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Date/App# patent app List of recent Hosted-related patents
 Hosted ims instance with authentication framework for network-based applications patent thumbnailnew patent Hosted ims instance with authentication framework for network-based applications
A device is configured to receive an authentication credential from a user device, and is configured to authenticate the user device based on the authentication credential. The device is configured to transmit, based on authenticating the user device, a first application for establishing a tunnel that permits the user device to access a second application using an internet protocol multimedia subsystem (ims) network architecture.
 Personalized broadcast system patent thumbnailnew patent Personalized broadcast system
A system and method for providing personal broadcast channels are provided. In one embodiment, one or more users interact with a local broadcast agent hosted by a local server to define profiles for a number of personal broadcast channels.
 Maintaining resource availability during maintenance operations patent thumbnailnew patent Maintaining resource availability during maintenance operations
One or more aspects of this disclosure may relate to using a configurable server farm preference for an application, desktop or other hosted resource. Additional aspects may relate to moving server farm workloads based on the configurable server farm preference.
 Hosted disbursement system patent thumbnailnew patent Hosted disbursement system
Systems and methods are disclosed for making disbursements to one or more consumers via a hosted disbursement system. In accordance with an embodiment, a method can comprise receiving, at a merchant service provider, a request to make a disbursement to a consumer from a merchant.
 Dynamic point of sale system integrated with reader device patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic point of sale system integrated with reader device
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods, systems, and apparatuses for enabling payment information received via a reader device coupled to a mobile point-of-sale (pos) terminal to be communicated in a secure manner to a third party service provider for payment processing of a transation between a merchant and a consumer. Some embodiments are directed to communication of the payment information received from a reader device using a payment processing mechanism (e.g., a hosted order page) of the merchant to process payment information via the third party service provider in a secure manner.
 Retail point seed treatment systems and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Retail point seed treatment systems and methods
An automated seed treatment system is adapted for on-site operation at a retail seed distributor. A sealed seed-treater vessel is configured to apply a plurality of chemical treatments to a batch of seed based on a seed treatment recipe.
 Image classification and information retrieval  over wireless digital networks and the internet patent thumbnailnew patent Image classification and information retrieval over wireless digital networks and the internet
A method and system for matching an unknown facial image of an individual with an image of a celebrity using facial recognition techniques and human perception is disclosed herein. The invention provides a internet hosted system to find, compare, contrast and identify similar characteristics among two or more individuals using a digital camera, cellular telephone camera, wireless device for the purpose of returning information regarding similar faces to the user the system features classification of unknown facial images from a variety of internet accessible sources, including mobile phones, wireless camera-enabled devices, images obtained from digital cameras or scanners that are uploaded from pcs, third-party applications and databases.
 Open application lifecycle management framework patent thumbnailOpen application lifecycle management framework
Techniques for open application lifecycle management frameworks are described, including using a framework hosted on one or more computers and having one or more services to integrate the one or more services with one or more applications using one or more providers, each of the one or more providers is adapted to at least one of the one or more applications, registering one or more repositories associated with the one or more applications using a location service module, receiving an input creating a project context associated with a project, data associated with the input being stored in a data structure associated with the project, the data structure being stored in a repository associated with the framework, generating a link, after registering the one or more repositories, between one or more element containers associated with the project, the link and the one or more element containers being stored in the repository, and configuring the framework to detect another input indicating interaction with an artifact, other data associated with the interaction being mapped between the one or more repositories and the repository using a domain model.. .
 Techniques for scalable and foolproof virtual machine move handling with virtual port channels patent thumbnailTechniques for scalable and foolproof virtual machine move handling with virtual port channels
Techniques are provided for managing movements of virtual machines in a network. At a first switch, a virtual machine (vm) is detected.
 Online marketplace system and method patent thumbnailOnline marketplace system and method
A computerized online marketplace that facilitates the acquisition of funding and services for the development and operation of an online business. It provides a variety of investment opportunities for investors and facilitates an entrepreneur's acquisition of capital as well as skills and services needed to start an online business.
