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Method for making a fibrous absorbent material

Date/App# patent app List of recent Impregnated-related patents
 Impregnated sintered solid state composite electrode, solid state battery, and methods of preparation patent thumbnailnew patent Impregnated sintered solid state composite electrode, solid state battery, and methods of preparation
An impregnated solid state composite cathode is provided. The cathode contains a sintered porous active material, in which pores of the porous material are impregnated with an inorganic ionically conductive amorphous solid electrolyte.
Johnson Ip Holding, Llc
 Particulate wood preservative and  producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Particulate wood preservative and producing same
A wood preservative includes injectable particles comprising one or more sparingly soluble copper salts. The copper-based particles are sufficiently insoluble so as to not be easily removed by leaching but are sufficiently soluble to exhibit toxicity to primary organisms primarily responsible for the decay of the wood.
Osmose, Inc.
 Method for making a fibrous absorbent material patent thumbnailnew patent Method for making a fibrous absorbent material
An absorbent material including a fibrous material having a plurality of individual fibers forming a fiber matrix, a plurality of absorbent fibers, wherein the plurality of absorbent fibers are impregnated within the fiber matrix by means of a needlepunch process.. .
Mcneil-ppc, Inc.
 Method for the modification of wood patent thumbnailMethod for the modification of wood
The invention is directed to a process for the continuous acetylation of wood elements. The process particularly combines a batchwise impregnation step, with a continuous reaction step.
Titan Wood Limited
 Chlorine analytical test element and a stabilized n, n-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine solution patent thumbnailChlorine analytical test element and a stabilized n, n-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine solution
A test element (10) used to determine concentration levels of free and total chlorine in a water sample comprises a test pad (12) adhered to a substrate (14), wherein the test pad (12) is impregnated with a stabilized dpd solution. The test pad (12) is color responsive to different concentration levels of chlorine in the water and compared to a color chart to determine the level of free chlorine and/or total chlorine in the water.
Hach Company
 Aqueous-based electric double-layer capacitor patent thumbnailAqueous-based electric double-layer capacitor
An electric double-layer capacitor (edlc) and method for manufacturing thereof. The eldc includes at least one capacitor cell with two parallel current collectors, two opposite polarity electrodes, a separator, a rigid dielectric frame, and at least one evacuation mechanism.
Elbit Systems Land And C4i Ltd.
 Rtm method patent thumbnailRtm method
An rtm method in which a preform formed from a reinforcing fiber substrate is placed in a cavity of a molding die, and resin is injected from a plurality of injection ports into the cavity and impregnated into the preform, includes disposing the plurality of injection ports in first positions in a central section of the cavity corresponding to positions of the preform located in a product area of an article to be finally molded and second positions located in a periphery of the cavity corresponding to positions of the preform outside the product area of the article to be finally molded or corresponding to positions inside the cavity but outside an area of the preform, and causing the timing of closing the injection ports after resin injection to be different from each other between injection ports disposed in the first positions and injection ports disposed in the second positions.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.
 Polyamide resin-type composite material and  producing same patent thumbnailPolyamide resin-type composite material and producing same
A xylylenediamine-based polyamide resin/fiber composite material and molding are provided that do not exhibit a decline in properties under high temperatures and high humidities, and that exhibit a high elastic modulus and present little warping, and exhibit better recycle characteristics, a better moldability, and a better productivity than for thermosetting resins. The polyamide resin-type composite material comprises a fibrous material (b) impregnated with a polyamide resin (a) wherein at least 50 mole % of diamine structural units derived from xylylenediamine, and having a number-average molecular weight (mn) of 6,000 to 30,000, and containing a component of a molecular weight of not more than 1,000 at 0.5 to 5 mass %..
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
 Method for producing resin foam, and resin foam patent thumbnailMethod for producing resin foam, and resin foam
A method for producing resin foam including: melting a resin composition including a polyolefin resin and a thermoplastic elastomer; impregnating the molten resin composition with a material that is a gas at normal temperature and normal pressure, in a supercritical state, under a condition in which the supercritical state of the material is maintained; foaming the resin composition impregnated with the material by arranging the resin composition under a condition in which the supercritical state of the material is not maintained; and hot-pressing the foamed resin composition.. .
Inoac Corporation
 Polyurethane impregnated paper laminate and method therefor patent thumbnailPolyurethane impregnated paper laminate and method therefor
A method for producing a polyurethane-impregnated paper laminate comprising the steps of impregnating paper with a mixture of a polyurethane-based liquid material and a catalyst, maintaining the paper into the mixture for a predetermined duration for polymerization thereof and coating the impregnated paper with a sheet of solid polyurethane-based material and a finishing top coat.. .
Moulures Transform Inc.

