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Implant patents

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Expandable spinal implant system and method

Lateral approach expandable spinal implant and method

System and method for hemi knee replacement for tibial plateau fracture

Date/App# patent app List of recent Implant-related patents
 Tools for customized design of dental restorations patent thumbnailnew patent Tools for customized design of dental restorations
The present disclosure relates to tools in a system for the design of customized three-dimensional models of dental restorations for subsequent manufacturing. Dental restorations such as implant abutments, copings, crowns, wax-ups, bridge frameworks.
 Neural prosthetic with touch-like sensing patent thumbnailnew patent Neural prosthetic with touch-like sensing
An apparatus and method is related to providing sensing functions that are similar to “human touch” when located in a prosthetic device such as a bion microstimulator that is implanted in a patient. The apparatus includes a power circuit, a communication circuit and a sensor circuit.
 Bio-selective surface textures patent thumbnailnew patent Bio-selective surface textures
Bio-selective textured surfaces are described which mediate foreign body response, bacterial adhesion, and tissue adhesion on devices implanted in a mammalian body. Hierarchical levels of texture, some capable of establishing a wenzel state others a cassie state, are employed to interface with living structures, either to promote or discourage a particular biological response/interaction.
 Tissue repair implant patent thumbnailnew patent Tissue repair implant
Described herein are tissue repair implants comprising at least a first layer of peritoneal membrane. The first layer of peritoneal membrane can be located adjacent to a second layer of peritoneal membrane and can be in direct contact with the second layer of peritoneal membrane.
 Implant and implant apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Implant and implant apparatus
An implant is an implantable device for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women, that is, a device that supports the urethra in a state where the urethra is pulled in a direction such that the urethra is separated from the vaginal wall. The implant includes a pad which can be recovered from a constrained state by a self-recovery force and which has a plate-shaped appearance in the recovered state; and at least one string that passes through the pad to fix the pad in a state where the pad supports the urethra.
 Femoral head prosthesis patent thumbnailnew patent Femoral head prosthesis
A femoral head prosthesis (110) comprises an articulating surface (112) which is more than hemi-spherical; an internal recess (114) having a longitudinal axis defining a pole p of the articulating surface (112), the longitudinal axis passing through the centre of curvature of the articulating surface (112); a first edge (116) which constitutes a posterior edge in use, and a second edge (118) which constitutes an anterior edge and/or an antero-inferior edge in use. The first edge (116) is further from the pole p than the second edge (118).
 Joint arthroplasty systems, methods, and components patent thumbnailnew patent Joint arthroplasty systems, methods, and components
Surgical implant systems, methods, and components are described herein. More particularly, the disclosure relates to joint arthroplasty systems, methods, and components.
 Implants for altering wear patterns of articular surfaces patent thumbnailnew patent Implants for altering wear patterns of articular surfaces
Methods and devices for correcting wear pattern defects in joints. The methods and devices described herein allow for the restoration of correcting abnormal biomechanical loading conditions in a joint brought on by wear pattern defects, and also can, in embodiments, permit correction of proper kinematic movement..
 System and method for hemi knee replacement for tibial plateau fracture patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for hemi knee replacement for tibial plateau fracture
The present invention provides a prosthetic implant for partial replacement of an anatomical part. The implant includes a unitary body with a generally flat lower end face for supporting the body on a cortical surface, a generally curved exterior side face and a generally flat upper end face.
 Non-planar orthopedic implants and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Non-planar orthopedic implants and methods
Deformable joint implants with a generally hyperbolic paraboloid shape are disclosed, including configurations for delivery into the small joints of the body in the wrists, hands, ankle and feet, such as the first carpo-metacarpal joint, which comprises a double-saddle structure. The center of the implant may be supported, or supported and configured as a central opening.
new patent Percutaneous sacroiliac joint implant and method for surgically inserting and securing the implant into the sacroiliac joint
An implantable device comprising a tapered body having a cavity therein, an open end, a first opening arranged diametrically opposite a second opening wherein the first and second openings are proximate the open end, and a plurality of apertures within the tapered body; and, a first ancillary member operatively arranged to project outwardly from the first opening and a second ancillary member arranged to project outwardly from the second opening. A method for surgically inserting and securing the implant into the sacroiliac joint, comprising the steps of: drilling a tapered body, tapping and placing a first ancillary member to either the sacrum or the iliac bone through an open end of the tapered body, and tapping and placing a second ancillary member to either the sacrum or the iliac bone through the open end of the body..
