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Induction patents

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Variable-volume induction nozzle

Induction component

Induction ink melter

Date/App# patent app List of recent Induction-related patents
 Compositions and methods for modulating rsv infection and immunity patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods for modulating rsv infection and immunity
Compositions and methods are provided for the treatment or prevention of rsv disease by modulating rsv infection and immunity. In particular, amino acid sequences in the rsv g glycoprotein, containing the chemokine motif defined as c-x-x-x-c (or cx3c), are identified that are essential in causing rsv infection and disease.
 Negative dielectric constant material based on ion conducting materials patent thumbnailnew patent Negative dielectric constant material based on ion conducting materials
Metamaterials or artificial negative index materials (nims) have generated great attention due to their unique and exotic electromagnetic properties. One exemplary negative dielectric constant material, which is an essential key for creating the nims, was developed by doping ions into a polymer, a protonated poly (benzimidazole) (fbi).
 Production of recombinant protein in insect cells using a baculovirus expression system patent thumbnailnew patent Production of recombinant protein in insect cells using a baculovirus expression system
The present invention describes a novel method for recombinant protein production using a baculovirus protein expression system in insect cells, wherein baculovirus virion production is suppressed during recombinant protein production. The novel expression system produces reduced levels of baculovirus virions during recombinant protein production phase, thereby reducing the need for purification of the recombinant protein from the contaminating virus.
 Single nucleotide polymorphisms (snp) and association with resistance to immune tolerance induction patent thumbnailnew patent Single nucleotide polymorphisms (snp) and association with resistance to immune tolerance induction
This application discloses methods, systems and kits for correlating the presence or absence of certain nucleic acid sequences within a population with the ability to create immune tolerance in that same population. Tolerance can be induced by solo or repeated administration of antigen, including soluble antigens administered either intravenously or sublingually.
 Variable-volume induction nozzle patent thumbnailnew patent Variable-volume induction nozzle
A variable volume induction nozzle is designed for use with a variable speed fan, where fan speed is adjusted in response to variable exhaust gas flow volume in order to conserve energy. In order to maintain a minimum exhaust discharge velocity to ensure adequate plume height, an axially-extendable, upwardly tapered flow-impinging pod within the nozzle creates a variable annular nozzle outlet opening.
 Image heating apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Image heating apparatus
An image heating apparatus includes a rotatable heating member of magnetism-adjusted alloy configured to heat a toner image on a sheet; an excitation coil configured to generate a magnetic flux for electromagnetic induction heating of the rotatable heating member; a voltage source configured to supply an ac current to the excitation coil; a rotating mechanism configured to rotate the rotatable heating member at a first peripheral speed in an operation in a first image heating mode and configured to rotate the rotatable heating member at a second peripheral speed lower than the first peripheral speed in an operation in a second image heating mode; and a controller configured to control the voltage source in which a maximum current supplied to the excitation coil in the second image heating mode is smaller than a maximum current supplied to the excitation coil in the first image heating mode.. .
 Touch panel with electrode bridging structure patent thumbnailnew patent Touch panel with electrode bridging structure
The invention relates to a touch panel with an electrode bridging structure. The touch panel includes an electroconductive substrate and an electroconductive film disposed on the electroconductive substrate.
 Induction ink melter patent thumbnailnew patent Induction ink melter
A melting device melts solid ink into liquid ink by passing alternating current through an electrical conductor arranged in coils around a housing. The liquid ink passes from a reservoir, through a spool valve arrangement, and into first and second chambers.
 Induction component patent thumbnailnew patent Induction component
The invention proposes an induction component produced using thin film technology which can be used for a variety of functions. It contains, on a magnet core with a ring shape, two coil devices which, for their part, are in turn constructed from at least two coils.
 Power generation device patent thumbnailnew patent Power generation device
A power generation device includes a first magnet member, a second magnet member which is disposed such that the n pole side thereof is in the opposite direction to the n pole side of the first magnet member, a yoke which is disposed between the first magnet member and the second magnet member, an induction coil which is disposed at an outer periphery of the yoke. When the first magnet member and the second magnet member slidingly move in synchronization or when the yoke slidingly moves, the direction of a magnetic flux flowing in the yoke changes to generate an electromotive force in the induction coil..
new patent Parameter estimation system and method for an induction motor
A method of estimating stator resistance of an induction motor is provided. The method includes applying voltage pulses through two phase paths of the motor for a plurality of electrical cycles to inject current in the motor, wherein the voltage pulses are applied until rotor flux of the motor is substantially stabilized and measuring stator voltage and stator current in response to the applied voltage pulses for each of the plurality of electrical cycles.
