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Host Computer patents

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Video content distribution package

Synchronizing a cursor from a managed system with a cursor from a remote system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Host Computer-related patents
 Money transfer smart phone methods and systems patent thumbnailnew patent Money transfer smart phone methods and systems
A method of implementing collaborative funds transfer includes receiving, by a host computer system, from an entity a collaborative funds transfer request for a relief effort to be executed within a collaborative environment. The methods further includes verifying, by the host computer system, validity of the entity, receiving funds provided to the entity via the collaborative environment, reviewing services offered within the collaborative environment, reviewing communications regarding the funds transfer within the collaborative environment, and transferring the funds to the entity..
 Video content distribution package patent thumbnailnew patent Video content distribution package
Systems and methods are provided for a content distribution system, packaged as executable instructions stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium. The system includes a cross-platform video player, implemented as machine executable instructions executable on a host computer having any of a plurality of different operating environments and a video comprising a plurality of video frames.
 Synchronizing a cursor from a managed system with a cursor from a remote system patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronizing a cursor from a managed system with a cursor from a remote system
A method includes receiving reports of the pointing device events occurring on a remote computer at a host computer and performing computations in the host computer based upon the mouse reports. The method includes generating screen images in the host computer based upon the computations, the screen images not containing images of a cursor representing locations pointed to by a pointing device of the host computer.
 External storage device and method for starting up external storage device patent thumbnailExternal storage device and method for starting up external storage device
An external storage device includes a storage unit, a d flip-flop, a power supply, an interface unit, and a processing unit. The interface unit receives an out-of-band (oob) signal from a host computer and transmits the oob signal to a clock input terminal of the d flip-flop.
 Method and system for template proposals patent thumbnailMethod and system for template proposals
A method and system comprise communicating with a host computer system via a network connection. The host computer system is configured to present a list of healthcare customers agreeing to receive a proposal for healthcare products or services, accept and review the proposal, and schedule an appointment with a vendor sending the proposal.
 Personalized play with rewards for games of chance patent thumbnailPersonalized play with rewards for games of chance
A personal play system and process are used provide alternative prize structures to lottery players at random or based on player characteristics. An authorized player accesses their user account in the system and creates a personalized game document.
 Drug preparing system and drug preparing device patent thumbnailDrug preparing system and drug preparing device
An object of the present invention is to provide a drug preparing system and a drug preparing device both capable of simplifying management of prescription data. A drug preparing system includes: a host computer that creates one piece of prescription data regarding a plurality of patients belong to a same group; a computer that obtains the prescription data created by the host computer and that creates drug preparation data based on the prescription data; and a packaging machine that prepares a drug based on the drug preparation data created by the computer..
 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus. The image forming apparatus performs security management functions such as security transmission and security printing of data stored in a hard disk of the image forming apparatus and shared with a plurality of host computers through a network, to which a security tag is added for the security of the data so as to increase the security of the data.
 Dynamic device virtualization patent thumbnailDynamic device virtualization
A system and method for providing dynamic device virtualization is herein disclosed. According to one embodiment, the computer-implemented method includes observing a behavior of a native device driver of a device attached to a host computer, dynamically creating a virtual device driver by observing the behavior of the native device driver on a host operating system (os) of the host computer, and providing the virtual device driver to a guest os running on a virtualization host..
 Storage apparatus and storage apparatus control method patent thumbnailStorage apparatus and storage apparatus control method
A storage apparatus is provided with a controller, a memory and a drive. When the drive information is decided to satisfy the first condition and the controller receives from the host computer a write request instructing the controller to update first data stored in the drive to second data, the controller transmits to the drive control device a first read command instructing the drive control device to read the first data from the non-volatile memory in accordance with the write request.
Method and system for intra-period estimation of index value
A method and system for intra-period estimation of index value includes the steps of providing an intra-period estimation of index value software program in a computer readable medium that is maintained in a host computer. Information is received concerning a financial investment from a data contributor, and the information includes data reported on a predetermined basis.
Universal network interface controller
A universal network interface controller (unic) is provided for interfacing a host computer to a switch fabric, a packet network, or both. The unic includes encapsulation logic configured to encapsulate a cbp communication for transmission as switch fabric data on the switch fabric.
