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Induction patents

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Street lighting fixture having an induction lamp

Street lighting fixture having an induction lamp

Chamber-less thermal joining system

General Electric

Chamber-less thermal joining system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 System and  processing nmr signals patent thumbnailnew patent System and processing nmr signals
There is disclosed an nmr signal processing method for accurately estimating the intensities of p peaks of interest in an nmr spectrum by the use of a mathematical model that represents a time-domain, free induction decay (fid) signal obtained by an nmr measurement as a sum of q signal components. First, q parameters (each being a combination of a pole and a complex intensity) defining q signal components are estimated for each value of the estimation order q of the mathematical model while varying the value of the estimation order q (s34).
Jeol Ltd.
 Method and  monitoring an electromagnetic hydraulic valve for a variable valve timing system patent thumbnailnew patent Method and monitoring an electromagnetic hydraulic valve for a variable valve timing system
A method monitors an electromagnetic hydraulic valve for controlling a hydraulically adjustable valve gear of a reciprocating piston engine. The hydraulic valve includes an electromagnetic coil and a moving armature configured to connect a control port hydraulically to a high-pressure port or a low-pressure port, depending on an energization of the coil.
Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
 Control of growth-induction-production phases patent thumbnailnew patent Control of growth-induction-production phases
The present invention provides various combinations of genetic modifications to a transformed host cell that provide increase conversion of carbon to a chemical product. The present invention also provides methods of fermentation and methods of making various chemical products..
Opx Biotechnologies, Inc.
 Ion source of an ion implanter patent thumbnailnew patent Ion source of an ion implanter
An ion source uses at least one induction coil to generate ac magnetic field to couple rf/vhf power into a plasma within a vessel, where the excitation coil may be a single set of turns each turn having lobes or multiple separate sets of windings. The excitation coil is positioned outside and proximate that side of the vessel that is opposite to the extraction slit, and elongated parallel to the length dimension of the extraction slit.
Advanced Ion Beam Technology , Inc.
 Recombinant bacterium for induction of cellular immune response patent thumbnailnew patent Recombinant bacterium for induction of cellular immune response
The present invention provides a recombinant bacterium and methods of using the recombinant bacterium to induce a cellular immune response.. .
The Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University
 Street lighting fixture having an induction lamp patent thumbnailnew patent Street lighting fixture having an induction lamp
A street lighting fixtures and more particularly to a street lighting fixture having an induction lamp having an improved form and structure regarding the currently existing fixtures wherein the street lighting fixture comprising: a housing having a first end, a second end and an inner surface divided in a light reflector retaining portion and a ballast retaining portion; a reflector, attached to the inner surface of the housing, said reflector having a light source; an insulating panel, dividing the inner surface of the housing in a light reflector retaining portion and a ballast retaining portion; and a transparent cover, covering at least a portion of the light reflector retaining portion and the ballast retaining portion.. .
 Secondary coil of receiver for non-contact charging system patent thumbnailnew patent Secondary coil of receiver for non-contact charging system
Provided is a secondary coil (40) applied to an electromagnetic induction type non-contact charging system according to the present invention, the secondary coil including: a substrate (41); a first coil 42 stacked on one side of the substrate (41) and having a first internal space (42a) formed in its center; a second coil 43 stacked on the other side of the substrate (41) and having a second internal space (43a) formed in its center; a first additional pattern (44) electrically connected to the first coil (42); and a second additional pattern (45) electrically connected to the second coil (43), wherein the first internal space (42a) and the second internal space (43a) are not vertically aligned, but “are non-overlappingly arranged” to deviate by a predetermined distance in a horizontal direction.. .
 Receiver for wireless charging system patent thumbnailnew patent Receiver for wireless charging system
A receiver for a wireless charging system, capable of receiving power energy using non-contact type magnetic induction, includes a coil capable of receiving the power energy and a part for generating a predetermined output power from the power energy received by the coil, a portable terminal, an nfc coil further provided outside of the coil, and a ferrite sheet further provided at the coil and the nfc coil.. .
Kthepower Inc.
 Circuitry for inductive power transfer patent thumbnailnew patent Circuitry for inductive power transfer
Circuitry for use in a primary unit of an inductive power transfer system to generate an electromagnetic field so as to transfer power wirelessly by electromagnetic induction to one or more secondary units of the system, the or each secondary unit being separable from the primary unit, the circuitry comprising: a plurality of drivable portions, each portion comprising a primary coil or a dummy coil; driving means operable to supply both or at least two of said portions with drive signals so as to cause those driven portions that have a said primary coil to generate said electromagnetic field; and control means operable, in dependence upon a feedback signal indicative of a characteristic of the primary or dummy coil of one or more of the driven portions, to control the circuitry so as to tend to regulate said feedback signal, wherein the circuitry is configured so that; those portions that are driven are connected together in parallel and have a tuned resonant response; and said control tends to regulate such a characteristic of each of said driven coils.. .
Access Business Group International Llc
 Systems, apparatus, and methods for quantifying power losses due to induction heating in wireless power receivers patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, apparatus, and methods for quantifying power losses due to induction heating in wireless power receivers
Systems, methods and apparatus are disclosed for detecting power losses due to induction heating in wireless power receivers. In one aspect, an apparatus for wireless power transfer comprises a power transfer component configured to transmit wireless power to a wireless power receiver at a power level sufficient to charge or power a load.
Qualcomm Incorporated
new patent

