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Incident Light patents

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Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device


Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device

Imaging device, defocus amount calculating method, and imaging optical system


Imaging device, defocus amount calculating method, and imaging optical system

Imaging device, defocus amount calculating method, and imaging optical system

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

Image sensor device and method for forming the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Incident Light-related patents
 Image capture device, image processing method, and program patent thumbnailImage capture device, image processing method, and program
According to the present invention, provided is an image capture device, an image processing method, and a non-transitory computer readable medium storing a program capable of detecting a direction of incidence of abnormal oblique incident light and reducing an effect of color mixture caused by the abnormal oblique incident light. An image capture device 10 includes an abnormal oblique-incident-light detection portion 34 and a correction portion 36.
Fujifilm Corporation

 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing  solid-state imaging device patent thumbnailSolid-state imaging device and manufacturing solid-state imaging device
A solid-state imaging device includes a semiconductor layer, an insulation film, an electrode, and a voltage application unit. In the semiconductor layer, photodiodes that photoelectrically convert incident light into an electric charge and accumulate the electric charge are disposed in a two-dimensional array.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Imaging device, defocus amount calculating method, and imaging optical system patent thumbnailImaging device, defocus amount calculating method, and imaging optical system
The camera main body 200 stores sensitivity ratio data indicating a sensitivity ratio of a pixel 51r in the position and an imaging pixel 51 which is adjacent to the pixel 51r and a sensitivity ratio of a pixel 51l in the position and a pixel 51 which is adjacent to the pixel 51l, for every information of the different incident light ray angles in the arbitrary position of a light receiving surface 50 in an x direction. The system control unit 11 obtains information of the incident light ray angle in two positions on the light receiving surface 50 corresponding to the set optical condition and corrects the level difference of the output signals of the pixels 51r and 51l using the sensitivity ratio data corresponding to the obtained incident light ray angle..
Fujifilm Corporation

 Image sensor device and  forming the same patent thumbnailImage sensor device and forming the same
Embodiments of the disclosure provide an image sensor device. The image sensor device includes a semiconductor substrate including a front surface, a back surface opposite to the front surface, a light-sensing region close to the front surface, and a trench adjacent to the light-sensing region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Electronic device and display control method thereof patent thumbnailElectronic device and display control method thereof
A display control method of an electronic device is provided. The display control method includes sensing, by the electronic device, a chromaticity and an illuminance of an incident light, calculating an optimal white of a display based on the chromaticity of the incident light, and correcting the calculated optimal white by using the illuminance of the incident light..
Inha-industry Partnership Institute

 Compound optical proxy for sensing and pointing of light sources patent thumbnailCompound optical proxy for sensing and pointing of light sources
The present invention relates to apparatus and methods to provide a closed loop pointing system for the purpose of redirecting light from a source onto a target. In one aspect the present invention relates to a method of redirecting incident light, comprising the steps of: using at least one light redirecting element to redirect the incident light; providing a plurality of optical proxies that are associated with the reflecting element in a manner such that at least two of the optical proxies distribute a portion of the incident light uniquely relative to each other, wherein optical information encoded in the light distributed by the optical proxies cumulatively correlates to the aim of the light redirecting element; observing the optical information distributed by the optical proxies; and using the optical information to controllably actuate the light redirecting element in a manner that aims the redirected light onto a target..
Solarreserve, Llc

 Illumination device and display device patent thumbnailIllumination device and display device
This backlight device (illumination device) is provided with (leds) light source; a light guide plate having a light-receiving face that opposes the leds and where light from the leds is incident, and a light-exiting surface where the incident light is emitted; and an optical sheet (optical member) arranged in opposition to the light-exiting surface of the light guide plate and imparting an optical effect to the light emitted from the light-exiting surface. Here, the optical sheet has, in at least one portion thereof, a chromaticity correction region for which x and y chromaticity coordinate values in a cie 1931 color space both decrease with distance from the leds..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Monolithic spectrometer arrangement patent thumbnailMonolithic spectrometer arrangement
The invention relates to a spectrometer arrangement comprising successively in the light propagation direction:—a converging optical unit (3), designed for focusing and orienting the incident light onto an entrance slit (4), and—an imaging system disposed downstream of the entrance slit (4) and having at least one dispersive element, designed for imaging a dispersion spectrum of the incident light beam (2) onto a spatially resolving detection device. According to the invention, in a spectrometer arrangement of this type—the entrance slit (4) is embodied in a reflective fashion, and—at least the converging optical unit (3), the entrance slit (4) and an imaging grating (5, 13) are combined in a module (1), wherein they—are integrated as components in a monolithic main body (6), or—are embodied as optically active forms or structures on a monolithic main body (6)..

