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Induction patents


This page is updated frequently with new Induction-related patent applications.

 Electric induction melting assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Electric induction melting assembly
A dry-break electrical disconnect is provided between an induction melting furnace and a component of the electric induction melting assembly in which the furnace is removably installed for melting in a vacuum or otherwise controlled environmental chamber. Electric power connections are made to the induction melting furnace in a sealed interior volume of the assembly component that can be pressurized and of a different environment than that in the controlled environmental chamber.
Consarc Corporation

 Electric machine patent thumbnailnew patent Electric machine
An electric machine 100 is provided, which includes: a stator 10 including a concentrated-winding armature winding 14; an inner rotor 30; and an outer rotor 20, the outer rotor 20 having a plurality of circumferentially spaced magnetic path forming elements 21, the inner rotor 30 having a plurality of rotor teeth 32, which are arranged side by side in the circumferential direction, wound by induction coils 34 and field coils 35; and a rectifier circuit 36 configured to rectify induced current generated by each of induction coils to dc current.. .
Suzuki Motor Corporation

 Induction motor having full pitch winding patent thumbnailnew patent Induction motor having full pitch winding
A blower motor is provided for use in a machine. The motor includes a stator and a rotor rotatable about an axis.
Nidec Motor Corporation

 Micro-electron column having an electron emitter improving the density of an electron beam emitted from a nano structure tip patent thumbnailnew patent Micro-electron column having an electron emitter improving the density of an electron beam emitted from a nano structure tip
Disclosed is a micro-electron column including nanostructure tips each of which has a tubular, columnar, or blocky structure ranging in size from several nanometers to dozens of nanometers. In the micro-electron column, the nanostructure tips can easily emit electrons because a high electric field is generated at the end of the nanostructure tips when a voltage is applied to the nanostructure tips, and an induction electrode is disposed between the electron emitter and a source lens so as to help electrons emitted from the electron emitter to enter an aperture of a first lens electrode layer of the source lens, thereby realizing improved performance of the micro-electron column.
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sunmoon

 Stationary induction electric apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Stationary induction electric apparatus
A stationary induction electric apparatus includes an iron core having legs of core and yokes of core; windings wound around the legs of core; coolant for cooling the windings; a cylindrical insulation structure that forms a flow of the coolant around the windings; baffle members alternately provided on the inner wall side and the outer wall side of the cylindrical insulation structure; and adjustment members for constricting the flow of the coolant. The adjustment members are provided on the same side of the respective baffle members and on the respective baffle members..
Hitachi, Ltd.

 Passive safety equipment and nuclear power plant including same patent thumbnailnew patent Passive safety equipment and nuclear power plant including same
The present invention provides passive safety equipment, comprising: a cooling part formed to cool a first fluid, which is emitted from a reactor coolant system or a steam generator, and a second fluid in a housing; and a circulation induction sprayer which is formed to spray the first fluid emitted from the reactor coolant system or the steam generator into the cooling part, has at least part thereof open to the inside of the housing such that the second fluid flows thereinto according to a drop in pressure caused by the spraying of the first fluid, and sprays the second fluid with the inflown first fluid.. .
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

 Vacuum cell-assembly device, cell-assembly method and manufacturing device patent thumbnailnew patent Vacuum cell-assembly device, cell-assembly method and manufacturing device
A vacuum cell-assembly device, for cell-assembly of an upper substrate and a lower substrate of a display panel, includes an upper machine table, a lower machine table, a control circuit and a dynamic sensing and regulating structure. The dynamic sensing and regulating structure is fixed on the upper machine table and comprises a plurality of sub-structures.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.)

 Partial discharge sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Partial discharge sensor
With regard to a top loaded monopole antenna consisting of a disk 5 and a metal post 6, a partial discharge sensor includes a short-circuit conductor 10 joining the metal post 6 to a covering 7 and a coaxial line composed of a hole 8 and a metal terminal 9. This makes it possible to implement a partial discharge sensor that can suppress the induction of high voltage in the disk 5 and can achieve high sensitivity in a frequency band of a partial discharge to be detected..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Method and device for determining a nutritional state of a plant patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for determining a nutritional state of a plant
A method and an instrument for determining a nutritional state of a plant with respect to one or more nutrients is provided. The method comprises the steps of recording a time series of a fluorescence induction signal of a tissue sample of the plant using a fluorometer device to obtain signal data, wherein the time series at least comprises signal data within the rising portion of the fluorescence induction signal, and determining the nutritional state from an empirical model applied to the signal data, wherein the empirical model is based on pre-recorded reference data and relates nutritional states to shape-related features in the progression of the fluorescence induction signal..
University Of Copenhagen

 Method for purification of retinal pigment epithelial cells patent thumbnailnew patent Method for purification of retinal pigment epithelial cells
The present invention provides a method of purifying highly pure retinal pigment epithelial cells from a cell population obtained by induction of differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into retinal pigment epithelial cells, by a simple and easy operation in a short period. The purification method of the present invention includes a step of introducing a cell population containing retinal pigment epithelial cells obtained by differentiation induction of pluripotent stem cells on laminin or a fragment thereof on a filter, and obtaining a cell population that passed the filter..
Osaka University

Electric induction melting and holding furnaces for reactive metals and alloys

An electric induction furnace for melting and holding a reactive metal or alloy is provided with an upper furnace vessel, an induction coil positioned below the upper furnace vessel, and a melt-containing vessel positioned inside the induction coil with a gap between the outside surface of the melt-containing vessel and the inside surface of the induction coil that can be used to circulate a cooling fluid for cooling the wall of the melt-containing vessel to inhibit leakage of the reactive metal or alloy melt from the vessel. The melt-containing vessel can be integrated with a cooling system for cooling the melt-containing vessel.
Inductotherm Corp.

