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This page is updated frequently with new Ina-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ina-related patents
 Mobile terminal patent thumbnailMobile terminal
There is disclosed a mobile terminal including a case comprising a control portion provided therein, a display coupled to the case, a main circuit board mounted in a predetermined portion of the control portion, a heat exchanger having a portion arranged adjacent to the main circuit board, with a plurality of micro-paths extended from the portion to the other portion, each of the micro-paths connected to a neighboring one to form a closed loop, and a working fluid configured to absorb heat in the portion and emit the heat in the other portion, to be liquefied, the working fluid configured to vibrate along the micro-paths, wherein a gaseous state working fluid and a liquid state working fluid are mixed intermittently.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 High-frequency component and high-frequency module including the same patent thumbnailHigh-frequency component and high-frequency module including the same
In a method for mounting a filter circuit component to obtain desired frequency characteristics of the filter circuit component without receiving the influence of a parasitic inductance and a parasitic capacitance, and to increase the packing density of components, since the ground terminal of the filter circuit component connected to the mounting electrode is connected to the ground electrode through the via conductors at the shortest distance, the occurrence of an unnecessary parasitic inductance and an unnecessary parasitic capacitance is prevented. The filter circuit component is mounted on the high-frequency component to obtain the desired frequency characteristics of the filter circuit component without the influence of a parasitic inductance and a parasitic capacitance.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Flexible electronic fiber-reinforced composite materials patent thumbnailFlexible electronic fiber-reinforced composite materials
The present disclosure describes multilayer fiber-reinforced electronic composite materials comprising at least one conductive layer and at least one laminate layer further comprising at least one reinforcing layer. In various embodiments, the conductive layer is a continuous metal layer, an etched-metal layer, a metal ground plane, a metal power plane, or an electronic circuitry layer.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

 Laminate, conductive pattern, and  producing laminate patent thumbnailLaminate, conductive pattern, and producing laminate
Provided is a laminate in which at least a layer including a support, a primer layer, a first conductive layer, an insulating layer, and a second conductive layer are laminated, wherein the insulating layer is formed by coating at least a portion of or entirety of a surface of the first conductive layer with a resin composition and drying the resin composition; and the second conductive layer includes a second plating seed layer formed by coating a portion of or entirety of a surface of the insulating layer with a fluid containing a conductive substance, and a second plating layer formed on a surface of the second plating seed layer. This laminate has high adhesion between layers and allows the high adhesion to be maintained even upon exposure to a high-temperature and high-humidity environment..
Dic Corporation

 Flexible printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailFlexible printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
A flexible printed circuit board and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The flexible printed circuit board in accordance with an aspect of the present invention includes: a base board including a flexible region; an inner circuit layer formed on the base board; a flexible laminate laminated on the base board and having a portion thereof removed, the portion having been laminated on the flexible region; and an outer circuit layer formed on the flexible laminate.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Multilayer resin substrate, and  manufacturing multilayer resin substrate patent thumbnailMultilayer resin substrate, and manufacturing multilayer resin substrate
A multilayer resin substrate includes resin substrates laminated together, an overlapping portion in which a signal line as a conductor pattern and another conductor pattern overlap each other in a laminating direction of the resin substrates, and a non-overlapping portion in which the signal line and the other conductor pattern do no overlap each other in the laminating direction. A thin portion is provided at a position in the non-overlapping portion near the overlapping portion.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Lighting system, lighting apparastus, and lighting control method patent thumbnailLighting system, lighting apparastus, and lighting control method
Provided is a lighting apparatus and a method for controlling the same using a mobile device. A lighting system may include a mobile terminal, a hub configured to communicate with the mobile terminal, and an led lamp configured to communicate with the hub.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Lighting apparatus patent thumbnailLighting apparatus
Provided is a lighting apparatus using an led as a lighting source. The lighting apparatus may distribute a current corresponding to a rectified voltage to a lighting unit and a secondary current circuit, perform primary light emission at low luminance, and reduce an optical deviation between led groups through secondary light emission.
Silicon Works Co., Ltd.

 Inter-terminal device-to-device communication method and system patent thumbnailInter-terminal device-to-device communication method and system
Disclosed are an inter-terminal device-to-device communication method and system, which relate to the technical field of wireless communications. The method includes that a source terminal initiates a communication request for device-to-device (d2d) communication with a destination terminal; according to the d2d communication request, whether the source terminal and the destination terminal can conduct the device-to-device communication is detected; if the detection result is that the source terminal and the destination terminal can conduct the device-to-device communication, a d2d communication link is established between the source terminal and the destination terminal; the source terminal and the destination terminal use the d2d communication link to conduct the device-to-device communication.
Zte Corporation

