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Humidifier patents

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Solar-powered humidification-dehumidification desalination system

Desiccant wheel dehumidifier and heat exchanger thereof

Full cell system and method of humidifying and cooling the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Humidifier-related patents
 Wire heated tube with temperature control system, tube type detection, and active over temperature protection for humidifier for respiratory apparatus patent thumbnailWire heated tube with temperature control system, tube type detection, and active over temperature protection for humidifier for respiratory apparatus
A pap system for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a flow generator to generate a supply of breathable gas to be delivered to the patient; a humidifier including a heating plate to vaporize water and deliver water vapor to humidify the supply of breathable gas; a heated tube configured to heat and deliver the humidified supply of breathable gas to the patient; a power supply configured to supply power to the heating plate and the heated tube; and a controller configured to control the power supply to prevent overheating of the heating plate and the heated tube.. .
 Solar-powered humidification-dehumidification desalination system patent thumbnailSolar-powered humidification-dehumidification desalination system
The solar-powered humidification-dehumidification desalination system includes a supply of saline/brackish water passing through a dehumidifier/condenser. The saline/brackish water is preheated in the dehumidifier/condenser due to the condensation process.
 Desiccant wheel dehumidifier and heat exchanger thereof patent thumbnailDesiccant wheel dehumidifier and heat exchanger thereof
A heat exchanger of a desiccant wheel dehumidifier, disclosed in the disclosure, includes a frame and multiple heat exchange platy tubes. The frame has an air inlet and an air outlet.
 Full cell system and method of humidifying and cooling the same patent thumbnailFull cell system and method of humidifying and cooling the same
A method of humidifying and cooling a fuel cell system is provided. The method of humidifying and cooling a fuel cell system includes: exhausting, by a fuel supply unit, a hydrogen gas to a reservoir in which condensed water of an anode is stored.
 Controller device, system and method for improved patient respitory care patent thumbnailController device, system and method for improved patient respitory care
This invention provides an improved respiratory care system for patients. This system uses vapor generated by a humidifier device to provide a humidified vapor mist directly to a trachea patient via a tubing element.
 Heater and dehumidifier for game calls patent thumbnailHeater and dehumidifier for game calls
The heater and dehumidifier for game calls includes a body having a least one main inlet for receiving airflow into the body, an at least one second opening formed in the body defining an at least one main outlet. A first chamber has a first passageway, a second chamber has a second passageway and a third chamber has a third passageway.
 Humidification apparatus for fuel cell system patent thumbnailHumidification apparatus for fuel cell system
A humidification apparatus for a fuel cell system is provided herein. A membrane humidifier includes humid air inlets, through which humid air discharged from a cathode of a fuel cell stack is introduced, and air outlets, through which air humidifying dry air in hollow fiber membranes is discharged, an air line connected from a cathode outlet of the fuel cell stack to the humid air inlets of the membrane humidifier to supply humid air.
 Fuel cell system and method of purging the same patent thumbnailFuel cell system and method of purging the same
A fuel cell system and a method of purging the same are provided. The fuel cell system includes: a fuel cell stack that includes a fuel electrode and an air electrode as well as an air supply unit that supplies air of a blower to the air electrode via a humidifier through an air supply line.
 Humidifier for fuel cell system patent thumbnailHumidifier for fuel cell system
Disclosed is a humidifier for a fuel cell system including a separator plate which is corrugated to provide an alternating concave-convex surface, and humidifying films provided at an upper end and a lower end of the separator plate, respectively. More specifically, the separator plate and the humidifying films form a series of drift spaces in which a width of an upper end portion is different from a width of a lower end portion which is contact with the humidifying film..
 Process control of temperature and humidity for electrical appliances patent thumbnailProcess control of temperature and humidity for electrical appliances
The present invention relates to a method of operating electrical appliances, specifically for air conditioner, which aims to limit the maximum temperature of an environment as well as its minimum humidity level, thus providing greater local comfort and better health conditions when compared with those already known in the art. The invention is characterized by the fact that at least one control unit comprises a function for limiting the maximum temperature cooperating with at least one temperature sensor, and said maximum temperature limit function automatically activates the appliance compressor when the temperature sensor detects the maximum adjusted temperature.
