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Image Analysi patents

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Method and apparatus for motion detection

Arria Data2text Limited

Method and apparatus for motion detection

Automated image system for scoring changes in quantitative interstitial lung disease

Regents Of University Of California

Automated image system for scoring changes in quantitative interstitial lung disease

Automated image system for scoring changes in quantitative interstitial lung disease

At&t Mobility Ii

Method and apparatus for image collection and analysis

Date/App# patent app List of recent Image Analysi-related patents
 Reducing camera interference using image analysis patent thumbnailReducing camera interference using image analysis
Various embodiments relating to reducing camera interference are disclosed. In one embodiment, an infrared image of a scene may be received from a camera that emits infrared light.
Microsoft Corporation

 Method and  motion detection patent thumbnailMethod and motion detection
Image analysis techniques may be employed to identify moving and/or static object within a sequence of spatial data frames (102, 300). Attributes of interest may be identified within a sequence of spatial data frames (102, 300).
Arria Data2text Limited

 Automated image system for scoring changes in quantitative interstitial lung disease patent thumbnailAutomated image system for scoring changes in quantitative interstitial lung disease
Automated image analysis systems and methods are disclosed to quantify change in fibrosis and interstitial lung disease. The system generates scoring changes in quantitative interstitial lung disease (qild) by filtering the uploaded images to minimize cross-site variability within images, sampling from a grid of pixels or voxels within the ct images, classifying individual pixels or voxels within downloaded images based on one or more selected texture features, generating a qild score for each image based on selected features within the image, and calculating a transition between qild scores within the plurality of ct images..
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Method and  image collection and analysis patent thumbnailMethod and image collection and analysis
A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a processor that can detect an event, access location information for a group of mobile communication devices that are each automatically capturing images, and identify a subset of the group of mobile communication devices that are in proximity to the event based on the location information. The processor can provide first image analysis criteria to the subset of the group of mobile communication devices without providing the first image analysis criteria to remaining devices of the group of mobile communication devices where the first image analysis criteria includes first characteristics associated with an object.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

 Image analysis patent thumbnailImage analysis
Provided is a method for performing analysis on an image. An image is provided to users, wherein contents of the image are hidden from the users.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 System and  analyzing patient orientation, location and movement patent thumbnailSystem and analyzing patient orientation, location and movement
Systems, devices and methods for analyzing the movement, orientation, and location of patients and other users within a hospital, nursing home, or other setting where patient monitoring is desired. One or more sensors or markers are positioned on the body of the user, and a plurality of readers or transceivers in known relative location within the patient care environment detect or communicate with the sensors or markers to identify user location.
Centauri Medical Inc.

 Portable medical device and  quantitative retinal image analysis through a smartphone patent thumbnailPortable medical device and quantitative retinal image analysis through a smartphone
The present invention essentially consists of an integrated system that allows acquisition and quantitative analysis of high-resolution images of the retina. The integrated system includes an optical device and a software app.
Universita Della Calabria

 Meat assessment device patent thumbnailMeat assessment device
A method for assessing the quality of a piece of meat may be described. The method may include creating a plurality of cross-sectional images through a piece of meat.
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Interactive and automated tissue image analysis with global training database and variable-abstraction processing in cytological specimen classification and laser capture microdissection applications patent thumbnailInteractive and automated tissue image analysis with global training database and variable-abstraction processing in cytological specimen classification and laser capture microdissection applications
A system and method for performing tissue image analysis and region of interest identification for further processing applications such as laser capture microdissection is provided. The invention provides three-stage processing with flexible state transition that allows image recognition to be performed at an appropriate level of abstraction.
Life Technologies Corporation

 System for lightweight image processing patent thumbnailSystem for lightweight image processing
An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides a system and method for image analysis and processing. The present invention provides a software package for processing afm data.
The Johns Hopkins University


Polycrystalline diamond construction and making same

A polycrystalline diamond construction comprising a body of polycrystalline diamond material is formed of a mass of diamond grains exhibiting inter-granular bonding and defining a plurality of interstitial regions therebetween, and a non-diamond phase at least partially filling a plurality of the interstitial regions to form non-diamond phase pools, the non-diamond phase pools each having an individual cross-sectional area. The percentage of non-diamond phase in the total area of a cross-section of the body of polycrystalline diamond material and the mean of the individual cross-sectional areas of the non-diamond phase pools in the image analysed using an image analysis technique at a selected magnification is less than 0.7, or less than 0.340 microns squared, or between around 0.005 to 0.340 microns squared depending on the percentage of non-diamond phase in the total area of the cross-section of the polycrystalline diamond construction.
Element Six Abrasives S.a.


