingot; then placing the mn ingot into a magnesia crucible to perform melting with the use of a vacuum induction melting furnace (vim furnace) at a melting temperature, which is adjusted to 1200 to 1450° c.
Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation


Method for producing a corrosion-resistant steel sheet

A method for producing a corrosion-resistant steel sheet made of an unalloyed or low-alloy and cold-rolled steel having a carbon content of less than 0.1 wt %. The method includes the following steps: applying a metal coating to the steel sheet; annealing the coated steel sheet in a recrystallizing manner by heating the coated steel sheet to temperatures in the recrystallization range by electromagnetic induction in an inert-gas atmosphere; and quenching the coated and annealed steel sheet.
Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein Gmbh


Compositions and methods to enhance protein expression

The present invention relates to methods, compositions and kits for increasing expression of transfected genes through the use of super-induction nucleic acid sequences, including highly structured rna. In particular, co-transfection of super-induction nucleic acid sequences including, for example, shrna encoding sequences, retroviral elements, and (in other embodiments) va-rna encoding sequences, is contemplated for enhancing the expression of co-transfected transgenes in a cell.
The Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Method for suppressing teratoma formation via selective cell death induction in undifferentiated human-induced pluripotent stem cells

According to the present invention, the present invention makes it possible to effectively selectively cause apoptosis only of undifferentiated induced pluripotent stem cells by causing induced pluripotent stem cells to differentiate into specific differentiated cells and then carrying out culturing in a differentiating culture medium comprising quercetin or ym-155, and, in the induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation method according to the present invention, only undifferentiated induced pluripotent stem cells that are a cause of teratoma formation are selectively caused to die, and thus differentiated differentiating cells are completely unaffected. In other words, the invention can be expected to ensure safety as the possibility of tumor formation during clinical use as a cell therapeutic agent is eliminated since the survival and functioning of the differentiated cells is maintained unchanged..


Container closure with tamper evidence

A closure (2) for a container body (4) comprises a base (6) with a hinged lid (8). The base has a depending skirt (10) and a flange (12).
Bapco Closures Research Ltd.


Closure assembly for squeeze bottle comprising a thermoplastic valve

A closure assembly includes a valve for containing a substance in a squeeze bottle, a multi-layer material for providing a valve for such a closure assembly, a method for providing such a multi-layer material and a method for providing such a closure assembly. The closure assembly includes a closure cap with a cap part and a body part, a valve arranged in the body part of the closure cap, and an induction element.
Plasticum Netherlands B.v.


Cold lamination with radiation

A process for laminating a material layer to a support including: providing the support, applying the material layer to the support, a heat-activatable adhesive being applied to s side of the material layer facing the dimensionally stable support and/or to the side of the dimensionally stable support facing the material layer, pressing the flexible material layer and the dimensionally stable support together by means of a lower dimensionally stable mold half and an upper dimensionally stable mold half, irradiating the mold halves, the support and the material layer with electromagnetic radiation, in particular with microwave radiation, high-frequency radiation or induction radiation, whereby the adhesive is activated directly or indirectly.. .
Lisa Draexlmaier Gmbh


Induction infiltration and cooling of matrix drill bits

Zonal heating and cooling during the production of matrix drill bits may be achieved with a system that includes a cavity defined within a mold assembly having a central axis; reinforcing particles and a binder material disposed within the cavity; and a plurality of induction coils about a periphery of the mold assembly, each induction coil being spaced from each other along the height of the mold assembly, wherein a first induction coil of the plurality of induction coils is arranged proximal to a portion of mold assembly containing a portion of the reinforcing particles and a second induction coil of the plurality of induction coils is arranged proximal to a portion of the mold assembly containing a portion of the binder material.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Value stream process for forming vehicle rails from extruded aluminum tubes

