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Texture material for covering a repaired portion of a textured surface

Date/App# patent app List of recent Igm-related patents
 Monitoring system and device with sensors that are responsive to skin pigmentation patent thumbnailMonitoring system and device with sensors that are responsive to skin pigmentation
A system is provided for using data based on user habit information or user monitoring. A monitoring device has one or more sensors that detect or measure user information selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information, and a user's health.
 Dispersant composition patent thumbnailDispersant composition
A composition comprising particulate solid (typically a pigment or filler), an organic medium (typically the organic medium may be a plastics material or an organic liquid) and a polyacrylic copolymer.. .
 Texture material for covering a repaired portion of a textured surface patent thumbnailTexture material for covering a repaired portion of a textured surface
A texture material composition contains, by weight of the texture material, between 11.0% and 72.0% of solvent, between 3.0% and 8.0% of binder, between 0.5% and 3.0% of pigment, between 0.01% and 0.20% of an anti-settling agent, between 0.20% and 3.0% of a dispersant, and between 50.0% and 80.0% of filler.. .
 Dispersing agent for solid suspensions patent thumbnailDispersing agent for solid suspensions
As a dispersing agent for powder-form substances, typically selected from the group consisting of clays, porcelain slip, silicate flour, chalk, carbon black, rock flour, pigments, talc, plastic powders and mineral binders, and methods for improving the flow properties of powder-form substances and mixtures including powder-form substances and polymers having the formula (xiv).. .
 Inkjet ink comprising encapsulated pigment dispersions with two encapsulation steps patent thumbnailInkjet ink comprising encapsulated pigment dispersions with two encapsulation steps
The present disclosure provides an inkjet ink comprising an aqueous vehicle and an encapsulated pigment dispersion. A process for encapsulating pigment dispersions is provided where a pigment is dispersed with a polymeric dispersant in an aqueous solvent system.
 Photo-curable ink composition patent thumbnailPhoto-curable ink composition
A photo-curable ink composition including an acrylic polymer or copolymer, a vinyl ester component, a multifunctional monomer, a photoinitiator and a pigment. Also disclosed herein is a method for forming a printed article and an ink-jet ink printing system using said photo-curable ink composition..
 Process for producing decorative sheet, decorative sheet, decorative sheet molded product, process for producing in-mold molded article, and in-mold molded article patent thumbnailProcess for producing decorative sheet, decorative sheet, decorative sheet molded product, process for producing in-mold molded article, and in-mold molded article
Disclosed is a process for producing a decorative sheet, the process comprising a discharge step of discharging an ink composition onto a recording medium, a drying step of drying the ink composition above the recording medium by means of heat, and a curing step of curing the ink composition above the recording medium by means of a light source having a peak wavelength of 200 nm to 300 nm, the ink composition comprising (component a) a polymer compound comprising a monomer unit (a-1) having a partial structure represented by formula (1) below and a monomer unit (a-2) having a hydrophilic group, (component b) water, and (component c) a pigment.. .
 Method of preparation for flame retarding composition patent thumbnailMethod of preparation for flame retarding composition
The present invention teaches an acrylic or latex comprising flame retarding composition. The composition comprises: sodium polyacrylates, acrylic polymer solution, silicone surfactant, titanium dioxide pigment, ammonium polyphosphate, mono-pentacrythritol, melamine powder, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyethyl cellulose, ester alcohol, acrylic copolymer emulsion, soda lime borosilicate glass, hydrophobically modified ethylene oxide urethane and distilled water.
 Infrared camouflage textile patent thumbnailInfrared camouflage textile
An infrared camouflage textile, including an emissivity layer on one side of the textile and adapted to provide at least two different infrared emissivities in a pattern; a heating layer between the emissivity and insulating layers; and a power source to the heating layer. The emissivity layer may include a display module including pixel elements displaying the pattern, each pixel element including a display segment; a plurality of first charged pigments in the display segment each having a first charge; a plurality of second charged pigments in the display segment each having a charge opposite the first charge; an electrical contact coupled to the display segment to receive signals creating an electric field in the display segment; at least one computer-readable storage medium including code to transmit signals to the display module that create an electric field in a pixel element form the pattern in the emissivity layer..