Humidifier for breathing gas heating and humidification system
A humidification canister for humidifying a breathing gas, the humidification canister includes a fluid supply configured to supply a fluid and a first gas flow path in fluid communication with the fluid supply. A first gas flow path is configured to humidify the breathing gas with the fluid.
Waterless humidifier for residential and commercial furnaces
A method and apparatus for humidifying residential and commercial buildings in which a flue gas generated by a residential of commercial furnace is provided to one side of a porous liquid water transport membrane and habitable space air is provided to an opposite side of the porous liquid water transport membrane in an amount sufficient to provide a habitable space air to flue gas volume flow rate ratio of at least 8.3:1. At least a portion of the water vapor in the flue gas is condensed, providing condensed liquid water which is passed through the porous liquid water transport membrane to the habitable space air side of the porous liquid water transport membrane.
Dehumidifier apparatus
A dehumidifier is disclosed comprising a base, a fast coupler disposed on the base, a water receiving tray, a water collection tank disposed below the water receiving tray, a water discharging tank connected to the water receiving tray, and a pump having an outlet connected to the fast coupler and an inlet connected to the water discharging tank, wherein a water level switch is provided in the water discharging tank and comprises a floater and a closed hollow rod, wherein the floater has a hole for passing through of the rod and a magnet, and the rod has a magnetic field response switch electrically connected with the pump.. .
Air humidifier with boil-over protection
An air humidifier (90) for generating humidified breathing air for a patient includes a boiling pot (92) for receiving a defined water volume (91). The air humidifier (90) has a partition (93), the partition having at least one perforation (97).
Control of humidifier chamber temperature for accurate humidity control
A breathing assistance system is provided for delivering a stream flow of heated, humidified gases to a user. The system includes a humidifier unit which holds and heats a volume of water, and which in use receives a flow of gases from a gases source via an inlet port.
Dehumidifier and breather configured for operation during regeneration
A dehydrator for dehydrating air supplied to a power related or mechanical device includes a first container configured to hold a desiccant, a first heater arranged with the first container configured to heat the desiccant in the first container, a second container configured to hold a desiccant, and a second heater arranged with the second container configured to heat the desiccant in the second container. The dehydrator further includes a conduit configured to selectively connect one of the first container and the second container to the power related or mechanical device and a controller configured to selectively operate one of the first heater and the second heater..
Apparatus for supplying air of fuel cell vehicle
An apparatus that efficiently supplies air to a fuel cell within a vehicle. In particular, a compressor compresses air and supplies a first portion of the compressed air to an evaporator and a second portion to a heat exchanger.
Combination warm and cool mist humidifier
A humidifier includes a housing with a substantially open top portion. Water can be added to the humidifier by pouring the water into a water reservoir through an open top.
Compact dehumidifiers and associated systems and methods
Compact dehumidifiers and associated systems and methods are disclosed. A representative system includes a housing having an airflow entrance, and airflow exit, and a linear flowpath between the entrance and exit.
Humidifier with scale collection features
A water boiling chamber for a steam humidifier may include an enclosure having a water volume and scale collection surfaces that are exposed to water in the enclosure. The scale collection surfaces may have a scale collection surface area that is at least two times greater than a reference surface area, where the reference surface area is defined as the surface area of a sphere having a volume equal to the water volume of the enclosure.
Humidifier with field-replacement components
A humidifier having a field-replaceable water heating enclosure and a humidifier main unit configured to receive the field-replaceable water heating enclosure is provided. The field-replaceable water heating enclosure may include a water inlet, a water outlet, a water vapor outlet, and a resistive heating element.
Integrated humidifier chamber and lid
A blower unit for use as part of an integrated blower/humidification system is described. The blower unit has an outer casing, which encloses and forms part of the blower unit, the casing including an air inlet vent.
Ventilator device
A ventilator with integrated breathing air humidifier has at least two defined air pathways provided in the breathing air humidifier, wherein the breathing air humidifier is installed and fixed on a horizontal surface of the ventilator. The ventilator with integratable breathing air humidifier has a breathing air humidifier with at least a top part and a bottom part, wherein a water reservoir is provided in the bottom part, and wherein the top part cannot be removed from the bottom part when the unit is in at least one operating mode.
