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Incident Light patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Incident Light-related patents
 Solid state imaging device, method of producing solid state imaging device, and electronic apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Solid state imaging device, method of producing solid state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
A solid state imaging device includes: a substrate; a photoelectric conversion unit that is formed on the substrate to generate and accumulate signal charges according to light quantity of incident light; a vertical transmission gate electrode that is formed to be embedded in a groove portion formed in a depth direction from one side face of the substrate according to a depth of the photoelectric conversion unit; and an overflow path that is formed on a bottom portion of the transmission gate to overflow the signal charges accumulated in the photoelectric conversion unit.. .
 Light management film patent thumbnailnew patent Light management film
Example light management films including a plurality of tapered protrusions are described. In some examples, the disclosure relates to a film comprising a reflective polarizer layer and a plurality of tapered protrusions disposed on and tapering away from the reflective polarizer layer, where the tapered protrusions include at least one of a plurality of substantially conical shaped protrusions or a plurality of pyramidal shaped protrusions including at least four side faces.
 Biochip detecting device and light source detecting method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Biochip detecting device and light source detecting method thereof
A biochip detecting device for detecting a biochip is provided. The biochip receives an incident light to produce an excitation light.
 Semi-transmissive liquid crystal display device and portable terminal device patent thumbnailnew patent Semi-transmissive liquid crystal display device and portable terminal device
A liquid crystal display accommodates a reflective portion with a concavo-convex reflecting pixel electrode for reflecting incident light from the display face side, and a transmissive portion with a transmissive pixel electrode for transmitting light output from the backlight. In a wide viewing angle region, luminance of the reflective portion is greater than the transmissive portion.
 Solid-state image pickup device, method of manufacturing solid-state image pickup device, and image pickup system patent thumbnailnew patent Solid-state image pickup device, method of manufacturing solid-state image pickup device, and image pickup system
A solid-state image pickup device includes an array of a first pixel and a second pixel. The second pixel includes a light shielding portion provided above a photoelectric conversion portion thereof and configured to block some of incident light so as to perform focus detection, and a light guiding portion provided at least above an upper face of the light shielding portion..
 Image sensors, image processing systems including same, and methods of operating the same patent thumbnailnew patent Image sensors, image processing systems including same, and methods of operating the same
A method of operating an image sensor includes: generating a pixel signal according to intensity of incident light; and generating a digital pixel signal based on a comparison between the pixel signal and at least one reference current. Accordingly, a current output from a 1t pixel in the image sensor is sensed such that the influence of noise is reduced and a pixel signal is sensed more precisely..
 Imaging with detection routing patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging with detection routing
An imaging system includes a sensor array of sensor elements to convert incident light to detections. Plural detection accumulators are provided to store detections.
 Organic electroluminescence device and method of manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Organic electroluminescence device and method of manufacturing the same
An organic electroluminescence device includes a support substrate, a first transparent electrode on the support substrate, an organic light-emitting layer on the first transparent electrode, a second transparent electrode on the organic light-emitting layer, and a high refractive index layer arranged between the support substrate and the first transparent electrode, having at least one layer having a refractive index greater than or equal to a refractive index of the support substrate, having a light dispersion portion for dispersing incident light from the organic light-emitting layer, and having a planar surface contacting the first transparent electrode.. .
 Light detector patent thumbnailnew patent Light detector
There is provided a light detector having a light-receiving unit including a light-receiving element of a photon-counting type that receives incident light and outputs a binary pulse indicating presence or absence of photon incidence, and an integrating unit that calculates an output value in which a total of pulse widths of pulses is integrated over a measurement period.. .
