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Impedance patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Impedance-related patents
 Systems and method for volitional control of jointed mechanical device based on surface electromyography patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and method for volitional control of jointed mechanical device based on surface electromyography
Systems and methods for controlling a weight bearing member having at least one powered joint are provided. A system includes a velocity reference module for receiving myoelectric control signals from a user during a non-weight bearing mode for the powered joint and generating a velocity reference for the powered joint based on the myoelectric control signals.
 Renal nerve modulation devices and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Renal nerve modulation devices and methods
Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An example system may include an intravascular nerve modulation system including an elongated shaft having a proximal end region and a distal end region.
 Vessel sealing system patent thumbnailnew patent Vessel sealing system
An electrosurgical system is disclosed. The electrosurgical system includes an electrosurgical generator adapted to supply electrosurgical energy to tissue.
 Lower extremity robotic rehabilitation system patent thumbnailnew patent Lower extremity robotic rehabilitation system
To achieve “ecological” robotic rehabilitation therapy, the present invention provides the system capacity of training of patients in different ambulatory tasks utilizing motorized footplates that guide the lower limbs according to human gait trajectories generated for different ambulatory tasks of interest. A lower extremity robotic rehabilitation system comprises an active pelvic/hip device which applies series elastic actuation to achieve an intrinsically safe and desirable impedance control.
 Electrode sensor kit, electrode assembly, and topical preparation for establishing electrical contact with skin, use thereof, and method of electro-impedance tomography (eit) imaging using these patent thumbnailnew patent Electrode sensor kit, electrode assembly, and topical preparation for establishing electrical contact with skin, use thereof, and method of electro-impedance tomography (eit) imaging using these
An electrode sensor kit for establishing electrical contact with skin comprises at least one contact element and a preparation comprising a mixture of water and at least one lipid for enhancing electrical contact properties between said contact element and the skin, wherein said mixture forms an emulsion, in particular a water-in-oil or an oil-in-water emulsion, having a conductivity of less than 3 ms/cm. An electrode assembly for electrical impedance tomography which comprises said kit is characterized in that (a) said at least one contact element forms an electrode or sensor plate, and (b) said at least one contact element comprises a layer of said preparation..
 Method and system for dynamic link control for a chip to chip communication system patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for dynamic link control for a chip to chip communication system
A wireless device comprising a plurality of chips may be operable to dynamically configure wireless communication between the plurality of chips. Each of the chips may include one or more transceivers and one or more integrated directional antennas communicatively coupled to the one or more transceivers.
 Direct connect orthogonal connection systems patent thumbnailnew patent Direct connect orthogonal connection systems
A direct-attach orthogonal electrical connection system with improved high frequency performance is provided. A conductive member is provided between first and second components, each having signal and ground conductors.
 Reducing a disturbance on a signal path of a semiconductor switch patent thumbnailnew patent Reducing a disturbance on a signal path of a semiconductor switch
A method for reducing a disturbance on a signal path is provided. The disturbance is caused by a capacitance of a semiconductor switch (131-133) of an integrated circuit (130).
 Method for measuring electroacoustic parameters of transducer patent thumbnailnew patent Method for measuring electroacoustic parameters of transducer
A method discloses measuring electroacoustic parameters of transducer. With known voice-coil displacement, voice-coil current, transducer impedance and its stimulus signal as inputs, the five calculation procedures of direct problem, adjoint problem, sensitivity problem, conjugate gradient method, and constraint equations are involved in inversely solving electroacoustic parameters.
 Direct connect orthogonal connection systems patent thumbnailnew patent Direct connect orthogonal connection systems
A direct-connect orthogonal electrical connection system with improved high frequency performance is provided. A conductive member is provided between first and second components, each having signal and ground conductors.
new patent Antenna assembly and wireless communication device using same
An antenna assembly includes an antenna, a radio frequency (rf) unit, and a matching unit. The antenna includes a first radiator and a second radiator.
new patent Artificial magnetic conductor antennas with shielded feedlines
An antenna system is described which is comprised of an artificial magnetic conductor (amc), an antenna element, and a feed network comprised of shielded feedlines whose outer conductor, or shield, is routed through the substrate of the amc. The feedline outer conductor is connected to both the substantially continuous conductive surface and the array of capacitive patches forming the amc.
