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Incident Light patents


This page is updated frequently with new Incident Light-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Incident Light-related patents
 Image sensors and related methods and electronic devices patent thumbnailImage sensors and related methods and electronic devices
An image sensor is provided including a pixel array, a correlated double sampling (cds) unit, an analog-digital converting (adc) unit, a control unit, and an overflow power voltage control unit. The pixel array includes at least one unit pixel that generates accumulated charges corresponding to incident light in a photoelectric conversion period and outputs an analog signal based on the accumulated charges in a readout period.

 Imagers with depth sensing capabilities patent thumbnailImagers with depth sensing capabilities
An imager may include depth sensing pixels that provide an asymmetrical angular response to incident light. The depth sensing pixels may each include a substrate region formed from a photosensitive portion and a non-photosensitive portion.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

 Imaging apparatus and imaging system patent thumbnailImaging apparatus and imaging system
Provided is an imaging apparatus, including a pixel region in which a plurality of pixels are arranged, the plurality of pixels each including: a plurality of photoelectric converters configured to generate charges corresponding to an amount of incident light; a plurality of charge holding portions arranged correspondingly to the plurality of photoelectric converters and configured to hold charges generated by the plurality of photoelectric converters respectively; and a light condensing portion arranged so as to be shared by the plurality of photoelectric converters and configured to guide the incident light to the plurality of photoelectric converters. In the imaging apparatus, a height (vb) of a first potential barrier between two charge holding portions included in the a pixel is lower than a height (va) of a second potential barrier between two charge holding portions included in different pixels..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Banknote discrimination apparatus patent thumbnailBanknote discrimination apparatus
A banknote discrimination apparatus includes a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements in which an incident light including fluorescence emitted from a banknote irradiated with excitation light enters; a plurality of organic film filters that are arranged so as to overlap each of the plurality of photoelectric conversion elements, and have mutually different transmission bands; a circuit including a plurality of pixel circuits which are each connected to one corresponding element among the plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and output a pixel signal converted by each photoelectric conversion element in accordance with an intensity of the incident light that transmits through the organic film filter and enters to the photoelectric conversion element; a spectral processor; and a discriminator. At least one of the plurality of organic film filters is a filter obtained by overlapping two or more filter layers on each other..
Olympus Corporation

 Light guide plate, backlight unit having the same, display apparatus having the same, and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailLight guide plate, backlight unit having the same, display apparatus having the same, and manufacturing the same
A light guide plate includes a light incident surface to which a light is configured to be incident, a light exit surface from which the light incident through the light incident surface is configured to exit, a bottom surface facing the light exit surface configured to reflect at least a portion of the incident light, and a scattering pattern disposed on the bottom surface. The scattering pattern includes a first protrusion portion protruding from the bottom surface, a recess portion disposed along a circumference of the first protrusion portion and recessed from the bottom surface and a second protrusion portion spaced apart from the first protrusion portion and disposed along a portion of the recess portion..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Transparent display apparatus patent thumbnailTransparent display apparatus
Disclosed herein is a transparent display apparatus in which a plurality of micro-patterns are formed on a reflection surface of a transparent light guide plate. The transparent display apparatus includes a light source configured to generate light, a transparent light guide plate configured to change a path of the generated light, and to emit the light, a first polarizing plate configured to transmit first polarized light of light emitted from the transparent light guide plate, a liquid crystal panel configured to change a phase of the first polarized light according to driving of liquid crystals; and a second polarizing plate configured to adjust an amount of the first polarized light according to the changed phase of the first polarized light, wherein the transparent light guide plate includes an incident surface to which the light is incident, an exit surface which the incident light exits, a reflection surface being opposite to the exit surface, and a plurality of micro-patterns formed on the reflection surface, and configured to diffuse the incident light..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Monochromator using optical filters to select wavelength of light patent thumbnailMonochromator using optical filters to select wavelength of light
Provided is a monochromatization device for easily selecting light having a specific wavelength, comprising: a first broadband filter arranged to have a first rotational angle with respect to an incident direction of light to enable a first wavelength band to pass therethrough with respect to the incident light; a second broadband filter arranged to have a second rotational angle with respect to an incident direction of light to enable a second wavelength band to pass therethrough with respect to the light passing through the first broadband filter; and a path compensation unit for adjusting a light path so that the light path passing through the second broadband filter is the same as a path of the light incident to the first broadband filter. Accordingly, the output light efficiency for the incident light is increased and the required specific wavelength can be more easily selected..
Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

 Deconvolution to reduce the effective spot size of a spectroscopic optical metrology device patent thumbnailDeconvolution to reduce the effective spot size of a spectroscopic optical metrology device
The effective spot size of a spectroscopic metrology device is reduced through deconvolution of a measurement spectra set acquired from a measurement target combined with a training spectra set obtained from a training target. The measurement spectra set may be obtained using sparse sampling of a grid scan of a measurement target.
Nanometrics Incorporated

 Apparatus for light intensity adjustment patent thumbnailApparatus for light intensity adjustment
An apparatus for light intensity adjustment mountable on an automotive camera includes at least one first linear polarizing filter, at least one second linear polarizing filter, the first linear polarizing filter and the second polarizing filter are arrangeable in front of a lens unit of an automotive camera such that incident light passes through the at least one first linear polarizing filter and the at least one second linear polarizing filter before entering the lens unit of the automotive camera, and at least one actuator for moving the at least one first linear polarizing filter and/or the at least one second linear polarizing filter with respect to each other such that the intensity of the emergent light is adjustable. The apparatus is characterized in enabling adjustment of the emergent light intensity by moving the first linear polarizing filter and/or the second linear polarizing filter with respect to each other..

