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Date/App# patent app List of recent Icons-related patents
 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
An information processing apparatus includes a detection unit configured to detect a position of a manipulation body on a display screen and a control unit configured to, if a first manipulation on the display screen in a locked state is detected, display, on the display screen, icons to be arranged based on a reference point indicating a position of the manipulation body when the first manipulation is completed, and if a second manipulation indicating a direction from the reference point is detected, start up an application corresponding to the icon specified by the second manipulation. An associated method and computer readable storage medium are also described..
 Visualized information conveying system patent thumbnailnew patent Visualized information conveying system
A handheld communication device having a logic to transfer information from a first application to a second application by using a user interface which displays a screen shot of the information gathered at the first application, and the interface also displays a list of icons indicative of other applications that is capable of receiving such information and using such information. The logic is configured to transfer the information to the second application by a drag-and-drop motion on the interface page..
 System and method for arranging application icons of a user interface on an event-triggered basis patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for arranging application icons of a user interface on an event-triggered basis
A device, tangible computer readable storage medium and method for detecting a weight adjustment event, selecting one displayable object from a plurality of displayable objects based on the weight adjustment event, adjusting a current weight associated with the one displayable object to a new weight and determining a location on a display screen for the one displayable object based on the new weight.. .
 Navigation device, method for displaying icon, and navigation program patent thumbnailnew patent Navigation device, method for displaying icon, and navigation program
A navigation device includes an icon display unit for displaying icons representing predetermined display objects located on a predetermined road ahead of the current location in an elongated display area of a display unit in a linear fashion along a length direction of the display area preferentially in order of proximity to the current location and a predefined distance display unit for displaying an image indicating the predefined distance from the current location in the display area when the icons are displayed. The icon display unit stationarily displays the icons representing display objects located farther than the predefined distance from the current location and movably displays an icon representing a display object located within the predefined distance so that the icon moves towards the current location in accordance with the movement of the current location..
 Image formation device patent thumbnailnew patent Image formation device
To effectively assist a user so that the result of aggregate printing matches the intention of the user. A storage portion (16) stores information regarding the attributes of each page.
 Method of conveying emotion in video telephone mode and wireless terminal implementing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Method of conveying emotion in video telephone mode and wireless terminal implementing the same
Methods are provided for transmitting an emoticon to another party in video telephony communication. Another party's video data is displayed on a first area of a display unit, a user's video data is displayed on a second area of the display unit, and a plurality of emoticons is displayed on a third area of the display unit in a video telephony communication.
 Information processing apparatus, display control method and display control program patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, display control method and display control program
An information processing apparatus includes: a display control section for displaying a window showing a first icon and a second icon of a predetermined display size on a display screen. The display control section reduces the display size of at least either the first icon or the second icon so as not to overlap with each other if it determines that the icons overlap with each other when it alters a display area of the window being displayed on the display screen..
 File management and transfer using user interface icons associated with applications patent thumbnailFile management and transfer using user interface icons associated with applications
A method performed by a user device includes receiving a request to open a first application associated with a selected file; retrieving, in response to the request, information regarding a user interface (ui) associated with the first application via which multiple operations on the selected file are automatically performed, and a set of second applications automatically associated with the first application based on a frequency of use of each of the second applications in performing respective ones of the multiple operations with respect to other files via the user device, the information regarding the ui including: information associated with a ui icon corresponding to the first application, and information identifying a set of icons, that each correspond to a respective different one of the set of second applications; presenting, via a display, the ui icon and the identified set of icons, based on the information regarding the ui; receiving, via the ui icon, an instruction to move the selected file to one of the identified set of icons; and performing a selected operation on the selected file using an identified application, of the set of second applications, that corresponds to the one of the identified set of icons.. .
 System and method for reviewing travel trips patent thumbnailSystem and method for reviewing travel trips
A mobile communication device includes a global positioning system (gps) capability, a digital processor, digital memory, a display screen, and a software (sw) application executing by the processor, the sw providing determining and recording a start of a trip, tracking location of the vehicle after trip start, interpreting data and recording an acceleration event, a deceleration event or a speeding event, recording fuel volume during the trip, determining and recording an end of the trip; and an interactive display including an address at the start and the end of the trip, separated by a timeline for the trip, a vehicle icon moveable along the timeline, icons specific to event type at locations along the timeline representing the acceleration, deceleration and speeding events determined during the trip, and a summary box providing a distance and duration of the trip and fuel efficiency and fuel cost for the trip.. .
