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Host Computer patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Host Computer-related patents
 Multichannel device utilizing a centralized out-of-band authentication system (cobas) patent thumbnailMultichannel device utilizing a centralized out-of-band authentication system (cobas)
A multichannel security system is disclosed, which system is for granting and denying access to a host computer in response to a demand from an access-seeking individual and computer. The access-seeker has a peripheral device operative within an authentication channel to communicate with the security system.
 Tiered storage pool management and control for loosely coupled multiple storage environment patent thumbnailTiered storage pool management and control for loosely coupled multiple storage environment
A system comprises a first storage system including a first storage controller, which receives input/output commands from host computers and provides first storage volumes to the host computers; and a second storage system including a second storage controller which receives input/output commands from host computers and provides second storage volumes to the host computers. A first data storing region of one of the first storage volumes is allocated from a first pool by the first storage controller.
 Data decompression method for a controller equipped with limited ram patent thumbnailData decompression method for a controller equipped with limited ram
A method of operating a controller to decompress a compressed data file stored on a host computer, and store the resulting uncompressed data in a flash memory. The processor loads compressed data into random access memory (ram) until a predetermined amount of compressed data is present in the ram.
 Device management using virtual interfaces patent thumbnailDevice management using virtual interfaces
Methods managing data communication between a peripheral device and host computer system are provided. A physical interface for communicating data between a peripheral device and the plurality of applications executing on the host computer system is opened and controlled by a software module.
 Distributed application optimization using service groups patent thumbnailDistributed application optimization using service groups
Embodiments are directed to managing multiple different types of applications using service groups. In one scenario, a computer system receives an indication of one or more application dependencies and characteristics that are to be implemented when an application is provisioned on a distributed host computer system.
 Serializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts patent thumbnailSerializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts
Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to software testing and provide a method, system and computer program product for serializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for configuring a test plan for serialization can be provided.
 System management method, and computer system patent thumbnailSystem management method, and computer system
A computer system comprising a storage device including a copy pair of a copied volume and a host computer is provided. The management computer detects a change in the state obtained by monitoring the state of the copy pair, and according to the result of detection, changes the configuration of a cluster constituted by a virtual machine using data stored in the volume, and a host computer using the volume..
 Forwarding messages for meeting attendees to host computers at the meeting location patent thumbnailForwarding messages for meeting attendees to host computers at the meeting location
A method and apparatus for managing messages is disclosed. A data processing system identifies a presence of a person in a meeting at a location using calendar information.
 Roaming encoded information reading terminal patent thumbnailRoaming encoded information reading terminal
A portable encoded information reading (eir) terminal for incorporation in a data collection system having a host computer, a plurality of peer eir terminals, and a plurality of interconnected networks including one or more wireless networks, can comprise a central processing unit (cpu), a memory, an encoded information reading (eir) device configured to output raw message data containing an encoded message or decoded message data corresponding to an encoded message, and at least one wireless communication interface. The eir terminal can provide ieee 802.11-conformant wireless distribution system services, including association, disassociation, distribution, integration, and re-association, to the peer eir terminals.
 Medium processing apparatus and controlling method of the same patent thumbnailMedium processing apparatus and controlling method of the same
A receiver configured to receive a first command that contains a predetermined code string and a second command that does not contain the predetermined code string from a host computer. A first command analyzer configured to analyze and process only the first command received by the receiver.
System and method for allocating datastores for virtual machines
A datastore for a virtual machine that can be executed on a host computer networked to a physical storage system is allocated by a server. The server generates a unique identifier to associate with the datastore, wherein the unique identifier mimics a form of identifier that is generated by the physical storage system to identify volumes of physical storage in the physical storage system that are accessible to the host computer.
Storage system including a plurality of flash memory devices
A storage system including a storage device which includes media for storing data from a host computer, a medium controller for controlling the media, a plurality of channel controllers for connecting to the host computer through a channel and a cache memory for temporarily storing data from the host computer, wherein the media have a restriction on a number of writing times. The storage device includes a bus for directly transferring data from the medium controller to the channel controller..
