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Sports lighting to increase contrast


Sports lighting to increase contrast

Facilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels

City University Of Hong Kong

Facilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels

Facilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels


Image coding device, image coding method, program thereof, image decoding device, image decoding method, and program…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Inanc-related patents
 Biosensing electronic devices patent thumbnailBiosensing electronic devices
The device consists of measuring aspects of human activity or emotion and then communicating that information to an adjustable lighting device or electronic display (as part of a phone, tablet, computer etc) such that the color temperature (or luminance) of the display or lamp is adjusted to match the mood of the user e.g. Warmer in the evening close to the end of the day, and cooler in the morning for productivity..
Universal Display Corporation

 Sports lighting to increase contrast patent thumbnailSports lighting to increase contrast
Apparatus, method, and system for improving visibility of objects against a background. Background luminance is monitored for an event or condition.
Musco Corporation

 Facilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels patent thumbnailFacilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels
An apparatus facilitating luminosity uniformity across an organic light emitting diode (oled) device is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes: operating an organic light emitting diode (oled) device including an anode; a semiconductor material coupled to the anode; and a cathode coupled to the semiconductor material.
City University Of Hong Kong

 Image coding device, image coding method, program thereof, image decoding device, image decoding method, and program thereof patent thumbnailImage coding device, image coding method, program thereof, image decoding device, image decoding method, and program thereof
A linear interpolation filter used for intra-prediction is applied to not only a luminance signal, but also a chrominance signal. A noise like contouring, which may occur in the chrominance signal, is reduced by performing control independently on the chrominance signal.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Image processing device and image processing method patent thumbnailImage processing device and image processing method
Provided is an image processing apparatus including a prediction section that generates a predicted value of a color difference component of a pixel of an image to be decoded by using a function of a value of a corresponding luminance component, a coefficient calculation section that calculates a coefficient of the function used by the prediction section by referencing a pixel around a block to which the pixel belongs, and a controller that controls a ratio of a number of reference pixels used by the coefficient calculation section to a block size of the block.. .
Sony Corporation

 Image processing device, image capture device, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium patent thumbnailImage processing device, image capture device, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
An image processing device includes a demosaicing process device, a luminance system image data acquisition device that acquires luminance system image data as image data regarding the luminance, a point image restoration process execution device, an information acquisition device that acquires control information concerning execution of the point image restoration process on the basis of imaging information concerning an imaging condition of a subject, and a point image restoration process control device.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Tone mapping for low-light video frame enhancement patent thumbnailTone mapping for low-light video frame enhancement
A technique is provided for generating sharp, well-exposed, color images front low-light images. A series of under-exposed images is acquired.
Fotonation Limited

 Facilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels patent thumbnailFacilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels
An apparatus facilitating luminosity uniformity across organic light emitting diode (oled) device is provided. In one embodiment, the apparatus can include an organic light emitting diode (oled) device including: an anode; a semiconductor material coupled to the anode; and a cathode coupled to the semiconductor material.
City University Of Hong Kong

 Organic light emitting compound and organic light emitting device including the same patent thumbnailOrganic light emitting compound and organic light emitting device including the same
Also disclosed is an organic light emitting device including the organic light emitting compound. The organic light emitting device can be driven at a low voltage to achieve high power efficiency.

 Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device comprising the same patent thumbnailCondensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device comprising the same
The components of formula 1 are described herein. An organic light-emitting device includes the condensed cyclic compound.


Light emitting device and electronic appliance

The present invention is to provide a light emitting device capable of obtaining a certain luminance without influence by the temperature change, and a driving method thereof. A current mirror circuit formed by using a transistor is provided for each pixel.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Image display device and method

An image display method includes the steps of: acquiring a third image formed by applying dynamic range extension processing to a first image and a second image photographed with low sensitivity or low exposure with respect to the first image, or a fourth image without dynamic range extension processing; displaying the acquired image in a transmissive type display panel; and making backlight luminance of a segment corresponding to a high luminance portion in the third image higher than backlight luminance of a segment corresponding to a low luminance portion when the acquired image is determined to be the third image.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Image processing dynamically adjusting luminance and contrast of image

An image processing method for adjusting the luminance and contrast of an input image comprises the following steps. First, local spatial luminance statistics is performed on the first pixels of the input image to generate a luminance image including a plurality of second pixels.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.


