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Igm patents


This page is updated frequently with new Igm-related patent applications.

 Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor device and semiconductor device encapsulated by the same patent thumbnailnew patent Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor device and semiconductor device encapsulated by the same
An epoxy resin composition for encapsulating a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device encapsulated by the epoxy resin composition, the composition including a base resin; a filler; a colorant; and a thermochromic pigment, wherein a color of the thermochromic pigment is irreversibly changed when a temperature thereof exceeds a predetermined temperature.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

 Curable liquid developer and image-forming method using curable liquid developer patent thumbnailnew patent Curable liquid developer and image-forming method using curable liquid developer
A curable liquid developer containing a curable insulating liquid and a toner particle that contains a pigment and a resin, wherein the viscosity of the curable insulating liquid at 25° c. Is at least 1 mpa·s and not more than 100 mpa·s, and when a (mpa·s) is the viscosity of the curable liquid developer at 25° c.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Method of producing curable liquid developer and curable liquid developer patent thumbnailnew patent Method of producing curable liquid developer and curable liquid developer
A curable liquid developer production method that can efficiently produce a curable liquid developer is provided. A curable liquid developer is also provided.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Zoom lens device and  controlling same patent thumbnailnew patent Zoom lens device and controlling same
Provided are a zoom lens device and a method for controlling the device, capable of reducing astigmatism regardless of the position of the zoom lens. In accordance with a zoom command, a lens constituting a zoom optical system is moved in the direction of the optical axis (step 81).
Fujifilm Corporation

 Colored retroreflective articles patent thumbnailnew patent Colored retroreflective articles
Retroreflective articles include a layer of optical elements (110,120,130), embedded in a bead bond layer (140). The optical elements include transparent microspheres (110), at least one colored polymeric layer (120) covering the transparent microspheres, and a reflective layer (130) covering the colored polymeric layer.
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Plasma processing detection indicator patent thumbnailnew patent Plasma processing detection indicator
This invention provides a plasma treatment detection indicator that uses a fibrous base material or a synthetic resin base material comprising a coloring pigment as a base material and in which fine fiber pieces or coloring pigment is prevented from being generated in a powder form from the base material in plasma treatment. More specifically, this invention provides a plasma treatment detection indicator comprising a base material and at least a color-changing layer that changes color in a plasma treatment atmosphere, the color-changing layer being disposed above part or all of a surface of the base material, (1) the base material being a fibrous base material or a synthetic resin base material comprising a coloring pigment, and (2) a resin-based or inorganic transparent cover layer that covers all of the surface of the base material being disposed between the base material and the color-changing layer..
Sakura Color Products Corporation

 Hydrophobic coated paper substrate for polymer emulsion topcoats and  making same patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrophobic coated paper substrate for polymer emulsion topcoats and making same
A hydrophobic coated paper substrate formed from a paper substrate of paper fibers and internal sizing agent, a surface size layer of one or more surface sizing starches, optionally one or more non-starch hydrophobic surface sizing agents, and optionally one or more paper pigments, on at least one surface of the paper substrate, and at least one hydrophobic pigmented coating layer of a paper pigment component and a hydrophobic pigment binder component on at least one surface size layer. Also a method for preparing such coated paper substrates..
International Paper Company

 Ink, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Ink, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording apparatus
Provided is an ink containing at least: an inorganic pigment having a surface hydrophobicity; resin particles; and water.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Active light beam-curable inkjet magenta ink and inkjet recording method patent thumbnailnew patent Active light beam-curable inkjet magenta ink and inkjet recording method
An active light beam-curable inkjet magenta ink, wherein the ink comprises at least a pigment, a polymer dispersing agent, a crystalline gelling agent, a photopolymerizable compound and a photopolymerization initiator, the pigment is a solid-solution of pv19 and pr202 which has been subjected to surface treatments with alumina and sulfonic acid, the impart amount of the alumina with respect to the pigment is from 1,500 to 7,500 ppm by mass ratio, and the content of the crystalline gelling agent is from 1.5 to 3.0% by mass with respect to the entirety of the ink has fine storage stability and pinning property, and has a small gloss difference from other colors.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

