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Reversible color-changing ink formulations and nonwoven wipes

Preparation method of hollow carbon sphere and carbon shell-sulfur composite, hollow carbon sphere, and carbon…

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 Bone graft substitute patent thumbnailBone graft substitute
A bone graft substitute in the form of an implantable three-dimensional scaffold that includes calcium phosphate and has pores. The scaffold is impregnated with a calcium and/or phosphate containing substance, and the dissolution rate drs of the scaffold is slower than the dissolution rate drd of the calcium and/or phosphate containing substance..
 Reversible color-changing ink formulations and nonwoven wipes patent thumbnailReversible color-changing ink formulations and nonwoven wipes
A reversible color-changing ink formulation, and a nonwoven wipe to which the ink formulation is securely bound, are provided. The reversible color-changing ink formulation includes about 55-98% by weight of a polymer binder, about 0.1-20% by weight of a reversible color-changing dye that reversibly changes between a first color and a second color at a ph of about 5.5 to about 8.0, and optional amounts of plasticizer, inorganic particulate filler, and color brightener.
 Oxidation protected separator patent thumbnailOxidation protected separator
A battery separator for a lead/acid battery is resistant to oxidation arising from the use of water or acid containing contaminants, for example chromium (cr), manganese (mn), titanium (ti), copper (cu), and the like. The separator is a microporous membrane including a rubber.
 Preparation method of hollow carbon sphere and carbon shell-sulfur composite, hollow carbon sphere, and carbon shell-sulfur composite for secondary lithium sulfur battery patent thumbnailPreparation method of hollow carbon sphere and carbon shell-sulfur composite, hollow carbon sphere, and carbon shell-sulfur composite for secondary lithium sulfur battery
A preparation method of a hollow carbon sphere includes preparing a hollow carbon sphere including fine pores by using mold particles and a material including metal-phthalocyanine. The prepared hollow carbon sphere has a carbon shell surface including fine pores, and the hollow carbon sphere may be impregnated with sulfur to prepare a carbon shell-sulfur composite and may be utilized as an anode material of a lithium-sulfur secondary battery.
 Cnt and method for manufacturing thereof patent thumbnailCnt and method for manufacturing thereof
Disclosed are carbon nanotubes and a method for manufacturing the same wherein the carbon nanotubes (cnts) which comprise a three-component carbon nanotube catalyst containing a catalytic component and an active component and have a potato or spherical shape with a particle diameter distribution (dcnt) of 0.5 to 1.0 can be manufactured at a high yield using an impregnated supported catalyst by simultaneously removing activity and a fine powder of the impregnated supported catalyst in an attempt to solve a drawback of conventional impregnation methods for producing cnts, namely, the difficulty in improving a yield of cnts.. .
 Plastic floor covering patent thumbnailPlastic floor covering
An elastic floor covering 10, includes a soft core 18, a decor layer 14 on top of the core 18, a wear layer 12 on top of the decor layer 14 and a backside layer 20 positioned under the core 18, in which at least the core 18, the wear layer 12, and the backside layer 20 are made of polyurethane, and a glass fiber mat 16 is arranged between the core 18 and the decor layer, the decor layer 14 is made of cellulose paper impregnated with polyurethane, the wear layer 12 being made of polyurethane produced from aliphatic polyol, and the core 18 and the backside layer 20 being made of polyurethane produced from an aromatic polyol from renewable primary products.. .
 Cushioning material patent thumbnailCushioning material
Cushioning material for resilient, insulating or padding covering of objects or components, made of a double-pile fabric (1) being elastically impregnated by resin impregnation, in which an upper fabric (2) and a lower fabric (3) are connected in a spaced-apart manner by webs (14) that are formed by pile threads (4), wherein the elastically impregnated double-pile fabric (1) exhibits a shape resilience with a non-linear spring characteristic (5) due to the connecting webs (14), having a lower characteristic region (7), a medium characteristic region (6) and an upper characteristic region (8), the lower and the upper characteristic regions (7, 8) having an ascending profile respectively, while the medium characteristic region (6) has a less ascending hysteresis loop profile which gives the impregnated double-pile fabric (1) an internal damping capacity (w), and said internal damping capacity (w) is adjusted by the volume weight depending on the used pile threads (4) and/or the degree of hardness of the resin impregnation.. .