A method and a device for checking an ideal position of a cooking pot above an induction coil of an induction cooking hob

The present invention relates to a method for checking an ideal position of a cooking pot (20) above an induction coil (14) of an induction cooking hob (10), wherein said method includes the following steps: a) starting the method for checking the ideal position, b) detecting a first parameter related to the power of the electromagnetic field and/or to the position of the cooking pot (20) above the induction coil (14), c) detecting a second parameter related to the power of the electromagnetic field and/or to the position of the cooking pot (20) above the induction coil (14), d) comparing the detected first and second parameters with a stored relationship between said first and second parameters and the position of the cooking pot (20) above the induction coil (14), e) determining a deviation of the position of the cooking pot (20) from the ideal position above the induction coil (14), f) performing periodic repetitions of the steps b) to e) after predetermined time, and g) outputting at least one signal corresponding with the deviation of the position of the cooking pot (20) from the ideal position, if said deviation exceeds a minimum value. Further, the present invention relates to an induction cooking hob (10) including a system for checking an ideal position of a cooking pot (20) above an induction coil (14) of said induction cooking hob (10)..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Fixing device and image forming apparatus

A fixing device includes a fixing member and an induction heating section. The fixing member fixes an image onto a sheet.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Induction assembly and system for a supercharged internal combustion engine, and assembly for the same

An induction system for a supercharged internal v-type combustion engine includes a monolithic continuous unitary casting housing a supercharger with a rotor and gear assembly operative to discharge pressurized air to a common bounding receiving plenum, through a first slidably-removable intercooler providing a first cooling, and then to a pair of second side intercoolers providing a second cooling within the bounded plenum and in fluid communication therewith. First and second intercoolers are secured within the monolithic housing.
Callaway Cars, Inc.

Control washing machine

A control method of a washing machine may include supplying water to a predetermined unbalance induction water level into a wash tub configured to accommodate fabric, the wash tub being rotated about a vertical axis, rotating a pulsator inside the wash tub, sensing an amount of fabric, rotating the wash tub at a constant acceleration, determining unbalance based on a current value applied to a motor in a state in which a rotational speed of the wash tub falls in a given range and the sensed amount of fabric while the wash tub is rotated at the constant acceleration, and supplying water to a first water supply level into the wash tub when the unbalance is greater than a reference value, and supplying water to a second water supply level, which is higher than the first water supply level, when the unbalance is smaller than the reference value.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method of producing retinal pigment epithelial cell

Provided are a production method of retinal pigment epithelial (rpe) cells that improves differentiation induction efficiency of pluripotent stem cells into rpe cells, and can provide highly pure rpe cells by a simple and easy operation in a short period, a culture method of rpe cells that can stably grow and culture a cell, a toxicity/efficacy evaluation method using rpe cells useful for transplantation therapy, and a therapeutic drug for a retinal disease. The invention relates to a production method of rpe cells, comprising adhesion culture of human pluripotent stem cells using a culture substrate coated with a laminin-e8 fragment, a culture method of rpe cells, comprising adhesion culture of rpe cells using a culture substrate coated with a laminin-e8 fragment, a toxicity or efficacy evaluation method using rpe cells obtained by producing or culturing by the method, and a therapeutic drug for a retinal disease, containing the rpe cells..
Osaka University

In vitro production of foregut stem cells

This invention relates to the differentiation of pluripotent cells (pscs) into foregut stem cells (fscs) using a definitive endoderm induction medium comprising a tgffi ligand, fibroblast growth factor (fgf), bone morphogenetic protein (bmp) and a pi3k inhibitor to differentiate the pluripotent cells into definitive endoderm cells and a foregut induction medium comprising a tgfβ ligand to differentiate the definitive endoderm cells into foregut stem cells (fscs). Methods of differentiation, populations of foregut stem cells, culture media and kits are provided..
Cambridge Enterprise Limited

Rosin esters and compositions thereof

Rosin esters are provided. The rosin esters can exhibit improved color (e.g., the rosin ester can have a neat gardner color of 8.5 or less), improved oxidative stability (e.g., when 1000 ppm or less of an antioxidant is present in combination with the rosin ester, the rosin ester can exhibit an oxidative-induction time at 130° c.
Arizona Chemical Company, Llc

Alternative nucleic acid molecules containing reduced uracil content and uses thereof

The present disclosure provides alternative nucleosides, nucleotides, and nucleic acids, and methods of using them. In some aspects, the disclosure provides mrna wherein the uracil content has been modified and which may be particularly effective for use in therapeutic compositions, because they may benefit from both high expression levels and limited induction of the innate immune response.
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.

