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Method and system for work partitioning between processors with work demand feedback

Method and system for work partitioning between processors with work demand feedback

Driver installation method and apparatus for terminal device


Driver installation method and apparatus for terminal device

Driver installation method and apparatus for terminal device

Lg Electronics

Mobile terminal and control method thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ina-related patents
 System and  enforcing security policies in a virtual environment patent thumbnailSystem and enforcing security policies in a virtual environment
A method in one example implementation includes intercepting a request associated with an execution of an object (e.g., a kernel module or a binary) in a computer configured to operate in a virtual machine environment. The request is associated with a privileged domain of the computer that operates logically below one or more operating systems.
Mcafee, Inc.
 Method and system for work partitioning between processors with work demand feedback patent thumbnailMethod and system for work partitioning between processors with work demand feedback
A method according to one embodiment includes the operations of loading binary code comprising a top level task into memory on a first processor, the top level task having an associated range; determining if the top level task is divisible into a plurality of sub-tasks based on the range; for each of the sub-tasks, determining if a given sub-task is divisible into a plurality of sub-sub-tasks; and if the given sub-task is indivisible, executing the given sub-task; otherwise, if the given sub-task is divisible, dividing the given sub-task into the plurality of sub-sub-tasks.. .
 Driver installation  terminal device patent thumbnailDriver installation terminal device
A method and apparatus for installing a driver of a terminal device are provided. The method includes: calling a driver installation program, and setting the driver installation program to directly search for a driver program in a local machine; and searching for the driver program in the local machine through the driver installation program, and installing the searched-out driver program.
Zte Corporation
 Mobile terminal and control method thereof patent thumbnailMobile terminal and control method thereof
A mobile terminal is provided a mobile terminal and a control method thereof according to exemplary embodiments. The mobile terminal includes a main body that is configured to be wearable on a specific portion of a user's body, a sensing unit that is configured to sense whether or not the main body has been worn, and also sense a user gesture for deciding the worn position of the main body, and a controller that is configured to decide the worn position of the main body according to the sensed user gesture, and setting a user input for generating a first control command in a different manner based on the decided worn position.
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Mobile terminal and  controlling the same patent thumbnailMobile terminal and controlling the same
A mobile terminal includes a display unit, a memory and a controller. The display unit outputs screen information.
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent thumbnailMobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to provide wireless communication; a touchscreen; a memory; and a controller configured to display a clipboard including copied content on the touchscreen, receive a paste selection signal indicating a pasting of the copied content from the clipboard to another location on the touchscreen, determine a property of the other location of the touchscreen, and modify a type of the copied content to correspond to the determined property of the other location when the content is pasted to the other location.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Mobile terminal application icon management method and mobile terminal patent thumbnailMobile terminal application icon management method and mobile terminal
Disclosed are a mobile terminal application icon management method and a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal application icon management method comprises: presetting class information about an application, and establishing a mapping relation table among an application class, a screen serial number of a display screen and an application icon; receiving an object moving instruction, obtaining regular pattern information corresponding to a moved object according to the object moving instruction, and displaying the regular pattern information; and after the moved object is successfully moved to the corresponding region of a regular pattern, updating the corresponding mapping relation table among the application class, the screen serial number of a display screen and the application icon.
Zte Corporation
 Mobile terminal and  controlling the same patent thumbnailMobile terminal and controlling the same
Provided is a mobile terminal including a main body of the terminal, a sensing unit that detects a tap on the main body, a controller that, if the tap corresponding to a predetermined condition is applied to the main body, controls at least one function that is executable on the terminal, in which the controller performs at least one control operation, based on a position to which the tap is applied.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Device management system, device management method, and storage medium patent thumbnailDevice management system, device management method, and storage medium
A device management system includes an electronic device and a remote maintenance server. The electronic device displays an operation screen to a user.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
 Method and apparatus of truncating character string patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus of truncating character string
Methods, apparatus, and terminal devices for truncating a character string are provided. A character string to be truncate is read and a byte length occupied by a current character is obtained.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Process calibrator

A process calibrator is formed with functions of a fieldbus communicator. Preferably, functions of a fieldbus communicator support several fieldbus protocols, and it is provided such that the use of it does not hamper the functioning of a process calibrator.
Beamex Oy Ab

Mobile terminal and determining and displaying power efficiency of an application

A method and mobile terminal for determining a power efficiency of an application installed in and executed by a mobile terminal. The method includes: determining power consumption per unit time according to units of the installed and executed application; and determining a power efficiency level of the installed and executed application based on the determined power consumption per unit time.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Creation and authentication of biometric information

In accordance with the embodiments of the present invention, the biometric information created for biometric authentication is available for a predetermined time after it was acquired. In addition, the authentication processing is performed on the biometric information useful for a predetermined time after the biometric information was acquired when authenticating it.
Suprema Inc.