Material for molding, shaped product therefrom, and manufacturing the shaped product

There is provided a material for molding including: carbon fiber bundles which are easily impregnated including carbon fibers and at least one impregnation aid in an amount of 3 to 15 parts by mass based on 100 parts by mass of the carbon fibers, the at least one impregnation aid satisfying specific requirements; and a polycarbonate is adhered thereto in an amount of 50 to 2000 parts by mass.. .
Teijin Limited

Flexible ultracapacitor cloth for feeding portable electronic devices

Disclosed is a flexible ultracapacitor having a flexible cloth including an autotransformer-type connected switch made with nanoporous carbon electrodes impregnated by an electrolyte. Each of the nanoporous carbon electrodes may be configured to have a circuit.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Phosphor in inorganic binder for led applications

A method for fabricating an led/phosphor structure is described where an array of blue light emitting diode (led) dies are mounted on a submount wafer. A phosphor powder is mixed with an organic polymer binder, such as an acrylate or nitrocellulose.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Inducement of root formation

Root-growth stimulating compounds are applied to plants to stimulate growth of roots on the stem of a plant for air layering. The root-growth stimulating compounds may be applied by wrapping part of the plant with a tape that includes the root-growth stimulating compounds.

Dental retraction cord with local anesthetic agent

A dental retraction cord is used within dental procedures as the dental retraction cord is impregnated with at least one dental anesthetic agent and/or a vasoconstrictor agent so that the dental retraction cord is able to reduce the pain and discomfort during the cord packing process. A plurality of interlocking strands of the dental retraction cord is impregnated with the at least one dental anesthetic agent and/or the vasoconstrictor agent as the dental retraction cord is stored within a container.

Impregnated continuous graphitic fiber tows and composites containing same

An impregnated fiber tow comprising multiple unitary graphene-based continuous graphitic fibers impregnated with a matrix material, wherein at least one of the continuous graphitic fibers comprises at least 90% by weight of graphene planes that are chemically bonded with one another having an inter-planar spacing d002 from 0.3354 nm to 0.4 nm as determined by x-ray diffraction and an oxygen content less than 5% by weight, wherein the graphene planes are parallel to one another and parallel to a fiber axis direction and the graphitic fiber contains no core-shell structure, has no helically arranged graphene domains or domain boundary, and has a porosity level less than 5% by volume.. .

Composite material; a ballistic resistant article made from same and making the article

A fiber reinforced resin composite for ballistic protection comprising a plurality of first and second plies wherein the first and second plies further comprise a woven fabric and a polymeric resin. The fabric has a russell tightness factor of from 0.2 to 0.7 and a cover factor of at least 0.45, the fabric is impregnated with the resin, the resin comprising from 5 to 30 weight percent of the total weight of fabric plus resin.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

High-pressure gas tank production method

The fw technique is employed to suppress a non-fiber-wound space from being left during formation of a fiber layer for reinforcement on a liner. A process of forming a fiber-reinforce resin layer on a liner winds and fixes a winding start end fiber of a resin-impregnated carbon fiber on a fiber fixation flange, which is away from the top of a dome section.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.