Identification device, portable key device, lock device, and identifying a portable key device

An identification device includes a portable key device which has a first memory device for storing an associated identifier and a projector device which is configured to project an optical code matrix, which is based on the identifier, as an image, and a lock device which is configured to detect the image of the optical code matrix projected by the projector device via a sensor device, and to carry out an image analysis of the detected image of the optical code matrix via an identification device, and on the basis thereof, to identify the portable key device with the aid of a comparison of the identifier analyzed from the optical code matrix with identifiers stored in a second memory device of the lock device.. .


Visibility estimation device, visibility estimation method, and safe driving support system

A device to estimate visibility change of surroundings, including: an image recognition unit that detects a landmark by analyzing an image; an information storage unit that records, as a detection history in the past, an image analysis result of the landmark detected by the image recognition unit and a detection position when the landmark is detected by the image recognition unit; and a visibility judgment unit that estimates, when the landmark corresponding to the detection history recorded in the information storage unit is detected again by the image recognition unit, change in visibility on the basis of comparison between a detection position when detected again and the detection position in the past recorded in the information storage unit.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Information processor and information processing method

An image storage section 48 stores shot image data with a plurality of resolutions transmitted from an imaging device. Depth images 152 with a plurality of resolutions are generated using stereo images with a plurality of resolution levels from the shot image data (s10).
Sony Computer Entrtainment Inc.


Method and device for determining an orientation of an object

The invention relates to a method for determining a spatial orientation of an auxiliary measurement object for a laser tracker, said measurement object having reference features which provide points of light. The tracker has a base, a support which can be pivoted in a motorized manner, a pivoting unit which can be rotated about a tilting axis in a motorized manner and which comprises an image capturing unit for capturing an image of the points of light, and a beam source for emitting a laser beam.
Leica Geosystems Ag


Security system using ladar-based sensors

A security sensor system comprises one or more laser detection and ranging (ladar) sensors configured for accumulation of three-dimensional image data. In one embodiment, the one or more ladar sensors each comprise a ladar device, such as a mems device, configured to transmit a plurality of laser pulses, and a microprocessor operatively coupled to the ladar device.
Honeywell International Inc.


Method for characterising particles by image analysis

A method for characterizing particles including: producing at least one image of the particles of a sample with a scanning electron microscope, capturing and processing the image. The processing includes: for each usable particle, measuring maximum feret length and minimum feret width of same; defining a geometric model of the particle from the maximum feret length and minimum feret width of same; calculating a projected area of the particle from the geometric model and the minimum feret width of same; calculating a volume of the particle from the geometric model, the projected area and the maximum feret length of same; calculating a characteristic particle size on the basis of the geometric model, the minimum feret width and maximum feret length; calculating a volume shape factor from the volume and characteristic size..
Commissariat à L'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies Alternatives


Hoisting type continuous casting device, hoisting type continuous casting method, and solidification interface detection device

A hoisting type continuous casting device includes a keeping furnace, a first shape regulating member, an imaging section, an image analysis section, and a casting control section. The keeping furnace keeps a melt.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Control device for communicating visual information

Methods and systems for processing input by a computing device are presented. One method includes operations for receiving images of a control device that includes an object section, and for determining a location of the control device utilizing image analysis for each captured image.


Image analysis apparatus mounted to vehicle

An image of a region in front of a vehicle is picked up by a camera and analyzed by a control unit to learn a focus-of-expansion position. The control unit controls learning of a focus-of-expansion position based on outputs of a wheel-speed sensor and an acceleration sensor.


Performing and monitoring drug delivery

An opto-mechanical system for operation with a container containing a fluid to be administered in an eye or a container such as a syringe for example to administer an insulin injection. The mount of the system is equipped with an optical system and a processing/recording means configured to receive optical data, from light (visual or infra-red) reflected by an area in the vicinity of the eye, which data represents temporal and spatial characteristics of a process of administering drops of the fluid from the container into the eye.


Apparatus and sub-micrometer elemental image analysis by mass spectrometry

A mass spectrometer system for elemental analysis of a planar sample is provided. In some embodiments, the mass spectrometer system comprises: a primary ion source capable of irradiating a segment on planar sample with a beam of primary ions that is less than 1 mm in diameter, c) an orthogonal ion mass-to-charge ratio analyzer positioned downstream of sample interface, the analyzer being configured to separate secondary elemental atomic ions according to their mass-to-charge ratio by time of flight; d) an ion detector for detecting the secondary elemental atomic ions and producing mass spectra measurements; and e) a synchronizer, wherein the system is configured so that so that the beam of primary ions scans across the planar sample in two dimensions and the synchronizer associates the mass spectra measurements with positions on the planar sample..


Image analysis device, image analysis system, and image analysis method

The purpose of the present invention is to provide an image analysis technique enabling a detection subject to be rapidly detected from image data. This image analysis device generates metadata for a query image containing the detection subject, and using the metadata, narrows down the image data serving as the search subject beforehand and then conducts object detection..


