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Imaging System patents

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Imaging probes, imaging systems, and methods of imaging

System and method for temporal fidelity enhanced medical imaging using temporal deconvolution

Balloon system including registration marking

Date/App# patent app List of recent Imaging System-related patents
 Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system and control method thereof patent thumbnailUltrasonic diagnostic imaging system and control method thereof
An ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system not depending on an operator who operates the apparatus is provided. The system includes a measuring unit (coordinate calculation section 2034) that measures a relative position and a relative posture of the ultrasonic probe with respect to an examinee using image information on the examinee acquired by the ultrasonic probe, a control amount calculation unit (2035) that calculates an amount of control of the position and posture of the ultrasonic probe based on the measurement result of the measuring unit and at least one of a probe control mechanism that controls the position and posture of the ultrasonic probe using the amount of control calculated by the control amount calculation unit and a guiding information presentation unit that presents information for guiding movement of the position and posture of the ultrasonic probe using the amount of control calculated by the control amount calculation unit..
 Imaging probes, imaging systems, and methods of imaging patent thumbnailImaging probes, imaging systems, and methods of imaging
Embodiments of the present disclosure include methods of imaging a target area, methods of monitoring the degeneration of cartilage, and the like.. .
 System and method for temporal fidelity enhanced medical imaging using temporal deconvolution patent thumbnailSystem and method for temporal fidelity enhanced medical imaging using temporal deconvolution
A method for increasing the temporal fidelity, increasing the temporal sampling density, and/or reducing the temporal noise of a series of image frames obtained with a medical imaging system is provided. The image frames are acquired with the medical imaging system.
 Balloon system including registration marking patent thumbnailBalloon system including registration marking
A system for registering images is provided. The system includes a first imaging device having an imager positioned at a distal end thereof.
 Automatic field-of-view size calculation constraint patent thumbnailAutomatic field-of-view size calculation constraint
Systems and methods for generating an image. One system includes a processor.
 Image-based determination of compression element deflection patent thumbnailImage-based determination of compression element deflection
The invention relates to x-ray imaging technology as well as image post-processing and analyzing. An x-ray imaging system element (3), an x-ray imaging system (2), the use of a system element in an x-ray imaging system and the method (40) of determining a deflection of a compression element is disclosed.
 System and method for phase-contrast x-ray imaging patent thumbnailSystem and method for phase-contrast x-ray imaging
A differential phase contrast x-ray imaging system includes an x-ray illumination system, a beam splitter arranged in a radiation path of the x-ray illumination system, and a detection system arranged in a radiation path to detect x-rays after passing through the beam splitter.. .
 Color sequence illumination system with phosphor light filter patent thumbnailColor sequence illumination system with phosphor light filter
An illuminator for an imaging system using a spatial light modulator has first color laser light directed by a dichroic element to a first annular band on a rotatable member. The first band includes phosphor segments that respond to illumination by the first color light to emit second and third color light along a first path back to the dichroic element for output, and a light transmitting or reflecting segment that transmits or reflects the first color along the same or a second path back to the dichroic element for output.
 Method and apparatus for measuring motion of a subject using a series of partial images from an imaging system patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for measuring motion of a subject using a series of partial images from an imaging system
A line scan imager is used to determine the motion of a subject. Each line of image data from the line scan imager is compared with a reference image.
 Dynamic augmented reality vision systems patent thumbnailDynamic augmented reality vision systems
Imaging systems which include an augmented reality feature are provided with automated means to throttle or excite the augmented reality generator. Compound images are presented whereby an optically captured image is over late with a pewter generated image portion to form the complete augmented image for presentation to a user.
Wireless local transmit coils and array with controllable load
A local radio frequency (rf) transmitting coil (26) of a magnetic resonance imaging system (5) has a plurality of coil elements (100). Each coil element (100) has an adjustable load (62) which is adjusted by a control unit (60) to adjust a transmitted b1 field distribution.
System and method for rapid, multi-shot segmented magnetic resonance imaging
A system and method for medical imaging using a magnetic resonance imaging system includes performing a segmented echo planar imaging (epi) pulse sequence. The pulse sequence includes performing multiple radio frequency (rf) excitation pulses designed to excite multiple imaging slices across the subject simultaneously.
Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
In a photoelectric conversion device capable of adding signals of photoelectric conversion elements included in each of photoelectric conversion units, each of the photoelectric conversion elements includes a first semiconductor region of a first conductivity type for collecting a signal charge, a second semiconductor region of a second conductivity type is arranged between the photoelectric conversion elements arranged adjacent to each other and included in the photoelectric conversion unit, and a third semiconductor region of the second conductivity type is arranged between the photoelectric conversion elements arranged adjacent to each other among the plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and included in different photoelectric conversion units arranged adjacent to each other. An impurity concentration of the second semiconductor region is lower than an impurity concentration of the third semiconductor region..
Focusing a charged particle imaging system
A charged particle beam focusing apparatus includes a charged particle beam generator configured to project simultaneously at least one non-astigmatic charged particle beam and at least one astigmatic charged particle beam onto locations on a surface of a specimen, thereby causing released electrons to be emitted from the locations. The apparatus also includes an imaging detector configured to receive the released electrons from the locations and to form images of the locations from the released electrons.
Low impedance interface circuit to maximize bandwidth and provide bias control
A multichannel application specific integrated circuit (asic) for interfacing with an array of photodetectors in a positron emission tomography (pet) imaging system includes a front end circuit configured to be coupled to the photodetectors and to receive discrete analog signals therefrom. The asic further includes a time discriminating circuit operably coupled to the front end circuit and configured to generate a hit signal based on a combination of the discrete analog signals, and an energy discriminating circuit operably coupled to the front end circuit and configured to generate a summed energy output signal based on each of the discrete analog signals and summed row and column output signals based on each of the discrete analog signals.
Acousto-electromagnetic investigation of physical properties of an object
An imaging system for an object such as human or animal tissue applies acoustic vibrations localised in two or three dimensions and simultaneously illuminates the object with an illuminating electromagnetic wave. The acoustic vibration comprises a carrier wave that is amplitude modulated by an am waveform.
Electronic docking system and method for robotic positioning system
An apparatus includes a robotic positioning device and a locating mat. The locating mat includes a location pattern and can be disposed on a floor at a desired position relative to a movable cradle of an imaging system.
Environment property estimation and graphical display
A surgical robot including an imaging system comprising at least one camera, a processor in communication with the imaging system, a manipulation system in communication with the processor, and a visual display in communication with the processor. The processor is operable to calculate a mechanical property estimate for an area of an environment based on an environment model of tool-environment interaction data, create a composite image comprising a mechanical property map of the mechanical property estimate overlaid on an environment image from the at least one camera, and output the composite image on the visual display..
Transformer-based multiplexer for ultrasound imaging system and method
A low-loss high-voltage multiplexer is implemented using a transformer that is connected to one transmitter, one receiver and transducer elements. At least one primary winding is magnetically coupled at least two secondary windings.
Non-linear echogenic markers
Medical devices include echogenic subregions and echolucent subregions arranged in an alternating pattern and having exogenous features. Examples include metal printing and cast metal being applied to a plastic structure.
Magnetic resonance imaging of bone tissue
A medical apparatus includes a magnetic resonance imaging system for acquiring magnetic resonance data from an imaging volume, a processor for controlling the medical apparatus, and a memory containing machine executable instructions and a pulse sequence. The magnetic resonance data acquired using the pulse sequence comprises free induction decay data and multiple gradient echo data.
Wireless endoscopic surgical device
A wireless endoscopic surgical device used for minimally invasive procedures comprises a handheld component and a separate power module. The handheld component consisting of a handle and a conduit houses a wireless imaging system and a single led light source.
Arrayed imaging systems having improved alignment and associated methods
Arrayed imaging systems include an array of detectors formed with a common base and a first array of layered optical elements, each one of the layered optical elements being optically connected with a detector in the array of detectors.. .
System and method for acquiring optoacoustic data and producing parametric maps using subband acoustic compensation
A method is disclosed for generating sinograms by sampling transducers acoustically coupled with a surface of a volume after a pulse of light, each transducer being associated with a channel in an optoacoustic imaging system, and processing at least two multi-channel sinograms, each corresponding to a different one of the at least two different predominant wavelengths, to create at least two processed sinograms. The processing step includes a step of sub-band acoustic compensation.