Network interface controller with direct connection to host memory
A network interface device for a host computer includes a network interface, configured to transmit and receive data packets to and from a network. Packet processing logic transfers data to and from the data packets transmitted and received via the network interface by direct memory access (dma) from and to a system memory of the host computer.
Online ordering system and method
Systems and methods for facilitating an on-line purchase of at least one item on behalf of a consumer are disclosed. A consumer may shop and purchase at least one item on a consolidated shopping (cs) website displaying one or more items available for purchase on one or more different merchant websites.
Apparatus system and method of depicting plume arrival times
Computer implemented methods and systems work cooperatively to calculate and display plume arrival time of a cbr contaminant and to alert responders to take action, associated with mitigating the cbr contaminant. The methods and systems comprise: performing, plume arrival time operational use routines, including: sensing an unknown cbr contaminant released in a geographic area of interest and then, over a communications network, alerting and causing responders to mitigate the cbr contaminant by displaying realtime graphics on handheld computer implemented graphics devices, as well as host computers and distributed computers, showing current and predicted paths of plumes of the cbr plume, by estimating an initial source location of the unknown contaminant, calculating and displaying on graphic displays, an arrival time of at least one or more plumes associated with the cbr contaminant..
Application-assisted handling of page faults in i/o operations
A method for data transfer includes receiving in an operating system of a host computer an instruction initiated by a user application running on the host processor identifying a page of virtual memory of the host computer that is to be used in receiving data in a message that is to be transmitted over a network to the host computer but has not yet been received by the host computer. In response to the instruction, the page is loaded into the memory, and upon receiving the message, the data are written to the loaded page..
Banking system operated responsive to data bearing records
A system includes a plurality of machines that operate responsive to data bearing records such as user cards (74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86). The machines operate to carry out financial transactions with associated host computers (90, 94, 100, 104) responsive to determinations that card data corresponds to computer stored data corresponding to authorized users or accounts.
Online system and method for a secure identification database
A method and system are provided for storing and communicating a personal notification and information in the event of an emergency. An individual a personal identification item (such as a bracelet or an identification card) is kept on the individual's person and includes information for sending an emergency alert to a host computer system via a mobile user computer device.
Simplified and unified management for network-attached storage
Methods and systems for configuring a network-attached storage (nas) unit for use with heterogeneous client computers are described. Consistent with some embodiments of the invention, a nas management module executing on a host computer provides a graphical user interface, and a wizard-like workflow in particular, which enables an administrator to provide configuration settings that make a folder accessible to both cifs- and nfs-based clients..
Storage system
A host i/f unit has a management table for managing an mppk which is in-charge of the control of input/output processing for a storage area of an ldev, and if a host computer transmits an input/output request for the ldev, the host i/f unit transfers the input/output request to the mppk which is in-charge of the input/output processing for the ldev based on the management table, an mp of the mppk performs the input/output processing based on the input/output request, and the mp of the mppk also judges whether the mppk that is in-charge of the input/output processing for the ldev is to be changed, and sets the management table so that an mppk which is different from the mppk that is in-charge is to be in-charge of the input/output processing for the ldev.. .
Management apparatus and management method
Proposed are a management apparatus and a management method capable of improving the stability of the overall computer system. In a computer system which manages a storage area provided by each of a plurality of mutually connected storage apparatuses as a logical pool, provides to a host computer a virtual volume associated with the logical pool, and assigns a real storage area from the logical pool to the virtual volume when the host computer writes [data] into the virtual volume, when a storage apparatus is added to the plurality of storage apparatuses, the host computer is controlled to switch the access path to the added storage apparatus..
