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Immune Diseases
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Autoimmune Diseases
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Immune Diseases patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Immune Diseases-related patents
 Ip-10 antibodies and their uses patent thumbnailnew patent Ip-10 antibodies and their uses
The present invention provides isolated monoclonal antibodies, particularly human antibodies, that bind to ip-10 with high affinity, inhibit the binding of ip-10 to its receptor, inhibit ip-10-induced calcium flux and inhibit ip-10-induced cell migration. Nucleic acid molecules encoding the antibodies of the invention, expression vectors, host cells and methods for expressing the antibodies of the invention are also provided.
Medarex, L.l.c.
 Carboxylic acid compounds patent thumbnailCarboxylic acid compounds
The present disclosure concerns at least one entity chosen from compounds of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof: (i) wherein the variable groups x, r1, r2, r3 m, n and p are as defined herein. The present disclosure also relates to methods for the preparation of at least one such entity, and intermediates useful in the preparation thereof, to pharmaceutical compositions containing at least one such entity, to the use of at least one such entity in the preparation of medicaments, and to the use of at least one such entity in the treatment of conditions such as, for example, allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, viral diseases, and cancer..
Astrazeneca Aktiebolag
 Protein biomarkers and therapeutic targets for autoimmune and alloimmune diseases patent thumbnailProtein biomarkers and therapeutic targets for autoimmune and alloimmune diseases
A method for characterizing the risk a subject will develop an autoimmune and/or alloimmune disease following tissue transplant includes obtaining a biological sample from the subject, wherein the subject has received the tissue transplant determining in the biological sample a level of at least one protein selected from tables 1-4, comparing the measured level of the at least one protein to a control value, and characterizing a subject as at greater risk of developing an autoimmune disease and/or alloimmune disease if the level of at least one protein determined is increased or decreased compared to the control value.. .
Case Western Reserve University
 Nanocell drug delivery system patent thumbnailNanocell drug delivery system
Nanocells allow the sequential delivery of two different therapeutic agents with different modes of action or different pharmacokinetics. A nanocell is formed by encapsulating a nanocore with a first agent inside a lipid vesicle containing a second agent.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
 Cd40l-specific tn3-derived scaffolds and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailCd40l-specific tn3-derived scaffolds and methods of use thereof
The present invention provides tenascin-3 fniii domain-based scaffolds that specifically bind to cd40l. The invention further provides engineered variants with increased affinity for the target.
Medlmmune, Llc
 Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase patent thumbnailInhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Disclosed herein are compounds that form covalent bonds with bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of btk.
Pharmacyclics, Inc.
 Histidyl-trna synthetases for treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases patent thumbnailHistidyl-trna synthetases for treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods comprising histidyl-trna synthetase polypeptides or other specific blocking agents for the treatment autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory diseases, including those related to jo-1 antibodies.. .
Atyr Pharma, Inc.
 Substituted fused pyrimidine compounds patent thumbnailSubstituted fused pyrimidine compounds
The present invention discloses substituted fused pyrimidine compounds of formula (i), their tautomers, polymorphs, stereoisomers, solvates, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, or pharmaceutical compositions containing them and methods of treating conditions and diseases that are mediated by adenosine receptor (ar) activity; the compounds of the present invention are useful in the treatment, prevention or suppression of diseases and disorders that may be susceptible to improvement by antagonism of the adenosine receptor, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, angiogenesis, pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, allergic diseases, inflammation, reperfusion injury, myocardial ischemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, congestive heart failure, retinopathy, diabetes mellitus, obesity, inflammatory gastrointestinal tract disorders, and/or autoimmune diseases.. .
Advinus Therapeutics Private Limited
 Amine compound and use thereof for medical purposes patent thumbnailAmine compound and use thereof for medical purposes
Wherein each symbol is as described in the description, which has a superior peripheral blood lymphocyte decreasing action, and is useful for the treatment or prophylaxis of autoimmune diseases; prophylaxis or suppression of resistance or acute rejection or chronic rejection of transplantation of organ or tissue; treatment or prophylaxis of graft-versus-host (gvh) disease due to bone marrow transplantation; or treatment or prophylaxis of allergic diseases.. .
 Sequencing analysis of circulating dna to detect and monitor autoimmune diseases patent thumbnailSequencing analysis of circulating dna to detect and monitor autoimmune diseases
Systems, methods, and apparatuses are provided for diagnosing auto-immune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) based on the sizes, methylation levels, and/or genomic characteristics of circulating dna molecules. Patients provide blood or other tissue samples containing cell-free nucleic molecules for analysis.
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

Novel therapeutic agents

The present invention relates to a class of hydroxamic acid compounds of formula (i), which act as alkylating agents and/or inhibitors of the hdac pathway, having potential utility in the treatment of a neoplastic disease and immune diseases.. .
Purdue Pharmaceutical Products L.p.