Indoor and outdoor 700 mhz or 4g lte fabric wi-fi non mesh and non relay enterprise private network wi-fi solution
The 4g lte fabric wi-fi network solution provides a secure, wi-fi private networking solution for indoor, outdoor, and multi-location deployments. The “fabric” wi-fi solution improves on the legacy mesh or web wi-fi networks used today, by eliminating relay latency that is experienced due to the recognized degradation of the internet signal which is distributed from the centralized hub, connected to the internet.
Reducing response time variance of virtual processors
A capability is provided for reducing response variance of virtual processors. A controller receives a processing request.
Integrated experience for applications within a mobile application
A system and method that supports an integrated user interface experience with third party hosted applications selected and installed by a user within a user-installed native application of a user communication device.. .
Secure html javascript code snippet usage in application integration
A method to secure html javascript code snippet usage in application integration may include serving a webpage accessible at a first domain to a user device. The webpage may include content hosted at the first domain a container for isolated execution of at least one mashup application.
Systems and methods for video messaging and confirmation
Various embodiments illustrated and described herein include systems, method, and software for video messaging generation, sending, view tracking, and automated follow-up. Such embodiments provide mechanisms allowing users to engage with recipients and to track and collect recipient information and their tendencies in order to increase communication effectiveness.
Managing an electronic conference session
An electronic conference session is managed. The electronic conference session is hosted on a processing system for a plurality of users to participate in the conference session via a plurality of client devices.
Schema versioning for cloud hosted databases
Methods and apparatus are provided in which applications that run on different devices can be upgraded with migration of data to a new database format. A method of upgrading a first version of an application installed on a first device to a second version is provided, where first and second transaction logs for respective first and second schema versions are stored in respective first and second log containers on a server computer, and the first version of the application stores data in accordance with a first schema version, and further stores a cache of at least a portion of the first transaction log in a log database on the first device, migrating the log database to the second schema version, storing a duplicate copy of the first transaction log in the second log container, and rewriting the duplicate copy of the first transaction logs using the second schema..
Method and system for network-enabled venue booking
Method and system for network-enabled means to book a venue. Via a network, a bidding sub-system is deployed for providing information related to a venue to a subscriber and receiving a bid from the subscriber to book the venue for a future event.
Dynamically improving performance of a host memory controller and a memory device
Methods, apparatuses, systems, and computer-readable media for dynamically improving performance of a host memory controller and a hosted memory device are presented. According to one or more aspects, a memory controller may establish a data connection with a memory device.
Interactive social media ticker
Systems, programs, non-transitory computer readable media, and methods of providing gift recommendations to a user of a social media website hosted by a social media server are described. For example, the user may grant an administrator server authorization to interface with the social media server such that the administrator server can identify important life events of the user's social media contacts, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other events.
Gift-recommendation apparatus and method
A method for using receipt data within a social network is disclosed. The method may include obtaining, by a computer system, access to a computer-hosted social networking service.
System and method for voice operated communication assistance
A system and method for voice operated communication assistance. Embodiments of the invention may include detecting a predetermined command from a first user making a call on a communication device; redirecting the call to a hosted application; and notifying the first user that the hosted application is ready to accept a command, receiving data from a second user; and converting the data from the second user to a voice signal and sending the voice signal to the first user.
Systems and methods for versioning hosted software
Systems and methods for performing a validated analysis can include access to first and second versions of an analysis engine. The first version of the analysis engine can be used to perform a previously validated analysis.
Integrated conference floor control
Methods and systems for providing a composite conference environment are disclosed. More particularly, a virtual reality environment (vre) that can accommodate the inclusion of a conventional multipoint conference as a registered user or individual participants in a conventional multipoint conference as registered users within a composite conference environment hosted by the vre is provided.