 Image capture device, anomalous oblique incident light detection method, and recording medium patent thumbnailImage capture device, anomalous oblique incident light detection method, and recording medium
In an aspect of the invention, plural pixels constituting a color image pickup device include a first pair of rb pixels and a second pair of rb pixels both constituted by a red pixel r having a red color filter and a blue pixel b having a blue color filter in a horizontal direction a and vertical direction b, the red pixel and the blue pixel being adjacent to each other. A position of the red pixel r and a position of the blue pixel b are opposite to each other between the first pair of rb pixels and the second pair of rb pixels.
Fujifilm Corporation

 Semiconductor light emitting device patent thumbnailSemiconductor light emitting device
Disclosed is a semiconductor light emitting device. The semiconductor light emitting device comprises a first semiconductor layer, a second semiconductor layer, an active layer formed between the first semiconductor layer and the second semiconductor layer, a first reflective electrode on the first semiconductor layer to reflect incident light, and a second reflective electrode on the second semiconductor layer to reflect the incident light..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing solid-state imaging device

According to one embodiment, a solid-state imaging device is provided. The solid-state imaging device includes a photoelectric conversion element, a floating diffusion, and an amplifying transistor.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Versatile spin-polarized electron source

One or more embodiments relate generally to the field of photoelectron spin and, more specifically, to a method and system for creating a controllable spin-polarized electron source. One preferred embodiment of the invention generally comprises: method for creating a controllable spin-polarized electron source comprising the following steps: providing one or more materials, the one or more materials having at least one surface and a material layer adjacent to said surface, wherein said surface comprises highly spin-polarized surface electrons, wherein the direction and spin of the surface electrons are locked together; providing at least one incident light capable of stimulating photoemission of said surface electrons; wherein the photon polarization of said incident light is tunable; and inducing photoemission of the surface electron states..


Light adjusting apparatus

A light adjusting apparatus including a drive section provided with an axial magnet, a coil core member and a coil, a first substrate provided an opening and a first cut-out portion, a second substrate provided with an opening and a second cut-out portion, located at a predetermined distance from the first substrate, an incident light adjusting section to which the axial magnet is joined, and an axial magnet support member provided with a distance keeping portion that keeps a distance between the coil core member and the axial magnet to within a certain range and a dropout prevention portion that prevents dropout of the axial magnet from the first cut-out portion, the axial magnet support member being fixed to the coil core member, in which the incident light adjusting section is rotated by the drive section for adjusting the incident light.. .
Olympus Corporation


Light guide bar and backlight device with the same

A light guide bar for improving external characteristics by inducing light projection through side surfaces. The light guide bar comprises: a main body in the shape of a bar having a predetermined length; a light incident surface to which light is incident from one side end portion in the lengthwise direction of the main body; a reflection surface for reflecting the incident light from the light incident surface to the inside of the main body; a projection surface for projecting the incident light from the light incident surface to the outside of the main body; and a light extraction pattern formed on the projection surface.
Heesung Electronics Ltd.


Hybrid optical devices, and applications using same including optical cloaking system

A hybrid optical device for compressing light, including a first part which receives incident light shining on the device, wherein the first part is formed into sections along at least one direction thereof, wherein the sections receive respective portions of the light received by the first part, and individually compress and redirect the received portions of light, a second part which includes plural reflective surfaces which receive the compressed light from the sections of the first portion and further compress and redirect the portions of light, and a third part which receives the further compressed portions of light from the sections of the second part, and redirects same such that the light is output from the device.. .


Infrared thermometer and measuring temperature of energy zone

An infrared thermometer measures a temperature of an energy zone. The infrared thermometer comprises a beam splitter for splitting an incident light beam from an energy zone into an infrared light beam and a visible light beam; an infrared detector for detecting the infrared light beam and generating a signal indicative of a temperature of the energy zone according to the detected infrared light beam; and a sighting device having an optical module for generating a reflective reticle image and transmitting the visible light beam to generate a target image at a sight window, wherein the sighting device is configured to superimpose the reflective reticle image over the target image at the sight window to align the infrared detector with the energy zone.
Danaher (shanghai) Industrial Instrumentation Technologies R&d Co., Ltd.


