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Electromagnetic interference suppressor

Toda Kogyo Corp.

Electromagnetic interference suppressor

Mobile terminal

Lg Electronics

Mobile terminal

Mobile terminal

Samsung Electro-mechanics

Resistance assembly for mobile device and manufacturing method thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ina-related patents
 Magnetic field shielding sheet,  manufacturing the same and portable terminal device using the same patent thumbnailMagnetic field shielding sheet, manufacturing the same and portable terminal device using the same
Provided is a magnetic field shielding sheet including: an amorphous ribbon which is formed into a plurality of pieces; a cover layer which is bonded on one surface of the amorphous ribbon; a double-sided tape which is adhered on the other surface of the amorphous ribbon; and an adhesive film which is filled in gaps between the plurality of pieces, to prevent water from penetrating into the gaps. Accordingly, the amorphous ribbon is prevented from being oxidized with no result of causing an appearance problem and lowering shielding performance, due to oxidizing of the amorphous ribbon..
Amosense Co., Ltd.

 Electromagnetic interference suppressor patent thumbnailElectromagnetic interference suppressor
The present invention relates to an electromagnetic interference suppression sheet comprising a conductive layer comprising a conductive metal filler and having a surface electrical resistance of 100 to 5000 Ω/□, and a magnetic layer comprising a magnetic material mixed therein and having a real part μ′ of a magnetic permeability of 3 to 45 as measured at 100 mhz which is laminated on the conductive layer. The electromagnetic interference suppression sheet of the present invention is suitable for high-density packaging of electronic devices, and has an excellent low-pass filter characteristic in a near electromagnetic field in a wide frequency band ranging from a low frequency to a high frequency..
Toda Kogyo Corp.

 Mobile terminal patent thumbnailMobile terminal
The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal, and there is provided a mobile terminal including a terminal body having a front surface and a rear surface, a rear input unit comprising a first button portion externally exposed from the rear surface to receive a push input with a first function and a second button portion provided with keys disposed at both sides, respectively, around the first button portion to receive a push input with a second function different from the first function, and a sensor disposed at a lower portion of the first button portion, wherein the second button portion is provided with a through hole accommodating the first button portion to dispose the first button portion between the keys, and the sensor is disposed to overlap with an inner region of the through hole, and at least part thereof is formed to overlap with a first switch for activating the first button portion.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Resistance assembly for mobile device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailResistance assembly for mobile device and manufacturing method thereof
A resistance assembly for a mobile device and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The resistance assembly for a mobile device in accordance with an aspect of the present invention includes: a substrate having a circuit formed thereon; first to fourth pads laminated and separated from one another on the substrate; first to fourth terminals connected to the first to fourth pads, respectively, by being formed in a longitudinal direction along edges of lateral surfaces of a resistance body that are opposite to each other; and first and second resistors formed in between the first to fourth terminals along the opposite lateral and connected in parallel to each other on the resistance body and configured to adjust electric current flowed into the circuit..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Package for optical module patent thumbnailPackage for optical module
A package for optical module includes a flat-plate-shaped metal base, and a ceramic circuit board in which a plurality of terminals are arranged in a longitudinal direction, and which is joined to an upper surface of the metal base by soldering. The ceramic circuit board has a shape change portion in which the ceramic circuit board is changed in shape along the longitudinal direction, and a region of the ceramic circuit board not including the shape change portion is joined to the metal base by soldering.
Ntt Electronics Corporation

 Wiring board patent thumbnailWiring board
To provide a wiring board ensuring adhesion strength of a connecting terminal to reduce the connecting terminal from being fallen over or peeled off under fabrication process. The wiring board according to the present invention includes a laminated body where one or more layer of each of an insulating layer and a conductor layer are laminated.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

 Via in a printed circuit board patent thumbnailVia in a printed circuit board
A via in a printed circuit board is composed of a patterned metal layer that extends through a hole in dielectric laminate material that has been covered with catalytic adhesive material on both faces of the dielectric laminate material. The layer of catalytic adhesive coats a portion of the dielectric laminate material around the hole.

 Epoxy resin composition and printed circuit board using same patent thumbnailEpoxy resin composition and printed circuit board using same
The epoxy resin composition according to one embodiment of the present invention contains an epoxy compound, a curing agent, and an inorganic filler, wherein the inorganic filler contains spherical alumina (al2o3).. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

 Embedded traces patent thumbnailEmbedded traces
A printed circuit board includes a laminate substrate. The laminate substrate includes catalytic material that resists metal plating except where a surface of the catalytic material is ablated.

 Embedded traces patent thumbnailEmbedded traces
A printed circuit board includes a laminate substrate. The laminate substrate includes catalytic core material that resists metal plating except where a surface of the catalytic material is ablated.


Controlling electric power steering apparatus

There is provided a printed circuit substrate and a noise suppression structure capable of minimizing constraint on a component layout on a substrate and suppressing noise. The printed circuit substrate includes conductive patterns of odd numbered layers and conductive patterns of even numbered layers which are alternately arranged in a vertical direction and hold an insulating layer between each layer.
Nsk Ltd.