 Network connection control method and apparatus of mobile terminal patent thumbnailNetwork connection control method and apparatus of mobile terminal
A network connection control method and apparatus of a mobile terminal maintains or releases connection to a wireless network based on the existence of downlink traffic from the wireless network. The method preferably includes connecting to a wireless network transmitting a signal greater than a predetermined value in strength when an internet access request is detected; requesting the connected wireless network for traffic; determining whether the traffic is received from the connected wireless network; and releasing the connection to the wireless network by determining the wireless network as an idle wireless network when no traffic is received.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Simultaneous reporting of ack/nack and channel-state information using pucch format 3 resources

A new uplink control channel capability is introduced to enable a mobile terminal to simultaneously report multiple packet receipt status bits and channel-condition bits. In an example embodiment implemented in a mobile terminal the mobile terminal (first determines that channel-state information and hybrid-arq ack/nack bits corresponding to a plurality of downlink subframes or a plurality of downlink carriers, or both, are scheduled for transmission in an uplink subframe.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method and scanning access point in wireless lan system

The present disclosure relates to obtaining ap information or information on a channel where the ap is positioned from a neighboring mobile terminal that has recently performed ap scanning and re-attempting to scan based on the obtained information. According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, a method for scanning an access point (ap) in a wireless local area network (lan) system comprises performing first wlan scanning by a first mobile terminal, transmitting a request for wlan ap information to a second mobile terminal that has previously performed wlan ap scanning, receiving the wlan ap information from the second mobile terminal, and performing second wlan scanning based on the wlan ap information..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Mobile terminal handover in an lte network

A method of handing over a mobile terminal from a source base station to a target base station in a long term evolution, lte, compliant mobile wireless communications network. The method comprises generating a measurement report including one or more channel state information reference signal, csi-rs, measurement result at a mobile terminal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Optimizing parameter setting for handover of mobile terminals on a transportation platform

A system and method for optimizing handover parameters for a plurality of mobile terminals on a common transportation platform in a cellular network includes at least a first terminal and a second terminal and a controller. The controller is configured to determine that each of the first and second terminal are on the common transportation platform, monitor a status of a handover attempt of the first terminal, and if the handover attempt is successful, adopt handover parameter settings of the first terminal for the second terminal, and if the handover attempt is not successful, change handover parameter settings for the second terminal..
Huawei Technologies Sweden Ab


Base station device and handover control method

[problem] to provide a base station device and a handover control method capable of avoiding a situation in which the base station device of a cell becomes overloaded when the cell transitions from an inactive state to an active state. [solution] a base station device (100) having: an adjacent base station information table (150) for storing adjacent base station information that includes handover suppression information correlated with an adjacent cell (200a) managed by an adjacent base station device (200), and also includes the processing capacity index of the adjacent base station device; and a handover control unit (130) for limiting the handover of a mobile terminal device (300) under control to an activated adjacent cell on the basis of the handover suppression information and the processing capacity index when the adjacent cell transitions from an inactive state to an active state..
Nec Corporation


Multi-carrier cqi feedback method and apparatus

A radio base station transmits data symbols to a mobile terminal on multiple frequency carriers, e.g., in accordance with the mc-wcdma or cdma2000 3x air interface protocols. The radio base station instructs the mobile terminal to report channel quality measurements obtained by the terminal for the multiple carriers over the same uplink channel during successive reporting intervals.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)


Detection and reporting of network impairments

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for providing terminal devices configured to collect network performance data, communicate the network performance data to one or more neighboring devices, and analyze the collected performance data and/or the received network performance data to identify anomalous data. The anomalous data may be communicated to a network management system which may, in turn, analyze the anomalous data to identify one or more network impairments.
Cox Communications, Inc.


Relay station, relay method, radio communication system, and radio communication apparatus

A relay node in a mobile communication network for relaying communications between a base station and a mobile terminal. The relay node includes a first communication unit that communicates with the base station via a backhaul link using at least one of a first modulation method and a first multiplexing method, and a second communication unit that communicates with the mobile terminal via an access link using at least one of a second modulation method and a second multiplexing method.
Sony Corporation


Method and device for configuring link in wireless lan system

A method and device for configuring a link in a wireless lan system are disclosed. The wireless link configuration method comprises the steps of: acquiring a first probe request message transmitted by a first mobile terminal; transmitting a second probe request message within a maximum channel time from a time point at which the transmission of the first probe request message ends; and receiving one probe response message, which is a response to the first probe request message and the second probe request message, from a wireless access device.
Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.


User defined names for displaying monitored location

A user's location may be tracked by tracking a device associated with the user. The user's location may be published (e.g.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Stereo boundary microphone and stereo boundary microphone adapter

The stereo boundary microphone includes a boundary plate, a case body attached to the boundary plate and having an elongate shape including left and right grooves provided in opposite sides and extending along the longitudinal direction, first and second side walls covering the grooves included in the case body by predetermined distances to form left and right acoustic passages, and first and second microphones contained in tail end portions of the acoustic passages so as directional axes of the first and second microphones to be parallel. An opening communicating with the tail end portion of the case body is provided and services as a rear acoustic terminal to be used by both the first and second microphones.
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica


Interlayer video encoding method and apparatus and interlayer video decoding compensating luminance difference

