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Impregnated patents


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 Membrane-seal assembly patent thumbnailMembrane-seal assembly
Disclosed is a reinforced membrane-seal assembly, the reinforced membrane-seal assembly including: an inner region and a border region and wherein the inner region includes ion-conducting component and the border region includes seal component; wherein first and second planar porous reinforcing components each extend across the inner region into the border region and wherein the pores of each of the first and second planar porous reinforcing components in the inner region are impregnated with ion-conducting component and the pores of each of the first and second planar porous reinforcing components in the border region are impregnated with seal component is disclosed. Also disclosed is a catalyst-coated reinforced membrane-seal assembly, a reinforced membrane-seal electrode assembly and an electrochemical device including the reinforced membrane-seal assembly..
Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Limited

 Color coded ammunition system patent thumbnailColor coded ammunition system
A color coded ammunition system includes a plurality of ballistic rounds, each having a bullet mass, a casing, a color identifier, and a numerical identifier. For each of the plurality of ballistic rounds, the bullet mass is terminally mounted into the casing with the color identifier being incorporated into the bullet mass and the numerical identifier being visibly disposed about the casing.

 Toilet odor elimination device patent thumbnailToilet odor elimination device
A device for minimizing escape of malodorous gases from a toilet into the surrounding environment. In particular, a device for removing toilet-related odors, comprising a manifold, air-blower in fluid communication with intake and exhaust ports, that creates a horizontal flow of recirculating air at the top of the toilet bowl.

 A  making frame components for spectacles and a component made by this method patent thumbnailA making frame components for spectacles and a component made by this method
A method is described for making frame components for spectacles, including: superimposing within a first mold, in the following order, at least a first film of plastic material, at least one semi-finished element pre-impregnated with resin, and at least a second film of plastic material; closing and heating the first mold, the temperature and pressure being applied and maintained until the resin is fully polymerized, in order to produce an intermediate component containing the semi-finished product); opening the first mold and extracting the intermediate component from the first mold. The method also includes: placing the intermediate component in a second mold; closing the second mold and forming a layer of polymer material on the intermediate component, resulting in mutual adhesion; opening the second mold and extracting an article produced by the molding step in the second mold and cutting the article to define the final profile of the component..
Safilo Società Azionaria Fabbrica Italiana Lavorazione Occhiali S.p.a.

 Nanotube enhancement of interlaminar performance for a composite component patent thumbnailNanotube enhancement of interlaminar performance for a composite component
A composite article including a multiple of composite layers impregnated with a polymer matrix; and a nanotube material that facilitates a mechanical interlock between at least two of the multiple of composite layers. A method of manufacturing a composite article including a multiple of composite layers within a polymer matrix; and distributing a nanotube material between at least two of the multiple of composite layers to facilitate a mechanical interlock between the at least two of the multiple of composite layers adjacent an otherwise relatively low strength interlaminar interface region of the composite article..
United Technologies Corporation

 Fluid flow device with flow control and  making the same patent thumbnailFluid flow device with flow control and making the same
A method of making a fluid flow device comprises: providing a substrate of porous material (2) impregnated with a light-sensitive substance (5) in a first state and which is configured to change from the first state to a second state when exposed to light (3), the second state being a solid state that is resistant to a solvent and the first being removable with the solvent; the substrate having a fluid flow channel (7) defined therein, the channel having a depth; exposing a beam of light (3) onto an area of the substrate surface within the fluid flow channel to deliver energy to a volume of the substrate below the area to change the light-sensitive substance to the second state; during exposure, creating a partial barrier to flow of fluid along the channel by controlling the amount of energy delivered to the volume below at least part of the area to change the light-sensitive substance to the second state in a volume of the substrate within the fluid flow channel that has a depth less than the depth of the fluid flow channel; and developing the substrate in the solvent to leave the light-sensitive substance which is in the solid state and remove the light-sensitive substance which is in the other state. The device may be a medical diagnostic device, and the substrate may be a paper substrate or may be a nitrocellulose substrate..
University Of Southampton

 Low voc content waterless cleaner and article impregnated therewith patent thumbnailLow voc content waterless cleaner and article impregnated therewith
A hand cleaning article is provided that includes a towel presenting two opposing surfaces. A hand cleaning composition is impregnated into the towel and includes a first non-ionic surfactant that is a c12-c15 alkyl ethoxylated alcohol having an average degree of ethoxylation of from 3 to 7.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

 Impregnation apparatus and impregnation method patent thumbnailImpregnation apparatus and impregnation method
The instant disclosure provides an impregnation apparatus for impregnating a material in a combined medicament. The impregnation apparatus includes a delivery device, a dispensing device, a transmission device, a scraper device, and an impregnation execution device.
Apaq Technology Co., Ltd.