Adaptive application caching for mobile devices

A method for pre-loading contents in a cache of a mobile terminal, and a mobile terminal using the method, are provided. The method includes determining specific contents for pre-loading, determining circumstances for pre-loading the specific contents, and monitoring circumstances of the mobile terminal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Remote terminal device and operating the same

Provided is a remote terminal device having an industrial versa module eurocard bus (vmebus) structure and including a main module that receives control logic information of a field device from an input/output module, and a programmable logic controller (plc) function module that receives the control logic information from the main module, performs a logic corresponding to the control logic information, and outputs a result of the performed logic. The plc function module includes a dual port ram including a plurality of memory areas, and a plc chip that reads the control logic information written on one of the plurality of memory areas, performs the logic corresponding to the read control logic information, and outputs the result of the performed logic to another one of the plurality of memory areas..
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Information terminal device and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing data processing program

An information terminal configured to execute an application, functions as a proxy that accesses a server through a network and performs communication by executing a native part execution unit, and functions as a browser that acquires download information from the server through the proxy and outputs the download information by executing a web browser.. .
Dena Co., Ltd.

Collective output system, collective output method and terminal device

A collective output system includes an information processing device and a plurality of terminal devices. The information processing device holds content containing multiple elements in association with time information, generates a map that associates each piece of position information with each of the elements, receives output position information from a terminal device, acquires, on the basis of the map, an element associated with the position information corresponding to the output position information, acquires the time information associated with the content, and transmits the element and the time information to the terminal.

Managing computer server capacity

Systems and methods are disclosed for using machine learning (e.g., neural networks and/or combinatorial learning) to solve the non-linear problem of predicting the provisioning of a server farm (e.g., cloud resources). The machine learning may be performed using commercially available products, such as the snns product from the university of stuttgard of germany.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Pool-based system for organizing and measuring personalized financial management techniques

A system and method for a money pools system is presented. The money pools system includes a plurality of financial positions that are allocated to a plurality of pools.
Nextcapital Group, Inc.

Systems and methods for determining packages of licensable assets

In accordance with some embodiments, systems and methods provide for assembling a patent package for a product by analyzing text descriptive of the product, determining a plurality of patents which are relevant to the product and determining a subset of the patents to be licensed patents and the remainder to be not licensed patents. In accordance with some embodiments a relevancy score may be determined for each of the patents determined to be relevant and a portion of a price for the patent package may be apportioned to each patent in the patent package based on the relevancy score of the patent.
Patent Properties, Inc.

Time-varying security code for enabling authorizations and other uses of financial accounts

A portable device is provided that carries account data. The account data may include a security code having a value that is time-varying.

Financial alert management system having a mobile interface

A financial alert management system (“fams”) for reducing the occurrence of a non-payment event of a negotiable instrument listing a monetary amount at a first financial institution (“1st fi”) is described. The fams includes a first communication module, a database, a timing module, a second communication module, a payment module, a mobile interface for financial alert system (“mifas”), and a controller in signal communication with the first communication module, the second communication module, the payment module, the timing module, and the database..
Double Check Solutions, Llc

Payment system

A payment system for rapidly facilitating funds transfers from a payer to a payee. The payment system generally includes enrolling a payee with a payer, verifying the payee information, sending an introductory message to the payee, receiving an acceptance message from the payee, receiving a funds request message from the payee, depositing funds into a payee financial institution and sending a funds deposited message to payee.
Bc Investment & Leasing, Inc.

