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 Solar energy collection systems utilizing holographic optical elements useful for building integrated photovoltaics patent thumbnailnew patent Solar energy collection systems utilizing holographic optical elements useful for building integrated photovoltaics
Described herein are transparent solar energy collection systems that comprise at least one holographic optical element, a transparent waveguide concentrator, and at least one solar energy conversion device.. .
Nitto Denko Corporation

 Holographic high power illumination distribution system patent thumbnailnew patent Holographic high power illumination distribution system
An illumination distribution system for distributing high power illumination to a set of projectors. The system includes a display element, such as a spatial light modulator (slm), receiving light from a laser.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

 Aircraft-vision  maintaining situational awareness and spatial orientation patent thumbnailnew patent Aircraft-vision maintaining situational awareness and spatial orientation
Aircraft-vision systems and methods for maintaining situational awareness and spatial orientation are described. In one aspect, a holographic image with visual cues is projected into a peripheral area—from the pilot's perspective—of an aircraft cockpit, such that visual cues stimulate the pilot's peripheral vision.
Environmental Tectonics Corporation

 Travel case for portable pepper's ghost illusion setup patent thumbnailTravel case for portable pepper's ghost illusion setup
Systems and methods herein are directed to a travel case for a portable pepper's ghost illusion setup. In particular, various embodiments are described that provide a road case that folds out into a pepper's ghost illusion system, allowing for extended portability.
Ventana 3d, Llc

 Avatar control system patent thumbnailAvatar control system
Systems and methods herein are directed to avatar control systems. In one embodiment, interactive holographic avatar control is described.
Ventana 3d, Llc

 Holographic interactive retail system patent thumbnailHolographic interactive retail system
Systems and methods herein are directed to a holographic interactive retail system. In particular, various embodiments are described where a holographic image (e.g., pepper's ghost illusion) is used in a retail setting (e.g., storefront window), which, when combined with gesture control, allows people to walk up to the system and search for and buy products.
Ventana 3d, Llc

 Three-dimensional image source for enhanced pepper's ghost illusion patent thumbnailThree-dimensional image source for enhanced pepper's ghost illusion
Systems and methods herein are directed to three-dimensional image sources for an enhanced pepper's ghost illusion. In one embodiment, a contoured bounce is described, allowing for contorting a bounce to different shapes, giving it enhanced three-dimensional (3d) effect.
Ventana 3d, Llc

 Holographic image generation and reconstruction patent thumbnailHolographic image generation and reconstruction
Technologies are generally described for generating a holographic image of an object and a background image of the object. In various examples, a holographic image generation apparatus is described, where a light beam from a light source may be provided to a beam splitter, which may split the light beam into a first light beam that can be irradiated on and scattered by the object to generated an object light beam, and a second light beam that can be reflected by a mirror to generate a reference light beam.
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Foil tensioning system for pepper's ghost illusion patent thumbnailFoil tensioning system for pepper's ghost illusion
Systems and methods herein are directed to foil tensioning systems for pepper's ghost illusion. In one embodiment, a roller-based foil tensioning system provides for a holographic foil to be secured to a roller system on two or four sides, rolled outwards, and are then bolted in place, tightening the holographic screen material.
Ventana 3d, Llc

 Dual-sided pepper's ghost illusion patent thumbnailDual-sided pepper's ghost illusion
Systems and methods herein are directed to a dual-sided pepper's ghost illusion is shown and described. In particular, various embodiments are described that allow using multiple image sources (e.g., projected bounces and/or panel displays) so the holographic image can be seen from both sides of the holographic system.
Ventana 3d, Llc

Holographic mode conversion for electromagnetic radiation

The present disclosure provides systems and methods associated with mode conversion for electromagnetic field modification. A mode converting structure (holographic metamaterial) is formed with a distribution of dielectric constants chosen to convert an input electromagnetic field pattern from a first mode to a second mode to attain a target electromagnetic field pattern (near or far) that is different from the input electromagnetic field pattern.
Elwha Llc

Real-time remodeling of user voice in an immersive visualization system

A visualization system with audio capability includes one or more display devices, one or more microphones, one or more speakers, and audio processing circuitry. While a display device displays a holographic image to a user, a microphone inputs an utterance of the user, or a sound from the user's environment, and provides it to the audio processing circuitry.

