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Impregnated patents

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Fiber bundle processing device

Toyota Jidosha

Fiber bundle processing device

Method of providing a mat containing aerogel and apparatus for implementing such method

Aspen Aerogels

Method of providing a mat containing aerogel and apparatus for implementing such method

Method of providing a mat containing aerogel and apparatus for implementing such method

Teraoka Seiko

Label issuing device and detachable container

Date/App# patent app List of recent Impregnated-related patents
 Impregnated odour control products and methods of making the same patent thumbnailnew patent Impregnated odour control products and methods of making the same
A product capable of controlling odours arising from organic matter, and a method of making the product. The product comprises an admixture of a moldable thermoplastic and a benign dormant bacteria in a sporulated form, which admixture is formed by mixing the benign dormant bacteria into the moldable thermoplastic when the moldable thermoplastic is melted, and molding the admixture into a molded product.
Life Science Tgo, S.r.l.
 Linear motion guide unit with lubricating member patent thumbnailnew patent Linear motion guide unit with lubricating member
A lubricant reservoir plate of porous compact is composed of a lubricant reservoir major body impregnated with lubricant and an applicator nose which is different in the molded density from the lubricant reservoir major body. The lubricant reservoir plate impregnated with lubricant is composed of the lubricant reservoir major body installed in a recess made in the end cap and the applicator nose extends through a slot of the turnaround passage to expose itself to the turnaround passage to make application of lubricant around the rolling elements..
 Label issuing device and detachable container patent thumbnailnew patent Label issuing device and detachable container
The label issuing device, which reels out linerless paper having an adhesive face on one side and cuts the reeled-out linerless paper to issue individual labels, has a cutter part for cutting the reeled-out linerless paper and a detachable container that is detachable from an enclosure of the label issuing device. The detachable container has a reservoir part for reserving a lubricant, and an application part that extends from the reservoir part, receives the lubricant reserved in the reservoir part, and applies the lubricant to a blade body of the cutter part.
Teraoka Seiko Co., Ltd.
 Fiber bundle processing device patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber bundle processing device
A fiber bundle processing device (filament winding device (100)) that processes a fiber bundle (fb) having a heat-curable resin impregnated therein, characterized by: comprising a curing device (45a) capable of applying heat to the fiber bundle (fb); and the curing device (45a) curing or semi-curing some of the resin impregnated into the fiber bundle (fb), when the fiber bundle (fb) is partway through being guided into the fiber bundle processing device (filament winding device (100)).. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
 Method of applying a photocatalytic dispersion patent thumbnailnew patent Method of applying a photocatalytic dispersion
A method of applying a photocatalytic dispersion (10) on a paper (2), including impregnating a paper (2) with a thermosetting resin, drying the resin impregnated paper (2), applying a photocatalytic dispersion (10) comprising photocatalytic nanoparticles on the dried, resin impregnated paper (2), and drying the resin impregnated paper (2) having the photocatalytic dispersion applied thereon. Also, to such a photocatalytic dispersion..
Välinge Photocatalytic Ab
 Method of providing a mat containing aerogel and  implementing such method patent thumbnailnew patent Method of providing a mat containing aerogel and implementing such method
A method for providing a mat containing aerogel, comprising the steps of immersing a ribbon (11) of fabric or non-woven fabric, unwound from a reel (12), in a solution (13) containing aerogel in suspension, drying the ribbon impregnated with aerogel solution (14), winding the dried ribbon (15) containing aerogel onto a rewinding reel (16).. .
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
 Storage-stable polyurethane-prepregs and fibre composite components produced therefrom patent thumbnailStorage-stable polyurethane-prepregs and fibre composite components produced therefrom
The invention relates to storage-stable prepregs (preimpregnated fibers) based on low-viscosity polyurethane systems having a very high characteristic number and flat fibre composite components (moulded bodies; composite components) produced therefrom, which are obtained due to an impregnation method of fibre reinforced materials such as woven fabrics and fleece, and to a method for the production thereof.. .
Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh
 Anode and battery patent thumbnailAnode and battery
A battery including a cathode, an anode, and an electrolytic solution. The electrolytic solution is impregnated in a separator provided between the cathode and the anode.
Sony Corporation
 Method of preparing carbon fiber from wood waste including adhesive patent thumbnailMethod of preparing carbon fiber from wood waste including adhesive
Provided is a method of preparing cellulose fiber and carbon fiber by recycling industrial wood waste, wherein the carbon fiber is prepared by preparing high purity cellulose pulp by using, as a raw material, wood waste generated by manufacturers of pulp, furniture and other industrial products from wood and by eliminating resin and lignin impregnated in the wood waste through pulping and bleaching of the raw material, by preparing cellulose fiber by directly dissolving the prepared pulp in a cellulose solvent, and then by performing stabilizing and carbonizing with the cellulose fiber as a precursor.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology
 Moulding articles patent thumbnailMoulding articles
A mould for forming a wind turbine blade is formed in two halves, each half 1a comprising a sandwich structure of a perforated outer layer, an inner aluminium honeycomb structure and an inner impermeable heat-conducting layer. An article in the form of a mat of glass fibre impregnated with epoxy resin is placed in the mould.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s