 Dirt pick-up resistant silicone compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Dirt pick-up resistant silicone compositions
Silicone compositions and methods of using the compositions are provided. The silicone coatings can exhibit improved dirt pick-up resistance and cleanability.
Gaco Western, Llc

new patent

Use of encapsulated cell therapy for treatment of ophthalmic disorders

Described herein are methods and devices for the long term treatment of ophthalmic disorders. Also disclosed are encapsulated cell therapy (ect) devices that secrete a biologically active molecule and methods for using the same for the treatment of various kinds of ophthalmic disorders, including retinitis pigmentosa, geographic atrophy (dry age-related macular degeneration), glaucoma and/or macular telangiectasia..
Neurotech Usa, Inc.

new patent

Real-time surgical reference indicium astigmatism correction

A system, method, and apparatus for guiding an astigmatism correction procedure on an eye of a patient are disclosed. An example apparatus include a photosensor configured to record a pre-operative still image of an ocular target surgical site of the patient.
Truevision Systems, Inc.

new patent

Delivery and extraction devices

This invention provides a device for delivering substances such as medical implants and tissues. The device comprises a mandrel and a mandrel guide whereby substances are delivered by retracting the mandrel guide relative to the mandrel.

new patent

Two-photon microscopy imaging retina cell damage

A method of determining retinal degeneration of photoreceptors and/or the retinal pigment epithelium (rpe) of a subject includes measuring two-photon induced fluorescence inner and/or outer segments of the photoreceptor cells and/or retinal pigment epithelium to assess photoreceptor cell death and retinal pigment epithelium cell death or degeneration.. .
Polgenix, Inc.

new patent

Herbicide compositions for weed control

The present invention is directed to compositions containing a pigment synthesis inhibitor herbicide selected from the group consisting of a pyridazinone, isoxazolidinone, triketone, and isoxazole, and pyroxasulfone in a ratio of pigment synthesis inhibitor herbicide to pyroxasulfone of from about 1:0.3 to about 1:150. The present invention is further directed to methods of increasing the activity of a pigment synthesis inhibitor herbicide with the compositions of the present invention..
Valent U.s.a., Corporation

Quicker iptv channel with static group on igmp loopback interface

A method is implemented by a network device for providing a quick change internet protocol television (iptv) service with reduced delay for transitioning to quick change iptv channels by configuring a multicast address of the iptv channel to a static group. The static group is assigned to a loopback interface of the network device.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Delta sigma modulator with modified dwa block

The disclosure provides a delta sigma modulator. The delta sigma modulator includes a summer.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Liquid crystal display panel, manufacturing method thereof and display device

A liquid crystal display (lcd) panel, a manufacturing method thereof and a display device. The lcd panel includes an upper substrate, a lower substrate, liquid crystal molecules filled in a liquid crystal (lc) display area between the upper substrate and the lower substrate, and sealant sealed at edges of the upper substrate and the lower substrate.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Controlled conversion of minerals to pigmenting elements systems and methods

The present invention may provide talc calciner systems and methods to produce better and more efficient products by engineering a* and b* values for calcinated products perhaps by processing low iron talc in an indirectly heated, multiple zoned calciner which may progressively heat the feed supply at perhaps specifics residence times to produce a desired product.. .
American Talc Company

Image recording method, treatment liquid and ink set

An image recording method including the steps of applying an ink containing a pigment to a recording medium and applying a treatment liquid containing an organic acid to the recording medium so as to overlap at least a part of a region to which the ink is applied. The treatment liquid contains at least one organic compound having an anionic group, and an amino group or quaternary ammonium in its molecular structure and having surface-activating capability..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Composition and making nir-to-visible upconversion inkjet inks

An upconverting pigment dispersion includes an upconverting pigment, such as a β-nayf4 crystal doped with at least one of erbium, ytterbium or thulium. The upconverting pigment dispersion is aqueous and, thus, includes water.
Troy Group, Inc.

