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Induction patents

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Induction heating container

Toyo Seikan Group Holdings

Induction heating container

Touch panel controlling method and system

Industrial Technology Research Institute

Touch panel controlling method and system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 Induction devices and methods of using them patent thumbnailnew patent Induction devices and methods of using them
Certain embodiments described herein are directed to induction devices that can be used to sustain a plasma. In certain configurations, the induction device may comprise one or more radial fins electrically coupled to a base.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

 Induction heating container patent thumbnailnew patent Induction heating container
To provide an induction heating container that can be used safely in which bumping that occurs when a liquid object to be heated such as water or soup accommodated therein is heated by an electromagnetic cooker is effectively suppressed, thereby preventing a user from getting burned or the surrounding area of the electromagnetic cooker from being contaminated. This induction heating container 1 is an induction heating container in which an induction heat generator 3 is attached to the inside of a container main body 2 that is made of a non-conductive material so as to enable cooking by heating by an electromagnetic cooker, wherein the induction heat generator 3 comprises: a laminated body involving a conductor layer 4 that generates heat by induction of eddy current by high-frequency magnetic field and a heat-seal layer 5 that exhibits heat-sealing properties to the container main body, and an eddy current control part 6 that is obtained by cutting the conductor layer 4 along the circumferential direction..
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

 Over-voltage prevention device and current rectifying circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Over-voltage prevention device and current rectifying circuit
According to one embodiment, an over-voltage prevention device includes a first short-circuit device provided between a secondary side of a wound-rotor induction machine and a frequency converter configured to excite the secondary side by a three-phase ac current and having a function of short-circuiting between phases of the three-phase ac current, resistors each connected between the first short-circuit device and the frequency converter for each phase, and second short-circuit devices connected respectively to the resistors in parallel and having a function of short-circuiting between the frequency converter and the secondary side of the wound-rotor induction machine.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Touch panel controlling method and system patent thumbnailnew patent Touch panel controlling method and system
A system and a method for controlling a touch panel are provided. The method for controlling the touch panel includes the following steps.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

 Rapid heating apparatus of continuous annealing line patent thumbnailnew patent Rapid heating apparatus of continuous annealing line
In a continuous annealing line for steel sheets comprising a heating zone, a soaking zone and a cooling zone, two or more induction heating devices are arranged in series in a front half part of the heating zone, and a heating stop region of 1˜30 m in length or a slow heating region having a heating rate of more than 0° c./s but not more than 10° c./s is provided in a temperature zone that the temperature of the steel sheet between two or more induction heating devices is 250° c. To 600° c.
Jfe Steel Corporation

 Stress-relief heat treatment apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Stress-relief heat treatment apparatus
A stress-relief heat treatment apparatus according to the present invention for stress-relief heat-treating a rail which is welded includes an induction heating coil, and the induction heating coil is arranged at a lateral lace of a web of the rail while being separated from a welding center of the rail by 20 mm to 300 mm in a longitudinal direction of the rail. The stress-relief heat treatment apparatus may include a plurality of the induction heating coils, and the induction heating coils may be arranged at both sides of the welding center.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

 Generation of patient-specific differentiated cell types by epigenetic induction patent thumbnailnew patent Generation of patient-specific differentiated cell types by epigenetic induction
Disclosure of a mammalian cytoplasmic donor cell line. Disclosure of a patient specific cell line.

 Therapeutic  pancreatic cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Therapeutic pancreatic cancer
The present invention relates to methods and medicarnents useful for treating locally advanced pancreatic cancer (lapc). Improved therapeutic methods and regimens comprising anti-connective tissue growth factor (ctgf) agents, including anti-ctgf antibodies, are provided.
Fibrogen, Inc.

 Particulate drug delivery methods patent thumbnailnew patent Particulate drug delivery methods
The invention provides compounds and compositions useful for the modulation of certain enzymes. The compounds and compositions can induce of cell death, particularly cancer cell death.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