Biosensing electronic devices

The device consists of measuring aspects of human activity or emotion and then communicating that information to an adjustable lighting device or electronic display (as part of a phone, tablet, computer etc) such that the color temperature (or luminance) of the display or lamp is adjusted to match the mood of the user e.g. Warmer in the evening close to the end of the day, and cooler in the morning for productivity..
Universal Display Corporation


Sports lighting to increase contrast

Apparatus, method, and system for improving visibility of objects against a background. Background luminance is monitored for an event or condition.
Musco Corporation


Facilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels

An apparatus facilitating luminosity uniformity across an organic light emitting diode (oled) device is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes: operating an organic light emitting diode (oled) device including an anode; a semiconductor material coupled to the anode; and a cathode coupled to the semiconductor material.
City University Of Hong Kong


High temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly

An electrical insulating and heating element support assembly for a high temperature vacuum furnace having a threaded support rod for connecting a heating element to the insulated hot-zone support ring in an electrically non-connected position includes insulator sleeves and washers surrounding the rod in contact with a series of refractory metal washers which may include graphite and/or molybdenum as shielding liners used to protect electrical insulators from having electrical short path means due to deposition of conductive materials onto the non-conducting insulators, and the use of threaded nuts and bushings to anchor the rod and shielding arrangement within the furnace hot zone. The non-conducting insulators and washers are made from materials with high thermal and electrical resistance, such as preferably alumina or mullite, and radially surround the support rod and the heating element.


Mobile communication terminal device and selecting a virtual carrier for machine-type communications based on measurements of channel conditions

An apparatus and method providing feedback on channel conditions in a wireless telecommunications system including a base station to communicate with plural terminals device using frequencies spanning a system frequency bandwidth. At least one terminal device is a reduced capability terminal device including a tuneable transceiver configured to receive downlink transmissions from the base station using only a restricted frequency bandwidth smaller than and within the system frequency bandwidth.
Sony Corporation


Communication apparatus and communication method

A wireless communication base station device, terminal device, and method have reduced signaling while maintaining high scheduling gain. A judgment unit pre-stores a correspondence between the number of code words and the number of clusters to reduce the maximum value for the number of clusters allocated to each terminal as the number of code words increases, and thus determines the maximum value for the number of clusters based on the number of code words acquired.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Communication system, mobile terminal apparatus, local area base station apparatus and communication method

The present invention is designed to provide highly efficient local area radio access. A communication system, in which a mobile terminal apparatus (10) detects a local area base station apparatus (30) to connect to, among local area base station apparatuses (30), is configured such that the local area base station apparatuses (30) transmit detection signals to be used to detect the local area base station apparatus (30), to the mobile terminal apparatus (10), in a radio communication scheme for the local areas, which is different from the radio communication scheme for the wide area, and the mobile terminal apparatus (10) transmits detection signal measurement results to the local area base station apparatus (30), through an uplink channel that is defined in the radio communication scheme for the local areas..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Determining network availability based on geographical location

A mobile terminal comprising: a positioning module arranged to determine a geographical location of the mobile terminal; a local transceiver for connecting to local wireless access networks; and processing apparatus for communicating with a first, packet-based network by forming connections with the wireless local area networks using the local transceiver. The processing apparatus is configured to determine measures of connection quality experienced by the mobile terminal on ones of the connections, and to record the determined measures in a database associating measures of connection quality with geographical locations.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


System, wireless network connection using near field communication

A system, method, and apparatus are provided for establishing a wireless network connection between a mobile terminal and an electronic apparatus by using a near field communication network. At least one electronic apparatus is connected to the near field communication network.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Upstream external phy interface for data and control plane traffic

An access point that supports downstream and upstream communication from and to a modular cable modem termination system (m-cmts) core to and from customer premises equipment (cpe), respectively, implements an upstream external phy interface (uepi) protocol with the m-cmts core for control of the upstream communication. The access point receives from the m-cmts core first uepi control messages comprising information to configure one or more pathways with the access point for data plane upstream communication and control plane communication.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Image coding device, image coding method, program thereof, image decoding device, image decoding method, and program thereof

A linear interpolation filter used for intra-prediction is applied to not only a luminance signal, but also a chrominance signal. A noise like contouring, which may occur in the chrominance signal, is reduced by performing control independently on the chrominance signal.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image processing device and image processing method

Provided is an image processing apparatus including a prediction section that generates a predicted value of a color difference component of a pixel of an image to be decoded by using a function of a value of a corresponding luminance component, a coefficient calculation section that calculates a coefficient of the function used by the prediction section by referencing a pixel around a block to which the pixel belongs, and a controller that controls a ratio of a number of reference pixels used by the coefficient calculation section to a block size of the block.. .
Sony Corporation


Image processing device, image capture device, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium

An image processing device includes a demosaicing process device, a luminance system image data acquisition device that acquires luminance system image data as image data regarding the luminance, a point image restoration process execution device, an information acquisition device that acquires control information concerning execution of the point image restoration process on the basis of imaging information concerning an imaging condition of a subject, and a point image restoration process control device.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

A mobile terminal including a camera; a display unit configured to display a preview image input through the camera; and a controller configured to select an object in the preview image in response to a user input for touching the object or setting a specific region comprising the object; and output an alarm when the object moves out from the preview image.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Mobile terminal and controlling the same

A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to perform wireless communication; a camera configured to obtain an image; a display unit configured to display a preview image obtained through the camera; and a controller configured to control the display unit to operate in any one of a first state in which a graphic object relating to an image capturing function is displayed overlapping the preview image and a second state in which the graphic object is not displayed while the preview image is displayed, based on a user request, and when a first pre-set type of touch is sensed in a region on which the preview image is displayed in the second state, control the camera to capture the preview image based on the pre-set type of touch.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Tone mapping for low-light video frame enhancement

A technique is provided for generating sharp, well-exposed, color images front low-light images. A series of under-exposed images is acquired.
Fotonation Limited


Terminal device, acquiring drawing target, and computer-readable recording medium

A terminal device, comprising: a capturing unit capturing a subject; a light emitting unit; a display unit, a processor, and a storage unit containing a program that causes the processor to execute a process of acquiring a drawing target drawn by a user from a captured image of the subject including the drawing target and causing the drawing target to be displayed on a screen of the display unit, the program causes the processor to execute; controlling the light emitting unit to emit the light when the capturing unit captures the subject according to the user's operation, acquiring the captured image that is obtained by capturing the subject irradiated with the light emitted from the light emitting unit, performing image correction corresponding to a brightness distribution of the light emitted from the light emitting unit on the captured image, and extracting the drawing target from the captured image acquired.. .
Ricoh Company, Limited