Aerial fire suppression system

A fire suppression apparatus for fighting fires from a vehicle configured for flight is disclosed, comprising a foam and water held in separate containers aboard the vehicle that when mixed forms a fire retardant, a pump driven by an electric motor to pressurize the fire retardant, the pump including an air induction valve where air is drawn into a suction end of the pump and pressurized together with the fire retardant, and an aimable boom connected to the pump by a conduit, the boom including a nozzle on a distal end of the boom from which the pressurized fire retardant and air is dispensed toward a target.. .
Simplex Manufacturing Co.

Novel peptide having 4 linked ctl epitopes

This invention provides a cancer antigen peptide that can be administered to a wide range of cancer patients in the form of a peptide vaccine for cancer without the need for hla typing and regardless of the hla types of patients. Such peptide having 4 linked ctl epitopes is obtained by linking 4 ctl epitope peptides selected from among ctl epitope peptides derived from tumor antigen molecules that are reported to have the capacity for ctl induction via linkers..
Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Immuno-oncolytic therapies

The present invention relates to oncolytic vaccinia viruses which have been modified to promote anti-tumor immunity and/or reduce host immunity and/or antibody response against the virus. It is based, at least in part, on the discovery that oncolytic vaccinia virus (i) bearing a genome deletion of a gene that reduces t cell immunity (interleukin-18 binding protein); (ii) treated with a sialidase enzyme which is believed to reduce tlr2 activation and therefore the antibody response; (iii) carrying a gene that enhances cytotoxic t lymphocyte induction (e.g., trif) and/or (iv) reduces tumor myeloid-derived suppressor cells by reducing prostaglandin e2 reduces tumor growth.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Methods for assessing health conditions using single coil magnetic induction tomography imaging

Methods for assessing a health condition of an individual using single coil magnetic induction tomography imaging are provided. A target area for medical imaging on a patient can be identified.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

Combined heating and stirring arrangement heating food and heating stirrer

The invention discloses a facilitated cooking method which allows it to stir and heat food on the basis of magnetic fields preferably respectively by induction cooking. A magnetic stirrer heater (110) is preferably propelled by coils (125, 128) and heated by an induction coil (110).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Induction cookware

An inductive cooking utensil with a concave cooking surface at room temperature and a substantially flat cooking surface at a cooking temperature.. .
Bose Corporation

Induction heating device for shaving and cosmetic applications

An induction-heating device for heating and or melting a heat affected product zone of shaving or cosmetic products (6a) stored in a product container (6) which consists of a layer of said product immediately below a top product surface and heated by an electrically conductive metallic target member (7) having through-passages overlying said top product surface and energized by an induction coil (3) into which an electromagnetic field is generated by electronic circuitry for a predetermined time period into said product container, thereby permitting said heated and or melted product to flow through said through-passages onto said top surface of said target member to be collected by a user for shaving or cosmetic purposes.. .
Alps South Europe S.r.o.

Induction heating coil, induction heating device, and heating method

An induction heating coil (3) has a primary coil (4) to which electric power is supplied and a ring-shaped secondary coil (5) forming a closed circuit. The primary coil (4) has a base-side portion that covers an outer periphery of the secondary coil (5) and a distal-side portion extending from the base-side portion in the center axis direction of the secondary coil (5) in a state in which the base-side portion covers the secondary coil (5).
Neturen Co., Ltd.

Unidirectional induction type near field communication device

A unidirectional induction type near field communication device includes an induction layer having an ic chip embedded therein and an induction coil located on a front surface thereof, a wave-absorbing layer of laminated structure made of a mixture of polyester and a high-permeability metal material and bonded to a back surface of the induction layer opposite to the induction coil, and a metal barrier layer bonded to one side of the wave-absorbing layer opposite to the induction layer for enabling the induction layer to achieve a unidirectional nfc based wireless communication with an external mobile electronic device.. .
Winso Technology Company Limited

Magnetoelectric device capable of storing usable electrical energy

A magnetoelectric device capable of storing usable electrical energy includes an inductive servo control unit and a motor. The motor includes a rotor and three ferromagnetic-core coils disposed around the rotor.

Rotor core heating device and rotor core shrink-fitting method

A rotor core heating device (100) is configured to heat an inner peripheral side surface and an outer peripheral side surface of a rotor core (150) through induction heating. The rotor core has a hollow cylindrical shape.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Furnace transformer capable of preventing induction heat

Disclosed is a furnace transformer, which is capable of preventing induction heating by using an integrated insulating plate and paramagnetic shield plate. The furnace transformer, in which bushings of a plurality of phases is drawn out to the outside, includes an insulating plate configuring a partial surface of an external side of the furnace transformer, and all of the bushings of the plurality of phases are installed while passing through the insulating plate.
Iljin Electric Co., Ltd.