Determining extended capability of a channel path
A computer program product includes a tangible storage storing instructions for performing a method. The method includes: receiving a request at a channel subsystem in a host computer system to provide a channel path description for a channel path, the channel subsystem including a channel configured to be coupled to a control unit via the channel path, the channel configured to control information transfer over the channel path; and outputting a channel path description block from the channel subsystem to the operating system in response to the request, the channel path description block including channel path identification and description information, the channel path description block specifying whether the channel path supports a fibre channel protocol for commanding an i/o operation, the channel path description block specifying whether the channel path supports an extension to the fibre channel protocol based on the channel path supporting the fibre channel protocol..
Modular portable ultrasound systems
The present invention relates to a lightweight, high resolution portable ultrasound system using components and methods to improve connectivity and ease of use. A preferred embodiment includes an integrated system in which the beamformer control circuitry can be inserted into the host computer as a peripheral or within the processor housing..
Recording device, control method of a recording device, and storage medium
When a recording device dynamically changes the printout using the ability to record based on a template. A printer 3 has a storage unit 33 that stores a template database 35 defining areas that are formed in the recording area of a recording medium in a template, and a recording control unit 32 that records in the areas of the template based on the content of the template database 35 when a control command specifying a template and instructing recording in an area is received from a host computer 2.
Universal secure messaging for cryptographic modules
An anonymous secure messaging method and system for securely exchanging information between a host computer system and a functionally connected cryptographic module. The invention comprises a host security manager application in processing communications with a security executive program installed inside the cryptographic module.
Method for booting icon lockout
The present invention relates to a method for booting icon lockout and comprises steps as follows: (1) configure a display mode of a host computer's graphic chip as “graphic” in order to define memory addresses in the host computer to be a memory pool for icon display; (2) decompress the zip file for a customized booting icon which is saved in the bios chip as one file; (3) load the file to the memory pool and map the file to the graphic chip's memories for displaying the customized booting icon on a monitor; (4) change content of the call function (int10h) in order to smoothly display nothing except the identical customized booting icon on a monitor by int10h in a boot process from power-on self-test to desktop display before os is completely loaded.. .
Information processing apparatus and area release control method
An information processing apparatus includes a controller. The controller performs a transfer source information generation process for generating transfer source information upon reception of an offload data transfer instruction from a host computer.
Identification, caching, and distribution of revised files in a content delivery network
A client computer sends a request for a web page to a web site host computer. The host returns an initial web page document that contains a listing of files needed to generate the web page and a revision identifier (revid) for certain files.
Sharing network addresses
A network address assigned a shared designation by a first client computer is received, in a first data format, automatically, at a host computer from the first client computer. The network address is categorized and published.
Client placement in a computer network system using dynamic weight assignments on resource utilization metrics
A system and method for placing a client in a computer network system uses continuously variable weights to resource utilization metrics for each candidate device, e.g., a host computer. The weighted resource utilization metrics are used to compute selection scores for various candidate devices to select a target candidate device for placement of the client..
Intelligent network interface system and method for protocol processing
A system for protocol processing in a computer network has an intelligent network interface card (inic) or communication processing device (cpd) associated with a host computer. The inic or cpd provides a fast-path that avoids host protocol processing for most large multipacket messages, greatly accelerating data communication.
System and method for providing a mystery prize
A system and method are set forth for offering a mystery award amongst a plurality of gaming devices. Based upon the play of a base game, the players are provided with an initial instance of a mystery game presentation such as a bingo card.
Scalable high performance 3d graphics
A high-speed ring topology. In one embodiment, two base chip types are required: a “drawing” chip, loopdraw, and an “interface” chip, loopinterface.
Ultrasound probe with integrated electronics
A hand-held ultrasound system includes integrated electronics within an ergonomic housing. The electronics includes control circuitry, beamforming and circuitry transducer drive circuitry.
Concurrent embedded application update and migration
Embodiments of the present invention provide a system, method, and computer program product for updating software on an embedded computer device. According to one aspect of the present invention, a concurrent embedded application update is performed in which selected state information for one or both of an embedded virtual machine and a plurality of applets on an embedded computer device is securely exported to a host computer device.