Humidifier, in particular for a fuel cell
A humidifier has a housing in which a moisture exchanger is arranged. The moisture exchanger has water-permeable and/or water-vapor permeable hollow fibers.
Condensing dehumidifier
According to the present invention, a condensing dehumidifier comprises: a main body having a space for receiving an object to be dried, and an inlet and an outlet formed at the top and bottom, respectively, of the receiving space; a drying unit for supplying heated air through the main body inlet to the receiving space; a condensing unit for cooling and condensing the heated air discharged through the main body outlet and separating the air into condensed water and dry air; a first pipe connecting the main body outlet and the condensing unit to each other, and transferring the heated air discharged through the main body outlet to the condensing unit; a second pipe connecting the condensing unit and the drying unit to each other, and transferring the dry air separated by the condensing unit to the drying unit; and an intermediate pipe one end of which is branched from the first pipe, and the other end of which is connected to the second pipe, wherein a portion of the heated air discharged through the main body outlet passes through the intermediate pipe past the drying unit and is supplied to the receiving space.. .
Humidification of respiratory gases
A humidifier for humidifying a flow of breathable gas to be delivered to a patient includes a chamber configured to receive the flow of breathable gas; a tub configured to contain a supply of water, the tub being configured to be inserted into the chamber; a lid provided on the chamber and being movable between an open position and a closed position; and a seal provided on the lid, the seal being configured to seal the chamber such that the flow of breathable gas pressurizes the chamber. The humidifier may be connectable to a flow generator configured to generate the flow of breathable gas.
Surgical humidifier control
Some embodiments provide for humidifier control systems and methods configured to adjust power to a heater plate in a surgical humidifier to account for changes in flow rate to provide a consistent output, to provide functionality for different modes of use, and to provide accurate control over temperature and/or humidity at relatively low flows. The humidifier control system can receive a flow rate reading and determine a power requirement corresponding to the received flow rate reading, wherein the power requirement is one of a plurality of set points which correspond to ranges of flow rates.
Methods for the operation of a humidification device for a fuel cell
In a method for operating a humidifier for a fuel cell wherein the humidifier comprises a moisture exchanger with at least one water-permeable or water vapor-permeable membrane and a moisture reservoir, the moisture exchanger is flushed with flushing air and the flushing air is subsequently passed through the moisture reservoir.. .
Systems and methods for operating and monitoring dehumidifiers
Systems and methods of automatically operating dehumidifiers in response to dehumidifier operating conditions are disclosed herein. A method of operating a dehumidifier configured in accordance with one embodiment includes directing air flow through the dehumidifier at a first volumetric flow rate while the dehumidifier is operating at a first operating condition.
3d blaze humidifier
A. .
A humidifier including a spray unit configured to apply electric charge to water, and to spray water having electric charge applied thereto, an evaporation unit formed with a duct in which evaporation of the electrically-charged water being sprayed is taken place, and configured to guide a vapor and a foreign substance, which are separated from each other through the evaporation, to an outside, and a dust collection unit configured to collect the foreign substance at an inside the duct by forming an electric field, the humidifier capable of performing a large-capacity humidification by the generation of the electrically charged droplets, and capable of removing the foreign substance included in the droplets by using the electrical force, thereby enhancing the cleanliness of the humidification, and by using an electric field, accelerating the evaporation so that the size of the duct is minimized, and thus manufacturing the humidifier in a compact size.. .
Thermal humidifier
A thermal humidifier includes an upper housing provided with a steam outlet for conveying steam into a room and combined with a fundamental base having a ptc heating tube installed therein. A water-absorption member is mounted around the ptc heating tube and has a large portion soaked in a water box for absorbing liquid or water from the water box.
Convertible humidifier
A convertible humidifier that includes a base portion that produces mist, a control panel that controls the production of the mist by the base portion, a reservoir, detachably connectable to the base portion, which holds water to be used by the base portion to produce the mist, and a nozzle configured to direct the mist. The reservoir includes a pass-through connection that allows the mist produced by the base portion to be directed to an opening on a top surface of the reservoir.
