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Composite particles, method for production thereof, and use thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Igm-related patents
 Concentrated polymer composition (new patent Concentrated polymer composition ("masterbatch"), manufacturing method and use for adding it to polyester fibres and filaments
The invention pertains to the field of synthetic-fibre production for the textile industry and relates to the design and use of a concentrated polymeric composition (“masterbatch”) comprising a polymer from the methacrylate family as a support polymer, representing between 30% and 99% by weight of the polymer composition; and at least one additive and/or pigment representing between 1% and 70% by weight of said composition. During the extrusion process, the composition of the invention is incorporated into the molten fibre and filament-forming polyester polymers in order to increase speed in the spinning process (productivity)..
Iqap Masterbatch Group, S.l.
 Process for improving hiding efficiency in pigmented paints patent thumbnailnew patent Process for improving hiding efficiency in pigmented paints
The present invention relates to a process comprising the steps of a) contacting an aqueous dispersion of a tio2 slurry containing adsorbing dispersant with an adsorbing latex to form a mixture, wherein the ph of the mixture of the tio2 slurry and adsorbing latex are sufficiently high to inhibit interaction between the tio2 and the adsorbing latex; then b) lowering the ph of the mixture of step a) sufficiently to promote interaction between the tio2 and the adsorbing latex, thereby forming a composite. The process of the present invention provides for improved hiding and reduced grit for coatings compositions..
 Novel compound having azo skeleton and pigment dispersant, pigment composition, pigment dispersion, and toner containing the compound patent thumbnailnew patent Novel compound having azo skeleton and pigment dispersant, pigment composition, pigment dispersion, and toner containing the compound
The purpose is achieved by an azo compound having a specific structure in which a high molecular weight polymer unit is bonded.. .
 Fluorine resin film patent thumbnailnew patent Fluorine resin film
A fluorine resin film has a heat ray-shielding function, through which film it is possible to see natural colors of a colorless translucency, without any adverse effect on the high translucency, strong mechanical properties, robust weather resistance, and other properties inherent to a fluorine resin. The film provides mechanical properties, translucency, long-term weather resistance, and other properties of a fluorine resin film; which has excellent heat ray shielding; and through which natural colors can be seen with a colorless translucency.
Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd.
 Semi-transparent coating material patent thumbnailnew patent Semi-transparent coating material
A semi-transparent coating material for coating glass or glass ceramics includes at least one sol-gel hybrid-polymer coating system having a hybrid-polymer or inorganic sol-gel-based matrix, and nanoparticles and nanoscale pigments and/or dyes are added to the hybrid-polymer or inorganic sol-gel-based matrix.. .
Schott Ag
 Image recording method patent thumbnailnew patent Image recording method
An image recording method including applying an ink onto a recording medium; and applying a liquid composition that destabilizes a dispersion state of a pigment in the ink onto the recording medium so as to at least partially overlap with a region in which the ink is applied. The ink contains the pigment, a first soluble polymer, a second soluble polymer, polymer particles, and water.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Pigment mixture patent thumbnailnew patent Pigment mixture
The present invention relates to a pigment mixture based on spherical particles having a defined particle-size distribution, and to the use thereof in paints, coatings, printing inks, security printing inks, plastics, ceramic materials, glasses, in cosmetic formulations, as tracer, as filler and for the preparation of pigment preparations and dry preparations.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh
 Composite particles,  production thereof, and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Composite particles, production thereof, and use thereof
The present invention relates to composite particles comprising a carrier material as well as at least one pearlescent pigment, wherein the carrier material and the at least one pearlescent pigment are bonded to one another without an adhesive agent. In addition, the invention relates to a method for producing these composite particles as well as the use thereof..
Eckart Gmbh
 Reactive process for obtaining synthetic barium sulfate and calcium chloride patent thumbnailnew patent Reactive process for obtaining synthetic barium sulfate and calcium chloride
Increasing the density of barium sulphate from 3.5 g/m3 density to 4.40 g/m3 density transforms it into a product of high qualities due to the reaction process to which it is subjected, additionally this invention helps to recycle elements that are intended for confinement, making the process highly environmentally friendly. Applications and use of barium sulfate include in the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry.
Nextbar, Sa De Cv
 Oil-based ink composition for ball-point pen, and oil-based ball-point pen refill using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Oil-based ink composition for ball-point pen, and oil-based ball-point pen refill using the same
Provided are: an oil-based ink composition for a ball-point pen having a favorable feeling of writing, the favorable deepness of a written trace, favorable light resistance, favorable ink stability over time, and favorable pigment dispersibility; and an oil-based ball-point pen refill using the oil-based ink composition. An oil-based ink composition for a ball-point pen comprising at least a dye, a pigment, and an organic solvent, wherein the dye is at least one salt-forming dye selected from the group consisting of salt-forming dyes of alkylbenzene sulfonic acids and xanthene-based basic dyes, salt-forming dyes of alkylbenzene sulfonic acids and triarylmethane-based basic dyes, and salt-forming dyes of alkylbenzene sulfonic acids and azomethine-based basic dyes..
Kabushiki Kaisha Pilot Corporation
new patent