 Mirror micromechanical structure and related manufacturing process patent thumbnailMirror micromechanical structure and related manufacturing process
A mirror micromechanical structure has a mobile mass carrying a mirror element. The mass is drivable in rotation for reflecting an incident light beam with a desired angular range.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Led with scattering features in substrate

In one embodiment, the transparent growth substrate (38) of an led die is formed to have light scattering areas (40a-c), such as voids formed by a laser. In another embodiment, the growth substrate is removed and replaced by another substrate that is formed with light scattering areas.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Image sensor pixel cell with non-destructive readout

A pixel cell includes a photodiode coupled to photogenerate image charge in response to incident light. A deep trench isolation structure is disposed proximate to the photodiode to provide a capacitive coupling to the photodiode through the deep trench isolation structure.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.


Image sensor and operating the same

An image sensor includes a photoelectric conversion element suitable for generating photocharges corresponding to incident light, a transfer transistor suitable for transferring the generated photocharges to a floating diffusion node based on a transfer signal, and a reset transistor suitable for resetting the floating diffusion node based on a reset signal and including a memory gate.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Display device

According to one embodiment, a display device includes a light source, a dimming panel which comprises a dimming area including sub-areas arrayed in a matrix and controls a transmittance of light from the light source in each of the sub-areas, and a display panel which comprises a display area including pixels arrayed in a matrix and displays an image due to incident light transmitted through the dimming panel thereon.. .
Japan Display Inc.


Member for projection image display and projection image display system

The present invention provides a member for projection image display, including a reflection layer and a retardation layer, wherein the reflection layer includes a cholesteric liquid crystal layer exhibiting selective reflection in a visible light region, the cholesteric liquid crystal layer is a layer formed from a liquid crystal composition containing a discotic liquid crystal compound, and a front phase difference of the retardation layer is in a range of 50 nm to 400 nm; and a projection image display system which includes the above member for projection image display, wherein the retardation layer is disposed on an incident light side relative to the reflection layer, and the incident light is p-polarized light that vibrates in a direction parallel to a plane of incidence, which is capable of displaying a clear image having high reflectance and high transmittance, without a problem of a double image.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Thin film type controlled viewing window back light unit and thin flat type controlled viewing window display using the same

The present disclosure relates to a thin film type controlled viewing window back light unit and a thin flat type controlled viewing window display using the same. The present disclosure suggests a thin film type back light unit which can include: a base film having a width and a length, and including a high refractive film and a low refractive film stacked on the high refractive film; an incident pattern disposed at one side of a bottom surface of the base film; a reflective pattern disposed at an opposite side apart from the one side with the length of the bottom surface of the base film, and covering the width of the opposite side; a light radiating pattern disposed on an upper surface of the base film; a holographic film for controlling a viewing-window disposed on the light radiating pattern; and a light source being apart from the incident pattern, and providing an incident light to the incident pattern..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Color conversion film, display panel using color conversion film and manufacturing color conversion film

A color conversion film includes a substrate, a number of first and second indentations defined in the substrate, and a number of quantum dot blocks received in the first and second indentations. The substrate includes a first surface and a second surface parallel to the first surface.
Ye Xin Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.


Reflective target for surveying instruments

Reflective target for surveying instruments having a plurality of planar reflective sections arranged to form a shape having a target axis. Each reflective section includes a plurality of prisms, each prism constituted by a corner cube having three surfaces oriented perpendicular to one another and forming a base for receiving incident light, and each of the prisms is oriented such that a common edge formed by two of the three surfaces of the prism is oriented such that the common edge and the target axis or a line parallel to the target axis lie in a common plane..
Trimble Jena Gmbh


Vehicle instrument

A vehicle instrument includes: a three-dimensional object which is formed of a light transmitting material and is formed so as to protrude from a surface displaying a measurement value involved with a vehicle; and a light source which emits light to the three-dimensional object, wherein the three-dimensional object includes a portion having a different protrusion amount from a light incident surface to which light emitted from the light source is incident, and the light incident surface of the portion having a relatively small protrusion amount from the light incident surface is provided with a high-diffusion portion having a relatively large diffusion degree for the incident light compared with the light incident surface of the portion having a relatively large protrusion amount from the light incident surface.. .
Yazaki Corporation


Light-concentrating mechanism, photovoltaic power generation device, window structure, and window glass

[problem] to provide a light-concentrating mechanism that is suitable for photovoltaic power generation. [solution] this light-concentrating mechanism comprises an angle selective reflection means that reflects light having an incident angle of at least a first threshold angle and transmits at least some of the light having an incident angle smaller than the first threshold angle, and an angle-increase reflection means that reflects incident light at an angle greater than the incident angle of said light, the two means being arranged so as to have a gap therebetween.
Holomedia, Llc


Solid-state photodetector

A solid-state photodetector with variable spectral response that can produce a narrow or wide response spectrum of incident light. Some embodiments include a solid-state device structure that includes a first photodiode and a second photodiode that share a common anode region.
Microsemi Corporation


Apparatus and high efficiency fixed target solar thermal concentrator power plants

A fixed target solar thermal tower design is provided that utilizes a low number of collector modules (32, 172, 191), e.g. 5 to 30, mounted on solar-tracking mechanisms.
E-cube Energy Technologies, Ltd.


Vehicle headlight module, vehicle headlight unit, and vehicle headlight device

A vehicle headlight module includes: a light source that emits light that becomes illumination light; a light guide component having an incident surface through which the light emitted from the light source enters the light guide component as incident light, a side surface that reflects the incident light to superpose beams of the incident light, and an emitting surface from which the reflected incident light is emitted; and a projection lens that projects the light emitted from the emitting surface. The light guide component has an inclined surface in the side surface.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


In situ adjustable optical mask

Implantable corneal and intraocular implants such as a mask are provided. The mask can improve the vision of a patient, such as by being configured to increase the depth of focus of an eye of a patient.
Acufocus, Inc.


