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Systems and methods for electronic fund transfers for use with gaming systems

Using flow space alignment to distinguish duplicate reads

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ina-related patents
 Information sharing patent thumbnailnew patent Information sharing
Systems and methods for the sharing of information between organizations are disclosed. Policies that govern the permissions for the sharing of information are represented as boolean functions such as binary decision diagrams..
 System and method for recording and analyzing audience information of audio/video program patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for recording and analyzing audience information of audio/video program
A method for recording and analyzing audience information of an audio/video program is provided. The method includes receiving at least one user information from at least one online social service, at least one audio/video capture information from at least one terminal device associated with the at least one user information, and at least one social behavior information related to the at least one audio/video capture information from the at least one online social service.
 Virtual machine branching and parallel execution patent thumbnailnew patent Virtual machine branching and parallel execution
A state branching system is described herein that allows parallel execution of complex state transitions while leveraging time invested to setup a starting state. By allowing branching at the virtual machine level, the state branching system allows setup of a particular condition or state in a virtual machine, then copying and branching to parallel instances of the virtual machine to explore different possible subsequent states.
 Techniques for performing virtual machine software upgrades using virtual disk swapping patent thumbnailnew patent Techniques for performing virtual machine software upgrades using virtual disk swapping
In one embodiment, a computer system creates a first template vm that includes a first os vmdk and a first software binary vmdk, and clones the first template vm to create a linked clone vm. The linked clone vm executes a guest os by accessing the first os vmdk and a software application by accessing the first software binary vmdk.
 Automated data collection, computation and reporting of content space coverage metrics for software products patent thumbnailnew patent Automated data collection, computation and reporting of content space coverage metrics for software products
One or more test results and one or more user stories are received. For each test result in the one or more test results a set of content space coordinates of the one or more test results is compared to a set of content space coordinates of the one or more user stories.
 User input determination patent thumbnailnew patent User input determination
In accordance with one implementation, a method is illustrated that allows a computing device to determine a user input. The method includes detecting one or more user input objects in a 3-dimensional field relative to a 2-dimensional surface.
 Method for browsing web page on mobile terminal patent thumbnailnew patent Method for browsing web page on mobile terminal
A method for browsing a web page comprises receiving, at a proxy server, a web page download request from a mobile terminal to request download a web page, acquiring a basic file from a first target site, the basic file including path to a source file of the web page, parsing the basic file to obtain the path to the source file, acquiring the source file from a second target site based on the parse result, integrating the basic file and the source file to create an integration file and transmitting the integration file to the mobile terminal to cause the mobile terminal to parse and render the basic file and the source file.. .
 Authoring, deploying and using interactive, data-driven two or more dimensional content patent thumbnailnew patent Authoring, deploying and using interactive, data-driven two or more dimensional content
A method whereby dynamic, interactive, two or more dimensional media can be assembled and delivered where the need for pre-packaged binary content files and pre-compiled content is eliminated by using a markup language, a standard uri to identify local and/or remote media resources within a markup text, a standard protocol to retrieve the resource, a parser to load resources from the native format and a markup language to define behavior and where dynamic, interactive, n-dimensional media is achieved by using a markup language, connecting or embedding content into a local or remote data source, dragging-and-dropping markup text into a content provider application, updating content using a form, establishing a two-way connection between content and one or more data sources such that changing to the data source(s) and seeing the results propagate to the scene changing the content and seeing the results propagate to the data source(s) and using a markup language to issue commands, configure interaction, and create behavior.. .
 Multi-core processor comparison encoding patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-core processor comparison encoding
Systems and methods to test processor cores of a multi-core processor microchip are provided. Comparison circuitry may be configured to compare data output from processor cores of a microchip.
 Match server for a financial exchange having fault tolerant operation patent thumbnailnew patent Match server for a financial exchange having fault tolerant operation
Fault tolerant operation is disclosed for a primary match server of a financial exchange using an active copy-cat instance, a.k.a. Backup match server, that mirrors operations in the primary match server, but only after those operations have successfully completed in the primary match server.
new patent Instruction for element offset calculation in a multi-dimensional array
An apparatus is described having functional unit logic circuitry. The functional unit logic circuitry has a first register to store a first input vector operand having an element for each dimension of a multi-dimensional data structure.
