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Electrolyte fluid metering device for lithium cells

Electrolyte fluid metering device for lithium cells

Electrolyte fluid metering device for lithium cells

Methods and articles for liquid-impregnated surfaces for the inhibition of vapor or gas nucleation

Date/App# patent app List of recent Impregnated-related patents
 Thermoplastic composite material reinforced with synthetic fibers and manufacturing process patent thumbnailThermoplastic composite material reinforced with synthetic fibers and manufacturing process
A method for producing a composite material, including an assembly of one or a plurality of synthetic reinforcement fibres, impregnated with at least one thermoplastic polymer having a vitreous transition temperature tg greater than or equal to 80° c. Including: i) a step of impregnating said assembly with a precursor composition in the molten state and including: a) at least one prepolymer p(x)n of said thermoplastic polymer, including a molecular chain p having, at the ends n thereof, identical reactive functions x, said prepolymer having a semi-aromatic and/or semi-cycloaliphatic structure, b) at least one chain extender including two identical functions y, which are reactive with at least one of said functions x; ii) a step of polymerisation by mass (poly)addition, in the molten state, of said prepolymer with said chain extender, with said thermoplastic polymer of the thermoplastic matrix being the result of said polymerisation by mass polyaddition..
 Highly conductive anion-exchange composite membrane with crosslinked polymer electrolyte for alkaline fuel cell and method for preparing the same patent thumbnailHighly conductive anion-exchange composite membrane with crosslinked polymer electrolyte for alkaline fuel cell and method for preparing the same
Disclosed are a new method for preparing a highly conductive anion-exchange composite membrane with a crosslinked polymer electrolyte for an alkaline fuel cell and a composite membrane prepared by the same. The method includes (a) mixing (vinylbenzyl)trimethylammonium chloride, 1,3,5-triacryloylhexahydro-1,3,5-triazine, and a mixed solution of deionized water and dimethyl formamide at a weight ratio of 1:1 together by stirring at a weight ratio of 60˜75:5˜16:20˜25; (b) mixing 100 parts by weight of the mixed solution with 0.5 to 2 parts by weight of a photoinitiator; (c) impregnating a porous polymer support with the solution so that a monomer solution soaks into the support; (d) interposing an electrolyte-impregnated membrane between polyethylene terephthalate (pet) films and irradiating the electrolyte-impregnated membrane with ultraviolet (uv) light having an energy of 30 to 150 mj/cm2 for crosslinking; and (e) after the crosslinking step, removing the pet films, and removing by-products on the membrane surface and washing the membrane..
 Electrolyte fluid metering device for lithium cells patent thumbnailElectrolyte fluid metering device for lithium cells
A battery system includes at least one lithium cell with an electrolyte having at least one polymer which is configured to be impregnated with an electrolyte fluid. In order to increase the capacity, the life and the safety of the battery system, the battery system further includes at least one electrolyte fluid metering device, by which at least one component of the electrolyte fluid can be supplied to the lithium cell and/or by which electrolyte fluid can be discharged from the lithium cell..
 Methods and articles for liquid-impregnated surfaces for the inhibition of vapor or gas nucleation patent thumbnailMethods and articles for liquid-impregnated surfaces for the inhibition of vapor or gas nucleation
Embodiments described herein relate generally to devices, systems and methods for producing liquid-impregnated surfaces for the inhibition of vapor or gas nucleation. In some embodiments, an apparatus having a liquid-impregnated surface includes a first surface having a first roll off angle.
 Methods and articles for liquid-impregnated surfaces with enhanced durability patent thumbnailMethods and articles for liquid-impregnated surfaces with enhanced durability
Embodiments described herein relate generally to devices, systems and methods for producing liquid impregnated surfaces with enhanced durability. In some embodiments, a liquid-impregnated surface includes a first surface having a first roll off angle.
 Shirring composition and applications thereof patent thumbnailShirring composition and applications thereof
The present invention relates to a composition for shirring artificial casings which allows conferring the casing with a high capacity to cling to the meat paste stuffed therein. The composition of the invention comprises at least one heat curable polycationic resinous component, a polyolic component and water, wherein the water activity (aw) index has a value greater than or equal to 0.70.
