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Image Analysi patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Image Analysi-related patents
 Rapid image analysis - fleming harrington redistribution wash-in washout method for differentiation of inflammatory vascular disease (ivd) and tissue viability patent thumbnailnew patent Rapid image analysis - fleming harrington redistribution wash-in washout method for differentiation of inflammatory vascular disease (ivd) and tissue viability
The present invention provides a method for detecting abnormal coronary blood flow by “quantifying” emissions of radiopharmaceuticals after stressing the heart under “same state” conditions for detection of inflammatory vascular (ivd) disease and differentiation of (a) ischemic heart disease due reduced lumen responsiveness to demand for more coronary blood flow and (b) vulnerable inflammatory plaque disease with reduced lumen responsiveness. The present invention also provides a method for detection of myocyte viability by using the “quantitative” method to differentiate “normal” functioning cardiac tissue from non-viable “infarcted” cardiac tissue, from “stunned/hibernating” myocytes.
 Multimer type discrimination and detection method for multimer-forming polypeptide patent thumbnailnew patent Multimer type discrimination and detection method for multimer-forming polypeptide
The present invention relates to a method for selectively detecting a multimer type multimer-forming polypeptide in a biological sample, the method comprising: (a) bringing the biological sample into contact with an agglutination reaction inducing agent to induce the formation of an aggregate in an analysis target, the agglutination reaction inducing agent being a particle in which a specific antibody is surface-bonded with the multimer-forming polypeptide; (b) obtaining an image with respect to the aggregate of step (a); and (c) analyzing a size or a shape of the aggregate by using the image. Step (a), step (b), or steps (a) and (b) are performed on a microchip having a microchannel.
 Ultrasound diagnostic device, ultrasound diagnostic method, and computer-readable medium having recorded program therein patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasound diagnostic device, ultrasound diagnostic method, and computer-readable medium having recorded program therein
An ultrasound diagnostic device processes ultrasound images obtained by ultrasound scanning on a diagnostic target. The ultrasound images include a set of material images for analyzing shape of the diagnostic target and a diagnostic image for analyzing a diagnostic value of a specific part of the diagnostic target.
 Method and system for image analysis patent thumbnailMethod and system for image analysis
A method for processing an image, including: identifying a group of keypoints in the image; for each keypoint, calculating a corresponding descriptor array including plural array elements, each array element storing values taken by a corresponding color gradient histogram of a respective sub-region of the image in the neighborhood of the keypoint; for each keypoint, subdividing the descriptor array in at least two sub-arrays each including a respective number of elements of the descriptor array, and generating a compressed descriptor array including a corresponding compressed sub-array for each of the at least two sub-arrays, each compressed sub-array obtained by compressing the corresponding sub-array by vector quantization using a respective codebook; exploiting the compressed descriptor arrays of the keypoints for image analysis. For each keypoint of the group, the subdividing is based on correlation relationships among color gradient histograms with values stored in the elements of the descriptor array of each keypoint..
 Novel transcoder and 3d video editor patent thumbnailNovel transcoder and 3d video editor
A system and method for conducting 3d image analysis, generating a lossless stereoscopic master file, uploading the lossless stereoscopic master file to editing software, wherein the editing software generates a disparity map, analyzes a disparity map, analyzes cuts, and creates cut and disparity meta-information, and then scaling media, storing media and streaming the media for playback on a 3d capable viewer is provided.. .
 Aerogel-based material that is super-insulating at atmospheric pressure patent thumbnailAerogel-based material that is super-insulating at atmospheric pressure
The present invention relates to a solid thermally insulating material, essentially free of phyllosilicates, comprising (a) from 70 to 98% by volume of hydrophobic silica aerogel particles having an intrinsic density between 110 and 210 kg/m, (b) from 0.3 to 12% by volume of an organic binder formed by at least one organic polymer (b1) and at least one surfactant (b2), or by an amphiphilic organic polymer (b3), these volume fractions being determined by image analysis on thin sections of the solid material and being given relative to the total volume of the material, the aerogel particles having a particle size distribution that has at least two maxima, with a first maximum corresponding to an equivalent diameter (d) of less than 200 μm, preferably between 25 μm and 150 μm and a second maximum corresponding to an equivalent diameter (d) between 400 μm and 10 mm, preferably between 500 μm and 5 mm. It also relates to a thermally insulating product containing at least one layer of this material..