Method and apparatus for offloading storage workload
An aspect of the invention is directed to a storage management computer for managing offloading of storage workload between a storage controller of a storage system and one or more host computers. The storage management computer comprises: a memory; and a controller operable to request a virtual machine management computer to register the storage controller as a host computer, and to send, to the virtual machine management computer, storage processes information of storage processes in the storage system which can be offloaded as virtual machines in order for the virtual machine management computer to register the storage processes as virtual machines..
Computer system and its management method
Resources migrated from migration source storage apparatuses to a migration destination storage apparatus are appropriately allocated to each migration source user. A migration destination storage apparatus among a plurality of storage apparatuses and has a controller for sending or receiving information to or from a host computer and managing each migration destination volume as an access target of the host computer.
Storage apparatus and area releasing method
A storage apparatus performs, in place of a copy process which involves physical resource allocation to a copy destination logical volume, a copy process which allows the copy destination logical volume to refer to an allocation destination managed by a management unit area of a copy source logical volume. A storage unit stores management information relating to the reference destination of the management unit area of the logical volume.
Wireless synchronization of media content and subscription content
Arrangements are provided which use a host computer to configure a wireless portable device's network connection parameters. The radio on the portable device may be used to help locate nearby accessible wireless networks.
Access and control of mainframe-based data in non-mainframe format
A mechanism is provided for providing access to mainframe-based data in a non-mainframe format. A host computer system receives a request from a client system to mount a dataset on a data storage device controlled by the host computer system as a data volume on the client system.
Transparent intellectual network storage device
The invention is an intellectual network storage device that uses a network to store and retrieve data, and that connects to an existing storage controller of a host computer. The device is transparent to the operating system of the host computer, and thus does not require additional software, such as a device driver, to operate.
Cabinet with remote integration
Devices, systems, and methods are described for remotely managing items that are configured to be stored in at least one dispensing device. This include receiving user identification information at a host computer system from an electronic device that is remotely located from the dispensing device.
Computer system management apparatus and management method
The present invention measures an actual utilization frequency of data and controls a location of this data in a storage apparatus in a case where a host computer makes joint use of a storage apparatus and a cache apparatus. A portion of data used by an application program 1a is stored in a storage apparatus 2 and a cache apparatus 3.
Semiconductor memory system having a snapshot function
In a semiconductor memory computer equipped with a flash memory, use of backed-up data is enabled. The semiconductor memory computer includes an address conversion table for detecting physical addresses of at least two pages storing data by designating a logical address from one of logical addresses to be designated by a reading request.
Computer system and method of controlling computer system
In order to reduce the amount of consumption of a back-end bandwidth in a storage apparatus, a computer system includes: a first storage device; and a second storage device that is coupled to the first controller through a first interface and is coupled to the second controller through a second interface. The first controller receives data from a host computer through a first communication channel; write the received data into the first storage device; identify part of the received data as first data, the part satisfying a preset particular condition; and write a replica of the first data as second data into the second storage device.
Wireless network access prepayment systems and methods
A method of providing network access includes entering network access information into a merchant device at a merchant location. The information relates to a request from a customer to obtain network access.
Wireless network access prepayment systems and methods
A method of providing network access includes entering network access information into a merchant device at a merchant location. The information relates to a request from a customer to obtain network access.
System and method for electronic test delivery
Systems and methods for electronic test delivery are described herein. A host computer is in electronic communication with one or more devices over a wireless private network.
Host computer and method of setting dual monitors, keyboards and mice for the host computer
In a method for setting dual monitors for a host computer, when a host computer connects to two monitor, two keywords, and two mice, the host computer is controlled to work in a dual-monitor mode. A main monitor and a subordinate monitor are set from the monitors that are connected to the host computer, and a main keyboard/mouse and a subordinate keyboard/mouse are set from the keyboards and mice that are connected to the host computer.
System and methods for an alternative to network controller sideband interface (nc-si) used in out of band management
A system and a method for operating a plurality of information handling systems forming a network are provided. The system includes a host computer processing unit (cpu); a band management controller (bmc); and a switch having a first port coupled to the host cpu, a second port coupled to the bmc, and an external port coupled to a network; wherein the switch is configured to perform lookups and send an ingress traffic including an internet content to the host cpu, and to send the ingress traffic including a management content to the bmc accordingly.
