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Implant Analog
Dental Implant Analog
Dental Implant
Dental Procedures
Dental Implants

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Implant Analog patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Implant Analog-related patents
 Jigs for placing dental implant analogs in models and methods of doing the same patent thumbnailJigs for placing dental implant analogs in models and methods of doing the same
A placement jig for locating a dental implant analog in a physical model of a patient's mouth includes a base, a guide-strut receiving feature, a throughbore, and an angled receiving feature. The guide-strut receiving feature is positioned within the base and is configured to receive a guide-strut of the physical model thereby positioning a lower surface of the placement jig at a desired distance from an opening of a bore in the physical model.
Casting jig for chair-side manufacture of customizable sculptable anatomical healing caps
Casting jigs, methods, and kits that may be used in manufacture of anatomical healing caps. A casting jig may include a body having one or more wells within the body, each well being open at a proximal end thereof and having a negative shape corresponding to an anatomical healing cuff body of a given tooth position.
Reference member for determining a position of an implant analog
A reference member for determining a position of an implant analog can comprise a trapezoidal body including a first side and a substantially parallel second side. The first side can define a first dimension and the second side can define a second dimension that is greater than the first dimension..
 Dental abutment for oral scanning patent thumbnailDental abutment for oral scanning
A scan body element to be inserted in a dental implant or implant analog for scanning with, or in, an optical scanning system. The scan body element has a polymer or a ceramic top part (tp) with at least one geometric feature (s1) recognizable in the scanning.
 Oral implant placement system and method patent thumbnailOral implant placement system and method
An oral implant system and method. The system includes a positioning tool, a transfer band, a transfer screw, and a transfer drill to provide for accurate placement of a dental implant parallel to other implants and or existing teeth and at predetermined depths.
 Plastic implant analog patent thumbnailPlastic implant analog
An implant analog for use in dental procedures has a plastic member which has a central bore. A metal insert which has a female thread is located in the central bore.

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Implant Analog topics: Implant Analog, Dental Implant Analog, Dental Implant, Dental Procedures, Dental Implants

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