Non-toxic liquid impregnated surfaces

Embodiments described herein relate generally to containers having liquid-impregnated surfaces disposed on their interior surfaces. The liquid-impregnated surfaces may compose an arrangement of solid and/or semi-solid features, defining one or more interstitial regions therebetween, and an impregnating liquid preferentially wetted to those regions.
Liquiglide Inc.

Prepreg, metal-clad laminate, and printed wiring board

The prepreg in accordance with the present invention is formed from a resin composition and a fabric substrate impregnated with the resin composition. The resin composition contains: (a) a thermosetting resin composition; (b) a resin having a tg not more than 100° c.; and (c) an inorganic filler.
Panasonic Corporation

Method of producing tubular body

A method of producing a tubular body wherein a continuous fiber impregnated with a resin is wound around a mandrel body rotating together with a mandrel shaft section at a predetermined circumferential speed while the continuous fiber is reciprocated in parallel with a rotation axis of the mandrel body, including moving a feed roller that feeds the continuous fiber to the mandrel body without rotating from a middle of the mandrel body to one end of the mandrel body; hooking the continuous fiber by a return section provided at the one end of the mandrel body; winding the continuous fiber on the one end of the mandrel body while a center axis of the feed roller is orthogonal to a feeding direction of the continuous fiber; and rotating the center axis of the feed roller to move the feed roller in a reverse direction.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Method of forming a prosthesis using a hollow exterior shell

A prosthesis is formed by providing a first positive mold portion representation of a prosthetic mating body portion of the user and a second positive mold portion representing a symmetrical body portion of the user. In one instance a front shell portion is molded overtop of the second positive mold portion and a rear shell portion is positioned over the first positive mold portion prior to joining with the application of a finish coating of silicone.
Lifeart Prosthetics Inc.

Corrosion-resistant and water-proof covers for barbecue grills, automobiles, outdoor furniture, and the like

A protective cover for inhibiting corrosion of barbecue grills, automobiles, outdoor furniture, and other metal-containing articles. In one embodiment, the protective cover includes a water vapor-permeable shell and at least one volatile corrosion inhibitor (vci) disposed on or in the water vapor-permeable shell.
Budge Industries, Llc

Device useful for hydrogenation reactions (i)

The present invention relates to a device for treatment of material transported through the device comprising at least one porous element consisting of specific solid metallic structure which allows cross-flow of the material through the porous element and wherein the porous element is coated by a non-acidic metal oxide which is impregnated by palladium (pd).. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Catalytic composition for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide

The catalytic composition for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide is a metal oxide supported by multi-walled carbon nanotubes. The metal oxide may be nickel oxide (nio) or tin dioxide (sno2).
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

Catalytic composition for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide

The catalytic composition for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide is a metal oxide supported by multi-walled carbon nanotubes. The metal oxide may be nickel oxide (nio) or tin dioxide (sno2).
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

