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Induction patents

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Thermoplastic induction-welding systems

Magnum Magnetics

Thermoplastic induction-welding systems

Apparatus and method for reducing current ripple in double fed induction wind power generating system


Apparatus and method for reducing current ripple in double fed induction wind power generating system

Apparatus and method for reducing current ripple in double fed induction wind power generating system

Hyundai Motor

Particulate matter sensor unit

Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 Position indicator device patent thumbnailnew patent Position indicator device
Also a position indicator device (10) comprising at least one pulse-induction affecting target (12), at least one pulse-induction coil (18), and pulse-induction indicator circuitry (22) connected to the said at least one pulse-induction coil (18) to provide a signal dependent upon the output thereof indicative of the position of the said at least one pulse-induction coil (18) relative to the said at least one pulse-induction affecting target (12). Metallic glass or amorphous metal is arranged to shield the said at least one pulse-induction affecting target (12) and/or the said at least one pulse-induction coil (18) from stray signals..
 Induction coil vapor generator patent thumbnailnew patent Induction coil vapor generator
An induction coil vapor generator is provided that may include any of a number of features. One feature of the vapor generator is that it can inductively generate high quality condensable vapor.
Nxthera, Inc.
 Selective delivery of cryogenic energy to intervertebral disc tissue and related methods of intradiscal hypothermia therapy patent thumbnailnew patent Selective delivery of cryogenic energy to intervertebral disc tissue and related methods of intradiscal hypothermia therapy
The present invention relates to devices and methods for altering the tissue in and around an intervertebral disc through localized hypothermia therapy to restore function of the disc and reduce pain. Hypothermia therapy is defined as the reduction of tissue temperature to below that of the equilibrium temperature.
 Ganglioside compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Ganglioside compositions
The invention provides novel gangliosides and mixtures of novel gangliosides, and drug products containing the same. The invention also provides cells induced to over-express one or more gangliosides.
Garnet Biotherapeutics, Inc.
 Procaspase combination therapy for glioblastoma patent thumbnailnew patent Procaspase combination therapy for glioblastoma
The invention provides compositions and methods for the induction of cell death, for example, cancer cell death. Combinations of compounds and related methods of use are disclosed, including the use of compounds in therapy for the treatment of cancer and selective induction of apoptosis in cells.
Vanquish Oncology, Inc.
 Compounds for treating proliferative disorders patent thumbnailnew patent Compounds for treating proliferative disorders
Disclosed are compounds of formulae (i), (iii), (iv), (vii), (x), (xi), (xii), (xiii) and (xiv), wherein the variables are as defined in the claims, and methods of using compounds of the invention for treating a subject with a proliferative disorder, such as cancer, and methods for treating disorders responsive to hsp70 induction and/or natural killer induction. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions comprising compounds of the invention and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier..
Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.
 Zeolite coating preparation assembly and operation method patent thumbnailnew patent Zeolite coating preparation assembly and operation method
The present invention relates to a zeolite coating preparation assembly (1) and operation method wherein zeolite adsorbents are coated by crystallization process on various surfaces heated by induction. The objective of the present invention is to provide a zeolite coating preparation assembly (1) and operation method; by which time saving is achieved owing to heating by induction, material saving is achieved since large heating resistances and complicated reactors are not used; and which is thus more economical; and wherein thicker and more stable coatings with high diffusion coefficients are prepared by using a more practical reaction system in a shorter period of time in comparison to the known methods, and wherein mass production is enabled..
Inventram Fikri Mulkiyet Haklari Yonetim Ticaret Ve Yatirim Anonim Sirketi
 Agricultural frost protection using induction fans patent thumbnailnew patent Agricultural frost protection using induction fans
A system for protecting an agricultural field from frost damage, comprising: one or more induced flow apparatuses, each comprising an induced flow fan that has a primary air flow inlet, a primary air flow outlet, a secondary flow inlet and a secondary flow outlet wherein said primary air flow induces a larger volume of secondary air flow; a primary air flow impeller, powered by a motor, and a duct arrayed to conduct the primary flow from the primary flow impeller to the induced flow fan. The induced flow apparatuses are disposed to induce the flow of warmer, upper-level, air into a lower level, displacing lower, cooler, air in an agricultural field..
 Actriib proteins and variants and uses therefore relating to utrophin induction for muscular dystrophy therapy patent thumbnailnew patent Actriib proteins and variants and uses therefore relating to utrophin induction for muscular dystrophy therapy
In certain aspects, the present invention provides compositions and methods for inducing utrophin expression in muscle with an actriib protein as therapy for muscular dystrophy. The present invention also provides methods of screening compounds that modulate activity of an actriib protein and/or an actriib ligand..
Acceleron Pharma Inc.
 Induction of tolerance in lung allograft transplantation patent thumbnailnew patent Induction of tolerance in lung allograft transplantation
The present disclosure relates to methods of inducing tolerance to lung allograft transplantation. These methods comprise increasing nitric oxide, increasing suppressor cd8+ t cells and/or suppressing deleterious cd8+ and cd4+ t cells..
Washington University
new patent

