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Holographic patents


This page is updated frequently with new Holographic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Holographic-related patents
 Error tolerant or streaming storage device patent thumbnailnew patent Error tolerant or streaming storage device
A method of storing data includes receiving general purpose (gp) data and special error tolerant or streaming (ets) data, storing the gp data using a data storage method, and storing the ets data using a different data storage method which affects the access rate, resilience to errors, data integrity, storage density, or storage capacity. The storage medium, which can include a disk drive, flash memory, or holographic memory, is utilized differently depending on the required quality of service in aspects including block size, storage of error correction codes, utilization of error correction codes, storage area density, physical format pattern, storage verification, or reaction to failed storage verification.

 Enhanced pepper's ghost illusion using video panel displays patent thumbnailnew patent Enhanced pepper's ghost illusion using video panel displays
Systems and methods herein are directed to creating a holographic image (e.g., in line with pepper's ghost illusion) with a panel display (e.g., plasma, liquid crystal display (lcd), light-emitting diode (led), etc.) as the light source for the holographic image. As described herein, such displays may include any size display, such as ranging from personal electronic equipment (e.g., watches, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, televisions, etc.) through to stage-sized displays for larger venues (e.g., concerts, stage shows, etc.).
Ventana 3d, Llc

 Full-color incoherent digital holography patent thumbnailnew patent Full-color incoherent digital holography
In one embodiment, a color holographic image is created by generating a separate complex hologram for each of multiple different colors of an object field illuminated with incoherent light, combining the separate complex holograms to obtain a color complex hologram, and generating a reconstructed color holographic image of the object field.. .
University Of South Florida

 Device and  calculating holographic data patent thumbnailDevice and calculating holographic data
An apparatus and a method for optimized calculation of 2d sub-holograms for object points of a three-dimensional scene and a pipeline for real-time calculation of holograms are provided. The invention shortens the calculation time of a hologram for representing a three-dimensional scene and/or to reduce the calculation complexity of such a hologram.
Seereal Technologies S.a.

 Low-profile bounce chamber for pepper's ghost illusion patent thumbnailLow-profile bounce chamber for pepper's ghost illusion
Systems and methods herein are directed to creating a holographic image (e.g., in line with pepper's ghost illusion) using a low-profile bounce chamber. As described herein, a bounce is provided at an angle (e.g., a 45-degree angle) to a holographic screen/foil in a pepper's ghost illusion setup.
Ventana 3d, Llc

 Common-mode digital holographic microscope patent thumbnailCommon-mode digital holographic microscope
A digital holographic microscope including a single mode fiber collimated light source which provides illumination for both the ‘science’ and ‘reference’ arms, a pair of microscope objectives located side-by side, and illuminated by the common beam, a relay lens whose center is between the two objectives, and a focal plane element where the interference pattern is measured. A lens-less digital holographic microscope and a reflective digital holographic microscope are also disclosed..
California Institute Of Technology

 Background imagery for enhanced pepper's ghost illusion patent thumbnailBackground imagery for enhanced pepper's ghost illusion
Systems and methods herein are directed to providing a visual effect background that may be added behind a transparent holographic projection screen (e.g., of a pepper's ghost illusion system) that provides for greater scenic depth behind the holographic projection, regardless of the amount of actual physical space behind the transparent screen. The background, which may be used for projection-based holographic projections or video panel display projections, generally establishes an optical illusion of depth behind the holographic images (producing a depth perception or “perspective” that gives a greater appearance of depth or distance behind a holographic projection)..
Ventana 3d, Llc

 Magnonic holographic memory and methods patent thumbnailMagnonic holographic memory and methods
An electronic device using an array of magnetic wave guides is shown. In one example a memory device is shown that utilizes spin waves and a magnet storage element that interacts with the spin waves.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Holographic data reproduction apparatus and method thereof patent thumbnailHolographic data reproduction apparatus and method thereof
A holographic data reproduction apparatus is provided. The holographic data reproduction apparatus includes: a charged-coupled device (ccd) that photographs diffracted-light from a recording medium irradiated with reference light, wherein the diffracted-light corresponds to a data page, an operation unit that calculates an optimal threshold value by applying a fitness function (fit) to a genetic algorithm for detecting a number of error bits of the data page corresponding to the diffracted-light, a control unit that determines an output value of each pixel of the data page based on the optimal threshold value, and a decoding unit that decodes and outputs reproduction data according to the output value of the each pixel.
Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

 Spatial light modulator with integrated optical compensation structure patent thumbnailSpatial light modulator with integrated optical compensation structure
A spatial light modulator comprises an integrated optical compensation structure, e.g., an optical compensation structure arranged between a substrate and a plurality of individually addressable light-modulating elements, or an optical compensation structure located on the opposite side of the light-modulating elements from the substrate. The individually addressable light-modulating elements are configured to modulate light transmitted through or reflected from the transparent substrate.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.


