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Impregnated patents


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new patent Method for producing a covering element made from fibers impregnated with bitumen having improved fire properties, and composition
A method for producing a covering element made from natural fibres, in particular cellulose, impregnated with bitumen, includes a step of coating at least one of two faces of a fibre mat (4) followed by a step of impregnating with bitumen, the coating being carried out with a liquid composition (5) including at least one resin and/or at least one pigment. The liquid composition is a dye composition including at least one pigment and at least one resin, and the method involves adding an additive to the liquid composition (5), the additive having fireproof properties and including at least graphite and a cooling agent.

new patent Method for producing water-disintegrable paper
To produce water-disintegrable paper, a base-paper sheet 2 in a non-wet state before a water-soluble binder is impregnated is embossed in order to form a bulking unit 17, made up of a plurality of uneven elements 12, on the base-paper sheet 2; a water-soluble binder solution 5 is sprayed to the base-paper sheet 2 having the bulking unit 17 formed, from outside of a face of the base-paper sheet 2 to impregnate the water-soluble binder solution 5 into the base-paper sheet 2; the base-paper sheet 2 impregnated with the water-soluble binder solution 5 is dried; the base-paper sheet 2 is folded after the drying; and an aqueous chemical solution is sprayed to the base-paper sheet 2 thus being folded to impregnate the aqueous chemical solution into the base-paper sheet 2.. .

new patent Fiber-reinforced composite material
The invention provides a fiber-reinforced composite material lightweight and excellent in impact resistance, damping nature, and shatterproof nature without impairing stiffness. It is a fiber-reinforced composite material including a fibrous structure (1) composed of only an inorganic fiber and a fibrous structure (2) comprising a wholly aromatic polyester fiber which are stacked together and are impregnated with a resin, wherein an outermost layer of the fiber-reinforced composite material is the fibrous structure (1) composed of only an inorganic fiber and at least one fibrous structure (2) comprising a wholly aromatic polyester fiber is present in a layer other than the center layer..
Kb Seiren, Ltd.

new patent Manufacturing tank
There is provided a manufacturing method of a tank including a liner, the manufacturing method comprises (a) a process of winding fibers in a sheet-like form impregnated with a resin on a mandrel having a higher rigidity than rigidity of the liner and heating and curing the wound fibers in the sheet-like form to form a sheet layer; (b) a process of pulling out the mandrel from the sheet layer; and (c) fitting the liner into the sheet layer, after the process (b).. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent Roll fed flotation/impingement air ovens and related thermoforming systems for corrugation-free heating and expanding of gas impregnated thermoplastic webs
Disclosed herein are roll fed air heated flotation ovens and related thermoforming systems, assemblies, and machines that enable the corrugation-free expansion of a gas impregnated thermoplastic web passing through an oven chamber (without use of a pin-chain assembly), as well as to related methods. In an embodiment, a gas impregnated thermoplastic web is conveyed and expanded through an elongated air heated oven chamber, wherein the elongated oven chamber includes a plurality of downwardly directed heated air nozzles positioned at regular intervals along and within the upper portion of the oven chamber, and a plurality of upwardly directed heated air nozzles positioned at regular intervals along and within the lower portion of the oven chamber, but staggered apart from the downwardly directed heated air nozzles such that the gas impregnated thermoplastic material web undulates in an up and down wavelike fashion, thereby minimizing sagging, bagging, puckering, and/or buckling of the web..
Dart Container Corporation

new patent Incorporation of graphene in various components and manufacturing
A component comprises a hollow component having a plurality of prepreg layers, where each prepreg layer includes a graphene-resin mixture comprising a resin and a graphene preparation evenly disposed throughout the resin. The component further includes a fiber cloth impregnated with the graphene-resin mixture.
G-rods International

new patent Fishing rod with graphene and manufacturing
A fishing rod comprises a hollow tubular rod blank having a plurality of prepreg layers, where each prepreg layer includes a graphene-resin mixture comprising a resin and a graphene preparation evenly disposed throughout the resin. The rod blank further includes a fiber cloth impregnated with the graphene-resin mixture.
G-rods International

