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Holographic patents

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Volume holographic imaging system (vhis) endoscope

Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of University Of Arizona

Volume holographic imaging system (vhis) endoscope

Holographic interaction device


Holographic interaction device

Holographic interaction device

Qualcomm Mems Technologies

Illumination device with spaced-apart diffractive media

Date/App# patent app List of recent Holographic-related patents
 Simulated-holographic image display system patent thumbnailnew patent Simulated-holographic image display system
An image display system can include a shaped screen, a mirror image of an item stored in an electronic format, a presentation component, and an attachment mechanism. The shaped screen can have one surface with a diffraction grating.
 Volume holographic imaging system (vhis) endoscope patent thumbnailVolume holographic imaging system (vhis) endoscope
Provided are modular volume holographic imaging system (vhis) endoscopic systems, comprising: an endoscope attachment module having a microscope objective lens, a single or cascaded compensated relay system configured to preserve an optical wavefront for use with a single or multiplexed volume hologram to select wavefronts originating from different object depths, and a system aperture; and a handle module configured to be reversibly attachable for operative communication with the endoscope attachment module, and having a beam splitter; a relay having adjustable spacing for object space focus compensation, and a single or multiplexed volume hologram suitable in operation to select wavefronts originating from different object depths, and wherein the handle module is further configured for operative communication with an illumination source and imaging optics. Preferably, an illumination module and an imaging module are configured to be in operative, reversibly attachable communication with the handle module.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona
 Holographic interaction device patent thumbnailHolographic interaction device
A holographic interaction device is described. In one or more implementations, an input device includes an input portion comprising a plurality of controls that are configured to generate signals to be processed as inputs by a computing device that is communicatively coupled to the controls.
Microsoft Corporation
 Illumination device with spaced-apart diffractive media patent thumbnailIllumination device with spaced-apart diffractive media
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for an illumination system. In one aspect, the illumination system is a light guide that includes spaced-apart regions of medium containing diffractive features.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.
 Interferometric spatial light modulator for production of digital holograms patent thumbnailInterferometric spatial light modulator for production of digital holograms
A digital holographic apparatus, system, and method are disclosed. The apparatus includes an electronic display device comprising an interferometric spatial light modulator based display engine and a processor coupled to the electronic display device.
Bayer Materialscience Llc
 Information  providing information using a holographic element patent thumbnailInformation providing information using a holographic element
An information system and a method for providing information in correlation with light that is incident on an eye includes a holographic element disposed in front of the eye and a device capable of recording optical signals which detects light that is incident on the eye via the holographic element. The device capable of recording optical signals detects light which is diffracted by the holographic element before the light impinges on the eye such that the diffracted light does not enter the eye..
Metaio Gmbh
 System and  non-holographic teleportation patent thumbnailSystem and non-holographic teleportation
The present invention discloses a system and method for non-holographic virtual teleportation of one or more remote objects to a designated three-dimensional space around a user in realtime. This is achieved by using a plurality of participating teleportation terminals, located at geographically diverse locations, that capture the rgb and depth data of their respective environments, extract rgb images of target objects from their corresponding environment, and transmit the alpha channeled object images via internet for integration into a single composite scene in which layers of computer graphics are added in the foreground and in the background.
Dumedia, Inc.
 Image display apparatus patent thumbnailImage display apparatus
An image display apparatus includes at least one light source to emit coherent light, a holographic optical element to diffract the coherent light from the light source to produce image light, an optical mechanism to guide the image light from the holographic optical element, at least one detection unit to detect the intensity of the image light, and an adjustment unit to adjust the power of the light source based on the result of detection by the detection unit. An image based on the image light is observed by a viewer..
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
 Wide-viewing angle holographic display apparatus patent thumbnailWide-viewing angle holographic display apparatus
A holographic display apparatus is provided. The holographic display apparatus may include an input optical unit to illuminate coherent parallel light to a spatial light modulator (slm), the slm to generate a plurality of hologram-modulated diffraction beams by illuminating the coherent parallel light in a plurality of directions, or to generate hologram-modulated higher-order diffraction beams by illuminating the coherent parallel light in a single direction, and an optical imaging unit to reproduce at least one holographic three-dimensional (3d) image with different viewpoints on a single imaging area, using the generated at least one diffraction beam..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
 Compact self-contained holographic and interferometric apparatus patent thumbnailCompact self-contained holographic and interferometric apparatus
A compact, self-contained holographic and interferometric apparatus and methods for eliminating vibration, including methods for eliminating relative displacement and vibration errors present in object and reference beam paths, are disclosed. The self-contained apparatus (600) includes an illuminated object (302) that scatters light and an objective lens (304) to form an object beam (350).
Asml Holding N.v.