 Portable reusable anti-microbial apparatus patent thumbnailPortable reusable anti-microbial apparatus
A portable reusable anti-microbial cleaning apparatus is provided, the apparatus comprising: a sponge; and a cloth that at least partially encloses the sponge, wherein the cloth includes a silver material. In some embodiments: the silver material is in the form of silver threads; the silver material is a non-silver thread that is impregnated with silver; the silver material is in the form of a silver plating on a conductive material; the cloth is in the shape of a sleeve; and the sponge includes a silver infusion..

 Method for photo-immobilizing biomolecules on a non-functionalized carrier patent thumbnailMethod for photo-immobilizing biomolecules on a non-functionalized carrier
The immobilization of biomolecules on a non-functionalized carrier by irradiating the biomolecule-impregnated carrier with a light of a wavelength of at least 340 nm.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives (cea)

Composite brake disks with an integrated heat sink, methods for manufacturing the same, and methods for producing encapsulated heat sink material

Brake disks with integrated heat sink are provided. Brake disk includes a fiber-reinforced composite material and an encapsulated heat sink material impregnated into the fiber-reinforced composite material.
Goodrich Corporation

Pole shield

The present disclosure relates to a pole shield for extending around a pole structure. The pole shield comprises a sheet of composite material forming a hollow structure having an open first end and an opposed open second end.
Rs Technologies Inc.

Anti-fingerprint coating composition, products therefrom, forming the same, and use thereof

The present invention is directed to anti-fingerprint coating compositions, the coating layers and coated articles formed therefrom, the preparation methods therefor, and the uses thereof. The coating compositions and methods according to the present invention are capable of forming a coating layer with anti-fingerprint performance.
Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

Multi chamber medical balloon

A medical balloon includes at least one internal wall dividing the balloon into a plurality of separate chambers which may be separately inflatable and deflatable. The at least one internal wall is impregnated with heat conductive particles.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Wound healing using braf inhibitors

Methods for treating a wound are provided herein. Such methods include a step of contacting the wound with an effective amount of a braf inhibitor.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Electrolyte and secondary battery

Secondary batteries capable of improving cycle characteristics are provided. The secondary battery includes a cathode, an anode, and an electrolytic solution.
Sony Corporation

Base-attached encapsulant for semiconductor encapsulation, manufacturing base-attached encapsulant for semiconductor encapsulation, and manufacturing semiconductor apparatus

A base-attached encapsulant for semiconductor encapsulation, includes a base and encapsulating resin layer on one surface of the base, the base being composed of a fibrous base layer in which a thermosetting resin composition containing a thermosetting resin is impregnated into a fibrous base and cured, a cured material layer a composed of a cured material of the thermosetting resin composition formed on the fibrous base layer at the opposite side to the encapsulating resin layer, and a cured material layer b composed of a cured material of the thermosetting resin composition formed on the fibrous base layer at the encapsulating resin layer side. The thickness ta of the cured material layer a is 0.5 μm or more.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Retaining material for pollution control element, manufacturing the same, and pollution control device

A retaining material that can sufficiently maintain the function of retaining a pollution control element in a pollution control device at high temperature. In one aspect, the retaining material has a mat shape and contains inorganic fiber material, with the retaining material containing: a surface layer containing inorganic colloid particles; and an internal region positioned further to the inside than the surface layer, impregnated with inorganic colloid particles and organic binder; wherein the surface layer contains inorganic colloid particles at a higher concentration than the internal region; and the amount of inorganic colloid particles in the internal region is 1 mass % to 10 mass % based on the total mass of the retaining material..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Laminate production method

A method for producing an impregnated article comprising a cellulose layer which is impregnated with a melamine resin in order for a core impregnation to be formed is characterized in that a layer of a liquid medium having a moiety of isocyanate groups is applied to the top face and/or the bottom face of the core-impregnated cellulose layer.. .
Flooring Technologies Ltd.