Lining hose for the rehabilitation of fluid-carrying line systems

Pre-fabricated lining hose for the rehabilitation of fluid-carrying line systems comprising at least one fiber strip impregnated with a one-component epoxy resin which is curable by chain growth polymerization.. .
Sml Verwaltungs Gmbh

Non-thrombogenic stent jacket

Disclosed is the use of serous tissue, such as pericardium, as a component of intracorporeal implants. Particularly, disclosed is a jacketed stent assembly comprising an expandable stent provided with a jacket of processed serous tissue which, in some embodiments, is impregnated with a therapeutic or diagnostic agent.
Design & Performance - Cyprus Limited

Neuromuscular stimulation system

A wearable neuromuscular stimulation and neuroprosthetic system and device for treating spinal cord injury, stroke, and other neurological conditions; and for the management of chronic pain. This invention provides a system for transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulation and typically comprises a wearable item that further includes a flexible, non-conductive material; at least one flexible, generally flat electrode attachable to or embedded within the wearable item; and a programmable electrical stimulation device connectable to the electrode(s).

Prepregs and laminates having homogeneous dielectric properties

Prepregs and laminates made from resin compositions having a free resin portion and a resin impregnated reinforcing material portion where the resin includes one or more base resins and one or more high dk materials wherein the one or more high dk materials are present in the resin composition in an amount sufficient to impart the resin composition with a cured dkw that matches the dkwr of a resin impregnated reinforcing material to which the resin composition is applied to within plus or minus (±) 15%.. .
Isola Usa Corp.

Sleeve, fluid dynamic pressure bearing including the sleeve, spindle motor including the fluid dynamic pressure bearing and electronic equipment including the spindle motor

A porous oil-impregnated sleeve is used for a fluid dynamic pressure bearing. The sleeve includes an inner surface, a first axial end face, a first recessed portion, and a first dynamic pressure generating groove.
Nidec Corporation

Solid polymer electrolyte ammonia sensor

An ammonia sensor that includes an ionic liquid impregnated sensing electrode (anode) and a cathode separated by a membrane. During operation, in the presence of ammonia, the anode and cathode generate current manifesting the electrochemical reaction of ammonia in the sensing electrode.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Electric power transmission cable particularly for an overhead line

The invention concerns an electric power transmission cable, particularly for an overhead power line, comprising at least one central composite ring (1) formed of fibres impregnated by a matrix, of which the specific breaking strength is greater than 0.4 mpa·m3/kg and at least one layer of conductive wires (3) nested within one another, made of aluminium or an aluminium alloy and windings around said ring (1), said cable having an outer diameter at ambient temperature called the initial diameter (di) and the ratio between the thermal expansion coefficient of the conductive wires (3) and that of the central ring (1) is greater than three. According to the invention, said conductive wires (3) nested within one another are of a geometry such that the increase in the outer diameter of one length of said cable shorter than 45 m, during an increase of temperature lasting two to four minutes, from ambient temperature to a temperature between 150 and 240° c., is less than or equal to 10% of the initial diameter (di), said cable being subject to a mechanical tension between 10% and 30% of the nominal breaking strength of the cable.

Moisture activated phantom imaging process and product

A moisture activated image applied to a base substrate, wherein the substrate is integrated into an article of clothing. The moisture-activated invisible image is created by applying a hydrophobic material and a moisture absorbing material in a pattern.

Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architecture

Active metal and active metal intercalation electrode structures and battery cells having ionically conductive protective architecture including an active metal (e.g., lithium) conductive impervious layer separated from the electrode (anode) by a porous separator impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolyte (anolyte). This protective architecture prevents the active metal from deleterious reaction with the environment on the other (cathode) side of the impervious layer, which may include aqueous or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes (catholytes) and/or a variety of electrochemically active materials, including liquid, solid and gaseous oxidizers.
Polyplus Battery Company

System for renovating a sewer manhole

A method for renovating a sewer manhole includes: a. Pulling an inflatable film sleeve onto a mold corresponding to the sewer manhole profile; b.

Hockey blade with wrapped, stitched core

A construct for a hockey blade that includes a foam core. The foam core includes a first core face, a second core face, and a core edge.
Bauer Hockey, Inc.

Apparatus for purifying wastewater and method thereof

The present inventions relates to an apparatus for purifying wastewater and a method thereof, which comprises: a stirring part to make bubbles impregnated into floc through high speed stirring by adding floc forming materials to influent and stirring them; an air supply part to supply air to the stirring part to make more bubbles impregnated; a pumping part to conduct pressurized conveying of the floc included treatment water; a cyclone part to separate high density floc to downstream and treatment water with low density floc to upstream from the pressurized treatment water; and a flotation part to separate floc from the treatment water with floc supplied from the cyclone part. Therefore, the present invention have an effect that it is possible to improve purification speed of wastewater and obtain good quality of purified water..
Bluegreenlink Co., Ltd.