new patent Communication device and tunable antenna element therein
A communication device includes a ground element and an antenna element. The antenna element includes a first radiation element, a second radiation element, and a control circuit.
new patent Impedance matching device, linear motion module, and radio frequency power supply device
An impedance matching device includes a first variable capacitor connected to an rf power source and including a first shaft moving linearly, a first linear motion unit axially coupled to the first shaft of the first variable capacitor to provide linear motion, a first insulating joint connecting the first shaft to a first driving shaft of the first linear motion unit, and a first displacement sensor adapted to measure a movement distance of the first driving shaft of the first linear motion unit.. .
new patent Semiconductor device
A device, comprising an output terminal; an output circuit coupled to the output terminal and having an adjustable impedance; and an impedance adjustment circuit adjusting stepwise the adjustable impedance so as to head toward a first reference impedance. The impedance adjustment circuit changes the adjustable impedance by a first amount when the adjustable impedance is within a first range, and changes the adjustable impedance by a second amount when the adjustable impedance is out of the first range.
new patent Dual band amplifier
A dual band amplifier is provided comprising a first matching circuit disposed in a first radiofrequency path between an input port and a first amplifier and a second matching circuit disposed in a second radiofrequency path between the input port and a second amplifier. The first matching circuit transforms a first input impedance of the first amplifier to a predetermined input port impedance when the radiofrequency signal is in a first frequency range and transmits the first input impedance to the input port when the radiofrequency signal is in the second frequency range.
new patent Systems and methods a high gain bandwidth low power trans-impedance voltage gain amplifier (tiva) topology
An amplifier and oscillator system includes a mems resonator and a two stage amplifier topology. The mems resonator is configured to generate a resonator signal.
new patent Op-amp sharing technique to remove memory effect in pipelined circuit
This document describes a new op-amp sharing technique for pipeline adc without memory effect. The key features of this technique are: the usage of negative impedance converter and scaled replica of the op-amp input device to achieve zero error voltage, which in turns achieve low power dissipation due to the removal of the tradeoff between op-amp sharing and memory effect.
new patent Hybrid impedance matching for inductively coupled plasma system
In one aspect, a system includes a generator configured to generate and tune a frequency of a supply signal. The system includes an auto-matching network configured to receive the supply signal and to generate an impedance-matched signal for use in powering a plasma system.
new patent Multi-mode power amplifying circuit, and multi-mode wireless transmission module and method thereof
A multi-mode power amplifying circuit, and a multi-mode wireless transmission module and method thereof are provided. The multi-mode wireless transmission module includes the multi-mode power amplifying circuit and an antenna.
new patent Light reception circuit and light reception device
A light reception circuit includes a direct current (dc) level shift circuit that shifts a dc voltage level of a first signal or a second signal and outputs a third signal or a fourth signal, or outputs both of the third signal and the fourth signal so that a dc voltage level of the first signal output from a cathode of a photodiode that generates a signal by photo conversion and a dc voltage level of the second signal output from an anode of the photodiode agree, and a differential amplifier that amplifies a difference between the third signal and the second signal, between the first signal and the fourth signal, or the third signal and the fourth signal, based on the third signal, the forth signal output from the dc level shift circuit, impedance of the dc level shift circuit being lower than input impedance of the differential amplifier.. .
new patent Process of evaluating corrosion resistance
The present invention is directed to a process for evaluating corrosion resistance of coated metals substrates, such as autobodies at an accelerated rate. An anode and cathode coated with protective coating being tested are exposed to an electrolyte in a chamber of a corrosion resistance evaluator.
new patent Leadframe for semiconductor packages
A leadframe for semiconductor packages is provided. The leadframe includes a die pad, a side rail, a tie bar, and a plurality of leads.
new patent System and method for detecting vibration
A vibration detection system is provided. The vibration detection system includes a radio frequency (rf) source, a vibration sensor coupled to the rf source and configured to receive an rf signal supplied by the rf source and radiate rf energy, and a computing device coupled to said rf source and configured to calculate vibrational energy induced to the vibration sensor based on an impedance of the vibration sensor..