Form stabilized phase change compositions

Provided herein are form stabilized phase change materials and methods of their manufacture. Form stabilized phase change material compositions comprise porous particulate carriers impregnated with at least one phase change material.
Smart Pcm Patent Holdco, Llc

Benzoxazine cyanate ester resin for pyrolisis densification of carbon-carbon composites

A method of forming carbon-carbon composites includes molding carbon fibers with a compound comprising a blend of benzoxazine resin and cyanate ester resin; and pyrolyzing the compound to form the carbon-carbon composite. A carbon-carbon composite includes carbon fibers impregnated with a compound comprising a blend of benzoxazine resin and cyanate ester..
Raytheon Company

Low-temperature oxidation catalysts

An example of a catalytic converter includes a catalyst to improve low temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide (co) and hydrocarbons. The catalyst includes a support, which includes a porous alumina structure and a rare earth metal oxide promoter impregnated into pores of the porous alumina structure.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Method for producing electrolytic capacitor

A method for producing an electrolytic capacitor according to the present disclosure includes a first step of preparing a capacitor element that includes an anode body having a dielectric layer; a second step of impregnating the capacitor element with a first treatment solution containing a conductive polymer and a first solvent; and a third step of impregnating the capacitor element with an electrolyte solution after the second step, the capacitor element being, in the third step, impregnated with the electrolyte solution while including a liquid.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Heat reservoir comprising porous substrate impregnated with latent heat storage material and producing the same

An object of the present invention is to prevent efflux of a heat storage material composition from a porous substrate in a heat reservoir. The heat reservoir of the present invention is characterized in that a porous substrate is impregnated with a latent heat storage material and a hydrogenated styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer.
Eidai Co., Ltd.

Pillow article, textile material, and related methods

A textile article that includes a pillow case forming for a textile material includes a composition impregnated into the textile material.. .
Welspun India Limited

Method for producing a wood product by means of hot pressing and use of method

A method of producing a wooden product by means of a molding hot-pressing from a wooden blank which has one or several sections (a, b, c, d). Wherein as a material is selected an optional form of sawn timber or another timber, which is preferably selected from the group consisting of fresh sawn timber, dried timber, saw-surfaced lumber, planed timber, heat-treated timber, sodium silicate water-glass impregnated or salt impregnated or otherwise impregnated timber; wherein molding hot-pressing is performed essentially in a single-stage production process, which includes drying and molding hot-pressing of the wooden blank and essentially concurrent treating of the wooden blank both by binders of the wood itself and by treating chemicals and/or treating materials added in the production process which are selected from the group consisting of surface treatment agents, excipients, primers, impregnating agents, adhesives, adhesive films, adhesive gauzes; wherein the treatment chemicals are attached to the production process by using a hot-pressing pressing plate etc., pressing tool or pressing surface; and wherein the wood material, and binders thereof as well as the treating chemicals are allowed to adapt/move in relation to each other in the cooling phase of the production process until the locking phase, whereby the product is completed..
Ilvolankoski Oy

Fiber-containing diamond-impregnated cutting tools and methods of forming and using same

Fibers for diamond-impregnated cutting tools and their associated methods for manufacture and use are described. A matrix is formed that contains fibers made from carbon, glass, ceramic, polymer, and the like.
Longyear Tm, Inc.

Air freshener dispensers, cartridges therefor, assemblies, and methods

Air freshener cartridges and assemblies are provided herein. An air freshener cartridge includes a body formed of a polymer material impregnated with an air freshening substance for release, the body having a plurality of walls defining a plurality of axial airflow channels therebetween, and a base member including a support frame in contact with a surface of the body and for loading the cartridge into the air freshener dispenser and unloading the cartridge from the air freshener dispenser.
Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing the same

Objects of the invention are to provide a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery in which an electrode assembly is prevented from damages caused when the electrode assembly is inserted into a battery case and in which the ease for the electrode assembly to be impregnated with an electrolytic solution is improved/and to provide a method for manufacturing such batteries. The invention pertains to a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery including an electrode assembly and a battery case accommodating the electrode assembly, the electrode assembly including a positive electrode plate having a positive electrode active material layer disposed on a positive electrode current collector and a negative electrode plate having a negative electrode active material layer disposed on a negative electrode current collector, the positive electrode plate and the negative electrode plate being wound together into a coil through a separator, the electrode assembly being fastened with a rectangular or square fixing tape applied to cover the end of the coil, the side of the fixing tape in contact with the electrode assembly including self-adhesive portions having a pressure-sensitive adhesive and a non-adhesive portion having no pressure-sensitive adhesive, the self-adhesive portions being disposed at both ends of the non-adhesive portion in the direction of the width of the fixing tape so that the non-adhesive portion is interposed between the self-adhesive portions, the battery satisfying 0.9≦wb/wa≦1 and 0.35≦wc/wa≦0.8 wherein wa is the height of the electrode assembly, wb is the width of the fixing tape and wc is the width of the non-adhesive portion..
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

