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Impedance patents

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Led fluorescent lamp

Method and apparatus for detecting subsurface targets using data inversion and a temporal transmission line model

Date/App# patent app List of recent Impedance-related patents
 Systems and methods for impedance matching for multi-drop topologies patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for impedance matching for multi-drop topologies
In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a system may include a driver, a plurality of drops, and a plurality of transmission lines, including one transmission line between the driver and one of the plurality of drops and one transmission line between successive adjacent drops. Each particular transmission line of the plurality of transmission lines may be manufactured to have a desired impedance based on a corresponding effective impedance as seen at a drop located on an end of the particular transmission line furthest from the driver in a direction away from the driver..
 Sensor systems and methods having emulated line adaptation patent thumbnailnew patent Sensor systems and methods having emulated line adaptation
A measurement system includes a signal bus, an electronic control unit, and an emulated sensor. The electronic control unit is coupled to the signal bus.
 Method and system for improving impedance data quality in the presence of pacing pulses patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for improving impedance data quality in the presence of pacing pulses
An implantable medical device, comprised of at least one lead configured to be located proximate to a heart, the at least one lead including electrodes, at least a portion of the electrodes configured to sense cardiac activity. A therapy module configured to control delivery of pacing pulses in accordance with a therapy timing and based on the cardiac sensed activity sensed.
 System and method for selectively energizing catheter electrodes patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for selectively energizing catheter electrodes
The present invention is directed to a system, a method and a catheter that provide improved ablation capabilities and improved energy efficiency by selectively energizing catheter electrodes on the basis of impedance measurements. In particular, the invention is directed to the selective energization of catheter radial electrodes that together with a tip electrode form a generally continuous tissue contact surface, wherein the selection is made on the basis of impedance measurement as an indication of the amount of tissue contact of each radial electrode..
 Method and arrangement for determining an overhydration parameter or a body composition parameter patent thumbnailnew patent Method and arrangement for determining an overhydration parameter or a body composition parameter
A method and an arrangement for determining an overhydration parameter or a body composition parameter are disclosed. The method comprises: obtaining first bioimpedance measurement data of a patient from a first type of hioimpedance measurement (204), deriving bioimpedance calibration data from the first bioimpedance measurement data for calibrating second hioimpedance measurement data from a second type of bioimpedance measurement (205), obtaining the second bioimpedance measurement data from a second bioimpedance measurement of the patient (206), and calibrating the second bioimpedance measurement data using the calibration data to determine the overhydration parameter or the body composition parameter of the patient (207)..
 Tissue site markers for in vivo imaging patent thumbnailnew patent Tissue site markers for in vivo imaging
The invention is directed biopsy site markers and methods of marking a biopsy site, so that the location of the biopsy cavity is readily visible by conventional imaging methods, particularly by ultrasonic imaging. The biopsy site markers of the invention have high ultrasound reflectivity, presenting a substantial acoustic signature from a small marker, so as to avoid obscuring diagnostic tissue features in subsequent imaging studies, and can be readily distinguished from biological features.
 Arrangement for defining a location within an organism and method for manufacturing a mandrin to be accommodated in a needle patent thumbnailnew patent Arrangement for defining a location within an organism and method for manufacturing a mandrin to be accommodated in a needle
Arrangement for defining a location within an organism, said arrangement comprising: a hollow needle (2), comprising a longitudinal channel (5) and a distal end (4); a mandrin (1), accommodated in the longitudinal channel (5) in mobile manner in relation to it and removable from said channel (5) and having a distal and (3) of closed design, comprising an electrode pattern including at least two electrodes (7a, 7b, 7c, 7d); as well as a processing unit, configured to monitor the advancement of the distal end (4) only on the basis of a measurement signal of bio impedance received from the electrodes (7a, 7b, 7c, 7d) of the electrode pattern. The application includes also an independent claim for a method for manufacturing a mandrin to be accommodated in a needle..
