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Impregnated patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Impregnated-related patents
 Composite chassis with cosmetic finish patent thumbnailnew patent Composite chassis with cosmetic finish
Processes for forming a composite chassis having a cosmetic finish are described. A composite chassis having cosmetic finish may be formed from a preform formed from layers of a continuous fiber tape impregnated with thermoplastic resin and a reaction molding process where a cosmetic portion having a cosmetic finish is molded onto the preform.

 Cell culture device and cell culture method patent thumbnailnew patent Cell culture device and cell culture method
A cell culture device includes a hydrogel layer formed into a pattern on a substrate and a layer of cell culture part formed on the substrate to cover the hydrogel layer. The surface of the cell culture part functions as the plane for seeding a first cell species.
Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.

 Wood staining and finishing wipes and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailnew patent Wood staining and finishing wipes and manufacturing same
A pre-treated wipe is disclosed. The pre-treated wipe includes an absorbent substrate impregnated with a solution.
The Sherwin-williams Company

 Expandable acrylic resin bead, expanded acrylic resin bead, foamed molded article of expanded acrylic resin beads patent thumbnailnew patent Expandable acrylic resin bead, expanded acrylic resin bead, foamed molded article of expanded acrylic resin beads
The expandable acrylic resin bead is composed of an acrylic resin and a physical blowing agent impregnated therein. The acrylic resin contains a methacrylic ester component (a) and an acrylic ester component (b).

 Method for producing parts made of thermosetting composite by laying of fibers of preimpregnated material patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing parts made of thermosetting composite by laying of fibers of preimpregnated material
A process for fabricating a partially polymerized prepreg material. Fibers are impregnated with thermosetting resin.
Airbus Group Sas

 Method for obtaining sugar alcohols having five to six carbon atoms patent thumbnailnew patent Method for obtaining sugar alcohols having five to six carbon atoms
The present invention relates to a method for obtaining a high yield of sugar alcohols containing five to six carbon atoms from cellulose-containing materials. In a first step the starting materials (for example microcrystalline cellulose, alpha-cellulose, wood and cellulose-containing residues, such as sugar cane bagasse or wood shavings) and an acid are brought into close contact with the substrates by a impregnation carried out in the liquid or gaseous phase.
Studiengesellschaft Kohle Mbh

 Fiber-reinforced resin plate punching method and fiber-reinforced resin product fabrication method patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber-reinforced resin plate punching method and fiber-reinforced resin product fabrication method
There is provided a method of punching a fiber-reinforced resin plate, the method including: heating a fiber-reinforced resin plate, that is formed in a plate shape and is formed with a thermoplastic resin impregnated into a reinforcing fiber fabric, with a pre-heating section such that a surface temperature of the fiber-reinforced resin plate is at least a glass transition temperature of the thermoplastic resin; and punching the heated fiber-reinforced resin plate to a predetermined external shape with a punching section that is provided with a thomson blade.. .
Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

 Panel and  producing a panel patent thumbnailnew patent Panel and producing a panel
A panel for cladding a ceiling or wall in a cabin, especially the cabin of a passenger aircraft, in which a board is laminated on both sides with a cover layer which is made of fibrous material or fabric, which is impregnated with resin or a thermoplastic material, and is cured under the effects of pressure and temperature, said board having at least one core with a honeycomb structure formed by a large number of walls, said walls being compressed or bent in a pre-defined region of the board by between 5% and 50%.. .
Diehl Aircabin Gmbh

 Spray processes and methods for forming liquid-impregnated surfaces patent thumbnailnew patent Spray processes and methods for forming liquid-impregnated surfaces
In some embodiments, a method of producing a liquid-impregnated surface includes forming a solid particle suspension including a plurality of solid particles with an average dimension of between about 5 nm and about 200 μm. The solid particle suspension is applied to a surface by spray-depositing the solid particle suspension onto the surface.
Liquiglide, Inc.

 Zeolite based catalyst composition for the reduction of olefins in fcc naphtha patent thumbnailnew patent Zeolite based catalyst composition for the reduction of olefins in fcc naphtha
The present disclosure relates to a zeolite based catalyst composition comprising i. At least one rare earth metal, ii.
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

new patent

Catalyst composite for the reduction of olefins in the fcc naphtha stream

The present disclosure relates to a catalyst composition comprising (a) at least one rare earth metal, (b) at least one zeolite, and (c) at least one diluent, wherein, said rare earth metal is impregnated in at least one of (b) and (c); the ratio of said zeolite to said diluent ranges from 1:9 to 9:1; and the amount of said rare earth metal is in the range of 0.1 to 20 w/w %. The present disclosure also relates to a process for preparing a catalyst composition.
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