Endoscope releasing heat generated by imaging element of the endoscope apparatus

An endoscope apparatus includes an imaging element, a flexible substrate, and a flexible heat release sheet. The imaging element is built in an endoscope front end portion so as to receive incident light from a subject.
Fujifilm Corporation


Solid-state imaging device and operating the same, and electronic apparatus and operating the same

A solid-state imaging device includes a plurality of pixels in a two-dimensional array. Each pixel includes a photoelectric conversion element that converts incident light into electric charge, and a charge holding element that receives the electric charge from the photoelectric conversion element, and transfers the electric charge to a corresponding floating diffusion.
Sony Corporation


Two-way photographing system of mobile terminal and controlling the same

Disclosed are a two-way photographing system of a mobile terminal and a control method. The system includes a rotating mirror, a lens and an approach sensing apparatus.
Guang Dong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd


Transmissive display apparatus and operation input method

A transmissive display apparatus includes an operation section that detects an operational input issued through an operation surface, an image output section for the left eye and an image output section for the right eye that output predetermined image light, an image pickup section that visually presents the predetermined image light in an image pickup area that transmits externally incident light, a sensor that outputs a signal according to a positional relationship between the operation surface and the image pickup area, and a determination section that detects overlap between an optical image of the operation surface that has passed through the image pickup area and the predetermined image in the image pickup area based on the signal according to the positional relationship and receives the operational input when the optical image of the operation surface overlaps with the predetermined image.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Near-eye device

A near-eye device includes a spatial light modulator and a beam combiner. The spatial light modulator includes an array of phase modulating elements arranged to apply a phase delay distribution to incident light.
Two Trees Photonics Limited


Optical device for augmented reality

An optical device includes a light input part and a light output part. The light input part includes a micro display; a first and a second polarizing beam splitters configured to reflect or transmit incident light including an image displayed on the micro display; and a first quarter wavelength plate configured to receive light transmitted by the first polarizing beam splitter or the second polarizing beam splitter and change a polarized state of the received light.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Partially reflecting multilayer optical films with reduced color

A multilayer optical film body includes a first and second packet of microlayers. Each packet partially transmits and partially reflects light over an extended wavelength range, such as the visible region, for normally incident light polarized along a first principal axis of the film body.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Optical-diffusion film for display and reflective display device using same

Disclosed is an optical-diffusion film for display, which is a single-layered optical-diffusion film obtained by photocuring a composition for optical-diffusion film including two or more kinds of polymerizable compounds having different refractive indices, and in which the film thickness of the optical-diffusion film has a value within the range of 60 to 700 μm, and when a coating layer formed by applying a composition for optical-diffusion film in a film form is photocured, and the incident angle of incident light with respect to the normal line of the film plane is varied in the range of −70° to 70° along the travel direction of the coating layer at the time of photocuring, the haze value at each incident angle has a value of 70% or more.. .


Illumination device

An illumination device includes: a light source unit; and an optical member having a plate-like shape and disposed in front of the light source unit, wherein the optical member includes a first refractive prism having a function of refracting light, and a reflective prism disposed on an outer side of the first refractive prism and having a function of reflecting light, wherein an optical axis of the light source unit is configured to pass through a region in which the first refractive prism is disposed, wherein the first refractive prism is configured to cause an incident light to travel to a side opposite to the optical axis, and wherein the reflective prism is configured to cause an incident light to travel to the optical axis side.. .
Minebea Co., Ltd.


High efficiency daylighting structure

A high efficiency daylight directing structure for application on fenestration deploys closely spaced macroscopic bars of transparent resin to eliminate different forms of glare. The spaced apart surfaces provide for efficient reflection of selective incident light, by tir or metallic surfaces, via the ultra-smooth native surfaces from a mold or casting process.
Serralux Inc.


Systems and methods for creating full-color image in low light

Full-color images of low-light scenes are generated by the systems and methods described herein using only two light channels. An array of photosensitive pixels includes two sets of pixels, the first sensitive only to light associated with a first light channel, the second only to light associated with a second light channel.
Chromatra, Llc.


Imaging apparatus, control method, and program

At least one imaging apparatus includes a sensor configured to output a signal according to an incident light amount, a calculation unit configured to calculate an evaluation value in regard to a flicker based on the output signal from the sensor, a notification unit configured to notify a user of information about a presence of the flicker based on the evaluation value, and a control unit configured to control processing for reducing an influence of the flicker based on the evaluation value. When the evaluation value is equal to or larger than a first threshold value, the notification unit notifies the user of the information about the presence of the flicker.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Solid-state image sensing device and camera

A solid-state image sensing device including a pixel array including a plurality of pixels, wherein each pixel comprises a photoelectric conversion portion arranged in a substrate and a microlens arranged thereon, an insulating member is arranged between the substrate and the microlens, each pixel further comprises a light-guide portion configured to guide incident light to the photoelectric conversion portion, the pixel array includes a central region and a peripheral region, in a pixel located in the peripheral region, the microlens is arranged while being shifted to a side of the central region with respect to the photoelectric conversion portion, and, on a cross section along the shift direction, the microlens has a left-right asymmetric shape and a highest portion of the microlens is located on the side of the central region.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image sensor and electronic device including the same

Disclosed are an image sensor including a light collection member having a multi-layer step shape and an electronic device including the same. This technology can improve light condensing efficiency in a unit pixel since a corresponding pixel lens is included.
Sk Hynix Inc.