 Antimicrobial peptides patent thumbnailAntimicrobial peptides
The present invention provides novel therapeutic antimicrobial peptides that are bactericides and have an inhibitory effect on biofilms produced by biofilm-forming bacteria and especially biofilm-forming staphyloccocal bacteria. The invention includes the nucleic acids encoding the polypeptides, methods of treating bacterial infections, medical devices or implants or prosthetics impregnated with, covered or coated in the polypeptides, and means of delivery of the peptide to the oral cavity..
 Antimicrobial solution and methods of making and using the same patent thumbnailAntimicrobial solution and methods of making and using the same
A chitosan solution is formed from chitin, which is a homopolymer of beta (1-4)-linked n-acetyl-d-glucosamine. Rinsed, dried and ground chitin undergoes a process of deacetylation to convert some n-acetyl glucosamine to glucosamine, a primary component of chitosan.
 Novel enhanced formulations for coating medical devices patent thumbnailNovel enhanced formulations for coating medical devices
Provided are formulations and related methods, for coating or impregnating a medical device, as well as a coated or impregnated medical device, for example, a device that is a catheter or cannula, where a different formulation may be used for interior surface of device and for exterior surface of the device.. .
 Oil-impregnated sintered bearing and production method therefor patent thumbnailOil-impregnated sintered bearing and production method therefor
The oil-impregnated sintered bearing made of iron-copper sintered alloy consisting of 10-59% of cu, 0.5-3% of sn, and balance of de and impurities, includes pores in the iron-copper sintered alloy matrix of not less than 800 per mm2, has pores exposed at 20-50% by area ratio at the inner circumferential surface with diameters greater than 100w, not more than 0.5%, respectable to the total pores number. The pores number with diameters greater than 80 μm and not greater than 100 μm, not more than 0.1%, respectable to the total pores number with diameters greater than 60 μm and not greater than 80 μm is 0.5-1.5%, respectable to the total pores number, with diameters greater than 40 μm and not greater than 60 μm is 0.8-3% respectable to the total pores number, and the remainder pores are with diameters less than 40 μm..
Fiber-containing diamond-impregnated cutting tools and methods of forming and using same
Fibers for diamond-impregnated cutting tools and their associated methods for manufacture and use are described. A matrix is formed that contains fibers made from carbon, glass, ceramic, polymer, and the like.
Tread comprising tread pattern elements covered with an impregnated fibre assembly
A tread for a pneumatic tyre includes tread pattern elements and cuts. Each tread pattern element includes lateral faces and a contact face that comes into contact with a road surface when the tyre is being driven thereon.
Sorbent compositions, sorbent articles, methods for preparing sorbent articles, and methods for capturing target gases using the sorbent articles
Articles for capturing or separating a target gas from a gas stream may include a porous substrate such as a flexible sheet or mat, or a rigid ceramic monolith impregnated or coated with a sorbent composition. The sorbent composition may include a polyamine and a coexistent polymer chemically bonded to the polyamine.
Fibrous armour material
According to the invention there is provided a fibrous armour material for dissipating the kinetic energy of a moving object which is impregnated with a shear thickening fluid, in which the shear thickening fluid includes particles of a thickening agent suspended in a liquid, and the volume fraction of the thickening agent in the shear thickening fluid is selected so that the shear thickening fluid has a viscosity-shear stress characteristic substantially corresponding to curve b or lying between curve b and curve d as shown in fig. 2..
Protective material arrangement
According to the invention there is provided an arrangement of protective material for dissipating the kinetic energy of a moving object including one or more layers of fibrous armour material encased within a sealed encasement, in which the sealed encasement is formed from a textile armour material which is impregnated with a polymeric substance.. .
Hunting boot with pocket for scent wick
A scent dispersing boot is provided having a vertically aligned pocket attached to the upper, wherein the pocket is biased in an open position and apertured to allow air to circulate. A wick is impregnated with a game-attracting scent and inserted in the pocket.
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and manufacturing method thereof
A lithium secondary battery 100 is configured such that an electrode body 20, in which a cathode and an anode are stacked via a separator impregnated with an electrolyte, is housed in a battery case 10 having a substantially cylindrical square shape and that an opening 12 of the case 10 is blocked by a lid 14. Further, the lid 14 is provided with a cathode terminal 38 and an anode terminal 48, and such terminals are respectively connected, inside the battery case 10, to an internal cathode collection terminal 37 and an internal anode collection terminal 47.