new patent Smartphone apps in a cloud
The present disclosure relates to a technique of providing/obtaining remote access from a mobile terminal to a plurality of applications hosted in a network. A method embodiment comprises the steps of determining, by an authentication server, based on authentication information received from the mobile terminal, whether to allow remote access from the mobile terminal to the network, and providing, by the authentication server, remote access from the mobile terminal to the plurality of applications hosted in the network, if it is determined that the remote access is allowed, wherein the remote access allows executing the plurality of applications in the network..
new patent Advanced event triggering
An event trigger data string is formulated and added to digital content for distribution to an audience via broadcast, satellite, cable or any other technology. The event trigger data string includes identification of an event source, identification of an operation to be performed, and a payload.
new patent Using flow space alignment to distinguish duplicate reads
Systems and method for identifying duplicate reads can receive first and second reads, determine if the first and second reads have a same start and end position, determine a binary flow difference, and identify the second read as a duplicate of the first read when the binary flow difference exceeds a threshold.. .
new patent Methods and systems for applications for z-numbers
Specification covers new algorithms, methods, and systems for artificial intelligence, soft computing, and deep learning/recognition, e.g., image recognition (e.g., for action, gesture, emotion, expression, biometrics, fingerprint, facial, ocr (text), background, relationship, position, pattern, and object), big data analytics, machine learning, training schemes, crowd-sourcing (experts), feature space, clustering, classification, svm, similarity measures, modified boltzmann machines, optimization, search engine, ranking, question-answering system, soft (fuzzy or unsharp) boundaries/impreciseness/ambiguities/fuzziness in language, natural language processing (nlp), computing-with-words (cww), parsing, machine translation, sound and speech recognition, video search and analysis (e.g. Tracking), image annotation, geometrical abstraction, image correction, semantic web, context analysis, data reliability, z-number, z-web, z-factor, rules engine, control system, autonomous vehicle, self-diagnosis and self-repair robots, system diagnosis, medical diagnosis, biomedicine, data mining, event prediction, financial forecasting, economics, risk assessment, e-mail management, database management, indexing and join operation, memory management, data compression, event-centric social network, image ad network..
new patent Server device, electronic apparatus, communication system, and information processing method
A terminal device that is an electronic apparatus communicates with a server device that communicates with a communication device located at one premises. The terminal device receives, based on obtaining the electricity usage quantity by the one premises from a wireless router, information representing the total quantity of electricity usage quantity and the total figure of the electricity rate by the one premises, and the total quantity of electricity usage quantity and the total figure of the electricity rate by another premises over a predetermined term.
new patent Investment portfolio risk analysis system
A computer-implemented method includes receiving information identifying an investment; receiving information associated with a financial characteristic of the investment; and causing a processor to determine one or more of a range of motion, a portfolio history, an economic value of the tail, an exposure, and points of ruin associated with the investment using the financial characteristic of the investment. The processor can also initiate an alert when one or more conditions are met for the investment based upon the determination of the range of motion, the portfolio history, the economic value of the tail, the exposure, and/or the points of ruin..
new patent Touch screen having integrated epp, and input information processing method for automated teller machine using same
The present invention relates to a touch screen having an integrated epp and an input information processing method for an automated teller machine using the same, and more particularly, to a touch screen provided as user interface in an automated teller machine, wherein the touch screen and an epp module are formed integrally such that a screen displayed on the touch screen is configured to be controlled by a security cpu of the epp module integrated with the touch screen when a customer using the automated teller machine inputs information required to be encrypted, such as a password required for a financial transaction, through the touch screen of the automated teller machine during the financial transaction, thereby initially preventing the leakage of important financial information through the illegal hacking of the cpu of the automated teller machine and the like.. .
new patent Apparatus configured to facilitate secure financial transactions
An aspect provides an apparatus configured to facilitate secure financial transactions.. .
new patent Systems and methods for processing customer purchase transactions using biometric data
A system and method is provided for processing customer purchase transactions using biometric data. Consistent with disclosed embodiments, a processing entity receives biometric data of a customer, wherein the biometric data is unique to the customer.
new patent Payment system, payment terminal, payment method, payment program, and computer-readable recording medium for recording same program
A settlement system includes a mobile terminal including a plurality of payment means for performing the payment process, and a reader/writer including an acquisition unit that sequentially inquires to the mobile terminal about each of a plurality of acceptable payment means and accepting a payment with one payment means specified among payment means confirmed to be present by the settlement acquisition unit by using a settlement unit corresponding to the one payment means, the mobile terminal further including a storage means that stores limitation information, and the reader/writer further includes a limitation information acquisition means that acquires the limitation information stored in the storage means, and an electronic money type narrowing down unit that stops inquiries by the acquisition unit when presence of payment means limited by the limitation information acquired by the limitation information acquisition means is confirmed by the acquisition unit.. .
