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Hydrocarbon patents

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Method for providing oxygen free regeneration gas for natural gas dryers


Method for providing oxygen free regeneration gas for natural gas dryers

Date/App# patent app List of recent Hydrocarbon-related patents
 Psoaf system parameter estimator (psoaf) patent thumbnailPsoaf system parameter estimator (psoaf)
The psoaf system parameter-estimator, called herein the psoaf, is an optimizer designed to estimate the unknown parameters or the optimal parameters of a system. Psoaf stands for particle swarm optimizer with averaging filter.
 Adsorbents for the separation of para-xylene from c8 alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures, methods for separating para-xylene using the adsorbents and methods for making the adsorbents patent thumbnailAdsorbents for the separation of para-xylene from c8 alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures, methods for separating para-xylene using the adsorbents and methods for making the adsorbents
Embodiments of adsorbents for separating para-xylene from a mixture of c8 alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons, methods for making such adsorbents, and methods for separating para-xylene using such adsorbents are provided. In one example, an adsorbent comprises a binderless adsorbent.
Uop Llc
 Method for providing oxygen free regeneration gas for natural gas dryers patent thumbnailMethod for providing oxygen free regeneration gas for natural gas dryers
Methods of removing free oxygen from a hydrocarbon stream are described. A hydrocarbon stream containing free oxygen is contacted with an adsorbent comprising a metal in a reduced state.
Uop Llc
 Production of acrylic acid from a methane conversion process patent thumbnailProduction of acrylic acid from a methane conversion process
Methods and systems are provided for converting methane in a feed stream to acetylene. The method includes processing the acetylene to form a stream having acrylic acid.
Uop Llc
 Compositions and methods for topical delivery of prostaglandins to subcutaneous fat patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for topical delivery of prostaglandins to subcutaneous fat
Described herein are compositions comprising a prostaglandin fp receptor agonist (pfpra) compound and a fatty acid ester (e.g., isopropyl myristate), optionally comprising an ointment base such as a hydrocarbon base (e.g., petroleum jelly) and/or an organic alcohol (e.g., propylene glycol), that, when topically applied to the skin, locally delivers a therapeutically effective amount of the pfpra compound to subcutaneous fat under the skin, and methods of preparation. The therapeutic effect is, for example, reduction of the subcutaneous fat under the skin.
Topokine Therapeutics, Inc.
 High elastohydrodynamic shear strength fluid compositions patent thumbnailHigh elastohydrodynamic shear strength fluid compositions
A lubrication fluid including cyclic hydrocarbons in combination with dimethylsilicone fluids and/or di-alkyl or di-cycloalkyl or alkyl-cycloalkyl, or mixtures thereof, and di-end-capped polypropylene oxides or highly branched esters to produce very high traction elastohydrodynamic (ehd) traction fluids and to modify the low temperature viscometric properties of the mixed fluids without adversely affecting the very high elastohydrodynamic shear strength or traction coefficients of the very high shear strength cyclic hydrocarbon fluid in the resulting mixed fluids with improved low temperature viscosity.. .
Santolubes Incorporation
 Enhanced combination  phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soil by impatiens balsamina l. associated with the indigenous microorganisms patent thumbnailEnhanced combination phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soil by impatiens balsamina l. associated with the indigenous microorganisms
A plant-microorganism combined method for phhytoremediation of organic contaminated soil; i.e., an ornamental plant (impatiens balsamina l.)—microorganisms (petroleum hydrocarbon degrading mixed microbes) combined method for enhanced phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soil is disclosed. The inoculated petroleum degrading mixed microbes can not only degrade contaminants in soil directly but also secretes chemical substances which are helpful to relieve the toxic effects on the impatiens balsamina l.
Nankai University
 Biogenic fuel gas generation in geologic hydrocarbon deposits patent thumbnailBiogenic fuel gas generation in geologic hydrocarbon deposits
A method of increasing biogenic production of a combustible gas from a subterranean geologic formation is described. The method may include extracting formation water from the geologic formation, where the extracted formation water includes at least a first species and a second species of microorganism.
Transworld Technologies Inc.
 Olefinically unsaturated radial styrenic block copolymer and an improved vulcanizer-free latex comprising water and said radial styrenic block copolymer patent thumbnailOlefinically unsaturated radial styrenic block copolymer and an improved vulcanizer-free latex comprising water and said radial styrenic block copolymer
Wherein each a is independently a polymer block composed of at least 90 mol. % of an alkenyl aromatic hydrocarbon, each b is independently a polymer block composed of at least 90 mol.
 Thermal insulating concrete composition patent thumbnailThermal insulating concrete composition
A concrete coating composition, containing a thermally stable cement, glass bubbles, porous glass spheres or aerogel or a combination thereof, and glass fibres. Also, disclosed is a coated pipe having the concrete coating composition disclosed herein.
Shawcor Ltd.

