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Holographic patents

This page is updated frequently with new Holographic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Holographic-related patents
 Holographic reproducing apparatus and method, holographic implementing device and method patent thumbnailHolographic reproducing apparatus and method, holographic implementing device and method
A holographic reproducing apparatus includes: a photorefractive crystal configured to have holographic images recorded in a plurality of different angles respectively; and a light source configured to supply a plurality of reproducing light beams to be incident to the photorefractive crystal in different angles, wherein the reproducing light beams have a same frequency and a same optical length as a reference light beam used when the holographic images are formed. In the holographic reproducing apparatus, each of the holographic images can be presented in different angles without interference therebetween, so that observers in a plurality of orientations can view the holographic images recorded in the photorefractive crystal, thus the problem that the viewing angle is unique in the holographic reproducing procedure is addressed..
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.

 Method for illumination of a hologram in holographic lithography and a multi-component illuminator for carrying out the method patent thumbnailMethod for illumination of a hologram in holographic lithography and a multi-component illuminator for carrying out the method
A method and a multi-component illuminator for illumination of a hologram in holographic lithography in which a coherent beam is split into a plurality of individual laser light beams by means of a beam splitter which is provided with a plurality of individual sub-illuminators. Each sub-illuminator has an individual aperture, receives a respective individual coherent light beam, and form a an illumination field on the surface of the hologram during hologram illumination.

 Radial fpa based electro-optic imager patent thumbnailRadial fpa based electro-optic imager
A radial fpa based electro-optic imager, rather than the conventional rectilinear approach, would have basic overall system design advantages. Those system design advantages would apply to the components and the entire system implementation and include approaches to objective optical design, focal plane array fpa with fill factor, fpa layout and associated read-out integrated circuit roic, support electronics architecture and associated memory requirements, image processing ip algorithms, display layout and format, and eyepiece optics.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

 Transflective holographic film for head worn display patent thumbnailTransflective holographic film for head worn display
A display panel assembly comprises a transflective holographic screen, i.e., a transparent screen that reflects light from a projection system, comprising at least a volume hologram, a first protective element and a second protective element, each arranged in contact with the volume hologram such that the volume hologram is sandwiched between the first protective element and the second protective element. The display panel assembly further comprises a projection system focusing an image on the volume hologram comprising at least projection optics, mounting means arranged to fixedly mount the projection system relatively to the transflective holographic screen.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

 Method for design and manufacturing of optics for holographic sight patent thumbnailMethod for design and manufacturing of optics for holographic sight
A method for design and fabrication of holographic optical elements for a compact holographic sight is proposed. The method includes use of ray-trace software to design holographic elements having optical power using an intermediate hologram with parameters obtained through minimization of the merit function defining image quality..
Luminit Llc

 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal photovoltaic device and  making patent thumbnailPolymer dispersed liquid crystal photovoltaic device and making
A novel photovoltaic device including a polymer dispersed liquid crystal (pdlc) material that is capable of converting solar energy to electrical energy and method for making. The device may optionally include a conductive container for holding the pdlc material.
Drexel University

 Projection device and  holographic reconstruction of scenes patent thumbnailProjection device and holographic reconstruction of scenes
A holographic reconstruction of scenes includes a light modulator, an imaging system with at least two imaging means and an illumination device with sufficient coherent light for illumination of hologram coded in the light modulator. The at least two imaging means are arranged such that a first imaging means is provided for the magnified imaging of the light modulator on a second imaging means.
Seereal Technologies Gmbh

 Three dimensional display system patent thumbnailThree dimensional display system
System and method for video holographic display. Information is received regarding a 2d hogel array with multiple hogel apertures, specifying number, size, and/or spacing of the hogel apertures.
Coherent Logix, Incorporated