Offline mobile banking system

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for providing an offline mobile banking system. An exemplary apparatus is configured to: provide, at a mobile device, a transaction request, determine a connection is not established between the mobile device and a device associated with the financial institution, store the transaction request in response to determining a connection has not been established, establish a connection between the mobile device and a server associated with the financial institution, and communicate the stored transaction request from the mobile device to a device associated with the financial institution..
Bank Of America Corporation

System, method and article of manufacture for facilitating instantaneous cash deposit

The present disclosure relates to a financial instrument having a monetary value associated with it and a system and method for using such financial instrument. The financial instrument is generated by a bank and further issued to a retailer for further distribution.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Automated pairing of payment products and mobile to mobile devices

A computer receives card transaction data in response to a transaction using a financial services card. The card transaction data identifies at least a location, date, and time associated with the transaction.
Fleetcor Technologies Operating Company, Llc

Financial increasing capital availability by decreasing lending risk

Some embodiments provide a guarantor system for backstopping all or a substantial portion of a lender's portfolio of loans with an insurance guarantee. The guarantor system builds the insurance guarantee into the covered portion of the lender's portfolio in an integrated manner, whereby the overhead cost for insuring the loans of the portfolio is distributed across the portfolio instead of being distributed individually to each borrower based on the individual borrower's risk profile.
Credibility Corp.

System and trading financial instruments based on undisclosed values

In electronic trading venues, there may be orders for which the full information is not publicly displayed. For example, the full quantity of an order available for trading or the most aggressive price at which an order can be traded may not be made public.
Bloomberg L.p.

Systems for managing account aggregators access to financial account information

Embodiments of the invention are directed to apparatus, methods, and computer program products for determining and notifying a user, herein a financial institution customer, as to which account aggregators currently have been granted permission to access accounts held by the customer at the financial institution. In addition to notifying the customer of the current status of account aggregator access, the present invention provides the customer, through an online or mobile banking application or the like, a comprehensive tool for managing the access granted to all of the account aggregators that are determined to currently have permission to access the customer's accounts..
Bank Of America Corporation

Method and system for online marketing measurements

Method and system for online marketing measurements relating to a web shop website and associated advertising websites. Item data related to items for sale from the web shop website is received, the item data is tagged and the tagged item data is disseminated to the associated advertising websites.
Business Development Company B.v.

Incentive providing task management system

An incentive providing task management system is disclosed. A plurality of providers are enabled to directly provide financial incentives to a user in exchange for a specific user performance.

Method for aligning molecules in three dimensions based upon their correspondence to an exemplary template molecule for use in performing 3d qsar analyses

Automation of the method sequentially uses every bond in the template and candidate molecule structures as an anchor bond to identify the best alignment. The total number of combinatorial possibilities for the automated process may be reduced by use of several criteria.

Position estimation device, position estimation method, and integrated circuit

A position estimation device includes: a position estimation unit that estimates current position coordinates of the position estimation device; a pointing direction detection unit that detects a pointing direction pointed by a user using the position estimation device; a pointing target detection unit that detects a pointing target pointed by the user, based on the detected pointing direction; a concentration calculation unit that specifies, as a concentrated area, an area in which a position pointed in the detected pointing direction in a predetermined time period immediately before the pointing target is detected is included for at least a threshold time period and in which the pointing target is not present, and calculates a concentrated direction which is from the position of the position estimation device in the predetermined time period to the concentrated area; and a position correction unit that corrects the current position coordinates using the calculated concentrated direction.. .
Panasonic Corporation

Method for locating casing downhole using offset xy magnetometers

An apparatus, method and computer-readable medium for locating a joint of a casing disposed in a borehole are disclosed. The apparatus includes a sensor oriented in a plane orthogonal to a longitudinal axis of the casing.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Magnetic field sensor, actuating device and determining a relative position

A magnetic field sensor consists of a transmitter device for producing a magnetic field and a detecting device for detecting the magnetic field. The transmitter device and the detecting device are arranged in such a way that they can move in relation to each other.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

Terminal device, vehicle management information generation method and non-transitory computer readable recording medium for recording a vehicle management information generation program

According to one embodiment, a terminal device includes a use schedule extractor and a vehicle management information generator. The use schedule extractor is configured to extract information related to a use schedule of a rechargeable vehicle from a use state of the terminal device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Automatic prescription drug dispenser

An automatic prescription drug dispenser including a remote dispenser, a prescription entry system, and a communications network. The remote dispenser transmits and receives information from the communications network and dispenses prescription drugs to the patient.
Instymeds Corporation

Coordinating end effector and vision controls

An apparatus and associated methodology providing a processor-controlled end effector that is selectively moveable according to end effector coordinates. A camera is positioned to detect objects according to camera coordinates that overlap the end effector coordinates.
Seagate Technology Llc

Substrate processing including correction for deposition location

Substrate processing including correction for deposition location is described, including a combinatorial processing chamber that incorporates the correction. The combinatorial processing chamber can be used to process multiple regions of a substrate using different processing parameters on different regions.
Intermolecular, Inc.