Novel compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for the treatment of proliferative disorders

The present invention relates to compounds, methods for their production, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same, and their use in the prophylaxis and/or treatment of inflammatory conditions, type 2 diabetes, neurological and/or neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, proliferative diseases (in particular metastatic diseases, and/or cancer), abnormal angiogenesis associated diseases, degradation of cartilage, and/or disruption of cartilage homeostasis, in particular in the prophylaxis and/or treatment of cancer. The present invention also discloses methods of treatment using the same compounds, for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of said diseases by administering the compound of the invention..

Novel compounds

The present invention is directed to novel retinoid-related orphan receptor gamma (rorγ) modulators, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing these modulators, and their use in the treatment of inflammatory, metabolic and autoimmune diseases mediated by rorγ.. .
Glaxo Group Limited

Method for improving therapy for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis

In the present invention, a method using a combination of iguratimod or a salt thereof and one or more immunosuppressants is useful as a method for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, and with this method adverse effects are lessened. A pharmaceutical composition containing this combination is useful for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd.

Urea derivatives and uses thereof

The present invention provides novel compounds of any one of formulae (i)-(iii), and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. Also provided are particles (e.g., nanoparticles) comprising compounds of formula (i)-(iii) and pharmaceutical compositions thereof that are mucus penetrating.
Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Substituted 2,3-dihydro-1h-inden-1-one retinoic acid-related orphan nuclear receptor antagonists for treating multiple sclerosis

The present invention is directed to compounds, their synthesis, and their use as antagonists, inverse agonists, modulators and or inhibitors of the retinoic acid-related orphan nuclear receptor γt (rorγt)/rorγ. The compounds of the present invention are useful for modulating rorγt)/rorγ activity and for treating diseases or conditions mediated by rorγt)/rorγ such as for example, disease states associated with immunopathology of human autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (ms), rheumatoid arthritis (ra), inflammatory colitis, psoriasis, copd, pain, obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, asthma, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer..
Arrien Pharmaceuticals Llc

Apoptosis-inducing agents for the treatment of cancer and immune and autoimmune diseases

Disclosed are compounds which inhibit the activity of anti-apoptotic bcl-xl proteins, compositions containing the compounds and methods of treating diseases during which is expressed anti-apoptotic bcl-xl protein.. .
Abbvie Inc.

Drug having regulatory cell ligand contained in liposome

A liposome containing a regulatory cell ligand such as α-galactosyl ceramide or β-galactosyl ceramide is employed as the active ingredient of a drug for preventing or treating immune diseases etc.. .

Novel compounds

The present invention is directed to novel retinoid-related orphan receptor gamma (rorγ) modulators, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing these modulators, and their use in the treatment of inflammatory, metabolic and autoimmune diseases mediated by rorγ.. .
Glaxo Group Limited

Halofuginol derivatives and their use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions

The present invention provides halofuginol, and derivatives and salts thereof, including diasteromerically enriched compositions thereof. The invention also provides pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions thereof as well as methods for using halofuginol and derivatives thereof in treating chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, dry eye syndrome, fibrosis, scar formation, angiogenesis, viral infections, malaria, ischemic damage, transplant rejection, neurodegenerative diseases, t-cell neoplasms, and cosmetic conditions..
The General Hospital Corporation D/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital

Aberrant cell-restricted immunoglobulins provided with a toxic moiety

Described are immunoglobulins provided with a toxic moiety, comprising at least an immunoglobulin variable region that specifically binds to an mhc-peptide complex preferentially associated with aberrant cells. These immunoglobulins provided with a toxic moiety are preferably used in selectively modulating biological processes.
Apo-t B.v.

Immunoglobulin constant region fc receptor binding agents

Ivig replacement compounds are derived from recombinant and/or biochemical creation of immunologically active biomimetic(s). These replacement compounds are then screened in vitro to assess each replacements compound's efficiency at modulating immune function.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore

Rafamycin analogs and methods for making same

A semi-synthetic rapamycin analog with a triazole moiety or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or prodrug thereof, is a broad-spectrum cytostatic agent and a mtor inhibitor, and is useful in the treatment of various cancers, or tumors in organs such as kidney, liver, breast, head and neck, lung, prostate, and restenosis in coronary arteries, peripheral arteries, and arteries in the brain, immune and autoimmune diseases. Also disclosed are fungal growth-, restenosis-, post-transplant tissue rejection- and immune- and autoimmune disease-inhibiting compositions and a method of inhibiting cancer, fungal growth, restenosois, post-transplant tissue rejection, and immune and autoimmune disease in a mammal.
Zhejiang Zylox Medical Device Co., Ltd.

