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Hierarchy patents


This page is updated frequently with new Hierarchy-related patent applications.

 System and method providing automatic pushdown hierarchical filters patent thumbnailnew patent System and method providing automatic pushdown hierarchical filters
Systems, methods, and other embodiments are disclosed that are configured to generate a hierarchy of access rules in a protocol stack. Access rules corresponding to a first layer in a protocol stack are analyzed.
Oracle International Corporation

 Radio communication device and response signal spreading method patent thumbnailnew patent Radio communication device and response signal spreading method
A radio communication device capable of randomizing both inter-cell interference and intra-cell interference. In this device, a spreading section primarily spreads a response signal in a zap sequence set by a control unit.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 System for medical device software alert hierarchy management patent thumbnailnew patent System for medical device software alert hierarchy management
The present invention therefore provides improvement to a patient's long-term health and reduced costs of a patient's treatment regimen.. .

 Integrating dynamic interpersonal relationships in an organization hierarchy patent thumbnailnew patent Integrating dynamic interpersonal relationships in an organization hierarchy
To determine resource utilization in an organization, a portion describing an interaction between a first participant and a second participant is identified in a human-readable content of a message. Using nlp, the portion is analyzed to extract a verb and a subject corresponding to the interaction.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Linear array hierarchy navigation patent thumbnailnew patent Linear array hierarchy navigation
For linear array hierarch navigation, a method encodes a logic design as a linear array with a plurality of logic states. The method displays combination maps of a plurality of fields at two or more successive display levels having a top display level and at least one lower display level.
Assurant Design Automation Llc

 Indexing dynamic hierarchical data patent thumbnailnew patent Indexing dynamic hierarchical data
A system includes storage of data of a hierarchy, where each node of the hierarchy is represented by a row, and each row includes a level of its respective node, a pointer to a lower bound entry of an order index structure associated with the hierarchy, and a pointer to an upper bound entry of the order index structure associated with the hierarchy, reception of a pointer l, and determination of an entry e of the order index structure to which the received pointer l points.. .
Sap Se

 Ride sharing navigation patent thumbnailnew patent Ride sharing navigation
A first destination and a first route strategy are received from a first device. The first route strategy includes a first rider destination hierarchy for a ride sharing algorithm.
Here Global B.v.

 System and  construction, delivery and display of itv applications that blend programming information of on-demand and broadcast service offerings patent thumbnailSystem and construction, delivery and display of itv applications that blend programming information of on-demand and broadcast service offerings
A user interface allows for blending of television program choices from which a viewer may select, the blending representing options for linear and non-linear programming presented together within a single hierarchy of a designated category. The blending may further include managed content relevant to the designated category, where desired.
Tvworks, Llc

 Directing content to users of a computer system based on previously accesssed content patent thumbnailDirecting content to users of a computer system based on previously accesssed content
A website is configured to store a hierarchy of information on a client computer, depending on how much of the website has been navigated by the user. Information indicating content viewed, searches performed on a database, and records viewed in response to a search, can be stored.
Boston Logic Technology Partners, Inc.

 Hierarchical data classification using frequency analysis patent thumbnailHierarchical data classification using frequency analysis
A method of classifying individual documents in a document collection according to a hierarchy may include selecting an object from the hierarchy, generating one or more variants for the object, and for each of the one or more variants, determining a frequency threshold based at least in part on how frequently the one or more variants occurs in the document collection. The method may also include selecting a first document in the document collection, where the first document includes one or more objects that match at least one of the one or more variants.
Oracle International Corporation

Topology aware distributed storage system

A topology aware distributed storage system includes a plurality of storage nodes, at least one client node, and a storage manager and metadata store. A user-defined storage policy specifies where data is stored within a topological hierarchy of nodes within the network.
Morgan Stanley

Determing a permission of a first tenant with respect to a second tenant

A first representation is provided of privileges among a plurality of tenants of a system. The tenants have relationships according to a hierarchy that includes multiple hierarchical levels of the tenants, where at least one of the privileges specifies a permission of a first tenant to perform a task with respect to a second tenant.
Hewlett-packard Development Company L.p.

Systems for quantitative learning that incorporate user tasks in the workplace

Systems and methods are presented herein for facilitating impactful learning in a corporate environment. The system may include a server that communicates with computing devices, allowing users to access and participate in a learning hierarchy of programs, levels, quests, challenges, and participation items.
Jubi, Inc.