 Image analysis device, image analysis method and program patent thumbnailImage analysis device, image analysis method and program
Provided is an image processing device including a corresponding pixel computation unit configured to, with respect to image data containing an image data area and an ignored area, replace a pixel in the ignored area having influence on a spatial analysis process with a pixel having no influence on the spatial analysis process.. .
 Fitting system for golf equipment using camera image for measurement of individual and related metods patent thumbnailFitting system for golf equipment using camera image for measurement of individual and related metods
In one example, a system for fitting golf equipment for an individual can be configured to be used with an electronic device comprising a fitting processor module and a camera. The system can comprise an image analysis module configured to receive image data of at least a portion of the individual and one or more physical indicia proximate to the individual, where the image data can be captured by the camera.
 Verifying user information patent thumbnailVerifying user information
A computer is configured to impose an access restriction based upon user-provided information, such as a user's birthdate. In order to enforce such a restriction, the computer requests from a user an image of a valid identity document associated with the user, such as a valid driver's license.
 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Some embodiments of the invention provide a server apparatus, comprising: a control block comprising at least one processor; at least one data reception unit operable to receive a request to share a picture; at least one storage facility, storing programmed instructions for execution by the control block, the programmed instructions defining an image analysis engine operable to determine that the picture comprises an image of a person; and at least one data transmission unit operable to issue a request to the person, or someone associated with the person, to consent to sharing the image. Other embodiments provide a method, performed by at least one computer.
Image guided protocol for cell generation
Computerized image guided control method uses image quantification to dynamically monitor and control the cell generation process. The method acquires images during the cell generation steps and uses computer image analysis to automatically quantify the results of the cell generation steps.
Forensic verification utilizing halftone boundaries
A forensic verification system (700) extracts a print signature via print signature extractor 710 from the boundary of a halftone contained in an image. The system (700) compares the print signature to a reference signature stored in a registry via comparator 720 to determine differences between the print signature and the reference signature.
Video display device
A display device uses a plurality of monitors to constitute a single image, achieves high contrast and, suppresses variations in luminance among the monitors. Each monitor is provided with an image analysis portion that finds a first feature quantity in a video display region corresponding to a region of an led backlight, and a gradation control portion that determines a first luminance level for the corresponding leds region and calculates a luminance stretch quantity for stretching the first luminance levels uniformly.
Method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission
A method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission are provided. A link aggregation method involves identifying controller network ports to a source connected to the same subnetwork; producing packets associating corresponding controller network ports selected by the source cpu for substantially uniform selection; and transmitting the packets to their corresponding network ports.
Rolled copper foil
(in the above formula (1), (a) represents the area of a region identified through image analysis to have an orientation difference of not less than 1 degree and not greater than 15 degrees, and (b) represents the area of a region identified through image analysis to have an orientation difference of not less than 0 degrees and not greater than 15 degrees).. .
Medical image analysis apparatus, method and medical imaging device
A medical image analysis apparatus according to an embodiment includes an area motion analysis section and an object motion analysis section. The area motion analysis section configured to carry out a motion analysis on an area including an adjacent tissue of an object in a dynamic image to obtain the motion vector of the adjacent tissue.
3d image display device and method
Disclosed are a device and a method for displaying a 3d image. A 3d image display device comprises: a stereo image analysis unit which receives a stereo image having a left image and a right image, and detects image information that contains edge information, color information, and/or scene change information; a first depth adjusting unit which determines a reference point by analyzing the distribution of depth of the stereo image based on the detected image information, and adjusts a three-dimensional effect of the stereo image by shifting the stereo image based on the determined reference point; a second depth adjusting unit which extracts depth map information in a pixel unit after reducing the size of the stereo image, and generates an image of a new viewpoint by warping the extracted depth map information such that the three-dimensional effect of the stereo image is adjusted; and a formatter which converts, according to a display device, the format of the stereo image having a three-dimensional effect adjusted by the first depth adjusting unit and/or the second depth adjusting unit..
Image analysis and management
Systems, methods and apparatuses are described herein that allow an enterprise to analyze and manage work product images that are stored on a mobile device. Employees of an enterprise may use a mobile device to store both work product images (e.g., images of sensitive or proprietary information) and non-work product images (e.g., personal images).
Flowcell, sheath fluid, and autofocus systems and methods for particle analysis in urine samples
The present disclosure relates to apparatus, systems, compositions, and methods for analyzing a sample containing particles. A particle imaging system or analyzer can include a flowcell through which a urine sample containing particles is caused to flow, and a high optical resolution imaging device which captures images for image analysis.
