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Multi device audio capture
At a master device are registered one or more other devices associated with one or more audio channels for recording at least one acoustic signal from one or more sound sources. The at least one acoustic signal is recorded using at least one of the master device and one or more...

Token based radio resource management
The disclosure relates to a method of globally balancing the transmit power in a cellular radio system with tight reuse of frequencies, to a central controller node, and to an access point that in combination with conventional power control schemes balances the downlink transmission power on re-used frequencies in order to...

Method and arrangement for assisting a network management unit
A method in a base station for assisting a network management unit in managing a cellular network is provided. The base station determines a status of the cellular network. The status affects a measurement of a quality of a radio channel between the base station and a user equipment comprised in...

Communications system including voip bridge radio providing channel designation features and related methods
A communications system includes a Voice over IP (VoIP) device, a plurality of radios each configured to communicate using a plurality of different radio channels, and a bridge radio. The bridge radio includes a VoIP interface configured to communicate with the VoIP device, a radio interface configured to communicate with the...

Method and arrangement for symbol mapping in communication systems utilizing ofdm-techniques
The present invention relates to a method and arrangement for symbol mapping in wireless communication systems utilizing OFDM transmission technology in combination with advanced coding schemes. In the method according to the present invention, adapted for use in a wireless communication system utilising OFDM transmission technology, an OFDM grid is defined...

Parallel digital filtering of an audio channel
An electronic audio apparatus is described that uses a digital audio filter in which a splitter separates an input frame of discrete time audio into different time interval portions. Separate digital filter blocks then operate in parallel upon those time interval portions, respectively. A combiner merges the filtered portions into a...

On-demand services by wireless base station virtualization
Initiating a virtual presence at a physical access point in response to a request for a service from a wireless access device is provided. A particular wireless service may be provided to a subscriber on an on-demand basis according to location and/or type of service requested. The service may be terminated...

Method and apparatus for detecting an access point in a radio access system
The present disclosure relates to a method for performing communication between a terminal and a base station in a radio access system supporting multi-radio access technology (RAT), the method being characterized in that it comprises the steps of performing an access procedure between a first base station supporting a cellular radio...

Base station apparatus, radio communication system, and communication method
A base station apparatus that communicates with a radio communication terminal in a radio communication system, includes: processor configured to detect interference between the radio communication system and another radio communication system, and determine whether or not to switch a radio channel used to communicate with the radio communication terminal when...

Wireless sensor with fram
A wireless sensor module for use in a wireless sensor network. The sensor module collects sensor data in a periodic manner with a first time period. The sensor data is logged in a non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) within the sensor module. The sensor module is placed in a reduced...

Methods and apparatus for privacy protection in ad hoc networks
Systems and techniques for wireless communication. A user device belonging to a group of user devices that may operate as wireless nodes configures a locale parameter based on its sensing of a radio channel. The locale parameter is included in a message readable by members of the group. A group member...

Apparatuses, system and process for protective garments
An apparatus for personal protection is described. The apparatus has a secondary control unit which is connected to at least one firing controller and to at least one first secondary transceiver for transmitting and receiving on a first radio channel control signals and/or activation signals, wherein the secondary control unit is...

Audio system and method therefor
An audio system comprises a receiver which receives an input audio signal. A decomposer () decomposes the audio signal into at least a transient component signal and a non-transient component signal. An output circuit () then generates a first output audio signal in response to a weighted combination of...

Extended signaling system and method
Embodiments are described that include a “front end” device located remotely from a local telephone location. The front end filters DC and AC current on a telephone line to separate these signals and passes a DC current through a low resistance Low Pass Filter without traditional resistance or current limiting means....

Radio channel allocation and link adaptation in cellular telecommunication system
Methods, apparatuses, controllers, systems, and terminals can, in certain embodiments, determine a number and properties of potential interferers in a plurality of available radio channels. The properties of the potential interferers can include modulation methods used by the potential interferers. A network element responsible for channel allocation can perform channel allocation...

Synchronization distribution in microwave backhaul networks
In some embodiments, a system comprises a clock, a root node, a radio channel network, and first and second child nodes. The clock may be configured to generate a clock signal. The root node may be configured to generate a first frame including a first payload and a first overhead and...

Parametric encoder for encoding a multi-channel audio signal
The invention relates to a parametric audio encoder, comprising a parameter generator, the parameter generator being configured to determine a first set of encoding parameters and reference audio signal values, wherein the reference audio signal is another audio channel signal or a downmix audio signal derived from at least two audio...

Method and device for correcting channel quality indicator value
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a device for correcting a CQI value. Information indicates radio channel characteristics. A block error rate (BLER) target value is determined according to the information that indicates radio channel characteristics. A channel quality indicator (CQI) measurement value is corrected according to a...

Data during analog audio
This application discusses among other things, apparatus and method for transmitting data with an analog signal without significantly distorting the analog signal. In an example, an apparatus can include an audio channel, a capacitor coupled to a first conductor of the audio channel, the capacitor configured to couple an analog representation...

Uplink resource allocation to control intercell interference in a wireless communication system
Embodiments of the present invention exploit the reciprocity of radio channels in TDD, and longer-term correlation between average uplink and downlink path losses in FDD wireless communication systems to enable distributed schedulers in an enhanced uplink system to allocate uplink transmission resources while preemptively managing intercell interference levels. Each cell's base...

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