 Security element having volume hologram and printed feature patent thumbnailSecurity element having volume hologram and printed feature
The invention relates to a method for producing a security element having a holographic layer in which a hologram is arranged, characterized by at least the following steps: a) providing the holographic layer; b) exposing the holographic layer at least in sections via a master hologram to produce a hologram copy in the holographic layer; e) printing the holographic layer at least in sections with an ink, forming a printed feature, wherein the ink comprises the melt of a dye or a colorless component or a solvent and a dye dissolved therein or a colorless component dissolved therein; d) fixing the exposed holographic layer to produce the hologram in the holographic layer, wherein the printed feature and the hologram are arranged in the holographic layer such that the printed feature and the hologram overlap at least in sections. The invention further relates to a security feature which is produced or can be produced by said method..
Bayer Materialscience Ag

 Holographic image projection with holographic correction patent thumbnailHolographic image projection with holographic correction
There is provided a method of projection using an optical element (502,602) having spatially variant optical power. The method comprises combining fourier domain data representative of a 2d image with fourier domain data having a first lensing effect (604a) to produce first holographic data.
Two Trees Photonics Limited


Method and achieving transformation of a virtual view into a three-dimensional view

A method and an apparatus for achieving transformation of a virtual view into a 3d view are provided. The method comprises: s1.
Shenzhen Cloud Cube Information Tech Co., Ltd.


Resolution enhancement techniques based on holographic imaging technology

Systems and techniques for performing resolution enhancement on target patterns based on holographic imaging technique (hit) are described. During operation, an electronic design automation (eda) tool can compute an in-line hologram of the target patterns based on parameters associated with a photolithography process that is used in a semiconductor manufacturing process, wherein the semiconductor manufacturing process is to be used for printing the target patterns on a semiconductor wafer.
Synopsys, Inc.


High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays

High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays as disclosed herein utilize a system of optical elements that may be external to the laser oscillator array. Such an external optical system may achieve mutually coherent operation of all the emitters in a laser array, and coherent combination of the output of all the lasers in the array into a single beam.
Pd-ld, Inc.


Methods for improving performance of holographic glasses

The improvement of the performance of holographic glasses with recorded holograms as measured by a figure of merit of the holographic glasses is disclosed. The improvement in the figure of merit of the holographic glasses is obtained at least in part with the addition of arsenic in the formation of the holographic glasses.
Pd-ld, Inc.


Color changing display systems

A color changing display system is provided that includes a light source for producing different light colors, a controller for providing a smooth transition between the different light colors, and a body with a combined image comprising two or more differently colors images printed in a single layer and positioned on the body. Each of the different color images reacts with a respective color of the different light colors such that an appearance of the combined image changes gradually from a first display image having one particular shape into a second display image having a second particular shape in response to the different light colors interacting with the combined image to produce a moving, seemingly holographic effect.
Jumbie, Llc


Pseudo 3-d rendering of mobile device based slot machine

The invention relates to a system and method for applying one or more visual effects such as three-dimensional effects and holographic effects to one or more two-dimensional images that represent all or a portion of a virtual slot machine that is depicted in a virtual slot machine game rendered by a computing device. The computing device may determine the visual effects to be applied based on sensor information that indicates an orientation of the computing device.
Tap Slots Inc.


Sensory holograms

A sensory hologram system includes a holographic system generating a holographic image, a sensory imparting system augmenting the holographic image, a detector configured to detect a location of a target, and a processor synchronizing the holographic system and the sensory imparting system based on the location of the target.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and enhancement of resolution and wide viewing angle digital holographic system

An apparatus and method for enhancing a resolution and a wide viewing angle of a holographic system is provided, the method including determining a multiple n of a target resolution and a wide viewing angle based on a resolution of a spatial light modulator (slm) and an angle of view of a condensing lens, generating a plurality of hogels from a target image based on the determined multiple n of the target resolution and wide viewing angle, and recording the target image on a recording medium using a condensed beam obtained from a parallel beam that loads the plurality of hogels passing through the condensing lens.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Analytic computing video holograms in real time

An analytical method for computing a video hologram for a holographic reproduction device having at least one light modulation means is disclosed, wherein a scene split into object points is encoded as a whole hologram and can be seen as a reconstruction from a visibility region, located within a periodicity interval of the reconstruction. The visibility region, together with each object point of the scene to be reconstructed, defines a sub-hologram and the whole hologram is generated from a superposition of sub-holograms, wherein the complex hologram values of a sub-hologram are determined from the wave front of the respective object point to be reconstructed in a modulator region of the light modulation means, by calculating and evaluating the transmission or modulation functions of an imaging element formed in the modulator region.
Seereal Technologies S.a.