new patent Fraud detection employing personalized fraud detection rules
Detection of fraud in financial transactions is facilitated. A financial transaction is initiated by a user, and based on the financial transaction, information is obtained by an electronic device of the user.
new patent Methods and systems for routing payment transactions
Methods and systems for routing payment transactions electronically involve interrogating by computer logic each payment transaction received by a payments interface processor to identify a payment destination and a payment source and to determine, according to pre-defined parameters, whether the payment transaction is eligible for processing via an internal payment transaction processor of the financial institution that minimizes processing costs. Eligible payment transactions may be routed, for example, to an internal debit or credit card processor or ach processor, and ineligible payment transactions may be routed to external card processing networks..
new patent Financial-service structured content manager
A financial-service system that manages content objects includes a chronicles platform with a chronicle associated with a loan request. A content manager determines a set of content objects to be associated with the chronicle and generates a bucket for each content object of the set of content objects.
new patent Computer program, system, and method for providing a consumer with immediate access to funds via a hybridized secured line of credit
A hybridized secured credit financial product provides a consumer immediate access to funds corresponding to at least a portion of a line of credit before collateral securing the line of credit is realized. The consumer applies for a secured lined of credit.
new patent System and method for selecting, distributing, redeeming, and reconciling digital offers
A method of generating and executing offers and rewards to cardholders and/or program participants where an offer platform receives a request to create an offer to associate a value token with a financial institution, determines a list of available offers for qualifying cardholders, and tracks when offers are received and executed by the cardholders. The offer platform may work in conjunction with financial institutions and vendors to provide these services, and the determination of available offers and qualifying cardholders may be made based upon information provided by these entities regarding consumer products and goods/services..
new patent Qualitative and quantitative modeling of enterprise risk management and risk registers
The present invention is applicable in the field of corporate finance, corporate capital investments, economics, math, business risk analysis, simulation, decision analysis, qualitative risk analysis, risk management, quantitative risk analysis, and business statistics, and relates to the modeling and valuation of investment decisions under uncertainty and risk within all companies, allowing these firms to properly identify, assess, quantify, value, diversify, and hedge their corporate capital investment decisions and their associated risks. Specifically, the present invention looks at starting from a comprehensive qualitative risk register and moving the analysis into the realms of quantitative risk modeling, simulation, and optimization..
new patent Electronic calendar scheduling
A computer sends a binary representation of a request for a meeting to end-users. The computer generates one or more lists, wherein each of the lists includes electronic calendar time slots during which at least one of the plurality of end-users is able to attend the meeting.
new patent Consolidation process command center method
For a financial consolidation process, user input is received defining financial consolidation tasks for business entities and the tasks are associated with respective roles. The roles are assigned to persons who are responsible for completion of tasks associated with their respective roles.
new patent Consolidation process command center
For a financial consolidation process, user input is received defining financial consolidation tasks for business entities and the tasks are associated with respective roles. The roles are assigned to persons who are responsible for completion of tasks associated with their respective roles.
new patent Access network node based barometric reference pressure network
Systems, apparatus and methods for populating and using a pressure database to determine an altitude of a unit with an unknown altitude are presented. A pressure from one or more barometric pressure sensors linked to respective base stations are interpolated to determine a reference pressure (e.g., at sea level) at arbitrary coordinates (x,y) having pressure reading.
new patent Guidance system, server, terminal device, and guidance method
A guidance system includes an sns server that distributes guidance information, e.g., to a smartphone. The sns server includes a post information db, a map db, and a guidance information db.
new patent Vehicle travel assisting device
In a vehicle travel assisting device, a vehicle speed, a yaw rate, a traveling lane of an own vehicle, and a position of a leading vehicle are detected. Target travel coordinates of the own vehicle are calculated, based on the traveling lane and the position of the leading vehicle a travel path curvature of a target travel coordinate group is estimated, based on information related to the target travel coordinate group.
new patent Rear vision system with trailer angle detection
A rear vision system for a vehicle includes a rearward facing camera disposed at a rearward portion of a vehicle equipped with the rear vision system. The rearward facing camera is operable to captures images rearward of the equipped vehicle.