Media synchronized advertising overlay
Embodiments of the present invention provide an overlay experience that is coordinated with both a present media presentation and the media presentation's current audience. Exemplary media presentations include television, movies, games, and music.
Quality control sensor method, system and device for use with biological/environmental rapid diagnostic test devices
Quality control (qc) sensor methods, systems and devices are for use with biological/environmental rapid diagnostic test (rdt) devices and provide for automatic timers, reminders and rdt cassette images. Sensors are calibrated and optimized, and provide for quality control of the rdt devices.
Image processing apparatus, image-capturing method, and vehicle
An image processing apparatus includes a light source configured to emit light onto a glass; an image-capturing unit configured to capture light from an image-capturing region including reflection light of the emitted light from the glass; an object detection filter used to detect an object attached to the glass, light from a portion of the image-capturing region entering the object detection filter; an exposure control unit configured to determine a first exposure amount used in image capturing for a first region where the object detection filter does not exist and a second exposure amount used in image capturing for a second region where the object detection filter exists; and an image analysis unit configured to analyze a captured image obtained by the image-capturing unit. The image-capturing unit switches an exposure amount used in an image-capturing process for the image-capturing region between the first exposure amount and the second exposure amount..
Optical system for measuring orientation and position comprising a point source and corner cubes with a polychromatic entry face
The general field of the invention is that of systems for optically detecting the posture of an object which is mobile in space. The system according to the invention comprises an optical assembly comprising a plurality of optical corner cubes arranged on the mobile object.
Semiconductor wafer polishing liquid composition
There is provided a polishing liquid composition that can effectively reduce lpds having a size of 50 nm or less on a wafer surface in polishing of semiconductor wafers. A semiconductor wafer polishing liquid composition including: water; silica particles; an alkaline compound; a water-soluble polymer compound; and polyethylene glycol, wherein the semiconductor wafer polishing liquid composition satisfies conditions (a) to (c): (a) a shape factor sf1 of the silica particles is 1.00 to 1.20, (b) a mean primary particle diameter of the silica particles that is obtained by a nitrogen adsorption method is 5 nm to 100 nm, and a coefficient of particle diameter variation cv value obtained from image analysis of the transmission electron microscope image is in a range of 0% to 15%, and (c) the polyethylene glycol has a number average molecular weight of 200 to 15,000..
Quantified injury diagnostics
A new and/or novel image analysis technique for quantitative assessment of motion-based testing for injury in a patient using universally available and affordable devices and techniques is provided and disclosed. A video of a test being performed can be processed to track the motion of markers and/or bodily landmarks in two or more dimensions to quantitatively describe motion, thereby removing the subjective aspects typically associated with motion-based testing.
Skin imaging and applications
The availability of high quality imagers on smartphones and other portable devices facilitates creation of a large, crowd-sourced, image reference library that depicts skin rashes and other dermatological conditions. Some of the images are uploaded with, or later annotated with, associated diagnoses or other information (e.g., “this rash went away when i stopped drinking milk”).
Rapid measurement of formed blood component sedimentation rate from small sample volumes
Devices and methods are described for measuring formed blood component sedimentation rate. Some of the methods may use (1) centrifugal techniques for separating red blood cells from plasma and (2) video and/or still imaging capability.
System and method for reviewing and analyzing cytological specimens
Systems and methods of use to facilitate classification of cytological specimens are discussed. The system acquires or imports image data of a cytological specimen.
Real-time, interactive image analysis
An imaging system and method for real-time, interactive image analysis are provided herein. The imaging system includes an imaging device configured to capture an image of an object and a computing device that includes a display.
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and image processing system
An image processing apparatus including a region-of-interest decision unit that identifies an interest space region in which an object to be analyzed is likely to be present based on a distance image, which is shape information of an object space corresponding to a captured image to be analyzed acquired by a distance image sensor, to identify a region of interest in the captured image corresponding to the interest space region and an image analysis unit that performs different image analyses for the region of interest and other image regions.. .
System and method of measuring distances related to an object
A system and method for measuring distances related to a target object depicted in an image and the construction and delivery of supplemental window materials for fenestration. A digital image is obtained that contains a target object dimension and a reference object dimension in the same plane.
Quantitative, multispectral image analysis of tissue specimens stained with quantum dots
A biological sample such as a tissue section is stained with one or more quantum dots and possibly other fluorophores (total number of fluorophores n). A camera coupled to a microscope generates an image of the specimen at a plurality of different wavelengths within the emission spectral band of the n fluorophores.