 Ink jet recording apparatus patent thumbnailInk jet recording apparatus
An ink jet recording apparatus has a first discharge port array in which discharge ports of a plurality of nozzles which discharge an ink composition containing an inorganic pigment are disposed side by side, a second discharge port array in which discharge ports of a plurality of nozzles which discharge an ink composition containing a coloring material other than the inorganic pigment are disposed side by side, a nozzle plate having the first discharge port array and the second discharge port array, a liquid repellent film provided on the nozzle plate, a wiping member which wipes the surface of the nozzle plate and has absorbability of the ink composition, in which, in a series of operations in which the surface of the nozzle plate is wiped by the wiping member, the second discharge port array is wiped in priority to the first discharge port array.. .
Photosensitive resin composition for color filters and uses thereof
A photosensitive resin composition for color filter including an alkai-soluble resin (a-1), an alkai-soluble resin (a-2) having a functional group represented by formula (2), a compound (b) having an ethylenically unsaturated group, a photoinitiator (c), an organic solvent (d), and a pigment (e) is provided, wherein the alkai-soluble resin (a-1) is formed by copolymerizing an ethylenically unsaturated monomer (a-1) having a carboxylic acid group, a compound (a-2) having a cyclicimide group represented by formula (1), and other copolymerizable ethylenically unsaturated monomers (a-3) except for the ethylenically unsaturated monomer (a-1) having the carboxylic acid group and the compound (a-2) having the cyclicimide group represented by formula (1).. .
Aqueous dispersion composition, back sheet for an eco-friendly photovoltaic module, and method for manufacturing same
Provided are an aqueous dispersion composition, a backsheet for a photovoltaic module, a method of preparing the same, and a photovoltaic module. Since the aqueous dispersion composition includes a fluorine-based polymer, a pigment and an aqueous dispersion binder, a backsheet for a photovoltaic module using the aqueous dispersion composition is prepared without a toxic organic solvent, and thus is environmentally friendly and economical.
Beam controlling method and optical pickup device for performing the method
Provided is an optical pickup device that compensates for an aberration caused by a beam splitter. When a beam of light is reflected from a disc and proceeds towards a beam splitter, the beam splitter is designed to allow the reflected beam to pass therethrough.
Method and apparatus for determining circadian input
A method and apparatus for determining the circadian input of a light source includes selecting a circadian input to be measured based on an action spectrum corresponding to a wavelength sensitivity of photoreceptors for a circadian regulation system, where the circadian input is configured to stimulate a retinaldehyde photopigment, and for measuring spectral intensity across the action spectrum to determine the circadian input of the light source.. .
Method for lightening or eradicating pigments in human skin
For lightening or eradicating pigments in human skin, a first conditioning laser optical energy having first optical parameters selected to obtain an ablative effect on the epidermal layer of human skin is provided. A target area of the human skin is conditioned by directing the first conditioning laser optical energy onto the target area and forming in an epidermal layer of the target area discrete pressure and gas release ducts across the target area.
Multifilament, monofilament, non-woven or tape
(d) one or more inorganic and/or organic pigments.. .
Method of preparing encapsulated pigment dispersions with two encapsulation steps
A process for encapsulating pigment dispersions is provided where a pigment is dispersed with a polymeric dispersant in an aqueous solvent system. The encapsulation process has at least two additions of encapsulating monomers followed by polymerization.
Mucosally-applied agent for prevention, amelioration or treatment of retinal disease
Application of a pharmaceutical preparation comprising geranylgeranylacetone to the mucosa of, for example, the eye, nose, oral cavity or pharynx can efficiently prevent, ameliorate or treat retinal diseases such as glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.. .
Gamma-diketones as wnt/beta -catenin signaling pathway activators
The present disclosure provides γ-diketones or analogs thereof, that activate wnt/β-catenin signaling and thus treat or prevent diseases related to signal transduction, such as osteoporosis and osteoarthropathy; osteogenesis imperfecta, bone defects, bone fractures, periodontal disease, otosclerosis, wound healing, craniofacial defects, oncolytic bone disease, traumatic brain injuries or spine injuries, brain atrophy/neurological disorders related to the differentiation and development of the central nervous system, including parkinson's disease, strokes, ischemic cerebral disease, epilepsy, alzheimer's disease, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia; otic disorders like cochlear hair cell loss; eye diseases such as age related macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema or retinitis pigmentosa and diseases related to differentiation and growth of stem cell, such as hair loss, hematopoiesis related diseases and tissue regeneration related diseases.. .