 Binary cmos image sensors, methods of operating same, and image processing systems including same patent thumbnailnew patent Binary cmos image sensors, methods of operating same, and image processing systems including same
A binary complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) image sensor includes a pixel array and a readout circuit. The pixel array includes at least one pixel having a plurality of sub-pixels.
new patent Binary image sensor and image sensing method
A binary image sensor includes; binary pixels, each having a transistor structure, being coupled between a drain line and a column line and generating a number of photons in response to incident light, sense amplifiers connected to a respective column line and outputting a binary value in response to detecting a voltage corresponding to current flowing to the column line when a gate voltage is applied to a gate line connected to a gate of a binary pixel, and an accumulator configured to accumulate binary values output by the sense amplifiers.. .
new patent Producing polarization-modulating optical element for microlithography system
Methods of producing a polarization-modulating element that modulates a polarization state of incident light into a predetermined polarization state, the polarization-modulating element being used with an illumination optical apparatus, include preparing an optical material having optical activity, and providing the optical material with a circumferentially varying thickness profile and a central region that is an aperture having no optical activity. The thickness profile is set so that light in a linearly polarized state having a direction of polarization substantially along a single direction, is transformed into light in an azimuthal polarization state having a direction of polarization substantially along a circumferential direction or into light in a radially polarized state having a direction of polarization substantially along the radial direction..
Polarization conversion mechanism and method thereof
A polarization conversion mechanism for a touch screen display includes a crystal layer and a polarizing layer. The crystal layer utilizes a birefringent crystal glass for changing phase delay effect in accordance with crystal axial angle thereof.
Light modulator
A light modulator includes a band-pass filter configured to select a wavelength of an incident light; a first layer; a second layer configured to include a trench with a bottom surface, a side surface, and a top surface; a thin metal film provided on the side surface of the trench of the second layer; and a dielectric layer provided between the first and second layers at the bottom and the top surfaces of the trench. An electric field is applied to the dielectric layer by using the first and second layers.
Image retrieving apparatus and optical displacement estimating apparatus
An image capturing apparatus comprising: a light source, for transmitting incident light to an objective without utilizing any medium besides air, such that the light emits from the objective to generate passing-through light; and a sensor, for capturing an image of the objective according to the passing-through light.. .
Catadioptric lens system and image pickup unit
A catadioptric lens system includes: a first lens group including a concave mirror and a convex mirror and having positive refractive power; a second lens group having positive refractive power; and a third lens group having negative refractive power, the first to third lens groups being provided, in order, on a light path of incident light and in a direction of travel of the incident light.. .

Imager arrays, array camera modules, and array cameras in accordance with embodiments of the invention utilize pixel apertures to control the amount of aliasing present in captured images of a scene. One embodiment includes a plurality of focal planes, control circuitry configured to control the capture of image information by the pixels within the focal planes, and sampling circuitry configured to convert pixel outputs into digital pixel data.
In situ optical diagnostic for monitoring or control of sodium diffusion in photovoltaics manufacturing
A method of fabricating a photovoltaic device 100, includes the steps of providing a glass substrate 102, depositing a molybdenum layer 104 on a surface of the glass substrate, directing light through the glass substrate to the near-substrate region of the molybdenum layer 206, detecting an optical property of the near-substrate region of the molybdenum layer after interaction with the incident light 208 and determining a density of the near-substrate region of the molybdenum layer from the detected optical property 210. A molybdenum deposition parameter may be controlled based upon the determined density of the near-substrate region of the molybdenum layer 218.
Light guide element and method for manufacturing the same, and lighting fixture
A light guide element and a method for manufacturing the same, and a lighting fixture are described. The light guide element includes a light guide body, a plurality of first and second microstructures corresponding to each other.
Anti-reflection sheet, display element and display device
An anti-reflection sheet includes a transparent substrate; and a resin layer formed on a surface of a transparent substrate. The resin layer includes a first surface that faces the surface of the transparent substrate; a second surface that faces away from the surface of the transparent substrate; and a plurality of projections arranged on the second surface of the resin layer so as to form a projection layer.
Retroreflective member producing iridescent reflected light
A retroreflective member that can improve the visibility further. The retroreflective member includes a reflective layer and transparent microscopic beads 13.
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device
A variable reflectance mirror (5) is arranged between a liquid crystal layer (4) and a cf layer (6) in a liquid crystal display panel (1). In reflective-type display, because incident light is reflected by the variable reflectance mirror (5) before reaching the cf layer (6), light absorption due to the cf layer (6) does not occur..