An interlayer video decoding method according to an embodiment may include determining whether to perform brightness compensation with respect to a second layer current block to be reconstructed by using a first layer reference block; determining first layer reference pixels by using the closest integer pixels to reference location of a first layer corresponding to location of reference pixels for the second layer current block based on whether to perform the brightness compensation; and determining brightness compensation parameters regarding the second layer current block by using the determined first layer reference pixels and pixels surrounding the second layer current block.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Stereoscopic display device

A stereoscopic display device is provided where the luminance variation encountered when the parallax barrier is switched is reduced for viewing from a wide region. The stereoscopic display device includes: a display panel that displays an image; a switch liquid crystal panel disposed to overlie the display panel and including a liquid crystal layer; a position sensor that obtains positional information about a viewer; and a control unit that receives the positional information from the position sensor and locally applies to the liquid crystal layer a first voltage for rendering the switch liquid crystal panel translucent and a second voltage for rendering the switch liquid crystal panel non-translucent to display a parallax barrier that depends on the positional information.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Methods and optical display using multiple spatial light modulators for increased resolution

A system for displaying a high resolution video image utilizing multiple spatial light modulators includes at least one illumination source configured to provide illumination to multiple spatial light modulators; a video data image processor coupled to receive video image data at a first visual resolution of x by y pixels; and multiple spatial light modulators each having an image resolution lower than the first visual resolution, each configured to project an image sub-frame onto a focal plane using an image projection system; wherein the image projection system is configured to project a first sub-frame image of a first color portion while simultaneously projecting at least a second sub-frame image of a second color portion onto the focal plane, and the first and second sub-frame images are offset from one another, so that when viewed together a viewed image has at least the first visual resolution. Methods are disclosed..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Image and wave field projection through diffusive media

Methods and systems for projecting wave fields use a diffusing medium, a wavefront shaper, an illumination source, and a control system. A system for projecting an object wave field into a projection volume includes a wave scatterer, a wave field projector configured to project a wave field onto the wave scatterer, and a controller coupled to the wave field projector.


Auto filter extent management

An output rescale module may determine an estimated set of lines to hold in vertical support for use when performing image transformations. For example, an output rescale module may monitor input y coordinates (in terms of input pixel lines) computed over previous lines and compute a set of lines to hold in a set of line buffers.
Apple Inc.


Method for generating image and electronic device thereof

A method and an electronic device are disclosed. The electronic device includes a camera, an illumination sensor, and at least one processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Image sensor and image processing apparatus using the same

An image sensor senses object information and converts the sensed object information into an electrical signal. An image processing apparatus uses the image sensor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Self-illuminated handheld lens for retinal examination and photography and related method thereof

System and method directed towards providing full and even illumination of a patient's retina through lighting integrated into a handheld fundus lens. By integrating the lighting, the method and system reduces and even eliminate many lens artifacts and reflections.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation


Image pickup apparatus and electronic endoscope

An image pickup apparatus includes a laminated substrate on which a plurality of electronic components configuring a driving circuit of a solid-state image pickup device are mounted and in which a plurality of conductor layers and a plurality of vias are formed, electronic component connection lands provided on a surface of the laminated substrate, any one of the plurality of electronic components being electrically connected to the electronic component connection lands, and a cable connection land provided on the surface of the laminated substrate, a plurality of signal cables being electrically connected to the cable connection land. At least one of the plurality of electronic components is embedded in a position superimposed on the electronic component connection lands or the cable connection land on an inside of the laminated substrate..
Olympus Corporation


Imaging apparatus and analyzing apparatus

An imaging apparatus includes a lens optical system including a lens, a stop, and first through nth divided optical elements in which first through nth optical regions are defined, respectively, along a plane perpendicular to an optical axis and positioned to be point-symmetric with respect to the optical axis, an image sensor, and a microlens array guiding light that has passed through the first through nth optical regions to the first through nth pixels of the image sensor, respectively. At least three of s1, .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Image processing system and image processing method

Upon an image processing device receiving a message from a terminal device, a screen display section displays the message and a predetermined inquiry key in a predetermined screen image on the image processing device. The message is displayed using a font preregistered in the image processing device.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Method and terminal device for telephone call transfer

A method and terminal device for transferring a telephone call, are provided. The method comprises: detecting if an incoming call is received; displaying an incoming call interactive interface containing an incoming call transferring option, if the incoming call is detected; transferring the incoming call to a terminal device corresponding to a designated number when the incoming call transferring option is chosen.
Xiaomi Inc.