Force feedback system including multi-tasking graphical host environment and interface device
A force feedback system provides components for use in a force feedback system including a host computer and a force feedback interface device. An architecture for a host computer allows multi-tasking application programs to interface with the force feedback device without conflicts, where a single active application may output forces.
Enterprise server with flash storage modules
A server system, such as an enterprise server, may include an array of memory devices. The memory devices may include non-volatile or flash memory and be referred to as flash storage modules (“fsm”).
Method and apparatus to migrate existing data among storage systems
According to an aspect of the invention, a computer comprises a memory; and a processor operable to manage a plurality of path groups, each of which includes a plurality of logical paths associated with a host computer, wherein each logical path of the plurality of logical paths connects the host computer to a logical volume of one or more logical volumes in one or more storage systems. The processor is operable to manage a priority of each path group of the plurality of path groups, and to use a logical path of a first path group instead of a logical path of a second path group for i/o (input/output) usage between the host computer and the one or more storage systems, representing a migration of i/o usage from the second path group to the first path group, based on at least the priorities of the first and second path groups..
Systems and methods for determining a cloud-based customer lifetime value
Various arrangements for determining a customer lifetime value metric are presented. A first customer record stored by the cloud host computer system on behalf of a first client may be accessed.
Federated system automatic update communication to enable selective update of critical firmware elements
A method for firmware update coordination in a federated computing system can include receiving in a host one of different computers coupled to one another in a federated computing system, different version levels of firmware versions in peer ones of the different computers. The method additionally can include recording in a compatibility list in the host computer, different version levels of firmware versions for respectively different peer ones of the computers.
Storage array reservation forwarding
A method is provided for a destination storage system to handle scsi-3 reservations. The method includes discovering a volume on a source storage system when the source storage system exports the volume to the destination storage system, exporting the volume to host computer systems, locally registering keys for first paths to the destination storage system, and registering with the source storage system the keys for second paths to the source storage system.
Storage array reservation forwarding
A method is provided for a destination storage system to join a storage area network with a source storage system. The method includes discovering a volume on the source storage system when the source storage system exports the volume to the destination storage system and exporting the volume to the host computer systems.
Systems and methods for providing a cue when a participant joins a conference
A method for providing a cue when a nonparticipant joins a conference includes identifying received data indicating that a particular nonparticipant has joined the conference, searching a cue store for information associated with the particular nonparticipant, and publishing a cue responsive to the information associated with the nonparticipant. A conferencing system includes client devices with respective display devices, a conference host computer coupled to the client devices via one or more networks, the conference host computer operating a web server, and a cue store coupled to the host computer.
Real time trading
A computer based system for executing transactions involving financial instruments, comprising a central host computer system, and a network of client computer systems including browser-based software which is adapted to present different interfaces to different trading parties, and also adapted to enable the different parties to set permission filters which control the presentation of information relating to their own trading, to other parties.. .
Intelligent network interface system and method for protocol processing
A system for protocol processing in a computer network has an intelligent network interface card (inic) or communication processing device (cpd) associated with a host computer. The inic or cpd provides a fast-path that avoids host protocol processing for most large multipacket messages, greatly accelerating data communication.
Method for providing cloud computing service and a cloud computing service management system
A method for providing cloud computing service and a cloud computing service management system are proposed as a solution for achieving a pc-free computing environment that allows global computing users to perform information processing tasks without having to use personal computers (pc), and which is characterized by the use of modem units for the realization and implementation of a pc-free computing environment, wherein the modem units are connected via a communication system to a central host computer where a set of cloud computing resources are provided, so that any end user can gain access to and use the cloud computing resources on the central host computer simply by connecting a terminal device to the modem unit.. .
File system with optimistic i/o operations on shared storage
A method for performing i/o operations on a file stored in a file system utilizing a shared data storage system and accessible by a plurality of host computers is disclosed. A host computer receives from a process executing on it, a request to read data stored in the file.