 Graphite nanoplatelets and compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Graphite nanoplatelets and compositions
Disclosed are graphite nanoplatelets produced by a process which comprises thermal plasma expansion of intercalated graphite to produce expanded graphite followed by exfoliation of the expanded graphite, where the exfoliation step is selected from ultrasonication, wet milling and controlled caviation and where greater than 95% of the graphite nanoplatelets have a thickness of from about 0.34 nm to about 50 nm and a length and width of from about 500 nm to about 50 microns. The intercalated graphite is intercalated for example with a mixture of sulfuric and nitric acids.
Basf Se

new patent

Low pressure fogging device

A low pressure fogging device includes a fogging device body having a hose coupling tube formed unitarily with the lower side thereof, a screw portion formed on the upper side thereof, and a fluid flow-inducing member seating plate formed on top of the screw portion; a fluid flow-inducing member having induction wings seated on top of the fluid flow-inducing member seating plate; a nozzle body having a fitting hole open downwardly therefrom to allow the fluid flow-inducing member seating plate and the fluid flow-inducing member to be fitted thereto; and a push-up nut having a pressuring ring formed at the center thereof to be locked onto a locking projection formed from an outer lower end periphery of the nozzle body and a screw groove formed at the inner periphery thereof to be fastened to a screw portion formed on the fogging device body.. .

new patent

Peptide conjugated particles

The present invention provides compositions comprising peptide-coupled biodegradable poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (plg) particles in particular, plg particles are surface-functionalized to allow for coupling of peptide molecules to the surface of the particles (e.g., for use in eliciting induction of immunological tolerance).. .
Northwestern University

new patent

Vessel for cooking food for induction or conventional surfaces

A vessel for cooking food on induction or conventional surfaces, including a shaped body defining a surface that delimits a volume for containing a food, and a metal element, preferably ferromagnetic, arranged on the bottom of the vessel, the bottom having a plurality of first surfaces which define a support surface and a plurality of second surfaces recessed with respect to the support surface, the first and the second surfaces being interconnected by third surfaces tilted with respect to the support surface or perpendicular thereto, the ferritic plate/disc element having a plurality of holes filled with material constituting the body for the mutual fixing of the body to the plate/disc; at least one part of the holes is provided on at least one part of the third surfaces tilted with respect to the support surface.. .
Ballarini Paolo & Figli Spa


Adjustable conveyance curing system

Adjustable system and methods are provided that are used in curing a foam item. induction heating assemblies, cooling mechanisms and a dynamic conveyance mechanism may be used in combination to heat and cool a mold containing the foam item as it is conveyed.
Nike, Inc.


Induction heating generator and an induction cooking hob

The present invention relates to an induction heating generator. The induction heating generator comprises or corresponds with a rectifier circuit (10).
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N. V.


Electrical induction motor having a rotor with a bevel gear arrangement for driving a pair of opposite gear rings

An induction motor or generator assembly for converting either of an electrical input or rotating work input to a mechanical/rotating work or electrical output. An outer annular arrayed component is rotatable in a first direction and includes a plurality of magnets arranged in a circumferentially extending and inwardly facing fashion according to a first perimeter array, the outer component further incorporating a rotating shaft projecting from a central location.
Maestra Energy, Llc


Wireless power control

A remote device in accordance with the present invention includes an adaptive power receiver that receives wireless power from the wireless power supply by induction. The adaptive power receiver may be switched among two or more modes of operation, including, for example, a high-q mode and a low-q mode.
Access Business Group International Llc


Magnetic field generator for a magnetocaloric thermal device, and magnetocaloric thermal device equipped with such a generator

A magnetic field generator (g1) for a magnetocaloric thermal device which comprises first (sm11) and second (sm21) identical magnetizing structures mounted head-to-tail, on either side of a central plane (p) and defining two air gaps (e1, e2). Each magnetizing structure (smm11, sm12) comprises first (am1) and second (am2) magnetizing assemblies, whose induction vectors are oriented in opposite directions, and mounted on a support (sup1).
Cooltech Applications S.a.s.


High magnetic induction oriented silicon steel and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel and a preparation method thereof. The oriented silicon steel comprises the following chemical elements by weight percent: 0.035-0.120% of c, 2.9-4.5% of si, 0.05-0.20% of mn, 0.005-0.050% of p, 0.005-0.012% of s, 0.015-0.035% of als, 0.001-0.010% of n, 0.05-0.30% of cr, 0.005-0.090% of sn, not more than 0.0100% of v, not more than 0.0100% of ti, at least one of trace elements of sb, bi, ni and mo, and the balance of fe and other inevitable impurities, wherein sb+bi+nb+mo is 0.0015-0.0250% and (sb/121.8+bi/209.0+nb/92.9+mo/95.9)/(ti/47.9+v/50.9) ranges from 0.1 to 15..
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.


Induction based transactions at a remote server

A method for using a mobile communication device to purchase a ticket for an event. The method comprises locating an event of interest to a user through the mobile communication device, displaying a seating map of a venue in which the event of interest is being held, the seating map being displayed on the mobile communication device, receiving user input selecting an available seat on the seating map, issuing an electronic ticket to the user for the seat, and storing the electronic ticket on the mobile communication device..