Organic semiconductor layer, electronic device, and manufacturing electronic device

Provided is an organic semiconductor layer including a mixture of a first polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon to which a substituent r1 other than a hydrogen atom is bonded by a single bond, and a second polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.. .
Sony Corporation

Methods of measuring the fouling tendency of hydrocarbon fluids

A stability of at least one foulant within a hydrocarbon-based fluid sample may be determined where the hydrocarbon-based fluid sample may have or include, but is not limited to a hydrocarbon fluid and foulant particles. The fluid sample may have a viscosity ranging from about 0.5 cst to about 5000 cst.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Fuel tank for a vehicle with improved fire resistance and the manufacture thereof

A tank comprising a first and a second half-shell comprising a hydrocarbon barrier layer made of a first material and a structural containment layer made of a second material is described, wherein the material of the barrier layer is evoh and the material of the structural containment layer is a mixture of polyethylene, an agent for promoting bonding with evoh and a carbon nanotube filler.. .
Plastic Components And Modules Automotive S.p.a.

Apparatus and the extraction of hydrocarbons and use thereof in the treatment of oil contaminations

An apparatus for the extraction of liquid hydrocarbons (mhc) has a mechanism for providing a process water composition (pwc) comprising a liquid emulsifier and water, an intake device (10) for collecting a liquid feedstock mixture comprising the hydrocarbons (mhc), a separating system connectable to the intake device, the separating system providing for a processing of the liquid feedstock mixture together with the process water composition so as to extract at least some of the hydrocarbons (mhc) from the liquid feedstock mixture, wherein the liquid emulsifier comprises a natural plant oil, an emulsifier, and preferably also a solubilizer.. .
Man Oil Group Ag

Process for recovering heat from a hydrocarbon separation

A process for recovering heat from the separation of hydrocarbons. The overhead vapor stream from a fractionation column is passed to a two stage heat pump compressor.
Uop Llc

Formulations and methods for removing hydrocarbons from surfaces

The invention provides formulations for facilitating the removal of oil from a surface using a chisel composition, wherein the chisel composition includes a polymer having one or more binding points with a high affinity for the surface, and one or more hydrophilic segments that form a hydrophilic coating on the surface, rendering the surface water-wet and thereby facilitating the removal of oil from the surface. The invention also provides for methods of use of such formulations..
Soane Energy, Llc

Method and system for heating a bed of rocks containing sulfur-rich type iis kerogen

hydrocarbon-containing rocks comprising type iis kerogen are introduced into an excavated enclosure (e.g. A pit or an impoundment) to form a bed of rocks therein.
Genie Ip B.v.

Hydrocarbon production apparatus

An apparatus is disclosed for use in a hydrocarbon production well that includes a casing extending from a segment of the production well to a wellhead. A production conduit extends inside the casing, from a first end in the hydrocarbon production well to a second end at the wellhead.
Cenovus Energy Inc.

Drag reducing copolymers for cold fluid applications

Drag reducing compositions comprising polymer particles, where the polymer particles include copolymers comprising the residues of at least one methacrylate monomer and at least one comonomer having a polymerizable vinyl group, where the comonomer has no more than one pendant substituent per vinyl carbon. The drag reducing compositions can have improved dissolution rates in hydrocarbon-containing fluids.
Lubrizol Specialty Products, Inc.

Apparatus and treating materials with compositions

An apparatus and method for treating subject materials with compositions includes a material treatment section for treating a subject material with a composition of a silane-containing material and a hydrocarbon solvent to form a treated material, and a neutralizing section for neutralizing the treated material such that the treated material has a ph in a range of approximately 7 to approximately 8.. .
Petra International Holdings, Llc

Method for recovery of nobel metals from long-chain hydrocarbons, tars, oils

The present invention relates to a method for recovery of noble metals from long-chain hydrocarbons, oils or tars, comprising a thermal treatment process in the presence of a defoaming agent having an ash fraction of 0.1% by weight or more.. .
Heraeus Precious Metals Gmbh & Co. Kg

Gravity transducer

An airborne gravity-based transducer is disclosed as two embodiments with similar physical structures but different operating principles. The first design includes a particle acting as an active interface characterized by internal vibrations relating to its de broglie wave, a resonant cavity for trapping the particle, and a phonon-wave source wherein the de broglie and phonon waves interact over a junction area.
Nxt Energy Solutions, Inc.

