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Electric connector and battery comprising the same

Byd Limited

Electric connector and battery comprising the same

Game platform and game cards thereof (smart time)

Date/App# patent app List of recent Hosting-related patents
 Ascertain tethering of device patent thumbnailnew patent Ascertain tethering of device
Systems, methods and procedures are described for ascertaining tethering of a device in a communication network. In one implementation, a wireless device provides internet connectivity to a computing device using a wireline or wireless transmission medium.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.
 Method, computer-readable storage device and  establishing persistent messaging sessions patent thumbnailnew patent Method, computer-readable storage device and establishing persistent messaging sessions
Creating a persistent messaging session includes providing a web application that enables browser-to-browser multimedia communications, creating the persistent messaging session in response to a request from a user, and setting the persistent messaging session to an idle state when all users have exited the persistent messaging session, wherein the idle state is monitored by the web application. Joining a persistent messaging session includes querying a server hosting a web application that supports and tracks a plurality of persistent messaging sessions, using a set of search criteria, receiving a set of search results from the server, wherein the search results indicate that the persistent messaging session satisfies the set of search criteria, and joining the persistent messaging session, where the joining allows the first endpoint device to exchange browser-to-browser multimedia communications directly with a second endpoint device..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.
 System and  determining audience characteristics of a music concert based on mobile phone tracking and mobile data transmissions patent thumbnailnew patent System and determining audience characteristics of a music concert based on mobile phone tracking and mobile data transmissions
A concert profiling server (cps) obtains and analyzes information about a venue hosting a music concert and mobile phone location information related to the audience members attending the concert. Based on this information, the cps determines the size of the audience in attendance.
Popular Metrics, Inc.
 Wearable projection device patent thumbnailnew patent Wearable projection device
Disclosed herein is a method of wireless communication. Displayable information is received on a micro-display communication device from a mobile device.
Pekall, Llc
 Electric connector and battery comprising the same patent thumbnailnew patent Electric connector and battery comprising the same
An electric connector and a battery comprising the same may be provided. The electric connector (3) may comprise a core fixing part and an extension part (32) connected to the core fixing part.
Byd Company Limited
 Game platform and game cards thereof (smart time) patent thumbnailnew patent Game platform and game cards thereof (smart time)
It is provided a game platform which includes a receiving board, a magnetic board fixedly hosting magnetic elements, and means for positioning of the magnetic board in a predetermined position. Each magnetic element has either a north polarity or a south polarity facing the receiving board.
 Systems and methods for content management in an on-demand environment patent thumbnailSystems and methods for content management in an on-demand environment
The technology disclosed relates to hosting legacy data sources in a cloud environment. In particular, it relates to providing users with flyweight access to content stored in legacy content repositories from within cloud based applications., Inc.
 Authentication service patent thumbnailAuthentication service
An authentication service for hosting in trusted server environments includes a validation process for validating the identities of mobile users from a server's vantage point in the cloud. A confidence scoring process is further included for estimating the certainty to which (1) a particular user, (2) a user's device apps and devices hosting them, and (3) a user's intent to carry out a given transaction have been correctly identified..
 Modifying virtual machine communications patent thumbnailModifying virtual machine communications
In one implementation, a host platform implemented on a computing device hosting one or more virtual machines determines that a communication generated by a virtual machine and intended for another virtual machine is to be transmitted to a network appliance. Consequently, the host platform modifies the communication generated by the virtual machine..
 Embeddable media upload object patent thumbnailEmbeddable media upload object
A user device's browser receives a page from a publishing system and presents content of the page within a window. Instructions from a media hosting system cause a frame to be created within the window.

Method and performing server handoff in a name-based content distribution system

A server-handoff system facilitates replicating or migrating a data collection or service to one or more alternative servers of a distributed service. During operation, the system can detect a data-handoff condition for migrating or replicating data to an alternative or newly started server, and determines a namespace that is to be migrated or replicated.