Adhesive tape substrate, adhesive tape, and methods for producing same

An adhesive tape substrate production method disclosed in the present description includes the steps of: decreasing the amount of a sizing agent contained in a glass cloth by heat; impregnating the glass cloth for which the amount of the sizing agent has been decreased with a dispersion of a fluorine resin; and heating the impregnated glass cloth to a temperature equal to or higher than a melting point of the fluorine resin. Thus, an adhesive tape substrate including the glass cloth impregnated with the fluorine resin is obtained.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Linear motion guide unit

A lubricating member is composed of a lubricant reservoir plate of a porous compact and a lubricant-containing member of fibrous material. The lubricating member is packed in an empty space in the end cap to make sure of maintenance-free operation for lubrication over a prolonged period of time.
Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd.

Phosphor in inorganic binder for led applications

A method for fabricating an led/phosphor structure is described where an array of blue light emitting diode (led) dies are mounted on a submount wafer. A phosphor powder is mixed with an organic polymer binder, such as an acrylate or nitrocellulose.
Koninklijkie Philips N.v.

Metal-adsorbing gel and adsorbent supporting metal-adsorbing gel

A metal-adsorbing polymer selected from polyethyleneimine and polyallylamine is crosslinked with a polyglycidyl ether, whereby a gel-like metal-adsorbing material having a large amount of metal adsorption and capable of meeting various demands is produced. Further, a hydrophilic porous carrier is impregnated with a metal-adsorbing polymer, followed by crosslinking with a polyglycidyl ether, whereby a metal adsorbent having a gel-like metal-adsorbing material supported on the porous carrier, which has a large amount of metal adsorption and can meet various demands, is produced..

Process for the preparation of metal-carbon containing bodies

The invention is directed to the production of metal-carbon containing bodies, which process comprises impregnating cellulose, cellulose-like or carbohydrate bodies with an aqueous solution of at least one metal compound, followed by heating the impregnated bodies in an inert and substantially oxygen-free atmosphere, thereby reducing at least part of the at least one metal compound to the corresponding metal or metal alloy.. .
Basf Corporation

Nanocomposite for removing selenium from water

The nanocomposite for removing selenium from water is multi-walled carbon nanotubes impregnated with iron. The nanocomposite is made by dissolving iron nitrate in ethanol, adding the carbon nanotubes, heating the mixture to evaporate the ethanol, and calcining the resulting nanocomposite.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Method for producing a decorated sheet and use thereof

Decorated sheets on the basis of cellulose non-woven fabrics, such as paper, for the production of decorated laminates are impregnated with synthetic resins. Consequently, their sizes are changed, they become brittle and are not water-resistant in the laminate.
Surface Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Piano plate assembly and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to improved musical instrument components. In certain embodiments, the present invention relates to a piano plate assembly, wherein the plate assembly comprises a core at least partially surrounded by a shell, wherein the shell comprises a composite fiber material impregnated with a polymeric resin material.

Reducing cutaneous scar formation and treating skin conditions

The present invention provides methods of reducing cutaneous scar formation by treating a cutaneous wound with a composition comprising a therapeutic agent that is a sodium channel blocker and/or an inhibitor of the nax/scn7a pathway. The present invention also provides wound cover components impregnated with such compositions, kits composed of such compositions with a wound dressing or sterile wipe, and mixtures of such compositions with a topical component (e.g., cream, ointment, or gel) suitable for application to a cutaneous wound.
Northwestern University

Composite foam laminate and its usage

The present disclosure relates to a laminate for making a molded article comprising at least one fiber reinforcement impregnated with a resin matrix as a first layer and a foam as a second layer. The foam can be laminated to the first layer using a nanocomposite adhesive.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Laminate for joining parts, and joining parts

A laminate for joining parts of composite material includes a first layer of adhesive material, a second layer of preimpregnated composite material, adjacent to the first layer, and a third layer of adhesive material, adjacent to the second layer. A method for joining at least two parts of composite material with a laminate includes the steps of providing already cured composite material parts, positioning the laminate for joining between two cured parts, and applying pressure and temperature to the whole structure including the at least two parts and the laminate, in such a way that the laminate is cured and the at least two parts are joined together in a resulting structure..
Airbus Operations S.l.