Fixing apparatus

A fixing apparatus configured to include a rotational member having a conductive layer, a coil having a helical shape, a resonance circuit including a resonance capacitor and configured to be formed together with the rotational member and the coil, a first converter driving the resonance circuit, a second converter used to control power to be supplied to the first converter, a frequency setting unit configured to set a driving frequency of the first converter according to at least one of a size of the recording material and a temperature at a sheet non-passing portion of the rotational member, and a power control unit controlling the second converter according to a temperature at a sheet passing portion of the rotational member to control the power to be supplied to the first converter from the second converter, wherein the conductive layer is caused to generate heat by electromagnetic induction.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Magnetometer body and three-axis induction magnetometer using the same

The present disclosure provides a magnetometer body and a three-axis induction magnetometer (im) using the same. The magnetometer body comprises: a magnetic core structure with an h-shaped longitudinal section, having a middle portion being an elongated rod-shaped magnetic core and two end portions being disk-shape magnetic flux concentrators; and an induction coil evenly wounded around a perimeter of the magnetic core in the magnetic core structure.
Institute Of Electronics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Analysis device and analysis method

To efficiently heat and burn a sample without using a combustion aid, an analysis device that heats a sample in a sample accommodation part and analyzes the resulting gas is provided with an induced current generation mechanism for generating an induced current in the sample through electromagnetic induction and a laser irradiation mechanism for irradiating laser light onto the sample and is configured so that the induced current generation mechanism and the laser irradiation mechanism act simultaneously on the sample.. .
Horiba, Ltd.

Induction thermography method

A method for induction thermography includes acquiring a plurality of images or an object at each of a plurality of imaging directions, and deriving a combined fourier-transformed image from the images taken at different imaging directions to detect defects in the object.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Control a wind turbine

The invention relates to a method of controlling a wind turbine, the wind turbine comprising wind turbine blades attached to a rotor hub and a control system for pitching the blades relative to the hub. The method comprises providing wake sectors assigned to different wind directions and providing a normal pitch schedule to control an output parameter of the wind turbine (e.g.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s

Movable power coupling and a robot with movable power coupling

An apparatus comprises a first induction section comprising a first core and a first coil on the first core. A second induction section comprises a second core and a second coil on the second core.
Persimmon Technologies, Corp.

Dual forging system and method

An apparatus includes an anvil having a first end and second end, and a press head reciprocally mounted relative to the anvil. The apparatus further includes an induction heater having a workpiece discharge end mounted adjacent the first end of the anvil, and a plurality of first station dies secured to the anvil.
Eaton Corporation

Respiration insert for induction mask

A respiration insert includes a first portion sized to insert within an aperture of an induction mask formerly occupied by an anesthesia circuit. The respiration insert further includes a second portion coupled to the first portion and defining ports in fluid communication with a channel defined by the first portion.

System and disinfecting medical waste

The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for disinfecting medical waste. The method includes shredding the medical waste via a shredder until the medical waste has a predetermined particle size.
Viradys Medical Waste Solutions, Llc

Reverse vaccination therapy of multiple sclerosis

Disclosed are means of inducing antigen-specific tolerance through genetically modifying msc to express antigens of interest in an inducible manner or constitutive manner. Msc have been demonstrated to suppress pathological immunity in an antigen-nonspecific manner in vitro and in vivo, including clinical trials of gvhd, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.
Creative Medical Health, Llc

Ifn-alpha/beta-independent mechanism of antiviral protection through a novel ligand-receptor pair: ifn-lambda ligands engage a novel receptor ifn-lambdar1 (crf2-12) and il-10r2 (crf2-4) for signaling and induction of biological activities

A novel ifn-α/β independent ligand receptor system which upon engagement leads, among other things, to the establishment of an anti-viral state is disclosed. Further disclosed are three closely positioned genes on human chromosome 19 that encode distinct but highly homologous proteins, designated inf-λ1, ifn-λ2, ifn-λ3, based inter alia, in their ability to induce antiviral protection.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same

A microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch uses a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.

V/f control suppressing current oscillation of induction motor

The present invention provides a v/f control method for an induction motor comprising: extracting a reactive current and an active current and performing a differential calculation on them respectively to obtain a differential of the reactive current and a differential of the active current; multiplying the differential of the reactive current and the differential of the active current by a first coefficient and a second coefficient respectively; obtaining the sum of the result of multiplying the differential of the reactive current by the first coefficient and the result of multiplying the differential of the active current by the second coefficient; applying low-pass filtering on the sum to obtain a compensation; and superposing the compensation onto an original given angular frequency to perform v/f control.. .
Eaton Corporation

Method and system for controlling an angualr speed of an induction motor

A system and method controls a rotor angular speed of an induction motor by first sensing an operation condition of the induction motor to produce measured signals, which are transformed by applying a state transformation to an induction motor model to produce a transformed induction motor model. Transformed state estimates of the transformed induction motor model are produced based on the measured signals.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

Method and system for controlling angular rotor speeds of sensorless induction motors

A method controls an angular speed of an induction motor by measuring a stator current and a stator voltage of the induction motor to determine an estimated stator current, an estimated rotor flux amplitude, and an estimated rotor speed. A first virtual control signal is based on a reference rotor speed and the estimated rotor speed.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

Variable voltage drive using bidirectional bipolar transistors

A variable voltage drive (vvd) with highly efficient bidirectional bipolar transistor (“b-tran”) improves partial load efficiency of ac induction motors.. .
Ideal Power Inc.