Millimeter wave three dimensional holographic scan imaging inspecting a human body or an article

A millimeter wave three dimensional holographic scan imaging apparatus and a method for inspecting a human body or an article are disclosed. In one aspect, the apparatus includes a first and second millimeter wave transceiver module.
Nuctech Company Limited


Low power fingerprint capture system, apparatus, and method

The present invention provides a large format fingerprint capture apparatus, system and method that is low power, compact, and lightweight and has a platen area greater than 3.0 square inches. The present system is typically powered, controlled, and exchanges data over a single data/control/power connection to a host pc, e.g., a desk top computer, pda, or laptop computer although the system can also be used in a wireless fashion with a power subsystem so no physical connections are required.
Identification International, Inc.


Anti-speckle system for coherent illumination system

This invention in phase homogenization of coherent light from illuminators used for surveillance imaging systems provides a coherent light emitter aligned with a light source ray path along an optical axis with at least two separated microdiffractive diffusers, the microdiffractive diffusers comprising holographically generated surfaces of microdiffractive structure that statistically tend to diffract light at selectable angles or distribution patterns, the microdiffractive diffusers disposed upon a substrate and separated from each other by a distance determined by wavelength phase and irradiance characteristics of the coherent light emitter and by refractive characteristics of at least two microdiffractive diffusers, followed by a homogenized exit ray path in order to produce a diffused pattern of illumination optimized for long distance surveillance imaging.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Mobile terminal

A mobile terminal according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a first body and a second body detachably attached to each other; a first light source on the first body so as to provide light to the second body; a first filming unit, on the second body, for forming a first hologram by means of light supplied from the first light source. Thus more diverse holographic images can be produced by replacing the first body..
Lg Electronics Inc.


See through display enabling the correction of visual deficits

A see-through display system with the ability to correct visual deficits such as presbyopia, color blindness and poor night vision is disclosed. This invention enables the correction of visual deficits using camera(s), microdisplay(s), controlling circuit(s) and see through optics such as free form lens/mirror, half-mirror, diffractive and/or holographic optical element(s)..


Multilayer film and authentication label

The invention pertains in a first aspect to a multilayer film that includes a frangible holographic image layer and an adhesive layer adjacent to a side of the holographic image layer; and, an additional temporary support layer that is adjacent a side of the holographic image layer that is opposite the adhesive layer, and provides integrity to the multilayer film. The additional temporary support layer can be a polyester film that is removable from the multilayer film at ≦10 gram per inch peel strength; or, can be a heat-shrinkable film that is removable from the multilayer film with the application of heat.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Multilayer film and authentication label

In a second aspect, an authentication label includes a holographic image layer, a first heat-shrinkable layer, a first adhesive layer between the holographic image layer and the first heat-shrinkable layer, and a back adhesive layer.. .


Holographic collection and emission turning film system

Various examples of diffraction grating layers for touch/proximity sensing apparatus are provided. The touch/proximity sensing apparatus may include a light guide and light sources edge-coupled to first side of the light guide.


Self-reference holographic imaging system

A system for recording a digital hologram of an object comprises: a coherent source intended to illuminate the object and thus produce a wave diffracted by the object; and a digital sensor intended to record the digital hologram of the object. It furthermore comprises a spatial phase modulating assembly able to produce in the plane of the sensor a plurality of duplicates of the wave diffracted by the object, the duplicates being offset from each other but overlapping partially, these duplicates forming on the sensor a digital hologram of the object, this hologram being what is referred to as a self-reference hologram..