Management of a multicast system in a software-defined network

A system and method are provided for of a multicast system by a controller in a software defined network. The method may include, receiving a request for a multicast stream from a first switch of the software defined network.
International Business Machines Corporation
new patent

Optical disc device and focus jump method

The optical disc device includes an optical pickup, a focus-error-signal generation section for generating a focus error signal of the differential astigmatic method by using a parameter and an electric signal outputted from a photodetector in the optical pickup, a control section for controlling the optical pickup to make a focus jump operation, and a parameter value changing section for temporarily changing a value of the parameter to be used to generate a focus error signal of the differential astigmatic method by the focus-error-signal generation section when the focus jump operation is performed by using the focus error signal of the differential astigmatic method.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
new patent

Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method

An ink jet recording apparatus is provided which includes a recording unit including a recording head having a surface provided with an ejection opening therein, an aqueous ink that is ejected from the ejection opening to record an image on a recording medium, a protection unit including a covering member that covers the surface having the ejection opening, and a recovery unit separate from the covering member, having no member that scrapes the ink deposited in the ink receiving member or sucks the ink from the ejection opening. The recovery unit includes an ink receiving member that receives waste ink discharged from the ejection opening according to preliminary ejection data, directly from the ejection opening without interposing any other member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Ink set

There is provided an ink set in which at least a cyan ink, a magenta ink, and a yellow ink are provided, each ink provided in the ink set includes water, a pigment of equal to or greater than 5% by mass with respect to 100% by mass of a total amount of each of the ink, glycerin, and a betaine compound having a molecular weight of less than 120, respectively, in each of the ink, a maximum difference in a content ratio of the pigment is equal to or greater than 3.0% by mass, and a maximum difference in a content ratio of the water is equal to or less than 3.0% by mass and in each of the ink, the ink in which a content ratio of the pigment is at a maximum, the ink in which the content ratio of the water is at a maximum, and the ink in which a total content ratio of the glycerin and the betaine compound is at a maximum are the same ink.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation
new patent

Liquid color composition with cottonseed oil base

A liquid colorant for use in molding or extruding plastic products comprises pigment dispersed in cottonseed oil.. .
new patent

Process for preparing an effect pigment

The present invention relates to a process for preparing a coloured effect pigment, comprising the steps of (a) preparing in an aqueous coating medium at least one layer of a hydroxyl-containing metal oxide on a substrate, thereby obtaining in the aqueous coating medium a first coloured pigment material cpm1 comprising the substrate coated with the hydroxyl-containing metal oxide, wherein the substrate is made of aluminium or aluminium alloy which optionally comprises at least one passivating layer, and wherein the hydroxyl-containing metal oxide is a hydroxyl-containing iron oxide or a hydroxyl-containing titanium oxide or a mixture thereof, (b) providing the first coloured pigment material cpm1 in a liquid post-treatment medium comprising one or more high boiling organic liquids, and (c) heating the liquid post-treatment medium to a temperature of at least 90° c. So as to convert the first coloured pigment material cpm1 to a second coloured pigment material cpm2..
Basf Se

Transdermal patch

A transdermal patch for the treatment of alzheimer's disease includes: a backing, a rivastigmine-containing layer, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and a release liner. In the transdermal patch, the rivastigmine-containing layer contains rivastigmine and an alkyl(meth)acrylate resin, the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is composed of an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive containing a (meth)acrylic acid ester having a hydroxyl group, and neither the rivastigmine-containing layer nor the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer contains an anti-oxidizing agent..
Nichiban Co., Ltd.