Large bandwidth volume holographic phase converter apparatus, methods, and applications

A volume bragg grating (vbg) containing one or more controlled phase profiles holographically embedded therein that is operable over a broad wavelength range, methods for making such controlled phase profile-embedded vbgs, and applications thereof.. .
University Of Central Florida


Holographic encryption of multi-dimensional images

Cryptographic techniques for encrypting images, and decrypting and reconstructing images, are provided to facilitate preventing unauthorized access to images. A holographic cryptographic component (hcc) can generate a global image comprising a scaled version of a source image and random content, generate a phase hologram representing the global image, and encrypt the phase hologram to generate an encrypted hologram based on a random phase mask, which can be the private encryption key.


Holographic wristband

Disclosed is, among other things, a holographic wristband. It may comprise a wristband configured to emit two-dimensional (2d) or three-dimensional (3d) images.


Neural control holography

Neural control of holograms is provided to facilitate improving the viewing pleasure of a viewer. A holographic processor component can generate holograms representing a multi-dimensional object scene.


Decorative illuminable container

An illuminable container having a reflective inner surface and at least one aperture of a selected shape wherein the container is configured to accept a light source and the effect of the reflective inner surface and light emitted from the light source is visible through the at least one aperture. The reflective inner surface may also have holographic properties.


Apparatus and digital holographic table top display

Disclosed is an apparatus and method for digital holographic table top display. The digital holographic table top display apparatus includes: a camera array configured to capture a plurality of channel images in an omni-directional range from a table by using a plurality of cameras; a controller configured to detect an observer from the plurality of channel images and to track a position of pupils of the observer in at least one channel image from which the observer is detected; and a display configured to reproduce a digital holographic image in a three-dimensional (3d) space according to the tracked position of the pupils..


Video display and method providing vision correction for multiple viewers

A video display system for providing vision correction for multiple users may include a display device having a holographic layer and a vision correction layer. The system may also include a processor coupled to the display device to receive a first prescription corresponding to a first user and a second prescription corresponding to a second user, and to modulate the display device so that the first user at a first angle and the second user at a second angle can view a non-distorted image from the display device..


Holographic display apparatus and holographic display method

A holographic display apparatus includes a spatial light modulator configured to generate hologram patterns to modulate light; an illuminator configured to emit the light to the spatial light modulator; and a controller configured to control operations of the spatial light modulator and the illuminator, the spatial light modulator being configured to generate, from among the hologram patterns, a first hologram pattern and a second hologram pattern according to the control operations of the controller, the first hologram pattern and the second hologram pattern being configured to form a first hologram image and a second hologram image having different viewpoints, and the controller being configured to set a first phase modulation value of the first hologram pattern and a second phase modulation value of the second hologram pattern to be different from each other such that hologram images having different viewpoints are formed.. .


Optical design of a wide field of view pupil forming hud

A head up display or hud system, including methods and apparatus, suitable for use in a flight simulator. According to the present teachings, a flight simulator hud may be configured to produce a hud image that appears superimposed on a simulated cockpit field of view image, and which has substantially the same relatively short focal distance from the user as the simulated image.


Led night light has projection or image feature

An led night light for night time or dark area use, such as a plug-in wall outlet night light or direct current (dc) operated night light, includes projection or image features to project or present an image, message, data, logo, or time on a ceiling, walls, floor, or other desired surface, or an optics element surface. The optics means may include an magnify optics-lens, tube or tube assembly, slide, convex lens, concave lens, openings, cut-outs, film, grating, or holographic element to create an image at a desired location.