new patent

Process for the preparation of a hydrocracking catalyst

This invention relates to a process for the preparation of a hydrocracking catalyst and its use. A zeolite y having specifically defined properties is mixed with an alumina binder component and a first metals-containing solution that is extruded to form an extruded mixture.
Shell Oil Company

new patent

Flame-retardant gas filter material having high dust storage capacity

The invention relates to a filter material impregnated on one side with a binding agent that is in particular suited for gas filtration, wherein the filter material comprises a side that is not impregnated with a binding agent, which side contains a halogen-free and boron-free flame protection means. By means of the filter material according to the invention, a high separation rate and a high dust storage capacity are achieved, whereas the filter material is flame-retardant, and in the event of fire, does not release any toxic decomposition products.
Neenah Gessner Gmbh

new patent

Method for preparing frozen fried eggs

Method for preparing frozen fried eggs, so that, proceeding from fresh eggs, the eggs are broken into corresponding molds impregnated with oil to be introduced into a convection oven at a temperature of 232 to 252° c. For a period of 130 to 150 seconds to be fried and to be subsequently introduced into a blast chiller at a temperature of −23 to −13° c.


Sediment bed passive flux meter (sbpfm)

Embodiments of the present invention provide a sediment bed passive flux meter (sbpfm) and associated methods. In one embodiment, an sbpfm is provided.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


One-piece connecting rod and production method thereof

The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a connecting rod (1) by filament winding, said method comprising in particular:—creating an internal body (5) by manufacturing a first component (6) by winding pre-impregnated fibres (17) around a mandrel (8) and removing the mandrel;—assembling the first component with a second component (7, 22);—creating an external body (14) by winding pre-impregnated fibres (17), identical to those used in the manufacture of the first component (6), around said internal body (5);—creating a one-piece body (18) by polymerizing the assembly formed of the internal body and of the external body; and—machining a fastening (19) at one end of the one-piece body.. .
Bd Invent Sa


Turbine nozzles with slip joints impregnated by oxidation-resistant sealing material and methods for the production thereof

Embodiments of a turbine nozzle having slip joints impregnated by an oxidation-resistant sealing material are provided, as are embodiments of methods for the manufacture of turbine nozzles. In one embodiment, the method includes providing a support ring, a slip joint ring substantially concentric with the support ring and radially spaced apart therefrom, and a plurality of vanes fixedly coupled to the support ring.
Honeywell International Inc.


Diamond impregnated bit with aggressive face profile

A drill bit having a shank and a crown. The crown defines a central axis and has at least one fixed segment.
Longyear Tm, Inc.


Manhole liner and using the same

A manhole liner and a method of using the same are provided. The manhole liner is sized substantially equally to the largest diameter of the manhole, so that the liner does not have to stretch to be pressed against the manhole wall.
Lmk Technologies, Llc


Marker system

A marker system for applying to surfaces of items, articles, goods, vehicles and/or premises, said marker system comprising: a marker comprising a temperature resilient medium having a predefined carbonisation temperature capable of securing the marker system onto a surface; wherein the medium contains an inorganic matrix having a predefined fusing point lower than the predefined carbonisation temperature of the medium; such that when the marker system is subjected to temperatures above the predefined carbonisation temperature of the medium, the inorganic matrix fuses to the marker to form an adhesive protective layer thereby securing the marker onto said surface. A composition comprising the marker system.
Smartwater Research Limited


Hydrogel composites

Disclosed herein is a hydrogel/fibre composite structure producible by a method comprising: partially impregnating fibres of a water-swellable fibrous material with an aqueous hydrogel precursor solution comprising at least one polymerisable, and optionally crosslinkable, monomer such that at least partial swelling of the impregnated fibres takes place, and polymerising, and optionally crosslinking, the at least one monomer after impregnation of the fibres and at least partial swelling of the fibres to form the hydrogel within the impregnated fibres of the fibrous material, such that the integrity of the fibrous material is at least partially preserved in the resulting hydrogel/fibre composite. A method of producing the hydrogel/fibre composite structure and a biomedical product comprising the hydrogel/fibre composite structure are also disclosed herein..
First Water Limited


Decorative laminate and manufacturing same

A decorative laminate includes a decorative layer composed of a resin impregnated decorative sheet and a core layer composed of plural resin impregnated core sheets of core paper, wherein an exposed sheet at a bottom of the decorative laminate is subjected to a parchment treatment.. .
Wilsonart Llc


Material for use with a capacitive touch screen

A modified material for use with a capacitive touch screen is described. The modified material comprises a material impregnated with a composition comprising either a non-metallic and/or a metallic conductive agent with a binder.
Glt Technovations, Llc


Method for preparing cu-btc and nano-cu-btc

The methods for preparing cu-btc and nano-cu-btc are disclosed. An imporous coordination compound cu(c9h4o6)(h2o)3 is impregnated an organic solvent or a steam environment thereof to obtain cu-btc.
Changshu Yutyrone Advanced Wear Materials Technology Co., Ltd.