 Reversible color-changing sanitizer-indicating nonwoven wipe patent thumbnailReversible color-changing sanitizer-indicating nonwoven wipe
A nonwoven wipe having a reversible sanitizer indicator for multiple uses and recharges is provided. The nonwoven wipe includes a cloth-like nonwoven fabric coated with a reversible color-changing ink formulation.
 Organic oxygen absorber comprising porous carrier and method for preparing the same patent thumbnailOrganic oxygen absorber comprising porous carrier and method for preparing the same
Disclosed herein are an organic oxygen absorber and a preparation method thereof. The organic oxygen absorber is prepared by reacting each of an ascorbic acid compound and an oxygen absorption promoting material with porous silica powder, which has high adsorbability, at room temperature so as to be impregnated into the silica powder, and then mixing the impregnated materials with each others before filling into an air-permeable packaging material.
 Membranes for separation patent thumbnailMembranes for separation
The present invention relates to a composite membrane for gas separation and/or nanofiltration of a feed stream solution comprising a solvent and dissolved solutes and showing preferential rejection of the solutes. The composite membrane comprises a separating layer with intrinsic microporosity.
Direct current (dc) transmission system comprising a thickness controlled laminated insulation layer and method of manufacturing
A direct current transmission system and a method for preparation including an electrical conductor layer, an inner semiconductive layer covering the conductor layer, an insulation layer provided on the semi-conductive layer including laminated polymer material and impregnated with a high viscosity fluid, and including an inner part, a middle part, an outer part, and an outer semi-conductive layer covering the insulation layer. The inner part has a first thickness, the middle part has a second thickness and the outer part has a third thickness, whereby the second thickness is greater than the first thickness and greater than the third thickness.
Method for producing an extruded stiffened panel, and device for implementing same
A method for producing a part made of a composite material, including a skin and at least one stiffener made of strips, which are in turn made of one or more plies of fibers impregnated with a non-polymerized resin. The method includes the steps of: producing a preform of the part by pulling the strips through a die for shaping and positioning the skin and the stiffeners, a polymerization core being provided between a first strip and a second strip prior to the passage thereof through the die; and pressing the resulting preform in a hot press for a duration dt while applying a pressure p and at a temperature t for polymerizing the resin of the strips in the hot press over a pressing length l that is shorter than the length of the panel..
Anti-bacterial foot bath liner device
An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal foot bath liner device for lining a pedicure or foot treatment tub while providing antibacterial properties to prevent transmission of infection includes a liner. The liner has a perimeter edge, an upper surface and a lower surface.
Stabilisation of microwave heated food substrates
A food product having a substrate impregnated with a stabiliser composition and coated with an aqueous coating composition can be reheated using a microwave oven with good results.. .
Wet wipe and method for manufacturing the same
A wet wipe includes a nonwoven fabric impregnated with a liquid. A surface layer in a first surface of the nonwoven fabric has an apparent density of 0.030-0.10 g/cm3 in a dry state.
Method for tape laying and consolidation upon deposition of a thermoplastic composite workpiece with fiber reinforcement
A method for laying up a tape of fibers comprising a thermoplastic polymer and the consolidation upon deposition of a workpiece thus laid up. The method comprises the steps of pre-consolidating a tape of fibers pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic polymer by pultruding strands pre-impregnated with the thermoplastic polymer through a die.
Fastening resin structure and method for manufacturing the same
A fastening resin structure includes a fiber reinforced resin member and a first collar joined to the fiber reinforced resin member. The first collar is configured to be fastened to another structure by means of a bolt and a nut.
A method for producing a porous polymer structure involves (i) forming a polymer; (ii) subsequently contacting the polymer with a nonsolvent and inducing the formation of an emulsion in which the nonsolvent is present as the dispersed phase and the polymer as the continuous phase; and (iii) removing at least some of the nonsolvent so as to leave pores within the polymer, wherein the polymer is formed by exciting one or more molecules in an exciting medium, in particular by pulsed plasma deposition. Emulsion formation in step (ii) may be induced by or in the presence of an emulsion stabilising agent.