new patent Lateral approach expandable spinal implant and method
An expandable interbody fusion device configured for placement into the intradiscal space between vertebral bodies in a lumbar spine from a lateral approach. The device is expanded by the insertion of a plurality of wafers into the device in situ.
new patent Porous biocompatible polymer material and methods
Embodiments described include devices and methods for forming a porous polymer material. Devices disclosed and formed using the methods described a spacer for spinal fusion, craniomaxillofacial (cmf) structures, and other structures for tissue implants..
new patent Expandable spinal implant system and method
A spinal implant includes a first member having a wall that defines an axial cavity. A second member extends between a first end and a second end and defines a longitudinal axis.
new patent Expandable allograft cage
A spinal implant for insertion into and positioning in an intervertebral space is provided. The spinal implant includes an intervertebral cage having at least two cage ends and a spacer for insertion into the intervertebral cage between the at least two cage ends, the spacer configured to distract the intervertebral space to a desired height.
new patent Rim anchoring systems for flexible surgical implants for replacing cartilage
Flexible cartilage-replacing implants are disclosed that use either or both of (1) enlarged peripheral rim components, and/or (2) elongated flexible reinforcing members that are embedded around the peripheral edge of an implant device. These types of anchoring devices, especially when used in combination, can provide flexible implants that can be implanted arthroscopically into synovial joints, for complete replacement of damaged cartilage segments..
new patent Implant delivery and deployment system and method
An implant delivery system comprising a catheter including at least one lumen, an implant configured to be received in the lumen, and a latching mechanism configured to be received in the implant. The latching mechanism may be configured to releasably couple the implant to a delivery wire and to transmit a torque through the delivery wire to cause at least a portion of the implant to rotate.
new patent Shape memory alloy articles with improved fatigue performance and methods therefore
Articles made of shape memory alloys having improved fatigue performance and to methods of treating articles formed from shape memory alloy materials by pre-straining the articles (or desired portions of the articles) in a controlled manner so that the resultant articles exhibit improved fatigue performance. The shape memory articles are preferably medical devices, more preferably implantable medical devices.
new patent Housings for implantable medical devices and methods for forming housings
Described herein is an implantable medical device and methods for making a device that includes a metal housing a molding process. In one embodiment, the housing includes a header attachment element extends from the housing.
new patent Capacitor electrolyte
A capacitor for an implantable medical device is presented. The capacitor includes an anode, a cathode, a separator therebetween, and an electrolyte over the anode, cathode, and separator.
new patent Implantable neurostimulator with integral hermetic electronic enclosure, circuit substrate, monolithic feed-through, lead assembly and anchoring mechanism
An implantable medical device is provided for the suppression or prevention of pain, movement disorders, epilepsy, cerebrovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, sleep disorders, autonomic disorders, abnormal metabolic states, disorders of the muscular system, and neuropsychiatric disorders in a patient. The implantable medical device can be a neurostimulator configured to be implanted on or near a cranial nerve to treat headache or other neurological disorders.
new patent Optmizing energy transmission in a leadless tissue stimulation system
Method and systems for optimizing acoustic energy transmission in implantable devices are disclosed. Transducer elements transmit acoustic locator signals towards a receiver assembly, and the receiver responds with a location signal.
new patent Apparatus and method to control an implant
A device according to some embodiments of the present disclosure includes a housing configured to retain a battery, a primary antenna associated with the housing, and at least one processor in electrical communication with the battery and the primary antenna. In some embodiments, the at least one processor may be configured to cause transmission of a primary signal from the primary antenna to an implantable device during a treatment session of at least three hours in duration, wherein the primary signal is generated using power supplied by the battery and includes a pulse train, the pulse train including a plurality of modulation pulses..
new patent System and method for systolic interval analysis
According to a system or method, information indicative of a cardiac depolarization signal can be obtained. Information indicative of an acoustic signal from an implantable acoustic sensor included as a portion of an implantable therapy device can be obtained.
new patent Prediction and monitoring of clinical episodes
Apparatus and methods are described, including a method for treating a clinical episode. The method comprises sensing at least one parameter of a subject without contacting or viewing the subject or clothes the subject is wearing, analyzing the parameter, detecting the clinical episode at least in part responsively to the analysis, and responsively to detecting the clinical episode, treating the clinical episode using a device implanted in the subject.
new patent Medical instrument handle
A medical instrument handle assembly, for holding a medical instrument configured for preparing a bone to receive an implant, includes: a housing including a housing pin; an elongate arm including a proximal end; a lever subassembly including a lever body and a lever latch, the lever body being pivotally connected to the proximal end of the elongate arm, the lever body and the lever latch being pivotally connected to one another and thereby being selectively positionable relative to one another between a first position and a second position, the first position being when the lever body and the lever latch are clamped about the housing pin, the second position being when the lever body and the lever latch are unclamped relative to the housing pin.. .