3d holographic virtual object display controlling method based on human-eye tracking

A 3d holographic virtual object display controlling method and apparatus based on human-eye tracking are provided. The display controlling method comprises the following steps of: activating tracking of human eyes of a user; tracking motions of eyeballs of the user; controlling a 3d holographic virtual object presented in a display interface to rotate in response to the motions of the eyeballs of the user; and ending up the tracking of the human eyes of the user.
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Interactive displaying method, control achieving displaying of a holographic image

An interactive displaying method, a control method and an apparatus for achieving displaying of a holographic image are provided. The interactive displaying method comprises: scanning a 3d space by controlling signal transmitters arranged in a matrix to transmit signals; determining a target object in the 3d space; and determining a first position of the target object and displaying a viewable image corresponding to the target object at a second position of a display region.
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Displaying method, apparatus and system for providing holographic images to a plurality of viewers simultaneously

A displaying method, a displaying apparatus and a displaying system for providing holographic images to a plurality of viewers simultaneously are provided. The displaying method comprises: tracking motions of m viewers and eye positions thereof, adjusting rotation angles of programmable mirrors allocated to each of the viewers according to the motions of the eye positions of the viewer, it is predefined that each pixel position of the projection screen corresponds to n adjacent ones of the programmable mirrors; modulating a corresponding left-eye 3d image and a corresponding right-eye 3d image according to the tracked motions of the eye positions of each of the viewers and the rotation angles of the programmable mirrors allocated to the viewer, and projecting the left-eye 3d image and the right-eye 3d image onto the projection screen to control optical projections incident to the left eyes and the right eyes of different viewers..
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Thin film type controlled viewing window back light unit and thin flat type controlled viewing window display using the same

The present disclosure relates to a thin film type controlled viewing window back light unit and a thin flat type controlled viewing window display using the same. The present disclosure suggests a thin film type back light unit which can include: a base film having a width and a length, and including a high refractive film and a low refractive film stacked on the high refractive film; an incident pattern disposed at one side of a bottom surface of the base film; a reflective pattern disposed at an opposite side apart from the one side with the length of the bottom surface of the base film, and covering the width of the opposite side; a light radiating pattern disposed on an upper surface of the base film; a holographic film for controlling a viewing-window disposed on the light radiating pattern; and a light source being apart from the incident pattern, and providing an incident light to the incident pattern..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Mobile device wireless charging system

A wireless charging system for charging a mobile device uses a supercapacitor to provide wireless charging of the device. A holographic image of the supercapacitor may store electrical charge which may be released for storage into the battery of the device..


Touch sensitive holographic display system and using the display system

A touch sensitive holographic display system includes a transparent screen having a rear side and a front side. A projector is configured for creating a holographic image at the front of the screen by projecting an image towards the rear side of the screen.
Continental Automotive Systems Inc.


Apparatus and displaying holographic three-dimensional image

Provided are an apparatus and a method for displaying a holographic three-dimensional (3d) image. The apparatus includes an image segmenter configured to segment an original image into a plurality of segments, and a calculator configured to calculate diffraction fringe pattern information for displaying each of the plurality of segments as a 3d holographic image.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Holographic image display system

Disclosed are methods and systems for displaying images, and for implementing volumetric user interfaces. One exemplary embodiment provides a system comprising: a light source; an image producing unit, which produces an image upon interaction with light approaching the image producing unit from the light source; an eyepiece; and a mirror, directing light from the image to a surface of the eyepiece, wherein the surface has a shape of a solid of revolution formed by revolving a planar curve at least 180° around an axis of revolution..
Real View Imaging Ltd.


Method of laser illumination with reduced speckling

Proposed is a method of laser illumination with reduced speckling for in optical microscopy, machine vision systems with laser illumination, fine optical metrology, etc. The method comprises forming a net of planar ridge waveguides into an arbitrary configuration and providing them with a plurality of holograms having holographic elements formed into a predetermined organization defined by the shape of a given light spot or light field which is to be formed by light beams emitted from the holograms on the surface of the object or in a space at a distance from the planar ridge waveguide.