Mobile terminal controlled by at least one touch and controlling therefor

A mobile terminal is disclosed. A mobile terminal according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a memory configured to store at least one command in advance, a display module configured to output a screen containing at least one selected from the group consisting of a text data, an image data and a video data, a first user interface module configured to detect a first touch of a user, a controller configured to execute a first command on the basis of the detected first touch and a second user interface module configured to detect a second touch of the user, wherein the controller is configured to control a second command to be executed on the basis of the detected second touch..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Mobile terminal and operating the same

A mobile terminal and a method of operating the mobile terminal are provided. The mobile terminal includes a sensor configured to sense a motion of the mobile terminal, and a communication interface configured to receive, from a wearable device corresponding to the mobile terminal, information of a motion of the wearable device, the motion of the wearable device being sensed during a time period from a start time requested by the mobile terminal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Mobile device and executing application based on particular zone

Provided is a mobile terminal that executes an application in a predetermined area, and a method performed by the mobile terminal. The mobile terminal that executes the application in the predetermined area may include a memory; a location finder configured to obtain location information of the mobile terminal; a communicator configured to communicate with a server; and a controller configured to receive, via the communicator, the application that is executable in a predetermined area corresponding to the obtained location information and an operating system (os) for executing the application from a server that corresponds to the obtained location information, and to install the application and the os in the memory..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and device for providing function of mobile terminal

The processor being configured to control the first wearable device to perform the first sub-function and to control the second wearable device to perform the second sub-function.. .


Storage medium storing program for login alerts, and method and system thereof

To prevent logins to illegitimate sites such as phishing sites, a terminal device according to an embodiment stores authentication information used for login to a destination site in a storage (the authentication information storage area) in association with the site, and determines whether authentication information corresponding to the authentication information input for login to the destination site is stored in the storage in association with a site different from the destination site. The terminal device performs a predetermined alert process in response to the determination that the corresponding authentication information is stored in association with the different site..
Dena Co., Ltd.


Targeted notification of content availability to a mobile device

A system includes a first computing device client associated with a first user in a community of users operable to send content to publish to a data aggregation server. The data aggregation server is operable to receive the content to publish from the first computing device client, host a first user profile associated with the first user of the first computing device client, the first user profile identifying a targeted recipient in the community of users, and disseminate automatically the content received from the first computing device client to a second computing device client associated with the targeted recipient, without receiving input from the first computing device client explicitly specifying the targeted recipient to whom the content is disseminated.
Seven Networks, Llc


Information sharing system, information sharing method and terminal device

An information sharing system includes a computer network formed of terminals and a server and allows information about a posted message to be shared among users. The system or a terminal acquires a question message input via the terminal together with positional information associated with the question message and causes the acquired question message to be accessible to the users.
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.


Network system, traffic management server, and base station management server

In a traffic management server, base station control corresponding to application information is instructed and it is instructed to control traffic, with respect to a specific application of a specific user, on a core network-side in cooperation with information related to a radio area calculated in a base station management server, whereby quality of experience (qoe) in a mobile terminal of a subscriber is improved.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Method and device for configuring link in wireless lan system

A method and device for configuring a link in a wireless lan system are disclosed. The wireless link configuration method comprises the steps of: acquiring a first probe request message transmitted by a first mobile terminal; delaying the transmission of a second probe request message when the first probe request message is similar to the second probe request message which is prepared for transmission by a second mobile terminal; receiving a probe response message, which is a response to the first probe request message, from a wireless access device; and withdrawing the transmission of the second probe request message when information included in the probe response message satisfies requirements of the second mobile terminal.
Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.


Concurrency forecasting impact of speed tiers on consumption

A forecast model processes performance data from a site, e.g., a cable modem termination system (cmts), to obtain a set of concurrency equations for existing speed tiers that is based on an observed subscriber bandwidth for the site. A new set of concurrency equations is obtained for new speed tiers so that a new subscriber bandwidth can be predicted for the new speed tiers.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Method and transmitting/receiving data in wireless communication system supporting non-binary channel code

The present disclosure relates to a pre-5th-generation (5g) or 5g communication system to be provided for supporting higher data rates beyond 4th-generation (4g) communication system such as a long term evolution (lte). A method for transmitting data in a transmitting apparatus in a wireless communication system supporting a non-binary channel code is provided.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd


Mobile terminal, control method thereof, onboard unit, control method thereof, backend server, and control method thereof

There is provided a mobile terminal for use in a system which includes a backend server having a first encryption key and an onboard unit (obu).a first receiving unit receives, from the backend server, a base shared key encrypted with a second encryption key, the base shared key encrypted with the first encryption key, and a digital signature. A deriving unit decrypts the base shared key with the second encryption key and derives first authentication information based on the base shared key and a first temporary parameter.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Interference measurement method, network-side device and terminal device

An interference measurement method, a network side device and a terminal device are disclosed. The interference measurement method includes: a network side sending interference measurement indication information to a terminal, and indicating the terminal to perform interference measurement, wherein the interference measurement indication information is used for indicating one or more kinds of the following information to the terminal: interference measurement modes used for performing interference measurement; and parameter configuration information used for interference measurement..
Zte Corporation


Transmission control apparatus and computer readable medium

Provided is a transmission control apparatus that, at a first transmission timing, causes a first symbol to be transmitted from a first antenna, causes the first symbol having the same phase as the first symbol transmitted from the first antenna to be transmitted from a second antenna that is orthogonal to the first antenna and has a path to a mobile terminal that is the same as a path between the first antenna and the mobile terminal, causes a second symbol to be transmitted from a third antenna arranged parallel to the first antenna, and causes the second symbol having the inverse phase of the second symbol transmitted from the third antenna to be transmitted from a fourth antenna that is orthogonal to the third antenna and has a path to the mobile terminal that is the same as a path between the third antenna and the mobile terminal.. .
Softbank Corp.