new patent Palletizer for corrugated bundles
Techniques that palletize bundles at high-speed. A robotic controller includes a vision system that determines a location and orientation of incoming bundles, a tracking system that communicates between the controller and a conveyor, and a robot that coordinates its movement with the bundles.
new patent Machining condition estimating apparatus and machining condition estimating method
A machining condition estimating apparatus, for estimating a long life-time machining condition, by suppressing boundary wears, from among plural numbers of choices of machining conditions, without building up database, comprise: a means for defining an analysis model presenting shapes of a tool and a cutting material, to be a target of analysis, and various kinds of machining condition parameters relating to relative positions between the tool and the cutting material; a means for setting up an initial value for use of analysis and change volume of the machining condition parameter as analysis parameters; a means for conducting geometric calculation of contact length, over which the tool and the cutting material of the model contact with, for each analysis parameter; a means for producing a distribution waveform, plotting the contact length “lci” for each position “γi” of a point on each blade edge calculated, on “γi”−“lci” coordinates, thereby to calculate a ratio of movement length of a boundary portion with respect to the maximum contact length (boundary movement rate) and a ratio of width, over which a tool blade contacts with the cutting material (contact rate); a means for searching the analysis parameter, with which the boundary movement rate or the contact rate comes to maximum, respectively; and a means for outputting a long life-time machining condition selected from the analysis parameters searched.. .
new patent Inspecting device monitoring system
In a monitoring system, when there is an evaluation that a product is defective, in a solder print inspecting device that is subject to monitoring, that information is sent to a mobile terminal possessed by an operator. The operator who views the notification performs, through the mobile terminal, a checking task for evaluating whether or not the evaluation result regarding the printed substrate that has been evaluated as a defective product is correct.
new patent Microstructured absorbable implant
The production of microstructured surfaces in magnesium alloys, containing zinc as the major alloying element, in particular in absorbable implants such as stents, wherein microstructures in sizes of up to 5 μm (micrometers) are generated on a magnesium alloy base body of the absorbable implant, for example of the absorbable stent, by way of optionally combined, pickling and electrochemical micropolishing processes, and allow better adhesion of a polymer coating (including higher break resistance) and higher corrosion resistance. The microstructured surface is produced out of the bulk material and exhibits no delamination from the base material during the mechanical deformation of the implant..
new patent Compressible device
An electro-stimulation device for the treatment of anterior and posterior pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is reversibly compressible and is fully self-contained. The device requires no external power sources or control and may be inserted into the vagina or anus through the use of an applicator.
new patent Devices for controlling spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain, and associated systems and methods, including controllers for automated parameter selection
Devices for controlling spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain, and associated systems and methods, including controllers for automated parameter selection are disclosed. A particular embodiment includes receiving a first input corresponding to a location of a signal delivery device implanted in a patient, establishing a positional relationship between the signal delivery device and an anatomical feature of the patient, receiving a second input corresponding to a medical indication of the patient, and, based at least in part on the positional relationship and the indication, automatically identifying a signal delivery parameter in accordance with which a pulsed electrical signal is delivered to the patient via the signal delivery device..
new patent Neurostimulation system
Some embodiments of the present invention provide neurostimulation systems and components for selective stimulation and/or neuromodulation of one or more dorsal root ganglia through implantation of an electrode on, in or around a dorsal root ganglia. Some other embodiments of the present invention provide neurostimulation systems adapted for selective neurostimulation of one or more nerve root ganglia as well as techniques for applying neurostimulation to the spinal cord.
new patent Implantable fixture
A self-tapping fixture is implantable in a bone. The fixture extends generally longitudinally from an apical end to a distal end along a longitudinal axis l and has a periphery, the periphery comprises a first zone a extending away from the apical end to merge with a second zone b, the second zone b extending away from the first zone a to merge with a third zone c, the third zone c extending away from the second zone b to merge with a fourth zone d and the fourth zone d extending away from the third zone to terminate at the distal end of the fixture, and the third zone c is provided with a plurality of thread wraps each merging from the periphery and extending generally radially away therefrom to terminate at a generally rounded wrap ends..
new patent Dynamic spinal plating system
Dynamic spinal plating systems that can be placed on the anterior aspect of the spine to aid in spinal fusion and surgical methods for using the dynamic spinal plating systems are disclosed. The dynamic spinal plating systems including a plate and at least one bone attachment mechanism.
