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Delaying cache data array updates


Delaying cache data array updates

Adobe Systems

Hierarchy similarity measure

Date/App# patent app List of recent Hierarchy-related patents
 Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating user interface hierarchies patent thumbnailnew patent Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating user interface hierarchies
An electronic device with a touch-sensitive surface, a display, and one or more sensors to detect intensity of contacts displaying a lower-level user interface that is part of a user interface hierarchy, where the hierarchy includes at least three levels, including the lower-level user interface, an intermediate-level user interface and a higher-level user interface. The device also, while displaying the lower-level user interface, detects an input on a portion of the device that is associated with user interface hierarchy navigation and, in response to detecting the input, in accordance with a determination that the input meets first transition criteria, the device replaces display of the lower-level user interface with display of the intermediate-level user interface and in accordance with a determination that the input meets second transition criteria, the device replaces display of the lower-level user interface with display of the higher-level user interface..
Apple Inc.
 Method and  generating an explorer for user interface prototyping patent thumbnailnew patent Method and generating an explorer for user interface prototyping
A method for generating an interactions explorer for a user interface prototype comprising detecting one or more prototyping actions while a user creates a user interface prototype, adding the one or more prototyping actions to an interaction hierarchy and generating an interactive visual depiction of the interaction hierarchy.. .
Infragistics, Inc.
 Method for automatic display of possible connections and automatic connection of model components of a model of a technical system patent thumbnailnew patent Method for automatic display of possible connections and automatic connection of model components of a model of a technical system
A method for automatic connection of model components of a model of a technical system on a computer with a display, wherein the model has a first model component and a second model component. The first model component and the second model component each have at least one hierarchy element, wherein a hierarchy element contains no hierarchy element, or one hierarchy element, or multiple hierarchy elements.
Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh
 Hierarchical wearable processing unit patent thumbnailnew patent Hierarchical wearable processing unit
A hierarchical wearable processing unit (hwpu) (102) for wpus (100) is described. According to an implementation of the present subject matter, the hwpu (102) may include a plurality of hierarchies (106).
Ineda Systems Pvt. Ltd
 Delaying cache data array updates patent thumbnailnew patent Delaying cache data array updates
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for reducing writes to the data array of a cache. A cache hierarchy includes one or more l1 caches and a l2 cache inclusive of the l2 cache(s).
Apple Inc.
 Selective victimization in a multi-level cache hierarchy patent thumbnailnew patent Selective victimization in a multi-level cache hierarchy
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing selective victimization to reduce power and utilized bandwidth in a multi-level cache hierarchy. Each set of an upper-level cache includes a counter that keeps track of the number of times the set was accessed.
Apple Inc.
 Hierarchy similarity measure patent thumbnailnew patent Hierarchy similarity measure
hierarchy similarity measure techniques are described. In one or more implementations, categories in a hierarchy of categories are assigned to each of at least two objects.
Adobe Systems Incorporated
 System and  generating a code execution timeline from an executing program patent thumbnailnew patent System and generating a code execution timeline from an executing program
The present technology is directed to a non-limiting system and method for generating an abstract code execution timeline from repetitive programs, such as video games and simulations. As a non-limiting example, a statistical sampling profile is first taken of the running program, and then the data is converted into several representations.
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
 Translating media access control (mac) addresses in a network hierarchy patent thumbnailTranslating media access control (mac) addresses in a network hierarchy
In one embodiment a method includes receiving a packet including a destination media access control (mac) address field having a mac address of a hypervisor and a destination internet protocol (ip) address field having an ip address of a virtual machine (vm) coupled to the hypervisor. The method further determines a mac address of the vm using the ip address of the vm and applies the vm mac address to the destination mac address field of the packet to forward the packet to the vm..
Rackspace Us, Inc.
 Methods and arrangements for processing and presentation of information patent thumbnailMethods and arrangements for processing and presentation of information
Embodiments may implement processing and presentation of information with, e.g., standalone and/or application integration, object-oriented, hierarchical architecture, in the form of, e.g., an add-in application or a computing platform for creating, modifying, interpreting, compiling, and/or executing an application. Embodiments may be implemented as a discrete computing platform or as an overlay, allowing interoperability with capabilities of the overlaid platform.