Float switch of a humidifier
A float switch of a humidifier at least includes a main body, a water tank and a float switch. The main body has a base located at a bottom and provided with a water tank groove and a water basin having a projected portion formed at a bottom.
Aircraft humidifier
An aircraft humidifier is engineered as a stand-alone, fully integrated aircraft humidifier that is suitable for providing uniform, non-wetting humidified air disbursed by the aircraft humidifier into ambient air to increase the relative humidity in low humidity environments such as aircraft interiors, including cockpits, cabins, crew rests, cargo holds, and lavatories as well as any other enclosed areas.. .
Air cleaning decorative humidifier
An air humidifier comprises a case. An opening water tank can be independent under the humidifier case.
Methods and system for humidifier control using enthalpy-based calculation
A respiratory humidification system that controls the humidity of the outlet gases using an enthalpy based calculation is disclosed herein. The respiratory humidification system includes a controller that can receive data from one or more of an enthalpy sensor, a flow sensor and a temperature sensor.
Dehumidifier with a humidity display device
A dehumidifier with a humidity display device has a hook body, a housing, a display unit, an indication unit, and a recovery unit. The display unit is light-transmissive and is mounted on the housing.
Membrane humidifier for a fuel cell
The present disclosure provides a membrane humidifier for a fuel cell including: a case; a hollow fiber membrane module covering the case; a housing coupled to both ends of the hollow fiber membrane module; a plurality of hollow fiber membranes arranged in the case; and a hollow fiber membrane guide structure installed at one end or both ends of the hollow fiber membrane module and having a potting material layer formed therein to fix the plurality of hollow fiber membranes.. .
Scent pad and mechanism for housing the same
An improved scent pad and mechanism for housing the same. The mechanism is preferably a part of a humidifier or similar device and positioned adjacent to a heated surface.
Rf regeneration of hydro-absorptive material
Disclosed herein is a dehumidifier comprising a regenerable sorption matrix disposed within a drum or wheel in which microwave radiation directed by a waveguide antenna is used to regenerate the sorption matrix within a desorption segment using a programmable controller to coordinate the advancement of the rotation of the sorbent through desorption segment. A method of dehumidifying a process fluid is also disclosed..
Moisture reduction and mold and moisture damage preventative system and method in construction
A moisture removal system and method employing air movers, dehumidifiers, heaters and attendant methods for reducing moisture in a construction project. The method and system include operating moisture removal equipment and testing moisture content levels sufficient to reduce the moisture content levels to a desired threshold to reduce the likelihood of mold growing or moisture damage in the construction after it is completed..
Dehumidifying curing oven with rotating trays
A curing oven includes a set of pivoting, rotating trays within a curing chamber. The trays are attached to a mechanism that rotates the trays through a curing cycle, and the speed and timing of the rotation may be set by an operator, as desired.
Liquid ejecting apparatus
A liquid ejecting apparatus, including: a head having an ejection surface; a head holder; a capping mechanism for capping the ejection surface, having: a facing member with a facing surface to face the ejection surface; and a protrusion provided on the head holder for isolating, from an external space, an ejection space formed between the ejection surface and the facing surface when a tip of the protrusion contacts the facing surface; and a humidifying mechanism having: a circulation passage whose first and second ends are open to the ejection space through openings thereof provided in one of the head and the head holder; and a humidifier for humidifying an air in the passage, the humidifying mechanism being configured to collect an air in the ejection space from the opening of the first end and to supply an air humidified by the humidifier into the ejection space from the opening of the second end.. .
Apparatus and methods for providing humidity in respiratory therapy
The present inventions provide respiratory therapy apparatus that introduce water into the pressurized air delivered to a user during various positive airway pressure therapies and corresponding methods. The respiratory therapy apparatus may be configured to administer one or more positive airway pressure therapies, including: continuous positive airway pressure therapy (cpap), bi-level positive airway pressure therapy (bpap), auto positive airway pressure therapy (autopap), proportional positive airway pressure therapy (ppap), and/or other positive airway pressure therapies.
