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Pixel interpolation apparatus, imaging apparatus, pixel interpolation processing method, integrated circuit, and…


Pixel interpolation apparatus, imaging apparatus, pixel interpolation processing method, integrated circuit, and…

Modifying appearance of lines on a display system

Samsung Display

Modifying appearance of lines on a display system

Modifying appearance of lines on a display system

Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

Dual-side display, device for controlling the dual-side display and method for manufacturing the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inanc-related patents
 System and  managing lighting systems patent thumbnailSystem and managing lighting systems
This invention discloses a method and system for managing artificial lighting sources to provide acceptable quality of lighting while reducing cost of operation of the artificial lighting sources. In one aspect of the invention, at least one color characteristic of the artificial light source is adjusted based on an illuminance of a natural light source and the at least one color characteristic of the artificial light source..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Pixel interpolation apparatus, imaging apparatus, pixel interpolation processing method, integrated circuit, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium patent thumbnailPixel interpolation apparatus, imaging apparatus, pixel interpolation processing method, integrated circuit, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
A pixel interpolation apparatus, an imaging apparatus, a program, and an integrated circuit allow appropriate pixel interpolation processing on an image signal obtained by a single-chip image sensor having a wrgb color filter array. An imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit, a signal processing unit, and a pixel interpolation processing unit.
Megachips Corporation

 Modifying appearance of lines on a display system patent thumbnailModifying appearance of lines on a display system
A computer-implemented method of modifying image data is presented. The method entails detecting a triggering pattern based on colors and saturation values of a group of pixels, wherein at least one of the pixels includes a plurality of subpixels, and wherein the triggering pattern includes at least a portion of one of a diagonal line and a vertical line.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Dual-side display, device for controlling the dual-side display and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailDual-side display, device for controlling the dual-side display and manufacturing the same
A dual-side display including an oled substrate, a package substrate located at opposite side of the oled substrate and frit seal sandwiched between the oled substrate and the package substrate, wherein, the package substrate is an electrophoresis membrane, the part of the electrophoresis membrane that does not cover the oled substrate is configured to display at one surface of the dual-side display, the oled substrate is configured to display at another surface opposite to the one surface of the dual-side display. According to the dual-side display of the application, the dual-side display can effectively increase the light emitting area of the oled, as well as the aperture ration and the display luminance of the oled display panel, and achieves dual-side display to satisfy different requirements.
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

 Multi-primary color display device patent thumbnailMulti-primary color display device
A multi-primary color display device (100) includes: a multi-primary color display panel (10) including a pixel that is defined by a plurality of sub pixels including a red sub pixel (r), a green sub pixel (g), a blue sub pixel (b), and a yellow sub pixel (ye); and a signal converting circuit (20) converting a three-primary color image signal corresponding to three primary colors into a multi-primary color image signal corresponding to four or more primary colors. The signal converting circuit (20), in a case where a three-primary color image signal representing at least an achromatic color of a half tone is input, performs a signal conversion such that variations in luminance levels of the plurality of sub pixels are equalized..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Liquid crystal display device and  driving same patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display device and driving same
In a first drive frame, overshoot drive is performed using correction values provided by an lut to apply overshoot voltages whose absolute values are higher than absolute values of signal voltages to data signal lines. Subsequently, in a second drive frame, normal drive is performed to write signal voltages of the same polarity as the overshoot drive voltages to the data signal lines.

 Display device and  driving same patent thumbnailDisplay device and driving same
In a pixel circuit, during a period during which an organic el element is not emitting light, a transistor is in an “on” state and a reverse-direction voltage determined by a reverse-direction current that depends on the degree to which degradation of the organic el element has progressed is written to a capacitor. The transistor then turns off, another transistor turns on, and a compensating current that depends on the reverse-direction voltage flows from another capacitor towards a reverse-biasing power-supply line, causing a drive voltage maintained by the capacitor to change by a compensating voltage change.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Image device and data processing system patent thumbnailImage device and data processing system
A data processing system that in order to process subpixel rendered rgb data such as clear type™ font data to be processed and put correctly on a non-rgb stripe image device such as a 2×2 matrix rgbw quad pixel image device, a matching 2×2 quad pixel image device is selected to cope with the corresponding input data triplet from the subpixel rendered rgb input data string. Since the blue dot carries the least luminance information in a white balance, green/blue/red (gbr) triplet from the subpixel rendered input rgb data string is selected to match with a 2×2 matrix quadpixel image device where g and r dots of the 2×2 quad pixel have the maximum overlapping area with the corresponding g and r dots from the gbr stripe pixel data..
Vp Assets Limited