Distributed healthcare communication system
A graphical audio station of a nurse call system is operable to permit a user to perform one or more of the following functions: establish a two-way voice communication link with another computer device in another patient and/or with a another computer device located in another staff work area and/or with a wireless communication device carried by caregiver and/or with a telephone of the healthcare facility; broadcast a voice page to a group of other selected computer devices; compose and send a text message to a portable device that is carried by a caregiver and that has wireless communication capability; browse web pages and/or view multimedia content, such as videos, hosted on servers of the healthcare facility and/or that are accessible via the internet; view and/or acknowledge and/or answer and/or cancel alerts or nurse calls originating in a plurality of patient rooms.. .
Enterprise activity pattern analysis system
An enterprise activity pattern analysis system retrieves log data from a social networking system. The log data includes information characterizing user interactions with a team group space hosted by, or document uploaded to, the social networking system.
Methods and systems for providing access to regions of interest within multimedia content
A digital media player (dmp) is used to selectively process multimedia files that are hosted on a digital media server (dms) operatively connected to a content directory service (cds) database archiving objects associated with the multimedia files, by selecting a desired object.. .
System and method for presenting big data through a web-based browser enabed user interface
A system for determining asset prices within a web-based application is provided. The system includes a backend server comprising a data collection engine for collecting data from a plurality of data sources, a data standardization engine for standardizing the data collected by the data collection engine, and an applications programming interface (api) engine for carrying out requests as demanded by an end user through a web-based enabled user interface; a database server comprising one or more database tables for storing the data collected from the data collection engine; and a frontend server comprising a web server that interacts with the api engine and communicates with the user interface via a web based application hosted on the web server..
Location-based component deployment for composite applications
A method and system for deploying a component of a composite application in a data center. An example method includes receiving access data from a traffic manager implementing global load balancing, where the access data is related to client accesses to a composite web application including multiple components hosted by virtual machines in a virtualization infrastructure.
Managing a search index
Concepts and technologies are described herein for managing a search index. In accordance with the concepts and technologies disclosed herein, a search index can be hosted by a number of search nodes.
Systems, methods and devices for conducting transactions with electronic passbooks
A method is disclosed for storing an electronic gift card (egc) on a portable electronic device. The method includes: receiving a request for a web page hosted by a prepaid instrument provider server, the request including a uniform resource locator (url) associated with a selected egc stored on the server; associating with the selected egc a unique identification code and a url link to the selected egc; sending the web page with a user-interface control that, when selected, causes the selected egc to be added to an electronic passbook on the portable electronic device; responsive to selection of the user-interface control, receiving the unique identification code associated with the selected egc; responsive to receiving the unique identification code, creating an electronic passbook file for the selected egc; and, communicating the electronic passbook file for adding as a representation of the selected egc to the electronic passbook..
Method for authorizing access to protected content
The invention refers to a method for authorizing access to a third party application, called client (2), to protected resources owned by a user (1) and hosted in a server (3). The method comprising: the client being used by the user asking for a temporary token to the server; the server sending a first sms to the user, said first sms providing means to authenticate the user; authenticating the user by the means provided in previous two steps; the user authorizing the client; the server sending a second sms to the user providing some information needed to obtain an access token; the client getting the information of the previous step from the user and the access token; the client accessing protected resources using the access token..
Partial and risk-based data flow control in cloud environments
Implementations of the present disclosure include methods, systems, and computer-readable storage mediums for risk-based data flow control in a cloud environment. Implementations include actions of intercepting first data transmitted from a first application to a second application before receipt of the first data at the second application, the first application and the second application being hosted within the cloud environment, processing the first data to provide a first risk factor, the first risk factor reflecting a degree of risk if the first data is received by the second application, generating first sanitized data based on the first data, the first risk factor and a first access control policy associated with the first data and transmitting the first sanitized data to the second application..
Resource allocation in a virtualized computing environment
Machines, systems and methods for deciding whether a plurality of virtual machines (vms) may be hosted on a computing system with resources to support at least one of the vms, the method comprising determining maximum permissible probability of infringement (maxperminfrprob(v)) for a vm(v), wherein “v” is a value from 1 to n, such that n is the number of vms in a set g, as stipulated by the vms' sla, wherein “v” is a value from 1 to n, such that n is the number of vms in a set g; partitioning the set g into a plurality of groups gi (g1, . .