Optimizing placement of virtual machines

Systems and methods are described for allocating resources in a cloud computing environment. The method includes receiving a computing request, the request for use of at least one virtual machine and a portion of memory.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Systems and methods of social networking

A method, device, system or article of manufacture is provided for social networking. In one embodiment, a method comprises hosting, by a master server, a plurality of client devices for a conference event, wherein each of the plurality of client devices is associated with a member of a community, wherein the master server is associated with a first computer program running on a first computer hardware system; identifying that a capacity of the master server is not sufficient to host the conference event; initiating, in response to identifying that the capacity of the master server is not sufficient for hosting the conference event, a secondary server, wherein the secondary server is associated with a second computer program running on a second computer hardware system; and assigning a portion of the plurality of client devices to the secondary server.., Llc

Network control system for configuring middleboxes

Some embodiments provide a method for configuring a logical middlebox in a hosting system that includes a set of nodes. The logical middlebox is part of a logical network that includes a set of logical forwarding elements that connect a set of end machines.
Nicira, Inc.

Apparatus and hosting a live camera at a given geographical location

A camera network comprising a plurality of cameras located at one or more locations is disclosed. A server receives real-time video data stream from multiple cameras, wherein the server hosts a web service to display thumbnails associated with each camera, wherein the server continuously prerecords a first predefined duration of the video data received from the multiple cameras.

Method for web site publishing using shared hosting

A method for publishing the web sites on remote server using shared hosting in cases of unexpected server timeouts. A list of elements (work items) to be published is generated.

Method and system for on-line sale of goods and services using influencer hosting sites

A method is provided for on-line retail sales by a merchant through referrals from people who have influence over customer buying decisions, such as doctors in the case of food products, and who has an internet web site. The method involves each influencer including a sub-site of the influencer's website which permits a customer to select products for purchase.
Small Potatoes Urban Delivery Inc.

Electronic purchased part order data management system and method

The computer-implemented purchased part order data management system employs a database management computer hosting a purchased part order database and an automated data collection and review computer communicating with the database management computer. The data collection and review computer has a purchased part order data (ppod) repository and a messaging system that includes a message routing data structure.
American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.

Law enforcement database of active insurance information

A system and method for verifying the status of an insured automobile insurance are disclosed. In particular, a law enforcement officer with a smart phone or tablet takes a picture of a motorist's insurance card while at a traffic stop.

System for polynucleotide construct design, visualization and transactions to manufacture the same

The present invention disclose a computerized system for designing nucleic acid sequences for gene expression comprising; (a) a server [103] for hosting a database [106] (b) a network connection [102] and (c) a computer readable medium [101] comprising functional modules including (i) a design module for enabling designing of nucleic acid constructs; (ii) interactive user interface module for visualizing biological information relating to design operations; (iii) transaction module for purchasing a user-designed or pre-stocked nucleic acid constructs (iv) a detecting module for detecting designed nucleic acid sequences comprises harmful sequences; the system is operating in a method of: (a) visualizing biological information; (b) designing nucleic acid sequences; (c) detecting and notifying when harmful sequences are designed; (d) providing means for transactions regarding ordering and purchasing said synthesized nucleic acids.. .
Genome Compiler Corporation

Controlling runtime execution from a host to conserve resources

A runtime management system is described herein that allows a hosting layer to dynamically control an underlying runtime to selectively turn on and off various subsystems of the runtime to save power and extend battery life of devices on which the system operates. The hosting layer has information about usage of the runtime that is not available within the runtime, and can do a more effective job of disabling parts of the runtime that will not be needed without negatively affecting application performance or device responsiveness.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Extending functionality of web-based applications

A centralized location for discovery and data exchange for web applications. Embodiments of the invention are directed to providing a centralized interface location to send data to and receive data from one or more web applications hosted on application servers different from a server hosting the centralized interface.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Processing proposed program code libraries in a networked computing environment

An integrated development environment (ide)-based approach for processing/analyzing proposed program code libraries as a replacement for existing program code libraries in a networked computing environment is provided. A set of annotations associated with a set of program code files and a proposed (e.g., new, modified, etc.) program code library are received in an integrated development environment (ide).
International Business Machines Corporation

Masterless cache replication

In an example of masterless cache replication, a processor of a server of a plurality of servers hosting a distributed application can receive a local cache event for a local data item stored in an application cache of the server. The processor can determine whether the local cache event is from another server.
Yahoo! Inc.