Holographic image generation and reconstruction

Technologies are generally related to holographic imaging. In some examples, techniques are described for generating a holographic image of an object using a plurality of light sources, a shutter, and an image sensor array.
Empire Technology Development, Llc

Diamond-based tradeable instrument security system

A tradeable commodity or instrument, a trading system for a plurality of such commodities, a method of trading using such a system and security systems related thereto. The tradeable instrument comprises a secure container constituted by a transparent cover (12), a stone holder pad (14), a set of diamonds (15), a diamond or stone holder (16), a data card (18), a bottom cover (20) and a tamper evident band (22) interconnected into a secure, tamper-evident envelope.

Converting complex holograms to phase holograms

Fast processing of information represented in digital holograms is provided to facilitate converting a complex fresnel hologram into a single phase-only hologram, which can be called a bidirectional error diffusion (berd) hologram, for displaying 3-d holographic images representative of a 3-d object scene on a display device. The berd hologram can be capable of representing a 3-d object scene and preserving favorable visual quality on the reconstructed holographic image.
City University Of Hong Kong

Holographic imaging

Technologies are generally described for generating an image in a holographic imaging device by causing multiple reflections of a hologram reconstruction light on one side of a display panel in the holographic imaging device. An example device may include a display panel, a semi-transparent mirror layer on the display panel, a mirror layer at a side of the semi-transparent mirror layer opposite to the display panel, and a light irradiation unit opposite to the semi-transparent mirror layer.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Methods and devices for coherent optical data detection and coherent data channel modulation

Methods and devices for coherent holographic data channel techniques are presented. Coherent techniques for data detection generally include homodyne and heterodyne detection.
Akonia Holographics, Llc

Depth key compositing for video and holographic projection

According to embodiments herein, depth key compositing is the process of detecting specific desired portionsobjects of a digital image using mathematical functions based on depth, in order to separate those specific portionsobjects for further processing. In one particular embodiment, a digital visual image is captured from a video capture device, and one or more objects are determined within the digital visual image that are within a particular depth range of the video capture device.
Ventana 3d Llc

Holographic microrefractometer

An in-line holographic microscope is used for measurements of micrometer-scale particles and associated suspending fluid medium containing the particles. The system yields heterodyne scattering patterns that may be interpreted with lorenz-mie theory to obtain precise time-resolved information on the refractive index of the suspending medium for determining chemical composition, concentrations and makeup thereof.
New York University

Flow cytometer with digital holographic microscope

The current invention concerns a flow cytometric system and method for observing, analyzing and/or separating objects in a liquid sample, comprising a digital holographic microscope (dhm) and at least one fluidic system, whereby the dhm comprises illumination means, an interferometric system and digital recording means, whereby the fluidic system is capable of guiding said objects through an illumination beam of the illumination means of said dhm, whereby the fluidic system comprises a mechanism for inducing a liquid sample stream through the fluidic system, whereby preferably the fluidic system comprises a stream size controlling device for controlling the transverse dimensions of a liquid sample stream inside said fluidic system, preferably said stream size controlling device is capable of lining up the objects one-by-one or multiple objects at a time in said liquid sample stream.. .
Ovizio Imaging Systems Nv/sa

Composite holographic optical diffuser structure with high frequency overlay and fabrication thereof

The optical diffuser mastering of the subject invention includes legacy microstructure surface relief patterns, along with smaller ones, overlaid on the larger ones. The characteristic features produced by the present invention will be found useful to eliminate visible structures in/on optical diffusers, such as those used in movie projection screens (utilizing either coherent (i.e., laser-generated) and non-coherent (e.g., lamp-generated) light), head-up displays (huds), laser projection viewing, etc., as the present invention produces much sharper images than those afforded by traditional holographic optical diffusers..
Luminit Llc

Scope guard apparatus and system

According to at least one exemplary embodiment, a scope guard may be coupled to a weapon or other device to protect one or more accessories, such as a scope, holographic sight, red dot sight, reflex sight or the like. Additionally, a scope guard may protect the device or components of the device itself, such as a gun barrel, a gun stock, a gun rail, or a gun action.