Display power management in distributed virtualized systems
A system and method for display power management in a virtualized environment are disclosed. In accordance with one embodiment, a hypervisor that is executed by a first computer system receives a notification that a host operating system of a second computer system has received a command to dim a video display of the second computer system, and forwards the notification to a guest operating system of a virtual machine hosted by the first computer system.
Systems and methods for tracking and updating hosted applications
Systems and methods for locally managing a user's interaction with content derived from web pages along with the tracking of the creation and update of the content in accordance with embodiments of the invention are illustrated. One embodiment of the invention includes a computing device configured to create a user hosted application including an application platform application stored in the storage of the computing device, where the application platform application includes a rendering engine process and an integration process, at least one hosted application including a background page file, wherein the virtual machine is configured to parse the instructions in the scripting language contained within the background page file, and to obtain at least one user hosted application, where a user hosted application and transmit a notification message based on obtaining the at least one user hosted application..
Systems and methods for hosted applications
Systems and methods for locally managing a user's interaction with content derived from web pages within the user interface of an application executing within a runtime provided by an application platform on a computing device in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In many embodiments, a runtime provided by an application platform enables the execution of a non-natively implemented hosted application in which executing instructions in a scripting language within a background page control the downloading and modification of web content to create user interface pages for the hosted application..
Systems and methods for hosted applications
Systems and methods for locally managing a user's interaction with content derived from web pages within the user interface of an application executing within a runtime provided by an application platform on a computing device in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In many embodiments, a runtime provided by an application platform enables the execution of a non-natively implemented hosted application in which executing instructions in a scripting language within a background page control the downloading and modification of web content to create user interface pages for the hosted application..
Controlling access to resources by hosted entities
Controlling resource access by entities hosted by an execution extension environment via entity identifiers associated with the resources or with the execution extension environment. Policy sets define the access to the resources.
Virtual service delivery platform
A system, computer-implemented method and a computer-readable medium for accessing content on a plurality of computing devices from a plurality of independent frameworks. The system includes a virtual backend service (vbs) platform.
Techniques and methods for archiving and transmitting data hosted on a server
Techniques for transmitting and archiving data hosted on a server. A collection of data is generated, in response to a request, that includes at least a first portion of user content and a second portion of metadata.
Sharing audio and video device on a client endpoint device between local use and hosted virtual desktop use
A communication is established between a client device and a server device, where the server device executes one or more hosted virtual desktop (hvd) applications for the client device. A media data stream including at least one of audio content and video content is transmitted from the client device to the server device, where audio and video content of the media data stream is captured by one or more input devices at the client device and is utilized by an hvd application at the server device.
Replacement time based caching for providing server-hosted content
A system is provided in which two sets of content are cached in a corresponding two caches—a current cache and a next cache. A client renders content in the current cache and uses the next cache to define the expiration for the content in the current cache as well as provide the replacement content when the current content expires.
Search extensibility application framework in a hosted search
A search extensibility application framework enables a hosted web search experience to be extended so that apps which are related to a search query can be presented to a user of a client computing device such as a smartphone. In various illustrative examples, a hosted search app is implemented using html5 code generated at a remote search provider server.
Resilient peer-to-peer application message routing
The method comprises storing a network routing table comprising destination addresses of applications hosted on peer nodes of a network, and providing the peer nodes with a copy of the routing table via which routing table an application message from any one of the peer nodes is routed to a destination address designating a destination application hosted by a destination peer node. Further, the method comprises providing, when the destination application hosted by the destination peer node is inactivated, all peer nodes with a copy of an updated routing table taking into account the inactivation of said application, wherein a further application message addressed from any one of the peer nodes to the destination address associated with the inactivated application is routed (s106), via the updated routing table, to an alternative destination application having the same destination address as the inactivated application..
Horizontal streamer broadband marine seismic acquisition configuration and processing
A method for de-ghosting marine seismic trace data is described. A reference seismic trace and a candidate seismic trace are selected from acquired seismic data.