Logical router

Some embodiments provide a system that includes several host machines for hosting several virtual machines and a physical network for interconnecting the host machines. Each host machine includes a managed physical switching element (mpse) including several ports for performing link layer forwarding of packets to and from a set of virtual machines running on the host machine.
Nicira, Inc.

Cloud service hosting on client device

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for cloud service hosting on a client device. For example, a cloud service may comprise data and/or functionality that may be consumed by apps on client devices.
Microsoft Corporation

Interactive educational system

An interactive educational system for elementary school age children is provided. There is a base module having a housing that has an outer configuration and may take a variety of shapes.
Dynepic, Llc

Host traffic driven network orchestration within data center fabric

Presented herein are techniques to handle data packets received at a top-of-rack (tor) switch in an underlay network hosting one or more tenant networks. The underlay network may comprise a plurality of tor switches each connected to each of a plurality of spine switches.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Color blending system and method

The invention features a color blending system and method to provide color blending. The optical assembly features a fixture base having a four-layer printed circuit assembly hosting all led drivers, power conditioning and switched signal distribution for the fixture.

Method of and enhanced thermal isolation of low-profile led lighting fixtures

A led assembly/structure and a method of manufacturing the same. The led assembly comprises a housing body, one or more led light emitting component hosting areas, a power unit hosting compartment, one or more light diffusing elements, and a cover.
Flextronics Ap, Llc

Virtual tabs supporting web content suspension

A web application displays web content in a user interface (ui) tab having multiple associated virtual tabs. The multiple associated virtual tabs can include a visible tab hosting web content that is currently visible, one or more hidden tabs each hosting web content that is not currently visible, and optionally one or more empty tabs each hosting no web content or only primitive web content.
Microsoft Corporation

System and methods for providing user generated video reviews

Methods and systems for content aggregation and distribution are described. Video content may be received from a plurality of sources.
Scorpcast, Llc

Customer-centric network-based conferencing

A communication system has a network-connected server comprising a processor and a coupled data repository and software executing on the processor from a non-transitory medium. The software provides a first function establishing a communication session between an initiator and an agent of an enterprise hosting the system, a second function gathering information about persons other than the initiator and the agent as potential conference participants, a third function generating and sending invitations to a conference to include the initiator and the agent to individual ones of the potential conference participants, and a fourth function connecting those accepting invitations to the conference..
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Loop de-coupling capsule for hosting ultra-sensative experiments in a logging sonde

A capsule comprising two non-directly contacting halves enables otherwise coupling loads between experiment and gauging to be re-routed through the outer-most portable body (e.g. A logging sonde housing) having substantial inertia, thus serving to attenuate the parasitic loads.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Selective allocation of physical computing resources amongst virtual machines

Techniques for resource allocation are described. Some embodiments provide a computing system and method for resource allocation in a virtualized computing environment comprising at least one physical computing system hosting multiple virtual machines, that performs at least some of the described techniques.
Vmware, Inc.

Detection and handling of virtual network appliance failures

Methods and apparatus for detection and handling of virtual appliance failures. In one aspect, a method is implemented on a host platform on which a hypervisor (aka virtual machine manager) and a plurality of virtual machines (vms) are running, the plurality of vms collectively hosting a plurality of software defined networking (sdn) and/or network function virtualization (nfv) appliances that are communicatively coupled via a virtual network.

Systems and methods for supporting multiple database server versions on a database machine

Techniques are described herein for supporting multiple versions of a database server within a database machine comprising a separate database layer and storage layer. In an embodiment, the database layer includes compute nodes each hosting one or more instances of a database server.
Oracle International Corporation

Method and system for providing alternative result for an online search previously with no result

A computing device hosting a website of a business may be operable to receive a first search input comprising a term submitted via a search bar on the website. Upon performing an internal search for the term with no result, the computing device may output information on the no-result.
Sears Brands, Llc

Misplaced article recovery process

A misplaced article recovery system utilizing an application operating on a computing device, such as a point of sale system, a smartphone, a tablet, and the like. A unique article registration identifier (numeric or alphanumeric) is associated with a registrant.