Operating a storage server on a virtual machine
A system and method of testing, during development, the operation of a clustered storage server system and its associated storage operating system. The system includes at least one host computer having a host operating system, and at least one virtual computer having a simulated storage operating system, at least one simulated disk, a simulated nvram, and a simulated flashcard within a guest operating system hosted by the host operating system.
Host computer and method for testing sas expanders
In a method for testing serial attached small computer system interface (sas) expanders using a host computer, the host computer connects to a master sas expander through a first serial port, and connects to slave sas expanders through a second serial port. The host computer sends a test command to the master sas expander to test the master sas expander, and stores the test result of the master sas expander into a flash memory of the master sas expander.
Host computer and method for managing sas expanders of sas expander storage system
In a method for managing serial attached small computer system interface (sas) expanders using a host computer, the host computer connects to an sas expander storage system through a redundant array of independent disks (raid) card. The sas expander storage system includes a first switch device, a first sas expander, a second sas expander, a second switch, a flash memory, and hard disk drives.
Workload deployment with infrastructure management agent provisioning
A computer-implemented method for managing a workload in connection with a networked computing infrastructure having a plurality of host computer systems includes obtaining first data indicative of an environment type of the networked computing infrastructure, obtaining second data indicative of an operating system type of the workload, deploying, with a processor, an image of the workload in a virtual machine on a target host computer system of the plurality of host computer systems, incorporating a management agent of the networked computing infrastructure into the virtual machine to provision the virtual machine for operation within the networked computing infrastructure, the management agent being configured in accordance with the first data, and modifying launch instructions of the virtual machine in accordance with the second data such that the management agent is invoked during the operation of the virtual machine.. .
Apparatus and method to store information
A data storage facility comprising a plurality of data storage media, an automated data storage library comprising a first plurality of storage cells, one or more data storage devices in communication with the controller, and a controller in communication with one or more host computers, a vault comprising a second plurality of storage cells, wherein the vault does not comprise any data storage devices, and a robotic accessor in communication with the controller, wherein the accessor comprises a gripper mechanism, and wherein the robotic accessor can bidirectionally transport each of the plurality of portable data storage media between the first plurality of storage cells and the one or more data storage devices.. .
Systems and methods for selectively reviewing a recorded conference
A method for selectively reviewing a conference includes synchronously recording an audio conference and content presented in a conference user interface to generate a recorded conference, the conference user interface published to a client device associated with one or more participants, using a characteristic of the conference user interface to index the recorded conference and providing a review interface, responsive to at least one indicator that identifies content of interest within the recorded conference. A conferencing system includes client devices with respective displays, a conference host computer operating a web server and coupled to the client devices via one or more networks, and a data store coupled to the conference host computer.
Projector system
An image projection system includes a projector connected to a host computer to display images on a projection screen, an image capture device, and an operation pen. The operation pen emits a laser beam and has buttons.
Wireless time and attendance system
A wireless time and attendance system automatically collects data to compile attendance of various individuals at separate spaces within a facility for various time intervals. A coordinator terminal employs an integrated reader, a touchpad, a time display and a communication link which communicates with a host computer and a wireless communication module.
Device for preventing logging of computer on-screen keyboard
A device for preventing logging of computer on-screen keyboard has a pointer device and tandem device. The pointer device comprises a first transmission interface to connect the host computer, and an encryption module to encrypt and transfer data of the pointer device to the first transmission interface.
System and method for controlling automated page-based tier management in storage systems
System and method for automated page-based management in storage systems. The system includes host computers, file servers and a storage system having automated page-based management means.
Adaptive power control of memory map storage devices
An apparatus includes a storage resource to store data. The data can be accessible by a host computer system.
System of publication and distribution of instructional materials and method therefor
A system for publication and distribution of instructional materials comprises a host computer capable of receiving and storing educational works having one or more segments over a communications network, receiving one or more selections of at least one of the segments, producing a compilation of educational course materials containing at least the selected segments, receiving a request for access rights to a selection of one or more segments of the compilation, and providing access rights to the selected segments in response to the request.. .