Rotor for induction torque motor and induction torque motor

A rotor (1) for an induction torque motor according to the present invention comprises an axial body (1a) and a cylindrical body (1b) which is coupled to the axial body (1a) coaxially with the core of the axial body (1a) and is formed with a soft magnetic material wherein the specific electric resistivity is 0.4 [[mu]ohmsm] or less and the specific magnetic permeability is 1000 to 50000. An induction torque motor (tm) according to the present invention comprises the rotor (1) for an induction torque motor.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)
new patent

Electromagnetic interference suppression

An inductive power transmitter for transmitting electrical power to a device by electromagnetic induction, the transmitter being configured to receive power conductively by way of a current via an electrical conduit from an external power source, the transmitter including a field generator configured to generate a fluctuating electromagnetic field having a fundamental frequency; and at least one impedance element connected along an electrical path of the transmitter configured to carry said current, the impedance element or a combination of the impedance elements having a high enough impedance at the fundamental frequency such that, in use, electromagnetic noise experienced at the power source is substantially suppressed, such noise arising from coupling between the electromagnetic field and a circuit having said path and linking the power source to the transmitter.. .
Access Business Group International Llc
new patent

Apparatus and reducing current ripple in double fed induction wind power generating system

The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for reducing current ripple in a double fed induction wind power generating system. More particularly, the apparatus comprises: a ripple current sensing unit for classifying the current of a rotor of a generator into normal current and ripple current which is a current component having a frequency that is the same as the frequency of a system power source on the basis of the value obtained by slip angle-based coordinate conversion of the current of the rotor, extracting the classified ripple current, and transmitting the extracted ripple current to a ripple current control unit; and a ripple current control unit for generating a compensation voltage value on the basis of the ripple current received from the ripple current sensing unit and adding the generated compensation voltage value to a reference rotor voltage value input to a converter of a rotor side of the generator so as to reduce the current ripple generated in the current of the rotor of the generator.
Hyosung Corporation
new patent

Tissue paper box with automatic lid

A tissue paper box with automatic lid includes a case, a lid pivotally disposed on a top of a rear wall of the case, and at least one induction devices disposed on fringe of the lid. The rear wall of the case is hollow for receiving a driving mechanism, a deceleration mechanism, a circuit board, and a power supply.
new patent

Thermoplastic induction-welding systems

A flexible ferromagnetic strip is used to induction-weld seams in polymer pipes. The strip is a blend of strontium ferrite, a surfactant, and an ldpe binder.
Magnum Magnetics Corporation
new patent

Method for manufacturing titanium ingot

The present invention is a method for manufacturing a titanium ingot (30), the method being characterized by comprising: a step of melting a titanium alloy for a predetermined time by cold crucible induction melting (ccim); a step of supplying molten titanium (6) to a cold hearth (10), and separating high density inclusions (hdis)(8) by precipitation in the cold hearth (10) while spraying a plasma jet or an electron beam onto the bath surface of the molten titanium (6); and a step of supplying a molten titanium starting material from which the hdis (8) are separated by precipitation to a mold (20) to obtain the titanium ingot.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)
new patent

Particulate matter sensor unit

A particulate matter sensor unit may include a sensor portion of an electrostatic induction type that may be reacted when a particulate matter having electric charge may be passing the vicinity thereof, a protection pad that the sensor portion may be bonded on one side thereof through a conductive paste, an heater electrode that may be formed on the protection pad and burns the particulate matters that may be disposed on the sensor portion to eliminate them, and a sensor electrode that may be formed on the protection pad to transfer a signal that may be generated by the sensor portion to an outside.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Antagonists of bcl-2 and uses thereof in induction of apoptosis

The present invention provides an antagonist of a bcl-2 pro survival protein containing a bh3-like domain. The antagonist of the invention comprises arts and any fragment or peptide that comprises a bh3-like domain.
Carmel-haifa University Economic Corporation Ltd.