Display device and light source device

A display device includes a light source device including a light emission section which emits incident light, a light conversion section which receives the incident light and which converts the intensity of the incident light, and a white light conversion section which converts the light with the converted intensity to white light. With the light source device light emitted from the light conversion section is converted to white light by the white light conversion section.
Japan Display Inc.


Optically diffusive plastic having high stiffness

An optically diffusive plastic can comprise 40 to 94.9 mass % of a polymer resin matrix; 5 to 50 mass % of a glass filler; and 0.1 to 10 mass % of a light diffusing component; wherein the difference between refractive index of the polymer resin matrix and refractive index of the glass filler is less than or equal to 0.02; wherein a 1 millimeter (mm) thick sample of the optically diffusive plastic comprises a dld value of greater than or equal to 1 degree (°) as measured by goniophotometry; wherein the 1 mm thick sample comprises a total transmittance of greater than or equal to 40% for incident light having a wavelength of 360 nanometers (nm) to 750 nm in air; and wherein a 3.2 mm thick sample of the optically diffusive plastic comprises a flexural modulus, measured at 23° c., of greater than or equal to 2,500 megapascal (mpa).. .
Sabic Global Technologies B. V.


Contact pressure measuring apparatus, manufacturing the same and measuring contact pressure

An apparatus and method for measuring a contact pressure and a method of manufacturing the apparatus. The apparatus includes: a material layer configured to provide a light path along which incident light travels to a subject being in contact with the material layer; a spectrum analyzer configured to detect light emitted from the material layer and perform a light absorption spectrum analysis on the detected light to determine an intensity of the detected light; and a pressure calculator configured to determine the contact pressure of the subject based on the determined intensity..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Fresnel piggyback intraocular lens that improves overall vision where there is a local loss of retinal function

Systems and methods are provided for improving overall vision in patients suffering from a loss of vision in a portion of the retina (e.g., loss of central vision) by providing a piggyback lens which in combination with the cornea and an existing lens in the patient's eye redirects and/or focuses light incident on the eye at oblique angles onto a peripheral retinal location. The piggyback lens can include a redirection element (e.g., a prism, a diffractive element, or an optical component with a decentered grin profile) configured to direct incident light along a deflected optical axis and to focus an image at a location on the peripheral retina.
Amo Groningen B.v.


Concentrator lens for directing light to a photovoltaic target or mirrored surface and a dynamic window apparatus utilizing the same

A lens device for concentrating light onto a photovoltaic target or mirrored surface is disclosed. The lens may be configured to receive and reflect at least a portion of incident light onto the photovoltaic target or mirrored surface, and pass a portion of incident light through the lens depending on the received light's particular angle of incidence.


Solar photovoltaic module

In the present invention a new solar photovoltaic module is proposed comprising: a silicon based photovoltaic element; an intermediate layer deposited on said photovoltaic element to the incident light side; an interference filter deposited on the incident light side of said intermediate layer; a front element disposed on the incident light side of said interference filter. Said intermediate layer has a transparency of at least 90% for infrared light between 780 nm and 1200 nm and said interference filter is corrugated and composed of a multilayer comprising a plurality of dielectric layers designed to transmit at least 75% of the total incident solar infrared light between 780 nm and 1200 nm, and to reflect and diffuse incident visible solar light such that the perceived color of said reflected and diffused visible light by any observer positioned anywhere to the incident light side of said solar photovoltaic module and looking towards the front element of said solar photovoltaic module is defined by a y10 tristimulus value not lower than 50 defined by an x value of 0.20 to 0.45 and a y value of 0.20 to 0.45 in a chromaticity diagram of a cie 1964 yxy color system using a white light source measured with a d65 light source with a 10-degree angular field..
Csem Centre Suisse D'electronique Et De Microtechique Sa - Recherche Et DÉveloppement


Image sensor having improved light utilization efficiency

An image sensor is provided including a photo sensor layer including a plurality of photo-sensing cells; a color separation layer disposed on the photo sensor layer and including color separation elements embedded in a transparent spacer layer; and a micro lens array arranged on the color separation layer, the micro lens array including a plurality of micro lenses. The color separation layer separates light by wavelength.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes: a semiconductor substrate provided with an effective pixel region including a light receiving section that photoelectrically converts incident light; an interconnection layer that is provided at a plane side opposite to the light receiving plane of the semiconductor substrate; a first groove portion that is provided between adjacent light receiving sections and is formed at a predetermined depth from the light receiving plane side of the semiconductor substrate; and an insulating material that is embedded in at least a part of the first groove portion.. .
Sony Corporation


Electronic device with internally-housed camera

An internally-housed camera in an electronic device includes a lens assembly and an image convertor located above the lens assembly. The lens assembly includes a lens and a reflector arranged at an acute angle with the lens.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


System and selecting path according to selection conditions

An optical element stress aberration calculation system and method, where a stress distribution is obtained through a stress analysis and a light tracking technologies, and then a stress distribution generated by incident lights with different viewing angles is calculated, so that a stress aberration error is reduced.. .
National Applied Research Laboratories


Transmissive optical shutter and fabricating the same

A transmissive optical shutter and a method of fabricating the same are provided. The transmissive optical shutter includes a first contact layer, an epitaxial layer disposed over the first contact layer, the epitaxial layer being configured to modulate intensity of incident light having a specific wavelength, a second contact layer disposed on the epitaxial layer, a first electrode disposed on the first contact layer, at least one second electrode disposed on the second contact layer, and a substrate disposed under the first contact layer..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Collimator lens, light source unit including same collimator lens, and projector

