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Imaging device, image processing method, and program thereof

Techniques to improve accuracy of a medical report relating to a medical imaging study

Techniques to improve accuracy of a medical report relating to medical imaging study

Date/App# patent app List of recent Imaging-related patents
 Accessories as workflow priors in medical systems patent thumbnailAccessories as workflow priors in medical systems
Workflow information is populated in a user interface of a medical system. One or more accessories are detected.
 Imaging device, image processing method, and program thereof patent thumbnailImaging device, image processing method, and program thereof
An imaging device includes a display unit for displaying a video image being captured, an index operating unit for inputting an instruction for an index, and an index setting unit for setting as an index section, a section in the video image captured for a predetermined time period including a time point of a user's operation of inputting the instruction for the index, in response to one user's operation on the index operating unit while the video image is captured.. .
 Techniques to improve accuracy of a medical report relating to a medical imaging study patent thumbnailTechniques to improve accuracy of a medical report relating to a medical imaging study
Techniques for improving the accuracy of medical reports prepared by medical professionals. One technique may entail providing a system to automatically pre-populate a medical report by extracting data from a medical imaging study and pre-populating fields in the report with the extracted data.
 Techniques to improve accuracy of a medical report relating to medical imaging study patent thumbnailTechniques to improve accuracy of a medical report relating to medical imaging study
Techniques for improving the accuracy of medical reports prepared by medical professionals. One technique may entail providing a system to automatically pre-populate a medical report by extracting data from a medical imaging study and pre-populating fields in the report with the extracted data.
 Method and system for creating and utilizing a metadata apparatus for management applications patent thumbnailMethod and system for creating and utilizing a metadata apparatus for management applications
A method and system used to create a metadata apparatus that functions as a standard electronic language to both describe a complex item in precise detail and define data, objects, people and locations related to the item so as to provide a common secure platform and unlimited secondary meaningful use for products and systems that manage the item and related elements. The physical components of the apparatus include data centers, servers, desktop computers, mobile computing devices such as laptop computers, smart phones and computer tablets, and electronic devices in the field.
 Imaging device patent thumbnailImaging device
A color filter has a transmission band in a visible region and an infrared region. A first substrate is arranged below the color filter and has a first photoelectric conversion element which outputs a first signal charge according to an amount of exposure of a light passing through the color filter.
 Ivus system with rotary capacitive coupling patent thumbnailIvus system with rotary capacitive coupling
An imaging system comprises a catheter having a lumen, a rotatable imaging probe within the catheter lumen including a distal transducer and first and second conductors coupled to the transducer, and a coupler that couples the rotatable first and second conductors to non-rotatable third and fourth conductors, respectively. The coupler includes a rotary capacitive coupler..
 Ultrasound transducer direction control patent thumbnailUltrasound transducer direction control
Disclosed are embodiments of devices and methods for imaging the inside of a body part, such as a blood vessel. In particular embodiments, a catheter has a chamber within which is a transducer mounted to a pivot mechanism, a motor for turning the transducer, and a coil for providing a pivot force to the transducer.
 Ultrasound imaging system and method patent thumbnailUltrasound imaging system and method
An ultrasound imaging system and method includes performing a gesture with a scan system and detecting the gesture based on data from a motion sensing system in the scan system. The motion sensing system includes at least one sensor selected from the group of an accelerometer, a gyro sensor and a magnetic sensor.
 Subcutaneous cavity marking device and method patent thumbnailSubcutaneous cavity marking device and method
These are subcutaneous cavity marking devices and methods. More particularly, upon insertion into a body, the cavity marking device and method enable one to determine the center, orientation, and periphery of the cavity by radiographic, mammographic, echogenic, or other non-invasive imaging techniques.
Method, apparatus and computer accessible medium for providing signal and contrast enhancement(s) in optical imaging methods
A system for facilitating imaging of an anatomical structure(s) can be provided, and can include, for example, a substance which can induce a change in the anatomical structure(s) when applied to the anatomical structure(s), and an imaging arrangement which can be configured to generate an image of the anatomical structure(s) based on the change of the anatomical structure(s) when the substance is applied. The imaging arrangement can include an apparatus which can be configured to (i) illuminate the anatomical structure(s) with a first electro-magnetic radiation(s), and (ii) receive a second electro-magnetic radiation from the anatomical structure(s) that can be based on the first electro-magnetic radiation.