 Control of timing for animations in dynamic icons patent thumbnailControl of timing for animations in dynamic icons
Dynamic icons are described that can employ animations, such as visual effects, audio, and other content that change with time. If multiple animations are scheduled to occur simultaneously, the timing of the animations can be controlled so that timing overlap of the animations is reduced.
Fuel delivery management system
A console for a fuel delivery management system, including a processor, a touch-sensitive display, a plurality of ports configured to facilitate communications with a plurality of lines, tanks, containments, sensors and pumps, and a memory including a plurality of instructions which when executed by the processor cause the console to generate a home screen on the display, the home screen having a quick jump menu icon which when activated by a user, causes the processor to generate a navigation window on the home screen, the navigation window including a plurality of function icons, each corresponding to a function screen, wherein activation of one of the plurality of function icons causes the processor to generate a function screen including a graphic indication of a parameter of one of the plurality of lines, tanks, containments, sensors and pumps.. .
Method of launching an application and selecting the application target window
A method of launching a software program or application is provided for use with a graphical user interface (gui) display. One portion of the gui display includes a taskbar while a second portion is divided into a plurality of windows.
Method of launching an application and selecting the application target window
A method of launching a software program or application is provided for use with a graphical user interface (gui) display. One portion of the gui display includes a taskbar while a second portion is divided into a plurality of windows.
Electronic apparatus, method of executing application, and computer readable recording medium
An electronic apparatus includes a storage unit which stores a plurality of applications, a management unit which manages a list of applications that have been already selected from among the plurality of applications stored in the storage unit, a user interface which applies transparency to a shortcut region which includes an icon corresponding to each application included in the list, and displays the transparent shortcut region, and a controller which, if one of the displayed icons is selected, drives an application corresponding to the selected icon.. .
Video clip editing system
A video clip editing system employs a mobile communication device including computing hardware coupled to data memory, to a touch-screen graphical user interface, and to a wireless communication interface, wherein the computing hardware is operable to execute one or more software applications stored in the data memory. The software applications provide an editing environment on the user interface for editing video clips by user swiping-type instructions for generating a composite video creation, wherein a timeline for icons representative of video clips is presented as a scrollable line feature on the user interface.
Method and apparatus for displaying information
A method and apparatus for displaying information are provided. When a terminal receives a request for starting a browser, the terminal obtains quick links and web applications that are cached in local database of the terminal and displays the obtained quick links by combinations of webpage icons and webpage titles in a middle screen display interface of a start page of the browser for the requester.
Systems and methods for applying an analytical model to performance analysis
Aspects of the present disclosure describe systems and methods for providing active session history data to users for use in database performance analysis. In various aspects, active session history data obtained from monitoring a database and/or database system over a period of time may be segmented into multiple dimensions.
Trading system and methods
The present invention is directed to a system and method that facilitates the more fully informed and efficient trading of items of value, including securities. According to the present invention, certain embodiments permit a customer to determine the merits of and to execute a trade from a single screen.
Highly multiplex pcr methods and compositions
The invention provides methods for simultaneously amplifying multiple nucleic acid regions of interest in one reaction volume as well as methods for selecting a library of primers for use in such amplification methods. The invention also provides library of primers with desirable characteristics, such as minimal formation of amplified primer dimers or other non-target amplicons..
System and method for displaying an exploding icon
Systems, gaming machines, and methods for displaying an exploding icon are disclosed. One method includes receiving player input to activate a primary game; activating the primary game; presenting the activated game on a single screen of a video display, the activated game comprising a primary game displaying one or more game icons in various locations on a main screen of the video display and upon the occurrence of a triggering event, the primary game appears to animate at least one of the displayed game icons and move one or more wild icons about the main screen of the video display over one or more of the game icons, and randomly replacing one or more of the game icons with the one or more wild icons; determining whether the resulting combination of game icons and wild icons form any winning combinations; and awarding a single game payout for the primary game..
Mutant endonuclease v enzymes and applications thereof
Provided herein are mutant endonuclease v enzymes that are capable of nicking an inosine-containing dna sequence. Nucleic acid assays and agents that employ such mutant endonuclease v enzymes to introduce a nick into a target dna including one or more inosine, and uses a dna polymerase to generate amplicons of a target dna are also described..
