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Dental component, a dental fixture and a dental implant

Dentsply International

Dental component, a dental fixture and a dental implant

Time series search in primary and secondary memory


Time series search in primary and secondary memory

Date/App# patent app List of recent Indexing-related patents
 Using anchor points in document identification patent thumbnailnew patent Using anchor points in document identification
Systems and methods are disclosed that allow for indexing, processing, or both of information from physical media or electronic media, which may be received from a plurality of sources. In embodiments, a document file may be matched using pattern matching methods and may include comparisons with a comparison reference database to improve or accelerate the indexing process.
Indxit Systems, Inc.
 Time series search in primary and secondary memory patent thumbnailnew patent Time series search in primary and secondary memory
Methods and apparatus consistent with the invention provide the ability to organize, index, search, and present time series data based on searches. Time series data are sequences of time stamped records occurring in one or more usually continuous streams, representing some type of activity.
Splunk Inc.
 Method and  indexing and searching documents patent thumbnailnew patent Method and indexing and searching documents
Methods and apparatus for indexing and searching documents are disclosed. For example, a user of an electronic record management system may deploy a background indexing processes using a certain amount of parallel computing resources that may take several hours to complete.
Kcura Corporation
 System and  analyzing unstructured data on applications, devices or networks patent thumbnailnew patent System and analyzing unstructured data on applications, devices or networks
A system, method, computer program and apparatus for facilitating the automated reading, decryption, retrieval, gathering, analyzing, indexing, segmentation, classification, grouping, comparing and storing of unstructured data from a set of one or more highly related computer programs, web applications or products which service a particular data transaction or system need.. .
Interstack, Inc
 Generating and sharing metadata for indexing synchronized content items patent thumbnailnew patent Generating and sharing metadata for indexing synchronized content items
Embodiments of the invention generate and share metadata for indexing synchronized content items. A server generates metadata for indexing synchronized content items and manages sharing of the metadata with client devices in accordance with user preferences that may be embodied in metadata generation and sharing management rules.
Dropbox, Inc.
 System and  indexing, monitoring, and inventorying digital assets patent thumbnailnew patent System and indexing, monitoring, and inventorying digital assets
Method(s), system(s), apparatus(es), and computer program products are provided that can index, monitor, inventory, and/or monetize digital assets, such as documents, photographs, videos, blogs, online accounts, social media accounts, e-mail accounts, online banking accounts, etc.. .
Capsoole, Inc.
 Methods and systems for applications for z-numbers patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for applications for z-numbers
Specification covers new algorithms, methods, and systems for artificial intelligence, soft computing, and deep learning/recognition, e.g., image recognition (e.g., for action, gesture, emotion, expression, biometrics, fingerprint, facial, ocr (text), background, relationship, position, pattern, and object), large number of images (“big data”) analytics, machine learning, training schemes, crowd-sourcing (using experts or humans), feature space, clustering, classification, similarity measures, optimization, search engine, ranking, question-answering system, soft (fuzzy or unsharp) boundaries/impreciseness/ambiguities/fuzziness in language, natural language processing (nlp), computing-with-words (cww), parsing, machine translation, sound and speech recognition, video search and analysis (e.g. Tracking), image annotation, geometrical abstraction, image correction, semantic web, context analysis, data reliability (e.g., using z-number (e.g., “about 45 minutes; very sure”)), rules engine, control system, autonomous vehicle, self-diagnosis and self-repair robots, system diagnosis, medical diagnosis, biomedicine, data mining, event prediction, financial forecasting, economics, risk assessment, e-mail management, database management, indexing and join operation, memory management, and data compression..
 Dental component, a dental fixture and a dental implant patent thumbnailnew patent Dental component, a dental fixture and a dental implant
The invention relates to a dental component, such as an abutment, an abutment replica, an abutment blank, a customized abutment, a scan abutment, a digital transfer coping, an impression pick-up element, a healing cap or a driver, comprises at least one first indexing element and at least one second indexing element having an apical end located apically of the apical end of said first indexing element, wherein the second indexing element is designed to present a play with mating features of a dental fixture. The invention also relates to a dental implant which comprises a dental component having first and second indexing elements and a dental fixture having third and fourth indexing elements, wherein any play between the first and third indexing elements is smaller than a play between the second and fourth indexing elements.
Dentsply International Inc.
 Method and  receiving control information through epdcch in wireless communication system patent thumbnailnew patent Method and receiving control information through epdcch in wireless communication system
One embodiment of the present invention relates to a method for a terminal receiving control information through an enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch) in a wireless communication system, comprising the steps of: indexing resource elements (re), which are included in a physical resource block (prb) set of a received subframe, in units of enhanced resource element groups (ereg); indexing the eregs that are indexed in units of enhanced control channel elements (ecce); and determining epdcch candidates which comprise a terminal-specific search space on the basis of the ecces which are indexed, and then blind decoding same, wherein the terminal determines whether a predetermined resource unit for a common search space and the terminal-specific search space overlap.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Method and  determining safety of a working environment patent thumbnailnew patent Method and determining safety of a working environment
An apparatus for determining the safety of a working environment comprising a panel assembly including first d-ring indicia corresponding to d-ring height, a first slider supported for movement relative to the panel assembly, the first slider including first anchor height indicia corresponding to anchor height and a free fall distance (ffd) indexing arrow, a second slider supported for movement relative to the panel assembly, the second slider including ffd indicia corresponding to ffd first lanyard length indicia corresponding to lanyard length. The first slider is moved to a first slider ffd calculation position based on a determined anchor height.
Alberta British Columbia Safety Inc.