 Detecting suspicious activity related to balancing transactions at a cash drawer patent thumbnailDetecting suspicious activity related to balancing transactions at a cash drawer
Systems, apparatus, methods, and computer program products are provided for automatically monitoring cash balancing transactions conducted by individuals responsible for a cash drawer to determine unique behaviors/patterns of such individuals that are abnormal to the overall population of cash drawer users. Such proactive monitoring of cash balancing transactions provides for suspicious activity to be identified at the onset of such activity.
Bank Of America Corporation

 Facilities for financial instruments based on event happenings patent thumbnailFacilities for financial instruments based on event happenings
Various embodiments of trading in financial instruments are given. In some embodiments, a trading venue may allow trading in futures contacts that relate to the outcome of competitions, such as sporting events, television competitions, and so on..
Cfph, Llc


Methods and systems for combining securities and carbon credits

Systems and methods are provided for reducing or neutralizing a carbon footprint of a security using carbon credit. A carbon footprint of at least one security may be calculated.
Cfph, Llc


System and electronically perfecting a premium finance agreement

A system and method of electronically perfecting a premium finance agreement (pfa) includes receiving data associated with an agent, the agent representing a potential insured; receiving data from the agent corresponding to at least a down payment for the pfa by the insured; providing the agent with the ability to electronically sign the pfa; and generating an email message to the insured, the email message corresponding with the pfa and the down payment. The system and method also include receiving bank account data associated with the insured; displaying a confirmation of the down payment amount that will be deducted from the bank account; providing a person authorized by the insured the ability to electronically sign the pfa; and electronically debiting the bank account for at least the down payment amount..
Branch Banking And Trust Company


Business services platform solutions for small and medium enterprises

Methods and systems for providing business services solutions for small and medium enterprises (smes) owned by merchants in developed markets and in developing markets. In some embodiments, a merchant enrolls with a merchant issuer financial institution (fi) and then receives an sme financial account, a suite of shared sme business service applications, and access to a payment card acceptance service for use in setting up and scaling their business.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Mobile device payment system and method

A mobile device payment system and method, the method for a mobile device user to purchase goods/services from merchants with financing by a mobile device manufacturer including: providing a mobile device; establishing a user account; establishing merchant accounts; transforming the merchant accounts into a universal merchant account data set; providing the universal merchant account data set to the mobile device user; storing the universal merchant account data set; requesting the mobile device manufacturer to load consumer credit; loading the credit amount; identifying goods/services for purchase; determining a total price for the identified goods/services and a merchant identifier associated with the selected merchant; actuating a purchase button; retrieving merchant bank deposit instructions; retrieving purchase credit; and routing the retrieved credit to the selected merchant in accordance with the retrieved merchant credit deposit instructions.. .


Method and point-of-sale processing of a loyalty transaction

A method and apparatus are provided for point-of-sale processing of a loyalty transaction within a standard financial transaction through a contactless interface, using contactless nfc communications, wherein responsive to a payment and loyalty point earning and redemption command input to a wallet application of a mobile device, the wallet application initiates a loyalty point balance transaction between the mobile device and a loyalty crm system in response to which the wallet application stores the available points in the mobile device; and wherein responsive to the mobile device being positioned within an rf field of a point-of-sale terminal the wallet application initiates a staged transaction whereby the point-of-sale terminal adjusts a final transaction amount by the available points for redemption.. .
President's Choice Bank


Method of generating a prioritized listing of customers using a purchase behavior prediction score

There is provided a method of generating on a computer a prioritized listing of customers. The method includes establishing a data communications link to a database including financial payment information related to a financial transaction of an existing vehicle of each customer.
Automotivemastermind, Llc


Electronic retail financial transaction manager

An internet based system for executing transactions is described. The system may include transaction data, a database, a business logic manager and user profiles.