Providing e-receipts to customers

Embodiments of the invention relate to systems, methods, and computer program products for providing e-receipts to customers. Embodiments receive authorization from a customer for the customer to be enrolled in a point of transaction e-receipt communication program; receive transaction data corresponding to at least one transaction performed by the customer at a point of transaction of a merchant; and initiate communication, to the customer, of an e-receipt based at least in part on the received transaction data.
Bank Of America Corporation


Systems and methods for checking model portfolios for actively managed funds

Embodiments include systems and methods for evaluating the integrity of a model portfolio designed to have substantially the same values, returns, or risk characteristics as a financial instrument. Embodiments include operating a first computer to perform a statistical comparison between said model portfolio and the financial instrument, wherein said statistical comparison compares at least one of the periodic values, returns, and risk characteristics of the model portfolio and the financial instrument over some period of time.
Nyse Mkt Llc


Cryptographic currency for securities settlement

The present disclosure is directed to security settlement in financial markets and cryptographic currencies. Particular portions of the present disclosure are directed to a cryptographic currency protocol and to a cryptographic currency that includes a positional item.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.


Method for retail on-line account opening

A system and method for a retail customer interfacing with a financial institution through a computer network is presented. The method includes a verification of customer-provided information with a pre-existing client identification profile for the customer, a determination of the customer's credit score using a set of predetermined criteria, and presenting a set of account options based at least in part on the verification of the customer-provided information and the customer's credit score.
Branch Banking And Trust Company


Generating customer-specific vehicle proposals for potential vehicle customers

Methods, systems and computer program products for generating customer-specific vehicle proposals that may be based on ongoing vehicle finance payment information and/or information received from a third party entity. Embodiments of inventions herein disclosed provide for efficient identification of potential customers based on their current vehicle and/or ongoing financial obligations related to the current vehicle.
Autoalert, Llc


Fulfillment of registered gifts and other items based on user-defined delivery parameters

The invention relates to systems and methods of delivering items purchased from a gift registry based on user-defined delivery parameters, allowing users to request currency items as gifts, and exchanging items for other items, and providing group purchase items. The system may receive from a recipient user an identification of one or more items to be added to the gift registry and one or more delivery parameters that indicates a delivery date used to time delivery of the one or more items.
Zola, Inc.


Email based e-commerce with sms and social media

Methods for email-based e-commerce using sms and social media and for an e-commerce stock management system are disclosed. A method for email-based e-commerce using sms includes receiving, via a social media network, a request from a customer to make a payment via email; generating a first email message that includes a mailto hyperlink and solicits payment in a predetermined amount; transmitting the first email message to the customer; and receiving an email message from the customer confirming payment in the predetermined amount.
@pay Ip Holdings Llc


System and providing an electronic offer management platform

The disclosure relates to systems and methods for providing an electronic offer management platform. Producers may generate offers that are communicated to consumers via a plurality of affiliates that provide the offers to the consumers via their respective assets.
Catalina Marketing Corporation


Social-financial network systems and methods

The present disclosure provides systems and methods directed to a social-financial platform. In certain embodiments, sponsor-members, consumer-members, and beneficiary members are part of a social-financial platform in which purchases made by consumer-members at merchant sponsor-members result in automatic rebates being paid to and allocated between the consumer member and one or more beneficiary-members.
Payforward, Llc


System and identifying preferred customers and providing individualized loyalty campaigns

A method comprising collecting spending activities associated with financial transactions performed by a customer with the merchants, whereby the plurality of financial transactions collected from one or more financial intermediaries, evaluating the spending activities for identifying types of merchants with whom the customer has performed a spending activity and analyzing a spending behavior of the customer, and preparing a customer profile in response to evaluating the plurality of spending activities for enabling the plurality of merchants to view the customer profile, whereby the plurality of merchants identify the customer as a preferred customer by viewing the customer profile and provide privileged services.. .


Universal positive pay match, authentication, authorization, settlement and clearing system and method

A universal positive pay database (uppd) method, system, and/or computer useable medium to reduce financial transaction fraud. A uppd database is configured to store thereon transaction records associated with financial transactions corresponding to customers of the uppd database.


System and a passphrase account identifier for use in a network environment

A system and method for facilitating a financial transaction over a network including use of a passphrase account identifier is described herein. In one embodiment, a system for facilitating a financial transaction over a network comprises a communication interface; and a payment provider system configured to receive via the communication interface a passphrase account identifier from a merchant system, match the passphrase account identifier to a corresponding funding instrument number of a corresponding funding instrument, communicate the corresponding funding instrument number to an issuer system, receive from the issuer system a notification indication of one of acceptance of the funding instrument or decline of the funding instrument, and communicate back to the merchant system the notification indication..
Paypal, Inc.