Removable and/or replaceable humidifier
Humidifier apparatus for a respiratory apparatus includes a housing providing a gas flow path, a heater apparatus, and a water supply distribution member configured and arranged to deliver water vapour to the gas flow path. The water distribution member is provided to the housing and in thermal communication with the heater apparatus..
Humidifier with liquid ingress protection
A pressure support device includes a humidification system (10) to control the humidity of a pressurized flow of breathable gas generated by the pressure support device. The humidification system includes a liquid storage chamber (32) and a humidification chamber (34).
Infant incubator
An infant incubator including: an infant chamber isolated from external air; a conditioning bath communicating with the infant chamber; an air-conditioning equipment circulating air in the infant chamber through the conditioning bath; a fan provided at the air-conditioning equipment and moving air in the conditioning bath; a heater provided at the air-conditioning equipment and heating the air in the conditioning bath; a humidifier provided at the air-conditioning equipment, removably installed on a constructional member of the conditioning bath, and supplying water-vapor to the air in the conditioning bath; and a channel member for supplying water-vapor removably installed on a water-vapor introduction port penetrating the constructional member of the conditioning bath, and connecting the humidifier and the conditioning bath, in this infant incubator, the channel member for supplying water-vapor closes the water-vapor introduction port when the humidifier is removed, and opens the water-vapor introduction port when the humidifier is installed.. .
Method of using a hybrid humidifier fuel cell
A method of using a hybrid humidifier fuel cell for ensuring adequate humidification of a reactant gas stream in a fuel cell stack, during both steady-state, as well as transient operation. The device provides for improved performance through the use a primary humidification and a secondary humidification..
Hybrid humidifier fuel cell
A hybrid humidifier fuel cell for ensuring adequate humidification of a reactant gas stream in a fuel cell stack, during both steady-state, as well as transient operation. The device provides for improved performance through the use a primary humidification and a secondary humidification..
Compliant coupler or adaptor
A cpap device includes a flow generator including an outlet, a humidifier including an inlet, and an adaptor connector between the outlet of the flow generator and the inlet of the humidifier. The connector includes a flexible and conformable sealing portion that is movable to accommodate misalignment..
Indirect evaporative cooler using membrane-contained liquid desiccant for dehumidification and flocked surfaces to provide coolant flow
An apparatus for conditioning an inlet air stream. A first stage is provided with a dehumidifier cooling an air stream input by absorption of water vapor from the input air stream.
Fan heater with humidifier
A fan heater with a humidifier includes a housing in which both a warm air generation mechanism for generating warm air and a humidification mechanism for generating a mist are provided. The fan heater with the humidifier is characterized by its integrated structure for effectively providing warm air and appropriate moisture at the same time, so as to prevent the air around the fan heater from being too dry..
Heated cpap hose and fitting
A flexible hose is adapted to maintain its inner wall temperature above the dew point of air transported between a cpap machine's humidifier and mask, preventing condensation, an electrically energizable heating element forms a helical reinforcement member. The hose's first end has a standard cpap soft end cuff.
Humidifier apparatus using a photocatalyst having an air-cleaning function
Disclosed is a humidifier apparatus using a photocatalyst having an air-cleaning function, and more particularly, to a humidifier apparatus using a photocatalyst having an air-cleaning function, which is capable of performing an indoor air-cleaning function and a humidifier function while minimizing energy consumption.. .
System and method for sensing no
An no sensing system includes an inlet for receiving an original sample, a humidifier, fluidly communicating with the inlet, and a first sensor. The original sample is fluidly transmitted through the humidifier and exits the humidifier as a humidified sample having a humidity above a predetermined level.
A humidifier includes a first electrode that is a porous metal body having a three-dimensional porous structure, a second electrode that is a conductor electrode arranged opposite to the first electrode with a space of a predetermined distance from the first electrode, a power supply that forms an electric field in the space between the first electrode and the second electrode, a water supply unit that supplies water to the first electrode, and a fan that sends air to the space to evaporate and disperse the water that is supplied from the water supply unit to the first electrode and retained by the first electrode.. .
Humidity control system for warming therapy device including duct cover with air flow trench
An apparatus and method for performing warming therapy is described. In one exemplary embodiment, the apparatus includes a base for supporting a medical patient and a duct cover removably coupled to the base.

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