Material compositions for lightning strike protection

Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for implementing lightning strike protective compositions. In one aspect, a composition for providing protection against electrical discharges (e.g., including lightning strikes) for composite structures includes a binder material capable of dispersing material structures therein and attaching to a surface of a substrate, and a plurality of pigment structures dispersed in the binder material.
General Atomics

Agents for use in the treatment of retinal inflammation

The present invention relates to preventive and/or therapeutic agents for use in the treatment of retinal inflammation, and more specifically of age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, wherein said agents are selected from an il-6 inhibitor, an apoe inhibitor and/or a fas activator as an active ingredient.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Process of using last white in flexible packaging applications as a laminating adhesive

The present application relates to methods of manufacturing a laminate comprising coating at least a portion of at least a first substrate with a last down energy-curable adhesive ink; applying at least a second substrate to the coated portion of the first substrate to form a laminate; and curing the laminate. The present application further relates to adhesive ink compositions comprising at least one acrylate monomer, at least one pigment, at least one wetting agent, and at least one dispersing agent..
Technosolutions Assessoria Ltda.

Devices for producing optical effect layers

The present invention relates to the field of the protection of value documents and value commercial goods. In particular, uthe invention relates to methods of making an optical effect layer (oel) associated with a substrate, the method comprising i) providing a substrate associated with a coating composition comprising magnetic or magnetizable pigment particles; ii) providing a permanent magnet assembly producing a first magnetic field; iii) providing an electromagnet assembly including a winding assembly and drive producing an oscillating or rotating second magnetic field that interacts with the first magnetic field to spin the permanent magnet assembly to rotate the first magnetic field; and iv) applying the first magnetic field whilst the first magnetic field rotates by spinning of the permanent magnet assembly to aggregately orient the magnetic or magnetizable pigment particles to create the optical effect layer.
Sicpa Holding Sa

Producing cosmetics composition for a lip tattoo pack and therefrom

Disclosed is a cosmetic composition spread on lips to provide a color to lips. Disclosed are a lip pack cosmetic composition for tattooing and a method of preparing the same wherein lips are pigmented and thereby have tattoo effects by removing a formed layer after pigmenting a color on lips and drying the pigmented lips..
New&new Co., Ltd

Radio apparatus

A radio apparatus includes a baseband signal generator to generate a baseband signal; a sine wave substituting device to substitute a transition part of the baseband signal in which a logic level switches from “0” to “1” or “1” to “0” with a sine wave represented with multi-values; and a delta sigma modulator to modulate the signal represented in the multi-values into a binary signal.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

Continuous time delta sigma modulator, analog to digital converter and associated compensation method

A continuous time delta sigma modulator includes a summing circuit, a loop filter, an extraction circuit, a quantizer and a digital to analog converter. The summing circuit is arranged for subtracting a feedback signal by an input signal to generate a residual signal.
Mediatek Inc.

Comprehensive skincare treatment plan to change skin type

A method for changing the skin type of a consumer/patient to slightly oily, resistant, non-pigmented and tight comprising the steps of: (a) performing a series of baseline instrumental measurements for each of four sets of skin (skin oiliness or dryness; skin sensitivity or lack of sensitivity; even or uneven distribution of skin pigmentation; degree of fine lines and/or wrinkles); (b) determining the skin type based on step (a); (c) communicating the skin type to a consumer/patient or a skin health professional or office staff and recommending a comprehensive treatment plan that includes one or more of topical skincare products, orally-administered dietary supplements, lifestyle modifications, cosmetic and medical procedures appropriate for the particular skin type of the consumer/patient; (d) conducting at least one periodic progress instrumental measurement; (e) analyzing the progress measurement and providing the consumer/user with either “positive”/“reinforcing” feedback or a recommendation for changing the comprehensive treatment plan.. .
Metabeauty, Inc.