Recycling of broad goods with thermoplastic stabilizer materials
A method is disclosed for recycling broad goods material into a flaked feed material. The broad goods material includes reinforcement fibers and thermoplastic material.
Plant powder-containing white chocolate-impregnated food and method for producing same
The present invention provides a white chocolate-impregnated food that is a porous food into which a white chocolate that contains a plant powder is impregnated. A median diameter of the plant powder is 5 to 20 μm.
Anti-glare film, manufacturing method for same, polarizing plate and image display device
An anti-glare film comprises a light-transmitting substrate; and a diffusion layer having a surface roughness and provided on at least one surface of the light-transmitting substrate, in which the diffusion layer is obtainable by applying, on the at least one surface of the light-transmitting substrate, a coating composition including organic fine particles (a) and a radiation curable binder that includes a (meth)acrylate monomer as an essential component, drying the coating composition to form a coating, and curing the coating, the organic fine particles (a) in the diffusion layer each have an impregnation layer that is impregnated with the radiation curable binder, and the impregnation layer has an average thickness of 0.01 to 1.0 μm.. .
Composite membranes
A process for making a composite membrane comprising the steps: (i) providing a moving poriferous support (1) impregnated with a curable composition, wherein the composition is present in the pores of the support and on a surface of the support; (ii) scraping or squeezing the poriferous support and thereby removing at least some of the curable composition (2) from the surface of the support; and (iii) after performing step (ii), irradiating the support, thereby curing the composition present therein. Composite membranes are also claimed having a surface layer thickness of below 0.5 microns..
Process for upgrading a high endpoint gas oil containing high concentrations of thiophenes and nitrogen and providing for a reduced hydrogen consumption rate.
A process and catalyst that provides for the upgrading of a high endpoint gas oil feedstock that contains significant concentrations of organic sulfur compound and organic nitrogen compounds. Included among the sulfur compounds are the dimethyl-dibenzothiophenes and derivative thereof.
Tyre having a tread comprising an impregnated felt
A tyre is provided with a tread that includes a felt. The felt is impregnated with a thermoplastic elastomer material.
Electrolyte-positive electrode structure, and lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same
There are provided an electrolyte-positive electrode structure which comprises a thin solid electrolyte and can develop excellent capacity and output, and a lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same. An electrolyte-positive electrode structure 7 comprises: a positive electrode 4 comprising a positive electrode active material layer 3 formed on a current collector 2; and a solid electrolyte 6 containing inorganic particles having lithium ion conductivity, an organic polymer, and a polymer gel, in which the organic polymer binds the inorganic particles and can be impregnated with the polymer gel, and the polymer gel holds an electrolyte solution and is impregnated into the organic polymer, wherein the positive electrode active material layer 3 is integrated with the solid electrolyte 6 using the organic polymer as a medium..
Method for treating high strength fabric to be water repellent
The present invention relates to a method for treating high-strength fabric to be water-repellent, which includes dipping a high-strength fabric in a water-repellent agent composition to impregnate the high-strength fabric with the water-repellent agent composition, and then, using an air-suction machine to pick-up a part of the water-repellent agent composition impregnated in the high-strength fabric before drying and heating the same. The present invention has advantages in that a part of the water-repellent agent composition impregnated in the high-strength fabric may be uniformly picked-up during dipping, so as to improve water-repellent performance, especially, water-repellency after friction as well as initial water-repellency, and may effectively prevent occurrence of wrinkles on the high-strength fabric during water-repellent treatment.
Heterogeneous intergration of group iii-v or ii-vi materials with silicon or germanium
Substrates for an electronic circuit and device manufacturing methods are disclosed. According to an embodiment, the substrate comprises: a silicon or germanium wafer impregnated with impurities that form one or more deep energy levels within the band gap of the material forming the wafer, wherein at least one of said deep energy levels is positioned at least 0.3 ev away from the conduction band if the level is a donor level or at least 0.3 ev away from the valence band if the level is an acceptor level; and a device layer formed on a surface of said wafer, said device layer comprising electronically functional components formed in a layer of periodic table group iii-v or ii-vi material.