Electrode unit for an electrochemical device
An electrode unit for an electrochemical device, comprising (i) a solid electrolyte which divides a space for molten cathode material, selected from the group consisting of elemental sulfur and polysulfide of the alkali metal anode material, and a space for molten alkali metal anode material, and (ii) a porous solid state electrode directly adjacent to the solid electrolyte within the space for the cathode material, with a non-electron-conducting intermediate layer s present between the solid state electrode and the solid electrolyte, wherein this intermediate layer s has a thickness in the range from 0.5 to 5 mm and, before the first charge of the electrochemical device, has been impregnated fully with a polysulfide composition, comprising (a) pure polysulfides met2sx with met=alkali metal of the alkali metal anode material selected from lithium, sodium, potassium, and x is dependent on the alkali metal and is 2, 3, 4 or 5 for na and is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 for li and is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for k, or (b) mixtures of the polysulfides of one and the same alkali metal from (a) with one another.. .
Basf Se

Protected lithium electrodes having a porous electrolyte interlayer and associated battery cells
Active metal and active metal intercalation electrode structures and battery cells having ionically conductive protective architecture including an active metal (e.g., lithium) conductive impervious layer separated from the electrode (anode) by a porous separator impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolyte (anolyte). This protective architecture prevents the active metal from deleterious reaction with the environment on the other (cathode) side of the impervious layer, which may include aqueous or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes (catholytes) and/or a variety electrochemically active materials, including liquid, solid and gaseous oxidizers.
Polyplus Battery Company

Battery cell having anti-wrinkle member
Disclosed herein is a battery cell configured to have a structure in which an electrode assembly, including positive electrodes and negative electrodes stacked in the state in which separators are disposed respectively between the positive electrodes and the negative electrodes, is mounted in a cell case in the state in which the electrode assembly is impregnated with an electrolyte, wherein the electrode assembly and the cell case are deformable in response to the shape of a device in which the battery cell is mounted, and anti-wrinkle members, for preventing wrinkles from being formed in the cell case when the cell case is deformed, are added to at least portions of the outer surfaces of the electrode assembly.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Battery structure having an absorbent lining impregnated with a base for containment and neutralization of acid

A battery system of a vehicle includes a battery, a battery tray configured to support the battery, and a battery pouch. The pouch has a plurality of side walls and a bottom defining a space sized to accommodate the battery.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Supercapacitor configurations with graphene-based electrodes and/or peptide

One embodiment is an edlc with a capacitor cell that includes two electrodes of opposite polarity aligned in parallel, and a peptide separator disposed between the electrodes. The separator may be a peptide coating on an electrode surface.
Elbit Systems Land And C4i Ltd.

Strip for analysis and apparatus and system using strip for analysis

An analysis strip and an apparatus using the analysis strip are provided. The analysis strip includes an introduction part through which a sample including a target material is introduced, a target strip connected to the introduction part and configured to detect concentration of a target material included in the sample according to a flow of the introduced sample, and an auxiliary strip connected to the introduction part that is pre-impregnated with certain densities and configured to detect concentration of a mixed material of the target material and the pre-impregnated material according to the flow of the introduced sample, wherein the target strip and the auxiliary strip comprise a same material..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Composite member

A composite member comprises first and second elongate composite elements. Each has a wedge shaped end with a complimentary tapered end surface.
Blade Dynamics Limited

Method of manufacturing a fibrous material preimpregnated with thermoplastic polymer using an aqueous dispersion of polymer

