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Incident Light patents

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Photovoltaic (pv) enhancement films or protective covers for enhancing solar cell efficiencies

Glt Future

Photovoltaic (pv) enhancement films or protective covers for enhancing solar cell efficiencies

Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte.

Improved fill factor opto-sensitive device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Incident Light-related patents
 Obstacle sensing module and cleaning robot including the same patent thumbnailnew patent Obstacle sensing module and cleaning robot including the same
Disclosed herein are an obstacle sensing module and a cleaning robot including the same. The cleaning robot includes a body, a driver to drive the body, an obstacle sensing module to sense an obstacle present around the body, and a control unit to control the driver, based on sensed results of the obstacle sensing module.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Vehicle lamp patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle lamp
The present disclosure provides a technology of achieving a compact configuration of efficiently guiding a light incident on an incident portion to an emitting portion. The vehicle lamp includes a light guide lens.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Member for cotrolling luminous flux, display device, and light emitting device patent thumbnailnew patent Member for cotrolling luminous flux, display device, and light emitting device
The present invention relates to a member for controlling luminous flux including an incident surface receiving light, a reflective surface reflecting the incident light, and a light emitting surface emitting the reflected light to a bottom surface of a plane perpendicular to a central axis connecting a center of the incident surface and a center of the reflective surface, and to a display device and a light emitting device, whereby performance of display device can be enhanced.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.
 Sample analysis element and detection device patent thumbnailnew patent Sample analysis element and detection device
The sample analysis element is provided with a base body. Nanostructures are dispersed on a surface of the base body at a first pitch sp smaller than a wavelength of incident light.
 Device and  measuring hemoglobin patent thumbnailnew patent Device and measuring hemoglobin
The present invention relates to a system for measuring the hemoglobin concentration in whole blood, wherein the system comprises: a light-radiating unit including a light source that emits two types of incident light having different wavelengths; a diffusion unit which diffuses the incident light emitted by the light-radiating unit; a cuvette-holding unit which is formed so as to hold a cuvette including a blood sample; a detection unit which detects each absorbance of the two types of incident light having different wavelengths; a processing unit which determines the hemoglobin concentration in the blood by processing the measured absorbance result; and a control unit which regulates the two types of incident light having different wavelengths in order to repeatedly/sequentially radiate same. Although the system for measuring hemoglobin in whole blood of the present invention uses a small amount of whole blood, it is possible to measure the total hemoglobin concentration in an accurate and reliable manner.
Boditechmed. Inc
 Plasmonic phototransistor patent thumbnailnew patent Plasmonic phototransistor
A plasmonic phototransistor includes a photon to surface-plasmon-polariton (spp) transducer including and an optical coupling structure configured to receive incident light and an electrically conducting layer having a first and a second surface. The second surface is on the optical coupling structure and the first surface generates spps responsive to the incident light.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
 Method of using an absorptive sensor element patent thumbnailnew patent Method of using an absorptive sensor element
A method of using an absorptive sensor element includes: providing the absorptive sensor element, heating the absorptive sensor element to a temperature in a range of from 30° c. To 100° c., exposing the absorptive sensor element to an analyte vapor, and measuring a capacitance-related property of the absorptive sensor element and/or a spectral feature upon reflection of incident light.
3m Innovative Properties Company
 Improved fill factor opto-sensitive device patent thumbnailnew patent Improved fill factor opto-sensitive device
An opto-sensitive device, a pixel configured for use in an opto-sensitive device, and a method of operating an opto-sensitive device are disclosed. The opto-sensitive device illustratively includes a capacitor stacked on top of a photodetector, thereby improving the fill factor of the opto-sensitive device.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.
 Concentrating solar cell module panel having stiffness and concentrating photovoltaic generation system comprising same patent thumbnailnew patent Concentrating solar cell module panel having stiffness and concentrating photovoltaic generation system comprising same
Disclosed is a concentrating solar cell module panel includes: a frame including a side plate and a base plate; carriers that are provided on the base plate at position spaced apart from each other at regular intervals, and each of which is provided with a solar cell; and a lens plate that is provided on an upper end of the frame and concentrates incident light on each of the solar cells. The side plate includes a transverse plate and a longitudinal plate longer than the transverse plate.
Anycasting Co., Ltd.
 Photovoltaic (pv) enhancement films or protective covers for enhancing solar cell efficiencies patent thumbnailnew patent Photovoltaic (pv) enhancement films or protective covers for enhancing solar cell efficiencies
A solar energy conversion assembly for efficiently capturing solar energy by providing additional chances to absorb reflected sunlight and providing longer path lengths in the photovoltaic (pv) material. The assembly includes a pv device including a layer of pv material and a protective top covering the pv material (e.g., a planar glass cover applied with adhesive to the pv material).
Glt Future, Llc