Holographic microscope and data processing high-resolution hologram image

The present invention can realize both a transmission type and a reflection type, and provides a holographic microscope which can exceed the resolution of the conventional optical microscope, a hologram data acquisition method for a high-resolution image, and a high-resolution hologram image reconstruction method. In-line spherical wave reference light (l) is recorded in a hologram (ilr) using spherical wave reference light (r), and an object light (oj) and an illumination light (qj) are recorded in a hologram (ijoqr) using a spherical wave reference light (r) by illuminating the object with an illumination light (qj, j=1, .

Methods and systems for generating holographic animations

Methods and systems are described herein for improved techniques for consuming and interacting with media content. Specifically, the media guidance application may generate holographic animations that move from a holographic structure from which a user has selected a media asset and direct the user to a display device capable of presenting the media asset.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

Systems and methods for displaying media assets associated with holographic structures

Methods and systems are described for improved techniques for consuming and interacting with media content. Specifically, a media guidance application may present a holographic structure using a holographic interface.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

Microscope, method and computer program for obtaining quantitative phase images by means of digital holographic microscopy

A microscope, method and computer program for obtaining quantitative phase images by digital holographic microscopy. The microscope includes: a coherent light source (1) and a beam splitter (3) for generating an object beam (lo) for illuminating a sample, and a reference beam (lr); an optical system with a main optical path making up a telecentric afocal system, and a reference optical path; and recording means (12) recording a hologram of said sample in the image plane of the optical system.
Universidad Nacional De Colombia

Photopolymer formulation for production of holographic media comprising borates with low tg

The invention further provides a process for preparing the specific coinitiators and the coinitiators obtainable by this process, and additionally a process for producing a holographic medium using the specific coinitiators, and a holographic medium obtainable using the inventive photopolymer formulation. The invention further relates to a laminate structure comprising an inventive holographic medium and likewise specific borates suitable as coinitiators..

Optically variable security threads and stripes

An optically variable security thread or stripe (t) is provided which could be incorporated into or onto security documents. The security thread or stripe comprises: a) an optically variable layer (1), b) a color constant layer (2) having a color matching the color impression of the optically variable layer at a viewing angle, c) a holographic metallic layer (3) and d) a substrate (4), wherein the optically variable layer, the color constant layer and the holographic metallic layer are at least partially jointly visible from the side of the security thread or stripe comprising the optically variable layer and/or the color constant layer..
China Banknote Sicpa Security Ink Co., Ltd.

Incoherent fluorescence digital holographic microscopy using transmission liquid crystal lens

A new optical arrangement that creates high efficiency, high quality fresnel incoherent correlation holography (finch) holograms using transmission liquid crystal grin (tlcgrin) diffractive lenses has been invented. This is in contrast to the universal practice in the field of using a reflective spatial light modulator (slm) to separate sample and reference beams.

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Gun sight

A sight assembly for mounting to a weapon. A holographic optical element and a light source are in a fixed angular configuration with respect to one another, but may be adjusted either together or individually in a horizontal or vertical direction.
Optiflow, Inc.

Overhead projection display device

A rear-projection display device comprises a mobile light source supplying a light beam of at least one wavelength, a holographic mirror reflecting only said at least one wavelength, an absorbent screen and a transmissive diffuser, the absorbent screen being placed on the rear face of the holographic mirror, the elements being arranged such that the beam from the light source is reflected on the holographic mirror in order to sweep the surface of the transmissive diffuser.. .
Renault S.a.s.

Systems, devices, and methods for eyebox expansion in wearable heads-up displays

Systems, devices, and methods for eyebox expansion by exit pupil replication in wearable heads-up displays (“whuds”) are described. A whud includes a scanning laser projector (“slp”), a holographic combiner, and an exit pupil selector positioned in the optical path therebetween.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

Holographic projection gaming and learning system

A holographic projection gaming and learning system comprises a holographic projection device, an input unit used to present one or more instruction contents and an electronic device having a screen, wherein the holographic projection device includes at least a placement board configured with an opening, at least a projection refraction board and at least a supportive positioning component; therefore, upon placing the electronic device on the placement board of the holographic projection device, the capture module of the electronic device can capture the instruction contents provided by the input unit and transfer to the application software thereby that the application software determines the received instruction contents to display at least a holograph image on the screen, and the holograph image displayed on the screen of the electronic device can be illuminated onto the projection refraction panel of the projection refraction board via the opening of the placement board and then the projection refraction panel projects the holograph image outward for imaging, so that the system according to the present invention can closely combine the holograph image contents with the desktop gaming processes in order to further increase the playfulness of the game.. .
Mirax Technology Corp.