Fischer-tropsch catalyst comprising cobalt, magnesium and precious metal
(b) forming a catalyst precursor by impregnating the modified catalyst support with a cobalt compound and precious metal promoter compound, drying and calcining the impregnated catalyst support in a second calcination to convert the cobalt compound to cobalt oxide.. .
Decorative board
A decorative board 5 includes: a prepreg 2 that includes a binder component including: at least one thermoplastic resin selected from a group consisting of acrylic resin having a glass-transition temperature tg exceeding 0° c., vinyl chloride resin having a glass-transition temperature tg exceeding 0° c., acrylic urethane, and aqueous polyurethane resin, and a thermosetting resin, a mixing ratio of the at least one thermoplastic resin to the thermosetting resin being 1:0-0.5 in solid content ratio, and an endothermic metal hydroxide; and a thermosetting resin impregnated decorative paper 1, wherein the prepreg and the thermosetting resin impregnated decorative paper are stacked and integrated.. .
Transparent composite substrate and display element substrate
A transparent composite substrate according to the present invention includes a composite layer containing a glass cloth formed of an assembly of glass fibers and a resin material impregnated in the glass cloth. The assembly of the glass fibers itself has a variation in a refractive index and a difference between a maximum value and a minimum value of the refractive index is equal to or less than 0.008.
Panel and method for manufacturing panels
A floor panel has a core, a print and a wear resistant layer. The core is assembled at least from a plurality of paper sheets, or other carrier sheets, impregnated with a thermosetting resin..
Ultra-high power multimode combiner
An ultra-high power fiber laser system includes a multimode combiner which is configured with a plurality of low mode fibers bundled together and tapering toward its downstream end. The system further includes a clad mode absorber extending along the tapered downstream end of the combiner and extending over a portion of the combiner's output fiber.
Low-mode high power fiber combiner
A high power fiber laser system is configured with a combiner end fiber spliced to a combiner output fiber. The system further includes a light stripper extending along the combiner end and output fibers and configured with sequentially located zones which are provided with respective refractive indices.
Method for sealing a fuel tank
A method for making a structural element comprising a panel in composite material with fiber reinforcement in an organic matrix obtained by laying up and curing. The panel comprises a side likely to be exposed to contact with hydrocarbons.
Repulpable corrugated box and process for making same
A repulpable moisture resistant poultry box having a composite structure with a fluted medium, a top backing board secured to one side of the fluted medium and a bottom backing board secured to the other side of the fluted medium. The backing boards and the fluted medium are impregnated with a hydrogenated triglyceride.
Methods for pre-sharpening impregnated cutting structures for bits, resulting cutting structures and drill bits so equipped
Processes for pre-sharpening cutting structures comprising particles of superabrasive material such as diamond grit, dispersed in a metal matrix material such as cemented tungsten carbide. Matrix material may be removed from a surface of a cutting structure to a desired depth to expose superabrasive particles within the matrix material adjacent the surface, and to increase exposure of partially exposed superabrasive particles at the surface.
Method and kit for treatment of components utilized in a crude oil service operation
A method and kit for treatment of a stainless steel or other nickel alloy component utilized in a crude oil service operation including cleaning a surface of the component to remove surface contamination; drying the cleaned surface of the component; applying a coat of self-assembled monolayer of phosphonate (samp) to the cleaned and dried surface of the component to form a treated component; and installing the treated component into a section of a crude oil service operation. The coating reduces paraffin/asphaltene deposition on the component.
Electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
An electrolytic capacitor includes a capacitor element and an electrolyte solution impregnated in the capacitor element. The capacitor element includes an anode foil, cathode foil, separator, and a solid electrolytic layer.
Process for enhancing nickel tolerance of heavy hydrocarbon cracking catalysts
The invention discloses a process for upgrading feed streams containing residual fractions with high concentrations of metals, more specifically nickel content up to 150 ppm employing acidic catalysts comprising large pore rare earth faujasite zeolite component, pentasil zeolite component and pseudoboehemite containing resid cracking component while the composite is impregnated with lanthanum oxide or aluminium oxide or mixture of both. The hydrocarbon feed stock can be sourced from either petroleum derivatives or from coal, tar or sand.