Security element comprising a volume hologram

The present invention relates to a security element (20) to be built into an item, particularly a document (10), said security element comprising a holographic layer, enabling a volume hologram to be generated, and a non-holographic variable opacity structure generated by the presence of: a) one or more cutout(s) and/or at least partially translucent areas and moreover at least partially opaque area(s); and/or b) oriented platelet pigments. The variable opacity structure is at least partially placed over the hologram within a region of the security element observable in transmitted light..
Arjowiggins Security


Top coupled photonic chip alignment package

The present invention provides an improved coupling and improved alignment of top-coupled photonic chips. The present invention includes a method to package and align top-coupling photonic chips using a holographic grating coupler and v-groove placement comprising the steps of: preparing the photonic chip with grating couplers, preparing the fibers by polishing the ends, preparing the cap chip by defining v-grooves to complement the photonic chip, attaching the fibers to the v-block cap chip, and top-cladding the cap chip to the photonic chip.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Backlight unit and holographic display including the same

Provided are a backlight unit and a holographic display including the same. The backlight unit may include: a light guide plate; a light source unit configured to adjust a direction of light which is emitted from the light source unit and incident on the light guide plate; and a diffraction device which is disposed on the light guide plate and configured to control a direction of light emitted from the light guide plate..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Management of content in a 3d holographic environment

Methods for managing content within an interactive augmented reality environment are described. An augmented reality environment may be provided to an end user of a head-mounted display device (hmd) in which content (e.g., webpages) may be displayed to the end user using one or more curved slates that are positioned on a virtual cylinder that appears body-locked to the end user.


Composite laminate assembly and manufacturing the same

A method for the manufacture of a composite laminate assembly that includes decorative, functional, security, reflective, diffractive, holographic elements for liquid transfer onto the surface of a variety of base materials or work piece having a flat or complex three dimensional shape.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Optical information reproduction device and optical information reproduction method

An optical information recording/reproduction device is capable of appropriately correcting the angle of a reference beam during data reproduction even when a wavelength deviation or an angle deviation in multiplexing and vertical directions of the reference beam occurs in a holographic memory recording medium. The optical information reproduction device has a laser light source that generates a reference beam; an image-capturing unit that detects a diffraction ray to be reproduced from the optical information recoding medium; and an optical detection unit that has at least two light-receiving surfaces and is used for detecting a diffraction ray reproduced by irradiating the reference beam on the optical information recording medium.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Photopolymer formulations for producing holographic media having highly crosslinked matrix polymers

The invention relates to a photopolymer formulation comprising a polyol component, a polyisocyanate component, a writing monomer, and a photoinitiator, containing a coinitiator and a dye having the formula f an, where f stands for a cationic dye and an″ stands for an anion, wherein the dye having the formula f an comprises a water absorption of =5%. The invention further relates to a holographic medium, in particular in the form of a film, containing a photopolymer formulation according to the invention, to the use of such a medium for recording holograms, and to a special dye that can be used in the photopolymer formulation according to the invention..
Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh


Display device

A display device 10 comprises a see-through member 12 having a see-through area 14, the see-through member 12 including a plurality of display segments 16 for emitting visible light, the display segments 16 being provided within the see-through area 14 in a mutually spaced manner, the see-through member 12 further including a plurality of holographic optical elements 20 provided within the see-through area 14, each holographic optical element 20 being associated with a respective display segment 16, wherein each holographic optical element 20 is adapted to collimate the visible light emitted by the associated display segment 16 when the display segment 16 is located in a focal plane of the associated holographic optical element 20.. .
Lusospace, Projectos Engenharia Lda


Multiple laminar flow-based particle and cellular separation with laser steering

The invention provides a method, apparatus and system for separating blood and other types of cellular components, and can be combined with holographic optical trapping manipulation or other forms of optical tweezing. One of the exemplary methods includes providing a first flow having a plurality of blood components; providing a second flow; contacting the first flow with the second flow to provide a first separation region; and differentially sedimenting a first blood cellular component of the plurality of blood components into the second flow while concurrently maintaining a second blood cellular component of the plurality of blood components in the first flow.
Premium Genetics (uk) Ltd.


Apparatus for reducing data volumes

Apparatus for reducing data volumes, which apparatus comprises: (1) a source systems data profiler and extractor subsystem comprising: a. A fuzzy logic controller comprising fuzzyfier, inference, and output handling, b.
Penteract28 Limited


Interactive three dimensional displays on handheld devices

Techniques are disclosed for rendering an anamorphic projection of 3d scene geometry on a handled device using a correct asymmetric perspective geometry projection. Once pose of the handheld device is determined, a relative eye position may be inferred when the device is tilted away from an initial or default pose, based on data supplied by accelerometers.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Holographic memory device

To reduce an influence of stray light and stably record/reproduce high-quality data in holographic recording/reproduction. A holographic memory device includes an optical system that guides a reference beam to an optical information recording medium at a desired angle of incidence, a control part that controls the angle of incidence of the reference beam generated in the optical system, and a lens part that images the reference beam in a desired position of the optical information recording medium.
Hitachi-lg Data Storage, Inc.