A method of manufacturing a pre-impregnated fibrous material produced as a plurality of unidirectional parallel tapes, said method including the following steps: i) impregnation of the fibrous material while it is in the form of several parallel rovings, said impregnation step including: ia) immersion in a bath containing an aqueous dispersion of thermoplastic polymer, said immersion being followed by ib) drying, then ii) shaping by calendering, using at least one heated calender, into the form of a plurality of unidirectional parallel tapes using said calender including a plurality of calendering grooves according to the number of said tapes and with a pressure and/or separation between the rolls of said calender regulated by a control system.. .
Arkema France

Molding method using vartm process

In a molding method using a vartm process in which a workpiece is impregnated with resin in a vacuum, the flow channel resistance or the thickness of which is not constant, an air-permeable sheet only permeable to gas and not permeable to resin (liquid) is arranged at the bottom surface of the workpiece to cover the total length of the workpiece in a direction in which the flow channel resistance or the thickness of the workpiece varies, to impregnate the resin.. .
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

Method for preparing a fibrous material pre-impregnated with thermoplastic polymer with the aid of a supercritical gas

A method to produce a pre-impregnated fibrous material, in particular in ribbon form, including a fibrous reinforcement and thermoplastic polymer matrix, including a step of impregnating the fibrous material in the form of a single roving or several parallel rovings with the polymer in the molten state, the polymer in the molten state at the time of the impregnation containing a neutral gas in the supercritical state used as production aid by reducing viscosity in the molten state, preferably the gas being supercritical co2.. .
Arkema France

Method and tool for forming a scarf joint

A method of forming a scarf joint between first and second elongate composite components, each having a complimentary tapered end surface is disclosed. At least one of the components is formed of a stack of fibre layers impregnated in resin, with the tapered end surface being formed by each fibre layer extending longitudinally progressively further than the adjacent layer.
Blade Dynamics Limited

Individually-packaged wipes for enhancing sexual intercourse

The present invention relates to a sealed package containing one wipe, wherein the one wipe comprises a carrier and an active ingredient impregnated therein, wherein the active ingredient is selected from the group consisting of penile desensitizing agents. The sealed package can be opened, the wipe removed and wiped on the penis of a male to reduce the occurrence of premature ejaculation during subsequent intercourse..
Aspen Park Pharmaceuticals

Wind turbine blade with improved fibre transition

A wind turbine blade having a transition between two reinforcement fibre types is described. A gradual transition is provided by a combined double-tapered thickness section with first type reinforcement fibres sandwiched between second type reinforcement fibres or vice versa.
Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s

Adhesive sheet, reinforcing repair tape, and reinforced building material

The present invention is to provide an adhesive sheet having superior workability and instantly exhibiting stable, high-level reinforcing/repairing performance when bonded to an adherend such as a building material. An adhesive sheet according to the present invention comprises a substrate layer comprising reinforcing fibers impregnated with an acidic resin and a basic adhesive layer disposed upon the substrate layer..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Enhanced volatile removal for composite layup

A composite article lay up comprising a first layer of resin impregnated fiber material and a second layer of resin impregnated fiber material. An open cell material is layered between the first layer and the second layer.
United Technologies Corporation

Method for producing frp

A method of producing frp includes disposing a preform made of a reinforcing fiber base material in a cavity of a mold, providing a resin injection path and a suction path that sucks at least air to the mold, and causing resin from the resin injection path to flow in a direction toward the suction path in the cavity to be impregnated into the preform, wherein 1) a high flow resistance region for partially making the resin flowing in the preform hardly flow is formed in the preform itself, 2) a flow front of the resin flowing in the direction toward the suction path through the high flow resistance region is controlled to settle within a permitted region that has been predetermined relative to a shape of a product to be molded, 3) the resin injection path is formed from a runner provided around the preform and the suction path is disposed at a central portion of the preform, and the high flow resistance region is formed at a corresponding part corresponding to a part around the suction path as a high flow resistance region to cause the resin flowing in the preform from a part around the corresponding part toward the corresponding part hardly flow at the corresponding part.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Indicator panels for incontinence products

Indicating panels adapted to provide a qualitative or quantitative indication of a characteristic of a liquid absorbed by the indicator panel. The indicating panels include a porous inner sheet that is impregnated with a first indicator selected to respond to a target analyte by creating a detectable response, and a porous outer sheet impregnated with a polymeric mordant selected to stabilize indicators..
Pixie Scientific, Llc

Pet waste collection mat

A pet waste collection mat for receiving a pet's waste. The pet waste collection mat is biodegradable and includes a mat having a base, one or more sidewalls, and an upper wall, defining an interior volume.