Information processing system, information device, and wearable information device

A wearable information device is configured to store device identifying information used for identifying the information device registered in advance, to confirm whether or not a taken image, in which an object in a direction of line of vision of a user is taken, shows the information, by image analysis based on the stored device identifying information, and to notify the information device of a result of the confirmation. The information device is configured to execute a predetermined function on the basis of the result of the confirmation of the information device notified from the wearable information device..
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


System and video wall setup and adjustment using automated image analysis

A system is disclosed for identifying, placing and configuring a physical arrangement of a plurality of displays via image analysis of captured digital camera images depicting unique configuration images output to said displays to facilitate uniform operation of said plurality of displays as a single display area for example as a video wall. The system pairs and configures displays depicted in the captured images to individual displays within the physical arrangement through controlling and analyzing of the output of said displays captured in said images.
Userful Corporation


Method and recognizing a character based on a photographed image

An apparatus and a method for recognizing a character based on an input image is provided. The apparatus includes an input unit configured to receive the input image and a controller configured to select, from the input image, a region of image analysis to be used for image analysis, and to analyze the selected region of image analysis to determine a type of the input image, to apply, to the input image, an image effect for distinguishing a character region and a background region in the input image if the type of the input image indicates that the input image is obtained by photographing a display screen, to binarize output of the image effect according to the determined type of the input image, and to recognize a character from the binarized output of the image effect..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method of analyzing image of cell in laminated structure and evaluating laminated structure for corneal transplantation

A method of analyzing an image of a cell in a laminated structure may include the steps of: (a) fluorescently labeling a cell nucleus in the laminated structure having at least one cell layer and one or more other types of biomolecules; (b) acquiring a plurality of planar tomographic fluorescent labeled images in different height directions from the laminated structure for each type of fluorescently labeled biomolecules after the step (a); (c) superimposing a planar tomographic fluorescent labeled image group acquired in the step (b) to construct a three-dimensional tomographic image; (d) dividing the three-dimensional tomographic image constructed in the step (c) into one or two or more cell regions; (e) producing one planar stacked image for each divided cell region after the step (d); and (f) performing image analysis on each planar stacked image produced in the step (e) to analyze cells in the laminated structure.. .
Olympus Corporation


Device, image analysis and computer-readable medium

A device, method for image analysis and a computer-readable medium are provided. The method includes loading a first video stream having a first resolution, and selecting one first video frame of the first video stream.
Vivotek Inc.


Recipe based time-lapse image analysis

A computerized recipe station for time-lapse image analysis method includes the steps of inputting an image sequence and an initial recipe to a computer storage; performing by a computer program an incremental apply using the image sequence and the initial recipe to generate an incremental output; pausing the incremental apply; using the incremental output to perform an incremental output assurance operation, which may be an intermediate result analysis to generate an analysis output, a recipe update to generate an updated recipe, or a result editing to generate an edited incremental output; and continuing the incremental apply until pausing or completion to generate a processing output. The analysis output generated by the intermediate result analysis may be used to guide the recipe update step or used to guide the result editing step..
Drvision Technologies Llc


Image analysis device, imaging system, and non-transitory recording medium

An image analysis device includes: an acquiring unit configured to acquire a moving image showing a variation of a respiratory status, the moving image being formed with frame images including an image of a heart; an image analyzing unit configured to generate a first index indicating a cardiac status with respect to each of the frame images; and an index analyzing unit configured to derive a second index indicating lung function from a change caused in the first indexes by the respiratory status.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Image processing system and method

An image processing system and an image processing method. The image processing system includes: an image analysis engine configured to analyze an input image and generate metadata about the input image; an indexing engine configured to structuralize and organize the metadata and generate index data based on the metadata; a search engine configured to extract index data matching a search condition and image data corresponding to the index data matching the search condition, from the input image; and a browsing engine configured to generate a heatmap based on the extracted index data and image data and display the heatmap and an image matching the search condition on a screen..
Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.


Application of quantum dots for nuclear staining

Embodiments of a system, method, and kit for visualizing a nucleus are disclosed. A tissue sample is pretreated with a protease to permeabilize the nucleus, and then incubated with a nanoparticle/dna-binding moiety conjugate.
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.


Automated measurement coronary artery disease scoring

Automated image analysis used in vascular disease characterization. Coronary vasculature in particular is automatically characterized in some embodiments for lesion complexity and related anatomical and/or functional parameters related to disease state.
Cathworks Ltd.