Method of producing tooling for resin transfer molding

A method of producing tooling for molding a part by resin transfer molding, including: producing a model of the part; producing a countermold with an outside surface presenting an indentation complementary to a first side of the model; placing the model in the indentation of the countermold; draping a plurality of superposed textile layers that are impregnated with thermosetting resin on the model and on the outside surface of the countermold to shape a first half-shell; curing the first half-shell; separating the countermold from the model and from the first half-shell; draping a plurality of superposed textile layers on the first half-shell and the first side of the model, to shape a second half-shell; and curing the second half-shell.. .

Drug-impregnated encasement

A drug-impregnated sleeve for encasing a medical implant is provided. In one embodiment, the sleeve may include a body made of a biologically-compatible material that defines an internal cavity configured to receive the medical implant.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

Process for producing carbon nanofibers and/or carbon nanotubes

The invention is directed to a process for producing carbon nanofibers and/or carbon nanotubes, which process comprises pyrolysing a particulate cellulosic and/or carbohydrate substrate that has been impregnated with a compound of an element or elements, the metal or alloy, respectively, of which is capable of forming carbides, in a substantially oxygen free, volatile silicon compound containing atmosphere, optionally in the presence of a carbon compound.. .
Basf Corproation


A process for the preparation of a prepreg comprising superimposing layer of unidirectional fibrous reinforcement comprising a plurality of tows each comprising a plurality of parallel filaments onto a resin impregnated layer of unidirectional fibrous reinforcement comprising a plurality of tows each comprising a plurality of parallel filaments wherein the superimposed laminate of layers is compressed to the extent that the resin penetrates the interstices between the tows but penetrates the voids within the tows to less than 22 to 60% by volume of the tows.. .
Hexcel Holding Gmbh

Method of manufacturing fiber-reinforced resin

A method of manufacturing a fiber-reinforced resin in which resin is injected into a reinforcing-fiber substrate placed in a molding die from an injection port opened in a direction facing a surface of the reinforcing-fiber substrate, and the resin is then impregnated into the reinforcing-fiber substrate includes forming a space for injected-resin transit passage in the reinforcing-fiber substrate in the molding die by at least partially removing in advance a section of the reinforcing-fiber substrate located directly below the injection port in a thickness direction of the reinforcing-fiber substrate, and impregnating the resin injected from the injection port into the reinforcing-fiber substrate through the space for injected-resin transit passage.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Machine for the electro-marking of large metallic surfaces and relative process

A machine for the electrochemical marking treatment of metallic surfaces, includes an electrode placed in sliding movement on the metallic surface to be treated, a buffer impregnated with etching solution for the specific metal in treatment, and an electric current circuit, suitable for electro-marking treatment of said metal, with a conductor connected to the electrode and the other conductor connected to the metallic surface in treatment; and presents to treat large metallic surfaces on plates, metal canvas or on metallic sheet in coil. The plate, canvas or the metallic sheet is placed in a electro-marking mechanism in a reciprocally movable way with respect to the electrode, in such a way to allow the electrode the electrochemical marking action on the surface to be treated even if the electrode is of limited size with respect to said surface, the electrode being movable in the and/or with the electro-marking mechanism, the buffer being impregnated with the etching solution at regular intervals, and the relative motion of the electrode on the surface being the combination of two longitudinal and transverse relative motions..
Metaly S.r.l.