Imaging device and endoscope
The depth of field is extended by using a simple structure. Provided is an imaging device comprising: an objective optical system that comprises an aperture stop that is disposed at an intermediate position on an optical axis and that has an opening that allows incident light from an object to pass therethrough; and an imaging element that acquires an optical image of the object, which is formed by the objective optical system, wherein pixels of the imaging element are arranged in a square along two mutually orthogonal axial directions, and the aperture stop includes a light-blocking portion at a portion aligned with the optical axis, the light-blocking portion having a square shape with sides inclined at 45° relative to the directions in which the pixels are arranged..
Imaging apparatus and medical equipment
A light receiving section is provided with a plurality of light receiving elements. A light source section is arranged in a subject side of the light receiving section, and is provided with a light emitting section that illuminates the subject and a plurality of transmissive sections that transmits incident light to the light receiving section side.
Head lamp for vehicle
A head lamp for a vehicle is provided. In particular, the head lamp includes a first light source, a first reflector configured to reflect light generated from the first light source, a first optical shield disposed at a front side of the first light source and configured to block a portion of the light, a second optical shield disposed at the front side of the first light source and configured to block another portion of the light so as to form a first shaded line on a front light distribution pattern of the vehicle; and a first lens configured to emit the incident light toward the front side..
Two dimension/three dimension switchable liquid crystal lens assembly
The present invention discloses a 2d/3d switchable liquid crystal lens assembly. The liquid crystal lens assembly from an emitting surface to an incident surface sequentially includes a plurality of adjacently arranged elongated convex lenses, a first transparent substrate, a second transparent substrate, a plurality of electrodes disposed on the second transparent substrate, and a liquid crystal layer sandwiched between the first and second transparent substrates.
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, method for driving photoelectric conversion apparatus, and imaging system
This application relates to a photoelectric conversion apparatus which performs photoelectric conversion on incident light, a method for driving a photoelectric conversion apparatus, and an imaging system having a photoelectric conversion apparatus. The potential of one main node is prevented from approaching a predetermined potential which controls the voltage between a control node of a switch metal oxide semiconductor (mos) transistor and the one main node of the switch mos transistor within a threshold voltage in a period when the predetermined potential is given and a signal based on the charge in the photoelectric converting unit is given to the one input node..
Solid state image pickup device, camera module, and digital camera
According to an embodiment of the present invention, a solid state image pickup device is provided. The solid state image pickup device includes a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements, a light shielding unit, and a correction unit.
Apparatus, method and computer program for capturing images
An apparatus, method and computer program wherein the apparatus includes an optical arrangement configured to provide an incident light beam to an image sensor; a first actuator mechanism configured to move the optical arrangement relative to the image sensor in a direction perpendicular to the image sensor; a second actuator mechanism configured to move the optical arrangement relative to the image sensor in a direction parallel to the image sensor; and wherein the first and second actuator mechanisms are configured so that actuation of the second actuator mechanism does not cause movement of the first actuator mechanism.. .
See-through optical image processing
Systems and methods for performing optical image processing via a transparent display are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises determining a position of incident light on a see-through display device, determining a direction of the incident light relative to the see-through display device, and modulating, with the see-through display device, a transmission of the incident light through the see-through display device based on the determined position and determined direction of the incident light..
Imaging apparatus
An imaging apparatus comprising an optically transmissive first substrate which includes a first surface, a plurality of lenses which oppose the first surface and focus incident light from the opposite side to the first substrate, a light emitting layer on a surface of the first surface, and a plurality of light receiving elements which are arranged on the opposite side to the plurality of lenses so as to interpose the first substrate.. .
Solar cells having nanowires and methods of fabricating nanowires
A solar cell includes a plurality of nanowires arranged such that diameters of the nanowires sequentially increase in a first direction along a path of incident light. In a method of forming nanowires, a catalyst layer is formed on a substrate, a plurality of nanoparticles are formed by thermally processing the catalyst layer, and nanowires are grown from the plurality of nanoparticles.