Laser light source

The present invention relates to a laser light source capable of suppressing variation in propagation state of randomly-polarized laser light. In the laser light source, an isolator including a faraday rotation crystal having a positive thermooptic constant, and a nonlinear optical crystal having a negative thermooptic constant are arranged in order along a traveling direction of laser light.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Solid-state image pickup unit and electronic apparatus

There is configured a solid-state image pickup unit including a photoelectric conversion section formed on a light incident side of a substrate; a first charge accumulation section accumulating a signal charge generated by the photoelectric conversion section; a second charge accumulation section formed in a region other than a light-condensing region where incident light is condensed in the substrate on a side opposite to a light incident side and formed to be laminated together with the first charge accumulation section in a depth direction of the substrate; and a floating diffusion section formed in a region other than the light-condensing region in the substrate on the side opposite to the light incident side and converting the signal charge into a voltage.. .
Sony Corporation


Image display device and display device

There is provided an image display device including (a) an image forming device, (b) an optical device configured to receive incident light output from the image forming device and output the incident light, and (c) a light receiving device configured to detect the light output from the image forming device.. .
Sony Corporation


Optical element and optical device

Provided are an optical element and an optical device using the optical element to which a manufacturing process for manufacturing a wire-grid structure can be basically applied, and besides, in which a higher polarization contrast ratio than that of a wire-grid element can be obtained. A wobbled wire element in an embodiment has a feature that a periodic structure having a period equal to or larger than a wavelength of an incident light wave is formed in a y direction.


Ultrasonic/photoacoustic imaging devices and methods

Devices are disclosed for obtaining data of a sample, particularly data capable of being processed to produce an image of a region of the sample. An exemplary device includes a light-beam source, an acoustic-wave source, an optical element, and an acoustic detector.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona


System for positioning a reflective surface in relation to the sun, using a solar sensor and the reflected light

The procedure allows a reflective surface (r) mounted on a mechanical system having two rotation axes to be positioned in relation to the sun (s): azimuth-elevation; using a solar sensor (1) disposed in front of the reflective surface, facing it, in a fixed orientation. The solar sensor measures the angles (2) formed by the projections of the vector of the incident light in relation to two orthogonal planes (4).


System for light source location detection

Aspects of the present invention relate to systems, methods, and computer program products for tracking an orientation of a first object. The system includes a light emitting device located relative to a second object at a fixed predetermined position; a sensor having a photodetector array that is configured to receive incident light emitted from the light emitting device, the photodetector array being mounted on the first object; and a processor coupled to the photodetector array, the processor configured to determine the orientation of the first object relative to the second object based on an angle of incident light detected by the photodetector array from the light emitting device..
Thales Visionix, Inc.


White-balance color temperature measuring device for image pick-up device

A white-balance color temperature measuring device for image pick-up device includes a white or gray light transmitting sheet and a color temperature sensing element and installed in a camera body of a camera, camera phone, video camera or any other image pick-up device such that when focusing or pressing the shutter, incident light is changed by white or gray light transmitting sheet into a neutral light that falls upon the color temperature sensing element, causing the color temperature sensing element to induce a spot color temperature signal and to provide the signal to a cpu for processing, and thus, the color of the captured photos or images can be close to the natural colors of the shooting scene.. .


Photo detector and methods of manufacturing and operating same

A photo detector comprising a first doped impurity region (adapted to receive a first voltage) disposed in or on a substrate; a body region, juxtaposed the first doped impurity region; a gate (adapted to receive a second voltage) spaced from a first portion of the body region; a light absorbing region, juxtaposed a second portion of the body region, includes a material which, in response to light incident thereon, generates carrier pairs including a first and second type carriers; a contact region (adapted to receive a third voltage) juxtaposed the light absorbing region; wherein, in response to incident light, the gate attracts first type carriers of the carrier pairs to the first portion of the body region which causes second carriers from the first doped impurity region to flow to the contact region, and the contact region attracts second type carriers.. .
Actlight S.a.


Spectral light splitting module and photovoltaic system including concentrator optics

A light splitting optical module that converts incident light into electrical energy, the module including a solid optical element comprising an input end for receiving light, a first side, and a second side spaced from the first side, a first solar cell adjacent to the first side of the solid optical element, and a second solar cell adjacent to the second side of the solid optical element. The first solar cell is positioned to absorb a first subset of incident light and reflect a first remainder of the incident light to the second solar cell through the solid optical element..
California Institute Of Technology


Image sensor and image processing device

Provided are an image sensor and an image processing device. The image sensor includes a semiconductor layer, an organic photoelectric conversion portion disposed on an upper surface of the semiconductor layer and converts a color component of incident light into a corresponding electrical signal, a transistor layer disposed on a lower surface of the semiconductor layer and including a pixel circuit that receives the electrical signal, and penetration wiring that laterally penetrates a side surface of the semiconductor layer between the upper and lower surfaces and that electrically connects the organic photoelectric conversion portion with the pixel circuit to communicate the electrical signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Photoelectric conversion device, image pickup system and manufacturing photoelectric conversion device

A photoelectric conversion device includes a first semiconductor substrate including a photoelectric conversion unit for generating a signal charge in accordance with an incident light, and a second semiconductor substrate including a signal processing unit for processing an electrical signal on the basis of the signal charge generated in the photoelectric conversion unit. The signal processing unit is situated in an orthogonal projection area from the photoelectric conversion unit to the second semiconductor substrate.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Reflector, projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method

