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Incident Light patents


This page is updated frequently with new Incident Light-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Incident Light-related patents
 Imaging device patent thumbnailImaging device
An imaging device includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a plurality of connection nodes which electrically connect the first and second substrates, a pixel section arranged on the first substrate and including a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix form, the plurality of pixels outputting pixel signals according to incident light, a row signal generation circuit arranged on the first substrate or the second substrate and configured to generate row selection signals, a column signal generation circuit arranged on the first substrate and configured to generate column-scanning signals, a block of column-scanning circuits arranged on the first substrate and which sequentially outputs the pixel signals output to every row from the pixels by scanning the columns according to the column-scanning signals, to every column, and a signal-processing circuit arranged on the second substrate and configured to process the pixel signals output from the block of column-scanning circuits.. .
Olympus Corporation

 Slat roof patent thumbnailSlat roof
A slat roof with slats and with an adjusting device for rotating the slats about a rotational axis between a closed and an open rotational position, the rotational axis running parallel to the longitudinal extension of the slats. In the closed rotational position, the slats lie against one another in overlap regions along the longitudinal edges of the slats and/or are coupled to one another by sealing elements or guiding systems which engage into one another, and the slats can be adjusted into rotational positions up to the completely open rotational position by the adjusting device.

 Method of manufacturing substrate of organic light-emitting display device patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing substrate of organic light-emitting display device
A method of manufacturing a substrate of an organic light-emitting display device, the method including: forming, on a first surface of a transparent substrate, a photothermal conversion layer configured to covert incident light into thermal energy; forming partition walls on the first surface in a first region of the photothermal conversion layer, the partition walls including a photosensitive compound including a resorcinarene, the resorcinarene including a perfluorocarbon group; forming an organic material layer on the first surface in a second region of the photothermal conversion layer, the second region being defined by the partition walls; removing the partition walls; placing a target substrate over the organic material layer; and applying light to a second surface of the transparent substrate, the second surface being opposite the first surface of the transparent substrate.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus patent thumbnailSolid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
A solid-state imaging device includes a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions each provided in a semiconductor substrate and receives incident light through a light sensing surface, and a pixel separation portion provided to electrically separate a plurality of pixels. At least a pinning layer and a light shielding layer are provided in an inner portion of a trench provided on a side portion of each of the photoelectric conversion portions in an incident surface side, the trench includes a first trench and a second trench formed to be wider than the first trench in a portion shallower than the first trench, the pinning layer is formed in an inner portion of the first trench to cover an inside surface of the second trench, and the light shielding layer is formed to bury an inner portion of the second trench at least via the pinning layer..
Sony Corporation

 Optical sensor capable of detecting ir light and visible light simultaneously patent thumbnailOptical sensor capable of detecting ir light and visible light simultaneously
An optical sensor includes an image sensor, a proximity sensor and a visible light sensor. The image sensor includes a first pixel and a second pixel.
Pixart Imaging Inc.

 Liquid crystal display device and electronic device patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display device and electronic device
To provide a liquid crystal display device which can perform image display in both modes: a reflective mode where external light is used as an illumination light source; and a transmissive mode where a backlight is used. In one pixel, a region where incident light through a liquid crystal layer is reflected to perform display (reflective region) and a region through which light from the backlight passes to perform display (transmissive region) are provided, and image display can be performed in both modes: the reflective mode where external light is used as an illumination light source; and the transmissive mode where the backlight is used as an illumination light source.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Anti-glare 3d glasses patent thumbnailAnti-glare 3d glasses
A pair of glasses equipped with two lenses and intended to be worn by a user, the lenses each comprising a screen capable of transmitting or occulting, at least partially, incident light intended to pass through the lenses toward the user, the glasses being configured to, in a first occulting mode, attenuate the intensity of the incident light by simultaneously occulting the two screens, and, in a second occulting mode, enable three-dimensional vision of data emitted by a display device, via alternated occultation of the two screens.. .
Valeo Vision

 Adaptive optics system and optical device patent thumbnailAdaptive optics system and optical device
The present invention is intended to provide an adaptive optics system and an optical device that allow correction of wavefront phase aberration with higher accuracy than before and have a wider correction range than the conventional ones, regardless of the distance between the observation target and the fluctuation layer, and the size of the observation target. An adaptive optics system includes: a wavefront phase modulator that makes aberration correction to incident light and emits the corrected light; and an imaging-conjugated position adjustment mechanism that adjusts freely within a specimen the position of a surface imaging-conjugated with a fluctuation correction surface formed by the wavefront phase modulator.
Inter-university Research Institute Corporation National Institutes Of Natural Sciences

 Method and  quality testing tube bundle patent thumbnailMethod and quality testing tube bundle
A method for quality testing a tube bundle is provided. The tube bundle includes a plurality of tubes.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Apparatus for generating high contrast optical signals, and exemplary applications patent thumbnailApparatus for generating high contrast optical signals, and exemplary applications
A display apparatus generates a high visibility optical signal, such as an icon, the icon comprising a symbol, shape, or other image-like representation. The icon becomes visible at an observation point during an illumination on-state.
Imra America, Inc.