 Evaluation of the quality of electrode contact with a skin surface patent thumbnailnew patent Evaluation of the quality of electrode contact with a skin surface
An instrument that utilizes body contact electrodes evaluates the quality of the connections made between the electrodes and the body. An electrode contact quality evaluation circuit performs the quality evaluation, such as by determining contact impedances for the electrodes.
 Catheter and a system and a method for locating a catheter in a vessel patent thumbnailnew patent Catheter and a system and a method for locating a catheter in a vessel
A balloon catheter (60) comprises an elongated catheter member (63) and an inflatable balloon (65) located adjacent a distal end (5) of the catheter member (63). Band type measuring electrodes (7) located on the catheter member (63) within the balloon (65) comprise a pair of outer stimulating electrodes (8) and sensing electrodes (9) for measuring the cross-sectional area and volume of the balloon (65) by impedance planimetry measuring.
 High speed bypass cable for use with backplanes patent thumbnailnew patent High speed bypass cable for use with backplanes
A cable bypass assembly is disclosed for use in providing a high speed transmission line for connecting a chip, or processor mounted on a circuit board to a backplane. The bypass cable assembly has a structure that maintains the geometry of the cable in place from the chip to the connector and then through the connector.
new patent Lithium secondary cell with high charge and discharge rate capability and low impedance growth
A lithium-ion battery is provided that has a fast charge and discharge rate capability and low rate of capacity fade during high rate cycling. The battery can exhibit low impedance growth and other properties allowing for its use in hybrid electric vehicle applications and other applications where high power and long battery life are important features..
new patent Optical modulator module and semiconductor optical modulator
A semiconductor optical modulator includes optical input and output portions; a plurality of mach-zehnder modulators including first and second waveguide arms having first and second modulation electrodes, respectively; an optical demultiplexer coupled between the optical input portion and the mach-zehnder modulator through an optical waveguide; an optical multiplexer coupled between the optical output portion and the mach-zehnder modulator; a plurality of electrical inputs including first, second, and common electrodes disposed between the first and second electrodes; and a plurality of differential transmission lines electrically connecting the electrical inputs to the mach-zehnder modulators. The mach-zehnder modulators, the optical demultiplexer, the optical multiplexer, the electrical inputs, and the differential transmission lines are disposed on a single substrate.
new patent Electro-optic silicon modulator with longitudinally nonuniform modulation
A device, such as a silicon modulator, in accordance with the present disclosure employs pn diodes without sacrificing the modulation depth, while achieving lower loss and better impedance matching to 50-ohm drivers. In one embodiment, the device includes an input waveguide, an input optical splitter coupled to the input waveguide, first and second optical phase shifters coupled to the input optical splitter, an output optical splitter coupled to the first and second phase shifters, and an output waveguide coupled to the output optical splitter.
new patent Electronic device and headset with speaker seal evaluation capabilities
Electronic devices and accessories for electronic devices such as headsets are provided. The electronic devices may produce audio output.
new patent Radio frequency multipath channel emulation system and method
A multipath channel emulation system and method are disclosed. In some aspects, the system and method allow for analog emulation of a multipath mimo wireless channel.
new patent Apparatuses, sense circuits, and methods for compensating for a wordline voltage increase
Apparatuses, sense circuits, and methods for compensating for a voltage increase on a wordline in a memory is described. An example apparatus includes a bitline, a memory cell coupled to the bitline, a bipolar selector device coupled to the memory cell, a wordline coupled to the bipolar selector device, and a wordline driver coupled to the wordline.
new patent Protection element having integrated distance protection with real time adaptation of the trigger time for detecting and separating high impedance errors in meshed networks
A protection element for a meshed energy supply network of a means of transport, in particular of an aircraft, a meshed energy supply network having such protection elements, a method for protecting such a meshed energy supply network and a computer program for executing the method. The protection element comprises a control unit, which is formed to deduce a trigger time value from a detected fault impedance value of a network error that has occurred in the energy supply network and to adapt the trigger time value in the event of a subsequent change in the fault impedance value of the network error, and a separation unit for interrupting a connection between the protection element and the network error depending on the trigger time value..