Display device for holographic images for small and medium sized media devices

A holographic image viewer for small and medium-sized media devices whose inventive concept lies in its portability, providing viewing of holographic moving images (the 3-d ones according to the incidence of light on the image) generated by any type of video player such as a smartphone, tablet, notebook, led and lcd monitor. It provides complementary protection for these mobile devices and, as the main property of said device is its portability, it can be used individually and relies on low cost manufacturing technology..


Video display device and head-mounted display

A video display device is provided with: a display element which modulates light from an illumination optical system, and displays video; and an ocular optical system for guiding video light from the display element into a pupil of an observer. The ocular optical system is provided with: an ocular prism which guides the video light therein; and a holographic optical element (hoe).
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Light extracting diffusive hologram for display illumination

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for illumination, such as for illuminating displays, including reflective displays. An illumination device may include a light-extracting, diffusive holographic medium.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.


Apparatus and measuring quality of holographic image

An apparatus and a method for measuring quality of a holographic image are disclosed. The apparatus for measuring the quality of the holographic image may include an obtaining unit to obtain a hologram, a reconstruction unit to reconstruct a three-dimensional (3d) holographic image by irradiating the hologram with a light source, a measuring unit to measure depth of the reconstructed holographic image, and an analysis unit to analyze depth representation quality of the holographic image base on the measured depth of the holographic image..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method and head worn display with multiple exit pupils

A method for displaying an image viewable by an eye, the image being projected from a portable head worn display, comprises steps of: emitting a plurality of light beams of wavelengths that differ amongst the light beams; directing the plurality of light beams to a scanning mirror; modulating in intensity each one of the plurality of light beams in accordance with intensity information provided from the image, whereby the intensity is representative of a pixel value within the image; scanning the plurality of light beams in two distinct axes with the scanning mirror to form the image; and redirecting the plurality of light beams to the eye using a holographic optical element acting as a reflector of the light beams, whereby the redirecting is dependent on the wavelength of the light beam, to create for each light beam an exit pupil at the eye that is spatially separated from the exit pupils of the other light beams.. .
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne


Backlight unit for holographic display

A backlight unit for a holographic display is provided. The backlight unit includes: at least one light source; at least one input coupler; a light guide panel (lgp) that guides light; a first holographic element on a first surface of the lgp; and a second holographic element on a second surface of the lgp, wherein the at least one input coupler is configured to uniformly transmit rays emitted from the at least one light source toward the first holographic element through the lgp, and the lgp is configured to transmit the rays incident from the at least one input coupler toward the first holographic element, and the first holographic element redirects the rays toward the second holographic element, the redirected rays being substantially parallel to one another, and the second holographic element emits rays incident from the first holographic element toward an outside of the lgp..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Video-game console for allied touchscreen media

The present invention seeks to introduce a new delivery system, interactive platform and controller compliment for an allied touchscreen media; with said media particularly comprising repository-sourced mobile game applications configured for native operation. Mapping systems are dynamic and include an interface for user manipulation of immersive, 3-d holographic imaging modalities to advance input in a video-game environment.


Concentrating photovoltaic skylight based on holograms and/or methods of making the same

Improved building-integrated photovoltaic (bipv) systems according to certain example embodiments may include concentrated photovoltaic skylights or other windows in which holographic optical elements (hoes) are provided. The hoes are formed on or in a substantially planar glass substrate, e.g., at light coupling locations, and they help form a holographic projection of light in a desired wavelength range on a photovoltaic module.
Guardian Industries Corp.


Virtual reality environment with real world objects

An hmd device renders a virtual reality environment in which areas of the real world are masked out so that real world objects such as computer monitors, doors, people, faces, and the like appear visible to the device user and no holographic or virtual reality content is rendered over the visible objects. The hmd device includes a sensor package to support application of surface reconstruction techniques to dynamically detect edges and surfaces of the real world objects and keep objects visible on the display as the user changes position or head pose or when the real world objects move or their positions are changed.