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image processing apparatus
A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment includes a sequence controller and a data processor. The sequence controller executes a pulse sequence using a combination of multiple types of labeling methods to acquire magnetic resonance signals.
Real time control of high intensity focused ultrasound using magnetic resonance imaging
A medical apparatus (300, 400, 500) comprises a high intensity focused ultrasound system (322) configured for for sonicating a target volume (340) of a subject (318). The medical apparatus further comprises a magnetic resonance imaging system (302) for acquiring magnetic resonance data (356, 358, 360, 368, 374) from an imaging zone (308).
Composite rf shield and method of making same
An imaging apparatus comprises an rf coil former comprising an inner surface and an outer surface and a composite rf shield positioned adjacently to the outer surface of the rf coil former so as to be formed about the rf coil former. The mri system also comprises an rf coil positioned on the inner surface of the rf coil former.
Intraluminal imaging system
The invention generally relates to devices and methods that allow an operator to obtain real-time images of a luminal surface prior to, during, and after an intraluminal procedure, including while an intraluminal tool is engaged with the luminal surface. In one embodiment, an imaging system of the invention includes a first elongate member that includes at least one first imaging element and a second member that includes at least one second imaging element.
Filter for use with imaging endoscopes
A fluorescence endoscopy video system includes a multi-mode light source that produces light for white light and fluorescence imaging modes. A filter is positioned at the distal end of an imaging endoscope so that the endoscope can produce fluorescence and white light images of a tissue sample..
Cell-based method to detect skin sensitizers
A method of predicting whether a compound is a skin sensitizer using an in vitro approach. The method includes a step of imaging immune effector cells positioned within a plurality of containers to obtain imaged cellular targets, each container being treated with a different concentration of a compound.
Multi-color nanoscale imaging based on nanoparticle cathodoluminescence
Multi-color cl images of nanoparticle samples may be generated, by irradiating with a scanning electron beam a nanoparticle sample that containing a plurality of spectrally distinct optical emitters configured to generate cl light at respective different color channels, then detecting the cl light from the nanoparticles to generate multi-color np-cl images of the nanoparticle sample. In some embodiments, se (secondary electron) images of the sample may be acquire, substantially simultaneously with the acquisition of the cl images, so as to generate correlative np-cl and se images of the nanoparticle sample.
Luminescent nanoparticle compositions
A composition is disclosed which is capable of being used for detection, comprising a noble metal nanoparticle. The inventive compositions exhibit little interaction with serum proteins while exhibiting ph-dependent adsorption onto live cell membranes.
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
A panoramic imaging apparatus functionally includes an image processing apparatus. In this apparatus, two planar images are produced, which are subjected to registration.
Method for integrating large scale biological data with imaging
There is disclosed a method of extracting large scale biological, biochemical or molecular information about an index disease, biological state, or systems from imaging by correlating the imaging features associated with said disease, state or system with corresponding large scale biological data.. .
Imaging contrast agents and uses thereof
Provided are macrocyclic compounds having a macrocyclic core which has at least one macrocyclic donor and at least one pendant group which has at least one donor group. The macrocyclic compounds can be complexed to fe(ii) and ni(ii).
Compounds for use in imaging, diagnosing and/or treatment of diseases of the central nervous system
This invention relates to novel compounds suitable for labelling by 18f and the corresponding 18f labelled compounds themselves, 19f-fluorinated analogues thereof and their use as reference standards, methods of preparing such compounds, compositions comprising such compounds, kits comprising such compounds or compositions and uses of such compounds, compositions or kits for diagnostic imaging by positron emission tomography (pet).. .
Imaging protocols
(f) radioimaging said heart of said subject, thereby radioimaging a myocardial perfusion.. .
Multifunctional infrared-emitting composites
Disclosed is a method of non-invasive infrared imaging, comprising (a) administering a composition containing infrared-emitting particles which contain rare earth elements that emit in the short-wavelength infrared (swir) spectrum, where the particles are encapsulated with a biocompatible matrix to form downconverting encapsulated particles; and (b) irradiating with infrared radiation, where both excitation and emission spectra of the encapsulated particles are in the infrared region. Analogous methods of image-guided biomedical intervention, and drug tracking and delivery are also disclosed.