Holographic display

A holographic display includes: a light source; at least one beam steerer configured to control a propagation direction of a beam emitted from the light source; an optical element configured to condense a beam passing through the at least one beam steerer; and a spatial light modulator configured to form a three-dimensional (3d) image by modulating a beam passing through the at least one beam steerer.. .


Fast band pass holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal

A hyperspectral holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal (hpdlc) medium comprising broadband reflective properties comprises dopants that result in a hyperspectral hpdlc with fast transitional switching speeds. A technique for fabrication of hyperspectral broadband hpdlc mediums involves dynamic variation of the holography setup during hpdlc formation, enabling the broadening of the hpdlc medium's wavelength response.


Producing images of security features

Processes and systems are described that can produce images including both three dimensional holographic images and two dimensional variable data, which can provide personalized security features in a document. A photosensitive film can be pressed against a first reflective optical device.


See-through head or helmet mounted display device

A see-through head or helmet mounted display device (10) comprises a see-through member (18) having a see-through area (22). The see-through member (18) includes a plurality of display segments (20; 20a, 20b) for emitting visible light.


Digital off-axis heterodyne holographic interferometry

The invention relates to a digital holography method for detecting the vibration amplitude of an object (15) having a vibration frequency ω, comprising: generating object illumination waves (wt) and reference waves (wlo); acquiring interferograms between the reference wave (wlo) and a signal wave (w≯) by means of a bandwidth a s detector (19), the reference wave comprising two components elo, elo1 of frequencies ω1, ω2 that are respectively staggered in relation to the laser frequency ωl by a quantity δ1=γ1ω, and δ2=qω+γ2ωδ, where q is an integer and −0.5≦γ1, γ2≦0.5; and calculating the vibration amplitude of the object from the optical beats spectrum deduced from the complex amplitude of an interferogram.. .


Beam shaping for reconfigurable holographic antennas

A reconfigurable holographic antenna and a method of shaping an antenna beam pattern of a reconfigurable holographic antenna is disclosed. A baseline holographic pattern is driven onto a reconfigurable layer of the reconfigurable holographic antenna while a feed wave excites the reconfigurable layer.


Payment device with holographic security element

An object that enables electronic commerce is disclosed where the object has a holographic image on security contacts. The security contacts may be in communication with a security element that provides security features.


Low cost optical package

An optical package having a patterned submount, an optoelectronic device mounted to the patterned submount, a spacer affixed on one side to the patterned submount, the spacer having a bore hole therethrough wherein the optoelectronic device is positioned, and an optical element affixed to the spacer on a side opposite the patterned submount and covering the spacer bore hole. The patterned submount may be a circuit board.
Vixar Inc.


Image based multiview multilayer holographic rendering algorithm

Algorithms for improved and more efficient rendering of three-dimensional images for use with holographic display systems. These algorithms include creating layers orthogonal to a viewing direction, the separate layers representing different depths in the image.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Conversion of complex holograms to phase holograms

Fast processing of information represented in digital holograms is provided to facilitate converting a complex fresnel hologram into a phase-only hologram, which can be a localized error diffusion and redistribution (lerdr) hologram, for displaying 3-d holographic images representative of a 3-d object scene. For a complex fresnel hologram representing a 3-d object scene, a holographic generator component (hgc) can directly apply an lerdr process to the complex hologram to facilitate converting the complex hologram into an lerdr hologram.
City University Of Hong Kong


Method for forming a hydraulic transfer film, hydraulic transfer film, and patterned article

A method for forming a hydraulic transfer film includes: (a) forming a water-soluble sacrificial layer on a water-soluble substrate; (b) forming a first holographic pattern on the water-soluble sacrificial layer; (c) forming a pattern forming layer on the water-soluble sacrificial layer such that the pattern forming layer is formed with a second holographic pattern on a surface that contacts the first holographic pattern and being complementary to the first holographic pattern, the pattern forming layer having a water-soluble region and an oil-soluble region; (d) forming an oil-soluble base layer on the pattern forming layer; and (e) forming an activating layer that is on the oil-soluble base layer and that includes a curable activating agent.. .
Daigin Chemical Co., Ltd.