Fabrication of high efficiency, high quality, large area diffractive waveplates and arrays

The objective of the present invention is providing a method for fabricating high quality diffractive waveplates and their arrays that exhibit high diffraction efficiency over large area, the method being capable of inexpensive large volume production. The method uses a polarization converter for converting the polarization of generally non-monochromatic and partially coherent input light beam into a pattern of periodic spatial modulation at the output of said polarization converter.
U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Smart transparency for holographic objects

A head mounted display (hmd) device is configured with a sensor package that enables head tracking to determine the device user's proximity to holographic objects in mixed reality or virtual reality environments. A fade volume including concentrically-arranged volumetric shells is placed around the user including a near shell that is closest to the user, and a far shell that is farthest from the user.


Hand held novelty cheering device

A hand-held novelty cheering device that enables a user to express patriotism, support and encouragement at any type of event by waving the device to-and-fro as the device can generate a rattling sound and display images in holographic relief, glow-in-the-dark, luminescent, reflective, distinctive coloration, lights, insignias, licensed characters, mascots, or any visual representation the user desires in order to generate the desired expressive effect.. .


Holographic keyboard display

Embodiments that relate to displaying holographic keyboard and hand images in a holographic environment are provided. In one embodiment depth information of an actual position of a user's hand is received.


Display devices using feedback enhanced light emitting diode

Display devices using feedback-enhanced light emitting diodes are disclosed. The display devices include but are not limited to active and passive matrix displays and projection displays.
Zeolux Corporation


Apparatus and displaying holographic 3d image

An apparatus and a method for displaying holographic 3d image are provided. The method includes generating, by a controller, a hologram signal to generate multiple identical hologram images which are shifted with respect to one another by a predetermined distance and overlapped on one another, and modulating, by a spatially light modulator (slm), light incident on the slm based on the hologram signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Contact lenses with embedded labels

An ophthalmic lens incorporating clearly identifiable, highly visible embedded labels that are not visible to the wearer or others when placed on the eye may be utilized to allow an individual to easily distinguish between the normal state of the lens and the inverted state of the lens as well as serve any number of functions, including acting as a brand label, a prescription label or as a cosmetic enhancer. The embedded label comprises holographic recordings revealed only in transmitted light..
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Holographic 3d eyewear for video gaming

3d eyewear that uses cylindrical lens that stretched across the viewers eye viewing space, while capturing and curving light (into pincushion and/or barrel distortion) from an image on a screen (such as 3d video games, videos, and pictures) and turn it into a holographic 3d scene with depth. The technology depends on the viewers natural monocular cues combined with the optical distortion of the lens to acquire this holographic 3d effect.


Methods and coherent holographic data channels

Methods and devices for coherent holographic data channel techniques are presented. Coherent techniques for data detection generally include homodyne and heterodyne detection.
Akonia Holographics, Llc


Holographic projection device for the enlargement of a visibility region

A holographic projection apparatus and a method for magnifying a virtual visibility region, for observing a reconstructed scene with at least one light modulation device and with at least one light source having sufficiently coherent light for generating a wavefront of a scene that is coded in the light modulation device. By means of imaging the wavefront into a viewer plane, it is possible to generate the virtual visibility region for observing the reconstructed scene.
Seereal Technologies S.a.


Projection display and displaying at least one of two-dimensional and three-dimensional scene or of content

A projection device is provided for displaying at least one of a two-dimensional and three-dimensional scene or of content. The projection device comprises an illumination device, at least two spatial light modulator devices and an optical system.
Seereal Technologies S.a.


Tunable nonlinear beam shaping by a non-collinear interaction

A method and system for beam shaping employing a non-collinear quasi phase-matched interaction in a crystal whose nonlinear coefficient was encoded by a computer generated hologram is provided herein. The same axis is used for both satisfying the phase-matching requirements and encoding the holographic information.
Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.