Adhesively bonded cylindrical magnets comprising annular coils, and manufacture thereof

In a solenoid magnet assembly, and a method for manufacture thereof, the magnet assembly includes a number of concentrically aligned coils, each including a winding impregnated with a resin. Each coil is mechanically restrained so as to hold the coils in fixed relative positions relative to each other when forming the magnet assembly.
Siemens Plc.

Method for producing a reinforcement member of composite material

A method for producing a reinforcement member of composite material. The method includes producing a planar preform by stacking sheets of pre-impregnated fibers, heating the preform, and deforming the preform on a mold surmounted by an upper die whose shape confirms to a central portion of the reinforcement member to be obtained.
Airbus Operations (sas)

Light emitting device and electronic device

An object is to provide a highly reliable light emitting device which is thin and is not damaged by external local pressure. Further, another object is to manufacture a light emitting device with a high yield by preventing defects of a shape and characteristics due to external stress in a manufacture process.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Oil-resistant filter wrapper paper

A method of producing a filter wrapper paper for a smoking article is described. The paper has a content of long-fiber pulp of at least 30 wt %, preferably at least 40 wt %, relative to the pure fiber mass of the paper.
Delfortgroup Ag

Method of manufacturing shoe insoles and shoe insole

A method of manufacturing shoe insoles, comprises steps of: step 1, making a resin mixture by mixing a resin and a hardening agent in a container; step 2, impregnating a glass fiber cloth with the resin mixture in step 1; step 3, cutting the glass fiber cloth impregnated in step 2 according to a pre-determined shape of a half insole or of an insole; step 4, hot-press forming a product by adding the glass fiber cloth cut in step 3 to a pre-heated mold, and heat pressing the glass fiber cloth to obtain the product of a shoe insole. A shoe insole manufactured according to the above method and a shoe comprising the same are also disclosed, involving high strengths, small thicknesses, light weights, resistances to moisture as well as hydrolysis, longtime molding effects, a strong weatherability and a good balance, and facilitating the standardization of shoe manufacturing..

Impregnated sintered solid state composite electrode, solid state battery, and methods of preparation

An impregnated solid state composite cathode is provided. The cathode contains a sintered porous active material, in which pores of the porous material are impregnated with an inorganic ionically conductive amorphous solid electrolyte.
Johnson Ip Holding, Llc

Particulate wood preservative and producing same

A wood preservative includes injectable particles comprising one or more sparingly soluble copper salts. The copper-based particles are sufficiently insoluble so as to not be easily removed by leaching but are sufficiently soluble to exhibit toxicity to primary organisms primarily responsible for the decay of the wood.
Osmose, Inc.

Method for making a fibrous absorbent material

An absorbent material including a fibrous material having a plurality of individual fibers forming a fiber matrix, a plurality of absorbent fibers, wherein the plurality of absorbent fibers are impregnated within the fiber matrix by means of a needlepunch process.. .
Mcneil-ppc, Inc.

Method for the modification of wood

The invention is directed to a process for the continuous acetylation of wood elements. The process particularly combines a batchwise impregnation step, with a continuous reaction step.
Titan Wood Limited

Chlorine analytical test element and a stabilized n, n-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine solution

A test element (10) used to determine concentration levels of free and total chlorine in a water sample comprises a test pad (12) adhered to a substrate (14), wherein the test pad (12) is impregnated with a stabilized dpd solution. The test pad (12) is color responsive to different concentration levels of chlorine in the water and compared to a color chart to determine the level of free chlorine and/or total chlorine in the water.
Hach Company

Aqueous-based electric double-layer capacitor

An electric double-layer capacitor (edlc) and method for manufacturing thereof. The eldc includes at least one capacitor cell with two parallel current collectors, two opposite polarity electrodes, a separator, a rigid dielectric frame, and at least one evacuation mechanism.
Elbit Systems Land And C4i Ltd.