Selection additives in photopolymers

The invention relates to a method for selecting compounds which can be used as additives in photopolymer formulations for producing light holographic media, and to photopolymer formulations which contain at least one softener which are selected according to the claimed method. The invention also relates to the use of photopolymer formulations for producing holographic media..
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Active liquid crystal diffraction element and phase-modulating holographic display

An active liquid crystal diffraction element includes: a first transparent substrate; a second transparent substrate; a liquid crystal layer; a first electrode; a second electrode; a control member; and an alignment member, wherein the second electrode includes a plurality of small electrodes; the control member controls a magnitude of an electric voltage applied to each of the plurality of small electrodes; the alignment member confers a liquid crystal molecular alignment without any pre-tilt to the liquid crystal layer; and the liquid crystal molecular alignment is parallel to the surface of the first transparent substrate.. .


Reflective diffraction grating and fabrication method

A reflective diffraction grating and a fabrication method are provided. The reflective diffraction grating includes a substrate, a uv-absorbing layer, a grating layer having a binary surface-relief pattern formed therein, and a conforming reflective layer.
Jds Uniphase Corporation


Ultra-high resolution digital holographic camera

A high resolution holographic imaging system. A laser illuminator is configured to operate in two or more wavelengths sequentially and a phase modulator element configured to operate at three or more phase positions.


Holographic microscope, holographic image generation method, and acquiring data for holographic image

The present method includes a data acquisition process and tomographic image generation processes. In the data acquisition process, holograms of an object light and so forth are acquired for each light with a wavelength by changing the wavelengths of the illumination light, off-axis spherical wave reference light, and inline spherical wave reference light.
University Of Hyogo


Imaging lightguide with holographic boundaries

An optical element for a head mounted display (“hmd”) includes a lightguide. The lightguide is embedded in the optical element and optically coupled to receive display light and direct the display light in an eyeward direction.
Google Inc.


Gun sight

A sight assembly for mounting to a weapon is provided. A holographic optical element and a light source are provided in a fixed angular configuration with respect to one another, but may be adjusted either together or individually in a horizontal or vertical direction.
Optiflow, Inc.


Method for selecting photoinitiator systems

The invention relates to a method of selecting photoinitiator systems comprising at least one sensitizer and at least one coinitiator, for photopolymer formulations for producing holographic media.. .
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Digital holographic image recording method and system based on hierarchical hogel

A method and apparatus for enhancing a recording speed in digital holographic image recording is provided, the method including analyzing a target image, generating a plurality of hogels from the target image, and recording the plurality of hogels on a recording medium based on a light modulation scheme, wherein the target image includes a plurality regions, and a size of the plurality of hogels differs based on the plurality of regions of the target image.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Methodology for a practical flat panel format holographic display utilizing the narrow hologram and holodot concepts

An apparatus for creating a holodot comprising of a low resolution 2 dimensional spatial light modulator (slm) and two crossed striped high resolution spatial light modulators. The first slm creates a 2d image and the second two focus the light into an observer's pupil..


Holographic 3d display device and display system

The present invention provides a holographic 3d display device and display system. The holographic 3d display device comprises a two-dimensional liquid crystal display panel and a displaying pinhole array.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd


Optical device, head mounted display, assembling the same, holographic diffraction grating, display device, and alignment device

In some embodiments, a head mounted display is provided, comprising a light guide, at least first and second diffraction gratings, alignment marks a1 and b1 associated with the first diffraction grating, and alignment marks a2 and b2 associated with the second diffraction grating. The first diffraction grating may be disposed on a first surface of the light guide, the first surface facing away from a light input.
Sony Corporation