Wireless power transmission via inductive coupling using di/dt as the magnetic modulation scheme

The disclosed couplers operate in a “near field” mode, meaning energy, whether used to transmit data or power, is transferred through magnetic induction using a ∂i/∂t circuit (meaning a change in current over a change in time), such as by using inductive transmission and receive coils in which resistors and/or other components such as diodes are placed into series and/or in parallel with the coils and used to control the shape of the pulse, e.g. Its voltage and/or frequency.
Oceaneering International, Inc.

Magnetic induction charging device

A magnetic induction charging device (50) includes an electrical power supply source (60) connected to a main coil (61). The device (50) includes passive resonant circuits (70, 80, 90, 100) of different respective resonant frequencies in a range of predetermined main frequency values.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Multi-component induction logging methods and systems having a trend-based data quality indicator

Various logging tools, systems, and methods are disclosed. An example method includes obtaining multi-component induction (mci) measurements from a logging tool conveyed along a borehole through a formation.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

System and annealing of an item, which comprises heat-sensitive parts and annealed item

A method and a system for stress-relieving annealing one or more first parts of a workpiece, wherein a second part of the workpiece contains heat-sensitive parts. A cooling jacket is placed around the part of the workpiece surrounding heat-sensitive parts such that the part{s) to be annealed are located outside the cooling jacket.
Broen A/s

Method for inducing differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells and selecting the same

It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for highly efficiently inducing differentiation of ips cells into cells having functions of interest, and a method for selecting ips cells having high differentiation induction efficiency for differentiation of the ips cells into cells of interest from among the produced ips cells. The present invention relates to a method for inducing differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells, which comprises culturing induced pluripotent stem cells on a structure comprising cells and/or a component derived from the cells, wherein the cells in the structure and the differentiation-induced cells are the same type of cell..
Kaneka Corporation

Induction sealing device and manufacturing an induction sealing device

The present invention relates to an induction sealing device for heat sealing packaging material for producing sealed packages. The present invention also relates to a method of manufacturing such an induction sealing device.
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

Portable induction electrospraying apparatus and method

Low form factor mobile electrostatic spray units and methods of using same are disclosed.. .

Method for treating or preventing hot flushes

The invention provides a neurokinin 3 receptor (nkr3) antagonist for use in the treatment, prevention or amelioration of hot flushes in a human subject, for example a menopausal woman or a patient undergoing cancer therapy which affects secretion of sex steroids. The invention also provides a nkr3 antagonist together with a further active agent, and a composition and a kit comprising a nkr3 antagonist and a further active agent.
Imperial Innovations Limited


Provided is a treatment tool configured so that no induction current flows through a manipulation wire of a manipulation part manipulated by an operator. The treatment tool includes: the manipulation part that is manipulated by an operator; an elongated insertion portion that is elongated from the manipulation part and is inserted into a body of a subject; and the manipulation wire that passes through the elongated insertion portion to transmit manipulation at the manipulation part to a treatment portion on a forward-end side (distal-end) of the insertion part.
Olympus Corporation

Method of regenerating rubber tree, propagating rubber tree, inducing shoot, elongating shoot, rooting shoot, and acclimatizing young plant

Provided are a method of regenerating a rubber tree that can stably regenerate the rubber tree from a tissue including a node, axillary bud or apical bud derived from a mature rubber tree, a young rubber tree, or a plantlet of a rubber tree; and a method of propagating a rubber tree that can stably acquire large numbers of clone seedlings of the rubber tree. Included is a method of regenerating a rubber tree including an induction step of culturing a tissue including a node, axillary bud or apical bud of a rubber tree in an induction medium containing a plant growth hormone and a carbon source to form a shoot..
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Inductor for induction heating

An inductor is provided for induction heating of deposits of oil sand, oil shale, or extra-heavy oil using current-carrying conductors, in which a partial discharge at interruptions in the conductors is avoided.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Ion generation apparatus and electrical equipment

In an ion generation apparatus, induction electrodes are formed on a surface of a substrate, holes are provided inside the induction electrodes, respectively, needle electrodes are disposed in a substrate, and tip end portions of the needle electrodes are inserted into the holes, respectively. Furthermore, a part of each of the induction electrodes is removed, thereby reducing the size of the substrate for entire size reduction.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Organic light-emitting diode display panel

Disclosed is an organic light-emitting diode display panel, including: a substrate; a thin-film transistor layer including a plurality of thin-film transistors, arranged on the substrate; a plurality of organic light-emitting diode subpixel structures, arranged on the thin-film transistor layer; a pixel defining layer including a plurality of openings, arranged on the thin-film transistor layer; a plurality of first direction induction lines and second direction induction lines, arranged on the pixel defining layer; an insulation layer, arranged between the plurality of first direction induction lines and second direction induction lines; and a packaging substrate, arranged on the plurality of second direction induction lines. The organic light-emitting diode display panel employs a touch control electrode having a metal mesh structure, the touch control electrode is directly deposited on the pixel defining layer, and the touch control function is directly integrated on the organic light-emitting diode display panel..
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

Magnetic induction pad

The present invention provides a magnetic induction pad. The magnetic induction pad includes a deformation body and a plurality of magnetic induction modules.
Caremed Supply Inc.

