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Imaging System patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Imaging System-related patents
 Mechanical scanning ultrasound transducer with micromotor patent thumbnailnew patent Mechanical scanning ultrasound transducer with micromotor
A system for use with ultrasound procedures including an ultrasound control and/or imaging system which has a microminiature motor, a rotatable reflector and a stationary ultrasound transducer. The transducer may be placed between the motor and the reflector, so as to eliminate the need for placement of wires or other artifact-creating items in the path of ultrasound signals.
 Feedback/registration mechanism for ultrasound devices patent thumbnailnew patent Feedback/registration mechanism for ultrasound devices
Among other things, there is disclosed structure and methods for registering images obtained through internal (e.g. Intravascular) ultrasound devices.
 Ultrasound imaging system apparatus and method with adc saturation monitor patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasound imaging system apparatus and method with adc saturation monitor
An ultrasound imaging system and method employs hardware and/or software to monitor values indicative of analog-to-digital converter (adc) saturation for each channel as a function of depth. Any of a number of actions may be performed based on the monitored values.
 Systems and method for health screening for vascular disease patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and method for health screening for vascular disease
An angiography system and method comprising of an imaging system for imaging arteries, a processor for processing image data for at least one artery of a participant and an output comprising the image of the artery, a reference image for the artery and physiological data and indexes of the participant.. .
 Endoscopic instrument having reduced diameter flexible shaft patent thumbnailnew patent Endoscopic instrument having reduced diameter flexible shaft
A medical instrument comprising a flexible, filamentous shaft slideably disposed in a sheath, the instrument including an electronic imaging system comprising an image sensor carried on a distal end portion of the instrument. The shaft may be used as a guidewire for a complementary guided device, or it may be used to carry a functional element for performing a procedure at a target site in a patient's body.
 Mobile x-ray generation apparatus and mobile x-ray imaging system patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile x-ray generation apparatus and mobile x-ray imaging system
A mobile x-ray generation apparatus includes an x-ray tube unit configured to generate an x-ray beam, a collimator configured to shape the generated x-ray beam, a positioning member configured to arrange the x-ray tube unit and the collimator at respective specific positions, at least one switch provided on each of the x-ray tube unit and the collimator and configured to control an operation of the positioning member, and a control unit configured to control the positioning member to perform a first operation when either of the at least one switch provided on each of the x-ray tube unit and the collimator is pressed and to perform a second operation different from the first operation when the first switch and a second switch different from the first switch are simultaneously pressed.. .
 Mobile x-ray generation apparatus and mobile x-ray imaging system patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile x-ray generation apparatus and mobile x-ray imaging system
A mobile x-ray generation apparatus includes an x-ray tube unit, a collimator configured to shape an x-ray bundle generated by the x-ray tube unit, a positioning member configured to arrange the x-ray tube unit and the collimator at respective specific positions, a cart configured to support the positioning member, a first handle fixed to the x-ray tube unit, a second handle fixed to a side surface of the collimator, and a storage portion provided in the cart and configured to protect an exit surface and the side surfaces of the collimator when the x-ray tube unit and the collimator in a stored state in which the x-ray tube unit and the collimator are brought into the storage portion.. .
 X-ray dose estimation technique patent thumbnailnew patent X-ray dose estimation technique
Embodiments of the disclosure relate to projection-based dose estimation for x-ray systems, such as x-ray imaging systems. For example, in one embodiment, an x-ray system is capable of estimating an x-ray dose based on an intensity profile of the detected x-rays that have passed through a scanned object and an estimated mass of the object.
 Compensation of compressive imaging measurements based on measurements from power meter patent thumbnailnew patent Compensation of compressive imaging measurements based on measurements from power meter
An imaging system and method that captures compressive sensing (cs) measurements of a received light stream, and also obtains samples of background light level (bgll). The bgll samples may be used to compensate the cs measurements for variations in the bgll.