Touch screen panel

A touch screen panel may include a first sensing electrode that has a recess. The touch screen panel may further include a second sensing electrode that immediately neighbors the first sensing electrode.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Induction heating fusing device and image forming apparatus

An induction heating fusing device and an image forming apparatuses that may control even a very small current region by tracking a resonance frequency to perform pwm control and phase control without considering a deviation of a part constant or a temperature change are provided. The induction heating fusing device includes: a serial resonance circuit having an induction coil and a condenser; a phase comparator, a phase controller, a resonance frequency tracking oscillator, and a pwm (pulse width modulation) signal generator.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Frequency location apparatus, methods, and systems

In some embodiments, an ex-situ apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, operate to transmit wideband modulated pulses to generate an externally-projected oscillating magnetic field in a material body, to record one or more raw echo free induction decay (refid) signals during echo acquisition periods following some of the second modulated pulses, and to transform the acquired refid signals via frequency decomposition to determine a preferred nuclear magnetic resonance frequency associated with a maximum amplitude of decomposed frequency components. Additional apparatus, systems, and methods are described..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Steel for induction hardening with excellent fatigue properties

A steel for induction hardening includes as a chemical composition, by mass %, c: 0.45% to 0.85%, si: 0.01% to 0.80%, mn: 0.1% to 1.5%, al: 0.01% to 0.05%, rem: 0.0001% to 0.050%, o: 0.0001% to 0.0030%. Ca: 0.0050% or less as necessary, ti: less than 0.005%, n: 0.015% or less, p: 0.03% or less, s: 0.01% or less, and the balance consists of fe and impurities.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome by inhibition of nr2f6

Methods, compositions, and treatment protocols are provided in the current invention for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome (mds) through the inhibition of nr2f6 gene expression or activity of protein. In one embodiment silencing, or substantial inhibition of nr2f6 expression is achieved through induction of rna interference in cells associated with development of mds.


Fviii peptides for immune tolerance induction and immunodiagnostics

The present invention is related to peptides that can be used to reduce the immune response against fviii or to induce tolerance to human fviii in patients with, e.g., hemophilia a. Furthermore, the peptides can be used for immunodiagnostic purposes to detect fviii-specific cd4+t cells to monitor patients with hemophilia a during replacement therapy and during immune tolerance induction therapy..
Baxter Healthcare Sa


Compositions and methods for brown fat induction and activity using fndc5

The invention provides compositions and methods for brown fat induction and activity through modulation of fndc5 activity and/or expression. Also provided are methods for preventing or treating metabolic disorders in a subject through modulation of fndc5 activity and/or expression.
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.


Compositions and methods of using islet neogenesis peptides and analogs thereof

The invention provides peptides and analogs of ingap and hip peptides. The peptides and analogs can be used in methods for treating various diseases and conditions.
Shenzhen Hightide Biopharmaceutical, Ltd.


Storage and retrieval system rover interface

An automated storage and retrieval system including at least one autonomous rover for transferring payload within the system and including a communicator, a multilevel storage structure, each level allowing traversal of the at least one autonomous rover, at least one registration station disposed at predetermined locations on each level and being configured to communicate with the communicator to at least receive rover identification information, and a controller in communication with the at least one registration station and configured to receive the at least rover identification information and at least one of register the at least one autonomous rover as being on a level corresponding to a respective one of the at least one registration station or deregister the at least one autonomous rover from the system, where the controller effects induction of the at least one autonomous rover into a predetermined rover space on the level.. .
Symbotic, Llc


Power assistance bicycle using sensor having multiple magnet blocks evenly distributed in housing

A power-assistance bicycle using a sensor having multiple magnet blocks evenly distributed in housing, related to electric power-assistance bicycles that provide a power-assistance signal with multipoint magnetic induction. The sensor comprises: a sensing element, a power assistance model processor (21), a digital-to-analog converter (27) and an operational amplifier (28).
Chengdu Kuanhe Technology Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for electric vehicle induction coil alignment

Systems and methods in accordance with particular embodiments provide for alignment of an electric vehicle induction coil with a base system induction coil through a determination of the phase of a base system induction coil current signal. In certain embodiments, an electric vehicle induction coil that receives a transmission signal can be determined to be in greater alignment with a base system induction coil that transmits the transmission signal as the phases of the current signals at the base system induction coil and the electric vehicle induction coil converge.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Adjustable conveyance curing method

Adjustable system and methods are provided that are used in curing a foam item. induction heating assemblies, cooling mechanisms and a dynamic conveyance mechanism may be used in combination to heat and cool a mold containing the foam item as it is conveyed.
Nike, Inc.