Millimeter wave three dimensional holographic scan imaging apparatus and inspecting method thereof

A millimeter wave three dimensional holographic scan imaging apparatus and a method for inspecting an object to be inspected using the same are disclosed. The apparatus includes a millimeter wave transceiver module with a millimeter wave transceiver antenna array for transmitting and receiving a millimeter wave signal.
Tsinghua University

Millimetre wave three dimensional holographic scan imaging inspecting a human body or an article

The present invention discloses a millimetre wave three dimensional holographic scan imaging apparatus and a method for inspecting a human body or an article. The apparatus comprises a first millimetre wave transceiver module, a second millimetre wave transceiver module, a first guide rail device to which the first millimetre wave transceiver module is connected in slidable form, a second guide rail device to which the second millimetre wave transceiver module is connected in slidable form, a driver configured to drive the first/second millimetre wave transceiver module to move along the first/second guide rail device, and a constrainer configured to constrain kinematic relation between the first and the second millimetre wave transceiver modules such that they only move in directions opposed to each other.
Nuctech Company Limited

Millimeter wave holographic scan imaging human body security inspection

The present invention discloses a millimeter wave holographic scan imaging apparatus for inspecting a human body. The apparatus includes a first millimeter wave transceiver device (40) comprising a first millimeter wave transceiver antenna array (41) for transmitting and receiving a first millimeter wave signal; a second millimeter wave transceiver device (40′), which comprises a second millimeter wave transceiver antenna array (41′) for transmitting and receiving a second millimeter wave signal, and is configured in opposite direction with relation to the first millimeter wave transceiver device; a connection member (26, 27) for connecting the first millimeter wave transceiver device (40) to the second millimeter wave transceiver device (40′); and a drive device (50), which drives one of the first and the second millimeter wave transceiver devices such that the first millimeter wave transceiver device (40) and the second millimeter wave transceiver device (40′) move in opposite directions..
Nuctech Company Limited

Method for manufacturing holographic bi-blazed grating

A method for manufacturing a holographic bi-blazed grating. Two blaze angles of the holographic bi-blazed grating are respectively a blaze angle a and a blaze angle b, and oblique-ion beam etching is performed on two grating areas a and b respectively by using a photoresist grating (12) and a homogeneous grating (14) as masks, thereby implementing different controls on the two blaze angles, and avoiding a secondary photoresist lithography process.
Soochow University

High power ultra-compact, lightweight multi-kilowatt fiber laser system based on coherent & spectral beam combining

A high power fiber laser system consisting of multiple fiber amplifier or laser systems amplifying the input signal in parallel is configured with a high power splitter such as to share some of the gain stages. The high power splitting component consists of high power fiber couplers and splitter(s).
Ipg Photonics Corporation

Multiple beam transmission interferometric testing methods for the development and evaluation of subwavelength sized features within semiconductor and anisotropic devices

Improved methods and systems for inspection imaging for holographic or interferometric semiconductor test and evaluation through all phases of device development and manufacture. Specifically, systems and methods are disclosed for extending the range of optical holographic interferometric inspection for testing and evaluating microelectronic devices and determining the interplay of electromagnetic signals and dynamic stresses to the semiconductor material are provided in which an enhanced imaging method provides continuous and varying the magnification of the optical holographic interferometric images over a plurality of interleaved optical pathways and imaging devices.
Attofemto, Inc.

Folding holographic sight for a gun

A holographic weapon sight folds for storage or to position where a portion of the sight is out of the way when not in use. Certain embodiments include a readout beam source mounted to the stationary base of the sight and the source directly illuminates a hologram plate supported in a pivotally mounted hologram support when the sight is in a position intended for use..
Optiflow, Inc.

Method of coding a holographic pattern, a corresponding coding device and computer program

A method for coding at least one holographic pattern recording a light signal representative of light received by a perspective object in a scene. The method includes: determining, from the light signal and for each point xj(1≦j≦m) of the holographic pattern, a set of n light rays passing through the point and corresponding respectively to n different viewing positions for viewing the pattern; generating from the m sets of n determined light rays, a plurality n of two-dimensional views of the object corresponding respectively to the n viewing positions of the pattern, by causing m determined rays to intersect at each of the viewing positions that are contained in a viewing plane parallel to a plane containing the holographic pattern; arranging the n generated views as a multi-view image of the object, the n views corresponding respectively to sub-images of the multi-view image; and compressing the multi-view image..

Device and feedback based digital holographic content reconstruction verification

Provided are a device and a method for feedback based digital holographic content reconstruction verification. The device may include a generator to generate a holographic content by receiving a first parameter value, a reconstructor to reconstruct a hologram from the holographic content, and a feedback based interface to adjust the first parameter value to be a second parameter value by receiving feedback on the hologram..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Contact lenses with embedded labels

An ophthalmic lens incorporating clearly identifiable, highly visible embedded labels that are not visible to the wearer or others when placed on the eye may be utilized to allow an individual to easily distinguish between the normal state of the lens and the inverted state of the lens as well as serve any number of functions, including acting as a brand label, a prescription label or as a cosmetic enhancer. The embedded label comprises holographic recordings revealed only in transmitted light..
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Light source assembly, backlight assembly having the same and display apparatus having the same