Endoscope system and control endoscope system

An endoscope system includes: an endoscope including an insertion portion, an image pickup portion that acquires a plurality of images by time-sequentially picking up optical images of a subject by means of an objective optical system provided in a distal end portion of the insertion portion, and a channel that opens at the distal end portion of the insertion portion; a laser probe that is inserted through the channel; an image analysis portion that detects an area showing the laser probe with respect to each image; and a control portion that permits laser output only in a case where it is determined that the laser probe protrudes from the opening of the channel based on detection results with respect to the area showing the laser probe for a plurality of images that are time-sequentially consecutive.. .
Olympus Corporation


Method and use of smartphone camera to prevent distracted driving

A method and use are described for disabling certain wireless communication device functionalities based on input from the device's user-facing camera. More particularly, image data of the user is collected, image analysis is used to extract certain metrics about the user, and if those metrics are in violation of one or more thresholds one or more device functionalities are disabled.


Image forming device, image forming method and image forming system

An image forming device includes an image forming section, a sheet discharging section that discharges a sheet formed an image to outside of the device, a conveying path that conveys a sheet, a reading section that reads the image formed on the sheet on the conveying path leading from the image forming section to the sheet discharging section and outputs image data, and a control section that controls formation of the image to sequentially form images on sheets at a predetermined cycle, and the control section receives the image data, can execute a plurality of types of image analysis processes on the image data and can select and execute one or more types of image analysis processes which can be executed among the plurality of types of image analysis processes for a predetermined number of the sheets.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Method and system for image analysis

A computer-implemented method for analysing a sample comprising a first material and a second material of generally different densities and having a junction therebetween. The method comprises: defining automatically a plurality of regions of interest within an image of the sample, each of said regions of interest having a width of one or more voxels or pixels; determining respective density, intensity or attenuation profiles within the regions of interest; determining a location of said junction including defining a first reference point within one of said first and second materials and employing the first reference point as current reference point, and (i) determining a closest point to said current reference point that is on said respective profile and in the other of said first and second materials to that of the current reference point; (ii) locating a greatest difference in values of the respective profile between an adjacent peak and trough in a segment of the respective profile between said current reference point and said closest point; and (iii) locating a point of inflexion in said segment..
Straxcorp Pty Ltd


Image analysis and management

Systems, methods and apparatuses are described herein that allow an enterprise to analyze and manage work product images that are stored on a mobile device. Employees of an enterprise may use a mobile device to store both work product images (e.g., images of sensitive or proprietary information) and non-work product images (e.g., personal images).
Citrix Systems, Inc.


System and inputting user commands to a processor

A system for inputting commands to a processor. A processor detects an object in one or more images and extracts one or more image analysis parameters associated with the object.
Eyesight Mobile Technologies Ltd.


Video analysis apparatus, monitoring system, and video analysis method

A video analysis apparatus includes: an identification unit that identifies whether each divided group includes a difference frame with a data size of a predetermined threshold value or more, the group being configured from video data which is encoded video data received from an imaging device captured a monitored base and is divided in units of groups each including a plurality of frames in a chronological order; a decoding unit that performs a decoding process on the plurality of frames of the group identified by the identification unit to include the difference frame with the data size of the predetermined threshold value or more; and a detection unit that performs image analysis on the decoded each frame to detect a moving object.. .
Nec Corporation


Systems and methods for determining parameters for image analysis

Systems and methods for determining parameters for image analysis are provided. One method includes obtaining ultrasound data of an object, generating an image of the object, and identifying a region of interest in the image.
General Electric Company


Skin image analysis

Method of processing an image of the skin is disclosed. The method comprises the receipt of skin image data, the generation of simulated images with artificial transformation and the analysis of the simulated images to form a vector from extracted features..
Skin Analytics Ltd


Systems and methods for aerial imaging and analysis

Various of the disclosed embodiments concern aerial imaging platforms, systems and methods for image analysis, flight redirection, and order placement. In some embodiments, orders for aerial imaging and analysis may be placed by an online, browser-based system.
Terravion, Llc


Image processing device, imaging device, and program

An image processing device comprising an image input unit (102) for inputting an image, a comment creation unit (110) for carrying out an image analysis of the image and creates a comment, an image editing unit (112) for editing the image on the basis of the results of the analysis, and an image output unit (114) for outputting an output image including the comment and the edited image.. .
Nikon Corporation


Approach for managing access to electronic documents on network devices using document analysis, document retention policies and document security policies

An approach for managing access to electronic documents uses document retention and document security policies. In response to a request to access a particular electronic document, a document retention policy and a document security policy are applied to the particular electronic document.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Superhard constructions and methods of making same

A superhard polycrystalline construction comprises a body of polycrystalline superhard material formed of a mass of superhard grains exhibiting inter-granular bonding and defining a plurality of interstitial regions therebetween, the superhard grains having an associated mean free path; and a non-superhard phase at least partially filling a plurality of the interstitial regions and having an associated mean free path. The average grain size of the superhard grains is less than or equal to 25 microns; and the ratio of the standard deviation in the mean free path associated with the non-superhard phase to the mean of the mean free path associated with the non-superhard phase is greater than or equal to 80% when measured using image analysis techniques at a magnification of 1000.
Element Six Abrasives S.a.