Fastening resin structure and manufacturing the same

A fastening resin structure includes a preformed resin member, a fastener-receiving part of metal configured to be fastened to another structure, the fastener-receiving part having a portion joined to the preformed resin member, a foam portion provided on and formed integrally with the portion of the fastener-receiving part which is joined to the preformed resin member, and a joining resin interposed between the preformed resin member and the foam portion and impregnated with the foam portion to thereby join the preformed resin member and the fastener-receiving part via the resin-impregnated foam portion.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Wipe container assembly

A wipe container assembly includes a casing defining a chamber, a first electrode disposed within the chamber and a second electrode disposed within the chamber and spaced apart from the first electrode to define a spacing. The wipe container assembly includes a salt and water solution disposed within the chamber such that electrolyzed water is generated within the chamber from the salt and water solution when a bias is applied to one of the first electrode or second electrode to cause a current to flow through the salt and water solution within the spacing.
Gojo Industries, Inc.


Chew deterrent protective dog collar and method

The current invention is a chew and destruction deterrent protective collar and a method for the impregnation of plastics and other materials and use of those impregnated materials for other household items. .


Circuit materials, circuit laminates, and articles formed therefrom

A dielectric substrate comprises a resin composition impregnated with non-woven fibrous mat material having a thickness of 5 mils (127 micrometers), wherein the fibrous mat material comprises fibers, having a diameter of 1 nm to 10 μm, that have been extruded through one or more openings to produce fibers that have been collected in the form of a fibrous non-woven mat, and wherein the fibers exhibit a multi-directional orientation in the non-woven mat material. The dielectric substrate is useful in circuit materials, circuits, and multi-layer circuits, economical to make, and has excellent electrical and mechanical properties..
Rogers Corporation


Carbon felt impregnated with inorganic particles and producing the same

Disclosed is a carbon felt impregnated with inorganic particles. The impregnated carbon felt can be used together with sulfur in a cathode of a sodium-sulfur (na—s) battery.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Method of manufacturing a wind turbine blade by embedding a layer of pre-cured fibre reinforced resin

The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a wind turbine blade or a part of a wind turbine blade. The method comprises arranging at least one of layer of uncured resin pre-impregnated fibres, called prepregs, and at least one layer of cured fibre reinforced resin in an at least partly overlaying relationship, and curing the resin of the at least one layer comprising uncured resin.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Prepreg and carbon fiber reinforced composite material

To provide a prepreg and a carbon fiber reinforced composite material that are excellent in adhesion between a matrix resin and carbon fibers and long-term storage stability and also excellent in microcrack resistance due to the increased toughness. The present invention provides a prepreg that includes; agent-coated carbon fibers coated with a sizing agent; and a thermosetting resin composition impregnated into the sizing agent-coated carbon fibers.
Toray Industries, Inc.


Process for making repulpable corrugated box

A repulpable moisture resistant poultry box having a composite structure with a fluted medium, a top backing board secured to one side of the fluted medium and a bottom backing board secured to the other side of the fluted medium. The backing boards and the fluted medium are impregnated with a hydrogenated triglyceride.
Interstate Corrpack Llc


Integrated lamination process for manufacturing a shell element

A process for manufacturing an integrated shell element including: providing a shell element lay-up tool with an upper tool surface; laying-up a resin impregnated fibers on the upper tool surface to form the shell element; providing on the resin impregnated fibers a stiffener element layup tool having surfaces to support a stiffener element structure; laying-up resin impregnated fibers on the stiffener element lay-up tool to form the stiffener element; curing in a single step the resin impregnated fibers such that the fibers forming the shell element and the fibers forming the stiffener element are laminated into an integrated shell element having a longitudinal or transversal stiffener element; and separating the integrated shell element from the shell element and stiffener element lay-up tools.. .
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Capsule and electrostatic atomizing device thereof

The present invention relates to an electrostatic atomizing device of a disposable capsule, wherein the capsule in accordance with an embodiment may include an ejection pin having a functional water solution impregnated therein, a sealing member for sealing the ejection pin, and a pressing member for pushing the ejection pin with external force to move the ejection pin such that a portion of the ejection pin penetrates the sealing member and is projected to an outside of the capsule, and the electrostatic atomizing device in accordance with an embodiment may include a hole for receiving a capsule, and a voltage applying portion in the hole so as to be brought into contact with an ejection pin being projecting to an outside of the capsule received in the hole for applying a voltage to the ejection pin in contact with thus.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