A reflective mirror is provided with a base and a multilayer film including first layers and second layers laminated alternately on the base and capable of reflecting at least a portion of the incident light. The multilayer film is provided with a first portion having a first thickness, and with a second portion which has a second thickness different from the first thickness and which is provided at a position rotationally symmetric to that of the first portion about the optical axis of the reflective mirror relative..
Nikon Corporation


Illuminating optical device, projector and controlling an illuminating optical device

Provided is an illuminating optical device that can reduce lowering of luminance in a display mode for enhancing color reproducibility. A multiple number of light source units (11, 19, 20) each emit a different color of light.
Nec Display Solutions, Ltd.


Light switching module

Disclosed is a light switching module comprising a polarizing element for transforming incident light to polarized light; a liquid crystal cell disposed on the polarizing element; and a scattering element with a substrate and a birefringence layer disposed on the liquid crystal cell; wherein the light switching module appears transparent state or scattering state after the incident light transmitting the light switching module.. .
Benq Materials Corporation


Display device

According to one embodiment, a display device includes a first substrate including a first insulating substrate, a second substrate including a second insulating substrate, a light modulation layer, a first electrode of a strip shape extending in a first direction, a plurality of conductive wiring lines extending in a second direction crossing the first direction, configured to selectively transmit a desired polarized light component of incident light, a second electrode configured to optically change the light modulation layer in cooperation with the first electrode, and a detection circuit configured to detect a change in capacitance between the first electrode and the conductive wiring lines.. .
Japan Display, Inc.


Display panel, display device, and manufacturing display panel

The present invention provides a display panel that exhibits increased light use efficiency and decreased occurrence of display anomalies. The display panel includes substrates; a light modulating layer that contains shape-anisotropic members that rotate according to the direction of an electric field and that controls the transmittance of incident light by changing the area projected onto the substrates by the shape-anisotropic members; and supporting members that support the shape-anisotropic members and are rotatably connected thereto..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Light switching module

Disclosed is a light switching module comprising a first refractive element, a second refractive element and a shifting means. The first refractive element and the second refractive element comprise substrates with plurality of micro-lenses structures, patterned retardation microstructure layers disposed on the plurality of micro-lenses structures and birefringent layers on the patterned retardation microstructure layers; therefore the birefringent layers have different optical axis regions.
Benq Materials Corporation


Methods and devices for controlling the size of light beams of large dimensions

Methods and devices for reducing the dimensions of an incident light beam of large dimensions are disclosed. The method includes the dispatching of a first light beam toward a partially reflecting plate of dimensions suitable for the dimensions of the light beam of large dimensions, the dispatching onto a convergent reflective element of a second light beam arising from the transmission through the partially reflecting plate of the first light beam, the dispatching of a third light beam arising from the reflection on the convergent reflective element of the second light beam, toward said partially reflecting plate, and the reflection of the third beam on the partially reflecting plate so as to form a fourth light beam..
Imagine Optic


Method to optimize a light coupling waveguide

The present invention concerns a method for constructing a light coupling system wherein a grating is manufactured on the surface of a multimode waveguide and defines the entrance of the waveguide for an incident light beam, said grating comprising a repetition of patterns. The grating is defined by a set of parameters comprising: •grating period (p), separating two adjacent patterns, •grating depth (d) between the highest and the lowest point of the pattern, •incident angle mean value (θ) of the incident light with respect to the waveguide.
Csem Centre Suisee D'electronique Et De Microtechnique Sa - Recherche Et Development


Optical member, illumination device, and display device

An optical sheet includes: a sheet-like base material having transparent characteristics; an anisotropic light focusing part that is formed over a light-receiving surface of the base material and that has light focusing anisotropy whereby a light focusing effect is exerted on incident light in a light focusing direction along the light-receiving surface but not in a non-light focusing direction along the light-receiving surface, the non-light focusing direction being perpendicular to the light focusing direction; and an anisotropic light diffusing part that is formed over a light exiting surface of the base material and that diffuses and emits light from the anisotropic light focusing part. The anisotropic light diffusing part is provided with anisotropic light diffusing particles that have an elongated shape and that are disposed such that a long-axis direction thereof is in the non-light focusing direction and a short-axis direction thereof is in the light focusing direction, thereby having light diffusion anisotropy such that the intensity of diffused light is relatively large in the light focusing direction and the intensity of diffused light in the non-light focusing direction is relatively small..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Spread illuminating apparatus

A spread illuminating apparatus includes a light source that emits white light, and a light guide plate including an incident light surface which is an end surface at which the light source is disposed and an emitting part that emits light which has entered from the incident light surface in a spread pattern from an emitting surface. The light guide plate includes an incident light wedge part between the incident light surface and the emitting part, the incident light wedge part including an inclined surface and tapering in thickness from the incident light surface side toward a forward direction.
Minebea Co., Ltd.