Centroid markers for image analysis of high density clusters in complex polynucleotide sequencing
Improved compositions, methods, apparatus, and kits for high-throughput nucleic acid amplification, detection and sequencing are disclosed. A nucleic acid cluster having an identifiable center is produced by generating on a solid support an immobilized nucleic acid complement from a template, one of which comprises a detectable label; and amplifying the complement and the template to obtain a nucleic acid cluster on the support, the cluster having a substantially central location marked by the detectable label and a surrounding region comprising immobilized copies.
Niobium powders having a particle shape
A valve metal powder having a particle shape factor mean value f, as determined by sem image analysis, of 0.65≦f≦1, said powder has an average agglomerate particle size d50 value, as determined with a mastersizer in accordance with astm b 822, of 40 to 200 μm and wherein the valve metal powder is niobium.. .
Method and apparatus for automated analysis and identification of a person in image and video content
A method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for identifying a person in an image includes an image analyzer. The image analyzer determines the content of an image such as a person, location, and object shown in the image.
Method for driving semiconductor device
The resolution of a low-resolution image is made high and a stereoscopic image is displayed. Resolution is made high by super-resolution processing.
Image analysis method, camera apparatus, control apparatus, control method and storage medium
A control apparatus detects a state of an object independently of results of analysis of images captured by a plurality of cameras and controls analysis of the images captured by the plurality of cameras concurrently capturing the object whose state has been detected, according to the state of the object.. .
Inkjet printer with dot alignment vision system
Unidirectional, bidirectional, and step alignments; physical position and straightness of jet packs; flatness of platen or media belt; mapping imperfections in rods and rails of guiding systems; and checking jet alignments from a reference jet to all other jet packs. From such image analysis, correction values are generated that are used to effect manual or automatic adjustment of the inkjet heads physical position, voltage, temperature, and firing pulse timing and/or duration; and to position the printed dots fired from the nozzles in the inkjet heads in the appropriate position..
Methods and systems for sports simulation
A sports simulator calculates the rotational and translational velocity of a sports object. The rotational velocity is calculated using image analysis.
Fetal red blood cell detection
A device for analyzing a maternal blood sample for quantification of the percentage of fetal red blood cells present with respect to the number of maternal red blood cells includes reagents for mixing with the biological sample, a microfluidic chip, 5 fluid reservoirs, a pumping system, an image acquisition system, an image analysis system, and an electronic control board. The microfluidic channel can confine the objects of interest to a monolayer, and may trap them in an organized array for analysis.
Electrostatic charge image developing toner, electrostatic charge image developer, and toner cartridge
An electrostatic charge image developing toner includes a toner particle including a core particle containing a polyester resin and a coating layer containing a vinyl resin that coats the surface of the core particle, and an external additive that is formed of silica particles having an average circularity of from 0.75 to 0.9 and an average value of ratios of circle equivalent diameters da obtained by a plane image analysis to the maximum height h obtained by a stereoscopic image analysis of more than 1.5 and less than 1.9.. .
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
An image processing apparatus includes an image storage unit that stores a plurality images having supplementary information respectively, an image analysis unit that performs an image analysis of each image stored in the image storage unit; and a time correction unit that corrects an imaging time that is included in the supplementary information of the image in such a manner that the plurality of images are arranged in an actual imaging time of the images in a case where the plurality of images are arranged in an order of the imaging time among the supplementary information, based on at least one of a result of the image analysis by the image analysis unit and a gps information that is included in the supplementary information of the images.. .
System and method for analyzing properties of meat using multispectral imaging
A system and method for obtaining multispectral images of fresh meat at predetermined wavelength bands at a first time, subjecting the images to analysis in an image analysis system comprising a computer programmed to perform such analysis, and outputting a forecast of meat tenderness at a later point in time. Predetermined key wavelength bands are precorrelated with a high degree of prediction of meat tenderness and/or other properties of meat and are used in the multispectral system and method.
Machine vision system editing environment for a part program in which a continuous stream of image acquisition operations are performed during a run mode
In a machine vision system editing environment for a part program, a continuous stream of image acquisition operations are performed during a run mode. Previously, a continuous stream of image acquisition operations was achieved by utilizing different programming representations and syntax for programming and grouping image acquisition operations together in the part program.