Treatment of prints for improving overcoat integrity

A printing system including an oil removal sub-system having an application device impregnated with an oil removal solution including a low carbon alcohol. The application device is operable downstream of a spreader of the printing system.
Xerox Corporation

Method of making hydroprocessing catalyst

A chelated hydroprocessing catalyst exhibiting low moisture is obtained by heating an impregnated, calcined carrier to a temperature higher than 200° c. And less than a temperature and for a period of time that would cause substantial decomposition of the chelating agent..
Advanced Refining Technologies Llc

Immunochromatographic assay with minimal reagent manipulation

The present invention provides a method for determining the presence or absence of an analyte in a sample with minimal sample preparation. The invention further provides immuno-chromatographic devices for determining the presence or absence of an analyte in a sample from which the analyte should be extracted, this device comprising an analyte extraction zone wherein one or more mobile extraction solutions are impregnated, and wherein at least one of said extraction solutions comprises an animal serum or plasma component..
Novamed Ltd.

Additive for electrolyte and electrolyte and lithium secondary battery

R1 to r4 each independently being hydrogen or a non-polar hydrocarbon group, is disclosed. An electrolyte, the electrolyte being for a lithium secondary battery and including: a non-aqueous organic solvent; a lithium salt; and the additive is also disclosed.

Foam product integral with trim cover element

A foam product integral with trim cover element, which is formed by injecting a liquid polyurethane material, with carbon oxide mixed therein, into an inside of the trim cover element, and curing the liquid polyurethane material into a soft foam padding filled in the trim cover element. In this kind of foam product, a material capable of impregnation with the liquid polyurethane material is attached to an inward surface of the trim cover element.
Tachi-s Co., Ltd.

Display device

A display device includes: a display module; a window disposed on the display module; and an adhesive layer disposed between the display module and the window, where the adhesive layer includes a pressure sensitive adhesive including an impregnation region impregnated with a fiber, and a density of the fiber in the adhesive layer is predetermined based on a position thereof in the impregnation region or a part of the display device corresponding thereto.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Impregnated rotary bit with high density monoblock center structure

A drill bit includes a bit body having an end face for engaging a rock formation. The end face is defined by a hip pressed center structure formed of a metal matrix impregnated with super abrasive particles.
Varel International, Ind., L.p.

Composite implant

A composite interbody vertebral implant for facilitating fusion of adjacent vertebrae. The implant includes a first endplate of a porous metal material and a second endplate of a porous metal material which are configured to allow bone in-growth.
Zimmer Spine, Inc.

Orthopedic cast and splint bandages with encapsulated hardening medium and method

A medical bandaging product that includes a flexible medical material including an elongate fabric, a reactive system, and microspheres. In certain aspects, a component of the reactive system is homogeneously impregnated into or coated throughout the flexible medical material without being encapsulated in the microspheres such that the reactive system remains stable and non-activated in the absence of an activating agent, and hardens upon activation by exposure to the activating agent to form a rigid, self-supporting structure.
Bsn Medical, Inc.

New catalytic system

The present invention relates to a structured catalyst based on sintered metal fibers (smf) coated by a non-acidic metal oxide layer impregnated with pd and agnanopartides, characterized in that the ratio of the pd:ag is 1:1 to 10:1, as well as the use of such a catalyst in selective catalytic hydrogenations of organic compounds.. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Granular turf safe mesotrione compositions

A composition comprising herbicidal mixtures of mesotrione impregnated into or coated on the surface of a granular substrate material such as a fertilizer granule and/or a solid inert carrier material is provided for use to control weeds in turfgrasses without causing damage to the grass and methods for the use thereof.. .
Oms Investments, Inc.

Process for manufacturing carbon fiber fabrics and fabric manufactured with this process

Process for manufacturing carbon fiber fabrics, in which a fabric of carbon fiber (1) is impregnated with a silicone, polyurethane or acrylic emulsion (4) which is then dried together with the fabric (1). The present invention also relates to a fabric manufactured with this process as well as a coating for motor vehicles comprising this fabric..
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.a.