Methods and devices for performing electrical stimulation to treat various conditions

In certain variations, systems and/or methods for electromagnetic induction therapy are provided. One or more ergonomic or body contoured applicators may be included.
Emkinetics, Inc.


Varying the effective coil area for an inductive transcutaneous power link

A prosthesis including an external device and an implantable component. The external device includes a first inductive communication component.
Cochlear Limited


Small molecule trail gene induction by normal and tumor cells as an anticancer therapy

Methods and compositions relating to tic10 are described according to aspects of the present invention. The compositions and methods have utility in treating disease, particularly cancer in a subject in need thereof, including a human subject as well as subjects of other species.
The Penn State Research Foundation


Heat treatment apparatus

A heat treatment apparatus configured to perform a heat treatment on a plurality of substrates, including: a processing vessel configured to accommodate the plurality of substrates on which the heat treatment is performed; an electromagnetic induction source configured to generate an oscillating magnetic field having a high frequency within the processing vessel; and a substrate holding element having a plurality of heating elements arranged in a vertical direction and spacers interposed between the adjacent heating elements, the heating element being made of a conductive material and allowing an induced current caused by the oscillating magnetic field to flow therein to generate heat, the substrate holding element supporting the substrates in a state where the substrates are mounted on the heating elements.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Induction heating apparatus

An induction heating apparatus in accordance with the present disclosure includes a coil; an inverter unit configured to have a switching device turned on and off to supply power to the coil; a first controller configured to generate a first threshold current based on information about a coil current flowing in the coil and an input voltage applied to the coil, and generate a clock signal by comparing the coil current with the first threshold current; and a switch driver configured to generate a switch driving signal to turn on or off the switching device of the inverter unit by dividing a frequency of the clock signal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Motor controller and controlling motor

A motor controller includes an evaluation value calculator and an evaluation value searcher. The evaluation value calculator calculates an evaluation value represented by a function including a q-axis current value of a torque current component of a current through an induction motor.
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki


Electric vehicle and control electric vehicle

An electric vehicle driven by a synchronous motor 21 and an induction motor 31, and braked with a first regenerative torque bt1 generated by the synchronous motor generator 21 and a second regenerative torque bt2 generated by the induction motor generator 31. The ratio of the first regenerative torque bt1 to the second regenerative torque bt2 is changed in accordance with a state of charge (soc) of a battery 11.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Planar mosfets and methods of fabrication, charge retention

A planar mosfet includes a plurality of mosfet cells. Each mosfet cell includes an epitaxial layer of a first conductivity type, a body region of a second conductivity type inside the epitaxial layer, the second conductivity type having a polarity opposite to the first conductivity type, a source region inside the body region, a source contact portion to provide electrical contact with the source region, and a gate portion.


Electrophoretic analyzer by electromagnetic induction

Electrophoretic analyzer by electromagnetic induction, comprising a ferromagnetic toroidal core (1), which is coupled to an electrical winding inductor (2), along which circulates an alternating input current that induces formation of a variable magnetic flux confined in the core, that generates alternating electric current induced in the support (3), forcing the migration of electrically charged molecules, components of the test sample. An injector (4), mounted at one end of the holder, allows the introduction of the sample, while a detector (5), located at the opposite end, monitors the passage of discrete components and sends an electronic signal to a microcomputer, which processes the data and display it to the operator.


Induction-heated roller apparatus

The present invention intends to eliminate the need for a temperature detecting element adapted to measure the temperature of a roll main body in an induction-heated roller apparatus, and includes an impedance calculation part that calculates the impedance of a winding, a relational data storage part that stores relational data indicating the relationship between the impedance of the winding and the temperature of the roll main body, and a roll temperature calculation part that calculates the temperature of the roll main body from the impedance obtained by the impedance calculation part and the relational data stored in the relational data storage part.. .
Tokuden Co., Ltd.


Flow meter

A flow meter comprises a flow tube, a magnetic switch and an adjustment assembly. The flow tube has two ends screwed respectively with a first fastening member and a second fastening member, and includes a jutting seat, a sleeve, a magnetic element and an elastic element inside.


