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Holographic patents

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Annulus scattering diffuser for display with reflective surface

Digital hologram recording system and numerical reconstruction method for hologram

Holographic exposing and capturing screens

Date/App# patent app List of recent Holographic-related patents
 High-power, phase-locked, laser arrays patent thumbnailHigh-power, phase-locked, laser arrays
High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays as disclosed herein utilize a system of optical elements that may be external to the laser oscillator array. Such an external optical system may achieve mutually coherent operation of all the emitters in a laser array, and coherent combination of the output of all the lasers in the array into a single beam.
 Annulus scattering diffuser for display with reflective surface patent thumbnailAnnulus scattering diffuser for display with reflective surface
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for enhancing the brightness and/or contrast ratio of display devices. In one aspect, the display devices can include an annular diffuser that is configured to scatter light into a ring shaped region.
 Digital hologram recording system and numerical reconstruction method for hologram patent thumbnailDigital hologram recording system and numerical reconstruction method for hologram
The present invention provides a digital hologram recording system and a numerical reconstruction method for a hologram, which are used for capturing an image of an object and recording it as a holographic data. Said system comprises: signal light, formed after irradiating the object with a light source; an image detector, for recording interference fringes of the signal light; and a light pipe, arranged in a path of the signal light and located between the object and the image detector, wherein the light pipe has a reflection surface, and a part of the signal light enters the image detector after reflected by the reflection surface of the light pipe.
 Holographic exposing and capturing screens patent thumbnailHolographic exposing and capturing screens
This invention offers the construction of the holographic screen exposing and capturing three-dimensional video images. Exposing holographic screen is the construction comprising two screens placed on the certain distance from each another.
 Solar concentration system using volume holograms patent thumbnailSolar concentration system using volume holograms
An electromagnetic wave concentrating system, comprising a photovoltaic material and at least one holographic concentrator. The holographic concentrator includes at least two stacked holographic optical elements (hoe).
 Optical head-mounted display with mechanical one-dimensional scanner patent thumbnailOptical head-mounted display with mechanical one-dimensional scanner
An optical head-mounted display includes an eyeglass frame, a holographic optical element supported by the eyeglass frame to be confronted by an eye of a wearer, and a projector mounted on the eyeglass frame to project image information on the holographic optical element. The projector includes a led light source, a beam-splitting polarizer, a spatial light modulator, a lens set and a mechanical one-dimensional scanner.
 Container seal with removal tab and security ring seal patent thumbnailContainer seal with removal tab and security ring seal
A holographic sealing member for a container comprises a heat actuated sealant or adhesive layer that secures the sealing member to a container, a metal foil sealing layer over and covering and adhesively bonded to the heat actuated sealant or adhesive layer, a holographic layer over and covering and adhesively bonding to the metal foil layer having an upper plastic layer and a lower embossed image layer, and a tab over and covering and adhesively bonded to the upper plastic layer that may be pulled to remove the tab and the plastic layer from a container, thereby exposing the lower embossed image layer which must then be perforated to gain access to the contents of the container.. .
 Digital holographic microscopy apparatus and method for clinical diagnostic hematology patent thumbnailDigital holographic microscopy apparatus and method for clinical diagnostic hematology
An apparatus, method, and apparatus for hematology analysis comprising using a holographic microscope, in one embodiment a transmission-type holographic microscope. In one aspect, laser light is provided and split into first and second sample beams, the first sample beam for imaging with a first magnification, the second sample beam for imaging with a second magnification.
 Hologram patent thumbnailHologram
A substrate includes a diffracting structure providing a hologram (20, 6). The diffracting structure encodes a holographic image so that thatholographic image is produced in response to reference light being incident on a major surface of the substrate at an angle of incidence with respect to the said major surface of the substrate, wherein the angle of incidence is no more than 20°..
 Holographic storage medium and method of making holographic storage medium patent thumbnailHolographic storage medium and method of making holographic storage medium
Articles for recording a holographic image are described. The articles include a holographic recording medium having a plurality of surfaces, having a transparent polymeric binder and a photochemically active dye, the holographic recording medium having a holographic image recorded therein formed by exposed areas of the photochemically active dye and unexposed areas of the photochemically active dye; and a first light-blocking layer or material over a first surface of the holographic recording medium from which surface the holographic image is viewed, the light blocking layer or material absorbing light in the wavelength range to which the photochemically active dye is sensitive and allowing transmission of light in a different wavelength range for viewing the holographic image..
Fast processing of information represented in digital holograms
Techniques for fast processing of information represented in digital holograms to facilitate generating and displaying 3-d holographic images representative of a 3-d object scene are presented. A holographic generator component (hgc) can receive or generate information representing a 3-d object scene.
Dynamic aperture holographic multiplexing
Systems and methods for dynamic aperture holographic multiplexing are disclosed. One example process may include recording a set of holograms in a recording medium by varying both the reference beam angular aperture and the signal beam angular aperture.
Methods and apparatuses for manufacturing ultralong fiber bragg gratings with arbitrary reflection wavelength