Vehicle-mounted camera

A lens provided on a surface of a vehicle-mounted camera has a problem that a field of view becomes undesirable because small water droplets caused by fog, light rain and others adhere and scatter incident light. In the vehicle-mounted camera provided on a periphery of a vehicle, a hydrophilic film made of silicon dioxide particles and binder is provided on the lens surface, a mean particle diameter of silicon dioxide particles dispersed on the lens side of the hydrophilic film is larger than a mean particle diameter of silicon dioxide particles on the side in contact with air space outside the vehicle-mounted camera.
Clarion Co., Ltd.


Imaging diagnosis and controlling the same

An imaging apparatus is disclosed for diagnosis, which can automatically discriminate an optical refractive index of flushing liquid which is utilized during pull-back scanning, and reconstruct a blood vessel cross-sectional image having an appropriate scale. An intensity of reflected light in a medium having a known refractive index is obtained in advance.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


A device for generating electric energy

The present disclosure provides a device for generating electric energy. The device comprises a panel that is at least partially transmissive for visible light.
Tropiglas Technologies Ltd


Liquid immersing photovoltaic module

The present invention discloses a liquid immersing photovoltaic module, which comprises a baseboard, a transparent cover plate, side walls, solar cells or solar cell module and insulating liquid. The insulating liquid is inside a container formed by baseboard, cover plate and side walls.
Tianjin University


Photonic lock based high bandwidth photodetector

The technique introduced herein decouples the traditional relationship between bandwidth and responsivity, thereby providing a more flexible and wider photodetector design space. In certain examples of the technique introduced here, a photodetector device includes a first mirror, a second mirror, and a light absorption region positioned between the first and second reflective mirrors.
Artilux, Inc.


Imaging device, imaging apparatus, production apparatus and method, and semiconductor device

There is provided an imaging device including a semiconductor having a light-receiving portion that performs photoelectric conversion of incident light, electrically conductive wirings, and a contact group including contacts that have different sizes and connect the semiconductor and the electrically conductive wirings.. .
C/o Sony Corporation


Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes pixels each having a photoelectric conversion element for converting incident light to an electric signal, color filters associated with the pixels and having a plurality of color filter components, microlenses converging the incident light through the color filters to the photoelectric conversion elements, a light shielding film disposed between the color filter components of the color filters, and a nonplanarized adhesive film provided between the color filters and the light shielding film.. .
Sony Corporation


Display substrate and manufacturing method thereof, display device

A display substrate (20) includes: a blue phase liquid crystal layer (25) and one or more sets of driving electrodes for driving the blue phase liquid crystal layer (25) in dark state; each set of the driving electrodes include two hetero-potential electrodes (21, 22), and the two hetero-potential electrodes (21, 22) generate an electric field at the blue phase liquid crystal layer (25) with a non-zero component in a first direction that is perpendicular to the polarization direction of incident light. This display substrate can reduce dark state light leakage and enhance display quality of devices.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Image display apparatus and manufacturing image display apparatus

An image display apparatus includes a light source configured to emit image light, a scanning mirror configured to reflect the image light from the light source, and a reflective diffraction optical element configured to change a direction of the image light from the scanning mirror to a different direction in addition to regular reflection, and the scanning mirror is arranged at a position and a height as different from an observing point as possible, and a direction of extension of an interference fringe of the reflective diffraction optical element intersects incident light from the light source.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Sub-diffraction limit image resolution in three dimensions

The present invention generally relates to sub-diffraction limit image resolution and other imaging techniques, including imaging in three dimensions. In one aspect, the invention is directed to determining and/or imaging light from two or more entities separated by a distance less than the diffraction limit of the incident light.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Sheet of colloidal crystals immobilized in resin, displaying structural color using same, detecting unevenness distribution or hardness distribution of subject using same, and structural color sheet

Provided are: a sheet of colloidal crystals immobilized in resin exhibiting intense structural color, enabled to be observed easily from a squarely facing direction against a surface; and use thereof. The sheet of the present invention, assuming a direction perpendicular to part of a surface of a target area including partially the sheet surface is set as a specified axis, satisfies: (1) the target area includes plural inclined back-reflecting crystal-domains crystal domains having colloid particles immobilized in resin and including crystal lattice planes capable of bragg-back reflecting at least some of components in a visible wavelength range of incident light having greater than 0 incident angle with the specified axis; and (2) by defining an azimuth angle around the specified axis, the inclined back-reflecting crystal-domains are so oriented that intensity of reflected light caused by bragg back reflection varies depending on the azimuth angle of the incident light..
National Institute For Materials Science


Light flux controlling member and light-emitting device

A light flux controlling member includes an incidence region and an emission region. The incidence region includes a refraction part on which a part of the light emitted from the light emitting element is incident, the refraction part being disposed at a center portion of the incidence region and configured to refract the incident light such that the incident light travels away from an optical axis of the light emitting element, and a reflection part on which another part of the light emitted from the light emitting element is incident, the reflection part being disposed outside the refraction part and configured to reflect the incident light such that the incident light approaches the optical axis.
Enplas Corporation


Imaging device

A device for capturing images where the incident light passes through a modulator that adjusts to provide a selected image. Imagewise light is received in a sensor which is in communication with a processor that implements an optimization algorithm.


Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus

A solid-state imaging device according to an aspect of the present disclosure is a solid-state imaging device that includes a standard pixel and a phase difference pixel. The standard pixel includes a first optical waveguide that guides incident light to a light receiving region.


Light receiving device and image sensor

A light receiving device includes a substrate having a principal surface and a back surface, the substrate containing gasb semiconductor co-doped with a p-type dopant and an n-type dopant; a stacked semiconductor layer disposed on the principal surface of the substrate, the stacked semiconductor layer including an optical absorption layer; and an incident surface provided on the back surface of the substrate that receives an incident light. The optical absorption layer includes a super-lattice structure including a first semiconductor layer and a second semiconductor layer that are alternately stacked.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Cmos image sensor

According to one embodiment, a cmos image sensor includes a photoelectric conversion element and an amplifier transistor. The photoelectric conversion element converts incident light into an electric signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Projection display

An optical module includes a polarized-light separation device configured to separate first and second polarized components of incident light, a light valve configured to receive at least the first polarized component, and output at least a portion of the received light to the polarized-light separation device. The optical module further includes an imaging device disposed at a position that is at least substantially optically conjugated with the light valve, and as optical member positioned and configured to remove at least a portion of the second polarized component of the incident light before reaching the image pickup device..
Sony Corporation


Touch sensor panel having an index matching passivation layer

Touch sensor panels typically include a plurality of layers that can be stacked on top of each other. When the touch sensor panel is used in a bright environment, incident light can hit the interfaces between those layers of the stackup having mismatched refractive indices and can reflect off those interfaces.
Apple Inc.



A projector includes a light source, a digital micro-mirror device (dmd), a lens, a first prism, and a second prism. The light source is used for emitting an incident light.
Qisda Corporation


Systems and methods for controlling aliasing in images captured by an array camera for use in super-resolution processing

Imager arrays, array camera modules, and array cameras in accordance with embodiments of the invention utilize pixel apertures to control the amount of aliasing present in captured images of a scene. One embodiment includes a plurality of focal planes, control circuitry configured to control the capture of image information by the pixels within the focal planes, and sampling circuitry configured to convert pixel outputs into digital pixel data.
Pelican Imaging Corporation


Illumination device

An illumination device includes a light-guide member having an annular shape provided with an incidence portion of a light in one portion, and illuminating the entirety by propagating an incident light; and a diffusion cover disposed on a side opposite to a light source relative to the incidence portion by interposing the light-guide member therebetween, and diffusing a light generated from the light-guide member. The diffusion cover includes a plate-shaped base portion covering the incidence portion side in the light-guide member, and a circular portion covering the remaining portions of the light-guide member by integrating an outer peripheral portion into the plate-shaped base portion..
Nifco Inc.


Systems and methods for liquid quality assessment

The present technology provides liquid quality assessment systems and methods for their preparation and use. The systems can include a light source configured to illuminate a liquid sample, a reflecting surface configured to reflect light scattered by the liquid sample, and a detector configured to detect light intensity, wherein the light source illuminates the liquid sample with a first incident light when the reflecting surface is absent; the detector detects a first light scattered by the liquid sample in response to the first incident light; the light source illuminates the liquid sample with a second incident light when the reflecting surface is present; and the detector detects a second light which is a combination of light scattered by the liquid sample in response to the second incident light and light reflected by the reflecting surface of light scattered by the liquid sample in response to the second incident light..
University Of Calcutta


Method for manufacturing a substrate for surface-enhanced raman spectography and substrate

A substrate for surface-enhanced raman spectography includes a support including an upper surface; a multilayer deposited on the upper surface, with the multilayer including at least two metal layers separated from each other by an intermediate layer, the intermediate layer being selectively etchable with respect to the metal layers, the multilayer being passed through by at least one trench delimited by ends of each one of the layers of the multilayer, each end of each intermediate layer being set back with respect to the end of each metal layer adjacent to the intermediate layer in such a way that the ends of two successive metal layers form metal pins separated by a cavity; a reflective optical system arranged in each trench, with the reflective optical system being arranged to direct inside the cavities an incident light arriving according to an angle with respect to the upper surface of the support.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Imaging device including unit pixel cell

An imaging device of the present disclosure includes: a unit pixel cell comprising a photoelectric converter converting incident light into signal charge, a semiconductor substrate, a charge storage region located in the semiconductor substrate and storing the signal charge, and a signal detection circuit detecting the signal charge; a feedback circuit negatively feeding back output of the signal detection circuit and comprising a signal line; and at least one wiring layer located between the semiconductor substrate and the photoelectric converter. The at least one wiring layer includes a portion of the signal line, the portion overlapping the unit pixel cell in a plan view.


Heart rate detection device and facial recognition system with the heart rate detection device

According to an embodiment, a facial recognition system includes an image sensor, a facial recognition processing unit, a heart rate detection unit, and an authentication unit. The image sensor detects incident light by an infrared pixel, and outputs detected infrared information.