A collimator lens has an entrance portion having an elongated recess portion which incident light enters, which is formed into a recess curved inwards towards an exit direction of the incident light, with the direction of a first axis intersecting an axis of the incident light at right angles defined as a longitudinal direction and in which a recessed edge in a cross section intersecting the first axis at right angles is formed into an arc, and an exit portion from which the incident light entering the entrance portion exits and which is formed so that a curvature of an arc-shaped edge in the cross section intersecting the first axis at right angles differs from a curvature of an arc-shaped edge in a cross section intersecting at right angles a second axis intersecting the axis of the incident light and the first axis at right angles.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Multidirectional optical positioning thereof

A multidirectional optical positioning method and a device thereof, and more particularly a signal transmission and positioning method applied to visible light communication and a device thereof. The device includes a transparent board having multiple different light conversion layers on the surface.
Edison Opto Corporation


Photovoltaic system for spectrally resolved solar light

A photovoltaic system is described that improves solar energy absorption efficiency by resolving light into constituent colors using dispersive optics. The system reduces a blurring effect of a light beam while ensuring that the system's bulkiness is not increased.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Unit pixels, image sensors including the same, and image processing systems including the same

A unit pixel of an image sensor which operates in global shutter mode is provided. The unit pixel includes a photo diode area including a photo diode configured to accumulate photocharges generated from incident light during a first period and a storage diode area including a storage diode configured to receive and store the photocharges from the photo diode.


Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and program

An image pickup apparatus includes: a polarization removing element layer including a plurality of polarization removing elements, each of the plurality of polarization removing elements being configured to polarize an incident light to thereby obtain light having a polarization axis in a predetermined direction and to transmit the polarized light; a polarizer layer provided in front of the polarization removing element layer, the polarizer layer being configured to twist polarization axes of light having a plurality of polarization axes by predetermined angles, respectively, and to transmit the light; an inclination detecting device configured to detect inclination of the incident light to an optical axis; a controller configured to control and drive the polarizer layer such that the polarizer layer twists the polarization axis of light depending on the inclination detected by the inclination detecting device and transmits the light; and an image pickup device configured to detect the light.. .
Sony Corporation


Phase difference compensating element and projection-type image projecting device

A phase difference compensating element that can effectively compensate polarization disturbance, and a projection-type image projecting device are provided. The phase difference compensating element includes: a birefringent layer formed with a film stack of obliquely-deposited films, each of the obliquely-deposited films having a thickness equal to or smaller than the used wavelength; and an rd-ar film that is formed with a film stack of two or more kinds of dielectric films having different refractive indexes, and provides an arbitrary phase difference to a phase difference in obliquely-incident transmitted light in the birefringent layer.
Dexerials Corporation


Anti-reflection nano-coating structure

Provided are an anti-reflection nano-coating structure and a method of manufacturing the same. The anti-reflection nano-coating structure has low dependency on incident light.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Apparatus and optically characterizing materials

The present invention relates to a device for optical characterisation of a sample and/or of the material(s) of the same having an illumination unit that can be orientated to illuminate with incident light a sample spatial portion into which the sample can be introduced, a detection unit which is orientated or can be orientated to image the sample introduced into the sample spatial portion by receiving light reflected by the sample, and which is configured to detect at least two different, preferably orthogonal, polarization components in the reflected light, and an evaluation unit with which, in the imaging data recorded by the detection unit, those imaged surface elements (reflection elements) of the sample can be identified, and with which the detected different polarization components for these reflection elements can be evaluated for optical characterisation.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Image sensor having improved light utilization efficiency and manufacturing the same

An image sensor including a color filter array layer, which includes a plurality of color filters transmitting light of different colors; and reflective partitioning walls, which define the color filters and have a lower refractive index than that of the color filters; a color separation device, which separates incident light into a plurality of colors, such that the plurality colors are incident on the plurality of color filters, respectively; and a sensor substrate, on which a plurality of light detection devices for respectively sensing light transmitted through the plurality of color filters are arranged in an array shape.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Light source apparatus and image display apparatus

A light source apparatus of an embodiment of the present technology includes a light source section, a light outputting section, and a housing. The light source section includes one or more solid light sources capable of emitting light of a predetermined wavelength band as incident light.
Sony Corporation


Active pixel sensors and image devices having stacked pixel structure supporting global shutter

A global shutter pixel has a stacked pixel structure. The pixel includes a sample and readout circuit on a lower substrate and a photodiode and transfer circuit on an upper substrate.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Thin film small molecule organic photovoltaic solar cell

A thin film organic photovoltaic device or solar cell in one embodiment includes an organic active bilayer and an ultrathin two-dimensional metallic nanogrid as a transparent conducting electrode which receives incident light. The nanogrid excites surface plasmonic resonances at an interface between the nanogrid and active bilayer from the incident light to enhance photon absorption in the active bilayer below the nanogrid.
Lehigh University


Image pickup device and image pickup apparatus

An image pickup device according to the present disclosure includes a first pixel and a second pixel each including a photodetection section and a light condensing section, the photodetection section including a photoelectric conversion element, the light condensing section condensing incident light toward the photodetection section, the first pixel and the second pixel being adjacent to each other and each having a step part on a photodetection surface of the photodetection section, in which at least a part of a wall surface of the step part is covered with a first light shielding section.. .
Sony Corporation


Solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging device manufacturing method, electronic device, and lens array

A solid-state imaging device includes: multiple micro lenses, which are disposed in each of a first direction and a second direction orthogonal to the first direction, focus the incident light into the light-receiving surface; with the multiple micro lenses of which the planar shape is a shape including a portion divided by a side extending in the first direction and a side extending in the second direction being disposed arrayed mutually adjacent to each of the first direction and the second direction; and with the multiple micro lenses being formed so that the depth of a groove between micro lenses arrayed in a third direction is deeper than the depth of a groove between micro lenses arrayed in the first direction, and also the curvature of the lens surface in the third direction is higher than the curvature of the lens surface in the first direction.. .
Sony Corporation


Tracking-free high concentration ratio solar concentrator

A stationary concentrator able to concentrator sunlight with high concentration ratio is consists of a compound parabolic concentrator (cpc) and a prism array. A chamber with its thin transparent wall shaped into cpc and prism array is used to form a bulb-like close structure solar concentrator.