new patent Adaptive rotary catheter for opening obstructed bodily vessels
A rotary catheter for opening partially and totally obstructed bodily vessels of varying diameter (e.g., blood vessel) which comprises a motor-driven flexible hollow shaft rotatably disposed in a flexible tube, an aspiration channel defined between the flexible tube and the hollow shaft, a tip affixed to a distal end of the hollow shaft having a rounded distal end being rotatable and slideable over the guidewire, the tip having sides, a base and a crown that is offset away from a longitudinal axis of the hollow shaft further than the base and a distance between the sides being smaller than a distance between the crown and the base leaving open passages along the tip, the guidewire can be withdrawn proximally to allow the rotating crown to displace the distal end of the tip away from said wall of said vessel to tunnel through a total obstruction.. .
new patent Surgical instrument with disengageable handle
The invention relates to a surgical instrument comprising:—a distal tool (5) securely fastened to a distal end of a rotation shaft (4) and rotatably mounted on and in the extension of a distal member (30) rotatably mounted at an end of an elongated arm (3),—an comprising motorized means (20) for actuating the distal motion of the distal tool (5) and further comprising controlling means (21) for a user to control the motorized means (20);—a handle (1) extending from the actuation unit (2) and comprising a lever (11) mechanically coupled to the distal tool (5) for actuation of said distal tool (5); characterized in that the handle (1) has a non-axially-symmetric shape and is mounted on and in the extension of the actuation unit (2) with coupling means (12, 22) enabling rotation of the handle (1) relative to the actuation unit (2) around the longitudinal axis, and wherein the controlling means (21) are adapted to be operated by the user whatever the rotational position of the handle (1) relative to the actuation unit (2).. .
new patent Hand held integrated pedicle screw placement device
A device for applying a medical element has a housing defining a longitudinal axis with a channel disposed therethrough. The housing has a proximal and a distal opening.
new patent Systems and methods for turbinate reduction
The present disclosure includes an electrosurgical apparatus for treating tissue at a target site. The apparatus has a shaft with a proximal end and a distal portion, the distal portion comprising a return electrode and electrode support.
new patent Devices and methods for intraluminal retention and drug delivery
Retention devices and methods are provided for drug delivery. The device may include a housing configured for intraluminal deployment into a human or animal subject and at least one reservoir contained within the housing.
new patent Sanitary product
This invention relates to a sanitary product for use by women for the absorption of menstrual fluid and such like. The product comprises a plug and a pad joined by a sheath.
new patent Apparatus and method for delivering intraluminal therapy
A catheter and methods for luminal therapy are provided wherein a catheter has an outer balloon with a multiplicity of apertures for infusing one or more therapeutic agents into a vessel wall, an intermediate balloon having a multiplicity of apertures offset from the apertures of outer balloon to serve as a baffle that reduces jetting and promotes uniform distribution of therapeutic agent exiting through the outer balloon, and an impermeable inner balloon disposed within the intermediate balloon that enables the intermediate and outer balloons to be forced into engagement with the vessel wall to dilate the vessel and disrupt plaque lining the vessel wall and to also facilitate the uniform delivery of the therapeutic agent. The outer balloon may include protrusions that contact the vessel wall to disrupt the plaque, bumpers to reduce washout during infusion of therapeutic agents; the intermediate balloon may include a texture, ribs or protrusions on its outer surface to prevent adhesion to the outer balloon during dilation of the vessel; and the catheter may include a guide wire lumen sized to accept an energy delivery device to delivery energy that enhances uptake of the therapeutic agent or prolongs therapeutic effectiveness of the agent..
new patent System and method for monitoring bladder and abdominal pressures, and bladder function recovery system
Here provided are systems and methods for monitoring bladder and/or abdominal pressures, and a bladder function recovery device. In the systems and methods, the bladder pressure can be detected in real time with a bladder pressure detection unit that is communicated with a urinary catheter.
new patent Treatment of diverticula
Some embodiments described herein generally relate to apparatus and methods for treating diverticula. The diverticula may be present within a wall of a gastrointestinal organ, such as a colon, of a human or animal.
new patent Intraluminal imaging system
The invention generally relates to devices and methods that allow an operator to obtain real-time images of a luminal surface prior to, during, and after an intraluminal procedure, including while an intraluminal tool is engaged with the luminal surface. In one embodiment, an imaging system of the invention includes a guidewire comprising a first imaging element and a catheter comprising a second imaging element and a lumen that is configured to slidably receive at least a portion of the guidewire within.