 Imaging with polarization removal patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging with polarization removal
An imaging system includes a projector, a camera and a filter set of polarization filters. The projector is to project light onto a surface.
new patent Imaging using offsetting accumulations
An imaging system includes a sensor array of sensor elements and plural accumulator sets of accumulators. Switches alternatively route detections from a respective sensor element to different accumulators of the respective accumulator set.
new patent Imaging with detection routing
An imaging system includes a sensor array of sensor elements to convert incident light to detections. Plural detection accumulators are provided to store detections.
new patent Imaging system
An imaging system includes: an illumination unit that emits illumination light to illuminate a subject; a light receiving unit in which pixels that receive light and photoelectrically convert the received light to generate an electric signal are two-dimensionally arranged; a read unit that sequentially reads the electric signal from the pixels for each horizontal line; and an illumination controller that controls the illumination unit to emit a pulse of the illumination light during a period straddling a read period of the read unit for a first horizontal line and a read period for a second horizontal line which is adjacent to the first horizontal line and which is read immediately after the first horizontal line.. .
new patent Methods of and systems for three-dimensional digital impression and visualization of objects through an elastomer
Methods of and systems for three-dimensional digital impression and visualization of objects through an elastomer are disclosed. A method of estimating optical correction parameters for an imaging system include pressing an object of known surface topography against an elastomer and imaging a plurality of views of the surface topography of the object through the elastomer.
new patent Ventilation device for magnetic reasonance imaging system and magnetic reasonance imaging system
A ventilation device for an mri system and an mri system are presented. The ventilation device has a fan and an adjustment component.
new patent Systems and methods for fabricating three-dimensional objects
Systems and methods for fabricating three-dimensional objects are disclosed. The system includes an optical imaging system providing a light source; a photosensitive medium adapted to change states upon exposure to a portion of the light source from the optical imaging system; a control system for controlling movement of the optical imaging system, wherein the optical imaging system moves continuously above the photosensitive medium.
new patent Radiation imaging system
This radiation imaging system has a radiation source, a case, and a radiation detection device which is housed in the case, and is equipped with a radiation detector having a conversion unit that converts radiation from the radiation source, which has passed through at least a subject, to radiation image information, wherein a prediction is made as to whether the afterimage phenomenon has occurred in the conversion unit, and if it is predicted that the phenomenon has occurred, at least the conversion unit is moved.. .
new patent Radiation detector and imaging system
The invention relates to a radiation detector (100; 101; 102; 103; 104; 105; 106), having a scintillator (120) for generating electromagnetic radiation (202) in response to the action of incident radiation (200). The scintillator (120) has two opposing end faces (121; 122) and a lateral wall (123) between the end faces (121; 122).
new patent Imaging systems and image fiber bundles for downhole measurement
An example system for downhole measurement disclosed herein comprises a tool to be positioned downhole in a formation, the tool comprising an imaging system to determine measurement information from imaging information obtained by sensing light, and an illumination system to control source light to be emitted by the tool. The system also comprises an optical cable to sense an optical field of view that is remote from the tool, the optical cable including an optical fiber bundle comprising a bundle of imaging fibers to convey the imaging information from a sensing end of the optical cable to the imaging system, and a plurality of illumination fibers positioned outside the bundle of imaging fibers, the illumination fibers to convey the source light from the tool to the sensing end of the cable, the illumination fibers to emit the source light to illuminate the optical field of view..
new patent Compact in-pixel high dynamic range imaging
Embodiments of the invention describe providing a compact solution to provide high dynamic range imaging (hdri or simply hdr) for an imaging pixel by utilizing a control node for resetting a floating diffusion node to a reference voltage value and for selectively transferring an image charge from a photosensitive element to a readout node. Embodiments of the invention further describe control node to have to a plurality of different capacitance regions to selectively increase the overall capacitance of the floating diffusion node.
new patent Gun sight for use with superelevating weapon
A gun sight is disclosed herein for use with a weapon configured for superelevation. The gun sight includes, but is not limited to, an imaging system configured to capture an image of an area down range of the imaging system, to display the image on a display unit having a display, and further configured to rotate in elevation.
Anterior spine array clamp
An apparatus that connects an imaging treatment guidance system (itgs) to a fixed location in a patient. One example of an itgs is the medtronic stealthstation® treatment guidance system used in the o-arm™ surgical imaging system.
Bubble-induced color doppler feedback during histotripsy
A histotripsy therapy system is provided that can include any number of features. In some embodiments, the system includes a high voltage power supply, a pulse generator electrically coupled to at least one signal switching amplifier, at least one matching network electrically coupled to the signal switching amplifier(s), and an ultrasound transducer having at least one transducer element.
Methods and systems for establishing parameters for three-dimensional imaging
The invention relates to systems and methods for the operation of three-dimensional imaging systems. Systems and methods of the invention are operable to display an image of tissue, receive a selection of points from within the image, establish a boundary corresponding to the selected points, and capture a three-dimensional image of the tissue within the designated boundary.