Method and device for executing a specific operation based on writing
A method and device for executing a specific operation based on a writing input are described. A method utilizing a processor, the method including: recognizing writing input to obtain writing data; extracting feature information from the writing data; searching for applications that operate with the writing data based on the feature information to form an application candidate group; and displaying icons corresponding to applications included in the application candidate group..
Dynamic display of icons on a small screen
Where a label for an item to be represented by an icon is customized, the icon is generated to dynamically display all of the label. Thus, at some point, the entire label is displayed, even though only a portion of the label is eventually displayed in the icon..
Emoticon input method for mobile terminal
An emoticon input method and mobile terminal are provided. A message writing display is provided for a user.
Mobile communication terminal and control method thereof
A mobile communication terminal including a display unit; a controller configured to display, on a screen of the display unit, a first list including a plurality of tasks; and an input unit configured to select at least one of the plurality of tasks. The controller is further configured to visually and discriminately divide the screen, display information corresponding to a task selected, display a second list including icons corresponding to tasks that are being currently executed, display progress state information indicating a progress state of the currently executing tasks on the bottom screen, and update the second list based on a detection result of the tasks being currently executed, and scroll through the icons listed in the second list so as to display other icons not being displayed in the bottom screen when a scroll signal indicating a scroll of the second list is received from the input unit..
Displaying and navigating computer-aided detection results on a review workstation
Display and navigation for multiple computer-aided detection (cad) detections is described. A medical image is displayed to a viewer, and a request is received to instantiate cad-assisted viewing.
Hover card
A method, apparatus, system, and computer program product display information about selected content in a social network. Multiple icons representative of content are displayed.
Modeling an enterprise
Computer implemented methods, apparatuses, and compute program products for modeling an enterprise are provided. Embodiments include providing to a user, by an enterprise modeling controller, a user interface comprising an icon carousel and a drop area interface for moving selected icons from the icon carousel.
Apparatus and method pertaining to automatically-suggested emoticons
These teachings provide for automatically using content from a received text-based message to identify at least one context-relevant emoticon and then automatically displaying that context-relevant emoticon such that a user can select the context-relevant emoticon to include in a text-based response to that received message.. .
Video-graphic runway activity monitoring system
Disclosed is a system for detecting and displaying airplane and/or vehicular activity on an airport runway or its intersecting taxi ways and providing an indication of such activity to the crew of an on-ground aircraft operating upon or approaching the same active runway or taxiway. The system relies on a plurality of lcd, led, or other electronic monitors which display a video image of the runway, taxiway, or intersection immediately adjacent to the location of the monitor.
Social media lottery game with player profile wagering selections
The present invention combines aspects of social media with traditional lottery games. In one aspect, the present invention provides lottery game for drawing-based and instant-based games, where the numbers or icons that are traditionally used are replaced by player profiles..
Method for providing dna fragments derived from an archived sample
Aspects of the present invention relate to compositions and methods for providing dna fragments from an archived sample (e.g., paraffin-embedded and/or fixed-tissue biopsies, etc.). Particular aspects provide methods whereby high yields of dna are isolated as well as a substantial portion of the dna consists of long dna fragments, and where the isolated genomic dna is free of associated or cross-linked contaminants like proteins, peptides, amino acids or rna.
Media tagging
Tagging techniques use user interface features such as face icons that can be manipulated by a variety of cursors to tag media items including but not limited to photos. Tagged items can be presented automatically in response to establishing network communications between two devices..
Television and control device and method
A television is manipulated by a control device. The control device transmits position information mapped with a position on the control device in response to an operation.
Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
A setting screen displayed on a display unit of an image forming apparatus includes an icon display area displaying a plurality of icons that are arranged in a predetermined direction and correspond to a plurality of function buttons for setting each function, and a function button display area displaying one or more of the plurality of function buttons. An input control unit of the image forming apparatus receives input of a group display instruction to display function buttons that belong to one of a plurality of groups in the function button display area.
Device and method for using a trackball to select items from a display
Embodiments of the invention include a selection device for use with a user computer and method for using the device. The selection device performs a process of providing a user with a plurality of menu icons for a plurality of computer applications on the selection device and a process of allowing a user to select a menu icon corresponding to a particular application for viewing on the user computer display.