Systems and methods for classifying computer video game genres utilizing multi-dimensional cloud chart
Features of electronically embodied games are logically categorized, analyzed, and compared. Features are preferably organized according to a hierarchical classification scheme, according to a classification scheme that is not strictly tautological.
System and method for estimating pneumatic pressure state of vehicle tires
A system and a method for estimating pneumatic pressure state of vehicle's tires where the system includes one or more sensor units, each including an optical sensor such as camera for acquiring at least one image of at least one wheel of the respective vehicle and a controller including a processor for receiving image data of a respective wheel of the vehicle from the sensor units and analyzing thereof for estimating a pneumatic pressure state of one or more of the vehicle's tires using special image analysis processes. The processor is also configured to allow presenting the estimated pneumatic pressure state of each respective tire..
Optical speculum
A system for direct imaging and diagnosing of abnormal cells in a target tissue includes a disposable optical speculum and an image acquisition system having the speculum assembled on and mechanically secured thereto. The image acquisition system is arranged to capture at least one of a single image or multiple images or video of cells within the target tissue using at least one of bright field or dark field ring illumination divided into independently operated segments to obtain a plurality of data sets.
Portable terminal apparatus and medical image display method
A portable terminal apparatus for imaging diagnosis includes an object recognition unit for selectively specifying one object (body part or anatomical region) in a body, so as to output object information. A region of the object is changeable according to a terminal position or terminal orientation relative to the body.
Polycrystalline diamond construction and method of making same
A polycrystalline diamond construction comprises diamond grains exhibiting inter-granular bonding and defining a plurality of interstitial regions, and a non-diamond phase at least partially filling a plurality of the interstitial regions to form non-diamond pools. The percentage of non-diamond phase in the total area of a cross-section of the body of polycrystalline diamond material is between around 0 to 5%, and the average nearest neighbour distance between grains of the non-diamond phase is less than around 1.3 microns in an analysed image of a cross-section through the body of polycrystalline material when analysed using an image analysis technique at a magnification of around 1000 and an image area of 1280 by 960 pixels; or is between around 5 to 10%, and the average nearest neighbour distance between grains of the non-diamond phase is less than around 1.04 microns, or is between around 10 to 15%, and the average nearest neighbour distance between grains of the non-diamond phase is less than around 1.04 microns, or is between around 15 to 30%, and the average nearest neighbour distance between grains of the non-diamond phase is less than around 0.8 microns..
Layout editing device, layout editing method and recording medium
Provided is a layout editing device, a layout editing method, and a recording medium. The layout editing device includes a layout editing unit editing a layout, which is displayed on an editing screen of a screen display unit, based on the instruction of a user, an image analysis unit performing image analysis of each of a plurality of images, a preference estimation unit estimating the preference of the user based on the layout editing result and the image analysis result, an image evaluation unit calculating the evaluation value of each of the plurality of images based on the preference of the user and the image analysis result, and an edit assisting unit displaying assist information, which is for assisting the editing work of the layout by the user, on the editing screen of the screen display unit based on the evaluation value of each of the plurality of images..
Image analysis and measurement of biological samples
Methods, devices, systems, and apparatuses are provided for the image analysis of measurement of biological samples.. .
Flowcell systems and methods for particle analysis in blood samples
The present disclosure relates to apparatus, systems, compositions, and methods for analyzing a sample containing particles. In some aspects the system comprises an analyzer which may be a visual analyzer.
Methods and apparatus for automated true object-based image analysis and retrieval
The present invention is an automated and extensible system for the analysis and retrieval of images based on region-of-interest (roi) analysis of one or more true objects depicted by an image. The system uses an roi database that is a relational or analytical database containing searchable vectors that represent the images stored in a repository.
Multi-resolutional texture analysis fingerprint liveness systems and methods
Various systems, methods, and programs embodied in computer-readable mediums are provided for fingerprint liveness detection. In one embodiment, a method for determining fingerprint liveness is provided that comprises receiving a plurality of image analysis data of a fingerprint image; condensing the plurality of image analysis data; and determining liveness of the fingerprint image based upon the condensed data..
Image analysis by object addition and recovery
The invention described herein is generally directed to methods for analyzing an image. In particular, crowded field images may be analyzed for unidentified, unobserved objects based on an iterative analysis of modified images including artificial objects or removed real objects.
Content adaptive edge and detail enhancement for image and video processing
A content-adaptive edge and detail enhancement apparatus is described for image/video processing. Both 2d peaking and lti/cti are used in sharpening pictures.