Method, device and storage medium for setting position of function setting key of mobile terminal

Described are a method, a device and a storage medium for setting a position of a function setting key of a mobile terminal, belonging to the computer field. The method includes obtaining display information and trigger event information of a function setting key of a target application, and setting each function setting key in a page of a notification center.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Mobile terminal

A mobile terminal disclosed herein includes a main body having front and side surfaces, a window provided on a top of the main body and curved from the front surface toward the side surfaces to define at least a part of the side surfaces, a touch sensor provided on a rear surface of the window and curved along a shape of the window, a frame provided on a rear surface of the display and having a shape corresponding to the display for support, supporting members supporting ends of the window, the touch sensor and the display and partially defining the side surfaces of the terminal, and a rear case covering a rear surface of the main body, wherein the touch sensor and display are formed longer along side surfaces of the window, and the window contacts parts of the supporting members, externally exposed to define the side surfaces of the terminal.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Terminal device, program, data transmission/reception system, and data transmission/reception method

When data transmission/reception is performed between different services on a network, data acquired by one of the services needs to be updated to the other of the services after being once downloaded to a user terminal. In the present invention, information for an access and charging of a fee is notified, as appropriate, to a server in a service requiring the information, and information for a data request or an access is notified from the server to a server in the other service.
Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.


Message distribution system, distribution sequence determination device, distribution sequence determination method, and distribution sequence determination program

In order to reduce wasteful delays occurring when a mobile terminal whose rrc state is a state wherein communication is possible transfers in a temporarily stopped state, a distribution sequence determination device, which determines the distribution sequence for push messages transmitted to each of multiple terminals, determines the distribution sequence on the basis of whether each of the multiple terminals is in a state wherein communication is possible or is in a temporarily stopped state, so as to transmit the push messages to each of the multiple terminals in a distribution sequence in which terminals in a state wherein communication is possible are given priority over terminals in the temporarily stopped state.. .
Nec Corporation


Methods and apparatus to support globalplatform usage on an embedded uicc

Disclosed herein is a technique for managing one or more electronic subscriber identity modules (esims) on an embedded uicc (euicc). In particular, the technique involves leveraging the globalplatform™ specification and/or other telecommunication standards to support the esims on the euicc.
Apple Inc.


Bit string collation system, bit string collation method, and program

A system includes a first bit string position permutation unit to perform position permutation of an input first bit string; a template generation unit to perform an exclusive or operation of a bit string resulting from the position permutation of the first bit string and a code word of a binary linear code and generate auxiliary data; a second bit string position permutation unit to perform same position permutation of an input second bit string; and a bit string collation unit to verify that a hamming distance between position permutation result of the second and second bit strings is not more than a predetermined value.. .
Nec Corporation


Information processing apparatus and report generating method

An information processing apparatus includes: a software information acquiring unit that acquires, from a terminal device, software information on software running on the terminal device; a specifying unit that specifies region information on a region to which a user using the terminal device belongs, on the basis of the software information; a device management information acquiring unit that acquires device management information on usage of a device; a generating unit that generates a report on the basis of the region information and the device management information; and an output unit that outputs the report to the terminal device.. .


Method and device for managing processes of application program

The present disclosure provides a method and device for managing processes of an application program. The method and device relate to the field of electronic terminal devices, which may significantly save processing resources of the electronic terminal devices so as to improve the efficiency of using the resources.
Xiaomi Inc.


Application scenario identification method, power consumption management method, apparatus, and terminal device

A method for identifying an application scenario of a terminal device, where the method includes analyzing an application program running on a terminal device by means of compilation to obtain characteristic data of the application program; and determining, from a scenario characteristic data set according to the characteristic data of the application program, application scenario information corresponding to the characteristic data of the application program, where the scenario characteristic data set includes a correspondence between multiple types of application scenario information and characteristic data of multiple application programs. Because characteristic data of an application program is more likely to be unique in describing a corresponding application scenario, application scenario information corresponding to the characteristic data of the application program is relatively accurate.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


End-to-end real-time transport protocol (rtp) packet transmission delay measurement apparatus and method

In a wireless call between two mobile phones, metrics of conversational latency between the two parties determines a measure of quality of service (qos) for the one or more carriers of real-time transport protocol rtp packets. Packages of metrics are collected at the two terminal devices, each of which may have an independent local clock.
Carrier Iq, Inc.


Base station device, wireless communication system, wireless communication method, and integrated circuit

A base station device according to the present invention receives wireless frames transmitted by terminal devices in nearby cells, estimates the state of the propagation channels between the terminal devices in the nearby cells and itself, based on the received signals thereof, and performs precoding on transmission data addressed to terminal devices in its own cell, based on the estimation results of the propagation channel state, and transmits.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


A mobile telephone shell and a mobile terminal

In one embodiment, a shell is provided. In one embodiment, the shell is arranged to receive a mobile telephone in removable manner, the telephone having a slot in a lateral edge enabling a subscriber identity card to be inserted therein.