Control system for governing and/or monitoring how an image data-stack is viewed

Image analysis systems components, devices, and methods are provided for viewing the image data stack in less time with less effort and less repetitive motions. The navigation device, for example, can include: (i) an indexing state selector for independently selecting a desired subset within the independently viewable subsets, the desired subset indexed for an efficient image selection with a single click of the indexing state selector; and, (ii) a scrolling state selector for scrolling through the desired subsest as a data series of the discrete images.
Maestro Devices, Llc

Communication session indexing

A method includes: displaying information from at least one communication session on a user's device; providing at least one interface on the user's device to select at least one portion of the displayed information from the at least one communication session; associating the at least one portion of the at least one communication session with an indexing feature; and presenting the indexing feature on the user's device.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Memory searching system and method, real-time searching system and method, and computer storage medium

Described is a memory searching system, including an indexing module and a searching module. The indexing module, provided with multiple indexed databases, acquires and records updated indexed data in an indexed database provided to the indexing module and synchronizes the searching module with the updated indexed data recorded in the indexed database provided to the indexing module.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Knee component having orbital interface boss

A knee prosthesis including a knee component and an indexing boss. The knee component includes a first engagement portion.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Point and/or money based gaming

Some embodiments may include a poker indexing service. For example, a multi dimensional vector of player performance and/or other data may be determined based on gaming related activity that is input or otherwise captured.
Cfph, Llc

Computer-assisted collaborative tagging of video content for indexing and table of contents generation

Methods and systems for generation of an index and table-of-contents (toc) for videos based on user given labels or a combination of user input and automated indexing techniques are provided. According to one embodiment, an annotation tool and a video player are presented to individual subscribers/users of a video discovery and consumption service.
Clipmine, Inc.

Method and receiving control information through epdcch in wireless communication system

The present invention according to one embodiment is a control information receiving method wherein the method enables a terminal to receive control information through an enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch) in a wireless communication system, and comprises the steps of: indexing resource elements (re) included in a physical resource block (prb) set of a received subframe, as ‘n’ enhanced resource element groups (ereg) per prb pair; indexing the indexed ereg as ‘m’ enhanced control channel elements (ecce) per prb pair; and determining epdcch candidates constituting a specific search space for a terminal on the basis of the indexed ecce and performing blind decoding, wherein the number of ereg per prb pair, ‘n’ is determined by considering at least one among the available re number in prb pairs, a structure of the subframe, and a type of carrier.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method and beam identification in multi-antenna systems

Embodiments allow a station to determine which of a plurality of spatial beams is best suited for communicating with user equipment (ue). Some embodiments overlay spatial multiplexing in a way that provides support for ue without changing existing signaling schemes.

Clamp apparatus having indexing feature

A clamp apparatus is disclosed which has a duct having an indexing feature formed thereon. A wire clamp is provided which has a length of resilient spring material shaped generally in accordance with a cross sectional configuration and diameter of the duct.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Fast indexing mechanisms for cvt's

A fast indexing mechanism that can be used to quickly and accurately change the axial position of a cone of a cvt. Said indexing mechanism comprises of a rotation providing mechanism that is powered by springs that are tensioned by a pneumatic/hydraulic actuator (see figs.