Corneal topography measurement and alignment of corneal surgical procedures

Methods and apparatus are configures to measure an eye without contacting the eye with a patient interface, and these measurements are used to determine alignment and placement of the incisions when the patient interface contacts the eye. The pre-contact locations of one or more structures of the eye can be used to determine corresponding post-contact locations of the one or more optical structures of the eye when the patient interface has contacted the eye, such that the laser incisions are placed at locations that promote normal vision of the eye.
Optimedica Corporation

Polycarbonate resin composition for vehicle exterior

A polycarbonate resin composition for a vehicle exterior may include a polycarbonate resin, a silicone polycarbonate, and a syndiotactic polystyrene. The polycarbonate resin may be 45˜85% by weight, the silicone polycarbonate may 10˜50% by weight, and the syndiotactic polystyrene may be greater than 2% by weight and less than 7% by weight, with respect to a total weight of the composition.
Hyundai Motor Company

Method of manufacturing biomedical molecular detection platform and the detection platform manufactured therefrom

The present invention provides a method of manufacturing biomedical molecular detection platform, comprising providing a plurality of reagent droplets on a first surface of a substrate; forming a plurality of hydrophilic regions and a water-repellant region on a second surface of a test paper, and the plurality of hydrophilic regions separated individually by the water-repellant region; and contacting the first surface of the substrate with the second surface of the test paper for transferring each reagent droplet on the substrate to each hydrophilic region of the test paper. The present invention also provides a biomedical molecular detection platform manufactured therefrom.
National Tsing Hua University

Composition and system for turf maintenance

The present invention provides an agricultural composition comprising a plant growth regulator and a pigment that provides reduced phytotoxicity as compared to an equivalent application of the plant growth regulator alone. The composition can further include a fungicide.
Bayer Cropscience Lp

Injection-moulded decorative moulded article with effect pigments and manufacturing method

A decorative moulding and a method for the production thereof. The decorative moulded article has at least one injection-moulded main body made of thermoplastic material; with a deep 3d surface structure on a visible surface and a cover layer of transparent plastic applied at least to the visible surface.
Daimler Ag

Ink for aqueous inkjet recording, inkjet recording method, and inkjet printed matter

An ink for aqueous inkjet recording contains: water; a hydrosoluble organic solvent; a pigment; and polycarbonate-based urethane resin particles, wherein the pigment contains a geminalbis phosphonic acid group and/or a geminalbis phosphonate group.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Transfer device, image forming apparatus, and transfer method

A transfer device includes a transfer portion that transfers a toner image formed with a toner containing flat pigment particles to a recording medium; a dc voltage applying portion that applies a dc voltage to the transfer portion; and an ac voltage applying portion that applies an ac voltage to the transfer portion.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Light filters that simulate the transmission spectra of the ocular lens pigment with age

This invention relates to the use of light filters, for example sunglass lenses, that have transmission spectra characteristic of the pigment found in the human ocular lens and that correspond to different age groups and different darkness.. .
Photoprotective Technologies, Inc.

Black resin film, capacitance type input device, producing them, and image display apparatus using the same

A black resin film is produced by applying a photosensitive resin composition containing a black pigment, an alkali-soluble polymer compound, an ethylenic unsaturated bond-containing compound and α-aminoalkylphenone or α-hydroxyalkylphenone as a photopolymerization initiator, to a substrate; and subjecting the composition to exposure, development and post-exposure. The post-exposure is performed from both side with 1,300 mj/cm2 or more in terms of i line..
Fujifilm Corporation

Astigmatic depth from defocus imaging

A rangefinder has a depth camera and a computer. The depth camera is positioned to receive electromagnetic energy from a scene.
Ellis Amalgamated, Llc Dba Optics For Hire

Inkjet printer for labeling goods

An inkjet printer for the labeling of goods includes a main device having at least one outlet opening for ink, in particular for ink droplets, at least one storage container for a liquid flowing through the outlet opening, such as, for example, ink, pigments or solvents, the storage container being detachably connected to the main device, and liquid and mechanical couplings. The liquid coupling has a first coupling portion on the main device and a second coupling portion on the storage container.
Ebs Ink-jet Systeme Gmbh

Ceramic inkjet inks

The current document discloses an inkjet ink that is characterized by exceptionally low sedimentation rate of glass frit and pigment particles. Practically, the ink reversibly gels upon extended standing, thus preventing sedimentation entirely..
Dip-tech Ltd.