Rtm method

An rtm method in which a preform formed from a reinforcing fiber substrate is placed in a cavity of a molding die, and resin is injected from a plurality of injection ports into the cavity and impregnated into the preform, includes disposing the plurality of injection ports in first positions in a central section of the cavity corresponding to positions of the preform located in a product area of an article to be finally molded and second positions located in a periphery of the cavity corresponding to positions of the preform outside the product area of the article to be finally molded or corresponding to positions inside the cavity but outside an area of the preform, and causing the timing of closing the injection ports after resin injection to be different from each other between injection ports disposed in the first positions and injection ports disposed in the second positions.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Polyamide resin-type composite material and producing same

A xylylenediamine-based polyamide resin/fiber composite material and molding are provided that do not exhibit a decline in properties under high temperatures and high humidities, and that exhibit a high elastic modulus and present little warping, and exhibit better recycle characteristics, a better moldability, and a better productivity than for thermosetting resins. The polyamide resin-type composite material comprises a fibrous material (b) impregnated with a polyamide resin (a) wherein at least 50 mole % of diamine structural units derived from xylylenediamine, and having a number-average molecular weight (mn) of 6,000 to 30,000, and containing a component of a molecular weight of not more than 1,000 at 0.5 to 5 mass %..
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

Method for producing resin foam, and resin foam

A method for producing resin foam including: melting a resin composition including a polyolefin resin and a thermoplastic elastomer; impregnating the molten resin composition with a material that is a gas at normal temperature and normal pressure, in a supercritical state, under a condition in which the supercritical state of the material is maintained; foaming the resin composition impregnated with the material by arranging the resin composition under a condition in which the supercritical state of the material is not maintained; and hot-pressing the foamed resin composition.. .
Inoac Corporation

Polyurethane impregnated paper laminate and method therefor

A method for producing a polyurethane-impregnated paper laminate comprising the steps of impregnating paper with a mixture of a polyurethane-based liquid material and a catalyst, maintaining the paper into the mixture for a predetermined duration for polymerization thereof and coating the impregnated paper with a sheet of solid polyurethane-based material and a finishing top coat.. .
Moulures Transform Inc.

Material for molding, shaped product therefrom, and manufacturing the shaped product

There is provided a material for molding including: carbon fiber bundles which are easily impregnated including carbon fibers and at least one impregnation aid in an amount of 3 to 15 parts by mass based on 100 parts by mass of the carbon fibers, the at least one impregnation aid satisfying specific requirements; and a polycarbonate is adhered thereto in an amount of 50 to 2000 parts by mass.. .
Teijin Limited

Flexible ultracapacitor cloth for feeding portable electronic devices

Disclosed is a flexible ultracapacitor having a flexible cloth including an autotransformer-type connected switch made with nanoporous carbon electrodes impregnated by an electrolyte. Each of the nanoporous carbon electrodes may be configured to have a circuit.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Phosphor in inorganic binder for led applications

A method for fabricating an led/phosphor structure is described where an array of blue light emitting diode (led) dies are mounted on a submount wafer. A phosphor powder is mixed with an organic polymer binder, such as an acrylate or nitrocellulose.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Inducement of root formation

Root-growth stimulating compounds are applied to plants to stimulate growth of roots on the stem of a plant for air layering. The root-growth stimulating compounds may be applied by wrapping part of the plant with a tape that includes the root-growth stimulating compounds.

Dental retraction cord with local anesthetic agent

A dental retraction cord is used within dental procedures as the dental retraction cord is impregnated with at least one dental anesthetic agent and/or a vasoconstrictor agent so that the dental retraction cord is able to reduce the pain and discomfort during the cord packing process. A plurality of interlocking strands of the dental retraction cord is impregnated with the at least one dental anesthetic agent and/or the vasoconstrictor agent as the dental retraction cord is stored within a container.

