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Induction patents


This page is updated frequently with new Induction-related patent applications.

 Customized retainer for induction heating coil patent thumbnailnew patent Customized retainer for induction heating coil
An induction heating apparatus for heat-treating a joint disposed between two work pieces. The apparatus may include a retainer that has an inner surface.
Caterpillar Inc.

 System of controlling induction electric motor patent thumbnailnew patent System of controlling induction electric motor
In some embodiments, a system of controlling an induction electric motor, includes a command voltage output unit for generating a command voltage for operating an inverter according to a command speed and outputting the generated command voltage to the inverter; a control unit for controlling the command voltage output unit such that the command voltage output to the inverter is compared with an operation limiting voltage and the command voltage is corrected to fall within the operation limiting voltage; and the inverter for controlling the induction electric motor depending on the corrected command voltage. Thus, it is possible to precisely control the induction electric motor even in a high speed operation region by regulating the magnitude of the command voltage applied to the induction electric motor by means of dynamic modulation strategies without the magnetic flux controller..
Lsis Co., Ltd.

 Hybrid ac and dc distribution system and  use patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid ac and dc distribution system and use
A hybrid ac and dc distribution system includes a doubly fed induction generator (dfig), a dc distribution bus, an ac/dc converter, an ac distribution bus, and a dc/ac converter. The dfig includes a rotor and a stator, and is configured to generate a first ac power at the rotor and a second ac power at the stator.
General Electric Company

 Electrostatic energy storage device and preparation method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Electrostatic energy storage device and preparation method thereof
The present invention discloses an electrostatic energy storage device and a preparation method thereof. The device comprises at least one electrostatic energy storage unit, wherein each electrostatic energy storage unit is provided with a five-layer structure and comprises two metal film electrodes which form a capacitor, composite nano insulating film layers attached to the inner sides of the two metal film electrodes, and a ceramic nano crystalline film arranged between the composite nano insulating film layers.

 Inductor patent thumbnailnew patent Inductor
An inductor for induction thermography may be designed, in at least one section, as a rectangularly wound conductor that includes a closed conductor loop which, except for a conductor forming the conductor loop, is free from electrical components.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Induction type power supply system and intruding metal detection method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Induction type power supply system and intruding metal detection method thereof
A method used for an induction type power supply system, for detecting whether an intruding metal exists in a power transmission range of the induction type power supply system, includes interrupting at least one driving signal of the induction type power supply system to stop driving a supplying-end coil of the induction type power supply system; obtaining a first attenuation slope during a first period when driving of the supplying-end coil is stopped, and obtaining a second attenuation slope during a second period when driving of the supplying-end coil is stopped; and determining whether the intruding metal exists in the power transmission range of the induction type power supply system according to the first attenuation slope and the second attenuation slope.. .
Fu Da Tong Technology Co., Ltd.

 Icp analyzer patent thumbnailnew patent Icp analyzer
An icp analyzer 100 includes a self-oscillation radio-frequency power supply unit 120 for supplying radio-frequency power for generating plasma to an induction coil 111 wound around a plasma torch 110. To check the type of plasma torch 110, the analyzer 100 further includes: a frequency measurement section 121 for measuring an output frequency of the power supply unit 120; a storage unit 190 holding a reference output frequency for each type of plasma torch; and a torch checker 132 for determining whether or not the output frequency measured by the frequency measurement section 121 after the plasma is lit agrees with any one of the reference output frequencies, and for giving notification of the determination result..
Shimadzu Corporation

 Real-time fusion of ultrasound and eddy current data during non-destructive examination patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time fusion of ultrasound and eddy current data during non-destructive examination
Apparatus and methods for real-time fusion of data acquired using ultrasonic and eddy current area sensors during nondestructive examination. The ultrasonic data is acquired using an array of ultrasonic transducer elements configured to enable the production and display of a c-scan of a small area.
The Boeing Company

 Electrostatic lock patent thumbnailnew patent Electrostatic lock
An electrostatic lock (esl) relates to devices for fixing and holding in a fixed state, relative to one another, individual parts or elements of various mechanisms and devices. An esl provides the possibility of subsequent disengagement and functions by means of the electrostatic (coulomb) force of attraction between electrodes charged with opposite electrical charges and separated by a thin layer of a dielectric material.