Systems and methods for reducing first level cache energy by eliminating cache address tags

Methods and systems which, for example, reduce energy usage in cache memories are described. Cache location information regarding the location of cachelines which are stored in a tracked portion of a memory hierarchy is stored in a cache location table.
Green Cache Ab

Hierarchical linguistic tags for documents

Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with linguistic tags for documents are described. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a document.
Oracle International Corporation

Optimizing database queries having hierarchy filters

A query is received by a database server from a remote application server. The query is associated with a calculation scenario that defines a data flow model that includes one or more calculation nodes and that includes at least one hierarchy filter.

Directed behavior in hierarchical temporal memory based system

A hierarchy of computing modules is configured to learn a cause of input data sensed over space and time, and is further configured to determine a cause of novel sensed input data dependent on the learned cause. At least one of the computing modules has a sequence learner module configured to associate sequences of input data received by the computing module to a set of causes previously learned in the hierarchy..
Numenta, Inc.

Managing a hierarchy of online stores

A computer system for supporting multiple hierarchically defined online stores includes a capability for an administrator of an online store to push information from a parent store to one or more child stores, and to pull information from a parent store to a child store. The administrator instructs the computer system what information is to be propagated, and to what extent that information is propagated.
Fullscale, Inc.

System and speech-based navigation and interaction with a device's visible screen elements using a corresponding view hierarchy

A method 900 includes: identifying 903, within an electronic device 100, a character sequence representing a first speech input that is received 902 while displaying a viewable screen having at least one selectable viewable element; accessing 904 a view hierarchy that provides a text representation of one or more of the at least one selectable viewable element; comparing 906 the character sequence to the text representation of each of the selectable elements associated with the viewable screen; and in response to detecting 908 a match of the character sequence with at least one text representation, a processor of the electronic device 100 (i) selecting 910, within the viewable screen, a corresponding selectable viewable element whose text representation matches the character sequence and (ii) triggering 918 any action linked to selecting the corresponding selectable viewable element.. .
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Defect analysis assistance device, program executed by defect analysis assistance device, and defect analysis system

Conventionally, there was no method for automatically selecting the layers to be overlaid, so when the number of layers to be overlaid was large, there was a problem that much time was required for selecting the layers. It is an object of the present invention to provide a defect image analysis method capable of specifying patterns and layers in which a defect occurs by overlaying defect images to be analysis targets and design layout data, and a defect image analysis system capable of improving the efficiency to select the layers from the design layout data.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Method and system of a hierarchical task scheduler for a multi-thread system

A method for scheduling tasks from a program executed by a multi-processor core system is disclosed. The method includes a scheduler that groups a plurality of tasks, each having an assigned priority, by priority in a task group.

Data processing system, input support method, and input support program

Guide information according to a hierarchy of a given character string is sequentially acquired in response to an input of character strings for describing a source program, and only the guide information is displayed depending on an input status of the character string. Characters input from an input device for software description are coupled with each other to create an input character string.

Generic indexing for efficiently supporting ad-hoc query over hierarchically marked-up data

Hierarchical data objects are indexed using an index referred to herein as a hierarchy-value index. A hierarchy-value index has, as index keys, tokens (tag name, a word in node string value) that are extracted from hierarchical data objects.

Document retrieval using internal dictionary-hierarchies to adjust per-subject match results

Techniques for managing big data include retrieval using per-subject dictionaries having multiple levels of sub-classification hierarchy within the subject. Entries may include subject-determining-power (sdp) scores that provide an indication of the descriptive power of the entry term with respect to the subject of the dictionary containing the term.

Intelligent matching of advertisement to content

A system and method for presenting advertising is implemented by an advertisement server having a database of products organized in a hierarchy of themes, an interface module web server configured to analyze content of a web page to identify one or more themes of the web page, and a user terminal configured to access the web page and configured for presenting advertisements from the database that have themes matching the web page themes.. .

System and creating, implementing, and tracking strategic plans

In one aspect, a system may include a receiver configured to receive a message including a hierarchy identifier, an action, and a task indicator. The system may include a task information processor configured to determine a date range for the task and obtain a metric associated with the task.