Image sequence enhancement and motion picture project management system

The system enables conversion of black and white images to color images and/or two-dimensional images into three-dimensional images based on adding color and/or depth to images using masks for regions in the images, as well as reshaping of masks to cover objects that have moved and changed shape as the objects move in a sequence of images. Also, includes motion picture project management system for reviewers, coordinators and artists.
Legend3d, Inc.


Apparatus, system, and process for determining characteristics of a surface of a papermaking fabric

A process of analyzing wear on a papermaking fabric includes forming a first representation of a portion of a surface of the fabric showing locations and sizes of knuckles and pockets in the surface of the fabric. A first image is generated based on the first representation.
Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp


Image processing apparatus and image processing method

An image processing apparatus includes an input unit to input image data. A first correction unit performs a first type of correction for the input image data, based on a result of analysis of the image data.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Methods for assessing image change and devices thereof

A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and an image analysis computing device that retrieves, based on a captured version of an object in a received image, training images which display related versions of the object and items of data related to the related versions of the object of the training images. Keypoints which are invariant to changes in scale and rotation in the captured version of the object in the received image and in the related versions of the object in the training images are determined.
Wipro Limited


Eyeglass wearing image analysis device, eyeglass wearing image analysis method, and storage medium having eyeglass wearing image analysis program stored

An eyeglass wearing image analysis device includes: an acquisition unit that acquires eyeglass frame type information; and a controller that performs a control operation based on the eyeglass frame type information.. .
Nidek Co., Ltd.


Systems, methods, and computer medium to produce efficient, consistent, and high-confidence image-based electrofacies analysis in stratigraphic interpretations across multiple wells

Embodiments of systems, computer-implemented methods, and non-transitory computer-readable medium having one or more computer programs stored therein are provided to enhance borehole image analysis associated with a hydrocarbon reservoir. A neural network mapping process can first be performed, responsive to openhole log data and core data, to thereby generate a material-type scheme.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Methods and ascertaining specimen and/or sample container characteristics while in transit

Methods of identifying a characteristic of a clinical analysis specimen or a sample container containing the specimen are disclosed. The methods include moving the sample container along a track while causing translation and rotation of the sample container, and capturing two or more images of the sample container during the translation and rotation.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Machine for winding a fibrous material enabling alignment and off-centering control by image analysis

A winding machine for winding a fiber texture onto an impregnation mandrel, includes: a take-up mandrel for storing and unwinding a fiber texture, the take-up mandrel having a substantially horizontal axis of rotation; an impregnation mandrel for receiving superposed layers of the fiber texture unwound from the take-up mandrel, the impregnation mandrel having an axis of rotation that is substantially horizontal and parallel to the axis of rotation of the take-up mandrel; a camera directed towards the fiber texture and the impregnation mandrel to examine the passage of warp tracer yarns and weft tracer yarns present in the fiber texture; an image-analysis module for determining the positions of the intersections of warp tracer yarns with the successive weft tracer yarns and comparing these determined positions with corresponding positions for the intersections of reference warp and weft tracer yarns, and determining an offset value for the fiber texture for each of these intersections; electric motors for driving the mandrels in rotation about their respective axes of rotation; and a control unit for controlling the electric motors for driving rotation of the mandrels.. .
Snecma A Corporation


Specimen container detection

A system is disclosed. The system includes at least one image acquisition device configured to obtain one or more images of sample containers in a sample container holder.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.


Systems and methods for intra-operative image analysis

A system and method for analyzing images to optimize orthopaedic functionality at a site within a patient, including obtaining at least a first, reference image of the site, or a corresponding contralateral site, the first image including at least a first anatomical region or a corresponding anatomical region. At least a second, intra-operative results image of the site is obtained.
Jointpoint, Inc.


Brain tomographic dynamic image analyzing apparatus

In order to provide a tomographic image analyzing apparatus which is simple and which obtains stable results, the tomographic image analyzing apparatus according to this invention includes an image standardizing unit which transforms pet images, in advance of tomographic image analysis, so that the contour of the brain of an subject appearing in the pet images become the contour of a brain represented by standard data. By carrying out such transforming operation before the analysis, there is no need to acquire mri images like before, to be able to ease the burden on the subject.
The University Of Tokyo


Rapid measurement of formed blood component sedimentation rate from small sample volumes

Devices and methods are described for measuring formed blood component sedimentation rate. Some of the methods may use (1) centrifugal techniques for separating red blood cells from plasma and (2) video and/or still imaging capability.
Theranos, Inc.