Neuromorphic controlled powered orthotic and prosthetic system

A neuromorphic controlled powered orthotic and prosthetic system and device including a custom or universal fit fixed-ankle orthosis, to stabilize or immobilize an injured lower limb or act as an ankle prosthesis, and an actuated or powered articulated false-foot connected to the fixed-ankle orthosis or the prosthesis to form an actuated articulated false-foot orthosis. Associated with or mounted on the actuated articulated false-foot, or in or on the body, are sensors for sensing the intent of the subject to move, and the movement range of the articulating false-foot or aafo and an environmental perturbation.
Advensys, Llc

Shoulder prosthesis

A prosthesis may include a stem, a ball stud, an adaptor, and a head. The stem may include a longitudinal axis and a bore having a central axis that is angled relative to the longitudinal axis.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Bi-directional fixating/locking transvertebral body screw/intervertebral cage stand-alone constructs having a central screw locking lever, and pliers and devices for spinal fusion

A bi-directional fixating transvertebral (bdft) screw/cage apparatus including an intervertebral cage for maintaining disc height, and a method of inserting the same is provided. The intervertebral cage includes a first internal screw guide and a second internal screw guide, a first screw member and a second screw member, and a central screw locking lever coupled to the intervertebral cage, wherein the central screw locking lever prevents the first screw member and the second screw from pulling-out of the first internal screw guide and the second internal screw guide.

Transforaminal prosthetic spinal disc apparatus

An intervertebral prosthetic implant having a first endplate having a first surface configured to substantially engage with a first vertebral body and a second surface having an extension with a concave contact surface, the concave contact surface being spaced apart from the second surface. A second endplate is provided with a first surface configured to substantially engage with a second vertebral body and a second surface comprising a convex contact surface, and the second endplate having a securing element positioned along and above the second surface defining a first and second window on opposing sides of the second surface.
Globus Medical Inc.

Methods and delivering and positioning sheet-like materials

An implant delivery system for delivering a sheet-like implant is disclosed. The device includes an implant spreader assembly disposed proximate the distal end of a delivery shaft.
Rotation Medical, Inc.

Masked intraocular implants and lenses

Intraocular implants and methods of making intraocular implants are provided. The intraocular implants can improve the vision of a patient, such as by increasing the depth of focus of an eye of a patient.
Acufocus, Inc.

Coordinate mapping system for joint treatment

A coordinate mapping system is provided for locating a defect in a bone. The system comprises a positioning instrument for controlled delivery of a device to a target site, the instrument comprising a main body and a rail extending from the main body, the rail including a series of indicia corresponding to predefined grid lines, and a template configured to overlay an image of a bone having a defect at the target site, the template including a predefined grid for determining a set of coordinates to locate the target site using the positioning instrument.
Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc.

Polyaxial bone anchoring device

A polyaxial bone anchoring device including an anchoring element including a shank and a head; a receiving part to pivotably receive the head, the receiving part having a first end, a second end, a central axis extending between the first and second ends, a coaxial bore, and first and second recesses on each side of the coaxial bore for receiving a rod, a longitudinal axis of the recess being substantially perpendicular to the central axis; a first clamping part having a rod supporting surface extending along the longitudinal axis and in the first recess when in the receiving part, a center of the first clamping part along a direction transverse to the longitudinal axis including a groove at the rod supporting surface; a second clamping part to exert pressure on the rod and in the first recess when in the receiving part; and a locking device to secure the rod.. .

Occipital plate

An occipital plate for use in an occipitocervical fixation procedure to stabilize the base of a patient's skull with respect to the patient's neck. The occipital plate is made up of a middle portion having left and right sides, and left and right hinged legs extending outward in opposite directions from the left and right sides of the middle portion.

Translational plate and compressor instrument

A bone plate that is configured to operatively attach to bone includes a first segment, a second segment, and a locking mechanism. The first segment includes a compression notch.
K2m, Inc.