Pavement marking tape with widely-distributed, multi-edged relief features for improved retroreflectivity

A pavement marking tape has raised, irregular polygonal relief features with retroreflective elements covering a portion of the surface of the tape. The form of the relief features minimizes shadowing effects.
Brite-line Technologies, Inc.


Image pickup apparatus

An image pickup apparatus for photographing an image, includes: a photoelectric converter to convert incident light an electric charge and accumulate the electric charge, a transfer element to transfer the electric charge accumulated in the photoelectric converter, a converter to convert the electric charge in the photoelectric converter transferred via the transfer element into a voltage, a reset element to reset potentials of the converter, and an amplifier to amplify a voltage converted by the converter to generate a pixel signal and output the pixel signal to a read signal line for reading the pixel signal. A plurality of the photoelectric converter and the transfer element are disposed at least in a horizontal direction share the amplifier and the read signal line..
Sony Corporation


Solid-state imaging device, and imaging device

Provided is a solid-state imaging device in which a first substrate and a second substrate having circuit elements, which constitute pixels, arranged thereon are electrically connected to each other. Each pixel includes: a photoelectric conversion unit disposed on the first substrate that outputs a signal based on incident light; a sampling transistor disposed on the second substrate that includes a gate terminal, a source terminal, and a drain terminal, that samples and holds the signal input from the photoelectric conversion unit to a first terminal, and outputs the sampled and held signal from a second terminal; a capacitor disposed on the second substrate that stores the signal output from the second terminal; and a potential fixing circuit that fixes a potential of the first terminal to a potential based on a predetermined fixed potential during a readout period in which the signal stored in the capacitor is read out..
Olympus Corporation


Solid-state image pickup device, driving method thereof, and electronic apparatus

A photoelectric conversion element that generates charges according to a light quantity of incident light and accumulates the charges in the inside thereof, a transfer transistor (trg) that transfers the charges accumulated by the photoelectric conversion element, a first charge voltage conversion section that converts the charges transferred by the transfer transistor (trg) into a voltage, and a substrate electrode of a mos capacitor (a region of a second charge voltage conversion section facing a gate electrode) that connects the first charge voltage conversion section via a connection transistor (fdg). The gate electrode of the mos capacitor is applied with a voltage that is different in a read period of the voltage signal converted by the first charge voltage conversion section and in a period other than the read period.
Sony Corporation


Methods and focus improvement in multiple liquid crystal cell lenses

A liquid crystal optical device is provided including at least two lc cells. A first lc cell layer has a predominant director orientation imparting a transversally non-uniform phase delay to a first polarization of an unpolarized incident light field passing therethrough while incident light of a second polarization orthogonal to the first light polarization passes therethrough undergoing transversally uniform phase delay.
Lensvecor Inc.


Speckle reducting device and projector

A speckle reducing device includes: a polarization splitter element with a polarization splitter portion that splits incident light into first and second light containing a first and a second component respectively, which outputs the first and the second light along different directions; a first reflecting member that reflects the first light to reenter the polarization splitter element; a first conversion member disposed between the first reflecting member and the polarization splitter element, which converts the first light to third light containing the second component; a second reflecting member that reflects the third light to reenter the polarization splitter element; and a second conversion member disposed between the second reflecting member and the polarization splitter element, which converts the third light to fourth light containing the first component, wherein: the polarization splitter element outputs the second and the fourth light along one direction.. .
Nikon Corporation


Anti-glare cover for display screen

An anti-glare cover for a display screen viewable by a user is disclosed herein. The anti-glare cover has a substantially transparent film with a substantially flat first surface and a second surface having multiple indentations with a first angled surface and a second angled surface.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Solar panel assembly with a lighting pattern

A solar panel assembly with a lighting pattern includes a solar panel and an energy storage device. An electroluminescence layer is disposed on a light receiving face of the solar panel.


Lighting module and lighting apparatus having the same

Disclosed is a lighting module including a bottom part including a bottom cover having a transmission hole, a top cover provided on the bottom cover and having a protrusion hole, a reflective cover disposed between the bottom cover and the top cover, and having a parabolic surface to reflect incident light to the transmission hole, a heat radiation plate having a heat radiation protrusion protruding through the protrusion hole of the top cover and provided on the top cover and a light source part provided on one surface of the heat radiation protrusion to emit light into the reflective cover.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a projection lens and a first light source. Light emitted from the first light source is irradiated forward through the projection lens.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Image display apparatus and image display method

An image display apparatus according to an embodiment of the present technology includes a light source section, one or more reflection type light modulators, an optical system, and a light shielding plate. The light source section includes at least one or more laser light sources.
Sony Corporation


Image sensor and driving image sensor, and image capturing apparatus using the same

According to one example embodiment, an image sensor is configured to operate in a plurality of operation modes. The image sensor includes a pixel array including unit pixels configured to generate an analog image signal from incident light, a readout circuit configured to generate a digital image signal by converting the analog image signal, and a control module configured to generate control signals for controlling operations of the pixel array and the readout circuit according to an operation mode of the image sensor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor image sensors having channel stop regions and methods of fabricating the same