Mobile terminal and specific absorption rate reduction method

A mobile terminal and a method for reducing a specific absorption rate are disclosed. The mobile terminal includes: a control unit is connected to an input unit, a memory and a switch, an antenna group containing multiple antennas, and the switch connected to each antenna and the radio-frequency circuit; wherein the input unit is configured to: detect a location of the mobile terminal relative to a user, and notify the control unit of the location; the memory is configured to: store location-specific absorption rate corresponding information of each antenna; and the control unit is configured to: according to the location, search the location-specific absorption rate corresponding information for a specific absorption rate of each antenna at the location obtained, select an antenna according to the specific absorption rate of each antenna at the location and control the switch to connect the selected antenna with the radio-frequency circuit..
Zte Corporation


Common mode filter and manufacturing method thereof

Disclosed are a common mode filter and a manufacturing method thereof. The common mode filter in accordance with an aspect of the present invention includes: a substrate; a filter layer including a coil and a dielectric layer and disposed on the substrate and configured to remove a signal noise; and a magnetic layer being laminated on the filter layer, and a surface of the filter layer being joined with the magnetic layer can be formed to be flat by having the coil embedded in a surface of the filter layer being joined with the magnetic layer in such a way that one surface of the coil is exposed..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Transmit circuit, adjusting a bias of a power amplifier and adapting the provision of a bias information

A transmit circuit includes an envelope tracker configured to determine an envelope of a transmit signal and provide bias information based on the determined envelope of the transmit signal. The transmit circuit further includes a power amplifier configured to generate an rf output signal based on the transmit signal, a bias provider configured to provide a bias for the power amplifier based on the bias information, and an impedance determinator configured to determine a measure of a load impedance of a load coupled to an output of the power amplifier.
Intel Mobile Communications Gmbh


Elastic shading textile comprising photovoltaic elements, and corresponding multiple glazing

A shading textile is characterized in that it comprises a plurality of strip-shaped photovoltaic lamellas which, aligned next to one another or spaced apart from one another in their longitudinal direction, form a continuous product by means of a yarn system, wherein the yarn system is designed to be elastic in at least one direction, so that by tensioning the shading textile, a spacing between adjacent photovoltaic elements can be varied perpendicular to the longitudinal direction.. .
Penn Textile Solutions Gmbh


Dc-to-dc converter

A dc to dc converter includes: first and second switching elements connected at a first connection point between a first input/output terminal and a first ground terminal; third and fourth switching elements connected at a second connection point between the first input/output terminal and the first ground terminal; a resonant capacitor and a resonant inductor connected in series between the first and second connection points; fifth and sixth switching elements connected at a third connection point between a second input/output terminal and a second ground terminal; seventh and eighth switching elements connected at a fourth connection point between the second input/output terminal and the second ground terminal; a transformer; and a control circuit. The control circuit is operable to adjust the pulse waveforms for switching the fifth to eighth switching elements when voltage at the second input/output terminal is stepped down and output from the first input/output terminal..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Rotor and forming same

A method of forming a rotor includes inserting a conductor bar into a slot defined by a lamination stack to define a gap between the conductor bar and the lamination stack. The method further includes, after inserting, swelling the conductor bar within the slot to fill the gap and form the rotor.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Rotating electric machine

Provided is a rotating electric machine capable of suppressing an increase in temperature of an output terminal (26) to suppress a temperature rise of an internal device, and preventing lowering of a force for fastening the output terminal and a terminal portion of an external device. The rotating electric machine for a vehicle includes a rectifier provided inside a casing, and a terminal device projecting outward through an opening portion of the casing to connect the internal device and the external device.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Armature winding of rotating electrical machine

According to one embodiment, there is provided a 3-phase 2-pole 2-layer armature winding, housed in 72 slots provided in a laminated iron core, a winding of each phase including six parallel circuits separated into two phase belts. Upper coil pieces of first and fourth parallel circuits are placed at 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th positions, and lower coil pieces of the first and fourth parallel circuits are placed at 1st, 6th, 9th, and 10th positions, upper and lower coil pieces of second and fifth parallel circuits are placed at 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th positions, and upper coil pieces of third and six parallel circuits are placed at 1st, 6th, 9th, and 10th positions, and lower coil pieces of the third and six parallel circuits are placed at 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th positions, from the center of a pole..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Laminated core for motor and manufacturing the same

Disclosed herein is a laminated core for a motor manufactured by laminating sheets of a plurality of cores. The laminated core is formed by connection of a plurality of split cores, yoke parts of the split cores which are adjacent to each other get in contact with each other so as to form a contact part, and a connection caulking part is formed at the contact part..
New Motech Co., Ltd.


Protection element

The present invention provides a protection device which comprises: a laminar element 16 which is formed of an insulation resin and has at least one throughhole; electrically conductive metal thin layers 22 and 28 which are positioned on each of main surfaces of the laminar element, and a fuse layer 40 which is positioned on a side surface defining said at least one throughhole and electrically connects the electrically conductive metal thin layers wherein the fuse layer comprises a first metal layer 41 consisting of a metal having a higher melting point and a second metal layer 42 consisting of a metal having a lower melting point. The protection device of the present invention allows a larger amount of a current to flow therethrough and can provide a protection from an excessive current..
Tyco Electronics Japan G.k.


Low profile connector system

A connector system is disclosed that can support high data rates over a connector with terminals on a 0.5 mm pitch. A plug connector can include a termination module that has a paddle card and a plug module that includes rows of terminals.
Molex Incorporated


Latch assemblies for connector systems

A connector system includes a cavity configured to hold a connector module. The cartridge has a port opening to the cavity.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Latch assemblies for connector systems

A connector system includes a cartridge having at least one cavity configured to hold connector modules therein. The connector system also includes at least one slider latch housed in the cartridge.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Connecting structure of connector and terminal fitting

A female terminal fitting is provided with a lance hole at a given position in the longitudinal direction of a bottom wall portion thereof, a latching groove of a lance portion formed inside a terminal housing cavity of a connector housing being resiliently inserted into the lance hole, and with a latching protrusion formed at a hole edge portion on the front end side of the lance hole, an end edge of a retaining portion inserted in the lance hole abutting and latching on the latching protrusion. The latching protrusion includes a conical portion gradually expanding its diameter from a vertex on the front side toward a rear end on the hole edge portion side of the lance hole, a cylindrical portion integrally formed at the rear end edge of the conical portion, and a cutout portion with a part of the conical portion is cut out..
Yazaki Corporation