new patent Battery charger cradle
In a battery charger cradle, a battery incorporated in a battery built-in device is charged by electric power induced to an induction coil. The cradle includes a primary coil for inducing electromotive force to the induction coil, a casing having a top plate atop of which the battery built-in device is placed, a movement mechanism for moving the primary coil along an inner surface of the top plate, and a position detection controller for detecting a position of the battery built-in device placed on the top plate and controlling the movement mechanism to bring the primary coil closer to the induction coil in the battery built-in device.
new patent Cable assembly for providing power through inductive coupling
A cable assembly for supplying power includes wiring for carrying alternating electrical current, a plurality of source inductive elements spaced at intervals along the wiring to provide power by induction; and an encapsulation layering that provides electrical insulation.. .
new patent Induction dryer
In an induction heater, preheated, pressurized air is further heated in the heating cabinet and also drawn into the coil tube via a suction fan. The simultaneous pulling and pushing of the twice-heated air through the tube provides superior air flow to pick up more moisture from the can ends being dried.
new patent Method and apparatus for superposed application of shipping labels over packing slips
A process for automating placement of a shipping label onto a carton on a conveyor system includes moving a carton on the conveyor system to the induction scanner, electronically scanning the carton to obtain identification information from a bar code associated with the carton, accessing electronic shipping information corresponding to the identification information, and transmitting the shipping information to a controller coupled to the conveyor system. The process also includes printing indicia, corresponding the identification information, onto the shipping label and a packing slip at the print-and-apply station, mechanically coupling the packing slip to a non-aggressive adhesive on the shipping label, and mechanically applying the shipping label and attached packing slip to the carton, such that the shipping label covers the packing slip and the packing slip is exposed when a portion of the shipping label is removed along a line of weakness in the shipping label..
new patent Air-hardenable bainitic steel with enhanced material characteristics
A method of producing a forged steel part is disclosed to include providing a steel billet having a composition including 0.25-0.40 wt. % c, 1.50-3.00 wt.
new patent Method of creating winding for variable frequency inductive lighting system
The invention is an induction-based lighting system designed to provide power to model displays and other similar application, including a method of manufacturing a primary winding that interacts with secondary windings placed inside display components to provide lighting effects, such as one finds in model christmas villages. The electrical characteristics of the primary winding can be controlled by a microcontroller to make lights in the models blink or change as a user desires..
Ssc induction in vitis muscadinia
This invention relates to a method for introgressing a form of seedlessness, viz. Stenospermocarpy (ssc) from subgenus euvitis planch.
Rodents with conditional acvr1 mutant alleles
A genetically modified mouse is provided that comprises a conditional acvr1 allele that comprises a mutated exon that, upon induction, converts to a mutant exon phenotype, wherein the mutant exon phenotype includes ectopic bone formation. Mice comprising a mutant acvr1 exon 5 in antisense orientation, flanked by site-specific recombinase recognition sites, are provided, wherein the mice further comprise a site-specific recombinase that recognizes the site-specific recombinase recognitions sites, wherein the recombinase is induced upon exposure of the mouse to tamoxifen.
Sliding mode controller for engine thermal management
A sliding mode controller for one or more valves in an engine induction or exhaust system provides improved thermal control over an engine. Double discrete variable rate filters generate position and velocity profiles for various intake and exhaust valves.
Apparatus, system, and method for providing an implantable ring for altering a shape of the cornea
An apparatus, system and method for constricting a cornea of a human eye are disclosed. A control device external to the subject eye, such as an induction generator, may be configured to create a stimulus, such as a magnetic field, for an implanted ring that, when stimulated, may change the curvature, and thus the dioptric power, of the eye, thereby approximating natural accommodation..
Sonochemical induction of abca1 expression and compositions therefor
The present invention provides compositions useful for transfecting cells (e.g., liver cells) to express abca1. The compositions described herein comprise a pharmaceutically acceptable aqueous carrier containing sonochemically-active microspheres together with a plasmid dna construct encoding an active form of abca1 and at least one promoter for the expression thereof.
Reusable wireless medical sensors
Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to reusable wireless sensors. According to certain embodiments, the wireless sensor may include a rechargeable battery coupled to an induction coil for recharging the battery.
System and method for micromagnetic stimulation of the central nervous system
One aspect of the present disclosure relates a system that can employ micromagnetic stimulation to activate or suppress one or more areas of the central nervous system. A portion of the central nervous system can be exposed.
Beraprost isomer as an agent for the treatment of viral infection
In various embodiments the use of single isomer of beraprost as a therapeutic for the treatment of viral disease and other pathologies associated with the induction of a cytokine storm, such as influenza a viruses and the sars-causing coronvirus and mutations thereof is provided.. .
Apparatus and method for fuel cell standby
An apparatus for placing a fuel cell stack in a standby mode is provided. The apparatus comprises a compressor, a fuel cell stack, a cathode valve and a controller.
