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Holographic patents


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 Holographic storage layer, holographic disk using the same, and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailHolographic storage layer, holographic disk using the same, and manufacturing the same
A holographic storage layer includes a reflective structure and photosensitive units. The reflective structure is a grid-shaped structure and includes cavities.
National Central University

 Systems and methods for performing self-interference incoherent digital holography patent thumbnailSystems and methods for performing self-interference incoherent digital holography
In one embodiment, a self-interference incoherent digital holography system including a light sensor and a diffractive filter configured to receive light from an object to be holographically imaged and generate holographic interference patterns on the light sensor. A self-interference incoherent digital holography system comprising: a light sensor; and a diffractive filter configured to receive light from an object to be holographically imaged and generate holographic interference patterns on the sensor..
University Of South Florida

 Holographic light field imaging device and  using the same patent thumbnailHolographic light field imaging device and using the same
A holographic light field imaging device and method of using the same. The holographic light field imaging device may optically compress the light field into a lower-dimensional, coded representation for algorithmic reconstruction by transforming the light field in a known, calculable way.
Visby Camera Corporation

 Adjustable pupil distance wearable display patent thumbnailAdjustable pupil distance wearable display
Disclosed herein are devices and methods to provide a display including a projection system and a removable lenses including a holographic optical element to receive light and reflect the light to an exit pupil. Each of the removable lenses may comprise a holographic optical element in a different position of the lens to change the position of the exit pupil.

 Spatially separated exit pupils in a head mounted display patent thumbnailSpatially separated exit pupils in a head mounted display
Disclosed herein are devices and methods to provide multiple eyeboxes from multiple input pupils. In particular, a projection system can direct light from multiple input pupils to a holographic optical element.

 Variable reflectivity image combiner for wearable displays patent thumbnailVariable reflectivity image combiner for wearable displays
Disclosed herein are devices and methods to provide an appodized holographic combiner lens having a varying reflectivity profile. In particular, a lens to reflect light from a number of input pupils to a number of exit pupils may be provided, where the lens reflects incident light in varying levels based on where on the lens the light is incident..

 Aircraft cabin assembly patent thumbnailAircraft cabin assembly
An aircraft cabin assembly is depicted and described having a cabin wall, which surrounds a cabin interior space and has a wall surface facing the cabin interior space, and having a light source, which is provided in order to emit light onto the wall surface. The problem of providing an aircraft cabin assembly which, irrespective of the light outside of the aircraft cabin assembly, as effectively as possible gives a passenger in the cabin interior space the impression that the cabin interior space is larger than it actually is, is solved in that the wall surface has a holographic image of an object and in that the light source is designed to emit the kind of light onto the wall surface that allows the holographic image to be seen as a three-dimensional image of the object which is the subject of the holographic image..
Airbus Operations Gmbh

 Bidirectional holographic lens patent thumbnailBidirectional holographic lens
A device can determine a distance to an object. The device can use the determined distance to vary a focal length of a first adjustable element so that the first adjustable element directs light from the object into a first waveguide and onto a detector, and forms an image of the object at the detector.

 Method and  performing fourier transformation patent thumbnailMethod and performing fourier transformation
Provided is a method for performing a fourier transformation for generating a computer-generated holographic (cgh) image. The method includes generating first intermediate data by performing a first fft calculation that relates to coordinates of a pupil of a user with respect to input image data; generating second intermediate data by calculating a light concentration effect correction term for correcting a light concentration effect occurring at the pupil of the user and multiplying the first intermediate data by the light concentration effect correction term; and performing a second fft calculation that relates to the coordinates of the pupil of the user with respect to the second intermediate data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Image recording device patent thumbnailImage recording device
An image recording device includes a laser beam source that emits a laser beam, a splitting unit that splits the laser beam emitted from the laser beam source into two laser beams, a display device that displays images over a display area thereof divided into segments, a display controller that controls display of the display device so that images for forming a holographic stereogram are displayed on the segments of the display area and so that one of the laser beams is modulated by the images displayed on the display device to become object beams, an optical system that images the object beams on a hologram recording medium so that the object beams are superimposed one on top of another, and an irradiating unit that irradiates the hologram recording medium with, besides the object beams, the other laser beam split by the splitting unit as a reference beam.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Viewer tracking in a projection system

A method for displaying a hologram to a variable direction including using circuitry to determine a direction from a holographic projector to a viewer for projecting a hologram to a viewer, and projecting a hologram in the determined direction, in which the projecting the hologram includes reflecting from a same mirror as the determining the direction of the viewer, and the circuitry controls the projecting the hologram to a direction corrected for a difference in direction between a projecting unit and a tracking unit relative to the mirror. Related apparatus and methods are also described..
Real View Imaging Ltd.