Methods of refurbishing an adhered component and composites comprising adhered components
A composite comprising adhered components and method of refurbishing such composites are described herein. The composite includes a first component, a second component, and the first component being adhered to the second component using an adhesive stack.
Ultra-rapid diagnostic tissue preparation as an alternative to frozen section
Improved methods and systems for processing of solid tissue are described. The method may be performed manually or automatically.
Composition and method of manufacture of hardened wood
There is a hardened wood composition, comprising an acetylated whole wood portion that may have substantially all of its accessible interior volume impregnated with a hardened thermosetting plastic. A method of manufacturing a hardened wood comprising the steps of: acetylating a whole wood portion and impregnating the whole wood portion with a liquid-phase thermosetting polymer then curing such thermosetting polymer impregnated porous body by the steps of: enclosing the body in a fluid impermeable bag and subjecting the enclosed body to enhanced fluid pressure substantially, contemporaneously, with subjecting the enclosed body to a temperature sufficient to cure the thermosetting plastic impregnated therein by submerging the same in water near its boiling point..
Composite sheet, substrate for a display element including same, and display device including same
The present invention relates to a composite sheet, to a substrate for a display element including same, and to a display device including same. More specifically, the composite sheet comprises: a reinforcement-impregnated matrix; a coating layer formed on at least one surface of the matrix; and a barrier layer formed on at least one surface of the coating layer, wherein, if an elastic modulus of the matrix is e2 at a temperature of 25° c.
Heavy metal removal methods and systems
A support impregnated with selenium and capable of effectively removing a heavy metal from a process stream that is at an ambient temperature or is at an elevated temperature.. .
Electroblotting device
An electroblotting system including a cassette configured to receive a membrane and a material impregnated with at least one of proteins or nucleic acids. The cassette is connectable to a base such that a current is passable through the cassette to cause at least some of the proteins or nucleic acids to be transferred from the impregnated material to the membrane.
Fiber-containing diamond-impregnated cutting tools and methods of forming and using same
Fibers for diamond-impregnated cutting tools and their associated methods for manufacture and use are described. A matrix is formed that contains fibers made from carbon, glass, ceramic, polymer, and the like.
Enzymatic pretreatment of wood in a method for producing mechanical paper pulp
A method for producing mechanical paper pulp comprises: impregnating unprocessed wood, whereby unprocessed wood is exposed to an impregnating composition comprising at least a laccase enzyme and a formula mediator (i), wherein r1 and r2 are identical or different groups, chosen from among a hydrogen atom, a hydrocarbon chain, linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated, comprising 1 to 14 carbon atoms, wherein each hydrocarbon chain can be replaced by one or more functional groups chosen from among —oh, —so3, benzyl, amino, mercapto, keto or carboxyl, wherein r1 and r2 in combination can form a cyclical structure, to achieve impregnation of the wood; and mechanically refining the impregnated wood, such that a mechanical paper pulp is obtained. The disclosure also relates to an impregnating composition used in this method and to the use thereof in a method for producing mechanical paper pulp, as well as to a method for producing paper..
Method of making a chemically active filter element for an oil filter
An improved oil filter, for use with an internal combustion engine, comprises a hollow filter housing defining a chamber therein and having an inlet and an outlet with a flow path therebetween; a mechanically active filter member disposed inside the filter housing in the flow path; and a chemically active filter member disposed inside the filter housing in the flow path. The chemically active filter member comprises a plurality of composite oil additive pellets.
Foamed aromatic polyester-based resin particles for in-mold foam molding and method of producing the same, in-mold foam molded product, composite structural component, and component for automobile
Provided are foamed aromatic polyester-based resin particles for in-mold foam molding that have a long shelf life after production and can be used to produce an in-mold foam molded product having high mechanical strength and good appearance. The foamed aromatic polyester-based resin particles for in-mold foam molding contain an aromatic polyester-based resin and are characterized in that the content of residual carbon dioxide 7 hours after the particles are impregnated with carbon dioxide for 24 hours under the conditions of 25° c.