Applying wellbore lining
Application of a photocurable lining to a downhole fixed surface surrounding the axis of a wellbore is carried out by skimming an applicator over the downhole surface while delivering a porous tape impregnated with a photocurable liquid composition between the applicator and the downhole surface so that the tape lies on the downhole surface and directing light of wavelength in a range from 100 nm to 1500 nm onto the curable composition impregnating the tape so as to initiate curing of the composition and thereby attach the tape to the downhole surface.. .
Single vacuum debulk composite panel repair
A method of attaching a composite member to a structure. The method including forming a laminate of fabric impregnated with resin; applying heat at a first temperature to the impregnated laminate; applying vacuum at a first pressure to the impregnated laminate to degas the resin and form a degassed, impregnated laminate; positioning the degassed, impregnated laminate on a structure; and curing the degassed, impregnated laminate on the substrate by applying heat at a second temperature and by applying vacuum at a second pressure..
Prepreg production method
Provided is a method of producing prepreg including: inspecting, with an optical device, in a resin sheet made of a release paper and a resin film which is formed by coating the release paper with a resin to be impregnated into a carbon fiber bundle, the surface of the resin film, detecting a defect in the surface of the resin film which would be the cause of a defect in the prepreg to be produced, and judging the type of the detected defect; or inspecting, with an optical device, the surface of the prepreg after the release paper is separated from the prepreg sheet which is formed by impregnating a resin forming the resin film into the carbon fiber bundle, detecting defects in the surface of the prepreg, and judging the type of the detected defect.. .
Pre-treatment of cellulosic material
A method of pre-treating a cellulosic material before hydrolysis is provided. The method comprises the steps of: impregnating the cellulosic material with a reactive water-soluble gas, such as sulphur dioxide (so2) or carbon dioxide (co2), in an impregnation chamber to obtain impregnated material; and heating the impregnated material to obtain pre-treated material, wherein the cellulosic material is compressed right before or when it is transferred to the impregnation chamber.
Battery cell of novel embedded type structure
Disclosed herein is a battery cell including an electrode assembly of a cathode/separator/anode structure, the electrode assembly being impregnated with an electrolyte, the electrode assembly being chargeable and dischargeable, a battery case in which the electrode assembly is mounted, the battery case being made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy, and an alumina coating layer applied to at least a portion of an outer surface of the battery case by anodizing.. .
Rechargeable battery and method of manufacturing the same
A rechargeable battery including; an electrode assembly including a separator; a first electrode on a first surface of the separator; a second electrode on a second surface of the separator; and an electrolyte solution at a first interface of the first electrode and the separator and a second interface of the second electrode and the separator, the electrode assembly being spiral-wound and being impregnated with an electrolyte solution; an insulation tape wrapping the electrode assembly; a case housing the electrode assembly that is coated with the insulation tape; and a cap plate coupled to the case and electrically connected to the electrode assembly.. .
Methods for preparing thermofused laminates
A backer sheet comprising a natural fiber and impregnated with a water-based acrylate resin is thermofused with a wood cellulose sheet impregnated with the same or different water-based acrylate resin to provide a continuous laminate. The acrylate resin diffuses into the pores of the natural fiber backer sheet and the wood cellulose sheet during impregnation.
Method for producing a particle containing porous silica, porous silica, and a particle containing porous silica
Provided is a process for producing satisfactory particles held in porous silica. The process comprises (a) the step of preparing porous silica, (b) the step of bringing the porous silica into contact with a liquid which contains either a metal or a compound that has the metal as a component element and infiltrating the liquid into the pores of the porous silica, and (c) the step of subjecting, after the step (b), the impregnated porous silica to a heat treatment to thereby form fine particles comprising the metal or the metal compound in the pores of the porous silica.
Device and method for molding fiber-reinforced plastic member
The present invention provides a device and a method for molding fiber-reinforced plastics by which the molding cost can be reduced. A device for molding a fiber-reinforced plastic member 1 of the present invention includes a mold 40, and pressure plates 10 and 20 which press a fiber base material f and a resin r against the mold 40.
Mercury capture for packaged fluorescent lamps
Disclosed is an hg capture system adapted for advantageous placement within a container housing a fluorescent lamp. Such hg capture system includes a substrate impregnated with between about 0.08 and 0.23 g/cm2 carbon carrying between about 5% and 15% sulfur, basis carbon weight, reacted with between about 0.02 to about 1% by weight iodine, basis sulfur weight.