Achromatic holographic phase masks, methods, and applications

A phase converting device capable of use over a broad wavelength range, which may be used for optical beam transformations and combining, conversion of resonator and waveguide modes, correction of aberrations in optical systems, and selection of photons with specific phase profile. This provides significant advantages in high power laser systems.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Holographic storage disk and holographic storage system

A holographic storage disk includes a reflective layer, a storage layer, and quarter-wave plate. A storage layer is disposed on the reflective layer and includes a reflection-structure layer and photosensitive units.
National Central University

Light interference module and holographic storage apparatus

A light interference module includes an object lens, a first light-guiding element, and a second light-guiding element. The object lens is configured to project a signal light beam to an optical storage media.
National Central University

Holographic device and data reading using the same

A holographic device includes a holographic storage device, a shearing interferometer, and an optical receiver. The holographic storage device is configured to provide a disk with a reading light beam to make the reading light beam become a diffracted light beam after the reading light beam is diffracted in the disk.
National Central University

Transparent flat-panel holographic display

A flat-panel holographic video display includes a control layer and waveguide elements. Each waveguide element has a light-guiding substrate and an array of transducers configured to produce a diffraction grating comprising surface acoustic waves.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Method and correcting distortion on holographic display

A method and apparatus for correcting a distortion of a holographic display. The method includes tracking a location of a viewing window by tracking a location of a pupil of a user and calculating a central location of the viewing window, generating a wavefront aberration by determining an object point and an image point based on a location of a light source and the central location of the viewing window and using ray tracing, and calculating a complex aberration light field using the generated wavefront aberration.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Methods and systems for augmented reality

Methods and systems (terminals, devices) for the generation, the retrieval and the display of computer-generated holographic images through a head-mounted display. The holographic images may be used as virtual retrievable tags for display in augmented reality..
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

Methods and systems for augmented reality

Methods and systems for image display with a head-mounted device, wherein customization of the display is achieved by taking into account wearer-specific visualization parameters. Such visualization parameters include parameters pertaining to the design of the device and/or wearer ophthalmic data such as wearer prescription data.
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

Automated real-time particle characterization and three-dimensional velocimetry with holographic video microscopy

An in-line holographic microscope can be used to analyze on a frame-by-frame basis a video stream to track individual colloidal particles' three-dimensional motions. The system and method can provide real time nanometer resolution, and simultaneously measure particle sizes and refractive indexes.
New York University

Mechanism to give holographic objects saliency in multiple spaces

A system for allowing a virtual object to interact with other virtual objects across different spaces within an augmented reality (ar) environment and to transition between the different spaces is described. An ar environment may include a plurality of spaces, each comprising a bounded area or volume within the ar environment.

Holographic bird's eye view camera

A system and method are disclosed for capturing views of a mixed reality environment from various perspectives which can be displayed on a monitor. The system includes one or more physical cameras at user-defined positions within the mixed reality environment.

Building holographic content using holographic tools

A system and method are disclosed for building virtual content from within a virtual environment using virtual tools to build and modify the virtual content.. .

Holographic display device

Provided is a holographic display device. The holographic display device includes a light source unit configured to emit a light, and a spatial light modulator (slm) configured to modulate at least one of a phase and amplitude of the light emitted from the light source unit to output a hologram image, and including a plurality of pixel groups that are arranged in a first direction, wherein each of the plurality of pixel groups includes: first pixels arranged in a matrix x1×y1 and providing an image having a first wavelength, and second pixels adjacent to the first pixels in the first direction, arranged in a matrix x2×y2, and providing an image having a second wavelength that is different from the first wavelength..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Holographic display apparatus and driving the same

A holographic display apparatus includes a light source unit, a spatial light modulator, and a spatial light modulator control circuit for controlling the spatial light modulator, the spatial light modulator control circuit including a data driving circuit for providing a data voltage to a signal line, a demultiplexer circuit which includes a plurality of switching elements connected to the signal line and sequentially turned on, and transfers the data voltage to a transfer line through a turned-on switching element among the switching elements, and a first element connected between the transfer line and a data line, passing a current flowing from the transfer line to the data line, and blocking a current flowing from the data line to the transfer line.. .