Electronic device and method for switching desktops
In a method for switching desktops of an electronic device, a plurality of desktop application groups and desktops are preset to corresponding preset position ranges. A current position of the electronic device is determined according to acquired position information from a global position system.
Viewing and correlating between breast ultrasound and mammogram or breast tomosynthesis images
This specification describes a novel user interface and method for viewing mammograms together with 3d breast ultrasound images for breast cancer screening. The user identifies a region of interest, in one modality and the processing system calculates the location in the other modality.
Asynchronous method and system for integrating user-selectable icons on web pages
A system and method is described for integrating actionable content on to web pages. Actionable content is content that relates to actions that a user may carry out in response to viewing or interacting with the integrated content.
Method and system to display data
A system and method are provided to communicate insurance information to a user via a networked-based system. The method may comprise receiving application details from a user which are then processed to identify a plurality of available insurance plans for the user.
System for dynamic diagnosis of apparatus operating conditions
A diagnostic platform includes a processor, storage media and user interfaces, including a display screen, the processor being coupled to engine analyzer hardware and adapted to be coupled to a scanner for downloading data from vehicle on-board computers. The system stores libraries of information regarding vehicle identifications, drivability symptoms exhibited by vehicles, vehicle system and component tests and service codes which can be registered by the vehicle on-board computer.
Hand-held vital signs monitor
The invention features a vital sign monitor that includes: 1) a hardware control component featuring a microprocessor that operates an interactive, icon-driven gui on an lcd; and, 2) a sensor component that connects to the control component through a shielded coaxial cable. The sensor features: 1) an optical component that generates a first signal; 2) a plurality electrical components (e.g.
Prism code
Coding and decoding words formed of alphanumeric characters, in which a listing of symbols are provided, each symbol being associated with a different alphanumeric character, converted and transmitted to another who has the listing of symbols, (the symbols may be different colors icons, or sounds), each associated with a different alphanumeric character.. .
Methods and compositions for alphavirus replicons
The present invention provides alphavirus replicons and methods of their use in producing heterologous protein.. .
Image forming apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
An image forming apparatus includes a switching operation unit switching a display mode of a setting screen between first and second display modes. A first display screen in a first display mode includes an icon display area displaying icons arranged in a predetermined direction and corresponding to function buttons for setting each function, and a first function button display area displaying some of the function buttons corresponding to some of the icons specified by a range specification unit.
Method and apparatus for displaying icons on mobile terminal
A method and an apparatus for displaying icons on a mobile terminal are provided. The method of displaying icons in a mobile terminal includes displaying an application execution screen, receiving a display termination command with respect to an application, generating a thumbnail image with respect to an execution screen of the application when the display termination command is received, converting the thumbnail image to display a quick icon, and displaying the quick icon..
Digital content presentation and interaction
System and methods for compiling and presenting digital content to a user using non-textual communication features are disclosed. A user interface may be used for web navigation, wherein the user interface displays pieces of information/content as one or more icons, such as circles, spheres, or other shapes.
Method and system for extracting medical information for presentation to medical providers on mobile terminals
A system for providing medical providers with medical records accessible from a mobile terminal in one embodiment comprises reformatting the information in a medical record database to be used with large, ergonomic icons allowing easy transitions between pages of information in the medical record. Docking stations or wireless networks may enable the mobile terminal to access the medical records.
Methods for quantitative amplification and detection over a wide dynamic range
Disclosed are compositions and methods for making differentiable amplicon species at unequal ratios using a single amplification system in a single vessel. The number of differentiable amplicons and their ratios to one another are chosen to span the required linear dynamic range for the amplification reaction and to accommodate limitations of the measuring system used to determine the amount of amplicon generated.
Invoking a user environment based on device cover
A device cover includes a device cover identifier. A computing device includes a device cover identifier reader for reading the device cover identifier, and the computing device invokes a user environment associated with the device cover identifier.
Phonebook provision method and apparatus
A phonebook provision method and apparatus of a portable terminal is disclosed for providing a user with a phonebook of contacts. The phonebook provision method of a terminal having a touchscreen may include detecting a first event requesting for displaying a relationship diagram including icons corresponding to contacts that are connected through lines and displaying a first relationship diagram read from a storage unit of the terminal on a touchscreen in response to the first event..
