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Image Analysi patents


This page is updated frequently with new Image Analysi-related patent applications.

new patent Mobile terminal iris recognition having human-computer interaction mechanism
A mobile terminal iris recognition device having a human-computer interaction mechanism, the device includes a human-computer interaction module, an image acquisition module, an iris image analysis and processing module, a feedback control module and a power supply module. Also provided is an iris recognition method utilizing the device.
Beijing Irisking Co., Ltd

new patent Ultrasonic diagnostic device
A tomographic image forming unit forms a tomographic image of a target tissue on the basis of received signals which are obtained by sending and receiving ultrasound waves to and from the target tissue. A tomographic image analysis unit analyzes a formed tomographic image with image processing techniques and extracts a reference portion on the target tissue.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Image analysis in support of robotic manipulation
Facial expressions are evaluated for control of robots. One or more images of a face are captured.
Affectiva, Inc.

Wide angle imaging system for providing an image of the surroundings of a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle
An imaging system includes a digital camera having a sensor (such as a charge coupled device), a first lens directing a first image onto a first region of the sensor, a second lens directing a second image onto a second region of the sensor, and a third lens directing a third image onto a third region of the sensor. A display screen displays to a driver of the vehicle the first image, and a processing unit performs stereoscopic image analysis on data originating from the second and third regions.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Method, apparatus, computer program and system for image analysis
Examples of the present disclosure relate to a method, apparatus, computer program and system for image analysis. According to certain examples, there is provided method comprising causing, at least in part, actions that result in: receiving orientation information of an image capturing device; receiving one or more features detected from an image captured by the image capturing device; and selecting a clustering model for clustering the features, wherein the clustering model is selected, at least in part, in dependence upon the orientation information..
Nokia Technologies Oy

Image match for featureless objects
Object identification through image matching can utilize ratio and other data to accurately identify objects having relatively few feature points otherwise useful for identifying objects. An initial image analysis attempts to locate a “scalar” in the image, such as may include a label, text, icon, or other identifier that can help to narrow a classification of the search, as well as to provide a frame of reference for relative measurements obtained from the image., Inc.

Background profiles
A system for discriminating a subject from a background in a photograph. Embodiments are directed to an image processing server on which executes an image analysis engine configured to analyze a first digital image, the first digital image having a first subject and a first background, the analysis including a discrimination of the first subject from the first background., Llc

Picture management , picture synchronization
A picture management method and device, a picture synchronization method and device are disclosed. The picture management method can be applied to a client device, and comprises: receiving picture tags generated by a server device performing an image analysis based on original picture features received by the server device, the original picture feature being an original picture itself or original picture parameter(s); and classifying and archiving the original pictures represented by the original picture features according to the picture tags.
Pinhole (beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Ranking based on facial image analysis
A user's collection of images may be analyzed to identify people's faces within the images, then create clusters of similar faces, where each of the clusters may represent a person. The clusters may be ranked in order of size to determine a relative importance of the associated person to the user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Body motion assessment using image analysis
Sensors or a sensing system are employed in a given space to detect position, velocity and/or acceleration of one or more bodies and/or one or more portions of one or more bodies. The sensing is employed, in whole or in part, remotely from the body or bodies being sensed.

Method and system for generating a user-customized computer-generated animation

A method for generating a user-customized computer-generated animation includes receiving digital content and determining a modifiable portion of the digital content. The digital content includes a computer-generated animation.
Dreamworks Animation Llc

Methods, kits, and systems for scoring the immune response to cancer

This disclosure describes methods, kits, and systems for scoring the immune response to cancer through examination of tissue infiltrating lymphocytes (tils). Methods of scoring the immune response in cancer using tissue infiltrating lymphocytes include detecting cd3, cd8, cd20, and foxp3 within the sample and scoring the detection manually or scoring the digital images of the staining with the aid of image analysis and algorithms..
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

Method and finding and using video portions that are relevant to adjacent still images

The invention relates to systems, methods, and computer readable media for responding to a user snapshot request by capturing anticipatory pre-snapshot image data as well as post-snapshot image data. The captured information may be used, depending upon the embodiment, to create archival image information and image presentation information that is both useful and pleasing to a user.
Apple Inc.

Image analysis and radar detectors

An apparatus for a vehicle includes a radar detector configured to detect a police radar signal and a receiver configured to receive information about an image of an environment of the vehicle. A controller in communication with the radar detector and the receiver is configured to change at least one operating characteristic of the radar detector based on the received information..
Valentine Research, Inc.