Apparatus and access validation

One or more techniques for access validation are provided. Access validation may be performed automatically or in real-time.
Avatier Corporation

Method for adding or updating video content from internet sources to existing video-on-demand application of digital tv services provider system

A video-on-demand (vod) content delivery system has a vod application server which manages a database of templates ordered in a hierarchy for presentation of video content elements of different selected types categorized in hierarchical order. The templates include those for higher-order displays which have one or more links to lower-order displays of specific content.
Broadband Itv, Inc.

Resource allocation with hierarchical scope

A source code symbol can be declared to have a scope level indicative of a level in a hierarchy of scope levels, where the scope level indicates a circuit level or a sub-circuit level in the hierarchy. A novel instruction to the linker can define the symbol to be of a desired scope level.
Netronome Systems, Inc.

Hierarchical resource pools in a linker

A novel declare instruction can be used in source code to declare a sub-pool of resource instances to be taken from the resource instances of a larger declared pool. Using such declare instructions, a hierarchy of pools and sub-pools can be declared.
Netronome Systems, Inc.

Intervention conditions

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a touch input within a particular region of a display area of the computing device. The display area presents a user interface (ui) including a number of views organized in a hierarchy.
Facebook, Inc.

System and facilitating routing

A system and method are provided for routing content requests. On a given server network, content requests comprising a character string may be routed up a hierarchical network topology until a linear chain, corresponding to the character string, is identified.
Neustar, Inc.

Object version management

Object-oriented network management includes defining an information model with one object class for each type of network resource and network entity to be managed. A hierarchy tree with a plurality of hierarchy levels is defined independent from an inheritance hierarchy.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Encoding traffic classification information for networking configuration

Methods and apparatus for encoding traffic classification information for a networking configuration system are disclosed. At a networking configuration server, a hierarchy of network traffic categories and corresponding networking configuration options are generated.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Peer-to-peer network image distribution hierarchy

In one embodiment, network devices such as ip phones may be upgraded with a set of files. A master network device in the set of network devices is identified.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Determining financial account payment hierarchy for recovery of payment in arrears

Embodiments of the invention are directed to apparatus, methods, and computer program products for determining a lead account from amongst one or more financial accounts associated with a customer that are currently in arrears. Once the lead account has been determined a lead account indicator is provided within user interfaces of a unified account payment recovery system application in conjunction with information pertaining to the account.
Bank Of America Corporation

Hierarchy condensation third-type absorption heat pump

The hierarchy condensation third-type absorption heat pump provided by the invention belongs to the absorption heat pump technology field. A solution cycle is formed by a first generator, an absorption-generator, a first absorber, a first solution pump, a second solution pump, a first solution heat exchanger and a steam distributing chamber.

Method for navigating among a multitude of displayable data entities arranged in a hierarchy, a wearable device and a computer program product

Upon sensing at least one press by the user on the command entry area, a predetermined command is issued that changes the displayed information in the viewing area by navigating to a second level in the hierarchy of data entities that is different from the first level.. .

Content display

The present invention relates to a system 10 for generating a content hierarchy 12 for use in laying out content from a source 14 for display. The system comprises a content gatherer 16 co-operable with a source for gathering content from the source into content sub-groups dependent on the content type of the content; a design fragment populater 24 for populating at least one design fragment 19 using the gathered source content, the plurality of design fragments each comprising design parameters specifying how the source content can be laid out; and a content hierarchy assembler 32 for attaching the populated design fragment to a selected parent fragment 19 permitted for the populated design fragment, the parent fragment containing design parameters specifying how each design fragment can be laid out for display..

Account locking using transaction codes

Described herein are systems and computer-implemented methods for configuring a payment account in an account hierarchy using transaction codes that carry transaction information. The transaction codes carry sufficient information to help inform a decision of whether to lock the payment account so as to prevent an initiated transaction from completing.
Quisk, Inc.

Systems and methods for risk processing and visualization of supply chain management system data

Apparatus, system and method for supply chain management (scm) system processing. A scm operating platform is operatively coupled to scm modules for collecting, storing, distributing and processing scm data to determine statistical opportunities and risk in a scm hierarchy.
Jabil Circuit, Inc.