Male blade electrical connector

An electrical connector includes a compliant attachment at a first end of the electrical connector, the ferrule-like attachment configured to be received by a printed circuit board; a male blade at a second end of the electrical connector extending from the first end along a longitudinal axis; the male blade configured to removably engage a female blade electrical connector, the male blade having a first side flap and a second side flap, the first side flap and second side flap each having an edge and each of the first side flap and second side flap folded over upon itself such that the edges of the first and second side flaps substantially oppose each other along the longitudinal axis; an intermediate region between the ferrule-like attachment and the male blade, wherein at least one of the first side flap and the second side flap includes a support tab that extends into the intermediate region.. .
Pancon Corporation Llc


Antenna device and wireless transmission device

In each parasitic element array, parasitic elements, each having a strip shape substantially parallel to a longitudinal direction of a dipole antenna, are formed at predetermined intervals. The parasitic element arrays are arranged such that a plurality of gaps are formed to propagate a radio wave from the dipole antenna, and that a center axis of the dipole antenna and a center axis of a parasitic element group composed of a plurality of parasitic element arrays do not overlap each other, where the center axis of the dipole antenna extends in a wave-guiding direction of a radio frequency signal from a center of the longitudinal direction of the dipole antenna, and the center axis of the parasitic element group extends in the wave-guiding direction of the radio frequency signal from a center of the parasitic element group in the longitudinal direction of the dipole antenna..
Panasonic Corporation


Flat cable

A flat cable includes a dielectric element assembly including a plurality of dielectric layers laminated on each other, a linear signal line provided in the dielectric element assembly, a first ground conductor provided on one side in a direction of lamination relative to the signal line and including a plurality of first openings arranged along the signal line, and a second ground conductor provided on the other side in the direction of lamination relative to the signal line and including a plurality of second openings arranged along the signal line. The first ground conductor is more distant from the signal line in the direction of lamination than is the second ground conductor.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Laminated battery and manufacturing method therefor

A laminated battery provided with an electricity-producing element and an outer case. The electricity-producing element contains a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.


Assembled battery

An assembled battery is configured by connecting a plurality of battery cells arranged in a laminated structure via a bus bar. The battery cell includes a first electrode terminal and a second electrode terminal; and the bus bar includes a first electrode connection portion connected to the first electrode terminal of one battery cell and a second electrode connection portion connected to the second electrode terminal of another battery cell adjacent to the one battery cell.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Porous separation membrane, secondary battery using same, and manufacturing said secondary battery

Provides are a porous separator that prevents a short-circuit between two electrodes by using a porous nanofiber web where nanofibers have a core-shell structure, to thereby promote safety and thinning simultaneously. The porous separator includes: a porous nonwoven fabric playing a support role and having micropores; and a porous nanofiber web that is laminated on one side of the porous nonwoven fabric, and plays a role of an adhesive layer and an ion-containing layer when the porous nanofiber web is in close contact with an opposed electrode, wherein a portion of the porous nanofiber web is incorporated in a surface layer of the porous nonwoven fabric, to thus partially block pores of the porous nonwoven fabric and to thereby lower porosity of the porous nonwoven fabric.
Amogreentech Co., Ltd.


Facilitating improved luminance uniformity in organic light emitting diode device panels

An apparatus facilitating luminosity uniformity across organic light emitting diode (oled) device is provided. In one embodiment, the apparatus can include an organic light emitting diode (oled) device including: an anode; a semiconductor material coupled to the anode; and a cathode coupled to the semiconductor material.
City University Of Hong Kong


Organic light emitting compound and organic light emitting device including the same

Also disclosed is an organic light emitting device including the organic light emitting compound. The organic light emitting device can be driven at a low voltage to achieve high power efficiency.


Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device comprising the same

The components of formula 1 are described herein. An organic light-emitting device includes the condensed cyclic compound.


Baw component, lamination for a baw component, and manufacturing a baw component

A baw component, a lamination for a baw component, and a method for manufacturing a baw component are provided. A lamination for a baw component includes a first layer with a first piezoelectric material and a second layer with a second piezoelectric material that is different than the first piezoelectric material.
Epcos Ag


Light emitting device and electronic appliance

The present invention is to provide a light emitting device capable of obtaining a certain luminance without influence by the temperature change, and a driving method thereof. A current mirror circuit formed by using a transistor is provided for each pixel.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Laminated semiconductor device

A laminated semiconductor device includes: a first semiconductor element provided with a photoelectric conversion region on its main surface; an extended portion extended outwardly from a side end surface of the first semiconductor element; a redistribution layer formed on a first surface of the extended portion; a second semiconductor element provided on the main surface of the first semiconductor element so as to extend to the extended portion from an outside of the photoelectric conversion region, the second semiconductor element being electrically connected to the first semiconductor element and the redistribution layer; and a first electrode pad formed on the redistribution layer and electrically connected to the second semiconductor element via the redistribution layer.. .
Panasonic Corporation


Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor

One semiconductor device includes a circuit board on which multiple connection pads are formed, a first semiconductor chip that is mounted on the circuit board, a second semiconductor chip that is laminated on the first semiconductor chip and has multiple electrodes, reinforcement plates that are laminated on the second semiconductor chip, and multiple wires that electrically connect the multiple connection pads and the multiple electrodes together, wherein the second semiconductor chip has a laminated area that overlaps with the first semiconductor chip and overhang areas that overhang from the first semiconductor chip, the electrodes are formed in the overhang areas, and the reinforcement plates are laminated on the second semiconductor chip so as to straddle the laminated area and the respective overhang areas of the second semiconductor chip.. .
Ps5 Luxco S.a.r.l.