Optical writing device, image forming apparatus, and temperature calculation method

An optical writing device having; a plurality of light-emitting points; a photodiode configured to output a signal which represents a quantity of incident light from a predetermined light-emitting point selected from the plurality of light-emitting points; and a calculation section for calculating a temperature of the photodiode based on a magnitude of a photodiode dark current included in the signal output from the photodiode while the predetermined light-emitting point is off.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Display with retroreflective elements

In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a retroreflector pixel that includes multiple retroreflector sub-pixels. Each retroreflector sub-pixel includes a reflective surface configured to reflect incident light.
Synopsys, Inc.

Optical scanning device

An optical scanning device includes a mirror part including a mirror reflecting surface to reflect incident light, a pair of torsion bars configured to support the mirror part from both sides and configured to form a first axis around which to swing the mirror part by a torsional motion thereof so as to deflect the reflected light, and at least one stress alleviation area configured to alleviate a stress generated by the torsional motion of the torsion bars. The alleviation area is provided between an intersection of a second axis perpendicular to the first axis and passing through the center of the mirror reflecting surface and an edge of the mirror reflecting surface, and at least one of the torsion bars..
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

Sample analysis element and detection device

There is provided a sample analysis element capable of uniting a propagating surface plasmon resonance with a localized surface plasmon resonance while increasing the surface density of the hot spots. The sample analysis element is provided with a plurality of metal nanobody lines.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Stereoscopic image apparatus

A stereoscopic image apparatus that is capable of minimizing loss of optical energy and improving quality of a stereoscopic image is disclosed. The stereoscopic image apparatus includes a polarizing beam splitter to reflect or transmit incident light based on polarization components of the light to split the light in at least three different directions, a reflective member to reflect the light reflected by the polarizing beam splitter to a screen, at least one modulator to modulate the light reflected by the reflective member and the light transmitted through the polarizing beam splitter, and a refractive member disposed in an advancing direction of light to be incident upon the polarizing beam splitter to refract the light to be incident upon the polarizing beam splitter..
Masterimage 3d Asia, Llc.

3d interaction apparatus, display device including the same, and driving the same

Provided are a three-dimensional (3d) interaction apparatus capable of recognizing a user's motions in a 3d space for performing a 3d interaction function, a display device including the 3d interaction apparatus, and a method of driving the 3d interaction apparatus. The 3d interaction apparatus includes a depth camera which obtains a depth image including depth information of a distance between an object and the depth camera; an active optical device disposed in front of the depth camera and configured to adjust a propagation path of light by refracting incident light so as to adjust a field of view of the depth camera; and a driving unit which controls operation of the active optical device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions each provided in a semiconductor substrate and receives incident light through a light sensing surface, and a pixel separation portion provided to electrically separate a plurality of pixels. At least a pinning layer and a light shielding layer are provided in an inner portion of a trench provided on a side portion of each of the photoelectric conversion portions in an incident surface side, the trench includes a first trench and a second trench formed to be wider than the first trench in a portion shallower than the first trench, the pinning layer is formed in an inner portion of the first trench to cover an inside surface of the second trench, and the light shielding layer is formed to bury an inner portion of the second trench at least via the pinning layer..
Sony Corporation

Solar cell apparatus

Disclosed is a solar cell apparatus. The solar cell apparatus includes a substrate including a transmission area and a non-transmission area extended in one direction, respectively, and disposed in parallel to each other, a solar cell disposed in the non-transmission area, and a refractive part provided in the transmission area and refracting at least a portion of an incident light to the non-transmission area..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Solar cell

A solar cell is provided. The substrate of the solar cell has heavily-doped regions and lightly-doped regions.
Au Optronics Corp.