Light field image capturing apparatus including shifted microlens array

A light field image capturing apparatus including a shifted microlens array, the light field image capturing apparatus including: an objective lens focusing light incident from an external object; an image sensor including a plurality of pixels, the image sensor outputting an image signal by detecting incident light; and a microlens array disposed between the objective lens and the image sensor and including a plurality of microlenses arranged in a two-dimensional manner, the plurality of microlenses corresponding to the plurality of pixels, wherein at least a part of the plurality of microlenses is shifted in a direction with respect to the pixels corresponding to the at least a part of the plurality of microlenses.. .


Photoelectric conversion device

To provide a photoelectric conversion device which prevents a reset time from being made long when a large quantity of light is entered. There is provided a photoelectric conversion device equipped with a photodiode which causes a photoelectric current corresponding to a quantity of incident light to flow, a reset circuit which charges a parasitic capacitance of the photodiode to a reset voltage, a voltage limit circuit which prevents the voltage of the parasitic capacitance of the photodiode from being lower than a prescribed voltage, and an output circuit which outputs the voltage of the parasitic capacitance of the photodiode..


Imaging device including unit pixel cell

An imaging device comprising a unit pixel cell comprising: a photoelectric converter that generates an electric signal through photoelectric conversion of incident light; and a signal detection circuit that detects the electric signal, the signal detection circuit comprising a first transistor that amplifies the electric signal, a second transistor that selectively transmits output of the first transistor to outside of the unit pixel cell, and a feedback circuit that forms a feedback loop through which the electric signal is negatively fed back, the feedback loop not passing through the first transistor.. .


Solid-state imaging device, layout data generating device and layout data generating method

A solid-state imaging device includes pixels respectively having photoelectric conversion units and arranged in matrix in basic pattern units, and an optical member arranged on the incidence side of incident light than the pixels and having constituent elements respectively corresponding to the pixels. The pixels include first, second and third wavelength range light pixels.


Display device

Provided is a display device. The display device includes a display panel, a contact sensitive device on the display panel, and a linear polarizer on the contact sensitive device.


Light source assembly, imaging device and imaging method

A light source assembly, an imaging device and an imaging method are provided. The light source assembly comprises a light source component emitting a first light beam; a fluorescent excitation device receiving the first light beam and exciting a second light beam; a coupling device receiving an incident light beam and coupling the incident light beam into a third light beam, wherein the incident light beam includes the second light beam or includes the second light beam and the first light beam.


Super directional light guide film and thin film type back light unit for flat panel display using the same

Provided is a back light unit for a display device that has a light guide film. The light guide film includes, for example, a light entering part at a first side; a light reflecting part disposed at a second side; and a light guiding part between the light entering part and the light reflecting part, wherein the light entering part selectively sends an incident light of an expanded light provided from a light source that satisfies a total reflection condition toward the light guiding part, and wherein the light reflecting part converts the incident light provided from the light guiding part into a collimated light and sends it to the light guiding part..


Inspection device of display device and inspection display device

An inspection device of a display device includes a first illumination unit providing a first incident light to the display device at a first incident angle, a second illumination unit providing a second incident light to the display device at a second incident angle, a third illumination unit providing a third incident light to the display device at a third incident angle, and a defect detector receiving at least one of a first reflection light obtained from the first incident light reflected by the display device at a first reflection angle, a second reflection light obtained from the second incident light reflected by the display device at a second reflection angle, and a third reflection light obtained from the third incident light reflected by the display device at a third reflection angle to detect defects of the display device.. .


Daylighting system

A daylighting system includes a sheet-like light control member disposed on at least an upper part of a daylighting opening, and a shade disposed oppositely to at least a part of the opening, the part being below the part where the light control member is disposed. The light control member is configured to change upward a traveling direction of incident light and allow the incident light to pass through the light control member..


Illumination device, projection apparatus, lens array, and optical module

An illumination device has a plurality of first lens elements to collect incident light beams, and a field lens to guide each of the light beams that have passed through the plurality of first lens elements to an entire region of a specific area. The plurality of first lens elements include at least two first lens elements having different lens diameters from each other.


Machine-readable glass

In one embodiment, a sidewalk-facing display window of a retail store is treated to scatter (or absorb) a portion of incident light, in a narrow wavelength spectral band. A machine-readable pattern, which encodes an identifier, is projected onto the treated window from outside the store.


Backlight module, transparent display panel and transparent display apparatus

A backlight module, a transparent display panel and a transparent display apparatus provided comprises a edge-lit light source for providing incident light, a transparent scattering plate for scattering the incident light from the edge-lit light source and an external environment, a transparent light-guiding plate for guiding the direction of the light, a controller for adjusting the edge-lit light source according to the intensity of the light from the external environment. The scattering plate and the transparent light-guiding plate both receive the light from the built-in edge-lit light source and the environmental light for improving light utilization..


Diffraction optical element, projection device, and measurement device

In a diffraction optical element according to the invention, a divergence angle converting function that is a function of converting the divergence angle of incident light due to diffraction effect and a light beam splitting function that is a function of splitting an incident light beam into a plurality of light beams due to diffraction effect are combined so that incident light as divergent light is split into a plurality of diffracted lights with different divergence angles from the divergence angle of the incident light and the diffracted lights is emitted.. .