A semiconductor device includes a light-receiving element which outputs electric charges in response to incident light, and a drive transistor which is gated by an output of the light-receiving element to generate a source-drain current in proportion to the incident light, wherein the drive transistor include a first gate electrode, a first channel region which is disposed under the first gate electrode, first source-drain regions which are disposed at respective ends of the first channel region and that have a first conductivity type, and a first channel stop region which is disposed on a side of the first channel region, and that separates the light-receiving element and the first channel region, the first channel stop region having a second conductivity type that is different from the first conductivity type.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


User interface apparatus and user interface method

A user interface apparatus and a method of improving user interface are provided. The user interface apparatus may detect a change in an incident light and may control a display to represent the detected change in the light to be overlaid on image content.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Optical components

Various optical components are disclosed herein, which have diffraction gratings formed by modulations of at least portions of their outer surfaces. The gratings exhibit gradually varying characteristics that vary over the surface portion so as to gradually vary the manner in which the incident light is diffracted at different points on the surface portion.


Projector optimized for modulator diffraction effects

An optical system that includes a micro-mirror array optical modulator that can selectively modulate an incident light beam having a defined narrow spectral bandwidth to encode data thereon based on commands to an on-state or an off-state of a micro-mirror. The micro-mirror array optical modulator can redirect light by diffraction and reflection to provide an output modulated light beam that exhibits a diffraction handedness dependent described by an arrangement of diffraction orders that depend in part on the narrow spectral bandwidth of light incident thereupon.
Imax Europe Sa


Double-lens structures and fabrication methods thereof

A double-lens structure and a method for fabricating the same are provided. The double-lens structure includes a first lens structure formed of a color filter layer having a first refractive index and a second lens structure formed of a micro-lens material layer having a second refractive index and disposed on the first lens structure.
Visera Technologies Company Limited


Linear mode computational sensing ladar

Laser light pulsed to illuminate and reflect from at least one object is received at a digital micro-mirror device including an array of mirrors each of which may be selectively controlled to be oriented to either reflect incident light onto a detector or not. The detector outputs a signal representative of an amount of light sensed.
Raytheon Company


Method for localized surface plasmon resonance sensing system

A method for a localized surface plasmon resonance (lspr) sensing system is disclosed. The lspr sensing system has an optical detection system and a test specimen with metal nanoparticles arranged in an anisotropic periodic manner that generates a phase signal of the lspr sensing system.
National Cheng Kung University


Solid-state image pickup device and camera module

According to an embodiment, a solid-state image pickup device is provided. The solid-state image pickup device includes a sensor substrate, microlenses, and a flattened layer.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Image sensors

Image sensors are provided. The image sensors can include a photodiode in a substrate configured to generate signal charges based on incident light, a charge storage unit positioned at a side of the photodiode configured to temporarily store the signal charges generated by the photodiode, and a shield metal on the charge storage unit and on the substrate..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Backside illumination image sensor and image-capturing device

A backside illumination image sensor that includes a semiconductor substrate with a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and a read circuit formed on a front surface side of the semiconductor substrate, and captures an image by outputting, via the read circuit, electrical signals generated as incident light having reached a back surface side of the semiconductor substrate is received at the photoelectric conversion elements includes: a light shielding film formed on a side where incident light enters the photoelectric conversion elements, with an opening formed therein in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element; and an on-chip lens formed at a position set apart from the light shielding film by a predetermined distance in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element. The light shielding film and an exit pupil plane of the image forming optical system achieve a conjugate relation to each other with regard to the on-chip lens..
Nikon Corporation


Solid-state image pickup element, image pickup apparatus, electronic apparatus, and production method

Provided is a solid-state image pickup element including: a sensor unit configured to generate an electrical signal in response to incident light; a color filter covering the sensor unit; and a lens configured to concentrate the incident light into the sensor unit via the color filter and formed by a laminated film made of a predetermined lens material. The lens is formed on the color filter without providing a planarization layer for removing a difference in level in the color filter..
Sony Corporation


Laser-diode bar lighting device

A lighting device (1) including at least one laser-diode bar with a plurality of emitters arranged adjacently to one another in a first direction and able to emit sub-beams during operation. The sub-beams having a lower beam divergence in a first direction that forms a slow-axis direction than in a second direction that forms a fast-axis direction and is perpendicular to the first direction.
Limo Patentverwaltung Gmbh & Co. Kg


Display device

[problem] to provide a display device capable of improving the transmittance of light at an opening that passes light while maintaining high reflectivity in a reflective layer. [resolution means] use a metal film and an reflection increasing film to configure a reflective layer provided in an element substrate to effectively utilize light of a light source.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Optical member and display device including the same

An optical member including a wavelength conversion layer to convert a wavelength of an incident light; an upper anti-reflective layer of at least two layers disposed on a first surface of the wavelength conversion layer; and a lower anti-reflective layer of at least two layers disposed under a second surface of the wavelength conversion layer opposite to the first surface. Further, wherein the at least two layers of the lower anti-reflective layer have different refractive indices..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Spectral ellipsometry measurement and data analysis device and related systems and methods

Spectral ellipsometry measurement systems are provided including a polarizer that rotates at a first angle and adjusts a polarizing direction of incident light of a measurement sample; a compensator that rotates at a second angle, different from the first angle, and adjusts a phase difference of the incident light; an analyzer that rotates at a third angle and adjusts a polarizing direction of light reflected on the measurement sample; a detector that detects a spectral image from the reflected light; a controller that controls one of the polarizer, the compensator, and the analyzer according to polarizer-compensator-analyzer (pca) angle sets including the first to third angles; and a processor that receives, from the detector, a first spectral image corresponding to a first pca angle set and a first wavelength and a second spectral image corresponding to a second pca angle set and a second wavelength, different from the first wavelength, and generates a polarizer-compensator-analyzer rotating (pcar) spectral matrix using the first and second spectral images.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Angle limiting reflector and optical dispersive device including the same