Electronic system and connecting mechanism thereof

A connecting mechanism for connecting an electronic device to a docking station includes a first socket, a first magnet, a fixing member, a first magnetic induction member, a first engaging member and a first driving member. The first socket is movably disposed in the electronic device and a first engaging recess is formed on a side of the first socket.
Wistron Corporation

Media for stem cell proliferation and induction

The present application discloses a cell culture media for growth, maintenance and induction of reversion to a less mature state of a cell comprising a muc1* activating ligand.. .
Minerva Biotechnologies Corporation

Double-stranded and single-stranded rna molecules with 5' triphosphates and their use for inducing interferon

Double-stranded and single-stranded rna molecules, and their use in methods for inducing interferon are provided. The interferon induction provides anti-viral and other medically useful effects, such as anti-cancer effects.
City Of Hope

Method for differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into vascular bed cells

This application relates to a method for differentiating pluripotent stem cells (pscs) into vascular bed cells. Moreover this application relates to a method for differentiating human embryonic stem cells (escs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (ipscs) into vascular bed cells based on linked steps of chemically defined medium inductions..
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

Procaspase 3 activation by combination therapy

The invention provides compositions and methods for the induction of cell death, for example, cancer cell death. Combinations of compounds and related methods of use are disclosed, including the use of compounds in therapy for the treatment of cancer and selective induction of apoptosis in cells.
Theboard Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Live bacterial vaccines resistant to carbon dioxide (co2), acidic ph and/or osmolarity for viral infection prophylaxis or treatment

The present invention relates to gram-negative bacterial mutants resistant to one or more stress conditions, including, but not limited to, co2, acid ph, and high osmolarity. The present invention also relates more particularly to gram-negative bacterial mutants with reduced tnf-α induction having a mutation in one or more lipid biosynthesis genes, including, but not limited to msbb, that are rendered stress-resistant by a mutation in the zwf gene.
Aviex Technologies Llc

Touch-screen system and display panel with touch-sensing function

A touch-screen system including a stylus, a display panel and a touch module is disclosed herein. The stylus includes a magnetic component.
Au Optronics Corporation

Personal wireless charging system

The present disclosure provides wireless personal electronic charging systems including a personal storage item including a storage location for a portable electronic device, the personal storage item further includes a power section including a wireless induction charger receiver and a system battery configured to receive and store power from the wireless induction charger receiver. The personal storage item further includes a connector in electrical communication with the power section and, when a portable electronic device including a device battery is located within the storage location, in electrical communication with the device battery, wherein the connector transfers power from the power section to the device battery when the connector is connected to the portable electronic device..
Everpurse, Inc.

Portable wireless charging pad

The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for improved wireless charging pads for charging and/or powering electronic devices. Such pads may not require a power chord for connecting to a main power supply, for example a wall outlet.
Dvinewave Inc.

Noncontact power supply system and electromagnetic induction coil for noncontact power supply apparatus

A noncontact power supply system includes a power supply device having a primary coil acting as an electromagnetic induction coil for a noncontact power supply system, and a power receiving device having a secondary coil. The primary coil has a primary core and a winding wire.
Hosiden Corporation

Induction welding system

A method and apparatus for performing induction welding. A number of protective layers are positioned between a susceptor layer and at least one of a plurality of workpieces at a weld location.
The Boeing Company

Slotted shot sleeve for induction melting of material

Disclosed are embodiments of a vessel configured to contain a secondary magnetic induction field therein for melting materials, and methods of use thereof. The vessel can be used in an injection molding apparatus having an induction coil positioned along a horizontal axis and adjacent to the vessel.
Crucible Intellectual Property, Llc