Removal of organic impurities from water

The present disclosure relates to the hydrostatic testing of pipelines and to purification of waste water from such testing. More specifically, there is provided a method of hydrostatically pressure testing a natural gas pipeline using water.
Tronox Llc

Apparatus and fast sampling and measurement

Sampling systems for use on production lines with the capability to measure chemical components of a gas, vapor, or liquid sample taken from a product on the line and at a faster rate than the individual sensors alone are capable of. In one embodiment, the system detects the presence of insoluble hydrocarbons in the gas vapor present inside refillable water bottles that have been returned by the consumer.
Sensigent Llc

Method for enhancing soil growth using bio-char

A method is described for rendering char from a biomass fractionator apparatus (bmf char) suitable for addition to soil in high concentrations, the method relying on multiple processes comprising removing detrimental hydrocarbons from bmf char, removing adsorbed gases from bmf char, introducing microorganisms to the bmf char, and adjusting. Soil ph..
Cool Plant Energy Systems, Inc.

Liquid fuel composition and the use thereof

The present invention relates to a liquid fuel composition comprising a mixture of hydrocarbons and a cyclic hydrocarbon compound that suppresses the emission of soot particulates. The present invention also relates to a method for reducing the emission of soot particulates in the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine.
Techniche Universiteit Eindhoven

Multifunctional composition base 1,3-oxazinan-6-ones with corrosion inhibition and heavy organic compounds inhibition and dispersants and obtaining process

Base compounds including 1,3-oxazinan-6-one derivatives of n-alkyl or n-alkenyl or n-cycloalkyl or n-aryl propionic acids and paraformaldehyde, and their application as corrosion inhibitors with multifunctional properties serving as inhibitory/dispersant of asphaltene in production processes, transportation, refining and storage of crude oil and derivatives. The corrosion inhibitor with inhibitory/dispersant of asphaltenes properties comprises an active substance base of 1,3-oxaninan-6-ones and hydrocarbon solvents such as benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes, o-xylene, m-xylene and p-xylene, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, alcohols, aliphatic branched and unbranched alcohols containing from 3 to 10 carbon atoms, such as isopropanol, butanol and pentanol, and mixtures of hydrocarbon solvents with aliphatic branched or unbranched liquid fuels.
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo

Data processing

New methods of data processing include a suite of tools which may be used for, among other purposes, history matching of hydrocarbon reservoir models. The suite of tools includes asynchronous techniques for solving optimization problems, visualisation tools for providing an audit trail of users' work, and a low cost grouping technique for efficient processing and displaying of scatter plot and other graphical data..
Epistemy Limited

Process to make olefins from oxygenates

E) contacting said heavy hydrocarbon fraction in the oc reactor with the catalyst at conditions effective to convert at least a portion of said heavy hydrocarbon fraction to light olefins.. .

Method for producing hydrogenated biphenol

The method comprising: a reaction step of hydrogenating the biphenol represented by formula (1); and a purification step of washing or crystallizing a reaction product obtained from the reaction step using an aromatic hydrocarbon.. .

Molecular catalysts capable of catalyzing oxidation of hydrocarbons and oxidizing hydrocarbons

This invention relates to molecular catalysts and chemical reactions utilizing the same, and particularly to molecular catalysts for efficient catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons, such as hydrocarbons from natural gas. The molecular catalytic platform provided herein is capable of the facile oxidation of hydrocarbons, for example, under ambient conditions such as near room temperature and atmospheric pressure..
National Taiwan University

Apparatus and process for preparing reactive lignin with high yield from plant biomass for production of fuels and chemicals