Optical amplifier device
An optical amplifier device comprising an input/output section that inputs incident light and outputs emission light; a polarized light splitting section that causes a polarized light component of the incident light input from the input/output section to branch, and outputs first polarization mode light having a first polarization and second polarization mode light having a second polarization different from the first polarization; a polarization converting section that receives the first polarization mode light, converts the first polarization to the second polarization, and outputs first polarization converted light; and an optical amplifying section that amplifies the first polarization converted light input to one end of a waveguide, outputs the resulting amplified first polarization converted light from another end of the waveguide, amplifies the second polarization mode light input to the other end of the waveguide, and outputs the resulting amplified second polarization mode light from the one end of the waveguide.. .
Multi-axis, large tilt angle, wafer level micromirror array for large scale beam steering applications
A system 120 for reflecting or redirecting incident light, microwave or sound energy includes a first substrate 144 configured to support an array of reflective elements 130 that can be angularly displaced through a range of substantially 90 degrees in response to a reflector angle control signal and a controller programmed to generate the reflector angle control signal to achieve desired incident energy beam or wavefront re-direction. The reflective elements 130 preferably comprise mems micro-reflector elements hingedly or movably attached to the first substrate 130 and define a reflective surface that is aimed at the source of incident light, microwave or sound energy..
Solid state imaging device, driving method of solid state imaging device, and electronic device
There is provided a solid state imaging device including a photoelectric conversion unit that performs photoelectric conversion of converting incident light into charges and accumulates the charges, a charge-voltage conversion unit that converts the charges which have been subjected to the photoelectric conversion by the photoelectric conversion unit into a voltage, a charge transfer unit that transfers charges to the charge-voltage conversion unit, a charge reset unit that resets charges of the charge-voltage conversion unit, and a driving unit that performs driving such that a potential of a drain of the charge reset unit is controlled so that the charges are accumulated in the photoelectric conversion unit and the charge-voltage conversion unit up to a saturation level, and then the photoelectric conversion unit is subject to light exposure.. .
Solid-state image sensor, control method for the same, and electronic device
There is provided a solid-state image sensor including a plurality of unit pixels each including a photoelectric transducer generating a charge corresponding to an amount of incident light and accumulating the charge therein, a first transfer gate transferring the charge accumulated in the photoelectric transducer, a charge holding region where the charge is held, a second transfer gate transferring the charge, a floating diffusion region where the charge is held to be read out as a signal, a charge discharging gate transferring the charge to a charge discharging part, and a structure including an overflow path formed in a boundary portion between the photoelectric transducer and the charge holding region.. .
Wavelength selective optical switch
A wavelength selective optical switch includes a light input/output unit having a plurality of input/output ports, a polarization plane-independent wavelength dispersion element that splits incident light input from the optical input/output unit into spatially different angles for each wavelength, and synthesizes emergent light from different directions and outputs the light to the optical input/output unit, a condenser element that condenses the light split by the wavelength splitting element, a polarization splitter that splits incident light incident via the condenser element according to a polarization component to result in first and second light beams, aligns a polarization direction by rotating a polarization direction of one of the beams, and synthesizes the incident light by rotating one polarization direction of the emergent light of the same wavelength among the first and second reflected light beams, and a space phase modulation element.. .
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
An image reading apparatus according to one aspect of the present disclosure includes a document sheet table, a first carriage, a photoelectric converting portion, and a position detecting portion. First carriage has lighting portion.
Range sensor and range image sensor
The range image sensor is a range image sensor which is provided on a semiconductor substrate with an imaging region composed of a plurality of two-dimensionally arranged units (pixel p), thereby obtaining a range image on the basis of charge quantities ql, qr output from the units. One of the units is provided with a charge generating region (region outside a transfer electrode 5) where charges are generated in response to incident light, at least two semiconductor regions 3 which are arranged spatially apart to collect charges from the charge generating region, and a transfer electrode 5 which is installed at each periphery of the semiconductor region 3, given a charge transfer signal different in phase, and surrounding the semiconductor region 3..
Image pickup apparatus with image pickup device and control method for image pickup apparatus
An image pickup apparatus capable of making focus detection performance and image pickup performance compatible with each other. A plurality of image pickup pixels detect a subject image formed by an imaging optical system and generate an image for image pickup.