Method and syndicating interactions between a client and a web service

The syndicated web services client (swsc) uses rss/atom feeds, to facilitate asynchronous interactions between a computerized client and a web service, without requiring a duplicate copy of the web service application on the computerized client. The web service packages a form, such as an xform containing interactive fields used by the web service, in a rss/atom feed item.
International Business Machines Corporation

Visualization device, visualization system, and visualization method

A visualization device is communicable with one or a plurality of host servers for hosting a virtual system, and includes an information acquisition unit for collecting configuration information on the virtual system and the host server, a storage unit for storing the configuration information therein, and a drawing unit for expressing a virtual machine and a virtual network configuring the virtual system with different axes based on the configuration information stored in the storage unit, expressing a connection relationship between a virtual machine and a virtual network by linking the lines extending from the respective axes, and grouping virtual machines in units of server on which the virtual machines operate thereby to generate drawing information for expressing the configuration of the virtual system and the host server.. .
Nec Corporation

Document management systems and methods

A system for managing files over a network comprises a first computer hosting managed folders and files and one or more second computers. The first computer comprises database management software, server software such as server pipe software, and a first unique token.

System and method that facilitates hosting a customizable social network driven gaming portal

Aspects for facilitating hosting a customizable social network driven gaming portal are disclosed within the context of a method, apparatus, computer-readable storage medium, and computing device. In various embodiments, customization data for a game is received, a digital grid is automatically generated based on the customization data, coordinates within the digital grid are assigned to players of the game, and at least one winning coordinate within the digital grid is determined.
Sportsnuttz, Llc

High dynamic range and tone mapping imaging techniques

Algorithms for improving the performance of conventional tone mapping operators (tmo) by calculating both a contrast waste score and a contrast loss score for a first tone-mapped image produced by the tmo. The two contrast scores can be used to optimize the performance of the tmo by reducing noise and improving contrast.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Modular handle and stand for electronic devices

A modular handle and stand for electronic devices is disclosed that aids the use of cameras, smartphones, portable music players, tablet computers, or multiple such devices used in tandem. The modular system is comprised of a handle, various accessory heads, a means of attachment, and an optional charging battery enclosed in the handle for charging the attached device(s).

Manoeuver generation for automated driving

A method and arrangement are described for manoeuvre generation for automated driving on a one-way road of a vehicle (e) hosting the arrangement, the host vehicle (e) further including one or more advanced driver assistance systems. A collision free reference trajectory for longitudinal and lateral movement of the host vehicle (e) is determined repeatedly, with a fix time interval, for allowing the host vehicle (e) to retain a desired velocity and maintain the host vehicle (e) in a preferred lane utilizing model predictive control and quadratic program formulation.
Volvo Car Corporation

Hosted instrument radiator system

An instrument mounting system for a geosynchronous host satellite provides independent heat rejection capability for a hosted instrument. The system may include an instrument mounting structure that is thermally coupled to a radiator component via heat pipes that may include one or both of rigid and flexible elements.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Aggregation of metrics for tracking electronic computing resources based on user class hierarchy

An improved technique involves collecting data from a hosting environment that provides access to electronic computing resources and computing aggregated metrics from the data for a particular level of a user class hierarchy by aggregating metric values collected for subordinate levels of the user class hierarchy. Along these lines, a tracking server, upon receiving resource usage data, arranges the data in entries having values of metrics that describe some attribute related to resource usage and pertaining to a user class hierarchy.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Seismic data processing with frequency diverse de-aliasing filtering

Performing seismic data processing using frequency diverse basis functions and converting a data processing problem into a one-norm or zero-norm optimization problem, which can be solved in frequency-space domain. The data processing problems can be data deghosting, data regularization or interpolation.
Westerngeco L.l.c.

Multiple active l3 gateways for logical networks

Some embodiments provide a method for a network controller in a network control system that manages a plurality of logical networks. The method receives a specification of a logical network that comprises a logical router with a logical port that connects to an external network.
Nicira, Inc.

High availability l3 gateways for logical networks

Some embodiments provide a method for a network controller in a network control system that manages a plurality of logical networks. The method receives a specification of a logical network that includes a logical router.
Nicira, Inc.