Plain bearing and/or systems incorporating such bearings

A plain bearing which may have superior operational characteristics, such as the ability to work in high temperature environments with aluminum housings, or which may have the ability to support an axial load, or which may have an outer ring formed entirely of polymer or lubricant impregnated polymer, and/or components thereof.. .
Aktiebolaget Skf

Fire protection of a fan casing made of composite

Method (s) for protecting against fire a fan casing (1) comprising a roughly cylindrical barrel (10) having a main direction extending along a longitudinal axis (x) and an upstream flange (20) extending radially with respect to the longitudinal axis (x) from an upstream end of the barrel (10), the fan casing (1) being made of a composite comprising a fibrous reinforcement densified by a matrix, said matrix being polymerized, the protection method(s) comprising the following steps:•—laying (si) widths containing glass fibre pre-impregnated with a resin capable of affording the fan casing with thermal protection against fire on an upstream radial face (22) of the upstream flange (20), and•—polymerizing (s2) the resin in order to obtain a protective layer (2).. .

Systems and methods for controlling the degradation of degradable materials

Embodiments described herein relate generally to a system and methods for controlling and/or modifying the degradation behavior of degradable materials via a surface treatment and/or coating. This surface treatment and/or coating (also referred to herein as a “barrier”) can be used to modify the degradation profile without changing the bulk of the degradable material.
Dropwise Technologies Corp.

Method of forming composite structures

A method of forming composite components is described in which a composite lay-up is created using varying fibre types across the lay-up. This can adapt the lay-up to forming processes in regions of the lay-up to be formed and uses fibre types which give the greatest strength benefits in areas which do not need to be formed.
Airbus Operations Limited

Reinforced plastic material having high smoothness

A fiber reinforced plastic material is provided, the material including a fiber layer comprising a plurality of continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheets, a veil layer comprising fibers selected from at least one of glass fiber and carbon fiber, and a resin layer comprising a resin film, wherein the veil layer is impregnated by at least a portion of the resin film.. .
Toyota Motor Europe Nv/sa

Catalytic member for purifying exhaust gases, and washcoat

Disclosed are a washcoat and a catalyst member coated with the washcoat, wherein the washcoat, which is applied on a substrate as a catalyst member for purifying exhaust gas, includes a catalytically inactive refractory oxide not impregnated with catalytic components, and thus, even when the support structure physically collapses due to the sintering of the support, the diffusion rate of exhaust gas can be maintained, and the exposed portion of catalytically active components can be maintained, thus increasing the service life of the catalyst.. .
Heesung Catalysts Corporation

Medical devices containing nitroprusside and antimicrobial agents

A medical device includes a structure configured for introduction to a vascular system of a patient. The structure including a surface having sodium nitroprusside and silver disposed thereupon.
Teleflex Medical Incorporated

Solid air freshener

The present invention relates to a solid pressed air freshener and odor neutralizer composition which can include greater than 10% fragrance. The air freshener comprises a fragrance; preferably the fragrance is impregnated within a water soluble substrate made from a foamed vegetable starch, a surfactant and a solidifier.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Cosmetics comprising cosmetic composition having ultraviolet blocking function impregnated in water insoluble sponge

The present disclosure relates to a cosmetic composition having an ultraviolet (uv) blocking function and cosmetics including the cosmetic composition impregnated in a water insoluble sponge, and solves the adsorption problem of the uv blocking agent to the water insoluble sponge, thereby providing an effect on full production of an expected uv blocking effect (sun protection factor/grade) from the uv blocking agent included in the cosmetic composition.. .
Lg Household & Health Care Ltd.