Provided are methods for aqueous isolation of depolymerized lignin in high yield from a lignin-containing biomass composition, comprising positioning a lignin-containing biomass composition into a flowthrough thermal reactor chamber to provide for passage of an aqueous fluid therethrough, contacting the lignin biomass composition with the aqueous fluid under elevated temperature conditions sufficient to provide for lignin release and depolymerization, flowing the aqueous fluid through the reactor chamber under the elevated temperature conditions, to provide an output aqueous fluid comprising released depolymerized lignin, and collecting the depolymerized lignin. Particular aspects further comprise hydrogenation and/or hydrodeoxygenation (hdo) of the released depolymerized lignin with a catalyst or catalyst system for deconstruction of the released depolymerized lignin into lower molecular weight reactive lignin moieties and oligomers amenable for subsequent removal of oxygen to produce hydrocarbon fuels and/or chemicals and/or compounds.
Washington State University

Gas phase polymerisation of ethylene

The present invention is directed to a process for the gas phase polymerisation of ethylene in the presence of a catalyst composition comprising a support material carrying a chromium compound and a magnesium containing compound represented by the formula r1mgx, wherein r1 is a (c1-c20) hydrocarbon group and x is a halogen atom wherein the molar ratio chromium to magnesium ranges between 10:1 and 1:1.. .
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Cnsl-based hydrocarbon resins, preparation and uses thereof

The present invention is directed to resins made from cashew nutshell liquid and vinyl hydrocarbons and processes for manufacturing the resins. These resins exhibit lower viscosity than the phenol-based homologs.
Cardolite Corporation

Method for preparing liquid hydrocarbons from syngas

A method for preparing a liquid hydrocarbon from syngas. The method includes: 1) mixing crude syngas from a biomass gasifier and a hydrogen-rich gas to yield a mixed gas; 2) dehydrating and decarbonizing the mixed gas for removal of moisture, carbon dioxide, and impurities, to yield a fine syngas; 3) introducing the fine syngas to a fischer-tropsch synthesis device in the presence of a catalyst, controlling a reaction temperature of the fischer-tropsch synthesis at between 150 and 300° c.
Wuhan Kaidi Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Plant-based compositions and uses thereof

The present invention relates to compositions comprising a plant material and methods for using the same. The methods include extracting or removing a substance from a substrate, or remediating a substrate from a substance.
Greenstract, Llc

Compositions with improved varnish control properties

A method for improving varnish control in a mechanical device requiring hydraulic fluids, turbine oils, industrial fluids, circulating oils, or combinations thereof. The method involves supplying the mechanical device with a lubricating composition including a group iii lubricating oil base stock.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water using nanoporous material prepared from waste avian egg shell

Nanoporous polymorphic crystals of caco3 were used as sorbent and were applied in the dispersive micro-solid-phase extraction of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as target analytes. After separation of the analytes on gas chromatography, they were successfully quantified with external calibration using flame ionization detection.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Carbon material and producing same

A properly pre-baked filler is sealed in a graphite vessel and is subsequently subjected to hot isostatic pressing (hip) treatment, thereby allowing gases such as hydrocarbon and hydrogen to be generated from the filler and precipitating vapor-phase-grown graphite around and inside the filler using the generated gases as a source material, and thereby, an integrated structure of carbide of the filler and the vapor-phase-grown graphite is produced. In addition, nanocarbon materials are produced selectively and efficiently by adding a catalyst or adjusting the hip treating temperature..

Exhaust system comprising exotherm-generating catalyst

An apparatus comprising a compression ignition engine and an exhaust system therefor comprising at least one exhaust system component for treating exhaust gas and means for generating an exotherm for heating the at least one exhaust system component, which exotherm generating means consisting essentially of a catalyst and means for injecting hydrocarbon into exhaust gas for combustion on the catalyst, which catalyst consisting essentially of both a palladium (pd) component and a platinum (pt) component, and an optional support material, disposed on a substrate monolith.. .
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

Polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate, liquid crystal display device, and production polarizing plate protective film

There is provided a polarizing plate protective film having, on a substrate film, a layer formed by curing a curable composition containing, setting a total solid content of the curable composition to 100 mass %, from 50 to 99 mass % of the following (a) and from 1 to 30 mass % of the following (b) based on the total solid content: (a) at least either a compound having a cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbon group and an ethylenically unsaturated double bond or a compound having a fluorene ring and an ethylenically unsaturated double bond; and (b) a compound having, in the molecule, at least one of a benzene ring and a cyclohexane ring, and at least one of a hydroxyl group and a carboxy group and the (b) is defined as herein.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Methods and apparatuses for desulfurizing hydrocarbon streams

Methods and apparatuses for desulfurizing hydrocarbon streams are provided herein. In one embodiment, a method for desulfurizing a hydrocarbon stream includes separating the hydrocarbon stream into a heavier fraction and a lighter fraction.
Uop Llc