Scaling of electrical impedance-based navigation space using inter-electrode spacing
An algorithm to correct and/or scale an electrical current-based coordinate system can include the determination of one or more global transformation or interpolation functions and/or one or more local transformation functions. The global and local transformation functions can be determined by calculating a global metric tensor and a number of local metric tensors.
Systems and methods for monitoring sensors
An impedance analyzer is provided. The analyzer includes a signal excitation generator comprising a digital to analog converter, where a transfer function of the digital to analog converter from digital to analog is programmable.
Imaging systems and methods
In one preferred form of the present invention, there is provided method 10 of generating at least one image. The method 10 includes applying electrical signals to an individual at various spaced apart nodes; measuring impedance related data between a number of the nodes; and using the impedance related data to generate three dimensional image data..
Drill device and method for forming microconduits
The present invention relates to methods and devices for formation of microconduits in tissue, particularly using an impedance sensing drill to form microconduits. One embodiment of the invention is an impedance sensing drill comprising a drilling assembly, a control module, mechanically connected to the drilling assembly for controlling the depth of drilling by the drilling assembly; and a sensor, electrically connected to the drilling assembly and control module for detecting a change in an electrical impedance of a material being drilled.
System and method for using resonance phasing for measuring impedance
A return electrode monitoring (rem) system for an electrosurgical system is disclosed. The rem system includes circuit components or circuitry for monitoring the magnitude of an interrogation or drive signal, and one or more electrode pads including one or more pairs of split electrode pads.
Multi-mode power amplifier
A multi-mode power amplifier includes a high-power mode amplifier circuit, a mid-power mode amplifier circuit, and a low power amplifier circuit, where the low-power mode amplifier circuit comprises a plurality of independently selectable power cell/amplifier branches. The multi-mode power amplifiers selectively enable or disable amplifier branches to provide multiple levels of amplification.
Card connector structure
A card connector structure is provided. A card connector includes an insulating seat body, a plurality of insulating main bodies, a plurality of first terminal sets and a plurality of second terminal sets.
Fuel cell monitoring and control system
A method of controlling a fuel cell system includes applying alternating current (ac) signals to an individual fuel cell. The ac signals have a plurality of different frequencies.
Channel crosstalk removal
Techniques for removing crosstalk from a system, e.g., an audio system, having first and second (e.g., left and right) channels. In an aspect, first and second output voltages of corresponding first and second amplifiers are sampled during a calibration mode, in which one of the amplifiers is driven with a reference voltage, and the output of the other of the amplifiers is configured to have a high impedance.
Increasing ground noise rejection in audio systems
An audio source device has an audio connector to which an external load can be connected. An audio signal is amplified and then driven through the connector, wherein the amplification process uses feedback from the return pin of the connector.
Impedance matching circuit and antenna system
An impedance matching circuit is connected to a first circuit block (impedance matching target circuit) that requires impedance matching and that has one terminal connected to a signal line and the other terminal connected to a ground, the impedance matching circuit having a second circuit block that has a first circuit and a second circuit connected in parallel. In the first circuit, a first capacitor having a variable capacitance and a first inductor having a first inductance are connected in series, and in the second circuit, a second inductor having a second inductance and a switch are connected are connected in series.
Antenna structure with an effective serial connecting capacitance
In an antenna structure having a serial connected capacitance effect, mainly a metallic planar antenna is provided thereon at least with a first metallic plane board, and a second metallic plane board being close to but not connected to the first metallic plane board to form the effect of capacitance in serial connecting. And more, the antenna structure further has an extension arm made from a microstrip extended from the antenna or the second metallic plane board, and can be optionally grounded or not grounded, for the purpose of adjusting the impedance value of the antenna structure..
Impedance adjusting apparatus
An impedance adjustment apparatus of the invention performs impedance matching using characteristic parameters, even where a high frequency power source of variable frequencies is used. The apparatus is applicable to a power supply system using a high frequency power source of variable frequencies.
Area efficient single capacitor cmos relaxation oscillator
Methods and circuits for cmos relaxation oscillators are disclosed. A single capacitive element, a single current source and a switching network are utilized.
Apparatus and methods for digital configuration of integrated circuits
Apparatus and method for digital configuration of integrated circuits (ics) are provided herein. In certain implementations, an ic includes an impedance sensing circuit and at least one pin used for digital configuration.