Secure management of transactions using a smart/virtual card

A method, system, and/or computer program product securely manages smart card transactions. A processing entity receives a smart card identifier from a smart card.
International Business Machines Corporation


Tokenization of user accounts for direct payment authorization channel

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a financial institution system maintained by a financial institution and for tokenization of user accounts for using a direct payment authorization channel, whereby a third party payment authorization network is avoided. Embodiments establish a direct channel of communication between the system and a merchant or a merchant network in communication with the merchant; wherein the direct channel of communication comprises a network communication channel without a third party payment authorization system; receive a token issued by the financial institution and associated with a user account associated with a customer of the financial institution; receive transaction data comprising an amount associated with a transaction between the customer of the financial institution and the merchant; and determine whether to authorize the transaction based on the received token and the received transaction data..
Bank Of America Corporation


Method for processing issuance of mobile credit card

Disclosed is a method for processing the issuance of a mobile credit card, which is capable of shortening the time taken to issue a mobile credit card and in which card information transmitted from a card company server to a financial chip is processed by a one-time transmission. Thus the frequency of stoppages in the issuance of a credit card, which are caused by disconnections or interferences in a wireless communication, is reduced and stability of issuing a credit card is improved..
Nonghyup Bank


System and loading prepaid card with funds using a mobile device

A system for loading a prepaid card using a mobile device, the mobile device comprising a unique identifier stored in a data memory device of the mobile device, a card reader coupled to the mobile device, the card reader configured to read data from a data memory device of the prepaid card, a remote card loading system operating on the mobile device and configured to receive the prepaid card data from the card reader and to transmit the unique identifier, prepaid card value data and prepaid card activation data to a prepaid card management system and a loader authorization system operating on a processor and configured to receive the mobile device identification data, the prepaid card value data and the prepaid card activation data and to activate the prepaid card for use with a financial transaction processing system.. .
Cardlab, Inc.


Item-level information collection for interactive payment experience

Disclosed is a technology for collecting item-level transaction information for interactive payment experience. According to one embodiment, a merchant server can maintain a database including the information of financial accounts having a particular classification.
Square, Inc.


Network-implemented methods and systems for authenticating a paper financial instrument

The disclosure relates generally to financial instruments and particularly to mitigating exposure to financial fraud. Specifically, the disclosure relates to systems and methods of authenticating paper financial instruments (pfi) issued by a first entity for the benefit of a third party..


System & methods for solar photovoltaic array engineering

The present application concerns automated optimization, customization or production methods for the design of a solar photovoltaic array, involving one or more or all components in a photovoltaic array, in which the products include system designs, production drawings, permitting and construction drawings, layouts for the mechanical and electrical systems, bill of materials and financial return analyses of such a photovoltaic array.. .
Hst Solar Farms, Inc.


Ranking autocomplete results based on a business cohort

During this autocomplete technique, autocomplete results for data-entry information from a user are ranked based on financial-transaction histories of a group of entities and the user, where the group of entities and the user belong to a common business cohort. In particular, the business cohort may include entities that: are located proximate to the user, have a similar size as a business associated with the user (such as a similar number of employees and/or similar revenue), and/or occur frequently in a financial-transaction history of the user (and don't occur frequently in the financial-transaction histories of the group of entities).
Intuit Inc.


Back light unit and display device

The general inventive concepts provide a side-light type backlight unit. The side-light type backlight unit comprises a light guide plate and a light source located at the side of the light incident surface of the light guide plate.
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Method for producing a three-dimensional characteristic model of a porous material sample for analysis of permeability characteristics

The present invention relates to a method for producing a three-dimensional characteristic model of a rock sample for analysis of the spatial and physical characteristics of materials subsequent to the processing of images obtained by means of computer tomography. The method includes producing a three-dimensional tomographic image of a sample of material, identifying areas where the structure of the material is homogeneous, assigning a particular material density value to each such area, assigning a particular porosity value to each pixel, assigning a particular absolute permeability value to each pixel, forming a three-dimensional characteristic model on the basis of the porosity and permeability values of each pixel, and calculating the absolute permeability of the entire sample or of a portion thereof in any direction by means of computational fluid dynamics.
Obschestvo S Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostiu "introvision Reserch And Development"


Illumination device for synthesizing light from an object at virtually infinite distance

An illumination device for synthesizing light from an object at virtually infinite distance comprises a primary light source configured to emit a primary light, a concentrator positioned downstream the primary light source and configured to reduce the divergence of the primary light, an emitting surface positioned downstream the concentrator, and an absorber made of light-absorbing material positioned upstream the emitting surface and configured to absorb light rays which cross the emitting surface in an upstream direction and which, in the absence of the absorber would not be directed toward the primary light source, wherein the primary light source, the concentrator, the emitting surface and the absorber are configured so that they produces from the primary light an output light that exits the emitting surface with a luminance profile which is spatially uniform across the emitting surface, and has a narrow peak in the polar-angle distribution around an output-light direction.. .
Coelux S.r.l.