Method for protecting a muffler with polyester resin/fiberglass laminate
The invention disclosed herein is a method to prevent corrosion and deterioration by weather and environmental factors on mufflers by covering the mufflers with flexible moldable laminate shells. The flexible moldable laminate shells are composed of fiberglass reinforced plastic laminate impregnated with polyester resin.
Articles and methods providing liquid-impregnated scale-phobic surfaces
This invention relates generally to articles, devices, and methods for inhibiting or preventing the formation of scale during various industrial processes. In certain embodiments, a vessel is provided for use in an industrial process, the vessel having a textured, liquid-impregnated surface in contact with a mineral solution, wherein the liquid-impregnated surface comprises a matrix of features spaced sufficiently close to stably contain an impregnating liquid lubricant therebetween or therewithin, wherein the impregnating lubricant has a low surface energy density, and wherein the spreading coefficient sos(w) of the impregnating lubricant (subscript ‘o’) on the substrate (subscript ‘s’) in the presence of the salt solution (subscript ‘w’) is greater than zero, such that the impregnating lubricant fully submerges the textured substrate..
Mixture of basic lead sulfates
A microporous lead-containing solid material is produced, which can serve as a carrier for desired materials into a reaction for various desired purposes. For example, if the microporous solid is impregnated with borax it tends to inhibit the growth of unduly large crystals of tetrabasic lead, which is useful in producing batteries having improved functional qualities..
Rolling bearing unit
A rolling bearing unit includes: a rolling bearing; a grease reservoir in which grease is reserved; an outer ring spacer disposed adjacent to an outer ring of the rolling bearing; and a bellows-shaped grease medium that connects a second side wall that defines the grease reservoir on the outer ring spacer side, to a step portion of the outer ring. The grease medium is disposed so as to be impregnated with a base oil contained in the grease..
Method for the production of a refractory filter
A method for the production of closed edge filters suitable for filtering molten metal and filters made by such a method. The method comprises: providing a reticulated foam substrate having at least one first surface for forming a side face of the filter and two opposed second surfaces for forming the through-flow faces of the filter; applying a liquid comprising an organic coating component to the first surface; solidifying the organic coating component to form a filter precursor having a volatilisable coating on the first surface; impregnating the filter precursor with a slurry comprising particles of a refractory material, a binder and a liquid carrier; and drying and firing the impregnated filter precursor to form the filter having a closed edge..
Method of recycling fiber composite materials
A method for recycling a fiber laminae, the fiber laminae being impregnated with a partially cured resin, the partially cured resin being expired, the method comprising steps of jetting a solvent toward the fiber laminae; extracting the partially cured resin from the fiber laminae, said extraction being effected by impingements of the solvent jet against the fiber laminae's impregnated partially cured resin; and drying the fiber laminae.. .
Bone screw and tendon fixation enhancement devices and methods
A sleeve system to support surgical screws or prosthetic devices on, against, or within a bone or tissue of a subject includes a woven sleeve having a first end, a second end, and an elongated body. The elongated body defines an interior portion of the woven sleeve.
Quantum dot light-emitting diodes for phototherapy
Disclosed herein are articles for use in phototherapy utilizing quantum dots (qds). One embodiment is a medical dressing having an occlusive layer and translucent layer.
System and method for treating leg ulcers
In one aspect, a wound treatment system includes an inner layer comprising a foam material impregnated with a zinc oxide containing composition with or without calamine and/or ichthammol and in the presence or absence of antimicrobial agent (inorganic and/or organic). An optional outer layer comprises a short/long stretch compression bandage.
Polysiloxane modified resol resin, moulded bodies and composites obtained therefrom and methods for producing the resin, the moulded bodies and the composites
The present invention relates to a resol resin consisting of at least one aromatic component with a phenolic oh group and at least one aldehyde component, wherein areas embedded in the resol resin matrix consisting of organically-modified polysiloxane, with said polysiloxane containing hydrocarbon groups that are at least partially bonded to said silicon in the form of non-substituted or substituted alkyl, alkenyl, aryl, arylalkyl or alkyl-aryl groups and that are not linked by covalent bonds to reactive groups of said resol resin. The invention additionally relates to moulded articles manufactured from said resin, composites from a sheet material impregnated with said resin, which was subsequently hardened, as well as methods for manufacturing said resin, said moulded articles, and said composites..