Compositions and methods for multimodal imaging
There is provided signal modifying compositions for medical imaging comprising a carrier and signal modifying agents specific for two or more imaging modalities. The compositions are characterized by retention efficiency, with respect of the signal modifying agents that enables prolonged contrast imaging without significant depletion of the signal modifying agent from the carrier.
Correction of over-focus in digital images using centered discrete imaginary-power fractional fourier transformations with high-accuracy orthonormal eigenvectors
A method for correcting overfocus of a digital image created from coherent imaging using centered fractional fourier transforms or mathematical equivalents is described. A received image is presented to a numerical processor, and a first numerical value for an imaginary power variable is selected and used in an iterative algorithm, numerical procedure, system architecture, etc.
Apparatus and methods for reducing common-mode noise in an imaging system
Apparatus and methods reduce common-mode error. An integrated circuit includes a plurality of signal channels, a first proxy channel, and a subtraction block.
Using infrared imaging to create digital images for use in product customization
Techniques for using infrared imaging to create digital images for use in product customization are described. In an embodiment, an infrared photograph of a product with imprinted markup is received and a visible light photograph of the product with the imprinted markup is received.
Optical measurement method and apparatus for fuel cell components
Methods and systems for measuring a property of a component of a fuel cell system include performing a three-dimensional optical scan of at least a portion of a surface of the component to produce a three-dimensional representation of the topography of the at least a portion of the surface and measuring at least one property of the component based on the three-dimensional representation. Further embodiments include systems and methods for measuring dimensions of a fuel cell component using a line scan imaging device and/or a matrix camera..
Whole slide multispectral imaging systems and methods
The methods and systems disclosed herein include obtaining a first plurality of images of a sample, where each image in the first plurality of images corresponds to a different spectral band of illumination light incident on the sample or emission light from the sample, obtaining a second plurality of images of the sample, where each image in the second plurality of images corresponds to a different spectral band of illumination light incident on the sample or emission light from the sample, aligning the first and second pluralities of images based on information from a first image from the first plurality of images and a second image from the second plurality of images, where the first and second images correspond to a shared spectral band, and combining at least some members of the first plurality of images and at least some members of the second plurality of images to form an image stack.. .
Methods and systems for transforming luminal images
The invention provides methods and systems for correcting translational distortion in a medical image of a lumen of a biological structure. The method facilitates vessel visualization in intravascular images (e.g.
Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, control method thereof and control program
Disclosed is an information processing apparatus that supports diagnosis based on a tissue sample image obtained from imaging a biological tissue, including: a tissue sample image cutting unit that individually cuts out the tissue sample image from a plurality of slides that includes the plurality of tissue sample images; and a display position setting unit that sets a display position on a display screen where a reduced image of each tissue sample image is displayed, on the basis of a characteristic amount of each tissue sample image cut by the tissue sample image cutting unit.. .
Multispectral imaging systems and methods
The methods and systems disclosed herein include obtaining a first image of a sample, where the first image corresponds to light transmitted through the sample in a first plurality of distinct spectral bands, obtaining a second image of the sample, where the second image corresponds to light transmitted through the sample in a second plurality of distinct spectral bands, and where at least some members of the second plurality of spectral bands are different from the members of the first plurality of spectral bands, and combining the first and second images to form a multispectral image stack, where each pixel in the image stack includes information corresponding to at least four distinct spectral bands, and where the at least four distinct spectral bands include at least one member from the first plurality of spectral bands and at least one member from the second plurality of spectral bands.. .
Displaying an image on multiple dynamically located displays
Moving and/or still image(s) are aligned to multiple display devices. One or more display devices may be connected to a system using a variety of communicative connections.
Mobile imaging apparatus
In an exemplary embodiment, an imaging apparatus comprises an arm assembly coupled to an imaging arm. The arm assembly includes a shoulder joint, an elbow joint, and an articulation assembly.
X-ray imaging apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, x-ray imaging method and medical image processing method
According to one embodiment, an x-ray imaging apparatus includes an x-ray image acquisition unit, a control system and a display processing part. The x-ray image acquisition unit acquires x-ray image data of an object by using at least one imaging system.