Low luminance lighting

Novel and advantageous lighting modules and systems are provided. Lighting modules and systems according to embodiments of the subject invention can be low-luminance, high-efficiency, low-glare lighting modules.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Oxide, semiconductor device, module, and electronic device

The oxide includes indium, an element m, and zinc. The oxide includes a first region and a second region.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Image pickup apparatus, controlling image pickup apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium

An image pickup apparatus includes a determination unit configured to determine, based on luminance information of an object, a shooting condition from among a plurality of shooting conditions containing information on an aperture value and a shutter speed, a control unit configured to perform control so as to sequentially shoot a plurality of images having in-focus positions different from each other while discretely moving a focus lens by each moving amount depending on the aperture value, and an image synthesizing unit configured to synthesize the plurality of images, and the determination unit determines the shooting condition from among the plurality of shooting conditions so as to reduce a time for shooting the plurality of images.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Imaging device and exposure adjusting method

An imaging device includes a filter, an imaging element, a lens, a spectral image generator, and an exposure adjuster. The filter includes a plurality of filter areas having different spectral transmission characteristics.


Information processing apparatus and method, and photoelectric conversion apparatus

An information processing apparatus includes: multiple optical propagation paths configured to propagate light; a photoelectric conversion element configured to perform photoelectric conversion on light propagated through each of the multiple optical propagation paths at mutually different partial areas in a photoelectric conversion area; and an estimating unit configured to estimate illuminance or color temperature to be obtained at the photoelectric conversion element, using an electric signal corresponding to light propagated through each of the optical propagation paths.. .
Sony Corporation


Relay device, relay method, and program

Provided are a relay device capable of appropriate access management, a relay method, and a program. The relay device (10): receives a user id and password for logging on to a server (a desired server) in a financial information system (41), a client information system (42), or an inventory management system (43), on the basis of a connection request from a work terminal (20) (client terminal); and relays a connection without performing user verification using the received user id and password, when establishing a session with the desired server.
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.


Mobile terminal device, and display control method

A mobile terminal device includes: a detecting unit that detects an input to a predetermined area that is set in a display operation unit that includes a touch panel; a determining unit that determines whether an illuminance sensor is affected by the input to the predetermined area; and a restricting unit that restricts automatic light control of the display operation unit when the determining unit determines that the illuminance sensor is affected.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Image display apparatus, image display method, and program

The purpose is to reduce power consumption of an image display apparatus. An image display apparatus includes a display panel (17); a light source (11) that irradiates the display panel (17); and a control unit (5).
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Display system and electrical appliance

A display system in which the luminance of light-emitting elements in a light-emitting device is adjusted based on information on an environment. A sensor obtains information on an environment as an electrical signal.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Method, apparatus and system for display compensation

A method, an apparatus and a system for display compensation relate to the field of display technique. The method for display compensation includes: measuring luminance of each of pixels in a full-color test picture outputted from a display apparatus in a uncompensated status when the display apparatus outputs the full-color test picture; obtaining a reference luminance value according to the measured luminance values of the respective pixels; obtaining compensation coefficients for the respective pixels according to the reference luminance value and the luminance values of the respective pixels; performing a compensation and correction on signals inputted to the respective pixels respectively according to the compensation coefficients.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


Image fusing method

Provided is an image fusing apparatus for fusing a thermal image and a visible image of a subject. The image fusing apparatus includes: a determination processor configured to determine importance of each pixel, based on a luminance value thereof, of the thermal image and the visible image; a pixel coefficient setting processor configured to set a pixel coefficient for each pixel of the thermal image based on the importance of each pixel of the thermal image and the visible image; a thermal image processor configured to generate another thermal image by applying the pixel coefficient to the luminance value of each pixel of the thermal image; and an image fusing processor configured to fuse the other thermal image and the visible image to generate a fused image..
Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.


Three-dimensional object detection device, and three-dimensional object detection method

A three-dimensional object detection device has an image capturing unit, an object detection unit, a nighttime assessment unit, a luminance detection unit, a luminance peak detection unit and a controller. The image capturing unit captures images rearward of a vehicle.
Clarion Co., Ltd.


3d interactive construction estimating system

A 3d interactive construction estimating system is provided that includes a computerized interactive erp/3d design and estimating system for building construction projects and services. The computerized 3d interactive construction estimating system is real-time, visual, and transparent to both the customer and the manufacturer, and allows the customer to design and customize a home or other building with real-time integrated 3d virtual tour, pricing, scheduling, ordering, and financing options.
Modular North America, Llc


Online banking balance and verification

The current invention is a system and method to help obtain and verify an online banking account balance. An image or digital copy of the checking or accounting income and expense register is sent to the online account financial institution.