Fine pitch interface for probe card
A probe card interface for interfacing a probe head with a first circuit. The probe card interface includes an impedance control element to interface a first set of pins of the probe head with the first circuit.
Fine pitch interface for probe card
A probe card interface for interfacing a probe head with a first circuit. The probe card interface includes an impedance control element to interface a first set of pins of the probe head with the first circuit.
Systems and methods for monitoring sensors
A method for multivariable measurements using a single-chip impedance analyzer includes providing a sensor, exposing the sensor to an environmental parameter, determining a complex impedance of the sensor over a measured spectral frequency range of the sensor, and monitoring at least three spectral parameters of the sensor.. .
System and method for inductively communicating data
A system for inductively communicating signals in a magnetic resonance imaging system is presented. The system includes first array of primary coils configured to acquire data from a patient positioned on a patient cradle.
Reference voltage generator
A reference voltage generator including a reference voltage generating unit is provided. The reference voltage generating unit receives a first bias voltage current and a first mirror current and generates a reference voltage.
Filament miswire protection in an electronic dimming ballast
An electronic dimming ballast that accommodates miswiring of fluorescent lamp filaments (e.g., miswiring the corresponding lamp sockets) is disclosed. The electronic dimming ballast may drive a plurality of gas discharge lamps.
Systems and methods for detecting wireless charging transmit characteristics
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for detecting wireless charging transmit characteristics. One aspect of the disclosure provides a method of detecting a transmit characteristic in a wireless power transmission device.
Casing drilling bottom hole assembly having wireless power and data connection
Various embodiments of methods and systems for wireless power and/or data communications transmissions to a sensor subassembly above a mud motor in a bottom hole assembly are disclosed. Power and/or data are supplied by rotary modulator and power generation system positioned above the mud motor.
Sensor systems for measuring an interface level in a multi-phase fluid composition
A sensor includes a resonant transducer, the resonant transducer being configured to determine the composition of an emulsion. The composition of the emulsion is determined by measuring the complex impedance spectrum values of the mixture of the emulsion and applying multivariate data analysis to the values..
Systems and methods for measuring an interface level in a multi-phase fluid composition
A system includes a vessel system for a fluid, a sampling assembly and a resonant sensor system coupled to the sampling assembly. The resonant sensor system may include a subsystem that detects a set of signals from a resonant sensor system at a plurality of locations in the vessel.
Memory devices and methods having write data permutation for cell wear reduction
A memory system can include a plurality of memory elements each comprising a memory layer having at least one layer programmable between at least two different impedance states; a data input configured to receive multi-bit write data values; and a permutation circuit coupled between the memory elements and the data input, and configured to repeatedly permute the multi-bit write data values prior to writing such data values into the memory elements.. .
Method and apparatus for digital demodulation and further processing of signals obtained in the measurement of electrical bioimpedance or bioadmittance in an object
Methods and apparatus for digital demodulation of signals obtained in the measurement of electrical bioimpedance or bioadmittance of an object. One example comprises: generating an excitation signal of known frequency content; applying the excitation signal to the object; sensing a response signal of the object; sampling and digitizing the response signal to acquire a digitized response signal representing the response signal with respect to frequency content, amplitude and phase; correlating, for each frequency fac of the excitation signal applied, digitized samples of the response signal, with discrete values representing the excitation signal; calculating, using the correlated signals for each frequency fac of the excitation signal applied, complex values for the bioimpedance z(fac); providing, over time, a set of digital bioimpedance waveforms z(fac,t)); separating the base bioimpedance z0(fac), from the waveforms; and separating the changes of bioimpedance Δz(fac,t), from the waveforms..
Variable-mechanical-impedance artificial legs
In one aspect, the invention provides methods and apparatus facilitating an adjustable-stiffness prosthesis or orthosis (including approximations to arbitrarily definable non-linear spring functions). Spring rates may be varied under no-load conditions during a walking gate cycle to minimize power consumption.
Electrosurgical power control
A method and apparatus include determining a value of a parameter associated with operation of an electrosurgical probe having a particular probe design, and determining whether the value of the parameter is within a range of values that has been predetermined for the particular probe design to indicate that the probe is treating tissue in a desired manner. Power is delivered to the probe according to an algorithm based upon a determination that the value of the parameter is outside the range of values the algorithm delivers power in a pulsed profile including portions of low power and portions of high power.
