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Impeller patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Impeller-related patents
 Centrifugal compressor patent thumbnailCentrifugal compressor
A centrifugal compressor for which θ−α>0° and 0°<θ<34°, when the angle formed by a diffuser inlet hub-side line (5a) and the radial direction at a point b in the meridian plane is θ, and the angle formed by a tangent line (3b) and the radial direction at a point a of an impeller hub-side line (3a) nearest the inlet of the diffuser (5) is α. Thus, skewing of the velocity distribution of a gas within the diffuser of the centrifugal compressor is eliminated..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation
 Torque converter patent thumbnailTorque converter
A torque converter includes a front cover, an impeller, a turbine and a stator. The impeller includes an impeller shell coupled to the front cover, a plurality of impeller blades disposed inside the impeller shell, and an impeller hub.
 Autogenously welded impeller of a torque converter patent thumbnailAutogenously welded impeller of a torque converter
A torque converter impeller is provided. The torque converter impeller includes an impeller shell and an impeller hub.
 Multiphase pumping system patent thumbnailMultiphase pumping system
A centrifugal pump has a gas accumulation reduction system to reduce the risk of gas locking caused by the accumulation of gas at the inlet of the impeller. The gas accumulation reduction system includes: (i) one or more diffuser ports extending through the hub of a diffuser; and (ii) one or more recirculation passages extending through the hub of an impeller.
 Impeller with associated wear member patent thumbnailImpeller with associated wear member
An impeller for a torque converter includes a rotating housing portion, a blade portion configured to create fluid flow for pumping fluid to a turbine of the torque converter, and an impeller hub portion configured to couple the impeller to the torque converter and rotate about an output shaft of the torque converter. The impeller hub portion defines an inner surface having an annular recess, and at least one inlet passage and at least one outlet passage to provide flow paths for fluid entering and exiting the impeller.

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