Winding arrangements in wireless power transfer systems

Systems, methods and apparatus for wireless power transfer and particularly wireless power transfer to remote systems such as electric vehicles are disclosed. In one aspect an induction coil is provided comprising a plurality of substantially co-planar coils formed from one or more lengths of conducting material, each length of conducting material being electrically connectable at each end to a power source or battery, and wherein at least one of the lengths of conducting material is continuously wound around two or more of the coils.
Auckland Uniservices Ltd.
new patent

Power supply device, power reception device, and power supply/reception device

A power supply unit is a power supply device that supplies power to a power reception device using electromagnetic induction. The power supply unit has a power supply coil in which planar coils that are formed by winding respective wire materials around the same point in the same plane are arranged from an inner side to an outer side in the radial direction.
Lequio Power Technology Corp.
new patent

Method for 3-d printing a custom bone graft

A method for producing bone grafts using 3-d printing is employed using a 3-d image of a graft location to produce a 3-d model of the graft. This is printed using a 3-d printer and an ink that produces a porous, biocompatible, biodegradable material that is conducive to osteoinduction.
new patent

Temperature-control station with heating by induction

A temperature-control station of a thermoforming assembly for hot forming and press hardening a metallic structure includes a heat source in the form of at least one flat inductor which is provided on a lower tool and/or upper tool. A temperature-control plate is placed upon the inductor for support of the structure.
Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh
new patent

Chamber-less thermal joining system

Various embodiments of the invention include solutions for chamber-less thermal joining. A first aspect includes a system for performing a thermal joining of a joint space defined by a metallic part without an environmental chamber thereabout.
General Electric Company
new patent

Flow-through cavitation-assisted rapid modification of crude oil

A device and method are provided for manipulating petroleum, non-conventional oil and other viscous complex fluids made of hydrocarbons that comprise enforcement of fluid in a multi-stage flow-through hydrodynamic cavitational reactor, subjecting said fluids to a controlled cavitation and continuing the application of such cavitation for a period of time sufficient for obtaining desired changes in physical properties and/or chemical composition and generating the upgraded products. The method includes alteration of chemical bonds, induction of interactions of components, changes in composition, heterogeneity and rheological characteristics in order to facilitate handling, improve yields of distillate fuels and optimize other properties..
Cavitation Technologies,inc.
new patent

Method for diagnosing a tank venting valve

A method for diagnosing a tank venting valve. This includes measuring a first pressure p1 in the induction pipe of an internal combustion engine; activating the tank venting valve so as to open; measuring a second pressure p2 in the induction pipe of the internal combustion engine after the opening activation of the tank venting valve; calculating a control value k by subtracting the first induction pipe pressure p1 from a second induction pipe pressure p2 and adding a correction pressure pk, which is calculated from the leakage air adaptation of an internal combustion engine; and detecting a defect of the tank venting valve, when the control value k falls below a threshold value..

Methods for polymer synthesis

The present invention provides methods for reducing induction periods in epoxide-co2 copolymerizations. In certain embodiments, the methods include the step of contacting an epoxide with co2 in the presence of two catalysts: an epoxide hydrolysis catalyst and an epoxide co2 copolymerization catalyst.
Novomer, Inc.

Method of culturing e. coli cells for high density

Disclosed is a method of culturing e. Coli cells for high density, comprising a cell growth step and an expression induction step by which a maximum of cell mass can be obtained with the concomitant maximum expression of a recombinant protein.
Hanmi Science Co., Ltd.