 Vehicle and vehicle step apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle and vehicle step apparatus
A vehicle includes a vehicle body; a door moveable between an opened position and a closed position, a step moveable between an extending position and a retracting position, a driving device for moving the step between the extending position and the retracting position, a magnetic member, an emitter, a receiver and a controller. The magnetic member is mounted on one of the vehicle body and the door, and the magnetic induction member is magnetically coupled with the magnetic member so as to generate a signals.
T-max (hangzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd

new patent

Systems and methods for processing fluids

A vortex reactor includes a reactor body having first and second ends, with one or more inlet ports coupled to the first end. The reactor is configured to form one or more vortices in a fluid passed into the reactor.
Cetamax Ventures Ltd.

new patent

Procaspase 3 activation by combination therapy

The invention provides compositions and methods for the induction of cell death, for example, cancer cell death. Combinations of compounds and related methods of use are disclosed, including the use of compounds in therapy for the treatment of cancer and selective induction of apoptosis in cells.
Vanquish Oncology, Inc.

new patent

Coffee bean roaster

A coffee bean roaster includes a metal drum, an insulation board, and a coil. The insulation board is attached to a portion of the metal drum.
Aillio Limited

System and processing solids and liquids

A magnetic induction heating element is used for outputting a magnetic field corresponding to an electrical current passing through the magnetic induction element. The magnetic induction element is placed close to or attached to a vessel in which a material containing a mixture of solids and liquids is to be processed to reduce the volume of liquid in the solid through evaporation.

Magnetic sensor and an integrated circuit

The present teaching relates to a method/apparatus for a magnetic sensor. The apparatus of the magnetic sensor resides in a housing and includes an input port and an output port, both extending from the housing.
Johnson Electric S.a.

Magnetic sensor and an integrated circuit

The present teaching relates to a magnetic sensor that comprises a housing, an input port and an output port, both extending from the housing and the input port being connected to an external alternating current (ac) power supply, and an electrical circuit. The electrical circuit comprises an output control circuit coupled with the output port and configured to be responsive to a magnetic induction signal to control the magnetic sensor to operate in a state in which a load current flows through the output port when a predetermined condition is satisfied, and operate in another state when the predetermined condition is not satisfied.
Johnson Electric S.a.

Apparatus and wireless power transfer in furniture

An article of furniture having an internal frame and an upholstery covering is provided with at least one transmitting resonator carried by said frame and disposed at least partially beneath said upholstery covering. The resonator is tuned for resonance at a predetermined frequency and driven by a high frequency power source also carried by said frame.
La-z-boy Incorporated

Field-stabilized induction heating

Methods and systems for the uniform induction heating of forming dies, where the forming die may be heated by an induction coil in conjunction with a pair of electromagnetic (em) field stabilizers, each em field stabilizer configured to be adjacent one end of the forming die while the forming die is within the induction heating coil.. .
The Boeing Company

Combination antenna

Disclosed is an antenna apparatus including a radio frequency (rf) antenna, a magnetic induction (mi) antenna disposed within the rf antenna, and electronic circuitry to receive and process audio received from at least one of the rf antenna and mi antenna.. .
Nxp B.v.

Multi-functional chopsticks for children

The multifunctional chopsticks comprise an intelligent control device having a sensor module, a pressure induction module, a timing module, a voice module, a communication module and a power module; the sensor module is arranged at one end of the chopstick body and connected with the timing module, the pressure induction module is arranged on the middle upper portion of the chopstick body and also connected with the timing module; the voice module, the communication module and the power module are arranged at the other end of the chopstick body; the voice module is connected with the sensor module, the timing module and the pressure induction module; and the voice module is connected with the communication module and the power module. The pair of multifunctional chopsticks for children can help the children to use the chopsticks correctly, enables parents to learn about the children's dining habits and obtain specific food information..

Transparent capacitive touchscreen device overlying a mechanical component

An analog timepiece with smart watch functions is provided that has an overlay full color display and a transparent mode when the smart watch features are not in use. The transparent display mode exposes the underlying analog watch, which operates on a separate power supply then the smart watch functions and display.