Efficient forecasting for hierarchical energy systems

Examples of energy forecasting in hierarchical energy systems are provided herein. A global forecast model instance for a hierarchical energy system can be determined through aggregation of energy forecast model data from individual energy smart meters.

Assigning resources among multiple task groups in a database system

A computer running a database system receives one or more queries, each query comprised of parallel threads of execution working towards the common goal of completing a user request. These threads are grouped into a schedulable object called a task group.
Teradata Corporation

Volume hierarchy download in a storage area network

In one embodiment, a solution is provided wherein a volume hierarchy may be received at a network device in a storage area network. Once the network device is ready to apply the volume hierarchy, a message so indicating may be sent.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Managing media content, playlist sharing

Electronic content items which may be associated into playlists and located throughout a plurality of sources may be managed using at least one media content manager. A compatibility hierarchy may be used to determine compatibility of certain electronic content items with other electronic content items associated with other sources in order to populate playlists..
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Managing media content, federated player

Electronic content items may be organized into playlists and associated with a plurality of sources. These playlists may be managed using at least one media content manager.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Inline hierarchy method and software, and business methods therefore

An inline hierarchical method and software is disclosed that includes expanding a conventional data hierarchy beyond a parent-child relationship that opens up new searching, correlating, analyzing and displaying options, creating new levels of grouping various identifiers. This software derives a multiple tiered hierarchical structure from user-defined and/or computer determined inline tags within an element or multiple elements of an object, as well as business methods therefore.
Linkies, Llc

Multifactorial optimization system and method

A method for providing unequal allocation of rights among agents while operating according to fair principles, comprising assigning a hierarchal rank to each agent; providing a synthetic economic value to a first set of agents at the a high level of the hierarchy; allocating portions of the synthetic economic value by the first set of agents to a second set of agents at respectively different hierarchal rank than the first set of agents; and conducting an auction amongst agents using the synthetic economic value as the currency. A method for allocation among agents, comprising assigning a wealth generation function for generating future wealth to each of a plurality of agents, communicating subjective market information between agents, and transferring wealth generated by the secure wealth generation function between agents in consideration of a market transaction.

Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, program, and integrated circuit

An image decoding method decodes a coded stream which includes processing units and a header of the processing units, and which is generated by coding a moving picture using inter prediction. The processing units includes at least one processing unit divided in a hierarchy, the hierarchy including a highest hierarchical layer in which a coding unit exists as a largest processing unit and a lower hierarchical layer in which a prediction unit exists.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Carriage of video coding standard extension bitstream data using mpeg-2 systems

In one example, a device for processing video data includes a memory for storing an enhancement layer of video data coded according to an extension of a video coding standard, and one or more processors configured to decode a hierarchy extension descriptor for an elementary stream including the enhancement layer, wherein the hierarchy extension descriptor includes data representative of two or more reference layers on which the enhancement layer depends, wherein the two or more reference layers include a first enhancement layer, conforming to a first scalability dimension, and a second enhancement layer, conforming to a second scalability dimension, and wherein the first scalability dimension is different than the second scalability dimension, and to process the video data based at least in part on the data representative of the two or more reference layers.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

Data remapping for heterogeneous processor

A processor remaps stored data and the corresponding memory addresses of the data for different processing units of a heterogeneous processor. The processor includes a data remap engine that changes the format of the data (that is, how the data is physically arranged in segments of memory) in response to a transfer of the data from system memory to a local memory hierarchy of an accelerated processing module (apm) of the processor.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Coarse grained client interface

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a coarse grained client interface for accessing complex data structures in a storage system. Complex data structures may take the form of business objects (bos), which may be hierarchically structured.
Sap Ag

Recommendation system, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium for storing thereof

A recommendation method includes providing an ontology database, in which the ontology database includes a plurality of entities, and the entities are arranged in an ontology hierarchy structure with n hierarchy levels; storing a plurality of jth level user data respectively corresponding to a plurality of users; generating a plurality of kth level user data according to the jth level user data respectively; clustering the kth level user data; and recommending the entities in the ontology database to the users according to a clustering result.. .
Institute For Information Industry

Complex layout-based topological data analysis of analog netlists to extract hierarchy and functionality

A system and method for reverse synthesizing an integrated circuit from a netlist. A netlist extracted from a device under review is received and converted to a connected graph.
Raytheon Company

General property hierarchy web applications

Systems and methods are disclosed for configuring a web application based on a general property hierarchy. An application property scheme including one or more property hierarchy levels may be generated based on values within a system configuration file.
Aol Inc.