Agricultural monitoring system using image analysis

Aspects of this disclosure include a system for providing non-contact, computer-vision based monitoring of the health and pollination activity of a beehive. The system may include camera positioned proximate to a beehive.
Keltronix, Inc.

Systems and methods for picture quality monitoring

A receiving device performs an action that results in a corrective measure being taken to address a picture quality issue detected in real time in the frames currently being displayed on a television or other device. The receiving device or a remote system compares indications of video frames currently being displayed to stored video frames for that program to detect macroblocking or a frozen video frame.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

High speed autofocus system

A method and apparatus for optimizing inspection high-speed optical inspection of parts using intelligent image analysis to determine optimal focus using high numerical aperture (na) optics, achieve a superior signal-to-noise ratio, resolution, and inspection speed performance with very limited depth of field lenses.. .
Rudolph Technologies, Inc.

Image analysis systems and related methods

Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to systems and methods for determining a presence and an amount of an analyte in a biological sample. The systems and methods for determining the presence of an analyte utilize a plurality of images of a sample slide including multiple fields-of-view having multiple focal planes therein.
Tokitae Llc

Image processing device, image processing method and recording medium

In the image processing device, the method and the recording medium, the characteristic information extractor extracts the shooting time of the still image. The image analysis condition determiner sets the image analysis condition for the portion of the moving image which portion was shot within the shooting time range covering certain periods of time before and after the shooting time of the still image, to be rougher than that for others.
Fujifilm Corporation

Image processing device, image processing method and recording medium

In the image processing device, the method and the recording medium according to the present invention, the characteristic information extractor extracts the number of times the same subject appears in the still images. The target object detector detects the target subject which appears the number of times not less than the threshold value.
Fujifilm Corporation

Method, system and electronic device for diet management

An electronic device, a system and a method for diet management based on image analysis are provided. The system includes a computer and a database.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Image analysis apparatus and image analysis method

An image analysis apparatus is applied to an on-vehicle camera that captures an image of a predetermined monitoring region oriented in a predetermined direction referenced to a vehicle, to analyze an image captured by the on-vehicle camera. The image analysis apparatus includes (i) a storage section that stores a feature quantity of a monitoring region image obtained when an image of the monitoring region is captured by the on-vehicle camera, (ii) an extraction section that acquires an image captured by the on-vehicle camera and extracts a feature quantity of the image captured by the on-vehicle camera, and (iii) a notification section that compares the feature quantity of the image captured by the on-vehicle camera against the feature quantity of the monitoring region image to perform determination whether the on-vehicle camera is mounted in an abnormal position, and notifies a result of the determination..
Denso Corporation

Near-infrared spectrum imaging diagnosis of depth and area of burn skin necrosis

A near-infrared spectrum imaging system for diagnosis of the depth and the area of burn skin necrosis comprises a spectrum imager and a computer controlled system. The spectrum imaging system comprises a light source (101), an optical lens (102), a filter (103), a driving controller (105a, 105b, 104), and a ccd camera (106).
Chongquing Southwest Hosptial

System, method and article for normalization and enhancement of tissue images

In medical imaging, a fiducial marker facilitates tissue image correlation that allows for image analysis, normalization and correction of the optical exposure and spectral and spatial distribution in order to compensate for the surface reflections, sub surface tissue interactions and spatial orientation of the excitation and imaging axes to the subject tissue. Using a cross comparison, clinicians can model tissue image data in different forms in order to reference and compare data from various spectral components and or from different images.
Cernoval, Inc.

Accelerating image analysis and machine learning through in-flash image preparation and pre-processing

A system, method and device for processing video/image objects within a storage device. A device is disclosed that includes: a storage media; and a video/image processing engine for processing video/image objects based on a set of parameters provided by a host, wherein the video/image processing engine includes, for example: a decryption system for decrypting encrypted video/image objects; a bitstream decompression system; a content decompression system; and a resolution processing system that compares a resolution of raw image data with a requested resolution specified in the set of parameters..

Systems and methods for picture quality monitoring

A receiving device performs an action that results in a corrective measure being taken to address a picture quality issue detected in real time in the frames currently being displayed on a television or other device. The receiving device or a remote system compares indications of video frames currently being displayed to stored video frames for that program to detect macroblocking or a frozen video frame.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Rapid measurement of formed blood component sedimentation rate from small sample volumes

Devices and methods are described for measuring formed blood component sedimentation rate. Some of the methods may use (1) centrifugal techniques for separating red blood cells from plasma and (2) video and/or still imaging capability.
Theranos, Inc.