Battery voltage control device and battery voltage control method

A battery voltage control device includes a step-up module that steps up a voltage of a battery and applies the voltage to a driving motor, an image analysis processing module that acquires and analyzes a piece of image information of an outside of a vehicle that is obtained through imaging, and driving state forecast module that forecasts a driving state including starting or stopping of the vehicle based on a piece of environment information of the outside of the vehicle that is obtained through analysis of the piece of image information and controls step-up by the step-up module based on the forecast driving state.. .
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Biomarker evaluation through image analysis

A method for determining whether a test biomarker is a stain for a type of cell component, such as membrane or nucleus, involves performing various segmentation processes on an image of tissue stained with the test biomarker. One segmentation process searches for a first cell component type, and another segmentation process searches for a second cell component type by segmenting only stained pixels.
Definiens Ag


System and displaying contextual supplemental content based on image content

An image-based content item is analyzed to determine one or more interests of a viewer of the content item. The analysis may include performing image analysis on the content item to determine geographic information that is relevant to an image of the content item.
Google Inc.


Apparatus, system, and process for determining characteristics of a surface of a papermaking fabric

A process of obtaining a fabric. The process includes obtaining an image of a paper product having a three-dimensional structure.
Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp


Ideograms for captured expressions

Particular embodiments of a method comprise analyzing an image to classify an expression displayed on a face shown in a captured image. Image analysis may include detecting the face in the image, generating a characterization of features of the face, and classifying the expression based on the characterization.
Facebook, Inc.


Automated histological diagnosis of bacterial infection using image analysis

The invention relates to an automated decision support system, method, and apparatus for analysis and detection of bacteria in histological sections from tissue biopsies in general, and more specifically, of helicobacter pylori (hp) in histological sections from gastric biopsies. The method includes image acquisition apparatus, data processing and support system conclusions, methods of transferring and storing the slide data, and pathologist diagnosis by reviewing and approving the images classified as containing bacteria, and more specifically hp findings..
Pangea Diagnostics Ltd.


Detection of unauthorized devices on atms

The disclosed embodiments include methods and systems for detecting atm skimmers, other unauthorized devices, such as hidden video cameras or keypad overlays, and/or possible damage to the atm based upon radio frequency (rf) signal emitted from the atm and/or 3d image analysis.. .
Capital One Financial Corporation


Device for imaging an eye

A device is for imaging an eye and is wearable on the object to be examined or otherwise able to be placed to the front of an eye or eyes. When the device is switched on, it automatically performs the imaging such that all images are useful.
Trividi Oy


Information processing device, information terminal, information processing system and calibration method

An information processing device includes: an operation region acquisition unit 14 that performs image analysis to a screen of a touch panel display 13 on which a screen of a portable terminal 2 is displayed by a display control unit 12, and acquires operation region information for identifying a touch operation region corresponding to the screen of the terminal 2; a touch operation information acquisition unit 16 that detects a touch operation to the display 13 and acquires position information of touch operation detected based on the region information; and a coordinate transformation unit 17 that transforms, based on the region information, position information of the touch operation acquired by the unit 16 into position information corresponding to the screen of the terminal 2, thereby remotely operating the terminal 2 by an operation/control information communication unit 18 sending the transformed position information to the terminal 2 as remote operation information.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Bevel-axial auto-focusing microscopic system and method thereof

An embodiment disclosed bevel-axial auto-focusing method for a microscopic system, including: capturing full-frame bevel-axial input image; using image analysis to read image information and transmitting grayscale information to a statistic analysis module; the statistic module extracting image statistic characteristics and performing curve fitting with probability function; and estimating the optimal focus point based on the post-fitting characteristic parameters. A preferred embodiment combines image with gaussian curve fitting and kalman filter, and analyzes the in-focus position based on image quality so as to directly determine the optimal rectification value of the in-focus position on the object surface.
U&u Engineering Inc.


Image analysis and measurement of biological samples

Methods, devices, systems, and apparatuses are provided for the image analysis of measurement of biological samples.. .
Theranos, Inc.