Method to prepare an interventional and/or diagnostic imaging procedure with at least two different medical imaging modalitites
In a method and medical imaging system to prepare an interventional and/or diagnostic imaging procedure to be conducted with at least two different medical imaging modalities of the system, a patient is positioned on a patient support device and the patient support device, together with the patient, are moved into a patient acquisition region of a first medical imaging modality of the system. A first image data set of the patient to be examined is acquired with the first medical imaging modality.
Radiographic imaging apparatus, radiographic imaging system, and radiographic imaging method
There are provided the following components: an fpd that has a plurality of pixels, in which signal electric charges corresponding to amounts of x-rays incident are accumulated, and that is capable of nondestructively reading data which indicates the x-ray image; an amplifier that amplifies a signal sent from the fpd and has a variable gain; an evaluation value calculation section that obtains an evaluation value for evaluating the x-ray image; and a gain adjustment section that calculates a new gain of the amplifier used at the time of rereading. The gain of the amplifier is changed to a value of a new gain which is calculated by the gain adjustment section, and the x-ray image is reread..
Optical scanning and imaging systems based on dual pulsed laser systems
The invention relates to scanning pulsed laser systems for optical imaging. Coherent dual scanning laser systems (cdsl) are disclosed and some applications thereof.
Digital microform reader and method
The invention is directed to a digital microform reader that has a form carrier. A light projection system projects light onto the form carrier.
Telepresence using panoramic imaging and directional sound and motion
An imaging system comprising a panoramic visual image display, an associated directional sound playback device, and an associated motion reproduction device is disclosed. The imaging system conveys visual, sound and motion information related to a particular viewing direction to provide a realistic experience for the viewer.
Wide-field of view (fov) imaging devices with active foveation capability
The present invention comprises a foveated imaging system capable of capturing a wide field of view image and a foveated image, where the foveated image is a controllable region of interest of the wide field of view image.. .
User interface for efficiently displaying relevant oct imaging data
The present invention is an oct imaging system user interface for efficiently providing relevant image displays to the user. These displays are used during image acquisition to align patients and verify acquisition image quality.
Monte carlo modeling of field angle-dependent spectra for radiographic imaging systems
Methods and/or apparatus for iteratively reconstructing a 3-dimensional volume for an object captured with radiographic imaging that includes an electronic sensor, exemplary methods can be performed at least in part on a computer, can include receiving a 3-dimensional volume data set generated from imaging an object; identifying a set of intra system components corresponding to system components used to capture images of the object, where the intra system components include at least an x-ray source within system components configured to be placed before the object; representing x-ray emission characteristics of the x-ray source as a function of angle and energy; using the 3d emission characteristics to simulate the forward projection of x-ray photons to generate a primary image and/or a scattered image; and using the primary image and/or the scattered image to reconstruct an improved 3-dimensional volume data set.. .
Method and apparatus for remote object sensing employing compressive sensing
A method for remote object sensing on-board a vehicle includes employing compressive sensing to analyze a waveform originating from an on-vehicle low-resolution radar imaging system and reflected from a remote object. The compressive sensing includes generating a matrix including a temporal projection, a fourier transform, and an integral term configured to analyze the reflected waveform.
Magnetic resonance imaging system
A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system includes a main magnet configured to generate a static magnetic field, a gradient coil configured to generate a gradient magnetic field, and a radio frequency (rf) coil including a plurality of rf coils corresponding to volumes representing target regions of a subject.. .
Downhole impression imaging system and methods using shape memory material
A system and method for obtaining an impression of an object in a remote environment. An impression block is affixed to a running string and disposed into the remote environment and used to form an impression.
System and method for multi-roi mri imaging using an rf loop coil
A system and method for producing an image using a radio frequency (rf) coil in a magnetic resonance imaging system (mri). A static magnetic field (b0) extends across a first and second region of interest (roi).
Compensator for multiple surface imaging
A system and method for imaging biological samples on multiple surfaces of a support structure are disclosed. The support structure may be a flow cell through which a reagent fluid is allowed to flow and interact with the biological samples.