Display device and control method

Provided is a display device including an imaging unit that captures a moving image in a predetermined range in an image display direction, a moving body detection unit that detects whether or not a moving body is present in a predetermined range in the image display direction, an image analysis unit that analyzes the moving image captured by the imaging unit to detect whether or not a face is present, and a power control unit that controls power consumption with different patterns according to a plurality of modes that are set by combining whether or not the face detected by the image analysis unit is present and whether or not the moving body detected by the detection unit is present.. .
Sony Corporation

Intelligent atlas for automatic image analysis of magnetic resonance imaging

A non-invasive imaging system, including an imaging scanner suitable to generate an imaging signal from a tissue region of a subject under observation, the tissue region having at least one substructure; a signal processing system in communication with the imaging scanner to receive the imaging signal from the imaging scanner; and a data storage unit in communication with the signal processing system, wherein the data storage unit stores an anatomical atlas comprising data encoding spatial information of the at least one substructure in the tissue region, and a pathological atlas corresponding to an abnormality of the tissue region, wherein the signal processing system is adapted to automatically identify, using the imaging signal, the anatomical atlas, and the pathological atlas, a presence of the abnormality or a pre-cursor abnormality in the subject under observation.. .
The Johns Hopkins University

Identification of uncommon objects in containers

A system for identifying in an image an object that is commonly found in a collection of images and for identifying a portion of an image that represents an object based on a consensus analysis of segmentations of the image. The system collects images of containers that contain objects for generating a collection of common objects within the containers.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc

Method and cervical image analysis with improved reliability

The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for cervical image analysis, wherein a transformation zone is identified in an acetic acid image by registering with its lugol's iodine counterpart. Then, regions in the transformation zone which show significant changes in whiteness are identified as aceto-white regions and registered with the corresponding lugol's iodine image, and it is determined if the identified regions in the lugol's iodine image are iodine negative or positive.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

System and image analysis for automated asset identification

A system and method are provided that capture an image of an asset and analyze the captured image to identify an indicia on the asset. The indicia is used, after identification, to identify the asset.
General Electric Company

Systems and methods for imaging

An imaging device has a light field imager and a processor. The light field imager includes a microlens array, and a light field sensor positioned proximate to the microlens array, having a plurality of pixels and recording light field data of an optical target from light passing through the microlens array.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

Modular image analysis system and method

The present disclosure relates to characterization of biological samples via modular image analysis. By way of example, the analysis may include extracting plurality of regions of interest from the biological sample from a plurality of image data sets.
Clarient Diagnostic Services, Inc.

Non-contact flow rate measurement of fluid using surface feature image analysis

Comparative image analysis is utilized to determine the flow rate of fluids, such as, for example, drilling fluid, completion fluid or hydrocarbons. As fluid flows through a conduit or open trough, a flow rate measurement device illuminates the surface of the fluid.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Antinuclear antibody image analysis system, antinuclear antibody image analysis method, and antinuclear antibody image analysis program

Luminance calculation means 81 calculates luminance of a cell nucleus extracted from an antinuclear antibody image of a designated dilution ratio. Titer prediction means 82 predicts an antinuclear antibody titer, using a staining pattern specified from a staining form of the cell nucleus and the luminance at at least one dilution ratio..
Nec Corporation

Image analysis for authenticating a product

A method of authenticating a product by taking an image of the product and comparing the image with a reference image of a genuine product taken previously to determine if the products in the two images are the same. The two images are captured under substantially similar conditions so that the two images are as similar as possible prior to the comparison.
Sicpa Holding Sa

Method and system for image analysis

A computer-implemented system and method for analysing a sample comprising a material of interest and at least first and second adjacent materials each generally adjacent to the material of interest, the material of interest having a generally different density from the at least first and second adjacent materials. The method comprises automatically defining a plurality of regions of interest within an image of the sample that includes a junction between the material of interest and the first adjacent material and a junction between the material of interest and the second adjacent material, each of the regions of interest having a width of one or more pixels or voxels; determining respective profiles of density, intensity or attenuation within the regions of interest, each of the respective profiles crossing the respective junctions; automatically identifying the material of interest in the density profile; analysing the profiles by automatically defining, for each of the profiles, a series of sections of the respective profile, each of the sections comprising at least first and second s-like portions of the respective profile, the first portion containing the junction between the material of interest and the first adjacent material, the second portion containing the junction between the material of interest and the second adjacent material; and locating the junction in each of the first portions, including: identifying the greatest difference in values of the respective profile between an adjacent peak and trough in a segment of the respective profile that includes at least some of the material of interest and at least some of the first adjacent material; and locating a point of inflexion in the segment..
Straxcorp Pty Ltd