Methods for providing macro placement of ic

A method for providing a macro placement of an integrated circuit is provided. An initial placement of the integrated circuit is obtained, wherein the initial placement includes a plurality of first macro blocks.
Mediatek Inc.

Hierarchical dimension analysis in multi-dimensional pivot grids

A system and method facilitating transforming or updating displayed data using data hierarchy information. An example method includes storing hierarchy information characterizing a dataset via one or more tree tables; selectively accessing a database to update data characterized by metadata of the one or more tree tables; employing one or more pivot grids to replicate one or more hierarchical properties of the one or more tree tables; and displaying information based on the one or more pivot grids.
Oracle International Corporation

System and organizing, retrieving and displaying information using html indices

A computerized system and method for data management that packages data in the inherent folder hierarchy of the operating system, and layers a virtual folder/file hierarchy and directory system atop the inherent folder hierarchy. The virtual folder/file hierarchy provides non-hierarchical html search and indexing on top of the existing windows' file systems.

Data management system

According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method may include obtaining hierarchal data corresponding to a hierarchy associated with an organization. The method may further include obtaining designation data with respect to one or more target areas and one or more target metrics.
Predictive Science L.l.c.

Methods and system for maintaining an indirection system for a mass storage device

Disclosed herein are techniques for maintaining an indirection manager for a mass storage device. According to some embodiments, the indirection manager is configured to implement different algorithms that orchestrate a manner in which data is read from and written into memory sectors when handling i/o requests output by a computing device that is communicatively coupled to the mass storage device.
Apple Inc.

Application-centric analysis of leak suspect operations

To identify a source of a memory leak in an application, a pattern of objects is identified in an object hierarchy of a heap dump, the pattern including an indication of the memory leak. The pattern is matched with a metadata of the application.
International Business Machines Corporation

Indicating hierarchy in a computer system with a graphical user interface

Some embodiments of the invention provide a method for indicating hierarchy of objects in a graphical user interface (gui) of a computer system. The method uses a first color to display a first set of objects at a first level of the hierarchy.
Apple Inc.

Selectively loading design data for logical equivalency check

This application discloses a system implementing tools and mechanisms to selectively load design data for logical equivalency check. The tools and mechanisms can identify a hierarchy of modules in a circuit design, perform a depth-first search of the hierarchy of modules starting with a root module to identify a subset of modules to parse, and selectively parse the subset of the modules in the circuit design.
Mentor Graphics Corporation

Method and referring expression generation

Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are described herein that are configured to perform referring expression generation. In some example embodiments, a method is provided that comprises identifying an intended referent to be referred to in a textual output.
Arria Data2text Limited

Method and voice operation of mobile applications having unnamed view elements

A method and apparatus for voice operation of mobile applications having unnamed view elements includes an electronic computing device configured to determine that a view element for a mobile application is unnamed in a view hierarchy layout file for the mobile application and to enter a name for the view element in a data record. The method performed by the electronic computing device further includes receiving a voice command for an operation that invokes the view element.
Motorola Mobility Llc

System and tracking service results

Various embodiments of a system and method for tracking service requests are described. Embodiments may include call tree generation logic configured to receive multiple request identifiers associated with a respective one of multiple service requests.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

File tree streaming in a virtual file system for cloud-based shared content

Systems for fast views of items in file directories or file folders when interacting with a cloud-based service platform. A server in a cloud-based environment interfaces with one or more storage devices to provide storage of shared content accessible by two or more user devices.
Box, Inc.

System and detection and deployment of virtualization capable assets in a managed datacenter

A datacenter management server includes a datacenter operations manager and a datacenter infrastructure manager with an infrastructure viewer and an asset deployment tool. The datacenter operations manager compiles datacenter hierarchy information for a datacenter, including identity information for a virtualized environment and identity information for a virtualization capable system.
Dell Products, Lp

Data caching

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for caching data not frequently accessed. One of the methods includes receiving a request for data from a component of a device, determining that the data satisfies an infrequency condition, in response to determining that the data satisfies the infrequency condition: determining a target cache level which defines a cache level within a cache level hierarchy of a particular cache at which to store infrequently accessed data, the target cache level being lower than a highest cache level in the cache level hierarchy, requesting and receiving the data from a memory that is not a cache of the device, and storing the data in a level of the particular cache that is at or below the target cache level in the cache level hierarchy, and providing the data to the component..
Google Inc.