Lens forming apparatus

The invention provides a lens forming apparatus that can suppress generation of burrs even if gaps between outer walls of an upper die and a lower die and an inner wall of a trunk die is made wide. A lens forming apparatus 11 according to the present invention includes a trunk die 12 having a through-hole 17 therein; first and second dies 13 and 14 that are fitted into the through-hole 17 from both ends thereof, respectively, and have pressing surfaces 20 and 30 for sandwiching and pressing a forming material 24; and induction-heating coils 15 and 16 that heat the first and second dies 13 and 14 to a temperature equal to or higher than a glass transition point, in a state where the trunk die 12 is not heated and the temperature thereof is set to a temperature equal to or lower than the glass transition point..
Fujifilm Corporation

Active bleed for airfoils

An airfoil active bleed system and related method. A housing includes an induction wall, an exhaust wall having one or more exhaust ports, and a chamber between the induction and exhaust walls.
Loceheed Martin Corporation

Method for improving large array wind park power performance through active wake manipulation reducing shadow effects

Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and apparatus for increasing turbulent mixing in the wake of at least one wind turbine. Doing so, increases efficiency of a wind turbine located in the wake by transferring energy to the wake that was lost when the wind passed through the upwind turbine.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s

Springless voice coil actuator and pre-compression magnetic force calibration method thereof

A springless voice coil actuator is provided. The springless voice coil includes a base, a coil, a guiding rod, a slidable base, a main magnetic component and a balance magnetic component.
National Chung Cheng University

Image forming apparatus ensuring short warm-up time by efficiently heating fixing unit

An image forming apparatus includes a fixing unit, a temperature sensor, a storage unit, a drive-frequency initial setting unit, a power measuring unit, and a drive-frequency adjusting unit. The fixing unit is configured to perform induction heating using a coil unit.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Magnetic induction alarm device

A magnetic induction alarm device for a locking device is provided. The locking device includes a base and a latch knob disposed on the base movably along a route including a lock section and an unlock section next to the lock section.

Method for the contactless charging of a battery of an electric motor vehicle

A method for contactless charging of a battery of an electric motor vehicle by magnetic induction using a transmitter coil of a charging device and a receiver coil of the vehicle, the method including: controlling electrical power supply and instructions of an inverter at terminals of which the transmitter coil is connected, according to a variable frequency; measuring, in an analog circuit, at least one analog signal relative to a current or to a voltage at terminals of the transmitter coil; digitally processing at least two incoming digital signals by a control board, a first incoming signal being relative to the voltage and a second incoming signal being relative to the current; transmitting output signals from the control board to the inverter to lock the inverter to a value of a phase difference calculated between the current and the voltage.. .
Renault S.a.s.

Three-phase ac induction motor control device and three-phase ac induction motor control method

Disclosed is a three-phase ac induction motor control device for controlling a torque based on a two-axis orthogonal coordinate system in synchronization with a power supply angular frequency, the control device including: a non-interference controller configured to receive a motor rotation speed, a torque command value, and a power supply voltage as an input and compute a torque axis non-interference compensation voltage and a magnetic flux axis non-interference compensation voltage by referencing a map stored in advance; and a non-interference magnetic flux response filter configured to perform filtering, including a direct transfer term and a rotor magnetic flux response delay, for the torque axis non-interference compensation voltage.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Electrostatic induction generator for creating high voltage direct current

Systems and methods for generating a high voltage direct current using electric-field generators are disclosed. The electric field generator can comprise a rotor member, rotor poles coupled to the rotor member, stator poles corresponding to the rotor poles, and a dielectric medium positioned between the corresponding stator and rotor poles.
Electric Force Motors, Llc

Multi-function wireless power induction mousepad

A multi-function wireless power induction mousepad is composed of a lower soft pad, a foam pad and an upper soft pad, which is flexible and can be rolled for storage. A power module is embedded on the foam pad.
Coremate Technical Co., Ltd.