Unevenly spaced induction coil for molten alloy containment

Various embodiments provide an apparatus and methods for containing the molten materials within a melt zone during melting. The apparatus may include a vessel configured to receive a material for melting therein and an induction coil with unevenly spaced turns along its length.
Crucible Intellectual Property, Llc

Wireless kitchen appliance operated on an induction heating cooker

The present invention relates to a kitchen appliance (1) operated wirelessly on an induction heating cooker (k), comprising a programmable microcontroller (2), one or more than one electronic circuit (3) that provides the microcontroller (2) to control the communication means, user interface and sensors, providing communication with the induction heating cooker (k) whereon the kitchen appliance (1) is operated, a power control circuitry (4) that supplies the microcontroller (2) and the electronic circuits (3) with low level dc voltage, a receiver coil (5) that partially collects and provides transfer of the power generated by the induction coil (b) in the induction heating cooker (k) to the power control circuitry (4), a rectifier (6) that converts the ac voltage delivered from the receiver coil (5) to dc voltage and a buffer capacitor (7) which filters the dc voltage at the rectifier (6) outlet.. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi

Integrated speech processor headpiece

Cochlear implant systems include a circuit board having electronic circuitry configured to generate one or more signals configured to direct electrical stimulation of one or more stimulation sites within a patient, an induction coil configured to transmit a telemetry signal by generating a telemetry magnetic field, and a telemetry flux guide positioned between the induction coil and the circuit board. The telemetry flux guide is configured to direct magnetic flux of the telemetry magnetic field away from the circuit board..

Micrornas for cardiac regeneration through induction of cardiac myocyte proliferation

The present invention discloses a set of human micrornas, or a primary transcript for such micrornas, or a precursor of such micrornas, or a mimic of such micrornas or a combination thereof, and their use as medicaments for inducing proliferation of cardiomyocytes for the prevention and treatment of heart diseases associated with a loss of cardiomyocytes. The invention also relates to a method for screening micrornas and biological and therapeutically active compounds for their ability to increase proliferation of cardiomyocytes..
International Centre For Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology - Icgeb

Benzodiazepine compounds with anti-flavivirus activity

The present invention describes a unique antiviral screen system. The assay is based on quantitatively monitoring viral activation of host cell beta-interferon (ifn-β) gene expression in a hek293-derived reporter cell line expressing a firefly luciferase gene under the control of a human ifn-β promoter.
Philadelphia Health & Education Corporation D/b/a Drexel University College Of Medicine

Acrylamide-degrading self-cloning aspergillus oryzae

Provided are self-cloning aspergillus oryzae that expresses amidase without induction culture exhibiting high amidase degradation activity, and a method for reducing acrylamide in which this self-cloning aspergillus oryzae is used. Self-cloning aspergillus oryzae, which has a gene which codes a polypeptide with a specific amino acid sequence indicated in seq id no:1, or has a base sequence hybridizable to a complementary sequence of the gene encoding seq id no:1 under stringent conditions, has a protein with amidase activity which the gene is expressed without induction culture, the process of reducing acrylamide by contact treatment with the above described self-cloning aspergillus oryzae and acrylamide-containing matter, and a method of producing reduced acrylamide food or beverage..
Ozeki Corporation

Ex vivo nk cell differentiation from cd34+ hematopoietic cells

The present invention relates to the ex vivo differentiation of nk cells from cd34+ hematopoietic stem cells. Such nk cells and their progenitor cells can be used in therapies of a broad range of malignancies.
Ipd-therapeutics B.v.

Stator, three-phase induction motor, and compressor

The present invention provides a stator, a three-phase induction motor and a compressor. The stator is applied to a three-phase induction motor of a compressor.
Danfoss Tianjin Ltd.