Fault detection and diagnosis

A method of detecting a stator fault in a multi-phase current induction machine including the steps of: obtaining a respective frequency spectrum for each of the current phases in the induction machine; deriving, from each frequency spectrum, a value for the ithd (inverse current total harmonic distortion) for the respective current phase; calculating an ithd deviation value corresponding to the maximum deviation for the derived ithd values; judging whether the calculated ithd deviation value differs from a reference deviation value; and determining, in response to a positive judgement, that there is a stator fault.. .
Rolls-royce Plc

System and induction motor rotor bar magnetic field analysis

A system for magnetic field testing comprising a magnetic field generation device configured to generate a magnetic field in a rotor, a magnetic field measurement device configured to measure a magnetic field at a predetermined position on the rotor, a drive mechanism configured to rotate the rotor and a test system configured to record the magnetic field as a function of an angular position of the rotor.. .
Brandon & Clark, Inc.

Electromagnetic-induction-type position detector and detection method

Provided are an electromagnetic-induction-type position detector which can be small sized and in which interference errors do not occur, and a detection method. The present invention has: a stator having first and second main patterns and first and second sub-patterns; and a rotor having a main pattern part and a sub-pattern part, in which adjacent comb-shaped electrodes of the main pattern part and the sub-pattern part are connected to form a single loop; and when an excitation electric current is supplied to the first and second main patterns, an excitation voltage excited in the main pattern part is detected in the first and second sub-patterns via the sub-pattern part, and when an excitation electric current is supplied to the first and second sub-patterns, the excitation voltage excited in the sub-pattern part is detected in the first and second main patterns via the main pattern part..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Dual chemical induction cleaning chemical delivery

This invention relates to the field of induction cleaning, more particularly to chemically cleaning the induction system of the internal combustion engine. The carbon that accumulates within the induction tract of the internal combustion engine is very difficult to remove.

Method for producing sic single crystal

A method for producing a sic single crystal, including flowing a high-frequency current at a first frequency to an induction heating coil disposed around a graphite crucible to heat raw material si to a predetermined temperature, thereby while melting the raw material si, dissolving out c from said graphite crucible to form a si—c solution, and after heating to the predetermined temperature, lowering the frequency from the first frequency to a second frequency to warm and hold the si—c solution.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for improving efficiency of inducing pluripotent stem cell

The present invention provides methods for improving the efficiency of inducing pluripotent stem cells, as well as vectors and compositions for use therein. In the induction of pluripotent stem cells which contains the step of introducing a vector that contains the klf gene, oct gene, and sox gene in this order, the efficiency of pluripotent stem cell induction was successfully increased significantly by further introducing a vector that contains the klf gene but not the oct gene and the sox gene.
Id Pharma Co., Ltd.

Composition comprising cells and a polyunsaturated fatty acid having at least 20 carbon atoms (lc-pufa)

The present invention relates to a composition comprising a polyunsaturated fatty acid having at least 20 carbon atoms (lc-pufa) and cells, which composition has a thermal induction time (t.i.t.) of >24 hours at 40° c. The invention also relates to a process for drying a composition comprising cells and a lc-pufa, the process comprising drying the composition at a temperature of below 40° c..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Vehicle heated cup holder system

A heated cup holder system for a vehicle including a sleeve receivable onto a container, the sleeve of a predefined inductance and a cup holder including an induction-heating element operable to induce a current within the sleeve thereby heating the sleeve.. .
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Intelligent treadmill and enhancements to standard treadmills

An intelligent treadmill is described with modifications to existing treadmills, and associated methodology. The invention allows the conveyor belt automatically keeps track of and fixes the user's position dynamically with respect to a stationery reference point of the treadmill by adjusting its own speed free hands.

Induction of cellular senescence for tissue therapies

Provided are compositions and methods for aiding in healing of a tissue wound in an individual. The method generally entail delivering to an individual in need thereof senescent cells such that healing of the wound is accelerated.
Health Research, Inc.

Three dimensional induction rethermalizing station and control system

A rethermalizing station includes a well defined by an exterior wall, a food pan configured to be inserted into the well and to hold a food item, a first induction coil surrounding the exterior wall of the well, the first induction coil configured to warm the food item via inductive heating of the food pan, a first temperature sensor configured to detect a temperature of the food pan, and a control unit coupled to the first induction coil and the first temperature sensor, the control unit configured to control the first induction coil in response to the temperature of the food pan detected by the first temperature sensor such that temperature of the food pan is maintained at a targeted temperature.. .
The Vollrath Company, L.l.c.