Automatic online registration between a robot and images
A registration system and method includes a configurable device (104) having one or more moveable features (122) such that movement of the moveable features can be determined relative to a reference to define a specific configuration of the configurable device. An imaging system (110) has a display on which the configurable device is viewable.
Radiation imaging system and control method thereof, and radiation image detecting device
Upon input of a synchronization signal, which indicates a start of an x-ray emission, from a source control unit for controlling an x-ray source, an electronic cassette makes an fpd start an accumulation operation and measurement of an x-ray dose. The electronic cassette and a console command their communicators to stop communication of any signal other than a stop signal, which stops the x-ray emission from the x-ray source, during the accumulation operation of the fpd.
Advanced collimator aperture curve
A ct imaging system and a method for determining a ct collimator slit profile. The method includes determining a profile of two opposite edges of the collimator slit in a longitudinal direction thereof based on the following: a vertical distance between a focus of a radiation source to the collimator slit, a vertical distance between the focus and the radiation detector, an inclination angle between adjacent detector elements, a length of each detector element, a desired width of projection on the radiation detector by the radiation rays passing through the slit whose longitudinal edge profile is to be determined, and an offset angle of a connecting line from a point on a longitudinal center line of the slit to the focus relative to a plane passing said focus and perpendicular to the slit..
Ultrasonic holography imaging system and method
An ultrasonic holography imaging system and method are provided. The ultrasonic holography imaging system includes an ultrasonic transducer array coupled to an analog processing section.
Correspondence mapping between an imaging system and a directional rendering system
An image processing system generates a correspondence mapping between an imaging system and a directional rendering system using first and second images captured to include and first and second coded patterns displayed simultaneously in at least partially non-overlapping views.. .
Local coil and magnetic resonance imaging system
A local coil and a magnetic resonance imaging system are provided. The local coil includes an antenna part, an adjustment part and a transmission part.
Reducing the radio-frequency transmit field in a predetermined volume during magnetic resonance imaging
Embodiments of the invention relate to a magnetic resonance imaging system (300) for acquiring magnetic resonance data (358) from a subject (318) that may comprise an electrically conductive object (e.g. An implant or a medical device).
Method and control device for operating a magnetic resonance system
In a method and a control device for operating a magnetic resonance imaging system, initially, in a sequence module, multiple slices are excited in an examination object by respective spatially selective rf slice excitation pulses whereby the time between two consecutive of these rf slice excitation pulses defines a first time interval. A preparation block follows the last excitation pulse.
Automatic detection of patient body profile and intelligent positioning of patient
An imaging system for achieving automatic detection of a patient's body profile and intelligent positioning of the patient. The imaging system includes at least one transmitter disposed on one side of a bore of the imaging system, and a receiver disposed on the other side of the bore of the imaging system.
Automatic detection of patient body profile and intelligent positioning of patient
An imaging system configured to automatically detect a patient's body profile and to position the patient. The imaging system includes a scan support member configured to support a scan object, a processing device; and an identification device electrically connected to the processing device.
System and method for adjusting the light output of an optoacoustic imaging system
A system and method for adjusting the light output of an optoacoustic imaging system is presented. An optoacoustic imaging system includes a light source such as a laser, the light source having a light output control, a probe for delivering light to a volume, the probe being associated with one or more sensors, a light path operatively connected to the first light source, the light path providing light from the first light source to the probe.
Interfacing with a mobile telepresence robot
A telepresence robot may include a drive system, a control system, an imaging system, and a mapping module. The mapping module may access a plan view map of an area and tags associated with the area.
Prediction of a likely contrast medium behavior
A method is disclosed for the prediction of a likely contrast medium behavior for a contrast medium-assisted examination of an object under investigation. In an embodiment, the method includes detecting patient-specific blood flow behavior data in a pre-measurement making use of a defined examination protocol and determining an individual impulse response function from the blood flow behavior data; detecting a pre-measured heart rate signal associated with the pre-measurement; and predicting the likely contrast medium behavior based on the individual impulse response function, the pre-measured heart rate signal and a current examination protocol, and a currently detected heart rate signal.