Method of manufacturing structural object and structural object

There is provided a method of manufacturing a structural object, including using rapid prototyping technology, forming a structure body from a powder material whose main component is a water-soluble compound. The formed structure body is impregnated with an adhesive that provides adhesive function upon reaction with moisture contained in the structure body..
Sony Corporation

Strip-shaped fiber-reinforced composite material, and a production thereof

A strip-shaped fiber-reinforced composite material has a fibrous structure that is impregnated with a matrix material which contains at least one thermoplastic polymer. At least one of the large faces of the strip-shaped fiber-reinforced composite material has surface shaping.
Sgl Carbon Se

Insulating and thermally conductive sheet

In the present invention, short fibers with electrical insulation properties and thermal conductive properties are electrostatically flocked at high density onto a substrate coated with adhesive, under conditions that allow for high density electrostatic flocking, the erect short fibers are adhered and fixed, binder resin is impregnated and is hardened, and subsequently one surface of the sheet is abraded so that the insulating and thermally conductive fibers penetrate and are arrayed at high density in the direction of the sheet thickness. As a result, a heat dissipation sheet is formed in which the fibers protrude from one surface while the opposite surface is made smooth so that heat from an exothermic material can be quickly absorbed by the opposite surface and quickly dissipated into the air by the fiber protrusion surface..

Housing of electronic device and manufacturing the housing

A method to manufacture a housing of an electronic device includes providing a fiber cloth impregnated with resin. Providing a film attached to one side surface of the fiber cloth.
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Storage cell

A storage cell includes a positive electrode that includes a positive electrode current collector and a positive electrode active material layer which is formed on a surface of the positive electrode current collector and contains activated carbon, a negative electrode that includes a negative electrode current collector and a negative electrode active material layer which is formed on a surface of the negative electrode current collector and contains lithium titanate, and a separator that is disposed between the positive electrode active material layer and the negative electrode active material layer and is impregnated with an electrolytic solution which has lithium ion conductivity, in which a charge and discharge capacity through lithium ion occlusion is 16 mah to 152 mah per gram of the lithium titanate.. .
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Impregnation of air core reactors

The invention relates to a process for the impregnation of air core reactors or parts of air core reactors and impregnated air core reactors or parts thereof obtainable by said process.. .
Huntsman International Llc

Corona shield

The invention relates to a corona shield for an electrical conductor in a rotating electric machine, comprising an outer corona shield and a terminal corona shield which is mounted adjacent to the outer corona shield, on a high-voltage insulation of the electrical conductor, and also comprising a strip that has a limited electrical conductivity, is arranged around the high-voltage insulation of the electrical conductor, and is impregnated with a resin. The invention is characterized in that a paint having a limited electrical conductivity is arranged at least between the high-voltage insulation and the strip, in the transition zone between the outer corona shield and the strip of the terminal corona shield..
Voith Patent Gmbh

Stamping-face plate holder

A stamping-face plate holder is provided. The stamping-face plate holder comprises a plate holding member formed with a positioning recess for receiving and positioning a stamping-face plate and a film for covering the stamping-face plate held in the plate holding member.
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

In-mold-decoration manufacturing compound material article

A method to manufacture a compound material article decorated with patterns includes providing a fiber cloth impregnated with resin, providing a carrier film with a pattern layer, placing the fiber cloth and the carrier film in a hot-press die, closing the hot-press die to adhere the carrier film to a side surface of the fiber cloth, cooling the hot-press die, and opening the hot-press die to release the carrier film from the fiber cloth. The pattern layer adheres to the side surface of the fiber cloth..
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

Continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic composite having excellent impregnation properties and a manufacturing the same

A continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic composite in accordance with the present invention comprises a continuous carbon fiber impregnated in thermoplastic resin, and the continuous carbon fiber is a continuous carbon fiber has the width of 4 times to 8 times as wide as the initial fiber bundle.. .

Thermally insulated components for exhaust systems

A component of an exhaust system for an internal combustion engine. The component comprises an exhaust system structure (20) having an interior (22) through which exhaust gases flow and an exterior (21), and a thermal insulating wrap (10) for thermally insulating at least a portion of the exterior (21) of the exhaust system structure (20).
3m Innovative Properties Company

Improvements in infusion systems

An infusion system comprises an infusion set (30) with one or more advanced features including tube set strain relief (10), infusion pumps having heat exchange abilities and two-direction pumping abilities (100), piezo pump devices (200), reservoirs (220, 240) made from expanded tubing, and oil impregnated pump plungers (302). An exemplary strain relief (10) includes an adhesive layer (12) such as pressure sensitive adhesive (psa) secured to a base (14).