Holographic image generation and reconstruction

In various examples, an apparatus may be configured to irradiate a plurality of light beams from multiple light sources to a corresponding number of beam splitters, which are configured to generate a first portion of the light beams that can be irradiated on the object, and a second portion of the light beams that can be reflected by a mirror unit to generate reference beams. Some apparatus can also include an array of image sensors that may be configured to receive images of interference caused by the reference beams and object beams scattered by the object..
Empire Technology Development Llc

Holographic waveguide eye tracker

An eye tracker having a first waveguide for propagating illumination light along a first waveguide path and propagating image light reflected from at least one surface of an eye along a second waveguide path. At least one grating lamina for deflecting the illumination light out of the first waveguide path towards the eye and deflecting the image light into the second waveguide path towards a detector is disposed adjacent an optical surface of the waveguide..
Digilens, Inc.

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Mobile terminal and controlling the same

A mobile terminal including a touchscreen; a wireless communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate with an external watch terminal having a holography module disposed in a band of the watch terminal and being worn by a user; a sensing unit configured to sense a gesture of the user; and a controller configured to display a launch screen of a prescribed application on the touchscreen, receive a prescribed gesture sensed through the sensing unit, and control the wireless communication unit to transmit a control command to the external terminal to output a holographic image corresponding to the launch screen, in response to the received prescribed gesture.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Combined light modulation device for tracking users

For comfortable viewing of a 3-d scene at various viewing angles, a display having a large tracking range for a variable viewer distance is required. A controllable light-influencing element deflects light in coarse steps in a viewer range.
Seereal Technologies S.a.

Holographic data storage system

Provided is a holographic data storage system characterized by including: a first polarizing beam splitter (pbs), wherein at least either of a first lens module and a second lens module transmits p-polarized light and reflects s-polarized light; a relay lens collecting light passing through the first pbs; a mirror reflecting the light collected through the relay lens back to the relay lens; and a quarter wave plate located between a second pbs beam splitter and the relay lens, converting transmitted linearly polarized light into circularly polarized light, and converting the circularly polarized light into linearly polarized light. By reducing the volume of the relay lens, it is possible to decrease the size of the holographic data storage system, and by decreasing the number of lenses, it is possible to lower manufacturing costs..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Multiple beam transmission interferometric testing methods for the development and evaluation of subwavelength sized features within semiconductor and anisotropic devices

Improved methods and systems for inspection imaging for holographic or interferometric semiconductor test and evaluation through all phases of device development and manufacture. Specifically, systems and methods are disclosed for extending the range of optical holographic interferometric inspection for testing and evaluating microelectronic devices and determining the interplay of electromagnetic signals and dynamic stresses to the semiconductor material are provided in which an enhanced imaging method provides continuous and varying the magnification of the optical holographic interferometric images over a plurality of interleaved optical pathways and imaging devices.
Attofemto, Inc.

Data format for hologram, and holographic video system

A holographic image processing method and a holographic image display method are provided. The holographic image processing method performed by a holographic image processing apparatus may include acquiring a holographic image, encoding the holographic image by quantizing the holographic image to improve at least one of a temporal correlation, a spatial correlation, and a channel correlation of the acquired holographic image, and generating the encoded holographic image..

Holographic storage layer, holographic disk using the same, and manufacturing the same

A holographic storage layer includes a reflective structure and photosensitive units. The reflective structure is a grid-shaped structure and includes cavities.