Recording control system, control method of a recording control system, and recording device
Using the ability to print according to a template, a recording device adds value to the printed output. A printer in a recording control system stores area definition data defining areas in each of a plurality of templates composed of one or more printing areas.
System for and method of providing single sign-on (sso) capability in an application publishing environment
A client-server computing system includes a computer cluster for hosting certain resources, applications, programs, processes, files, and/or data that are published to users who are accessing the computer cluster remotely. The computer cluster includes a network of one or more host computers, a gateway server, a gateway service database, and a user database.
System for and method of providing single sign-on (sso) capability in an application publishing environment
A client-server computing system includes a computer cluster for hosting certain resources, applications, programs, processes, files, and/or data that are published to users who are accessing the computer cluster remotely. The computer cluster includes a network of one or more host computers, a gateway server, a gateway service database, and a user database.
Method of deploying a production environment using a development environment
Provided is a computer system, including: at least one storage system providing at least one logical volume, at least one host computer including an i/o device, and a management computer, in which the management computer creates a virtual computer within a network segment to which the management computer belongs, the virtual computer including an i/o device that is the same as the i/o device of the host computer in number and type, defines a connection between the logical volume and the virtual computer, stores a program in the logical volume connected to the virtual computer, sets identification information on the host computer in the virtual computer, releases the connection between the logical volume that stores the program and the virtual computer, and defines a connection between the logical volume whose connection has been released and the host computer.. .
Method, system, and apparatus for detecting malicious code
A method, a system, and an apparatus for detecting malicious code to solve the problem that detection efficiency is low and that more resources are occupied. The method includes: monitoring execution of an instruction in a virtual machine supervisor of a host computer, where the instruction is generated in escape mode when a read-write request generated during execution of program code in a virtual machine of the host computer is delivered to the virtual machine supervisor; obtaining execution characteristics of the program code according to execution of the instruction; and comparing the obtained execution characteristics with pre-stored execution characteristics of known malicious code, and determining that the program code is malicious code when the obtained execution characteristics and the pre-stored execution characteristics are the same.
Virtualization planning system
An interactive virtualization management system provides an assessment of proposed or existing virtualization schemes. A virtual technology overhead profile (vtop) is created for each of a variety of configurations of host computer systems and virtualization technologies by measuring the overhead experienced under a variety of conditions.
Storage system
A storage system 300a that has a volume, manages the volume as a plurality of logical volumes, and can operate as a plurality of logical storage systems having at least one logical volume. The storage system comprises an io transmission-reception unit 1320a that communicates with a management computer 100, a host computer 200, and a storage system 300b and a processor 1310a that causes the io transmission-reception unit 1320a to perform transmission to the management computer 100 and storage system 300b by using an identifier of the storage system 300a as an identifier indicating a representative logical storage system that is one predetermined logical storage system from among a plurality of the logical storage system when the storage system operates as a plurality of the logical storage systems..
Cache device for hard disk drives and methods of operation
A solid-state mass storage device adapted to be used as a cache for an hard disk drive that utilizes a more efficient logical data management method relative to conventional systems. The storage device includes a circuit board, a memory controller, at least one non-volatile memory device, and at least two data interfaces.
Touch sensor system and electronic device
A touch panel system (611) includes a touch invalidating section (609) which, in a case where a specific point of the sensor panel (601) is continuously touched for a predetermined period of time, invalidates an instruction given, in accordance with the touch, to a host computer (610). Furthermore, the touch invalidating section (609) invalidates an instruction corresponding to a next touch on the point..
System for data migration from a storage tier allocated to a virtual logical volume
In recent years, data life cycle management, in which data is relocated from, for example, a new storage sub-system to an older storage sub-system in accordance with how new the data is or the frequency of use of the data, has become important. One technology for achieving data life cycle management is technology for migrating the contents of a storage area (“volume”) of a storage sub-system to another volume without affecting the host computer that uses the volume.