Systems and methods for initiating payment from a client device

The disclosed embodiments include a mobile client device for automatically performing a mobile financial service function, including a memory storing software instructions, the software instructions including a mobile financial service application configured to perform financial service processes. The system may also include and one or more processors configured to execute the software instructions to detect a physical action performed on the mobile client device, and determine a first financial service function to perform based on the detected physical action, wherein the first financial service function is a function provided by the mobile financial service application.
Capital One Financial Corporation


Ach payment processing

Efficiently processing ach payments by processing batches of ach payments in parallel. A processing system of an ach operator receives an ach file including multiple batches of ach items.
Federal Reserve Bank Of Minneapolis


Apparatus for and processing document image

An apparatus for and a method of processing a document image are provided. The method comprises: generating a luminance component image from the document image; estimating a luminance image from the luminance component image; and adjusting the luminance component image according to the estimated luminance image.
Fujitsu Limited


Creating and presenting multimedia biographical content

The system thereby allows creation of a higher-quality and more comprehensive presentation than could otherwise be achieved. The system may further provide financial compensation for inclusion of third-party content, which may offset the costs of production..


Optical member, polarizing plate set, and liquid crystal display apparatus

There is provided an optical member that can realize a liquid crystal display apparatus that is excellent in mechanical strength and has high illuminance. An optical member according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a polarizing plate, a reflective polarizer, and a prism sheet in the stated order.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Fluoride fluorescent composition and wavelength-converting device of projector using same

A fluoride fluorescent composition contains a tetravalent manganese ion and 2.7 to 7 fluorine atoms, among which the tetravalent manganese ion is doped so as to be a luminescent center. By the advantage of thermal stability of the fluoride fluorescent composition, the luminance, the purity and the quality of projection of the projector are enhanced..
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Illumination device for the rear license plate of a motor vehicle

An illumination device for the rear license plate of a motor vehicle includes a carrier wall bearing the license plate, to which a wall area forming a projection is connected, which projects rearwards above the license plate with an approximately horizontal surface. An aperture is located on the projection side and a switchable light source is located thereabove.
Audi Ag


Alarm clock integrated with lamp and controlling operation of lamp thereby

Provided is an alarm clock integrated with a lamp and a method for controlling an operation of a lamp by the same, and the alarm clock integrated with the lamp further includes a luminance sensor (181) and a sensor connection unit (182), the microcomputer (120) outputs a sensor operation control signal to a sensor connection unit (182) at a lamp operation time set by a lamp operation time setting unit (111), compares a current luminance value input from a luminance sensor (110) and an initial operation luminance value of a lamp (140) stored therein after a luminance sensor (181) is operated, and outputs a pulse control signal to the lamp current adjustment unit (150) so as to change an output of the lamp (140) so that a luminance value of the lamp (140) is changed to a set luminance value when the initial operation luminance value is smaller than the current luminance value.. .


Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus

According to an embodiment, an image coding method is for coding an image including a luminance component and color difference components. The method includes acquiring a reference image; and generating a predicted image by interpolating the luminance component and the color difference components in the reference image according to a motion vector.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Imaging device, integrated circuit, and flicker reduction method

This image capture device (100) includes: an image sensor (102); an integrated value calculating section (210) which calculates, on a frame-by-frame basis, a value of a line integral of luminance values with respect to each of a plurality of horizontal lines included in a frame; a memory (220); an average calculating section (230) which calculates a line average value by working out the average of the values of the line integral on the same horizontal line between the newest frame and a number of other frames gotten earlier than the newest one in the memory (220); a waveform data generating section (240) which generates waveform data by normalizing the value of the line integral in the memory (220) based on the value of the line integral and a line average value; and a flicker extracting section (250) which extracts information about the phase and frequency of the flicker based on the waveform data.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Information communication method

An information communication method is provided for transmitting a signal using a change in luminance. The information communication method includes determining a pattern of the change in luminance by modulating a signal to be transmitted, and transmitting the signal by a display, which comprises a light emitter that changes luminance according to the determined pattern.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Transparent oled light extraction