Method and treating tailings using an ac voltage with a dc offset

There is a method of facilitating the consolidation of fine tailings through the application of an electrical current. The fine tailings include a combination of at least some water and some clay particles.
Dpra Canada Incorporated

Electrolyzed hydrogen gas for fuel-fired boilers and hot water heaters

A system for hydrogen gas enhancement of hydrocarbon fuel combustion employs a closed electrolyzer vessel into which water is circulated, and an electrode plate assembly immersed in the vessel to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Only water is used as the electrolyte fluid without any additives.
Tasos, Inc.

Modular exploration and production system including an extended well testing service vessel

A modular exploration and production system combined with an oil well testing and service vessel is provided, the vessel comprising equipment for separating hydrocarbons and/or associated fluids and solids by means of a processing plant. The vessel is equipped with suitable equipment packages for all required functionality, so fluid received from wells, piping and installations at sea or inland waters is processed for the separation, control and ecological handling of the mixture (crude oil, gas, solids, chemicals and oily or production water) in a plurality of phases such as exploration, drilling, finishing, repair, stimulation, production, and production measurement.
Atlantis Offshore Holding Ltd.

Optimized salinity for enhanced water flood applications

This invention relates to methods for enhanced oil recovery from subterranean formations. More particularly, it relates to methods for manipulating produced water compositions to increase the rate and/or amount of oil that is recovered from producing wells and/or a hydrocarbon reservoir..

System and methods for injection and production from a single wellbore

Methods and systems of treating hydrocarbon containing formations are described herein. A system for treating a subterranean hydrocarbon containing formation includes a wellbore, and one or more packers positioned in the wellbore.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Compositions comprising carbon dioxide and reverse micelles and methods of use

Provided herein is a composition comprising carbon dioxide, an aqueous phase, and reverse micelles, wherein the reverse micelles comprise a metal cation-chelating agent, and a metal cation; and methods of using said composition for sequestering carbon dioxide and/or recovering hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon reservoir.. .
New York University

Systems and methods for enhancing steam distribution and production in sagd operations

A system for recovering hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation with steam-assisted gravity drainage (sagd) includes a steam injection well. The steam injection well includes a first portion extending from the surface through an unconsolidated layer of the formation to a consolidated layer of the formation, a second portion extending horizontally through the consolidated layer, and a plurality of third portions extending from the second portion.
Bp Corporation North America Inc.

Member for hydrocarbon resource collection downhole tool

A downhole tool member for hydrocarbon resource recovery, comprising a shaped body of a polyglycolic acid resin having a weight average molecular weight of at least 70,000, having an effective thickness which is ½ or more of a critical thickness of surface decomposition, and exhibiting a thickness reduction rate in water which is constant with respect to time. As a result, it has become possible to more accurately design the strength and time up to the collapse of the downhole tool member which forms the whole or a part of a downhole tool for developing or repairing downholes for recovery of hydrocarbon resources, such as oil and gas..
Kureha Corporation

Method for liquefying a hydrocarbon-rich fraction

A method for liquefying a hydrocarbon-rich fraction, in particular natural gas, by indirect heat exchange with the refrigerant blend of a refrigerant blend circuit is described, wherein the refrigerant blend is compressed, separated into a liquid phase which is rich in higher-boiling components (hmr) of the refrigerant blend and a gas phase which is rich in lower-boiling components (lmr) of the refrigerant blend, and said phases are mixed before the indirect heat exchange. According to the invention, indirect heat exchange proceeds in at least two heat exchangers (e3, e4), wherein the first heat exchanger (e4) serves to precool and the second heat exchanger (e3) to liquefy the hydrocarbon-rich fraction, and the first heat exchanger is supplied with a refrigerant blend which comprises 5 to 50% of the liquid phase (3, 15) which is rich in higher-boiling components (hmr) of the refrigerant blend and said blend is combined with the gas phase (6, 14) which is rich in lower-boiling components (lmr) of the refrigerant blend in such a way that an hmr/lmr mixing ratio of between 1.2 and 10 is established..
Linde Aktiengesellschaft