Blocking the effects of scan chain testing upon a change in scan chain topology
A system comprises a plurality of components, scan chain selection logic coupled to the components, and override selection logic coupled to the scan chain selection logic. The scan chain selection logic selects various of the components to be members of a scan chain under the direction of a host computer.
Storage system and data processing method
The present invention comprises a management computer which exchanges information with storage apparatuses and host computers of primary sites and a secondary site via a management network and which manages a data processing performance and a data processing status of each of the sites, wherein, when any of the primary sites is subject to disaster, the management computer selects a normal primary site for which a data transfer time of a restoration target application is within a recovery time objective as a restoration site which possesses processing performance for restoring the application, and remote-copies restoration copy data, which exists at the secondary site, to the storage apparatus of the primary site selected as the restoration site, via a data network.. .
Magnetic random access memory journal
A flash memory system comprises a logic block interface operable to receive a write command to store data from a host computer, a flash memory device operable to store the data in response to the write command, and a non-volatile memory communicatively coupled to the flash memory device and the logic block interface operable to temporarily store the data, and to provide the stored data to be written to the flash memory device in the event of a disruption during execution of the write command.. .
Magnetic random access memory journal for multi-level cell flash memory
A flash memory system comprises a logic block interface operable to receive a write command from a host computer, the write command specifying data and a write destination address in a flash memory device, the flash memory device operable to store data at a complementary address corresponding to the specified write destination address. The system further comprises a journal communicatively coupled to the flash memory device and the logic block interface operable to temporarily store data from the complementary address of the flash memory device, and to provide the stored data in the journal to be restored to the flash memory device at the complementary address in the event of an error occurring while executing the write command..
Storage system and license management method
Provided is straightforward management of licenses which are assigned to virtual storage spanning a plurality of physical storage. In a storage system 1 which provides virtual storage spanning a plurality of physical storage apparatuses 2 to a host computer 4, the physical storage apparatuses 2 comprise a controller portion 11 which manages storage, and a license management portion (management computer 12) which manages licenses assigned to virtual storage such that the licenses are shared by the plurality of physical storage apparatuses 2 comprising the virtual storage.
Secure computing environment
A portable electronic device having a memory storing application software for initiating a payment transaction with a remote system, a data interface for coupling the device to a host computer, a contactless interface for receiving payment token data from a contactless payment token, and a cellular network interface for communication of data over a cellular network. The application software is executed from the device when the device is connected to the host computer and configures the portable electronic device to initiate a payment transaction by receiving payment token data via the contactless interface means and transmitting said payment token data to the remote system via the mobile network interface means..
Secure computing device and method
A method and device are described for maintaining software components in a portable electronic device. The device includes memory storing software components executable from the device, with associated pairs of logical storage partitions for storing different versions of the software components, a data interface for coupling the device to a host computer, a contactless interface for receiving payment token data from a contactless payment token, and a cellular network interface for communication of data over a cellular network.
Boot loading of secure operating system from external device
A device for establishing a secure computing environment on a host computer. The device can include an interface configured to couple to the host computer.
Storage system and method for controlling storage system
It is provided a storage system, comprising a storage device for storing data and at least one controller for controlling reading/writing of the data from/to the storage device. The at least one controller each includes a first cache memory for temporarily storing the data read from the storage device by file access, and a second cache memory for temporarily storing the data to be read/written from/to the storage device by block access.
Method and system for vm-granular i/o caching
Methods are presented for caching i/o data in a solid state drive (ssd) locally attached to a host computer supporting the running of a virtual machine (vm). Portions of the ssd are allocated as cache storage for vms running on the host computer.
Cursor control device and method using the same to launch a swipe menu of an operating system
A cursor control device has a touch control module for users to perform a swipe gesture. The touch control module generates a control command according to the swipe gesture and transmits the control command to a host computer.
Multichannel device utilizing a centralized out-of-band authentication system (cobas)
A multichannel security system is disclosed, which system is for granting and denying access to a host computer in response to a demand from an access-seeking individual and computer. The access-seeker has a peripheral device operative within an authentication channel to communicate with the security system.
Tiered storage pool management and control for loosely coupled multiple storage environment
A system comprises a first storage system including a first storage controller, which receives input/output commands from host computers and provides first storage volumes to the host computers; and a second storage system including a second storage controller which receives input/output commands from host computers and provides second storage volumes to the host computers. A first data storing region of one of the first storage volumes is allocated from a first pool by the first storage controller.