A value stream process or method for forming vehicle rails from extruded aluminum tubes includes the steps of extruding an aluminum tube and hydroforming the extruded aluminum tube into a vehicle rail. More specifically, the method includes extruding the aluminum tube, bending the aluminum tube, preforming the aluminum tube, hydroforming the aluminum tube into a vehicle rail, trimming the vehicle rail to length and then artificially aging the rail followed by batch chemical pretreatment.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Self-sustaining-vibrational and acoustic piezoelectric resonator-acoustic refigeration core generator of electricity, heating and cooling - ss-vaper-arc

A self-sustaining-extensible-multi-stage-vibrational-and-acoustic-piezoelectric-resonator-acoustic-refrigeration-core generator of electricity, heating and cooling comprises a plurality of acoustically-driven mechanically-coupled tuned-closed-column-resonator-tuned-helmholtz-resonator-piezo-poly-passive-radiator-electromagnetic-induction-circuit vibrational-and-acoustic-piezoelectric-resonator-acoustic-refrigeration-core systems that mechanically amplifies induced sound pressure levels via standing wave resonance such that the anti-node/s of the natural resonant frequency/ies in the tuned-closed-column-resonator/s occur/s in the plane/s consistent with the coupling port/s of the attached tuned-helmholtz resonator/s acoustically driving the tuned-helmholtz resonator/s such that standing wave resonance occurs within the tuned-helmholtz resonators one wall of which is a piezo-poly-passive-radiator connecting the preceding stage to the proceeding stage finally driving the axial-regenerating-stack acoustic-refrigeration-core/s of physical parameters such that standing wave resonance occurs within the acoustic-refrigeration-core such that the hot-heat-exchanger is in the center of the cavity and the cold-heat-exchanger is at the second end of the cavity protruding from the fluid-water-filled containment vessel designed to minimize vibrational translation to external environments, provide system cooling and produce steam driving mechanical-electrical turbines and for heating.. .


Illumination system for a sports ball

An illuminated sports ball can be used for both recreational purposes and to aid in training athletes. The ball has interior light source(s), a power source and at least one window from which the light source(s) can be seen.


Hemostatic compositions

A cross linked recombinant gelatin composition for the induction of blood coagulation and hemostasis.. .
Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.v.


Modulation of telomere length in telomerase positive cells and cancer therapy

induction of telomere shortening, g2 arrest and apoptosis in telomerase positive cancer cells using acyclic nucleoside analogs has been disclosed. In addition, methods for impairment or prevention of tumorigenic telomerase positive cells from having a chance to grow into a tumor and methods for promoting tumor regression (decrease in size of an established tumor) using acyclic nucleoside analogs has been disclosed..
Alt Solutions, Inc.


Compositions and methods relating to induction of intestinal stem cell homeogenesis and/or regeneration

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for inducing intestinal stem cell homeogenesis and/or regeneration within intestinal tissue expressing robo1 through administration of a rspo1 agent and a slit2 agent. Administration of such agents results in, for example, binding of the rspo1 agent and slit2 agent with robo1, resulting in, for example, binding of the cc3 motif of robo1 with lrp6, resulting in phosphorylation of lrp6, and ultimately, induction of intestinal stem cell homeogenesis and/or regeneration.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Rotating induction grow light system

A rotating induction growth light system and method are disclosed. The rotating induction growth light includes a mounting bracket assembly and a light source assembly rotatably coupled to the mounting bracket assembly.
Greengro Holding Corp.


Induction cook-top apparatus

An induction stove assembly that utilizes pads between the cook-top of the stove and cooking vessels placed on the stove for heating. The pads are easily removable and interchangeable with other similar pads.


Bluetooth beacon transmission

There is provided a radio device, comprising: a bluetooth circuitry configured to generate and advertise a blue-tooth beacon signal having frame format according to the bluetooth standard; a proximity communication circuitry configured to receive configuration commands wirelessly from a physically separate user device over a magnetic induction-based proximity communication; and at least one processor and at least one memory including a computer program code, wherein the at least one memory and the computer pro-gram code are configured, with the at least one processor, to cause the radio device to perform operations comprising: reconfiguring at least part of data content of the bluetooth beacon signal on the basis of the received configuration commands, wherein the data content of the bluetooth beacon signal is set to comprise at least physical activity related information.. .
Polar Electro Oy

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