X-ray imaging apparatus
An x-ray imaging apparatus having an improved structure to reduce noise generated when a position of an x-ray generator is fixed in position includes an x-ray generator, an x-ray detector, a moving carriage coupled with one end of the x-ray generator, a guide rail, and a holding unit disposed at an inner side of the moving carriage to hold the position of the x-ray generator, wherein the holding unit includes a contact pad to contact the guide rail to hold the moving carriage, a magnetic body to move the contact pad using magnetic force, and a holding plate coupled to the contact pad to move according to operation of the magnetic body and including a buffer material capable of absorbing noise or vibration.. .
Method and apparatus for improved sampling resolution in x-ray imaging systems
The present invention pertains to an apparatus and method for x-ray imaging wherein a radiation source comprising rows of discrete emissive locations can be positioned such that these rows are angularly offset relative to rows of sensing elements on a radiation sensor. A processor can process and allocate responses of the sensing elements in appropriate memory locations given the angular offset between source and sensor.
Modulating gantry rotation speed and image acquisition in respiratory correlated (4d) cone beam ct images
A method of optimizing 4d cone beam computed tomography (4dcbct) imaging is provided that includes using a scanner to generate projections of a target, where the projections are used to form a cone beam computed tomography (cbct) scan of the target, where the cbct includes a 3d image of the target, and using an appropriately programmed computer to control rotation speed of a gantry and projection acquisition of the cbct in real-time according to a measured patient respiratory signal, where the real-time acquisition of the cbct forms an optimized 4dcbct image set.. .
Imaging lens, imaging apparatus and mobile terminal device
Imaging lens comprises, in order from the object side, a first lens block having a convex and concave surfaces oriented toward the object and image side respectively, and having a positive power, and a second lens. An aperture stop can be located on the object side of the first lens block, a peripheral portion of the image side surface of the second lens has a positive power where: 0.62<fla/f<0.82 (1) −4.00<f1b/f<−1.11 (2) 0.70<d4/f<1.00 (3) with, fla: focal distance of object side lens portion of the first lens block; f1b: focal distance of an image side lens portion of the first lens block; d4: distance on the optical axis from the object side surface of the first lens block to the image side surface of the second lens; f: focal distance of the imaging lens total system..
Imaging lens and imaging apparatus equipped with the imaging lens
An imaging lens substantially includes five lenses, constituted by: a first lens having a positive refractive power; a second lens having a negative refractive power; a third lens having a positive refractive power and a convex surface that faces an object side; a fourth lens having a negative refractive power and a meniscus shape with a concave surface that faces the object side; and a fifth lens having a positive refractive power, a meniscus shape with a convex surface that faces the object side, and at least one inflection point on the surface thereof toward an image side.. .
Wide-angle lens, imaging apparatus, and method for manufacturing wide-angle lens
Including: a front lens group gf disposed to an object side of an aperture stop; and a rear lens group gr disposed to an image side of the aperture stop; the front lens group including a sub-lens group ga having negative refractive power, the sub-lens group ga including, in order from the most object side, at least three negative lenses, at least one of the three negative lens being an aspherical negative meniscus lens, the aspherical negative meniscus lens having a shape that negative refractive power is getting smaller from the center to the periphery, a cemented lens constructed by a positive lens, a negative lens, and a positive lens being disposed to the image side of the sub-lens group ga, and given conditional expressions being satisfied, thereby providing a wide-angle lens having high optical performance with a wide angle of view.. .
Optical device, imaging device and manufacturing method of imaging device
Provided is an optical device and the like which can suppress a decrease in optical performance even under high-temperature heating environments, such as a ref low process. Since at least one of compound lenses 10 and 110 made of heat-resistant resin includes an antireflection structure 51 as a fine asperity structure layer on an inside surface facing a space, even if a subsequent heat treatment is performed, a decrease in optical performance of the lens due to wrinkling can be prevented unlike a case in which an antireflection film is provided.
Vehicle exterior imaging apparatus
A vehicle exterior imaging apparatus includes a photo-receiving element, a transparent member that is disposed on a front face of the photo-receiving element and introduces light into it, and a movable body movable between a covering position for covering part or all of a front face of the transparent member with the movable body being spaced apart from the transparent member, and an evacuated position evacuating from the front face of the transparent member with respect to the covering position. The movable body has a higher surface wettability in a portion opposing to the transparent member at the covering position than the one of the front face of the transparent member.