Fuze setting apparatus

An electronic fuze system comprising a fuze setter (110) and electronic fuze (112), wherein signals are transmitted between the fuze setter (110) and the electronic fuze (112) by a radio-frequency electromagnetic coupling link which facilitates data transmission via a wireless communication standard between a first induction-loop antenna (116) and a second induction-loop antenna (118) driven by the electronic fuze.. .
Bae Systems Plc

Wireless communication system for monitoring of subsea well casing annuli

A method for monitoring a condition in at least one of a plurality of casing annuli in a subsea hydrocarbon production system having a wellhead housing mounted at the upper end of a well bore and a number of concentric well casings extending from the wellhead housing through the well bore, including an innermost casing through which a hydrocarbon fluid is produced. The plurality of casing annuli are defined between successive ones of the wellhead housing and the well casings.
Fmc Technologies, Inc.

Temperature control apparatus of hot-rolling mill

A temperature control apparatus of a hot-rolling mill according to the present invention extracts a high-frequency component, a medium-frequency component, and a low-frequency component from a deviation between a calculated value or a measured value of a material temperature in a temperature managing position set on an outlet side of the hot-rolling mill and a given temperature target value. The temperature control apparatus then corrects a reference value of electric power of an induction heating device set to an electric power changing device based on the high-frequency component, corrects a reference value of a cooling water flow rate set to a flow rate changing device based on the medium-frequency component, and corrects a reference value of a roll rotation speed set to a speed changing device based on the low-frequency component..
Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

Cooking apparatus

The present disclosure relates to a cooking apparatus having a base; a cooking container configured on the base; and a top lid that is configured to cover the cooking container so as to allow multiple modes of cooking, wherein the top lid is coupled with at least one magnetron that acts as a source of microwaves, such that in at least a first configuration, covering of the top lid enables microwave cooking using the magnetron, and in at least a second configuration, the cooking container is used to enable any or a combination of induction, open flame, radiation, convection, and conduction cooking.. .

Automatically detachable collar pendant system

The automatically detachable collar pendant system is structured so that when the system receives a signal, one end of the collar is released from the rest of the collar body, thereby unfastening the collar and allowing the collar to fall off of a target animal. The “signal” may comprise a magnetic or induction heat signal.

Induction cooking hob

An induction cooking heater including an inductor having a number of magnetic field concentration bars located beneath the inductor. The inductor having the magnetic field concentration bars is supported by a polymeric frame.
Whirlpool Corporation

Induction cooking plate and production method

The present invention likewise pertains to an induction cooking appliance incorporating said plate and to a method for producing said plate.. .

Magnetic induction network device

A network device has a housing, a magnetic induction charger, a wireless data link and a processor. The housing has one or more sides.
Google Inc.

Wireless charging system having different charging modes

Provided is a wireless charging system having different wireless modes, the system comprising: a method of providing a coil having different charging modes in one set, which is performed by providing separate coils or providing a lead wire in the middle of one coil, when the coil having at least two different charging modes is provided in the one set in a receiver for the wireless charging system using non-contact magnetic induction, wherein when one charging mode is selected for one coil set, a status value of the coil for transmitting and receiving wireless power energy is detected, thereby enabling the one charging mode to be selected, and different to charging modes is mounted in one wireless charging system so that a charging mode appropriate for optimum conditions can be selected according to states and charging conditions wireless power transmitting and receiving devices.. .
Kthepower Inc.

Antenna structure and wireless communication device using the same

A wireless communication device includes a metallic housing and an antenna structure. The antenna structure includes a feed end and a radiator.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Fiberoptic tuned-induction sensors for downhole use

A method of sensing electromagnetic (em) fields downhole may include filtering a voltage signal induced in a coil antenna by an em field to produce a filtered signal, said filtering being performed by a resonance tuning filter, and applying the filtered signal to a piezoelectric element to modify a strain of an optical fiber. A sensing system may include a cable deployed downhole and coupled to an interface unit.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Electric induction furnace lining wear detection system

An electric induction furnace for heating and melting electrically conductive materials is provided with a lining wear detection system that can detect replaceable furnace lining wear when the furnace is properly operated and maintained. In some embodiments of the invention the lining wear detection system utilizes an electrically conductive wire assemblage embedded in a wire assemblage refractory disposed between the replaceable lining and the furnace's induction coil..
Inductotherm Corp.