new patent Methods and systems for acoustic data transmission
A method of communicating with an ingestible capsule includes detecting the location of the ingestible capsule, focusing a multi-sensor acoustic array on the ingestible capsule, and communicating an acoustic information exchange with the ingestible capsule via the multi-sensor acoustic array. The ingestible capsule includes a sensor that receives a stimulus inside the gastrointestinal tract of an animal, a bidirectional acoustic information communications module that transmits an acoustic information signal containing information from the sensor, and an acoustically transmissive encapsulation that substantially encloses the sensor and communications module, wherein the acoustically transmissive encapsulation is of ingestible size.
new patent Device for artificial insemination
A device for artificial insemination, wherein the device includes a dildo member having an internal channel for receiving a tubing connected to a pumping mechanism and associated pumping arm, wherein fluid may be drawn into the dildo member through the pumping mechanism and discharged through the internal tubing at a distal end.. .
new patent Trans-urethral sling delivery device
Technologies are generally provided for a trans-urethral sling delivery device for deploying a sub-urethral sling to support a urethra to treat urinary incontinence. A trocar and a delivery tube may be advanced through the urethra, and the trocar may puncture a hole in the urethral wall.
new patent Isolation of phosphoproteins, glycoproteins and fragments thereof
The invention provides methods and apparatus for the selective isolation of phosphorylated and glycosylated proteins and their fragments. A lanthanide metal cation is used to precipitate proteins or protein fragments containing phospho groups and/or glyco groups.
new patent Production of polyols using distillers grains and proteins and lignin extracted from distillers grains
Processes for the production of polyols from sources such as dried distillers grains plus solubles (ddgs) make use of a two-stage reaction scheme. In the first stage, the proteinaceous starting material is reacted with an aminating agent, such as diethanolamine (deoa), to generate amino-amides and amides.
new patent Controlled release pharmaceutical compositions comprising a fumaric acid ester
The present invention relates to controlled release pharmaceutical compositions comprising fumaric acid ester(s) as active substance(s). The compositions are suitable for use in the treatment of e.g.
new patent Controlled release pharmaceutical compositions comprising a fumaric acid ester
The present invention relates to controlled release pharmaceutical compositions comprising fumaric acid ester(s) as active substance(s). The compositions are suitable for use in the treatment of e.g.
new patent Tannin-containing gastrointestinal formulations and methods of use
Tannin-containing compositions and methods of using same to enhance or maintain immune function during simplified nutrition feeding. Pharmaceutical compositions, including enteral nutrition compositions, are provided.
new patent Rnai-mediated inhibition of select receptor tyrosine kinases for treatment of pathologic ocular neovascularization-related conditions
Rna interference is provided for inhibiton of expression of select receptor tyrosine kinase (rtk) targets in ocular neovascularization-related conditions, including those cellular changes resulting from the signal transduction activity of the select rtk targets that lead directly or indirectly to ocular nv, abnormal angiogenesis, retinal vascular permeability, retinal edema, diabetic retinopathy particularly proliferative diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, exudative age-related macular degeneration, sequela associated with retinal ischemia, and posterior segment neovascularization.. .
new patent Inhibitors of c-fms kinase
Wherein z, x, j, r2 and w are set forth in the specification, as well as solvates, hydrates, tautomers and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, that inhibit protein tyrosine kinases, especially c-fms kinase. Methods of treating autoimmune diseases; and diseases with an inflammatory component; treating metastasis from ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, hairy cell leukemia; and treating pain, including skeletal pain caused by tumor metastasis or osteoarthritis, or visceral, inflammatory, and neurogenic pain; as well as osteoporosis, paget's disease, and other diseases in which bone resorption mediates morbidity including rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms of inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, prosthesis failure, osteolytic sarcoma, myeloma, and tumor metastasis to bone with the compounds of formula i, are also provided..
new patent Compositions of (-)-17-(cyclobutylmethyl) morphinan-3,14-diol
The present invention is directed to oral, therapeutically effective modified release pharmaceutical compositions of (−)-17-(cyclobutylmethyl)morphinan-3,14-diol and it pharmaceutically acceptable salts and the use thereof, including delayed onset and extended release dosage forms. The present invention is also directed at modified release dosage forms of oral (−)-17-(cyclobutylmethyl)morphinan-3,14-diol which provide robust efficacy and reduced potential for abuse and misuse..