Electricity storage device and insulating composition used therein
An electricity storage device includes an electricity storage element, an electrolytic solution, a case, and a sealing member. The electricity storage element includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode facing the positive electrode, and a separator interposed between these electrodes.
Surgical incision and closure apparatus
An apparatus for closing a surgical incision comprises left and right base panels, a plurality of closure components, and a plurality of left and right axial supports coupled to the respective base panels. The closure components couple the left and right base panels to each other laterally and have left and right ends coupled to the respective base panels.
Component for constituting fuel cell
A component for constituting a fuel cell having a gasket molded integrally with an mea in which molding of the gasket is required once, the mea requires no through hole and requires a small fastening force when the mea is compressed. The component comprises the mea arranged between a pair of separators and compressed when a cell is assembled; a rubber impregnated portion formed by impregnating the outer peripheral portion of the mea with a gasket molding material, i.e.
Image forming apparatus
There is described an image forming apparatus that includes an imaging member having a charge retentive-surface for developing an electrostatic latent image thereon. The imaging member includes a substrate and photoconductive member disposed on the substrate.
Process for the manufacturing of a board for gliding on snow, and board for gliding on snow obtained from this process
Process for the manufacturing of a board for gliding on snow, with the said board including at least one fibrous reinforcement (20) embedded in an acrylic resin, during which one places all the component parts of the board in a mold in order, after closure of the mold, to expose this assembly to pre-determined pressure and/or temperature conditions, characterized by the fact that, before and/or during the subjection to the said pressure and/or temperature conditions, the fibrous reinforcement (20) is impregnated with an impregnation composition including at least 70%, in weight, of alkyl (meth)acrylate.. .
Bed bug control devices, systems and methods using heat and volatile insecticides
Devices, apparatus, systems and methods of volatizing insecticide-impregnated strips, such as a dichlorvos resin strip, using heat that can treat a closed and sealed space unit such as a room or building for bed bugs and other undesirable insects. At least one volatile impregnated strip can be positioned in a cage sandwiched between heating members such as electrical heating elements and heated plates.
Multi-colored decorative laminate
A decorative laminate includes a core layer, a decorative layer and an optional overlay layer. The core layer includes one or more resin impregnated paper sheets.
Electrode material for rechargeable electrical cells comprising activated carbon fibers
The present invention relates to an electrode material for an electrical cell comprising activated carbon fibers as component (a) which have been impregnated with elemental sulfur as component (b). The present invention further relates to rechargeable electrical cells comprising at least one electrode which has been produced from or using the inventive electrode material and to a process for producing said inventive electrode material..
Impregnation section with tension adjustment device and method for impregnating fiber rovings
An extruder (1) and a method for producing high-fiber volume reinforced thermoplastic resin structures (50), as well as a tape (156) having opposing resin rich portions (302) and a fiber rich portion (304) disposed therebetween and a method for impregnating at least one fiber roving (142) with a polymer resin to form a tape (156. The extruder (1) includes an impregnation die (3) having a channel (4) that applies pressurized molten thermoplastic resin to a plurality of rovings (142) drawn through the channel (4), and a die (3) faceplate (5) facing the downstream side (34) of said die (3).
Sensor head, electrochemical sensor, and method for using electrochemical sensor
There is provided a sensor head which includes a mounting surface having insulation property. A first electrode and a second electrode are arranged on the mounting surface in a spaced-apart manner from each other.
Flexible reinforcing fiber yarn pre-impregnated with resin
A pre-impregnated yarn having a bundle made of reinforcing fiber filaments impregnated with a first resin composition infiltrated into the pre-impregnated yarn and at least partially connected via the first resin composition. The first resin composition contains at least two bisphenol a epichlorohydrin resins h1 and h2 in a weight ratio h1:h2 of 1.1 to 1.4, and an aromatic polyhydroxy ether p1.