Method of providing markings to precious stones including gemstones and diamonds, and markings and marked precious stones marked according to such a method

An identifiable mark on a portion of a polished facet of a surface of an article and being identifiable by an optical magnifying viewing device, said identifiable mark comprising a nano-structure formed by a two-dimensional or a three-dimensional lattice of a plurality of discrete nanometer sized recessed or protruded entities, wherein said entities are arranged within a predefined region of said polished facet in a predetermined arrangement in relation to each other and such that an outer interface surface between the facet of the article and air is formed and an inner interface surface between the facet of the article and air is formed. Said predetermined arrangement of said entities is non-uniform and non-periodic arrangement, and wherein said entities are sized and shaped so as to cause optical scattering upon reflection of incident light and the distance from the inner interface surface to the outer interface surface is greater than the amplitude of the non-marked portion of said polished face.
Master Dynamic Limited

Head-up display device

Provided is a head-up display (hud) device capable of effectively preventing damage to a liquid-crystal display device due to entry of exterior light. A hud device has a liquid-crystal panel, and is provided with a liquid-crystal display device for realizing a transparent display using light from a backlight, a control means for controlling the liquid-crystal display device, and an optical system for reflecting the display light outputted by the liquid-crystal display device onto a windshield.
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

Method of controlling exposure time by using infrared light, computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon computer program codes for performing the method, and electronic apparatus having photographing function

An electronic apparatus having a photographing function includes: a flash that emits light including a visible light wavelength range and an infrared wavelength range and radiates the light onto a subject; an infrared detector that absorbs light in the infrared wavelength range and generates a detection signal corresponding to the light; an image sensor that photoelectrically transforms incident light and generates an image signal; and a controller that controls an exposure time of the image sensor based on the detection signal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Photodiode with compensated spectral response

An optical detector includes a first set of one or more photodiodes configured to generate a first photocurrent according to a first spectral response function of an incident light, a second set of one or more photodiodes configured to generate a second photocurrent according to a second spectral response function of the incident light, and a third set of one or more photodiodes configured to generate a third photocurrent according to a third spectral response function of the incident light. The optical detector further includes a module configured to output an indication of the intensity of the incident light according to a fourth spectral response function based on each of the first photocurrent, the second photocurrent, and the third photocurrent..
Infineon Technologies Ag

Thin film solar cell structure

A thin film solar cell includes a protection layer, a substrate and a photovoltaic conversion structure having a stack of one or several of non-planar light absorption layers, a first conductive layer being light transmissive and a second conductive layer being at least partially transparent or totally reflective. When the second conductive layer is totally reflective, it reflects the sunlight to the adjacent part of the thin film solar cell, proceeding another photovoltaic conversion and generating electric power again.

Modulator arrays, and modulation devices and medical imaging apparatuses including the same

The modulator array includes a first optical modulator, which changes a shape a wavefront of an incident light into first wavefronts to modulate the incident light which passes through the first optical modulator; and a second optical modulator that changes a shape at least one of the first wavefronts into second wavefronts to modulate the light output from the first optical modulator.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Spread illuminating apparatus

A spread illuminating apparatus includes a point light source with a light-emitting surface, a circuit board with a mounting surface on which the point light source is mounted, and a light guide plate with an incident light surface and an emitting surface. The circuit board is arranged as that at least a partial portion of the circuit board extends beyond an area where the point light source is mounted so as to be superposed on the light guide plate, a light-reflecting member is arranged on the mounting surface, and a region of the mounting surface in which the light-reflecting member is arranged includes a first region that extends forward from a position corresponding to the center of the light-emitting surface of the point light source..
Minebea Co., Ltd.

Measuring volume and constituents of cells

A method for determining a mean cell volume for a blood sample includes: illuminating the sample with incident light at a plurality of illumination wavelengths and obtaining a two-dimensional image of the sample at each of the plurality of illumination wavelengths; identifying a plurality of cells that appear in each of the images; for each one of the plurality of cells, determining an integrated optical density corresponding to each of the plurality of illumination wavelengths; for each one of the plurality of cells, determining a cell volume based on the integrated optical densities corresponding to each of the plurality of illumination wavelengths; and determining the mean cell volume for the blood sample from the cell volumes for each one of the plurality of cells.. .
Constitution Medical, Inc.

Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method

The illumination optical system for illuminating an illumination target surface with light from a light source is provided with a polarization converting member which converts a polarization state of incident light to form a pupil intensity distribution in a predetermined polarization state on an illumination pupil of the illumination optical system; and a phase modulating member which is arranged in the optical path on the illumination target surface side with respect to the polarization converting member and which transmits light from the pupil intensity distribution so as to convert linearly polarized light thereof polarized in a first direction, into required elliptically polarized light and maintain a polarization state of linearly polarized light polarized in a second direction (x-direction or y-direction) obliquely intersecting with the first direction, in order to reduce influence of retardation caused by a subsequent optical system between the polarization converting member and the illumination target surface.. .
Nikon Corporation

Semiconductor light emitting element

A semiconductor light emitting element includes a semiconductor stack part that includes a light emitting layer, a diffractive face to which light emitted from the light emitting layer is incident, and convex portions or concave portions formed in a period which is longer than an optical wavelength of the light and is shorter than a coherent length of the light. The diffractive face reflects incident light in multimode according to bragg's condition of diffraction and transmits the incident light in multimode according to the bragg's condition of diffraction.
El-seed Corporation

Room sterilization method and system

A sterilization system consisting of a mobile emitter, a sensing subsystem and a data logging subsystem is described. The emitter has one or more uv emitting lamps or devices.
Steriliz, Llc

Vehicle control system and image sensor

A vehicle control system includes a light-receiving section which has a plurality of filters having different pass bands, and a plurality of light-receiving elements, each of which receives incident light via any one of the filters; an image data generation section which, when receiving general image data which is an output of the light-receiving section, extracts outputs of the light-receiving elements correlated to the filters to generate discrete image data, which is image data for each of the filters; an image data processing section which detects at least one object, based on the discrete image data generated by the image data generation section or composite image data generated by combining the discrete image data; and a vehicle control section which performs vehicle control, according to the object detected by the image data processing section.. .
Denso Corporation

Vehicle headlamp

A vehicle headlamp includes a light source, a projection optical member, and a light deflector. The projection optical member projects incident light ahead.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Optical sheet, light-emitting device, manufacturing optical sheet, and manufacturing light-emitting device

A light-diffusing layer is provided for diffusing incident light by diffracting at least a portion of the incident light, and the diffuse light diffused by the light-diffusing layer is diffused about a direction different from the emission direction of non-diffused light that passes through the light-diffusing layer without being diffused.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co.,ltd

Optical article for directing and distributing light

An optical article for directing and distributing light including an optically transmissive light diffusing sheet and a reflective grid disposed in energy exchange relationship with the diffusing sheet. The reflective grid includes one or more parallel arrays of reflective surfaces configured to partially transmit and partially redirect a parallel beam of light into one or more directions that are not coincident with the original propagation direction of the incident light beam..

Multiple parallel confocal system and surface measurement method using the same

The present invention relates to a multiple parallel confocal system including: a light source for irradiating light; a relay lens unit through which the light traveling toward a measuring object or the light reflected from the measuring object is passed, the relay lens unit having one or more lens for focusing the light irradiated from the light source; a multiple optical probe having a microlens array on which a plurality of microlenses is arranged, the microlenses into which the focused light through the relay lens unit is incident; and a photo detector for detecting the incident light reflected from the measuring object and passed through the microlenses and the relay lens unit.. .
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University

Solid-state imaging device and operating the same, and electronic apparatus and operating the same

A solid-state imaging device includes a plurality of pixels in a two-dimensional array. Each pixel includes a photoelectric conversion element that converts incident light into electric charge, and a charge holding element that receives the electric charge from the photoelectric conversion element, and transfers the electric charge to a corresponding floating diffusion.
Sony Corporation

Backside illumination image sensor and image-capturing device

A backside illumination image sensor that includes a semiconductor substrate with a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and a read circuit formed on a front surface side of the semiconductor substrate, and captures an image by outputting, via the read circuit, electrical signals generated as incident light having reached a back surface side of the semiconductor substrate is received at the photoelectric conversion elements includes: a light shielding film formed on a side where incident light enters the photoelectric conversion elements, with an opening formed therein in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element; and an on-chip lens formed at a position set apart from the light shielding film by a predetermined distance in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element. The light shielding film and an exit pupil plane of the image forming optical system achieve a conjugate relation to each other with regard to the on-chip lens..
Nikon Corporation

Secondary lens, photovoltaic cell mounting body, concentrating photovoltaic power generation unit, and concentrating photovoltaic power generation module

A secondary lens includes a first face on which a concentrated light beam output from a concentrating lens is incident and a second face from which the concentrated light beam output from the concentrating lens is output to a photovoltaic cell. The secondary lens guides incident light to the photovoltaic cell through an optical refractive face provided on the first face.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Ventilated grow light housing

A grow light housing with passive cooling, including a shell having a reflective interior surface, a lower opening for directing light downwardly onto plants, and at least one ventilation opening in an upper portion. A grow light socket is coupled to the housing so as to position a grow light directly below the ventilation opening, and a reflective baffle is interposed between the ventilation opening and the grow light bulb.
Hydrofarm, Inc.