Sound absorbing cover, sound absorbing assembly, and magnetic induction foam molding device

A sound absorbing cover is made of foam containing magnetic filler and is integrally molded in a three-dimensional shape so as to cover at least a part of a mating member that is a noise source. The sound absorbing cover includes side walls that cover side surfaces of the mating member and a bottom wall that covers a bottom surface of the mating member that intersects with the side surfaces of the mating member.
Sumitomo Riko Company Limited


Oxygen scavenging compositions for plastic containers

And at least one transition metal in a positive oxidation state. The compositions of the present invention do not exhibit an induction period prior to the onset of oxygen scavenging upon formation into a container..


Hypo-allergenic cross-linked proteins for use in the prevention of an allergy against milk-proteins and for use in the induction of oral tolerance

The present invention provides a hypo-allergenic cross-linked protein for use in the prevention of an allergy against milk proteins, or for use in the induction of oral tolerance for milk proteins, said cross-linked protein being selected from cross-linked casein, cross-linked caseinate and combinations thereof. The invention further provides a nutritional composition for use in the prevention of an allergy against milk proteins or for use in the induction of oral tolerance against milk proteins..
Friesland Brands B.v.


Device for evaporating a volatile material

An assembly for evaporating a volatile material is described, the assembly comprising a device and a refill which are detachable from one another: wherein the device comprises a magnetic induction coil configured to operate with an alternating current passed therethrough; and wherein the refill comprises at least one susceptor and a substantially liquid-tight sealed reservoir containing the volatile material; wherein, in use, the susceptor(s) is arranged to heat the material when the susceptor(s) is at least partially positioned in the induced magnetic field generated, in use, when said alternating current is passed through the induction coil. Refills, devices and methods of use are also described..
Reckitt & Colman (overseas) Limited


Control device for induction loop system

There is provided a control device (220) for an induction loop system configured to: generate a calibration signal (202) having a known amplitude and frequency; feed the calibration signal (202) to an induction loop amplifier (106); detect level of electric current at the output of the induction loop amplifier (106); and determine an adjustment model (400) on the basis of the detected level of electric current and the known amplitude and frequency, wherein the adjustment model (400) is for adjusting the amplitude of a to-be-fed output signal (200) based on the frequency of a to-be-received input electrical audio signal (105) such that the level of the electric current at the output of the induction loop amplifier (106) is within predetermined limits.. .
Telesilmukka Oy


Wireless charge and discharge wrist band for placing cell phone

A wireless charge and discharge wrist band for placing a cell phone includes a watch band. The watch band is embedded with a plurality of batteries.
Coremate Technical Co., Ltd.


Motor control device capable of switching between application and non-application of magnetic flux control

A motor control device that controls an exciting current and a torque current separately from each other, and drives an induction machine includes: a first exciting current command generating unit that generates a first exciting current command in accordance with a speed and torque command; a second exciting current command generating unit that includes a magnetic flux control unit generating a second exciting current command by using a difference between a first exciting current command and a magnetic flux estimation value, and a magnetic flux estimating unit generating a magnetic flux estimation value from the second exciting current command, the second exciting current command generating unit outputting a second exciting current command; and a switching unit that selects one of a first exciting current command and a second exciting current command in accordance with a control mode or external information.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Motor controller maximizing energy savings

A motor controller and method for maximizing the energy savings in an ac induction motor at every load wherein the motor is calibrated at two or more load points to establish a control line, which is then programmed into a non-volatile memory (30) of the motor controller. A dsp-based closed-loop motor controller observes the motor parameters of the motor such as firing angle/duty cycles, voltage, current and phase angles to arrive at a minimum voltage necessary to operate the motor at any load along the control line.
The Powerwise Group, Inc.


Hybrid electric motor with self aligning permanent magnet and squirrel cage rotors

A hybrid induction motor includes a fixed stator, an independently rotating outer rotor, and an inner rotor fixed to a motor shaft. In one embodiment the outer rotor includes spaced apart first bars and permanent magnets, and the inner rotor includes spaced apart second bars.


Hybrid electric motor with self aligning permanent magnet and squirrel cage rotors

A hybrid induction motor includes a fixed stator, an independently rotating hpmsc outer rotor, and a squirrel cage (sc) inner rotor fixed to a motor shaft. The hpmsc rotor has spaced part permanent magnets and sets of first bars between consecutive permanent magnets.