User interface apparatus in a user terminal and method for supporting the same
A hybrid user interface (ui) apparatus for supporting both handwriting and speech in a user terminal and a method for supporting the same are provided. The apparatus is configured to display, upon user selection of a whole or of part of the contents of a note on a screen, menu icons for processing the selected contents, and process, upon user selection of one of the displayed menu icons, the selected contents by a function corresponding to the selected menu icon..
Apparatus and method for editing an image in a portable terminal
An apparatus and a method edit an image in a portable terminal, with the method including displaying one or more icons indicating stylus pen functions; when a highlighter icon corresponding to a highlighter function is selected among the displayed icons, displaying a text selected by a stylus pen in an image in a preset fluorescent color; and storing the displayed text in accordance with the fluorescent color.. .
Computer implemented methods for visualizing correlations between blood glucose data and events and apparatuses thereof
Methods and apparatuses for visualizing correlations between blood glucose data and events are disclosed. The methods and apparatus can include presenting an event analysis window on a display communicatively coupled to one or more processors.
Data display method and apparatus
A data display method and apparatus display data efficiently on the screen of an electronic device equipped with a touchscreen. The data display method includes setting a scroll rate to a touch movement distance; detecting a touch gesture in a first region of the touchscreen; scrolling icons in the first region at the scroll rate in response to the touch gesture; and displaying detailed information associated with at least one icon newly displayed according to the scroll in a second region of the touchscreen..
Mobile terminal and application icon moving method thereof
A mobile terminal and an application icon moving method thereof are provided. When a predetermined application icon is selected from a menu screen including a plurality of application icons and moved to a control region, a default home screen or the whole home screen stored in a memory may be selectively displayed according to a moved position of the corresponding icon, and also an icon-insertable position may be visually guided on the displayed home screen.
Icon operating device
According to one embodiment, there is provided an icon operating device. The icon operating device includes: a memory that stores data concerning a plurality of icons that associates information indicating what operation can be made for the device to be operated by touching which part of a user's body with operation contents of the device to be operated; an acquiring unit that acquires a range image of the user; a grasping unit that grasps a shape of the user's body based on the range image data; an identifying unit that identifies, based on a position of a user's finger, an operating position indicating which part of the body the user has touched; and a determining unit that determines selection of the icon and the content of operation for the device to be operated based on the shape of the user's body and the operating position..
Method and structure for simplified coding of display pages for operating a closed circuit e-commerce
Method and structure for a simplified coding of templated display pages for use in close circuit e-shopping for product and services via shopping terminals comprising video interphone monitors, dedicated terminals, television, cable television, shopping box, set top box and other well known boxes, each include a cpu, a memory and a display monitor operated via touch screen, remote control or hand movement, the templated screen uses assigned blocks and icons codes to select display pages, covering products and services. The shopping terminal connected via internal communication lines and interface propagates the simplified code, enabling loading and updating of products and services communicated via a building server for updating at all time data stored in the memory as per the dweller choice, enabling a dweller to shop from his private shop inside his residence, and be provided with programmed services, delivery and payments, supervised by the close circuit shopping entity center..
Mobile for-hire-vehicle hailing system and method
Systems and methods for engaging a for-hire vehicle (fhv) are provided. A mobile computing device receives information from a remote server indicating fhv activity in a geographical region of interest.
Using emoticons for contextual text-to-speech expressivity
Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods that improve audible emotional characteristics used when synthesizing speech from a text source. Systems and methods herein use emoticons identified from a source text to provide contextual text-to-speech expressivity.
Snp detection by melt curve clustering
Systems, methods and apparatus for an automated analysis of a collection of melt curves is provided. The analysis can identify certain characteristics of double stranded nucleotide sequences (e.g.
Method and product for localized or spatial detection of nucleic acid in a tissue sample
The present invention relates to methods and products for the localized or spatial detection of nucleic acid in a tissue sample and in particular to a method for localized detection of nucleic acid in a tissue sample comprising: (a) providing an array comprising a substrate on which multiple species of capture probes are directly or indirectly immobilized such that each species occupies a distinct position on the array and is oriented to have a free 3′ end to enable said probe to function as a primer for a primer extension or ligation reaction, wherein each species of said capture probe comprises a nucleic acid molecule with 5′ to 3′: (i) a positional domain that corresponds to the position of the capture probe on the array, and (ii) a capture domain; (b) contacting said array with a tissue sample such that the position of a capture probe on the array may be correlated with a position in the tissue sample and allowing nucleic acid of the tissue sample to hybridize to the capture domain in said capture probes; (c) generating dna molecules from the captured nucleic acid molecules using said capture probes as extension or ligation primers, wherein said extended or ligated dna molecules are tagged by virtue of the positional domain; (d) optionally generating a complementary strand of said tagged dna and/or optionally amplifying said tagged dna; (e) releasing at least part of the tagged dna molecules and/or their complements or amplicons from the surface of the array, wherein said part includes the positional domain or a complement thereof; and (f) directly or indirectly analyzing the sequence of the released dna molecules.. .