Low profile highly efficient vehicular led modules and headlamps

A vehicle headlamp module is provided that includes a lens having a plurality of near-field lens elements, a canted input surface, an exit surface and a cavity between the surfaces. The headlamp module also includes an led lighting module that directs incident light through the input and exit surfaces.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Image display apparatus

An image display apparatus is provided, which uses a light deflection element capable of deflecting incident light so as to follow the position of an observer, and suppressing reduction in the intensity of light reaching eyes of the observer, regardless of the position of the observer. The light deflection element according to the present disclosure is configured to deflect incident light, and includes: a first optical element that deflects incident light; a second optical element that changes a deflection direction of emitted light by changing a refractive index thereof according to a voltage applied thereto; a first electrode provided on the first optical element side; a plurality of second electrodes provided on the second optical element side; and a control section that controls the voltage applied to the second optical element..
Panasonic Corporation

Optical filter

Provided is an optical filter integrally provided with a light blocking film capable of suppressing stray light. An optical filter may be used for an imaging apparatus having a built-in image sensing device on which light from a subject or a light source is incident.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

Coordinate measuring apparatus

Coordinate measuring apparatus includes a probe having an optical system emitting light along a plane at a workpiece, an image capture apparatus having image capture elements arranged on an image capture plane and capturing an image of the workpiece from a position different from that of the predetermined plane, and a controller controlling the emitting optical system. The controller determines whether the image capture elements arranged in an image capture region on the image capture plane detect light incident on the workpiece due to the light from the emitting optical system, turns on the light emitted from the emitting optical system when the image capture elements arranged within the image capture region detect the incident light, and blinks the light emitted from the emitting optical system at a predetermined periodicity when the image capture elements arranged within the image capture region do not detect the incident light..
Mitutoyo Corporation

Optical apparatus and operating method thereof

An optical apparatus applied to ophthalmology detection is disclosed. The optical apparatus includes a first light source module, a second light source module, and an interference module.
Crystalvue Medical Corporation

Solid-state imaging device

A pixel includes: a photoelectric conversion unit that photoelectrically converts incident light and has an upper electrode, a lower electrode, and a photoelectric conversion film interposed between the upper electrode and the lower electrode; an amplifying transistor that outputs a signal according to an amount of a signal charge generated in the photoelectric conversion unit; a charge transfer line that connects the lower electrode and the amplifying transistor; and an output line that outputs the signal from the amplifying transistor, wherein at least a part of the output line is disposed to overlap the lower electrode without another line interposed therebetween.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Image sensor and imaging device

In a conventional imaging device, a light-blocking member for blocking incident luminous fluxes is provided for each pixel, for generating a parallax image. However, the light-blocking member is provided apart from the photoelectric converter element, and so unnecessary light such as diffracted light generated at the boundary between the light-blocking member and the aperture portion sometimes reaches the photoelectric converter element.
Nikon Corporation

Optical semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

Phosphate-based glass doped with copper ions having infrared blocking filter characteristics is formed into particles and is mixed with a transparent encapsulating resin to encapsulate a semiconductor element. The glass particles have a particle diameter four times or more as large as a wavelength of infrared radiation to be blocked.
Seiko Instruments Inc.

Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing the same

A solid-state imaging device includes: a semiconductor substrate; a pixel unit formed on the semiconductor substrate; and a peripheral circuit unit formed on the semiconductor substrate, at a periphery of the pixel unit, in which the pixel unit includes: a photoelectric conversion film which converts incident light into charges; and a floating diffusion which holds the charges, the peripheral circuit unit includes a transistor including a gate electrode and two source and drain diffusion regions, and the two source and drain diffusion regions have a higher impurity concentration than an impurity concentration of the floating diffusion.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Light control apparatus

incident light that passes through the optical aperture is controlled by pivoting the light control unit (130) alternately to a first stationary position of being retracted from the optical aperture (102 and 122), and a second stationary position of overlapping with the optical aperture by moving the light control unit by the drive unit (132 and 150), and when the light control unit is at the first stationary position, the light control unit is capable of sticking out of the first substrate and the second substrate.. .
Olympus Corporation

Image sensor, image processing system including the same, and operating the same

A method of operating an image sensor, which includes a plurality of pixels including a photo diode that accumulates photocharges generated according to incident light, is provided. The method includes changing a potential of the photo diode by applying a hulk control signal at a first voltage level to a ground terminal, transferring the photocharges accumulated at the photo diode to a floating diffusion node, and generating a pixel signal according to a potential of the floating diffusion node..

Oversampled image sensor with conditional pixel readout

In a pixel array within an integrated-circuit image sensor, each of a plurality of pixels is evaluated to determine whether charge integrated within the pixel in response to incident light exceeds a first threshold. N-bit digital samples corresponding to the charge integrated within at least a subset of the plurality of pixels are generated, and then applied to a lookup table to retrieve respective m-bit digital values (m being less than n), wherein a stepwise range of charge integration levels represented by possible states of the m-bit digital values extends upward from a starting charge integration level that is determined based on the first threshold..
Rambus Inc.

Photoconductive optical touch

An optical touch sensor may include traces of photoconductive material formed on a substantially transparent substrate. Each photoconductive trace may be capable of responding to an incident light intensity increase on a portion of the photoconductive trace by increasing the number of charged carriers, thereby raising the electrical conductivity of that portion of the photoconductive trace.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel having a photoelectric conversion element which generates a charge in response to incident light, a first transfer gate which transfers the charge from the photoelectric conversion element to a charge holding section, and a second transfer gate which transfers the charge from the charge holding section to a floating diffusion. The first transfer gate includes a trench gate structure having at least two trench gate sections embedded in a depth direction of a semiconductor substrate, and the charge holding section includes a semiconductor region positioned between adjacent trench gate sections..
Sony Corporation

Unit pixels, depth sensors and three-dimensional image sensors including the same

A unit pixel of a depth sensor includes a light-receiver configured to perform photoelectric conversion of an incident light to output an electrical signal and at least two sensors adjacent to the light-receiver to receive the electrical signal from the light-receiver such that a line connecting the sensors forms an angle greater than zero degrees with respect to a first line, the first line passing through a center of the light-receiver in a horizontal direction.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and controlling sun visor

A sun visor control apparatus is provided that includes: at least one sun visor, which is provided in a vehicle to block light from being incident therein; a sun visor driver, which drives the at least one sun visor; and at least one camera, which captures an image of the outside of the vehicle. A controller detects a shadow of the vehicle from the image of the outside of the vehicle, calculates a direction of the shadow and a length of the shadow, and controls the sun visor driver so as to block the incident light in consideration of the direction of the shadow and the length of the shadow..
Hyundai Motor Company

Mask for exposure, fabricating the same, and fabricating display panel using the mask

A mask for etching a target layer includes a mask substrate. A phase inversion layer is disposed to correspond to a non-etched area of a pattern target layer.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Optical element and manufacturing method therefor, optical system, imaging apparatus, optical instrument, and master

An optical element includes an element main body and a plurality of sub-wavelength structures that is provided on a surface of the element main body. The sub-wavelength structures include an energy-ray-curable resin composition, and the element main body is opaque to energy rays for curing the energy-ray-curable resin composition.
Sony Corporation

Disturbance detection using a passively terminated fiber optic sensor

A fiber-optic sensor can have a michelson sensor portion and a mach-zehnder sensor portion. A first splitter-coupler can be configured to split incoming light between a first fiber portion and a second fiber portion.
Fibersonics Inc.