Electrically powered portable device

An electrically powered portable device powered remotely and wirelessly includes a cover, a main body engaged with the cover, and an induction coil positioned inside the cover. The two ends of the induction coil are a first output terminal and second output terminal the first output terminal and second output terminal lead to a surface of the cover, where an induction current from the induction coil is outputted..
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Method for controlling an actuator

A method for operating an electromagnetic actuator (10) with an actuating pin (9) is proposed which comprises the following steps:—determining a pin actuation actual dead time (t11), during which the magnetic armature (15) is substantially immobile while a magnetic coil (12) is supplied with current, wherein the actual dead time ends with the current break-in at the magnetic coil, as a result of counter induction of the magnetic armature overcoming the magnetic force threshold;—determining, before a subsequent pin actuation, the starting time of the magnetic coil current supply, wherein the starting point of the current is advanced compared with that of the target movement start of the pin out of the actuator housing (13) and the determined actual dead time.. .
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Banking apparatus controlled responsive to data bearing records

A banking system is controlled responsive, at least in part, to data read from data bearing records. The banking system includes an automated banking machine.
Diebold Self-service Systems Division Of Diebold, Incorporated


Mobile magnetic transactions

A useful process that transfer data from a mobile device such as a smartphone directly to a magnetic card reader by mutual induction or rf (radio frequency). The data comprised of information that was originally stored on a card (payment card or other) in its magnetic stripe, as well as other data relevant to the transaction.


Guide blade and air conditioner having the same

Disclosed is a plurality of guide blades configured to guide air discharged through a discharge port, and an air conditioner having the same. The guide blade includes an eddy induction groove that is concaved from at least one surface of the guide blade, and a plurality of protrusions each protruding from an inner surface of the eddy induction groove in the form of a polypyramid, to generate eddy currents of various directions, so that the guide blade may cope with air flow of various flow speeds and wind directions..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Wind-powered thermal power generation system

In a wind-powered thermal power generation system, an induction motor includes a field (rotor) which has a field core coupled to a rotation shaft of the wind turbine and a field conductor, and an armature (stator) which has an armature core arranged on the outer side of the field with a spacing therebetween and an armature winding, and the induction motor is housed in the heat insulating container. A heating medium circulation mechanism circulates, inside the heat insulating container, a heating medium that receives heat generated by the induction motor.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Static gasket with wire compression limiter

A static gasket configured for establishing a seal between a cylinder head and an engine block including at least one layer having an opening and at least one compression bead. The compression bead extends circumferentially about the opening and projects out of a plane for deforming elastically when the gasket is compressed between the cylinder head and the engine block.
Federal-mogul Corporation


Ly6k epitope peptides for th1 cells and vaccines containing the same

Isolated ly6k-derived epitope peptides having th1 cell inducibility are disclosed herein. Such peptides can be recognized by mhc class ii molecules and induce th1 cells.
Oncotherapy Science, Inc.


Alert device for intravenous drip

An alert device for use with an intravenous drip, comprises two induction ends and a control unit. The control unit comprises a circuit module, an alarm module and a power module.


Cdca1 epitope peptides for th1 cells and vaccines containing the same

Isolated cdca1-derived epitope peptides having th1 cell inducibility are disclosed herein. Such peptides can be recognized by mhc class ii molecules and induce th1 cells.
Oncotherapy Science, Inc.


Kif20a epitope peptides for th1 cells and vaccines containing the same

Isolated kif20a-derived epitope peptides having th1 cell inducibility are disclosed herein. Such peptides can be recognized by mhc class ii molecules and induce th1 cells.
Oncotherapy Science. Inc.


Peptide conjugated particles

The present invention provides compositions comprising peptide-coupled biodegradable poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (plg) particles in particular, plg particles are surface-functionalized to allow for coupling of peptide molecules to the surface of the particles (e.g., for use in eliciting induction of immunological tolerance).. .
Northwestern University


Methods and compositions for in vivo induction of pancreatic beta cell formation

Embodiments of the invention stimulate three levels of beta cell physiology: (i) glucose metabolism, (ii) membrane receptor function, and (iii) transcriptional factors that result in the in vivo formation of beta cells in the pancreas for the purpose of treating diabetes. In certain aspects, the methods include the integration of three levels of cellular physiology: metabolism, membrane receptor function, and gene transcription.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


Power switching device, three phase bridge inverter, and operating a power switching device

A power switching device connected or connectable between a power supply and a load is described. The device may have at least two different operating states, each operating state having a different level of said output voltage associated with it.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Magnetic flywheel induction engine-motor-generator

When the apparatus, and the first “north-pole” permanent magnet magnetic system, is motor powered into rotation, relative to a second unpowered “south-pole” permanent magnet system; “magnetic induction” occurs in the second adjacent unpowered south-pole permanent magnet system, which rotates in the opposite direction, to the initial rotation that caused or induced the rotation.. .