System and method for instant and automatic border detection
The invention generally relates to medical imaging systems that instantly and/or automatically detect borders. Embodiments of the invention provide an imaging system that automatically detects a border at a location within a vessel in response only to navigational input moving the image to that location.
Methods and systems for generating a positron emission tomography attenuation correction map
A method for generating a positron emission tomography (pet) attenuation correction map. The method includes obtaining a magnetic resonance (mr) image dataset of a subject of interest, obtaining a positron emission tomography (pet) emission dataset of the subject of interest, segmenting the mr image dataset to identify at least one object of interest, determining a volume of the object of interest, and generating a pet attenuation correction map using the determined volume.
Systems for transporting x-ray detector and detector control device
A system is provided. The system includes a portable digital x-ray detector and a portable detector control device configured to communicate with the digital x-ray detector.
Mobile radiation generation apparatus and mobile radiation imaging system
A mobile radiation generation apparatus includes a cart, a radiation generation unit, a positioning member fixed to the cart and configured to movably support the radiation generation unit, a receiving unit configured to store a radiation imaging unit, the receiving unit extending in a direction toward a lower inside portion of the cart from a predetermined position at a side surface of the cart, a control unit configured to control the mobile radiation generation apparatus, and a generated voltage supplying unit disposed to face the control unit across the receiving unit and configured to supply voltage to the radiation generation unit.. .
Mammography system and method employing offset compression paddles, automatic collimation, and retractable anti-scatter grid
A mammographic imaging system is optimized for use with a single fixed size flat panel digital image receptor. It accommodates compression devices (paddles) of varying sizes, and positions them properly in a field of view of the image receptor.
Dual display ct scanner user interface
A user interface for a ct imaging system is disclosed. The user interface includes a first display configured to enable an operator to perform set-up and scanning tasks associated with performing a ct exam on one or more patients, with the set-up and scanning tasks including acquiring and verifying scan image data.
System and method for corneal irradiation
A device and method for use thereof to illuminate a visual system of a subject includes a light-transforming optical element configured to transform a substantially collimated beam of light into light having a diverging spatial distribution. Optionally, light having such spatial distribution includes a plurality of diverging beams of light.
Customer facing imaging systems and methods for obtaining images
An imaging system for obtaining an image of a display of an electronic device presented by a presenter holding the electronic device includes a housing having an imaging subsystem disposed in the housing. The imaging subsystem comprising an image sensor array and an imaging assembly operative for focusing an image of the display on the electronic device onto the image sensor array.
Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
A photoelectric conversion device includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a plurality of columns, a plurality of comparators provided correspondingly to the respective columns, a reference signal generation unit configured to supply a reference signal to the plurality of comparators, a counter configured to generate a count signal that includes a plurality of bits in synchronization with a first clock signal, a synchronization unit configured to synchronize the plurality of bits with a second clock signal to generate a synchronized count signal and to output the generated synchronized count signal, and a plurality of memories provided correspondingly to the respective comparators, the memories each being configured to store the synchronized count signal in response to a change in an output of a corresponding one of the comparators.. .
Imaging system and method for driving imaging system
A method drives an imaging system including: a plurality of pixels; an amplifier having an input node connected to the plurality of pixels via an input capacitor, and an output node connected to the input node via a feedback capacitor; and a reset unit configured to reset the input node to a base potential. The method includes the steps of: causing the input capacitor to hold noise output from one of the plurality of pixels; adding signals output from the two or more pixels in the feedback capacitor; and obtaining a difference between a signal applying a gain to a base signal output from the amplifier according to the reset of the input node of the amplifier and the signal added in the feedback capacitor..
Color distortion correction method and device for imaging systems and image output systems
The present invention discloses a color-distortion-correction method and device in an imaging system or an image output system. The method includes: capturing by the imaging system an object to be captured to generate the original image data of the object; based on the priori knowledge of color distortion previously stored in the imaging system, correcting color distortion of the original image data to generate the corrected image data.
Reducing ghosting and other image artifacts in a wedge-based imaging system
A computational image processing filter processes an image from a wedge-based imaging system so as to remove artifacts such as blurring and ghost images. By removing the artifacts computationally instead of optically, manufacturing costs and complexity are reduced over prior solutions.
Imaging system and control method for same
An imaging system according to the present invention comprises: an imaging unit configured to acquire a plurality of images by imaging an object a plurality of times while changing a focusing position in an optical axis direction of an imaging optical system; and a generation unit configured to generate, on the basis of the plurality of images acquired by the imaging unit, an image at arbitrary depth of field or an image of the object viewed from an arbitrary viewing direction. The image acquired by the imaging unit sometimes includes fixed pattern noises that appear in fixed positions.