High resolution and high sensitivity three-dimensional (3d) cursor maneuvering reference plane, and methods of its manufacture

A three dimensional (3d) cursor maneuvering system for use by a computer or electro-mechanical system requiring 3d control, includes a tinted 2d planar or locally planar reference surface and a color sensitive mobile device that moves along the tinted reference surface and generates high sensitivity and high resolution absolute positional and motional data by accurately determining variations in the tint. Color index data (e.g.

Systems and methods for creating optical effects on media

Methods and systems for optical effects in pigments, inks, and on media. One aspect of this disclosure involves a pigment particle which includes a core, having a fluorescent material and having a spherical shape, and a shell surrounding the core; the shell includes a photochromic material which has a first optical property in a first light source and a second optical property in a second light source which includes a set of wavelengths not sufficiently present in the first light source.

Fluorescence detection device

To provide a fluorescence detection device that can effectively remove autofluorescence using a simple configuration. A fluorescence detection device comprises: semiconductor laser for emitting excitation light; an objective lens for converging excitation light onto a sample on a biosensor substrate; an anamorphic lens which introduces astigmatism to fluorescence that is from the biosensor substrate and incident on the objective lens and that passed through the objective lens; a spectral element for separating the fluorescence into a plurality of light rays; and a fluorescence detector for receiving the light rays separated by the spectral element.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Phase change ink pigment dispersion process

A process for preparing a pigment dispersion including melting a phase change ink carrier and an optional dispersant at a temperature of from about 100° c. To about 170° c.
Xerox Corporation

Transgenic animals with customizable traits

Disclosed are materials and methods for creating customizable traits in animals. In the demonstration of the principle of the subject invention, a keratin-14 specific promoter is used with red fluorescent protein in the loxp cassette, dominant black (Δg23) beta defensin 103 in the pigment cassette, and an sv40 (with intron) polyadenylation sequence.
Mice With Horns, Llc

Aqueous pigment dispersions based on polyurethane dispersants having components to interact with cellulose

Aqueous pigment dispersions based on polyurethane dispersants having components capable of interacting with cellulose are described. These components include a heterocycle pendent and or terminal to the polymer chain.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Aqueous pigment dispersion liquid and aqueous pigment inkjet ink using same

The present invention is an aqueous pigment dispersion liquid for inkjet comprising a pigment and a pigment dispersant. The pigment dispersant is at least any one of a graft copolymer and a block copolymer each comprising a polymer chain a and a polymer chain b, wherein the polymer chain a comprises 20 to 60 mass % of a constituent unit derived from a first cycloalkyl group-containing (meth)acrylate, 10 to 35 mass % of a constituent unit derived from (meth)acrylic acid, and 5 to 70 mass % of a constituent unit derived from another (meth)acrylate and the polymer chain b comprises at least any one of a constituent unit derived from a second cycloalkyl group-containing (meth)acrylate and a constituent unit derived from a vinyl monomer or (meth)acrylate having an aromatic ring..
Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Coating composition and coating film obtained from coating composition

The present invention aims to develop an aqueous heat-shielding coating material to which low staining properties are imparted to suppress a reduction in heat-shielding properties due to the reduction in solar reflectance caused by adhesion of contaminants in the air during outdoor exposure, thereby maintaining the heat-shielding properties for a long period of time. The above problem is solved by providing a resin composition for an aqueous coating material including: (a1) a water-soluble and/or water-dispersible resin; (a2) a heat-shielding pigment; (b1) an organosilicate and/or a modified product of the organosilicate; and (b2) a curing catalyst that promotes a hydrolysis/condensation reaction of an alkoxysilyl group..
Kaneka Corporation

Ettlia sp. strain having superior carbon dioxide fixation ability and lipid producing ability and use thereof

Provided are a new microalgae strain and a use thereof, and more particularly, ettlia sp. Yc001 (kctc 12109bp) having high carbon dioxide fixability, lipid productivity and carotenoid productivity, and a use thereof.
Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

Methods of selecting retinal pigmented epithelial cells

(b) selecting cells which are positive for at least one of the parameters, thereby sorting rpe cells from a mixed population of cells.. .