Device for optical profilometry with conical light beams

There is described an optical system for sensing the surface of an object. The system comprises: a light source for emitting at least one light beam centered on the optical axis of the system; a light reflector for reflecting the at least one incident light beam to generate at least two hollow conical light beams centered on the optical axis and having different opening angles, the at least two reflected hollow conical light beams for illuminating the surface; and an image capture device for imaging the illuminated surface..


Image reader comprising cmos based image sensor array

The invention features an image reader and a corresponding method for capturing a sharp distortion free image of a target, such as a one or two-dimensional bar code. In one embodiment, the image reader comprises a two-dimensional cmos based image sensor array, a timing module, an illumination module, and a control module.
Hand Held Products, Inc.


Photoelectric conversion element, image reading device, image forming apparatus, and photoelectric conversion method

Multiple photodetectors that photoelectric convert incident light to output a pixel signal; multiple analog/digital (a/d) convertors that a/d convert a plurality of pixel signals that are output by the photodetectors in parallel in a plurality of systems; a retaining unit that retains the pixel signals a/d converted in parallel by the a/d convertors in an aligned manner in one direction, to be arranged in reading order from a first pixel signal to a final pixel signal; and multiple transfer units that transfer the pixel signals arranged and retained by the retaining unit, sequentially from the first pixel signal from a first-pixel-signal retaining position toward a final-pixel signal retaining position of the retaining unit are included.. .


Multi-junction solar cell and manufacturing thereof

A multi-junction solar cell is provided and includes: a first solar cell element, having a first band gap and transmitting a part of incident light; a first conductive film, formed on a back surface of the first solar cell element and having light transmissivity and conductivity; a second solar cell element, having a second band gap smaller than the first band gap; a second conductive film, formed on a front surface of the second solar cell element and having light transmissivity and conductivity; and an adhesion layer, joining surfaces of the first and second conductive films, and having light transmissivity and conductivity. When refractive indexes of the first solar cell element, the first conductive film, the second solar cell element, the second conductive film and the adhesion layer are n1, n2, n3, n4 and n5, respectively, relations of n1>n2>n5 and n3>n4>n5 are satisfied..
Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.


Curved image sensor, fabricating the same, and electronic device having the same

A curved image sensor includes a supporting substrate, a bonding pattern provided over the supporting substrate a sensing substrate provided over the supporting substrate and in contact with the bonding pattern, and having a curved surface receiving incident light, and a fixing pattern provided over the supporting substrate and surrounding a periphery of the sensing substrate.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Solid-state image sensor and image capturing apparatus using the same

The present invention provides a solid-state image sensor in which degradation in image quality can be reduced. The solid-state image sensor includes an optical isolation layer between a pupil dividing unit and a plurality of photoelectric conversion units.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Optically variable areal pattern

An optically variable areal pattern has a reflection layer and a micromirror arrangement comprising a plurality of semitransparent micromirrors developed on the reflection layer. The micromirrors are inclined with respect to the reflection layer, such that, by specular reflection, light incident on the micromirror arrangement is reflected on the semitransparent micromirrors.
Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh


Polarizing plate, tft substrate including the polarizing plate, and manufacturing the polarizing plate

A polarizing plate includes a substrate and a conductive pattern layer including a first pattern and a second pattern. The first pattern includes line-shaped structures disposed at intervals with a period shorter than a wavelength of incident light to be isolated from one another, the first pattern configured to transmit first polarized light of the incident light therethrough and reflect second polarized light of the incident light that is perpendicular to the first polarized light.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Thin-film broadband and wide-angle devices for generating and sampling polarization states

Exemplary thin-film optical devices have first and second layer groups disposed as a layer stack on a substrate. The first layer group comprises a first ppn layer, a first lcp layer, and a first barrier layer all superposed.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona


Self-referencing localized plasmon resonance sensing device and system thereof

A self-referencing localized plasmon resonance sensing device and a system thereof are disclosed. The reference optical waveguide element is modified with a noble metal nanoparticle layer.
National Chung Cheng University


Thin-film curvature measurement apparatus and method thereof

An apparatus for measuring of a curvature of a thin film, is adapted to measure the curvature of a thin-film. The apparatus includes a light emitting module, a first optical module, a second optical module, a third optical module, an image capture module, and an image analysis module.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Method and controlling white balance

A method comprising: capturing, by an electronic device, a first incident light sample and generating an image based on the first incident light sample; capturing, by the electronic device, a second incident light sample and identifying a light source type associated with the second incident light sample; and adjusting a white balance of the image according to the light source type.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Image sensor chip sidewall interconnection

An image sensor chip having a sidewall interconnect structure to bond and/or electrically couple the image sensor chip to a package substrate is provided. The image sensor chip includes a substrate supporting an integrated circuit (ic) configured to sense incident light.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Image-acquisition device

Provided is an image-acquisition device including a first image-acquisition surface including a photoelectric conversion film capable of subjecting incident light to photoelectric conversion while transmitting some of the incident light; a second image-acquisition surface including a photoelectric conversion layer that subjects the incident light transmitted by the first image-acquisition surface to photoelectric conversion; and a polarizing filter that is disposed between the two image-acquisition surfaces and that extracts polarization information from the incident light transmitted by the first image-acquisition surface.. .
Olympus Corporation


Display device

A display device includes a light modulation layer having predetermined refractive index anisotropy and including plural light modulation areas which differ in responsiveness to an electric field generated by electrodes, a polarization layer which is disposed on the front side of the light modulation layer, on which side external light enters, which shuts out light other than light having a predetermined polarization direction, a reflection layer disposed on the back side of the light modulation layer, and a phase retardation layer which is disposed between the polarization and light modulation layers, which creates a predetermined phase difference between incident light entering through the polarization layer and reflected light from the reflection layer, and which polarizes the reflected light in a direction different from the predetermined polarization direction. The light modulation layer transmits the reflected light when no electric field is generated and scatters it otherwise..
Japan Display Inc.