Phosphaplatins as neuroprotective agents
The present disclosure provides for compositions for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases comprising one or more isolated phosphate complexes of platinum and methods of uses thereof for treating neurodegenerative diseases including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, alzheimer's disease, stroke, epilepsy, parkinsons, huntington's disease and diabetes associated peripheral neuropathy the present disclosure is also directed towards an anti-angiogenic composition useful for inhibiting angiogenesis related to age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and tumor-associated angiogenesis. An embodiment of the present disclosure is also directed towards a method for modulating the expression of pigment epithelial derived factor (pedf) gene in an individual in need thereof.
Two-component color developer and image formation device using same
A two-component color developer containing a toner and a resin-coated carrier, the toner containing at least a polyester resin as a binding resin, an organic pigment as a colorant and inorganic fine particles as an external additive, wherein the inorganic fine particles have a negative polarity, the toner has a volume resistivity of 40×109 to 220×109 Ωcm and a negative polarity, and the carrier has a coat durability of 90% or greater.. .
Packaging material for power storage device
A packaging material for a power storage device includes: a base material layer that is configured to include a resin film; a base material protective layer that becomes an outermost layer, protects the base material layer, and is configured to include a urethane resin and a filler; a sealant layer that becomes an innermost layer; a metal foil layer that is disposed between the base material layer and the sealant layer; and an adhesive that contains a pigment, wherein the base material layer adheres to the metal foil layer via the adhesive by dry lamination.. .
Self-polishing antifouling paint composition comprising solid particles of entrapped or encapsulated rosin constituents
The present application discloses novel self-polishing antifouling paint compositions comprising: 30-80% by solids volume of the paint composition of a binder phase; 20-70% by solids volume of the paint composition of a pigment phase, said pigment phase including solid particles consisting of one or more rosin constituents (e.g. Rosin, rosin derivatives or rosin-modified polymers) entrapped or encapsulated in a matrix (e.g.
Hybrid polymer coating for petrous or ceramic substrates, petrous or ceramic substrate, and obtaining method
A coating having a thickness between 0.1 and 2 mm is obtained from a mixture with the following composition: 10-25% by weight of micronized powder; 40-60% by weight of inorganic gravels of petrographic origin of sizes between 0.063-2 mm; 10-40% by weight of a polymerisable base resin selected from polyurethane, polyester, epoxy or acrylic, with additives, and optionally pigments. The proportion of the mentioned gravel and micronized powder of the coating being up to 90% in an inner most area of interphase between coating and surface of the petrous substrate, covering one third of the thickness of the coating.
Method for matching color and appearance of coatings containing effect pigments
A method for matching color and appearance of a target coating of an article is provided. The method includes the steps utilizing sparkle values of the target coating; color data of the target coating; and flop values based on the color data; to identify and select matching formulas based on sparkle differences, flop value differences, and color difference indexes.
Topical preparation containing ngf for inducing skin pigmentation and for the treatment of cutaneous dyschromias and vitiligo
The preparation of ngf and the connected method can also be used in combination with other therapies known for the treatment of skin discoloration, such as the application of topical corticosteroids, activated vitamin d and/or activated vitamin d3, or phototherapy alone or in combination with photosensitizing agents, in particular psoralens.. .
Dynamic adjustment of mldp tunnel and pim binding
A capability is provided for modifying association of a multicast label distribution protocol (mldp) tunnel with protocol independent multicast (pim). Information associated with a multicast source and multicast group (multicast sg) is received.
Progressive addition lens
There is provided a progressive addition lens capable of improving both of astigmatism and power error on a peripheral part of a distance area, including a distance area used for a distance vision, and other area different from the distance area, wherein at least one of an eyeball side surface of a wearer and an object side surface in the progressive addition lens is formed into an aspheric form, and when a prescription value t to be obtained from formula “s+c/2” expressed by a prescribed spherical power s and a cylindrical power c, is minus, the area where a power deviation Δd of a spherical equivalent power d from the prescription value t goes negative, exists on principal sight line in the distance area.. .
Ink-jet transfer system for dark textile substrates
An ink-jet transfer system is disclosed, as well as a transfer printed product which is highly wash-resistant, colour-fast and environment-friendly, and a process for producing the same and its use in a printing process by means of the disclosed ink-jet transfer system. The disclosed ink-jet transfer system has a substrate, a hot-melt layer applied on the substrate and at least one ink-absorbing layer which comprises a mixture of a highly porous pigment and a binder.
