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Method of transforming cells
Use of an isolated Ensifer adhaerens strain OV14 deposited under NCIMB Accession Number 4177, or an isolated variant thereof characterised by a 16S rRNA gene having at least 98.6% sequence homology with SEQUENCE ID NO: 1, as a gene delivery system in the genetic transformation of a plant cell or plant...

Method of generating gene mosaics
The invention relates to a method for generating a gene mosaic by somatic in vivo recombination, comprising: e) in a single step procedure (vii) transforming a cell with at least one gene A having a sequence homology of less than 99.5% to another gene to be recombined that is an integral...

Use of peptides as transporters intended for the internalization of molecules of interest into target cells
The method pertains to a peptide including the amino acid sequence SEQ ID NO: 1, or a peptide including an amino acid sequence having 93%, in particular 95%, particularly 98% sequence identity homology with the sequence SEQ ID NO: 1, in order to obtain a transporter intended for the internalization of...

Endogenetic retroviral sequences, associated with autoimmune diseases or with pregnancy disorders
A genomic retroviral nucleic material, in an isolated or purified state, at least partially functional or non-functional, wherein the genome comprises a reference nucleotide sequence selected from the group including sequences of SEQ ID NOs: 1-15, their complementary sequences, and their equivalent sequences, in particular, nucleotide sequences having, for every series...

Modulation of scleraxis using a dominant negative scleraxis mutant with a basic dna-binding domain deletion
Compositions and kits for modulating expression of scleraxis and/or collagen synthesis in mammalian cells and tissues. The compositions and kits comprise a protein comprising an amino acid sequence that shares at least 75% homology with SEQ ID NO:11. Proteins comprising amino acid sequences that share at least 75% homology with SEQ...

Secreted proteins and uses thereof
The invention also provides antisense nucleic acid molecules, expression vectors containing the nucleic acid molecules of the invention, host cells into which the expression vectors have been introduced, and non-human transgenic animals in which a nucleic acid molecule of the invention has been introduced or disrupted. The invention still further provides...

Mutant parasites for use as vaccines and platforms for screening for compounds
Cloning and characterization of a TgIF2α kinase from Toxoplasma gondii designated TgIF2K-D illustrates that this protein is related to GCN2, an eIF2α kinase known to respond to nutrient starvation in other organisms. TgIF2K-D is present in the cytosol of both intra- and extracellular Toxoplasma and facilitates translational control through TgIF2α phosphorylation...

Chimeric momp antigen
The present invention regards polypeptides capable of eliciting an immunological response that is protective against Chlamydia trachomatis. The polypeptide comprises a first amino acid sequence which has at least 90% homology with the amino acid sequence according to SEQ ID NO: 1 and a second amino acid sequence which has at...

Anticancer fusion protein
The fusion protein, especially recombinant, comprising domain (a) which is a functional fragment of soluble hTRAIL protein sequence beginning with an amino acid at a position not lower than hTRAIL95 or a sequence having at least 70% homology thereto; and domain (b) which is a sequence of pro-apoptotic effector peptide, wherein...

Suppression of non-specific amplification with high-homology oligonucleotides
The invention comprises suppressor oligonucleotides for reducing amplification of a non-target nucleic acid sequences; the method of designing and using such oligonucleotides, as well as kits and reaction mixtures....

Vista regulatory t cell mediator protein, vista binding agents and use thereof
The present invention relates to a novel regulatory T cell protein. This protein, designated PD-L3 OR VISTA resembles members of the PD-L1 family, identified a novel and structurally-distinct, Ig-superfamily inhibitory ligand, whose extracellular domain bears homology to the B7 family ligand PD-L1. This molecule is designated as PD-L3 OR VISTA or...

Small molecule inhibitors of the pleckstrin homology domain and methods for using same
Pleckstrin homology domain binding compounds, pharmaceutical compositions including such compounds, and methods for their use are described herein....

Influenza c virus and vaccine
A novel influenza C virus with only low homology to any influenza C virus previously characterized. Challenge studies show that the virus can infect pigs and be transmitted between pigs. Additionally, influenza C is commonly thought of as a human pathogen and serological studies have been performed, looking at the incidence...

Fucosyl transferase gene
A DNA molecule is provided which comprises a sequence according to SEQ ID NO: 1 having an open reading frame from base pair 211 to base pair 1740 or having at least 50% homology to the above-indicated sequence, or hybridizing with the above-indicated sequence under stringent conditions, or comprising a sequence...

Direct cloning
A method for performing homologous recombination between at least a first nucleic acid molecule and a second nucleic acid molecule which share at least one region of sequence homology. A method for improving the efficiency of homologous recombination....

Hybridization-mediated analysis of polymorphisms
Described are methods of assay design and assay image correction, useful for multiplexed genetic screening for mutations and polymorphisms, including CF-related mutants and polymorphs, using an array of probe pairs (in one aspect, where one member is complementary to a particular mutant or polymorphic allele and the other member is complementary...

Use of reg4 and pharmaceutical composition thereof
The invention is in the field of biotechnology. Specifically it describes the application and pharmaceutical composition of Reg4. The invention describes the applications of the protein as following in (a) or (b) in preparing drugs for treating acute pancreatitis: (a) the protein whose amino acid sequence is shown as SEQ ID...

Peptide sequences and compositions
wherein, the polypeptide is immunogenic in a vertebrate expressing a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) allele, and wherein the polypeptide is not a complete influenza virus protein. IIGILHLILWILDRLFFKCIYRLF SEQ ID 6 LLIDGTASLSPGMMMGMFNMLSTVLGVSILNLGQ SEQ ID 5 PGIADIEDLTLLARSMVVVRP SEQ ID 4 DLIFLARSALILRGSVAHKSC SEQ ID 3 LLYCLMVMYLNPGNYSMQVKLGTLCALCEKQASHS SEQ ID 2 DLEALMEWLKTRPILSPLTKGILGFVFTLTVP SEQ ID 1 Provided is a polypeptide having no more than 100 amino acids, which polypeptide comprises one or more sequences having at least...

Rearranged tt virus molecules for use in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer and autoimmunity
The present invention relates to rearranged molecules of (a) a specific TT virus sequence and (b) a nucleotide sequence encoding a polypeptide showing homology to mammalian proteins associated with cancer and autoimmune diseases that are capable of replicating autonomously for use in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases like cancer and...

Function homology screening
A method of screening biologically active agent based on the analysis of complex biological responses in culture. Methods for selecting cells and culture conditions for such screens are provided, as well as the identification of an optimized set of discrete parameters to be measured, and the use of biomap analysis for...

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