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Homology patents

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Novel fructosyl peptide oxidase
[4] a protein having fructosyl peptide oxidase activity, which is encoded by an expression plasmid harbored by the Escherichia coli XL1-Blue MRF′ strain deposited under Accession No. FERM BP-11026; [3] a protein comprising an amino acid sequence having 99% or higher homology to the...

Amylase variants
with the proviso that the amino acid sequence of the variant is not identical to any of the amino acid sequences shown in SEQ ID No. 1, SEQ ID No. 2, SEQ ID No. 3 and SEQ ID No. 7, respectively. (c) at least one amino acid residue...

Method of generating gene mosaics in eukaryotic cells
The invention relates to a method for generating a gene mosaic by somatic in vivo recombination, comprising a) in a single step procedure (i) transforming a cell with at least one gene A having a sequence homology of less than 99.5% to another gene to be recombined that is an integral...

Method for preparing human factor h
A human cell line for implementing a method for preparing recombinant human factor H, more particularly the recombinant human factor H represented by the sequence SEQ ID NO: 1, or a variant possessing a percentage homology of at least 99% with the sequence SEQ ID NO: 1, with a yield greater...

Method for producing model animal, and model animal
A method for producing a model animal which has a desired lifetime, and in which a predetermined biological reaction can be induced, and a model animal are provided. The present invention produces a first individual in which a gene of interest is heterozygously deficient using a first ES cell from a...

Urocortin-iii and uses thereof
A search of the public human genome database identified a human EST, GenBank accession number AW293249, which has high homology to known pufferfish urocortin sequences. The full length sequence was amplified from human genomic DNA and sequenced. Sequence homology comparisons of the novel sequence with human urocortin I and urocortin II...

Secreted proteins and uses thereof
The invention also provides antisense nucleic acid molecules, expression vectors containing the nucleic acid molecules of the invention, host cells into which the expression vectors have been introduced, and non-human transgenic animals in which a nucleic acid molecule of the invention has been introduced or disrupted. The invention still further provides...

Novel bacillus strains and compositions
In one aspect, the present invention relates to novel Bacillus strains ENV 734 (NRRL B-50800), ENV 735 (NRRL B-50801), ENV 736 (NRRL B-50802), and ENV 737 (NRRL B-50803). These strains possess a high degree of homology with both Bacillus simplex and Bacillus butanolivorans, but unexpectedly exhibit desirable high salt tolerance as...

Synthesis of n-acetyl-d-neuraminic acid
Method of making NANA from NAM, which may itself be made from fructose. The NAM is treated with pyruvic acid or a pyruvate in the presence of a NANA aldolase having at least 70% sequence similarity or homology to the amino acid sequence of SEQ. ID. NO. 1....

Proteinaceous protease inhibitor and protein solution and detergent composition containing it
(X0): Ala, Arg, Asn, Asp, Cys, Gly, Gln, Glu, His, Ile, Leu, Lys, Met, Phe, Pro, Ser, Thr, Trp, Tyr, or Val. (X8): any of the amino acids (X0) other than Arg; and (X7): any of the...

Methods and materials for assessing homologous recombination deficiency
This document provides methods and materials involved in assessing samples (e.g., cancer cells) for the presence of homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) or an HRD signature. For example, methods and materials for determining whether or not a cell (e.g., a cancer cell) contains an HRD signature are provided. Materials and methods for...

Pharmaceutical composition comprising mirna-100 and its use in the modulation of blood vessel growth and endothelial inflammation
Disclosed is a pharmaceutical composition comprising a miRNA-100 molecule or an antagomir thereof or a variant thereof for use as a medicament for the positive or negative modulation of blood vessel growth and vascular inflammation wherein the miRNA-100 or the miRNA antagomir has a homology of at least 85% to any...

Methods and materials for assessing loss of heterozygosity
This document provides methods and materials involved in assessing samples (e.g., cancer cells) for the presence of a loss of heterozygosity (LOH) signature. For example, methods and materials for determining whether or not a cell (e.g., a cancer cell) contains an LOH signature are provided. Materials and methods for identifying cells...

Carbohydrate-binding modules of a new family
The present invention relates to non-catalytic carbohydrate-binding modules (CBM) belonging to a new family of CBM's. A CBM of the invention was found attached to a glycosyl hydrolase family 61 (GH61) polypeptide and was shown to have little homology with known CBM's indicating that it is the first known member of...

Methods for identification of organisms, assigning reads to organisms, and identification of genes in metagenomic sequences
The present application provides a computational procedure that receives metagenomic or metatranscriptomic sequence reads. Briefly, the computational procedure comprises masking or removal of low-complexity, highly conserved and vector sequences; read mapping using homology searches to a database comprising genomes; post-processing the search results to identify organisms that are present in the...

Collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycans, preparation, and methods of use
This invention relates to collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycans and engineered collagen matrices comprising a collagen matrix and a collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycan where the collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycan can be aberrant or can have amino acid homology with a portion of the amino acid sequence of a protein or a proteoglycan that regulates collagen...

Influenza hemagglutinin-specific monoclonal antibodies for preventing and treating influenza virus infection
Disclosed herein are neutralizing antibodies with cross-neutralizing activity and cross-protective effects against divergent stains of influenza virus, which are specific for an epitope having at least 90% homology to amino acids +72-115 of the HA1 domain of H5N1 influenza virus hemagglutinin....

Engineered landing pads for gene targeting in plants
A method for producing a transgenic plant includes providing a nucleic acid molecule comprising at least two regions of nucleic acid sequence that lack sequence homology with genomic DNA of the plant cell, and at least two zinc finger nuclease recognition sites, wherein the at least two regions of nucleic acid...

Peptidomimetic macrocycles
Provided herein are peptidomimetic macrocycles containing amino acid sequences with at least two modified amino acids that form an intramolecular cross-link that can help to stabilize a secondary structure of the amino acid sequence. Suitable sequences for stabilization include those with homology to the p53 protein. These sequences can bind to...

Microfluidic-based gene synthesis
A method for synthesizing long DNA constructs from oligonucleotide precursors directly within a microfluidic device uses several oligonucleotides at once. A precursor mix containing at least two oligonucleotide precursors with at least partial base complementarity is introduced into an input of a microfluidic chip and at least one cycle of at...

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