Electrophoretic display fluid

The present invention is directed to an electrophoretic fluid comprising charged particles dispersed in a solvent or solvent mixture, wherein (i) one type of particles which is non-white and non-black and formed from an inorganic pigment, (ii) another type of particles which is non-white and non-black and formed from an organic pigment, and both types of particles (i) and (ii) are of different colors and carry the same charge polarity.. .
E Ink California, Llc

Device for the culturing of microorganisms and associated process

A device for the culturing and/or isolation and/or detection and/or identification and/or counting of at least one target microorganism in a sample liable to contain it, which includes a support and a nutrient medium; the support including: a hydrophilic fibrous substrate, at least one porous layer in contact with one of the faces of the fibrous substrate, including a pigment or a mixture of pigments and at least one binder, the pigment having a size of less than 5 μm and the amount of the pigment or the mixture of pigments being between 50 and 97% by dry weight, with respect to the dry weight of the porous layer; the nutrient medium being included in the fibrous substrate. Also relates to the use and to the process for the manufacture of the device..
Arjo Wiggins Fine Papers Limited

Dispersing aids or blends thereof to prepare universal colorants for aqueous and non-aqueous paints and coating

Disclosed are novel dispersants for universal colorant systems, novel colorant systems and related method of preparing said systems. Also disclosed are methods of dispersing at least one pigment to prepare a universal colorant system, as well as methods for preparing coatings and paints utilizing the disclosed colorant systems..
Rhodia Operations

Ink composition for ink jet

The ink composition for an ink jet according to the invention includes a pigment or a disperse dye as a coloring material and an ionic liquid; and the content of the ionic liquid therein is 0.05% by mass to 5% by mass.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Pigmented inkjet ink comprising dispersed polyurethane and olefin ionic copolymer

The present disclosure provides an ink for inkjet printing. The ink contains an aqueous vehicle, a dispersed pigment colorant, a dispersed polyurethane polymer, and a dispersed olefin ionic copolymer.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Methods for manufacturing curable inks for digital offset printing applications and the inks made therefrom

Methods for making pigmented, curable, liquid ink compositions, and the ink compositions prepared from the methods are disclosed. The method includes adding at least one monomer and a dispersant to mixing vessel, and metering into the mixing vessel at least one pigment over a period of time.
Xerox Corporation

Near infrared-reflecting/transmitting azo pigment, manufacturing near infrared-reflecting/transmittingazo pigment, colorant composition using said azo pigments, item-coloring method and colored item

An azo pigment is provided which can be used as a coloring agent, etc. For use in paints, plastics, synthetic fibers, printing inks, and writing materials or for image recording or image displaying and which has performance of exhibiting high near infrared reflection/transparency, particularly when used as a heat-shielding paint, even in the case where the pigment has a dark color, and as a result, colored articles having the above-described properties are provided, and furthermore an article that is also useful as a printing ink in the security field is provided particularly when the pigment has a dark or black color.
Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Radiation curable type ink jet ink set and ink jet recording method

A radiation curable type ink jet ink set contains a magenta ink which contains c. I.
Fujifilm Corporation

Inks including segment copolymer grafted pigments via azide chemistry

Pigment based inks are provided. The inks include a non-polar carrier fluid; and a surface-functionalized pigment particle including a nitrogen-inked moiety to the surface of the pigment particle through a nitrogen link at one end of the nitrogen-linked moiety and a segment copolymer having at least two blocks attached at another end, the pigment particle suspended in the non-polar carrier fluid.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Method for producing a pigment paste, aqueous electrocoat material, use thereof, cataphoretic electrocoating, and coated article

The invention also relates to an aqueous electrocoat material, to the use thereof, to a method for cataphoretic electrocoating, and to a coated article.. .

Method of making electrophoretic dispersion

The present invention is directed to methods of making an electrophoretic dispersion comprising pigment particles dispersed in a solvent or solvent mixture, wherein said pigment particles comprises at least one polymer chain comprising a terminal thiocarbonylthio group, attached to the particle surface. The invention also relates to pigment particles suitable for use in an electrophoretic dispersion and methods for their preparation through a raft polymerization technique..
E Ink California, Llc


The present invention relates to pigments based on bismuth compounds and to the use thereof, preferably as laser-absorbent additive, and to a process for the preparation thereof.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh

Improvements in the synthesis of phycocyanins

The invention discloses microorganism cell culture conditions that result in increased cellular and media concentrations of a biological pigment. The invention has applications in use as a natural food colouring, as antioxidants in the food supplement industries, in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical industries, and a non-toxic ink.
University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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