Indexed security for use with databases
A computer-implemented method for providing security in a relational database hosted by a first server, and configured to interact with a second server, includes associating a first ownership vector with an object in the relational database, detecting a change to the object, and associating a second ownership vector with the object in response to detecting the change to the object.. .
Local secure service partitions for operating system security
Systems and methods provide multiple partitions hosted on an isolation technology such as a hypervisor where at least one of the partitions, a local secure service partition (lssp), provides security services to other partitions. The service partitions (lssps) host those high assurance services that require strict security isolation, where the service can be shared across partitions and accessed even when the user is not connected to a network.
Elastic scaling of data volume
Embodiments are directed towards a system and method for a cloud-based front end that may abstract and enable access to the underlying cloud-hosted elements and objects that may be part of a multi-tenant application, such as a search application. Search objects may be employed to access indexed objects.
Virtual machine fault tolerance
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for hosting a virtual machine from a snapshot. In particular, a snapshot of a virtual machine hosted on a primary computing device may be created.
Online marketplace system and method
A computerized online marketplace that facilitates the acquisition of funding and services for the development and operation of an online business. It provides a variety of investment opportunities for investors and facilitates an entrepreneur's acquisition of capital as well as skills and services needed to start an online business.
Electronic receipt saver system
Disclosed is an electronic receipt saver system for monetary transactions and return transactions comprising: a unique consumer access coded device having a kit including an individual card, a key fob, and software for personal computing devices. The consumer access coded device can be hosted on selected debit cards and credit cards.
System and method of executing an electronic transaction using an embedded trading control
A user is enabled to access a first web page hosted on a first server. The first web page features an embedded trading control.
Proactive data center cooling
A mechanism is provided to optimize cooling of a data center having a plurality of computer systems. A dataset is classified into a plurality of data storage regions hosted by at least one of the plurality of computer systems.
Methods and systems for establishing electronic communications in a hosted voip pbx using two tiered load balancing
A system and method is provided for two-tiered load balancing on a hosted voice-over internet protocol (voip) private branch exchange (pbx). The system includes a plurality of client devices, at least one device load balancer, and at least one call load balancer.
Pluggable interactive televsion
Techniques are disclosed herein that provide a tv receiver that supports a set of existing itv standards and proprietary itv implementations. Further, the tv receiver can be extended to support additional itv standards and proprietary itv implementations.
Developing, modifying, and using applications
Among other things, a continuous framework is provided with which users can interact, on one or more platforms that support web standards, and which supports: (a) the hosting of applications, (b) the publication of hosted applications to a portal within the framework, and (c) the creation and direct editing of files, including text files, that embody those applications and conform to web standards.. .
System and method for pre-boot authentication of a secure client hosted virtualization in an information handling system
A client hosted virtualization system (chvs) includes a processor to execute code, a component, and a non-volatile memory. The non volatile memory includes bios code and code to implement a virtualization manager.
Virtual desktop policy control
In one implementation, a network device provides virtual desktop policy control. The network device detects a number of sessions hosted by a virtual desktop interface (vdi) server, and performs a comparison of the number of sessions to a predetermined threshold capacity of the network device.
Messaging in a hosted private branch exchange
A hosted private branch exchange (pbx) system is provided that includes: non-transitory storage that includes subscriber identifying information that identifies a subscriber to a message routing service; non-transitory storage that includes distribution rules information associated with the identified subscriber; and a message management server configured to receive a message sent over the internet to the identified subscriber and to send the message over the internet to one or more devices according to the distribution rules associated with the identified subscriber.. .
Resilient pressing member structure
The instant disclosure is a resilient pressing member structure having a pressing unit disposed on top of a translucent insulated layer, an upper cover, a light-emitting unit, two conductive layers and a spacer. The pressing unit includes a plurality of pressing members while the cover is formed with a cavity filled with a fluid to achieve the effect of pressure dispersion.
Syndication including melody recognition and opt out
A syndication system facilitates rights management services between media content owners and media hosting services that elect to participate in the syndication system and mutually elect to participate with each other. The syndication system utilizes a content recognition system to identify hosted media content and ownership rights associated with the hosted content.