new patent Thiazolecarboxamides and pyridinecarboxamide compounds useful as pim kinase inhibitors
The present disclosure describes thiazole and pyridine carboxamide derivatives, their compositions and methods of use. The compounds inhibit the activity of the pim kinases and are useful in the treatment of diseases related to the activity of pim kinases including, e.g., cancer and other diseases..
new patent Novel polymorphic forms of 3-(1--6-oxo-1,6-dihydro-pyridazin-3-yl)-benzonitrile hydrochloride salt and processes of manufacturing thereof
The present invention relates to 3-(1-{3-[5-(1-methyl-piperidin-4-ylmethoxy)-pyrimidin-2-yl]-benzyl}-6-oxo-1,6-dihydro-pyridazin-3-yl)-benzonitrile hydrochloride solvates and crystalline modifications thereof. The present invention further relates to processes of manufacturing these crystalline modifications as well as their use in the treatment and/or prophylaxis of physiological and/or pathophysiological conditions, which are caused, mediated and/or propagated by the inhibition, regulation and/or modulation of signal transduction of kinases, in particular by the inhibition of tyrosine kinases, e.g.
new patent Methods of use of inhibitors of phosphodiesterases and modulators of nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species, and metalloproteinases in the treatment of peyronie's disease, arteriosclerosis and other fibrotic diseases
The present methods and compositions are of use for treatment of conditions involving fibrosis, such as peyronie's disease plaque, penile corporal fibrosis, penile veno-occlusive dysfunction, dupuytren's disease nodules, vaginal fibrosis, clitoral fibrosis, female sexual arousal disorder, abnormal wound healing, keloid formation, general fibrosis of the kidney, bladder, prostate, skin, liver, lung, heart, intestines or any other localized or generalized fibrotic condition, vascular fibrosis, arterial intima hyperplasia, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, restenosis, cardiac hypertrophy, hypertension or any condition characterized by excessive fibroblast or smooth muscle cell proliferation or deposition of collagen and extracellular matrix in the blood vessels and/or heart. In certain embodiments, the compositions may comprise a pde-4 inhibitor, a pde-5 inhibitor, a compound that elevates cgmp and/or pkg, a stimulator of guanylyl cyclase and/or pkg, a combination of a compound that elevates cgmp, pkg or no with an antioxidant that decreases ros, or a compound that increases mmp activity..
new patent Smoothened antagonism for the treatment of hedgehog pathway-related disorders
The invention provides methods for modulating, e.g., antagonizing, the activity of the hedgehog signaling pathway, and for treating hedgehog related disorders such as cancers (e.g., medulloblastoma). In particular, the invention provides methods for inhibiting aberrant growth states resulting from phenotypes such as ptch loss-of-function, hedgehog gain-of-function, smoothened gain-of-function or gli gain-of-function by administering to a mammal combinations of smoothened inhibitors (e.g., a compound of formula i, formula ii, or formula iii, or any of the compounds listed herein or incorporated by reference) and cholesterol biosynthesis pathway inhibitors (e.g., statins), gli inhibitors, and/or phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (pi3k) inhibitors..
new patent Bicyclic aromatic carboxamide compounds useful as pim kinase inhibitors
The present disclosure describes bicyclic aromatic carboxamide derivatives, as well as their compositions and methods of use. The compounds inhibit the activity of the pim kinases, and are useful in the treatment of diseases related to the activity of pim kinases including, e.g., cancer and other diseases..
new patent Pharmaceutical composition for treating premature ejaculation and method for treating premature ejaculation
The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for treating, preventing or improving premature ejaculation, which is taken on demand prior to sexual activity, the composition comprising clomipramine hydrochloride in an amount of 14 to 16 mg, preferably about 15 mg, as an active ingredient. More preferably, the composition of the present invention further comprises pregelatinized starch and sodium starch glycolate.
new patent Antagonists of cb1 receptor
The invention relates to an antagonist of cb1 receptor for use in the treatment of a pathologic condition or disorder selected from the group consisting of bladder and gastrointestinal disorders; inflammatory diseases; cardiovascular diseases; nephropathies; glaucoma; spasticity; cancer; osteoporosis; metabolic disorders; obesity; addiction, dependence, abuse and relapse related disorders; psychiatric and neurological disorders; neurodegenerative disorders; autoimmune hepatitis and encephalitis; pain; reproductive disorders and skin inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.. .