Integrated filter and grating in an aiming sight

A holographic sight is provided having a housing that includes a plurality of holograph sight components. A laser diode mounted in the housing is configured to emit a laser light beam.
L-3 Communications Corporation, Warrior Systems Division - Eotech


Holographic reproducing apparatus and method, holographic implementing device and method

A holographic reproducing apparatus includes: a photorefractive crystal configured to have holographic images recorded in a plurality of different angles respectively; and a light source configured to supply a plurality of reproducing light beams to be incident to the photorefractive crystal in different angles, wherein the reproducing light beams have a same frequency and a same optical length as a reference light beam used when the holographic images are formed. In the holographic reproducing apparatus, each of the holographic images can be presented in different angles without interference therebetween, so that observers in a plurality of orientations can view the holographic images recorded in the photorefractive crystal, thus the problem that the viewing angle is unique in the holographic reproducing procedure is addressed..
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Method for illumination of a hologram in holographic lithography and a multi-component illuminator for carrying out the method

A method and a multi-component illuminator for illumination of a hologram in holographic lithography in which a coherent beam is split into a plurality of individual laser light beams by means of a beam splitter which is provided with a plurality of individual sub-illuminators. Each sub-illuminator has an individual aperture, receives a respective individual coherent light beam, and form a an illumination field on the surface of the hologram during hologram illumination.


Radial fpa based electro-optic imager

A radial fpa based electro-optic imager, rather than the conventional rectilinear approach, would have basic overall system design advantages. Those system design advantages would apply to the components and the entire system implementation and include approaches to objective optical design, focal plane array fpa with fill factor, fpa layout and associated read-out integrated circuit roic, support electronics architecture and associated memory requirements, image processing ip algorithms, display layout and format, and eyepiece optics.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Transflective holographic film for head worn display

A display panel assembly comprises a transflective holographic screen, i.e., a transparent screen that reflects light from a projection system, comprising at least a volume hologram, a first protective element and a second protective element, each arranged in contact with the volume hologram such that the volume hologram is sandwiched between the first protective element and the second protective element. The display panel assembly further comprises a projection system focusing an image on the volume hologram comprising at least projection optics, mounting means arranged to fixedly mount the projection system relatively to the transflective holographic screen.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)


Method for design and manufacturing of optics for holographic sight

A method for design and fabrication of holographic optical elements for a compact holographic sight is proposed. The method includes use of ray-trace software to design holographic elements having optical power using an intermediate hologram with parameters obtained through minimization of the merit function defining image quality..
Luminit Llc


Polymer dispersed liquid crystal photovoltaic device and making

A novel photovoltaic device including a polymer dispersed liquid crystal (pdlc) material that is capable of converting solar energy to electrical energy and method for making. The device may optionally include a conductive container for holding the pdlc material.
Drexel University


Projection device and holographic reconstruction of scenes

A holographic reconstruction of scenes includes a light modulator, an imaging system with at least two imaging means and an illumination device with sufficient coherent light for illumination of hologram coded in the light modulator. The at least two imaging means are arranged such that a first imaging means is provided for the magnified imaging of the light modulator on a second imaging means.
Seereal Technologies Gmbh


Three dimensional display system

System and method for video holographic display. Information is received regarding a 2d hogel array with multiple hogel apertures, specifying number, size, and/or spacing of the hogel apertures.
Coherent Logix, Incorporated


Security element having volume hologram and printed feature

The invention relates to a method for producing a security element having a holographic layer in which a hologram is arranged, characterized by at least the following steps: a) providing the holographic layer; b) exposing the holographic layer at least in sections via a master hologram to produce a hologram copy in the holographic layer; e) printing the holographic layer at least in sections with an ink, forming a printed feature, wherein the ink comprises the melt of a dye or a colorless component or a solvent and a dye dissolved therein or a colorless component dissolved therein; d) fixing the exposed holographic layer to produce the hologram in the holographic layer, wherein the printed feature and the hologram are arranged in the holographic layer such that the printed feature and the hologram overlap at least in sections. The invention further relates to a security feature which is produced or can be produced by said method..
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Holographic image projection with holographic correction

There is provided a method of projection using an optical element (502,602) having spatially variant optical power. The method comprises combining fourier domain data representative of a 2d image with fourier domain data having a first lensing effect (604a) to produce first holographic data.
Two Trees Photonics Limited


Method and achieving transformation of a virtual view into a three-dimensional view

A method and an apparatus for achieving transformation of a virtual view into a 3d view are provided. The method comprises: s1.
Shenzhen Cloud Cube Information Tech Co., Ltd.