Method and device for processing holographic image

Provided are a method and device for processing a holographic image. The method includes generating a complex array by performing frequency conversion of input image data on a pixel-by-pixel basis, encoding per-pixel amplitude information and per-pixel phase information represented by complex numbers included in the complex array into real number values, sorting the real number values of the per-pixel amplitudes according to a magnitude and setting a prescribed-order number from among the real number values of the per-pixel amplitudes to a reference value, and normalizing the real number values of the per-pixel amplitudes based on the reference value..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Holographic encryption of multi-dimensional images and decryption of encrypted multi-dimensional images

Cryptographic techniques for encrypting images, and decrypting and reconstructing images, are provided to facilitate preventing unauthorized access to images. A holographic cryptographic component (hcc) generates complex holograms of multi-dimensional source images of a multi-dimensional object scene.
City University Of Hong Kong

Back light unit for holographic display

Provided is a back light unit (blu) for holographic display. The blu includes a first diffraction grating attached to a waveguide, a second diffraction grating that supplies light to the first diffraction grating, a light source that supplies light to the second diffraction grating, and a light reflection element that reflects light towards the first diffraction grating.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Modular holographic game assembly

A modular gaming apparatus allows for board games such as chess to be played on one or more levels. A base structure include a drawer and a fixed game board, with one or more playing units being provided for stacking atop the base structure.

Projection device and the holographic reconstruction of scenes

A holographic reconstruction of scenes includes a light modulator, an imaging system with at least two imaging means and an illumination device with sufficient coherent light for illumination of hologram coded in the light modulator. The at least two imaging means are arranged such that a first imaging means is provided for the magnified imaging of the light modulator on a second imaging means.
Seereal Technologies Gmbh

Holographic 3d recording device, reproducing device and display apparatus

A holographic 3d recording device includes: a photorefractive crystal and a microlens array. The microlens array includes an array face and a side face.
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.

Photopolymer composition for holographic recording

Provided is a photopolymer composition that may exhibit low volume shrinkage during holographic recording and may prevent a photosensitive dye from remaining unbleached after holographic recording.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Foil composite card

Composite cards formed in accordance with the invention include a security layer comprising a hologram or diffraction grating formed at or in the center, or core layer of the card. The hologram may be formed by embossing a designated area of the core layer with a diffraction pattern and depositing a thin layer of metal on the embossed layer.

Systems, articles, and methods for integrating holographic optical elements with eyeglass lenses

Systems, articles, and methods that integrate photopolymer film with eyeglass lenses are described. One or more hologram(s) may be recorded into/onto the photopolymer film to enable the lens to be used as a transparent holographic combiner in a wearable heads-up display employing an image source, such as a microdisplay or a scanning laser projector.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

Display with observer tracking

The invention relates to a display, in particular an autostereoscopic or holographic display, for representing preferably three-dimensional information, wherein the stereo views or the reconstructions of the holographically encoded objects can be tracked to the movements of the associated eyes of one or more observers in a finely stepped manner within a plurality of zones of the movement region. In this case, the zones are selected by the activation of switchable polarization gratings..
Seereal Technologies S.a.

Method of marking a holographic matrix and holographic matrix produced by this method

A method of marking a holographic matrix. The method includes forming the holographic matrix, which is designed to produce holograms by printing.
Advanced Track And Trace

Interactive virtual thematic environment

The present invention is directed to a method of integrating information, including real-time information, into a virtual thematic environment using a computer system, including accessing the stored information from a database or downloading the real-time information from a source external to the thematic environment; inserting the real-time information into the thematic environment; and displaying the information to a user within the thematic environment. In one embodiment, the computer system is connected to a holographic projection system such that the images from the thematic environment can be projected as holographic projections.
Barbaro Technologies

Analysis and sorting of objects in flow

A device and method for sorting objects immersed in a flowing medium are disclosed. An example device comprises a holographic imaging unit comprising one or more holographic imaging elements, a fluid handling unit comprising one or more microfluidic channels configured to conduct flowing medium along a corresponding holographic imaging element and at least one microfluidic switch arranged downstream of an imaging region in the microfluidic channel configured to direct objects in the flowing medium into a one of a plurality of outlets.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Ku Leuven R&d