Reflective phase retarder and semiconductor light-emitting device including such reflecting phase retarder
The invention provides a reflective phase retarder and a semiconductor light-emitting device including such reflective phase retarder. The reflective phase retarder of the invention converts an incident light beam with a first type polarization into the light with a second type polarization, and reflects the converted light beam with the second type polarization out..
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
A semiconductor device is provided. The semiconductor device includes an avalanche photodiode unit and a thyristor unit.
Planar plasmonic device for light reflection, diffusion and guiding
A planar plasmonic device includes a first material layer having a surface configured to receive at least one photon of incident light. A patterned plasmonic nanostructured layer is disposed adjacent and optically coupled to the first material layer.
Polymeric solar concentrator and solar thermal device incorporating same
Polymeric sheets suitable for use as solar concentrators in solar thermal devices are provided. Also provided are solar thermal devices incorporating the polymeric sheets.
Patterned glass cylindrical lens arrays for concentrated photovoltaic systems, and/or methods of making the same
Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to patterned glass that can be used as a cylindrical lens array in a concentrated photovoltaic application, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the lens arrays may be used in combination with strip solar cells and/or single-axis tracking systems.
Translucent fragrance composition
The present invention provides an alcohol-based stable and translucent fragrance composition containing a large amount of perfume. The fragrance composition of the present invention is a composition in which the total amount of (a) silicone oil and (b) α-olefin oligomer that is a hydrogenated trimer, tetramer, pentamer, and/or hexamer of α-olefin having 4 to 12 carbon atoms is 2 to 12% by mass in the composition, and the mass ratio of (b)/(a) is 0.1 to 0.7; the amount of (c) polyether-modified silicone with respect to (b) α-olefin oligomer is 2 to 10 times in mass; the amount of (d) perfume is 3 to 30% by mass in the composition; the amount of (e) lower alcohol having 1 to 4 carbon atoms is 50% by mass or more in the composition; the amount of (f) water is 3.5 to 15% by mass in the composition; and the l value of the composition is 70 to 95 provided the l value is a percentage (%) of strength of a transmitted light compared with a strength of an incident light..
Texturing of monocrystalline semiconductor substrates to reduce incident light reflectance
Monocrystalline semiconductor substrates are textured with alkaline solutions to form pyramid structures on their surfaces to reduce incident light reflectance and improve light absorption of the wafers. The alkaline baths include hydantoin compounds and derivatives thereof in combination with alkoxylated glycols to inhibit the formation of flat areas between pyramid structures to improve the light absorption..
Single-fiber subassembly
A single-fiber subassembly includes a first photodiode for receiving incident light, a laser diode for transmitting emergent light, and a same-wavelength optical splitter having a positive direction. The splitter includes a first birefringent plate, a half-wave plate, a 45° faraday rotator, and a second birefringent plate arranged in sequence along and vertical to the positive direction.
Lighting device
A lighting device, in particular in the form of a ceiling, wall, floor or outside light, having a punctiform light source, preferably in the form of an led, and a lens assigned to the light source, which has a light entry recess in the form of a bowl or blind hole, which deflects at least part of the incident light, indirectly or directly, onto a totally reflecting and/or mirrored lateral surface, which in turn deflects the light onto a light exit surface, which forms a front side of the lens located opposite the light entry recess. The lateral surface of the lens, which deflects the light coming directly or indirectly from the light entry surface onto the light exit surface by means of total reflection and/or mirroring, is provided with a multiplicity of facets..
Laser lighting device
In a laser lighting device, a fly's eye lens and a condenser lens are disposed in an optical path of pulsed laser light emitted from a light source, and an electro-optical crystal element for continuously changing the deflection direction of the pulsed laser light with respect to the incident light and allowing the deflected light to pass therethrough is disposed in a position between the light source and the fly's eye lens or between the fly's eye lens and the condenser lens. The electro-optical crystal element is formed, for example, of a pair of electrodes and an optical crystal material disposed between the electrodes, and a voltage is applied between the electrodes to produce an electric field that changes the refractive index of the electro-optical crystal element.
Spectral characteristic measurement apparatus and spectral characteristic measurement method
A spectral characteristic measurement apparatus includes a spectrometer for spatially dispersing incident light depending on wavelengths and a detection portion for receiving light dispersed by the spectrometer. The detection portion includes a first detection area on which a component in a first wavelength range is incident and a second detection area on which a component in a second wavelength range is incident.