new patent Touch circuit chip and touch apparatus using the same
A touch circuit chip includes a load adjustment unit and a comparator. The load adjustment unit adjusts a determined impedance value according to an impedance matching signal.
new patent 2-port antenna having optimum impedances of a transmitter and a receiver
An antenna is described including a slot formed in a cavity, a substrate configured to cover a portion of the cavity and the slot, and a first port and a second port configured to supply power to the antenna using a first feeding line and a second feeding line. Each of the feeding line and the second feeding line is connected to the slot in a vertical direction and disposed to be separate from one another.
new patent Method and apparatus for detecting subsurface targets using data inversion and a temporal transmission line model
A method and apparatus for detects one or more subsurface targets by receiving a reflectivity data from two or more subsurface reflectors using a ground penetrating radar. The two or more subsurface reflectors may include the one or more subsurface targets and a medium surrounding the one or more subsurface targets.
new patent Integrated receive filter including matched balun
A duplexer includes a transmit filter and an integrated receive filter configured to filter a receive signal from an antenna. The integrated receive filter includes a receive filter portion having multiple acoustic resonator filter elements and a matched balun configured to convert a single-ended input signal, received at a single-ended input of the matched balun from a single-ended output of the receive filter portion, to a differential output signal.
new patent Impedance transformation network for improved driver circuit performance
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for reducing harmonic emissions. One aspect of the disclosure provides a transmitter apparatus.
new patent High efficiency power amplifiers with advanced power solutions
A device comprises a switch network having a plurality of switch cells connected in series, wherein each switch cell has a plurality of input voltages, and a plurality of switches, wherein each switch is coupled to an input voltage, and wherein the switch network is configured such that a different output voltage is produced in response to a different configuration, an output voltage with an output capacitance, and an impedance network coupled between the switch network and an output voltage port.. .
new patent Dual path operational amplifier
An operational amplifier has two paths, a high frequency path and a low frequency path. In addition, it has three main sections of stages.
new patent Amplifier circuit with improved slew rate
An amplifier circuit for improved slew rate consists of three main sections, which are the common mode rejection stage, primary gain stage and the output stage. The main circuit is a modified version of the fully differential operational amplifier circuit.
new patent Divide by 2 and 3 charge pump methods
The present disclosure relates to methods and circuits to achieve ground centered charge-pumps generating output voltages of +/−vdd/2 or +/−vdd/3 while achieving high efficiency of power conversion and minimized output impedances. Key points of the disclosure are minimizing number of switching states, reducing the time required for transition through all switching states, maintain constant flying capacitor voltages in all switching states, and, ideally, configuring the size of the flying capacitors large enough to provide the required load charge of each switching state without voltage change of the flying capacitors..
new patent Motor driving circuit, electronic device using the same, and driving method thereof
A motor driving circuit for driving a step motor includes a logical circuit synchronized with a step pulse signal to control a bridge circuit connected to a coil of the step motor and control electric power supplied to the coil of the step motor, a counter electromotive force detecting unit configured to detect a counter electromotive force generated between both ends of the coil, and a step-out predicting unit configured to assert a detection signal indicating a sign of step-out of the step motor, when the counter electromotive force detected at a detection time after the lapse of a time calculated by multiplying a predetermined coefficient to a length of a high impedance period of the coil since transition to the high impedance period is lower than a predetermined threshold voltage.. .