Device and characterizing a sample using localized measurements

Device for characterizing a sample includes a measuring instrument for determining a physical characteristic of the sample at one point thereof; a positioning system for positioning the measuring instrument relative to the sample, to obtain a measurement at a point localized on the sample. The positioning system includes: a locating target connected to the sample and defining a reference system linked thereto; elements for acquiring and analyzing images, including lighting elements for illuminating the target; an optical imaging system connected to the measuring instrument for acquiring an image of at least one portion of the target; and image analysis elements for analyzing the image to determine the position and orientation of the optical imaging system relative to the target; calibration elements for determining the position of the measuring instrument relative to the optical imaging system; and processing elements for processing the results of the image analysis and of the calibration..
Horiba Jobin Yvon Sas


Interactive object and track array based image analysis method

A computerized interactive image analysis method that generates a displayed object region, track region or object sequence array to enable efficient interactive analysis to verify, edit and create a subpopulation of objects, tracks or object region sequences. It enables statistical test applying to a single or a plurality of subpopulation data acquired from a single or a plurality of input images and a single or a plurality of interactive analysis steps..
Drvision Technologies Llc


Methods for detecting and measuring aggregation

Methods, compositions, systems, and devices are provided for performing and analyzing agglutination assays. In one aspect, methods for image analysis of agglutination assays are provided.
Theranos, Inc.


Rapid measurement of formed blood component sedimentation rate from small sample volumes

Devices and methods are described for measuring formed blood component sedimentation rate. Some of the methods may use (1) centrifugal techniques for separating red blood cells from plasma and (2) video and/or still imaging capability.
Theranos, Inc.


Apparatus, microsurgical suture training

Systems and methods of microsuture training include receiving an image or video of a suture; extracting features of the suture from the image or video; scoring the suture based on the extracted features of the suture and based on a rating and complexity of the suture to determine a quality of the suture in an objective manner. A suture training system includes a suture training apparatus configurable with a plurality of orientations of simulated or actual tissue to simulate natural anatomical orientations encountered in actual surgery, wherein the plurality of simulated tissue orientations are objective based on fiducial markings on the suture training apparatus; and an image analysis system configured to receive an image or video of a suture performed on the suture training apparatus; extract features of the suture from the image or video; score the suture..
Digital Surgicals Pte. Ltd.


Simultaneous dual catheter control controlling an imaging catheter to enable treatment by another catheter

Systems, devices, methods, and non-transitory processor-readable storage media for a computing device to generate repositioning instructions for a remotely-controlled catheter positioning system to position a first catheter co-located with a second catheter within a patient's organ, including performing image analysis on imagery generated based on data from the first catheter, calculating positioning corrections based on the performed image analysis, generating repositioning instructions based on the calculated positioning correction information, and transmitting control signals based on the generated repositioning instructions to the remotely-controlled catheter positioning device. The computing device may also determine whether a representation of the second catheter is within the imagery based on the performed image analysis and whether a representation of a tip of the second catheter is at a desired location within the imagery.
Catheter Robotics, Inc.


Auto-exposure method using continuous video frames under controlled illumination

An illumination control process for use in a digital image capture and processing system includes illuminating an object in the field of view with different pulses of illumination over a pair of image frames, detecting digital images of the illuminated object over these image frames, and decode processing the digital images. In an embodiment, upon failure to read a symbol in one of the first and second images, these digital images are analyzed in real-time, and based on the results of this real-time image analysis, the exposure time is adjusted during subsequent image frames.
Metrologic Instruments, Inc.


Novel transcoder and 3d video editor

A system and method for conducting 3d image analysis, generating a lossless stereoscopic master file, uploading the lossless stereoscopic master file to editing software, wherein the editing software generates a disparity map, analyzes a disparity map, analyzes cuts, and creates cut and disparity meta-information, and then scaling media, storing media and streaming the media for playback on a 3d capable viewer is provided.. .
3doo, Inc.


Image analysis of display content for dynamic adjustment of a continuous scan display

Various embodiments relating to reducing memory bandwidth consumed by a continuous scan display screen are provided. In one embodiment, scoring criteria are applied to a reference image of a first image format having a first bit depth to generate an image conversion score.
Nvidia Corporation


Label consistency for image analysis

Systems and techniques are disclosed for labeling objects within an image. The objects may be labeled by selecting an option from a plurality of options such that each option is a potential label for the object.
Google Inc.


Apparatus and iris image analysis

An apparatus including circuitry configured to receive a plurality of images and extract at least one iris image from each of the plurality of images. The circuitry is configured to receive a claimed identity iris image corresponding to an identity to be authenticated, normalize the iris images and the claimed identity iris image, and filter the normalized extracted iris images to select a subset of the normalized extracted iris images based on a similarity measurement relative to the normalized claimed identity iris image.