Ink-jet transfer system for dark textile substrates
An ink-jet transfer system is disclosed, as well as a transfer printed product which is highly wash-resistant, colour-fast and environment-friendly, and a process for producing the same and its use in a printing process by means of the disclosed ink-jet transfer system. The disclosed ink-jet transfer system has a substrate, a hot-melt layer applied on the substrate and at least one ink-absorbing layer which comprises a mixture of a highly porous pigment and a binder.
Ink jet recording method for printing pigment
There is provided an ink jet recording method for printing a pigment in which a pigment printing ink composition including at least pigment as a colorant is discharged from a nozzle opening as an ink droplet having an amount of the ink of the ink droplet of 9 ng or less with an average discharging speed v of 5 m/s or greater at a distance in the range of 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm in the direction from the nozzle opening to cloth, and whereby the pigment printing ink composition is adhered to the cloth.. .
Ink set for ink jet recording, and recording apparatus
An ink set includes a recording ink and a displacement ink. The recording ink contains a pigment, a resin, water, and a first surfactant and is substantially free of alkyl polyols with a normal boiling point of 280° c.
Photo-curable resin compositions and method of using the same in three-dimensional printing for manufacturing artificial teeth and denture base
A composition includes a light-curable viscous mixture that includes: 0-50% by weight of a poly(methyl methacrylate)/methyl methacrylate solution; 5-20% by weight of at least one kind of multifunctional aliphatic (meth)acrylate; 5-40% by weight of at least one kind of aliphatic urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer; 25-65% by weight of at least one kind of difunctional bisphenol-a dimethacrylate; 0.1 to 5% by weight of at least one kind of a photoinitiator; 0.05 to 2% by weight of at least one kind of light stabilizer; and 0.1 to 3% by weight of color pigment based on the total weight of the composition.. .
Synthesis of oil-soluble new compositions used for dsersing pigment nanoparticles and their applcation on electrowetting display
The present invention provides a macromolecular dispersant and a synthesis method thereof, and the dispersant is synthesized by reacting polyisobutylene-g-succinic anhydride with amine compounds. In addition, the present invention also provides an oil-soluble dispersant composition with nano particle pigments and the manufacturing method thereof.
In-store tintable non-infrared-absorptive paint and stain system
A custom color paint or stain tinting system employs at least one light-colored non-infrared-absorptive base paint or stain packaged in a point-of-sale container and an array of colorants including an infrared-absorptive black liquid colorant, a non-infrared-absorptive black liquid colorant, and one or more additional liquid colorants made with non-infrared-absorptive pigments. The infrared-absorptive black liquid colorant or non-infrared-absorptive black liquid colorant may respectively be used to make custom-tinted interior or exterior paints and stains..
Mouthguard and fabricating method thereof
A mouthguard includes a mouthguard body and a film structure. The mouthguard body includes a front part, a rear part and a bottom part.
Methods for treating obstructive sleep apnea
The present invention relates to methods for treating obstructive sleep apnea (osa), alleviating a negative osa symptom, reducing snoring, or improving quality of life in a subject, comprising administering to the subject an effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition comprising pyridostigmine before sleep. Also provided are related medicaments as well as methods for preparing the medicaments..
Method and ocular implant for transmission of nerve-stimulation light
An improved prosthesis and method for stimulating vision nerves to obtain a vision sensation that is useful for the patient that has lost vision due to age-related macular degeneration (amd) and retinitis pigmentosa (rp) and other diseases. The present invention utilizes infrared light to cause action potentials in the retinal nerves similar to those which result from rods and cones stimulated by visible light in healthy retinas.
Iontophoretic apparatus and method for marking of the skin
Embodiments provide apparatus and methods for producing markings in the skin. One embodiment provides an apparatus for marking the skin comprising a housing and reservoir for storing a skin colorant.
Itaconic acid polymers for improved dirt and water resistance for elastomeric wall and roof coatings
The present invention provides aqueous coating compositions comprising one or more emulsion copolymer made from itaconic acid, a sulfonic acid or sulfonate ester monomer and an additional acid monomer which is a carboxylic acid and having a glass transition temperature of from −45° c. To −10° c., and one or more pigment, opacifier, filler, extender, or mixture of any of these at a % pvc of from 20 to 55, preferably 30 to 50, wherein coatings made from the coating compositions provide improved resistance to water swelling and dirt pickup resistance.