Methods for fabrication of thermoplastic components

A method of fabricating a thermoplastic component using inductive heating is described. The method includes positioning a plurality of induction heating coils to define a process area for the thermoplastic component, wherein the plurality of induction heating coils comprises a first set of coils and a second set of coils.
The Boeing Company

Subsea heating assembly and heating a subsea component

Subsea heating assembly, comprising a component interface cable (9) in association with a subsea component (7′) to be heated. The component interface cable receives power from an electric power source.
Aker Subsea As

Oxidation resistant induction devices

Certain embodiments described herein are directed to induction devices comprising an oxidation resistant material. In certain examples, the induction device comprises a coil of wire that is produced from the oxidation resistant material.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

Tray for electromagnetic induction heating/cooking and electromagnetic induction heating dish set

An electromagnetic induction heating and cooking tray being formed a recessed portion for accommodating an electromagnetic induction heating and cooking plate, is characterized in being provided with a tray main body being formed the recessed portion or a through hole configuring a portion of the recessed portion, a board-shaped, lineal, columnar and/or hollow-columnar first heat insulation member being molded and made of carbon fibers, aramid fibers and/or rock fiber, for supporting the plate; and feet being protruded from the bottom of the tray main body. Because the electromagnetic induction heating and cooking plate does not contact the tray main body as a result of being supported by the first heat insulation member and the heat of the plate is dissipated from the space formed by the feet, temperature increase of the tray and deterioration of the heat insulation member can be prevented even if the plate is heated.
F.t. Innovation Inc.

Rotary wrapping machine for packaging objects

A rotary wrapping machine (30, 110) for packaging products by means of a film unwound from a reel comprises a frame (13, 113) carrying a dispensing unit (19, 119) which is electrically controlled to dispense the packaging film from a reel of film present in the dispensing unit (19, 119). The dispensing unit is supported on the frame so as to be driven rotationally along a closed path around a packaging zone (38, 138) which contains a product to be wrapped with the film along the closed path there is a power supply antenna (25, 125) which is connected to an antenna power supply unit (26, 126) for transferring, by means of electrical induction, electric power to a corresponding receiver (28, 128) which is movable along the antenna together with the said dispensing unit and which supplies in turn electric power to the dispensing unit..
Messersi' Packaging Srl

Magnetic induction network device

A network device has a housing, a magnetic induction charger, a wireless data link and a processor. The housing has one or more sides.
Google Inc.

Cochlear implant systems including magnetic flux redirection means

An exemplary cochlear implant system includes a component that houses a circuit board comprising electronic circuitry that generates one or more signals, an induction coil that transmits the one or more signals by generating a telemetry magnetic field, and a telemetry flux guide positioned between and in direct contact with a top surface of the induction coil and a bottom surface of the circuit board.. .
Advanced Bionics Ag

Mass spectrometry quantitation of p450 protein isoforms in hepatocytes

A method for screening a drug for cytochrome p450 (cyp) induction is provided and can include incubating the drug with a microsome-containing biological sample and then quantitating at least one cytochrome p450 isoform. The isoforms can be selected from 2b6, 3a4, 1a2, and 3a5 isoforms.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Proximity based social networking

A system and method for proximity based social networking is disclosed between mobile computing devices each having a short range communication (src) device using near field magnetic induction. The src devices can include at least two antennas to provide magnetic induction diversity.
Radeum, Inc.

Systems and close proximity communication

A system and method for close proximity communication is disclosed. The method comprises detecting a signal transmitted by a close proximity communication (cpc) device at a distance of one of greater than and less than a cpc detection perimeter with a multi-mode magnetic induction communication (mmmic) device having at least one antenna.
Radeum, Inc.

Technique for regulating regeneration of tissue or faulty or abnormal part in organ using nell-1

The object aims to form and maintain a cell, a tissue or an organ induced by differentiation. Disclosed is a composition for inducing the differentiation of a cell capable of being differentiated in a given direction to thereby produce a cell, a tissue or an organ through the further induction of the differentiation in the given direction.
Showa University

Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery is disclosed. In one aspect, the rechargeable battery includes an electrode assembly, a casing having an opening and housing the electrode assembly, a cap plate covering the opening of the casing and including a first injection hole and a first induction hole spaced apart from the first injection hole.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Mould equipment for pipeline section coating and methods for coating of pipeline sections with moulds

A mold for coating a pipeline section with molten coating material from an injection molding machine, wherein the mold comprises a shell of impervious material reinforced by an exoskeleton of non-distensible material. An assembly for supporting a mold comprising a plurality of mutually separable shell bodies for coating a pipeline section, wherein the assembly comprises motorized opening and closing of the shell bodies in a straight line.
Pipeline Induction Heat Limited

Materials and methods for treatment of cystic fibrosis and for induction of ion secretion