Dual-sided film with compound prisms

Dual-sided optical films have extended prisms formed in one major surface, and extended lenslets formed in an opposite major surface. Some or all of the prisms are compound prisms, in which the two inclined surfaces of each compound prism each include a tip portion, a base portion, and an intermediate portion disposed between the tip portion and the base portion, the intermediate and tip portions forming a concave shape and the intermediate and base portions forming a convex shape, or vice versa.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Antireflection film and organic light emitting device provided with the same

An organic light emitting device includes an anti-reflection film including a polarizer and a compensation film positioned on the polarizer and including a liquid crystal layer which includes liquid crystals oriented in a direction tilting obliquely with respect to a surface of the liquid crystal layer extending in a horizontal direction in a cross sectional view, tilt angles of the liquid crystals are gradually larger from the first side to the second side, a maximum tilt angle of the liquid crystals with respect to the surface of the liquid crystal layer is from about 15° to about 80°, and in-plane retardation (re) of the liquid crystal layer for incident light of a 450 nm wavelength and a 550 nm wavelength satisfies a relationship 1.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Film element

The invention concerns a film element having a replication layer (43), wherein an optically active surface structure (27) is shaped in a first surface of the replication layer. The surface structure is formed in at least a first region of the film element (35) by a first diffractive surface relief (46) comprising a plurality of successive elements following a first envelope curve (47), wherein the elements respectively comprise an element surface (48) arranged substantially parallel to a base surface and at least one flank adjoining the adjacent element surface or surfaces, the element surfaces (48) of adjacent elements are spaced in a direction perpendicular to the base plane, with a first optical spacing or a plurality of the first optical spacing, wherein the first optical spacing is between 150 nm and 800 nm, preferably between 150 nm and 400 nm.


3d-effect led illuminating device with scattering system

Illuminating device, especially for an automotive vehicle. It comprises a combination of means essentially composed of: a) substantially perpendicular to the leds (5), in front of the illuminating face of the leds, a system comprising opaque parallel plates (1, 2) at least one of the faces of which is a light colour, preferably a white colour, •at least two of said parallel plates defining a channel at the bottom of which said leds are distributed, and •said wall-forming plates being arranged substantially perpendicular to the midplane of said pcb so as to channel the light emitted by said leds, and •the at least one light- or white-coloured face of said plates being turned towards the interior of said channel; and (b) near the frontal end of said channel, level with said end or preferably upstream of said end, a substantially planar reflector (7), and downstream from the latter, in the direction of light emission/transmission in operation, a semi-transparent screen (8) substantially parallel to said reflector, comprising, on at least one of its two main faces, elements promoting the dispersion of the incident light..
Automotive Lighting Rear Lamps France


Lamp unit

A light deflecting device selectively reflects an incident light to a projection optical system. An irradiation optical system irradiates light to a reflective part of the light deflecting device.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Thin film iii-v optoelectronic device optimized for non-solar illumination sources

An optoelectronic device with high band-gap absorbers optimized for indoor use and a method of manufacturing are disclosed. The optoelectronic semiconductor device comprises a p-n structure made of one or more compound semiconductors, wherein the p-n structure comprises a base layer and an emitter layer, wherein the base and/or emitter layers comprise materials whose quantum efficiency spectrum is well-matched to a spectrum of incident light, wherein the incident light is from a light source other than the sun; and wherein the device is a flexible single-crystal device.
Alta Devices, Inc.


Solar to electric energy conversion device

The present invention features a solar-to-electric energy conversion device based on a light absorbing electrode coupled to a one-dimensional nanoparticle based photonic crystal. The function of the latter is to localize the incident light within the electrode thus enhancing the optical absorption and the power conversion efficiency of the so called dye-sensitized and organic (polymer based or hybrids) cell.
Nlab Solar Ab


Compensation film, and optical film and display device including the same

A compensation film includes a first retardation layer comprising a polymer having negative birefringence, and a second retardation layer comprising a polymer having negative birefringence, where the first retardation layer has an in-plane retardation (re1) in a range of about 180 nanometers to about 300 nanometers for incident light having a wavelength of about 550 nanometers, the second retardation layer has an in-plane retardation (re2) in a range of about 60 nanometers to about 170 nanometers for the incident light having the wavelength of about 550 nanometers, and the entire in-plane retardation (re0) of the first retardation layer and the second retardation layer for incident light having wavelengths of about 450 nanometers and about 550 nanometers satisfies the following inequation: re0(450 nm)<re0(550 nm).. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Surface inspecting method