Multiplex y-str analysis
Novel y-str multiplex analysis designs, primer design, allelic ladders, methods of use and kits are disclosed, including the use of primer sets designed to provide amplicons for at least 11 y-str loci having a base pair size of less than about 220 bp, as well as the use of primer sets designed to provide amplicons for at least 22 y-str loci including at least 5 rapidly mutating loci.. .
Gps mapping system and method for use by hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiasts
A tracking and mapping system for outdoor use includes a first gps locator located either at a base station or on a hunting accessory such as an arrow. The system also includes a second gps locator for identifying a user's location, and an electronic display unit for communicating with a global positioning satellite and displaying a map showing icons representing locations of the first and second gps locators.
Applications generating statistics for user behavior
An architecture to assemble and manage usage information and populate one or more panels in an intelligent tv. The architecture includes a usage statistics provider module adapted to assemble one or more of usage information and installation information and query the one or more of usage information and installation information to populate one or more of icons and information in a view or panel on the intelligent tv.
Execution method and mobile terminal
The present invention relates to an application execution method and a mobile terminal supporting the same and, more particularly, to an application execution method and mobile terminal supporting the same wherein, when one of icons displayed on a touchscreen is selected, an application associated with the selected icon is executed. The method for application execution in a mobile terminal having a touchscreen includes displaying an icon associated with an application, detecting a touch related to the icon, identifying movement of the touch, and executing a function corresponding to the touch movement among functions of the application..
Display device, user interface method, and program
A display apparatus includes: a display having a screen in which an image is displayed; an input unit having a surface on which a user's touch is sensed; a display controller that displays a plurality of individual icons and one or more category icons each of which represents a category of one or more individual icons; and a motion recognition unit that detects a pinching-out motion to widen a distance between two points of touch on the surface based on a motion sensed by the input unit, wherein the display controller changes a state of one or more individual icons associated with at least one category from an enfolded state in which the one or more individual icons are not displayed to an unfolded state in which the one or more individual icons are displayed.. .
Electronic apparatus to execute application, method thereof, and computer readable recording medium
An electronic apparatus includes a storage which stores a plurality of applications, a manager which manages a first list regarding a desktop application from among the plurality of applications stored in the storage, and manages a second list regarding a desktop application that has been already selected from among the desktop applications, a user interface which displays a first icon which corresponds to the first list and a second icon which corresponds to each desktop application included in the second list, and a controller which, if one of the displayed second icons is selected, drives a desktop application corresponding to the selected icon.. .
Mobile device with graphical user interface for interacting with a building automation system
A mobile device with a graphical user interface for remotely monitoring and/or remotely interacting with a configurable building automation systems (bas). In particular, the mobile device's graphical user interface includes a screen portion and a navigation bar portion, wherein the navigation bar portion has plurality of icons, and each of the icons being associated with an interactive screen that can be displayed in the screen portion, one at a time..
Virtual reality applications
Augmented reality technology is described. The technology can detect objects in a scene, identifying one or more installed or available applications based on the detected objects, and place icons representing the identified applications proximate to the detected objects in a display of the scene, e.g., so that a user can start or install the identified applications.
System and method for generating a mood gradient
Systems and methods for generating and playing a sequence of media objects based on a mood gradient are also disclosed. A mood gradient is a sequence of items, in which each item is media object haying known characteristics or a representative set of characteristics of a media object, that is created or used by a user for a specific purpose.
Method and system for converting audio text files originating from audio files to searchable text and for processing the searchable text
A system and method for processing audio text files includes a content repository storing audio text files. A text transformer linguistically analyzes the audio text files within a content of multiple lexicons to form edited text results and creates a reflection repository having reflection files therein corresponding to the audio text files from the edited text results.

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