Bolt-like fastening element, in particular drilling screw, and connection established thereby

A bolt-like fastening element (30), which is preferably in the form of a drilling screw shaped by pressing and/or rolling, having a head portion (lk), which has a holding region (lh) and has a starting hardness, and also having an initial portion (la), which adjoins the head portion (lk) by way of a transition region (lÜ) and is additionally inductively hardened. The fastening element (30) is produced by cold forming from a blank made of a carbon steel having a starting tensile strength of at least 800 n/mm2.
Sfs Intec Holding Ag

Fixing device and image forming apparatus

A fixing device includes a heating body; first and second coils for induction heating that heat the heating body by an induction heating method; a first switching element connected to the first coil for induction heating; a second switching element connected to the second coil for induction heating; a driving signal transmission unit that sends a first drive signal to the first switching element and a second drive signal to the second switching element so that the first switching element and the second switching element operate at the same timing to apply a first input voltage to the first coil for induction heating and a second input voltage to the second coil for induction heating; and a voltage drop unit that steps down the first input voltage applied to the first coil for induction heating so that the first input voltage is lower than the second input voltage.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Electronics for a thin bed array induction logging system

A logging tool electronics system is disclosed with noise minimization features and pulse compression signal processing techniques to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of array induction logging tools. The borehole is radiated with a magnetic field produced by a configurable multi-frequency and/or multi-amplitude sine wave signal stimulus section driving a fully differential single transmitter coil.
Pico Technologies Llc

Vector control apparatus of induction motor

The present disclosure provides a vector control apparatus that operates by a diameter computation-free winder velocity control algorithm with enhanced operational reliability. The vector control apparatus configured to control tension of a motor free from diameter computation includes a tension velocity generator configured to generate command velocity information for constantly maintaining a tension of the motor by adding a pid (proportional integral differential) output value to a value computing a compensation gain value substituting a diameter computation value of a motor to be controlled and a command linear velocity provided from outside, and a vector controller configured to perform a tension control of the motor by receiving a command velocity information provided the tension velocity generator..
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Generation of patient-specific differentiated cell types by epigenetic induction

Disclosure of a mammalian cytoplasmic donor cell line. Disclosure of a patient specific cell line.

Methods and compositions for producing induced airway tissue progenitor cells

D) terminating the transient induction while the proliferative capacity of the ipp remains under the control of the one or more exogenous reprogramming factors to produce an induced population of cells.. .

Compositions and methods for immune tolerance induction

Methods and compositions to reduce immunogenicity of proteins are disclosed. Compositions comprising therapeutic proteins (such as factor viii or any other protein or peptide) complexed with liposomes comprising ps and pc (ps liposomes), or comprising ps, pi and pc and, optionally, cholesterol (ps/pi liposomes) may be used..
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

Active matrix organic light emitting diode pixel unit circuit, display panel and electronic product

Disclosed are an amoled pixel unit circuit, a display panel and an electronic product, to integrate a tsp in cell circuit into the amoled pixel unit circuit, and to manufacture the amoled display panel having a touch screen function and the electronic product having the display panel. The amoled pixel unit circuit comprises a driving module configured to amplify an induction signal generated by the touch sensing module, output the induction signal through an induction signal outputting module, and drive a light emitting module; a light emission controlling module configured to control the light emitting module to emit light; a threshold compensating module configured to compensate a threshold voltage for the driving module; a touch sensing module configured to generate the induction signal and output the induction signal to the driving module; and the induction signal outputting module configured to output the induction signal amplified by the driving module..
Chengdu Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Method for detecting foreign objects in an induction charging device

A method for detecting foreign objects in an induction charging device, with the aid of at least one control and/or regulating unit of the induction charging device, includes: ascertaining a resonance frequency; determining an actual quality at the resonance frequency; and comparing the actual quality to a setpoint quality which is a function of a resonance frequency.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Transient electromagnetic geophysics system with cooperative source(s)

A cooperative source electromagnetic induction (emi) device includes: a transmitter configured to generate a time-varying primary magnetic field in the vicinity of a target object, which magnetic field inductively couples with the target object to generate a target object secondary magnetic field; and a cooperative source to which the primary magnetic field is also inductively coupled, generating one or more respective cooperative source secondary magnetic fields. The target object and the cooperative source are inductively coupled via the target object secondary magnetic field and the cooperative source secondary magnetic field.
Texas A&m University System

Generator excitation apparatus and power conversion system

According to one embodiment, there is provided a generator excitation apparatus including a plurality of first power converters and a second power converter. The plurality of first power converters are electrically connected to windings of respective phases of rotors of a wound rotor type induction generator in which the windings of the rotors of the respective phases are electrically independent, and are configured to bidirectionally convert dc and ac.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Non-contact charging method