High shear rotary fixed bed reactor

A reactor comprising at least one contact surface made from, coated with, or impregnated by a catalyst, wherein the contact surface comprises a sintered metal or a ceramic, and wherein the reactor is configured to subject a reactant stream to shear. A system for carrying out a heterogeneously catalyzed reaction, the system comprising a reactor as described above and a pump configured for delivering reactants to the at least one reactor.
H R D Corporation


Functional cast therapy product and method

A kit for containing components for fabricating functional casts, and including a box, and a length of liner for being placed next to the skin of the body part to be immobilized; a moisture-proof package containing a length of cast tape of the type impregnated with a moisture-curable resin that remains in a flexible, comformable state until activated and hardened into a rigid state by exposure to moisture; at least one strap for securing the cast onto the body part being immobilized and a length of adhesive edger material for enclosing raw edges of the hardened cast tape for protecting the skin of the cast wearer from exposure to the cast tape, each of which is contained in the box.. .
Bsn Medical, Inc.


Electrophotographic device member

An electrophotographic device member can be configured as a roll member 1, a blade member 2, a belt member 3 or the like, and a modified rubber elastic body 12 is used as a material for a portion including the surfaces of the respective members. The modified rubber elastic body 12 has a rubber elastic body 121 having rubber elasticity and a surface-treated layer 122 composed of a cured product of photocurable composition impregnated into the rubber elastic body 121 from the surface thereof.
Sumitomo Riko Company Limited


Method for making a fibruous absorbent material

An absorbent material including a fibrous material having a plurality of individual fibers forming a fiber matrix, a plurality of absorbent fibers, wherein the plurality of absorbent fibers are impregnated within the fiber matrix by means of a needlepunch process.. .
Mcneil-ppc, Inc.


Method and device for manufacturing of a fibre-reinforced polymer composition

The present invention is directed to a method of manufacturing a fibre-reinforced polymer composition comprising the steps of providing at least one multifilament strand comprising a plurality of continuous fibre filaments (5), applying an impregnating agent (10) to said strand to form an impregnated continuous multifilament strand, and embedding the impregnated continuous multifilament strand in a thermoplastic polymer material (3) for providing said fibre reinforced polymer composition, wherein said impregnating agent has a low viscosity at application temperature and is applied by jetting said impregnating agent onto the at least one continuous multifilament strand. The invention is further directed to a device (20) for use in such a method..
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation


Biocompatible implant

A biocompatible implant is disclosed for use in a patient, comprising a biological material having an open microporous structure; and a biologically active compound. The biologically active compound is impregnated within the open microporous structure of the biological material.


Transdermal systems having control delivery system

Transdermal delivery systems are disclosed including a backing layer, a polymer membrane within the backing layer, an adhesive layer for attaching the delivery system to the patient's skin or mucosa, and a releasable layer covering the adhesive layer prior to use, the polymer membrane impregnated with sufficient fluid medium to alter the rate of transmission of an active agent through the polymer membrane, with the amount of fluid medium being greater than the amount retained by the fluid membrane upon drying.. .
Mylan Technologies, Inc.


Apparatus and attaching abrasive pads to a drive plate

For use in a concrete floor grinding, polishing or burnishing machines, a combination of a drive plate and abrading pads attached to the drive plate is described. The abrading pads include a planar substrate having one or more posts projecting from a first major surface and a resin layer impregnated with abrasive grit on its second major surface.
Diamond Productions Ltd.


Headgear liners and disposable headgear liners

Headgear liners are described that may be inserted into headgear prior to storage to remove moisture, deodorize, control odor, prevent fungus, and discourage insects, rodents and other pests from entering or remaining inside the helmet. The headgear liner may comprise a central portion and a plurality of petals extending from the central portion so the headgear liner may conform to that interior cavity of the headgear.


Textile structure resistant to the impact of bullets and to the penetration of sharp and/or pointed elements and relative production method

The present invention relates to a textile structure resistant to the impact of projectiles (bullet-proof) and to the penetration of sharp and/or pointed elements, at least partially produced with ballistic yarns, said textile structure being at least partially impregnated with a polycarbonate-based resin, in the form of a copolymer or in a mixture with other polymers, dissolved in a solvent, and having a thickness at least 10% lower than the thickness corresponding to its weaving step. Methods of preparing the same are also disclosed..
Societa' Per Azioni Fratelli Citterio