The present invention provides materials and methods for inducing ion secretion and/or for treating cystic fibrosis. In one embodiment, the composition comprises glucose and/or a non-metabolizable glucose analog and/or non-structural protein (nsp4), a nsp4 peptide, or a nsp4 toxoid as the active ingredient, formulated with pharmaceutically-acceptable carriers.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incoporated


A multi-stage turbine (16) is designed as an induction turbine with vapour induction in at least one intermediary stage. It is more particularly conceived as a radial-outward-flow type multi-stage turbine, with an axial main vapour inlet port (82) and an annular secondary vapour inlet port (84), which is arranged in the turbine (16) so as to annularly induce, in an intermediary stage of said turbine, a secondary vapour stream into an already partially expanded radial main vapour stream.
Equitherm S.a.r.l.

Input device and electronic device including the same

An input device according to one of various embodiments of the present disclosure includes a body having an electromagnetic induction (emi) circuit, a first contact member reciprocating in the body and associated with the emi circuit, and a second contact member installed to the body and having at least a part disposed in side by side with the first contact member, the second contact member being made of a conductive material.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and tone tracing and tagging using mobile computer device

The industry practice to detect and identify objects such as wires, cables, pipes and tuned coils is to inject a known tone from a tone generator into the object by conduction or induction, occasionally with tagging information. The invention is a tone detection apparatus, also known as the tone probe, to detect the presence of such injected tones that makes use of a microphone or audio electrical input of a mobile computer and software application running on the mobile computer such as a contemporary “smart-phone”.
Torusemd Llc

Electric circuit for charging at least one electrical energy storage unit by means of an electrical network

An electric circuit (5) for charging at least one electrical energy storage unit (4) by means of an electrical network, the circuit (5) comprising: an inductive cell (6) configured to interact with an inductive cell of the electrical network to exchange energy by electromagnetic induction, a rectifier (13) disposed downstream from the inductive cell (6) and whereof the positive output terminal (17) and the negative output terminal (20) are each connected to a conductor (18, 21) of a dc bus (19), a capacitor (22) mounted between the two conductors (18, 21) of the dc bus (19), a power stage (25) whereof the positive input terminal (26) and the negative input terminal (27) are respectively connected to one of the conductors (18, 21) of the dc bus (19), and which is configured to adapt the value of the dc voltage between the positive input terminal (26) thereof and the negative input terminal (27) thereof to the electrical energy storage unit (4), the power stage comprising, at most, two voltage converters, and the electrical energy storage unit (4).. .
Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

Wireless charging device

The present disclose relates to a charging device for charging portable electronic devices. The charging device includes a transmitting unit, a receiving unit and an output port.
Champ Tech Optical (foshan) Corporation

Electrical solution for saving power and expenses

An energy-saving device utilizing starting, running and power factor capacitors to operate at least one induction motor where the required input energy is significantly less than the generated output current. The capacitor configuration encourages the addition of more induction motors, whereby even as its electrical output increases, the necessary input current decreases dramatically.

Positioning structure of the object to be coated and its manufa cturing method

A positioning structure of an object to be coated and its manufacturing method in the present invention is first to have a supporting-positioning member with projections provided at the outer surface of the object to be coated, a restricting-positioning ring mounted at the boundary of a coating range and an induction-identification device installed within the coating range. Then, the object to be coated is positioned in the male mold of a shaping mold and an in-mold shaping label is in advance set in the female mold of the shaping mold and lastly, the male mold and the female mold are combined together and fluid thermal plastic is poured into the shaping mold.
Supreme Technic Package Co., Ltd.

Mould equipment for pipeline section coating and methods for coating of pipeline sections with moulds

A mold for coating a pipeline section with molten coating material from an injection molding machine, wherein the mold comprises a shell of impervious material reinforced by an exoskeleton of non-distensible material. An assembly for supporting a mold comprising a plurality of mutually separable shell bodies for coating a pipeline section, wherein the assembly comprises motorized opening and closing of the shell bodies in a straight line.
Pipeline Induction Heat Limited

Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, camera, and electronic device

A solid-state imaging device is provided, which includes a photodiode having a first conductivity type semiconductor area that is dividedly formed for each pixel; a first conductivity type transfer gate electrode formed on the semiconductor substrate via a gate insulating layer in an area neighboring the photodiode, and transmitting signal charges generated and accumulated in the photodiode; a signal reading unit reading a voltage which corresponds to the signal charge or the signal charge; and an inversion layer induction electrode formed on the semiconductor substrate via the gate insulating layer in an area covering a portion or the whole of the photodiode, and composed of a conductor or a semiconductor having a work function. An inversion layer is induced, which is formed by accumulating a second conductivity type carrier on a surface of the inversion layer induction electrode side of the semiconductor area through the inversion layer induction electrode..
Sony Corporation

Induction vehicle detection and identification system, induction license plate, and induction reader

An induction vehicle detection and identification system comprising electronic identification devices with electronic memory, mounted on vehicles, and a reader capable of reading and/or writing data obtained from devices in hf-band. Devices have a non-volatile memory and are integrated into the vehicle's license plate.