Sorting decoder

A sorting decoder captures the rank-order of a set of input analogue signals in the digital domain using simple logic components such as self-timed first state elements, without requiring conventional analogue-to-digital signal converters. The analogue signals are each compared against a monotonic dynamic reference and the resulting comparisons are snapshot by a self-timed first state element for each input signal, or the last member of a sorted collection of input signals, at the time when it reaches the reference signal, so that a different snapshot representing the signal value ranking relative to the other signal values is produced for each input signal.
Kandou Labs S.a.


Electronic device and clock control method thereof

A user terminal device and a display method thereof are provided. A method for controlling a clock according to an exemplary embodiment includes generating a clock, generating a comparison clock corresponding to a frequency of an external alternating current (ac) power source, counting a number of clock cycles according to the comparison clock, and controlling a generation period of the clock according to the counted number of clock cycles..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Equalization filter coefficient determinator, apparatus, equalization filter coefficient processor, system and methods

An apparatus includes a user interface, an equalization filter coefficient determinator and an equalizer. An equalization filter coefficient processor may provide sets of basis equalization filter target coefficients.


Laminated linear motor stator core

A linear motor (15) comprising a stator (16) having an opening (18), a mover (19) disposed in the opening and configured and arranged to reciprocate linearly in an axial direction (x-x) relative to the stator, the stator comprising a first pole section and a second pole section (22) stacked in the axial direction and forming a recess (26) between them for receiving annular windings, the first pole section comprising a first laminate (17a) having a first cross-sectional geometry (29) and a second laminate (17b) having a second cross-sectional geometry (30) different from the first cross-sectional geometry, and the first laminate and the second laminate stacked in the axial direction.. .
Moog Inc


Laminated core for a magnetic bearing having individual laminations with at least one physical interruption and constructing such a laminated core

The core inside a combined radial-axial magnetic bearing is stacked with coated laminations each equipped with at least one radial cut. These cuts prevent the inducement of circulating currents caused by varying axial control fluxes through the central hole of the stack.
Atlas Copco Airpower N.v.


Drive unit and electric power steering device including the drive unit

A drive unit that includes a rotating electric machine having a stator with winding wound on the stator and with a shaft rotating within the stator, and a rotor rotatable relative to the stator. The drive unit also includes a controller holding member disposed on one end of the rotating electric machine, and a controller having a substrate fixed to the controller holding member, a heat generation element mounted on a heat generation element mounting surface.
Denso Corporation


Rotor for rotary electric machine and rotary electric machine

A rotor 14 includes a shaft having a coolant flow passage and a coolant supply port, a rotor core 24 fixed on the shaft and formed of laminated steel plates, and a magnet set 32 provided in the rotor core 24 to extend along an axial direction thereof. The rotor core 24 has a first flow passage 34 provided near the magnet to extend therealong and a second flow passage 36 that connects the coolant supply port 28 of the shaft 22 and the first flow passage 34, thereby constituting a coolant flow path.
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.


Synchronous-generator pole stack

A synchronous generator rotor pole pack having a plurality of pole pack laminations which are offset with respect to one another, a pole shank, a pole head with at least three pole head sections is provided. A front edge of each of the at least three pole head sections is arranged at an angle with respect to the pole shank..
Wobben Properties Gmbh


Predicting and optimizing energy storage lifetime performance with adaptive automation control software

A transactive energy system design is linked to an energy automation control process. A design process provides a predictive analytics engine at its core.
Growing Energy Labs, Inc.


Laser element and laser device

The coordinates of an unit configuration region r11 is (x1, y1), and the coordinates of an unit configuration region rmn is (xm, yn) (m and n are natural numbers). Rotation angles φ with respect to a center of apexes of an isosceles triangle are different according to coordinates, and at least three different rotation angles φ are contained in all of the photonic crystal layer..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


High density connector

A connector can be provided that allows for improved route-out including straight-back routing. Signal and ground terminal tails can be arranged in a single row to help facilitate such functionality.
Molex, Llc


Slot array antenna for vehicle radar

A slot array antenna for a vehicle radar system is provided. The antenna includes a cavity which separates a magnetic field signal applied through a feeding waveguide while maintaining phase and amplitude and which radiates such signals to the each radiating slot.
Hyunday Motor Company


Matching circuit for antenna and associated method

A matching circuit for an antenna of whatever type, includes a ground circuit and a feed circuit. The ground circuit connects a ground terminal of the antenna to a ground voltage, and provides an inductive impedance between the ground terminal and the ground voltage.
Mediatek Inc.