Bone graft implants containing allograft
Synthetic, bioactive ultra-porous bone graft materials having an engineered porosity, and implants formed from such materials are provided. In particular, these implants comprise bioactive glass and incorporate allograft material for osteoinduction.
Induction of an immune response against dengue virus using the prime-boost approach
The invention relates to methods for the induction of an immune response to dengue virus. The method of inducing an immune response against dengue virus comprises administration of a non-replicating immunogen followed by a boost with a tetravalent live attenuated viral vaccine.
Vaccination of companion animals to elicit a protective immune response against tick infestations and tick-borne pathogen transmission
Compositions of either the aquaporin protein from the cattle tick, rhipicephalus microplus, or a nucleic acid construct incorporating a nucleic acid sequence encoding this aquaporin protein, are effective for eliciting a protective immune response against other tick species in non-bovine animals. The r.
Rituximab induction therapy followed by glatiramer acetate therapy
The present invention provides a method of treating a subject afflicted with a form of multiple sclerosis or presenting a clinically isolated syndrome comprising periodic administration of an amount of rituximab at least twice to the subject followed by periodic administration of an amount of glatiramer acetate to the subject, wherein the amounts are effective to treat the subject. The present invention also provides a method of treating a subject afflicted with an immune disease, comprising periodic administration of an amount of rituximab at least twice to the subject followed by periodic administration of an amount of glatiramer acetate to the subject wherein the amounts are effective to treat the subject, and wherein the immune disease is an autoimmune disease, an arthritic condition, a demyelinating disease, an inflammatory disease, multiple sclerosis, relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, crohn's disease, or systemic lupus erythematosus..
Methods and compositions for direct reprogramming of somatic cells to stem cells, and uses of these cells
Presented herein are methods of generating an induced stem cell (isc) from a somatic cell, by contacting the somatic cell with an induction factor that reprograms the somatic cell to generate an isc. The induction factor can be a genetic construct or a fusion protein.
Actuation mechanisms for load management devices on aerodynamic blades
Systems, apparatuses, and methods are provided for actuating one or more load management devices on a wind turbine and/or a wind turbine blade. Each actuator may exhibit one or more beneficial qualities including appropriate actuation speed/force characteristics, size and/or weight characteristics, and/or increased reliability and consistent operation in a variety of operating conditions.
Flexible intermediate bulk container with induction control
A method, apparatus and system is provided for both (1) decreasing electrostatic discharges to reduce the potential for incendiary discharges caused by electrostatic charges in flexible containers such as flexible intermediate bulk containers (fibcs) and (2) decreasing the induction on isolated conductors nearby the container to reduce the potential for incendiary discharges from the isolated conductors. .
Anti-incendiary flexible intermediate bulk container with induction control
A method, apparatus and system is provided for both (1) decreasing electrostatic discharges to reduce the potential for incendiary discharges caused by electrostatic charges in flexible containers such as flexible intermediate bulk containers (fibcs) and (2) decreasing the induction on isolated conductors nearby the container to reduce the potential for incendiary discharges from the isolated conductors. .
Sound induction ear speaker for eye glasses
An eyewear sound induction ear speaker device includes an eyewear frame, at least one speaker including an audio channel integrated with the eyewear frame and an acoustic duct coupled to the speaker and arranged to channel sound emitted by the speaker to an ear of the user wearing the eyewear frame. A method of providing sound for eyewear includes receiving an audio signal at a speaker integrated with an eyewear frame, inducing the speaker to produce an acoustic sound, and channeling the sound through an acoustic duct to be presented to a user wearing the eyewear frame.
System and method for a baseband nearfield magnetic stripe data transmitter
A system for a baseband near field magnetic stripe data transmitter includes a mobile phone and a magnetic stripe transmission (mst) device. The mobile phone transmits a stream of pulses including magnetic stripe data of a payment card.
Emat enhanced dispersion of particles in liquid
Particulate matter is dispersed in a fluid material. A sample including a first material in a fluid state and second material comprising particulate matter are placed into a chamber.
Touch panel pen thereof
A touch panel pen comprising: a pen is a conductive rod with a connector in front; a fixed stand is a conductive body located in connector of the pen, a through-hole is on the center of the fixed stand and a flange is on the center periphery to separate the fixed stand into front and rear; a conductive textile is convex installed inside the through-hole of the fixed stand, the conductive layer of the conductive textile is formed by vacuum sputtering (physics electroplating) or with no electrolytic plating (chemical plating); a plug is installed inside the through-hole of the fixed stand to stop the conductive textile. By this design, the conductive textile convex installed on the fixed stand formed by vacuum sputtering plating can be thinner in structure, faster in induction; elasticity offers higher accuracy, effectively for more convenience with no wastewater pollution, no environmental problem and no allergy reaction and has antibacterial effect..