Pigment dispersion and yellow resist composition for color filter and ink composition containing the pigment dispersion

An object of the present invention is to provide a pigment dispersion excellent in the dispersibility of c.i. Pigment yellow 185.
Canan Kabushiki Kaisha

Use of a polymer composition

There is described use of a biorenewable copolymers in one or more of: in a topical and/or personal care composition, as a binder for toner, as an encapsulating agent for a colorant, as a hybrid colorant, as additive for sheet moulding compounds, as a plastic pigment, as a filler for composite materials such as concrete, as a filler for coatings and/or waxes; and/or as a spacer in a display; where the biorenewable copolymer comprises (a) at least 8. 5 wt-% preferably >=20 wt-% of a higher itaconate diester (preferably dibutyl itaconate—dbi); (b) less than 23 wt-% acid monomer but also sufficient to have an acid value less than 150 mg koh/g of polymer, (c) optionally with less than 50 wt-% of other itaconate monomers, and (d) optionally less than 77 wt-% of other monomers not (a) to (c).
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Hyperpigmented toner

The present disclosure describes hyperpigmented toner compositions containing a mixture of insulative color pigments, which toners exhibit reduced dielectric loss and improved tribo-charging.. .
Xerox Corporation

Use of microrna molecules to influence skin pigmentation

At least one microrna selected from among hsa-mir-330, hsa-mir-7 and hsa-mir-137, the mature forms thereof, and the precursors thereof, for depigmenting the skin, and an in vitro method for identifying depigmenting compounds, which includes the steps of: a) placing at least one test compound in contact with a sample of melanocytes; b) measuring the expression or activity of at least one microrna selected from among mir-330, mir-7 and mir-137, the mature forms thereof, and the precursors thereof, in the melanocytes; c) selecting the compounds for which at least 20% activation of the expression or of the activity of at least one of the micrornas is measured in the melanocytes treated in a) by an element for comparing with the untreated melanocytes.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs

Image recording method and set

An image recording method including the steps of applying a liquid composition to a recording medium and applying an ink containing a pigment to the recording medium so as to overlap at least with a part of a region of the recording medium to which the liquid composition is applied. The water absorption amount of the recording medium at a contact time of 1 second according to the bristow's method is 15 ml/m2 or less.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Collector sheet for solar cell, and solar cell module using collector sheet for solar cell

Provided is a collector sheet for a solar cell, and contributing to improvement of power generation efficiency. A collector sheet (5) for a solar cell is disposed on the rear surface side of a solar cell element (4), and is provided with: a circuit (54), which is formed on the front surface of a resin base material (53), and which is configured of a wiring section (541) composed of a metal, and a non-wiring section (542); and an insulating layer (52), which is formed on the circuit (54).
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Display device and a measuring a strain of the display device

A measurement pigment composition including pigment particles may be coated on a surrounding area of a display panel to form a strain measuring part. A strain of the display device may be measured by using 3d images of the strain measuring part..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Dispersion of adsorbing emulsion polymer particles

The present invention relates to a process comprising contacting a stable aqueous dispersion of pre-formed polymer particles with a monomer emulsion under emulsion polymerization conditions to form a stable aqueous dispersion of pre-formed particles protuberating from polymer particles arising from the polymerization of the monomer emulsion; these multistage polymer particles show exceptional compatibility with pigment particles. In another aspect, the present invention is a composition relating to the pre-formed particles..
Rohm And Haas Company

Coloured tyre portions

A coloured tyre portion having a polymer base with added pigments for producing the desired colour, and an added optical whitener. Alternatively, the optical whitener is added to a dye deposited on a highly impermeable barrier layer, in turn deposited on the part of the tyre for colouring..
Bridgestone Corporation

Non-aqueous pigment ink

In a non-aqueous pigment ink that includes pigment, a non-aqueous solvent, and a non-aqueous resin that functions to disperse pigment dissolved in the non-aqueous solvent, the non-aqueous solvent includes a hydrocarbon based non polar solvent at 50% by mass or more with respect to the total amount of solvent. The non-aqueous resin is an acrylic polymer having a comb shaped structure, in which alkyl groups having carbon numbers from 8 to 18 and urethane groups form side chains on a (meth)acrylate main chain.
Riso Kagaku Corporation