Secure operations for virtual machines
In one implementation, a secure operation system initiates a secure operation associated with a virtual machine hosted at a secured host, and determines when the secure operation is complete. In response to determining that the secure operation is complete, the secure operation system migrates the virtual machine to a host other than the secured host..
Visual editing tool buffer region
A website construction tool allows website construction via an interactive graphical user interface (gui) using containers and modules defining predetermined website constructs from a robust assortment of common and popular rendering formats and content source definition for individual webpages, and arranges the individual pages for navigation. A user selects from the predefined constructs by selecting modules for generating code, corresponding to the desired content, source and rendering format.
Automatic tracking of user engagement with computing interfaces
An engagement tracking system is described herein that automatically scans, identifies, and tags available events to track, monitor, record, and report on various unique webpages and/or electronic/digital content sources for any domain(s) designated by a user. The system eliminates the need for manual tagging/coding yet allows users to easily administer the tracking, monitoring, recording, and reporting of events through a hosted user interface or through an integrated third-party reporting application.
Globally distributed utility computing cloud
Teachings of this application include a computing network that may include multiple different data centers and/or server grids which are deployed in different geographic locations. In at least one embodiment, at least some of the server grids may be operable to provide on-demand, grid and/or utility computing resources for hosting various types of distributed applications.
Media rights management using melody identification
A content recognition system operates in conjunction with a media hosting service to identify hosted media content and ownership rights associated with the hosted content. By applying melody recognition, the content recognition system can identify compositions embodied in hosted media content even when these compositions do not precisely match any known sound recording.
Auto promotion and demotion of conference calls
Methods and systems are disclosed for managing conference calls. The method includes establishing a first conference call between a host terminal device and one or more participant terminal devices; receiving a request for adding a non-participant terminal device into the first conference call; selecting a participant terminal device from the one or more participant terminal devices to host a second conference call; establishing the second conference call hosted by the selected participant terminal device, wherein the second conference call includes the non-participant terminal device; and chaining the first conference call and the second conference call through the selected participant terminal device..
Application routing configuration for nfc controller supporting multiple nfcees
The present document relates to near field communication (nfc). In particular, the present document relates to the routing of application related information in a system comprising multiple nfc execution environments (nfcee).
Method and system to provision and manage a computing application hosted by a virtual instance of a machine
A system and method are described for provisioning and managing virtual instances of a computing application running within a public virtualization space (referred to as a hosted service system). A hosted service system may be configured to provide automated administration of the computing application, replacing the administration tasks that would otherwise be performed by the customer when running in an on-premise production deployment and to provide encrypted networking and other services that are specific to the public virtualization environment and are designed to provide a secure integration fabric between a customer's own private data center and virtual instances of the computing application running within an insecure public virtualization service..
Virtual machine migration
A source virtual machine (vm) hosted on a source server is migrated to a destination vm on a destination server without first powering down the source vm. After optional pre-copying of the source vm's memory to the destination vm, the source vm is suspended and its non-memory state is transferred to the destination vm; the destination vm is then resumed from the transferred state.
Dynamic allocation of physical computing resources amongst virtual machines
Techniques for resource allocation are described. Some embodiments provide a resource allocation manager configured to dynamically allocate physical computing resources amongst multiple virtual machines hosted on a physical computing system.
Method and apparatus for viewing collaborative documents
A method and apparatus for viewing a collaborative document and a portable document at a device in a network. The collaborative document is hosted on a server and accessible through a network.
Market-based social networking website method and apparatus for creating new funding and referral fees
In one embodiment, the method uses a secure website and employs a monetary incentive to individuals or businesses to identify potential funding sources for entities that are growing or need liquidity, wherein the secure website secure website is hosted on a web server that includes an email system and a database that is internet or remotely accessible and provides search and other capabilities for users of the secure website and wherein a funding seeker and a funding finder, who agree to terms of use of the secure website, act to enter into a contract providing for a contingent referral fee for the funding finder if the terms of the offered contract are met.. .

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