Belt having a multilayer impregnated textile overlay

The invention relates to a power transmission belt, having a base made of polyurethane (30) and a textile overlay (1) and comprising a first coating of a first thermoplastic material (22′) on the surface (11) of the textile overlay (1), which first coating forms an impregnation, has a melting temperature from 80° c. To approximately 145° c., and penetrates at least partially into the textile, and comprising a second coating (26) of a second thermoplastic material on the first coating, which second coating has a higher melting point.
Arntz Beteiligungs Gmbh &

Sodium secondary battery including graphite felt as current collector

Provided is a sodium secondary battery including a graphite felt having a maximum porosity on a surface facing a solid electrolyte and a decreased porosity in a thickness direction, as a cathode current collector impregnated with an electrolyte.. .
Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

Composite material component

A composite material component is described which comprises a core impregnated by and embedded within a matrix material to define a main portion and a radially outwardly extending bead encircling the main portion, the bead being separated from the main portion by a reduced thickness neck, wherein the neck is structurally weaker than the bead.. .
Crompton Technology Group Limited

Novel resin-impregnated fiber tube for the inner lining of ducts and pipelines and process for producing the resin-impregnated fiber tube

A resin-impregnated fiber tube for an inner lining of ducts and pipelines contains, in addition to identical or different types of fibrous material, at least one polymer reaction resin for impregnating the fibrous material and subsequent hardening, as well as at least one chemical additive based on urea or a chemically modified urea, wherein the chemical additive acts as a thixotroping agent. The resin-impregnated fiber tube may also contain a thickening agent, wherein oxides or hydroxides of alkaline earth metals are preferably used.
Brandenburger Patentverwertung Gbr

Selectively co2-permeable membrane, separating co2 from mixed gas, and membrane separation equipment

Disclosed is a co2 permselective membrane 1 having an amino acid ionic liquid and a porous membrane impregnated with the amino acid ionic liquid, wherein the amino acid ionic liquid contains a certain range of water.. .
Renaissance Energy Research Corporation

Wet-end manufacturing process for bitumen-impregnated fiberboard

A process for manufacturing fiberboard by preparing a fiber slurry mixture including containing cellulose fibers and water then atomizing a liquid bituminous material, such as asphalt. The liquid bituminous material is atomized by mixing it with a pressurized gas, such as compressed air, forming a mist comprising droplets of bituminous material having a diameter between 20 microns and 50 microns.
W. R. Meadows, Inc.

Prepreg for manufacturing composite materials

A prepreg for manufacturing a fibre-reinforced composite material, the prepreg comprising a body comprising a layer of fibrous reinforcement impregnated with a matrix resin material, and a powder coating layer of resin material on at least one major surface of the body and adhered to the matrix resin material. .
Gurit (uk) Ltd.

Apparatus and repairing the junction of a sewer main and lateral pipe

The present invention is directed to methods for repairing pipes or pipe junctions. The methods include providing a launcher device having a bladder and a liner impregnated with a material capable of curing and hardening.
Lmk Technologies Llc

Interior panel for vehicle

An interior component for a vehicle may include a nonwoven fabric impregnated with a resin. The nonwoven fabric and resin are consolidated into a solid sheet devoid of pockets.
Spectra Aerostructures Of South Carolina, Inc.

Candle dispenser

Devices dispenser treatment chemicals in response to heat generated by a candle. Heat transfer elements carry flame heat to an impregnated substrate that is positioned mostly or entirely below the candle.

Device and producing reinforcements

A device and a method for producing impregnated reinforcements, in particular for composite materials such as drive belts. The method for producing the reinforcements includes: introducing the reinforcement into an applicator device; introducing at least one substance for impregnating the reinforcement into the applicator device; and, embodying the impregnated reinforcement.
Mep-olbo Gmbh

Reinforced, laminated, impregnated, and composite-like materials as crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel structures

Reinforced, laminated, impregnated, and materials with composite properties as cross linked polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel structures in bulk or cellular matrix forms that can take essentially any physical shape, or can have essentially any size, degree of porosity and surface texture. They have a wide range of physical properties, unusual and unique combinations of physical properties and unique responses to stress fields, which allows for their use in many end use applications..

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