Fiber-reinforced composite material and manufacturing the same

Provided is a fiber-reinforced composite material capable of increasing the adhesive strength between a first composite material layer including a fibrous substrate in which reinforcement fiber bundles are arranged crosswise, and a second composite material layer including second reinforcement fibers that are arranged at random, and a method for manufacturing the same. A fiber-reinforced composite material includes: a first composite material layer 11a including: a fibrous substrate 14 including reinforcement fiber bundles 13 crossing, the reinforcement fiber bundles being drawn and aligned first reinforcement fibers 12; and first thermoplastic resin, with which at least each of the reinforcement fiber bundles 13 is impregnated; and a second composite material layer 41a including second reinforcement fibers 42 that are arranged at random in second thermoplastic resin 46.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Hydroesterification process for producing biodiesel from wet microalgae biomass

The invention relates to the preparation of carboxylic acid esters compounds, biodiesel (b) from microalgae, for use as a biofuel for compression type ignition. The objective is achieved through a hydroesterification process of a microalgae biomass (mu) comprising a hydrolysis stage and the esterification stage by means of heterogeneous catalysis.
Petroleo Brasileiro S.a. - Petrobras


Manufacture of polylactic acid foams using liquid carbon dioxide

Methods of producing co2-impregnated crystallisable polylactic acid resins and expanded polylactic acid foams.. .
Biopolymer Network Limited


Flameless igniting slurry composition and preparing

A flameless igniting slurry composition has an oxidizer, a fuel, a flame retardant, a liquid, and a rheology modifier. The rheology modifier and the flame retardant may be in particulate form.


Gas tank door and hand cleaner combination

A gas tank cover and hand cleaner combination includes a fuel well of a vehicle has a gas tank cap positioned therein. A door is pivotally coupled to the fuel well and the door has an interior surface.


Composite sandwich panel with differential resin layers

A composite panel includes a honeycomb core sandwiched by a pair of skins that are attached directly to the core with no separate adhesive layer. The skins are impregnated with a resin material that is unevenly distributed between first and second surfaces, and direct contact is established between the surfaces with the greater resin distribution and the core, reducing weight and eliminating the manufacturing step of incorporating an adhesive layer therebetween..
B/e Aerospace, Inc.


Corrosion protection panels for sheet pile walls

A protective panel for use on a steel sheet piling wall can protect the wall from corrosion in a marine environment. The panel includes a layer of anti-corrosion gel, a layer of compressible foam that is impregnated with additional anti-corrosion gel, and layer of inert semi-rigid shell.


Process for production of a silica-supported alkali metal catalyst

A process for regenerating a silica-supported depleted alkali metal catalyst is described. The level of alkali metal on the depleted catalyst is at least 0.5 mol % and the silica support is a zero-gel.
Lucite International Uk Limited


Supported catalyst, carbon nanotube assembly, and preparation method therefor

The present invention relates to an impregnated supported catalyst, a carbon nanotube aggregate, and a method for producing the carbon nanotube aggregate. The carbon nanotube aggregate includes a four-component catalyst in which catalytic components and active components are supported on a granular support, and bundle type carbon nanotubes grown on the catalyst.
Lg Chem. Ltd.


Mosquito solutions repellent detergent

Mosquito solutions repellent detergent is a successful and effective combination of detergent and mosquito repellent agent, used to launder textiles or articles including but not limited to: clothing such as but not limited to shirts, jackets, shoelaces and bags or gear used for hunting, fishing or outdoor backpacking; bedding items such as but not limited to tents, nets and throw blankets; household items such as but not limited to entryway rugs, outdoor rugs, and weather-stripping for doors, windows and vents. For prevention of vector-borne illnesses and public health threats including but not limited to: malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, rift valley fever, and arboviral encephalitides such as eastern equine encephalitis, japanese encephalitis, la crosse encephalitis, st.


Cooling sheet for photovoltaic modules, manufacturing the same and photovoltaic modules including the same

A cooling sheet for photovoltaic modules, a method of manufacturing the same, a backsheet for photovoltaic modules, a method of manufacturing the same, and a photovoltaic module are provided. The cooling sheet for photovoltaic modules which includes a resin layer can be prepared by coating or impregnating one surface of a porous substrate with a super-absorbent polymer (sap) containing a fluid.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Latex impregnated fibrous acoustic insulator

A fibrous acoustic insulator includes a nonwoven mat having at least a first layer impregnated with a thermoset polymeric material that is liquid-based. A second layer oppositely facing with respect to the first layer is also impregnated with the thermoset polymeric material.
Cadillac Products Automotive Company


Method for manufacturing composite connecting rods and connecting rods produced according to the method