Controllable planar optical focusing system

An optical device has a first metasurface disposed over a substrate. A high-contrast pattern of the first metasurface is operable for modifying, over a first phase profile, a phase front of an incident light beam.
California Institute Of Technology


Optical wave guide having multiple independent optical path and optical gas sensor using that

The present invention relates to optical wave guide having multiple independent optical path and optical gas sensor using that, having an effect of improving optical efficiency by elongating optical path and condensing incident light without a separate artificial structure, by using first focus points of multiple 3 dimensional elliptical mirrors as a common focus point and equipping a light source at a first focus point and optical sensor parts at each second focus points in an optical structure using multiple 3 dimensional elliptical mirrors, and by placing so that virtual lines of first elliptical mirror and second elliptical mirror form a constant angle for improving optical efficiency in a structure equipping a light source at a second focus point of any one of elliptical mirror of multiple 3 dimensional elliptical mirrors and optical sensor parts at each second focus points of another 3 dimensional elliptical mirror.. .
Korea National University Of Transportation Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Controlled photomechanical and photothermal tissue treatment in the picosecond regime

Systems and methods for treating tissue by directing light pulses using bubbles generating in tissue using previously transmitted light pulses are disclosed. Systems and methods for treating tissue using a lens array comprising a pitch or separation distance sized to overlap sonoporation induced shockwaves are also disclosed.
Cynosure, Inc.


Imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus includes a pentaprism that guides incident light to an eyepiece optical system and a plurality of outer covering members. Among the photographing light flux incident from a photographing optical system, light reflected by a rotary mirror 52m is further reflected by the reflection surface of the pentaprism to thereby reach an ocular lens.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Solid state imaging device, manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus

A solid state imaging device having a light sensing section that performs photoelectric conversion of incident light includes: an insulating layer formed on a light receiving surface of the light sensing section; a layer having negative electric charges formed on the insulating layer; and a hole accumulation layer formed on the light receiving surface of the light sensing section.. .
Sony Corporation


Thin film transistor, fabricating the same, array substrate and display device

A thin film transistor (tft), a method for fabricating the same, an array substrate and a display device are provided. The tft includes a source electrode and a drain electrode, a semiconductor active layer, a gate insulating layer and a gate electrode.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd


Anti-copy optical materials and methods

An anti-copy optical material and methods of using the material to passively frustrate scanner-based reproduction processes are disclosed. More particularly, embodiments of the anti-copy optical material include a fluorescent material to absorb visible incident light from a scan lamp and to emit a visible fluorescence.
3dtl, Inc.


Surface light source device and display apparatus using same

A surface light source device includes a light source, a plurality of light guide rods that are disposed in parallel and allow light emitted from the light source to enter through an end surface and emits the incident light through an outer peripheral surface, and a diffusion plate that transmits light emitted from the light guide rod while diffusing the light. The light guide rod includes a light control part disposed on a surface along an axis of the light guide rod, and scattering, reflecting, or emitting light guided inside the light guide rod.
Enplas Corporation


Photonic apparatus with periodic structures

An optical apparatus including a substrate and a refractive element formed above the substrate. The refractive element including a surface with a predetermined radius of curvature, and a group of periodic structures formed on the surface configured to refract or to filter one or more wavelengths of an incident light..
Forelux Inc.


Optical measuring isolated features of a structure

An optical method and system are presented for use in measurement of isolated features of a structure. According to this technique, back focal plane microscopy (bfm) measurements are applied to a structure and measured data indicative thereof is obtained, wherein the bfm measurements utilize dark-field detection mode while applying pinhole masking to incident light propagating through an illumination channel towards the structure, the measured data being thereby indicative of a scattering matrix characterizing scattering properties of the structure, enabling identification of one or more isolated features of the structure..
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.


Electric field enhancement element, raman spectroscopic method, raman spectroscopic device, and electronic apparatus

An electric field enhancement element includes a metal fine structure layer configured including a metal fine structure smaller in size than a wavelength of incident light, a mirror layer adapted to reflect light having passed through the metal fine structure layer, a magnetooptic material layer disposed between the metal fine structure layer and the mirror layer, and adapted to cause at least one of a faraday effect and a cotton-mouton effect, and a magnetic field generation device adapted to apply a magnetic field to the magnetooptic material layer.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Photovoltaic system with stacked spectrum splitting optics and photovoltaic array tuned to the resulting spectral slices produced by the spectrum splitting optics