In a non-contact charging method, a battery-equipped device is set on a charging stand, and a power reception coil of the battery-equipped device is electromagnetically coupled to a power transmission coil of the charging stand, and power is transmitted from the power transmission coil to the power reception coil by an electromagnetic induction action, and a battery of the battery-equipped device is charged by power induced to the power reception coil. Furthermore, in the non-contact charging method, charging current of the battery is detected at the battery-equipped device side, the detected charging current is compared with a current change determination threshold, and it is determined that a foreign object is set on the charging stand when the charging current is less than the current change determination threshold, and it is determined that the foreign object is not set in the charging stand when the charging current is greater than the current change determination threshold..
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Induction charging device

An induction charging device has: at least one charging electronics unit which includes at least one frequency unit situated between at least two dc voltage paths; at least one charging coil connected to a voltage tap of the at least one frequency unit; and at least one control unit provided to operate the at least one frequency unit at one frequency in at least one first operating state. The at least one control unit controls a power output via a pulse width modulation of a pulse duration of the first operating state relative to an operating period..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Fixing apparatus with wireless charging

A fixing apparatus with wireless charging is provided, including a base unit, at least a stop element and a charging module. The base unit includes a placement surface, and the stop element is disposed at the base unit and protrudes above the placement surface.

System and rotor time constant online identification in an ac induction machine

A system and method for determining a rotor time constant of an ac induction machine is disclosed. During operation of the induction motor, a flux signal is injected into a rotor flux command so as to generate a time-variant rotor flux.
Eaton Corporation

Power transmission device

A power transmission device includes: a power supply circuit that generates an alternating voltage; a power transmission coil that receives an alternating voltage generated by the power supply circuit to thereby generate a magnetic field; a power transmission resonator that includes: a resonant coil; and a resonant capacitor and through which electromagnetic induction causes an electric current to flow when a magnetic field is generated by the power transmission coil to enter a resonance state; and a control circuit that controls the position or the orientation of the power transmission coil with respect to the power transmission resonator in the direction in which a standing wave ratio in a transmission line from the power supply circuit to the power transmission coil decreases.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Device for generating electricity from a pressurized water circulation system

A device for generating electricity from a pressurized water circulation system is disclosed. The device utilizes water flow within a tubular member to provide mechanical force to rotate a rotor.

Method for improving a metal coating on a steel strip

A method for improving a metal coating on a steel strip or a steel sheet or plate. The coating is melted to a maximum temperature above the melting temperature of the material of the coating by inductive heating performed by at least one induction coil and subsequently cooled to a quenching temperature, below the melting temperature, in a cooling device.
Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein Gmbh

Induction device

A method of producing an induction device includes the steps of a forming a coil and core assembly, forming rectangular holes, and press-fitting a second core. An induction device includes a first core, a coil wound around the first core, and a second core cooperating with the first core to form a closed magnetic circuit.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

Waterproof portable electronic device without connecting hole

A waterproof portable electronic device without a connecting hole includes a portable main body and at least one induction coil. The portable main body is completely sealed and does not have any exterior connecting hole.
Coremate Technical Co., Ltd.

Induction of dedifferentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells

The invention relates to induction of reprogramming of somatic cells, by methods which require mild growth conditions. Disclosed are methods of inducing dedifferentiation of mesenchymal stromal cell (msc), by seeding or incubating mesenchymal stromal cells (mscs) at low density, and without introduction or expression of exogenous genes in the cells..
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

Non-oriented electrical steel plate and manufacturing process therefor

Disclosed are a non-oriented electrical steel plate with low iron loss and high magnetic conductivity and a manufacturing process therefor. The casting blank of the steel plate comprises the following components: si: 0.1-2.0 wt %, al: 0.1-1.0 wt %, mn: 0.10-1.0 wt %, c: ≦0.005 wt %, p: ≦0.2 wt %, s: ≦0.005 wt %, n: ≦0.005 wt %, the balance being fe and unavoidable impurities.
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Signal and power supply transmission