new patent Electric motor feedforward control utilizing dynamic motor model
A motor control system comprising a motor configured to operate at a rotational velocity and a control module in communication with the motor is provided. The control module is configured to receive a torque command indicating a desired amount of torque to be generated by the motor, obtain a rotational velocity of the motor, receive a desired phase advance angle for driving the motor; and generate a voltage command indicating a voltage magnitude to be applied to the motor based on the rotational velocity of the motor, the motor torque command, and the desired phase advance angle by using a plurality of dynamic inverse motor model equations that (i) allow the desired phase advance angle to exceed an impedance angle of the motor and (ii) specify that the voltage magnitude is a function of a voltage magnitude of a previous voltage command..
new patent Power conversion apparatus and system for solid state lighting
Exemplary embodiments provide for power conversion for solid state lighting coupled to a first switch, such as a dimmer switch. An exemplary apparatus includes a switching power supply and a first adaptive interface circuit.
new patent Led fluorescent lamp
A light emitting diode (led) fluorescent lamp includes an external connection pin including a first connection pin and a second connection pin, an led array including a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) connected in series, a current stabilizing capacitor connected in parallel to the led array, and a capacitive element unit connected between the led array and the external connection pin and configured to vary an impedance of a fluorescent lamp ballast connected to the capacitive element unit through the external connection pin.. .
new patent Non-contact power supply device
A non-contact power supply device comprises: a primary winding (101); and a secondary winding (201) to which an electric power is supplied from an alternating current power supply via the primary winding, wherein an impedance characteristic of z1 with respect to a frequency is such that a minimal value is provided in the proximity of a frequency of a fundamental wave component of the alternating current power supply and another impedance characteristic of z2 with respect to the frequency is such that the frequency of the fundamental wave component is provided between the frequency which is nearest to the frequency of the fundamental wave component and at which a maximal value is provided and the frequency which is nearest to the frequency of the fundamental wave component and at which the minimal value is provided.. .
new patent Rfid tag enabled article and a method therefor
A radio-frequency identification (rfid) tag assembly enabled article and methods therefor are provided. The rfid tag assembly enabled article includes a rfid tag assembly connected to an article with a pair of conducting strips, wherein the pair of conducting strips is connected between each end of the rfid tag assembly, respectively, and the article to form an electrical association of said rfid tag assembly with the article.
Usb peripheral and method of reducing transmission power thereof
Disclosed are a usb peripheral apparatus capable of reducing transmission power of a transmission terminal circuit by significantly increasing resistance values of terminations provided at the transmission terminal circuit and a reception terminal circuit as compared with a specific impedance value of a transmission line, and a transmission power reduction method thereof.. .
Cmut-on-cmos based guidewire intravascular imaging
An intravascular guidewire with integrated imaging and pressure measurement capabilities is disclosed. The guidewire can comprise an integrated cmut-on-cmos ultrasound transducer array to provide 3d imaging of vasculature and other tissue.
Impedance based anatomy generation
Methods and systems for the determination and representation of anatomy anatomical information are disclosed herein.. .
Ultra-sensitive detection of analytes
The present invention provides devices and methods for ultra-sensitive detection of analytes of interest in a rapid and convenient manner. A portable handheld device having replaceable cartridges adaptable for detection of a wide array of analytes (e.g., biological, environmental, and the like) is provided.
System and method of detecting a plug-in type based on impedance comparison
A particular method includes determining, at an electronic device having a plug-in port, a plug-in type of an accessory connected to the plug-in port based on a comparison of an alternating current (ac) impedance at the plug-in port to a direct current (dc) impedance at the plug-in port.. .
Methods for analyzing and optimizing the performance of a data collection network on an electrical distribution grid
A system and methods for optimizing the performance of communication network utilizing an electrical distribution grid are disclosed. Optimization methods may include archiving historical message data and metrics from transmissions by remote hubs received on one or more substation-to-edge channels.