Data decompression method for a controller equipped with limited ram
A method of operating a controller to decompress a compressed data file stored on a host computer, and store the resulting uncompressed data in a flash memory. The processor loads compressed data into random access memory (ram) until a predetermined amount of compressed data is present in the ram.
Device management using virtual interfaces
Methods managing data communication between a peripheral device and host computer system are provided. A physical interface for communicating data between a peripheral device and the plurality of applications executing on the host computer system is opened and controlled by a software module.
Distributed application optimization using service groups
Embodiments are directed to managing multiple different types of applications using service groups. In one scenario, a computer system receives an indication of one or more application dependencies and characteristics that are to be implemented when an application is provisioned on a distributed host computer system.
Serializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts
Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to software testing and provide a method, system and computer program product for serializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for configuring a test plan for serialization can be provided.
System management method, and computer system
A computer system comprising a storage device including a copy pair of a copied volume and a host computer is provided. The management computer detects a change in the state obtained by monitoring the state of the copy pair, and according to the result of detection, changes the configuration of a cluster constituted by a virtual machine using data stored in the volume, and a host computer using the volume..
Forwarding messages for meeting attendees to host computers at the meeting location
A method and apparatus for managing messages is disclosed. A data processing system identifies a presence of a person in a meeting at a location using calendar information.
Roaming encoded information reading terminal
A portable encoded information reading (eir) terminal for incorporation in a data collection system having a host computer, a plurality of peer eir terminals, and a plurality of interconnected networks including one or more wireless networks, can comprise a central processing unit (cpu), a memory, an encoded information reading (eir) device configured to output raw message data containing an encoded message or decoded message data corresponding to an encoded message, and at least one wireless communication interface. The eir terminal can provide ieee 802.11-conformant wireless distribution system services, including association, disassociation, distribution, integration, and re-association, to the peer eir terminals.
Medium processing apparatus and controlling method of the same
A receiver configured to receive a first command that contains a predetermined code string and a second command that does not contain the predetermined code string from a host computer. A first command analyzer configured to analyze and process only the first command received by the receiver.
System and method for allocating datastores for virtual machines
A datastore for a virtual machine that can be executed on a host computer networked to a physical storage system is allocated by a server. The server generates a unique identifier to associate with the datastore, wherein the unique identifier mimics a form of identifier that is generated by the physical storage system to identify volumes of physical storage in the physical storage system that are accessible to the host computer.
Storage system including a plurality of flash memory devices
A storage system including a storage device which includes media for storing data from a host computer, a medium controller for controlling the media, a plurality of channel controllers for connecting to the host computer through a channel and a cache memory for temporarily storing data from the host computer, wherein the media have a restriction on a number of writing times. The storage device includes a bus for directly transferring data from the medium controller to the channel controller..
Network interface controller with direct connection to host memory
A network interface device for a host computer includes a network interface, configured to transmit and receive data packets to and from a network. Packet processing logic transfers data to and from the data packets transmitted and received via the network interface by direct memory access (dma) from and to a system memory of the host computer.
Online ordering system and method
Systems and methods for facilitating an on-line purchase of at least one item on behalf of a consumer are disclosed. A consumer may shop and purchase at least one item on a consolidated shopping (cs) website displaying one or more items available for purchase on one or more different merchant websites.
Apparatus system and method of depicting plume arrival times
Computer implemented methods and systems work cooperatively to calculate and display plume arrival time of a cbr contaminant and to alert responders to take action, associated with mitigating the cbr contaminant. The methods and systems comprise: performing, plume arrival time operational use routines, including: sensing an unknown cbr contaminant released in a geographic area of interest and then, over a communications network, alerting and causing responders to mitigate the cbr contaminant by displaying realtime graphics on handheld computer implemented graphics devices, as well as host computers and distributed computers, showing current and predicted paths of plumes of the cbr plume, by estimating an initial source location of the unknown contaminant, calculating and displaying on graphic displays, an arrival time of at least one or more plumes associated with the cbr contaminant..

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