Plenoptic otoscope
A plenoptic otoscope enables three-dimensional and/or spectral imaging of the inside of the ear to assist in improved diagnosis of inflammations and infections. The plenoptic otoscope includes a primary imaging system and a plenoptic sensor.
Imaging system having a quick connect coupling interface
An imaging system can include a base unit and one or more imaging units. The base unit can include a main interface that has a plurality of main electrical connectors and one or more main mechanical connectors.
Protein microarray assay imager
An approach is described that combines distinct properties of a specialized porous nitrocellulose film (pnc) with quantum nanoparticles to create an improved assay and detection sensitivity, permitting the development of a camera-based imaging system for fluorescent detection of macromolecules in microarray format. The two properties of pnc that facilitate the approach are an extraordinarily high binding capacity and a newly observed internal scattering of light.
Systems and methods for fast kilovolt switching in an x-ray system
Various of the disclosed embodiments contemplate systems and methods in an x-ray imaging system, such as a ct system, facilitating more crisp switching between high and low voltages at an x-ray tube. Certain embodiments circuits which store and discharge energy to improve voltage rise and fall times.
Radiation imaging system and operating method thereof, and radiation image detecting device
A measurement area selection circuit has an irradiation field determination unit, an object area determination unit, and a measurement area determination unit. The irradiation field determination unit determines an irradiation field of an imaging surface of an fpd.
X-ray imaging apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, x-ray imaging method and medical image processing method
According to one embodiment, an x-ray imaging apparatus includes an x-ray image acquisition unit, a control system and a display processing part. The x-ray image acquisition unit is configured to acquire x-ray image data of an object using at least one imaging system.
Imaging system gantry tilt support
An imaging system (500) includes an annular shaped rotating gantry (504) having an aperture (501) and configured to support at least a radiation source, wherein the rotating gantry rotates about a rotation axis (508) around an examination region, and wherein the rotation axis is located within the aperture in a center region (508) of the examination region. The imaging system further includes a stationary gantry (502), configured to rotatably support the rotating gantry.
Ultrasound imaging system
An ultrasound imaging system includes a probe with a transducer array with at least one transducer element that transmits ultrasound signal and receives echo signals produced in response thereto. The system further includes a console with a controller that controls the at least one element to transmit the ultrasound signals and receive the echo signals, and an echo processor that processes the received echoes and generates images indicative thereof.
Imaging system and related techniques
A method and apparatus for imaging using a double-clad fiber is described.. .
Optical guidance systems and methods using mutually distinct signal-modifying sensors
In an embodiment, a guidance system determines a location parameter of an object, and includes: at least one oscillating element located at the object for emitting modulated optical radiation; at least two mutually distinct signal-modifying electro-optical sensors, each of the electro-optical sensors having a detector and a demodulator for generating a demodulated electrical signal in response to detection of at least a portion of the modulated optical radiation; and a processor for determining the location parameter from the demodulated electrical signals. In another embodiment, a guidance system has aberration-corrected imaging and includes: a plurality of electro-optical sensors sharing a field of view and mutually distinctly providing a respective plurality of altered images therefrom; and an image generator module for linearly and non-linearly processing spatial frequency properties of the plurality of altered images to synthesize an aberration-corrected image for the imaging system..
Illumination system and projection device comprising the same
An illumination system and a projection device comprising the same are provided. The projection device comprises an imaging system and the illumination system.
Thermal imaging system capable of tracing specific portion in thermal image and method of tracing specific portion using the same
The present invention relates to a thermal imaging system capable of tracing a specific portion in a thermal image and a method of tracing a specific portion using thereof. The thermal imaging system includes a thermal imaging camera; an imaging camera installed to be adjacent to the thermal imaging camera; and a position measurement apparatus installed to be adjacent to the thermal imaging camera in order to measure photographing positions of the thermal imaging camera and the imaging camera.