Inter-domain network tenant identifier

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a packet at a tunnel end point in a multi-tenant network, the packet comprising a destination, performing a lookup for the destination in a database comprising a mapping of global identifiers to local tenant identifiers for different hosting locations, each of the global identifiers uniquely identifying a tenant across all of the hosting locations, identifying a destination tunnel end point and a local tenant identifier for the destination, and inserting the destination tunnel end point and the local tenant identifier into the packet and forwarding the packet. An apparatus and logic are also disclosed herein..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Mri ghosting correction using unequal magnitudes ratio

A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system, method and/or computer readable medium is configured to effect mr imaging with reduced ghosting artifacts by operations including determining spatially varying signal magnitude differences associated with first and second parts of a reference mr data, and reconstructing a diagnostic image based upon a first and a second parts of main scan data and the determined spatially varying signal magnitude differences. The first parts of the reference data and main scan data is acquired using a first readout gradient, and the second parts of the reference data and main scan data is acquired using a second readout gradient that is different from the first readout gradient..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and authentication of a first party respective of a second party aided by a third party

A method and system of authenticating a service to access data respective of a user on a low-end mobile device are provided. The method includes receiving a request from a service to access data respective of the user device, wherein the user device is a low-end mobile device; sending the user device a first authentication token over a first communication path; receiving a second authentication token over a second communication path, wherein the second authentication token is received from a host server hosting the service; comparing the first authentication token to the second authentication token; and allowing access to the data upon determination that the first authentication token matches the second authentication token..
Vascode Technologies Ltd.

Virtual computing resource orchestration

According to an example, a method for virtual computing resource orchestration includes receiving environmental data related to an operational characteristic of a compute resource for hosting a virtual machine (vm), receiving vm data related to an operational characteristic of the vm, and determining if the environmental data or the vm data violate predetermined threshold values respectively related to the environmental data and the vm data. The method further includes generating an event based on violation of one of the threshold values by the environmental data or the vm data, evaluating, by a processor, a rule to determine an action based on the violation of one of the threshold values, and executing the action to modify the operational characteristic of the compute resource or the operational characteristic of the vm..
Hewlett-packard Developement Company, L.p.

Method and system for fast provisioning of virtual desktop

Techniques are disclosed for provisioning a virtual desktop. A vm hosting the desktop may be joined to a domain using offline domain join and customized by modifying contents of a virtual disk of the vm, as per the customization requirements, without powering on the vm.
Vmware, Inc.

System and method providing hierarchical cache for big data applications

The embodiments herein develop a system for providing hierarchical cache for big data processing. The system comprises a caching layer, a plurality of actors in communication with the caching layer, a machine hosting the plurality of actors, a plurality of replication channels in communication with the plurality of actors, a predefined ring structure.

Distributed transaction log

Embodiments of the disclosure provide techniques for updating a distributed transaction log on a previously offline resource object component using distributed transaction logs from active host computer nodes from separate raid mirror configurations. Each component object maintains a journal (log) where distributed transactions are recorded.
Vmware, Inc.

Laser or amplifier optical device seeded with nonlinearly generated light

An optical apparatus comprising an optical source for providing output light for providing input signal light can comprise a pump source for pumping a four wave mixing (fwm) process with light pulses (“fwm pump light”); a fwm element in optical communication with said pump source, said fwm element configured for hosting the fwm process to generate, responsive to the fwm pump light, pulses of fwm signal light and fwm idler light having different wavelengths; and a laser or amplifier optical device comprising a gain material for providing optical gain at a gain wavelength via a process of stimulated emission responsive to optical pumping with pump light, said laser or amplifier optical device in optical communication with said optical source and receiving one of the fwm signal light and the fwm idler light as input signal light having the gain wavelength for optically seeding with input signal light the laser or amplifier optical device.. .
Fianium Ltd.

Providing services for logical networks

Some embodiments provide a method for a network controller that manages several logical networks. The method receives a specification of a logical network that includes at least one logical forwarding element attached to a logical service (e.g., dhcp).
Nicira, Inc.

Easy radio station network

A method and system for providing a digital platform including interactive tools to a plurality of consumers to enable a consumer to be a broadcaster of content, via streaming, by hosting a personal radio station of the consumer and simultaneously to be a consumer of content broadcasted, via streaming, by other consumers are disclosed. The content can include music, video, graphics, photographs, slide show, audio and other multimedia content..
Live365, Inc.

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