Determining a community page for a concept in a social networking system

Equivalent concepts expressed across multiple domains are matched and associated with a metapage generated by a social networking system. User preferences expressed on multiple domains, represented as pages in a social networking system, may be organized by concept and shared with advertisers, third-party developers, and other users of the social networking system using the metapages generated for the concepts.
Facebook, Inc.

Business intelligence system and services for payor in healthcare industry

A business intelligence solution tailored to health care services. Specifically, the present invention consists at least one payor source as enterprise resource planning (erp)/legacy engine integrated with plurality of data; a extract transform and load (etl) engine designed for extracting data from said enterprise resource planning (erp)/legacy engine consisting of business metrics relating to performance of the business with its organized data in hierarchy; at least one landing pad/staging layer having at least one staging data table; at least one analytic engine called star schema designed for reporting, analysis and planning of information based on business metric implemented; at least one transactiona data model for transforming data from said payor source into web interface; designed to support business analytic activities such as healthcare data, financial data and business administration..

Persisting state at scale across browser sessions

The management of application state storage associated with a hierarchical application. The hierarchical application includes multiple parent user interface elements, each of at least some having child user interface elements arranged in a corresponding hierarchy.
Microsoft Corporation

Control and part compliant hierarchy

A hierarchy of controls and parts, that are each in accordance with constraints of a computing executing context. A control is executable code that performs a function and which may impart a visualization.
Microsoft Corporation

Automatic generation of entity types files

An entity types file (etf) is automatically generated from a high-level software description, where the software description describes software to be managed by middleware to achieve high availability. An etf generation method comprises receiving the software description that describes interfaces and dependency between components of the software; verifying the software description in accordance with constraints imposed by middleware specifications; based on the verified software description, automatically creating a hierarchy of entity types and associations among the entity types compliant with the middleware specifications; and outputting the entity types and the associations as the etf for subsequent generation of a configuration of the middleware for availability management..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Volatile memory representation of nonvolatile storage device set

The storage devices of a storage device set (e.g., a raid array) may generate a nonvolatile representation of the configuration of the storage device set, including logical disks, spaces, storage pools, and layout and provisioning plans, on the physical media of the storage devices. A computer accessing the storage device set may also generate a volatile memory representation of the storage device set to use while accessing the storage devices; however, the nonvolatile representation may not be performant due to its different usage and characteristics.
Microsoft Corporation

Method and system for generating pseudorandom numbers in parallel

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system that generates a pseudorandom number. During operation, the system maintains a current dot-product for a thread, wherein the current dot-product is a dot-product between a pedigree for the thread and an array of coefficients, wherein the pedigree for the thread comprises an array of elements that specify a path to the thread from a root in a dynamic multi-threading hierarchy, and wherein the array of coefficients includes a coefficient for each level in the dynamic multi-threaded hierarchy.
Oracle International Corporation

Crowd-powered self-improving interactive visualanalytics for user-generated opinion data

Embodiments relate to interacting with a collection of user opinion documents associated with a topic. One aspect includes obtaining opinion data for the collection of opinion documents associated with the topic.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for tracking a schema in a schema-less database

Systems and methods are described for obtaining, for insertion into a schema-less database, a data object that comprises a plurality of key and value pairs. The method also includes hashing the keys associated with the plurality of key and value pairs.
Vmware, Inc.