The present invention provides photovoltaic devices that comprise multiple bandgap cell arrays in combination with spectrum splitting optics. The spectrum splitting optics include one or more optical spectrum splitting modules that include two or more optical splitting, diffractive elements that are optically in series to successively and diffractively split incident light into segments or slices that are independently directed onto different photovoltaic cell(s) of the array having appropriate bandgap characteristics..
California Institute Of Technology


System and trapping light in a solar cell

This application relates to systems and methods for improving solar cell efficiently by enabling more light to be captured by the absorber layer. The reflector layer in a solar cell may be designed to reflect light back into the absorber layer that has already passed through the absorber layer.
Tel Solar Ag


Solar cell module

A solar cell module is discussed, which includes a plurality of strings each including a plurality of solar cells, which are connected in series to one another through an interconnector, a front transparent substrate disposed on front surfaces of the plurality of strings, a first encapsulant disposed between the front transparent substrate and the front surfaces of the plurality of strings, a first reflector disposed in a first space between the plurality of solar cells included in each string, which are separated from one another in a first direction corresponding to a longitudinal direction of each string, and a second reflector disposed in a second space between the plurality of strings, which are separated from one another in a second direction crossing the first direction. The first and second reflectors reflect incident light..
Lg Electronics Inc.


White balance device for video screen

A white balance device includes a white or gray light transmitting sheet and a color temperature sensing element for use in an electronic apparatus. The white or gray light transmitting sheet converts incident light into a neutral light, causing the color temperature sensing element to induce a spot color temperature signal, enabling the cpu of the electronic apparatus to obtain an accurate white balance (color temperature) value through a white balance calculation process and to further adjust the color temperature of the display device of the electronic apparatus..


Optical touch device with pixilated light-turning features

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for a touch screens configured to determine a position of a touch event by selectively redirecting light to correlated locations on a light sensor. In one aspect, the touch screen apparatus can include a light guide forming a touch interface, a light source for injecting light into the light guide, a light sensor for detecting the injected light, and a pixilated light-turning layer.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.


Optical touch screen

The present invention provides an optical touch screen including a transparent panel, a camera module and at least one retro-reflector. The transparent panel includes a bottom surface and a touch surface opposite to each other, a corner and sides.
Quanta Computer Inc.


Device and detecting scattered light signals

A device and a method for detecting scattered light signals is specified. A light source exposes a scattered light area in which particles may be present to light.
Amrona Ag


Sun visor for automobile

A sun visor for a vehicle configured to be engaged with a support section provided in a compartment of the vehicle has a sun visor main body that shields light, a supplementary body slidably attached to the sun visor main body and slidable from a first position where the supplementary body overlaps the sun visor main body to a second position where the supplementary body is drawn out of the sun visor main body to shield the light in a wider area, projections standing on peripheries of the through-holes, and a plurality of through-holes penetrating the supplementary body so as to have incident light partly pass through the through-holes.. .
Kasai Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Image sensor with threshold-based output encoding

In a pixel array within an integrated-circuit image sensor, each of a plurality of pixels is evaluated to determine whether charge integrated within the pixel in response to incident light exceeds a first threshold. N-bit digital samples corresponding to the charge integrated within at least a subset of the plurality of pixels are generated, and then applied to a lookup table to retrieve respective m-bit digital values (m being less than n), wherein a stepwise range of charge integration levels represented by possible states of the m-bit digital values extends upward from a starting charge integration level that is determined based on the first threshold..
Rambus Inc.


Photo detector

A photo detector is disclosed. The photo detector comprises a substrate, a flat metal layer, a dielectric layer, a patterned metal layer, and a semiconductor film.
National Taiwan University


Light adjusting apparatus

A light adjusting apparatus including first and second substrates that include openings and are disposed parallel to each other at a predetermined distance, a rotating shaft member rotatably attached to the first and second substrates, a drive section that rotates the rotating shaft member, an incident light adjusting section that has a light adjusting function and is joined to the rotating shaft member so as to rotate integrally therewith, and a ring-shaped protruding portion for increasing a junction area of a joint portion between the rotating shaft member and the incident light adjusting section, in which the incident light adjusting section is rotated by the drive section via the rotating shaft member to be displaced to an inserted position located in the optical path of the incident light that passes through the openings or a retracted position to thereby adjust the incident light.. .
Olympus Corporation


Light integration module and optical system employing same

An optical system comprises a light source and a light integration module, which comprises a light integration rod, an optical assembly and an anti-reflection coating. The light integration rod has an entrance, which is covered by the optical assembly.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Optical pattern sheet, backlight unit, and liquid crystal display having the same