Generic indexing for efficiently supporting ad-hoc query over hierarchically marked-up data

Hierarchical data objects are indexed using an index referred to herein as a hierarchy-value index. A hierarchy-value index has, as index keys, tokens (tag name, a word in node string value) that are extracted from hierarchical data objects.

Index of video objects

A system for indexing physical objects, locations and people, collectively referred to as video objects, which appear in videos. The system enables video object-level identification of tv and video content, and makes those video objects indexable, linkable, and searchable..

Search results based on an environment context

A computer performs a search and generates a context-aware search result. The computer crawls a plurality of servers to fetch a plurality of knowledge documents, parses the plurality of knowledge documents, and indexes the plurality of parsed knowledge documents in a search index.

Search results based on an environment context

A computer performs a search and generates a context-aware search result. The computer crawls a plurality of servers to fetch a plurality of knowledge documents, parses the plurality of knowledge documents, and indexes the plurality of parsed knowledge documents in a search index.

Method and positioning a vehicle

A method for remotely controlling a plurality of vehicles includes receiving at an external control system, under an indexing mode of operation, a first signal from off-board vehicle indexing equipment. The method further includes establishing in the external control system a positioning mode of operation in response to the first signal.

Numerical control device

A numerical control device has: a program reading unit reading a machining program; an inclined-surface setting unit setting an inclined-surface coordinate system regarding an inclined surface; an indexing-angle generating unit calculating an indexing angle where a tool used for machining of the inclined surface is oriented perpendicular to the inclined surface, and generating a move command. The program reading unit outputs an inclined-surface setting command instructing setting of the inclined-surface coordinate system, an inclined-surface indexing command instructing calculation of the indexing angle, and a tool selection command instructing selection of any of tools respectively having different mounting angles.

Borehole drill bit cutter indexing

For drill bit cutter indexing, a housing is disposed in a drill bit. An indexing cog is in physical communication with a cutter and interlocks with the housing in a first index position of a plurality of index positions in response to a first compressive load applied to the cutter.

Dispensing device

A device for dispensing individual doses of powder from respective pockets of a disc-shaped carrier by outwardly rupturing a lidding foil by means of pressure on an opposite side surface, the device providing individual respective deaggregation flow paths for each pocket, split airstreams allowing improved entrainment of powder, a cam mechanism for outwardly rupturing the pockets, an indexing mechanism linked to the cam mechanism and a dose counter.. .

Method and computer for indexing and searching structures

A method for indexing a plurality of structures, which are derived from a plurality of externalizations of users' mental models, is provided. The method comprises receiving at least one of the plurality of structures; analyzing the at least one structure according to a predetermined principle of normalization to obtain a plurality of index analysis results in a form of a plurality of tuples comprising a plurality of elements and/or a plurality of relations thereof related to the plurality of structures; and generating an index store according to the index analysis result; wherein each externalized relation indicates each externalized sequence from one of externalized elements to another one of the externalized elements; wherein each relation indicates each sequence from one of a plurality of elements to another one of the plurality of elements..

In-advance indexing

A method for in-advance obtaining properties of objects of a computerized system, the method comprising receiving a request for properties of a first object, and responsively providing the requested properties along with properties of an at least one another object that are similar to the properties of the first object, wherein the properties of the at least one another object are similar to the properties of the first object by having at least one element of properties that are common therebetween, and wherein the method is carried out by an at least one apparatus component of the computerized system, and an apparatus for performing the same.. .
Varonis Systems, Ltd.

State-of mind, situational awareness engine apparatus and method

A networked system of computers, connected dynamically, often very temporarily (e.g. Phone call, text, web search), based on individual criteria unique to and controlling each, as they temporarily opt in to the system to evaluate information.
Spingo Solutions, Inc.

Pre-segment point cloud data to run real-time shape extraction faster

A method, apparatus, system, and computer readable storage medium provide the ability to pre-segment point cloud data. Point cloud data is obtained and segmented.
Autodesk, Inc.

Automatic ball feeder for a pitching machine

A game ball feeder for delivering balls to a game ball throwing machine. The game ball feeder includes a base, a support frame attached to the base, a drive mechanism attached to the support frame, and a support rod attached to the support frame.