Reflectometer, spectrophotometer, ellipsometer or polarimeter system including sample imaging system that simultaneously meets scheimpflug condition and overcomes keystone error
An imaging system, and method of its use, for viewing a sample surface at an inclined angle, preferably in functional combination with a sample investigating reflectometer, spectrophotometer, ellipsometer or polarimeter system; wherein the imaging system provides that a sample surface and multi-element imaging detector surface are oriented with respect to one another to meet the scheimpflug condition, and wherein a telecentric lens system is simultaneously positioned between the sample surface and the input surface of the multi-element imaging detector such that an image of the sample surface produced by said multi-element imaging detector is both substantially in focus over the extent thereof, and such that substantially no keystone error is demonstrated in said image.. .
Methods and systems for speed calibration in spectral imaging systems
This disclosure generally relates to spectral imaging and, more particularly, to methods and systems for speed calibration in spectral imaging systems. In one embodiment, a spectral imaging system is disclosed, comprising: an imaging sensor configured to acquire image data for an imaged object; a multi-band wavelength filter disposed to filter light detected by the imaging sensor; and a motion stage configured to cause relative motion between the imaged object and the multi-band wavelength filter at a motion rate that is based on a frame rate of the imaging sensor and a number of wavelength bands of the wavelength filter utilized to filter light detected by the imaging sensor; wherein the motion rate is set such that light detected by the imaging sensor corresponding to a portion of the imaged object is filtered by successive wavelength bands of the wavelength filter for successive frames capturing the portion of the imaged object..
Focus and imaging system and techniques using error signal
Systems and techniques for an optical scanning microscope and/or other appropriate imaging system includes components for scanning and collecting focused images of a tissue sample and/or other object disposed on a slide. The focusing system described herein provides for determining best focus for each snapshot as a snapshot is captured, which may be referred to as “on-the-fly focusing.” best focus may be determined using an error function generated according to movement of a dither focusing lens.
Release agent composition for solid inkjet imaging systems for improved coefficient of friction
A functional amine release agent displaying reduced coefficient of friction as compared to standard silicone oils, the release agent comprising a polydimethylsiloxane oil and a functional amine selected from the group consisting of pendant propylamines and pendant n-(2-aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyl; wherein the concentration of functional amine to polydimethylsiloxane oil is approximately less than 0.0006 meq/g. According to certain embodiments, the functional amine release agent is operable to impart a coefficient of friction of about 0.3 or more to the print media, resulting in improved finishing and converting equipment interaction..
Printhead color density correction in printing systems
A printing system includes a linehead that jets ink onto a moving print media to print a test block and an integrated imaging system positioned downstream of the linehead with respect to a media transport direction. The integrated imaging system includes an opening in a housing for receiving light reflected from a moving print media.
Printhead color density correction in printing systems
A method for color density correction in a printing system that includes a linehead, with one or more printheads, that jets ink onto a moving print media and an integrated imaging system that captures images of content printed on the moving print media is provided. One or more pixel data values and a measured density value trace for a printed test block are produced by scanning the test block and averaging pixel data in a print media transport direction.
Magnetic resonance imaging system, data processing apparatus, and method for generating magnetic resonance image
A method and apparatus for generating a magnetic resonance image including applying to a target first radio frequency (rf) pulses having phases and different frequencies to excite a plurality of sub-volumes constituting a volume of the target, and acquiring first magnetic resonance signals from the plurality of sub-volumes, and applying to the target second rf pulses having the same frequencies as the frequencies of the first rf pulses and phases at least one of which is different from the phases of the first rf pulses, and acquiring second magnetic resonance signals from the plurality of sub-volumes. Also, data may be generated based on the first and second magnetic resonance signals..
Imaging system
An imaging system includes: an illumination unit configured to emit illumination light for illuminating a subject; a light receiving unit in which pixels are arranged two-dimensionally, each pixel being configured to receive light and generate an electric signal by performing photoelectric conversion of the light; a readout unit configured to sequentially read out the electric signal from the light receiving unit for every horizontal line; and an illumination controller configured to keep intensity of the illumination light emitted from the illumination unit constant in at least a part of a readout period where the readout unit reads out the horizontal line of the light receiving unit in one frame or one field period, and configured to variably control an illumination time of the illumination light emitted from the illumination unit, outside the readout period.. .
Flat-field imaging system and methods of use
A method of aligning a plurality of targets is provided. The method includes generating a plurality of targets.

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