A backlight unit including an optical pattern sheet and a liquid crystal display are provided. The backlight unit includes a light guide plate, a light source portion arranged adjacent to a side surface of the light guide plate to emit light, a mold frame having an extension portion that covers an upper portion of the light source portion and a part of an upper portion of the light guide plate, and an optical pattern sheet arranged on a lower portion of the extension portion to shade or diffuse incident light, wherein the optical pattern sheet includes a base film and an optical pattern portion positioned on the base film..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd


Image sensors and image capturing apparatus including the same

Provided are an image sensor and an image capturing apparatus including the image sensor. The image sensor includes a pixel array including: multiple sensing pixels outputting image signals respectively corresponding to intensities of incident light; and at least one pair of focusing pixels that are adjacent each other, and each outputting a phase difference of the incident light as a focusing signal; wherein each focusing pixel includes: a semiconductor layer including a photodetecting device accumulating electric charges generated according to absorbed light from among the incident light; a wiring layer formed on a first surface of the semiconductor layer and including wirings; a planarization layer having a first surface on a second surface of the semiconductor layer; a shielding layer formed in the planarization layer to block some of the incident light to be incident to the photodetecting device; and a color filter layer and a micro lens layer..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing solid-state imaging device

A light receiving layer is formed with an array of photodiodes for accumulating signal charge produced by photoelectric conversion of incident light. A wiring layer provided with electrodes and wiring for controlling the photodiodes is formed behind the light receiving layer in a traveling direction of the incident light.
Fujifilm Corporation


Vision sensor chip with open-loop amplifier, operating method, and data processing system including same

A vision sensor chip includes a photoelectric conversion element that generates a current based on an incident light, a current-voltage (i-v) converter that converts the current into a voltage, an ac coupling capacitor directly connected to the i-v converter, an open-loop amplifier that includes a reset switch and amplifies a voltage provided by the i-v converter via the ac coupling capacitor. An event detection block detects motion according to a change in the amplified output voltage and generates first and second detection signals.


Decorative element and security document comprising a decorative element

A decorative element (2), in particular in the form of a transfer film, a laminating film or a security thread, as well as a security document with a decorative element and a method for producing same is described. The decorative element (2) has a microstructure (4) which generates an optical effect in incident light and/or with light passing through.
Ovd Kinegram Ag


Lighting device and projection type video display apparatus

A lighting device includes plural light sources, an optical coupling device including plural reflection members each having a reflection surface, the optical coupling device reflecting plural light beams emitted in plural directions from the plural light sources at the reflection surfaces of plural reflection members and coupling the plural light beams to generate a coupled light beam in an identical direction, and a homogenization device that homogenizes the coupled light beam from the optical coupling device. In at least one of the plural reflection members, a cutout portion is formed to transmit an incident light beam on the reflection surface of the other reflection member such that the incident light beam is not blocked by a part of a region of the at least one reflection member on the way to the reflection surface of the other reflection member..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Fresnel zone plate

A fresnel zone plate is provided for encountering incident light having a wavelength. The fresnel zone plate has a focal length and a wafer including alternating transparent and opaque zones, and a mounting surface.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Miniature gas sensor

A gas sensor (20) comprising a substrate (231); an objective (211) situated on the substrate (231), adapted to collect a light beam (212, 213) emitted by a light source (210); an eyepiece (250) situated on the substrate (231), adapted to collect an incident light beam to focus it on a detector (251); return reflective surfaces (281, 282), situated facing said substrate; and at least one field lens (221), arranged on an intermediate reflective surface (222) formed on the substrate (231), and adapted to deviate the rays (213) of the light beam emitted by the light source, to bring them closer to the optical axis of the eyepiece (250).. .
Commissariat à L'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies


Two axis interferometer tracking device and method

An interferometric tracking device includes image dividers arranged to form an optical cascade, with one of the image dividers being an incident image divider for the optical cascade and one or more of the image dividers being one or more exit image dividers for the optical cascade, each of the image dividers splits incident light into a plurality of non-parallel orthogonally polarized beams, the beams from the incident image divider cascading through the other image dividers in the cascade. One of a plurality of shearing interferometers is optically coupled between optically adjacent image dividers in the cascade.
Optical Physics Company


Liquid crystal lens imaging apparatus and liquid crystal lens imaging method

Liquid crystal lens imaging apparatus and method are provided. The apparatus includes: juxtaposed at least two lens groups, a rubbing direction of alignment layer of a lc lens in one lens group being perpendicular to a rubbing direction of alignment layer of a lc lens in neighboring another lens group; an image capture unit for forming first and second image signals according to light signals passing through the lens groups at a first moment and forming third and fourth image signals according to light signals passing through the lens groups at a second moment; an image processor for processing the image signals to obtain a final formed image signal; and a driving circuit for controlling the lc lenses to be non-lens state and lens state respectively at the first and second moments.
Shenzhen Mercury Optoelectronics Research Institute