Position adjuster for millimeter wave antenna

An adjustor configured to position an antenna coupled to a mounting element includes an adjustor nut having a bore extending along a longitudinal axis of the adjustor nut. At least a portion of the bore has inner threads configured to engage corresponding threads on a first portion of the mounting element positioned within the bore.
E-band Communications, Llc


Lithium-air battery

Disclosed is a lithium-air battery or particularly, a high voltage lithium-air battery of a laminated type with a high density. The lithium-air battery may be constructed by laminating a plurality of cells, each of which may comprises a cathode that uses oxygen in air as an active material, a lithium metal anode, a separation film interposed between the cathode and the anode and an electrolyte for ion transmission.
Hyundai Motor Company


Graphene-based proton exchange membrane for direct methanol fuel cells

A proton exchange membrane (pem) for use in a direct methanol fuel cell (dmfc) is a laminate of graphene oxide (go) or sulfonated graphene oxide (sgo) platelets. The mean size of the platelets is at least 10 μm in diameter and the platelets are combined as a laminate.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.



According to one embodiment, there is provided a composite. The composite includes a graphene sheet material, active material particles, and a carbon layer located between the graphene sheet material and the active material particles.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Method for injecting electrolyte

A method for injecting an electrolyte includes heating a case in which an electrode assembly is accommodated, and injecting an electrolyte into the case after the heating of the case. Here, the heating of the case may include heating the case through high-frequency induction heating using a coil.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Array frame design for electrified vehicle battery arrays

A battery array frame according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a frame body extending along a longitudinal axis and including a top surface, a bottom surface and frame arms that connect between the top surface and the bottom surface. At least one of the top surface and the bottom surface is rotationally symmetric about an axis that is transverse to the longitudinal axis..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Light-emitting transistors with improved performance

Disclosed are light-emitting transistors having novel structures that can lead to enhanced device brightness, specifically, via incorporation of additional electrically insulating components that can favor charge localization and in turn, carrier recombination and exciton formation.. .
Polyera Corporation


Acoustic resonator and manufacturing the same

An acoustic resonator is provided in which loss of acoustic waves in a transverse direction may be reduced through a cavity formed in an acoustic resonance unit including a first electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and a second electrode, and in which acoustic waves in a longitudinal direction may be reduced by forming an air gap between the acoustic resonance unit and a substrate. Whereby, a quality factor may be improved..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Grain growth for solar cells

A solar cell can include a silicon layer formed over a silicon substrate. The silicon layer can have a p-type doped region and an n-type doped region.


Configurable backplane interconnecting led tiles

Relatively small, electrically isolated led tiles or pv tiles are fabricated having an anode electrode and a cathode electrode. The led tiles contain microscopic printed leds that are connected in parallel by two conductive layers sandwiching the leds.
Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.


Quantum dot solar cell performance with a metal salt treatment

The performance of lead sulfide quantum dot (qd) photovoltaic cells is improved by exposing a qd layer to a solution containing metal salts after the synthesis of the qds is completed. The halide ions from the salt solution passivate surface lead (pb) sites and alkali metal ions mend pb vacancies.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

Both a hemt and a sbd are formed on a nitride semiconductor substrate. The nitride semiconductor substrate comprises a hemt gate structure region and an anode electrode region.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor

A chip laminate in this semiconductor device has a structure consisting of a first semiconductor chip and a second semiconductor chip laminated together. The first semiconductor chip has a circuit-forming layer and a first bump electrode formed on one surface and a second bump electrode formed on the other surface.
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l.


Semiconductor tsv device package for circuit board connection

An electronic device includes a circuit board and a semiconductor device package. The semiconductor device package includes a laminate layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Semiconductor tsv device package for circuit board connection

An electronic device includes a circuit board and a semiconductor device package. The semiconductor device package includes a laminate layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A coil cl1 is formed on a semiconductor substrate sb via a first insulation film, a second insulation film is formed so as to cover the first insulation film and the coil cl1, and a pad pd1 is formed on the second insulation film. A laminated film lf having an opening op1 from which the pad pd1 is partially exposed is formed on the second insulation film, and a coil cl2 is formed on the laminated insulation film.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Ball grid array and land grid array assemblies fabricated using temporary resist

Ball grid assembly (bga) bumping solder is formed on the back side of a laminate panel within a patterned temporary resist. Processes such as singulation and flip chip module assembly are conducted following bga bumping with the temporary resist in place.
International Business Machines Corporation


Mcsp power semiconductor devices and preparation methods thereof

The present invention discloses the mcsp power semiconductor device and the preparation method thereof. In the present invention method, a metal foil layer is attached to the back of the wafer using a conductive adhesive layer and a composite tape is laminated on the metal foil layer.
Alpha And Omega Semiconductor Incorporated


Semiconductor device having heat dissipation structure and laminate of semiconductor devices