High-voltage bushing and the production thereof

A high-voltage bushing includes an insulating body disposed concentrically around a cylindrical winding support formed of electrically conductive material, and a sealing device for sealing a gap between the winding support and the insulating body. The sealing device includes a sealing element disposed in a circumferential sealing groove.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Magnetic ammunition for air guns and biodegradable magnetic ammunition for airguns

A round for a magnetically chambered air gun has a magnetically influenced portion and a non-magnetically responsive portion, as well as an exterior shell and an interior. The interior may be hollow, solid, or filled with liquid.

Method of lining pipe with high strength liner, high strength liner, and pipe lined with high strength liner

A liner tube for lining a pipe and pipe lining method. Liner material that includes a strength layer and felt backing layer forms the liner tube.
Ina Acquisition Corp.

Flexible sheet with hard particulate

A flexible construction material can include a fiber layer, an adhesive layer, and a layer of harder bonded particulates. The fiber layer can be made from any type of fabric including multi-layered, woven or nonwoven fabrics.

Stabilized inorganic oxide supports and adsorbents derived therefrom for carbon dioxide capture

The present invention relates to a stabilized inorganic oxide support for capturing carbon dioxide from gases having high regeneration capacities over many cycles. The method for preparing the stabilized inorganic oxide support includes stabilizing an alumina-containing precursor by either calcining or steaming, impregnating an alkali or alkaline earth compound into the stabilized alumina-and drying the alkali or alkaline earth compound-impregnated stabilized alumina-.
Reliance Industries Limited

Gas treatment monolith article

The invention relates to a gas treatment monolith article, said gas treatment article comprising: a full body porous material comprising a porous substrate and an aluminium oxide coating homogeneously distributed throughout said porous substrate, wherein said porous substrate is a fibrous material; and at least one acid gas absorption active component or a precursor thereof impregnated into said porous aluminium oxide coated substrate. The invention further relates to uses of the gas treatment monolith article of the invention..
Haldor Topsøe A/s

Hydrogel toxin-absorbing or binding nanoparticles

The present invention provides for compositions comprising a polymeric hydrogel impregnated with a toxin-absorbing or binding nanoparticle. The present invention also provides for the use of the above compositions for decreasing or neutralizing the effect of a toxin, or for treating or preventing an infection by a microbe that produces a toxin, in a subject.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Resin composition, prepreg, and laminated sheet

A prepreg for printed wiring boards that has a low coefficient of thermal expansion in a plane direction, has excellent heat resistance and drilling workability, and, at the same time, can retain a high level of flame retardance includes a base material, a resin composition impregnated into or coated on the base material, and huntite. The resin includes (a) an inorganic filler that is a mixture composed of a hydromagnesite represented by xmgco3.ymg(oh)2.zh2o wherein x:y:z is 4:1:4, 4:1:5, 4:1:6, 4:1:7, 3:1:3, or 3:1:4; (b) an epoxy resin; and (c) a curing agent.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

Method of improving metal-impregnated catalyst performance

A method of reducing the amount of carbon monoxide present during the metal reduction step of start-up, thus, maintaining metal dispersion and improving the metal reduction and catalyst yields. Carbon monoxide formation is minimized during the start-up procedure and during the initial catalyst dryout phase in a hydrogen-containing atmosphere, gas is purged from the reactor system, either continuously at constant pressure or by a series of pressure/depressure cycles, to remove carbon monoxide.
Exxonmobil Chemical Company - Law Technology

Catalyst for a naphtha reforming process

The present disclosure relates to a catalyst for a naphtha reforming process. The catalyst comprises a chloride free zeolite coated alumina support impregnated with 0.01 wt % to 0.5 wt % active metal and 0.01 wt % to 0.5 wt % promoter metal, characterized in that the thickness of the zeolite coating on the alumina support ranges from 100 μm to 200 μm..
Reliance Industries Limited

Selective surface impregnation catalytically active materials on particulate catalyst support using mutual repulsive force and soblubility difference between hydrophilic solvent and hydrophobic solvent

A method for preparing a catalyst having catalytically active materials selectively impregnated or supported only in the surface region of the catalyst particle using the mutual repulsive force of a hydrophobic solution and a hydrophilic solution and the solubility difference to a metal salt precursor between the hydrophobic and hydrophilic solutions. The hydrophobic solvent is a c2-c6 alcohol.
Industry Foundation Of Chonnam National University

Devices for enhancing the fatigue and mechanical properties of bone cement and other biomaterials

A device includes a bone cement or a biomaterial and a mesh structure impregnated with the bone cement or the biomaterial. The mesh structure reinforces the bone cement or the biomaterial and reinforces the material's fatigue properties.
Mx Orthopedics, Corp.

