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Hybridization-mediated analysis of polymorphisms
Described are methods of assay design and assay image correction, useful for multiplexed genetic screening for mutations and polymorphisms, including CF-related mutants and polymorphs, using an array of probe pairs (in one aspect, where one member is complementary to a particular mutant or polymorphic allele and the other member is complementary...

Use of reg4 and pharmaceutical composition thereof
The invention is in the field of biotechnology. Specifically it describes the application and pharmaceutical composition of Reg4. The invention describes the applications of the protein as following in (a) or (b) in preparing drugs for treating acute pancreatitis: (a) the protein whose amino acid sequence is shown as SEQ ID...

Peptide sequences and compositions
wherein, the polypeptide is immunogenic in a vertebrate expressing a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) allele, and wherein the polypeptide is not a complete influenza virus protein. IIGILHLILWILDRLFFKCIYRLF SEQ ID 6 LLIDGTASLSPGMMMGMFNMLSTVLGVSILNLGQ SEQ ID 5 PGIADIEDLTLLARSMVVVRP SEQ ID 4 DLIFLARSALILRGSVAHKSC SEQ ID 3 LLYCLMVMYLNPGNYSMQVKLGTLCALCEKQASHS SEQ ID 2 DLEALMEWLKTRPILSPLTKGILGFVFTLTVP SEQ ID 1 Provided is a polypeptide having no more than 100 amino acids, which polypeptide comprises one or more sequences having at least...

Rearranged tt virus molecules for use in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer and autoimmunity
The present invention relates to rearranged molecules of (a) a specific TT virus sequence and (b) a nucleotide sequence encoding a polypeptide showing homology to mammalian proteins associated with cancer and autoimmune diseases that are capable of replicating autonomously for use in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases like cancer and...

Function homology screening
A method of screening biologically active agent based on the analysis of complex biological responses in culture. Methods for selecting cells and culture conditions for such screens are provided, as well as the identification of an optimized set of discrete parameters to be measured, and the use of biomap analysis for...

Nucleic acid probe-based diagnostic assays for prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms
Use of the ssrA gene or tmRNA, an RNA transcript of the ssrA gene, or fragments thereof as target regions in a nucleic acid probe assay for the detection and identification of prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic organisms is described. Nucleotide sequence alignment of tmRNA sequences from various organisms can be used to...

Step-up method for cold-pcr enrichment
Methods of using polymerase chain reactions to enrich a target sequence in a sample containing reference sequences and target sequences having high homology and amplifiable by the same primer pair are provided herein. In particular the methods provide a robust means to improve the fold enrichment of the target sequence and...

Methods and compositions for nuclease-mediated targeted integration of transgenes
Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for homology-independent targeted insertion of donor molecules into the genome of a cell....

Identification of a human gyrovirus and applications
The present invention relates to HGyV, a human gyrovirus related to the chicken anemia virus (CAV). The present invention also relates to a new proteins encoded by HGyV, which proteins display some homology to CAV proteins. Among these new proteins, H-apoptin is of particular interest as it is herein found for...

Urocortin-iii and uses thereof
A search of the public human genome database identified a human EST, GenBank accession number AW293249, which has high homology to known pufferfish urocortin sequences. The full length sequence was amplified from human genomic DNA and sequenced. Sequence homology comparisons of the novel sequence with human urocortin I and urocortin II...

Methods for affecting homology-directed dna double stranded break repair
Disclosed herein are methods and composition for alteration of the presence, activity, or concentration of RNF138. Disclosed methods can be utilized to affect DNA double strand break repair. Methods and compositions can be utilized to alter RNF138 so as to prevent interaction between RNF138 and RAD51D. Specifically, methods can prevent RNF138-directed...

Modification of plant development and morphology
A method of modifying morphology in a plant by introducing into a plant at least one chimaeric gene having a promoter sequence operably associated with a nucleic acid sequence, the promoter sequence being operable to direct expression in specific cells of the plant and the nucleic acid sequence encoding at least...

Methods for diagnosing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
The present invention features a method for diagnosing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by detecting one or more single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the formin homology 2 domain containing 3 gene (FHOD3)....

Use of truncated cysteine il28 and il29 mutants to treat cancers and autoimmune disorders
Methods for treating patients with cancer and autoimmune disorders using IL-28 and IL-29 molecules. The IL-28 and IL-29 molecules include polypeptides that have homology to the human IL-28 or IL-29 polypeptide sequence and proteins fused to a polypeptide with IL-28 and IL-29 functional activity. The molecules can be used as a...

Novel fructosyl peptide oxidase
[3] a DNA that hybridizes under stringent conditions with a DNA comprising a sequence complementary to SEQ ID NO: 2, where the DNA encodes a protein having fructosyl peptide oxidase activity. [2] a DNA comprising the of SEQ ID NO: 2; and (iii) a protein...

Cannabis genomes and uses thereof
Using the efficiency of next generation sequencing, a draft de novo reference sequence for the Cannabis (C.) Sativa and C. Indica genomes has been generated as well as four full length contiguous sequences with homology to THCA and CBDA synthases and 10 partially homologous contigs with truncated ORFs. In particular aspects...

Supercoiled minivectors as a tool for dna repair, alteration and replacement
In some embodiments the present disclosure provides a composition for targeted alteration of a DNA sequence and methods of altering the targeted DNA sequence using the composition. In some embodiments such a composition comprises a MiniVector comprising a nucleic acid sequence template for homology-directed repair, alteration, or replacement of the targeted...

Therapeutic applications targeting sarm1
The present disclosure provides methods for reducing axonal and/or synaptic degradation in neurons by modulating sterile α/Armadillo/Toll-Interleukin receptor homology domain protein (SARM) activity and/or expression....

Primers for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis, and method for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis using the same
The present invention relates to primer sets for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis and the method for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis using the same. Particularly, the present invention provides primer sets for diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis as follows: (a) a primer set comprising a primer having at least 95% sequence homology with SEQ ID NO:...

Compositions, methods and related uses for cleaving modified dna
Compositions, methods and related uses are provided relating to cleaving modified DNA. For example, a set of DNA fragments obtainable by enzymatic cleavage of a large DNA is described where at least 50% are similarly sized and have a centrally positioned modified nucleotide. In addition, an enzyme preparation is provided that...

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