new patent Spinous process fusion implants and insertion, compression, and locking instrumentation
A bone plate assembly including at least one bone plate, polyaxially adjustable fixation elements and a polyaxially adjustable locking mechanism. A first plate includes at least one polyaxial element for lockable connection with a fixation pad, and a connection feature which allows the plate to translate and polyaxially rotate relative to the locking mechanism.
new patent Tools for implantation of interspinous implants and methods therof
The present disclosure provides a single insertion and compression instrument to facilitate the implantation of a spinous process implant, such as a spinous process fixation device, between and about adjacent spinous processes. The instrument has a first leg and a second leg, each with a handle and implant engaging portions.
new patent System for osteosythesis of the sternum
An implant 1 for sternal osteosynthesis has a clamp 10 with a first prong 101, a second prong 102 and a connecting portion 100. In the connecting portion 100 is formed a member 11 for the purpose of providing engagement with or for positionally stable support for a compatible supporting member of a bending tool (not shown).
new patent Spinous process fusion implants and insertion, compression, and locking instrumentation
A bone plate assembly including at least one bone plate, polyaxially adjustable fixation elements and a polyaxially adjustable locking mechanism. A first plate includes at least one polyaxial element for lockable connection with a fixation pad, and a connection feature which allows the plate to translate and polyaxially rotate relative to the locking mechanism.
new patent Systems and devices for cerebral aneurysm repair
An embolization device for treating ischemic stroke is disclosed, having a surface, wherein the body portion is configured to have a radiopaque and electropositive surface under physiological conditions when the device is emplaced, which ionically binds a blood component in an amount effective to promote stability of device in situ to bind to a tissue component in an amount effective to increase adhesion of the device as compared to a device without an electropositive surface. Embolic coils being so delivered are electrolytically detachable in under 10 seconds, according to the disclosed vascular implant systems..
new patent Vascular plug
A vascular plug for implantation into a patient's vessel includes an inflatable balloon and a flow accelerator. The flow accelerator includes a conical portion and a tubular coupling element which couples the conical portion to an aperture to the interior of the inflatable balloon.
new patent Anchor assembly for an implantable, pelvic support device
An anchor assembly for an implantable, pelvic support device includes a body, a collar, and a strand. The body defines a first central longitudinal axis, the collar defines a second central longitudinal axis and is received over the body such that the first central longitudinal axis and the second central longitudinal axis are substantially parallel and laterally offset.
new patent Delivery system, method, and anchor for medical implant placement
A delivery system and method for placing a medical implant, such as for diagnosing, monitoring and/or treating cardiovascular diseases. The delivery system includes a hollow catheter, an anchor coupled to the catheter, and an implant secured within the anchor.
new patent Leadless cardiac stimulation systems
Various configurations of systems that employ leadless electrodes to provide pacing therapy are provided. In one example, a system that provides multiple sites for pacing of myocardium of a heart includes wireless pacing electrode assemblies that are implantable at sites proximate the myocardium using a percutaneous, transluminal, catheter delivery system.
new patent Systems and methods for providing electrical stimulation of multiple dorsal root ganglia with a single lead
A method for implanting an electrical stimulation lead into a patient includes advancing a distal end of a multi-armed lead into an epidural space of the patient. The multi-armed lead includes first and second stimulation arms extending from a main body portion.
new patent Cement-directing orthopedic implants
A cement-directing structure for use in cement-injection bone therapy includes a collapsible, self-restoring braided structure with regions of differential permeability to the bone cement. The regions of differential permeability may be provided by areas where the braided mesh density is greater or lesser than surrounding areas and/or by means of a baffle.
new patent Implantable high flow dual lumen multi-window vascular access port catheter
This improved subcutaneous implantable vascular access port invention is designed to accommodate a larger catheter caliber attachment and six multi-window elongated dual lumen trough reservoir to allow 200-600 milliliters per minute of blood flow. This accommodating high flow fluid volume blood flow rate will be ideal to support functions to include but not limited to dialysis and electrophoresis.
new patent Low-profile access port
A low-profile access port for subcutaneous implantation within the body of a patient is disclosed. The access port includes a receiving cup that provides a relatively large subcutaneous target to enable a catheter-bearing needle to access the port without difficulty.
new patent Implantable infusion devices and associated methods
Implantable infusion devices configured to improve fill and evacuation procedures.. .