Induction coil unit

The induction coil unit for heating a component that is rotationally symmetrical relative to an axis (7), in particular a tool holder (5), comprises a plurality of coils (19) arranged about the axis (7) of the tool holder (5) with pole elements, which are movable radially with respect to the axis (7), which are connected to one another by a common yoke ring (17). Upon excitation of the coils (19) with alternating current, the latter produce a magnetic flux running in the peripheral direction in the tool holder (5) for the inductive heating of the tool holder (5).
Franz Haimer Maschinenbau Kg

Heating element

A heating element, in particular a heating element for inductive heating, having an electrically conductive material which can be introduced into a magnetic field, produced by alternating current, of an induction coil, characterized in that the electrically conductive material is divided into a plurality of individual material sections, which are spaced apart from one another in electrically nonconductive fashion and are connected to form a closed conductor network by electrically conductive connecting elements.. .
Behr-hella Thermocontrol Gmbh

Method for operating a forced-induction internal combustion engine with variable compression

In a method for operating a forced-induction internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle with variable compression, provision is made that the variable compression is pilot-controlled in such a way that a selected compression is established as a function of combustion efficiency and of the mechanical stress on components of the internal combustion engine, such that elevated compression is provided in the naturally aspirated range and/or decreased compression is provided in the forced-induction range. The variable compression is generated by phase shifting of a camshaft of the internal combustion engine, or by cam switching by way of a variable valve train..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Cftr mrna compositions and related methods and uses

Materials, formulations, production methods, and methods for delivery of cftr mrna for induction of cftr expression, including in the mammalian lung are provided. The present invention is particularly useful for treating cystic fibrosis..
Ethris Gmbh

Electrochemical system comprising an induction heating system

Electrochemical system comprising a fuel cell comprising a stack (2) of electrochemical cells electrically connected to one another by bipolar plates (a, b, c) interposed between two successive electrochemical cells of the stack, where said stack (2) is positioned between two terminal plates (4), where said stack extends in a longitudinal axis (z), where said electrochemical system comprises means for supplying the cells with reactive fluids, means of circulation of a heat-transfer fluid through the stack, and at least one induction heating system comprising a pair of inductors facing a lateral face of the stack, where the currents flowing in the two inductors flow in opposite directions.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

Self-assembly of collagen fibers from dermis, fascia and tendon for tissue augmentation and coverage of wounds and burns

The present invention is a composition of a self-assembly of collagen fibers made from a plurality of sized pieces of a source material. The source material made from animal or human tissue selected from one of dermis, tendon, fascia or dura mater.
Vivex Biomedical Inc.

Pharmaceutical composition comprising a polymeric carrier cargo complex and an antigen

The present invention is directed to a pharmaceutical composition including (eg for use as an adjuvant) a polymeric carrier cargo complex, comprising as a carrier a polymeric carrier formed by disulfide-crosslinked cationic components and as a cargo at least one nucleic acid (molecule) and at least one antigen associated with a tumour or cancer disease selected from; an idiotype immunoglobulin (e.g. An idiotype antibody or an idiotype b cell receptor); or at least one idiotype t cell receptor, or in each case a fragment, variant and/or derivative thereof.
Curevac Gmbh

Antenna device and electronic apparatus having the same

An antenna device is provided. The antenna device may include a conductive radiator pattern formed on one surface of a dielectric substrate, an artificial magnetic conductor layer including at least one unit cell formed on the other surface of the dielectric substrate, and a shorting pin connected to the unit cell.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Non-contact power transmission device, magnetic induction-type power supply device, magnetic induction-type power collector, and moving object using same