Imaging systems and methods
In one preferred form of the present invention, there is provided method 10 of generating at least one image. The method 10 includes applying electrical signals to an individual at various spaced apart nodes; measuring impedance related data between a number of the nodes; and using the impedance related data to generate three dimensional image data..
Imaging systems with verification pixels
An imaging system may include a pixel array having a plurality of image pixels and a plurality of test pixels. The test pixels may each include a photodiode configured to receive a test voltage.
Three-dimensional needle localization with a two-dimensional imaging probe
An imaging system and method include a medical device (102) having a tracking element (106) mounted thereon. An array (109) of transducers is spaced apart from one another for exchanging energy in a subject between tracking element and the array of transducers.
Systems and methods for performing organ detection
A method for automatically detecting an organ of interest that includes accessing a medical image dataset using a processor, automatically segmenting the medical image dataset to identify an outline of a body of a patient, automatically determining an axial reference image slice and a axial center point using the segmented body of the patient, automatically determining a location of the organ of interest using the axial reference image slice and the axial center point, and automatically placing a visual indicator in the organ of interest based on the determined location. A medical imaging system and a non-transitory computer readable medium are also described herein..
Specimen transporter and specimen imaging system
To provide a specimen transporter that can be suitably used by being connected to a specimen imaging apparatus that does not have a function of collecting an imaged specimen plate. There is provided a specimen transporter used by being connected to a specimen imaging apparatus, the specimen transporter including a specimen receiving section that receives a specimen plate; a specimen storage section that stores an imaged specimen plate; specimen transporting sections that transport a specimen plate from the specimen receiving section to the specimen imaging apparatus and from the specimen imaging apparatus to the specimen storage section; and a control section that controls operations of the specimen transporting sections; wherein the control section controls the specimen transporting sections to transport the specimen plate received by the specimen receiving section to the specimen imaging apparatus and transport the imaged specimen plate received from the specimen imaging apparatus to the specimen storage section..
Imaging system for passive alignment of engines
Methods and systems for facilitating alignment of optical systems and optoelectronic systems are disclosed here. The methods and systems include passively detecting images, determining relative positions of components and aligning components.
Statistical mapping in an optoacoustic imaging system
Electromagnetic energy is deposited into a volume, an acoustic return signal from energy deposited in the volume is measured, and a parametric map that estimates values of at least one parameter as spatially represented in the volume is computed. A reference level of a region of interest is determined, and upper and lower color map limits are specified, with at least one of them being determined in relation to the reference level.
Mobile radiation imaging apparatus and mobile radiation imaging system
A mobile radiation imaging apparatus includes a radiation generation unit configured to generate radiation, a cart, a supporting member formed on the cart and configured to hold the radiation generation unit in a movable manner with respect to the cart, a detection unit configured to detect arrangement of the radiation generation unit in a particular non-imaging position, and a control unit configured to limit a motion of the supporting member according to a detection result by the detection unit.. .
Portable video and imaging system
A portable video and imaging system includes a camera for capturing video of an event, and a video recording device for recording the captured video of the event. The camera is housed in a first housing, the recording device is housed in a second housing, and the first and second housings are physically separate.
Multispectral imaging for quantitative contrast of functional and structural features of layers inside optically dense media such as tissue
A method for evaluation of target media parameters using visible through near infrared light is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a light source, illuminator/collector, optional illumination wavelength selector, optional light gating processor, imager, detected wavelength selector, controller, analyzer and display unit.
Photoelectric conversion device, imaging system, photoelectric conversion device testing method, and imaging system manufacturing method
A photoelectric conversion device includes a pixel array including a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix, a plurality of blocks including a plurality of pairs, each of the pairs including a comparator provided correspondingly with a column in the pixel array and a memory provided correspondingly with the comparator, and a block information supply unit configured to supply block information which indicates a location of a block, to the plurality of memories included in the blocks.. .
Image sensor defect identification using blurring techniques
Embodiments described herein may operate to image a scene with an imaging system using an image blurring technique. An image sensor array (isa) element may be identified as a dark defect element if a first ratio of an average of a set of illuminance signal magnitudes from a set of surrounding isa elements to a magnitude of an illuminance signal from the isa element is greater than a threshold sharpness value.