Apparatus for performing an electrosurgical procedure

An endoscopic forceps includes a housing having a shaft extending therefrom for treating tissue. A longitudinal axis is defined through the shaft.
Covidien Lp

Thrombus removal and intravascular distal embolic protection device

A clot extraction catheter comprises an expandable tubular mesh, a tapered tip fixed to the tubular mesh distal end, a self-expanding rim attached to the tubular mesh proximal end, at least three control wires, an inner sheath, and an outer sheath advancable over the inner sheath. To extract a clot, the catheter is advanced through the clot.

Renal nerve ablation catheter having twist balloon

Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include a catheter shaft.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Blood vessel insertion-type treatment device

A blood vessel insertion-type treatment device and method of cauterizing biological tissues are disclosed. The blood vessel insertion-type treatment device having a first torque transmission body and a first ultrasonic generator.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for manufacturing of urinary catheters

A method for manufacturing an elongated element (200) is disclosed. The method comprises arranging a molding cavity (101), defined by a mold (103) and a mold insert (104), said mold insert (104) comprising a mold core (105).
Rolsted Mould System Aps

Male external catheter with absorbent and adhesive

The invention relates generally to external urinary catheters for males. More specifically, the invention relates to an external urinary catheter that includes an absorbent material to absorb urinary discharge.
Rochester Medical Corporation, A Subsidiary Of C.r. Bard, Inc.

Low profile passive protector for an i.v. catheter

A low-profile universal passive protector is provided for an iv catheter comprising a hypodermic needle and a catheter. An elongate sheath defines a sheath cavity and a longitudinal axis.
Luther Needlesafe Products, Inc.

Methods for modulating hair growth using truncated laminin-511

Disclosed are methods for the use of a truncated, recombinant laminin-511 for modifying hair growth as well as delivery devices, kits and methods for topically administering truncated, recombinant laminin-511. Furthermore disclosed are delivery devices, kits and methods using modulators of full-length laminin-511 expression or function to decrease hair growth in areas of unwanted hair growth..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Spinal cord stimulator lead having multiple obstruction-clearing features

A spinal cord stimulator lead for implanting into the epidural space of a human or animal subject includes first and second lumens and electrical contacts. A pressurized fluid can be discharged through the first lumen directly onto a tissue obstruction to form a partial/pilot or full/final opening in the tissue obstruction.

Wound protecting and fixing device

A wound protecting and fixing device includes at least a protecting and fixing layer (1) with an opening. The opening (11) is defined in the protecting and fixing layer and configured to extend between an upper plane and a lower plane of the protecting and fixing layer along a longitudinal direction, and to surround a wound therein so that the protecting and fixing layer (1) with the opening limits an increase of tension at the wound and a movement-incurred wrinkle of skin at the wound.

Probe for measuring a patient's bulbocavernosus muscle reflex

A system and method is disclosed for measuring muscle reflexes (e.g., a bulbocavernosus reflex) as a tool for identifying/diagnosing dysfunctions (e.g., spinal cord abnormalities, bladder voiding dysfunction, and sexual organ dysfunction) non-invasively by using mechanical stimulation. The system and method includes a probe having a predetermined patient contacting portion, wherein when the contacting portion is moved into contact with a particular area of the patient (e.g., the patient's genitals), the contact induces a muscle reflex.
Uroval, Inc.

Mood analysis method, system, and apparatus

In a mood analysis method using an electrocardiogram of a user, rr intervals in the electrocardiogram are computed, and low-frequency (lf) values and high-frequency (hf) values are also computed according to the rr intervals. Standard values of sympathetic nervous system (sns) activity and parasympathetic nervous system (psns) activity are acquired corresponding to age and sex data of the user, to establish a mood display coordinate system.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and producing ultrasound image

An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasound image producer which produces an ultrasound image from reception data based on a predetermined set sound speed, a reception data image producer which produces a reception data image representing a luminance image of an ultrasonic echo wavefront from the reception data corresponding to a predetermined range on at least one scan line in the ultrasound image, a sound speed determination unit configured to determine an optimum sound speed based on ultrasound images respectively produced by the ultrasound image producer while changing the predetermined set sound speed, and a controller which makes an ultrasound image for diagnosis produced by the ultrasound image producer and the reception data image produced by the reception data image producer be displayed simultaneously on a display unit based on the optimum sound speed determined by the sound speed determination unit.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Spinal canal access and probe positioning, devices and methods