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a connecting rod including: a) manufacturing an inner body; b) adding one end of the inner body to the end of the reduced outer diameter of each end piece, said end of the inner body resting on the shoulder of the end piece; c) inserting a first portion of a second mandrel in the hollow cylindrical portion of each end piece and placing a driving bit at the free end of a second portion of the second mandrel; d) winding said pre-impregnated fibres onto the outer surface of an assembly consisting of the inner body, the end piece(s) and the second part(s) of the second mandrel(s) which are free of bits, said fibres then forming an outer body; e) after removing the bit(s), polymerising the inner body and the outer body to form a polymerised integral body; f) removing the second mandrel(s) and cutting the polymerised integral body to the required length.. .
Bd Invent


Low temperature catalyst/hydrocarbon trap

A low-temperature catalyst is provided for reducing cold-start hydrocarbon emissions. The catalyst comprises a platinum group metal impregnated onto an oxygen storage material.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Shoe liners and making the same

A biodegradable and disposable shoe liner is made of a first layer impregnated with a deodorant and an absorbent, a second layer made of a moisture-resistant material, and an adhesive layer on the bottom side of the second layer for temporary attachment to the foot bed of a shoe. A peel-off layer of paper covers the adhesive layer to prevent the shoe liners from sticking to each other or other objects before use..


Bioflavonoid impregnated materials

Cellulosic fibrous materials are described which are impregnated with a bioflavonoid composition, the bioflavonoid content of the composition comprising at least naringin and neohesperidin. The use of such impregnated materials is also described, for example as paper or bamboo towels and cardboard, as well as the process for impregnating the materials..
Citrox Biosciences Limited


Manufacturing electrode assembly, electrode assembly and battery

A manufacturing method of an electrode assembly includes forming an active material molded body which contains lithium double oxide and includes plural voids, forming a solid electrolyte in the plural voids, and attaching a polymer gel film impregnated with an electrolytic solution for conducting lithium ions to the active material molded body in which the solid electrolyte is formed.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Highly conductive polymer electrolyte membrane comprising ionic liquid

The present invention relates to a highly conductive electrolyte comprising an ionic liquid and to a polymer electrolyte membrane using same, and more particularly, to a highly conductive polymer electrolyte membrane impregnated with a heterocyclic diazole-based ionic liquid and to a method for manufacturing same. The present invention relates to a polymer electrolyte thin film comprising an ionic liquid based on an imidazole compound represented by chemical formula (1), wherein r1 is an alkyl having a carbon number of 1 to 8 and r2 is hydrogen or an alkyl having a carbon number of 1 to 8..
Postech Academy-industry Foundation


Solar cell having light-absorbing structure

Provided is a solar cell including: a first electrode; a composite layer positioned on the first electrode and including a light absorber impregnated thereinto; a light absorption structure positioned on the composite layer and composed of a light absorber; a hole conductive layer positioned on the light absorption structure; and a second electrode positioned on the hole conductive layer.. .
Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology


Cylindrical case and manufacturing cylindrical case

A cylindrical case includes a case main body made of a composite material of reinforcing fibers impregnated with a thermosetting resin, and an outward flange on the case main body. The outward flange includes: a bonding layer; a foundation layer disposed on the bonding layer; one flange constituting layer having a leg layer which is laminated from one slope surface of the foundation layer to the bonding layer and a wall layer which rises from the one slope surface; and the other flange constituting layer having a leg layer which is laminated from the other slope surface of the foundation layer to the bonding layer and a wall layer which rises from the other slope surface.
Ihi Corporation


Antimicrobial ion-impregnated ionomers

Disclosed are fabrics and shaped articles, such as molded articles including containers and closures, tubing, films and sheets comprising ionomers that have been impregnated with antimicrobial ions such as silver or copper ions by ion exchange. The articles and fabrics have effective antimicrobial properties.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Fiberglass laminate

A high color quality, fire resistant, pinstripe decorative fiberglass laminate is provided. The pinstripe decorative fiberglass laminate includes colored unidirectional glass fiber rovings in a fire resistant resin matrix.


Acryilic-free conveyor belt

There is disclosed a conveyor belt comprising a bottom fabric layer (2) having a lower first surface (26) forming a backside of said conveyor belt and an upper first surface (25), characterised in that said lower first surface (26) is impregnated with an impregnation (1) comprising: a) one or more thermoplastic polyolefins selected from the group consisting of ethene homopolymers, propene homopolymers, ethene/α-olefin copolymers, propene/α-olefin copolymers and terpolymers of ethene with two or more different α-olefins; and b) a thermoplastic polymeric dispersing agent containing repetitive units derived from at least one ethylenically unsaturated monomer of a comparatively lipophilic nature and from at least one ethylenically unsaturated monomer of a comparatively hydrophilic nature and earring an anionic carboxylate group. Also disclosed is a process for the manufacture of such belts comprising applying the thermoplastic polyolefin(s) and the thermoplastic polymeric dispersing agent as an aqueous dispersion and heating the lower first surface (26) having the dispersion applied thereonto..
Habasit Italiana S.p.a.