Image analysis device, image analysis method, program, and illumination device

The present disclosure relates to an image analysis device, an image analysis method, a program, and an illumination device to efficiently acquire an image to be suitably used to analyze skin. An image acquisition unit is included, the image acquisition unit including an illumination unit including a light emitting unit in which a plurality of light emitting elements including at least a light emitting element configured to emit visible light and a light emitting element configured to emit invisible light are packaged, and an image pickup unit configured to capture an image of reflection light generated by causing irradiation light emitted from the illumination unit to be reflected by an analysis target.
Sony Corporation

Method and system for positioning wafer in semiconductor manufacturing fabrication

A method for positioning a wafer in semiconductor fabrication is provided. The method includes sending a wafer into a processing chamber by a transferring module.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing system

An image processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit that acquires setting information acquired from a captured image, a setting unit that performs, based on the acquired setting information, setting regarding image analysis processing to be performed on a captured image obtained by capturing an image of a predetermined monitoring target range.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

A novel transcoder and 3d video editor

A system and method for conducting 3d image analysis, generating a lossless stereoscopic master file, uploading the lossless stereoscopic master file to editing software, wherein the editing software generates a disparity map, analyzes a disparity map, analyzes cuts, and creates cut and disparity meta-information, and then scaling media, storing media and streaming the media for playback on a 3d capable viewer is provided.. .
3doo, Inc.

Content adaptive backlight power saving technology

A hybrid phase-in method mitigates the flicker and rolling artifact based on screen change detection or the combination of screen change detection and image spatial analysis. It applies, for example, to solutions that involve backlight and pixel modulation including global dimming and local dimming.
Intel Corporation

Image analysis

Provided herein is technology relating to analysis of images and particularly, but not exclusively, to methods and systems for determining the area and/or volume of a region of interest using optical coherence tomography data. Some embodiments provide for determining the area and/or volume of a lesion in retinal tissue using three-dimensional optical coherence tomography data and a two-dimensional optical coherence tomography fundus image..
Eyekor, Llc

Systems and methods for fraud detection based on image analysis

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer readable media configured to receive an advertisement including an image. A fraud assessment value for the advertisement can be determined.
Facebook, Inc.

Image processing device, image processing method, program, and recording medium

In the image processing device, a moving image analysis section performs image analysis for an analysis target moving image for which image analysis has not yet been performed, and generates second analysis result data about the analysis target moving image, including an analysis result thereof. A similar data detection section collates first analysis result data generated by performing image analysis for a still image owned by a user with the second analysis result data, and detects second analysis result data of which a similarity to the first analysis result data is equal to or greater than a reference value as similarity analysis result data.
Fujifilm Corporation

Apparatus and opening a vehicle gate using a camera

A gate opening system for a vehicle comprises a gate for the vehicle moveable between an open position and a closed position relative to a vehicle body and a gate actuator secured to the vehicle and the gate to actuate movement of the gate between the open position and the closed position. A camera is mounted to the vehicle and facing in an external direction provide a view of an area proximate to the vehicle.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

Method and system for diagnosing uterine contraction levels using image analysis

Method of analyzing uterine contractions by analyzing uterine images using deformable model networks in support of embryo transfer techniques. The method is also used to diagnose premature uterine contractile activity in mammals.
Ferring B.v.

Autonomous cooking device to prepare food from a recipe file and creating recipe files

An automatic cooking device creates a recipe file based on an actual cooking session by an individual. The same dish can be automatically recreated on demand from the recipe file, wherein an optimal remaining cooking time is automatically determined responsive to an image analysis of real-time image sensor feedback versus reference image.

Message transmission system, message transmission method, and program for wearable terminal

When a person 500 is present within a field of view of a user, a user terminal 10 acquires the field of view of the user as image data, and transmits the field-of-view image to a field-of-view image analysis server 100. The field-of-view image analysis server 100 extracts a feature amount from the field-of-view image, and identifies the person near a center of the field-of-view image by referring to a feature amount database 150.
Optim Corporation

Sealed infrared imagers and sensors

The architecture, design and fabrication of array of suspended micro-elements with individual seals are described. Read out integrated circuit is integrated monolithically with the suspended elements for low parasitics and high signal to noise ratio detection of changes of their electrical resistance.

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