Mobile video and imaging system
An all-weather non-enclosed-vehicle mounted system for recording video and audio. The weatherproof system comprises an interface for connecting various system components and external devices, a display monitor integrated into the same housing as an electronics module operable to receive the video and audio, and a memory operable to receive and store the video and audio..
Endoscopic system
In a stereoscopic endoscope apparatus, images obtained by left-eye and right-eye imaging systems are shaded differently due to subtle difference in an illumination direction, making fusion difficult. An endoscopic system includes: a stereoscopic endoscope which includes a light source of illumination light configured to illuminate inner part of a test object, an illumination window configured to emit the illumination light, and two or more imaging systems configured to image the inner part of the test object illuminated by the illumination light; and an illuminance distribution changing unit configured to change an illuminance distribution of the illumination light so as to reduce a difference in luminance distribution between/among pictures sensed by the respective imaging systems..
System and method for inductively communicating data
A system for inductively communicating signals in a magnetic resonance imaging system is presented. The system includes first array of primary coils configured to acquire data from a patient positioned on a patient cradle.
Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, and radiation imaging apparatus manufacturing method
The present invention provides a radiation imaging apparatus including a sensor substrate on which photoelectric conversion elements are arranged, a scintillator base on which a scintillator layer for converting radiation into light with a wavelength detectable by the photoelectric conversion elements is arranged, and which is adhered to the sensor substrate so that the scintillator layer is arranged between the sensor substrate and the scintillator base, and a sealing member configured to fix an edge portion of the scintillator base and the sensor substrate, and spaced apart from the scintillator layer, wherein the scintillator base includes a bent portion for reducing a stress that acts on the sealing member in a region between an outer edge of a region in which the scintillator layer is arranged and the edge portion fixed by the sealing member.. .
Method and apparatus pertaining to using imaging information to identify a spectrum
A control circuit operably couples to a non-invasive imaging system that utilizes a particular corresponding effective spectrum and receives imaging information as pertains to an object being imaged. The control circuit uses that information to identify the particular corresponding spectrum for the corresponding source of radiation by, at least in part, evaluating candidate spectra as a function, at least in part, of physical likelihood (for example, by identifying a spectrum that is physically unlikely or physically impossible).
Apparatus and method for fluorescence imaging and tomography using spatially structured illumination
An imaging system for imaging an object. More specifically, an imaging system enabling depth sectioned fluorescence imaging in a turbid medium, such as human or animal tissue, to substantially minimize the excitation radiation from reaching the detection beam path.
Ultrasound imaging system and method
C) combining the received signals at the different sub-intervals of the time interval based on said time varying, according to expected ultrasound propagation times to scatterers localized at different pixels, to find image densities at the pixels.. .
Patient positioning device, and medical imaging method and apparatus employing same
A patient positioning device has an electromagnetically transparent transfer plate for positioning an examination subject, and at least one patient bed. The electromagnetically transparent transfer plate can be disposed on the patient bed for imaging an examination region of the examination subject with a first imaging device.
Systems and methods for real time multispectral imaging
Multispectral filter arrays and methods of making and using the arrays are described herein. Multispectral imaging systems and methods of making and using the systems are also described.
Endoscopic imaging system
An endoscopic imaging system includes a reusable control cabinet having a number of actuators that control the orientation of a lightweight endoscope that is connectable thereto. The endoscope is used with a single patient and is then disposed.
Method for creating and using affective information in a digital imaging system
An image file for storing a still digital image and metadata related to the still digital image, the image file including digital image data representing the still digital image, and metadata that categorizes the still digital image as an important digital image, wherein the categorization uses a range of levels and the range of levels includes at least three different integer values.. .
Dynamic local registration system and method
In accordance with the teachings described herein, systems and methods are provided for generating images for use in systems, e.g., imaging systems. The method includes receiving at least a first set of images, providing a first registration, providing a display, and displaying a first image on said display.
Method and apparatus for more accurate positioning of dental imaging equipment
An apparatus for positioning an x-ray imaging system. The apparatus includes an intraoral sensor sized and configured for placement within a human mouth, the intraoral sensor having one or more sensing elements for detecting x-rays, the intraoral sensor further having a signal generation element.
Radiation generating unit, radiation imaging system and target
A radiation generating unit of the present invention includes an electron beam source that emits an electron beam and can change the size of a region to be irradiated with the electron beam on a target while maintaining constant the center position of the region to be irradiated with the electron beam. Furthermore, a target is adopted where the number of types of target layers included in the region to be irradiated with the electron beam can be changed by changing the size of the region to be irradiated with the electron beam.