Holographic imaging
Technologies are generally described for generating an image in a holographic imaging device by causing multiple reflections of a hologram reconstruction light on one side of a display panel in the holographic imaging device. An example device may include a display panel, a semi-transparent mirror layer on the display panel, a mirror layer at a side of the semi-transparent mirror layer opposite to the display panel, and a light irradiation unit opposite to the semi-transparent mirror layer.
Exposing device and image forming apparatus
Provided is an exposing device capable of enhancing usage efficiency of light and preventing degradation of imaging property due to a misalignment with a photosensitive drum. The exposing device includes: a laser array including multiple lasers arranged in a predetermined direction; and an optical system guiding light emitted from the each of the multiple lasers to a photosensitive member and focusing the light on the photosensitive member, in which the optical system includes multiple phase modulation elements to decrease a phase lag added in proportion to distance from a center axis that is defined by a principal light beam emitted from the each of the multiple lasers..
Spectroscopic measurement device, color management system, and method of generating profile
A spectroscopic measurement device includes a variable wavelength interference filter, an imaging section (an imaging element and a light intensity acquisition section) adapted to image the light dispersed by the variable wavelength interference filter to obtain a spectral image, and a data output section (a storage section and a communication section) adapted to output profile-generating data used to generate a profile of an image display device, and the data output section outputs measurement data which includes a light intensity in each pixel of each of the spectral images and a coordinate value of the pixel associated with each other, as profile-generating data in a case in which the imaging section obtains the spectral images with respect to a color pattern including a plurality of differently colored color patches output from the image display device.. .
Optical imaging writer system
System and method for applying mask data patterns to substrate in a lithography manufacturing process are disclosed. In one embodiment, a parallel imaging writer system comprises a plurality of spatial light modulator (slm) imaging units, and a controller configured to control the plurality of slm imaging units.
Pixel blending for multiple charged-particle beam lithography
System and method for applying mask data patterns to substrate in a lithography manufacturing process are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes providing a parallel imaging writer system, where the parallel imaging writer system includes a plurality of multiple charged-particle beam (mcb) imaging units arranged in one or more parallel arrays, receiving a mask data pattern to be written to a substrate, processing the mask data pattern to form a plurality of partitioned mask data patterns corresponding to different areas of the substrate, identifying one or more objects in an area of the substrate to be imaged by corresponding mcb imaging units, and performing multiple exposures to image the one or more objects in the area of the substrate by controlling the plurality of mcb imaging units to write the plurality of partitioned mask data patterns in parallel..
Spectral domain optical coherence tomography system
An optical coherence tomography device is disclosed for improved imaging. Reduced levels of speckle in the images generated by the device are obtained by forming a b-scan from a plurality of a-scans, wherein each resolution cell of the b-scan is generated through compounding of a subset of the a-scans and wherein at least some of the subset of a-scans are separated by at least half the diameter of a speckle cell both tangent to and orthogonal to the b-scan at that cell..
Control device, control method and control program for optical coherence tomographic image-generating apparatuses
To measure internal information on the subject, the oct (optical coherence tomographic) control device is equipped with: a first imaging control means for initiating imaging when it is determined that input of a measurement instruction to scan the laser light at a prescribed pitch in the imaging target area of a sample using the galvano mirror has been received, and completing imaging in an imaging time that matches the prescribed pitch; and with a second imaging control means for initiating imaging when it is determined that input of a preview instruction to scan at a coarser pitch than the prescribed pitch has been received, and for completing imaging when it is determined that input of a measurement instruction as an instruction to cancel the preview instruction has been received.. .
Imaging apparatus
An imaging apparatus configured to capture an image of an object to be detected is provided. The imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit, a lens, and a front cover.
Moveable led array flaps in ir led camera
An apparatus including a camera housing having an aperture, a camera having an imaging axis disposed in the housing with a lens disposed adjacent the aperture providing a field of view extending outwards through the aperture, around the imaging axis of the camera, at least one light source that illuminates the field of view of the camera, the light source is in an annular space between the lens and periphery of the aperture, at least one flap that supports the at least one light source, the flap extends around the annular space, the flap is pivotally attached to the camera and periphery of the aperture and an actuator that moves the camera along the imaging axis.. .