Impregnated cloth
A knitted spacer fabric has a tightly knitted bottom layer, a more loosely knitted upper layer and linking fibres extending across the space between the lower and upper faces. Settable material, e.g.
Reaction container and vacuum heat treatment apparatus having the same
Disclose are a reaction container and a vacuum heat treatment apparatus. A method of preparing a reaction container comprises preparing a graphite mixture by mixing first and second graphite powders having particle sizes different from each other, preparing a graphite molded body by pressing the graphite mixture, and processing the graphite molded body.
Hygiene tissue
A hygiene tissue includes a composition including one or more lactic acid producing bacterial strains and a lipid phase including at least one lipid, wherein the lipid is selected from the group having olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, peanut oil, soy bean oil, dimethicone, paraffin oil, and petrolatum; and a matrix impregnated by the composition.. .
Antiseptic applicator
An applicator assembly includes a head portion having a proximal end, a distal end, and an interior portion defining a fluid chamber; a container for containing an antiseptic solution coupled to and in fluid communication with the proximal end of the head portion; and an application member in fluid communication with the fluid chamber and comprising a foam, having a first foam layer adjacent a second foam layer, wherein the first foam layer is disposed toward the distal end of the head portion and comprises a dye impregnated therein, and the second foam layer is disposed away from the distal end of the head portion and is free from the dye, and wherein, after the antiseptic solution passes from the container through the fluid chamber, the antiseptic solution passes into the first foam layer, whereupon the dye is solubilized by and tints the antiseptic solution.. .
Apparatus and method to repair the junction of a sewer main line and lateral pipe
A liner assembly and method for lining a damaged pipe junction between a main and lateral pipe is provided. The liner assembly includes a main liner member and a lateral liner tube.
Acne preventing sports gear insert
The present device describes a wearable material designed to prevent the formation of acne caused by a combination of friction and sweat. The material is impregnated with an acne fighting solution and is adapted to be placed beneath protective athletic gear.
Cvt belt
A vulcanized rubber cvt belt in the form of an endless v-belt having a belt body with angled sides, a tensile cord layer of helically spiraled tensile cord embedded in the belt body, an overcord rubber layer, and an undercord rubber layer, wherein the tensile cord is a twisted, single-tow bundle of continuous-filament, carbon fiber impregnated with an adhesive treatment and/or overcoated with adhesive compatible with the rubber of the tensile cord layer. The tow may be 18k.
Silicone-organic resin composite laminate and manufacturing method thereof, and light-emitting semiconductor apparatus using the same
The invention provides a silicone-organic resin composite laminate comprises a laminate in which an organic resin layer containing an inorganic fiber cloth into which a thermosetting organic resin has been impregnated, and a silicone resin layer containing an inorganic fiber cloth into which a curable silicone resin has been impregnated, being laminated with each one or more layers, and metal foils laminated at an uppermost surface and a lowermost surface of the laminate. There can be provided a silicone-organic resin composite laminate which has low linear expansion, good thermal dimensional stability, excellent mechanical characteristics, and excellent heat resistance and light resistance, and is suitable as a mounting substrate for an led which corresponds to increase in luminance of the led mounted substrate..
Proton-conducting composite membrane for fuel cells
The present invention relates to a membrane that includes a porous polymer material made of a polyimide with interconnected macropores and impregnated with protic ionic liquid conductors (clip), as well as to the method for manufacturing same and to the uses thereof. The membranes of the invention fulfil the need for membranes including clips, which have good proton-conducting properties as well as good physical properties, in particular high thermal and mechanical stability, in addition to a wide range of electrochemical stability..
Method of producing a building panel and a building panel
A method of producing a building panel (1), including: providing a core (2), applying a balancing layer (6) having a first moisture content on a first surface (3) of the core (2), the balancing layer (6) comprising a sheet impregnated with a thermosetting binder, applying a surface layer (12) having a second moisture content on a second surface (4) of the core (2), the surface layer (12) comprising a thermosetting binder, adjusting the first moisture content of the balancing layer (6) such that the first moisture content of the balancing layer (6) is higher than the second moisture content of the surface layer (12) prior to curing, and curing the surface layer (12) and the balancing layer (6) by applying heat and pressure. Also, a semi-finished product adapted to be cured for forming a building panel (1)..