Diplexer and transceiver thereof
A diplexer, for coupling a first radio frequency (rf) signal corresponding to a first carrier frequency and a second rf signal corresponding to a second carrier frequency is disclosed. The diplexer includes a first port arranged to couple the first rf signal; a second port arranged to couple the second rf signal; a third port capable of connecting an antenna; a first impedance unit coupled to the first port and the third port; and a second impedance unit coupled to the second port and the third port; wherein the first port, the second port and the third port are coupled to a direct current (dc) ground; wherein the first impedance unit is arranged to provide an first open-circuit impedance against the second rf signal, and the second impedance unit is arranged to provide a second open-circuit impedance against the first rf signal..
Low-voltage current sense amplifer
In one embodiment, an integrated programmable device has a plurality of current sense amplifiers for reading data from non-volatile memory and a reference generator that provides common bias reference voltages to the sense amplifiers. The sense amplifiers can read data from the non-volatile memory at low power supply voltage levels (e.g., 750 mv) relative to the nominal supply level (e.g., 1.2v).
Coil structure and electronic device
A coil structure according to one embodiment of the present invention includes, but is not limited to: a plurality of core members having impedances with different frequency characteristics; and a winding wire member wound around the plurality of core members.. .
Acoustic resonator comprising acoustic reflector, frame and collar
A solidly mounted resonator (smr) device includes an acoustic reflector having stacked acoustic reflector layer pairs, each of which includes a low acoustic impedance layer formed of low acoustic impedance material stacked on a high acoustic impedance layer formed of high acoustic impedance material. The smr device further includes a bottom electrode disposed on the acoustic reflector, a piezoelectric layer disposed on the bottom electrode, and a top electrode disposed on the piezoelectric layer.
A semiconductor device has a first controlled chip, including a first replica output circuit having the same configuration as a first output circuit, a first zq terminal connected to the first replica output circuit, a first through electrode connected to the first zq terminal, and a first control circuit which sets the impedance of the first replica output circuit. A control chip includes a second zq terminal connected to the first through electrode, a comparator circuit which compares a voltage of the second zq terminal with a reference voltage, and a second control circuit 123 which performs a process based on a comparison by the comparator circuit.
System and method for detecting and locating an insulation flaw in a solar generator on a space vehicle
A system and method for detecting and locating an insulation flaw in a solar generator on a spacecraft. The solar generator comprises a plurality of flaps.
Electronic inductance circuit for the power supply of a 2-wire bus intercom system and a device thereof
The present invention discloses an electronic inductance circuit for the power supply of a 2-wire bus intercom system and a device thereof. The electronic inductance circuit comprises a main circuit path along an inductor and a source terminal and a drain terminal of a fet between the input terminal and the output terminal of said electronic inductance circuit, in which said inductor is connected to said source terminal of said fet; a resistor and a freewheeling diode individually connected to said inductor in parallel; and a secondary circuit path along a capacitor connected with a second resistor in series between said input terminal and said output terminal, which is connected to said main circuit path in parallel.
Led driving device and led lighting apparatus
The present invention supplies desired dc output power to a first led load and a second led load whose color temperature is different from that of the first led load, includes a switching element, ripple current reducers series-connected to the respective led loads and for reducing current ripples flowing through the led loads, and a control circuit for controlling the dc output power so that it has a predetermined value, by performing on-off control of the switching element based on a feedback voltage at a connecting point between each of the led loads and a corresponding one of the ripple current reducers. Each ripple current reducer has feedback-type constant current control circuits for performing control for varying impedance, and the present invention also includes color controllers for performing color control by maintaining a total led current value of the first and second led loads at a certain value..
Adjustable non-dissipative voltage boosting snubber network for achieving large boost voltages
This disclosure describes a non-dissipative snubber circuit configured to boost a voltage applied to a load after the load's impedance rises rapidly. The voltage boost can thereby cause more rapid current ramping after a decrease in power delivery to the load which results from the load impedance rise.