Method and system for pointing to and voting on specific details found in visual media

A method of expression and interaction between users. The method includes posing a question and responding by voting, pointing at or choosing between specific options in media content.
Askem Tlv Ltd

Scalable and tileable holographic displays

A holographic display system for generating a super hologram with full parallax in different fields of view in the horizontal and vertical directions. The display system includes assemblies or subsystems each adapted to combine holographic displays and coarse integral displays to produce or display a coarse integral hologram.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Laser despeckler based on angular diversity

A device for reducing laser speckle using a micro scanner and a holographic diffuser. The micro scanner includes a first transparent optical substrate with an input surface and an output surface and a second transparent optical substrate with an input surface and an output surface and a variable refractive index medium sandwiched between the output surface of the first substrate and the input surface of the second substrate.

Holographic displaying based on human eyes tracking

A holographic displaying method and device based on human eyes tracking are disclosed. The holographic displaying method includes the following steps of: tracking human eyes of a viewer in real time and acquiring an image of the human eyes; determining whether coordinates of the both eyes can be determined according to the tracked image of the human eyes; and decreasing a transforming depth of field of the displayed 3d image when the coordinates of the both eyes cannot be determined according to the tracked image of the human eyes.
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co.,ltd

Integrated medical record system using hologram technology

In one aspect of the invention, a computer-implemented method may include maintaining in a computer system, a plurality of relationships among users in an aggregated data network. A user may receive a plurality of data points, where at least one of the data points, was requested via a relationship inquiry, made using a health insurance portability and accountability act (hipaa) compliant security clearance user interface.

A displaying and capturing holographic true 3d images

The present invention relates to a system and method for displaying and capturing holographic true 3d images. The system comprises elements which may form both a wide viewing angle holographic true 3d display and a holographic true 3d video camera.

Modular holographic sighting system

A lightweight holographic sighting system is provided that is designed to minimize optical aberrations common with earlier holographic sighting systems. The system has a modular construction that is more economic and conducive to high volume production, in terms of complexity of required fixturing and availability of materials, than earlier systems.
Tactical Holographic Holdings Llc

Holographic techniques for corrosion evaluation of wellbore pipes

A method includes obtaining a first small defect response at a given frequency of a first small defect on a first wellbore pipe positioned within a wellbore. A fourier transform of the first small defect response is then calculated, and a first measured response at the given frequency of a first arbitrary metal loss defect in the first wellbore pipe is obtained with a sensor of a pipe inspection tool.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Multi-step holographic energy conversion device and method

An energy conversion device includes a multi-step holographic optical element arranged between a transparent cover and a first solar cell. The multi-step holographic optical element is configured to concentrate a portion of a first component of impinging electromagnetic radiation onto the first solar cell.

Distance adaptive holographic displaying based on eyeball tracking

A distance adaptive holographic displaying method and device based on eyeball tracking are disclosed. The method includes: detecting a human face of a user and acquiring positions of eyes of the user, wherein the positions of the eyes of the user comprise a distance between the eyes and a displaying screen; adjusting the size of an object in a holographic scene along a z-axis direction in the holographic three-dimensional display according to the distance, and displaying the object in the displaying screen; adjusting an emergent direction of the light emitted by the displaying screen to the direction of the left eye and the right eye of the eyes so that the different individual holographic three-dimensional images of the left eye and the right eye are imaged into the left eye and the right eye respectively; and tracking the change of the positions of the eyes, and repeating the aforesaid steps to dynamically adjust viewpoints and the displayed content.
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Optical products, masters for fabricating optical products, and methods for manufacturing masters and optical products

In certain embodiments, a master for fabricating an optical product is disclosed. For example, the optical product can be configured to be an anti-counterfeit feature such as a patch, a window, or a thread on a banknote.
Wavefront Technology, Inc.

Backlight unit for holographic display apparatus and holographic display apparatus including the same

A backlight unit (blu), for a binocular holographic display apparatus, and the binocular holographic display apparatus including the blu are provided. The blu includes: a light source unit that emits coherent illumination light; and a light guide plate that is transparent and includes a light incidence surface onto which the coherent illumination light emitted by the light source unit is incident and a light emission surface through which the illumination light is output.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Error tolerant or streaming storage device

A method of storing data includes receiving general purpose (gp) data and special error tolerant or streaming (ets) data, storing the gp data using a data storage method, and storing the ets data using a different data storage method which affects the access rate, resilience to errors, data integrity, storage density, or storage capacity. The storage medium, which can include a disk drive, flash memory, or holographic memory, is utilized differently depending on the required quality of service in aspects including block size, storage of error correction codes, utilization of error correction codes, storage area density, physical format pattern, storage verification, or reaction to failed storage verification.