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and control method thereof
An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a probe including a transducer which transmits an ultrasound signal to a target, receives the ultrasound signal reflected from the target, and transduces the received ultrasound signal into an analog signal; an a/d converter which converts the analog signal output by the probe into a digital signal; a compression unit which compresses the digital signal output from the a/d converter; and a host computer which decompresses the digital signal compressed by the compression unit and performs beamforming.. .
Portable ultrasonic imaging probe including a transducer array
A portable ultrasonic imaging probe that is adapted to connect to a host computer via a passive interface cable. The probe includes an array of ultrasound transducers, a high voltage pulser for energizing transducers to emit an ultrasound pulse, analog signal processing circuitry that combines echoes detected by transducers into a single analog echo signal, am analog-to-digital converter that converts the analog echo signal into a digital echo signal; and interface circuitry that transfers the digital echo signal across the passive interface cable to the host computer.
Portable ultrasonic imaging probe including transducer array
The invention provides a portable ultrasonic imaging probe directly connectable to an off-the-shelf laptop computer. The probe produces raw digitized data comprising envelope detected ultrasound echo data from an array of ultrasound transducers, and transmits the data to the host computer thereby enabling the host computer to form real-time ultrasonic images of human tissue without the need for any additional electronics.
Packet processing approach to improve performance and energy efficiency for software routers
Methods, apparatus and systems for improved performance and energy efficiency of software-based routers. A software router running on a host computer system employing multiple network interface controllers (nics) maintains a routing table wherein packet flows are classified as managed flows (mfs) under which packets are received at and forwarded from the same nic and unmanaged flows ufs under which packets are received at and forwarded from different nics.
Printing system, a printing method, and a computer program for performing color conversion on a print object
A printing system includes a host computer with an application and an image forming apparatus. The host computer includes a color space setting unit and print data creating unit.
Storage system and storage control method
When a plurality of applications operating in a host computer or a storage system uses a same pool, actual data constantly allocated to an upper tier drive satisfying the required response performance will continue to increase. Therefore, when data is migrated by iops in page units, the access performance such as the response speed may not be satisfied.
Electronic nose device
An electronic nose device is disclosed in an embodiment of the invention. The electronic nose device includes a fan module, a gas molecule sensor module, a control unit and an output unit.
Vehicle wheel alignment system and methodology
A hybrid wheel alignment system and methodology use passive targets for a first pair of wheels (e.g. Front wheels) and active sensing heads for another pair of wheels (e.g.
Service channel for connecting a host computer to peripheral devices
A computer system having a host adapter is provided. The host adapter includes a primary port that follows a primary communication protocol.
Wireless multi-channel electronic signal measurement and generation device.
A wireless electronic signal measurement and generation device is presented. The device enables a host computing system, such as a smart-phone or pda having standard wireless networking capability, to wirelessly connect to a multitude of wired electronic systems for test and measurement, such as an electronic thermometer or motor.
Storage system
Provided is a storage system including a host computer, a memory device, a plurality of resources for allocating a volume of the memory device to an access from the host computer, a memory for storing a correspondence relationship of the plurality of resources, an input module to be used by an administrator for selecting a prescribed resource among the plurality of resources, and a controller for extracting other resources related to the selected resource by using the correspondence relationship, detecting the performance status of the extracted other resources, identifying a related resource having a correlation with the performance of the selected resource among the other resources based on the detection result, and causing an output module to output the association of the selected resource and the related resource.. .
Digital signature collection and authentication
A digital signature collection and authentication system includes an ink pen having an ultrasonic transmitter that transmits ultrasonic energy to a plurality of ultrasonic receivers. A computer triangulates the location of the pen versus time to generate the signature shape, and to generate velocity and acceleration data.