Computer system for controlling a system of managing fluctuating cash flows

Apparatus (method implemented with a machine, the machine, and the method for making the machine, and products produced thereby) for controlling a system of managing cash flows for a transaction, the apparatus including: data processing means arranged for receiving information into memory, said information including respective descriptions of risks, statistical assumptions for said risks, and financial assumptions for said risks, the data processing means further including: calculating means, responsive to said descriptions and said assumptions, for calculating expected cash flows corresponding to said risks for time periods; accounting means for determining, responsive to actual cash flow information from occurrence of events corresponding to said risks, for a first party to the transaction owing the expected cash flows to a second party to the transaction, and for determining, for the second party owing the actual cash flows to the first party, a net settlement, for each of said time periods, between the parties in the transaction, to manage the actual cash flows and the expected cash flows.. .
Mann Conroy Eisenberg & Associates, Llc


Method and system for guaranteeing return on funds rolled over into qualified plan

The invention is a method and a system for guaranteeing a specified return on funds transferred, or rolled over into, a qualified plan for a specified period of time by paying out the differential between the participant's calculated actual return over the specified term and the specified guaranteed return. The specified guaranteed return is generally tied to a financial index (ex.


Delta-hedged futures contract

Systems and methods are described for providing a futures product corresponding to a position in a delta-hedged strategy on an underlying financial product may include creating a portfolio including put options and call options, wherein the put options and the call options correspond to a same underlying product. One or more computing devices may determine a position in the underlying product to include in the portfolio.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc.


Preparing a bank application using a user device

In some embodiments, a system receives an image file from a user device. The image file depicts a financial document that a customer selects to submit to a bank for inclusion in an application for a bank product.
Bank Of America Corporation


Payment identification code and payment system using the same

A method for effecting electronic payment, safeguarding banking and account information, while utilizing existing payment systems. The method comprises generating a system routing number and a payment identification code (pic) relating to the beneficiary's account information, distributing payment identification codes to the existing payment system and financial institutions owning the account related to the payment identification codes, and the originator receiving a system routing number and the beneficiary's pic number.
The Clearing House Payments Company L.l.c.


Phone-number-based payment funding confirmation

Methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media directed to phone-number-based payment authorization are described. A phone-number-based payment authorization system (pba) may be configured to authorize payments from a payer party to a payee party based on a phone number of a payer party.
Tollshare, Inc.


System and methods for facilitating fund transfers over a network

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, systems and methods for facilitating financial transactions over a network include communicating with a financial institution over the network, wherein the financial institution includes a first user account related to a user. The systems and methods include receiving a fund transfer request from the financial institution on behalf of the user and establishing a second user account related to the user based on user information passed with the fund transfer request.
Paypal, Inc.


Systems and methods for managing prepaid cards in a digital wallet, including transferring value from prepaid cards and managing user selected accounts

Disclosed are the methods and systems for transferring value from as first account to a second account via a consumer device. The methods may be consumer or merchant driven and may involve transferring value to peers, oneself, or a third party account holder with or without the creation of a user account.
Slidenetwork, Inc.


Payment by proxy service using payment card

The disclosure is related a payment-by-proxy service that receives a payment request made by a joint payment card and processes the received payment request by a primary payment card linked to the joint payment card through a payment card processing system including, user devices, a payment terminal of a merchant, a service server of the payment-by-proxy service, and financial institution servers associated with the payment card and the primary payment card. For such a service, a payment card may be configured to store an identification data used for requesting a payment and an initiation data used for processing a payment through the payment-by-proxy service, to generate an initiation message based on the stored initiation data upon receipt of a request signal for the identification data from the payment terminal, and to transmit the generated initiation message to the payment card processing system in response to the request for the identification data..
Kt Corporation


Enabling a user to transact using cryptocurrency

A system and method of enabling a user to transact using cryptocurrency of a value defined in relation to a different medium of exchange or financial instrument is provided. In the method, a request to create a voucher having a face value remaining defined in relation to the medium of exchange or financial instrument is received.
Stellenbosch University


Logistics settlement risk scoring system

A method and system for measuring financial risk in logistics transactions is disclosed. Historical data from processing logistics transactions is reviewed with analysis tools to determine risk scores in key areas.


Light source apparatus, projector, and illuminating an image modulation element

This light source apparatus is provided with: a fluorescent material, an excitation light source that emits excitation light for exciting the fluorescent material, a first homogeneous optical element that makes the illuminance distribution of the excitation light more homogeneous and then emits the excitation light, a second homogeneous optical element that makes the illuminance distribution of the fluorescent light emitted from the fluorescent material more homogeneous and then emits the fluorescent light, a first optical system that guides the excitation light to the first homogeneous optical element, a second optical system that guides light emitted from the first homogeneous optical element to the fluorescent material, and a third optical system that guides the fluorescent light supplied from the fluorescent material to the second homogeneous optical element.. .
Nec Display Solutions, Ltd.