Rotor, induction motor having the same, and manufacturing the same

A rotor includes a stacked core having a plurality of slots formed on an inner side thereof, a plurality of rotor bars inserted in the plurality of slots, a pair of end rings assembled and fastened to opposite ends of the rotor bars, a pair of retainers fastened to opposite outer end surfaces of the rotor bars in an assembled and fastened manner, and a shaft inserted into the pair of end rings.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Energy harvesting system with multiple cells

An energy harvesting system made of array of miniaturized pseudo-linear oscillators, i.e., energy harvesting cells, each of which comprises a free moving hard magnet floating structure supported by sophistically designed magnetic levitation mechanism, is proposed to exact and store useful energy from the broad band natural kinetic energy based on faraday's law of induction. The array of miniaturized energy harvesting cell can be made using volume production wafer process.


Induction of force performed by the piezoelectric materials

Until now, the direct effect or the converse effect is used in piezoelectric devices to provide respectively a disturbance force in external objects via electric field or acoustic waves. The collective displacement of the internal polarized molecules of the piezoelectric materials can be used in innovative ways when the direct or the converse effect takes place.


Partial forced induction system

A partial forced induction system is provided that has one or more combustion engine cylinders with each engine cylinder having a first and a second intake valve with individual ports. A source of forced induction in fluid communication with the one or more combustion engine cylinders and urging air into the one or more combustion engine cylinders.


Cyaa-based chimeric proteins comprising a heterologous polypeptide and their uses in the induction of immune responses

The invention relates to a chimeric protein comprising or consisting of from n-terminal to c-terminal, (a) a n-terminal part of a bordetella cyaa protein (b) a heterologous polypeptide, and (c) a c-terminal part of a bordetella cyaa protein. The invention also relates to a polynucleotide encoding a deleted version of a bordetella cyaa, as well as a polynucleotide encoding this chimeric protein.


Rna preparations comprising purified modified rna for reprogramming cells

The present invention provides compositions and methods for reprogramming somatic cells using purified rna preparations comprising single-strand mrna encoding an ips cell induction factor. The purified rna preparations are preferably substantially free of rna contaminant molecules that: i) would activate an immune response in the somatic cells, ii) would decrease expression of the single-stranded mrna in the somatic cells, and/or iii) active rna sensors in the somatic cells.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Anti-tgf-beta induction of bone cell function and bone growth

The invention regards the modulation of tgf-β activity by administering to a subject an antibody that binds to tgf-β, thereby increasing bone growth, bone formation, bone mass and bone strength. The antibody acts to increase osteoblast number and function while at the same time decreasing osteoclast number and function.
Vanderbilt University


Prefabricated vertical aquaponic system

A prefabricated vertical aquaponic system, including: a first plant pot part; a second plant pot part coupled to the lower portion of the first plant pot part so as to rotate with the first plant pot part; a rotatable rotation part positioned at the lower side of the second plant pot part; a tank part coupled to the lower portion of the rotation part and storing a nutrient solution; and an induction part which is extended from the tank part to the first plant pot part, connects the first plant pot part, the second plant pot part and the rotation part, rotates by the rotation part so as to rotate the first plant pot part and the second plant pot part, and induces the nutrient solution of the tank part to the first plant pot part.. .


Establishing wireless communication via proximity detection

The present disclosure relates to computer-implemented systems and methods for wireless communication via proximity detection. The method may include determining, by a computer via a plurality of induction coils in a proximity transponder, a magnetic field emitted from a base station.


Induction motor flux and torque control

An induction motor controller is provided. The induction motor controller includes a first module that derives a commanded stator voltage vector, in a rotor flux reference frame, via a rotor flux regulator loop and a torque regulator loop, which process at least partially in the rotor flux reference frame.
Atieva, Inc.


Risk assessment rule set application for fraud prevention

Rules, applied to deny authorization of likely fraudulent transactions, are derived from a modified patient rule induction method algorithm that uses a target variable and a data set of past transactions each associated with a plurality of input variables and a hyper-rectangle enclosing a multi-dimensional space defined by a representation of the input variable values as points within the multi-dimensional space. While a count of the points within the hyper-rectangle is greater than a minimum support parameter, a first plurality of points proximal to edges of the hyper-rectangle are removed, where each such removing maximizes a mean value of the target variable, and then, while the mean value remains maximized, a second plurality of points proximal to the edges is added, where each adding maximizes or maintains the mean value.
Visa U.s.a. Inc.