Described are methods and apparatuses for manufacturing ultralong fiber bragg gratings with arbitrary reflection wavelength. The method may include: generating two holographic beams entering a fiber with a certain intersection angle there-between from one side of the fiber and forming holographic interference fringes in the fiber, driving the two holographic beams to scan along the fiber by a motorized translation stage controlled by a computer; and adjusting the intersection angle between the two beams by motorized rotation stages or motorized mirror mounts controlled by the computer.
Ds digi holo wheels
The invention a set of tire rims comprising light assemblies which project holographic images. When installed, harris wheels project a designated image such as a decorative pattern, logo, or cartoon animation onto the face of the rim, providing the illusion that the image is moving as the rim spins.
Method for generating a point light source in a plane at an arbitrary location using a dynamic hologram
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for providing a display device. In one aspect, the display device may include a light source system, a programmable hologram system, a light-turning layer and a control system.
Projection system
A projection system includes at least one projector and a holographic projection film. The projector projects a first image to a projection surface.
Holographic direct view display having an apodization device
The invention relates to apodization in a holographic direct view display. Known apodization functions are utilized/modified for an apodization mask such that the functions reduce the intensities of selected higher magnitudes of diffractions.
Device for recording and reproducing holographic 3d image, and method for recording and reproducing holographic 3d image
Devices and methods for recording and reproducing a holographic 3d image are provided. The devices for recording the holographic 3d image comprising: a laser generation unit for emitting a laser beam; a beam splitter unit configured to receive the laser beam from the laser generation unit and split the laser beam into a reference beam and an object beam directed to an object to be photographed; a photorefractive crystal configured to receive the reference beam from the beam splitter and the object beam diffused from the object to form a holographic 3d image; and a rotation unit configured to rotate the photorefractive crystal once every time one holographic 3d image is recorded.
Object database and object database improving method
The current invention concerns an object database comprising a set of object entries, which comprise object properties, whereby said object properties comprise obtained object properties, which comprise dhm-obtained object properties and preferably object identification properties, characterized in that said dhm-obtained object properties comprise properties about a sample comprising said objects, said information derived from information acquired by a digital holographic microscope (dhm) and whereby preferably said object identification properties comprise information about the objects which allow identification of the object between the object database and an database. The invention furthermore discloses an object database updating method and a computing system comprising an object database and object database updating method as disclosed in the current invention..
Holographic method and device for cytological diagnostics
The present invention discloses a method for analyzing a liquid cell sample, comprising the steps of: a) providing at least one liquid cell sample in a sample vial; b) obtaining data linked to the cells in the sample by performing differential digital holographic microscopy on said liquid cell sample in said sample vial. In a second aspect, the invention also provides for a system for analyzing a liquid cell sample, comprising (i) a differential digital holographic microscope comprising illumination means, a differential interferometer and a digital recording device connected to a processing device such as a computer; (ii) at least one exchangeable sample vial comprising a liquid cell (iii) a movable sample vial holder; characterized in that (iv) said sample vial holder is adapted to receive said sample vial; (v) said sample vial holder is adapted to position said sample vial such that the focal plane of the objective lens of said differential digital holographic microscope lies in the vial..
Visible light photoinitiating system for preparing high diffraction efficiency hologram optical polymer material
The present invention provides a visible light photoinitiating system for preparing a holographic photopolymer material with high-diffraction efficiency. The photoinitiating system comprises a photosensitizer and a co-initiator, and its mechanism is that the photosensitizer transforms from ground state to excited state after absorbing photons, and then interacts with the co-initiator through transfer of electrons and protons, which produces an alkyl (or aryl) free radical r and a ketyl radical k; wherein the free radical r initiates the addition polymerization of monomers that are capable of free radical polymerization, whereas the radical k inhibits the chain propagation of the macromolecular free radicals to a certain degree due to the steric hindrance effect, and thus delays the gelation time of the photopolymerization, which helps to increase the phase separation between the polymer and the functional components.
Holographic imaging
Technologies are generally described for generating an image in a holographic imaging device by causing multiple reflections of a hologram reconstruction light on one side of a display panel in the holographic imaging device. An example device may include a display panel, a semi-transparent mirror layer on the display panel, a mirror layer at a side of the semi-transparent mirror layer opposite to the display panel, and a light irradiation unit opposite to the semi-transparent mirror layer.
Method and apparatus for quantum holographic information processing
Encoding of quantum algorithm and devices therefrom are provided. The encoding includes receiving a unitary matrix operator representing the quantum algorithm, each row of the unitary matrix operator defining a superposition of basis state vectors for transforming input states to output states.
Holographic liquid crystal display, stereo display method, and stereo display system
A holographic lcd stereo display system is disclosed. The holographic lcd stereo display system comprises: a holographic projection device (11), a signal synchronous generator (12) and a holographic lcd having multiple layer of lcd panels.
Mixed reality display accommodation