Light compensator, shading tape, backlight module and display device

The present invention provides a light compensator, a shading tape, a backlight module and a display device. The light compensator comprises a first surface on which at least one recess is provided, wherein, when the light compensator is arranged above an edge of an optical element, the first surface faces a light-exiting surface of the optical element, and a surface of the recess is capable of converging light irradiating thereon and reflecting the light toward an area with low luminance on the light-exiting surface of the optical element.
Hefei Boe Display Light Co., Ltd.


Method for evaluating and improving pupil luminance distribution, illumination optical system and adjustment method thereof, exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method

Improvement of pupil luminance distribution includes: a fifth process in which an index value obtained from the illumination pupil, using evaluation method of a first process to fourth process; a sixth process wherein a unit change amount of the index value in the discrete data acquired in the previous process is acquired for each unit pupil area; a seventh process wherein discrete data modulated by an improving technique using the unit change amount so that the index value nears a target index value is acquired; and an eighth process wherein an index value obtained corresponding to the modulated discrete data in the seventh process is acquired, using the evaluation method of the first process to the fourth process, and by repeatedly performing the sixth process to eighth process so an error of the index value obtained corresponding to the modulated discrete data falls within permissible range.. .
Nikon Corporation


Three-dimensional object detection device and foreign matter detection device

A three-dimensional object detection has an image capturing device, an image conversion unit, a three-dimensional object detection unit, a three-dimensional object assessment unit, first and second foreign matter detection units and a controller. The image capturing device captures images rearward of a vehicle.
Clarion Co., Ltd.


Imaging diagnosis, information processing apparatus, control method thereof, program and computer-readable storage medium

An imaging apparatus for diagnosis and a control method of an imaging apparatus for diagnosis are disclosed, which acquire line data represented by multiple luminance values in a radial direction from a rotation center position of an imaging core, which are derived by a rotation position and movement of the imaging core. Then, based on the acquired line data, an image of a two-dimensional space in which θ representing a rotation angle and z representing a position in a movement direction are set to two axes is generated and displayed..
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


Image coding device, image decoding device, image coding method, and image decoding method

When removing a block distortion occurring in a local decoded image, a loop filtering part 11 of an image coding device carries out a filtering process on each of signal components (a luminance signal component and color difference signal components) after setting the intensity of a filter for removing the block distortion for each of the signal components according to a coding mode (an intra coding mode or an inter coding mode) selected by a coding controlling part 1.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Methods and automatically detecting image/video resolution and its color subsampling

Methods and apparatus for automatic detection of image or video resolution from raw image or video data are provided by the present principles. The methods find statistical metrics in the image or video data based on a look-up table of potential resolution and subsampling combinations.
Thomson Licensing


Image encoding device, image encoding method and program, image decoding device, and image decoding method and program

A luminance signal of an image and a chrominance signal of a bit depth different from that of the luminance signal is input, a luminance quantization parameter used to quantize the input luminance signal in block units is generated, a chrominance quantization parameter used to quantize the input chrominance signal in block units within a range depending on the luminance quantization parameter is generated, the input luminance signal is quantized by the luminance quantization parameter, the chrominance signal is quantized by the chrominance quantization parameter, and the range is changed depending on the difference between the bit depth of the luminance signal and the chrominance signal during the generation of the chrominance quantization parameter.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Light-emitting device and input/output device

To provide a light-emitting device or an input/output device with little unevenness in display luminance or high reliability and to provide an input/output device with high detection sensitivity, a light-emitting device is configured to include a first substrate, a light-emitting element over the first substrate, a first conductive layer over the light-emitting element, a first insulating layer over the first conductive layer, a second conductive layer over the first insulating layer, and a second substrate over the second conductive layer. The light-emitting element includes a first electrode over the first substrate, a layer containing a light-emitting organic compound over the first electrode, and a second electrode over the layer containing a light-emitting organic compound.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Organic light emitting device and manufacturing the same

An organic light emitting device utilizing the micro-cavity effect in the rgb subpixel regions while suppressing the micro-cavity effect in the white subpixel region is provided. The organic light emitting device includes a lower substrate, an anode formed on the lower substrate, an organic emission layer formed on the anode, a cathode formed on the organic emission layer, and a reflection decreasing layer formed on at least a portion of the cathode for reducing reflection of the light emitted from the organic emission layer by the cathode to reduce the micro-cavity effect.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Display device and display device drive method

A display device includes an image display panel whose display is controlled by an image signal, a backlight which includes light sources and lights the image display panel from behind, and a display control section which calculates, based on the image signal, the required luminance value of the backlight for each divided area of the image display panel, calculates a tentative lighting level of each light source based on luminance distribution information for the backlight stored previously and the required luminance values, sets the lighting level of a first light source whose tentative lighting level exceeds an upper limit to the upper limit, determines the lighting level of a second light source whose tentative lighting level does not exceed the upper limit, based on the lighting level of the first light source, luminance distribution information, and required luminance value, and controls the backlight by the lighting levels.. .
Japan Display Inc.