Substrate and forming the same

Methods and apparatus for formation of a semiconductor substrate with photoactive dielectric material, embedded traces, a padless skip via extending through two dielectric layers, and a coreless package are provided. In one embodiment, a method for forming a core having a copper layer; laminating the copper layer a photoactive dielectric layer; forming a plurality of trace patterns in the photoactive dielectric layer; plating the plurality of trace patterns to form a plurality of traces; forming an insulating dielectric layer on the photoactive dielectric layer; forming a via through the insulating dielectric layer and the photoactive dielectric layer; forming additional routing patterns on the insulating dielectric layer; removing the core; and applying a solder mask..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Plasma etching method and plasma etching apparatus

Disclosed is a plasma etching method including a deposition process and an etching process. For a processing target object including a base layer and a photoresist having a predetermined pattern which are laminated in sequence, the deposition process deposits a protective layer including silicon and carbon on the photoresist of the processing target object by plasma of a first processing gas including silicon tetrachloride gas, methane gas, and hydrogen gas.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Cu-ga binary alloy sputtering target and producing the same

A cu—ga binary alloy sputtering target having excellent mechanical workability, high density, and high bending strength, and a method of producing the sputtering target are provided. The sputtering target has a composition including 28 to 35 atomic % of ga and the balance made of cu and inevitable impurities.
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation


Method and table assembly for applying coatings to spherical components

A method of coating spherical components with a coating process in which the spherical components have a surface area includes positioning the spherical components within a containment boundary on a moving member and positioning the moving member within a chamber. The method includes reducing the pressure within the chamber to less than one atmosphere.


Laminated ceramic electronic component and producing laminated ceramic electronic component

A laminated ceramic electronic component has a variety of superior mechanical properties and electrical properties, including a high degree of freedom in the design for ceramic materials, and can be manufactured at low cost and with a low percentage of defective products. The laminated ceramic electronic component includes a laminate including a plurality of stacked ceramic layers and a plurality of internal electrodes containing al as a main constituent, the internal electrodes being arranged along specific interfaces between the ceramic layers, and external electrodes located on an outer surface of the laminate, wherein surface layer sections of the internal electrodes include an al2o3 layer..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Multilayer inductor device

A multilayer inductor device (10) includes a magnetic multilayer body (100) in which magnetic layers (110, 120, 130, 140) are laminated in this order. Coil conductors (211, 212) having winding forms are formed on the magnetic layers (110, 130), respectively.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



A reactor includes a laminated core formed by laminating soft-magnetic ribbons in a lamination direction. The laminated core has a gap formed across a magnetic path direction in the laminated core.
Tokyo Metropolitan University


Oxide superconductor wire, connection structure thereof, and superconductor equipment

An oxide superconductor wire including: a superconductor laminate including a tape-shaped substrate, an interlayer, an oxide superconductor layer, and a protection layer which are formed on the substrate; a metal stabilization layer covering the periphery of the superconductor laminate; a first electrically conductive joint material arranged between the superconductor laminate and the metal stabilization layer; and a sealing member formed from a metal foil, connected to a terminal of the superconductor laminate, and extending in the longitudinal direction of the superconductor laminate, wherein the metal stabilization layer includes an extension part formed so as to cover the periphery of the sealing member, and wherein the first electrically conductive joint material includes an extension part arranged between the extension part of the metal stabilization layer and the sealing member and formed so as to cover the periphery of the sealing member.. .
Fujikura Ltd.


Management equipment transfer apparatus

A management equipment transfer apparatus which transfers management equipment, which tests and maintains an inside of a nuclear reactor vessel, inside the nuclear reactor vessel while being locked to the management equipment and the nuclear reactor vessel, includes: a cross beam configured to be lengthily disposed inside the nuclear reactor vessel in a transverse direction; a rod configured to be connected to a cross beam lengthily disposed inside the nuclear reactor vessel in a longitudinal direction; a bracket configured to be mounted in the rod to fix the management equipment; an arm configured to extend toward an inner peripheral surface of the nuclear reactor vessel and be connected to the cross beam; and rolling parts configured to be disposed at ends of the arm and the cross beam, contact the inner peripheral surface of the nuclear reactor vessel, and rotatably support the cross beam and the arm.. .
Korea Plant Service & Engineering Co., Ltd.


Dynamic control of signaling power based on an error rate

Writing to and reading from dynamic random access memory (dram) by a system on chip (soc) over a multiphase multilane memory bus has power consumption optimized based on bit error rate (ber) and one or more thresholds. The bit error rate (ber) may be measured and used to control parameters to achieve optimal balance between power consumption and accuracy.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Image display device and method

An image display method includes the steps of: acquiring a third image formed by applying dynamic range extension processing to a first image and a second image photographed with low sensitivity or low exposure with respect to the first image, or a fourth image without dynamic range extension processing; displaying the acquired image in a transmissive type display panel; and making backlight luminance of a segment corresponding to a high luminance portion in the third image higher than backlight luminance of a segment corresponding to a low luminance portion when the acquired image is determined to be the third image.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Label and laminate having selectively applied adhesive

Disclosed herein is a laminate and method of making the same, the laminate including a face layer and a liner layer. A plurality of release coating sections are applied to the liner and the face layer and at least two of the plurality of release coating sections are located on the face layer and are spaced apart at a distance from each other to define a gap.


Integrated user authentication and proctoring system for online and distance education courses and methods of use

The present invention relates to an integrated student authentication and proctoring system for online and distance education programs, methods of producing the same, and methods of utilizing the same. In particular, the present invention relates to a software plugin or api that integrates with an existing learning management system (lms) to provide customizable settings that enables one party (e.g., an academic institution or instructor) to take photos, compare photo from existing database, video, audio recordings, screen shots, thumb and finger print scan, retina scan, and/or provide security questions that must be answered by another party (e.g., student being tested) in order to authenticate the user and deter academic dishonesty..