Antimicrobial compositions and articles

The invention provides antimicrobial cleansing compositions comprising hypochlorous acid, in the ph range 2.5 to 6.0, and disposable wiping articles impregnated with these compositions, along with chlorine-impermeable and chlorine-resistant packaging for the compositions and articles. The invention also provides methods of treating blepharitis and acne, and of disinfecting the skin, with these compositions and articles..

Insulation system, stator, electrical machine, in particular a turbogenerator, and insulating an electrical conducting element

An insulation system of an electrical conductive element of an electrical machine, having a number of insulation system layers including an inner potential control layer, a main insulation layer, an outer corona shielding layer, and an end corona shielding layer, each of the insulation system layers having a resin-impregnated tape material strip that is wound, with a plurality of windings, around the electrical conductive element in such a way that the windings are arranged with overlapping regions half overlapping long side regions of each tape material strip, wherein, at least one of the tape material strips is flattened at the long side regions thereof, in relation to the mid-region thereof.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Battery cell including electrode assembly coated with inert particles

Disclosed herein is a battery cell having an electrode assembly mounted in a variable cell case in a state in which the electrode assembly is impregnated with an electrolyte, the battery cell being configured to be flexibly deformed in response to the shape of a device, in which the battery cell is mounted, wherein a coating part including inert particles is formed on at least one outer surface of the electrode assembly.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Condenser core

A resin impregnated paper (rip) condenser core configured for being positioned around an electrical conductor. The condenser core includes a winding tube forming a longitudinal through hole through the condenser core, configured for allowing an electrical conductor to be inserted there through; an electrically insulating rip body wound onto and around the winding tube; and at least one electrically conducting foil coaxially encircling the winding tube and being surrounded by the rip body insulating each of the at least one foil from any other of the at least one foil.
Abb Technology Ltd

Sliding bearing

A sliding bearing formed from a member containing resin, wherein the effect of thermal expansion of the resin is reduced. A bearing surface (10) that slidably holds the outer peripheral surface of a rotating body is formed on the inner peripheral surface (11) of the sliding bearing (1), which is cylindrical, and the sliding bearing (1) is a cylindrical multi-layer sliding member which is manufactured by roll-molding a base material that has been impregnated with a base resin.
Oiles Corporation

Layered building board for inside and outside

A layered building board for inside and outside is described. The building board includes a core layer (20) and a melamine resin impregnated paper (21) arranged thereon.
Kronoplus Technical Ag

Hydrogen peroxide compositions for the delignification of plant matter, and uses thereof

A system for the delignification of plant matter impregnated with a solution of organic acid selected from acetic acid, formic acid, propionic acid, butanoic acid, or a mixture of said acids, containing said plant matter and a hydrogen peroxide composition including hydrogen peroxide and at least one phosphorus-bearing additive, the phosphorus content in the composition being higher than, or equal to, 40 ppm, expressed in weight of elemental phosphorus in relation to the total weight of the composition, for the delignification of plant matter impregnated with a solution of organic acid, said plant matter being selected from straw and/or wood or a lignocellulosic paste originating from straw and/or wood, the mass ratio of the organic acid solution, expressed in weight of solution, to the plant matter, expressed in weight of dry matter, being between 1.5:1 and 10:1.. .
Arkema France

Method for detecting, identifying and enumerating micro-organisms in a porous support dry-impregnated with a dehydrated reaction medium

A method for the detection, identification and enumeration of microorganisms in a porous support including reaction medium powder throughout its thickness, the support having been dry-impregnated throughout its thickness by a dehydrated reaction medium. Further, a device is used and enables the method to be carried out..