Systems and methods for controlling energy application
Energy delivery systems and methods for treating tissue are disclosed that may include an energy generator, a cooled electrode device, and a controller connected to the energy generator. The controller may include a processor and may be configured to control power output by the cooled electrode device based on a measured impedance level of tissue at a target treatment site..
Fabrication and use of epidermal electrodes
An epidermal electrode operable independently of the ambient environment, such as the presence of water, sweat, or dry conditions, and achieve a suitable impedance with the epidermal surface for transmitting electrical signals indicative of bodily physiological process such as ecg signals for heart monitoring. The hydrophobic surface mountable electrode including a flexible, conductive substrate of pdms (polydimethylsiloxane) with dispersed carbon black and having a substantially planar sensing area adapted for communication with an electrically sensitive surface such as a patient's skin, and a terminal for connection to a monitor circuit, the terminal having electrical continuity with the planar sensing area..
Evaluation of the quality of electrode contact with a skin surface
An instrument that utilizes body contact electrodes evaluates the quality of the connections made between the electrodes and the body. An electrode contact quality evaluation circuit performs the quality evaluation, such as by determining contact impedances for the electrodes.
Image forming apparatus and bias power supply apparatus and method
An image forming apparatus includes an image carrier and the following elements. A charging unit charges the image carrier.
Microphone with programmable frequency response
Methods and apparatus automatically cancel or attenuate an unwanted signal (such as low frequencies from wind buffets) from, and/or control frequency response of, a condenser microphone, or control the effective condenser microphone sensitivity before the signal reaches an asic or other processing circuit. As a result, the maximum amplitude signal seen by the processing circuit is limited, thereby preventing overloading the input of the processing circuit.
Method and apparatus for computing metric values for loudspeaker protection
Systems and methods thereof for obtaining metrics and an accurate threshold to prevent loudspeaker overheating, based on autocorrelation and cross-correlation of band-pass filtered current and voltage measurements are disclosed. The methods invented are based on instantaneous voltage and current measurements.
Method for an equivalent circuit parameter estimation of a transducer and a sonar system using thereof
The present disclosure relates to an active sonar system including a transmitter; a transducer; and an impedance matching circuit, and a method of estimating an equivalent model parameter of a multi-mode transducer, wherein an electrical equivalent model parameter having a plurality of stages corresponding to each mode is estimated by estimating an individual mode impedance and a total mode impedance from multi-mode impedance data and obtaining an interference amount of adjacent modes, and an equivalent model modeled thereby for which an interference effect by a multi-mode is taken into consideration is used for the design of an impedance matching circuit to minimize actual model fabrication and effectively derive detailed design elements and the like, thereby allowing an integrated circuit design with peripheral electronic units for interfacing the sonar system.. .
Systems and methods for reading ferroelectric memories
A system and method are provided for reading ferroelectric memories in a manner that does away with a conventional requirement for inclusion of a charge or sense amplifier associated with each ferroelectric memory cell. Simple circuits are employed for modulating an ac signal that is generated and input, including wirelessly, to the circuits where a capacitance of a ferroelectric capacitor acts as a filter.
Non-blocking power management for on-package input/output architectures
An on-package interface. A first set of single-ended transmitter circuits on a first die.
Multi-band antenna for wireless communication
A multi-band antenna includes a ground plane, a single antenna element, a frequency multiplexing circuit and at least two feeding strips coupled between the frequency multiplexing circuit and the single antenna element. Furthermore, the feeding of the antenna is arranged by one or more feeding points arranged between the ground plane and the frequency multiplexing circuit.
Time domain reflectometry based method for emulsion detection and profiling
A radar transmitter for emulsion measurement comprises a probe defining a transmission line for sensing impedance. A pulse circuit is connected to the probe for generating pulses on the transmission line and receiving a reflected signal from the transmission line.
Resonance driver and detection
This document discusses, among other things, apparatus and methods for controlling a haptic transducer. In an example, a haptic controller can include an active termination driver having a configurable output impedance.