Impregnated continuous graphitic fiber tows and composites containing same

An impregnated fiber tow comprising multiple unitary graphene-based continuous graphitic fibers impregnated with a matrix material, wherein at least one of the continuous graphitic fibers comprises at least 90% by weight of graphene planes that are chemically bonded with one another having an inter-planar spacing d002 from 0.3354 nm to 0.4 nm as determined by x-ray diffraction and an oxygen content less than 5% by weight, wherein the graphene planes are parallel to one another and parallel to a fiber axis direction and the graphitic fiber contains no core-shell structure, has no helically arranged graphene domains or domain boundary, and has a porosity level less than 5% by volume.. .

Composite material; a ballistic resistant article made from same and making the article

A fiber reinforced resin composite for ballistic protection comprising a plurality of first and second plies wherein the first and second plies further comprise a woven fabric and a polymeric resin. The fabric has a russell tightness factor of from 0.2 to 0.7 and a cover factor of at least 0.45, the fabric is impregnated with the resin, the resin comprising from 5 to 30 weight percent of the total weight of fabric plus resin.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

High-pressure gas tank production method

The fw technique is employed to suppress a non-fiber-wound space from being left during formation of a fiber layer for reinforcement on a liner. A process of forming a fiber-reinforce resin layer on a liner winds and fixes a winding start end fiber of a resin-impregnated carbon fiber on a fiber fixation flange, which is away from the top of a dome section.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.

Lining hose for the rehabilitation of fluid-carrying line systems

Pre-fabricated lining hose for the rehabilitation of fluid-carrying line systems comprising at least one fiber strip impregnated with a one-component epoxy resin which is curable by chain growth polymerization.. .
Sml Verwaltungs Gmbh

Non-thrombogenic stent jacket

Disclosed is the use of serous tissue, such as pericardium, as a component of intracorporeal implants. Particularly, disclosed is a jacketed stent assembly comprising an expandable stent provided with a jacket of processed serous tissue which, in some embodiments, is impregnated with a therapeutic or diagnostic agent.
Design & Performance - Cyprus Limited

Neuromuscular stimulation system

A wearable neuromuscular stimulation and neuroprosthetic system and device for treating spinal cord injury, stroke, and other neurological conditions; and for the management of chronic pain. This invention provides a system for transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulation and typically comprises a wearable item that further includes a flexible, non-conductive material; at least one flexible, generally flat electrode attachable to or embedded within the wearable item; and a programmable electrical stimulation device connectable to the electrode(s).

Prepregs and laminates having homogeneous dielectric properties

Prepregs and laminates made from resin compositions having a free resin portion and a resin impregnated reinforcing material portion where the resin includes one or more base resins and one or more high dk materials wherein the one or more high dk materials are present in the resin composition in an amount sufficient to impart the resin composition with a cured dkw that matches the dkwr of a resin impregnated reinforcing material to which the resin composition is applied to within plus or minus (±) 15%.. .
Isola Usa Corp.

Sleeve, fluid dynamic pressure bearing including the sleeve, spindle motor including the fluid dynamic pressure bearing and electronic equipment including the spindle motor

A porous oil-impregnated sleeve is used for a fluid dynamic pressure bearing. The sleeve includes an inner surface, a first axial end face, a first recessed portion, and a first dynamic pressure generating groove.
Nidec Corporation

Solid polymer electrolyte ammonia sensor

An ammonia sensor that includes an ionic liquid impregnated sensing electrode (anode) and a cathode separated by a membrane. During operation, in the presence of ammonia, the anode and cathode generate current manifesting the electrochemical reaction of ammonia in the sensing electrode.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Electric power transmission cable particularly for an overhead line

The invention concerns an electric power transmission cable, particularly for an overhead power line, comprising at least one central composite ring (1) formed of fibres impregnated by a matrix, of which the specific breaking strength is greater than 0.4 mpa·m3/kg and at least one layer of conductive wires (3) nested within one another, made of aluminium or an aluminium alloy and windings around said ring (1), said cable having an outer diameter at ambient temperature called the initial diameter (di) and the ratio between the thermal expansion coefficient of the conductive wires (3) and that of the central ring (1) is greater than three. According to the invention, said conductive wires (3) nested within one another are of a geometry such that the increase in the outer diameter of one length of said cable shorter than 45 m, during an increase of temperature lasting two to four minutes, from ambient temperature to a temperature between 150 and 240° c., is less than or equal to 10% of the initial diameter (di), said cable being subject to a mechanical tension between 10% and 30% of the nominal breaking strength of the cable.