Methods and devices for detecting positioning of a probe in a tissue of a patient. A method can include providing a detection device; advancing a device coupled probe through the tissue of the patient and toward the patient's spinal canal; detecting a change in pressure about the distal portion of the coupled probe during advancing, where the detected pressure change indicates probe positioning in the patient's spinal canal; outputting the detected pressure change or indication of probe positioning to a visual display..
Mirador Biomedical

Lateral flow device for attachment to an absorbent article

A lateral flow device for testing a bodily fluid, such as urine, blood, mucous, saliva, etc., is provided. The lateral flow device is configured to be attached to an absorbent article via an attachment mechanism located on the lateral flow device or the absorbent article.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

Trocar assembly with pneumatic sealing

A trocar assembly for creating a pneumatic seal during a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. The trocar assembly including an elongated body having a lumen extending therethrough.
Surgiquest, Inc.

Stiffening assembly

A stiffenable structure is made of longitudinal beams that are positioned around a longitudinal axis. In one state, the longitudinal beams are bendable so that the structure is bendable.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Endoluminal gastrointestinal treatment

Improved methods and devices for performing an endoscopic surgery are provided. Systems are taught for operatively treating gastrointestinal disorders endoscopically in a stable, yet dynamic operative environment, and in a minimally-invasive manner.
Macroplata, Inc.

Intraluminal device delivery technique

A technique for deploying an intraluminal device, such as a bariatric device, in a mammalian lumen, such as the gastrointestinal tract, includes positioning a visualization device through an orifice, such as a natural orifice, into the mammalian lumen. A deployment device having the intraluminal device mounted thereto is guided to the mammalian lumen.
Bfkw, Llc

Transperitoneal prolapse repair system and method

A prolapse repair system and procedure are provided. The system can include one or more anchor devices and one or more extending members, such as a suture.

One-piece monolithic cuff and artificial urinary sphincter system

An artificial urinary sphincter system has a pressure reservoir attachable to a pump and a conduit attachable between the pump and a cuff. The cuff is formed as a one-piece monolithic polymer structure that is substantially circular in radial cross-section.
Coloplast A/s

Apparatus and treating urinary incontinence

A surgical implant for treating female urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors, and first and second elongated members connecting the first and second soft tissue anchors to first and second ends of the suburethral support. The first soft tissue anchor includes a central portion, a plurality of projections extending from the central portion, and a plurality of deflection-limiting features.
Coloplast A/s

Igg fc fragment for a drug carrier and the preparation thereof

Disclosed is an igg fc fragment useful as a drug carrier. A recombinant vector expressing the igg fc fragment, a transformant transformed with the recombinant vector, and a method of preparing an igg fc fragment are disclosed.
Hanmi Science Co., Ltd.

Igg fc fragment for a drug carrier and the preparation thereof

Disclosed is an igg fc fragment useful as a drug carrier. A recombinant vector expressing the igg fc fragment, a transformant transformed with the recombinant vector, and a method of preparing an igg fc fragment are disclosed.
Hanmi Science Co., Ltd.

Flame retardant structural epoxy resin adhesives and process for bonding metal members

A heat-curable structural adhesive includes at least one non-rubber-modified epoxy resin; an optional rubber or toughener, one or more epoxy curing agents, one or more epoxy curing catalysts; and a flame retardant mixture that includes (i) alumina trihydrate, (ii) zinc borate and (iii) melamine or a melamine derivative. The structural adhesive is useful for bonding metals to other materials or metals to other metals.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Foamable compositions, foams and articles thereof

A foamable composition comprising at least an olefin block copolymer, an olefin copolymer, an oil, a blowing agent and a crosslinking agent is provided. The olefin block copolymer has a mw/mn from 1.7 to 3.5, and at least one melting point, tm, in degrees celsius, and a density, d, in gram/cubic centimeter, wherein the numerical values of tm and d correspond to the relationship: tm>−2002.9+4538.5(d)−2422.2(d)2.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Small molecule cmklr1 antagonists in demyelinating disease