Illumination device and image reading device

An illumination device includes a light source and a columnar light guide including: an incident surface provided at least one longitudinal end of the light guide and allowing light emitted from the light source to enter the light guide therethrough; a diffusing surface which forms one side surface of the light guide extending along an optical axis of the incident light entering the light guide through the incident surface and has a row of light diffusion patterns provided to diffuse the incident light; and an exit surface located opposite to the diffusing surface, extending along the optical axis, and allowing light diffused by the diffusing surface to exit the light guide therethrough. The light diffusion patterns have a prismatic shape rising toward the exit surface and are provided on the diffusing surface from d1/2×8 or greater distance from the incident surface where d represents the diameter of the light guide..
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Analog-to-digital converter, image sensor including the same and operating image sensor

An image sensor includes a pixel array, a plurality of comparators, a plurality of counters and a plurality of synchronization circuits. The pixel array includes a plurality of pixels configured to generate analog signals by sensing incident light.


Display substrate and preparing method thereof

The present invention relates to the technical field of display, and provides a display substrate and a preparing method thereof which can solve the problem of lower light-emitting efficiency of the display substrate in the prior art. The display substrate of the present invention comprises a plurality of display units of at least two different colors.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Organic light emitting display device

An oled device according to one example includes a substrate defined into a plurality of sub-pixel regions which includes red, green and blue sub-pixel regions; a first electrode formed on the substrate; an organic emission layer formed on the first electrode; a second electrode formed on the organic emission layer; and a capping layer formed on the second electrode. The capping layer is formed to contain an optical adjustment material which rises in proportion to a wavelength of incident light..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Unit pixel of stacked image sensor and stacked image sensor including the same

A unit pixel of a stacked image sensor includes a stacked photoelectric conversion unit, a first and second signal generating units. The stacked photoelectric conversion unit includes first, second and third photoelectric conversion elements that are stacked on each other.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Thin film type back light unit for flat panel display

Disclosed is a flat panel display device having a display panel and a back light unit in which the back light unit may, for example, include a bas film having a width and a length and including a high refractive film and a low refractive film on the high refractive film; a first incident pattern at a one side of a first surface of the base film; a reflective pattern on the first surface of the base film at an opposite side spaced apart from the one side with a distance substantially corresponding to the length of the first surface of the base film and substantially covering the width of the first surface of the base film; a light radiating pattern on a second surface of the base film; and a light source spaced apart from the first incident pattern with a first focal length and providing an incident light to the first incident pattern.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Grid polarizing element and emitting polarized uv light

A non-reflection type grid polarizing element can stably provide a desired polarizing effect even when the grid polarizing element is used under conditions such as in an oxidizing environment (e.g., when the polarizing element is used to polarize the ultraviolet light). The grid polarizing element is easy to fabricate.
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha


Optical film, manufacturing the same, and electronic device including the same

An optical film includes a transparent member including a surface to which light is incident, the surface including a plurality of bumps which is configured to diffusely reflect an incident light, and an adhesion member on a local region of the surface of the transparent member, where the adhesion member fills spaces between the bumps in the local region.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Spectrometry system, spectroscopic module, and positional deviation detection method

A spectrometry system includes an imaging apparatus that includes an imaging element which captures an image, and a spectroscopic module that includes a wavelength variable interference filter and an attachment unit which holds the wavelength variable interference filter, is provided to be attachable to and detachable from the imaging apparatus, and can dispose the wavelength variable interference filter on an optical path of incident light to the imaging element during attachment to the imaging apparatus.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Optical module, electronic apparatus, and driving optical module

An optical module includes a wavelength variable interference filter that selects light of a predetermined wavelength from incident light, and can change the wavelength of emitted light; a global shutter imaging element that accumulates electric charges while being exposed to the emitted light, and outputs a detection signal in response to the accumulated electric charges; an imaging element controller for setting a photodetection period during which the electric charges are accumulated in the imaging element, and a standby period during which the electric charges accumulated in the imaging elements are reset; and a spectroscopic controller for controlling the wavelength change driving of the emitted light. The imaging element controller sets the duration of the standby period to a minimum drive time for changing the wavelength or greater.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Surface light source device having specific structure; lighting device and backlight device containing the same

A surface light source device is provided that has high light extraction efficiency and high mechanical strength and can suppress a change in color tone at different viewing angles. To that end, the surface light source device includes: an organic el element including a luminescent layer; and a light-emitting surface structure layer that is disposed in contact with one of the surfaces of the organic el element and defines a concave-convex structure on the surface on the device light-emitting surface side.
Zeon Corporation


Optical sensor

An optical sensor includes a light receiving portion, a definition portion, and a selection portion. The definition portion defines an incident angle of an incident light that enters the light receiving portion.
Denso Corporation

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