Preparing polyolefin resin mono chip and polyolefin resin mono chip

In addition, the present invention relates to a polyolefin resin mono chip including: a thermoplastic resin composite including a polymer substrate including a propylene homopolymer of which a molecular weight distribution is 3 to 6, and a colorant; and a fiber reinforcing agent having a length of 5 mm to 20 mm and impregnated into the polymer substrate, wherein an impact strength measured according to astm d256 is 200 j/m or more.. .

Surface-aided melt infiltration for producing a ceramic matrix composite

A method of melt infiltration for producing a ceramic matrix composite comprises applying a surface slurry onto one or more outer surfaces of an impregnated porous preform. The surface slurry comprises a solvent and particulate solids, and the preform comprises a framework of ceramic fibers loaded with particulate matter.
Rolls-royce High Temperature Composites, Inc.

Industrial products engineered from processed bamboo or vegetable cane

A natural fiber-based, engineered beam assembly comprising opposing top and bottom surfaces, opposing first and second side surfaces and a longitudinal axis. Loads applied to the beam assembly are normal to the top surface.
Resource Fiber Llc

Perfumed paper roll and manufacturing method thereof

A perfumed paper roll has a plurality of rings of paper body. Adhesive is between rings of the paper body.

Impregnated dressings for treating dermatological disorders

This document provides methods and materials for treating dermatologic disorders. For example, methods and materials for using dressings (e.g., wet dressings) to treat dermatologic conditions such as dermatitis are provided..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Method of preparing tobacco-free smoking composition for hookah

The invention relates to tobacco substitutes, and specifically to tobacco-free smoking compositions, and is principally intended for smoking using a hookah. In the method of preparing a tobacco-free smoking composition for a hookah, including the preliminary preparation of a main organic material, the main organic filler being comprised of at least one type of fruit, and of a binding agent consisting of a mixture of propylene glycol and food-grade glycerin in a ratio of (1:4)-(4:1), wherein the preliminary preparation of the main organic filler material is carried out by means of freeze-drying, in the process of which, the fruit is crushed to a fraction-size of 3-12 mm, frozen in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of (−40) to (−60) degrees celsius, and kept in a vacuum for 30-40 minutes, thus forming the filler material, which has a residual moisture content of 1-6% and which is impregnated with binding agent using the following ratio of compositional components by mass percent: main organic filler material: 10-55; binding agent: the remainder.
Shisha Fruits Ltd. Corp

Production soft candy

A production method for soft candy produces the soft candy by stretching a candy dough containing 0.2 to 5 wt % of pullulan and 0.2 to 2 wt % of gelatin. The stretching can be performed by using an arm of a pulling machine, and folding the stretched candy dough by a rotary force of an arm) with an intermediate portion of the stretched candy dough held by the arm.
Lotte Co., Ltd.

Battery cell with safety improved using inert particles

Disclosed herein is a battery cell having an electrode assembly mounted in a variable cell case in a state in which the electrode assembly is impregnated with an electrolyte, the battery cell being configured to be flexibly deformed in response to the shape of a device, in which the battery cell is mounted, wherein an uppermost end electrode and/or a lowermost end electrode of the electrode assembly in the direction in which electrodes are stacked is provided on an electrode current collector thereof, facing the inner surface of the cell case, with an electrode mixture including inert particles, 10 to 100% of the inert particles being distributed on the surface of the electrode mixture such that a concave-convex structure is formed in the surface of the electrode mixture in vertical section.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Candle having different fragrance characteristics and methods of making and using the same

A candle includes a wick extending along a length of the candle and having an exposed portion for burning, a first layer defined proximal the exposed portion where the first layer has a desirable fragrance impregnated therein, and a second layer positioned below the first layer where the second layer has an undesirable fragrance impregnated therein such that as the wick burns through the first layer into the second layer, the fragrance sensed by a person transitions from desirable to undesirable.. .
Wtf Pranks Llc

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