Holographic augmented authoring

holographic augmented authoring provides an extension to personal computing experiences of a universal or conventional productivity application. A user interface of a productivity application executing on a personal computing device can be switched from a touch or conventional mode to a holographic mode, which opens communication between the personal computing device and a holographic enabled device providing a mixed reality system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Fast generation of digital holograms

Fast processing of information represented in digital holograms is provided to facilitate generating a hologram for displaying three-dimensional (3-d) holographic images representative of a 3-d object scene on a display device. A holographic generator component (hgc) can receive or generate visual images, comprising depth and parallax information, of a 3-d object scene.
City University Of Hong Kong

Apparatus for holographic display

Provided is a holographic display apparatus including a motor configured to synchronize with a hologram transmitted based on user's point of view and to rotate; a spatial light modulator configured to load hologram data generated based on the user's point of view in a fixed position state and to perform a light modulation; a mirror configured to provide the hologram which is light-modulated by the spatial light modulator according to the user's point of view during the rotation by rotation operation of the motor; and a hologram correction unit configured to compensate a rotation error between the fixed spatial light modulator and the rotating mirror and to provide a corrected hologram data to the spatial light modulator.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Fast feature identification for holographic tracking and characterization of colloidal particles

A method and system for identification of holographic tracking and identification of features of an object. A holograph is created from scattering off the object, intensity gradients are established for a plurality of pixels in the holograms, the direction of the intensity gradient is determined and those directions analyzed to identify features of the object and enables tracking of the object.
New York University

Holographic building information update

A method is disclosed that includes accessing a building information modeling database comprising building information data of a structure. A position of a head-mounted display device with respect to the structure may be tracked, with the head-mounted display device comprising an at least partially see-through display.

Holographic display system with undo functionality

Disclosed are techniques for performing undo operations on holographic objects in an immersive 3d visual environment. A display system allows the user to undo a given user operation performed on a particular selected holographic object without affecting any other holographic objects, based on a user's gaze and/or other user input.

System, using birefringent lenses to create holograms from received electromagnetic radiation

The inventors have discovered a method to improve image quality in holography and, for the first time, utilize lenses made from birefringent materials to advantageously split an incoming beam of either coherent or incoherent light into two coincident beams with different focal lengths that interfere with one another and thus create holograms free of electro-optical or pixelated devices. This discovery has many advantages over current methods to create holograms in which many components, including multiple lenses, other electro-optical devices, and/or beam paths are necessary to create holograms.
Celloptic, Inc.

Portable holographic user interface for an interactive 3d environment

Disclosed are a method and corresponding apparatus to enable a user of a display system to manipulate holographic objects. Multiple holographic user interface objects capable of being independently manipulated by a user are displayed to the user, overlaid on a real-world view of a 3d physical space in which the user is located.

Aromatic glycol ethers as writing monomers in holographic photopolymer formulations

The invention relates to a photopolymer formulation comprising specific aromatic glycol ethers as writing monomers, matrix polymers and a photoinitiator. The invention further provides an unexposed holographic medium obtainable using an inventive photopolymer formulation, and an exposed holographic medium obtainable by exposing a hologram into an inventive unexposed holographic medium.
Covestro Deutschland Ag

Security threads and stripes

The present invention relates to the field of the protection of value documents and value commercial goods against counterfeit and illegal reproduction. In particular, the present invention relates to security threads or stripes comprising a holographic metallic layer; a first transparent substrate; a second transparent substrate; a first hardened coating and a second hardened coating, wherein a first plurality of non-spherical magnetic or magnetizable pigment particles of the first hardened coating are oriented so as to follow a convex curvature and wherein the second plurality of non-spherical magnetic or magnetizable pigment particles of the second hardened coating are oriented so as to follow a concave curvature so as to form a plural rolling bar effect..
Sicpa Holding Sa

Mobile device wireless charging system

A wireless charging system for charging a mobile device uses a supercapacitor to provide wireless charging of the device. A holographic image of the supercapacitor may store electrical charge which may be released for storage into the battery of the device..