Method for recording gabor hologram

The present invention is related to an holographic probe device for recording gabor hologram comprising: a coherent optical fiber bundle comprising a distal end and a proximal end; a recording medium optically coupled to the proximal end of the coherent optical fiber bundle; a light source producing in use a single light beam, illuminating the distal end of the coherent optical fiber bundle and the object to be observed.. .
Universite Libre De Bruxelles


Digital holographic microscope with fluid systems

The current invention concerns a fluid microscope system for analyzing and/or monitoring the contents of one or more fluid-based reactors or canalizations such as bio-reactors, micro-reactors, brewing reactors, water supply systems or sewer systems comprising a digital holographic microscope (dhm) capable of obtaining phase information of a fluid sample and comprising illumination means and one or more fluidic systems connected to said reactors and to said dhm, capable of guiding fluid from said reactors to said dhm, whereby at least one fluidic system comprises one or more tubes which may come in direct contact with fluid from said reactor, characterized in that at least one tube comprises a part which is at least partially transparent for the illumination means of said dhm for obtaining holographic information of said fluid sample. The current invention also concerns a tube and a fluidic system for such a fluid microscope..
Ovizio Imaging Systems Nv/sa


Methods and systems for sharing holographic content

Methods and systems are described herein for a media guidance application that presents holographic media content using a holographic interface and monitors the user and/or area about the holographic interface for user interactions that may cause the media guidance application to execute a media guidance function such as instructing another holographic interface to generate for display a portion of the holographic media content.. .
United Video Properties, Inc.


Display method and display apparatus

A display method lets a display beam to propagate in a transparent substrate while internally reflected repeatedly and lets the display beam partly emit out of the transparent substrate every time the display beam is internally reflected, thereby emitting display beams from almost entirety of a surface of the transparent substrate. The display beam is produced holographically.
Olympus Corporation


Apparatus and forming 3-dimensional holographic image using scattering layer

A method for forming a three-dimensional holographic image includes identifying a transmission matrix of a scattering material, calculating an incident wave-front corresponding to wave-front information for forming a three-dimensional holographic image, using the identified transmission matrix, and forming the calculated incident wave-front by controlling a wave-front control to modulate a light projected from a light source and forming a three-dimensional holographic image.. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Dynamic polarization and coupling control from a steerable, multi-layered cylindrically fed holographic antenna

An apparatus is disclosed herein for a cylindrically fed antenna and method for using the same. In one embodiment, the antenna comprises: an antenna feed to input a cylindrical feed wave; a first layer coupled to the antenna feed and into which the feed wave propagates outwardly and concentrically from the feed; a second layer coupled to the first layer to cause the feed wave to be reflected at edges of the antenna and propagate inwardly through the second layer from the edges of the antenna; and a radio-frequency (rf) array coupled to the second layer, wherein the feed wave interacts with the rf array to generate a beam..


Dynamic polarization and coupling control from a steerable cylindrically fed holographic antenna

An apparatus is disclosed herein for a cylindrically fed antenna and method for using the same. In one embodiment, the antenna comprises an antenna feed to input a cylindrical feed wave and a tunable slotted array coupled to the antenna feed..


Security a payment card

A security system and method for a payment card to protect against card fraud and identity theft through eclectic security features that create a synergy for verifying a card holder identity and unique card holder information. The security features can be integrated into the payment card or function remotely from the payment card, triggered upon usage of the payment card.


Despeckling a computer generated hologram

A method for despeckling a computer generated hologram (cgh) including producing a cgh, and jittering a location of an exit pupil of an optical system through which the cgh is imaged, relative to an observer's input pupil, so as to shift at least some speckles out of the exit pupil. A method for despeckling a computer generated holographic movie including computing a first modulation of a first holographic image in a holographic movie, and computing a second modulation of a second holographic image using an initial phase distribution used for calculating the first holographic image as an initial phase distribution used for calculating the second modulation.
Real View Imaging Ltd.