Transepithelial methods of using gamma aminobutyric acid compositions for pain relief
The epithelial tissue involves skin. The gaba is provided in compositions such as water, saline, buffered saline, lotions, semi-solids such as, gels, creams, pastes, salves, ointments, solids such as impregnated patches, impregnated rub-on solid compositions from which gaba may be applied onto the skin..
Preparations containing hepatocyte growth factor and hyaluronic acid and methods of making and using same
Preparations containing hepatocyte growth factor (hgf) and hyaluronic acid (ha) and methods of making and using same. The hgf and ha preparations can be prepared together in solution as an injectable fluid without gelatinization, or impregnated within a porous hydrophilic matrix material with, or without, cross-linking of the ha with the matrix material.
Method for manufacture of an alkane dehydrogenation catalyst
A method of making a catalyst comprises: mixing three or more catalytically active components with water to form an impregnating solution; contacting a support with the impregnating solution; impregnating the catalytically active components onto the support to form an impregnated support; and calcining the impregnated support to form a catalyst. Another method of making a catalyst comprises: co-impregnating a support with three or more catalytically active components in an impregnating solution to form an impregnated support; and calcining the impregnated support to form the catalyst..
Transparent composite substrate and display element substrate
A transparent composite substrate according to the present invention includes a composite layer containing a glass cloth formed of an assembly of glass fibers and a resin material impregnated in the glass cloth. The resin material has an abbe number of equal to or larger than 45.
Prismatic battery pack with novel structure
Disclosed herein is a prismatic battery pack including an electrode assembly of a cathode/separator/anode structure impregnated with an electrolyte, a prismatic container, in which the electrode assembly is mounted, the prismatic container having at least one depressed groove formed at a bottom thereof in a longitudinal direction of the prismatic battery pack, a cap plate coupled to an open upper end of the prismatic container, in which the electrode assembly is mounted, a protection circuit module (pcm) including a protection circuit to control operation of the prismatic battery pack, the pcm being loaded on the cap plate, and an insulative cap mounted to the prismatic container while surrounding the pcm.. .
Reinforced composites and methods of manufacturing the same
Reinforced composites and methods of manufacturing the same are described. According to one aspect, the composite materials may include one or more pre-impregnated materials (“pre-pregs”) as a reinforcing component and a thermoplastic resin body having structural features.
Inorganic fiber molded body
The present invention aims at providing an inorganic fiber molded body that is excellent in scale resistance, thermal shock resistance and mechanical shock resistance, and prevented from suffering from shrinkage when used under high-temperature heating conditions. The inorganic fiber molded body of the present invention is produced by impregnating a needle blanket of inorganic fibers with a liquid material of a precursor of a spinel-based compound represented by the general formula: mgxalyo4 wherein an atomic ratio (y/x) is not less than 2 (y/x≧2); drying the thus impregnated needle blanket; and firing the dried needle blanket to convert the precursor into an oxide thereof..
Cover layer with reduced tensile properties for use of wear-resistant laminate
The present invention relates to a low-tension cover layer intended for a laminate material and comprising a resin-impregnated, printed or unprinted decorative paper or comprising a resin-impregnated overlay paper or comprising a combination of the two, where the resin in each case comprises a mixture of at least one aminoplastic resin and at least one water-soluble or water-dispersible synthetic polymer selected from the group consisting of polyvinyl resin, polyvinyl acetate, and polyvinyl alcohol. The invention further relates to the use of the low-tension cover layer of the invention for the construction of a laminate material with appropriate balancing..
Designed defects in laminate composites
Novel methods and kits for creating defects in composite materials, as well as an engineered part or structure with one or more designed defects, are disclosed. The disclosed inventions advantageously permit the intentional introduction of one or multiple defects of any desired size and shape, either between the same two chosen laminae or on different layers within a multi-layer composite, having mechanical and thermal properties that are akin to those found for actual defects.