Inhibitors of c-fms kinase

Wherein z, x, j, r2 and w are set forth in the specification, as well as solvates, hydrates, tautomers and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, that inhibit protein tyrosine kinases, especially c-fms kinase. Methods of treating autoimmune diseases; and diseases with an inflammatory component; treating metastasis from ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, hairy cell leukemia; and treating pain, including skeletal pain caused by tumor metastasis or osteoarthritis, or visceral, inflammatory, and neurogenic pain; as well as osteoporosis, paget's disease, and other diseases in which bone resorption mediates morbidity including rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms of inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, prosthesis failure, osteolytic sarcoma, myeloma, and tumor metastasis to bone with the compounds of formula i, are also provided..

Indolizine compounds, a process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them

Medicinal products containing the same which are useful in treating pathologies involving a deficit in apoptosis, such as cancer, auto-immune diseases, and diseases of the immune system.. .

Estriol therapy for autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases and disorders

The present invention discloses administering steroid hormones to mammals to treat autoimmune related diseases, including post-partum auto immune diseases. Most preferably the invention uses estrogens, estranges, estriol or estrogen receptor active agents to prevent or ameliorate clinical symptoms of these th1-mediated (cell-mediated) autoimmune diseases known to either have an initial onset following the birth of a child or which are exacerbated in patients in the post-partum period..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Pharmaceutical formulation comprising bendamustine

The present invention is related to the field of pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of various disease states, particularly neoplastic diseases and autoimmune diseases. It especially relates to the oral application of bendamustine and its derivatives.
Salmon Pharma Gmbh

Heterocyclic compounds and their uses

Substituted bicyclic heteroaryls and compositions containing them, for the treatment of general inflammation, arthritis, rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disorders, inflammatory eye disorders, inflammatory or unstable bladder disorders, psoriasis, skin complaints with inflammatory components, chronic inflammatory conditions, including but not restricted to autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosis (sle), myestenia gravis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, multiples sclerosis, sjoegren's syndrome and autoimmune hemolytic anemia, allergic conditions including all forms of hypersensitivity, the present invention also enables methods for treating cancers that are mediated, dependent on or associated with p110δ activity, including but not restricted to leukemias, such as acute myeloid leukaemia (aml) myelo-dysplastic syndrome (mds) myelo-proliferative diseases (mpd) chronic myeloid leukemia (cml) t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (t-all) b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (b-all) non hodgkins lymphoma (nhl) b-cell lymphoma and solid tumors, such as breast cancer.. .
Amgen Inc.

Novel fused pyrimidine derivatives for inhibition of tyrosine kinase activity

The present invention relates to a novel fused pyrimidine derivative having an inhibitory activity for tyrosine kinases, and a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating cancers, tumors, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, or immunologically mediated diseases comprising same as an active ingredient.. .
Hanmi Science Co., Ltd

Combined facilitator, antigen and dna vaccine for preventing and treating autoimmune diseases

The present invention relates to treating and preventing symptoms of an allergy, asthma, an autoimmune disease, and transplant rejection using a combination vaccine containing a vaccine facilitator comprising a na/k pump inhibitor, an antigen and a dna encoding the antigen.. .
Beijing Advanccine Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Methods of treating autoimmune diseases

Novel methods for treating patients with autoimmune diseases are disclosed. The methods of the invention include first depleting circulating lymphocytes in the mammal, e.g., by administering anti-thymocyte antibody, and then, during the course of repopulation, administering to the mammal a therapeutically effective amount of latent tgf-β and/or another agent that promotes expansion of regulatory t cells.
Genzyme Corporation

Compositions, methods and kits for treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases

The present invention is directed to fusion proteins having an il-21 cytokine portion and an anti-cd20 antibody portion, and methods of using such fusion proteins. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions and kits utilizing the il-21-anti-cd20 fusion proteins.
University Of Miami

Hydroxyphenyl pyrrole compounds containing an hydroxamic acid as hdac inhibitors and medicinal applications thereof

As well as to the procedure for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same and the use thereof for the treatment and/or prevention of a condition mediated by histone deacetylase such as cancer, hematological malignancies, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, diseases of the central nervous system (cns) such as neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine and metabolic disorders, by inhibiting histone deacetylases and the therapeutic use of biological processes related to the mentioned inhibition.. .

Thiadiazolidinediones as gsk-3 inhibitors

The present invention relates to new thiadiazolidinediones of formula (i), or any pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate or prodrug thereof, and its use in the treatment of a disease in which glycogen synthase kinase 3 (gsk-3) is involved, particularly neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular disorders. Additionally, there is provided a process for preparing such compounds, as well as pharmaceutical compositions comprising them..
Asd Therapeutics Partners Llc

Compounds that modulate autoimmunity and methods of using the same

The invention provides methods of preventing, treating or ameliorating autoimmune diseases, such as diabetes and celiac disease, by decreasing the binding of mhc class ii molecules to antigenic peptides or fragments of antigenic peptides of the autoimmune disease by the administration of small organic compounds. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising the therapeutically effective small organic compounds and methods of using the same..
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

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