Digital holographic display method and apparatus

The present invention proposes a digital holographic display apparatus including a light generating unit configured to generate coherent light, a spatial light modulator configured to reproduce 3-dimensional hologram images on a space by modulating the coherent light, a vertical viewing angle magnifying unit configured to expand a vertical viewing angle by vertically steering a beam that forms the hologram images through a first mirror, a horizontal viewing angle magnifying unit configured to expand a horizontal viewing angle by steering the beam to top of a table through a second mirror, and a control unit configured to control the special light modulator, the vertical viewing angle magnifying unit and the horizontal viewing angle magnifying unit in order the hologram images to be formed on an observation space for hologram. Accordingly, by expanding the horizontal and vertical viewing angles of hologram images, an observer may observe the hologram images more comfortably..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Dynamically focusable multispectral light field imaging

A flexible, multispectral, light field imaging system comprising holographically-formed polymer dispersed liquid crystal (h-pdlc) stacks in a plenoptic camera architecture may capture multispectral light field data from a scene. Through manipulation of this multispectral light field data, digitally refocused spectral images may be created at different, selectable focal depths, with a single exposure..
Drexel University


Display apparatus and visual displaying simulating a holographic 3d scene

A display apparatus and a visual displaying method for simulating a holographic 3d scene are provided. The display apparatus comprises: a display screen; two front-facing 3d cameras, being configured to capture human-eye 3d position information; a 3d human-eye tracking algorithm processing unit, being configured to generate a first signal and a second signal according to the human-eye 3d position information; a 3d scene generating unit, being configured to receive the first signal, render and acquire the corresponding left visual-channel 3d scene and the corresponding right visual-channel 3d scene according to the first signal; and an electronic grating, being configured to receive the second signal and adjust the working angle according to the second signal so that the left visual-channel 3d scene is incident into the left eye of the user and the right visual-channel 3d scene is incident into the right eye of the user..
Shenzhen Cloud Cube Information Tech Co., Ltd.


Dynamic stereo and holographic image display

A dynamic stereo and holographic image display includes: an image acquisition lattice, an encoder, a display panel, and a light shielding matrix. The image acquisition lattice acquires an image at each acquisition point.


Ridged waveguide feed structures for reconfigurable antenna

A reconfigurable holographic antenna includes a metamaterial layer and a waveguide with at least one ridge. The metamaterial layer includes an array of tunable slots configurable to form holographic diffraction patterns.


Waveguide feed structures for reconfigurable antenna

A reconfigurable holographic antenna includes a waveguide and a metamaterial layer. The metamaterial layer includes an array of tunable slots.


Synchronizing virtual actor's performances to a speaker's voice

A system for generating and displaying holographic visual aids associated with a story to an end user of a head-mounted display device while the end user is reading the story or perceiving the story being read aloud is described. The story may be embodied within a reading object (e.g., a book) in which words of the story may be displayed to the end user.


Mobile device capable of displaying hologram and hologram display method

A mobile device is provided which is capable of displaying a hologram. The mobile device includes a main body including a screen; a light guide member disposed above the screen; an entrance optical member disposed on a surface of the light guide member; and an image hologram disposed on a surface of the light guide member and laterally spaced apart from the entrance optical member.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Device for the projection of images, at point of sales, simulating a holographic image

Are already known several projection equipment, and various forms of use, using screens, walls, and using synchronized sound output with the images, the screens are typically hung by wire, canvas laid down on walls and others, and possess at least one of their white faces, or projections made directly on walls, which are static plans, besides being too big, and with that demand large structures, requiring fit computers, projector and/or televisions, and a large space in the markets and shops, which becomes very expensive and difficult handling of, requiring several people to assemble, operate and dismantle all equipment.. .

Holographic topics: Holographic, Microscope, Ion Source, Photovoltaic Module, Photovoltaic Modules, Photovoltaic Cell, Hydrogen Fluoride, Collimated Beam, Scattering, Image Acquisition, Reproduction, Data Storage, Bodily Fluid, Generators, Transverse

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