A mixed reality accommodation system and related methods are provided. In one example, a head-mounted display device includes a plurality of sensors and a display system for presenting holographic objects.
Integrated hologram optical device
An integrated hologram optical device, a method of manufacturing the same, and an integrated hologram recording apparatus are provided. The integrated hologram optical device includes a two-dimensional (2d) array of a plurality of hogels.
Intelligent electronic device having user-authenticating capabilities
An intelligent electronic device (ied) includes a user authentication module configured for authenticating authorized users of the ied and preventing an access by non-authorized personnel to a user-selectable portion of operational features of the ied. In exemplary embodiments, the user authentication module includes a database of information authenticating an authorized user and a sensor acquiring user-identifying information (e.g., a biometric sensor, a reader of magnetic, holographic, rfid, or smart id cards, or a keypad).
Holographic display system
A holographic display system for producing three-dimensional virtual images that are similar those of a real object seen through a conventional glass window. A basic display element comprises a lens and an image element such as conventional display screen, film, slide, or photograph.
Enegry conversion device and method
An energy conversion device includes a holographic lens arranged between a glass slab and the first solar cell. The holographic lens is configured to concentrate a portion of a first component of impinging electromagnetic radiation onto the first solar cell and direct a portion of a second component of the electromagnetic radiation away from the first solar cell.
Display including electrowetting prism array
A display including an electrowetting prism array is provided. The display includes: a light source, a 2-dimensional (2d) display for providing an image using light from the light source, a prism array in which a refractive power of one or more prisms of the prism array is adjustablein real time, and an optical element which increases a refraction of light transmitted therethrough.
Multiplexed hologram tiling in a waveguide display
Embodiments related near-eye display devices having angularly multiplexed holograms are disclosed. One disclosed embodiment provides a near-eye display device including an image source, a waveguide, and a controller.
System and method for autostereoscopic imaging using holographic optical element
Systems and methods for creating an autostereoscopic display include a holographic optical element (hoe) recorded using coherent light divided into diverging reference and object beams that illuminate the hoe from opposite sides. The object beam passes through first and second diffusers with one diffuser being a directional diffuser to more uniformly illuminate the hoe.
Foil composite card
Composite cards formed in accordance with the invention include a security layer comprising a hologram or diffraction grating formed at, or in, the center, or core layer, of the card. The hologram may be formed by embossing a designated area of the core layer with a diffraction pattern and depositing a thin layer of metal on the embossed layer.
Retroreflective articles and devices having viscoelastic lightguide
Disclosed herein is an optical device having a light source, a viscoelastic lightguide and a retroreflective film suitable for retroreflecting light. Light from the light source enters the viscoelastic lightguide and is transported within the lightguide by total internal reflection.
Low cost optical package
An optical package having a patterned submount, an optoelectronic device mounted to the patterned submount, a spacer affixed on one side to the patterned submount, the spacer having a bore hole therethrough wherein the optoelectronic device is positioned, and an optical element affixed to the spacer on a side opposite the patterned submount and covering the spacer bore hole. The patterned submount may be a circuit board.
Holographic bubble generating system
An optical effect bubble generating system includes an optical effect viewing device including one or more desired holographic images. The optical effect viewing device can be eyeglasses having lenses containing the holographic images.
Holographic imaging optical device
In relation to a field of creating and processing a digital image, a compact portable device for generation and observation of dynamic and static holograms is provided. A system including a holographic display may be based on reconstruction and transmission of a wavefront encoded with a spatial light modulator while preserving information about a wave amplitude and a phase.
Novel method of fast fourier transform (fft) analysis using waveform-embedded or waveform-modulated coherent beams and holograms
Method of fast fourier transform (fft) analysis for collecting waveforms and other vibrational intelligence and modulating or embedding same into one or more coherent reference beams of an n-dimensional holographic recording device for producing one or more holograms of objects, including singularity points in space. The result provides wholesale differentiation of waveforms distinguishable from others based on their spectral characteristics.
Holographic image identification apparatus and method, and holographic image selective reconstruction apparatus, method and system
Disclosed is an apparatus for identifying authenticity of a holographic image, which is capable of identifying the authenticity by comparing a holographic image reconstructed by irradiating light having the same characteristic as an irradiation characteristic of a first reference beam used in generating the holographic image with an original image. Accordingly, since an image or a pattern is recorded by using a reference beam having a specific angle and a specific laser wavelength band in making a hologram, replication or copying for forgery is prevented from being easy..
Lensfree holographic microscopy using wetting films
A method of imaging a sample includes forming a monolayer wetting layer over a sample containing objects therein. A plurality of lower resolution images are obtained of the sample interposed between an illumination source and an image sensor, wherein each lower resolution image is obtained at discrete spatial locations.
People-triggered holographic reminders
Methods for generating and displaying people-triggered holographic reminders are described. In some embodiments, a head-mounted display device (hmd) generates and displays an augmented reality environment to an end user of the hmd in which reminders associated with a particular person may be displayed if the particular person is within a field of view of the hmd or if the particular person is within a particular distance of the hmd.

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