Iron oxide-coated layered silicate pigment

The present invention provides an iron oxide-coated layered silicate pigment that has no interference color, strongly exhibits the color inherent in iron oxide, and is excellent in gloss. The pigment of the present invention is an iron oxide-coated layered silicate pigment comprising a layered-silicate plate particle as base, and an iron oxide coated on the plate particle; wherein the iron oxide does not coat the surface portion of the plate particle or the iron oxide is localized on the edge portion rather than the surface portion of the plate particle.
Topy Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Diagnosis of melanoma by nucleic acid analysis

The present invention provides methods for diagnosing melanoma and/or solar lentigo in a subject by analyzing nucleic acid molecules obtained from the subject. The present invention also provides methods for distinguishing melanoma from solar lentigo and/or dysplastic nevi and/or normal pigmented skin.
Dermtech International


Centrifuges are useful to, among other things, remove red blood cells from whole blood and retain platelets and other factors in a reduced volume of plasma. Platelet rich plasma (prp) and or platelet poor plasma (ppp) can be obtained rapidly and is ready for immediate injection into the host.
Kensey Nash Corporation

Human skin sample methods and models for assessing tone-specific benefits of agents

Human skin tissue sample methods and models for identifying and screening test agents as effective for providing skin tone benefits, methods for validating hypotheses for mechanisms driving skin pigmentation as well as methods for driving skin pigment levels in ex-vivo skin tissue. The method includes contacting a cultured human skin tissue sample with a test agent, generating a transcriptional profile from the sample, and comparing the results to a control to determine if the test agent is effective for providing a skin tone benefit..
The Procter & Gamble Company

Toner processes for hyper-pigmented toners

The present embodiments relate to processes of preparing toner particles. More specifically, the processes produce toner particles having high pigment loadings and desired circularity.
Xerox Corporation

Magenta toner containing compound having azo skeleton

An object of the present invention is to provide a magenta toner having improved dispersibility of a magenta pigment in a binder resin and a high coloring ability, enabling suppression of fogging, and having high transfer efficiency. The object can be attained by a toner including toner particles containing a binder resin, a compound having an azo skeleton bound to a polymeric portion, and a magenta pigment as a colorant..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Azo compound, pigment dispersant containing the azo compound, pigment composition, pigment dispersion and toner

An object of the present invention is to provide an azo compound capable of improving the dispersibility of an azo pigment in a non-water-soluble solvent. The object of the present invention is achieved with an azo compound wherein a coloring matter moiety having a diketone azo structure and a polymer are bonded to each other..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Coating system

A coating formed on a substrate is provided which coating comprises (a) an organic nir-transparent pigment and/or an inorganic nir-reflective pigment; (b) a dye having a transmittance of at least 75% in the range of from 700 to 2500 nm; and (c) optionally an effect pigment; wherein said coating exhibits a total solar reflectance (tsr) of (i) ≧40%, if 60<l*<100, or (ii) ≧30%, if 30<l*≧60, or (iii) ≧20%, if 0<l*≦30, wherein l* is the lightness. The coating is suitable for an exterior-use coating like an industrial coating or a coating for vehicles, especially an automotive finish, having improved jetness..
Basf Se

Heat-transfer textile ink

A heat-transfer textile ink product comprising (a) silicone ink base composition; (b) one or more pigments; and (c) a heat-transfer adhesion promoter.. .
Dow Corning Corporation

Novel anti-aging and depigmenting cosmetic compositions

In which n and m are zero or equal to 1, provided that n+m=1, r1 and r2 in particular representing hydrogen atoms, r3 and r4 in particular representing hydrogen atoms, halogen atoms, hydroxy or alkoxy groups, and r5 in particular representing hydrogen atoms, hydroxy, alkyl, alkoxy, amino or nitro groups, in cosmetic compositions intended for anti-ageing and/or depigmenting and/or anti-inflammatory and/or wound-healing care.. .

Use of danielone and derivatives thereof in skin care

The present invention relates to a novel composition comprising danielone and derivatives thereof as well as to the use of such compositions in skin lightening. More particularly, the present invention relates to danielone and derivatives thereof for use in topical compositions for smoothening skin color irregularities, for reducing melanin formation in the human skin, for lightening/brightening human skin and/or for treatment of pigmentation disorders which comprises topically administering an effective amount of danielone and derivatives thereof to the appropriate skin area of a person in need of such beautifying agent, or treatment..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

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