Surf fin including injection molded pre-impregnated composite fiber matrix inserts

A fin for a water sports board including leading and trailing edges, and a base extending therebetween along a longitudinal base axis. A fin axis extends generally perpendicular to the longitudinal base axis, both axes residing within a longitudinal plane.
Todos Santos Surf, Inc.


Laminate material having a decorative appearance and manufacture

A laminate material having a decorative appearance has a plurality of layers that are bonded together with at least one of the layers having a first orientation. A portion of at least one of the layers adjacent to an exterior surface of the material is deviated into a second orientation differing from the first orientation.
Hogue Tool & Machine, Inc.


Composites comprising adhered components

A composite comprising adhered components and method of refurbishing such composites are described herein. The composite includes a first component, a second component, and the first component being adhered to the second component using an adhesive stack.
The Boeing Company


Method and preparing cosmetics by impregnating contents into impregnating material

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for preparing cosmetics by impregnating contents into an impregnating material. The apparatus includes a transfer table (110) to transfer a cosmetic vessel (200), an impregnating material supply unit (130) to introduce an impregnating material (210) into a receiving space of the cosmetic vessel (200), a content injecting unit (140) to inject the contents while moving back after pressing the impregnating material (210) introduced into the receiving space of the cosmetic vessel (200), a frame member supply unit (150) to supply a frame member (220) for fixing the impregnating material (210) impregnated with the contents, and an impregnating material fixing unit (160) to mount the frame member (220) at a mouth of the cosmetic vessel (200) in a state that the frame member (220) presses and fixes a circumference of the impregnating material (210)..
Amorepacific Corporation


Method and manufacturing a fiber-reinforced thermoset article

A method of manufacturing a fiber-reinforced thermoset composite includes pulling a first portion of a continuous material comprised of reinforcement fibers which are impregnated with a heat curable thermosetting resin through a die. The first portion in the die is subjected to a field of electromagnetic microwaves to heat the first portion to at least a curing temperature of the thermosetting resin.
Kia Motors Corporation


Method for producing thermosetting composite parts by drape forming of preimpregnated material

A process for fabricating a partially polymerized prepreg material. Fibers are impregnated with thermosetting resin.
Airbus Group Sas


Solid polymeric electrolytes and lithium battery including the same

A solid polymeric electrolyte and a lithium battery with the same. The electrolyte includes a polymer matrix, which may have a mesh structure with the polymer matrix being formed of a cured photo-crosslinking agent.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Manufacturing electrode assembly, electrode assembly, and battery

A manufacturing method of an electrode assembly includes: forming an active material compact containing a lithium double oxide and having a plurality of voids; forming a first solid electrolyte in the plurality of voids; impregnating a precursor solution of a second amorphous solid electrolyte conducting lithium ions with an active material compact in which the first solid electrolyte is formed; and performing heat treatment of the active material compact with which the precursor solution is impregnated and forming a second solid electrolyte in the plurality of voids.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Battery reinforced polymer composite smart structure

A battery having a laminate structure of alternating layers of polymer matrix material and solid-state battery elements is fabricated. Individual solid-state battery elements are created in a deposition apparatus, each battery element having successive solid-state thin films concentrically formed over a conductive wire substrate to define anode, electrolyte and cathode active layers sandwiched between inner and outer current collectors.
Kalptree Energy, Inc.


Process for producing an energy cable having a thermoplastic electrically insulating layer

A process for producing an energy cable including at least one electrically conductive core and at least one thermoplastic electrically insulating layer, includes the steps of: impregnating a thermoplastic material in subdivided solid form, having a melting enthalpy equal to or lower than 70 j/g, with a dielectric fluid to obtain an impregnated thermoplastic material; feeding the impregnated thermoplastic material in subdivided solid form to a single-screw extruder; and extruding the impregnated thermoplastic material onto the at least one electrically conductive core, so as to form the at least one thermoplastic electrically insulating layer, whereby the impregnated thermoplastic material is not subjected to any mechanical homogenization step in a molten state. Energy cables having a large amount of the dielectric fluid in the electrically insulting layer, e.g.
Prysmian S.p.a.