Temporal user engagement features

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for indexing content based upon index features (e.g., temporal features, user engagement features, and/or outlier features), and/or for providing content within a search result interface based upon such index features and/or rankings. For example, user reaction data associated with content (e.g., a microblog message, a social network post, etc.) may be evaluated to generate a user engagement feature that may be constrained to a time window feature (e.g., the number of shares of a message within the first 10 minutes from publication of the message) to create an index feature for indexing the content within a content index.
Microsoft Corporation

Indexing spreadsheet structural attributes for searching

Technologies are described herein for extracting and/or calculating statistics regarding attributes present in a spreadsheet document and indexing the structural or functional attributes. A search component is also provided for receiving search queries of attributes to search an index to find spreadsheet documents having attributes that meet the search query requirements..
Microsoft Corporation

Dynamic database indexes for entity attribute value stores

A system and method for database storage may be dynamically optimized for entity-attribute-value (eav) data. In one embodiment, this dynamic eav database may include one column for the entity identification (“id”) and a second column for the serialized data for that id (each attribute and the values for those attributes).
Yahoo! Inc.

Computer system for automatic organization, indexing and viewing of information from multiple sources

A computer data processing system including a central processing unit configured with an integrated computer control software system for the management of data objects including dynamic and automatic organization, linking, finding, cross-referencing, viewing and retrieval of multiple objects regardless of nature or source. The system provides an underlying component architecture having an object-oriented database structure and a metadata database structure which stores only one instance of each object while linking the object to multiple collections and domains for grouping into and retrieval from any of the collections.

Indexing of file in a hadoop cluster

A file indexing system for indexing a file to be stored onto a distributed file system includes a segmentation module to segment the file into a plurality of segments. The file indexing system further includes an index generation module to initiate indexing of the file through a plurality of nodes of a hadoop cluster, where each of the plurality of nodes indexes one or more segments from amongst the plurality of segments to generate at least one index corresponding to the one or more segments.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Holding and indexing device for timepieces

A holding and indexing device for integration in a setting device of timepieces, including a fixedly-attached bushing, an axially-displaceable and rotatable shaft mounted within the bushing, a transmission element attached to the shaft end directed into the interior of the timepiece and allowing the drive of a timepiece part in the interior, and a resilient element exerting a preload force in the axial direction of the shaft. The device additionally includes an indexing ring attached to the shaft in an axially-sliding manner and having an indexing toothing.
Richemont International S.a.

Method for video-data indexing using a map

The invention accelerates and refines search requests for video data containing information about objects moving across the area under video surveillance.. .

Control device for machine tool including rotary indexing device

A rotary table is rotated by a machining load. A drive motor tries to return the rotary table to a positioned target position, and increases output torque.
Fanuc Corporation

Representation of unstructured grids

A method can include receiving an unstructured grid of a multi-dimensional region; partitioning at least a portion of the unstructured grid into subdomains based at least in part on a cell number criterion; generating a hierarchical representation of the at least a portion of the unstructured grid that includes the subdomains and the cells; indexing cells in the subdomains based at least in part on the cell number criterion to define a data structure; and assigning respective property values to respective indexed cells for at least a portion of the data structure.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Pervasive search architecture

A pervasive search architecture that indexes personal content of a querying user and made accessible to the user by other users. A compute node of a personal content location facilitates index generation and serve of the index.
Microsoft Corporation

Multifunctional prosthetic component and its use

In one aspect, a multi-use prosthetic component is provided. In certain examples, the component comprises a prismatic head, external marks and internal hexagon for indexing, fitting and orientation of the assembly.
Jjgc Industria E Comercio De Materiais Dentarios S.a.

Video indexing method, video indexing apparatus and computer readable medium

A video indexing method, a video indexing apparatus, and a computer readable medium are disclosed. The video indexing apparatus comprises a generation module, a calculation module and a construction module.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Method of linking extended pucch resources for ack/nack implicitly to ecces used by epdcch

The invention proposes a method of linking extended pucch resources for ack/nack implicitly to ecces used by epdcch. According to an embodiment of the invention, extended pucch resources for ack/nack are indexed based on the numbering of ecces.
Alcatel Lucent

System and work assignment management

Methods of intelligent routing of work assignment includes indexing plurality of pending tasks and indexing a plurality of available employees. A first employee is retrieved from an index of available employees.
Verint Americas Inc.

Indexing passive diverter for an appliance

A passive diverter is provided that does not require a dedicated motor to switch between multiple outlet ports. The diverter uses a flow of fluid provided by a pump to switch between different outlet ports.
General Electric Company

Indexing pneumatic launcher for multiple toy rocket projectiles

A toy launching assembly for pneumatically launching toy projectiles. The toy launching assembly has a base structure that contains an open port.
Kma Concepts Limited

Filter arrangements; components; and, methods

Filter assemblies and components therefor, are described. In an example arrangement, the crankcase ventilation filter assembly is configured to be serviced from either the top or the bottom.
Donaldson Company, Inc.