A light source assembly includes a red laser diode configured to generate a red laser light, a blue laser diode disposed adjacent to the red laser diode, and configured to generate a blue laser light or a cyan laser light, a green phosphor disposed on the blue laser diode, and configured to change a wavelength of the blue laser light or the cyan laser light, and a holographic diffuser disposed on the green phosphor and the red laser diode. The holographic diffuser is configured to diffuse or scatter the red laser light and is configured to diffuse or scatter the blue laser light or the cyan laser light which passed the green phosphor..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Layer composite consisting of a photopolymer film and an adhesive layer

The present invention relates to a layer composite comprising an exposed photopolymer film and an adhesive layer which is connected to the photopolymer film at least in certain regions, wherein the photopolymer film comprises crosslinked polyurethane matrix polymers a), crosslinked writing monomers b) and a monomeric fluoroethane additive c), wherein the adhesive layer is in the form of a diffusion barrier for the fluoroethane additive c). The invention also relates to the use of the layer composite for producing chip cards, id documents or 3d images, as a product protective label, as a label, in banknotes in the form of a strip or window or as holographically optical elements in displays..
Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

Novel fast fourier transform (fft) analysis using waveform-embedded or waveform-modulated coherent beams and holograms

Method of fast fourier transform (fft) analysis for collecting waveforms and other vibrational intelligence and modulating or embedding same into one or more coherent reference beams of an n-dimensional holographic recording device for producing one or more holograms of objects, including singularity points in space. The result provides wholesale differentiation of waveforms distinguishable from others based on their spectral characteristics.

Method of operating a laser and laser apparatus using intra-cavity digital holograms

Laser apparatus includes an output coupler, a gain medium for generating laser light, a rear optical element, and an input coupler. The input coupler is arranged to direct a pump beam to the gain medium and to define an optical path between the output coupler and the rear optical element.

Holographic film and recording method

This invention relates to holographic film for recording multicolor volume holograms, especially full color volume reflection holograms, and to manufacturing techniques for such film, and to corresponding methods of recording multicolor and full-color volume, in particular volume reflection holograms. We describe a holographic film for recording a multicolor volume hologram, the film comprising: a carrier; a first photosensitive recording layer sensitive to one or both of red and green laser light; and a second photosensitive recording layer sensitive to blue laser light.

3-d projection full color multimedia display

Methods and systems are described herein which produce polarization-independent full color images suitable for rear-projection television sets and other multimedia displays. The system uses illumination with r, g, b light from two different light sources for each color.
Corporation For Laser Optics Research

Method of making releasable metalized embossed transfer film

A method is presented for making releasable transfer film suitable to provide a metalized embossed composite onto a paper substrate without a release layer between the composite and a polymeric carrier layer. The transfer film includes a polymeric base layer, an embossing material layer and a metal layer.
Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

Analysis and sorting of objects in flow

A device (1) for sorting objects immersed in a flowing medium is described. The device comprises a holographic imaging unit comprising a plurality of holographic imaging elements (2), a fluid handling unit comprising a plurality of microfluidic channels (3) for conducting flowing medium along a corresponding holographic imaging element (2) and comprising a microfluidic switch (5) arranged downstream of an imaging region in the microfluidic channel for controllably directing each object in the flowing medium into a selected one of a plurality of outlets (6).

Optical illuminating a pixel matrix and/or a controllable spatial light modulator for a display

The invention relates to optical device for illuminating a pixel matrix and/or a controllable spatial light modulator for a display, in particular a stereoscopic or holographic 3d display, wherein the optical device comprises a layer formed as a light waveguide, in which illumination light is guided in a light guiding layer, in particular according to the principle of total internal reflection, between two reflection layers lying opposite one another, wherein an extraction means for extracting illumination light from the light guiding layer is provided. The optical device is characterized in that the extraction means has different properties, in particular different optical properties, at a first extraction position than at another extraction position different to the first extraction position..
Seereal Technologies S.a.

Oaslm-based holographic display

Provided is an optically addressable spatial light modulator (oaslm)-based holographic display and a method of operating the same. The display includes an addressing unit including a light source unit emitting a plurality of recording beams, a driving mirror array including driving mirrors that each reflect a recording beam incident thereon, and a mirror member array including mirror members that each obliquely reflect a recording beam incident thereon, in which each of the driving mirrors corresponds to one of the mirror members.
Cambridge Enterprise Limited

Holographic amusement/wagering system with vehicular user transport

A virtual entertainment system supports holographic display for multiple players. The system has multiple viewing screens, each screen displaying thematic events.

Shared and private holographic objects

A system and method are disclosed for displaying virtual objects in a mixed reality environment including shared virtual objects and private virtual objects. Multiple users can collaborate together in interacting with the shared virtual objects.

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