Automated cleaning system for food processor and method

A self-contained system is provided for cleaning a food flow path in a food processor. The system can be operably engaged without requiring disassembly and reassembly of the food processor or can be operably engaged after a partial disassembly of the food processor.
Idea Boxx, Llc

Surveillance apparatus

Provided is a surveillance apparatus including a detection unit that detects an intruder who intrudes in a predetermined surveillance region, and an induction unit that induces the intruder when the intruder is detected.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Control of a rotating field machine

The current embodiments provide a method for controlling an induction machine with a plurality of phases. Each phase may include a plurality of parallel windings and each phase may be associated with a half-bridge.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

Discharge device

A discharge device capable of maintaining a stable discharge performance even in a highly humid environment or an atmospheric environment containing salt includes a discharge electrode discharging when a voltage is applied thereto, a substrate supporting the discharge electrode, an induction electrode arranged apart from the discharge electrode, and an insulator enclosing all of the substrate and the induction electrode. The discharge electrode has a root portion supported by the substrate, a pointed end protruding from a surface of the insulator, and a taper portion tapering from the root portion toward the pointed end.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Position indicator of electromagnetic induction system and electronic ink cartridge

An electronic ink cartridge includes, in a direction of a central axis within a cylindrical body, a core body extended out from a distal end of the cylindrical body, a coupling member disposed on a side of a proximal end of the cylindrical body, a coil housed between the core body and the coupling member and having a predetermined inductance, and a pressure sensitive element whose capacitance changes according to pressure applied to the core body. Two terminals of the coil are electrically connected respectively to two terminals of the pressure sensitive element to thereby form two terminals of a resonance circuit formed by the coil and the pressure sensitive element.
Wacom Co., Ltd.

Inline pilot with flame detection device and method thereof

A novel inline pilot assembly and method of flame detection for use with combustion applications for oil or gas processing is provided wherein the pilot assembly includes a pilot novel assembly with a unique placement of fuel and induction holes to improve flame stability, promote flame anchoring near the diffuser, and discourage the pilot flame front from migrating forward away from the diffuser.. .
Profire Energy, Inc

Complex-shaped forged piston oil galleries

A piston for an internal combustion engine including a cooling gallery and a complex combustion surface is provided. The piston includes an upper crown member joined to a lower member, for example by hybrid induction welding.
Federal-mogul Corporation

Cooling system, device and a vehicle

A cooling system includes a cooling loop containing a cooling fluid configured for circulation through an engine, an auxiliary alternator configured to be driven by the engine for powering auxiliary loads of the rail vehicle, and a canned pump positioned within the cooling loop and being configured to circulate the cooling fluid through the cooling loop. The canned pump includes an integrated induction motor for driving the pump.
General Electric Company

Method for localized annealing of chemically strengthened glass

A method of providing locally annealed regions for a glass article comprising: (a) providing a strengthened glass article having a first surface compressive stress and a first depth of layer of compressive stress; (b) targeting first portions of the glass article on a first side thereof; (c) annealing the targeted first portions to a second surface compressive stress and a second depth of layer of compressive stress; and (d) repeating steps (b) and (c) to create a pattern of annealed portions of the glass article on the first side thereof. Targeted annealing can be done e.g.
Corning Incorporation

Bone induction system and methods

An osteogenic composition suitable for use in bone and soft tissue reparative procedures is provided for herein. Methods for preparing osteogenic composition from blood and bone marrow are also provided for.
Vivex Biomedical Inc.

Stimulation of immunity to endothelial cells, endothelial-like cells, and intratumor vascular channels derived from tumor tissue

Disclosed are compositions of matter, methods, and protocols useful for treatment of cancer through induction of anti-angiogenic immune responses. The invention provides means of differentiating tumor cells directly into endothelial or endothelial-like cells and utilizing said cells as immunogens for the purpose of inducing immunity against blood vessels feeding tumors.
Batu Biologics, Inc.

Methods for treating breast and other cancers by targeting argininosuccinate synthetase 1-deficiency

Autophagy is the principal catabolic response to nutrient starvation. However, excessive autophagy can be cytotoxic or cytostatic, and contribute to cell death, but its mechanism of induction remains elusive.

Sensor module and wearable body composition analyzer including same

A wearable body composition analyzer according to various embodiments of the present disclosure may include an induction part for inducing secretion of bodily liquid while being in contact with a body part, a collection part that collects the bodily liquid secreted, a sensor part that detects a body composition from the bodily liquid collected, and a wearable part to which the induction part and the collection part is detachably attached, wherein the wearable part may be worn on a body. The above-described wearable body composition analyzer may be implemented variously according to embodiments..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Induction-based food holding/warming system and method with height adjustment mechanism

A device, system and method for induction heating food service pans having differing depths, while maintaining the pans sufficiently closely adjacent an enclosure containing the induction heating power source.. .
Cooktek Induction Systems, Llc A Division Of Middleby Corporation

Microfluidic-based apparatus and method vaporization of liquids using magnetic induction

Methods and apparatus for vaporizing liquid into the surrounding environment, including directing liquid from a liquid source to a vaporization port where the vaporization port has lateral dimensions varying from 10 um to 300 um, by magnetically inductive heating a liquid in the vaporization port with an at least one inductive heating element located in thermal communication to the vaporization port, and releasing vaporized liquid from the vaporization port into the surrounding environment so that fluid is transported through the depth of the structure.. .
Numerical Design, Inc.