Image sensor, imaging apparatus, and apparatus and method for manufacturing image sensor
There is provided an image sensor having a plurality of pixels, each pixel including a light receiving portion configured to receive incident light, a waveguide configured to guide the incident light from a light incident surface to the light receiving portion, and a light shielding portion disposed between the light incident surface and the light receiving portion, for blocking the incident light. The light shielding portion has an opening formed near a light emitting surface of the waveguide.
Sub-diffraction limit image resolution in three dimensions
The present invention generally relates to sub-diffraction limit image resolution and other imaging techniques, including imaging in three dimensions. In one aspect, the invention is directed to determining and/or imaging light from two or more entities separated by a distance less than the diffraction limit of the incident light.
Method of diagnosing alzheimers disease using saliva
Provided is a method of diagnosing alzheimer's disease. The method of diagnosing alzheimer's disease includes preparing magnetic particles having primary capture antibodies specifically bonded with beta-amyloid adsorbed thereon, introducing saliva containing beta-amyloid into the magnetic particles to bond the beta-amyloid contained in the saliva with the primary capture antibodies, bonding secondary capture antibodies labeled with fluorescent substances to the magnetic particles bonded with the beta-amyloid to form a complex, disposing the complex in a channel region of an photoelectric conversion device in which photoelectric current is changed according to an amount of incident light, and measuring photoelectric current changed by light excited from the complex to quantify a concentration of the beta-amyloid contained in the saliva..
Light diffusion plate, display apparatus having the same, and method of manufacturing the light diffusion plate
A light diffusion plate includes a body including a first surface through which incident light enters, and a second surface through which light exits and facing the first surface, a light scattering member disposed in the body, and an ultraviolet absorption member disposed in the body. The second surface has a convex pattern.
Phase mask and holographic recording apparatus employing the same
A phase mask includes a phase modulation layer that modulates a phase of different portions of incident light, differently, such that a different optical phase delay, in a range between 0 and 2π is imparted to different portions of the incident light. A hologram recording apparatus includes a light source; a signal beam optical system that divides a beam emitted from the light source into a reference beam and a signal beam, modulates the signal beam according to hologram pixel information, and radiates the signal beam onto a hologram recording medium.
Tomographic image generation apparatus having modulation and correction device and method of operating the same
A tomographic image generation apparatus includes a light source unit configured to emit light to be used for scanning an object; an optical control unit configured to control a direction of propagation of light; an optical coupler configured to divide and combine incident light; a plurality of optical systems optically connected to the optical coupler; and a modulation and correction device configured to modulate and correct the light to be used for scanning the object. The modulation and correction device may be disposed between the optical control unit and the optical coupler, or may be included in an optical system that irradiates light onto the object among the plurality of optical systems.
Camera module having image sensor and cover glass
A camera module includes an image sensor, a number of metal balls, and a cover glass. The image sensor includes an active surface and a number of pads.
Low light adaptive imaging device
Techniques described herein generally relate to digital imaging systems, methods and devices. In some example embodiments, a low light adaptive photoelectric imaging device may include a photoelectric transducer configured to receive and convert incident light into an electric charge that varies in response to an intensity of the received incident light.
Image sensor and electronic device including the same
An image sensor includes a sensing device including a pixel array having a plurality of unit pixels, the sensing device being configured to generate pixel data in response to an incident light signal having information of an image of an object and information of an ambient light; an image data generation unit configured to generate image data corresponding to the object based on the pixel data; and an illuminance data generation unit configured to generate illuminance data corresponding to the ambient light based on the pixel data.. .
3-dimensional image acquisition apparatus and 3d image acquisition method for simultaneously obtaining color image and depth image
A 3-dimensional (3d) image acquisition apparatus capable of simultaneously obtaining a color image and a depth image in a single shooting operation is provided. The apparatus includes a light source for radiating illumination light having a predetermined wavelength onto an object; a lens unit having at least four object lenses; an image sensor including at least four sensing regions for individually receiving light focused by the object lenses and for generating images; and at least three optical shutters individually facing at least three of the at least four object lenses and for modulating incident light with predetermined gain waveforms..