Electro-optic aperture device
An electro-optic aperture has a stack that includes a front transparent conductor medium, an active electro-chromic medium, and a rear transparent conductor medium. The front and rear transparent conductor mediums are directly connected to each other by a conductive section located within the imaging path.
Electro-optic aperture device
A portable consumer electronics device has a handheld portable device housing, and an electronic camera module integrated in the housing. The module has a focusing lens to focus light from a scene, an imaging sensor to receive the focused light, and an electro-optic variable aperture to allow different amounts of the light from the scene to reach the imaging sensor.
Dynamic adjustment of multimode lightfield imaging system using exposure condition and filter position
An adjustable multimode lightfield imaging system. A non-homogeneous filter module is positioned at the pupil plane of the lightfield imaging system and provides the multimode capability.
Quasi-monocentric-lens-based multi-scale optical system
Optical systems based on an objective lens comprising one or more plastic lens elements are disclosed. The inclusion of plastic lens element reduces one or more of system cost, size, weight, and/or complexity.
Imaging apparatus, signal processing method, and program
The present disclosure provides an apparatus and a method for generating a wide dynamic range image by executing a pixel value combination process of a plurality of different exposure time setting pixels. Control of a different exposure time is performed for each of a plurality of pixels of the same colors configuring a pixel block and an addition pixel value obtained by adding outputs of the plurality of pixels of the same colors of the pixel block is generated.
Imaging apparatus and method for controlling same
An imaging apparatus includes an imaging element including a pixel portion having a plurality of photoelectric conversion units with respect to one micro lens and color filters which are regularly arranged for each micro lens. The imaging apparatus generates a first signal and a second signal for phase difference-type focus detection based on an output of the imaging element.
Imaging apparatus and processing method thereof
A solid-state imaging apparatus of a dynamic range enlarged by reading out a carrier accumulated in a carrier accumulation unit at a plurality of times during a single carrier accumulation time period.. .
Image apparatus and imaging method
An imaging apparatus includes an imaging element, a correction value calculating unit, and a correction unit. The imaging element images an object through a photographing lens to generate an image signal.
System and method for imaging and image processing
One or more objects of interest from a scene are selected. Depth information of the one or more objects is calculated.
Method and apparatus for creating exposure effects using an optical image stabilizing device
A primary exposure and an effects exposure of a scene are captured via a digital imaging sensor. During at least the effects exposure, the scene is caused to shift in a predetermined pattern relative to the digital imaging sensor via an image stabilizing device.
Imaging device, imaging system, and imaging method
An imaging device includes a histogram unit that extracts luminance information from video signals obtained by image capture and generates a histogram, a white balance detector unit that detects the deviation in the white balance of the video signal, and a white balance processor unit that corrects the white balance of the video signal; and along with selecting the imaging conditions of the imaging unit based on the deviations detected by the white balance detector unit, also controls the white balance processor unit. When there is a large deviation in the white balance, the imaging device decides whether or not to correct the white balance according for example to the hue..
Imaging device and imaging method
An imaging device is provided which includes a hue value setting portion that sets at least one hue value from among a plurality of hue values, a color component region detection portion that detects a region having a color component that includes the set hue value, from image data of a photographic subject, and a color component region display portion that, based on the image data of the photographic subject, converts, of the photographic subject, the detected region having the color component to a first color, converts regions other than the detected region having the color component to a second color different from the first color, and displays the photographic subject on a display portion.. .
Method of detecting subject of image and imaging device thereof
A method of detecting the subject of an image and imaging device thereof are disclosed. The method comprises the following steps of providing an image capturing module to capture the temporal image, providing the image processing module to receive the temporal image and to determine a plurality of objects from the temporal image, using the image processing module to define a plurality of regions on the temporal image based on the center of temporal image, using the image processing module to assign an initial setup value to each of the objects according to the region corresponding to each of the objects, using the imaging processing module to execute an operation to increase or decrease each of the initial setup values, using the image processing module to execute a sorting, and selecting at least one of the objects as a subject of the temporal image..