The invention relates to angle-limiting optical reflectors and optical dispersive devices such as optical spectrum analyzers using the same. The reflector has two reflective surfaces arranged in a two-dimensional corner reflector configuration for reflecting incident light back with a shift, and includes two prisms having a gap therebetween that is tilted to reflect unwanted light and transmit wanted light.
Jdsu Deutschland Gmbh


Electronic device and information processing method

The present disclosure discloses an electronic device and an information processing method. The electronic device comprises a light detection unit, including a photonic crystal layer configured to reflect and transmit light with a first wavelength in a first incident light according to a voltage applied to the photonic crystal layer; and a photosensitive layer arranged at a light transmission side of the photonic crystal layer and configured to detect a first parameter of a first transmission light transmitted through the photonic crystal layer when the light with the first wavelength is reflected by the photonic crystal layer, and detect a second parameter of a second transmission light transmitted through the photonic crystal layer when the light with the first wavelength is transmitted through the photonic crystal layer; and a processing unit configured to form a spectrum of the first waveform according to the first parameter and the second parameter..
Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.


Photonic optical sensor and use thereof

The system may include a photonic optical sensor including a photonic crystal and an incident light source arranged so as to project light onto the photonic optical sensor, and such that the photonic optical sensor returns a portion of the light projected onto the photonic optical sensor as returned light. The system may further include a detector positioned with respect to the photonic optical sensor so as to detect the returned light.
Idaho State University


Demodulation system for 3d-matrix multi-channel fiber optic sensing

A demodulation system for 3d-matrix multi-channel fiber optic sensing includes a wavelength swept optical source that generates an incident light, an optical frequency domain reflector and a balanced detector connected with the wavelength swept optical source through a fiber circulator. The optical frequency domain reflector includes a first optical path and a second optical path with a frequency shifter arranged on one or both of the optical paths.
Andol Technology Inc.


Methods for producing white appearing metal oxide films by positioning reflective particles prior to or during anodizing processes

The embodiments described herein relate to anodic films and methods for forming anodic films. The methods described can be used to form anodic films that have a white appearance.
Apple Inc.


Probe for non invasive optical monitoring

A probe for use in monitoring one or more parameters of a subject is provided. The probe comprises a monitoring assembly comprising at least one acoustic port for transmitting acoustic radiation into a region of interest in the subject, at least one light output port for transmitting incident light towards the region of interest, and at least one light input port for receiving light returned from the subject.
Or-nim Medical Ltd.


Ophthalmic surgical microscope with adaptive optics for optical wavefront compensation

An ophthalmic surgical microscope can include a first light source configured to project a first light beam at an observer's eye. The microscope can include a first wavefront sensor.
Novartis Ag


Identification recognition device and operating an identification recognition device

An identification recognition device includes a light emission module, a light sensing module, a pulse scanning unit, a fingerprint scanning unit and a controller. The light sensing module is used to generate first light currents and second light currents according to first reflecting light and second reflecting light.
Au Optronics Corp.


Light guide plate, light source device and display apparatus

Provided are a light guide plate which has a notch part formed at one edge part thereof and emits light made incident on the other edge part side from a light source through one surface thereof, such that it is possible to prevent the incident light from being irregularly reflected on the side face forming the notch part, and prevent an occurrence of stray light around the notch part, a light source device and a display apparatus. A side face forming the notch part has, on a light source side, an inclined face which is obliquely formed with respect to the incident light or a parallel face which is formed parallel to the incident light..
Sakai Display Products Corporation


Backlight unit

A backlight unit includes at least one light source configured to emit light and a light guide plate including a light incident surface and a light emitting emitting surface. The light from the light source is incident on the light incident surface and the incident light is emitted through the light emitting surface.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Infrared absorption spectroscopy

The present invention relates to an infrared absorption spectroscopy apparatus including an infrared transparent substrate comprising a first and second surface, an array of plasmonic nano-antennas arranged on the first surface of the infrared transparent substrate, a flow cell for holding a liquid to allow spectroscopy measurements in a liquid environment, the array of plasmonic nano-antennas being located inside the flow cell, an optical source providing an incident light probe signal incident on at least a part of the array of plasmonic nano-antennas via the second surface of the infrared transparent substrate, and an optical element to collect reflected light signal reflected by said part of the array of plasmonic nano-antennas.. .


Optical filter and optical measuring device employing the same

Provided are an optical filter and an optical measuring device employing the optical filter. The optical filter comprises at least one pixel.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Monochromator comprising vibration resistant moveable optical elements

A monochromator has at least one optical grating which is rotatable in relation to incident light of a source of light, a drive unit to rotate the optical grating by a connected drive rod around a longitudinal axis, and a control unit to control the drive unit and thereby the rotation of the optical grating. The drive unit further has a first damping element with at least one electrical conductive surface, and a second damping element which provides at least one magnetic field having a magnetic axis which penetrates the electrical conductive surface.
Tecan Trading Ag


Lighting arrangement

The present invention concerns a lighting system, which comprises: a laser light source for radiating light; a wavelength conversion element for receiving the radiated light from the light source and for re-emitting wavelength converted white light; and a reflector element for reflecting the light received from the wavelength conversion element. The reflector element comprises a reflective surface and a micro-patterned surface comprising an array of micro-focal elements.
Intel Corporation

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