Enhanced pepper's ghost illusion using video panel displays

Systems and methods herein are directed to creating a holographic image (e.g., in line with pepper's ghost illusion) with a panel display (e.g., plasma, liquid crystal display (lcd), light-emitting diode (led), etc.) as the light source for the holographic image. As described herein, such displays may include any size display, such as ranging from personal electronic equipment (e.g., watches, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, televisions, etc.) through to stage-sized displays for larger venues (e.g., concerts, stage shows, etc.).
Ventana 3d, Llc

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Full-color incoherent digital holography

In one embodiment, a color holographic image is created by generating a separate complex hologram for each of multiple different colors of an object field illuminated with incoherent light, combining the separate complex holograms to obtain a color complex hologram, and generating a reconstructed color holographic image of the object field.. .
University Of South Florida

Device and calculating holographic data

An apparatus and a method for optimized calculation of 2d sub-holograms for object points of a three-dimensional scene and a pipeline for real-time calculation of holograms are provided. The invention shortens the calculation time of a hologram for representing a three-dimensional scene and/or to reduce the calculation complexity of such a hologram.
Seereal Technologies S.a.

Low-profile bounce chamber for pepper's ghost illusion

Systems and methods herein are directed to creating a holographic image (e.g., in line with pepper's ghost illusion) using a low-profile bounce chamber. As described herein, a bounce is provided at an angle (e.g., a 45-degree angle) to a holographic screen/foil in a pepper's ghost illusion setup.
Ventana 3d, Llc

Common-mode digital holographic microscope

A digital holographic microscope including a single mode fiber collimated light source which provides illumination for both the ‘science’ and ‘reference’ arms, a pair of microscope objectives located side-by side, and illuminated by the common beam, a relay lens whose center is between the two objectives, and a focal plane element where the interference pattern is measured. A lens-less digital holographic microscope and a reflective digital holographic microscope are also disclosed..
California Institute Of Technology

Background imagery for enhanced pepper's ghost illusion

Systems and methods herein are directed to providing a visual effect background that may be added behind a transparent holographic projection screen (e.g., of a pepper's ghost illusion system) that provides for greater scenic depth behind the holographic projection, regardless of the amount of actual physical space behind the transparent screen. The background, which may be used for projection-based holographic projections or video panel display projections, generally establishes an optical illusion of depth behind the holographic images (producing a depth perception or “perspective” that gives a greater appearance of depth or distance behind a holographic projection)..
Ventana 3d, Llc

Magnonic holographic memory and methods

An electronic device using an array of magnetic wave guides is shown. In one example a memory device is shown that utilizes spin waves and a magnet storage element that interacts with the spin waves.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Holographic data reproduction apparatus and method thereof

A holographic data reproduction apparatus is provided. The holographic data reproduction apparatus includes: a charged-coupled device (ccd) that photographs diffracted-light from a recording medium irradiated with reference light, wherein the diffracted-light corresponds to a data page, an operation unit that calculates an optimal threshold value by applying a fitness function (fit) to a genetic algorithm for detecting a number of error bits of the data page corresponding to the diffracted-light, a control unit that determines an output value of each pixel of the data page based on the optimal threshold value, and a decoding unit that decodes and outputs reproduction data according to the output value of the each pixel.
Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

Spatial light modulator with integrated optical compensation structure

A spatial light modulator comprises an integrated optical compensation structure, e.g., an optical compensation structure arranged between a substrate and a plurality of individually addressable light-modulating elements, or an optical compensation structure located on the opposite side of the light-modulating elements from the substrate. The individually addressable light-modulating elements are configured to modulate light transmitted through or reflected from the transparent substrate.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

Large bandwidth volume holographic phase converter apparatus, methods, and applications

A volume bragg grating (vbg) containing one or more controlled phase profiles holographically embedded therein that is operable over a broad wavelength range, methods for making such controlled phase profile-embedded vbgs, and applications thereof.. .
University Of Central Florida

Holographic encryption of multi-dimensional images

Cryptographic techniques for encrypting images, and decrypting and reconstructing images, are provided to facilitate preventing unauthorized access to images. A holographic cryptographic component (hcc) can generate a global image comprising a scaled version of a source image and random content, generate a phase hologram representing the global image, and encrypt the phase hologram to generate an encrypted hologram based on a random phase mask, which can be the private encryption key.