System and approach to manage versioning of field devices in a multi-site enterprise

An energy management and control system that may manage versioning firmware for devices. The system may be structured in a hierarchy of enterprise, site and field levels, with one or more computing platforms at the various levels.
Honeywell International Inc.

Systematic approach to power throttling for equipment protection in data centers or other locations

A method includes receiving information identifying one or more power constraint violations in a hierarchy of computing devices. The hierarchy has multiple levels, and the computing devices are grouped into different collections in one or more levels of the hierarchy.
Honeywell International Inc.

Method of hierarchical timing closure employing dynamic load-sensitive feedback constraints

The timing analysis of an integrated chip component using dynamic load sensitive timing feedback constraints maintaining the timing accuracy for all the boundary paths is achieved by capturing a reduced order representation for parasitic load within a component for each of its primary input and primary output along with sensitivities of the arrival time, the slew and the required arrival time to the load representation at the component parent level of hierarchy as part of generating load sensitive feedback constraints. During the out-of-context timing closure of the component, the base load representation and the sensitivities, and an updated load representation enables the calculation of the updated boundary constraint for an accurate timing analysis.
International Business Machines Corporation

System of dynamic hierarchies based on a searchable entity model

A system having dynamic hierarchies based on a searchable entity model. The present system may be used for defining hierarchies by defining each level based on the attributes of its objects.
Honeywell International Inc.

External linking based on hierarchical level weightings

Certain implementations of the disclosed technology include systems and methods for external linking based on hierarchal level weightings. The method may include associating external query data having one or more query field values with a record in a linked hierarchical database.
Lexisnexis Risk Solutions Fl Inc.

Hierarchical document flow determination

A computer-implemented method is used to determine a document flow of documents, data on the documents being stored in a documents database. The method involves assigning a hierarchical tree-like structure to the documents.
Sap Se

Computer processor with register direct branches and employing an instruction preload structure

A computer processor with register direct branches and employing an instruction preload structure is disclosed. The computer processor may include a hierarchy of memories comprising a first memory organized in a structure having one or more entries for one or more addresses corresponding to one or more instructions.
Optimum Semiconductor Technologies, Inc.

Video object tagging using segmentation hierarchy

A system is provided for tagging an object in a video having a plurality of frames. The system includes a memory storing a segmentation hierarchy of a first frame of the plurality of frames and having a plurality of elements, a display, and a processor configured to display the first frame including the plurality of elements on the display, receive a first input selecting a first element of the plurality of elements displayed on the display, select a first region of the first frame based on the first input, display the first region of the first frame on the display, receive a second input from the user altering the first region of the first frame displayed on the display, and alter the first region by selecting a second region of the first frame based on the second input from the user and the segmentation hierarchy..
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Method and system to enhance social engagement accuracy by developing a virtual hierarchy of target organization

A system, method, and computer-readable medium for performing a virtual organization operation for generating a virtual organization hierarchy that is based upon influence within an organization. More specifically, in certain embodiments, the operation generates a virtual organizational hierarchy that contains individuals, roles, contact information, responsibilities, estimates of purchasing authority, and other influential values.
Dell Software, Inc.

Method and system for storing and retrieving packaging relationships

A method and system for storing and retrieving a packaging hierarchy of traceable physical items includes at an item marking location, marking physical items to be packaged in the packaging hierarchy, with a unique code with a first and second identifier, transferring packaging relationships between the codes to a track and trace system, identifying for each code in the packaging relationships, hierarchical code relations expressed as parent and/or child codes, and for each code, storing the hierarchical code relations in a section of a data storage location of the first computer system, wherein a start position of the section is determined by a combination of the first and second identifiers of the code.. .
Kezzler As

Visualization of runtime resource policy attachments and applied policy details

An effective applied policy configuration associated with a selected policy resource is created responsive to a selection of a policy resource within a service policy visualization interface based upon results of programmatic introspection of the selected policy resource. The effective applied policy configuration includes correlated and combined effects of service policies identified by the programmatic introspection as attached to the selected policy resource within a resource hierarchy associated with the selected policy resource.
International Business Machines Corporation

Business intelligence computing system supporting hierachies for relational data

A business intelligence (bi) computing system obtains a plurality of relational data records from a data source that has an associated hierarchy description. The bi computing system, using the hierarchy description, next builds a hierarchical structure of the plurality of data records.