Compounds and methods are provided for decreasing demyelinating inflammatory disease in a subject by inhibiting the activity of chemokine-like receptor 1 (cmklr1). In some embodiments such methods include treating demyelinating inflammatory disease in a subject by administering an agent that antagonizes the activity of chemokine-like receptor 1 (cmklr1) and/or a cmklr1 ligand (e.g., chemerin or other endogenous cmklr1 ligands).
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Enhancer for eating activity and/or gastrointestinal activity

An agent for secreting ghrelin, comprising ornithine or a salt thereof as an active ingredient, an agent for enhancing eating activity, comprising ornithine or a salt thereof as an active ingredient, and an agent for enhancing gastrointestinal activity, comprising ornithine or a salt thereof as an active ingredient.. .
Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd

Method for producing protein

The present invention relates to a recombinant host cell, wherein the cell is modified to increase the expression levels of ero1 and xbp1 relative to the expression levels of ero1 and xbp1 in an unmodified cell. The present invention also relates to a method of producing a recombinant protein of interest comprising expressing the recombinant protein of interest in the recombinant host cell..
Ucb Pharma S.a.

Pharmaceutical compositions for combination therapy

This invention relates to the use of pharmaceutical compositions comprising a therapeutically effective combination of tesofensine and metoprolol for preventing the cardiovascular side effects of tesofensine, while leaving the robust inhibitory efficacy on food intake and body weight loss unaffected.. .
Neurosearch A/s

Solid forms comprising optically active pyrazolylaminoquinazoline, compositions thereof, and uses therewith

Solid forms comprising pyrazolylaminoquinazoline, compositions comprising the solid forms, methods of making the solid forms and methods of their use for the treatment of various diseases and/or disorders are disclosed.. .
Ambit Biosciences Corporation

Maleate salts of a quinazoline derivative useful as an antiangiogenic agent

The present invention relates to azd2171 maleate salt, to particular crystalline forms of azd2171 maleate salt, to processes for their preparation, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them as active ingredient, to their use in the manufacture of medicaments for use in the production of antiangiogenic and/or vascular permeability reducing effects in warm-blooded animals such as humans, and to their use in methods for the treatment of disease states associated with angiogenesis and/or increased vascular permeability.. .
Astrazeneca Ab

Procaspase combination therapy for glioblastoma

The invention provides compositions and methods for the induction of cell death, for example, cancer cell death. Combinations of compounds and related methods of use are disclosed, including the use of compounds in therapy for the treatment of cancer and selective induction of apoptosis in cells.
Vanquish Oncology, Inc.

Methods and compositions for treating solid tumors and other malignancies

A combination of a kinase inhibitors of mtor and downstream effector and a hedgehog pathway inhibitor for the treatment of cancer.. .

Quinazolinone compounds

The present invention relates to quinazolinone compounds, processes for their preparation and their use as pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of parkinson's disease (pd). The quinazolinone compounds are of general formula (i)..
Prana Biotechnology Limited

Tetrahydro-quinazolinone derivatives as tank and parp inhibitors

In which u, v and w have the meanings indicated in claim 1, are inhibitors of tankyrase, and can be employed, inter alia, for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system injury and different forms of inflammation.. .

New azabenzimidazole derivatives

Wherein the group r1, r2, x and y are defined as in claim 1, which have valuable pharmacological properties, in particular bind to the amp-activated protein kinase (ampk) and modulate its activity. The compounds are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases which can be influenced by this receptor, such as metabolic diseases, in particular diabetes type 2..

8 - substituted 2 -amino - [1,2,4] triazolo [1, 5 -a] pyrazines as syk tryrosine kinase inhibitors and gcn2 serin kinase inhibitors

Are inhibitors of syk, and can be employed, inter alia, for the treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and/or systemic lupus. .

Hydroxysafflor yellow a sodium and preparation as well as application thereof

A hydroxysafflor yellow a sodium compound as shown in a formula (i) and preparation as well as medicinal application thereof are provided. According to the present invention, the safflower is utilized as a raw material.
Zhejiang Yongning Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Reduction of gastrointestinal tract colonisation by campylobacter

Campylobacter are the commonest reported bacterial causes of gastroenteritis in the uk and industrialized worlds. This invention relates to a method of preventing or reducing the colonisation of the gastrointestinal tract of an animal with campylobacter.
Akeso Biomedical, Inc.

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