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate, an electrode arranged on a first surface of the semiconductor substrate, a circuit formed on a second surface, of the semiconductor substrate, on an opposite side from the first surface, a conductor connecting the circuit and the electrode, a first lead arranged on an outer periphery of the semiconductor substrate, a connection member connecting the electrode and the first lead, and a sealing material sealing the semiconductor substrate, the first lead, and the connection member, where the second surface of the semiconductor substrate is exposed from the sealing material.. .
Panasonic Corporation


Support base-attached encapsulant, encapsulated substrate having semiconductor devices mounted thereon, encapsulated wafer having semiconductor devices formed thereon, semiconductor apparatus, and manufacturing semiconductor apparatus

Support base-attached encapsulant for collectively encapsulating a semiconductor device mounting surface of a substrate or semiconductor device forming surface of a wafer, containing a support base having one fibrous film or a plurality of the fibrous films being laminated, the fibrous film subjected to surface treatment with an organosilicon compound, and a resin layer of thermosetting resin formed on one surface of the support base. The support base-attached encapsulant inhibit the substrate or wafer from warping and semiconductor devices from peeling away from the substrate, and collectively encapsulate the semiconductor device mounting surface of the substrate or the semiconductor device forming surface of the wafer even when a large-diameter wafer or large-area substrate is encapsulated.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor tsv device package to which other semiconductor device package can be later attached

A first package includes a laminate layer, an overmold layer above and in direct contact with the laminate layer, and a logic circuit-through-silicon via (tsv) layer including a first logic die and tsvs. The logic circuit-tsv layer is within the overmold layer, and the tsvs are electrically exposed at a top surface of the overmold layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Atomic layer deposition of hfalc as a metal gate workfunction material in mos devices

Ald of hfxalycz films using hafnium chloride (hfcl4) and trimethylaluminum (tma) precursors can be combined with post-deposition anneal processes and ald liners to control the device characteristics in high-k metal-gate devices. Variation of the hfcl4 pulse time allows for control of the al % incorporation in the hfxalycz film in the range of 10-13%.
Intermolecular Inc.


Temporary bonding laminates for used in manufacture of semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices

Provided is temporary bonding laminates for used in a manufacture of semiconductor devices, by which a member to be processed (a semiconductor wafer or the like) can be temporarily supported securely and readily during a mechanical or chemical process of the member to be processed and then the processed member can be readily released from the temporary support without damaging the processed member even after a high temperature process, and processes for manufacturing semiconductor devices. The temporary bonding laminate includes (a) a release layer and (b) an adhesive layer, wherein the release layer (a) comprises (a1) a first release layer having a softening point of 200° c.
Fujifilm Corporation


Method for analyzing and/or processing an object as well as a particle beam device for carrying out the method

The application relates to a method for analyzing, in particular for imaging, and/or processing of an object as well as a particle beam device for carrying out this method. In particular, the particle beam device of this application is an electron beam device and/or an ion beam device.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh


Ionic electron conductive polymer capacitor

Technologies are generally described for an electron conductive polymer capacitor may incorporate a conductive polymer mixture embedded with carbon nanoparticles between electrodes to rapidly charge and store large amounts of charge compared to conventional electrolytic capacitors. Such a capacitor may be constructed with a laminate sheet including layers of inner and outer electrodes, an electrolyte mixture between the electrodes, a conductive polymer mixture, and a composite mixture of carbon nanoparticles embedded in the conductive polymer between the inner electrodes.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Positive temperature coefficient device

A ptc device comprises two electrode layers and a ptc material layer laminated therebetween. The ptc material layer has a volumetric resistivity less than 0.2 Ω-cm, and comprises a crystalline polymer, conductive ceramic fillers and crystalline low molecular weight organic compound.
Polytronics Technology Corp.


Audio device

An audio device connected to an electronic device is provided. The audio device connected to an electronic device includes an audio side connector comprising a microphone terminal that outputs a microphone signal to the electronic device, at least one audio terminal that receives an audio signal from the electronic device, an active noise cancelling (anc) terminal, and a ground terminal, an anc block that is driven by power input from the electronic device to remove noise around the audio device, an anc power source unit that is provided in the electronic device and applies power input via the anc terminal to the anc block as drive power, and an on/off switch unit that controls the anc power source unit, wherein the anc terminal is included in any one of the areas of the microphone terminal, the audio terminal, and the ground terminal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Image processing device and liquid crystal display device

The phenomenon of the hue of an image displayed in a liquid crystal display changing depending on whether or not cabc is employed is reduced. An image processing device sets a predetermined first brightness as the backlight brightness if cabc is not to be performed, and if cabc is to be performed, sets, for each frame of an image signal displayed on the liquid crystal panel, a second luminance determined according to the gradation of the pixels in the frame.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Systems and methods for compensating parasitic couplings in display panels

A display panel includes multiple pixel elements for composing an image and a control circuit for accessing each pixel element. The control circuit includes a data line for conducting a luminance signal and a selection line for conducting a selection signal.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Image processing device and image processing method

The image processing device includes a luminance modulator, a backlight control gain adjustment unit, a peak value detector, and a histogram detector. The peak value detector calculates a peak value as a maximum luminance value in a prescribed region of the video input signal inputted.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Pixel circuit for an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display