A surface inspecting method includes: irradiating an incident light beam of a first polarized state on a target object, the incident light beam comprising parallel light and having a cross-sectional area: measuring a second polarized state of a reflected light beam reflected from the target object; and performing inspection on an entire area of the target object on which the incident light beam is irradiated, based on a variation between the first polarized state and the second polarized state.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Rotary encoder

In a rotary encoder of the present invention, each track of a rotary disk has transmitting parts and non-transmitting parts alternately arranged in the circumferential direction. Each non-transmitting part has a plurality of projecting parts which are arranged side by side in the circumferential direction.
Fanuc Corporation


Wavelength converting member and projector including the wavelength converting member

A wavelength converting member includes at least a first, second, and third regions, circumferentially on a disc-shaped light-transmissive substrate. The first region includes, from a light incident direction, a first and second phosphor layers.
Nichia Corporation


Image sensing device with cover plate having optical pattern thereon

An image sensing module is provided, which includes an image sensor, a cover plate and an optical pattern. The image sensor has a light sensitive area for receiving incident light and a peripheral area surrounding the light sensitive area.
Himax Imaging Limited


Optical communication module

Optical communication module. The optical communication module includes an optical-connector input and output unit that is provided on a first face of a substrate, the optical-connector input and output unit including a first light reflection member which is arranged at each of n grid points and which reflects incident light at a right angle; an optical-device optical input and output unit that is provided in adjacent to the optical-connector input and output on the first face of the substrate including n second light reflection members which are arranged in a linear manner with spaces therebetween; a plurality of optical waveguides that are provided on the first face of the substrate; and an optical device that is provided on a second face of the substrate, the optical device including n light-receiving units or n light-emitting units which are aligned with n light transmission units of the substrate..
International Business Machines Corporation


Led element and manufacturing the same

An led element comprises a semiconductor lamination part that includes a light-emitting layer, a diffractive surface on which light emitted from the light-emitting layer is incident and on which projection parts are formed with a period larger than an optical wavelength of the light and smaller than a coherence length of the light and which reflects the incident light in a plurality of modes according to a bragg diffraction condition and transmits the incident light in a plurality of modes according to the bragg diffraction condition, and a reflecting surface that reflects light refracted by the diffractive surface so that the reflected light is incident on the diffractive surface again, wherein the semiconductor lamination part is formed on the diffractive surface without any void around the projection parts and a proportion of a flat part in the diffractive surface is 40% or more in a plan view thereof.. .


Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof

A liquid crystal display device is disclosed. The liquid crystal display device includes a first substrate, a second substrate opposite of the first substrate, and a tft layer on the first substrate.
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display having photo-sensing input mechanism

A liquid crystal display having photo-sensing input mechanism includes a first gate line for transmitting a first gate signal, a second gate line for transmitting a second gate signal, a data line for transmitting a data signal, a pixel unit for outputting an image signal according to the first gate signal and the data signal, a readout line for transmitting a readout signal, a photo-sensing input unit and a driving adjustment unit. The photo-sensing input unit is utilized for generating a sensing voltage according to a driving voltage and an incident light signal, and is further utilized for outputting the readout signal according to the sensing voltage and the first gate signal.
Au Optronics Corp.


Electro-optic assembly

An electro-optic assembly for use in a vehicle having a windshield is provided and includes a first arcuate substrate having a first surface with an anti-reflective coating and a second surface. A second arcuate substrate includes a third surface and a fourth surface with an anti-reflective coating.
Gentex Corporation


Grating based optical coupler

An apparatus including a waveguide region configured to guide light propagating along a first direction; a reflector region configured to reflect incident light; an interference region formed between the waveguide region and the reflector region, the interference region configured to confine at least a portion of interference light formed by the incident light and the reflected incident light; and a grating region including a grating formed on a region confining at least a portion of the interference light, the grating configured to couple at least a portion of the light along a second direction that is different from the first direction.. .
Forelux Inc.


Method and manipulating near field using light scattering

An apparatus for manipulating surface near-field light resulting from light emitted from a light source that passes through a scattering layer is disclosed. Also, a method of finding a phase of incident light to cause constructive interference at a target spot using light scattering to manipulate the surface near-field..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Sensor device for use in a medical fluid delivery system

A sensor device for use in a medical fluid delivery system, or an infusion pump device, comprises a fluidic chamber with a deformable cover closing at least an area of the chamber and an optical detection system comprising at least one light emitter for emitting one or more incident light beams and a sensor unit for monitoring one or more reflected light beams is presented. In a pressurized state of the fluidic chamber, the deformable cover is deformed such that it forms an inflexion point area within the deformed cover.
Roche Diagnostics International Ag


Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method therefor, and imaging apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes: a first chip including a pixel array in which a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions converting incident light into an electric signal are disposed; a second chip having an area in a plan view less than an area of the first chip in the plan view and electrically and physically connected to the first chip; and a support portion provided to cover an entire region which is not covered with the second chip in a surface of the first chip connected to the second chip and configured to support the first chip so that flatness of the first chip may be maintained.. .
Olympus Corporation