Mobile terminal and vehicle control

A mobile terminal is configured to be worn on a user's wrist region. The mobile terminal includes a muscle sensor that is configured to sense movement of muscle in the user's wrist region, and a proximity sensor that is configured to sense a proximity of the mobile terminal to the user's wrist region.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Glass type mobile terminal

A glass type mobile terminal is provided. The mobile terminal includes a band frame wearable on a user's head, a light transmissive lens coupled to the band frame to be located in front the user wearing the band frame, the light transmissive lens comprising a transparent screen where an image is focused, a projector for outputting an image toward the transparent screen from a lateral surface of the light transmissive lens, a photo shutter coupled to a front surface of the lens, with a controllable transparency, and a controller for controlling the transparency of the photo shutter, such that the visibility of the image focused on the light transmissive lens may be enhanced by controlling the transparency of the light transmissive lens, using the photo shutter, that a clear image may be seen even in a bright place..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Encoding polygon data for fast retrieval and rendering

An indexed list of vertices is generated to represent a polygon. The indexed list is ordered so as to define one or more boundaries of a polygon, where each element in the indexed list of vertices specifies respective coordinates in an at least two-dimensional space.
Google Inc.


Feature-based registration method

Methods for registering a three-dimensional model of a body volume to a real-time indication of a sensor position that involve analyzing scanned and sensed voxels and using parameters or thresholds to identify said voxels as being either tissue or intraluminal fluid. Those voxels identified as fluid are then used to construct a real-time sensed three-dimensional model of the lumen which is then compared to a similarly constructed, but previously scanned model to establish and update registration..
Covidien Lp


Image processing dynamically adjusting luminance and contrast of image

An image processing method for adjusting the luminance and contrast of an input image comprises the following steps. First, local spatial luminance statistics is performed on the first pixels of the input image to generate a luminance image including a plurality of second pixels.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.


Providing e-receipts to customers

Embodiments of the invention relate to systems, methods, and computer program products for providing e-receipts to customers. Embodiments receive authorization from a customer for the customer to be enrolled in a point of transaction e-receipt communication program; receive transaction data corresponding to at least one transaction performed by the customer at a point of transaction of a merchant; and initiate communication, to the customer, of an e-receipt based at least in part on the received transaction data.
Bank Of America Corporation


Systems and methods for checking model portfolios for actively managed funds

Embodiments include systems and methods for evaluating the integrity of a model portfolio designed to have substantially the same values, returns, or risk characteristics as a financial instrument. Embodiments include operating a first computer to perform a statistical comparison between said model portfolio and the financial instrument, wherein said statistical comparison compares at least one of the periodic values, returns, and risk characteristics of the model portfolio and the financial instrument over some period of time.
Nyse Mkt Llc


Cryptographic currency for securities settlement

The present disclosure is directed to security settlement in financial markets and cryptographic currencies. Particular portions of the present disclosure are directed to a cryptographic currency protocol and to a cryptographic currency that includes a positional item.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.


Method for retail on-line account opening

A system and method for a retail customer interfacing with a financial institution through a computer network is presented. The method includes a verification of customer-provided information with a pre-existing client identification profile for the customer, a determination of the customer's credit score using a set of predetermined criteria, and presenting a set of account options based at least in part on the verification of the customer-provided information and the customer's credit score.
Branch Banking And Trust Company


Generating customer-specific vehicle proposals for potential vehicle customers

Methods, systems and computer program products for generating customer-specific vehicle proposals that may be based on ongoing vehicle finance payment information and/or information received from a third party entity. Embodiments of inventions herein disclosed provide for efficient identification of potential customers based on their current vehicle and/or ongoing financial obligations related to the current vehicle.
Autoalert, Llc


Information processing method, information processing system, and ordering device

Order information indicating a purchase order is received from an ordering device. Whether a display terminal corresponding to the ordering device from which the order information has been sent exists or not is determined using a table which manages ordering devices and display terminals in association with each other.
Panasonic Intellectual Properity Corporation Of America


Storage system and refill order fulfillment process

Storage system, which comprises storage spaces (1a, 1b, . .
Lvi-wabek Oy


Fulfillment of registered gifts and other items based on user-defined delivery parameters

The invention relates to systems and methods of delivering items purchased from a gift registry based on user-defined delivery parameters, allowing users to request currency items as gifts, and exchanging items for other items, and providing group purchase items. The system may receive from a recipient user an identification of one or more items to be added to the gift registry and one or more delivery parameters that indicates a delivery date used to time delivery of the one or more items.
Zola, Inc.


Email based e-commerce with sms and social media

Methods for email-based e-commerce using sms and social media and for an e-commerce stock management system are disclosed. A method for email-based e-commerce using sms includes receiving, via a social media network, a request from a customer to make a payment via email; generating a first email message that includes a mailto hyperlink and solicits payment in a predetermined amount; transmitting the first email message to the customer; and receiving an email message from the customer confirming payment in the predetermined amount.
@pay Ip Holdings Llc


System and providing an electronic offer management platform

The disclosure relates to systems and methods for providing an electronic offer management platform. Producers may generate offers that are communicated to consumers via a plurality of affiliates that provide the offers to the consumers via their respective assets.
Catalina Marketing Corporation


Social-financial network systems and methods

The present disclosure provides systems and methods directed to a social-financial platform. In certain embodiments, sponsor-members, consumer-members, and beneficiary members are part of a social-financial platform in which purchases made by consumer-members at merchant sponsor-members result in automatic rebates being paid to and allocated between the consumer member and one or more beneficiary-members.
Payforward, Llc


System and identifying preferred customers and providing individualized loyalty campaigns

A method comprising collecting spending activities associated with financial transactions performed by a customer with the merchants, whereby the plurality of financial transactions collected from one or more financial intermediaries, evaluating the spending activities for identifying types of merchants with whom the customer has performed a spending activity and analyzing a spending behavior of the customer, and preparing a customer profile in response to evaluating the plurality of spending activities for enabling the plurality of merchants to view the customer profile, whereby the plurality of merchants identify the customer as a preferred customer by viewing the customer profile and provide privileged services.. .