Holographic-stereogram-forming apparatus, diffusing member, and holographic-stereogram-forming method

A holographic-stereogram-forming apparatus includes a laser beam source that generates a laser beam to be split into an object beam and a reference beam; a display that displays an original image corresponding to a substantially strip-shaped holographic element constituting a holographic stereogram containing parallax information in a horizontal direction; a diffusing unit provided on a light-emission side of the display and including optical elements having different thicknesses in a direction of light transmission, the optical elements being arranged in a matrix and each having a substantially rectangular shape with a vertical length being shorter than a horizontal length, the diffusing unit diffusing object beam more widely in the vertical direction than in the horizontal direction, the object beam to be diffused by the diffusing unit being generated by the display; and a condensing unit that condenses the object beam diffused by the diffusing unit on a hologram recording medium.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Method and device for encoding three-dimensional scenes which include transparent objects in a holographic system

Method for computing the code for the reconstruction of three-dimensional scenes which include objects which partly absorb light or sound. The method can be implemented in a computing unit.
Seereal Technologies S.a.

Method and processing holographic image

A method and apparatus for generating a holographic image from a low resolution image transformed into a low resolution complex image that is interpolated into a high resolution image complex image. By transforming fewer pixels of the low resolution image, the amount of calculation may be reduced and the processing speed for generating the holographic image may be increased..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Holography using a double-end-emitting fiber laser

In some examples, a system may be configured to generate a holographic image of an object. The system may include a holographic recording medium and a fiber laser.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Holographic image display

Briefly stated, technologies are generally described for displaying a holographic image on a mobile device with a reference beam provided from a light source station. Example devices/systems described herein may use one or more of a mobile device and/or one or more light source stations.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Compact side and multi angle illumination lensless imager and operating the same

A system for subpixel resolution imaging of an amplitude and quantitative phase image, the system including a waveguide having a top plane, a bottom plane, and two sides, an array of light sources emitting first befit beams from one side of the two sides of a waveguide, a holographic photopolymer film positioned on the top plane or the bottom plane of the waveguide and arranged to be illuminated by the first light beams from the array of light sources via the waveguide and to produce second light beams by diffraction, and an imaging device for capturing interference pattern light beams that passed through a sample, the sample arranged to be illuminated by the second light beams.. .
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

Compact holographic illumination device

There is provided a colour sequential illumination device comprising in series: first and second light sources; a condenser lens; and a grating device. The grating device comprises at least one bragg grating.
Digilens, Inc.

Apparatus and measuring quality of holographic image

A method and apparatus for measuring a quality of a holographic image are provided. An image quality measuring method may include acquiring a first image including a holographic image in a background, and a second image that does not include a holographic image, the first image and the second image being on the same background, extracting a gray level value and a dark-noise counted level value from the first image in a selected range of the first image, extracting a gray level value and a dark-noise counted level value from the second image in the same range as the selected range of the first image, and determining a holographic contrast ratio (hcr) of the holographic image based on the extracted gray level values and the extracted dark-noise counted level values..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instit Ute

Themed holographic theater

A themed holograph theater system and method for presenting interactive holographic imagery that presents 2d or 3d holographic imagery interactive with physical objects. The themed holographic theater system includes a camera or scanner to obtain data concerning the physical object, a projector to project images on a holographic media and a program to identify the physical object based on the camera or scanner data and control the projection of images interacting with the physical object..

Method for marking the surface of a mechanical part with a predefined graphical representation having a holographic effect

A method of marking the surface of a mechanical part with a predefined graphic having a holographic type effect, the method including using a laser source to apply a succession of laser pulses to the outside surface of a part for marking, with different masks being interposed between the laser source and the outside surface of the part, each mask having a particular pattern, each laser pulse having a power density of at least 20 mw/cm2 and a duration that is less than or equal to 100 ns.. .

System and ambient/pervasive user/healthcare experience

A system and method of ambient/pervasive user experience (including healthcare) is described, utilizing (a) super system on chip(s), (b) intelligent/machine learning algorithm(s), (c) high resolution holographic display(s), (d) augmented reality devices and/or (f) point of care diagnostics system(s).. .

Holographic system for temporary traffic management

A holographic system for temporary traffic management creates brightly illuminated holographic images, simulating familiar traffic control devices such as an orange cone and a white pillar. The system is comprised of a software application which securely controls a series of holographic projectors.

Devices and methods for holographic 3d imaging

A device, system and method for holographic 3d imaging. The device includes a laser light source that delivers a laser beam; an aperture disc including at least two pinholes, the laser beam being filtered by the pinholes so that a reference wave and an object wave are generated; a sample having a first area containing an object to be imaged and a second area without any object, in which the first area and the second area are illuminated by the object wave and the reference wave respectively; and an image sensor that captures an off-axis hologram for reconstructing an image of the object, in which the reference wave and the object wave are interfered on the image sensor and the hologram is captured based on an interference pattern of the reference wave and the object wave..
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

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