Refrigerators with a non-azeotropic mixtures of hydrocarbons refrigerants

A refrigerant circuit using a non-azeotropic mixture of hydrocarbons refrigerants comprises a compressor, a condenser, an expansion device, a first evaporator downstream the expansion device, a second evaporator downstream the first evaporator, a first heat exchanger to cause heat exchange between refrigerant downstream the condenser and upstream the first evaporator, on one side, and refrigerant downstream the first evaporator and upstream the second evaporator, on the other side, and a second heat exchanger to cause heat exchange between refrigerant downstream the condenser and upstream the first heat exchanger, on one side, and refrigerant downstream the second evaporator and upstream the compressor, on the other side, the expansion device having a capillary tube as part of both heat exchangers as a side of exchangers, the capillary tube being parallel to and in contact with a tube of the circuit or it is wrapped around such tube.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

Compositions based on 2,3,3,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-1-ene

A composition including 2,3,3,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-1-ene as a mixture with one or more hydrocarbon, hydrofluorocarbon, ether, hydrofluoroether or fluoroolefin compounds having a boiling point of less than or equal to 0° c. Also, the use of such a composition in heat transfer applications.
Arkema France

Configurations, systems, and methods for recovery of elemental sulfur using a solvent

Elemental sulfur carrying capacity of a hydrocarbonaceous solvent is improved by first loading the solvent with sulfur and subsequent hydrotreatment under conditions that convert at least some of the elemental sulfur in the sulfur loaded solvent to hydrogen sulfide while preserving at least 95% of the monoaromatic and polyaromatic components in the solvent.. .
Fluor Technology Corporation

Combining multiple geophysical attributes using extended quantization

Four or more seismic attributes are integrated or merged into imaging formats and displayed for geological interpretation via extended quantization. Multi-attribute integration and classification improves the ability to identify geologic facies, and reservoir properties such as thickness, fluid type, or fracture intensity and orientation.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Apparatuses and methods for forming c8 aromatic streams with selected amounts of c9 aromatics

Apparatuses and methods are provided for forming c8 aromatic streams with selected amounts of c9 aromatics. In one embodiment, a method for forming a c8 aromatic stream with a selected amount of c9 aromatics includes fractionating a hydrocarbon stream including c8 and c9 aromatics into a sidedraw fraction and a bottom fraction.
Uop Llc

Systems and methods for separating xylene isomers using selective adsorption

Methods and systems are provided for separating a selected xylene isomer. The method includes separating a feed stream including a plurality of aromatic hydrocarbons into a first stream including toluene and isomers of xylene, and a second stream including isomers of xylene.
Uop Llc

Apparatuses and methods for isolating c8 aromatics

Apparatuses and methods are provided for isolating c8 aromatics from hydrocarbon streams. In one embodiment, a method for separating c8 aromatics from a hydrocarbon stream includes introducing the hydrocarbon stream to a fractionation column at a feed point.
Uop Llc

Systems and methods for producing fuel from a renewable feedstock

Methods and systems are provided for producing a fuel from a renewable feedstock. The method includes deoxygenating the renewable feedstock in a deoxygenation zone to produce hydrocarbons with normal paraffins.
Uop Llc

Method for producing lubricant base oil

A method for producing a lubricant base oil that has a predetermined boiling point range, the method including a first step of bringing a feedstock containing a first hydrocarbon oil having a boiling point in the above boiling point range and a second hydrocarbon oil having a lower boiling point than the boiling point range into contact with a hydroisomerization catalyst, wherein the catalyst contains a support that includes a zeolite having a one-dimensional porous structure including a 10-membered ring and a binder, and platinum and/or palladium supported on the support.. .
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

Catalyst for producing hydrocarbons

A hydropyrolysis catalyst and a process using that catalyst are described. The catalyst comprises a support and an active metal component wherein the catalyst is an eggshell type catalyst having the active metal component located in the outer portion of the support..
Shell Oil Company

Process for producing olefin polymer

To provide a process for producing an olefin polymer, which makes it possible to use, as a solvent for use in the catalyst preparation and the like, an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent instead of an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent causing large environmental burden, and which has good olefin polymerization activity. A process for producing an olefin polymer, characterized by having a step comprising feeding an olefin polymerization catalyst solution, which is obtained by mixing a metallocene compound, a compound that reacts with the metallocene compound to form an ion pair and at least one compound selected from an organoaluminum compound and an organoaluminum oxy compound with a saturated hydrocarbon solvent, to a polymerization reactor and solution-polymerizing an olefin in the polymerization reactor..
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Synthesis of chlorotrifluoroethylene-based block copolymers by iodine transfer polymerization

Methods for the synthesis of ctfe-based block copolymers through iodine transfer polymerization are disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, a method includes reacting a fluoromonomer “m” with a chain transfer agent of the formula x—y or y—x—y, wherein x represents a c1-c3 hydrocarbon, a c1-c6 hydrofluorocarbon, c1-c6 hydrochlorofluorocarbon, or c1-c6 fluorocarbon and y represents iodine or bromine, in the presence of a radical initiator, to form a macro-initiator of the formula: x-poly(m)-y or y-poly(m)-x-poly(m)-y, wherein poly(m) represents a polymer of the fluoromonomer.
Honeywell International Inc.