Resolution enhancement techniques based on holographic imaging technology

Systems and techniques for performing resolution enhancement on target patterns based on holographic imaging technique (hit) are described. During operation, an electronic design automation (eda) tool can compute an in-line hologram of the target patterns based on parameters associated with a photolithography process that is used in a semiconductor manufacturing process, wherein the semiconductor manufacturing process is to be used for printing the target patterns on a semiconductor wafer.
Synopsys, Inc.


High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays

High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays as disclosed herein utilize a system of optical elements that may be external to the laser oscillator array. Such an external optical system may achieve mutually coherent operation of all the emitters in a laser array, and coherent combination of the output of all the lasers in the array into a single beam.
Pd-ld, Inc.


Methods for improving performance of holographic glasses

The improvement of the performance of holographic glasses with recorded holograms as measured by a figure of merit of the holographic glasses is disclosed. The improvement in the figure of merit of the holographic glasses is obtained at least in part with the addition of arsenic in the formation of the holographic glasses.
Pd-ld, Inc.


Color changing display systems

A color changing display system is provided that includes a light source for producing different light colors, a controller for providing a smooth transition between the different light colors, and a body with a combined image comprising two or more differently colors images printed in a single layer and positioned on the body. Each of the different color images reacts with a respective color of the different light colors such that an appearance of the combined image changes gradually from a first display image having one particular shape into a second display image having a second particular shape in response to the different light colors interacting with the combined image to produce a moving, seemingly holographic effect.
Jumbie, Llc


Pseudo 3-d rendering of mobile device based slot machine

The invention relates to a system and method for applying one or more visual effects such as three-dimensional effects and holographic effects to one or more two-dimensional images that represent all or a portion of a virtual slot machine that is depicted in a virtual slot machine game rendered by a computing device. The computing device may determine the visual effects to be applied based on sensor information that indicates an orientation of the computing device.
Tap Slots Inc.


Sensory holograms

A sensory hologram system includes a holographic system generating a holographic image, a sensory imparting system augmenting the holographic image, a detector configured to detect a location of a target, and a processor synchronizing the holographic system and the sensory imparting system based on the location of the target.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and enhancement of resolution and wide viewing angle digital holographic system

An apparatus and method for enhancing a resolution and a wide viewing angle of a holographic system is provided, the method including determining a multiple n of a target resolution and a wide viewing angle based on a resolution of a spatial light modulator (slm) and an angle of view of a condensing lens, generating a plurality of hogels from a target image based on the determined multiple n of the target resolution and wide viewing angle, and recording the target image on a recording medium using a condensed beam obtained from a parallel beam that loads the plurality of hogels passing through the condensing lens.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Analytic computing video holograms in real time

An analytical method for computing a video hologram for a holographic reproduction device having at least one light modulation means is disclosed, wherein a scene split into object points is encoded as a whole hologram and can be seen as a reconstruction from a visibility region, located within a periodicity interval of the reconstruction. The visibility region, together with each object point of the scene to be reconstructed, defines a sub-hologram and the whole hologram is generated from a superposition of sub-holograms, wherein the complex hologram values of a sub-hologram are determined from the wave front of the respective object point to be reconstructed in a modulator region of the light modulation means, by calculating and evaluating the transmission or modulation functions of an imaging element formed in the modulator region.
Seereal Technologies S.a.


Millimeter wave three dimensional holographic scan imaging inspecting a human body or an article

A millimeter wave three dimensional holographic scan imaging apparatus and a method for inspecting a human body or an article are disclosed. In one aspect, the apparatus includes a first and second millimeter wave transceiver module.
Nuctech Company Limited


Low power fingerprint capture system, apparatus, and method

The present invention provides a large format fingerprint capture apparatus, system and method that is low power, compact, and lightweight and has a platen area greater than 3.0 square inches. The present system is typically powered, controlled, and exchanges data over a single data/control/power connection to a host pc, e.g., a desk top computer, pda, or laptop computer although the system can also be used in a wireless fashion with a power subsystem so no physical connections are required.
Identification International, Inc.

Holographic topics: Holographic, Microscope, Ion Source, Photovoltaic Module, Photovoltaic Modules, Photovoltaic Cell, Hydrogen Fluoride, Collimated Beam, Scattering, Image Acquisition, Reproduction, Data Storage, Bodily Fluid, Generators, Transverse

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