Systems and methods for chroma noise reduction

Systems and methods for reducing chrominance (chroma) noise in image data are provided. In one example of such a method, image data in ycc format may be received into logic of an image signal processor.
Apple Inc.


System and characterizing financial messages

A system for characterizing financial messages having a plurality of data fields. A data integration unit selects data fields of the financial message and stores the selected data items as representation parameters in memory.
Features Analytics Sa


Method and system for providing financial performance data associated with a merchant

A method implemented using a computing device in communication with one or more memory devices is provided. The method includes receiving a request from a client computing device to provide financial performance data for at least a first merchant of a plurality of merchants, retrieving transaction data associated with the plurality of merchants from the one or more memory devices wherein the transaction data is associated with payments processed through a payment network, comparing the transaction data associated with the first merchant to the transaction data associated with each of the plurality of merchants to determine at least one ranking of the first merchant relative to the plurality of merchants based on at least one financial performance factor, and transmitting the at least one ranking to the client computing device, in response to the request, without providing a name of the first merchant..
Mastercard International Incorporated


System and managing risk in an investment fund

A method of managing risk in an investment fund is implemented on a computer based system. The method includes (a) determining a primary investment in accordance with a primary investment objective; (b) determining a secondary investment objective that is a financial opposite of the primary investment objective; (c) determining secondary investment in accordance with the secondary investment objective; (d) performing a rebalancing cycle having (i) at a first point, (1) calculating a net asset value of the investment pair according to formula eq.nav=(eq.primary+eq.secondary); (2) calculating a nominal net asset value according to formula nn.nav=(hu.primary* price+eq.secondary) (3) calculating an actual leverage factor according to formula lf.actual=(nn.nav/eq.nav); (ii) at a second point calculating by a computer of a rebalance trade of the primary investment according to formula rbtr=(eq.nav*−nn.nav)..
Fs Ip Llc


Methods and tools for guranteeing portfolio expected return while minimizing risks

Methods and tools for guaranteeing portfolio expected return while minimizing risks are disclosed, firstly, extracting the user's investment portfolio, the expected return data, the user's position in upper and lower limits of the various investment and the long and short positions in investment requirements and the user's investment orientation, and quantitatively calculating portfolios of financial risks in all positions; secondly, according to the result of user's data and system risk quantitative calculation and the profit and loss optimization value, dynamically adjusting the actual effective boundary; within the multi-dimensional actual effective boundary calculating the optimum portfolio weights ratio to meet the user's expectation of investment returns and position limits, while minimizing investment risks; then, listing the corresponding increase or decrease in trading, profit and loss and cash flow when transforming the current portfolio into the optimized portfolio, thus improving the user's investment performance while reducing investment risks.. .


Financial evaluation based on foreign remittance activity

Methods, systems, computer readable media, and apparatuses for establishing and/or altering a consumer's payment performance assessment based on foreign remittance transactions are disclosed. A line of credit may be extended to customers for foreign remittance transactions.
Bank Of America Corporation


Mortgage synthesis and automation

A system and methods are provided to enable a user to apply to multiple mortgage lenders, receive real-time loan approvals from said lenders, and complete the acquisition of a mortgage loan via a series of electronic communications via network-accessible computing systems. A mortgage application is automatically generated using intelligent synthesis of data received from multiple sources based on limited personal data manually provided by the user, such as a name, date of birth, social security number and access to financial accounts.
Besmartee, Inc.


Dynamic marketing resource arbitrage

Techniques are disclosed for generating a forward-looking, goal seeking marketing plan that links prior media purchase transactions to predicted future financial results for a brand, product market, or campaign. A computing device is configured to receive input data associated with one or more marketing elements, such as television ads, print ads, and online ads.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Transformation of financial target and quota deployment

One or more processors determine a financial target for a plurality of business accounts across a plurality of product brands that are included in a business account level of an organizational hierarchy of a business organization. The organizational hierarchy includes a plurality of levels.
International Business Machines Corporation


Methods and systems for providing customer relations information

Methods and systems for providing information to a mortgage recipient or other customer of a financial institution. A system identifies potential customer inquiries and provides a list of scripts responsive to the potential customer inquiries.
Altisource Solutions S.à R.l.