Holographic wristband

Disclosed is, among other things, a holographic wristband. It may comprise a wristband configured to emit two-dimensional (2d) or three-dimensional (3d) images.

Neural control holography

Neural control of holograms is provided to facilitate improving the viewing pleasure of a viewer. A holographic processor component can generate holograms representing a multi-dimensional object scene.

Decorative illuminable container

An illuminable container having a reflective inner surface and at least one aperture of a selected shape wherein the container is configured to accept a light source and the effect of the reflective inner surface and light emitted from the light source is visible through the at least one aperture. The reflective inner surface may also have holographic properties.

Apparatus and digital holographic table top display

Disclosed is an apparatus and method for digital holographic table top display. The digital holographic table top display apparatus includes: a camera array configured to capture a plurality of channel images in an omni-directional range from a table by using a plurality of cameras; a controller configured to detect an observer from the plurality of channel images and to track a position of pupils of the observer in at least one channel image from which the observer is detected; and a display configured to reproduce a digital holographic image in a three-dimensional (3d) space according to the tracked position of the pupils..

Video display and method providing vision correction for multiple viewers

A video display system for providing vision correction for multiple users may include a display device having a holographic layer and a vision correction layer. The system may also include a processor coupled to the display device to receive a first prescription corresponding to a first user and a second prescription corresponding to a second user, and to modulate the display device so that the first user at a first angle and the second user at a second angle can view a non-distorted image from the display device..

Holographic display apparatus and holographic display method

A holographic display apparatus includes a spatial light modulator configured to generate hologram patterns to modulate light; an illuminator configured to emit the light to the spatial light modulator; and a controller configured to control operations of the spatial light modulator and the illuminator, the spatial light modulator being configured to generate, from among the hologram patterns, a first hologram pattern and a second hologram pattern according to the control operations of the controller, the first hologram pattern and the second hologram pattern being configured to form a first hologram image and a second hologram image having different viewpoints, and the controller being configured to set a first phase modulation value of the first hologram pattern and a second phase modulation value of the second hologram pattern to be different from each other such that hologram images having different viewpoints are formed.. .

Optical design of a wide field of view pupil forming hud

A head up display or hud system, including methods and apparatus, suitable for use in a flight simulator. According to the present teachings, a flight simulator hud may be configured to produce a hud image that appears superimposed on a simulated cockpit field of view image, and which has substantially the same relatively short focal distance from the user as the simulated image.

Led night light has projection or image feature

An led night light for night time or dark area use, such as a plug-in wall outlet night light or direct current (dc) operated night light, includes projection or image features to project or present an image, message, data, logo, or time on a ceiling, walls, floor, or other desired surface, or an optics element surface. The optics means may include an magnify optics-lens, tube or tube assembly, slide, convex lens, concave lens, openings, cut-outs, film, grating, or holographic element to create an image at a desired location.

3d holographic virtual object display controlling method based on human-eye tracking

A 3d holographic virtual object display controlling method and apparatus based on human-eye tracking are provided. The display controlling method comprises the following steps of: activating tracking of human eyes of a user; tracking motions of eyeballs of the user; controlling a 3d holographic virtual object presented in a display interface to rotate in response to the motions of the eyeballs of the user; and ending up the tracking of the human eyes of the user.
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Interactive displaying method, control achieving displaying of a holographic image

An interactive displaying method, a control method and an apparatus for achieving displaying of a holographic image are provided. The interactive displaying method comprises: scanning a 3d space by controlling signal transmitters arranged in a matrix to transmit signals; determining a target object in the 3d space; and determining a first position of the target object and displaying a viewable image corresponding to the target object at a second position of a display region.
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Displaying method, apparatus and system for providing holographic images to a plurality of viewers simultaneously