Minimization of surprisal data through application of hierarchy filter pattern

A computer product and system of minimizing surprisal data comprising: at a source, reading and identifying characteristics of an organism's background associated with a genetic sequence of the organism; receiving an input of rank of at least two identified characteristics of the genetic sequence; generating a hierarchy of ranked, identified characteristics based on the rank of the identified characteristics; comparing the hierarchy of ranked, identified characteristics to a repository of reference genomes; and if at least one reference genome from the repository matches the ranked characteristics, breaking the matched reference genomes into pieces, combining pieces associated with the identified characteristics from the matched reference genome to form a filter pattern to be compared to the nucleotides of the genetic sequence of the organism. The differences from the comparison are used to create surprisal data representing an entire genome of the organism..
International Business Machines Corporation

Heterogeneous log analysis

A method and system are provided for heterogeneous log analysis. The method includes performing hierarchical log clustering on heterogeneous logs to generate a log cluster hierarchy for the heterogeneous logs.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Systems and methods for validating and correcting automated medical image annotations

Systems and methods are disclosed for manipulating image annotations. One method includes receiving an image of an individual's anatomy; automatically determining, using a processor, one or more annotations for anatomical features identified in the image of the individual's anatomy; determining a dependency or hierarchy between at least two of the one or more annotations for anatomical features identified in the image of the individual's anatomy; and generating, based on the dependency or hierarchy, a workflow prompting a user to manipulate the one or more annotations for anatomical features identified in the image of the individual's anatomy..
Heartflow, Inc.

Position independent testing of circuits

Scan distributor, collector, and controller circuitry connect to the functional inputs and outputs of core circuitry on integrated circuits to provide testing through those functional inputs and outputs. Multiplexer and demultiplexer circuits select between the scan circuitry and the functional inputs and outputs.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Hierarchical access of test access ports in embedded core integrated circuitsgb

An integrated circuit can have plural core circuits, each having a test access port that is defined in ieee standard 1149.1. Access to and control of these ports is though a test linking module.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Variable data recovery scheme hierarchy

Method and apparatus for managing data in a memory, such as a flash memory. In accordance with some embodiments, a memory has a plurality of solid-state non-volatile memory cells.
Seagate Technology Llc

Store address prediction for memory disambiguation in a processing device

A processing device implementing store address prediction for memory disambiguation in a processing device is disclosed. A processing device of the disclosure includes a store address predictor to predict an address for store operations that store data to a memory hierarchy.

Method and cache occupancy determination and instruction scheduling

An apparatus and method for determining whether data needed for one or more operations is stored in a cache and scheduling the operations for execution based on the determination. For example, one embodiment of a processor comprises: a hierarchy of cache levels for caching data including at least a level 1 (l1) cache; cache occupancy determination logic to determine whether data associated with one or more subsequent operations is stored in one of the cache levels; and scheduling logic to schedule execution of the subsequent operations based on the determination of whether data associated with the subsequent operations is stored in the cache levels..

Using virtual domain name service (dns) zones for enterprise content delivery

A domain to be published to an enterprise ecdn is associated with a set of one or more enterprise zones configurable in a hierarchy. When a dns query arrives for a hostname known to be associated with given content within the control of the ecdn, a dns server responds by handing back an ip address, by executing a zone referral to a next (lower) level name server in a zone hierarchy, or by cnaming to another hostname, thereby restarting the lookup procedure.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Generating method, generating apparatus, and recording medium

A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium has stored therein a generating program that causes a computer to execute a process including: selecting a control mode from a first control mode and a second control mode in accordance with whether a document element that includes a predetermined number or more of child elements is present in a document file, the first control mode and the second control mode determining storing locations of data in the document file from a plurality of blocks, the first control mode determining the storing locations of data in the document file for each document element in a hierarchy of the child elements, and the second control mode determining the storing locations of data in the document file for each document element in the hierarchy of the document element that includes the child elements or in the hierarchy higher than the hierarchy of the document element.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Skills ontology creation

Disclosed in some examples are systems, methods, and machine readable mediums which allow for the automatic creation of a skills hierarchy. The skills hierarchy comprises an organization of a standardized list of skills into a hierarchy that describes category relationships between the skills in the hierarchy.
Linkedln Corporation

Live migration of virtualized systems

Methods, apparatus, software, and system architectures for supporting virtualized system migrations and scaling. Under aspects of a method, data is automatically collected and aggregated at multiple levels by a plurality of agents for each of multiple data centers.

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