Computed tomography (ct) image acquisition device and ct scan imaging system
The disclosure provides a computed tomography (ct) image acquisition device and a ct scan imaging system. The ct scan imaging system includes: an image acquisition device, which specifically includes a first image acquisition device (1a, 1b) and a second image acquisition device (2a, 2b) that are perpendicular to each other, wherein the first image acquisition device (1a, 1b) or the second image acquisition device (2a, 2b) includes: an x-ray tube (1a, 2a), which is used for emitting x-rays, and a detector (1b, 2b), which is arranged opposite to the x-ray tube in the vertical direction and is used for receiving the x-rays and obtaining projection data according to the x-rays; and an image processing device (4), which is used for acquiring a three-dimensional image through reconstruction of the projection data, wherein the three-dimensional image includes one or more tomographic images..
Optical imaging system
An optical imaging system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element with positive refractive power, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, and a fifth lens element. Each of the fourth lens element and the fifth lens element includes at least one aspheric surface.
Active hyperspectral imaging systems
An active hyperpixel array imaging system including a hyperspectral analyzer; an active spatial light modulator dynamically configurable to direct light, from at least a portion of a field of view of the hyperpixel array imaging system, towards the hyperspectral analyzer for capture of a two-dimensional image including spectral information; and imaging optics for forming an intermediate image, of the field of view on the active spatial light modulator. A method for performing spectral analysis of a field of view, the method including forming an intermediate image of the field of view on an active spatial light modulator; directing light from at least a portion of the field of view, using an active spatial light modulator, towards a hyperspectral analyzer; and capturing a hyperspectral image of the portion of the field of view, using the hyperspectral analyzer, the hyperspectral image including spectral information for the portion of the field of view..
Three-dimensional hyperspectral imaging systems and methods using a light detection and ranging (lidar) focal plane array
A system for three-dimensional hyperspectral imaging includes an illumination source configured to illuminate a target object; a dispersive element configured to spectrally separate light received from the target object into different colors; and a light detection and ranging focal plane array (fpa) configured to receive the light from the dispersive element, configured to acquire spatial information regarding the target object in one dimension in the plane of the fpa, configured to acquire spectral information in a second dimension in the plane of the fpa, wherein the second dimension is perpendicular to the first dimension, and configured to obtain information regarding the distance from the fpa to the target object by obtaining times of flight of at least two wavelengths, thereby imaging the target object in three dimensions and acquiring spectral information on at least one 3d point.. .
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, method for driving photoelectric conversion apparatus, and imaging system
This application relates to a photoelectric conversion apparatus which performs photoelectric conversion on incident light, a method for driving a photoelectric conversion apparatus, and an imaging system having a photoelectric conversion apparatus. The potential of one main node is prevented from approaching a predetermined potential which controls the voltage between a control node of a switch metal oxide semiconductor (mos) transistor and the one main node of the switch mos transistor within a threshold voltage in a period when the predetermined potential is given and a signal based on the charge in the photoelectric converting unit is given to the one input node..
Stereoscopic video imaging system and synchronous control method
A stereoscopic video imaging system includes a first imaging apparatus and a second imaging apparatus coupled to the first imaging apparatus and arranged to take a 3d image. A single cable connects the first imaging apparatus to the second imaging apparatus.
Systems and methods of creating a virtual window
The systems and methods described herein provide imaging systems with multiple imaging sensors arranged in an optical head that create a seamless panoramic view by reducing parallax distortion and adaptively adjusting exposure levels of the recorded images. In particular, an optical head is described with a stacked configuration of ccd imaging sensors in which charge is transferred from a sensor to a processor beginning with an array of photosensitive elements nearest another sensor..
Portable imaging system with a mobile device as input and output mechanism
An apparatus, method, and system are provided for portable imaging system input using a mobile device. The apparatus includes an imaging device, a mobile communication device, and a communication network interface.
Display, imaging system and controller for eyewear display device
Several embodiments of a personal display system are disclosed that comprises modular and extensible features to affect a range of user/wearer/viewer experiences. In one embodiment, the personal display system comprises a frame; a processor capable of sending image data signals and control signals; a display; an optic system, said optic system optically coupled to said at least one display; and a set of actuators, said actuators coupled to said frame and in communication with the optic system, such that said set of actuators are capable of moving the optic system, according to control signals sent from said processor.

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