Carbon fibre reinforced composite material and production method thereof
A carbon fibre reinforced composite material including at least two carbon fibre fabrics and a thermoplastic resin, wherein each of the at least two carbon fibre fabrics is formed of an opened yarn obtained by opening a carbon fibre bundle, and the thermoplastic resin is impregnated with the at least two carbon fibre fabrics in a solidified state such that the carbon fibre reinforced composite material is formed integrally as a whole. Also disclosed is a method for producing the carbon fibre reinforced composite material..
Sound attenuating laminate materials
Sound absorbing or attenuating laminate flooring materials are provided, which are directed to be used in the production of floor covering, floor panels, furniture panels, cabinets, counter-tops and wall panels. As well, the methods for producing such products are provided.
Method and system of vacuum assisted resin transfer moldings for repair of composite materials and structure
The present disclosure provides a method of repairing a damaged portion of a panel formed of composite material. The method includes preparing the damaged portion for repair and applying a pressure responsive adhesive layer to substantially cover the damaged portion.
Heat sealed connector assembly
Heat sealing a connector assembly can be performed by providing connector assembly in component accessible state, overlaying sealing tape on electrical contacts and housing, sealing tape being impregnated with heat sensitive adhesive, the overlaying leaving the dimples exposed, and sealing the connector assembly by applying heat to heat sensitive sealing tape.. .
Mixtures for producing chlorine dioxide gas in enclosures and methods of making the same
The present disclosure relates to a mixture for producing chlorine dioxide gas provided in an enclosure comprising an impregnate comprising a chlorine dioxide precursor impregnated in a porous carrier and a proton-generating species, wherein the impregnate and proton-generating species are intermixed to produce a stable mixture and the mixture is provided in an enclosure. The present disclosure also relates to methods for producing chlorine dioxide gas..
Collagen based materials and uses related thereto
This disclosure relates to materials fabricated from collagen and uses relates thereto. Typically, layers of collagen are stretched during a curing period and optionally coated or impregnated with an elastin like protein.
Air intake duct
There is provided an air intake duct capable of fully achieving intake-air noise attenuation effect. The air intake duct has a duct wall section formed of resin in form of tube and configured to introduce external air into an internal combustion engine or alternate power supply system.
Impregnated bit with improved cutting structure and blade geometry
A rotary drag bit for drilling subterranean formations includes a bit body having a face extending from a centerline to a gage. A plurality of blades may be disposed on the face, and may generally extend radially outwardly toward the gage.
Corrosion resistant emi shielding assembly for a stuffing tube and a method for making a gasket for use therewith
An elongated, flexible composite gasket member having a knitted wire mesh rope at least partly impregnated with a soft, tacky, flowable, pre-cured polyurethane gel for use in a stuffing tube assembly. The stuffing tube assembly is used in a deck or bulkhead of a ship.
Mechanism for automatically cutting and placement of resin impregnated fibers
Mechanism for automatically cutting and placement of resin impregnated fibers in a carrier setting to the carriage that moves longitudinally and transversely relative to the axis of the wound part and where is provided more pneumatic cylinders one of which is rotational and other are used for longitudinal movement of the components mounted of the guides, for linear motion and implication and extraction of the fiber hold bed, for opening and closing the knife and the moving of pressure roller.. .
Insulation element for a flat roof or a flat inclined roof, roofing system for a flat roof or a flat inclined roof and method for producing an insulation element
An insulation element for thermal and/or acoustic insulation of a flat roof or a flat inclined roof comprises a first layer made of mineral fibres, and a second layer made of at least one fabric, whereby the second layer is fixed to a major surface of the first layer by an adhesive. To reduce the adhesive costs and the risk of blistering the roof membrane at the application stage, the second layer is impregnated with a filler.
Method and device for protecting crop plants
A method for protecting crop plants from harmful organisms, which comprises the step of covering one or more of the plants with a device, comprising a stabilizing structure and a meshed fabric, where the meshed fabric is impregnated with a pesticide and is penetrable by light, air and water.. .

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