System for covering hydrocarbon liquids and forming same

A method of forming an element to float at least partially on a surface of an at least partially liquid hydrocarbon mixture. The method includes mixing a polymer resin and a foaming agent together in preselected proportions to provide a material mixture, and heating the material mixture, to at least partially liquefy it.
Greatario Industries Storage Systems Ltd.

Fused heterocyclic compound

A compound represented by formula (1) and an n-oxide thereof have excellent pest control effect. (in the formula, het to which r1—s(o)n is bonded represents a five-membered aromatic heterocyclic ring represented by formula h1, h2, h3 or h4 (wherein y1 represents an oxygen atom or the like; y2 represents an oxygen atom or the like; g1, g2 and g3 may be the same or different and each represents a nitrogen atom or the like; r1 represents a c1-c6 alkyl group which may have one or more atoms or groups selected from the group x, or the like; and n represents 0, 1 or 2); a1 represents an oxygen atom or the like; a2 represents a nitrogen atom or the like; a3 represents a nitrogen atom or the like; and r2 and r3 may be the same or different and each represents a c1-c6 chain hydrocarbon group which may have one or more atoms or groups selected from the group x, or the like.).
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

Cobalt metal precursors

A metal precursor and a method comprising decomposing a metal precursor on an integrated circuit device; and forming a metal from the metal precursor, wherein the metal precursor is selected from the group consisting of (i) a co2(co)6(r1c≡cr2), wherein r1 and r2 are individually selected from a straight or branched monovalent hydrocarbon group have one to six carbon atoms that may be interrupted and substituted; (ii) a mononuclear cobalt carbonyl nitrosyl; (iii) a cobalt carbonyl bonded to one of a boron, indium, germanium and tin moiety; (iv) a cobalt carbonyl bonded to a mononuclear or binuclear allyl; and (v) a cobalt (ii) complex comprising nitrogen-based supporting ligands.. .

Liquid developer set

A liquid developer set of the present invention includes a first liquid developer including an insulating liquid and first toner particles and a second liquid developer including an insulating liquid and second toner particles, the first toner particles include carbon black and a first resin, the second toner particles include a coloring agent other than carbon black and a second resin, without including carbon black, the first resin and the second resin each include a hydrocarbon long chain which is a hydrocarbon group having a carbon number of 8 to 30, and a mass ratio of the hydrocarbon long chain to the first toner particles is higher than a mass ratio of the hydrocarbon long chain to the second toner particles.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Cathode combustion for enhanced fuel cell syngas production

Molten carbonate fuel cells are operated with a cathode inlet stream that contains a portion of a combustible gas which may be a hydrocarbon, hydrogen, or other gas that will combine with oxygen to form heat on the cathode catalyst surface. The combustible gases can be reacted in the cathode and/or in a stage that is heat integrated with the cathode.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

Sulfide solid electrolyte, preparing the same, and solid state battery including the same

A sulfide solid electrolyte including a sulfide product prepared by mixing at least li2s and p2s5 in an organic solvent, wherein the organic solvent includes a tetrahydrofuran compound optionally substituted with a c1-c6 hydrocarbon group or a c1-c6 hydrocarbon group including an ether group, or a c2-c7 non-cyclic ether compound.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Composition for pattern formation and pattern-forming method

A composition for pattern formation includes a block copolymer that includes a block represented by formula (i) and a block represented by formula (ii). R1 and r3 each independently represent a hydrogen atom, a methyl group, a fluorine atom or a trifluoromethyl group.
Jsr Corporation

Catalytic reactor for converting contaminants in a displacement fluid and generating energy

A method comprises receiving a carbon dioxide recycle stream having carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. The carbon dioxide recycle stream is fed to a catalytic reactor.
Pilot Energy Solutions, Llc

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