Guest page table validation by virtual machine functions

Systems and methods for guest page table validation by virtual machine (vm) functions. An example method comprises: storing a first vm function invocation instruction in a first memory page executable from a default memory view of a vm, wherein executing the first vm function invocation instruction switches a page table pointer to a trampoline memory view of the vm; configuring a write access permission, from the trampoline memory view, to a page table comprised by a vm page table hierarchy; storing a second vm function invocation instruction in a second memory page executable from the trampoline memory view, wherein executing the second vm function invocation instruction switches the page table pointer to an alternative memory view of the vm; storing, in the second memory page, validation instructions to validate the vm page table hierarchy; and storing protected instructions within a third memory page executable from the alternative memory view..
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.

Systems and methods of determining location using a medical device

A medical device capable of determining its location is provided. The medical device comprises a memory, one or more antennas, one or more processors coupled with the memory and the one or more antennas, a location manager component executable by the one or more processors.
Zoll Medical Corporation

Coding apparatus, coding method, transmission apparatus, and reception apparatus

By an image coding unit, image data of each picture constituting moving image data is classified into a plurality of hierarchies, the image data of the picture in each of the classified hierarchies is coded, the plurality of hierarchies is divided into a predetermined number of hierarchy sets, and a predetermined number of video streams having the coded image data of the picture in each of the divided hierarchy sets is generated. In this case, coding is performed so that a decoding interval of at least the coded image data of the picture in the lowest hierarchy set is a regural interval.

Switching hub and communication network

Switching hubs includes switches in a hierarchy type communication network used in a vehicle, the switches respectively include a first section storing a received identification (id) number received by one port in a memory as an identifier of the respective switches, and a second section sending a port-specific identifier from each of the other ports in the respective switches by generating the port-specific identifier as a combination of a port number and the received id number according to a preset rule, thereby enabling a dynamic assignment of an identifier to each of the switches in the communication network.. .
Denso Corporation

Innovative operation room light system capable of wireless data exchange between operating room devices

The invention relates to a communication system and devices forming part of this system, wherein light is used for the transmission signal. The communication system includes an apparatus for forwarding operating room device signals to a device which apparatus is configured to receive an analog signal comprising the operating room device signal and to produce a digital signal based upon the analog signal, the apparatus further being configured to produce a signal based upon the digital signal, wherein the signal is for modulating the output of a light source.

Method and processing and releasing the information of the business object

A method and apparatus for processing and releasing the information of a business object. The method includes determining at least one first attribute value in a first hierarchy associated with a target user, determining at least one second attribute value in a second hierarchy associated with the target user.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Processing a search query and ranking results from a database system of a network communication software

The present disclosure discloses a hardware processor implemented methods and systems for searching and ranking chat sessions or conversations in a user computing device having a chat contact database or data structure. A chat contact database or data structure can include a plurality of chat records exchanged with different people.

Distributing data on distributed storage systems

A method of distributing data in a distributed storage system includes receiving a file, dividing the received file into chunks, and determining a distribution of the chunks among storage devices of the distributed storage system based on a maintenance hierarchy of the distributed storage system. The maintenance hierarchy includes maintenance levels, and each maintenance level includes one or more maintenance units.
Google Inc.

Higher and lower availability prioritization of storage cells in an automated library

A method of operationally prioritizing the hierarchy of storage areas of an automated library having a plurality of storage cells, according to one embodiment, includes designating a first set of storage cells as higher availability cells; and designating a second set of storage cells as lower availability cells. Each of the storage cells is configured to receive and store cartridges via one or more accessors.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for providing hierarchy of support services via desktop and centralized service

The present solution provides increases in automation, scalability and efficiency for delivering technical support services to devices. Systems and methods of the present solution provide a hierarchy or layers of automated desktop services with remote technical support services, which may be automated.
Plumchoice, Inc.

System and hierarchical cryptographic key generation using biometric data

A cryptographic key is generated using biometric data and a hierarchy of biometric descriptors. The hierarchy of biometric descriptors includes multiple levels, wherein a biometric descriptor at a first level is associated with a subset of the biometric descriptors at the next lower level.
Qualcomm Incorporated

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