Ion generation apparatus and electrical equipment

An ion generation apparatus that can facilitate the separation of adhering materials from a discharge electrode and efficiently generate ions includes an induction electrode, and a discharge electrode for generating ions between the discharge electrode and the induction electrode. The discharge electrode has a plurality of filament-like conductors, and a joining portion to tie the bottoms of the conductors together.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber including a dielectric window; a coil shaped rf antenna provided outside the dielectric window; a substrate supporting unit, provided in the processing chamber, for mounting thereon a target substrate to be processed; a processing gas supply unit for supplying a desired processing gas to the processing chamber to perform a desired plasma process on the target substrate; and an rf power supply unit for supplying an rf power to the rf antenna to generate a plasma of the processing gas by an inductive coupling in the processing chamber. The apparatus further includes a floating coil electrically floated and arranged at a position outside the processing chamber where the floating coil is to be coupled with the rf antenna by an electromagnetic induction; and a capacitor provided in a loop of the floating coil..
Tokyo Electron Limited

Induction vehicle detection and identification system, induction license plate, and induction reader

An induction vehicle detection and identification system comprising electronic identification devices with electronic memory, mounted on vehicles, and a reader capable of reading and/or writing data obtained from devices in hf-band. Devices have a non-volatile memory and are integrated into the vehicle's license plate.

Wind power generating system

A wind power generating system includes: a wind mill, an induction rotating machine coupled to a rotating shaft of the wind mill; a power converting device that supplies exciting current to the induction rotating machine; a heat medium circulating structure that circulates a heat medium that receives heat generated by the induction rotating machine; a heat accumulator that accumulates heat of the heat medium; a thermal power generator that converts, into electric power, the heat of the heat medium accumulated in the heat accumulator; and an armature control unit that controls the exciting current in accordance with electric power demand of an electric power system. The armature control unit performs one or both of power generation mode control in which the induction rotating machine is operated as a power generator and heat generation mode control in which the induction rotating machine is operated as a heat generator..
Kyoto University

Compound supercharged internal combustion engine systems and methods

A supercharge compound configuration of a forced induction intake and/or breather system for an internal combustion engine is provided. The system may be configured to improve the power output of an internal combustion engine when considered against similar internal combustion engines with conventional forced induction systems.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Induction motor temperature measurement using phase controlled alternating current

Methods and systems are provided for monitoring current flow in an induction motor, particularly an induction motor associated with a washing machine and for controlling operation of the motor to limit thermals during operation of the motor. The subject matter provides for periodically stopping the motor and applying a phase limited alternating (ac) voltage to the motor that is of insufficient magnitude to start the motor rotating.
General Electric Company

Induction medium and methods for stem cell culture and therapy

Novel msc stem-cell culture and therapy methods and culture medium compositions for the purpose of inducing, activating, or priming discrete uniform cell phenotypes to selectively promote or suppress inflammation and immunity, yielding polarized, primed, activated, or induced cells used in cell-based therapy.. .
Commence Bio, Inc.

Manufacturing of a metal component or a metal matrix composite component involving contactless induction of high-frequency vibrations

The present invention relates to a system for contactless induction of high-frequency vibrations in a volume of molten metal (1) during the manufacturing of a metal component or a metal matrix composite component. The system comprises a moveably arranged electromagnetic primary coil (2), adjustment means (3) for adjusting the position of the primary coil (2), and a control unit (5) for controlling the position of the primary coil (2) to a predefined distance above and not in physical contact with an upper free surface (4) of the molten metal (1) during use of the system.
European Space Agency

Method for inducting and singulating items to a sorter

The invention provides a method and a system for inducting items to a sorter (srt) from a stream of items (it1, it2), e.g. Mail or parcels, arriving at a feeding conveyor (fc).
Crisplant A/s

Techniques for wireless communication of proximity based content

A system and method for communication of proximity based content is disclosed between a mobile computing device having a short range communication (src) device and a proximity short range communication (psrc) device associated with a location or object using near field magnetic induction. The src device and/or the psrc device can include at least two antennas to provide magnetic induction diversity.
Freelinc Technologies Inc.

System and communicating between near field communication devices within a target region using near field communication

Systems and methods for communication between near field communication devices within a target communication region using near field magnetic induction is disclosed. One method comprises generating a near field detectable signal at an active node having a power level sufficient to enable communication with a plurality of near field communication nodes located within the target communication region.
Freelinc Technologies Inc.

Method and apparatus to control a single-phase induction motor

A motor drive for and a method of controlling a motor. In one example, the motor drive controls the motor to simulate capacitors and achieve optimal performance of a mechanical machine.
Tecumseh Products Company, Inc.

Vehicular wind power generator

A vehicular wind power generator for being installed on a vehicle includes a main body, multiple blades, two stands assembled to the main body, and a maglev unit. The main body has a power-generating unit including a stator and a rotor, between which a bearing is provided.

Induction consolidation for wind blade fabrication

A method of fabricating a thermoplastic composite tubular structure for use as a wind turbine blade is presented using a combination of induction heating with smart susceptors to consolidate a wrapped mandrel. The method can include overbraiding the mandrel with a continuous fiber thermoplastic composite material to form an overbraided mandrel that is then installed in a ceramic induction oven where the mandrel is pressurized internally to consolidate the thermoplastic overbraid during heating.
The Boeing Company

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