Unit-based licensing for collage content access

Unit-based licensing for collage content access may include receiving a content access request, which may indicate a customer account, collage information, and content. Unit-based licensing for collage content access may include identifying a cardinality of assigned units for the content, determining an adjusted cardinality of assigned units by adjusting the cardinality of assigned units based on the collage information, identifying a cardinality of available units allocated to the customer account, and determining whether the adjusted cardinality of the assigned units is within the cardinality of the available units.
Altair Engineering, Inc.


Universal positive pay match, authentication, authorization, settlement and clearing system and method

A universal positive pay database (uppd) method, system, and/or computer useable medium to reduce financial transaction fraud. A uppd database is configured to store thereon transaction records associated with financial transactions corresponding to customers of the uppd database.


System and a passphrase account identifier for use in a network environment

A system and method for facilitating a financial transaction over a network including use of a passphrase account identifier is described herein. In one embodiment, a system for facilitating a financial transaction over a network comprises a communication interface; and a payment provider system configured to receive via the communication interface a passphrase account identifier from a merchant system, match the passphrase account identifier to a corresponding funding instrument number of a corresponding funding instrument, communicate the corresponding funding instrument number to an issuer system, receive from the issuer system a notification indication of one of acceptance of the funding instrument or decline of the funding instrument, and communicate back to the merchant system the notification indication..
Paypal, Inc.


Secure management of transactions using a smart/virtual card

A method, system, and/or computer program product securely manages smart card transactions. A processing entity receives a smart card identifier from a smart card.
International Business Machines Corporation


Tokenization of user accounts for direct payment authorization channel

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a financial institution system maintained by a financial institution and for tokenization of user accounts for using a direct payment authorization channel, whereby a third party payment authorization network is avoided. Embodiments establish a direct channel of communication between the system and a merchant or a merchant network in communication with the merchant; wherein the direct channel of communication comprises a network communication channel without a third party payment authorization system; receive a token issued by the financial institution and associated with a user account associated with a customer of the financial institution; receive transaction data comprising an amount associated with a transaction between the customer of the financial institution and the merchant; and determine whether to authorize the transaction based on the received token and the received transaction data..
Bank Of America Corporation


Method for processing issuance of mobile credit card

Disclosed is a method for processing the issuance of a mobile credit card, which is capable of shortening the time taken to issue a mobile credit card and in which card information transmitted from a card company server to a financial chip is processed by a one-time transmission. Thus the frequency of stoppages in the issuance of a credit card, which are caused by disconnections or interferences in a wireless communication, is reduced and stability of issuing a credit card is improved..
Nonghyup Bank


System and loading prepaid card with funds using a mobile device

A system for loading a prepaid card using a mobile device, the mobile device comprising a unique identifier stored in a data memory device of the mobile device, a card reader coupled to the mobile device, the card reader configured to read data from a data memory device of the prepaid card, a remote card loading system operating on the mobile device and configured to receive the prepaid card data from the card reader and to transmit the unique identifier, prepaid card value data and prepaid card activation data to a prepaid card management system and a loader authorization system operating on a processor and configured to receive the mobile device identification data, the prepaid card value data and the prepaid card activation data and to activate the prepaid card for use with a financial transaction processing system.. .
Cardlab, Inc.


Pos driving same

The pos system of the present invention can include a mobile terminal and a pos-supporting device which is connected to the mobile terminal via a near-field communication (nfc)-based relay so as to be in communication therewith. Here, the mobile terminal includes an open source-based pos application program module connected to the pos-supporting device in an nfc scheme via the relay so as to be in communication therewith, and interacting, through the relay, with the pos-supporting device and a server supporting a pos function on a communication network in order to perform pos functions.
Cnp Technology Co., Ltd.


Item-level information collection for interactive payment experience

Disclosed is a technology for collecting item-level transaction information for interactive payment experience. According to one embodiment, a merchant server can maintain a database including the information of financial accounts having a particular classification.
Square, Inc.


System and modeling and/or analyzing manufacturing processes

Systems and techniques for modeling and/or analyzing manufacturing processes are presented. A dataset component generates a plurality of binary classification datasets based on process data associated with one or more fabrication tools.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Device and comparison of multiple tropical cyclone routes

The present invention relates to a method for comparison of multiple tropical cyclone routes. The method is implementable through a mobile device having an application processor and a touch-sensed display.
National Taiwan University


Network-implemented methods and systems for authenticating a paper financial instrument

The disclosure relates generally to financial instruments and particularly to mitigating exposure to financial fraud. Specifically, the disclosure relates to systems and methods of authenticating paper financial instruments (pfi) issued by a first entity for the benefit of a third party..


Near-duplicate video retrieval

A similarity of a first video to a second video may be identified automatically. Images are received from the videos, and divided into sub-images.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method for encrypting a 3d model file and system thereof

The invention discloses a method for encrypting a 3d model file and system thereof. The system of the invention comprises a data reading module used to read data of the 3d model file; a mesh shifting module for selecting at least one triangle mesh and shifting the coordinates of the vertexes of the selected triangle mesh by a vector; a gap filling module for filling a gap generated from shifting the vertexes of the selected triangle mesh by the vector to generate a revised 3d model file; and a model generating module for storing the revised 3d model file to generate an encrypted 3d model file.
Inventec Appliances Corp.

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