A displaying method, a displaying apparatus and a displaying system for providing holographic images to a plurality of viewers simultaneously are provided. The displaying method comprises: tracking motions of m viewers and eye positions thereof, adjusting rotation angles of programmable mirrors allocated to each of the viewers according to the motions of the eye positions of the viewer, it is predefined that each pixel position of the projection screen corresponds to n adjacent ones of the programmable mirrors; modulating a corresponding left-eye 3d image and a corresponding right-eye 3d image according to the tracked motions of the eye positions of each of the viewers and the rotation angles of the programmable mirrors allocated to the viewer, and projecting the left-eye 3d image and the right-eye 3d image onto the projection screen to control optical projections incident to the left eyes and the right eyes of different viewers..
Shenzhen Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Thin film type controlled viewing window back light unit and thin flat type controlled viewing window display using the same

The present disclosure relates to a thin film type controlled viewing window back light unit and a thin flat type controlled viewing window display using the same. The present disclosure suggests a thin film type back light unit which can include: a base film having a width and a length, and including a high refractive film and a low refractive film stacked on the high refractive film; an incident pattern disposed at one side of a bottom surface of the base film; a reflective pattern disposed at an opposite side apart from the one side with the length of the bottom surface of the base film, and covering the width of the opposite side; a light radiating pattern disposed on an upper surface of the base film; a holographic film for controlling a viewing-window disposed on the light radiating pattern; and a light source being apart from the incident pattern, and providing an incident light to the incident pattern..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Mobile device wireless charging system

A wireless charging system for charging a mobile device uses a supercapacitor to provide wireless charging of the device. A holographic image of the supercapacitor may store electrical charge which may be released for storage into the battery of the device..

Touch sensitive holographic display system and using the display system

A touch sensitive holographic display system includes a transparent screen having a rear side and a front side. A projector is configured for creating a holographic image at the front of the screen by projecting an image towards the rear side of the screen.
Continental Automotive Systems Inc.

Apparatus and displaying holographic three-dimensional image

Provided are an apparatus and a method for displaying a holographic three-dimensional (3d) image. The apparatus includes an image segmenter configured to segment an original image into a plurality of segments, and a calculator configured to calculate diffraction fringe pattern information for displaying each of the plurality of segments as a 3d holographic image.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Holographic image display system

Disclosed are methods and systems for displaying images, and for implementing volumetric user interfaces. One exemplary embodiment provides a system comprising: a light source; an image producing unit, which produces an image upon interaction with light approaching the image producing unit from the light source; an eyepiece; and a mirror, directing light from the image to a surface of the eyepiece, wherein the surface has a shape of a solid of revolution formed by revolving a planar curve at least 180° around an axis of revolution..
Real View Imaging Ltd.

Method of laser illumination with reduced speckling

Proposed is a method of laser illumination with reduced speckling for in optical microscopy, machine vision systems with laser illumination, fine optical metrology, etc. The method comprises forming a net of planar ridge waveguides into an arbitrary configuration and providing them with a plurality of holograms having holographic elements formed into a predetermined organization defined by the shape of a given light spot or light field which is to be formed by light beams emitted from the holograms on the surface of the object or in a space at a distance from the planar ridge waveguide.

Security element comprising a volume hologram

The present invention relates to a security element (20) to be built into an item, particularly a document (10), said security element comprising a holographic layer, enabling a volume hologram to be generated, and a non-holographic variable opacity structure generated by the presence of: a) one or more cutout(s) and/or at least partially translucent areas and moreover at least partially opaque area(s); and/or b) oriented platelet pigments. The variable opacity structure is at least partially placed over the hologram within a region of the security element observable in transmitted light..
Arjowiggins Security

Top coupled photonic chip alignment package

The present invention provides an improved coupling and improved alignment of top-coupled photonic chips. The present invention includes a method to package and align top-coupling photonic chips using a holographic grating coupler and v-groove placement comprising the steps of: preparing the photonic chip with grating couplers, preparing the fibers by polishing the ends, preparing the cap chip by defining v-grooves to complement the photonic chip, attaching the fibers to the v-block cap chip, and top-cladding the cap chip to the photonic chip.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

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  • Microscope
  • Ion Source
  • Photovoltaic Module
  • Photovoltaic Modules
  • Photovoltaic Cell
  • Hydrogen Fluoride
  • Collimated Beam
  • Scattering
  • Image Acquisition
  • Reproduction
  • Data Storage
  • Bodily Fluid
  • Generators
  • Transverse

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