Parallel sensing configuration covers spectrum and colorimetric quantities with spatial resolution
An optical test equipment/method for display testing that features parallel testing/sensing configuration that covers spectrum and colorimetric quantities with spatial resolution is disclosed. In one embodiment, a spectra-camera, which is a hybrid system consisting of both a single-point spectrometer and an imaging colorimeter, can be configured for concurrent display artifact and parametric testing.
Lighting system characterization
Embodiments of the invention relate to digital imaging, and in particular, systems methods, and devices for testing target field illumination characteristics. Certain embodiments include a main unit that includes a controller configured to control timing indicators on a front surface of the main unit and light sensor modules attached to the periphery the front surface.
System and method for focusing an electronic imaging system
The present invention relates to the field of image processing and methodologies to passively focus an image automatically, using the electronic sensor signal. The method comprises the steps of; receiving a pixel image, generating at least two histograms of the received image using at least two different frequency components, finding widths of acquired histograms and storing them as a focus measure, finding the difference between last received frame's highest frequency component histogram width and at least one previously received frame's histogram width corresponding to the same component, is there a meaningful difference?, and using the difference to determine the focus direction signal.
Imaging device
An imaging unit photographs an object, and obtains a visible light signal and an invisible light signal. A visible light luminance extraction unit extracts a visible light luminance signal.
Forest fire early-warning system and method based on infrared thermal imaging technology
A forest fire early-warning system based on infrared thermal imaging technology comprising: an infrared camera erected at a key height in a forest used to capture infrared thermal images of an area being monitored, said camera comprising a frontal temperature detection and alarm module for calculating the alarm temperature value by using a temperature monitoring mathematical model, and for transmitting an excessive temperature alarm signal when there are abnormalities in said area; a video conversion device connected to the infrared camera for converting an infrared thermal image analog signal outputted by the camera into an infrared digital signal, and for receiving from the camera said alarm signal and converting same into a digital signal; a monitoring computer for generating and transmitting an infrared camera control signal, and for receiving, analyzing and processing the infrared digital signal to ascertain the location in the monitoring area that triggered the infrared camera alarm, and for automatically generating a solution and reporting to the control center. The present invention can adapt to the complex environmental conditions and monitoring requirements of forest fire monitoring and automated early-warning, guaranteeing alarm accuracy..
Method for displaying three-dimensional integral images using mask and time division multiplexing
A method for displaying three-dimensional integral images using a mask and a time division multiplexing which is configured in such a way that a three-dimensional image is displaced in a space as an element image obtained from a three-dimensional object is passed through a lenslet and a mask, the mask consisting of a blocking region through which an element image does not pass and a transmission region through which an element image passes, for thereby displaying three-dimensional images. The present invention is advantageous to play back a three-dimensional image the resolutions of which are enhanced in a depth-based integral imaging method using a time division display of an element image and a masked image..
Stereoscopic imaging device
In the stereoscopic imaging device including a single imaging optical system, lens information (focal length, f-stop range) is acquired (step s18), and a parallax priority program diagram (f-stop is fixed) which uses a lens f-stop and a focal length within a range capable of obtaining a minimum parallax amount or more is set (step s20). In a first mode, exposure conditions including the f-stop capable of carrying out the stereoscopic imaging with a parallax amount equal to more than the minimum parallax amount is calculated using the set parallax priority program diagram to set exposure during main imaging (steps s26 and s28).
Image pickup apparatus and integrated circuit therefor, image pickup method, image pickup program, and image pickup system
An imaging device generates distance information for each object in a plurality of images having the same viewpoint. During the generation, the imaging device detects distances from the viewpoint to some of the objects intermittently, and estimates the distances from the viewpoint to the other objects using the detected distances.
Single-eye stereoscopic imaging device, imaging method and recording medium
After ae/af/awb operation, a subject distance is calculated for each pixel, and a histogram which shows the distance distribution is created based thereon. The class with the highest frequency which is the peak at the side nearer than the focus distance is searched based on the histogram and a rectangular area ln which includes pixels which have a subject distance within the searched range is set.
Spherical panoramic image camera rig
One aspect of the present invention provides a simple, cost-effective, efficient solution directed to the generation of the source material for the generation of still panoramic images. The precision optical alignment among all the mounted lenses, provided by the precision rectangular mounting rig, greatly reduces or eliminates stitching errors.

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