Multibank biometric authentication system applied in automatic teller machines equipped with biometric sensors

“multibank biometric authentication system applied in automatic teller machines equipped with biometric sensors”, the “multibank biometric authentication system applied in automatic teller machines with biometric sensors” refers, more specifically, to the use of automatic teller machines to perform transactions with multibank biometric authentication with one, two or three biometric sensors; the system proposed enables transactions to be performed requiring only the biometric authentication or requiring contingency devices, i.e., positive identification, tan code, token, or further, that it is realized requesting the combination of devices, being the referred solution developed to reduce costs and increase accuracy in the user (u) authentication, providing full security in financial transactions, on a configurable customized manner to attend the needs of the financial institutions (16) and users (u).. .
Tecnologia BancÁria S.a.


Systems and methods for authorizing a purchase transaction using net worth estimate

Systems and methods for permitting a consumer to consummate a purchase transaction when the purchase transaction amount exceeds an available credit limit and that consumer has assets to cover the overage amount. Thus, in some embodiments a net worth confirmation platform receives transaction information, transmits the transaction information to an issuer financial institution (fi), receives an indication from the issuer fi that the that the transaction is unauthorized, and determines that at least one business rule applies to the transaction and an overage amount.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Method and system for preventing fraud

Disclosed herein are methods and systems of preventing fraud during a financial transaction. A consumer can subscribe, enter, and store their personal and business credit and debit card information, account numbers, pin numbers, logins, and passwords on a secure website.
Bioprint Security, Ltd.


Methods of monitoring behavior/activity of an individual associated with an organization

A cooperative arrangement and method to monitor behaviors and other activities by an individual in an organization. Personal financial information associated with an individual who is associated with, or to be associated with, the organization are obtained.


Framework for assessing the sensitivity of productivity measures to exogenous factors and operational decisions and for the computer generated proposal of optimal operating plans

The present disclosure is directed to a framework for modelling the effects on exogenous factors on an operating plan that captures how a business would react to variability of exogenous factors as well as the effect of simultaneously implementing various operating decisions. The framework can also generate optimal operating plans given variability of exogenous factors and reactive business decisions.
Openlink Financial Llc


Method and device for image-based visibility range estimation

A method for image-based visibility range estimation for a vehicle includes: ascertaining a depiction of an object of the surroundings in an image of an image detection device of the vehicle, the object having an extension in the direction of travel of the vehicle, the image showing a depiction of surroundings ahead of the vehicle; segmenting the depiction of the object in order to obtain first and second object ranges of the object having respective first and second distances to the image detection device within respective tolerance ranges; determining a first object luminance of the first object range and a second object luminance of the second object range; and determining an atmospheric extinction coefficient correlated to the visibility range, using the first and second object luminances, and the first and second distances.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Systems and methods for developing and verifying image processing standards for mobile deposit

Systems and methods are provided for assessing whether mobile deposit processing engines meet specified standards for mobile deposit of financial documents. A mobile deposit processing engine (mde) is evaluated to determine if it can perform technical capabilities for improving the quality of and extracting content from an image of a financial document.
Mitek Systems, Inc.


Method and device for tracking-based visibility range estimation

A method is provided for tracking-based visibility range estimation for a vehicle, the method including a step of tracking an object detected in a first image at a first point in time and in a second image at a second point in time, a step of ascertaining a first object luminance of the object and a first distance to the object at the first point in time and also ascertaining a second object luminance of the object and a second distance to the object at the second point in time, and also a step of determining an atmospheric extinction coefficient using the first object luminance, the second object luminance, the first distance, and the second distance, the atmospheric extinction coefficient being in direct correlation to visibility range.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Systems and methods for applying constructs to a received data set

Systems and methods are described for applying predefined constructs to data sets to generate visualizations. A server may provide a construct library that includes a plurality of constructs organized into a hierarchical system based on topics associated with financial planning.
Cpm Methods, Inc.


Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records

An apparatus that operates to cause financial transfers responsive to data read from data bearing records includes at least one processor that is in operative connection with a card reader and a touch screen display. The at least one processor causes the machine to operate to read card data from a user card, and to cause a determination that the read card data corresponds to an authorized financial account.
Diebold Self-service Systems, Division Of Diebold, Incorporated

Inanc topics: Transactions, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Graphical User Interface, User Interface, Credentials, Ultraviolet, Gray Scale, Arithmetic, Coordinates, Image Processing, Electro Luminescence, Ion Source, Image Capture, Subscriber Identity Module

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