Electro-chromic devices including solid or quasi-solid electrolyte layers and methods of making the same

An electro-chromic device including a solid or quasi-solid electrolyte layer is disclosed. The electrolyte layer may be a composite polymeric electrolyte layer.
Hpo Assets Llc


Method for producing a chromatography analysis column

The invention concerns a method for producing a chromatography analysis column, the resulting column, and a device comprising such a column. The method according to the invention comprises the following steps: (a) depositing on the flat surface of a substrate a first layer of particles which are intended to form the stationary phase; (b) depositing on the layer at least one second layer of compactly assembled particles; (c) impregnating the first and second layers with a light radiation-sensitive material, to form at least two compactly assembled particle layers impregnated with sensitive material; (d) insolating these layers in the regions corresponding to the desired internal shape of the chromatography analysis column, if the light radiation-sensitive material behaves like a positive resin, or outlining this internal shape if the light radiation-sensitive material behaves like a negative photosensitive resin; (e) eliminating either the regions insolated in step (d) if the light radiation-sensitive layer behaves like a positive photosensitive resin, or the regions not insolated in step (d) if the light radiation-sensitive material behaves like a negative photosensitive resin; and (f) covering and sealing the structure obtained in step (e) with a cover covered on the face facing the layers with at least one layer of compactly assembled particles which are identical to or different from those deposited on the substrate surface.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Multilayer sliding member and manufacturing multilayer sliding members

Provided are a multilayer sliding member capable of being efficiently manufactured at a low cost and having little dimensional change with respect to being used with high loads, and manufacturing technology for same. A binder (5) is applied to a surface (21) of a metal plate (2) that is the backing material.
Oiles Corporation


Impregnation process for a fibrous substrate, a liquid (meth) acrylic syrup for the impregnation process, its polymerization and structured article obtained thereof

The present invention relates to an impregnation process for a fibrous substrate, a liquid composition for implementing this process and the obtained impregnated fibrous substrate. The impregnated fibrous substrate is suitable for manufacturing mechanical or structured parts or articles.
Arkema France


Manageable substance applicator delivery container

The improved substance applicator delivery container includes a substance applicator component infused or impregnated with a desired scent, perfume, essential oil, or chemical substance and retained between two cover sheets of material that is substantially impermeable to the infused or impregnated substance. The two cover sheets are releasably bonded through a polymer adhesive surrounding the substance applicator.
Novos Llc


Ball joint

The sliding characteristic of a ball portion is improved, the durability of a ball sheet is improved, and an impact on the ball portion is absorbed. A ball joint includes a ball stud and a supporting body housed in a housing.
Nitta Corporation


Method for producing sandwich panel

A method for producing a panel includes steps of providing a core element, covering the core element with a strip of impregnable flexible material that continues beyond the core element, providing a following core element alongside the preceding covered core element on that portion of the strip of flexible material that extends beyond the preceding core element, covering the following core element with a following strip of flexible material that extends beyond the following core element, and repeating each of those steps at least once. The method further includes impregnating the strips of material with a hardenable fluid, and hardening the impregnated strips.
Fibercore Ip B.v.


Dermal pain relief delivery system

An easy to apply dermal delivery system embodying an apparatus and a method for relieving the localized discomfort caused by footwear is provided. The delivery system may include a generally planar base, adhesive layer and delivery apparatus.


Surgical incision and closure apparatus

An apparatus for closing a surgical incision comprises left and right base panels, a plurality of closure components, and a plurality of left and right axial supports coupled to the respective base panels. The closure components couple the left and right base panels to each other laterally and have left and right ends coupled to the respective base panels.
Zipline Medical, Inc.


Reinforced composite electrolyte membrane for fuel cell

Disclosed is a composite electrolyte membrane comprising a microporous polymer substrate and a sulfonated polymer electrolyte. The composite electrolyte membrane comprises: a first polymer electrolyte layer formed of a first non-fluorinated or partially-fluorinated sulfonated polymer electrolyte; a non-fluorinated or partially-fluorinated microporous polymer substrate stacked on the first polymer electrolyte layer, wherein pores of the microporous polymer substrate are impregnated with a second non-fluorinated or partially-fluorinated sulfonated polymer electrolyte, and the first polymer electrolyte and the second polymer electrolyte are entangled with each other on an interface thereof; and a third polymer electrolyte layer formed on the microporous polymer substrate impregnated with the second polymer electrolyte by a third non-fluorinated or partially-fluorinated sulfonated polymer electrolyte, wherein the second polymer electrolyte and the third polymer electrolyte are entangled with each other on an interface thereof.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof

A high voltage proof solid electrolytic capacitor that can prevent deterioration of voltage proof property due to lead-free reflow etc. And a manufacturing method thereof are provided.
Nippon Chemi-con Corporation


Electromagnetic coil assemblies having braided lead wires and/or braided sleeves

Embodiments of an electromagnetic coil assembly are provided, as are methods for the manufacture of an electromagnetic coil assembly. In one embodiment, the method includes joining a first end portion of a braided lead wire to a coiled magnet wire.
Honeywell International Inc.

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