Moisture activated phantom imaging process and product

A moisture activated image applied to a base substrate, wherein the substrate is integrated into an article of clothing. The moisture-activated invisible image is created by applying a hydrophobic material and a moisture absorbing material in a pattern.

Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architecture

Active metal and active metal intercalation electrode structures and battery cells having ionically conductive protective architecture including an active metal (e.g., lithium) conductive impervious layer separated from the electrode (anode) by a porous separator impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolyte (anolyte). This protective architecture prevents the active metal from deleterious reaction with the environment on the other (cathode) side of the impervious layer, which may include aqueous or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes (catholytes) and/or a variety of electrochemically active materials, including liquid, solid and gaseous oxidizers.
Polyplus Battery Company

System for renovating a sewer manhole

A method for renovating a sewer manhole includes: a. Pulling an inflatable film sleeve onto a mold corresponding to the sewer manhole profile; b.

Hockey blade with wrapped, stitched core

A construct for a hockey blade that includes a foam core. The foam core includes a first core face, a second core face, and a core edge.
Bauer Hockey, Inc.

Apparatus for purifying wastewater and method thereof

The present inventions relates to an apparatus for purifying wastewater and a method thereof, which comprises: a stirring part to make bubbles impregnated into floc through high speed stirring by adding floc forming materials to influent and stirring them; an air supply part to supply air to the stirring part to make more bubbles impregnated; a pumping part to conduct pressurized conveying of the floc included treatment water; a cyclone part to separate high density floc to downstream and treatment water with low density floc to upstream from the pressurized treatment water; and a flotation part to separate floc from the treatment water with floc supplied from the cyclone part. Therefore, the present invention have an effect that it is possible to improve purification speed of wastewater and obtain good quality of purified water..
Bluegreenlink Co., Ltd.

Method of producing tooling for resin transfer molding

A method of producing tooling for molding a part by resin transfer molding, including: producing a model of the part; producing a countermold with an outside surface presenting an indentation complementary to a first side of the model; placing the model in the indentation of the countermold; draping a plurality of superposed textile layers that are impregnated with thermosetting resin on the model and on the outside surface of the countermold to shape a first half-shell; curing the first half-shell; separating the countermold from the model and from the first half-shell; draping a plurality of superposed textile layers on the first half-shell and the first side of the model, to shape a second half-shell; and curing the second half-shell.. .

Drug-impregnated encasement

A drug-impregnated sleeve for encasing a medical implant is provided. In one embodiment, the sleeve may include a body made of a biologically-compatible material that defines an internal cavity configured to receive the medical implant.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

Process for producing carbon nanofibers and/or carbon nanotubes

The invention is directed to a process for producing carbon nanofibers and/or carbon nanotubes, which process comprises pyrolysing a particulate cellulosic and/or carbohydrate substrate that has been impregnated with a compound of an element or elements, the metal or alloy, respectively, of which is capable of forming carbides, in a substantially oxygen free, volatile silicon compound containing atmosphere, optionally in the presence of a carbon compound.. .
Basf Corproation


A process for the preparation of a prepreg comprising superimposing layer of unidirectional fibrous reinforcement comprising a plurality of tows each comprising a plurality of parallel filaments onto a resin impregnated layer of unidirectional fibrous reinforcement comprising a plurality of tows each comprising a plurality of parallel filaments wherein the superimposed laminate of layers is compressed to the extent that the resin penetrates the interstices between the tows but penetrates the voids within the tows to less than 22 to 60% by volume of the tows.. .
Hexcel Holding Gmbh

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