The present disclosure provides novel light emitting devices including amoled displays, based on transparent oled architecture, where a laminated nanostructured light extraction film can produce axial and integrated optical gains as well as improved angular luminance and color. Generally, the transparent amoled displays (100) with laminated sub-micron extractors (110a-c) include: (a) an extractor (110a) on a transparent substrate (112a) for light outcoupling on both sides of the transparent device (120); or (b) an extractor (110b) on a reflective film (112b) for providing light outcoupling off the bottom side of the bottom-emitting (be) amoled (120); or (c) an extractor (110c) on a light absorbing film (112c) for providing outcoupling off the bottom side of the be amoled (120) combined with improved ambient contrast..
3m Innovative Properties Company


High-luminance nitride light-emitting device and manufacturing same

Disclosed are a nitride light-emitting device having high luminance even while saving on manufacturing costs by using a silicon substrate as a growth substrate, and a method for manufacturing the same. A nitride light-emitting device according to the present invention comprises: a light-emitting structure comprising, from the top down, a first nitride semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second nitride semiconductor layer and having a plurality of trenches from the bottom up to at least the second nitride semiconductor layer and the active layer; and a bonding substrate combined to a lower surface of the light-emitting structure, wherein a width of the light-emitting structure between the trenches is 20-300 mm..
Iljin Led Co., Ltd.


Field electron emission film, field electron emission device, light emission device, and producing them

A field electron emission film that is capable of being operated with low electric power and enhancing the uniformity in luminance within the light emission surface contains from 60 to 99.9% by mass of tin-doped indium oxide and from 0.1 to 20% by mass of carbon nanotubes. The film has a structure wherein grooves having a width in a range of from 0.1 to 50 mm are formed in a total extension of 2 mm or more per 1 mm2 on a surface of the film, and carbon nanotubes are exposed on a wall surface of the grooves.
Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd.


Display device having shared column lines

A display device having at least a plurality of pixel circuits, connected to signal lines to which data signals in accordance with luminance information are supplied, arranged in a matrix, wherein pixel circuits of odd number columns and even number columns adjacent sandwiching an axis in a column direction parallel to an arrangement direction of the signal lines have a mirror type circuit arrangement symmetric about the axis of the column direction, and there are lines different from the signal lines between signal lines of adjacent pixel circuits.. .
Sony Corporation


Display device and driving method thereof

A display device includes a pixel unit including scan lines, data lines crossing the scan lines, and pixels connected to the scan lines and the data lines; a timing control unit configured to receive first data from an outside; a conversion unit configured to receive the first data from the timing control unit, to extract luminance components of the first data corresponding to the pixels to determine luminance distribution of the first data, to divide the luminance distribution into a plurality of luminance distribution ranges, and to convert the first data into second data by regulating an input gray level of the first data based on a conversion equation corresponding to a variation between data of the luminance distribution ranges; and a data drive unit configured to receive the second data from the conversion unit and to provide the second data to the data lines.. .


Health care provider entity location selection & market capacity model

An early stage market research and site selection method for health care entities, which identifies areas of provider saturation and opportunity within a defined population. This novel method employs a technique to evaluate an entire state, and each division therein, whereby financial models are used with population based visit estimates to achieve a 5-year net present value for a potential investment in a health care provider entity with a defined mix of services.


Apparatus, system, and oil and gas portfolio management

Implementations described and claimed herein provide apparatuses, systems, and methods for collecting oil and gas interests and for managing an oil and gas portfolio. In one implementation, interest information corresponding to one or more properties for which an interest is retained by a lease is received.
Transzap, Inc.


Method of buying or selling items and a user interface to facilitate the same

A method of buying or selling items having at least one market and its associated processes are disclosed. The method includes the steps of, under control of a client system, displaying information identifying at least one item and a bid and/or ask price for the item in the market; and specifying transaction conditions based on a user directed position of a moveable icon, where the transaction conditions are related to the buying or selling of the identified item in the active market.