Induction supply air terminal unit with increased air induction ratio, providing increased air induction ratio

The present invention relates to an induction supply air terminal device where primary air flow is used to induce a secondary air flow wherein the nozzles are provided in the form of a cluster arrangement, comprising one or more clusters of three or more nozzles each. The clusters can be arranged according to predetermined patterns depending on the pattern of air induction that is desired..
Desiccant Rotors International Private Ltd.

Chiral nucleic acid adjuvant having immunity induction activity, and immunity induction activator

The present invention relates to an adjuvant which comprises oligonucleotides which comprise two to four sequences each represented by 5′-x1cpg x2-3′ and has a length of 14 to 32 nucleotides, wherein a nucleic acid at 3′ end side of at least two cpg motifs is connected by phosphorothioate linkage, wherein each nucleic acids at 3′ end and 5′ end of the oligonucleotide is s type nucleic acids connected by phosphorothioate linkage, and wherein the oligonucleotide comprises at least one nucleic acid without phosphorothioate modification. The present invention relates to an immunity-inducible activator comprising the adjuvant..

Methods for forming three-dimensional human retinal tissue in vitro

The present invention relates to the field of stem cells. More specifically, the invention provides methods and compositions useful for forming three-dimensional human retinal tissue in vitro.
The Johns Hopkins University

Erotic dream induction apparatus

An erotic dream induction apparatus includes an inflatable air bladder, such as a rubber balloon, to induce sexual arousal via genital stimulation. The air bladder is brought into contact with either the penis or vagina of the user, and/or is inserted into the anus and/or vagina of the user.

Lentiviral vectors for generating immune responses against human t lymphotrophic virus type 1

The present invention relates to compositions, methods, and uses employing lentiviral vector particles for induction of an immune response by administration to a human, wherein the lentiviral vector particles comprise a lentiviral vector, wherein the dna of the lentiviral vector comprises a promoter directing expression of an htlv-1 tax and/or hbz antigen, and/or a p12i and/or p30ii antigen. The invention encompasses these vectors, methods of making the vectors, and methods of using them, including medicinal uses..

Cardiac myofibril induction

Methods and products for altering or promoting the development of heart tissue are disclosed. The methods include the use of nucleic acids of cardiogenic inducing factor for treating a subject having heart disease..
The Texas A & M University System

System and cooking a meat patty

One variation of a system for cooking food includes: a griddle module including a lower plate configured to receive a food product and an upper plate arranged over the lower plate and configured to contact the food product; a set of induction stations, each induction station including a lower coil configured to inductively couple to the lower plate when the griddle module is arranged in the induction station and an upper coil configured to inductively couple to the upper plate when the griddle module is arranged in the induction station; a hub configured to support the lower plate and the upper plate between the upper and lower coils of the induction stations and to sequentially position the griddle module through the set of induction stations; and a controller configured to drive the upper and lower coils to heat the food product between the lower plate and the upper plate.. .
Momentum Machines Company

Induction cooking hob including a number of induction coils

The present invention relates to an induction cooking hob (10) including a number of induction coils (12). Said induction coils (12) are arranged on the induction cooking hob (10) according to a predetermined scheme.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Cooking system

A cooking system for using a non-ferromagnetic pot to cook on an induction cooker includes an induction cooker that has a heating surface. A panel is positioned to abut the heating surface.