Display system and method thereof
The system includes a control host computer, a switching apparatus, a grating panel and a plane panel. The control host computer transmits the switching signal to the bare eye stereoscopic display status or to the transparent status to the switching apparatus, and according to the former switching signal, the switching apparatus transmits the square wave signal and the bare eye stereoscopic video signal to the grating panel and plane panel respectively, and according to the latter switching signal, the switching apparatus does not transmit the square wave signal to the grating panel, but transmits the 2d video signal to the plane panel.
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus, optical information recording and reproducing method, and data library apparatus
An optical information recording and reproducing apparatus and an optical information recording and reproducing method which make it possible to conduct alternation processing efficiently even if a buffer capacity is limited, in retry processing at time when a verify error is detected are provided. In an optical information recording and reproducing apparatus for recording data onto optical information recording media and reproducing data from the optical information recording media, verify processing is conducted in a predetermined recording quantity unit.
Information gathering system, terminal unit, program for information gathering, and program for a terminal
A host computer adds a keycode to e-mail and a terminal unit leads an information gathering candidate to add reply information to the e-mail. When the host computer receives the e-mail to which reply information has been added, the host computer stores the reply information in one of data storage areas having a memory address corresponding to a memory address associated the keycode of the e-mail..
Pixel and method for feedback based resetting of a pixel
A storage system, a non-transitory computer readable medium and a method for pre-fetching. The method may include presenting, by a storage system and to at least one host computer, a logical address space; determining, by a fetch module, to fetch a certain data portion from a data storage device to a cache memory of the storage system; determining, by a pre-fetch module, whether to pre-fetch at least one additional data portion from at least one data storage device to the cache memory based upon at least one characteristic of a mapping tree that maps one or more contiguous ranges of addresses related to the logical address space and one or more contiguous ranges of addresses related to the physical address space; and pre-fetching the at least one additional data portions if it is determined to pre-fetch the at least one additional data portions..
Managing data communication between a peripheral device and a host
Management of data communication between a peripheral device and host computer system is provided. A peripheral device exposes to a host computer system multiple interfaces for data communication between the peripheral device and the host computer system.
Quality of service management
A method for managing an amount of io requests transmitted from a host computer to a storage system is described. A current latency value of an io request most recently removed from an issue queue maintained by a host bus adapter of the host computer in order to transmit io requests from the host computer to the storage system is periodically determined.
Scalable cloud storage architecture
A virtual storage module operable to run in a virtual machine monitor may include a wait-queue operable to store incoming block-level data requests from one or more virtual machines. In-memory metadata may store information associated with data stored in local persistent storage that is local to a host computer hosting the virtual machines.
Global printing system and method for rendering encoding scheme independent labels having serialization data
A system and method for parsing data formatted in a plurality of encoding schemes at a printer is provided. The method comprises receiving serialization data from at least one host computer at a printer where at least a portion of the serialization data is encoded in at least one encoding scheme.
Apparatus and method for processing rendering data
An apparatus and method for processing rendering data that may group vertex data that is received from a host computer, and may assign a shader processing unit to process a vertex shader among one or more shader processing units, and process the grouped vertex data using the assigned shader processing unit.. .
Portable desktop device and method of host computer system hardware recognition and configuration
A portable desktop device and method for host computer system hardware recognition and configuration are provided. The portable desktop device causes on a first boot, the host computer system to recognize hardware devices connected thereto, and to configure hardware configuration files of the portable desktop o/s in accordance with the recognized hardware.
Computer system and data migration method
Upon receiving a first write command from a host computer via a first access path, the migration source controller writes first update data to the migration source volume and, upon receiving a second write command from the host computer via a second access path, the migration destination controller transfers second update data to the migration source controller via a storage path and, upon receiving the second update data from the migration destination controller, the migration source controller writes the second update data to the migration source volume.. .
Host electronic device and host determination method
The present disclosure provides a host electronic device including a main operating circuit, a first peripheral bus, an interface circuit, a second peripheral bus, and a conversion device. The interface circuit is coupled between the second peripheral bus and a host computer for receiving an external command form the host computer through a transmission protocol compatible with a first interface.

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