Hybrid radio frequency / inductive loop antenna
Biometric monitoring devices, including various technologies that may be implemented in such devices, are discussed herein. Additionally, techniques, systems, and apparatuses are discussed herein for providing a hybrid antenna including an rf radiator and an electrically coupled inductive loop.
High-throughput sorting of small objects via oil and/or moisture content using low-field nuclear magnetic resonance
The current disclosure describes an automated high-throughput small object sorting system for separating small object via oil and/or moisture content using novel nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) systems and methods. The disclosed systems and methods for measuring the oil and/or moisture content of a single small object in a low-field time domain nmr instrument are superior in sample throughput and signal-to-noise ratio to conventional nmr systems and methods (free induction decay or spin echo) for single small object oil/moisture measurement..
Wireless charging device
A wireless charging device includes a plurality of power supply modules, a control unit and a charge module. Each of the power supply modules includes a receiver and a conduction circuit.
Solar folder
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a solar folder. In one particular example, a solar folder comprises a solar module integrated into the side of a solar case.
Control device and method for controlling an induction machine
A control device for an induction machine includes an angle determining device designed to determine a rotor angle of the induction machine without requiring use of sensors. The angle determining device generates measuring voltage pulses which can be selectively used to replace control voltage pulses used to control the induction machine.
High speed induction electrical machine
A unique electrical machine includes a plurality of fasteners extending only partially into a rotor core of an induction rotor through a short circuit ring, wherein the fasteners cooperate to balance the induction rotor and/or mechanically support the short-circuit ring. A unique method of assembling an electrical rotor machine includes extending fasteners into a rotor core of a rotor through a component, and employing the fasteners to balance the rotor and/or mechanically support the component.
Dual magnetic phase rotor laminations for induction machines
A dual magnetic phase rotor lamination for use in induction machines is disclosed. A rotor assembly is provided that includes a rotor core and a plurality of rotor conductors mechanically coupled to the rotor core and positioned thereabout, with the plurality of rotor conductors positioned within slots formed in the rotor core.
Two-shaft compound motor
A two-shaft compound motor includes a first rotating machine made of a magnetic modulation motor, a second rotating machines made of an electric motor, and a lockup mechanism. The first and second rotating machines are aligned on same axial line.
Vortex flux generator
A method and apparatus for generating electricity by electromagnetic induction, using a magnetic field modulated by the formation, dissipation, and movement of vortices produced by a vortex material such as a type ii superconductor. Magnetic field modulation occurs at the microscopic level, facilitating the production of high frequency electric power.
Method for modifying a barrier in an induction power and/or data transfer system to improve power transfer efficiency
A method for increasing the power transfer efficiency of a wireless induction power and/or data transfer system comprising a magnetic field transmitter which is positioned on a first side of a barrier and a magnetic field receiver which is positioned on a second side of the barrier opposite the first side comprises the steps of disposing at least one flux flow member in or adjacent the barrier at least partially between the transmitter and the receiver. The flux flow member comprises a magnetic permeability different from the magnetic permeability of the barrier.
Cassette for use with an automated banking machine that can receive power and communicate via magnetic induction
In an example embodiment, a document holding cassettes that can be used in an automated banking machine that includes circuitry that is wirelessly powered through inductive coupling. The cassette can wirelessly communicate with the automated banking machine through induction..
Method for producing a cable core, having a conductor surrounded by an insulation, for a cable, in particular for an induction cable, and cable core and cable
A production method produces a cable core for an induction cable in a simple and simultaneously reliable manner. In the method, a raw conductor is fed continuously to a processing machine and separated in a recurring manner at specified length positions at a separating point so that there are two wire ends.
Magnetic induction feedback mechanism for a heating system and the method using the same
A heating system for heating a magnetic inducible container is disclosed, wherein the heating system includes a frequency detector for detecting the frequency of the current through an inductor coil and a control unit coupled to the frequency detector to adjust the heat generated by the heating system according to the variation of the frequencies detected by the frequency detector.. .
Temperature detection system for food container induction heating system and method
A temperature detection system for detecting temperature within a metallic can during heating is provided. The system includes an induction heating coil configured to generate an alternating magnetic field, and a hermetically sealed can positioned within the magnetic field generated by the induction coil.
Induction heating system for food containers and method
An induction heating system configured to sequentially heat a plurality of filled and sealed food containers is provided. The system includes an induction heating coil defining a lumen having a longitudinal axis.
Asymmetric induction devices and systems and methods using them
Certain embodiments described herein are directed to devices, systems and methods that comprise asymmetric induction devices. In some instances, the device can include a plurality of plate electrodes which can be spaced asymmetrically or a plurality of coils which can be spaced asymmetrically..

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