Method and apparatus for orderly run-down of superconducting magnets
In a method and apparatus for maintaining operation of ancillary equipment associated with a superconducting magnet carrying a dc current, the dc current is directed through a dc-to-ac converter, and the magnitude of the current flowing through the superconducting magnet is ramped down at a controlled rate, thereby generating a controlled voltage across a controlled impedance, and powering the ancillary equipment by the controlled voltage and an associated current, and the ramping rate is controlled in order to maintain a required controlled voltage.. .
Low-power ethernet transmitter
An electrical circuit comprising a line driver for providing ethernet signals is disclosed. The line driver comprises a voltage mode line driver for producing 1000bt and 100bt ethernet signals and an active output impedance line driver arranged parallel to the voltage mode line driver.
Passive capture adapter circuit for sensing signals of a high-speed circuit
A multi-stage passive capture adapter (pca) circuit is configured to sense and recover digital signals present on a high-speed serial bus for capture and analysis in external test equipment. A first stage of the pca circuit includes a differentiator that functions as a high impedance probe that contacts the serial bus to capture an original input signal waveform of the high-speed digital signals.
Testing device for validating stacked semiconductor devices
By utilizing hdi substrates, embodiments of the invention enable “breaking out” the signal pins on multiple layers, perhaps double or triple the routing layers of the package channel; however, the geometry of the transmission lines and other factors may be chosen to ensure channel parameters such as impedance and crosstalk closely emulate the final device package.. .
Surface impedance systems and methods
A surface impedance sensor and method are provided. The surface impedance sensor generally includes first and second electrodes, a driver circuit to drive the electrodes at a plurality of driving frequencies, and a detection circuit to measure the impedance across the first and second electrodes for comparison against a plurality of reference profiles.
Interface detection
The invention relates to a method for determining a level of a material interface in a tank, by means of a radar level gauge system comprising a transceiver; a probe for guiding a transmitted electromagnetic signal towards the material interface. The probe comprises a first plurality of reference impedance transitions located above the interface at known physical distances from a reference position, and a second plurality of reference impedance transitions located below the interface at known physical distances from the reference position.
Device for detecting a defect in insulation
An electrical power supply includes dc source outputting vm and a device that detects insulation defects in the dc source. The device includes input terminals connected to the source's terminals, impedances z1 and z2 connected in series between the input terminals, where z1=z2=z and vm/imax<z<(3/2)*vm/imax, wherein imax is a maximum insulation defect current defined by a standardized safety threshold, and a current-detection circuit connected between ground and an intermediate point between the impedances.
Nmr logging apparatus
Technologies including nmr logging apparatus and methods are disclosed. Example nmr logging apparatus may include surface instrumentation and one or more downhole probes configured to fit within an earth borehole.
Communication efficiency with an implantable medical device using a circulator and a backscatter signal
A device includes a primary antenna configured to communicate a signal to an antenna of an implantable medical device (imd). A circulator is coupled to the primary antenna.
Light source driving device and illuminating apparatus using the same
A light source driving device includes a transformer, a rectifying diode, a filter, and an open loop preventing circuit. The transformer has a primary winding part including first and second external input terminals configured to receive external power from a ballast stabilizer and a coil having an impedance level set to allow the ballast stabilizer to output a normal amount of power, and a secondary winding part electromagnetically coupled to the primary winding part to transform received external power.
System and method for power transmission in a bottom hole assembly
Various embodiments of methods and systems for wireless power and data communications transmissions to a sensor subassembly below a mud motor in a bottom hole assembly are disclosed. In a certain embodiment, a float valve is located above the motor.
Method and apparatus for wireless power transmission
A method for wireless power transmission includes establishing respective wireless communication link between a coordinating transmitter and each receiver. The method further includes measuring respective mutual impedance between a coordinating transmitter and each receiver by applying a voltage to the coordinating transmitter and configuring each receiver to measure an induced current in response to the applied voltage.
Method and apparatus for separating workpieces
The invention is an apparatus, for performing the method, and the method including the steps of providing a workpiece, contacting a portion of an exterior surface of the workpiece to an acoustic couplant such that an interface between the acoustic couplant and the portion of the exterior surface is at least substantially continuous across the portion of the exterior surface, and propagating a crack through the workpiece. A portion of the acoustic couplant at the interface has acoustic impedance relative to the acoustic energy that is greater than 400 kg·m−2·s−1..

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