new patent Minimally-advancing luminal catheter
The present invention relates to an implantable catheter (100) provided for insertion through a wall (50) of a dural venous sinus (70) in a subject, having a proximal (20) and distal end (30), comprising: —a tubular shaft (10) for insertion through the wall (50) of the venous sinus (70) into the sinus (52), provided with a shaft lumen (12) in fluid connection with a proximal port (14) at the proximal end and a distal port (16) at the distal end of the shaft (10), and —a stop element (40) disposed on an outer surface of the tubular shaft (10), configured to limit the depth of insertion of the tubular shaft (10) into the sinus.. .
new patent Cardiovascular haptic handle system
Cardiac tissue motion characteristics acquired by novel cardiac sensors are analyzed and processed for the derivation of physiological indices. The indices are output to a hand held local or remote volumetric haptic display and enable an operator to obtain motion related dynamic characteristics of cardiac tissues.
new patent Pericardial space imaging for cardiac support device implantation
A method for implanting a cardiac support device (csd) on a patient's heart. An amount of contrast agent sufficient to cause structures on the heart to be visible upon fluoroscopic or other imaging is introduced into the pericardial space surrounding the heart.
new patent Prosthetic component for monitoring joint health
A prosthetic component suitable for long-term implantation is provided. The prosthetic component includes electronic circuitry and sensors to measure a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system.
new patent Methods for optimizing and evaluating dose distributions in brachytherpay
Methods and systems are disclosed for radiation therapy treatment planning. In one embodiment, a radiation therapy treatment planning method is disclosed for adjusting a dose distribution of a target anatomical portion.
new patent Methods of use of biomaterial and injectable implant containing biomaterial
This invention relates to the use of a biomaterial for the treatment, repair and/or enhancement of bodily tissue insufficiencies of the vocal chords, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, post-operative regions, sexual organs and/or weight supporting areas of the feet as well as other conditions of the bones and joints. The biomaterial for use in the invention may comprise an injectable bioresorbable polysaccharide composition wherein the polysaccharide may be succinochitosan glutamate.
new patent Methods for preimplantation genetic diagnosis by sequencing
The present disclosure provides methods for determining the ploidy status of an embryo at a chromosome from a sample of dna from an embryo. The ploidy state is determined by sequencing the dna from one or more cells biopsied from the embryo, and analyzing the relative amounts of each allele at a plurality of polymorphic loci on the chromosome.
new patent Method and system for junction termination in gan materials using conductivity modulation
A semiconductor structure includes a gan substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposing the first surface. The gan substrate is characterized by a first conductivity type and a first dopant concentration.
new patent Method of fabricating mos device
Provided is a method of fabricating a mos device including the following steps. At least one gate structure is formed on a substrate, wherein the gate structure includes a gate conductive layer and a hard mask layer disposed on the gate conductive layer.
new patent Methods for producing near zero channel length field drift ldmos
Adverse tradeoff between bvdss and rdson in ldmos devices employing a drift space adjacent the drain, is avoided by providing a lightly doped region of a first conductivity type (ct) separating the first ct drift space from an opposite ct well region in which the first ct source is located, and a further region of the opposite ct (e.g., formed by an angled implant) extending through part of the well region under an edge of the gate located near a boundary of the well region into the lightly doped region, and a shallow still further region of the first ct ohmically coupled to the source and ending near the gate edge whereby the effective channel length in the further region is reduced to near zero. Substantial improvement in bvdss and/or rdson can be obtained without degrading the other or significant adverse affect on other device properties..
new patent Semiconductor ferroelectric device, manufacturing method for the same, and electronic device
A manufacturing method for a semiconductor device, the method including forming a thin film transistor by forming a polysilicon thin film on an insulating substrate, forming a gate electrode via a gate insulating film, and forming source/drain regions and a channel region by ion implantation in the polysilicon thin film by using the gate electrode as a mask, forming an interconnection layer on an interlayer dielectric film covering this thin film transistor and forming a first contact to be connected to the thin film transistor through the interlayer dielectric film, forming a silicon hydronitride film on the interlayer dielectric film so as to cover the interconnection layer, forming a lower electrode on this silicon hydronitride film and forming a second contact to be connected to the interconnection layer through the silicon hydronitride film, and forming a ferroelectric layer on the lower electrode.. .
new patent In vitro cardiovascular model
The present invention relates to a tubule forming platform and an in vitro cardiovascular model for use in pharmacological studies. Furthermore, the invention relates to methods for the preparation said platform and model, and to a method of determining a biological activity of a test substance in said platform and cardiovascular model.

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