System and facilitating social trading

A method of facilitating social trading, the method comprising receiving, from a first user associated with a first user trading account, one or more reference account selection criterions, generating a social index for the first user trading account, comprising an indication of one or more selected reference accounts, selected from a plurality of reference accounts that meet the reference account selection criterions, and automatically generating at least one trade order for the first user trading account, each of the at least one trade order relating to a respective financial asset, based on automatic trading rules, wherein the automatic trading rules depend on trading activities of the one or more selected reference accounts.. .
Etoro Group Ltd


Methods and systems for approval of credit

Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for approving financial credit to purchase goods and/or services carried by a gas retailer. In embodiments, the approval of financial credit may be triggered responsive to an initiator action associated with a fuel level in a vehicle being triggered..
Fuel Signal


Systems and methods for electronic account certification and enhanced credit reporting

Systems and methods are provided for electronically certifying financial account data and providing enhanced credit reporting capabilities. The systems and methods may include electronically receiving a certification request from a requesting computer, wherein the request is associated with a financial account requiring certification, collecting financial data from at least one financial data provider, where the financial data provider is associated with at least one financial account requiring certification..
Formfree Holdings Corporation


Methods and systems for analyzing financial dataset

Disclosed are the embodiments for creating a model capable of identifying one or more clusters in a financial data. An input is received pertaining to a range of numbers.
Xerox Corporation


Unified modeling of technology towers

Embodiments are directed toward unified modeling of technology towers. Template information that corresponds to a technology tower may be selected by a user such that the template information identifies cost items, cost pools, and cost drivers.
Apptio, Inc.


Promotional router

A smart router executes software that receives script for web pages requested by appliances on a wifi provided by the router, strips advertisements from the scripts, and replaces the advertisements with promotional material from data storage in the router. The router executes a variety of programs implemented to enhance financial performance of an enterprise that hosts the router..


Payment authorization data processing system for optimizing profits otherwise lost in false positives

A financial payment authorization data processing system comprises a payment transaction request fraud scoring data structure that suffers occasionally from falsely scoring a legitimate transaction by a cardholder as fraudulent and would otherwise “decline” the transaction request. A so-called “false positive”.
Brighterion, Inc.


Issuing and storing of payment credentials

A system and method of issuing payment credentials to a consumer is disclosed. A payment processing network sends payment credentials and an identifier of a consumer to whom the payment credentials belong to a secure gateway.
Visa International Service Association


Methods and arrangements for smartphone payments and transactions

The disclosure relates to a smartphone-based virtual wallet, that manages payment options available to a user. One claim recites a portable device comprising: a touch screen display; a microphone for capturing ambient audio; memory for storing an image; and one or more processors.
Digimarc Corporation


Multi-purpose transaction card and associated methods and systems

An approach for associating a card (e.g., a transaction card, an identification card, etc.) that corresponds to a primary account with one or more ancillary accounts (e.g., a library account, etc.) includes obtaining information from the card and associating that information with an ancillary account. The card may then be used to access the ancillary account.
Card Limited Corp.


Kit, system and associated method and service for providing a platform to prevent fraudulent financial transactions

A system and associated method and service for providing a platform that prevents fraudulent transactions by allowing for the deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and exchange of denomination, including cash, international currencies, digital currency, hard and soft commodities, and coupons to and from members and non-members, in a mobile telecommunications environment, without tendering a financial instrument, such as a credit card or a check.. .


Method and system for executing a financial transaction

In a method for executing a financial transaction by a financial service provider, a mobile customer device and a mobile or stationary dealer system are connected to a management server of a financial service provider system by means of a communication network. After the dealer system and the customer device have been registered and an identification number assigned to the customer device has been input, the dealer system sends transaction data to the financial service provider system, which produces a unique transaction code by means of a random generator and sends the unique transaction code to the dealer system.


Systems and methods for simulating home loss prevention

A method and computer system executes a home loss prevention simulation to provide a user with information on home loss prevention. The method and system may allow the user to select and place one or more home sensors on items and/or in locations within a simulated home environment.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company


System and remote activity detection

A system and method is disclosed for a remote activity detection process using an analysis of data streams of an entity such as an end user and/or a customer. In an embodiment, the detection process uses the data stream analysis to evaluate an entity's potential involvement in an activity based on individual measures for the entity such as comparison of the entity's data stream to the entity's peers, comparison of the entity's data stream to historical information for the entity, and/or comparison of the entity's data stream to data streams for a known second entity involved in the activity.
Gridglo Llc


Financial reporting system with reduced data redundancy

The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer-implemented methods for providing a split testing framework. An example method includes identifying a request for a particular financial report of one or more financial reports, each financial report based on financial data stored in a database, and including an execution plan representing how to select the financial data from the database and one or more calculations to be performed on the financial data; and in response to identifying the request for the particular financial report: selecting the financial data for the particular financial report, the selecting performed based at least in part on the execution plan for the particular financial report; performing the one or more calculations associated with the particular financial report on the selected financial data to produce financial report results; and presenting the financial report results..