Embodiments of the present invention relate to a non-contact power transmission device, a magnetic induction-type power supply device, a magnetic induction-type power collector, and a moving object using same. Embodiments of the present invention provide a non-contact power transmission device, a magnetic induction-type power supply device, a magnetic induction-type power collector, and a moving object using same, the non-contact power transmission device comprising: a power collector having a power collector core, and a boob power collector cable that winds around the power collector core; and a power supply unit comprising a power supply core having a holder section and protrusions on the center portion of the holder section and around the perimeter of the holder section, and a power supply cable wound in such a manner that electric currents flow in two different directions with respect to the protruding center portion, wherein the power collector is located in the opposite direction from the protruding portion..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Wake-up device for a brake system component of a vehicle and exciting at least one brake system component of a vehicle

A wake-up device for a brake system component of a vehicle includes a magnet that is arranged to be set, via a transmission device, in rotational motion jointly with a shifting of a driver brake force transmission component, thereby effecting a relative motion between the magnet and an electrical conductor. The relative motion induces an induction voltage.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Sealing disc for induction sealing of a container

A sealing disc for closing mouths of containers has a foil for inductively introducing heat into the sealing disc. The sealing disc has an edge region.
Alfelder Kunststoffwerke Herm. Meyer Gmbh

Sealing disk for induction sealing a container

Systems and method may provide for a computing device that encodes multiple regions of a video frame at different quality levels. In particular, a first region of one or more frames containing a speaker's face may be located and encoded at a first quality level.
Alfelder Kunststoffwerke Herm. Meyer Gmbh

Device for electrical heating

A device for electrically heating a fluid, in particular for use in an electrically operated motor vehicle, comprising an induction coil, which is integrated in an oscillating circuit and produces an alternating magnetic field, and at least one first inductor, which is positioned within the alternating magnetic field. The inductor can be arranged inside a module, through which a fluid to be heated can flow, and the induction coil is arranged outside the module..
Behr-hella Thermocontrol Gmbh

Induction cooking device for temperature-controlled cooking

A modular heat-retaining system for keeping food warm. The system contains a plurality of induction heat retaining units, each of which forms a heat-retaining area, and further contains a common power and control unit having a common power controller and a plurality of connection interfaces for individually connecting and individually activating the induction heat-retaining units.
Inducs Ag

Induction hardening control system

The present invention includes: a hardening control unit (70) for controlling an induction hardening apparatus (10, 10a) based on setup conditions data regarding the induction hardening apparatus (10, 10a); a hardening monitoring unit (20) that measures, as measurement data, the electric quantity in an electric circuit configured to include a high-frequency inverter (11), a capacitor (12), and a heating coil (14, 14a, 14b) and that monitors an induction hardening status; and a data collecting unit (80) that collects the data from various sensors in the induction hardening apparatus (10, 10a, 10b) obtained when the induction hardening apparatus (10) subjects the work (15, 15a, 15b) to an induction hardening based on the setup conditions data outputted from the hardening control unit (70) and that collects the measurement data from the hardening monitoring unit (20) to store the collected data from the various sensors and the measurement data so that the collected data from the various sensors and the measurement data are associated to each other.. .
Neturen Co., Ltd.

Conveyor having rollers actuated by electromagnetic induction

Conveyor rollers rotated by electromagnetic induction to propel articles conveyed atop the rollers. A magnetic-field source induces a current in the electrically conductive rollers that causes them to rotate.
Laitram, Llc

Temperature measurement in a cooking vessel

By performing a method for transmitting to a reading device data of a sensor that is allocated to an inductively heated cooking vessel, a high frequency control voltage is generated from a mains alternating voltage by means of a converter, wherein the high frequency control voltage is applied to an oscillator circuit having an induction heating coil in order to generate a high frequency magnetic alternating field for heating the cooking vessel. The method includes the steps: interrupting the applying of the high frequency control voltage to the oscillator circuit during a predefined first time region covering a zero crossing point of the mains alternating voltage in order to cause a self-resonant oscillation of the oscillator circuit; changing an impedance of an antenna that is inductively coupled to the induction heating coil, which antenna is allocated to the cooking vessel, in dependence upon the data of the sensor, which data is to be transmitted, during a second time region that lies within the first time region; and decoding the transmitted data of the sensor in the reading device, in that a resonant frequency, in particular a resonant frequency change, of the self-resonant oscillation of the oscillator circuit is evaluated..
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Manufacture of modular leashes

Methods for manufacturing modular leashes are disclosed. The modular leashes may comprise a flexible portion including a lead end and a handle portion.
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