new patent Thixotropic biological adhesive for use in internal body cavities
A biological thixotropic adhesive that contains dextrin, and at least a structural component that provides thixotropy to the adhesive, and optionally at least an antibiotic that is very useful to stimulate the process of healing of tissues in a patient, for example, to prevent anastomotic leaks of the gastrointestinal system, to affix a prosthesis in inguinal hernioplasties, in a patient and to oclude a fistula in a patient. The biological thixotropic dahesive also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used with a fatty tissue patch..
new patent Cell-permeable peptide inhibitors of the jnk signal transduction pathway
The present invention refers to protein kinase inhibitors and more specifically to inhibitors of the protein kinase c-jun amino terminal kinase. Additionally, the present invention provides jnk inhibitor sequences, chimeric peptides, nucleic acids encoding same as well as pharmaceutical compositions for treating pathophysiologies associated with jnk signaling..
new patent Method for producing proteins in pichia pastoris that lack detectable cross binding activity to antibodies against host cell antigens
Methods for producing proteins and glycoproteins in pichia pastoris that lack detectable cross binding activity to antibodies made against host cell antigens are described. In particular, methods are described wherein recombinant pichia pastoris strains that do not display a β-mannosyltransferase 2 activity with respect to an n-glycan or o-glycan and do not display at least one activity selected from a β-mannosyltransferase 1, 3, and 4 activity to produce recombinant proteins and glycoproteins.
new patent Alpha-amylase mutants
The invention relates to a novel termamyl-like alpha-amylase, and termamyl-like alpha-amylases comprising mutations in two, three, four, five or six regions/positions. The variants have increased thermostability at acidic ph and/or at low ca2+ concentrations (relative to the parent).
new patent Method of metabolic evolution
The invention relates to a method for metabolic evolution of a variant of a natural small aromatic molecule product of a metabolic pathway, by somatic in vivo assembly and recombination of said metabolic pathway employing a gene mosaic of at least one gene a, which comprises a) in a single step procedure (i) transforming a cell with at least one gene a having a sequence homology of less than 99.5% to another gene to be recombined that is an integral part of the cell genome or presented in the framework of a genetic construct, (ii) recombining said genes, (iii) generating a gene mosaic of the genes at an integration site of a target genome, wherein said at least one gene a has a single flanking target sequence either at the 5′ end or 3′ end anchoring to the 5′ or 3′ end of said integration site, (iv) recombining eventual further genes of said metabolic pathway, and b) selecting clones comprising said gene mosaic and said eventual further genes capable of expressing said variant, methods of preparing a library of cells producing variants of natural small aromatic molecule products of a metabolic pathway, the libraries so produced and used to prepare said variants.. .
new patent Agricultural mixtures comprising arylquinazolinone compounds
The invention relates further to methods and use of these mixtures for combating insects, arachnids or nematodes and harmful fungis in and on plants, and for protecting such plants being infested with pests, especially also for protecting seeds.. .
new patent Systems and methods for electronic fund transfers for use with gaming systems
Electronic fund transfer (eft) systems and methods are disclosed for managing and transferring electronic funds from a patron's financial account to provide gaming or amusement credit in physical or electronic form. The systems comprise an electronic fund transfer (eft) device, a secure payment gateway configured to connect to the patron's financial accounts via a financial network, a host system, and a funds management portal connected to the host system and to the secure payment gateway.
new patent Method and apparatus for providing positional information using wireless fidelity (wifi) information
A method and apparatus for providing positional information using wireless fidelity (wifi) information is provided. A method of providing positional information at a mobile terminal may include collecting wifi access point (ap) information by scanning for a wifi ap in a vicinity of the mobile terminal, extracting facility information associated with a facility associated with the wifi ap, and determining the positional information of the mobile terminal based on the extracted facility information..
new patent Core network apparatus, radio base station, mobile terminal, mobile communication system, and operation control method
A core network apparatus (1) in a mobile communication system, includes a control unit (101) that, when a resource utilization rate of the own apparatus falls below a predetermined threshold, makes a transition to an mme utilization promotion state and transmits, to a radio base station (2), an mme promotion start message (111) for encouraging a terminal (3) to perform a communication. When the network utilization rate is low, it is possible to improve the utilization rate by transmitting the mme promotion start message, which is a utilization promotion message..

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