Compound having bisazo skeleton, pigment dispersant containing the compound, pigment composition, pigment dispersion, ink and resist composition for color filter
An object of the present invention is to provide a pigment dispersant in which dispersibility of an azo pigment in a water-insoluble solvent is improved, and to provide an azo pigment composition in which the azo pigment has high dispersibility in a water-insoluble solvent. The present invention provides a compound used as a pigment dispersant and having a structure in which a specific bisazo skeleton unit bonds to a specific polymer resin unit..
Color acceptor reacting in a color-forming manner to a pigment precursor and heat-sensitive recording material having such a color acceptor
A color acceptor for chemical reaction with a dye precursor to form a visually recognizable color. The color acceptor is constructed of lactic acid monomers.
Electrostatic ink composition
The present invention provides an electrostatic ink composition comprising a carrier liquid, a resin, a pigment and a conductive polymer. Method for producing the electrostatic ink composition and methods for printing the composition are also disclosed..
Brilliant toner, electrostatic charge image developer, and toner cartridge
A brilliant toner includes a metallic pigment, and a fe content in the brilliant toner is from 0.001% by weight to 2% by weight.. .
Self binding nano particle mineral pigment
Self binding mineral pigments (such as kaolin clay) having a high surface area and particle size in the nano scale range are provided which are useful in paper coating and filling, ink jet coating formulations, paint compositions, and as a filler in rubbers, plastics and polymers. These self binding pigments are manufactured by intensive dry grinding and wet milling of a mineral composition which may optionally be subjected to an acid treatment..
Aqueous ink pigment, aqueous ink composition containing the same, and images or printed matter thereof
(c) the pore volume of the metal compound (1) described above which is calculated with the bjh (barrett-joyner-halenda) method is 0.1 ml/g or more and 0.65 ml/g or less.. .
Adhesive patch
This adhesive patch includes a backing and an adhesive layer containing rivastigmine and an alkyl(meth)acrylate-based copolymer that does not contain any acrylic monomer component having a carboxy group, the adhesive layer being laid on one side of and integrated with the backing.. .
Suspending medium for glitter or pigments in urethane (meth)acrylates
A composition for forming a gel coating on a nail. The composition including a base component having an amount of a curable resin and a monomer sufficient to form a gel coating when applied to a nail.
Use of a light-diffusing polycarbonate sheet as a light cover
The present invention therefore provides for the use of a light-diffusing polycarbonate sheet based on a composition comprising a) 99.9 to 80% by weight of polycarbonate and b) 0.1 to 20% by weight of diffusing pigment selected from at least one from the group of the silicone resins and the acrylate resins as a light cover, preferably in led light applications.. .
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording device
An inkjet recording method includes a step of forming an image by imparting an actinic ray curable ink composition containing a pigment, a polyfunctional polymerizable compound in which a content ratio to a total polymerization component is 80% by mass or more and a sensitizer in which a molecular weight is 1,000 or more onto a recording substrate which is an aggregate of a nonabsorbable or a low absorbable fiber material from an inkjet head under the conditions in which an amount of ink droplets is from 25 pl to 200 pl and a distance between the recording substrate and the inkjet head is from 5 mm to 20 mm, and a step of curing the image by irradiating the formed image with an actinic ray under the conditions in which an oxygen partial pressure is 1.5×10−2 mpa or less.. .
Ink composition and ink jet recording method
An ink composition contains a pigment, first wax particles, second wax particles, and a resin emulsion, in which the first wax particles have a melting point of 120° c. Or higher and 170° c.
Device for generating a display image on a composite glass pane
A device for generating a display image on a composite glass pane is described. The device has: a composite glass pane with a first pane and a second pane, which are connected to each other via an intermediate layer that contains at least one luminescent pigment; a laser projector, which contains at least one laser and an optical system for deflecting a radiation of the laser, the radiation being directed within a region of the composite glass pane; a photodetector, which detects luminescent radiation of the luminescent pigment; and a control unit, which electronically connects the photodetector and the laser projector..
Ink jet printer composition and use
An aqueous ink jet printer ink composition is designed for ink jet printing of fluorescent images. This composition contains fluorescent pigment particles that have (1) an excitation peak wavelength of at least 300 nm and less than 400 nm, and (2) an emission peak that is greater than 400 nm and up to and including 700 nm when exposed to fluorescent-exciting radiation.

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