Image analysis method and image analysis apparatus
An image analysis method includes acquiring an image of at least one frame that comprises pixels, setting at least one analytic region for the image of at least one frame, extracting data on the pixel corresponding to each analytic region, setting time intervals for data pairs for use in correlation calculations, performing a correlation calculation for each of the time intervals by use of the extracted data, and performing a fitting for each of the correlation calculation results.. .
Methods and systems for image analysis identification
A computer-implemented method for identifying a first object-of-interest is provided. The first object-of-interest includes two identifiers and a sample portion.
Sealed infrared imagers
The architecture, design and fabrication of array of suspended micro-elements with individual seals are described. Read out integrated circuit is integrated monolithically with the suspended elements for low parasitics and high signal to noise ratio detection of changes of their electrical resistance.
Crowdsourced image analysis platform
A crowdsourced search and locate platform, comprising an application server and a client interface application. The application server: receives connections from crowdsourcing participants; navigates a first crowdsourcing participant to a specific geospatial location; sends an image corresponding to the geospatial location to the first crowdsourcing participant; receives tagging data from the first crowdsourcing participant, the tagging data corresponding to a plurality of objects and locations identified by the first crowdsourcing participant.
System and method for determining a vital sign of a subject
The present invention relates to a system for determining a vital sign of a subject by which the likelihood of generating and outputting false alarms is reduced. The system comprises a vital sign processor that processes said vital sign information signal measured by a sensor attached to a subject to obtain a vital sign of said subject, an image analysis unit that detects motion of a marker attached to said sensor from image data obtained by an imaging unit from at least an imaging region containing said sensor, and an alarm unit that generates and outputs an alarm signal based on the measured vital sign information signal and/or obtained vital sign and on the detected motion of said marker..
Monitoring system for monitoring a patient and detecting delirium of the patient
The present invention relates to a monitoring system (1, 2, 3) and a corresponding monitoring method for monitoring a patient and detecting delirium of the patient in an unobtrusive manner without the need of on-body sensors. The proposed monitoring system comprises a monitoring unit (10) for obtaining image data (30) of the patient over time, an image analysis unit (12) for detecting motion events of the patient from the obtained image data (30), an evaluation unit (14) for classifying the detected motion events into delirium-typical motion events and non-delirium-typical motion events, and a delirium determination unit (16) for determining a delirium score (32) from the duration, intensity, type, location and/or occurrence of delirium-typical motion events, said delirium score (32) indicating the likelihood and/or strength of delirium of the patient..
Systems and methods for automated screening and prognosis of cancer from whole-slide biopsy images
The invention provides systems and methods for detection, grading, scoring and tele-screening of cancerous lesions. A complete scheme for automated quantitative analysis and assessment of human and animal tissue images of several types of cancers is presented.
Image analysis device, image analysis method, and image analysis programme
An image analysis device for analyzing a magnetic resonance image obtained from a living body includes a phase difference distribution creating unit configured to create a phase difference distribution of a magnetic resonance image obtained from a predetermined area of the living body, a fitting unit configured to fit the phase difference distribution created by the phase difference distribution creating unit with a plurality of function groups, and a verifying unit configured to verify normality of the living body included in the predetermined area, based on the magnetic susceptibility of the tissue included in the predetermined area determined on the basis of the parameters of the plurality of function groups fit to the phase difference distribution by the fitting unit.. .
Image analysis platform for identifying artifacts in samples and laboratory consumables
A high-resolution image acquisition and processing instrument (hiapi) performs at least five simultaneous measurements in a noninvasive fashion, namely: (a) determining the volume of a liquid sample in welh (or microtubes) containing liquid sample, (b) detection of precipitate, objects of artifacts within microliter plate wells, (c) classification of colored samples in microliter plate wells or microtubes; (dl determination of contaminant (e.g. Wafer concentration}; (e) air bubbles; (f) problems with the actual plate.
Method for detecting motion of input body and input device using same
An input device includes: a light source; an image sensor (camera c) disposed on the same side of a hand as the light source; a controller; a shape recognizer for calculating coordinates of the center of gravity of a fist and the tip of a finger from a two-dimensional image; and a motion determinator for comparing distances between the center of gravity of the fist and the fingertip. When there is a decrease or an increase between the distances between the center of gravity of the fist and the fingertip before and after measurement, a determination is made that the motion is an upward or downward motion of the finger with respect to a virtual imaging plane of the camera.

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