A pixel circuit for an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display including an organic light-emitting diode and a driving circuit. The driving circuit includes six switches, a driving transistor, and a capacitor.
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited


Display device and driving the same

Display device and method of driving the same are provided. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a display device includes a display unit which includes a plurality of pixels, and a control unit which adjusts luminance by maintaining the same gamma gray voltage during a plurality of frames and changing a dimming gain ratio of input data in each frame if a luminance level changes during the frames..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Processing-target image creating device, processing-target image creating method, and operation assisting system

A processing-target image creating device creates a processing-target image based on a plurality of input images. The processing-target image creating device includes a coordinates-associating part configured to associate coordinates on each input image plane on which each input image is positioned, coordinates on a space model onto which each input image is projected, and coordinates on a processing-target image plane, and an.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Method and a system for registering a 3d pre acquired image coordinate system with a medical positioning system coordinate system and with a 2d image coordinate system

A method for registering a three dimensional (3d) coordinates system with a medical positioning system (mps) coordinate system and with a two dimensional (2d) coordinate system, includes acquiring at least one 2d image of a volume of interest, the volume of interest including at least one tubular organ within the body of a patient. The 2d image is associated with the 2d coordinate system, and a plurality of mps points is acquired, within the at least one tubular organ.
Mediguide, Ltd.


Automated separation of binary overlapping trees

Provided are systems and methods for analyzing images. An exemplary method can comprise receiving at least one image having one or more annotations indicating a feature.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Dept. Of Veterans Affairs


Calibration and transformation of a camera system's coordinate system

Systems and methods are disclosed that determine a mapping between a first camera system's coordinate system and a second camera system's coordinate system; or determine a transformation between a robot's coordinate system and a camera system's coordinate system, and/or locate, in a robot's coordinate system, a tool extending from an arm of the robot based on the tool location in the camera's coordinate system. The disclosed systems and methods may use transformations derived from coordinates of features found in one or more images.
Restoration Robotics, Inc.


Digital watermarking

System(s) and method(s) for embedding and extracting a watermark from a digital media are described. The method may include embedding a set of watermark bits in a n*n block of the digital media based on a local binary pattern (lbp) synthesis process.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


User specific purchasing guide systems and methods

There is provided systems and method for a user specific purchasing guide. The methods include receive user specific financial information corresponding to a user, receive item specific pricing information corresponding to an item selected by the user, and determine user specific purchase recommendations for the item using the user specific financial information, the item specific pricing information, and general price predictors, wherein the user specific recommendations include at least a time and price to purchase the item..
Paypal, Inc.


Transaction effects

A method comprising creating and storing, in computer memory, a financial graph having nodes and edges, wherein the nodes include first nodes representing assets and second nodes representing any one or more of accounts in which one or more of the assets are held, individuals who own one or more of the assets, or legal entities who own one or more of the assets; obtaining, from an asset custodian data source, asset transaction data associated with one or more of the assets represented by the first nodes of the financial graph; transforming the asset transaction data into one or more stored transaction objects, wherein each transaction object is associated with a plurality of transaction effect objects; wherein each of the plurality of transaction effect objects is associated with a particular edge in the financial graph and represents one of a credit to an account type associated with the particular edge and a debit from an account type associated with the particular edge.. .
Addepar, Inc.


System and executing synchronized trades in multiple exchanges

A financial trading system that includes a trading server, multiple financial exchanges, and multiple servers with each server associated with and co-located at an exchange and comprising a high accuracy clock. The trading server divides a large transaction order into multiple smaller transaction orders and combines each smaller transaction order with a transaction execution time.
Renaissance Technologies Llc


Process for creating a social network through which private securities transactions using general solicitations are electronically created and settled in compliance with the u.s. securities act of 1933

The present invention is a process for creating a social network through which private securities transactions using general solicitation are electronically created and settled in compliance with the u.s. Securities act of 1933 whereby data regarding the securities industry is uploaded, stored, aggregated, processed and circulated, general solicitations regarding private offerings of securities are electronically disseminated and private securities transactions are electronically documented, authorized and settled.


Initial margining using decayed scenarios

A margin requirement is determined for a financial product. A present value of the financial position is obtained, and scenario projected values of the financial position at a future date are calculated for a plurality of loss risk scenarios in accordance with a plurality of scenario curves representative of the plurality of loss risk scenarios, respectively.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.


Financial-service structured content manager

An interconnect financial web can identify connections between individual entities (e.g., individuals and/or businesses) supported by financial objects. Many financial objects can be tracked, such that the web can represent an entity's financial standing.
Ncino, Llc


Multi-purpose, multi-tenant kiosk

In certain embodiments, a kiosk deployed at a customer location communicates a plurality of financial products available for provisioning by the kiosk and, for each financial product, one or more vendors that offers the financial product. The kiosk provisions a selected one of the financial products in response to input from a user.
Bank Of America Corporation

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