A projector includes an illumination device adapted to emit a plurality of light beams, which includes a first light beam and a second light beam, as illumination light, a liquid crystal light valve, and a projection optical system adapted to project image light, which is emitted from the liquid crystal light valve, on a screen. The image light is formed of a plurality of diffracted light beams and a plurality of zero-order light beams, which are generated by the illumination light and the liquid crystal light valve.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus includes a first imaging element that receives light having passed through a first optical element and outputs an image which has a luminance value corresponding to intensity of the light and is processed as a reference image. A second imaging element receives light having passed through a second optical element and outputs an image which has a luminance value corresponding to intensity of the light and is processed as a reference image.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Methods and adjusting a lighting parameter in a light management system based on user action

Methods and apparatus for adjusting at least one lighting parameter based on user action. For example, methods and apparatus adjust one of a minimum set point and a maximum set point in response to a user manipulation of a component of a light management system (10, 110).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Community-based request fulfillment

A coordinator device receives registration data regarding user devices and determines a group that includes two or more of the user devices based on registration data. The coordinator device receives a request, related to receiving a good or service, from a first user device included in the group.
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless


Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus

An image coding method of coding an image on a per coding unit basis, the method comprising: applying a frequency transform to luminance data and chrominance data of transform units in the coding unit including predetermined blocks each corresponding to one or more of the transform units; and coding the luminance data and the chrominance data to which the frequency transform has been applied to generate a bitstream in which the luminance data and the chrominance data are grouped on a per predetermined block basis.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Image capturing apparatus and exposure control method

In an image capturing apparatus, a subject image is converted into an image signal, which undergoes automatic correction processing including white balance correction processing, and further undergoes image quality change processing. A first evaluation value indicating a largest value of an r signal, a g signal, and a b signal of the image signal undergone the image quality change processing and a second evaluation value indicating a luminance of the image signal undergone the image quality change processing are detected.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Imaging apparatus and image processing apparatus

[solving means] the development apparatus includes: an imaging unit that performs shooting and generates raw data; a first conversion unit that converts the generated raw data into image data by interpolation; an acquisition unit that acquires an exposure index value corresponding to an illuminance of a shooting environment; a first correction unit that corrects a value of the image data based on the exposure index value; and an output unit that associates the raw data and the acquired exposure index value with each other and outputs the associated raw data and exposure index value.. .


Display device

A display device includes a display panel and an electrochromic panel. The electrochromic panel is provided on the display panel.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Luminance changing image processing with color constraints

To be able to do good color mapping between color encodings for gamuts with considerably different luminance dynamic range while not introducing significant color errors, we describe an image color processing apparatus (201) arranged to transform an input color (l,x,y) of a pixel specified in a color representation corresponding to a first luminance dynamic range into an output color (l*,x,y) of a pixel specified in a color representation corresponding to a second luminance dynamic range, which first and second dynamic ranges differ in extent by at least a multiplicative factor 1.5, comprising a tone mapping deformation unit (203) arranged to determine on the basis of an input tone mapping (301) and a quantity linearly related to the luminance (l) of the input color, an adjusted output luminance (l*, 309), wherein the determining is arranged so that the adjusted output luminance (l*, 309) obtained by applying the input tone mapping to the input luminance (l) of all possible input luminances in its extent of valid values [0,1] giving the highest output (l*,l_hdr), is not higher than a maximum luminance lmax(x,y) which for the chromatic coordinates (x,y) of the input color is maximally achievable in the gamut corresponding to the second luminance dynamic range for those chromatic coordinates (x,y).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Display device driver

A display device driver that can display images while preventing noise and suppressing display unevenness is provided. When pixel drive voltages corresponding to the luminance levels of respective pixels indicated by a video signal are applied to the data lines of the display device, the pixel drive voltages are applied to data lines that intersect the scanning lines of the display device at positions where the delay time is larger, at timing later than timing of applying the pixel drive voltages to the data lines that intersect the scanning lines at positions where the delay time is smaller, the delay time being a period of time between start of application of the scanning pulse by the scanning driver and actual arrival of the scanning pulse..
Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Display driver