Light flux diameter-expanding element and display apparatus

A light flux diameter-expanding element (pupil expanding element) which is used in a retina scanning type display apparatus includes a first diffraction grating having a grating pattern extending in a first direction x, a second diffraction grating, a third diffraction grating, and a fourth diffraction grating, and expands a diameter of the incident light flux in a second direction y so as to emit the light. In addition, the light flux diameter-expanding element includes a fifth diffraction grating having a grating pattern extending in the second direction y, a sixth diffraction grating, a seventh diffraction grating, and an eighth diffraction grating, and expands a diameter of the incident light flux in the first direction x so as to emit the light..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Multipass virtually imaged phased array etalon

An example system determines biomechanical properties of eye tissue. The system includes a confocal microscopy system configured to scan the incident light across a plurality of cross-sections of the tissue.
Avedro, Inc.


Method and system for determining strain distribution in a sample

A control system is presented for use in measuring one or more parameters of a sample. The control system comprises an input utility and a processor utility.
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.


Device for compensating for the drift of a phase shift of a device for modulating the polarization state of a light beam

A device for analyzing and/or generating a polarization state of a measurement point of a target object includes a polarizer suitable for selecting, in an incident light wave, a light beam which is linearly polarized in a predefined direction; a first birefringent element suitable for having the light beam pass therethrough; a second birefringent element identical to the first element and suitable for having the light beam pass therethrough, the light beam then being directly or indirectly directed toward the object in order to be reflected in the form of a reflected beam. The device includes an optical assembly having one or more optical elements located in an optical path between the first element and the second element, and the optical assembly includes an odd number of mirrors, or, an odd number of half-wave plates, or, an odd number of a mix of mirrors and half-wave plates..
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs-


Vehicular lamp

A vehicular lamp includes a plurality of light sources (7); a first lens (8) with an incident surface (11) upon which light emitted from the light sources (7) is incident and an emission surface (12) from which an incident light from the incident surface (11) is emitted; and a second lens (9) with a light incident surface (15) upon which the light emitted from the emission surface (12) of the first lens (8) is incident and a light emission surface (16) from which an incident light from the light incident surface (15) is emitted. A reflective portion (13) that internally reflects the incident light from the incident surface (11) toward the emission surface (12) is formed on the first lens (8), and a diffusion processing portion (15a) that diffuses light is formed on the light incident surface (15) of the second lens (9)..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Image sensor

An image sensor for converting incident light into digital signals is disclosed. In one aspect, the image sensor includes a matrix of light-sensitive pixels arranged in a plurality of pixel columns each having a predetermined lateral extent.
Imec Vzw


Piezoelectric layer, piezoelectric component, piezoelectric actuator, piezoelectric sensor, hard-disk drive and ink jet printer

A piezoelectric layer made of potassium sodium niobate which is a perovskite type compound represented by the formula abo3, wherein, in the raman spectroscopy measurement of the piezoelectric layer which is performed while the piezoelectric layer is rotated in the in-plane direction, the measured intensity of the lattice vibration region of the perovskite type compound in the raman spectrum obtained in polarized raman spectroscopy measurement (yx) has a periodicity of approximately 90°, wherein, the polarized raman spectroscopy measurement (yx) is performed while the piezoelectric layer is rotated in the in-plane direction and raman scattering light is polarized in a direction perpendicular to that of the incident light.. .
Tdk Corporation


Concentrating optical waveguide and containment chamber system

In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a concentrating optical waveguide and containment facility comprising wide acceptance angle, high ratio, solar concentrators where the facility operates independent of the need for solar tracking. The invention utilizes unique non-focusing waveguide optics and containment chambers to concentrate and contain incident light such that the effective concentration is the ratio of incident surface area to the power producing element within or at the exit of the containment chamber..


Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof and imaging apparatus

A semiconductor device for converting incident light into an electric current includes a semiconductor substrate; an electrode embedded in the semiconductor substrate; an insulation film contacting the electrode in the semiconductor substrate; a first semiconductor region of a first conductivity type, a second semiconductor region of a second conductivity type and a third semiconductor region of the first conductivity type, formed sequentially in a depth direction from a side of a front face of the semiconductor substrate; and a fourth semiconductor region of the second conductivity type contacting the insulation film and the second semiconductor region. An impurity concentration of the fourth semiconductor region is greater than an impurity concentration of the second semiconductor region..
Ricoh Company, Ltd


Turn signal lamp assembly for vehicle door mirror, and vehicle door mirror

A casing of a turn signal lamp assembly includes a lamp housing and an outer lens, each of which includes a transparent member, being overlaid on each other and joined to each other at peripheral edges. The lamp housing includes a light entrance portion that receives incident light emitted from a light source, a light-guiding lens portion that guides the incident light, and a light exit portion that outputs the guided light..
Murakami Corporation


Methods for polishing inorganic substrates

A method for treating a surface of inorganic flooring (e.g., concrete, terrazzo, or a ceramic) includes applying a composition that includes a silicate to a surface of the inorganic flooring and, while the composition is present on the surface, polishing the surface. The silicate may be a lithium polysilicate and/or a colloidal silica.
Advanced Concrete Technologies Llc

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