Induction motor-permanent magnet generator tandem configuration starter-generator for hybrid vehicles

Disclosed in the present invention is a tandem starter-generator construction that includes an induction motor-generator, a permanent magnet motor-generator and power transmission unit disposed adjacent to the motor-generators. The induction motor-generator is utilized predominantly as a motor to provide mechanical power at relatively high efficiency as a motor, and as a generator to provide electrical power during regenerative braking.
Altigreen Propulsion Labs Private Limited

Method for attaching a metal ring in a frame and induction coil obtained by said method

A method for attaching a metal ring (4) in a bore (3) of a frame (2) made of a different metal, wherein: the ring (4) is set in the bore (3) by way of high-energy forming suitable for urging an outer surface of the ring against the bore (3) with a speed capable of driving out any impurity from an interface between the ring and the frame; the interface between the ring (4) and the frame (2) is heated to a temperature and for a length of time that are determined in accordance with the respective materials of the ring and the frame such as to obtain diffusion welding between the outer surface of the ring and the bore. A single-turn coil for magnetic forming carried out by the method is also described..
Adm28 S.À.r.l.

Input apparatus

An input apparatus includes an input device, a support device, a reaction force generator and an adjustment structure. The reaction force generator includes a magnetic pole formation part, a coil, and a magnetic flux induction part, and that exerts electromagnetic force, which is generated by an application of current to the coil, on the input device as operation reaction force in a direction along the operation plane.
Denso Corporation

Fixing device

Disclosed is a cylindrical rotary member including a conductive layer; a coil disposed inside the rotary member, the coil including a helical portion having a helical axis that is substantially parallel to a generatrix direction of the rotary member, the coil forming an alternating magnetic field to generate heat in the conductive layer by electromagnetic induction; a core disposed inside the helical portion, the core inducing a line of magnetic force of the alternating magnetic field; a roller coming in contact with an outer surface of the rotary member to form a fixing nip portion; and a metal stay disposed inside the rotary member, in which an image on a recording material is fixed to the recording material by being heated at the fixing nip portion and the stay is disposed outside the coil and has a shape that does not form an electrical loop around the coil.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Electric induction furnace lining wear detection system

An electric induction furnace for heating and melting electrically conductive materials is provided with a lining wear detection system that can detect replaceable furnace lining wear when the furnace is properly operated and maintained.. .
Inductotherm Corp.

Air induction duct with integrated hydrocarbon adsorber

An air duct for an air induction system of a combustion engine. The air duct includes an air duct, a frame and a hydrocarbon adsorbing member.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Internal combustion engine with an adjustable volume induction chamber

An internal combustion engine (10) comprising: a piston (12) arranged to reciprocate within a cylinder (14); an adjustable volume induction chamber (50) communicating with the cylinder (14); an air inlet port (30) communicating (42) with the induction chamber (50), the air inlet port (30) being connectable, in use, to a pressurised air supply (38); an air inlet valve (32) configured to selectively open and close the air inlet port (30); and a fuel injector (70) communicating with the induction chamber (50), wherein the valve (32) and fuel injector (70) are together configured, in use, to deliver a charge comprising a fuel-air mixture into the induction chamber (50).. .

Specification of functional cranial placode derivatives from human pluripotent stem cells

Cranial placodes are embryonic structures essential for sensory and endocrine organ development. The efficient derivation of cranial placodes from human pluripotent stem cells is disclosed where the timed removal of the bmp inhibitor noggin, a component of the dual-smad inhibition strategy of neural induction, triggers placode induction at the expense of cns fates.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center

Inhibition of il-17 production

The invention concerns inhibition of the production of proinflammatory cytokine interleukin-17 (il-17) by t cells, using an antagonist of interleukin-23 (il-23). The invention further concerns the use of il-23 antagonists in the treatment of inflammatory diseases characterized by the presence of elevated levels of il-17.
Genentech, Inc.

Method for preparing basic zinc chloride

The present invention relates to a method for preparing basic zinc chloride, comprising the following steps: a: preparing raw materials: preparing zinc chloride solution, ammonia water and an induction system; b: performing synthesis: adding the zinc chloride solution and the ammonia water into the induction system in a parallel flow manner, and controlling the temperature to be 60.0-90.0° c.; after the feeding is finished, continuing to react for 20.0-40.0 minutes; and c: performing filtration, washing and drying: after filtering and washing the synthesized basic zinc chloride, drying the basic zinc chloride for 4.0-8.0 hours at 80-105° c. To obtain the basic zinc chloride product.
Dongjiang Environmental Co., Ltd.

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