Biodegradable subcutaneous implants and methods of making
The present invention relates to a biodegradable implantable drug delivery device comprising a biodegradable polymeric material in combination with a therapeutic compound effective for the treatment of a member of the herpesvirus family, wherein the biodegradable implantable drug delivery device is fabricated by a novel method that provides for increased homogeneity and dispersity of the therapeutic compound impregnated within the biodegradable polymeric material.. .
Fragrance warmer and light string assembly having the same
A fragrance-producing light string assembly can be achieved using either a fragrance warmer configured to connect to a conventional light string assembly or a light string assembly having an integrated fragrance warmer. The fragrance warmer is configured to apply heat to a removable and replaceable fragrance pellet that is formed from a polymeric material that is impregnated with a vaporizing agent and configured to emit the vaporizing agent when heated.
System and method for maneuvering thin ply technology complexes
A method for maneuvering a flexible pre-impregnated composite sheet is disclosed. The flexible pre-impregnated composite sheet is positioned onto a work surface and a vacuum sheet is operatively coupled to the flexible pre-impregnated composite sheet.
System and method for polishing and lubricating aluminum welding wire
A system and method are disclosed for polishing and lubricating an aluminum welding wire. The system and method draw stock aluminum wire from a spool, subject the stock wire to a plurality of drawing and thermal treatment steps to obtain a wire having a final diameter suitable for use in a continuous welding apparatus.
Multilayer printed circuit board structure
A multilayer printed circuit board structure is formed by stacking an aluminum foil substrate, a first pre-impregnated body, an aluminum foil middle layer, a second pre-impregnated body and a copper foil surface layer sequentially. Both the first pre-impregnated body and the second pre-impregnated body are composed by a fiber cloth impregnated with a heat conduction material in order that the heat conduction material can fill up the gaps of the fiber cloth.
Method and apparatus for sealing and structurally renewing a wall of a manhole
An apparatus and method is provided for structurally renewing and sealing a wall of a manhole. The apparatus includes a tubular sleeve impregnated with a hydrophilic or hydrophobic material capable of expanding when in contact with water, and a liner impregnated with a resinous material capable of curing and hardening.
Pet products having oral care properties
The present application provides an edible pet chew having a moisture content of 15 to 30 wt % and contains 15 to 35 wt % of gelatin, 10 to 30 wt % of flavoring ingredients, 2 to 10 wt % of structure-providing components, 1 to 5 wt % of humectant, 0.1 to 0.2 wt % of preservatives, and 10 to 25 wt % of a dental protection composition. The present application also provides a chewable rope embodiment containing a rope either impregnated with 10 to 25 wt % of a dental protection composition or containing a rope coated with the edible pet chew formulation..
Railyway sleepers
A dimensionally stable combination of wood and inorganic material is provided as railway sleepers or ties. The wood is preferably a softwood impregnated with an alkali-metal or alkaline earth-metal silicate solution, which has been rendered water insoluble after impregnation.
Systems and methods for printing patterns using near infrared upconverting inks
The present invention relates generally to using upconverting inks for producing highly-resolved patterns for, inter alia, security applications. More specifically, the present invention relates to the use of sols (inks) and printing processes that produce well-defined printed features consisting of polymers impregnated with luminescent upconversion nanocrystals.
Sustainable composite building materials and related methods of manufacture
Sustainable composite materials for interior spaces and related methods of manufacture are provided. In one aspect of the invention, the sustainable composite materials include a load-bearing stud.
Soft feel printed fabric and method of producing same
Woven, unfinished textiles or yarns may be made softer and more brightly-colored by a method which comprises treating a yarn to weave fabric by sizing the yarn to weave fabric; desizing the sized fabric; bleaching the desized fabric; reducing the number of electrolytes on the bleached fabric; pre-softening the fabric having fewer electrolytes; fabric printing the pre-softened fabric; and finishing the fabric printed fabric. A fabric printed textile comprising a self cross-linked low glass transition temperature acrylic binder film on fibers of a fabric printed textile, where the fibers are impregnated with a polysiloxane polymer..
Bone graft substitute
A bone graft substitute in the form of an implantable three-dimensional scaffold that includes calcium phosphate and has pores. The scaffold is impregnated with a calcium and/or phosphate containing substance, and the dissolution rate drs of the scaffold is slower than the dissolution rate drd of the calcium and/or phosphate containing substance..

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