Core module for wireless sensing system
A core module of wireless sensing system is provided for receiving, processing and delivering environmental information, inclusive of a rf front-end circuit, a power control circuit, an analog front-end detection circuit and a baseband signal processor. A soc (system on chip) may be designed by including an electronic tag antenna, an impedance variation circuit and a sensor to form the wireless sensing system with the combination of a remote reader, such that the core module may be applied for wirelessly sensing the environmental information, such as physiological information of human heartbeat response, to achieve the effect of compactness, power saving and error detection..
A capacitive contactless powering system
A capacitive contactless powering system (100) comprises a pair of receiver electrodes (141, 142) connected to a load (150) through a first inductor (160), wherein the first inductor is coupled to the load to resonate the system; a pair of transmitter electrodes (121, 122) connected to a driver (110); an insulating layer (130) having a first side and a second side opposite each other, wherein the pair of transmitter electrodes are coupled to the first side of the insulating layer and the pair of receiver electrodes are decoupled from the second side of the insulating layer, such that a capacitive impedance is formed between the pair of transmitter electrodes and the pair of receiver electrodes, wherein a power signal generated by the driver is wirelessly transferred from the pair of transmitter electrodes to the pair of receiver electrodes to power the load when a frequency of the power signal matches a series-resonance frequency of the first inductor and the capacitive impedance.. .
Low-mismatch and low-consumption transimpedance gain circuit for temporally differentiating photo-sensing systems in dynamic vision sensors
The invention relates to a low-mismatch and low-consumption transimpedance gain circuit for temporally differentiating photo-sensing systems in dynamic vision sensors, which uses at least one photodiode and at least two in-series transistors, each of the transistors being connected in diode configuration and being positioned at the output of the photodiode. The output current from the photodiode flows through the drain-source channels of the transistors and the source of the last transistor in series is connected to a voltage selected from ground voltage, a constant voltage or a controlled voltage..
Wireless communication device
A wireless communication device includes a resistive-element-including rfic and an antenna coil. The resistive-element-including rfic includes an rfic, a capacitive element, and resistive elements.
Universal ic tag, method of manufacturing same, and communication management system
A universal ic tag comprises a metal sheet m1 having a hollow slot functioning as an antenna; plastic sheets laminated on the front and the rear surfaces of the metal sheet m1; an ic arranged in the hollow slot, and a metal sheet m2 laminated on the rear plastic sheet having a reflecting amplifying function. Such universal ic tag can transmits/receive maximum energy by matching ic impedance with slot impedance and by attaining resonance between an ic capacitor and a slot inductance..
Hematocrit corrected glucose measurements using phase angles and impedance for electrochemical test strip
Two techniques of determining hematocrit using impedance and phase angle to determine hematocrit are shown and described for correcting an analyte concentration.. .
Charge removal from electrodes in unipolar sputtering system
This disclosure describes a non-dissipative snubber circuit configured to boost a voltage applied to a load after the load's impedance rises rapidly. The voltage boost can thereby cause more rapid current ramping after a decrease in power delivery to the load which results from the load impedance rise.
Gas delivery system for outputting fast square waves of process gas during semiconductor processing
A wave generation component during an off cycle when the on-off valve is closed to build pressure from the process gas in an accumulation volume. During an on cycle when the on-off valve is open the wave generation component releases the process gas according to a time constant.
Methods for prediction of ventilation treatment inadequacy
Ventilatory systems and methods are disclosed including a ventilator and at least one sensor in communication with the ventilator. The sensor is configured to monitor a chest wall movement of a patient during ventilation.
State of charge detection device
The present invention pertains to the detection of the state of charge of a battery, whereby the complex impedance in the diffusion region of the battery is used. An arithmetic device such as a computer determines the slope of the complex impedance at least two different frequencies in the diffusion region of a rechargeable battery when a straight-line approximation has been made.
Climate control system
The invention relates to an improved climate control system in which a climate controlling equipment (1) has a control line (2) arranged to be connected to climate influenced impedance means (3). According to the invention, relay means (4) are arranged to disconnect the climate influenced impedance means from the control line under influence from an output (5) of a control unit (6) and to instead connect substituting means (7) providing an impedance controlled by a second output (8) of the control unit.