Method to determine a patient-specific injection profile for administering a therapeutic substance

In a method to determine a patient-specific injection profile for injection of a therapeutic active substance into a vascular system of a patient, which can be implemented by an image analysis device a model of the current flow of a bodily fluid located in the vascular system is determined using a provided 3d image data set of a sub-region of the vascular system, by segmentation of the 3d image data. Inflows and outflows are determined, as well as an inflow curve of the fluid in the sub-region.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Systems, devices, and methods for image analysis

Embodiments of a method for performing image analysis include accessing a digital image of a subject, the digital image comprising a portion of a target substrate of the subject, the digital image comprising a portion of a calibration device; detecting a position of the calibration device by searching the digital image for a predetermined background color; detecting a plurality of color chips on the calibration device; mapping a position of the plurality of color chips on the digital image, each of the plurality of color chips comprising a predetermined chip color; comparing at least a portion of the plurality of color chips with a predetermined color standard; and altering the digital image, based on the comparison, to provide consistent image parameters with other images of the subject.. .
Canfield Scientific, Incorporated


Method and system for image analysis and interpretation

A method is provided that includes identifying a plurality of data sets, each data set is associated with a distribution model and each data set is associated with an image having a first noise level. The method includes partitioning the data sets into a plurality of groups and generating a best representative estimate for each group, the estimate is associated with a second noise level that is less than the first noise level.
Voxeleron, Llc


Online image analysis

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for analyzing image search result relevance. In one aspect, a method includes receiving result data specifying a search query and responsive image search results that reference images that are responsive to the search query.
Google Inc.


Optical speculum

A system for direct imaging and diagnosing of abnormal cells in a target tissue includes a disposable optical speculum and an image acquisition system having the speculum assembled on and mechanically secured thereto. The image acquisition system is arranged to capture at least one of a single image or multiple images or video of cells within the target tissue using at least one of bright field or dark field ring illumination divided into independently operated segments to obtain a plurality of data sets.
Illumigyn Ltd.


Optical device for corneal measuring and corneal measuring

An optical device for corneal measuring includes a light source module, a first optical module, a second optical module including a reference mirror, a light splitter and an image analysis unit. The light of the light source module is transmitted to the first and second optical modules through the light splitter.
Crystalvue Medical Corporation


Optical device for corneal measuring and corneal measuring

An optical device for corneal measuring includes a light source module, a first optical module, a second optical module including a reference mirror, a light splitter and an image analysis unit. The light of the light source module is transmitted to the first and second optical modules through the light splitter.
Crystalvue Medical Corporation


Image analysis device and x-ray diagnostic apparatus

According to one embodiment, an image analysis device (24) includes a parameter value acquisition unit (24b), a color allocation unit (24c) and a time phase image generation unit (24d). The parameter value acquisition unit acquires a parameter value per pixel, on the basis of time variation of pixel values per pixel corresponding to the same region of an object in image data of a plurality of sequential dsa images.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Image analysis device and control an image analysis device

In one embodiment, an image analysis device (65) includes an acquisition unit (66) and an analysis unit (67). The acquisition unit acquires image data of a plurality of images of an imaging region of an object respectively imaged by magnetic resonance imaging before and after administration of contrast medium.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Eye reflection image analysis

Example methods and devices are disclosed for generating life-logs with point-of-view images. An example method may involve: receiving image-related data based on electromagnetic radiation reflected from a human eye, generating an eye reflection image based on the image-related data, generating a point-of-view image by filtering the eye reflection image, and storing the point-of-view image.
Google Inc.


Ppm quantification of iodate using paper device

A highly sensitive method that utilizes a paper analytical device (pad) which measures part per million (ppm) levels of iodate iodometric titration is provided. The pad quantifies concentrations of 0.6-15 parts per million (ppm) of iodine.


Aerial camera identifying route-related hazards

An aerial camera system includes an aerial device disposed onboard a non-aerial vehicle as the non-aerial vehicle moves along a route. The aerial device also can be configured to fly above the route during movement of the vehicle along the route.
General Electric Company


Method for measuring large components

A method for measuring large components, including providing a large component with markings on at least one outer surface at predefined and spaced-apart locations, providing a camera sensor system having at least one camera and one image analysis device for evaluating a camera image, wherein the position and orientation of the camera in relation to a reference point at a distance from the camera are determined, recording camera images of the individual markings using the camera and transmitting the camera images to the image analysis device, evaluating the camera images using the image analysis device, wherein the position of the individual markings in relation to the position of the camera is determined, and calculating the position of the markings in relation to the reference point from the position of the camera in relation to the reference point and the position of the markings in relation to the camera.. .
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Initializing predictive information for free space gesture control and communication

The technology disclosed relates generally to image analysis and, in particular embodiments, to identifying shapes and capturing motions of objects in three-dimensional space. This is accomplished by calculation of numerous span lengths between opposing sides of a control object wherein each control object can consist of a plurality of span modes, each span mode identified by a frequency distribution of a plurality of sample points.
Leap Motion, Inc.


Apparatus for generating x-ray image and method thereof

A method and apparatus for generating an x-ray image are provided. The method includes obtaining an x-ray image of an object, performing image analysis on a tissue of interest in an area other than an interference target region in the obtained x-ray image, and performing image processing on an entirety of the obtained x-ray image based on information on the analyzed tissue of interest and generating a final x-ray image..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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