Rfid tag temperature adaptation

An rfid system and tag, and a method for identifying objects using an rfid system are disclosed. In an embodiment, an rfid tag comprises a microchip for storing an identification sequence, a tag antenna coupled with the microchip for receiving and transmitting the rf signal; and a ferrous metal portion disposed near the ic and the tag antenna.
International Business Machines Corporation


Portable green power device

A portable green power device includes an energy storage module, a manpower generating module, a control unit and an ac charging module. The energy storage module has input terminals, output terminals and a dc charging port.
Taigulf Co., Ltd.


Calibration multi-component induction tools

Calibration tools and procedures that provide one or more calibration methods for multi-component induction tools can include use of a tilted elliptical loop and a circular loop. Measurement signals may be used for analytic calibration of a multicomponent induction tool.
Haliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Biomarkers of immune response in mucosal lesions and their use with therapeutic vaccination

The present invention provides evidence of post-vaccination immunologic changes in target hpv induced cervical intraepithelial neoplasias that suggest the induction of clinically relevant tissue-localized immune responses, despite modest detectable responses in circulating t lymphocytes. The inventive methods allow for identification of immunological responses to hpv immunotherapies, and means for monitoring responses during clinical trials and treatment regimens..
The Johns Hopkins University


Catalytic system for co2/epoxide copolymerization

The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a polycarbonate including the process of copolymerizing epoxide compound and co2 using cobalt(iii) or chromium(iii), where the ligands contains at least 3 ammonium cations, central metal has formal −1 charge, and conjugated anions of the two cationic ammonium groups are acid-base homoconjugation, as catalyst. According to the present invention, the initial induction time can be reduced when the polycarbonate is manufactured and it is possible to improve the activity of the catalyst and the molecular weight of the obtained polymer..
Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.


Multiple-variable dose regimen for treating tnfalpha-related disorders

Multiple-variable dose methods for treating tnfα-related disorders, including crohn's disease and psoriasis, comprising administering tnfα inhibitors, including tnfα antibodies, are described. Multiple-variable dose methods include administration of a tnf-inhibitor in an induction or loading phase followed by administration of the agent in a maintenance or treatment phase, wherein the tnf-inhibitor is administered in a higher dosage during the induction phase..
Abbvie Biotechnology Ltd


Induction of tumor immunity by variants of folate binding protein

The present invention is directed to variants of antigens comprising folate binding protein epitopes as a composition associated with providing immunity against a tumor in an individual. The variant is effective in inducing cytotoxic t-lymphocytes but preferably not to the extent that they become sensitive to silencing by elimination, such as by apoptosis, or by anergy, as in unresponsiveness..
The Henry M. Jackson Foundation For The Advancement Of Military Medicine, Inc.


Aircraft lift transducer

An aircraft lift transducer may include a vane, actuator, an lc circuit, and a processor. The vane may be positioned on the leading edge of a wing of the aircraft, where the angle defined by the chord of the wing and the vane changes when the aircraft angle of attack changes.
Safe Flight Instrument Corporation


Positioning with a radio-based locking system

A system includes a vehicle having an automatic radio-based vehicle safety unit and an access control device. An access element is assigned to the vehicle safety unit, where the vehicle safety unit has several low-frequency transmitting antennas, and the access element has a low-frequency receiver.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Microvesicles derived from cell protoplast and use thereof

The present application relates to microvesicles derived from a protoplast which is a bacterial, arhaea, fungal or plant cell or the like from which a cell wall is removed. The microvesicles derived from a protoplast enables free loading of a material necessary for diagnosis, treatment, vaccine, target induction, cell membrane fusion with a target cell, reduction of in vivo and in vitro side effects, stability improvement, and the like, and allows the therapeutic material, the diagnostic material and/or the vaccine material to be delivered specifically to a specific tissue or cell..
Aeon Medix Inc.


Poxviral vectors for low antibody response after a first priming immunization

The invention is drawn to compositions and methods for the induction of an immune response, in particular a strong cd8 t cell response, to a specific antigenic determinant without raising a significant antibody response to the antigenic determinant after a first, priming immunization. The method comprises administering to the host a recombinant poxviral vector comprising a transcriptional control element comprising an early and/or late element linked to a nucleotide sequence encoding the antigenic determinant.
Bavarian Nordic A/s


Misoprostol composition

The present invention relates to the use of misoprostol for the induction of labour in a pregnant female, and in particular to the use of a sustained delivery device or insert containing substantially 200 μg misoprostol for intravaginal use. The use encompasses methods of therapy as well as compositions for use in such methods..
Ferring B.v.

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