Automated cell patch clamping method and apparatus
In an automated method for in vivo multiple cell patch clamping, cell patch clamping devices are automatically moved into position and targeted to multiple corresponding cells. Cell contact is determined by analyzing the temporal series of measured resistance levels at the clamping devices as they are moved.
Cardiac electrosurgery
Devices and methods are disclosed for providing access to the pericardial cavity while reducing risk of myocardial damage. One method includes advancing a puncture device towards a heart, the puncture device including an energy delivery device; measuring an electrical impedance at the energy delivery device; delivering energy from the energy delivery device to at least partially puncture a pericardium; and repeating one or more of the above steps, if necessary, until the energy delivery device is located at least partially within the pericardial cavity.
Mode splitter/combiner for noise figure minimization and control of power in rf coil arrays
A magnetic resonance (mr) system (10) minimizes noise for modes of an array of coils (261, 262, . .
Unit, modular system and method for measuring, processing and remotely monitoring electrical bioimpedance
The bioimpedance data can be transmitted over the internet or a gsm network from the external unit (30) to a remote unit for remote monitoring.. .
Methods and apparatus for performing impedance matching
A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, determining a first voltage standing wave ratio (vswr), selecting a vswr circle from among a group of vswr circles based on the first vswr, identifying a group of sets of tuning settings for variable reactance elements of a matching network of the communication device where the identifying of the group of sets of tuning settings is based on each set of tuning settings of the group of sets of tuning settings being associated with the vswr circle, and selecting a set of tuning settings from among the group of sets of tuning settings responsive to a second vswr determined for the set of tuning settings satisfying a vswr threshold. Other embodiments are disclosed..
Device and method for impedance matching microwave coaxial line discontinuities
A coaxial connector has an inner connector. An outer connector is positioned in concentric and radially spaced in relation to the cylindrical inner connector.
Lithium secondary-battery pack, electronic device using same, charging system, and charging method
A lithium secondary-battery pack of the present invention includes: a lithium secondary battery including an electrode body and a non-aqueous electrolyte, the electrode body including a positive electrode and a negative electrode facing each other, and a separator interposed therebetween; a ptc (positive temperature coefficient) element; and a protection circuit including a field-effect transistor, wherein the negative electrode includes a negative electrode material mixture layer containing a si-containing material as a negative electrode active material, and, where z represents an impedance (Ω) of the lithium secondary-battery pack and q represents a capacity (ah) of the lithium secondary-battery pack, an impedance capacity index represented by z/q is 0.055 Ω/ah or less.. .
Multiple anode plasma for cvd in a hollow article
A method and apparatus for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition to an interior region of a hollow, tubular, high aspect ratio workpiece are disclosed. A plurality of anodes are disposed in axially spaced apart arrangement, to the interior of the workpiece.
Method and system for mitigating transformer saturation in a communication interface
A method and system for mitigating transformer saturation in a communication interface is provided. The method may include detecting a change in impedance resulting from transformer saturation of at least one isolation transformer utilized in a network path of a network.
Transmission-line resistance compression networks and related techniques
A resistance compression network uses transmission line sections having asymmetric lengths to compress the resistance range of multiple loads. In some embodiments, the characteristic impedance of the transmission line sections is related to the geometric mean of the load resistance range.
Igniting combustible mixtures
The disclosure relates methods and related systems for controlling corona discharge in a combustion chamber without causing an arc strike. The methods can include measuring a baseline impedance of a circuit in electrical communication with an electrode, measuring an actual impedance of the circuit, determining an impedance setpoint based at least in part on the baseline impedance, comparing the actual impedance to the impedance setpoint, and adjusting the actual impedance based at least in part on the comparison between the actual impedance and the impedance setpoint.

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