Method for retaining search engine optimization in a transferred website

Systems and methods for implementing changes to a website without losing the indexing status and accumulated seo metrics for web pages of the website may include creating a page mapping table that associates old web page urls with new web page urls. Old web page urls may be obtained by crawling the website or by searching the indexing cache of one or more search engines.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

Method and system for the ply-by-ply machining of a component made of composite material, by applying energy

The invention relates to machine a component made of composite material in order to eliminate singularities, defects or damage to the component using a method that is repeatable and adaptable. To do this, it is proposed that the defects and their type be identified by image processing of the surface of the component and that the local machining rates at which the plies are machined be regulated at the function of this identification.
Jedo Technologies

Glass wafers for semiconductors fabrication processes and methods of making same

The present disclosure is directed to the use of glass wafers as carriers, interposers, or in other selected applications in which electronic circuitry or operative elements, such as transistors, are formed in the creation of electronic devices. The glass wafers generally include a glass having a coefficient of thermal expansion equal to or substantially equal to a coefficient of thermal expansion of semiconductor silicon, an indexing feature, and a coating on at least a portion of one face of the glass..
Corning Incorporated

Geographical location information/signal quality-context based recording and playback of multimedia data from a conference session

Playback of multimedia data associated with a recorded conference session is simplified, particularly for a person who participated in the conference session from a mobile device. At a recording server that is in communication with a plurality of endpoints in a conference session, multimedia received from the plurality of endpoints participating in the conference session is recorded.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Cymbal holder with slotted threads and plunger

A clutch for use in a hi-hat percussion assembly is disclosed. The clutch can included a threaded bolt that includes slots, and a nut that includes an indexing means such as a plunger.
Drum Workshop, Inc.

Speed sensor identification

A method of initializing speed sensors in a rotational system is used determine a sensor spacing. An indexing feature is identified at each of two locations on an outer circumference of a wheel path corresponding to two speed sensors, as well as the speed of the wheel.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Methods and systems for search indexing

The present invention provides for quick and efficient searching. One embodiment includes a first instruction configured to read at least a first search string and a second search string entered into a same first search field, and a second instruction configured to incrementally filter search results to locate at least a first document that has a least a first word that begins with the first string and a second word that begins with the second string..

Virtual table index mechanism and multi-attribute compound condition query

A virtual table index mechanism and a method for a multi-attribute compound condition query relate to a field of computer application technology. The virtual table index mechanism for a multi-attribute compound condition query includes: an index manager; a condition analyzer; and a pre-execution engine.
Guangdong Electronics Industry Institute Ltd.

Heterogeneous log analysis

A method and system are provided for heterogeneous log analysis. The method includes performing hierarchical log clustering on heterogeneous logs to generate a log cluster hierarchy for the heterogeneous logs.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Context re-mapping in cabac encoder

A video encoder may include a context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding (cabac) encode component that converts each syntax element of a representation of a block of pixels to binary code, serializes it, and codes it mathematically, after which the resulting bit stream is output. A lookup table in memory and a context cache may store probability values for supported contexts, which may be retrieved from the table or cache for use in coding syntax elements.
Apple Inc.

Optical spectrometer

An optical spectrometer (102) comprises an adjustable sampling space (104) having two generally opposing, relatively movable, side-walls (106,108) which are here substantially formed of optically translucent material and between which in use a sample for analysis is charged and an actuator (116) mechanically coupled, here via a worm drive (118), to one or both of the opposing side-walls (108) and operable in response to a command signal applied thereto to effect their relative movement. The spectrometer (102) further comprises an optical position sensor (110,112,114) adapted to detect interference fringes generated by optical energy traversing the distance between the side-walls (106,108) a plurality of times and to generate the command signal in dependence thereof and preferably also adapted to generate an output indexing intensity against an indication of wavelength usable in the spectrometric analysis of a sample material within the sampling space (104)..
Foss Analytical A/s

Parallel correlation method and correlation apparatus using the same

A parallel correlation method and a correlation apparatus are provided, which can be adapted for an optical navigation device. The method includes: generating a reference array corresponding to a reference image and a compare array corresponding to a first compare image captured are generated; storing the reference array in a first memory bank such that the reference pixel values of an ith column thereof are indexed by the respective ith column; storing the compare array in a second memory bank such that the compare pixel values of a jth column thereof are indexed by the respective jth column; fetching the compare pixel values from the second memory bank and the corresponding reference pixel values with column indexing to simultaneously compute the correlation between the reference array and the compare array for a l×m correlation array, wherein m, i, and j are integers..
Pixart Imaging Inc.