First to n-th latches capture n pieces of pixel data indicative of the luminance levels of respective pixels in synchronization with first to n-th capture clock signals each having different edge timing. Voltages corresponding to the pieces of pixel data output from the first to n-th latches are applied to each of the data lines of the display device.
Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Light receiving device and image display device

The light receiving device includes the illuminance sensor which detects illuminance of external light, and a light guide portion which guides the external light into the sensor. The light guide portion has a light incident surface and a light exit surface.
Panasonic Corporation


Online banking through a gaming console

Online banking using a gaming console may provide added security due to the hardened nature of gaming consoles. Additionally, console specific credentials may be used to verify that a user or console is authorized to access a requested financial account.
Bank Of America Corporation


Banking system controlled responsive to data read from data bearing records

A deposit management system is operable responsive to data read from data bearing records. The system is associated with financial funds depositories.
Diebold Self Service Systems Division Of Diebold, Incorporated


Method and system for financing self-sufficient energy systems

An object of the present invention is to provide a method for financing the conversion of an entity from a traditional energy system to a self-sufficient energy system having the following steps: receiving the conversion cost of the self-sufficient energy system; receiving the energy cost of the traditional energy system, the energy cost determined over at least one interval; amortizing the conversion cost of the self-sufficient energy system over the at least one interval to generate an amortized interval cost; comparing the amortized interval cost to the energy cost of the traditional energy system to determine a cost ratio; comparing the cost ratio to a predetermined cost threshold; and approving the financing of the conversion of the entity from the traditional energy system to the self-sufficient energy system if the cost ratio is less than or equal to the predetermined cost threshold.. .


Systems and methods for determining a financial health indicator

Systems, methods, and computer program products are provided for a financial health indicator. The financial health indicator provides a dynamic indication of a user's financial health in terms of their current credit and their current ability to save in relation to a budget.
Bank Of America Corporation


Method and system for providing global ready financial applications

Global ready financial applications are provided that are dynamically composed using application independent global ready financial assets so that a single global ready financial application, once created, can be operationally and functionally optimized for multiple supported regions to be used by any party, in any, or all, of the multiple supported regions.. .
Intuit Inc.


Communication of insurance claim data

Aspects of the invention include methods and systems for a vehicle insurance claim management application which improves communication and streamline tasks between a vehicle repair shop and an insurance company system in three general task groups: assignment (comprising work requests, estimates/photos, and reinspections), financial management, and performance measurement. Aspects of the invention also provide interoperability with different types of estimating systems that do not necessarily follow an industry standard.
Allstate Insurance Company


Methods and system for financial instrument classification

The invention relates generally to financial instrument classification and more particularly to methods and system for recognizing similarities in behaviors among financial instruments. According to one embodiment, a method of classifying similar financial instruments is provided.
Stockato Llc


Financial preparedness tool

Methods and systems for retirement planning are provided. A prediction for retirement income is based on financial information of an individual.
Fmr Llc


Pricing a swap financial product using a non-par value

Computer readable media, methods, and apparatuses may be configured for processing a plurality of yields, each of the yields corresponding to a different maturity date, determining a plurality of floating payments based on the yields, determining a plurality of fixed payments based on a fixed interest rate, determining a present value of the floating payments, determining a present value of the fixed payments, and generating a quote for a swap financial product as a function of the present value of the floating payments and the present value of the fixed payments.. .
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.


System and sharia-based energy market hedging and related

A tradable asset market trading and hedging system is disclosed. The tradable assets may include fuels or industrial minerals and rocks (imrs).
Dearborn Financial, Inc.


Systems and methods for optimizations involving insufficient funds (nsf) conditions

Systems and methods for optimizations involving insufficient funds conditions are provided. An identification of a first account of a customer of a financial institution may be received by a financial system comprising one or more computers.
Fiserv, Inc.


Method, system, and computer program product for determining a payment strategy

Methods, systems, and computer program products for handling a payment strategy for a payment platform of an airline merchant. One or more alternatives are determined for each category.
Amadeus S.a.s.

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Inanc topics: Transactions, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Graphical User Interface, User Interface, Credentials, Ultraviolet, Gray Scale, Arithmetic, Coordinates, Image Processing, Electro Luminescence, Ion Source, Image Capture, Subscriber Identity Module

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