Light detector with ge film
A light detector includes a first light sensor and a second light sensor to detect incident light. A ge film is disposed over the first light sensor to pass infra-red (ir) wavelength light and to block visible wavelength light.
Solid state imaging device and method of manufacturing solid state imaging device
According to one embodiment, a solid state imaging device includes a first sige layer provided at an uppermost layer of a photoelectric conversion layer from the viewpoint of an incident light side, and a second sige layer provided under the first sige layer in the photoelectric conversion layer and having a higher ge concentration than the first sige layer.. .
Detecting analytes using lipid multilayer gratings with ion channels
A method comprising the following step: determining that one or more analytes are present in a fluid to which an array of lipid multilayer gratings has been exposed based on scattered light detected by a detector, wherein each lipid multilayer grating of the array of lipid multilayer gratings comprises iridescent lipid multilayer nanostructures, wherein the scattered light is formed by scattering one or more incident lights by the array of lipid multilayer gratings, and wherein the one or more lipid multilayer gratings comprise ion channels that are activated by the one or more analytes.. .
Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
A solid-state imaging device includes a photoelectric conversion section which is disposed on a semiconductor substrate and which photoelectrically converts incident light into signal charges, a pixel transistor section which is disposed on the semiconductor substrate and which converts signal charges read out from the photoelectric conversion section into a voltage, and an element isolation region which is disposed on the semiconductor substrate and which isolates the photoelectric conversion section from an active region in which the pixel transistor section is disposed. The pixel transistor section includes a plurality of transistors.
Reverse conductive nano array and manufacturing method of the same
A high-speed photodiode may include a photodiode structure having a substrate, a light-absorbing layer and a light-directing layer that is deposited on a top surface of the photodiode structure and patterned to form a textured surface used to change the angle of incident light to increase a light path of the incident light when entering the photodiode structure. In one embodiment, the light-directing layer may include a plurality of polygon such as triangular projections to refract the incident light to increase the light path thereof when entering the photodiode structure.
Litho scanner alignment signal improvement
A method and a device are provided for diffracting incident light from a lithographic scanner in an ic process flow. Embodiments include forming a diffraction grating in a first layer on a semiconductor substrate; and forming a plurality of lithographic alignment marks in a second layer, overlying the first layer, wherein the diffraction grating has a width and a length greater than or equal to a width and length, respectively, of the plurality of lithographic alignment marks..
Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
A backlight assembly includes first led packages, second led packages, a light guide plate, a printed circuit board, and a light blocking member. Each of the first led packages emits light of a first color.
Condensing lens and lighting device including the same
A condensing lens includes a main body. The main body includes a light emitting diode (led) receiving portion defined in a ring shape and depressed at one side of the main body to receive an led in a circumferential direction.
Optical member, light source apparatus, display apparatus, and terminal apparatus
An optical member including: a fresnel lens sheet for deflecting and emitting deflected light, a louver for restricting a direction of light rays, where the louver restricts the traveling direction of incident light from the deflecting element to a direction that is parallel to the optical path of the incident light, and emits the restricted light. The fresnel lens sheet is disposed so that a machined surface thereof faces the louver..
Reflective display
A display element (10) comprises a light modulating layer (40) for absorbing light in a colour waveband, and a reflector layer (16), substantially parallel to the light modulating layer (40), for selectively reflecting light in the colour waveband, and transmitting at least some non-reflected light. One of the light modulating layer (40) and the reflector layer (16) is fixed and the other of the light modulating layer (40) and the reflector layer (16) is movable.
Display apparatus
A display apparatus includes a backlight assembly which provides a light and a display panel which receives the light provided from the backlight assembly to display an image. The backlight assembly includes a light source which generates the light, and a light guide plate.
Dichroic image splitter
An optical image splitter disposed in the path of image-bearing light along an optical axis has a coated dichroic surface disposed at an angle of 15 degrees or less relative to incident light along the optical axis. The coated dichroic surface has a number of layers of material, the of layers including layers having a first refractive index, nl, and layers having a second refractive index, nh, greater than the first refractive index.

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