The present invention relates to signal and power supply transmission for an x-ray source. In order to provided an improved signal and power supply transmission with reduced constructional complexity and enhanced operation possibilities, an integrated signal and power supply transmission arrangement is provided, comprising a supply board (12), a main board (14), an insulating plate (16), at least one transformer arrangement (18), and at least one signal transmission arrangement (20).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Mobile device and remote control method

Method of remote control includes determining a selected virtual key on a user interface provided by the mobile device and acquiring an identification number of the selected virtual key from a storage device of the mobile device. In response to detecting infrared signals sent from a remote controller to an electronic device, the infrared module is controlled to record the infrared signals of one or more keys on the remote controller in sequence.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Induction rf fluorescent lamp with helix mount

An induction rf fluorescent lamp, comprising: a lamp envelope with a re-entrant cavity and evacuation tube; a power coupler, wherein the power coupler is located inside the re-entrant cavity; an electronic ballast, wherein the electronic ballast provides appropriate voltage and current to the power coupler; and an amalgam held within a capsule located above the power coupler within the lamp envelope, wherein the capsule is positioned with a mount comprising at least one wire attached to the capsule and having at least two wire ends extending from the capsule into the evacuation tube with contact made between the wire ends and the interior surface of the evacuation tube of the re-entrant cavity.. .
Lucidity Lights, Inc.

Vertical axis wind turbine

A vertical axis wind turbine includes a wind guide module installed at the periphery of a vane module for turning axially, and a magnetic field module and a coil module installed at the periphery of a turntable of the vane module for generating induced electromotive forces, such that when the vane module is rotated by the action of air current, the magnetic field module is driven to rotate a coil of the coil module generates an electric current by the magnetic induction of the magnetic element of the magnetic field module. In particular, the whole vertical axis power generator can guide and concentrate the surrounding air current at flaps of the vane module by the action of the wind guide module, so that the vane module is capable of starting an operation easily, providing a high operating performance, and featuring an easy manufacture..

Induction cooking hob

The present invention relates to an induction cooking hob including at least one induction coil (20). The induction cooking hob comprises a housing (10) with at least one vertical wall (12, 14, 16) and a bottom panel (18).
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

Inductor for single-shot induction heating of complex workpieces

A single-shot inductor is provided to induction heat treat a complex workpiece that has an at least partially cylindrical component with its central axis coincident with the central axis of a circular component and connected at one end to the circular component with a diameter larger than the diameter of the at least partially cylindrical component. The single-shot inductor has a single crossover inductor section connected to the first ends of two longitudinal leg inductor sections with the second ends of the two longitudinal leg inductor sections connected to a collar inductor section that surrounds the entire circumference of the at least partially cylindrical component when the complex workpiece is loaded in the single-shot one-turn inductor for an induction heating application.
Inductoheat, Inc.

Power source for an automation system mechanism

Power systems for an independent carrier for transport of payloads in an automation system for in vitro diagnostic (ivd) applications. The independent carrier may include an onboard power source and an onboard electrical system electrically connected to the onboard power source for controlling movement of the carrier.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Transverse strut and forming a transverse strut

A roll forming assembly for forming a transverse strut from a tube is provided. The roll forming assembly includes a heater, such as an induction heater, for heating a tube to a predetermined annealing temperature.
Magna International, Inc.

Electric induction fluid heaters for fluids utilized in turbine-driven electric generator systems

A fluid latent heat absorption electric induction heater is provided for raising the temperature of a fluid supplied to a fluid-driven turbine in a turbine-driven electric power generation system. The fluid latent heat absorption electric induction heater alternatively transfers heat to the fluid by induced susceptor heating, or a combination of inductor joule heating and induced susceptor heating.
Inductotherm Corp.

Multi-fuel engine

Engine includes an air induction sub-system for delivery of air to each cylinder. A lowpressure fuel injector injects a low reactivity fuel into the sub-system.
International Engine Intellectual Property Company, Llc

Adaptive inversion for vertical resistivity logs from multiaxial induction measurements

A method for logging a formation or sample includes obtaining a plurality of multiaxial conductivity measurements from the formation or sample. A horizontal resistivity measurement, a dip measurement and a dip azimuth measurement are derived from the plurality of multiaxial conductivity measurements.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

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