Corrosion and weather resistant assembly for a stuffing tube and a making a gasket for use therewith

An elongated, flexible composite gasket member having a knitted wire mesh rope at least partly impregnated with a soft, tacky, flowable, pre-cured polyurethane gel for use in a stuffing tube assembly. The stuffing tube assembly is used in a deck or bulkhead of a ship.
The Patent Well Llc

Infrared filter

An infrared filter includes a substrate having a front surface and a back surface. The infrared filter includes screened ink and an optically clear medium, or dye impregnated medium.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Articulating devices

One aspect of the invention provides an articulating device including: an inflatable elastic layer and a textile shell surrounding or impregnated within at least a portion of the inflatable elastic layer. The textile shell includes at least two regions having different material properties or knit patterns.
Drexel University

Carbon fibers, and production method therefor

Carbon fibers achieve a high elongation percentage and a high tensile modulus of resin-impregnated strands while being lightweight. The carbon fibers are configured such that: the void content in a cross section of the fibers in the axial direction, the cross section including the long axis of a cross section of the fibers in the radial direction, is at least 0.3% by area, but not more than 5.0% by area; the average aspect ratio of the voids is at least 2.0, but not more than 50; and the average width of the voids in the cross section of the fibers in the radial direction is at least 3 nm, but not more than 100 nm..
Toray Industries, Inc.

System for producing a fully impregnated thermoplastic prepreg

Fiber-containing polymethyl methacrylate (pmma) prepregs are described that include a first and second plurality of fibers. The second plurality of fibers is made from a different material than the first plurality of fibers.
Johns Manville

Peel ply, surface preparation and bonding composite structures using the same

A resin-rich peel ply that does not leave behind residual fibers after peeling and can work well with different resin-based composite substrates. The resin-rich peel ply is composed of a woven fabric impregnated with a resin matrix different from the resin matrix of the composite substrate.
Cytec Technology Corp.

Ulti-part thermoplastic polymers

Methods of making fiber reinforced composite articles are described. The methods may include the step of providing a pre-impregnated fiber-containing thermoplastic material to a mold for the article.
Johns Manville

System for producing a fully impregnated thermoplastic prepreg

According to one embodiment, a system for manufacturing a polymethyl methacrylate (pmma) prepreg includes a mechanism for continuously moving a fabric or mat and a resin application component that applies a methyl methacrylate (mma) resin to the fabric or mat. The system also includes a press mechanism that presses the fabric or mat during the continuous movement subsequent to the application of the mma resin to ensure that the mma resin fully saturates the fabric or mat.
Johns Manville

Device for structuring the surface of a pressed sheet or an endless strip

A device for structuring the surface of a metal pressed sheet or of an endless strip, comprising a support device adapted to support the metal pressed sheet or endless strip during structuring, and a spray head and a slideway adapted to permit movement of the spray head into a desired position within a plane defined by an x and a y coordinate. The spray head is further adapted to move in a z direction with reference to a work surface which is spanned by the x and y direction, and the spray head is guided by means of a digitalized template that is identical to the printed image of an impregnated paper used in a further pressing process.
Hueck Engraving Gmbh & Co. Kg

Solvent resistant thin film composite membrane and its preparation

The present invention relates to improved methods for synthesis of thin film composite membranes by interfacial polymerization. More in particular, the method of the present invention comprises the impregnation of an ultrafiltration porous support membrane with an aqueous solution containing a polyfunctional nucleophilic monomer, and contacting the impregnated support membrane with a second largely water-immiscible solvent containing a polyfunctional epoxide monomer..
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Device attachable to item of clothing for dispensing material for enhancing gripping properties of shoe sole

A wiping device may be a friable layer or an absorbent pad made of a material that can absorb and retain a fluid composition and can be attached or is attached to an item of clothing, such as a sock, shoe, compression sleeve, etc. The device is impregnated with an adhesive-type tacky substance that is released when a shoe sole is wiped against it to clean the shoe sole and allow surface dust and debris to be removed from the shoe sole.
Mission Product Holding, Inc.

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