Optical sensor

An optical sensor that a deterioration of detecting accuracy is suppressed is provided, and an optical sensor that an increase of the number of components and an increase of a physical constitution are suppressed is provided. The optical sensor has a light receiving element having a light receiving surface to receives light, a detector detecting an inclination of the light receiving surface in the vertical direction, and a correction portion correcting an output signal of the light receiving element based on an output signal of the detector.
Denso Corporation

Handheld tachometer

A handheld tachometer includes a body that controls light output, and calculates a rotational velocity of an object based on incident light reflected from the object, and a reflector that is positioned at a light output terminal of the body, to adjust an angle of output light or incident light. The reflector can be adjusted by driving a step motor.
Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park

Optical sheet and backlight unit and display device comprising the same

An optical sheet, a backlight unit having the optical sheet, and a display device having the backlight unit are discussed. According to an embodiment, the optical sheet includes a base film; a high refractive index layer having a plurality of prism portions on the base film; and a low refractive index layer positioned on the high refractive index layer, and covering the plurality of prism portions and having a surface parallel to the base film, each of the prism portions including an incidence surface on which incident light is refracted and a reflective surface on which the refracted light is reflected, the incidence surface including a bent for refracting the incident light towards the reflective surface..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Image processing methods for visible and infrared imaging

Imaging systems may be provided with image sensors for capturing information about incident light intensities in the visible and infrared bands of light. The means of capturing information about visible light may be unintentionally and undesirably influenced by infrared light.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

Imaging device for welding

A welding camera (1) is constructed with: a lens (11) for focusing incident light; an optical filter (12) that comprises a neutral density filter for reducing the amount of the incident light, an ultraviolet cut filter for cutting ultraviolet rays, and a green band-pass filter for transmitting green light; a cmos imaging unit (13) that has a wide dynamic range function, and detects the light which has passed the optical filter (12); a video signal processing unit (14) that has an automatic gain control function and a digital signal processor, and outputs an image signal, which covers a range of a low-intensity dark part to high-intensity arc light, to a display unit on the basis of an electric signal that is input from the cmos imaging unit (13).. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Ambient light sensor and electronic system having the same

An ambient light sensor includes a photoelectric conversion unit, a current control unit, a signal conversion unit and a comparison unit. The photoelectric conversion unit provides a photo current having a magnitude corresponding to illuminance of incident light to a first node.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Display device

In a display device including an device substrate arranged with a plurality of pixels arranged with a light emitting device, a color filter layer with different transmission bands corresponding to each of the pixels, and a color filter substrate arranged with an overcoat layer above the color filter layer, by arranging a first light shielding layer arranged corresponding to a matrix of pixels and a second light shielding layer wider than the first light shielding layer and separated from the first light shielding layer and on a side close to a pixel, light emitted in a diagonal direction leaking to an adjacent pixel enters the second light shielding layer and by increasing the length of a light path of the incident light, the light is absorbed and attenuated by the second light shielding layer and improvements in viewing angle characteristics are achieved without decreasing the aperture ratio of a pixel.. .
Japan Display Inc.

Fluorescence microtitre plate reader

A fluorescence microtitre plate reader comprises a plate reader body (2) having a base (3), top (5) and sidewalls (4), the top of the plate reader comprising at least one seat (6) dimensioned for receipt of a microtitre plate (7), the at least one seat defining an aperture (8) in the top of the plate that substantially corresponds to a base of the plate. The plate reader also includes means for illuminating wells of a microtitre plate with light from beneath the plate having an excitation wavelength, and a camera (10) and lens (11) assembly for capturing light emitted by the wells of the microtitre plate and generating a digital image, in which regions of light intensity of the image correspond to wells of the microtitre plate.
Oculer Limited

Method, apparatus and computer program product for sensing of visible spectrum and near infrared spectrum

In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method comprises filtering incident light by an ir cut-off filter to generate filtered light.
Nokia Corporation

Illumination device and display unit

An optical member is provided including a substrate, and a plurality of sub-regions two-dimensionally arranged on the substrate. Each of the sub-regions includes a plurality of unit lenses.
Sony Corporation

Imaging systems with stacked image sensors

An imaging system may include a first image sensor die stacked on top of a second image sensor die. A pixel array may include first pixels having photodiodes in the first image sensor die and second pixels having photodiodes in the second image sensor die.
Aptina Imaging Corporation

Optical touch screen apparatuses and methods of driving the optical touch screen apparatuses

An optical touch screen apparatus in which an oxide semiconductor transistor is used as a light sensing device, and a method of driving the optical touch screen apparatus. The optical touch screen apparatus includes an array including a plurality of light sensing pixels for sensing incident light, a gate driver for providing each of the light sensing pixels with a gate voltage and a reset signal and a signal output unit for receiving a light sensing signal from each of the plurality of light sensing pixels to output a data signal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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