Method for setting search regions for downlink control channels in wireless communication systems and same

The present invention relates to a method for transmitting an enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch) from a based station to a terminal in a wireless communication system. In particular, the method includes the steps of: setting resource blocks for the epdcch; re-indexing by permutation indexes of the resource blocks; defining an enhanced control channel element (ecce) for each of the re-indexed resource blocks; selecting the ecces in a number corresponding to the aggregation level of the epdcch; and transmitting the epdcch to the terminal using the selected ecces..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Rotary orienter

A rotary orienter includes a turret rotatable about a central axis and at least one rotation pad rotatably mounted to the turret and selectively rotatable about a pad axis. The turret rotates to index the rotation pad to a receiving station, a discharge station and at least one actuating station distributed radially about the central axis.
Morrison Timing Screw Co., Dba Morrison Container Handling Solutions, Inc.

Ratcheting railcar indexer

A railcar handling system is disclosed that includes an indexing unit having a plurality of dog carriages, serially aligned in fixed spaced relation, each carriage carrying a railcar axle-engaging dog and a railcar wheel sensor and a hydraulic operating system including a hydraulic cylinder for moving the plurality of dog carriages in unison in a reciprocating ratcheting manner and operating said axle-engaging dogs. A control system is provided to coordinate the operation of the railcar handling system..
Calbrandt, Inc.

Mounting frame for a vehicle door

A mounting jig for a vehicle door, the jig includes a first support having means for adjustably fastening it to a vehicle body in the vicinity of the door opening; a second support having fastening means for fastening to the vehicle door; connection arms for interconnecting the first and second supports, which arms are hinged to each of said supports, and their trace, in a plane perpendicular to the plane of the door opening, cooperates with the trace, in the same plane, of said supports, to form a deformable quadrilateral; a weight arm, mounted to move at least in translation along a vertical axis in guide means carried by the stationary support, between a low first position and at least one second position that is higher than said low position; at least one operating member for operating an indexing member for indexing the position of the second support relative to the first support, the operating member being connected to the weight shaft; and a raising lever, for acting against the effect of gravity, to raise the weight shaft from the first position towards the second position.. .
Coutier Industrie

Real-time annotation and enrichment of captured video

An annotation suggestion platform is described herein. The annotation suggestion platform may comprise a client and a server, where the client captures a media object and sends the captured object to the server, and the server provides a list of suggested annotations for a user to associate with the captured media object.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Parallel spatio temporal indexing for high-update workloads and query processing

Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for providing a spatio-temporal index for high-update workloads and query processing. An embodiment operates by a first thread retrieving an update record from a first queue, the update record comprising a location component and a temporal component indicating a location of one of a plurality of mobile devices at a specified time, and updating a columnar-store database with the update record.

Method for indexing, searching and retrieving health information

A medical information delivery system and method for indexing, searching and retrieving health information, increasing patient treatment and satisfaction and improving efficiency and care provided by physicians. Medical information from varied platforms, medical institutions and sources is normalized and integrated into the system without the need for specially-designed software or user platforms.

System and dispensing toppings

One variation of a method for dispensing toppings onto topping vehicles includes: indexing a first topping vehicle to a first position adjacent a first topping module, the first topping module comprising a first hopper containing a first topping of a first topping type; indexing a second topping vehicle to a second position adjacent a second topping module comprising a second hopper containing a second topping of a second topping type; retracting a first blade of the first topping module; advancing the first blade through the first topping; retracting a first retaining plate to dispense a topping slice from the first topping onto the first topping vehicle according to a first topping order for the first topping vehicle specifying the first topping type, the first retaining plate offset from the first blade opposite the first hopper; advancing the first retaining plate; and indexing the first topping vehicle to the second position.. .
Momentum Machines Company

Indexing attachable applications for computing systems

Examples disclosed herein provide systems, methods, and software for indexing attachable applications for computing systems. In one example, a method of attaching an application to a computing system includes identifying an application attach triggering event for the computing system.
Cloudvolumes, Inc.

Method, system, and program product for transferring document attributes

The present invention provides a method, system, and program product for transferring document attributes. Specifically, under the present invention, a change to an attribute corresponding to a document archived in a content storage system is received on an indexing system.
International Business Machines Corporation

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